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 Charlottesville Survivor Archive
Charlottesville Redux: There's Still Time for Trump DOJ to Investigate AntiFa—and Stop Our Slide Into Civil War
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See earlier, by the same writer: Unequal Justice In Fields Charlottesville Trial—And, Increasingly, Throughout The Left’s America

America is once again reeling from political violence. A young white man attacked a synagogue in a bid to murder random Jews [Motivated by hate, gunman kills one and wounds three in synagogue attack, police say, by Kristina Davis, Sarah Parvini, J. Harry Jones, and Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times, April 27, 2019]. The suspect’s manifesto was scathing towards President Trump, insulting him in vulgar terms not suitable for a family website; nonetheless, the president will certainly be blamed for having inspired the violence. The hero of the day was a Border Patrol agent working as a security guard, but that is curiously under-emphasized in many media reports. [Latest: Rabbi identifies the victims of synagogue shooting, Associated Press, April 28, 2019] Unfortunately, this sort of thing will inevitably get more common, as America’s ongoing immigration disaster stokes ethnic conflict.

Note, however, that there was another shooting, on Sunday in Baltimore, with an equal death toll to the synagogue shooting (one). Six were wounded as the shooter fired into a crowd. [Gunman opens fire on Baltimore cookout, killing 1, wounding 6, by Tim Stelloh, NBC News, April 28, 2019] Because it was near a church, it briefly looked like the story might go viral—until the Main Stream Media realized it was just another banal act of black-on-black brutality, just the latest incident in a city with a soaring crime rate, where Mayor Catherine Pugh can’t decide whether to resign after a corruption scandal because her attorney says she’s not “lucid” enough. [Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Not ‘Lucid’ Enough To Make Decision About Resignation, Attorney Says, by Devin Bartolotta, CBS Baltimore, April 25, 2019]

Some violence matters, and some doesn’t. The slow-motion collapse of a great American city is less of a story than that of a murder that can be weaponized against the president, his supporters, and free speech.

And the most important tool in the censors’ arsenal is the Legend of Charlottesville.

I say legend because it now has something of a mythic quality. After months of intense propaganda, the average American really believes that thousands of “Nazis” descended on Charlottesville in August 2017 with no other objective than to cause chaos and destruction. Former Vice-President Joe Biden began his campaign with this lie, accusing President Donald J. Trump of having supported people who were “spreading hate” instead of the brave Americans opposing it.

In response, President Trump reiterated his previous point: that his comment there were “fine people on both sides” did not refer to Nazis and “white nationalists,” but to Southern Heritage buffs and others who opposed removing the statue of General Robert E. Lee. Lee was “a great general, everybody knows that,” in the president’s words. [Conway defends Trump over renewed criticism over Charlottesville comments, by Andrew O’Reilly, Fox News, April 28, 2019]

Now, finally, there does seem to be some pushback from the Right against the MSM’s smear. Of all people, Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, has been perhaps the most consistent defender of the president. He has noted, accurately, that the president did in fact a condemn neo-Nazis and “white nationalists” and that his comment about “fine people” did not apply to them. Adams also noted, accurately, that not all people at Unite The Right were “neo-Nazis.” And he further noted, accurately, that there was violence caused by Antifa, an organized communist vigilante gang that cannot considered “fine people” at all. [‘Dilbert’ creator defends Trump remarks on Charlottesville, by Aris Folley, The Hill, October 30, 2018]

Adams is claiming victory, even if the MSM and Biden continue to believe the lie:

In recent days, more Respectable Right types have been willing to make these arguments and support the president. The MSM has responded with fury. Vox complains that there “were no fine people” at the rally on the right and casually ignores violence from the Left. [Trump’s new defense of his Charlottesville comments is incredibly false, by Jane Coaston, Vox, April 26, 2019] The Washington Post condemned the president for “re-writing” his words. [Trump tries to re-write his own history on Charlottesville and ‘both sides,’ by Aaron Blake, Washington Post, April 26, 2019] The Daily Beast complained that Fox News were not sticking to the approved narrative in private email conversations. [Fox News Reporter Rips Colleagues Over Charlottesville: You Sound Like ‘White Supremacist Chat Room’ by Maxwell Tani and Andrew Kirell, Daily Beast, April 26, 2019] Once again, this is a story with “emails obtained” by a hostile publication—likely meaning they were sent by someone at Fox News trying to a get a co-worker fired for political reasons.

Yet this the lie the president called white nationalists “fine people” is only the lesser hoax of Charlottesville. The greater hoax is that white nationalists caused the violence. I know. I was there.

The truth is that there would have been no violence were it not for Antifa. There would have been no deaths were it not for Antifa. More importantly, even if there were Antifa, there would have been no violence if state and local Democrat authorities in Virginia had not consciously decided to allow street fighting in order to have an excuse to shut down a legally permitted rally.

Remarkably, these facts are not in dispute. The independent Heaphy Report, commissioned by the city itself, revealed truly shocking findings, including a direct quote from the (black) police chief declaring “let them fight.” He has been forced to resign.

Yet somehow, no national reporters seem interested in investigating this incredible dereliction of duty, whether state officials gave the orders, or whether there was a deliberate plan before the event to foment chaos. Instead, there have been months—years!—of painstaking investigations by multimillion dollar companies to dox random college students, blue collar workers, or local residents who participated in the march.

President Trump, apparently alone in the White House and the national press, dissented. Perhaps he watched the videos of that day carefully and saw that masked Antifa were attacking people, or maybe it’s his weird but undeniable instinct. He pointed the Fake News out, and journalists will not forgive him for it—because Antifa and journalists are not just on the same side, they are the same people.

Yet ultimately the failure does not lie with journalists. It lies with the White House. In Team of Vipers, Alabama journalist Cliff Sims (actually rather Trump-friendly) account of his brief but interesting time in the Administration, there’s the extraordinary revelation that “no one in the White House had anticipated” anything potentially disruptive taking place in Charlottesville in 2017 (p. 196). This shows how out of touch Trump’s Conservatism Inc. staffers were with the movement that is regularly praised (or, more frequently, blamed) for helping elect him. Everyone on the Dissident Right was braced for trouble, specifically the editors and writers of, which had nothing whatever to do with the Unite The Right Rally (but was subsequently banned by PayPal anyway).

Sims makes an even more incredible statement on the next page: “What had started as a bunch of idiots causing problems for local law enforcement had turned into a nationwide outcry causing problems for White House.”

This has it precisely backwards. Local law enforcement deliberately, purposefully, and willfully created the violence. Simply separating or the two sides would have been fine. Even doing nothing instead of actively driving people into each other (as the report shows) would have been preferable. But they wanted violence so they could shut down the rally, and they ended up with a bodycount.

President Trump was far from a supporter of the Unite The Right protesters. Instead, he seems to have been a careful watcher of television—with an intuitive grasp of America’s new political reality

Nevertheless, what was really needed was not a statement saying who was right or wrong at the protest, nor some inane debate about mind-reading the motivations of all the protesters. What was needed for the Department of Justice to investigate the state and local officials who, as proved by the Heaphy Report, deliberately facilitated violence.

This is something that could still be done now. And it should be.

Furthermore, instead of the selective prosecutions that have been taking place, President Trump’s Justice Department should be seriously investigating the interstate Antifa gangs that are exclusively organized to stalk and attack political opponents. Even United States Marines of Hispanic descent have been allegedly attacked by these thugs—thugs who are consistently defended by journalists as heroes.

The issue is not fascist or anti-fascist, right or left, racist or anti-racist. The issue is whether government officials have a basic responsibility to ensure public safety. The issue whether all citizens, whatever their views, enjoy the rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution.

If we don’t have law, then all that remains to us is conflict. And that means violence from all sides and all groups is likely to increase in the years ahead—as what was once our country descends into a Third World hell.

Charlottesville Survivor [Email him] is a white man who voted for Trump. The Left hates all white men who voted for Trump, whether they were in Charlottesville or not.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Realist says:

    There’s Still Time for Trump DOJ to Investigate AntiFa—and Stop Our Slide Into Civil War

    Not going to happen. Trump is a Deep Stater and his loyalty is to them…..not white people.

  2. Trump’s not a Deep Stater. But he is a typical BoomerCon, which means that his sight with regards to race and its impact on America has an enormous blind spot that probably no amount of evidence will ever remove.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Realist
  3. fnn says:

    It’s not explicit, but I think what they’re trying to tell us is that persons defined by the liberal-left consensus as “white nationalists” or “white supremacists” should be denied rights under the Constitution. We had a very similar debate in the 1950s.

  4. Iva Gunn says:

    All of society are victims of government, some by choice.
    The Voters have no excuse, they bleat the loudest.
    In Nature there are no governments or religions.

  5. 95Theses says:

    It is only through writers like Charlottesville Survivor (via VDARE, SBPDL, and that the whole truth of what happened that August day in Charlottesville both is being and will ever be known. When there enough concerned people who are willing to go above merely complaining about the Soviet-style show trial of James Fields – probably the grossest miscarriage of justice of this decade (not counting the failure to investigate, try, and convict Hillary Clinton) – perhaps then there will be an accounting of all the principals involved, and real justice will be meted out.

    Of course, this at least means writing letters to your senators and representatives, and – if possible – delivering them in hand to one of their satellite offices. It is more likely than not that they are in far less possession of the facts than are the average readers here.

    Thank you, Charlottesville Survivor, for all the good you do.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat, Hail
  6. Realist says:

    Trump’s not a Deep Stater.

    Then why does Trump do as they want???

    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
  7. Trump wants the election to be about the friction between multi cultures and the benefits of a strong leader to keep any mayhem in check, but he might find out that the silent majority of cross-over voters noticed that his actual, post-election immigration policy included an increase in legal immigration, with those legal immigrants soaking up most of the lackluster new job growth.

    Likely voters may have noticed the absence of a Southern border wall or other strong measures to prevent illegal immigration unless the costly, 20-day detention of caravaners, after which all womb-productive noncitizens are released into the USA to await asylum hearings they never show up for, counts as strong, safety-minded, America-first leadership.

    It probably does pass the test of US employers of welfare-eligible noncitizens who got a bigly tax cut from Trump. Their employees don’t need higher pay due to their free EBT food, reduced-cost rent, monthly cash assistance and up to \$6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash. It is all still available to noncitizens who undercut US citizens by working part time in single-breadwinner households, staying under the programs’ earned-income limits.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t enough cheap employers or voting-eligible noncitizens to make up the difference if a sizable chunk of Trump’s cross-over voters flee, knowing that he got one over on them. This might be the reason for the doubling down on safety-related matters, like criminal justice reform. GOPers might regard laxity on this matter as a good way to replace the betrayed anti-mass-immigration voters, attracting the 1% victory margin that they need from another group.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  8. anon[411] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s Still Time for Trump DOJ to Investigate AntiFa

    i’ll go out on a limb here and say that’s probably not gonna happen

  9. President Kushner isn’t going to do ANYTHING to help white people.

  10. KenH says:

    Trump clearly isn’t going to do anything about antifa unless they attack Jews and synagogues which they’re smart enough not to do and since their leader is a Jew as are some of their members undoubtedly. Trump shot off his mouth at a couple of his rallies by saying that antifa better be afraid of his supporters or something to that effect, but if any right of center Americans ever violently attacks antifa Trump would be the first to condemn and sic his DOJ on them.

    As it is Trump’s DOJ is selectively targeting and prosecuting his supporters whose only offense is defending themselves against antifa violence and in the process going just a little too far according to the authorities which is laughable since antifa rarely gets arrested for far worse.

  11. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s never going to happen. Trump is an immoral buffoon and a liar. His government has been infiltrated by a traitorous deepstate that is only interested in the protecting their own pocketbooks; hence, Blumpf’s seeming abandonment of his policy dumping “migrants” in wealthy sanctuary cities. Personally, I advocate taking over Red States and seceding. That will deplatform the entirety of the Left in one fell swoop. After, we can create our own constitution and make our own laws where they are banned from society. Until then, we can throw sand in the gears of their empire by disrupting their operations.

    1. Support polices to make their corporations less competitive in the global market place: support right to repair laws which will hurt Apple’s profits; support anti-monopoly efforts; support Huawei distribution in the United States.

    2. Oppose their foreign policy: oppose war with Iran; oppose war with Venezuela; oppose military spending; oppose new bases.

    3. Sow dissent in their overseas vassals: scare the Japanese with SJW stories until they throw them out of Okinawa; encourage Europe to kick the US out of the continent.

    4. Support domestic fiscal policies that will hurt the oligarchs: UBI, raising taxes on the rich, free college, free health insurance, dump illegal aliens into rich blue areas.

    5. Oppose Israel’s annexation of the West Bank and wealth transfers from the US to them.

    6. Oppose military recruitment among the youth. That will make it more difficult for them to conduct overseas operations.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
    , @SafeNow
  12. I’ll admit I didn’t read this article, don’t need to. The Alt-right is being used by the Israelis and US national security state, just like ISIS or Al Queda. Antifa is no different. All dupes. Useful idiots.

    I get that you’re upset with immigration, or whatever else is bugging you, but they never intend to let you have what they want for themselves in Israel, NEVER. And what Israel is doing will lead to its destruction, mark my words. Nothing good will come of it.

    The whole Alt right vs. Antifa thing is just going to be used to take away more of your rights, crack down on dissent, free speech, alt media, internet censorship, 2nd amend, right to protest, everything…

    Along with more spying, surveillance, less privacy, the whole 9 yards. Mucho police state.

    So all the tards participating in this divide and rule nonsense, consider yourself warned. Because just like ISIS, al Queda, or the Nazis in Ukraine, when they’re through with you, when you’re no longer useful, you will be discarded, left to rot in prison or dead.

    So when you start yelling for Antifa to be labeled a terrorist group, you may as well demand the empire label you and your family as a terrorist group. Same for Antifa yelling for Alt right or white nationalists to be labeled as terrorists, if you give them permission to treat one group of people that way, they will eventually do exactly the same to you.

    You’ve been warned kids. Don’t fall for it.

  13. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    I get that you’re upset with immigration, or whatever else is bugging you, but they never intend to let you have what they want for themselves in Israel, NEVER. And what Israel is doing will lead to its destruction, mark my words. Nothing good will come of it.

    The whole Alt right vs. Antifa thing is just going to be used to take away more of your rights, crack down on dissent, free speech, alt media, internet censorship, 2nd amend, right to protest, everything…

    what is it you suggest they do while their country is being stolen – nothing?

    you sound like a worthless cowardly cuck

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  14. wayfarer says:

    “Hate Crime Hoax Exposed. Are They Really On The Rise?”

    “Another ‘Anti-Semitic Hate Crime’ Hoax Exposed.”

    “Owners of Cafe Arrested for Staging Fake Hate Crime.”

    • Replies: @anon
  15. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    would be great if our guys could picket that jew restaurant in Canada

    just shove it in (((their))) lying face day after day until they are shamed out of town

  16. mikemikev says:

    Why don’t they get prosecuted for lying like this?

    • Replies: @anon
  17. eah says:

    There are two separate issues/questions here: whether the media lied and continues to lie about what happened at Charlottesville — the answer is of course yes; whether White Nationalism is or should be seen as an acceptable political ideology, meaning WNs are not automatically precluded from being “fine people” — there is nothing morally wrong with WN, and many WNs are “fine people”.

    The fact Trump (and apparently Adams, as evidenced by this simple-minded video) feels obligated to condemn WNs by eg lumping them together with ‘neo-Nazis’ (whatever that means) is not surprising — but the truth is that Trump is president only because of white votes — every other demographic voted against him by wide margins.

    Oh and white people made Scott Adams rich.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  18. @Realist

    Aren’t you watching a great show?

  19. anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    Who is “Carpay Dunkton” that Scott mentions as “Trump’s meme-master” ?

  20. @redmudhooch

    Yes, you are a worthless cowardly cuck. In addition, you parrot the same squalid pabulum of moral equivalence vomited by leftist trolls and their useful idiots, proving you know nothing about the alt-right except the lies you’ve swallowed wholesale from the pc echo chamber.

    Here’s a start on what the alt-right really believes… note that nazi larpers need not apply.

    Vox Popoli: What the Alternative Right Is

    See if you can force-feed that into your thick skull, chuck-0.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  21. Jake says:

    “President Trump, apparently alone in the White House and the national press, dissented. ”

    Just like the ‘little incident’ that started Trump Derangement Syndrome: the Central Park wilding minority youth brutal rape and attempted murder of a white female jogger. All the rich and ‘beautiful’ people of NYC expressed great concern for the ‘racist’ response by the white trash to the crime and the ‘youths’ blamed. Trump called them savages.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  22. @Anon

    Well said, anon. The only point I disagree with you on is #6. If we are ever to recapture our state/society, a military mutiny is the most likely scenario there. In fact, one of the things I’m afraid of is the day–possibly not too far off–when drones/robots take over the grunt-work completely; then the system won’t need human soldiers at all. Then we’ll have the mechanical boot “stamping on the human face forever.” That worries me.

  23. Agent76 says:

    April 30, 2019 FBI Stages Fake Terrorist Plot After San Diego Synagogue Shooting

    Days after John Earnest’s alleged attack on a San Diego synagogue, the FBI announced it prevented a terror attack aimed at “white nationalists.”

    Jun 4, 2015 Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

    There’s an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI. How? Why?

  24. anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    they did, for something called “mischief”

    prob two hours in jail and a slap on the wrist for slandering and causing unwarranted hatred to whites

  25. Were there any prominent conservative leaders who in the lead-up to Charlottesville said that it was poorly set-up and advised their people to not go even if they had paid for a non-refundable hotel room? I seem to recall that but it was a long time ago and the memory is hazy.

    • Replies: @MaryLS
  26. Zumbuddi says:

    “Now, fonally, there does seem to be some pushback from the Right . . . Scott Adams. . .

    Oh pullease.
    If Adams is the best “pushback” European-origin Americans have to offer, they deserve to be “replaced.”

    E Michael Jones’s dictum applies: Adams has “internalized the demands of the oppressor.”

    Adams’s most cognitively dissonant discourse involves his obvious zio-philia and his persistent, reflexive condemnation of “Nazis.”
    He fails to recognize that his brain has been trained to think of Nazis as “murderous, terrible, scum of the earth” by precisely the same methods and organizations as those who carried out the distortion of Trump’s statement.

    Thought experiment: If the UtR marchers had chanted, Pakistanis will not replace us, would anyone have objected?

    Are Pakistanis indeed attempting to replace or displace European Americans in USA?

    If you answer Yes, is it appropriate, even obligatory, for citizens of a nation to defend their turf and heritage?

    • Replies: @Sean
  27. Anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    The Alt Right and Antifa comparison is one of apples and oranges.

    The former group peacefully advocates for values that are in a large group’s interest.

    The latter group’s primary method and purpose is to violently stand to oppress advocacy for those values.

    Stating that labeling the latter as a terrorist group endangers the former, because they are of like kind, is fallacious nonsense and lazy if not dishonest rhetoric.

    They are not of like kind. They couldn’t be more different in kind. The inverse equivalent statement would be to compare urban welfare socialists (the average middle-lower class urban family) to militant national socialists and that labeling the latter a terrorist group endangers the former. GMAFB.

    The Alt Right operates within the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Antifa’s primary purpose is to deny those rights by any means necessary. There is no equivalence nor hazy crossover between the two groups except in the minds of the intellectually lazy and those with the political self-interest that is served by drawing such a false parallel.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @obwandiyag
  28. crimson2 says:

    lol another whiny white supremacist. You lost. Find another hobby.

  29. Hey, all MSM narratives are packs of lies. Charlottesville is no exception. What else is new?

  30. Sean says:

    The Nazis grouplets are led by people working for the FBI, and there are plenty of lone nuts. Inviting one and all was a mistake.

  31. wayfarer says:

    “Anti-Semitism Czar Press Conference Analysis.”

  32. Sean says:

    Neither group is substantial or engaged in effective politics.

  33. Anon[405] • Disclaimer says:

    If antifa attacked a Trump rally, they’d get investigated by the DOJ.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @europeasant
  34. Anonymous [AKA "briarhopper"] says:

    I know this will not be well received but
    I cannot get the feeling out of my head that the antifa mob is in truth a covertly a right-wing operation. I am certainly NOT a left-wing libtard as I voted for Mr. Trump , and will again in 2020 , even though I very strongly disagree with some of his policies. He is working miracles for America and our people and I truly hope he can drain the swamp. But I digress. It is obvious that the true beneficiary of the antifa movement is the propaganda arm of the right. This very article shows by it’s example the sway this subject holds over popular 0pinion. If it is not a right wing operation then it is obviously run and manned by the most pathetically stupid people to ever waste oxygen in the history of the planet as they risk prison time for aiding the very cause they supposedly hate. This would explain why they are allowd to run rampant and never be held accountable for the mayhem they commit , and why only a very few lowest level bottom feeders are ever arrested.

    On a different note , why is it that all of these mass shooters always have a “manifesto” ?

    • Replies: @MaryLS
  35. Randy says:

    White Nationalists are there for right wingers to kick. This past week we see Buchanan, Coulter, and now this person take a good kick to the right. White Nationalists bad! Even though their own narratives serve to legitimized White Nationalism. If other groups are harming your group you have a natural right to defend yourself as a group.

  36. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Jewish Mayor and Black police chief messed it up. They violated constitutional rights of assembly and speech. And Antifa scum went wild, and Jew-run media lied.

    That much is true.

    But the Unite The Rally was a crazy stunt by Richard Spencer and Co. I defended Spencer because he made many personal sacrifices for the cause and wrote some interesting pieces. And I didn’t know the full extent of some of the characters at Unite The Right. But the rally was just asking for trouble and bad press EVEN IF it had been allowed to go on as planned.

    1. It turns out that Spencer is not just a white nationalist but a white supremacist who believes in neo-imperialism. He thinks his kind have some right to rule the world and colonize Africa again and etc. He is a moron. The theme could have been white national emancipation from Jewish Supremacism. Spencer’s vision is to replace Jewish supremacism with Wasp supremacism.
    Spencer’s dumb narcissism is also off the charts. Because the media showered so much attention on him in 2016, he thought he was irresistible and could get away with anything. He planned an event like he’s Mr. Teflon like 007. A child!

    2. People like Cantwell and Heimbach, designated speakers, are indeed nutjobs or neo-nazi trash. Cantwell is a certified loony. Heimbach trashed his working class politics by peddling nazi garbage. Total morons. Greg Johnson was right about his criticism of people involved(though, to be sure, Johnson has also praised Hitler in the past).

    Morons messed up Alt Right withe Heilgate, but many of us thought that was just a prank got out of control. But too much of Unite the Rally was a coming together of hardcore Nazi trash.

    Something went wrong when Spencer forged an alliance with Andrew Anglin whose only value is a a troll-clown, not a serious part of anything.

  37. SafeNow says:

    Seceding as a legal matter would be one thing, but for tens of millions of “stuck” deplorables, the practical part — moving — would be a challenge. People feel stuck… jobs, family, friends, doctors, church, and so on. As a California deplorable, my solution has been a personal secession. An electrician named Smith, a landscaper (who happens to be of Hispanic heritage) with a degree in horticulture, wearing a gun-range sound suppressor over my iPod at the gym, etc. My own effective, albeit alienated, seceded world.

  38. Development like this goes to show that weakness never wins. Whether you act good or bad, it is power that people respect. While people respect the good and powerful more than the bad and powerful, they respect the bad and powerful over good and weak.
    The problem wasn’t with whites trying to be good and making amends. It’s that whites came to it from a position of apologetic weakness in the 60s.
    During and after the Civil War, whites finally dealt with slavery, but they did it from a position of strength. Whites were proud of ending slavery and expected(and demanded) that blacks to be grateful and orderly.

    But since the Civil Rights Era, whites have been trying to be good from a position of weakness. Apologetic, wussy, cucky. Also, black victory in sports, black violence against whites, jungle fever, and deification of the Magic Negro made blacks feel contempt for the weak and wussy white boy. Once blacks lost fear of whites, they lost the respect as well. And absent the respect, they just felt contempt for the weeny whitey the sorryass cuck & shmuck.

    In the distant past, blacks may have hated and resented whites, but they respected the white man as powerful and fearsome. Mess with whites, and they might lynch your black ass. So, blacks saw whites as powerful and badass. But once they began to see whites as weak, they felt nothing but contempt, not least because the beastly jungle nature of blacks tends to see the world in terms of predator and prey than good or bad.

    Same with Jews. In the distant past, whatever hatred they felt for white goyim, they respected whites as powerful and fearsome. Whites were not to mess with cuz it could leads to pogroms. People respect power, despise weakness. The bad boy athlete who wins gets more respect and even love than the nice guy loser. People may prefer the nice guy athlete as victor over the bad boy athlete, but the winner, regardless of good or bad, gets trophy and the glory.

    This is why whites are dumb if they think they can get Jews and blacks to be nicer to them if whites cuck more and act wussier. If anything, Jews and blacks will see whites as wussier and pussier and kick whitey harder in the ass. People do not respect weakness.

    When the West thought China was strong, it approached cautiously and with respect. But upon seeing it as the Sick Man of Asia, they moved in like wolves before a wounded bison. They began to tear it apart. White man NEVER went easy on American Indians out of sense of fairness. They sensed Indians were weak and moved in to take all of America and push loser Indians into reservations.
    When the Soviet Union was seen as powerful, US acted with respect and caution. But when Gorby and Yeltsin decided to make nice and revealed how weak and shoddy the USSR was, the West poised to move in for the kill. Naive weakened Russia thought the West would treat it with sympathy and fairness, but when Western Jews smelled blood of a weakened and sickly beast, they moved in like vultures to tear at the meat. Russia fell for the lie of the honorable Western Liberal Democracy. It had no idea that (1) democracy is really money-cracy and (2) by the 90s, the US had fallen into the hands of Jews who, unlike Wasps, have ZERO sense of honor.
    Anglo-run US didn’t take advantage of impoverished Europe and Japan after WWII. It did what it could to help them rebuild their economies. But Jews who ‘advised’ Russia just saw it as a carcass to pick clean.

    A bear respects the power of a moose, a much bigger animal. But if the moose is sick or bleeding, the bear senses weakness and begins to move in for the kill. Human nature isn’t much different.
    White people being good and decent is all very fine, but it must be from the position of strength. It’s like Palestinians hate Jews but respect Zionist power that will kick butt when it has to.

    The social experiment of whites acting nice from a position of weakness and moral disadvantage has shown that weakness + goodness is a fatal formula. If a wounded lion is surrounded by hyenas, no amount of smiles and apologies by the lion will spare it from hyenas’ wrath.

    Perhaps, because whites had been on top for so long, they took it for granted that they got the power and that non-whites(and Jews) would always show them respect. What whites failed to understand was that (1) there were lots of hatred, resentment, and envy hidden and buried in the hearts of smiling non-whites and Jews (2) people sense weakness and change their tune almost overnight — notice how Eastern Bloc nations that had been servile to Russia suddenly gave it the middle finger and joined NATO as the bigger power (3) even people with no prior anti-white hatred can be instilled with hatred overnight by media and academia(under Jewish control).

    How can white people wake up? They need a fire-starter. No matter how much leaves and wood there may be, there is no fire unless someone tosses a match to light them. Consider China that had great amounts of poverty and frustration for so long, but nothing happened until the modern era when Western Imperialists cleared away the old power structure, thus paving the way for a new (dis)order in which Chinese nationalists could turn Chinese leaves and wood into a massive forest fire.

    White people are like so many leaves and wood without anyone to start the fire. Of course, Jews have dampened the leaves and wood with deplatforming, censorship, blacklisting, and Poz-Propaganda. (Most journalists as Pozparazzis.) And white ‘leaders’ are so cucked and owned by Jews that they light a match for the Jew’s cigar but never dare to toss the match at white leaves and wood to create the great white fire. When mass white rage begins to burn and spread, then non-whites and Jews will once again to learn to respect the white man. White Fire. Who will light it?

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
    , @Miro23
  39. NYMOM says:

    I think what Trump meant to say was that there were fine people on ALL sides in Charlottesville as there were not just two sides there. There were certainly Neo-nazis and Antifa but also numerous other groups of people who, for various reasons, were just sick and tired of having their history and country constantly being denigrated…

    Sadly our President is not the most articulate of people.

    The other issue is that conservatives don’t seem to be able to robustly defend America. What we need are strong articulate people ready to speak up on the issues and then we need the public to support them when they get attacked publicly for speaking up. I mean the American public has to accept some responsibility here too for not vigorously defending people who do speak up.

    I must admit I too am guilty of not being as outspoken as necessary on certain issues in my circles. I find myself even being worried about making donations thru my bank account to certain groups afraid that maybe that would put me on some sort of “list” for harassment at a later date….

    Something needs to be done about these issues but what??? For one thing, we might need a new technology breakthrough so we can have our own internet at least and not have to be worried about being banned or publicly attacked…

    • Replies: @Lurker
  40. I agree that the strategy of the police department to encourage violence so the rally could be stopped displayed misplaced priorities. It also amounted to a conspiracy to deprive the rally attendees of their first amendment right to assemble and petition for grievance. That is, the cops acted illegally. In the past, the government has used “conspiracy to deprive of civil rights” as a weapon against the Klan and other racist groups. I see no reason why the charge could not be brought against the City. When the legal facts are on your side that counts for a lot, since judges have to go on record eventually and an obviously fallacious opinion is likely to be overturned. But I wouldn’t wait for the Trump Justice Dept. to take the initiative. That would be worse than retarded. You need to learn how to use the legal system and not just whine about it.

  41. Ruprecht says:

    Yes, yes, and again yes!

    Great article. On point. We have an intelligentsia that openly wants civil war. Some acts of violence are propagandized while others are ignored, depending on who is attacking whom, and who has what skin color. It’s reminiscent of the Jessie Smollett farce:

    Then again, it’s reminiscent of every moralistic farce the left has perpetuated for the last 100 years. The people who shed crocodile tears for the victims of Hitler don’t give a damn about the victims or Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, etc, etc….

    This is the kind of behavior you see from people who want civil war, not justice. And it is the behavior of cowards who believe they will be safe in their suburban, gated, white communities when the state eventually unleashes civil war – at their behest, no less – upon those living outside their communities.


  42. @Anon

    No….Antifa attacked people at MANY Trump rallies and NOTHING was done.

    • Agree: eah
    • Replies: @Anon
  43. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Robert Dolan

    Jews control America, and Antifa is their ISIS. Just like Jews get to support ISIS and Alqaeda in Syria, they get to use Antifa and blacks thugs on whites.

    Trump and DOJ are not afraid of Antifa. They are afraid of Jews behind Antifa. It’s like you don’t mess with the boss’ dog even if it bites you. You have to keep petting it.

  44. I’m sick of the idiots blaming Heimbach, Spencer, and Anglin.
    The problems at C’ville were NOT their fault.
    The jews and negroes that run C’ville are to blame, along with the
    lousy cops and the antifa cowards that attacked the innocent white men.

    Furthermore….the alt-right/dissident right is just getting started.
    As the nose becomes more and more outrageous and continues to turn the screws
    down on white people, you can be sure a backlash is coming.

    The comments sections everywhere are FILLED with pissed off volatile white people.
    As the nose attacks free speech, more and more whites will hit the wall of hopelessness
    and turn to violence. It’s not a good idea to paint people into a corner, but the nose has never
    been known for acting in a reasonable manner.

  45. @Priss Factor

    Anglo-run US didn’t take advantage of impoverished Europe and Japan after WWII. It did what it could to help them rebuild their economies. But Jews who ‘advised’ Russia just saw it as a carcass to pick clean.

    Not quite so cut and dry: at first, Jews took the reins and kicked & killed Germans when they were down, and headed the campaign of psychological warfare.
    Anglo-run US was initially marginalized by Jews who really did carry on Morgenthau plan, and were dominant in Nuremberg trials.
    It was only when Communist Russia competed with Jewish-dominated Allied occupying forces for the attention of occupied Germans; and when Anglo-US (Marshall) realized that it needed German industrial and economic health, not failure, that policy changed toward Germany. That did not occur for over over three years (after ~5 million German lives lost post-war), and it was not nearly as generous (toward Germany) as Americans are led to believe: more than twice as much Marshall plan aid went to Great Britain as to (far more physically destroyed) Germany; by the time aid to Germany kicked in, France and Russia had picked clean what remained of Germany industry — the French were still looting Germany into the 1950s.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  46. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    White people supported Zionist destruction of Palestinians. Jews now do to whites what they did to Palestinians. What goes around comes around. Do white people have a right to complain? If demographic replacement is wrong, why did whites support Zionist destruction and replacement of Palestinians who never did any wrong to whites?

    GOP still supports Zionist caravans taking over West Bank. Whites have no moral justification to argue against invasion. They supported it all along. Did they think Jews would go easy on them if they aided Jewish destruction of another people. Wrong. Jews just saw whites as More Palestinians to destroy for sake of Jewish supremacism.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Robert Dolan
  47. Muggles says:

    Speaking of antifa, has anyone ever read a researched article in any MSM (or anywhere) telling us the inside dope about these thugs? Or why the FBI, et. al. has failed to investigate them or held them to account under RICO and various federal hate crime or intimidation statues?

    During the 2016 campaign antifa thugs in masks regularly attacked innocent attendees heading to Trump rallies or in some cases, anyone who had a MAGA hat on or any signage showing they supported Trump. Yet zero investigation, “inside reports” or undercover reporting. Who pays them, posts their bail? Who organizes their planned attacks on those they dislike? Are we supposed to believe this is all spontaneous?

    Had these masked gangsters been the supposed “alt right” you can bet they would have been torn apart for doing half of these things. Voter/campaign intimidation, shutting down speakers with violence, attacks on the public, burning cars and buildings, hiding behind KKK type headgear.

    Are we supposed to believe antifa is doing totally legal protests? Why the blank out? Why the silence and inaction by the media and omnipresent police goons? You almost have to think that they are tools of the police state. That they are given special passes and when they beat up others, cops are instructed to “stand down” and let them terrorize others. We know the name and background of every supposed “white nationalist” leader or KKK organizer. Yet nothing is known about the antifa goons, who leads them, finances them, sponsors their violence. Why?

  48. Truth says:

    Why would Camacho want to do that? The instigators on both sides are CIA assets. His job is to BRING US INTO a civil war, you Big Dummy, not prevent one.

  49. @Muggles

    Haven’t you figured it out yet? The Antifa really just a bunch of FBI assets. It’s a controlled-opposition group. They’re used to do the dirty work the govt. can’t legally do.

    • Replies: @Ruprecht
  50. anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:

    Couldn’t stop noticing the poor quality of Abby Martin’s shirt: the stripes are not straight, a sign of cheap workmanship. It’s not only off-the-rack, it’s from a discount house.
    Signals to me that Abby is not in this for the glamour or the money.
    Contrast w/ Ivanka.

    I’m in awe.

    PS TruNews is, increasingly, pushing back against Christian Zionists

  51. @Anon

    This is total nonsense. Whites don’t support the slaughter of Palestinians.
    The Jmedia has covered up the massacre so most white people have no idea.
    Ryan Dawson has been kicked off of every platform and his audience was tiny
    to begin with.

    Whites that are aware of what is going on strongly OBJECT to Israel’s shenanigans, not only in regards to Palestinians but the way Israel wants to make war on every country in the ME.

    I have been calling Israel a racist apartheid state for MANY years, at least since Jimmy Carter’s book,
    “Peace, Not Apartheid.” (What was that? 15 years ago?)

    I have also been saying for years that white people ARE Palestinians, they just haven’t figured it out yet.

    The Jmedia LIES, tells our people that “Hamas is bombing the poor jews! The poor jews are forced to fight back!”

    Our people have no idea what is going on in the world.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  52. conatus says:

    Wes Bellamy, the Vice-mayor of Charlottesville at the time had been known to say racist anti-white things like this:
    “I DONT LIK WHIT PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW!!!!! FML!!!!” he tweeted in Dec. 2009.

    from an article titled
    “Homophobic, sexist, anti-white language abundant in Charlottesville vice mayor’s tweets
    Wes Bellamy’s tweets contrast with other published messages of unity, empowerment”

    By Anna Higgins and Tim Dodson | 11/28/2016

  53. Ruprecht says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    @Digital Samizdat

    “Haven’t you figured it out yet? The Antifa really just a bunch of FBI assets. It’s a controlled-opposition group. They’re used to do the dirty work the govt. can’t legally do.”

    More like the enforcement arm of academia, and it’s one-party state ideology.

    If Antifa were an arm of the FBI they wouldn’t be such pussies, and wouldn’t get their assess kicked every time they try to gang up on more than one person at a time.

  54. Zumbuddi says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s not “total nonsense.”

    US Christain Zionists are mostly White.
    CUFI is white.
    Hagee is white.
    Parsley is white.
    Their congregations are white.
    They travel to Israel.
    THEY have to know what is going on, they can’t claim ignorance.

    You are correct that media ill-informs or misinforms the populace.
    We have power there, too, if we use it. If you pay for cable, write or call cable company & demand accountability.
    Call out offending journalists — impugn their personal integrity for selling out.

    They work for YOU, are specially protected to do so. Put their feet to the fire.

    • Troll: Rich
  55. @Muggles

    For one thing, they are allowed to wear masks in public, which is illegal in most places. I know it used to be illegal in Charlottesville, and probably still is. The cops even ignored an attack on a police officer by Antifa members, in order to show how flexible they were. This violates “equal protection of the laws.”

  56. Sorry, no civil war. Nobody feels like it. Mostly they’d all just like a day off.

  57. @Monotonous Languor

    You didn’t even read, or if you did, you couldn’t comprehend, because of your low IQ, what redmudhooch said. He did NOT say the same thing “leftist trolls” say (your stupid definition of “troll” is anyone who disagrees with you, which is not the definition, but that is just another concept too deep for your shallow brain). He said that racists and anti-racists are all the same. “Leftists” never say that. But he is totally correct. Left and right, racist and anti-racist, they are all doing their owners’ bidding. The owners want you fools fighting with each other, and you oblige them without so much as a random squawk.

  58. @Anon

    Just another hapless hopeless idiot that doesn’t get it. Fine–let’s say you are perfectly correct. Alt-right good. Antifa bad. Fine. So what? It doesn’t matter. Our owners want you fighting and scrapping and opposing. THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE RIGHT OR WRONG. They just want you fighting. That’s all. So, go ahead, fight for what is right. Sucker.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  59. @anon

    You sound like an illiterate hillbilly who can’t even understand what he is saying, you imbecile.

  60. @redmudhooch

    You and I concur completely. The way I say it is “racists and anti-racists are exactly the same–they do their owners’ bidding.” Antifa/altright, leftright, pick your poisons. But it is absolutely hopeless to even get across this simple point to them. Forget getting them to agree with it. They are congenitally incapable of understanding it. They simply cannot rise above the fray and see how they have been suckered into this endless tweedledumtweedledee rivalry. They actually think that is actually antifa and blacks who are taking away their whatever they are worried about losing (hey, forget their “freedoms”, its their money that’s going the way of the dinosaur). I try to point, out, “Sure. You’re absolutely correct. You are in the right. You’ve got it. . . . Now. So what?” They cannot comprehend how being right can be wrong. They cannot comprehend the concepts of “right” and “wrong” not mattering one iota.

    I am reminded of abortion. They cannot comprehend that their perfectly understandable and even laudable moral reprehension of abortion is a perfect tool for the enrichment of people who do not have their interests at heart in the least, and worse, could not care less whether abortion is right or wrong, as they can always fly their daughters to Catholic countries to get free and legal abortions. They cannot comprehend, in fact, how those politicians and their owners who fulminate most loudly against abortion would be scandolize if somebody actually went and outlawed it. Where would they get their chumpbait were such an enormity to came to pass? Thus, being against abortion is being for abortion. And being for abortion is being against abortion, too. As long as you’re fighting.

    To be anti-antifa is to be pro-antifa. To be anti-altright is to be pro-altright. And vice versa. It’s like yin and yang. The very existence of the one is predicated on the existence of the other. And the solution: to be neither/nor: is beyond the quotidian comprehension span.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  61. Anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    I was not aware of antifa attacking Trump speechgoers. Especially not in masks, etc. This has been claimed in the thread. It would be horredous optics for antifa to do so, and would literally galvanize voter registration efforts on the right.

    Give antifa nothing to do and they will turn on each other.

    Whites, be like Asians, but with high birthrates. Good grades, careers, big families. Church. 3 generations hence, your grandchildren will massively outnumber the wierdos.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  62. @Endgame Napoleon

    If his former crossover voters notice nothing at all except that Trump appointed Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams, that would be enough to keep them from voting for him again, provided they are bright enough to realize who those three lunatics actually are.

  63. Lurker says:

    There were certainly Neo-nazis

    Well there was that one guy with a flag. But the doxxing frenzy that has followed seems to have missed him altogether. Still, I’m sure there’s nothing suspicious about that at all.

  64. Lurker says:

    Give antifa nothing to do and they will turn on each other.

    Give antifa nothing to do and they will do nothing.

    As it is they rightly sense they have the ambient sanction of media, law enforcement, judiciary and the political class.

  65. @Anon

    You win for the most absurd comment in this thread.
    As if antifa CARES about optics.
    I just spent some time on Youtube looking at clips of antifa attacking people.
    They DO attack Trump supporters.
    In fact, they attack everybody to the right of Mao.
    They have attacked people in virtually every city in America.
    They attack old people, they attack young people, they attack people who are alone
    and running away…..they are like hyenas.
    They don’t always wear masks, and maybe that’s why you’re confused.
    Also, they work in shifts, and have different teams.
    They have the sissy team, and they have the full on paid degenerate druggies
    that are willing to fight, riot, start fires, and destroy property.
    I have seen zero evidence that they turn on each other.
    Why would they care about optics when they have the full backing of the
    United States government?

  66. Trump is over. He won’t build the Wall, end DACA, end birthright citizenship (a fraud), fight voter fraud or have hilary or obozo arrested.

    Nothing will change if he’s reelected. He’s the last retardican to win the WH as he failed to fight demographic terrorism.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Truth
  67. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Development like this goes to show that weakness never wins. Whether you act good or bad, it is power that people respect. While people respect the good and powerful more than the bad and powerful, they respect the bad and powerful over good and weak.

    Hence the ambivalence in Russia towards Stalin. He was a gangster with no moral compass whatsoever. But, as it happened, his personal survival after 1941 was aligned with the survival of Russia. He fought the Germans using a 100% ruthless control of Russian resources that Hitler never imposed on Germany. Alternative history can ask whether a feeble Czar Nicholas and his decadent aristocracy could have won WW2.

    But when Gorby and Yeltsin decided to make nice and revealed how weak and shoddy the USSR was, the West poised to move in for the kill. Naive weakened Russia thought the West would treat it with sympathy and fairness, but when Western Jews smelled blood of a weakened and sickly beast, they moved in like vultures to tear at the meat. Russia fell for the lie of the honorable Western Liberal Democracy. It had no idea that (1) democracy is really money-crazy and (2) by the 90s, the US had fallen into the hands of Jews who, unlike Wasps, have ZERO sense of honor.

    That was an education for the Russians – they thought they were dealing with Anglo America.

    Anglo-run US didn’t take advantage of impoverished Europe and Japan after WWII. It did what it could to help them rebuild their economies. But Jews who ‘advised’ Russia just saw it as a carcass to pick clean.
    A bear respects the power of a moose, a much bigger animal. But if the moose is sick or bleeding, the bear senses weakness and begins to move in for the kill. Human nature isn’t much different.

    It depends on the degree of tribalism, The message after WW2 was “Don’t be Tribal” – but the West is having second thoughts about that now after 30 years of attack by non-European tribalists.

    There was a lengthy study of the wolves of Mount McKinley in Alaska (Denali National Park) that found that wolf packs are strongly risk averse. They always look for prey that is old, sick, young or in some way weakened. Wolves need these situations to survive.

    When mass white rage begins to burn and spread, then non-whites and Jews will once again to learn to respect the white man. White Fire. Who will light it?

    Some very bad guy.

  68. Truth says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Well, i hear he is looking feverishly for the WOMD in Iraq…

  69. mcohen says:

    Remember this children.

    When you control the flow of infomation in BOTH directions you create the facts on the ground.
    Mcohen 2007.

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  70. @mcohen

    When you control the flow of infomation in BOTH directions you create the facts on the ground.

    Niall Ferguson, The House of Rothschild: Money’s Prophets 1798 – 1848.

    “[The key to Rothschilds success is that they] always attached importance to having up-to-date political and economic news. Three things would give an investor an edge over his rival: closeness to the centre of political life, the source of news; the speed with which he could receive news of events in states far and near; and the ability to manipulate the transmission of that news to other investors.”

    This underlying dynamic of the House of Rothschild — first access to information in, control of information out — also defines the numerous editions of Hasbara Manual(s) of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS).
    and of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of which WUJS is an arm.

    It’s a concept as old as Joseph and the pharaohs.

    Got some other earth shattering tidbit to pass along to the goyim, mcohen?

  71. @Anon

    If the White communists, ME’s, Latinos and Africans shut down a 2016 Trump rally just west of downtown at UIC Chicago, Trump’s DOJ would start an investigation.

    I’m still waiting.

  72. Being attacked by the Anti-Fa crowd can be dangerous. Look at what happened when they attacked a European heritage meeting in Tinley Park Illinois. At least twenty of them came into the restaurant with metal bars, hammers and beat the old White people. It was a surprise attack.

  73. @redmudhooch

    “Antifa is no different. All dupes. Useful idiots”

    Except when they beat the shit out of you or people like you.

    • Replies: @Biff
  74. wayfarer says:

    “Why Today’s Youth Loves Socialism, Explained.”

    “Who Made the Useful Idiots of the Left?”

  75. The things that have to happen are bigger than Trump, especially now that he’s abandoned MAGA for the false song of globalism.

  76. Ivy Mike says:

    If Civil war means whuppin’ a bunch of racusts and rednecks sign me up. My Dad killed Nazis in WW2 and was quite proud of it.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @fnn
  77. My Dad killed Nazis in WW2 and was quite proud of it.

    Was he related to any of them?

  78. @Ivy Mike

    I doubt you could beat your meat without help. You’re welcome to try to whip this redneck any time you can get your courage up.

    • Replies: @Truth
  79. @obwandiyag

    Yes, like stirring up animosity between the black and the white working class. It works very well, for a long time, until it doesn’t.

  80. @Grace Poole

    Do you have a link on French looting of German industry into the 50s? Is it just Saarland you’re talking about?

    Also, a link about 5 million post-war deaths? The movie Germany, Year 0 is illustrative that the starvation blockade was in effect.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Grace Poole
  81. fnn says:
    @Ivy Mike

    The US troops that landed at Normandy were of course racists:

    As the war progressed, the emotional impact of this issue grew. The hypocrisy involved in setting up a segregated army to fight an enemy with a master-race ideology was apparent to all Black troops. One result was that Blacks, on the average, “tended to show less enthusiasm for the war than did whites, and manifested somewhat greater reluctance to go overseas or to enter combat.” One group of young Blacks in Chicago formed a group called the “Conscientious Objectors Against Jim Crow” in 1941 and urged others to resist the draft because of the segregation in the armed forces.

    The tenacity with which the armed forces maintained segregation, and the contortions it sometimes had to go through to coordinate the efforts of two separate armies—one white and one Black—suggested to many Blacks that the maintenance of segregation seemed more important to the army and the country as a whole than victory over the enemy.

    Racial violence flared up at virtually every post in the United States and abroad when Black GIs tried to use the normally superior facilities alloted to white GIs—entertainment, post exchanges, etc. Race riots took place at such places as Ft. Bragg, Camp Robinson, Camp Davis, Camp Lee, and Ft. Dix during the war.

    Black doubts about the value of fighting a war between two white-supremacist countries were increased by widely publicized incidents in which Black GIs in the South were refused service at restaurants that willingly served German prisoners of war.

    The growing shortage of manpower in 1943 led to a change in the army’s policy towards Black units. Pressure to commit some Black combat units to battle began to build within the War Department in 1943. Additionally, a drastic shortage of infantry replacements as a result of the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-45 persuaded General Eisenhower that Black troops should be allowed to volunteer as infantry replacements in white companies. Those who did volunteer were assigned to white units and participated in the fighting in Germany in 1945.

  82. Hail says: • Website

    You might look for Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich (2014). I don’t think he puts the figure as high as 5 million civilians and demobilized German POWs dead after May 8, 1945, though. I have seen estimates closer to half that, which is still shocking. Most of these will have been in the east.

    I believe there have been several other well-selling English-language history books, in the past ten years or so, that have attempted to deal with the same historical problem, namely the disastrous conclusion of WWII in about half of Europe — and deal with it in human terms, rather than the long-consensus of geopolitical disaster (communization; and the shoving of Soviet power onto the global stage as something like a new co-hegemon).

    The remaking of the map of Europe in several ways: The political dismemberment of Germany into about five parts (W.Germany, E.Germany, Kaliningrad, current western Poland, Austria); the attendant ethnic cleansing of Germans and others; the half-continent-wide top-down political Communization; the slow-onset empowerment of ‘anti-racism’ ideology and immigrant superiority doctrines (now firmly entrenched in prestige opinion) over anything suspected of being too close to the ‘Germanic’ core; the disempowerment of any profession of European Strength; the emergence of the “Big H” religious cult as a replacement to Christianity and of traditional morality.

    The above were so radical as to require quite a lot of eggs to be broken along the way, beginning perhaps with the decision to go with the ‘terror bombing’ strategy aimed at civilians (750,000 German citizens killed by bomb and firestorm).

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  83. @Hail

    Thanks for the recommendation on the book.

    I had known that 15 million Germans were ethnically cleansed, with 2 million dying in the process. One doesn’t find out easily about the Morgenthau plan in school, which is what makes movies like Germany, Year 0 so interesting, since they were not made by Germans and showed the effects of the starvation (and the utter devastation of post-war Berlin.)

    5 Million Germans killed post-war would be too ironic a number for the Anglo-American empire to deal with.

  84. @TomSchmidt


    Regarding French looting —

    Even while the Marshall Plan was being implemented, the dismantling of ostensibly German industry continued; and in 1949 Konrad Adenauer, an opponent to Hitler’s regime and the head of the Christian Democratic Union, wrote to the Allies requesting the end of industrial dismantling, citing the inherent contradiction between encouraging industrial growth and removing factories, and also the unpopularity of the policy. Adenauer had been released from prison, only to discover that the Soviets had effectively divided Europe with Germany divided even further. Support for dismantling was by this time coming predominantly from the French, and the Petersberg Agreement of November 1949 greatly reduced the levels of deindustrialization, though dismantling of minor factories continued until 1951.

    As to “5 million post-war German deaths,” I’m afraid I worked from memory and outrage —
    Giles MacDonogh’s After the Reich.
    places the number of dead at 3 million.

    I suppose I bumped that number up to include the 2 million women who were raped —

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  85. @obwandiyag


    You and redmudhooch sound like people who don’t have identities, or at least ones that are worth defending. Did you learn philosophy from watching re-runs of Kung Fu? Did you invent the Sit and Spin while perched upon your thumb? I have come to believe that a nation of bastards, not knowing who their fathers are, will not care about their ancestry or the plight of their descendants. Which explains why a gleeful, “I’ll be dead before that happens” has replaced a stern, “Over my dead body” in modern conversation.

    Is the establishment a two headed hydra playing people against each other over largely trivial matters? Undeniably. Do I believe Abortion is Murder? Absolutely! (Exceptions might be when the life of the mother is at stake, or in the event of severe deformity). But, if some irresponsible, promiscuous, infanticidal, atheist woman decides that she is unfit to be a mother, then who am I to disagree with her? I don’t care if someone chooses to self destruct by descending into drug addiction. They can do it just as easily, and legally, consuming large quantities of alcohol. They should be held responsible for any collateral damage they do (theft, collisions, etc… ) made to pay restitution, and, if their habits are to blame, offered rehabilitative services. A person can destroy themselves in a blink of an eye by losing control of their motorcycle, especially if they are thrilling audiences by doing back flips. But, there isn’t any law to protect them from their dependence on adrenaline rushes. Nor, should there be.

    However, immigration, jobs, foreign affairs, war, and ethnic cleansing are issues that we should be concerned, and vocal, about. We should be prepared to fight if necessary. Martial arts classes and survival courses could prove useful.

    I agree with the poster that said they have seceded on a personal level. We all need to do that, and we need to include others. Instead of spending money on a self indulgent vacation or going to watch Negroes play with their balls, White men and women should be treating their White family, friends and neighbors to backyard cookouts and gatherings at the parks. Play sports instead of watching others play them. Even if it’s just miniature golf or bowling. Flag football and softball are good for slightly older people and those who are not in prime physical condition. Renting meeting facilities and hosting themed parties is a good alternative to mainstream activities. Plan group outings and field trips. Make your excursions appealing to all ages. Invite people over to watch old movies (not the new crap that’s ate up with political correctness, thin on plot, and over the top with computer animation and cartoonish violence). Play old board games. Develop our own media and patronize it.

    Instead of giving money to some charity, where you have no idea what they do with your donations, help a fellow White person in who is in need. For over a century, we have borne “The White Man’s Burden,” sending money abroad and funding programs domestically to save other races from themselves. White People Helping White People is an idea whose time has come.

    There are many positive things that we, as a people, can do. For those, such as the two of you, who seem to believe that doing anything is worse than doing nothing, I offer this quote, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice,” and this Biblical admonition, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I spew thee out of my mouth.”

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  86. @ TomSchmidt

    James Bacque has commented on Unz Forum from time to time. Bacque has researched and published on the post-war treatment of German warriors — instead of classifying them POWs, which would have put them under certain treaty obligations, Eisenhower called them “Disarmed Enemy Combatants” and caged them in barbed wire fields with no shelter, regular food or water.

    Other Losses,


    Crimes and Mercies
    The British Independent has nothing good to say about Bacque’s research; here’s a sample:

    “The Allies are now responsible for between 9.3 and 13.7 million deaths between VE day and 1950. To the German POWs in Western hands, Bacque has added ethnic Germans expelled from the eastern territories, residents of occupied Germany and Soviet- held POWs. There are dizzying parades of sources and calculations, designed to suggest Bacque has plenty of new evidence, especially from the recently opened KGB archives.”

  87. @Truth

    Compare and contrast:

    h/t Chuck Orloski –>Bro. Nathaneal

    • LOL: Truth
  88. Biff says:

    “Antifa is no different. All dupes. Useful idiots”

    Except when they beat the shit out of you or people like you.

    Especially when they beat the shit out of you. Nothing but tools with wankers stuck in their ass, and they want the beat down in return – it all won’t work without it.

  89. @Muggles

    Antifa originated in Germany, along with communism, yeah Marx a was a Jew, however German Jews in earlier times strongly identified themselves as : Germans.
    Germany has been the source of much of mankinds woes, communism, psychology, Heroin, the insane “Green” movement, authority worship: In Germany they worship all of the most reprehensible scumbags of society : Judges, journalists, medicos, attorneys, DAs, etc, the list much longer.
    One of the reasons why they, the pschotic Krauts, hate DT with such a rabid vengence is because he is not a “real politician”
    And now their hatred is amazingly enough being directed at privately own automobiles, with the goal of forbidding such, and this in the country which in fact invented cars.

    Add to all of this the phenomena of the german media’s relentless war against the private ownership of guns in the US , and their demand that the US alter it’s constitution so as to eliminate private gun ownership, and their demand that the US eliminate the so-called electoral college, which caused their liebling HC to lose the election to DT, and one comes to the conclusion that the delusional krauts somehow think that they indeed won the war, and that they are now called upon to dictate internal US policy.
    In light of these profound abberations one is reminded of the “boots or throat” axiom which prevailed in the post war era.


    • Replies: @anon
  90. @Cowtown Rebel

    You don’t understand anything. We do not “refuse to choose.” That is you putting words in our mouths, who thinks the whole world exudes from his own forehead. Get out of your basement for a while.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  91. anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    just a guess, AJM: you’re near-sighted & wear Coke bottles for glasses.

    Your comment sure suggests you do not see beyond your nose.

    Americans don’t have the “German experience” 24/7, but you are too fixated on one spot in the universe.

  92. MaryLS says:

    I have a suspicion that the Charlottesville torch parade was deliberately orchestrated by the left to make the right look bad. Unfortunately, there was a handful of dupes on the right that fell for this bit of political theatre. There was also negligence by the police, as they did nothing to protect legal demonstrators wanting to protect their heritage. And it was obvious to me that the heritage demonstrators were the fine people on the right that Trump was referring to. The left has clung their false narrative in another attempt to discredit Trump.

  93. MaryLS says:

    No. The Antifas are Communists and anarchists. I think they are orchestrated and controlled by globalists. Undoubtedly some of the organizers are paid, just like Black Lives Matter. The goal is to create chaos which would be used to justify implementing a police state. The alt. right are mostly misfits seeking security in a gang. The odd balls with their manifestos may be just lunatics, or they could be part of a false flag operation. I believe that some of the manifestos are not written by the individual.

  94. @obwandiyag

    I live in Texas, we typically don’t have basements here. I am constantly out in public, extremely visible and defiantly vocal. I understand that you have a ton of excuses why people should do nothing. I, on the other hand, pursue every avenue that is available to me. It’s been nice chatting with you, but since you have nothing meaningful to offer, I will cease having this pointless discussion with you, as I have important things to do. I think it is you who likely spends too much time in a basement.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  95. @Grace Poole

    Thanks for the sources, Grace.

    I had seen the movie “A Woman in Berlin,” which was based on material denounced both by the Germans and the Soviets. It makes a pretty convincing picture of what it was like to be a woman in a city devoid of male kinfolk. Not pleasant.

  96. @Cowtown Rebel

    Trolls always give personal information. Also known as lies.

    Redmudhooch and I did in the least say “people should do nothing,” whatever that means. We offered a very clear and inarguable alternative. You are just too stupid to understand it. Or illiterate. Or both.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  97. MaryLS says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Who exactly instructed those people to bring torch lights? I think it may gave been Spencer. Regardless, the evening torch parade was deliberately set up to make those attending look like members of the KKK. Even their chants were stupid. It was political theatre and someone planned it to discredit the right.

  98. Priss Factor: “The problem wasn’t with whites trying to be good and making amends. It’s that whites came to it from a position of apologetic weakness in the 60s.
    During and after the Civil War, whites finally dealt with slavery, but they did it from a position of strength. Whites were proud of ending slavery and expected(and demanded) that blacks to be grateful and orderly.”

    I have no idea what you mean when you say that whites demanded blacks be grateful. I think this is invented history, which is quite a problem on the right. If you read, for example, abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher’s Patriotic Addresses, he speaks in terms of whites having a Christian duty to blacks, but decries white people acting in their own racial self-interest. Send blacks back to Africa, he says, but only if they volunteer to go. Otherwise, if it’s just a question of what’s better for the white race, then sending them back would be a great sin. Instead, he advocated making them citizens and giving them the vote, which of course is exactly what happened after the war. Here’s a typical passage:

    I am for colonization. If any one wishes to go to Africa I would give him the means of going, and for the sake of the continent of Africa, colonization is the true scheme; but if colonization is advocated for our sake, I say, Get thee behind me, Satan, thou savorest not of the things that be of God but those that be of men. Do your duty first to the colored people here, educate them, Christianize them, and then colonize them.

    – HW Beecher, Patriotic Addresses, p. 186

    White people of that time were Christian fanatics in a way that modern whites can hardly imagine. The violence of the Civil War made the violence of the antifa at Charlottesville look very mild by comparison. Of course, it’s equally true that there have always been hypocrites in the Christian religion. Beecher must have known that few blacks would actually volunteer to be “colonized”. Importation of slaves had been banned since 1804, so by the time of the Civil War it would have been a very old slave indeed that had any memory of Africa. Most had been born in America, and had as little desire to emigrate as do contemporary blacks.

    It seems to me that what you are calling for, in a roundabout way, is for a return to Christian hypocrisy. You want whites to once again see themselves as the black man’s better, but still pay lip service to his equality. But that train left the station a long time ago.

    Priss Factor: “When mass white rage begins to burn and spread, then non-whites and Jews will once again to learn to respect the white man. White Fire. Who will light it?”

    In order for white people to revolt as a race, they’d have to reject a century and a half of their own history. They’d have to abandon Christianity, and ruthlessly purge its cultural residue, since even atheists nowadays embrace its fantasy of a “brotherhood of man”. People such as Lincoln, who is now a hero to most whites, would have to be seen as a villain. Likewise with MLK and FDR. They’d have to admit to themselves that they’ve been fools all along, and their ancestors crazy; that all the blood and sacrifice to stamp out white supremacy in the Civil War and in WWII was for nothing, or even less than nothing. The cognitive dissonance alone would probably kill them or drive them insane.

    Frankly, I don’t see it happening.

  99. @obwandiyag

    I wasn’t going to bother with you any further, but being as all you can do is insult people, allow me to return the favor. First of all, I am not a liar. I have no reason to fabricate anything. It matters not one iota if I have your confidence, as I have nothing to prove to you. Secondly, What alternative did you offer? Sit and Spin? As for being a troll, I follow a number of websites. If there is an open forum, I consider that to be an invitation to offer an opinion. Are you labeling me a troll just because I don’t spend my entire life hovering over a computer and lingering on a single blog? This clique mentality that seems to claim some sort of ownership to a public domain has always puzzled me… must be a millennial thing. The local newspaper printed several of my letters to the editor and I wasn’t even a subscriber. I guess I was trolling them too? Anyway, I thought trolls were ogres that live under bridges and make people pay a toll to cross? Sounds like Your Mama.

    You’re a moron who can’t do anything other than endlessly repeat yourself while lamely attempting to berate others. It probably runs in your family. A friend of mine told me a long time ago, “if you follow a goofy kid home and ring the door bell, goofy parents will come to the door.” In an earlier post, you wrote of being “suckered into an endless tweedledeetweedledum rivalry,” that’s exactly what I would be engaged in if I continued to correspond with your tweedledumbass.

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