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Congratulations President Kamala
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The kindest thing we can say about Joe Biden is that he is a proven scatterbrain whose physical and cognitive daily life depends on his wife’s vigilant handling of his word and foot. She is forever present wherever he is: whispering to him his forgotten word, and showing him where podium and exit door is. Simply, she is his guide-dog and theatrical standby coaching him from the wings. And for all we know, Biden may also already be incontinent and needing adult diapers under his pajamas and Mrs. Biden here plays the role of personal diaper-changer too.

This is the pre-election status of our new president, Joe Biden.

But what of post-election? How will our handicapped and dependent president manage complex state affairs and even more complex foreign policies for the next four years? He is already 77 years of age and clearly his cognitive abilities will continue to naturally diminish with age, with no prospect whatsoever of their return to robust elasticity.

Begs the question here therefore: why on earth did the Democratic party choose him as leader of party and presidential candidate when they know better than you and I of Biden’s dwindling mental stature? Surely an unspoken yet blatant ruse is at hand here? Yes? No? Yes, indeed there is and let’s here code-name it ‘Operation Kamala’. The Democratic party leadership that is desperately needing to win the White House and remain there for eight years have resorted to employing unconventional methodology to insert their real preferred candidate: an unpopular candidate by presidential standards; a selected candidate and not an elected one.

The real candidate that’s preferred by the Jewy Deep State and by Jewish Power is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s pick of Vice President, and not Joe Biden himself. The Democratic party will soon enough be performing their ‘great switcheroo’, to be executed soon as it becomes impossible to cover up Biden’s mental failings. What these Democratic Party honchos and desperate strategists have done in essence is cynically exploit our constitution and election rules by playing a Two-card Monte trick against the American voter. Now you see the democratically elected Biden card, and NOW you see the selected VP Kamala Harris’ card. Every guess made at this sly game makes every single American voter a loser.

Kamala Harris: a slime-ball lawyer who reached the high office of District Attorney of uber liberal San Francisco is of mixed-race: of Asian-Indian and African-American extraction. She is a combination of Israel-firster Modi and Israel-firster Sammy Davis Jr – yet the mainstream media consistently refers to her as a “Black-American”, and clearly this is because ‘Asian-Indian’ does not sell well at the voting booth. Here we have the same intentional racial inaccuracy as with how mulatto president Obama was sold to the voter. And like presidents Obama and Trump before her, Kamala is both besotted and beholden to Jewish power. The Jewish Lobby promoted her selection as president-to-be despite her being the first Democrat to drop out of the presidential race, nay the first Democrat to be elbowed out of the race by Tulsi Gabbard. Being childless at 56 years of age and married to a divorced Jewish man, she refers to herself as a “proud and loving stepmother” to his two Jewish children. Kamala thus evidently has a personal and careeristic investment in serving Israel above all else. In this sense, we can say that Kamala actually married Israel and guaranteed thus her rise to political rank in the US, despite her low popularity even among Democrats. How else to explain the biggest loser in the primaries eventually becoming actual president of the United States of America? This here is the “unconventional” ruse devised by the criminal Democratic strategists. This here is the crime scene where American democracy was stabbed in the heart and in the eyeball. This here may very well be the race-war trigger planned for America by Jewish power when America finds itself, overnight, ruled by a selected (not elected) female president of color.

I can see an ocean of Whitey froth and bullets when this happens.

And until the day Kamala takes the White House with the help of Jewish sleight of hand, we have Biden.

Biden the committed Zionist. Biden the old man with a penchant for inappropriate touchy-feelys of little girls. Biden, the supporter of color revolutions and wars for the Jews. Biden who doesn’t know where the exit door is. Biden who is bad at math but good at pocketing monies from corrupt deals. Biden the poster-boy and linchpin of the biggest Jewish subterfuge operation against the American voter and their beloved constitution.

What’s left to say except: good luck Americans. You’re certainly fucked for the next 4-8 years. You’re fucked perhaps even for eternity.

(Republished from Plato's Guns by permission of author or representative)
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