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China: Ten Predictions for 2021
You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
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2021, the centennial of Mao’s founding of the Communist Party, was long planned to be a breakout year. When the Party took power in 1949, China was the poorest country on earth, which makes these achievements the more remarkable:

  1. GDP will expand by 10%. Western experts predict 8% and, since their predictions are always low, we can expect 10% growth, a \$2.4 trillion addition to the economy–the fastest growth ever recorded. Bonus Predictions: Wages will rise 12% and the EU will sign the Investment Agreement.
  2. Most Fortune 500 companies will be Chinese. As a consequence of #1, there will be over 140 Chinese companies–80% of which SOEs–on Fortune’s list and fewer than 120 US corporations.
  3. China will create five new billionaires each week, after minting four a week in 2020.
  4. Extreme poverty and homelessness will disappear and there will be more drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, hungry and imprisoned people in America than in China. 99% of the bottom half of Chinese society will own a home and have an income, plenty of food and clothes, safe streets, health insurance, a pension, and old age care and their kids will graduate high school three years ahead of ours.
  5. China will narrow its Gini gap. Inequality has been Xi’s pet project since 2012 and will be his priority through 2035. The gap is already narrower than Europe’s: Luxembourgeois are 50 times richer than Moldavavans, while Beijingers are only 5-6 times richer than folks in Gansu who, in turn, are richer than Armenians, Ukrainians and Moldovans.
  6. Average Chinese will outlive Americans. China’s life expectancy was on track to match America’s by 2028, but the US will count 3.2 million deaths in 2020 (a jump of 15%) and life expectancy will fall by three years. Thanks to the Healthy China Program, China may maintain the lead permanently.
  7. Chinese vaccines will protect 60% of the world and researchers will reveal that the Covid-19 virus was in the US long before it reached China and that India was its original source.
  8. China will revolutionize urban life. China has constructed the equivalent of San Francisco’s entire housing stock every month since 1950 and Xiong’An New Area, south of Beijing, embodies what they have learned. Most of it will be woods and wetlands, the loudest sound will be birdsong, and it will be fully automated, with utilities and infrastructure underground. Increased productivity will repay its capital cost in 30 years
  9. China will unveil the first exascale computer. Top supercomputers now solve problems at the petascale—a quadrillion calculations/second. At a quintillion calculations/second, exascale computers will more realistically simulate the processes involved in precision medicine, regional climate, the physics in materials discovery, and the fundamental forces of the universe.
  10. China will announce another quantum surprise to match its recent boson sampling achievement. China outspends the US 4:1 in R&D and its Taoist worldview better accommodates quantum physics’ ‘both-and’ paradigm than the West’s ‘either-or’ tradition.
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The China/America Series
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  1. 11. Chinese Stats will fool Westerners.

  2. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    In view of #3, the adding of new billionaires, can China still be regarded as a communist country or has it morphed into something else? Won’t all these billionaires become a new class and start changing the priorities of the state? The communists there decided to build the country up whereas the ones here work to tear things down through such things as massive immigration and enforced diversity along with culture wars. Of course, that’s not just the work of communists and leftists but of good old capitalists themselves. China as a nation is on quite a roll, that’s plain to see.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  3. @Priss Factor

    Which ones are the lying propagandists, China or your “Westerners”? Who are the latter, really?

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @psbindy
  4. I’m sorry Cuba is not included, plus more on life expectancy, health care, incarcerations, police killings, executions.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  5. @anonymous

    The communists there decided to build the country up whereas the ones here work to tear things down through such things as massive immigration and enforced diversity along with culture wars.

    Stop deluding yourself. The “communists” in (((Western liberal democracies))) are the commune of globalist finance capitalists and corporations. The people posing as “left” are the shills and useful idiots for that commune.

    • Agree: By-tor
  6. Great!
    How about the effects of the Great Reset on China? It’s busting the US and Europe.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  7. Regarding the last chart, SJR has two rankings: The first ranking is based on citable (i.e. peer-reviewed) papers published by each country. The second one is based on individual journal rankings by quality.

    Mr. Roberts chooses to use the first method, because it makes China look way better than it is (actually, when you look at citable papers produced per capita, China is far inferior to most Western nations). If he chose to look at the journal rankings, he would notice that the top spots are dominated by Western journals. For each of the disciplines Mr. Roberts chooses to include in his graph (Mathematics, Physics etc), here is the position at which the first Chinese journal is found, so for example, for Agricultural and Biological Sciences journals, the Chinese journal International Soil and Water Conservation Research is ranked at #202 and is preceded in ranking by non-Chinese journals.

    Agricultural and Biological Sciences
    International Soil and Water Conservation Research#202

    Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
    Cancer Biology and Medicine#281

    Chemical Engineering
    Shiyou Xuebao/Acta Petrolei Sinica#85

    Science China Chemistry#114

    Computer Science
    Digital Communications and Networks#364

    Green Energy and Environment#40

    Nano Research#75

    Environmental Science
    Emerging Contaminants#73

    Materials Science
    Nano Research#62

    Science China Mathematics#364

    Physics and Astronomy
    Journal of Hydrodynamics#281

    Now, this way of looking at things certainly puts things into perspective. China produces a high volume of peer-reviewed papers but these are not very influential at all and are dwarfed in quality by Western and in some cases Japanese journals.

    Of course I doubt any of this will matter, China’s strength is in implementing huge projects and doing them efficiently, and with how open our borders are and how open our academic departments are, this Western innovation will be transferred to China and they will make use of it for the benefit of their citizenry while the West spends money on providing support for low IQ immigrant groups while spending huge sums fighting foreign wars which are not in our benefit.

    • Disagree: GomezAdddams
  8. and that India was its original source.

    Why India? 😅

  9. @Mary Marianne

    Well, it is a pretty filthy place for one, prime breeding ground for bacteria. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t make too much of this ‘finding’, the Chinese have been thrashing about trying to pin the blame on someone else (I personally do not even think it is worth getting worked up over where it really started, in this day of mass travel, finding a source will be a nearly impossible task). Most recently, they have blamed Australia, but this is likely a politically motivated accusation as China and Australia are in the midst of a little trade war.

  10. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    I write about China to warn, not to praise or mislead, and chose that metric to serve that purpose.

    The SJR database*, from which I derived the chart, begins in 2009 and shows Chinese papers gaining rapidly in all categories, including peer citations and journal quality. The chart above is, then, a picture of the near future, while this is current:


    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @showmethereal
  11. @Mary Marianne

    I saw a preview of a paper that deepens and extends Peter Forster’s April 8 phylogenetic network analysis of 160 complete human severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2) genomes. It ends in India. I’m told it will be published in January.

  12. @Priss Factor

    12. Priss Factor will still be coping over election results and pay-pigging the Falun Gong.

  13. Wyatt says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    They both are, you simp.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  14. Tor597 says:

    This is one of the better articles on China I’ve read in awhile.

    It covers the increased role of State Owned Enterprises in the Chinese economy with alternate views on if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    – One would assume that SOE would decrease as China modernized since SOE’s have a bad reputation for productivity.

    – Instead China is increasing its use of SOE’s with the stated goals of derisking the financial system, curbing the oligarchs, trying to extract more value with public/private partnerships, and relying on the rule of law to govern what is an increasingly complex economy.

    Relying on the rule of law is the most interesting part here. It shows that China is not really governed by ideology, but more so by practicality.

    If you think about it, China is facing the same kind of problems the American economy is facing. Chinas solution which focuses on the rule of law, curbing elites, and derisking financial markets sound exactly like what America should do.

    The way China is mixing the state and private sector is also interesting. Instead of allowing Pharma to buy Washington, the US could instead rely on private/public partnerships in sectors where the private market extracs too much wealth from the country such as our Pharma companies.

    America is gearing up to fight a China that is no longer communist and increasingly does capitalism better than America.

  15. Tor597 says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Being an open country is not why America is weakening. America’s openness in both ideas and immigration was its strength until America decided to financialize its entire economy.

    Its the financialization which is the crucial piece to understanding why America is hurting so much.

    The shift from earning an income as a CEO to getting stock options was a key incentive to our corporate leaders shifting manufacturing to Asia and cashing in quick.

    Why bother with R&D or long term strategies when you can make millions shifting manufacturing to Asia along with intellectual know how.

    Financialization is also what made immigration so dysfunctional in America where the key motive was to decrease wages so CEOs could more easily hit their stock option prices.

    Over time, I believe China will open their country up to more ideas and immigrants too. But they will not model their policy on America.

    In a knowledge economy, China does not need immigrants to benefit from their know how. They can rely on remote workers who will live in cheap places like Thailand and Columbia.

    And if they won’t let people immigrate in mass. They can cherry pick the top 1% of value creators and these immigrants will help build their economy not siphon off value.

  16. @Wyatt

    Are you sure? How do you know?

    • Replies: @Wyatt
  17. Sean says:

    China: Ten Predictions for 2021, AKA

    They won’t do it of course, and so politically and economically, China is the big winner from a world wide catastrophe created by China. That is really going to make them careful with Artificial General Intelligence. I suppose we now know how the world is going to end.

    • Troll: Mikael_
  18. d dan says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    “SJR has two rankings: The first ranking is based on citable (i.e. peer-reviewed) papers published by each country. The second one is based on individual journal rankings by quality.”

    Journal rankings is not important – journal is just the media. Almost all the good journals are international in scope – their editors, managers, reviewers, authors were drawn from all over the world. Why would China need to start new journals to compete with existing ones, if they are already good enough?

    “Now, this way of looking at things certainly puts things into perspective.”

    No, it doesn’t. It is misleading.

    “China produces a high volume of peer-reviewed papers but these are not very influential at all and are dwarfed in quality by Western and in some cases Japanese journals.”

    I agree that overall, Chinese researchers are less influential than Western ones, but that has nothing to do with the journal ranking. It has more to do with the fact that Chinese researchers are younger, whereas Western (including Japanese) ones are older and therefore more established and influential. Take for example, the average age of the project team members of Chang’e 5 – the space explorer that returned lunar soil recently – is only about 30, whereas average NASA employees is close to 50, iirc. Western researchers are holding more senior and influential positions in most international organizations – including for example the Nobel committees.

    “Western innovation will be transferred to China”

    Common mistake. The West today is guarding their tech and innovations very seriously. NASA employee, for example, is not even allowed to talk to Chinese counter-part directly. The ban is so strict that even if China wants to give the Chang’e lunar soil sample to US today, NASA would NOT be able to receive it.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @showmethereal
  19. Covid was created in Northern Italy —-September 2019 —-4 cancer patients testing positive Octov=be 2019–it was in their blood and 10 year old boy had it full condition November 2019 and German Virologist H Kukele states that Corona originated in Northern Italy—

  20. @Supply and Demand

    pay-pigging the Falun Gong.

    Isn’t China the Fallen Dong?

  21. the centennial of Mao’s founding of the Communist Party


  22. a world wide catastrophe created by China?

    China’s first known case was a boy who was misdiagnosed with measles on December 1.

    The US had 4 million Covid-19 cases by that time. See end tables:

    Are you perchance a Roger Helmer fan?

  23. @Supply and Demand

    Do you think the CCP would open up China to mass immigration if wages continue to rise?

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
    , @Tor597
  24. @JohnnyWalker123

    No, they’d likely start a new wave of exporting their single men in Nu-colonialism before doing that. They tried a brief stint of “Welcome Refugees” under Chairman Deng to Guangzhou and were met with a renaissance of the Triad there. I suspect the Politburo does not want to deal with the “face loss” internationally of Mobsters shanking Nigerians in broad daylight all over again — although I suppose they’d have the face recognition software to figure out who was doing it this time.

    As I observe it now most of the migration into China falls under 5 categories:

    1. Filipino English teachers, often female, often marry Chinese men.
    2. African domestic servants, who will die in servitude.
    3. Wealthy children of African political families. They usually get residencies in Beijing as well-fed and happy hostages.
    4. Upper-managerial and tech-adjacent academics fleeing American ZioTyranny. We often marry locals.
    5. Russian exchange students, because they’re being barred from studying anywhere else. They often marry locals.

  25. Wyatt says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Because any nation with an enemy or rival is going to lie in order to motivate their people and demotivate their enemy. That’s how governments operate.

    You simp.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @Anon99
  26. The SARS-CoV-2 is an American virus, Born in the USA and as American as apple pie.

    In 2013, American researchers harvested RaTG-13 from bats in Yunnan, China, and brought it back to USAMRIID, Fort Detrick for research. This was the granddaddy of SARS-CoV-2.

    Prior to this, American researchers had also gone to Alaska to harvest from frozen infected corpses H1N1 “Spanish” Flu or rather “Kansas Flu” that caused the great 1918 Flu pandemic. This project is detailed in the CDC website. Read it yourself.

    This Flu originated in Kansas and spread around the world thru US army personnel, killing tens of millions of people. It was also covered up by the perennially corrupt US government.


    In 2017, Mike Pompeo, as new CIA director, approved the restart of weaponization research into Coronaviruses and Influenza viruses. He admitted this to Trump in 2020, and also revealed that SARS-CoV-2 had probably escaped from USAMRIID during the May 2018 to July 2019 period, after USAMRIID’s steam sterilization plant had burnt down in May 2018 and they switched to chemical sterilization.

    This was insufficient, and SARS-CoV-2 plus many other viruses escaped continuously from USAMRIID for 1 year thru the wastewater and sewage, causing 2 mass outbreaks of fatalities and mass illness in the Greenspring Residential Community nearby and another nursing home.

    When the CDC realized this, they closed down USAMRIID in a panic in Aug 2019, and only reopened it in March 2020. 8 months closed–the biggest biowarfare lab in the USA.

    Up to now, the agent causing the outbreak has been kept secret by the CDC under orders of Pompeo, and all samples from the Greenspring RC have been destroyed to cover up the cause of the outbreaks.

    When Pompeo revealed this to Trump, Trump panicked like a hysterical dog and withdrew the USA from the WHO, fearing that the WHO would find trace the origin of the virus back to the USA.

    The CDC also purposely screwed up its testing kit to give more time for Pompeo to cover up the origin of the virus.

    Prior to this, the virus had already escaped into the population, but as an early variant, it was not as infectious as it is now, with the British B117 variants and the D614G variants that have mutated from the earlier versions. It flew under the radar and its cases and fatalities were thought to be from the normal Flu or vaping deaths.

    Soon the virus spread from the USA to Europe and China, mutating further and becoming more infectious. This is why the USA has all the ancestral strains of the virus, but China and Europe only have the descendent strains.

    The Chinese alert system picked up the first virus cases and after some small delays at the local level, the Chinese govt reacted as fast as a gunshot, locking down the whole city of Wuhan and the whole region of Hubei, to the amazement and criticism of the west. They also publicized the whole genetic makeup of the virus to the world, so fast, it was an incredible, top-notch and speedy response, praised to the skies by all virus scientists in the world. No higher praise could be given to the response of China, it was incredibly fast, decisive and effective, and that’s why China has already recovered from the virus, while the USA continues to plunge into a viral shithole.

    The Chinese govt, by its incredibly speedy response, gave the USA and Europe valuable time to prepare for the virus, but Trump refused to take the virus seriously and went off to play golf for 300 days and masturbate to female MMA fighters at sports events and do the Conga at dance parties at Mar-a-largo.

    After 5 months of playing golf, ignoring and downplaying the virus, enough cases had popped up in the USA to get Trump’s notice. He then decided to sabotage anyone trying to deal with the virus, and his fuckboy Jared Kushner also tried to gain power and make money from the PPE shortages.

    In Trump’s fuck-addled mind, if the economy was affected by the virus, it would hurt his election against Joe Biden, whom he called the worst candidate in the world.

    So Trump tried to force voters to believe that the virus was nothing, and it would all “go away soon”. Instead 350,000 Americans were the ones to “go away soon”.

    Confused and gasping for breath, 350,0000 Americans, young and old, gasped out and died with their lungs filled with blood, unable to see their friends and family before they died.

    When Trump himself got the virus, he urinated in fear and went down on his knees, begging Fauci for advice on how to survive the virus. Trump was sure that the virus would kill him, but the underworld wasn’t interested in having this weak fuckboy yet.

    “You need to suffer more first,” said Lucifer. “You’re supposed to go to jail and wear the orange suit for financial crimes and tax fraud.”

    “Then when you’ve lost everything, and when your third wife divorces you and writes a book about how weak you are in bed, then I’ll take you.”(I Never Came, Not Even Once–by Melania Trump)

    So here we are now, at 350,000 deaths, with another 100,0000 more to come, yet we still have Trump-loving fuckboys and silly girls who still think the virus doesn’t exist and it was a hoax that made Trump lose the election.

    No wonder America is doomed.

  27. Tor597 says:

    Why would China need mass immigration?

    They already have a billion plus people. Even if their birth rate drops it won’t mean their population drops by half. It would mean going from 1.4 billion to 1.2 billion people over a long period of time. So no need for mass immigration.

    China will manufacture a lot going forward. But they are going to push their low value manufacturing overseas to Vietnam and focus on Robotics to manufacture what remains.

    In a knowledge economy you don’t need to actually immigrate to the country. You can sit on a beach and do zoom meetings.

    The people who think China will mass immigrate are people mainly fueled by Schadenfreude who keep saying that 10 million Africans will immigrate to China.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  28. @Priss Factor

    11. China will launch the core module of the country’s first space station in the first half of next year, 2021.

    The space station is expected to be finished around 2022.

    Tianwen-1 (“questions to heaven,” or “questioning the heavens”) is a Mars mission by China consisting of an orbiter and rover. It launched in July 2020 and will arrive at Mars in February 2021.

    • Replies: @Blinky Bill
  29. @Blinky Bill

    12. First China made 28nm Lithography Machine, will be ready for delivery in 2021.

    China is on track to make its own 28nm chips by late 2021, and 20nm chips by early 2023 without recourse to US fabrication technology and equipment. This is mainly due to progress at Shanghai Micro Electronic Equipment (SMEE) in developing ultraviolet (UV) based lithographic technology. Its first Chinese assembled 28nm machine is scheduled for customer delivery by the fourth quarter of 2021.

    This will be a significant development in the context of China’s 14th Five Year Plan that begins next year. It is mainly focused on the goal of greater Chinese economic and technological self-sufficiency. An important component of which is building a ‘de-Americanized’ semiconductor supply chain.

  30. d dan says:

    An pivotal area worth keeping track of: the race to create the quantum engine. Not necessary going to be applicable in 2021, but hopefully soon. Would be good for space travel. This article from Russia researchers is a few years old:

    “NASA (USA), Great Britain, China and other countries are working towards the creation of quantum engines. At its orbital station, China has tested a small microwave EmDrive quantum engine with a 72 N thrust and is about to increase its thrust by 100 times. In Russia, when testing KVD-1-2009, the thrust force ranged from 110 to 500 kg (from 1100 to 5000 N).”

    • Thanks: Thulean Friend
  31. Anon99 says:

    Are you a boomer trying to be hip? Do you know what a simp is? To use another over-used term, it’s so cringy that you call this commenter a simp.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  32. Funny how all the snarky comments have mostly taken a break, the (((west))) descends into a dystopian, degenerated slum.

    1945 rewards.

    • Replies: @TheJamesRocket
  33. @Tor597

    They are just jealous of what successful National Socialism is.

    The (((west))) murdered the last Messiah, the Great Adolf Hitler, true leader of Germania. Just as the yids murdered Jesus Christ. What can these goyim expect but eternal damnnation?

    Thank the Creator my forefathers fought on the right side.

  34. @Tor597

    Having seen the inexplicably enormous prices charged by western companies when tendering for major infrastructure construction, I can’t help but wonder whether there’s a good argument for states to maintain an in-house capability to undertake major construction. Same for procuring military equipment.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  35. @Marshal Marlow

    Lol, the (((west))) can’t even change their derelict rail systems. Our best engineers went China and the Chinese realized their vision.

    Of course the government should bring these parasites to heel, but your proposal will fall on deaf ears just because of greed and ideological stupidity alone.

  36. Chinaman says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    I write about China to warn, not to praise

    Being a white dude, your motivations have always been an enigma to me and rarely have you been candid on it. Why would a white dude debase himself to such level as to spread CCP propaganda and do so in such a deceptively benign manner that it even fool the Chinese themselves?

    I guess you are feeling generous and have let your guard down in this jovial COVID season to reveal your true intentions.

    You are no friend of China, you are actually enemy No.1 to the people of China.

    I hope your pleas and warnings will fall on a deaf ears to the West. This is actually the most dangerous time for China as hubris begin to seep in and double agents like you sought to awaken the West.

    It is a bit too late as you know…

    • Replies: @GreatSocialist
    , @anonimo11
  37. Sean says:
    @d dan

    China’s Premier Li Keqiang, a trained economist, lectured theTrump delegation that “China, having already developed its industrial and technological base, no longer needed the United States. … the U.S. role in the future global economy would merely be to provide China with raw materials, agricultural products, and energy to fuel its production”. Chinese intelligence was selected for through the Imperial examination system, which rewarded Eight-legged essay type thinking. China’s real intention s using their unbeatable economies of scale and work discipline to out compete America in commercial laissez faire. They need to stay abreast of cutting edge technology.

    The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has reinstated a research organization’s multimillion-dollar grant to study how coronaviruses move from bats to people — which it cancelled in a controversial move earlier this year. […]

    Peter Daszak, the head of the small non-profit organization — EcoHealth Alliance in New York City … partners with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China, which has been at the centre of unfounded rumours that the COVID-19 pandemic was caused by a coronavirus released from its laboratory. The NIH cancelled EcoHealth Alliance’s grant in April, days after US President Donald Trump told a reporter that the United States would stop funding work at the WIV.

    Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance in New York City was partners with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, The US National Institutes of Health cancelled EcoHealth Alliance’s funding for the creating the chimerical viruses. The US National Institutes of Health was funding risky research in Wuhan, China into ‘gain of function’ experiments. Because China has a veto at the WHO, Daszak has been appointed to the panel to investigate whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus might have escaped from a lab like the aforementioned one in Wuhan. So much for “The Fifth Risk”.

    As for commerce China can get access to the fruits of a society with ‘autonomy, diversity, failure tolerance and the recombination of knowledge’ without the political inconvenience of allowing such un-Confucian freedoms. China is going to offshore its R&D to America and just shake down US corporations who want in on the burgeoning home market of China by means of so called joint ventures. Reagan initiated Star Wars while he cut off the flow of US technology to the USSR; all they got was grain. Obama gave China fracking technology, and Biden has repeated of late that China is not any real competition for the US. It is much more the case that US investment is going to flow into China along with the intellectual capital of America. Adios American primacy, Trump was just a blip.

    • Agree: Johnny Rico
  38. @Tor597

    SOE’s are in certain sectors – especially dealing with energy and transport and such. But private businesses provide the bulk of economic growth and employment in China. That threshold was crossed 20 years ago. But yes it is interesting how SOE’s have stayed relevant. For instance – there is no way China could have built such a large HSR network if SOE’s didn’t run it. Same with subways. Xian is on it’s way to having almost as many subway mileage by 2025 than NYC. That’s something that couldn’t have been done either if it weren’t for SOE’s that standardized construction and equipment – which speeds things up and lowers costs.. Just like HSR – China now has more subways than the whole world.
    So SOE’s help build up the country – but the private firms add the dynamism.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  39. @d dan

    Agreed – the average age of the space scientists is shocking. I’ve seen interviews with a few of the young ones… They are basically like pop stars. A young NASA scientist would never be a Justin Bieber type.

  40. @Blinky Bill

    Aside from space – I’m most interested in the exascale computer projects. There were 3 projects ongoing – but there was no information released on 2020.

  41. @Chinaman

    Dude, you(Chinaman), as a Hongky with a deep set distrust and revulsion to the CPC, I completely understand you are unhappy when “Godfree Roberts” pumps out “how great China is” info.

    All part of the information wars, dude.

    I think Godfree Roberts is doing a lovely job by compiling info that is pro-China, as a small counterweight to all the false accusations and fake info being pumped out by the western media.

    So refreshing is Godfree Roberts, dude.

    I think there is a certain truth to what Miss Larry Romanoff said about you. You may well have the yellow skin, but subconsciously, u see yourself as white, like that disappointing Taiwanese refugee Michael Chang, the tennis player, who I think despises his own race, culture and heritage, preferring to see himself a white New Yorker.

    Nothing wrong with that, but I am always sad to see other races despising their own roots, ethnicity and culture, and trying so hard to be desperately something they never will be, except in their own delusions.

    • Replies: @d dan
    , @Chinaman
  42. d dan says:

    “Dude, you(Chinaman), as a Hongky with a deep set distrust and revulsion to the CPC, I completely understand you are unhappy when “Godfree Roberts” pumps out “how great China is” info.”

    After getting to know “Chinaman” more in the other thread by reading carefully some of his comments, I can safely tell you that you misunderstand what he says. Readers need more intellectual efforts and focus to read his posts before jumping to conclusion.

    Anyway, you too always have great comments that I enjoy reading.

    I don’t have much to add, no great predictions like Godfree, but just some new year wishes:

    1. The orange man has the DECENCY to leave White House without any more drama.
    2. Biden has the COURAGE to lead.
    3. The West has the WISDOM to conquer the pandemic.
    4. China has the MOMENTUM to continue what she is doing.
    5. The world has the WHEREWITHAL to resist wars and disasters.

    Happy New Year to you, Godfree, Chinaman, and other great commenters here. May 2021 bring health, happiness and successes to every single one of you.

    • Thanks: Chinaman, showmethereal
    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @GreatSocialist
  43. Good piece. All too believable.


    Most Fortune 500 companies will be Chinese.

    A plurality is not most.

  44. Chinaman says:

    You got it all wrong, man.

    I HAD mixed feeling about the CCP ( like every Chinese ) from being bombarded by the disinformation campaign in Hk, Taiwan ( I lived there too) and Western media for the last 20 years but I have come to see the CCP as the saviour of all Chinese people. Xi is a great leader and will guide China to a great Han-naissance. This is best time to be a Chinese in the last 1000 years. Unity and camaraderie is the only way we can prevail in the coming civilisational struggle between East and West. You are right that most HKer still have superiority complex ( and inferiority complex to whitey) but I assure you I am different from them. These Hanjian 小黃人 are all moving to the West now so that’s the best outcome.

    No one hates Hanjian 漢奸 more than I do.

    I am proud to be a Chinaman. My kin have achieved more than I ever imagined when I first went to China in 1995. This pandemic have awaken every Chinese. I also think that it is too early to rest on our laurels and we need to vigilant against hubris. There are many problems in China.

    Godfree said he was not praising China but trying to warn the West about China’s rise. He actually said he have been doing it for a long time without any results. He is not pro-China, he sees China as a threat. It is an insidious form of reverse psyop to galvanise Americans to catch up. He wants another Sputnik moment. I am surprised you and others don’t see it by now. I have always been skeptical of his motivations and glad to be vindicated. What we need is 拋光隱晦, not 夜郎自大.

    This is not the time for a victory lap but China is is at its most dangerous hour as the barbarian are really at the gates now. We don’t want a repeat of 八國聯軍, do we ?

  45. Chinaman says:
    @d dan


    Happy new year, bro. I hope this will be great year for China!

    My English is not as good as yours so I often have trouble expressing myself properly. My sarcasm is often taken literally and misunderstood. I also know my aggression also put the team in a difficult position sometime but I can’t help it when dealing with these dumbasses.

    Anyway, I would like your take on Godfree and his motives. I don’t think it is in China’s best interest to let Americans think China is doing TOO well.

    Not doubting you but I hope you are not doing the same thing.

    • Replies: @d dan
  46. The most hopeful development in geopolitics was the recent China-EU investment deal. It sends a signal that perphaps the EU isn’t as slavishly devoted to US diktat as I had assumed, given strong protests from Washington.

    This would give a huge leg-up to China in the coming years since my assumption has been that the EU would blindly acquiesce to whatever its US imperial master ordered. China may eclipse the US, but could it overcome the American imperial puppet network? That was – and remains – the key question.

    Still much too early make any long-lasting conclusions but a hopeful sign for the future.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  47. anonimo11 says:

    This is the post that possibly reveals Chinaman to be a paid troll. I assure I am no Iranian, for example, but as a socialist and anti-imperialist I will say mostly good thing about their nation. It is normal, ideology unites people of different backgrounds.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  48. @Godfree Roberts

    Mr. Roberts – you missed in your predictions for 2021 something that is a result of all that R&D spending… This article is 2 years old – but it was just confirmed that the ultra fast laser in Shanghai has been validated and will begin operation in 2021. Another world record performance in spite of the naysayers:

    • Thanks: Godfree Roberts
  49. @Thulean Friend

    The China EU Investment deal was a natural occurrence as China passed the US as the EU’s top trade partner. Conversely the EU is now China’s second largest trade partner after ASEAN (the US dropped to third). Really though it is more beneficial to European companies. The Germans know this and that’s why they pushed the deal (German companies make huge profits in China)…. But the deal still has to be ratified. There are some crazies in Europe who want to talk about political agendas rather than economics – so it’s not sealed until fully sealed.

    The EU had a chance to show their independence from the US with the Iran nuclear deal. The Europeans didn’t do a thing but pay lip service. Then they had the nerve to lecture Iran when Iran started to enrich more uranium. It’s mind boggling. So we will see what happens with this. Polish politicians are already talking about “coordinating with our transatlantic partners”. Doesn’t make sense. German companies have so many privileges in China simply because the Germans didn’t try to talk down to China. On the flip side – that’s why talks with the US never really went anywhere.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  50. 762x39 says:

    China can’t keep electricity on 24hrs in some cities.

    China, commodities and the spec assets headed for a bust.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  51. psbindy says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    As the article mentions, it doesn’t have to be ‘either or.’ it can be ‘both and’ too.

  52. d dan says:

    “My English is not as good as yours”

    You are being modest.

    “I also know my aggression…”

    The aggression comes even more from the other side.

    “… put the team in a difficult position sometime”

    We are all learning.

    “Anyway, I would like your take on Godfree and his motives. I don’t think it is in China’s best interest to let Americans think China is doing TOO well.

    Not doubting you but I hope you are not doing the same thing.”

    The following is my very superficial opinions. Feel free to criticize.

    I think highlighting China’s technical achievements has the same effects as talking about China’s economic achievements, Chinese IQ level, or other positive things:

    1. For the racists and White supremacists, it would put them into defensive. They would have to come up with more excuses to deny those facts/figures – (e.g IP theft, fake data, less creativity, …) The more ridiculous their arguments, the better it is.
    2. For the more reasonable Westerners, the positive info would help to convince them that China is doing the right things. So they are likely to be more friendly to China.
    3. If the West and/or other countries in the world decide to put more resources/efforts into those positive things – than that is good for them, for the world, and for China too. I don’t think China is afraid of competition – that is the official position in Beijing – and I fully agree. When Chinese focus on a competition, they either win or at least get close to the top.
    4. What we don’t want to see is when those (deep states or not) SOBs decides NOT to compete, but try to break the rules, or cheating (quitting WTO, WHO, starting wars,… ), or to bully to win (e.g. the way they bully Huawei). For these people – they are likely well aware of China’s strengths/weaknesses – so nothing we say is going to affect them/their decisions.

    So, overall, I think it is still a good thing to talk about China’s achievements – as long as they are the truth.

  53. @762x39

    If our economy switched from its present contraction to it fastest growth in history–during the coldest winter in 20 years–as China’s has just done we, too, would struggle to keep the lights on. But who would complain?

  54. Chinaman says:
    @d dan

    If the West and/or other countries in the world decide to put more resources/efforts into those positive things – than that is good for them, for the world, and for China too. I don’t think China is afraid of competition – that is the official position in Beijing – and I fully agree. When Chinese focus on a competition, they either win or at least get close to the top.
    4. What we don’t want to see is when those (deep states or not) SOBs decides NOT to compete, but try to break the rules, or cheating (quitting WTO, WHO, starting wars,… ), or to bully to win (e.g. the way they bully Huawei). For these people – they are likely well aware of China’s strengths/weaknesses – so nothing we say is going to affect them/their decisions.

    I think you sums up succinctly but as we have seen with Meng wanzhou, the West don’t play fair. This mistake that Huawei made was to be too high profile about its tech lead and drew the attention of the Pentagon and deep state which have monopolised the 5G bandwidths for military uses. They hit Huawei so hard because the real-time control of drones and robots on the battlefield is the future of war. That’s the ultimate proxy war. No more ISIS blowback. Once America perceive something\someone as a threat, the psychopaths will stop at nothing to neutralise that threat. They have no moral code and as we seen with “China virus” fiasco, I think most Chinese are still too naive about their enemy. To say that China is not afraid of competition is only valid when there are clear rules of engagement and your opponent is going to follow those rules. As we both know, It is the law of jungle out there. Be very afraid….

    Godfree doesn’t denounce America for not playing fair with Huawei but he is actively trying to expose more Huaweis. He probably relish in the downfall of Huawei and take pride in alerting others to China’s tech threat. In general, I think he will fail and deep seated racism still cause whitey to underestimate China’s capabilities and it is good to keep it that way.

    I don’t mind talking about difference in IQ because that’s biologically immutable and something they will never be able to catch up. Godfree should talk more about that and tell whitey to give up.

    • Replies: @d dan
  55. Chinaman says:

    That’s what I thought about Godfree except he explicitly said he is warning others about China’s threat…NOT PRAISING China. I gave him the benefit of doubt but he reveal his true intentions. Woulda self-professed socialist like yourself WARN others about China? That’s what he said.

    This guy is a snake and I wish I was a paid troll so I can warn the CCP media arm about his attentions. He is no friend.

    Godfree, I will be first to apologise if I am wrong about you. Why don’t you clarify your motivations so we all understand *WHY* you write these good things about China ?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  56. Anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:
    @d dan

    As a European white man, I’ve long come to the conclusion that my biggest, most vicious existential enemies are the political classes which hold absolute control over western Europe and north America. It is them, and they alone, to quote but one example, who are pushing massive, uncontrolled third world immigration upon Europe with a vengeance.

    I have absolutely no animus against the Chinese whatsoever. In a Europe of perpetual economic stagnation, it is good to marvel from afar at the high tech future made flesh in China. Other than that, I’m old enough and ugly enough to appreciate the fact that China has made the high power consumer electronics, which I take for granted, and have infinitely benefitted my everyday life, possible. The same with affordable clothing, footwear etc.

    Other than that, I could not give a shit about 19th century style ‘who’s got the biggest dick’ Imperial era geo politics. I couldn’t give a damn if yellow men are richer, more powerful etc than me, such talk always strikes me as childish, vindictive, stupid, petty and envious – those are the real racists. Everything the Chinese have they earned through hard work and sacrifice.

    To repeat myself, what I *DO* object to is the *white* orchestrated ethnic demographic dispossession of ancestral white lands by the third world. That’s what angers me.

    • Replies: @Cutler
    , @Tor597
  57. Cutler says:

    i agree 100% and suspect the majority of Europeans agree too, I can admire China and loathe our hostile elite at home.

  58. Rollory says:

    Chinavirus being in the USA prior to last winter is impossible. The symptoms of the disease (ground-glass opacity in the lungs) are unique and unprecedented. It would have been noticed and it wasn’t.

    But more importantly

    ctrl-F “demographic” 0 results
    ctrl-F “birth rate” 0 results in the OP, 1 result in comments, and a completely deluded one to boot:

    “Even if their birth rate drops it won’t mean their population drops by half. It would mean going from 1.4 billion to 1.2 billion people over a long period of time. ”

    Boys and girls, this is what someone who doesn’t understand demographic math looks like. The one-child policy has been strictly enforced across much of China for the past three decades. You have entire generations that have grown up with it being the norm. In places in China where the policy has been lifted, there has been no recovery in the birth rates. Where you do have families, they remain small. In addition, young Chinese women are talking feminist – they want their money and comfortable life, needing a man doesn’t really enter into their life goals.

    This is all totally predictable. Urban centers have been population sinks throughout human history. China has chosen to relocate much of its population into urban areas. Urban living covers all the instinctive needs for security, food, shelter, etc that normally push a woman toward feeling safer with a man around. When Big Daddy Government is handling all that, the man is out of a job – and the woman doesn’t need make babies to pay him with.

    A woman’s perception of a suitable mate scales with how many other men she’s exposed to. In a village of a hundred or so, she’s choosing from a dozen available guys with not much difference between them, so settling for an ordinary one rather than the best one isn’t a big deal. In a city of millions, she’s meeting thousands of guys and seeing the absolute 0.1% cream of the crop on a daily basis in the news and possibly having fleeting encounters with them once every few months in the nightclubs. Her female brain automatically focuses on the upper portion of that segment of the population – which is, rationally speaking, totally out of her league, but our mating instincts aren’t designed around rational behavior. She’ll delude herself into a certainty that she can catch that super-good top-tier businessman, and when she doesn’t, she’ll try for the next one, and never even look at the factory worker. Until she’s a leftover woman, and it’s too late.

    This is the pattern that has been playing out in white societies over the past 50 years, because white societies were the ones that industrialized and urbanized first. Is there something magical about China and/or Chinese women that make it impossible there? Guess what: one way or another, we’re going to find out. Just wait and see what happens.

    In the meantime, the facts of the matter are that China has a dangerously inverted demographic pyramid, there is nothing in the data indicating that is reversing anytime soon, and based on what has already been observed to happen in Japan and what can be seen developing in the USA, this is a potentially catastrophic situation, far beyond any minor matters of geopolitical rivalries.

    The future belongs to those who show up.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  59. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    The birth rate of *white* Americans is lower than that of the Chinese.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  60. @Anonymous

    Indeed and their life expectancy has been decreasing since the 2010’s while Chinese has been growing. US population growth is from migration.

  61. >ground-glass opacity in the lungs

    Bro you do realize that is a standard view of pneumonia on an AP Xray? This is not ‘unprecedented’.

    Also, shall i remind you of young people suddenly falling very ill a few years ago due to ‘vaping’ with the very symptoms of COVID?

  62. Rollory says:

    “Bro you do realize that is a standard view of pneumonia on an AP Xray?”

    It is not.

    More specifically, ground glass opacity is standard for pneumonia, being LOCALIZED to a specific area of (usually) one lung. Chinavirus causes the same effect spread evenly across the entirety of both lungs, from the start.

    That is absolutely unprecedented in human medical history. Every single medical professional I saw talking about this last spring was making the comment “I have never seen this before”. The hemoglobin theory being tossed around last June or so is fully consistent with the observed symptoms – that the virus attacks red blood cells, knocking iron ions out of hemoglobin and thus preventing the blood from transporting oxygen (causing the low blood oxygen level which is another standard symptom), and the free iron ions go bouncing around places they shouldn’t when the blood cycles through the alveoli in the lungs, causing the evenly-spread damage. Which also explains why hydroxychloroquine – an anti-bacterial – works against a virus, as that drug makes it more difficult for things (the malaria parasite, specifically) to get into the red blood cells.

    This sort of behavior is not something that just passes by unnoticed. Chinavirus is a completely new disease and did not exist in the USA prior to 2020.

    As for comparing white vs Chinese birthrates, if you’re going to start picking segments of population to compare you can brek it down further. Democrat white vs Chinese? Republican white vs Chinese? Urban white vs Chinese? Rural white vs Chinese? Religious white vs Chinese? Atheist white vs Chinese? Amish white vs Chinese? If you’re going to start playing games with the numbers you can get whatever answers you want.

    And anyway this is all an irrelevant tangent. I do believe I specifically mentioned the USA having a very serious problem in this regard. The difference between the USA and China is that the USA does have sub-populations that have been largely permitted to establish their own social models, in the context of a much lower population density – so there has been room to permit the experiments. China’s density and top-down system hasn’t allowed for that. Their population has been getting dramatically older without expanding the younger cohorts, and all living under the same system. They get a lot of productivity while all the young adults migrate from the countryside and put their energy into factories rather than kids, but there’s an inherent time limit built into that strategy.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  63. d dan says:

    “To say that China is not afraid of competition is only valid when there are clear rules of engagement and your opponent is going to follow those rules. ”

    I should clarify what I mean by “China is not afraid of competition” – it means China is not afraid of BOTH fair or UNFAIR competitions. Remember after the arrest of Meng, China arrested 2 Canadians, and stopped agricultural purchases. I think China is holding its firing back – waiting to see the outcome of legal hearing. But China can escalate this even further, for example by arresting any American CEO’s transiting through Hong Kong. Obviously they prefer not to do that. China can fight back even if US wants to start a war (nuclear or not), so anything less than that can be fought too.

    Ultimately, the decision whether to play fair or not does not hinge on information gap. The achievements and projects that China is working on is so significant and world class that they can’t be reasonably hidden. For example, even if China didn’t announce the Chang’e project, you think NASA won’t know about it? The best you can achieve by hiding is to keep most ORDINARY people (including Chinese citizens) in the dark for A WHILE (for what purpose – I don’t know), but still unable to hide them from those China haters. The worse is that you allow the haters to seize the narratives and to spread lies (e.g. “Secret China landing to militarize the moon”) – something they are really good at doing.

    As for Godfree – my advice is to hold your fire. Just agree to disagree with his approach. He is not trying to destroy more Huawei’s. The China haters don’t need Godfree’s help.

    • Thanks: Chinaman
  64. By-tor says:

    Some year in the future snark-anon99, if you have enough insurance coverage working at Best Buy, Jimmy Johns or Starbucks to live long enough in a demoralized society that no longer values it own citizen-subjects, you will be a ‘boomer’ yourself.

  65. @d dan

    A happy new year to you also, Mr. d dan. Wishing u and your family health and good fortune for the new year.

    No real beef against Mr. Chinaman, just a bit of shock sometimes at the comments he has made in the past, I remember one time he said, China should have allowed more casualties from Covid-19 to get sympathy from the USA and the world, at least that’s how I read it.

    To me this is a typical “banana” comment, where an ethnic Chinese actually sees himself as a whiteskin culturally.

    Why should the Mainland care abt getting sympathy from the west or USA? They can go and fuck themselves.

    After all, it’s the USA govt that probably spread Covid-19 into China and Europe. The low deaths in China are something to be proud about, as well as the very fast and decisive response which the western media keeps on talking nonsense about, saying in a retarded fashion that China concealed the outbreak, or delayed telling the world about it.

    That’s totally wrong. Criticize what one will abt the Chinese govt, but in this case, they reacted faster than a gunshot, so fast and so decisive that their response was admired by all health care professionals and scientists the world over, and was praised multiple times by the WHO.

    Yet, the western media, so eager to put down and destroy China, twists this admirable response into some dick-sucking fantasy by the Trump regime that China is to be blamed for Covid-19.

    No, it is America to be blamed for Covid-19. Sad to say this, but the facts point there.

    Donald Trump needs to stop his masturbatory delusions and just vanish quietly into that shithole called Mar-a-A-hole, and vanish from the world.

    Next time, any US president should not be allowed to take up office if he has a micro-sized dick like loser Trump. It causes all sorts of personality and psychological problems that makes a person unfit for such an office.

    • Agree: Ron Unz
    • Replies: @Chinaman
  66. @d dan

    Absolutely agree. When I read my normal digest of western and financial news every day, I am embarrassed by the dick-sucking disinformation campaign against China.

    It really shows how low-class and lacking in morality these westerners are. I am surprised that there are actually chinese, esp Hongkies, like Chinaman, who look up to, and still think the best of the west.

    Pardner, that there horse left the barn a long time ago.

    We should tell those filthy, low-class scumbags like Trump and his pet pig Pompeo to go fuck their own degenerate asses, laugh at their pathetic lies and accusations against other countries, and tell them, no one will give a fuck what you say once you’re out of office.

    How repulsive and low-class it is, to accuse a whole race and culture of being responsible for Covid-19, when they themselves were actually the ones responsible for releasing and spreading it. You cannot get any more filthy and low-class than that.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Chinaman
  67. Anonymous[287] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re the one ‘playing games with numbers’, buddy.

    Do you really think that a black/brown majority USA will resemble, in the least, the world beating nation of the 1950s?

  68. Chinaman says:

    China should have allowed more casualties from Covid-19 to get sympathy from the USA and the world, at least that’s how I read it.

    To clarify, I did not advocate allowing more casualties. That’s absolutely insane. Since the West is so bent on having millions have died in China, then China should just go with the narrative and “misreport” The casualty and infection figures. For the Chinese population, it would have the effect of instilling vigilance and not letting one’s guard down. It is called 将计就计 and this outrageous idea was of course a bit in jest. Didn’t expect people to take my comments so literally. Got to work on my sarcasm.

    I don’t want anyone, even whitey, to die of course.

    I think the Chinese government is very bad at propaganda and too honest compared to the west. It is only propoganda when people realize it as such so China have failed dismally in its propaganda while the lies and brainwashing is so effective and complete in the West that most people actually buys it. You comments suggest that you to be TOO honest when dealing with these psychopaths.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  69. Chinaman says:

    We need facts and science to counter those lies.

    Look at what the commenter have posted on this website. I believe He is the first one to statistically prove that the virus did not emerge from Wuhan. He is very discreet about it of course

  70. Chinaman says:

    chinese, esp Hongkies, like Chinaman, who look up to, and still think the best of the west.

    Pardner, that there horse left the barn a long time ago.

    Don’t know where you get that impression. I don’t look up to the west.. At all…

    I can understand mainlanders’s hostility towards Hongkies but there are many Hongkies that are patriots. Infighting and discord have been the bane of China for the last 1000 years and the it will be the most embarrassing thing to see two Chinaman degrading each other on UNZ…assuming you are Chinese. You can say what you want about me or we can have this conversation in Chinese or in private, if you want.

    Happy new year to you, bro

  71. Tor597 says:

    But its not the third world that is doing this to you. It is your own elites. This is what I don’t understand from white people.

    America bombs Iraq and kills over 1 million of their people.

    All of a sudden there are lots of refugees and they immigrate to America. What do you expect to happen when you bomb someone?

    Europe does similar things. That’s why you have so many Syrian refugees right now.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  72. @Chinaman

    “That’s what I thought about Godfree except he explicitly said he is warning others about China’s threat…NOT PRAISING China. I gave him the benefit of doubt but he reveal his true intentions. Woulda self-professed socialist like yourself WARN others about China?”

    Based on my readings of Mr. Roberts over the years – I think you misunderstand him. I think his “warning” is to show that in many ways – how China does things is superior and the US should LEARN from China rather than try to destroy China.

    In some ways – he’s the opposite of this writer here from Asia Times. This guy (see link) thinks the US system is better – but he warns the US that China is very competent and is not going to just collapse. He also doesn’t advocating trying to destroy China because he says it is a waste of time. Compare the two:

    • Agree: GreatSocialist
  73. In praise of Godfree Roberts

    I think Godfree Roberts has a body of works, books and articles that show, not that he is Pro-china or a China-lover, but rather that he is Pro-truth.

    Most importantly, Godfree is open to other cultures other than our white western culture and is able to appreciate their better points, while also being aware of their shortcomings. He has the best thing any man could have— an open and thinking mind.

    For myself, I have had many negative experiences with various races and cultures, but I am still able to appreciate their languages, history, art, culture and food.

    If I think the Chinese response to Covid-19 was far superior to the USA’s response to Covid-19, I will say it with no hesitation and try to learn from what China did right and what the USA did wrong(we had a micro-dick POTUS who mishandled and sabotaged everything)

    I find Godfree’s writings refreshing and a good counter to the uniformly negative, ill-informed and analysis-free writings abt China and Asia that I read everyday in the western and financial media.

    For Chinaman to criticize Godfree Roberts like this, harping on one small phrase “to warn” compared to Godfree’s entire body of writings, seems an absurd or purposeful mischaracterization of Godfree Roberts.

    The way that Chinaman twists and turns so easily to excuse what he has previously said, explaining “it’s because my English is no good”, well, I guess a banana is always a banana no matter how it curves.

    “Larry Romanoff” got it mostly right when he said Chinaman doesn’t sound like a Chinese. That’s because Chinaman is a “banana”. You know, like Gordon Chang or Pei Minxin, or that gal with the western surname, Helen Raleigh, all yellow squishy bananas who hate their own ethnicity.

    Whatever the case, on the internet, anybody can claim to be anybody with any motive and nobody is the wiser.

    A happy new year to all.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  74. It’s always so strange, but these 3 bananas all sound the same. Growing up in China during a bad time, when the USA was trying to starve it to death and it had just come out of a war-torn period.

    They blame “socialism” for the conditions of that time, like a primitive religious fruitcake blames Satan or the Devil or some evil god for whatever disaster has befallen upon him.

    If that is the case, now that conditions have improved so much, do they still blame “socialism” now that China has a bigger economy than the US?

  75. Chinaman says:

    Pretty sure you are not Chinese.

    I can understand it if a Hubei mainlander calls me a banana but it is weird coming from anyone other than Chinese. We use the “banana” term on guys that can’t speak or write Cantonese and Mandarin. They are the guys who can’t play Majong or KTV drinking games. ( do you? ) I am well-versed in all of that but especially fluent in Cantonese shittalking. No one takes me for a banana when I 𨳒佢老母 in which case I should 問候你媽 too.

    There are 50 shades of yellow and it is not one-dimensional.

    You don’t even understand what the term means…anyway, best way is to continue this discussion is in Chinese to see who is the real “Banana” is.

    • Replies: @GreatSocialist
  76. @Chinaman

    Sorry to say this, but you are, for sure, a “banana”.

    A yellow squishy banana with a yellow, black-spotted skin and a white, squishy inside.

    If it looks like a banana, and it talks like a banana, then it is a banana. Sorry, but u are a banana.

    In Asia, there are many types of banana. Sorry, but u r the Hongkie variant– thin-skinned and sour to all who taste it.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  77. Chinaman says:

    Well…if you insist.

    Should I return the compliment and call you a rotten egg? White (or whatever) on the outside, rotten yellow on the inside but a bit self-conscious about being illiterate in Chinese?


    • Replies: @GreatSocialist
  78. @Chinaman

    You so funny, Chinaman.

    The way you pump out your phrases really sounds like a westerner that has studied Chinese as an adult and is so desperately eager to show off the few phrases he has learnt.

    I’m starting to think you aren’t even Chinese at all, but actually a westerner, Indian or other race in HK, and I fully agree with Larry Romanoff that you don’t sound Chinese at all.

    You’re here to troll the white supremacists, but also want to bring down the authentic and sincere writers like Larry Romanoff and Godfree Roberts who want to share their viewpoints about China that may be be positive instead of negative.

    These writers should be praised for their sincere efforts instead of being attacked with pitiful attempts to subvert their supporters. Ah, the internet forum life! So dramatic!.

    If u sound “pro-china” sometimes, it’s just a show to get others to lower their guard around you.

    Your large volume of postings indicates someone who is either unhealthily obsessed with this site, or possibly someone who is paid to have a certain agenda in these sort of sites.

    Have fun here and don’t get too emotional for your own health.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  79. @HeebHunter

    Funny how all the snarky comments have mostly taken a break, the (((west))) descends into a dystopian, degenerated slum.

    1945 rewards.

    There have been vast consequences for Americas involvement in World War 2. They helped to overpower and defeat Germany, ensuring that Europe was split in half: One half to the Communists, one half to Jewish finance. They established the Zionist state of Israel. They made ethnic nationalism a taboo subject. And finally, America surrendered itself to control by Jewish finance. It took just 75 years for them to collapse.

    If only the GIs celebrating the end of WW2 knew how this would all turnout… Their efforts and sacrifices were not only completely in vain, but indeed, were counter-productive for America. It would have been better if they had just stayed home and refused to fight. Instead, their country is now run by Jewish psychopaths.

    Perhaps a fitting end for the country that did so much to defeat Nazi Germany. If Hitler were alive, he would be laughing at this.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Malla
  80. Chinaman says:

    Your large volume of postings indicates someone who is either unhealthily obsessed with this site,

    Agreed. Trying to wean off it. Can’t believe I wrote 100k words of trolling on this online asylum. Well, some commenters have a million words.

  81. Scotist says:

    ‘Extreme poverty and homelessness will disappear and there will be more drug addicts…in America than in China.”

    How do you know? Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but its capital Oslo also happens to be the heroin-addict capital of Europe.

  82. Malla says:

    Yeah, the “Hitler curse”. All of his enemies got cursed. The British and French lost their empires (tho it was actually a good thing for them) but most importantly, they are themselves colonised by outsiders who despise them. The USSR collapsed.
    Now is the turn of the USA.

  83. @Chinaman

    I think the Chinese government is very bad at propaganda and too honest compared to the west. It is only propoganda when people realize it as such so China have failed dismally in its propaganda while the lies and brainwashing is so effective and complete in the West that most people actually buys it.

    Agree 1000%.

    The CCP Chinese have literally zero conception of Western culture.

    The ignorance is almost as bad as when the Qing Emperor had Lin Zexu write a letter to politely ask Queen Victoria to stop peddling opium in China in 1839.

    That letter, even if it had reached Queen Victoria, would have been laughed at and then throw into the vat of boiling shit, as Jesus Christ was in their Talmud.

  84. While the West is currently winning the propaganda war, it is losing the West itself. Westerners have lost trust in their form of government.
    While China is currently losing the propaganda war, it is winning China. The PRC has the world’s most trusted government. By far.
    And when Westerners discover what’s really happening in China, they will trust their government even less.
    They will make that discovery as soon as this year but no later than 2025.

  85. @Yellowface Anon

    The Great China Reset actually pulled the rug underneath the Anglosphere. I think Europe will be fine. It just need some time to re-orient and regroup.

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