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Black Protestors as Adrenalin Junkies
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Recent campus race-related demonstrations are often bizarre. Clearly, there are no rational, cost/benefit explanations for this agitation, especially considering that many student protesters are allocating time better spent on academic pursuits. Do black Cornell University protestors honestly believe, for example, that forcing their school to drop the term “Plantation” from Cornell’s botanical gardens name will help campus blacks? (This demand was part of a seven page compilation of demands.) How about the black law students at Harvard who are currently occupying the school’s student lounge so as to replace Wasserstein Lounge with “Belinda Hall,” the name of a former slave owned by Isaac Royall, a Harvard donor. Will their ongoing occupation somehow sharpen their legal skills? What can possibly explain these time-wasting theatrics?

Let me propose a mental health explanation: these activists are adrenalin junkies who suffer from a medically recognized condition though it has yet to be formally recognized in the official catalogue of psychiatric disorders. That is, when people find themselves in situation of perceived danger and excitement (e.g., extreme sports like sky diving) their adrenal glands release large amounts of adrenaline (also called norepinephrine), a chemical that resembles dopamine that plays a major role in addiction and pleasure. The chemical reaction hardly stops there—perceived threats can also trigger the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to secrete endorphins, a substance that mimics opiates such as heroin, cocaine and amphetamine (speed).

But while nearly everybody’s adrenalin level returns to normal once the danger has passed, some acclimated to this heightened level and have become addicted.

High on one’s own adrenalin can be wonderful—lots of energy, a heighted sense of competition, an upbeat mood, and a sharpened sense of humor. The addicted wake up rearing to go and, indeed, will often accomplish more. CEO’s of large firms and soldiers in elite units can virtually live on adrenalin highs.

In the case of campus activists, just compare standing on a platform, strutting about and fulminating into a hand-held megaphone, surrounded by a cheering boisterous crowed all demanding the cowering school President immediately resign with everything being covered on TV versus the lonely drudgery (and feelings of low self-esteem) of pulling an all-nighter for tomorrow’s dreaded Calculus final.

Particularly vulnerable to this chemically-induced rush as are those driven by hate and anger since increased levels of adrenaline and endorphins can soothe angst. Tellingly, as is true with many other drugs, it may require ever greater levels of dangerous excitement to “get high.” For sports junkies, sky-diving will give way to the more hazardous BASE jumping with wing suits. And, as curing drug-related addiction, recovering can be difficult, often requiring months of professional assistance. Withdrawal is also associated with depression, anger, feeling confused and low energy levels.


Treating black outrage as a chemical/medical condition offers an entirely new perspective on campus unrest. Clearly, any university administrator effort to cool tempers and negotiate reasonable compromises will be resisted for the simple reason that a rational settlement deprives activists of their adrenalin high. Quite likely, what might begin as a school administrator’s logical effort to find some middle ground will soon deteriorate to name-calling and threats of violence so as to keep glands pumping out dopamine.

Moreover, there will be a vicious cycle as activists increasingly fill their days with agitating while neglecting academic work. Hard to imagine those occupying the school President’s office taking a break to catch up on Calculus 101, so as the possibility of flunking out rises, their anxiety will correspondingly increase and thus necessitating even more soothing endorphins. It is no wonder, then, that these encounters will have black students shouting the most bizarre accusations at white administrators (“blacks built America”) while concocting even longer lists of demands.

Drug induced behavior understood, it is no wonder that appeasement strategies usually fail, especially since the menu of potential demands is almost infinite. A detailed administrative response regarding strained budgets, the illegal nature of a demand or their uncertain—if not negative—impact cannot cool the biologically-driven need to sustain the adrenalin euphoria. Concessions cannot be given fast enough so even the most hare-brained proposal is quickly put on the ever-expanding “non-negotiable” list. Who could ever predicted college students calling for written apologies for their school accepted money from long- deceased slave owners? Such behavior gives biting-the-hand-that-feeds-you a whole new meaning. That black students at one school monitor the actions of colleagues elsewhere means that any crackpot idea at some obscure college may instantly become the rage everywhere.

That university administrators are oblivious to this adrenalin-driven behavior can only exacerbate the strife. Being reasonable signifies weakness and like a dog sniffing the odor of fear, activists up the pressure and thus feel even better. Picture an alternative universe where elite schools were run by the Mafia. Students arriving with the catalogue list of frivolous non-negotiable demands would be met by “This is a nice campus. It would be a shame if you had an accident and were unable to walk to class. Do you get my message?” Under these circumstances, all the excreted dopamine would immediately inspire an adrenalin rush Plan B —run like hell, hide and never again bother Dean Gotti.

Unfortunately, the short-term prognosis, even with artful administrative deceit, is gloomy given that the root of this addiction is hard-to-reverse low academic achievement (the equivalent for marginal white students is the beer blast). On the bright side, however, the long-term diagnosis is a bit better. As with hardcore drug addicts, campus protestors hooked on attention will find it impossible to complete their academic work—so many alluring causes, so little time–and will drop out of school. Perhaps these drop-outs will join Black Lives Matter demonstrations dodging evening rush-hour traffic on Interstate highways. In any case, the results, hopefully, will be fewer of these trouble-makers on campus and, eventually, less pressure to recruit those marginal students who require endorphin highs to dull the pain of mastering Organic Chemistry. All and all, mindless student activism is just one more of today’s drug related plagues.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Academia, Blacks, Political Correctness 
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  1. Alfa158 says:

    Well what is the best use for their time and energy? Spending it on academics, which they struggle with, and don’t need because they will be wafted upward on the wings of Affirmative Action anyway, or practicing the intimidation techniques they will rely on in their careers?

    On a side note, I pulled all nighters on things like completing history papers, but there is no point cramming for a Calculus test. Math is not as much memorization as it is refining problem solving skills and learning how to think. Cramming the night before for a Calculus test would be like a training strategy for playing in the PGA that consists of spending each Wednesday night before a tournament on putting greens and driving ranges hitting a zillion balls.

  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    It goes back to African roots.

    Blacks evolved chucking spears at hippos and hollering nasty-ass shi* at lions and hyenas.

    They are in hunter mode. Now, the lower-class Negroes can get their hunter-warrior jollies in da hood by shooting each other and acting like loons.

    But in college, Negroes are supposed to act better. So, this black spirit, known as the Jafro, becomes frustrated.

    But by coming up with bogus cause, the Negro can channel their hunter-warrior spirit by hunting for ‘racist honkey ass trophies’. It be more satisfying to their jungle nature than hitting the books and reflecting quiet-like.

    Mind may be a terrible thing to waste, but head-hunting is an awful fun way to spend time for the Jaffers.

    “We dun got the white dude’s head!! Sheeeeeeiiiit!!!”

    • Replies: @njguy73
  3. A couple of observations. CEO’s who crave adrenalin highs through managing by contrived crisis wear out subordinates and eventually try the patience of boards of directors. Soldiers who do so (constantly volunteering their unit for ultra-hazardous missions) also earn the resentment of their subordinates and may meet an untimely end in an unfortunate battlefield “accident.”

    The explanation of black activism as a search for a recurring adrenalin high is an interesting one. I’ve sometimes wondered whether the eventual solution to the problem of violent black dysfunction will be medicinal: some drugs that provide the high but impede cognition and/or action sufficiently so that there’s no harm to others. Alduous Huxley’s Brave New World had soma; he may have been prescient in this, as in so much else.

    • Replies: @Jeff77450
  4. Veritas says:

    Yeah, life can be boring and if you’re not doing anything worthwhile, something else, such as harassing others, can add meaning. Seems like we’re dealing with a ‘failure to re-direct’.

  5. Trump’s an adrenaline junkey.

  6. AndrewR says:

    Not a bad take on the campus insanity.

    What we need to see more of is donors standing up to craven administrators. Perhaps the endowments and donor base of the most elite schools are more resistant to angry donors but any bit helps. It’s astounding how these ridiculous negro circus acts are not only at state schools or tiny schools no one has ever heard of but Princeton, Ysle and Harvard. More absurd is how the administrations treat the petulant thugs with kid gloves. America is done for.

  7. Romanian says:

    Interesting idea. The University protests are baffling to me in their stupidity. They seem to be willfully stupid to the point that, if you do not challenge them, they have an emasculating effect on one’s psyche like having to join in a big lie, 2+2=5 and so on.

  8. ”Soft water in hard rock, both hits until it sticks”

    As every cult that deny reality tend to works, 😉

    No matter what you’re talking about, but as you are talking.

    Passive and aggressive

    White, as you know, are not allowed to criticize anyone but themselves. In contrast, blacks are allowed to criticize anyon ALSO because they are on average more childish than other races, less certain groups.

    It’s a subtle psychological mechanism wherein the stablishment, which you know well, just pretend that all these events are spontaneous, the result of social changes that are/were completely natural.

    While most of the more cognitively intelligent white waste time discussing who has the higher verbal IQ or math skills, they are missing the most important fight, psychological.

    For the worker, words and numbers are more important than thoughts, ideas and true self-knowledge. The priorities and therefore cognitive hierarchy is wrong in holistic terms, as it should be.

  9. Rehmat says:

    NOPE Mr. Weissberg – The Cornell University has more problems with the Organized Jewry than the Black protestors.

    On September 3, 2014, Stewart Ain reported at the New York Jewish week that pro-Israel Jewish group Simon Wiesenthal Center has called upon the Cornell University to close down its medical campus in Qatar for latter’s support for the Gaza ruling Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

    The Cornell University, member of America’s elite Ivy League is a Jewish-controlled educational institution. Cornell Chairman David Skorton, vice-president for University relations, Joel Malina and Provost Kent Fuchs are all Zionist Jews.

    Rabbi Marvin Heir, the founder-dean of SWC has called Cornell’s co-operation with Qatar “outrageous”.

    “What Cornell should say is, ‘We repudiate anyone who funds a terrorist organization,” said the Rabbi.

    Abraham Foxman, national director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a criminal arm of Israel lobby has also demanded that Cornell University re-evaluate its educational co-operation with Qatar which is exposed to be an enemy of Jews and Israel.

    The University management told these paranoid American Zionist Jews who are more loyal to Israel than United States that Qatar is a great strategic ally – and have pumped tens of billions of dollar in America’s arms industry.

    • Replies: @RaceRealist88
  10. JEGG says:

    I think that another underlying psychological factor is that many black female students cannot come up with acceptable sex partners. They end up acting out their sexual frustration.

    • Replies: @RaceRealist88
  11. Dr. X says:

    Clearly, there are no rational, cost/benefit explanations for this agitation, especially considering that many student protesters are allocating time better spent on academic pursuits.

    Since when have blacks been capable of academic pursuits?

    Oh, sorry… I forgot. Cornell West did a rap CD when he was at Harvard. An then there’s that great, great black “academic” Melissa Harris-Perry. Mea culpa!

  12. Agent76 says:

    History is just repeating with and by the ruling class elite in America.

    May 1, 2015 #BlackSpring in “BALTIMORE” from the forthcoming Nina Simone tribute album

    In the 1970’s the legendary artist and civil rights activist, Nina Simone released a song entitled “BALTIMORE.” It spoke to the challenges of urban living, particularly for people of color.

  13. Agent76 says:

    Dec, 22, 2015 Police killed over 1,100 people in US in 2015 – report Published

    Relying on grassroots rather than federal data, the Mapping Police Violence project said over 1,100 people were killed by US police in 2015. It also found that 321 African-Americans were killed by police in numbers disproportionate to their populations.

  14. “…the results, hopefully, will be fewer of these trouble-makers on campus…”

    Asinine foolishness. There are legions waiting to replace them. Highly transient, replaceable foot soldiers. And it never even bothers to address those who have installed themselves as purveyors on the adrenaline supply lines – the faculty.

  15. On Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley during the People’s Park riots in ’69, I was rocked by rioters as a capitalist pig in the morning, gassed by Oakland’s Blue Meanies as a hippie commie on my way home in the afternoon. Fran McKinnon, who’d been a Rosie-the-Riveter in the Bay Area during World War II, explained to me what was happening, how one part of you prays there won’t be trouble while the other craves excitement and danger, the chance to be a hero, and is somehow disappointed when nothing happens. I don’t think the phenomenon is peculiar to Blacks.

  16. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Most of those blacks are doing what they do best and that is protest, complain endlessly, make noise and be disruptive. When they gain results it’s a positive feedback conditioning loop. Why stop doing what brings rewards? Of course they need spineless people to kowtow to them but there’s an abundance of those types everywhere. The race hustlers operating in the society at large realize they have the power of being spoilers, of being able to disrupt just about anything until a cut of the action is given them just like the Mafia might extort money from businesses so they can keep operating.
    Even as they scream that black lives are important they themselves demonstrate by their actions that black lives are more worthless than ever before. In the first sixty-eight days of this year Chicago has had 110 homicides and 537 total shot; that’s not to mention assaults and other violence. Almost all of this is black with Hispanics coming in a poor second. These people are not being killed by police but by other blacks yet they keep pointing their posters at white audiences as though whites have some magic wand they can wave. Sorry, but whites have no ‘white magic’, they put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.
    I am sympathetic in some ways. Perhaps the names of big-time slave owners really should be chiseled out of wherever they’re memorialized. They’re the short-sighted bastards who hung this festering albatross around our necks by bringing them in and implanting them on this territory in the first place. They should have picked their own cotton. After all these years the problem just keeps snowballing, on and on, it just never ends.

  17. @Agent76

    It also found that 321 African-Americans were killed by police in numbers disproportionate to their populations.

    But not at all disproportionate to their participation in violent crime.

    321/1100 is less than 30%. Blacks are about 15% of the population, but a somewhat higher percentage of the young population. But more on point, this figure is about twice their percentage of the population, but their violent crime rate is 4 to 8 times white rates depending on the crime category. Blacks at 15% of the population commit something close to *half* of the violent crime. And blacks are generally just more disobedient–more like to refuse to comply with police orders. Anyway you slice it this number shows that blacks are “undershot” by police.

    It’s a big country and there are a lot of jackasses. And a much smaller–but far from non-zero–number of police screw-ups.

    But there’s entirely zero evidence that blacks are being shot disproportionality to their numbers involved in the criminal jackassery that tends to lead to these police shootings.

    • Replies: @Jeff77450
    , @Wally
  18. Jeff77450 says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Somehow we’ve got to convince then to get their birthrate to anything below 2.0 (and keep it there). The problem would be on a glide-path to resolution.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  19. Realist says:

    Why all the talk of Calculus and organic chemistry? Only a minuscule number of blacks take either course.
    The vast majority of blacks in college do not belong there.

  20. @anonymous

    When you have nothing else better to do, you waste your time protesting to feel like you’re accomplishing something.

  21. njguy73 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Then why don’t the Swedes pillage like their Viking ancestors? Or the Hungarians like their Magyar ancestors?

  22. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    We suffer from the Elitism Paradox. Universal obsession with elitism leads to egalitarianism.

    It’s like Narcissism Paradox. Universal obsession with narcissism leads to plain-jane-ism.
    In a humanist social order, people are valued for their humanness. Sure, everyone is narcissistic to some extent, and this aspect of us shouldn’t be denied. After all, even in humanist cinema, main actors tend to be somewhat more handsome or appealing than the average person. People want to see and identify with good-looking people. So, narcissism is part of our DNA. However, it needs to be checked. It’s like the sweet-tooth. It exists but if we over-indulge in it, we end up with diabetes or fatassness.

    But when narcissism is allowed to run amok and celebrated to a crazy level as in our society, the entire worth of humanity is judged by looks and style, as with the nasty-ass ho Rihanna in that salacious music video ‘Umbrella’ which is irresistible but awful corrupting. Aunt Esther ought to slap her upside her head.
    We have this crazy obsession with celebrities and their booties in America. It’s like style and looks are all that counts, and everyone not merely wants to be beautiful but MUST be beautiful. They are children who must must must have that candy!! MUST!! There were a bunch of TV shows about turning plain-looking women into hot ho’s. I think it was called the Swan and there were others. Never saw them but heard about them.

    But here’s the problem. No matter how much people want to be beautiful or ‘perfect’, most will fall short of the mark. So, life seems so unfair. If beauty is so central to life, then it should be a RIGHT. The Beauty Right! Since not everyone can be beautiful despite all the makeups, face lifts, and etc, the only way to universalize beauty is to lower or broaden standards of beauty(often in relation to waist lines).

    So, even a gross pigaroon like Lena Dunham can be the ‘new normal’ in sex symbols.
    If Dunham is sexy, then ANYONE is sexy. So, there you go, obsessive celebration of beauty leads to celebration of ugliness(as the New Beauty). Of course, no one notices since we are supposed to believe that ‘everyone is beautiful’.
    Without this mad cult of narcissism, the homo agenda and tranny agenda wouldn’t have gotten so far. (If narcissistic homos want to be ‘moral’, we better swallow the BS that ‘gay marriage’ is the New Morality of the New Normal.) We no longer live in a humanist society of accepting oneself for what one is and accepting others for what they are. Everyone wants to be some fantasy ideal and, furthermore, wants the right/power to force OTHERS to see him/her as he/she sees himself/herself. So, if Bruce Jenner says he is a woman named ‘Caitlyn’, we better go along. If the media say he, she, or it is ‘beautiful’, we better agree too. If we say he looks like a damn fool — a man over 60 pretending to be Sarah Palin — , we are ‘intolerant haters’. Homos can no longer admit the fact that the are sexual deviants. Their physical narcissism has morphed into moral narcissism, and they demand that all of us praise and celebrate them as the torch-bearers of new globalist human rights predicated on the notion that fecal penetration among men is some great virtue.

    Will to Beauty also becomes uglified in association with Will to Power. While beauty is a kind of power, there are other kinds of power that are more formidable, and beauty is attracted to power for protection and privilege, even if the power is ugly. It’s like Mike Tyson is one ugly mofo, but he got a lot of white women because he whupped everyone. It’s like many rich guys are ugly as hell but get lots of chicks cuz they got the dough. Beauty has the look but often lacks in brains. So, it attaches itself to those with power. In sports and funky music, it is the Negroes. In brains and money, it is the geeks and nerds. So, beauty seeks out the powerful and becomes mixed with the ugly. We see this even in lower class society. In integrated areas, tougher black guys whup weaker white guys, and pretty white girls feel contempt for loser white guys and become single mothers carrying seeds of Negro thugs. That is how lower-class whites will become mulatto-ized and conquered. I see it happening all over, but HBD community only care about smart whites and intelligence.

    What is true of narcissism and cult of beauty also goes for elitism and cult of intelligence. All this stuff about the importance of higher education, success in the material economy, and big bucks & good life has made people believe that it is their RIGHT to have super-success too.

    So, the modern world universalizes the ideal of elitism. It is a contradiction in terms. You cannot egalitarianize elitism.
    Not everyone is smart. Not everyone is cut out for college, especially elite college. Not everyone is a genius. Not everyone will succeed in science, math, engineering, business, law, and etc.
    When elitism was elitist, it was understood that elite success wasn’t for all. But once elitist ideal was universalized, everyone wants and expects it, and indeed, the media and politicians say it should be availed to everyone whether through ‘no child left behind’ or ‘common core’. And self-esteem-boosting among kids made them all feel oh-so-special.

    But in truth, most kids aren’t smart, let alone geniuses.
    So, the ONLY way to pretend that everyone is smart is by celebrating stupidity as the new intelligence. Any surprise that the likes of Tahenisi Coates are hailed as ‘geniuses’ or hollering Negroes win debating contests by yelling the n-word a thousand times?

    Liberalism, as well as conservatism, made more sense in humanist mode when people were valued for their core humanity, not because of their glamour or genius. Sure, beauty and brains are wonderful, but should they be the decisive factor in judging people? It’s like what Shane tells the kid at the end. Shane is a handsome devil and fast with the gun, but he tells the kid to take care of his parents.

    The crazy thing about today’s progressivism is it is so invested in elitism despite its egalitarian conceit. It is about millennials bitching “Why isn’t my ‘beauty’ celebrated like with Hollywood stars?” or “Why isn’t my ‘genius’ recognized by the world?”
    It’s no wonder that the big gripe of 2016 was NO NEGROES NOMINATED FOR THE OSCARS, DAAAAANG!!
    Is this a serious country?

    Anyway, the fact is most people are not smart and will never be smart. So, the only way to make believe that we are making everyone smart is to lower or broaden the meaning of intelligence so that there are maybe a 100 different kinds of intelligence, such as the brilliance of coming up with a slogan like ‘black lives matter’. Give whomever the Nobel Prize for Literature for that one. Why not when Obama got the Peace Prize for having done nothing?

  23. joe webb says:

    Calculus for Blacks?

    I am sure the physiological explanation is more or less correct. However, what drives someone to seek this kind of release or thrill?

    I have never done any extreme sports, but as a white guy, I note that extreme sports are close to 100 % white.

    I have been enchanted by the wing-suit extremists. If I were younger and did not have my little mission from god to save the White race, I might try it. No interest in skydiving, etc.

    As a motorcyclist who occasionally gets on it real good, there is a thrill in being pressed into one’s seat, and knee-dragging thru a bend in the road ( maybe more of gesture of the knee, not the real thing ) and just mastering a wonderful and powerful machine.

    White men are adventurers and have indeed conquered and explored. Never mind enslaving Others, every race has done that and still does do that, except whites who are the race, of course, that abolished slavery.

    Adventure stimulates the brain, novelty stimulates the brain, sex stimulates the brain, good fellowship stimulates the brain, and fighting stimulates the brain. And for smarter folks, reading sufficiently stimulates the brain. (The safest place to be in a race riot/looting is in a bookstore, if you are not already home.)

    There is a physiological component in any mental state, or trance. I have read and have seen it illustrated in the news, the matter of low vs. high reactivity to things in general. It is doubtless genetic, and largely tied to IQ.

    If you are a high reactor, a line of poetry, can sufficiently stimulate to the point of Feeling Good.
    If you are a low reactor, maybe you have to stick a gun in somebody’s face to feel alive/Good.

    A few years ago I noted an eye doc sent to a local state prison to work with the cons. He did those eye tests that puff a little air at the eye for some reason. He noticed that the cons often did not blink, whereas his non-con patients always blinked at the small puff of air.

    One can test oneself for physiological reactivity. Get a blood pressure kit and a lemon and a spoon at hand. Take your pulse as a control measurement. Then test again while holding a spoonful of lemon juice in your mouth, say for ten or fifteen seconds.

    I don’t know what the differing amounts mean in particular, but if your pulse rises you are a reactor. If your pulse does not rise you are a non-reactor. How much means what? I don’t know.

    I have done this and discovered that I am a relatively high reactor, which means I can feel alive without much external stimulation.

    Law breakers get a kick out what they do. It makes them, low reactors, feel alive. This can be applied to drugs as well.

    Smart people can get stimulated by lots of things, dummies are just as we say, dull and low reactors.

    Criminals are low reactors; high reactors are more creative and smart and multi-dimensional.

    Sex also obviously shows up here. The lower reactors need the heavy stimulation of sex, etc.

    Now, getting back to Blacks, it may be , with their average IQ of 85, that they are generally low-reactors, and thus seek out highly stimulating situations to feel alive, like mau-mauing cowering academic white pansies.

    Joe Webb

  24. @Jeff77450

    Agreed. I think the Israelis were giving some Africans long-term contraceptives and explaining that they were vitamins. The Israelis denied it, but it sure sounded plausible to me.

  25. @Dr. X

    What’s your take on John McWhorter, Thomas Sowell, the (few) black Professors of Physics?

    • Replies: @Dr. X
    , @Reg Cæsar
  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting hypothesis, could link to what I think.

    The average “colored” student at elite universities must know that afffirmative action is at work. This creates a well known phenomenon named “cognitive dissonance” in the students mind, think of “I am at Cornell, while I am not very good intellectually” = dissonance.
    Cognitive dissonances create emotional distress.
    A “healthy” take on it would be to say: great, I am here althugh I am not very good. let me make the best out of it. Unfortunately this would leave the dissonance unresolved.
    So the 2 remaining options to resolve it would be:
    a) I am not good enough, so I go into say some mid-level position in some local administration and labor on.
    b) compensate for my intellectual mediocrity with something else, which can be working an “important cause” which justifies me being part of an “important” college.

    Adrenalin is certainly a mediator of importance: what stirrs me up is important for me. But it is an internal signal only for myself. For public action you need more than sensation seeking, you need the idea of importance.

    So in the end it is theatre for malperforming actors to reassure them of their place in society.

    We should understand and be in the future more friendly to these people by not exposing them to this cruel and ultimately unproductive cognitive dissonance.

  27. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Many people live bleak and squalid lives. This is probably even more true for most blacks, not that they would admit it. This makes them feel part of a bigger thing – connected to something – It makes them feel important. Academia is also the perfect place for race-bullying tactics as the faculty will fold like an accordion. They might not be so successful in a parking lot full of construction workers. Also many blacks have an almost duck takes to water, attraction to intimidation. They use the tactic in the work environment to ward off criticisms of their shortcomings. Whenever I would draw attention to a black guy not doing his work, or not doing it properly, I could be guaranteed being accosted by him, the next day publicly, and accused of “not liking him” or Your S*** be racist”. I became an expert at predicting black behaviour.

  28. dahoit says:

    Sorry,dumb article.Like people don’t know that exercise is addictive.
    The black students should be working for Bernie Sanders instead of the antisemitic support shown by the black voter in the South for the hell bitch,who has never and will never help the poor of our nation.
    And by protesting idiotic things like this,reveals academic mediocrity,but that is not just relegated to the black students,but the whole student body.Look at the stats.

  29. dahoit says:

    Blacks were among the first to be brought here as labor,they probably preceded your ancestors,so all talk of them as interlopers is ridiculous.
    The obvious problem is capitalism and the fact that some aren’t biologically and mentally wired to make money,like me,and I’m whitey.
    Should humans be punished for lacking the avaricious gene?
    Our cities abject economic conditions and the drug war are the prime reasons for black and minority crime rates,as if they had dough,they wouldn’t steal.(most of course,there are the too much is not enough crowd)And they wouldn’t be shooting each other,if drugs were legal.
    I don’t believe people grasp the desperation of the inner city.

    • Replies: @dcite
    , @anonymous
    , @MarkinLA
  30. @Agent76

    Gimme a friggin’ break, ’76! While fatal police shootings of blacks may be disproportionate to the aggregated black percentage of the population, young black males (c. 4% of the overall US population) are orders of magnitude more likely to be armed, dangerous, felonious, and have possibly already shot somebody: relative to their strictly arithmetic component.

    • Replies: @agent76
  31. Wally says: • Website

    Sir, aren’t you using “white” crime stats where the government has curiously folded in the much higher hispanic crime rates with those of whites?

    Therefore, the real crime disparity is even higher for blacks.


  32. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    “Then why don’t the Swedes pillage like their Viking ancestors? Or the Hungarians like their Magyar ancestors?”

    Not all savage/barbarian souls are the same. All peoples are capable of acting violent and thuggish. Look how the Japanese acted in Nanking. Look how the Chinese acted during the Cultural Revolution. And look how Germans acted in WWII.

    So, the savage/barbarian soul exists in all people, and if unleashed, it can be pretty frightening. It’s like even domesticated dogs can get pretty wild if allowed to run wild in a park full of rabbits.

    But non-black races don’t have the Jafro.

    Swedes have the Arcto and Germans have the Ganz. Arcto soul and Ganz soul are related and very close.

    Arcto barbarians could be aggressive, brutal, fearsome, and terrifying. But they were not funky-ass-jive-ass-flipflap-yipyap-jiggity-higgity-bongo-wongo-daaaang-mofo-suck-my-dic*.
    It’s like animals have different styles of aggression. A cat, a dog, a bear, a baboon, a chimp, a buffalo, a hyena, a hippo, and etc all have different expressions of aggression.
    This is why some wild animals are easier to tame than others. It’s easier to tame a bear than a baboon since a baboon is a wild-ass creature that flips all too easy.

    Blacks have the Jafro, and it be flipping, wild, punkass, and loony all too often.

    So, a man with an arcto or ganz barbarian soul is easier to tame and civilize and than a man with a jafro soul.

    Also, there is the issue of racial differences.
    Blacks are bound to act worse than whites cuz they know they are tougher and can kick white butt. If blacks had the wild Jafro soul but lived with a race much tougher than them, they would be mindful about acting wild.
    But as it happened, blacks not only have the wilder kind of soul but have tougher muscles.
    That is a recipe for disaster for the white race.

    Anyway, even though all races can act aggressive and brutal, the varying souls behind the acts of aggression are good indications of which races are more amenable to civilization.

    After all, even as Germans acted brutally in WWII, they were following orders, maintaining chain of command, showing discipline, and acting methodically.
    They weren’t just acting like the lunatics in DEATH WISH III.

    Now, the Germanic barbarians did sack Rome and raped and pillaged and did a lot of crazy stuff, but they still didn’t get on top of Roman columns and shake their booty and dance the watusi. They were just acting like thugs.
    In contrast, blacks with the Jafro soul not only act like thugs but go all out in celebrating their thuggery, and it becomes some kind of jiveass act.
    And such attitude doesn’t make for civilization.

    If you had to tame 1000 barbarians with the arcto soul and 1000 barbarians with the jafro soul, ones with the arcto souls would be easier. They can be wild but there is something straigh and solemn about them, like with the barbarians in THE 13TH WARRIOR.
    But black savages with the Jafro soul will just want to beat on the bongo drum when not shaking booty or chucking spears.

    Also, we have to keep in mind that Swedes lived by agriculture and under Christianity for many centuries. So, surplus food with agriculture allowed the weaker and milder people to survive and breed as well. Also, Christianity weeded out the wilder and more aggressive types by burning them at the stake.

    • Replies: @njguy73
  33. dcite says:

    First: most of the campus protesters are not poor. Not “inner city” (whatever that means theses days) and not oppressed. They have already been given more opportunity than they would have earned from merit. Everyone knows that. Even them. Probably the few who should really be there are not among the howlers.

    In any case, moving on from coddled college students, you don’t grasp that intimidating blacks are not just from the “inner city.” Blacks are moving out and about and have been doing so for decades. There is absolutely no way anyone can tell them where to live. They have made every suburb they moved into, in more than negligble numbers, a “bad” neighborhood. This despite the presence of excellent blacks who care for their property and are good people. But they are not a large enough percentage of the whole to offset the damage when the percentage of blacks in a given area, goes over about 15%.

    When I first arrived in the Md./DC area, two of the good suburbs were Germantown, Gaithersburg in Montgomery County. Wheaton wasn’t bad either. Pretty bad now. 15 years later, I knew of a white girl (very fat) who had 4 children by 4 different black men, lived in Germantown, and who called Takoma Park (mostly white, expensive, Portland-wanna-be, goofy liberals) a “bad” neighborhood because it was surrounded by black/brown neighborhoods. Mind you, the counties around the D.C. area are chock full of blacks with well paid jobs. The only time I ever witnessed a domestic disturbance in T.P, was when some blacks renting a house on the street took their battle into the street after a gathering. Police cars were called, strangers’ cars were banged on by the blacks to vent whatever. I was stupefied at how predictable it is, how they really live down to stereotype.
    P.G. County used to be good and it’s where all the black government workers moved to from D.C. Now it inclines to “bad” and is known for crime. The metro stops in Montgomery Cty are still ok, but people are warned about those in P.G. County. Even a rainbow family of hispanics/whites/blacks had to move as their street got more black.
    It’s comforting to think it’s just because of the cursed asphalt of the inner cities, and if only they got onto the magic dirt of the non-black suburbs, all would improve. I don’t know if it makes things any better for the blacks who move there, but it always makes things worse for the whites who are already there; and who are supposed to act as if loads of blacks moving in were the best thing since sliced bread. They have access to all that whites have access to. If they act up in a swimming pool, a mall, a rec center, a library, the metro, a school, a skating rink, it’s never their fault. It’s racism to complain.
    I don’t doubt they are desperate in the inner cities. But they’re still desperate in the suburbs with every amenity apparently, considering that they STILL commit the great majority of crimes of vandalism, violence, theft and harassment.
    Plenty of whites are desperate too. And poor. And living on the edge. Yet somehow they managed to not destroy entire cities by just living in them.
    The neighborhoods don’t make the people in the overview; the people make the neighborhoods.

  34. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks were among the first to be brought here as labor,

    They didn’t come here voluntarily and haven’t fit in since being freed. The Indians were here before your family line got here yet they’re pretty much gone.

    The obvious problem is capitalism

    So your ideal system is what? You have a better one for us, genius?

    And they wouldn’t be shooting each other,if drugs were legal.

    You want heroin and cocaine to be legalized?

    I don’t believe people grasp the desperation of the inner city.

    You don’t live there so I doubt if you “grasp” much about the inner city yourself. I doubt if you grasp much of anything at all; smoke dope much?

  35. MarkinLA says:

    And they wouldn’t be shooting each other,if drugs were legal.

    The shooting isn’t to get drugs it is to protect their drug dealing turf which would still be present as the drug cartels and street gangs try to undercut the legal avenues of obtaining drugs. In addition, while there are functional alcoholics, I have seen few functional drug addicts. My brother and his POS “fiance” were selling out of my mom’s house and the collection of losers hanging around opens your eyes to the idea of drug legalization as a solution.

  36. MarkinLA says:

    Maybe a start would be to get rid of all the worthless degree programs like sociology and victims studies. When blacks enter college their selected majors are similar to whites. Due to their high failure rate because of affirmative action putting them in inappropriate schools they have to make the choice of down scaling their school or major. Most probably can’t handle the thought of going from Yale to some second tier state school where they belong. So they just change majors to something that even a basket-weaving professor would be ashamed to admit he took.

    Unfortunately for the rest of the students, they are probably getting credit from some affirmative action hire professor for “being down with the cause” and participating in this garbage when they should be booted off campus.

  37. Dr. X says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    What’s your take on John McWhorter, Thomas Sowell, the (few) black Professors of Physics?

    My take is “the exception does not disprove the rule.” Of course there are a handful of brilliant blacks. But to deduce that blacks-at-large are capable of academic achievement from one or two examples is fallacious reasoning.

    My argument is based on inductive reasoning, from observing large numbers of black students, nearly all of whom are academically subpar. For instance I presently have two black football players in one of my classes. They both failed the class last semester; between the two of them the highest exam grade they scored was a 44. So they are repeating the class. They have ALL the exams and the answers from last semester so all they have to do is memorize them. Yet their scores on the first exam this semester were 25 (yes, out of 100) and 50, respectively. Their attendance so far has been about 30%. They are not in college to learn anything, they are in college to play football.

    (And yes, I know that I am using an anecdote here so you could argue that I am committing the same fallacy that you are, but I have observed this type of thing NUMEROUS times, and I am using an admitted anecdote to illustrate a point. My general conclusion is based on many observations).

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @anonymous
  38. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
  39. @Dr. X

    I didn’t commit the fallacy you admit to. I am disappointed that you didn’t recognise the inaccurate overstated rhetoric of your “Since when have blacks been capable of academic pursuits” [or equivalent words] which was what prompted my mention of the exceptions.

    If the institution you teach in had any academically conscientious blacks they might find it discouraging that one of their teachers or mentors expressed himself in such a totally dismissive way. Not that I don’t sympathise with your lot in life and one of its greater irritations.

  40. @Wizard of Oz

    What’s your take on John McWhorter, Thomas Sowell…

    Even more impressive and unusual than their intelligence are their maturity and composure.

  41. Control is a powerful survival force. These moral entrepreneurs can’t create a modern technological society so they are attempting to steal as much of the West’s civilization as possible. They are evolutionary laggards like their counterparts in government: creating on their own isn’t a viable option so thievery sanctioned by force of government is the way to succeed.

    Crap like this would not be taking place without the mechanism of government.

    BTW, political beliefsthe junkie response has a similar result in political beliefs.

    Emory study lights up the political brain

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  42. Control is a powerful survival force. These moral entrepreneurs can’t create a modern technological society so they are attempting to steal as much of the West’s civilization as possible. They are evolutionary laggards like their counterparts in government: creating on their own isn’t a viable option so thievery sanctioned by force of government is the way to succeed.

    Crap like this would be much less likely to happen without the mechanism of government.

    BTW, political beliefs have a similar junkie high.

    Emory study lights up the political brain

  43. @Rehmat

    I must say. I’m really impressed with the amount of relevant articles you have. Keep up the good work.

  44. @JEGG

    They cannot come up with sexual partners because black women are less attractive than other races. See Kanazawa’s paper on the matter. He ends up concluding that higher testosterone is the cause. Makes sense.

    I remember reading a few months ago that in the 2nd trimester, black women have double the testosterone than white women. Also, black women have statistically significant higher testosterone than white women.

    Higher testosterone, increased aggression, mannish attitude. All correlate with each other, leading to black women being less desirable than other races’ women.

  45. @Dr. X

    Didn’t MHP’s show just get canceled? Good riddance! Took long enough.

  46. @njguy73

    Faster evolution. That leads to more ethnic and racial differences. With nothing to “light the fire” so to speak, they lost the fire they had imo.

    Also BPA in plastics which drop testosterone, media socialization, and genetic pacification (Frost and Harpending 2015).

  47. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. X

    Of course there are a handful of brilliant blacks.

    That’s an assumption. Where are they? If they were white they wouldn’t be called ‘brilliant’. The marvel of a dancing bear is not that it dances well but that it dances at all. The person you’re responding to got all the way up to two names which is hardly an impressive number considering there’s over 40M of them.

    • Replies: @Dr. X
    , @AndrewR
  48. To teach the protestors patience, all future negotiations should not be conducted face-to-face, but rather by telephone relay, through a call-center. In Mumbai.

  49. agent76 says:
    @Hanoi Paris Hilton

    Nov 2, 2015 No, the Police Don’t Work For You

    Sep 14, 2015 The Police Have No Duty To Protect You

    Joseph Lozito’s Story“But we need the police to protect us!!” cry some people. Yet time and time again, as Joseph Lozito found out, courts have ruled that police have no duty to protect you.


    In the United States, you can get a pizza delivered faster than you can get the police to come to your home! To serve but not protect!

    • Replies: @anon
  50. Extreme sports seems to be a SWPL thing, though.

    I rock climb (not really an adrenaline junkie thing) and very few Blacks seem to participate. I have the impression that this holds for activities like base jumping, sky diving etc

    On the other hand, when I worked in Norway it seemed like every other month some colleague was getting badly injured whilst doing something ill advised – eg wingsuit diving.

  51. anon • Disclaimer says:

    ‘In the United States, you can get a pizza delivered faster than you can get the police to come to your home’.

    But at least in the United States, you can legally get a gun and use it to defend yourself. Good luck with that here in Canada or the U.K.

  52. Dr. X says:

    That’s an assumption. Where are they?

    Clarence Thomas, for one. Although he was clearly an affirmative-action pick I think he turned out to be an utterly brilliant jurist who understands and accepts the Founders’ Constitution as thoroughly as anyone ever has. Arguably he is a better “originalist” than the late Scalia was.

    Thomas is the very model of Platonic reasoning, i.e., apprehending abstract “Forms” regardless of his own personal feelings or biases. But I think that if you appointed a thousand black justices to the Supreme Court, one would turn out like Thomas and the other 999 would be race-conscious political hacks like the Hispanic Sotomayor.

  53. I keyword searched the comments for “lead” and “bullet” and came up with six “lead” (all using the long “e” pronunciation, not the “eh” homophone I expected) and not one “bullet.”

    Frankly, I’m shocked.

    I thought it was self-evident that people animated by rage and addicted to adrenaline have but one destination, an intersection with a very fast moving piece of lead.

    Or several of them.

  54. This idea deserves attention. Anyone with experience of black unrest knows their volatility and such cannot be divorced from the whole issue of human nervous system responses. Blacks love to make noise and posture. When it gets out of hand, violence, often animistic savage violence ensues.

    I think simple adrenaline-fueled joy of action is part of this phenomenon. Another driver is also present though. The administrators and faculty being buffaloed by these black brats are linked with them in a way that profoundly undermines their authority. Every black affirmative action student knows that the institution they attend today is the way it is because the leadership of that institution overthrew a previous regime. So in a curious way they are now seek to follow their elders. The affirmative action commander in chief himself ran on “Change,” upper ales. Bernie Sanders, ex-academic, was a protestor and under-minor of the old order. He is just one of hundred of thousands of such empty shells occupying a system he will not defend. He won’t defend his own podium!

    Along with this goes the fact that from earliest childhood, blacks are lectured by the same sort of leftists that run the same academy they eventually attend, that all the institutions of society are based on old lies. So, what would we expect them to do? In their rather simple minds, rebelling against the system is what is expected.

    That said, the whole process of nervous stimulation in acting out cannot be denied. It clearly feeds on itself.

    • Replies: @anon
  55. njguy73 says:
    @Priss Factor

    I never heard of the terms Arcto, Ganz, or Jafro, but what you said about Christianity definitely makes sense.

  56. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    Great post. Undoubtedly some of it is just due to circumstances but there is also a genetic component.

    “Blacks love to make noise and posture.”

    Ever have a black “go off” on you? Sobering experience.

  57. It’s not a matter of blacks being adrenaline junkies. Rather they’re sociopaths or within the sociopathic spectrum.

    Brain scans show that people’s brains are wired differently including their pleasure centers. While the brains of typical people respond with empathy, remorse and fear to people being hurt, conversely the brains of sociopaths/psychopaths do not respond in this way, but instead their brains respond with excitement and pleasure. We are permanently biologically different.

    That’s why black and white/Asian mob behavior are so different. Black mob violence is not only much more common than white and Asian mob violence, but the nature of it is different. White and Asian mobs are usually self-healing. Individuals within the groups empathize and attempt to calm each other down. Black mob violence is encouraged by black participants who enjoy the chaos while laughing and cheering.

    Blacks are genetically predisposed to higher rates of psychopathy through MAOA-L and other inherited traits.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  58. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Full of racist vile aholes here.

    That said, I do question Black’s you-know-what, when they quite stupidly follow a faith taught to them by the deluded white man, which teaches them to worship other white men.

    And, they do! What?!!

    Hey blacks, are you fellas nuts?

  59. @Jack Burton

    ”We are permanently biologically different.”


    I have a rubbish-theory: the blacks are more electrical, literally, because of his curly hair. The curly hair requires greater effort in the fight against gravity. It would be interesting if we could find out whether the type of hair can relate to some kind of personality.

    Blacks have a constellation of physiological traits that require more work by the body, larger penis, curly hair, dark skin. In return the smartest race or community, in cognitive terms, is precisely the one that requires the most minimalist organic composition, northern east asians.

    Again, rubbish- old-times fun-theory.

  60. HBD Guy says:

    Great article!

    I don’t think blacks will be causing much trouble in the future.

    Blacks don’t stand a chance against this!

  61. AndrewR says:

    Daymond John of “Shark Tank” and FUBU fame strikes me as a brilliant man, certainly superior in intellect to well over 95% of whites. His success speaks for itself.

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