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Civic Nationalism’s Last Gasp?
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The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America
Victor Davis Hanson
Basic Books, 2021

Is Victor Davis Hanson Donald Trump with a Ph.D. in classics? There are certain parallels between the author of The Dying Citizen and the forty-fifth president. While Professor Hanson uses the rubric “citizenship,” Mr. Trump uses the acronym MAGA to describe a renewed civic nationalism that might provide enough centripetal force to hold together this multi-ethnic entity called the United States for a while longer.

Hanson (b. 1953), grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and pursued an academic career. He is now a professor emeritus of classics at Fresno State and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a conservative-leaning think tank. Hanson’s latest book is a cogent articulation of the present policy positions of the establishment Right. It can be used to gauge the policy departure from the McCain-Romney Republicanism of the recent past. The important question, however, is: Can “true citizenship”/MAGA/civic nationalism provide any utility for the cause of White America?

VDH realizes that the United States is in crisis. He terms 2020 a revolutionary year, and believes only shock therapy can save the country. His quick assessment of ailments includes growing economic inequality, open borders, the rise of tribalism, the increasing power of a bureaucratic Deep State, and expanding globalism, all of which threaten to undermine American society. Of course, such a diagnosis begs the question: What is the treatment regimen? No nostrum is prescribed.

In his Introduction Hanson makes some common-sense observations: Self-governance is not an easy task, and to have rights people must assume responsibilities. I think the Founders made the point succinctly when they stressed the need for civic virtue to make a representative republic succeed.

Being a classicist, Hanson gives the reader some ancient history. Athens is usually identified as the first democracy. “Consensual government did not appear until about twenty-seven hundred years ago, most prominently in Athens, twenty-five hundred years after the beginning of large urban settlement in the Near East” (6). At least with VDH you do not get theories such as the African origins of Greek civilization as found in Black Athena,[1]Martin Bernal , Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Rutgers University Press, 1987. or the Iroquois League being the model for American federalism.

The first chapter deals largely with economics, and, from a conventional-Right perspective, Hanson is pretty solid in this area. A strong middle class is essential for political and social stability. Judging from the context of his remarks Hanson includes the more established blue-collar workers in this middle class. The present economic system features stagnant wages and a raising cost of living that squeezes the middle. Massive immigration at home and outsourcing abroad has contributed to economic insecurity, and Hanson believes this has played a role in the decline of marriage. The author notes that most economic experts—men such as Paul Krugman and Larry Summers—state that high-paying production jobs are leaving America, and not coming back. Hanson does not buy that argument, and neither did former president Trump.

De-emphasizing Race

Chapters Two and Three discuss immigration and ethnicity (tribes), and here Hanson shows his respectable conservative stripes. He is against massive immigration, especially when many enter illegally, because it makes assimilation more difficult. Though he knows better, VDH still proclaims American exceptionalism and the magic dirt theory. He admits: “The few unusual countries, ancient and modern, that have tried to unite diverse tribes without imperial coercion have usually fared poorly” (106). The author does not identify those countries that have not “fared poorly,” but in any case, I would remove the modifier ‘usually’ from the above quote. I would also add that the American empire is definitely willing to use coercion to make its multi-ethnic state work. But if one has faith that the United States will be the exception the laws of history then you believe everything will work out in the end. The magic dirt corollary posits that when natives from dysfunctional societies such as Somalia and El Salvador reach the U.S., they will not replicate the cultural characteristics of their homelands, but will instead become model Americans. So far, all the data are against the magic dirt theory.

Due to the author’s belief in assimilation, he differentiates between multiracialism which he approves and multiculturalism which he opposes. A racialist would counter that culture is, in part, a racial construct. Large numbers of migrants who are genetically distant from the majority population make assimilation impossible. But VDH sees tribalism as “reactionary to the core” while clinging to his utopian hopes for these genetically distant migrants: the answer to growing tribalism in the United States is “true citizenship . . . that diminishes the power of ethnic identification and race” (112).

Hanson rightly criticizes the Left for trying to rewrite American history. Yet he indulges in the same practice to support his assimilationist project. He claims: “The United States has always cherished its universally applicable melting-pot ethos of e pluribus unum” (107). Of course, the U.S. has not always had a universalist ethos (e.g., the 1924 immigration restriction law), and the phrase e pluribus unum originally referred to uniting the several former colonies into one nation.

Later in the chapter VDH to “talks the talk” by castigating cultural Marxism and social justice warriors, but he misses the main point. He asks, “So why has twenty-first-century American race and gender victimization supplanted doctrinaire Marxist class oppression in the culture of resistance against established norms?” The reality is that it’s all about destroying White political and cultural hegemony, but Hanson, as a mainstream conservative, can’t accept that. He notes that “Today’s social justice warrior apparently would not wish to empathize with a West Virginia coal miner but prefers instead CNN anchor Don Lemon or billionaire rapper Jay-Z” (115)—implicitly referring to the White working class, but not discussing the obvious racial dynamic of a multi-racial left-liberal elite opposed to the White working class. In fact, it is racial. Is the man being willfully blind? A little further on Hanson almost stumbles upon the answers his own question, but again the obvious conclusion eludes him. He notes that “old Marxism had once sought to transcend race” (117). Yes, it tried, but it failed to transcend race, and a similar fate will befall the author’s solution of “true citizenship,” because race is an essential human characteristic.

VDH realizes the purpose of the Left’s “assaults on traditional commemoration—from holidays to statues to eponymous street names—is to redefine the past as a way of recalibrating the future” (119)—George Orwell said it best in Nineteen-Eighty-Four: “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” But he fails to note these assaults are part of the war on White America The denigration of traditional heroes is, in effect, a psyop against White America.

In keeping with his non-racial civic nationalism Hanson believes “the worst thing about identity politics as currently practiced by the left is that it has stimulated the rise of identity politics on the right” (125). Okay, the Right is always responding to developments on the Left. I would call this a law of political science: The Right is always reactive, though not necessary reactionary. So Edmund Burke, father of modern conservatism, was reacting to the French Revolution, Mussolini was reacting to Lenin, and the January 6th rioters were reacting to the George Floyd riots of 2020. VDH claiming that White self-defense against attacks is worse than the attacks themselves! But race does not really exist, so what is the fuss about? Ignoring all the population genetic studies showing clear genetic clusters corresponding to traditional racial categories, he resorts to simply asserting that “it is difficult to agree upon a definition of what ‘white’ actually is, given that it is not necessarily aligned with superficial appearance” (127). I guess that if it cannot be defined to VDH’s satisfaction, it doesn’t actually exist.

The Deep State

Once Hanson gets away from the issue of race, he begins to make more sense, and in Chapter Four he deals with the Deep State. For decades mainstream political science textbooks have discussed the vast discretionary authority wielded by unelected, upper-level bureaucrats, not to mention the power of the military-industrial complex. However, when the Right began to criticize these entities as the Deep State, it was immediately labeled nothing but a conspiracy theory. Likewise, one can celebrate the growing ethnic diversity of America, but if it is termed “The Great Replacement,” it is a conspiratorial hoax. In his opposition to powerful centralized bureaucracy and other unelected institutions, I detect some libertarian leanings in his attitude toward government. My own view is that government is simply a vehicle; who is behind the wheel is what matters. There’s nothing inherently wrong with centralized government. Government is a vehicle that can take you where you want to go, or it can careen off a cliff.


Hanson is generally pro Trump in a nuanced way. In 2019 he published The Case for Trump in which he wrote that, although a flawed character, the president had a coherent agenda and had implemented much of it.[2]Victor Davis Hanson, The Case for Trump Basic Books, 2019. By 2019 almost everyone on the Dissident Right was very disappointed with Trump, some bitterly so. There were several reasons why Trump failed to meet expectations, and certainly opposition from the Deep State was one. In 2016–17 Trump, the tough guy New York real estate mogul, was a babe in the woods.

As a political novice who ran against both the Democrats and the GOP establishment Trump struggled to find talented and loyal administrators to fill top executive branch positions. His newly appointed National Security Advisor Ret. General Michael Flynn was the victim of a “government ambush” (171). The legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 election was questioned by the Russian Collusion Hoax. Robert Mueller put together “perhaps the most high-powered and experienced team of investigators even assembled by the Department of Justice” (174). After 22 months and 40 million dollars no Russian collusion with members of the Trump campaign was found.

After the failure of the Mueller investigation, impeachment was the next tactic used to hamstring the Trump presidency and render him un-reelectable. During the Trump administration members of the executive branch exhibited “an unabashed audacity” in resisting the authority of the president. For example, former FBI Director James Comey wrote a book, A Higher Loyalty, which “publicized the deep state’s sanctimonious notion that violating laws and protocols in service of its own purported higher ethical agendas . . . was more than justified” (184).

The Constitution

Hanson shares with American conservatives a reverence for the U.S. Constitution. It is almost a fetish. I certainly hold the Founding Fathers in the highest esteem, but if the Constitution is our salvation, we would not be in the predicament we are in now. The Constitution is open to differing interpretations, and it can be and has been amended. Nevertheless, the document does act as an impediment to radical change from the Left. Hanson sums up the Left’s position: “[W]hy let old white men of a bygone age continue, from their graves, to impose their ossified values on a far more enlightened, ethnically and racial diverse, and knowledgeable twenty-first century nation?” (217).

According to Hanson several parts of the Constitution are vulnerable to being dismantled or circumvented. The Electoral College, an integral component of our federalist system, is one example, and the erosion of the First Amendment through “hate speech” restrictions is another. The technique used in the latter case is “freedom of speech, not reach.” The First Amendment prohibits government interference with free speech, but the Left believes that “the media, publishing, and especially Big Tech . . . have the right—and sometimes the responsibility—to apply codes of conduct and censorship in their own domains” (243). The Left also believes in the legitimacy of applying pressure on media companies to censor speech by government actor, as indicated in the recent revelations on the role of the FBI in getting Twitter and other media companies to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the role of the Biden administration in getting Twitter to censor Covid-related opinions. Abridgment of the Second Amendment is also a concern of the author who believes that “the Founders in some sense saw the Second Amendment as the most important of the Bill of Rights” (251).

Another legal issue worrying Hanson is what he calls the new nullification, or what could simply be termed selective law enforcement. There are sanctuary cities that “seek to render elements of federal immigration law null and void” (254). Then there is the “de facto nullification” of giving rioters “space” for violent protests involving assaults, looting, and arson. The practice became official policy in April 2015 during the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore when than mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered city police to stand down in the face of mayhem. This approach became widespread in late spring and summer of 2020 during the Floyd riots when virtue-signaling mayors in cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle refused to enforce laws protecting lives and property. In the case of Minneapolis, the pronouncements of Mayor Jacob Frey actually helped to incite violence in his city.


Chapter Six deals with globalism. Here is, perhaps, one of the big changes that has occurred within the conventional Right since the McCain-Romney days. (Of course, Mitt Romney is still a Republican senator, so obviously the transformation was only partial). Under true citizenship/MAGA, the globalist policies of free trade, open borders, and offshoring have been replaced, at least in theory, with America First. Hanson defines globalism as simply “putting global concerns above national interests” (269). Globalism, championed by Western elites, dilutes VDH’s concept of true citizenship. Globalists are “post-citizens” who wish to transcend the boundaries of race, sex, and nationality. According to the author, organizing international relations around nation states is not ideal, but it “is the least pernicious system compared to the alternatives” (272).

It is not just that globalism has hurt the US with “lost jobs, investments, control over borders, and national cohesiveness,” it has resulted in “eroded indigenous customs and traditions the world over” (281). Hanson continues: “the global creed has destroyed the ancient idea of localism and regionalism as central to the human experience.” Globalists do not value the “unique traditions, ancestries, local histories—and differences” of particular locales (302).

The hubris of the globalists is particularly galling to VDH. They see themselves as the new elite whose education, training, and values entitle them to guide world affairs. Despite their lofty opinions of themselves, the author observes that the globalists of WHO failed completely to contain Covid-19. VDH considers NATO as part of, and perhaps a principal enforcer of, the globalist project. He quotes NATO’s first Secretary-General Lord Hastings Ismay who described the organization’s mission as “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down” (297). No mention of containing communism. The Great Replacement is one of the results of globalism. Hanson does not use the term, but he relates how Bill Kristol, the Jewish neo-conservative pundit, declared that there was “a need to replace an increasingly pathological American white working class” with immigrants (291).


The book ends with an epilogue obviously written sometime after the main text. Here Hanson again discusses Trump, along with the 2020 election, January 6th, and the Biden administration. Though generally supportive, VDH expresses mixed feelings about the former president who could be “an idealistic populist, a rank cynic, a canny pragmatist, neither, or a combination of the three” (324). Once more, Trump was a bit naive, he “under-appreciated” and at times “seemed oblivious” to the political forces arrayed against him (326). Being a political outsider, he had no cadre of experienced and knowledgeable people to fill key administrative positions. Plus his “mercurial persona” and “often off-putting behavior” made him difficult to work with.

Hanson expresses doubts regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Tens of millions of people voted by mail “with far less audit of signatures, addresses, and deadlines” than in the past. Voting by mail is “fraught with dangers of fraud and a general inability to authenticate voter eligibility and identification” (336).

As for the January 6th capitol protests, Hanson points to an obvious factor that the mainstream media and the political establishment refuse to acknowledge. By justifying the violence during the so-called “racial reckoning” of 2020, the Left created the climate for the assault on the capitol in January 2021. The protesters that day were poorly led, if indeed there was any real leadership at all. Some thought that violence was the way to be heard, that this was the way it is done now, this is how you do it. They did not realize that those rules only applied to the other side. As VDH puts it: “[T]he Left had for months contextualized the mayhem of Antifa and BLM and therefore should not have been surprised when others were emboldened to follow their violent example. The public was left with the general impression that, for political reasons, violence in the streets was being condoned and perpetrators not held to account for their illegal actions” (340).


So, having considered Hanson’s “true citizenship,” which I have equated with MAGA/civic nationalism, we return to the question posed at the start: Is this movement an on ramp to explicit White advocacy? Or is it a dead end? As Yogi Berra opined: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” but I believe Trumpism will fade and will prove to be the last gasp for civic nationalism.

There are several reasons for this prediction: It will be difficult to have Trumpism without Trump, and his future is uncertain at best. For all his faults Trump is an authentic personality and seemed to have a unique ability to incite the Left. Meanwhile possible successors, such as Ron DeSantis, smack of opportunism. Of course, the Romney wing of the Republican Party never went away and they are working day and night to return to the pre-2016 business-as-usual approach. But the main reason that civic nationalism will fail to deliver is its refusal to face the reality of race and the importance of racial differences in human affairs.

Whatever happens, politics will not return to pre-2016 status quo ante. There are long-term trends, such as political and social polarization, that appear to be accelerating. Political violence, practiced by the Left since the “long hot summers” of the 1960s and more recently taken up by Antifa and BLM, has spread to elements of the political Right and could intensify. Due to selective law enforcement, however, violence, other than in self- defense, is likely to be counterproductive for the Right. Is there a role for the Republican Party to move a White agenda forward? As alluded to above, the neo-conservatives are working hard to regain full control of the party, and they hold the purse strings. But do they have the votes? American political parties are subject to change—a century ago, the Democrats were the White man’s party, and the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, received the Black vote. In any case, voting is without risk or cost and takes very little time or effort so any return on such a small investment is a plus.

In the final analysis electoral politics will only go so far in bringing about fundamental societal change. As Andrew Breitbart wrote: “Politics is downstream from culture.” People need to live the change they want. One encouraging trend sees White Americans moving to areas of the country that they find more politically and socially congenial, hopefully creating supportive networks. Liberal journalist Bill Bishop has termed this The Big Sort.[3]Bill Bishop, The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart, Mariner Books (2009). While others call it an ingathering.[4]See for example: Eric Paulson, “Nine Reasons for an Ingathering,” The Occidental Observer (November 3, 2010). This is where Hanson’s true citizenship might be most applicable, becoming civically engaged at the local level to build healthy White communities.


[1] Martin Bernal , Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Rutgers University Press, 1987.

[2] Victor Davis Hanson, The Case for Trump Basic Books, 2019.

[3] Bill Bishop, The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart, Mariner Books (2009).

[4] See for example: Eric Paulson, “Nine Reasons for an Ingathering,The Occidental Observer (November 3, 2010).

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[262] • Disclaimer says:

    I wouldn’t worry because MUH BASED KANYE will be emperor of the renewed holy roman empire and restore order to the world in co operation with MUH BASED RUSSIA ,MUH BASED CHINA , MUH BASED IRAN and his second in command the most BASED of all BASED people MUH BASEDEDY BASED SUPER BASED BASHAR ” BASED” ASSAD !!!!!!

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
    , @Joe Wong
  2. anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Above you see repeated uncritically the canard that the first democracy of ‘consensual government’ was in ancient Greece. This is a falsehood of the unlearned, of the bias of ‘Western tradition’ favouring its heritage slave cultures of Greece and Rome which it knows, versus the slavery-limiting-or-abolishing ancient cultures of India and Persia, sadly unappreciated today.

    Not a ‘we wuz kangz’ larp: It is fact that democracy was quite known in older-then-Athens cultures of ancient India, amongst many models of government seen in its various principalities. Ancient India had virtually everything of cultural value in its mix … but India got crushed by becoming too gentle and losing its warrior culture, a poisonous flaw within classic Buddhism. As a result of this failure, appreciation of ancient India is still meagre.

    For example – Ancient India had the first realms to formally abolish the death penalty – millennia ago! – and as Buddhism swept across Asia, it was abolished as well in China and Japan … this gentler cultural model was destroyed, however, after conquering Muslims destroyed India’s great Nalanda University, a University that had survived most of two millennia … Ironically all these countries have the barbaric death penalty today; so we see that history indeed goes backwards sometimes, life becomes more cruel, and great and good things become lost and little-known.

    Regarding the main theme in the article above, the issue of civnat civic nationalism vs tribalism, will likely be overwhelmed by dystopian control grids over us, soon to be expanded to crushing totality.

  3. @anonymous

    It is contradictory to claim the gentleness of Buddhism is a poisonous flaw and also to condemn the death penalty as barbaric.

  4. saggy says: • Website

    He is now a professor emeritus of classics at Fresno State and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a conservative-leaning think tank. Hanson’s latest book is a cogent articulation of the present policy positions of the establishment Right.

    Is there any point in reading further? Just say the word – neocon. We’re done.

  5. Karl1906 says:

    The US of A should have restarted their whole basic set of principles after 1861 (or 1865 for that matter). Instead they battered the Southern half of the country into submission and ruined its infrastructure to make sure. After 1914 the country became prey to a virulent bankster establishment that hates the country, its principles and the population. Which systematically corrupted and ruined every single one of its institutions – down to the lowest level.

    And now it’s 100+ years later and the empire is at the end of its line. It cannot be fixed. It can only fall. And drag the whole of civilisation with it and into the grave if its corrupted and demented establishment gets the chance.

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @anarchyst
  6. Hanson is a “zio-cuck” neocon. He is a worthless propagandist.

    • Agree: Adam O'Donnell
    • Replies: @Not Important
  7. Republics are incompatible with Oligarchy
    Taxes reduce inequalities in wealth

    Putin brought rampant Oligarchy of Yeltsin/USA to heel
    US has done nothing since Teddy Roosevelt to block rich men destroying the Republic

    The Foundations are the new Trusts
    Greenspan created BlackRock power base as New Political Order

    Vampire Squid

    • Replies: @col from OZ
  8. Panadechi says:

    The decadent and corrupt AngloZionist empire and its lackeys need an enemy, to hypnotize the Whitey-Goy…

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  9. Kim says:

    Put a pillow on its face. Then drive a stake through its peanut-sized heart, just to make sure.

    There is no magic dirt. And there is no rule of law for those who must live under the thumb of the nigger or the jew.

    And there can be no national Constitution when all of the people of the nation are not constituted of the same stuff.

    You cannot have rule of law when you are ruled by congenital liars and scammers manipulating an army of violent, impulsive, selfish, and retarded monkeys who can scarcely read much less comprehend any “law” more subtle than the law of the jungle.

    Civic nationalism is standing by while media jews cheer on coons burning down your house…because we’re all the same, we all have the same goals and values, and we’re all in this together, right?

  10. Kim says:

    Politics is downstream from culture.

    And guess what.

    Culture is downstream from race.

    • Agree: mark green, Mike Tre
    • Thanks: Jim Bob Lassiter

    And thus Hobbes knew with his natural fur that he had immunity from the cold weather. But he also knew Calvin couldn’t survive long on weak soup, marshmallows and Norwegian cod. So he prepared himself for Calvin’s bitching by pretending to go deaf and squirreling away all the cigars and quietly stashing the remaining booze at Suzy’s house.

    Calvin was pissed. The irritation had grown into aggravation and was simmering into a low boil of slight madness. But he knew Hobbes would have these problems and tolerated the matter as best he could.

    Hobbes however enjoyed pushing Calvin’s buttons and realized this particular mental anguish upon Calvin was sneaky but well managed and timed. So he would continue for another 15 minutes or so as from months past enjoying himself dancing and singing in order to annoy the human boy/slob…

    Hobbes: “Hare Hare!! Hare Trumpstein!!
    Trumpstein!! Trumpstein!! Hare Hare!!”

  12. Franz says:

    The US Constitution posited “group rights” for themselves and their posterity, and felt that the group in question would always be the country. Mistake.

    Ayn Rand’s “global balkanization” which she felt started in the 1970s was, effectively, the establishment ground for these groups rights, or as other rightists identified it, the “racial spoils system.”

    No matter how, it’s our reality now. Whites simply have to accept that the only advancement they’ll get from now on will be as the White Gang in an increasingly restive group of black, brown, yellow and other gangs.

    It’s the game at present. Nationalism = My gang, against all other gangs. Civic nationalism is a dead end.

    • Replies: @Liza
    , @Atle
  13. As I read the article, I feared was about to explode.

    No mention of Jews!

    Then, just prior to the epilogue, Mr. Rosit is able to imbed one.

    It was this close to tragedy.

    An article without Jews is simply unfit for the fascinating sewer that is this place.

    • LOL: silviosilver
  14. Victor Davis Hanson is a warmonger and neocon hawk, a great fan of Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria Nuland) In September after the the two Russian tactical withdrawals, Hanson declared Ukraine and NATO to be the clear winners of the war there.

    Hanson was and remains a true believer of the Iraq War, and believes Holy Israel can do no wrong.

    One of his rare criticisms of the Orange Oaf came when Trump attempted to withdraw US troops from Syria.

    Personally, I’ll pass up VDH’s books even if I happen to see them on the free table.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Marina Kirchen
  15. Superb analysis of VDH. Thanks.

  16. Trump who?

    May Allude Gullible Americans?

    May Also Get Aids, Mr warp speed vaxxer?

    Make Americans Go Away, to prison?

    Sorry, I’m just disappointed. How many videos are there of Trump fireing all the deadweight in Washington?

    I think he could do very well on Shark Tank, throw in some killer whales, YUGE!

  17. @anonymous

    You have the dystopian part right.

  18. Charles says:

    For a moment I was again a teen-ager – reliving the memories of cheering Reagan and booing Carter and Mondale, and believing barbarous sub-Saharan savages somehow became civilized when they swore fealty to the USA. But alas it is not 1984, though it is much like Nineteen Eighty-Four. Unless vast, vast numbers of Whites renounce their life-long addictions to belief in a “color-blind” society and the need to be patted on the back for their altruism, books like Hanson’s will be part of the syllabi of Chinese history professors in their future Death of America classes.

  19. Trump is not the only traitor. Majority of US since 20th century are criminals. Here is 3 more warmonger stooges to remember, black and white.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
    , @TKK
  20. Levtraro says:

    Good review and excellent read, thanks.

    Another legal issue worrying Hanson is what he calls the new nullification, or what could simply be termed selective law enforcement […] This approach became widespread in late spring and summer of 2020 during the Floyd riots when virtue-signaling mayors in cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle refused to enforce laws protecting lives and property. In the case of Minneapolis, the pronouncements of Mayor Jacob Frey actually helped to incite violence in his city.

    Here is one hypothesis explaining this phenomenon.

    The left is a permanent majority in all States: if ALL adult leftists voted there would be no conservative politician ever elected to office, except in a few zip codes.

    Dems did not tap on this permanent majority because (1) they restrained themselves as they value alternation of power for PR reasons and (2) the GOP put obstacles that made voting more difficult and used other tricks to win some majorities by tinkering with geographical boundaries. This changed when Trump humiliated them and became president. Dems unleashed their full power to make voting easier and succeeded, helped by the COVID hysteria.

    By succeeding in making voting easier Dems tapped on a demographic that is composed of absolute losers with explosive anger and this demographic, while participating in the electoral charade, became more assertive and wanted a brighter spotlight on them.

    By allowing them to riot and loot at large scale in some ocassions and at small scale permanently, this explosive demographic can be controlled. It is like blowing steam. Their rioting is the release of excessive loser’s energy.

    Hanson defines globalism as simply “putting global concerns above national interests” (269). Globalism, championed by Western elites, dilutes VDH’s concept of true citizenship. Globalists are “post-citizens” who wish to transcend the boundaries of race, sex, and nationality. According to the author, organizing international relations around nation states is not ideal, but it “is the least pernicious system compared to the alternatives” (272).

    Globalism is not about trascending race, sex and nationality in general. Globalism is about enhanced exploitation of human stocks by trascending national borders in seeking for a working class to deliver goods. Globalism is also the proof that productive communities decline when the elites abuse too much the human stocks that they control and harvest, or as Old Brown Fool has put it

    when the elites betray their working classes.

    Both the author of the book and the reviewer seem to have missed this very essential aspect of the decline of America. Other polities took advantage of this American weakness, most notably China. American elites are now trying to roll back globalization but it’s too late. The only thing left to say is: it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Thanks: Fred777
    • Replies: @JuniorJohnsons
    , @Fred777
  21. @saggy

    If you like mental masturbation it’s good.

    Too bad Sir George Cockburn couldn’t
    make an appearance on Jan 6. Nope, got antifa larpers, joe six pack into the trap and nazis for new isreal.

    It’s Karn Evil 9. Heil Z! Or whatever name the piano-cocker goes by.

  22. I would call this a law of political science: The Right is always reactive, though not necessary reactionary. So Edmund Burke, father of modern conservatism, was reacting to the French Revolution, Mussolini was reacting to Lenin, and the January 6th rioters were reacting to the George Floyd riots of 2020.

    In an otherwise thoughtful article, Rosit is still repeating this fabrication. The peaceful protestors on January 6th 2021 were let into the building by Capitol Police. Several hundred wandered round the Building, some of whom were photographed sitting in the Speaker’s chair. When asked to leave, they left. No damage was done to the Building or its contents. The only violence was when a Capitol Policeman shot dead, ie murdered, an unarmed female protestor. The Policeman has not been charged.

    That’s what Rosit should have written, not this garbage about January 6th “rioters”.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  23. The US empire was and is a gigantic mistake. There’s nothing worth “saving” etc. All empires decline and there’s no changing that directory. The US failed bc the US populace had no values and were buffoons fixated on endless imperialism, hustling and huckstering. It is in their “DNA”.

    “Get money” is the ontologically and spiritually empty motto. 400years+ of endless expansion, and they wonder how to “save” “resisting” “movements”….the only real mvt in the US empire, is and was the bowel movement.

    The severe problem with USians is not just “top down” “deep state” CIA, NSA, etc..’forced’ to do this, that, the other, etc. (typical Chomsky, Hedges and Co argument).

    The severe problem is the US subjects themselves. They WANT what the US empire is offering and gleefully, voluntarily participate in the hu$tling and huckstering.

    • Replies: @ricpic
  24. The author writes :

    My own view is that government is simply a vehicle; who is behind the wheel is what matters. There’s nothing inherently wrong with centralised government.

    Government is a vehicle that can take you where you want to go, or it can careen off a cliff.

    Well then Nelson Rosit, I ask you, name me a single western government in recent decades that has taken us ‘where we want to go’.

    ALL of them have been commandeered by the Zio cabal.
    ALL of them have careened off the cliff.
    ALL of them imposed tyrannical restrictions and mask/vaccine mandates during the Covid Psyop.

    Centralised government is always and everywhere bloated Big Government, with an over abundance of parasitic government employees that sap the productivity of the private sector, and subject them to a crushing regulatory framework.

    By virtue of its bloated size and the enormous revenue at its disposal (as a result of the ill gotten gains it has extorted from the private sector), Big Government is ALWAYS targeted for capture by the Zio cabal (aka ZOG – mistakenly referred to as the ‘Deep State’ by those that don’t have the guts to call a spade a spade), who will use it to enact legislation/foreign policy/pandemic policy that both enriches it and impoverishes/depopulates the goyim.

    Bill Bonner clearly articulates the case for decentralised SMALL government below :

    Government (and democracy) works tolerably well, but only in small settings.
    In a New England town, for example…or in a club…all the participants know more or less the same set of facts…and all have equal power. People can be persuaded by the most forceful and most eloquent members of the group, but decisions rarely fall too far from the tree of practical alternatives available.

    Not only do all the participants share the same information…they also share the same culture and language…and the same codes and rules.
    More importantly, they also know they have to bear the costs of whatever mischief their decisions cause. In small groups, as in families, mistakes are exposed and punished…so, people tend to make fewer of them.

    But in large settings…the feedback loops get tangled or cut. People are busy with their own lives…and way too far from the ‘facts’ to have useful opinions. They can’t be expected to master epidemiology one day and the history of the steppes the next. Should the Donetsk People’s Republic be free from Ukraine? How would they know?

    As for his elected ‘representatives’…they are quickly captured by pressure groups…political donors…think tanks…and the Deep State.

    In practice, the government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ is none of those things.
    It is a government of the elite, run by insiders, for the benefit of chisellers and busybodies.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
    , @Levtraro
  25. @saggy

    Please consider the terms: war mongering imperialist-colonialist instead of the intentionally vague Kristolesqe “neoconservative” term.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  26. geokat62 says:

    Message to Ron Unz… please spare us any further writings from this very amateurish author.

    His writing style and his level of understanding of the political landscape are extremely rudimentary.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. “American race and gender victimization supplanted doctrinaire Marxist class oppression” because criticism of capitalism was made taboo after the frightening awakening of the Sixties. When you are forbidden to even mention the actual source of society’s ills, and get paid truckloads of grant money by the capitalists to make up junk to, dare I say, distract the masses from the class struggle, this is what you get. Nah, that can’t be it, must be the Jews or the fags or the coloreds, right? Play on…

  28. Anonymous[380] • Disclaimer says:

    America’s only hope is to copy China and have a socialist, planned economy. An economy that considers the needs of the working class, and not the “wants” of the inheritor class; i.e. a return to the New Deal under FDR. High taxes, especially inheritance taxes; capital gains taxed just like wages; cheap higher education; truly universal national health care; and powerful unions.
    As long as America believes in the Ayn Rand garbage and China practices the solidarity of a unified society – they are going to “eat our lunch”.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  29. The US empire was only concerned about $ since it was never a “country” per se, it was and is a business enterprise masquerading as a “country.”

    Here’s a trivial “mainstream” example:

    For Rolling Stones album you get ads

    Before your movie, the same

    Seems that there’s no limit to unwanted ads that you can pay to have
    them removed. Watch out for “ad blockers” everywhere on-line. Of course, many of them are a scam–like the US and its’ imbecilic subjects.

    • Replies: @Kim
  30. @Zachary Smith

    The term is “neocon” is vague. It should be: US war mongering imperialism. Not Kristol and Jr’s nonsense term.

    Also, “Nuland’s” real surname is : Noodelman,

  31. @Anon

    None of the “MUHs” will amount to MUcH of anything without MUHster Vladimir Putin and his RUHsia.

  32. @Levtraro

    America’s old elite proved its immorality by delaying entry into WWII. Sow the wind reap the whirlwind. We have a chance now to get with it, get boosted and finally demonstrate a bit of moral integrity. I see a chance for change ahead and I’m optimistic about my future!

  33. There’s nothing inherently wrong with centralized government. Government is a vehicle that can take you where you want to go, or it can careen off a cliff.

    Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, … all White Men. A Communist government was already at the bottom of the cliff, and it didn’t matter WHO was driving.

    Mao drove Chinese hard-core Communism. It was terrible. Deng changed the government, but it wasn’t just about who was driving, but his releasing economic control. Then Xi gets in, and it heads to hell again. You might say, “see, it depends on who’s driving”, but that’s the problem with strong Central Government, that there is a driver there to begin with. In the original America, the PEOPLE drove themselves.

    The American Republic with Federalism was “cliff-proof”, because the general population is not suicidal. Large Central Governments can be suicidal. Why else would this one let in 50 million foreigners against the wishes of the people?

    (I was in complete agreement till that part. I’ll keep reading.)

    • Replies: @JackOH
  34. @saggy

    I came to the same conclusion you did. An academic in one of the bullshitology “professions” with no basis in natural law. An artificial expert on a made up field of (waste of time) study.

    To put things right, the humanities and social sciences have to be brought down to where they belong by limiting their ability to hand out degrees to a maximum of a bachelor’s. No one should be able to earn any degree on something that’s an opinion, but I’d relent on trashing them totally if a reasonable limit was applied. That would discourage the number of people seeking to enter the nonsense fields due to the implied acknowledgement that these fields are relatively worthless.

    The US needs more engineers and scientists to compete with other countries. It needs people with critical thinking abilities that can produce the factories and infrastructure required for competition. For decades, the US has been turning out finance types and people who emote rather than think. Once the Dollar dies, how is the population supposed to purchase goods made mostly overseas when they have nothing other countries want for a balance of trade that doesn’t leave the country bankrupt even in the fiat sense?

  35. profnasty says:

    Don’t talk about your Owner.
    I noticed on Christmas 2013, from the alternative press (or MSM of coarse), not a peep about the Federal Reserve Bank. Narry a word.
    Wtf?! Do They really control EVERYTHING??

  36. Civic nationalism is an oxymoron in the same vain as Judeo-Christian or Christian Zionist. Civic assumes multi-cultural diversity. Multiple mutually incompatible cultures cannot form a cohesive nation. You don’t need a Ph. D. and don’t need to write an essay to figure out as much.

    • Replies: @Desert Flower
  37. Likewise, one can celebrate the growing ethnic diversity of America, but if it is termed “The Great Replacement,” it is a conspiratorial hoax.

    If you are having a problem with the influx of a lot of people within a short time then what you have to do is formulate your problem that way. Using ” The Great Replacement ” doesn’t help because the United States itself is the product of The Real Great Replacement. One can say the same about Canada, Australia, New Zealand,South Africa ……

    Large numbers of migrants who are genetically distant from the majority population make assimilation impossible.

    In the case of the United States that led to the genocide on the Native American population by the genetically distant groups introduced from Europe.

    My point is this : choose your words carefully to avoid your own words being used against you.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  38. @RoatanBill

    The US needs more engineers and scientists to compete with other countries. It needs people with critical thinking abilities that can produce the factories and infrastructure required for competition.

    The solution to the problem is very simple : make education more accessible to the majority of the people.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Not Important
  39. Levtraro says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    In Europe we have Switzerland, an example of smaller centralized (I mean federal) govt that has resisted the tendency to grow larger and more powerful.

    • Thanks: JackOH
  40. @Charles Martel France

    I’d agree as long as the definition of education is firmed up.

    Teaching and learning about fraudulent professions helps no one but the hucksters the humanities and social sciences turn out. Education needs to be based on empirical evidence, not some bullshit consensus dreamt up by the priests of some arcane religion like climate science, political science, economics, etc.

    The real world is the material world. One survives in the real material world. That world has natural laws and the STEM disciplines try their best to define those natural laws by using repeatable experimentation and empirical evidence as the basis to recognize a truth that’s been there all along only it took the human race to discover it via hard work.

    Everyone can have an opinion about the non material concepts the human mind has conceived, but there should be no forced consensus on these issues championed by the phony experts with degrees in pure opinion. The humanities and social sciences are a propaganda mechanism designed to convince people toward a particular view by placing supposed experts in front of them to lecture from a position of authority. Problem is that their authority is bogus; it’s just their opinion with no empirical evidence to back it up.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  41. Victor Davis Hanson knows the truth. Like a vast majority of Republicans and “conservatives,” he cares far more about money (his book deals, appearances on Fox News, professorship, etc.) than the ideals he espouses. This type of civic nationalism is a half-measure and attempt to keep the gravy train rolling without risking cancellation. This is a big reason for the colossal failure of these people to fulfill their claimed roles as stewards of the America of the founders. They know what happens to the real truth-tellers and they will NEVER let it happen to them.

    • Replies: @Desert Flower
  42. New York Times “best seller”–that tells everything you need to know…and who their intended audience is.

    All the ‘news’ that fits their views.

  43. anarchyst says:

    One aspect of life before the “War of Northern Aggression” was the fact that the federal government had little power and was subservient to the states.
    In those times, an individual citizen regarded himself to be a citizen of his respective state–NOT a “citizen of the united States”. A person living in Virginia considered himself to be a citizen of Virginia and likewise citizens of other states who were citizens of their respective states.
    At the time, the only responsibilities that the federal government had was to coin lawful money, run a post office, and have the ability to gather troops to repel invasions, nothing more.
    The “War of Northern Aggression” was illegal on its face, as states always had the right to secede from the “union”.
    The requirement that the “states in rebellion” sign a statement recognizing the inviolability of the federal government before readmission was done under duress and were not valid contracts. The only state that never signed a “no secession” clause was Texas. To this day, Texas could tell the feds to “take a hike”. There would be very little the feds could do about it.
    That all changed with the conclusion of the “War of Northern Aggression” when the states were subordinated to the federal government, illegal powers being taken by the federal government. It was all downhill from there…

    • Thanks: Karl1906, Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Karl1906
  44. JackOH says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Large Central Governments can be suicidal. Why else would this one [the USA] let in 50 million foreigners against the wishes of the people?

    Achmed, you probably already know the answer to this one. Our “Large Central Government” views the lower 99% of Americans as homogeneous knuckle-draggers in a vast labor camp, or, maybe as undifferentiated debt cows and consumption monkeys in that same labor camp. It’s okay to “suicide” us. They sure as hell aren’t “suiciding” their 1% America.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  45. KenH says:

    What is the treatment regimen? No nostrum is prescribed.

    Conservatives brilliantly define the problems but never offer solutions. Conservatives are all about making leftism and multiracialism work instead of rejecting it wholesale.

    VDH mentions ancient Athens but probably omitted that only about 4% of citizens were enfranchised to vote in Athenian “democracy”. America was never supposed to become a one man, one vote democracy.

    Ezra Pound said a democracy is a government run by Jews.

    Conservatives are really no different than old school Marxists with their rejection of racial/biological determinism and belief that capitalism and free markets instead of Marxist central planning can transcend race. Both want a world of mixed race consumers and slaves who place economic prosperity and gain over all else.

  46. @Charles Martel France

    Education will not make blacks and beans any more compatible with civilization. The solution is to get rid of blacks and beans.

  47. anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

    “Globalists do not value the “unique traditions, ancestries, local histories—and differences” of particular locales (302).”

    As long as the “elite” are safely ensconced in Israel their own traditions, ancestries and history will remain secure but damn all others.

  48. Victor Davis Hanson is a neocon:

    From the article:

    Victor Davis Hanson… is a fervent apologist for the Bush administration’s interventionist foreign policy….how ironic that military historian Hanson, like his fellow neocons who urge violence to remake the Middle East, has never served in the U.S. military. Hanson truly has much in common with the administration’s corps of instant Middle East experts: He has never lived or worked in the Arab world and has no specialist knowledge of the region. He speaks no Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, or Farsi. At least when Trotsky set out to create the new Soviet man, he could speak Russian.

    Hanson quotes re Iraq:

    “The EU, the UN, NATO, the European street, the American Left … by failing to understand the post 9/11 world and its requirement to neutralize Saddam Hussein, have unnecessarily put their perceived wisdom, prestige, and influence in jeopardy – and with the liberation of Iraq they all are going to lose big time.”

    “Marines will find more deadly weapons in the first hours of war than the UN did in three months. ”

    “[A] country that was the worst in the Middle East [is] evolving into the best. … [A] reborn democratic Iraq will overturn almost all the conventional wisdom, here and abroad, about the Middle East, the nature and purpose of war in our age, the moral differences between Europe and America – and the place in history of George W. Bush.”

  49. “The author notes that most economic experts—men such as Paul Krugman and Larry Summers—state that high-paying production jobs are leaving America, and not coming back. Hanson does not buy that argument, and neither did former…”

    This reader notes that most economic experts, Krugman, Summers, Hanson and Trump, et al are full of shit, have never produced more than headaches and problems for people who do. I do not buy the argument that any of these whores have my interests in mind or have earned the respect of me ot my people.

    • Replies: @Van Turd Lying
  50. @Marina Kirchen

    Agreed, the “neoconservative” moniker just serves these “Smarmy Sociopathic Racist War Criminals” in launching more genocide, collapse of civilization, etc…and because they are mainly jewish and venetian in methodology, too many afraid of them, and intellectually ill equipped to know what is really going on, and thus they control both parties….and whose success is counted in chaos and death…

    • Thanks: Van Turd Lying
  51. @anonymous

    Demographics is destiny.

    That’s all you need to know about the future of America. Barring a massive Civil war with one-sided non-white casualties, this nation will soon enough be non-white and the last vestiges of pretending to follow the Constitution will be over with.

  52. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair
    Every man has his limitations…..and VDH certainly displays his blind spots… effect making him controlled opposition.
    I can recall my own experience over the last 20 years – – I admit that I WAS a Constitution worshipper with serious ingrained presumptuous presuppositions which acted as a ceiling to my understanding of world affairs – all learned from school, culture and DaEveningNews.
    To cut to the chase – it takes constant reading, comparing and analysis to begin the process of UNLEARNING what is nothing more than propaganda – and DaSynagogue of Satan is a master at it. In fact, it is the lifeblood of their existence – that is also posted in DaLimbraw Library.
    But I must admit, most folks don’t have the wherewithal for that journey – certainly not the average Conservative – it’s easier just to blame DaLeft.

  53. America is dead as a doornail. We have no culture, identity or meaningful history such as our European counterparts and ancestors. I feel more in common with your average Scandinavian than white liberals from the East coast. I’ve never been there, but blood runs thick. A nation needs a central identity to rally around. After many years in Russia I’m aware of how this works. Russian culture is primary and above all others, which are more like a pleasant addition to the overarching Russian culture that all share here. It’s the glue keeping the Russian Federation together. America needs a central idea and identity for everyone to unite around to survive or balkansim is the future.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  54. Did not know that US persons were “citizens”? Most with a working brainstem know they are nothing more than servile tax and debt subjects to the dying americant empire.

    Keep the delusions, denials, and deceptions alive USers and immigrants to The shit hole.

  55. Fred777 says:

    A good post. But how are the elites trying to roll back globalism?

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Levtraro
  56. @Lancelot_Link

    No one with an IQ >75 thinks those swarmy, shyster USers above are “experts” in anything except grifting for their overlords and keeping the ignorant professional classes masses sedated. They are puppets for the us empire.

    Thinking these clowns are “economic experts” discredits the entire piece. This piece could of been written by Von Der Lying–another us puppet.

    Respectfully, curious why Dr. Unz would publish this drivel?

  57. Liza says:

    Civic nationalism is a dead end.

    Somebody, give Peter Brimelow a call.

    • Replies: @Franz
  58. @Anonymous

    America’s only hope is to copy China and have a socialist, planned economy. An economy that considers the needs of the working class, and not the “wants” of the inheritor class; i.e. a return to the New Deal under FDR.

    Well which is it ? Do you want an economy like China OR a socialist economy ? (They’re mutually exclusive).

    In the 130 or so years from the beginning of the republic leading up to the creation of the Zio owned Federal Reserve, the U.S was the bastion of Free Market Capitalism (or at least the closest that any country had ever been to having unfettered Free Markets).

    And because of that it lifted more people into the middle class and beyond (as a % of its population), than any society had in all of human history, either before or since.
    In that period the U.S had :

    1) Minimal government
    2) NO Income Tax
    3) NO corporate tax
    4) Very little intrusion into the existence of its citizens and micromanagement of their lives.

    Today in 2022, China is the Capitalist stronghold amongst the major countries.
    It has :

    1) Far lower income taxes than the U.S
    2) Far Lower corporate taxes
    3) Far Less Government as a percentage of GDP than the U.S
    4) By virtue of having less government China has far fewer parasitic government workers imposing a crushing regulatory burden on the private sector.
    5) By virtue of less money being extracted from the job creating and dynamic private sector, the Chinese government has FAR LESS money at its disposal that it can squander on a murderous foreign policy/subsidising the Apartheid Israel state/funding the Judeo-Fascist Ukrainian regime/blowing countless trillions over the last decade or more on Green Energy boondoggles that impoverish us all.

    Big Government is ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE the problem – and has always been throughout history.

    The ONLY way to reduce government is to DEFUND it and leave that money in the hands of the citizenry that will spend their money more prudently.

    As for the ‘return to FDR’s New Deal’, obviously you’ve been reading the Zio published history books and misinformation from the small hats that socialism is the cure.

    The fact of the matter is that FDR turned a garden variety recession that would’ve been over in a couple of years into the ‘Great Depression’ – that didn’t end until 1946.

    That’s right, the war years did not end the Depression. As bad as people’s lives were in the 1930’s, there were even GREATER DEPRIVATIONS during the war years as production was diverted away from the consumer economy into war production, and shortages and rationing of consumer goods was omnipresent.

    Yes GDP went up – after all, you can generate a hell of a lot GDP by making some B29’s or building a single USS Missouri Battleship.
    But none of the above feeds your family or puts a roof over your head.

    Bottom Line: FDR was a DISASTER for America. He not only impoverished countless millions of Americans but, warmonger that he was, he got the U.S involved in a world war that served the agenda of his Jewish masters.

    You have much to learn my friend about what generates real wealth and a more equitable distribution of that wealth.

    There is little Capitalism of substance in the U.S today. What we have is Crony Corporatism, whereby the oligarchs have commandeered government which has enabled the oligarchs to consolidate (and expand upon) their monopolies.

    As a consequence, the U.S today is a Socialist Shit-hole.

    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  59. Karl1906 says:

    Excellent commentary! They don’t teach you this at school. And another proof how history books are always written (e.a. biased) by the winners.

    The founding fathers certainly never had THIS perversion in mind.

  60. Levtraro says:

    But how are the elites trying to roll back globalism?

    In several major and minor ways.

    Major ways: trying to slow down China’s progress with tariffs and export restrictions of some technologies. This started with Trump and continues with the current admin. This has many branches and extensions, such as military strengthening of Taiwan so key technologies do not become China’s. There are also attempts at re-industrialization with regards to key technologies. Taiwan’s TSMC is building a chip plant in Arizon at the “invitation” of the USA, so Biden can say ““American manufacturing is back, folks”. Another example of these major ways is the breaking down of the mutually-beneficial commercial relation between Germany and Russia.

    But the main efforts are towards slowing down China.

    Minor ways: there are multitude of examples but for instance, the USA is blocking the renewal of judges to the top appellate body of the WTO:

    Blocking that international body precludes international commerce conflict resolution thus undermining globalization.

    • Thanks: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
  61. RestiveUs says:

    I see no problem with any intellectual discipline as long as it’s foundation and practice adhere to the scientific method.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  62. Baby Boomer treasonous cowards such as Victor Davis Hanson need to be financially liquidated by means of Quantitative Tightening, massive tax increases on those born before 1965 and other claw back methods.

    Fed Chairman Jay Powell should use the six-ten-twenty federal funds rate hike system to implode the asset bubbles and extinguish inflation. Powell should hike to 6 percent federal funds rate and then pause for a day or so; after the slight pause Powell should raise to ten percent federal funds rate. Powell should then proceed to his bunker to escape the rage of the rancid billionaire scumbags and the White Upper Middle Class Snot Brats and then Powell should go FULL VOLCKER to TWENTY PERCENT FEDERAL FUNDS RATE.

    The Baby Boomer treasonites must be financially liquidated with extreme prejudice.

    Modest proposals all — Happy New Year!

    Even to you Baby Boomer money-grubbing slobs!

    This is good from VD Hanson(2019):

    Second, Mueller’s preemptive attacks offered an effective offensive defense for the likely felonious behavior of John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and a host of others. While the Mueller lawyers threatened to destroy the lives of bit players like Jerome Corsi, George Papadopoulos, and Roger Stone, they de facto provided exemption to a host of the Washington hierarchy who had lied under oath, obstructed justice, illegally leaked to the press, unmasked and leaked names of surveilled Americans, and misled federal courts under the guise of a “higher loyalty” to the cause of destroying Donald J. Trump.

  63. Pablo says:

    Victor Hanson has missed/ignored a Basic Fact about the US Constitution. The Basic Fact is: the US Constitution means exactly what The Supreme Court says it means. This is The Supreme Court that upheld the Institution of Slavery. And The Court has reversed itself numerous times. Hanson seems to act as if he is unaware of the History of Politics. Starting with Reagan, US National Politics has been about Class Warfare, not any high-sounding Concepts you might read about in an Economics Class in College. Wall Street and the Billionaires started their Assault on US Politics. It was a takeover. These two groups joined the Existing Power Structure in D.C.: the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the Israel Lobby. To name just two of the Existing Powers in D.C. The point is, our current status as a Nation is not really about any Concepts in Political Science. It’s about a seizure of Power by Special Interests who want to mold the US Government–and the Laws it makes–to its own selfish Interests. These movements must be ACTIVELY countered, not just outlined is some Opinion Piece.

  64. @Anounymous

    George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are three Baby Boomer treasonous rat whores for the evil and demonic JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    My only mild point of disagreement is that Obama is a MULATTO and not Black. Blacks of a mind to it might agree that Obama is half White. Obama is Son of the American Revolution eligible, unlike Trump.

    Bush, Clinton and Obama push globalization, financialization, mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration, trade deal scams, and WHITE GENOCIDE in all nations under the sway of the American Empire.

    Tweets from 2015:

    • Agree: TKK
  65. @RestiveUs

    Let’s take economics, for example.

    Do you see any scientific method in that discipline, that has caused the most damage to the world’s populations with their theories that support fiat currencies?

    From my engineering perspective, the humanities and social sciences are completely bereft of any scientific method.

    • Replies: @Kim
  66. @Charles Martel France

    Whites need to get off this white replacement rant, look on the bright side, it was great while it lasted and look forward to our own Viking Casinos on White Reservations with our own White Tribal land poleez who try and enforce obesity, drug abuse, and crazy peepooz syndrome.

  67. Joe Wong says:

    The Americans can stay united and strong easily, all they have to do is closing down all their overseas military bases, subversive Intel agencies, and NGOs; stop their silly missions of spreading toxic democracy and freedom cult around the world; and spend those saved money, energy and resources on solving problems at home, and brings common prosperity to the citizens of the America.

  68. Agent76 says:

    DEC 24, 2022 I’m Dreaming of an Anti-Imperialist Christmas

    ‘Tis the season when the world uses the more than 2,000-year-old birth of an infant named Yeshua (usually called “Jesus”) as an excuse to engage in mindless consumption and excess.

  69. The author writes…

    In his opposition to powerful centralized bureaucracy and other unelected institutions, I detect some libertarian leanings in his attitude toward government. My own view is that government is simply a vehicle; who is behind the wheel is what matters. There’s nothing inherently wrong with centralized government. Government is a vehicle that can take you where you want to go, or it can careen off a cliff.

    The author may be right about many things, but he is wrong here. For example if the US FedGov were limited to the size which was intended by the Founders and which it attained prior to the War of Northern Aggression it would not matter who was President, nor would America have disastrously entered into WWI, WWII and the rest of our ill-starred overseas adventures.

    The larger the government, the more it attracts the evil and power-hungry like those running the US FedGov today.

    • Agree: Kim, HdC
  70. Franz says:

    Somebody, give Peter Brimelow a call.

    People have tried, trust me. VDARE goes on year after year having no effect whatever and Peter B just keeps on as if anyone notices. He’s getting on in years. It’s either very sad or his retirement hobby.

    • Replies: @Liza
  71. Corvinus says:

    “After 22 months and 40 million dollars no Russian collusion with members of the Trump campaign was found.“

    The author of this piece is not accurate.

    William Barr concluded that Mueller:

    1. did not have enough proof of obstruction to convict.

    2. did not find enough proof of conspiracy to convict, but does not offer judgement on the proof of obstruction he found.

    PROOF is defined as any evidence that tends to make your position on a matter in a dispute more likely. INDICTMENTS require a certain amount of PROOF on whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. The level of PROOF required for a prosecutor to get an INDICTMENT of a defendant–the amount of evidence on the question whether a suspect is guilty that a prosecutor must have to move a case into the criminal justice system–is set at the level of PROBABLE CAUSE.

    When a prosecutor says “I do not have enough proof to bring an indictment”, it means there is “insufficient proof” on a matter of dispute–the suspect’s guilt–to reach the “probable cause” standard of proof required for indictment. Trump’s defenders say there is “no evidence/no proof” of collusion. Except there was PROOF. Mueller has tons of it in his report after nearly two years of investigating. Mueller MET the PROBABLE CAUSE standard.

    The issue is that Mueller needed to have PROOF at a much higher level than PROBABLE CAUSE to secure a conviction. To secure a CONVICTION means a prosecutor must have PROOF that is BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT–a term meaning a decision by a judge or jury that a given defendant is in fact guilty.

    Under the ethical guidelines governing Mueller’s work, he is not supposed to seek an INDICTMENT of a defendant unless and until he believed he had enough PROOF to secure a CONVICTION as well. He had enough PROOF at the PROBABLE CAUSE level to get an INDICTMENT–it is detailed in his report–but he believes a jury will not CONVICT the defendant because there is not PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

    There are two standards here–the media is mixing up the terms really badly.

    Mueller could proceed with the case–he could INDICT the defendant since there is enough PROOF, but he chose not to because he cannot CONVICT him. Why? The standard for BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is that the PROOF must be at a 90% level to secure a CONVICTION. Mueller in his report provided the percentages of his PROOF. PROBABLE CAUSE is 25% of PROOF that someone committed a crime, while BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is 90%.

    You need to distinguish EVIDENCE and PROOF. In short, PROOF is a *type* of EVIDENCE. When Trump defenders say “no EVIDENCE” what they actually mean is “no PROOF”—though they are ridiculously misstating their case in both instances. Mueller had PROOF of conspiracy enough to INDICT (at the level of PROBABLE CAUSE). But he did not have the PROOF that was BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (necessary for a CONVICTION). Remember, Mueller was conducting a narrow scope of the overall collusion question (which there are almost two dozen ongoing investigations on this and other matters)–whether Trump was engaged in a “conspiracy” with two Russian entities, the IRA or the GRU.

    Since one can collude through obstruction of justice, and because Mueller did say he found PROOF of that crime, we know he found PROOF of COLLUSION…just not enough to secure a CONVICTION. Moreover, Congress does NOT require PROOF that is BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT to deem someone a national security threat. That is up to each member of Congress

    • Replies: @asffasfsamlsakfsklf
  72. TKK says:

    Well done.

    Clinton and Bush should be tried for treason and publicly hung. Obama should be as well for flame throwing the racial Molotov Cocktail that spawned BLM.

    Setting aside their war mongering and murderous hearts- what should the punishment be for a man and his repellent wife who tanked one of the greatest economies in world history – Bill Clinton and NAFTA.

    Most of the economy now is moon dust, fairy dust…what real products does America create anymore?

  73. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    India’s great Nalanda University, a University that had survived most of two millennia

    That’s nowhere near true. Being a lying fuckwad waste of sperm is no way to go through life.

    Anecdote: a few years ago I was on the Washington DC subway when a nigger entered the car and started shouting “This is my motherfucking car!” over and over. I buzzed the nigger driver and explained the situation and asked him to call the police. He asked “What race is he?” and I said “What do you think?” then the nigger driver hung up and people around me accused me of being racist. Now I know the right answer would have been “He’s white” or “I can’t tell” or better yet “He’s got a gun”. Jesus fuck, some niggers go out of their way to make themselves difficult to like.

    @Truth Vigilante:

    Yes GDP went up – after all, you can generate a hell of a lot GDP by making some B29’s or building a single USS Missouri Battleship.
    But none of the above feeds your family or puts a roof over your head.

    Are you stupid, Focker? Or just unfamiliar with the concept of wages for work? Someone fed and roofed the families of those workers. Yes, you are indeed stupid.

    • Agree: silviosilver
    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  74. Dr. Doom says:

    America was a Constitutional Republic.
    Only a moral and responsible people can have that.

    The Synagogue of Satan and its erstwhile pets are nowhere near that definition.

    Scoundrels like “conservatives ” also lack morality.
    They worship the almighty dollar.

    It’s all about race. Nation, culture and laws.
    The phenotypes follow the genotypes.

    Irregardless of the hubris of the Bagel Boyz, they gravitate towards the third world because they belong there.
    The Synagogue of Satan has never invented or built anything on its own.

    Parasites prefer each other and hate their hosts.
    Whites have been too kind to their enemies.

    The Holy Roman Empire is rising.
    Laugh now, the foundation is already laid.

    White supremacy is Western Civilization.
    The enemy speaks in reverse, as they are.

    The future is space stations, moon bases and Mars colonies.
    Those that do not fit that paradigm must perish.

    The Corporation always gets what it wants.
    We make the rules.

  75. Dream says:

    Meanwhile in Canada:

  76. Dumbo says:

    “Civic nationalism” or as iSteve calls it, “citizenism”, is pointless, a dead end. Try to do “civic nationalism” in Uganda, Libya or Mexico and see how it works. There are no “proposition nations”, and muh Constitution is just a piece of paper. Everything comes down from a common ethnicity/culture/religion. Countries are tribes. Sure, the U.S. and other Western countries will trudge along for a while, but the writing’s on the wall. No multicultural countries last for long (well, not functional ones, anyway).

  77. Kim says:
    @Marina Kirchen

    Is it your point that you don’t like youtube ads? Just download before you watch. Internet Download Manager is a great product for the purpose.

  78. @RoatanBill

    Jews take over humanities and social sciences, use them to dominate and then destroy society.
    Cement-headed “engineer” deduces the answer: eliminate humanities and social sciences.

    Jew replies:

    “In the United States at this time Liberalism is not only the dominant but even the sole intellectual tradition. For it is the plain fact that nowadays there are no conservative or reactionary ideas in general circulation. This does not mean, of course, that there is no impulse to conservatism or to reaction. Such impulses are certainly very strong, perhaps even stronger than most of us know. But the conservative impulse and the reactionary impulse do not, with some isolated and some ecclesiastical exceptions, express themselves in ideas but only in action or in irritable mental gestures which seek to resemble ideas.” — Lionel Trilling, The Liberal Imagination (1950)

    Conservatism: the only political perspective that went from barbarism to barbarism, without passing through civilization or decadence.

    • Thanks: Kim
  79. Kim says:

    From my engineering perspective, the humanities and social sciences are completely bereft of any scientific method.

    The humanities don’t make any claims as to the scientific method, you copper-bottomed dunce.

    As to the social sciences, you make this claim with some regularity on this site. But repetition will never make you right.

    As I have pointed out to you before, for better or worse the world is organized and run by people who are trained in and understand the social sciences. Every day, you, Mr Bill, wake up, brush your teeth and then spend the rest of the day following the formulas for living and thinking that have laid out for you by the social scientists of politics and marketing, psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics. That this now applies to all of us may have been the greatest social revolution of the 20th century.

    And I can show that even you do not believe what you are claiming.

    For example, I am absolutely certain that you have very strong and probably fixed ideas on economics – a social science.

    I am also certain that you depend on and apply every day a variety of modern principles of human psychology.

    I know for a fact that you, Mr Bill, believe that you understand many aspects of human behavior and intelligence to a level that you are sure that you can accurately predict it and that every single day of your life you apply these intuitions and you are sure that they are based on your own observations and experience and so are very well founded indeed!

    I am sure that when you are to be found in crowds or interact in social groups you behave exactly as the social science profiles predict you will act. I am sure that they have your supermarket buying behavior identified to a nicety. I am sure that your internet usage tells the professionals almost as much about you as you might think you know yourself.

    So contrary to your own claims, your own daily actions prove that you do not in fact disdain the social sciences and that you do believe that it is possible through observation and theory testing to assemble the type of knowledge that is created through research in the various areas of the social sciences.

    Know thyself, knucklehead.

  80. @James J. O'Meara

    When the SHTF, the societies of the world will be looking towards the people with real demonstrable skills to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. Engineers and the trades will be called upon to solve real world problems brought about by the policies from the folks in the humanities and social sciences that are so detached from reality that they created the problems we see today.

    In an emergency situation, no one needs any of the bullshit artists with political science, economics, sociology, etc degrees. They will need practical people to do practical things to keep lots of folks from dying. It’s going to be the practical people that are going to save your sorry ass even though we know you’re worthless and we should just let you die off.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @silviosilver
  81. BubbaTuff says:

    VD Hanson never saw a US war of aggression he didn’t support or a Confederate memorial he didn’t want demolished.

  82. @Truth Vigilante

    What no one understands about World War II and the Great Depression, is that the post war Boom was not supposed to happen along the lines of your ‘war spending’ argument, that with the end of hostilities the Depression would continue.

    The issue is that post war economic Boom was fueled by the fact that the raw materials economy, particularly agriculture, was being paid Parity Prices for full production. Remember FDR tried to raise Ag prices by destroying production, which was rendered unconstitutional under US v. Butler.

    The war required full production and Parity Prices were determined relative to the free market period of 1910-14 when Agriculture earnings were on par with manufacturing and service sectors.

    With Parity at full production, earned income was created that was spent into the economy, and where the Raw Materials National Council under Carl H. Wilken understood from the economic record that every dollar earned in Agriculture multiplied itself by a factor of seven when national income was recorded.

    When one takes away Parity, earnings go down, and thus less earned income is created to run the economy, which then prompts borrowing at interest.

    Parity was eventually stopped, though it is still the law, when in 1952 Congress bowed to General Motors who wanted to sell cars on credit and Parity economics, aka people’s capitalism, was destroyed to service the money lenders.

    You can blame lots of so called ‘capitalist’ for the socialist shit hole….because all of these idiots do not understand basic economics, that begins with paying the farmer their due! All else is stealing.

  83. @Kim

    The humanities don’t make any claims as to the scientific method, you copper-bottomed dunce.

    I never claimed they did. I claim that they do not. If you had some reading comprehension you would know that. The name calling is a sure sign that your argument is correct, at least in your warped mind.

    What you describe is the snooping that goes on in the world which most people are against as an invasion of their privacy. That you present this as some good is telling. I know propaganda works on the weak of will and mind, but I’m not in either category.

    That I have certain habits that others also have proves absolutely nothing. If I was as predictable and as regimented via psychological conditioning as you claim, then why did I move out of the shithole US, why am I not a voter, why do I detest the govt and their allied weapons carriers, why do I champion the very things most people shrink from, namely anarchism and atheism?

    It would appear your psychological conditioning didn’t work all that well on me and that’s because my engineering training taught me to think critically and for myself.

    One final observation : I wrote the above without ever having to resort to the ad hominem. Did you ever expect that to be possible?

    • Agree: TKK
  84. Fred777 says:

    I don’t see the Chinese manufacturing coming back to the US so much as moving to other countries in Asia.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  85. @James J. O'Meara

    Capitalism is innately reactionary and destructive. ‘Liberal’ capitalism does not exist, save for the moneyed elites. For the rest it is ‘conservatism’ red in tooth and dental implants.

  86. Can “true citizenship”/MAGA/civic nationalism provide any utility for the cause of White America?

    Healthy communities… at the local level… civically engaged… respect for localism and regionalism… culture and indigenous customs… true citizenship… nationalism.

    These are some of the key ideas that should probably be upheld. Everything is downstream from this.

    The racial profile of a regional community cannot be ignored because what is local entails family, friendship, kinship and culture, and these things tend to have a genetic sketch, but no nation was ever constructed or maintained with “racial advocacy” as its principal founding value.

    Westerners of a conservative leaning overemphasize the wrong thing, and the fetish fixation on race crowds out everything else that is essential and important, like home and hearth, and loyalty and decency.

    Race is downstream from community. Protect the latter and preserve the former. (The converse is also true; but if you try to protect race at the expense of community, you’ll save neither)

    If globalism hurt America, then globalism accomplished what America’s globalist elites intended: Pollute its cultural core, weaken its identity, undermine cohesiveness, and scatter America.

    There are elites in America who perceive nationalism as a threat, borders as an inconvenience, and patriotism as ugly bigotry. Among many of them, Marxism seems to be their thing.

    Economic class Marxism was tried and failed, so it seems they’ve moved onto something new but the same, cultural Marxism: a dialectical view of oppression of one dominant group, gender, race over another. Marxists discovered that oppression and the historical arc weren’t just economic phenomenons, but everywhere.

    Globalism, neoconservatism, neoliberalism, economic Marxism, cultural Marxism… it’s all the same in important ways. They all have contempt for regional culture, the local, the indigenous, the traditional, the family, the home and hearth, and the nation-state.

    Hanson is also a neocon, anti-Russia, pro-Zionist, and writes against “antisemitism”. I’m not sure there are many useful answers you’ll get from him.

  87. Liza says:

    Oh, I dunno; he must be having some effect: a rich person donated enough money for him to buy a castle (to serve as a venue for conferences).

    An interviewer asked Peter, and he replied, as follows:

    Lydia mentioned on a podcast that two donors “put up the money for me to buy this historic stone castle.” Who were those donors?

    DO YOU REALLY THINK I’M GOING TO TELL YOU? However, you may be interested to know that the major donor was Jewish.

    • Replies: @Franz
  88. ricpic says:
    @Marina Kirchen

    “‘Get money’ is the…….empty motto.”

    The only societies in which “Get Money” is not a motto are static societies. In other words societies in which you “know your place.” In which life is not an adventure. Barring the accident of winning the lucky sperm lottery your life is set at birth. No escape. Of course America is HATED by all the resentful bystanders like you.

  89. shahnameh says:

    Firstly, I would not hatch a plan with nitwits unaware they are carrying TRACKING DEVICES. MEDIA LAB @ U of TORONTO was extremely PRONTO on HELPING their OH so slow neighbors to the south in wranglin’ up dem dare vermits! Sounds all FIVE EYES like, plus the proud Boys is a CANADIAN outfit originally:)

  90. @anonymous

    Some states in India were gentler and juster than others at certain times, but they were always the exception. Most of the Indo-Gangetic plain has from time immemorial been characterized by institutionalized barbarity and the use of religion and philosophy to justify any kind of oppression. Contrary to what you assert, Islam, even though it burned universities (before its own universities were burned by the Moguls and the Rajputs), did not change the rules of the game nor the general character of the population. Actually the Taliban phenomenon is something that existed long before Islam was ever contrived as a religion, and rather issued from the region of Bactria to the rest of the Islamic world it made far more tyrannical (nearly all writers of Hadiths were of the Northern subcontinent) : the reason for that barbarity is clearly genetic no matter the religion it expresses through. The Hindu world if we are to trust all sacred texts and the very historical texts they left is characterized by an absolute absence of political hope and also of political courage on the part of the whole intellectual elite : no matter they are Brahmanic or anti-Brahmanic the only virtues they develop and praise are similar to those extolled by the Talmud. Feeling the duty to leave a better world to one’s descendants is utterly taboo for all religions of Indian origin or that acclimate in India for too long. Buddhism has always proved to be even worse than Hinduism as for the political results, as you can see now in Sri Lanka. Both Hindu India and Buddhist India were first and foremost characterized by mass surveillance police states that inspired the Soviet one. All Hindu gurus that dare express a political point of view nowadays hope for a world dictatorship capable of reestablishing the caste system of yore, but this time with the instrument of mass electronic surveillance.

  91. Fresno State – even less prestigious than Long Beach State (origin of MacDonald everybody’s favorite retiree at Unz).

  92. @Joe Wong

    Nice fantasy. After all of that, the Jews will have an honest, face to face dialogue with the American people, acknowledge their “privilege”, and voluntarily cede a large chunk of their power and influence to the historic Heritage American body politic.

    I’m rooting for total collapse. How and why the toothless, uninspiring CivNat We’re A Nation Of Immigrants bloviations of the “VDH”‘s and their ilk still has an audience is puzzling but even the dimmest bulbs will eventually see that America is irredeemable, and not going back to even Bush II year levels of social cohesion and affluence, much less Eisenhower levels.

  93. Richard B says:

    Culture is downstream from race.

    Then why does the white race have so many different cultures?

    A fact that has so far made unity among them almost impossible.

    That’s not to say there wasn’t any continuity. Of course there was. Enough to make a civilization and nations within that civilization. But continuity without unity makes that civlization susceptible to infiltration and subversion. Which, unfortunately, is how things have turned out. In short, the parasite chose its host well.

    The problem can be solved. In part by turning that continuity into unity. And that can be accomplished through a negative principle, ie; by giving up the myth that the only way to unite is through a political ideology, or Christianity. Whites are never going to think the same. Besides SAMETHINK is the desire of the weak-minded.

    For now, whites only need to unite in the same way they’re being attacked – as whites. After all, for all of their differences, it’s the one thing they actually do have in common. The only thing they need to say in unison is No! to being attacked, and Yes! to life.
    Their life. It might not be much. But it’s a start. And you have to start somewhere.

  94. @Paul Greenwood

    As a studied economist – it not for nothing that Micro economics is the only participle discipline that produces results. Like cost per unit etc. The macro economics is straight out forgery,

  95. @Anonymous

    Are you stupid, Focker? Or just unfamiliar with the concept of wages for work? Someone fed and roofed the families of those workers. Yes, you are indeed stupid.

    During WWII, the entire consumer economy was put on hold. ie:
    1) No private automobiles were being manufactured
    2) No houses were being built
    3) A huge assortment of consumer items were prevented by law from being produced (as the materials used in their production were diverted to the war effort).

    Bottom Line: Those workers that were involved in the manufacture of weapons of death were paid wages that they could buy VERY LITTLE with. Basic needs like meat, butter, milk, petrol etc were RATIONED.

    And, seeing as they could not buy much with their wages, many workers used their surplus to buy War Bonds.

    At the conclusion of their extended work shifts in the armaments factories, these workers went back to their run down rat infested homes/apartments that they were living in during the Great Depression – the only difference being that these same homes during WWII were now 10 years older and shabbier than they were in the 1930’s, due to wear and tear.


    So Mr Ignorant Fool ‘Anonymous’, I suggest you learn some of the basics of economics – because you are totally clueless at this point.

    Someone like you, who lives in the most fragile of glass houses, should not be throwing stones.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  96. @Joe Wong

    Long on Wong. Wong is not wrong.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  97. @Panadechi

    Lucky old Russia. The former Russian Chief Rabbi, now safely ensconced in Occupied Palestine, has ordered Russian Jews to leave Russia. No doubt the new flagrantly fascist and racist Zionazi regime is more to his liking.

  98. @Kim

    And ‘race’ is downstream from psychology.

  99. @Kim

    No one is denying that there a place for the humanities, social sciences, liberal arts degrees etc, but what Roatan Bill is getting at {I believe] is that a FAR TOO LARGE proportion of society’s resources is being wasted on educating college graduates in these disciplines, only to see the vast majority of them end up as waitresses or driving taxi cabs.

    I recall reading an article in the late 1980’s exploring why Japan was fast becoming the economic and manufacturing powerhouse on the planet while America’s fortunes were stagnating in relative terms.

    They found that, on a per capita basis, Japan had something like 10-12 times more engineers, while the U.S had eighteen (18) times more lawyers.

    You see, the U.S was (and still is), a litigious society whereby ‘frivolous’ GDP was generated by suing one another – although this practice does nothing to improve our material well being or health outcomes.

    Today China is the manufacturing dynamo on the planet and (no prizes for guessing this), it produces far more STEM graduates than the U.S on a per capita basis.
    Meanwhile, the U.S churns outs more useless Sociologists and such – a major reason why the U.S is crumbling and has become a Socialist Shit-hole.

    Bottom Line: I like to read history but, in the event that I decide to make a career out of it, it should be done on my own dime.
    I also believe there is much to be gained from REAL economics (ie: as taught by the Austrian Economic School of thought, as utilised by the likes of Dr Ron Paul and the preeminent financial forecaster in the world Peter Schiff).
    Austrian Economics has been almost invariably right in predicting recessions in advance and explaining WHY said recessions came about in the first place (courtesy of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory) – as opposed to the Keynesian nonsense that is taught in most Economics faculties in the western world.

    That said, we have FAR TOO MANY GRADUATES being produced in these humanities/liberal arts disciplines and this is ENABLED by Government funding of their education through student loans – which will never be paid back by most of these graduates as they have no marketable skills upon graduation.

    The solution is simple enough. If you have your heart set on getting a degree majoring in Sociology of Psychology or other humanities discipline, the government (ie: the Taxpayer) should not offer a student loan to subsidise your education.
    You should pay for it yourself. This would ensure far fewer of this ‘parasitic* class’ of university graduates.

    (*I call them ‘parasitic’ because a disproportionate number of them will end up on welfare and thus become a burden on society).

  100. Franz says:

    Well, that explains most of it.

    And why solve ANY problem if it’s pulling in that much lucre?

    • Thanks: Liza
  101. @RoatanBill

    In an emergency situation, no one needs any of the bullshit artists with political science, economics, sociology, etc degrees.

    Dead wrong about that as you are about everything else.

    why am I not a voter, why do I detest the govt and their allied weapons carriers, why do I champion the very things most people shrink from, namely anarchism and atheism?

    Your limited capacity to grasp reality and the elements of good living?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  102. Levtraro says:

    Agree. Even the Taiwanese TSMC, once installed in Arizona: how safe is their billion USD investment in helping to roll back globalization and re-industrialize the USA if and when China takes control of Taiwan? Is it wise for TSMC to invest billions USD in the USA given geopolitical realities?

    Other analysts are observing this process of trying to roll back globalization. Today there is this in SouthFront:

    But like I said, it’s already too late, the free world (those not forced to follow the USA) has already grown too much economically at the expense of the American-elite-engineered American decline. So even if the USA manages to re-industrialize, this will have to be done at the expense of its attachments (the EU, NK, Japan and Taiwan) while the free world will remain economically powerful and geopolitically independent, thus making USA geopolitical project fail.

    Another informative example of how American elites fucked up big time with globalization is the Russian economy. The thousands of sanctions erected since 2014 did not succeed in bringing down the Russian economy and terminate their independence. All those sanctions achieved was a mere reduction of Russian GDP growth, but Russians remained strong, resilient and independent, as it became evident this year. The Russians accomplished this thanks to globalization and very importantly thanks to China’s economic growth under globalization.

    But the worst blunder of American elites was to let China grow under WTO rules. It made the American rich richer but it doomed USA geopolitical project, not to mention all the shrinking of American middle-class and subsequent enlargement of the income gap, family indebtness and suffering.

  103. @Corvinus

    Would you fuck off already, troll.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  104. @silviosilver

    What flavor of bullshitology degree do you hold?

    I see your assertion lacks any information that might even hint at it being accurate. If you’re such a smart guy, explain your position and show how an economist, for example, is needed when the fiat currency heads toward zero value as is happening in real time at present. Or possibly what good a philosopher is when the pumps stop working for lack of electrical power at the sewage treatment plant or water treatment facility.

    Why not tell us how a History or English major is going to help out when transportation stops because the fuel pumps don’t work and there’s no actual money to purchase it. Can you show how a political science type can help move food to the cities?

    All you humanities and social science types are a grift on society. Your areas of supposed expertise are a giant fraud that will be exposed when the SHTF. If I were you, I’d pretend to be a ditch digger in the not too distant future to avoid being tarred and feathered by the people your class of frauds has duped.

    • LOL: silviosilver
  105. @Truth Vigilante

    I think you’re being too generous. The humanities and social sciences are not minimally beneficial as your prose suggests, but are actually detrimental to the society. Every idiotic development comes out of the class of people that are either sociopaths, regardless of education, or the purposely miseducated from the humanities and social sciences.

    The lawyers you mentioned – are they STEM? Of course not. They are parasites on the society. Look at the damage economists have done by championing such ludicrous ideas as fiat currency, MMT, UBI, deficit spending, etc. These people do real damage to the society. We can handle the snake oil peddlers calling themselves clinical psychologists, sociologists, etc that largely run their scam on the terminally stupid, but there are certain parts of the humanities and social sciences that are very dangerous.

    The English, History, Music and other variations of the basket weaving degrees are just a waste of time and money and do little harm to the society except, as you say, produce people that end up on the dole or at least at the bottom of the ladder due to poor life choices. If one looks at the STEM disciplines, none of them are designed to produce problem individuals even though some end up working on nuclear weapons, genocidal vaccines and other projects organized by the frauds in the political class, most of them from the humanities and social sciences.

    As long as a Hudson or Peterson manages to get the attention and adulation those characters do, the society is not safe from their mental poison. There are just too many easily influenced shallow thinkers that believe their schtick and then help drift the entire society toward what we have now.

    The humanities and social sciences need to become as relevant as phrenology, alchemy and astrology. I’d suggest a maximum of a bachelor degree for these nonsense “professions” to wean the society off their scam and help the weak of mind choose a different life direction that might actually be beneficial to them and the society as a whole. Further, I’d make every higher education institution guarantee a job to their graduates for 5 years after graduation, functioning as a job placement service, or be forced to refund 5X the tuition they received to help compensate the people they obviously cheated. This would rapidly collapse the humanities and social sciences.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  106. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    So Mr Ignorant Fool ‘Anonymous’, I suggest you learn some of the basics of economics – because you are totally clueless at this point.

    Someone like you, who lives in the most fragile of glass houses, should not be throwing stones.

    According to your account, you stupid fucking idiot, workers were paid wages, had food to eat (ever heard of Victory Gardens, ass?) and had surplus wages to invest. And I’m the one who doesn’t know economics?

    Auto workers, farmers, etc. remained employed you stupid waste of sperm.

  107. Corvinus says:

    I understand why you reacted in the manner that you did. You don’t understand our criminal justice system. There are courses for you to take. Just ask and I can provide some resources for you.

  108. KenH says:

    Victor Davis Hanson will make a princely sum on this book and it probably won’t move the needle much. He can’t seem to admit that Jews comprise the braintrust of the radical left and Democrat party and that it is fundamentally anti-white. Meanwhile, there is ever shrinking daylight between the radical left and what’s left of the homo loving conservative movement or conservatism, inc. to the point that increasing numbers of Republican leaning voters and specifically white Americans who vote Republican rightfully feel they have no representation.

    Conservatives think they can browbeat the radical left into becoming semi-sane using facts and reason but this has proved to be a fool’s errand because those who vote Democrat have been radicalized (by Jewish owned media outlets) to the point where dialogue isn’t possible anymore. The radical demographic changes have only compounded matters.

  109. The “cultural differences” between the various strands of the White Race pale in comparison to the cultural differences between whites and the other main racial streams of humanity.

    When Europeans only talked to other Europeans, the differences between, say, a Slav, Portuguese, German, and Englishman might have seemed deep and intractable. However, if you took one White man from each European country and dropped them into a Zimbabwean prison, all of the Whites would be forgetting their extensive “cultural differences” and finding their biological common ground REALLY quickly.

    When Tayvontis and his ilk attack people randomly on the street, you can rest assured that they don’t particularly care whether someone is Canadian, American, German or English, or give a flying f whether the country was historically Catholic or not.

    • Agree: silviosilver
  110. Levtraro says:

    This is today 2023-01-01 in Russia Today:

    Timur Fomenko is reading the comment section of TUR and then publishing my views in the media (just joking).


    “Seeing the rise of these countries [China and Russia], which had through America’s own approval integrated themselves within the global economy and prospered, but not adopted the American values as anticipated, the US veered back towards great power competition and began to provoke geopolitical conflict with a view to reasserting control over its wayward allies.”

    “These actions by America have changed the world. While the average Westerner, deceived by the mainstream media discourse, blames Putin, the reality is the US is the one that has actively dismantled the post-Cold War 1991 international order precisely because it believes it now comes at the expense of American power. Part of this is the effort to actively ‘roll back’ globalization. By creating geopolitical conflict, the US strives to reassert its military influence whilst forcing its allies to decouple from the targeted enemy country, even if that comes at a great expense to that ally’s [Germany and the EU] economy.”

    My emphasis, in the 2nd par.

    My difference with Fomenko is that he a bit naïvely thinks the USA went forward with globalization to spread American values and westernize the world, including China and Russia, whereas I am more cynical, more realist, and thus I think the USA went forward with globalization to betray its working class and its middle class by getting cheap labour to enrich USA elites beyond the limits imposed by their own society.

    Happy new year to Ron Unz and all the intelligent and independent commenters of this webzine. To the paid trolls, shills, and boring midwits posting links to MSM inanities, carry on, what else can you do poor chaps?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  111. @Levtraro

    Happy New Year to you also Levtraro.

    Your commentary over a long period has always been worthwhile reading and we all appreciate it.

    • Thanks: Levtraro
  112. Mac_ says:

    We should recognize the word citizen and other labels were concocted by the same cons behind supposed ‘govmt’ ‘state’ and monotheism religions around twelve hundred years ago. The word citizen contains dumb down fonetics/phonetics, ‘sit a zen’. The article title infers dying citizen, which is slave-level people, as not doing as much as before, but there have always been people who don’t want the schemes at all, and in terms of result of schemes, dying citizens is a constant, not something that’s changing. To be a ‘citizen’ is to choose slavery and means attack on or dying of some ‘citizens’ every minute such scheme exists, by claimed authority or dictators robbing or otherwise injuring or murdering people who don’t ‘obey’. It is not a matter of how many affected at any one time but that some or many people are affected all of the time in such scheme. It does not matter that ‘only’ some’ are attacked every day, or at intervals mass murdered.

    The scheme of some claiming themselves ‘over’ others in paper dictator schemes and destruction result is proven by robbery such as ‘tax’, and much death over the last twelve hundred years, in daily assaults by supposed govt state or police or ‘courts’ attacking good type people who may tend toward freedom, whether falsely accused, or by false ‘lawsuits, or in ‘divorce, or ‘probate as scheming judges and lawyers rob and dictate over a dead family member’s property, or, by larger democide or genocide by the paper dictators.

    The further proof of ongoing consequence in paper dictator schemes is by comparing to hundreds of thousands of years we existed in anarchism and voluntary tribes without much problem.

    The problem isn’t ‘tribalism of them, its femy subservience of others to the schemes, and lazy failure to do own tribalism and shove back. Also failure to spot infiltrators among us who exist to route tribalism in others, remember half the cons are female. In short, ‘going along’ in ignorance is proven serious consequences. At this point of their world takeover there may be no choice, as people continued to sit. Though situation sick, rather not leave dead end so would note more people seem to recognize, though don’t know what to do because no one taught them to fight. To that would just say sharing info and focus where we live is base. ‘Moving’ is lazy and –works for them. If you dont have a predator drone its irrelevant where you ‘move’, same on supposed succession. To be alive requires real effort, not weakly clawing at false escape which the smiling vipers count on.

  113. anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    Much spanse to consider in article. Don’t think I agree on premise of Trump as a person who has always been something of an insider, though the review of increased chaos by mass immigration, and the same time those behind it attempting to disguiste the impact is important point.

    So are points on globalism. Can still remember Ross Perot pointing at problem of nafta, letting corporations do mass producing overseas, and job loss here. Beside other things people don’t realize most wood is sent to china to be processed, then sent back. Can’t see anything good about that.

    Since then many other changes also, almost forty percent of food is grown somewhere else now and imported, compared to before over ninety percent consumed here was grown here. Combined with the changes of mass immigration, doesn’t make sense. By any measure it seems power by and in globalism can only be gross. Thanks for the book review.

  114. Kim says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    No one is denying that there a place for the humanities, social sciences, liberal arts degrees etc, but what Roatan Bill is getting at {I believe] is that a FAR TOO LARGE proportion of society’s resources is being wasted on educating college graduates in these disciplines, only to see the vast majority of them end up as waitresses or driving taxi cabs.

    RoatanBill might like to say sometihng like this himself, but he isn’t. He is making the claim that the social sciences are not scientific, roughly meaning that they do not produce powerful, useful new knowledge, which they clearly do.

    That aside, ofc you are right, there are too many idiots at colleges and too many scoundrels making a living from them being there.

  115. @Truth Vigilante

    Anyone who says that the USA is ‘socialist’ needs immediate psychological intervention. Just sayin’.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  116. @Poupon Marx

    Or as a former Austfailian Government Minister observed, ‘Two Wongs don’t make a White’. ‘Jocularly’, of course.

  117. @mulga mumblebrain

    Anyone who says that the USA is ‘socialist’ needs immediate psychological intervention.

    Anyone who denies the U.S is a socialist shit-hole, needs to be euthanased.

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  118. @Truth Vigilante

    To TV and GH:

    Regarding your best bud Putin, I used to be a huge Putin fan. I’ve enjoyed watching videos of him conducting four hour unscripted national press conferences and am very impressed with his intelligence and articulate nature. However, I keep thinking of the video I saw of him about ten years ago where he was asked about 9/11 Truth. He laughed it off and said that it would be impossible to orchestrate a conspiracy of such vast numbers of actors and participants.

    Now I take your point that Putin and other foreign leaders do not have to promote 9/11 Truth. That is our responsibility as Americans (one we have failed at utterly). However I’ve seen evidence that Putin goes out of his way to validate the official DC 9/11 narrative, and that is unforgivable in my book. I conclude that Putin is controlled opposition, the bad guy in a batman movie, but working for the same producer and director. Putin seeks a seat at the NWO table like all the European sellouts. That’s it. He offers no hope for any of us because he is a selfish egotist just like all the others.

  119. It’s probably more likely civic nationalism failing in Russia than the US

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