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Buck-Breaking the Black Man: A Jewish Tradition
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BUCK, noun: a male animal; a male Indian or NEGRO —often used disparagingly; slang a DOLLAR

BUCK verb: to refuse to submit or agree : BALK

BREAK verb: to split into pieces or smash into parts or fragments; FRACTURE, MAIM, MUTILATE, CUT, RUPTURE, VIOLATE, INVALIDATE, SMASH, DEMOLISH, DESTROY; to defeat utterly and end as an effective force : overcome the resistance or strength of; to crush the spirit of; to make tractable or submissive; to reduce to weakness or ineptness; to ruin financially; BANKRUPT

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged Edition

By now we should all understand Buck Breaking. Indeed, Black men of influence, fame, and notoriety such as Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, LaKeith Stanfield, Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, Ice Cube, P. Diddy, Stephen Jackson, and Allen Iverson have all learned that the Buck Breaking process so essential to the slave system is still a standard operating procedure of today’s “Black–Jewish relationship.” Whites and Jews enforced their power over the Black men they enslaved by applying extreme torture in the form of whipping, rape, dismemberment, and murder in front of other slaves, aiming to terrorize them all into full submission.

Writer Frederick Law Olmsted traveled the South in the mid-1800s observing the wickedness of the American slavery system:

“If a laborer on a plantation should contradict his master, it may often appear to be no more than a reasonable precaution for his master to kill him on the spot; for, when a slave has acquired such boldness, it may be evident that not merely is his value as property seriously diminished, but the attempt to make further use of him at all, as property, [endangers] the whole white community. If I let this man live, and permit him the necessary degree of freedom, to be further useful to me, he will infect, with his audacity, all my negro property, which will be correspondingly more difficult to control, and correspondingly reduced in value.”

When one of the 50 enslaved Africans on the Kentucky plantation of Lilburn LewisThomas Jefferson’s nephew—broke a water pitcher, he gathered his slaves into a barn and calmly chopped the 17-year-old George into pieces, lecturing to the terrified Africans as he tossed each severed limb into the fire. Buck Breaking. Today, the limbs that are chopped off are financial—recording deals, sneaker and apparel deals, endorsements, performances, appearances, etc. All now thrown into the fire—piece by piece.

Certainly, when Ye and Kyrie Irving signed the lucrative contracts that respectively made them a billionaire and a millionaire, they had no idea that there was an invisible plantation-era clause that negated any legal terminology on paper—the Buck Breaking clause. Ye has boldly exposed the fraud and deception that has been the mainstay of Jewish exploitation of Black athletes and entertainers for generations. He bitterly addressed Jewish mogul Ari Emanuel, who has made it his personal mission to destroy Ye’s multi-billion-dollar business empire. In an October 30 Instagram, Ye posted a photo of the disfigured lynch victim Emmet Till and wrote: “You tried to destroy my life after all the money I’ve made for the ‘business’ people….At least as I burn to the stake in front of the whole world…everyone now knows who they need to really be afraid of. And now everyone knows how much power you ‘Business’ people actually have.”

And what water pitcher did Kyrie Irving break? He provided a link to a movie—in apparent “contradiction of his masters” Brooklyn Nets CEO Samuel Zussman and Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt—and that was all it took before massas Zussman & Greenblatt took the “reasonable precaution” of publicly shaming, firing, fining, cancelling the audacious—and defiantly unvaccinated—Irving, a punitive and vindictive move that was even applauded in a tweet by the ambassador of the apartheid state of Israel, Gilad Erdan: “Kyrie hopped on the trend of being antisemetic & was put in his place quickly. I hope he opens his eyes beyond the conspiracy theories he spreads & can educate himself.”

The movie for which Kyrie needed to be “put in his place” is “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which provides a religious and historical perspective on the racial identity of the original Hebrews, and thus offers a challenge to the prevailing view of who the real “chosen people” are. At one time this was known as 1st Amendment-protected “free speech.” Jews have now redefined the Constitution and appended the Buck Breaking Amendment, as delineated by Olmstead.

Historically, members of the Caucasian Jewish community, like Emanuel, Zussman, Greenblatt, and many others, have delighted in the destruction of audacity-infected Black men. It is a history of cruelty that Jews have tried to conceal from the world, shared only among a select few rabbis, scholars, and academics. Today that Jewish history best explains why Jews have treated Ye and Kyrie Irving with such unsparing and merciless brutality. In all honesty, they can’t help it. They’re well suited for that role, as Jesus pointed out in John 8:44. And for evidence of this we need only rely on the Jewish historical record.

Their popular writers and propagandists would like us to believe that Jews came to the Americas in the early 1900s as refugees fleeing European “oppression.” Well, some did, but many more arrived here centuries before that time period seeking to build international business networks based on the very profitable and slavery-intensive sugar trade. They quickly found that the tropical locales of Surinam and Brazil were prime sugar-growing regions, and Jews built many plantations—and many fortunes—for, according to Jewish author Herbert I. Bloom, “[the] slave trade was one of the most important Jewish activities here as elsewhere in the colonies.” According to the late Wiesenthal Center scholar Dr. Harold Brackman, “slave trading in Brazil became a ‘Jewish’ mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval Europe.” In fact, wrote Jewish scholar Jonathan Schorsch, “Jewish merchants routinely possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them off.” The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that “Jewish commercial activity” in Brazil included a “monopoly of the slave trade.” The Jews of Surinam owned plantations with Hebrew names like Machanayim, Nachamu, and Goshen, where, according to Dr. Marcus Arkin, they used “many thousands” of Black slaves.

But Blacks were not easily enslaved and required brute force to keep the sugar profits flowing. And here is where Jewish buck-breakers went into action against the Ye’s and Kyries of the 1700s. In Dr. Aviva Ben-Ur’s recent book Jewish Autonomy in a Slave Society, she writes on page 76: “The liberty Jews enjoyed [in Surinam]…was inextricably intertwined with violent coercion….African slaves were routinely tortured on the village’s roadsides or along the fence enclosing the synagogue square.” The torture was horrifying and included floggings, mutilations, hangings, quartering, drowning, starving to death, breaking out of the teeth, stinging to death by mosquitoes and other insects, as well as burning alive at the stake. Many contracted tape worms “sometimes two yards in length” and leprosy, which covers the whole body with scales and ulcers. There was one report of a Jewess who murdered an enslaved Black woman “by running a red-hot poker through her.” One account describes a shocking scene of a Black man being “broken alive upon the rack”—a slow execution presided over by a Jew in which the African victim suffered repeated blows with a heavy iron bar “until the marrow, blood, and splinters flew about the field; but the prisoner never uttered a groan nor a sigh.”

Africans who had escaped the Jewish plantations set up communities deep in the jungles of South America. These bold and fearless freedom-seeking Blacks were called Maroons, and they often returned to free their enslaved brethren. But this outraged Jews, who believed these Black human beings to be their slave property. So, they set up a 500-man Jewish militia whose sole function was to murder all Blacks that they could not re-enslave. The “Dean of Jewish Historians” Rabbi Jacob Rader Marcus provides the ADL’s point of view: “The whites felt they were being persecuted by their own slaves! The result was a vicious circle of white insecurity, inducing Negrophobic repression and inhuman cruelty, to which the blacks reacted by murdering their white oppressors and escaping into the jungle.”

As “the largest slaveholders in the region,” Jews led the white Gentiles in these wicked wars, their leader in at least thirty expeditions being a Jew named David Nassy, nephew of the biggest slave dealer in Surinam. And when they found Maroon villages, they burned them to the ground and destroyed their crops and farmland. When the Jews captured African fighters, they would cut off their hands to award to each other as trophies. Consider that both Kyrie and Ye are as skilled with their hands—Ye with a microphone and Kyrie with a basketball—as any Maroon with a weapon of war.

The torture did not stop when the Jews migrated north to master the cotton trade of the American south. As the Jewish Encyclopedia points out, “[T]he cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of the Jews, and as a consequence slavery found its advocates among them.” Freedom-hesitant Jews bought and sold Blacks without any moral scruples. In 1794, a Jew named Abraham Seixas advertised in a South Carolina newspaper the slaves he had for sale in poetry, extolling the violence he used to control them:

What e’er you say,
They will obey,
If you buy them from me…
For planting too, He has a few
To sell, all for the cash,
Of various price,
To work the rice
Or bring them to the lash.

No one can deny that 228 years later that Jews have brought Kyrie and Ye “to the lash.”

Mordecai Cohen
Mordecai Cohen

In the 1830s Mordecai Cohen of Charleston, South Carolina, was the wealthiest Jew in the state and owned a 1,000-acre plantation. When a Black “buck” named Peter was thought to have stolen “a few sticks of wood,” Cohen “whipped him for hours until he was unconscious and then doused him with brine before being chained in the stocks kept on the plantation for just such occasions.” His son David Cohen recaptured a runaway “buck” named Jim and brutally whipped him. Witnesses testified that Jim’s scars were all over his body and “appear as if pieces of flesh had been gouged out, and some are ridges or elevations of the flesh and skin. They could easily be felt through his clothing.”

An irrefutable and well-documented 500-plus-year history of Jewish hatred, torture, and exploitation of and violence against Blacks—before, during, and after slavery—demonstrates that Kyrie and Ye are at the violent end of a long Buck Breaking Jewish tradition. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews book series released by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan provides ample proof of the REAL history in haunting detail for serious scholars and thoughtful readers.

Our Brothers are suffering at the hands of a strange and violent people who are identified in the bible (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) as being of the “Synagogue of Satan,” and their behaviors documented above by their own scholars and historians have confirmed their identity. Kyrie and Ye are not the first victims of these racist imposters posing as pious people of God. But it is now the responsibility of Blacks themselves to make them the last.

REMEMBER: “They are trying, and tricking you in many ways; under the false disguise as now being a friend of yours and wanting to forget the Past. But, your agreement with them will not stand when you see the showdown.”

—The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

(Republished from Nation of Islam Research Group by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[647] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course your loving Muslim brothers treated you well , no buck breaking. Castration of black slaves was common by your loving Muslim brothers who continue to refer to blacks as abd. Of course yemen didn’t abolish slavery until 1967 , oman abolished it in 1970 , Islamic republic of Mauritania criminalized slavery in 2008 , jordan , morocco abolish slavery in 1959 , Algeria and Kuwait in 1963. Oh yes , Muslim loves blacks, it’s Jews who are the problem.

  2. Notsofast says:

    excellent expose. i wish ye and kyrie would champion the palestinians plight under the apartheid occupation of their country. imo this is the true angle of attack, as there is no way to logically defend the zionist abuses, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the indigenous semitic people of palestine. this is what they don’t want to discuss, name the jew and you will be buried under a holocaust blitzkrieg, named the zionist and you will hear crickets chirping.

    palestine is the key to ending this oligarchic domination of the western world. free free palestine.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  3. Notsofast says:

    don’t forget how obama and hillary brought slave markets back to libya in 2011. free free palestine. end the zionist plague on humanity.

  4. gay troll says:

    I switched my motto;
    Instead of saying “fuck tomorrow”,
    That buck that bought a bottle
    Could have struck the lotto.

  5. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    We ought to think about how much white supremacy is really Jew supremacy, the same thing faced by blacks, Palestinians and “goys” to different degrees. And we ought to think about how much racism is really Jew supremacism for white trash. If crackers can be kept from making common cause with blacks, a little ineffectual antisemitism is well worth it for the Jew supremacists – they can use it to buff their genocidal origin myth, shore up in-group cohesion, and mobilize against out-group enemies.

    At the same time, it’s likely that a lot of Jews participating in civil rights movements were not just tricking blacks – sometimes they were freeing themselves from their Zionazi death cult. A lot of that happened in the 60s. A guy like Richard Falk is a different species than the modern slaver Jews, and the slaver Jews try to break him too. A guy like Ron Unz who gets essentialist whites talking with blacks is a mortal threat to Jew supremacy. Jew supremacists can only survive if they can pit their various victims against each other.

    The Jew supremacists are fighting a losing battle against exogamy and indifference to Jew dogma. That’s why they’re struggling to implement premodern blasphemy law enforcing Jew-approved doctrine. Anything they censor is priceless, NOI, Russia Today, or the pacifist insult comic Anglin.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  6. Anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey moron , all slavery aren’t same ,cut from same clothes .

    At least in Ottoman Empire , slavery did not originate from Turk . They just seized the business from the Jews after 17 th century .

    Why the statutes of the Jews haven’t been brought down yet in US?

    • Replies: @Anon
  7. Anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    When was slavery abolished in Saudi Arabia? Officially in 1962, about 100 years after America abolished the practice.

    The question, however is based on wrong information. Slavery has NOT been abolished in Saudi Arabia.

    Slavery is still practised there in medieval and modern forms.

    There is discreet slave trade in illegal poor African labor. Small kids from Ethiopia and Sudan are sold for as less as SR 10,000 to average Saudi families as domestic servants. Many are not allowed contact outside their masters villa, kept in poor conditions and bonded for life.

    Coming to modern day slavery, just ask the construction and other blue collar workers from South East Asia. You need an iqama (sort of resident permit) to be employed and this is tied to your kafeel (master). Should you find a better job, it is at the discretion of your master to allow you to change jobs (or terminate you at will for daring to ask and send you back).

    You need your kafeel’s permission to go out of work place, open bank account, get driving license, get married and bring your wife (not sure about whether they need permission to consumate and have kids as well) and even leave the country.

    Sorry, but slavery is still present in Saudi Arabia.

    • Replies: @J
    , @anon
  8. By now we should all understand Buck Breaking.

    Negroes standing up to Jews is good, but what’s happening most of the time isn’t Buck Breaking but Cuck Cracking. White cucks crack like a bunch of pussy boys.

    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Anon[267] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Why do ya suppose they won’t stand up to moslems ?
    Certainly moslems were involved in the slave trade for 1400 years now , continuing buying and selling black slaves up until today 100 years after the rest of humanity has ceased with slavery. Michelle Obama herself in a rare instance for her community took the moslems in Nigeria to task for continuing to kidnap black Christian girls and selling them into slavery. Most of the time they help deflect attention from this and protecting moslems from scrutiny. Strange situation indeed.

    • Replies: @Robert Tills
  10. anarchyst says:

    To this day, jews have NEVER repudiated slavery. It’s in their talmud.

  11. @Anonymous

    Jews who prattle on about “White Supremacy” are projecting, of course.

  12. anonymous[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks know who has the power to abuse them, and who abuses them more than any whitebread in the suburbs. But they have no guts. Easy to go wilding against a bunch of ineffectual Christian whites, but takes balls to go after shlomo. Blacks are cowards, which is why they’re still on the jew plantation. Whites should remember that the next time Sambo wants to go wilding or play the snowflake game.

  13. BuelahMan says:

    jews – muslims
    What is the difference?

    Both hate whites for what jews did.

  14. J says: • Website

    On vacation in London, my daughter went shopping in a fashion street. While she examined fascinated the shmattes, I waited on a street bench. A flock of black veiled phantom like women entered the same shop while a short dejected looking youngster sat at my side. He told me that he was from Saudi Arabia accompanying the women on a shopping trip, and that he was an eunuch slave. I had imagined harem-keepers as tall, muscular Africans with scimitars, but this was a pitiable exemplar. Arabic and Hebrew are similar and we compared some words.

  15. anon[258] • Disclaimer says:

    Absouletly correct in diagnosing the ills of the Arab sheikhdom’s brutal abuses of guest workers . But they do not discrimnate between Yemeni workers and Indian or between Indonesian and Sudanese .East European slavery only ended in early years of 20 th century . Slavery or basically bonded labors lasted much longer also in Arab and N Africa .
    But these slaveries and Americans of 19 th century arent same . Later was beyond any human dignity that coukd be imagined .
    Slavery that lasted until 1980 in S Africa was no different than the practices of Arab and N Africa.

    Bodily harm was not allowed by Islam and orthodox Christianity. So they detoured and outsourced the jobs to the Christian city states of Italy , eastern Europe and areas outside Moscow to castrate the males and supply them to Ottoman ,Crimean,and Russian .

  16. @Notsofast

    Notsofast, no disrespect meant, but bringing in the Palestinian problem will diffuse and dilute the fight.
    This is a spark that needs to grow and for the present it should be focused only on the Jews of America versus their Black adversaries. We need to keep blowing on these embers, support these brave (Kyne and Kyrie) individuals, not to burn anyone but to shed light on these gangsters who hide behind the fable of the holocaust.
    Israel’s source of power and invincibility is derived from their control of US political system.
    The real fight to unseat these scum has to be fought in USA by both blacks and whites.

  17. anarchyst says:

    Slaves “did not work hard” most of the time.
    The southern plantations were largely self-sufficient due to the ability to grow one’s own food.
    Slavery was the means to achieve food production on an industrial scale. Machinery was non-existent–human capital was the only means to achieve farm crop output on an industrial scale.
    As an interesting note, there are two large-scale “slave plantations” still in operation here in the USA, one being Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary and another being Mississippi State Prison, Parchman Farms. Both plantations rely largely on manual labor (human capital) for their farm operations despite mechanical equipment being available. This provides labor to run the plantations and also provides food for the inmates. Both plantations are largely operated the same way they would have been 150 years ago and are good present-day examples of antebellum southern plantations.
    There were two times out of the year where slave labor was needed–planting in the spring and harvest in the fall. The rest of the time was spent at a relatively leisurely pace. The slave owner was still required to care for his charges, whether they were working or not.
    Even slaves that became incapacitated were cared for–laws saw to that.
    One could not simply abandon a slave. Manumission papers were required to be filed at the local courthouse, just as was done for real estate transactions.
    A little-known aspect of slavery was the threat of being abandoned (fired) by one’s master. Without a social support structure or a place to live, such abandonment would mean only one thing–a cruel death. Slaves KNEW that they had a symbiotic relationship with their master–they actually needed each other.
    Many slaves acquired skills in trades that they could use to make money on their own. In many cases, they were able to “buy” their freedom, in the same way that indentured servants could.
    A little-known fact is that there were many blacks who owned slaves.
    In fact, Cinque, who was portrayed as fighting for his freedom in the movie “Amistad”, in real life, after gaining his freedom, became one of the most prolific and successful slave traders of his day.
    You see, slavery was a part of the “human condition” and was not limited to whites owning blacks.
    In fact, in those days, less that 3% of the American population owned slaves. The slave trade, from ship owners and insurers to auctioneers and investors was primarily a jewish enterprise.
    Although from time to time, there may have been cruelty exacted on slaves, such methods of control were rare and almost always counterproductive. The slave owners KNEW that if they wanted to get any output from their slaves, they would have to be treated with a certain degree of empathy and kindness, not unlike children.
    One of the oldest psychological “tricks” that overseers would use to keep their charges “in line” was to exact severe punishment on one male slave for a relative minor infraction. The punishment was meted out in front of the slave women, who were then instrumental in keeping their men slaves “on the straight and narrow”, to avoid further punishment.
    Quite often, this “trick” was performed when a new batch of slaves was being “commissioned” (assigned to their new “masters”).
    Many of today’s matriarchal attitudes in today’s black society can be attributed to this psychological “trick”.
    As to the slaves themselves, our “imported farm machinery” was not the “best and brightest”, but were the dregs of the various black tribal societies that they were involuntarily separated from.
    Quite often, they were the criminals, troublemakers, slow-witted, low IQ dullard individuals that the tribal chiefs wanted to be rid of. Killing two birds with one stone, gaining trinkets and baubles in trade while eliminating tribal “problems” was a “win-win” gain for the African tribal leaders and the (predominantly jewish) slave traders.
    Slavery still exists in much of the world but has been largely eradicated from western society.
    It is interesting to note that even today, in jewish writings and philosophy, slavery of goyim is still accepted as being a part of the jewish supremacist condition.

    • Replies: @Bert
  18. A. Clifton says: • Website

    Make straight the way…

    Isaiah 13:14 :

    And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up:
    they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.

  19. @Anon

    There are so many negros who name their kids Jamal or Kareem or some other Arabic name and they do so thinking that it is freeing them from invisible slave chains from whites. The dumb dindus don’t realize that they are putting on Arab slave chains who enslaved them for 1000 years longer than Europeans did and who forced their culture and religion on large areas of black Africa.

  20. Deadbeat says:

    Muslim didn’t enslave Blacks in the United States or in Brazil. Yet there are a plethora of Holocaust museum in the USA while Whites get blamed for slavery. Try to deflect but the truth is coming out.

  21. Anon[922] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s fascinating really to observe this sort of Stockholm syndrome. If whites had castrated their male black slaves we would never hear the end of it from NOI . Muslims did castrate their black slaves and NOI simply obfuscate and protects the people who castrated and enslaved their ancestors. Unprecedented behavior really.

  22. Ayax says:

    For the most part, it is not the Religions that is the problem, rather, it is the adherents of Religions that turn and twist their so called religion to fit into their own culture, custom, tradition, or personal belief/preference.

    Islam abolished Slavery during the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

    So all these countries that have been dealing with Slavery as recently as the 20th century, the blame and responsibility is squarely on their shoulders. Islam has nothing to do with it.

    It would not be right to blame all christians for what Hitler has done.

    • Replies: @Anon
  23. Anon[922] • Disclaimer says:

    Decent takkiyah but not great. Can you explain why Muslims still refer to blacks as ” abd ” even today? Abd means slave . Why did Muslims practice slavery from the very beginning until today? They have been slaving their entire existence. Why are the only countries today that have slavery Muslims countries ? Why do Islamic sects in Nigeria kidnap black Christian girls and give them the choice of slavery or converting to Islam?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Same reason they treat Indian workers like shit (Dubai, Qatar) – they have darker skin and therefore their souls are lower. The version of racism WNs promote is similar but not nearly as wrong.

  25. Bert says:

    There were two times out of the year where slave labor was needed–planting in the spring and harvest in the fall. The rest of the time was spent at a relatively leisurely pace. The slave owner was still required to care for his charges, whether they were working or not.

    Correct. The term in the South for the end to cultivation is “lay by” or “it’s laid by.”

    Lay by verb phrase To leave a crop to mature after hoeing it for a final time late in the summer. When a farmer has the crop “laid by,” the labors of plowing, planting, and cultivating are over, and he can sit back until the crop is ripe.

    My father grew up on a subsistence farm and considered the period between July 4 and early October to leisure time. By early July, the corn and cotton were tall enough to shade out weeds, so hoeing could be suspended.

    Consider the absurdity of any modern person having a strong opinion about the life of a slave, given that such a person doesn’t know jack about agriculture.

  26. Bert says:

    The contribution of Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews to African slavery in the New World is absolutely fundamental. The Mizrahim participated in sugar cane plantation agriculture in southern Iraq during medieval times that was powered by enslaved Africans. Sephardic Jews taught these agricultural methods to the Portuguese who colonized the Cape Verde Islands in the 15th century before the discovery of the Western Hemisphere. So when Brazil was colonized, African slavery was rapidly established to grow sugar cane along its northeast coast, particularly in Pernambuco. Besides contributing their operational know-how, Sephardic Jews were major slave dealers and funders of new plantations in Brazil.

    And that Dutch ship that brought the first African slaves to Virginia in 1620. Chances are that it was owned or funded by a Jew, because many Sephardim immigrated to the Spanish Netherlands after Spain gained control of that region.

  27. As a white guy, don’t blame me for any of this shit. I didn’t do anything. I don’t owe anybody ANYTHING. I don’t want to live with them, I didn’t ask anybody to bring them around me, I want to be left alone!

    • Agree: anarchyst
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