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Breaking the Spell
The Holocaust: Myth and Reality, Overview of the book by Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom
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Heresy In the 21st Century

Never in my long journalistic career have I ever hesitated to put pen to paper – until now. Indeed, I have delayed writing this overview of Dr. Kollerstrom’s remarkable book for going on six years.[1]For those wishing to purchase and read the book, here is the link to the Castle Hill Publishing site (and which houses dozens of Revisionist works for those interested in pursuing this subject in more depth; the publishing company is run by Germar Rudolf himself): Up until now no subject had been too controversial, too sensitive, too beyond the pale as to warrant more than a passing moment’s consideration of consequences. But this is different. In some sixteen countries in Europe one can be put in prison for doing what I am doing now, or even for expressing ‘holocaust denialism’ on social media. In Germany some fifteen thousand people are tried each year for Thought Crime, i.e., for so-called ‘right-wing extremism’. Here in North America it is somewhat better; one merely risks losing one’s job, friends and family – and possibly being blacklisted as a writer from virtually every venue one might have formerly been associated with. No small potatoes.

Dr. Kollerstrom, himself, stumbled rather more naively into this punitive quagmire in 2008 when, after merely reviewing a scientific paper analyzing samples taken from the walls of the alleged ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz, – a paper authored by one Germar Rudolf, a young scientist working at the time at the Max Planck Institute – he found himself summarily dismissed from his erstwhile position as historian and philosopher of science at University College, London (UCL), “the sole member of staff…ever to have been expelled for ideological reasons”. As he recounts,

“I became ethically damned, thrown out of polite, decent groups, banned from forums and denounced in newspapers…..I felt as if some Mark of Cain had been branded onto my forehead. I had done something so awful that we could not even discuss the matter. The Medieval crime of Heresy was back alive and well…”

Heresy, of course, implicates the notion of taboo, and what a society makes taboo is what it feels to be sacred, and what is sacred is beyond question. When dealing with the ‘Holocaust’, then, we are, Kollerstrom assures us, dealing not with historical science, but, essentially, with a religion; the Holo-religion. And as the author repeatedly points out, “There can be no science where doubt is prohibited.”

Of Soap and Lampshades

Before diving into the inky abyss of the various technical strands of argument involving documentary archives, archaeology, chemistry, etc., it behooves us first to take a bird’s eye view of the general evidentiary landscape, this both to assuage immediate curiosity, and to lend a certain clarity and coherence to the narrative.

But before even embarking on that perspectival journey, let me ask a question.

Do you, dear reader, believe that during the Second World War the Nazis plumbed the very depths of human depravity by rendering human fat into soap, of sewing human skin into lampshades and gloves and all manner of similar nightmare horrors? If you do, you would not be alone. Like many others, I believed it – and I confess, completely blindly – all of my life. But I was wrong. If you believe such, you would be wrong. It is not true. It never happened. You can take it to the bank, it is a total myth. And this conclusion is not just one reached by so-called ‘revisionist’ authors, but is rather a simple matter of documented fact admitted to and affirmed by the orthodox holo-historians themselves, e.g., the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel.

It is true that during the Nuremberg Trials such alleged items were displayed, but over the years they were all systematically debunked, i.e., found to be made of non-human animal materials, such that, as I say, no orthodox holo-historian maintains the validity of any of them anymore. Now, a critical mind, a curious mind is then led ineluctably to the follow-up query: To wit, if that isn’t true, then what else might not be true that I have been told, and that I have believed, all of my life? And this is where Dr. Kollerstrom – amongst others, naturally – bids us listen to the contrarian general case. But, then, what exactly is that case?

In a nutshell, the author is arguing that the Nazi concentration camps (some in Germany itself, most of the rest in Poland) were slave labour camps – though some of them were, as we’ll see, only temporary transit camps – whose unfortunate inmates were used in the grim service of the German war effort.[2]And which likely explains why the inmates were tattooed with numbers, as this would have made little sense if the latter were simply going to be killed.

Auschwitz, for instance, was located right next door to the large Buna-Monowitz industrial plant run by I.G. Farben, and which produced (from coal) much of the Reich’s synthetic oil and rubber, and without which the German war machine would have ground to a screeching halt – and whose labor force was sourced from the Auschwitz concentration camp itself. Some of them (the Aktion Reinhardt camps) were also part and parcel of a general policy established at the infamous Wannsee conference in January 20, 1942 for the systematic deportation ‘to the east’ of populations of ‘undesirables’ including Jews, Roma, communists and so forth, who were to be deposited east of the Urals once the Soviet Union had been, as the Germans confidently expected, quickly vanquished by the, up until then, entirely successful German war machine. Thus, the term ‘Endlosung’, which has been tendentiously interpreted by the orthodox holo-historians to mean, ‘final solution’, really means ‘end’ or ‘goal’ – in this case, deportation to the east, but which action was thwarted by the unexpected resistance to, and, of course, eventual failure of Operation Barbarossa, i.e., the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

But what these camps were not, according to Kollerstrom, were monstrous extermination factories that took in train loads of human beings and simply ground them up into human corpses. This image, he maintains, is a brutal and inhuman legacy that has come to haunt the Western imagination and form the foundation of a demented sacred myth that has, along with ancillary myths, come to underpin a society based on UnTruth – we are, he says, the The People of the Lie – and which has also expediently come to serve American and Western imperial interests in their truly monstrous culture of ‘endless war’.

None of this, of course, is to condone or fail to recognize the horror and injustice of the systematic detainment of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in slave labor camps where typhus and other diseases ran rampant, and where, if not systematic killings, then certainly sporadic brutalities would have taken place. But, again, they were not, as we have been assured all of our lives, mere factories for processing humans into corpses.

So there you have it, the ‘case’. But what of the evidence?

To begin with there is the, strangely, well-documented fact that there is no documentary evidence whatsoever of any ‘plan’ by the Nazis to systematically exterminate millions of human beings. Thus, of the vast corpus of surviving documents from the Third Reich, there is not one scrap of evidence indicating any such plan; no proclamations, orders, radio transcripts, memos, memoirs – nothing at all. As Kollerstrom says, we are left believing that the engineering and operation of this vast conspiracy was conducted entirely through some form of “telepathy”.

Moreover, and contrary to popular understanding, the Wannsee conference made no mention of any such plan. Holo-historians have, instead, been forced to ‘interpret’ certain ‘code words’ from the conference as meaning other than their dictionary meaning. (Here Kollerstrom reminds the reader that it is not for the historian to impose meaning on the data, but rather to let the data speak for themselves.) Nor is there even a snippet of evidence of either a plan or anything at all to do with ‘extermination’ from the recently released, voluminous diaries of both Himmler and Goebbels. Additionally, the British historian, David Irving in his book, ‘Hitler’s War’, based entirely on primary source material, concluded that Hitler, himself, knew of no such plan (a conclusion, amongst others, which landed Irving in the docket and, like Kollerstrom, condemned to eternal damnation throughout Western society, media and academia.)

Then there is the dean of orthodox holo-historians, Raul Hilberg, author of the supposedly-definitive, three volume history of the Holocaust, ‘The Destruction of the European Jews’, who was forced by defense counsel at the 1985 Ernst Zundel trial to admit under oath that there was no documentary evidence – not one iota – of any alleged gassings of human beings by the Nazis! The latter fact is also backed-up, as we shall see later, by the Bad Arolsen Archives (which comprise some thirty million documents to do with the camps and are considered the pre-eminent repository on these matters) whose curators released a statement in 2007 saying that they had no evidence – not one document – that suggested any deaths by gassing.

But, then, what of the physical structure of the ‘gas chambers’ themselves? Here, according to Kollerstrom, the evidence is definitive: they could not have been ‘gas chambers’ (i.e., they really were showers) both because their structures (many parts of which have been fraudulently reconstructed post-war) are ludicrously permeable, and because chemical analysis reveals there is no hydrogen cyanide in their walls – whereas the walls of the small delousing chambers used to disinfect the inmates’ clothes, and which everyone agrees were used for this purpose (despite the obvious contradiction of such in an ‘extermination’ camp), are chocker-block full of hydrogen cyanide.

But what of the ‘six million’? Merely a longstanding symbolic meme that represented the traditional number of Jews in Europe and for which references for go back at least a half century prior to the ‘Holocaust’. There were no systematic attempts made nor scientific surveys done at Nuremberg to determine the numbers who died in the camps during the war nor could there have been in the timeframe before which the trials began. Moreover, the Auschwitz Museum itself released a statement in 1989 downgrading the ‘four million’ supposedly killed at Auschwitz to ‘one million’, but which revelation was never factored even then into the official count. Later, as we shall see, the Soviet ‘Death Books’ for Auschwitz became available following the fall of the Soviet Union showing that only some seventy thousand people (approximately half of them Jews) had died at Auschwitz – almost all from typhus – a number which, just happens to coincide with the numbers in the Arolsen Archives.

But what about all the ‘pictures’? The iconic pictures of piles of corpses shown de rigueur in every textbook are from Bergen-Belsen and are known to be victims of typhus, i.e., they were not victims of ‘gas chambers’ – but which photos continue to be paraded to this day as ‘gassing’ victims despite this transparent and matter-of-public-record falsification of documented fact. What are also never shown are the many extant photographs of hail and hearty inmates taken when the camps were liberated by Soviet and Allied forces.

But certainly the ‘eyewitness’ accounts are definitive? Hardly. Most of the core ‘autobiographies’ have been shown to be fakes, and the rest are largely derivative from these accounts and/or based on mere hearsay and rumour. Moreover, there has arisen an entire cottage industry of fake ‘eyewitness’ accounts and which are part and parcel of a much larger enterprise. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the ‘Holocaust’ is big business. Indeed, there is strong evidence, as we shall see later, that even such famous holo-biographies as that of Elie Wiesel are completely fraudulent. There are also numerous accounts, again which we will soon examine, by quite renowned individuals countering the official ‘Holocaust’ narrative but which continue to be routinely and entirely ignored and suppressed.

Okay, but what about the ‘confession’ of Rudolf Hoss, the commandant of Auschwitz and the key witness for the prosecution at the Nuremberg Trials? We learn from Kollerstrom of evidence that came to light in the mid-1980s that Hoss had been “tortured for three days and nights by a British hit team” prior to his confession. And that, in any case, there are blatant contradictions in his tortured testimony that demonstrate that he was simply making up what his prosecutors / persecutors wanted to hear. Indeed, threats of either capital punishment or long prison sentences were the overarching context for the rest of the rank-and-file ‘confessions’ in a military tribunal by the victors that accepted as a pre-determined fact the reality of the ‘extermination’ thesis and denial of which could not only not be used as a defense position (a common feature, by the way, of today’s infamous international kangaroo courts / ‘war crimes tribunals’)[3]For a classic example of the such kangaroo tribunals see my article, ‘Hotel Propaganda: What Really Happened in Rwanda, circa 1994’ and which subsumes a discussion on the ICTR. Yet another is the similarly compromised, ICTY (the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia). – but which legal tactic guaranteed one’s conviction! Accordingly, most defendants chose the pragmatic stance of accepting the prosecution ‘thesis’ which opened the door to a lenient plea bargain.

Anyways, enough of the cursory overview. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

The ‘Six Million’

A few months following the liberation and occupation of Auschwitz by the Soviets in January, 1945, the Soviet newspaper Pravda announced the staggering total of some four million people who had died in the camp. This figure was quickly integrated into the Nuremberg Trials without further ado. But then in 1989, the so-called ‘Death Books’ were released by Soviet President Gorbachev. These documents, which had been captured by the Soviets from Auschwitz, consisted of some 46 volumes cataloguing the individual death certificates of those who had died at Auschwitz – of some 69,000 individuals. Not four million, but sixty-nine thousand – and of whom about twenty-nine thousand were Jews, with the rest comprising a mixture of other ethnic groups and nationalities. We can only speculate as to the whys and wherefores relating to the initial, grossly exaggerated figures, though it hardly stretches the imagination to suppose that, having just lost upwards of twenty-seven million of their countrymen to the German invaders, the Soviets might not have been in a particularly objective, scientific mood, but rather in a propagandistic one.

Nevertheless, the ‘Death Books of Auschwitz’ constitute, en masse, a primary source document.

Another repository of primary source material are the Arolsen Archives, also known as the International Tracing Service, located in Bad Arolsen, in North Germany, and which are run by the International Red Cross. The latter comprises some thirty million files relating to sixteen of the camps in both Germany and Poland. These are considered the preeminent – and objective – data-base relating to the camps.

I say ‘objective’ as the rather more infamous Yad Vashem Museum archives in Israel are considerably less objective. Many of the deaths recorded there are simply taken from deportation lists and, to boot, include deaths before, during and even after the end of the war. Moreover, anyone can simply fill out a form online claiming to be a ‘victim of the Holocaust’ – a surviving victim obviously or perhaps a relative of such – without any documentation whatsoever. There is, thus, nothing to prevent multiple or fraudulent entries, and there is, as we shall comment on further in a bit, the ulterior motivational issue of filing so as to then make a claim for compensation against the German government. As such, the ‘archives’ from Yad Vashem are considered, at least by revisionist holo-historians, to be essentially worthless.

Returning to the Arolsen Archives. In the year 1979 the curators released a figure for the casualties from fifteen of the camps, and which amounted to a total of some 271,000 individuals. Then in 1984 they released a total mortality figure for sixteen of the camps which came to 282,000. These deaths represent all of the deaths in the camps excepting those of the Aktion Reinhardt camps (which comprise Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec), which latter were considered to be mere transit camps – but which we shall discuss later on in relation to the archaeological controversy surrounding them. Both the ‘Death Books’ and the Arolsen archives largely agree on the number of Jews who died at Auschwitz, some 30,000 in all – representing less than half the total deaths. Needless to say, these sorts of figures did not go over well in a country, Germany, that had ruled holocaust denialism to be a criminal offense. Accordingly, and as Kollerstrom relates,

“No 21st century statement has ever come out of the Arolsen Archives concerning their total figures. It would just be too risky: the criminal offense of ‘Denying the Holocaust’ in Germany includes, ‘downplaying or trivializing the crimes of National-Socialism’. That law does not specify what exactly would constitute those crimes! Not surprisingly, the Arolsen managers have not dared to make any such statement. (It may also be the case that they have received orders not to make any tallies any more…)”

Nevertheless, in 2006 the managers did release a statement relating to the numbers of those who had died of gassing: there were none, or rather, they had no records of there being any victims of gassing – at all. The ensuing controversy was enough for them to beat a hasty retreat and no further statements have been forthcoming. (We will not be so reticent, but soon discuss the matter thoroughly under the section on ‘science’.)

The official figures for total mortality in each of the camps, however, continue to fluctuate – often wildly, depending on which ‘eyewitness’ account or official pronouncement is prominent at the moment – but mostly downwardly. Thus, whereas the figures for Dachau right after the war numbered some 238,000 deaths, the total today stands at 20,600. This lowering by a factor of ten seems to be heading in the direction indicated by the primary source archives. But what then of the ‘six million’ figure? Surely the initial ‘four million’ proffered by the Soviets at Nuremberg would have played into the grand total. But why exactly ‘six’? Why not seven or eight – or five? And here the author begs us take note of a very peculiar fact: To wit, the undeniable prior existence of a longstanding meme involving precisely the ‘six million’ figure. As Kollerstrom relates,

“So, whence came that totemic number? It began in America around 1900 as a fundraising stunt, and then kept pulsing through the twentieth century like some Hellish mantra. Here are some 166 references, 1900 – 1945. They are overwhelmingly American. At the dawn of the 20th century, the ‘suffering’ of six million Jews became an argument in favour of the new Zionist project….It helped fundraising, with the number being cited as the total number of Jews in Europe. During World War I it was always six million Jews who were starving, in need of rescue, etc.”

And thence the author dutifully lists 166 references. It is worth taking a brief gander at a few of them, just to get the feel of the matter:

  • 1906 – New York Times, 25 March 1906: “….the condition and future of Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan…He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian Government’s studied policy for the “solution” of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.”
  • 1913 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Ind.), 18 October 1913, page 4: “There are six million Jews in Russia and the government is anxious to annihilate them by methods that provoke protests from the civilized world.”
  • 1915 – New York Tribune, 14 October 1915: “What the Turks are doing to the Armenians is child’s play compared to what Russia is doing to six million Jews, her own subjects.”
  • 1918 – New York Times, 18 October 1918: “Six million Souls Will Need Help to Resume Normal Life When War Is Ended….Committee of American Jews Lays Plans for the Greatest Humanitarian Task in History….6,000,000 Jews Need Help.”
  • 1919 – San Antonio Express, 9 April 1919, page 12: “At no other time in the history of the Jewish people has the need been so great as now. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying of starvation. The entire race is threatened with extinction.”
  • 1921 – New York Times, 20 July 1921, page 2: “BEGS AMERICA SAVE 6,000,000 IN RUSSIA. Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre.”
  • 1926 – Encyclopedia Britannica, 13th Edition, Vol. 1, 1926, page 145: “While there remain in Russia and Romania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded…”
  • 1931 – The Montreal Gazette, 28 December 1931, page 25: “SIX MILLION JEWS FACE STARVATION,…..FEARS CRISIS AT HAND….six million Jews in Eastern Europe face starvation, and even worse, during the coming winter.”

And so on and so forth, for 166 entries.

As mentioned earlier, no attempt was made at Nuremberg to factually determine the total number of people who had died in the camps during the war. Thus, as clearly affirmed by the French historian Vincent Reynouard, “At Nuremberg, no statistical survey was ever undertaken … determine the number of missing Jews.” What the Trials did rely on (apart from Hoss’ testimony relating to Auschwitz only) was a statement given by SS agent Wilhelm Hottl who testified, on condition of his life being spared, that he had once heard such a story from Adolf Eichmann (attesting to the ‘six million’), in August 1944, but which Eichmann later denied. As Kollerstrom remarks, “That was all! And thereby the magic number came to infest all of our minds.”

We have briefly inspected two primary source documents, namely the ‘Auschwitz Death Books’ and the Arolsen Archives, but there are more.

In the mid-1990s the British Intelligence Decrypts from Bletchley Park were released. These documents comprise the radio intercepts from Auschwitz made possible by the famous breaking of the German Enigma code. The decrypts covered the crucial thirteen-month period from January, 1942 to the end of January, 1943. They record daily arrivals and departures of inmates, shipments of coal and coke etc. Expectant hands combed these priceless archives for what, it was thought, would undoubtedly reveal prima facie evidence of the great crime. It was, however, merely a great embarrassment when no such evidence was forthcoming. Not a crumb.

What these transcripts do speak to are the daily comings and goings of inmates to the giant Buna-Monowitz industrial plant just two miles east of Auschwitz. Thus, one entry records,

“The use of prisoners for war industries on a large scale is discussed below…..the largest transference is the move of Jews to AUSCHWITZ for the synthetic rubber works. Another major movement is the transference of sick prisoners to DACHAU.”

They also mention a major outbreak of typhus in the summer of 1942 and measures to contain it. Thus, this quote from the January 1943 summary about Auschwitz,

“The Bunawerk is still employing 2210 men of whom 1100 are on the actual work. Jewish watchmakers are sent to SACHSENHAUSEN where they are urgently needed. Typhus cases continue to be reported although strenuous measures have been adopted and 36 cases were found among the new batch of prisoners on 22 Jan.”

But no evidence of mass killings.

Indeed, there is a fourth primary source archive, to do with the intact coke records from Auschwitz, but one which we shall cover in the next section.

Finally, the ‘six million’ number is not completely without import, as it does register, ironically, according to the author, as roughly the number of ‘holocaust survivors’ who have sued for indemnity claims from the German government post war. In fact, some 4.3 million claims have been paid out amounting to some one hundred billion deutschmarks. It is, then, worth noting at this point that, according to most revisionist authors, the number of Jews under German control in all of the occupied territories never numbered more than 4.5 million, though Kollerstrom sets the figure somewhat lower at 3.5 million.

Now, does this mean that the number of inmates who died in the camps was a ‘mere’ 300,000 or so? Not necessarily. The records from the Aktion Reinhardt camps, being mostly transit camps, have not been preserved and there would likely have been deaths that were not recorded. To give some further perspective on this matter and, possibly, to set some sort of upper bound to the numbers, I cite here yet another revisionist author, Peter Winter, who in his book, ‘The Six Million: Fact or Fiction’[4]For those wishing to read Winter’s version of matters – and which largely overlap with those found in Kollerstrom’s book – here is the link: You can download this book for free as a PDF document. cites a quote by Stephen F. Pinter, who served as a lawyer for the US State Department in the occupation forces in Germany for six years after the war, and who made this statement to the Catholic magazine ‘Our Sunday Visitor, June 14th, 1959:

“I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a US War Department Attorney, and can state that there was no gas chamber at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was a crematory. Nor was there a gas chamber in any of the other concentration camps in Germany….From what I was able to determine during six postwar years in Germany and Austria, there were a number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was certainly never reached. I interviewed thousands of Jews, former inmates of concentration camps in Germany and Austria, and consider myself as well qualified as any man on the subject.”

The mention of ‘crematory’ is, just in passing, significant as most of the camps had them – just as many hospitals and prisons have them to this day. Thus, the mere fact of having crematoria does not in any way whatsoever speak to the notion of ‘gas chambers’. Indeed, for a camp like Auschwitz, situated as it was on swampy ground with a very high water-table, the few that it did have would have been indispensable in disposing of anyone who died there – but only within certain very limited bounds as we’ll see in coming to terms with how much fuel, effort and time it takes to cremate a body.

As for the total numbers, for the moment I think that we need be circumspect and say that, with our present knowledge, these likely range somewhere between 300,000 to perhaps twice that – and which figures would include, of course, all inmates, not just Jews. It would be nice as Kollerstrom points out to be able to do further research on this matter, but given that access to the relevant archives is, effectively, prohibited, and where even attempting to do so is considered a crime or invites career suicide, the prospects for such are, at present, hardly sanguine.

Also, and to lend some perspective on this ‘numbers game’, I reference my own journalistic experience in researching and writing about more modern conflicts. Thus, one of my very first essays as a young, independent journalist was for the Toronto Star in which article I discussed the ‘killing fields’ of Cambodia and in which I demolished the official figure of ‘two million’ victims – which yet stands to this day – showing that it arose from just one Italian journalist who later recanted the figure! The true numbers were more likely in the 400,000 range with US propagandists having simply lumped onto the Khmer Rouge scorecard the numbers who died from starvation due to the US ‘secret bombing of Cambodia’ itself. But, again, no one really knows for certain. Just as no one really seems to know how many died in the Korean or Vietnam Wars, or the great US-backed Indonesian massacre of 1965 (the ‘year of living dangerously’ indeed). Figures routinely cited regarding those conflicts vary, depending on the source, literally over millions of human beings!

The same is true today regarding Iraq and other very recent, Western imperial conflicts (dare we all them ‘holocausts’?). It is certainly important to attempt to establish firm figures, both as these represent individual human lives lost, and as these figures are opportunistically used for ideological purposes. But we must, at the end of the day, remain humble before the task set us and, oft as not, be willing to live with uncertainty – whilst yet continuing to press our investigations further.

With that caveat, let us continue with our present inquiry.

In the introduction to ‘Breaking the Spell’, the author reminds us that the ‘Holocaust’ represents a “triune” thesis, i.e., involving a totemic number (the ‘six million’), a diabolical ‘plan’ (to deliberately exterminate an entire ethnic group, the Jews) – and a ruthless ‘methodology’ (‘gassing’ using the infamous ‘Zyklon B’). We have addressed the first two of these sub-theses, and it is to the third that we now turn our investigative attention.

Science Goes to Auschwitz

As Kollerstrom recounts, a turning point in the history of Holocaust Revisionism came in 1985 when the Canadian, Ernst Zundel, was charged with publishing the best-selling booklet, ‘Did Six Million Really Die?’. At his trial he was fortunate, according to the author, to be assisted by the ‘maestro of modern Revisionism’, Robert Faurisson, and together they sought the assistance of the, then, dean of American execution technology, Fred Leuchter, whose especial expertise was in gas chamber design.

In February of 1988, Leuchter was dispatched by Zundel to travel to Auschwitz/Birkenau (and Majdanek) where he, first, studied the archives of the Auschwitz Museum to learn exactly where the alleged ‘gas chambers’ were located; second, inspected the structures through the lens of his own expertise on gassing; and, finally, collected (illegally) thirty or so samples from the walls of the ‘gas chambers’ and from random ancillary structures at Auschwitz, and one sample from one of the much smaller delousing chambers. These samples were then submitted, upon his return, to a firm, Alpha Analytical Laboratories (who had no knowledge of where the samples had come from and who were horrified when they eventually found out), to be analyzed for traces of iron cyanide.

The latter compound is particularly relevant here as hydrogen cyanide is normally fairly short lived on surfaces – unless it happens to bind to iron whence it becomes very long lived, and which also, over time, turns into a bright, turquoise blue, also known as ‘iron blue’. Now, what is evident even to this day throughout many of the camps is the ‘iron blue’ colouring of many of the delousing chambers which is sufficiently dense enough as to, in many cases (where these chambers are made of brick), have permeated right through to the exterior walls and are, thus, clearly visible to the untutored eye. None of the alleged ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz/Birkenau, however, sport this ‘iron blue’, and true to this tell-tale sign (or rather lack of), none of the samples from the ‘gas chambers’ showed anything more than residual traces of cyanide – whereas the delousing chamber sample was chocker-block full of the stuff. Leuchter also wrote up his survey of the alleged gas chambers concluding that they could not, by any stretch of the imagination, have acted as such as they were spectacularly unsuited for the purpose being clearly and ridiculously leaky to gas.

This, the ‘Leuchter Report’, was published in May of 1988, and it shone the spotlight, for the first time, on the issue of the delousing chambers. As Kollerstrom remarks, “prior to Fred’s Report the human race had merely been disinformed that Zyklon gas = human mass murder.”

The author also comments on Leuchter’s fate regarding his foray into this controversial arena,

“Leuchter should have been knighted for his service to humanity: Sir Fred. But, instead, he had his career terminated, was thrown out of various places, was ethically damned, and he ended up driving a school bus – as he informed me.”

Nevertheless, in 1991 the Report caught the eye of a brilliant young chemist, Germar Rudolf, who was, at the time studying for his PhD at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. For Rudolf, the “thorn of doubt” planted in his mind upon reading the Report led he and two colleagues to creep over to Auschwitz and purloin another thirty or so samples from both the walls of the alleged ‘gas chambers’ and from the smaller delousing chambers (and along the way photographing exactly where, how and what they did). The results matched and confirmed those of Leuchter’s, there being a two-thousand-fold differential between the samples taken from the delousing chambers versus the ‘gas chambers’. (Just to note, that there was any ferrocyanide in the walls of the showers, aka ‘gas chambers’, at all – though generally less than 1 ppm – was due to the well-documented fact that many of the camp’s other rooms and enclosures were occasionally sprayed with Zyklon B as part of routine disinfection protocols, and which samples also showed the equal, if very low, levels of cyanide.)

Here Kollerstrom, himself an historian of science, emphasizes an important methodological point. To wit,

“Both the Leuchter and Rudolph reports had their weaknesses, and it is only by integrating the two together – which we can do because their methods were identical – that one attains a firm and clear basis for rational debate.”

The ensuing sequence of events following the publication, first in 1992 of a preliminary report, and then in 1993 of his historic 120-page document, the Rudolf Report, traced the per usual arc of personal ruination that we are, by now, all too familiar with. Rudolf had his career terminated and, eventually, in 2007, found himself, bound in chains, in a German court where he was duly sentenced to four years in prison. As Kollerstom intones once again, “Science cannot exist where doubt is prohibited, let’s be clear about that.”

As a follow-up to these investigations, a chemist-engineer, Dan Desjardins subsequently retraced both Leuchter’s and Rudolf’s steps through Auschwitz so that, as Kollerstrom says, we have good ‘corroboration as regards where the samples came from.’

It is further worth noting at this juncture – and here I tag-team once again with author Peter Winter – that, “The parallels between the real delousing station and the alleged ‘human gas chambers’ are so close that it is clear the homicidal gas chamber story was developed from the real clothing delousing system.”

Turning now to yet another primary source archive, one that I alluded to earlier, i.e., the intact coke records from Auschwitz/Birkenau (the latter camp, just by the by, and also known as Auschwitz II, being located in the immediate environs of Auschwitz I), we find that the amount of coke that would have been necessary to burn hundreds of thousands of bodies simply did not exist. Here Kollerstrom directs us to the dense tome, ‘Dissecting the Holocaust’,[5]Here is the link to ‘Dissecting the Holocaust’, edited by Germar Rudolf (a rather weighty tome that includes a compendium of much more detailed essays by a dozen or so authors): edited by Germar Rudolf in which an essay by the meticulous investigator Carlo Mattogno reviews the matter.

Mattogno informs us that it “normally takes 88 to 110 lbs [of coke to cremate] a body.” After accounting for various factors (e.g., how many cremation furnaces are being fired together etc.) he concludes that these coke deliveries, “prove indisputably that only the bodies of the inmates who had died of natural causes could be cremated in the crematoria. Therefore, no mass murders took place in Auschwitz and Birkenau in the time from March to October 1943!”

According to Kollerstrom, Fred Leuchter’s Report also included a similar computation whilst arriving at the same conclusion. Leuchter further noted that the death count for Auschwitz peaked exactly ‘during the worst periods of the typhus epidemic in 1942 and 1943.’ The latter reference is important because it supports the argument – and all the evidence – that the infamous Zyklon B was deployed to the camps precisely to address the typhus outbreaks that began about this time. Additional argument that Zyklon B was not intended as a ‘extermination’ weapon, but merely as what the Nazis said it was for, i.e., disinfestation, is to be found in two related facts. To wit, the hydrogen cyanide concoction was sent to all of the camps, not just to those designated, today, as ‘extermination camps’ – the latter of which, by the way amount only to some six camps in total. Moreover, Zyklon B was discontinued in late 1944 to be replaced by the new-fangled delousing agent, DDT, and which, of course, no one has ever claimed was used for killing people. Kollerstrom notes additionally that microwave disinfestation technology was introduced by the Germans in the camps very late in the war – a technology which became the basis for the, now, ubiquitous microwave oven – though, to date, no ‘eyewitness’ account of being cooked to death by microwaves has been forthcoming.

To conclude this section, it is apropos to remark on the salient fact of the general reluctance by orthodox historiography to introduce such elementary forensic science to this subject. Indeed, that it is so riven with taboo testifies once more to the notion that, in dealing with the ‘Holocaust’, we are no longer in the realm of science, but of sacred myth and of religion. Nevertheless, let us continue our obdurate ways and conduct a brief review of the science as it pertains to some of the other concentration camps.

Of Archaeology, Diesel and Bonfires

In saying that there has been a decided reluctance to engage forensic science in the service of ‘proving’ the Holocaust does not mean that there have been no such attempts.

In 1999, at Treblinka, for example, a team of archaeological researchers led by Australian, Richard Krege, used ground-penetrating radar to try and locate the remains of the officially-estimated 800,000 bodies supposedly buried there. This should not have been difficult as the area in which these remains were allegedly contained covered a relatively miniscule area of just a few hectares. Instead, what the team found was – nothing at all. They found no evidence consistent with the burying of hundreds of thousands of bodies, and, indeed, no evidence of any soil disturbance whatsoever. Thus, as Krege said in a later report,

“From these scans we could clearly identify the largely undisturbed horizontal stratigraphic layering, better known as horizons, of the soil under the campsite. We know from scans of grave sites, and other sites with known soil disturbances, such as quarries, when this layering is massively disturbed or missing altogether.” He goes on to say,

“Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated towards the end of the Treblinka’s camp’s use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed.”

Naturally, this finding did not sit well with orthodoxy and so in 2010 another team led by Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls from Staffordshire University conducted their own ground radar survey – and found nothing either. But that’s not what they concluded and later trumpeted to the BBC to whom they claimed to have found a few “pits”. No remains, no large-scale stratigraphic disturbance, just a few “pits”. As if not convinced by her own rhetoric on the matter, Colls returned to Treblinka in 2013 with colleague Ivar Shute where they proceeded to embarrass themselves – having had their findings broadcast on TV documentaries aired both by the BBC and by the Smithsonian channel in the US – by claiming (and here I reference Peter Winter’s work again) to have found a piece of porcelain with a Star of David on it, but which later turned out to be a ‘pierced mullet star’ that just happened to be the brand mark of a famous porcelain factory in Poland.

It is also noteworthy that these researchers, having found nothing more than a few bone fragments – which, without further ado, they claimed were part of “three mass graves” – and a few pieces from a wooden foundation, both items of which one might expect to find in a transit camp such as Treblinka was known to be, and having misidentified a ‘key piece of evidence’, were, nonetheless, given the royal treatment by the media and their work exalted as some sort of definitive proof of the case. Of course, it was nothing of the sort, but rather all puffery and nonsense. No bodies, no fragments of skeletons, no human ashes, no wood ashes and no ground irregularities whatsoever had been called forth by their investigations – investigations which, tellingly, involved no excavations at the site, as this, they lamely claimed, “would be a violation of Jewish law”.

But, then, the entire Treblinka ‘extermination’ thesis was terminally threadbare from the start. Thus, to begin with, the means proffered of killing hundreds of thousands at Treblinka was by steam (even the official account has no ‘gas chambers’ at Treblinka); they had all been ‘steamed like lobsters to their deaths’. According to Kollerstrom, “that phase of the narrative didn’t last too long, and soon the cause of death settled down to being diesel exhaust.” Now, the problem here is that it was first pointed out by Fritz Berg in 1983, and later affirmed in 1992 by Walter Luffl, the President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Engineers, that mass murder by gassing with diesel fumes is a virtual impossibility. As such the amount of carbon monoxide in diesel fumes is very low (almost always much less than 1% and often no more than 0.1%) and that being subjected to diesel fumes in an enclosed room, even for a full hour, results, for most people, in merely a bad headache, though people with weak hearts might possibly succumb over the course of that timeframe. The key problem, however, is that all of the ‘eyewitness’ accounts – all of them – attest to the notion that death occurred within ten to twenty minutes.

The official narrative was beginning to strain at the seams, especially the failure to find any real prima facie evidence of bodies. No worries. As already mentioned, this part of the story was filled in by having all the bodies, all 800,000 of them, dug up, and burned. (One imagines this might have been a wee problem for the mere twenty or thirty SS administrative staff and one hundred or so Ukrainian guards stationed there, but perhaps they were uber-diligent.) Now it takes about 150 kg (over 300 lbs) of wood to burn just one body and a simple computation reckons the amount of wood needed to burn 800,000 bodies is, well, simply staggering. And, of course, no such wood ashes, even a remote trace of them, have ever been found at Treblinka. As Kollerstrom remarks at this point,

“Treblinka is the site of not one but two awesome Holo-miracles: the miraculous gassing of 800,000 Jews using a non-lethal gas, and then the miraculous burning of some 800,000 Jewish corpses in huge outdoor pyres, thereby igniting the Holo-caust (total-fiery) mythos with its inextinguishably hellish meaning. Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls and her Birmingham science team were indeed treading on hallowed ground, with so many hundreds of thousands of Jews (not) buried there.”

Indeed, the same BBC program that featured Coll et al, ‘casually alluded to “Huge open burning pits of flesh” – the original Holo-hoax image!’ We will come to more such reminiscences of ‘burning and boiling blood’ in the next section. Suffice it to say for now that blood, and human bodies, do not simply burn by themselves, i.e., not without added fuel.

We could go on and look at similar holo-stories and similar demystifying encounters with science (including wildly fluctuating death counts, missing-in-action archaeological evidence, and yet ever more improbable killing methodologies) for many of the other camps including Sobibor, Chelmo, Majdanek, and Belzec. Time and space humble us however, and so we are led to the final strand of our investigation: the ever popular, always entertaining, ‘eyewitness’ testimony.

Fairy Tales From Hell

Let us begin here by reminding the reader of what was said at the outset about the infamous pictures from Bergen-Belsen – the ones that are taken as being symbolic of the entire Holocaust narrative itself; they are real, but they are, at the same time, misrepresentations.

Bergen-Belsen, located in northwestern Germany, was originally a prisoner of war camp that was turned into a concentration camp in 1943. The camp was liberated by British soldiers on April 15, 1945 who just happened to have been accompanied by a large contingent of journalists. It is likely due to the presence of these real eyewitnesses that it has never been claimed that there were ‘gas chambers’ at Bergen-Belsen. However, this did not stop subsequent Western media from portraying the pictures taken there of the thousands of emaciated bodies, of having been gassing victims. The latter’s deaths, it is pertinent to note, resulted from an outbreak of typhus in the closing stages of the war which itself was largely due to the Allied bombing that had fatally disrupted German infrastructure and which had prevented the re-supplying of both food and Zyklon B to many of the camps. [In fact, the camp was so infested with typhus that the British were eventually forced to burn it to the ground.]

Here we have the entire ‘extermination’ thesis seemingly turned on its head; a proposition that might at first blush seem outlandish did we not have yet another primary source document to support it. As Kollerstrom points out,

“Two and half million tons of US/UK bombs destroyed infrastructure and hope. The camps became death camps. We get a glimpse of the unfolding catastrophe from the Red Cross Report [published in 1948]….Thus the German authorities were at pains to relieve the dire situation as far as they were able. The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing…and in the interests of interned Jews they had protested on March 15th, 1944 against the ‘barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies’…..In dealing with the Red Cross’ comprehensive three-volume Report, it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis-Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate Jews. In all its 1,600 pages the Report never hints at any human gas chambers.”

And what I neglected to mention earlier in regard to the British Intel Decrypts was that, in August 1943, the head of the British Psychological Warfare Executive, Victor Cavendish-Bentick, sent a secret telegram from the Foreign Office to both Washington and Moscow saying, effectively, that despite the rumours they were hearing, there was not the slightest evidence to support the notion that gas chambers were being utilized to kill anyone let alone millions of people.

Also mentioned prior is the eyewitness testimony of Auschwitz commandant, Rudolf Hoss, whose torture-extracted testimony was a pillar for the prosecution at Nuremberg. Apart from the later evidence attesting to his torture, many key components of his testimony were, even at the time known to be falsified – or should have been for any other than a kangaroo court – as they contradicted known, contemporary facts regarding the camps themselves. Thus, Hoss gave affidavit to the court that he had visited Treblinka in June of 1941, where, he said, 80,000 Jews had been “liquidated” in the previous six months. The problem with all this is that Treblinka did not start receiving Jews until late July, 1942. In short, his ‘eyewitness’ account is a whole year and half too early! Indeed, none of the transit camps, including Sobibor and Belzec, even started up until May of 1942. To further complicate the lives of future orthodox holo-historians was Hoss’ insistence that diesel was used as the means of killing – and which, once such methodology was later discovered to be highly improbable if not impossible, was to bedevil the official narrative ever after as abandoning it meant abandoning Hoss’ testimony in its entirety.

Then there is the esteemed Professor Paul Rassinier, a French historian, socialist and anti-Nazi who later became a resistance fighter, but who was eventually captured and imprisoned at Buchenwald. Rassinier survived the war after which he began his lifelong career of debunking the claims of gassing by fellow ‘eyewitnesses’. Kollerstrom cites a quote from one of Rassinier’s published reports which concluded:

“With regard to the gas chambers, the almost endless procession of false witnesses and of falsified documents, to which I have drawn the reader’s attention during this study, proves, nevertheless, one thing: never at any moment did the responsible authorities of the Third Reich intend to order – or in fact order – the extermination of the Jews in this or in any other manner.”

And then there is witness-for-the-defense, the distinguished pathologist, Charles Larson, “sent over by the US army in 1945 to inspect the piled-up corpses in the German labour camps at Dachau, Belsen etc., [who] steadfastly refused to declare that he had seen a pink-coloured corpse killed by cyanide.”

Did I fail to mention? There is yet one more tell-tale piece of forensic evidence attesting to the complete fallaciousness of the gassing thesis. This is the well documented fact that there are no records whatsoever – of pink corpses. It turns out that dying from hydrogen cyanide poisoning turns the body a bright pink hue – and there is no evidence of such having been seen, by anyone, ever. Apparently, none of the ‘eyewitnesses’ were pathologists.

But, then, dear reader, perhaps these are not the sort of eyewitness reports you might have been expecting. So, without further ado, let us get to those, though as the cast of characters here are legion we will have to content ourselves with but a few examples in order simply to capture the flavour of the matter.

Likely the most prominent ‘eyewitness’ account is that of Elie Wiesel whose 1958 book, Night, has sold more than ten million copies, and which eventually led to his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. The problem with the book, apart from its patently hyperbolic narrative, is that it is almost certainly a completely fraudulent account. Thus, in 2009, a fellow Hungarian Jew, Nickolaus Gruner, after twenty years of researching the topic, issued this press release:

“Elie Wiesel A-7713 has never existed, and the man claiming himself to be ‘Elie Wiesel’ with the concentration camp number A-7713, knowing full well that this number belonged to someone else, is an imposter of the worst kind. For this statement, I, Nikolaus Gruner A-11104, have certified and written knowledge of.”

Gruner then went on to publish a book, ‘Stolen Identity A7713’, in which he provided detailed documentation obtained from the Auschwitz Museum archives which show that Lazar Wiesel, and whom Gruner knew, was the real bearer of that number. The former, according to Kollerstrom, was “born September 4, 1913, received the number and tattoo A-7713; as likewise his brother, Abraham, born Oct. 10, 1900, was given the adjacent number A-7712. That latter number is the one that Elie Wiesel claims belonged to his father Shlomo…..No such registration records exist for Elie and his father: they are not there.”

Elie Wiesel refused to respond to a formal challenge by Gruner to appear before a Budapest court to combat these charges, just as he always refused to show anyone the alleged tattoo on his arms. But, then, one need only peruse some of the utterly fantastic claims in ‘Night’ to realize that something is seriously askew. As Kollerstrom relates,

“Having been written as early as 1958, Night does not feature any gas chambers! Instead of Zyklon, it has huge Moloch-type pits of burning babies….The wicked Nazis were unloading truckloads of little babies into the huge burning pits and the bodies were flammable. Human bodies are 70% water. They really don’t burn by themselves.

Here it is worth quoting from Night itself just to experience the tenor of the narrative:

“Later, I learn from a witness that, for month after month, the ground never stopped trembling; and that, from time to time, geysers of blood spurted from it.”

It is worth reminding the reader at this point that it is these sorts of utterly fantastic statements that characterize much of the ‘eyewitness’ testimonials, but whose uncritical acceptance by generations of readers is, rather, mere testimony to the credulity of the true-believer. Let us move on to our next witness.

On the title page of his memoirs (published in 1946), Simon Wiesenthal, the famous Nazi hunter, featured an illustration purporting to be three Jewish inmates shot by the Nazis at Mauthausen. The picture shows the three prisoners tied to stakes and drooping in tragic, if highly dramatic poses, as they lay slumped and dead against the stakes. Wiesenthal claimed that he had “witnessed” the shootings. The problem here is that the tableaux portrayed was clearly lifted from a photograph from the June 11th 1945 edition of Life magazine where the exact same, and very unique, poses are shown of three German prisoners who had been executed as spies – this after having been caught wearing American uniforms whilst attempting to infiltrate Allied lines during the Battle of the Bulge. Once, again, we find a supposedly impeccable ‘eyewitness’ blatantly lying and committing overt fraud, and which lends serious credibility issues to anything else he has to say.

One particularly influential Holocaust potboiler is Philip Muller’s, ‘Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers’, (1979) in which the hero claims to have been the ‘sole survivor of the murder operations’ at Auschwitz over three years. He too describes “the burning pits in which Jews were consumed”. This prize-winning best-seller is, according to Kollerstrom, ‘required reading in many Holocaust study courses’. The problem with it, however, is that it wasn’t written by Muller, but by ghost-writer Helmut Freitag who, in turn, had plagiarized it from an equally faked account by Miklos Nyiszli entitled, ‘Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account’ (1947). In that book Nyiszli blithely states that Auschwitz killed 20,000 people per day, every day, from 1940 to 1944 – which adds up to a cool 29 million dead! But, then, who’s counting? Certainly not the dean of Holo-historians, Raul Hilberg, as his supposedly authoritative, ‘The Destruction of the European Jews’, repeatedly quotes from it.

Let us finish off with one final testimonial, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’; though let me say at the outset here that this tiny deconstruction is meant in no way to impugn Anne herself. Rather the following is testament to just how far those who believe in the philosophy of the-ends-justify-the-means are willing to go.

To critical minds the ‘Diary’ was always somewhat suspect as there are passages, specifically those detailing a brief historical and political account of the German occupation of Holland, that are clearly not from the hand of a 13-year-old girl. This scepticism would later be borne out when it was shown, first in an Amsterdam court and then by a German criminal investigation, that Otto Frank, Anne’s father, had, in fact, been the author of substantial parts of the diary, and who had used a ball point pen (not available during the war) to write them. Indeed, Otto Frank – who was treated for typhus at the hospital[6]Not only did Auschwitz/Birkenau have a hospital with a dedicated surgical unit, but also a camp library with 45,000 volumes, six inmate orchestras, a kitchen and bakery, a theatre, a post office….and a swimming pool, the remains of which are clearly visible to this day. at Auschwitz and survived the war (dying in 1980) – had, apparently, first published the book as a work of, in his own words, “fiction”, under the title, ‘The Annex: Diary Notes’. The title, ‘Diary of Anne Frank’, was given to the book by its first English publishers.

It is, finally, worth noting, and here I quote from Peter Winter,

“…that Anne Frank died of typhus and was not ‘gassed’. It is one of the horrific ironies that Anne Frank died due to a lack of Zyklon-B at Bergen-Belsen – and this lack was caused directly by the Allied bombing campaign. The real story of Anne Frank is tragic enough, but the cruel exploitation, exaggeration and faking of her diary by the Holocaust storytellers is a scandal of epic proportions.”

Virtually all of the other core ‘autobiographies’ have, as I mentioned at the outset, been shown to be fakes or gross exaggerations, and the rest of the individual testimonies are largely derivative from these accounts and/or based on mere hearsay and rumour such that when confronted in a court of law by probing inquiry the ‘witnesses’ inevitably fall back on, ‘I heard’ or ‘someone told me’ or ‘It was common knowledge’ etc. It seems Professor Rassinier knew what he was about.

Final Thoughts

In writing a critique of this sort, that is, one that strikes at the heart of such a longstanding and sacred societal myth, such cannot help but conjure at some level, and at certain moments, a measure of doubt. Questions tickle the fancy. Am I wrong? Is the author wrong? Have we all just been seduced by a good story, a coherent but unknowingly flawed argument? And, indeed, if one is an honest person, the answer to those questions must be, ‘perhaps’.

Still, having crossed this bridge many times in my undistinguished muckraking career, I have settled upon a consolatory process of simply sitting back and reviewing the fundaments of the evidence and argument, their weight and measure, all rounded off and seasoned with a certain amount of intangible instinct – and coming to a reasoned decision. In the end, as Nietzsche was so fond of pointing out, we must act – on imperfect knowledge.

But I will confess that even were the Revisionist case eventually be proved to be wrong, and Orthodoxy prevail, I could only but smile and think of Ernst Mach who once said,

“Should these concepts turn out to be true, I shall not be ashamed to be the last one to believe.”

But if the Revisionist case is true, then it is not just the tragic victims of the camps themselves who have been so cynically used in a seventy-five- year game of Western and Zionist imperial propaganda; in a game of smoke and mirrors in the service of deflecting attention from many a real holocaust[7]Indeed, there is substantive evidence that upwards of a million or so German prisoners of war died in the short few months at the end of the war at the hands of the Allies. The Canadian historian, James Bacque, investigates this in his book, ‘Other Losses’ (and which I may cover in a future essay). In particular, he proffers that in the vast open-air American prisoner of war camp alone, up to 900,000 died, and which deaths were covered up under the obscure bureaucratic heading of ‘other losses’. He further posits that, in this case, if not a ‘plan’, there is certainly evidence of a high-level policy of willful neglect that stemmed directly from Eisenhower himself. – like Vietnam, or Indonesia or Iraq – under cover of a fake one; in a game of cruel irony where one historical fascism has been misrepresented and harnessed in the service of a future fascism. No, it is not just they, like Anne Frank herself, who have been so cruelly misused, but it is we, all of us, who have been played like suckers in one of the greatest swindles of all time; one that has warped our minds and souls not only into believing in fairy tale horrors that corrupt our very view of what it means to be human, but that has seduced us into a malignant and fatal self-righteousness where we have arrogantly come to believe that, as Carl Jung once wrote, “All evil lies just a few miles behind enemy lines.”

I hope at this juncture then, having become acquainted with some of the primary source documents, i.e., the Arolsen Archives, the Soviet ‘Death Books’, the Leuchter and Rudolf Reports, the three-volume 1948 Red Cross Report, the British Intel Decrypts, the counter-eyewitness testimony, the origins of the ‘six million’ meme etc., that any reasonable person would now entertain, at the very least, reasonable doubt on this subject. But, of course, in many parts of the world, reasonable doubt is not allowed. In much of Europe, doubt is prohibited by law. Here in North America doubt is not allowed by custom, by ingrained prejudice, and by enforced, widespread censorship.[8]It is further worth noting here that none of these works are generally available either via conventional bookstores or through major online retailers. Indeed, Rudolph has written a small book on the subject entitled, ‘The Day Amazon Murdered History’, which recounts how, ‘in early 2017, a series of anonymous bomb threats against Jewish community centers occurred in the US fueling a campaign by Jewish groups to have all revisionist writings banned, falsely portraying them as anti-Semitic. Amazon complied and banned over a hundred works with dissenting viewpoints on the Holocaust. In April 2017 an Israeli Jew was arrested for having placed the false bomb threats, a paid “service” he had offered for years.’ Despite this revelation, the ban remains to this day.

And perhaps, after all, this is the greatest outrage, for we have been told, yes, told – what we are to believe, and what we are not to believe, and that the matter is not open for discussion – at all. Case closed. Forever. No debate for you. As Dr. Kollerstrom pointedly asks,

“Who is in control of the past? Does somebody own it? Will they put you in jail if you disagree?”

Cast unto a dark, three-quarter century enchantment, the author enjoins us to wave the wand of reason, and break the spell.


[1] For those wishing to purchase and read the book, here is the link to the Castle Hill Publishing site (and which houses dozens of Revisionist works for those interested in pursuing this subject in more depth; the publishing company is run by Germar Rudolf himself):

[2] And which likely explains why the inmates were tattooed with numbers, as this would have made little sense if the latter were simply going to be killed.

[3] For a classic example of the such kangaroo tribunals see my article, ‘Hotel Propaganda: What Really Happened in Rwanda, circa 1994’ and which subsumes a discussion on the ICTR. Yet another is the similarly compromised, ICTY (the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia).

[4] For those wishing to read Winter’s version of matters – and which largely overlap with those found in Kollerstrom’s book – here is the link: You can download this book for free as a PDF document.

[5] Here is the link to ‘Dissecting the Holocaust’, edited by Germar Rudolf (a rather weighty tome that includes a compendium of much more detailed essays by a dozen or so authors):

[6] Not only did Auschwitz/Birkenau have a hospital with a dedicated surgical unit, but also a camp library with 45,000 volumes, six inmate orchestras, a kitchen and bakery, a theatre, a post office….and a swimming pool, the remains of which are clearly visible to this day.

[7] Indeed, there is substantive evidence that upwards of a million or so German prisoners of war died in the short few months at the end of the war at the hands of the Allies. The Canadian historian, James Bacque, investigates this in his book, ‘Other Losses’ (and which I may cover in a future essay). In particular, he proffers that in the vast open-air American prisoner of war camp alone, up to 900,000 died, and which deaths were covered up under the obscure bureaucratic heading of ‘other losses’. He further posits that, in this case, if not a ‘plan’, there is certainly evidence of a high-level policy of willful neglect that stemmed directly from Eisenhower himself.

[8] It is further worth noting here that none of these works are generally available either via conventional bookstores or through major online retailers. Indeed, Rudolph has written a small book on the subject entitled, ‘The Day Amazon Murdered History’, which recounts how, ‘in early 2017, a series of anonymous bomb threats against Jewish community centers occurred in the US fueling a campaign by Jewish groups to have all revisionist writings banned, falsely portraying them as anti-Semitic. Amazon complied and banned over a hundred works with dissenting viewpoints on the Holocaust. In April 2017 an Israeli Jew was arrested for having placed the false bomb threats, a paid “service” he had offered for years.’ Despite this revelation, the ban remains to this day.

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  1. Dutch Boy says:

    The Holocaust narrative serves not just as a tool for Jewish power but also as absolution for the allied powers. The Anglo-American alliance allied itself with the most bloodthirsty tyrant in history and carried out a relentless attack on civilian targets in its holy war against Germany (and Japan). Of course, in post war propaganda, the whole thing was justified to stop the mass murders committed by the Nazis. It went along with the wartime propaganda that Hitler was going to conquer the world, invade the USA and other absurdities.

  2. gay troll says:

    Excellent synopsis and clearly argued. There is simply no forensic evidence of the Holocaust. But human personalities are wired by narrative. “Truth is stranger than fiction”, they say. This is perhaps why truth is avoided by most people. Fantasy feels real and normal; truth is discomfiting. Fantasy is well defined and certain. Truth is always subject to uncertainty and revision. Truth is incomplete until the end of time. Fantasy is complete from the beginning.

    I learned a few details that I had not been exposed to before. One thing I didn’t see mentioned was how the number of 5 million gays and Gypsies was added to the number of 6 million Jews who were allegedly turned into thin air by the Nazis. I read once that this number was solely based on an offhand remark by Simon Wiesenthal.

    The fact that debating the Holocaust is illegal in many nations is all you need to know. Only fools believe that factually correct people need to ban dissent. The opposite is obviously true. People who are factually incorrect need to ban dissent. See, for example, certain religions. See COVID lockstep. See NASA and AGW. There is a vast community of people claiming that “Science” as a whole is now settled and not fit to be questioned. But unquestionable science is all the same: it is fantasy. Real science is strengthened by dissent.

  3. Blossius says:

    Completely pointless accountancy. The real question is not how many Joos died, but why this unique theological narrative around it. Let’s admit that 3 million died, in operation Reinhardt and the Einsatzgruppen anti-partisan activities in Russia. So? Millions of Germans were killed by American and British firebombing of German cities, which was completely unnecessary from a military point of view, and from deliberate starvation after surrender. Millions of Japanese died from firebombing and atomic bombings. Is being gassed worse than being burned alive? The Soviets, many of them Joos, introduced the innovation of targeting entire groups for extermination. They invented mobile gas vans for “quick killing”. They killed millions in the name of egalitarianism and denationalization. You can see the actual human-skin gloves from the torture-houses run by the mostly-Jooish Cheka in Ukraine in the early 1920s.
    The real question is why there are hundreds of “Holocaust” movies, and no Holodomor movies. That is all. Everything else–the pedantic accountancy, the chemical analyses of walls and chimneys, the calculations of combustible wood–is just stupidity. You strengthen the enemy’s narrative without even realizing it.

    • Disagree: RJ O'Guillory
  4. Jewry first secured state power by the 1963 Dallas Jack Whack, that all-time biggest kosher coup d’etat. Bernard Baruch, the Second King of the Jews (as I have deemed him), and his lieutenant David Ben Gurion so skillfully managed this operation that four years later their successors had to throw down their calling card onto the burning deck of the USS Liberty so as to impress upon wolves of Wall Street, on the br-asshats of the Pentagon and on the clowns of Congress just who was now running the biggest show on Earth. Establishing their open claim to such prestige was by far the first goal of the Yidz’ aggression in the Six Day War. About five years still further after first registering that trademark JeWorld HQ next launched its global psywar campaign to lock in “The Holocaust” as the founding myth of their new religion of Tribal domination. Thus they carved the ideological mask for JAPE, the “JewAmerican Planetary Empire”. Today our whole HuRa, Eight Billion Strong, struggles to break free from the oppressive bonds forged by such a tiny and malignant minority.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @JWalters
  5. Thank you for this excellent review of Dr Kollerstrom’s excellent book.

    I have a copy and can recommend it to all interested parties.

    The Title itself is worth thinking about.

  6. diva says:

    Thank you for this excellent article.

  7. Professor Kevin MacDonald has noted the seemingly paradoxical fact that Jews are invariably found promoting ideas, political movements and business practices that cause social decay, in turn fomenting antagonism towards them, yet they insist it is never their fault. Jewish influence in the pornography industry and Hollywood, which disseminates a massive amount of increasingly obvious woke propaganda, is something they admit to quite candidly and with pride. Despite this, many people still have trouble accepting the facticity of Jewish hegemony, not only because they’ve been conditioned all their lives to perceive Jews as victims, but because it seems so statistically implausible. Jews are such a minuscule percentage of the global population, so how is it possible for them to be so staggeringly overrepresented in positions of power and influence? To the uninitiated, our vague references to “the Jews” being responsible for such a vast array of social ills, as if they were some omnipresent and omnipotent force, seem like the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic. But the answer, of course, in addition to their cognitive dexterity, is the unparalleled knack for ethnic networking and nepotism among Jews, which has allowed them to climb to the summit of our society in spite of their numerical inferiority. Few people understand that a Jew being the head of a large corporation, for instance, is enough to make said corporation and its activities de facto Jewish, no matter how many gentiles may toil on the factory floor and in office cubicles.

    Jews in positions of power and influence work tirelessly and ingeniously to advance Jewish interests and peddle their victimology, which is always given centre stage, while their history of subversion and parasitism is never acknowledged. This is the martyrdom aspect, arguably the most quintessential component of the Jewish character, at least according to one uncharacteristically honest Jewish scholar. Meanwhile, the 60,000,000 victims of communism are never identified as such. Since 1945, the objective knowledge about Jews, their behaviour, and the intense hatred they harbour for their gentile hosts has been all but expunged from Western discourse. The Jewish Question has long been supplanted by the Anti-Semitic Question, as the world’s most cunning and tenacious race shifted the focus away from their own provocative behaviour and redirected the suspicion onto the hostile reactions of their hosts. Jewish scholars and activists maintain a strict monopoly on Jewish historiography, guarding the discipline fiercely against any intrusion from outsiders. It should come as no surprise, then, that the prevailing narrative is a philo-Semitic one. The fact that the same complaints have been made about Jews in many different cultures over great expanses of historical time, and that they have been banished from more than a hundred different nations, is deemed to be the result of an ancient and irrational prejudice which inexplicably follows God’s chosen people around like a black cloud wherever they go. Jews attribute these accusations to various neuroses within the host population, which the Jews, in typical mercenary fashion, have become adept at “diagnosing” and “curing.” The behaviour patterns and subversive activities which gentiles have consistently noticed among Jews “are not real, but hallucinatory.” Talk about chutzpah.

    Jewish historiography is replete with stories of persecution, which are habitually invoked in nauseating and self-indulgent displays of moral exhibitionism. These stories are frequently severed from any historical context, with the incriminating activities of the Jews prior to their “mistreatment” being omitted entirely, leading to what Professor Andrew Joyce has described as the “cropped timeline” phenomenon within Jewish historiography. While some of the more blatantly preposterous Holocaust atrocity claims have dissipated from the collective consciousness thanks to the passage of time, many of them endure in spite of their self-evident absurdity and refutation. This is achieved by artful diversion and confusion tactics that have been perfected over many decades. Regarding the changing death toll at Auschwitz, for instance, the media retracted the 4,000,000 figure with as little fanfare as possible. This is a modus operandi which we have seen demonstrated repeatedly by the media, most notably during the ongoing coronavirus scamdemic. Whenever the lügenpresse are forced to come clean about something, they give the matter only minimal coverage and hastily move on to something else, giving no time for contemplation. This is a very calculated sleight of hand, one that ensures their admission goes largely unnoticed, and those who do notice are quickly distracted from what has just been disclosed, disrupting the brain’s ability to fully process and retain the information. This cunning misdirection ensures that the lies remain in circulation despite having been formally (albeit briefly) exposed. It will be put down in the official record that a correction was issued, and they are then free to use what I call “the smallprint defence” if they are ever interrogated in the future. “Well technically we did admit that we lied, but it isn’t our fault if nobody was paying attention at the time.” As a naturally occurring defect of human cognition, the memory hole makes for an incredibly effective tool, one which the powers that be never miss an opportunity to exploit. When they are obliged to make a concession, they will always do so in a covert manner, with as much subtlety and discretion as the circumstances will allow.

    The Germans had an intimate understanding of the Jewish character, forged over many centuries of bitter experience, which was completely unfamiliar to the Americans. In letters to his wife, General Patton states how it had gradually become apparent to him that many of the Jewish prisoners in the camps had been locked up for good reason, particularly the communists. Patton commented, not long before his suspicious death, that many of the former inmates now under his jurisdiction were very unpleasant individuals. The more time he spent in their company, the more he loathed them. Many of them began telling clearly fabricated atrocity stories almost immediately, with farcical claims about shrunken heads, lampshades made of human skin, and flaming pits where hundreds of babies were burned alive. It has since been established that such claims were fraudulent, but the most fantastical of these stories have been memory-holed as far as the general public is concerned. Still, the remarkable alacrity with which they concocted these morbid fantasies can leave one in no doubt that the Jew is an instinctive opportunist and a born manipulator. One of the most ludicrous assertions was that ten thousand prisoners were being electrocuted simultaneously every day. Such lurid tales of torture and sadism were met with scepticism by Patton, who came to regard many of the DPs (displaced persons) as habitual liars. Shortly before his death, Patton expressed deep regret for having fought on the side that killed millions of German men, women and children in exchange for “the liberation of vermin.”

    When we examine the history and underlying psychology of the Jewish victimhood complex, a shameless tradition of exaggeration and even outright fabrication of persecution begins to emerge, which in turn paints a consistently devious picture of the Jewish mind. Considering this, the question “why would anyone be an anti-Semite?” soon becomes “why would anyone be a pro-Semite?” Given their remarkably consistent history of nepotism, political subversion, financial exploitation, white-collar crime, war mongering, compulsive lying, incorrigible arrogance and vicious contempt for gentiles, one would have to be mad to believe their tales of woe. In the Jewish people can be observed the purist distillation of psychopathy, narcissism, and the cult of martyrology. Why, then, are they believed so unquestioningly? Because they have used their unsurpassed wealth, their monopoly of mass media, their unrivalled political influence, and their absolute censorship of any and all dissent to make sure we got the message. The saturation of the gentile mind has been relentless, and Christianity has played a pivotal role in that brainwashing.

    We have failed to instigate a revolt against these criminals among our people because their minds have been stewing in a culture shaped by two thousand years of Christian delusion. To hope that a people imbued with the conviction that a Jew is God will revolt against Jewry is a fool’s errand. As more time passes, it will become clear that the evil in the West not only emanates from the Jewish mass media and our treacherous elites, but also our own people, whose operating systems contain malware implanted since the time of Constantine. The only salvation lies in a Nietzschean transvaluation of values, a complete and total elimination of malware from the psyche of our people until it is restored to that healthy condition before the Christian infection. This is what the Nazis were attempting to do in Germany, a renaissance that was promptly nipped in the bud by those traitorous nations that should have been her allies. The German defeat at Stalingrad set off a cataclysm, and at this point our culture was well and truly finished. With the destruction of the Third Reich, the flame of white civilisation as it had existed, and is still perceived, was extinguished once and for all. The combined effort of whites in America, Britain and France had destroyed tens of millions of their racial comrades in the heart of their ancestral homeland, and for what purpose? To free the dregs of humanity from imprisonment so they could exact their revenge upon those who had recognised them for what they were. 1945 was the year of the total inversion of “Aryan” values into Christian values.

    Thanks to that tremendous betrayal, we live today under the inescapable tyranny of usury, fiat currency, and the international system of interest-based debt slavery. Government abuse of taxpayer funds has been an accepted part of life for so long now that few can remember a time when this was not the norm. Since the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913, a staggering 48 trillion dollars has been spent on actively undermining the political sovereignty, economic stability and demographic homogeneity of the United States. In every white country, the fruits of our own labour are used to finance our destruction. This constitutes nothing less than the most bare-faced betrayal in the history of human civilization, on a scale so unprecedented, utilising methods of subversion and deceit so vile and revolting, that it beggars comprehension. Few dare complain, and many are happy to turn a blind eye and make bank by exploiting the unparalleled opportunities that vulture capitalism has afforded them. Technocracy, the dictatorship of the plutocrat, and talentless “social media influencers” becoming celebrities overnight are symptoms of a terminally ill civilisation.

  8. Right_On says:
    @Dutch Boy

    absolution for the allied powers

    Was going to make a similar point. It was particularly necessary for the British. The ostensible reason for declaring war was to protect Poland from big-bully Germany – after British diplomats had disastrously misread the situation. Having stumbled into triggering the most destructive conflict in history, the Brits then lost their Empire; the country was left bankrupt; the sterling area succumbed to the almighty dollar; and Eastern Europe – Poland included – fell to the Soviets.

    Add to that the hellish spectacle of devastated German cities. Only by selling the ‘victory’ as a triumph over Satanic forces could the blood, sweat and tears be justified. The Holocaust narrative was a godsend.

  9. @Blossius

    Everything else–the pedantic accountancy, the chemical analyses of walls and chimneys, the calculations of combustible wood–is just stupidity. You strengthen the enemy’s narrative without even realizing it.

    Perhaps it is a suboptimal approach to generating interest in revisionism, but if it were true that it strengthened the standard narrative, then the “accountancy” approach would be welcomed and promoted rather than banned. Anyway, whether focusing on it is suboptimal or not, it is necessary work, so it cannot be dismissed as “stupidity.”

    • Agree: Bro43rd, RJ O'Guillory
    • Replies: @Blossius
  10. Thank you. Wonderful. Great article, Mr. Black. Kollerstrom is a great scholar. I hope I am alive long enough to teach the truth to my undergrads and graduate students. I hope and pray that something will change and we will be free of that ancient evil, the Hebrew, who are the sons and daughters of the Liar.

  11. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Very nice. I enjoyed reading your comment as much as reading the article.

    • Thanks: Autisticus Spasticus
  12. But if the Revisionist case is true, then it is not just the tragic victims of the camps themselves who have been so cynically used in a seventy-five- year game of Western and Zionist imperial propaganda; in a game of smoke and mirrors in the service of deflecting attention from many a real holocaust[7] – like Vietnam, or Indonesia or Iraq – under cover of a fake one; in a game of cruel irony where one historical fascism has been misrepresented and harnessed in the service of a future fascism.

    I really cannot agree with this. What “future fascism” has the standard holocaust narrative served to bolster? Socialists themselves, anti-fascist to the core, have throughout that seventy-five-year period not only staunchly upheld the holocaust narrative while simultaneously criticizing western and zionist behavior, but used that standard narrative to criticize western and zionist behavior. (Not all socialists criticize zionism, but when zionism is criticized, it is overwhelmingly by socialists, not by neoliberals.)

    Furthermore, it is quite indisputable that the main thrust of “holocaust education” has been to impart the lesson that demonizing people can lead to horrible crimes against them. Does the author believe this to have been a pointless enterprise; if so, given its rather obvious successes, why? Of course, we live in an imperfect world, so even if the author is correct that the standard narrative has helped to obscure certain wrongdoing, isn’t it more reasonable to balance that against the harms that it has helped to prevent? (Harms, for instance, like preventing the return of actual, old-school fascism?)

    • Disagree: SolontoCroesus, RJ O'Guillory
    • Replies: @Morten
    , @RJ O'Guillory
  13. Yes, there is ample evidence that the six million figure was mentioned many times (by the jews, of course) much prior to WWII…

    Plus, how many cremation ovens working 24/7 would have been needed to cremate six million corpses in roughly 5-6 years? The numbers don’t add up… Or even bury part of them in digged holes? It would have been impossible with those days’ technologies, and I doubt if even possible these days…

    The fact that it’s forbidden to doubt or question the whole thing tells you all you need to know about it: It’s plain BS!!

    The fact that in many -White Caucasian – countries you can be persecuted by the government for doubting the Holohoax is even more telling…

    The jews know their hoax can’t stand close scrutiny… Therefore the censorship…

    It is only possible thanks to the traitorous politicians, those horrible, hideous creatures…

    1) The truth is not a sin, but sinners don’t like it, and

    2) The truth will always shine, eventually…

    The jews tortured and murdered many more millions of Slavs in Soviet Russia than the (false) six million they whine about…

    About 75 % of the Soviet Commisars were jewish, and they were fully financed by the jewish bankers.

    • Agree: John Wear
  14. @RedpilledAF

    I hope and pray that something will change and we will be free of that ancient evil, the Hebrew,

    There are four words in that sentence which should make it clear that what you want to happen, won’t happen.

    Hope and pray merely indicate wishing – which has no strategic, tactical or actionable components.

    Ancient evil indicates that all the hoping, praying and action in prior world history to eliminate the problem have not worked.

    So, my recommendation is: buckle up. They and their ambitions are not going away.

    • Replies: @White Noise
  15. Bless you for writing this article. The s0-called Holocaust forms the critical part of the foundation of the power the Jews hold over much of the world. If we can have more people like you daring to expose the fraud, perhaps the entire edifice might collapse. Please do not cease your efforts.

  16. anon[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @gay troll

    This is perhaps why truth is avoided by most people. Fantasy feels real and normal; truth is discomfiting.

    Human beings are wired this way. A major reason is that this is a neurological requirement for the culture-building sex, males. Think of polygamous societies: how do the many men destined never to marry and have offspring not commit mass suicide or rebellion? Each believes he will be the one with the harem.

    And men in monogamous societies have not been much better equipped to deal with sexual reality. Before the 60’s each believed he would be the one with the hot, fertile wife; since then, each believed he would be the one to bang a succession of babes before settling down. For many men, unleashed female hypergamy has finally exposed the fantasy in all this. Yet those fantasizing betas were traditionally the heavy lifters who built societies.

    Jews have long understood how to harness these basic psychological feature of humans, these myth-building instincts, far more determinative than reason as they are.

    Excellent comment, BTW.

  17. hank jr says:

    The Anne Frank diary is entirely fiction as well. To make it so far through the article that disputes so many supposed ‘facts’ of the Holocaust, to have that one kind of placated, seems kind of weird.

    On another note, we are seeing the modern- day resurrection of these European Khazarian Jews in Ukraine, in their ‘Banderist’ militias- abusing, torturing, and starving the general populace of Ukraine, and blaming it on the Russian military. So many parallels already in how they took down Germany in the first half of the 20th century to how they they are now setting up Russia in the same manner.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  18. The “vindication of all kooks” corollary to the principle of crank magnetism

    … Nicholas Kollerstrom, who hit a different crank trifecta of Holocaust denial, astrology, and crop circles …


    I just don’t understand the whats and wherefores of the love of Nazis. “Conservative” Americans defend, and even embrace, German Nazis. At the present time “Liberal” ones do the same for Ukrainian Nazis.

    Mr. Kollerstrom has written some interesting thing in the past. While researching hs name for this essay I was reminded about the origin of the English names of the weekdays.

    Sun day
    Moon day
    Tiw’s Day
    Woden’s Day
    Thor’s Day
    Frig’s Day
    Saturn’s Day

    Why didn’t he just quietly retire and maintain a decent legacy? I don’t have an answer for why so many geezers “lose it” after about 60 years of living. The guy under discussion hasn’t quit though – witness his 2020 “The Great British Coronavirus Hoax”.

    At some point they ought to stop their digging…

  19. hank jr says:

    where can you buy this book? Looks like its all gone from everywhere on the internet.

  20. @Autisticus Spasticus

    An eloquent statement, and I wish I could dispute it. I don’t want to believe this. But such discernment as I can bring to bear tells me your argument is essentially correct.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Thanks: Autisticus Spasticus
  21. Need to check this out.

  22. repugnant says:

    Soon it will be illegal in Canada to dispute the holocaust narrative. That said, the murder of anyone, of any race, of any gender, of any age, is a crime. It is also a crime to lie about crimes that didn’t happen. My first encounter of the “holocaust didn’t happen” came from my father in law. He stated once that the holocaust didn’t happen. I was aghast. I like most people accepted what was give to me as true. I do remember shaking my head in secret at my relative’s claim. It was yeas later that my eyes were opened. It is mathematically impossible to cook 6 million bodies in 3 years. Not to mention fuel that’s needed for the war effort. I like most people seen the bulldozer moving hundreds of bodies into dug up mass graves. I was told these were gassed individuals. I found out that these “ancient” videos came from Dachau. I also found out that there were no gas chambers in any camps liberated by the West at the conclusion of the war. Shrunken heads? Human skin lamp shades? Soap made from human fat? All lies. As this article points out, these being lies, what else have we been lied to about? It’s so true that the victors write history. The mass fire bombings of German residential cities by the allies would be incentive to lie about the enemy. “We had to do what we did because they were gassing people to death” … No victor stood in the docket at Nuremberg for any crimes. The victors justify themselves in their crimes. Given the amount of lies being told through since the JFK murder, RFK murder, MLK murder, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Peru, Granada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, 9/11, COVID virus, the “vaccine”, and now the Ukraine war, who could possibly believe anything that comes out of the West’s mouth.

    • Agree: HdC, Lurch685
    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  23. Is labelling (libelling?) someone a “narcissist” a coded APB to co-ethnics that X is being proposed as ‘fair game for a pile-on’, aka gangstalking or full-spectrum Sayanim-mindfuckery?

    • Replies: @Nat A. Goldfish
  24. The Luftwaffenfeldwebel Kurt Fries, my father, supervised the radar in Skagens Horn/Denmark. With his comrade Hellendahl, he helped a great many Jews (“50-100 every night”) escape to Sweden. The matter is recorded in Léon Uris’s book Exodus, without naming those aforesaid radar experts of course, otherwise I wouldn’t sit here. On the other hand, my uncle Oskar told me that, even having been a soldier, he was totally unaware of the shoah untli long after the war, but that one of his ancient school fellows had seen scenes in Russia that almost drove him mad..

  25. @Nat A. Goldfish

    First rule of Zersetzung is ‘never admit Zersetzung is real’.

  26. I second the motion of Arthur MacBride in comment # 6 and also recommend people read Nick Kollerstrom’s book – which is on my bookshelf along with ‘Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation’, Nick’s other masterful book on the London 7/7 Tube and bus Bombings. (ie: Britain’s 9/11).

    I also read Nick’s book ‘False Flags over Europe: A Modern History of State-Fabricated Terror’ which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Nick Kollerstrom has paid a heavy price for speaking the truth.
    The Zio miscreants that control the entirety of academia in the western world saw to it that his career was destroyed and they’ve hounded him from pillar to post ever since.

    UR readers should make an effort to support this great and courageous man.

    I’ll leave you with this pearl of wisdom:

    The Holo-religion promotes the never -ending guilt of the goyim for having allowed such a thing to happen to God’s Chosen People.
    That is their ‘Original Sin’ and their ‘Redemption’ is achieved by the never-ceasing flow of funds to Israel.
    …. Nicholas Kollerstrom.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Thanks: Kali
  27. John Wear says:

    This is a good introduction to Holocaust revisionism.

    I appreciate Antony Black’s courage in writing this article.

    • Agree: RVBlake
  28. There’s a replay of the nazies in Ukraine. We know we who recruited them, trained them and where they trained in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Yugoslavia and so on, and who is financing and paying them and arming them. Germany who is still paying compensation for the alleged victims are now arming the natzies. The drama demands such act, it helps the confusion.
    if their well being and survival depend on the enemy the enemy must be protected and preserved.

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  29. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:

    You can’t be dismissed from an “erstwhile” position. The position is only “erstwhile” after you’ve been dismissed.

    It’s more work to put people on trains to kill them elsewhere than just to kill them on the spot. With bullets rather than buildings.

    In case you’re wondering, I just saved you a lot of time.

  30. Franz says:

    Much praise and thanks to Nick Kollerstrom. Excellent article which can serve as an introduction to the main subject.

    Keep in mind the “SIX MILLION” has to do with Power, not History or Science.

    They who can force you to pretend you believe in what you don’t believe, and THEY know you don’t believe, because YOU know they don’t believe it, is exercising the full weight of human power right out in the open.

    It is theocratic in nature. A god in six million parts is still a god if you are not allowed to disobey it. It is why, till European man faces his long degradation of lies from the Levant he will not move the yoke of his mind for a single moment.

    Takes a god to beat a god.

  31. Miro23 says:

    It’s good to see the evidence summarized . Put it all together and the incontrovertible figure is …. +/- 30.000 …. and that mostly from the 1942 typhus outbreak .

    No multi millions going through gas chambers, mass incinerations, buried in vast death pits or converted into soap and lampshades etc.

    The reality is more prosaic. They were slave labourers put to work with other untermenschen in industrial plants like I.G.Farben aimed at furthering the German war effort.

    Hitler was a German nationalist, greatly impressed by the British Empire. Seeing what he regarded as a superior race (the British) running something like 1/3 of the world composed of inferior races. The idea was to create a similar Germanic land Empire stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals converting the Slavs into his own Africans/Arabs/Asians. Then ally with the British in complementing their Sea Empire with his own Land Empire.

    Hitler’s formative experiences were in pre WWI fin de siècle Vienna, the capital of the old Austro Hungarian Empire. He saw desirable German dominance displaced by organized Jewry in the media, the professions, banking and culture/politics, especially after the great influx of Jews from the East (Pale of Settlement). The story is covered in interesting detail in Brigitte Hamann’s “Hitler’s Vienna: A Dictator’s Apprenticeship” and Albert Lindemann’s “Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews”.

    He saw Jewish power overturned in Vienna through the election of Karl Lueger as mayor:

    He ( Lueger) planned to make Vienna one of the most beautiful of garden cities.[3]

    In his incumbency, Lueger is credited with the extension of the public water supply by its second main aquifer (Hochquellwasserleitung), which provides tap water of mineral-water quality to large parts of the city. He also pursued the municipalization of gas and electricity works as well as the establishment of a public transport system, introducing streetcars (trams), and of numerous institutions of social welfare, most of which strongly relied on debt financing. He incorporated the suburbs, and built parks, gardens, hospitals, and schools.

    Der schöne Karl (“handsome Karl”) achieved tremendous popularity among the citizens. During his tenure, Vienna ultimately changed its appearance as the capital of a great power of the pre-World War I era—a heritage that remained even in Red Vienna after the dissolution of Austria-Hungary in 1918. A significant part of the infrastructure and organisations that are responsible for the high standard of living in the contemporary city were created during his terms of office.

    Wikipedia: “Karl Lueger”

    Unlike Hitler, Lueger had a strong Christian belief, but Hitler was impressed by the fact that he drew his support from (and was elected by) the Viennese working class, and it left a strong impression on him.

    As he said later:

    “Since the beginning of my political activity, I have made it a rule not to curry favour with the bourgeoisie. The political attitude of that class is marked by the sign of cowardice.”…. “the first years of my struggle were therefore concentrated on the object: win over the worker to the National Socialist Party.”
    HTT Conversation Nº 185, 8th April 1942

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Anymike
  32. Sepp says:

    The sad irony here, or karmic justice, is that Russia created the holohoax myth, and now it is those mythical “Nazis” in Ukraine that are tormenting Russia in return. What Russians did to Ukraine and all of Eastern Europe after their “liberation” by the Red Army makes the Wehrmacht look like an army of Mother Theresas.

    This is the 800 lb Gorrilla lurking over the Judeo-Ukrainian civil war. The “Ukro-nazis” are a Judeo-Russian creation, and Russian’s deserve the hate they bear for their behavior during the war, and the more Russians crow on about “Nazis” and the “Holocaust”, the more hate they will foster among the Galicians who were raped and genocided by Russia for almost 50 long years.

    Even though Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden mostly believe in the Holofraud, at a deeper level they also understand that at the core, deep in its heart, the USSR was one massive Jewish lie told in order to rape and genocide the goyim. Even though they too parrot the Judeo propaganda, the Baltic countries are aware that this Jewish lie still rules Russia far more than their countries that greeted the German liberators in 1941, and that if Russians are still living under the veil of this Holohoax lie, then the Baltics could also be declared to be “Nazi” and once again enjoy the benefits of a Russian “de-Nazification” style liberation.

    So this is driving all the Baltic countries into the open arms of the Judeo-Nato empire. They are caught between Scylla and Charybdis, and are forced to choose between globo-homo and the gulag. The more Putin and Russia rant about Nazis and the Holofraud, the more tightly the Baltics will cling to Nato, even though they too repeat the very same lies. If Russia wants the Baltics to be peaceful and nuclear weapon free, then Russia should help expose the lies about the Nazis and the Holocaust.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
    , @HeebHunter
  33. @Right_On

    And the interesting thing about the Brits, was that after the war, they didn’t even vote the much, exalted by Hollywood, Winston Churchill, back into office.

    • Replies: @ballbag
  34. FKA Max says: • Website

    This is the most important and conclusive comment on Holocaust history and research, IMHO:

    You could quite conclusively resolve the question of “where all the Jews went” if you had a representative genetic study of populations in living in Eastern Europe today. If you found many more “half and quarter Jews” than you’d expect given official demographic figures, then that would strongly suggest that many of those six million “missing Jews” just assimilated into the Soviet Union, often intermarrying with gentiles. On the other hand, if you couldn’t find any trace of their genetic descendants, then they probably probably starved to death or were murdered.

    For example, MyHeritage, an Israeli company, published a study recently where they were shocked to discover that 7.6% of Hungarians are genetically no less than 25% Jewish, considerably higher than expected. The number in Russia was almost identical at 7.5%.


    By comparison only 3.5% of American test takers were “at least 25% genetically Jewish.” The U.S. officially has about six million Jews, or 1.8% of its 330 million people. Thus, if 1.8% of a population being “Jewish” scales to 3.5% of a population being “at least 25% Jewish” (3.5/1.8 = 0.514 scale factor) then 7.5% of Russia 144 million people being “at least 25% Jewish” would scale to Russia having a population of 144 * 0.075 * 0.514 = 5.55 million Jews today (or 11 million “at least 25% Jews” in total). Now, according to official demographic figures, this is an absurdly high number, as Russia is claimed to have a population of fewer than 200,000 Jews. Could there really be 28 times as many “Jews by descent” in Russia as official demographic figures state? (This also ignores Belarus, Ukraine, etc.)

    Archived Link:
    Hungary’s Secret: New Study by MyHeritage Reveals that Hungary Has the World’s Second Largest Percentage of Population with Jewish Ancestry
    August 14, 2019

    • Replies: @j2
  35. Anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Note – in order for normies to be able to even begin to contemplate this topic with open eyes; they first need to accept that our leadership lies routinely.

    Start Small with topics such as
    Tonkin Gulf
    Saddam’s WMDs
    1950s (not)Germ Warfare Tests over SF

    Then move on perhaps to the
    Leo Frank Article written by Unz and located on this website.
    2 Planes 3 buildings 9/11

    Normies will take a year, maybe more, of careful small steps before they are ready to contemplate the big topic. If he does not yet accept that our leaders lie routinely : a normie will otherwise simply shut off his brain when hearing the truth for the first time.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  36. tom67 says:

    I am right now reading the handwritten memoirs of my great uncle.

    He was in Poland in 1939/40 as a war archivist. He was a German nationalist and arch reactionary but detested Hitler and Nationalsocialism. Anyhow he was undoubtedly truthful when he wrote of the following things that happened: “jews where ordered to leave their homes. They burned down their houses. 300 of them were shot”. “the synagogue in flames – German culture at work (sarcasm)”. He also reports older German officers talkig about terrible atrocities and their revulsion. I don´t doubt that 6 million is a fictional numbas as nobody can know how many Jews were killed during the Holocaust as the SS often didn´t record the numbers and many Jews were killed by random Poles, Latvians or Lithuanians. About the gas chambers I am agnostic. But I don´t doubt for one minute that to be Jewish in German occupied Eastern Europe amounted to a death sentence. I just have talked to too many eye witnesses. For instance that belorussian farmer who witnessed the jews of his village being led away to be shot. He was still disgusted that the Jews didn´t give the other villagers their valuables although they had no more use for them. “What a greedy no good race” he said.

    Eastern Europe was a killing field during the II world war and Jews served for the German occupiers as the cat that you kill to scare the monkey. In other respects what happened closely resembled the killing of the Tutsis in Ruanda. Poles a.s.o. killing their Jewish neighbours out of greed, racial hatred or for the heck of it. All that wouldn´t have happened without a general brutalisation thru hunger and war.

    My mother, who as an ethnic German was at the receiving end of similar treatment by Czechs wondered long after the war how people who had been killers lost the habit when peace came.

    Same story all over the world and most likely to differing degrees most countries have experienced something like that in their history.

    • Agree: Frank Walus
    • Replies: @Dr. X
  37. If a historian is restricted from following the evidence, he’s spouting a deep state narrative

  38. @Autisticus Spasticus

    ‘I would like to add my thanks for your superb mini-essay. (I can’t yet use the ‘Thanks’ button because I don’t comment frequently enough.)

    • Thanks: Autisticus Spasticus
    • Replies: @Randy
  39. What “future fascism” has the standard holocaust narrative served to bolster?

    Are you serious?

    The Official Holocaust narrative has functioned as a key moral pillar for the hyper-militant and ever-expanding Jewish State since WWII. The untouchable status of this dubious narrative has had catastrophic consequences.

    The Holocaust yarn has produced and enabled pro-Zionist serial warfare, entrenched double standards (favoring the world’s Most Important Victims), as well as deep political corruption throughout Washington and beyond. This is ‘future fascism’. It is here and now.

    Being a ‘Holocaust survivor’ (or a nation of ‘Holocaust survivors’) guarantees special privilege–at least in the West. Holocaust survivorship gives Jews and Israel enviable victimhood and POWER. Myths surrounding ‘anti-Semitism’ further round out (and fortify) their unique status. Modern speech codes protect Jews but not Whites.

    At the same time, what’s becoming increasingly clear is the mounting historic/forensic evidence which contradicts most Holocaust propaganda. ‘Official history’ is therefore not only a blood libel on the Third Reich, but it now imposes an immense (and unjust) financial burden (as well as guilt-trip) on all modern Germans.

    75 years after WWII, innocent German souls are still under strict Zio-American domination. Is this fair? Besides the ‘Nazi shame’, Germans are still obliged to pay billions in annual reparations to the Jewish state. Will the punishment never end?

    The guilt and shame (and financial shakedown) that The Holocaust story has imposed on Germany is in a class by itself. As a White American, I feel it. Yet it is increasingly looks as if most of it is based on orchestrated lies and fraudulent testimony.

    In today’s world, the elevated Jewish chapter of WWII now supplants the War itself in ‘meaning and significance’. This is very odd. Holocaustianity ranks as a breathtaking achievement since this hyper-Jewish angle on WWII didn’t exist until at least a generation after the war ended. Who orchestrated this ruse?

    Meanwhile, Jews/Israelis pay no reparations (and offer no apologies) to any Palestinians or Egyptians or Syrians or Jordanians, or any survivors of the various revolutions that these ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ have orchestrated worldwide since 1917. ‘Holocaust’ means never having to say You’re Sorry.

    Yet the nameless and far-flung victims of various post-Holocaust (and pro-Zionist) wars now number in the millions. The economic costs of these pro-Zionist endeavors are in the trillions.

    Shouldn’t this matter?

    Remember: Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Iran (not to mention US soldiers, dissidents, and taxpayers.) The Khazarian mafia is in a class by itself. Powerful. Untouchable. Unmentionable. And they’re still trying to destroy Iran.

    (Hey! You got a problem with that?)

    Top Zionist operatives tend to be media moguls, activist financiers, legal scholars, political big-wigs, Hollywood executives, tech billionaires, currency traders, as well as super-rich donors to both political parties.

    After all, why not buy influence everywhere?

    These Ivy League gangsters are so well-organized that they presently dominate global political discourse. They own it. This is no small feat.

    No question about it: the modern Holocaust yarn continues to enriched and empower world Jewry.

    Sidenote: will Ukraine become the next Zionist satellite? It’s looking that way. After all, ancient Khazaria was partly located in what’s now Ukraine (and Russia). This fact has surely not escaped Putin’s attention.

    In sum, the manufactured memory of unique Jewish innocence and unique Jewish suffering has been used to great (pro-Jewish) effect. You can see it on TV. You can feel it just by seeing what it is you cannot say. They dominate the airwaves. They orchestrate the taboos.

    Holocaust education is now being used on our children in public schools. The brainwashing continues. Fast. Faster.

    I smell ‘future fascism’ all right. It is Here and it is NOW.

  40. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    What an excellent and concise summary of the greatest hoax in modern history.

    God bless Ursula Haverbeck, Germar Rudolph, and all others who have been tormented by the holocaust industry for standing up for the truth!

  41. Marcali says:
    @Dutch Boy

    ” the whole thing was justified to stop the mass murders committed by the Nazis.”

    Except that it was never declared as a war aim, and if it was a war aim it was not achieved at all.

  42. @RedpilledAF

    ” I hope and pray that something will change and we will be free of that ancient evil, the Hebrew, who are the sons and daughters of the Liar.”

    Soon to suffer from self-immolation?

    “The data itself shows no reduction in covid or death”
    The last American vagabond video at 27:57 :
    28:00 “These spike proteins cross the blood brain barrier. . . . They have prion disease effects. We are going to see this in about a year and a half.”
    39:50: the outcomes of these prion diseases. The data shows that it is a problem for both {the virus and particular the vaccine} ?

  43. Tvrthko says:

    Now comes the question why was all that necessary, all that gigantic false story about Holocaust?!

    It seems that this was perfect way to make post WWII Catholic Church silent for good because of it’s two millennial teaching regarding Jewish role in killing Christ.
    Only 20 years after WWII there was also Vatican 2 with firm foundation of “new church” teaching and new Liturgy that drove desolvation of true Catholic religion what we are witnessing nowadays.

    Perfect Jewish plan to “kill God again” 2000 years after first time , this time Mystical Body of Christ!

  44. The Holohoax enslaves all of humanity. Think about the evil of this Propaganda. This complete hoax is taught to all highschool aged kids in the US. Along with Ellie Wiesel’s “Night” and Ann Franke’s Diary. What a damn joke we are. And not one US Congressman will take a stand against Israel and the Zionists.

    The Jews hide what they did in Russia. They hide their invention of Marxism, Bolshevism, and Communism. They hide the 66 Million dead Russians. They seek to implement “Hate Speech” laws…banning free speech, so they can hide what they have done and never be held accountable.

    The Holocaust LIE is absolutely EVIL. A horrendous act of Hate Speech enslaving an entire country of Christians (Germany). All of them are enslaved, paying the blood-sucking Jews reparations for five generations.

  45. Disagree.

    Kollerstrom’s case operates to demolish the Prosecution’s case.

    Perhaps I watched too many Perry Mason episodes, and too long ago. As I recall, at the last minute, Paul Drake crosses the bar and presents evidence that not only is the Accused not the actual perpetrator, he is the Victim, and the purported Victim and/or key witness is the actual Perpetrator.

    With respect to the holocaust narrative, that case has not been made — has never been made, to my knowledge: the Real criminal has never been brought to justice.

    Moreover, Black (and presumably Kollerstrom) brush aside the criminal fraud committed by those who lied or oversold their testimony; for example, Black writes:

    ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’; though let me say at the outset here that this tiny deconstruction is meant in no way to impugn Anne herself. Rather the following is testament to just how far those who believe in the philosophy of the-ends-justify-the-means are willing to go.

    Why the need to be so careful not to “impugn”Anne herself?” In my view, it is legitimate, even essential, to “impugn” the Anne Frank narrative that is used shamelessly to emotionally subvert our own children.

    But the larger point I’m trying to get to is that the real criminals have never been brought to account.
    The dogmatized narrative having been deconstructed, the liars must be brought to justice: Lying, especially in so crucial a matter, is a crime in itself and should not be ignored.

    A documentary, “Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust,” states that Eisenhower called for Hollywood filmmakers to travel to the camps immediately, to record the gruesome scenes for all posterity.

    I have often wondered where those Hollywood filmmakers landed in Germany, and how they traveled in that destroyed nation, to have failed to observe that 75 percent of the German state had been reduced to dust and ruin.

    Why did the Liars lie? What Real Story did their lies serve to obscure?

    Silviosilver wrote:

    Furthermore, it is quite indisputable that the main thrust of “holocaust education” has been to impart the lesson that demonizing people can lead to horrible crimes against them.
    Does the author believe this to have been a pointless enterprise; if so, given its rather obvious successes, why?

    You miss the point entirely, Silviosilver: assuming you refer to the allegation that “Nazis demonized Jews,” a case can be made that Jews contrived such claims as part of the propaganda Jews and the British and Americans constructed in order to incite war; and further, that Germans, and others, had concrete, reasonable and legitimate grievances against the Jews.

    For over a century the wrong parties have been “demonized,” and those who have carried on this vilification have gone unpunished while their criminal behavior has increased exponentially with world-devastating impact.

    Silviosilver continued:

    Of course, we live in an imperfect world, so even if the author is correct that the standard narrative has helped to obscure certain wrongdoing, isn’t it more reasonable to balance that against the harms that it has helped to prevent? (Harms, for instance, like preventing the return of actual, old-school fascism?)

    Really, Silviosilver?

    You have internalized the lies of the liars and you believe that it is appropriate to exculpate them so that something that never happened as claimed can never happen again?

    Ask the people of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Palestine — and increasingly, the USA — how that’s working out.

    I am Italian. My parents were taken from their homes in Italy rather than be forced to participate in Mussolini’s Ethiopia campaign. I hold no brief for Mussolini.

    But slapping the label “fascism” on Mussolini’s purposes, (and glorying in his ignominious end); as well as applying the same a priori judgement to NSDAP and the purposes of Hitler, is to have failed to explore the reality (and, indeed, the complexity) of what took place in Europe in the 20th century.

    The Croesus tag has wormed its way into my psyche: Croesus misconstrued the words of the Delphic oracle when she said, “If you go to war [against Persia] you will destroy a mighty empire.”
    He destroyed Lydia, his own empire.

    Take it to its logical conclusion.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  46. Oracle says:

    All of the victims of the libellous hollow narrative—that is, everyone in the West and Japan, who is not currently receiving reparations from the German government—should now apply to the Israeli government for reparation.

    • Agree: Nancy
  47. geokat62 says:
    @mark green

    Holocaustianity ranks as a breathtaking achievement since this hyper-Jewish angle on WWII didn’t exist until at least a generation after the war ended. Who orchestrated this ruse?

    Good question, mark.

    I believe our good host, Ron Unz, was kind enough to furnish the answer:

    “But combine them together with the relatively tiny size of worldwide Jewry, around 16 million prior to World War II, and the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet, by the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left gasping in awe.”

    • Thanks: mark green
  48. @mark green

    Without disputing any of the points you’ve raised, they do not amount to fascism.

    Wtf dude, are you serious, or do you simply have no clue what the word means, and are using it like a hysterical SJW to mean “anything I don’t like”?

  49. gotmituns says:

    One interesting point is after all these years of propaganda/brainwashing, younger people don’t give a rat’s butt about the holohoax. Actually, they don’t seem to give a rat’s butt about anything.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  50. Question authority……….

  51. @mark green

    I’ve run out of tags, so want to just reply to your comment.

    “Fascist” has been perverted and debased by the usual suspects, whereas Fascism as a political and spiritual system is entirely beneficial and wholesome.

    Another example is the pejorative use of Vidkun Quisling surname, an honourable man debased to this day by the obedient servants of the kikes, such defamation first begun (how surprising) by the “newspaper” Times in Perfidious Albion, followed by the BBC and the paid stooge and mass murderer W S Churchill.
    People need to wake up to this crap and cease mindlessly following along.

    Vidkun Quisling first came to international prominence as a close co-worker with explorer Fridtjof Nansen, organizing humanitarian relief during the Russian famine of 1921. In 1933, he founded the nationalist party Nasjonal Samling (National Union).—Estellenation

  52. @silviosilver

    Wtf dude, are you serious, or do you simply have no clue what the word means, and are using it like a hysterical SJW to mean “anything I don’t like”?

    Do you simply have no clue what Fascism means, Dude?

    See if you can measure up to what its originator demanded of Fascists:

    The Doctrine of Fascism – Benito Mussolini, Giovanni Gentile – 1932

    “Fascism wants man to be active and to engage in action with all his energies; it wants him to be manfully aware of the difficulties besetting him and ready to face them. It conceives of life as a struggle in which it behooves a man to win for himself a really worthy place, first of all by fitting himself (physically, morally, intellectually) to become the implement required for winning it.

    As for the individual, so for the nation, and so for mankind. Hence the high value of culture in all its forms (artistic, religious, scientific) and the outstanding importance of education. Hence also the essential value of work, by which man subjugates nature and creates the human world (economic, political, ethical, and intellectual).

    This positive conception of life is obviously an ethical one. It invests the whole field of reality as well as the human activities which master it. No action is exempt from moral judgment; no activity can be despoiled of the value which a moral purpose confers on all things. Therefore life, as conceived of by the Fascist, is serious, austere, and religious; all its manifestations are poised in a world sustained by moral forces and subject to spiritual responsibilities. T h e Fascist disdains an “easy” life.

    The Fascist conception of life is a religious one, in which man is viewed in his immanent relation to a higher law, endowed with an objective will transcending the individual and raising him to conscious membership of a spiritual society. “Those who perceive nothing beyond opportunistic considerations in the religious policy of the Fascist regime fail to realize that Fascism is not only a system of government but also and above all a system of thought.

    In the Fascist conception of history, man is man only by virtue of the spiritual process to which he contributes as a member of the family, the social group, the nation, and in function of history to which all nations bring their contribution. . . .”

    Contrast Mussolini-Gentile’s conception of the place of culture in Fascism with a statement Jamie Raskin made recently as chair of a committee discussing “book banning” and free speech: Raskin held up as an exemplar of Free Speech Lenny Bruce, who gained notoriety through his foul-mouthed free-association “comedy” routines and died in his 4th decade slumped over a toilet a drug overdose.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  53. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    … we are, he says, the The People of the Lie – and which has also expediently come to serve American and Western imperial interests in their truly monstrous culture of ‘endless war’.

    It’s not “American and Western imperial interests…”

    It’s Jews.

    They are ‘The People of the Lie’.

    It’s their ‘Endless War’ on Christ.

    It’s their ‘Endless War’ on Mankind.

    It’s their ‘Endless War’ for Satan, their Real Father (ask Jesus if you don’t believe it).

    And yes, it is… Truly Monstrous. They are Monsters. Truly.

  54. ariadna says:

    Did 6 million Jews die in concentration camps or only 30,000?
    Both are correct. Let me explain. Does water boil at 100, at 80, at 373.15 or at 212 degrees? ALL are correct, depending on whether you express it in Celsius, Reaumur, Kelvin or Fahrenheit degrees. Given the fact that a jew’s life is approximately 200 times more valuable than a goy’s life, and depending on who is talking to whom, “30,000 jews” is really “6 million Jews.”

    • Thanks: Petermx
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  55. @Sepp

    A very pertinent comment,

    The best thing Putin could do is dispute the holohoax, which would then be a clear break in the connection between the Soviet Union and Russia,

    I do agree with the Russian action at the moment but cringe at the ‘Nazi’ references as it plays into the hands of Russia’s enemies who can point to the Jewishness of the Ukrainian actor,

    Another irony is that Putin is indeed doing what Hitler tried to do and that is put manners on those who seek to rule the world through the power of the purse.

    • Replies: @Sepp
    , @Mefobills
  56. I’ve often said that history is aged propaganda. That’s all it can be when the winners of a conflict get to write the history to make them the good guys. No one can KNOW what’s true and what isn’t.

    Archaeology, also a history, is the misinterpretation of artifacts to concoct a plausible story that keeps archaeologists employed in their version of the entertainment industry. Ditto Paleontology and other supposed scientific disciplines. What are museums after all, but entertainment for the curious that usually believe what “authority” pronounces. More propaganda.

    Much is made of using prisoners of war as slave labor and it is near universally considered an evil. Why is conscription into military service during war time not also an evil? Why is mandatory service to the nation during peace time not slavery?

    Keep writing about the holocaust to make sure it is always a topic of discussion when it’s mostly bullshit. As all politicians know, it doesn’t matter if what the public hears is good or bad, as long as the politicians name is known to all. Same with politically charged historic bullshit.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  57. Dr. X says:

    An excellent point. I don’t think any competent historian doubts that large numbers of Jews (and others) died untimely deaths on the Eastern Front. Many were shot or met otherwise unhappy fates. As for those deported to labor camps, many died of typhus and of starvation as the the war went on — they were literally at the bottom of the food chain. Doubtless those who were unable to work were dispatched by the Germans.

    However, the claim that the camps existed solely for the purpose of gassing six million people to death as part of some master plan is simply not verifiable.

    And herein lies the problem. Many countries criminalize an objective historical investigation into the details. Canada recently voted to criminalize “downplaying” the “Holocaust.” Whatever that means, you will not know until you are brought into court, but one can guess that questioning the plausibility of the most lurid and fanciful and unverifiable claims made by Jews will get you arrested.

    That is not a “free society” by any means.

    • Agree: Cking
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
    , @Hans
  58. 6,666,666.66! That is the number. Point sixty-six refers to a man who was only two third Jewish. Germans, please cough up for under counting and send it all in gold to Yad Vashem.

    Aside, from pointing out the absurdity and shenanigans of the Jew, one is more likely to believe that if Germans hated anyone because of their racial inferiority, it would have been the Gypsies and therefore, more of those louts would have been annihilated. If anything, the number of Romani who perished during the war years throughout Europe was under counted, largely because their actual numbers were never diligently enumerated for they’re never seen as full human beings by the White Christians. And I refuse to believe that Nazis would have killed a ton of faggots, given that a lot of Germans were practicing homosexuals.

  59. I never questioned the Holocaust. Then the Holocaust chorus sung “no one is allowed to question it.” Naturally that is a feverishly waving red flag that the narrative needs to be questioned. Now the chorus is demanding free speech be damned, their narrative must be codified by law and mandatory instruction for all.

    The odd thing is that slave labor camps manned by political prisoners (both Jewish and non Jewish) isn’t particularly a selling point for National Socialist Germany. Quite the opposite. However it seems the idea of Jews laboring is thoroughly abhorrent to Jews. For some reason that makes me chuckle. Dark humor sufferer here.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  60. Sepp says:
    @Da's Reich

    The Kabal just keeps doubling down. They have been doubling down ever since 1933. Physical gold is re-hypothecated somewhere near 100x. Global debt ratios are at levels never seen in history. There are untold quadrillions of derivatives on derivatives on derivatives. Globo-homo has escalated from gay marriage to drag queen story hour to hormones and sex change operations for elementary school children to Disney pedo grooming. Freedom of Speech has been shaved down so far that now the yid are getting the UN to dictate hate speech legislation to the entire planet where holocaust denial now means any mention of the Holocaust in any frame of reference aside from it being the biggest tragedy in the entire history of the planet and a sin against all gods.

    Russia today in many ways is in position magnitudes of order better than Germany in 1941. Russia not only can feed herself, but is a major bread basket for the entire planet, whereas Germany had been starving for decades. Russia has more oil and energy than she knows what to do with, whereas Germany had only one source of oil, and that was within range of Stalin’s bombers. Russia has a border with the planets manufacturing powerhouse, China, whereas Germany had to rely on an unstable and treacherous Italy ruled by a British agent.

    If Putin can pull this off, he can be a bigger hero to European civilization than Alexander the Great. If Putin can defeat Judea and segregate the Khazars off from the rest of the planet, if he can overturn the tables of the moneylender Central Banking system, he could possibly be more historically significant than Jesus Christ.

    This is why, for all of Putin’s warts, and for all the arrogance and ignorance of the Russian people, I am on their side.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  61. There is no difference whatsoever, in scope or detail, between what the Nazis allegedly did to the Jews and what Israel has done to the Palestinians.

    Jews must be forcefully reminded of this every time they bring up “the holocaust” or when they start harping about human rights.

  62. I believe there was a war of annihilation taking place between Germany and International Jewry and that both sides held very little (if anything) back as the conflict grew in scope and intensity. I never really believed the soap and lampshade stories but atrocities were clearly and demonstrably committed. Regardless, the Germans considered the Jews to be their enemies and they eliminated them accordingly. The Jews wanted a war and they got one. Be nice if they stopped crying.

    • Agree: Frank Walus
  63. @SolontoCroesus

    Any ideology can sound good on paper, and fascism is no different. If you judge it by the way it was practiced – “by its fruits” – it is not difficult to argue that it was severely wanting. Even if I can agree there were certain good points to it, I’m afraid I have to first consider the potential downside – which in the case of fascism is tremendous, and easily outweighs any possible good that may have come from it.

    I really don’t want to live in a world in which I constantly have to prove my “worth” to the nation, to endlessly worship its “greatness,” and in which I have to despise my neighbors as “inferiors” and “historical enemies.” If those things appeal to you, then fascism will be attractive to you, and you will strive mightily to rehabilitate its image – including creatively explaining away its many shortcomings.

  64. Joe Wong says:

    In according to the German racist and moron behavior towards Russian in the Ukraine-Russia war, such as banning letter Z, beating up anybody showing sympathy to Russia in public, etc., the Holocaust is entirely possible during the WWII, because the German was way more radical and fanatic during that time.

    It seems the German and the Jap are the same, they are the unrepentant war criminals. They are still the same barbaric beast.

    • Troll: Petermx, BuelahMan
    • Replies: @Pratt
  65. Umm pretty sure the masturbation machine was real. Also feeding Jews to eagles which were then eaten by lions. Real. Also the rollercoaster which led to a mallet and a blow torch. Real, later ripped off by Looney Toons.

    • Replies: @Hans
  66. I have no fixed dogmatic opinion about the Holocaust. I think the value of the “official” story of the Holocaust is somewhat like that of the Old Testament: part of it is true, part of it is exaggeration and part of it is fiction. Which is which should be open to free debate. To criminalize such debate is a sin against free speech, which is allegedly one of the foundations of Western Civilization.

    That said, in this debate we should also listen to rebuttals of the arguments of the Holocaust revisionists. There is a serious website dedicated to just that, which can be reached here:

    On this website there is a list of the most common arguments of the revisionists with their rebuttals, which can be reached here:

    To arouse the interest of the readers I give here that list:


    1. Revision of the Auschwitz plaque.
    2. Detached Krema I chimney?
    3. Flimsy gas chamber door with a window?
    4. Leuchter’s report.
    5. Alleged lies by the British government.
    6. The First Holocaust canard.
    7. Auschwitz swimming pool, hospital etc.
    8. Arbeit macht frei.
    9. The World Almanac canard.
    10. The Red Cross stats canard.
    11. The Red Cross inspected the death camps?
    12. Gas chambers not mentioned in the memoirs of Churchill, Eisenhower, de Gaulle?
    13. Elie Wiesel did not mention gas chambers?
    14. Elie Wiesel an impostor?
    15. More Wiesel stuff.
    16. Auschwitz decodes.
    17. Survivors did not see or hear about gas chambers?
    18. Anne Frank diary.
    19. Rassinier denied Auschwitz gas chambers. Or was that Thies Christophersen?
    20. The Larson canard.
    21. Fake, unreliable or mistaken witnesses.
    22. Scratched gas chamber walls?
    23. Dachau gas chamber; the Broszat letter.
    24. Survivor Lieberman and the Auschwitz ovens.
    25. The Lachout document.
    26. Fake Holocaust photos?
    27. Science debunks Holocaust?
    28. No Britannica mention of gas chambers?
    29. Dr. Listojewski? Simon Wiesenthal’s quote?
    30. Small children and people unfit for work in Auschwitz?
    31. Jews lie about the Holocaust?
    32. Predetermined death toll?
    33. Hilberg and famous witnesses shown to be liars, impostors during the Zündel trial?
    34. Schindler’s list a tale of fiction?
    35. Bruno Baum admitted that false propaganda was created in Auschwitz?
    36. Changing camp death tolls?
    37. Death camps found only by the Soviets?
    38. Rick debunks the Holocaust?
    39. 6-digit tattoo but 6 million victims?

    These rebuttals made me doubt, but not entirely reject, much of Holocaust revisionism, without coming to a final conclusion. I invite the readers to visit said website and see for themselves.

    If you type “Kollerstrom” in their search engine, you will find also rebuttals of the subject of present article.

    • Agree: WizardWhoKnocks
  67. The current situation in Ukraine offers the spectacle of countries enforcing laws criminalizing the revisionist views on the Shoah on one side and the same countries supporting actively and wholeheartedly ultra-nationalist Ukrainian ideologies promoting the hate of anything Russian. This is both hypocrite and inconsistent if those countries are civilized. It is consistent if those countries have no moral values other than pure domination instincts. It is sad to realize that I no longer trust my own country.

    • Agree: SurfingUSA
  68. In order to fulfill the biblical prophecy of world domination it is vital that Jews and the State of Israel are not only protected from criticism, but that they are given preferential treatment as human beings, notably Whites, according to psychologist Kevin MacDonald, are naturally more inclined to forgive victims.

    The cult of the Holocaust, as well as accusations of anti Semitism and incitement to hatred, are the sword and the shield with which the Jews and the State of Israel, with the help of their non-Jewish allies and their insufferable thought police, the Anti Defamation League, obtain financial reparations, censor and persecute their opponents, protect themselves from criticism, unite and mobilize their community, and realize their hegemonic ambitions on the world.

    According to Israeli historian Moshe Zimmerman:
    It is an instrument that is used a lot; in a cynical way one can say that the Holocaust is one of the things that best lends itself to the manipulation of the public, of the Jewish people in particular, in Israel and outside. (Moshe ZIMMERMAN cited by Yakov M. RABKIN in Au nom de la Torah : Une histoire de l’opposition juive au sionisme, Les Presses de l’Université Laval, 2004, p. 2)

    As says the Jewish writer Philip Roth, it is thus Auschwitz that allows Israel, among other things, to push back its borders. It is Auschwitz that justifies the bombing of civilians in neighboring countries. It is Auschwitz that justifies breaking the bones of Palestinian children and mutilating Arab mothers. (Cited by Abbot Olivier RIOULT, De la question jui9vbe, Éditions Agobard, p. 304) It is also Auschwitz that justifies liberticidal laws worthy of the worst dystopian novels. It is Auschwitz that blocks the resurgence of ethnically homogeneous nations, except in Israel, paradoxically.

    In other words, the Holocaust has evolved over the years to become the founding narrative not only of the Jewish people, but of globalists in general. It now has all the characteristics of a religion, with its own Satan, Hitler, and its own saint, the Jewish nation. In this version of things, Christ crucified on the cross is replaced by the Jewish nation crucified in the gas chambers.

    By this substitution, this “martyred” people is trying to plagiarize Christian Christology and to appropriate the title of Messiah in order to push Catholics and Christians in general to become “Judaized” and to accept their globalist project without reluctance. This policy is part of a group evolutionary strategy with a hegemonic aim. This religion of the Holocaust is also the glue that holds the Jewish people together as a distinct nationality, for there is nothing like persecution and victimization to rally its troops. So it is primarily for these two reasons that Jews maintain and protect it so carefully.

    In the end, Auschwitz is the keystone of modern Judaism, globalism, along with consumerism, liberal democracy, and anti-racism.

  69. Joe Wong says:
    @Dutch Boy

    German and Anglo-American are the two sides of the same coin. They share the same Germanic blood line and mentality.

    Two world wars are just the scrabbling of a dog-eat-dog play rough over the monopoly to plunder the rest of the world between the German and Anglo-American. Don’t ever be fooled by the propaganda, war of liberty, farted out by the warring parties.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  70. saggy says: • Website
    @gay troll

    . I read once that this number was solely based on an offhand remark by Simon Wiesenthal.

    It wasn’t an offhand remark, it was a ploy to create interest in the hoax among the goy, as reported by D. Lipstadt. See

    The author fails to point out that Arthur Butz wrote ‘The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, the Case Against the Presumed Annihilation of European Jewry’ in 1976! And it is still one of the best books on the hoax.

  71. The Holocau\$t™.

    • Agree: White Noise
  72. Morten says:

    What Fascism? Jewish

    And funny enough – here comes the first Jew in this very interesting comment section.

  73. geokat62 says:

    I really don’t want to live in a world in which…

    You prefer to live in a clown world in which we’ll all become Noahides worshipping the chosen ones, instead?

  74. Mefobills says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Jews in positions of power and influence work tirelessly and ingeniously to advance Jewish interests and peddle their victimology, which is always given centre stage, while their history of subversion and parasitism is never acknowledged

    Host and Parasite.

    Do humans form in-groups, to then operate as a parasite?

    If such as thing happens, and it does, then what are some techniques that a parasite would do to skull f#ck a host population?

    Maybe the parasite might emit narrative that makes said parasite equal to a baby, where the host protects its baby? The host equates the baby with itself, and maybe even better than itself, where parasite is held up, as the avatar of all virtue and goodness?

    A really successful parasite might even tell the host where to walk, and when to drink and eat; as parasite takes over brain function of said host.

    A parasite end-game, or final-solution strategy, would be to attach itself to host’s brain, energy and reproduction functions. A perfect form of government for parasite would be some sort of nebulous free-dumb, multi-culti paradise, where said parasite can operate without being exposed, where parasite can move about and not be noticed.

    So, who won the final solution battle? Who really is the one being killed?

  75. Nassim Taleb makes a convincing case that in every conflict, losers and winners will exaggerate casualties 10x:

    Right now, Ukraine claims 10,000 dead Russians. It’s likely only 1,000 dead.

    Seems very likely The Holocaust (trademark) was 600,000 dead, exaggerated 10x.

  76. EugeneGur says:

    Germany who is still paying compensation for the alleged victims are now arming the natzies.

    Yes, it does arm the Ukrainian Nazis. Germany was also one of the chief supporters of the Kiev coup in 2014. Germany was one of the countries that signed an agreement with the president Yanukovich, only to see him violently overthrown one day later. Germany was also a supposed guarantor of the MinskII agreement, but it was a staunch supporter of the Kiev regime, effectively contributing to that 8 year-long war. In the whole Ukrainian mess, Germany acted true to form supporting exactly the same people (or, rather, their ideological heirs) the Nazi Germany used to do it dirty work.
    Any attempt to present Germany as a victim, then or now, is misleading, to put it mildly.

    • Troll: Petermx
  77. BAMA says:

    The menu of the day, every day. You cannot not have suffered if you are not a Jew and the fight always starts when you hit the Jew back.

  78. surly says:

    This is a really nice review. I believe it is the best short introduction to the topic I’ve read, thanks so much for this.

    I have Kollerstrom’s book and it is a treasure chest of fascinating and devastating information, but it suffers a bit because he’s obviously angry and disgusted, and he tends to repetition.

    You note that Kollerstrom references a Victor Cavendish-Bentick statement. Cavendish-Bentick hand wrote another note that was mentioned by David Irving in a 1988 talk, and also by Stephen Mittford Goodson in one of his books:

    “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.” [Public Record Office Document F0371/34551

    Kollerstrom notes that after these documents were publicized by revisionists, later researches went looking for them and discovered they had vanished. No wonder…

  79. @hank jr

    Nick Kollerstrom’s book is published by Castle Hill Publishers in the U.K.
    Try this:

  80. Mefobills says:
    @Da's Reich

    The best thing Putin could do is dispute the holohoax, which would then be a clear break in the connection between the Soviet Union and Russia,

    He wont.

    The Great Patriotic War is the touchstone for Russia, a foundational myth.

    Having Russians suffer alongside of Jews, makes Russians immune to hollow-caustianity. No Russian can be guilted with Jewish narrative mythmaking on who is the greater victim.

    So, it is real-politic to continue with mythology, to then rally the Russian people around some sort of shared sacrifice.

    It wouldn’t do for Putin to drop the dime, and say something to the effect, that Yep – the Bolsheviks punked us, they were just agents for the Jewish international finance class, attempting a new dialectic with them in control. We died in the millions as we were parasitized and duped. Our bad.

    Then, how much harder would it be to convince average Russians that Stalin finally pulled head out of rectum, and started killing the “rootless cosmopolitans” and that Russian communism morphed and became “national” rather than international?

    • Replies: @Sepp
    , @Da's Reich
  81. Bro43rd says:
    @Zachary Smith

    The same could be said of commenters. Physician heal thyself.

  82. In short, it is hard to find a single political cause that has not used the Holocaust as a foil. Jewish Canadian Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks recently used it, for example, against the Canadian Truckers; she also claimed that the onomatopoeia “honk honk” was a coded message meaning “heil Hitler.”
    According to Norman Finkelstein, in his book The Holocaust Industry:

    It is for these reasons in particular that Jewish and non-Jewish globalists so carefully maintain and protect the religion of the holocaust:
    To prevent this weapon of mass deterrence from losing its bite, the Jews must continually be portrayed as the ultimate victims of history, and to do this, one obviously needs a worthy aggressor. Germany has been designated to fulfill this role… in perpetuity.
    Any change or challenge to this carefully nurtured image of Germany as the embodiment of absolute evil, and in particular as the sadistic aggressor of the Jews, would threaten the entire history of the Holocaust, and thus the domination of the Jews.
    This systematic stigmatization is therefore jealously and carefully protected by the Jewish-dominated press and news media, and beware of anyone who dares to question it. Anyone who dares to do so is immediately attacked and labeled a mentally disturbed anti-Semite.

    In 18 countries, Jews have succeeded in making it illegal to question or even investigate the official account of the Holocaust, on pain of prison and juicy fines. Revisionists have been murdered or like Professor Faurisson, savagely beaten and left for dead. Dozens of unbelievers, like the 92-year-old German political prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, are in prison or in exile, like Vincent Reynouard and Germar Rudolf, for having dared to raise this taboo. Because of the Holocaust, the poor Germans, just as we, when you think about it, the poor Whites of other countries, are consigned in perpetuity to the role of the most evil monster in history.

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @annamaria
  83. Bro43rd says:

    Any “authority figure” for that matter, western or not.

  84. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Here, at last, a worthy successor to Arthur Butz’s magisterial 1976 opus The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
    We have needed it.
    And we continue to need more.

  85. Bro43rd says:
    @mark green

    And oh my what a putrid odor it is!

  86. annamaria says:

    The nationwide events in support of Ukrainian refugees are the Jewish way to support Judea in the fight against Russia.

    There were no events in support of the Syrian and Libyan refugees, the victims of the Wars for Eretz Israel (because the wars against Libya and Syria were “good for Jews”), but there is a huge wave of Jews-organized “support for Ukraine” events.

    None of the Jewish organizations had anything to say about Banderites’ murderous operations against two pro-federalist regions in Ukraine, whcih had been going on for the eight long years, because these murderous operations were “good for Jews” in a war against Russia “the Amalek.”

    American Jews have been nurtured Banderites for decades while squealing profitably about Babi Yar.

    The massacre was the largest mass-murder under the auspices of the Nazi regime and its Ukrainian collaborators during the campaign against the Soviet Union

    These Ukrainian Nazi collaborators are better known under the name of Banderites – the followers of Stepan Bandera.

    For American Jews, one of the particularly dear Nazi promoters was Lev E. Dobriansky “a professor of economics at Georgetown University:”

    Dobriansky and Yaroslav Stetsko were the chairman and co-chairman of National Captive Nations Committee (NCNC), respectively. Stetsko was the leader of Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)… During WWII, OUN leaders had meetings with the heads of Nazi Germany’s intelligence, regarding the formation of “Nachtigall” and “Roland” Battalions. … Training for Nachtigall took place in Neuhammer near Schlessig. On the Ukrainian side, the commander was Roman Shukhevych … the Nachtigall soldiers participated in the killings of Jews in the city of Lvov. … members of the Nachtigall battalion also participated in the massacres of Polish professors, including the ex-Polish Prime minister Kazimierz Bartel, Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński and others…

    In August 1941 Stetsko wrote his autobiography … [where] he endorsed the idea of the indubitably harmful role of Jews in the enslavement of Ukraine by Moscow. [If only his stupid successors the Banderites read carefully the autobiography.]

    Lev Dobriansky’s daughter Paula has been exceptionally active in the Nazification of Ukraine: “Helping Ukraine Win Against Russia Is a Vital NATO Interest:” Yes, the Ms. Dobriansky wants to see Ukraine totally Nazified and Zionized.
    In acknowledgment of her neocon credentials, Paula Dobriansky was included in a group of the principal creators and signatories of the infamous PNAC which was in effect a manifesto of the Jewish-American century:

    The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), an influential neoconservative think tank, publishes a letter to President Clinton urging war against Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein because he is a “hazard” to “a significant portion of the world’s supply of oil.”

    Paula Dobriansky, a committed murderess of Madeleine Albright mold, has been a loyal servant to the Zionzied MIC interests. Working in accord with the White Fuhrers, Paula Dobriansky has sold (for a song) Ukraine and Ukrainians to Zionists.

    When meeting an Israeli ambassador in Ukraine, a prominent Ukrainian Banderite mentioned that his brethren never attacked Jews. Of course! – Jews are the Sugar Daddy of Banderites in Ukraine and Canada.
    “Ukraine pulls out of ‘anti-Israeli’ UN committee on Palestine:”,fl_lossy/t_JD_ArticleMainImageFaceDetect/445014

    Andriy Parubiy, co-founder of the fascist Social National Party

    An American Zionist meets a Ukrainian Fascist:

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Thanks: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Doug Hillman
    , @mocissepvis
  87. Sepp says:

    No Russian can be guilted with Jewish narrative mythmaking on who is the greater victim.

    True, but transitory. Already Jews are kvetching about desecration of their holy sites by Hitler 2.0….

    Russian missile strikes Babyn Yar. Five killed.

    A Russian missile Tuesday hit Babyn Yar, one of the most searing symbols of the Holocaust and Europe’s largest mass grave of the era. There, not far from Kyiv, the Nazis shot and killed 33,771 Jews over a 48-hour period in September 1941.

    LOL. Putin is the new Hitler. Russia is the new Third Reich. Azov Battalion are the new Shabboz-goyim partisan army.

    Ooops. Did I write LOL? That means “Love Our Leader”. Now the chicken swingers will really be flinging spittle.

  88. John Wear says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    I agree with you that in this debate we should also listen to rebuttal arguments of Holocaust revisionists.

    We Holocaust revisionists are familiar with the Holocaust Controversies blog.

    My nickname for them is Holocaust Controversies: What Part of One-Sided Bias Do You Not Understand?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  89. Very informative – excellent write up; thanks. I was disappointed though that you also included many points of my key knowledge regards Auschwitz and the red cross report, leaving me very little to offer – in fact it maybe utter rubbish.

    So here goes. I read a few reports when this alleged scam came to light and I asked my the same questions time and time again, as you have above – “WHY ?” and “WHY the 6 million” ?… the answer to the first question becomes fairly obvious in today’s World = victimhood, no criticism to genocide etc., not allowed to question the Zionists … etc. etc.; but it was the 6 million figure that intrigued me more and this is where it goes off the rails of insanity.

    1. You should all know what is going on now with “The Great Reset” etc. / so called NWO; well the 6 as in the 6 million is one of the 3 x 6’s as in 666 (yes a small bunch of satanists) instigating this – many people think that the 3 x pillars of this new society are the US, UK and Vatican but they confuse and misinterpret the true power of the US = which is basically still a UK puppet and always has been. If you cannot see this by now, you will do soon.

    2. There were a number of well written articles that I unfortunately did not save that were stating that the 6 million figure is a future event and is written down in Jewish scriptures somewhere – I have not seem them nor can I find them anymore. But the 6 million was to alleviate the fears of the generations of Jews until the “end days” or whatever are finally on us.

    Just saying what I read; whatever I believe is a different matter

  90. Major says:

    What’s the difference between the Holocaust and a cow?

    You can’t milk a cow for 75 years.

    • LOL: John Wear
  91. Anon[354] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s always “joo” and “G-d” with the hasbara. Never “jew” and “God.”

  92. annamaria says:

    “thrown out of polite, decent groups…”

    1. They are not polite
    2. They are not decent

    At best, they are profoundly ignorant, at worst, they are the committed opportunists who do not belong to a truly decent group

  93. Bro43rd says:

    This article from our esteemed publisher opened my eyes to the holohoax. And there are numerous others in the archive of his American Pravda series. Now I finally realize the grip this myth has over the public. Anytime I mention the holohoax in public, blank stares & mean looks is all I get. The public is thoroughly brainwashed. I get the same looks when I speak of being an anarchist, people have never really thought about anything other than the “Overton’s Window” of permitted thought.

    This article is entertaining as well!

  94. annamaria says:
    @Pierre Simon

    Jewish Canadian Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks should be shunned by all decent Canadians for her fascist policies – along with the committed fascist anti-Christ Freeland

    She looks like a twin sister of Admiral Levine.

  95. @silviosilver

    If you judge it by the way it was practiced – “by its fruits” – it is not difficult to argue that it was severely wanting.

    Let’s see the argument.

    Kollerstrom evaluated the “fruits” of the holocaust narrative and argued convincingly that they were “severely wanting.”

    Airily asserting that “it is not difficult to argue” is NOT an argument.
    If you have solid evidence that the “fruits” of Mussolini Fascism were “severely wanting,” put them to the same test as Kollerstrom has done.


    Even if I can agree there were certain good points to it, I’m afraid I have to first consider the potential downside – which in the case of fascism is tremendous, and easily outweighs any possible good that may have come from it.

    Again, you assert that the “downside” of fascism is “tremendous,” but provide neither substance nor context to support that balloon.

    Please take the pains to do so: take the extremely difficult intellectual and rational effort to challenge your own emotionally embedded perceptions.

    I regret that the tone of my comments may have seemed to disparage Dr. Kollerstrom’s work; that is not my intention.

    The fault is my lack of skill at articulating a further point: it is not enough to become exposed to countervailing information; I learned that when a rational man encounters new information, he re-assesses his beliefs on the topic. As the interview below suggests, this is an extremely difficult if not impossible achievement: ‘learning’ embedded emotionally is almost impossible to re-form using rational means.

    Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion
    [What men define as real is real in its consequences.]

    Further, if we understand from Kollerstrom’s writing that the holocaust narrative is false, it seems to me we have to ask,
    Why did they lie? What was being covered up, concealed?
    What is the truth?
    Can a rational, civilized, coherent society sustain itself when a foundation of its culture is a gross untruth?
    Does such a civilization (as well as one claiming values based on so-called “Judeo-Christian” claim of seeking justice) have the right and even obligation to call to account those who told those lies; to eradicate them from their culture; and to bend every effort to counterbalance their malign effect with persistent truth-telling?

    Finally, and in my mind of critical importance, the education of our young in holocaust lies is even more damaging than bombarding them with sexual perversions.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  96. Mefobills says:

    Hitler was a German nationalist, greatly impressed by the British Empire. Seeing what he regarded as a superior race (the British) running something like 1/3 of the world composed of inferior races. The idea was to create a similar Germanic land Empire stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals converting the Slavs into his own Africans/Arabs/Asians. Then ally with the British in complementing their Sea Empire with his own Land Empire.

    Yes, and that was an enormous mistake. Enormous is a word that is probably not big enough.

    The seat of finance capitalism was London. This was the nerve center from which Germany was being attacked. Hitler’s racism went too far, where he would look at his own kind with rose colored glasses. All populations have myths, egos, and some percentage of psychopathy.

    London and Wall Street parasites (many Jews among them) found common cause in their desire to have their “international capital” rule the world. These sort of twisted human souls fancy themselves as god, and they desire to extract wealth, and live an easy life. What me … do labor?

    There are plenty of German documents indicating that NSDAP understood the nature of finance capital, and YET, Hitler still harbored fantasies about England that were childish.

    The final solution was 1000 U-Boats, to surround and sink all merchant traffic to and from England. The war would have been over before Stalin could execute on his invasion plans.

  97. Anon[344] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for this review. Although most of the material was already familiar to me, it was helpful to see it presented in a new way. And I did learn some new things.

    I’ve spent more time than I care to admit studying this topic, and I still feel that I’ve only scratched the surface of it. There is just so much material, and so much of what you find in one source, even an “authoritative” one, is contradicted by other sources. I’ve become somewhat more skeptical about history in general. How much of what we think we know about various historical events is taken from biased and misleading accounts? Even when the passions and ideologies of the day have faded, later generations may be left with only lies to work with. Following the Ukraine war has only strengthened that hunch, as I’ve watched in real time as wartime propaganda is fabricated, pushed by mainstream sources, and believed by millions.

    With that major caveat, my current, tentative views on the Holocaust are as follows:

    1. Many of the claims made in the immediate aftermath of WWII were false, and are now quietly recognized as false by mainstream historians. These include the claim that all the camps were death camps, that lampshades and soap were made from human bodies, and most of the lurid eyewitness testimonies.

    2. The central claim of the mainstream modern Holocaust narrative, that more than one million people were systematically gassed and cremated at Auschwitz, is probably false.

    3. The mainstream claims about the ways in which huge numbers of Jews were killed in the “transit camps” are extremely implausible, as this review shows.

    And yet…there were substantial Jewish populations in Eastern Europe before WWII, and after WWII they were gone. Something happened to them, and simply saying that they “went East” is not adequate. That remains a huge, unresolved issue for the revisionists.

    I’d be happy to revise my opinions in either direction if presented with convincing evidence.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @HdC
    , @Passing By
  98. @Dr. X

    Canada has been already worse since long : you cannot as a journalist write “a Jewish criminal organization” without losing your right to publish anything in the country. That judgement was in vigour during a spoiled meat scandal that happened in Montreal during the 1970’s : the selling of the masses of spoiled meat was organized by a network of wholesale meat dealers 100% closed to non-Orthodox Jews. They invoked a quote in the Bible forbidding Jews to eat the meat of a long-dead animal but rather to give or sell it to the strangers. Zundel was already known, as a German immigrant, to have denied the official narrative of the Holocaust as well as the official figures : the information about the Holocaust was judged to be a private property of the World Jewish community, with the result you cannot write anything about WWII in Europe without the Canadian Jewish Congress undersigning it.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  99. From the holohoax to the covid hoax we have been taken for a ride. If one were to stack the lies one on top of the other, how high would they reach? To the moon … landing? Hey! That’s another whopper. I mean really now; what if everything we’ve been told is a lie?

    • Replies: @Ocko
  100. Mefobills says:
    @Joe Wong

    They share the same Germanic blood line and mentality.

    Climb down off of your high horse.

    All ice age peoples, have evolved for consensual relations.

    If you did a Venn diagram of North East Asians, and Aryan peoples, there would be a lot of over-lap.

    The two people types evolved under similar ice-age pressures, to then get along with their fellows in order to survive the hash winters. They also have a future orientation to their thinking, and this allows planning, counting, and civilizational building. They can work together to get things done.

    The most recent example I can think of, where there was narrative control/duping of a north-east Asian population was the Hainan incident of 2001.

    Chinese propaganda whipped Chinese people into a Frenzy. It only took about four days to have nearly the entirety of the population frothing at the mouth.

    In one of the few examples of statesmanship on Bush Jr.’s part, he talked the Chinese down from their paranoia. Likely dismembering the EP-3A and gaining American military secrets also cooled some hot-heads in China.

    The question I continue to ask, which is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge; is “How do you select for your governing hierarchy?”

    All sophisticated organisms have some sort of control mechanisms, and that includes BOTH north east asian and aryan type civilizations. Japanese hot heads would probably love to mix it up with and kill Chinese hot heads.

  101. Mefobills says:

    And yet…there were substantial Jewish populations in Eastern Europe before WWII, and after WWII they were gone. Something happened to them, and simply saying that they “went East” is not adequate. That remains a huge, unresolved issue for the revisionists.

    It’s not a revisionist problem.

    For the most part, Jews in the east were partisans. Bolshevism was a brain washing operation that turned Jews into partisan killers. A substantial number of Jews were also shooting Russian red army soldiers in the back if they retreated. Of course, after the war, the Jewish Cheka engaged in the most blood-thirsty operations in history.

    The Waffen SS (a volunteer European army) had a lot of problems with the partisans as said partisans did not operate under normal rules of war. Rules don’t matter if you are a superior Jew, right? So, uncivilized partisans were normally killed with prejudice, rather than allowed to live as a prisoner of war.

    Interview with a Waffen SS soldier, who was in the East (Ukraine) where partisans were active.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Sepp
  102. Phoenix says:

    “one of the greatest swindles of all time”

    Thank you for having the courage to add your voice – in such a clear, logical manner – to the growing number of credible people who publicly challenge the holocaust hoax.

    I look forward to a time when the reparations payments are cancelled and substantial amounts are returned.

    • Agree: annamaria, Petermx
  103. @Zachary Smith

    I had a look at the Respectful Insolence website you link. I don’t think it really supports what you (or even it) think it supports:

    I’ve written before about a favorite crank gambit, falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus (FIUFIO), which means “false in one thing, false in all things.” … the idea is that, if the climate scientists whose e-mail and files were leaked were indeed conspiring to hide “inconvenient” data or stifle “dissent,” then all scientists by extension are doing the same thing, and that means that “doubts” about evolution, whether HIV causes AIDS, or the safety and efficacy of vaccines are validated; if you’re a crank, that is. That’s why FIUFIO is favorite of creationists who see a bit of data that changes the way we think about evolution and concludes from it that all of evolution must be false…

    Unfortunately, FIUFIO is a legal principle, not a scientific principle. It is primarily used (and makes sense) in the courtroom, not in science. That’s why lawyers are so aggressive at trying to impeach the credibility of a witness (and lawyers on the other side labor so hard to prevent that from happening). If a witness can be shown to have been mistaken or to have lied about one thing, then by the principle of FIUFIO, it is reasonable to question everything else in that witness’ testimony. In a criminal case such questions could easily be enough to cast “reasonable doubt” on the testimony, which is all that’s required for an acquittal.

    Unlike crop circles and astrology (or climate and evolution), the holocaust was and remains essentially a criminal accusation:

    1) against the Nuremberg defendants, most of whom were hung;

    2) by extension, against the German people as implicit justification for our genocidal bombing of their cities, mass rape, ethnic cleansing, starvation of POWs and civilians, the genocidal Morgenthau Plan, etc. and their continual payment of reparations to Israel ever since;

    3) against all Western Civilization as the go-to argument for why European nations have no right to defend their demographic integrity against third world immigration and its consequences; and,

    4) against all humanity, as rebuttal, should any criticize Israeli policy, and as pretext for retaliation á la the Samson Option, should Israel consider itself threatened.

    If reasonable doubt is sufficient to prohibit the conviction and the potentially unjust consequences of punishing a dubiously accused shoplifter, how much more valid in defense of entire nations, civilizations, and/or humanity itself?

    Bizarre, absurd, and contradictory “eyewitness” testimony, “reconstructed” gas chambers passed off as originals, the implausibly total absence of documentation, and a plethora of falsified evidence (shrunken heads, lampshades, soap, etc.) put forth by Allied governments including ours, etc., definitely constitute more than reasonable grounds for doubting the official version of the holocaust.

    Finally, Kollerstrom’s book is more a compilation of evidence, analysis, and arguments developed by revisionists than his own original research. This makes ad hominem attacks for his alleged other beliefs even less relevant. If you disagree with what he has assembled in this book, challenge the sources.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  104. anarchyst says:
    @hank jr

    The “Diary” of Anne Frank was partially written with a ball-point pen by her father, Otto Frank, the ball-point pen not being invented until the 1950s.
    Anne Frank’s jewish cabal was composed of black-marketeers, thieves, document forgers, and other criminal types who were forced into hiding because their criminal enterprise was exposed.
    They were not sent to the camps for being jews, but for being criminals.
    It is interesting to note that, although Anne Frank (supposedly) perished in a camp, her father became ill and was treated in a camp hospital where he fully recovered. If these camps were “death camps”, why the need for a hospital?
    The whole Anne Frank narrative is based on lies and fabrications…

  105. @The Real World

    1) Not everybody relies on hope and pray…

    2) Evil is not invincible… Only love is invincible

    3) To clean the house from parasites requires proactive action. Since kicking the parasites out doesn’t work (because plagues always come back after a time), only ethnic cleansing will work.

    This will be known in History books as
    The Revenge of the Goyim 😉

    • Replies: @The Real World
  106. Arafat says:

    The Palestinian Holocaust is real and those responsible must be held tp account.

  107. anarchyst says:

    There was no “holocaust” and I can prove it…
    If “the holocaust” is so thoroughly documented, why do all the documents show that it never happened?
    All of the German camp documents were stored at Bad Aralson since the end of the war. The Red Cross/ITS was the agency charged with controlling these records at Bad Aralson.
    In 1985, 40 years after the war, Dr Charles Beiderman was the head of the Red Cross/ITS, Beiderman was called to testify at the Zundel trial for the prosecution. Beiderman testified that QUOTE as of December 31, 1983, the total number of deaths registered with the Special Registry Office and various other registry offices was 373,468.
    There is NOT ONE DOCUMENT outlining any extermination plan for jews or others. In fact, prominent Zionists collaborated with the German government and formulated plans at the highest level of the German government for the transfer of jews to what was then known as Palestine. Absolutely nothing was noted or recorded about extermination.
    Official International Red Cross figures for all camp deaths total around 731,000-NOT 6 million. In fact, population totals pre-WW2 and post-WW2 show an INCREASE in the jewish population in post-WW2 Europe immediately after the cessation of the war.
    If a country were hell-bent on genocide, WHY WOULD IT KEEP RECORDS?? WHY would it build camps hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away with sanitary facilities, housing, medical, recreational and other ancillary facilities? Would it not have been easier to just “eliminate” them without going through all of this trouble? Why would they expend massive effort on logistical movement utilizing their limited energy resources if the goal was extermination? Things do not add up.
    Something BIG stinks in this whole jewish holocaust deal. It is no secret that jewish Zionists made deals with the German government in order to make life uncomfortable for jewish Germans. In fact, it was jewish Zionist leaders who first proposed that all jews wear the yellow Star of David armband so that they could be easily identified. German jews considered themselves Germans first and had no desire to emigrate.


    The establishment of a homeland along with the 6,000,000 figure was a Zionist dream since the 1800s. Many periodicals of the day starting with the 1800s touted the “six-million” figure.
    What better way to encourage emigration to a foreign land than to make things difficult for the cream of German society (jews)?? The TRUTH about the so-called jewish holocaust is out . . .
    As cremation of ONE human body takes hours, the amount of time claimed by holocaust promoters is a physical, scientific and statistical impossibility. Their claims also do not account for the “downtime” that crematoria require for maintenance, etc. In addition, there are no mass burial sites that are commensurate with the claims of “six-million” or even “one-million”. There is also a jewish prohibition on excavation of claimed possible burial sites. WHY?? Because THEY DO NOT EXIST.
    There is even a prohibition on the use of ground penetrating radar to search for burial sites. WHY?? If millions were gassed and cremated, the activities would have lasted well into the 1950s.
    The so-called jewish holocaust has been turned into a de-facto religion in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish holocaust truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the tribe that FEAR the real truth of the jewish holocaust being exposed is evident.
    A questionable judicial “trick” used in holocaust trials is that of “judicial notice” in which TRUTH CANNOT BE USED AS A DEFENSE OR ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE IN THE KANGAROO COURTS THAT PROSECUTE THOSE WHO DARE TO INVESTIGATE THIS HISTORICAL EVENT. Judicial notice, once invoked against a defendant, disallows the introduction of evidence that does not conform to “commonly accepted beliefs” about the “holocaust”, EVEN IF THE EVIDENCE EXPOSES THE HOLOCAUST LIES AND FABRICATIONS THAT CAN EASILY BE DEBUNKED. A question for you holocaust promoters-why are there laws that criminalize the search for truth?? What are you afraid of??
    When the truth about this historical event comes out, it will change much of the world’s perception about those that are using this event as a cash cow that keeps on giving. . . there’s NO business like SHOAH business. Zionist complicity in this event is carefully covered up.
    A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question official jewish holocaust orthodoxy. Most European countries have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the official jewish holocaust story. WHY?? In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to all things holocaust. Ask noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment.
    The latest victims of holocaustianity are Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer and Sylvia Stolz, who are elderly grandmothers who have been prosecuted and sentenced to maximum-security prison in Germany for incorrect thoughts.
    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the chosen) to engineer the jewish holocaust, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish holocaust was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many holocausts of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish holocaust is the only one that counts . . . It is interesting to note that the term holocaust to mean mass extermination was never used during or immediately after WW2, only coming to vogue in the 1960s, when it was noted that false guilt could be assigned and reparations could be procured.
    Look at the commercialization of the so-called jewish holocaust while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten.
    To assure a continuing supply of jewish holocaust survivors, jews are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean camp numbers) on their children and grandchildren. In addition, jewish psychologists have come up with a new concept, and disease-holocaust transference syndrome. You see, children and grandchildren of jewish holocaust survivors are infected with this disease and should also be considered holocaust survivors, eligible for holocaust reparations. According to these jewish psychiatrists, even unrelated individuals can be “infected”with this jewish-only “malady”.
    Since the Zionist jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933), the Germans had no choice but to complete the Zionist plan of marginalizing German jews (to say the least)..
    This fulfilled the Zionist plan of forcing German jews to emigrate to Palestine while making the world grant jews a homeland Israel. It is interesting to note that the German boycott of jewish businesses lasted for one day, while the jewish boycott (actually the jewish declaration of war on Germany) started in1933 and lasted until the summation of WW2.
    Let’s not forget that as “world jewry” declared WAR on Germany in 1933, a book “Germany Must Perish” was authored by Theodore N. Kaufman, a jew, who advocated the complete destruction and extermination of Germany, it’s people and culture, and erasure from the world timeline and history.
    Zionists have been predicting a jewish homeland for the last two-hundred years while predicting a holocaust of 6 million for the same amount of time. The ACTUAL number of non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations is approximately 731,000, NOT 6 million (official International Red Cross figures). The International Red Cross had full access to all of the camps for the duration of the war, yet reported NOT ONE INSTANCE of extermination or mass murder.
    Regarding that (jewish freak show) holocaust showplace Auschwitz, there are engineering inconsistencies in the design of the so-called gas chambers. The doors are not of a gas-tight design; it would have been impossible to retrieve the bodies, and there is no means to ventilate the rooms after the so-called gassing took place. There is a gas chamber chimney that is not connected to anything. From an engineering standpoint, these are very serious errors that would have caused the deaths of the operators of these supposed gas chambers. As Germans were excellent engineers, it is difficult to observe the glaring engineering errors that presently exist in these camps.
    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported gas chambers, had them tested and published his results. The absence of Prussian blue (ferricyanide) in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the gas chambers did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing. In fact, the chimney for the supposed gas chamber does not connect to anything.
    Mr. Leuchter was rewarded for his search for TRUTH with his professional and personal character assassination by those of the tribe. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts law for practicing engineering without a license-a law which had never been used vindictively before or since. . .After his report was published, he was harassed by Israeli “deep state” types (mossad) who he successfully “outed”.
    It is no secret that after WW2, the Soviets attempted to create the death camps for propaganda purposes. Yes, there was extreme deprivation and suffering–many people perished. The prime cause of death was typhus. As allied bombings destroyed most of the infrastructure, typhus was at epidemic levels. THIS is what caused the massive amounts of human deaths . . .NOT gassing.
    It is interesting to note that, before the camps were liberated by the allies, the camp occupants chose to flee with the German troops, rather than be liberated by the Russian allies.
    It is said that the light of day is the best disinfectant in the search for truth Unfortunately this quote does not apply to all things holocaust. It appears that there are those”holocaust promoters who are afraid of the TRUTH.
    Hence the prosecution and incarceration of those who dare question aspects of this historical event.
    I urge all holocaust believers to check these things out for yourselves IF YOU DARE. You will not like what you find…

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Thanks: annamaria, Doug Hillman
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  108. I would suggest that what we have here is a zero sum game.

    By that I mean in order for the Jews to look good the Germans must be seen as monsters. And for the Germans to look good the Jews must look like lying con artists, to say the least.

    Which side will prevail? My money is on the Germans. There’s a lot more of them, they are hard working and generally intelligent. Sooner or later they will wise up.
    But then again, maybe not.

    • Disagree: Insouciant
    • Replies: @Insouciant
  109. BaronAsh says: • Website

    “When he was asked by the defense to explain how the Germans had been able to carry out an undertaking as enormous as the extermination of millions of Jews without any kind of plan, without any central agency, without any blueprint or budget, Hilberg replied that in the various Nazi agencies there had been “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus mind-reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”” Talk about a conspiracy theory! That’s as good an example of one as can be found anywhere in world history!

    Excerpt from a summary of the first Zundel Trial in 1985.

    Raul H was the pre-eminent Holohoax Historian par excellence but he was ripped to shreds by the recently deceased Christie acting as counsel for the Defense.

    My favorite witness, though, was Rudolf Vrba who ended up confessing that all the facts and figures he had given testimony about for years in various trials were made up and that he never actually saw a single person being gassed. His trial testimony is good reading:

    After objecting about the treatment of human beings in Gaza on the Asia Times Online forum I was accused of being a holocaust deniar, a terms I had never come across. So I googled it. And ended up going down a 1-2 year rabbit hole after which I have never trusted a single thing any elected politician or media voice utters in the West. With the current Ukraine war I haven’t and will not read anything from NYT, WAPO or Fox or CNN etc. Total waste of time. I don’t believe the Russian Mod, or anything (z)Elinsky says, or Gonzalo Lira or Duran for that matter, though the latter seem sincere at least.

    As long as that atrocity propaganda narrative stands and people are still being arrested for it we know that our representative democracies are phony – which clearly they are.

    So in that sense the narrative is very helpful, albeit only for the very few willing to penetrate into its fraudulent nature and then contemplate the ramifications of how this – and other – BIG LIES are the foundational underpinnings of the way most of us view our politico-social reality and how their framing keeps us all tethered in pastures whose main diet is 100% genetically-modified BS!

    The Holy Cause in terms of the facts of what actually happened (and didn’t happen) has been exposed as fraudulent many times now but the narrative remains and the truth still cannot easily be told. That tells you all you need to know.

    • Agree: 2stateshmustate
    • Thanks: John Wear
    • Replies: @annamaria
  110. SteveK9 says:

    There is a large amount of evidence presented here, but what convinced me some time ago, was that there is NO documentary evidence of a planned or executed program of extermination of Jews. That is simply not possible, for any government or people and certainly not for the Germans.

  111. Ron Unz says:

    I’d mentioned and recommended Kollerstrom’s book in my own long article on this subject from 2018. For those so interested, here’s the link:

    My approach to analyzing the history had quite been different but had generally come to similar conclusions. For those so interested, here are a few paragraphs from one of the sections:

    Some years ago, I came across a totally obscure 1951 book entitled Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty, a well-regarded university professor.  Beaty had spent his wartime years in Military Intelligence, being tasked with preparing the daily briefing reports distributed to all top American officials summarizing available intelligence information acquired during the previous 24 hours, which was obviously a position of considerable responsibility.

    As a zealous anti-Communist, he regarded much of America’s Jewish population as deeply implicated in subversive activity, therefore constituting a serious threat to traditional American freedoms.  In particular, the growing Jewish stranglehold over publishing and the media was making it increasingly difficult for discordant views to reach the American people, with this regime of censorship constituting the “Iron Curtain” described in his title.  He blamed Jewish interests for the totally unnecessary war with Hitler’s Germany, which had long sought good relations with America, but instead had suffered total destruction for its strong opposition to Europe’s Jewish-backed Communist menace.

    Beaty also sharply denounced American support for the new state of Israel, which was potentially costing us the goodwill of so many millions of Muslims and Arabs.  And as a very minor aside, he also criticized the Israelis for continuing to claim that Hitler had killed six million Jews, a highly implausible accusation that had no apparent basis in reality and seemed to be just a fraud concocted by Jews and Communists, aimed at poisoning our relations with postwar Germany and extracting money for the Jewish State from the long-suffering German people.

    Furthermore, he was scathing toward the Nuremberg Trials, which he described as a “major indelible blot” upon America and “a travesty of justice.”  According to him, the proceedings were dominated by vengeful German Jews, many of whom engaged in falsification of testimony or even had criminal backgrounds.  As a result, this “foul fiasco” merely taught Germans that “our government had no sense of justice.”  Sen. Robert Taft, the Republican leader of the immediate postwar era took a very similar position, which later won him the praise of John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage.  The fact that the chief Soviet prosecutor at Nuremberg had played the same role during the notorious Stalinist show trials of the late 1930s, during which numerous Old Bolsheviks confessed to all sorts of absurd and ridiculous things, hardly enhanced the credibility of the proceedings to many outside observers.

    Then as now, a book taking such controversial positions stood little chance of finding a mainstream New York publisher, but it was soon released by a small Dallas firm, and then became enormously successful, going through some seventeen printings over the next few years.  According to Scott McConnell, founding editor of The American Conservative, Beaty’s book became the second most popular conservative text of the 1950s, ranking only behind Russell Kirk’s iconic classic, The Conservative Mind.

    Moreover, although Jewish groups including the ADL harshly condemned the book, especially in their private lobbying, those efforts provoked a backlash, and numerous top American generals, both serving and retired, wholeheartedly endorsed Beaty’s work, denouncing the ADL efforts at censorship and urging all Americans to read the volume.  Although Beaty’s quite explicit Holocaust Denial might shock tender modern sensibilities, at the time it seems to have caused barely a ripple of concern and was almost totally ignored even by the vocal Jewish critics of the work.

  112. The holohoax was invented by the WW2 allies to deflect criticism of them for killing MILLIONS OF CIVILIANS in japan and germany by urban bombing.

    It’s an ancient tactic. Absolve your crime by making your victim look worse.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  113. @silviosilver

    I really don’t want to live in a world in which I constantly have to prove my “worth” to the nation, to endlessly worship its “greatness,” and in which I have to despise my neighbors as “inferiors” and “historical enemies.” If those things appeal to you, then fascism will be attractive to you, and you will strive mightily to rehabilitate its image – including creatively explaining away its many shortcomings.

    Are you implying that these demands —
    — “constantly have to prove my “worth” to the nation
    — “to endlessly worship its “greatness,”
    — “I have to despise my neighbors as “inferiors” and “historical enemies.”

    are essential elements of the Mussolini-Gentile Fascist Manifesto?

    Would you mind quoting the passages in Fascist Manifesto where you found these demands?

    Could you also suggest to me a state in the USA where I will not be harangued to “despise my neighbors as inferiors” and “historical enemies;” nor to “endlessly worship its ‘greatness’?”

    I am forced to limit to USA, since the government of this great nation demands that I “prove” my submission to unnecessary medical treatment as a condition of leaving its borders.

  114. Mefobills says:

    It is worth reminding the reader at this point that it is these sorts of utterly fantastic statements that characterize much of the ‘eyewitness’ testimonials, but whose uncritical acceptance by generations of readers is, rather, mere testimony to the credulity of the true-believer. Let us move on to our next witness.

    The vast bulk of humans are normies. They want to go along and get along, and they are credulous.

    The Covid hoax narrative had entire populations saluting, and going along to get their vaccine shot, which wasn’t a vaccine. It was gene therapy, but a credulous population could not be bothered to investigate. Why? Because they are trusting.

    Hollow-Caustianinty got traction in the minds of normies, because it is easy to program humans with narrative. It has become scientific of late, with Mass Formation Psychosis mechanisms.

    The first mass propagandist was the Jew, Edward Bernays.

    The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

    Jewish parasitism, and control of the press existed long before Bernays, he just popularized it. For example, soon after the printing press was invented, our (((friends))) in Amsterdam were publishing propaganda screeds in English, aimed at credulous English citizens. This included Athias Bibles printed at a cost that would be in the millions of dollars today. Why would Dutch Jews print Bibles, in English? The new religion of Judeo-Christianity required Jews to be seen as “gods special people.” England was targeted for the parasite to make his next jump. Spinoza was not happy about the actions of his tribemates, and eventually Spinoza was excommunicated.

  115. @anarchyst

    Several years ago at a conference to discuss the impact of Israel on US foreign policy, someone in the audience challenged the appropriateness of holocaust education and specifically of requiring public school students to read Diary of Anne Frank.

    Phil Weiss of Mondoweiss, widely regarded as “righteous among the Jews,” was on the panel. He retorted that it was “disgusting” to “problematize” reading Anne Frank, and the practice should absolutely continue.

  116. Mefobills says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    The holohoax was invented by the WW2 allies to deflect criticism of them for killing MILLIONS OF CIVILIANS in japan and germany by urban bombing.

    The allies left propaganda narrative in place. They didn’t counter what their own military propaganda departments were peddling. So, false narratives took hold in popular imagination and became legend.

    But, you do have a point. For example, the barbaric American bombing, especially of German rail, prevented logistics required to move food from producers to end consumers, which in this case is the labor camps.

    So, it served Allied interests to keep quiet about their hand in starvation killings at end of war.

    • Agree: HdC
  117. @Sepp

    This. As long as the Red Star still stands, russians will remain subhumans.

    All the talk and cry about muh heritage. It was the russians that followed the kikes in murdering their own to create an atheist, kosher hell.

    They are just as responsible as muttmerica.

    • Troll: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Sepp
  118. @2stateshmustate

    Lying vs being lied about does not equal a zero sum game.

    • Replies: @2stateshmustate
  119. HdC says:

    Not evidence, but food for thought:
    In preparation for the filming of “Schindler’s List”, investigators traveled to 60 (SIXTY!) different countries to interview survivors of the holocaust.
    There is your answer to where the Jews from the camps went.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @HeebHunter
  120. surly says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Franklin, by all means we should consider rebuttals, but in the case of the holocaust controversies authors it is best to mention their reputation is poor, so much so that even the other side of the aisle is willing to publicize it.

    Don’t believe me? Check out the posted warning at the top of the dedication page at the ARC site.

    • Thanks: John Wear, eah
  121. Good book. Good man.

    • Replies: @Mark Gobell
  122. anon[134] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing I didn’t see mentioned was how the number of 5 million gays and Gypsies was added to the number of 6 million Jews who were allegedly turned into thin air by the Nazis. I read once that this number was solely based on an offhand remark by Simon Wiesenthal.

    GT-your calculator needs fixing. 6M Juz plus 5M other =12 M. However only the Juz matters. Thats the equivalent of wiping out NY City 0ne and a half times. OR, wiping out the entire populations of NYC and Chicago, and all in the space of a few years.

    German casualties in WW2 amounted to about 8M. It is a testament to their efficiency that while the were dying in droves on the battlefield, Adolph still managed to do away with some 30% more on the home front.

    I believe the Holocaust did happen as I looked at Schindler;s List on Bitchute. UR readers should check out the movie and they will see the ashes rising in the air as millions burned. Forget about the human bodies being 70% water, this natural characteristic did not apply to the Shlomos.

    My belief is so strong that to this day I do not use soap, candles etc and I have no just never know !! You fellas are too cynical and jaded.

    • LOL: mocissepvis
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @annamaria
  123. Sepp says:

    “It happened that many of the partisans were Jews. They were killed because they were partisans, not because they were Jews”

    • Agree: Mefobills, HdC
  124. A.D. says:

    This albeit-fascinating article is little more than yet another layer of very-high-level Controlled Opposition.

    The author implies that Jew-hating psychopath Nazis actually existed, and that they actually did round-up and imprison Jews.

    Probably not.

    Not a word about how the Nazis very likely were actually Jews. Or about how Hitler was never actually elected or possessed any bona fide power. Or about how Anne Frank perhaps never actually existed.

    This is just more manipulation. More brainwashing.

    Just for a much different target audience.

  125. A.D. says:

    Am I allowed to post my criticism and skepticism?

    Or is this a place, highly ironically, of censorship and fascism….??!!

    • Replies: @A.D.
  126. Sepp says:

    The Jews own both sides of every contest. Likely they even own both sides of the card deck at a black jack table in Las Vegas.

  127. anarchyst says:

    Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck are three women who have been incarcerated for questioning aspects of the so-called jewish “holocaust”.
    You see, the jewish “holocaust” has been turned into a “religion, in which no investigation or dissension is permitted, “under penalty of law” in many countries.
    The “kangaroo courts” that prosecute those who dare to seek TRUTH about this event utilize a concept called “judicial notice”. For those who are uninformed about this practice, “judicial notice” disallows any evidence that goes against the “commonly accepted beliefs”, EVEN IF THE “COMMONLY ACCEPTED BELIEFS” CAN BE PROVEN TO BE FALSE.
    Judicial notice is a dangerous concept, as it is quite often used to make sure that the courts get a conviction. If a defendant cannot introduce evidence on his own behalf, true “justice” is impossible.
    The jewish “holocaust ™” is burning itself out, as more and more people are realizing that it is truly the biggest “hoax of the 20th century”.
    Censorship and incarceration for independent “thought” is the last grasp for the holohoax crowd. They don’t want to see their “cash cow” end.
    The holocaust promoters are at it again, claiming that memories of the “holocaust” can be transferred to children, grandchildren, and even unrelated individuals (jews only).
    They want to keep the reparations racket going. What better way than to declare that the descendants of “holocaust” victims are “holocaust” victims as well?
    It has been shown that approximately 40% of all jews suffer from some degree of schizophrenia, possibly from “male genital mutilation” where the “mohel” fellates the infant, passing whatever STDs the “mohel” possesses….put such people in power, and you have the situation that we live under today.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @annamaria
  128. Sepp says:

    Another example of karmic justice in this conflict in Ukraine is that Putin will never be allowed a negotiated settlement, just as with Hitler and the Kaiser before him.

    Russia is facing the same kind of war of genocide that Germany was in 1914 and 1940, and it is the same tribe who is forcing it on Russia that forced it on Germany.

    Russia may be much better positioned in terms of resources and being able to feed herself than Germany was in 1940, and Russia may have a broad and capable nuclear arsenal. Russia should also have the benefit of history, and of being able to see what the Jews did to Germany after two world wars. But it is also in this sense the Russia is crippled by a massive disadvantage: Putin is a crypto-jew.

    Because Putin cannot name the Jewish origins of the Holohoax, Putin cannot defend Russia against these same talmudic tactics. When the Jews perform their Dolchstoss on Russia, Putin not only will be defenseless against it, he most likely will be part of the stab in the back.

    In the end, after Russia has been raped, plundered, genocided, and saddled with its own mantle Judaic genocide guilt, with Jews lording Nuremberg style “justice” over them, then just like Germany Russia’s biggest crime will have been not waging the same kind of wars against Jews that Jews have been waging against Russia for centuries.

    Russia’s best chance now is a total war that does not preclude genocide against Judea. A war where a “holocaust” is just as legitimate weapon for slavs against Jews as bolshevism was a legitimate weapon for Jews against slavs. A war where Russians double down on Jews twice for every time Jews double down on Russians. A war where Tel Aviv is targeted for nuclear weapons long before Kiev.

  129. @anarchyst

    Excellent article on Anne Frank’s Diary. The Jews are the true, “Masters of Discourse”. The Ann Frank hoax is an entire industry constructed of thin air, and yet it rakes in millions per year.

  130. Pratt says:
    @Joe Wong

    Mr. Wong, you have an exquisite sense of humor. In addition, you seem to be one of the great humanists of our time.

  131. R2b says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    As you have a website, couldn’t avoid looking.
    Please present those figures about Sweden, related to overall deaths.
    And please do the same for Norway, and was it Finland or Denmark..
    Until then, you are a fraud.

    • Troll: Sepp
    • Replies: @R2b
  132. Hillaire says:

    The modern ‘cancel’ culture and it’s omnipresent censorship and refusal to debate, is just an outgrowth of the ‘holocaust’ MO and associated grift and nonsense….

    which in itself should tell you who’s running the asylum… as Ezra Pound noted..

    “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews’ ” he should also have noted… that if you notice you will be destroyed…

    • Replies: @A.D.
  133. @silviosilver

    Without disputing any of the points you’ve raised, they do not amount to fascism.

    Thank you. You make a very good point. ‘Fascism’ has become a very nebulous–but very negative–term. Today it mostly means ‘authoritarian, militaristic, racist, and evil’. It wasn’t always this way.

    The Fascists were an idealistic, anti-communist political party that emerged in Italy over 100 years ago. Like the members of Hitler’s political movement, they fancied themselves as restorers of national greatness and protectors of their imperiled heritage. And, like Hitler’s NSDAP, they briefly were.

    War can make mincemeat of the best intentions.

  134. @Autisticus Spasticus

    “ To hope that a people imbued with the conviction that a Jew is God will revolt against Jewry is a fool’s errand. As more time passes, it will become clear that the evil in the West not only emanates from the Jewish mass media and our treacherous elites, but also our own people, whose operating systems contain malware implanted since the time of Constantine. ”

    The empire that Constantine built lasted from 333 AD till 1453 AD. That is much longer than any other European empire. And what was the status of the Jews throughout the rein of most Christian Byzantine emperors? Well, Jews were forbidden from many crafts including teaching, banking and whatever primitive media existed back then. That pretty much restricted their nefarious activities. Aside from the Spanish Inquisition and Hitler’s Germany, I am not aware of any European country that managed to keep Jewish influence at bay the way it happened, briefly, in those two countries.

    As for Christians conflating Christ with Judaism, that could be the legacy of the Church despite history failing to prove that Jesus was a Jew. Mother Marie came from what is now Southern Lebanon where allegedly Jesus performed his first miracle at the Canna weddings which was way outside the boundaries of Judea, and Joseph whom it is claimed to be the descendant of King David, is not Jesus’s biological father. Yet, most Jews insist that Jesus was a Jew for the simple reason that they seek self glorification by claiming the Jewishness of most people who played important roles in history and by fooling the gullible among the Christians. Some Jews also pretend that Adolf Hitler is of Jewish descendance as they claim that one of his forefathers’ name was Solomon.

    If some Christians are confused about the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, it is because Churchianity has failed to dissociate the Old Testament from the New Testament. Yet, we have to take into account that for most Jews, the Old Testament has no value and their book of reference is the Talmud. But the Jews will never relinquish the card “ Jesus was a Jew” for that brings the kind of chaos that leads to Christian Zionism that is a legacy of the Protestant reformation and the Scofield Bible and Luther’s “ Sola Scriptura” which opened the way to laymen’s interpretations of the Bible and Christian philosophy. Add to that a Catholic Church that is totally cowed by Jewish power after losing her power because of secularism, and it is no wonder to see the hierarchy of the church pander to Jews and Zionism especially with regard to the Holohoax.

    Let us not forget that the Jewish hierarchy in Jerusalem totally dissociated itself from Jesus and his teachings for they found them antithetical to Judaism. And from the time the Jews failed to rebuild the temple under the rein of Julian the Apostate in the fourth century till the fifteenth century, the Catholic Church was the most potent organization that kept Jewish usury in check until she was seduced by the same trade that she fought from her inception till the beginning of the Renaissance, thereby getting the German Fugger family and the Italian Medici family to build banking empires that contradict all the teachings of Christianity about usury.

    I very much agree with the rest of your post which I consider to be one of the greatest analysis about Jews that I have seen on TUR.

  135. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Autisticus Spasticus….

    A well-articulated scenario of how the myth of Judaism and the conjure of mythological gods, Via the Talmudic Babylonian Rabbinic kabalistic-Zoharian magic, which is turned into a masterful manifestation of false realities and mythological satires having been printed on paper and remembered by jews through those of picture-perfect memory of false history. The latter has been concocted to condition the masses over hundreds and thousands of years. This Myth by far, being a Christian modus operandi fabricated by the Romans at the fall of Israel’s 70 ce demise into the Diaspora of Jewish Semites throughout Europe and Asia and around the world… Here we encounter the fraud of historical reality… Created by the Rabbis of selfish narrasistic fantasy and the powerful conjure of words without substance…

  136. Sepp says:

    What Putin’s talking about when he talks about ‘denazification’

    What’s not acceptable – and here I get emotional because I’m the child of Holocaust survivors – is the trivialization of the Holocaust by claiming that there’s a genocide in eastern Ukraine. I mean, Putin’s regime is a Christian nationalist regime, and Christian nationalism is a threat to Jews everywhere. And I don’t think he’s trying to convince anyone. I think he’s trying to mock the language of the Holocaust. It’s Eastern European antisemitism. Eastern European antisemitism takes the form of saying that we Jews stole the victimhood narrative. He’s mocking Jews. He saying, “The real victims are Christian Russians in eastern Ukraine. Those are the victims of genocide, not the child of a Holocaust survivor, descended of Holocaust survivors, the Jewish leader of Ukraine.” And that’s where I see the appeal: Christian nationalism is antisemitic to its core.

    This encapsulates Putin’s dilemma. As far as Jews are concerned, “Christian nationalism is antisemitic to its core”. Putin is either a Jewish patsy, or a fool.

  137. @Sorel McRae

    If you disagree with what he has assembled in this book, challenge the sources.

    I don’t believe I’ll bother spending both money and reading time on the blathering of a 75-76 year old crank.

    I’m also going to try very hard to avoid Mr. Kollerstrom’s output in the future. Another search revealed he has published on this very site as plain “Nick Kollerstrom”.

    There Is No Pandemic

    As they say, numbers don’t lie, but liars do numbers. I’m just not interested in Mr. Kollerstrom’s storytelling – like maybe how the Sun actually revolves around the Earth on a Crystal Sphere, or that witches are real. Life is too short to bother with delusional old characters like him.

  138. @Larry Romanoff

    But then, supporting the Covid hoax is not any different from supporting the Holocaust.

  139. A.D. says:

    Thank you. My mistake, it seems. You can delete my “Am I allowed…” comment.

  140. @Dutch Boy

    The Holocaust narrative serves not just as a tool for Jewish power but also as absolution for the allied powers

    Wholeheartedly agree that it serves as a tool for Jewish power, but as absolution for allied powers? On the contrary, it is a millstone chained to all goyim, in perpetuity — no absolution ever — only for Israel. The permanent collective Western guilt from this Holo-hoax is what grants Zionist Israel permanent immunity for any and all crimes.

    As Truth Vigilante #27 quotes from Kollerstrom’s book

    The Holo-religion promotes the never -ending guilt of the goyim for having allowed such a thing to happen to God’s Chosen People.
    That is their ‘Original Sin’ and their ‘Redemption’ is achieved by the never-ceasing flow of funds to Israel.
    …. Nicholas Kollerstrom.

    ‘Redemption’ is properly nested in quotes because it can never be granted.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Bookish1
  141. An interesting review but riddled with inaccuracies:

    “Up until then (Barbarossa) an entirely successful German military.” AH lost WW2 when he failed to gain air supremacy over Great Britain.

    Germans had no DDT during the war.

    I believe the Russians have only released half the Auschwitz death registers.

    AH killed 27 million Russians? Sounds high.

    Billy Wilder put together the Shrunken head and tat lampshade show. It is believed the items were taken from a university’s ethnological department.

    • Disagree: Petermx
  142. @HdC

    Holohoaxers will burn in hell.

  143. @Zachary Smith

    You miss the point. You need not refute, or even read, Kollerstrom at all, just the sources. I have. Most of them are pretty solid.

  144. The review of the book fails to mention where
    to order this amazing book. Amazon banned
    the book in 2017.

    You can order it from Banned Amazon Books. The direct link is:

    Michael Santomauro

    • Thanks: mark green
  145. anarchyst says:
    @Joe Levantine

    We have to get away from the “judeo-Christian” mindset…
    Using the “Old Testament” for “laws” is wrong. Yes, the Ten Commandments are a good guide which proscribes certain behaviors, but the rest of mosaic law relies on a vindictive, vengeful “god” to exact “punishment” on “his people”.


    That my work fine for jews, as they have their supremacist “Talmud” to rely on, but “for the rest of us”, it won’t wash.
    Judaism is an insular belief system that shuns outsiders, prohibits proselytization, and promotes a form of supremacy, relegating all gentiles (non-jews) to the status of livestock-subhumans with souls, only to be used for the advancement and benefit of jews.
    In fact, slavery (of goyim) is still condoned and encouraged in the jewish Talmud. In addition, the jewish Talmud condones pedophilia, allowing lecherous old jews to rape children as long as they are “three years and a day” of age.
    The barbaric practice of circumcision (male genital mutilation) is also suspect, the mohel fellating the infant after the “deed is done” passing on (who knows what) STDs to the infant. Sick…
    In fact, every jewish “holiday” (holy day) is based on the celebration of genocide and destruction of gentiles.
    Our present troubles are a result of a jewish cabal taking over political decisions in our nominally “multicultural” country.
    Tying Judaism to Christianity was a clever trick used by the jews to “cement” their claim to the “land of Israel” and of the covenant, to which I reply, “God is not a real estate agent”.
    Jews rejected the covenant when they murdered Jesus Christ. Their covenant with (their) God was then “null and void”.
    It is the flawed Schofield translation of the Bible that elevated jews to the status of Christianity’s “elder brothers”, which was then reinforced by the Catholic (flawed) “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” in the 1960s.
    I cringe when I hear well-meaning people talk about out judeo-Christian heritage.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    The god of judaism is a vengeful god, totally unlike the merciful and welcoming God of Christianity.
    Christianity welcomes ALL, regardless of nationality or social status, not true of judaism.
    Sad to say, even the present-day (post-Vatican II ecumenical council) Catholic church has bought into absolving the jews for Jesus Christ’s murder.
    As is the case, even today, the jews got others, the Romans to do their dirty work for them, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
    How can Christians have the same values as the Jews; the very people who denounced and betrayed the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and call for his execution (by others, of course, that is the Jewish way)?
    It makes absolutely no sense at all.
    Jews have no respect for Christianity, for Jesus Christ or Mary, his mother, who are both honored as Prophets in Islam, but instead, Jews spit on hearing their names and do the same while passing a Christian of any kind or a Christian Church in Israel. They have no respect for Christians or any other religion.
    It is time the Jewish lobbies and the American Government leaders as well as the evangelical Christian leaders who mislead the poor American young into joining the military and believing that they are doing something for God and Christianity by fighting Israel’s wars were named, shamed and arrested and tried for treason.
    In a perverse sort of way, israel’s favorite “war song” is “Onward Christian Soldiers”
    There…I’ve said it…

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  146. @White Noise

    1) No one made that claim.

    2) “Only love is invincible” …only in a small number of circumstances. Otherwise, untrue.

    3) “To clean the house from parasites requires proactive action”. And, literally, NONE is evident in that regard. In fact, never before in human history have (((they))) had more control over this globe.

    So, what your actual plan?

  147. @annamaria

    It’s quite ironic that Neocon Zionists and MSM so easily demonize enemies anywhere and everywhere as Hitlers or Nazis, but conspicuously not the actual self-proclaimed Nazis they are directly supporting in Ukraine. Amazing hypocrisy.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  148. anarchyst says:

    Your comment:
    One thing I didn’t see mentioned was how the number of 5 million gays and Gypsies was added to the number of 6 million Jews who were allegedly turned into thin air by the Nazis. I read once that this number was solely based on an offhand remark by Simon Wiesenthal.
    …is merely more proof that jews are mentally ill.
    You see, jews have to be the “bride at every wedding” and the “corpse at every funeral”.
    This is why jews bristle in horror when the “goyim” speak of deaths of those “other than jews”, especially when referring to their phony “holocaust™”.
    Since us “goyim” are considered to be “subhuman livestock, albeit with souls, to be used for the advantage of the jews”, our deaths and other tragedies don’t count. It’s in the jewish Talmud.
    As much as I abhor the likes of Whoopie Goldberg (who claims to be jewish), she was absolutely correct in pointing out that there was much more human suffering during WW2 than the (minimal) suffering of jews. The jews attacked her for speaking the truth (for once).

    • Replies: @anon
  149. @silviosilver

    You are parroting the oligarchs version of fascism. Fascism is the love of nation and kith and kin. There are no fascist Western leaders. NOT ONE.

    Fascism is the love of nation and kith and kin. As such is does not allow business to put greed ahaead of the good of the nation. I agree the oligarchs version of fascism is not good. The problem is their version is a lie.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  150. annamaria says:
    @Francis Miville

    The Canadian Jewish Congress has been very “understanding” and lenient towards the Canadian Banderites who were allowed to build Nazi memorials and hold regular Nazi parades. Anti-Christ Freeland, deputy of Justine Trudeau, is the glaring example of the special relationships between Canadian Jews and the Nazi collaborators and their progeny.

    “The Canadian Bandera Network in Canada:
    “2017 Convention of the League of Ukrainian Canadians and League of Ukrainian Canadian Women… On the far-right is a portrait of the World War 2-era Ukrainian fascist leader and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.”

    The Canadian Banderite network extends well beyond Toronto and Etobicoke in Ontario. It is perhaps strongest in Edmonton and Calgary, the two largest cities in the western province of Alberta, where the Canadian government has contributed tens of thousands of dollars over the years to their respective CYM youth centers. … the government of Alberta footed 10% of the bill for the 1972-73 construction of the “massive” Ukrainian Youth Complex in Edmonton, which cost \$750,000 in total, including the erection of the city’s “first Ukrainian public memorial”—a “larger-than-life bronze bust” of UPA commander Roman Shukhevych [Nazi collaborator during WWII] at the building’s entrance, “in front of which the [Banderite] believers can perform their nationalist rituals.”

    Canadian and American Jews nurtured Banderites as perspective cannon fodder in a war against Russia. Today, the Banderites are dying in Ukraine for the glory of Zionism – in Judea’s War against Russia.

    Roman Shukhevych was one of the commanders of Nachtigall Battalion, a hauptmann of the German Schutzmannschaft 201 auxiliary police battalion, a military leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and one of the organizers of the Galicia-Volhynia massacres of approximately 100,000 Poles [mostly women and children]. … Shukhevych planned and also participated in terrorist activities and assassinations.

    Canada has imprisoned several honest historians in WWII for “holobiz denial.” The same Canadian government has been supporting the open celebration of Nazi collaborators.

    Who has approved the construction of the monument to Shukhevych? Why the Canadian Jewish Congress was so benevolent to the construction of the monument to the famous Nazi collaborator?

  151. @Sepp

    Putin is a crypto-jew.

    For quite some times, I have also thought that that is possible.

    “By way of deception…”

  152. Hoyeru says:

    very funny AND TELLING how @ Been_There_Done_That is NOWHERE to found in this thread, repeatedly arguing with posters over and over and over and over and ALWAYS moving the goal posts EVERY SINGLE TIME his NUMEROUS posts have been debunked.

    • Agree: Doug Hillman
  153. @gay troll

    One thing I didn’t see mentioned was how the number of 5 million gays and Gypsies was added to the number of 6 million Jews who were allegedly turned into thin air by the Nazis.

    Yes. This is one of the most overlooked details about orthodox Holocaust history: those 5 (or 6) million goys Hitler is also supposed to have murdered, it’s always muh six million. You’d think they’d prefer the 11 million total for maximum propaganda value, but no. Food for thought…

    • Replies: @gay troll
  154. Lurch685 says:

    I can tell you’re just a blast at parties.

  155. annamaria says:

    “After objecting about the treatment of human beings in Gaza on the Asia Times Online forum I was accused of being a holocaust denier.”

    — Yet the Canadian Banderites have been building memorials to Ukrainian Nazi collaborators and held Nazi parades with the tacit approval of the Jewish Lobby in Canada and the US.

    “I don’t believe the Russian Mod, or anything (z)Elinsky says, or Gonzalo Lira or Duran for that matter, though the latter seems sincere at least.”

    — The Nazification of Ukraine has been a Jewish project. This statement is very hard to refute.

  156. annamaria says:

    The Swindler’s List was created by a member of the infamous Mega Group:

    By virtue of the role of many Mega Group members as major political donors in both the U.S. and Israel, several of its most notable members have close ties to the governments of both countries as well as their intelligence communities.
    … the Mega Group also had close ties to two businessmen who worked for Israel’s Mossad — Robert Maxwell and Marc Rich — as well as to top Israeli politicians, including past and present prime ministers with deep ties to Israel’s intelligence community. …

    Epstein appears to have ties to Israeli intelligence and has well-documented ties to influential Israeli politicians and the Mega Group. Yet, those entities are not isolated in and of themselves, as many also connect to the organized crime network and powerful alleged pedophiles discussed in previous installments of this series.

    One of the newest known members of Mega is Hollywood billionaire Steven Spielberg, whose Dreamworks Studio has produced such films as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg’s Shoah (Hebrew for “Holocaust”) has gathered a video archive of testimony from 50,000 Jewish Holocaust victims.

    Spielberg has united with PussyRiot in support of the Nazification project in Ukraine:

    Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have donated \$1 million to Ukraine humanitarian organizations. Earlier this month, Mila Kunis [Jewish] who was born in Ukraine, and her husband, Ashton Kutcher [Jewish], launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise \$30 million to go toward relief efforts that help Ukrainian families. … The Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot has been using its fanbase to support Ukraine, raising more than \$7 million.

    None of these “philanthropists” had any concern for the suffering families in Libya and Syria, the victims of the US-waged Wars for Israel in the Middle East. The suffering Palestinian families are obviously non-human to the Jewish supremacists.

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  157. annamaria says:

    Cannot wait for Palestinian families to demand reparations from ALL Jews for the memories of the ongoing bombardment and humiliation committed on the Israel-occupied territories in the name of the Jewish State.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  158. anon[134] • Disclaimer says:

    As much as I abhor the likes of Whoopie Goldberg (who claims to be jewish), she was absolutely correct in pointing out that there was much more human suffering during WW2 than the (minimal) suffering of jews. The jews attacked her for speaking the truth (for once).

    For a start Whoopie is a complete idiot. I mean who changes their name to Whoopie and combines it with Goldberg. It would be like me changing my name to Dong Longstein. So the mentality base of the Whoopie is laid on a silly and shaky foundation. Blacks are heavily into the name shit and Whoopie is such a disgusting obese black body under a gruesome face that I doubt even a smelly Ju would want a piece. Besides, judging from the content from those Negro lips, I dont think there is much going on topside.

    However she is correct in her statement. A visiting Martian being informed of WW2 would think only Jews suffered and died. That is the way the bullshit flows, over and over to the point where we wonder whether they are trying to convince us or themselves. Whoopie, with not much going on upstairs seem to have forgotten who her Masters are or possibly, felt she was too important to be chastised. DUH !

    Finally, Whoopie lay down with the dogs and got bitten by the fleas. In giving up her Afro identity to be a nigger Ju and hence increase her earnings, she, in her perpetual ignorance, neglected to remember that such is not for free. When the Joos give you a slice of bread they want the whole bakery in return.

    Whoopie is one of those blacks who grovel to the Joo cock for fame and fortune. In return for being their well paid slave and ball napper she tells other blacks why they are oppressed and why they will never make it.

    For all her fame and fortune she is a well paid messenger house Negro, used to pimp and stomp on her own at the behest of her Joo Masters. There is physical slavery but the Whoopster indulges in one more destructive, mental slavery of both herself and her Negro tribe. If that is not an irony and paradox I dont know what is.

  159. This is a very good and lively summary of the serious revisionist literature on the Shoah, Anthony.

    For years I didn’t question the early Shoah narratives. However the slow transformation of the initial narrative starting maybe in the 70’s (I am not sure exactly when) and resulting in a quasi state religion made me very suspicious. So I ended up reading many of those books Anthony is quoting here and now I must say I feel the Shoah is mostly a fiction based on a lot of real suffering by the European Jews, (who would deny the suffering?), but it has become a narrative with a lot of political impact. Large Jewish organizations have abused the good Jewish people and they have pumped in good money to establish a power base for themselves and they trade that power base for politicians and key positions in our institutions. So the Shoah is quite a bonanza for a few people and it is a good tool to get managers in the media used to censorship and to accept it.

  160. Bookish1 says:

    and who is going to pay for those reparations? Think twice before wishing that

  161. Thank you for a very interesting article. Some time ago, I read Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” and was already aware of some of the facts touched upon in this article. The “Holocaust” – the gift that keeps on giving!

  162. annamaria says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Ah, facts have an antisemitic bias… Keep deforming your children’s minds with the indecency of holobiz lies and with the seamless vengeful hatred of everyone who is not Jewish. A sure way to bring up psychopaths and traitors.

    Meanwhile, the role of Jews in the Nazification of Ukraine is glaringly apparent and cannot be obscured by the supposedly philanthropic Jewish hysterics over “helping the Ukrainian refugees.” Help first your victims in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. And don’t forget the Jewish atrocities against the indigenous Palestinians.

    • Agree: Badger Down
  163. annamaria says:
    @Doug Hillman

    This is why the enormous crimes of Jewish Bolsheviks must be exposed in well-researched documentaries.

  164. gay troll says:
    @Felix Krull

    The notion of 5 million gentile Holocaust victims serves two functions. First, it encourages Gentiles to identify with Jews against the Nazis. Yet it also maintains the pre eminence of Jewish victimhood. Hitler killed almost as many Gentiles as Jews. We are the victimological sidekicks.

    I was shocked to hear a reporter read the 6 million + 5 million orthodoxy off a teleprompter on the local NBC affiliate the other day. You know that talking point came from the same centralized font of disinformation that has achieved lockstep across mass media. Yet there is even less basis for invoking the five million than invoking the six million. Of course, nobody invokes 11 million human beings. That would be, like, woke and anti racist. Jews must always be recognized for their pedigree.

    Reading through this comment thread, as someone who is ideologically opposed to Judaism and Naziism both, I am reminded why I think Hitler was controlled opposition. Hitler wrote about and spoke some very important truths regarding Jewish influence on goyish culture and economy. But his critique devolved to a racial standard which actually was in perfect accordance with Jewish exceptionalism. The idea that Jewishness could only arise from one’s genetic makeup served to diminish ideological approaches to conflict resolution, while re inforcing Jewish tribal identity. Hitler fought fire with fire, and it was no surprise that Germany burned.

    Hitler’s racial obsession perhaps stemmed from the fact that his father was a bastard born to a maid named Shiklgruber who was employed at chez Rothschild when she became pregnant. Maybe Hitler didn’t know the nature of his own ancestry, or maybe he did and endeavored to keep it a secret. Either way his demand for racial purity can only be regarded as a mental illness if not an outright fraud.

    Mosaic law is perfectly fascist. The individual exists to strengthen the tribe or nation; the tribe or nation exists to strengthen a spiritual (i.e. invisible) power. Fascism is against individual sovereignty in every way; its morality is predicated on a “greater good” that is conveniently defined by the ruling elite. Jesus Christ, according to the Gospels, is antifascist. He told the Jews to break their social and economic bonds. He does not recommend raising a family, building a home or business, saving money, passing judgment, or doing battle. Since Judaism is inherently fascist, it should come as no surprise that the fascist movements of 20th century Europe ultimately served to strengthen Jewish interests.

    We should also keep in mind that the fasces has been used as a symbol by socialists in the U.S. since the end of WWI. Twin fasces still flank the podium in the House of Representatives. The U.S. is said to have allied with Soviets in WWII, but they also stopped the Soviets from spreading further westward, splitting Germany and then entering into a multi decade “Cold War” against the communists. This “war” was driven on both sides of the conflict by the expertise of former Nazi scientists.

    The simplest conclusion, now as then, is that the difference between socialism, fascism, and communism is only a matter of degree. Even when these systems seem to operate in opposition to each other, they advance the same ultimate goal. This goal is the destruction of individual rights in favor of a cumulative benefit. Who actually benefits from the “greater good” will vary, but it is never the individual. Instead benefits accrue toward the top of the pyramid, perhaps promised to God but somehow never making it past the treasuries of God’s self proclaimed representatives on Earth.

    The “final solution” has always been Zionism. The real solution is anti Zionism.

    • Replies: @HdC
  165. @Sorel McRae

    And you can download a free copy at and just read the footnotes. At this point, if you choose to remain ignorant, it is willful.

  166. @Joe Levantine

    With regard to Christianity being a psy-op 2000 years in the making, most of my information comes from Why the White Man Must Abandon Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu and Judea vs Rome by Europa Soberana. You will also want to check out On the Historicity of Jesus by Richard Carrier, which makes a compelling case for Jesus having been a composite character. Der Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche is also indispensable.

    Thank you, and everyone else, for the kind appraisal.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @RVBlake
  167. Something that strikes me as particularly true of Jews is that a typical Jew simply cannot agree to disagree about things like the Holocaust. As a White goy, I’m actually capable of having cordial relations with other people whom I disagree with, even on matters that are dear to me (and the other people). But if a typical Jew finds out about my opinions concerning the Holocaust he’s got to see to it that I am unpersoned or worse.

    I don’t have the same problem with Muslims. I’ve met many friendly Muslisms and most of them know I don’t believe in Islam. Islam is something very dear to them, but that doesn’t mean we cannot break bread. I don’t feel a need to books published declaring Islam to be incorrect because no one is ramming it down my throat in the first place and no one is threatening me with ruin for denying it. Jews on the other hand are just…horrible.

  168. @Anon

    If he does not yet accept that our leaders lie routinely : a normie will otherwise simply shut off his brain when hearing the truth for the first time.

    The lies have been so blatant, for so long, and have had demonstrably negative effects on each and every one of them, too obvious to ignore or deny. That most of them still “don’t get it” is really just a manifestation of denial, not ignorance. More than just lazy, most normies are cowards. They would rather live in comfortable ignorance as slaves than in the light of truth as responsible, autonomous free men.

    Trying to enlighten most normies is a futile waste of time and effort.

  169. annamaria says:

    Judea’s War on Russia:
    A British mercenary who is as dishonorable as the regular NATO/US Army Comment section:

    This man has done what he has done. No one can bring back those he has killed in the Ukraine or Syria. Ultimately God will judge him. But while he is in the hands of Russia he could be used in a PR spectacular. Russia could suggest that the Brits swap the world’s best journalist, Julian Assange, for this lowlife mercenary. This would certainly embarrass Boris Johnson and it could save Julian’s life.

  170. @gay troll

    Gay Troll,
    That’s an extremely interesting perspective, and I agree. It’s as though people have an inborn need to see everything in terms of simple heart-stirring narratives. The sort of people who make this tendency a virtue will inevitably become evildoers, even if they don’t start out that way.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  171. @Sepp

    The flyer you posted claims that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is jewish.

    Not sure who made up that flyer, but they are totally wrong as to Shoigu. He is 1oo% Orthodox Christian:

    He also speaks nine languages fluently, including English, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese:

    He also plays the guitar. A man of many, many talents.

    Shoigu is also seemingly a warrior with a Christian heart of forgiveness and care/concern for the oppressed, at least from the reports that I have read on many different news sites and blogs. With how the Russian military is allegedly doing everything it can to prevent civilian casualties, this may be a true assessment of the man’s character.

    Thus, to include him in such a list is ridiculous and frankly, offensive. Same as to Patriarch Kirill.

    (I’m surprised they didn’t try to stick Naibullina in there, too. She, like, Shoigu is also Orthodox Christian…… )

    No idea of how many others in the list are not jewish, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many others also falsely accused. Regardless, such outrageous statements of obviously falsity perhaps indicate that the creator intended it to be used without critical examination (such as here), thus undercutting the credibility of those that post such things. It has happened before…….

    • Thanks: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Sepp
  172. Quizzler says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    I too cannot use “agree” button due to my few comments but I agree with RedpilledAF. Enjoyed your comment as much as the review article. Thank you.

  173. If the holocaust was true, we’d be allowed to talk about it. Whenever the gover-media says a topic cannot be challenged, you can be sure they are defending a lie.

    • Agree: HdC, mocissepvis
  174. annamaria says:

    Judea’s War on Russia:

    A British mercenary (who is as dishonorable as the regular NATO/US Army) Comment section:

    This man has done what he has done. No one can bring back those he has killed in the Ukraine or Syria. Ultimately God will judge him. But while he is in the hands of Russia he could be used in a PR spectacular. Russia could suggest that the Brits swap the world’s best journalist, Julian Assange, for this lowlife mercenary. This would certainly embarrass Boris Johnson and it could save Julian’s life.

    The bestest friends of American Ziocons and protectors of Judeo-Nazi Mr. Ze:

    According to the British mercenary, someone was taken prisoner simply because the person got lost. But mostly “they were detained because of alleged ties with the Russians.” After that, they were taken to the Nazi base at the Azovstal plant and then shot in a remote bunker. “I saw how the soldiers of the reconnaissance group of the battalion tied civilians hand and foot and blindfolded them. They were taken to the bunker … After that, I never saw them again, ”Aislin said.

    … The things that go on in the Ukraine are probably mind-boggling to the point people would not believe it. These poor civilians could have been used in the biolab below the Avovstal plant for experiments. Organ harvesting is another business in the Ukraine. There is info that has come out that Ukraine is in the baby-selling business where babies are sold to Europe. God knows what is going on.

    What is going on in the Zio-Nazified Ukraine is a regular ZUSA’s business of looting, destroying, and mass murdering. Same as in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia… The Zionzied United States of America is s rotten corpse spreading infection and death.

  175. anarchyst says:

    The “American History Channel” in the USA should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for all the falsehoods and propaganda that it portrays and disseminates about WW2, Germany and Adolf Hitler.

    According to programs on the “American History Channel”, Hitler was a drug addict, impotent, riddled with syphilis and other STDs, possessed highly technical “superweapons”, possessed “alien technology”, advanced flight and anti-gravity technologies, and yet could not “win” WW2.

    Notice that Hitler is never portrayed speaking softly in a normal tone of voice. Excerpts of his speeches are the only visible representation of his considerable oratorical prowess.

    Anyone with an open mind who watches the Hitler lies and fabrications on that channel can easily see that it is all BS, especially when the so-called “holocaust™” is inserted into just about all of these programming “gems”. The same old photos of emaciated typhus victim bodies are constantly being paraded around to remind “us” how evil Hitler truly was. (Yeah, right).

    Germany was much more advanced than even the USA of the time, hence “Operation Paperclip” commenced in which the USA snatched up Germany’s greatest scientific minds after the summation of WW2.

    Looking at the big picture (which is usually ignored), the “German state” was attacked by the rest of the world, and “held on” to its principles for far longer than expected.

    Hitler’s greatest “sin” was the monetization of labor (giving labor true “value”) and going against the Rothschild banks. Going against the jew-run banks made him “enemy #1”. He also KNEW that there was a subset of Bolshevik jews who were fomenting communist revolution within Germany.

    Most people are unaware of the secret agreements that he had with the zionists to “encourage” jewish emigration to what was then known as Palestine. These agreements were celebrated by both the German government and the zionists at the time. In fact, commemorative coins celebrating the “spirit of cooperation” between Germany and the zionist leadership were produced. The “star of david” identification that jews wore was proposed by the zionist leadership itself–not the German government. THOSE aspects of history are never mentioned on the “American Hitler Channel”.

    If those of the “greatest generation” could see the world of today and what it has become, being jew-controlled, they would have thrown off their American uniforms and fought on the side of the Germans…

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, HdC
    • Thanks: John Wear
  176. annamaria says:

    Perhaps a suggestion that China and Russia will save the freedom of information can be true.

    Censorship is the last resort of desperate and unpopular regimes. It magically appears to make a crisis go away. It comforts the powerful with the narrative they want to hear, one fed back to them by courtiers in the media, government agencies, think tanks, and academia. … The result is a world of make-believe. …

    Tulsi Gabbard, after posting on March 13 that the U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine was shadowbanned on Twitter. … Social media platforms have been especially harsh on those questioning Covid policy, blocking websites and forcing users, social media platforms, or online outlets to delete posts.

    These sites make billions of dollars by selling our personal information to corporations, advertising agencies, and political public relations firms. They know everything about us. We know nothing about them. They cater to our proclivities, fears, habits, and prejudices. And they will silence our voices if we do not conform.

    This is the destruction of the feedback or homeostatic mechanisms that support a living thing like a human society. The parasitic Owners cannot survive accountability. They prefer to kill their host society.

  177. @The Real World

    Start not with the Holocaust. Start with the Moonlanding hoax. It is relatively ill defended and apparently little related to Jews (even though most of the NASA deciders were Jews tightly connected to Hollywood : the Goy astronauts were hired as mere stunts). Start with the reality that solar and cosmic rays beyond the Earth’s magnetic field make any manned mission beyond Low Earth Orbit 100% impossible. Once the Moonlanding hoax is disproven, everything else that has been pushed by the same media is discredited.

  178. @James Scott

    You are parroting the oligarchs version of fascism. Fascism is the love of nation and kith and kin. There are no fascist Western leaders. NOT ONE.

    You obviously misread what I wrote. I agree there are no western fascists today. That’s a silly marxoid accusation.

    Yes, fascism is love of nation and kin, but it’s also hatred of one’s neighbors (“historical enemies”) and a desire to war on them. Not a mentality I can approve of.

    • Replies: @Fox
    , @E_Perez
  179. Skeptikal says:

    ” And which likely explains why the inmates were tattooed with numbers, as this would have made little sense if the latter were simply going to be killed.”

    Odd comment.

    Those who were selected to be sent directly to the gas chambers were NOT tattoo’d.

    Surely the author knows this.

    Auschwitz consisted of three separate camps.

    Auschwitz was both a labor camp and a Vernichtungslager.

    That concept seems to tax the comprehension of this writer.


    Finkelstein called out the Holocaust industry, and rightly so.

    But Finkelstein did not say that there was no genocide of Jews and others. He decried the instrumentalization of the genocide and its sacralization into a cultlike event whose historical details cannot be discussed or even questioned.

    • Replies: @HdC
  180. Blossius says:

    What is “revisionism”? Revisionism should focus on making people understand the context of the historical events of 1941-45. The only way to understand National Socialism is as a reaction to marxism, and what has been lost nowadays is knowledge of the crimes that the marxists committed not just in Russia, but in Hungary and in Germany too after WWI. Crimes unprecedented in scale and cruelty. I mentioned that the Bolsheviks were the first to target entire groups for extermination. European societies were being torn apart at that time, and the terror of marxist revolution was very real, very pressing. And Joos were widely thought to be the natural vectors of marxism. This is what caused the Hitlerite regime to target them, as a reaction.

    This is what revisionism should be about. It’s very important to make people aware of this suppressed history. But you don’t. You just talk about wooden doors, cyanide residues, railway gauges…

    • Agree: Petermx
  181. gay troll says:

    It is a paradox. Human beings are not built of facts, they are built of survival strategies. If our affinity for heart stirring narrative confers a survival benefit on members of our species, then it not quite right to think of it as a shortcoming or illusion. What is reality anyway? Reality is what makes us human. In that sense our stories may be the realest thing there is.

    I was an agnostic, a flirt with atheism, a fascination with YHWH, an acolyte of the new age. Then I was Christian and I felt the power of love and self sacrifice. As a Christian I believed the fundamental deception of the Bible is that Jesus Christ was the only incarnation of the divine. I believe, and I still believe, that all living things are instantiations of the divine. I believed the real Jesus Christ was perhaps a homosexual and that the sangraal was searched out and discovered by the Nazis and the whole world brokered a peace deal in order to clone the dead medicine man, simulate history for his sake, and see how he reacted and if he did any magic tricks and stuff. Then I spent some time in a mental hospital.

    Then I read some research that absolutely convinced me that there was no way in hell Jesus Christ was ever even based on a real person. It was a humbling experience, as it has been in other subjects, that the only thing holding me back from a better understanding of the past is a better diligence. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for D.M. Murdoch, Joseph Atwill, and Richard Carrier. They have been the contemporary champions in the fight against “historical Jesus”.

    What I have been trying say in this comment is that I have never doubted who I am: I am a genius, and a hero. Now, was I born with this knowledge? Or did I acquire it from watching Disney movies over and over again as a child? Is it fate? Is it illusion? Is it a spiritual power? Is it propaganda?

    I have an answer. I have never been wrong to know that I am divine. I am not wrong to know that every living thing is also divine. I can see it in their eyes. I know I am not the second coming of Jesus Christ, although I was born under that star, never have I claimed it, even to myself. But I will repeat the golden rule, and remind skeptics that even physicists acknowledge that most matter and energy is spiritual (i.e. invisible), and time and taste and tone and color are representations of true value, cause and effect appears to be bidirectional, the future may be written and it may be our knowledge of the future that we mistake for a knowledge of the past.

    We are not a world of sinners waiting for the child of God. We are all oneself.

    • Replies: @dimples
    , @Hiyah
  182. Sheba says:

    Thank you. Now the Israelis and the Indians are living a dream. They are united in their arrogance and their artificially concocted realities. Hinduism which is a hodge podge of stuff and not a true religion based on worship of high caste and discrimination and bigotry towards all others (goyams)

  183. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Damn. This article alone is enough to delegitimize all American government actions since the US Jewish politicians defeated the Irish politicians by assassinating the Kennedys. Minerva’s owl flies at dusk.

    Coupling the publication of Black’s article in a public forum ( coupled with the lumping of Jews with the White population for the purposes of the Civil Rights Act and consequent inevitable ejection of Jews (along with the rest of the Whites) from public life is not a coincidence. The occurrence of both almost simultaneously shows that Jewish influence has declined sharply.

    Add in the utter incompetence of US leadership in the Russian Federation / Ukraine conflict, and you get a Jewish establishment that is in total disarray. Ron Unz is of the opinion that COVID related RNA viruses were developed and released by the US. The public record agrees with Ron Unz; the US paid for gain-of-function research by laboratories that were almost certain to release the virus. The monumentally stupid project has destabilized the United States and the global trade that maintained US global suzerainty. This emphasizes that the the form US elite (largely Jewish) has lost its ability to govern. The US elite is being replaced, and the leading contender just now is the Black establishment, headed by former Pres. Obama, who acts much like any other Kenyan politician.

    Add to the start of an interregnum the obvious disarray of the global supply chain for both industry and agriculture, and a Western insistence on replacing Western energy sources with a net-negative lifecyle energy production “Green Energy”, and you get something so dysfunctional that it is strikingly like the Plains Indian “Ghost Dance” [1] phenomenon of the late 1800s, or the Potlach society [2] that reached its extreme form after 1849 (year of the California Gold Rush), when Kwakiutl society was declining under American competition.

    In other words, it looks like our current way of life has become unworkable. The end of the Holocaust as a half-believed / half-denied founding myth [3] and the revelation that our rulers since the Kennedy’s died are malicious liars somehow go with the end of globalism. The end of the physical substrate of our civilization is matched with the end of it the desirability of our civilization, a civilization has let such a lie become the foundation of everything and then passed the torch to a Kenyan politician who is inviting all his friends to come live with us at the same time he’s made the entire world our enemies and started to castrate all our children.

    Make the bed and light the light.
    I’ll be out, late tonight.
    Blackbird — bye bye.



    3] A Jewish population that itself believed in the Holocaust is one thing, but a population that could make themselves effectively holy through such a fraud is quite another. One consequence of the Holocaust fraud was the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which led directly to my sister’s death.

  184. @Francis Miville

    No no. Don’t start with the holocaust or the moon landings hoax. There is a big advantage the moon landings hold over the six million: lots and lots of photos. Also hours of home movies. You can see the astronots horsing around and golfing in slow motion. You can watch the last ascent module blast off from the lunar surface as a NASA operator tilts the camera up to the sky. Seeing is believing! And when it comes to the historiography of the holocaust, there is nothing to see.

    But that brings us to the dead giveaway that the moon landings were faked. Because although we have very low quality copies of the moon videos, the original recordings, which were stored on magnetic tape along with all the telemetric and other irreplaceable technical data from the missions, were either thrown away or erased and reused. Americans never actually watched live video from the moon. They watched a live feed of a screen that was supposedly playing the signal from the moon. NASA called this process “scan conversion” and said it was necessary because the live video was too high quality for Earthly broadcast standards. Now that original video is gone. So is the technical know how, or political will, or brave black female mathematicians. Apollo has still not been replicated 50 years later. When it comes to Apollo, the photos are practically the only evidence we have. And many people think they don’t look right either. But they look good, and they make a lot of Americans feel very special.

    I would start with Inside the ARRB and JFK’s magical mystery skull, or else building 7 dropping all four corners at once. Or twenty years of occupation based on non existent Iraqi WMD.

    • Agree: annamaria
  185. the holohaux is a monstrous lie which has been used to degrade and enslave Whites

    The recent book “Stalin’s War” reveals Stalin wrote secret reports to his boss Morganthau, who regularly degraded FDR, the world dominance of the jews

    This knowledge should moralize the entire world against their obvious evil. Not only did do nothing wrong, he has been proven right about the character of the jews

    The truth alone is not enough; Do not delay organizing White man. Active clubs are spreading like wild fire. Let the world tremble again, Gott Mit Uns

  186. @Franklin Ryckaert

    The so-called “rebuttals” posted on that website site have been refuted time and time again. Many of the arguments and counter replies just go around in circles, and it becomes tiresome in dealing with all the minutia, straw-man arguments, and ad-hominem polemics raised by the zealots of that blog.

    To each his own, but when I started working through some of the finer details, and reading carefully the comments as well, I was not particularly impressed by the pro-Holocaust camp (meaning those who believe the established Holocaust narrative is a historical fact).

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  187. Art says:

    There are three countries vying over Ukraine. Russia, the native Ukrainians, and Israel.

    The history of Russians and the Ashkenazi Jews killing Ukrainians is longstanding and bloody. Now the Zionist Jews are floating the idea of a Jew centric Euro-Palestine State, emerging out of Western Ukraine. Western Ukraine will become Euro Palestine.

    Hmm — It appears that the Zionist Jew Zalinsky and the Russian dictator Putin are willing to fight to the last living Ukrainian.

    Hmm — Encouraging Ukraine to take on Russia with small arm weapons is criminal. They cannot win!

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Badger Down
  188. kiwi says:

    other losses is or was a free PDF on line , it is one of the saddest things i have ever read
    the German army all divisions fought a brave battle to stop world communism aka the “NWO”
    “the anti-humans” is a good read to see the evil the we face, be warned it ain,t enjoyable reading

  189. @anarchyst

    According to programs on the “American History Channel”, Hitler was a drug addict, impotent, riddled with syphilis and other STDs, possessed highly technical “superweapons”, possessed “alien technology”, advanced flight and anti-gravity technologies, and yet could not “win” WW2.

    Then there’s that series where Hitler cruises around the fatherland with his little Jewish partner passing out fiat for family heirlooms. The History Channel is ludicrous, seeing as it is preoccupied with 1) ridiculous shows about Hitler, 2) the Bible as history 3) CIA and NASA apologia, 4) literally aliens and monsters and 4) pawn shops and gold diggers. It should be called Mindfuck Central.

  190. @RockaBoatus

    “…The so-called “rebuttals” posted on that website site have been refuted time and time again…”

    If so, do you have a source for that?

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Carolyn Yeager
    , @gregor
  191. Fox says:

    Can’t agree with your point that fascism is “hatred of one’s neighbors”. Had fascism been able to keep the upper hand in the historically relevant time of 75 to 100 years ago, I would have expected a serious attempt to come to terms with historical grievances and an acknowledgment of self-interest of other countries. I am certain that no Second World War would have come to pass with people in power who both understood the origins and driving interests of the First World War and were willing to create a new order based on a common understanding based on common interests.
    Fascist movements were peoples’ movements, while Democracy as practiced then and now was a theoretical doctrine created and administered through a bureaucracy. I think that in the US there was in the early years something that was a good example of parliamentary democracy, but inevitably, power passed into the hands of the participants of a small circle also, just as in other Democracies.
    Aggression stemmed from people branded as democrats in countries considered to be democracies. Hence, it was the leadership of England and France and the United States which were kindling conflict and championing interference in other countries’ internal and external politics, especially in Europe, while fascist movements from various European countries were forming something like a nationalist Internationale. The mess Europe was in was the result of the Democracies’ bungling and their self-bestowed tendency to interfere in others’ matters. The universal claim of ‘Democracy” as the way to salvation as an off-shoot of the universalist doctrine of Christianity is the motive force which made it possible that people like Churchill, Blum or Roosevelt could attain power despite their rather different personal ambitions, which they of course kept closely guarded from curious inquirers.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  192. dimples says:
    @gay troll

    “I believed the real Jesus Christ was perhaps a homosexual and that the sangraal was searched out and discovered by the Nazis and the whole world brokered a peace deal in order to clone the dead medicine man, simulate history for his sake, and see how he reacted and if he did any magic tricks and stuff. Then I spent some time in a mental hospital.”

    Shit bricks! And now you are a gay troll. You’ve come a long way baby.

  193. @Anon

    A substantial number of Jews emigrated from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, the Americas and Israel.

  194. @anarchyst

    A more befitting name for the History Channel would be the Myths and Legends Channel.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  195. @SolontoCroesus

    I suppose you’re right bro.

    The nazis dindu nuffin. They wanted nothing more than to live in peace and love with their European brothers. The sort of people who wouldn’t hurt a fly and who never had a bad word to say about anyone.

    Re holocaust rev, when 99%+ of people pushing it are nazi apologists, promoters of the standard narrative hardly have to lift a finger to swat revisionism away. It certainly sucks that ‘shoah business’ types get to exploit the holocaust, but to most people that will seem like the lesser of two evils than rehabilitating Hitler. Sorry if the truth hurts.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  196. @Sepp

    “Russia’s best chance now is a total war that does not preclude genocide against Judea.”


  197. @silviosilver

    …if I understand your point of view, you think a noble lie is good…when in fact it is still a lie. Why can’t we just deal with the truth?

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  198. @Fox

    I would have expected a serious attempt to come to terms with historical grievances and an acknowledgment of self-interest of other countries.

    What makes you so confident? The only people who have ever done this have been leftist and liberal types. I can’t imagine ultranationalists like the nazis ever doing such a thing. Even today, nazi apologists still can’t get over the loss of their eastern territories. Despite the fact that whites the world over are hurtling towards the demographic point of no return, the minds of ultranationalists are fixated on lost causes of the past. So the idea that creeps like this could ever bring themselves to have a kind word to say about their formers enemies strikes me as utterly fantastical.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  199. @The Real World

    “Russia’s best chance now is a total war that does not preclude genocide against Judea.”

    Somebody posted this elsewhere in this thread, and I cheered it. Something like this…

    The fact that it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean that it won’t…

    Mm… So, they are like a big empire, right? History is routinely rewritten, but one fact comes across clear: All the powerful empires have fallen, finally, usually because of moral decay and overconfidence.. Historians refer to this as decadence.

    More popular jingo says: All that goes up eventually will come down (empirical observation of life in this planet)

    Also, things that grow too much, eventually fall, victims of their own excessive weight.

    About the power of love, it is the only force that can save us, but you are free to not believe in it. That is an individual choice.

    Unfortunately, I cannot enforce such actions (I would)…. But somebodies might…

    It’s not over ’til it’s over…

  200. In the Netherlands, people generally have their “last journey” (burial or cremation event) insured, to have the costs covered and not burden the family left behind with it. For the insurance forms you have to fill in wishes and choices, like burial or cremation. That requires one to think about and weigh those choices. For me, this was some 35 years ago, when i started to earn my own living and thought about this insurance. That was also the era in which i lost my grandparents. My father’s parents chose burial and my mother’s parents chose cremation, and i thought about both a lot and searched for information. I even spoke to professionals in the business. As stated in the articles above, it can take up to two hours to reach complete combustion and the remains, like bones, need to be crushed and ground in a mill to get the fine ashes that are known from scattering or preservation in a container.

    I often thought about that staggering amount of 6 million people. What monsters the perpetrators must have been to kill so many people in almost factory-like fashion, and how hard they must have worked 24/7 for years, to cremate all those bodies with the facilities of only a dozen camps. I tried to envisage a mass of 6 million people. I believe that Wembley Stadium in London can house 95,000 people. So that would be 66 such stadiums “full house”. Without yet having read a single line of holocaust-criticism at the time, i already concluded for myself that the “6 million claim” couldn’t be true, just for physical and logistical reasons alone.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
  201. @Sorel McRae

    You said earlier “challenge the sources.” This after admonishing me to ignore the nuttery of the fellow’s other crazy beliefs.

    Now it’s “Most of them are pretty solid.” “Most”? “pretty solid”?

    So now I’m expected to skip over his stupid footnotes?

    [7] Indeed, there is substantive evidence that upwards of a million or so German prisoners of war died in the short few months at the end of the war at the hands of the Allies. The Canadian historian, James Bacque, investigates this in his book, ‘Other Losses’ (and which I may cover in a future essay)

    The fellow you’re defending doesn’t know sh*t from shinola about historical matters, and on that account anything in print which suits his prejudices is A-OK.

    There is a similarly brutal Wiki on the “Other Losses” issue.

    Eisenhower was a so-so General, but he already had the Presidency in his sights, and was not about to screw up on an issue like this.

    I’m really done with this Kollerstrom character. If rejecting his Nazi-defending crap means I’m an ignoramus, then I’ll proudly wear that label.

    I don’t know where people get the idea I’m some kind of Zionist troll. What part of Shithole State is it they don’t understand? Despising Nazis of all kinds is a worthy thing in its own right.

    • Replies: @John Wear
  202. Both Hitler and Mussolini dreamed about conquering an empire. Hitler in Russia and Mussolini in the Balkan and in eastern Africa.

    Map of Hitler’s Lebensraum plan:

    Map of Mussolini’s Spazio Vitale plan:

    But it is true. Imperialism is not necessarily part of Fascism. Franco had no such ambitions.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  203. Biassed says:

    One factor never mentioned in the literature was the routine maintenance of the crematory muffles involving the replacement of the thermal-bricks when their physical properties deteriorated such that the thermal bricks had to be replaced. Modern wood fires in cast iron containers are always lined internally with thermal bricks to stop head conduction making the iron shell thermally dangerous. The thermal bricks always deteriorate from thermal stress. Their function is to localize the heat from the fuel within the thermal-brick lining in the muffle.

    Some religious faiths proscribe cremation and as a consequence that faith’s adherents would probably not be familiar with the basic physics of cremation.

  204. @Francis Miville

    People leave trails and rubbish, wherever they go. Famous mountains look like rubbish skips because of mountaineering tourism and there is plastic soup in oceans. As for the moon travel hoax: there happens to be left behind rubbish on the moon, also. Landing stages of the lunar modules, tools, cameras, vehicles, flags, measuring instruments, containers, footprints a d wheeltracks, the stuff is still there and the locations are charted accurately. If you task moon orbiting space vehicles to fly overhead, you can photograph the items. Some stuff may even be seen with very powerful telescopes, although the atmosphere may not be clean and still enough to allow the necessary supersharp resolution.

  205. Abbybwood says:
    @Francis Miville

    Reminds me of Dave McGowan’s “Wagging the Moondoggie”:

    Hilarious and time for another reading tonight!

  206. Sepp says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    The Spanish Inquisition was a necessity because Crypto-Jews are as difficult to root out as the detached head of a tic after his bloated body has been broken off.

    To make matters worse, Jews own the media and the memory hole. Information about PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) C-Jews is censored and/or flushed down the Jewish memory hole.

    Take Shoigu as an example. Perhaps there are claims, as well as some evidence, that he is a devout Christian. Does this constitute proof of non-Jewishness? Does it for the Pope? Did it for Churchill?

    The only way to really be certain is through believable and non-falsified DNA tests, which are non existent, or through being able to research an extensive family tree. In the case of Shoigu, a quick search shows that his mother was a “Ukrainian born Russian”. If his mother was Jewish, then just as with Putin that makes him a Jew as far as Jews are concerned. If Jews consider someone to be one of their own, that is good enough for me.

    So in Shoigu’s case, we simply do not know for certain.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  207. For me, this incisive piece and analysis, more than most, has effectively replaced the “caust” in holocaust with the more apt “haux” of holohaux. If a rationale for the holohaux is the conquest of Palestine, Euro Zionist Jews are clearly incapable of establishing a “homeland” in Palestine without resorting to blatant lies and patently false narratives to consolidate their much touted claims of victimhood. This, first, provides a free pass for their endless crimes in occupied Palestine and second, to bag the ultimate and real grand prize: world domination.

  208. R2b says:

    To Sepp.
    No, I’m not a troll.
    And I now what I’m talking about.
    There was no excess death in countries concerned.
    This does not, in my view, exclude an ethnic bio-weapon, as in Iran.
    So I repeating my question Larry Romanoff: can you present rheoverall death-figures for three countries; Sweden, Norway and Finland, (or Denmark)?

  209. Great introduction to the fakery that is “the Holocaust”.
    which landed Irving in the docket => which landed Irving in the dock
    chocker-block => chock-a-block
    hail and hearty inmates => hale and hearty inmates

  210. @Blossius

    You are entirely wrong, and in allowing that “3 million died”, you are denying the “Holocaust”. Your ignorance is surprising, because it is so easy to google it and find the multitude of websites and “holocaust museums” and programs for “educating” children (Holocaust Studies). If you do so, you’ll find they insist that six million Jews were murdered by the Germans (though they tend to use a racist slur).
    Check it out: 6m murdered. How do you account for that? I suspect a few people died in your neighbourhood last year; did you murder them?

    • Agree: annamaria
  211. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Excellent! But how is the Jewish question relevant today? Observe the disorder in Ukraine. See any Jews? There was Nuland and Kagan and that other “American”; now there’s Zelensky and his billionaire friend. I expect some more could be found.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  212. @Zachary Smith

    So what?
    Kepler moonlighted as astrologer (arguing that astrology “from her whore´s
    wages has to support the noble sister”), Lavoisier collected taxes (which
    ultimately cost him his head). Truth don´t pay them bills.
    (For the same reason quite a few scholars reserve the real contents of their hearts
    for retirement, when they no longer have a career to lose – this not to deny
    there are cases of chronic renal failure 😀 )

  213. Hans says:
    @Dr. X

    “Doubtless those who were unable to work were dispatched by the Germans”???

    People unable to work such as Anne Frank and Oily Weasel and his father were “dispatched” to the Infirmaries of Death where they were viciously abused with medical care until they had recovered.

    See Weasel and Frank.

  214. Hans says:
    @Hannity Fan 🇺🇦🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

    Doubtless the soap, lampshade, and gas machines did exist at Dachau, Belsen and other camps inside Germany, but since the Nazis took over the U.S. thru Operation Paperclip they have been able to crush the holofacts and and are moving swiftly to crush the holofacts about Soapowitz and the other death factories in Poland. Nazi control of the media must be stopped.

  215. @Franklin Ryckaert

    This comment was meant as a reply to comment nr. 199 of Fox.

  216. The holocaust sacred nature is only the outer layer of the armour of the judaic persona and cant be truly understood or desacralized without understanding the second layer ,much like this myth the second inner layer reinforce their sacred nature in mistical manner this time as the divine seed that created and spread art and sciences across europe and the world , making the holocaust not only a crime against a tribe but against a tribe that create the modern scientific world , the holocaust then became a crime AGAINST THE TRUTH ITSELF . Its much more pragmatical to desacralize first the second layer afirming our own identity emphasizing the prime role europeans played since the ancient greeks building the foundation of science . Its only when jews have been stripped and disasociated of any value that modern people value so much and we wear the armour of our ancestors when we should attack directly the outer layer holocaust myth.

    The reality that the jews that built those layers dont care about liberalism , democracy or even science their third and real inner core , their sacred covenant with god have coopted and instrumentalize them in their mesianic vision of world conquest.

    • Agree: annamaria
  217. @John Wear

    John, good to see you here contributing your invaluable expertise.

    You know, I only briefly skimmed through your website:
    when you first posted the link many moons ago, but in the last month or two I’ve made time to peruse many of the articles in greater depth.
    I have to say, it’s an absolute treasure trove of objective research on a variety of WWII and Holohoax related matters. This is TRUE history that you’ll read in those pages, as opposed to the fiction that’s been force fed to us all our lives courtesy of the usual culprits.

    I thoroughly recommend all UR readers to bookmark this website for future reference.
    Simply outstanding stuff you’ve complied there John.

    • Thanks: John Wear
  218. A few days ago a Jewish man died, who was more than a hundred years old. He had been in a few concentration camps since very early. After the war he returned to Poland, where he lived before the war. But after some time he decided to leave Poland and to go back to Germany again, where he had been in concentration camps during the war. Since then he lived always in Germany. Now a woman from Ukraine who had also been in a few concentration camps during the war was brought to Germany because of the war. I wonder if they could tell or have told more about those concentration camps.

    I have never heard details about the gas chambers. Was it the case that Jews never got to know about them until the very end of the war, even though they knew already in 1943 about the 6 million Jewish victims (see note bellow)? I think it would be reasonable to think that they knew abot the gas chambers who were functioning without interruption for years. In this case they must have resisted entering the gas chambers. Why would they enter them voluntarily? That means that the concentration camps would need a huge number of soldiers only to insure that people would enter the chambers. Many victims would in any case prefer to fight and to attack the guards. So, every time there should be small battles with many victims on both sides. Many soldiers should have been prossecuted after the war for doing this job and there should be many stories about Jews who refused to enter the chambers. I imagine that work productivity in the camps would fall beyond zero, because the ones who survived wouldn’t have any motivation to work after seing how their relatives had been sent to the chambers. I only hear of the prossecution of secretaries of the camps and a few guards who had other functions, but never of guards who took people to the chambers. I don’t know the literature about this. Maybe someone knows of books telling this aspect of the history.

    Note: An Israeli newspaper told in an article how an Israeli historian discovered how the number of 6 million Jewish victims was determined in the beginning of 1944 (in january) according to the proposal of a Jew who had left Europe and arrived in Palestine after a long trip. I concluded that he must have known the numbers already when he left Europe, presumably in 1943.

  219. @Francis Miville

    Look at the comments of this archetipical jewish supremacist and the importance he putt trying to deconstruct european and american foundational myths to understand clearly whats going on. He is the tipical jew roleplaying as white telling us how ultimely every ideological movement can be ultimely trace back to their tribe so we dont have any foundation legacy or country that we could ultimely claim .

    Sadly a lot of white nationalist fall for this type of crancks when they became aware of the jewish question, they pass from happy ignorance to the other extreme where everything is ultimely a jewish machination .

    If this web really wanted to fight the jew for every article that name them there should be at least one where they afirm our own etnocultural identity but that isnt the objective of this place isnt it ?

  220. John Wear says:
    @Zachary Smith

    You question footnote 7 in this article concerning James Bacque’s claim in his book “Other Losses” that approximately 1 million German POWs were intentionally murdered after World War II. Have you taken the time to actually read this book? It is very convincing to me.

    If you don’t want to read James Bacque’s book, you might enjoy reading Chapter Five of my book “Germany’s War” located at on this website. The evidence is overwhelming that hundreds of thousands of German POWs were intentionally starved to death by the Allies after World War II.

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  221. @SolontoCroesus

    “Poor little Anne Frank, murdered by the Nazis!”
    We are supposed to believe that the Germans were hunting down all the Jews in order to kill them. But it took them years to find Anne Frank, and when they did they didn’t kill her. It’s a strange story.

  222. @ariadna

    Dying is not enough. The H SPECIFICATES that 6m Jews were MURDERED.

  223. RVBlake says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    And the essays of Revilo Oliver.

  224. @John Wear

    Did you see my long comment, Mr Wear? It’s number 8. I would like to know what you think of my analysis. Keep in mind that I have no formal education of any kind in this subject.

  225. In one thing you are right i miss the gentle, motherly love and the inocence of being a child but i will be the first man up and fight when the rest embrace the right battle .

  226. annamaria says:

    “the Bolsheviks were the first to target entire groups for extermination”

    — The shortest way to expose the holobiz lies is to illuminate the role of Jewish bankers in establishing the Bolshevism in Russia. The starting point is the Russo-Japanese war of 1905 and the skillful radicalization of Russian POWs by “activists” on the payroll of Jewish-American banker Jacob Schiff. The Nazification of Ukraine by the Zionzied USA (ZUSA) followed the same plan.

    Most people today believe the Communists were successful in Russia because they were able to rally behind them the sympathy and frustration of the Russian people who were sick of the tyranny of the Czars. This is to ignore the history of what actually happened.

    The two Germans most responsible for the financing of Lenin were Max Warburg and a displaced Russian [Jew] named Alexander Helphand. … The brother of Max Warburg was Paul Warburg, the prime mover in establishing the Federal Reserve System and who from his position on the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, played a key role in financing the American war effort. Max Warburg was related to Jacob Schiff, senior partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (Paul and Felix Warburg were also partners in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. while Max ran the Rothschild-allied family bank of Frankfurt.)

    Jacob Schiff helped finance Leon Trotsky. According to the New York Journal-American of February 3, 1949: “Today it is estimated by Jacob’s grandson, John Schiff, that the old man sank about 20,000,000 dollars for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia.”

    Schiff spent millions to overthrow the Czar and more millions to overthrow Kerensky. He was sending money to Russia long after the true character of the [Jewish] Bolsheviks was known to the world. Schiff raised \$10 million, supposedly for Jewish war relief in Russia, but later events revealed it to be a good business investment. (Forbes , B.C., Men Who Are Making America, pp. 334-5.) … the Bolsheviks, after victory, transferred 600 million rubles in gold between the years 1918 and 1922 to Kuhn, Loeb & Company [Schiff’s firm].”

    Later evidence indicates that the bankrolling of the Bolsheviks was handled by a syndicate of international bankers, which in addition to the Schiff-Warburg clique, included Morgan and Rockefeller interests. Documents show that the Morgan organization put at least \$1 million in the Red revolutionary kitty. [Hagedorn, Herman, The Magnate]

    Still another important financier of the Bolshevik Revolution was an extremely wealthy Englishman named Lord Alfred Milner, the organizer and head of a secret organization called “The Round Table” Group which was backed by Lord Rothschild.

    The Nazification of Ukraine was arranged by the same Jewish-banking powers and through the same unscrupulous ways as the genocidal Bolshevization of Russia in the 20th century.

    Some extra:

    It should be noted that Sir William Wiseman, the man sent by British Intelligence to help bring the United States into the war, was amply rewarded for his services. He stayed in this country after WWI as a new partner in the Jacob Schiff-Paul Warburg-controlled Kuhn, Loeb bank. World War I was a financial bonanza for the international bankers. But it was a catastrophe of such magnitude for the United States that few even today grasp its importance.

    The world will continue to suffer from the organized mass slaughters and loot on a grand scale until the Jewish Banking system is completely demolished and replaced with national banks supported by the tangibles.

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Thanks: Nancy
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @DrWatson
  227. eah says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Your request isn’t altogether reasonable — a running battle (so to speak) between revisionists and those behind the Holocaust Controversies site went on actively for many years; I doubt you can find, in a single place, a revisionist answer to each entry on the list from Holocaust Controversies.

    Of course as topics all of them are addressed in the voluminous, scholarly works (books, video, etc) of revisionists you can find on sites like CODOH (including the forum), the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), Inconvenient History (John Wear, who comments here, has written dozens of articles published there), etc, not to mention many other lesser known sites, including those of individual authors.

    Perhaps a good place to start is the CODOH forum, which is searchable — not only are the people who comment there generally fairly knowledgeable themselves, they also often reference works published by the organizations I suggest above.

  228. annamaria says:

    Your post is deceptive.
    The facts:

    In the Bolshevik Revolution we see many of the same old faces that were responsible for creating the Federal Reserve System, initiating the graduated income tax, setting up the tax-free foundations, and pushing us [the US] into WWI [and WWII].
    No revolution can be successful without organization and money. The most prominent forces for the imposition of the tyranny came from the United States and Great Britain.

    Specifically, from the main banking houses of the United States and Great Britain.

  229. annamaria says:

    “Take Shoigu as an example”

    — If Shoigu as an “example,” you should start with your own family.

  230. John Wear says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    I think your comment number 8 is quite impressive. You might consider adding footnotes and expanding it into an article. I think you could potentially get it published by Inconvenient History, The Barnes Review or The Occidental Quarterly.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  231. annamaria says:

    This article must be translated into Russian and published in several leading newspapers and journals in Russia. Long overdue.
    The Fifth Column in Russia needs to be shown its place.

  232. Bookish1 says:
    @Doug Hillman

    It serves both and that is the magic of the media. The holocaust gives the Allies the justification for all the dirt that they did but we didn’t do that dirty stuff soon enough so we carry the guilt. The winners of the war gets to have it both ways. The lovers carry the guilt.

  233. annamaria says:

    The transgender trash Sarah Ashton-Cirillo has betrayed Gonzalo Lira:

    She certainly seems to be in many places that the US deep state would like a journalist/operative to be: Haiti, Balkans, now Ukraine. Looks like a classic woke libtard true believer. And yes, she is transgender, completing her transition in 2019 in her late 30’s. I won’t mention the possible link between autogynephilia and late transitioning.

    Some background on her:

    And she writes unbelievable self-aggrandizing narcissistic tosh like this:

    But she likes hanging around with Nazis in a nation which is generally very negative about trans people. And she is happy that a journalist is most probably being tortured and murdered, quite possibly because of her actions. Welcome to the crazy place which is the woke, libtard, neocon brain.

    This idiotic trans-monstrosity is a supporter of Clinton the Butcheress of Libya.

  234. HdC says:
    @gay troll

    Your reasoning is faulty: “…The U.S. is said to have allied with Soviets in WWII, but they also stopped the Soviets from spreading further westward, …”
    The USA was allied with the Soviets, shipping millions of tons of war material and food stuffs during that conflict, including 450,000 trucks, whole factories, and the printing plates for US dollars.
    Without this help the Soviets would have lost, according to a speech given by Stalin after the war.
    Had the stupid USA stayed out of that war, there would have been no necessity for the USA to stop the Soviets from invading western Europe.
    You may speculate, however, how the world today would have been different, had the USA stayed home.

    • Agree: John Wear
  235. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Covered the bases concisely and comprehensively, Autisticus Spasticus; thanks.

    But regarding this:

    Jewish scholars and activists maintain a strict monopoly on Jewish historiography, guarding the discipline fiercely against any intrusion from outsiders.

    Jews also maintain a tight, maybe not strict but certainly tight, monopoly on the historiography of other peoples and cultures as well.
    The public library in my town is dominated by Jews (“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst”) just as you observed are corporations.

    Not only are library collections vastly overweighted with holocaust and Jewish-authored “historiography,” the histories of other ethnicities, often enough those who created the neighborhoods and cities that the libraries serve, are given short-shrift; or only shallow representations of their cultures are represented; or those seeming-histories of those ethnicities are authored by- or edited by- or published by-Jewish entities that ensured that the content validates Jewish preferences and contains the Jewish stamp of approval.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  236. Nancy says:
    @Badger Down

    How about Z’s admin is filled with ‘media’ types that made him… i.e., mostly Jews, when I’ve checked them out. And Kolomoisky (sp?) and his fellow Ukie oligarchs, who also made Z and Maidan coup. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc…..a little checking out turns up tons of them.

  237. HdC says:

    “…and a Vernichtungslager…”
    Can you supply any authenticated forensic evidence to substantiate this assertion? Thought not.

    • Agree: Petermx
  238. Petermx says:

    Dr. E Michael Jones and Dr. Kevin MacDonald are an exception but their outstanding works have been effectively kept out of people’s purview. They are the only people whose entire history is required to be one of moral superiority and victimhood or people will remain ignorant of a book that digresses from that.

  239. @Badger Down

    Thanks, Badger Down. I thought with “chocker-block” this long-time journalist was just trying to be funny but probably not.

    I have my suspicions about this guy, but also have to admit after a careful reading that it IS a good introduction, covering a lot of territory in a well-organized way. However, I’d like to take issue with an early statement by the author that seems to be de-rigueur in all revisionist articles:

    None of this, of course, is to condone or fail to recognize the horror and injustice of the systematic detainment of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in slave labor camps where typhus and other diseases ran rampant, and where, if not systematic killings, then certainly sporadic brutalities would have taken place. But, again, they were not, as we have been assured all of our lives, mere factories for processing humans into corpses.

    I object to the term “slave-labor” because many inmates were paid wages even if they were not given a choice in being there. Some were not. To label it all “slave-labor” one must describe conditions in the camps with proof attached that that label is justified.

    Likewise, typhus and disease did not “run rampant” in the camps, but only broke out at certain times and places, just as epidemics and pandemics break out in normal “free” countries. There is a cause, and the cause was that inmates brought the lice and other disease agents into the camps with them, and resisted disciplinary measures such as pest control, hair cutting, changes of clothes and showers! So it was not only because they were forced into close proximity to one another or forced to work. Actually those too young, too old or too weak were not forced or even allowed to work.

    I’ve always taken issue with these revisionists on this point, and none have claimed it’s other than their opinion. Adolf Hitler committed no crimes, nor did the National Socialist state. He in no way attempted to carry out a genocide of Jews, everything was done in the open and a mere claim that it was somehow done in secret, leaving no evidence behind, is not and cannot be used in place of evidence. I’m disappointed that in a forum of so many “revisionists” as are here, none are ready to take up a defense of the MEN involved who were framed and put to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal and other post-war trials — all honorable men. Rudolf Hoess, also an honorable man, was put to death by a Polish court.

    … if not systematic killings, then certainly sporadic brutalities would have taken place

    What nation in the entire history of the world has not been responsible for people being placed or kept where “sporadic brutalities” could take place? None. But this journalist Black finds it necessary to apologize to Jews for even this! Not a hair on their head should be harmed! Something wrong there.

    • Agree: Badger Down, HdC
    • Replies: @John Wear
  240. @Sepp

    The Jews own both sides of every contest.

    That reminded me of this movie.

    Whereas I’m not necessarily speaking to any Jewish aspect in the events of the movie, it provides an illustrative example of running both sides of a situation to ensure the preferred outcome and dissuade actual opposition from appearing.

    Good film and it helps you recognize these kinds of things in our world. Pay close attention at the end where the John Krasinski character describes what just went down. A friend of mine didn’t grasp it, I explained it.

    (Separately, the Js have certainly owned most sides of the Covid operation – in the West anyway. It is plain to see.)

  241. @Franklin Ryckaert

    This exhaustive two-volume work by expert revisionists Juergen Graf, Carlo Mattogno and Thomas Kues was prepared as the “final refutation” to the claims of the Holocaust Controversies liars in their 500 page paper. Yes, that’s what these guys are, who you think so highly of. It’s there for you to read, even online. Don’t expect to be given nice bite-sized tidbits on a platter or specific wikipedia pages; you have to deal with the entire smorgasboard of information, if you want to know and understand.

    You can also listen to and follow-up parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and Conclusion.

  242. @annamaria

    Israil Lazarewich Gelfand never received German citizenship, and the
    bolsheviks were even more ungrateful; in a way he was an impressive figure –
    both a genius organizer and a caricature of Jewish revolutzer/war profiteer;
    in the end he was an embarrassment to everybody but his services to Turks,
    Germans and (especially) bolsheviks are incalculable: Interesting dood 😀

  243. @Carolyn Yeager

    Did you see my comment, Carolyn? It’s number 8. I have been getting much praise for it. What do you think? Is it a fair summary?

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  244. Commissar

  245. John Wear says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    You write: “I’m disappointed that in a forum of so many “revisionists” as are here, none are ready to take up a defense of the MEN involved who were framed and put to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal and other post-war trials — all honorable men. Rudolf Hoess, also an honorable man, was put to death by a Polish court.”

    My response: I have written a number of articles that defend the men who were put to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal and other post-war trials. On the Inconvenient History website, I have written the following articles:

    1) “Jews Discredit Allied War-Crimes Trials” at

    2) “The Jewish Conspiracy to Promote the ‘Holocaust’ ” at

    3) “Whitewashing the Dachau Show Trials” at

    4) “Vengeful Jews Give the Lie to Allied War-Crimes Trials” at

    5) The Mauthausen Trial: A Disgrace to American Justice” at

    6) “The Einsatzgruppen Trial” at

    7) “The Adolf Eichmann Trial” at

    8) “American Jurists and Attorneys Opposing Injustice at Nuremberg” at

    9) In regard to Rudolf Hess, who received a life sentence at Nuremberg, I have written an article at

    On my website at, we have also recently posted an article about the injustice served to Ernst Kaltenbrunner. We will also post an article about the injustice to Rudolf Hoess in the very near future. There is a good chance that these two articles will eventually be published by Inconvenient History.

    So I do take up for the German men who were improperly convicted at Nuremberg and other later postwar trials. I think these trials were a travesty of justice.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  246. gay troll says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    The only salvation lies in a Nietzschean transvaluation of values, a complete and total elimination of malware from the psyche of our people until it is restored to that healthy condition before the Christian infection.

    Nietzche certainly did not attain salvation from his transvaluation of Christianity. Quite the opposite. I think it is important not to throw out the baby with the bath water – not to throw out the golden rule along with more specifically Christian “values”. Nietzche was deeply conflicted. On the one hand he seems to glorify animal dominance and the survival of the fittest. On the other hand his concept of ubermensch is after all another way of anticipating a savior. Nietzche says the ubermensch should be superior to mankind in all respects, especially in contempt. Is this not a description of Jesus Christ, who was said to be the most powerful human on Earth, a man who told his peers that they were evil sinners who would be better off dying and going to heaven?

    Nietzche was ultimately a schizophrenic and IMO is no kind of philosophical role model. Nietzchean philosophy is Satanic in the Christian sense. LaVey was heavily influenced by Nietzche. In my opinion it is important not to overcompensate for the asceticism and self negation of Christian philosophy by embracing a purely material or epicurean worldview. Nietzche is not the antidote to Judeo Christianity; Buddha is the antidote. There is much wisdom in treading the middle path, aware of both spiritual responsibilities and material opportunities.


  247. R2b says:

    Problem here is most of you are Enlightenment people, and that includes the national socialists.
    Kollerstrom has indeed written a good piece, with objective proof.
    I do not contest that.
    But this is a war on a religious level.
    And even Hitler knew that, and took his stand, against Christianity.
    If you do not revive Europe Christianity, this is lost.
    You come nowhere with race!
    And for Kollerstrom I wish he would abandon his heathenism.
    To conclude, If you in this day, wish to be more than fringe, and reach out to multitude: repent and confess Jesus Christ, Saviour and God.

  248. @Larry Romanoff

    Thanks Larry! I’ve long been a follower of your work, and I echo the sentiments. Cheers, Antony

  249. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is another example of six million prior to WWII.

  250. @Badger Down

    Thanks for those corrections! A.B.

  251. @John Wear

    I meant in this thread, John. I didn’t mean to imply that no one had ever done so, because of course they have.

    I’m going to check out your article on Eichmann bc I think he’s seldom given a fair break. I’ll look at some others too. But I don’t think you would disagree with what I put in the block quotes, as I do. Am I wrong?

  252. @Carolyn Yeager

    The CODOH links to PDF don’t work ( “404 Not Found”), but I will listen to your podcasts. Thanks for the information anyway.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
    , @eah
  253. Fox says:

    Yes, in order to have meaningful discourse the term f a s c i s m should be understood as something different from just anything one doesn’t like and wants to tarnish by using a fashionable term that has been practically completely appropriated by the Antifa and its widespread network of supporters.

    For the sake of sticking it to our enemies, mark green is choosing the right term to describe the current situation, its enforcers, beneficiaries and future. These movers, shakers and wire pullers have created a situation that is just like the ‘fascism’ they like so much to decry, and are behaving just like the ‘fascists’ they see in anyone they disapprove of, i.e., their perceived enemies. I think this is appropriately called projection. mark green is simply using the Antifa definition of fascism (anything they disapprove of with hate-filled minds, murderous intent and want to annihilate, violently, if at all feasible) to categorize the Antifa according to their own dictionary. That a terroristic Antifa future is in the planning and, if coming about, would abolish all meaning of life, is a terrifying prospect

  254. @Art

    Russia and Putin were just sitting there when Ukraine went bananas next door. After eight years of Ukrainians killing Ukrainians, Jewish and US meddling, and talk of NATO and nukes on Russia’s border, Putin responds: first with requests and demands, then with the gentlest invasion we have ever seen. Weeks and weeks for the civilians to escape the coming violence. Compare with the US bombing in Iraq and everywhere.

    • Agree: annamaria, Art
  255. @annamaria

    The nationwide events in support of Ukrainian refugees are the Jewish way to support Judea in the fight against Russia.

    Why are we not calling it JEWkraine?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  256. Skeptikal says:

    “But you don’t. You just talk about wooden doors, cyanide residues, railway gauges”

    Right, this is the bean counting approach to understanding the establishment of the Third Reich and its consequences.

  257. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Hi AS. Yes, I read your comment today and thought it was very fine – almost perfectly stated – except for the final two paragraphs when you went on a rant against Christianity as “the answer.” I certainly can’t agree that Constantine is responsible for “unleashing” the downfall of Europe. Is there any direct connection that can be shown between the two? Jews were already in Europe and would have infiltrated our institutions even if Europe had remained Pagan because that’s what they do. They had been doing it for centuries already all around the Mediterranean basin. The pagan Romans of that time were already weaker and more complacent than the early Romans had been. No, the problem is human nature and the dangers of wealth and ease. It saps the vitality.

    I’m not advising Christianity, as I don’t follow it myself. But I don’t think getting rid of it would solve the problem, because it’s not the Christian believers who are the problem but the Churches and all the institutional hierarchies. Gay Troll said some interesting things but he doesn’t have the answer either. Every (white) European person has to find that answer in themself at this point–for themself. That so many can’t do so shows how deluded we’ve become, how far removed from our natural element. But no one can do it for you.

    The only salvation lies in a Nietzschean transvaluation of values, a complete and total elimination of malware from the psyche of our people until it is restored to that healthy condition before the Christian infection. This is what the Nazis were attempting to do in Germany,

    Sounds very authoritarian. Who will carry out this ‘salvation’? Surely not you. Can you demonstrate in any way that this is what the Nazis were attempting to do in Germany? I disagree they were (and I’ve read all of Table Talk), nor were they “Nazis”. Millions were committed Christians who had no intention of giving up the faith of their fathers, nor did Adolf Hitler ever have a plan to force them to do so. Imagining he did is just wishful thinking of the type that takes place on Cesar Tort’s blog. That’s no place to hang out.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  258. @Insouciant

    What I mean is that as long as this holohoax nonsense is the pravailing wisdom, then the Germans are always to be seen as potential future holohoaxers unless they are heavily controlled and directed along with the looting of their country.
    And guess who’s pulling the strings?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  259. annamaria says:


    — Ukraine is just a battering ram and a source of cheap cannon fodder for Judea’s needs.
    Today, Judea occupies the UK/US, and the EU. The Jewish State is maintained primarily as a safe haven for Jewish criminals of all sorts.
    The Zio-parasite is extremely difficult to neutralize. Currently, the parasite is literally killing its host, the western world.

  260. @Franklin Ryckaert

    I know, I found that out too. But I knew it had to be online somewhere and here it is:

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  261. Anonymous[457] • Disclaimer says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Wow, I greatly enjoyed reading your comment. This was incredibly well said and well written. It summed up most of what good history should tell. Thank you for this.

    • Thanks: Autisticus Spasticus
  262. @silviosilver

    You make free with the slur “nazi”, which was coined by Ashkenazi Jews. Your “99%” is just made up. The majority of people saying the holocaust is fake are not National Socialists. Face it, the truth is not what you think it is. Can you see how the holocaust is child abuse:

    • Agree: Petermx
  263. @silviosilver

    the minds of ultranationalists are fixated on lost causes of the past.

    That is SO antisemitic!

    • Replies: @Fox
  264. @anarchyst

    Look at the commercialization of the so-called jewish holocaust while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten.

    But of course. Given that Godless communism is a Jewish ideology, they certainly are not going to focus negative attention on themselves, and will ensure at all costs that their Godless,murderous Bolshevik forebears are giving a complete pass by history.

    • Agree: HdC
  265. JWalters says:

    Completely agree. The holocaust lie is a key wall in the fortress of lies. When it falls the whole fortress will fall. Hence the ferocious defense.

    This thorough book and excellent article are another battering ram helping hasten that collapse.

    • Thanks: BuelahMan
  266. JWalters says:
    @Hal Womack

    Good, but the Talmud Mafia’s power plays began over 200 years before Dallas. Here’s a compact history.
    War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

  267. @Sepp

    Again, I ask: why is it not being called JEWkraine?

    • Replies: @Sepp
    , @anon
  268. @Carolyn Yeager

    No, not me. I’m no saviour. I don’t really think there are any solutions to humanity’s problems. I think it’s regrettable that we ever came to exist in the first place. César believes Christianity has been a psy-op 2000 years in the making, and I’m inclined to agree with him. However, I find many other things he says to be too bound up in his own troubled history with his parents. He’s not very good at keeping the personal separate from the ideological. He rants about psychology so much that you’d think he was a Scientologist. Most of my information comes from Why the White Man Must Abandon Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu and Judea vs Rome by Europa Soberana. César recommends On the Historicity of Jesus by Richard Carrier, a book which makes a compelling case for Jesus having been a composite character. I haven’t read it, but I think it’s pretty obvious anyway that the Jesus story is a con.

    Der Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche is also indispensable for understanding the corrosive effects of Christianity at the genetic level. Tracing the genealogy of “wokeness” reveals it to be a product of Christ’s egalitarian sentiments about the brotherhood of man. Kevin MacDonald and his protégé Andrew Joyce have done some truly phenomenal scholarship on the Jews, but they both suffer from a massive blindspot on the topic of Christianity, which was the progenitor of both liberalism and communism. MacDonald and many others within the Dissident Right subscribe to a monocausalist explanation for white decline, pinning the blame almost exclusively on the activities of the Jews, with whites themselves assuming little to no culpability. I recognise that the Jewish Question and the Christian Question are synonymous, however, and that whites have been complicit in their own downfall by prostrating themselves before an alien religion.


    Nietzsche observed that Christianity is anti-Darwinian, its value system having dysgenic consequences. Time after time, computer algorithms identify sub-Saharan faces as non-human, as simian. This is because computer programs are objective. They have no concept of soul equality, since they have not been tainted by Christian axiology. If our people had never been infected with this Levantine poison, it is doubtful that blacks would be classed as human. It is more likely that they would be viewed as an infestation, a hostile species of archaic hominid in competition with us for our beautiful white women. Darwin believed that, if not for Christianity, we would have exterminated them with pitiless indifference. César observes that “Christianity, in essence, means not the number of priests ordained, but the number of niggers loved.” It is for this reason that Christians are unlikely to be motivated by ethno-nationalism, their focus being on God’s eternal kingdom in the hereafter, not on any earthbound nation. Their priority is the salvation of immortal souls, and all souls are equally valuable in their eyes. The importance of genetics will not resonate with them at all. Christianity’s universalism and focus on transcending the material is what has negated explicit racialism within Western culture for so long.

    As if fulfilling Nietzsche’s prophecy, the Third Reich was a culture that, for the first time in over a thousand years, rejected the “spiritual syphilis” of Judeo-Christian ethics and adopted a more organic, evolutionarily informed moral code. It was essentially a return to pagan values, and Germans were soon reaping the rewards, becoming the most scientifically advanced nation in the world. In terms of politics and philosophy, they had a very intimate understanding of certain realities which are to this day verboten to acknowledge. Viewed within the context of society as a living organism, a revolutionary concept at the time and one which is consistent with many contemporary findings in evolutionary psychology/biology, the Nazi movement was a healthy immune response to the latest manifestation of the subversive exploitation which the Jews had wrought upon their host nations since time immemorial. Nazism identified disease vectors in the body politic and neutralised them, with the SS functioning much like antibodies developed in response to the Jewish bacillus. Mercilessly exterminating this parasite without remorse would previously have been unthinkable, due to Christian moralism.

    The regime’s days were numbered, however, as the existential threat posed by Jewry had bifurcated, with bolshevism looming in the east and international finance capitalism poised to mobilise its forces in the west. In due course they would form a pincer movement to encircle and destroy the one nation that stood in their way. Although this new culture was obliterated while still in an embryonic stage of development, one cannot help but be awed by its unrivalled success in such a short space of time. Hitler’s greatest accomplishment was the elimination of the Rothschild banking system and the “monetization of labour”, giving labour value on par with stockholders. To this day, capitalism ignores the value of labour, insisting that the stockholder is king and that labour must be marginalized as much as possible. Henry Ford recognized the value of labour and paid his employees well above existing market wages. He was rewarded in spades, having established a middle class of those who could afford his products. Ford knew, as Hitler did, that the sheer power of antisemitism as a coherent worldview and an animating force is terrifying to those in power, and for a gullible public who have been conditioned since birth to equate Jews with saintly innocence.

    In retrospect, Hitler was a brilliant political thinker but a poor military strategist. I think it was a mistake to form an alliance with Italy and Japan, as all they ever did was make disastrous military decisions that weighed Germany down. In hindsight they proved to be a total liability. Hitler’s biggest flaw was his unwavering faith in a mystical providence that he believed was guiding him to an assured victory. It was this belief that convinced him Germany was invincible and could wage war on several fronts simultaneously, a delusion of grandeur that lead to the annihilation of Germany. I will defend his pre-war expansionism by saying that whether the territories absorbed by Germany were ever historically within the borders of the Reich is immaterial. All that matters is that these were ethnically and culturally German regions that had no earthly reason to remain autonomous. Austria was excluded from the 1871 unification for sectarian reasons which have no bearing on reality, since religion is fictional and should have no place in determining policy. In short, the map of Europe was in disarray, deliberately and vindictively so, thanks to the victors of the Great War. Regarding the Nazi war of conquest in the east, I find nothing objectionable in principle with the concept of lebensraum, as I certainly think the Germans were far more deserving of the vast stretches of land that were occupied by amorphous masses with incomprehensible languages and backward cultures, as Himmler astutely described them.

    I think if Hitler had died in 1939, he would probably be remembered as one of the greatest heads of state in history, but unfortunately he was a volatile man who ultimately chose to put his own ego before the interests of the people he professed to fight for. The reason I put more blame on him than his subordinates is due to Führerprinzip; since Hitler was the supreme leader of his regime, he alone must bear ultimate responsibility for its failure. While it is true that there were ferocious forces arrayed against him, a powder keg of hostility awaiting the slightest provocation to ignite, this doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have worked within those constraints more tactfully. For instance, what if Germany had decided not to pre-emptively invade Russia? The world would have had more sympathy for Germany if the Russians had made the aggressive move. It was extremely bad optics on his part. Better still, what if Hitler had decided to leave Poland intact in order to act as a buffer zone between Germany and Russia? I realise this would have conflicted with his ambitions for eastward expansion, however, and unfortunately the Poles were notoriously obstinate, an attitude that was encouraged by the British and French, and decided not to pursue diplomatic resolutions to territorial disputes created by the spiteful Treaty of Versailles. As much as Germany was the aggrieved party with legitimate demands, it would have been better for posterity to simply repatriate the Germans living in Poland back into the Reich proper. In this way a resettlement of a mere few million Germans could have been achieved relatively peacefully, and not the 13,000,000 that ended up being expelled and murdered in what became the largest and most brutal forced population transfer in recorded history.

    In the ensuing decades, the narrative of the Second World War as a herculean effort to defeat the ultimate manifestation of evil became set in stone. To be the antithesis of Hitler in every conceivable way became the paragon of virtue for all white people, and the memory of the Nazis is used to browbeat any whites who still dare express ethnocentrism into submission. This has cultivated ethno-masochism and pathological altruism in the European peoples on a mass scale, leading to their destruction at the psychological and demographic level. It’s a very disturbing and entirely novel phenomenon, and while I share fascism’s disdain for democracy and the concept of rotational governance, I feel that my aforementioned commitment to anti-natalist philosophy prohibits me from fully embracing fascism. Credit where credit is due, though.

    Satoshi Kanazawa made an extremely prescient point in the wake of the 9/11 disaster. Whether one believes that Muslim terrorists, the United States government or the Israeli Mossad were responsible for what took place on that day, Kanazawa observed that Western man has been castrated. He said that we could have dropped multiple neutron bombs and annihilated the nexus of Islamic radicalism in the middle-east in a matter of weeks, but we didn’t, because “Western man does not hate his true enemies enough. He can scarcely even recognise them.” How has this come to be?

    Returning again to the role of Christianity in our decline, while few of our people profess to be Christian in the traditional sense of the word, it still plays a major part in secular life. Even the most atheistic nations are fully committed to Christianity’s doctrine of unconditional love for “The Other”, as can be seen in the Nordic countries. It thus becomes apparent that a literal belief in the saviour-on-a-stick is irrelevant, as the value system no longer requires that belief in order to proliferate. Its influence can be seen within a number of franchises that have become pillars of popular culture, which have in turn contributed to the woke agenda. In the Harry Potter series, the villain Lord Voldemort is a shameless caricature of Hitler, obsessed with blood purity (eugenics) and fanatically opposed to the mixing of muggle (untermensch) and magical (white) bloodlines. He refers to the results of this mixing as mudbloods and half-breeds (mischling), terms which are extremely offensive to those who oppose him. In a scene from the seventh film, Voldemort murders a pureblood Hogwarts teacher for her ideological impurity. “She believes that muggles are not so different from us. In her view, the mixing of purebloods with muggles is not an abomination. She would, given her way, have us mate with them.” He expresses incredulity that anyone could permit such an act of defilement, and his followers are visibly disgusted by her mere presence. In contrast, the boy hero is analogous to the Christ child. He never uses the killing curse, for he harbours no hatred in his heart, instead using The Power of Love™ to defeat Voldemort. Most blatantly of all, in the last book/film, he sacrifices himself and is resurrected, whereupon he deflects Voldemort’s killing curse and forces it back onto him, effectively vanquishing him with his own hatred. Considering that J.K. Rowling is a self-professed Christian and a woke grifter, this is hardly surprising.

    Neo, the protagonist in The Matrix, is an even more obvious example of the “saviour” trope, in a series which is littered with biblical references. His coming is prophesied by mystics, his body is laid out in a cruciform pose during his selfless act of sacrifice, hovercrafts are christened with ancient Levantine names, and perhaps most explicitly of all, the last human city is a Babylonian mix of all races and cultures named Zion. The primary antagonist, Agent Smith, makes evolutionary analogies and thinks of himself as an instrument of sanitation, using terminology that evokes the Nazis. In a monologue pulsating with hatred, he refers to the protagonists as a disgusting plague, a repulsive disease that he intends to wipe out. The license plate on his car in the first film is a reference to a Bible passage (Isaiah 54:16), which reads “behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have the waster to destroy.”

    In Star Wars, the forces of the Dark Side are blatantly fascistic. The Emperor’s infantry units are called stormtroopers (a term Hitler bestowed on his Sturmabteilung), who are clad in white suits of armour and helmets not dissimilar to a gas mask, eerily reminiscent of a biohazard team, one that has been tasked with exterminating the “pathogen of rebellion” that is spreading against the “order and purity” of the empire. The Emperor’s elite commanding officers are all smug aristocrats, dressed in black and wearing jackboots, much like the SS. Finally, the emblem of the galactic empire is faintly reminiscent of the swastika in its design. In contrast to the homogeny of the Dark Side, the protagonists are diverse, being from multiple races and cultures, a veritable tapestry of intergalactic harmony. The Jedi undergo intensive training to eradicate hatred from their hearts and renounce all worldly attachments. They are expected to lead an ascetic life as an apprentice of the Force, an ambassador for peace, and a defender of freedom (liberal democracy).

    Considering the ubiquity of this sermonizing on the evil of hate, is it any wonder that the white man has, in Kanazawa’s words, forgotten how to hate? Not completely forgotten, however, since he does hate his own kind with a passion. For common humanity, the Nazis are the barometer of evil. Normies refer to our disproportionately Jewish elites as Nazis, especially amid the insane coronavirus hysteria, despite the fact that the Nazis were opposed to international finance, usury, fiat currency, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, multiracialism, miscegenation, immigration, sexual deviancy, Marxism, consumerism, technocracy, plutocracy and cultural degeneration. The powers that be are in favour of literally all these things, yet still the proles continue to make the asinine accusation that our overlords are fascists.

    The trouble with so much Dissident Right material is that it is preaching to the converted, since only those who have already been brought into the fold will read it. To the extent that it is even published, it is invariably disseminated by obscure distributers, hence will receive no attention in mainstream channels. I always used to say our biggest problem was that outsiders refuse to listen to us, and little has changed. What we can learn from this is that it doesn’t matter if you have all the evidence in the world on your side. If everybody refuses to look at it, then what use is it? When our people hear certain words, when certain topics are broached, their minds enter defence mode. It’s not an instinctual reaction, like the hostility to anti-natalism, but rather a conditioned one, in the manner of Pavlov’s dogs. There is, of course, a great irony in this. For all that we talk about the primacy of nature over nurture, it is the blank slate approach that has been so remarkably successful in “re-educating” our people. Only a hundred years ago, whites were the most visibly enthnocentric group in the world. It took only a century to completely turn this around, and it was achieved entirely by way of propaganda and socialisation. Of course, the relentless exploitation of the psychological trauma inflicted by two world wars was also instrumental in undermining the white man’s conviction regarding his rightful place in the world. The degradation and humiliation inflicted upon Germany by the Allies in both wars is reminiscent of what Union forces did to the Confederate States in the 1860’s. Keep in mind, though, that the events of the American Civil War played out in the complete absence of Jewish manipulation. What, then, was the primary motivating factor for that fratricidal conflict? It was the Christian love for the negro.

    A prime example of the disingenuousness of liberals can be seen in the increasingly threadbare argument that the legacy of colonialism is responsible for the persistent backwardness of Africa. In truth, Apartheid was the only thing keeping South Africa civilised and prosperous. Once the communist Mandela took over and implemented his policies to transform it into a “rainbow nation”, what was once a beacon of light at the bottom of the Dark Continent rapidly degenerated into a crime-infested cesspool. Today it is the rape capital of the world, and why should we be surprised? One cannot reasonably expect a continent wherein the population exhibit archaic hominid morphology to integrate into a modern civilisation which they had no part in creating, and therefore have no genetic inclination to preserve. In America, Jewish apologists for the staggeringly disproportionate representation of blacks in crime statistics offer the equally unconvincing explanation that PTSD (post-traumatic slave disorder) accounts for the low impulse control and propensity for spontaneous aggression routinely observed in blacks. I can call upon the entire discipline of HBD to testify that this is due to the harsh environment that blacks originally evolved to thrive in, and that’s a colossal amount of data. My opponents can either look into it, which they are clearly not inclined to do, as it requires a great deal of dedication, or they can continue to cocoon themselves within a nest of peer-reviewed, state-approved propaganda. “Reputable scholarship” is anything bearing the Science™ seal of approval, which assures the liberal that the information they are about to consume is ideologically kosher.

    Postmodern obscurantism and alethic relativism have been crucial in undermining evolutionary explanations for the incredible degree of variation observed in humans, in both mind and body. In his book The Blank Slate, Steven Pinker noted that the socio-cultural model is assumed to be true unless proven false beyond any possible doubt, while the biological model is assumed to be false unless evidence is completely unassailable. In the time since its publication some 20 years ago, nothing has changed on this front. It was the tenacious will of the Left that led to the ostensible triumph of blank slate equalism during the 20th century, a triumph which had nothing to do with science and everything to do with ideology. Western civilization produced most of modern knowledge, and most great scientists have been white males, which left feminists and “people of colour” feeling jealous and resentful. If the white man’s science is correct, it must mean that non-white cultures are superstitious and backward, which doesn’t do much for non-white and female self-esteem. So, in order to vilify the “evil white male” and boost the esteem among these “oppressed” groups, the Left promoted the anthropological view that reality is simply a matter of culture and empowerment. In other words, it is racist to say Western medicine works and tribal witch doctors are superstitious nonsense. It is bigoted to say Western science is true and Eastern mysticism is bogus. These values were championed with increasing fanaticism after WW2, and the indoctrination of white children with this new curricula was seen as a necessity by many Jewish intellectuals, as a kind of prophylactic against fascism. Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity, as one Jewish academic proclaimed. Thus we arrive at the present day situation, where “diversity and inclusion” is a panacea for whiteness, the original sin. Having permeated every organ for the transmission of culture, the woke mantra became the sine qua non of the West, and any who resist are cajoled and bullied into submission. Having to endure the humiliation of “sensitivity training”, coupled with the threat of job loss and social ostracism, is all it takes to ensure future compliance.

    Science has to be about the search for facts and truth, not about social progressivism. It is true that the findings of science can be used for social good via technology. Our knowledge of biology makes for better medical technology, and technology must be socially moral, but science must only be science. There is a place for the “noble lie” in religion, diplomacy, folklore, mythology, friendships and other social relations. We all know it’s not nice to call a person ugly to their face. It’s better to avoid commenting on their looks just to remain on good terms. But science must only be about facts, even if those facts may cause offence. When Darwin developed his theories, it deeply upset many Victorian moralists, and rightfully so. What if man was not created by God but evolved from more primitive creatures? What if there is no soul and man is just motivated by naked animal instincts? A notion disturbing to moral philosophers, to be sure. Such discoveries understandably cause anxiety within the social and moral context, but as a scientist, Darwin had only one obligation. When Galileo observed that the planets revolved around the sun, this too was deeply upsetting to the theologians of his time. What if man was not special in the eyes of God but merely one animal among many, on one planet among many, in one galaxy among many? But Galileo and Darwin only had one duty as scientists, and that was to report the facts of what they observed.

    Today, a fact that cannot be mentioned is the reality of differences between distinct geographical populations. Race and sex are socio-optical illusions, there are innumerable genders, anyone can be whatever they want to be, etc. These are all banal, media-derived tropes that liberals feel very smug and confident in regurgitating. Anyone who doesn’t automatically defer to their egalitarian value system is deemed mentally ill at best or outright evil at worst. We are expected to believe that there’s no general IQ difference between Ashkenazi Jews and African pygmies, that there’s no meaningful difference in physical attributes between white Europeans and Australian aborigines. The hypersensitivity and hysteria surrounding these facts is somewhat understandable in light of the slavery and genocides of the last two centuries, but facts are facts, and many of the social disparities in the world can only be accurately understood when we take certain fundamental biological differences into account. It is a mistake to expect equal representation and performance from every demographic in all walks of life, let alone demand it as a matter of policy. Equality of opportunity must never be conflated with equality of outcome.

    Like religion before it, the woke cult is an example of the cognitive calisthenics and evasive sophistry which so many people will indulge to avoid grappling with the cold reality of an uncaring gene replication machine. It is built upon numerous lies, beginning with a rearrangement of the social hierarchy in which all are proclaimed equal but some are more equal. Sometimes this involves telling comforting lies which people want to hear, and sometimes it involves shaming and suppressing our natural disgust and aversion to abnormal things. The Left teaches, just as conventional Christianity did, that our most basic human instincts are evil, ignorant, and must be transcended. I never was inclined towards wokeness, because it was apparent to me from a young age that the only social construct that exists is equality, which is something that does not exist because it cannot exist. It represents a moral longing for fairness and justice, and nature does not oblige. Nature discriminates, nature persecutes. It’s called evolution. Equality would make every variation we see between people redundant, a distinction without a difference.

    Due to decades of government mandated mass immigration and miscegenation, white people are projected to become minorities in their own countries over the coming decades, and some are already minorities within their own capital cities. Demographics is destiny, and it looks like the destiny of the white man is to go extinct. How do whites themselves greet this news? With overwhelming enthusiasm and rapturous applause, it turns out. This is the extent to which ethno-masochism and pathological altruism have taken hold in the European mind. Note that any mention of the Great Replacement (a term we use to describe this deliberately engineered demographic shift) elicits two incongruent responses from the liberal simultaneously: denial of its veracity, and an affirmation of its moral imperative. In truth, white people have been a global minority for a long time. Heterosexual white men are by far the most hated demographic in these turbulent times, marginalised by government legislation and betrayed by just about every institution their ancestors originally founded for their posterity. For the Third World, the ongoing war on whites is entirely jealousy-driven. The white man will likely go extinct at some point during this century, and the teeming masses left behind, swarming over the planet like flies on a dung heap, will then perish under the weight of their own incompetence, having destroyed the hand that fed them and allowed their populations to reach such obscene proportions.

    What we’re now facing is a dysgenic dark age without precedent in human history. Indeed, we are already seeing the political ramifications of the proliferation of deleterious genes. Wokeness is what happens when the weak, diseased and mentally ill are not subjected to the natural pruning process that would otherwise have removed them from the genepool before they reached reproductive age. This is one of the reasons, perhaps even the primary reason, why society is getting sicker, physically and psychologically. We are now discovering in hindsight that many of the ostensible advancements of the 20th century were only beneficial in the short term. In the long term, they will prove catastrophic.

    We now find ourselves under the boot heel of a new Lysenkoism, one that denies the biological facticity of race, sex, and the observable inequalities between people that are the inevitable result of evolution, a merciless process of elimination which thrives on ruthless competition. Liberals deny this because it threatens their faith in human dignity, much like the biblical fundamentalists of Darwin’s day, hence why I call them secular creationists. The poison of Christianity manifests in an even larger number of whites who, while believing themselves atheists, have nonetheless imbibed Christian self-abnegation. That poison is compounded of altruism, guilt fetish, belief in equality, and partisanship towards “the disadvantaged and the oppressed.” The woke ideology is the inevitable fruit of the invasive weed called Christianity, which Hitler astutely identified as “the first bolshevism.” Pathological altruism, ethno-masochism and the worship of “The Other” all have their antecedents in Christ’s teachings. “All are one in Christ” is the framework that liberal progressivism is built on. Christians have no loyalty to whiteness or any of the material things of this world, because their focus is on the immaterial realm of God’s kingdom, and they seek to transcend the corporeal world. For them, all that matters is God, and all souls are worthy of salvation in God’s eyes. Genetics doesn’t even come into it. This is why Christianity, the antithesis of racialism and the greatest opponent of evolution, will always be locked in deadly enmity with eugenics.

    With regard to the equal treatment of unfortunates, allow me to share a personal anecdote. Down the street from me live a pair of identical twin brothers with Treacher-Collins syndrome. One of them has a girlfriend and together they have a daughter, who was born with the same disfigurement as her father. This is the damage that equality and “overcoming adversity” does. Tragically, by treating these people like they’re no different from anybody else, they inevitably begin acting like everybody else, and this includes having children, thus transmitting their misery to new generations. I’m not saying we should form lynch mobs and kill them in cold blood. I’m merely highlighting the extremely harmful consequences of egalitarianism. Lebensunwertes leben, the Nazi policy of mercy killing, was an exercise of pure rationality. That poor little girl and countless others might have been spared their suffering if the fledgling science of eugenics had been allowed to progress unimpeded, but the egalitarian impulse of Christianity, so deeply implanted in the Western mind, held us back.

    And so, while Christianity in the religious sense has waned considerably in the last century, largely due to Darwin, Christ’s teachings survive in the egalitarian value system. In this secular incarnation of Christian ethics, the supposed virtues of pity and compassion for the weak are still upheld. This pity is what preserves those wretched mutations which should, by all rights, perish. This in turn perverts the natural process of elimination which forms the bedrock of evolution, and the liberal progressives that facilitate this malfunction are the traitors in our midst who betray all our futures in exchange for the moral high of signalling their own self-righteousness. We all suffer because the Left elevates the most worthless people at the expense of our best and brightest. Christianity’s maladaptive system of ethics endured the death of God and found fertile ground in the creed of secular humanism which had formed to assuage the wounds inflicted by the world’s most devastating war. Christ on the cross became a proxy for non-whites, non-heterosexuals and women, in whom has been cultivated a status of perpetual victimhood. These groups are repeatedly told that they’re oppressed and marginalised, and all the evidence in the world to the contrary won’t convinced them otherwise. It has become imprinted in their brains, and whenever they encounter any difficulty in their lives, they default to the “discrimination” explanation. They lay all the blame for their shortcomings upon those who succeed where they fail, which absolves them of responsibility for their behaviour and deflects the shame they would otherwise feel at being evolutionary losers. Let it not be forgotten that the essence of evolution is eternal struggle, that of finite quality against infinite quantity. With the abrupt reversal of the eugenic revolution, the world stage was now set for the revolt of the underman. The excess glut of humanity now numbers some six billion, and among the refuse has emerged a sizable contingent of spiteful defectives, all marching in unison under the banner of equality.

    I will conclude by saying that there has been a continued failure in the Dissident Right, and also among classical liberals like Dawkins and Harris, to understand the irreparable damage that Darwin’s discovery has dealt to the human psyche. Thanks to him, we found ourselves in an epistemological position that we had never been in before. While evolution has not revealed to us the ultimate origin of life or solved the hard problem of consciousness, it did reveal to us, for the first time, that our origins were not divine and that man was not created to fulfil any destiny. This revelation single-handedly dispelled the creation myths which had, for better or worse, nourished the human spirit for millennia. We could no longer sustain the anthropocentric illusions necessary to continue life as we had known it. In many ways, Nazism was the ultimate lifecuck ideology, affirming life with the same enthusiasm as prior generations despite being fully aware of the evolutionary paradigm. However, instead of heralding a new era, it proved to be a last gasp. While the reasons for its failure were in part circumstantial, Hellstorm is a wake-up call, one that has gone unheeded by people like César Tort. In the end, was it really worth it? It would be profoundly indecent to say yes. His belief that we can (and should) do it all again, despite the tremendous human cost, is a clear indication that nothing has been learned. The forces of entropy destroyed Hitler’s dream, as they will always destroy any attempt to extract order out of chaos. César’s macho worldview will not permit him to accept this, and so future generations would be roped into existence to perish under the most appalling circumstances, all to feed his ego.

    Note: I realise that one could make a comparison here between the liberal’s cognitive dissonance when faced with the demonstrable reality of the Great Replacement and the Dissident Right’s reaction when confronted with Holocaust™ atrocity stories. On the one hand we want to say that they are greatly embellished and exaggerated, and on the other we wish to say, to the extent that such events actually occurred, they were provoked and in some cases justifiable. The difference between this and the liberal’s reaction to the Great Replacement, though, is that our positions on the Holocaust™ are not mutually exclusive. Our claims, that the Holocaust™ has been exaggerated and that is was provoked and justifiable to the extent it occurred, are perfectly congruent with each other.

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    , @Poco
    , @Jon Chance
  269. Fox says:
    @Badger Down

    I had the same thought when reading this gem from the treasure chest of a post-war educated ‘Bewaeltiger’, and on that account I am quite certain that silviosilver resides to the East of the Rhine.

  270. @RJ O'Guillory

    …if I understand your point of view, you think a noble lie is good…when in fact it is still a lie. Why can’t we just deal with the truth?

    The author was arguing that ‘the holocaust lie’ (as he sees it) is used to justify various sorts of wrongdoing in today’s world. So I pointed out that it is also used for beneficial purposes.

    In the minds of nazi apologist-type revisionists (ie most of them), there haven’t been any beneficial purposes. The purported ‘benefits’ are in fact what they are most keen to do away with, precisely because they stand in the way of the fascist revival that they most fervently desire.

    It’s as if they want to say, “Sorry people, you’ve been misled. The right attitude isn’t to tolerate or perhaps even appreciate people different to you; the right attitude is to hate them – and look, we’ve got the proof!”

  271. RestiveUs says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Maybe no formal education, but certainly a lot of analysis of the topic. Well put!

  272. E_Perez says:

    Yes, fascism is love of nation and kin, but it’s also hatred of one’s neighbors (“historical enemies”) and a desire to war on them. Not a mentality I can approve of.

    Strange statement, seems to refer to National Socialism. Since it lacks any historical background, let’s try to analyze it.

    historical enemies” could refer to France and Germany, but “fascist”(=NS) Germany never desired war for Elsass-Lothringen, so your your statement is void in this respect.

    If “hatred of one’s neighbors” refers to Poland and Czechoslovakia then you probably ignore that these artificial states created after WWI hosted 2.5 million Germans (Poland) and 3.5 million Germans (Sudeten).

    If, wanting to reintegrate theses millions of Germans left in countries where their language was not official, is nothing your “mentality can approve of“, then maybe the problem is with your mentality.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  273. gay troll says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    So Spaz, you’re just a plain old Nazi? Any Jews in the family woodpile? You do realize that Christian philosophy has its own antecedents? The fact that Christian scriptures are absurd does not mean that they do not exploit valid philosophical ideals. After all, they were not revealed, they were plagiarized.

    History shows that between ancient Egypt and India, centuries before Jews and their scriptures were known, humanity articulated the knowledge of monotheism, pantheism, and entheism. The teachings of Hindu philosophy as distilled by the Buddha are what we call the golden rule. The reason Jesus Christ can’t be taken seriously is that he was invented by a con artist who said that helping your enemy is a just a way to heap coals on his head. Paul’s speech of love is a total fraud. But does that make love itself a fraud? In the book of Matthew, Jesus Christ actually articulates Pauline philosophy right back at the Jews. He says that evil people can redeem themselves through self sacrifice. Was he wrong?

    Here’s where your appraisal of Christianity falls short. Jesus specifically says that his teachings are only for sinners, whom he explicitly identifies as his Jewish peers. The teachings of Jesus in Matthew are literally instructions for evil Jews. The problem is that some good hearted Gentiles think those same teachings are also meant for them. YHWH is not God, but God is still real. So is eternal life, and karmic justice. So is the power of love. Love is the power of social animals. Love is what nature is currently selecting us for. Resist it at your own peril.

    Ms. Yeager, I respect your comments as you seem, unlike so many on this board, to be a genuine personality. I cannot deny that my perspective on Nazi Germany proceeds from the Hollywood brainwashing I received as a young person. But I still cannot excuse a racist attitude. You complain that I do not have the right solution, so let us hear your own. I suspect it consists of trying again, with a new Hitler to achieve a real separation of the “races”. I also suspect that the same methodology will lead to the same result, which is the strengthening of Zionist Israel and the maintenance of the Jewish claim to both victimhood and tribal supremacy.

  274. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Excellent, thank you! Here’s more to read about this ‘Jewish Question’ and why the destruction of the Hitler’s Third Reich was inevitable:
    Putin and Hitler in the Failure of ‘Liberal’ Imagination, Problems of Revisionism, Zelensky and Woody Allen’s Zelig, or Zeliginsky
    JUNG-FREUD • APRIL 17, 2022

  275. @E_Perez

    If, wanting to reintegrate theses millions of Germans left in countries where their language was not official, is nothing your “mentality can approve of“, then maybe the problem is with your mentality.

    Two points.

    Firstly, they didn’t have any intention of stopping with the reintegration of those territories, nor did they stop.

    Secondly, so what if not every single person of a given ethnicity lives within the same borders? The Germans were not the only people in Europe in that situation. If you don’t live in the same borders, is it really the end of the world? The fascist mentality answers that question: yes, definitely, it is unbearable. Not exactly a recipe for peace, is it.

    • Replies: @Fox
  276. Sepp says:

    Knowing the Jewish penchant for nepotism, in tribe preference, Rabbis forming secret conspiracies in synogogues, Kol Nidre promoting the deception and swindling of goyim, and their genetic predilection for perversity and sexual blackmail of goyim, it is clear that once a Jews ascends to a top of an organization it because Jewish itself.

    When we look at all the organizations, especially international, headed by Jews or groups of Jews, it becomes clear that Jews have taken over the entire planet.

    So, I ask: why is it not being called Planet of the Jews?

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
  277. @Carolyn Yeager

    Thanks for the link. It works and I have begun with reading. It looks promising.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  278. @Francis Miville

    What about the COVID19 religion? Missionary governments, nearly whole populations suddenly converted, heresy proved by not having vaccination certificate, heretics lives destroyed, hardly better than by burning at the stake.

  279. anarchyst says:

    Please obtain and read “Germany Must Perish” by Theodore N. Kaufman to see the vile hatred that the “chosen” (still) have for Germany. In this book, the author advocates not only marginalization, but total extermination of the German race, culture, art, music, history, and anything to do with Germany. The author (among others) advocated destroying every last vestige of Germany–everything–total extermination and erasure from history.
    This book is not easy to find, but is still available. You may be sickened by reading it, but it is necessary.
    Even General George Patton protested the way Germans were treated after the war, and paid for it with his life…
    Please disseminate this as much as possible, as it exposes the mindset of the “chosen” to this very day…

    • Agree: John Wear
  280. j2 says:
    @FKA Max

    To FKA Max.

    Once there was some talk in this forum of how many Jews may still be in Poland. I did check this thing and came to 2% of the population, shown by mt-DNA. Now there are studies of Polish DNA.

    Most researchers claim that this Jewish admixture ancient, but I cannot see any way it could be ancient. It is certainly Jewish mt-DNA and the largest Jewish group on Poland to convert to Christianity and to mix with Poles were Frankists and around 1820 onward (before they did not mix) and it was at most 10,000. It would not make 2% now.

    It seems that this 2% derives from survivors of the WWII time. It can mean some 500,000 survivors in Poland (2% of 24 million in 1946). If 7.5% in Hungary 200,000 survivors (1946 10 million*0.02=200,000) and somewhere 200,000 these make just the missing 900,000 survivors that I concluded in the following calculation.

    So, the Jewish death-toll in the WWII seems to be proven as 2.5 million and the question is settled totally refuting mass killings in death camps.

  281. TKC says:

    Not available in my local library or in any of the many libraries in the affiliated interlibrary loan program. Not available on Amazon, Alibris, Powell’s Book, ebay, or anywhere I could find on the internet on a short search. Since the author probably makes no money off the book, why not convert it to PDF and disseminate it on the web? Hard to scrub the web.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  282. @Autisticus Spasticus

    No one has any “formal education” in the subject … just saying. It’s all self-taught.

    • Agree: John Wear
  283. Poco says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Evolution isn’t survival of the fittest. It is reproductive quantity.
    With animals this may very well be the fittest.
    With humans it means those with the best strategy to propagate their genes.

    If Darwin is correct and darwinianism is an iron law then religion itself is a darwinian strategy that evolves naturally in human beings. This seems self-evident as human beings ALWAYS form a religion. Whether they recognize themselves that their beliefs are a religion or not. Christian whites have larger families in America than non-christian ones and are therefore more reproductively fit according to darwinian theory.

  284. @anarchyst

    Agree your post, anarchyst.
    For your readers, here are two helpful links.

    It may be noted that the seething Jewish hatred does not extend only to the great European culture of Germany … also note please the very first line/opening statement about the book is a Jewish lie, as is standard with the People of the Lie, viz —

    Today’s war is not a war against Adolf Hitler.

    Nor is it a war against the Nazis.

    Last I looked this was still selling on amzn.
    However, recommend people to obtain/download this text.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  285. What of Germany? Did Germany gain anything from following the holo-narrative?
    Surely Germany had suffered the most in the aftermath of the war. At the end Germany had been bombed into the Stone Age; a place of starvation, mass rape and forced labour; the only positive that can be cited was having dodged the Atomic Bomb. So they bit the bullet and went through ‘denazification’ and it has to be admitted they ultimately came out of WW2 better than Britain, France or Poland. They didn’t get the Morgenthau Plan; they got the Marshall Plan. They were allowed to keep a lot of the property and businesses they had taken from the deported Jews, so they eventually became an industrial colossus; their gold was saved from the Russians, and the banker Jews were eager to come back and lend money.
    Although Germany has insignificant military forces, the country is still deeply involved in military research and arms production. It is my opinion Germany will someday have a large, trained army—probably mostly mercenaries.
    Germany also made nice with the Russians which led directly to re-unification. I believe the East Prussian territory now held by Russia will eventually be returned—and who knows but other territories as well.

    • Disagree: Petermx
  286. DrWatson says:

    The world will continue to suffer from the organized mass slaughters and loot on a grand scale until the Jewish Banking system is completely demolished and replaced with national banks supported by the tangibles.

    Until that happens you could also refrain from enriching them by refusing to borrow money from them. I, for one, didn’t borrow any money in the last 20 years. You could also refrain from using a credit card if you have enough money in your bank account.

  287. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Let me/us know what you think after you’ve read a good portion of it.

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  288. eah says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Holocaust Handbooks

    All books in the Holocaust Handbooks series are available at the link above — you can download them via a zip file (note: it’s over 600mb) — I just did that, and opened the zip to check the contents — books 01 – 44 are there, including 28, the one recommended to you: The ‘Extermination Camps’ of Aktion Reinhardt (updated and with a forward by Germar Rudolf from July, 2021).

    Regarding the ‘Aktion Reinhardt’ camps, you might also find the video One Third of the Holocaust interesting: link

  289. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    This is yet another excellent article that uses true facts, honest history supported by science to refute the official 6 million gassed jews THE HOLOCAUST.

    But, honest history, science, facts do not seem to effect the official 6 Million Gassed Jews THE HOLOCAUST story/myth.

    To understand how the THE HOLOCAUST Story/myth works is to understand that it works 2 ways:

    1) As George Orwell “1984”/Soviet Stalinist official party doctrine.

    If THE RULING PARTY, the Powers that be say it was exactly 6 Million Gassed Jews or that 2 + 2= 5 than that’s they way it is, anybody that says, writes or even thinks differently is a counter revolutionary, a fascist a NAZI – and that person will be brutally attacked, marginalized and be forced to be an outcast

    2) It’s a fundamentalist religious myth the same as the J ethno centric religious Myths in the Jewish Old Testament Bible – especially the myths from Exodus and Esther.

    The 6 Million Gassed Jews THE HOLOCAUST myth is true because…

    IT IS TRUE – it’s a fundamentalist BIBLICAL Truth.

    Anybody that writes, says or even thinks any small portion of this official 6 Million Gassed Jews THE HOLOCAUST Myth might not be true is…

    A Holocaust Denier
    An unbeliever
    A Religious Heretic

    Might as well try to say negative things about the Islamic Prophet Muhammed in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan – or say real, true negative things about newer American religious saints Martin Luther King Jr. George Floyd

    How is that Jewish myth about the Jewish Trbal God Jehovah parting The Red Sea to allow the Jews, God’s Chosen people to escape the evil Egyptians (definitely not God’s chosen people) by running across the bottom of the Red Sea (Why didn’t they have any problems with mud?)

    From a pure scientific perspective, the Parting of the Red Sea Religious Myth is impossible, same as so much of THE 6 MILLIOIN GASSED JEWS religious myth.

    But the power of the 6 Million myth goes on – anybody that objects is…

    A Holocaust Denier
    A Religious Heretic
    An Evil Racist NAZI, Fascist etc

    That’s the way it is:

    We need our own myths, our own God, Gods – this Old Testament Jewish tribal God Jehovah ain’t gonna give us a fair deal any more than he did to the Egyptians or the Persians in the book of Esther.

    J Ryan
    The Political Cesspool

    • Replies: @Hiyah
    , @Passing By
  290. Fox says:

    Interesting points.
    Firstly, the way you argue reminds me of ‘The Road to Serfdom’ by Hayek which I read years ago. The model tyranny in this book is Germany under National Socialism, other instances of ‘serfdom’ don’t occur.
    Secondly, if it is no big deal to live as a people (I am not talking about scattered individuals) under someone else’s rule, why did the Czechs and Poles desire to have their own country? After all, they were, respectively, a minority in Austro-Huungary, Germany or Russia and, at least as living in the German-speaking countries goes, they lived very well and were not hindered in their tribal affinities. And why was France harboring the Chambres de Reunions since 1871 with the explicit goal to regain the German provinces of Alsace-Lorraine? The effect was that France’s relationship towards Germany was led by a preparation for war to achieve that goal of undoing the outcome of the war of 1870/71. Do you disapprove of that? Was this a manifestation of fascism? Do you also expect the millions of alien people imported to Europe now to accept the laws and customs of the country they reside in, if necessary being made to accept them with force? After all, these people don’t live in the borders of their home, but seem in large numbers very unhappy about the place they were choosing even voluntarily. That’s different with the millions of Germans which were distributed among Germany’s neighbors and forcefully separated – and they were not living in scattered arrangements but in large areas and in the majority entirely German. The Hungarians suffered a similar high-handed treatment.
    It also bears remembering that the aims of the Polish campaign were very clear and Germany proposed to end the conflict after it had come to a conclusion. The war, after the refusal of the ‘allies’ to end the state of war which they had entered into on their own free will without any of their national interests at stake, took on its own dynamic, and what you interpret as ‘didn’t stop there’ is it not rather the concatenation of action and response once the decision to not settle in mutual agreement has been made? How do you know that ‘they didn’t have any intention to stop there’? That’s re-casting the ‘Allies”justification to wage war with the argument : “We couldn’t trust Hitler.”
    Everything goes two ways, and if you pour oil in a fire it is no surprise that it grows bigger. One can’t know what would have happened if Danzig, the ‘Free City’ that couldn’t exert its free will, had returned to where it wanted to go, or if the plebiscite in the Korridor region had taken place under international auspices, but since Germany would have achieved its stated goals of rectifying the most glaring absurdities stemming from the “Treaty of Versailles”, was doing very well economically and was actively promoting good relationships in Europe, based on mutual interests and respect, a period of prosperity and stability is more likely to have followed, rather than a war. Everything else is speculation and used as a justification for the war that was declared – never forget that- by England and France.
    At least this ‘characteristic of fascism’ is not well founded in the reality I observe. The fact that fascist movements existed in so many countries -England, Romania, Hungary, Spain, France, Italy, even the United States- indicates to me that there is something else that is the essence of this movement, not a check list of some peculiar manifestations of it when confronted with actual crises..

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  291. Hiyah says:

    Of course bashing the Bible is classic Jewish behavior.

    J. Ryan…. Lol

    More like J. Ryanburg.

    We see you big nose

  292. Thomasina says:

    Antony Black – excellent work! Very well done. Thank you.

  293. @anarchyst

    I’ll try on find it. But I can tell you now he will be preaching to the choir.

  294. annamaria says:

    American humanitarian vultures in action:

    Afghanistan was raped for decades, then Biden froze (stole) their assets, triggering a financial crisis which might deteriorate into a famine. Is that our idea of “helping” countries? Say what you will about Russia, but deliberately using Ukrainians as cannon fodder against them says more about us than it does about Russia.

    Why does the Jewish Lobby resist the de-Nazification of Ukraine? Also, how come the Jewish State does not react to Mr. Kolomojsky’s financing of the self-proclaimed Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine? Is this a special tribute to holobiz mythology?

  295. Anymike says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Friday is appropriately named.

  296. HRMM says:

    If millions of Jews were transited and resettled in Russia, why is there no evidence of even a small community being maintained there?

    It doesn’t seem then, as revisionists say, they ever got to Russia. Instead, ignoring all testimony and documents pointing to their destruction (eg Franke Griksch report, it seems they simply disappeared.

    • Replies: @j2
  297. annamaria says:

    The Zio-Nazified Ukraine, the “democracy on the march” and why Mr. Ze deserves to be treated as a major criminal he is:

    Western media has looked the other way as Zelensky and top officials in his administration have sanctioned a campaign of kidnapping, torture, and assassination of local Ukrainian lawmakers accused of collaborating with Russia.

    Several mayors and other Ukrainian officials have been killed since the outbreak of war, many reportedly by Ukrainian state agents after engaging in de-escalation talks with Russia. Zelensky has further exploited the atmosphere of war to outlaw an array of opposition parties and order the arrest of his leading rivals. His authoritarian decrees have triggered the disappearance, torture and even murder of an array of human rights activists, communist and leftist organizers, journalists and government officials accused of “pro-Russian” sympathies.

    The Ukrainian SBU security services [staffed with Banderites] have served as the enforcement arm of the officially authorized campaign of repression. With training from the C.I.A. [Mossad?] and close coordination with Ukraine’s state-backed neo-Nazi paramilitaries, the SBU has spent the past weeks filling its vast archipelago of torture dungeons with political dissidents.

    On the battlefield, the Ukrainian military has engaged in a series of atrocities against captured Russian troops and proudly exhibited its sadistic acts on social media. Here too, the perpetrators of human rights abuses appear to have received approval from the upper echelons of the Ukrainian leadership.

    Sounds rather Talmudic. The homoerotic Mr. Ze was a choice of Mr. Kolomojsky, a founder and funder of several Nazi formations in Ukraine. Kolomojsky, a president of the Ukrainian Jewish Community (kid you not), is still an Israeli citizen.
    What else can we expect from Jews? The ghastly Albright informed the world that the death of 500.000 Iraqi children was ‘worth it.”
    The Ziocons’s best friends have burnt scores of people alive in Odessa. Mr. Ze has sanctioned “a campaign of kidnapping, torture, and assassination of local Ukrainian lawmakers accused of collaborating with Russia.”
    The neurotic Jewish psychopaths cannot stop on their own. Guess wholesale destruction of all holobiz museums in the US should be the first step. The EU will be ready to follow soon.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  298. Anymike says:

    Germany got involved in two world wars – the first one where the world came to the war and the second where the war went to the world – for two related but outright stupid ideas.

    In the first war, the German nationalists were inflamed by the idea that Germany would not get its due as a worldwide civilization and linguistic culture equal to the British and French iterations because Germany had come late into the race to colonize the world due to lack of German unity.

    How did that work out? Maybe the Europeans should have looked into the American experience before they embarked on the race to see who could grab the most of Africa.

    In the second war, the German nationalists were inflamed by the idea that Germany would not be able to claims its deserved place within the top tier of civilizations unless it possessed land on a continental scale, with a population to match. Britain and France stood in the top tier because of their worldwide linguistic civilizations. America stood in the top tier because of its possession of land and resources on a continental scale. Russia had the same opportunity, if not the actuality already and so did China, potentially.

    Japan faced the same issue, the idea that it had a deserved rank, but not the resources to claim it. Italy had a motive too, to supplant France as the great linguistic culture and civilization, and as a power in the Mediterranean and regions south.

    Germany’s position in the second war as compared to the first at least made some sense. But was it necessary for Germany to seek territorial expansion? Even without war, Germany controlled a great territory in Central Europe. With its economy, productivity and capacity for innovation, Germany was situated to dominate Europe. Europe always had been multilingual and multiethnic, with nations that faithfully reflected these divisions. Germany wasn’t going to change that.

    The German nationalists didn’t see that. In their angst, they never saw that the systems they were excluded from did not have the value that they seemed to have.

    The Germans would have been off if they had looked for other means to achieve the station they thought they deserved.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @HdC
  299. annamaria says:

    “Jewish problem:”

    The U.S. is top-heavy with Jews who sit in the most important and strategic positions within the government. Most of them have a greater allegiance to Israel than to the U.S. …

    America has morphed into a nation preoccupied with the welfare and safety of Jews and Israel. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has even gone on record to declare: “I have said to people when they ask me if this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid — and I don’t even call it aid — our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are” (Conference of the Israel-American Council, December 2, 2018).

    Jews are not the sole cause nor the sole perpetrators of the problems Whites face in the West. There are plenty of traitorous Whites who have betrayed their own people (for the right amount of shekels, of course). Our own people have enabled Jews to accomplish their subversive goals, and it does us no good to deny it. … And yet there can be no denial that Jews are the principal creators, strategists, organizers, funders, and agitators against all forms of White racial identity.

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Replies: @White Noise
  300. annamaria says:

    The Jewish gift to Ukraine:

    Kolomoiskyi is the kind of financial thug who could easily be involved in the plans to create wars for profit. He could be working with war profiteering banksters in the City of London, Wall Street, and Tel Aviv. Zelensky also has direct ties to Israel. Thus he could easily have been in on such a scheme from the start.

    These banksters (FDR’s term) already control the US and Western Europe, politicians and press, and now plausibly covet Russia. The same neocon cheerleaders for the regime change wars in the Middle East are now cheerleading for a regime change in Russia.

    Yes, Ukraine is currently Judeo-Nazified – same as the US, EU, & the UK.
    See the fate of an honest journalist Julian Assange.

  301. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    Outside few Jew remaining in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jew has died out. No more.

    ‘Jew’ are Yid.

    Ukraine into West Russia might be ok? Yid soon gone.

    Zelensky will be drag queening with the House and Senate’s finest/sorriest.

  302. @annamaria

    Pelosi (aaargh, what an ugly hag!) should say “America first”… Instead, she says (on camera) “Israel first”…

    That makes her a prostitute… What an ugly and spent prostitute

    • Replies: @annamaria
  303. j2 says:

    “If millions of Jews were transited and resettled in Russia, why is there no evidence of even a small community being maintained there? ”

    Please, read my calculation in my comment to FK Max. To the Soviet Union were transported 1.48 million minus 60,000 (this 60,000 is the difference of Jews transported to the West from SU of 1940 and from the Wast to SU of 1940 in separate transports not going to the three OR camps, 1.48 million is Jews transported to OR camps.)

    There were 2 million Jews in SU of 1946 according to the official story, but the SU estimated the number as 1-3 million, so it is nowhere precise. According to American Jewish Yearbooks there was 2.8 million Jews in SU and the three Baltic countries before Barbarossa, and they got 1.4 million from East Poland, so they should have had 4.2 million. But this calculation has calculated twice the Jews of Galicia (1 million), both to Ukraine and to Poland, and this calculation ignored that 200,000 Galician Jews moved to France from Poland between 1932 and 1939. Thus, there were not 4.2 million, there were 3 million Jews and 2 million after the war. Adding the 1.48 million from OR camps we get the correct figure: there should have been 4.48 million and 2 million of them survived, so 2.48 million either died or disappeared e.g. by hiding their Jewish identity. Estimating how many died: 800,000 in the Russian side in evacuation camps and the war, 200,000 shot by Einsatz groups of killed by Germans in OR camps and about 600,000 died in camps in Ukraine and in the war in the German side, we are left with 900,000 Jews who disappeared. Not millions of Jews who disappeared. This 900,000 is the figure to explain. It can be explained by there being 2% Poles with Jewish mt-DNA, so that is 500,000 Polish Jews who hid their identity and their descendants are now in Poland.

    This leaves 400,000 that disappeared. FK Max told that 7.5% of Hungarians are of Jewish origins. In 1946 the population of Hungary was c. 10 million, so 7.5% is 750,000, but most of these are not the Jews that disappeared. There were c. 800,000 Jews in Hungary and c. 400,000 were transported to camps, so there remained 400,000. Additionally, in Austria-Hungary some Jews did convert to Christianity, so Jewish DNA in Hungary can well be old. I estimate that let us say, half of them were Jews who hid their identity, so here we may have 200,000. There is still missing 200,000 Jews. That is not much. They can well be in the uncertain Soviet figure of c. 2 million survivors.

    So, you see. From the number of missing Jews you cannot in any way conclude that millions of Jews have been gassed. Indeed, many Jews did die. I came to the figure 2.5 million died. But that is 30% of Jews taken to camps, which is very much what one should expect from wartime camps before antibiotics.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @HdC
  304. @Bob - Enough

    And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.—Zechariah 13:8

  305. @anarchyst

    Anne Frank and her sister were moved from the death camp of Auchwitz to Bergen Belsen. To be treated for typhus. I guess Poland ran out of Zyklon B and inkpens.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  306. @j2

    Jew # 2 (aka ‘j2’) writes:

    So, the Jewish death-toll in the WWII seems to be PROVEN as 2.5 million

    It’s not for nothing that your handle is ‘Jew # 2’.

    Why do you bother posting such demonstrably false statements like this ?

    ALL OF US know who you’re working for in your capacity as a sayan.

  307. @anonymous

    “Il ne faut pas se demander comment, techniquement, un tel meurtre de masse a été possible. Il a été possible techniquement puisqu’il a eu lieu. Tel est le point de départ obligé de toute enquête historique sur ce sujet. Cette vérité, il nous appartenait de la rappeler simplement : il n’y a pas, il ne peut y avoir de débat sur l’existence des chambres à gaz.”


    “You shouldn’t ask yourself how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible because it happened. Such is the starting point of every historical inquiry on that subject. That truth was bestowed upon us to remind it: there isn’t, there can’t be any debate over the existence of gas chambers.”

    From a tribune in Le Monde, the French equivalent of the NYT, on Feb 21st, 1979 signed by thirty-four distinguished French “historians”: Philippe Ariès, Alain Besançon, Robert Bonnaud, Fernand Braudel, Pierre Chaunu, Monique Clavel-Levêque, Marc Ferro, François Furet, Yvon Garlan, Jacques Julliard, Ernest Labrousse, Jacques Le Goff, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Pierre Levêque, Nicole Loraux, Robert Mandrou, Claude Mossé, Roland Mousnier, Jacques Néré, Claude Nicolet, Valentin Nikiprowetzky, Evelyne Patlagean, Michelle Perrot, Léon Poliakov, Madeleine Rebérioux, Maxime Rodinson, Jean Rougé, Lilly Scherr, Pierre Sorlin, Lucette Valensi, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Paul Veyne, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Édouard Will.

    • Replies: @HdC
  308. @TKC

    You wrote:

    Since the author probably makes no money off the book, why not convert it to PDF and disseminate it on the web?

    Your wish is granted. Try this:

    If that doesn’t work, try this:

    That said, I do believe that Nick Kollerstrom does receive royalties from each book sold.
    So, if you can afford it, please do buy the book as well and keep it on your bookshelf as a reference as I do.

    (Scroll up to my comment # 83 in this thread which provides details of the publishers of his book).

  309. @anarchyst

    “[The Talmudic Sages] ridicule Jesus’ birth from a virgin, as maintained by the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and they contest fervently the claim that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God. Most remarkably, they counter the New Testament Passion story with its message of the Jews’ guilt and shame as Christ killers. Instead, they reverse it completely: yes, they maintain, we accept responsibility for it, but there is no reason to feel ashamed because we rightfully executed a blasphemer and idolater. Jesus deserved death, and he got what he deserved. Accordingly, they subvert the Christian ideal of Jesus’ resurrection by having him punished forever in hell and by making it clear that this fate awaits his followers as well, who believe in this imposter. There is no resurrection, they insist, not for him and not for his followers; in other words, there is no justification whatsoever for this Christian sect that impudently claims to be the new covenant and that is on its way to establish itself as a new religion (not least as a “Church” with political power).—Peter Schaffer, ‘Jesus in the Talmud’, p. 9

  310. annamaria says:
    @White Noise

    Pelosi is a mega-traitor to the US citizenry:

    • Agree: Petermx
    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  311. Thank you Mr Black, I greatly appreciate your courage in writing this article, which acts as an excellent primer on the revisionist position on the Holocaust – an area of research I’ve started looking into only in the past couple of years.

    Funnily enough, I read this book only recently, so it’s good to be able to read this review with the book still fresh in my mind.

    Aside from the points raised in the article, as a relative newcomer to the topic, I was surprised to learn from the book that the Aktion Reinhardt camps (named after the Finance minister, Fritz Reinhardt, not ‘Architect of the Holocaust’ Reinhard Heydrich, as we are provocatively led to believe by the Holocaust establishment) existed in where they did in Eastern Poland because this is where the railway gauges changed to to the wider Soviet type, necessitating the boarding of separate rolling stock.

    Logically, you’re left to conclude that these really were transit camps for those undesirables designated to be dispatched to the east, for if these camps really did exist only to kill all those who entered them then they could have been placed simply anywhere.

    Dr Kollerstrom also makes the point that, as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Israeli state in the mid 2000s, it was revealed that there were still 1.1 million ‘Holocaust survivors’ still alive and very much with us a full six decades after the end of the war(!), suggesting that several million Jews residing in German-occupied Europe must have come through the war unscathed.

    Something else of which I was unaware prior to reading this book is that 7,000-plus Berlin Jews were given the freedom to continue to visit their synagogue right throughout the war. It’s difficult to square this with Yad Vashem’s depiction of a manically homicidal Germany wanting to kill ‘every last Jew they could lay their hands on’.

    What this book demonstrates above anything else is that the Holocaust narrative as we know it, with its sacred, totemic six million figure, just doesn’t withstand any serious academic scrutiny.

    • Agree: HdC, John Wear
  312. @Sepp

    Yeah we live in hope Sir but that’s all we have left at this stage,

    I don’t want to sound too despondent but looking and listening around me doesn’t inspire confidence,

    I am just in the door after a brief trip to Dublin city centre, there is a park there and I sat down to watch the world go by,

    It was actually difficult to see a single person who knew how to dress themselves properly, and I’m no fashion guru I can assure you,

    I mention this because if people can’t do the basics with some aplomb, the nuances of history will never be understood by them and consequently the same stupidities will be repeated ad nauseam,

    I’m interested in your description of the Russian people as ignorant and arrogant, if you have the time or inclination to expand on that please do,

    I know of the dreadfulness the red army inflicted on the Germans in WW2 and would love to see the Russians tackle this in some way,

    Have a good day.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  313. @Mefobills

    When I was in Russia in 2017 I tried, very delicately now, to bring up the subject of who exactly ran the Soviet Union,

    The war tour I took was very well run by a knowledgeable chap who was open to a discussion, however there had been a bit of friction when booking the personal tour because I wanted the German soldiers cemetery in Sologubovka to be included in the tour,

    The chap told me that this was controversial and mainly because one of the monuments commemorated those who wore a German uniform and my tour guide took this to mean a commemoration of the Waffen SS which he said the Russian authorities did not approve of,

    I made sure to get a picture of myself at the particular monument;-),

    Part of the deal apparently was that Germany would build/restore the local church which had suffered damage in the war and my host did laugh at the fact that the restored church was ten time more substantial than what had existed before the war,

    Anyway to cut a long story short I did my best to sow the seed of doubt in the guys mind as to who fucked over the Russians more, the Germans or the Jews.

    • Thanks: Petermx
  314. Skeptic2 says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    @Autisticus Spasticus — Excellent comment. You outline convincingly many of the tools Jews have used to accrete power and as of today bring our civilization to the breaking point. I have always wondered why Jews (notwithstanding the many examples of positive contributions) have been so hated, seemingly forever…for millennia. If you ask a Jew, there is no ‘reason’, its simply because of anti-semitism. It simply is.

    But the world doesn’t work that way: dislike, distrust, fear and hatred arise because of actions, not theories like ‘anti-semitism’. I touch the hot stove and I am burned. I learn. I am certain there must be very real reasons because over a lifetime of close interactions with Jews (in my schools, in my communities, and in my work) I have seen their repeated actions of “nepotism, political subversion, financial exploitation, white-collar crime, war mongering, compulsive lying, incorrigible arrogance and vicious contempt…” and I have seen the negative consequences of these actions. I work with the Jew. I am burned. I learn.

    I would ask you and the other commenters here whether anyone has attempted an article of book cataloguing in depth the actual actions of Jews which have led to the hatred of Jews and their several expulsions?

    History is replete with the mass expulsions of Jews. See:

    Edward I did not order the entire Jewish population of England to be expelled from the country in 1290 because of a theory…because of ‘anti-semitism’. He must have decided to remove them for specific reasons which must have led to dislike, distrust, fear and hatred. Hitler didn’t decide to remove the Jews from Germany because of ‘anti-semitism’. He decided to remove them for specific reasons which led to dislike, distrust, fear and hatred. And they must have been very good reasons because his actions were extreme…even if they did not result in a holocaust.

  315. HdC says:

    What part of Britain and France declaring war on Germany don’t you understand?
    What part of Poles murdering tens of thousands of German expatriates, don’t you understand?
    What part of the USA illegally interfering with German shipping and naval vessels, don’t you understand?
    What part of the Soviet Union’s preparation to invade central and western Europe, don’t you understand?
    What part of “Judea Declares War on Germany” in 1933 don’t you understand?
    And Germany is the bad guy???

    • Agree: John Wear, Fox, Malla
    • Replies: @Anymike
  316. HdC says:

    In preparation for the filming of the movie “Schindler’s List”, interviewers for that movie travelled to 60 (sixty!) different countries to interview holocaust survivors.
    One would think that this would put to bed the question “Where did They go?”

    • LOL: Sepp
    • Replies: @j2
  317. HdC says:
    @Passing By

    All western schools appear to be seriously deficient in the ability to teach logical thinking.
    Apart from that, those “shining intellectual beacons” in all likelihood failed mathematics and physics, the two sciences that conclusively prove the fraud propagated by holocaustians.

  318. j2 says:

    “In preparation for the filming of the movie “Schindler’s List”, interviewers for that movie travelled to 60 (sixty!) different countries to interview holocaust survivors.
    One would think that this would put to bed the question “Where did They go?” ”

    Holocaust survivors includes all Jews who lived in countries totally or partially occupied by Germany. They live now in 60 countries. They all are counted in the statistics of Jews kept by Jewish organizations (like in the American Jewish Yearbooks).

    The question of the missing Jews is different: it is where were the Jews who are not in the American Jewish Yearbooks of 1948. According to American Jewish Yearbook figures, after correcting the figure for Romanian Jews and including immigration, we notice that the Jewish figures give the number of the decrease of Jews from 1939 to 1946 as 4.5 million. In order to claim that less than 4.5 million Jews died, one must show that either the figures for 1939 are too large or that the figures for 1946 are too small. The figures for 1939 are reasonably correct for all countries except for the Soviet Union of 1940 and Romania. The Romanian figures have been corrected, so the SU figure is the only that can be wrong. It indeed is wrong: it is 0.9 million too high since Galician Jews are counted to Ukraine while they were counted also for Poland. There is a smaller correction to the Polish figure for 1939 (we know the figure for 1932 from a census): it is 0.2 million too high since during 1932-39 200,000 Polish Jews (from Galicia) migrated to France. Subtracting these numbers from the Jewish figure we get 4.5-0.9-0.2=3.4 million.

    The question of the missing Jews is that a reasonable Jewish death toll is 2.5 million. Therefore 0.9 million Jews must have been somewhere.

    For you, who does not understand where this 2.5 million comes from, let me mention that it includes 800,000 who died in the Russian side and 160,000 who died in Romanian camps and transfers. Only 2.5-0.8-0.16=1.54 million were in the German side. Of them about 500,000 died actually in war in Ukraine where they had been transported. This leaves 1 million to die in German camps, ghettos, shootings, war, POW camps, cleanings and so on. It comes from small parts when they are summed together.

    If you think that less than 2.5 million Jews died, then you should find more than 0.9 million missing Jews. Those survivors interviewed in Schindler’s list do not make 3.4 million. The simple case is that it is not so easy to find descendants of much more than 0.9 million hidden Jews anywhere, but for 0.9 million it seems to be possible.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @annamaria
  319. @Carolyn Yeager

    Not sure if you saw my last reply to you. It’s number 279. It’s very long. Sorry about that.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  320. Sepp says:
    @Da's Reich

    Ignorant in that they either do not know of, or are capable of understanding the significance of, Stalin’s order that all Russian POW’s were guilty of treason, or the significance of Jewish Kommisar Barrier guards.

    Arrogant in that they think that their rape, murder and genocide across all of Eastern Europe was justified because Hitler attacked Stalin, who had already committed genocide across Russia and was ready to obliterate the middle classes of all of Europe.

    Of course most Prussians are just as arrogant as Russians, and Parisians beat both of them in the game of looking down your nose at the peasants.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  321. Anymike says:

    Different issue. Are you saying there wasn’t any cultural angst among German nationalists over the issue of Germany station as a civilization?

    • Replies: @HdC
  322. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    “Let it not be forgotten that the essence of evolution is eternal struggle, that of finite quality against infinite quantity.”

    While your criticism of Wokism is eloquent and almost 100% accurate, you do not understand evolution, biology, or economics — and this is why you embrace Nazism.

    One of the keys to understanding the paradoxes of Nazism (which is ultimately indistinguishable from Judaism) is Alfred Rosenberg’s Track of the Jew Through the Ages:

    Track of the Jew Through the Ages is required reading for all Jews, Christians, Nazis, Communists, and voting citizens.

  323. gregor says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Their arguments are highly misleading and they fail to address the enormous problems on their side. All of their response amount to little more than, “Hey, look! A squirrel!”

    For the six million number, they have various EXCUSES for why the premature references don’t matter. Blah blah blah. But notice that what they don’t do is tell where the Jewish death statistics came from and why we should take any of it seriously. And that’s because any serious investigation would reveal the six million to be utterly spurious. Already in 1945, with Europe is ruins, they were saying Hitler HAD killed six million Jews even though it was impossible for that to have been determined at that point. Even the earliest Jewish historians seemed to acknowledge the six million had no basis yet they are still using it today.

    The concentration camps are also a problem. It is pretty much acknowledged on all sides that only some tens of thousands died in camps like Dachau yet at the end of the war the Allied propaganda was portraying these as murder camps with gas chambers. Auschwitz is the only actual concentration camp that is now claimed to have been an extermination camp. That camp was liberated by the Soviets and their “investigations” of the camps were even less credible than the ones by the Americans and British.

    The evidence for there being an official extermination policy by the German state is remarkably thin. The term final solution (to the Jewish question), which was seized upon at Nuremberg, was NOT any special phrase and you can find similar language even in Zionist writings going back decades. Due to the lack of documentation, mainstream historians can’t even agree on when and how this extermination plan was rolled out and all of the current theories contradict the earlier scholarship which generally highlighted the summer of 1941 (with Goering’s order to Heydrich).

    Lastly, the legend depends HEAVILY on postwar testimony (show trials and Jewish memoirs) and revisionists have simply obliterated the credibility of most of this. When cornered they will concede a lot of these are a problem and then try to downplay the importance of the witness for that moment and try to overwhelm you with volume. If you debunk the ten most important testimonies, they’ll say, oh, everyone knows Gerstein is rubbish, you really need to deal with X, Y, Z. And if you debunk those they will hunt for some even more obscure ones.

    On all of the key points they are arguing from a very weak position. So what they do is go heavy on the bluster to make you think that they’ve got answers. And then they try to drown you with details and hope you give up. The key to seeing through their nonsense is to read original, wartime sources to see how stupid and contradictory all of it is. Then this game of three-card monte they’re playing becomes apparent.

    • Replies: @eah
  324. HdC says:

    I’ll simplify your presentation for you:
    In the early 2000’s the Israeli media pronounced that 1 or 1.1 million holocaust survivors were still living.
    Just recently that same media pronounced that currently 400,000 survivors were still living.

    I suggest that you contact your friends in the life insurance business to calculate for you, and us if you like, the population necessary in 1945, for those published numbers to be possible.

    Please present the calculation steps so that they may be verified independently.

    Your slicing and dicing the numbers to obtain the results you wish for, just will not cut it, because every step you outline requires assumptions. Multiply enough assumptions and the final answer is, most probably, completely erroneous.

    The calculation I have requested ought to be quite straight forward, with a minimum of assumptions necessary.

    • Replies: @j2
  325. annamaria says:

    “Those survivors interviewed in Schindler’s list do not make 3.4 million.”
    — Do you realize how ridiculous is this your statement?

    The author of Swindler’s list has been a member of the Mossad-connected Mega Group that has created the Epstein-Wexner’s pedophiliac blackmailing enterprise.
    What about a long-overdue “Epstein’s list?”

    • Replies: @j2
  326. @Autisticus Spasticus

    I saw it. Yes, it was too long, way too long to be a “reply” to me. I didn’t read past the “More.” I know you won’t listen to me but you really should learn to set boundaries on yourself.

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  327. Fr. John says:

    The greatest liars in the history of the world, are the Jews.

    But that is not surprising. I’m sure others have quoted it, but Jesus Christ said of this ideology’s ancestors:

    “You are of your father the Devil. He was a LIAR from the beginning. – St. John’s Gospel chapter 8

    The growing evidence of complicity of Jews (whether Khazar/Edomite, or merely AshkeNAZI) are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY the deserve a FINAL SOLUTION.

    Nothing less is sufficient. Nothing less will satisfy Divine Justice. Their evil is Incarnate, and Damning.

    “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
    (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

  328. @Carolyn Yeager

    Well you’ll have to read it all if you really want to find out. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to read it, because there are other people here who seem to like it, so I don’t see any harm in posting long comments.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  329. Did any of you try to enter “Endlosung” into a German to English translator? Or go English to German for words like End or Goal or Final.
    If debunking a claim that’s only 2 paragraphs into this piece, I find it hard to lend much credibility to the rest of this. As much as I doubt all the claims about the events of that time.

  330. HdC says:

    “…Are you saying there wasn’t any cultural angst among German nationalists over the issue of Germany station as a civilization? …”
    I didn’t live at that time so I don’t know.
    However, I shall venture the following thoughts on this subject:
    Given a people (Volk), nation, country, tribe, etc. in which free thinking is encouraged, I would venture that there are some individuals that concern themselves with what you postulated.

    Would this thinking filter down into the trenches of the working man? I doubt it very much, certainly so in Germany.

    Before WW I the Germans were concerned with productivity, inventiveness & development, and quality of product.

    Let me give you an example: The markings of German products with “Made In Germany” was done at the insistence of the British, who hoped that such markings would lead the colonists to prefer to purchase British products. In fact the exact oppose happened and German products were preferred in foreign markets. And this already before WW I!

    The effect on British industry was so profound that already in the very early 1900’s a British g0vernment minister voiced the opinion to an American diplomat that a war with Germany would be cheaper than to try and improve British product quality and productivity!

    After the defeat of WW I the Germans were much too occupied to be concerned with the ideas you talked about.

    All military have plans for invading its neighbours; the USA has such plans for Canada and Mexico. France and Britain have such plans, as does Russia. Why should Germany take the back seat to such planning?

    If indeed Germany had wanted to implement such plans, why did France, Britain, and Soviet Union provide the reasons why Germany should attempt to expand its sphere of influence? Was the leadership of those countries that stupid?

    The answer is of course yes; Churchill and Roosevelt had agitated for a war since at least 1936, long before the former became prime minister of Britain.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, Cking
    • Replies: @eah
  331. j2 says:

    “In the early 2000’s the Israeli media pronounced that 1 or 1.1 million holocaust survivors were still living.
    Just recently that same media pronounced that currently 400,000 survivors were still living.”

    Just read the calculation in

    What Israel calls holocaust survivors are all people who lived in areas totally or partially occupied by Germany. That number includes people who escaped from these areas or were left to stay and were not taken to camps. Known Jewish camp survivors were c. 410,000 in 1946 and the claim is that all Jews sent to the three Operation Reinhardt camps (1.48 million) were killed, and that Einsatz gruppen killed 1.5 million in the Soviet Union area it had in 1940. So, by 1-1.1 million holocaust survivors in 2000 is not meant that c. 1 million of these 410,000 camp survivors were
    still living in 2000.

    How Israel comes to the number where 1-1.1 holocaust survivors were still living in 2000 is very simple. In addition to these 410,000 camp survivors there were c. 200,000 Polish Jews, who managed to escape from being taken to camps. There were 600,000 Jews who were not taken to camps in all occupied countries except for Poland, Romania, Soviet Union of 1940. There were 140,000 in Romania and 2 million in Russia. Together they make 3.3 million holocaust survivors in 1946. Of them c. 1 million were still living in 2000. Is this so difficult to understand?

    These c. 1 million holocaust survivors in 2000 do not explain the missing 900,000. This Israel number of c. 1 million holocaust survivors in 2000 is simply a number you can calculate from the official Holocaust story.

    I suggest you study my paper and stop these your totally mistaken arguments. Very apparently, you know nothing of this topic. It is exactly people like you who hinder the real truth of the holocaust from being accepted as people like you make claims that are very easily shown incorrect.

    You are participating in the false opposition. As in the case of 9/11 where the false opposition was spreading theories of laser guns having destroyed the towers, just to ridicule the quite reasonable 9/11 controlled demolition theory.

    The false opposition in the Holocaust lie includes people who make ridiculous claims, like the one you made here: if c. 1 million holocaust survivors were alive in 2000, then some 3.3 million had to be alive in 1946 – which is correct – and concluding from that that this means that very few Jews died as Germans only captured some 3.3 million Jews. This is totally insane conclusion as the holocaust survivors are not only the captured Jews, they are also Jews, who had reason to feel persecuted so that they had to escape or hide.

    The idea of this false opposition is to confuse finding the truth by creating clearly incorrect and crazy alternative claims so that the valid arguments against the official theory can be ignored as part of these crazy alternative theories. Unfortunately, you fall into this false opposition category.

    • Replies: @HdC
  332. j2 says:

    ““Those survivors interviewed in Schindler’s list do not make 3.4 million.”
    — Do you realize how ridiculous is this your statement?”

    Yes, the commenter who gave the Jews interviewed for the Schindler list as a proof that the descendants of millions of missing Jews are somewhere, did make a ridiculous argument.

    “The author of Swindler’s list has been a member of the Mossad-connected Mega Group that has created the Epstein-Wexner’s pedophiliac blackmailing enterprise.
    What about a long-overdue “Epstein’s list?”

    Annamaria, please. It is no secret to anybody who has studied the Holocaust story that the official story is wrong and that the Holocaust industry is propaganda. Epstein’s activities are also known.
    You should attack Mossad trolls, not me.

  333. Anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    “One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland”
    ~Yitzhak Gruenbaum

  334. eah says:

    The effect on British industry was so profound that already in the very early 1900’s a British government minister voiced the opinion to an American diplomat that a war with Germany would be cheaper than to try and improve British product quality and productivity!

    James Corbett made an interesting video about the origins of WWI featuring this aspect:

    The WWI Conspiracy

    The consolidation and industrialization of a united Germany had fundamentally changed the balance of power in Europe. By the dawn of the 20th century, the British Empire found itself dealing not with its traditional French enemies or its long-standing Russian rivals for supremacy over Europe, but the upstart German Empire. Economically, technologically, even militarily; if the trends continued, it would not be long before Germany began to rival and even surpass the British Empire.

    • Replies: @Cking
  335. eah says:

    The term ‘final solution’ is the common English translation of ‘Endlösung’, a word that appears in the Göring letter asking Heydrich to finalize and prepare plans to address the ‘Judenfrage’, where the only specific measures mentioned in the letter are ‘Auswanderung’ and ‘Evakuierung’ (the word ‘Gesamtlösung’ also appears in the letter) — but it is now absolutely essential to ‘Holocaust’ dogma that ‘Endlösung’ be accepted as a sinister euphemism for extermination, and this letter be seen as evidence of a conspiracy to commit mass murder of Jews.

    A facsimile of this letter can be seen here: link

    Similarly, if you visit Auschwitz they will show you a big pile of empty Zyklon B containers, which you are supposed to see in the most sinister light possible, i.e. as evidence of extermination — however it’s well known the Germans used lots of Zyklon B in Auschwitz to control lice.

  336. @Sepp


    For sure Russia is a long way away from facing up to the real truth about Stalin and what he and his crew did to the Russian people,

    As Solzhenitsyn said in his book ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ the rape and murder of German women was almost seen as a combat distinction and I’ve never seen or read anything to suggest that this inexcusable savagery is close to being even acknowledged in Russia,

    Good old Ilya Ehrenburg who urged them on to commit such atrocities,

    I read a memoir of an Austrian chap who served in the Wehrmacht as a sniper, Sepp Allerberger was his name and he recounts watching the gang rape of a woman by Russian soldiers somewhere along the line of German retreat, when their guard was down, he and his few colleagues took the Russians out one by one leaving the Russian officer in charge alive and tied to a post with just the unfortunate woman’s husband as company,

    You can imagine the outcome for the Russian officer who oversaw and encouraged the rape,

    And yeah I’ve been to Paris once ;-), never again, I was in a cafe with my wife, who speaks a little french and she sent me up to the counter to order two cups of coffee with the correct french but the owner just simply refused to understand what I was correctly saying in his language,

    Maybe he thought I was English, (the joys of being an Irishman abroad).

  337. HdC says:

    “..The real truth of the holocaust…”??? THE REAL TRUTH OF THE HOLOCAUST???
    Your tribe would not recognize the truth if it fell on them!

    Why did I anticipate your obfuscation of a very simple question?
    Answer my question, pretty please? And then I shall be pleased to read your reference. Thank you.

    • Replies: @j2
  338. Cking says:

    I am perplexed that the Bolshevik and Soviet ordered and managed mass murder pogroms are not investigated as this Holocaust is investigated. I think everyone can agree that the 6 million number can be attributed to political demands and cultural nuance.

    IMHO, It was Lenin who lit WWII’s fuse, inciting his followers to realize Marxist-Leninist, world liberation, that ‘the way to Paris and Berlin was through Warsaw’. The 1920 Bolshevik Invasion of Poland must be remembered for context in understanding the several powers that shaped the WWII era. Many of Poland’s Jews became partisans of the 1920 Bolshevik invaders, viewed as liberators. Then there was the man-made Holodomor in Ukraine. Before the Red Army could mass and organize at Poland’s 1939 border for a 2nd Russian invasion, at least 20 million people, most of them Christians, were starved, killed, or murdered. Again the Red Army was viewed as liberators by many Polish Jews. Mass murder as a policy to effect political change was well underway before German concentration camps were constructed. The whole of WWII history demands revision.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride, HdC, Towey
  339. @Autisticus Spasticus

    You confirm what I said – it was not a reply to ME but a screed directed at everyone, using me as a ploy to justify it. You are anti-human life just because your individual life is “spoiled”, as you say. This is a very selfish position, which you fancy is based on reason.

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  340. Cking says:

    Agree, the entire WWI and WWII era has to be described as Great Britain’s war to destroy the German nation-state because she had the superior economic model and annihilate the German people. WWI and WWII killed or murdered 15 to 20 million Germans, killing which did not stop until the early 1950’s. Holocaust indeed.

    • Replies: @HdC
  341. j2 says:

    “Answer my question, pretty please?”

    What is your question?

    “Your tribe would not recognize the truth if it fell on them!”

    Do you mean Finns or maybe Karelians?

    • Replies: @HdC
  342. @Dutch Boy

    Jews made up a substantial percentage of Germany’s war industry laborers. Allied forces continually bombed Germany’s war industry plants. No one ever mentions the number of Jews killed in these bombing raids. Allied forces also bombed German supply lines which supplied food to some of the labor camps. Many Jews in the camps then starved or died from starvation-related diseases. It’s no wonder the Allies support the Holocaust lies.

    • Replies: @HdC
  343. gregor says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    They don’t publish actual books, it’s just years and years of scattered blog posts. That makes it impractical to respond to them point by point. If they had a good case, they would have summarized their best arguments and evidence in a concise book, just as revisionists have done repeatedly.

    The points in that Twitter debunk post have been discussed to death. I will respond to the first point for sake of example. For point one, they discuss the Auschwitz plaque. The initial Soviet investigation claimed that 4 million people were killed at Auschwitz (and 1.5 million at Majdanek). This is a fact. They acknowledge this fact AND concede that these numbers were are absurd. So then they aren’t debunking anything! They have simply made a concession to revisionists and are pretending it isn’t important.

    They say: “the plaque never said those were 4 million Jews. So there is no mathematical contradiction whatsoever.”

    They are correct that the Soviets said 4 million people, not specifically Jews. The Soviet narrative was that the Germans were exterminating Poles, Russians, etc and their propaganda was not so particularly focused on Jews. But it was assumed that a large subset of the 4 million were Jews (perhaps 2 million) though there was never total consistency on this point. They are also correct that Hilberg and Reitlinger early on gave lower figures of around 1 million (since they knew the higher numbers were not possible given the deportation figures). That just means those two weren’t complete idiots and noticed that the camp totals being thrown around added up to way more than the total.

    The significance of the four million issue is that it demolishes Soviet credibility and it shows that Holocaust numbers are often pulled out of thin air. And it prompts the question of what other evidence was used and how credible it is. They can attempt to argue how the Holocaust might still be true despite the foundational evidence for it being dubious but they CANNOT seriously maintain that it’s incontrovertibly true, that it’s settled history, that only cranks and loons could doubt it, etc., which is the current position of the Western establishment.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  344. HdC says:

    Upon review, my assertion that: “…Your tribe would not recognize the truth if it fell on them!…” is unduly harsh.
    Permit me to amend it to read: ” Your tribe would not ADMIT to the truth if it fell on them.”

    Your writing leads one to the conclusion that you are a member of the perpetually aggrieved tribe.

    My question was regarding the size of the starting population in 1945, in order to have a remainder of 1.1 million in the early 2000’s, and 400,000 today.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @Truth Vigilante
  345. HdC says:

    Until a few years ago I was of the (mistaken) belief that it was Churchill who was the prime agitator for WW II.
    Imagine my surprise when I read that it was actually Roosevelt who wanted war, as he had been conspiring with Churchill towards that goal, long before the latter became prime minister.

    Methinks it was Pat Buchanan’s book “Churchill and Hitler, the Unnecessary War”, from which I garnered that snippet of information. The quote “Unnecessary War” was prescribed to Churchill, when asked how he would describe WW II.

    One question to which I never found a satisfactory answer is: Why did Roosevelt agitate for war with Germany? If someone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Truth Vigilante
  346. HdC says:
    @Larry Payne

    That is my reasoning also, as to why the allies push the belief in the holocaust so energetically.
    Thus they can state that the Naaaazis were worse than us because they gassed all these Jews…

    It makes for fascinating horror propaganda, which breaks down completely when examined at the nitty-gritty logistics and engineering level.

  347. Ron Unz says:

    Imagine my surprise when I read that it was actually Roosevelt who wanted war, as he had been conspiring with Churchill towards that goal, long before the latter became prime minister….One question to which I never found a satisfactory answer is: Why did Roosevelt agitate for war with Germany? If someone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

    Actually, I discussed it at length in a section of my long article:

    Originally, FDR had apparently intended to provoke a war with Japan, but when things heated up in Europe, he shifted to Germany instead, probably due to the influential Jewish individuals and groups around him. My guess would be that Kristallnacht was a decisive turning point.

    • Thanks: HdC
  348. The WW2 Bletchley Park Decodes showing the Auschwitz inmate head counts from Jan 1942 to Jan 1943 :


    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  349. j2 says:

    “My question was regarding the size of the starting population in 1945, in order to have a remainder of 1.1 million in the early 2000’s, and 400,000 today.”

    The number of holocaust survivors in 1945 was about 3 million. It includes 410,000 concentration camp survivors, most of 2 million Russian Jewish survivors, 200,000 Polish Jewish survivors, 600,000 Jewish survivors from German occupied countries other than Poland and Russia, and 140,000 Romanian Jewish survivors. To holocaust survivors are counted all those who were in danger, like taken to camps, had to hide, or had to escape.
    0.41+2+0.2+0.6+0.14=3.35 million, but all Russian Jews were not in danger, so the number is about 3 million.

    How many of them survived to the year 2000 is a more tricky question because we should know what the average age of these people were. Let us set the average life length to 70, may be reasonable in this case as the survivors were stronger than average. After 1945 these people usually died in old age, as people usually do. We need to know how many of these people were children in 1945. It was 55 years before 2000, so if a child was less than 15 years old, he probably was still alive in 2000.
    Jewish people had many children and the population pyramid very possibly was such that 1/3 were less than 15 years old in 1945. If so, we expect that 1/3 of them were alive in 20o0. Thus, 1 million were alive in 2000.

    Hope this answer satisfies you.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @HdC
  350. @Carolyn Yeager

    It answered your questions regarding the Christian connection, did it not?

    We are forever lamenting that life isn’t fair, yet we seldom consider that this is reason enough not to perpetuate the human condition. We would never accept that the pleasure of a few justifies the misery of the many, but nor should we accept that the suffering of a few is an acceptable trade for the comfort of the many. Life is a zero sum game. In order for you to have your slice of cake, someone had to get the shit end of the stick. Someone had to plummet to their death on 9/11. Someone had to get cancer. Someone had to be buried alive. Billions of potential people living in ecstasy would not justify a single person suffering such a fate. Why not? Imagine if you were that one person, and then perhaps you will understand.

    I had been persuaded by David Benatar’s anti-natalist philosophy for some years, but it was Hellstorm that cemented my commitment to it. Goodrich gives us a peek into the devil’s cauldron, a vision of hell which most of us could scarcely imagine:

    “During the war, the SS had buried some prisoners, about five hundred bodies, in a wide meadow near the Lamsdorf camp. The newly installed mayor of Łambinowice, who was Jewish, heard there were ninety thousand, and he promptly ordered the German women from the nearby town of Grüben to dig them up. This the women were forced to do at gunpoint, and they started to suffer nausea as the bodies, quite badly decomposed, were unearthed. The rotting faces were like something out of a nightmare, and the stench was indescribable, but the Polish militiamen, who were known for being particularly sadistic, shouted “lay down on top of them!” The women did, and the guards then ordered them to hug, kiss, and “make love” with the corpses. The women were hesitant, so the militiamen put their bootheels on the backs of the women’s heads, forcing their their eyes, noses and mouths deep into the slime of the rotting faces. The women who closed their mouths couldn’t scream, and the young girls who screamed had to taste something vile. Retching and vomiting, the women were finally allowed to get up, the wet tendrils still clinging to their faces, the slime seeping into the fibres of their clothes, the stink clinging to them like an inescapable mist as they were marched into captivity. None of the showers at Lamsdorf were in working order, and the corpses had all been infected with typhus, and 64 of the women soon died. A total of 8,064 German civilians were interned there prior to being deported to Germany, and 6,488 of them, including 628 children, died of physical maltreatment and disease while in Polish custody. This was merely one camp among hundreds that had been hastily set up to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of detained Germans whom the seething Poles were tasked with relocating from newly appropriated Reich territory. Tortures beyond description were commonplace, with some Germans being forced to drink urine, drink blood, and eat excrement. Many were drowned in open latrines, others were doused with gasoline and set alight, and some were sealed in caskets and buried alive. It seemed that no torture was cruel enough to satisfy the Jewish commandants tasked with overseeing these so-called “hell camps”, many of which had originally been built to house the Jewish prisoners of the Nazis. Many of the commandants were former inmates of these camps, which guaranteed that the German civilians now in their hands would be given no mercy.”

    I use horrific examples like this because that is where the moral weight of the argument is to be found. Because the lives that go extremely badly weigh more than the billions of lives deemed “okay” or the paltry few deemed “exceptionally good” (by restrictive human standards), we are obliged to focus on the most wretched cases. Was the joy and prosperity that Hitler initially brought to his nation worth the torture endured by the women of Grüben after the war? An ethno-nationalist is by definition pro-natal, and would therefore be forced to concede that such tragedies are, in his view, a price worth paying in order to continue our race. This would be an unpleasant thing to be forced to openly admit, no matter how passionate one might be for the white nationalist cause. His continued support for the creation of white children after hearing about such atrocities is in itself an indirect confession that he doesn’t care all that much about the suffering of our people, at least not to the extent that he would renounce the natalism inherent to the movement. Interestingly, we see a parallel to this in the attitude that Hitler expressed towards the German people during the closing days of the war. His priorities as his empire crumbled included the execution of “deserters” trying to flee the devastation of Berlin and hanging them from lamp posts with placards proclaiming their cowardice, which would indicate that he didn’t really care about his people as much as he claimed either. They were simply a means to an end. His plans to destroy what infrastructure remained, as stipulated in his Nero Decree, at the expense of the welfare of his people, whom he said had failed to fight the war with sufficient tenacity, confirm that his ego was the determining factor in his decisions as Führer.

    I came to realise that our movement was ultimately a fertility cult, as it affirms existence and encourages reproduction. Given the merciless nature of the void, the certainty of suffering, and the finality of death, I can no longer bring myself to condone procreation. My conscience will not allow it, as my compassion for our people comes before my desire to see us “win” nature’s absurd gladiatorial tournament. A ferocious desire to win for the sake of winning, for vengeance and justice at any price, no matter how many white lives it costs, is what really motivates our movement. After many discussions, I was forced to conclude that white nationalism is not as concerned with the welfare of our people as it claims. I have asked, how can we ethically justify bringing a white child into a world where they can be Hellstormed? An answer is never provided, and on several occasions the supposedly pro-white individual became markedly agitated and, in an astonishing reversal of principle, dismissed the suffering of prior (and even current) generations of whites. The welfare of our people ceases to be important for the white nationalist once they realise that it can be used to argue that creating white children is to condemn them to the significant possibility of immeasurable suffering and the absolute certainty of death. We are all ultimately just organic machines, replicating for the sake of replicating, with no genuine autonomy or purpose. I could never bring myself to condemn a white child to such an awful fate.

    Evolution is synonymous with life itself, and the essence of evolution is struggle, but this is not what we want life to be about. We want it to be about joy and fulfilment, which are merely unintentional by-products of a ruthless and indifferent process of elimination. For those of us who are already here, there is no hope. Life is something to be endured, not enjoyed. The best thing we can do is choose not to continue the chain of suffering. Don’t create new sentient beings that will suffer the torment and agony of consciousness only to die. There is no need to create need out of nothing. Just stop feeding the meat grinder. All it will cost you is a slice of your ego.

    I have come to accept that the distasteful aspects of life reflect the fundamental essence of existence. Pleasure and reason exist in spite of the will of the universe, not in accordance with it. As the law of entropy teaches us, chaos is the natural state of things, and the universe will inevitably sabotage any effort to establish order. I am dissatisfied with the very fabric of the universe, as it is missing the anthropocentricity which would, if it were present, make the world a place worth living in. I believe that the quality of our lived experience is the only thing that really matters, and my critique of all things is basically an argument from economy, wherein I whittle reality down, removing all the extraneous minutiae until only the stimuli I desire remains. This leads to a formidable proposition: how much of life would we freely choose? Almost none of it. 99% of it is irrelevant to our true desires. I have applied this line of reasoning to everything, most notably the idea of a supreme being and his motivations, and the results have been utterly devastating.

    Imperfection is coded into the algorithm of life. A problem solved is invariably a problem caused, as solutions lead to new dilemmas. What is better than a problem solved? The problem having never existed in the first place. The biggest problem is that we humans exist at all. We are that which should not be.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  351. bronekc says:

    In the 1960s I had my 5 year old son with me in the world’s most famous camp. At that time there were former camp inmate there. We hit it off and one guy even carried my son. I’ve no time to write, as I’d like to consume a wee bit more within Ron’s excellent site. Suffice to say that the inmates denied there was any guessing or the extermination of Zs.

    We resided with the family in Warsaw for several years. There’s no doubt that Z were killed. They were cases where they were shot. Other instances where they were put inside of buildings and the structures we’re burnt down. I’m not in the mood to discuss the topic, but the general consensus I had amongst intellectuals, behind closed doors was the number of Zs eradicated was between 300,000 and 500,000. Most Zs resided in Eastern Poland. That’s the part was taken over by the USSR on Sept. 17, 1939. The Nazis in faded on June 22, 1942.

    The holycause story is powerful. It will fade with time is debate becomes more prevalent. Don’t anticipate that happening within the next century.

  352. @Jez Turner

    Hello Jez. Good to see you again. Hope all is well. MG

    • Replies: @Jez Turner
  353. Teuton says:

    The ultimate hypocrisy of Jewish American organizations such as the ADL, AJC, AIPAC etc. is that they have denied the Armenian genocide committed by Turkey.

    This means that they are not serious about genocide. It’s just a political game to them.

    Two examples (these are excerpts from the Jewish media):

    And the final thing the Turks “get” from Israel is access to the Jewish lobby in Washington. Talk candidly to Turkish academics, politicians and journalists and they will say that one of the reasons Israel is valuable to Turkey is because of the ADL, the American Jewish Congress, B’nai Brith and similar organizations. Without a strong lobby of its own in Washington, Turkey looks to these organizations to put in a good word in Congress or with the administration when issues of importance to Ankara – such as issues regarding the Armenians or Cyprus – make their way to those bodies.

    Diplomacy: The Politics of Principles
    Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post
    August 23, 2007

    Every year on April 24, the day that Armenians commemorate the killings, a resolution calling for the use of the controversial term is proposed in Congress and then beaten back. Some Jewish groups claim credit for ensuring that such a resolution never passes.

    Jewish advocacy groups, including the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, B’nai Brith and American Jewish Committee “have been working with the Turks on this issue” for more than 15 years, said Yola Habif Johnston, director for foundations and community outreach at Jinsa. “The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing,” she said.

    Showdown Set in ‘Genocide’ Debate
    Rebecca Spence, The Jewish Daily Forward
    September 2, 2006

  354. anarchyst says:

    There are jews receiving “holocaust™” reparations who never resided in Europe during WW2, never saw the inside of a camp, and spent their whole time in New York City, Miami, and other largely jewish populated environs.
    Even in Europe, many jews lived their lives throughout the war unmolested and not bothered by Germany. Many jews lived in France, which was a restricted fire zone as far as the Germans were concerned.
    The whole “holocaust™” scam is truly the “hoax of the twentieth (and twenty-first) centuries”.
    I wonder how long the descendants of supposed but unverifiable “holocaust™” victims will have to wait before receiving their “reparations”?
    It’s only a matter of time…

  355. annamaria says:

    Here is the name of the main Soviet propagandist – Ilya Ehrenburg:
    “The man who invented six million”

    He was the top Soviet propagandist during the Second World War. He was a notorious liar and a pathological monster. He was a Jew.

    As a leading member of the Soviet-sponsored Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, Ilya Ehrenburg appeared at fund-raising rallies in the United States, raising support for the Communist cause while displaying fake bars of soap allegedly manufactured by the Germans from the corpses of dead Jews.

    Ehrenburg was perhaps most notorious for his viciously anti-German hate propaganda in World War II. In it, he exhorted Soviet troops to kill all Germans they encountered without pity. In one leaflet entitled “Kill,” Ehrenburg incited the simple Russian soldier to treat the Germans as subhuman. The final paragraph concludes:

    “The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime … If you have already killed a German, then kill another one — there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! … — Kill the Germans! Kill!”

    Sounds like the battle cry of the ADL thugs. The Talmudic lack of dignity and vicious hatred for non-Jews drips from the ghastly writing of this Jewish subhuman.

    As for the role of Jews in modern Russia, here is a pertinent question:

    The so-called “oligarchs” have no commitment to the sovereignty demands of the Russian Nation-State. On the contrary, with the war, many of these billionaires took refuge in Israel.

    Enriched through the appropriation of public assets, after the collapse of the USSR, the Russian oligarchs aim to save their own businesses. They will waste no opportunity to betray and sell Russia and its people.

    Correct. The “departed” must stay in Israel. Russia does not need them.

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  356. @Autisticus Spasticus

    My only question was this, referring to your saying the “Nazis” were trying to force Germans away from the Christian religion.

    Can you demonstrate in any way that this is what the Nazis were attempting to do in Germany? I disagree they were.

    You didn’t answer it. Just saying something again and again is not evidence.

    • Agree: Petermx
  357. IronForge says:

    Sad Article.

    Author not smart, ethical, objective enough to avoid using biased slurs.

    Disappointed. True Objectivity is needed to convince 3rd Parties.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  358. GeeBee says:
    @Thomas Covenant Unbeliever

    Anne Frank and her sister were moved from the death camp of Auchwitz to Bergen Belsen

    ‘Death camp’ and ‘Auschwitz’: one wonders whether the two shall eventually be separated…

  359. @Know Your Enemy

    Something else of which I was unaware prior to reading this book is that 7,000-plus Berlin Jews were given the freedom to continue to visit their synagogue right throughout the war. It’s difficult to square this with Yad Vashem’s depiction of a manically homicidal Germany wanting to kill ‘every last Jew they could lay their hands on’.

    A Goebbels’ diary entry in Spring of 1944 references 6,000 priviledged Jews living Berlin that he was not allowed to touch, but he was keeping an eye on them.

  360. @HdC

    You wrote this when responding to the commenter called ‘j2’ (aka jew # 2):

    Your writing leads one to the conclusion that you are a member of the perpetually aggrieved tribe.

    Some people have said that ‘j2’ is from Finland and that he’s a christian.

    There’s NO way the latter is true. He may well be from Finland but it also appears certain that he’s from that Talmudic subset of Finnish society.

    How else are we to explain the fact that he goes into knee-jerk defensive mode every time Jewish malfeasance is pointed out.
    I mean, not just laid back apologist mode but RABID damage control mode.
    It’s almost as if an immediate family member’s reputation was being impugned (which may not be all that far off the mark, after the ‘inbreeding aspect’ is factored in).

  361. @HdC

    You write:

    One question to which I never found a satisfactory answer is: Why did Roosevelt agitate for war with Germany? If someone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it.

    I certainly concur with Ron Unz’s comment # 360 response to your question.

    There were other prominent Jews behind the scenes that no doubt also influenced FDR but two in particular that you should research and take note of are:

    Bernard Baruch and Henry Morgenthau Jr – the latter being the Secretary of the Treasury under FDR.

    If you don’t know who Bernard Baruch is, for once Wikipedia gets it right with this description:

    According to historian Thomas A. Krueger:

    For half a century Bernard Baruch was one of the country’s richest and most powerful men. A great speculator, public official, presidential counsellor, political benefactor, and indefatigable almoner, his public life provides a clear view of the inner workings of the American political system.

    After amassing a fortune on the New York Stock Exchange, he impressed President Woodrow Wilson by managing the nation’s economic mobilisation in World War I as chairman of the War Industries Board.
    He advised Wilson during the Paris Peace Conference.
    He made another fortune in the postwar bull market, but foresaw the Wall Street crash and sold out well in advance.
    In World War II, he became a close adviser to President Roosevelt on the role of industry in war supply.

    Let’s focus on this bit from the last paragraph above:

    [Baruch] foresaw the Wall Street crash.

    How much foresight did Baruch have, you’re probably wondering ?

    Baruch invited Winston Churchill to New York beforehand and made sure the latter was at the New York Stock Exchange on that day in October 1929 when the stock market crashed to witness something he’d long remember:

    Bottom Line: Whether or not FDR wanted war or not made not one iota of difference.
    Yes, FDR was allowed some autonomy to squander public money on his pet project New Deal boondoggles which greatly exacerbated the Depression and increased its duration.
    But on an issue that really mattered to them, the Deep State (more accurately defined as the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel) was responsible for U.S foreign policy.

    And when the Zio cabal said women, children and other civilians in Germany and Japan should be holocausted with incendiary bombs and white phosphorus, FDR obligingly read from the Zio dictated script and did what he was told.

    It really is THAT simple.

    • Thanks: HdC
  362. annamaria says:

    How can you even hope for “objectivity” when this swine is still making decisions for the rotten US?

    “Ukraine will not be left alone if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons, Victoria Nuland said”

    Why this war criminal is still free and alive, considering the deaths and sufferings her actions have brought upon the Ukrainian and Russian people?

    Comment section

    Behold warmongering, scheming, megalomaniacal, Judeo-Satanic pigwoman Victoria Nuland. That is the true face of the US. Her kind owns the country and everybody else in it is cattle, just like their Talmud prescribes. The Ukraine was well along the same path, but Russia has now put a stop to it. It’s too bad so many Ukrainians are too stupid and petty to understand the situation.

    Where is the American Jewish Community to condemn this Ziocon war-monger for her role in the Nazification of Ukraine? Ukraine was Judeo-Nazified by the American and Ukrainian Jews: Carl Gershman (NED), the Kagans clan of fat warmongers, Israeli citizen Kolomojsky (the president of the Ukrainian Jewish Community and original financier of Nazi death squads in Ukraine) and his Jewish homoerotic puppet of a half-man Zelensky, plus Pyatt, Blinken, Sullivan, also the whole zionized US State department…

    The warmongering European puppets of American Ziocons: – The world is facing Judeo-Nazism:

    Olaf Scholz is the grandson of Fritz vou Scholz, member of the Nazi Party since the early thirties, commander of a SS German division that participated in clearing and punishment expeditions in Ukraine in 1942-1943, as well as in a similar 1943 punishment expedition in Croatia…

    Both of Ursula von der Leyen’s grandfathers were avowed Nazis, and one of them was a perpetrator of the Babi Yar genocide. …

    The Anti-Christ Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy prime minister of Canada, is the granddaughter of a verified and active Nazi. She is a very active Bandrite in her own right. …

    There was no denazification after WWII. Key Nazis were taken over by the West, especially the US, UK, and Germany. The new German intelligence agency the BND was formed out of Nazi whole cloth. Even today, in recent years it was leaked that up to 50% of the German security services and of the Interior Ministry are pro-Nazi oriented.

    The poetic justice finds the pious Jewish looters of Russia:

    … Israel has experienced an influx of Jewish refugees since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. … the influx has involved many more [Jewish] economic refugees from Russia, who are seeking relief from Western sanctions and dropping currency values, than Ukrainian Jews seeking safety from violence. Faced with warfare, Jews really are “putting the preservation of one’s money on par with the preservation of one’s life.”

    …the Russian-Israeli immigration lawyer Eli Gervits claims to have received thousands of calls from Russian Jews issuing an appeal he calls SOS: “Save our Savings.” This remarkable story is emblematic of the fact Putin’s war in Ukraine is a net negative for the Russian-based international Jewish oligarchy, and the international Jewish networks that survive and thrive on their patronage. …

    News that thousands of Russian Jews are fleeing to Israel to protect their money, and the ongoing signs that many Jewish oligarchs now outside Russia may never return, are suggestive that Putin’s “natural and necessary self-purification of society” will involve a reduction in the Jewish presence, in Jewish wealth, and in Jewish influence in the country. As well as the oligarchs already mentioned, there are several Jewish billionaires, including the recently sanctioned Boris Mints, on Russian most-wanted lists, for a variety of crimes including embezzlement and fraud. Leonid Nevzlin, a Jewish oligarch, friend of the exiled Khodorkovsky, and former oil tycoon who fled to Israel from Russia 20 years ago in order to escape a life sentence for murder and financial crimes, recently undertook the symbolic act of renouncing his Russian citizenship. Russian requests for Nevzlin’s extradition have been repeatedly ignored by Israel. …

    One of Putin’s strengths in overcoming Jewish financial power at the highest level, which he has unquestionably done, might have its basis in the fact he is not an anti-Semite in the classical understanding. He may well not think in racial terms, but, as a former member of the secret service, he is finely tuned to cliques, intrigue, subversion, and the subtleties of identity — the standard hallmarks of Jewish activism in European cultures. …

    Faced with the Russian invasion and the perennial question “is it good for the Jews?” the scattered Jewish oligarchs of Russia would probably answer a resounding “No.” The most important reason would, of course, be the decline in their individual and collective wealth. Billions have been wiped from their accounts, their businesses have been hobbled, their movement and ability to do business are restricted, and their access to cash is limited. The nature of international finance — politically, philosophically, and technologically — has evolved to such an extent that Jewish profiteering in the old style is more difficult than ever. In addition, it’s also made the individual targeting of financiers in the context of conflict and war not only feasible but easy and immediate. …

    Putin’s war may well have breathed some truth into an edited version of Moshe Kantor’s dictum: “Restrictions on Jewish financiers are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.”

    In short, the bright illumination of the Fifth Column in Russia is one of the great results of the ongoing Ziocons’ enterprise in Ukraine. The accelerated Judeo-Nazification of Ukraine after 2014 and the Kiev-sanctioned Nazi attacks on pro-federalists in eastern Ukraine (16.000 victims of Kolomojsky-financed death squads about whom the Zionized MSM has no recollection) have also accelerated the exposure of the Jewish Community’s enormous hypocrisy exemplified by the holobiz. The American and European Jews-in-power (ziocons, banksters, war profiteers, the zionized US Congress, and important Jewish “lords and sirs” in the UK parliament) have been the main force behind the Nazification of Ukraine.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  363. annamaria says:

    Judeo-Nazis cannot help themselves. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation possesses the information related to the preparation of provocations by the United States of America in order to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons. This plan has already been developed and represents a response to the success of Russia in conducting the special military operation. … in March and April, senior officials of the Western countries have been making regular provocative ‘warning’ statements. The mass media propagate the points about the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction by Russia.

  364. @GeeBee

    This is not the best approach, GeeBee – waiting for things to change. Yet most persist in it. Why not counter with OUR material instead of accepting their material as “what is.”

    Have you even read this site? A lot of people have.

  365. @GeeBee

    Here you go: this WAS on the site but got taken down for complicated reasons. Need to get it back up.


    A Brief History of how the Masters of Make-Believe made the world believe in Death Camps
    Auschwitz as we know it is a Hollywood creation

    by the Committee

    Today’s Hollywood Jews are the heirs of the original crop of wartime Hollywood producers and directors who were called into service by the U.S. Army to “document” the concentration camps. Although they were not allowed into Auschwitz-Birkenau or Majdanek which were under the tight control of the Soviet Union, they actually had better film-making opportunities at the camps located in Germany proper which had suffered from intense American bombardment. With supply lines and infrastructure smashed to pieces, horrific scenes in these camps caused by hunger, poor hygiene and disease were not hard to find in 1945.
    Frank Capra as a Major in the U.S. Army editing film.

    Frank Capra as a Major in the U.S. Army editing film.

    To tell the story, let’s go back to the beginning when George C. Marshall, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, called upon award-winning Hollywood director Frank Capra to head a special section on morale to explain to soldiers “why the hell they’re in uniform.” Marshall explained to Capra that these were not to be “propaganda films like those created by the Nazis and Japan, but sensitive and objective troop information films.” That, however, they were not.

    Capra worked directly under Marshall, bypassing the Signal Corps, the Army’s film-making/propaganda department. During his first meeting with General Marshall, Capra was told his mission:
    US Army Chief George Marshall pins a medal on Frank Capra for his outstanding service

    US Army Chief George Marshall pins a medal on Frank Capra for his useful service

    “Now, Capra, I want to nail down with you a plan to make a series of documented, factual-information films – the first in our history – that will explain to our boys in the Army why we are fighting, and the principles for which we are fighting … You have an opportunity to contribute enormously to your country and the cause of freedom. Are you aware of that, sir?” [Frank Capra, The Name Above the Title: An Autobiography, Capra, McMillian 1971, p. 326]

    Capra went on to make the seven-episode Why We Fight series, which is full of inaccuracies and false statements about National Socialist Germany and it’s leadership – as well as the film, The Negro Soldier in 1944. Animated charts were created by Walt Disney and his animators. A number of Hollywood composers wrote the background music.

    Officials made efforts to see that the films were seen in theaters throughout the U.S. They were translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese for use by other countries. Winston Churchill ordered that all of them be shown to the British public in theaters. They are today often broadcast on television and used in schools.
    Charlie Chaplin satirizes Adolf Hitler in his film The Great Dictator in 1940.

    Charlie Chaplin satirizes Adolf Hitler in his film The Great Dictator in 1940.

    Even earlier, Hollywood Megastar Charlie Chaplin, a communist, made The Great Dictator, satirizing the German Fuehrer as a megalomaniac who wanted to own the whole world. Making a comedy about Adolf Hitler in 1939 was seen as highly controversial, but Chaplin was determined to do it. It was a huge box-office and financial success.
    Budd Schulberg in the navy.

    Budd Schulberg in the navy.

    Budd Schulberg, a Jewish film writer, son of producer/director B.P. Schulberg and nephew of Sam Jaffe on his mother’s side, was assigned during the war to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in John Ford‘s documentary unit. His job was to gather evidence against “war criminals” which led him to arrest Leni Riefenstahl at her chalet in Austria for questioning.
    Ford rose to become a top adviser to OSS head William Joseph Donovan, who wanted a psychological study of Adolf Hitler that could be used if/when he was captured alive. Walter Langer, a Jewish psychologist who never met or talked to the Fuehrer was taken on by Donovan and wrote up an imaginative “profile” of Hitler as a dirty-minded derelict. [See here]
    Billy Wilder in 1942

    Billy Wilder in 1942

    Billy Wilder was born in 1906 in Poland to a Jewish family. After high school he went to Berlin as a journalist, then screenwriter; in 1933 he moved on to Hollywood where he became highly successful.
    In 1945, he directed a propaganda film Death Mills (Die Todesmühlen in German), for the Psychological Warfare Dept. of the US Department of War. Intended to be shown first to German audiences, its purpose was to indoctrinate them to believe that the wildest “atrocities” imaginable had been committed by the National Socialist regime and the SS.
    Stanley Kramer directing.

    Stanley Kramer directing

    Stanley Kramer was born in 1913 in New York City to Jewish parents who separated when he was very young. His mother and uncle Earl Kramer both worked at the NY offices of Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures respectively.
    Kramer wrote a weekly column for his college newspaper (NY University), and upon graduation was offered a paid internship in the writing dept at 20th Century Fox. Kramer went on to become a top director in Hollywood who took on controversial subjects, such as racism and fascism, as in Judgment at Nuremberg. Of its 1961 world premier in Berlin, Kramer wrote:

    [T]he film went on, and when it was over there was a deafening silence. . . . The film was totally rejected [by the Berlin audience]: it never did three cents’ business in Germany. It played so many empty houses it just stopped. (Stanley Kramer: Film Maker by Donald Spoto, 1978, Putnam, p. 229)

    The film showed newsreel footage of wartime Germany, questioned the legitimacy of the Hitler government and indicted the German people.
    George Stevens, Oscar-winning film director

    George Stevens directed Diary of Anne Frank

    George Stevens was already a major Hollywood director when he joined the U.S. Army Signal Corps and headed a film unit from 1943 to 1946, under General Eisenhower. He shot footage of the liberation of Paris and the meeting of American and Soviet forces at the Elbe River, as well as “horrific scenes” from the Duben labor camp and the Dachau concentration camp. Stevens also helped prepare the Duben and Dachau footage and other material for presentation during the Nuremberg Trials.
    In 1959, he directed the film version of The Diary of Anne Frank, which was based on the play of the same name.
    Otto Preminger dressed to kill

    Otto Preminger dressed to kill

    Otto Preminger was born in 1905 in Bukovina (Austria-Hungary at the time) to Jewish parents. Among his very many hit films, he produced and directed Exodus in 1960. Widely characterized as a “Zionist epic”, the film was enormously influential in stimulating Zionism and support for Israel in the United States.
    John Schlesinger

    John Schlesinger has an Austrian name

    John Schlesinger, born in 1926 into a middle-class Jewish family in London, became an English film and stage director, and actor. He directed the 1976 Marathon Man, starring Jewish actor Dustin Hoffman, about “Nazi” war criminals hiding in America after the war.
    Alan J. Pakula wrote, directed and produced “Sophie’s Choice.”

    Alan J. Pakula wrote, directed and produced the fictional “Sophie’s Choice.”

    Alan J. Pakula was born to Polish-Jewish parents in 1928 in Bronx, NY. He attended Yale Univeristy where he majored in drama, then began his Hollyoood career in the 1950’s. He produced the anti-racist To Kill a Mockingbird which was nominated for best picture in 1962, and produced and directed the “holocaust hit” Sophie’s Choice, released in 1982. Pakula adapted Wm. Styron’s NOVEL for the screen—yes, a completely fictional story, although moviegoers are encouraged to think it really happened, that at Auschwitz “Sophie” (played by the very popular Meryl Streep) was forced by a cruel SS man to choose which of her two children would go to the gas chamber and which would proceed to the labor camp with her. Nothing like that ever happened.

    * * *

    We now jump forward to the current crop of Hollywood Jews involved in the 2015 Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration at Auschwitz-Birkenau M&M. They have created much of the programming and fanfare for the 70th Anniversary year (Jan 1945-Jan 2015). At the top of the list can only be:
    Steven Spielberg in a recent photo – perhaps the most successful filmmaker in history?

    Steven Spielberg in a recent photo – perhaps the most successful filmmaker in history?

    Steven Spielberg, born in 1946 in an Orthodox Jewish family. He began making films with his friends in his early teens. His first directorial hit came in the mid-1970’s with Jaws, the fantastic success of which made Spielberg a household name and one of America’s youngest multi-millionaires. His films Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. The Extra-terrestrial carried the message that people who were “different” should not be feared, and may even be superior.

    In 1985, Spielberg released The Color Purple about a generation of empowered African-American women during depression-era America. Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey starred in this huge critical and box-office success.

    His “holocaust” film came along in 1993 – Schindler’s List, based on the NOVEL Schindler’s Arc by Thomas Keneally,which was itself loosely based on the real-life character of NSDAP member Oscar Schindler. No doubt because of the subject matter, the film gave Spielberg his first Academy Award for Best Director and also won Best Picture. Spielberg used the massive profits to set up the Shoah Foundation, a non-profit organization that archives filmed testimony of “Holocaust survivors.” In 1997, the American Film Institute listed Schindler’s List among the “10 Greatest American Films ever Made” (#9) which moved up to (#8) when the list was remade in 2007. ??!! A look at the names of the members of the American Film Institute would probably explain that.

    Amistad was another anti-White film based on a kinda-sorta true story (like Schindler’s List), about an African slave rebellion. Following that, Saving Private Ryan glorified the WWII Allied landing at Normandy and the entire “good war” theme, and won him another Academy Award. Spielberg’s second film about Jews was Munich, about the events following the 1972 deaths of Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games. This film underperformed at the box-office.
    Eric Hunt’s documentary about a documentary

    Eric Hunt’s documentary about a documentary

    Never mentioned anymore by Spielberg, though it won an Academy Award for best Documentary, is his 1998 The Last Days, featuring interviews with five self-identified survivors of the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz in 1944. Revisionist and video-maker Eric Hunt has shown this documentary to be full of false claims and downright lies in his critical video which he named The Last Days of the Big Lie. Hunt even brought a lawsuit against Spielberg and Irene Zisblatt. who is featured in the film, because Spielberg’s film is advertised with the tag-line “Everything you are about to see is true.” Eric Hunt proved it wasn’t (not even close).

    Spielberg’s estimated net worth is \$3 billion.

    Spielberg’s hand-picked fellow-members on this year’s Jan. 27 Holocaust Remembrance Day all-Jew program committee are:
    David Geffen, Hollywood mogul

    David Geffen, co-founder of DreamWorks

    David Geffen, son of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, is openly gay. Having never graduated from college, he began his business career in Los Angeles by tampering with the mail! He worked in the mail room of the company to which he was applying for a higher-level job that required a college degree. He intercepted and “modified” the letter sent from UCLA informing the company that he did not graduate from there to falsely stating he did, then passing the letter on through to the company. Oh, but that’s excused for him because he was born in 1943, making his parents holocaust survivors of some sort or other. Geffen is worth an estimated \$6 billion.
    Jeffrey Katzenberg

    Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation

    Jeffrey Katzenberg is also the son of Jewish parents; his father was a NYC stockbroker. He is CEO of DreamWorks Animation, co-founded with Spielberg and Geffen, and was chairman of Walt Disney Studios from 1984-94. He began his career as assistant to Barry Diller, Chairman at Paramount Pictures. He is considered one of the Democratic Party’s top national fundraisers. His estimated net worth is \$1 billion.
    Harvey Weinstein heads the Weinstein production Company

    Harvey Weinstein heads the Weinstein production Company

    Harvey Weinstein, Jewish, son of Max Weinstein, a diamond cutter, and Miriam (Postal), he grew up in New York City. He’s co-founder of Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company. He has been accused of being down and dirty in his business dealings, has shown a violent temper, and been involved in numerous lawsuits. Weinstein recently said, in regard to the Charlie Hebdo attack, that “It draws a parallel to the horrors of the Nazis and their mad attempt at Kristallnacht to destroy books.” Destroy books? Harvey needs to brush up on his “Nazi” history.
    Les Moonves, head of CBS Television

    Les Moonves, head of CBS Television

    Les Moonves, another NYC Jew who was attracted to show business. He worked his way up in television and became Chairman and CEO of CBS in 2003, at which time it was the most watched television network. Moonves says he is a great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel. He earned \$65.4 million in 2013, the second most highly paid Executive.
    Jeff Zucker runs CNN worldwide

    Jeff Zucker runs CNN worldwide

    Jeff Zucker was born into a Jewish, upper-middle class family near Miami, Florida, who gave him a religious upbringing. Zucker was head of NBC for a number of years until he was appointed President and CEO of CNN Worldwide in Jan. 2013.
    Diane von Furstenberg, clothing designer now married to Barry Diller

    Diane von Furstenberg, famous for the “wrap dress”

    Diane von Furstenberg was born in Brussels, Belgium to Jewish parents. Her father was a Romanian immigrant; her mother was Greek and spent some time at Auschwitz before Diane was born. Diane became famous as a fashion designer, married a German prince whose mother was an heiress to the Fiat automotive fortune, later divorcing him to marry American media mogul Barry Diller (mentioned above as boss of Paramount Studios).

    This brings us to the end of our brief history of the marriage between Jewish Hollywood and the Jewish Holocaust. Much more could be written but we ask you to ponder the meaning of just this much for awhile.

    • Thanks: RVBlake
  366. @Carolyn Yeager

    It’s hard to imagine two ideologies more antithetical than Christianity and Nazism. Just about every comment Hitler ever made about Christianity revealed his utter contempt for it. He was realistic about the situation, though. He knew that the eradication of Christianity would be a multi-generational process that would still be ongoing many years after his death. The method by which Christianity infiltrated Europe was slow and deceptive, and the process by which it was to be expunged would have to be slow and clandestine also. It was a matter of weaning the German people, and eventually all Europeans, off the Christcuck kool-aid.

    There’s nothing wrong with the term “Nazi.” It certainly sounds a lot cooler than National Socialist, which is vague and rather boring. “Nazi” also sounds like “nasty”, which is indeed how we wish to be perceived by our enemies. It strengthens the dividing line between them and us, which can only be a good thing.

    Perhaps you could address what I said about anti-natalism in my last reply. You seem to be avoiding it, much like César does.

    • Troll: Petermx
  367. Ocko says:
    @the grand wazoo

    You have to use your neocortex, forget the limbic brain.

    The limbic brain doesn’t know to distinguish between past and present. It simply will mislead you. It lives between perpetrator and Victim

    The neocortex is rarely used . The neocortex searches for solution which satisfies both sides.

  368. Ocko says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Adolf Hitler was installed as Chanellor with the vote of the catholic Christian party.

    In his table talks with his close friends, he had some objections to the Catholic Religion but out of the connection to the pope, he kept his views private.

    I think the pope made a bet that Hitler would give him free rain in France and England and later in the war against the Bolsheviks. (Who had their own deal with the Orthodox Church. They needed the Orthodox people desperately.)

    Hitler himself had a pagan tendency, he liked nature and the animals therein. He was the first to create laws for the protection of animals.

    I don’t think he was into the Wodan cult.

    Hitler had an IQ greater than 140. So it’s difficult to know what he really thought.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
  369. eyeslevel says:

    Anything governments require you to to believe is false. Anything governments require you to disbelieve is true.

  370. @Blossius

    Why not realize that your argument and the “accountancy ” are both important tools to break the spell? You may still make your rhetorical attack while acknowledging that forensic evidence is valuable.

  371. HdC says:

    Thanks for your reply.
    3.2 million is the number I had calculated perhaps 15 years ago, based on the European mortality rates in 1945/46, as I garnered from an American publication on public health.

    This calculation is exceedingly sensitive to the mortality rate used in that calculation. A very slight increase in that rate would have the survivor population in 1945 as high as 5 million!

    According to Jewish eye witness testimony the Jews were so mistreated in the camps that their life expectancy may very well have been somewhat less that the norm at that time in the civilian population, ie. a somewhat higher mortality rate. Agreed this is speculation on my part, but seems reasonable under the circumstances.

    The problem as I see it is the lumping of all Jews from other countries into the group of survivors. Logically, a survivor is someone who walked away from the camps after the ceasefire.

    I know that for political and financial reasons it was worthwhile to make this group as large as possible in order to make the crime of holocaustianity appear as gruesome as possible, and also to increase the cash flow for “reparations” to a maximum. Be that as it may. But at the logical level, survivors are those that walked away from the camps.

    And as the numbers above demonstrate, there could have been no mass killing; quite apart from the fact that there is no authenticated forensic evidence to support such allegation.

    • Replies: @j2
  372. j2 says:

    “But at the logical level, survivors are those that walked away from the camps.”

    This would be logical, but this is not the way the word holocaust survivor is used. The set of holocaust survivors includes all Jews who had to reason to feel being in danger. It includes most Jews in Nazi occupied countries whether they actually were persecuted or not yet. But it does not include exactly all Jews of those countries. For instance, Karaite Jews of Crimea do not pass as holocaust survivors as Germans made a decision that they will not be persecuted. Also a Jew, like Einstein, who emigrated from Germany to the USA before the persecutions started does not count as a holocaust survivor.

    “This calculation is exceedingly sensitive to the mortality rate used in that calculation. A very slight increase in that rate would have the survivor population in 1945 as high as 5 million!”

    Yes, estimating the number of survivors in 1945 from the number of survivors still alive in 2000 is uncertain. It requires
    1) knowing the population pyramid of Jewish survivors in Europe in 1945
    – this is not the population pyramid in Israel as there are Sephardic Jews and not the population pyramid of American Jews.
    – this population pyramid is impossible to get as there is no precise statistics of holocaust survivors. We cannot conclude that all age groups and gender groups survived in the same way.
    – So, this data we cannot have.
    2) the average life length
    – this average life length is not the life length expectation in Europe in 1945 which would be the life length calculated form the population pyramid of European Jews in 1945.
    – this needed life length is the life length expectation in all countries where these survivors emigrated to, that is some 60 countries
    – this data we do not have, we have some anecdotic and unverified claims from Israel that camp survivors live longer than average, probably because those who survived were stronger.
    – so this data we also do not have.

    Therefore this calculation cannot give any strong argument against the official Holocaust story. I n order to refute the official Holocaust story, do as I did in my paper: accept the Jewish figures of the number of Jews in Europe. As these figures are accepted in the official Holocaust story, you do not need to prove these figures. Whether they are correct or not, is unimportant, because by using these figures you can derive contradictions to all major claims in the official Holocaust story. Therefore you can prove that the official Holocaust story is false without needing to prove that the Jewish figures are correct.

    This said, I have made other calculations that do not use these Jewish figures and they give a very similar result. I consider the American Jewish Yearbook figures to be in most cases correct. The most notable error in these figures is that of the Soviet Union with the boundaries this country had in 1940 (i.e., included the Baltic countries and Eastern Poland).

    However, finding the missing 900,000 survivors is another matter. They are not among the known holocaust survivors. We mean people who are not known to he of Jewish descent.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  373. @Autisticus Spasticus

    As an addition to my earlier comment:
    I think Putin is finally very clever and has the right psyhological strategy with the Zionists sociopaths. The more you try to battle against them the more aggressive they become like most of us. It’s really a very difficult and may be the only possible way for Putin but he understands the importance of diplomacy and tries to ‘tame’ the Zionists’ aggression and rage.
    Many people don’t understand that the Zionists’ strategy is to arouse antisemitism because it’s a weapon for they and for their nwo-agenda … they – like many power-hungry people – need this hate to promote their own agenda. It’s just the driving force like gasoline for the car. Better not to give that gasoline.
    To tame the Zionists and their lust for power you need the whole world, it’s not a one state’s matter. The best way to do it is to keep them out of decision-making bodies, not to curse them. They have their own special genes and we have our owns. If you don’t set them borders they take all with their mason friends. To set them borders you don’t need to hate them, only their bad manners and behavior. You have to do what they’re always trying to do to others, which means to put them to work for the country where they live and not give them the reins to control your own country and economy – like China and Russia are doing. If they get the power they quickly destroy the country and its culture – and economy. The ‘soross’ and ‘zuckerbergs’ of the US are a perfect example.
    Just to add: although Putin has shown himself to be empathetic towards the Zionists and has not started to argue about the Holocaust and even accepted that the Holocaust should not be denied in Russia, the Zionists have not appreciated it but still ‘tease’ or persicute him, at least some of them.
    In a way, the typical Zionist ingratitude has been his reward.

    American Russian history professor Walter G. Moss’s book on Vladimir Putin, which draws on Hill and Gaddy’s Putin, Kremlin Worker, sheds light on the personality and politics of our eastern neighbour’s leader, who, according to Moss, is a matter of the heart and not just of power for Putin.
    Putin: “Universal democratic norms are not Russian and have in fact damaged Russia’s political development. Russia must therefore return to a political system that is unique and its own, that is sovereign and historically rooted.”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  374. anarchyst says:

    Your statement:
    /”This would be logical, but this is not the way the word holocaust survivor is used. The set of holocaust survivors includes all Jews who had to reason to feel being in danger. It includes most Jews in Nazi occupied countries whether they actually were persecuted or not yet. But it does not include exactly all Jews of those countries. For instance, Karaite Jews of Crimea do not pass as holocaust survivors as Germans made a decision that they will not be persecuted. Also a Jew, like Einstein, who emigrated from Germany to the USA before the persecutions started does not count as a holocaust survivor.”/
    …is incorrect…
    A “holocaust™ survivor” is any jew anywhere in the world who makes a declaration that he / she is a “holocaust™ survivor”.
    No proof of camp occupancy, residency in a European country or persecution is necessary.
    There are jews who lived all of their lives in New York City or Miami who are receiving “holocaust™ reparations” for merely being jewish.
    You see, the jewish “persecution complex” knows no bounds and extends to anyone who claims to be jewish.
    Wait for it…“holocaust™ transference syndrome” is the next jewish malady and will be used to extend “holocaust™ reparations” to the descendants of any jew worldwide.
    Keep the shekels flowing as “there’s NO business like SHOAH business”.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @j2
  375. Randy says:

    Thank you sir for this act of brave honesty.

  376. @Zachary Smith

    Now I have dubbed thee a troll. Or is it that considering that such sacred events as the Holocaust might be phony create such an unpleasant psychic pressure that you resort to denial of the denial?

    The holes in holocaustianity have been identified and documented. It’s a hoax. Get over it. And stop taking potshots at Dr. K. I’m pretty sure he is much smarter than you. No offense.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  377. @Right_On

    The account as it has come down not only, however, served the interests of the US-UK but of the USSR as well to validate and justify six years of carnage humanty had to go through to stop at all cast Hitler the barbarian and the border changes the Soviets instituted in Eastern Europe, but by acknowledging that those indeed were the evil deeds of their master over whom they had no contraol, the Germans accepted the truth of the account while absolving themselves of any responsibility for it by laying it all off on Hitler.

    The acclunt became a solid hit because it served the interests in deifferent ways of all the parties. Who then was left to tell the truth?

    • Replies: @HdC
  378. j2 says:

    This is the USA definition of a holocaust survivor with examples of how to decide whether someone is a holocaust

    Germans have something similar for paying reparations, at least ethnic Poles, who were taken to forced work, had to fill some information in order to get German reparations around year 2000 (they were small money and most did not care to apply for it).

    Of course you can say whatever, claim being a holocaust survivor or claim being napoleon, but for getting reparations or some legal status some information is required and then it is decided if it is enough (as obviously all did not have any documentation or what happened to them).

    • Replies: @j2
    , @annamaria
  379. j2 says:

    But this what HdC said of 1-1.1 million (Jewish) holocaust survivors is not any figure that is calculated from known holocaust survivors who have such a status. Should it be such a calculated number, it would be exact, not 1-1.1 million. That number is an estimate how many of the 3.3 million holocaust survivors (defined as Jews in areas occupied by Nazis being in danger) may have been alive in year 2000. Thus, this number is estimated from the official Holocaust story and it cannot be in contradiction with the official Holocaust story.

    By missing c. 900,000 Jews I mean Jews who were alive in 1946, but who were know known because they were not counted in the 2 million (the Soviet estimate was 1-3 million, not exact 2 million) Jews in Soviet area in 1948. Notice, the estimate is from 1948, not 1946, so Polish Jews could have well hidden their Jewish identity and moved to West Poland as Poles. We would expect that their descendants (2% of the population in Poland) were at most half-Jews and often did not know being at all Jewish. If there were 500,000 such Jews in 1946, and some 400,000 in other countries, we get this 900,000 Jewish survivors, who were not counted and not known. I cannot see how this number could be much larger than 900,000. Therefore the Jewish death toll cannot be much smaller than 2.5 million. If somebody claims that the death toll was for instance 1.5 million, then let him locate the descendants of additional 1 million Jews. I doubt they can be found. They do not seem to be in Russia or Poland, nor anywhere else. So my conclusion is that 2.5 million really did die, for several causes.

  380. annamaria says:

    This one was caught.

    [Jewish] Semen Domnitser is the ringleader of a \$57.3 million fraud scheme that siphoned money from a Holocaust reparations fund…

    Semen Domnitser played a pivotal role in the scheme, having worked as a caseworker and program director that processed the fraudulent applications in return for kickbacks. Domnitser gave his seal of approval to ineligible recipients, many of whom were born after World War II and at least one that was not even Jewish.

    There have been thousands and thousands more Jewish fraudsters like the profiteering Elie Wiesel who got away with the fraud. Holobiz is just this – a profiteering schema.

    By the way, the “survivors” of Jewish Bolshevik mass-murderers live in Israel, the US, and the EU. Their names are often known.

    “Bloody Monday: Grandnephew of GULAG organizer [Naftali Frenkel] stabbed the Echo of Moscow editor”
    The profitable schema of holobiz has been enjoyable for the Jewish scum for decades.

    • Replies: @j2
  381. @Jefferson Temple

    Zachary Smith has an established pedigree as a troll, a snivelling coward and a serial liar, going at least as far back as when he appeared on the TV series ‘Lost in Space’, in the 1960’s.

    I mean, just look at that sneaky, conniving face of his:

    And he proudly continues on where he left off – a committed apologist for Zio treachery.

    • LOL: Jefferson Temple
  382. j2 says:

    Yes, annemaria. There are fraudsters and the history of Jews includes many of them. However, it has very little to do with the estimation of what the actual Jewish death toll in the WWII was.

    I derived the total death toll of 2.5 million from demographic calculations. The calculation implies that the Auschwitz death toll was not larger than 60,000 (may be 29,000 as the death books say, but they are not complete and for that reason the sum is customarily doubled to give the registered deaths. Thus, there most probably were no unregistered deaths and certainly not 1 million of them.) The calculation also implies that all sent to Operation Reinhardt camps were not killed and the vast majority were transported to the East. The calculation also shows that Einsatzgrouppen did not kill some 1-1.5 million. The number is closer to 100,000. Finally, of this 2.5 million deaths, deaths in the Soviet Union side are 800,000 and in Romania 160,000, rest are in the German side, for various reasons.

    More than these issues I cannot deduce from demographic calculations of the WWII Jewish populations. Especially, these demographic calculations do not give any estimate to the number of Jewish fraudsters in WWII time or later. The topic of my paper is not to give an overview of, as you say, “the Jewish scum over the decades”, or any other scum over the decades. The paper focuses on the official Holocaust story and proves beyond all doubt that it is false. I leave it to you to expose all scum over decades. That cannot be done with simple math.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  383. annamaria says:

    You do understand that these alleged numbers mesmerize you and only you, whereas for other commenters on this forum, the holobiz stories are null and void until free and unencumbered research in WWII is finally back. You need to tame the lying and aggressive holobiz profiteers (including the ADL thugs who are currently enamored with Bandrites) and other unscrupulous talmudists (like the researchers in special Jewish psychological trauma in the 4th generation) before people become interested in your numbers.

    Moreover, there were millions and millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, and Poles who were mass slaughtered by Jewish Bilshevicks financed by Jewish American and Jewish German banksters such as Schiff, Warburgs, Rothschilds, and the likes.

    Check the names of Kaganovich, Frenkel, Yagoda, and Goloshyokin to get the taste of the unspeakably sadistic Jewish terror on the territory of the former Russian empire.

    The Jewish assault on freedom of speech and information in western civilization:

    “A law on the “freedom of the press” enacted on July 13, 1990, makes it a crime to question the Shoah, in its three hypostases: the alleged genocide of the Jews, the alleged Nazi gas chambers, and the alleged figure of six million Jewish victims of the Second World War. Violators are subject to a prison term ranging from one month to one year, a fine of 2,000 to 300,000 francs (\$333 to \$50,000), an order to pay considerable damages, and other sanctions. More precisely, this law makes it a crime to question (“contester”) the reality of any of the “crimes against humanity” as defined in 1945 and punished in 1946 by the judges of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, a court established exclusively by the victors exclusively to judge the vanquished.”

    This law, in the context of the Ziocons’ current collaboration with self-proclaimed Nazis in Ukraine, exposes holobiz as a profiteering schema and nothing else.

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
    • Replies: @j2
  384. j2 says:

    Dear annamaria. I made a comment to FK max, who knows much about holocaust and which whom we had a discussion several years ago in this forum about the possibility that there are 1 million more Jewish survivors in Russia. I could finally not verify this claim, but found 0.5 million survivors in Poland.

    I did not make any comment to you, only some of your like-minded commenters posed incorrect claims that it is easy to find more Jewish survivors, so I corrected them – this is not the case. You can continue your crusade against “talmudists”. I do not interfere with it, though when reading e.g. Spero-Hart, The politics of international economic relations(1997) long ago I realized that the New World Order that largely causes the issues of today the the right opposes (like mass immigration from developing countries) is an economic issue and not directly caused by a plot of “talmudists”, more like economists and bankers of a certain school of thought. Communism was indeed a plot, a plot inspired by the leftist Freemason plot of the 19th century, and there was a Jewish role in the Communist plot. I am as aware of that as you are, so you do not need to assume that anything you say is anything new to me, or to anybody who has studied these issues. You are simply more noisy and express yourself in unpleasant language for reasons unknown to me.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  385. HdC says:
    @The Old Philosopher

    “…the Germans accepted the truth of the account while absolving themselves of any responsibility for it by laying it all off on Hitler…”

    A substantial number of Germans do not buy the holocaust swindle. Recently I read that there are 15,000 trials in Germany every year, to punish those who do not believe.

    And 90+ year old grandmothers languish in prison there, for their disbelief.

    What with all the laws being passed to curtail examination and discussion of holocaust allegations, including in Canada, one may hope that a critical mass of such questioning and disbelief is fast approaching.

  386. FKA Max says: • Website

    Dear annamaria. I made a comment to FK[A] [M]ax, who knows much about [the] [H]olocaust and w[ith] whom we had a discussion several years ago in this forum about the possibility that there are 1 million more Jewish survivors in Russia. I could finally not verify this claim, but found 0.5 million survivors in Poland.

    Yes, here is the start of our discussion, that then productively carried on in other comments threads:

    What if at least 1 to 1.5 million fewer Jews died in the Soviet Union than you estimate?

    This would put Holocaust and Jewish World War II death at about 2 to 2.5 million.

    – June 28, 2018 at 9:45 pm GMT • 3.9 years ago • 400 Words

    Recommended viewing:

    The Wrong Family Holocaust Story: Survival of Polish Jews in Stalin’s Russia
    Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
    Published on Feb 23, 2018


    • Replies: @j2
  387. @HdC

    Recently I read that there are 15,000 trials in Germany every year, to punish those who do not believe

    I think you read that from a commenter upthread right on this page. I read the same and thought it too high. I just found out from Germar Rudolf that number refers to investigations started, not to trials. GR referred me to this page: Scroll down for chart.

    As little as 1% of these cases may actually result in a prison term handed down by a court, and most of these convictions are on probation for first-time offenders. Hence only a few of the culprits who have committed the above “thought crimes” will have ended up in prison as “political prisoners,” maybe as little as 0.1%.

    In addition, 93-year old Ursula Haverbeck is not a grandmother. She was never a mother. The media just enjoy calling her the “Nazi Grandmother” — both words should be scrapped.


    • Thanks: John Wear, anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @HdC
  388. AcDlex says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Nobody is questioning the mass stupidity of the people themselves – who are causing all this upon themselves and people seeking Truth!

  389. @Odd Rabbit

    ‘Universal democratic norms’-what, like the USA? Where money rules, the candidate that spends the more or most wins in c.90% of ‘contests’? Where the two Parties are simulacra of the other, where almost all decisions favour the rich elite (see Gilens and Page), where voting is voluntary, but obedience to the regime compulsory, where 50% of the electorate is of below median intelligence, where Divide and Rule tactics have reduced the country to a foment of ever increasing partisan hatred, where the brainwashing apparatus ie the MSM, advertising, think-tanks, PR etc, is firmly controlled by the elite, where social media is being purged in an orgy of totalitarian excess etc? You can go on all day describing the plutocracy, kleptocracy, pathocracy, kakastocracy that purports to be ‘democracy’, but why bother? Why do I bother? Beats me.

    • Agree: 9/11 inside job
  390. @annamaria

    Gadarene swine to be precise, full of daemons.

  391. j2 says:
    @FKA Max

    Thanks FKA Max (got the name right this time).

    You were correct in this 2-2.5 million. I think it is quite justified to assume that 900,000 more Jews survived the the Soviet Union of 1946 and 500,000 of them moved to Poland before 1948, and 400,000 are in other countries having intermarried with non-Jews and mostly not knowing their origins. In Hungary there can be some part, though in Austria-Hungary some Jews did convert to Christianity in order to get some jobs. So, 2.5 million is more or less clear.

    There still remains a few possibilities to reduce the death toll. One is Chelmno. About 150,000 were sent to Chelmno and this figure included 90,000 children. I cannot imagine that a head of Palestine Kibbutz system convinced Jewish mothers of Lodz ghetto to give their children to be gassed, especially as from Chelmno there is a waterway to the Baltic Sea and because Nazis did not gas masses of people in Auschwitz or other camps. So, I think these children were shipped to kibbutzes.

    Another possible case is that the Jewish population of the Russian Empire in 1917 may have been some 100,000 smaller than I estimated because the Jewish population of Palestine mainly came from the same Russian Empire population in the 1897 census.

    Additionally there is the 70,000 oddity in the Palestine population growth.

    These are all only possibilities, but it may well be that the actual death toll is in the midway between your range 2-2.5 million. I will not investigate this topic further, it is sufficient that the official Holocaust story is refuted by population calculations. There were three strong arguments in favor of the official story: missing 6 million Jews (but this can be shown false), eyewitness stories (but they are not credible) and physical evidence (which has been discredited).

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  392. anarchyst says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    The statement in your post:

    As little as 1% of these cases may actually result in a prison term handed down by a court, and most of these convictions are on probation for first-time offenders. Hence only a few of the culprits who have committed the above “thought crimes” will have ended up in prison as “political prisoners,” maybe as little as 0.1%.

    …is still reprehensible and should not result in prosecutions or even harassment for “wrongthink”.

    Just having laws that criminalize TRUTH show who the “masters” are…and that they are masters of hiding the truth about this historical non-event.

    Best regards,

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  393. @anarchyst

    It’s also true, anarchyst, that just because you find something to be reprehensible doesn’t mean you can lie about it, make guesses, or try to present it as worse than it is. In your case, you don’t seem to understand that, which is why I don’t find you always reliable.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  394. HdC says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Ms Yeager, thank you for the corrections.
    Here in Canada we have an expression: “The process is the punishment”, ie. getting dragged through the courts, followed by minimal or no punishment. The actual punishment is the time and resources expended to fight ludicrous allegations.
    I’m surprised that in a country of thinkers, such cases can even find a prosecutor and judge to waste their time on such ridiculous charges.
    But then, all civil servants have a selection of bottom feeders.

  395. anarchyst says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    You are correct. I am not always right, but do endeavor to seek truth and am always appreciative of those such as yourself that correct the narrative. All of us who seek truth appreciate the corrections that you and others post.
    Please keep in mind, that when it comes to prosecutions for “wrongthink”, the process itself is the punishment. Being under indictment for merely seeking truth can be just as irksome and nerve-wracking as being imprisoned as the person under indictment is aware that the truth is on trial.
    As always, best regards,

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  396. @HdC

    Please note I said they “accepted”, not “believed” the truth of the account. Many today still do, for all the obvious reasons as I found out when broaching the subject among Germans when we were in Saxony and Berlin about four years ago.

    The most obvious reason for accepting it is the heap of trouble you get into for even hinting you have any doubts about it.

  397. RawDaddy says:

    Reading this feels an awful like what’s happening today. Science gets thrown out the window, and if you bring objections to the fact that the science isn’t being used properly or your evidence is different from the narrative, you could be once a prominent scholar and now delegated to being a school bus driver. Why does history repeat itself? Because the “truths” we are told, aren’t the truths at all.

  398. FKA Max says: • Website

    I will not investigate this topic further, it is sufficient that the official Holocaust story is refuted by population calculations.

    Same here. I just wanted to share the MyHeritage or DNA study results in this comments thread, that confirm your and my research, population calculations and our past discussions, with others who might not be as familiar with the subject matter as we are and not yet aware of those specific DNA studies because there is no better and more conclusive way, in my opinion, to scientifically prove our research conclusions to be generally correct.

    You and I might not have the Jewish WW II death toll figures exactly right, but it has always been my contention and argument, that anyone who is upset instead of happy and tries to refute that likely over 3 million fewer Jews died during the 1940s than is commonly accepted, is suspect to me, has an agenda and probably an ulterior motive that is neither based on truth nor interested in justice:

    Ellen G. Friedman’s presentation centers on the largely unknown story of Polish Jews who were saved from Hitler by Stalin. This story is at the center of her new book, The Seven, A Family Holocaust Story Of the 3.3 million Jews in Poland before WWII, only about 350,000 survived, most of them by being banished to remote areas in the USSR. The reasons for the obscurity of this Holocaust narrative relate to its being the “wrong” story. Not about concentration camps, this story was buried by historians and by Polish Jews, themselves, who felt they were low on the “hierarchy of victimhood.” Also, Cold War attitudes towards the Soviet Union discouraged those who wished to immigrate to the United States to expose where they were harbored. As this “wrong” Holocaust story, a story mainly of survival, makes its way into the larger story, how will it affect the Holocaust narrative. or

  399. @anarchyst

    Being under indictment for merely seeking truth can be just as irksome and nerve-wracking as being imprisoned as the person under indictment is aware that the truth is on trial.

    ??? Not sure what you mean by this sentence. Being under investigation is not being under indictment.

    The law in continental Europe (certainly in Germany) is not the same as in Britain-America. An interesting & enjoyable way to become more familiar with the German legal process is by reading Germar Rudolf’s RESISTANCE IS OBLIGATORY. I just finished it and found it really engrossing.

    Nobody is going to care about your personal ideas of Truth. We all judge that for ourselves.

    • Replies: @mark green
  400. @Carolyn Yeager

    I’m not sure why you would dispute this sentiment, Carolyn. Yes, I see the legal distinction. But that is not enough.

    No one should be subject to being ‘under investigation’ (persecuted) for offering up a political opinion or observation that disputes (so-called) ‘popular sentiment’.

    Government power over Free Speech is already leading us to tyranny and war. The ‘marketplace of ideas’ is being crushed. (See: ‘Hate Speech’. See: Holocaust Denial’.) The camel’s nose is under the tent.

    You haven’t noticed?

    Free and unfettered (political) Speech must be protected. Absolutely. First and foremost. Don’t give you-know-who the legal justifications to crush dissent and open discourse.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  401. I am not disputing the sentiment of … what exactly? It’s all confused because of the ignorance of someone like ‘anarchyst’ who for years has been spouting his own brand of “Truth” without concern for accuracy. Passing on or accepting hearsay will not cut the mustard and it hasn’t. In fact, that is the weakest part of the standard Holocaust narrative – where it is most vulnerable. Have YOU noticed that? Do you like to lose, by substituting moral outrage for genuine truth based on facts and science?

    That you are questioning my understanding and/or commitment of this issue is what is outrageous, mark. Instead, go back to the original mention of this in comment #398:

    A substantial number of Germans do not buy the holocaust swindle. Recently I read that there are 15,000 trials in Germany every year, to punish those who do not believe.

    And 90+ year old grandmothers languish in prison there, for their disbelief.

    Which anarchyst ‘agreed’ with. And proceeded to object (#405) that my pointing out that

    “As little as 1% of these cases may actually result in a prison term handed down by a court, and most of these convictions are on probation for first-time offenders. Hence only a few of the culprits who have committed the above “thought crimes” will have ended up in prison as “political prisoners,” maybe as little as 0.1%.”

    …is still reprehensible and should not result in prosecutions or even harassment for “wrongthink”.

    But that was not the point, was it? Anarchyst is changing the subject. The point was that he was agreeing with pure hearsay, and that hearsay was incorrect in every respect. He did not acknowledge that until his 3rd comment after reading that HdC had acknowledged it. Then he still tried to excuse it (because he’ll do it again) by going beyond what I ever said and making up his own new arguments. That is the “Don’t look there, look here” strategy that we’re so familiar with. And what is the result? Facts and genuine truth/knowledge is discounted and moral outrage takes center stage. Then whoever has the biggest platform or loudest voice has the advantage.

    What I’m saying is: Don’t confuse one thing with another, such as moral outrage and factual knowledge. Keep issues clear and separate. Don’t use one word when you mean something else … like indictment, in this case. If anarchyst, or you, want to speak up for ‘free speech’ and the lack of it in Germany, write about that. Don’t tangle it up with defending your errors about juridical facts. And don’t defend using hearsay under any conditions.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  402. @Carolyn Yeager

    And 90+ year old grandmothers languish in prison there, for their disbelief.

    I’m going to take this on too. Ursula is not being sent to prison “because she doesn’t believe” but because she publicly speaks about her disbelief, in speeches, videos and writings. So it’s what you’re allowed to say or publish, not what you’re allowed to ‘believe.’ Ursula knows the law very well and knows what she’s doing. I support and admire her for her actions. It’s not really helpful to pretend otherwise. It’s better to take the following approach:

    Germar Rudolf makes it clear in his book “Resistance is Obligatory” (second edition 2016 – my advice is to skip the Foreward and go straight to the Introduction) that the universally acknowledged scientific approach, which is allowed by the German ‘Constitution’ (Basic Law) includes the right to publish and promote one’s findings from their scientific investigations. But this is what is being denied, unconstitutionally, by the addition of Article 130, a special law that supersedes constitutional law on one subject only — insulting or harming Jews, or the so-called ‘incitement of the public’ exception. This exception is what should be attacked because it’s on very shaky ground. In fact, it doesn’t seem to me to have any real support whatsoever. It seems to be justified only with the idea that the German Third Reich carried on a genocide of major and inhumane proportions against Jews in particular, for which the German Federal Republic must be forever vigilant above and beyond all other nations to prevent happening again, yet for which no evidence need be presented on the grounds that it is Self-Evident. Think of that!

    So the problem should be approached on two fronts: that such a genocide/holocaust did not ever happen, and that the special exception law is unconstitutional. It is not to get sidetracked about “grandmothers” in prison as the Jews do. They do that because that’s all they have and they love to keep it on the emotional level where they’re masters of manipulation.

    I highly recommend Germar’s book. Get it from his personal website or at Codoh Books. I’m sure it’s online as a pdf too, but I haven’t looked.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @eah
  403. ballbag says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Err wrong old chap, in 1951 churchill was reelected but i suspect you’re referring to immediately after the war?

  404. I only demur on having to fight the issue on two fronts. It should be contested and resisted full force on the only front that matters on which the proponents are invincible – that the special law is entirely and completewly unconstitutional by seeking to reduce and subvert a universal principle with a self-serving particular. When you win on this front, the other front collapses like a house of cards in a hurricane.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  405. ballbag says:

    no.. 2.5 million jews isn’t an accepted number, you’re pulling those out of thin air or being mendacious on purpose.

    Sergio dellapergola of the hebrew uni in Jerusalem stated 1 mil survivors were still alive in 2001, therefore between 4-5 million surely must have survived in 1945. So tell me how many were under the german sphere of influence?

    • Replies: @j2
  406. @The Old Philosopher

    Thanks. You are theoretically right, but what Germans will take on the constitutional question “full force?” Are you saying revisionists should do so? How about those in the legal professions? Lots of people, even Jews, say they are against these laws, yet I imagine any attempt at organizing would be interrupted by the security ‘investigators,’ portrayed as an plot to undermine the government.

    Coincidentally, Tucker Carlson had a very strong program tonight on the subject of Free Speech, our American First Amendment and how the Biden administration is right now working to find ways around it and to annul our freedoms. Watch tonight’s show: And realize how quickly we could lose it here in the USA. People must stand up and speak up. I suspect the Ukraine War and Covid were created, or allowed, as distractions from this growing theft of our free speech. Think of that mask over our mouths that we got so used to seeing on everyone, even little kids! As Tucker said tonight, we need to respond with a big NO, we won’t go along. Go away!

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @The Old Philosopher
    , @HdC
  407. j2 says:

    To ballbag. I already answered all your questions in this very thread. Read my previous comments.

    But for you only (as this is getting boring) I will explain the figures again:
    First read carefully the calculation in
    Nothing is pulled from thin air or being mendacious on purpose.

    Instead, what you write is incorrect:
    “1 mil survivors were still alive in 2001, therefore between 4-5 million surely must have survived in 1945. ”
    If one million holocaust survivors (with the definition of being in German occupied area during the war and having a reason to be afraid -unlike Crimean Karaites) were alive in 2001, then it implies that c. 3 million of them were alive in 1945 when the war ended. This is completely according to the official Holocaust story. It claims that 3.3 million Jews in areas occupied by Germans were alive in 1945. The official story (AJY figures, with two accepted corrections) give the Jewish population of Europe in 1939 as 8.89 million and in 1946 as 4.48 million. Thus, the death toll according to the official Holocaust story is 8.89-4.48=4.4 million.
    Not all of them were in areas occupied by Germans.
    So, what you write is pulled from thin air or being mendacious on purpose.

    “So tell me how many were under the German sphere of influence?”
    In the official Holocaust story this calculation is as follows:
    The holocaust survivors:
    410,000 survived the camps, 85,000 Polish Jews managed to hide, 2 million Soviet Jews survived (notice that many of them escaped from German influence but are still counted as holocaust survivors), 140,000 Romanian Jews survived, 1.83-1.1126-0.057=647,000 Jews were not transported to camps. The sum is 3.3 million holocaust survivors.
    Jews in German influence:
    1.83 million in other countries than Romania, Poland, Baltic countries and the Soviet Union.
    1.84 million in the part of Poland taken by Germany in 1939.
    20% to 80% of 4.23 million Jews in East Poland, Baltic countries and the Soviet Union (which is
    846,000 to 1.69 million.
    These sum to 1.83+1.84+0.2*4.23=4.5 million to 1.83+1.84+0.4*4.23=5.36 million.
    This is the official number, but as I show in my article, the figure 4.23 million is 1.1 million too high.
    Therefore the actual number of Jews under German occupation has the range:
    1.83+1.84+0.2*3.13=4.3 million to 1.83+1.84+0.4*3.13=4.9 million.

    You apparently make the following ridiculous mistake that if under German occupation were 4.3-4.9 million Jews and, as you seem to believe, 4-5 million of them survived, then no Jews died.
    Your mistake here is that c. 0.8 million Jews died in the Soviet side and 0.16 million died in Romania, thus in the German side died 2.5-0.96=1.5 million out of c. 4.5 million that were in German occupied area. That is one third. Of this 1.5 million about 0.9 million died in the West and West Poland and I point out in the article how this number arises by summing deaths in all other places than the death camps. The remaining 0.6 million died in the area of the Soviet Union of 1941 that was occupied by Germany in Operation Barbarossa. As 1.48 million were sent to that area and there were 0.2*3.13=0.6 million to 0.4*3.13=1.25 million Jews, the total number of Jews in this area under German control was 2.1 million to 2.7 million. Of them died 0.6 million, which means that about one fourth died. These are very typical figures for WWII concentration camps in the East.

    However, if we take the official Holocaust story, then 4.4 million died, not 2.5 million. Then there had to be concentration camps.

    This is the last time I will answer to stupid comments from Unz commenters on this topic. Please, read my article.

    • Replies: @HdC
  408. @Carolyn Yeager

    Tucker is absolutely on target.

    The war winning slogan is: “Die Wahrheit Siegt.” It always does, as long as people stand up for their right to proclaim it exactly as Tucker put it.

  409. HdC says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Ms Yeager, thanks again for clarifying my ambiguous assumption regarding Ms Haverbeck. My use of the word “disbelief” can be misconstrued; how does anyone know that it is disbelief unless one advocates it?

    Much more disconcerting is the lack of free speech in Germany regarding certain “Offenkundigkeit” issues. How does one get the public interest to formulate a great protest and demonstration? Does Germar Rudolf’s book address this? Thanks.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  410. HdC says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    How does one “speak up” when the mass media will not print or otherwise allow dissenting opinions?
    On the internet, whenever I read stuff about Nazis bad, communists and allies good, my standard blurb is to ask: “Where can I see the authenticated forensic evidence to support your allegation?” I’m surprised how many people believe that shouting and repeating nonsense long enough, constitutes “forensic” evidence.
    Another beauty is the “mountain” of documentary evidence. In which case I ask: “Where can I see the authenticated ORIGINAL documents?”
    Nonetheless, such comments are in fora with a relatively small number of participants.
    Attention from the mass media is key, and sorely lacking. It is here where advice from media savvy types is necessary.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  411. HdC says:

    J2, I perused your article, and understand your moniker “J2”.
    You approached the problem from a theoretical perspective as this is what you are comfortable with.
    My professional back ground was much more practical and task oriented: professionally I was faced with the issues of “this needs to be done” and “how are we going to do it” using the resources available which included time and money.
    The official holocaust narrative has it that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated. Never mind that the official commemorative plaque in Auschwitz has reduced the official number to 3 million. 6 million – 3 million = 3 million. In the mass media it is still always 6 million.
    Whenever I read this my standard query is: “Where is the authenticated forensic evidence to support this allegation”?
    As you yourself have stated, no mass graves, or ash pits, have ever been located to support the allegations of state sanctioned mass murder: 1000 pits with 3000 bodies each, 100 pits with 30,000 bodies each, 10,000 pits with 300 bodies each, or any mix or subset thereof. Even ash pits should have teeth and bits of large bones in them. Open air cremations would have large amounts of unburnt residue.
    The allegation that the rotting corpses were dug up and cremated, when examined by my criteria above, raises the questions “where is the ash” and “where did the fuel come from”?
    The assertions that no residue was left after these cremations, is just too ludicrous to ponder. Every human action leaves residue and evidence. For recent such evidence look at the Katyn Forest massacre; for ancient evidence, over 2000 years old, look at the Teutoburger Wald battle with the Romans. For cremation evidence talk to a crematorium operator; there is at least one in every mid-sized city.
    When the holocaust allegations are examined at the nitty gritty details of logistics, the holocaust narrative completely breaks down. This is my method of attacking the problem.

    • Replies: @j2
  412. anarchyst says:
    @mark green

    A person who is under investigation is usually advised to retain legal counsel, even if an indictment is not forthcoming.
    This, in itself places a financial burden on the person being investigated.

    • Agree: HdC
  413. @HdC

    how does anyone know that it is disbelief unless one advocates it?

    Your point is taken. However, I or other readers can only go as far as your words take us and might not think that through. I agree it’s a minor point; it’s just that I’ve seen it before regarding Frau Haverbeck, in the form of “she’s prosecuted for her thoughts” and such words. To my mind it’s important to convey her story more fully and give her her due as a revisionist. She’s extremely likeable and popular, so therefore is like an Ambassadress of good will in the entire world for the best of Germany/Germans.

    I see you as exceptionally committed to historical revisionism. You’ve said you’re a Canadian citizen. If true, maybe you should be putting your energies into salvaging ‘free speech’ in Canada and let the Germans do the same in their country. As already mentioned, free speech has even become threatened in the USA, so now we have to concentrate on that, too! I’ve lived my life thinking it was inviolable. It seems Constitutions don’t guarantee anything.

    No, Germar’s book Resistance is Obligatory does not address protests or street demonstrations at all. His field is science and he does a masterful job (or at least it seems to me) of making clear what science is, how science works, and how he used it in preparing for his trial. This book reproduces seemingly ALL of what he personally presented at the commencement of the trial ; not what his lawyers presented. I was totally engrossed throughout the entire book, which I hadn’t expected. I’ve sometimes found Germar’s writing a bit lacking in excitement, but obviously what he put in this book I needed to learn! I think someone as seriously interested in revisionism as you are should definitely read it. In fact there are a lot of amateur-type revisionists who should read it; they would be better forum commenters if they did.

    I had a high opinion of Ernst Nolte, for one, but now not so much after reading the expert reports he wrote for Germar’s trial (Appendix 3). I do have a higher and more robust opinion of Germar! Not because he promoted himself but because I understand him better. He’s a brilliant man. He can’t help it that he’s so far above others — in height too, lol, at 6 ft 5. He does the best he can to be modest.

    Back to the German scene, I think all neo-nazi activity is the work of the Federal and state security agencies, so they can keep their budgets for “fighting the right.” I don’t think there are any real “nazis” in Germany because there never were any “Nazis” to begin with! There are always some Nazi wannabes but they are no threat. Just wanted to add that.


  414. j2 says:

    “When the holocaust allegations are examined at the nitty gritty details of logistics, the holocaust narrative completely breaks down. This is my method of attacking the problem. ”

    For becoming oneself convinced that the official Holocaust story is false it is enough to check the evidence. But in order to refute the Holocaust story, it is necessary to refute three claims:

    1. Many eyewitnesses have seen gassings and several high Nazis have admitted gassings.
    2. There is lots of evidence of gassings and mass killings.
    3. 6 million Jews are missing, so they must have died.

    In that article I looked at 3. The claims 1. and 2. have been addressed by many revisionists. Also 3. has been addressed, but I did not find e.g. Walter N. Sanning’s calculations completely convincing (the Jewish population of Poland in 1939 was not 2 million as Sanning claims), so I made my own calculation and originally came to the figure of 3.5 million missing Jews (which still requires mass killings). FKA Max suggested that there would have been 1 million more survivors in the Soviet Union. Initially I could not verify this claim, but finally found little but sufficient scientific data to conclude that there were indeed c. 1 million more survivors. With 2.5 million survivors there is no need for mass killings as a typical Eastern front concentration camp, POW camp or refugee camp would have the death ratio of 25% to 33% from other causes than mass killings.

    “J2, I perused your article, and understand your moniker “J2”.”
    Yes, it is not from Jew Too.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  415. Albertde says:

    First thing, you have to understand that it is useless to talk about one Holocaust because of a difference between Soviet Union railways and European railways. When the Czar in the 19th century wanted to first build a railway in Russia, he didn’t find European railway cars comfortable enough and thought it would be better to make the rails 5′ wide instead of the 4′ 8.5″ standard in Europe (and the rest of the world). So, even today, taking the train from Paris (say) to Moscow, once the train reaches the border with Belarus, everything is made secure in the carriages and people exit while cranes lift each car off of its European frame and places it on a Russian-standard frame.

    Faced with a shortage of workers (the men were in the military and there weren’t enough German women), the Nazi solution was to ship their able-bodied prisoners by rail to concentration camps and work them in factories. Since they had no concern for their lives, they would feed them enough food to keep them alive and do useful
    work. Their work clothes easily identified them as prisoners.

    As far as gas ovens go, I find it hard to believe: why would the Nazi’s bother to ship people they had no use for in the camps? It was obvious the people unfit for work details would be shot before they could board trains.

    Now, look at the Soviet Union. Do you really think the Nazi’s would bother using trains that meant transferring carriages from Russian standard to European standard frames? Obviously, not.

    So the question of the Holocaust then becomes one of two possible Holocausts; was there one in the Soviet Union and one in Europe? Of the former, there is no question. The Nazi’s hated the Jews and the Ukrainian nationalists hated them even more and from an ancestral history that predates any German hatred. Not only that, since the Communists had taken over, the Ukrainians had suffered greatly (the Holodomor is an example) by the Communists, who were disproportionately of Jewish ancestry, even if these Jews were officially atheists. These nationalists knew where the Jews were and who would hide them. The Soviets when advancing west found few Jews had survived and people talked saying the Ukrainian nationalists had executed them. They estimated something like 1.5 million Jews had been killed by the nationalists and another 500,000 in the rest of the Soviet Union. (The 1.5 million figured was confirmed by a Catholic priest working in the Ukraine in the ‘90s!) So, the Russians extrapolated thinking 2 million in the Soviet Union must mean another 4 million in the concentration caps in the West and the myth of the Holocaust was born.

    • Replies: @j2
  416. eah says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    But this is what is being denied, unconstitutionally, by the addition of Article 130, a special law that supersedes constitutional law on one subject only — insulting or harming Jews, or the so-called ‘incitement of the public’ exception.

    In its rulings in everything from e.g. the s.g. ‘Eurorettung’ to the ‘Erhöhung des Rundfunkbeitrags’, the Bundesverfassungsgericht has shown itself to be more of a political than a judicial body: it literally always rules the way the government wants it to rule — so I don’t think they would ever rule against anything in §130 (link).

    This exception is what should be attacked because it’s on very shaky ground. In fact, it doesn’t seem to me to have any real support whatsoever.

    What kind of ‘support’ do you mean? — as I said above, I think the political, judicial, and media establishments fully support §130 — and I can tell you that §130, as well as prosecutions that take place due to it, enjoy wide support among ordinary Germans — e.g. when Monika Schaefer was arrested in München (while attending the trial of Sylvia Stolz), I read German media reports of her arrest, including those of outlets located in München and Bayern — when commenting was possible, all of the comments were of the ‘lock her up and throw away the key’ variety.

    In this context, the judicial Abkommen that resulted in the prosecution of John Demjanjuk, and later others, is also worth noting: basically, as part of §130 related ‘Holocaust’ dogma, German courts simply stipulate that Jews were murdered in a camp during some time period; this cannot be disputed and need not be proved — once it is established that someone was employed at the camp during this time period, no matter in what capacity, that person is charged with Beihilfe zum Mord — note it need not be proven that the defendant had anything to do with, or even knew about, the alleged killings — conviction is a foregone conclusion, but they always hold a show trial, which usually consists of the extremely elderly defendant (like Ursula, most have been in their 90s) expressing regret and asking for forgiveness, while Jews, both ‘survivors’ as well as relatives of supposed victims, berate the defendant in court.

    German civil society is, to some extent, both dominated and corrupted by the ‘Holocaust’.

    • Thanks: HdC
    • Replies: @HdC
    , @The Old Philosopher
  417. And what is the point of this comment or statements you’ve directed to me, and seeming to imply that I have stated contrary to that? All I see is that you are mis-reading or misrepresenting what I’ve written.

    You say that the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) has shown itself to […] “literally always rule the way the government wants it to rule.” Ideally, you need to present evidence for that — how you know how the govt. WANTED it to rule — but still I did not say otherwise. In my saying what I have, and using the words “doesn’t seem to me to have any real support,” I am referring to the law only, the legal basis for Article 130, not to public support. And I’m using what Germar Rudolf wrote in his book “Resistance is Obligatory,” as I understand it, not relying on any prior personal knowledge of German law. You’re trying to put it in a different context, just as the other two did, in order to find disagreement. Well, take your argument to G.R. then, if you’re really concerned with it. Or read his book.

    Anything else you’ve said I have not anywhere said otherwise, even if I wouldn’t express it the way you do. So I have no further comment, as I just don’t see anything to comment on.

  418. j2 says:

    “As far as gas ovens go, I find it hard to believe: why would the Nazi’s bother to ship people they had no use for in the camps? It was obvious the people unfit for work details would be shot before they could board trains.”

    But Jewish children and elderly who were not fit to work did board the trains and they were transported taking capacity of the railways that were needed for transfer of military units. Jews were not gassed in large numbers in Auschwitz or elsewhere, they were transported to Operation Reinhardt camps, meaning that they were transported to the East. They were not settled to the Lublin area. They were to be moved out of Europe after the end of the war.

    There is a simple reason for that: Hitler wanted to transfer Jews out of Europe. First they were transferred to Ukraine and from there, after the war, they were to be transferred to Palestine where Hitler wanted them to create a new Israel. It was Palestine, not Madagascar, as is shown by the Haavara plan. Only the fittest would survive the camps and natural selection of social Darwinism would renew the Jewish people. This issue is the suppressed secret of the Holocaust and the WWII, suppressed both by Zionists and neo-Nazis. It was all about creating Israel.

  419. HdC says:

    Interesting narrative; but I have one reservation with this statement: “…all of the comments were of the ‘lock her up and throw away the key’ variety…”.
    Although I have no doubt that this statement is true, at least on the surface, the media that publishes the comments SELECTS the comments that are published.
    Further, commentators are likely to be individuals that have an axe to grind, or who profit by keeping the holocaust Greuelpropaganda in the public’s eye, ie. they are motivated.
    Thus, the question ‘how many Germans buy into the holocaust hysteria’ remains unanswered.
    Unless I am mistaken (again!), Monika Schaefer is a Canadian citizen and made those “incriminating” statements in Canada, where they are not yet illegal.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Carolyn Yeager
  420. @eah

    German civil society is, to some extent, both dominated and corrupted by the ‘Holocaust’.

    That’s the underlying social dynamic that keeps propelling it as you describe it.

  421. @HdC

    You are right. I underestimated the influence of the mass media and how it keeps millions of people in the dark and on purpose, until it finally became obvious. For one thing, there are still a lot of people for whom the narratives of the mass media are The Truth and only truth.

  422. eah says:

    Although I have no doubt that this statement is true, at least on the surface, the media that publishes the comments SELECTS the comments that are published.

    Of course this is possible.

    I also recall reading, a few years ago, an account of a previous legal persecution of Ursula Haverbeck (Strafverfahren) on the website of ARD, the main German public broadcaster — at the bottom was a note from the Redaktion saying all the comments on the story had been deleted, and new comments would not be allowed — after this they politely reminded readers that the ‘Holocaust’ was one of the best documented events of recent history — so you can imagine what some of the comments must have been like; one can speculate that her friends and sympathizers were active in the comments.

    Thus, the question ‘how many Germans buy into the holocaust hysteria’ remains unanswered.

    I wouldn’t call it ‘hysteria’; that’s not a word I used — still, I believe what I said before is largely true: support for §130, as well as prosecutions stemming from it, both have wide support among ordinary Germans — as you can imagine, the fact that minimizing the (official) ‘crimes’ of the NSDAP regime is illegal tends to mute any sort of revisionist interest in the subject.

    Unless I am mistaken (again!), Monika Schaefer is a Canadian citizen and made those “incriminating” statements in Canada, where they are not yet illegal.

    You know, I’m not sure about that either; I also had questions about legal jurisdiction — I recall wanting to ask Monika about that on her website (Free Speech Monika), but so far haven’t done so.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  423. @HdC

    You are mistaken once again, HdC. Monika Schaefer and her brother MADE the “incriminating” video in Munich, Germany, and uploaded it to the Internet from there. This came out in the trial. Everyone conspires to keep the general mass of her supporters from knowing that, including the Schaefers, which means we keep circulating FALSE information.

    IMO, Monika should not have been WHERE she was WHEN she was, and she had to know it. She put herself in jeopardy, and I have to ask: on purpose? Also, as she is a Canadian citizen, I can understand that many Germans may not have been all that sympathetic to her. I know I will get blasted on this but facts are facts.

    • Replies: @HdC
  424. annamaria says:

    “Many witnesses…”
    — Yes, we know about your holobiz profiteers like Elie Wiesel.

    “Israel lobby group ADL rehabilitates Hitler’s accomplices in Ukraine:”

    The Anti-Defamation League, one of Israel’s top US lobby groups, is rehabilitating Ukrainian collaborators who helped Hitler exterminate Jews and Poles. This Holocaust revisionism is motivated by the need to whitewash the present-day, far-right Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis who are supported by the United States. …

    The current war can be traced directly to the [Judeo-Nazi] 2014 coup in Ukraine, during which the US and its allies supported far-right and neo-Nazi elements. The goal was to install a US-friendly regime that would bring Ukraine into NATO, the anti-Russia military alliance. …

    Key actors in the US-supported coup were neo-Nazi groups like Right Sector, the Azov Battalion and C14. They are part of a broader Ukrainian nationalist movement that venerates Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which collaborated with Hitler during World War II. During the war, members of the OUN loyal to Bandera formed the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, commonly known by its Ukrainian initials, UPA. …

    On 4 March, the Anti-Defamation League published an article by Andrew Srulevitch, its director of European affairs, to minimize the Nazi problem in Ukraine. .. Srulevitch’s article takes the form of a Q&A with David Fishman, a professor of Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Fishman is also a member of the academic committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “There are neo-Nazis in Ukraine… But they are a very marginal group with no political influence and who don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions in Ukraine.”

    And you know why the Banderites don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions in Ukraine? Because American Ziocons keep the Banderites on the payroll as cannon fodder in the ongoing Judea’s War on Russia.

    You are welcome.

    • Replies: @j2
  425. @eah

    I recall wanting to ask Monika about that on her website (Free Speech Monika), but so far haven’t done so.

    If you haven’t done so, it’s because you don’t want to know (you already know). More precisely, because you choose to engage in a cover-up. You and Anarchyst. He knows! I told him over a year ago, the longer version, but does he open his mouth? What does that say about his morality?

    I also had a conversation with Monika about it. Of course she had to admit it but would only say she had never claimed it outright, and it “wasn’t helpful to the revisionist cause” to discuss it–I should put the “revisionist cause” ahead of bringing that up. She still defends her brother without reservation. Well, I say Who is being unhelpful to the revisionist cause when you pull such boners? I feel betrayed because for a year I repeated that lie that she made no effort to undo. This is unforgivable in my eyes.

    It’s like this: unpublished revisionists (like yourself) who keep th