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Black Brains Shatter: the Intellectual and Ethical Bankruptcy of Black Lives Matter
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If you’re looking for a truly powerful pleasure-drug, then forget heroin, cocaine or crystal meth. They’re crude, fast-fading and unreliable. No, for a real rush that’s guaranteed not to fade or falter, you need what Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their allies are on — the three most powerful pleasure-drugs known to humanity.

History’s greatest drug-dealer

The three drugs are called narcissism, self-righteousness and malice. And not only are they completely legal and available in unlimited quantities at no cost to the addict, you can receive full instructions in their use from the most prestigious and respected institutions in the Western world. From the Ivy League to Oxbridge, from the New York Times to the Guardian, from the ADL to the BBC, expert drug-dealers are ready and eager to teach you everything you need to know about where to obtain your supplies and how to inject.

But the greatest drug-dealer of all lived and died in the nineteenth century. Fortunately, we still have his instruction-manuals and a host of his disciples have worked to interpret and explain them for each new generation. And who was that world-historic dealer in narcissism, self-righteousness and malice? It was Karl Marx (1818-83), of course. Marx himself never won the power he longed to wield and abuse, but the “toxicity” of his ideas (as Guardianistas would put it) was just as apparent to some of his contemporaries as it was to those who suffered under Marxist regimes during the twentieth century. The Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski (1927-2009) lived through Stalinism and his magisterial critique Main Currents of Marxism (1978) reported the prophetic words of the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin (1814—76):

Bakunin … not only combated Marx’s political programme but, as he often wrote, regarded Marx as a disloyal, revengeful man, obsessed with power and determined to impose his own despotic authority on the whole revolutionary movement. Marx, he said, had all the merits and defects of the Jewish character; he was highly intelligent and deeply read, but an inveterate doctrinaire and fantastically vain, an intriguer and morbidly envious of all who … cut a more important figure than himself in public life. (pg. 248) Bakunin … inveighed against universities as the abodes of elitism and seminaries of a privileged caste; he also warned that Marxist socialism would lead to a tyranny of intellectuals that would be worse than any yet known to man. (Main Currents of Marxism, Vol. I, The Founders, Clarendon Press, Oxford, pg. 250)

Yes, Karl Marx was indeed highly intelligent and fantastically vain, but his latter-day disciples in Black Lives Matter are only fantastically vain. High intelligence is not characteristic of Blacks and BLM are not bucking the trend. Their crusade is emotional, not intellectual. And it’s emotional in the most direct and satisfying way, being fuelled by those three mighty pleasure-drugs of narcissism, self-righteousness and malice. But I think Black brains would shatter if they were asked to properly address one simple question: Why are Whites the evil exploiters and Blacks the virtuous victims?

Omnia Ex Alea

On a progressive reading of history and human biology, there is only one possible answer: It was pure, unadulterated chance. Whites are evil exploiters and Blacks are virtuous victims simply because that’s the way the historic dice happened to roll. If the dice had rolled another way, it would have been the other way around. Blacks could just as easily have enslaved Whites, just as easily have set forth from the heartless headquarters of a cruel capitalist Africa to ravage the gentle, egalitarian societies of a peaceful pastoral Europe. After all, progressive dogma insists that “We Are All the Same Under the Skin” and that “There Is Only One Race — the Human Race.” But Blacks themselves haven’t created that dogma or imposed it so effectively on academia and the media. Blacks don’t have the necessary intelligence and ability to spin seductive webs of high-sounding words.

Progressive dogma: “There is Only One Race — the Human Race!”
Progressive dogma: “There is Only One Race — the Human Race!”

But Jews do. And it’s Jews who have been the most effective creators of and propagandists for the progressive dogma of absolute and unequivocal equality between all human groups. “There is only One Race — the Human Race.” Furthermore: “There is Only One Brain — the Human Brain.” The Jewish progressive Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002) preached those falsehoods throughout his career in award-winning best-sellers like The Mismeasure of Man (1981). And the Jewish progressive Jared Diamond (born 1937) continues to preach them. Diamond is perhaps the greatest living exponent of the idea that the superiority of White Europeans in warfare, technology and science is owed to mere biographical accident. You might say Diamond preaches the doctrine of Omnia Ex Alea — “all things from the dice.” In other words, all apparent White achievements are the product of undeserved luck. But Diamond’s underlying goyophobia, or hatred of White gentiles, is apparent even as he preaches this supposedly objective doctrine. Why did Europe conquer Africa and not vice versa? It was Omnia Ex Alea, ladies and gentlemen — the biogeographic dice just happened to roll in Europe’s favour:

All of Africa’s mammalian domesticates — cattle, sheep, goats, horses, even dogs — entered sub-Saharan Africa from the north, from Eurasia or North Africa. At first that seems astonishing, since we now think of Africa as the continent of big wild animals. In fact, none of those famous big wild mammal species of Africa proved domesticable [Gregory Cochran disagrees]. They were all unqualified by one or another problem such as: unsuitable social organization; intractable behaviour; slow growth-rate, and so on. Just think what the course of world history would have been like if Africa’s rhinos and hippos had lent themselves to domestication! If it had been possible, African cavalry mounted on rhinos or hippos would have made mincemeat of European cavalry mounted on horses. But it couldn’t happen. (Why Did Human History Unfold Differently on Different Continents for the Past 13,000 Years?)

Diamond obviously likes the idea of Blacks making “mincemeat” of White gentiles. You can see the same hostility to White gentiles in Diamond’s award-winning best-seller Guns, Germs and Steel (1997), when he imagines “bedraggled” Spaniards being “driven into the sea” by Aztec cavalry:

That’s an enormous set of differences between Eurasian and Native American societies — due largely to the Late Pleistocene extinction (extermination?) of most of North and South America’s former big wild mammal species. If it had not been for those extinctions, modern history might have taken a different course. When Cortes and his bedraggled adventurers landed on the Mexican coast in 1519, they might have been driven into the sea by thousands of Aztec cavalry mounted on domesticated native American horses. Instead of the Aztecs dying of smallpox, the Spaniards might have been wiped out by American germs transmitted by disease-resistant Aztecs. American civilizations resting on animal power might have been sending their own conquistadores to ravage Europe. But those hypothetical outcomes were foreclosed by mammal extinctions thousands of years earlier. (Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, 1997, ch. 18)

Jared Diamond isn’t conducting objective science and dispassionately analysing history, as Kevin MacDonald saw during “a talk by Diamond at a large packed lecture hall at Cal Tech in the early 2000s. When he gleefully fantasized about Africa conquering Europe, the crowd burst into applause.” Diamond’s fantasies appeal to the envy and malice of non-Whites and Jews, and to the misguided individualism of Whites, who enjoy punishing members of their own race for ethical transgressions (see the concept of “altruistic punishment”). As Diamond himself put it, Whites are tainted by the “stink of racism.” But if Diamond’s ideas are true, there is no stink and no true ethical transgression. It’s the impersonal forces of biogeography and chance that have governed history, not innate differences between human groups. We are all the same under the skin, but we don’t all occupy the same environment, which is the only reason that some groups have conquered or out-performed other groups.

Leftists pursue power, not truth

It follows, then, that Evil Exploiters and Virtuous Victims can occur in all possible permutations of colour and creed. But it also follows that exploiters aren’t “evil” and victims aren’t “virtuous.” Such terms don’t make sense in leftist ideology, because all groups — Whites and non-Whites, men and women, gays and straights — are capable of any kind of behaviour in the right (or wrong) historical circumstances. However, leftists don’t care when their ideas don’t make sense. Leftism isn’t designed to explain reality or to correct its alleged faults, but to win power for leftists and to meet their emotional needs. That’s why you’ll never see any hint from BLM and other high-priests of anti-racism that non-Whites can be “racist” too, or that non-Whites are capable of abusing the power that they are demanding so self-righteously.

Blacks as Foot Soldiers for What Is Essentially a Jewish Coup: Where Jews lead, Blacks follow: Saul Alinsky, Godfather of Political Chaos
Blacks as Foot Soldiers for What Is Essentially a Jewish Coup: Where Jews lead, Blacks follow: Saul Alinsky, Godfather of Political Chaos

After all, if the high-priests admitted all that, they couldn’t be self-righteous. And self-righteousness is central to the protests and riots organized by BLM. It’s both highly satisfying in itself and highly effective as a stimulus for action. BLM is powered by the idea that Blacks are innately virtuous and Whites are innately evil. That idea makes no sense by progressive ideology and the Omnia Ex Alea school of history, but ideas don’t have to make sense to inspire action and change history. And speaking of history, here is a highly eloquent indictment of its chief villains. Indeed, its only villains:

If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. … The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself. [italics in original] (See “Susan Sontag’s Jewish World,” Kevin MacDonald, The Occidental Observer, 17th October 2017)

That is the “highly intelligent” and “fantastically vain” Jewish ideologue Susan Sontag (1933–2004) supplying more ammunition for the unintelligent but still “fantastically vain” non-Whites of Black Lives Matter. I disagree with Sontag, of course. I don’t think the White race is the cancer of human history. If human history has a cancer, that cancer is Jewish ideology and the Jewish Culture of Critique that simultaneously — and self-refutingly — preaches the Absolute Equality of Humanity and the innate depravity of White gentiles.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Thomasina says:

    Very well written. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. neutral says:

    It is obvious that BLM is wholly a jewish led operation. Eventually however the blacks will turn on their masters, because no matter how stupid this movement is, even they will start to notice who really is in charge.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. Jake says:

    The important point is to grasp is that this is all about theology/religion: every bit of it. If you fail, or refuse, to see and accept that, then you always have the wrong answers. Because this is all about theology/religion, it can be ‘solved’ only by right theology/religion.

    By the time the Second Temple was fully up and running, the religion of Abraham, which was a religion to draw people out of and away from the perversions and horrors endemic to Semitic, had become a religion of racism. Jewish blood was God’s blood, and non-Jewish blood was impure and polluted everything. Jewish blood saved; non-Jewish blood condemned.

    That is the reason that Jesus declared that Pharisees were fathered by Satan: their religion/theology was Satanic in origin, and was a rejection of the faith of Father Abraham. Second Temple Jews had created the most evil non-human-sacrifice religion the world had ever seen. Luckily for the world, that anti-Abrahamic, and antiMosaic, religion was anything but evangelical. It could not convert much, if any, because it was all about blood and race.

    Islam is largely Rabbinic Judaism recast for fellow Semitic Arabs and made evangelical by sword and rape.

    When you understand those things, you know why the Jewish anti-Christ arguments always began with their faith that Jesus was fathered by a Roman: non-Jewish blood automatically condemns according to the perversion that is Rabbinic Judaism. Being not pure-Jew makes you wrong and damned anytime a Jew disagrees with you.

    You will never be able to deal effectively with the Jewish Problem unless you do so from the firm foundation of orthodox, historic Christian theology and the moral philosophy that inevitably flows from sound theology, which together create the intellectual basis for a society worth living in, and defending, that is also able to protect its people from both wings of Semitic perversion of religion: Jewish and Islamic.

    To see this as all about biology, all about blood and genes, is to be just like the Jew. And it blinds to the most important lesson: none of the worst of what see must face daily now could have gotten started, mush less become world-defining, without heresies embraced and promoted by whites.

    White heretics from orthodox, historic Christianity are REQUIRED for all of this to have come to pass. No matter how Jews sneak and lie and whine and forge and pilfer, if whites remain faithful to the things they should, Jews are extremely limited in the things they can do to harm whites. When whites begin down the path of heresy, they will always be met by Jews encouraging them and offering them great rewards – Satanic temptation, ala Jesus in the desert. Eventually such whites do the bidding of Jews, if only because Jews are their financiers.

    Whites in rebellion against Christ and Christendom got us here. We cannot get out of here without acting to rebuild Christendom – everything else is at best a one-armed dog paddle trying to stay afloat.

    And yes, we must see and accept that WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire, that back to at least archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell, WASP culture has been the only white culture indispensable to the rise of Jews against whites.

    Secular or Evangelical WASP culture invites and then demands that Jews be let loose against the vast majority of whites.

    It is either Christ and Christendom, or the Chaos of Judaizing heresy. There is no middle ground, no third way.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @The Soft Parade
  4. sonofman says:

    Racism is just a theoretical hypothesis that is believed because it is constantly propagandized, for example in articles like this.

    There is absolutely no evidence to support the generalization that character and behavior of individuals can be determined by anything other than the perspectives constituted by the national culture, and the physical and social environments.

    And since many, if not the majority of the BLM supporters are of European heritage, then it is obvious that intelligence has nothing to do with the lack of knowledge or the ability to learn and nurture analytical and critical thinking for the purpose of recognizing correlations and discerning fact from fiction.

    America is the only Nation based upon the unity of all individuals, the rights to all freedoms of God’s consent, and the morals, convictions and common sense that inspires people to be free.

    It is very sad that people have lost sight of this in their own country.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  5. Anonymous[277] • Disclaimer says:

    the author seems to have taken large doses of narcissism, self-righteousness and malice in order to write this article.

    cultural revolution China and the khmer rouge year one campaign could not be called a tyranny of intellectuals. so Bakunin was wrong in fact most anarchist are intellectuals and students larping as revolutionaries.

    Tobias Langdon is an ahistoric moron, quoting Bakunin because he scratches the antisemitic itch but ignoring the black lives matter anarchist heritage that can be traced to Bakunin. While ignoring that marxist leninist states have been the greatest threat to Zionism and refused to pay reparations for the holocaust unlike the West Germany and Switzerland.

    Marxism Leninism made some errors(suppressing genetics knowledge and ignoring computer development) but these mistakes are not being done by the People’s Republic of China, so we know where the future lies.

    • Replies: @Based Lad
  6. Based Lad says:

    The mistake that China has avoided is continuing to be ML. Deng and Richard Nixon made possible these billion insectoid lives through the power of global capitalism.

  7. Thomasina says:

    “There is absolutely no evidence to support the generalization that character and behavior of individuals can be determined by anything other than the perspectives constituted by the national culture, and the physical and social environments.”

    A Scottie dog and a pit bull can mate; they are both dogs. But there is a huge difference between the character and behavior of both. Put them in the same environment, then create a threat – watch what happens.

    I would think it would be much the same between Blacks and Whites.

    Blacks: fast twitch muscles for the hunt, fighting together to take down the prey, relying on numbers, not intelligence. Impulsive, aggressive, short-term bursts. Feast, celebration, then rest and relaxation before it begins again.

    You can argue that the hunt is cultural, and it looks like they haven’t lost it (instead of a buffalo, they’re now hunting Whites). But the aggressiveness, impulsivity, fast twitch muscles and lack of intelligence is all biology.

    Whites: well, do a little reading.

  8. BLM is just a different permutation of other Jewish projects like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Civil Rights movement as well as fronts like Nelson Mandela who were used by the South African Communist Party (SACP) which was dominated by Eastern European Jews like Yossel Mashel Slovo who was also known as ‘Joe’ Slovo.

    Diamond’s book is silly. You don’t even need scientific proof to distinguish groups who carry genes that produce skyscrapers from others whose proficiency is mud huts.

    Even Northeast Asians only caught up after adopting the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor (scientific management) and William Edwards Deming (quality). To date the Japanese have never matched high-end auto engineering products like the Bugatti Chiron, Pagani Huayra, Koenigsegg Jesko or McLaren 720S.

    Instead of so-called genocide, thanks to European technologies like antibiotics, vaccines, sewer networks (Joseph Bazalgette), pasteurization etc the globe’s population is over 7 billion and most these are in third world countries.

    Diamond’s real agenda, like most Jewish intellectuals, is to push collective guilt on European goyim. Meanwhile he is silent on the real ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by his people because he is a sly Zionist like Chomsky.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  9. I suppose it never occurred to you that African cultures did not develop complex technologies because none were needed: all the necessities of life were abundantly provided for by nature. While we voyage into the land of speculation, I can’t help but wonder why our ancestors left Africa in the first place, to travel so far into harsh lands where eking out survival was a much greater challenge. Was it because they were driven out of Africa by the stronger race? The migrants seem to have been so badly frightened that they never stopped running until they made it all the way to the freezing cold edges of the great ice sheets. Maybe some genetic memory of that ancient humiliation is why a visceral fear and irrational hatred of dark-skinned people still exists in some individuals.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  10. Thomasina says:

    “Was it because they were driven out of Africa by the stronger race?”

    Maybe. Or it could just be that they were from the small percentage of the population who are explorers, curious in nature (you know, like the great explorers or scientists are) and didn’t want to follow the herd.

    And in order to survive up in those cold climates, they had to get smart. And they did.

    “Maybe some genetic memory of that ancient humiliation is why a visceral fear and irrational hatred of dark-skinned people still exists in some individuals.”

    If you took away the impulsivity, aggression and antagonistic behavior, ordinary White people probably wouldn’t have to fear Black people (and not all Black people are like this). There are too many White people getting killed by Blacks. And maybe if Black people would stop to get ALL of the facts before burning/rioting/looting, that would also help.

    I don’t think Whites hate Blacks (or vice versa), not really. If there is hatred, that hatred is being directed towards Whites at the present time. Blacks are deliberately being riled up to hate Whitey right now because the Democrat elites don’t want the Blacks straying from the party. In the past the elites riled up the Whites to hate Blackie because they didn’t want their free plantation labor to dry up.

    But the cultures are different, no denying that. The Blacks were unfortunately (for all involved) taken out of Africa, not by ordinary Whites, but by the J’s (if what I’ve read is accurate). Once they were done with the Blacks, they sloughed them off onto the ordinary Whites and made them bear the burden of paying for Blacks through welfare, subsidized housing, EBT, etc. And to add insult to injury, now ordinary Whites are being made to feel guilt for something they never did and would never have done. As well, if you complain about affirmative action or unfair college/university admissions, you’re called a “White Supremacist”.

    Blacks don’t fit into White culture, just as Whites don’t fit into “J” culture. Everybody’s floundering, except for the latter who is dictating the play.

    Don’t know where it’s going to end, but if it keeps up, somebody is going to get humiliated.

  11. Juckett says:

    BLM cult members should skip to the end of the script and see what the Chosenites have in store for them when they are no longer needed. Not so good…..

  12. Richard B says:

    It is obvious that BLM is wholly a jewish led operation.

    Yes. It is to the 21st century what The NAACP was to the 20th.

    Same founders and backers. Jewish.

    Jewish Supremacy Inc. = The Dark Triad + The Slave Revolt In Morality

    The Dark Triad of Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Psychopathology

    The Slave Revolt In Morality is simply the zenith of ignobility.

    From this perspective the accusations of antisemitism and racism are smears coming from people who would rather kill than face themselves and admit that they’re wrong.

    People who need to feel good about themselves while hating others really hate themselves.

    It’s exactly because hating themselves is so painful that they created the idea of the Scapegoat in the first place.

    But, of course, the one important part of this that makes their malice possible is the almost unbelievable gullibility in many Whites.

    For myself, I’ve never needed their approval.

    As Mick Jagger said, in 1974, “I’m glad I’m White.”

    Their resentment is just that, theirs.

    It’s never succeeded in making me feel bad about who I am.

    In fact, their resentment is like them taking poison and waiting for me to die.

    We’re all going to die. But to die like that, and for them? Are you serious?


    Why do that when I can live an eventful and reasonably happy life feeling good about myself?

    And what is the source of that happiness and sense of well-being?

    It’s in knowing that life is dynamic, not static. And we’re imperfect, not perfect.

    And so, the only reasonable response to that is to dedicate my life to a learning, change and growth.

    Which is what European man and his geographical extensions are all about.

    And why Blacks and Jews want to live in the places European man creates (and Blacks and Jews destroy).

    And that requires being able to expose my ideas to a process of continuous feedback and correction.

    And these are the last things Blacks and Jews are interested in.

    That’s why they hate us.

    For the very reasons we love ourselves. Well, at least some of us anyway.

    And we have every reason to.

  13. Richard B says:

    Very well written.

    I can’t remember ever reading anything from Tobias Langdon that wasn’t.

    Same goes for Andrew Joyce, KM, and others over at TOO.

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t often find myself in disagreement.

    Overall, their analysis of Jewish Supremacy Inc. is unmatched.

    But they come up short, very short, in their understanding of European Romanticism and American Pragmatism.

    I think the reason can be located in their inability to free themselves from their dependency on Enlightenment assumptions.

    The Enlightenment can be reduced to one principle:

    The adaptation of the organism to the environment is the basis of all intellectual and moral decisions.

    The basic aim is to make each and every intellectual decision a moral one and each moral decision an intellectual one.

    The Right and Left both assume that their moral decisions can be grounded upon the real structure of nature, or God, or the world, etc. ie; something located outside of us, the here and now.

    And this implies a belief-system that claims the structure of the mind is identical with the structure of the world.

    If you want to locate a source of addiction, there it is.

    And the worst addiction in the world.

    The addiction to words in the form of beliefs asserted to be ultimate truths.

    According to the Left, because of our ignorance and stupidity and corresponding religious and political tyranny, the structure of society is out of line.

    Ever since the late 18th century, the revolutionary effort has been to correct that fault and line up man, nature, and society into one unitary system.

    It can’t be done.

    At the same time, the conservative Enlightenment, with its greatest cultural hero being Edmund Burke, felt that man, nature, and society had already developed.

    This was also a judgment made in error.

    In any event, Burke and others felt that any revolutionary effort was going to damage if not destroy what conservatives mistakenly thought was already in place (a belief many still hold to, in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary).

    So, conservatives believe that Reform not Revolution is the answer to our social and economic problems.

    The key point being:

    From the same Enlightenment metaphysic, and with the same values of adaptational effort, two diametrically opposed positions emerged.

    Both justifying the destruction of the other.

    The obvious solution is to see them as two sides of the same belief-system and to transcend that.

    But have you ever tried to talk to either one about an alternative to both?

    You’re either ignored, attacked, or misrepresented – by both!

    This is the addiction we need to recovery from.

    And, unlike the insane effort to align man, nature and society, it can be done.

    That’s why we shouldn’t simply talk about

    the Intellectual and Ethical Bankruptcy of Black Lives Matter

    We should talk about the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the entire Enlightenment explanatory system, which includes the Right and the Left.

    Instead of revolution or reform we should talk about cultural transcendence.

    And now we’re back to European Romanticism and American Pragmatism.

    Because that is the common bond between both.

    It should be ours.

  14. @Jake

    To see this as all about biology, all about blood and genes, is to be just like the Jew. And it blinds to the most important lesson: none of the worst of what see must face daily now could have gotten started, mush less become world-defining, without heresies embraced and promoted by whites.

    Mr. Farrakhan AKA “Jake”, why can’t you simply preach color of skin over the content of one’s character. Spit it out. It’s apparent how the problems experienced by all other races would immediately disappear if the world was entirely black. More, the suit and tie thing is white heresy pure and simple …

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