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The Hostile Media & Anti-White Violence
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Do white people deserve to die for uttering the word “nigger”? Blacks, prompted by the mainstream media, increasingly say “Yes.”

The intersectional nature—yes, I’m taking intersectionality from the Left; I’m coming for it all—of an anti-white media and the propensity for extreme violence among blacks is creating an increasingly dangerous environment for whites.

We are faced with two groups that are both hostile and adverse to our interests on the whole, with one group attacking whites with a license granted by the other. A video came across my newsfeed with the title “A man gets knocked out after reportedly calling a woman with a child the N-word” (emphasis mine).[1]RT. December 30, 2019.

The security camera video from the convenience store depicts what appears to be some argument between a young white man and a black woman. The young white man is then sucker-punched by a much larger and older black man. The white man stumbles to his feet and then is hit several more times.

The headline of the same incident from another media outlet reads, Shocking moment ‘white supremacist’ gets knocked out TWICE by a stranger after ‘calling a black woman with a little girl the n-word’. There is no audio evidence that the word “nigger” was used by the white man who was attacked. The Daily Mail article, however, called the violent attacker a “bystander” who “confronts the white man and gives him one hard punch in the face.” Then, blaming the white man who has been labeled a “white supremacist,” writing, “It appears he had more to say though, prompting the black man to punch him repeatedly at least three more times in the face, sending the man back to the ground.” As if it is the white man who somehow “prompted” the attack on himself.

From a similar story out of Virginia: There was some altercation between a white woman and a black man in a 7-Eleven, ending with the black man punching the white mother, killing her. The black man claims she called him a “nigger,” justifying his attack.[2]Adrea Swalec. Video Shows One Punch That Ended Virginia Woman’s Life After Her Attacker Claims She Called Him N-Word. NBC Washington. April 27, 2018. []

Another white woman, this time at a Popeye’s, was body-slammed in the parking lot by black employees. Fox News also reported on the story with a headline meant to indemnify the violent attacker. It reads: “Popeye’s employee says viral video of body-slammed customer doesn’t tell the full story.”[3]Gaynor, Gerren Keith. “Popeyes Employee Says Viral Video of Body-Slammed Customer Doesn’t Tell Full Story.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 14 Nov. 2019, [] The “full story?” The blacks claim the white woman uttered the magic word. The magic word that has the power to turn what we are told are otherwise productive and cooperative members of society into rampaging feral brutes in fits of uncontrollable rage.

Video from downtown Minneapolis shows a white man being attacked, beaten, stripped, robbed, and stomped on by a dozen or so blacks. The local media reported this as a “staffing issue.”[4]Raguse, Lou. “Robbery Beatdown Videos Heighten MPD Staffing Debate.” KARE, 12 Sept. 2019, [ ] The gang-attack was not the first to happen in Minneapolis by far. Solutions forwarded all seemed to be about increasing the presence of police in the area, not about the root cause. Commentators on social media speculated that the white man deserved the prison gang-style beating because “maybe he called one of them a nigger.” Others wanted to “wait for more information” before jumping to any conclusions. “More information” meaning, maybe the white man uttered the magic word that can summon violent demons from the depths of the abyss, which of course would mean the gang-attack would somehow have been justified.

I’m a frequent viewer of World Star Hip Hop. I have been for years. It’s probably one of the best sites out there if you want to get a good look at urban vibrancy and to see how teens, Democrats, and rappers—real and aspiring—feel about whites. With no exception that I know, when a video is posted of a black person violently attacking a white person, the headlines on the videos always allege the white used the “n-word.” Interestingly, the videos rarely capture anything leading up to the attacks, and when they do, the word “nigger” is not heard. Most who comment never seem to catch this, however. They simply take the headline at face value.

Here are a few examples:

  • Fight Breaks Out After Redneck Calls Man the N-Word At a Bar in Kansas
  • Children These Days Are Mad Violent: Bunch of Girls Go Ape Shxt On a Boy for Allegedly Calling Them the N-Word on a School Bus
  • Heated: Black Man Confronts Man From Switzerland for Allegedly Using the N-Word Online
  • Man Gets Brutally Attacked at McDonald’s After Using the N-Word

Time and time again we see this same framing, from World Star Hip Hop to Fox News, and all outlets in-between.

What does the law say about this?

Fighting words are not an affirmative legal defense in the US.

You cannot attack a person and escape legal punishment by claiming that your victim uttered so-called fighting words.

This is of course known by the media, yet they are writing these stories and framing the headlines in such a way that gives attackers of white people some sort of pseudo-moral and legal authority to lash out. Or, after attacking a white person, they can simply say they were called a “nigger.”

The paradox here is that if any of the claims were true — that a white person called a black person a “nigger,” and that prompted the black to violently attack the white person — doesn’t that simply prove we are dealing with the genuine article? What else would you call a black person who is impulsive and violent, who is unable to delay gratification or think ahead? Call them what you like, these are brutish traits that have led to massively disproportionate black-on-white crime.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he dreamed of a society in which blacks were judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. But for the most part, white people have always done that. It is in the character department that blacks are found wanting.

The media apparatus, by running headlines and articles that seek to excuse random attacks on white people, is abetting in criminal behavior. They are nearly coconspirators with street criminals, giving them the impression that claiming to hear the word “nigger” is an affirmative defense, allowing them to attack a white person for any reason with impunity.

A survey of interracial violent crime tells us this narrative is entirely fictitious and is used to create a more hostile society towards whites, one where the younger and older members of our society are faring the worst.

Looking at broader data we find a clear trend. The absolute majority of violent interracial crimes between whites and blacks involve whites being attacked by blacks. Whites being attacked violently by blacks account for 90% of the violent felonies between the two races.[11]Kersey, Paul. “Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 Survey of Criminal Victimization Shows Blacks Committed 90% of Interracial Violent Felonies Between Blacks and Whites.” The Unz Review, 27 Sept. 2019, [ ] Looking at the National Crime Victimization Survey published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, we see how troubling this 90% figure is and to what magnitude the problem exists.

The figures are astonishing. Whites are violently attacked every year by non-whites to the figure of over 1,200,000. Blacks make up over 500,000 of those, Hispanics add over 300,000, with Asians and “other” making up the remainder.[12]Bureau of Justice, National Crime Victimization Survey, (Table 14) “Percent of violent incidents, by victim and offender race or ethnicity, 2018”. The non-white races attack whites at a massively disproportionate rate compared to them being attacked by whites, something over twenty-to-one.

Over one million white people and their families have their lives turned upside down each year through non-white home invasions, carjacking, muggings, assaults, and rapes. One million this year, last year, the year before, and so on. Ten million or so over the past decade since Counter-Currents was launched.

The numbers are clear. Non-whites are abusing our people on a tremendous scale, particularly the most vulnerable of us — women, children, the elderly — while the media hides most of it, excuses what is seen, and promotes still further violence by highlighting rare white-on-black crimes and promoting the “n-word” defense.

As horrible as it may be for white people to utter the word “nigger,” living with these people is far worse.


[1] RT. December 30, 2019.

[2] Adrea Swalec. Video Shows One Punch That Ended Virginia Woman’s Life After Her Attacker Claims She Called Him N-Word. NBC Washington. April 27, 2018. []

[3] Gaynor, Gerren Keith. “Popeyes Employee Says Viral Video of Body-Slammed Customer Doesn’t Tell Full Story.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 14 Nov. 2019, []

[4] Raguse, Lou. “Robbery Beatdown Videos Heighten MPD Staffing Debate.” KARE, 12 Sept. 2019, [ ]

[5] “Oklahoma Teen Blames Laced Marijuana after Throwing Baby in Parking Lot.” WSAV, 12 June 2019, [ ]

[6] Bonvillian, Crystal. “Boy Thrown from Mall of America Balcony Making ‘Small Steps’ toward Healing.” Boston 25 News, 23 Apr. 2019, []

[7] Moore, Hannah For. “Baby Boy Set on Fire and Left for Dead by Louisiana Railroad Tracks.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 24 July 2018, []

[8] Mascali, Nikki M. “Man, 84, Punched on J by Straphanger Who Yelled, ‘I Hate White People’.” Metro US, Metrous, 30 Aug. 2017, [ ]

[9] Moyer, Phillip. “Woman Seen Pushing Elderly Man off Bus in Viral Video Now on House Arrest.” 3 News Las Vegas, KSNV, 24 May 2019, [ ]

[10] Burnett, Ava-Joye. “Teen Brothers Allegedly Assaulted 59-Year-Old Man At Frederick Fair Over $1, Police Say.” CBS Baltimore, 23 September 2019, []

[11] Kersey, Paul. “Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 Survey of Criminal Victimization Shows Blacks Committed 90% of Interracial Violent Felonies Between Blacks and Whites.” The Unz Review, 27 Sept. 2019, [ ]

[12] Bureau of Justice, National Crime Victimization Survey, (Table 14) “Percent of violent incidents, by victim and offender race or ethnicity, 2018”.

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anarchyst says:

    Silly people:

    Blacks ALWAYS claim that their ((white)) adversaries call them the “n-word” in order to justify their attacks on ((whites)), their criminal behavior and to deflect blame for the altercation, placing the responsibility for their behavior on whites.

    Sad to say, the “authorities” and the “mainstream media” ALWAYS take the side of blacks in such altercations. How does one ((white)) PROVE that he didn’t utter the “n-word”?

    I am willing to bet that in 99.999% of all cases, whites NEVER use the “n-word” against blacks.

  2. During the recent Canadian federal election video emerged of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a young adult.

    The video showed Trudeau donned an afro wig, applied black face makeup, shoved a salami down his beachcomber pants and jumped up and down like a gorilla pleasuring itself. Trudeau was returned to power with mass support from immigrant-rich, ridings.

    One of the first acts of the reelected government was to fire 85 year old hockey commentater Don Cherry from the state-owned CBC because Cherry, a big supporter of the Royal Canadian Legion, said not enough immigrants were wearing poppies on Nov. 11.

    Accusations of wide spread racism in English speaking countries are just demands for unearned money and power.

    • Agree: Mishima Zaibatsu
  3. ‘Nigger’ is obviously the verbal opposite of ‘STOP RESISTING’. Science.

  4. Dan Hayes says:

    In NYC young blacks revel in using “nigger” before cowering whites as a show of superiority!

  5. Biff says:

    When I’m at the ATM I know whom I’m looking out for.

    Da Niggas

  6. So out of 1.2 million violent attacks on Whites, 800,00 were committed by Blacks and Hispanics while 400,000 were commited by Asian and ‘Other’?

    What kind of peoples does this ‘Other’ category include in America? I find it hard to believe Asians, who are on average quite low-T and low aggression and thus stick to white-collared crimes, commit more violent attacks against Whites than do Hispanics.

    In the end, some of the fault lies with the White people who were attacked, they relaxed around Blacks.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Alden
    , @almondflake
  7. Apparently white lives don’t matter.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @getaclue
  8. “A black teen threw a 1-year-old white child from the cart his mother was pushing him in outside of a grocery store, onto the parking lot asphalt.”
    These one year olds are pretty clever — being able to shout the “n” word at that age!
    Frankly, I wouldn’t take that kind of thing from a baby either….

    • Agree: Fuerchtegott
  9. Here’s another smashing video about the Media for your delectation and enjoyment… Might give you a measure of perspective on “World Star Hip Hop” (which I’ve never heard of before)

    A Modestly priced Weapon – Our Controlled Press:

    BTW I’ve gathered we’ve gone down from 6 “megaconglomerates”, to 4…

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @sally
  10. JimDandy says:

    If, on an observation deck at The Grand Canyon, a physically and mentally disabled trans white girl rolled her wheelchair up to a 7 foot tall, musclebound black dude and said, “Get out of my way, Ni****, I can’t see shit!” and said black dude responded by picking her up, wheelchair and all, and hurling her into the canyon to her death, what would the mainstream media narrative be?

  11. getaclue says:
    @Lockean Proviso

    Not to the Racist NYSlimes and Mainslime Media…no….

  12. Excellent overview of the rampant and (probably) innate propensity of Africans to behave impulsively, act selfishly, and commit crimes of violence.

    Since black aggression and criminality are fairly well known (to all races) the reality of black violence is recognized by enough people so that the injurious, (((liberal))) myth about racial equality does not interfere with most rational judgements. Thus, when given the choice, most non-blacks avoid negro-majority schools and their unlivable neighborhoods.

    Unfortunately, naive, poor, and/or idealistic whites (and white children) often find themselves among blacks and they pay a heavy price for this exposure. What’s most infuriating however is the devious and destructive role played by good-thinking liberals who dominate/own American media and who license blacks to commit acts of violence against white ‘racists’. These ‘whites’ are detestable.

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
    , @conatus
    , @Wally
  13. Ready for them (usually), or not, I find that dropping the N-bomb up front puts them on the defensive. They talk and act way more aggressively when armed, or when outnumbering you. If you do likewise, they think twice before making a move.

    • Replies: @Poco
  14. Thomasina says:
    @Just passing through

    You’ve never heard about how important “losing face” is in the Asian culture? Want to see explosive rage? Call them out on something.

    If you are “just passing through”, where did you come from?

  15. Renoman says:

    Well if you act like a Nigger?

  16. Realist says:

    Why would a White be at Popeyes?

  17. @Thomasina

    I agree about the Asian honour culture thing. But from my experience they usually have the ability to restrain themselves and they resort to scheming and deception instead of physical violence, this is why Asians are quite attracted to professional/office jobs where physicality doesn’t come into play.

    So yes, I find the stat about Asians a bit odd, after more digging into the ‘other’ category, it seems Native Americans are quite crime-prone. The reputation for drunkenness is well known, so perhaps they are commuting the majority of these crimes in the ‘Asian and Other’ category?

    The only violent Asians in the UK are the Pakistani Muslims, they are the ones that form gangs and cause riots, I don’t think there are that many Pakistanis in the US.

  18. Cornelius says:

    By making that word so taboo, they’re making it a word some whites will use to foster a culture of exclusivity and solidarity in the face of colonization, anti-white hate and violence.

  19. @JimDandy

    Something happened at the Grand Canyon, details are uncertain.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  20. @Realist

    Haha my local Popeyes is nasty, greasy, and full of trashy people. Come to think of it, another one further away is pretty ghetto too.

    • Replies: @Alden
  21. eah says:

    I remember the despicable Daily Mail article.

    “claims”, “reportedly”

    Blacks are dumb, but not that dumb — so of course some of them will say/claim this, and if they don’t a lawyer may suggest it.

    Assault/battery is illegal and anyone who commits these crimes can be arrested and prosecuted — but there is also plenty of legal precedent for provocation as a mitigating circumstance in such cases, and most courts would definitely see use of the n-word as a provocation — once it has been established that there was provocation, the court can then use its discretion to decide how mitigating the provocation is — that’s the reality.

    In reference [2], a woman was killed by one punch after using the n-word (another case of “claims”) — she fell back and hit her head on the pavement, which is how victims of the ‘knockout game’ died — below is a foto of the ape guy who punched her:

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  22. @Redneck farmer

    More like, “Womyn falls to death at Grand Canyon.”

  23. Blacks and hispanics are the foot soldiers Jews enlisted in their war on white Americans. The problem will only get worse as long as American media remains under Jewish control.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @J. Gutierrez
  24. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    The moral of the story, if you’re around negroes always carry a gun or at least a good sharp knife and know how to use it. The worst you can get is a bit of a prison stretch which is better than being dead.

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  25. @anon

    And then face more run-ins with death in mainly Black-occupied prisons?

    I think the better precaution would simply be not the “be around” Blacks.

    • Replies: @F. X. O’Flaherty
  26. DanFromCT says:
    @mark green

    Some forty years ago a white carpenter from Bridgeport, CT who was doing some work for me told me that he’d just taken his little kids out of school there and was paying extra to put them in the schools in neighboring Fairfield since the little black kids in Bridgeport were beating his kids up for “dressing white.”

  27. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    The Levi Cole Ellerbe case was his own mother who killed him and made up the story about it being two blacks. There are plenty of heinous cases where whites are tortured to death by blacks, but this case was not one of them

    • Replies: @Levi
  28. Yes, blacks are a problem due to low impulse control and low IQ, however, jews run the media and incite the blacks to do violence against whites. This should be obvious to everyone at this point.

    All whites should carry a weapon or at least pepper spray.

  29. You start out by calling out Blacks and the media for the malaise of violence facing the Whites but then you go on to lump the other people of “color” as blame worthy and throughout the article you utter platitudes toward the real enemy which is the 1% and their media hounds … why not man-up and sound the siren to do something about the more powerful of the two adversaries or is the group with no wherewithal [read: no money] so easy to browbeat? The body politic is diseased but there you’re attacking the flies on the withering branches but that is no way forward!

  30. @JimDandy

    ..and said black dude responded by picking her up, wheelchair and all, and hurling her into the canyon to her death, what would the mainstream media narrative be?

    African-American Assaulted by White Supremacist Barely Escapes with Life

    • Thanks: JimDandy
  31. @JimDandy

    Wheel chair bound tourist in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  32. conatus says:
    @mark green

    Jim Goad has diagnosed the Good Whites dis-ease

    Passover Syndrome’s most prominent behavioral feature consists of whites projecting historical blame onto other whites and hoping that nonwhites will see them as not-so-white for doing so. Just as the ancient Israelites smeared sacrificial lamb’s blood over their doorways in order to escape the Angel of God’s vengeance, these delusional Caucasians smear bright red anti-racist graffiti—or, in extreme cases, the literal blood of “rednecks” and any “right-wing white” who refuses to get with the program—over their doorways in the hope that when the Dark Angels finally come en masse seeking “justice,” they won’t accidentally notice that the people with the bright red anti-racist paint over their doorways also happen to be white.

    What drives this syndrome is the delusion that collective historical ethnic guilt is a real thing rather than a pseudo-religious abstraction. Passover Syndrome’s sufferers tend to believe that all whites, by dint of skin color alone, are indelibly stained with guilt for unsurpassed historical atrocities and that their debt to nonwhites won’t be repaid until the very concept of “whiteness” ceases to exist—if not white people themselves.

    What’s most curious about this syndrome is the delusion that by merely acknowledging this imagined historical debt, they are able to somehow transfer it onto other whites—the “unenlightened” ones who don’t acknowledge it—without having to make any sacrifices or installment payments of their own. A consistent feature of Passover Syndrome is an eagerness to offer up a whole other group of whites as sacrificial collateral for their own perceived debt.

    • Agree: mark green
  33. Whites are violently attacked every year by non-whites to the figure of over 1,200,000. Blacks make up over 500,000 of those, Hispanics add over 300,000, with Asians and “other” making up the remainder.[12] The non-white races attack whites at a massively disproportionate rate compared to them being attacked by whites, something over twenty-to-one.

    The Anglo-Celtic Southerners were right to create a system of power that halted the rampant profusion of Black criminality and Black wanton violence.

    The Blacks have always been criminally inclined creatures, and it was only the proscriptions and prohibitions of White European Christian Southerners that kept the Black criminality and Black wanton violence in line. The reason why Black criminality and Black wanton violence has exploded and destroyed the cultural atmosphere wherever it is allowed to run rampant is that the JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire has deliberately used Black disfunction and Black criminality as a demographic weapon to attack and destroy cultural cohesion and community peace in areas of high Black concentration.

    The evil force of immoral violence and nation-wrecking malice is the JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire. The JEW QUESTION and the BLACK QUESTION are functions of the JEW/WASP Ruling Class Question.

    My solution is a massive deportation plan to reduce the population of the USA back to 220 million like it was in 1978 when the Los Angeles Dodgers lost the World Series. Foreigners and globalizer Whites and some of the others would be gone with the wind.

    Another crucial part of the WHITE CORE AMERICAN plan is to raise the federal funds rate 3 measly times to what the federal funds rate was in 1981. A small jump in the federal funds rate from the current 1.5 percent to 6 percent and then followed by a small advance to ten percent and then a little bit more to 20 percent would create the conditions where any attempt to harm WHITE CORE AMERICANS would be met with an immediate retaliatory response of a most fierce kind.

    As the asset bubbles imploded and the global financial system imploded, that is when all this anti-White crud ends immediately.

    Also, my Pewitt Conjured Loot Portion(PCLP) would give ten thousand dollars a month to all American citizens who have all blood ancestry born in the USA before 1924 or colonial America. Plenty of American Blacks would get it too!

    My deportation plan to get the population of the USA back to 220 million like it was in 1978 would be easier to accomplish when the central bank induced asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate are imploded and the global financial system lies in ruins.

    What would the GDP of the USA be if the federal government wasn’t borrowing and conjuring up a trillion dollars a year?

    What would happen to the asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate if the federal funds rate were at the normal level of 6 percent? What would happen to the asset bubbles if the federal funds rate went to 20 percent like it was in 1981?

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Lockean Proviso
  34. @Thomasina

    I keep waiting for that troll to just pass on through already. He’s not going anywhere. He has found a home here.

  35. @Just passing through

    And then face more run-ins with death in mainly Black-occupied prisons?

    I think the better precaution would simply be not the “be around” Blacks.

    Agree 1000%. Do not be around blacks. I hate to have to say it because the majority of blacks are honorable and good people but the sizable number of bad ones along with the current socio-political climate makes it is so not worth the risk.

    The constant reference to being armed, 2A, living in a conceal-carry state, stand-your-ground, etc., on conservative forums is not only a pathetic attempt to not feel impotent, it is also makes people think they can gun someone down without consequences.

    A white guy shooting a black person, no matter what the justifiable circumstances, can expect $200k in legal bills, 2 years of his life in a criminal legal battle, the state using all of its resources to make an example of you, and your lawyer trying to convince you of taking to the plea to a felony voluntary manslaughter and use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

    You can be defiant in your innocence and choose a bench trial and go before the Hon. Joel Kaplan or a jury trial made up of the population in the jurisdiction where the violent assault and mugging occurred (i.e., approximately 7 black women, 2 Hispanic women, an Hispanic male, a black male, and a Cambodian-Laotian male). Good luck with either option.

    After completion of the criminal legal matters you can then wait for the civil legal battle to commence.

    As ‘Just passing through’ wisely says, simply do not be around blacks. It is not worth it.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Nicholas Stix
    , @Alden
  36. Bill H says: • Website

    I’m trying to understand the meaning of the word “supremacist.” Getting beaten to a pulp is not my idea of practicing the fine art of being supreme.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  37. Jake says:

    I grew up in the South. I learned the word ‘nigger’ from blacks. The first time I was around black kids, I heard, from them, the unspeakable N word dozens of times. Funny to me even then was that when those kids got too loud and rowdy, a mother of a couple of them came over and yelled at hers: ‘Y’all need to stop acting like stupid niggers before I bust your ass. I don’t care what these other little niggers do.’

    We will see much more of this from the Numinous Negroes. They are looking for ways to justify increasing anti-white violence, and Liberal whites will condone this, in many cases even unto death. Almost all blacks and all but the most naive white Liberals know that whites very rarely call blacks any names that might offend, even when they act like baboons. But they both want this violence against the mass of whites.

    By the way, who made the Negro Numinous? The Yankee WASP Elite.

    If you serve that culture, if you revere it, you promote that which guaranteed this.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  38. Jake says:
    @F. X. O’Flaherty

    You are correct.

    The clear majority of blacks are good people, but at least 15% of blacks are violent monsters waiting for openings to do they thaing, with another 15% always ripe to egg them on. And when those blacks strike, 95% of the good blacks go silent for fear of the black monsters.

    In the long ago old days, most white liberals were bothered greatly by black violence, at least because it was directed primarily at other blacks. Today’s Left, the woke, want major black violence directed at the mass of whites. The woke are Bolsheviks tired of waiting to start slaughtering kulaks and Cossacks, priests and devout Christians, those who have dared speak against them.

  39. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Its hilarious how cowardly whites are around blacks while openly acting like assholes to non-black minorities.

  40. With them using the “Get out of jail free” card of claiming that the victim had it coming for calling them the N word, I find it odd that a little old lady would be unwise enough to pick a fight with a large gang of youths (doin’ nuffin’) by calling them that name. There are a lot of stupid people in the world but I doubt anyone is that stupid.

  41. Jake says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    It is a ‘WASP/Jew’ ruling class issue rather than a Jew/WASP ruling class issue. The Yank WASP had no discernible Jewish partners when he began making the Negro Numinous in the 1830s. The Yank WASP had no discernible Jewish partners when he concocted the Emancipation Proclamation, which was the document that completed the process. The Yank WASP had no discernible Jewish partner when he turned the Numinous Negro loose on the white South with Reconstruction.

    Jews simply realized that the Yank WASP was making the Negro Numinous to use as a weapon against whites who were not WASP. Jews knew that game as well as WASP, both Brit and American. As Jews had been indispensable bankers for Brit WASP empire and its elites since archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell, it was a given that Jews would bankroll the culture wars waged by Yank WASPs against all other whites.

  42. Poco says:
    @White Debbil

    Number 1) Never put yourself in a situation where you are outnumbered by them. If that situation is developing, leave the area.

    Number 2) Always talk loud and aggressively in one on one situations with them. It puts them on their heels.

    Number 3) Arm yourself.

    • Replies: @getaclue
  43. @Jake

    It is all to do with the normal curve and where it is centred. Even a difference of 15 points will results in major changes in the extreme ends.

    This is why despite most Whites being not too smart, most smart people are White. Likewise, despite most Black people not being bad or criminals, most bad or criminal people are Black.

    The best way to solve ‘racism’ would be to weed out the bad elements of society regardless not race with extreme prejudice, let the usual suspects cry about those targeted being ‘disproportionately [insert race here]’.

    Imagine if we just started killing all the gangsta types and hoodlums? There would be very few criminals and one reason for ‘racism’ would be eliminated, namely the (not unjust) fixation on Black crime statistics.

    • Replies: @melpol
    , @Bert
  44. melpol says:

    White women are street raped more often than white men are being attacked. A white guy often has to watch his girlfriend or wife being raped when all he can do is call for police protection. The rapist finishes doing the nasty and leaves before police arrive. Whites fear duking it out with a black predator who has been combat trained since 6 years old. Women rarely fight off a late night rapist knowing it to be a losing battle in which they may be murdered. Some women have been raped on crowded subway platforms without any help from the crowd. People fear getting involved.

  45. Perhaps this typical negro behavior is why the Confederacy fought so hard.

    The Germans knew that Roosevelt and Churchill were committed to a war of genocide not only by the fire bombing and other war crimes the allies committed, but also because the Morgentau and Hooten plans had been deliberately leaked so that the Germans would fight on to the last man.

    During the war of Northern Aggression the white Christians in the south knew what the freed slaves would do. The recent Nat Turner movie shows what lurks in the heart of black people, especially when they are egged on by Jews who want to enslave whites too. History tells us that the KKK was necessary to protect white Christians from negroes who had become empowered and weaponized by the jewish carpetbaggers.

    Of course the vast majority of the slave ships, slave plantations and slave owners were Jewish. White Christians were far more likely to have a black farm hand the same way a wealthy Bavarian farmer would have a knecht or two to help out on the farm, just like Robert E. Lee.

    But the giant sugar, tobacco and cotton plantations where slaves were really abused were run by Jews, who then fled the south after the war to other greener cosmopolitan pastures, just like Judah Benjamin.

    The point I am making here is that Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation served the same purpose as the leaked Morgentau plan in 1943. The white southern Christians knew that negroes would rape and murder just as Germans knew that jewish communists would do the same, and this was used as a ploy to get both peoples to fight until the last man.

    There might be a place and time where white Christians could keep to themselves, live safely and prosper among blacks, but I don’t there is such a spot on planet earth in the year 2020.

    • Replies: @flashlight joe
  46. @anarchyst

    ‘Blacks ALWAYS claim that their ((white)) adversaries call them the “n-word” in order to justify their attacks on ((whites))..’

    It doesn’t matter. If I call somebody ‘nigger’ that doesn’t give them a license to attack me. It may very well happen, but that’s a different matter.

    Consider: if I hear a black refer to ‘honkies’ have I acquired a right to attack them? What if a Mexican calls me ‘gringo’?

    I can beat the crap out of them with impunity? I don’t think so.

    There’s this mysterious notion that blacks — and blacks alone — have a right to react violently if someone somehow angers them. The extreme case of this is when some blacks beat up and robbed a man who had a Trump bumper sticker on his car. One of the animals was actually on video shouting ‘he vote for Trump’ — as if this was sufficient justification for the attack.

    No. People piss me off fairly regularly. I don’t physically attack them, or, if I do, I have to face the consequences. I believe the appropriate charge is ‘aggravated assault.’

  47. Trinity says:

    “The clear majority of Blacks are good people…” WHERE THE HELL DO YOU LIVE, MONTANA?

    Now for a moment of the truth, THE CLEAR MAJORITY OF BLACKS ARE ANTI-WHITE AND MOST ARE PRONE TO VIOLENCE. I have lived in the suburbs of large Black meccas like Baltimore and Atlanta where I had to live around and work with lots of Black folk and I have lived in a smaller city, Albany, Georgia that is about 70% Black. Lived in and worked in Lakeland, Florida as well, while Lakeland isn’t as dark as Atlanta or Baltimore, it isn’t lacking when it comes to numbers of Blacks either. I watched a white girl nearly attacked by a black male while working in a factory in Lakeland. Most of the workers on that shift were Black and the white girl was harassed nearly every day. One night this black thug decided to run up on the girl for no reason whatsoever and he cocked his fist back as if he were about to hit her, the POS thought better of it at the last minute but still the poor girl cowered in fear. I, and several other employees, ( all white by the way) who witnessed the event went and told the supervisor, ( a white female), and she did absolutely nothing to the thug and let him finish the shift. The next day we ( all whites) went to the production manager and informed him what happened. To his credit the production manager ( a white male) fired the racist violent thug.

    Lemme explain to people the reality out there. MOST Blacks are not your friend, hell, MOST Whites aren’t your friend either, but that is another topic for another time. Believe me, unfortunately after having to attend school with Blacks, work with Blacks and even live with Blacks in the military, ( had to share a barracks room with 2 black males for about 4 months) you could say I have a PhD in TNB.

    And if we want to stick with laws out there, when is it legal to attack someone and beat the hell out of them for just calling you a name. If I were to attack someone every time they hurt my feelings or called me a name growing up or even now, I would have had at least 500 fist fights by the now.

    • Replies: @Alden
  48. Omegabooks [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Simple–live only where whites (and decent Hispanics) live–far west Texas (or another rural area) not including El Paso (Hispanics in El Paso can be criminal, gang members..I taught in a HS there once).
    Why whites are still living in big cities is beyond me (and I used to live in NYC, Houston, El Paso and Tampa Bay area). Only blacks out here are preachers or preacher wives, and Sul Ross students (mostly athletes)…well, okay, a big black guy works for our local wi-fi company also lives in a town 50 miles away…When blacks live in areas with very few blacks, they just tend to be more honorable anyway (seriously…do blacks REALLY want to live in ghettos?) As for the “Asian” thing, I’d say it refers mostly to Middle Easterners (Muslim or not). Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures generally teach honorable behaviors, Confucianism and Shintoism and all that.

  49. @Colin Wright

    There’s this mysterious notion that blacks — and blacks alone — have a right to react violently if someone somehow angers them.

    Hate to be quoting a mass shooter but Dylann Roof said it pretty well in his manifesto;

    Say you were to witness a dog being beat by a man. You are almost surely going to feel very sorry for that dog. But then say you were to witness a dog biting a man. You will most likely not feel the same pity you felt for the dog for the man. Why? Because dogs are lower than men.

    This same analogy applies to black and White relations. Even today, blacks are subconsciously viewed by White people are lower beings. They are held to a lower standard in general. This is why they are able to get away with things like obnoxious behavior in public. Because it is expected of them.

    • Agree: Gorgeous George
  50. Alden says:

    Deborah Staggs was the 55 year old White women body slammed by a black employee at a Tennessee Popeyes.

    Not all, but some White men UNZ commenters aimed they could hear Deborah utter the word deserving of death. One claimed that because Deborah is a White woman her 25 broken bones were caused by her obesity, not being lifted 2 feet into the air and slammed down into a concrete surface.

    A bare majority piled on that it was all Deborah’s fault for entering a Popeyes in Tennessee.

    It’s not just women UNZ men criticize when a White is attacked by blacks. When Kersey posts an article about a White man attacked and beaten by blacks, many of the men UNZ commenters pile on with

    “ it’s the victim’s fault for being out after dark, going out to a bar, using public transit living or working in a town with more than 4 percent blacks, talking to a woman he’s just met whose black stalker starts shooting, not carrying a gun and blasting away at the nearest black. Here on UNZ it’s blame the White victim blame the White victim blame the White victim”

    And then of course the UNZ men who blamed Tessa Majors for attending one of the top 5 universities in the country because its in NYC in Harlem and Morningside Heights which is just as bad.

    “ And she arranged to meet the kids who killed her to buy weed. When the fact is weed can be bought at every college and high school in the country.”

    Ideal criminal defense jurors. I always recommend people to read amren and CofC for black on White crime and anti White racism.

    Because not all, but more than half the men of UNZ blame the White victim and exonerate the black attackers. Many of the men of UNZ sound like a criminal defense attorney blaming the victim. But attorneys are paid for it and just doing what the constitution requires. The men of UNZ are just expressing their personal opinions, blame White victims, exonerate the black attackers.

    The Deborah Staggs and Tessa Majors comments are perfect examples of blame the victim

    • Replies: @Ship Track
  51. This article fails to make any mention of Emmett Till.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  52. Alden says:

    Agree agree agree agree agree agree

    Then there’s their affirmative action entitlement. They strut and swagger around their government jobs working 1 hour a day for 8 hours pay at double what a White doing the same job 8, not 1 hour a day in private industry gets.

  53. melpol says:
    @Just passing through

    Jews would never allow black felons to be rounded up and executed because they feel they might be next. But Jews would have no objection against the police having the right to execute on the spot anybody caught in the commision of a major crime such as rape or home invasion. There are over 200 thousand rapists and home invaders now sitting in prison. Each inmate cost the taxpayers 45000 annually. A bullet in the back of their brain would cost the taxpayers only one dollar for the price of the bullet. The major cost would be carting the body off to the garbage dump. All in favor can reply.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Pop Warner
  54. @Alden

    The problem here is that American Woman have either whored themselves out to Hollywood, turned into a culturally suicidal lesbo-femo-tranny, turned into a fat cat lady, or devoured their men like black widows. Just look at Gen-X for a good example of what has happened, the only successful family fathers have had to turn themselves into cucks or lose both their children and most of their income. No wonder homelessness and opiate addiction are so rampant. American women are beneath contempt, so when one of them implements their resting bitch face and insults an alpha-chimp bad things are bound to happen. Should we really blame the chimp, or what womanhood has allowed itself to become.

    Just look at Hollywood bimbos at things like the Grammy’s, or the bimbo news reporters blanketing the screens, or female politicians, or even more appalling, women warriors.

    At this point I can list all the publicly recognized women I respect on one hand: Whitney Webb, Caitlin Johnstone, and I forgot the rest.

    American woman, stay away from me
    American woman, mama, let me be
    Don’t come a-hangin’ around my door
    I don’t wanna see your face no more
    I got more important things to do
    Than spend my time growin’ old with you
    Now woman, I said stay away
    American woman, listen what I say.

  55. Alden says:
    @Just passing through

    Asians are high crime but it’s well managed organized crime and the victims are all Asians of the same ethnicity.

    Asians don’t rob stores and businesses by going into random stores with guns. Asian prostitutes don’t stand on the sidewalks hooting and hollering for customers. Asian kids don’t bully harass and attack White kids in school.

    Asian prostitutes are locked up in brothels and massage parlors and never seen in public. Asian robbers don’t go into random stores. They run protection rackets victimizing other Asians. Instead of coming with a gun for what’s in the cash register they come around weekly for an agreed upon payment. Several times a year an Asian boy’s gun falls out of his back pack, but he only uses outside school. B cause he’s not really a juvenile offender but an official apprentice in a RICO organized criminal mafia.

    One of their rackets is forcing Asians to turn over a certain sum on payday. The Italian mafia did the same thing on payday for more than 100 years. The change from an envelope of cash to checks to direct deposit made no difference.

    It goes on a n every Asian community from restaurant and factory illegals to Silicon Valley engineers and programmers. Hand over a certain sum every payday. Or face the consequences. There’s also a lot of kidnapping for ransom and threats of kidnapping..

    Most importantly, they don’t bother Whites and asian kids are a good well behaved, hard studying influence in schools. An Asian boy might be an apprentice gangster after school , but they behave in school.

    It’s not until 3 generations of living in White suburbs that Asians will go to the police about Asian criminals.

  56. Alden says:

    Execute at a young age and lessen the chances of making more than one or two baby gangsters.

  57. beau says:

    those emotionally grotesque creatures, feral human beings all, have shown the fate awaiting those who reside around such animals, as well as the wisdom of segregation.

  58. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    You didn’t mention any women you actually know I noticed. Just actresses and some writers you’ve learned about in the media, such as National Enquirer or UNZ

    You must have a mother. Was she a lesbo feminazi or Hollywood bimbo.? I doubt you’ve ever done the deed that conceives children so no daughters. Was every woman you’ve ever worked with, encountered as a clerk Dr nurse pharmacist a Hollywood bimbo or lesbo feminazi?

    Get out in the world. Hollywood bimbos are only in entertainment industry, so you’ll never actually meet any of them. You’re just another pathetic sad old bachelor living in a media constructed never never land who doesn’t know any women. Don’t you have women neighbors?

    Sometimes UNZ reads like a Dear Abby column for women haters or a therapy group. Blame the all White man 1953 to 1979 Supreme Court which destroyed Whites legal position Don’t blame some girl
    In a swim suit on the cover of the National Inquirer

    • Replies: @Ship Track
  59. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Negro fatigue can’t come soon enough. To hell with the pavement apes.

  60. @Alden

    I wrote “list all the publicly recognized women”. Perhaps the wording wasn’t optimal and I should have written “widely recognized”, but I think you let your emotions overwhelm your reading skills.

    The problem here is that women are behaving like jewish communists: “no enemies to the left”. Good women are afraid of nasty sleeping bitch faced bimbos. Just as Jews misconstrue jewish privilege to mean that they are smarter, so do women misconstrue vagina privilege to mean that they are more competent than men.

    Please list some “publicly recognized” women that you think deserve respect.

  61. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    Get some therapy, embrace your sexuality and become a happy gay instead of a miserable repressed homosexual.

    BTW what are Grammys ?? And what White Nationalist watches TV news? If our affirmative action army wants to kill itself in Cesspoolastan let it. Women real warriors are mostly a lesbo feminazi fantasy. About 97 percent of the women are drivers supply cooks clerks mechanics and other support troops. The Few fighters just tag along and stay out of the way.

    You shouldn’t believe all the lesbians feminazi fantasies you read in the liberal media. Around our house, liberal is an epithet.

    So you believe Tessa Majors deserved to be killed and Deborah Staggs deserved to have 25 bones broken by an enraged orc because they are White women.

    Stop reading the MSM and watching TV news and the Grammys whatever they are. They aren’t reflective of truth. Everything on TV news I’d false. Few under 60 watch TV news. None under 50 watch TV news.

    Check out the sex of the people responsible for:

    1 All White male satanic Supreme Court Brown vs Topeka 1953

    2 White male Republican President Eisenhower sends troops with bayonets to Arkansas and tanks to Tennessee to condemn millions of White children to 12 years of horror in accordance with Brown vs Topeka 1955-58.

    2 Civil rights act 1964

    3 Unlimited non White immigration act 1965

    4 Philadelphia Plan 1967

    5 Affirmative action act 1968

    6 Creation of the affirmative action entitled Hispanic race by White male Republican President Nixon’s executive order 1970

    7 All White man satanic Supreme Court Griggs vs Duke Power 1973

    8 All White male satanic Supreme Court Kaiser vs Weber 1979

    All done by White men with the purpose of destroying the White race, especially White men.

    Face it White men destroyed White men The only women involved were about 3 White congress women who voted against the White race in items 2,3,and 5 and Esther Brown lead plaintiff in Brown vs Topeka.

    The White male judges at every judicial level allowing Esther Brown to have standing in that case overturned every principle and protocol of every legal system world wide for the last 20,000 years. Wouldn’t have mattered who the lead plaintiff was, the all White male judges would have ruled and ordered against White children anyway.

    White Nationalism is good.

    Pathetic White men who watch TV news and whine about Hollywood bimbos unspeakably useless.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
    , @Ship Track
  62. @Ship Track

    “During the war of Northern Aggression …”

    This pathetic euphemistic phrase has to go.

    Let’s call it what it was: “Lincoln’s Invasion of the South”.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  63. @melpol

    Jews should be rounded up first, then

  64. melpol says:

    Extortion not only takes place in Asia but is big in the Metro NYC area. Almost every business has to buy protection. Sissy students have to turn over lunch money or be bitch slapped. Some female students have been gangbanged and forced into prostitution. Beggars at traffic lights cannot be ignored, giving them a few dollars prevents a scratch on your door. Drivers parking their cars are approached by thugs offering protection for watching their parked vehicle. Almost everybody in NYC pays punk dues. Complaints to the police are ignored, chasing a shakedown artist is a hassle and ends a cops leisure time.

  65. @Alden

    I am still waiting for your list of American Women worthy of our respect.

    • Replies: @Alden
  66. anarchyst says:
    @Just another serf

    There is much more to the “Emmett Till” story that is not widely known.

    Of course, killing him made him into a “martyr” of the black “civil-rights” movement, but–it is not generally known that Emmett Till was a strapping young man of about 160 lbs.–NOT a “little boy” as some media types tried to portray him.

    Till was a known womanizer and attempted to take his cocky “Chicago ways” in dealing with women to the Deep South. He was sent to live with relatives in the South because his Chicago relatives could not handle him.

    He had a “cocky attitude” and bragged about “getting it on” with white women–definitely not a good idea, especially in the South. . .

    According to published accounts, Mr. Till did not just “whistle” at a white woman, but grabbed, manhandled and fondled a married white woman. In Southern culture, this was, and still is, the ultimate form of disrespect.

    Despite Mr. Till’s relatives’ attempts to spirit him “out of town” to avoid retribution by the woman’s relatives and townspeople, his cocky attitude “got in the way”, similar to the way that “young master Trayvon’s” attitude got him killed.

    Despite being given numerous “chances” to apologize for his behavior, he was defiant to the end. IF he had apologized for his behavior, he would still be alive today. In fact, one of his killers was a black man.

    It is interesting to note that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U S military for multiple rapes. Maybe “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”…

  67. S says:

    In many ways I don’t see Blacks as ever in reality having been ‘freed’.

    They went from being chattel slaves to being wage slaves (ie ‘cheap labor’) where even now some remain, to being cynically used and manipulated as violent breeding stock to create a new race of man to replace the bulk of the various races of humanity with, a new race of a type (it would seem) the London Times once described as having the desirable primary characteristics of being ‘more mixed, more docile’, and ‘which can submit to a master’.

    And what led up to this?

    The historic New England slave dealers (also often having been slave owners) had realized they could provide their slavery product (ie the financial essence of which is simply systematically stolen labor) to their slavery consuming customers located largely in the South much more efficiently and profitably by something now known as the ‘cheap labor/mass immigration’ system.

    For both the former slave dealer (now promoter of ‘immigration’) and former slave purchaser (now exploiters of wage slaves, ie so called ‘cheap labor’) this new system adopted during the first half of the 19th century in New England was a much cleaner way (for them) of going about this business.

    As a source of this stolen labor it can’t be just any people, however. Most persons, or peoples, are understandably not particularly interested in working and being paid often, let’s say about a third, of what everybody else is paid, such as the Chinese being imported into the US state of California often were in the mid 19th century.

    For this same reason as with chattel slavery, with wage slavery (cheap labor) you need broken and defeated people’s to prey upon enmasse. British occupied and famine stricken Ireland, or opium addicted and war crushed China, both made for a major source of 19th century wage slaves.

    Chattel and wage slavery are both grossly immoral and amoral, the latter perhaps even a bit more so due to it’s somewhat hidden slavery nature. They can’t be anything else.

    With this new arrangement, just about every former negative that both the former slave dealer and slave purchaser/owner had formally had to deal with had now been safely outsourced to the non-slavery participating general public (ie you and me, the vast majority) to deal with.

    With wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor’) no longer would the would be former slave purchaser have to pay for the unproductive old age care for their slaves. The same for when there was down time when they were sick. If they didn’t want them around any more they can now simply dump them on the street to be a public charge (unlike before where by law this was not allowed for chattel slaves). And should the wage slave simply quit, that’s perfectly okay within this system. The exploiter will just hire another, it not being called mass immigration for nothing.

    After all, from a financial point of view, all the former would be slave purchaser going back to the time of Jamestown had ever cared about was paying far below the prevailing real time local costs of labor, typically at their own people’s very great expense. That, or ‘keeping up economically’ with someone else already doing that, and then doing the same.

    New England wished to force this new more virulent and destructive manifestation of cursed slavery (ie wage slavery, so called ‘cheap labor’) upon a recalcitrant South where sadly chattel slavery had become entrenched over the centuries.

    As for motivation, it was largely simply about money.

    For example, it was the very expensive African chattel slaves which picked the cotton which in turn fed the New England textile mills, driving up the price of the finished cloth and making it less competitive on the global markets.

    [Read up on the background behind Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’, Massachusetts and it’s infamous ‘abolitionist’ sister city, Lawrence, Kansas for insight into this. Both cities were financed by the same Lawrence family of Massachusetts textile factory magnates.

    I put ‘abolitionist’ in quotes as I don’t see chattel slavery and it’s trade as having been abolished, but rather see it as having been monetized, ie streamlined financially, with the 19th century introduction of wage slavery via the so called cheap labor/mass immigration system. Note: I’m not speaking about generic wage labor, but specifically about so called ‘cheap labor’ acquired via ‘immigrants’ and ‘immigration’.]

    For various reasons, the South refused to adopt the North’s wage slave (ie cheap labor/mass immigration) system, and hence ultimately 1850’s ‘Bleeding Kansas’, and then the war.

    Never heard about any of this? The victors write the history books.

    Truly, when violence became unavoidable in 1861, the guns were turned upon the wrong people. In the South, they should have been turned upon the chattel slave owners, and in the North, they should have been turned upon their corresponding same ilk, ie the people hiring the wage slave ‘cheap labor’ immigrants, and or those promoting the mass immigration. From the accounts I’ve read most would have readily surrendered, and felt…relieved.

    With their peculiar addiction to slavery, whether chattel or wage, they were like the heroine addict who couldn’t stop themselves no matter who was harmed, even if it was their own family being harmed most, and needed outside intervention.

    With the end of both chattel and wage slavery a true abolition of slavery could have been brought about, instead of the faux abolition that in reality took place at the cost of six hundred thousand lives. Self determination could also have then been allowed for those peoples understandably desiring it.

    Lastly, in regards to the already mentioned Lawrence family of Massachusetts textile factory magnates, had I mentioned that the progressive Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren chose to launch her 2020 presidential bid from Lawrence, ‘Immigrant City’, Mass?

    They dote upon their slaves.

    The new boss, same as the old boss.

    The effects of the New England slave trade were momentous. It was one of the foundations of New England’s economic structure; it created a wealthy class of slave-trading merchants, while the profits derived from this commerce stimulated cultural development and philanthropy. –Lorenzo Johnston Greene, “The Negro in Colonial New England, 1620-1776,” p.319.

  68. Bert says:
    @Just passing through

    Besides the monstrosity of what you are imagining, it would not work for biological reasons. The genotypes that result in a propensity for violence and criminality would be reconstituted by reproduction in the non-criminal portion of the population, who will have alleles that when recombined during gamete formation and fertilization will yield a variety of offspring personalities, some of which will tend to be drawn to criminal behavior due to that genetic recombination.

    That you suggest such a crude and stupid measure shows everyone that you are indeed a troll who should not be responded to, except in order to reject ideas that should not be suggested on Unz Review.

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  69. @Alden

    This is the epitome of US womanhood, Meghan-Markle

    Reports have suggested the Sussexes are thinking about doing an interview with a major US broadcaster, with high-profile names such as Oprah or Gayle King – a presenter friend of Meghan’s – being considered.

    The American woman turned into a “princess” now forces her cucked royal husband to move to Hollywood. Surely you respect Meg?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  70. anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:

    A 9 yrs old WHITE school BOY is mugged and gang beaten inside a school bus by a Black mob,…and the MSM labeled the poor boy a white Supremacist…wtf?? It seems that every time the VICTIM is white (nonjew) he/she/they are white supremacists (9 yrs old!!!)…the LYING MSM JEW media ..and yet if the “victims” are NON white no one says Jewish Supremacists??? are they still wondering WHY the rise in anti-Semitism??? its fake…WHITES are being attacked, mugged,. robbed, murdered, stabbed , more than any OTHER racial group and MSM encourages the mob violence… America…someone said South Africa???

  71. @Bert

    It would it completely eliminate crime and yet is is true that certain genes which increase propensity to crime would never disappear, but it would greatly reduce crime.

    Nothing monstrous would be required, a good first step would he subsidizing abortions, offering large incentives for sterilisation after one child or less, sterilising all violent criminals and enforcing death penalties.

    A decent law abiding person of any race or background who is pulling his or her own weight in society would not be negatively affected, a decent law abiding person who is not pulling their weight in society would simply enjoy less privileges (no privilege to have lots of kids while being subsidised by the State)

    It is said that 13% of the population commit 52% of the murders, but what percentage of that 13% are involved in the crimes? Murder is almost exclusively a male passtime so let’s say 6.5%, now most murdered are young so this would drop down to something like 2%, now what percentage of young black males are murderers?

    Would you rather an entire group gets its name dragged through the mud because of the actions of a few? Would it not be better to remove this minority within a minorities germ line from society?

    • Replies: @Bert
  72. Wally says:
    @mark green

    “Unfortunately, naive, poor, and/or idealistic whites (and white children) often find themselves among blacks and they pay a heavy price for this exposure. ”

    And that is the purpose of school busing, forced ‘integration’, & social engineering.

    The fact is that blacks are encouraged by ‘the media’ and ‘academia’ to commit violence against Euro-whites.

    So who is in charge of ‘the media’ and ‘academia’?

  73. @S

    Negroes, generally ignorant of any other ethnic groups experiences with “muh slavery”, also refuse to recognized the draft and impressment as forms of enslavement. This is just like how Jews refuse to recognize any other genocide but their own contrived one. The penalties for disobedience on a British ship of the line was the cat-o-nine tails or keel hauling. It was the same kind of treatment in all armies.

    The majority of white Southerners were not slave owners. As you say, the south had its own peculiar economic system. In the US today the economic system is based on the plundering of white Christians and their forced subservience. It all emanates from the sheckel based central banking system. The talmudists plan to use blacks as their muscle and dot-indians as their technocrats until white people have been stripped of their wealth, just as they did to the Russians in the 1930’s and Germans in the 1940’s. White American women will be their source of mind-controlled useful idiots and beta-sex kittens, at least until the supply of usable ones runs out.

  74. @JimDandy

    what would the mainstream media narrative be?

    Just report stastistic that N trans have been murdered already this year by February, up from last year, don’t report the circumstances of the murders, and imply bigot attacks by white Trump voters.

    Then after the murder conviction of the black man, report the stastistic that N blacks are in prison this year by February, up from last year, and blame white racism and Trump.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  75. Trinity says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing or reading about Emmet Till. For every Emmet Till I can show you TENS OF THOUSANDS OF WHITES WHO HAVE BEEN BEATEN, RAPED, TORTURED, MUTILATED, AND MURDERED BY BLACKS FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Wow, a scant few cases of Whites wrongly attacking a Black victim alongside tens of thousands ( probably hundreds of thousands) of cases of Black on White violence. More Whites have been butchered by Blacks in a 20 year period of between 1994-2014 ( over 70,000) than the number of American troops who died in Vietnam between the years of 1955-1975. Emmet Till? Give me a break. White on Black violence is as rare as a winning Powerball Lottery ticket matching all 6 numbers.

    How about the Black lady who kidnapped and burned a 12 year old white boy to death with a blow torch in Texas? How about The Wichita Massacre? The Christian-Newsom Murders? The black guy who threw the little white boy off a balcony in a mall ( I believe the state was Minnesota, not sure), the burning death of Jessica Chambers, ( we all know that Blacks did it) etc. And this isn’t even scratching the surface. I would literally be here for a week typing about all the horrific Black on White violence just in America alone, much less in South Africa and abroad. Some of the stuff is straight out of a horror movie.

    Someone mentioned Hispanics being more peaceful, while that is true and I have had pleasant experiences working with people from Central America and Mexico, don’t think for a minute that most Hispanics care about Whites. Most Mexicans still harbor resentment about the Mexican-American War as well, don’t think they don’t for a second. I know it is ancient history, but don’t they have forgotten it, just like White Southerners even today still hold somewhat of grudge against “Yankees.” Anyhow, I do remember a case of a white girl in Richmond, California being gang-raped for hours by a group of cheering Mexicans/Hispanics a few years back. I’m guessing it was about 2009-2010 or so. We NEED this country to return to being at bare minimum 85-90% White, and by “White,” I mean people of European Ancestry. We don’t need to be flooded with Orientals, Middle Easterners, Africans, Mexicans, Colombians, East Indians, Pakis, etc., etc. We got along MUCH BETTER WHEN THIS COUNTRY WAS 85-90% White and anyone who says we didn’t is full of shit.

    • Agree: Bert
  76. @eah

    but there is also plenty of legal precedent for provocation as a mitigating circumstance in such cases

    That’s true.

  77. Jake says:
    @Pop Warner

    Jews are the bankers of the WASP Elite, around the globe, which process began with archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell, that hero to VDARE.

    You cannot separate the Jewish problem from the WASP problem.

    • Agree: Dannyboy
    • Replies: @Just passing through
  78. @Charles Pewitt

    The Anglo-Celtic Southerners were right to create a system of power that halted the rampant profusion of Black criminality and Black wanton violence.

    They weren’t right in the first place to bring them over from Africa to undercut free labor. A small minority of elites, mostly WASP and Jew, used oligarchy and censorship to import and impose aliens on the native working class– just like they do now. It was one of the worst and most lasting decisions in American history. I’m a native multi-generational southern native and have no wish to expend political capital on symbolism about the Confederacy and its slave power predecessors. It’s a waste of time and sympathy compared to more pressing issues of today and the future.

  79. Growing up in an all white South Florida neighborhood in the 1960’s and early 70’s, the N word was absolutely forbidden, abhorred.
    Then- the first desegregation wave, our first daily face to face introduction and interaction with the newly arrived black students proved abhorrent..the black students routine utterance of the N word.
    The neighborhood is now no more diverse…… predominantly black.
    Meanwhile, decades later, in another place destined to repeat the past,I have to be careful to not inadvertently say the N word, which has become a habit as a result of local news, the “ Gun” violence and general mayhem mostly due to “ minority” population, now I just mutter “N!” under my breath.

  80. Bert says:
    @Just passing through

    This was your proposal: “Imagine if we just started killing all the gangsta types and hoodlums? There would be very few criminals ” The “ just ” excludes the other measures you bring up in the second post. You said nothing about murderers in the first post. A death sentence for being a hoodlum. Who decides what behavior defines a hoodlum?

    You are a (((provocateur))). Your purpose is to elicit agreement for illegal and immoral actions so that Unz Review is thereby besmirched.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  81. S says:

    Regarding the London Times quote (entry #69 upthread) regarding ‘more mixed, more docile’ and ‘which can submit to a master’, it’s taken from a September 30, 1851 editorial regarding the then tour of Ireland being made by the Massachusetts textile factory magnate and also US ambassador to the UK , Abbott Lawrence, of the same family of Lawrences already mentioned.

    At least some of the Irish he would see on the tour would almost without doubt soon be working as wage slaves (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) in one of his Mass textile mills.

    The slave like reference in the editorial is a description of the past Anglo-Saxon immigrants to Ireland (the Plantation) and their having ‘mixed’ some with local Celts. It is this group the Times was declaring would replace the indigenous Celtic Irish.

    I think it well illustrates the actual utter contempt held by elites and hangers on toward ‘immigrants’, whether mixed or otherwise, even if the ‘immigrants’ are largely their own people.

    As for the hope the former African chattel slaves would upon being ‘freed’ readily translate into less costly wage slaves (ie ‘cheap labor’) on the Southern plantations, as in the British Carribean this didn’t always pan out. Many of them quit, wanting to do other things.

    So, did the Southern planters give up on wage slavery and just hire their own (largely Anglo-Saxon people) at a living wage, what they should of been doing since 1619?

    The answer to that is an emphatic…No!

    In 1869 (a bit like in 1619 with the Dutch slave laden ship at Jamestown?) a big push was made to ‘import’ Chinese as wage slaves that were being offered up by the Dutchman Cornelius Koopmanschap and his Hong Kong based (either half or wholly Jewish) business partner Maurice Bosman.

    In 1869 at a Lewisville, Kentucky commercial convention Koopmanschap made his pitch to sell the planters on a hundred thousand Chinese imported workers. The big plantation owners were said to be quite excited by the idea.

    The plan ultimately fell through as the Chinese didn’t much care for the work at the low wages. It wasn’t for lack of trying though. The planters ultimately had to ‘make do’ in many instances with their own people picking the crops.

    As stated, what they should of been doing from the beginning.

    KOOPMANSCHAP; Who He Is, What He has Done, and What He Proposes to do, The Approaching Inundation of Chinese Coolies

    The New York Times (July 21, 1869) – Page 2

    It is only a few weeks ago that the name of KOOPMANSCHAP was unknown to fame. Suddenly it has emerged from the obscurity with which the appellations of ordinary mortals are surrounded and occupies a lofty nich within the nation’s fame. Everybody is asking, Who is KOOPMANSCHAP?

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  82. Kim says:

    If you are “just passing through”, where did you come from?

    His mother’s womb?

  83. Alden says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Popeyes. Someone, a White woman told me their biscuits are good.

  84. Alden says:
    @Lance Johnson

    Agree agree agree. From the biggest percentage of slave owners, Lehman Bros who were the owners of the second largest slave brokerage in the country, to the Ellis island communist Jew immigrants and their front group, NAACP which had more Jewish members until the mid 1960s Jews and blacks have been united.

  85. JimDandy says:

    I’m blown away. You nailed it.

  86. Dannyboy says:

    Tiocfaidh ár lá

    When the time comes, show no mercy and give no quarter to male or female, young or old.

  87. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    I’m waiting for you to stop reading national inquirer and watching Grammys and porn. Read comment 63 and learn what White men did to White men.

    It wasn’t Hollywood bimbos and lesbian feminazis who made it illegal to hire or give a loan or government contract to a White man.

    It was other White men of the so called greatest generation, not Hollywood bimbos and not one woman. Face reality ignorant one

    • Replies: @Poco
  88. Anon[186] • Disclaimer says:

    The American Black young school children are brought up to hate the Whites because of the supposed white guilt for Black Slavery.
    Black American youth are taught to hate all Whites for all their short comings in society. The Black believe that the Whites are keeping them down because of the color of their skin. The fact of the matter is that whites played a very minor role in the slave trade or for that actually owned Black slaves. The whites to this day are smeared and burdened with the guilt of the past crimes perpetrated against African Blacks. The American African Blacks are ignorant of the fact that Jews ran and profited from the African slave trade for over 300 years. That the Whites in England took it upon themselves to end the slave trade. That the American whites fought for the ending of slavery in the USA where over 500,00 gave their live to end slavery in America.

  89. @F. X. O’Flaherty

    “the majority of blacks are honorable and good people”

    Where do you live?

    “Respectable,” middle-aged black women will bring their criminal, family members into predominantly white workplaces, lie to the police on behalf of racist black attackers, and give moral support to black thugs. They also commit all manner of low-level misdemeanors and such, and terrorize any whites who call the police or other authorities on them. “Respectable” black men will physically shield black attackers from their white victims.

    When you combine the percentage of blacks (app. 30%) who commit primary crimes, those whose crimes have been expunged via countless amnesties, with those who aid and abet the “primaries” (including those who intervene on behalf of the primaries, including lying to the cops), commit perjury and jury nullification, etc., you’re over 50% of the black population.

  90. getaclue says:

    Number 2 makes them think you are Number 3– I used this when a gang of diversity “yutes” approached me to mug and rob me in a “set up” by a guy who locked a convenience door as I approached i.e. he was in on it and it was a regular thing at this somewhat remote store located near a somewhat nefarious but popular bottle club….– I figured things out fast, located the leader and went for him and dropped the appropriate “magic” word several times as to him even — they stopped when he stopped — (I had a coat jacket on…)– he considered things and announced “He’s 5-0” — they were obviously used to fear and panic of those “whiteys” they regularly beat and robbed and the only thing that made sense was I was a cop — I had in fact left my pistol in the Glove box of the car, why I don’t know, something I never did back then but….

    These exact tactics saved me at the very least a hospital stay and perhaps the morgue…if I had been armed, with that much “diversity” at hand (about 5-6 I recollect) the “yutes” might have had a similar “visit” to one or both of those institutions — both destinations for non-triumphant “diverse” strong arm lads who meet a non-compliant “whitey”….

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @Alden
  91. anarchyst says:

    I have to disagree with your assertion that “the clear majority of blacks are good people”.

    From my personal experiences…

    I lived in Detroit and had what I considered to be “good” neighbors. Mind you, not “good black” neighbors, but just good neighbors whose skin color did not matter.

    We helped each other, whenever possible, looked out for each other, and had friendly relations, shared family events, barbecues and other social events.

    The “troubles” started when my “good neighbors” invited their “ghetto rat” relatives to their parties.

    I restored an old car to near showroom condition and used to park it in my driveway.

    The “ghetto rats” decided that my car would be a good place to sit (on the hood).

    Asking them to remove themselves was met with responses of f#ck you” and other derogatory responses. Upon discussing the situation with my “good neighbor”, he pretty much told me that “boys will be boys” and to “get over it”.

    My friendly relations with that neighbor cooled, as he was not willing to straighten out his “ghetto rat” relatives. Soon after, these “ghetto rats” found new avenues in which to ply their criminal “stock in trade”- breaking in to and ransacking houses–easy (white) targets…

    I soon moved to an all-white enclave after that, giving up on the city of Detroit, the criminality, harassment, and civic abuse, and have never been happier.

    This is why it is perfectly legitimate for whites to not want the “nice black couple” to move into their neighborhood…

  92. Poco says:

    White men made the mistake of believing that their propaganda about all men being created equal was true. A truly poisonous sentence in the Declaration of Independence, better to have been left out. No other people would have ever thought of such a thing. All religions, ethnicities, and genders should have been kept firmly under their thumb within their historical territories. They forgot who they were or should be and emasculated themselves to a great extent. Their enemies saw the opening and amplified.

    • Replies: @Alden
  93. Poco says:

    I always talk loud and ask a lot of meaningless questions about what is going on even in common everyday interactions. They use this same tactic to intimidate Whites. Always be the driver in interactions with them. This doesn’t mean talk their jiving talk. Speak like a White person but in a vocal and assertive way. I do this with all minorities. They take well to the training. Most Whites mumble at them or talk to them in a normal tone. That is a mistake.

    • Agree: By-tor
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  94. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    So you follow U.K. royal news? What are you, an 18 year old low class British girl??

    UNZ comments don’t usually descend to the level of the tabloids and TMZ. But you do. So you hate Meghan Markle and all the other Hollywood bimbos as you call them because you can’t get laid by a woman and are afraid of gay hookups.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
  95. Alden says:

    You’re absolutely right. I don’t mean to be a bitch and rub it in, but don’t forget that the Declaration was written by a hypocritical elite of the elite White men the richest in the colonies.
    I’m a White Nationalist woman. I really should get out to of this woman hating UNZ site.

    Think I’ll repeat what White men have done to American Whites, men women and children.

    1 Brown vs Topeka 1953

    2 White man president Eisenhower sent troops with bayonets to Arkansas and tanks to Tennessee to sentence White children to 12 years of torture and horror by black African Orcs 1955-1960

    3 civil rights act 1965

    4 unlimited non White immigration act 1965

    5 Philadelphia plan 1967

    6Affirmative action law 1968

    7creation of affirmative action Hispanic race by executive order of President Nixon 1970

    8Griggs vs Duke Power 1973

    9 Kaiser vs Weber 1979

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @anarchyst
  96. Alden says:

    Good for you. A true White man, not a wimp nerd whining about he can’t get laid and blames White feminazi and bimbos for all his problems.

  97. getaclue says:

    Dogs can smell fear– so can Diversity “yutes” — best be not giving any of that off in serious interaction….

  98. JohnWho says:

    Lot of it is about polarizing.
    There was even a story tale about it years ago. Something about you can’t defeat all the people if they are together but if you break up the group of sticks it is easier to break them apart.
    Other way to look at it is if someone controls your intellectual environment you don’t have a single chance of winning.

  99. @Colin Wright

    ” I believe the appropriate charge is ‘aggravated assault.’”

    Yep, I get it. He aggravated me so I assaulted his ass. Makes sense when I look at it that way.

    • Replies: @Alden
  100. @flashlight joe

    I usually refer to it as Lincoln’s War. The phrase you dislike is not a euphemism, though. It’s perfectly descriptive and has served adequately for at least 150 years.

    On the subject of silly euphemisms, a commonly used euphemism is “Reconstruction”. The term I use is the military occupation of the south. That’s what it was.

  101. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    They’re not in Hollywood but Canada.
    She grew up in Loz Felis section of Los Angeles. From 6th grade school n she attended school one of the most academically difficult and prestigious girl’s private school in Los Angeles. Then Northwestern university, one of the top 20.

    Where’d you go to high school and college?

    What’s your opinion of Prince Andrew Herbert the bastard son of Queen Elizabeth and her long time lover, Henry Herbert and partner in crime of Israeli spy and convicted pimp Jeff Epstein?

    So moving to Canada is a great sin but a married woman, ER 2 passing off the bastard Andrew Herbert as her husband’s son is totally, completely acceptable? And Prince Charles’ long affair with Camilla while married to Dianna is just fine with you but H&M moving to Canada is some sort of scandal ?

    How is it a scandal? What’s wrong with a British American couple moving to Canada? Any law against it? Millions are f people have moved to Canada over the centuries: Why’s it so wrong for H&M to do what millions have done for centuries ???

    Maybe Harry wants to get away from the wicked step mother who ruined his parents marriage. Maybe he wants to get away from Andrew Herbert and the ex wife Sarah Ferguson and all their corrupt crooked business deals.

    You should be embarrassed for your girly
    Womanish following of vulgar royal and Hollywood news.

    You watch the network tv news the Grammys tabloids and TMZ. Not me. Who does that? Old codgers watch TV news Teen girls and gay men follow royal and Hollywood news

    I have no interest in the absolutely vulgar attention seeking British Royal family, the thousands of people who make a living writing about their vulgar lives and fools like you who follow that vulgar family.

    There are plenty of teen girl royal family blogs. If you want to comment about the royals, do it on one of those blogs .

    You should be embarrassed to admit it on a site like UNZ.

  102. Alden says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Aggravated assault is assault worse than ordinary assault egregious and resulting in injury. It’s like the difference between murder and manslaughter or robbery and armed robbery.

  103. @Bert

    Who decides what behavior defines a hoodlum?

    I hear there are people in Brazil that have extensive experience with that sort of thing.

    • Replies: @Bert
  104. @Alden

    I am a grandfather of 4.

    Since you cannot same a single American woman worthy of your respect, and I at least could name 2, I think the readers here can conclude that Women, especially western women, are good for very little in a mans world. What is worse than that is that they are so self hating they cannot content themselves in the world of their own gender peers. They a always trying to horn into the mans world.

    We constantly see it around us, fat women in ridiculous yoga pants, preening bimbos on TV constantly signalling their virtue, boomer bimbos marching around protesting with vaginas on their heads, young women stripping off their clothes to protest everything. The spectacle is continual, no wonder so many women prefer to live in a mans world.

    For some reason these western women are so un-self-aware that they cannot recognize how absurd they appear. This acute narcissism is also the reason why women are favored for MK-Ultra mind control.

    The saying goes “if your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail”. When paraphrased and applied to women it goes like this:

    “if emotions rule your thinking, then your vagina becomes the solution to every problem”.

    • Replies: @Alden
  105. Bert says:

    I resided in Brasil for years. I’m familar with Esquadrao de Morte, the police death squads. I visited a police station once with a physician who was picking up some paperwork there. Before he got out of the car, he reached over in front of me and took a pistol from the glove box and tucked it in his waistband. I asked him why and he replied, “With these guys anything is possible.” Then we went into the police station.

    Is that the level of trust you want in our society? If so, just keep advocating for extra-legal actions.

  106. @Alden

    Gambling among Asians is something they’re really, really into. Not only at legal gambling parlours but tons of underground illegal ones. And they’ll kill each other over gambling, too – a guy got shot at one of these illegal places right near me a few years ago.

    • Replies: @Alden
  107. @S

    My understanding is, the Native Americans of the Caribbean were killed off, or died off, and simply refused to work as slaves using the last refuge of the slave: to refuse to live. White slaves couldn’t cope with heat and the diseases and being the same color and extraction as the slave masters made them hard to manage. But with black slaves, they had a pretty good formula: Just making it across the ocean in the slave ships weeded out any weak ones, they could handle the heat and diseases OK, and their color meant they’d never get ideas of joining the non-slave class.

    For work in industrial type mills, you want very different people. Whites or East Asians would be ideal; disciplined, much less violent, capable of learning to work the machines properly and turn out a high quality product.

    That’s about when wage-slavery replaced chattel slavery. And the jobs moved out of the US because East Asian wage slaves in East Asia are cheaper, and Slavs, (look at the name) and Eastern Europeans are your cheaper white wage-slaves.

  108. @Pop Warner

    “Jews should be rounded up first, then” – and then you all wonder why a group that’s pretty smart, good at networking, not numerous, much more intellectual than warlike, pulls out every stop they’ve got to defend themselves?

    • Replies: @Bert
  109. @Just passing through

    I got curious after reading your comment and checked the source site.

    Asians make up 2.2% and ‘Others’ make up 8.1%.

    ‘Others’ include Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and persons of two or more races (mixed races).

    Proportionately speaking, it would have been more accurate to say ‘Others’ instead of lumping them into ‘Asians and Others’, giving the perception that somehow Asians make up the larger portion in this group.

  110. Hibernian says:

    I grew up in the South.

    The Irish Channel of New Orleans?

    Myself, I was born in the Naval Hospital at MCB Quantico. Our family’s time in the Former Confederate States ended around the time of my third birthday, when Dad left the Service (USMC.) It was then that we began our sojourn in Eastern Iowa. (Mom and Dad were from Chicago.)

    Yankee obsession is usually Southern. WASP obsession tends to be Irish, Jewish, Italian, or Polish.

  111. Bert says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    No, we all don’t wonder about that. We understand that a group (the Ashkenazi) that perfected the niche of exploiting the native working population (Slavs), and adapted genetically to that niche, will itself realize that its niche makes enemies of whole populations and hence it must adjust the sports adage to read, “A robust offense necessitates an equally robust defense.”

  112. anarchyst says:

    To paraphrase a famous song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel, it’s not the “boomers” that is the problem. In fact, many of us boomers struggled through life, but finally “made it”. Most of us were too young to counter the political decisions made by those of the “greatest generation”.

    I am a “boomer” who has worked all my life, starting at 12 years of age. Being one of a large family, life for my parents and us was not easy, but we all persevered in our own ways and were successful in life.

    Nobody ever gave me anything. What I did was gained “with the sweat of my brow”.

    If there is any “blame” to be placed, it must be placed at those of previous generations, especially the “greatest generation”, that formulated and passed many of the destructive laws and customs that we live under to this day.

    From the enactment of the federal income tax and the creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve cartel, previous generations have a lot to answer for.

    The “greatest generation” was duped into fighting a war for European (jewish) interests, destroying much of white European culture as a result, and solidifying international jewish power by NOT going after the REAL enemies of human culture, legitimizing the state of Israel, thereby consolidating jewish power, and assuring the jewish zionist hold on the world political process.

    Let’s not forget that the “greatest generation” pushed for the terribly misguided “civil-rights” acts, statutes and laws, which effectively disenfranchised whites (but only whites) with the abolition of “freedom of association” (but only for whites). In fact, federal troops were used against law-abiding whites in violation of “posse comitatus” laws which prohibit utilizing the military for domestic law enforcement purposes. Whites have been effectively neutered since these laws were passed. Forced integration of schools (cross-district bussing and other schemes) was enforced by leftist judges who insisted that blacks needed to sit next to whites in order to learn.

    The “elephant in the room” to which blame can be squarely put on the “greatest generation” was the “Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965. This act successfully cut off the immigration for white Europeans while opening up the floodgates for third-world brown and black immigration.

    Both major political parties were responsible for this travesty. Democrats saw increasing third-world immigration as a source for votes while the Republicans saw it as a source of cheap labor.

    The wages of native-born Americans have not increased in real terms since 1970, that point in time being seen as the “high-water mark” in relation to wage growth. There has not been any “wage growth” since then.

    All of the above can be attributed to those of the “greatest generation”…

    • Replies: @Trinity
  113. anarchyst says:

    White men may have started the “civil-rights (for everyone but whites)” movement but “the elephant in the room” is the jews who really spearheaded the “movement”.

    I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.

    Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic).

    These New York-based “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.

    Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.

    Let’s not forget their infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, (which continues to the present day), in which they can spread their jewish supremacist poison.

    The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts were common, but never reported, as even the “mainstream media” was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.

    The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition on the use of federal troops for domestic law enforcement purposes. As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent. We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…


  114. @Jake

    Jews have only managed to reach the prominence they have now by exploiting the WASP’s lust for material wealth, Jews and WASPs teamed up during colonisation. WASPs like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were philosemitic and the for we contributed funds to build the first synagogue in Philadelphia.

    Why are Eastern Euros not suffering from this fate? They have wisely kept to themselves and sought only to defend their culture, and not encroach on others.

    WASPs are now complaining that their former criminal comrades, the Jews, are turning on them.

    Remember the scene from Clockwork Orange where Alex’s goons betray him? Well Alex is the WASP and his goons are the Jews. One can hardly feel sorry for Alex…

  115. @S

    In many ways I don’t see Blacks as ever in reality having been ‘freed’.

    The thirteenth amendment freed the slaves. (Except for those convicted of a “crime” thus giving the “state” a monopoly on the use of involuntary servitude)

    The fourteenth enslaved everyone.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

    U.S. debt = $23,211,715,000,000 ↑

    Debt per citizen = $70,250 ↑

    Debt per taxpayer = $187,630 ↑

  116. Trinity says:

    I, too, am a boomer, I was born in the early ’60’s so I came at the tail end of the baby boomers of 1946-1964. HOW or WHY people blame baby boomers for this mess we call America is beyond me. This country has been slowly falling apart thanks to Jewish power and influence since the days of Woodrow Wilson and his Jewish henchman. And then along came WWII and two of the biggest white traitor trash cuckolds for Jewish power and influence of all time, Churchill and FDR. Tens of millions of some of the very best Whites slaughtered and murdered each other for the homicidal Zionist World Order. As some poster has already noted that when decisions like 1965 Immigration Reform Act was legislated by 2 Jews named Jacob Javits and Emanuel Celler, and other destructive acts contributing to downfall happened, the “greatest generation” were the traitor trash leading the way. At the time of all this shit, the oldest boomers were barely 20 years old and were probably either busy getting stoned, listening to their 45 records or fighting in Vietnam. I wasn’t even in the first grade when the destruction of America went up a notch in the middle 60’s and didn’t even graduate high school until 1979. Boomers were still young in the 1980’s, even the oldest didn’t turn 40 until the mid-to-late 1980’s and they hardly were in positions of power for the most part. When baby boomers starting coming into power by say the 1990’s or so, America had long ago started crumbling into the cesspool that we know it to be in 2020.

    The generation before the GREATEST TRAITOROUS GENERATION AKA “THE GREATEST GENERATION” and the “greatest generation” and the “lost generation” ( the generation sandwiched between “the greatest generation” and the baby boomers ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BIGGEST TRAITORS AND MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR AMERICA’S DOWNFALL.

    Next in line are the generations that followed the boomers, race traitors of the highest order like the the Generation X cuckolds, the Millennials aka Generation Y and the Generation Z douchebags. With these generations we have race mixing to nth degree, effeminate males, masculine females, gender benders to the max, self hating and race traitors galore. Hell, these generations don’t even have the talent to produce anything resembling music anymore. And these losers want to talk about boomers?

    Hell, compared to the generations that preceded the Baby Boomers and the ones that came after, we didn’t do so bad considering the world that was given to us to navigate. We were the first to had to go through forced integration thanks to our parents and grandparents, we were the first that had to watch anti-White filth on movie screens and the first to deal with mainstream porn by way of videos that could be purchased, the first that had to be indoctrinated with historical lies concerning the holocaust and WWII, the first to have to deal with drug epidemics pushed by God knows only who. But despite all this shit the boomers had to deal with, you rarely saw race mixing in the 1970’s and not much even in the 1980s ( at least nothing like today.) Our white males for the most part weren’t cowards like the Millennials/Gen Y and Generation Z wimps. No way back then would most white males stand by and watch blacks pummel a white female like I have seen on videos today featuring our Generation X-Y-Z crowd. And these youngsters want to make fun of boomers? lolol

    • Agree: anarchyst, Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  117. @Ship Track

    Just look at Hollywood bimbos at things like the Grammy’s, or the bimbo news reporters blanketing the screens, or female politicians, or even more appalling, women warriors.

    You should really turn off your tv and actually try talking to women.

    What I find amusing about the woman haters here is the underlying assumption that White women are the problem and White men are burdened by their conformity to pop culture. As if the typical White man has it together but is held back by the women.

    Here in reality I am constantly surrounded by White men that:
    1. Talk about football, even in the off season
    2. Talk about video games
    3. Talk about tv shows involving wizards
    4. Talk about football even more
    5. Regurgitate establishment left/right talking points but then go back to football

    I could sit here and bash White men for hours. I am a White man but I don’t see how that is productive. How is bashing White women productive? There are obviously women here that can discern reality better than the typical White man I have to deal with at work. So why take effort to denigrate or exclude such useful and rare women? It makes zero sense from a strategic point of view and can only be justified but some type of emotional desire for personal vengeance women in general.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
    , @Trinity
    , @Alden
  118. @John Johnson

    Fact: The majority of women, especially single women, want a mommy state.
    Fact: Women are easier to emotionally manipulate than men
    Fact: Women are physically weaker and less able to tolerate pain or cold

    I could go on and on, but I will stop there. I have no intention of defending Boobus Americanus. As far as women better “discerning reality” in today’s 21st century office environment, I don’t doubt it. These corporations (and government) are toxic for men, they have been subverted by women just as much as they have been subverted by jews and blacks.

    The narrative calls it “affirmative action” but in reality it is anti-logos and against meritocracy. We see the same cognitive dissonance everywhere around us. They have destroyed the white male working world the same way they destroyed the white family, and the spike they used to break both apart was the vagina.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  119. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    Constructional criticism is fine even to the point of shaming. Sometimes shaming someone can piss them off so much that they acquire a backbone and “I’ll show them” attitude. I can point out just as many faults of white males as I can of white women today, I find disturbing behavior from both sexes. I do agree there seems to be a certain group here that hates white women to the point of irrational and unhealthy behavior, I think they might be hasbra trolls trying to give white males a bad name. I remember when the college student in NYC was stabbed that there were numerous comments celebrating her death or blaming her for being attacked by black thugs because they assumed she was some sort of leftist.

    While I do contend that there does seem to be a significantly larger number of white female mudsharks than their male counterparts, perhaps cowardly and effeminate white males need to share just as much blame. Perhaps if white males started acting like men again, instead of wimpy cuckolds, they might be able to attract those white females from black and brown thugs. And lest we forget, historically, no one was has proven to be a bigger race mixer than the white male. Hell, he created almost an entire race of mestizos and after WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, how many white males brought home Asian women, married them and sired crops of mixed race kids. It sickens me how white males all but worship black athletes, even to the point of seeing some middle age cuckold wearing a jersey with a black athlete’s name on the back.

    Interesting point you made about video games and wizards. I worked with two white males in their damn fifties that talked about video games and spent a great deal of their paycheck on that childish crap. I asked them what their wives thought about that silliness, yes, both of these guys were married, so what does that say about Unz woman haters who can’t get a date? lolol. That is assuming of course that the woman haters aren’t HASBARA TROLLS. I see grown ass white men talking about the latest “Avengers” movie and some other ridiculous shit like the latest “Star Wars” movie. MY GOD, I quit reading comic books when I was 12 years old.

  120. @Trinity

    I have asked Alden three times to provide the names of some modern female public figures that she respects. She could not name a single one. Since you seem to put women on a pedestal, perhaps you can name a few American women who you respect?

    • Replies: @Trinity

    In summary, Blacks have higher levels of low repeat MAOA alleles than Whites do, and this in turn causes them to have higher crime rates, and that this explains part, though not all, of why Blacks have higher crime rates than Whites.

  122. Trinity says:
    @Ship Track

    I can’t think of any female that anyone would know by name to list but then again, I can’t think of a single NATIONALLY KNOWN MUCH LESS INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN WHITE MALE I COULD LIST EITHER. I don’t put anyone on a pedestal whether they be female or male. There was a woman out of Canada who was recently imprisoned over in Germany for her believes on the so-called, “holocaust.” For the life of me I can’t think of her name. She grew up ashamed of being German and blamed her parents for the so-called, “holocaust.” AND THEN WE SHE FOUND OUT THE TRUTH SHE MADE A PUBLIC VIDEO APOLOGIZING TO HER PARENTS. She has been a frequent guest on the Blood River Radio Show. I saw a North Carolina woman stand up for herself recently and call a table of Blacks that were harassing her the blasphemous N-word after being provoked time and time again. The media then went to see if they could make the woman cower like so many white males and females have before her and beg for forgiveness. These two women here have more guts than I bet 90% of these anonymous woman haters on here have, of course all these “woman haters” could very well be hasbara trolls. Alas this lady of the South didn’t bend or cuck like Paula Deen or Trent Lott or the gigantic big for nothing, Hulk Hogan, in other words she didn’t offer any tearful apology for calling someone a name, just as Charlie Rangel, and Jewish professors NEVER apologize for calling whites, “crackers” or promoting White genocide. Hmm, I must say that I also respect people like Dr. David Duke, a man who has fought the good fight for decades despite going up against tremendous odds and having to absorb hate from not only nonwhites but his own damn race as well. Hell, if you guys can’t get laid or have issues with females, that is your problem not mine. I can point out the cowardice of white males all day here and give you example after example, but I love my people warts and all. And like Jesus said, let he that is among you cast the first stone. I am sure not one single poster, and that includes yours truly, has not ever done one single thing they regretted.

  123. anarchyst says:

    You are absolutely correct about many white males who can spout off sports statistics from their favorite NFL (Negro Felon League) or NBA (Negro Basketball Association) players but care nothing about what is going on in the real world.

    If they watch the news it is from the zionist-controlled mainstream media which does not require (or allow for) critical thinking.

    I have attempted to encourage many white males to think for themselves and to see that what they are being “spoon-fed” by the zionist-controlled mainstream media is full of BS.

    I have lost friends for speaking truth about that famous fake jewish freak show–the so-called jewish holocaust ™. Even my degreed professional engineer friends refuse to acknowledge the impossibility of almost all of the claims made by jewish holocaust ™ promoters. They just don’t want to hear anything that exposes their lack of real knowledge about this part of history. They refuse to believe how so many people could be bamboozled and even taken advantage of and how such a fable could even be false. As engineers, they should be able to see the lies, fabrications, and outright engineering impossibilities of the claims made by holocaust ™ promoters, but they do not.

    You just cannot get through to some people, even when using logic and common sense.

    • Agree: Trinity
  124. @Trinity

    Monica Schaefer is the Canadian woman you are talking about. There is also Ursula Haverbeck in Germany. Allison Chabloz in England has also persevered much persecution. There is also Sylvia Stohl.

    Of course these women are all heroic in their resistance to JP. As I mentioned up thread, Meredith Whitney and even Caitlin Johnstone are worthy of admiration.

    I admire every one of them, but what is important to note is that none of them are feminists like Alden, that is why Alden could not list a single one.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
    , @Trinity
    , @Wally
  125. @Ship Track

    “Meredith Whitney” Sorry, I meant “Whitney Webb” who has been doing a stellar job of true journalism.

  126. Trinity says:
    @Ship Track

    Thank you for the info. Yes, Ms. Schaefer is a brave woman and a true role model for all white women as well as white men. NEVER BACK DOWN FROM YOUR BELIEFS, brothers and sisters. Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, whatever nonwhite you want to name, IS NOT YOUR SUPERIOR, they are flesh and blood just like you and to tell hell with kissing up to anyone who wishes OUR RACE harm. In fact, these groups of nonwhites OWE US if anything.

  127. @Ship Track

    Fact: The majority of women, especially single women, want a mommy state.

    How is this a fact? Because the majority votes for Democrats? That’s often a vote against “derp derp free market” Republicans.

    Republicans would win nearly every election if they dropped the free market garbage and acknowledged that we need policies that put families over Wall St. If the “Free market” was everything then Africa wouldn’t be such a s–thole. Randian fantasy has turned Western conservatives into free market zombies. I’m surprised Republicans win as many elections as they do.

    Single White women are more likely to support liberalism but it’s not like White men are united against it. Most White men buy fully into the liberal lie that race doesn’t matter. White men are split on whether the “free market” or more 60s style social programs can fix that darn inequality that the same White men are routinely blamed for. It’s rare for White men or women to conceive of the possibility that both left and right are wrong. So I see no reason to expend energy insulting the rare woman here that can discern reality better than a thousand White men on the street.

  128. anarchyst says:

    Yes, Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck and Sylvia Stolz are three outstanding women with more “guts” than most men.
    They have been imprisoned for questioning “that which may not be questioned“–the so-called jewish holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust ™”).
    When the TRUTH about this non-event is finally accepted, all three women, and many more honest courageous individual will be vindicated…

    • Agree: Trinity
  129. @Trinity

    Perhaps if white males started acting like men again, instead of wimpy cuckolds, they might be able to attract those white females from black and brown thugs.

    This absolutely would happen. It’s not like White women are turning down gutsy White men and then choosing some thug.

    The other problem is that too many White men basically check out. They spend all of their free time on football/tv/games/comics/etc. These sedentary activities don’t help keep them in shape nor do they help them meet new women.

    It’s a combined problem. I don’t have the answers but the solution isn’t in defaming White women.

    • Replies: @anon
  130. @Trinity

    I can’t think of any female that anyone would know by name to list but then again, I can’t think of a single NATIONALLY KNOWN MUCH LESS INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN WHITE MALE I COULD LIST EITHER.

    Well I admire Pat B.

    It takes some real balls to go on TV and bring up the Frankfurt School.

    It was late at night and I just happened to catch him in an interview while flipping through channels. I was pretty young at the time but I went and researched what he was talking about.

    It completely changed my view on the social sciences. Before that I assumed accusations of Marxist influence were grossly exaggerated.

  131. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    I think white nationalists are exaggerating the extent of the problem. If there’s any race of men that is in danger of extinction due to utter lack of testosterone, it is East Asian “men”. White men will fare just fine in the long run. If there’s any race of men so pathetic that you wonder why they even exist, it is East Asians. I think you’re being overly dramatic about white men’s problems.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  132. @anon

    White men will fare just fine in the long run. If there’s any race of men so pathetic that you wonder why they even exist, it is East Asians. I think you’re being overly dramatic about white men’s problems.

    I really don’t care about what happens in East Asia. They have their own countries and aren’t dominated by egalitarian idiots.

    We have a problem in the West where:
    Whites have a low birth rate
    Leftists and some Libertarian right-wingers use this as justification to bring in Third world immigrants
    Leftists utilize immigrants by creating a voting bloc against Whites
    Resulting failed programs and third world mess encourages leftists to blame Whites and bring in more Third world immigrants to replace Whites

    Do you like paying 1/3 of your income to fund this sinking ship? I certainly don’t.

    Unz is one of the few places where we can talk about this honestly. A few posters here think the solution is in calling White women whores and bitches. Real genius thinking. Insult the women that can see through it all. A woman like Alden is worth a thousand White men.

    In every town and city there are women like Alden that yearn for a man that rejects this mess of a society. The woman hating club here is completely clueless to this reality. They lack depth, strategy and most importantly actual experience with women.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Alden
    , @Ship Track
  133. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    A pattern I notice is only black men are still encouraged to be masculine and aggressive while more intelligent races of men are getting neutered with liberalism and faggotry. I would say Africans are the greatest beneficiaries globally of this rotten globalist system, while other races are getting shafted.

  134. Blacks use the ‘n’ word defense, and physically assault whites, jews use the ‘antisemitism’ defense to cripple a white man’s career and suck billions from whites in reparations for something that may have or dod not happened generations ago. Jews promote the racial divide, because their worst nightmare is that blacks and whites unite behind truth.

  135. Wally says:
    @Ship Track

    Here’s a master list for perusal that includes those women:

    Official list of Revisionist scholars persecuted / imprisoned for questioning the “Holocaust”:

    Thanks to all who have opened their eyes.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
  136. Anonymous[969] • Disclaimer says:

    if media hadn’t weaponised the word no one would care, but whoever runs media seems to hate white people

  137. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    I challenge you to name one White male American president, judge at any level, Vice President, governor, state or federal cabinet member, state legislator, US senator or congress man who has done one thing to benefit White men since 1948.

    No one who hates White women the way you do could possibly be a grandfather because you have to be a father to be a grandfather. You just read the bitter misogynist old men blogs and rant away. And you watch the Grammys. That says everything about you. I bet you read National Inquirer People and the other movie magazines too.

  138. Alden says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    The shylocking and murders and destruction because of the gambling debts is something we never hear about. Gambling , shylocking prostitution , slave labor in illegal factories and slaughter houses and protection rackets are the basis of the Chinese economy in the US, not cubicle coolies in technology.

  139. Alden says:
    @John Johnson

    Thank you so much. Between ship tracker and harbinger’s obsession with having sex with menstruating 10 year olds I’m really sick of this misogynist women hating site. Between 1968 and 1993 I sent thousands of black criminals to state prison. Although I had the rape caseload most of the blacks were armed robbers carjackers etc, not rapists.

    And the majority overwhelming majority of the victims were White men, not White women. Because men are out and about at night walking and on public transit much more than women. And they tend to go to bars alone. And the black predators get them.

    I’m really a White Nationalist. We, husband and I gave about 120K to Prop 209 the California anti affirmative action referendum. I’m most proud of the fact that I changed the sentencing policy for black criminals in one of the most liberal counties in the country, San Francisco. Of course things have changed since I left.

    I risked my job when I changed the sentencing policies. My husband’s even more of a White Nationalist than I am. But since other Whites don’t give a rat’s ass about the White race, we don’t care any more. Between rental property and a business that benefitted from the rise in population out children and grandchildren are set for life.

    I wish we hadn’t given that 120K to Prop 209. It was never enforced. We could have put a down payment on another apartment building.

    I followed Steve Sailor to UNZ. I remember the first few months an English Muslim bomber a concert. There were a lot of deaths and hundreds injured. I was totally appalled, when most of the misogynist men of UNZ just rejoiced that so many White English girls and women had been killed and injured.

    In the last month the misogynist men of UNZ have rejoiced that White women Agostini and Garcia were beaten up by a mob of blacks, that White woman Deborah Staggs was beaten so badly by a black that 25 bones were broken and that White woman Tessa Majors was murdered by 3 black 8th graders.

    Then the endless comments ignoring the fact that Epstein pled guilty of soliciting and procuring for prostitution and calling the girls harlots and sluts. Plus the prurient interest in menstruating ten year olds.

    I’ve been active in White Nationalism and anti liberalism all my life since I heard about the justifiable execution of attempted rapist Emmett Till. I somehow knew the newspapers were wrong and that Till tried to rape her.

    In all those years, I’ve read comments about feminazis. But only on UNZ are there endless I hate women comments and such prurient interest in women’s fertility, slutty clothes Pregnancy at 16, youth youth youth, sex sex sluts harlots etc.

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if some law enforcement agency weren’t tracking some of these obsessed with slutty teens perverts.

    Although, I live part of the year in Los Angeles and part of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m out and about all the time and I just don’t see all these White women with mulatto kids and tattoos the old codgers are fulminating about,

    It’s my opinion they really don’t see all these sleazy White women ( possibly b cause of age related cataracts and macular degeneration) but just read about them in the old codger porn sites.

    Maybe the childless, woman less misogynist women haters of UNZ like Harbinger and this new one, ship tracker are trolls. Maybe the prurient interest and endless yammering about age of consent on the Epstein threads were all Jews diverting attention from the real crimes.

    Or maybe they were just typing with one hand while perusing Barely Legal.

    Whoever these people are, it’s just disgusting and prurient.

  140. Alden says:

    Sometimes this site is group therapy for sad old bachelors like ship track who can’t get laid. If I were a lonely old maid I sure wouldn’t write about it on the World Wide Web.

    • LOL: Trinity
  141. Alden says:

    You’re absolutely right. All the damage was done in 20 years Brown 1953 Griggs 1973, when the bombers ranged from not even born yet to 27.

    Race mixing? I see White man Asian women couples all the time. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black man White woman couple. Of course I haven’t seen many black man black woman couples either. It’s always black men together but never with their women or kids.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Trinity
  142. @Wally

    They don’t mention Chabloz. From 1985-2018 the only women mentioned is Sylvia Stolz, but starting in 2018 Schaefer, Stolz, Chabloz and Haverbeck are suddenly targets. Statistically this seems to be an anomaly, and it would appear that the yids have been seeking female scapegoats.

    I ask myself why would they target women now, and to me the answer is that their shabboz shicksas have finally achieved real power and only now are they are willing to target women. This shows us several things:

    1. For decades, even centuries, the yid has been favoring and rewarding women for their treachery.
    2. Now that they have real power, women have to be shown the iron fist of Jewish supremicism.
    3. Grown female victims of jewish perversion and pedophilia had better just keep quiet.

  143. Alden says:
    @F. X. O’Flaherty

    You’re absolutely right. Most of the people who write about always carrying seem to be rural suburban types who’ve never really lived around blacks and don’t realize it’s always one in front to accost you and two behind.,

    Southerners are more realistic. They’re around blacks but the gun laws in the south are reasonable and self defense is considered a right.

    California and it’s cities and counties have stringent gun laws. But a lot of men carry registered guns with no carry license around all the time.

  144. Alden says:
    @John Johnson

    Ship track gets all his information from TV news and the tabloid scandal sheets. I doubt he’s ever spent 20 minutes talking to a real woman in his life.

  145. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    What are you implying about seeing black men only hanging out with each other, but no women in sight?

  146. Trinity says:

    No doubt that baby boomers are receiving a bad rap by of all people, uneducated but thoroughly indoctrinated, Millennials/Generation Y, Generation X/Z, or whatever they are referred to as these days, these generations are quite possibly the biggest losers of the bunch and maybe even more cowardly than the GREATEST CUCK GENERATION EVER AKA the so-called, “Greatest Generation Ever.”

    No doubt though, many of these young people from the younger generations I mentioned are courageously going against the grade and waking up to fight alongside others for the preservation of our race and our civil rights. Many young men and women are very active and well aware of what is going on and more importantly WHO is behind it. HOWEVER, we still have a long way to go with this demographic, many are totally indoctrinated, clueless, apathetic, self hating, and seriously damaged by low self esteem, drugs, alcohol or depression/anxiety.

    I have nothing against my white brothers or sisters, but I have to agree with you that it was white men who had the power back in the day and chose to force our children at gunpoint to integrate our schools, it was a white cuckold alcoholic POS like Ted Kennedy who helped push the Jewish dream co-authored by Jacob Javits and Emanuel Celler of immigration reform that would forever help change the demographics of this country. It was white men who willingly marched off into two world wars to kill other white men by the tens of millions, destroying white nations, and giving the Jew World Order total control in post WWII. It was white men who raped German women during and after the war. Although it is reported that a great deal of the rapes were done by Mongolians in the Soviet Army, some of those estimated 2 MILLION rapes of all sorts of women, the extremely young and even the elderly were also done by Americans, British, French, Soviet white men, and colonial troops as well. Even young boys were raped.

    SOME white women have no doubt turned on their own kinsman by race mixing, and I would venture to say more white women are guilty of this than white men, but as I noted, the white man certainly played around in the past, look at all the Mexicans and other mixed races, the light skin Blacks of yesteryear where almost always the result of White men having sex with Black women. This happened quite often in the Deep South, but it was kept quiet for the most part. And as I noted and you noted in your post afterwards, white males have mixed with plenty of Oriental women especially all those stupid GIs who fell in love with Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and brought them home after the war. Those women for the most part USED those suckers to obtain a better life in America and didn’t give two shits about those poor fools. I have known guys who served in the Navy who would marry Filipino women during peace time as well.

    Enough blame to go around on both sides and admittedly even more should be directed at white males. Alas but this is what the Jew wants, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, so I think that a lot of these members of the Little Rascals ( remember that show) “Female Woman Haters Club” are Hasbara Trolls. They have us going up against different generations, rich vs. poor, female vs. male, etc.

    • Replies: @Alden
  147. @John Johnson

    Here is Alden’s first comment from above, a veritably hissy, bitchy kvetch that any jew would be proud of:

    “It’s not just women UNZ men criticize when a White is attacked by blacks. When Kersey posts an article about a White man attacked and beaten by blacks, many of the men UNZ commenters pile on with

    “ it’s the victim’s fault for being out after dark, going out to a bar, using public transit living or working in a town with more than 4 percent blacks, talking to a woman he’s just met whose black stalker starts shooting, not carrying a gun and blasting away at the nearest black. Here on UNZ it’s blame the White victim blame the White victim blame the White victim”

    And then of course the UNZ men who blamed Tessa Majors for attending one of the top 5 universities in the country because its in NYC in Harlem and Morningside Heights which is just as bad.

    “ And she arranged to meet the kids who killed her to buy weed. When the fact is weed can be bought at every college and high school in the country.”

    Ideal criminal defense jurors. I always recommend people to read amren and CofC for black on White crime and anti White racism.

    Because not all, but more than half the men of UNZ blame the White victim and exonerate the black attackers. Many of the men of UNZ sound like a criminal defense attorney blaming the victim. But attorneys are paid for it and just doing what the constitution requires. The men of UNZ are just expressing their personal opinions, blame White victims, exonerate the black attackers.

    If that wasn’t enough Rachel Maddow style estrogen bomb cyclone, JJ then comes up with this masterpiece:

    Unz is one of the few places where we can talk about this honestly. A few posters here think the solution is in calling White women whores and bitches. Real genius thinking. Insult the women that can see through it all. A woman like Alden is worth a thousand White men.

    In every town and city there are women like Alden that yearn for a man that rejects this mess of a society. The woman hating club here is completely clueless to this reality. They lack depth, strategy and most importantly actual experience with women.

    Alden and John Johnson are about as sappy as Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. But it won’t last, the only thing they have in common is their hatred for the “Men of Unz”.

    • Replies: @Alden
  148. Christo says:
    @Ship Track

    The song “American Woman” was about the “Statue of Liberty” which was symbolic of the American government . Asong nd the context at the time when the came out, was about “The Draft” , and her (the US gov) coming around to get you to go fight in Vietnam for her(the US gov. And the song is about dodging the draft.

    As to “The problem here is that American Woman have either whored themselves out to Hollywood, turned into a culturally suicidal lesbo-femo-tranny, turned into a fat cat lady, or devoured their men like black widows. ”

    To some extent yea that happens

    The problem with ‘American Women” now , is they have been brainwashed by Hollywood(the jewish media) to think that all Negroes are well off clean “magic Negroes”, not rapists criminals, and also that White men are low brow stupid or misogynists, or evil racists. Look at all commercials. This is why so many are idiotic democrat/liberal. They have no knowledge of how things really are and what really means something, or understand that what is going on now and their instilled misconceptions has bad consequences in the future .

    They have also been brainwashed to love money and to only think that they should only go for rich men or magic Negroes, rather than the “salt of earth” honest real white men. So they they end up as whores or mudsharks or cat-ladies.

    • Replies: @Ship Track
    , @Alden
  149. @Christo

    Thanks Christo. Alden seems to be carrying a massive chip on her shoulder because of some other threads that I am not aware of. I just felt compelled as a “Man of Unz” to give her a spanking.

    It is my belief that behind every good man stands a good woman. Whether a woman can be “good” without being a mother and a wife is another question. My wife is truly my better half when it comes to morals or empathy. Frankly it drives me crazy sometimes. Through her insults Alden has not only attacked me, but also my wife. She has continued it through several comments. We can just call it “feminine privilege”, but I can’t help noticing how Alden’s cries of “misogyny” seem awfully similar to god’s chosen peoples’ cries of “anti-semitism”.

    • Replies: @Alden
  150. Wally says:

    But hey, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash today.

    The West stops everything, the MSM is aghast.

    Why? After all, he was just a basketball player.

    Though some say he was a rapist.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  151. Trinity says:

    IF you believe there is a God, a Heaven and a Hell, it makes no difference how famous Kobe WAS, or how much money good ole Kobe HAD or how well he put a round ball through a hoop. Admittedly, I used to play sports and was somewhat of a sports fan back in the day and then I wised up. I didn’t drop sports because so many of the players were nonwhite, baseball has still managed to stay reasonably White and there has been a resurgence of White fighters, especially heavyweights, but it was the money these clowns made and how arrogant they became just because they were blessed with speed, strength, power or physical size. Was NEVER a fan of basketball. How much skill does it really take for someone nearly 7 foot tall and with a wingspan of nearly 8 feet to put a ball in a basket 10 feet off the ground. Make a league for guys under 6’4″ or raise the basket to 12 feet for crying out loud.

    Anyhow IF there is a God, I bet HE knows whether Kobe raped that girl or not and IF there is a God, Kobe like OJ will deal with the REAL JUDGE. Never seen a U-Haul hooked up behind a hearse.

    “No Justice, No Peace.”

  152. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    You’re not married, compare what I’ve done for Whites, sending thousands of black criminals to state prison prison to your pathetic self, ranting your tabloid fantasies about Meghan Markle and exposing your frustrations and wimp nerd loser emotional problems all over the internet.

    Don’t lie. No man who hates White women as you do could possibly be married or ever had a relationship with women. That’s why you read the tabloids and follow Hollywood publicity.

  153. Alden says:
    @Ship Track

    I don’t yearn for a man. I got mine at age 22. What exactly have you ever, ever done for The White race in your life wimp nerd women hater?

    I sent thousands of black criminals to state prison which kept them off the streets and kept Whites safe from them for a few years.

    Meanwhile, you just read the tabloids and Hollywood publicity and watch tv and the Grammys whatever they are.

    You don’t need to reveal to the men of UNZ how dreadful horrible White women are. You may think you’re an enlightened missionary about the evils of Hollywood bimbos and lesbian feminazis. They are fully aware. In fact, this site is famous among conservative, pro White and dissident right circles for misogynist women haters like you.

    What have you ever, personally done to helpWhites?? Nothing, nothing nothing

    I helped White victims of black crime by sending thousands of those black felons to maximum term in state prison.

    What have you ever done to help Whites?

  154. Trinity says:

    Good Lord, CNN and MSNBC are going full retard on the Kobe story. Haven’t checked out FOX yet, I hardly ever watch the idiot box, but I will watch a little just to see how this plays out. Kobe will be made out to be a black Mother Teresa no doubt.

  155. Alden says:

    I never see black White couples but I see White man Asian women couples all the time. But I live in California with lots of Asians, not deepest darkest blacklist Mississippi or Alabama gross!!

    Personally, I snagged my Nordic God when I was 22 and don’t give a rat’s ass about other people’s sex lives. I certainly don’t get all upset when I see more Asian women White man couples that I see Asian Asian or White White.

    Here’s what White men did to the rest of us Whites.

    1 1948 White man Truman integrated the military. Because of the draft White men were forced to live, work with and be robbed beaten and abused by the useless blacks.

    2 1953 9 White man minions of Satan on the Supreme Court ordered school integration this subjecting millions of White children to bullying, beating robbery for 12 state mandated years
    Brown vs Topeka

    3 1955-1960 A White man, President Eisenhower sent soldiers with tanks and bayonets to Tennessee and Arkansas so as to aid and abet black orcs to bully beat and rob White human children.

    4 1964 White men president Vice President lobbyists senators and congress men passed the civil rights for all but Whites laws.

    5 1965 White men president Vice President lobbyists senators and congress men passed the unlimited non White entitled to affirmative action immigration act.

    6 1967 Philadelphia Plan affirmative action not for qualified, but totally unqualified blacks. A White man Vice President Humphrey does this with the backing of White men president senators and congress men. Philadelphia Plan is what destroyed the private sector labor unions. But the men of UNZ are conservative cubicle coolies who think manual labor of any kind deserves poverty level wages.

    7 1968 A White president Vice President lobbyists senators and congress men passed the affirmative action or No Whites Need Apply Law. Affected White men. But the ignorant men of UNZ think lesbian feminazis did this.

    8 1970 A White man president created the affirmative action entitled Hispanic race by executive order. ONE White man, Richard Nixon is responsible for affirmative action for unqualified Hispanics. One White man

    9 1973 Griggs vs Duke Power Satanic Supreme Court affirmed the most egregious discrimination against Whites for the greater good of all affirmative action

    10 1975? White man Richard Nixon opened to China and began sending all the predominantly White men dominated manufacturing jobs to China. David Rockefeller, Nixon’s boss man since 1960 ordered this. Other capitalist pigs involved of course.

    Between Philadelphia Plan, opening to China unlimited Asian immigration and affirmative action White men made it verrry verrry difficult for a White man to find employment.

    11. 1979 Kaiser vs Weber satanic all White men Supreme Court again affirms affirmative action discrimination against Whites.

    That’s what White men did to the White race. In all this there were only about 5 -10 women congress critters involved. At least 2 were black, no idea how any of them voted.

    Yet the women hating misogynists like Star Tracker blame Hollywood bimbos, lesbian feminazis and the even Meghan Markle Who wasn’t even born for all this.

    I see Asian women White men couples all the time when I’m in Los Angeles. I don’t feel threatened or angry at all. But the men of UNZ like star tracker are all obsessed with black man White woman couples which I almost never see.

    I sent thousands of black criminals to maximum term state prison. That’s what I’ve done for the White race.

    What has star tracker done for the White race? Nothing. But for some reason he sure hates White women from Hollywood bimbos to lesbian feminazis to women soldiers. Probably nuns and women preachers too.

    At least he didn’t rejoice at the murder of Tessa Majors and great bodily injury of Deborah Staggs by Orcs as many misogynist men of UNZ did

  156. Alden says:

    Another pathetic loser who should get laid or get therapy instead of writing his personal sex and emotional problems all over the World Wide Web.

    The men in my life, know plenty of White women who are neither cat ladies Whites and mud sharks Where you all live? Selma Alabama? East st Louis?

    We’re a whole clan of blue eyed beauties married to White men. Plus 2 White brothers of a son in law with Asian wives and hapa kids. If my sons could find blue eyed blondey beauties in a 7 square mile Chinatown, you could find something but whores mud sharks and cat ladies.

    Dear Abby, I’m a handsome intelligent White man who’s never had sex because every White woman in America is a whore, mud shark or cat lady. What can I do?

  157. @Alden

    You emotional comments demonstrates why women shouldn’t be involved in politics, despite shunning Liberalism, you still manage to sound like a hag.

  158. Christo says:

    You’re a piece of work. Why insult me? I was obviously talking to “Ship Tracker” about American females of a democratic/liberal bent (Hillary voters/mud-sharks/dykes/cat ladies/gold-digging whores, etc. ) , the ones who have been corrupted most by the (Jewish Media).

    So, gfy. I am blond , my wife is blonde, blonde kids, and I am as old school , white, confederate, gun-totin, nazi, viking , Cajun, Catholic, veteran tanker, metal-head rocker as they come and to quote Bon Scott- “Been around the world , seen a million girls) and I don’t wtf you are talking about.

    Personally, from your outburst I don’t think you are a ‘blue-eyed beauty” , you read like some Jewish wannabe-dyke, mis-info agent, who doesn’t know chit outside your Cali bubble , with a made up back story.

    I disregard any future comments of yours, no matter if you include some facts in your posts like in 161 of this topic , because I think you do so to establish false agency and you’re just a liar/misinfo agent-provocateur. I was not even talking to you in the first place.

    You picked the wrong “Old White Dude” to insult.

  159. @Ship Track

    Trump got 53% of the white women’s vote. Hillary got 47%. Are you seriously describing Republican voters? You’ve been brainwashed by the US media. That’s normal. People tend to think the loudest talkers are the majority. [email protected]

  160. @Lance Johnson

    Does that make white Americans the foot soldiers… the Jews enlisted in their war against the rest of the world, Lance. I´m not here to protect the ¨Niggers¨ but I do have a little bit to say about Hispanics in the US.

    Once upon a time in the United States of America, “Mexicans” crossing the border were welcome and celebrated. “Mexicans” circulated freely throughout the thirteen colonies, treasured in the businesses and homes that were fortunate enough to have them. Shortages of “Mexicans” were a severe problem, a constant and continual worry for the Continental Army. Many of the “Mexicans” were from Guanajuato, a state famous for an American Revolution later in the 20th century.

    During the years of the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s, silver from the mines in Mexico reached the most rapid increases in over a century of production. Through this quadrupling of production, Mexico then accounted for 67% of all American output of silver. Guanajuato, the leading center, equaled the production of the entire viceroyalty of either Peru or La Plata. The silver coins were known as pieces of eight, pesos or “Mexicans”, and were used throughout the North American colonies. Even the British Army in North America paid their troops in silver pesos. In November 1776, several months after the Declaration of Independence, Congress adopted the silver peso as its standard of currency.

    We can speculate as to the impact of this increase in silver production during the American Revolutionary War, when the colonies were desperate for hard currency. The Spanish pursued policies that deliberately allowed the North Americans to earn more of the silver that they needed: the North Americans were allowed to sell commodities such as flour in Havana, a leading international trade center. In turn, with the Mexican silver that the North Americans earned, they were able to purchase needed military supplies such as gunpowder on the world markets.

    Texas cattle were herded north by Mexican ranchers to feed Revolutionary Forces and English Troops were prevented from landing in New Orleans in order to attack the American Forces from the west.

    The Mexicans viewed the American war against England the same as their war against Spain. But the Americans later viewed those same Mexican Catholics as inferior, compared to the American Protestant population that continued immigrating from Europe. A commentator here at UNZ was kind enough to let me know that ¨Perfidious Albion¨ is how they referred to the English back in Europe. I just wanted to let you know a little something about Hispanics so next time, before you comment about them, maybe this bit of history will come to mind.


  161. @anarchyst

    I would not use the word nigger nor any other insult. I will not be insulted nor be harmed. I am armed and will protect myself and those I love.

  162. Levi says:

    Hmmm… Levi Cole Ellerbe…. what an odd coincidence.

  163. AndrewR says:

    Jesus you’re an embarrassment

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