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Congressional “Hate” Resolution Opened Door to Cultural Marxist Police State. Only Trump Resisted
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Open debate in the West now hangs by a thread—even the social networking site Gab, the libertarian alternative to the increasingly Politically Correct Twitter, is now threatened with outright seizure of its domain for allegedly breaking Australian anti-discrimination laws. This may well be another example of the emerging Cultural Marxism-Big Business alliance: the crackdown comes days after Gab’s anti-trust lawsuit against Google.[ ‘Free Speech Alternative’ To Twitter Doesn’t Last Long At All, Hit With Anti-Discrimination’ Violation, by Ian Miles Cheong, Daily Caller, September 18, 2017] Meanwhile, despite (or because of) a unified Republican government, on September 11 Congress unanimously approved a Joint Resolution which could well provide legal cover for suppressing the entire Dissident Right. Only President Trump, in his inarticulate but undeniably admirable way, offered any resistance.

The Joint Resolution condemned “White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups,” blaming these groups for the “violence and domestic terrorist attack” that it alleged (despite mounting Narrative Collapse) took place at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. It looked like it could have been written by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Perhaps it was.

Needless to say, the Resolution did not condemn the Antifa terrorists who actually created the violence in Charlottesville. Indeed, as this is written, St. Louis continues to suffer from riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa—to the complete indifference of the Main Stream Media. And calling the violence in Charlottesville “domestic terrorism” is utterly irresponsible —suspect James Fields has not yet faced trial and there is good reason to think he will never be convicted of murder.

Yet this Joint Resolution isn’t just empty virtue-signaling. Such a resolution, passed—unanimously—by the U.S. Congress and signed by the President, has the force of law. From a legal standpoint, it is the same as a bill. At the very least, it must influence judicial deliberations. And this Resolution called on federal government to “use all resources available to the President and the President’s Cabinet to address the growing prevalence of… hate groups.” It could well be used to harass whatever organizations are designated as “hate groups” by the SPLC and other Leftists enforcers.

At the very least, the effect (intent?) of this Joint Resolution could be to suppress free speech by threatening dissidents with the prospect of government prosecution. (“Chilling effect,” anyone?)

Examining how some of these specific words in the CJR are used in the contemporary, Politically Correct, U.S. makes clear their potential for abuse. The very term “hate groups” is straight out of the SPLC’s lexicon. The CJR for the first time codifies it as part of Federal law. Therefore, when the government seeks to populate its database of “hate groups,” fulfilling its new legislative mandate, the most expedient resource will be the SPLC, although its abuse of this term is notorious. For example, in 2010 the SPLC designated the innocuous Family Research Council as a “Hate Group.” Immigration patriot groups so designated include the Federation for American Immigration Reform, ALIPAC, and (of course)

The CJR’s reference to using “all resources available to the President and the President’s Cabinet to address the growing prevalence of those hate groups in the United States…” coupled with the subjective and arbitrary designation of those groups, has the potential for unprecedented police-state style oppression. This is already evident in Western Europe, where citizens discussing among themselves the problems with immigration can be can be indicted by the authorities for proscribed expressions.

The resolution also calls on the President and his Administration to denounce “hate groups” which espouse “racism, extremism, [and] xenophobia.”

The accusation of “racism” is used so indiscriminately that it is extremely dangerous when it appears as a codified term in a government resolution. The term “extremism” is so generic and subjective there is no practical use for it. However, the SPLC makes ample use of this term. It produces “extremist profiles” of people it targets. (This includes Editor Peter Brimelow.) And our Federal government is now obliged classify organizations in a similar manner.

It also seems “xenophobia” is to be a federal offence, however broadly it is defined. Did GOP legislators not remember that Donald Trump himself rode a wave of “xenophobia” to the White House—by expressing the desires of Americans not to have their communities overrun with hordes of illegal aliens?

Of course, by “hate groups,” the legislators don’t mean BLM, Antifa, or indeed any non-white hate groups. Just today, Nancy Pelosi was chased out of her own press conference by demonstrators screaming “Brown Power.” They will no more be condemned than the Black Lives Matter rioters in St. Louis.

Robert Spencer, director of the organization Jihad Watch, says the Left is using Charlottesville as their “Reichstag Fire moment, to crush all dissent”. He goes on:

“They lump us in with the Klan and neo-Nazis, and now, they have the president committing to use all available resources – that’s what the resolution says – against us. There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever, and I’m sure there’s none in yours, as well, that this will be used against us. The Klan and the neo-Nazis, in reality, are insignificant and negligible forces. This is about us.”

[Robert Spencer: Left Using Charlottesville As ‘Reichstag Fire Moment To Crush All Dissent, by John Hayward, Breitbart, September 14, 2017]

Spencer draws a distinction between “legitimate conservative organizations” and other groups. But such a distinction is meaningless to the Left. What is dangerous about this Joint Resolution is not that it targets too many people, but that it exists at all. It is Herbert Marcuse’s concept of “repressive tolerance,” of intolerance against movements of the Right and tolerance for even the most extreme movements of the Left, given legal form.


The plain fact is that political violence in this country is being driven by the Left. One would expect the Republican Congress, if only out of sheer self-interest, to recognize this. After all, even the attempted mass murder of their own colleagues did not rouse them to action. It’s obviously too much to expect them to act in defense of the nation and of what’s left of our liberty.

But let the record show that President Trump himself defied this Resolution in some small way. He signed the resolution on September 14, but attached a “signing statement.” A “signing statement” is a tool that Presidents have increasingly used to place an interpretation on legislation that might influence its implementation. Thus Trump’s statement said that Americans “oppose hatred, bigotry, and racism in all its forms,” but did not condemn a specific group, obstinately sticking with his contention that there is blame on both sides. [Faced with an up-or-down choice on Charlottesville resolution, Trump chooses third option, by Gregory Korte, USA Today, September 15, 2017]

Naturally Trump is being condemned for this. But his refusal to explicitly endorse Congress’ hypocrisy suggests the president’s instincts, regardless of recent missteps on issues such as DACA, are still fundamentally sound.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. FKA Max says: • Website

    And calling the violence in Charlottesville “domestic terrorism” is utterly irresponsible —suspect James Fields has not yet faced trial and there is good reason to think he will never be convicted of murder.

    Thank you very much for this, Mr. Kirkpatrick.

    I have been intensively looking into this case for the last week or so and came across this very important video:

    What Happened to Due Process in the US?

    From Julian Assange[‘s Twitter account]:

    “anti-censorship” Twitter alternative “” discovers the dangers of using Australia during the current Western pro-censorship hysteria.

    Remember this entire hysteria and censorship campaign has been based and built upon this single incident:

    Again, this is just my highly amateurish investigation of what could have happened during those few fateful and tragic moments on that day in Charlottesville. But I believe it is extremely important and worth it to look into and consider all of these details and possibilities, since so much is at stake, e.g., possibly the First Amendment.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @FKA Max
    , @FKA Max
    , @Alden
  2. tjm says:

    This is all a distraction, the real use of this legislation is about Israel and Zionism, don’t be fooled.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @SMK
    , @SMK
    , @Wally
  3. Sharrukin says:

    Trump could have easily refused to sign it until Antifa and BLM was added to the resolution which would have had public support, and this I suspect the Democrats would never do…effectively killing it.

    He didn’t.

    • Agree: KenH
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  4. wayfarer says:

    No worries.

    America’s transgender primadonna, the privileged Hollywood film industry, will be issued a freedom-of-hate-speech wavier, under the U.S. federal government’s rainbow poetic license act.

    It’s all good.

  5. notice says:

    Charlottesville worked out so well for the Left, that I suspect, given Clintonite Terry McCauliffe is the governor, that the pump was pre-primed well-ahead of time. Frankly (Remember the Clinton body count folks?), I wish the helicopter that crashed could have the wreckage examined to look for mechanical sabotage. You see, the media’s memes and narratives, as well as many public officials statements immediately after Charlottesville were too similar not to make my Spidey senses tingle.

    • Replies: @anonymous-antimarxist
  6. The article says the resolution “has the force of law”. How so? The article also says it “is the same as a bill” but doesn’t that make rubbish of the first statement?

    This sort of nonsense (which I assume it to be till the opposite is demonstrated) gravely weakens a good cause. Such apparent ignorance of the law certainly undermines the idea that it will influence the decisions of courts. Can some American lawyer please say whether there is some relevant truth in that.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
    , @Alden
  7. Realist says:

    “Only Trump Resisted”

    But he signed anyway…..he is trying to have it both ways.

  8. Marx and Marxism has nothing to do what is called cultural Marxism, period. It is time to start calling things by their real names and this abomination is not Marxism.

  9. “Herbert Marcuse’s concept of “repressive tolerance,” of intolerance against movements of the Right and tolerance for even the most extreme movements of the Left”

    He called that Liberating Tolerance or Positive Tolerance. He used ‘repressive tolerance’ to describe actual classical liberal tolerance for all side.

    • Replies: @Dube
  10. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The SPLC is led by Jews. Ditto for the ADL, which Google and FAKEBOOK have brought on-board to help them identify–in their warped minds–who the haters are. But only those on the Alt Right, as SPLC has yet to identify any of those violent Antifa thugs as haters in their maps.

    Then there’s the American Jews who are pushing the USA into endless ME wars, wars against nations Israel doesn’t like and wants to wipe off the face of the Earth, so they get their American colony to do the dirty work.

    Anytime a Congressional resolution gets a unanimous nod, you can bet the farm that another Jew outfit, AIPAC, was behind the measure.

    Add this up and its easy to see that America is nothing more than a slave to Israel; a colony to be used to fight wars for Apartheid and help the Khazars steal more land, while pleading that it’s those nasty Arabs fault, they all hate poor widdle Israel, while at the same time American and Israeli Jews in NYC steal Americans blind thru their Wall Street con games.
    Here in the USA, anyone who questions this lopsided arrangement will be branded a hater and either censored offline or beat up in the streets while cops stand by and do nothing.

  11. KenH says:

    The left’s strategy of creating chaos, constructing a false narrative to to explain the chaos, then profiting off said chaos worked to perfection in Charlottesville culminating in this resolution which punishes only enemies of the (((radical left))). This should be struck down in federal court if there are any good judges left. Congress doesn’t reserve the right to act as judge, jury and executioner and designate certain classes of citizens as “haters” and certain forms of expression as “hate” leading to the rescission of their Constitutional rights.

    Trump could just as easily added BLM and Antifa to the signing statement, so I wouldn’t give him too much credit. Or he could have refused to sign it until these groups were added but once again he let himself get partially brow beaten by the left.

    Trump is becoming a politically correct coward just like the RINOs he decried on the campaign trail.

    • Agree: SMK
    • Replies: @SMK
  12. wayfarer says:

    9/11 Lite !

    False Flag Busters, Analyze/Expose the Charlottesville Virginia Hoax.

  13. wayfarer says:

    FREE PASS, awarded to the spoiled Bolshevik brats of a militant Antifa.

    Trust fund children, obnoxiously seeking attention through hack performance art.

    A fifth column of masked Zionist drama queens, undermining unity within the U.S.

    Unfortunately, some people just have too much time on their hands.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  14. nickels says:

    This act delegitimizes the American government.
    We now have:
    -courts legislating from the bench
    -congress ruled by a foreign power
    -judicial attacking free speech.

    Our entire government is unconstititional.
    We are not the revolution, our government is the revolution.

    • Replies: @Alden
  15. Che Guava says:
    @Sergey Krieger


    I am liking many of your posts, but there is clearly a lineage from Marx (or whatever his real name was) to those fools.

    Noting that Marx does not even once raise the role of his tribe in the account he delivers in Das Kapital. They are strangely invisible.

    Am thinking that is a telling point.

    His partner, factory ownerEngels, even worse. Blatant tribal view in just about all of his esteemed works, if closey read.

    However, can see that we are having similar backgrounds in that way.

    I do not hate Comrade Stalin (Koma, I am still wanting to knnw who Koba was).

    My view, as said before, is that Stalin rode the Jewish Boloshevik tiger for many years, defeated them, then was murdered.standard western historic is that the Doctor’s plot was the fake, my opinion is that it was true,

    Sure, Djugashvili was an old man, on that point, I would guessing we will never to know the truth. We can knowing that, after his death, the forces that would slowly rise again, to destroy the USSR and then the Russian Federation, were to slowly making their slimy way back to the top

    • Replies: @Parfois
  16. Joe Hide says:

    Great article James Kirkpatrick!
    Continue to write the Truth.

  17. helena says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    That’s not the point. The point is to reflect back on the left the same exaggerated brand-brained stuff that it attacks with. Neofascism vs Neomarxism. Anti-fa vs Anti-ma.

    • Replies: @iffen
  18. SMK says: • Website

    In the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, etc., it’s a crime, punishable by fines and/or imprisonment, for whites to criticize and tell the truth about Islam and Muslims, i.e., to write or even say in private that Islam is not a “religion of peace,” to quote George W. Bush and sundry other liars and psychotics and ignoramuses, but a religion of Jihad and violence that incites acts of terrorism, to denounce the systemic abuse and repression of women and girls sanctioned by the Koran, to slander the Prophet in cartoons, etc. Yes Muslims are free to call for Jihad and incite acts of violence and terrorism against “infidels,” including Jews. What does this have to do with Israel and Zionism?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @AndrewR
  19. @notice

    The police helicopter had already crashed once in 2010. The helicopter model was not designed for extended hovering so multiple copters had to be used for surveillance. Unite the Right demonstrators said that the copters appear to have been flying too close to the ground and were being used to generate noise so as to disrupt the rally. Hovering in disturbed air requires higher rotation speeds due to loss of lift. Doing this may have over stressed the engine and or rotors which were over due for maintenance causing catastrophic failure.

    No conspiracy, just stupidity and careless contempt for the safety of the police crew.

  20. SMK says: • Website

    Given the transformation of the U.S. into a nonwhite-majority country, the ever-growing anti-white zealotry and power of Democrats and left-liberals in the media and courts and schools and universities, the fecklessness and cowardice and stupidity of Republicans, including Trump, and mainstream conservatives, a totalitarian cultural Marxist police state is the future of America. European “hate-speech” laws will be enacted and imposed, possibly within a decade if Kamala Harris or another leftist defeats Trump in 2020, to punish and repress whites who criticize and tell the truth about blacks, Muslims, Islam, “Hispanics,” disproportionate Jewish influence, massive “Third-World” immigration, etc., criminalizing and abolishing the freedom of speech of the dissident/alternative right, even on the internet, at AR conferences, ect.

  21. SMK says: • Website

    Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, BLM, The Gov. of Virginia and Mayor of Carlottesville, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan,Angela Merkel,Teresa May. Jorge Ramos, La Raza, blacks, Mestizos/Amerindians, Muslims, most Democrats, Republicans, Judges, Journalists, “talking-heads,” ad nauseam -are they Jewish?

    • Replies: @Wally
  22. Wally says: • Website

    It’s really about stopping the increasing discussion about the fake ‘6M Jews,5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:


    We’re talking about an alleged ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ … 11,000,000.
    There is not a single verifiable excavated enormous mass grave with contents actually SHOWN, not just claimed, (recall the claim of 900,000 buried at Treblinka, 1,250,000 at Auschwitz, or 250,000 at Sobibor, 34,000 at Babi Yar) even though Jews claim they still exist and claim to know exactly where these alleged enormous mass graves are.

    tax exempt cash taken in by USHMM

    US Taxpayers money to to USHMM:

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. What sort of truth is it that denies free speech and the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

  23. Wally says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    They are one & the same.

    You’re still trying to protect communism, la the NY Times.

    • Replies: @Parfois
  24. @Wizard of Oz

    Hi there! I’m a (recovering) American lawyer (technically speaking, I don’t practice anymore) and sometime professor of law at a university you hve heard of.

    There is, in fact,no distinction for our purposes between a bill passed by both houses of the federal congress and a joint resolution; both do have the force of law, both become law if signed by the president, passed again despite his veto, or if he takes no action and ten days elapse (assuming the congress remains in session).

    Although I agree the wording perhaps might be improved, the substance of Mr. Kilpatrick’s concerns is very much true and valid.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  25. if racism is wrong why don’t redbirds and bluebirds flock together?

    if segregation is wrong why don’t gazelle herds range with lion prides?

    if supremacism is wrong why is darwin still a favorite among leftist elites?

  26. iffen says:

    That’s not the point.

    But fascism and Marxism have definitions outside the minds of their opponents.

    Cultural Marxism is a bogeyman grab bag of stuff that some hard core conservative types hate and despise; it has no existence otherwise.

    Like antifa is real, but not antima.

    Yo-Yo Ma is real; Bowling Bowl Pa is not.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Anon
    , @fnn
  27. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    A special agent with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force said the suspect accused of killing a Charlottesville protester will not face domestic terror charges, since the federal statute does not outline penalties for the crime.

    A special agent with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force said the suspect accused of killing a Charlottesville protester will not face domestic terror charges, since the federal statute does not outline penalties for the crime.
    “Even though many states and localities have adopted penalties for domestic terrorism — and the U.S. Code defines the phrase ‘domestic terrorism’— there are currently no penalties attached to that definition,” O’Connor said. “And therefore ‘domestic terrorism’ is not a crime in and of itself under federal law.”

    It is time to make domestic terrorism a federal crime

    Heather Heyer. Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen. Trooper Berke Bates.

    No discussion of the tragedy in Charlottesville should begin without honoring the families and friends of the three people whose lives were lost in connection with the white supremacist rally. FBI agents mourn the loss of our fellow law enforcement officers, who died trying to protect the public, and Heather Heyer, who was killed standing up to bigotry. They will not be forgotten.

    This is insanity, they still bring up the two officers that were killed in the helicopter crash as victims of white supremacy!?

    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Alden
  28. @Sergey Krieger

    The Trotskyites, the Frankfort School, Gramsci and Joe Slovo were all Marxists, and they all had an influence on the abomination that is the contemporary “left” – as did more conventional Marxists such as Markus Wolf (the “zersetzung” tactic, for instance).

    But I agree that griping about “Marxism” is confusing. It makes us sound like Reagan-worshiping-boomer-cucks droning on about irrelevant issues such as socialism – as if sincere Babeufists were the problem.

    Whenever you feel tempted to say “Cultural Marxism”, say “Culture of Critique” instead.

  29. Wally says:

    They are financed and promoted by Jews.
    I suggest:

    Read on:

    The historical mission of our world revolution is to rearrange a new culture of humanity to replace the previous social system. This conversion and re-organization of global society requires two essential steps: firstly, the destruction of the old established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order. The first stage requires elimination of all frontier borders, nationhood and culture, public policy ethical barriers and social definitions, only then can the destroyed old system elements be replaced by the imposed system elements of our new order.

    The first task of our world revolution is Destruction. All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.”

    from: ‘The Spirit Of Militarism’, by JewNahum Goldmann

    Goldmann was the founder & president of the World Jewish Congress

  30. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Is it a fascist lobby or a Fascist Lobby?

    • Replies: @iffen
  31. Miro23 says:

    Yet this Joint Resolution isn’t just empty virtue-signaling. Such a resolution, passed—unanimously—by the U.S. Congress and signed by the President, has the force of law.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


    So where is the public in all this? Where are the mass demonstrations to defend the First Amendment? Where are the town hall meetings and mass meetings with Congressmen to defend Constitutional rights?

    Basically there’s nothing, and Congressmen are free to vote away the Constitution, because they know there’s nothing.

    The only activists here, are a small number of Ziocs who figure much larger in Congressmen’s minds, and can do them real harm.

    If ever a people deserved to lose their Democracy it’s the US public. Many don’t even refer to themselves as citizens anymore – pathetically describing themselves as “consumers” – consumers of junk food and junk entertainment.

  32. iffen says:

    I am not informed about a fascist lobby.

    I like to use lobby/Lobby to refer to the lobby that most commenters here refer to as The Lobby.

    • Replies: @Anon
  33. wayfarer says:

    Seek the Truth!

    Architects of the “Joint Resolution” lie and entities closely aligned with it, from Rothschild Zionists at the top, to beltway puppet politicians holding dual-citizenship in the middle, to lowly Antifa street perpetrators at the bottom, these are the self-serving antagonists who feel threatened by the natural right to free speech and a unifying principle of human liberty.

    America it’s your eleventh hour, wake up, unite, and prepare. Now, before its too late.

    “When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life may your heart be like an eagle’s and soar above.” – author unknown

  34. fnn says:
    @FKA Max

    FBI agents mourn the loss of our fellow law enforcement officers, who died trying to protect the public…

    Lying must be second nature to these rats. Gov McAuliffe set it all up for the maximum possible violence. The UTR demonstrators had to force their way (without too much trouble) into the park past the antifa to conduct their legally permitted rally. Then the Guv declared a “state of emergency” on bogus grounds (defying a federal court order in the process) as an obvious excuse to send in VA State Police riot cops to abort the rally. Then the riot cops physically forced the UTR people right into the massed group of antifa and assorted other nuts and actually *created* a riot. Then the cops stood down for hours and let the riot continue, forgetting completely about the fake “state of emergency.” With all the forces at his disposal (local cops, state riot cops and even National Guard) the Governor could have easily kept order and prevented any serious violence.

    The Guv should be sent for federal prison for about 10 years, but as a full-fledged Swamp creature he’ll get away with it.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
    , @AndrewR
    , @Alden
  35. fnn says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    “Cultural Marxism ” is a term of politeness, in that it doesn’t *directly* point to the Jews.

    Paul Gottfried writes:
    You should read my last three books, all of which stress that The Authoritarian Personality profoundly affected American political thinking. It was essential to the postwar reconstruction of German “civic culture’ and the work was deeply admired by SM Lipset, the sponsors of Commentary, and scads of Cold War liberals. It was not necessarily viewed as the post-Marxist leftist source of moral corruption that I suggest it was in The Strange Death of Marxism. What made The Authoritarian Personality particularly insidious is that it was widely seen as a blueprint for non-totalitarian democracy both here and in Europe; and leaders in government and in universities read the book in that way. The fact that Adorno and Horkheimer (who later backed away from the implications of the work he had co-edited) were at the time Soviet sympathizers did not dampen the enthusiasm of the anti-Stalinist secularist intellectuals who tried to defend the study. Although the Jewish identity of the Frankfurt School may not have been the only factor leading to their anti-Christian, anti-fascist pseudo-science, denying its influence on the formation of Frankfort School ideas is simply silly. Adorno was only half-Jewish and raised as a Catholic but nonetheless paraded his Jewish genes in explaining how he had arrived at his critique of bourgeois, Christian society. It is furthermore is silly to pretend that Jews have not played a DISPROPORTIONATE role in greasing the skids for our moral and social disintegration. To recognize this is to recognize reality. What is more dubious is that Jews have caused this ruin, without the enthusiastic support or at least cowardly acquiescence of the white Christian majority. Although it is correct to note the significant Jewish contribution to the present decadence, it is naive to think that Jews are the only culprits in what you and I deplore.

    Christopher Lash’s True and Only Heaven includes a long section detailing the mainstream liberal support for The Authoritarian Personality in the 1950s and 1960s. Lipset, Hook, Daniel Bell, Arthur Schlesinger, Richard Hofstadter and the members of American Jewish Committe, who sponsored Adorno and Commentary magazine, were among the anti-Communist liberals who admired TAP and who thought that it had relevance for our country. Although you and I may be to the right of these celebrants, it would be hard to argue that no anti-Communist had any use for Adorno’s ideas.

  36. “political violence in this country is being driven by the Left. One would expect the Republican Congress, if only out of sheer self-interest, to recognize this… even the attempted mass murder of their own colleagues did not rouse them to action. It’s obviously too much to expect them to act in defense of the nation and of what’s left of our liberty.” Most GOPers in Congress are Caucasian, RCC/Zioevangizer males – cucks. Again, it’s not the Joooooz, it is the cuck Caucasian Christian male who will kill the USA.

  37. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I like to use Fascism to refer to Fascist Fascism.

    What significance does fascism/Fascism have to you?

    • Replies: @iffen
  38. fnn says:

    Cultural Marxism is a bogeyman grab bag of stuff that some hard core conservative types hate and despise; it has no existence otherwise.

    Cultural Marxism has a cladistic relationship to Marxism proper:

    The impetus of The Authoritarian Personality was the Holocaust, the attempted genocidal extinction of European Jews by Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party. Adorno had been a member of the “Frankfurt School”, a predominantly Jewish[7] group of philosophers and Marxist theorists who fled Germany when Hitler shut down their Institute for Social Research. Adorno et al. were thus motivated by a desire to identify and measure factors that were believed to contribute to antisemitic and fascist traits. The book was part of a “Studies in Prejudice” series sponsored by the American Jewish Committee’s Department of Scientific Research.[8][9]

    Sources and influences
    The Authoritarian Personality was based in part on earlier Frankfurt School analyses undertaken in Germany, but with a few key changes. First, their Marxist and radical roots were downplayed. For example, the earlier “authoritarian personality/revolutionary personality” axis was changed to an “authoritarian personality/democratic personality” axis in America. Thus, values and behaviors earlier associated with revolutionary Marxism were now associated with support for democracy.[10] Second, the book abandoned and/or modified traditional Marxist sociological and economic explanations for human behavior in favor of psychological explanations, earning scorn from more orthodox Marxists.[11]

    The title of Jeffries’s book derives from a dismissive quip by the Hungarian Marxist György Lukács, who charged that Adorno and other Frankfurt School members had taken up residence in the “Grand Hotel Abyss,” a retreat “equipped with every comfort, on the edge of an abyss, of nothingness, of absurdity.” The Frankfurt School, Lukács suggested, had abandoned Marx’s connection of theory with revolutionary activity (“praxis”). They were comfortably cocooned in the domain of theory, observing the spectacle of monopoly capitalism from afar and ineffectually commenting on its destruction of the human spirit. Bertolt Brecht made similar criticisms, claiming that the Frankfurt School philosophers had betrayed the revolution they affected to espouse. In condemning the Frankfurt School for its aloofness and abandonment of the working class, Lukács and Brecht were also censuring it for elitism.

    Frankfurt School members had good reason for pessimism about the effectiveness of Marxist theory in fomenting revolutionary practice. Following the failure of Marxist revolution in Germany in 1919, most of the working class supported a very different kind of revolution. With the rise of totalitarian fascism in the 1930s, the Frankfurt School lost confidence in the ability of workers to mount a revolution against monopoly capitalism and the states sustaining it, as Marx predicted they would. It regarded workers as paralyzed by conformist tendencies and unable to discern the source of their grievances in the capitalist system. One of the Frankfurt School’s tasks during and after the 1930s was to explain the illusions that drove both the proletariat and the bourgeoisie not just to conformity but also to barbarism and the destruction of European civilization. For the next forty years, the Frankfurt School engaged in criticism of nearly every aspect of capitalist society.

  39. @Autochthon

    Thank you very much. And my apologies to JK for presuming he didn’t know what he was talking about. (Thank G I covered my ***[*for non US Anglosphere], albeit barely). If I had another parallel life I would write a thesis on how and when US Congressional and Westminster style procedures and terminology diverged. It’s a pity the author is right of course!

  40. iffen says:

    What significance does fascism/Fascism have to you?


    AFAIK it is fascism.

    Is “Italian Fascism” preferred over “Italian fascism”? I don’t know.

    What is the significance of “The Lobby” to you?

    • Replies: @Anon
  41. Thank you very much. And my apologies to JK for presuming he didn’t know what he was talking about. (Thank G I covered my *** [**** for wider Anglosphere] – though barely). If I had another parallel life I would write a thesis on how and when US Congressional and Westminster style procedures and terminology diverged. It’s a pity the author is right of course!

  42. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    What is the significance of “The Lobby” to you?

    It’s where I go to have some things to eat.

    Italians use fascismo but they also use marxismo.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    I love that leftists hate the term ‘Cultural Marxist’. That’s how I know it’s the perfect phrase to describe them.

    We know Marx was all about economics, but his ideas took on a life of their own and evolved into the monstrosity we face today.

    It’s a good term. I’ll stick with it thanks.

  44. Dube says:
    @Simon in London

    Marcuse and “Repressive Tolerance:” at about the same time, a pamphlet was circulated by Billy Graham, titled, “The Sin of Tolerance.” Worth a study in comparison / contrast…?

  45. @wayfarer

    Hey wayfarer…you ALRITE!

    Please excuse my prior vituperations..

    • Replies: @wayfarer
    , @wayfarer
  46. Parfois says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    @ Sergey

    “Marx and Marxism has nothing to do what is called cultural Marxism, period. It is time to start calling things by their real names and this abomination is not Marxism.”

    I presume you forgot this blog is Murican and most readers and contributors are Muricans. They are not renown for political understanding about simple matters (e.g. they call the oligarchic-sponsored Democratic Party a left-wing party) but when it comes to deeper political issues such as Marxism all they know is what they have been told by the globalist Wall Street-sponsored Trotsy and the Frankfurt School crowd that migrated from Germany to New York at the outset of WWII. By strange coincidence, they were ALL Jews, and the Jews at the time were being purged by Hitler in Germany and Stalin in the USSR. Hence, the Muricans understanding of Marxism is a tainted version propagated by Jews and a malevolent distortion and an aberration of Karl Marx’s work to denigrate the man and his teachings about how capitalism works to exploit and enslave the working class. And that is why the Muricans limit themselves to have little skirmishes between non-existent Leftists and Nationalists (some of who are hot-headed and misguided racists) concerning poofters, feminists, racial differences and other peripheral PC tripe but never do anything against the Deep Police State and the oligarchy that rules them.

  47. Parfois says:
    @Che Guava

    @ Che Guava,

    Here are some Marx’s quotes where Jews are specifically mentioned:

    ” Contempt for theory, art, history, and for man as an end in himself, which is contained in an abstract form in the Jewish religion, is the real, conscious standpoint, the virtue of the man of money. ”

    “The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.”

    “The groundless law of the Jew is only a religious caricature of groundless morality and right in general, of the purely formal rites with which the world of self-interest surrounds itself.”

    Why should Marx in Das Kapital single out the Jews. It’s a work about the economic relationship between the owners of capital and the workers whose production is appropriated by the capitalist as profit. The capitalist is all capitalists: Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Muslim and even Atheist and Pagan.

    I suppose you know (but it may help other readers) that Marx was raised and educated as a Protestant. Surprisingly enough, in his later years he, then a confirmed atheist, considered that there was a role for religion in a post-capitalist world, but not Judaism, of which he was an acerbic critic.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  48. Parfois says:

    @ Wally

    I think Sergey was attempting to educate you and others of the same ilk.

    You know the saying: “Blessed are the crackpots because they might see the light”.

  49. anarchyst says:

    It’s also a crime in these same countries to expose any TRUTH about the jewish holocaust ™ TRUTH that does not conform to the “commonly accepted narrative” (lies and fabrications). In fact, evidence cannot be introduced into these “kangaroo courts” that counters holocaust ™ fabrications and lies…

  50. wayfarer says:

    No worries, brother.

    I believe we’re probably on the same team, and both know who the self-serving enemy is within America.

    Have a beautiful day!

  51. Charlottesville was a watershed event leaving no illusions about the complete domination of the cultural marxists. We are on our own.


  52. wayfarer says:

    P.S. We all got to fight Stonehands, the good fight for America!

  53. Ben Frank says:

    There seems to be a common typo where people write “hate groups” but they mean “hated groups”.

  54. fnn says:

    Interesting discussion on Moldbug’s formulation that “America is a Communist Country”:

    Moldbug traces the origins of progressivism to the English Dissenters (“the Puritan thesis”), a hypothesis which has attracted quite a lot of dispute. One must admit that Moldbug was rather slippery and general in trying to justify his thesis. However, one of his intellectual heroes, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, masterfully argued the same in his book Leftism Revisited. Very briefly: there runs a long line of medieval antinomian and proto-communist heresies from Arnold of Brescia and the Brethren of the Free Spirit right up to heterodox Dominican friars like Tommaso Campanella (who quite rightfully got into trouble with the Inquisition), whose utopian novel The City of the Sun [1602] advocated a common ownership of all goods and even the destruction of matrimony and parenthood in favor of holding wives and children as common property as well. The Puritans were part of this lineage, and their sense of self-righteousness is quite visible in episodes like the Boston revolt of 1689. Their heredity and cultural makeup have then went on to influence American society on a fundamental level and to provide the groundwork for American progressivism.

    The progressives are constantly engaged in the “Brown Scare,” an ongoing hunt for fascists under the bed that makes the much more famous Red Scare seem quite trivial in comparison indeed. Given that everyone on the right is quite familiar with this phenomenon, it is more interesting to outline a related Moldbug thesis that is popular but quite underappreciated: America is a communist country. (AIACC)

    Yet again, AIACC is another thesis that Moldbug could have defended more strongly. He points out Edward Bellamy’s national socialist (in the literal sense) movement and the various utopian communes in 19th-century America. Much more interesting, however, is the communist intellectual and party scene that reached its peak at the same time as FDR’s New Deal coup, in the 1930s, and Moldbug does allude to this in his discussion of Freda Utley. The American Marxist intellectual George Novack provides an overview along with a reading list of various memoirs, published in 1967. A pertinent example is the case of Partisan Review, a magazine that began as a CPUSA front publication, only to drift into Trotskyism and the anti-Stalinist left, before finally settling on a synthesis of social democracy and American civic nationalism. The latter is, of course, what we call “neoconservatism.”

    Not only is the kingdom of the progressives not of this world, they have a typically gnostic revulsion against the constraints of material reality. Thus, again unlike most other ruling classes, the progressives dislike the customs and traditions of their country on a visceral level. But they do so for a specific reason: they do not conform enough to the essence that they envision, even if they are on the “right track”. This is the secret of anti-Americanism, one of the most fashionable creeds in upper circles. It is really ultra-Americanism. Quote: “When Europeans express anti-American sentiments, in my opinion, they are actually acting as loyal servants of the America that conquered them six decades ago. Of course, Europe was invaded by tanks, airplanes and infantry – not diplomats, educators and aid workers. But the America that won World War II was a one-party state that had no place for the Right, and it recreated Europe in its own image. The cold war between State and Defense, eggheads and jocks, blue-state and red-state, broke out only after the shooting had stopped.”

  55. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    I shared the video with a very liberal attorney friend of mine and asked him for his opinion on the incident and the charges, etc. By the way, he hates Trump with a passion — but he still likes me, even though he knows that I was supporting Trump in the 2016 election — and he is married to a Muslima. I don’t know if she still likes me as much as she did before though, after she found out that I was supporting Trump? When my wife, him and I go out for our regular dinners together, she has been declining to join us for the last year and a half, but she always reiterates not to take it personally “She says not to take it personally — that she simply does not feel like going out to eat. And she certainly is not going to come and watch the rest of us eat!”.


    I would be highly interested in your professional opinion on this case:

    What Happened to Due Process in the US?


    Too early to tell. My gut reaction is the charge should be Manslaughter. Also, hit and run. Also, why the hell was he driving in that area? And why the hell didn’t he stop once pedestrians started swatting his car with clubs? He put himself into a bad situation, for sure. And once he rammed people he needed to STOP! Cars are lethal weapons. That is the duty of a driver. STOP when you hit someone. The people he hit were innocent! What has the driver been charged with? He hasn’t been to trial. Due process involves the charges, the right to defense counsel, and the right to a jury trial. This driver has not been denied due process.


    He was charged with 2nd-degree murder and several counts of malicious wounding, and the hit and run, but I think this will be dismissed, since his car was attacked by several people wielding baseball bats, sticks, metal pipes, etc. Here video of it:


    2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter can be hard to distinguish. I could see either charge sticking. One way to sort of look at it is with 2nd Degree Murder there is some element of deliberately putting oneself into a situation where murder might happen. Manslaughter often is more like being in the wrong place at the wrong time and losing one’s temper . . . Also, the innocence and vulnerability of the victims plays a role. Here, it was not the people attacking the car who got hurt. It was those ahead of them who were innocent and vulnerable . . .


    Thank you very much again, [], for your valuable feedback.

    • Replies: @Alden
  56. The digital (occult) imprint of Charlottesville events leaves no doubts that it was just another typical false-flag “aligned”, this time, on the code “2 7”. A few examples of most famous members of “2 7”-family span from the devastating explosion after a collision of two ships in Halifax Canada in 1917 to the powerful ammonium nitrate explosion at West Fertilizer Plant in 2013, with Ronald Reagan assassination attempt and the Columbine with Virginia Polytech shootings in between.

    • Replies: @Alden
  57. BenKenobi says:

    Perhaps in a few years his corpse will swing from one of the hundreds of gibbets lining the reflecting pool in the national mall, while crows feast on what remains of his flesh.

  58. Che Guava says:

    Thank you Parfoit.

    You have some pertinent quotations and points. However, of the huge range of primary sources Marx gathers in Das Kapital, most are concerning British and German sources.

    As far as modern productive capitalism, Venice seems to me to have been the leader.

    As far as as modern usurious (rentier) capitalism, Jewish people seem to be at the centre of its origin.

    Marx never is mentioning that aspect in Das Kapital

    Difficult to see it as other than a deliberate omission.

    I also have never read of his partner, factory owner, and patron, Engels, ever having treated his workers well, unlike Ford, Honda, Morita, and others in later days. For sure, the three I list are all gone, except for Honda to some degree, no resemblance to the companies

    they made.

    I like the Honda foundation story. After the conditional surrender, he was filling a vat with liquor, invited his former comrades, after a week or two of just being drunk, they made the company.

    • Replies: @Alden
  59. AndrewR says:

    The Jews must be removed from power by all legal means. If that fails to completely remove them from power, well…

  60. AndrewR says:

    It’s almost like Trump is really, really dumb.

  61. AndrewR says:

    It’s also a crime for non-whites to criticize Islam.

  62. AndrewR says:

    Ten years? You are very merciful.

  63. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    New material: not my own, but possibly inspired by my research in the other comment thread.

    The video was uploaded on September 18, and I posted my comment that very much resembles this person’s research on September 14:

    Charlottesville Car Speed.

    Proxima 1
    Published on Sep 18, 2017
    At what speed was James Fields driving?

    It feels good to have potentially inspired this research and to see this important information starting to spread more widely.

    Thank you to Mr. Unz for having published all these important pieces on Charlottesville here at the Unz Review, which inspired me to look more deeply into this case.

    Charlottesville Car Speed. (Best Analysis of the Moment of Impact)

    • Replies: @Alden
  64. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Once a congressional joint resolution is signed by the president it has the “force of law ” That means a CJR is a law and can be enforced. Hawaii became a territory through a CRJ signed by the president.

    Passed as a bill and signed by the president or passed as a CJR and signed by the president there’s no difference. It’s an anti White law that will be enforced. It was a joint effort by Enemy of Whites Party D and Enemy of Whites Party R

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  65. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Aren’t the Catholics responsible for Charlottesville? Didn’t the Pope and Satan direct it from their conference room halfway between hell and the cellars of the Vatican?

  66. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Didn’t the Pope personally send a drone to crash the helicopter?

  67. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    MAX. You never viewed the video with an attorney. You don’t even know that only a criminal law either defense or prosecution could possibly comment professionally about the video.
    You don’t even know that the charges will be made according to the state laws re manslaughter homicide 1&2 etc.

    Bet you’ve never even heard of vehicular homicide vehicular manslaughter either.

    You don’t have an attorney friend married to a Muslim woman. Happens to be illegal in that religion for a Muslim woman to marry a non Muslim man.

    If your non existent friend is very liberal he naturally wants James Fields charged with some kind if homicide.

    Best clue you made the story up is when your non existent friend said 2nd degree murder is putting oneself in a situation where a murder might happen??????

    Criminal law is taught in first year law school. No one who took criminal law would say such a thing. You obviously cruised around wikepedia and confused “escalating a dispute” with ” putting oneself in a situation where murder might happen.”

    “Escalating a dispute” is a criminal law term and concept. You just made up. ” ” putting oneself in a situation”. And your imaginary friend is not an attorney.
    You are so full of it. Go drink a couple gallons of Milk of Magnesia.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  68. Alden says:
    @FKA Max


    Why do you keep replying to your own comments? Endlessly talking to yourself is a common symptom of mental illness.

  69. Alden says:
    @Che Guava

    I’ve read that in the 1840s the different German states passed a lot of pro worker laws regarding hours, paid overtime, work men’s comp, working conditions etc

    The Jewish Engels family owned factories in Germany. Because of these laws favoring workers, the Engels family moved their operations to England which had no laws favoring workers at the time. The great leader of the proletariat went to Rngland to run the families slave labor operations.

    Similar to American corporations moving their factories first to Mexico and S America then to China forever seeking cheap cheaper and cheapest labor.

    I assume most people know that Jennie and Karl Marx owned a serf who was a wedding present? And that Karl got her pregnant and refused to acknowledge it support the boy. The serf did outside work for pay to pay for the birth. She placed her baby boy with nearby a foster mother wet nurse and paid for his upbringing by her outside work.

    The Marxes lived in a 3 room apartment so the serf had plenty of time for her outside work to support Karl’s son.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Che Guava
  70. Alden says:

    I wonder how many years the Feds and their co conspirators SPLC ADL AJC etc spent setting up the pro White rally.

    I know it took ATF about 5 years to convince Randy Weaver to commit the gun violation of moving a screw in a gun from one hole to another.

  71. Alden says:

    I’m interested in the occult aspect of the Halifax 1917 explosion. Surely things like that happen in a sea port full of military explosives? I like it if you explained further please.

  72. Alden says:

    The Supreme Court has legislated from its Chief Priest Temple since 1804 Marbury vs Madison.

    The founders were elitist a who used the deplorable frontiersmen and the French army and navy to fight their revolution.

    The constitution was written to ensure rule by the minority aristocrats through judges.

  73. FKA Max says: • Website

    You never viewed the video with an attorney.

    You are correct, Alden, I never viewed the video with my attorney friend. I sent him an email with a link to the video, which he then watched in the privacy of his own home without me being present. He then wrote back to me via email and we discussed the video and potential charges, etc. I then took those emails and copied and pasted (one of my favorite things to do, as you know) the relevant passages from our email exchange into the commenting box here at the Unz Review website and pushed the “Publish Comment” button with my mouse.

    This is how that comment, you think I just made up out of thin air, came into being

    I can promise you, but you probably won’t want to believe me, that my friend is very real, Alden. And you know what the funniest thing is, he was raised Catholic and he knows that I am highly critical of the Church, etc., but he is Ok with it, because he knows that there is a lot of truth to what I say.

    He went to this law school:

    And he also represented victims of clerical sex abuse:

    Catholic Order Reaches \$166 Million Settlement With Sexual Abuse Victims

    You don’t have an attorney friend married to a Muslim woman. Happens to be illegal in that religion for a Muslim woman to marry a non Muslim man.

    His wife is from Ethiopia, and it is both their second marriage. She is a very secular Muslima so I don’t know if she disobeyed her culture/religion or if she was permitted to marry a non-Muslim man?

    This just happened in Tunisia recently:

    This Arab country is allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men. That’s the good news.

    Just over a week ago, Tunisia became one of the only countries in the Arab world to allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, flouting centuries of tradition and earning the accolades of human rights groups and activists around the world.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  74. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Yes yes, not only is your non existent friend a Catholic who remains friends with a seriously extreme anti Catholic but now his wife is an Ethiopian Muslim.

    The district attorney of the county in which the death and injuries occurred has charged James Field with 2 nd murder. That’s all you need to know. And all your copying and pasting and Internet cruising and ignorant comments don’t mean a thing to the local prosecutors, judges and prospective jury.

    The VPC determines the charges, not you. And according to the VPC and and extensive case law and judicial findings, the contributory negligence of a\$\$holes who rush into the street to stop a car is
    a common and very effective defense.

    Stop making up stories that are soo obviously untrue such as your non existent Catholic married to an Ethopian Muslim attorney friend.

  75. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    The non existent Ethopian Muslim wife is not Tunisian so how does your copy and paste about Tunisia apply to her?

    You need to start thinking.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  76. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    I don’t believe this non existent friend went to Gonzaga or any other law school because according to you he told you some nonsense about not putting oneself in a situation where murder can occur. That’s some stupidity you came up with confusing duty to retreat and not escalating a dispute.

    And why not just write the imaginary friend went to law school at Gonzaga? Why paste the wikepedia article?

    Or did you hurriedly ask Mr Google for a list of catholic universities that have law schools?. FYI, I think Gonzaga is one of the dreaded schools founded and run by those minions of Satan, the Jesuits. Shouldn’t you be afraid they’ll put a curse on you through wifi connection?

  77. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    If your non existent friend is an attorney he would have looked at the VPC and VDMVC and seen exactly what the law is in Virginia regarding causing a death and injuries with a car.

    Attorneys know that only the specific laws of each state apply to crimes that occur in that state.
    You, not knowing that, just made up comments by the non existent attorney friend after reading some generic Wikipedia article about vehicular homicide.
    And in spite of your monstrously inflated ego, the district attorney of the county will prosecute the case according to the VPC.

    Why don’t you send emails to the presiding judge and DA and share your wisdom?

  78. FKA Max says: • Website

    You are being extremely disingenuous.

    My intent was mainly to show that you were wrong. Remember what you wrote:

    Happens to be illegal in that religion for a Muslim woman to marry a non Muslim man.

    I did a quick search and found this about Ethiopia:

    In Ethiopia and Eritrea, interreligious marriage is common, to the extent that Muslim women sometimes marry Christian men without being ostracized by their families. However, as the anthropologist Jan Abbink has noted, Islamic revivalist movements recently have targeted such practices as violations of sharia (Abbink 1999). Meanwhile some Ethiopian and Eritrean groups, such as Harari, do not even recognize the sharia law allowing Muslim men to marry Christian or Jewish women. The Harari seldom marry outside of their ethnic group. When they do, they marry Muslims from other groups . The Jabarti also never marry outside Islam. inter-religious marriage is common in Eritrea .

    His wife is from the Ethiopian elite and has a relatively light skin tone and “Mediterranean” facial features. She is attractive.

    She looks like the lady in the center of this photo:

    White Aethiopians

    White Aethiopians (Λευκαιθίοπες, Leucaethiopes) is a term found in ancient Roman literature, which may have referred to various non-Negroid populations inhabiting the Aethiopia region of antiquity.

    You are not interested in the truth. You have an agenda.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  79. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Probation officer for 27 years, landlord since around 1972, I’m very very familiar with lies and tall tales.

    And your story about the non existent attorney friend is just like the lies and additions and attempted rebuttals I heard from the criminals. Next time you want to tell a lie about a non existent attorney don’t keep adding and embellishing.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  80. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Just like the criminals who insisted that “some other dude “did whatever crime with which they were charged, you just keep adding and adding to your tall tale about your non existent attorney friend.

    By the way, unlike you, I know what Ethiopians look like without having to ask Mr Google for a picture. AND, it’s common knowledge and conventional history that Ethiopians are a blend of ancient Arabs from southern Arabia and blacks. Supposedly the Arabs were traders from what is now Yemen.

    Some people don’t have to constantly consult Mr Google about things that are common knowledge.

    Just keep adding the lies and evasions. I’m familiar with the technique.

  81. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    I thought your intent was to show that you and your non existent friend know more about Virginia homicide laws than the county district attorney who is investigating and prosecuting the case.

  82. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Just like criminals evading and segueing and trying to get questioning off topic you are now an instant wikepedia expert on Ethiopia.

    I’ve had a lifetime of questioning liars. You are the epitome of a liar caught in a lie and trying to go off in all tangents to get the focus away from your lies. Your tale and attempts to prove your story is like the first chapter of an investigators manual.

    Don’t you have access to a decent college library? Only fools rely on wikepedia.

  83. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Never seen a Greek, Spanish, Portugues Italian who look like those ladies. And the wife is from an elite light skinned group. Just keep adding and adding lies about the nonexistent wife to your story about the non existent attorney.

    If you know the non existent wife of the non existent attorney, why did you have to look at an Internet picture of Ethiopians to know what an Ethiopian looks like?

    If you were a criminal under investigation your attorney wouldn’t let you open your mouth because every word you say just makes it more obvious that you lied about the attorney friend.

    Give it up. I know a liar when I read your tale and your evasions.

  84. @Alden

    Thank you. My ignorance of that peculiar difference between Anglosphere Westminster style parliamentary practice and that of the US Congress had been corrected ny Autocthon.

  85. FKA Max says: • Website

    Probation officer for 27 years,

    Disclaimer: this is a long comment and I extensively link to past comments of mine here at the Unz Review. I know the moderators do not approve of this commenting style of mine, but I would kindly like to ask them to approve this comment since I believe this is important information to be aware of and to be shared.

    This comment is partially off-topic, but not entirely since I think it will show how the criminal justice system can be severely abused by power-hungry and unethical persons with personality disorders.

    Here a comment in which I am defending myself again, still in a humorous way, against Alden’s attacks:

    But this defamatory campaign of her’s against me is bordering on targeted harassment, in my opinion, so here a more serious take of mine on this situation and Alden.

    Having the audacity and nerve to call me a liar, mentally-ill, and saying that I behave like a criminal, while at the same time stalking me, spreading lies about me and not willing to even remotely admit to being wrong or making mistakes, made me conclude that Alden has psychopathic tendencies.

    When I encountered Alden for the first time, when she tried to get me banned from the Unz Review , which has been her hidden or not so hidden agenda from the very start , I actually always assumed she was man, because her mannerisms were very male-like and aggressive, etc. I was actually kind of shocked when I just recently found out that she is apparently a female:

    I’m a woman a very antifeminist White Nationalist woman.


    I think her attacks on me have recently increased because she has been smelling blood in the water, since the Unz Review moderators were upset about and disagreed with my commenting style (which I am working on improving and changing) and she probably felt that she now has the backing from people in power and authority to accomplish her goal to shut me up and get me banned.

    I have commented on this before here, how female psychopaths display different kinds of behaviors than male psychopaths. Alden’s behavior, especially in this comment thread, seems to fit that pattern:

    Psychopathy in women: theoretical and clinical perspectives

    Forouzan and Cooke2 claim that there are differences between the sexes with respect to psychopathy.
    Although the results are divergent and inconclusive,54 some studies have suggested that while men more often show physical aggression,45,55 women more often display a more relational and verbal form of aggression.51,52,56 This may, for instance, occur through manipulation of social networks in attempting to exclude the victim from a community.

    I don’t doubt for a minute that Alden has been a probation officer for over 27 years, which is a scary thought, but is also perfectly explainable by the fact that law enforcement and the justice system are among the job fields most popular with psychopaths, because these careers offer one prestige and power over other people, which psychopaths crave; read here on the most popular professions of psychopaths:

    But – what if I told you that psychopaths that can function at extremely high levels – and succeed in all levels of society? If you think that psychopathic tendencies and success have nothing in common – then everything you know is wrong!

    This case of a judge is a good example of an abuse of power by a megalomaniacal , power-hungry, high-functioning and successful psychopath on a power trip, in my opinion:

    Thank you from me too, lavoisier, for sharing the additional background information on this judge. After reading up some more on him, I think too, that he should, at the very least, be psychologically evaluated.

    Sounds (see below; talking about himself in the third person: you now know who Beau McClain is and why he does what he does) and looks (he has a weird/intense stare; common in bipolar patients) like a serious case of Superman/Jesus(Messiah)/Savior complex, to me

    Alden displays the same megalomania, in my opinion, just in a more subtle, feminine, and passive aggressive way, but the maliciousness of her character and intent still shines through, no matter how much she tries to distract from it by painting me as the bad guy with ulterior motives and (falsely) accusing me of acting in bad faith.

    P.s.: To the moderators: if for any reason you feel my commenting contributions to the Unz Review are harmful or distracting from the website’s main purpose and goals, please don’t hesitate to be frank with me and tell me so directly and I will stop commenting here out of respect for this space and Mr. Unz, both of whom I hold in the highest regard and whom I want to see succeed and see accomplish their mission.
    If my presence here distracts from this and their mission in any way, shape or form please let me know about it and I will gladly follow and fulfill your wishes and stop commenting here.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @FKA Max
  86. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Typo, forgot an *a*: I actually always assumed she was *a* man, because her mannerisms were very male-like and aggressive, etc.

    Perfect example of what I was talking about, from today:

    ‘Deplorable Acts’: Former Santa Clara County Probation Counselor Accused of Sexually Abusing Two Juveniles

    A former Santa Clara County probation counselor was arrested Thursday on suspicion of sexual misconduct involving two juveniles.

    Tricia Caparra, 36, sexually abused a pair of teen boys who were previously in the care of the county’s probation department, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

    Caparra was placed on administrative leave immediately after one of the victims reported her alleged crimes on Sept. 3, 2016. The probation department launched an internal investigation and reported Caparra’s misconduct to the sherrif’s office. She resigned from her position on July 10, 2017, according to the statement.

  87. Che Guava says:

    Alden, it is of interest, but

    I am vaguely to recall reading in print. of Engels being in charge of the family company and moving his exploitation to England, it is all very confusing.

    Also thinking you are wrong about the social reforms in the different principalites, and that Bismark was the originator of a kind of non-communal welfare state, not the orignal places united under the state he created.

    Amusing, Engels (whatever his real name was)
    is supposed to be the founder of ‘social democracy’.

    It is a joke, as far as I can see, Bismark was the founder of their social democracy on any such topics, the wikipaedia is useless.

    Grateful for your comments to making me thinking more, but can you providing a cgood source on the exploitation of a serf by Marx and his wife? I am thinking that is very likely but have’nt read of i-

  88. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Off-topic, but highly interesting:

    Psychopaths prefer listening to hip hop and R&B over classical music, study finds

    Though popular culture might have led us to believe otherwise, those with psychopathic tendencies are no more drawn to classical musical than the rest of us.

    The researchers at New York University named Eminen’s Lose Yourself and Backstreet’s No Diggity as two favourites amongst those with the highest psychopath scores, The Guardian reports.
    “The media portrays psychopaths as axe murderers and serial killers, but the reality is they are not obvious; they are not like The Joker in Batman. They might be working right next to you, and they blend in. They are like psychological dark matter,” said lead author Pascal Wallisch.

    You don’t want to have these people in positions where they can cause a lot of harm,” he added. “We need a tool to identify them without their cooperation or consent.”

    Tests on a second group of volunteers suggest the songs could help to predict the disorder. Whatever their other personality traits might be, fans of The Knack’s My Sharona and Sia’s Titanium were among the least psychopathic, the study found.

    I always liked Sia’s (really David Guetta’s) Titanium:

    David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

    Another one of my favorite collaborations of theirs is She Wolf. In the video a female wolf is stalked and chased by hunters, watch what happens in the end:

    David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia (Official Video)

    David Guetta is half-Jewish:

    Pierre David Guetta was born in Paris, France in 1967, to a Moroccan Jewish father and a Belgian mother.

  89. Che Guava says:


    Really to appreciting those replies.

    I must be reading on the 1840s in (mainly central) Europe.

    Realiising, except for Marx’s and other very general descriptions, I am knowing little.

    Napoleon III also was to advancing worker’s rights at times, too. Other good points, also, even if, in the end, tragic figure.

    Thank you for being a good teacher in making me seeing what I don’t know.

    Will be reading more on it.

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