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Conservatism Inc.’s Fawning Response to James Gunn Scandal Reveals Where Its True Loyalties Lie
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It’s the classic man-bites-dog story; a Leftist artist suffered a career setback because of his statements on social media. The person in question is Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who lost his gig directing Disney’s next installment in the film series after independent reporters such as Mike Cernovich highlighted his “jokes” about the sexual exploitation of children. Senator Ted Cruz, among others, was outraged and suggested Gunn’s comments even bordered on illegality.

Hollywood celebrities are defending Gunn and even demanding that he be rehired [Chris Pratt and more break silence after James Gunn fired from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3,’ by Lisa Respers France, CNN, July 23 2018). However, one can’t help but notice the same celebrities defending or telling graphic “jokes” about sexually exploiting children are also the people who want careers ended for Politically Incorrect comments directed at privileged classes such as women, homosexuals, or nonwhites [Note: Hollywood Finds Child Rape Hilarious, by John Nolte, Breitbart, July 22, 2018].

It’s not clear why Disney, a company dependent on its appeal to children, would ever employ someone who thinks horrific crimes are comedic fodder. After all, as Gunn himself once tweeted:

What’s more, this comes only weeks after comedienne Roseanne Barr had her top-rated show canceled for comparing former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to a monkey. (Revealingly, Barr defended herself by claiming that she thought Jarett was white–Jarrett (right) is notably pale for an African-American.) Many of the celebrities now defending Gunn openly celebrated when Roseanne was fired [Hollywood demonizes Roseanne, But Defends James Gunn Pedophile Tweets, Newswars, July 21, 2018].

Yet it isn’t just Leftist celebrities who are suddenly eager to defend the sacred right of free speech when it comes to pedophilia. Shockingly, some Conservativism Inc. luminaries, particularly those who love to showily brag about their Christianity and social conservatism, have chosen this hill to die on as well.

David French, one of the most prominent Never Trump activists of the 2016 election, rushed to Gunn’s defense, saying:

In contrast, however, when Roseanne was purged for a single tweet, French penned an entire piece for National Review on May 29, 2018 entitled Roseanne and the High Cost of Embracing Craziness.

Similarly, S.E. Cupp, who has a long career as one of CNN’s token conservatives, decided this of all things was something that she couldn’t remain silent about. She endorsed French’s tweet in support of Gunn and added:

Yet only two months ago. when mob rule on Twitter decided Roseanne’s fate, Cupp gleefully piled on. Like NR’s French, she faulted ABC for hiring Roseanne in the first place.

Remember, this is a woman who was an early supporter of birtherism, has compared Muslims to Nazis, took to Twitter regularly to attack citizens both private and public, floated wild conspiracy theories and bullied Trump opponents with racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic insults.

[Lesson from the Roseanne debacle: Stop hiring hateful nutjobs, by S.E. Cupp, New York Daily News, May 29, 2018]

Minicon Ben Shapiro, another opponent of Trump during the primaries, is also among Gunn defenders. Shapiro acknowledged Gunn’s tweets were “loathsome” but said “that doesn’t mean he should have lost his job at Disney”. [Should James Gunn have lost his job at Disney? Daily Wire, July 20, 2018]

Roseanne, however, was different: “Roseanne played herself in the series, so when she made a new racist reference about Valerie Jarrett, her persona was inseparable from her character,” Shapiro wrote. “Roseanne was Roseanne.”

This Talmudic reasoning about how the cases are different is suspicious given how eager Shapiro is to police the American right for unauthorized speech.

Erick Erickson is another Never Trumper whose views about respectability have mysteriously changed within two months. When Roseanne was driven off the air, Erickson self-righteously proclaimed: “Her joke was not in poor taste. It was racist” [Roseanne’s behavior is not defensible, The Maven, May 30, 2018]. Yet regarding Gunn, he said:

The last comment is revealing. It’s hard to imagine in what ways conservatives are “winning”—Trump supporters are regularly attacked on the street and expelled from businesses. Random white people are humiliated by the Main Stream Media and fired from their jobs for calling the police.[BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and why the Internet is shaming white people who police people ‘simply for being black’,Jessica Guynn, USA TODAY, July 18, 2018] Meanwhile, even as the Democrats become ever more radical, they continue to enjoy all but unanimous support from the MSM and are leading the polls. Insofar as the American Right has won any major victories in the recent past, it was President Trump’s election—something Erickson and his Never Trump co-conspirators fought every step of the way.


Yet the strange connection between Never Trump and defending James Gunn is easily explained. All of the figures above rely on Leftist media, and the powerful mafias that dominate it, to grant them fame and legitimacy as “leading” American conservatives. For that reason, Never Trump conservatives share a common interest with System media outlets in making sure only certain people have access to a mass audience—certainly not independents like Mike Cernovich [How Pizzagate Pusher Mike Cernovich Keeps Getting People Fired, by Luke O’Brien, Huffington Post, July 21, 2018].

For ideological and ethnic reasons, Never Trumpers are desperate to purge the American Right of any authentic populist and nationalist tendencies that can’t be controlled from the top down. Their power relies on their audience remaining corralled within a certain ideological space and not hearing dissident ideas such as the biological reality of race or the political insanity of expecting nonwhites to vote for “limited government.” These Beltway Right hacks have a positive interest in making sure that websites and platform outside Conservatism Inc., although equally or more critical of supposed common enemies on the Left, are marginalized and stripped of resources.

Thus, Cupp, French, Shapiro, Erickson et. al will always be far more eager to purge the Conservative movement than to combat Leftist control of key cultural institutions. To a Never Trump conservative dreaming of future bylines in The New York Times and television appearances on CNN, a far-Left Hollywood degenerate poisoning the minds of America’s youth isn’t even a problem, let alone an enemy. The problem for Conservatism Inc. remains Donald Trump and what he represents—a fighting American Right, united behind nationalism, and willing to do what it takes to win power.

After all, the point of that fighting Right is not to get a sinecure in the enemy’s System. The point is to destroy it entirely.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. For ideological and ethnic reasons, Never Trumpers are desperate to purge the American Right of any authentic populist and nationalist tendencies that can’t be controlled from the top down. Their power relies on their audience remaining corralled within a certain ideological space and not hearing dissident ideas such as the biological reality of race or the political insanity of expecting nonwhites to vote for “limited government.”

    These Beltway Right hacks have a positive interest in making sure that websites and platform outside Conservatism Inc., although equally or more critical of supposed common enemies on the Left, are marginalized and stripped of resources.

    The Never Trumpers do not want it well understood that open borders mass legal immigration is the reason why Trump beat the hell out of the GOP whores in the presidential primary.

    Immigration was the issue Trumpy used to separate himself from the rest of the GOP presidential primary field. Trumpy won New Hampshire on immigration, and, Trumpy won on the energy released by George W Bush and all Bush’s attempts to increase legal immigration and give amnesty to illegal alien invaders. Jebby Bush wrote a book calling for increases to legal immigration and an amnesty for illegal aliens. Jebby was a dodo after that.

    Obama also colluded with Marco Rubio and the rest of the Open Borders Immigration GOP in the US Senate to push the Rubio/Obama Illegal Alien Amnesty — Mass Immigration Surge bill(S 744) of June of 2013. Then-Speaker Boehner had to kill that Rubio/Obama immigration bill in the US House in order to prevent a bloody civil war in the GOP over immigration reform.

    Trumpy kicked the hell out of the Never Trumpers on immigration and that is why Trumpy is president.

    Of course, Trumpy confronted the Never Trumpers on sovereignty-sapping trade deal scams such as TPP. Trumpy also went down to South Carolina and told the Never Trumper Warmongers that Iraq was a disaster from the get-go. Trumpy also provided millions of voters the opportunity to send the Bush Family Organized Crime Syndicate into the Big Sleep.

    Trumpy should have fired — or not hired — every bastard that had connections to the Bushes, the Clintons or any other government worker dirtbag clam raking cash out of the American Empire.

    Trumpy doesn’t have the balls to mention that Jews control NBC/Comcast and ABC/Disney and CBS/Viacom. When Trumpy sends out a Tweet asking who controls the electronic media, then I’ll be impressed with his guts.

    I am happy Trumpy has said that the media is the enemy of the American people.

    • Replies: @anon
  2. TheBoom says:

    Good column but one quibble. Why was the NeverTrumpers coming to the defense of Gunn labeled “shockingly.” That was to be expected.

  3. I think anyone who says anything should be hunted down and killed.

  4. Another spirited, revealing, and well-researched examination by James Kirkpatrick. Bravo!

  5. El Dato says:
    @Colin Wright

    No. Trussed up in an interrogation room and forced to watch inane tweets scroll by all day long while Beethoven plays for their edutainement.

    • LOL: Mike P
  6. MEH 0910 says:

    Disney Consultation Service Ad



    Elen Page rape scene (Super)

  7. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Here’s what Hollywood finds funny and is appalled that us ‘deplorables’ don’t find pedophilia jokes to be funny.

    Serious threat against those outing these sick bastards are being made on various forums, scared that their kiddie rape parties might come to an end.

    Those one million or so kids that get kidnapped each year in the USA, never to be seen again, were they used by these demonic assholes in some kind of ritual rape and murder? Maybe the FBI should use cadaver dogs on all of James Gunn’s properties, and the recently arrested Claire Bronfman.

    Where did these sickos come from?

    If this pedo outing keeps gaining steam, look for Israel to step in and help out their Hollywood buds with a major False Flag, like their 9/11 masterpiece to get the GOYIM’s minds off the real criminals.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  8. Bucky says:

    Why do they care, indeed.

    I had no idea who James Gunn was prior to this firing. The only person I had an inkling of existence was Pratt, and again I didn’t know who he was prior to the movie. The movie was serviceable, but it wasn’t really that special.

    This likely is the Roman Polanski effect, where Whoopi Goldberg (real name: Johnson, she intentionally took on a Jewish stage name) and other tangential people speak up for the creep because that is the attitude of the people in the room that they are in.

    It also goes to show that justice is not blind here, or principled. Black nationalism has spent the past four decades unraveling impartiality. They are really reacting against Cernovich, who actually is not alt-right. The fight against racism is most important of all because it gives you approval points from black nationalism.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  9. Insofar as the American Right has won any major victories in the recent past, it was President Trump’s election

    A Pyrrhic victory at best. As we all know, the Right’s embrace of Trump marks the end of conservatism as an actual coherent philosophy or way of life. The Right has embraced an open adulterer and con-man who never espoused Christian values the first 70 years of his life on earth simply because he “makes libs cry”. Trump’s foreign policy toward Russia and NATO seems designed by Noam Chomsky, his trade policy is out of a 1970s Democrat playbook. Even on immigration, Trump is overplaying his hand, has been unable to pass any meaningful legislation, and his executive orders will be overturned as quickly as Obama’s. The Right’s retreat to tribalism and Trump is not so much a victory as a last gasp before we are all washed away.

    • Replies: @Meimou
    , @Anonymous
  10. Iberiano says:

    “No one said empire was easy, but it is right and good, both for Americans and for the world. Forwarding freedom is always important, but it is especially important where doing so ensures America’s future security — as in Iraq. Maintaining American empire will require Americans to recognize the dangers of impatient isolationism.”

    — Ben Shapiro, August 10, 2005 (

    Here are some Americans who died fighting in a war Ben Shapiro did not serve in. He should be asked if he attempted to serve (and was rejected for a medical reason, which, if legitimate, would be understandable). Anything less is unacceptable. He could have been an infantry officer. Or anythign else, like these Americans:

    Ben Shapiro, born January 15, 1984, graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004, at age 20, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and then cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2007. He then practiced law at Goodwin Procter. As of March 2012 he ran an independent legal consultancy firm, Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting, in Los Angeles.

    • Replies: @sayless
  11. Thim says:

    Same ole vdare drivel. We are told it is ‘not clear’ why Disney would want to employ p e d o s. Paraphrasing Musk, who OWNS Disney? From v d a r e vorboten to speak of.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  12. Iberiano says:

    Around the time Ben Shapiro was preparing his Townhall piece on why “we” should invade Iraq, this American was dying for that ’cause’, about the same age as Shapiro:

    21 years old, and from Kentucky–a world apart from Shapiro’s life and upbringing. I wonder if Shapiro has ever reached out to the young man’s family?

  13. When it comes to Republican pervs: The pot can’t call the kettle black when train is running on the same old track.

    • Replies: @Cagey Beast
  14. @Bucky

    “The fight against racism is most important of all because it gives you approval points from black nationalism.”

    Not to mention Pokemon points. Being pro-black and pro-LGBTVFLEJOO blah, blah is also where it’s at these days. It’s “hip”

  15. There are only two viable options for the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority:

    1)Alt Right Native Born White American Working Class Race Nationalism….


    2)Civic Nationalism Cuckism Cuckholdery

    2)=chattel slavery on Lebraun’s Plantation…….And on Moooooochelle Obama’s Plantation…

    1) is the only viable option for Native Born White American Males….no other option….

  16. Post-1965 Conservatism:

    If you voted for Ronald Reagan….Bush H and his retard homosexual son Bush W….you voted for the Chinese….Hindus…..Pakistani Muslims……Sihks….and Iranians….to vote you into a White Racial Foreigner-White Minority-within the borders of California….Yes you did pinheads….

    Go to YouTube and have a look at 1983 US Concert…the concert goers:The California Native Born White Majority…..80 percent Racial Majority in the Golden State back in 1983!!!!! It was the last performance of The Clash…..ever. The opening tune played by the Clash at the 1983 US Concert was:”Somebody got murdered tonight”….Well, The Clash was right about that….The Native Born White California Youth Population that was in the audience didn’t notice the approaching La RAZA demographic bullets…..But before The Clash launched into “Someone got Murdered Tonight”….Clash frontman Joe Strummer issued a direct demographic death threat to the Native Born White American Youth in the audience……Go to You Tube…’s there…..

  17. Mulegino1 says:

    The cuckoisie in the Gay Old Party has had a lot to hide since the whole Franklin Savings and Loan sex trafficking scandal was uncovered.

  18. That spikey hair cut makes me want to slug this guy (I wouldn’t do it). But he should not be fired by a mob of self righteous ass holes. Neither should Roseanne.

    And yes. The so called left wants freedom of speech for everybody. Except Deplorables. And the Never Trumpers are a subset of the so called left.

  19. James Gunn is an example of why those with something to lose should resist the lure of social media, particularly Twitter which is a mainline to the subconscious.

    The scarlet letter of racism is a weapon used by cultural Marxists and is routinely embraced by the virtue-signalers on the establishment Right. Pedophilia is ignored or labeled conspiracy theory because the trafficking of children serves the needs of an especially malignant clique of elites.

  20. @Johnnie Walker Read

    Around the 16 min mark: “Boehning does acknowledge he is Top Man but doesn’t think sending an explicit photo of himself to a stranger is a lapse in judgement because that’s what Grindr is for“!

  21. bjondo says:

    Since Trump, the extreme diseases in DC/Demented Columbia and Weinswinewood have been revealed to be very deep, very wide, not recent, and are incurable.

    Radical removable with republic-saving-prejudice required

  22. The problem for Conservatism Inc. remains Donald Trump and what he represents—a fighting American Right, united behind nationalism, and willing to do what it takes to win power.

    Trump was the most radical campaigner in GOP presidential politics since Ron Paul took on the Neo-Conservatives and the money power and the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank. Ron Paul is German and Trump is half German.

    Trump won because he campaigned against the WASP/JEW ruling class of the American Empire. On trade, immigration, foreign policy and national identity, Trump blasted the hell out of the WASP/JEW ruling class. Ron Paul had done the same thing before him. Trump and Ron Paul could be said to be mid-Atlantic Germans of a certain type.

    Trump won the presidency using the German Strategy. The German Strategy is to win the votes of German Americans in the Great Lakes states in combination with the votes of the Southern Anglo-Celts. There are also a lot of Southerners with German ancestry. Remember, the trans-Appalachian South was settled by the mid-Atlantic regions, as well as the South.

    Trumpy also won the votes of a lot of the snowbirds from the Northeast and the Great Lakes states. That is how Trumpy won Florida. Watch the new tax code drive hundreds of thousands to Florida to escape state and local taxes which will no longer be deductible. They won’t blame Trumpy, they’ll vote for him.

    The Jew-controlled Neo-Conservatives who infest the Never Trumper mob and the other rancid whore filth such as SE Cupp and David French will always be the enemy of Trump and the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

    God Bless Germany and Germans and German Americans and every other person with German blood.

    The Jew-controlled Neo-Conservatives and the Never Trumpers can go straight to hell.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  23. Tweets from 2014:

    Never Trumpers and the Neo-Conservative shysters will never admit that WHITES WITHOUT COLLEGE DEGREES voted for Trump because Trump promised to end all the sovereignty-sapping trade deal scams and Trump promised to reduce legal immigration and deport ALL the illegal alien invaders and Trump promised to spend massively on the military without promiscuously using the US military to fight unnecessary and unwinnable wars.

    Drinkwater Romney and Treasonous Rat John McCain were not able to mobilize and inspirit Whites Without College Degrees.

    White Core American Patriots must now remove rancid scum such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy from power in the GOP. That means destroying the stranglehold certain donors have over the GOP. The best energy to be be seen in American politics was the battle between GOP voters and GOP donors on immigration. That battle will intensify and the GOP voters will win.

    Whites Without College Degrees will overwhelm the donor-controlled GOP in the future.

    Remember, Jeff Flake is leaving the US Senate because his poll numbers were sinking badly. Immigration was the main issue that sank Jeff Flake. Flake pushed open borders mass immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders. Flake and his rancid money-grubbing family used illegal alien invaders for cheap labor in Arizona. Flake should be prosecuted and sent to prison for his crimes if he was involved in directly hiring illegal alien invaders.


    White Women Voters Without College Degrees Sent Trump To The White House

    White Women Voters Without College Degrees Sent Hillary To Her Chappaqua Bunker

    Drink Up Hillary, You Treasonous Baby Boomer Drunk

    Jean Claude Juncker Is The Only One Drunker Than Hillary Clinton In Her Chappaqua Bunker

    • Agree: TheBoom
    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  24. Moi says:

    She’s too stupid and too unfunny–and crude as hell.

  25. sayless says:

    Thank you, Iberiano. Hadn’t known Ben Shapiro was such human slime.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  26. I didn’t know much about this guy Shapiro- I’ve seen 4-5 videos on Youtube (not bad). Well, such types make it difficult for the likes of me who are anti-anti-Semites. Not impossible, but difficult…

  27. @Thim

    I know!!

    teacher, call on me!!!

    “Disney” is (((Eisner))) ((( Under whose Jewish aegis it became a “gay-friendly environment”, that is, a nest of faggots, dykes, trannies, and lotsa pedos…including convicted child-molesters.

  28. cassandra says:
    @Colin Wright

    …patience; we’re almost there.

  29. @Greg Bacon

    Those one million or so kids that get kidnapped each year in the USA,

    According to the Polly Klaas Foundation, 99.8% of “missing” children return home.
    90% of missing kids are run aways or have gotten lost due to mistaken directions or miscommunication.
    9% are taken by relatives, usually a parental custody dispute.
    3% are taken by someone the child knows.

    There are about 100 “stranger” abductions each year, only about 50 of those kids make it home.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  30. @Charles Pewitt

    “White Core American Patriots…”

    That they are the ones who most often go off to fight and die in someone else’s wars is not a coincidence.

  31. Crimson2 says:

    Cernovich is buddies with Milo “sex with young boys is life-affirming” Yiannopolous so I know he really cares about kids.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  32. @Chris Mallory

    ‘…There are about 100 “stranger” abductions each year, only about 50 of those kids make it home.’

    Yeah. At least they’ve laid off the milk carton thing. At least, I guess they have. Maybe they’ve just laid off milk cartons.

    Actually, the worst of it is that kids used to just run around all over the place. That was still the case when I was a boy — I can remember being on my own five miles from home when I was six, and that was nothing compared to the stories my dad used to tell.

    So I tried to apply the same philosophy to my own children. The thing of it is, if there are fifty million kids running around, and four actual child predators, just by the odds, your kid is pretty safe. If there are only twenty kids out there, and yours is one of them, you’re putting him or her at some risk.

    Nothing ever really bad ever happened, but I realized — no, I can’t demand my daughter ride her bike to and from school.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  33. @Crimson2

    Cernovich also seems to have a taste for lady bois of the Asian variety.

  34. @Colin Wright

    Yeah, you have to use some common sense and balance in how you raise them.
    Every week, my little county of 70,000 has 2-3 “missing” teens with LEOs looking for them. Usually 14-16 years old, mostly girls but some boys. They usually show up a day or two later, most times it seems to be a bf/gf hook up. Some of the boys might go “missing” 2-3 times a week.

    I imagine they all get counted in that 1 million number.

  35. Iberiano says:

    While no one’s life is free from any form of hypocrisy, great or small, arguing that men should invade a country and die (or give limbs) and children should be orphans, and wives widows, for a cause that you yourself, were capable of furthering, but were unwilling–is the height of hypocrisy and indecency.

    He should never be referred to as any other than, “Ben Shapiro, who argued for a war he refused to fight in…” and such.

    I sincerely mean it when I say I have more respect for the complete, unrepentant draft-dodger who fled to Canada during Vietnam (or later), than for a man who argues other men should die for a cause he so righteously bleeds print for.

  36. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    “Media the enemy of the American people”
    Analyze a telephone call.. The telephone call is a end to end connected message transmission system capable to deliver sound from one end to the connected other end.
    Nothing about the physical infrastructure says a message is in transit. The two phone sets can remain connected indefinitely, even when there is one at either end. so the physical infra structure is not the media; it merely delivers messages.
    The communications infrastructure is like a highway it is the infra structure that transports messages. A truck can pick up a load of messages and enter the highway; drive to a target point and unload the messages, wait for replies (which are messages) load the replies up onto the truck, and reenter the highway, deliver by return route, the replies (messages) to the beginning point.

    but what if no one reads, hears, sees or produces messages. ..
    the telephone network (Internet) is connected? but no message is in transit. (all the trucks are parked). all of
    the websites are offline.

    So human sound, image and text are productions of human physiology;
    it is these productions that are transmitted end to end by the telephone [Internet] network.
    Human produced sound, image and text are expressions of human experience.
    Experience produces human thought.
    Thoughts are sometimes reduced to voice, image or text ( a physiological process)
    such a reduction is said to be an expression of human thought.
    Mouth and ear are anatomical components of the communications infra structure
    Unless the message is expressed and composed into sound, image, or text; entered into the both end connected telephone[Internet] network (infra structure) nothing happens.
    Propaganda wrongful information are viri, capable to infect human experience
    media is composed message[s] commuincated over some kind of communications infra structure.
    so “media is [not] the enemy of the American people as Trumpsy said, instead its the people or privately owned mega corporations that produce the messages, or that interfere with the unbiased operation of the infra structure (redirect, block or prohibit and deny access) that allow a few to rouse the American people to fight a war they don’t want to get involved with
    privately owned composers of propaganda engineered messages and manipulated networks, not media, but a division of it is the enemy to the American people identified by Trump.
    We all know who the manipulators of the network are, and
    we all know who the composers of the propaganda engineered messages are.
    A most important aspect of Trumps statement on media.
    Funding, how is it, that whole tribes of corporations can spend their corporate days composing propaganda engineered messages? Who pays all of those salaries? Who buys all those Airplane tickets to bring you fake news and diversionary diversionary, high spending sporting events?

    Answer the question- how is it funded, to understand; it is the pharaoh owned, and wall street promoted corporations that jointly use the publicly funded communications infra structure to monopolize and propaganda-infect your experiences; the Pharaohs and their corporations, use their monopoly on message composition and monopoly on managing the public communications infrastructure ( the Internet) to regulate and direct your behaviors
    Privately owned mega corporations engaged in fighting wars, training armies, making war machines, building privately owned hospitals(that should be publicly owned and free) , health insurance carriers, car insurance carriers, banks, car manufacturers and dealers, sporting event advertisers, in short; privately held monopoly powered private empires support the propaganda engineered message development companies (producers and transporters of messages that communicate control over human behavior. And these same privately held mega giant corporations also fund the network manipulators by advertising and access and support fees.
    The message producers and network manipulators are funded from corporate to corporate advertising.
    so since you buy products or services from these companies you pay for the advertising that controls your own behavior, and if you don’t buy products or services from these companies, then your government does, in the form of government contracts, so again your own pocketbook supports the Swamp, the very parties that Trump says is the enemy of the American people.
    What should be done about this.. ?? Answer restrict the size of corporations and the $ numbers they can spend on advertising. Help Trump stamp out “the enemy of the American people”.

  37. @Colin Wright

    Thanks for a good laugh [seriously].

    On the other hand: a few more years like this, and you’ll be hailed as a true profit prophet [seriously].

    Oh, the wicked times we live in [every generation’s unique thought].

  38. Meimou says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The Right has embraced an open adulterer and con-man who never espoused Christian values the first 70 years of his life on earth simply because he “makes libs cry”.

    We told you why we support him: immigration and an American 1st policy.

    Don’t you ziocucks give him credit for being pro Israel?

    A Pyrrhic victory at best. As we all know, the Right’s embrace of Trump marks the end of conservatism as an actual coherent philosophy or way of life.

    You mean the end of cuckservatism, and it isn’t true. You people will always be around to conserve the modern. That is the only thing you people conserved.

    The Right’s retreat to tribalism and Trump is not so much a victory as a last gasp before we are all washed away.

    This last bit makes you sound like one (((them)))

    Race is real

    Race matters

    Race is a one of the pillars of identity.

  39. schrub says:

    While it’s great to see the left turning on one of its own like Gunn, realize that schadenfreude is a very tricky concept. Excessive gloating might not be in order right now.

    David Cole over at Takimag has written a very interesting piece about both Gunn and the First Amendment in general.

  40. bjondo says:

    Seems Ted Bundy and similar diseased animals’ mistake was not going to Weinswinewood and becoming part of The Crowd.

    Their crimes, in the eyes and minds of our liberated brethren, would become art. In Ted’s case, High Art.

    In these days, Dems and Repubs have such elastic morals everything can be understood and accepted.

  41. bjondo says:

    Forgot to add at previous comment:

    Makes one wonder what was done to Miley Cyrus when she was in some Disney TV show

  42. Anonymous [AKA "Tomayas"] says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Why are you even here?

  43. anonymous[631] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Christianity, a Jewish cult, is the problem.

    WE WORSHIP what we do know, for salvation is from THE JEWS.” John 4:22

    David French is the quintessential Cuckian, emulating the obsequious Joseph, a literal cuckold raising a nappy-haired niglet.

    “Before they came together, she was found to be pregnant.” Matthew 1:18

    The Jew Testament is a bad book, poison to Europe.

    As far as going straight to hell, the underworld abode of Loki’s daughter Hell, hey, at least she’s actually Nordic.

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