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Congratulations President Kamala
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The kindest thing we can say about Joe Biden is that he is a proven scatterbrain whose physical and cognitive daily life depends on his wife’s vigilant handling of his word and foot. She is forever present wherever he is: whispering to him his forgotten word, and showing him where podium and exit door is. Simply, she is his guide-dog and theatrical standby coaching him from the wings. And for all we know, Biden may also already be incontinent and needing adult diapers under his pajamas and Mrs. Biden here plays the role of personal diaper-changer too.

This is the pre-election status of our new president, Joe Biden.

But what of post-election? How will our handicapped and dependent president manage complex state affairs and even more complex foreign policies for the next four years? He is already 77 years of age and clearly his cognitive abilities will continue to naturally diminish with age, with no prospect whatsoever of their return to robust elasticity.

Begs the question here therefore: why on earth did the Democratic party choose him as leader of party and presidential candidate when they know better than you and I of Biden’s dwindling mental stature? Surely an unspoken yet blatant ruse is at hand here? Yes? No? Yes, indeed there is and let’s here code-name it ‘Operation Kamala’. The Democratic party leadership that is desperately needing to win the White House and remain there for eight years have resorted to employing unconventional methodology to insert their real preferred candidate: an unpopular candidate by presidential standards; a selected candidate and not an elected one.

The real candidate that’s preferred by the Jewy Deep State and by Jewish Power is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s pick of Vice President, and not Joe Biden himself. The Democratic party will soon enough be performing their ‘great switcheroo’, to be executed soon as it becomes impossible to cover up Biden’s mental failings. What these Democratic Party honchos and desperate strategists have done in essence is cynically exploit our constitution and election rules by playing a Two-card Monte trick against the American voter. Now you see the democratically elected Biden card, and NOW you see the selected VP Kamala Harris’ card. Every guess made at this sly game makes every single American voter a loser.

Kamala Harris: a slime-ball lawyer who reached the high office of District Attorney of uber liberal San Francisco is of mixed-race: of Asian-Indian and African-American extraction. She is a combination of Israel-firster Modi and Israel-firster Sammy Davis Jr – yet the mainstream media consistently refers to her as a “Black-American”, and clearly this is because ‘Asian-Indian’ does not sell well at the voting booth. Here we have the same intentional racial inaccuracy as with how mulatto president Obama was sold to the voter. And like presidents Obama and Trump before her, Kamala is both besotted and beholden to Jewish power. The Jewish Lobby promoted her selection as president-to-be despite her being the first Democrat to drop out of the presidential race, nay the first Democrat to be elbowed out of the race by Tulsi Gabbard. Being childless at 56 years of age and married to a divorced Jewish man, she refers to herself as a “proud and loving stepmother” to his two Jewish children. Kamala thus evidently has a personal and careeristic investment in serving Israel above all else. In this sense, we can say that Kamala actually married Israel and guaranteed thus her rise to political rank in the US, despite her low popularity even among Democrats. How else to explain the biggest loser in the primaries eventually becoming actual president of the United States of America? This here is the “unconventional” ruse devised by the criminal Democratic strategists. This here is the crime scene where American democracy was stabbed in the heart and in the eyeball. This here may very well be the race-war trigger planned for America by Jewish power when America finds itself, overnight, ruled by a selected (not elected) female president of color.

I can see an ocean of Whitey froth and bullets when this happens.

And until the day Kamala takes the White House with the help of Jewish sleight of hand, we have Biden.

Biden the committed Zionist. Biden the old man with a penchant for inappropriate touchy-feelys of little girls. Biden, the supporter of color revolutions and wars for the Jews. Biden who doesn’t know where the exit door is. Biden who is bad at math but good at pocketing monies from corrupt deals. Biden the poster-boy and linchpin of the biggest Jewish subterfuge operation against the American voter and their beloved constitution.

What’s left to say except: good luck Americans. You’re certainly fucked for the next 4-8 years. You’re fucked perhaps even for eternity.

(Republished from Plato's Guns by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Compared to corrupt, israel-first pussyboy Trump, Kamala and Joe are as white as snow.

    Nobody has bent over for Israel as much as Donald “bendover” Trump.

  2. Better Kamala than Trump anytime.

    At least she has twice his IQ, actually took her SATs, and has a record of winning. Compared to a total loser and fruitcake like Trump.

    You cannot get a loser who loses any more than Trump. He lost like a dog and needs to crawl back to his kennel with his tail between his legs.

  3. @GreatSocialist

    ” Record of wining “…You kidding, right greatsocialist ?! At 29, she sucked the Brown, I mean she slept with Willie Brown – a 60 years married man ( at the time )…’ only ‘ 31 years difference between them…Only a real whore/cunt can do that ! After that, her career went ballistic…And, born in Eastern-Europe, under Socialism-Communism, I can assure you and other readers that socialism is NOT great at all – you are either stoned, or a brainwashed sheeple…

    • Disagree: Jett Rucker
    • Thanks: Trinity
  4. Taxi says:

    So you’d rather the Democrats fuck the American Constitution in the butthole and repeatedly rape our democracy just to get rid of Trump? Surely there are smarter ways of getting rid of him, no? Whaaaht, you’re too criminally-minded to think of an honest way to defeat the opposition, are you? You wanna keep applauding and enabling political criminal activity by your party honchos? Crimes that you personally get nothing out of cuz soon as your party gets in, they start shafting you too and helping only their friends and foreign allies. You like masochism and humiliation and getting conned this much?

    The article is in defense of our democracy and Constitution, but I guess you’re too stupid to notice. Your statement has taken you to the same IQ level as Trump’s, and worse, the same lowly level of Democrat criminal immorality.

    Whoever can’t see that both sides cheat the American people at every election deserves to wear a bucket of ice over their head with a dunce hat on top.

  5. @Taxi

    You are right, Taxi…Me too: I have no problem ( as an independent/political atheist ) if 2 charlatans like Biden/Harris are (S)elected as ” our ” leaders, as long is done fair and square ! Based on how most of the leftist/liberals are thinking, it’s not hard to notice that this Country is bankrupt not only financial, but moral/spiritual…and that it’s worst than anything else, in my opinion.

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
    , @anon
  6. Notsofast says:

    I agree with the content of your well worded article. However your depiction of maa durga as a slime ball lawyer is questionable. Maa durga would not ride a demon to slay a demon. Maa durga has no consort, to depict her as a whore will be offensive to those who love her.

  7. gay troll says:

    All politicians are sociopaths. The ability to put on a false face determines the longevity of one’s career. I find Kamala’s affect to be deeply disturbing. In the obviously staged clip of Kamala calling Joe to say “we did it” and “you’re going to be the next president of the United States” she lowers her inflection at the end of each sentence, as if she’s sad instead of excited. At least she is a terrible actor. But I can’t believe all the sound bites about Kamala Harris being a role model for women and minorities just because the DNC selected her for the ticket. What has she accomplished? What are her values? Even Hillary must be disgusted.

  8. @Notsofast

    ” Offensive “, you say notsofast ?! Is this a joke/sarcasm, or you a snowflake ?! The life/reality is ‘ offensive ‘, most of the time…the real facts are offensive and the natural/universal laws are…whatever your ‘ feelings are, capisce ?! You didn’t notice that we are living in the ‘ Matrix ‘…a parallel reality/fake news, where ‘ war is peace ‘, ‘ freedom is slavery ‘, and ‘ ignorance is strength ‘ …I was born in the ‘ socialist/communist paradise ‘, but even them/there was/were some limits of the lies/propaganda ! Tens of genders, men can have menstruation and give birth, etc., are you all completely insane ?! Or the asylum is being run by the inmates ?!…

  9. No says:

    I suppose people are going to need their Stages of Grief. Personally, the almost certainty of coming White genocide by starvation aside, I at least see a path forward now. America is dead. Burn a candle and move on. We need to get ready to survive the onslaught. Beans, Bullets, and Bandages first. And then we need to reinvest in our churches and credit unions. We need to build out parallel and independent society.

  10. @Notsofast

    And calling her ‘ maa durga ‘ ( an Indian/Hindu Goddess ) is not ‘ offensive ‘ for any respected Hindu from Asia and around the World ?! What a joke you are ;-(

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @AceDeuce
  11. @GreatSocialist

    When asked an awkward question her massive IQ summons forth nervous laughter in lieu of a substantive answer. Giodoutahere.

    • Replies: @Currahee
  12. Notsofast says:
    @SS-The Independent

    My point was why would you want to offend people that would agree with your political views just to be cheeky. In this matrix we can use all the help we can get from our great mother. What you know about maa durga would fit in a thimble with room left over for a grape. You should have left your atheism behind when you ran away from the commies.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  13. @Notsofast

    My ‘ atheism ‘ is political, not spiritual, notsofast…and didn’t run from the commies, I fought against them ! It’s a huge difference…Regarding your ‘ spirituality ‘, assuming that you are an Indian/Hindu, based on what you posted, you better take a look at your own Country/World…India, 2nd in the World as population and one of the oldest and rich, as of culture, is one of the poorest countries ever – but has many billionaires…Clean-up your back-yard, please, before making suggestions how your far away neighbors to do it…I am way past of talking nice and get lost in useless discussions, and I don’t need people like you ( which talk the talk, but never walk the walk ), as my/our allies. ” Every country has the government it deserves ” – Joseph de Maistre. WE, as Americans, lost most of our liberties/freedom and will lose in a short time what’s left of it. ONLY a violent uprising will change something ( even leftist like Chris Hedge said that ). You know ( or not )…’ that Tree of Liberty ( which ) must be refreshed from time to time with blood of patriots and tyrants “, like Thomas Jefferson said.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @John Johnson
  14. Notsofast says:
    @SS-The Independent

    Mr. Brave commie fighter,
    Fyi yair netanyahu did exactly the same thing in july of this year. You’re in really good company there. He was forced to apologize, when was the last time an israeli apologized for anything? Theres the power of maa durga for you. May she teach you a lesson in hubris you ignorant troll.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
    , @Druid
  15. @Notsofast

    Yeah, sure…just be careful what you wish for others…Just curious, why you name me an ignorant troll ?! Huh ?…You don’t know me, where I came from, what I have read in my life, what I was and I am doing now…You started with political correctness number one ‘ rule ‘( be careful to not offend anyone ‘… a form of censorship itself ), after which you called a political whore maa durga ( if kamala harris is maa durga, I am the pope )…calling me an atheist and ending with the wish that the Hindu deity to ‘ take care ‘ of me ( ‘ an ignorant troll ‘, right ? ). Are you on drugs, or what ? And what I have to do with Bibi Satanayahoo and his apology – whatever was that…can you be more clear about ?! WHAT exactly in my postings triggered your strange reaction…?!…naming a spade what it is – a spade ( the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, 30 years in California State Assembly, from which 15 was its speaker, declared that he had an affair with kamala harris and helped her with her political career; if this is not prostitution at the high level, what it is ?! )…And WHY should I care about the feelings of ‘ those who love kamala ‘ ( how you put it ), can you explain that too ? The Romanians have a saying: ‘ spune-mi cu cine te insotesti, ca sa iti spun cine esti ‘ ( translated aprox. as ” tell me with who you hang on, in order to tell you who you are, or a man is known by the company he keeps ” )…In other words, to love/admire and vote to have a leader like that creature, you must be either like her, or a completely brainwashed sheeple…PS: are you ‘ working ‘ for the ‘ Unit 8200 ‘…?!

    • Agree: Larchmonter420
    • Troll: Notsofast
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Druid
  16. Yeah, just read from the ‘ American Thinker ‘ the article from Aug.12. 2020, written by Monica Showalter: ” Willie Brown Admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top “…Apparently, that ‘ top ‘ didn’t stop at the California ultra-corrupted politics, but the ‘ top of the top ‘ – United States President ( through the back door )…Aren’t you proud, all those who voted for her ?!…PS: when she is going to be ‘ nominated ‘ the president of the US, we should put a red-light at the White House/1500 Pennsylvania Ave. Everyone who supported her, should get a huge discount;-)

  17. Franz says:

    Kamala will be “victim who rules” and we got a preview of that in the 90s with Hillary.

    But Kamala will be the Pearl Harbor that finally wakes the dumb whites into seeing their own government is the only true enemy they really have. And it’s about time.

    Four more years of sleepwalking with Trump is the last thing we can afford. This is the wake up call the remnants of heritage America needed.

  18. anon[417] • Disclaimer says:
    @SS-The Independent

    Man this piece of a shit work is missing Trump so much that I am afraid that moron Trump might come back as Netayahuu in USA in 2024 as president. That way the evangelical moron Jesus freak wont have any doubt about his capacity to deliver.

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  19. Taxi would seem to have raised some hackles.

    He’s right. Not especially original, but right.

    We’re screwed. Boy, are we screwed.

  20. Man I am gonna miss Trump. Some say he will come back but I am not holding my breath. No President in American history came close to him, by a long fucking mile, for entertaining, telling it like it is, guts and what not. I also think that under Trump, the US had a chance at something.

    Fuck you Malaka Harris and the fraudulent election.

    p.s. Epic picture for the article.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  21. anon[417] • Disclaimer says:

    1 “Protecting Christian foster care and adoption agencies,
    2 Election to the House of at least 15 new women who oppose abortion rights,
    3 Two hundred federal judges appointed for life. An embassy in Jerusalem. Anti-abortion policies. Two Supreme Court Justices, and then in the final hours, a third” —
    the achievements the Evangelical proud of .

    The choices that human make on their own ,have been given to the judges and turned into political distraction for which election is fought by shedding everything short of blood .

    No body is forcing one to be gay or lesbian or have abortion or buy cake from heathen or sell cake to heathen . These evangelical morons beholden to the glamour of the achievements of Trump are fighting medieval war but enabling the satan of crony capitalism to emerge victorious .

    • Troll: Plato's Dream
  22. Z-man says:

    I put this on F-book, I will probably be suspended…or worse. No, no Szell, not the drill!!!

    • LOL: bruce county
  23. @GreatSocialist

    Record of winning? Did you forget that she ran for president?

    She got her career in politics by getting under the desk of a 60 year old mayor when she was in her 20s.

    It’s not even disputed. The MSM just avoids talking about it.

    She is VP because the media told Biden he needed to pick a Black woman.

    Biden is weak and predictably cowed to them.

    Go watch some interviews with Harris. She just laughs or giggles when given a difficult question.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  24. @SS-The Independent

    Good lord that has to be a record for run on sentences.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  25. Taxi: Just one tiny quibble. There is no possible way. that the political party which calls itself “Democratic” could merit that name. There is nothing whatsoforever democratic about the Democrat party. This is clearly evidenced in your mention that the Kamal’s Foot was the #1 loser among the many Democrat primary candidates. Tulsi Gabbard tore her out a whole new one. The bitch prosticutor, has risen from Willie Brown’s generous lap into stratospheric altitudes as the heir most probable to abiden with the devil.

    Who chose Kamal’s Foot? The DNC, of course. What or who is the DNC, some might ask. They have the gall to call themselves the Democratic National Committee. Were there actual democracy in the Democrat party, the voting machines would never have awarded the Prosticutor’s running-mate the South Carolina primary. Up to that point the candidate in the lead was Bernie Sanders, heavily supported by the many mostly younger leftoids who somehow are convinced their party is democratic. Don’t say it ain’t so, Joe. The DNC either takes their orders from the deepest state, the CIA, or possibly even quasi-directly from the ruling bankster elite headed by the Roth\$child Crime Family.

    So let’s cut to the chase. It’s a matter of semantics. The Democrat party is no more democratic than the Patriot Suppression Act is the “Patriot Act”. Total double-talk. Please, please, get on board on this one and from here on call them the Democrat Party. We could call them things a whole lot more nasty, but to follow the KISS principle (Keep it Simple, Stupid) “Democrat” Party will do. This is the considered opinion of Majority of One not originally my notion as it was in use by some Republicans at sometime in the past and Kamal’s Foot is a perfect illustration of our need to resurrect this linguistically correct term.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Rub57
  26. @John Johnson

    Begs the question here therefore: why on earth did the Democratic party choose him as leader of party and presidential candidate when they know better than you and I of Biden’s dwindling mental stature? Surely an unspoken yet blatant ruse is at hand here? Yes? No?

    Yes of course.

    Selecting a Black(ish) woman never made sense from a strategic point of view. Blacks vote 90% Democrat. Makes more sense to go with an independent or even a Republican.

    The whole thing is a ruse.

    They know that Biden cannot last 4 years. Even Biden knows this.

    So he hands the reigns to the Black(ish) woman they wanted in the first place.

    They probably bet 50/50 that Biden will get COVID anyways.

    I wouldn’t put it past a left-wing activist to try and infect him.

    What’s left to say except: good luck Americans. You’re certainly fucked for the next 4-8 years. You’re fucked perhaps even for eternity.

    Yea thanks.

    Probably the only way to stop Harris is to distract her. Make her play a game of wack a deplorable.

  27. Icy Blast says:

    Actually, the Biden “presidency” is going to be a combination of ecstasy and humiliation for “Progressives.” Biden seldom utters more than two coherent sentences consecutively. He may well be the first President to wear incontinence diapers. Sometimes he doesn’t even know where he is! How long it will be before Kamala takes over officially is hard to guess. A year to eighteen months sounds reasonable.

    And as soon as the shock of the Democrats’ massive voter-fraud has worn off a bit, we’ll start seeing that picture of Hunter Biden sleeping with a crack pipe in his mouth again. What a bummer!

    Oh well. Many of us who have had the unmitigated gall to criticize politicians like Joe and Kamala may be withering away in concentration camps, and we’ll miss all the fun.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  28. Reminder of Biden’s victory in South Carolina and subsequent anointment by the DNC: “When machines count the votes, voters’ votes don’t count.

  29. @Colin Wright

    You’re screwed, because you’re a mentally ill bedwetter, and probable female/latino/African, and therefore doomed under the COVID depression.

    Regular Americans with their headd scewed on tight? It’s never been better for us.

    Imagine actually believing “Jews” were out there conspiring to start a race war, destroying the only country in the world that actually cares about them.

    In reality, the only ones gunning for a race war/civil war are you pathetic Trump worshippers, because it’s all you ever talk about. “CIVIL WAR!!! RACE WAR!!! THERE’S GON’ TO BE A WAR!!!”

    You’re fucking disgusting, and you know it. You’re not going to get a war. No social calamity bigger than the riots will ever happen in this country. And you’re never going to get a Republican president ever again.

    Send me your best fear-mongering paranoia comments, please. I’ll start with some facts:

    The USA and Europe are less violent than they were in the 1980s, and will continue to become less violent as time goes on

    Wars, skirmeshes, violent conflict in general, terrorism, etc, are at historical lows.

    90% of males in the developed world are physically and mentally incapable of engaging in warfare or violence, due to obesity, diabetic neuropathy, malaise, lower back pain/knee pain, poor mobility, inadequate physical strength and endurance, drug addiction or alcohol dependence, psychiatric medication, old age, etc.

    The vast majority of young people regardless of color would read the average Trump-chump paranoid comment and laugh or gawk at the absurdity of it

    Republicans will never, ever, ever have power in this country ever again. Supreme Court rulings favoring a conservative stance will simply be ignored at ever level — nobody is listening to your retarded shit anymore.

    Your time has run out. It’s over for you. You never even had a future in politics, and several of us tried to inform you of this before November 3rd. Instead of giving in to your simian instinct to lash out at us, why not shut up and just absorb the reality?

    Biden is going to push forward, and in 4 years, he will leave us with a better country than Trump could ever have hoped to. You’re just too stupid/stubborn to understand how.

  30. Icy Blast says:

    Speaking of dogs, Tulsi Gabbard gunned down Kamala like a mangy dog in a televised debate. As I recall, Kamala didn’t win a single delegate in the Democrat primary! What a loser! But at least she won the affection of Willie Brown.

    • Replies: @GreatSocialist
  31. @Colin Wright

    He’s right.

    Isn’t Taxi a she? The one Linh Dinh is staying with at the moment.

  32. @gay troll

    I agree with everything you said except the last sentence.

    Kommie-la is Hillary 2.0.

    It is so clear and I have little doubt that HRC has been mentoring her of sorts in the last year. They are cut from exactly the same cloth, seems to me. Both are actresses (and bad ones). Narcissists are often like that. They emulate others and behave in clinical ways – exhibiting the reaction/emotions they think they’re supposed to have. That’s why they often seem so fake. (Classic Hillary example is her stupid, mouth-gaping, over-reaction to the balloons falling at the end of the DNC Convention in 2016.) Both are truly loathsome.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Sean
  33. ” . . . He is already 77 years of age and clearly his cognitive abilities will continue to naturally diminish with age, with no prospect whatsoever of their return to robust elasticity.”

    The concern about Biden’s mental and/or physical condition is not misplaced. Four presidents have died in office because of illness, the last of whom was FDR. As Robert H. Ferrell documents in his book “The Dying President: Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944-1945,” Roosevelt was a dying man during his last year (severe cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, blood pressure off the scale). The President’s inner circle and Democratic insiders knew of his condition, but nothing reached the general public.

    Given Biden’s age and (alleged) mental decline, let’s hope he gets through his term more or less OK. . . .

    • Replies: @Anon
  34. @JohnPlywood

    It’s not as if some things you said aren’t valid but, your whole vibe is that of a typical self-loathing liberal. They are such hateful creatures…about most everything…but primarily themselves. That’s why all the nasty lashing-out.

    They must have had especially lousy parents or just rotten DNA from the start. Good luck, smh.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  35. Wally says:

    Your irrational The Trump Derangement Syndrome is at work.
    Trump is so in you head that he owns you. LOL
    And of course you cannot refute the work shown at this site which proves Trump won.

    ‘Flat Out Communist Propaganda’ from Kamala Harris:


    Now here’s your real loser:

  36. @Hiram of Tyre

    Your comment embodies the kind of mental fog that Trump worshippers are living in. He accomplished nothing, and his performance on COVID-19, the best measurement of what the US would have “had a chance at” under his administration, ranked among the worst, most corrupt, most ineffectual countries of the third world.

    All Trump worshippers want is tax cuts and a male Karen in the white house. To you, merely saying something is an accomplishment. Words speak louder than actions. You value talking above all else. You worry more about being censored than whether or not anything being said is even worth hearing. The funny thing is that Trump never said anything truthful or meaningful at all. He was rarely even coherent.

    The next four years are going to be the ultimate test of whether or not you have any chance of improvement. Will you spend them in introspection, developing new strategies and adaptations while shedding the failed old ways, or will you waste them babbling about election fraud like a broken record, which really serves no purpose other than to satisfy the sadistic urges of the people you hate? May the force be with you.

  37. Biff says:

    Behold the dumbest people on the planet: those who are celebrating a Biden win – you know, those people without healthcare, or a stable job, or an abode that’s paid for, and who are saddled with the grabbiest tax man on the planet in need to support the United States, Israel, and Empire – all the while living under a draconian police state, because it’s “freedumb” “Murika” “fuckyea”….

    Nothing is going to change you stupid voters!

  38. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Kamala as a Pearl Harbor — waking-up a sleeping giant — is a good analogy. But the analogy breaks down: At Pearl Harbor, as Admiral Spruance noted, the Japanese “failed to finish the job.” They should have sent in a second wave, to destroy the oil tank farms, the submarine base, the machine shop, and the Honolulu telephone exchange. Kamala, in contrast, will finish the job — if she gets the Senate. Without the Senate she will nonetheless be able to finish much of the job by executive order and through the justice department.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  39. @gay troll

    That bitch didn’t “smash the glass ceiling,” she smashed a glass window at Target and now she’s going in to loot the store!

  40. @The Real World

    I am a proud, self-loving, newly-registered Democrat voter. To accuse Biden supporters of being self-loathing is ironic; since Trump supporters are some of the lowest self-esteem voters on the planet. The kind of laughable shit you actually believe about white people, crime, pedogate, etc, just goes to ahow where your mind is: the gutter. Let’s not forget that most of you Trump supporters were card-carrying leftists before you decided to join the (pyschologically Leftist, feminist, Karenist) Trump bandwagon. It bleeds through in your anti-male, paranoid, #MeToo-style agenda, which is anti-truth, anti-fact, and anti-objective reality.

    MAGA was the unpredictable camp in which the Latino migrant workers, the social anthropolgists, the wiccans, the Karens, the Jehova’s Witnesses, the gypsies, the paroled felons, the false rape accusers, the Dalits, and the conspiracy theorists all finally coalesced, with the common dream of consuming cyanide-adulterated fruit punch, in the most bizarre act of pointless self-destruction ever witnessed by human eyes. Biden is the route those of us who actually have foresight will take.

  41. GMC says:

    Harris was put in the position in order to tie in India to the MIC and keep China, Iran, Pakistan and eventually Russia out of the Picture = Slik Road. Watch her pack in the American /Indian gang so that the Indian Government is taken over – also. Of course all those X American companies may have to tap into another cheap Labor force because we all know that they won’t be setting up business in the good ole USA. The US Peoples Gov. was put to rest a very long time ago. It’s all about the Satanic World Order using the US as it’s Guns and Money machine.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
    , @denk
  42. @JohnPlywood

    Its obvious by your tone, that you’re a young, relatively high IQ smartarse with little real world experience. In the real world their is never an ideal candidate or party. You have to make the most of what presents itself.

    The tragedy it that Trump did succeed in a number of areas, and he did get ordinary whites mobilised in the way that white nationalists keyboard warriors are incapable of doing. However, he committed a major cock-up by not taking covid seriously. This cost him the election and has put back nationalist populist politics in the US several years.

    The bright side of this is that covid has effectively handed the US the immigration pause that Pat Buchanan and co have been demanding for the last 20 years. Hence, you have an opportunity to regroup and perhaps start afresh with a more sophisticated candidate like Tucker Carlson.

  43. @GreatSocialist

    Hammer and Scorecard may be names that will echo in your head for years and remind you of the treasonous fraud committed against America so Mannequin Joe and the Hindu Ho could stink up 1600 Penn Ave. This election was an continuation of a 5 year coup and hopefully will end with prosecutions and hangings for treasonous thousands who took part.

    • Replies: @Black Picard
  44. @JohnPlywood

    The USA and Europe are less violent than they were in the 1980s, and will continue to become less violent as time goes on

    Wars, skirmeshes, violent conflict in general, terrorism, etc, are at historical lows.

    That is only true in the aggregate. Numerous Black areas in the US have had an increase in homicide rates in the last few years.

    Republicans will never, ever, ever have power in this country ever again.

    I remember when people said the same thing about Black Jesus. He was gonna be so awesome and supertastic that it would be the end of Republicans.

    The problem with the Democrats is that they listen to liberals and liberals are not on the side of reality.

    The US is ripe for a third party. Liberals are anti-White egalitarians and not “science based” as they like to pretend. I really don’t care if Republicans ever get a majority but the rejection of human nature by liberals will continually lead to unsound policy and make them vulnerable to competition. Liberals have dominated numerous Black cities and yet they actually tell us that Whites cause all Black problems even if Whites have moved away. So Whites out in the burbs cause Black problems through juju spirits.

  45. Kamala Harris was on the ticket. What are we talking about then? If the American people are so stupid that they weren’t aware of Kamala being the real candidate, then they deserve her.
    This election turned out to be a protest vote against Trump whom the MSM and the other arms of progressive propaganda (Big Tech, Hollywood etc.) made an intensely hated man by the majority of the population of the US probably, but surely significant enough to decide the election against him despite his fan base. Mass voting by mail facilitated their voting en masse (they don’t bother to vote in person in normal times, but if the state delivers the ballot to their mailboxes, why wouldn’t they?). Of course there may have been widespread fraud too, but it’s possible that Biden/Harris would have won anyway.

  46. @JohnPlywood

    Let’s not forget that most of you Trump supporters were card-carrying leftists before you decided to join the (pyschologically Leftist, feminist, Karenist) Trump bandwagon. It bleeds through in your anti-male, paranoid, #MeToo-style agenda, which is anti-truth, anti-fact, and anti-objective reality.

    Fascinating analysis. You are saying that most Trump supporters were leftists in 2016? Really?

    Some of us voted for Trump because we don’t think Biden is medically competent.

    Biden is the guy that announced this year that he is running for Senate. He also couldn’t remember the name of Romney and called him “that Mormon guy” even though he ran against him. He introduced himself as Joe Biden’s husband at least twice. He read “end quote” on the teleprompter.

    I had a Biden fan tell me it’s fine because Harris will help him. Which one am I voting for?

    I have never called myself a Democrat. Even when I identified as on the left I thought most Democrats were lazy corporate whores.

    I’m an independent which is pretty tough these days.

    Biden will embarrass all of his supporters. He was never a good senator and spent most of his time defending credit card companies. He patronizes Blacks with inane statements like “a Black man invented the lightbulb” and he can never get his numbers right when it comes to statistics. I find it truly sad that anyone is excited by him winning. Most Democrat voters are clearly rubes as they let the MSM talk them out of Bernie Sanders.

    Enjoy your Manchurian clown because soon you will find that the joke is on you.

    • Agree: ivan, Icy Blast
  47. Wielgus says:

    They did send in a second wave but it did not target oil tanks. There was talk of sending in a third wave but it would have been dark by the time they returned to Japanese carriers and turning on the lights to help them land would have been risky.
    The second wave had more losses because the Americans were no longer surprised – 20 Japanese planes from the second wave were downed, as opposed to just nine in the first wave.

  48. I found it hilarious to read through the comments section, seeing how people have become so polarised in the USA.
    The article, short and sweet, shows once more the demise of an has been country.
    Even the people writing the comments, can’t see the wood for the trees !

  49. TheIdiot says:

    “What’s left to say except: good luck Americans.
    You’re fucked perhaps even for eternity.”<

    Well deserved America…
    And the rest of the world can rejoice…
    What goes around comes around…

    • Replies: @bruce county
  50. Kamala Harris was one of the best professional wrestlers in the business. An imposing man and won most of his ring matches. Is there a THIRD Kamala Harris–out there???

  51. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    It’s just totes adorbs that people talk about Biden serving four years. What’s the Vegas line on him making it to inauguration?

  52. Asian-Indian and African-American

    Isn’t she of African-Jamaican heritage?

  53. Alfred says:

    I agree with you completely.

    Here is Martin Armstrong’s take on what is really going on. BTW, his computer program was the only election forecast that was correct.

    People have no idea what this agenda is all about. I have been warning that socialism was collapsing. All the social programs are imploding. They have created endless money in hopes of “stimulating” the economy and that has failed. All the economic models have failed and that means it is impossible for central banks to even manage the economy. The ECB lowered interest rates to negative in 2014 and they have been unable to save the economy. People have been hoarding their cash because of (1) the lack of any faith in the future, and (2) they no longer trust the banks.

    Americans are Ignorant of what the Real Plan is

  54. @JohnPlywood

    What are you talking about your silly shithead? Your stupid comment like usual is all over the place.. Trump supporters are anti male? You cannot be serious. You voted for a party of ultra feminism you stupid shithead. You voted for feminism numbnuts…
    Take your newly minted Democrat voter registratiion, stick it up your ass and piss off.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @JohnPlywood
  55. gotmituns says:

    When the female darkie takes over as POTUS, will the Thugee cult rise again?

    • LOL: FLgeezer, acementhead
  56. noname27 says: • Website

    They’re all the same. Get an education and come back in 5 years.

  57. The Democratic party leadership that is desperately needing to win the White House and remain there for eight years…

    Ten years: She can do the first two as acting President, the following two as actual President, and use the vote-fraud machine to lock up the remaining eight. Assuming they don’t repeal the Constitutional limit of ten years.

  58. Whatever Kamala is, she appears black.
    Blacks only make up 13% of the U.S. population.
    The U.S. just had a black president for 8 years.
    Statistically, you shouldn’t expect another black president for another 60-80 years.
    The fact that Kamala is gearing up for presidency, would be an over-representation of blacks as leaders.
    The U.S. isn’t 75% black.
    So something would be seriously wrong.

  59. Malla says:

    Now I am a devotee of Durga Mata meself but the truth is when the idols of Durga Godess are made by Bengalis (they are the most devout in Durga-Kali worship) a little amount of mud is acquired from brothels. Strange but true.
    Indeed there is a theory that Goddess Durga killing of demon Mahisashura (on whom Trump’s face has been pasted in the above picture), represents the victory of Aryans/Brahmanical over native darkies/tribals/Dravidians. That Mahishasura was a Dravidian/tribal King who resisted Brahmanism/Aryanism. Many tribals in Orrisa state of India worship demon Mahishasura as a God. Indeed the South Indian city Mysore/Mysuru in South Indian Karnataka State (Dravidian territory) is named after demon Mahishasura, enemy of Goddess Durga and later slain by Goddess Durga.
    This theory reached all the way to the Indian Parliament.

    From 2:20 minutes, Smiti Irani in the Indian Parliament, speaks in English of what some leftist lower caste folks in some University said “Durga is a controversial, racial festival.. Durga Puja… where a fair skinned, beautiful Godess Durga is depicted brutally killing a dark skinned native named Mahishasura. Mahishaura a brave, self respecting leader tricked into marriage by Aryans. After they failed to defeat him, they hired a s……” well I cannot write the rest.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @anonymous
  60. Malla says:

    Quite true, Trump did not attain most of the things he promised before his victory like improve relations with Russia for example. He took the anti-China rhetoric too far nearly leading to war. Yeah, he did get some manufacturing back but not enough, did start the Wall etc… He ended up helping Israel the most, moving the capital to Jerusalem, got (arm-twisted??) some gulf Arab countries to normalise relationship with Israel, due to which Israel’s position is much stronger than before, Palestinians be damned.
    But one thing good about trump is that atleast he did not start any foreign Wars/ interventions (Belarus maybe??). Look at his predecessors Bill Clinton–Yugoslavia/Serbia, George Bush Jr.–Iraq/ Afghanistan, Obama–Libya/Syria. President Trump ended up as a peaceful President compared to Obama, Bush and Clinton.

    • Replies: @PolarBear
  61. It’s called Trump Enslavement Syndrome and is a mirror opposite to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    As far as I know, Trump didn’t do much to benefit the White nationalist agenda as he was very incompetent and mostly guided by Zionists like his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. I personally would have preferred a Trump win but I don’t feel particularly aggrieved that he has lost either.

  62. Renoman says:

    The Democrat trolls are invading the Unz folks, -battle stations!

  63. @Wally

    Here is a good one for you Wally

    • LOL: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Truth
  64. And until the day Kamala takes the White House with the help of Jewish sleight of hand, we have Biden.

    Salam Taxi, excellent article as usual. However, couple of minor quibbles.

    1. Kamal is an Arabic name which means, “perfection and excellence”. It is a masculine noun, and adding “a” at the end makes it feminine noun. I have NOT Heard any Arab or Muslim women with a feminine name Kamala. Her, is a Hindu name which in English is spelled as, “Kamla”.

    2. She is not a “Two Faced” Goddess, she is a “Three Faces Goddess (TriMurti)”, so you left out “Two Faces” and a “Pair of Hands”, in total “Six Hands”.

    Best regards,


    • Replies: @Malla
  65. Under President Harris the Democrats will be no party for old white men.

    People of color, starting with Kamala, are going to seize power from old white men, (who benefitted from centuries of white privilege), starting with Joe Biden.

    All I can say to those progressive old white men is “You made your bed, bitches, now lie in it.”

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Lost American
  66. You guys are getting your underwear all bunched up for what, Trump will come out ahead in this charade. Now prepare yourselves for the months of rioting to ensue.

    • Agree: Wally, Alfred
  67. @SS-The Independent

    I have no problem ( as an independent/political atheist )….. but moral/spiritual…and that it’s worst than anything else, in my opinion.

    Salam SS-The Independent,

    Excellent post. Morality/Spiritually has not to do with religion. All creation is born with Morality/Spiritually embedded in their DNA.

    Best regards,


    • Agree: PolarBear
  68. The article

    …does not go too far, maybe not far enough. …Since the ones in the shadows are in command, thus de facto “running” the systemics of US society, policies… they should be as much public figures as the ones propped up on the theatrical election scene to rouse the public surplus population. Who are they, names, and personal details, there can be no distinction in approach as to the punching balls as Trump, Biden, Harris since they accomplish (call it that) public functions, interfere and decide on the public interest. Since any private citizen can be looked up his anus, these shadowy decision makers, their real organismic stack, their insider polemics, what they eat for desert is legit public domain fodder.

    No illusions as to the disinterest and incomprehension of the surplus populations (voters, voting being a travesty since the subjects of vote are puppets as the author pretends so well) of what really goes on, as long as these shadow government life and blood physical humans are not painted in the naked, cutting out the middle-men con artists (media, alternative media, bull-horns be it at Youtube or Bitchute, to the ultimate tail to the right op opeds). The animal grace and ugliness missing, the human appeal and grasp is lost, which in itself erases all tactile sense for emotional comprehension. This is not a secret to the few (be it the outliers, and the ones with an agenda), how long are they going to be able to hold up the Hollywood reality television/internet show without mentioning producers and financiers? Bets are welcome.

    Height, weight, breakfast favorites, IQ, lifetime accomplishments, formal education, religion, believe systems (if any), affinities, networks, net worth, youth, sexual preferences, age, quotes, traffic incidents, criminal record, independent screening of health, sponsoring, birth, race, gender, territorial positioning, parents, grandparents history, …the author started out well, now Sir complete the picture. If one does not have any of the parameters, as to who and what the shadow government participants stand for, it is a Covid story one stronger (rotten, hidden data, manipulated data, and then the sponsored trash analysis of the upper middle class participants making a living, agenda based). No “science” of statistics when no reliable data. Worse, no data at all, religious fervor as an outcome …at wish.

    In the end it is not about herding the short term, but credibility to the rest of the global elites, and the long term interests of ape-man.

  69. thordaddy says:

    Almost nothing that you have written in this thread seems genuinely honest.

  70. We can take hope that the new establishment will learn from Trump’s folly; that is that he gave the Nation of Zionists all they asked & more, so now that he has nothing left to offer he can be thrown under the bus.

    Excellent imagery in the picture; Durga’s consort is Shiva, Destroyer Of Worlds.

    The Shiva/consort to Kamala-Durga is not Creepy Old Joe (itching to bet how long before he gets Corona’d), but will be personified by the Clitler herself.

    Fuckd indeed.

  71. @JohnPlywood

    In reality, the only ones gunning for a race war/civil war are you pathetic Trump worshippers, because it’s all you ever talk about. “CIVIL WAR!!! RACE WAR!!! THERE’S GON’ TO BE A WAR!!!”

    There’s a war going on right now but only one side is fighting. ANTIFA and BLM are drawing all of the nazis out of the closet and they’re creating new ones with every riot. There WILL be a war, son, so long as this shit keeps up.

  72. @gay troll

    she lowers her inflection at the end of each sentence, as if she’s sad instead of excited. At least she is a terrible actor.

    Salam Gay Troll,

    She is not dumb, she knows while ‘The Drama” continues, she will loose her senate seat too!

    Best regards,


  73. AndrewR says:

    Kamala is the perfect president for our era: hyper-Zionist, daughter of two immigrants “of color,” shrill harpy, sociopathic prosecutor, literal prostitute, childless, married to a Jew lawyer, going to be installed via double corruption (stolen election combined with the removal of Sleepy Joe), and with a horse face to boot.

  74. It is clear that with the (terminally) demented Joe Biden in the White House his Vice President Kamala Harris will soon take over, but it will not be she but her Jewish husband Douglas Emhoff who will be the real president (behind the curtain). With him we will get a continuation of Trump’s MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN policy plus the anti-White and pro-degeneracy agenda of the Left that Trump at least partially resisted. A transition from bad to far worse.

    If all illegals will be legalized, as Biden promised, then these undoubtedly Democrat voters will make any future victory of the Republican party statistically an impossibility. The US will then become racially a Brasil do Norte if not worse. At least the South American nations, even if with small white populations, are not anti-White, but the whole political culture in the US is intent on “abolishing whiteness”, to use Noel Ignatiev’s euphemistic term.

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  75. “What’s left to say except: good luck Americans. You’re certainly fucked for the next 4-8 years. You’re fucked perhaps even for eternity.”

    First, let me thank you on behalf of Americans for your good wishes. And perhaps you are correct to point out that we may be fucked for the next few years as well. But I must draw the line when you blaspheme eternity for painting a dark picture of our kismet: we’ll be just fine, thank you very much!

  76. BuelahMan says:

    She has a record of winning after losing the Dem primaries.

    This is why the left (and others like you) have no respect. All ideological liars.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  77. @anon

    Who says, Trump is a moron. He come as an outsider with no political history and political machinery. In the Republican primary there were 11 candidates, and all the other 10 lost to him, making him the Republican Nominee for the President. He ran successfully, against Hillary with strong political machine and lots of IOUs. And, he beat her to become the President.

    Who says, it is over? As they say, “the opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

    Have you seen Trump concede defeat yet?


  78. Jake says:

    This basic horror story is, of course, not new. At its height the Victorian British Empire was directed, if not directly ruled, by international Jewish money. So, when the WASPs all by their own superior selves, with no need of help from the non-WASP white trash that the WASPs despise, ruled the globe the first time, they were beholden, indispensably, to Jewish financiers.

    It is, and always has been, Anglo-Zionist Empire. You cannot have WASP Empire without the Jewish partner. WASP culture, including the English language, has been the greatest host possible for the age-old Jewish drive to control the entire world.

  79. Until biden is legally declared the winner, none of this rant is applicable.

  80. @Icy Blast

    Agree. Tulsi would make so much a better VP than Kamala. But Kamala is there, and she’s still got twice Trump’s IQ, and at least she never got her ass spanked and reamed by Stormy Daniels. Ugh!!!

    Seriously, Trump got 250,000 Americans killed by lying and pretending Covid-19 was nothing, just so that the economy would not be affected n affect his reelection chances. He sold American lives away like like a 74 year old whore for thirty pieces of silver.

    He stupidly started a trade war with China and other countries that destroyed American Agriculture, and put American Manufacturing into a recession. All those Tariffs became just another tax on Americans, not on other countries.

    Nobody has allowed America to be raped and humiliated more than Donald “micropenis” Trump. Disgusting! What a loser! Stormy Daniels is twice the man this fuckboy Trump is!

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Fred777
    , @Malla
    , @Icy Blast
  81. Nobody is “fucked” for the next 4-8 years.

    Trump is going to finish his second term and this Biden nonsense will end.

    Biden’s swamp friends will not be appointed to anything. Trump must keep them out of power and not allow them into his administration.

    Trump is certainly a better choice that Biden. If you think they’re equivalent, well you’re wrong.

    Something much more important is at stake, the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. Yes, vote fraud is common but usually tiny but not this time. This is voter fraud on a massive, epic, gargantuan scale. This is truly unprecedented. If nothing else Biden must not “win” because it would weaken Democracy.

    This is not to start a debate on the merits of Democracy or whether our vote matters etc. The point is that Democracy is always a matter of degree, how much the will of the people is honoured. Democracy would take a huge loss were Trump to have this election stolen from him.

    Above all, it is Democracy that must prevail above either party. Like the child who sees the emperor has no clothes, Biden’s “win” is as fake as they come.

    • Agree: TKK, Thim, Wally
  82. Anon[712] • Disclaimer says:
    @Orville H. Larson

    He’s never going to see the White House because Trump isn’t going to concede. Trump has enough on the Democrats to have a lot of people charged with Treason and/or Sedition. Depending on how much looting and rioting goes on Trump will probably declare marshal law and rule by decree.

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  83. Strange, I thought it was the Trump regime that was “fucking the American constitution in the butthole and repeatedly raping our democracy”.

    But you are right, Repubs, Dems and Trumptards, all of them are raping America. Who rapes the most we can differ on.

    Strange that this great nation just cannot get any leader that won’t rape the country and people he/she professes to serve.

  84. @GreatSocialist

    Biden’s not an Israel firster? Kamala is married to a Jew. Good luck with your acceleration when India moves here.

  85. trickster says:

    Now the election is over that is stolen it is time to move on and forward. The plan is as follows:
    1. Joe Biden out and safely in a retirement home with an 8 year supply of diapers and bibs
    2. Kamala-the first Jamaican- East Indian- SouthAsian=African American-Mulatto woman to the Oval Office
    3. Michelle Obama made Vice President
    4. Barack Obama Secretary of State
    5. Al Sharpton and Jesse =Secretaries for Healing and Elimination of Institutional, Systemic, Organizational Racism and reform of prison system ie empty the prisons
    6. Eric Holder Secretary of the Border and Immigration
    7. AOC and the Squad to form a “Committee for the Immigration of Moslems”

    And historians the world over to gush that the most powerful country in the world run by half wit darkies…..for the next eight years and beyond.

    Did I say move FORWARD, I meant move DOWNWARD although I dont know how that is possible at this time as we are already sloshing around the bottom of the sewer

    • Replies: @cylindrical crown
  86. Well I’ve been wondering when this graphic or something like it would first appear, and am not disappointed. Someone was busy with Photoshop over the weekend! But I’d like to know why there’s no fried chicken or watermelons in any of those hands.

    As my old English dad used to say, simple things please simple minds.

  87. AKINDLE says:

    The way Trump threw Whites under the bus, Biden certainly couldn’t do any worse. Trump can now go back to Trump plaza and make porn movies with this so called rapper Kanye West. Maybe he will wipe the semen off his face next time he shows himself in public.

    • Troll: follyofwar
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  88. Malla says:

    Kamal is an Arabic name which means, “perfection and excellence”

    Very true. And it exists in Hindi too, it entered from Arabic. It is used in Hindi in the same context. For example “kamal hai” in Hindi, which means “it is extraordinary”.
    But there is one more meaning of Kamala which is of native origins, it means Lotus as in Lotus Flower. I think Kamala of Kamala Harris is of the Lotus kind and not the excellent kind.

    • Replies: @RSDB
  89. @JohnPlywood

    We are still the most well
    armed followers… about several trillion bullets. Good luck leftie!! This isnt 1920’s Russia, we are armed with more than shovels and sickles. And yes, it is brewing. Civil war will happen. Men like you have the luxury to hide behind technology and civilized society. But Americans are not immune to losing it and going “Balkans” on each other.

  90. @GreatSocialist

    An odd thing for a Zionist to say, but in the Netherworld everything is upside down.

  91. PolarBear says:

    Despite Trumps allegiance to Israel, Netanyahu dropped him like one of Israels Slavic sex-slaves past her prime. Jews are always looking for a better offer. Maybe Biden will give Netanyahu the war he desires.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Malla
  92. Please do not compare Commiela Harris to a whore, as that would tend to give whores a bad name. She is more like the swill that rest on the bottom of a septic tank.

  93. @GreatSocialist

    So you Commie American Bolshevik traitorous bastards feel your day has finally arrived. You may be right, and I pray you suffer under communism as did the folks under Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, etc.

    Let us now raise your true flag and join in on your new national anthem.

    • Replies: @libertyordeath
    , @Alfred
  94. Malla says:

    Friends or enemies, Jews backstab them all.

  95. ivan says:

    To be honest I don’t think Kali-ma can accomplish anything even if she becomes President. She has no natural base among the American people. She was the pick of Democratic grandees. Her most fervent supporters seem to be Indians. There are numerous ambitious women among the Democrats. They will make short work of her when the time comes.

  96. Camel Toe Harris was selected for many reasons, most of which have been elucidated above. I previously predicted her selection as VP back in the early part of this year based on these same factors, and one other that apparently has not come up yet in this thread.

    Camel Toe flunked the California Bar Exam.

    (See here:

    Why is this important? For a number of very good reasons.

    First, as a long retired attorney, I took the California Bar Exam during a year when the pass rate was below 50%. It was ridiculously easy. I remember thinking afterwards, “Anyone who flunks this exam should have that noted on their certificate, should they ever pass in the future.” And how many times they had to take it to pass as well. Just like your class standing should be reflected on your professional degree issued by your alma mater. The public, your prospective clients, deserve to know what your intellectual pedigree really is. And I still believe this. No, it is not the end all and be all, but it is important, and prospective clients should have the right to know what your score was on the Bar (squeezing by at 70.5% or nailing it 95% are two entirely different scenarios. Do you want someone who chokes under pressure handling your jury trial?)

    Flunking the bar exam shows a number of negative traits. It shows a tendency to wilt under pressure, to not think clearly when the squeeze is on, to forget critical facts when you need them most. These are crucial in the context of anyone seeking to be a national leader. Harris choked under pressure, she failed when it counted most and no one can deny that. She passed on a do-over second attempt. Presidents, when confronted with rapidly evolving scenarios of critical international significance, rarely get ‘do-overs’.

    Again, I previously predicted that Harris would be selected as the VP earlier this year in a comment here on Unz, concluding she checked all the boxes: a woman of color who is an arch zionist with only moderate intelligence. Nothing I have seen since then has caused me to alter that analysis, and the conclusion was proven correct.

    In short, we are in deep shit, no matter which way we turn, and there is little we can do about it without great social upheaval.

    It appears that may be coming, and to it I say, “Let the upheaval begin” and may it be peaceful, thoughtful and well-guided.

    (Oh, there I go dreaming again……)

    • Thanks: Ivan
  97. ivan says:

    About 3 million die in America each year. Get over it covidiot.

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Replies: @profnasty
  98. Carlos22 says:

    Biden is a senile old crook that is on his way out soon.

    Your comment assuming he’s going to last 4 years in the first place gave the biggest laugh.

    Dems before the election we’re pushing through a law to replace a mentally challenged President. They had the luxury of claiming it was for Trump, when everyone knows it’s for Biden.

  99. ivan says:

    Fatty Irani has gone quite after she took Rajiv’s seat. The very model of a seat-warmer.

    • LOL: Malla
  100. Malla says:

    One thing you guys gotta realise, if there is one major enemy of the White race, it is the Indian woman. Strangely it were White British who emancipated the Indian women, stopped Sati, helped Indian women out of zenanas/purdahs to get education. In South India, in Travancore Kingdom (Kerela State of India today) lower caste women paid the boob tax where they would be taxed for covering their breasts. It is said one revolutionary Indian woman cut her breasts off out of anger, who knows this is true or not. But all these practices were stopped by the British rulers or British advisors to Travancore Kings. When a 10 year old Bengali girl died while being rogered by her 35 years old husband, the British Govt intervened and increased the minimum age of marriage of Indian women. This actually triggered Orthodox Brahmins like Bal Tilak which became the nucleus of the future anti-British “Independence movement”. Indian women should have been grateful to Whitey but like typical Indian female fashion, hates the race which helped her. Maybe because of Maxist and Indian nationalist propaganda, most Indian women are not aware of these contributions of the British Rulers to the progress of Indian womenhood. Anyways, that same emancipation by the British rulers of Indian women has created anti-White venomous ghastly monsters like Saira Rao or Yasmin Alibhai Brown (ironically married to a White Englishman). Maybe the orthodox Brahmans were right, the British were idiots, Indian women really deserved to be kept behind purdah, in zenana, thrown in funeral pyres of Sati. That is where India may head back in the future anyways. The wise Brahmins knew something about Indian women that the idealistic British did not. Indian women backstab in a nasty way.
    Today Indian women hate the White race more then anything, more than Jews or even Black women. Maybe jealousy of White women beauty, who knows. In California now a days, Asian Indian women are ditching Indian guys and are totally dating White guys. But like that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dark skinned Hispanic woman with a blond White boyfriend, they still hate the White race like crazy.

    • Thanks: Ivan
  101. Poco says:

    I don’t give a shit about republicans. However, didn’t democrats also say that Trump would never ever ever be president? You know who will be president? Whoever the rulers decide will be president. If that’s a republican, then that’s what we will get.

  102. anon[741] • Disclaimer says:
    @Stonewall Jackson

    But Trump supporters are morons though . Only morons wont agree to that reality .Problem is that moron does still undergirds Biden’s base . USA is full of them . 3rd Party will have no problem in getting some supporters from that quarter.

    A country of moron for the moron run by the moron is ready for R2P ,uplifting, intervention,,and rescue . It wont be from some kind of aerial rapture though the moron evangelic would believe exactly so.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  103. Ugetit says:


    We’re saved!!! The Messiah has come! Here’s proof!

    Dow futures surge 1,500 points on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine news

    What a coincidence; a miracle!!!! Amiracle fer America!

    Praeze de Lawwwd!!

    • Replies: @cylindrical crown
  104. Fred777 says:

    Alzheimer’s Joe and his Hindu Ho “won” and you’re still raging. Hahaha! Who didn’t see that coming! 😀

  105. Ugetit says:
    @gay troll

    Even Hillary must be disgusted.

    Impossible for that hag to feel disgust. For starters, look what she married and consider what she sees in the mirror.

  106. Thim says:

    131,000 fraudulent ballots in Fulton County alone, the latest news. Headboard Harris leads in Georgia by some 20,000. Joe and the Ho will lose Georgia.

  107. @Malla

    Jews are smart, they realise that in this world there are no friends, just in-groups and out-groups.

    Anyway, American support for Israel is a bi-partisan issue, the Jewish State will not lose much sleep over the outgoing dotard as the incoming dotard is just as good for them, if not better!

    • Agree: Black Picard
    • Replies: @Malla
  108. @Johnny Walker Read

    Perhaps “joining” the communist is not such a bad idea at this point with the objective to over-throw and destroy the common enemy that has stolen the white house: white liberals (Democrat Traitors), zio-corporations, zio-banksters, traitorous politicians and burn DC to the ground? This current Zionist ENEMY is implementing a Totalitarian Jewish supremacist Police State anyway? Stalin realized that these bloodsucking Jewish Supremacist traitors were his greatest enemy and exterminated millions of them.
    (Stalinist communism=Nationalism) to rid the world of the traitorous zionist scum along with the white liberals, banksters and corporate traitors that have infected and destroyed this once great Republic. The Stalinist communist will have these bloodsucking vampires impaled on stakes.

  109. Hossein says:

    I would rather see someone like her to be the president rather than Hillary or the clueless and dumb orange tyrant. She is way more educated, compassionate and tough on the billionaires and millionaires who have been bleeding Americans for the last 40 years.
    Something else, Biden , even though high up in age, looks healthier than cheese burger eating blob .

    • Replies: @Malla
  110. O, good grief. The election was not about The Constitution. It was about which corrupt s.o.b would be the figurehead of the evil establishment.

    St Augustine : There is no justice save in that commonwealth whose founder and ruler is Christ”and Kingdoms without justice are but criminal gangs

    Thus, any country (like our American Empire) that legislates contrary to the commandments of Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth, is aught but a criminal gang.

    America, the Evil Empire, is the biggest baddest ass alpha dog gang ever, compared to which the Crips and the Bloods are aught but crippled blood hound puppies.

    So what sentient Catholic Traditionalist wants to vote for the Political Crips, the Stupid Party (Republicans) or vote for the Political Bloods, the Evil Party (Democrats) and continue to validate the baddest ass gang ever?

    Gangs are violent, lawless, vicious, and always striving to conquer the territory of other gangs.

    Don’t vote in national elections
    Reasons to Quit Voting

    There are four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and all four sins are the public policy of this Evil Empire, America, and all four sins are the favored objects of positive law in this Evil Empire, America.

    Willful Murder (Abortion, Unjust Wars, Drones, Assassinations)

    The Sin of Sodom (So-called Gay marriage, the acceptance of sodomy as permissible and praise worthy)

    Oppression of the Poor (Usury, which is state-sponsored theft of labor).

    Defrauding Laborers of their Wages (Mass immigration which undermines the wage scale, closing manufacturing in America and relocating it overseas to be done by slaves)

    So, go ahead; vote.

    Tell your own self you are discharging you civic duty because you are. As a subject of an Evil Empire, it is your duty to vote to legitimise these institutionalised evils which call to Heaven for God to destroy this Evil Empire.

    Can one reader tell me how a vote for Trump would have resulted in a change of policy vis a vis The Four Sins?

    Trump specialised in choosing his enemies for powerful positions – including having Ivanaka and Jared run the White House.

    As for Taki, get right with Jesus before you have to stand before his judgment seat

    • Agree: Clay Alexander
  111. First thing Biden/Harris will do is impose a draconian national lockdown to further destroy the economy as part of the Great Reset. Covid policies will no longer be up to the states. Then the panic machine goes into overdrive. A majority of people will be scared shitless of a virus that doesn’t exist and they will beg for the vaccine which will be nothing but tap water, or worse because we don’t know what’s in it. The Russians are in on this vaccine scam too. Some redpilled people will arm themselves and take to the hills but the state is too powerful there is nowhere to hide. They will pin you down, kneel on your neck, and vaccinate you and they will brand you on for forehead “covidfree” and let you go. Then you will walk to a soup kitchen for your only meal of the day. You will all become walking deads. Second thing Biden/ Harris will do is stage two false flag events against Russia and North Korea, you know what for. But before all this, they will go to Jerusalem and bang their heads on the wailing wall to show their dedication and loyalty to Isreal, like every US politicians are required to do. God bless America, perhaps not.

    • Agree: libertyordeath
  112. @JohnPlywood

    I’m either amazingly lucky or, do indeed, have a special knack for setting people up to go on and prove my point. It happens often and you just did so magnificently.

    Many thanks, my ego being stroked this early means it will be a good day.

  113. frontier says:
    @SS-The Independent

    I can assure you and other readers that socialism is NOT great at all

    You got caught in the Game of Puppets ™… If you think that at 30K pages of gov regulations and \$30+ Trills gov debt you don’t have socialism… you need to study econ and pol. Let me throw in 155 Trills unfunded liabilities, that’s 155 with a T! Few understand what that means.

    Politics is now a whore-house regardless of which side you look at – remember Epstein and his equal opportunity friendships? Anyway, Trump’s got more than 90% chance of winning… just logic… operation Max Mayhem is underway, prepare accordingly…

  114. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "anonymous"] says:

    Hillary Clinton must be burning up. First Obama “stole” her” place”, then Trump and now an anti-white racist airhead and the first woman will be president. What will Hillary conclude? She should be happy. The anti-white hate she pushed succeeded….Ces’t la vie……She can still be proud of her communist party for stealing the election, a goal it had along with the fake news media since the first day President Trump took office. Now the democrats can hear millions of people saying, ” Biden’s not my president, followed by racist Kamala’s not my President…

  115. @Jake

    The whole British Empire overseas had already been amassed by international Jews before its management and industrial operations were outsourced from Venice and Bombay to England due among others to the cheapness of anglo-saxon labour and the stupidity, uncuriosity of anglo-saxon middle ranks. The same Jewish empire was then outsourced to the US from the founding of the FED onwards : America by itself would not have gone further economically than Argentina. The modern English language is to what English would have normally been, what Yiddish is to German : it is the bastardized Jewish version of the language that was imposed as the norm. Jewish for Jewish, I prefer Esperanto.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  116. TKK says:

    For people who think we should have universal health care, meet Joe Biden, an architect of Obamacare, that insidious bill written by insurance companies that fleeces Americans by forcing people to buy their abysmal product at exorbitant prices under force of law. Biden, similar to Trump, has even promised to veto any universal health care bill that would ever come to his desk.

    For those opposed to Wall Street socializing losses while privatizing gains, meet Joe Biden, who will, like Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump before him, populate his administration with nefarious Wall Street shills and despicable devotees of the Goldman Sachs cult who will hungrily devour any taxpayer bailouts that they can get their hands on.

    For peace loving people who think America should be less militaristic, belligerent and bellicose abroad, meet Joe Biden, the man who voted for the Iraq War that killed tens of thousands, and is a poodle to the Pentagon with an itchy trigger finger to get tough with America’s adversaries, be they real or imagined, across the globe.

    For those who think the drug war and criminal justice system are an abject failure, meet Joe Biden, the man who wrote the 1994 Crime Bill that has given America the dubious distinction of having the highest prison population rate in the entire world.

    For working class folks that have repeatedly gotten screwed by Washington’s corporate friendly free trade policies that decimated the manufacturing base in America and eventually led to the rise of Donald Trump, meet Joe Biden, the NAFTA-loving narcissist who pretends to be a man of the people but is really the lap dog of big money interests.

    For those who despised Trump for his war on the press, meet Joe Biden, who was vice president for Obama, the man who waged more than a Trumpian rhetorical war on the press, but an actual war on the press by using the Espionage Act to prosecute whistleblowers more times than every other president in US history combined.

    For every emotionally triggered simpleton so gloriously giddy over Trump’s demise and Biden’s rise: meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

    From the RT.

    • Thanks: Fred777, annamaria, Mike Tre
  117. Malla says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Jews are smart, they realise that in this world there are no friends, just in-groups and out-groups.

    Imagine if gentile Whites would have been like this for the last 5 centuries. No Kamala Harris. Washington DC and London, 99.5% White cities. Just Imagine.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  118. Corrupt says:

    “MAGA was the unpredictable camp in which the Latino migrant workers, the social anthropolgists, the wiccans, the Karens, the Jehova’s Witnesses, the gypsies, the paroled felons”

    Then why are the democrats the ones pushing for allowing felons to vote, not to mention motor-voter, which registers illegals?

  119. Only in a “democracy” someone with the support of ~2% Dems (i.e., fewer than 1% of general population) and virtually universally despised by the rest can become “president”. Compared to that, Lukashenko and Mugabe are remarkably democratic: both of them enjoy much greater real support.

  120. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Anonymous"] says:

    It’s either Americans getting more stupid, or, there actually was massive voter fraud going on. Why is it so weird claiming that a political party whose leaders had been working criminally for four years trying to remove the legally elected president of the U.S. by one bogus scheme after another would suddenly get “honest” when the 2020 election came around? It’s not weird at all. It’s expected by rational people that the criminal democratic party leaders would do this, you know, those people who tore up the president’s speech, had no problem with the burning down of hundreds or thousands of private businesses even murder, all in the name of pushing their ideology. Come to think of it, Americans can’t be that stupid, voter FRAUD on an unprecedented level is the answer. Let’s not even get to Biden’s criminality but hope that the F.B.I. and security agencies aren’t yet so corrupt as not to bust him. He would deserve it seeing the person who called him a racist during the democratic primaries taking his job. Funny, but quite sickening too.. Peace/Dr. Charles H. Fhandrich.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  121. Corrupt says:

    “Trump will probably declare marshal law and rule by decree”

    Who is Marshal? Oh… you mean MARTIAL… Go back to third grade.

    • LOL: Hiram of Tyre
  122. EdwardM says:

    If Biden can hold out until 12:01pm on January 20, 2023, then we can be treated to ten years of President Harris.

  123. TKK says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    People of color, starting with Kamala, are going to seize power from old white men, (who benefitted from centuries of white privilege), starting with Joe Biden.

    Shouldn’t the people who do the work have the privileges?

    To the victor go the spoils.

    Are you one of those people who believe there are mythical black mathematicians and engineers that are secretly the brain power behind air conditioning, cheap clean water, antibiotics and the internet?


    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  124. @anon

    3rd Party will have no problem in getting some supporters from that quarter.

    How is that supposed to help? We had a great choice: a moron with Alzheimer and a moron w/o. Moron w/o Alzheimer won the elections. Moron with Alzheimer was declared a winner. It’s a democracy, you see.

    My point is, even if we have three morons to choose from, the results would be determined not by the vote, but by whoever the Deep State names as a winner. Maybe resistance is not futile, but voting is.

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  125. Trinity says:


    Caramel Harris should have been mentioned first on the Biden ticket. This unlikable hag with the personality of a dish rag was polling at about 1% when she dropped out of the democrat primaries. Try as they may, this “lady” wasn’t even appealing to the leftoid retards back then, but alas, the media convinces the retarded leftoids that all of a sudden this lady is their savior. ROTFLMMFWAO.

    Joe wearing adult diapers? I will take that bet, and give you 2 to 1 odds he does indeed shit his pants just like Jerry Nadler. Joe will probably resign in less than a year or he will FAKE an illness and say he can longer hold the office of POTUS.

    Lest we forget this election isn’t OFFICIALLY CALLED YET, however, IF Harris is elected, look for Caramel to spend her time as America’s first “black” female President sleeping on the job, flying off to some vacation resort every other week ala Obama, and denouncing White racism. After all, only in a White racist and misogynistic nation can a “black” female be SELECTED POTUS.

  126. Malla says:

    Tulsi would make so much a better VP than Kamala.

    Tulsi may be better than the dumb and ghastly Kamala no doubt but Tulsi is a paid whore for rich Hindutva fundamentalists/ super rich Silicon valley Indians who are in bed with Zio power.

    • Disagree: Ivan
    • Replies: @Ivan
  127. profnasty says:

    Antecedents and results. Timing is everything. CoVid was perfectly timed to provide for a ‘write-in’ election fix. But why did Trump hire Fauci? Is he really that stupid?!?

    • Replies: @Ivan
  128. @Malla

    This sort of ethnocentrism can only really come about after a long period of living in a place where your group is the minority. The South African Whites are also highly racialised for example and stuck with it to the bitter end even as various Western countries sanctioned and boycotted them and Afro-Communists assaulted them from without and within.

    In many ways the concept of “White Privilege” is real and Whites have not had to think about racial struggle for a very very long time, and have had it pretty well for this period as well. It is going to take a whole lot more than some online memes to really wake people up, only living as a minority in a city like London or Birmingham can really imbue the feeling of White identity in people.

  129. @AnonFromTN

    I must confess: even though I don’t believe in voting in an utterly undemocratic system, I will be sorely tempted to go in 2022 and vote against every Dem on the ballot.

    • Replies: @Black Picard
  130. @JohnPlywood

    Your comment embodies the kind of mental fog that Trump worshippers are living in. He accomplished nothing, and his performance on COVID-19, the best measurement of what the US would have “had a chance at” under his administration, ranked among the worst, most corrupt, most ineffectual countries of the third world.

    All Trump worshippers want is tax cuts and a male Karen in the white house. To you, merely saying something is an accomplishment. Words speak louder than actions. You value talking above all else. You worry more about being censored than whether or not anything being said is even worth hearing. The funny thing is that Trump never said anything truthful or meaningful at all. He was rarely even coherent.

    The next four years are going to be the ultimate test of whether or not you have any chance of improvement. Will you spend them in introspection, developing new strategies and adaptations while shedding the failed old ways, or will you waste them babbling about election fraud like a broken record, which really serves no purpose other than to satisfy the sadistic urges of the people you hate? May the force be with you.

    Once you’re done taking a deep breath, you should read my comment again. In no shape or form did I insinuate to worship Trump or hinted that he was perfect. All I said is that I will miss his charisma; and yes, that the election was a fraud.

    I don’t know what Trump worshippers want but it is tax cuts; how is the that bad thing? You must love getting abused. Anyway, talking about taxes, under Harris/Biden (in that order), taxes will increase. Who do you think will pick the bill up for the new “Green Economy”? Just look at what happened in Germany in relation to energy cost. Not sure what you mean by “male Karen” in the WH, but it sounds like you’re alluding to white people? If so, what’s wrong with that?

    You claim Trump accomplished nothing. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. At a first glance, he appears to have broken many things. He exited the Paris Agreement, distanced himself from NATO, left the WHO, etc. Yes, it looks like he’s only interested in chaos. But what is the Paris Agreement and its implications? Did you know it was concocted to serve the Climate Change hoax (Global Warming is real but natural) which was designed to prepare the “Green Economy” (where trillions of current debt is to be shifted into it to allow the current Establishment to continue enslaving people and wage never ending wars)? You don’t seem to have an idea of the implications of it for the US first and later the rest of the world. What about NATO? What’s its purpose? Didn’t the Soviet Union fall? Why is the US picking up the bill for NATO? If Russia is such a treat, why did the Establishment transfer technology from the US/West to the Soviet Union during the (bogus) Cold War (see Anthony Sutton’s “Western Transfer of Technology to the Soviet Union”)? The truth, confirmed by CFR affiliates, was so damning, no mainstream historian would touch it. What about the WHO? If not an organization serving the Establishment and its Big Pharma? Why would the likes of Bill Gates dictate the world to take vaccines? Have you ever asked yourself those questions or are you only guided by your emotions? I cannot disagree; Trump did shatter “lots of things, many, many things” (as he would say) – but was it really breaking anything when those things (Paris Agreement, NATO, WHO, etc) were part of a system in the hands of a select small few to continue waging wars, enslaving people financially, destroying societies, etc.

    If your measurement of Trump’s accomplishment is his handling of a hoax/scam, the Covid-19 in this case; then I have the answer to my previous question: you are guided by your emotions. Everything about this (not-so-novel) virus has been exaggerated. Doctors and experts who exposed the truth were censored – why? The very WHO’s numbers contradict the manure the word has been fed about it. For what it’s worth, I knew first hand a person who died in a motorcycle accident in April in the USA but whose death was “Covid”. I also know first hand people back home in Lebanon who were offered the covering of medical/hospital/funeral cost if they agree on Covid as the reason of death. Why such cover up? Why force a narrative down people’s throats if it’s all true (it reminds me of another narrative the world has been forced fed for decades)? Because Covid was invented to bring forth the complete destruction of economies so that it can be rebuilt with the Great Reset and Green Economy. The same Establishment who build, destroys. They win either way, we suffer. Anyway; in case you missed it, your invisible overlord announced their agenda back in March in their The Economist. See that dog; the one in middle and not the one on the right, that’s you (and most of the world).

    To continue on Trump’s accomplishment, it does again appear that he did mostly bad than good. He may have been a bad leader for failing to unite people. But at the same time, the GOP won everywhere; but the White House? Why? How? But at the same time, and if the information is correct, a record number of blacks and latinos voted for the GOP/Trump. How? Why? Didn’t you say actions speak louder than words when you wrote it reversely and in a critical way: “To you, merely saying something is an accomplishment. Words speak louder than actions.”

    You say I am “babbling” about election fraud like a “broken record” when it’s not even a week old. Are you not interested in fairness, a true and real democratic process; or only when it suits you? I believe a fraud was committed to steal the election from Trump – there are many valid arguments (votes increasing drastically in favor of Biden but not a single one for Trump, whistleblowers, discrepancies, computer glitch, etc) that should be looked into. Should I be wrong, I am more than willing to accept it and congratulate the winner. Until then.

    All in all, at the end of the day, we want the same thing: peace, prosperity, unity, etc. However, unlike you, I don’t see it as black and white (generally speaking and not in terms of skin color), Democrats vs Republicans, etc vs etc. The US presidents of the past forty years were on the same side while pretending to be rivals. They were the puppets of the same Establishment. Republicans never pretended to be anything but war-loving animals. Democrats have always been more sadistic but did so wearing sheep’s clothing. Have you forgotten Obama’s Operation Timber Sycamore where jihadists were armed by the US in Syria? Perhaps you still don’t know that the “civil war” there was nothing but another UK-US Coalition assault. Trump came from outside the Establishment (likely backed from another similar one) and reshuffled the cards and that, caused mayhem for the current ruling class. Hence his never ending demonization in the MSM (owned by the current gang), the lies (I hope you realize Russiagate is now a proven one), etc.

    And hell, I am even willing to accept that we have all been played once again. The spiritual (and in some cases biological) heirs of the usurious, banking, war-loving Near Eastern merchant class have not lasted thousands of years for any reason. They are apolitical but side with all, plan decades ahead and always reach their objectives. Trump may have been a piece of the equation. Wasn’t there a plan to partition the US after the fall of the Soviet Union? A nice civil war could achieve that. Lock and load.

  131. Malla says:

    . She is way more educated, compassionate and tough on the billionaires and millionaires

    Kamala Harris Compassionate??? What are you smoking?
    She is a shameless whore, who whored her way to power. You might say, she is ugly, how can someone like her, ugly and nasty whore herself to power? Good question. She whored herself to powerful old Black Guys. Those old black guys, her tricks/ her customers, now warn against her being put in any position of power. According to them, she is a dangerous, cunning, nasty woman. They know, they have been very close to her. She will whore herself to Wall Street and Israel in no time.

    • Agree: Plato's Dream
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  132. R2b says:

    Stop squibbling.
    One zio is exchanged for another.
    Get yourselves a representation, American People!

  133. @AKINDLE

    The way Trump threw Whites under the bus, Biden certainly couldn’t do any worse.

    Are you nuts? He plans on opening the gates to Muslims on day one.

    Get ready for:
    New gun bans
    Some massive education package for Blacks based on the assumption that White racism is the problem
    Blaming the police for Black crime
    Tweaking the ACA so the White middle class continues to pay out of pocket while people on welfare get free medicaid
    White guilt based historical revisionism (A black man invented the light bulb) and White guilt training programs
    Releasing felons from prison
    Mass immigration from third world
    Blaming Whites for any problems with these plans

    Biden is a White guilt sap that still thinks White racism is the problem and holding back Wakanda.

    Harris will be worse because she is an unrepentant leftist and knows the whole thing is a lie. She won’t bother with anything but advancing the cause. Leftists like her consider Biden type liberals to be dopes for continuing to think there is some magic government program that will fix race.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  134. Sean says:
    @The Real World

    She is not Hillary. Harris is the product of a single parent family, she spent much of her formative years in Canada , has never reproduced (through choice, we don’t know if there were abortions) and nothing that a man voluntarily undergoes hurts like childbirth, which women are adapted to undergo again and again. Like many with absent fathers her defining relationship was of a compensated sugar baby type with a much older man. She is has no America parentage at all, being the product of a union between a South Asian and half Afro -Caribbean who came to the US as adults. She spent much of her formative years in Canada, and until very, very recently absolutely no one thought she would become president. All very different to Hillary.

    She lacks any understanding of or interest in foreign policy. There was serious consideration given to removing Reagan when he seemed to lose interest in the work of the Presidency, but Reagan wasn’t aware of the talk. Biden is completely different: he’s expecting it. Biden is going to be much more difficult to remove than people think, because he will have just achieved his dream and could destroy careers or make them. He’d be like a grizzly momma and have all the power and loyalty he needed. Also, for 18 months he will be invulnerable because it would make it seem his election was under false pretenses.

    The danger of him having carte blanche for that 18 months is greatly underestimated, there is no telling what might happen. I speak of Russia of course; Biden is the big business candidate and they want to get back to profits from China so that issue will go quiet. In 2004, Bush did even better with whites than Trump. Lyndon B. Johnson is the only presidential candidate in living memory to take the white vote from the Republicans. And they ask what war is good for?

  135. @gay troll

    It’s kind of hilarious that she’s now being lauded as a glass-ceiling-breaker and role model for little girls when she fucked her way to the top and then had to ride the coattails of a man (Biden) to get where she is now, since she was the biggest loser in the primaries and would’ve never made it alone.

    • Agree: gay troll
    • Replies: @Bert
  136. ANONymous[331] • Disclaimer says:

    Nobody has bent over for Israel as much as Donald “bendover” Trump.

    Hey commie!
    Do you have any doubts that Trump set them a trap for later?

    Jews built their deep state in US, in Europe, in Australia and Canada for over 200 years.
    What makes you think some one can drain the swamp in just 4 years?

    Haven’t you see McCain, Lieberman and Graham all loving each other?

  137. Wally says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    That’s all you got?

    And so what? As if Trump is unique regarding Israel, Jews, Zionism.

    “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist,”

    Joe Biden, April 2007, soon before he was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 elections.

    ‘Zionist’ Biden in His Own Words:
    ‘My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel’:

  138. Notsofast says:
    @The Alarmist

    You have it right. If they can prop up biden for 2 years they get a 12 year run. Fix the white house basement up, i think nixon put a bowling alley down there, that will keep him occupied. They can tell him an aid ( or granddaughter) is his son beau who wants to go bowling with dad. Maybe they can keep hunter down there too, just make sure he doesnt get into dads amphedamines. Late jan 2023 they can garret the old coot and give him a state funeral, i can see geo bush giving michelle obama a mentos right now.

  139. @Sean

    Biden is a liberal dope that will at least spin his wheels a lot of the time. A police shooting could tie him up for months as he gives feel-good speeches about poor wittle Black felons and tries to explain ignorant proposals like his “shoot them in the leg” comment.

    Harris is a power hungry and narcissistic leftist like Hillary but far more driven.

    She got under the desk of a dirty 60 year old SF mayor to get her career.

    What kind of woman in her 20s puts out for a man like Willie Brown? Not once or twice but for years.

    I’ll tell you who. A total sociopath willing to literally do anything for power.

    She will seek her revenge against Whites and especially rural Whites once Biden drops after a year.

    Leftists like her don’t believe in anything but control. She will go directly to pushing programs that undermine Whites and won’t care at all if they do nothing for other races. In the mind of the unrepentant leftist there is only one problem and that is the Anglo.

  140. @Wally

    Your deep knowledge of Holocaust revisionism and your sycophancy for Donald “King of Israel” Trump are features about you that are both puzzling and amusing at the same time.


    • Replies: @Wielgus
  141. @Sean

    You completely missed what I was saying. It had zero to do with their backgrounds and everything to do with their physiology and psychology.

    They are both malignant narcissists and would likely do most anything, with no remorse, to achieve their goals. They both SOLD OUT a long time ago for the reasons just stated.

    I’m probably being charitable – they’re likely bonafide sociopaths/psychopaths.

  142. dfmike says:

    So for that satisfaction of having not been fooled by Trump’s broken promises twice, you’re ok with a situation where it will be impossible for any republican much less conservative to win the presidency going forward?
    Just wondering what the thought process is behind the voters that went for Trump in 2016 but decided to stay home this time around.

    • Replies: @frontier
  143. @Sean

    Biden will be like that Star Trek episode with the old guy who was catatonic propped up in front of a microphone covering his mouth so you couldn’t even see he wasn’t talking while his evil second in command ran the planet.

  144. Commando says:

    Fact of the matter is that Trump is an elitist just as Biden, Theirs was a struggle between two Zionist controlled zombies preening like peacocks for their Tel Aviv audience,the election exercise was just the virtual football that is used by the criminal elite to distract the tax payers that they are involved in determining the destiny of their country. Demented Trump caused Sheldon Aldeson types some major embarrassment so they had to kick him out of the concert, he had jumped high enough as they wanted and was for a while now acting like a schizoid, Joe boy had to come into the spotlight to display his own spastic talent. Its nothing personal, Donald had developed motor mouth disease and pussy fingers twitteritis
    .Sheep need to stop bugging, these two freaks do not give a damn about them being turned to mutton anyday. These uber privileged class only use them as disposable hero’s of their self serving hypocrisy. Both geriatrics are sadly controlled soul sucking ghouls .Embrace them to your own excruciating peril, stop crying and celebrating for your nations good. You have always been in trouble.Wake the hell up. Dammit.

  145. Currahee says:

    Giggle, wink and nod is classic stupid slut behavior.

  146. @Stonewall Jackson

    Yes, Trump supporters are anti-male, pro-feminism, etc. Qanon, pedogate, etc are all the right’s version of #MeToo. Free-marketeering is, by definition, feminist. Everything’s gonna seem confusing when you’re clueless.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  147. @SS-The Independent

    And, born in Eastern-Europe, under Socialism-Communism, I can assure you and other readers that socialism is NOT great at all – you are either stoned, or a brainwashed sheeple…

    It appears your Eastern European brainwashing has been replaced by (((American))) brainwashing. Communism is not socialism. Communism demands state control, socialism wants to abolish the state. Proudhon, Bakunin, and other real socialists detested Marx, who was backed by money and sent to subvert the socialist movement. Communism and finance capitalism are the two sides of the same (((coin))).

    • Replies: @geokat62
  148. Robjil says:

    Biden is part of our hidden government. It will be interesting how our “free” Zion MSM press will put tons of lipstick on Biden to make his policies look good.

    Biden was the trouble maker in chief during the Obama Regime.

    Barack Obama may be the nominal Commander-in-chief of the United States’ Armed Forces. However, it’s becoming clear that Vice President Joe Biden is far more than your ordinary passive Vice President. Indeed, a close look at his agenda internationally in recent months gives the clear impression that ‘ol Smilin’ Joe is in fact Washington Troublemaker-in-Chief.

    Biden is part of the permanent establishment. He is part of the hidden government.

    Biden is clearly an enforcer for a faction of what we might call the permanent establishment, the hidden real government that runs on automatic imperial pilot regardless who is nominal US President. That “permanent establishment” is currently becoming “dis-established” everywhere in the world. It sees with horror that its grip on the entire world is crumbling. It does only what it has always tried in such cases—war, war, war. Only of late, those wars—war against Russia over Ukraine, war against Assad’s Syria, an attempted war against Erdogan in Turkey, a war against the growing economic muscle in the world of China—have been impotent flops. Biden, a dutiful servant of those interests, carries the flag of war to where he is sent, much like the character in Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  149. Can anyone tell me why the U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem in the first place other than getting 52 Palestinians murdered and another 2400 wounded ( a Mitzvah for the Chosen) what was the purpose. Just curious.

  150. geokat62 says:

    This article has set the bar far breaking the “naming the Jew” taboo. It used a variant of “Jew” a total of 10 times!

    My personal favourite:

    The real candidate that’s preferred by the Jewy Deep State and by Jewish [Supremacist] Power is Kamala Harris…

    • Replies: @Taxi
    , @Trinity
  151. Anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Thank you Franz, at last a serious well thought comment.

  152. Reaper says:

    Trump is on the jewish side too (at least Judeo-Christian) with her orthodox jew daughter.
    Hard to find any politician who oppose them and able to be even candidate for high offices.

    As for mental capabilities there were a George W. Bush, hard hit to produce lower standard, or there are still many who have an office in international affairs who talk about contries when they have no idea where those located on the map/ what kind of folks live there.

    Sure EU no different:

    As a quite recent one.
    Or representatives are no different?

  153. geokat62 says:

    …socialism wants to abolish the state…

    You’ve piqued my interest, Curmudgeon. Do you mind expanding on this point a little further, so we can get the essence of the “socialism” you have in mind? Thanks

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @Curmudgeon
  154. Ivan says:

    As the CDC head and world renowned AIDS expert he was the natural choice. Trump did defer to the scientific experts. Among the doctors in my 59 year old, old school cohort in Singapore he is a respected figure.

    But since all the dire scenarios painted by the same AIDS lobby that Dr Fauci is a part off, did not pan out I was sceptical of the man.

    I am no doctor or epidemiologist, but have always been sceptical of the undisciplined modelling they use to invariably paint a worst case outcome.

  155. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Mahishaura a brave, self respecting leader tricked into marriage by Aryans. After they failed to defeat him, they hired a s……” well I cannot write the rest.

    Well, being the helpful kind, I sure can, gladly even! 😀

    …they hired a… sex worker called Durga, who enticed Mahishasur into marriage and killed him after nine nights of honeymooning during sleep.

    This is whom these dindoos worship! Of course, given the following, no one should be surprised;

    1. Shiva and Vishnu fornicated and gave birth to a child. Sure, Vishnu the eminent software architect, helpfully adorned himself with the Adapter (Female) pattern for this purpose, so that the required, er adapting, could progress.

    2. Vishnu had to regretfully rape a woman, in order to vanquish an enemy demon, and she being the wife of said demon, and much more of such abominable paganisms. I am sure he felt really bad about that. So, he ensured that the woman (Tulsi in the form of the Basil plant) is worshipped by many dindoos even today.

    When god’s rape:

    3. Worship of Shiva’s phallus, the Lingam… and, his consort’s vagina, the Yoni.

    4. And, a countless other abominations.

    Seriously, trust me, these dindoos are crazy!

    • Replies: @Malla
  156. Anon[361] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    Excluding those fluent in the Greek language, I hereby challenge ANY one in this thread to explain the etymology of the term “Democracy”. I bet NO one REALLY knows the answer but still you all keep parroting the words “democracy”, “democratic”, etc, like a broken record. There is no such thing as “Democracy” any more so stop sounding so utterly ridiculous. Thank you!

    • Replies: @AReply
  157. Ivan says:

    Tulsi did put her distance with the fundamentalist Hindus once she became aware of what was really happening in India with the backing of these types of Hindus.

    American converts to Hinduism are possibly not even aware that Hindus can be fanatical the same as in any other religion, such as exists in the form of the RSS and the VHP back in India.

    • Replies: @Malla
  158. @TKK

    You’re talking about the real world, where, I agree, he (or she), who does the work should get the credit. But such a common sense principle seldom applies in politics and no longer does in the Democrat Party, where raw numbers and victimhood beat historical contributions.

    So I gleefully look forward to the prospect of white Democrat party stalwarts, who championed the idea that whites are automatically guilty of enjoying unearned white privilege, soon being shown the door.

  159. Anon[229] • Disclaimer says:

    True about jew-boy donald. Never-the-less, Kamala and Joe appear to you as white as snow for the time being because you “ain’t seen nothing yet”. I’ll give you a few months with this “dynamic duo” in power and I’d be interested to see yow you’ll edit your comment, OK?

  160. @The Alarmist

    President for Life Harris. Except for Hillary, what Democrat wouldn’t approve of that?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  161. @trickster

    I had been thinking Hillary for VP, but you’re probably right. Kamala wants to stay.

    • Replies: @trickster
  162. AReply says:

    My god. Don’t leave the thread hanging, spit it out…!

    I’m sure that most people here are familiar, at least, with an Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in my Armpit One Midsummer Morning, so we can probably handle your explanation

  163. @Ugetit

    But if Trump endorses the vaccine, Democrats will refuse to take it… least until January 20th when they are ordered to take it by Biden.

  164. Taxi says:

    ‘Jew’. That’s a word that’s in every single dictionary – and no mention of it being “taboo” there.

    And why shouldn’t I use the word? It’s descriptive and exactly accurate. And besides, jews themselves use it to describe themselves so what gives? Where’s the problem here?

    Really, if the jews are so offended by the use of the word ‘jew’, then they should mobilize and censor up and have the word ‘jew’ altogether removed from the dictionary. Yeah, wipe out their own name. I’d love to see that. Yeah, real smart people, the jews.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
    • LOL: ChuckOrloski
  165. Trinity says:

    Sure, Trump was a bootlicker and kissed Jew ass, but do you idiots somehow think that Joe ” I Am A Zionist” Biden is going to suddenly put “America First????” Whatchoo people smokin?

    And sure Trump basically DID NOTHING except EXPOSE THE FAKE MEDIA, WHICH IN THIS COUNTRY FULL OF DULLARDS AND HOLOCAUST BELIEVERS TAKES SOME DOING. We still have people out there who fully believe the 9-11 narrative and that the (((coronavirus))) killed a couple hundred thousand in America.

    I see where one poster said that Trump only had 4 years to drain (((the swamp))) and that it takes a helluva lot longer than 4 years to undue a century or more of Jewish treachery and deceit in America. TRUE DAT. Trump was only one man and he had to not only fight the demsheviks, but his own party as well. STILL, no excuse for Javanka and the Jewish ass kissing, but can you name me a modern day POTUS who didn’t suck up to Jews? And don’t tell me, JFK, because JFK was all for integrating our public schools down South, so he was under the Jewish boot heel as well here at home. JFK preached that same multiracial bullshit as all of the Presidents who followed him.

    At the very least, Trump was NOT ANTI-WHITE TO THE CORE like this administration will be IF they can manage to STEAL THE ELECTION. NEWS FLASH: The ELECTION/SELECTION ISN’T OFFICIALLY OVER YET.

  166. annamaria says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    The CIA and “the F.B.I. and security agencies” have been actively involved in the local color revolution coded Russiagate. The color revolution features a foreign agent (Steele) purchased by an ambitious and unscrupulous politician (Clinton) helped by a slew of congressional opportunists of the lowest kind (Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, et al.) in the destruction of remnants of the US Constitution.

    The plotters have engaged a large number of willing presstitutes, from Google and FakeBook to various ‘progressive’ (and heavily zionized) periodicals. The guidance has been coming from the MIC, the City/Wall Street Squid, and the Lobby (the latter had penetrated the former ones a long time ago).

    The ZUSA is a business model that abhor ethics in any form. The ideas of decency, honesty, personal responsibility, and similar ‘trifles’ are obsolete for the mental operations of the owners of Google and FakeBook and various ‘progressive’ periodicals.

  167. Trinity says:

    Well we could call them Khazars but that theory has allegedly been debunked.

    I think the leftoids now say that even saying the word, “negro” is wayciss, so I guess saying or writing the word Jew is “auntie-Semitic.” Can’t have the negro one upping da Joo when it comes to their snivel rights.

  168. annamaria says:

    The poor missus “JohnPlywood” and her ‘progressive’ peers firmly believe in the revolutionary spirit of Clintons and Bidens. The woke ‘progressives’ have neither the decency nor brains to look closely at the bloody facts of Clinton/Obama legacy — the bloody interventions in Yugoslavia, Syria, and Libya. The Dems, similar to Repubs, enjoy the mass slaughter of people of all ages. This is so patriotic!

    At least, Trump has not started a new war. “JohnPlywood” and her ‘progressive’ peers (and the whole owning apparatus of Google, Fakebook, Newsweek, the New Yorker, and such) should be sent to fight for ‘democracy on the march” along with their beloved “moderate terrorists” of White Helmets.

    Hillary Clinton has been the best pupil of Cheney 9/11 (Dick Cheney is indisputably the most prominent traitor in the history of the US). Hillary Clinton is a cannibal at heart.

    Obama is nothing but a gargantuan Fraud. He is an effeminate con artist gifted with exceptional skills of a snake-oil peddler.

    • Agree: Robjil
  169. Fk off with that image white genocide worldwide

  170. @SS-The Independent

    you are either stoned, or a brainwashed sheeple…

    This little bitch, “Great Socialist” is both, I’m afraid…lol

  171. geokat62 says:

    Where’s the problem here?

    No problem at all, AFAIC. I’m simply encouraging others to follow your lead.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  172. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "anon"] says:

    The UPCHUCK factor, is increasing in U.S. politics as every four years go by. Communist, anti white, Kamala Harris? I see. Personally, I have but one consolation, to wit, the criminal Hillary Clinton is burning up with ENVY AND NO DOUBT IS POCAHONTAS.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  173. Trinity says:

    Taxi 2024 !!! hehe.

    Make America Sane Again !!!

  174. Trinity says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    “Black” PRIVILEGE = Caramel Harris

    Cue: Theme From The Jefferson’s

  175. @cylindrical crown

    I could see Hillary reprising the role of Dick Cheney in the Harris administration. I wonder who will be on the receiving-end in the hunting accident.

  176. Bert says:

    Having observed the professional ascendance of several women who practiced (but of course never preached) “pussy power,” I don’t see KH’s story as unusual.

  177. Agent76 says:

    Nov 9, 2020 This Old Guy With Dementia Has Some Interesting Plans For You!

    In this video, we explain what you can expect from the Biden Administration and Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

    Oct 24, 2020 Serbia & Iraq: Joe Biden’s history of regime change wars

    The Bidens “Did” Ukraine, There Was Iraq… And Serbia.

    Sep 26, 2020 Kamala Harris PRAISES Leftist Riots Saying “Fight” Is Essential, Trump Declares Antifa A TERROR Org

    It should come as no surprise to people that Democrats are doubling down on supporting BLM Leftist and Antifa rioting because they have done so from the beginning.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  178. R2b says:

    Ok put yourselves together and save the victory Trump so obviously reaped.
    Get him on the throne and make him do what is your will.
    America great again.
    Make him do what you want him to represent.
    He is close to that.
    Talk also with Alison Weir!
    Loosen the ties to the Mediterranean Eastern Beach!
    Let them fake jews concern themselves, and undergo normal development.
    Teach traditional Christianity to him, and let him be aware of the great sin of zionism in the Church!

  179. frontier says:

    you’re ok with a situation where it will be impossible for any republican much less conservative to win the presidency going forward?

    The demise of GOP is the best that can happen after a putative defeat of Trump. They cheat the right to move it left. Thanks to them, we lost track of where “right” is any more – it’s not abortion bans, multi-trillion deficits or endless wars. It’s not platinum plans or “any immigration as long as it’s legal”. They stand for nothing except themselves and their money.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  180. Trinity says:

    Okay, does this mean we forget about the laptop and Hunter?

    Oh, lookie, we now have a possible cure for the (((coronavirus.)))

    Will Biden pull a Nadler and shit himself while giving a speech?

    Can you imagine what the rest of the world, besides Europe and Canada, (which are worse off than even America,) think of how pathetic America has become?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  181. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Lyndon Johnson gained the presidency the same way.

    Promoted by the same unseen actors, too.

    • Agree: annamaria
  182. @Hood Oracle

    This election was an continuation of a 5 year coup and hopefully will end with prosecutions and hangings for treasonous thousands who took part.

    Quit teasing my black ass with the expectations of “prosecutions and hangings”! I just don’t see it happening with the millions of ignorant cucked American sheep who have no balls to right the wrongs in the District of Criminals once & for good. The Republic & all its institutions are dead, corrupted.

    Heck, even the fcuking Russians were able to retake their Republic after the Western banksters gained a foothold during the perilous 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union. Even the fcucking Persians (er Iranians) were able to overthrow the Western puppet Shah in 1979.

    But Americans?? You The Exceptional People have been screwed (GMOs, fluoride water, QE fiat debt, public bailouts for private companies, 911 terror, offloading your manufacturing & good paying jobs to China/NAFTA, etc.) for decades, and yet y’all can sit back & bitch about immigrants or blacks when all you have to do is take aim (hint) at your corrupt MSM, treasonous politicians & thieving banksters.

    There, I’ve given you the reasons why your country is on its death bed. Yet no pro-2A American citizens will do anything about it. They just bitch & complain. At least Russians & Iranians took back control of their country from outsiders and they were frigging unarmed too. But Americans? They are so brainwashed with MSM idiot box programming & sports. New Rome looks a lot like old Rome. Doesn’t it?

    By the way, blacks have absolutely zero power in America. They’re just being used as ignorant pawns in a diabolical way to propagate a race war; always have. Mind you, I can’t stand ghetto trash nor dumb SJW black scraggle daggles with fake hair/weaves. That’s why the #SYSBM movement of high value black men avoid them like the plague, including Western feminazi women. But I digress.

    Psssst Americans, if you’re too scared to deal with your corrupt government, then I suggest you secede from the Union starting with Texas. I would have major respect for you then. Time to get cracking!

    The Stolen Election and the End of America: Is Separation the Answer?

    Secession Becomes Thinkable By Donald Livingston

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  183. AceDeuce says:
    @SS-The Independent

    People who shit in the streets en masse have bigger issues to worry about….

  184. Trinity says:

    Since that hog Stacey Abrams campaigned so hard down here in JawJuh and really got out da vote, I am sure Biden and Caramel probably will place that lard ass somewhere in their cabinet IF they pull off this steal. Look for the same shenanigans to happen again in Georgia’s runoff SELECTIONS.

  185. lavoisier says: • Website

    Four more years of sleepwalking with Trump is the last thing we can afford. This is the wake up call the remnants of heritage America needed.

    I agree with the first sentence.

    I hope that your second sentence is true but I remain very skeptical.

    The only wake up call that will jolt heritage America out of its fatal slumber is a massive economic collapse forcing us to confront the truth that the government has become our enemy.

    • Replies: @Franz
  186. Smith says:

    With Trump gone, we will have one less thing to cope about.

    For right wingers/Trumpers: coping about Trump not doing shit.

    For left wingers/”democrats”/anti-Trumpers: coping about Trump being le evil fascist.

    I embrace the wind of change that the US is gonna go back to the competent subversive Obama mode and we shall treat the US as such.

    But what’s actually bad is that establishment republicans/GOP win big in this election, so this is really the establishment against Trump.

  187. @Black Picard

    By the way, blacks have absolutely zero power in America. They’re just being used as ignorant pawns in a diabolical way to propagate a race war; always have. Mind you, I can’t stand ghetto trash nor dumb SJW black scraggle daggles with fake hair/weaves. That’s why the #SYSBM movement of high value black men avoid them like the plague, including Western feminazi women. But I digress.

    Psssst Americans, if you’re too scared to deal with your corrupt government, then I suggest you secede from the Union starting with Texas. I would have major respect for you then. Time to get cracking!

    A Black guy lecturing us on not organizing for common good. That’s amusing.

    It’s like being lectured by a hobo on the importance of investing in real estate.

    • Replies: @Black Picard
  188. @Taxi

    “…‘Jew’. That’s a word that’s in every single dictionary – and no mention of it being “taboo” there…”

    It depends on which dictionary you use. In my second hand bought Concise Oxford Dictionary of current English, 1934 I read :

    Jew1, n. Person of Hebrew race; (transf.,colloq.) extortionate usurer, driver of hard bargains.

    Jew2, v.t. (colloq.). Cheat, overreach.

    Those were the days!

  189. Icy Blast says:

    Kamala just laughs her Hillary-like, witchy-bitchy laugh when asked a tough question. This is the telltale marker of the typical “affirmative-action hire.” And intelligent observers detect fraudulence not only in last week’s electoral farce, but also in the number of deaths attributed to the conveniently timed terror-virus.

    Your comments about Trump’s economic policies are incoherent and do not warrant a response. Trump has blundered many times, but you have failed to identify any of his actual errors.

    Finally, your uncontrolled hate for Trump seems to be caused by what you perceive as his thinly veiled contempt for persons of your “orientation.” Perhaps self-hatred is at the root of your hysteria.

  190. annamaria says:

    “They stand for nothing except themselves and their money.”

    — A perfect description of the US government and, in the current situation, of those treasonous Repubs who have willingly allowed the color revolution (Russiagate) to take place and proceed.

  191. I don’t think Biden or Harris will be able to accomplish much without more support in the house and Senate. As bad as our elected officials are, they all understand that nobody is happy, which is not a recipe for business as usual.

    Both political parties are corrupt and anti-American. Both are in the pocket of Jewish power. One party would be powerless without an imported base, and the other party doesn’t try to hide its dislike of its base voters after lying its way into power every other cycle.

  192. Poco says:

    If you read the wikipedia article about Proudhon it will give you an outline of the idea. I know it’s wikipedia but it is actually a well done overview.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  193. @Icy Blast

    Kamala just laughs her Hillary-like, witchy-bitchy laugh when asked a tough question. This is the telltale marker of the typical “affirmative-action hire.”

    Look at this interview where she laughs nervously and her eyes turn crazy. Then she tries some “grew up a Black girl” story. After that she gets annoyed and switches to a condescending look and speaks to the interviewer as if she is 5.

  194. annamaria says:

    There is another name that pops up re the Dems ‘victory’ — Seth Rich.

    How exactly Seth Rich was murdered in the most surveilled city in the world? How come that the Dems ignored Assange plea to contribute funds for the investigation of Seth Rich’ death? The plea was intolerable for the DNC and specifically for Mrs. Clinton, who wanted to drone Assange.

    Hunter Biden — a drug addict, rapist, and thoroughly corrupt profiteer selling the US interested to any bidder – wanders free. In comparison, Julian Assange — an honest and courageous journalist, one of the best people of our times — is imprisoned.

    The loyal clientele of Epstein & Maxwell brothels (stuffed with underage girls) wander free, whereas Assange is caged on trumped charges.

    What is truly amazing is the multitude of ‘progressive’ wokes fallen to MSM propaganda. These pretentious, poorly educated, ‘progressive’ fools (a la vulgar idiot Meghan Markle) happened to be a superbly pliable material for the deciders. The wokes do not want to grow up because to be a grown-up and responsible person is not sexy. The wokes want the festival of Burning Man forever.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Thanks: Trinity
  195. Abbybwood says:
    @John Johnson

    Your comment made me weep.

    I am 70 years old and am living in Garcetti’s and Newsom’s Los Angeles.

    I was a Democrat for decades thinking they were the anti-war party. I ran for Congress in 1992 in the 33rd CD against Jane Harman and the Republicans Maureen Reagan and Jesse Unrue’s daughter Ada. I liked them both over the course of our “debate travels”. I came in 3rd out of 7 Democrats with no money etc.

    Then, while living in Westhampton Beach, New York I worked hard to help Obama in 2008. House parties etc.

    He promised “Medicare for All” which, as an R.N., I had fought for for decades.

    Once the election was over he killed any hopes for Medicare for All and he personally killed The Public Option. He made it clear he was in the back pockets of the for-profit insurance corporations. Stabbed in the back….again.

    Then, as Jimmy Dore so perfectly points out, Obama and Hillary became war criminals and then there was no turning back. (Watch Jimmy’s recent appraisal of Obama’s “record”).

    Hillary, with her war criminal, Clinton Foundation and email scandals was running. I HAD to support Trump to stop her.

    I voted for him again almost a week ago even though he invited swamp creatures into his administration (Bolton/Pompeo) and did not LOCK HER UP. It is very likely that if elected, Biden will make her his Secretary of Defense. All wars all the time, since Hillary and Kamala are BFF’s.

    Thus, I shed my old tears, for odds are I will never live to see the truth and peace in the world. SAD.

  196. @AnonFromTN

    If Trump doesn’t win via court challenge, I don’t even know if the same Republic will be around by then. These days, things can change in a hurry — especially with godless libbies hell bent on chaos & destruction. CONservatives have their quirks too as they seem to love war-mongering on helpless nations while fearing god & kissing Zionist ass. Such a fcuked up country America has become.

    I see secession coming because “right” & “left” can’t live side by side any more. The sheep foot soldiers have been bamboozled, brainwashed & neutered too much to save the dying Republic. All according to plan.

    That’s what you get for allowing your minds to be molded by idiot box “programming”.

    Secession Becomes Thinkable

    One of these is Frank Buckley, a professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School. In his recent book he argues that America is coming apart. “Washington has become the seat of a sclerotic society of special interests, hobbling the rest of us with wealth-destroying rules,” he writes. “The extremism has gone mainstream, and the oracles of respectable liberalism now embrace the vilest left-wing extremists.”

    …Out of respect for the dignity of the states and the American tradition of self-government, Buchanan could see no solution other than a negotiated separation. Most Americans thought the same way. When war seemed imminent, Senator James A. Bayard, Jr., of Delaware cried out: “Why in the name of humanity can we not let those states go?” However, this was not the view of the emerging industrial New York-Chicago ruling class, so the Civil War came anyway.

    • Thanks: lavoisier
  197. @Icy Blast

    “Kamala just laughs her Hillary-like, witchy-bitchy laugh when asked a tough question. This is the telltale marker of the typical “affirmative-action hire.” ”

    Do you know who her mom and dad are ? She is the daughter of two highly educated intelligent people. I guess you too are of similar background like her.

    • Replies: @Malla
  198. @John Johnson

    An ignorant reply with no substance. There’s your problem right there – painting all blacks with the same brush. No wonder your country is going down the shitter.

    Good riddance!

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  199. @John Johnson

    Constitutionally she is not qualified to be President. She is not native born; she is a citizen by naturalization. Neither of her parents were citizens when she was born. At least one of them needed to be for her to be native born. You have to be a citizen at birth or you are not native born.

    But nobody gives a shit about Constitutional requirements any more. Unfortunately, our Constitution needs to be amended from time to time and it is just damn near impossible to do it. So people just ignore it and move on. Maybe the native born requirement is a relic of an era that doesn’t have any real application to today. But it still exists, just like the electoral college, and many other things that to many people, probably most people, don’t make any sense today.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  200. anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Nobody is as FAKE as Kamala Harris. There is not a shred of integrity or sincerity in that woman. God help the USA if she becomes President.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  201. Malla says:

    Oh I did not know about Tulsi distancing herself from the fundamentalists later on. Thanks.
    Western Hippie Hinduism packaged for White/ East Asian people is very different from the Hinduism in Indian Villages which is very different from the Hinduism of the Indian Urban Middle Classes and Hindutva.

    • Replies: @Ivan
    , @christine
  202. @davidgmillsatty

    Neither of her parents were citizens when she was born. At least one of them needed to be for her to be native born. You have to be a citizen at birth or you are not native born.

    That doesn’t matter. The court has already ruled that anchor babies are full citizens and can run for office.

  203. @Black Picard

    An ignorant reply with no substance. There’s your problem right there – painting all blacks with the same brush. No wonder your country is going down the shitter.

    Down the shitter? Have you ever been to a Black area?

    The point is that you should lecture Blacks before coming here.

    Can start with why it’s rude to play loud music at gas stations.

    How about littering? Maybe work on littering since liberals can’t even speak about that problem behind closed doors.

    Speaking of painting with brushes you should probably work on the graffiti problem as well.

    Or just get online and lecture White people on what they should do to improve things.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  204. Malla says:
    @Charles Martel France

    She is the daughter of two highly educated intelligent people.

    What does being the daughter of two highly educated intelligent people have anything to do with moral character???

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  205. “She is a combination of Israel-firster Modi and Israel-firster Sammy Davis Jr – yet the mainstream media consistently refers to her as a “Black-American”, and clearly this is because ‘Asian-Indian’ does not sell well at the voting booth. ”

    Kamala is Black-American since her dad is of African and European descent and her mother is originally from India. Likewise Obama is Black-American although his mother is of European origin. Europeans ( white America included ) are strict when it comes to racial classification and racial purity. The Holocaust is a perfect example of that.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  206. @John Johnson

    Leftists ? There are no leftists,socialists or social democrats in America unless you have your own peculiar definition of the words. America is not Europe.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  207. Druid says:

    Every 15 minutes a girl/woman gets raped in India1. So !

  208. Kamala Harris is a nightmare. I long for the earlier days when any American would have laughed at the idea of a person like Kamala Harris in a position of power and control.

    Men gave their lives for this country. And not one of them would have accepted such an absurdity as Kamala Harris as their President. None of them would have accepted this.

  209. Druid says:
    @SS-The Independent

    And her Willie (brown) advised against choosing her!

  210. Malla says:

    I agree there is some crazy stuff in our religion which many Hindus do not even know. Hinduism changed a lot with its contact with Islam and Protestant Victorian era British culture. Became more prudish when earlier it was more liberal. Most of us Hindus do not read our Purananas and Veds.
    There are similar screwed up stuff in the Jewish Talmud as well. Like this one, there was one about this Rabbi who boasted that he had slept with “every prostitute on Earth”. Then he comes to know of this beautiful prostitute in Lebanon or something, so our trick/john Rabbi goes with bag of cash. While doing the rogering, the prostitute farts, the prostitute then says that “just as this fart will never enter back into my anus, this Rabbi will never go to heaven’. Something of that sort. One cannot believe the level of disgusting-ness in this story. The fact that a man of god rogers prostitutes, farting, fart going in anus… disgusting.

    Also not only Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma (the creator) is said to have raped Godess Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge) who became his wife. That is why there are no temples to Brahma except one in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

  211. @Malla

    Sorry, the topic was affirmative action. I was not talking about moral character.

  212. @Charles Martel France

    Leftists ? There are no leftists,socialists or social democrats in America unless you have your own peculiar definition of the words. America is not Europe.

    No the confusion is in assuming that our leftists are like yours.

    European leftists still at least pretend to care about workers.

    Our leftists are obsessed with race.

    It’s not labor vs capital to them. It’s Whites vs everyone else.

    They split from the traditional left ages ago. The pro-labor left only exists on small websites.

    The US left sees Whites and especially White men as the main problem. They don’t focus on workers because that would still leave racial inequality. Not just in the present but also history. They are offended that so much history is White. Their goal is to turn the Americas in to one giant favela and then adopt a make-believe egalitarian history. That is the most equality they can hope for.

  213. Taxi says:
    @Charles Martel France

    By your own logic, therefore, mixed-race humans do not actually and scientifically exist because the mother’s bloodline is inconsequential. DNA exists only in males, right? Well, Einstein, thank you very much for this mindblowing illumination.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  214. Franz says:

    I hope that your second sentence is true but I remain very skeptical.

    I agree. I probably should have said “This SHOULD be the wake-call, gang” but it’s more likely when they’re competing with feral cats for dumpster food, whites will at long last get the point.

  215. Wasn’t Reagan even worst medically?

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  216. @Just another serf

    When trump became president, everything became a possibility.

  217. Well, some ppl may think they are truly fucked for the next 4 years, but I think Joe will not be taking my shotguns away.

    Anybody knows what stance Kamala has on guns? Her real stance?

    • Replies: @trickster
  218. @Wally

    You sound very bitter. We sure r enjoying your MAGA tears.

    Hopefully your TAS(Trump Asslicking Syndrome) will be over soon, when Donny is not allowed to tweet from jail.

  219. The good thing is that there was no “blue wave”. In fact the Dems lost seats in the house and will have a tough time in the Senate.

    To me this shows that altho America has fired demented Donny, it still is careful enough not to give too much power to extreme progressives like AOC and Eliz Warren.

    AOC, has been chewing at the Lincoln project, that I thought did good work in helping the effort against Trump. She says they did not help at all, and were just there to take money. Her position is that it was the efforts of minorities and the squad that helped much more.

    I disagree. Since the Dem effort was largely thru the media, to say the Lincoln project did nothing is obviously wrong. And Trump got more minority votes than last time. It was whites that he lost.

    Does anybody know AOC’s position on guns?

    • Agree: showmethereal
  220. Ivan says:

    India from what I see is reverting to the norm. In Pakistan the fundamentalists successfully turned into a Islamic state by making offences against the Holy Koran grist for their offensive that eventually led to their takeover of all institutions of the state. The fundamentalist Hindus have done the same with the Holy Cow in India. The difference is that India has a long secular history based on the liberal wing of Hinduism which just shades into atheism. Muslims though have no such liberal sanction from the Koran.

    • Agree: Malla
  221. Never have two more unlikeable personalities of questionable character been voted into power by unlikeable people with no personality or character – in the form of liberal/left wing ignoramuses.

    Never have policies, mandates or actual political plans and goals meant so little when selecting the leader of the free (?) world.

    All these people care about is getting rid of Trump, because the Left have brainwashed them into believing he is a facist or racist or whatever, so must go. It has nothing to do with any of his actual politics or policies. (apart from Covid which even the most politically ignorant moron can see is 100% politicking)

    At least have enough self respect to make a political argument based on actual politics instead of being ignorant ‘virtue signalling sheeple’. How are so many people, so dumb? Or is that what ‘feels good’ outweighs what logically makes sense and people are so weak and unhappy they will turn to anything that provides a ‘hit of virtue and self righteousness’, even if in the long run, it is harmful to them?

    Hundreds of millions of snowflakes, race hustlers and liberal sympathisers who are/were too dumb to question increasingly fake and preposterous narratives fed to them via ‘big tech’ and ‘leftist controlled media’ (despite any facts or data to back it up) will now have their ideology confirmed as 100% righteous and true, by the crowning of Queen Kamala.

    Ask a Democrat why they voted for a senile old man and a fake black women, they will proudly tell you…

    -Trump is a vile and disgusting racist, who seeks only to enforce the oppressive values of ‘White Supremacy’ America was founded on. Based on what exactly?

    -Trumps response to Covid was criminally negligent and caused the unnecessary deaths of millions. (Notice how they never suggest what they would have done differently. They don’t need to, Democrats just point, shout and get people emotional – (facts and solutions are racist after all). Like most world leaders, Covid was an un winnable situation, damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

    This is ‘political sado masochism’ for anyone white and they still did it! Endorsing this liberal madness guarantees plenty of ‘gib me’ for minorities and opens up the borders to let their relatives jump on the gravy train. Not so many benefits for white people however…just real repercussions for real people. For example:

    – BLM and black people are virtuous in their acts of urban terrorism and from now on have the God given right to destroy and loot at will, because of ‘Systemic Oppression’. Now every time a black is shot by the police, no matter the threat he posed – they will use it as an excuse.

    -Police will not want to deal with the people committing the most violent crimes (young black males) which is bad for everyone..but black criminals.

    It’s not just the media who has given their blessing via fake coverage of ‘mostly peaceful demonstrations’ but vomit inducing Democrat mayors, politicians and police chiefs who apologised and paid off the ‘victims’ families, making martyrs out of criminals like ‘Fentanyl Floyd’ -whilst the cities burnt.

    The fact the black on black murder rate has peaked in every Democrat city since BLM started is an indication of just how dumb and ignorant liberals are.

    Corporate America gave their approval by donating billions to BLM, issuing grovelling apologies for past racist indiscretions and vowed to invest billions more in diversity training. This roughly translates as giving jobs and promotions to under qualified blacks and paying non-whites incredible sums of money to become ‘Diversity Managers’.

    -All businesses can now look forward to wasting money on liberal mandates like ‘micro aggressions in the work place’, ‘understanding your racism’, ‘using a persons correct pro-nouns’, ‘which bathroom should I use?’ which in reality is how to be a victim and get paid for it. Victim and Outrage culture just scored a massive win.

    -Anything thats results in racial inequality must be due to racism or sexism. Nothing to do with culture, genetics or common sense (remember that?)

    Censorship by ADL type scum means any chance of fighting back will have to take place via ‘underground’ or independent media – most likely on the Dark web. This means educating people on how to find it, as opposed to using Google , CNN or reading the New York Times. Its going to be a long process to break the spell cast by the criminal Left run Media.

    The biggest joke is that liberals, millennials and blue haired lesbian Antifa types actually believe they are freedom fighters waging a righteous war against a facist, totalitarian regime that is oppressing people rights including ‘Free Speech’.

    The opposite is true. They are unwitting agents of the ruling elite, Jewish Neo-cons and Tech/Media conglomerates who couldn’t care less about them or the people they think they are fighting for. How easily they have been manipulated, shows how ignorant ordinary people are of these power structures and how nothing will change until they are educated and wise enough to see their true motives.

    See for a glimpse of the future under these weirdo’s. They are already rounding up dissidents for punishment! Can you think of anything more quasi-communist and anti free speech? God help us and Donald -I think he’s going to need it!

    • Agree: Ivan
    • Replies: @Lost American
    , @Dumbo
  222. Smith says:

    Is it me or this topic just somehow unites the dissident left and right?

    Kinda of a weird thing tbqh, but I would say it’s a good thing.

  223. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Kolya, did you ever open a history book? 440,000 American service members died in the years 1941-1945 and most of them overseas. Most of these men were whiteys. Did you take history in school or did you learn from the fairy tales of Howard Zinn?

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  224. @jacobs-adder

    jacobs-adder: your comment is by far the best. It says it all- what we have been living through for 12 years.
    As far as Trump accountability- this is a reason why we all have firearms where I live.
    The FBI is crooked. Do they even look into groups like Trump Accountability?

  225. geokat62 says:

    Congratulations President Kamala

    Not so fast…

  226. trickster says:

    Great advice from GI Joe. I would say the same if I had a security contingent from the Secret Service lurking in all corners of my yard and my house PLUS walls, barbed wire, cameras, dogs and alarms.

    People who are John Wayne fans get the wrong impression when the guard on the stage coach unloads his double barrel shotgun and lo and behold the pursuing bad guys magically drop dead from their horses. Then Big Duke rides up and says “good work Isaiah, we got dem injuns” and they ride away into the sunset.

    Good luck to all those who own a double barrel shotgun and dont drill with it and understand its limitations and capabilities inside out. They will end up black and blue or DOA.

    • Replies: @Lost American
  227. trickster says:
    @cylindrical crown

    Its an accepted fact that an idiot never hires a clever underling or one who will oust them. In addition my reasoning is that Hillary, being capable of anything, if made VP may well dispose of Kamala and take over.

    We can observe this “dummies hire bigger dummies” even in the corner coffee shop. Hence Kamala will put a subservient and eternally grateful dunce in as VP and they in turn will hire morons. Look who Obama had as VP !!

    I am expecting Kamala to take over and I anticipate she will put a complete asshole in the VP position, someone to “make history”. Hence 2 black women may well end up running the US.

    The amusing part of this is that blacks (especially the rich ones) will again weep and rejoice at this scenario only to realize that like black rulers everywhere Kamala and her black troupe dont give a shit about them. DUH, da hoes got dem niggas like hoes.

    Order the beer and pizza. It is going to be a wild rodeo with cowgirls Kamala and Michelle in the saddle.

    • Replies: @Lost American
    , @Metropole
  228. RSDB says:

    Kamala in Tamil is from கமலம், lotus.

  229. christine says:

    A few of those white western hippie types know far more about Hinduism and Buddhism and its deep connection with spirit than a billion odd south central Asians, that’s for sure!.

    Just like this white person of Irish blood typing this knows ‘the real reason’ for all the ancient serpent symbolism in Hinduism that i would bet my house(and more) there isn’t a single Indian amongst a billion that knows what i know about Hinduism and Buddhism but my lips are sealed as i have learnt to not waste too much time and effort trying to awaken sleeple from their slumber because for starters they don’t understand that there is nothing to fear bur fear itself in this dream where no-thing ever dies but on the other hand just wakes up until falling asleep again and again as per the cycle of samsara that i am sure you are familiar with. .

    • Thanks: gay troll
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  230. Wielgus says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell
    Yes, Wally is a psychological puzzle.
    Meanwhile, Netanyahu has cheerfully enough moved onto Biden. Probably as sound an indication as any that Trump’s goose is cooked, though there may well be fireworks ahead in the coming months.

  231. Trinity says:
    @Just another serf

    IF America would have fought with the Germans or even stayed out of the war, we would not find ourselves in the predicament we find ourselves in now.

    And another thing, think of ALL OUR WHITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS who have died fighting in wars that NEVER benefited America in any way shape or form. Vietnam, Korea and the so-called, “Cold War?” Hell, there appears to be more freedom in Russia now than in America. America is embracing communism in 2020 and Russia has declared itself a Christian Nation. smdh.

    Did men really give their lives for this country or did they give their lives for Jewish power and influence?

    • Agree: Black Picard
  232. Alfred says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    A fantastic song. It would have made a fantastic tune for a hymn or even for a West End show.

  233. Kali does not stab Kali suffocates.

  234. @Taxi

    There are no mixed-race humans as you put it. People of mixed heritage do exist although they are not recognized in the West. If you have a drop of ” black blood ” irrespective of your colour you are considered black in America and Europe. I know blond people with blue eyes who are classified as black (Schwarze ) because they have some black ancestry. Don’t blame me for describing the reality. India embraces Kamala as her daughter but white America would never accept a half-white person as their own, at least partially. For whites racial purity is the rule. That is why we had the Holocaust and your nose is bigger than mine stupidity.

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  235. neutral says:
    @Just another serf

    Men gave their lives for this country

    They fought for the very same people that rule today. They gave their lives for their jewish masters, they knew they were killing white people to support non whites. Instead of hero worshipping these dead soldiers, you should be spitting on their graves and cursing them for the cockroaches they actually were.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Truth
  236. @Astuteobservor II

    Reagan fought against atheist communists and won decisively. That is great but there are now more anti-Christian atheists in the West than in the former Warsaw Pact countries. It is funny, isn’t it ?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
    , @Ivan
  237. @Lost American

    You didn’t catch how my original comment was dripping with sarcasm?

    I use their own term “unearned white male privilege” to mock sjws, like Biden, Schumer, Clinton and Newson. Just as old Bolsheviks were liquidated by their Stalinist succesors, these progressive gentlemen will be hoisted with their own petard.

  238. @Charles Martel France

    If you have a drop of ” black blood ” irrespective of your colour you are considered black in America and Europe. .. India embraces Kamala as her daughter but white America would never accept a half-white person as their own, at least partially. For whites racial purity is the rule.

    It’s not just whites but blacks also who see it that way, even more so. Obama was considered black by blacks even though he is half-white. Whites are more ready to classify someone like that as half-caste or mixed race. All those white looking people with some black ancestry are emphasizing their blackness to ingratiate themselves with blacks and the woke PC white liberals even though they would be considered acceptable to the white race realists and even full on racists if they kept quiet about their racial background. It’s getting so bad that even completely white people are fraudulently claiming that they’re black to get on the affirmative action ticket.

    • Agree: Ivan
  239. @geokat62

    There are a couple of things people need to understand about language, and in particular how it has changed. For example, the early socialists referred used to refer to theft of property. Until 50-60 years ago, most people understood the difference between property – things that are moveable or possessions – and real property – which is land primarily and buildings. The theft of property was the ownership of the fruits of the labour that produced it.
    This site is a decent description of socialism, in general.
    As I have posted other times, co-operatives are a form of socialism. Co-ops are self governing.

    Proudhon was called the father of anarchy. In his early days, he thought capitalism could be reformed, and that co-operative like systems would be the natural successor to capitalism. He referred to Marx as “the tapeworm in socialism”.

    As for Bakunin,
    He was accused of having no proof of Marx being a tool of money. It turns out Marx was related to the Rothschilds.
    Whether you like any of the “socialist” systems or not, they all agree that it is finance capital that is the problem.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  240. Trinity says:

    Yeah, I don’t advocate spitting on dead soldier’s graves but they certainly are NOT heroes in my book. Granted, OUR soldiers were BRAVE however MISGUIDED AND DUPED. I can think of how much I learned over the years, thanks to something called internet. I started becoming woke to the JQ slowly in the early 1990s and further after reading, “My Awakening” by Dr. David Duke about the time people started acquiring home computers. Our people back then had to rely on the Jewish lies they were fed by (((the usual suspects))), that was the only source of information that was readily available. Sure, there were people like Henry Ford, Father Coughlin, etc., but they were vastly outnumbered and overwhelmed by (((the media))) and cuckold politicians. Even in 2020, with all the information out there PROVING LIES like the “official narrative” of 9-11, the holocaust, “White Privilege,” the latest Presidential election, etc., look at how many brainwashed idiots are still out there. Look at the number of people who still believe that 200 thousand plus people died from Covid-19 in America? At least those guys long ago had somewhat of an excuse to be that ignorant.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  241. Dumbo says:

    How are so many people, so dumb? Or is that what ‘feels good’ outweighs what logically makes sense and people are so weak and unhappy they will turn to anything that provides a ‘hit of virtue and self righteousness’, even if in the long run, it is harmful to them?

    I wish I had an explanation, but I never had or understood such feelings.

    Yet for many White People, “having a Black Vice-President” is enough. Who cares about her policies? It makes them feel all good inside just the fact that they elected a Black Woman.

    In Germany they are currently planning a new version of the “Ring” cycle all made with African singers/actors. Why? Same reason. White People feel “good” and “virtuous” with that.

    They don’t realize that it is: a) very patronizing and b) bad for everyone in the long run.

    Even if I am White, I never had such feelings or the need to “signal virtue” in that racial sense, so maybe I am a genetic anomaly?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  242. @Dumbo

    They don’t realize that it is: a) very patronizing and b) bad for everyone in the long run.

    You are right.
    If I were black, I would be offended by this “virtue signaling”. It is racists in the worst sense: patronizing and condescending. I would also be offended by affirmative action for exactly the same reasons. Those who believe that people of all races have the capacity to excel are color-blind, judge everyone on his/her personal qualities regardless of color. Everything else is racist, and there is no difference between racism directed against people of any color, white included.

  243. Metropole says:

    It is going to be a wild rodeo with cowgirls Kamala and Michelle in the saddle.

    A Hindu woman as president and a tranny VP? My, how the mighty have fallen.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  244. @Trinity

    Please do not be intimidated. In population 330 million the natural deaths per months are 210 thousand.
    238 thousand deaths per 10 months is not really great number, particularly if some undetermined deaths were automatically added to covid cause.
    (According to Jack Reacher the daily death in USA is 7 thousand which make @210 thousand a month)

    • Replies: @Trinity
  245. Trinity says:

    I hear you, brother. I am a proud (((covid-19))) denier. I am not saying I believe it isn’t out there because IMO it was (((manufactured))) but it isn’t nearly as bad as (((they))) claim it to be. Good news though, looks like they might have a vaccine ready soon. Shocking, huh? lolol.

    Btw, I am too old to be intimidated. haha. Never did me any good when I was younger anyhow. Take care.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  246. @Charles Martel France

    I find it funny that you immediately assumed the position that Reagan was fighting for Christian believers. And that he was fighting against USSR due to religion.

    Religious anons are always so nutty.

  247. Trinity says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Lest we forget that Ronnie Reagan was an actor and use to make his living in (((Hollywood.))) Anyone who worked in Hollywood even back then, is highly questionable to start with. I USED to be one of those gullible “CONNEDservatives” who worshiped at the Reagan shrine as well. Lest we forget, as disappointing as Trumpstein was, Ronnie was just as bad if not worse. Whites have not had any REAL representation in America since I can’t tell you when, certainly not in my lifetime.

  248. bruce county says:

    Your new masters are being decided as you weep.
    America is done! It’s been a great 244 year run.

  249. President Emhoff vs. President Kushner.

  250. christine says:

    Those that constantly and somewhat tediously use the ‘j’ word just lack a certain spiritual insight and don’t understand the bigger picture of the very long battle between ‘g’ and ‘e’ in this dream world ‘factuality’, where the winner was pre-determined all along to be ‘g’.

    I could type thousands of words trying to explain but the truth is, if your ego/mind is too fearful and is ‘clinging on for dear life’ to follow Alice down the rabbit hole to join the mad hatters mushroom tea party, then sadly you just wont get it and you will remain fast asleep and blind.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  251. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "anon"] says:

    Yes. Americans, what ever their race or culture might be, having heard Harris say this and then going out and voting for Joe Biden, is not the reaction of sane people. I’m sorry but it’s just not the way sane humans react.

  252. Malla says:

    Cool, a lot of this stuff is Vedanta high philosophy of Upanishads, which was ignored and forgotten in India. Hinduism was all rigid shastras and Orthodox Brahmans ruling the ignorant masses at the eve of the European trading companies coming here. It were European scholars of the colonial period like Jones and Max Muller who looked deep into this stuff and ironically, it is Westerners who later lapped up this stuff after Swami Vivekananda spread this Western rediscoverd stuff of Hinduism in the West. Most Indian masses in rural areas are still all about idol worship, superstitions, dangerous and awe inspiring spiritual forces (both the deities and black magic), caste etc… Most of them only know Ramayana and Mahabharata tales and some other grand and awe inspiring mythological tales of Gods like Shiva or Durga or Ganesha etc…99% have them no clue about what is in the Vedas or Upanishads.
    Most of the bullshitery started in the later Purana (Purans are books writen after the Vedas) period when the low IQ masses went ape over idol worship and weird rituals. Before the Purana period, the earliest was the Mimasa (early Aryan period) and the later Vedanta (Upanishad) period.
    Same with Zoroastrianism, the Parsis in India were just into rituals and shit. It were European scholars who rediscovered deep Zoroastrian philosophy.

    • Thanks: Ivan
  253. Malla says:

    To give you an idea, there is an Indian guy (living in the West) who has written this well about Puranic Hinduism but he out of ignorance, ignores the Buddhist elemnt of Indian history. But anyways, his comments are a good read.
    Is Puranic Hinduism the most stupidest religion in the world?
    “Puranic Hinduism refers to the very popular Hinduism practiced by most Hindus. It is in direct contrast to the philosophical and spiritual Hinduism that many of us in the West are acquainted with through giants like Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Ramanana Maharishi et al.
    Puranic Hinduism emerged much later than Vedic Hinduism after the common era. Prior to that Vedic Hinduism consisted of two phases:
    Early Vedic ritualism: Mimassa
    This was the early ritualistic phase of the Vedic age and consisted of exoteric rituals like fire sacrifices to natural principles personified(Varuna, Agni, Indra) where people would congregate around a ritual fire and chant the mantras from the Vedas(Samhita portion) while making offerings of food into the fire. There were various types of fire sacrifices: Ashvamedha(horse sacrifice), Ajamedha(goat sacrifice), Gomedha(cow sacrifice). The main texts of this period were the Brahmanas.

    It is a controversial subject whether animals were sacrificed at all and is based on which translation of the Vedas you consult.

    Later Vedic philosophical period: Vedanta
    This was the philosophical and spiritual period of the Vedic age and bought an end to the ritual phase(hence it is known as Vedanta, meaning at the end of the Vedas) The sages of India challenged and mocked the rituals of the ritual phase, and emphasized the knowledge of the Vedas, explaining it in the Upanishads. Here all the major doctrines of Hinduism were formulated: Brahman, Atman, Karma, Samsara, Yoga. They were then logically and rationally presented by the Darsanas: Samkhya, Yoga, Vedanta, Vaiseshika, Nyaya. This period lasted up until the common era.

    The philosophical and spiritual period marked a peak in Indian intellectual and scientific culture. The Upanishads were written, the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana were composed, the grammar of Sanskrit was standardized, major treatises on drama and poetry were created. The first scientific and complete system of medicine was invented: Ayurveda. The first universities and hospitals were built. The first planned cities with sanitation were created. The six schools of philosophy emerged. Buddhism and Jainism emerged.

    Then came the Puranic age and India’s intellectual culture severely suffered.

    The idea of philosophical Hinduism that captured the imagination of Indian people was the idea of Brahman(Hindu concept of god) And they started to make various images of this god, by deifying literally people by giving them the status of an avatar(Like Krishna, Rama) and personality sects formed like Vaishnavism, Shivaism, Shaktism.
    Scriptures were composed called the Puranas by each sect for their deities, containing myths and legends, moral codes for the common folk. In this way massive fragmentation took place with hundreds of different sects mushrooming. Later, temples were built everywhere dedicated to their respective sects. It is also during this period the caste system was forged and enforced.

    It is interesting to note that as soon as the idea of god is given to the masses they immediately start making images. Incidentally, it is during this Puranic phase of Hinduism that India was ravaged by invasions. Invasions had happened before the common era as well, such as the Greeks and Persians, but India was organized and strong enough to repulse them. Now, India was highly fragmented, and soon fell prey to various invasions from the Huns, the Arabs, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the English.

    Like Christianity bought about a dark age for Europe. Puranic Hinduism bought a dark age for the Indian subcontinent. Now let us literally look at why Puranic Hinduism is the most stupidest religion in the world:”

    Fast forward to: 0:20 min

    “The video is a common Hindu festival called a Jagrata celebrated monthly to the goddess Durga/Kali – where Hindus stay awake all night dancing, clapping and singing(often being sung by a singer) devotional hymns, which are usually popular Bollywood tracks with religious lyrics superimposed on them!!

    Pray/tell, how on earth is this going to help somebody develop spiritually? It’s just an excuse to have a party and dance :smiley: I described in the other thread how I attended one of these festivals in India, where I saw some of the most superstitious behaviour – a woman pretending to be possessed by the goddess and doing a dance of destruction while holding her baby, violently whirling around and bumping into everybody. A little boy dressed as the elephant god Ganesha brought in ritually sitting on a man dressed in a lion suit, and people thronging at the feet of the little boy to get his blessings!

    What I see are a bunch of idiots.”

  254. Rub57 says:
    @Majority of One

    I’m not sure I can really blame the Democrats for cheating Bernie out of the nomination. Bernie is the biggest communist in American politics since Huey Long. As bad as a Biden presidency will be, a Bernie presidency would be 100 times worse.

  255. @GreatSocialist

    Joe & the Ho will bust immivasion wide open…amnesty…refugee orcs from Hell…zero tariff “ free trade” ( goodbye manufacturing)..1/2 billion “ Americans “…urban sprawl..bye bye open spaces…crowded schools & hospitals..increasingly abused whites eventually down to 20%…Hell on earth. Censorship..mandatory mask/toxic vaccines…God forbid…we’ll have zero hope, no future…fight , leave or suicide

  256. christine says:

    The Rishis of the Vedas was a drug cult and Soma(of the Rig Veda fame) was their drug of choice and that drug was magic mushrooms and they probably learnt what they did from ancient hippie travelers from the Levant or Egypt and Brahmin probably gets its name from A(braham) who after all sent his sons east bearing gifts.

    The only person of Indian heritage that i am aware of that makes the connection between magic mushrooms and the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna teaches Arjuna how to prepare for his mushroom trips is Scott Teitsworth in his book ‘Krishna in the sky with diamonds’ but after speaking with him some years ago and even though i dont doubt his experience i don’t believe he knows how to connect with spirit properly like Buddha most certainly did and i do.

    Some of the ancient Hindu concepts you mention like anatta and its ‘self exists is a false premise’ are part and parcel of a spiritual masters journey down the rabbit hole and it is ‘highly likely’ Buddha meant that teaching literally but i doubt google will tell you anything about it and i am sure Buddha would frown on all the silly statues of him in Asia today because he very likely understood that there was no Buddha.

    I don’t doubt that amongst a billion or so Asian Indians that there are some that ‘get’ the drug origins of Hinduism and therefore the catalyst to world religion itself but as i said i would bet my house that not one of them understands the real meaning behind all the ancient serpent symbolism in Hinduism(and all over the ancient world) and how it is connected to DNA and drug visions of intertwining serpents that are so commonly seen and as far as i am aware there is only one book available that even makes a connection but the author Jeremy Narby is way way off the mark with his completely wrong theory about DNA

    The reason for Ganesh and the holy cow in Hinduism is because Cubensis mushrooms grow from the dung of herbivores like elephants and cows in the tropics and sub tropics all over this dream world.

    Even though i am a 56 year old white northern European a billion or so Asian Indians could learn a thing or two about Hinduism and Buddhism from me and i have to say i do appreciate and admire your humility in not trying to caste any doubt on what i say just for me not being a Hindu and white.

    • Replies: @Malla
  257. christine says:

    Although i haven’t read it a drug cult take on the origins of Christianity is ‘the sacred mushroom and the cross’ by John Allegro and i guess it must be good because it cost him his career in England in the 1970’s.

    As far as i can tell(if the Jesus story is true) the hippie Jesus belonged to the Essenes drug cult but i don’t know if that is mentioned in the book or not.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  258. Trinity says:

    Hold on everyone, Joe & The Ho taint in the White House just yet.

    IF Trump pulls this off and STOPS THE STEAL, he needs to get his orange ass to work for the NEARLY ALL WHITES OUT THERE FIGHTING FOR HIM. Sure, I see a Black or Brown here and there, but all those people still backing his Jew loving ass are NEARLY ALL WHITE WORKING CLASS PEOPLE.

    I don’t buy that Trump is a crypto Jew, he certainly doesn’t look like Jewish, but he does need to drop all this Jew ass kissing and kick Javanka to the curb if he is reelected. And he needs to start actually doing something about all those promises he never kept. And kick William Barr’s sorry ass to the curb as well.

  259. @Astuteobservor II

    He was fighting for freedom – economic,social,political and religious. If you like you can add yours to the list. Thanks to the changes initiated by Reagan many Russian churches have been restored. That is great, isn’t it ?

  260. Anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:
    @Francis Miville

    The modern English language is to what English would have normally been, what Yiddish is to German : it is the bastardized Jewish version of the language that was imposed as the norm.

    Can you explain the ways in which modern English is a corrupted Jewish version of English? How did English become Judaified?

  261. Anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:

    WASP culture, including the English language, has been the greatest host possible for the age-old Jewish drive to control the entire world.

    Please elaborate, especially about why English in particular is a useful language for Jews.

  262. @christine

    That guy Allegro, doesn’t look normal. He is kind of Dan Brown, an attention seeker. Christianity has always been attacked by strange people both from the left and the right. For the NAZIS it was too peaceful and civilized to fit into the supposedly conquering nature of the ” Aryan ” race. Hitler even suggested that Islam with its Jihad would perfectly work for his people. I have to add here that Allegro was a product of his time, the age of drugs,sex and rock and roll. He was not a scholar.

    • Replies: @christine
  263. Truth says:

    What if they fought Gooks or Japs?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @HeebHunter
  264. @Trinity

    Hell, there appears to be more freedom in Russia now than in America. America is embracing communism in 2020 and Russia has declared itself a Christian Nation. smdh.

    Top post, Trinity! Short, succinct & to the point.
    I tire of trying to get this into the thick skulls of the bamboozled Western sheep — and they are many.
    Yet in the US, for example, they continue to vote for the same 2 crooked parties over & over & over again. SMDFH

    • Thanks: Trinity
  265. christine says:
    @Charles Martel France

    I couldn’t care less if he wasn’t a scholar or what he looks like and although i haven’t read the book i doubt very much that he was attacking Christianity.

    Take the red pill next time.

  266. christine says:

    I meant to also say thanks and i enjoyed reading what you had to say about how Hinduism lost the plot over the ages and why wouldn’t it without the help of Entheogens( Greek-god within).

    Another dot joiner is how past Avatars and biblical Patriarchs like Krishna and Moses were cow herders and i already mentioned what grows around the dung of cows and also Krishna is depicted as blue and psychoactive mushrooms like cubensis/soma bruise blue.

    You may not believe what i say but i am talking facts and not theory about the catalyst for Hinduism.

    • Thanks: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
  267. Malla says:

    Thanks for this info. Yes a lot of religions have their origins in psychedelics like those Shamans of Mongolia or Sami/ Inuit shamans taking magic mushrooms. I guess it is about closing down your thinking brain thus lighting up your amygdala to connect with the spiritual world. That is the core concept of meditation or stopping of thoughts.

  268. Malla says:

    Yes, Soma or Somras (Soma juice). It seems you can still get Soma in Central Asia, northern Afghanistan, the Soma so mentioned in our earliest ancient Aryan texts. Thanks.

  269. Malla says:

    It is great reading your informative posts. Thanks.
    What about serpent symbolism? What do you know about this, I am curious. One theory sez that the Nagas (Cobras) were a people from Central Asia related to the Scythians and Buddha was close to this group. There are a people called Nagas living in the Indian North East, in the borderlands of India and Myanmar/Burma and they have given a tough fight for independence from India after all the brutality committed by Indian forces on them, they still fight back.
    Also the Christian say that these serpents in Hinduism and the great serpent of the Universe (Lord Krishna says) may prove that our religion is Satanic since in the Bible serpents are related to Satan. Who knows? Serpents (Nag/Cobras/King Cobras) are very common symbolism on Lord Shiva (Serpent around his neck), Lord Vishnu (Lies on his resting place with a huge multi-headed Serpent guarding him with his Wife, Goddess of Wealth, Goddess Laxmi (Lacme is same as Laxmi of that famous French opera–you know “flower duo” song, in that she is just an Indian woman))
    What is your take? Personally I hate snakes but anyways.

    • Replies: @christine
  270. Malla says:

    The Japs had no interested in attacking the USA, FDR wanted them/maneuvered them to attack so that he could rile the American people against the Axis including Germany, Hitler was not taking the bait of Lusitania 2.0. The Jap Empire was the biggest, most dangerous obstacle for the spread of Communism in the Far East (something the Rockefellers were very keen on) and thus they were under target too, they had to be destroyed. Also FDR was very concerned and scared for his pet Soviets and was scared that Japan may attack the Soviets from the East while they fight the Germans in the West. So why not get them engaged with the USA. Save the Soviet Union at all costs.
    The truth is, in a sane World, the USA, British Empire, French Empire, German Third Reich, Japanese Empire etc… should have combined forces and liberated Russia from the Bolsheviks and then united forces to end this abomination of Marxism from this planet, permanently.
    The Germans could have collected all the Jews in Europe including Russia, the British the same throughout the Empire (Australia, Canada, South Africa) as well as Middle Eastern world and the USA the same and then given them all to the Royal Navy who would have transported and dumped them all in British India before giving India independence on one condition, Jews stay within India and stay away from the gentile White World forever. India would be like this permanent huge containment prison. Better option than Palestine (Zionist plan), Uganda (alternative British plan) or Madagascar (Hitler’s plan) as refuge.
    Problem solved. Everybody happy! Gentile Whites happy, Arabs/Iranians happy, common Jews happy, Hinjews/Hindus happy (worshiping and ass kissing the Jews), Blacks happy (ask Malcolm X), Peruvian Native Americans happy (Yeah, some of them indios be not liking some local Jews and their ways and be thinking like Red Nazis). Peace on Earth. Only pissed off folks would be the former banker elites and Rabbis, they would have been super-pissed, their plans have been set back by millennia. They would be around the drawing board in some secret Cabal room in some slum in Bombay chalking up new 1000 year plans to eventually conquer Jerusalem and commit White genocide, to bring about their Satanic dajjalic Mossiach on earth and thus global Jew Raj. Oy Vey!!
    But if the White World would have gone National Socialist like Germany, they would have been permanently immune to Jew attacks. It was a fool proof system unlike democracy.

  271. christine says:

    Yes indeed, you are guessing correctly (and very smartly) about how spirit enables one to be free of the ego/mind and meditatively melt into the void of nothingness/oneness/non-duality.

    It is why (without most of them knowing it) Hindus paint that mark on their forehead because the pineal gland is situated in the frontal lobe of the brain behind the forehead and that gland is needed to activate spirit through entheogen use and it is known as ‘the spirit gland’ and ‘the third eye’ due to the trip visions and i am not certain but the pineal gland probably generates thought/ego and actually the reason why serotonin calms the ego/mind and we feel more relaxed after eating foods that contain the protein amino acid tryptophan is because serotonin breaks down from tryptophan and it shares the same neurological pathway in the brain as primo entheogens like mushrooms and ayahuasca..

    The ultimate truth about ALL the ancient serpent symbolism spread all around the world is because ancient(and modern) entheogenic visions of serpents(and in particular intertwining serpents) were so common in ancient times that they evidently recorded a lot of it, as we can see even today and those visions were serving as a clue from spirit/god about how it is possible to regenerate our DNA, where one can quite literally shape-shift their holographic non-self much younger looking than their age suggests and the clue was, in case you missed it, because the visions of intertwining serpents closely resembles the DNA double helix.

    Notice that several of the images on the wikipedia page for ‘serpent symbolism’ show intertwined serpents.

    This is why as a white European i can claim to know things about Hinduism that a billion odd Hindus don’t (and for that matter all the Hindus and Buddhists that have ever lived) and anything else written about serpent symbolism in the past or present that differs from what what i say here that is written by a Hindu or Buddhist scholar (or not) is completely incorrect theoretical mumbo jumbo and those so called scholars don’t even understand the truth about anatta/anatman and how very very likely it was meant ‘literally’ by the ancient masters of spirit like Buddha and so bollocks to’ know nothing about spirit religious scholars’.

    • Replies: @Malla
  272. @trickster

    As you may well know one has to tuck it well into the shoulder so the weapon and your shoulder work as one. Every family can protect themselves with just a \$200 or cheaper shotgun which can fire slugs or shot.
    I learned on the M14 in the 60s USMC. I remember the rifle could slam your shoulder if you didn’t tuck it in. I know that most Americans who are afraid of “guns”will be happily surprised to see how quickly they can learn to use them, but properly as you indicated.

  273. @Trinity

    I am in my 70s. I agree with you.I feel the same way. I remember a lot of guys who never made it.
    Look at the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. I worked with them. They wanted to help. Most were terrific citizens, and their sacrifice and dedication means nothing to over half the US population.

  274. @John Johnson

    The thing i find disturbi g is calling her a role model when she used sex to advance her career. I seriously doubt her attraction to a man 31 years older than her was physical. Take politics out – only a pathetic society would call that a role model.

    • Agree: Lost American
    • Replies: @Trickster
  275. Cat says:

    Las Vegas gamblers are surely betting on how exactly Biden will get bumped off to make way for Kommissar Kamala — Ms. Police State herself. Who can guess the takedown method?

    * A Covid ventilator?
    * Assassination by a “white supremacist” patsy?
    * The cancer shot?
    * A class action lawsuit by little girls whose hair was overly sniffed?
    * Corn Pop pops him one?
    * Hunter Biden’s evidence of The Big Guy’s vast bribery racket?
    * The 25th Amendment? (Pelosi’s preferred choice)
    * Sent upstate for murdering the English language?
    * A third brain aneurysm?
    * Disgruntled ChiComs soured by an overly larcenous deal?
    * Kamala spikes his drink with white oleander?

  276. Ivan says:
    @Charles Martel France

    Reagan was a stupid man easily manipulated by anyone brandishing anti-communist rhetoric.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  277. @Truth

    Pre PRC China and the Empire of Japan were culturally close to the West in its hayday.
    But of course since you actually asked something in such stupid fashion, no wonder why your likely illiterate retarded mutt granddaddies were so easily shipped off to die for kike interests.

    • Replies: @Truth
  278. denk says:


    HUman rights will be the cornerstone of my foreign policy.

    So whats new honey ?
    Weaponisation of Trade ,, human wrongs, sanctions, FF, color rev., jihadists proxies….passing of as foreign policies.

    Wash, rinse, recycle.

    Russia, China, Iran, Sir Lanka, Myanmar etc , expect more shit storm of human wrongs blowing your way.

    But Why let them have the field all to themselves ?

    Thats the spirit world,
    stick it to the mofo.

    Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

  279. Metropole says:

    The only breakaway white republic I see being created will be when all the seriously committed supporters of white purity, all 769 of them, will start a commune somewhere in Wyoming. Most will be disgruntled men, young and old, with a smattering of groupies.

    After a winter in the snow, come spring, maybe 33 diehards will be left. The rest would have escaped back to globe-homo.

    • LOL: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  280. denk says:

    Told you long ago….
    Indians are the new chosen ones.

    • Replies: @Malla
  281. Truth says:

    Pre PRC China and the Empire of Japan were culturally close to the West in its hayday

    Oh, so your Great-Granddaddy lounged around his paper house in a kimono, rode a rickshaw to the market and defended himself with a katana?

    • LOL: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  282. @Truth

    Typical response to be expected from a subhuman mutts of mixed arab and northern nigger heritage.
    Pray tell, do you listen to “jazz” also and cream your pants at the thought of big, burly nigger musicians like any good amerimutts would?

    • Replies: @Malla
  283. @Metropole

    This. Huwhite “nationalists” are completely dumb, ignorant and worthless. They don’t even have a real identity beyond their not-even-so-pale skin anymore.
    They still celebrate ww2 ffs. They never really wanted to destroy modernity and the kikes in the first place. They still want to engage in degeneracy just with a group of fellow “huwhite” mutts like it is Woodstock.

    There was never a chance.

  284. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @SS-The Independent

    Aaah Larchmonter! good morning! sweet morning

    you hit the spot tight there, this 6 am morning-time getting out of sleep mode 2 hours after actually got out of bed, put all the fake abstract religions come between humans and god in their devilish place

    the real god whom I don’t know but sense, seems there in your formulation – spirituality/morality a given, nothing to do with fake religion.

    but we have messed it up haven’t far. however some still know…there may be hope yet

  285. Malla says:

    mixed arab and northern nigger heritage.

    Truth is Somali? North Sudanese?
    I thought he was African American-Ghanaian mixed dude.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @HeebHunter
  286. Malla says:

    Hehe denki, I have been warning about us Hinjews too. But we hinjews take our orders from the old Kosher chosenites. Sucking kosher d..k in in the Hinjew DNA. The best Shabbas Goys shekels can buy.
    It is even in our language too, when someone achieves something great we say in Hindi “Shabbas”. Hinjews have been thus training and preparing themselves to collectively twerk to Jew power for centuries and be good Jew slaves.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @christine
  287. Trickster says:

    What of the man 31 years older was a direct descendant of of Ron Jeremy or even John Holmes ?

  288. Trickster says:

    Tch Tch Tch Metropole. Whatever happened to your faith in the ability of 2 female Afros to run the country. The first President and Vice President in US history to be darkies.and one an LGBTQ .

    Where oh where is your sense of HISTORY ? We are breaking new ground here========= like ah digging a grave !?

    With these 2 at the wheel how can we go wrong ?

    • Replies: @Truth
  289. Truth says:

    You read this moron’s first post about Asians 100 years ago having a similar culture to westerners, why would you expect his second to prove more intellect?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  290. Truth says:

    Have either of you clowns ever heard of the 25th Ammendment?

  291. The MAGA tears flow and flow.

    Soon soreloser and crybaby Trump will announce his run for 2024, if he isn’t in jail by then. And this time, all the worms who were sucking on his ass will turn and fight him for that spot, and now they know how he is, so they will ream his ass and probably kick him out of contention.

    It’ll be like little sweaty Marco going right up to fight against Jeb Bush. Imagine Man-pig Pompeo, reptilian Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley mocking Trump, Tom microcephalic Cotton saying Trump is danger to US Security, all the rest saying that Trump is too old and feeble to run….what a feast that will be for the Dems.

    Nobody wants this precious snowflake Trump as POTUS anymore. At most they want the support of his precious snowflake followers, who will be less n less as the next few years go by, and even lesser if Trump goes to prison or goes totally senile.

    Pussolini Trump is finshed, with a permanent “L” branded on his flabby ass.

  292. denk says:


    Kamala Harris, daughter of immigrants, scripted history as she broke the glass ceiling in the world’s oldest democracy to be elected America’s first Black and South Asian-descent woman Vice President, the latest entrant to a growing list of Indian-origin lawmakers rising the political ladder and occupying influential positions in governments across the world.

    Harris’s election as America’s next Vice President is groundbreaking as she brings to the office a litany of firsts – she will be the first woman, the first Black woman, the first woman of Indian descent and the first daughter of immigrants to be sworn in as Vice President. Harris’s historic political elevation is a milestone for the four-million strong Indian diaspora in the US – an achievement by an Indian-origin lawmaker that is not limited only to America but one that is being witnessed across the world as more and more people of Indian-descent are named as ministers and policy makers in cabinets that are increasingly becoming more diverse.

    The top Indian-origin politicians who have broken barriers and shattered glass ceilings in other countries include New Zealand’s first-ever Indian-origin minister Priyanca Radhakrishnan, senior Republican leader Nikki Haley, Minister of National Defence in the Cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Harjit Sajjan, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, Ireland’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and Singapore’s first Leader of the Opposition Indian-origin politician Pritam Singh.

    There aint no glass ceiling for Indians to shatter cuz…[1]

    PTB has chosen Indians to run the 21C, especially to counter the yellow peril.

    Eight nations Alliance wants their sepoys back in the family and…Whiteys embrace their Aryan Indian cousins with open heart.

    Thats why Indians are given a free reign in Silicon Valley and soon to run the planet on behalf of the PTB.


    Tell that to the Chinese tho,
    Global Chinese Exclusion Act, no less.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  293. @GMC

    I think you are on to something with this comment. I dont think it will work – but you probably right that is part of the plan.

  294. @Ivan

    Anyone ? Like who ? Give example,please.

  295. denk says:

    The elephant already have three legs planted in the QUAD, leaving one leg in SCO prolly to humor PUtin.

    With prez Kamala, bharat would genuflect completely as the de facto 51 state of USA.

    • Replies: @Malla
  296. christine says:

    Few have the bollocks large enough to go deeper than deep down the rabbit hole and so the 8 billion odd vast majority (and that i have no doubt includes you) alive remain sleeple but if they were to grow a pair then potentially an ‘absolutely terrifying’ prospect awaits because very high doses of mushrooms taken weekly for extended periods of time can not only make one immortal but can also lead one to Nirvana itself and its permanent cessation of Samsara with no way back into the dream for ever and ever and so it is best for to say good bye to loved ones before each advanced journey, unless of course they have an expert spirit guide on hand but unfortunately there are very very few of them around in the dream.

    Happy dreaming sleeple.

    • Agree: Malla
  297. @Malla

    Let’s not go overboard here… Cunning? Dangerous? Loose? Power hungry? Yes – all those… But come on – she’s not ugly…

    • Replies: @Malla
  298. @John Johnson

    Puerto Ricans and whites in NYC (Bronx and Lower East Side of Manhattan) were the first grafitti artists… Blacks were late to in

  299. Malla says:

    I am guessing, you are joking.

  300. Malla says:

    No denki, you got it other way round. The good ol USA is on its way to become the 29th state of Bharat. Conquered without firing a shot, the old Jewish way of slithering to power. Dumb Whites allowed us in, we are takin over (under our Kosher masters of course), the desi in the White world shout out, laughing, in one voice “dumb people deserve to be fleeced and taken over.”

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Anon
  301. @Trinity

    So you honestly dont know anyone who died of covid? You must have a very small circle of people you know then in a very isolated corner. Heart attacks and cancer not abnormal. If you know 5 or 6 people who die from them in one year – then that is…. So you really think its not bad huh?

  302. denk says:

    Whichever way you look at it,
    This will be the Indian Century.

    All the world are belong to us.

    Top Comment from Pradeep menon

    Indians are unstoppable …..


  303. Anon[861] • Disclaimer says:

    Indians are stupid too. Sonia Gandhi the Italian, and her 2 children.

  304. Theresa says:

    that c*nt will never be president.

  305. @denk

    I sincerely wish half the population of India immigrate to ALL Negro-Sickxon occupied land, especially where they spawned from.

    Bring them down, brother!!

  306. @Malla

    You are welcome.
    Also, the true amount of illegals cant be counted. Even leftists admitted that 20 millions is low balling.

    Notice how they didnt say more or less, LOL!
    Muttmerica deserve to be a womb farm for Indians and Blacks.

  307. Truth says:

    …Oh yeah, that proved your point…

  308. Malla says:

    Thanks for this knowledge, very interesting.

    This is why as a white European i can claim to know things about Hinduism that a billion odd Hindus don’t

    Not surprising. I have learnt more from non Indians about Hinduism than Indians themselves such as the great Persian scholar Al Beruni and the German Philosopher Schopenhauer.

    • Replies: @christine
  309. christine says:

    You’re welcome.

    If you can begin to understand what is possible in a world where there is no physicality like Buddha taught then you perhaps can understand how the course of the dream is headed away from evil because spirit is pure love.

    I have yet to come across anyone online that can ‘even begin’ to grasp what i say about spirituality and the deeper their slumber the less they will i guess and i sometimes have a really good chuckle to my non-self at those intellectual types online with their heads full of smart words who think they know it all about life because spirit doesn’t do words/ego/mind because their is no human ego/mind to be smart about.

    • Thanks: Malla
  310. christine says:

    And congratulations because you hit the very special pi number 3.14………….3.1………….1.3…………..13.

    Of course there really is no such thing as coincidence in this pre-determined dreamsphere.

    • Replies: @Malla
  311. Malla says:

    Yes. Thanks.
    You have a lot of knowledge about things. Great to meet you on Unz. Of course you and I and all of us here may not really exist as distinct egos in dreamspace.

  312. christine says:

    Actually it is a ‘stone cold fact’ that has absolutely nothing to do with ‘maybe’ and we really really don’t exist as physical form and it is possible for one to ‘see’ through the veil to the illusion, as Buddha must have done some 2500 years ago for him to teach about anatta/anatman.

    No grand words or knowledge needed on a spiritual masters journey but only awakened eyes and a deconstructed ego/mind.

  313. @BuelahMan

    Trump holds the record for Lying—all he has done is LIE LIE LIE

    Trump is the BIGGEST JEW LOVER USA ever had—but you voted for hme–correct?

    Trrump had a JEW write his college entrance exams —character’s name was Horowitz.

    TRUMP was PAL of Roy Cohn –a pathological lying JEW of the first Order.

    Trump’s son in LAW is KUSHNER — a JEW.

    Trump is a closet JEW —and his pals in Trump Tower are Russian Jews with Israeli ties.

    Trump Trump Trump TRUMP —– all lies lies lies

    Golfing weekends and does nothing but talk talk talk about Nonsense.

    Howeve he’e ll back in 2024 with Pence to boot !!!

    Happy Waiting !!!

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  314. @GomezAdddams

    Howeve  he’e ll back in 2024 with Pence to boot !!!

    Yes, I think Trump will come back, too. The Gematria Decoders* have the numbers to prove (predict) it, as well as the numbers to prove/predict Kamala Harris has been chosen by the Cabal to be the next POTUS.

    *I’m referring specifically to Zachary K. Hubbard, author of Number Games: 9/11 to Coronavirus

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