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CHARLOTTESVILLE UNTOLD: Why Terry McAuliffe, Not Jason Kessler, Should be On Trial
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Apart from anything else, Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite The Right by Anne Wilson Smith is a powerful antidote to the ridiculous Regime Media headlines about “hate on trial” in the current Sines vs. Kessler civil lawsuit against organizers of the August 12 2017 Unite The Right rally in defense of the Robert E. Lee statue [Hate on trial in Virginia, four years after deadly extremist rally by Odette Yousef, October 25, 2021]. Wilson Smith’s book does what the Regime Media has deliberately refused to do—analyze the legal, logistical, and tactical decisions made by both organizers and city and state officials. (Full disclosure: my own work for e.g . “The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together to Shut Down Unite the Right,” is cited several times).

Those who have read the independent “Heaphy Report” report, commissioned by the city itself and resulting in the little-noticed forced resignation of black police chief Al Thomas, may think they have little to learn. But Wilson Smith’s book is especially valuable because it provides further evidence that UTR organizers scrupulously tried to avoid violence. In short, the wrong people are on trial right now—state and local officials should be forced to answer for their unconscionable actions. And the “mainstream” conservatives who didn’t speak up at the time enabled the deplatforming campaign that ultimately took down President Trump himself.

The gang of wealthy Leftists waging private lawfare in Sines vs. Kessler—n.b. because law enforcement authorities concluded there was no basis for prosecution—allege the defendants “conspired to plan, promote, and carry out the violent events” that took place at UTR [Charlottesville: Why are the ‘Unite The Right’ organizers on trial? By Bernd Debusmann Jr, BBC, October 26, 2021]. Yet Wilson Smith’s book, heavily focused on UTR organizer Jason Kessler, shows that UTR leadership was in fact pitifully eager to cooperate with law enforcement.

Perhaps the key turning point: the earlier July 8 Ku Klux Klan rally, held despite Kessler’s pleas that it not go ahead. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone in the KKK truly thought this rally would be productive, and given what we are learning about federal law enforcement’s work in protests, I suspect their motives and who they were really working for [Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol, Revolver, October 25, 2021]. But the Charlottesville police duly protected the small group from Leftist counter-demonstrators, leading to accusations that “Cops and Klan go hand in hand.” After the rally, the police declared an “unlawful assembly” because Leftists would not disperse and even assaulted one officer.

Wilson Smith suggests that the “Klan rally incident exacerbated distrust between law enforcement and left-wing groups in Charlottesville.”

I disagree. Antifa certainly refused to cooperate to law enforcement, but that is nothing new. It’s core to their entire approach and political outlook. One Lee statue supporter quoted by Wilson Smith said that the Klan rally was used to “prime the crowds” for Unite The Right. But instead it “primed” law enforcement—the police protection afforded the Klansmen was glaringly absent at UTR.

Thus Wilson Smith, quoting the Heaphy Report, notes that the

…Legal Justice Aid Center, National Lawyers Guild, ACLU, and the Rutherford Institute sent a letter to Governor McAuliffe, Charlottesville City Councilors, City Manager Jones, and Chief Thomas which criticized the ‘outsized and militaristic governmental response’ to counter-protesters on July 8. (Links added).

Police and law enforcement were thus put on the defensive because they were accused of protecting “white supremacy”—presumably, by not letting the crowds attack the small group of Klansmen.

In fact, Wilson Smith, drawing on the Heaphy Report, argues that law enforcement went out of its way not to prepare for the much larger Unite The Right gathering, where right-wing demonstrators would be more numerous and capable of defending themselves, despite explicit warnings from other law enforcement bodies:

Despite the willingness of law enforcement entities from other parts of the country to share what they had learned from their experiences with similar rallies and protests, Captain Mitchell admitted to Heaphy Report investigators that “the input from outside jurisdictions was not a factor in planning for August 12th.” Some police officers reported their impression that the CPD leadership was preparing for the rally as though it was a concert and not a potentially violent confrontation. (Charlottesville Untold, Chapter 3, GOVERNMENT PREPARATIONS)

Was the resulting violence the result of conspiracy or incompetence? Maybe a bit of both. Virginia State Police and local police apparently couldn’t even communicate on the same radio channel that same day. The State Police had a detailed plan that city police apparently didn’t even know about until it was too late. The Virginia State Police, the Albemarle County Police Department, and the Director of Emergency Management at the University of Virginia Health Systems were all reportedly frustrated by communications problems with the Charlottesville police. The city’s belated attempt to move the demonstration to McIntire Park rather than Lee Park, struck down by a federal judge, added to the confusion.

Again, quoting the Heaphy Report, Wilson Smith reports “no officers were assigned to open areas in which protesters and counter-protesters would interact.” Chief Al Thomas reportedly said of protesters, “I’m not going to get them in and out.” This forced UTR demonstrators to wade through Antifa. The result was inevitable. Wilson Smith reports: “Medical personnel would later report that most of the injuries that occurred that day happened along the entrance and exit routes to and from the park.”

Wilson Smith notes that Kessler himself, according to the Heaphy Report, was “the most informative human source CPD had in advance of August 12.” Even so, she reports, police did not respond to communications from UTR demonstrators on August 12. Rather than clearing a path to the UTR demonstration, police forced participants to be dropped off blocks away and walk through Antifa. Once again, drawing on the Heaphy Report, she emphasizes that the Charlottesville Police Department did not want to engage the crowd or prevent fights at all but instead “declare the event unlawful and disperse the crowd.”

I can personally attest to this. Wilson Smith chronicles that it was precisely the Leftist “clergy” who were shouting the vilest and crudest insults and enmeshing themselves with violent Antifa. Walking though the Antifa was the most dangerous part of the day.

In the years since, I’ve wondered that, if a pro-Lee demonstrator had been killed (and not just injured) on that day, whether the coverage would have changed. But the gloating tone in most media coverage over the death of Ashli Babbitt (whom George W. Bush disgracefully linked to 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta) has convinced me it wouldn’t have made a difference.

The ultimate reason the Unite The Right atrocity matters: it was the anarcho-tyrannical playbook that has been used in the years since. Law enforcement in Charlottesville was selective and arbitrary, leading to the absurd situation where it was the militia groups for example, the Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia—who reportedly were the most even-handed and effective. Police simply sat back and watched UTR demonstrators and Antifa duel. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe—currently attempting to get his snout back into the gubernatorial trough— breached protocol and authorized a state of emergency at 11:28 AM, without waiting for local officials. At 11:31 AM, Chief Thomas declared the state of unlawful assembly. Police then pushed UTR attendees out of the park and into the mob, thus leading to running battles throughout the city.

While the police were determined and forceful in driving the demonstrators out of Lee Park, they simply allowed Leftists to block the roads. In other words, rather than preventing an unlawful assembly, the police broke up a lawful assembly to enable an unlawful assembly. “Steve,” a local quoted by Wilson Smith, said police forced evacuation from the park “in the most dangerous direction possible,” but then did nothing to rein in the chaos. “The police presence might as well have been nonexistent,” he said.

I’d go further. Had the police not been there at all, there would have been less violence. Separation between the Antifa and the demonstrators had already been achieved by the “shield wall” of demonstrators who were successful guarding the perimeter of Lee Park until police drove them away.

It was in this atmosphere of chaos that Officer Tammy Shiflett, a school resource officer, abandoned her post on the road where James Field would later collide with Heather Heyer. Officer Shiflett “felt she was in danger.” While it’s be easy to sneer, she was surrounded by scores of Leftists and, in her words, “I have nobody here to help me.”

Wilson Smith helpfully provides a transcript of Faith Goldy’s livestream of the James Fields crash, showing the chaos that preceded the fatal crash. Her reporting, among the few truthful accounts that came out of Charlottesville that day, would eventually cost her her job with Ezra Levant’s Western Standard when she went on to do a podcast with a Daily Stormer correspondent.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Unite The Right was the division between organizers and speakers. Many had different goals and agendas, and, according to Wilson Smith, some actively sought to subvert Kessler. Kessler himself admits he made a critical public relations error when he attacked Heather Heyer on social media after the event.

Nonetheless, even if all UTR attendees and organizers acted with perfect unity and message discipline, would it have really mattered? When Jason Kessler attempted to hold a press conference the day after the event, he was physically attacked. The Charlottesville police, again, did little. If organizers had a consistent plan about how they were going in and out of the event, Wilson Smith’s book provides ample evidence that Charlottesville police would have simply ignored it [The Trap That Was Laid at Charlottesville, by Paul Gottfried, Chronicles, October 21, 2021].

Most damningly, it’s absolutely clear that Charlottesville police, local officials, and Governor Terry McAuliffe simply did not want the legally sanctioned rally to happen, and so enabled violence. In other words, this is classic Anarcho-Tyranny.

Maybe it’s a stretch to say that they wanted someone killed. But it’s not to say that their decisions allowed the tragedy to occur.

In the aftermath of Unite The Right, many groups and individuals who had nothing to do with the event found themselves deplatformed. (This includes, which was cut off by PayPal without explanation after more than 12 years). Those who really were involved, notably Jason Kessler, was virtually wiped out digitally. The Daily Stormer, clearly the most provocative of any online publications, was also wiped from its domain name, an unprecedented development). It meant, in the words of one Red Ice commentator, “that one can essentially be banned from the Internet for having the wrong opinions—something previously unheard of.”

Reading about the aftermath creates a strange feeling of nostalgia for a time when deplatforming, censorship, and denial of basic financial services was considered outrageous. But in today’s post-America, it’s simply part and parcel of life under “Our Democracy.” Conservativism Inc. occasionally grumbles about “cancel culture,” but there has not been, and never will be, any movement by the Republican Party, or even the “Conservative Movement “ in general, to force Big Tech companies to respect free speech norms.

UTR was also a key moment in the history of American conservatism. It enabled Conservatism Inc. to reclaim hegemony. The populist opposition, which had enabled Donald Trump to win the nomination and the presidency, has been largely banned.

Charlottesville Untold is clearly written from a sympathetic point of view towards Jason Kessler and ordinary UTR demonstrators. Considering the mountains of vitriol and lies directed against them, this is a point in its favor. But the book also does not merely smear Leftists. It presents what Antifa and Leftist activists were doing and saying, letting their acts and words speak for themselves.

However, the most valuable contribution of the book is the way it dissects the actions of city and state officials. These actions were the greatest scandal of all. Government authorities allowed violence because they wanted to shut down a legal rally that they didn’t like. People can agree or disagree about whether Unite The Right was a good idea or not, but those who condemn it should remember that at that point everyone accepted as a premise that police would do their job.

In contrast, most patriots today simply take it for granted that in this country is arbitrary. The lackadaisical reaction to the BLM riots of 2020 in contrast to the brutal repression of the January 6 protestors is proof of that.

It’s worth noting that those who were at Charlottesville were entirely absent from the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest—apparently because they suspected another trap. And they were right.

Charlottesville Untold tells you the story you won’t get from Regime Media. It’s worth reading for that alone. It compiles primary sources that will be invaluable for any historian who might want to pen a truthful chronicle about the last days of America as a free country.

Where we are now is a direct result of what happened then.

Charlottesville Survivor [Email him] is a white man who voted for Trump. The Left hates all white men who voted for Trump, whether they were in Charlottesville or not.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “Everyone accepted as a premise that police would do their job”.

    It doesn’t matter that the rank and file of the police across the country probably voted overwhelmingly for Trump. They’re guys who want a good life with pay and retirement benefits. They do as they’re told.

    Charlottesville officially lays to rest any notion that policing is politically neutral. If the governor, the mayor, the state AG, and the DOJ all speak as one voice, the police are not going to protect statues, constitutional rights, the law, or individuals.

  2. Sadly, the police suck.

    Poor Michelle Malkin found out the hard way, when she went to speak on behalf of the police at a Back The Blue Rally, and the scumbag cops allowed ANTIFA to attack her. She’s lucky she didn’t get killed.

    Cops are looking out for number one. Don’t expect them to have any honor, generally speaking.

    McAuliffe is a raging slimeball scumbag and he absolutely should be in prison.

  3. minervi says:

    “where James Field would later collide with Heather Heyer”

    Did you mean that figuratively? In the weeks after the rally I saw slow motion annotated video showing Heyer knocked off her feet by other people, Fields car did not look like it contacted her.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  4. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    Negros like former Chief Al Thomas damage the reputation of the few good Negros.

    “Tammy Shiflett”: Charlottesville is riddled with Shifletts, you can’t swing a cat without hitting one.

  5. This was the first battle of the next Civil War. January 6th was the second.

  6. They walked right into a horrible trap. I would put a lot of the blame, though not all, on Mike Enoch and those alt-right TRS morons. Fields is in prison forever. Enoch continues broadcasting his boomer hate shtick, while shilling for the Biden admin (bought and paid for in my view) and he’s free as a bird.

    Reminds me of Bill Ayers, “guilty as hell, free as a bird.” .

  7. They say we are on the cusp of a new civil war.

    Last one was fought over slavery, state rights, and preservation of the Union. Big themes.

    Next one seems to be about quaccines, men claiming to be ‘women’, and george floyd as saint.

    How did things get so retarded?

    • Agree: Bro43rd, BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @ia
    , @Curmudgeon
  8. lavoisier says:
    @Robert Dolan

    McAuliffe is a raging slimeball scumbag and he absolutely should be in prison.

    You got that right.

    He is a prime example of the corrupted nature of our political class.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  9. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The gang of wealthy Leftists…

    Um… now who would that be?

    Yup. (((Tribal Criminals))).

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. @lavoisier

    He should go to prison, with one of the Clinton’s under each arm. Then they would all be one happy family.

  11. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish lawyer wants to break the back of the violent white nationalist movement: Roberta Kaplan seeks to deprive supremacist groups of free speech protections by proving incitement to violence, and deter them with massive financial… TimesofIsrael

  12. Tucker says:
    @Just another serf

    I would also put part of the blame on Jason Kessler. He was doing the rounds on the pro-White, pro-Southern Heritage web radio shows (Political Cesspool, etc.) in advance of the event and encouraging our people to attend.

    Now, some might use the defense that far too many Whites, and White Southerners in particular, are just too naive and gullible and are blind to just how incredibly evil, conniving and devious the left is and that we shouldn’t criticize them for walking into a the trap that was set for them by McAuliffe.

    I refuse to accept that defense. Team White needs to pull their heads out of their hind parts and sharpen up their critical and tactical thinking skills and get a far better grasp on the depths of evil and the deception that our #1 enemy is capable of. Whites need to stop being javelin catchers. Whites need to stop letting themselves be duped and lured into traps that the anti-White, Communist-Marxist left goes to great trouble to set up for us to step into.

    This most recent false flag where the Commies hired a bunch of liberal crisis actors to show up at a Youngkin campaign rally dressed like they were Charlottesville Tiki protesters – was done in a very sloppy manner and I was surprised at how quickly it was exposed. More than surprised. It makes me suspicious, especially with one of the participants ‘confessing’. When have we ever seen any evil democrat communist marxist voluntarily confessing to anything sneaky or devious?

  13. WJ says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yes, the attack in Denver on Malkin and her supporters at a BTB rally is a great example. Cops watched Antifa attack participants in a rally supporting cops and did nothing. I lived there at the time and it opened my eyes.

  14. MLK says:

    “Charlottesville” revealed that the scope of the anti-Trump alignment. The RussiaGate Big Lie was in full motion. This set-piece was timed to provide the pretext for RINO filth to force Trump to resign or face Impeachment/Removal.

    Of course, just as they had throughout the 2016 election campaign, the KKK/Neo-Nazis played whatever role they were ordered to by their Democrat/FBI masters.

    In this sense and this alone, “Charlottesville” then and since, provided clarity that thankfully was not lost on MAGA on 1/6.

  15. @Anon

    Like they sing in Fiddler on the Roof

    Every Shingle Time.

    • LOL: Trinity
  16. @OldWhiteMan

    Unfortunately, you’re correct in your assessment of the pending disaster which will come to be known as the second Civil War because the great divide between the two can’t be bridged. The only thing that remains uncertain is that who’ll come out the victor, or both sides would end up losing.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  17. Hilarious cover photo. black LOW LQ cops and the push for DIE-versity are why the cops are not doing their jobs anymore. black cops are the most corrupt racist aholes out there. They allow their black bros and ho’s to get away with whatever they want. Just like all the black DA’s in this country. And black lawyers. These people are not enforcing law and order.They are not interested in justice. They think they are having their own Revolutionary War against Whites. And White people,Repubs,RHINOS,Dems,Independents…All Whites just sit there and worship black”culcha” and everything black. Republicans and White Nationalists and any other conservative White just keep running around looking for their magic kneegrow so everyone will see how not racist they are. You have all these idiot Whites on the right quoting the rapist and degenerate MLK or some other useless lying black justice warrior. Or Sowell. Anything Sowell wrote is all White philosophy and White thought. Everything he learned was in a White institution. Not in the deepest darkest parts of Africa. I get so sick and tired of these idiots running around looking for approval from black trash. The best was when that female trash rapper was questioning the vaccines and all of a sudden the right jumps on like she’s on their side. LMAO! Village idiots all.

  18. AndrewR says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “Poor,” my ass. She had no reason to think the pigs would protect her or her fellow bootlickers. Prior to that, there was AMPLE evidence from throughout the country that the pigs are corrupt and lazy when not outright malicious. Did she think Denver pigs were different? She is not to be pitied.

  19. What was the intent of the Antifa at Charlottesville? Was it to murder the Young White Men of the Dissident Right? To maime the Young Men of the Dissident Right?

    How about the Mayor of Charlottesville? What was his intent towards the Young Men of the Dissident? Was it open violence?

    What about the Irish Catholic Grifter Terry McCauliffe?

    Terry McCauliffe is a creature of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act=the new racial demographics in America and Virginia=nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants and their US born nonwhite children. And the Hindus in Virginia have been voting to take the guns from Rural Native Born White American White Virginians…Terry McCauliffe’s Voting Bloc..

    Last night faggot Tucker Carlson referred to the Young White Tiki Torch Men back in 2017 as Nazis….Tucker you coward…..

    If James Fields had been an Antifa ramming his car into to the Dissident Right White Male Protestors at Charlottesville….He would be a free man today…

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
  20. Trinity says:

    This was clearly a set-up just like January 6th.

  21. KenH says:

    If Kessler and the rest of the UtR organizers and attendees were far leftists or black activists the city of Charlottesville would have been fined tens of million in civil rights violations. The FBI would have arrested the mayor and police chief and the governor’s political career would be over.

    Charlottesville proved that if you are white and don’t hate yourself or your history that you have no basic civil rights in Jewish occupied America. In fact, we have no place in America as Ivanka Trump and many cucks told us. The tyranny in the aftermath of the January 6th protest at the Capitol erased any and all lingering doubts about this claim.

    Donald Trump initially told the truth and pushed back on the fake news narrative but within 24-48 hours he was flip flopping as usual and eventually capitulated and signed a formal condemnation of any white people or groups who don’t hate themselves or wish to be a hated minority.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  22. Trinity says:

    George Soros? Caravans of illegal invaders? Cities destroyed? Monuments toppled? Cops shot?

    And no one in power can stop it? Right. Did Donald Trump ever mention the name George Soros by chance? Did anyone ever correctly identify Antifa and BLM as Jewish Supremacist domestic terrorist groups?

  23. fnn says:

    In this sense and this alone, “Charlottesville” then and since, provided clarity that thankfully was not lost on MAGA on 1/6.

    J6 proved that Trumpers (at least those who went to the Capitol Building or the Capitol grounds) learned nothing from Charlottesville. They fell into an even more obvious trap. A few minutes before the combined Antifa and state and local police assault at Cville it was generally thought the First Amendment was still in effect. Now we know better, and Mitt Romney even tweeted out the semi-official deep state notice of its demise a few days after the big show.

  24. The exact same Tactics Techniques and Procedures were used between June 2020 riots and then Jan 6. The police and authorities were vilified during and after the summer of 2020. Then, in preparation for Jan 6, the police were unprepared and backup to include the National Guard were purposefully withheld by democratic leadership.

  25. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    The people are too lazy for a civil war. They are too cowardly as well.

    • Replies: @TKK
  26. And the “mainstream” conservatives who didn’t speak up at the time enabled the deplatforming campaign that ultimately took down President Trump himself.

    After 57+ years of failure it should be clear that blightwingers of each and every stripe never had the power to influence or prevent the deplatforming and take-down of Trump.

    The blightwing has always been a grift. Anybody who says otherwise is a moron or a grifter protecting his income stream.

  27. James Field deserved a strong defense team. To the lawyers who could have provided James Fields a strong defense but instead chickened-out I have this to say to you:

    Your decision will come back to haunt you and your family. The Democratic Party Monster that Charlottesville had unleashed upon the land will take no prisoners in the end. It is a total scorched earth policy for this Beast that was been spawned into existence by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The collapse of Civilization in America is a 100 percent certainty and all the terrible suffering that comes with it. You didn’t resist the Clinton Beast….It came for James Fields first….but surely it is coming for you and your children….the price for your cowardice….Judge Holden is a coming…

  28. Trinity says:

    This is the type of cuckservatives you have standing up for Whites, America. Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted Honest Joe for giving money to illegal invaders instead of considering reparations for Blacks. Doesn’t Gaetz have an adopted son from Cuba? Granted the kid has a lot of Caucasian blood from the looks of him but how about adopting an ordinary White kid? What is wrong with adopting a White American kid or even a White kid from Russia? These are the hardcore “fighters” we have in Washington. Sheesh. How pathetic. And good ole Donnie Trump. We lost more in 4 years under this ass kisser of the Jew than we did under 8 years of Obama.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  29. @Just another serf

    You can’t blame Enoch for what happened.

    How could anyone have known that the cops and officials would collude to rob our guys of their rights?

    Apparently the Klan had a rally there not long before with no major issues.

    TRS boomer hate IS retarded and annoying, but I fail to see how they shill for Biden.

    By the way, Enoch explained some of the legal procedures he used to fight against Kaplan. Say what you want about Enoch, he’s a very intelligent guy.

    Michelle Malkin was duped at a rally in CO and nearly got killed. Patriots got sucked into another setup on Jan.6th.

    How could anyone know that the police would violate people’s rights and allow Antifa to attack people?

    I think most of us believed in the rule of law….believed that cops would honor their duty to protect people, etc.

    I don’t think anyone suspected that things would get this bad so quickly.

    Yeah, now we know that we’re dealing with evil corrupt shitheads from the top down, but it wasn’t always so clear. Now we know they have stolen our rights and we live under tyranny. This is new information. Things changed virtually overnight.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  30. I’d like to reiterate…..nobody could have predicted just how bad things would get so quickly.

    Not long ago, if you saw negroes rioting or setting fires or looting, you would have expected the police to do something. Same with Antifa.

    We used to actually have LAWS.

    But everything changed when Trump got in and the nose freaked out at the idea of whites having a voice…..and they brought down the hammer.

    We went from having the rule of law one day to having a jewish imposed tyranny the next.

    I think the craziness and absurdity of the situation still hasn’t been fully processed. Whites have been fully STRIPPED OF ALL RIGHTS.

    I think many of us are walking around in denial of how bad things are because it happened in the blink of an eye.

    Let this sink in….a black carjacker shot and killed an elderly white man sitting in his vehicle….and the lying negro claimed he feared for HIS life and shot the unarmed white guy in self defense!!!!!!!!!


    Biden wants to give illegals \$450,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For invading our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys….this is beyond clown world. We’re living in a brand new country called Hell.

    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
  31. As far as the race for Virginia Governor goes:

    The basketball player could win…but who cares? Mr Goldman Sachs Republican Governor will just import the highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc from India…China…Pakistan…Mexico….into Virginia….Democrats back in power in 2026…forever!!!

  32. @Just another serf

    I became aware of alt-right thought leaders like Enoch (Peinovich), Richard Spencer, and Eric Striker back when YouTube used to be a free speech platform. While these Charlottesville articles concentrate on Jason Kessler, Spencer’s role seems to have disappeared. Wasn’t Spencer, (at the time the most famous person in the movement), an organizer also? He was scheduled to speak, but the rally was shut down before he had a chance. I remember Spencer’s self-destructive tantrum after the way he was treated at Charlottesville.

    I do remember how Spencer and Peinovich split from Trump after his unwarranted missile strike against Syria, based on yet another false flag chemical attack. I agreed with them, and understand why they came to hate Trump, but why in hell did they become Biden supporters? Do they support AOC and The Squad too? Are they undercover operatives working for the FBI? Or are they accelerationists?

    In any case, these guys became anti-Trumpers, which is fine, but, by supporting senile Biden, with his anti-white rhetoric and open borders policy, they have become traitors to the people they claim to represent.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  33. BluEidDvl says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Alas, I would have to agree. How many countless times in our history have the police without hesitation acted as the bully boys for repressive state edicts?. Does anyone honestly think that if the hammer was to come down on Whites because of this insane trajectory that we’re on that there’d be plenty of White cops that’d be more than willing to crack White heads if ordered to do so?. For most it seems their loyalty is to their paychecks & pensions & not to their people, city or society..

    • Agree: Trinity, CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Trinity
  34. Catlove says:

    Just a correction: Ezra Levant runs Rebel Media, not the Western Standard.

  35. @Just another serf

    “I would put a lot of the blame, though not all, on Mike Enoch and those alt-right TRS morons”

    “Enoch continues broadcasting his boomer hate shtick, while shilling for the Biden admin”

    The levels of wrong in those two comments, are so astonishingly high, one can only assume you are the shilliest of characters, or the most ill informed. You would either be attempting to have people think TRS are alt-right for nefarious reasons, or you actually think they are alt-right? Either way, they (Enoch and the majority at TRS) are far beyond the entry level lobby that is the alt-right and what they witnessed at C/ville is, in part, responsible for that.

    They’re men who attempted to employ the previously accepted components of a first world nation’s infrastructure, to show displeasure at things destructive to it and rally those who agree with them. Their mistake was thinking those components had any viability against the most ignoble of people and their blindly obedient, emotionally driven minions, career path imprisoned LEO’s, vote addicted seekers of political office and a fourth estate so utterly possessed by those ignoble people, it has become the unseen filter that reality is interpreted through by those who fish for truth in a controlled and specifically stocked pond.

    Mike Enoch/Peinovich is a fine fellow indeed, that for the sake of those he’s loyal to, has watched the components of his own life dismantled while staying true to his course, as have his highly informed and honourable colleagues at TRS. I doubt you have the capacity to do the same, nor it appears, the capacity to recognise the shift in actions by a foe that would require you to demonstrate such loyalty, sacrifice and tactics.

    Just the very act of declaring them as ‘alt-right’ informs me you do not engage with their broadcasts in any way and if you do not engage, then from whence do you grant yourself the right to comment on the meat of their broadcasts?

    I categorically know you don’t listen to them, therefore I know you have no clue of their standpoints or knowledge on matters specific to this latest attempt at disfigurement of western civilisation.

  36. Trinity says:

    The same could be said for the military. Mindless robots for the most part. Maybe that is why they like them young, dumb and full of cum.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
  37. ia says:
    @Priss Factor

    I would think the next one would be about something like freedom of association. Or possibly the idea you don’t worship victim groups, imagined or otherwise. You need something immutable, like a god, to fight for.

  38. Genius Kendi.

    Tricky Rick

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  39. Wild Bill says:

    I can fully understand the “police” wanting to protect their rice bowl. I can fully understand them taking an individual view of “me first”. What I can’t understand is the public being so stupid as to believe the police have a higher set of moral standards than the scum they work for. And I definitely can’t understand how the public can view them as allies when clearly they have never been more than uniformed criminal enforcement.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  40. @beavertales

    That’s the problem exactly… they do as their told [regardless of morality]to protect their salaries, pensions, and benefits. Is Defund the police really a bad thing? You think they’re going to protect you or themselves when the going gets tough?

  41. Like him or hate him, and the left hate Trump and the Deplorable’s more than they love truth, justice and the American way. If America were a poker game, the left would have us play with a full deck of race cards printed in China stacked against us, where half the cards would be black, 10% brown, 5% yellow and 35% white, not that they represent actual race statistics, it’s just a fixed game where they win no matter what the outcome. Whites never win playing ‘cRap’ or ‘PokaHoe’.

    Dream sequence:
    To counter this illegal criminal racketeering enterprise, whites created their own gambling metropolis called ‘WhiteLand’, that bans rap music, Magic negro idols, NFL/NBA games, prostitution, drug dealing and Drag Queen Story Time.
    Its now the most wonderful place in the world for hoodrat free family entertainment.

    • Replies: @anon
  42. This appears to be another example of government machinations.

  43. geokat62 says:

    First you write:

    Was the resulting violence the result of conspiracy or incompetence?

    Then you write:

    Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe… breached protocol and authorized a state of emergency at 11:28 AM, without waiting for local officials. At 11:31 AM, Chief Thomas declared the state of unlawful assembly. Police then pushed UTR attendees out of the park and into the mob, thus leading to running battles throughout the city…

    Most damningly, it’s absolutely clear that Charlottesville police, local officials, and Governor Terry McAuliffe simply did not want the legally sanctioned rally to happen, and so enabled violence.

    On the question of whether it’s a conspiracy or incompetence, there is ample evidence the ADL was heavily involved in collaborating with the FBI months in advance of Charlottesville rally. The ADL apparently had online monitors tracking conversations among the UTR planners.

    My sense is that together with the FBI, the ADL developed a detailed step-by-step plan detailing how the events were to unfold on that fateful day. I’m talking about how the police would force the marchers into the waiting hordes of antifa, the doxing and prosecution of rally goers, the media demonisation of so-called white supremacists, etc. Every last detail was meticulously planned. Nothing was left to chance.

    Jewish Supremacists at the ADL and other JSOs were praying for a moment like this and their prayers were answered.

  44. BluEidDvl says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yeah, when empires collapse it often happens very abruptly. I don’t even think the waning days of Rome though saw the kind of madness & degeneracy that is modern America. America is today a bizarro world mix of economic collapse, societal/cultural collapse & rabid ideological fervor. Many Americans still believe the absurdity that we’re a “shining city on the hill” when the society is collapsing all around them. Delusion is a very potent drug. And is there even a descriptive for the madness for America’s “woke” left?. They embrace a lunacy that sane minds can barely comprehend. And to top it all off, we now have a regime in place that is on their side!..

    • Replies: @Robjil
  45. @beavertales

    They do as they’re told.

    So do the clerks at city hall. The police, like the clerks, are employees. Employees failing to follow a directive, unless it is illegal or dangerous to the employee or others, is insubordinate. Insubordination results in dismissal.
    How many commenters here would be insubordinate to their employers? It’s easy to criticize when it doesn’t affect you.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  46. @Priss Factor

    A civil war is a war between opposing factions for control of the government. Given the Confederacy seceded and formed its own government, clearly, it was not a civil war.
    As for the causes, slavery was an excuse, not the reason. The reason was the tariffs imposed to protect Northern manufacturers, which was killing the South’s agrarian economy. Tariffs are not state’s rights, they are Federal rights. The only way out for the South was to secede using the excuse that the non-slave states were not enforcing their obligation to capture escaped slaves.
    As long as people buy into the “civil war” lie, the woke agenda will continue to re-write the re-write of American history.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @36 ulster
  47. Che Guava says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I hadn’t read of the attack on Malkin. Apart from bad taste in marriage, she seems alright. U’.S. politics used to be entertaining enough that I enjoyed her cheerleader video in 2015 or 6, she carried it off very well.

    As for the article, it falls a little short.

    Babbitt was murdered by a black cop whose identity was concealed for abt. a year, and will never be charged.

    A black cop who wasn’t even American, a Somali named Noor, shot a white woman tourist dead for no reason, he has no punishment.

    A wave of crimes against Asians by blacks leads to many deaths, many grievous injuries, any criminal charges?

    Some fat woman with fat girl angle shots has a heart attack as some man tries to escape while being threatened and attacked by baseball bats, rifles, etc., he is sentenced to hundreds of years.

    Some cop named Chauvin tries to subdue a habitual criminal and former co-worker, who it appears was dying because he had shoved his whole deadly drug stash into his own anus, what happens if you do that?

    Chauvin is appealing, but right now is sentenced to hundreds of years IIRC.

    Meanwhile, Floyd’s very ugly and thuggish face is supposed to represent some kind of neo-saint.

    I used to think that I would like to visit the U.S.A. one day, at one stage, even had a scholarship offer if I wanted. Happy I chose not to.

    It isn’t entertaining, the level is past ridicule, anyone who is not from there and able to afford hiring private security should stay away now, it seems.

    Anyone wanting to make a snarky reply, start by refuting even one of my points, otherwise, don’t bother and STFU.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  48. @WJ

    The cops don’t have any duty of care to protect anyone from criminal assault.

    This came out in the Crown Hill riots of 1991.

  49. 36 ulster says:

    (yawn) At any rate, your side lost.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  50. @Anon

    Hebs are masters of victim grievances, the turned typical world war fatality statistic into the greatest Holocaust the world has ever known, all because of white Supremacists. And they haven’t let up since.

    You can learn much about the minds of hebs and their relentless pursuit of whites where ever they be from hit pieces like this. (Logged and Archived under White Hate)

    My favorite part of the article was this;

    “ Defendants brought with them to Charlottesville the imagery of the Holocaust, of slavery, of Jim Crow and of fascism,”

    If hundreds of Antifa leftist scum blocked my path, I would have also laid to rest a few opioid mindless idiots who thought they were made of steel.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  51. @Priss Factor

    The Lincoln Project is a homosexual pederast cabal….

    The Dissident Right-Alt Right at Charlottesville prior to and at Charlottesville were openly vocal in opposing the Ukranonazis slaughter of young pregnant Orthodox Christian W0men in the Donbass….which was Barack Obama’s Democratic Party Foreign Policy in the Ukraine-enthusiastically supported by the filthy Skank Caroline Orr…and supported by the pederast ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter…

    The Antifa and Black Lives would have slaughtered the returning Vets who fought in WW2…for these Vets had views that were identical to the Dissident Right-Alt Right Young White Men who protesting the taking down of Confederate Monuments in Charlottesville….

    If it were up to the Antifa…Black Lives Matter…and Governor Terry McCauliffe…The General Lee Statue would be replaced with a shiny new Bronze statue of Black Porn Actor George Floyd…IN A HEARTBEAT…

  52. I have noticed that leftist forums and writers, hate the “Let’s Go Brandon meme”. It only does them a disservice to admit this.. Do they actually think, that most Americans think that Joe Biden is doing a bang up job running this country? Do they actually think most Americans care about the vile and corrupt Joe Biden’s feelings? Do they even have the I.Q’s to judge the meaning of what their own eye’s see.

  53. AReply says:

    I an enjoying this article pleading for how misunderstood the Klan: Unite the Right world be totally cool if the KKK weren’t so misunderstood by history.

    //Nonetheless, even if all UTR attendees and organizers acted with perfect unity and message discipline, would it have really mattered?//

    Yes, if only the U.S. right could muster perfect unity and message discipline, consistent with their core doctrine of being reprogrammable meatbags LOL!

    The contradictions on display are dumbfounding.

    This article was written by an AI. Human intellect cannot sustain this level of cognitive dissonance!

  54. @Che Guava

    Behold, the holy communion of Dinduism
    What are the tenets of Dinduism
    Who are the enlightened ones? And what is the path to be lit up, er, enlightened?
    The rites of the Order of the Sacred Section Eight. In that case the correction would be “What Who are the tenants…”
    1. The Dindu is infallible in all interactions with unbelievers. At all times the Dindu dindu nuffin.

    2. The Dindu is always a saint, gentle giant, pillar of the community, sweet boy whom everyone loved. Saint Swisher, Saint Skittles, Saint Sammich , Saint Fentanyl Floyd the Breathless. , St. Ahmaud of Brunswick , St. Rayshard , St. Jacob of Kenosha County and St. Daunte Wright

    3. The Dindu is a martyr, persecuted unjustly by society, the police, and the white hispanic.

    4. Life is suffering. White men and the wealthy are the cause of all suffering. There is a path to end suffering. The path is violence and looting.

    5.If someone has material wealth that you desire, they automatically must have acquired it via evil and oppression. When you perpetrate violence to steal their wealth, it is an act of liberation and the casting off of an oppressor.

    6.Yo’ Momma will always save you.

    7. Is Fergadishu the new Mecca for Dinduism?

    8.”they all Trayvon”. “no justis , no peas”

    9.”That’s real retarded sir” – the prophet Rachel Jeantel

    10. In Dinduism you must always strive to turn your life around. But you may not do so until you reach the afterlife.

    Dinduist Philosopher … droppin’ syince yo.
    Facts have no place in Dinduism.
    You best check yo privilege.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • LOL: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @WSG
    , @Che Guava
  55. Robjil says:

    And is there even a descriptive for the madness for America’s “woke” left?. They embrace a lunacy that sane minds can barely comprehend. And to top it all off, we now have a regime in place that is on their side!..

    Zion MSM runs the US and the west these days. People in the west fell for the Kool-aid from our Zion MSM. The “woke” are Zion MSM zombies. Zion MSM zombies think they are “always right” because they repeat the exact same words coming from our Zion MSM media.

    A real free press with free debates in every media outlet on all things is the only way to break down this descend down into zombie madness in the west.

    Today, Americans think they have an unlimited variety of entertainment and media options right at their fingertips. But it is all a lie. This illusion of choice was fabricated by the media elites. In the early 90s before the mainstream adoption of the Internet, the media landscape used to be simple and straightforward. Today, 6 media giants control a whopping 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to.

    We’re been fed what the media oligarchs want us to eat. The same can be said of the big tech companies that own the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These tech overlords silent dissents and censor content that do not fit the elite agenda.

  56. @Robert Dolan

    “Evil corrupt shitheads” indeed. That perfectly describes cops, IMO. Police can’t be let off the hook when they follow the orders of the evil corrupt shitheads in elected office who tell them what to do. Taking the King’s shilling tends to turn people into evil corrupt shitheads anyway.

  57. AndrewR says:

    The boy is the brother of Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend. And I assume he’s also Gaytz’s lover. Definitely not an actual adopted son.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  58. @follyofwar

    To clarify.

    I heard Spencer voted for Biden. Seems like he kind of lost his mind. I used to like him a lot. Not sure what happened. Heard he got a liberal girlfriend. Pussy can be very persuasive.

    I don’t think Enoch and crew voted for Biden. I listen to their shows and have never heard that. Yes, they soured on Trump for many reasons (as I did) but they didn’t suddenly become shitlibs.
    I rate Enoch as one of our very best advocates. Mike is super smart and committed. The nose has put him through hell and it only made him double down. In fact, I think they misjudge what happens when they fuck with people.

    By the way, Fash The Nation did a deep dive on Trump a long time ago, and believe me it was NOT flattering. Trump and his father were always in bed with the small hats. Of course this fact makes one wonder why organized jewry hates the man so much. They hate him for things he didn’t even do.

    • Replies: @Just another serf
  59. The news is that democrats for Terry McAuliffe are now turning to Eric Swalwell, to call Glen Youngkin a racist. Now that’s an effective strategy, get a guy who has been caught in bed, sleeping with a Chinese spy, all the while showing her around government buildings while bringing her Chinese girlfriends along, who are most probably also spies. Just one question?

    What kind of people get won over to Terry McAuliffes side with this strategy? Are there that many Eric Swalwell lovers in the U.S.? lol

  60. anarchyst says:
    @Wild Bill

    Police actually have LOWER standards due to a 1980s “supreme court ruling” that states that police have “qualified immunity” which allows them to commit acts that would get an ordinary citizen charged, prosecuted and incarcerated.
    The only way to sue police officers is to file a “deprivation of civil-rights” lawsuit which is extremely difficult to prevail in as the “officer’s state of mind” has to be proven–not good
    Look up Daniel Shaver and Phillip Brailsford…
    Brailsford was a Mesa Arizona police officer who shot unarmed Daniel Shaver as he was being forced to crawl on a hotel room floor with his hands behind his back–an impossible task.
    Despite damning video evidence, Brailsford was prosecuted but acquitted as the “thin blue line” takes care of its own. Brailsford had the words “you’re f#cked” engraved on the dust cover of his AR-15. If THAT doesn’t prove intent, what does?
    Not only that, Brailsford was rehired so that he could receive a disability pension.
    The sad part is that the other three officers who witnessed this murder were not charged or disciplined.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  61. anarchyst says:

    It’s much worse. I can remember when those jews who touted “separation of church and state” pushed their agenda to the extreme–instituting lawsuits against municipalities who chose to allow Christmas displays on public property. The lawsuits were numerous, from big-city displays to small towns-public displays of Christianity were outlawed.
    It’s turned full-circle. Christmas displays are still prohibited on public property while jewish menorahs are cropping up all over the place on public property. Hell, even the White House proudly publicly displayed a jewish menorah.
    Jews no longer couch their hatred of Christianity in legal terms, but are overtly brash and confident in their hatred of Christianity.
    It is long overdue for ((them)) to be kicked out of country 110…

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Robjil
  62. WSG says:

    For fuck’s sake, chief. We’re on the same side, but just give it a rest already.

    • Disagree: AndrewR, Cowtown Rebel
  63. @anarchyst

    I saw that video, the cop acted like a psychopath high on power with a badge and gun and would have shot Daniel Shaver regardless of how much he obeyed and summited to this despicable pig.
    I learned during the Rodney King riots that cops do not have your back when SHTF.
    Overpaid police state thugs living the highlife on the tax payers dime.

  64. Trinity says:

    haha. Is there any NORMAL person in Washington? Fruits, nuts, flakes, sellouts, traitors, whores who will do anything for money and power, etc. Most just want to be famous. I get the feeling Greene and Gaetz are POSERS just like Daddy Warbucks Trumpenstein. Could a NORMAL person who actually wanted to help this nation instead of themselves even survive in Washington? Den of vipers for sure.

    I honestly don’t think the White working class has a single voice in Washington.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  65. Robjil says:

    It’s much worse. I can remember when those jews who touted “separation of church and state” pushed their agenda to the extreme–instituting lawsuits against

    This phrase of “separation of church and state” does not exist anywhere in the US’s Bill of rights. It is just interpreted that way since there were not many non-Christians in the US in the 1700s.

    The Bill Rights says

    The first clause in the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

    It does not mention the word “church” at all, only the word “religion”. Thus, all religions can not establish themselves at the Top of our government. It is not only churches, if one goes by the Bill of Rights. Something our Top Jewish rulers forget to mention.

    Judaism is a religion. Why does its followers think that they can establish itself as a religion in the US with displays everywhere but Christians can’t? They never use the word church. Thus, the phrase “the separation of church and state” allows them to put up any Jewish display with abandon.

    It does not end only in displays unfortunately. It goes to the Top of government. Everyone with a brain is noticing it these days.

    Nancy Pelosi:

    “If this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid…and I don’t even call it aid…our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are”

    Israel is established on the Jewish religion. Thus, Pelosi is saying that Judaism is the established religion of the US just like Israel. Since it is “fundamental to who we (US rulers) are”.

  66. @anarchyst

    The execution of this innocent man is one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen.

    Imagine if Shaver had been a negro…..we would never hear the end of it.

  67. TKK says:
    @Robert Bruce

    I was in a Wal Mart this afternoon with one of my brothers, who carries a gun on holster on his jeans.

    We were putting our items on the self check out belt, and there was a black man talking on his cell phone, going as slow as molasses.

    He was holding the phone in one hand and scanning with one hand. Long lines. He was shucking, jiving, taking about 45 seconds for each item. He started running his mouth that we were rushing him ( we weren’t). He then saw my brother’s gun when he turned around and saw both of our unsmiling, non Libtard faces- devoid of any pandering, sympathy or concern. Neither one of us are big guys.

    He STFU- stat.

    I agree with several posters on here who state blacks are all hot air. Even a meaty show of force that was theater would back them up. No civil war needed for them.

    The group that would need actual force are the entrenched elites in the power structure and academia.

  68. @Robert Dolan

    I’ll make my reply to you, as I know your comments.

    UTR was supposed to be about the very reasonable and popular position of stopping the hateful destruction of US historical monuments. In that case, the Lee memorial.

    Instead of doing that in an intelligent and respectful manner, we had media whores like the giggling Spencer, “Jerky Boy” Enoch, the comical Heimbach and that nut case Cantwell, organizing a torch march. The march was just useless provocation. If you like national socialism circa early 1930’s, then make the argument. There is an argument there.

    They would have all been attacked by antifa and the police sans the dopey march. But the march and their collective shock jock personas just made it child’s play to paint everyone associated with this event as nuts. That’s what I think.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  69. AndrewR says:

    Ron Paul was the last truly principled politician in DC. Rand is ok but still has sold out on many things.

    People get the government they deserve. Tens of millions of Americans still think Trump is anything other than a kosher conman. Even on this site, you can trigger quite a few people by criticizing him. Of course, many of his enemies are so evil and unreasonable that Trump looks good in comparison. I just want to go to Costa Rica and wait for the evil empire to collapse.

  70. anon[502] • Disclaimer says:

    Like him or hate him, and the left hate Trump and the Deplorable’s more than they love truth, justice and the American way.

    they never loved any of that

  71. @36 ulster

    I’m not an American. I don’t have a side.

  72. @Curmudgeon

    I will put everything on the line, and I have done it before; risking life, limb, and my employment. I refuse to remain silent in the midst of this lunacy. But, then, I still have My Balls.

    If You and the dumbf*ck Police think you can just sit it out by staying quiet and hiding in a dark corner, and it will bypass you, then you are wrong. So, go ahead and get on your knees, publicly renounce your “privilege” and beg for forgiveness, and DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!!! In the end, it still won’t save you from their persecution if you are White.

  73. @OldWhiteMan

    Have you seen the HBO movie “The Second Civil War?” It has some eerie similarities, like (((Someone))) knew where all of this was headed.

  74. @36 ulster

    No, the entire Country lost. State Sovereignty was the measure by which individual liberties were protected. Once that was lost, the Federal Government has dictated from on high, rather than being held in check by State Governments.

    Referring to the Gettysburg Address, H. L. Mencken rightfully observed: “But let us not forget that it is oratory, not logic; beauty, not sense. Think of the argument in it! Put it into the cold words of everyday! The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination — “that government of the people, by the people, for the people,” should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in that battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves. What was the practical effect of the battle of Gettysburg? What else than the destruction of the old sovereignty of the States, i. e., of the people of the States? The Confederates went into battle an absolutely free people; they came out with their freedom subject to the supervision and vote of the rest of the country—and for nearly twenty years that vote was so effective that they enjoyed scarcely any freedom at all. Am I the first American to note the fundamental nonsensicality of the Gettysburg address? If so, I plead my aesthetic joy in it in amelioration of the sacrilege.”

    • Replies: @David Martin
  75. Che Guava says:

    I would like to offer more detail, but coronamania has led to a precipitous decline in Dindu pimps and touts in Tokyo.

    They ‘work’ in areas I avoid anyway, but it is nice to know they left in droves.

    Shame abt. the loads on foolish and overly fashionable single mothers, the child is almost always an alien and solitary burden.

    Hey, dose daddies dint haff no sponabry!

    Note, a very few exceptions exist.

  76. @Just another serf

    I used to go to a lot of Rock Concerts. People routinely raised their lighters in the air and illuminated the arena with tiny little flames. Was that also an expression of Nazism?

    I have a multi-disc, real time documentary on the Vietnam war, composed mainly of Government made pro-intervention news reels. It includes footage of both South Vietnamese people carrying torches to signify their desire for Independence and of American anti-war demonstrators carrying torches in opposition to the war.

    Here’s some more Torch Rallies mimicking Nazi’s… (Scroll to the bottom for an interesting twist).

  77. I agree wholeheartedly that Terry McAuliffe and not Jason Kessler should be the one on trial, but the article, and I assume the book, seems to proceed upon the assumption that Kessler, formerly of Occupy Wall Street, is a genuine character. I believe the assumption is unwarranted with respect to Richard Spencer, as well. To get a larger picture of what transpired that day see

  78. @Cowtown Rebel

    Mencken was largely on the money as far as he went, but he could have gone a good deal further in attacking the Gettysburg Address, as I do in “Mencken and More on Lincoln’s Speech” at

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
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