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Charlottesville and The New York Times
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During a recent interview at my local unemployment office, the man charged with my case looked at my résumé and expressed his admiration of American journalism. “You people just report the facts; here in France it’s nothing but opinion,” he said.

I told him that while I agreed with the sentiment, his viewpoint was unfortunately out of date. American newspapers today prefer the evidently more exciting role of opinion monger and ideological prosecutor.

I base my view largely on reading the New York Times, for whom I worked for 18 years as a copyeditor, first on the International Herald Tribune and then on the International New York Times. The company treated me well and paid me well, and it did much excellent reporting that inspired my respect, but it also taught me some probably unintended lessons.

Reading the paper, I gathered that its editors and writers had little love for the First Amendment’s free-speech guarantee. I drew this conclusion from the implicitly approving way in which they dealt with the persecution by European governments, particularly the French, of people, almost always on the right, who violate the many legal restrictions on public speech. Fines and prison sentences, usually suspended, are the punishment prescribed by law for saying the unacceptable, and I can recall only one protest in the paper during my 18 years there. (Oh, sorry, two: I forgot its defense of Bob Dylan.)

I also learned that its writers and editors judged that white people generally were fair game in a way that other categories were not. I drew this conclusion from the many articles which accused, blamed or pointed an invidious finger at white people and which had no equivalent with regard to other peoples. Nicholas Kristof’s six-part series on “When Whites Just Don’t Get It,” for instance, has had no counterpart for any other distinguishable ethnic or racial group. The same might be said for the opinion pieces by Charles M. Blow, Michael Eric Dyson, George Yancy and Roxane Gay.

And of course, the Times, among the most ardent exponents of virtually unlimited immigration into the United States and Europe, rarely could find any motivations but fear and racism in many people’s reluctance to admit thousands or millions of non-European strangers into their countries. Its lack of sympathy with the ordinary people of these countries was evident.

The Times is hardly alone in its biases. They permeate the vast majority of America’s leading newspapers and magazines (and, perhaps, television, but fortunately I don’t see that from here). Even if you have never particularly thought of yourself as white, you will learn to as you read the papers. You will become accustomed to being on the defensive, and you will observe that any journalist who attempts to do something similar to blacks or Jews or other distinct categories of human being is very likely to be branded a racist or antisemite. Those who fail to conform are cast out into the wilderness of the blogosphere.

Many Americans are accustomed now to being addressed and discussed as if they are uniquely guilty of much of the world’s problems. As for myself, I am quite willing to consider that various aspects of European and American history are regrettable, blameworthy, unfortunate and so forth. And I think it desirable that anyone feel free to tell me so. But I am only too aware that this is not a two-way street.

The recent events in Charlottesville cannot be understood without recognizing that white people generally sense, consciously or not, that they are on the defensive, that a large number of political actors are sort of licking their chops at the ongoing disempowerment of white people.

When those who offer calm, rational defenses of white people’s interests are banned by the main media, as they generally are today, most of those willing to take up that defense will be extremists and kooks. And the process of “naming and shaming” that is now seeking to identify individual pro-white demonstrators and strip them of all sorts of ordinary internet services is certain to reinforce this process.

So what happened in Charlottesville? Several hundred people, members of fringe pro-white groups that most Americans had never heard of, marched on Friday evening, August 11, and the next day. Their right to do so had been affirmed by a district court judge. Their event was called “Unite the Right.” They chanted, according to the Washington Post and New York Times, “You will not replace us”; “Jews will not replace us”; “Blood and soil”; “One people, one nation, end immigration”; and “White lives matter!” However repugnant it may be to hear Jews mentioned in this way or to hear the real Nazis’ slogans echoed, these chants were essentially defensive, stating that the marchers would not allow certain things to be done to them. (Of course, as we learned in the 2016 presidential campaign, to say “White lives matter” or “All lives matter” is an offense in itself.)

In a nation of more than 300 million people, it is neither surprising nor shocking that several hundred, or even several thousand, might hold views that are beyond the pale. It is unusual that they would come together and march through a small city, but there is nothing in their assembly that suggests that their political power is anything but marginal.

So what happened? Who did what to whom?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg, a Times reporter, said on “The Daily,” an audio interview, on Aug. 14th that counterprotesters tried to block the pro-white marchers from entering a city park. “Suddenly,” she said, “clubs were coming out and pepper spray was being sprayed and there were smoke bombs being thrown. And both sides had bats and they were beating each other and they were holding up their shields, and, you know, it was truly a melee.” She sent out a message by Twitter that “the hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.” She then corrected herself: “Rethinking this. Should have said violent, not hate-filled. They were standing up to hate.” You understand, it is only natural to wield clubs and beat people who are filled with “hate.”

Of course, there is no moral equivalence between people who have a clear legal right to demonstrate and those who seek to shut them up. Extremism in the pursuit of virtue is no vice, as a famous anti-fascist once said.

A young man drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing a woman and injuring many other people. Whether groups should be blamed for the criminal acts of someone they supposedly inspire is a fair and familiar topic of debate. I will simply note that there was no demand by White House reporters after the shooting of Republicans playing baseball in Alexandria, Virginia, that Donald Trump denounce strong critics of Republicans, such as the Times’s Paul Krugman, who has written that “Republicans start from a sort of baseline of cruelty toward the less fortunate, of hostility toward anything that protects families against catastrophe.”

The ramming by car was awful, but what about the day’s toll altogether? According to the New York Times, “some 34 others were injured, at least 19 in the car crash, according to a spokeswoman for the University of Virginia Medical Center.”

Simple arithmetic tells us that if about 34 people were injured, “at least 19 in the car crash,” then the number of people injured in the rest of the day’s horrendous clashes was somewhere around 15 or less. How serious were their injuries? Oddly, we don’t know. The Times has reported that one man, DeAndre Harris, “was savagely beaten by white supremacists wielding poles.” The British paper The Independent quoted him as saying, “I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” which suggest a beating that was serious but somewhat short of “savage,” and reported that he had “set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical costs.” But about the other injured we haven’t been told. Are these injured people hospitalized, in serious condition? It is likely that if they were, we’d have read about it.

My intention is not to trivialize the injuries any particular person may have suffered, but the questions of number and severity are essential if we are to evaluate whether what actually happened merited the amount of media attention it was given. They are also essential because many articles and op-ed pieces have depicted the pro-white marchers as out to do harm. Perhaps the most explicit accusation in the Times was made by Siva Vaidhyanathan, a professor of modern media studies at the University of Virginia, who wrote: “The hate groups were not just after attention. They wanted conflict. They came to hear the sound of flesh being struck, bones being broken.” His opinion piece contains this sequence of sentences: “They did not come to engage in ‘debate.’ They came here to hurt us. And they did. Two Virginia State Police officers died in a helicopter crash. … ”

Aside from the absurdity of blaming the officers’ accident on the “hate groups,” this passage prompts a necessary question: If the intention of the marchers was to cause harm, why did they cause so little? Leaving aside the ramming by car, one would think from the media hullabaloo that the corpses were piled high, the hospitals were overflowing, and the destruction in Charlottesville would take years to repair. Weren’t these evil people armed to the teeth, in battle gear and so forth? Were they really so pathetically inept that 15 minor injuries, including presumably some amid their own ranks, was the best they could do?

Isn’t the likeliest explanation that the marchers generally did not seek to commit violence but that a fair number of them were determined not to back down from a challenge? That the confrontations that took place, often with no police officers to interfere, were of a nature to excite even ordinarily calm people? And that a small minority of the marchers and counterprotesters were of a type similar to soccer hooligans, that is, aggressive young men attracted by the prospect of a rumble?

This isn’t the place to discuss the abuse of language in the media today, but certainly the increasing deployment of the word “hate” merits the attention of every self-respecting detester of balderdash. That a website such as VDare, which argues straightforwardly against immigration, can be labeled a “hate website” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (a fabulously wealthy organization that is taken very seriously by the media) and denied service by PayPal, suggests definitional hypertrophy. “White supremacy” is a term beloved by most of the newspapers and magazines I read, but I venture to guess that most of the marchers would more accurately be described as segregationist or separatists. And I can’t forbear to call attention to the Times’s surprising use of the word “tepid”. Under the heading “A tepid White House response,” the Times stated that “on Saturday afternoon, President Trump met criticism for condemning the ‘egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides’ without singling out white nationalists or neo-Nazis.” There is much I don’t know about politics, but on words I feel pretty competent, and terms like “condemn,” “egregious” and “hatred, bigotry and violence” strike me as, shall we say, untepid.

Of course, most of the media’s steam was expended not in clarifying the facts of what happened, but in whipping up indignation over Trump’s reluctance to condemn the pro-white marchers and exonerate their valiant opponents. It is not worth wasting your time laboring this point. How dare this president, so often criticized by the media for being “divisive,” refuse to divide the mean old goats from the gentle lambs in this affair?

In any case, the New York Times knows who is responsible. In an article titled “Inside the C.E.O. Rebellion Against Trump’s Advisory Councils,” it reported on August 16 that “Mr. Trump blamed ‘many sides’ for an outburst of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va.” You see? The matter has been decided; forget the bats on both sides. It’s “white supremacist violence” and that’s that. Next case!

At bottom, what the media have sought is to do something very un-American: that is, to insist that because of their opinions the marchers deserved any violence that came to them. Their march may have been legal, but that’s a technicality. Their thoughts were wrong and evil, and that is what is important. Arrayed against these few hundred were the major media, the heads of many wealthy corporations and a large number of politicians of both the major political parties. I could hear the alarm bells ringing even over here in France.

The most likely effect of the media’s orgy of indignation will be to push ordinary white people to choose between conformity to an orthodoxy that treats them disrespectfully and radicalization. If the goal is really to improve relations between the races, I can’t think of a stupider program.

Lawrence G. Proulx is a retired copy editor who worked for more than 30 years at the Washington Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune and International New York Times.

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  1. Wally says: • Website

    “However repugnant it may be to hear Jews mentioned in this way or to hear the real Nazis’ slogans echoed ”

    But that means accepting the impossible.


    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. What sort of truth is it that denies free speech and the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Fran800
  2. There can be little doubt that in science and technology white people far outperformed in the world, in any case in the last 500 or so years.
    There also can be little doubt that among the white peoples the Germans far outperformed in science and technology.
    The non white peoples of the world have succeeded in making the white people adopt a defensive attitude.
    Among the white peoples the Germans have been brainwashed into adopting the most defensive attitude, culminating in Merkel’s Willkommen, in my opinion designed to destroy the German people and culture through massive immigration.
    Homo sapiens seems to be self destructive.
    One sees such self destruction in countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa.
    Driving the whites out destroyed prosperous Rhodesia, South Africa is in the process ao slaughtering the chicken with the golden eggs.
    I see present USA developments of becoming the next South Africa.
    All this is not new, Tjechs hated the Sudeten Germans, the Germans in Sudetenland ran the mines and the industries.
    After these Germans had been driven out the industrial activities collapsed.
    ´Als die Deutschen weg waren, Was nach der Vertreibung geschah: Ostpreussen, Schlesien, Sudetenland’, 2005, 2007, Reinbek, Adrian von Arburg, Wlodzimierz Borodziej, Jurij Kostjaschow, Ulla Lachauer, Hand-Dieter Rutsch, Beate Schlanstein, Christian Schulz
    Tsjech car manufacture, Skoda, was resurrected by VW, VolksWagen.

    • Replies: @DFH
  3. Stormfront is shitcanned.

    It’s a nice site that you have Mr. Unz it would be a pity if something happened to it.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @Anonymous
  4. It will be conformity to the orthodoxy; outside the echo chambers of VDare and, less so, Unz, way too many lean too easily in that direction because that is the least painful way to go.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  5. Renoman says:

    A sensationalist left slanted rag, an embarrassment to the trade.

  6. G Pinfold says:

    Such a clearheaded piece should be on every op-ed page.

  7. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The bozos, buffoons and violent haters of anything white at ‘Antifa’ supposedly rail against fascism, but actually, they love it.

    Fascism–at its core–is control of govt by corporations and that is what we have in the USSA. When Internet giants like Google–started with CIA venture capital firm “In-Q-Tel’–and Youtube–also owned by Google–can shut down/out those whose viewpoints don’t jibe with the mandated group think and the Antifa thugs roar their approval, that is fascism at its most sadistic.

  8. DFH says:
    @jilles dykstra

    There also can be little doubt that among the white peoples the Germans far outperformed in science and technology.

    The British record is better, particularly once you take out German Jews

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Anonymous
  9. Brabantian says: • Website

    One of the very powerful points being made in the Charlottesville alt-right censorship aftermath, is that the internet web censor companies & organisations, & media including the New York Times (see below), are giving extensive quiet support or indulgence to paedophile networks – they denounce the ‘racism’ etc of the alt-right as if that is ‘very bad’ but paedophilia is ‘protected free speech’

    This includes companies like Cloudfare, giving some services to paedophile-tinged sites without apparent difficulty … and also the ‘non-profit’ Tor browser, which appears to be extensively used by paedophiles, who can use Tor to access paedophilia & trafficked children without local police agencies or internet providers observing

    Tor lets you browse whilst hiding what it is that you browse, & Tor can access ‘private’ websites which have no normal web url address but only ‘float’ amidst the ‘Tor nodes’ … Tor was developed by CIA-tied spooks (US Naval Research & DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) … Tor developers seem to fully indulge paedophile users of Tor, but loudly critique Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin as ‘beyond the pale’, unlike the Tor-using paedophiles … After being forced to host on Tor, but getting verbally slammed by the paedo-friendly Tor pooh-bahs, Anglin writes:

    “The Tor Project is primarily run by Jewish paedophiles who have created a huge networking platform for child pornography & slave trafficking while hiding behind some gobbledygook about Chinese political dissidents who can easily just use a normal VPN & host their site on any western server.” [VPN – Virtual Private Network, tool hiding your actual internet ‘IP’ address]

    Tor does seem rather Jewish. Former Tor top figure, Jacob Appelbaum, left Tor amidst large public sexual abuse scandals. At the bottom is link to a photo of Jewish Tor board members with large Jewish synagogue ceremonial Torah scroll, rabbis apparently supporting Tor as well.

    Indeed the ‘China dissident’ pretext for Tor seems fake … Governments can easily block usage of Tor, it seems, as China & Iran apparently do … Plus it is easy for any government / internet provider to see if you have downloaded Tor, even if they cannot tell where you go using it.

    Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer site, denied a regular web url, is readable via a slow web-to-Tor link ( ) of the type developed by the suicided hacker Aaron Swartz … Here’s more from Anglin:

    “The Darkweb [accessible through Tor] is mainly used by paedophiles to share child pornography.

    “The Tor project claims to be designed for Chinese political dissidents – or whatever – but the main use of the software has been for child porn, & it is not believable that this amount of resources would be expended on some shite for Chinese political dissidents who can just buy a normal VPN if they need it. Slave traffickers, terrorists, assassins & drug dealers also use the Tor service.

    “The Tor development team had never given comment on paedophiles or anyone else using the service, but felt the need to come out & condemn the [neo-Nazi] Daily Stormer [after the Daily Stormer was forced to host via Tor]”

    Very curiously, Edward Snowden & Julian Assange passionately support Tor … Wikileaks compels you to use Tor to contact them … At least two leakers were quickly dead after trusting Julian Assange & Tor – Seth Rich, & Peter W Smith.

    Edward Snowden & Julian Assange can actually be said to have triple paedophile connections: (1) They pump the paedophile-preferred Tor browser (2) They are supported by the USA ACLU who supported the ‘Man Boy Love Association’ (3) Assange & Snowden both praise, & both were promoted by, CIA-tied news sites UK Guardian & NY Times, both named in a UK court filing ( ) as taking bribes to create fake news in child-rape-tied crimes.

    (Zbig Brzezinski & Bibi Netanyahu, both admitted that Assange is a fraud; plus Vladimir Putin hints he knows his guest Snowden is a fraud, Snowden who is also tied to the Brzezinskis, plus to Dick Cheney, with Snowden claiming he first ‘leaked’ to Cheney’s friend & biographer Bart Gellman at the CIA-tied Washington Post … much more re the Snowden hoax run by US intel:)

    Photo of Tor people, rabbi with synagogue Torah

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. Anonym says:
    @The Alarmist

    It will be conformity to the orthodoxy; outside the echo chambers of VDare and, less so, Unz, way too many lean too easily in that direction because that is the least painful way to go.

    That’s why “White Nationalist” is now a household word. A decade ago the media only new the terms “White Supremacist” and “Neo-Nazi”. That’s also why Steve Sailer received a million pageviews this month. It’s all that conformity to the orthodoxy. I guess it’s why the comment sections all around the world these days are fashy.

    Unapologetic identity politics for white people is going mainstream.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @The Alarmist
  11. WJ says:

    This person writes as if there is any validity to anything the NYT publishes regarding politics, race or social issues. There is simply no point in this. NYT, WaPo and most of the rest of the MSM are simply ignored by many of us. Heck, I tried to watch hurricane coverage on CNN on Friday and all those politically obsessed SJW freaks could discuss was the pardon of Sheriff Arpaio.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  12. I told him that while I agreed with the sentiment, his viewpoint was unfortunately out of date. American newspapers today prefer the evidently more exciting role of opinion monger and ideological prosecutor.

    Just this morning, I was thinking about how often people who (like me) have been around for a few decades fail to realize that what they’re looking at, while it may have a familiar appearance, is radically different from what they formerly knew it to be.

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Anonymous
  13. All of the MSM is owned by Zionist dual citizens and expecting the MSM to report the truth is like expecting pigs to fly. The Zionists control America lock stock and gun barrel and this control is killing America as the Zionists are like a cancer on the body of this nation for which apparently there is no cure.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  14. wayfarer says:

    “Antifa and the ‘Alt-Left’ in Berkeley Proving Us All Correct.”

    “Was Charlottesville Completely Staged? Watch This.”

  15. iffen says:
    @Clark Westwood

    I told him that while I agreed with the sentiment, his viewpoint was unfortunately out of date. American newspapers today prefer the evidently more exciting role of opinion monger and ideological prosecutor.

    Just this morning, I was thinking about how often people who (like me) have been around for a few decades fail to realize that what they’re looking at, while it may have a familiar appearance, is radically different from what they formerly knew it to be.

    Professional and impartial journalism had a short run. It’s gone and it’s not coming back. Trying to hold on to the ideal is wasted effort. It has always been a means, not an end anyway, regardless of how many (or few) valued it. I despaired when its passing was manifest to me; then I remembered that it has been the exception and not the rule. The Republic was founded amidst partisan writing; perhaps it will be able to survive the same.

    • Replies: @GourmetDan
  16. nsa says:

    Surprise, surprise…….the Jew York Times, Wall Street Urinal, and the rest of the legacy JudenPresse have targeted whitey for minority status. California is the model……now only 37% non-hispanic white. The Jooies figure replacing the unruly white trash with subservient vismin trash will make ZUSA much easier to control. Their assessment is probably correct………

  17. Excellent article. But enough of this hand-wringing over ‘white supremacism’ or neo-Nazis.

    Euro-Americans created this enviable civilization known as the USA. This dynamic, orderly, and (mostly) law-abiding culture might sit on land once occupied by stone-age ‘native Americans’ (and even Mexicans) but it was the white, English-speaking settlers who invented this advanced and exceptional civilization that has become the envy of the world.

    American greatness is why non-whites are flooding into our country. They want to merge (and confiscate) our prosperity, our dynamism and our freedom. But there’s a real cost. National identity and cultural cohesion are being lost. As a unified nation, we are starting to disintegrate.

    Euro-Americans want simply to preserve the culture that they created. This is normal and natural. And it is right. Do you think that the Japanese or the Chinese would ever sacrifice their nations and their national identity to please foreign immigrants? Absurd. Never. So why should we?

    Efforts to maintain the white, English-speaking, European core of American culture are entirely legitimate. Conserving our unique civilization is never ‘beyond the pale’.

  18. Alden says:

    Veterans today is more truthful than miles Mathis but that’s not saying much.

  19. Jared Taylor’s video has been shadow-banned by Youtube, but some are uploading new versions of it.

  20. RudyM says:

    It seems the author has not yet recovered from his thirty years in the MSM.

    The Times has reported that one man, DeAndre Harris, “was savagely beaten by white supremacists wielding poles.” The British paper The Independent quoted him as saying, “I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” which suggest a beating that was serious but somewhat short of “savage,” and reported that he had “set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical costs.”

    There is also video footage that suggests DeAndre Harris attacked first (LOL at the soundtrack):

    But about the other injured we haven’t been told. Are these injured people hospitalized, in serious condition? It is likely that if they were, we’d have read about it.

    Or maybe not, if the victims were from the side deemed unworthy:

    Also, I question how outrageous chants of “Jews will not replace us” are in the light of what you have already pointed out:

    [T]he Times, among the most ardent exponents of virtually unlimited immigration into the United States and Europe, rarely could find any motivations but fear and racism in many people’s reluctance to admit thousands or millions of non-European strangers into their countries.

    • Replies: @iffen
  21. People tend to blame millennials but millies are mental drones of Xers who are mental drones of Boomers.

  22. Wally says:

    They are largely the same people.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Thirdeye
  23. iffen says:

    Also, I question how outrageous chants of “Jews will not replace us” are

    Quite outrageous unless one is anti-Semitic.

    • Replies: @RudyM
    , @Vires
    , @Bill Jones
  24. [Choose one Handle and stick to it, or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise, your comments may be trashed.]

    From one perspective, history is a story of winners and losers, and it’s not over. Putin took Crimea and he’d like to regain the evil empire. China took Tibet and the Chinese bosses would take the planet if they could. It is remarkable that some of the descendants of losers have managed to convince some of the descendants of winners to apologize to them because some of their ancestors were winners.

  25. wayfarer says:
    @Mark Green

    Absolutely agree, with your clear view of America.

    My mom’s family dates back to the “Daughters of the American Revolution.” Her family, the old Americans with their selfless pioneer DNA were always involved in lending a helping hand, through charities and so forth. They were people who’d give a stranger in need, the shirt off their back.

    My father’s family on the other hand were relatively recent immigrants to America. He’d often say they were related to a gang of horse thieves, which I sensed was no joke. His family was a tribe of self-serving opportunists, who’d gladly take the shirt off a stranger’s back.

    When the foray of takers and opportunists finally reaches a critical mass in this country, the once extraordinary USA will have become nothing more than an obscure footnote in some dusty history book. At which point, the new Americans will be sitting around dumbfounded, wondering why a country that’s 20-trillion dollars in debt can no longer afford to simply hand them free diapers and baby formula.

  26. @Anonym

    Unapologetic identity politics for white people is going mainstream.

    It had to happen, because we were backed into a corner.

    We are only fighting back in a war that was declared against us.

  27. RudyM says:

    NYT running shit like this with cutesy titles (yes, I know it’s an op ed):

    I need to start paying more attention to MSM coverage of this group. What’s the real end game in mainstream support for antifa? And who actually knows what that end game is? Probably not reporters.

  28. RudyM says:

    Jewish leadership (particularly in the media) plays an outsize role in promoting and celebrating the end of a white majority in the U.S. and Europe. It’s not all Jews, of course, but some Jews play a key role, from the academics who founded “Whiteness Studies” to the media bosses who promote white replacement via mass immigration.

    • Replies: @iffen
  29. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Green

    Spoken well for who you are, and understandably so, for your successes are evident for all to see.

    Which is probably why He also cursed your civilisation with a polytheist foundation. You see, much success in this world -mind you, via a free willed path-, and success in the next too, would simply be too unfair.

    If He wills it, perhaps a future generation would exult less, and thus hold more promise of spiritual salvation. You are proof that it will be distant.

    Trust me when I say, actual presence in some of your nations, and also imagery of them, are a sight to behold. They are beautiful.

    But, the cost you will pay for all of that… a true Faustian bargain.

  30. the author’s premise is wrong. both sides are disaffected from years of neoliberal economics that have left them poorer or poor, while their government continues the policies that brought hardship to many millions of americans.
    both left & right act out of frustration. each looks to the other as blameworthy, while the real blame is in washington d.c. if each side would come together over injustice and protest loudly against a corrupt system of governance than may be, just maybe, we could bring about real change.
    divided is conquered.

  31. iffen says:

    This a more factual comment, and if we accept its accuracy then your comment that the chant was not outrageous is inaccurate. It is not Jews, but the left-wing that is doing what you denounce. Not all leftists are Jews and not all Jews are left-wing. The left-wing would still be pursuing the same policies even if there were no Jews. That chant identifies one’s group with anti-Semitism and that is a political mistake.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Anon
  32. @iffen

    Professional and impartial journalism had a short run. It’s gone and it’s not coming back.

    If it ever had a run at all…

    • Replies: @iffen
  33. @WJ

    If I want something main-streamy but not totally disgusting, I go to Vox news. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before Vox shows its true colors …. but in the mean time …. that’s where I go to sample “MSM” in this best of all possible worlds.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  34. Comms says:

    Branantian, not all VPNs are equal. There are weak links getting on and off that chain. Privacy and security are only as good as the platforms chosen.

  35. @Grandpa Charlie

    I own to sometimes following Vox to get my fix of “MSM” … but really who needs it? There’s an embarrassment of riches in “citizen journalism” these days. If the PTB want to shut down some of those, I think they will find that where one died, a thousand will take its place … unless they go PRC-style “free” and make some examples like with long-term prison sentences and/or torture. (PRC may have embraced “capitalism” – with most all the ‘free enterprise’ being owned at least in part by the Communist dictatorship – but there’s still just one party allowed, whereas in Taiwan there are many political parties.)

    Anyway, for example, check out and, of course, there’s “Sane Progressive” (Debbie Lusignan) – even if you are, especially if you are “conservative”

  36. FKA Max says:

    Absolutely outstanding piece!

    The Unz Review just published a very detailed, in-depth report about the DeAndre Harris assault:

    When DeAndre Harris arrived at the parking garage, he attacked with Corey Long and the black male in the pink shirt. Corey Long attempts to steal a Confederate flag and DeAndre Harris hits Harold Crews over the head with his mag lite.

    Interestingly enough — and which many people are not aware of — some influential elements within the alternative, right-leaning/conservative media reacted even more dishonestly and irrationally to the events in Charlottesville, than did the mainstream, left-leaning/liberal media.

    I documented this here:

    […] one thing is crystal clear to me, and that is, that if “moral entrepreneurs” and “conspiracy entrepreneurs”, be they of the right-wing or left-wing persuasion, get involved in debates and investigations, these usually turn irrational, disingenuous, and hysterical fast.


    This is the Snopes article on the “Alt Light” attack on Jason Kessler:

    Alt-Right Turns Against ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler, Labels Him ‘Soros/Deep State Plant’

    and here:

    He has been getting into a Twitter rumble with Vox Day. For the record, I like both Vox Day and Jason Kessler, but I believe, that Jason Kessler is correct and speaking the truth in this debate

    Jason Kessler just tweeted this out about an hour ago. Pretty funny, in my opinion. My emphases:

    Jason Kessler‏ @TheMadDimension

    Jason Kessler Retweeted Salon

    Pretty bad when I have to rely on Salon to tell these fake news idiots that I’m not the only Jason Kessler in the country. 1:26 PM – 28 Aug 2017

    Here’s what Dinesh D’Souza was incredibly wrong about today

    Unfortunately for D’Souza’s conspiracy theory, CNN had already spoken out about the situation, as several of his Twitter readers were quick to remind him.

    A CNN spokesperson confirmed this denial in a statement to Salon: “The Jason Kessler who previously worked for CNN is not the same Jason Kessler who organized the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville. Same name. Different people.”
    Update 16:30 ET. D’Souza responded to this post on Twitter, changing his story from falsely claiming that CNN had not responded to the charge that Kessler had worked at the cable network to asserting that CNN’s denials could not be trusted.

    The Alt Right is actually a bigger threat to Conservatism, Inc. than it is to the coastal, liberal Establishment, in my opinion:

    Second, after the Alt Right came to MSM attention after Hillary Clinton’s clumsy speech, Conservative Inc. types began using “Alt Left” in attempt at political jujitsu similar to their silly debating point that “Democrats Are The Real Racists.”

    I believe these Alt Light/Lite attacks on the Alt Right are orchestrated and coordinated by Steve Bannon:

    “Ethno-nationalism — it’s losers. It’s a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more. These guys are a collection of clowns,” Bannon told Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect on Wednesday.

    I will argue in this comment why the Alt Right, in my opinion, should not worry about or maybe even be somewhat glad about Steve Bannon’s diminishing power and role in the White House and within the Trump administration.

    My main contention and assertion is that I believe that Donald Trump is more trustworthy and “Alt Right” than Steve Bannon is or ever was.

    Here a recent picture of Steve Bannon with Dinesh D’Souza:


    • Replies: @FKA Max
  37. Anonymous [AKA "remesquaddie"] says:

    I hate to disagree somewhat. In the 7th century , the Arabs, had it all. Mathematics, medicine , surgery, art, archeology, astronomy , poetry.
    Then came mohammad ….

  38. tjoe says:

    At Charlottesville, the guy that was driving the car was switched for a patsy. It was a fake “car attack”. Notice how the car reverses and backs blocks to where police en-mass were waiting to make a switch with no witnesses. But there were witnesses to the switch….research it beyond the propaganda.

    The dude driving the car was antifa…not “white supremacists” and police were part of it.

  39. @Anonym

    Dude, at least 50% of the population hate us, and at least 50% of the remainder will not lift a finger to support us. Yep, comment sections here are filling up, but venture into the mainstream websites and see how this is dwarfed. One thing is for sure is that the general quality of comments here is head and shoulders better than those more mainstream web sites.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  40. yeah says:

    Media slant and plain ol’ lyin’ is perhaps a good thing to have happened. It is time people woke up to some realities about American democracy and its so-called free and fair media. It is difficult to argue and explain that the Emperor is naked; best if the people see his stark nakedness with their own eyes. Well done, brave media: You may have opened peoples’ eyes.

  41. Anonymous [AKA "Harsh Truths"] says:

    This blogpost below is not my own. I got it from another blogger on another website but kept it because it gets right to the heart of the matter. I do support Blacks elevating themselves through education, learning to speak correct English, write correct English, becoming productive citizens, and many have done this, having taken advantage of the freedoms in America. But we must admit some harsh and unwelcome truths that many have intentionally not, and others have not done so because they lack the IQ level or talents and skills, with still others who are so full of hatred that they would rather stay in a ghetto level of existence rather than better themselves and assimilate.
    It’s like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Profound hatred and unintelligence.


    Nowhere Blacks live are they considered achievers. Blacks are universally viewed as unproductive and disruptive to society.

    Simply, life is an IQ test.

    All Black civilization is in fact transplanted White civilization. No Black society has ever independently developed and maintained its own technological way of life.

    Some groups succeed all of the time, everywhere. Some have never succeeded, anywhere. Sub-Saharan Africans have never made a contribution to the world.

    Without the continuous intervention of charity into Black Africa they could not even maintain what they have been given.

    Black-White SAT Score Gap by Year:
    Year White Black Gap
    1985 1038 839 199
    1990 1031 849 185
    1996 1052 857 195
    2000 1060 859 201
    2005 1061 863 197
    2010 1063 855 208
    2015 1047 846 201

    This gap is so significant that colleges award 230 “race bonus” points to Blacks. The Black-only National Achievement Scholarship was created because Blacks are not intellectually competitive for the National Merit Scholarship.

  42. Anonym says:
    @The Alarmist

    Dude, at least 50% of the population hate us, and at least 50% of the remainder will not lift a finger to support us. Yep, comment sections here are filling up, but venture into the mainstream websites and see how this is dwarfed. One thing is for sure is that the general quality of comments here is head and shoulders better than those more mainstream web sites.

    In many cases the top NYT reader’s picks are on our side. The NYT!

  43. iffen says:

    If it ever had a run at all…

    I am not sure that I could present an overwhelmingly convincing case, but there were some journalists and publications that made a stab at objective reporting. There are still a few around, but the structure for financial support is not there anymore. Anyway, most of them don’t even try to fake it now.

  44. Guru Paul on ADL and Youtube and possible breakthrough with Bitchute.

    As for NYT, it certainly has some good stuff. How could it not with all the money and talent?

    But the MAIN reason why people read it is to know what the Power thinks and what the Official Truth is.

    Prior to the internet, NYT was really the primary source of news for many people. But we don’t need NYT to get news which is bountiful on the internet. If we want news from India, we can go to some India site.

    So, NYT’s primary value is as the Official Decree of the Power. It’s like New York Edicts. Editor is more Edictor.

    It’s like Sovietologists read Pravda not for news or info but to get a sense of the Official Line.

  45. Vires says:

    Outrageous, shill? an outrageous statement such as

    Civilized people kill you because of what you think. Uncivilized people kill you because of your tribe, your language, your color, your religion, etc.

    Oh the irony, behind this mask of respectability you insist on wearing, there is nothing more than an anti-semite Palestinian hater and a petty shameless shill.

    You insisted, in that exchange, that killing Palestinian civilians was sometimes justified after me asking if killing Palestinians was civilised:

    Some “ethnic cleansings” of some villages and areas and some retaliatory attacks leading up to and into the 1948 war – uncivilized

    And when asked why you did not condemned all killing of civilians, that’s what you came up with

    One would need to look at the facts in each incident, and for many of the incidents we do not have the history. We don’t know which side instigated or retaliated, or which side just wanted to kill some of the people on the “other” side. We can’t always know which operation was purely militarily necessary and which operation was intended to create terror and drive the Palestinians away. War is like that.

    Therefore, following your reasoning, you must no doubt also qualify as civilised some Jewish civilian killings and ethnic cleansings by the Germans in WWII, being a well documented fact that Jews where heavily involved and overrepresented in the resistance in France and partisan warfare in the Eastern Front as well as overrepresented among the Communist elites in Russia , not to talk about their involvement in the economic boycott directed to Germany?

    War is like that, right petty shill?

    • Replies: @iffen
  46. Anonymous [AKA "Short change"] says: • Website

    To hear Jews is repugnant, just who do you think owns and runs the new York times and the Splc, if not jews

  47. iffen says:

    I’m not really sure of the exact nature of your complaint against me.

    Genocide is uncivilized.

    War is human nature.

    Killing non-combatants or prisoners during war for no objective reason other than just to kill them is uncivilized.

  48. Anonymous [AKA "Wee Liam"] says:

    Why does your unemployment case worker live in France?

  49. FKA Max says:
    @FKA Max

    Ethno-nationalism — it’s losers. … These guys are a collection of clowns,” Bannon told Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect on Wednesday.

    This comic beautifully captures the clownishness of Steve Bannon’s worldview:

    #138 – Demograph-fix

    Either by genius or by accident the arrangement of the two party system has placed the so- called “conservative” voter on the side of anti-abortion. While championing their religious virtues and family values they have ensured the continued reproduction of a demographic who frequently votes in opposition to them. The truth is most people who seek abortions are left- leaning and will likely raise children to think like them. They are frequently financially distressed or are otherwise challenged to care for children. Their necessary dependence on welfare and state services ensures that they and their offspring will be voting to redistribute the wealth of others for decades to come. Seekers of abortions are often also ethnic minorities. The recent growth of progressivism has illustrated that minorities as a group have little qualm against uniting against their white counterparts. They are fervently anti-family, pro-government, and see no greater enemy than white conservatism.

    In the continuing culture war, if your enemy wishes to thin their own ranks, do not save them. Otherwise they will return in greater number and take from you much more than the legalization of abortion.

  50. @Wally

    They [Germans and English] are largely the same people.

    Which explains why Adolph Hitler did everything in his power to prevent a war between Germany and England, including ordering German troops to stand down while the British army fled pell-mell back to England off the beach at Dunkirk.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  51. Thirdeye says:

    Naaah, the Germans are a bunch of mutts.

  52. Thirdeye says:

    First they came for the Nazis. I was not a Nazi, so I said nothing………..

  53. @iffen

    In Europe (to name only one) Jews financed and led the Bolshevik Revolution. Here in the US, 1. Jews financed and led the drive to sucker the US in WW 1 & 2. 2. Financed and led virtually all civil rights legislation/court decisions etc leading to desegregation of the races. 3. Financed and led all civil rights marches in the South. 4. Financed and led the Hippie (cultural) Revolution of the 1960s & 70s. 5. Financed and led the drive to eliminate laws banning pornographic movies and magazines from public viewing. 6. Financed and led the drive to remove prayer from public schools and other public gatherings. 7. Financed and led the drive to remove Nativity scenes from public places. 8. Financed and led the drive to legalize same-sex marriage. What in hell would lead any sensible individual too think that Jews are not financing and leading the drive to remove Confederate monuments and statues from public display?

    • Replies: @Moi
  54. @Mark Green

    You’ve been asleep. It’s far too late. After all people do it to themselves as well as have it done to them and the 60s and early 70s were when the 1950s Ametica and its culture created lsrgely by Northern Europeans was junked without much help from immigrants.

  55. Anonymous [AKA "jane parsons"] says:

    Why are there no laws against anti-white canard? Whites are being discriminated against just as any other yet we get no legal protection while jews get all the government protection and blacks get all the media protection? Time to fight back. Call out all these anti-white race baiters and demand gvnt protect whites or else no taxes for them and a ton of courtcases just like the jews did to BDS.

  56. “USA: The Efforts to Cover the Struggle for Social Justice and Peace, to cover The Class Struggle by the “Race War” concept”:

  57. WHAT says:

    There is nothing repugnant in “One people, one nation, end immigration” slogan, and jews are actively trying to replace whites with dysfunctional mulattos.

  58. Anonymous [AKA "jhon1765"] says:

    This is a proxy war being waged against white men by the ruling class using useful idiots. Specifically against white men who aren’t deracinated.

  59. Anonymous [AKA "hatedbyu"] says:
    @Clark Westwood

    history doesn’t so much repeat itself, as it seems to rhyme…….

    translation…..all those well meaning idiots who think that they are helping humanity by spewing hate at others who’s beliefs they dont agree with are actually becoming ……………..those with whom they think they hate…….

  60. L Garou says:

    The M\$M is a Fifth Column (poorly) disguised as The Fourth Estate.

  61. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Here on the (north) East Coast we all know Jews, work with Jews, etc. That Jews have disproportionate influence in the country and much of it is harmful is not really deniable, but accusing Jews specifically of trying to “replace us” sounds silly, particularly since Jews themselves, considering their birth-rates, are not going to replace anyone.

    Except, that is, the Orthodox in their exclusive enclaves who sometimes make rather a nuisance of themselves– but they are certainly the least leftist of the Jews anyway.

  62. Hrw-500 says:

    Speaking of Charlottesville, I spotted this blog post about a conspiracy theory who linked it to Sandy Hook and even actor Scott Baio jumped on it, in case if that blog post vanish, it’s archived on the Wayback Machine.

  63. @Anon

    I don’t think they’re accusing the Jews of trying to replace us with themselves; I think they’re accusing the Jews of trying to replace us with the colored races.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Fran800
  64. RobinG says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Who knows. There’s a photo on the web (I’ve tried to remember where I saw it) of a female protester leaning on a metal police barricade. Looks like she’s in NYC, but IDK. Her sign says, “YOU WILL BE REPLACED BY A JEWISH WOMAN.” That’s pretty direct.

    Now, who she really was and why she made that sign are good questions, but that photo was from an event well before C’ville. Were there more signs and women like that at other protests? Were C’ville marchers aware of that meme? Or just the promotion of other races, as you say?

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  65. frank scott says: • Website

    an excellent article with an unfortunate title..the issue title plays into the silly approaching stupid nearing murderous race game that accepts nonsense about different races while remaining nearly deaf-dumb-blind to the political economics that rule the planet and diminish its capacity every momen, from failing headquarters in the usa…”white” people who are not rich, just as “non-white “people who are not rich, are all having problems which grow more severe as the crisis in global capital gets worse..maybe especially in the usa where this race nonsense may have originated and will happily end before it ends the race..
    the “white” people correctly identified as being under assault are not the “white ” people who have billions of dollars, nor their millionaire servants, nor their professional class flunkies now a diverse group numbering all identity categories in order to keep key individuals happily quiet about the system while railing against one or another identity group with more power than theirs but far less than their/our rulers..

    the rest is racist silliness and bigoted garbage about allegedly superior intellectual beings of light skin that disregards scientific evidence of morons, homicidal mass murderers, rapists, child abusers and other government and wealthy rulers in favor of racial supremacist nonsense to make jewish fundamentalism seem thoughtful about chosen people idiocy..wise up and wake up folks..there is only one race and it is ruled by a tiny minority of integrated and diverse rich people, though mostly light skinned, and it needs to be dealt with by a majority of humans working together…which is why they keep us in these easily conquered divisive “minorities”..

  66. And?
    So where do we go from here?
    A few data points of truth to an audience drawn in by title, what besides the facts , and very little of even then, what venues were opened to go beyond just reporting?
    How does one argue¿¿¿¿ ; no one will fight, against the mindset and educational indoctrination of last 50 years that the memes they were told are lies?
    Do political daveno sitters actually believe that texting on phone or como keys of PC area wepon?

  67. Anonymous [AKA "William b Travis"] says:

    No.. Stormfront is still going:

  68. Thirdeye says:
    @Carroll Price

    The supposed chivalrous stop of the Wehrmacht at Dunkirk is a myth. We know three things: 1) Goering had sold Hitler on the notion that the pocket could be isolated from sea rescue and reduced entirely by the Luftwaffe , which was seen as politically advantageous re the Wehrmacht’s somewhat uneasy relationship with the Nazi Party, 2) the Germans were having jitters after a previous counterattack caught them off guard, so they were consolidating their position against such a contingency, 3) there was still concern about an attack by the French on the flank of the advancing Wehrmacht.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  69. @RobinG

    Yes, I remember seeing a picture of that woman and her sign. Hard to know if the alt-Righties saw it, too. But it is kind of a stretch imagining that Jews, with their low birthrate, are going to be the ones replacing us.

  70. @Anon

    Although Jews, long ago, replaced “us”, most Americans remain totally unaware of it due to Jews preferring to remain behind the curtain pulling strings to produce civil disturbances (Charlottesville being a perfect example) while others pull strings that shape US foreign and domestic policies beneficial primarily to themselves and Israel. A casual look at ethnic make-up of every presidential administration since Woodrow Wilson (including Donald Trump’s) confirms the fact that Jews have been running this country for the past 100+ years.

  71. @Thirdeye

    Nice try, but no creditable source of information confirms your statements regarding Dunkirk. Which, for obvious reasons is the least discussed military engagement of the entire war. Even the History Channel has been unable to spin Dunkirk as being anything other than what it obviously was, a gracious and chivalrous gesture on Germany’s part to refrain from wiping out a large portion of the British army. Anyone other than a conniving, under-handed Winston Churchill would have no doubt, accepted the gesture for what it was, and acted accordingly.


    Is this why the Russia thing faded away?

    If so, wow….

    Time to call journalism Journaganda.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  73. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Time to call journalism Journaganda.

    Great tag line, Priss.

    Here’s my favourite quote from the article:

    These earth-shattering revelations have gone all but ignored by the mainstream media, which had until the report surfaced been pummelling the American psyche with relentless fearmongering about the Great Russian Menace.

    The evidence presented by VIPS is irrefutable, yet there are those progressives, like Corvy, who still hold out hope that the special prosecutor’s investigation may yet prove those dastardly Ruskiies interfered with the presidential election.

    This is all a symptom of these people who still tune into the Lugenpresse of Weimerica (LOW) and expect to get the truth about current events. Not sure what it will take to break the spell that has been cast upon them.

  74. @iffen

    What utter bollocks.
    Not wanting to be replaced by a particular group does not mean hatred of them.

  75. Fran800 says:

    They chanted “You will not replace us,” not “Jews will not replace us.” Just listen to the video of the marchers and you can hear it plainly. Also Identity Evropa shows them holding up banners saying “You will not replace us.” Really it’s obvious. “You will not replace us” makes perfect sense and refers to replacement-level immigration. Their next chant was “Stop immigration now”. Only sheer malice could make those journals spread such fake news.

  76. Fran800 says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Yes, it would have been totally ambiguous, therefore a ridiculous chant, which should be crystal clear. That’s why they didn’t say it. They said “You will not replace us”, which makes perfect sense.

  77. FKA Max says:

    Charlottesville was not a False Flag!

    What Happened to Due Process in the US?

    Occam’s Router
    Published on Sep 3, 2017
    A few amateur video clips are not enough to determine guilt, and you would demand your right to a fair trial if necessary.

    This demand for instant justice trend needs to stop!

  78. Anonymous [AKA "V-Kong"] says:

    Thanks for the great read, Larry.

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