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Billy Graham and the End of the Dream of American Unity
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The Reverend Billy Graham passed away a month ago, on February 21, and like many Americans I watched much of the televised funeral ceremonies when they were held for him in Charlotte. Although I come from a different branch of Christianity where Gregorian chant and a millennia-old liturgy form the major mode of religious communication and the expression of prayer, I was impressed by the transparency and simplicity of the Graham service. Here, truly, was a man of God, motivated by the sincere desire to see the Message of the Gospel spread to every corner of the world.

But there seemed to be a deeper symbolism manifested in the funeral service for this towering historical and religious figure. For seventy years Billy Graham represented in all the best ways a certain unity of Americans and of America. Although assuredly a conservative in his Evangelical theology, and, therefore, arguably a conservative when it came to eventual and inevitable political implications and manifestations that his beliefs would have, he maintained throughout his life a strict (or as strict as possible) non-partisanship that stretched across the American political spectrum, just as it did across the racial spectrum. Thus, he counseled both Republican and Democrat presidents, from Richard Nixon to Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush to Bill Clinton.

And his evangelism was not sectarian. Although nominally a Southern Baptist, Graham never pushed one denomination over another; his emphasis was strictly to reach unbelievers or those weak in belief, and to encourage them, give them support for their own acceptance of the grace of Our Savior.

On that first Friday in March, then, there in Charlotte both the powerful and the less powerful gathered to honor a man who symbolized what America and most Americans once aspired to. And in that sense, his passing is extremely significant.

For just as the Reverend Billy Graham epitomized an historic American unity, a unity that enabled Americans to speak more or less the same language and posit common goals, even if they disagreed on how to define those goals or how to present specific issues, his passing symbolizes the final, bitter end of that unity.

That crashing, noisy decline and fractious dissolution of American unity had been in the making for years, for decades. It was clearly evident for those who were perceptive observers back in the 1960s; but it pre-dates that turbulent decade. Indeed, its roots go much further back in our history. Premonitions and hints of its consequences on different levels may be traced to the violent end of the older American constitutionalism on the battlefield with the defeat of the Southern Confederacy in 1865—and to the triumph of the various “suffrage movements” and Progressivist reform initiatives—and to the advent of the globalist “managerial state” (to use the terminology of writers James Burnham and Sam Francis)—and to the historic triumph of cultural Marxism (and worse) in our schools and colleges and in our entertainment industry—and finally, to the very perversion of the language and forms of communication we employ to express our thinking and exchange ideas with fellow citizens.

Since the end of World War II and more particularly since the 1960s an emerging “counter-reality” has increasingly asserted its position of dominance in our culture. That counter-reality is a “rough beast” (to use Irish poet William Butler Yeats’ chiliastic language), an incubus born in the fevered philosophy of early 20th century Marxist theoreticians like Antonio Gramsci, whose designs involved a “long march” through Western Christian institutions, that is, through Western culture. Understanding the failure of “war Communism” to defeat the Christian West immediately after the conclusion of World War I, Gramsci and his epigones postulated a program of multilevel, gradual subversion over decades.

As Robert Royal has described this process:

They didn’t just seek to sway leaders, in Church or state. Those gains could easily disappear if different leaders came to power. No, said Gramsci, their genius was to create una cultura capillare, a fine network of institutions and opinion that, like the capillaries in our bodies, reach every nook and cranny. Wonder why religious liberty or marriage hangs by a single vote in the Supreme Court? The counterculture has burrowed away in education, law schools, media, and culture. [“1968 at 50,” The Catholic Thing, February 12, 2018, ]

And in this project they have been singularly successful. They have, indeed, created a kind of “counter-reality,” replete with its own standards of what is “good” and what is “evil.” From its incredibly significant pupils among the Frankfort School intellectuals (leftist Jewish academics who left Germany and took refuge in New York in the 1930s), what we term cultural Marxism soon exercised critical influence and eventual control in how the “establishment” viewed major issues of race and gender. Through what is termed Critical Race Theory, it imposed a new and dogmatic template on studies of race and racial relations, positing the existence of historic “white racist oppression” (which must be defeated and destroyed, and also compensated for) and the imposition of a rigid and increasingly severe political correctness.

In the newly-established realm of “gender studies,” it openly denied and attempted to proscribe the historic and natural roles of men and women, replacing them with a so-called “sexual equality,” which in fact entails the destruction of historic masculinity and the politicization of sexual functionality.

In this revolutionary Progressivist project, the cultural Marxists have over the years moved to secure the major guard posts of and in our culture—in the media, in academia, in Hollywood, and in the political and managerial government establishment. The supposed election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 would have cemented their de facto control and extended its domination—a kind of mopping up operation—for eight additional years, time to facilitate a complete change-out of the American judiciary and strengthen their stranglehold on nearly every segment of American society.

In this they had the good fortune to be opposed by a thoroughly nugatory “opposition,” a Republican Party and self-satisfied “conservative movement,” that actually did more to enable and canonize Leftist advances and gains than thwart them. There are endless examples of this “conservative” collaborationism; one only need examine the feckless collapse of establishment “conservatism” in the face of the same sex lobby, and the “defense of same sex marriage” as “conservative” by the likes of Jonah Goldberg and George Will, who despite their views continue to enjoy the reputation as respected conservatives among the movement’s elite. Indeed, on the death of Graham the supercilious Will, an intransigent Never Trumper defender of the Establishment “Swamp,” authored a snarky and condescending column on the evangelist, calling him “vain” and “naïve,” even “anti-semitic.” His column appeared in the equally condescending National Review. [“Billy Graham: Neither Prophet nor Theologian,” February 21, 2018,] What, if anything, distinguishes Will’s ravings from those of his buddies on the Far Left?

The totally unexpected election of Donald Trump in November 2016 upset the apple cart—the time table—of the Deep State managers and their cultural Marxist circulatory system that feeds the Progressivist revolution. Indeed, the one now clearly palpable error of the historic cultural Marxist long-march has been that in their calculated invasion and subversion of our society’s major cultural and political institutions, they had, in many respects, left behind and neglected millions of “normal” citizens, the “deplorables” (those Obama called “bitter clingers”).

The strategic theory was that by capturing the major institutions, in particular academia and entertainment, and by dominating and utilizing the Mainstream Media, the Progressivist revolution could easily survive a few minor electoral defeats at the hands of milquetoast, “flee-to-the-tall-grass” spineless Republicans and collaborationist “conservatives,” who, after all, would not actually challenge the template or attempt to alter the Progressivist narrative. And that eventually, with the powerful means of communication secure in the hands of the Left working full time to spread their ideological poison—and with the very language we all use to communicate radically altered and shaped to reflect that narrative—those reactionary citizens would, eventually, follow along (or at least their brainwashed children would).

Well beyond just the practical and political effects of the election of Donald Trump in policy and politics, November 2016 brought out into the open the demonic face of the Deep State and cultural Marxism. Once content to quietly continue their seemingly unstoppable and multifaceted advance, with no real effective opposition to their designs, the 2016 election tore away the mask, forced the minions of globalism and the New World Order to emerge from their dark and secure offices in Manhattan, in Hollywood, and along the Potomac—and from their safe sinecures in America’s most prestigious universities—to mount a frenzied and at times hysterical counter-attack to recover their momentum and repair the breach that appeared to threaten their power and authority.

Thus, the fake “Russians Did It!” investigation—thus what can only be termed a real and unquenchable madness, a lunacy on the part of the partisans of the Deep State which is fatal to the American republic, itself.

The passing of Billy Graham as symbol of an older America—and arguably a much better America—is, then, in a very sobering and agonizing way, the symbol of an irrevocably divided America. It is a broken America in which a once more or less somnolent and trusting citizenry, that is, Sam Francis’ Middle American Radicals—the Deplorables—mostly living in the South and in the great areas of the country between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts (“fly-over” country), have begun to awaken and have begun to comprehend, if only obliquely, what has been happening.

And the Deep State and its cultural Marxist commissars in our schools and universities, among the Hollywood and entertainment elites, and populating and dominating our politics in both political parties, will not relent in their attacks until the true opposition to their schemes is either forced back into the genie’s lamp, or they (or we) are slaughtered on the bloody battlefield.

The symbol of Billy Graham, the ability of Americans of all stripes to talk with one another—indeed, to get along with and pray with one another—was a noble dream. But as reality, it has been under attack almost since the country’s inception. The moving and quiet tribute to Graham was, in fact, a tribute and final interment of that dream which now appears an impossibility.

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  1. Isn’t Yeates’ ‘second coming’ a reference to a new infusion of primal spiritual and civilizational energy like that which sparked the declining Christian order? The symbol of the rebirth is the ‘rough beast’.

    Also, note well: Gramsci is the only current of leftist thought that could be reasonably described as ‘cultural marxism.’ The application of the term to the Frankfurt School is a shibboleth of ‘one dimensional’ (the big brain nibbas will get this reference) conservatardism. WhyItAllWentWrong.rar

    • Replies: @Allenbard Woodison
  2. The rough beast is not Christian in spirit, but that of antichrist.

  3. Thus, the fake “Russians Did It!” investigation—thus what can only be termed a real and unquenchable madness, a lunacy on the part of the partisans of the Deep State which is fatal to the American republic, itself.

    I agree that the idea that Russia interfered with the election seems remote, and if it was really true, surely someone would have found the smoking gun by now. And if Trump got money for his businesses from Russia, that may be a bad thing, but probably did not effect how people voted.

    However, no one is talking about BRITISH interference in the election. As far as I can see it was clearly illegal for Cambridge Analytica and British propaganda researchers to be involved in the US election campaign, especially if it is true that they made up slogans like “Crooked Hillary” and “Drain the Swamp”.

    When we voted for Trump, we knew that just about the only thing he was good at was making up catchy slogans, and now it looks like they might be BRITISH slogans.

    Also, as I often point out, Obama clearly tried to interfere in the British Brexit referendum and resentment of his interference may even have pushed the Brexit majority over the top.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Alden
  4. The Scalpel says: • Website

    Billy Graham never met a war he would not bless, or a President whose ass he would not kiss. “Blessed are the peacemakers….” Graham was definitely not one of them. He certainly did not follow the example of Jesus Christ, nor did he try. He was an effective, accomplished, self promoting, tent-revival, charlatan.

  5. @Lemurmaniac

    The “rough beast” is not a symbol of rebirth, as you must know. More likely it refers to people such as yourself. Also, the Frankfurt School narcissists, with their ridiculous grafting of Freud onto Marx, were nothing if not “Cultural Marxists.” They certainly were not Marxists in a pure political sense. They were already embarrassed by Marxist dogma in the 30’s. They knew it would never sell, especially in the U.S.A. Maybe Albania.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  6. anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:

    Here, truly, was a man of God,

    No, what he was is a racist warmonger, whose reach allowed him to directly affect mass murder by the most potent evil on earth… America.

    If that in itself was not enough to condemn him to an eternity in Hell, he was a pagan polytheist metaphorical cannibal too.

    Now that his cursed cancerous soul has left this earth, his fiery unimaginable torment is finally sealed. No less of a fate awaits the likes of Boyd D. Cathey too.

    All praise is due only to God(swt).

    • Replies: @Moi
    , @Alden
    , @NoseytheDuke
  7. So the end of the dream means it’s broken?


  8. @Allenbard Woodison

    Excellent. So they, the Frankfurters, weren’t really Marxists in any “pure” political sense, indeed Marxism “embarrassed them. But Marxism is not a cultural theory, it is primarily an economic/political/ philosophical theory. Culture per se, is a tertiary issue (is the superstructure).
    Yet, on this basis their views on culture become “Marxist”.
    “Cultural Marxism” = a sexier, slicker, scarier, term for common “progressivism”.

  9. What a very naive, if not silly article. The author is
    politically ignorant to an embarrassing degree.
    Indeed, politics, power, the economy are largely absent from this work. As if culture is somehow unrelated to these fundamentals.
    No, the rise of cultural Marxism ™ is ultimately a conspiracy of various academics, msm & Hollywood. No roots in the real world of money, power etc.
    Republicans have been “collaboraters”. Not, with their Den’ mates, enablers of PC.

    Immigrants (ie cheap labor) distraction (whatever, don’t allow people to think about the economy…no, much better have them frothing at the mouth over abortion, same sex toilets, wealthy transexuals…you know, important stuff) have been political motivators for Elites. (Most Elites know little & care less about what passes for contemporary culture)
    And let’s not mention the internet: the single greatest (technical) facilitator of “disunity”.
    I also like his blunt insinuation that a decline in religious belief is largely a CM™ phenomena. He really should take his “disunity” back to the Enlightenment… maybe to the Renaissance/reformation.

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. Moi says:
    @The Scalpel

    Okay, so you’re saying Billy with his expensive suits/shoes, hobnobbing with the rich and powerful was a uniter? Yes, very Christ-like, NOT! And he did a great job with sonny Franklin. A thoroughly odious man and an Muslim hater.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
    , @foolisholdman
  11. Moi says:

    All true! Loathsome man, that Billy. All hamd is due to God! And PBUH, the perfect servant!

  12. Alden says:

    What weirdo religion do you belong to?

    Graham was a main stream ordinary harmless ecumenical Protestant. He was a great preacher, showman and self promoter

    So what? So were Jesus, Peter, Paul, Mark, James, Thomas and other early Christians. Popes are showmen. The Vatican is a glorious art gallery and museum, basically a popular atttaction, a show.

    Luther, Calvin, Knox, Wesley were all great preachers, showmen and self promoters.

    Graham didn’t set off a 200 year religious war like Luther Calvin and Knox did. His preaching and shows did no harm. He was a standard type of religious preacher. He made millions happy after they heard him.

    At least he wasn’t a Christian Zionist like Hager and hundreds of others or a racist activist like Sharpton Jackson and many black preachers. A major agitator of the Rodney King riots was a black Protestant preacher named Cecil Murray. One of the most important sites where the riot was planned was his AME church.

    Graham did no harm and millions loved him and his preaching. I have no interest in his kind of speeches but millions loved his preaching.

  13. One of my USA hosts said to me ‘can I ask you a personal question ?’, I said yes.
    The question was ‘do you go to church ?’.
    I answered no, I’m an atheist/agnost, but I then asked ‘why it a personal question ?’.
    The answer ‘most people would be offended, they would say “w’re good people, of course we go to church”‘.
    The implication of course was that I did not belong to the good people, yet, I felt not offended.
    My experience in the Netherlands was and is that more good people do not go to church than the other way round.
    I wonder if this is the Anglican church custom, taken over from the catholic church, of confessing.
    Bad people miraculously become good after having confessed.
    I never had the idea, there of course are exceptions, that any religion did much good in society.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @Alden
  14. @Jonathan Mason

    What is illegal about importing foreign intellectual property ?
    About using Facebook data, what idiot thinks that Zuckerberg became a billionaire through breathing air ?
    Any time I visit a website here in Europe I must consent to cookies, EU regulation, of course I say yes, otherwise no access.
    My browser is instructed to delete as much as possible when I close it, but if it does ?
    I of course cannot influence the servers that register what I do.
    It does not much bother me, my murder and robber planning goes by ordinary mail, or verbal in meetings, on top of that we have our own secret language, not used too often, otherwise our criminal gang becomes too obvious.
    Internet searches on how to construct bombs, McDonald wifi.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  15. @The Scalpel

    Mr. Graham was religious oligarch, highly respected on Wall st., MIC and deluded masses who made that possible.

  16. Alden says:

    A ridiculous article. The death of Billy Graham has nothing to do with the self destruction of America.

    Granted he was a great preacher and one of the first Baptists that didn’t claim Catholicism was the spawn of Satan. But no one who preached that would have become a famous media figure in the 20th century.

    Millions of Protestants loved him and went to his sermons and revivals. Catholics and Jews pretty much ignored him.

    But Graham didn’t bring the nation together. He brought normal law abiding Protestants together. That’s nice.

    Graham’s mid to late 20 th century era was the time when America split into numerous separatist grievance groups. New separatist grievance groups invent themselves every year.

    As Graham was visiting presidents with intense media coverage arranged by his PR people, AIPAC bought every senator and congress critter and most of the state commerce treasury justice and defense departments.

    Other Jews concentrated on internal affairs and seized control of the judiciary, law schools and the legal profession. Jews also seized control of the media, the colleges and K -12 education

    Having seized control of the national government so as to support Israel Jews turned their attention to state and local govetnment. I believe Jews want a holocaust museum in every neighborhood just as we have libraries in every neighborhood.

    Again, this article is stupid dumb factually false and just plain ridiculous. If Cathey wants to write an article about the splitting of America into ever increasing hostile factions since the end of WW2 go ahead

    But claiming Billy Graham delayed the splitting into factions is stupid, stupid, stupid.

  17. @anonymous

    Thank you for that Counterpunch article link.

  18. Joe Wong says:
    @The Scalpel

    The article gives the impression that Billy Graham was an authoritarian if not fascist. He did not approve equality or different ideals, and he was a very very old school God fearing conservative federal theocracy Christian who insisted the world should be a rigid stratification society that white male at the top, a WASP master dream and a classic USA.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  19. America can be unified again. It just requires sending lots of people back to their rightful homelands, which could be done by pointing out that most legal and illegal immigration since 1965 was dishonest, undemocratic, and driven by an unstated agenda that has been extremely destructive for most Americans. Put the military, national guard, bureaucracy, police forces, Homeland Security, and ICE to good use for a chsnge, and don’t ask for the opinion of anyone who doesn’t have pre-1965 roots on the issue. I think you’ll start to see unity then.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  20. midtown says:

    Good article. Thank you.

  21. Billy Graham and the ideology of ‘born-again’ Christianity go hand in hand. Perhaps the whole ‘American Dream’ cannot be imagined without Billy Graham’s unremitting stress on the need to ‘be born again’. The idea of ‘born again’ is taken out of the nightly talk between Jesus and Nicodemus during the feast of Pesach (John 3: 3): ἀμὴν ἀμὴν λέγω σοι, ἐὰν μή τις γεννηθῇ ἄνωθεν, οὐ δύναται ἰδεῖν τὴν βασιλείαν τοῦ θεοῦ. The Greek verb γεννάω means: to beget. This points towards the male activity, but in this context of Nicodemus: the activity of the Holy Spirit. So Nicodemus is questioning rabbi Jesus on his own being begotten by the Spirit. γεννηθῇ ἄνωθεν means: ‘begotten from above’. Nicodemus is having big trouble how to understand that. Well, in my opinion that’s not exactly the same context that was devised by Billy Graham, who understood γεννηθῇ ἄνωθεν as ‘born again’ as the thing that ‘born again’ Christians have to experience. I guess the dark clouds that are gathering over the American Dream originate from Billy Graham’s wayward Bible interpretation.

  22. anarchyst says:

    As far as I am concerned, Billy Graham was no “reverend”. His message was somewhat innocuous and more palatable than the likes of Martin Luther (Michael) King and Jesse Jackson, but he never suffered for want or need all of his life. His son is now “in the game” following in his father’s footsteps. From the finely manicured and prepared figure to the thousand dollar suits, I regard him as little better than the televangelists who sell “blessings” on late-night television.

  23. As the guy from Hoboken put it, then he went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid: the fake “Russians Did It!” investigation. This isn’t a tribute to Billy Graham. The author is hijacking Billy Graham’s memory to peddle pro-Putin propaganda. Isn’t the sheer tastelessness of that precisely the kind of cultural degeneracy the author claims to be criticizing?

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @The Scalpel
  24. @jilles dykstra

    The church itself is a huge turn-off, and is doing as much to destroy Christianity as anything else, and that includes modern Baptists who would follow Graham.

    The local Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, etc. (and they are typical of Protestants elsewhere) are more concerned with supporting Israel, doing trips to the third-world to “help” the locals, bringing in as many non-assimilable foreigners as possible to replace their disgusted flock, and play politics, rather than be a force for peace and American interests, help impoverished people locally, or support their traditions and community in a a non-political way.

    Local Christians would rather make yearly trips to Haiti where they build huts for Haitians than put a roof on a poor neighbor’s home. They’d rather give money and political support for Israel and “holocaust victims” than help or support poor locals, and they tend to do “relief work” in ghettoes elsewhere rather than help the poor in front of them. It’s all about show and making themselves feel good and trendy. There’s nothing decent and practical about it. On a personal level it’s all about drama and finance. The Catholics are no better.

    Several local Lutherans have gone to China and Latin America to adopt children, instead of adopting poor children in America, when they have multiple children of their own. Christianity has always had flaws, but it is sick and degenerate now. What would Jesus think?

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @jilles dykstra
  25. Joe Hide says:

    Pretty good article.
    The cockroaches hate it when we turn on the lights.
    Bottom feeders don’t do so well when the scum is removed from on top and the Light hits them.
    Draining a swamp causes parasitic predators to starve out and be replaced by valuable, productive, and beneficial people who cooperate for the lasting good of humanity.

  26. bjondo says:

    The elder Graham was an early and avid backer of Israel. A tour of the country in 1960 raised the country’s profile among American evangelicals, establishing the seeds of strong pro-Israel support that persist in that community until now. In 1967, he urged Israeli leaders not to yield to diplomatic pressures that could endanger the country’s security; such entreaties, commonplace now on the American right, were unusual at the time. He made a film, “His Land,” about Israel that continues to be screened among pro-Israel evangelicals.

    This alone has sent Graham down to be with Dead-in-Hell Falwell.

  27. DB Cooper says:

    So true. But then its hard to get a real job when you can make a good living just by bullshitting.

  28. Anonymous [AKA "Saladdin"] says:
    @The Scalpel

    From his own lips, Graham believed that there was life on other planets, and that such alien life had not fallen away from God and was therefore sinless, which places them as equals to the biblical Messiah.

    Lucifer called one of his own home last month.

  29. anarchyst says:

    The “beginning of the end” of traditional Catholicism was sealed with the infiltration of the Catholic Church “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” of the 1960s by Jews and Protestants who were involved in the “modernization” of the Catholic Church.
    Much Catholic ritual was discarded, as well as the promotion of the absolution of the Jews for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death, despite vitriolic Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity which exists to this day. The fact is, the Jews DID get the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ and DID accept full responsibility for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. As is the case today, they got others (Pontius Pilate) do do their “dirty work” for them…
    Abandoning the use of Latin in the Mass destroyed its “universality”. Previous to Vatican II, one could attend Mass anywhere in the Roman Catholic world and understand the meaning of the Mass.
    Prohibition of the celebration of the Tridentine Mass (except by special ecclesiastical permission) pushed many Catholics away from the new “Modern Mass” and the New Church, in general…It took a brave Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X to “push back” against Vatican II and re-legitimize the celebration of the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other Catholic rites.
    In pre-Vatican II times, the priest (celebrant of the Mass) was considered to be a part of the congregation, and a representative of the people.
    By turning the priest around to face the congregation, the priest was no longer a representative, but an “actor”, diminishing his status and importance.
    One area where the Catholic Church could improve itself involves celibacy, which is NOT Church “dogma” or doctrine. Celibacy was put in place during the middle ages in order to keep Church property from being inherited by family and relatives of priests and bishops. Celibacy was based on purely financial considerations–nothing more. It is interesting to note that Episcopal (Anglican) priests who convert to Catholicism can bring their families with them to the Church while Roman Catholic priests are denied marriage.
    It was a grave mistake by the Church to de-legitimize pre-Vatican II principles.
    However, there is hope. Catholic churches affiliated with SSPX (Society of St. Pius X) are still “old-line” and do not subscribe to post-Vatican II changes.

  30. @OilcanFloyd

    It is asserted that the biggest mistake of christianity was to include the Torah into the bible.
    This give jews a special place until now.
    Forgotten is that christianity began as a competing religion with judaism, so, at the time the bible was compiled, first century CE, it was a propagandistic necessity.
    What Jezus would think, no idea, there is no proof that he ever existed.
    On top of that, old hebrew cannot be translated, there just are interpretations.
    An atheistic rabbi teaching in Paris is preparing to write a book, on the left side of two pages one sentence from the bible, on the right side the possible interpretations.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @OilcanFloyd
  31. Joe Wong says:

    North America (USA and Canada) does not belong to the colored aliens (white, black, blown or yellow) squatting there, it belongs to the the First Nations of the North America. North America was stolen by those colored aliens thru murders, cheating, Kangaroo courts, genocides, and other kinds of crimes against humanity and insideous acts. The colored aliens are murderers, thrives and swindlers who are polluting the North America morally and environmentally. Those colored aliens need to be kicked out of the North America.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @OilcanFloyd
  32. Alden says:

    My thoughts exactly article is nonsensical.

  33. Alden says:
    @jilles dykstra

    You may claim to be an atheist agnostic non religious person, but your 500 year old Protestant reformation prejudice against the Catholic Church is obvious.

    Anyone whose read you occasional anti catholic comments over the years can’t help but notice your pro Puritan anti catholic bias.

    Never mind, the Vatican museums, churches, library, abservatory and vast collections of the last 5,000 year history of the White European people’s will still be there when every church in the Netherlands is turned into a mosque and Dutch museums, libraries and art galleries have been destroyed by muslims.

    Interesting that the historically Protestant now atheist secularist countries of Europe are the most submissive to Islam.

  34. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Do you or anyone else know exactly what actual law or obscure government regulation was violated by the Trump campaign, Russians, Mexicans, British, Israelis, or anyone else during the election?

    It seems to me that the liberals have found a culprit and are madly searching for some obscure regulation the culprit might have violated in some way.

    It’s very totalitarian. First find a criminal. Then either find or create the crime.

    I don’t watch TV news. But I understand they have been hooting ‘n’ hollering that First Trump and now many of his associates violated some election laws or obscure regulation.

    It’s been 18 months since the 2016 election. The liberals have been screeching about violations of election law and regulations.

    But in all these months and endles investigations by the pro hildabeast pro extreme Democrat bias of the justice department the investigation has not come up with the most minor violation of any election law or regulation.

    For a while the Jews I know were screeching about Trump’s “ obstruction of justice”. But when I pointed out that there has to be some law or regulation violation aka crime discovered before the investigation begins and the justice process can be obstructed they couldn’t identify any violation of any laws or regulations.

    And neither can the anti Trump anti White media and justice department discover any violation of even the most obscure election tegulation.

    Another thing all these great intellectuals of the Jewish media don’t know is that there is a big difference between criminal statutes and government agency regulations.

    Historically, election fraud was always done by Democrats in the big cities, not republicans.

    I’d like to see an investigation of just how many non citizens and illegal aliens voted in the last election.

    American law has just 3 requirements to vote. Be a citizen, at least 18 and vote in the electoral precinct in which you live. If you move, you can vote in your former precinct by mail if necessary.

    I suspect millions of non citizens voted in the big democrat cities. That is a violation of both federal state and county law, not agency regulations

    And it’s a crime for both the person who voted illegally and the person who facilitated the vote fraud.

    Next time some liberal starts carrying on about how Trump and the Russians or Martians or whatever committed election crime just ask them to specify exactly what crime or violation was committed.

    They won’t be able to and in 18 months neither has the jew media and the anti Trump justice department. Even the representative of Satan on earth, George Soros minions haven’t managed to find any violation.

    I’ve noticed that the Jew media and the idiots who believe it don’t even know there is a big difference between criminal law, civil law and government agency regulation.

    For a tribe that is way over represented in the legal profrssion, that is astounding.

  35. j2 says:
    @jilles dykstra

    You must know it is not as you write. There are quite good reasons to say that Jesus existed (like Josephus’ reference to Jacob, brother of Jesus) and what he said is what a messiah of Essenes would say, it follows from old prophesies and Essene teachings, which the messiah is expected to modify. As for this claim of yours that we could not know how to translate Tanakh, it is not so concerning Jesus’ time since there was Septuaginta, used by early Hellenistic followers of Jesus, who later were called Christians. The Gnostic view that Jewish scriptures should not be included was always problematic (and discarded by the Church), since the mission of Jesus was to fill these scriptures, but Paul reserved the place of the New Israel to Christians, which is the position of the Catholic Church, and also of oldest Protestant Churches. Christian Zionism came much later in England and the USA. Originally Jews has a special position in Christianity, but not the one they now have in the USA.

    About Graham, at least he had a discussion with Nixon about an essential question, though later he denied having said so. Not so good man, not so bad man, normal. And yes, a bit naive article to my cynical taste.

  36. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    America was a far, far better place when it was ruled by White male WASPS.

    At least we didn’t have Chinese immigrants running slave labor factories worked by Chinese coolies smuggled over locked in shipping containers and then living in Locked up in the factories, restaurants and food processing operations.

    We didn’t have 25 Chinese living in a 1,00 sq ft house in San Francisco. We didn’t have illegal immigrant Chinese running filthy illegal chicken slaughter houses in the garage under the tiny house they live in.

    I’ve seen numerous open garage doors in the sunset and Richmond areas of San Francisco. I’ve seen the scrawny, skeletal malnourished illegal alien coolies in T shirts, shorts and flip flops crouched on the filthy floor of those garages killing gutting and plucking the chickens. Those garages are filled with live chickens stuffed in crates.

    30 pounds underweight and T shirts and flimsy shorts in the 55 F degree fog belt. Isn’t it wonderful how Chinese restaurant owners treat the help? The restaurant cookies obviously aren’t paid. Otherwise they would buy clothes for the San Francisco cold western: socks and shoes instead of bare feet in flip flops. And long pants and warm shirts instead of ragged T shirts and shorts

    The coolies slaughter th em right in the middle of all the blood, manure and debris. I’ve also seen the coolies cutting up the chickens right on the floor.
    I’ve seen the owners of the restaurants picking up the cut up chickens and driving the chicken to the restaurant where it is cooked and served to the public in violation of every food processing preparation and restaurant health code.

    I didn’t plan to investigate these illegal slaughter houses. I like to walk and walking through the sunset and Richmond districts of San Francisco one can’t help but notice the illegal slaughter houses worked by starved slave labor.
    The prep work for Chinese restaurants is also done in those filthy garages in the midst of the manure, blood feathers and guts. Since the restaurant kitchens are so small, the prep work is done in Those garages and the cut up food is brought to the nearby restaurant.

    The biggest occupation of San Francisco Chinese is extortion of other Chinese. Next comes brothels and human trafficking. The ships unload the containers filled with locked up coolies in the old Hunters Point shipyard and buses and vans deliver the coolies to their Chinese owners.

    Another thing: we are the health education and child welfare department of Mexico.

    We are also the pension system of China and Korea. Tens of thousands of elderly Chinese were put on SSI, Medicare and Medicaid senior housing free bus passes and van service, free food at the food banks and senior centers and the rest of the benefits Americans spend 45 years earning.

    It’s absolutely amazing how many Chinese declare themselves persecuted Catholics at age 64 so they qualify for persecuted for religion refugee status and get shipped to the USA.

    The Chinese community organizations bring them by the candid to the welfare offices the day after their 65th birthday and they are rushed through with the benefits.

    A lot of the official Chinese government ID the 65 year olds present to the benefit offices are official ID but false.
    Those people are actually in their fifties.

    They get the retirement old age benefit and then go to work in the crooked family business. 3 Chinese on old age benefits brings $2,400 cash into the overcrowded household every month. They don’t get food stamps but they get the equivalent at the free food banks and senior food programs which are seperate from food stamps.

    Here is a sight seen in San Francisco every week, the Glide Memorial Protrstand Church food give away. The line of mostly older Chinese is lined up for several blocks. The Chinese stand in line and get bags of food. Then they give it to a family member who takes it to a car. Th person who picked up the food gets right back in line and gets more food. This goes on all day, hundreds of Chinese getting numerous bags of food which is not for personal use.

    When the car is filled the driver delivers the food bank food to the family restaurant or convenience store. You might have noticed that pastries, crackers etc bought in immigrant co venue cue stores often seems a bit stale and the packaging shabby and knocked around?

    That’s because the food came from a food bank It’s a good arrangement. Get food from the food bank for free and sell it in your store or restaurant.

    The entire Chinese population of San Francisco is one big RICO operation.

    The old American gold rush descendant Chinese are fine. But they live mostly in the suburbs or St Francis Wood and the better parts around the Olympic club and Stonestown

    But the post 1975 immigrants are the epitome of every negative thing that has ever been said about China and its people. Oh and there are tens of thousands of young Ghost Son gangsters living in San Francisco as well. Chinese are told that they must claim a young immigrant gangster is a long lost son and sponsor him to immigrate.

    But it doesn’t end there. They are forced to House the young gangster in their home let him use their cars and instead of the ghost son paying the family rent, the family had to pay him a generous monthly allowance as well as feeding and housing him.

    Of course the young gangster turns over most of his criminal profits to the head of his organization and is more less in the position of the restaurant factory and illegal slaughter house coolies.

    The one and only reason it’s so difficult to park in San Francisco is Chinese overcrowded housing culture.

    The town is filled with apartments and homes that have one or two car garages or parking spaces. So that’s parking for one or two cars per house.

    But when the small 3 bedroom house has 25 people including at least 15 adults who have at least 7cars; where are the extra cars parked?

    On the street of course. The parking problem would be eliminated if only 6 or 7 people and one or two cars occupied those houses with one or two car garages.

    That specific problem, parking is solely and entirely caused by Chinese over crowding.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Catiline
  37. I am indebted to the Unz Review. Otherwise I would never have believed that there are people who actually watched the funeral of that washed-up palsied asskisser Billy Gram. It seems like it ought to be interesting to see what such out-of-touch misfits think, except it makes no sense.

    Cultural Marxism, What’s that? Poor bastard wouldn’t know an English-language edition of das Kapital from a bar of soap. The Frankfort School – what, this pinhead thinks the Jews fled Kentucky? Blah blah blah American unity, fuck that shit.

    Why does the SPLC pick on this old cracker geezer? The only way he can possibly do any harm is when he hits the gas pedal instead of the brake.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @By-tor
  38. my2cents says:
    @The Scalpel

    Billy Graham was a fraud and a snake oil salesmen. All that Christianity made him a millionaire. Most Biblical Scholars considered him damaging to Christianity setting it back 100 years. He created a cult.
    And you’re absolutely right ‘good ole Billy never saw a war he didn’t like’ and was he ever anti-sematic. Yikes. A Holy man or a man of God he wasn’t. Well Billy wasn’t able to take his ill gotten gains with him was he.

    • Replies: @Truth
  39. George says:

    “Since the end of World War II and more particularly since the 1960s an emerging “counter-reality””

    This article is rubbish. The biggest event in the 2oth century post WWII was Vietnam, which this article refused to acknowledge. Search on Billy Graham Vietnam to understand the problem with Billy Graham. The old order came undone when it could not end the War in Vietnam, payback gold debts in gold, and many other consequences of the conduct of the war.

  40. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    Everything I wrote in the comment about San Francisco immigrant Chinese is based on personal observation. Personal observation I didn’t even go looking for.

    Just one thing I didn’t personally observe, Chinese delivering food bank food in food bank bags to restaurants and convenience stores on food bank day

    Those observations were done by irate non Asian restaurant owners and private detectives they hired to follow the food from the food bank on Ellis st to the stores and restaurants all over town. City health and food inspectors many of whom are affirmative action corrupt Chinese refused to do anything about the situation.

    The homeless blacks who stand in line at the food banks claim Chinese thugs have told them stay away from the food banks. Might or might not be true.

    Meat slaughtered and cut up on filthy garage floors by starving shivering coolies other food fraudently obtained from food banks, such a progressive labor union city filled with delicious food served in Chinese restaurants.

    Liberals the most destructive force on earth.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  41. A long article with lots of fancy words but rather with a simple message: It’s a fight between Jews and Christians and it’s either our way or their way and if it takes bloodshed to close the deal than so be it!

  42. @Amy Lloyd Plaques

    Please seek help before you snap and kill us all.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. Anonymous [AKA "Amt Lloyd Plaques"] says:
    @Twodees Partain

    No, really, think for yourself, for once in your life: Who needs your bullshit america? What’s the point of it, unless you’re a parasitic government bureaucrat? (You’re not a parasitic government bureaucrat, are you?)

    Snap and kill us all; get a grip on yourself. The only people who think of themselves as americans are flaccid old farts with pointy tits who have nothing else to show for themselves. Like Catheyter up there.

    Just relax. When the USSR swirled down the shitter it did Russians a world of good. Now it’s the USA’s turn. We’re going to shitcan the USA. Don’t be afraid.

  44. KenH says:

    True, Billy Graham represented a better America and he was basically a good man, but he was also part of the problem. He seemed to recognize Jewish power and the baleful influence it has having on the nation he loved, but beyond some teeth gnashing behind closed doors did absolutely nothing to counter or combat it. And he was also friendly with MLK and supported efforts to desegregate the South not because he was a racial masochist but because he thought it was the Christian thing to do.

    Graham was like other high profile Christians and conservatives in that they value their fat bank accounts and celebrity status above loyalty to their race and telling the truth. So his kind and his era need to come to an abrupt end to hopefully be replaced with more resolute leaders if whites are to have any chance to survive.

  45. Joe Wong says:

    It is appalling condition in the San Francisco if what you tell is true; and you, the WASP, are do nothing about it? Where is the superior morality the WASP claimed to have? Are you saying the WASPs are hypocrites? All those human rights, equality, liberty, rule by law, etc. civility are the credit the WASPs claimed where credit is not due?

    But I am not surprised what you tell regardless it is true or not, the Whites apply their moral values, rights and laws depending on the race, culture and blood line just like the Indian Caste system. Your long rant reflects typical White’s hypocrisy, double think and contradictory character. The White often claims the mental capacity and moral authority to feel, articulate, and define the pain of other sufferers, but the graphic visuals seldom led to genuine empathy with the sufferers but often resulted in different valuation of human lives to rationalize their discrimination, violent treatment and legal injustice, this twisted mentality has been with the White since 1492.

    BTW Chinese do not like flip flops (the original name is Japanese slippers), in addition all Asians look the same to the White; on the flip side the Americans are over weighted and obsess who will look the normal ones underweight, it seems you are jealous and resentful of those normal ones.

    Anyhow what you said happens in the USA, if you guys cannot manage the USA, all you have to do is ask for help, you don’t have to bitching like a sour grape.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @jilles dykstra
  46. Joe Wong says:

    You are doing something not new, the White has been lying, fabricating, manufacturing, spewing since 1492, most of the White China pundits, scholars, lawyers, politicians, religion people, etc. all have been fabricating narratives to demonize Chinese by claiming based on their personal observation or experience or secret sources. But in according to history when the White is blaming somebody something, the White must be doing it themselves, like cyber spying, interfering elections, bombing, killing.

    Comparing to Theresa May, George Bush, and their companies, you got a lot to learn.

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @KenH
  47. This guy ain’t bad

  48. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:
    @Michael Kenny

    What is pro-Putin propaganda? Is it opposition to US neo-liberal corporate global hegemony and illegal US-NATO military occupation of Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine and or opposition to Ivy Leaguer Critical Race Theory and its deconstructive cultural Marxism? Do tell.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  49. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:
    @Joe Wong

    Spoken as a true cult-Marxist generalist whose modern existence is owed to appropriation of white western culture and technology. Whose world model with its technology, health care, housing, communication, security system and agriculture would you prefer to live in in 2018: White Europe’s or Negro Africa’s?

  50. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    What exactly can one person do and what makes you think I am a WASP? Or in your ignorance do you use WASP for all Whites? Do you even know what Wasp means?

    How can I, one person remove 25 Chinese from thousands of 1,000 sw ft houses. If the health department of crooked corrupt bribe demanding affirmative action Asian immigrants won’t crack down on the illegal
    garage slaughter houses, how can I?

    If the affirmative action Asian health department allows Chinese to re sell food bank food in their stores and restaurants what can I do? Most of the inspectors are Chinese and cooperate with the restaurant owners.

    You blather on about generalizations of morality and ancient wars

    I write about very specific crimes the Chinese in San Francisco commit as a matter of course

    You hoot ‘n’ holler about morality

    Is it moral to buy false ID to claim old age benefits for 65 year olds when one is only 55?

    Is it moral to move to a foreign country and obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care housing and other old age benefits that the natives worked 45 years for. And a social worker loads you and some other 55 year olds with your fake ID into a van and your benefits are expedited?

    Is that moral? I’m sure it is in Asia but not in America

    Is it moral to claim to be a catholic to qualify for religious persecution refugee immigration status?

    Is it moral to keep slaves oyour garage? And yes they do wear flip flops in San Frqncisco’s cold weather. I have seen them. You have not.

    Is is moral to use a garage floor covered with manure and old blood to prep the food served in your restaurant endangering the health of customers and disobeying food and health laws?

    It’s moral in Asia but not in America

    Is it moral to make a living demanding that people give you money every week or you will damage their business and property and harm their children? It’s a standard Chinese practice but it is illegal and considered immoral in America.

    Is it moral to kidnap middle class children for moderate amounts of a few thousand dollars? Kidnapping is extremely rare in America but the Chinese are making it as common as it is in Asia. Of course it’s never reported to the police. The docile submissive parents just pay up. What kind of morality is that?

    Is it moral to buy girls in Asia, lock them up in shipping containers and put them to work in your brothels? It’s moral in China but considered immoral in America.

    Is it moral to bribe government workers? Is it moral for government workers to demand bribes? That’s the Asian way as you well know.

    And if China is so great, why don’t you all stay there instead of destroying San Francisco?

    You talk about morals. San San Francisco Chinese immigrants are totally immoral They don’t obey any law or regulation they don’t want to.

    Slaughtering chickens and prepping food to be sold in restaurants in filthy garages is legal in China but it’s illegal in California and slaughtering chickens and cutting up food served in restaurants in filthy garages is immoral.

    As for the flip flops mr great intellectual who hasn’t noticed that flip flops are worn all over the world, I’ve seen the cookies wearing them in cold foggy San Francisco.

    Those coolies are not paid for their work as you well know. To get to America they borrow $30,000 to $50,000 from the snakehead smugglers. The employer doesn’t buy the coolie directly, Hebuys the debt.

    It’s called indentured servitude and it was outlawed twice in the United States; right after the revolution and once again in the late 19th century when Italians were bringing in indentured servants.

    These arrangements are part of the Asian way. They are slavery and illegal and immoral in America

    Have you seen the slaves wearing flip flops? You haven’t and you display your ignorance when you say only Japanese wear them.
    You write about how Chinese are so moral compared to we immoral

    What’s your opinion about the thousands of gangster ghost sons living with Chinese families? The families are forced into the situation. They are told to claim a ghost son and they will be killed if they dont.

    When the thug arrived in San Francisco they are ordered to let him live in their home,give him money, feed him do his laundry and let him use their car and daughters. It’s not a temporary situation . It’s permanent

    Do you think that’s not immoral???? Foisting a young gangster on a family? But that’s the Asian way. But by any objective criteria it’s incredbly immoral

    It’s another horrible situation that the docile submissive Chinese just accept rather than reporting the situation to the police.
    Morality. I have personally observed that Chinese immigrants in San Francisco are the most immoral people I’ve ever seen.

    I looked at a 10 room house built over a garage back when the invasion just started. I walked in. To the right of the front door was the living room. Directly in front was a library.

    It was an old house with maybe 14 to 16 ft ceilings in the living room were 6 sets of triple bunks, beds for 18 people. Garbage bags of clothes were all over the place. The library also had 6 sets of triple bunks garbage bags of clothes.

    Dining room and another room had multiple bunks as well. There were 5 bedrooms. 3 were full of bunk beds.
    2 were probably family rooms one double bed and bunk beds.

    Assuming just 2 people in the double beds I counted beds for 72 people in that one house.

    The woman claimed she lost the key to the garage But I have a sewing machine and I know what they sound like. I could hear not one or two but a lot of sewing machines. That means they had an illegal garment factory in the garage.

    I suppose they live even worse in China

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  51. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    So go back to China. Let me guess.

    You are very young. Maybe still in college. You took a lot of liberal arts courses where you stupidly absorbed all the antibWhite propaganda poured into your empty brain by your liberal professors.

    You are now on this site just repeating everything what your empty brain absorbed in college.

    The comments you make are never personal observations or your own opinions. You have never written about any specific thing.

    It’s just a lot of general propaganda directly from the fifth rate college you attended.
    Try to make a comment of your own. don’t repeat what your commie college professors told you.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  52. @jilles dykstra

    I agree that Christianity’s links to Judaism make the religion susceptible to being hijacked by Jewish interests, even though Christians are supposed to be chosen through Christ, and replaced Jews in covenant with God. Jews shouldn’t even be factored into Christian thinking as anything more than a opposing religious group, at best, and as treacherous and bitter enemies, at worst.

    Asking what Jesus would think is meant as something of a joke, since many Christians in America use “What would Jesus do?” as a silly slogan to justify just about any fuzzy ideas they have, and plaster that and “WWJD” on everything from bumper stickers to license plates for their cars and t-shirts. My point is that they should at least use the words attributed to Jesus to justify their ideas. Jesus wasn’t an everything goes, love the sin, accept the other without question, wealth generating machine. Even if you don’t accept the religion, or don’t know much about it, it’s makes no sense that the purpose of a religion would be to put another religion first, serve the interests of another religion, or put people of other faiths before it’s own followers. That makes no sense, and Christianity wouldn’t have survived 10 years if that were its purpose.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Vandal
  53. Alden says:

    I don’t think he’s Chinese. I think he or she is a White liberal. His or her’s English is native. If he or she’s Chinese he’s lived here a long time. Chinese whether immigrants or natives generally don’t hate America and Whites the way Wong does

    And they sleep through all the required liberal propaganda courses. They go to college to learn job skills, not to absorb liberal anti American anti White crapola.

    And I’ve never met a Chinese interested in native Americans and their wrongs and mistreatment. Also, Chinese know about the over crowded houses, the illegal factories and the general corruption. They don’t deny those things because they want all the corruption to remain hidden.

    I think Wong is a White SJW idiot.

  54. @Joe Wong

    My guess is that you don’t speak for Native Americans. In what way does immigration help them? Nobody is coming to the U.S. to live the lifestyle of any group of American Indians. I’m not even sure if many NAs would want to live their traditional lifestyle.

    My point is that unity in America would be easier to achieve if post 1964 immigrants were not given a voice, or were sent packing, since their presence, no matter what their legal status, was allowed through undemocratic means, and forced on America due to a destructive and unstated agenda, which should not be binding. American Indians are also U.S. citizens with roots prior to 1964, as are most blacks in the country, as well as some Asians, Hispanics, and others.

    My guess is that you don’t have roots prior to 1964. Whatever the case may be, no group of people should have to tolerate groups or individuals who wish to destroy them, Whites included.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  55. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    What makes you think I am overweight? You’ve never seen me. But I’ve seen the slaves working in the filthy illegal slaughter houses

    And what’s with that paragraph about claiming the mental capacity and moral authority and Whites articulating feeling and defining the pain of others? What is that about? What exactly are you talking about

    I have never articulated felt and defined the pain if others.
    But that paragraph exposed you as a White idiot just repeating some crapola the prof at your fifth rate college told you.

    What was your major? Some bullshit grievance studies garbage.

    And trying to refute my comment about my personal observations of San Francisco by claiming I am overweight How do you know I am overweight. How do you know I am a WASP?

    and some nonsense about 1492?
    Please explain what the year 1492 has to do with the filth and corruption of the San Francisco Chinese immigrants.

    1492 AD or BC

    I suppose we’ll have to put up with your fifth rate college dumb dumb studies rants about Whites and America

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  56. Catiline says:

    Thanks for this post. Very informative and sorely needed.

  57. Catiline says:

    Another model minority.

  58. @By-tor

    Good question.
    Tribes in Indo China had, in their perception, a good life with working forty days a year.
    Norman Lewis, ‘A Dragon Apparent, Travels in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam’, 1951, 1982, London
    USA citizens are allowed fourteen days vacation each year.
    One of my children works for a USA company in the Netherlands, special permission was needed for a three weeks vacation.
    Over here, the result of these policies is that more and more quit their jobs for a year, or half a year.

  59. @Joe Wong

    ” this twisted mentality has been with the White since 1492. ”
    Not with all whites.
    The Dutch republic was the first citizens republic in world.
    As it was unimaginably that a country could exist without a ruling aristocracy visitors from all over Europe came to see how we managed.
    One of the things that amazed them were the social security systems.
    D.J. Roorda, ‘Ambassadeur in de Lage Landen, William Temple, Observations upon the United Provinces’, Haarlem 1978
    Temple was the British ambassador.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  60. El Dato says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Any time I visit a website here in Europe I must consent to cookies, EU regulation, of course I say yes, otherwise no access.

    Yes, there was sudden-onset panic about cookies in 2007 (?) which was just an echo of the panic about cookies of 1998, only with additional awareness in the politicial upper crust.

    However, AFAIK the relevant regulations have been off the books for some years now, but people noticed that it’s just stupid.

    It’s just that websites haven’t been updated.

  61. El Dato says:

    You know it is.

    Pro-Putin propaganda = anything that doesn’t propel the dank narrative of “everything is going to be ok if you just stay in front of the TV”

  62. KenH says:
    @Joe Wong

    Are you related to Sum Ting Wong?

  63. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Michael Kenny

    Wow……that is certainly a twisted, I would say, paranoid, take on that comment.

  64. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:
    @Amy Lloyd Plaques

    You must have been born after 1990 to have such a poor grasp of post-WWII US society and use such vulgar grammar. Yours is a testimony to the collapse of the US educational system.

    • Replies: @Amy Lloyd Plaques
  65. Joe Wong says:

    You are defending the crimes committed by the WASP against minorities, you are de factor WASP, otherwise you are saying you are a mentally colonized comprador whose goal is to sell out your own kind to be exploited by the WASP.

    The appalling situations are all happening in the USA, but instead of feeling ashamed that the Americans failed their compatriots, and showing empathy about their dire living conditions, you are demonizing their misfortune; is this the morality of the American? This wicked behaviour is completely contravene to the Christianity. Are denying the American responsivity to look after the wellbeing of their citizens?

    Do you feel ashamed that you are bad mouthing the victims trying to survival in a society which claims morality is their birth right, the government is of the people, by the people and for the people, but as you testified the American is doing none of the sort, they are simply lying with straight face like the fake WMD in the UN.

    You are describing the appalling condition in the USA, you should not deny the American responsibility by lying that could happen in China, which is simply a morally defunct double think behaviour.

  66. Joe Wong says:

    “What makes you think I am overweight?” because you displayed a deep jealousy and resentment towards people with normal figures. But overweight and obsess is an American national issue, it is a repeated topic on the internet; even Pentagon acknowledged overweight is a major concern in the US military. All the Pentagon brasses are overweight when they appeared in the Congress hearings.

    You should know what I posted are historical facts, they are committed by the bad elements in the White community like Tony Blair, Terrassa May, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and all those war mongers in the USA and NATO nations, as well as in the old days of colonialism.

    UNZ Review is the site you learn the other side of the historical events that you won’t learn from MSM and American education systems which are unrepentant old days of colonialists and war mongers propaganda machinery. If you do not want to hear other side of the history by insisting repeating the American fabricated narrative about their past then you have come to the wrong place, maybe is your cup of tea.

  67. Joe Wong says:

    Your claim is made by those megalomaniacs who have no knowledge of other civilizations but like to claim credit where credit is not due.

  68. Joe Wong says:

    All your paranoia rose from the wrong understanding about the America and thinking the America is yours and belongs to other colored aliens. You should know neither you can tell other aliens to leave nor can other colored aliens tell you to leave.

  69. Joe Wong says:

    All your paranoia rose from the wrong understanding about the US America and thinking the US America is yours and belongs to other colored aliens squatted in US Ammerica prior to 1964. You should know neither you can tell other aliens to leave nor can other colored aliens tell you to leave.

  70. @By-tor

    I like the way you jumped right into one of your government-issue divide-and-rule conflicts – in this case, the synthetic generational divide your social superiors used to counter universal popular revulsion against US aggression in Indochina. You immediately reverted to your irascible Grampa part against those disrespectful whippersnappers, with wistful reference to lost educational standards. Actually, your US education was hopeless crap long before the 90s. The haute bourgeoisie gets IBs but you lumpen don’t need much at all, as that old pedo Scalia said, before they dryboarded him straight to Bolgia 3.

    See, this is how we play you like a violin (or in your case, more like a comb kazoo.) For all this credulous nonsense about American unity, you poor parochial dupes are never happier than when joining some monkey-house shitfight with your domestic enemies, blaming them for every trick the government plays to screw you.

    You’re trained like seals. You’ll never get out from under your criminal regime without guidance and leadership from migrants. You can’t begin to organize without them. Lucky for you the floodgates have opened to force your wages down!

    • Replies: @By-tor
  71. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:
    @Amy Lloyd Plaques

    Your fake propaganda constructs are merely a mask for assertions and ad hominem attacks as you continue to culturally appropriate White technology and communication innovations. It actually sounds as though you hate most everyone as your anger is directed in a 360 degree circlejerk. Cult-Marxists as yourself will either win by physically rounding up vocal and physical opposition to your bigoted madness, or the coming rage-induced backlash will find your lot being hunted down as deranged perverts and escaped fugitives. Obvioulsy, the Ivy League’s Critical Race theorists and disciples such as yourself have a collective disdain for firearms, mechanical appliances, basic science and skilled labor trades dominated by Whites, so I wager your that lot will eventually suffer the same fate as the mentally ill homeless.

    I do not need ‘migrants’ for anything. I do not need them to paint, dig holes for decorative plants nor even to cut my grass. Perhaps, that is what angers you the most: You need them to work for you out of necessity.

    • Replies: @Amy Lloyd Plaques
  72. @By-tor

    Projection is the funniest neurotic defense mechanism. Tell me more about my rage and hate.

    By the way, just purely out of curiosity, how do you like white guys who are richer and better educated than you? You know, like highly-connected members of the owning class (that’s the current nomenclature) for whom work is an option. Just curious.

  73. Joe Wong says:
    @jilles dykstra

    The historical records showed that the French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Prussian, etc. all behaved the same as the Anglo towards their victims during their imperial conquest; and in fact they acted as a gang. The Dutch has very poor human rights records in the SE Asia, they murdered a lot of Chinese in the SE Asia in order to supplant the Chinese to become the colonial master in their colonies in the SE Asia.

    The Dutch, Danish, Swedish and other small European nations turned into civilized republics only after they were cowed by the Anglo-Saxon with violence. In fact the Dutch, Swedish and other civilised republics in Europe serves a good template on how to bring peace to the world, i.e. it has to cow the barbaric violent Anglo into civilized republic first.

  74. @Moi

    My stepson brought his fiancé to meet me and I asked her if she was religious. She replied that she had been brought up as a Christian, but that when she was about 17 she had been taken to a Billy Graham meeting in some football stadium in London. “I listened to him for a while and was somewhat impressed until it came to the collection; When I saw how many buckets there were and how full of money they were, it suddenly dawned on me: This a SCAM! Since then, I have realised that the whole religion thing is a scam.”

  75. Vandal says:

    Modern Christianity is afflicted by the “social gospel”. This reprobate perversion permeates every denomination that it comes in contact with. It was brought to fruition using the same tactics of negation and critical theory that ushered in every other attack on the pillars of western civilization. Just observe the modern day mega church. It’s a fusion of modern day American gutter culture and religious ignorance. It even has a rock concert orchestrated by a pastor covered in “religious” tattoos and a his wife sporting the latest 3rd world fashion, a nose ring.

    As far as the Christian Zionist go, they would be well served by understanding what Paul told the Pharisees in Rome in Acts Chapter 28. The Jews rejected their King in the Gospels, rejected the Kingdom of God via the Holy Spirit throughout the book of Acts and the first 7 Pauline epistles, and were “Set Aside” by God at the end of Acts. Paul spoke of many mysteries, but in Ephesians, Colossians, and Philippians, he emphasizes THE MYSTERY. The Christian Zionist position is severely lacking in proper hermeneutics.

  76. Anonymous [AKA "Me Dude"] says:

    The term “cultural Marxist” is so idiotic. Marx was, after all an economic MATERIALIST. How does that have anything to do with gender studies or diversity?
    This doesn’t mean that these cultural trends are any less confused and ridiculous

    Just a bad term

  77. Truth says:

    And you’re absolutely right ‘good ole Billy never saw a war he didn’t like’ and was he ever anti-sematic

    No kikemason is ever anti-semetic.

  78. Swan Knight says: • Website

    Billy Graham never claimed he was the second coming. Nevertheless, he was an effective Evangelist who followed the scriptures out of sincere belief. The true religious beliefs of the US founding fathers is up for debate. Yet the country was found on Christian civilization. Hypocrisy and other abuses and contradictions were rife. Yet proved a vastly superior civic system than any alternative. Majority rights are getting trump in an ever increasing winner take all scramble. The article does effectively outline the Cultural Marxist takeover. While disparate self identifying minorities vie for the power, it’s easy to see how they serve the agenda. Whether race, ethnic, sexual or whatever based identity, all adhere to the unified establishment Left stance on the Second Amendment, Climate Change, vaccines, speech codes, hate crimes, speech codes etc. One finds little to no opposition to the wars, Israeli expansion, and the surveillance state and unified hatred of all things White male, Christian, and Russia

  79. Anonymous [AKA "Paul Wright"] says:

    Mr. Cathey

    Really enjoy your articles . I appreciate the “Weaverville” school of history and its view of the on going Southern saga. North Carolina is a key part of that history, going back to Raleigh and the first colony.

    Paul Wright
    Mt Olive NC

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