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Can the South Rise Again?
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Growing up in mostly-rural North Carolina, most of my friends and especially their parents could go on a bit about their family backgrounds, about their familial histories. Most of my friends—like me—had great-grandfathers or great-great-grandfathers who had served in Confederate ranks back in 1861-1865. Pride in family and in our ancestors was taken for granted, a devout appreciation we all shared.

Especially during the centennial commemorations of the early 1960s, most of us youngsters took an intense interest in all the various events, the re-enactments on a large scale and the ceremonies attending the anniversary. Our imaginations were filled with stories of heroism, sacrifice, honor, tragic defeat and attendant suffering, unrealized dreams, and legends and traditions passed down to us. Public schools back then actually encouraged this fascination and interest in history and the characters and personalities in it who seemed, almost like magic, to come alive once again.

Indeed, it had been scarcely a decade since the last Confederate veteran had passed away in 1959! Many of us could recall that. And our parents? They had grown up surrounded by the ever-decreasing ranks of those valiant veterans, listening to first-hand accounts of the great and heartbreaking epic that was the War for Southern Independence.

My grandfather on my mother’s side was Henry Johnson Perry. Granddad Perry was born in Raleigh in 1877 and lived until 1962. As a young boy I remember well him recounting to me standing hatless on old Fayetteville Street in North Carolina’s capital on May 30, 1893, a sixteen year old apprentice, dressed all in black, with thousands of other citizens reverently paying tribute to President Jefferson Davis, whose remains were carried by horse-drawn caisson from the railroad station to lie in state under the rotunda of the historic North Carolina State Capitol, en route to his final resting place in Richmond.

Granddad’s father, Josiah Hunter Perry, an official with the old Raleigh & Gaston Railroad, had been forced in April 1865 by General Sherman to conduct him and his staff by rail over to Bennitt Station (now Durham) to receive the surrender of General Joseph Johnston. Waiting for the surrender to occur, he sat under a cherry tree and carved a “peace pipe,” a relic I still have and which continues to remind me of my history and my ancestor.

Granddad’s grand-father, Robert, had served many years in the North Carolina legislature in the 1820s and had married the grand-daughter of Isaac Hunter, the founder of Raleigh. All that family—all that history—danced through my imagination sixty years ago; I could visualize it, I could see it in my mind’s eye. It was real, it was present…and despite the many years that have elapsed, it still is.

Pride in one’s ancestry…pride in what the late Southern writer and historian Mel Bradford termed “remembering who we are”…was integral to defining what we valued and held dear in life. We were intimately related to our ancestors, they were part of us. Their blood coursed through our veins. Their memory was not that far removed. Their examples stood before us as models to emulate, a challenge for us to uphold their honor and their noble efforts to defend home, family, and the rights vouchsafed to them by their fathers and ancestors…who had cobbled together the older American confederation.

In any nation, in any people or civilization worthy of the name, such an appreciation is natural, part of the national and cultural psyche. It is indeed quite normal for a people to recall its past, to celebrate its successes and heroes, to lament its defeats and hardships. These are part and parcel of what define and make us, as Bradford states, “who we are.” Deprive a people of its history, of its traditions, of its inherited culture, and you deprive it of essential ingredients of its very existence. It becomes a mass of rootless individuals, of automatons, subject to the latest whim or the most persistent and enticing siren voice of some powerful ideology or, in modern times, of George Orwell’s Big Brother and its extensive tentacles in and incestuous partnership with the communications industry, education, and the media.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky has one of the three brothers in his novel The Brothers Karamazov declare, “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.” Stripping people of their faith, and then denuding them of the essential characteristics which define them is and has always been the work of Revolutions, whether of the Cromwellian attempt in the 17th century, the fanaticism of a Robespierre in France in the late 18th, or the genocide of the Marxists in Russia and China in the 20th. As now, in our day the lunatics who run our schools and colleges, dominate our entertainment, spout our daily news, and control our politics, whether it be the Democrats or the Republicans, do the same with unalloyed frenzy. They make the spectre of “Big Brother” look like a Sunday school teacher.

My dissertation topic years back at the University of Navarra in Spain, Juan Vazquez de Mella, stated it this way:

“Who has ever seen ‘the individual,’ if not defined by his family, his region, his profession, his language, his inheritance, his faith? Removed from these defining characteristics the individual is an abstraction, and a political system based on an abstraction must either end in despotism or revolution.”

Since the 1980s and ‘90s, we have seen the almost unrestrained and rapacious growth of an eventually fatal cancer within our body politic. Denominated variously as “progressivism,” “neo-“ or “post-Marxism,” and more recently as “anti-racism” or “the movement for equity,” it draws its force intellectually from the concept of the Idea of Progress, that is, that history unfolds irresistibly in one direction—the “progressive” direction—which encompasses the ineluctable advance and triumph of essentially secular and globalist ideas. At base it is egalitarian, and even though it may profess respect for or even belief in God, its cumulative effects are to pervert, weaken and, finally, destroy the natural linkage between man and his Creator. For the progressivist, religion, particularly the Christian religion, becomes just one more obstacle to be tamed, neutralized, and lastly, employed in the advance to a universal secular utopia.

It was not that traditional society was opposed to advances in science or economics; it was not. But such innovations were seen as a natural part of the flourishing of God’s Creation, not opposed to it or superseding it.

The great stratagem of Marx and Lenin and their votaries was to expropriate “progress” and weaponize it: the proletariat, united, under the leadership of the self-anointed heads of the Revolution would lead the “oppressed” to victory, to that utopia where there was no want, no poverty, no sadness, where everyone was equal and happy.

Throughout history different revolutions have shared these characteristics, have made these promises, and each time the result has been a terrible dystopian nightmare.

The full attack in recent years on Southern traditions, identity, and iconography is but a symptom, an element of an all-out assault on Western Christian civilization, its culture, and belief. Prominent members of the official opposition “conservative movement”—a Rich Lowry at National Review, a Brian Kilmeade at Fox News, or a Ben Shapiro, and any number of others—attempt to compartmentalize the ongoing “culture war” by accepting, even applauding the eradication of any visible sign of Confederate and Southern history. But like temporizers in any revolution they fail to understand the futility of their positions, which only abet the appetite of the radicals.

Whether a Kerensky and the Social Revolutionaries who helped usher in Lenin’s rise to power in Russia, or the Girondins who believed they could somehow harness the revolutionary fury in late 18th century France, moderation and attempts to placate the madness and hysteria of revolutionary zealots are doomed to disaster. Half-measures never work.

There is a whimsical episode in the superb historical film, “Waterloo” (1970), which illustrates exactly the position of Establishment Conservatives and their “opposition” to the fanatical tsunami of violent revolution: an illiterate private in the Welsh Guards who has engaged in plunder and stolen a young pig, cautions the pig not to squeal, not to alert those around him of his plunder (a capital offense under military rules). “Be quiet,” he tells the pig, “and I’ll only eat half of you!” Confronted by shrill and seemingly overwhelming demands by a noisy nucleus of woke leftists, authorized conservatives and Republicans respond to the revolutionaries in the same manner: “Only kill us half-way, but please, oh please, don’t call us racists!”

The recent attacks on Southern monuments and symbols, which are essentially an assault on Southern identity, cannot be dissociated from a broader offensive by our modern “progressivists” on Western civilization. To think otherwise is worse than wrongheaded, it is fatal.

In the contemporary South the great success of the revolutionaries has been to atomize much of society, deprive large portions of it, especially the young, of those inherited traditions, those customs, those beliefs—those memories—which have given it substance and continuity, which have served as its shield and buckler. Instead of what Southern writer Richard Weaver called a communitarian “social bond individualism,” life centered around family and church, and indelibly defined by region and custom, progressivism breaks and severs those bonds, isolates individuals, and renders them subject to the social decay and dislocation which an omnipotent managerial state, in league with woke capitalism, utilizes to advance its vision of a future society.

In the past I have urged the termination of the public school system—privatizing education and putting it back in the hands of the parents where it belongs. I have authored several pieces on the possibilities for secession, or, rather, the separation of various American states and counties (perhaps the best and most peaceful means to resolve the irreducible differences within the American citizenry, if it were possible). But more importantly, I have advocated a return, a rededication to those principles and that belief which once motivated and annealed our ancestors. That spirit, that wisdom, that inspiration is there, it is still there for those who seek it. Scraping away the ugly dross of political correctness and “wokeness” we can recover those memories, rekindle them, and draw from them strength.

In his work, Requiem for A Nun (1951), Southern novelist William Faulkner says of his fellow Southerners that for them, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

One of the most remarkable poems of the 20th century is by the incomparable Southern Agrarian Donald Davidson. Titled “Lee in the Mountains,” it summons us once more to the battle lines and to eventual victory, if we have faith and an unshakeable commitment to our cause. For, in the end, God will not forsake us. We must be like Gideon’s small army and General Forrest’s “critter company.”

Sense the confidence that springs from our Christian faith and which Davidson reminds us of:

Young men, the God of your fathers is a just
And merciful God Who in this blood once shed
On your green altars measures out all days,
And measures out the grace
Whereby alone we live;
And in His might He waits,
Brooding within the certitude of time,
To bring this lost forsaken valor
And the fierce faith undying
And the love quenchless
To flower among the hills to which we cleave,
To fruit upon the mountains whither we flee,
Never forsaking, never denying
His children and His children’s children forever
Unto all generations of the faithful heart.

(Republished from The Abbeville Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Oh, great. More bubbas.

    My great-grandfather shot your great-grandfather at Cold Harbor, the Wilderness, Bermuda, and Petersburg. My great-grandfather won.

  2. Trinity says:

    One tradition that Southerners HAVE to abandon is fawning over Jews or so-called, “Jews.”

  3. Ironically, perhaps, North Carolina was one of the southern states in which loyalties were most divided. The issue in the 1860 election was not states rights per se, or the abolition of slavery, but limiting the out-of-control expansion of slavery. Three-fourths of the white Southern population did not own a single slave, so they did not see the expansion of slavery as worth seceding from the union over. Some 40 percent of the voters in the slave states voted against secession.

    A significant portion of the white Southern people were against the war effort. Many ended up in Southern prisons or in exile for speaking out. There was widespread opposition among working-class whites to the 1862 military draft. This is when the phrase “rich man’s war, poor man’s fight” enters the lexicon of southern soldiery. Counterinsurgency groups soon organized in the south, under such diverse names as the Sons of 76, the Union Circle, the Order of the Heroes of America, the Closet Fellowship, the Peace and Constitution Society, and the strongest, the Peace Society, whose membership in Alabama alone was said to include every other man in the state at the end of 1863. By that time perhaps a third of what was left of the rebel army – more than half of its draftees and volunteers had already deserted – was routinely engaged in the suppression of counterinsurgencies. Of the half million whites who fled the Confederacy to the free states, over 100,000 returned wearing U.S. blue to liberate their homeland from what Richmond had turned into a de facto police state.

    In its second issue after the evacuation of Richmond in 1865 the Richmond Whig newspaper ran this powerful statement, “Thank God! we are at last delivered from the selfish, ambitious and designing devils incarnate who brought this ruinous and fratricidal war upon the country. We have suffered, God only knows now much, by this war. Four long years of painful anxiety, of hunger, want and oppression, have passed away, and now we are free again! God be praised!”

    The eminent Southern Historian E. Merton Coulter eloquently summarized the south’s tragedy in his 1950 classic “The Confederate States of America, 1861 – 1865”, where he wrote, “The Confederacy was not blessed with a ‘one for all and all for one’ patriotism with which future generations of sentimental romancers were to endow it. Had it been so, this newborn nation might well have established its independence.”

    Perpetuating the false stereotype of a “solid south” only serves those who support the anti-democratic values of the old plantation class today. The memory of the unionists of the South should also be preserved.

    • Disagree: Fr. John
    • Thanks: Catdog
  4. By-tor says:

    You are just an ignorant and bigoted negro, irritated that you are forever dependent on mentally superior whites for your survival. In 500,000 years, blacks never discovered math, the wheel nor built two-story structures.

  5. Growing up in mostly-rural North Carolina, most of my friends and especially their parents could go on a bit about their family backgrounds, about their familial histories.

    Carleton Coon wrote about seeing his family’s name on the war memorials in his New England hometown. This sentiment was widespread on both sides. My favorite pictures of the soldiers were taken long after the War– blue and grey shaking hands at the reunions.

    I don’t come across too many of my fellow Unionist descendants engaging in trash talk about the South. This comes mostly from the spawn of later arrivals.

    • Agree: Mike Tre, Fr. John
  6. @Observator

    There was widespread opposition among working-class whites to the 1862 military draft.

    As there was the next year on the Union side. Republicans even copied the despicable CSA policy of exempting blacks. This was the real cause of the Draft Riots in New York, not rich boys buying their way out. (The CSA equivalent to that was the “20-Negro Rule”; if your farm had this many you could stay home.)

    The issue came up again a half-century later. Several Democratic senators, while all in favor of our interfering in Europe’s parochial squabbles, vociferously objected to drafting blacks yet again. Of course, exempting them would have outraged the rest, that is, the white parts, of the land.

    A compromise was reached wherin blacks were subject to the draft, but issued ladles rather than rifles.

  7. @Observator

    There are always shirkers and traitors in the midst of a patriotic and noble people. There are always those who, in the beginning, throw their full and vociferous support to a cause, only to betray it when things go awry. Even today, there is no shortage of Fair Weather Compatriots. There are always Interlopers who claim inclusive ownership to a region that they’ve only recently been permitted to reside in by a hospitable people; just to turn on their neighbors when the opportunity presents itself. Many of the so called Southern Unionists were German 48’ers, who fled from their failed attempts to cause social unrest in Europe and brought their delusions of utopia with them. Others were Yankee abolitionists who had been practicing agitation and subversion for decades until they had worn out their welcomes.

    In Texas, the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of Secession. This was by a popular vote of the people. Most of those who had initially opposed secession were among the first to raise companies for Confederate service. The majority of those men merely wanted to try to find a way to ease tensions and reach common ground, until it became clear that it would be impossible to come to an accord with the Northern fanatics. Once it was obvious that a mutually beneficial relationship couldn’t be sustained, those men became some of the most loyal and fierce of the Southern defenders.

    The “Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight” mantra applied more directly to the Northern Industrialists than it did to the Southern Planter. Many of the wealthiest and most prominent Men in the South were at the front of their columns, leading soldiers into battle (to do otherwise would have been dishonorable). While the Rich Men in the North were paying a \$300 bounty for a Substitute (Yankees have no concept of honor). One fifth of the Union Army was composed of Irish and German immigrants fresh off the boat. The measure that was passed that exempted plantation owners with over twenty slaves from service was to ensure that the production of vital agricultural products would continue at its highest level. This was legislation rooted in common sense. Just as you wouldn’t have sent the corporate executives of Boeing to Germany to fight in WWII. Their expertise and business management skills were needed at home.

    The War was very unpopular in the North. The Emancipation Proclamation was even more divisive. Draft Riots, most notably in New York, but in other cities as well, occurred in protest. Desertions and resignations from the Union Army followed the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation; which the Illinois State Legislature deemed “a diabolical attempt to incite a servile insurrection.” Mass incarcerations without due process and deportations silenced Northern Copperheads. Ohio Senator Clement Vallandigham was exiled to Canada. Peace Democrat George McClellan may have been elected had extralegal means not been taken to hinder his candidacy. If the reasonable and conciliatory Men of the North been able to openly express their dissent, then the South would have very likely achieved its Independence.

    The title of the newspaper “The Richmond Whig” tells you all you need to know about who was behind it. The painful anxiety, the hunger, want and oppression, had not passed away, they were only just beginning. Another decade of misery under Reconstruction would follow, with insolent Negroes running amok and decent Southern people being disenfranchised and dispossessed. It was these very conditions that led further credence to the Solid South that may, or may not, have existed previously.

    It seems as though you may be taking Ellis Coulter out of context; According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, “Coulter emerged as a leader of that generation of white southern historians who viewed the South’s past with pride and defended its racist policies and practices. He framed his literary corpus to praise the Old South, glorify Confederate heroes, vilify northerners, and denigrate southern blacks.” [1]

    The memory of the unionists of the South should only be preserved as you would recall a Villain in any historical epoch; with utter detestation.

    Anyway, thanks to the Yankee practice of exploiting Immigrant Labor, none of this really matters anymore. To a Yankee, Heritage is something that is passed on that is intangible and has no value. Whereas, Inheritance is something that is handed down that can be physically possessed and has monetary worth. For a Yankee, the most cherished of family heirlooms has a price tag attached to it. The legions of foreigners that have flooded over here have no ancestral ties to the founding of the Country and, much like Yankees, they don’t care about it. The only thing they are concerned with is how much they can gain from being here.

  8. Bert says:

    whose membership in Alabama alone was said to include every other man in the state at the end of 1863.

    The physiography of Northeast Alabama, i.e., the Valley and Ridge Province, dictated close proximity of cotton plantations (albeit often small ones) in the valleys and subsistence farms on little plateaus or “branch bottoms” on the ridges. The cotton planters controlled local affairs until 1864, but after that the subsistence farmers resisted conscription and often deserted if drafted. One of my great-grandfathers was a subsistence farmer who, at age 45, was drafted into a reserve battalion that was sent to fight the Union blitzkrieg targeting the armament factories at Selma. A couple of months prior to the Selma fighting, the captain of his company, a local planter, was killed in a shootout with deserters on the street in the valley town of Ashville. Things got very personal for a while.

    You are certainly correct that there was not a Solid South before or during the war. Reconstruction however created one that lasted until the Jewish media began to denigrate Southern culture.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  9. @obwandiyag

    If your great-grandfather actually fought at any of those battlegrounds, he didn’t win a single thing. As it stands, neither have you, given that you and all your people are streaming south in their millions like penitents, refugees from the failed and degenerate culture of the north. In that sense, your crowing is the lamentation of a Pyrrhic victor who realizes that his triumph is so complete that his enemy pities him for it.

    • Replies: @R.C.
  10. The United States is headed for dissolution, something that should have happened a century and half ago when the Southern states realized that they were, in fact, a separate nation. Slavery was not the cause of the war, any more than ideology was the savior of the union. Force was the base note of the entire episode, the force of the federal system to impose unduly on the people vs. the ability of the people to resist it. And here we are again today.

    What’s holding Southerners back from reclaiming our culture and shared history is the overarching ethos of pragmatism that pervades our culture. We are a “get on with it” people, a people given to doing what needs done to put food on the table today while ignoring the overarching issues that keep us in a hand-to-mouth existence. Southerners have traditionally been an agrarian people, and no one is more adept at ignoring the wolf at the door than a farmer. We spent decades prying a living from the land while taking for granted the spiritual and cultural education of our youth, so that each generation lost a certain measure of what made us a distinct people. Fathers took for granted the education of their sons, especially when public schooling became compulsory service in the early 1900s. Education was left to the schoolhouse; home was the province of work and family.

    How many of us to this day can honestly say we discuss matters of Southern history and culture with our families and friends? Such discussions seem like navel-gazing to many of us brought up with the imperative to be doers, not talkers. Elegant speech and idle hands were the province of carpetbaggers and charlatans. We were taught the blue-collar disdain for all forms of academic and esoteric discourse. That’s why we still look with skepticism on the sorts of debates that are needed to get at the larger issues plaguing our society. We don’t trust our educated class, and we are the poorer for it.

    The South has endured and prospered long enough to witness a sort of reverse Great Migration of yankees to our states, only to lose much of our heritage in the flood of refugees. The American cultural homogeneity we have embraced since the last century has done much to dilute who and what we are. Only by concerted efforts at discussing and reviving our culture can the South rise in any substantive way. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  11. Tsigantes says:

    Thank you Boyd Cathay for a brilliant and moving essay, and for introducing me to Donald Davison.

    A man who wrote a thesis on Juan Vasquez de Mella y Fanjul, and at the University of Navarra no less (where I have been a guest professor) definitely has my vote!

  12. Corvinus says:
    @Mike Holley

    Anti-white is propaganda. It is not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are virtue signaled, at best, or mercilessly shamed, at worst, to admit something that is patently false, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. When you examine anti-white, it has the same effect and is intended to.

    A case in point. A number of posters on this fine opinion webzine believe–in so many words–there is an impending battle between “pro-White Whites” against “self-hating Whites” and those “self-hating, racially apathetic Whites” who do not care about the survival of the race. Like it or not, they say, those two groups these Whites are “defective” and must be removed. by brute force if necessary, from ever posing a threat to a future White homeland. So family members will be exiled or will be murdered, even women and children; in other words, a “salt the earth” mentality.

    Fortunately, as I have heard this “argument” for decades, it is mere talk. Those whites who tout this “battle” are merely waiting for someone else to take the bold step to get the ball rolling. And I imagine when confronted with outright banishing their loved ones or using physical violence, merely because they dare to make their own decisions about race and culture, most will realize their barbarity is the result of….propaganda.

    • Troll: Trinity, Mike Holley
  13. Great work, Boyd. I see a few of the commentators are still in Yankee bullying state of mind. They can’t admit that they were wrong and are lost.

    • Thanks: Weaver
  14. What is the true percentage of the population who are statue wreckers?

    A tiny percentage I’d say.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @Anonymous
  15. @Corvinus

    Not sure what you’re banging on about here, but it has nothing to do with me or anything I posted. Maybe your AI programming glitched or spat an error code that has yet to be resolved.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  16. Angharad says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Oh do p!ss off. Southerners are among the worst backstabbing, greedy toads in the country. The will PuRAZE JEEZUS! as loudly and dementedly as any Baptist Negro Woman, whilst gleefully plotting to screw over any one they can , whenever can. There is generally no loyalty nor reciprocity to any one who has treated them well. The White Evangelitards WORSHIP the jews that despise them, and USE them to literally fight their wars, and blame “The Yankees” for everything jews have done and still do to them. There’s also a lot of funny weird alleles in the Dixie woodpiles. Any time I encounter some Southron drooling over the “Glories of the Old South” I agree that Southrons are as stupid as jews say they are.

    • Agree: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  17. @kerdasi amaq

    I’d say that you are mistaken. Legions of College Youth encouraged, and sometimes aided, by their Nerdy Boy and Cat Lady Professors are out in force destroying Statues, Spray Painting Graffiti and Assaulting People. In addition to them, you have B.L.M. Hoodrats and Antifa Soyboys with the random Brown Beret or Crazy Asian in the mix. Also included are the aging, tie dyed Hipsters that missed out on all of the Sixties protests; grotesque Lesbians and slimy Faggots; silly, shrill Feminists and weak, effeminate excuses for Men. Even some seemingly well adjusted, business oriented people, if not actually having participated, have fostered and celebrated the destruction. I saw one business owner desperately pleading with looters/arsonists not to burn his business, and asking them if they wanted Donald Trump to win another term. Obviously, he was siding with them, but expected his livelihood to be spared from their tantrums. They are Unbelievably Clueless and Unbelievably Numerous.

  18. @Angharad

    Piss On You! Your Momma is a Demented Toad! In Texas, only 1/4 of the current population was born here. The Yankee backstabbing is a trait that has been foisted upon us over generations. The people that I knew growing up in the 1970’s were far different from the materialistic Yuppies that emerged in the 1980’s. Even until the new Millennium, I found that many of my acquaintances were not only willing to aid a friend in need, they would inconvenience themselves to do so. The Infernal Net has done much to curtail our Social Interactions. But, “Yes, Sir” and “Yes Ma’am,” “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” are still integral parts of our vocabulary.

    In case you’re unaware, Jews Hate Jesus. Alan Dershowitz, in his book “The Vanishing American Jew,” goes into some detail about it. The Jews screwed over Jew York and Chicago long before they got to us. The Judeo-Christian oxymoron has entered the American lexicon and it is as prevalent in Northern congregations as it is in the Southern ones. The fact that there are more Atheists, Agnostics and Universalists in the North does nothing to elevate them above us, morally or spiritually. And, whenever a Synagogue is vandalized or a Hebe is attacked in Jew York, you hear about all the way in Tel Aviv. Jew domination of Yankee Art, Music and Culture is Absolute. That’s why You and Your Yenta Friends Hate The South so much, because a handful of our core tenets remain intact. The fear is, as Dr. Cathey is advocating, that we will be able to rekindle our love of hearth and home. It is clear that you are completely devoid of faith and that you are a soulless creature without any spiritual substance.

    You will never hear anyone boasting of the “Glories of The Old North,” because there are none. They are, by and large, Rootless Cosmopolitans and Bohemians. They have no culture, no heritage, and no redeeming qualities. If you listen to Songs about the South, they are about home, family and simple pleasures. Songs about the North are always about the glitz, glitter, bombast and vanity. The only individuals Yankees have to celebrate are rapacious Industrialists and vacuous Athletes.

    I agree that you are a dimwitted, immoral and repulsive Heathen.

    Finally, if You don’t like it here, don’t come. We won’t miss You, and You’re more than welcome to take some of Your Damn Yankee Cousins back home with You! GTFO!

    • Replies: @Angharad
  19. @Mike Holley

    No one, including Cornyvus, knows what they’re going on about. If you haven’t crossed paths with Cornyvus, Truth, Thomm or some of the other flies in the ointment around here before, they are merely pests that are better ignored. If you feel like lightly exercising your debating skills a little, Cornyvus and some of his Fellow Travelers can provide an opportunity to unleash facts and trade barbs. But, it’s really a waste of time that could be better spent conversing with people who are searching for others that are trying to mend our social fabric, rather than interacting with those who only seek to rend it further.

    When Cornyvus writes of waiting decades for things to occur, they forget that it took nearly a century and a half for Women’s Suffrage; forty years elapsed until Brown vs. The Board of Education finally resulted in the burgeoning of widespread Miscegenation that was predicted would occur as a result of desegregation; it was three decades before the first female graduate of West Point would return to marry another woman in the academy’s Chapel. These developments did not occur overnight. A long, slow and methodical process was utilized to achieve these goals. The accelerator is now firmly pushed to the floor, the pedal is to the metal, and changes are occurring much more swiftly than they did in the past. Cornyvus may not have that much longer to wait.

  20. @Mike Holley

    Mr. Holley, I can HONESTLY say that I talk about Southern history with my family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, customers and complete strangers. I am not in the least bit shy, hesitant or apologetic, nor do I feel the need to offer explanations or plead for extenuation. I simply state the facts as they are. I know enough about Slavery, Secession, Tariffs, Westward Expansion, Colonization, Indians, and virtually every other aspect of American history to refute all of the usual contentions against us.

    I’m frequently told that I should have been a school teacher, and I am often asked which college I graduated from. I’ve explained that I am not a college graduate and that the subjects that I would want to teach wouldn’t be permitted to be taught in the manner that I would insist upon.

    I grew up in a blue collar, proto-suburban, neighborhood that had long since been incorporated by the city. It was very diverse and I benefited from an early introduction to race relations. I acquired a very obscene vocabulary and I got plenty of opportunities to improve my hand to hand combat skills. I did witness the distrust of the learned class, and I’ve often seen the ineptitude that accompanies a college education when the methods prove to be impractical in a business setting. The old adage, “Those that Can, Do, and Those that Can’t, Teach” does have some merit.

    And, the typical Yankee, unlike Oliver Wendell Douglas, wants to move to the Country and then immediately starts to complain about the smell of livestock, the lack of night life, the scarcity of Starbucks, and the inability to order a pizza at 3 am.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  21. Angharad says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Learn Espanol, ass hat. Bleat in Spanish. Yo are a dimwitted, Anti White MUTANT. Crawl up your own anal tract.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  22. xxxeliss says:

    which south? the latinx one? or the awfl -asian one?

  23. @Angharad

    Learn Mandarin Chinese, Silly Twat. Babble in Chinese; over 800 Million Chinamen can’t be wrong. They are the New Overlords, that’s why everyone is running around wearing Chinky masks, Dumbshit. The Hispanic invasion is massive, and it’s a serious threat that can’t be contained like it was during Operation Wetback.

    A War is INEVITABLE. The only thing that White Nationalists have in their favor at this particular time, is that the Symbiotic Coalition that is allied against them is a flimsy house of cards. Once White People are completely disenfranchised, then the entitled Minorities will have to look to each other for their handouts. None will be forthcoming, and they won’t be able to divide things among themselves in an “equitable” manner. The schism that was CHAZ/CHOP will manifest itself on a National level, resulting in an all out Battle Royal for supremacy between the various ethnic groups. The first to be slaughtered will be the White allies that are in cahoots with them; the whole Liberal, LGBQTXYZ contingent will be made sacrificial lambs due to their naivete’ and their proximity. The best tactic for the White Nationalists to use during this time is to begin to prepare. Put some thought into where you will go and how you will survive. Informal networks among like minded friends should be formed, and rendezvous points should be established. Once the elements have mutually annihilated each other, we could be poised to sweep out the remnants. The most substantial problem, that could permanently thwart any attempts to reassert ourselves in a time of chaos, is the U. N. Security Forces.

    As far as Anti-White, you don’t know ME in the least. I am as publicly and loudly WHITE as anybody, with the possible exception of George Lincoln Rockwell. When asked at the Supermarket, if I would like to donate to this or that charitable organization? I invariably respond, “I give all of my surplus currency to White People Helping White People,” and I tell them “it’s not a charity, but an idea for which the time has come.” I’ve carried signs that read, “Life Doesn’t Matter to N.W.A.” and “Remembering White Victims of Desegregation” to Martin Luther King parades, alone. And, I never miss an opportunity to take a stand for White People where ever I am, and no matter who it is that I am surrounded by. As I said, you don’t have a clue as to who I am or what I do. You’d be hard pressed to walk in my footsteps.

    From your line of discourse, I would surmise that you emerged from an anal tract.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @Rich
  24. It has risen and has sadly reared it’s ugly head well beyond the south with a dumb redneck culture saturating the entire country along with low paying non-union jobs giving the entire nation southern style wages and poverty.
    The south is Walmart and Walmart style business practices and union busting has destroyed what made America great which was a strong middle class forged in the solidarity of union membership. The dumb southerner can feel free to run in front a cannon to take one for the plantation owners.

    • Disagree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  25. @Doodlebaby

    As someone who has lived in the South for his entire life, I can unequivocally state that you are completely wrong. We didn’t have the artificially high union wages that caused factories to pack up their operations and move them overseas or south of the border. We also didn’t have the over priced real estate and housing shortages. Decent wages and affordable homes made life simple, but enjoyable. We didn’t care about keeping up with the Jones’s, or acquiring all of the modern trappings, or flaunting shallow, glittering status symbols. We were content with a modest abode and a reliable, if not flashy, form of transportation. The fact that the Urbanites ridicule us for our Earthliness doesn’t affect the true Southerner, because he values his family and his community more than he seeks to climb a corporate ladder and impress strangers.

    The entire foundation of the United States was laid by the South. The ignorant Slave Owning, Rednecks that wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were heads and shoulders above the avaricious Yankee speculators that allowed the White House to be burned rather than place their business interests in jeopardy during the War of 1812. Yankee industrialists established the practice of replacing the native born with immigrant labor. Yankees have no sense of heritage or honor, only a love of profits.

    Three times, the Yankees threatened to secede: after the Louisiana Purchase, during the War of 1812, and in the midst of the U. S. = Mexican War; with none other than Abraham Lincoln advocating it. When the South finally got tired of the threats and took it upon themselves to separate, the Northern Hypocrites knew that they wouldn’t be able to continue to extort money from the South and that there was no export market for their shoddy wares. So, they called us Traitors, made war on us, and used immigrants to do their fighting for them. The Yankees had multiple opportunities to part ways with us “dumb Southerners,” but they realized that they were nothing without us. We whooped the British twice and we were twice responsible for doubling the size of the Country. Where we lagged behind in industry and modernization was the direct result of being disproportionately and unfairly taxed to subsidize Northern entrepreneurial enterprises, shipping firms, and infrastructure. They would have faltered or failed without being able to exploit us.

    In my youth, my Father managed to support us on his meager income, and we did not go without what we needed. Recreation was relatively cheap and a visit to a local attraction didn’t deplete your savings. Backyard Barbecues and Company Picnics were common. We had different social classes, but I don’t recall the working people being envious, or the managers being haughty. We were just fine until a bunch of Yankees flooded down here to escape their high taxes, disappearing jobs, and unmanageable costs of living. Then they set about implementing every failed policy and practicing every social dysfunction that made them leave in the first place. The South was small businesses and mom and pop shops. Walmart is Corporate America U.S.A. Finally, if you don’t like it, why do you GOD DAMNED YANKEES keep coming here? GO HOME!!!!! Or, feel free to return to Iraq or Afghanistan for the Yankee Imperialist’s Z.O.G.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks, Bro43rd
  26. Your not old enough to remember all that. If you’d put down the ‘Farmers Almanac’ and take a little time to watch the History Channel or pick up an Encyclopedia and read about the history of labor unions in the U.S you might be able to say something that made sense.

    John Adams and Alexander Hamilton were from the North and were instrumental in writing the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution has a mix of both southerners and Northerners and they all did a brilliant job in creating the document.

    Since when do Northerners go south to look for jobs ?
    You got it backward ; did you ever hear of the “Hillbilly Highway” ? That was route that ran northbound from down south into Ohio and Michigan and into the rust-belt states where plenty of southerners (too many) came up here to take advantage of those “artificially high” UAW wages and benefits. Those wages and benefits didn’t exist down south because southerners refused to establish unions and set the table for those jobs and associated prosperity in their own region. Another factor was a poorly educated population in the south that was ill-suited for advanced technical work in manufacturing and at that time industries needed a capable highly skilled workforce. I don’t blame them for wanting to migrate up here but the problem is that their infectious anti-union attitudes came with them and they helped to ruin the Northern economy. Now we got a situation in which the poverty is the same no matter where your at whether it be up North or down south.

    • LOL: 3g4me
  27. @Doodlebaby

    Yankees are coming here in droves, whether you know it or not. The populations of Southern States have increased dramatically from the rootless, cosmopolitan influx of the bland, carbon copy, corporation chasing Northern Stooges seeking to follow in the footsteps of their thieving Carpet Bagging prototypes a century and a half before. Then, they came to steal and burn everything, and then buy up what was left for pennies on the dollar. Now, they come to reap the benefits of our frugality, while everything up North rusts away. Just for an example, the formerly small, farming community of Plano had just over a thousand residents in the 1970’s. Now, there are nearly three hundred thousand people living there; mostly Yankee transplants that have moved into their Yankee Sardine Subdivisions of lot sized homes that permit them to look out of their bedroom window directly into the bedroom window of the Mac-Mansion next door. All of the surrounding communities have experienced similar levels of Yankee population density.

    Prior to The War to Prevent Southern Independence, the South was the wealthier region of the Country. Our impoverishment was a direct result of Yankee destruction and thievery. Again, why do you come here except to rob us, displace us, and complain? As I said, you had multiple opportunities to separate. We would not have objected at any time had you opted to do so. And, when we tried to save you the trouble, like an abusive and jealous spouse, you maniacally assaulted us and dragged us kicking and screaming back into your domain. You could have, at any time, established your own borders and prevented any of us from migrating there that tried. Near as I can tell, the majority of the people that migrated North were the highly skilled and supremely educated Negroes that were employed in your mind numbingly, repetitive assembly line jobs. In any event, why did the Yankees insist that “we are friends, not enemies” and then kill as many of us as possible for wanting to dissolve the “friendship?” Friends don’t murder their friends for wanting to go their separate ways. Only a manipulative and controlling personality responds in that way. With “friends” like you, we didn’t need “enemies.”

    As I said before, my family didn’t move up North, we did just fine here. Even when I was a teenager, homes were still affordably priced and wages were sufficient to live on. We enjoyed our lives. In 1974, when the Fort Worth / Dallas Airport was being built, a brand new, three bedroom, two bath, Fox and Jacobs home, with island kitchen, name brand appliances, wall to wall carpeting, central heat and air, and a two car garage, on a lot large enough to play or garden in either the front or backyards could be purchased for \$15,000; and the neighborhood was a nice White suburb. Now, the “same home,” sells for ten to twenty times that amount; and is located in what has become the hood or the barrio. And though I didn’t understand it when I was a child, or even when I was a young man, I can now comprehend why there was always a subtle detestation of the Yankee expressed by my family.

    I do blame Yankees for moving down here. They have spoiled prime farmland and the scenery. They’ve clogged up the highways that they are unable to navigate and then blame us for it. They want to move to the Country, then they pass ordinances against raising livestock near them. They are nothing but malcontents. They weren’t happy were they were, so they move here and complain because they can’t order a pizza at four o’clock in the morning, or that it’s too hot, or that some century old Statue offends them.

    Thomas Jefferson is recognized as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, just as James Madison is considered the Father of The Constitution. Whether some foul and accursed Yankee had some input or not, the fact remains that these documents are widely attributed to those Southern Gentlemen. Just as The Father of The U. S. A. is the Southern, Plantation Owner, George Washington.

    “Poorly Educated Southerners” is a stereotype largely based from averages on National test scores, which are skewed because of the preponderance of Negroes and Hispanics that statistically lower the Southern averages. During The War to Prevent Southern Independence, Southerners were constantly thwarting Yankee aggression with our “infernal machines.” Iron Clad Warships, Torpedoes (mines), a hot air Balloon, and the first successful Submarine, were just a few examples of what an agrarian Southern culture was able to manufacture with limited resources and while under siege. Following the War, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and set to work rebuilding what had been laid to waste with absolutely no assistance from anyone. We even managed to provide pensions for our Confederate soldiers and widows while also being taxed to pay for the Yankee veteran’s subsistence. Yankee banks and the Yankee government continued to subsidize Northern industry just as it always had, and the plethora of Southern entrepreneurs were still unable to compete with them because of the systemic financial and institutional favoritism.

    What happened to your factories and your high paying jobs? Your forever striking Unions, infiltrated from their inception by Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, and the Mafia, ruined them. There’s not a damn thing that Southerners did to cause that. Only filthy, greasy, overpaid, overweight, pizza eating, beer guzzling, constantly demanding, bowling team, Yankee Union members were responsible for creating the Rust Belt.

  28. @Cowtown Rebel

    The south has reaped considerable financial benefits from northern investment and southern bred enticements designed to lure northern companies and workers to move there. Well it might be true that there’s considerable number of northerners living/moving there you have to take the good with the bad.
    These people whether you like having them or not are people that came there to work in jobs that locals couldn’t satisfy the demand set. They also make up a large part of your tax base and you should thank them for covering the tax tab since they pay a considerable amount of your state, local, school taxes that fund your public services. They are doing nothing different than the people from down south who rode the hillbilly highway north to work in car plants. They all responded to an opportunity afforded by business.

    You can also bet that there’s not a southern state that doesn’t take in much more money from Washington d than than it sends to the federal treasury. Factor in military bases alone, states such as Georgia among other states down south receive much more federal money than it remits back.

    Hot air balloons and submarine monitor were good examples of how the south was forced to be creative when possible because it was consistently behind the eight ball throughout the war.
    The south relied heavily on captured artillery pieces because the Confederacy lacked the ability to produce enough of them. Confederates who came north to Gettysburg were barefoot and were searchin for shoes and provisions and were scavenging local towns in the Gettysburg area for anything that wasn’t nailed down. Farmers hid livestock , forks and spoons, anything because the confederates would run off with it. Got to admire their determination in the face of overwhelming odds.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  29. @Doodlebaby

    First, you say that Yankees aren’t moving here, then you admit that they are, but twist and turn and try to spin it as though we couldn’t make do without you. We’ve never had the chance to demonstrate that we would be just fine if we were simply left alone. Your ancestors ( if you even had any that were here during that time) wouldn’t follow through with their threats to separate, and then wouldn’t allow us to do what they had repeatedly threatened to do themselves. Because, Yankees were a bunch of hypocrites, and they still are.

    Your Yankee, Jewish Mafia mentality fits right in with the modern government’s Communist goal of destroying everything that keeps them from triumphing in their struggle for preeminent wealth, influence, and power, and then trying to convince us it’s for our own good. It reminds me of an old saying, “the government is only capable of one thing, it knows how to break your leg and then hand you a crutch and say, ‘see, if it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t be walking.’” Or, like your Mafia cousins, you offer to sell us protection and then burn down our businesses if we don’t buy it. Or, you send your Jewish Freedom Riders down here to liberate our Negroes and force legislation on us that burdens our school districts, inflates our social program budgets, and runs once beautiful neighborhoods and thriving businesses into the gutter, then you accuse us of using up Federal tax dollars to repair the damages caused by your disruption and interference. All the while, restrictive housing covenants and de-facto segregation were, and still are, the norm in Yankeeland. More Yankee Arrogance and Hypocrisy on Full Display.

    If you really want to go into the War Crimes committed by the Union Army: The Women, Children and Elderly Men left to starve because their crops had been burned and their livestock needlessly slaughtered and left to rot in the sun; exposed to the elements because their homes had been destroyed; left without any property, not even the clothing of Women, Children and Negroes was safe from the grasping hands of Yankee invaders; denied medicines and hospitals, and even religious services because the Churches were leveled by the Northern Heathens, all in the name of “Preserving the Union.” at the point of a bayonet, then, I can surely provide plenty of documented evidence. If Yankees had the slightest sense of remorse or shame, you would feel it in the shallow depths of your hollow soul.

    Your condemnation of our way of life coupled with your mad determination to undermine us is, and always was, your primary motivation. You could never see the municipal rot and social breakdown occurring in your own communities, because you were always fixated on what we were doing. You impoverished us, then you mock us for being poor. All of the Nation’s failings are laid at our doorstep, yet you still can’t bear to part with us. You still are obsessed with us, and, deep down, you envy us, because you are the Bastard Sons of a Million Illegitimate Fathers. You have no heritage, no culture, and no sense of identity outside of a sports franchise comprised of Negro athletes. You want us to be the same as you, but you still want to look down on us. You absolutely hate. with an uncontrollable passion. that there are still many of us who don’t want to abandon everything that has differentiated us from you, and who are still able to recognize those differences. You shudder to think that there are still many of us who wish to be rid of you, who don’t think of you as friends or fellow countrymen, who reject your definition of us, and who refute your interpretation of our history.

    But, the Weak Elmer’s Glue can’t hold this Ugly Collage together too much longer. This time, it won’t be Southerner’s seceding. There will soon be an ethnic fragmentation that will shatter this Country into a thousand contesting pieces. Our goal will be to mend as much of our part of the broken Country as possible. We are better suited to that, because we still have a hereditary connection to our past, a sense of identity, and the experience of having to start over again from scratch. Also, we have a gun culture. Good luck organizing your bowling team for mutual defense.

  30. @Cowtown Rebel

    Don’t blame me — I didn’t ride a horse down south in a blue uniform with a sword.

  31. anarchyst says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    You make many excellent points. Thank you for an excellent treatise.
    Had I lived in “War of Northern Aggression” times, I would have been considered a “copperhead” and would have possibly risked my life for the South because of my beliefs.
    You are absolutely correct about city-dwellers and suburbanites moving to the country and then complaining about rural life and farming operations and attempting to change things for the worse.
    By my choice alone, I moved to the country many decades ago. One of the first things I did was to assure my neighbors that agricultural operations (smells, etc.) were absolutely no problem and that it was my intent to “blend in” and become a part of the community. I volunteered my efforts for the township government and resisted all calls to “urbanize” my homeland. To my township’s credit, one cannot build a residence on a lot size less than many acres.
    As to my take on labor unions, I despise them, but not for reasons that many might think. There are some instances where labor unions are needed; in most cases, they are actually used by businesses to provide a framework in which the business owner is absolved from liability for their actions.
    The downside of unions is for people with specialized skills, unions are counterproductive as “incentive” is destroyed. Everyone in a “bargaining unit” makes the same wage, regardless of ability and personal initiative. In my case, in a number of situations, my employers wanted to increase my pay because of my unique skills and value to the company. In every case, the “union” (that I was forced to support in “pre-right-to-work” days) protested my wage increase because everyone else in the bargaining unit was not receiving the identical wage. These unions were so adamant about denying me my wage increase, they refused to allow the creation of another “job classification” to allow the company to increase my wage. This was the situation in more than one job, hence my distaste for unions.
    It is interesting to note that patriotism and love of country is more prevalent in the South than in the North.
    Best regards,

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  32. @anarchyst

    Thank You, so much, for sharing your personal experiences with Unions. Although, I hadn’t considered the particular downsides that you mentioned, I was aware that those who worked hard were forced to carry those that didn’t. Although, that can happen in a right to work job, the slackers are more easily dismissed. In my estimation, a Labor Union is a sort of Socialistic framework, an ant colony type of one for all situation. The personal achievement and job satisfaction, and the accompanying recognition would seem to be missing components in such an environment.

    In my lowly occupation, I’ve often known that my wages were higher than my coworkers, but I was prohibited from disclosing my rate of pay. The reasons were obvious for both; I was more experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, and capable, so I made more money than my associates, and, if they knew that I made substantially more money than they did, rancor would have ensued.

    My Grandfather had a Union job, working for a defense contractor for 35 years. He moved into a supervisory position and retired with a good pension. He told my Mother, who wanted to go to work where he had, to look elsewhere because of the constant strikes and layoffs, from which he, personally, had been exempt.

    Yet, knowing a little, too, about the type of working conditions that existed, particularly in the North, before the Unions came into being, I do completely (as much as any of us can without having been in those positions) understand the impetus for forming them and the guarantees that many of them achieved. Forty Hour work weeks, overtime, safety measures, etc… But, the organizational design feeds on itself, like a pyramid scheme. The Union dues have to keep coming in, and the Union has to keep making ever larger demands to remain relevant. From what I can determine, it eventually became cheaper to manufacture goods elsewhere.

    I hadn’t thought about the avoidance of liability. I suppose the Union would cover that as opposed to the employer?

    I really appreciate your affirmation to “do as the Romans.” With a Country that spans an entire Continent, and where there are still places that haven’t become entirely homogenized, with diverse climates and atmospheres, you would think that an individual would move somewhere that was to their liking. As opposed to expecting a particular locale to immediately begin to conform to their standards upon their arrival. I don’t think someone should abandon everything that makes them who they are simply because they’ve relocated. But, surely, it isn’t polite to move into a community and begin by insulting the established residents and insisting that they make changes.

    I really wish that more Northern Men of Conscience would learn about the Copperhead movement and the extreme efforts that were taken to suppress it. The support for the War wavered, as it does during any conflict, and, had the opposition been able to gain momentum, a peace would have likely ensued with the South gaining its Independence. From there, other issues could have been resolved amicably and from a condition of mutual respect.

    With Welcoming Appreciation,

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  33. The Confederacy was created to defend the institution of property in Negro slaves.

    That’s it. That your ancestors were somehow cajoled into fighting for this is not anything to be proud of.

    • LOL: Corrupt
    • Troll: Bro43rd
  34. @Marcaurelius

    You obviously don’t know anything about The War to Prevent Southern Independence.

    Abraham Lincoln repeatedly assured the South that he had no intention of interfering with the institution of Slavery, but that he was determined to collect the tariffs. He wrote to Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, that he would free all, some, or none of the Slaves, whatever it took to “preserve” the Union.

    As Southern States began to secede, Abraham Lincoln was prepared to sign the Corwin Amendment; which would have protected Slavery in perpetuity. When issuing a conditional Emancipation Proclamation in September of 1862, following the Battle of Sharpsburg, Lincoln gave the Confederate States three months to simply rejoin the Union, and he would rescind the Proclamation. The South refused, and on January 1, 1863, the Proclamation went into effect, with numerous exemptions. Just as he had written to Greeley at the beginning of the conflict, Lincoln freed some of the slaves and left others in bondage. The eastern portion of Tennessee, large swaths of Louisiana, all of West Virginia, the border States of Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland, as well as the Northern States of Delaware and New Jersey were not subject to the edict. In other words, Lincoln’s Proclamation freed slaves where he had no control and left slavery intact where he did have the authority to emancipate them. The Legislature of the State of Illinois, for which Lincoln had served as a Representative, condemned the Proclamation, calling it “a diabolical attempt to incite a servile insurrection.”

    The North had repeatedly threatened to secede, but the U. S. Government was dependent upon the revenue from the tariff; a tax burden that was disproportionately borne by the South. This issue had flared up before, most notably during the late 1820’s – early 1830’s, when the Tariffs of Abomination caused the Nullification Crisis. A future Confederate General was born in South Carolina during this time, he was named State’s Rights Gist, and his name had nothing whatsoever to do with a defense of Slavery. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin.

    Only 6% of the Negroes transported across the Atlantic were taken to the British Colonies or the fledgling United States. The overwhelming majority, 94%, were unloaded in the Caribbean and South America. The Confederate Constitution had banned the importation of Africans for the purposes of enslavement. But, ships operating out of Northern ports continued to supply African Slaves to Cuba and Brazil, which were the last regions in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw Slavery, in 1888; 23 years after the War to Prevent Southern Independence had ended.

    My ancestors struggled to free themselves from the strangulating embrace of the Federal Leviathan. Although, their fears were genuine and well founded, the events of the past few years have clearly demonstrated that their motives were far more than being merely justified.

    Albeit, you are woefully unaware, we’ve got so much to be proud of, that it would literally take volumes to enumerate it all. Simple deductions, calculated from limited information, equate to erroneous summations arrived at from a dearth of knowledge. I strongly recommend that you obtain a library card and use it.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  35. AndrewR says:

    Spoiler alert: they won’t

  36. frankie p says:


    And it must begin with intelligent, older individuals with a grasp of history, like Boyd D. Cathey, calling out the Jews to his less-educated southern neighbors and not obfuscating things with references to Big Brother and incestuous relationships with the communications industry, education and the media, and the Marxist and neo-Marxist progressives. Who are the lunatics running our universities, Mr. Cathey? What ethnic group is the hot knife cutting through the goy butter when it comes to endless attacks on the South? Will you endeavor to wake the Southern Baptists and other flavors of misguided Protestants, raised on the nonsense interpretations of the Bible according to Cyrus Scofield? They might just tell you that that’s who they are, even if they have become something far different from their ancestors. Get to work.

  37. TKK says:

    Sadly, NC is lost.

    The metro areas are full of feral negros. Remember, that’s where the foot washing of blacks by whites took place. RTP is full of woke Yankees and West Coasters who look down on the native sons. The average price of a home around RTP is about \$600K and up. That’s not the South.

    The rural areas are little Juarez.

    Believe me- it is a crisis, it is criminal, it is doomed.

    If you have a certain number of houses for rent or sell, a certain number of jobs, parking spaces, and ER spots and you allow 50K+ new residents in your small town who then bring in as many relatives as they can- but suck out every free resource they can- but send all extra capital back to Mexico-

    You could not cook up a better recipe for disaster. NC is over. Every town you go to- the Mexican’s are taking over. Who helps them with the paperwork? Who deals with the Bureaucratic Red Tape that trips up other small business owners? That is a conspiracy to investigate but no one cares.

    The author is a dodo bird, and so are his ilk. Their power is gone. They gave it away so a few of them – usually Big Agra- could get filthy rich.

    And anyone who quotes Faulkner is obtuse. He is unreadable, boring and needed an editor.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
    , @AKINDLE
  38. Sense the confidence that springs from our Christian faith and which Davidson reminds us of:

    That Abrahamic farce didn’t save anyone from the civil war then, nor will it save anyone from the terrorist Ziocorproate globalists’ schemes now, even if “the South” detached from the rest of the US. The Confederate Reserve, or the Conferederate “variant” of the CV19 plandemic doesn’t sound much more appealing than what’s already in place, more chances to spread the fear must be profitable to somebody though. The Confederate version of the CIA wouldn’t even have to change its initials.

    Nothing wrong with thinking you’re an omniscient entity’s creation, mind you, just that behaving like a complete partisan, religious and/or fanatical retard on earth will certainly not buy you entry into an all-knowing entity’s paradise, no matter how you try to spell it.

    If returning to the past is the answer, y’all might as well start advocating giving back the 60% of Mexico the US kept after 1848, would get rid of a lot of the spics and niggas that inhabit that area.

  39. The war was about price of cotton. But aggressor was North, because in the protocols of union the clause of separation was included.
    South had full right to separate, but when they wanted to separate North did attack.
    This act was birth of trend of US to break any promise or treaty which ceased to be an advantage for them. US is not alone in crookedness. But no country is so blatant in crookedness than US.

  40. Weaver says:

    The fear of poor whites was in part that the North would free them, leading to lower wages and crime. As Jefferson had earlier described it, whites had the wolf by the ears, didn’t want to hold him, couldn’t let him go.

    It was too costly for Lincoln to resettle slaves, then he was shot. Lincoln promised West Virginia perpetual slavery to fight for the North. But again, Lincoln was shot. And etc., no time to write all this out again. There’s no reason to believe any would have even been freed had he not been shot.

    The North also used tariff money to help the North, not the South. The South, however, was developing, becoming less agrarian.

    There had been past secession attempts in the North, and secession was very clearly murky in the Constitution. Regardless, it was the North that invaded. The war wasn’t a Civil War. The North invaded.

    Slavery preexisted the South in the Americas. The only reason it didn’t spread to the North is it wasn’t profitable there. It spread everywhere in the US that it was profitable. It’s like how today the US imports millions of illegal workers, millions of legal immigrants. Employers thirst for cheap, exploitable labour in the US, and illegals are very much exploited in the US, as are guest workers.

    Is it better, today, when cartels run illegals in the US, and rape, even of children, is normal and expected in exchange for running females across the border? You don’t care, because you believe you’ll profit from their exploitation.

  41. Anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    The Confederacy was created to defend the institution of property in Negro slaves.

    If ignorance is bliss you must be in a perpetually orgasmic state.

  42. Weaver says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    There doesn’t need to even be a “lost cause.” They invaded. They used total war. They exploited and mistreated the South during and after Reconstruction. Example of later mistreatment: Desegregation, such as busing, often applied only to the South. It’s that simple.

    Secession was murky, but it was not clearly illegal. The North, at times, had believed it had the right to secede. It was apparently intentionally left murky, I assume out of fear the Constitution would have been rejected had secession been banned.

    People write at length over how the South stands for one thing, then another, then another. It means many different things to different people. The Northern states, after the war, mistreated blacks and so didn’t stand for the principles they claimed; all sorts of arguments like that exist. But the core issue is: They invaded.

    Since the Civil War, the North has turned left, often because it likes the idea that it defeated racism, which came to define it. We probably wouldn’t have had mass immigration had it not been for Northern support, nor the Civil Rights movement, etc. But that’s all history. A positive of the North is it opposed entry into WWII; so, there have been positives. And the North has supported protectionist trade, which came to be a positive for the US as a whole.

    In the past, the Northern WASPs dominated the US after the Civil War. They do not seem to have much control today. A different group seems in charge, today. So, this conflict increasingly looks like Brits arguing with French over 1066. What the French did to the English, even they had pity. But it’s over with. It’s history.

    • Replies: @G. Poulin
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  43. @Trinity

    I lived in the South for 30 years and never once witnessed any generational Southerner “fawn over Jews”. In fact, over 90% of the times that the word ‘Jew’ would get mentioned in conversation, by me or someone else, they would fall dead silent and have zero to say.

    The many generational Southerners that I knew had exceedingly little experience with them and I think were intimidated by them.

    Now, if you’re talking about Baptist churches and their preachers, well, I don’t have the inside track on that but, strongly suspect that money was involved in whatever slobbering adulation the preacher may have voiced to his flock about Jews/Israel. Money talks and buys plenty everywhere, you know? Jews certainly know that. Baptist preachers for sale….whoda thunk it? (As I laugh heartily.)

  44. No point in the South rising again unless it completely turns away from the ruling ideology of the US. That means no citizenship for non-Whites, especially Jews; no democracy; and no feminism. Allow any of those and the result would be pretty much the same as what we
    have now.

  45. Rich Man’s War and a Poor Man’s Fight
    I grew up on Lookout Mountain near Mason’s store Where a lot of men deserted in the Civil War
    Soldiers from the South and the North The east and west
    They were doing what young men do the best
    Hunting and fishing and having fun Playing music in the mountains ’til the war was done

    My great great grandpa was one of them men
    This story was handed down through family from way back then
    He told my grandma and my grandma told me
    They used to sing this song in East Tennessee

    Rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight Rich man lies and the poor man dies
    When the talking stops and the war begins The poor man loses and the rich man wins

    “War is a racket”, That’s a book General Smedley Butler wrote
    “War is hell”, That’s a Tecumseh Sherman quote
    Whatever the time, the place or the nation War is a hellacious tool for class domination

    From the Trojan War to Vietnam
    To Halliburton making gold from the oil and blood in Iraqi sand
    Change the name and the story’s the same
    Poor man killing and dying in a rich man’s game

    Rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight Rich man lies and the poor man dies
    When the talking stops and the war begins The poor man loses and the rich man wins

    • Thanks: GMC, CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  46. @Cowtown Rebel

    You describe anyone who comes from the geography of the Northern USA to be a malcontent — yet, go on yourself to whine about their preferences and conduct.

    Reading all of your long essays written on this thread, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it is you, Mr Cowboy, who is the provincial, bigoted, malcontent.

    You should re-read your own writings. It’s clear.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  47. anon[298] • Disclaimer says:

    there’s still time to change the road you’re on.

    cathey speaks in the language of his master when he names the enemy of all he holds dear “progressives”.

    the rich plantation owners sent the poor to die for them. lincoln’s motivation was pure evil, but secession was evil too.

    “progressivism”, “wokenss”, whatever is a just a mask! it’s a mask for two groups which overlap quite a bit. the haute bourgeoisie and jews. in india it was the british. powerful small minorities are the enemy of all mankind.

    for my part: my great great…confederate was hanged for desertion. now that’s a hero!

    We are all national socialists now. Of course the proportions of the compound of nationalism and socialism vary from country to country; but the compound is there, and even where social democracy prevails, it is the national feeling of the people that ultimately matters. What was defeated in 1945, together with Hitler, was German National Socialism: a cruel and extreme version of national socialism. Elsewhere nationalism and socialism were brought together, reconciled and then compounded, without violence and hatred and war. — john lukaks

  48. Patjoe says:

    You mentioned the Welsh soldier stealing the pig in the movie WATERLOO
    The soldier is actually Irish not Welsh a third of wellingtons British army was Irish.
    He is a soldier of the 27th regiment of foot the inniskilling fusiliers who held the centre of wellingtons line and they didn’t break.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  49. Weaver says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    We used to have less immigration here, until I assume the A/C. Maybe mosquitos are also less of a problem in cities now. The South also seemed less welcoming to immigrants, though friendly to guests.

    But today, wow. If the US breaks up, or if I move elsewhere, I’ll always be a Southerner. But we’ve taken in a lot of immigrants. The concern used to be that blacks would come to outnumber whites. Today, foreign whites have really moved in. We call them Yankees, just as Amish call everyone “English,” but most today aren’t really Yankees.

    However, I question whether Southerners wouldn’t be drawn to ideology. Many I’ve met are libertarians. They’re as into classical liberalism as some of the odd Russians online are into Marxism. The League of the South was very kind to me in the past. I used to pester them, online, about distributism; so, as I recall, they once posted something about distributism. Maybe later they changed their mind about it, removed it; but they were very kind to me.

    But I think in some ways libertarianism today can be Yankee-like. The South used to mock how Northerners treated their workers worse than slaves were treated in the South. And the South read the Greeks (who were not liberal.) My point: Ideology can become dated.

    I also fear the Southern identity could divide people like Ukraine is divided, today, from Russia, though it seems better they stand together as kin. I mean to say, divide and conquer could be used against the South. But I would really be happy living under the Battle Flag, if it worked out anyway.

    I used to think a government could form that would provide order in chaos, to some small county, and if it worked well, others would want to join. But that county needn’t be democratic. People would join if the government were good, or so the theory goes.

    • Replies: @GMC
  50. Schuetze says:

    Name the Jew, or it ain’t true.

    Slavery was principally a repeat of archetypical Jewish exploitation. The slave traders, slave markets, and large plantations were all predominately Hebrew operations.

    Judah Benjamin the Jewish Treasurer of the Confederacy and head of their Secret Service was the Henry Morgentau of his day. He was a Rothschild stooge, as was August Belmont in the north, and he ended up a rich man in London after the war much like Werner von Braun after WWII.

    The reality here is that both sides were set up by the usual suspects in a war of white genocide and gentile exploitation by the same old chicken swingers. The Hebrew carpet baggers and Hebrew war profiteers are one the wars most distinguishing characteristics, as they are for every war for the last few centuries if not millennia.

    The Talmudic strategy of divide and conquer in the US in the lead up to the Civil War was as obvious and as crass as it is with the Plandemic today. The “vaccinated” are as ready to ostracize and sanction the unvaccinated today as the abolitionists were ready to ostracize and sanction slave owners back then. Ditto Warmists vs. Deniers. Ditto Homo’s and Tranny’s vs. Christians. Ditto the Abortionists vs. Right to Lifers, just look at this:

    It gets worse, Reconstruction was just the “new normal” for the South in 1865. Lee was a Freemason, as were McClellan, Sherman and Sheridan. The “Civil War”, just like the “American Revolution”, just like the “French Revolution” were genocidal Masonic subversion operations. The mind control and mass hypnosis has just gotten stronger decade after decade for centuries.

    Where the US, and the entire planet, find themselves today is merely one point on a multiple millennia long continuum. The world wars were being planned already in 1871 by 33 degree Freemason Albert Pike. The Russian Revolution was being planned already at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. The Plandemic has been decades in the making, and the use of bio-warfare as a weapon of “progressive change” is as old as the use of starvation, and as old as the use of mass immigration.

    So no, the South cannot rise again. It is too late, that train left the station in 1865, and was cemented into place when hundreds of thousands of southerners fought and died for the ZOG-Yankee empire starting with the Spanish American war. The only hope for Humanity now, including Judea, is if all groups rise up against the Sabbatean-Frankist mind controllers. Unfortunately Orthodox, Communist and Zionist Jews are the Frankist thugs, bullying the goyim, who benefit massively from this Talmudic mind control grid. They are a critical part of the problem, and they are even more incapable of waking up than the goyim.

    • Replies: @TGD
  51. Modern day White Southerners are [email protected] who spend all their time worshipping (mostly Black) college football players.

    Research the “hostess” programs that used to operate in big Div 1 football powerhouses. The university athletic departments used to supply college football stars with girls for recreational sex. The theory was that supplying athletes with girls would entice them to commit to a particular university, and cause them to perform better.

    Interestingly, the comfort women were almost 100% White (usually sorority girls), while the athletes were mainly Black. It was typically the White male coaches, athletic staff, and boosters who recruited the girls. These “hostess” programs were especially popular in the Southern SEC universities.

    As you’d expect, lots of rapes ended up happening. So the “hostess” programs are gone now.

    By the way, as strange as this all sounds, I am NOT making this up. These “hostess” programs existed as recently as a few years ago.

    Watch more here (below video). Start watching at 30 seconds in, when the reporter starts talking about “hostesses” being sent to have sex with college football recruits.

    More here (below video).

    Steve Sailer blogged about this here. See below link.

    If you want to see what these girls look like, here’s a video of some “Aggie Hostesses.”

    In the video below, a White Southern father introduces his daughter to some tall Black sports baller.

    Watch from 0:15-0:19. 4 seconds.

    This is all utterly stunning beyond belief.

    People talk a lot about female “sports groupies,” but the reality is that it’s the men who are the most fanatical jock-worshippers out there. People talk a lot about the “disloyalty” of White women, but the reality is that White men are even worse. People talk a lot about young females pursuing athletes, but the reality is that it’s their fathers who LITERALLY pimp them out and then brag “my daughter is dating a sports star.”

    You can’t even blame the above on the Jews, liberals, or foreigners. It’s overwhelmingly White Southern conservative men who financed and ran these “hostesses” programs. These programs are now gone (mostly due to feminists), they survived for a very long time due to a the grassroots support from Southern men.

    Whatever the South once was long ago, it no longer is today.

    This is America.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @BluEidDvl
  52. R.C. says:
    @Mike Holley

    It seems you think that he’s a descendant of carpetbaggers, but I believe he’s black so his people streamed north.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  53. Lee’s strategy of a war of attrition was criminal. Davis was equally culpable in this tragedy. A pox upon both of their souls.

  54. gotmituns says:

    The South’ll never rise again. Too many blacks and liberal Yankees down there now. I tried to join my local Klan chapter and they said they didn’t want Radicals like me.

    • Replies: @Half Back
    , @some_loon
  55. Jluker says:

    If dissolving the Constitution, establishing an elective dictatorship, indebting your states to the point of insolvency (as they still are), then yes you won. Congratulations!

  56. Sarah says:

    In the 19th century, progress meant improvements, inventions (railroads, telephone…). Since then, the meaning of the word progress has been diverted and perverted.
    “PROGRESS” means progress towards THEIR goals. And it is not for the good of all of us.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  57. Sarah says:

    White Europeans are now only 59% of the US population and this percentage is decreasing every day. It is a fact and if they don’t do something about it, they will go to extinction and suffer the fate of the South Africans or the Rhodesians.

    If you don’t want to leave the US, then I suggest Whites move systematically to the northern US, even a few miles every time they want a new home or a new job and even to “blue” states or counties.

    Local secessions will not lead to a homogeneous white European state of one block but to confetti surrounded by hostiles states.

    And Washington’s armies would crush them one by one.

    Another reason to move north is the strong immigration pressure from the southern border.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  58. @Cowtown Rebel

    I agree with you cowtown rebel. I am a hindu Indian who lived in the south for many years and then all over the country and the southern hospitality and affection was unmatched.

    What I feel is this: this is a philosophical quandary. Where have two groups lived in happy unison anywhere in the world? This is not rocket science….life is a struggle, a fight. Each individual has a unique perspective. Two brothers dont get along how can two races or religions? I remember reading in my history books about JFK and how he was scared he wont be elected because he wasnt catholic. Even religions are divided.

    I think middle Americans are very naive and nice. They shouldn’t have cared for new Yorkers dying in 9/11….the way I see things they should loathe the coastal masses. Middle Americans are the butt of jokes on both the coasts, I dont have to tell you this and yet southerners were the most passionate and upset in the following days.

    In my opinion secession is the only answer. A white ethnostate must be created. Do something, do anything….create a false flag scene. Then march to a state and take it with guns….storming the Bastille. I doubt senile Joe and the American military would do much. I wont write a lot because I’ve written about all this everywhere but this is the only solution in my opinion. Typing on a keyboard, pondering and ruminating wont do anything. Action. Action..Can you march to Maine(95% white already) and take it and create a white ethnostate?

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  59. Rich says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    If you are pro-White, why are you cutting away at least 50% of your allies with your anti-Yankee stance? The North and South fought, how many of those Union soldiers do you think would be okay with what the US has become? How many Pale skinned immigrants and their descendants approve of black criminality and forced integration? Soldiers from both sides, North and South, were able to make peace after the War, now, that our numbers are dwindling, do you think it’s wise to further divide the White race? I’m the grandson of European immigrants who arrived in the 20th century, I think we can all stand together and if we do, we can build a homeland for our children. If we argue over who was the more righteous at Bull Run, we all lose.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  60. @By-tor

    This comment is sooooooo deeply ignorant and frankly stupid that i pity you.

    • LOL: Corrupt
    • Replies: @cosMICjester
  61. G. Poulin says:

    I’m not convinced that the right of secession was murky. The Constitution formed a federal government of limited, specific powers. Everything else was the domain of the States. The Constitution did not specifically grant the federal government the right to prevent peaceful, democratic secession —therefore it had no such right. Conversely, the Constitution did not curtail the sovereign rights of the individual States (which necessarily includes the right to withdraw from the pact) — therefore the States retained that right. One of the reasons the Tenth Amendment is so little heard from in our jurisprudence is that it is just so damned inconvenient to our rulers on the Potomac.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Thanks: Weaver
    • Replies: @Weaver
  62. @shylockcracy

    If returning to the past is the answer, y’all might as well start advocating giving back the 60% of Mexico the US kept after 1848, would get rid of a lot of the spics and niggas that inhabit that area.

    Sadly true.

    My sympathy belongs to the south, but the south has been a curse to my people. Or was that wretched man Wilson not a southerner?

  63. @The Real World

    Huge Difference – I didn’t, and wouldn’t, go to their States and start out by forcing them to change. Of course, I’m bigoted, provincial and discontented. Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve got people who insist on living around me, Black, Yankee, Foreign, etc… all of whom want to deride my ancestry, ridicule me, and complain.

    There is absolutely no reason why I should be respectful or cordial to someone who only wants to displace me, while simultaneously mocking and condemning me. There was a Northern Gentleman on this thread, anarchyst, who wrote that he understood what I was talking about, and that he wanted to be a part of our culture when he arrived, not subvert it. I acknowledge the conscientious Copperheads, and those, today, who wish to escape from a North that they no longer recognize and flee South to what they hope are greener acres.

    There’s some strange, shared notion among Cuckservatives and Liberals, that a Leftwing Dingbat can act as Nutty as a Fruit Cake, and that’s not only acceptable, it’s to be expected. But, Rightwing, Stuffed Shirts are supposed to be as prim and as proper as a Preacher’s Wife, never showing their anger, never offending anyone, never cursing, shouting, or God Forbid! fighting, and always Losing.

    Sorry, Charlie. I grew up as a minority in my neighborhood, and, Thank God!, I learned to give as good as I got from an early age. Guilt Trips and School Boy Scolding won’t work on me. That might be an effective tactic with your average, apologetic, kneeling, groveling, wavering, trembling, compromising Republicuck, but not me.

  64. Half Back says:

    i don’t really remember where i saw this information but Georgia has over 1500 storage nukes. Thats in the South? Just saying…..

  65. Hossein says:

    The south will rise again when red necks grow a new brain.

  66. Anon[169] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The South will rise again.. Or, alternately, move out of the “black belt” and into the West and Mid-West, and perhaps the Capitol will be somewhere in Northern Idaho.. I’ll settle for whatever we can get.

  67. @Observator

    EVERY war ever fought is/was a rich mans war and a poor mans fight.

  68. Maddaugh says:

    “Can the South rise again ?”

    Everyone knows that one Negro can ruin everything. With all dem darkies in the South the question should be “When will the South hit the bottom ?”

    “Can the South rise again?”. Can Santa come down the chimney on Christmas Eve ?

  69. Invention of Machine collecting cotton made Negro redundant. That should have been time to repatriate all Negros back to Africa.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  70. @obwandiyag

    Your great grandfather did what he thought was right but you have had enough time to come to an understanding that he helped Lincoln’s tyranny triumph.

    That is a victory, of sorts, but it is victory that resulted in you losing liberty.

  71. @Sarah

    Many words have altered meanings now. A few examples include:

    Tolerance – defined as “being willing to tolerate something, opinions or behavior, that you don’t agree with.” To the Left, tolerance implies not only acceptance, but accordance and celebration.

    Diversity – defined as “variety,” “difference” and “assortment,” an antonym is “unity.” To the Left, diversity means “All Around The World, We Are One.”

    Racist – a word that didn’t seem to exist until the 1950’s, it was shortened from an earlier term, “Racialist.” Interestingly, over time, the definition was abbreviated too. Initially, the word Racialist had several definitions, beginning with “someone who puts the interest of their race over others.” Another definition was “someone who believes that their race is superior and has the right to rule over others.” Other definitions were somewhere between those two. Now, only the latter definition can be found under the word “Racist.” Yet, to a Liberal, any Ethnic or Religious Minority that exclusively represents, and lobbies for the welfare of, their own race or creed, is considered a “Champion of Their People!” Only White People, who are proud of their own heritage, who are focused on their own communities, and who are concerned about their own children’s future are defined as “Racists!”

    It is interesting to compare older dictionaries (which often came in two volumes) with newer editions. The expanded definitions and wonderfully descriptive archaic terms are priceless.

    • Thanks: Sarah, John Regan
  72. @Zarathustra

    Back to their ROOTS (Including Chicken George) ((He He)

  73. George says:

    “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King

    Unless the ‘legacy’ South can come together the ‘legacy’ South will continue to die together like fools.

  74. gte757n says:

    The “Old South” will never rise again, because of the negro infestation that runs through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. I live in Atlanta, and even in North Druid Hills I feel like I’m at risk of being killed or injured because of the negroes.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  75. @JohnnyWalker123

    Only 1/4 of the people living in Texas today were born here. The percentage of those who have ancestry that dates back to The War to Prevent Southern Independence is minuscule. Those whose lineage extends to The Republic of Texas is infinitesimal.

    The National Fixation on Football aside, are you seriously telling me that idiots with a slice of styrofoam cheese on their head are any less enamored of their Negroid athletes than the Southern Cuckolds? Or, that the Chris Farley SNL Skit “The Bulls,” “The Bears” wasn’t an accurate depiction of a Chicago Sports Fan? Dollars to Donuts, you’ll find Northern Universities engaging in the same detestable practices.

    At least I haven’t seen any Southern White Men incinerating their own Cities to demonstrate their solidarity with Burning Looting Murdering, Negroids. That appears to be almost exclusively a Northeastern – Northwestern inclination. Are you seriously going to try to convince me that there isn’t a lot of Coal Burning taking place in those environs? Is anyone up there… anyone at all… condemning or taking a stand against CRT, LGBQTXYZ, Antifa, BLM, or any of the deviancy, anarchy, and gang ridden violence and destruction that plague your communities like the rats that have overrun Chicago? No, Yankees are still much too consumed with smugly chortling and boasting about their perceived moral and academic superiority. They no longer attempt to lay claim to a spiritual elevation over us. Having abandoned their belief in God, they now chide us for “Clinging to Our Bibles.”

    Sadly, this is America, indeed. What we don’t need is another Johnny Sourmash seeking to further undermine us by equating all of us with morons who likely don’t even share our blood. To point out these abysmal occurrences is one thing, to use them as more ammunition against us is quite another matter. Those who are featured in those videos may very well be your not too distant cousins.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  76. Weaver says:

    Divide and conquer is a huge reason to question Southern movements, unless they tolerate others. Additionally, you can readily see how secession could lead to the “South” embracing some Latin identity in opposition to other whites, which of course would be a new nation, not really the “South.”

    59% doesn’t tell the entire story. The percentage is far worse if you take age into account. Whites are not having children, and they are killing themselves with drugs and such. The US will be like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela unless something changes, by which I just mean the US will be Latin with those ethnic and wealth/power divides (not referencing percentages).

    However, it might be that the US can’t easily unite against whites if so diverse. Separately, many Latinos are mostly white. So, perhaps survival is possible if whites insist on marrying other whites while being friendly to nonwhites. Jews, of course, believe they can just marry other Jews and so endure in a diverse polity. Whites, currently, don’t seem to have that ability.

    It is frightening how focused US society currently is on white extinction. People say to fear the Chinese, Arabs, Afghans, etc. No foreign group seems to want our extinction like the powerful here want. And yet, one finds American whites obsessed with fighting “our” wars, as if it even matters the results in Afghanistan. Soldiers always want people to praise them; I tell them I feel sorry for them, hope they’re safe. Soldiers complain they aren’t cared for, but then they declare their support for the wars. What are they fighting for? They want some cause to serve, but there is no cause.

    As a race, whites look like monkeys currently. We’re heavily manipulated, being wiped out. It’s really sad. And then you come to odd corners of the Internet to find people proclaiming how superior they are. What are we superior in again? We’re dying out more quickly than probably has any group in history.

    It might be that, in the end, only ~1% (random percentage) of whites survive in recognisable form, as a minority living among others. We might become like the Jews. And Jews are insane to wipe us out. No one is going to worship them as whites have, unless Jews think they can just intermarry with a different race.

    Anyway, those who have kids, and raise them well, inherit the future.

    Just to point out, we’re hated in part because of colonialism. People got sick of hearing whites talk of how superior they claimed to be. And there seemed to be reaction against Europeans rapidly spreading across the world, with so much of others’ heritage lost in the process.

    If whites can just not be monkeys, we might be able to survive. For a time, you’d see everywhere whites talking about how the English naturally thrive in individualistic competition. Social Darwinism. How we’re genetically individualistic, etc. etc. People got sick of that nonsense. Even I got sick of it. We were behaving like monkeys. And the liberalism whites praised as ours, WASP liberalism, empowers bad elites. It’s like an ideology for people who have no history, are relearning political science by making new mistakes again. Our history is full of warnings against wealth gaps, harmful culture, bad government, etc. We were behaving like monkeys.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Sarah
  77. BluEidDvl says:

    Absolutely. The South will NEVER “rise” again. It’s “men” are more cucked than any other place I’ve ever seen. When I was in Georgia doing contractual work for the airlines, the amount of pretty White girls I saw with the blackest, greasiest, most simian looking black guys utterly shocked me. Southern men it seemed cared FAR more about their “team” winning the game than than their children’s own future or their daughters virtue?.

    If somehow they ever attained their independence, they’d be an instant 3rd world country. The huge black population that’d be a massive millstone around its neck. The miscegenation that’d assure its further slide into degradation. It’s peculiar & deeply fatalistic form of evangelical Christianity. It’s very low educational attainment, with a contempt even for the sciences & intellectual pursuits. It’s terrible heath standards & massive obesity rates & all it’s ensuing problems (walk into ANY Walmart/Target in the South & you’d know exactly what I mean).

    It may some day finally win it’s independence, but it will NEVER “rise” again.. 🤔

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  78. TGD says:

    So no, the South cannot rise again.

    Rockabilly great, the late Charlie Daniels, says “the South’s Gonna Do It Again!”

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  79. @Bert

    “Reconstruction however created one that lasted until the Jewish media began to denigrate Southern culture.– Truly woke people around my parts refer to Reconstruction as Redestruction.

  80. @gte757n

    “North Druid Hills”. Ironic– Druid;

    a priest, magician, or soothsayer in the ancient Celtic religion.

  81. @By-tor

    You put the bow on his package. Thanks.

  82. Secession has been active for decades, it’s just ideological (for now.)

    Other than Conservatives trapped behind enemy lines in blue states, I don’t consider blue staters to be Americans (the punchline is neither do they.)

    Red States need their own national capitol, currency, borders and even stock market. There will be challenges aplenty with such an arrangement but on a smaller, more manageable scale.

    If a mere corporation can recognize it’s too large to accomplish goals and breaks up, then imagine the work needed to reduct the federal mafia behemoth.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  83. 3g4me says:

    @26 Doodlebaby: Recommending the Hitler Channel, unironically, as an unimpeachable source. Sailer’s commentariat.

  84. “For the progressivist, religion, particularly the Christian religion, becomes just one more obstacle to be tamed, neutralized, and lastly, employed in the advance to a universal secular utopia.”

    In as much as I abhor Islam and Muslims, I must say that it won’t be easy for the “progressivist” to subdue that lot, not because it’s brave in the traditional sense but it’s fanatically brutal.

  85. @TKK

    “NC is over. Every town you go to- the Mexican’s are taking over. Who helps them with the paperwork? Who deals with the Bureaucratic Red Tape that trips up other small business owners? That is a conspiracy to investigate but no one cares.”

    The answer is Yankee Liberals.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  86. Weaver says:
    @G. Poulin

    I need to wrap up commenting at Unz before I lose a week doing it, but as I recall secession had been discussed but intentionally left out of the Constitution. So, it was not a forgotten or overlooked issue. My suspicion is it was left out to pass the Constitution, because states wouldn’t have joined had secession been banned.

    There’s some record there, some conversation. Maybe in the Federalist/Antifederalist Papers?

    We’re right in the arguments, and I’ll never admit guilt over the South. But I hope everyone here will recongise the need to focus on the future, realpolitik. I’m fine with Yankees, today. I just want their children to learn my history, my culture as part of their education. I mean to say, our culture is healthier. There are a great many different groups today. I’ll work with anyone who will tolerate me.

    Mike Tuggle became a writer. He probably reaches more people today than he used to. That might be a constructive action, focusing on the culture as he does. He also practices a martial art, Okinawan I believe. If I don’t see a reply, I appreciate that so many here care about the South. If I could be of use to someone, I’d do what I could do. If I said anything I shouldn’t have in this thread, I apologise.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  87. Che Guava says:

    … or writiing, although some in the northern parts got it from Egypt, others then from Greece then Rome, then Arabs.

    Except for the bunch in the sth. of Egypt, none of those groups are really black African.

    The other exception, Ethiopia, they didn’t make their own way of writing, but had a literate class for over two millenia. The rest of the continent, shore-to-shore subnormal.

  88. Che Guava says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Sick of Orcs,

    I read enough about your place of birth, and also sick of a much lower concentration of orcs. However, the great virus mass-delusion has made them, though not their progeny, largely disappear here.

    From my distant and never having been there perspective, any idea of secession has two main problems.

    The deep U.S.A. countryside is littered with nuclear missile silos.

    How does that go with local or state secession?

    The judiciary is riddled with Soros-appointed morons, how do you work around them?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  89. Che Guava says:

    The solution to your fake problem is very simple. Don’t post so compulsively.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  90. Trinity says:

    Many Southerners both Black and White did migrate to Northern cities like Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore ( IF you consider Baltimore a Northern city,) my uncle and father went from rural southern Georgia to work in the General Motors plant in Baltimore. So the poster who talked about Southerners fleeing “up north” way back yonder is true. HOWEVER, I can’t ever remember my father or uncle talking about how much better it was down south the way Yankees talk about “it was better up north” or this gem, “this is how we did it up north.” In Florida, where meeting a Florida native back in the Seventies through Nineties was rare, as a transplant myself, I got so sick of Yankees downing Florida and talking about how much better it was in places like Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana OF ALL PLACES. Ohio? Indiana? Michigan? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME.

    Some of the biggest and dumbest “rednecks” that I ever met in my life were from places like Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Not that being a redneck is a bad thing because my ancestors are rednecks or what I call flatland hillbillies from Georgia. Try driving an hour and half and/or two hours or so above NYC and check out places like Port Jervis, Middletown, Goshen, Pouhkeepsie, Fair View, etc. haha. I saw more snuff dipping dudes up there than I did when I lived in the town of Albany, Georgia. Of course Albany, Georgia is now at least 75% Black and one of the worst places in the state to live.

    I can talk about the Yankee vs. Southerner thing having spent time in Yankee land of NYC and Baltimore which REAL Southerners actually consider as Yankees even though a New Yawker would consider a Baltimoron a Southerner. Southerners do in fact have a problem with being phony when it comes to over the top friendliness which isn’t real aka Southern Hospitality which is completely a put on. As for the back stabbing Southerners that someone mentioned, is backstabbing more prominent in the South than in the North? NOPE. Backstabbers in each community. Southern Georgia has some pretty square deal, man of their word type of people, salt of the earth type of people, while here in Northern Georgia you have plenty of back stabbing Yankees in the Atlanta area and backstabbing mountain folk above Atlanta who were born and raised right here in Georgia. Southerners have a bad habit up here in the JawJuh mountains of giving lip service to something they never have any intention of doing while the people in upstate New Yawk were pretty true to their word if they said they were going to do something. Lived in the places as different as Omaha and New York City, Baltimore and Greenwood, S.C. and the people of Omaha were the most trustworthy, GENUINELY NICE, and honest folks by far.

    The poster saying Yankees have flooded the South and try to turn the South into what they RAN AWAY from is SPOT ON. Unlike the migrating Southerners who went to cities up North WAY BACK YONDER, Yankees bitch, moan, and think they are better than their Southern brethren. Well as I mentioned, some of the dumbest people that I have ever met in my life were Yankees. No common sense, racially VERY NAIVE TO THE POINT OF BEING UTTERLY STUPID. And the posters saying that Southerners just go silent when the J word is mentioned is right about that, but Southerners whether they be Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, or Methodist do fawn over Jews. Of course, I have a friend in upstate New York that is a philo-Semite and it isn’t as if Catholics do not fawn over Jews as well, and yes there are Southerners who were born in the South who are Catholic and no they live in other states besides Louisiana.

    The Yankee ALONG WITH VARIOUS NONWHITES has indeed RUINED much of the South that they invaded unlike the White Southerner who came North and helped improve cities like Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore. THAT IS A FACT. My father worked with a great deal of ex-Southerners who worked for General Motors, a great many from Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee. I watched the Yankee do his share of ruining Florida. Of course, the Yankee didn’t do as much damage as the Jew or his nonwhite WMD, but the Yankee for the most part was not a good thing for Florida hence the popular bumper stickers, “Welcome To The South, Now Go Home” or the classic “We Don’t Care How You Did It Up North.” Yep, WE really didn’t care what or how you did things in Hicksville, New York or Bumpkin, Indiana, really we don’t and didn’t. When in Rome.

  91. @By-tor

    But I read that three black women were the brains behind the Space Program.

    • LOL: frankie p
    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  92. @Mike Holley

    But Southern states are not a separate nation. Their ratio of blacks to Whites is much higher than that of most other states and getting higher all of the time. This represents one of the most intractable problems faced by would-be secessionists there.

  93. @Joseph Doaks

    There’s also a fairly large contingency of educated bilingual Latinx professionals who help them too.
    And there’s a large contingency of registered voter anchor baby community college graduates for good measure.

    NC’s Secretary of State (a carpetbagging former Kinston, NC gift shop owner from Maryland) has even let illegal alien Hispanics (and presumably other ethnicities too) get Notary Public seals. NC’s so called powerful Republican controlled legislature hasn’t lifted a finger to impeach her as they are too busy diddling with the tax codes and business regulatory codes to benefit their donor classes.

  94. nsa says:

    Move over Jeff Davis and Alex Stephens. President of the newly arisen south should be none other than Dame Lindsey Graham of Central SC……every noveau reb could get behind (literally) Lindsey. Veep is another obvious choice…..the former Chippendale dancer, Marco Rubio of Miami FL, adding a little salsa to the executive branch. Of course, the newly arisen south needs a dollop of enlightenment and neo-liberal diversity so the honorable Lloyd Austin of Mobile Al could replace the military fuckup, Rob E. Lee. Of course the yids need representation also, so the inauguratioin music could be provided by Kinky Friedman of Austin and his Texas Jewboys. The newly arisen flag could be glittering stars on rainbow bars……..

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  95. The South will never rise again and America no longer even exists… both were destroyed by the Jewish Immigration Act of 1965 sometimes called the Hart-Celler Act. We now labor under Jewish tyranny.

  96. @Weaver

    Yours have been great comments in general, Mr. Weaver. Thank you.

  97. GMC says:

    I have enjoyed many of the posts here today , the Southern commenters along with the Northerners got to teach some valid history . When you mentioned Donbass in east Ukraine I had to add that they have taken on the Southern battle flag but removed the stars and made the bars a lighter blue. I was very happy to see that happen, as there are Americans that are living and fighting for Donbas. Hello Texas in Donbas !

    • Replies: @Weaver
  98. Che Guava says:

    i like Hank Jrs’ ‘If the South would have won’, thanks to Anglin for that. I had one of Hank jrs cds before, I bought it by mistake, thinking it was Hank III.

    It was still pretty good.

    I want to ask southern states supporting people, what do you think of Cold Mountain, not the stupid film, but the novel? I read it twice.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  99. Look no further than Hollywood aka GlobalHomo altering history to suit their One World, One Gender, Rainbow Caliphate agenda. The History Channel is filled with deep twisted alterations of history.
    They’ll never be a series about the original Jews being from a group of Arabs, and why Hebrew and Arabic are very similar languages, and why Hebrew and Islamic religious traditions are so close., and why Jews turned up in Spain with the Arabs with similarity of language, and alphabet.
    Then there’s the Dead Sea scrolls Hoax.
    The Dead Sea scrolls are a mixture of old documents that were hidden in a number of caves to be found and used to support the establishment of Israel, a country intended for Jews only.
    The first documents were “found” in 1947, and Israel was created in 1948.
    It’s clear the Dead Sea scrolls, and other texts from the Judean Desert, are simply a bunch of old documents that have been thrown together, planted in the desert, and sold to a gullible world.

    These are the same lies JMedia/GlobalHomo/academia/Gov are pushing 24/7/365 about US and world history today. They will not be satisfied until every confederate/white historical statue/tombstone/monument/structure is destroyed, burned and thrown into the ash heaps of history.

  100. @WingsofADove

    Great song, needs polishing up a bit, but a diamond in the rough.
    I can hear a rap version of that song also. That’s how you get to young audience these days. And don’t forget white southern girls twerking fo all doz Magic Negroz in da south. /s

    • Replies: @Trinity
  101. Many people from down south are staunch evangelicals with unwavering support for Israel along with a penchant for subsidizing the luxury lifestyles of the profit preachers who promote it.

  102. @Che Guava


    Thanks for writing.

    The nukes question actually works to our advantage. Red states and blue states both have nukes, effectively keeping an extended civil war from occurring or a foreign nation from invading.

    In a #Secession scenario, we would no longer chained to the federal mafia and its judiciary stooges.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  103. Sarah says:

    Soldiers always want people to praise them; I tell them I feel sorry for them, hope they’re safe. Soldiers complain they aren’t cared for, but then they declare their support for the wars. What are they fighting for? They want some cause to serve, but there is no cause.

    Do you want your sons and grandsons, and perhaps soon your daughters and granddaughters to be not only victims of rampant insecurity but to serve as cannon fodders for warmongers and war profiteers?

    A White European should not join the US army. I recommend the same to US citizens of East-Asian, South-East-Asian and Indian races.

    If you ever feel that Washington wants to re-establish the draft, go back to your country of origin; start preparations now, just in case.

    Share my advice as much as possible, and tell the people you share it with to do the same.

    • Replies: @Anon
  104. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t know where you got the figures for the secession vote. Maybe the secession vote from Britain. Wait. We didn’t get a say in that one. Only 30% would have voted for that anyway. The first Southern state to vote for independence was South Carolina. All areas of the state voted for secessionists candidates to the Secession Convention. All 169 delegates were secessionists. Unionists in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana reacted to loosing so badly in South Carolina that they dropped the union slate entirely, replacing it with Co-operative Secessionists. Co-operative Secessionists were for all the the Southern states seceding in unison. The idea was that it would slow the secession process until it ran out of steam. It didn’t work. The six deep South states voted easily for independence except for Mississippi which was controlled by the conservative slave owners in the Delta area. Mississippi did vote for independence but it was a battle. In addition to secessionists winning handily over unionists in Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina and Virginia in the Conventions- conventions were the legal vehicle for secession- these states also held plebiscites directly on independence. Virginia voted 90% for secession (80% including West Virginia). The city of Richmond voted 3682 for secession and just three (3) against. It’s safe to assume two votes were from the brothers of Elizabeth Van Lew, one of the biggest slave owners in Richmond, and the other was the Editor of the “Whig”. Southerners were strongly in favor of independence and any suggestion that we weren’t is simply dishonest. All eleven Southern states voted for convention delegates that gave 66% or more for secession 66% or more was needed for secession. 40% wouldn’t have done it.

  105. Trinity says:

    MOST of the White girls you see with Black men in the South are Yankee transplants, not all of them, some are GENUINE “GRITS” but the MAJORITY are snowbirds from the North.

    The Capitol Of Salt and Pepper White Female/Black Male couples PER CAPITA has to be the Tampa Bay area and even extends to Orlando, so maybe the I-4 corridor is the Capitol. Right dab in the middle between Tampa and Orlando is Lakeland, and per capita that place is the worst I have ever seen for Black male-White female couples. AND MOST ARE either ex-Yankees or the children of ex-Yankees who invaded Florida by the droves.

  106. @obwandiyag

    Your grandfather was digging latrines & graves eggplant. He didn’t help build the country either. The majority of the USA outside of a couple southern states & metro areas were 90% white well into the 70’s. While whites fled to the suburbs orcs turned beautiful cities into crime filled hellholes.

  107. @Calif, from Lyon, France

    Sorry that the “TRUF” hurts your fragile sensibilities

  108. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:

    This is the Zio/tribal calculated IMPLOSION of the American Empire Internally/Externally. Internally the USA is a dying democracy, with all Civil liberties, freedoms being taken away under the NEW Federalism that will erase all and any STATE rights. The DOJ/AG Kommisars have vowed to prosecute and UNdo the TX Abortions, Elections Integrity LAWS in direct/express violations of the States Constitutional Rights..Now DOJ/AG had threatening to arrests RED MAGA common mom/pop/grandparents local community Canvassers wth?? In the age of terrorism the DOJ/AG will spent its time and resources in arresting common folks for canvassing..The USA is being spent into obliteration with TRILLIONS to finance the new WOKE America last ideology. The DOLLAR is being shed off the International Investments boards. Externally Afghanistan is the most visual/ REAL picture of USA massive international WOKE policies..CHINA will rule over the New Woke Order at the expense of the USA Military. We are entering the age of the POST WW II PAX Americana order, The USA won the Cold War BUT lost the FUTURE deliberately…The American Nation/Culture was/is the perfect ESSEMTIAL Nataion to lead the world with its exeptionalality in politics/sciences/arts/industry/commerce/ and its UNIQUE historical diverse/immigrants/ amalgamation…BUT the NEOCONS brought about the planned/calculated/destruction of America..

  109. Can the South Rise Again?

    Short answer: no. It lost the shooting war >150 years ago. It keeps losing the culture war in recent years. Southern sates cowardly removed the Southern banner from their flags. Losers are what losers do.

    • Agree: Tony massey
  110. NO it can’t check the demographics. They get even worse w/ every census.

  111. Rise to what? The bait?

    Charlie Daniels sucks.

    • Disagree: Rich
  112. If the South were to secede from the Union and became a sovereign state, both the north and south would be united in their total subservience to the Jews. And just as our European lapdogs obediently join America in fighting wars for the Jews, secession of the south would add another powerful Jewish lobby to consolidate the Jewish occupation of our country.

  113. Anon[112] • Disclaimer says:

    …. A White European should not join the US army. I recommend the same to US citizens of East-Asian, South-East-Asian and Indian races…..

    So true my friend

    • Thanks: Sarah
  114. TheMoon says:

    Well. *something* needs to rise up and seperate if humanity is to have any hope of avoiding a potentially unending hellworld run by psychopaths. Split away, kick out the shit tier people, and focus the collective resources of the new country into getting the hell off Clown World Earth. Establish colonies in space and, once self sufficient, use kinetic energy weapons (asteroids) to pulp the surface of the Earth into guacamole to remove the reamining useless kruft of the human race, and then repopulate.

    Reduce the cost per kilogram to orbit by an order of magnitude or two. That’s the key to everything. Make space cheap and everything else is just basic engineering problems.

  115. So long as people feel the need to lord over their brethren it’ll never cease. And, indeed, the day will come when nobody remembers or even cares anymore, because mere survival will be at the top of the menu, up to that day far into the future when they have the time and means to contemplate. And thus the cycle continues.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  116. Judging from the comments, answer to the OP is:

    Definitively – NO!

    Growing up between N and S, one learns that there are unspoken understandings that northerners arrive at and that they act upon together, and it is both the first unconscious and later conscious inability, then refusal, to acknowledge this northern unspokenness – that inevitably leads to southern undoing.

    I’m not sure how sympathetic I should be to southerners on account of this – the quality is clear, long standing, total and presents itself with defiance when called out. What is one to make of it?

    In any case – this is the very most help I can give you – to say what northerners know, and act upon, but will never say:

    As goes Texas, so goes the country

    So – wherever you come from on this – wherever – if, you, care – shut up, put away your keyboard, and get behind Texas, being able to be Texas.

    Lose that, and all is lost. Everything.

  117. Jluker says:

    Ironies abound indeed. And loyalties in the North were certainly “divided.”

    “Among the unconstitutional and dictatorial acts performed by Lincoln were initiating and conducting a war by decree for months without the consent or advice of Congress; declaring martial law; confiscating private property; suspending habeas corpus; conscripting the railroads and censoring telegraph lines; imprisoning as many as 30,000 Northern citizens without trial; deporting member of Congress, Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio, after Vallandigham – a fierce opponent of the Morrill tariff — protested imposition of an income tax at a Democratic Party meeting in Ohio; and shutting down hundreds of Northern newspapers.” Richardson’s “Defense of the South,” p.20.

    Seems odd that the dictator Lincoln would have to go through so much trouble if the North were “solid.”

    But then Lincoln himself was often confused.

    “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right; a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right connected to cases in which the whole people of an existing government, may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people that can, may revolutionize, and make their own, of so much territory as they inhabit.” Abraham Lincoln

    It certainly wasn’t a “solid” decision on the part of blacks to support an invasion of the South. Professor Edward Smith, Director of American Studies at American University, Lead Study for the Smithsonian Institute, and a proud African American, says “Stonewall Jackson had 3,000 fully-equipped black troops fully integrated throughout his corps at Antietam – the war’s bloodiest battle.” Dr. Smith says “between 60,000 and 93,000 blacks served the Confederacy in some capacity. These black Confederate soldiers no more fought to preserve slavery than their successors fought WWI and WWII to preserve Jim Crow and segregation. They fought because their homeland was attacked.”

    Nor was it a “solid” decision for the Cherokees.

    “Declaration by the People of the Cherokee Nation (1st & last paragraphs)”
    “But in the Northern States the Cherokee people saw with alarm a violated Constitution, all civil liberty put in peril, and all the rules of civilised warfare and the dictates of common humanity and decency unhesitatingly disregarded. In States which still adhered to the Union a military despotism has displaced the civil power and the laws became silent amid arms. Free speech and almost free thought became a crime. The right to the writ of habeas corpus, guaranteed by the Constitution, disappeared at the nod of a Secretary of State or a general of the lowest grade. The mandate of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was set at naught by the military power, and this outrage on common right approved by a President sworn to support the Constitution.”

    “Menaced by a great danger, they exercise the inalienable right of self-defense, and declare themselves a free people, independent of the Northern States of America, and at war with them by their own act. Obeying the dictates of prudence and providing for the general safety and welfare, confident of the rectitude of their intentions and true to the obligations of duty and honour, they accept the issue thus forced upon them, unite their fortunes now and forever with those of the Confederate States, and take up arms for the common cause, and with entire confidence in the justice of that cause and with a firm reliance upon Divine Providence, will resolutely abide the consequences.”

    Challenges certainly abounded in the “solid” North. The governors of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York reported that they could not enforce the draft without 10-20,000 troops in each state. Violent opposition struck in Wisconsin and Michigan. Four thousand Pennsylvanians refused to march south. Sherman wrote: “Mutiny was common to the whole army, and it was not subdued till several regiments, or parts of regiments had been ordered to Fort Jefferson, Florida, as punishment.”

    As for “limiting the out-of-control expansion of slavery,” that canard has been so demolished that it is amazing anyone uses that excuse. You can’t “expand slavery,” because you cannot grow cotton in the west and without cotton you can’t afford food, interest payments, wages (yes, skilled slaves were paid wages), insurance, etc. But you can set them up on farms growing grain for sale to the South as well as accessing the mineral wealth of the west. That’s not extension, that is EMANCIPATION!

    There were 250,000 freedmen in the South in 1860. They were freemen because they were emancipated, by Southerners.

    President Davis enlightens us all; “Removal is not extension. Indeed, if emancipation was the end to be desired, the dispersion of the negroes over a wider area among additional Territories, eventually to become States, and in climates unfavorable to slave labor, instead of hindering, would have promoted this object by diminishing the difficulties in the way of ultimate emancipation.”

    It always appears that the “solid” north was not so solid on the pretend issue of “slavery.”
    The following amendment to the Constitution relating to slavery was proposed by the 2d session of the Thirty-sixth Congress on March 2, 1861, when it passed the Senate, having previously passed the House on February 28, 1861. It is interesting to note in this connection that this is the only proposed (and not ratified) amendment to the Constitution to have been signed by the President. The President’s signature is considered unnecessary because of the constitutional provision that on the concurrence of two-thirds of both Houses of Congress the proposal shall be submitted to the States for ratification.

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following article be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of said Legislatures, shall be valid, to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution, viz:
    No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.

    Perpetuating the false stereotype of a “solid north” only serves those who support the anti-constitutional and pro-monarchist values of the old federalist class today. The memory of the Jeffersonians of the North should also be preserved.

    • Thanks: Bill Jones
  118. @Cowtown Rebel

    Sorry bud, but there isn’t much of a culture anywhere in the US anymore. Seriously now, what is Twenty First Century Southern Culture? Country Music and NASCAR? You can find both of those north of the Mason Dixon line as well. I am a Yankee transplant from the Detroit area, living in Sumter, SC now. People take things a bit slow here, but as far as culture, not much of a difference at all. Mass consumerism, rap, etc can all be found here. The massive influx of Yankees are partly to blame, but the yankee monopoly on mass media has done the majority of the damage. At this point, this bickering about the adverse effects of the Civil War are a grand waste of time. What done is done. Besides we have the new waves of mestizos to contend with, along with a new influx of Central Asians. Bickering among ourselves is pointless. We live in a cultural vacuum that is going to be filled up with quite a few new cultures. We get what we deserve. The almighty dollar became the national culture, and we went along with it.

    • Agree: SimpleSong, Tony massey
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  119. some_loon says:

    I tried to join my local Klan chapter and they said they didn’t want Radicals like me.

    Not evaluating anyone’s opinions or views here, but that sounds like being kicked out of the pawn shop for having a low credit rating.

    Maybe they thought you were FBI.

  120. ab irato says:

    Another factor was a poorly educated population in the south that was ill-suited for advanced technical work in manufacturing and at that time industries needed a capable highly skilled workforce.

    That’s why cutting-edge R&D has been done for several generations at Oak Ridge and Eastman Chemical. Wernher Von Braun was also pretty successful in Huntsville with his Alabama Redneck crew. Piss off Yankee troll.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  121. sulu says:

    Blacks revel in destroying White history because they have none themselves. They are a people with no past and no future. They have no idea where they came from other than a vague notion of being African. Most of them are bastards. Their last names mean nothing.


    • Agree: AKINDLE
  122. Boyd Cathey’s piece here brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing what I know to be true but could never put into words as beautifully as he has done.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  123. Jluker says:

    Thats it? That is your tactic? You have no argument, or many that have been discredited so you surrender with a blanket statement predicated upon what evidence? Indeed, explain exactly how if the South had not seceded that in any way or manner Lincoln and his criminal cohorts could have in any way affected or “abolished” any institution or the labor laws of ANY state in the Union?

    Because if not, your statement speaks for itself, to wit; empty and incoherent ramblings.

    Also, tell us what “pride” can be taken in the dissolution of the Constitution, establishing an elective dictatorship, eternal debt and martial law. Because I see nothing to pride in that.

  124. @By-tor

    Check out Rev. Dr. James David Manning’s video ‘The Problem With Black People’…
    Manning, I might add, is black.
    In the video, he also confirms that ‘black people never built one boat that was seaworthy..not one! Never built a structure out of stone, but only out of grass & wood!”

  125. Mevashir says:

    The full attack in recent years on Southern traditions, identity, and iconography is but a symptom, an element of an all-out assault on Western Christian civilization, its culture, and belief. Prominent members of the official opposition “conservative movement”—a Rich Lowry at National Review, a Brian Kilmeade at Fox News, or a Ben Shapiro, and any number of others—attempt to compartmentalize the ongoing “culture war” by accepting, even applauding the eradication of any visible sign of Confederate and Southern history. But like temporizers in any revolution they fail to understand the futility of their positions, which only abet the appetite of the radicals.

    Why do American Christian patriots see Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jewish ZOG apologist and bogus American imposter, as a spokesman for their interests?

  126. GenFranco says:

    Ha! I’m pretty sure your great-grandfather whined like a little bitch on the end of my great-grandfather’s whip. My great granddaddy had to emancipate his lazy ass and hire and Irishman to do a real day’s work. Whereupon your great-grandfather starved.

    My question to my great-grandfather: “Why the hell did you bring him here in the first place?”

  127. Rexton says:

    Hank Williams Jr. song ‘The South’s Gonna Rattle Again’ is now coming into fruition.
    This will be led by Texas, Tennessee, and the population of central & northern Florida.
    When I lived and worked in Ohio for 12 years, I saw a quiet, passive aggression against Southerners like myself.
    It was especially bad in the rust belt area of Youngstown!
    Funny thing is; those who caused those problems are now retired & living in Texas, Florida and Arkansas…contaminating the area with their unionized belief system and sense of entitlement!
    & every winter, beginning after Thanksgiving, the Kazarian Zionists invade Florida from the north, making the experience of living amongst them for 6 months unpleasant.
    When they aren’t employed being busybodies, they’re off suing those who stand-up against them!
    Just look at what lives in Miami Beach, Boca Raton and Palm Beach!

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel, Trinity
  128. A very good article that should not be discarded. Who are we if not the sons of our fathers? Were our fathers and our ancestors wrong thinkers? Not at all. Today our children are the product of the media. So what is the media? It is the spawn of Edward Bernays. If we can’t sieze and shutdown the television broadcast stations, we can at least turn the television off. Homeschool the children.

  129. Joodie says:

    Rise again, O Dixie, and kick that yankee Puritan butt back to England.

  130. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:

    The Neo-CONS – emphasis added with CONS – like the awful billie kristol, the lowry’s – lousy mother and son and nin-kom-poops like Shapiro are total frauds. They are plants in the conservative movement = making multiple attempts to sabotage it – while they promote Zionism and that awful apartheid state of Israelhell.

  131. Thim says:

    The South didn’t actually rise in 1861, it sank. It fell into the maws of a Jewish trap. The trap was laid in earnest via the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Wily Jews in London who owned American Industry through front men proxies knew it would develop into a bitter war.

    And it did, in Kansas, as the two sides, who hated niggers equally, fought over whether they should be used as farm equipment or sent back to The Heart Of Darkness. A terribly bitter war broke out over this issue in Kansas.

    The Jews in London, the Money Power, using their Goy puppets in Whitehall, have known for centuries how to get the designated victim to fire the first shots, in a war dreamed up and planned in The City.

    It proceeded magnificently, and within a few short years Beauregard was bombarding Fort Sumpter, and the big war was on.

    The Money Power had a lot of men on both sides, well paid, trying to start this fratricidal war. Some Yankees commiting outrageous provocations aimed at creating a secession, other Yankees in Washington selling Southern States weapons within weeks of the first battles.

    And the Masonic Knights of the Golden Circle, that dominated the secession movement, who was paying them? Someone was! Probably the very same people who were funding the Secret Six and John Brown, Jewish Bankers.

    Starting that war was a difficult operation. But with their centuries of experience, unlimited resources, control of newspapers ( north and south) they succeeded. The South fell into the trap and was destroyed.

    So, the real question is, Can the South fall again?

    Of course it can. The same people are pushing us in that direction. They would love for the South to fall again (secede). Then their military could complete the genocide they obviously want.

    Wise Southern men were quietly pleading with the crazies in 1860, “please, if you want to secede, prepare properly. Nothing has been done. Prepare a ten year plan of armament. If you want a war, at least prepare for it.”

    The crazies would not listen. It is almost as if their paychecks depended upon immediate secession. I think that was exactly the case.

    Timing is everything. Timing and preparation. Now that the empire is beginning to unravel, do NOT give them a cause they can all rally around (genociding the secesh).

    Let the empire fail. Let the dollar fail. Wait for them to lose the next big war. When it is all in tatters, then begin daintily suggesting some kind of limited autonomy. “Restore the 10th Amendment” would be good, or regional controls over immigration, not outright secession.

    Freedom, real freedom, comes in bits and pieces. It needs men with wisdom and tact to negotiate, not fire-eaters. Men who understand that the years 1861-1865 were a total failure for the South, and should in NO WAY be a model for our future.

  132. South rise again?

    No, Negro Slavery ought to remain in the dustbin of history.

  133. Incitatus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “ thanks to the Yankee practice of exploiting Immigrant Labor”

    Versus the Southern practice of exploiting slave labor? What’s the difference? Not paying them? Give us a hint.

    “The measure that was passed that exempted plantation owners with over twenty slaves from service was to ensure that the production of vital agricultural products would continue at its highest level.”

    Thus those most vested in slavery, who profited most, were insulated from fighting for it? All for incestuous trade with estranged Mother Britain (despite hard-fought revolutionary separation)? “Vital agricultural products”? Commodities raised and harvested by slave-labor?

    “Vital” only because Southerners (invested in human slaves) didn’t want to change, and – large slaveholders – had no incentive to fight for it. They invited kin easily excited to war (cannon fodder) to protect their interests. Why should the South have any interest in the Industrial Revolution, when slaves do the work and there’s no need for machines?

    And you allege Northern corruption? The South collapsed of its rotten fruit, selling-out valiant fighters fielded by slave-owner plutocrats (your admission).

    The good news is that the Texas Taliban led by little cripple Abbot will continue to lead lemmings to self-destruction, just as in recent power failures, COVID-19 infections and gun violence. It really takes a leader, after all, to invite all over the edge. A lot easier than remedies.

    “You will never hear anyone boasting of the “Glories of The Old North,” because there are none. They are, by and large, Rootless Cosmopolitans and Bohemians. They have no culture, no heritage, and no redeeming qualities.”

    Sorry. There are many, but why boast? You’ve obviously never been North (except perhaps to Siberia for a Putin ‘Time Out’?).

    Heritage and history are wonderful things. Let’s talk about you and Texas. Are you a descendent of René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle’s colony on Matagorda Bay (1664-89)? Louis Juchereau de St-Denis’s Nacogdoches (which currently claims it’s “the oldest town in Texas” 1716)?

    If not, you’re the very scum you damn as superfluously imported.

    Why not book tickets back to where you came from? Surely they’ll welcome you (once you pay them back with interest for sheep stolen and children raped).

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  134. anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t think Yid controlled schools will be
    teaching border crossers and Afghans, “Dixie”.

    5 dancing shlomos

  135. @RJ Macready

    Thank You for your perspective. Irreconcilable differences are genuine and universal. Two people make a solemn vow. before God, to love and support each other through all trials and hardships for the remainder of their lives, and six months later, they’re filing for divorce. And still, we imagine that all races, beliefs, ideologies, practices, etc… can find common ground and live in harmony. That is not only unrealistic, it is undesirable. The Nation that has attempted to be everything for everyone, now has no meaning for anyone. Can anyone seriously define what it means to be an “American?”

    The naivete and niceness is what keeps the Midwest from being a unified White homeland. Unfortunately, they seem to have an attitude that exudes a sort of moral superiority that I believe comes from having been on the winning side. There is an “American Gothic” character trait prevalent in Iowa and Ohio. Someone once wrote about Minnesotans that they appear nice, but they’re really just condescending. The Northeast has had frost bite of the brain for generations, they aren’t likely to begin to recognize their advantages, even when pointed out to them. Sadly, you find that in a lot of places where there is White homogeneity. They seem to understand that they live in an area with good schools and nice neighborhoods, but they claim to want diversity and become overly excited when the Jefferson’s move next door. Lewiston, Maine is a good example: they are still scratching their heads and wondering why the Somali’s are a problem and what they can do to remedy the situation; which obviously means more inclusion, understanding, and patience. I don’t think there is any hope for them.

  136. ricpic says:

    How will the South rise again when Atlanta and Richmond are Chocolate Cities?

    • Agree: AKINDLE
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  137. @Incitatus

    Take your shots, wear your masque, and go back to ordering grub hub, Bub. The more you stay indoors, the less the public has to be plagued with the likes of you. Covid isn’t the Black Death. If it were, one of every three people that you know would be dead. But, never let a chance to frighten germophobic, hypochondriacs into their bubbles go to waste. Please, Never Go To The Post Office Again!

    You appear to know nothing of the absolute squalor that Northern immigrant work forces toiled and lived in. Rat infested, disease ridden, overcrowded tenements. A work force that was as expendable as it was readily replaceable. Working twelve hour days, seven days a week, in dangerous conditions, life expectancies were frequently cut short.

    You also know absolutely nothing about the institution of Slavery. You would never believe how many Slaves had a genuine affection for the people who had held them in bondage. Jefferson Davis’ Slaves assisted him financially after the War. There were many who stayed on, by choice, with their former Masters. Working from sun up to sun down, Monday through Friday, with an hour break during the afternoon. A half day on Saturday with Sundays off. This was normal for everyone, including the small farmers and those with a handful of slaves that worked beside them in the fields. Slaves had their own cabins, comparable to the average White person’s dwelling, with elbow room and fresh air. Slaves on the larger Plantations often had better homes, had more variety in their meals, and lived longer than the average White person.

    So many, wealthy, prominent, and propertied Men went to fight, and so many died, it became necessary to exempt some of them from service to maintain food and material production on the home front. If you look at the rosters of Southern Generals and Soldiers, you will find the cream of Southern Society listed among them. The same cannot be said of men like Theordore Roosevelt Sr., who paid three hundred dollars for a substitute to take his place.

    Who is a descendant of La Salle? No one, the colony was wiped out.

    I am a descendant of the oldest man to sign Texas’ Declaration of Independence from Mexico, who was also a member of the five man delegation that drafted the document. The Republic was born, nurtured, and grew immensely during his lifetime. Prior to 1836, Texas was sparsely populated. It took Settlers of his caliber to tame the land. Texas was bought and paid for by the blood of my ancestors. Who, or what, can you lay claim to?

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  138. @Robert Bruce

    The Southern Culture, although, largely dormant, is still alive. I do my best to exemplify it on a daily basis. That modern influences have altered it, is unquestionable. Yet, there remains a deep down, heartfelt and soulful connection to the past that is present in every Southerner who chooses to embrace it.

    Southern Culture is so much more than superficial things like NASCAR and modern Country Pop. There are still ensembles who are playing the music that my ancestors would have been familiar with, and it is of a very different character than what passes as Country today. It hearkens back to the old World, and to colonizers and settlers. There are the customs and mannerisms that still exist in the rural areas, that haven’t been changed by modernity. What has been lost, I seek to recapture. As long as I am alive, then a remnant of the past remains. If I can pass what I have learned on to someone younger than myself, then I have done a small part to preserve our history. If more Southern Men begin to seek to emulate their forebears, then we always have a chance to reclaim our identity.

    • Thanks: SimpleSong
    • Replies: @John1955
  139. @Rich

    The “Allies” that I am cutting away, are nothing of the sort. They are the ones who continue to chastise the South for Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation etc… Northerners invaded us, dispossessed us, impoverished us, and then laughed because we were poor. They practiced their own form of segregation, coded and disguised by legal machinations. Whereas, Southerners were straight forward and honest about their discriminatory practices.

    Northern and Southern Soldiers were able to make peace after the War, because a mutual, but often grudging, respect developed between them. It wasn’t universally felt, however, and many still felt a deep resentment toward their foes. Where is the reciprocation today? Northerners, by and large, disdain the Old South, and are quite frequently sanctimonious in their attitudes toward us.

    The Yankees of the 1860’s would probably have not approved of what their States have become, but their descendants appear to be happy with it. And, like their Granddaddies, they still insist that we join with them in their folly.

    With due respect, as a descendant of immigrants who arrived in the 20th Century, you really don’t have a dog in this fight. It would be impossible for you to understand how a true Southerner feels, because it isn’t your homeland that has been under siege for over one hundred and sixty years. The battle has never stopped raging, it only took a brief respite while we acquired an empire of commonwealths and protectorates, and fought a couple of World Wars. Then, The Campaign to Thoroughly Subjugate The South resumed where it had left off after Reconstruction.

    It is the South that is, and always has been, under attack. We merely wanted to be left alone.

    • Replies: @Rich
  140. Demographics are destiny. The South is being deluged with folks from Latin America. Within ten years, the South will look more like Texas than West Virginia. Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina are already purple well on their way to blue. With White Americans experiencing demographic collapse, the South will disappear unless White Americans start raising families again. Public Education is teaching all Americans that the South and it’s history are equivalent to NAZI Germany and the rise of Hitler. Great men such as Lee, Jackson, Forrest, and Davis are being erased from public places. As Mr Cathey so aptly stated:

    “The recent attacks on Southern monuments and symbols, which are essentially an assault on Southern identity, cannot be dissociated from a broader offensive by our modern “progressivists” on Western civilization. To think otherwise is worse than wrongheaded, it is fatal.”

    The newcomers to the South do not care about the traditions, faith, or history of the region they now inhabit. White Americans must fight to conserve their heritage. Removing your children from public schools would be a good start.

  141. John1955 says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    =much more than superficial things like NASCAR=

    Rebel,keep the flames burning !!!

    “Dear Congressman;

    I take pen in hand to complain about my Piece. After months of assiduous care and maintenance of the Weapon (M-16) it failed to function at a critical moment endangering my life and the lives of other men in this Company.
    Last night, at 0300 hours [3 A.M.] I had a clear, unobstructed shot at the Captain. To my chagrin, the weapon misfired. It may be weeks before I get another crack at the Bastard and in the meantime I am subjected to the ridicule of my associates and can kiss good-bye the \$2,000 in the company pool.

    One Mad G.I.”

    This anonymous letter is in the Congressional Record and,ipso facto,a significant part of Big History.

    That G.I. will never be found out yet somehow I see him.Scotch-Irish,Reluctant Farmer,Good Hunter,Perfect Soldier,as a kid an avid reader of “Ivanhoe”,Member of Dueling Society and a Perfect Gentleman.

    In other words, James Webb before he became a Politician.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  142. Rich says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    I can’t disagree with you more. In the Northeast people rioted to prevent forced integration. George Wallace received millions of votes. Whites in the North fought like hell to stop the evil feds from destroying neighborhoods and cities. My father grew up in a New York that was over 90% White, yet we were forced to leave our neighborhood when it was overrun with black criminality. There’s good and bad in people North and South, I’ve met Southerners who fall over themselves telling me how their best friend growing up was a darkie. And I was there when Italian Americans waved watermelons and Confederate flags at Al Sharpton and his crew. Whatever our past differences, regional, religious or historical, we have to put them aside now, and in the future, to preserve our race and build a homeland for our descendants. The Battle for Richmond was a bloody affair with true warriors on both sides, if we can come together as many of those men did after the War Between the States, we can preserve our people. Don’t let yourself become a tool for those who would destroy our race.

    • Agree: frankie p
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  143. AKINDLE says:

    I agree. The biggest problem the South has now is that it is infested with criminal negroes.

  144. @obwandiyag

    At Cold Harbor ya’ll got shot. A lot. Then Grant wouldn’t call a truce to attend to the dead and wounded. We risked our lives to comfort your casualties.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  145. Joe Wong says:

    But the blacks believe they are part of Caucasian family as demonstrated by Kiron Skinner, the State Department’s policy planning director, who called the U.S.-China competition “a fight with a really different civilization and ideology,” and she also said it’s the first time that we (USA and the West) will have a great power competitor that is not Caucasian, and the USA has to do whatever it takes to defeat China in order to preserve our Caucasian values.

  146. 200 hundres years is an eternity for a rootless man.
    400 years does not a a native make.

  147. @Rich

    Actually, it would seem that you are agreeing with me. Yankees wanted to keep their neighborhoods segregated, while insisting that we integrate ours. In the 1860’s, abolitionists wanted to free the slaves, but most Northerners didn’t want the emancipated Slaves to migrate North. Abraham Lincoln had to argue for hours after putting the Emancipation Proclamation into effect, trying to assure Congress that the Northern climate would dissuade Negroes from moving there. After the War, these same Yankees continually boasted of freeing the Slaves and preserving the Union.

    Regrettably, the Southern Men, following the War, became tools for the U. S. Army. Eager to prove their allegiance, the Southern Men were among the first to sign up for and fight in America’s global conflicts. The Confederate Soldiers recognized that their offspring were being trained in the public schools that the South had been the aggressor, had been treasonous, had been solely concerned with preserving Slavery, and was better off because they were defeated and forced back into the “Union.” They began to take steps to set the record straight.

    A template for the modern educational standard concerning the War was likely established by Mara Pratt’s American History series, published in the late 1880’s and early 1890’s. This type of indoctrination was, for many decades, effectively countered by the Soldiers, Wives, Widows, Sons and Daughters, who had personal experiences with the malicious destruction and avaricious thievery that had accompanied the Federal Army wherever it trod. The United Confederate Veterans, and the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy. joined together in their efforts to make certain that an accurate version of the conflict would be made available to the Southern children.

    The fact the George Wallace got millions of Votes, is clear evidence that the Southern People had not been subverted yet. It would take another couple of decades, the late 1980’s, before White Girls and Negroids began to engage in miscegenation in large numbers. Prior to that, it was still cause for being ostracized by your peers. It was the generation immediately following mine that morphed into Whigroes.

    As odd as it may seem to an outsider, there used to be some very good friendships between Slaves and their Masters, relationships that extended far after the War was over and until one or the other was deceased. Even then, fond reminiscences found their way into publication from both former Slave Owners and Freedmen.

    There was still a sense of place observed by many Negroes, and a deference to those who had once held, as George Washington put it, “arbitrary sway” over them. Booker T. Washington, in the first decade of the Twentieth Century, wrote of having long since ceased to harbor any ill will towards the people who had held him in bondage. He observed that the Negro in The South, at the dawn of the New Century, was in a better condition morally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, than any of his contemporaries anywhere in any part of the World. He wrote of the benefits offered by the English Language and Christianity. He also warned of Negroes who would seek profit and aggrandizement by exploiting past grievances and injustice.

    Here’s an interesting example: This Church had this stained glass window installed in 1905. The building burned in 1959, but the stained glass survived. The congregation had it reinstalled in the new Sanctuary:

    If Yankees were not continually pushing their agendas on us, and would mind their own business, then we wouldn’t have near the problems that we have in either the North or South. If putting aside our differences means allowing Yankees to continue to berate and belittle us in the name of preserving our race, then I’m afraid that I can’t operate on that pretext. Any National White Unity would be contingent on Yankees finally admitting that they’ve been hypocritical, usurious, duplicitous, manipulative, vindictive, dictatorial, and destructive, and that many of our problems were, and are, caused by them. Are Southerners Saintly or Faultless? Absolutely Not! But, neither are the Self Righteous, Pompous, Braggadocious, Patronizing, Yankee Meddlers.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @A Conquered Goy
  148. @John1955

    Thank You. I still remember when most Vietnam Vets were bitter and felt betrayed. Not as much by the Citizenry, or Protesters, but by the Government. The Red River Rats Association (Wild Weasels) wanted to send a message “don’t send a new generation of fighter pilots to fight a war you don’t intend to win.” It would appear that the message somehow got lost in the last few decades. Now, these once disgruntled Veterans are now proudly sporting their Vietnam Caps and Bumper Stickers. I guess the McDonald’s franchise in Saigon is a source of victorious pride for them.

    • Replies: @Leroy Brown
  149. @ricpic

    Penal Colonies. Have you ever seen “Escape From New York” or “Escape From L. A.?” An election map broken down by County, is helpful in determining which areas will need to be quarantined. At this time, we still surround them.

  150. The current ideology is more smell-based than thought-based. Via control of academia, media, entertainment, and advertisement, Jews have come to associate certain groups, values, and ideas with ‘odiousness’. Thus, even people who don’t really know the facts or understand the issue react with murderous revulsion because of its ‘odor’. Wokery is a form of odorology.

    If you associate certain images with nice odors while associating other images with bad odors, people will ‘think’ well of images associated with good odors while ‘think’ bad of images associated with bad odors.
    Mass media work on the senses and often bypass reason and logic.

    For Jews, blacks, and homos, it’s a case of odoralotry.

  151. @Weaver

    Wow! This thread just exploded suddenly, after sitting virtually unnoticed for nearly three weeks. I saw your posts this morning, but I had to leave before I could respond. When I returned, there was a tumult of comments, many directed at me.

    I largely agree with you, there may be some minor points of contention. But, where I strongly demur is the assertion that it’s over and just history. Yesterday, the Virginia Legislature ruled that the iconic Century old statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond could be removed. The murder and destruction continues, only in a less conspicuous fashion. We are Murdered by the descendants of Freedmen, just as we were by the Union League after Reconstruction; until the Klan, Red Shirts and other vigilance committees reigned it in. The destruction is nonstop, as schools are renamed and transformed into juvenile delinquent detention centers that no self respecting Southerner would want their names associated with any longer, anyway. Our Statues are dismantled, plaques removed, murals painted over, and our literature thrown in the garbage by libraries that deem it unsuitable material for their readers to peruse. Nothing can be over, if it is kept alive by the very attempts to eradicate it. In fact, a lot of sectional feeling, personal interest, and intellectual curiosity has been rekindled and fueled by the mad frenzy of demolition.

  152. Rich says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    So, because a handful of troublemakers from the North forced their evil agenda on Whites, North and South, you’re willing to lose the long term war? Wallace got millions of votes in the North, not just the South. You sound like you’re working for the feds trying to divide Whitey, making him weaker and easier to control. Only if the Palefaces stand together do we have a chance. Divided, we’re easier to control. Are you really unable to see that?

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  153. @nsa

    You came close to having Jew Lieberman (CT) for your V.P. serving in conjunction with Al, The Climate Whore, Gore (DC) in 2000. You had Mulatto, “Hope You Have Enough Change for The Bus, Jesus was Never in Chicago” Obama (IL via HI), paired with fast fading Joe Biden (PA), and jewpervised by Rahm Emanuel (IL) . Now, you have senile old Joe and his V. P. Kamel Hairass (CA), overseen by The Odd Squad, consisting of MoJo JoJo Omar (MN via Somalia), Horsefacio Cotex (NY), Rashitchy Tlabrat (MI), and Ayarnhead Presslie (OH). And, I’ve barely gotten started. So, it isn’t as if your roster of Northern politicians is some stellar line up of exemplary Candidates.

    I took offense to Friedman’s campaign for Governor. The slogan was “Why Not Kinky?,” and featured a Star of David in place of The Lone Star. The answer was simple, “because this is the State of Texas, not Israel.” He only received 12% of the vote, which is far more than should have voted for him. But, I figure most were independents and people who were just fed up with the usual choices and weren’t putting much thought into it, and probably drunken Yankee transplants playing Urban Cowboys. Still, it isn’t as if people were clamoring for him. I think most people, like me, just thought of his candidacy as a bad joke. Marco, Little Ricky, Cubio should go help liberate Cuba. I have no use for him or Ted Cruz. Linthy Gwaham, the lisping faggot is despised by most of the people that I know. But, he keeps getting elected. Bad Habits and the only choice offered by the Republicuck party? Who knows? I’m not familiar with Lloyd, but I seriously doubt that you have the slightest bit of knowledge concerning the illustrious career of Robert E. Lee. My guess is that you make an excellent General from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.

    If any flag is going to be glittering with Rainbow Stripes, and a Purple Canton featuring Green Clovers, Crescent Moons, Stars of David, Ankhs, Yin and Yang, Inverted Crucifixes, Black Power Fists, Pentagrams, Peace Signs, Anarchy Symbols, The Union Label, Low Rider Visages, and various other representations of diversity, it will be the one that replaces the U. S. Flag. It will be the Barber Pole Rag, the Candy Cane Banner, that will be altered beyond recognition. That’s when our Beloved Confederate Battle Flag will regain the appeal of its unique and defiant symbolism, and the Third National, the official Flag of Our Government can assume its rightful place atop our Flagpoles; forever discarding the abominable lie that has been hoisted over our Confederate States of America for over a century and a half.

    When this happens, our Confederate Flags will be seen by many in the North as it is viewed by those in Eastern Europe; where our Battle Flags often make appearances during protests and is universally emblematic to opposition to tyranny. Maybe, this is already occurring. When Hank Williams Jr. played at the New York State Fair in 2015, the stadium was filled with Confederate Flags. There have been numerous incidents in Northern and Western Schools where Students have waved Confederate Flags and worn T=Shirts featuring Confederate imagery. If the U. S. Flag doesn’t represent White People, then our Confederate Flag will still be there to fulfill that vital need.

  154. Fr. John says:

    “Oh, great. More bubbas.”

    You filthy son of a bitch. GO to hell.

    That’s the ONLY comment to give to such an one as you.

    And I’m a Yankee.

  155. What a horrifying, sickening comment thread…

    Here we are, ALL white people of North America spiraling into a Jew-made HELL together, North and South alike, and what do you want to do?

    Scream bloodthirsty hatred at each other.

    How in the fuck do you think the fucking JEW got us into this mess in the first place? That’s right: DIVIDE AND CONQUER. By polarizing and spellbinding everybody with a grand buffet of boiling mindless hate and rage, something for everybody, and here you are playing right into their hands.

    Shame on all of you! If Unz readers can’t see through the Jew and discover the emotional self-discipline needed to break their magic spells, we are all well and truly fucked.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  156. @Irish Savant

    “But I read that three black women were the brains behind the Space Program.”

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Good one! Oh, thanks for the rip-snorter, bud, I needed it.
    P.S. The world is secretly ruled by… Wakanda!

  157. Che Guava says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I would like to see it, but can’t see how you can get from the A of now to the desired B.

    Who secedes from whom?


    I enjoyed an old S.F. novel called ‘The Coming Self-Destruction of the U..S.A.’

    Recommended, you can probably still read it through inter-library loan.

    It is hippy gen., but from what I have seen, children of western upper-class hippys rebelled a little, mainly by exploitathve greed, but the grandchildren always reflect and amplify the worst of the hippys.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @Che Guava
  158. @Cowtown Rebel

    As a vet, I find it remarkable how so many Vietnam vets are so down for the cause.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  159. Joe Wong says:
    @Puddin Tane

    Freedom of speech is a pillar supporting the USA as the beacon of freedom, human rights and democracy of the world. Blaming Jew as the culprit of polarizing and spellbinding everybody with a grand buffet of boiling mindless hate and rage is suppressing freedom of speech and turning off the beacon of freedom, human rights and democracy of the world.

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
    , @Weaver
  160. @Cowtown Rebel

    The National Fixation on Football aside, are you seriously telling me that idiots with a slice of styrofoam cheese on their head are any less enamored of their Negroid athletes than the Southern Cuckolds? Or, that the Chris Farley SNL Skit “The Bulls,” “The Bears” wasn’t an accurate depiction of a Chicago Sports Fan? Dollars to Donuts, you’ll find Northern Universities engaging in the same detestable practices.

    Northerners are a lot less obsessed with college sports. The practice of “hostessing” did used to exist in a lot of major Northern universities, but it has been sharply curtailed in recent years. The situation never got nearly as out of control as what happened in the South, mostly because Northern boosters are less fanatical about their college football teams.

    With that said, plenty of Northerners love their pro teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc). So your broader point is mostly correct. Sports cuckery definitely exists up to North, often to an extreme degree. However, in the South, it’s above and beyond to an extent that overwhelms the mind.

    So I definitely wouldn’t exempt Northerners by any means. The situation is not good. However, sending your college-aged daughter to have sex with blacks is still too much for the fathers here.

    Only 1/4 of the people living in Texas today were born here. The percentage of those who have ancestry that dates back to The War to Prevent Southern Independence is minuscule. Those whose lineage extends to The Republic of Texas is infinitesimal.

    What we don’t need is another Johnny Sourmash seeking to further undermine us by equating all of us with morons who likely don’t even share our blood. To point out these abysmal occurrences is one thing, to use them as more ammunition against us is quite another matter. Those who are featured in those videos may very well be your not too distant cousins.

    Your point seems to be that most of this sports “pimping” culture is being driven by Northern transplants who relocated in the South. Northern families moving South and then sending their daughters to play “hostess” to Blacks.

    Here are the problems with your explanation.

    1. If Northerners were especially aggressive about “hostessing” when they transplanted South, we’d expect them to be equally aggressive up North. Yet that’s not the case. Up North, the “hostessing” programs (while they did exist) were milder and smaller.

    2. Most of those “hostess” girls have the dressing style, blonde hair, and accents that one would find in a typical “Southern Belle.” Distinctly different from what you get up North.

    You can live in denial all you want, but today’s South is a profoundly sports cucked place in which an absurd number of White fathers push their daughters to “date” an athlete (whether he be Black or White).

    With that said, I do agree that the North is pretty bad too. Not as bad as the South, but MUCH worse than it should be for sure. Northern men (and some women) are not exempt from my above criticism.

    I think living vicariously through (mostly Black) athletes is an issue that afflicts (mostly White) men throughout North America. It’s just that situation is more extreme in the South, for whatever reason.

    To conclude this post, here’s a video that you should watch.

    How pathetic that the “Sons of the South” are permitting this to happen. If a bunch of protesters were trying to permanently shut down football stadiums, I guarantee you that White Southern men would protest and riot. Yet when the pride of their ancestors is on the line, they sit there passively and don’t do a thing.


    All the football stadiums in the South should be shutdown until the “Johnny Rebs” can get that statue reinstalled. Until that happens, no football for anyone.

  161. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @Frontier Buddy

    You’re talking to some monkey born in Africa ( most likely ). Add that to the fact that he’s a Communist and wishes the same here in the place his monkey ass immigrated to.

    This monkey, as well as the vast majority of American niggers, knows as much about the US Civil War as a 10 year old Japanese child.

    Even Grant regretted his decisions at Cold Harbor, and brother that’s saying something…lol

    He had a shit ton more German and Irish immigrants to toss into his ill-advised meat grinders after that fiasco.

  162. @BluEidDvl

    Southern men it seemed cared FAR more about their “team” winning the game than than their children’s own future or their daughters virtue?.

    The average White male is totally ignorant about the H1b visa program.
    The average White male is totally ignorant about the economic costs of “The War on Terror.”
    The average White male is totally ignorant about the size of the US debt.

    However, he’s an expert on which team is most favored to win the BCS college football championship. Which QB has the best passing rating. Which offensive formation is most effective against a West Coast defense. On these topics, his encyclopedic knowledge and insightful analysis will truly impress you.

    The Jews are obsessed with ruling the world.
    The Chinese are obsessed with dominating the global economy.
    The Indians are obsessed with taking all the software/IT jobs.
    The Muslims are obsessed with fighting Jihad literally everywhere.

    White men are obsessed with which teams “win” during Saturday night college football, Sunday night NFL football, and Monday night NFL football. 3/7 days (in a week) are spent obsessing about football. Then the other 4 days are spent watching ESPN and listening to sports radio.

    I have guys in my office who spend their lunch hour reading through sites that predict which high school athlete will be recruited by which university. Such

    Imagine a grown White adult man in his 50s fawning over some Black “stud” who’s a 18 year-old HS senior. It becomes more amusing when see how almost all of these White male sports fans are unathletic, out-of-shape, flabby, weak, and lethargic. I should mention a large fraction of these guys (probably over half) are Republican.

    I don’t know what to say about this country.

    The huge black population that’d be a massive millstone around its neck.

    That’s the main problem right there. With a huge Black population, the South is basically cursed in perpetuity. In the absence of White ethno-solidarity, the long-term future of the place is Brazil.

    No other part of America has the same demographic problem. Even in places with lots of immigrants (Hispanics, Asians, etc), the issue isn’t the same because those groups are far more functional than Blacks. That’s why California is a MUCH better place to live than Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia.

    Whenever the Black population gets too large anywhere, civilization collapses. That’s not necessarily true for groups like Hispanics, Asians, etc. Though I do oppose ALL immigration.

    With all this sports cuckery, White solidarity (and endogamy) is being constantly undermined.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl, Alden
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  163. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Hey sport, “they” just removed a racist rock, ( not even a statue of a dead man ) up in Wisconsin and where were the brave descendants of the “Iron Brigade”?

    And of course they toppled a statue of some nigger loving Swede Union officer last year, who our boys shot down at Chickamauga.

    Whole lot less blacks up in Madison.

    So what’s your boys excuse?


    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  164. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  165. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Better have a talk with your Protestant brothers, bro.


  166. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Just one question.

    Why bother taking down the statues/symbols of the people who were “defeated” back in 1865?

  167. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Listen to the birds singing in the background.

  168. @Joe Wong

    “Freedom of speech is a pillar supporting the USA as the beacon of freedom, human rights, democracy, blah blah blah”

    Are you high? Do you live in a little cabin on an island in the Canadian arctic? The USA isn’t a “beacon” of any of that, probably never was. When an entire population is trapped inside an echo chamber of Jew horseshit, “democracy” is worth two things: jack and shit, and jack left town. All of their “democratic” “choices” are “informed” by the bullshit shoveled into their brains by the Echo Chamber. 90-plus percent of Americans actually believe 19 nut-case Arabs with box cutters perpetrated 9-11 on Osama bin Laden’s orders. A similar number believe Hitler was “the greatest villain in history,” who “started World War 2” purely to “exterminate Jews” and “conquer the world.” They believe these things why? Because a) the Jew horseshit echo chamber says so, and b) they’re mediocre corrupt coward chickenshit assholes who believe whatever a) tells them to believe, no matter how little sense it makes. All “democracy” really does is create a tyranny of such people, a tyranny that gets herded around exactly like dumb animals very easily.

    Come to think of it, bud, you argue just like a Jew: you argue with LIES. You better clock out and tell your boss there in Herzliya you need to quit the Hasbara racket and open a felafel stand.

  169. @JohnnyWalker123

    I don’t give two shits about fucking football! I think that you have some kind of sick fantasies about Negroids and Southern White Women. That this kind of thing occurs is sad enough, but for you to take such satisfaction from it is very telling about how you spend your free time. Watching pornography I’m assuming. I find miscegenation to be among the greatest threats to our survival. It’s not something to gloat about.

    Statues are coming down everywhere, not just in The South. Pat Buchanan was predicting this twenty years ago. First the Confederates, then Columbus, Jefferson, Washington, Theodore Rex, Mount Rushmore, etc, so forth, and so on… Where does it stop? IT DOESN’T! What are you doing to keep the Statues of Your Hero, Abraham Lincoln, standing? Not a God Damned Thing! You’re too busy fixating on Blonde College Girls and Negroids. Go put out some of the fires in a town near you, and we’ll worry about what’s happening down here. As I’ve said, Yankees are far more concerned about what we’re doing than they are about their own communities.

  170. @GeneralRipper

    That’s Our Brave Fighting Men from 70 Years Ago! Our Heroes!!! Give ’em A Gold Star!!!!! That’s the 101st Airborne. They were trained to parachute behind enemy lines and disrupt communications and blow up bridges. But, those Women have to be among the toughest adversaries that they ever had to face. Those Bastards Deserved to Die in Vietnam! Regrettably, most of them had probably mustered out by that time. I’ve often wondered what kind of Brainwashing does the Military and Police Departments utilize that make their minions behave in such a robotic manner?

  171. @JohnnyWalker123

    California is better place to live? I wish you would tell all the people coming here from California that. Also, try to convince those from New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska, and all of the other Yankee Edens that they’re leaving in droves, that they’re better off where they are. It’s bad enough that we have a serious Mestizo and Negroid problem. We sure as Hell don’t need more Yankee Malcontents or Left Wing Moon Bats.

  172. @Che Guava

    I would like to see it, but can’t see how you can get from the A of now to the desired B.

    Who secedes from whom?


    I would think along Red/blue lines, but things are going to have to worsen a lot more.

    I enjoyed an old S.F. novel called ‘The Coming Self-Destruction of the U..S.A.’

    Recommended, you can probably still read it through inter-library loan.

    It is hippy gen., but from what I have seen, children of western upper-class hippys rebelled a little, mainly by exploitathve greed, but the grandchildren always reflect and amplify the worst of the hippys.

    I’ll look for it. Kurt Schlichter has a series of novels about a USA breakup.

  173. Weaver says:
    @Che Guava

    If he wants the info, I pointed him in the right direction. But he’ll have to look up secession being discussed while the Constitution was being written.

    I don’t have an issue with posting compulsively. The issue for me is that politics can get very complicated. Many here are probably libertarians or rainbow Confederates. Others are racial Confederates. In addition to being a Southerner, I’m a WASP, a colonial Brit. I’m a Christian.

    As Sam Francis warned, if the core issues that destroyed America aren’t fixed, the same result will repeat. It’s more complicated than you likely take into account.

    Jumping into an issue like this is complicated. You think the League of the South, Political Cesspool, and other groups that spend lengthy hours on politics don’t develop nuanced positions? It’s like I’m jumping into a debate among specialists.

    It’s easy for a libertarian to say, “cut government.” And it’s easy for others to say, “let’s not blame Jews; let’s blame Yankees, even if they’re not in power!”

    But to take the correct position among so many different groups is much more difficult. It’s very easy to be wrong; much more difficult to be right. Brits have collapsed faster than probably any group in history. And the solution for most of them is to do the same thing. The US was 70% English, and more British overall, in 1790. This was, originally, a British country. The Louisiana Purchase and other changes happened of course.

    You think jumping in and magically having all the correct answers about the future is easy?

  174. Weaver says:

    Trump statement:

    “Robert E. Lee is considered by many Generals to be the greatest strategist of them all. President Lincoln wanted him to command the North, in which case the war would have been over in one day. Robert E. Lee instead chose the other side because of his great love of Virginia, and except for Gettysburg, would have won the war. ”

    Holy crap. Maybe he’ll win in 2024 now, wow.

  175. Che Guava says:
    @Che Guava

    It is an old novel, but IMO, very relevant to your place of now.

    I read it much later than the people at the link below.

  176. The south rising into the old plantation slave based economy disconnected from the modern world like it was 200 years ago would be a considerable undertaking since most of the people that reside in the the former rebel states are northerners, foreign immigrants and blacks. I don’t think the blacks would like that very much.

    • Agree: Alden
  177. Incitatus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “Take your shots, wear your masque, and go back to ordering grub hub, Bub.”

    “Take your shots, wear your masque”? Are you serious? It’s called a ‘mask’.

    “I am a descendant of the oldest man to sign Texas’ Declaration of Independence from Mexico, who was also a member of the five man delegation that drafted the document. The Republic was born, nurtured, and grew immensely during his lifetime. Prior to 1836, Texas was sparsely populated. It took Settlers of his caliber to tame the land. Texas was bought and paid for by the blood of my ancestors. Who, or what, can you lay claim to?

    You spoke of ‘founders’ and condemn trash that came after. But you date from 1836? Have problems with numbers and chronology? Doubtless your ancestral signatory was a brave man, but he was a century later that real pioneers (1685, 1716). Doubtless, like you, he was not above trying to rewrite history (good luck).

    “Prior to 1836, Texas was sparsely populated. It took Settlers of his caliber to tame the land. Texas was bought and paid for by the blood of my ancestors. Who, or what, can you lay claim to?”

    Actually, explorer/settler Louis Juchereau de St-Denis (‘founder of ‘the oldest town in Texas)’’ is a 2nd cousin 9R. Your people followed a century later, and good for them! Much better than shoveling manure where ever they were before!

    Now, of course, you shovel manure from your (TX/Russian) perch. Bonne chance!

    Stay well, Cowtown.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  178. @By-tor

    USA needs the KKK Now !!! Back to the future—–

  179. @Che Guava

    I want to ask southern states supporting people, what do you think of Cold Mountain, not the stupid film, but the novel? I read it twice.

    Tennessean via Mississippi

    Cold Mountain was gifted to me on my 30th bday. When i got it i was really suspicious of even cracking it because if I’m not mistaken (I’m not bothering to check and its been over 20 years) it was an Oprah bookclub selection. The book may have even had an Oprah sticker on it which means it was prolly drastically reduced not that that’s any solid measure of a book.
    I got suckered into bridges of Madison County because of someone i knew at the time and damned if i wasn’t reading bridges.
    I was pretty miffed about that.
    So anyway years later i was searching for something to read and i picked up and read it in one sitting.
    It wasn’t long i don’t think. Maybe 350 or so pp.
    I don’t commonly pick up a book and find it so interesting that i can’t stop until i finish it.
    It’s been many years. At least 15. I saw the movie and really liked it and i don’t usually enjoy very many movies like rarely do i like a movie but i really liked it.
    The book was sad. People had to live that. Real people that were just trying to survive. Many didn’t.
    It was the end of an old way of life and just left at that i believe.
    I picked up 13 moons after that but i didn’t much enjoy it. Frazier is a good writer tho.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  180. @Incitatus

    Ever hear of “The Masque of The Red Death.” It’s an Edgar Allen Poe story and it warns of the futility of attempting to hide from a disease.

    2nd Cousin ninth removed? That’s hardly a direct descendancy, now is it? At any rate, he founded a town, my Great x 4 Grandfather helped found a Nation. The Land remained sparsely populated for 100 years, because those that came before were unable to defeat the Indians that dominated the interior of Texas. The French were under constant threat from the Spanish and never got out of the Piney Woods. In fact, the Frogs seem to have developed a pathetic propensity for getting their butts kicked for at least over a Century now. In Texas, they left a very little imprint, and, outside of Nacogdoches and La Salle’s misadventure, they became not much more than a footnote, especially when compared to the Diegos.

    The Spaniards tiny villas were regularly besieged by the Apache and Comanche. The Spanish Government was unable to persuade Mexicans to move North in spite of large land grants. So, they appealed to the citizens of the United States, offering them lucrative incentives to settle in the hostile territory. Shortly after the Mexicans gained their Independence from Spain, they felt confident that the Anglos had carved out enough suitable space and they figured that they would simply dispossess them. It didn’t work out well for the Mexicans. It was the Men who were bold enough to move out onto the plains that forged The Republic of Texas.

    Go Eat Your Frog Legs and Snails, Napoleon XIV!

    Au Revoir, Incitatus.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  181. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh, great. More bubbas.

    Oh great: more low-IQ watermelaninated silverbacks equitizing America into Africa 2.0!

    Your great-great-great-etc. grandfathers lived in a mudhuts, eating fellow mbutus, until Whites rescued them. Kintes then arrived in what would become the USA, only to mooch off Uncle Sucker and blame Bigfoot for their endless failings.

    What is Hecuba to Oprah or Oprah to sanity?

    Keep killing each other in Chicongo, Aferguson, Baltimoor, etc. We’ll wait for your self-cleaning ovens to complete their cycles.

    • Agree: Alden
  182. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @kerdasi amaq

    What is the true percentage of the population who are statue wreckers?

    What percent of Germans wanted the Reich to conquer Europe?

    A tiny percentage.

    Just like the percent of those wanting the North American colonies to secede from Britain.

    It’s never a matter of how MANY of anything want something. It’s a question of are there ENOUGH to “get ‘er done!”

    Try sleeping in the middle of a 4 x 8 sheet plywood that is 99% flat…save for the one teeny-weeny spike sticking up.

    It doesn’t matter how many statue-wreckers there are if there are sufficient numbers to complete the destruction…and cow “enough” others into passive, appeasing, cowardly onlooking.

  183. @R.C.

    He’s not talking about carpetbaggers, but what blacks are doing now. There is a reverse migration going on now.

  184. @Rich

    If I continue to allow bygones to be bygones, in the name of Racial Solidarity, while Yankees that moved to Richmond, and some on this thread, continue to celebrate the destruction of our Statues, then, what do I have left? Dignity, pride and honor all stripped away, because some Anglos and Saxons still think that they’re better than the Scotch-Irish, and I’m supposed to agree? Who is being divisive? Me, or the people who want to keep stepping on me?

    Do you know of any Southerner’s (other than Negroes) that go North and demand change? No. They just go back home. There’s hundreds of songs about Southerner’s going to some Northern City or out to California, feeling miserable, and heading back home. Only Negroes and Yankees stay where they aren’t wanted or where they aren’t happy.

    This old SNL Skit precisely depicts the type of obnoxious Yankee personality that makes them so unwelcome. And, just like that unwanted guest, they are completely oblivious to their inconsideration, rudeness, and pomposity.

    I stopped reciting The Pledge of Allegiance after I learned that the Socialist who wrote it, Francis Bellamy, based it on the oath that the Southern People were required to take repeatedly. It was called “Swallowing The Dog.” I have letter that My Great, Great, Grandfather and his Brother wrote to their Niece stating emphatically that they had refused to take the oath. The Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t even used in Schools until the 1920’s, and it was originally done with a stiff arm salute, similar to that later used by the National Socialists Worker’s Party in Germany; which prompted its change to the hand over the heart gesture that we all grew up being indoctrinated with.

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
    , @Rich
  185. @Cowtown Rebel

    You know what it really is, cowtown? You love to hate yankees so much because you CAN. You’re a vicious bully always looking around for someone to beat up, and bullies are always cowards who pick the easiest target. Back before 1950 your easy target was southern negroes, but any more blacks have powerful defenders in high places. It’s YANKEES who are the easy target now. After all, yankees are WHITE so therefore anybody can openly hate them all they want with total impunity.

    In your own cracker way, you’re a counterpart of a Jew-hugging, white-hating liberal!

  186. Rich says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    You have a point, there are more White liberals up here than down there and they’re pretty annoying. Most of them grew up in the lily White suburbs and went to expensive schools. I have to give you that. But you’ve still got some hard core White brothers here, too. I’ll buy you a drink after we’ve won and maybe at least some of us can make peace.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  187. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @Puddin Tane

    Son, I really hate to piss on your bonfire, but the word “Yankee” has pretty much become synonymous with the word “bully” since at least the end of WW2.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  188. @Puddin Tane

    Me, a Bully? That’s quite a stretch. I don’t know if you’ve read any of my previous posts, but I grew up in a predominately Black neighborhood, and I went to a high school that was evenly divided between Blacks and Hispanics. Of a student body of over 2,000, there were approximately 40 White kids in the whole school. I was frequently the only White pupil in the classroom. I fought to sit on the bus and to get out of the bathroom, in the hallways, and while trying to walk home. Since then, I’ve had numerous altercations with Negroes. I’ve been ganged up on several times. So, I do know a little bit about bullying.

    And, before you start with something about racism, I’ll have you know that I was taught about that from my Negro and Mexican classmates; mainly the Negroes. The Mexicans were all Cholos and Chicanos, I got along with them fairly well. The oldest gang in the city was Barrio Rock Island, and their VRI insignia was everywhere. Also Barrio South Side (VSS), Barrio North Side (VNS) and Barrio Central (VC). It was just before the Gangsta Rap scene emerged, and all of the Vatos listened to Hard Rock and Metal. They used to drive around the school in their Impalas and Monte Carlos and bounce up and down at the stop sign. They wore chinos and white t-shirts, and some of them wore Zoot Suits. After lunch, the homeless people would come and eat from the trashcans in front of the school.

    When I was in the third grade, my mom had me watch the David Wolper television adaption of Alex Haley’s work of plagiarism, “Roots.” She wasn’t a hippy, but she did have a great deal of the sentimentality of the Sixties. It took her a long time to shed some of her liberal attitudes; long after I was grown. So, I was raised with the “there’s good and bad in everyone” mindset. Constant, daily reminders of my ethnicity are what kept me firmly grounded in reality.

    Finally, Yankees are the ones coming here and destroying things, and I’m a bully for standing up to them? And, pray tell, why are they tearing things up? To show solidarity with Negroes and Jews. So, who is it again that is a Jew Hugging, White Hating Liberal? Those Southern White people that defend White history or those self loathing, Northern Whites that are Hell bent on eradicating it?

    What I am is a relentless defender of myself, my ancestry, and my home. If you misconstrue that as Jew loving and White hating, then you’re as mixed up as Wrong Way Corrigan.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Puddin Tane
  189. Weaver says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    When I was in public school, half black school, the one black who got into the top classes with the whites got accepted into Harvard. There were fights daily at the school overall, and the teachers had to struggle to control the lower classes. It was a mess. I learned nothing in the top classes, everything a repeat from the school I’d been to. School is just daycare anyway; students learn little, waste time. East Asian schools seem to work differently…

  190. Weaver says:
    @Joe Wong

    The US just kills millions of Arabs.

    Do you even see Arabs as human, or are you superior to everyone else?

  191. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    How’s that “predominately” white neighborhood treatin’ ya Corvie?

    Pretty much like Happy Days, huh?

    Eeeeey! You’re a fag!

  192. Weaver says:

    From what I understand, the flag is based on the Imperial Russian Navy. Any who respect the South are friends by me.

    You’re welcome ask me whatever on the South, but Dr Clyde Wilson is one of the geniuses here. He’s older now, but I guess that’s him posting as “Clyde Wilson”. He’s the guy to ask questions of.

    Im angry at the decline of the West. So, I don’t respect the American, including Southern, political heritage as do others here, likely yourself included. But Dr Wilson is an American treasure. Just as Russians are confused and angry about the past, so am I.

    I side with both sides in Ukraine. I want fighting to end. I like Putin but not Bolshevism. I wish you well.

  193. @Cowtown Rebel

    Both sides here are killing me, because they are both right! Truth ain’t perdy. My favorite:

    “There’s not a damn thing that Southerners did to cause that. Only filthy, greasy, overpaid, overweight, pizza eating, beer guzzling, constantly demanding, bowling team, Yankee Union members were responsible for creating the Rust Belt.” lol

    Like Archie Bunker! I agree, and I used to identify as as a northerner! But it gets much more complicated. My pastor, Chuck Baldwin, (Montana) is
    ardently pro-south in THAT war, but we are now both Westerners. The southern evangelical leadership whores and churches condemed them to most of their current woes. He used to be a TOP Evangelical leader in Florida,
    before he renounced them all.:

    Thanks to all for the funny shots!


  194. I think you gentleman have your work cut out for you. But just remember, across the Earth there are still people who regard this song as one of their favourites:

    Wish I was of the land of cotton / Old times there are not forgotten / Look away! Look away! Dixie land / In Dixie’s land where I was born in / Early on one frosty morning / Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land / I wish I was in Dixie … hooray! Hooray! / In Dixie’s land I’ll take my stand / To live and die in Dixie / Hooray! Hooray! Away down south in Dixie!

    Im not even American. But you gotta admit, that song really has something.

    • Replies: @A Conquered Goy
    , @Alden
  195. @Cowtown Rebel

    “Me, a Bully? That’s quite a stretch…”

    I’ve lived in rural north Georgia for thirty years, where you Career “Victims of Northern Aggression” account for 80 percent of the population and are totally in your element. I know your lot extremely well, and yeah, here in this space you are absolutely a bunch of bullies emboldened by power of numbers. You think you’re “beleaguered” and “defending yourselves” but actually it’s you who’s on the attack and doing any beleaguering. That’s how it always is with bullies. Rural Southern whites are still to this day a startling time capsule of British colonial society and England before it: extremely insular and xenophobic, and petty. Once you lot mark someone as “not fum ‘roun heyar,” that’s it, they’re through, socially. It absolutely doesn’t matter what their politics are. They could be the most ardent liberal-despising White Nationalist within 100 miles, longing with all their hearts to join your cause, and you lot will use THAT to socially sabotage them, to drive them off. Ratting them out to blacks and management to get them fired, for example.
    At the end of the day you just stone cold hate yankees (and any other outsider), period– all your “reasons” are just excuses. You’ve always been xenophobes and you’re still nasty bigots, your bigotry has just shifted to a new easy target, i.e. one that won’t get you in trouble, for the exact reasons I stated before.
    Virtually everything you love to hate yankees over, including the Civil War and “liberalism” itself, has actually emanated from “Jews,” but the lot of you are so goddamn ignorant you can’t figure that out and refine the True Enemy! Even now, you can’t tell a Jew from a fucking Chinaman. The heeb Satans didn’t invade the North in real force until the 1880s. They were in the South first, dating back to the colonial era. The slave-owning “planters,” the slave importers, the auction houses, the entire history of chattel slavery– all that was massively Jewish everywhere, and they’re still crawling all over you like flies on a shit-pile, but YOU CAN’T TELL WHO/WHAT THEY ARE! They can have faces like Hasidic diamond merchants and brains to match and you still can’t tell. They have you absolutely convinced they’re the most “native sons” of all, which is the same thing they do everywhere. When it comes to deception and manipulation, they have no equals. No one else even comes close, and they’re playing you like violins to get you to hate and destroy your own kind, just like they’ve played yankees. Just like they’ve played everybody throughout history.

  196. @Puddin Tane

    I agree, or at least that’s been my experience. I worked in the deep south and you explained it well.

    Please understand, There is now, and has always been, a huge difference between VIRGINIA and
    the south. Their government is now in shambles because of D.C. suburban sprawl. The revolutionary founders and civil war giants, considered themselves Virginians first–not southerners or northerners.

    My pastor has repeatedly been smeared by zionist media as some sort of racist, which he is not.
    Decide for yourself:

    No Racial Division At Liberty Fellowship
    (photo taken Sunday, February 19, 2017)

    This photo does not include the folks of minority races in Liberty Fellowship who were absent when the picture was taken. The various minority races in Liberty Fellowship number around 20% of the congregation. This is in an area of the country where combined minority races number around 3%. Plus, there are several mixed-race marriages in Liberty Fellowship. Anyone who suggests that Chuck Baldwin and Liberty Fellowship are racist is just flat lying.

    (photo would not paste, see):

    Response to an Idaho Statesman Newspaper Article

    On August 19, 2017, the Idaho Statesman Newspaper published an article titled “Why is a church on list of Idaho hate groups with KKK, neo-Nazis?” It can be found here: Below is a response to that article requesting a retraction from the Idaho Statesman.


    August 28, 2017

    Idaho Statesman
    1200 North Curtis Road
    Boise, ID, 83706

    Dear Editor,

    In your newspaper on August 19, 2017, there was an article entitled “Why Is A Church On List Of Idaho Hate Groups With KKK, Neo-Nazis?” This article contains a comment that personally attacks both me and the fellowship that I pastor. I would like to comment specifically on this quote: “The SPLC claims that Baldwin’s congregants include neo-Nazis.” As the pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana, there are a few points I’d like to make:

    The SPLC is a radical, left-wing hate group that makes millions of dollars from other left-wing extremists by vilifying the character and reputations of people on the right–especially the Christian right. Their methods and tactics are so dishonorable and dishonest that even federal police agencies no longer trust and use them as a resource.

    Your newspaper must mirror the far-left agenda of the SPLC or else you would not even quote them, because everybody except the left-wing media knows (but I’m sure you know this too) that the SPLC is a biased, liberal hate group.

    It is a blatant, bald-faced lie that neo-Nazis or white supremacists of any sort attend Liberty Fellowship. Minority races make up approximately 3% of the population in the Flathead Valley of Montana. Yet minority races make up approximately 20% of the Liberty Fellowship congregation. Not only does our congregation comprise many minorities, it contains several racially-mixed marriages. We are enclosing a photo of some of the people from minority races who faithfully attend Liberty Fellowship. Please understand that this picture does not include all the minorities who attend; it only includes the folks who were in attendance the Sunday the picture was taken.

    I have been a pastor for over 40 years. I pastored a Baptist church in the Deep South for 35 years. As in the Rocky Mountain Northwest, my church in the Southeast was one of the most racially integrated churches in the area. My track record regarding embracing racial diversity in my ministry is life-long and well-known. Your reporter could have discovered this fact in the briefest amount of time if he had had a smidgen of intellectual honesty. But typical of smear tactics common to left-wing newspapers such as yours, your reporter did not bother to contact me or my office for clarification as to the veracity of the SPLC accusation. This is obvious yellow journalism–and really not journalism at all as much as left-wing propaganda.

    I demand a public retraction of the malicious misrepresentation that besmirches me and Liberty Fellowship by implication, accusing us of being identified with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. I expect to see this retraction in a prominent place in your newspaper as soon as possible.


    Dr. Chuck Baldwin
    Pastor, Liberty Fellowship
    Kalispell, Montana

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
    , @Alden
  197. @Mackerel Sky

    A better song is “Sweet Home Alabama” by that southern commie group, turned up to ten.
    It even starts with, TURN IT UP!


    P.S. Let’s keep this thread going, youse guys!

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  198. Incitatus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “Ever hear of “The Masque of The Red Death.” It’s an Edgar Allen Poe story”

    Nobody reads Poe for anything other than perverse distraction and/or school credit. The man was a mediocre author without sustaining value. A drug addict born 1809 Boston, dead in his 40th year. Better luck next time.

    You worship pioneers. But your vagabond forebears were late arrivals, getting sloppy seconds. That’s all they were. Reprobates and opportunists reaping the rewards earned by real ‘pioneers’.

    “The Land remained sparsely populated for 100 years, because those that came before were unable to defeat the Indians”

    Colonization was never their intent. Trade (profit) and comity was their aim. They never had the numbers to aspire otherwise, nor were they so interested.

    It came to bottom feeders like your ‘(not so) pioneer’ forbears to reap rewards earned by genuine explorers.

    “my Great x 4 Grandfather helped found a Nation.

    If Texas is a “Nation” why is it sucking on the Federal tit? Get little cripple Taliban Abbot to proclaim independence and be done with it, PLEASE! Live (and freeze) with your very own energy grid and non-existent emergency resources if that’s what you want. Doesn’t matter to me or anyone else.

    Shouldn’t new “nation” Texas pay back funds received from the Fed in excess to taxes paid? That’s fair, isn’t it?

    Write us a check! You’ll feel much better!

  199. @A Conquered Goy

    Thanks Goy.

    I’m real interested in Liberty Fellowship now and will look them up. Anybody on SPLC’s Death List can’t be all bad.

  200. @Incitatus

    CR, This is what’s called SATIRE. In High School I got it off a drugstore magazine, and it’s still the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Today, the snowflakes would have a stroke. Nobody is spared:

    Incinatus, (Gomer Pyle voice) Shame, shame on you! Poe is one of my favorite writers and the
    English literati used to agree with me. H.L. Mencken was a scholar of American English and he considered “Huckleberry Finn” the greatist American novel. He was so hated in the south, some
    some local governments had a “dead or alive” bounty on him….


  201. @Puddin Tane

    Who sentenced you to stay in Georgia for thirty years? Did some Northern Judge banish you to the Hillybilly Hinterlands? Your Job, Your Kid’s School, Your Wife’s Family, WHAT? Why would you remain somewhere that YOU HATED? Work among people you despised, or those you felt despised you? Allow your children to attend school with ignorant Racist Rednecks? Marry a Woman that had Southern Ancestry? WHATEVER IT WAS, with all of this vast knowledge of Southern people that you acquired, why would you stay THIRTY YEARS and not decide to leave? Basically, You’re Full of SHIT.

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Fort Worth / Dallas at all, but it certainly isn’t rural, or 80% of anything now except Hispanic. Problems with the Jews were once well known in the South. Broadway, vaudeville and television all emanated from the North, while Hollywood developed on the West Coast. The Mass Media centers are located outside of the South; even the local newspapers are now controlled by your Yankee – Jew publishing houses. After over a century and a half of Yankee – Jew academia, media, judiciary and military might, ostracization, black mail, and every other means of warping the minds of Southern children, dictating terms to Southern adults, and punishing with the fullest extent of societal and criminal penalties all who continued to dissent, how can you expect that there would be still be a strong awareness of the Jew? This is all due to your Yankee indoctrination.

    Is everyone in the North clamoring for Jews to be exiled or sent to concentration camps? If so, I certainly wasn’t aware of it. With so many Northern politicians being Jewish, and the manner in which Northern communities go into conniption fits over the slightest hint of Anti-Semitism, I’m inclined to believe that Northerners are far more protective of the their Jewish neighbors than Southerners care to be. As I pointed out on a previous post, it is Northerners who burn down their neighborhoods and attack their fellow Whites to demonstrate their solidarity with Negroes and Jews. It has been much quieter in the South, and the few demonstrations that have occurred have not contained as nearly as many White people acting in conjunction with the malcontents. Of those that did, many of them probably moved here from the North. That’s the way it was with the Yankee – Jew Freedom Riders; Outsiders stirring up trouble. If you look at pictures of some of the signs that the Southern protesters carried in the 1950’s and 1960’s, they often said things like “Desegregation is Jewish Communism.”

    You find that in a lot of the Southern museums, the historical societies, and other civic organizations, the Yankees and Jews have infiltrated and subverted them. Young people, everywhere, want to be popular. Adults, everywhere, want to be successful. No one wants to be cast out or unable to earn a living. When confronted with a perennial bombardment of negative influences, a perpetual avalanche of criticisms, and an infinite variety of punitive actions, is it any wonder that things have developed this way? Every effort to resist was met with maximum force to ensure compliance. Refer to post #166, courtesy of The Griffins, if you need a reminder.

    You don’t care about addressing “The World’s Foremost Problem,” you simply can’t stand the idea of a resurrected Southern culture and identity. Because, as I said before, Yankees have nothing distinctive or original about them, and they have always hated us because we do. Otherwise, why would you take so much time and effort to try to reform us? Why wouldn’t you stay away from us, and allow us to go on our own separate way? If we turned out for the worse, then you could smugly say, “See, We Told You! You’re On Your Own Now!” But, No, you had to destroy us first, and in the process, you’ve permitted your own communities to fall into indolence, anarchy and ruin.

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  202. @Incitatus

    Where did your ancestors go after your 2nd Cousin, 9 times removed settled a town? From your responses, they apparently didn’t remain to further expand the frontiers of White Settlement. The “Bottom Feeders”, as you refer to them, went out onto the plains and established homesteads where there were no trade routes, and certainly no profits. Money was practically unknown, commerce consisted largely of bartering. For most, there was only subsistence living.

    Poe was so mediocre that countless adaptions have been made from his work, and he is considered the originator of the detective novel.

    Texas has been inundated with Illegal Aliens, thanks to lax Federal Immigration enforcement and legal challenges to any and all efforts to deal with it on a State level. It began with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and continued with Ronald Reagan’s amnesty. These Illegal Aliens are a tremendous burden on the Welfare system. Paired with the insurmountable problems associated with maintaining the “Freedmen” among us, these are the factors that make Texas seemingly dependent on Federal Funds. Don’t worry though, you have plenty of refugees and asylum seekers that are coming to sponge off of your taxes too, so get your checkbook out.

    Insulting “Aluminum Sides” Abbott isn’t fazing me in the least, so don’t expect me to get worked up about that. Taliban? Coming to a Neighborhood near YOU, courtesy of your buddy, Senile Old Joe.

    You don’t have to worry about Texas reasserting its Independence, the entire Nation is about to fragment into a hundred pieces, and the energy grid will collapse with it. My ancestors survived without any electricity, and so have I. I neither froze to death or suffered a heat stroke. I managed to live with very few creature comforts and with barely enough to eat. I don’t know how I will fare in a coming apocalypse, but having been through some pretty tough times already, I think that I can deal with it better than you,

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  203. @A Conquered Goy

    A really good Southern Song is “I’m A Good Old Rebel” written by James Innis Randolph, at the end of the war. Among my favorites are “The Homespun Dress” composed by Carrie Bell Sinclair in 1862, and “Bob Roebuck” aka “The Southern Soldier Boy” published in Richmond in 1863, by Sallie Darlington. Other good Southern Songs include “The Bonnie Blue Flag” written by Harry McCarthy, and “Kill That Yankee Soldier” also known as “Southern Soldier,” author presumably unknown.

    Molly Hatchet did a pretty good Metal Ballad titled “Silent Reign of Heroes,” in the late 90’s. Had it been released a decade or so earlier, it might have relaunched their careers. Claude King’s “Ballad of Atlanta” is a rousing affair, and it’s hard to beat Johnny Horton’s classic “Johnny Reb.”

    The Band’s seminal anthem “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” became, arguably, the song most readily identified with them. “My Window Faces The South” is an excellent, but lesser known, and seldom reissued, Western Swing number by Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys. Alabama made a career of writing chart topping songs about the simple life in small Southern communities.

    Charlie Daniels and Hank Williams Jr. penned their share of Rebel Yell inducing Hit Songs. Even, English Punk Rocker, Billy Idol, couldn’t resist the temptation to create his own version of a “Rebel Yell,” paying homage in an offhand way.

    Tom Petty, before he BACKED DOWN, recorded a concept album, “Southern Accents” that included a very good song simply titled “Rebels.” Don Williams’ “Good Old Boys Like Me” tells the story of a man who managed to avoid the pitfalls of his youth and grows to reminisce and appreciate his childhood memories. In a similar fashion, Dwight Yoakum’s “I Sang Dixie” is about an old man, dying on the streets of Los Angeles, advising his young friend to return to the South. A much older tune, “Detroit City,” sung by Bobby Bare, is about another young man whose friends and family think he’s making it big, when in reality he is dreaming of the cotton fields back home.

    These are but merely a few examples of the songs that have been written about The South over the years. Those who choose to truly embrace our rich heritage, will quickly find that it is far more complex and multifaceted than just Lynyrd Skynyrd (Now Known as Lenny Skalywag), The Dukes of Hazzard (Much Credit to John Schneider and Ben Jones for Refusing to Kowtow), and whatever other cliche’ imagery that is commonly ascribed to it.

    • Replies: @A Conquered Goy
  204. Alden says:

    It would help if the southern churches started using the Christian part of the Bible instead of the Jewish part of the Bible. The southern churches no matter what denomination are descendants of the wanna be Jew Calvinists and puritans. Who forbade the Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter. And seriously debated having services on Saturday instead of Sunday and adopting a kosher diet. As they understood kosher diets.

    And the southern churches really really need to end the practice of adopting Haitian babies.

    Given that the populations of the big southern cities can be 40 to 80 percent black, and the enormous overall black population, I don’t see much hope for southern Whites. Missouri was a border state and look what the blacks did to St Louis. My ancestors founded Frankfort Kentucky. A 30 percent black hellhole.

    I respect the confederate heritage. I listen to Rally round the Bonnie blue flag , I’m a good old rebel Virgil Caine all the time.

    But before the south rises again something will have to be done about the demographics .

  205. Alden says:
    @A Conquered Goy

    Wonderful letter. Thank you so much for standing up to SPLC .

  206. Alden says:
    @Mackerel Sky

    Virgil Caine is my name abd I worked in the Danville train. Till Stoneman’s Calvary cane and tore up the tracks again. ‘Twas the winter of 65!we were hungry just barely alive. May tenth came and Richmond fell. Oh I remember it oh so well.
    Like my father before me I’m a working man. Like my brother before me I took the rebel stand. He was just 18 young and brave Till a yankee bullet put him in his grave.

    I’m a good ol rebel yes I am. And my favorite line. I hates their striped banner. Well, this California girl hates it too. Because it’s the flag of black on White crime, affirmative action and the planned genocide of Whites by the f**king federal government.

    Powerful White upper class Whites destroying their fellow Whites.

  207. Che Guava says:
    @Tony massey

    Thank you for the one reply to my simple question.

    If you liked the film, perhaps I should see it again. Don’t think so. with Kidman and Law as robotic performers. Oh, well, I will watch it again, at least reading the book after would give another reason to see what I think a bad movie again.

    Although English is not my first language, I got through the whole novel in two sessions.

    The plot frill that I can never believe was that Inman had a near-death injury to his neck, yet some people are trying to force him to fight.

    It is nonsense, the CSA army, as any later, and many before, would allow the grievously injured to withdraw, to recover, and if not recovering, leave the veteran alone.

  208. @Cowtown Rebel

    Hi Cowtown,

    Thanks for the playlist. I can empathise with your frustration, but I think you proved the other guys point. You are obviously highly intellegent and well-read. I don’t understand the colored glasses you see through– it alienates potenial friends and allies. And it not just you. For example, just one little thing you wrote:

    “…you simply can’t stand the idea of a resurrected Southern culture and identity.”

    I have no idea what that means. I’m not sure anyone does.

    ” Because, as I said before, Yankees have nothing distinctive or original about them, and they have always hated us because we do.”

    How dare you say such a thing? I don’t hate you or even know you. That’s a mighty broad brush. That’s the way Marxists talk. Many friends have been from the south, but I always thought of them as just another American.

    ” Otherwise, why would you take so much time and effort to try to reform us? ”

    Us? I have never tried to reform you, or anyone else. Don’t you see how this comes across?
    To a stranger, this You Yankee stuff gets old fast.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. I don’t speak for the other guy but you keep going on with this yankee diatribe.

    Take care.

  209. @A Conquered Goy

    That’s how this game is played. Southerners are ALL inbred, illiterate, ignorant, intolerant, ill mannered, indolent, idiotic, insane Insurrectionists. Just consider a few of the Anti-Confederate sentiments expressed, not only on this thread, but by the general public on any given day. News Reporters, Teachers, Politicians, Comedians, and Joe on The Street, are all prone to regurgitate the same accusations, with varying intensity and vitriol, most with very little knowledge of the conflict or the issues that caused it. For those individuals, Stupidity, Hate and Treason are the only adjectives that seem to apply to the Confederacy or The South.

    After over a dozen years of watching my former Compatriots in the S.C.V. try to gain influence by being polite and unoffensive, and having that interpreted as weakness, I gave up that using that ineffective tactic long ago. You have to measure your adversaries. I take my cue from the BLM and Antifa crowds, they are neither courteous or considerate. The Gangsta Rappers are not proper gentleman, their popularity is derived from their brashness and abrasiveness. It does absolutely no good at all to mind your P’s and Q’s when dealing with those kinds of people. There is only one language that they understand. Violence.

    Again, I credit my upbringing among the Savages. When I first started getting ganged up on, my Father told me I was a better man if I walked away from a fight. That got me punched in the back of the head, kicked in the rear, and taunted by my classmates. My Mother advised me to tell the teacher. That got me assaulted in the restroom, on the playground, or on the way home. My Grandmother gave me the most useful advice, she said “Hit ‘Em Back!” I said “Grandma, there’s several of them and they’re bigger than me!” She replied “Hit the Biggest One First!” That worked! I graduated from “Punk Ass White Boy” to “Crazy Ass White Boy” by the time I reached High School.


  210. @Cowtown Rebel

    Nice try at deflecting, Liar, but it won’t work. To reiterate, “Proud Southerners” like you are nothing but repulsive, close-minded xenophobes who despise all outsiders unconditionally, and bullies who have group orgasms every time you gang up on your favorite hate objects– Mexicans, yankees, whoever…

    Your attempt to lie your way around this obvious empirical Fact is the same congenital dishonesty you display every time you say or think anything. So typical of the lot of you.

    “Broadway, vaudeville, television, Hollywood, blah blah blah…”

    Uh-huh, NONE of which is “Yankee-Jew,” Liar. 100 percent of it, like all “media,” is 100 percent JEW, period. Only they understand “media” as THE way to cast spells over whole populations, which is what they’re really doing with all of it. Genuine racial Europeans simply do not have this sensibility or motivation. Print media was the first form their modern media monopoly took, and to make sure it would spellbind the maximum number of dumb goy brains they also bulldozed through their “ideals” of universal education and literacy. Those were never ideals of racial Europeans, historically. Until the mid-1700s, at the earliest, 95% of Europeans everywhere were agrarians totally preoccupied with matters of immediate group survival. Ah, but the people falsely known as “Jews” have been wealthy urban sophisticates for over four thousand years. Universal education & literacy was and is their cultural ideal. They’ve shoved it down everyone else’s throats because it’s also The Key to their mass mind control.

    So you see, the real reason why yankees have been dancing puppets for the “Jews” for longer than you is because they were conquered first, by “Jewish” universal literacy, ergo “Jewish” mass mind control. Probably the single largest factor that whipped up the North behind “Emancipation” was that book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written by a Jew-brainwashed whore who didn’t know blacks from martians. She wrote it, but Jews rabidly distributed and marketed it, as always with all “media.” It was mandatory reading that took that whole swath of states by storm and reduced them to lurching zombies to accomplish an End none of them remotely understood: Auguste Schoenberg, a.k.a. “Belmont,” and other Jewish elite spies, backed by the entire Jewish investor class in London etc. wanted to crush America’s Revolutionary political culture for good by manipulating it to self-destruct, to finally make this continent a fertile field for their Global Financial Empire. Lincoln etc. were nothing but jigging corrupt puppets for them, then as now. The whole issue of Slavery on both sides was just an emotional lever / tectonic fault line they could cynically use. In the South the main center of “Secession” agitation, where the war actually started, was Charleston SC– which also “happens” to be their #1 enclave in the South, where they held sway since colonial times and also organized Freemasonry and Reform Judaism. You dumb Johnny Rebs have just been lumps of clay in their hands all along!

    Another huge factor you’re totally missing: some incredible percentage of “yankees” invading the South are actually crypto-Jews! It’s certainly a double-digit percentage. But again, none of you can spot a Jew to save your lives, so again you’re just putty in their hands, blaming who they want you to blame.

    In short, the “Jewish” cultural conquest and divide-and-conquer campaign against the West is so enormous in scale in every way, goes back into the past so incredibly far, and is so devious and multi-dimensional that it hopelessly eclipses and defeats your butt-ignorant Johnny Reb brain.

    I’m through with you now (flick, ptweeeeeng…)

  211. Incitatus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “Where did your ancestors go after your 2nd Cousin, 9 times removed settled a town?”

    The first arrived 1620 (well before there was any ‘South’), followed by dozens before 1650, a few more by 1676. They were well-established before cousin Louis founded Natchitoches LA 1713 and Nacogdoches TX 1716, or before 6G-Grand Uncle Rivard Lavigne helped found Fort de la Louisiane (Mobile AL) 1702, then held the first Nouvelle-Orléans land-grant (Bayou St-Jean) 1708.

    By that time, 3 G-Grandfathers had been killed fighting Natives, eight were recorded fighting same, another grievously wounded (musket ball), and another taken captive with two companions on a winter hunt (he watched them tortured then burned to death; managed to escape and make his way back 1659).


    Thanks for asking.

    But of course, you know all that, given your exclusive ‘southern’ appreciation of history, family, benevolent slavery and good-old ‘tall-cotton’ Dixie, Texas nation-making and scorn of the North. Where was your family before your old ‘pioneer’ signed onto TX in 1836 (216 years after mine arrived)? Any killed fighting Natives? Give us a hint. Do you even know?

    “Poe was so mediocre that countless adaptions have been made from his work, and he is considered the originator of the detective novel.”

    So what? Weak minded lemmings easily follow paths downward, rinse and repeat. It’s like Rap music. Easy money.

    “Insulting “Aluminum Sides” Abbott isn’t fazing me in the least, so don’t expect me to get worked up about that. Taliban? Coming to a Neighborhood near YOU, courtesy of your buddy, Senile Old Joe.”

    Actually, it was multiple bankrupt ‘Tiny Hands’ Donnie 45 and Porky Pompeo that surrendered to the Taliban. Forget?

    As for little ‘Dear Leader’ Gov. Abbot (future ‘Mr. President’ in his dreams), friend/defender of corrupt/incompetent politically-linked private energy that fails, freezes, and gouges customers; restrictor of women (no reference to males responsible for unwanted pregnancy); encourager for all (sane/insane; knowledgeable/ignorant) to buy and tote guns; making a health pandemic an opportunity to preach all should be free to be ‘Typhoid Mary’ and spread disease as a matter of ‘principle’. The man’s a complete fraud. He’s making Texas complete fraud.

    Built a corporate HQ in Dallas in the late 90s. Texans are wonderful people. What’s happened Cowtown? Why are you up to your nose in Abbot’s crap?

    “You don’t have to worry about Texas reasserting its Independence”

    More’s the pity. Please TX declare independence and pay your bills. The next hurricane – it’s on you.

    “I managed to live with very few creature comforts and with barely enough to eat. I don’t know how I will fare in a coming apocalypse, but having been through some pretty tough times already, I think that I can deal with it better than you,”

    Really? Was this when Vlad didn’t like what you posted, leading to a Siberian ‘time-out’?

    You know nothing about me. Your posts are completely without merit. You grasp for relevance: you have none. Sorry.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  212. @Puddin Tane

    I hate to knock a whole group, but their ledger certainly doesn’t look good, does it?
    Were it not for the media takeover, I think we could have made it.

    I just want to share this talented Japanese girl doing Robert Fripps impossible part:

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  213. @Incitatus

    My Great x 5, Grandfather fought in the American Revolution and then his son migrated across the Country, leaving namesake communities from Tennessee to Texas. This Weekend, they are going to dedicate a Statue to him in Anna, Texas. So, someone apparently thinks he had merit. They named two towns and county here in Texas for him during his lifetime. So, who cares what you think?

    Apparently, you didn’t remain in the places where your ancestors settled. That’s good. Whatever problems we have, we certainly don’t need you stinking up the place. You’re completely without, and I’m glad.

    Ha Ha Ha, You’re actually defending Joe Biden! Whatever! I won’t give you satisfaction by defending Donald Turnip. I voted for him, because it pisses off Liberals, that’s about all I can say for him. Pompouseo was the recipient of one of only two tweets that I’ve ever sent. He asked, in reference to Maduro in Venezuela, “What kind of tyrant denies food and medicine to women and children?” I reiterated his question and then answered it, “Abraham Lincoln.” I sent the same tweet to Marco Cubio,

    What a broken record! Stuck on “Aluminum Sides” again? You’re certainly wasting your time chastising Abbott for my benefit. I don’t care what you say about him. But, I’m beginning to think that you’re the type of individual that would hang around outside of a Children’s Hospital to make fun of the disabled kids.

    Ancestors from Texas, and you don’t know that Cowtown is West of Dallas? And, just to clarify, I’m not a Texan, I am a Texian.

    The difficult times that I have experienced were right here in Texas, but I’m doing much better now, Thanks to The Grace of God.

    I now know your ancestors were a bunch of Frogs. And, that if they were anything like you, they were obnoxious, insufferable and traitorous. What kind of sick individual takes pleasure in the problems that confront a land that his ancestors allegedly helped to settle? You don’t still have family here? They probably disowned your “sorry” ass. That’s why you’re not here, and that’s why you have such contempt for Texas. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

    I get out into the public and make myself relevant, rather than spending all of my time on a computer. You don’t have a clue as to who I am, what I’ve done, what I do, or what I am capable of doing, but I am certainly not hard to find, Comrade.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  214. @Puddin Tane

    Was that the sound of you FUCKING OFF? Music to My Ears!!!

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  215. @A Conquered Goy

    “Were it not for the media takeover, I think we could have made it.”

    Oh, dude, if the fucking English and their world diaspora were ACTUALLY HUMAN we would have made it!
    The Germans, the French, the Russians, ALL Europeans circa 100-500 A.D.– they all had the guts and brains to comprehend the “Jews” methods and defeat them. All of them had to be tortured and murdered into submission. Across the whole of Europe, only the Dutch and British Isles peoples caved in without a fight and have guzzled their jism ever since oh-so-nice, going on 500 years.
    If it hadn’t been for England and the Anglophone diaspora sucking their dicks so purdy throughout the world wars, the combined nations of Europe would have rolled right over them like a semi crushing a piss-ant. Do you have any idea how different the world would be today, had Anglophones not been soulless asshole race-traitors then? We’d all be reading Fraktur, doing high fives, and drinking good German beer, and Hitler would be the Second Coming of Christ for rescuing the whole world from them just like Jesus did.

    • Replies: @A Conquered Goy
  216. @Cowtown Rebel

    So, Texas Blowhard, which one of the following is least offensive to you and/or describes you best?

    You are either:

    A) a genuine, sincere, stupid-as-fuck Johnny Reb who really has been divided-and-conquered against his own kind.


    B) a totally corrupt shabbos goy POS who knows perfectly well what he’s doing, i.e. working the divide-and-conquer the Stupid Cattle Hustle for your bosses, the “Jews,” whose dicks you lovingly suck.


    C) a Satan-worshipping, baby-fellating kike “Jew” monstrosity doing your own shitty leg work.

    So which one is it, Foghorn Leghorn? The more you keep crowing on and on and I mean OOOOOOOOONNN, the more it must be B) or C). Anyone normal who is A) would be hanging out in social media swapping spit with his fellow Trumpie idiots. But of course you will stick to A) in any case, so I guess it’s all rhetorical.

    I mean, Ron Unz is clearly one very shrewd “Jew,” and it was clear over a decade ago that that Jew faggot Incogman was running a very similar honey trap / Death List Name Compiler for pissed off stupid cattle. You remind me a lot of the fake goyim who used to hang out all over his site. They’d never shut up either. Wow, what a boring, shitty, soul-sucking job– well, if you had a soul, I mean.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  217. @Puddin Tane

    Hi Puddin,

    I love your posts. Like Mencken, you have great insights mixed with hypebole and satire.
    I’m guessing you watch The David Knight show. Three hours live every day and archived on multiple platforms. Banned from jewTube:

    It’s OK, CR, he’s hails from North Carolina. Like Virginia, it’s still has some fine native folks.

    Funny you mention Charleston S.C., Puddin,. That’s the place where I experienced everything you talk about. Not EVERYONE, of course….

    Take care,

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  218. @A Conquered Goy

    “Like Mencken… ”

    Whoa, high praise indeed. Thank you.

    Please tell me about Charleston. I’ve never been and I’m very curious. It simply has to be a fascinating place.

    • Replies: @A Conquered Goy
  219. @Puddin Tane

    You’re Welcome!

    Don’t get your head swelled, there ain’t much pickins these days. lol 🙂

    Oooooh, Charleston! It all started when God, in His infiinite justice and wisdom, decided to hammer the place. He was quite mercifull over all. I was ordered by my corporate slave drivers to go down there to help. I like history and, well, Charleston is quite significant in American history.

    I am no stranger to places called “the south” but I had never encountered anyhing like it. My local co-workers and local boss were alledgedly college graduates but they where the most zenophobic, ignorant jerks I had ever met. I didn’t understand this pathology at first. Very passive/aggresive and duplictitous,
    perhaps envious, because I only had to spend a month in their hell. Faulkner explained it well. 🙂

    Sorry, I’m getting into that stress disorder–what’s it called? That veteran thing. Vets make a good living off it. No doubt some really have it. I must now take an asprin…..

    • Replies: @A Conquered Goy
  220. @A Conquered Goy

    I thought I’d get a fast comeback. Btw, I’m not a veteran, I just empathise with them.
    So, tell me about how you ended up in rural Georgia? I bet THAT would be a good story. 🙂

    ( As always, I’m going from memory).

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
    , @Puddin Tane
  221. @Puddin Tane

    Last I heard from you, you were making some noise like you were finally going to Fuck Off! What was it? Flick, Ptweeeng?

    What would some Atheist know about a Soul? Who, or What, exactly do you Worship? Anything? Yourself? My Soul is Saved by The Blood of Jesus Christ. Jews absolutely Detest Jesus. I’ve often referred to Alan Dershowitz’s book, “The Vanishing American Jew,” when addressing the Jew’s rejection of Christ, because he is extremely candid on the matter.

    Maybe, all that talk about performing felatio is merely just you projecting your own desire to orally gratify Negroes? I bet it’s actually you that blow’s hard.

    Anyway, I thought you had desisted, but apparently, it is you who cannot get over me. Thereby, increasing my relevance to your life. Just as I’ve said all along, Yankees are obsessed with The South. Why else would you come on to a forum to start a fight with people who are just trying to pick up what’s left of the shattered pieces of their broken civilization? And, yet there are still people out there who wonder why we can’t just get along.

    You smugly claim that we’re the ones falling into a divide and conquer trap. Southerners don’t go North to tell people up there who they have to do business with, what statues they can erect, who they have to live next door to, what they can say, or interfere with their lives at all. Nor do they have any inclination to. Sticking your nose into your neighbors business and trying to cause disharmony is something that seems equally attributable to the Yankee as it is the Jew.

    You’re just another in a long list of Posers that are the most fanatical Anti-Semites while posting online, but don’t actually do or say anything publicly. What are you doing to clean up the shit in your own backyard? Have you planned a date for a local Kristallnacht? Have you organized any Pogroms, lately? Are you standing on street corners denouncing Jewish influence? No, like most of your ilk, you’re sitting around in your homemade S.S. Uniform, with your picture of Adolph Hitler on the wall, and dreaming of leading a Panzer Division. Dickwads like you literally think that you are the only ones that have any knowledge of The Protocols.

    At this point, I’ve got much better things to occupy my time with than continuing this pointless discussion with you. But, by all means, feel free to continue with your foolish Rants all you like. The Griffins put it quite succinctly, “TROLL.”

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  222. @A Conquered Goy

    “tell me about how you ended up in rural Georgia?”

    Maybe some other time. For now I’m availing myself of my Miranda rights due to the presence of another, hostile party. I’ll say this though: the place I left became a mecca for Jews and cryptos way back in the 1800s and has steadily gotten worse ever since, a la San Francisco. It’s like a 24-7-365 gay pride parade and living museum of every mental illness you can think of. I have no desire to ever see it again. Going there and seeing how much worse it’s gotten since the last time is too painful.

    “My local co-workers and local boss were alledgedly college graduates but they where the most zenophobic, ignorant jerks I had ever met.”

    Yes, education doesn’t fix it at all. It’s biological. The northern colonies (e.g. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland) tended to be genuine havens of religious freedom that attracted voluntary colonists, i.e. ones who weren’t the dregs and trash of the British Isles. They came because they wanted to, not because they were dragged in chains. The further south you went in the 13 colonies, the more they were death traps of malaria, yellow fever, heat stroke, huge rattlesnakes, etc., that no one would choose voluntarily. Shit, if it weren’t for A/C nobody would live there even now. So the typical colonist was invariably a convict or indentured servant, or descendant of same. Savannah was a penal colony. Then later when the North benefited tremendously from additional large waves of German, Scandinavian, etc. voluntary immigrants, very few of those chose the South either. It was still a sweaty hell-hole, now populated with assholes. So there’s still a definite “cockney trash” thing going on with Deep South “natives,” even today. They look like the English underclass of 300 years ago. They’re of low character. They conspicuously lack talents and creativity and are extremely corrupt. Their “intellectual life” often consists entirely of malicious gossip and in-group / out-group bigotries. Their horrifying idea of “Christianity” is like a weekly orgy of all of the above.
    What perhaps explains their xenophobia best: they have some vague reluctant glimmering of their inferiority relative to more recent arrivals, so they have inferiority issues from hell. They’re all going around with chips on their shoulders the size of aircraft carriers. Any misstep from you whatsoever that calls attention to their inferiority, even second-hand, and they’re out to get revenge forever. There is no appeal. People who don’t have inferiority pathologies simply aren’t like that. It’s something they have in common with your typical ghetto-boon nigger, whose hatred of ‘Whitey’ is actually driven entirely by their own objective, obvious inferiority. So their grievance will be “resolved” only by us becoming extinct.
    About the only good thing you can say about these Deep South “natives” is that they have a strong work ethic– but ya know, that shouldn’t be your only ethic.

  223. @A Conquered Goy

    I neglected to Thank You in an earlier response for paying me a compliment. I’ve been told that I’m smart from an early age, but I tend to agree with Will Roger’s when he stated, “We’re all ignorant, just on different subjects.”

    Intelligence, to me, appears to be somewhat subjective. Those with a mathematical genius, may not be as adept with language skills. Or, someone who is very articulate and well read, might lack mechanical aptitude. I’ve always marveled at, and perhaps envied, the specialized abilities of the craftsman, the astute musician, or those whose grasp of World History appears all encompassing.

    I try to remain humble and to always be mindful of my numerous limitations. I also determinedly engage in self improvement. But, as with many things, I could always do more, and I spend far too much time in leisurely pursuits.

    According to some of the other posters on here, I’m a “dumbass Johnny Reb,” or a clever, conniving Jew out to divide and conquer, or someone who is on their payroll. Weren’t you asking me something about alienating people? I suppose if I had to choose one of those options, then I guess I’m the “dumbass Johnny Reb.” That appellation comes from one of the Great White Uniters of Our Time, and was originated by one who is among the foremost and well known Anti-Zionist Uber-Mensch that This World has ever witnessed.

    If Puddin Tane (ask him his name and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t know who his Father is) can’t save us from behind his computer keyboard, then who can?

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  224. @A Conquered Goy

    Oh, I forgot the most important thing of all, goy…

    The worst thing by far that happened to the South that made it the wasteland of trailer trash we see today is the Civil War.

    During the Civil War everything there went from bad to worse, then afterward all they knew was relentless grinding tragedy for the next 70 years, so much so that anyone remotely human looked around and thought: “my God, I can’t bring a child into this nightmare. If I’m gonna have a family, I have to LEAVE and make a new start somewhere better.” And so they did. Everyone remotely human packed up and left. Those too sub-human to do that math stayed and bred. So it wasn’t “inbreeding” that made them the degenerates we see today, but the dysgenics of War.

    Wars and their aftermath for the defeated are possibly the worst calamity that can befall the genetic quality of societies, and “Jews” know it. That’s why they unleash that scenario on the goyim again and again but avoid it themselves at all cost. They always cut and run to somewhere better, taking the purloined wealth of that society with them.

    And so the South was brain-drained and character-drained for three generations, ending only within living memory with flat-out trailer trash criminal scum like the Dixie Mafia becoming sovereign. Read up on the early life of Harlan “Colonel” Saunders of KFC fame. He was in the thick of it as a young man. It reads like some shit out of the wild, wild West.

  225. @Cowtown Rebel

    “I try to remain humble and to always be mindful of my numerous limitations…”

    OMG, so now you’re feigning HUMILITY?? To win hearts and minds of any stupid cattle onlookers??

    HAW HAW HAW HAW HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh my, what a gasser! Well, except for how revolting it is.

    Jesus had the bunch of you so pegged: “…for there is no truth in you…”

    The bunch of you literally can not have a thought or open your mouths without that being your next big chess move / psychopathic manipulative LIE.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  226. Incitatus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “My Great x 5, Grandfather fought in the American Revolution”

    Kudos! What campaigns, what battles? What capacity? Did they fight with muskets or shovels? Be specific. Anything between 1775-83 will do.

    What about Metacom/King Phillip’s War 1675-76, King’s Williams War (1688-97); Queen Anne’s War (1702-13); French/Indian War (1754-63)? Where were your kin then? Shoveling manure someplace in the UK (or more likely Russia)

    “I now know your ancestors were a bunch of Frogs. And, that if they were anything like you, they were obnoxious, insufferable and traitorous.”

    Dyslexic? Have PTSD?

    After accusing the North of willful historical ignorance, you now deny most of Dixie – your glorious South – was first explored/founded/settled by the North – “traitorous” French and Canadians. Long before your pussy ‘pioneers’ arrived.

    One can only salute you as true to form stupidity.

    Consider “first citizen” of Nashville TN, ‘Timothy Demonbreun. Gven name Jacques-Timothée Boucher de Montbrun (1747-1826), founded Nashville 1769. He’s a 3C-7R. Where were your people 1769?

    Sucks, doesn’t it Cowtown? Are you, by any chance, related to diuretic windbag VIP-Templar descendant Rurik?

    Frogs and the Revolution? Look up lieutenant-général Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur marquis de Rochembeau; amiral François-Joseph-Paul marquis de Grasse-Tilly; Marie-Joseph-Paul-Roch-Gilbert Motier marquis de La Fayette.

    Without them you’d still be shoveling shit where-ever you came from.

    “I get out into the public and make myself relevant, rather than spending all of my time on a computer. You don’t have a clue as to who I am, what I’ve done, what I do, or what I am capable of doing, but I am certainly not hard to find, Comrade.

    Oh Pleassssssseeeeee. What Bullshit. How many moronic posts have you deposited like gentile rain on this stupid stream? Much more than me.

    Stay well, Comrade Cowtown

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  227. @Puddin Tane

    I’ll be in Anna, Texas this Saturday afternoon.

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  228. @Incitatus

    Somebody knows how to look things up on Wikipedia. I’ll be in Anna, Texas this Saturday afternoon.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  229. @Cowtown Rebel

    “I’ll be in Anna, Texas this Saturday afternoon.”

    Oh, you mean like your face or any other superficial appearance means anything? Like I don’t know that European-Americans are so stupidly, suicidally interbred with you slime that most of you pass yourselves off as “white as snow” now? Like I was born yesterday??
    Or do you mean you’re gonna kick my ass while the rest of your local kahal jerks off watching from the shadows?

  230. @Cowtown Rebel

    “Southerners don’t go North to blah blah blah… Nor do they have any inclination to.”

    And neither do genuine racial Europeans from “up north,” dumb ass! That’s what I’ve been trying to get through to you all along. Genuine racial Europeans everywhere… who haven’t been spellbound into marching zombies by “media” and edJEWcation… just want to mind their own business and be left alone. The Civil War was manipulated by JEWS on both sides, for reasons you still don’t get. 90 percent of the busybody “yankee” transplants pissing you off most are CRYPTO-JEWS, I promise you. The same goes for half of your “native leadership” egging you on, including virtually every GOP politician and every NGO that gets any real traction and funding. What? You think “they can’t be Jews” just because they look “white,” attend churches, and have names like “Smith,” “Jones,” and “Gomez?” Yeah, of course you do– because you have NO IDEA how deceived and clueless you really are. You still have those post-WWII brainwashed scales over your eyes. You talk all this flowery bullshit about your “humility” but in fact you are a PRISONER of your vanity and petty provincial “patriotism”– the exact vulnerabilities they always use.

    And you seriously think you’re “a Christian??” Casting those exact things aside and thus forming an unstoppable pan-human army against these monsters was what Jesus was really about and what He achieved. Yeah, your bullshit crypto-Jew pastor never goes there, I know… It took them 1500 years, but they finally moled their way into Christianity and reduced it to just another spell.

    You’re so invested in this “hate Yankee” horseshit it has made you impenetrable to the true sweep of history, which dwarfs it and isn’t in books. It gets censored out of nearly all books. Books, after all, are “media…” The Truth is revealed not by learning but by unlearning and truly opening your eyes. Taking in the whole world and all of history as if you’re riding a Cosmic helicopter.

    You have no fucking clue how many of them have been all around you, molding you like clay all your life, and you’re not TRYING to overcome what they’ve done to you.

  231. Incitatus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “Somebody knows how to look things up on Wikipedia”

    Don’t we all! Great resource, not always accurate.

    Second request regarding your ‘Great x 5, Grandfather’ in the American Revolution: what campaigns, what battles? What capacity? Spare no words.

    “I’ll be in Anna, Texas this Saturday afternoon.”

    Is this regularly scheduled electro-shock therapy, or one-off in crisis?

    Clamp down hard on the rawhide bit and remember to keep your tongue clear of teeth (recommended by Wikipedia) .

    Best of luck Comrade.

  232. @Puddin Tane

    This tread has appeared to have played out. Some interesting thoughts here from many perspectives.

    A few confesions I would like to make. As much as I love history, I can’t stand Civil War reinactors. I agree with the late comedian, George Carlin, that it’s a shame they don’t use live ammunition and vastly improve the Gene pool everywhere. 🙂

    Still, I used to live close to Gettysberg and have visited the battlefield many times. It was a costly, tactical stalemate for a couple of days when General Lee, a great general, blew it in frustration. He was tired and listened to some Hillbilly generals. “Hey, we’ll do a Napoleonic full frontal charge, on foot, against massive entrenched artillery and fortified bunkers at the top of a hill, after climbing over a HUGH, endless swath of open ground, and our southern bravery will hold the day!” We’ll call it Picketts Charge, and it will go down in history! I suppose it did…

    If you’ve ever been there, it makes as much sense as a Japanese suicide bonzai charge with swords
    against Marine heavy machine guns, with the same result. Even great generals make blunders. This one came at the worst possible time. Well, the rest is ancient history.

    I also have a soft spot for General Grant, the man, as opposed to some of the psychos he let loose on the south. Unfortunately, they were good generals. Never well off, Grant once owned a slave or two. A good friend of his was Mark Twain; Grant would have died in poverty were not for slaving over an autobiography while he was dying–for his family. Twain testified to it.

    He was a terrible polititian, of course, and a highly gullible president.

    Just some thoughts from old memory. Go easy on me, buffs, the feeling is mutual. LOL 🙂

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  233. @Puddin Tane

    I have a clue that one of the Crypto Jews posting on here is You. I want to save my people, you want to destroy them. That’s as obvious as your Schnoz. Why else would you wring your hands, desperately trying to get through to me, while simultaneously lampooning me, my kin, my neighbors, my ancestry and my section of the Country; and all the while pretending like Yankees are so Jew wise that they would never be so gullible as to believe something so preposterous as the Holocaust.

    For the last time, why do you care? The truth is, you don’t. Your only weapon against Southern culture is to persistently blast away at it with this bogus allegation of PhiloSemitism, that you coyly pretend isn’t a problem that effects all corners of the Country equally.

    There are, and there always have been, differences in the North and South. Much of it has to do with the Southern portion be settled largely by Scots-Irish and the Northern section being populated by Englishmen and Catholics. Jews are manipulative, controlling, powerful, and much too influential, but they are not responsible for every single conflict, antagonism and deviancy known to the World. Believe it or not, some variations in human thought and tradition have existed globally from the dawn of time. Stop giving yourself and your tribe so much credit, Shlomo!

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
    , @Puddin Tane
  234. @Cowtown Rebel

    “…all the while pretending like Yankees are so Jew wise that they would never be so gullible as to…”

    No I don’t, stupid fuck. As I have told you crystal clear already, yankees were conquered first and thus became their proxies, which is their whole Art. Yankees are still their dumb-ass proxies now, but you Johnny Rebs are too and always were. They never fight their own battles. They “fight wars” by manipulating two parties that they hate to hate and destroy each other. Win-win. They cast magic spells of Hate on both “sides,” with shit like 9-11, which they definitely did. Or that Beecher whore’s book. Or Fort Sumter. Or the Hindenburg explosion. The list is endless. In truth, the only true sides are Them and everybody else on earth, so everybody else needs to wake the fuck up and join together as One to stop them. That is what Jesus truly did, and we could do it again… If people like you would ever stop jerking off gazing at themselves in mirrors.

    “Why else would you wring your hands, desperately trying to get through to me…”
    Because that is the fight of my life, of my whole world, and of the whole future of this entire planet. There is nothing else. Everything you’re invested in is trivial bullshit compared to this. And YOU provoked this argument. And what the fuck do you think Unz’s site is about, anyway? This is not

    You have NO IDEA who they really are. You think they’re “just another little minority,” which is nothing but bullshit they’ve fed you all your life. They are not the Israelites of Moses at all. They’re the polar opposite, and that’s just the first identity they stole. Criminals need disguises.

    And you have NO IDEA what their true role in History has been or is now. Again, you believe too much of the shit they’ve fed you– and YES they ARE in a position to do that. The true story that they’ve hidden is the actual Mother Lode and unifying theory of world history. The worst of it is, we Europeans had them defeated and contained for 1500 years. That is the Miracle Jesus brought about, and it was understood as such. But then we slipped back into mediocrity, complacence, rube ignorance, and sectionalism while they NEVER EVER give up working to regain what they once had.

  235. @Cowtown Rebel

    “…all the while pretending like Yankees are so Jew wise that…”

    Oh, I get it… This the exact Southern inferiority pathology I talked about. This is you being pathologically hung up on “he thanks he’s BETTER ‘n us.”

    Well GROW the fuck UP, fuck stick! The issues at hand are bigger than that. ALL WHITE CHILDREN on the North American continent are about to be plunged into a third-world nightmare-future. Isn’t stopping that more important than “getting even with yankees?” What I am putting on the table in front of you– as unlikely as it may seem– is the ONLY way to turn the West’s defeat back into victory, just as it was the Only Way in Jesus’ time. Fight the True Enemy.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  236. @A Conquered Goy

    “This tread has appeared to have played out…”

    Is somebody holding a gun to your head, making you read it?

    • Replies: @A Conquered Goy
  237. @Puddin Tane

    Oh, Unz com, is says a real or fictitios Email. Why was I censored? I have never posted here before this thread or caused you any trouble…. I just popped in a random Email addy….
    Same guy.

  238. Last try. Puddin, you blew me off for no good reason. I’ve been trying to reply. No point. Too many technical difficulties on my end….. take care

    • Replies: @Puddin Tane
  239. @A Conquered Goy

    I didn’t “blow you off,” goddammit. But I don’t live to hover over this page, either. Reality calls.

  240. @Puddin Tane

    Yeah, You’re Right. The only way forward is to completely forget our past, and to agree with you that all of my ancestors, my peers, and I, myself, are all bassackwards Southern fucking Retards that don’t know our outhouses from our water wells. We’re all in desperate need of saving courtesy of an all knowing, omniscient Jew Detector to identify them for us and learn us about how they have everyone except him duped.

    Oh, wise and wondrous Sage, with all of the answers to all of the questions that have ever been asked, please save us from ourselves and from the wicked Jew whom we are all so oblivious to. I never even knew that there was such thing as a Jew until you revealed their existence to me.

    Why, if it wasn’t for YOU, then I would have never known that Karl Marx was a Jew. And, without your urging, there’s no way that I would have taken the short amount of time to read “The Communist Manifesto.” I wouldn’t know anything about Khazars or the Jewish Italian Mafia. I wouldn’t have found out about The Frankfort School. I would have never heard about Henry Ford’s reprinting of “The Protocols” in the “Dearborn Independent,” and I certainly wouldn’t have bothered reading them for myself. If you hadn’t led me to it, I would not have read “The Vanishing American Jew,” or several of the other books and articles that I’ve perused. You really opened my eyes and helped me to see that there are Jews in America and that they have a lot of control. I just never would have guessed it for a single minute if it hadn’t been for your infinite and unrivaled knowledge of all things Jewish and the unparalleled education that you’ve provided me with, gratis, on the subject.

    And, Thank You for teaching me that Europe was solidly united for 1500 years; without any wars, divisions, or frictions of any kind, during that entire time. I had some silly idea that they had National borders, practiced varying customs, and spoke different languages. Now, I know that it was just one totally unified Continent with nothing to quarrel or quibble over, and that it was due solely to the suppression of the Jew. And, here I was under the impression that the European Union was a late Twentieth Century amalgamation.

    You selflessly spend every waking minute, tirelessly trying to save The World from The Foremost Problem, and, apparently, the only way to do it is to berate and belittle me until I finally see things your way. There’s absolutely no one else that it is as important for you to reach than me. If you can get through to me, then everyone else will just naturally fall in line with you. That makes sense.

    Oh, Grow The Fuck Up, Yourself! You Dickless Dipshit! You know, as well as I do, that the first step in defeating the Goyim is to separate him from his heritage. You destroy the Nation by eroding the foundations. You do that by turning families, which are the building blocks, against themselves, and by undermining the people’s faith in God. Does the Biblical admonition to “Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father” mean anything to you?

    The way in which you interact with others leaves me with a strong suspicion that you’ve got an insider’s track on the JQ.

  241. Uh-huh, and so your answer to this question:

    Isn’t [rescuing ALL WHITE CHILDREN from plunging into HELL] more important than “getting even with yankees?”

    is a screaming, bug-eyed NO! And that…


    is the real problem that I or any Human from anywhere really have with all you “proud” Southern trash: you’re quasi-human VILLAINOUS SCUM so drenched with Hate, bitterness, selfishness, and spiritual poverty in general that you’re 90 percent of the way to being “Jews” yourselves. You should go to the Houston synagogue and convert right now, Cowtown. You’ll fit right in. Maybe they’ll set you up as a sniper blowing away “yankee” five-year-olds in schoolyards when the real shit starts, just like they do all over the Middle East.

    It was never that you’re “dumb.” Clearly that isn’t true, but even if it were someone can be “dumb” but still be good and sweet. Naw, “dumb” was never the real issue. You get scorned because you MORALLY SUCK.

    Okay, I really am through with you now, trash. Have fun watching your whole world fry and scream in HELL for the rest of your life, and the next. You totally deserve it.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  242. Bite Moi says:

    obiwandiyag————The Griffins listed you as a Troll. I checked,but dipshyte wasn’t listed as a choice.

  243. @Puddin Tane

    You have done a very good job of describing yourself.

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