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“Coming Apart” Revisited
Life History Theory and the Crisis of the White Working Class
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One of the best-selling nonfiction books of 2012 was Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010.[1]Charles Murray, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, (New York: Crown Forum, 2012). It was widely reviewed, including an informative essay by Roger Devlin in this publication.[2]F. Roger Devlin, “Elite and Underclass: Review Essay on Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. The Occidental Quarterly 12, no.1 (Spring 2012) 31-50 As stated in the subtitle, Murray focused on White Americans, and he saw a growing class divide among this demographic. Paradoxically, by making his study explicitly racial he tried to eliminate race as a factor in his analysis. He wanted to explore “the ways in which America is coming apart at the seams — not seams of race or ethnicity, but class.”[3]Murray, Coming Apart, 12. He sought to describe this phenomenon but not its causes. “I focus on what happened, not why.”[4]Ibid.
(Murray, Coming Apart, 12.)

According to Murray, America has a new upper class (NUC) consisting of the top 5 percent, although in some of his analysis he includes the top 20 percent. He says he is not writing about the super-rich one percent, or one tenth of one percent. The NUC has benefited economically and socially from technological advances and globalism. It differs from the old upper class which had more in common culturally with the middle and working classes. Murray believes that “the old rich had a different cultural style, but not different cultural content” than the working class,[5]Ibid., 30
(Murray, Coming Apart, 12.)
providing this example: “Theodore Roosevelt, scion of an elite New York family, schooled by private tutors, had been raised on the same textbooks [such as the McGuffey Readers] as the children of Ohio famers, Chicago tradesmen, and New England fishermen.”[6]Ibid., 141.
(Murray, Coming Apart, 12.)
This common culture was made possible, in part, by a common European-American ethnic identity.

On the other end of the spectrum, Murray sees a new lower class (NLC) consists of a segment of the White working class, perhaps 20–25 percent of the total, that has declined socially and economically since the 1960s. This decline is characterized by a large increase in non-marital births, crime, and drug use, and decreasing industriousness, honesty, and religiosity. The weakening of the family structure has been a huge factor because marriage is needed to socialize the next generation.

No one can read Murray’s book without being struck by the profound cultural revolution that began in America in the 1960s, a revolution that is continuing today. This revolution has affected all classes, but its negative impact has been disproportionately on the White working class. Murray believes that starting in the 60s higher education acted as a great sorting machine, selecting and separating high-IQ individuals from the general population. The high-tech economy rewards these individuals with affluence, and they tend to live in the same neighborhoods, work at the same types of jobs, socialize and marry, and usually produce high-IQ children.

This all may seem meritocratic, and beneficial to society, but it is neither wholly meritocratic nor beneficial. SAT scores are often used as a rough measure of intelligence, and students with certain family backgrounds (Murray uses Asians as an example, but Jews would be included also), and students living in the Northeast, are more likely to attend elite institutions than White students living in flyover country with the same SAT scores. This also does not take into account affirmative action admissions of non-Whites or elite foreign youths attending American universities. While Murray implies that the NUC is a product of merit, he admits in an aside that it is not entirely the case.

As a conventional conservative Murray is more comfortable discussing issues of class and culture than race. He reiterates the above quote later in the book. “Our nation is coming apart at the seams — not ethnic seams, but the seams of class.”[7]Ibid., 269.
(Murray, Coming Apart, 12.)
And again, “We are one nation, indivisible, in terms of whites and people of color. Differences in the fortunes of different ethnic groups persist, but white America is not headed in one direction and nonwhite America in another. We are divisible in terms of class.”[8]Ibid., 276.
(Murray, Coming Apart, 12.)
Yet Murray agrees with Edward O. Wilson that “the social sciences are increasingly going to be shaped by the findings of biology — specifically, the findings of neuroscientists and geneticists.”[9]Ibi d., 299 And he acknowledges that there will be group differences in outcomes because “they differ genetically in their cognitive, psychological, and physiological profiles.”[10]Ibid., 300
(Ibi d., 299)
Unfortunately, Murray’s useful study on an important topic does not put the fate of America’s White working class into a wider racial context, and by his own admission does not deal much with causation.

Five years after the publication of Coming Apart, psychologist Steven Hertler tackles causation in a book titled Life History Evolution and Sociology: The Biological Backstory ofComing Apart: The State of White America 1960–2010.[11]Steven C. Hertler, Life History, Evolution and Sociology: The Biological Backstory of Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

Hertler was also a co-author of The Rhythm of the West: A Biohistory of the Modern Era, AD 1600 to the Present (2017), reviewed by Nelson Rosit in “Understanding Western Decline,” The Occidental Quarterly 18 no.2 (Summer 2018) 97-102.
According to Hertler, his work “supplies the evolutionary and genetic framework” for Murray’s book, and that framework is life history evolution theory.[12]Hertler, Biological Backstory, vii.

Life history theory explains the different evolutionary strategies that organisms have adopted to survive and reproduce. Life history operates along a continuum from r (relatively fast) to K (relatively slow). On the r side we find fruit flies and at the K side elephants. The r-strategy organisms are small at birth, grow rapidly, mature quickly, produce large numbers of offspring, have little parental investment, and die early. These traits are interconnected. The K organisms employ the opposite strategies. Life history theory was first articulated many decades ago, and was not controversial until J. Philippe Rushton extended the theory to human racial groups.[13]John Philippe Rushton, Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 1995). Rushton used life history to “explain variation among human populations, not only on the core biological variables, but also on psychological and social variables.”[14]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 9. Hertler believes that although “life history evolution hides behind every line of [Murray’s] Coming Apart, it remains unmentioned”.[15]Ibid., 5
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 9.)
It should be noted that Murray does mention life history theory in his co-authored The Bell Curve,[16]Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (New York: The Free Press, 1994). noting that, despite the controversies, “human life history variation . . . presses ever closer towards consensus, if not confirmation.”[17]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 6.

Compared to other organisms, all humans are K strategists, but some groups more K than others. Hertler’s thesis is that America’s White working class is pursuing an increasingly r strategy. “If a particular culture does not offer an obvious path to long-term status and success, the people in it will choose shorter investment strategies.”[18]Ibid., 8.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 6.)
Over the past half century the trend among the White working class has been away from well-paying union jobs in construction and production to low status, low-wage service jobs. This encourages short-term strategies that bring immediate but transient rewards such as casual sex, drug use, and escapist entertainment.

So one factor that created the NLC is diminished economic prospects for the White working class. Another important factor, mentioned by both Murray and Hertler, is the physical separation and cultural alienation of the NUC from working-class Whites. The traditional White elite has abdicated their leadership responsibility to their people, for they no longer consider themselves part of a people, the European-American ethny. A third factor, emphasized by Kevin MacDonald, is that the countercultural revolution of the 1960s removed traditional social supports for K-style parenting: people on the lower end of the IQ distribution (the White working class and Blacks generally) benefit more from strong social supports—in particular, support for marriage and for mores against out-of-wedlock births which were traditionally embedded within a religious framework: “beginning in the 1960s [i.e., prior to the economic stagnation of the working class which began in the 1970s], there have been dramatic increases in out-of-wedlock births and divorce, resulting in many more children being raised without fathers.”[19]Kevin MacDonald, “Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class, The Occidental Quarterly 18 (Spring, 2018): 41–55, 43.

Hertler describes how leadership should work: Community leaders, the K selected, “solve collective action problems and provide the institutional superstructure in which the r selected can participate. The K selected then actively coerce participation within that superstructure.”[20]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 17. So in a healthy society, K strategists create and enforce social norms, an activity that involves both costs and benefits for them.

Murray and Hertler note that, although the NUC is largely on the political Left, their lifestyles are fairly conservative as indicated by family stability, industriousness, low crime rates, etc. Of course, these elites have been influenced by the cultural revolution, but less so than the working classes. The big change is that the leadership class is no longer willing to impose their norms on the rest of society. They have lost their cultural authority, or perhaps they are simply indifferent to the fate of their lesser kinsmen. As Murray puts it, they are no longer “willing to preach what they practice.”[21]Murray, Coming Apart, 295.

Here is where the racial dynamic — a dynamic addressed by neither Murray nor Hertler explicitly — has explanatory power. With racial integration of the 1960s White America was no longer a cohesive people with a recognizable elite. The influence of the Black subculture on the larger society increased tremendously. Because the leadership class was not willing or able to impose White middle-class norms on Black people, they could no longer expect Whites to conform to these standard either. By 2010 the NLC Whites had adopted many of the cultural characteristics in family structure and work history that Blacks had exhibited fifty years earlier. And some social commentators believe that racial integration has also hurt lower class Blacks by isolating them from the beneficial influence of the Black bourgeois.

The old Anglo elite, which often had a feeling of noblesse oblige toward the common man, has been replaced by a cosmopolitan Anglo-Jewish-Asian elite that has nothing but scorn for traditional America and the White working class that once was the nation’s backbone. Though non-elite Whites have greatly diminished cultural influence, they are still numerous enough to have some political influence. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has been largely able to coopt their discontent into the neoconservative agenda of plutocratic tax cuts, corporate deregulation, and military adventures. Again, the lack of leadership is telling.

Murray and especially Hertler believe the increasing vicissitude of post-modern America, particularly the new economy, has turned a significant portion of the White working class into a precariat — a proletariat in a precarious economic situation. No doubt globalization, which brought massive imports of cheap labor and massive offshoring of production, has had a huge impact, but there have been other social and political forces at work as well. There was great economic uncertainty during the 1930s that did not result large increases in crime and non-martial births.[22]According to the late political scientist James Q. Wilson, despite the activities of some famous gangsters, the 1930s did not see a general increase in crime. And through wars and depressions non-martial births in America remained low until the 1970s.
Rather, the recent economic changes were accompanied by the Left’s assault on the traditional family, the influence of the Black lifestyle, and the extension of the social safety net that facilitated that lifestyle. These factors have all combined to increase social dysfunction.

Hertler’s objective, scientific approach sees social problems, such as non-martial births, “recast as adaptations,” because “evolution eschews the language of good and bad in favor of adaptive and maladaptive.”[23]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 36. With this in mind, he uses insights from life history theory to explain the origins of the different reproductive strategies employed by sub-Sahara African and traditional European societies. Sources of mortality can explain a lot. Diseases, especially malaria, were, and still are, the major cause of childhood deaths in Africa. Given the circumstances, “it is difficult to imagine how assiduous parental effort could meaningfully reduce vector-borne pathogens like malaria.” This favored an r strategy of “early reproduction that engenders large, diverse broods” sired by different mates.[24]Ibid., 32.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 36.)
An uncertain future selects for a faster life history.

On the other hand, Hertler suggests that in pre-industrial Europe the main threats to children were exposure and starvation during the long winter months. The evolutionary response was delayed marriage and childbirth. Because European mortality was due less to extrinsic, uncontrollable causes like pathogens and more likely to be affected positively by a reproductive style emphasizing high-investment parenting, “delayed reproduction, stable martial unions, small brood size, future-oriented laboring, and other markers of the slow life history.”[25]Ibid., 32-33.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 36.)
The different African and European reproductive strategies could be a case of gene-culture co-evolution. In addition to different physical environments, “there is a substantial genetic component to life history upon which evolution acts.”[26]Ibid., 33.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 36.)
Thus even when Blacks relocate to a First-World environment they retain a genetic propensity toward an African reproductive strategy.

In the past, the r strategists in Western societies were held in check by the K-selected middle and upper-middle classes that “were interspersed more evenly across the general population.”[27]Ibid., 39.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 36.)
The physical separation and cultural alienation between the NUC and NLC noted by both Murray and Hertler has been very detrimental. It appears that as the country integrated racially it became more segregated by class, and the two phenomena are related. Without the K-selected component of the community to enforce rules and punish or deter those who violated social norms, the more r-inclined segment of the White community adopted the r strategies of the Black subculture. Murray mentions, “The problems of the white new lower class sound just like the much more widely publicized problems of the black and Latino lower classes.”[28]Murray, Coming Apart, 223.

Hertler suggests that social stability maybe eugenic in that it favors K strategists who tend to be more intelligent and conscientiousness. The r strategy might be better suited for turbulent times because, “the r strategists practice negative assorted mating . . . to create brood diversity. Brood diversity is desirable in that it is a beneficial hedge against unpredictable stressors.”[29]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 38. On the other hand, “the K strategists practice positive assortative mating,” producing fewer offspring more similar to one another, and best suited to “a stable, predictable, and controllable environment.”[30]Ibid.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 38.)
The so-called creative chaos of global capitalism along with the continuous revolution of cultural Marxism has probably contributed to the falling birthrate of K strategists, even as this group maintains its economic and social status. Unfortunately, the conservative strategy of social stability is no longer an option for the West. At this point only radical change can wrench Western civilization out of its downward trajectory.

It is interesting to consider the causation that Hertler supplies to the problems that Murray enumerates. Why have elites abdicated their social responsibility? Hertler believes that “elite extremes of cultural tolerance and political correctness arose with isolation. Once isolated elites could indulge in postmodern egalitarianism.”[31]Ibid., 40.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 38.)
This is certainly one factor, and it could be tied to affluent Whites seeking to insulate themselves from the harsher aspects of racial integration. But there is more at work here.

Consider the fate of Tipper Gore’s efforts to call attention to some of the more objectionable lyrics in rap and rock music. Gore, then wife of Senator Al Gore, was a left-leaning member of the NUC. Murray asks, “why was she so roundly scolded by so many of her social and political peers?”[32]Murray, Coming Apart, 286, Why indeed? As a middle-aged mother of girls, she had the temerity to publicly criticize a genre identified with Black culture and youth rebellion. She may have been “scolded” by her peers, as Murray writes, but segments of the news and entertainment media heaped scorn and ridiculed on her as an object lesson to others who might consider taking up her cause.

Hertler reminds us that, “K strategists, like all other people and organisms, are inherently self-interested.”[33]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 46. If publicly supporting healthy social norms is met with derision, persons will confine their efforts to the private sphere. If explicitly advocating for White interests is met with opprobrium, then only implicit support will be offered. The Alternative Right is trying to persuade Whites that it is in their long-term self-interest to think and act in explicitly racial terms. Probably most Americans and Europeans dislike the demographic transformation taking place in their countries, but they keep silent for fear of “rocking the boat,” a fear the left is skilled at exploiting.

What is the solution? Within the context of their concerns, both Murray and especially Hertler see the possibility of science changing social policies, though even this can be a tough sell. Hertler believes life history theory can explain much of human behavior variation, but notes that 150 years after Darwin, “objections are still raised against evolution, especially when applied to humans, and most especially when applied to human behavior.”[34]Ibid., 47.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 46.)
What is particularly difficult is that biological explanations of human behavior are opposed by large segments of both the right and the left. Fundamentalist Christians and cultural Marxists alike resist the findings of evolutionary psychology. For thirty years after World War II, biological based variations for human behavior were largely written off as pseudo-science. A breakthrough came with E.O. Wilson’s Sociobiology: A New Synthesis.[35]Edward O. Wilson, Sociobiology: A New Synthesis, (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1975). Wilson, a Harvard entomologist, devoted the last chapter of his book to human nature. His work gave a boost to the fields of evolutionary psychology and human ecology.

The reaction from the left to Wilson was immediate. Jewish Leftists such as Richard Lewontin and Stephen Jay Gould established “the Sociobiology Study Group, an academic organization originated solely to nip Wilson’s sociobiological theory in the bud.”[36]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 48. Hertler believes the formation of this group “testifies to the emotional resistance that can overwhelm rational discourse when evolutionarily explaining human behavior.”[37]Ibid., 49.
(Hertler, Biological Backstory, 48.)
While such resistance may be expressed in emotional terms, it is also based on coolly calculated ethnic and ideological interests.[38]Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique (Bloomington, IN: Firstbooks, 2002; orig. published: Westport, CT: Praeger, 1998), Ch. 2. Fortunately, the opposition has been only partially successful. The work of Wilson and others in the field have withstood the test of time. Yet findings from evolutionary science have not significantly informed social programs and policies.

Hertler thinks that psychologists will continue to be “much more comfortable with social scientific data as opposed to natural science data,” because “fluid environmental explanations” are more in line with Western values than “fixed biological ones.”[39]Hertler, Biological Backstory, 50. Probably a larger factor is the intense political and social pressure favoring environmental explanations.

Murray, leaning towards paleoconservative libertarianism, is focused on cultural rather than biological explanations. But as noted above, he also sees an increasing role for life science in forming social policy. “There are genetic reasons rooted in the mechanisms of human evolution, why little boys who grow up in neighborhoods without married fathers tend to reach adolescence not socialized to norms of behavior.”[40]Murray, Coming Apart, 299. While Murray hopes that “science will undermine the moral underpinning of the welfare state,” he sees the real solution to our social problems in “a civic Great Awakening among the new upper class.”[41]Ibid., 295, 305.
(Murray, Coming Apart, 299.)

I believe such a development is very unlikely in the foreseeable future. Some of the reasons have already been noted. The NUC no longer identifies with the historical American nation. They are no longer connected to the White working class by culture or ethnicity. They are estranged from a class they no longer relate to or care about. They embrace not a common culture, but a global multi-culture. Murray is correct that findings from economies and biology are not enough, and ultimately what is needed is a spiritual revival. But the previous Great Awakenings were religiously inspired, and Murray writes of a “civic Great Awakening.” What would be the impetus for such a movement?

What is required, but difficult to achieve, is a new revolutionary White elite that can use past achievements and future aspirations to inspire and lead our people. White America Awake!


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(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the article, Sir. You make good points, but I want to add two.

    First of all, though Murray makes good points in his book, but he works for the Jewish American Enterprise Institute, a neocon group fraudulently representing itself as a “conservative” group. It promotes alienism.

    The Judaists had him write an article in which he said “Jews are God’s Chosen People”, and printed it in their own Jewish Magazine (Commentary 2007). It is a sure sign of mental illness, when God (if there is one) would never do such a thing, people are still not sure if there is God and if he did, He would come and tell the rest of us, and no other nation or people have any records of God visiting them and telling that he had appointed the “Jews” as his Chosen People, proving that it is just a fraud.

    Secondly, all those who bemoan destruction of the family do not point the finger at who did the war on the family—the govt. It is all in the general statutes of the various states and the United States Code.

    Eg. they have a racket called “equitable distribution” in the statutes and it says the Judge will divide the property “equitably” in the event of a divorce. In other words, the govt. loots the man and pays the money to the woman to divorce him!

    I repeat: women are PAID to divorce their husbands, and cheat with other men, under the law.

    Most people do not realize why it is called “equitable.” Reason: It is a scam. Under the US constitution, if you sue somebody, and try to get him to repay you a loan, he is entitled to a JURY TRIAL.

    However, in courts of equity, there were no jury trials, which were supposed to be only for equitable remedies, such as returning chattel stolen by a neighbor, etc.

    Since it would be hard for whores to loot their husbands via a jury, they simply RELABELED divorce muggings as “equitable” to fool the public that a jury trial was not needed.

    Also, they passed statues allowing the whore to have a free lawyer, as the whore’s lawyer is paid from the loot from the man, which is generous award by these crooked judges, who are often friends with attorneys who do “family law.”

    So these “family law” lawyers PROMOTE divorce! When a woman in a bad mood goes to these criminals, they do not tell her to work things out, but instead fill out divorce petition right away, for the most trivial reasons. They incite the woman to divorce, destroy the family, so they can make 50K+ for filling out a few forms and attending a few hearings.

    In America, the biggest criminal is the govt. itself.

  2. tomfcreo says:


    “Hertler thinks that psychologists will continue to be “much more comfortable with social scientific data as opposed to natural science data,” because “fluid environmental explanations” are more in line with Western values than “fixed biological ones.”[39] Probably a larger factor is the intense political and social pressure favoring environmental explanations.”

    The gun geneticist Robert Plomin’s recent book “Blueprint” has a number of relevant, crucial, and counter-intuitive insights and facts backed by mountains of replicated scientific evidence. One of which, and presented by Plomin despite being a leftist, is that 50 years of behavioral and population genetics have proven, beyond any doubt, that there is no systemic or systematic source of environmental influence on any group’s developmental trajectory or outcome. There is no systemic racism, sexism, or any other -ism. If there was, then the geneticists studying heritability of traits and social outcomes would have found it.

    What they have found, for example, is that elite vs standard schools account for 1% or less in the variance of educational achievement. This counter-intuitive result, from massive and replicated studies, helps demonstrate that if there was any sort of systemic oppression – which proponents would claim is much much larger than a 1% influence – would clearly have been found.

    Given these facts we can now state that those believing or promoting systemic or systematic oppression narratives are now firmly in the camp of flat-earthers, such is the mountain of evidence against them.

    Finally, genetic studies of heritability of traits clearly show that heritability is always much less than 100%, averaging 50%, and so proving that the environment most certainly does play a role. It is just that many thousands of behavioral and population genetics researchers have spent decades controlling for all sorts of possible environmental factors and never found any causally influential environmental factor that wasn’t a result of genetics. They conclude that all such environmental influences are like random noise, idiosyncratic, unpredictable, uncontrollable, temporary, and not long lasting.

  3. This ties up with one of the pillars on which Samuel Francis’ Leviathan discourse rests: that in our time and unlike before the (managerial) élite are ever more strictly elected by cognitive selection.

    If you give me and Ron Unz a strip of land and a plow each, he’ll very likely find ways to crop a better crop than I.
    However, if you give each of us a coding machine, the gap will be wider.

    In the age of technology, cognitive unevenness between individuals and groups come to a position in the foreground never reached before.
    Therefore society and its mainstream torrents of untruth need more rationalitazions and smoke mirrors and denials and false attributions than ever before when it comes to anything cognition-related.

    See not “how much” but how, the SAT test has been altered.
    It’s been altered to give more weight to performance, and amount of notions in mmitted to memory, and less to intelligence, with the more precious types of intelligence (subtlety and a eye for nuance) as the favourite target.
    That’s how People like it better, isn’t it.

  4. Hertler thinks that psychologists will continue to be “much more comfortable with social scientific data as opposed to natural science data,” because “fluid environmental explanations” are more in line with Western values than “fixed biological ones”.


    Well… unbudgeable things deny sense of power (power is the ability to bring about change). Who wants such smelly things around?
    It’s all environmental and cultural… and We, the Enlightened Cool & Good, will have a hell of a great time ameliorating it all, for the Good of People (you know, altruism is our hallmark).

    Seriously, think of a fixed reality. How would you be Cool & Good, as well as Enlightened, how would you have selflessness for your hallmark, how would you labor for the Good of Everybody, in a fixed reality?
    This shows reality can’t be fixed.

  5. You can’t vote Labor in the U.S.. Labor was once a major influence in the Democratic Party. That ended when Clinton and the New Democrats sold Labor out for corporate bucks. Since then we have had no representation in Washington. We would have opposed the de-industrialization of the Country. We would have opposed massive immigration. In 2016 the working class vote had been up for grabs for thirty years. Trump got our vote simply by acknowledging our existence.

    The working class sells it’s labor for money so that they can have and feed a family. The availability of work and the sufficiency of wages will determine the health of the working class. We want work and wages. Not war and welfare. We are being crushed in a class war by the Globalist Monopolists or the Neo-Feudalists if you prefer. When considering policy, if you want to be helpful, ask yourself – is it good for work and wages?

    You can’t have unregulated Capitalism and a prosperous working class at the same time. You don’t have to choose but you do have to compromise.

    • Agree: densa
    • Replies: @Wally
  6. Hail says: • Website

    Nice article, if a little on the pessimistic side.

    One thing not mentioned: The Antifa attack on Charles Murray and his host, a Professor Stanger, in March 2017 at a college.

    [T]he “protesters” (more precisely called thugs) decided that they needed to shut down free speech and send Professor Stanger to Middlebury Hospital in order to satisfy their wanton self-righteous egos. She emerged with a neck brace and horrified thoughts about her attackers.

    Writing about her experience on Facebook, Professor Stanger said:

    “One thug grabbed me by the hair and another shoved me in a different direction. I noticed signs with expletives and my name on them.”

    But that’s getting ahead of the story. Here’s Stangers’ own explanation for why she even attended Murray’s speech in the first place:

    “I actually welcomed the opportunity to be involved, because while my students may know I am a Democrat, all of my courses are nonpartisan, and this was a chance to demonstrate publicly my commitment to a free and fair exchange of views […]”

    Nelson Rosit describes Charles Murray in these terms:

    As a conventional conservative Murray is more comfortable discussing issues of class and culture than race. He reiterates the above quote later in the book. “Our nation is coming apart at the seams — not ethnic seams, but the seams of class.”

    For all Murray’s careful hand-wringing on race (he was also anti-MAGA on Twitter), for all his refusal to touch at all on possible ‘causation,’ as noted, he is still attacked.

    The lesson: Why not take our own side, if they’re going to attack us for it anyway?

  7. @Rational

    It’s as you say, but the way you put it still is an understatement.
    The less obvious “state arms” like Hollywood and the mainstream media do at least half of the job. Then there’s the education and legal system. They all play together and the same score, orchestra-like.

    The goal? To undo family. Less family/marriage/relationships between a man and a woman, more authority and power for the state (in the persons of its managerial class).

    You also understate the scope of woman privilege, far exceeding the settlement of economic resources upon divorce. In every respect they have been made into a caste above that of men, with everyone, men before the others, cheerful about it.

    • Replies: @phil
  8. Card-carrying members of the working class, new or old, take your pick, know that the change came exactly in 1973. After 1973, there were no more jobs. Oh, sure, the economy went up and down. “Unemployment” statistics went up and down. But for the real member of the working class, suddenly it was ongoing horror trying to get and keep a job that paid a large enough pittance to survive. Nobody understands 1973 because everybody is too young and history, especially 20th-century history, is frowned upon.

  9. @Rational


    My first real exposure to the white underclass was in Arizona when both I and they were young.

    When the white poor are young, they have no common sense. Many poor young white underclass women are veritable nymphomaniacs whose promiscuity is astonishing-unlike Jews or middle-class Anglo-Saxon women, they never seem to use birth control.

    MacDonald might have a point about the sixties-I saw as much marijuana and beer on campus as anyone else in college at the time but I was astonished how young most poor whites are when they get into drugs. Many of them had been doing cocaine or meth since age 14. And many of them had been introduced to drugs by their parents.

    Crystal meth in particular had a horrendous effect on them. Many of them were out of their minds in Phoenix in 1998.

    I saw several arrested during my time in low-income housing in Phoenix. Seemingly half the young men were on the run from child support.

    Their lack of education was astonishing. Most seemed to have dropped out of high school and had GED’s. But many didn’t. They simply stopped attending middle-school. They knew nothing of science, history, geography…anything.

    The ones that had been in jail had vaguely Nordicist views. So I would ask them where their ancestors were from…they would have no idea.

    I left Phoenix somewhat shaken. I never had any idea that such poor whites could exist.

    • Troll: renfro
    • Replies: @FvS
    , @TKK
    , @Alden
  10. The old Anglo elite, which often had a feeling of noblesse oblige toward the common man, has been replaced by a cosmopolitan Anglo-Jewish-Asian elite that has nothing but scorn for traditional America and the White working class that once was the nation’s backbone.

    It’s stretching things a bit to include Anglos among the current Ruling Class.

    Obviously, there are some, but they’re pretty much tokens at this point and would rather slit their own wrists than stand up for their own kind. Hence, they’re useless, or worse.

    Worse, I think. Because they provide incontrovertible evidence that white people are perfectly fine with being dispossessed, eventually enslaved, and eventually exterminated.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Alden
  11. Sean says:

    What is required, but difficult to achieve, is a new revolutionary White elite that can use past achievements and future aspirations to inspire and lead our people.

    The White elite could, but they need a reason. What are the White Working Class, who are prone to become organised, raise costs, and put the white elites rule in jeopardy, good for now? The Koch brothers Warren Buffet ect now know easily working whites can be mobilized. Unless they are needed to fight a huge war soon it is difficult to see why white workers are not the white elite’s deadliest enemy.

  12. Wally says:

    “You can’t have unregulated Capitalism and a prosperous working class at the same time.”

    Get serious. Since when do we have “unregulated Capitalism”?

    It’s the massive ‘regulations’ that are a big part of the problem.

    BTW, labor unions are monopolies, not good for all of the working class,

  13. Franz says:

    “…profound cultural revolution that began in America in the 1960s”

    This is all bullshit with a cherry on top.

    The whole point of “the 60s” was to smokescreen the fact that the Red Thirties produced a generation of so-called leaders that destroyed the country from within at lightspeed.

    From JFK (US Navy, WWII, Pacific) to Daddy Bush (US Navy, WWII, Pacific) the nation was run by red diaper 30s boys. That’s 1961 till 1993. And the presidency then mirrored their power in industry, finance, all the rest.

    They created the NGO as weapons to destroy ordinary citizens, and it was vigorous and totally premeditated.

    Their God was the CIA and their religion was money. God knows they drained the USA of most of what the nation produced.

    Revolution? No. Distraction. The battle was won in the 1940s.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Feryl
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  14. @Rational

    proving that it is just a fraud.
    Basically, that is and has been the problem with Jews – They are frauds. The whole problem with them and Jesus was Jesus wanted them to live within a moral code and they refused and still refuse to this day. So they had him killed on trumped up charges.

  15. @obwandiyag

    1973 was about when the federal govt. started the takeover of the workplace in our nation. From there, the government moved into every other phase of our lives and is not done yet.

  16. Nice, but… the problem is in national identity, not in r, K, IQ, whatever. America was a nation from, say, 1790s to 1970s. The nation was comprised of English speaking Europe-derived individuals belonging to Western culture & having specifically American cultural-historical loyalties. Blacks were American national minority, not a part of American nation (nor were feather Indians).

    Some fringe groups like Westernized Jews, light Hispanics or completely bleached “others”, who shared American identity, could also become a part of American nation.

    Non-white races have never been a part of American nation. Their phenotype, culture,values…were too different. In fact, there is no multiracial nation anywhere in the world.

    The more unassimilable people you import, the more “diverse” & un-American you become. As for poor whites, they had not adopted any”strategy”. Their behavior is a sign of despair, total loss of hope.

    Or, in short: both authors said some truth, but they are, in my opinion, not so afraid to tell the truth. They simply cannot comprehend the truth that nation is phenotype+ language + historical culture.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  17. Good grief . . .

    “What is particularly difficult is that biological explanations of human behavior are opposed by large segments of both the right and the left. Fundamentalist Christians and cultural Marxists alike resist the findings of evolutionary psychology.”

    Uhhh nope. There are no findings that support the conclusion being assumed here. That’s the real issue. And to claim that their is any real data to support “evolutionary psychology” is beyond the pale. Evolution Psychology” is a termed cooked up to give the speculations of of human behavior and thought more veracity to actual truth than it does in reality. by linking the matter to a biology or genetics for which the proof is more diasporic than biological evolutionary theory is give the matter too much credit. Its to abuse the term.

    The evolution of thought to behavior has no definitive links to genetic evolution from one species to the human. The foundational aspects to human genetics is not questioned by christians. But whether said explainations is unchangeable or so locked in so be the sole factor in said human existence and meaning — that is another question. And it is on that question that christians , like myself challenge the genetic argument.

    ” Hertler suggests that social stability maybe eugenic in that it favors K strategists who tend to be more intelligent and conscientiousness. The r strategy might be better suited for turbulent times because, “the r strategists practice negative assorted mating . . . to create brood diversity. Brood diversity is desirable in that it is a beneficial hedge against unpredictable stressors.”[29] On the other hand, “the K strategists practice positive assortative mating,” producing fewer offspring more similar to one another, and best suited to “a stable, predictable, and controllable environment.”

    I think you have a real problem here. The most stable predictable environment on the planet is the continent of Africa. And the what historians who actually do research on the civilizations on that continent now know is that it was a thriving interconnected commuinity of complex civilizations each with its own cultural beliefs and practices: trade, commerce, etc. all flourished right alongside their conflicts. There is no question that pair bonding among many of those civilizations were arranged for socio-economic and political advantages as well as personal. And that clearly contradicts the suggestion here — which predictably is a commentary about life below the Sahara. As some manner of mass breeding herd mentality. The speculation makes sense, but is not supported by the data, unless one selective chooses data while ignore all factors to the contrary.

    These are the same people who claim same sex behavior is genetic, but haven’t found an iota of evidence to support it and ignore all the data that contradicts their position.

  18. The argument further fails in this,

    the descendents of the african people moved from stable predictable environments north. The northern land masses are known to be far more unstable and unpredictable as to environment that the African continental shelf.

    So according to the model presented, the brood breeding mentality would exist in the Afrians that migrated north as a hedge against not only the unpredictability of the environments, but because the new arrivals had no idea what those environments were. That lack of knowledge would only exacerbate the stressors — result a greater inclination to the construct being advanced but ending the opposite conclusion.

    I think the data is clear that unstable environments is what pressed human psychological strategies for survival, not the other way around. And that those developments in unpredictable environments most likely led to people more inclined to get into a fight over resources. And part of that development was developed from the selective breeding strategies, if one wants to call it that from their ancestors south. But if the theory is has any salience, then the selection was far less among northern african descendents than from the peoples they came from based on

    1. more environmental instability

    2. lack of knowledge about the same.

    In either case, it was not genetics, but the environment that pressed thinking and behavior — an internal must of the theory advanced on its face.

    The forces acting on genetics. And i would contend that includes biological consequence as well.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  19. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    Ever notice whats good for the jews is always bad for the whites? Its almost as if the definition of good for jews is anything that is bad for whites. Ever notice commie jews and capitalist jews never worry about each other its as is they have a tacit agreement, ever notice that jew capitalism and jew communism is bad for whites but benefits both commie and capitalist jews because anything that weakens whites makes jews stronger. splitting whites by class by gender by ethnicity by sexuality by anything at all weakens whites as a people with a culture and a nation this paves the way for jews to take over. any attempt by whites to save each other is always sabotaged by jews.Jews pretend elite whites have a new tribe but they are simply isolating them better to destroy them after they have helped the jews destroy the elite whites power base the white proles who hold the potential for overwhelming violence and thus the true owners of the western nations.
    As pointed out the pass over most flyover whites for elite class so the white proles have as many high cognition people as the white/jew elites do and they are beginning to understand it is up to them to lead whites to retake their lands, elites simply have no violence potential except through white proles they have bribed when war break out these white police military atc will flee home to their families and have no choice but to side with the other proles. In fact many elites will defect when they read the writing on the wall. This used to seem like fantasy but in the past decade the jew led com/cap globalist leftist have jumped the shark once again overestimating themselves and underestimating whites what will be different about this eternal return is their is no longer a repository of slave morality in whites the cuckishness is only status deep when the tables turn the cucks will roll over. One day we may live to see Bill Kristol and Kevin Williamson burned at the stake back to back.Oh wont that be fun to watch

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  20. Anon75 says:

    After 1973, there were no more jobs.

    Hell, I remember. That was the year I started out in the job market having just graduated Dean’s List from a university with two degrees at the age of 19. After seven months of pounding the pavement I finally had to take a survival job–mopping floors in a mental institution for pocket change, my Ken Kesey moment. Though I eventually got out and had a career in a larger city, I know there were many in my area who got their degrees in teaching, science, math, etc, and ended up spending the next forty years stocking supermarket shelves or working in warehouses. Mentally, I see 1973, end of the Vietnam war, as the beginning of the end of the mythical American Dream.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  21. Jake says:

    All of this is a feature, not a bug, of the Globalist phase of Yank WASP-Zionist Empire. Just like it was a feature, not a bug, during the original Brit WASP empire that the preponderance of the peoples native to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Celtic fringe northern and western areas of England would be living barely above or below the poverty line.

    At the height of Victorianism, when the British was the largest and wealthiest empire in history, a very large minority of the citizens of England – not the entire UK, just England – was so desperately poor with no social mobility possible that emigration was the only hope.

    A feature of WASP cultural rule is that the vast majority of white Gentiles will be ruled as if they are dangerous cattle. The less the whites in question are like the WASP Elites in genetics and religion, the more they will be hounded toward at least cultural extermination by WASPs.

    • Replies: @densa
  22. Jake says:
    @Mr McKenna

    What is stretching things is to suggest that the ‘old Anglo’ Elite had any meaningful concern for the non wealthy whites they ruled.

    The WASP Elite has always run roughshod over as many non-elite whites as possible.

    And, it also is true that the WASP Elites always have found tender bleeding hearts for virtually all non-whites and non-Christians who come into their orbit.

    To keep this on the American side, WASP Elites created Abolitionism and ran Reconstruction and funded the creation of many Negro colleges while despising Irish Catholics, Scots-Irish southerners, Anglo-Norman southerners, Polish Catholics, Italian Catholics, and even – if they were more Catholic than they were Germanic in cultural identity and expression – German Catholics.

    The WASP Elite will always ally with Jews against the vast majority of white Christians. Always.

    • Troll: Hail
    • Replies: @Mr. Curious
  23. @EliteCommInc.

    Evolutionary …. is not quite a science, but we should not let overlook a few quite reasonable things re genetic history.

    1. “out of Africa” is dominant hypothesis, but not the only one.

    2. even if we accept it (“out of Africa”), modern humans had been migrating from Africa from ca. 90,000 years ago.

    3. Caucasians can be identified from ca. 35,000-45,000 years ago & “real” modern whites from ca. 12-15,000 years ago. Negroids are identifiable from 8,000-12,000 years ago.

    Among the earliest anatomically modern human settlements established in Europe were Kostenki-Borshchevo, Voronezh Oblast in southwestern Russia. DNA sequencing of a 37,000-year-old male skeleton from the area, Kostenki XIV or Markina Gora, indicates that these early settlers possessed a similar genetic makeup as modern Europeans, but had dark skin and dark eyes.

    Along with such fossils as Iwo Eleru (11,000 BP) and Ishango (8,000 BP), which were excavated from archaeological sites in West and Central Africa, Asselar is one of the earliest known anatomically modern human skeletons of Negroid type. Older fossils with a similar morphology have also been found near Khartoum, dated to between 8,000 and 5,000 BC

    So, when we speak of races in our contemporary sense, the evident ideological accent on “Africa”, which leftists would like to interpret as extolling of sub-Saharan blacks- this has barely anything to do with empirical reality. Africa 50,000 years ago has virtually nothing to do with controversial issues of the contemporary world.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  24. onebornfree says: • Website

    Rational says: “In America, the biggest criminal is the govt. itself.”

    Yes, and it could not have been, and will never be, any different:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”,”improved”, nor “limited” in scope, simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
  25. wayfarer says:

    Cultural Marxism: Its central idea is to soften up and prepare Western Civilization for economic Marxism after a gradual, relentless, sustained attack on every institution of Western culture, including schools, literature, art, film, the Christian religious tradition, the family, sexual mores, national sovereignty, etc. The attacks are usually framed in Marxist terms as a class struggle between oppressors and oppressed; the members of the latter class allegedly include women, minorities, homosexuals, and adherents of non-Western ideologies such as Islam. Cultural Marxism has been described as “the cultural branch of globalism.”


    Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration

    What Happens When Liberals Run Your State?

  26. @Wally

    Working class is correct. You are not.

    • Replies: @Wally
  27. Tom Welsh says:

    “While Murray implies that the NUC is a product of merit, he admits in an aside that it is not entirely the case”.

    The whole concept of “merit” is extremely tenuous, not to say tendentious. As far as I can see, it is used by those who have climbed to the top of the current social tree to prove that their success is right and proper, and wholly deserved.

    But what is “merit”? In theory it might be evaluated by some combination of intelligence tests, educational success, and character. (Without character, high intelligence and superb education may well equip a psychopath to commit greater and more harmful crimes).

    Most often, those to whom “merit” is attributed are simply the winners in the social, business or political race. Just as, in modern US society (and increasingly other societies influenced by the USA), merit has come to be more or less equated with bank balance. (The term “net worth” encapsulates this profoundly false and amoral equation).

    But the current social, business and political systems are so constituted that they filter out the honest, decent and altruistic at every step of the ladder. To reach the top, one has to be quite without scruples, pity or concern for others.

    What kind of “merit” is that?

  28. Tom Welsh says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “Non-white races have never been a part of American nation”.

    Certainly not since the whites virtually exterminated them, no.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @FvS
  29. @Tom Welsh

    Which? The Native Americans. Stories of cruelty towards Africans might be a bit exaggerated because after all most people wanted to take care of their property.

  30. FvS says:
    @jeff stryker

    Yes, we’re all familiar with your anti-white anecdotes. Poor blacks and mestizos/Amerindians are worse and in greater numbers relative to the their total populations.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  31. Nothing less than bloody civil wars will solve the problems of the majority Whites in the West; however, it takes money to do so and the civic minded Christian elites, who may have desire to lead their brethren out of social, cultural and financial morass can’t do so because in order to accomplish that Herculean task, they would have to untangle themselves from Jews who control the levers of machinery that makes the world go round and the Afro-Semitic Jew isn’t going to let that happen, even if he risks, one day, his own offspring adopting Black lifestyle, to its own detriment, out of sheer hatred of Christianity. It’s gonna be a slow march to oblivion!

  32. @Franz

    This is all bullshit with a cherry on top.

    The whole point of “the 60s” was to smokescreen the fact that the Red Thirties produced a generation of so-called leaders that destroyed the country from within at lightspeed.

    Indeed, this generation was raised when Communism was cool. From FDR’s New Deal to our ally the USSR in WWII, to permitting the Jews to feed the soviets our secrets of nuclear armaments threatening our extinction, etc. Hollywood and the MSM adored their commies and the little kiddies lapped it up. Everyone gives the Boomers a rash of shit (deservedly) but neglects to reflect on the Silents who led the way and to whom the Boomers looked up more than their own “Greatest” parents. When the Greatests eventually figured out the dangers of communism, the Silents thought they were old fuddy duddies and joined up with the Beat Generation further inspiring the Boomers to become the retards they are.

    If I live long enough, I will enjoy immensely watching the rest of the Silents and the Boomers being abused by negro, hinpooh, and mesoamerican primates “caregivers”. Fuck all of them. My only concern is my kids and how to save them from a similar fate.

    My generation, as fucked up as it is, is at least known as the most cynical yet. Maybe because we were raised as legal second class citizens and under threat of nuclear annihilation, maybe just because we didn’t all drink the JewGod koolaid, whatever it was there’s at least a significant plurality of us who care about our progeny and rejected the propaganda.

    • Replies: @ValmMond
  33. TKK says:
    @jeff stryker


    I represent them in court. Do you know what is grotesquely fascinating? These poor whites have strains of white pride but they are black ghetto in speech, mannerisms and culture.

    They use black speak, call their Gf/BF “boo”, they put their gimme caps on sideways, they hold guns sideways gangsta style.

    Even the girls “be talking like they black.” But, when they talk about prison and jail, the worst part to them? Being caged up with blacks.

    They never read, have no hobbies over than getting high and getting laid and many will opt for disability and stealing than to working. If I need to know where missing clients are, I use my paralegal’s Facebook log in and check their pages. Their statuses are: I be hustling. With the red 100 sign- meaning they are selling drugs and making cash.

    They are so foolish and lost, it is cringe worthy. They don’t have a pool of broad education and knowledge to pull from to understand the world other than black rap videos and song lyrics. Talking with them while waiting at times, I have discovered most of them did not have books and magazines in the home as children. They have never attended church or cultural events, even something as benign as a Christmas Carol with Scrooge.

    And the meth habit. I thought about contacting the producers of The Walking Dead and telling them I had a posse of young men and women that would need little work to appear dead. Sores, no teeth, emaciated, filthy hair and clothes.

    And they LOVE that drug. They sacrifice their entire lives for it. Another less publicized fact about meth is that is produces monstrous, deviant sexual urges. I had a somewhat articulate client tell me that on meth- he would f*ck a dude, a 5 year old child, a door knob.

    Here is what we say at the courthouse:

    A crackhead will steal your wallet. A tweaker will steal your wallet and then help you look for it.

    • Replies: @FvS
    , @jeff stryker
  34. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Ever notice whats good for the jews is always bad for the whites?

    But Jews say what’s bad for whites is actually good for whites. White people replaced by non-whites in white homelands? That is GOOD.

    Also, Jews think their Word is the World. So, if European people democratically elect a national leader who resists globo-homo hegemonism, that is ‘anti-democratic’ while nations that cuck to Soros and globo-oligarchs are embracing ‘liberal democracy’. Jewish Power isn’t about Universal Values but ‘Inversal’ Values. Fooling people that black is white and white is black is what Jewish Power is all about now. It’s like Jews tell us to beware of foreign influence(Russia, China, etc), but we must all trust and love Israel. And Jews tell us that Americanism is all about equality, but in the same breath, they say we must favor Zionists over Palestinians. ‘Inversal’ Values.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  35. @Bardon Kaldian

    I will take my cues from evolutionary archeologists. According to them the more they find, the more we understand what we are missing. gaps in the human record does not different species make.

    This is the whites are a different species of human contention, unsupportable based on the biological record. Human diversity does not equal people classified different species.

    Human migration:

  36. ValmMond says:
    @Stan d Mute

    our secrets of nuclear armaments

    Easy there. Like you didn’t still those yourselves from German jewish scientists.

  37. TKK says:

    Agree- both about the insanity of a chosen people and the sham of divorce court.

    The closest I have seen a man to committing murder was when a judge (white male, not Jewish) ordered that he had to keep paying support of \$5000 per month to his ex-wife who was living in the comfortable marital home with a 20 something moron on his dime.

    A home my client paid for and furnished and maintained. She showed up at his family business a few times a week, stayed for a few hours and then went to “lunch.” Her financial affidavit showed her earnings one year were around \$675.

    To have to bankroll your cheating spouse and her lover would drive any man to insanity. The law states alimony is based on:

    One party’s need and the other’s ability to pay. That’s it.

    Not integrity, not loyalty, not what is fair. It is a testament to the goodness and sanity of white American men that more don’t go Columbine on judges when they order this criminal madness.

    And if you don’t pay? They can crush you with the power of the State and lock you up.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  38. Seems the author will go out of his way to avoid blaming capitalism. Globalism is the latest stage of capitalism, no denying that. Capitalism requires cheap labor to produce greater profits and higher growth, that is why they love illegals and mass legal immigration. Capitalism is replacing you, capitalism is killing you. You’ve just been subconsciously programmed by CIA media to blame everything except for: CAPITALISM! Capitalists brought the negro slaves here, capitalists are bringing the Mexicans here, same purpose. Cheaper labor=moar profits!

    Capitalism by definition is stealing the surplus value of the labor of other people – it cannot lead anywhere but to where we are today. That’s what the capitalists do, and they aren’t abject to taking more than the surplus for themselves either. When their targets go underwater they arrange some socialized support mechanism to keep them from dying .

    The ‘flaw’ (intentional) in capitalism is that it was never intended to improve the conditions of the common man. Capital, was only ever intended to fill the coffers of princes, kings, dukes, barons and lesser nobles so that they would have a medium of exchange for services that they, themselves, were incapable of producing/providing.

    Capitalism unsustainable, immoral & is doomed to fail. Not moral conscience, just minimize cost (slave labor) & maximize profits above competed interest even the public good or environment. They don’t care about population growth & the limited resources in the world (a recipe for disaster).

    Capitalism is nothing but extraction w/o brakes or controls (plundering) never mind about maintaining a balance, a sustainable world, rebuilding or replacing what they taking out. Not only they are out to kill the competition but are putting a debt burden in all of us & destroying the environment for the future generations (generation tyranny).

    In a capital system “Common Property” (air, forest, water, living organism, etc) are only for the take & expropriation through deregulation, privatization & free trade. The private wealth is the only thing that counts & common property becomes wealth when it is privatized. That is not wealth creation it is wealth confiscation & they patent or claim intellectual property on everything so they got you by the balls.

    The capitalist mentality is that some day everything will be own by somebody (human rights, human services, education, public health, pensions, housing etc) & they are manipulating the people not only to accept this idea but to be good consumers.

    Capitalism put a valuation on everything including humans & common services (public institutions) like fire fighters, libraries, security, mail delivery, schools, etc are privatized & run as a profit making entity. A lot of time they will run a new acquired/privatized service at a lose in order to liquidate it & make a profit.

    Without replacing what it is taken out, the world economy will reach a growth limit but we can have a sustainable world & maintaining a balance if we rebuild or replace what it is taken out (sustainable growth).

    Infinite growth on a finite planet, with population growing exponentially what could possibly go wrong?

    Reagan was, for the Middle Class, the worst president in American history. Though, like Clinton, Trump, and obama, he was just a puppet of the capitalist class. Recall that he started out as a democratic union boss (President of the Screen Actors Guild). Like Trump, he was a superb con artist. A careful look at his presidency reveals that the “Reagan Revolution” was the beginning of the end of the Middle Class, a vast increase in corporate lobbying, the end of all labor representation, the creation of a tax code that favored the rich (at the expense of the Middle Class), the start of leveraged buyout mania and the move to offshoring the American industrial base. The end game of capitalism=imperialism=globalism.

    For the love of money is the root of all evil, you were warned.

    • Replies: @Buzz Hill
  39. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh, boy — this should be good.

    While we’re waiting, are you the Wally who used to cast the same Joodoo spells on so many threads? Lately, it seems you’ve been waving the flag for Wall Street.

  40. @EliteCommInc.

    ? Did you understand what I wrote?

    Modern humans came out of Africa ca. 90,000 years ago. They’ve been mixing with other proto-humans

    Those humans who stayed had been mixing with other proto-humans.

    Caucasians as a separate “race” are old ca. 40,000 years. Blacks, as a separate race, are old ca. 10,000 years. Today’s whites, Asians, Indians…are re their genes & looks “older” than today’s Africans, who are “younger” as a human race.

    Whites, Asians,…are “Africans” only in name, because that was the place they came from. It’s like South African Afrikaners who have racially/ethnically/culturally …nothing in common with Negro Africans although they have the term “Africa” in the name of their people.

  41. @Anon75

    I was in the workforce only three years after college when 1973 arrived. 1973 was probably the year when the America’s post-war prosperity came to an end, starting with the first oil embargo and subsequent energy crisis, double-digit inflation and astronomical interest rates. It was all downhill after that. Working class America never recovered.

    • Replies: @Alden
  42. @Wally

    You are intelligent person and I will explain it to you when I will have a time what did happen.
    Maybe today if I will find a time,

  43. phil says:

    And yet, there has been in all major industrialized countries a decline in female happiness since 1970 (see Betsey Stevenson).

  44. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jewish meddling in foreign countries’ affairs is one of the factors that figures in the marginalization of jews, due to their behavior.
    When Kurt Waldheim was marginalized politically at the behest of foreign jewish interests derailing his political aspirations in Austria, that was a telling moment in which foreign jewish power was blatantly exposed.
    Of course, jews have been caught many times, but always relied on that tired old “hlohoax” (oops, I mean “holocaust”) card to get them out of trouble.
    Let’s look back at jewish behavior starting with the creation of the “state” of Israel:


    -Deir Yassin massacre
    -King David Hotel massacre
    -Lavon affair
    -1967 Six-day-war pre-emption
    -1967 USS Liberty (GTR-5)
    -Goldstone report
    -Jonathan Pollard spy case
    -Lebanon Marine barracks bombing
    -sales of American restricted technology to China and others
    -World Trade Center parking facility bombing
    -dancing Israelis documenting WTC-9-11
    -mossad spies deported after WTC-9-11
    -continued Israeli industrial espionage
    -control of the meth trade and white slavery
    -control of U S political process through dual citizenship and AIPAC

    With “friends” like Israel, who needs enemies?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  45. densa says:

    Thanks for bringing this up. Whites came to America out of need and desperation. Conditions were hard in the old world for the working class, not the ruling class. Two different peoples altogether. The ruling class is doing what it did to the working class before, the difference being that there is no new world to ship us off to.

    Working people built this country, slowly, painfully over many generations. Social capital as well as modest wealth was our prosperity and the so-called elites have stolen it. I like that the article talked about obligation, but the rich have always been short of that when it comes to the cattle. Limiting their power to do so was the promise of this country, one not delivered on by either side of the political divide.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Bubba
  46. @Bardon Kaldian

    Hmmmmm . . .

    given your response, I am sure I understood what you wrote. I think I stand where I came in. In fairness, i will take a look at your distraction on the “proto humans” mating . . .

    The distinctions you make above are not a different species, but one of biodiversity and culture, via, looks, behaviors and beliefs — other than that the whites are descendents long removed from their origins of Africa. And as such they have everything in common. If the Dutch mated with an African in the location the Dutch set up shop — they would produce a human being being. That w=human being would develop as to the manner said community and the practices thereof operated.

  47. @Wally

    Ever heard of Glass-Steagall? Antitrust laws?

    • Replies: @Wally
  48. @Bardon Kaldian

    excuse the double post, intended to be corrections only and unintentional.


    To be fair, I took a look and no, the Dutch and the native africans are the same species — what is often referred to as modern man as opposed to the archaic man you reference. Granted this matter remains under discussion, but in my view the evidence leans clearly against any inner mating between these two species.

    • Replies: @Alden
  49. Buzz Hill says:

    Murray is absolutely correct in that “the traditional white elite has abdicated its leadership responsibility to their people.” This began at least 40 years ago. Previously, the elite were viewed by the middle class as a group to emulate. The upper class had class, and people in the lower levels of society looked up to its members, tried to follow their example, and secretly aspired to join the club.

    Hertler offers several reasons for the abdication, all plausible. I would add that a fair amount of “new money” was made by non-elites over the past few decades, and many of these people were “crude” and not allowed entry into the elite.

    An illustrative example of this occurred in the National Football League, when HVAC magnate Robert Irsay bought the L.A. Rams in 1972. Irsay was a solid businessman whose net worth was estimated at \$150 million, but he could hardly be called a classy person. From the start he was depicted as rude, crude and vulgar. He quickly traded teams with elite, beloved Baltimore Colts owner Carroll Rosenbloom, and immediately began trading away beloved veteran players, angering fans and players alike. “This is my team!” he declared, unconcerned. Some players just quit the sport. In 1984, he sneakily moved the team to Indianapolis under cover of darkness, using fifteen moving vans. Previously he had lied about the Colts leaving Baltimore. Everyone in Baltimore hated Irsay with a passion.

    Irsay didn’t care a whit about the fans; he got a better financial deal in Indianapolis. All he cared about was money. As I recall, he didn’t even seem to know much about football. Contrasted with the compassionate, erudite Rosenbloom (who was almost a father-figure to the players), IMHO Irsay typified the new money elite wannabes of the last forty or so years. They have the bucks, but not the class, and care only about themselves and their net wealth.

    • Replies: @Mark G.
    , @Hail
  50. @Bardon Kaldian

    Based on what we understand today . . .

    “Leading Oxford University geneticist Dr Stephen Oppenheimer . . .” states,

    “So where was Adam? When did the first human live?

    If you talk about the source of all humankind, modern humans, it has to be Africa. ”

    The Dutch despite their white complexion are descendents from Africa. No worries mate, you won’t wake up black tomorrow.

  51. Buzz Hill says:

    Sorry, but you’re ignorant. The only economic system that has ever worked is capitalism. Without it, there can be no price discovery. (Look it up.) It is synonymous with freedom. Anyone with skills that are in demand can make a decent living, even in 2019. If the best you can do is flipping burgers then you should consider yourself lucky to be working at McDonald’s. Here’s an idea — why don’t you try to run your own business? I guarantee you’ll pay your workers less than the revenue they bring in… and when the state forces you to pay them an additional, say, \$10 per hour you’ll lay off some and make the others work harder. Read some economics texts and stop listening to the leftists, my friend.

  52. FvS says:

    Ah, the wonders of a multiracial society and a Jewish controlled culture.

    The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews

    • LOL: TKK, Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  53. Anonymous [AKA "Pop Grayson"] says:

    Okay, wiseguy. How many Jews were murdered by the Nazis in WW2? Zero? If that’s what you think, you’re nuts.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Stan d Mute
  54. Miro23 says:

    The NUC (New Upper Class) no longer identifies with the historical American nation. They are no longer connected to the White working class by culture or ethnicity.

    So maybe they’ve got even less chance of surviving that past upper classes that at least were of the same ethnicity as their identified Deplorables. For example the French aristocracy under Louis XVI or the Russian aristocracy under Czar Nicholas. In both cases they were liquidated in a chaotic breakdown of society.

    The Chinese NUC seem quite safe. They identify and support the social development of all co-ethnic Chinese, are Chinese nationalists (China First) and are not at all interested in non-ethnic Chinese immigration. They’re also not likely to refer to a large percentage of the Chinese population as Deplorables.

    • Replies: @llloyd
  55. Jake says:

    That is no new world to ship us off to is the reason that the Elites of the Angl0-Zionist Empire, the WASPs every bit as much as the Jews, want us flooded, totally overwhelmed, with hundreds of millions of non-whites. They intend a type of cultural genocide.

    • Agree: densa
  56. @Bardon Kaldian

    “The so-called creative chaos of global capitalism along with the continuous revolution of cultural Marxism has probably contributed to the falling birthrate of K strategists, even as this group maintains its economic and social status. Unfortunately, the conservative strategy of social stability is no longer an option for the West. At this point only radical change can wrench Western civilization out of its downward trajectory.”

    I am a little confused here. If in fact there is a new environment of instability and unprdictacbility hitting the US or western society in general, then genetic response should be to engage in “brood” dynamics to maintain the population. In other words, breeding minus the encumberance of selective mating because the primary mechanism is to survive. Yet among the population noted as most at risk, the birth rates are in decline. That would contradict the premise of the “k” theory advance.

    You get these deep contradiction in analysis when its hyperfocused on maintaining an agenda. The solution is what it always has been enculturate as many of the populace as can be so that counter-cultures that seek the mains destruction are unlikely to take shape. It is entirely false description of the mainstream life of most black citizens as some manner subcultural artifact. First the society that blacks developed as much as possible held norms that honored family, parental authority, etc and this despite the antagonistic environment cultivated among whites slave holders and not against family. Now if that ethos was embraced among blacks despite descendency from a myriad of ethnicities, then it did not arise from white culture. It pre-existed among black civilization differing among the continent — it was common practice. That is why so many blacks wondered the country at the end of slavery looking for their children, brothers, husbands, wives, or other relatives. The reality is that by the 1960’s the grip on traditional anchors cracked because despite having said traditions and even adopting and adapting to western society, blacks were refused entry. Hence the advent of post modern thought no longer as critical thinking tools, but mechanisms by which to critique and change the traditional society. And let be clear, the factors involved for blacks were drastically different than for whites. Black protests were for being kept out. Whites protested despite being in. The “black” religious community was the driving force in maintaining the traditions even among the “non-religious”.

    There simply no accounting for the social construct that engaged in excessive gate keeping based on color in evolutionary psychology. They don’t even pretend that the social engineering based on color ever existed. They seem to have adopted a theoretical perspective devoid of actual environmental factors.

    Here’s an overview of evolutionary psychology (a field I like, but remain cautious based on the evidence to support claims and models explicating behavior):

    Look at these leaps of conclusion in this construct:

  57. Feryl says:

    There was a major shift to egalitarianism and the ideology of (scientific) progress in the 1930’s-1960’s. It worked better in some countries (America, England, Scandinavia, etc.) than in other countries (Russia and Germany). But, then again, no era or ideology is perfect. However misguided some of the policies and decision were, it still has to be said that the average person was happier and more confident in this era than they were pre-1920 or post-1980. That’s because egalitarianism is about elites trying to improve the lot of lower to middle class people. Absent egalitarianism, we get social Darwinism in which the “winners” are permitted to make huge gains at the expense of the lower classes, and anyone who questions this system is called a sore loser who didn’t work hard enough. Oh, and did I mention that family and ethnic stability flourished in the egalitarian era? The cut-throat Guided Age eras are defined by the exploitation of the vulnerable, whose finances and relationships take a serious beating (whereas the Silent Generation in the 1940’s-1960’s was able to easily get married and find good work at a young age).

    Do some of you have any idea how insane you sound when you blame the GI Generation for modern dysfunction? On measures of sociopathy, Silents and especially Boomers score far worse than the GI Generation ever did. Face it: the yuppie scum who were allowed to take over in the mid-80’s were comprised almost entirely of people born after 1924 (thus, the “y” in yuppie comes from the word young, and 1980’s corporate culture was defined by twenty and thirty-something Boomers urging Silents and GIs to annhilate the competition and remove all ethical and governmental restraints on businessmen).

    Instead of whining about how now dead generations ruined everything, perhaps you could instead tell us what is great about the Boomers?

    • Replies: @Franz
  58. Mark G. says:
    @Buzz Hill

    Irsay “sneakily” moved the Colts in the middle of the night because the government in Baltimore was threatening to use eminent domain to steal the Colts away from Irsay. I don’t think you can morally defend the government using eminent domain to take away the property of individuals except in clear cases of the public interest and keeping a sports team moving from one city to another doesn’t qualify. Also, there have been a number of studies that question whether the benefits even exceed the costs of sports teams in situations where they receive direct or indirect government subsidies. Baltimore may not have even been made worse off by the Colts leaving. As an Indianapolis native, we were doing fine before they came here. They helped out a few downtown bars and restaurants by pulling fans downtown for pre-game or after game meals but that was mostly just money that would have been spent somewhere else in Indianapolis anyway. Indianapolis now has the unfortunate title of “city with the most heavily subsidized sports stadium”, costing local taxpayers here six hundred million dollars.

  59. anarchyst says:

    Here you go…a treatise on the “holocaust” with fact, figures, etc…

    There is NOT ONE DOCUMENT outlining any extermination plan for jews or others. In fact, prominent Zionists collaborated with the German government and formulated plans at the highest level of the German government for the transfer of jews to what was then known as Palestine. Absolutely nothing was noted about extermination.


    Official International Red Cross figures for all camp deaths total around 731,000-NOT 6,000,000. In fact, population totals pre-WW2 and post-WW2 show an INCREASE in the jewish population in post-WW2 Europe immediately after the cessation of the war.

    If a country were hell-bent on genocide, WHY WOULD IT KEEP RECORDS?? WHY would it build camps hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away with sanitary facilities, housing, medical, recreational and other ancillary facilities? Would it not have been easier to just eliminate them without going through all of this trouble? Why would they expend massive effort on logistical movement utilizing their limited energy resources if the goal was extermination? Things do not add up.

    Something BIG stinks in this whole jewish holocaust deal. It is no secret that jewish Zionists made deals with the German government in order to make life uncomfortable for jewish Germans. In fact, it was jewish Zionist leaders who first proposed that all jews wear the yellow Star of David armband so that they could be easily identified. German jews considered themselves Germans first and had no desire to emigrate.

    The camps were internally run by the residents themselves who were called “sonderkommandos”. They were primarily jewish Zionist criminals who were responsible for day-to-day operations within the camps, such as doling out job assignments, and even food rations. They ate well, while those who were not “connected” merely subsisted It is interesting to note, that in the jewish Warsaw “ghetto”, the jewish “leaders” lived quite well, while much of the ordinary population subsisted on meager rations. The jewish Zionist intelligentia made sure that they lived quite well, even in the Warsaw ghetto.

    Punishment for infractions against the residents of the camps was swift and sure as abuse of residents was not permitted. Unlike the fabrications in “Schindler’s List” showing German camp commander Amon Goethe utilizing jews as “target practice” (never happened), abuse of inmates was swiftly dealt with, as healthy workers were needed for the war effort.
    The establishment of a homeland along with the 6,000,000 figure was a Zionist dream since the 1800s. Many periodicals of the day starting with the early 1800s touted the “six-million” figure.

    What better way to encourage emigration to a foreign land than to make things difficult for the cream of German society (jews)?? The TRUTH about the so-called jewish holocaust is out . . .

    As cremation of ONE human body takes hours, the amount of time claimed by holocaust promoters is a physical, scientific and statistical impossibility. Their claims also do not account for the “downtime” that crematoria require for maintenance, etc. In addition, there are no mass burial sites that are commensurate with the claims of “six-million” or even “one-million”. There is also a jewish prohibition on excavation of claimed possible burial sites. WHY? Because THEY DO NOT EXIST. There is even a prohibition on the use of ground penetrating radar to search for burial sites. WHY?? If millions were gassed and cremated, the activities would have lasted well into the 1950s.

    The so-called jewish holocaust has been turned into a de-facto religion (“holocaustianity”)in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish holocaust truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the tribe that FEAR the real truth of the jewish holocaust being exposed is evident. A questionable and totally dishonest judicial “trick” used in holocaust trials is that of “judicial notice” in which TRUTH CANNOT BE USED AS A DEFENSE OR ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE IN THE KANGAROO COURTS THAT PROSECUTE THOSE WHO DARE TO INVESTIGATE THIS HISTORICAL EVENT. “Judicial notice”, once invoked against a defendant, disallows the introduction of evidence that does not conform to “commonly accepted beliefs” about the “holocaust”, EVEN IF THE EVIDENCE PROVES THAT THE “HOLOCAUST” CLAIMS ARE LIES AND FABRICATIONS. A question for you holocaust promoters-why are there laws that criminalize the search for truth?? What are you afraid of??

    When the truth about this minor historical event comes out, it will change much of the world’s perception about those that are using this event as a cash cow that keeps on giving. . . there’s NO business like SHOAH business. To this day, Zionist complicity in this event is carefully covered up.

    It is said that it takes approximately 100 years for historical truth to be finally accepted, free from the taint and biases of the “victors” (who are quite often successful in their attempts to downplay and dismiss historical facts. World War 2 will be seen as an attack on Germany, which was coming into its own on the world stage as a technological superpower, posing a threat to then British and American hegemony, as well as being a threat to the Rothschild banking cartel.

    A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question official jewish holocaust orthodoxy. Most European countries have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the official jewish holocaust story. WHY?? In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to all things holocaust. Ask noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment.

    The latest “victims” of “holocaustianity” are Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz and Monika Schaefer, women who have been prosecuted and sentenced to maximum-security prisons in Germany for “incorrect thoughts”.

    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the chosen) to engineer the jewish holocaust, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish holocaust was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many holocausts of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish holocaust is the only one that counts . . . It is interesting to note that the term “holocaust ” to mean “mass extermination” was never used during or immediately after WW2, only coming to vogue in the 1960s, when it was noted that “guilt” could be assigned and reparations could be procured.

    Look at the deification and commercialization of the so-called jewish holocaust while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten. To assure a continuing supply of jewish holocaust survivors, jews are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean camp numbers) on their children and grandchildren. In addition, jewish psychologists have come up with a new concept, and disease-holocaust transference syndrome”. You see, only jewish children and grandchildren of jewish holocaust survivors are infected with this disease and should also be considered holocaust survivors, eligible for holocaust reparations. According to these jewish psychiatrists, even unrelated individuals can be “infected” with this “malady”.

    Since the Zionist jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933), the Germans had no choice but to complete the Zionist plan of marginalizing German jews (to say the least).. This fulfilled the Zionist plan of forcing German jews to emigrate to Palestine while making the world grant jews a homeland-Israel. It is interesting to note that the German boycott of jewish businesses lasted for one day, while the jewish boycott (actually the jews’ declaration of war on Germany) started in 1933 and lasted until the summation of WW2.

    Zionists have been predicting a jewish “homeland” for the last two-hundred years while predicting a holocaust of 6 million for the same amount of time. The ACTUAL number of non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations is approximately 731,000, NOT 6 million (official International Red Cross figures). The International Red Cross had full access to all of the camps for the duration of the war, yet reported NOT ONE INSTANCE of extermination or mass murder.

    Regarding that holocaust showplace, Auschwitz, there are engineering inconsistencies in the design of the so-called gas chambers. The doors are not of a gas-tight design; it would have been impossible to retrieve the bodies, and there is no means to ventilate the rooms after the so-called gassing took place. There is a gas chamber chimney that is not connected to anything. From an engineering standpoint, these are very serious errors that would have caused the deaths of the operators of these supposed gas chambers. As Germans were excellent engineers, it is difficult to observe the glaring engineering errors that presently exist in these camps.

    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported gas chambers, had them tested and published his results. The absence of Prussian blue (ferricyanide) in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the gas chambers did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing. In fact, the chimney for the supposed gas chamber does not connect to anything.

    Mr. Leuchter was rewarded for his search for TRUTH by his professional and personal character assassination by those of the tribe. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts law for practicing engineering without a license-a law which had never been used vindictively before or since. . .After his report was published, he was harassed by Israeli “deep state” types (mossad) who he successfully “outed”.

    It is no secret that after WW2, the Soviets attempted to create the death camps for propaganda purposes. Yes, there was extreme deprivation and suffering, many people perished. The prime cause of death was typhus. As allied bombings destroyed most of the infrastructure, typhus was at epidemic levels. THIS is what caused the massive amounts of human deaths . . .NOT gassing.

    It is interesting to note that, before the camps were liberated by the allies, the camp occupants chose to flee with the German troops, rather than be “liberated” by the Russian allies.

    It is said that “the light of day is the best disinfectant in the search for truth” Unfortunately this quote does not apply to “all things holocaust”. It appears that there are those “holocaust” promoters who are afraid of the TRUTH. Hence the prosecution and incarceration of those who dare question aspects of this historical event.

    I urge all holocaust believers to check these things out for yourselves IF YOU DARE. You will not like what you find.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  60. Hail says: • Website
    @Buzz Hill

    And now the shocking reveal:

    Irsay was born on March 5, 1923 in Chicago, the son of Charles Irsay (born Charles Israel) and Elaine Nyitrai, Jewish immigrants from Hungary

  61. @EliteCommInc.

    Our brains don’t work like computers, they are far more versatile and unpredictable, if at all.

  62. renfro says:

    ”The big change is that the leadership class is no longer willing to impose their norms on the rest of society. They have lost their cultural authority, or perhaps they are simply indifferent to the fate of their lesser kinsmen. As Murray puts it, they are no longer “willing to preach what they …”

    Our leadership class of today came primarily from the lower class. Read the bios of congress and most of the wealthy elites today.

    ”The old Anglo elite, which often had a feeling of noblesse oblige toward the common man, has been replaced by a cosmopolitan Anglo-Jewish-Asian elite that has nothing but scorn for traditional America and the White working class that once was the nation’s backbone. Though non-elite Whites have greatly diminished cultural influence, they are still numerous enough to have some political influence. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has been largely able to coopt their discontent into the neoconservative agenda of plutocratic tax cuts, corporate deregulation, and military adventures. Again, the lack of leadership is telling.

    The kind of Anglos with honest character we would want in politics today avoid politics because they don’t want to be involved in the dirty and corrupt. Politics has become the number one career choice for grifters and people of bad character and no scruples.

    …..he sees the real solution to our social problems in “a civic Great Awakening among the new upper class

    The ‘New upper class’ is the lower class. They aren’t going to awaken.

  63. @Jake

    True. ETwittards swallow kosher sausage.

    Cabal say: marry poz feminist third worlders before young, attractive, well-bred Euro.

    uh ysh sir
    Cabal say: give charity to black-as-the-ace-of-spades Africans before 1000s of homeless fellow White Men on British streets.

    Uh yah sir

    alda Hampsteads sez i priddy fly fo a Knightsbridge

  64. @Bardon Kaldian

    Posted incorrectly.

    Our brains don’t work like computers, they are far more versatile and unpredictable, if at all.

  65. Wally says:

    What about them?

    Obviously unions have bought protection from laws against monopolies.

    Ever heard of being forced to pay money to unions from every pay check even though you do not want to be part of the union?

    But do go on, this will be good.

  66. @TKK


    I noticed that blacks in those days did not take to crystal meth.

    The weird thing about these poor whites is that genuinely believed they were black gangsters from the hood.

    When you grow up in an urban environment, you know that blacks can be dangerous and there is nothing glamorous about going to prison.

  67. @TKK


    True about the 20-something moron. Divorce laws have turned many idle young men in their twenties into low-rent gigolos who live off the alimony of some 40-something man-hungry cougar.

    Bar owners got in the act and had “Seventies nights” (Its probably 90’s night now) where a bunch of 40-something divorced Disco Queens would show up to a meat market to be picked up by young twenty-something males.

    Back then it occurred to me some guy was paying the freight for his ex-wife to party.

    One reason I did not marry until 40 and did so in Asia is that I did not want to be divorce-raped.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  68. @FvS


    Mestizo and black gang members are genuine criminals and cutthroats.

  69. @FvS

    There must be some mitigating factors as to why gangster rap is so irresistible to white kids. Why?

    And why are Jewish kids themselves not affected by it. I’m sure they listen to it. But they don’t convince themselves that they are black thugs from the hood and throw their lives away committing petty crimes or becoming drug whores.

    Hindu, Jewish, Asian, Muslim kids listen to the same music (Or hear it) and watch the same television but do not want to be gangsters.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @FvS
  70. @obwandiyag

    Interesting. Would you please elaborate your cryptic reference to 1973. I remember it as a disastrously difficult year for investors and, in Australia, the nadir from which government policy could only ascend to the comparative uplands in which even an Australian Labor government (in the 1980s), like it’s New Zealand counterpart, and like Thatcherite Tories, could be sufficiently economically rational (contemporary pejorative seems to be neo-liberal) to set up Australia’s working class quite well as long as we don’t import too much cheap labour or spend absurd amounts on warfare or healthcare.

    • Replies: @Alden
  71. @Wally

    Ever heard about union pensions being loaned to Vegas mafia casino owners?

    Or that union organizer Hoffa who got out of jail and disappeared.

    I think they called it the Teamsters.

  72. llloyd says: • Website

    Is it posssible, the great Awakening comes from Islam? I was reading a few minutes ago, a UK report on opposition of a UK Moslem community to their local elementary school employing a teacher to teach “diversity”. The issue is he is a homo sexual and appears to focus on “sexaul diversity”. Common sense would suspect strongly he is grooming the children. No non Moslem appears to dare join the public opposition which is entirely lawful and peaceful. Islam has the advantage that it has red lines it will not cross unlike Christianity which has diversed itself out of existence. More and more whites are converting to a white kind of Islam which after all makes Jesus the second most esteemed Prophet. There is a precedent. Iran which converted from Aryan Zoroasterism to a Shia version of Islam. Covertly, their culture remains strongly Zoroasterism in its ethical behavour and respect for knowledge. I suspect Zionism is actually afraid of that as seen in its paranoia to Sharia law.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @llloyd
    , @Alden
  73. llloyd says: • Website

    They call them the flies.

  74. @jeff stryker

    “Shag a granny” types. I’ve known a few in my time going to those granny night discos in the UK too. Old hags having a night off from their usual bingo down at “Mecca” strutting to the 70s disco beat. I think I may have once popped my head in for five minutes. Very strange.

  75. @anarchyst

    It doesn’t imply that after having made use of their slave labours they weren’t sent to destruction once they were useless. Or that those deemed unfit for labour weren’t sent to extermination immediately upon arrival.

    But I agree Zionists colluded with the Nazis earlier on.

    And the Jews refuse to be counted alive or dead. Yes, the six million figure is just taken out of the hat.

  76. @jeff stryker

    Maybe it’s the anti-establishment militancy of Public Enemy, NWA, 2-Pac. It did have its charms even to non-blacks. But like everything else it was soon commercialised and just turned into a bland consumer product.

  77. Franz says:

    Do some of you have any idea how insane you sound when you blame the GI Generation for modern dysfunction?

    I blame no “generation” at all.

    The whole idea that people identify by birthdate is absurd on its face. You’re work and bloodline, region and associations are reflections of your core identity. The age on your birth certificate means quite little in light of all that.

    BUT who has operational control? Very cogent business, that.

    So stated more succinctly, the proto-yuppies who made a fortune on the Great War and laid their plans for WWII were quite important, and their age/rank when they took charge matters greatly.

    The WWII generation was badly misled by their “spokesmen” and so were all of the earlier and later versions of the same. The politicians who stood by and let private bankers of the Federal Reserve snag the money supply were surely culpable. And the politicians who let the National Security Acts (1947 – on) grab the power inherent in Fed money followed like sheep. Blaming the “generations” in question gets nowhere.

    As well, how is it the millions of Rustbelt workers, downsized and outsourced workers from the 70s to more recently “identify” as Boomers? Were they guilty of working for the traitorous yuppies the system installed for their era? How are people whose lives were destroyed guilty for all that?

    Seems more to me they are no more responsible than the Depression Era people whom FDR’s brain trust purposely ignored. But I know sure as hell that when the word “boomer” is mentioned it ain’t the victims of economic ruin that will come to mind.

    Better to keep in mind the Powers That Be. They want us to fight each other over trifles while they keep robbing the nation out from under us. So far they win when we fail to call bullshit on their salami tactics, which Exhibit A comes down to faulting strangers for their birthdays.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  78. Vinnie O says:

    OK, he gets Murray COMPLETELY wrong. The change that occurred since the 1960s (and more generally since the 1980s) is that because CHANGES to State and Federal welfare programs it is VERY possible to live comfortably without EVER working. And so the new Lower Class Lifestyle consists of: 1) drop out of high school without graduating, 2) produce children without the benefit of marriage (because State and Federal programs originally created to help widows and orphans were changed to cover ALL children born to mothers not married to a husband), 3) REFUSE jobs when they are OFFERED (if you get a job, you lose all the free Welfare), 4) supplement your government handouts by committing CRIMES (prior to the 1980s a criminal committed on average, less than 20 felonies before he was arrested; criminals today commit more than 100 felonies before they are convicted).

    So FIRST you got Free Government Handouts. THEN you got the collapse of the Lower Class. And THEN we had to IMPORT millions of no-skill illegal immigrants to take the low end jobs that American citizens REFUSED. Similarly, because becoming a Dropout is the INITIAL step in the new culture, the US is CRITICALLY short of computer programmers, etc., and so we are importing millions of other foreigners to fill THOSE vacancies. And thus, because The Government got it COMPLETELY wrong, the USA is being destroyed by its own Government.

  79. anarchyst says:

    I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that “the greatest generation” is not, at least, partially responsible for many of today’s ills.
    It was those of “the greatest generation” that foisted the so-called “civil-rights” and “multiculturalism” and diversity” mantras on us. This “greatest generation” used federal troops to enforce “civil-rights” at the point of bayonets, against white Americans.
    We are paying for these misguided, destructive acts to this very day.
    Us white heterosexual males are at “the bottom of the heap”, regarded as a pestilence by all others…
    Along with the misguided “civil-rights” acts, the Hart-Celler immigration act opened the floodgates to third-world immigration while shutting immigration from the European continent.
    Nope, I DO hold the “greatest generation responsible…

  80. Hail says: • Website

    Is it posssible, the great Awakening comes from Islam?


  81. @FvS

    Why don’t young Jewish people feel white guilt-since Jewish slavers had fairly big role-and white people whose families were not in the US until AFTER the Civil War feel guilt?

    • Replies: @FvS
  82. llloyd says: • Website

    An American white woman from Texas has been charged with giving national security secrets to Iran. She served in the US military and learnt Parsi for espionage purposes. Her appearance shows she has converted to Islam. She describes her former employer as “evil”. Her surname is Witt. I imagine she in her training studied Islam and Persian culture. She recognised in it the mores and way of life of the population in Texas of her grandparents. Other cases. The British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia converted to Islam and did pilgrimage. I read recently in a hostile report a Dutch man who was a supporter of Islamaphobia wrote a book to damn Islam. By the time he had finished it, he had converted to Islam. Christianity began as a Middle Eastern religion out of Torah. Hitler at an idle moment said he wished the white race had adopted Islam not Christianity. He viewed Islam as martial and Christianity as Jewish.

    • Replies: @Alden
  83. @Anonymous

    Okay, wiseguy. How many Jews were murdered by the Nazis in WW2? Zero? If that’s what you think, you’re nuts.

    How many Lutherans were killed in Dresden firebombings? Why are Jews so special to you? What difference does it make how many? If it was 100,000 it really sucked for that 100,000. Why exaggerate the numbers? Concentration/work camps sucked. Maybe the lesson to be learned is that Jews ought to be a little more grateful when they find a host population that will accept them? And maybe instead of constantly agitating and whining, they should try harder to uphold the values and improve the societies kind enough to offer them a home?

    Jews are no more special than negroes or hinpoohs or arabs. If you are a guest in another nation, act grateful and behave. Don’t go into another man’s house and act like an asshole or you’ll eventually get tossed out or worse. If that’s asking too much of the Chosen or of anybody else, fuck off – you’ll get exactly what you deserve.

  84. Bubba says:

    Great post.

    In keeping with your theme this is an interesting read on indentured servants building the Erie Canal…

  85. Alden says:
    @Mr McKenna

    The old Anglo elite despised the working class. In the south the Anglo elites called working class Whites trash and hillbillies. In the north working class Whites were called backwoods Yankees and mill trash

    From about 1820 on the old Anglo elite made every effort to import Germans Irish scots then Eastern Europeans Italians to replace the Anglo working class who went west.

    The entire article is full of nonsense from the inbred AEI which endorses dog eat dog capitalism and race replacement of White Americans in every occupation from physician to dishwasher. AEI advocates HI B visa allegedly skilled immigrants as well as illegals.

    This article is part of the current propaganda that the capitalist scum can’t find American Drs nurses accountants research scientists waiters cooks bakers hotel maids construction workers because Americans are just too dumb lazy unreliable and unworthy to preform any job or occupation

  86. Alden says:

    Absolutely right. The 60s were a creation of the 1930s communists. After Truman kicked a few of them out of the government they laid low for about 15 years and then boom! The revolution began.

    Every judge president senator Congress critter Mayor politician and activist who produced the revolution was a 1930s old leftist of the greatest generation.

    The revolution was all over by 1973 with Griggs vs Duke power when the youngest baby boomers were still in high school and the oldest 27.

  87. Alden says:

    I could google and find that Neanderthals did breed with modern humans and that Whites and Asians have Neanderthal dna.

  88. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    In America it was Griggs vs Duke Power a Supreme Court decision that mandated employers hire unqualified blacks who dropped out of school at age 10. Also Roe vs Wade the legalize abortion decision. It was a couple years before the great inflation.

  89. Alden says:

    Ethical behavior Iranians? You be never dealt with one have you. They are typical mid eastern corrupt greedy crooks. They were Christian when the Arabs conquered them. There are still many Zoroastrians and Christians in Persia and the diaspora.

    The Zoroastrians Catholics Christians and Jews are one and all as corrupt crooked and conniving as the Muslims

    Living in a Persian colony in America I’m all too familiar with the predatory greedy crooked Persians of all faiths

  90. Alden says:

    The whole hippie thing was a media creation and everyone followed what the media told us boomers what to do and how to do it. And the media was run by 40 to 65 year old old lefty greatest generation leftists

  91. Alden says:

    So Murray managed to write a book about the White working class without mentioning affirmative action discrimination against Whites.

    He’s AEI, nuff said.

  92. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    You claim you grew up in the White slums of Detroit and that your Phoenix neighborhood was a Hispanic cholo neighborhood.

    Have you ever lived in a decent neighborhood in America? Your view of America is very provincial, living in slums associating with nothing but drug addicts and criminals.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  93. Alden says:

    Ms Witt will get a big Shock when she finds that every Persian she encounters from landlord to store owner to bus and cab driver cheats and robs her. Better stick to cabs instead of getting ripped off by Persian mechanics

    Persia has never been the good old virtuous Texas of her grandparents.

    Lie cheat steal bully harass don’t stop till you’ve beaten down every customer vendor sales person landlord tenant co worker you encounter on your daily round. Think the American workplace is full of gossip intrigue snitching and backstabbing? Wait till she starts working in Persia

  94. Alden says:
    @Prester John

    The saudis and the other Arab countries embargoed oil to America because of what Kissinger and Nixon did to help the Israelis win their 1973 war against Egypt. As American tanks and soldiers arrived in Israel the king of Saudi Arabia called Nixon several times an hour and Nixon refused to take his calls.

    So Saudi and the other Arab countries embargoed oil to America. The inflation didn’t really affect us till about 1976 when it soared.

    The only people who survived were union members with annual COLA raises. In a way it was fun to see the mid and even upper level managers all appalled to find union members getting annual raises and soon exceeding the professionals and managers

    Affirmative action was worse for all Whites than the inflation though.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  95. @Alden

    You are not even an American-I can gleam that from years of my life overseas-so how would I be able to answer that.

    Obviously, you are Asian. And using the word provincial out of context, as it refers to rural people reflects this.

    So I cannot respond to a non-Westerner about a specifically Western problem.

  96. @Alden

    Oil prices affected the entire world in the seventies.

    Affirmative Action affects white people in America.

  97. @Wally

    But do go on, this will be good.

    No it wont. I’m sorry I responded to you at all. I didn’t know you are an ignorant ass hole. It wont happen again.

  98. The Griggs case does not mandate that anyone hire blacks or anyone else who were unqualified.

    Sadly agendas can distort any accurate rendering of an issue.


    Affirmative Action benefits whites more than blacks and has from very early in its application as employers found the diversity classification did not mean they had to hire, train, or interview just blacks.


    • Replies: @anarchyst
  99. Dogs have blood, kangaroos have blood, humans have blood. For some people these observation is that dogs, kangaroos and humans are one species. Because they all have blood.

    If you read the matter carefully, the sight makes this very clean observation — similarity dos not equate to exchange. The similar dna in chimpanzees does equate to humans mating with chimpanzees.

    The arguments that this is the case are theory from evolutionary psychologists as to how those similarities might come to be. That is a leap as vast as the contention of evolution itself devoid of any hint that species jump has ever occurred.

    The ability to wipe out categorical distinctions from advocates is as peculiar as their hyper rhetoric that dissects skin color as a means of noting that human biodiversity means that each skin color denotes a different species, in an attempt to justify inequity or ameliorate the impact of environment.

  100. anarchyst says:

    I see our resident multicultural and diversity supporter is at it again with his nonsense.
    Since when does “affirmative action” benefit whites? Never has, never will…in fact, “affirmative action” damages the prospects of those (few) minorities that could make it on their own without help. When college admissions have different “cut-off” scores for SATs based on race, that is a problem…
    “Griggs v. Duke Power” disallowed the use of aptitude tests, the premise being that “people of color” were “disproportionately” failing these gauges of suitability for the desired employment. Because of Griggs, the “college degree” has been the new “gatekeeper” that employers use…
    You, sir, are misguided…

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  101. FvS says:
    @jeff stryker

    Jews aren’t white and play a role in the white guilt narrative due to the Holocaust. Organized Jewry actually uses white guilt as a weapon against whites. I doubt many Jews even know about Jewish involvement in the slave trade. It’s certainly not well known among gentiles, and it’s kept that way on purpose.

  102. @anarchyst

    Ohh good grief,

    More than 70% of AA goes to white women. This is an old tale referenced numerous. That number was 60% plus since the 1990’s. If one adds asian and hispanic women as whites and that is how they prefer to noted in stats that number is above 70%.

    Note: Fox news no fan of affirmative action acknowledges this fact.

    As for Griggs . . . bottom line whatever standard one uses should be applicable to the position. What was unearthed in Griggs is that employees with said educational requirements performed as or better than than those with.

  103. Griggs

    “We granted the writ in this case to resolve the question whether an employer is prohibited by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, from requiring a high school education [401 U.S. 424, 426] or passing of a standardized general intelligence test as a condition of employment in or transfer to jobs when (a) neither standard is shown to be significantly related to successful job performance, (b) both requirements operate to disqualify Negroes at a substantially higher rate than white applicants, and (c) the jobs in question formerly had been filled only by white employees as part of a longstanding practice of giving preference to whites. 1 ”

    “The Company added a further requirement for new employees on July 2, 1965, the date on which Title VII became effective. To qualify for placement in any but the Labor Department it became necessary to register satisfactory scores on two professionally prepared aptitude [401 U.S. 424, 428] tests, as well as to have a high school education. Completion of high school alone continued to render employees eligible for transfer to the four desirable departments from which Negroes had been excluded if the incumbent had been employed prior to the time of the new requirement. In September 1965 the Company began to permit incumbent employees who lacked a high school education to qualify for transfer from Labor or Coal Handling to an “inside” job by passing two tests – the Wonderlic Personnel Test, which purports to measure general intelligence, and the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test. Neither was directed or intended to measure the ability to learn to perform a particular job or category of jobs. The requisite scores used for both initial hiring and transfer approximated the national median for high school graduates.”

    “The evidence, however, shows that employees who have not completed high school or taken the tests have continued to perform satisfactorily, and make progress in departments for which the high school and test criteria [p432] are now used. [n7] The promotion record of present employees who would not be able to meet the new criteria thus suggests the possibility that the requirements may not be needed even for the limited purpose of preserving the avowed policy of advancement within the Company. In the context of this case, it is unnecessary to reach the question whether testing requirements that take into account capability for the next succeeding position or related future promotion might be utilized upon a showing that such long-range requirements fulfill a genuine business need.”

    The referenced tests had no bearing on job acummen, learning or performance.

  104. Should said degrees be found to have no impact on job performance, learning, or acumen, upon test, I am sure the result will be the same.

    The constant complaint about me as some kind multiculturer supporter lacks any veracity because the issue has nothing to do with multicultutal dynamics, save as to coincidence. In fact, my response is based on the facts of the issues not some agenda.

    Fact, women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative, white women

    Fact, the issues in Griggs were based on standard to relevance to job.

    My conservative stance on a tradition that our country operate to the standard of men (citizens) being fairly treated is consistent. And when there is evidence of unfair assessment, and subsequent as to the law – then mechanisms are order for redress. Fully acknowledging that said redress might appear unfair when adjudicated.

  105. anarchyst says:

    Huffington Post??
    You’ve got to be kidding…
    Now we know where you get your mistaken, error-ridden ideas from.
    Both are left-wing “fake news” rags that should be classified as comedy.
    Anyone who subscribes to and believes anything that is written in these “publications” needs to have their head examined.
    When is your much needed psychiatric examination scheduled?
    Soon, I hope…

  106. Laughing.

    Those are the numbers that you can get from the bureau of labor — that is where i first found them. You can certainly question the veracity of the narrative. But I have posted plenty of references in the past . . . baby sitting through these numbers every time someone wants to complain about affirmative action is just not what I am inclined to do.

    You think the numbers are wrong — provide a counter.



    I have no issues challenging a source. However, when doing so, one has to challenge that the sources being challenged have in some manner manipulated the numbers. I am sure that constitutes a valid response in general chit chat. But in this case, you’ll have to do better than claiming some source is bad because you don’t like their politics. It’s the kid in a school yard who upon discovering a dollar, throws it away, because he found in the some sand box he hates. It’s not as if the numbers are from wikipedia which has no means of checking where the or who is providing the data. Your sand box response is just insufficient. If this matter had not previously response, numerous times with data provided from various sources I might treat it as though I needed to walk a two year old across the street. But I am just not so inclined to so today.

    Having read articles referencing the Huffington Post numerous times, I think it will suffice. Again, challenging the source is fine, but you will have to do better than, I don’t like that sandbox.

  107. Correction:

    “Having read articles referencing the Huffington Post on this cite numerous times, I think it will suffice. Again, challenging the source is fine, but you will have to do better than, I don’t like that sandbox.”

  108. One relevant memory occurs to me.

    When I was a puppy, an older man, born about 1925, recalled that when he was a boy, the rich didn’t necessarily live in separate neighborhoods. At least partially, rich and poor were intermingled, and there would be a rich kid on the block, etc.

    Obviously, that would produce a very different society from the one we have now.

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