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The US Constitution Article 3 states that treason “…shall consist only in levying War against them [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” An enemy, according to Article 1, is a country or entity that the US Congress has declared war against. The definition of treason was deliberately very narrowly construed to avoid having political opponents use it against each other. Also given the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights which places no limits on freedom of speech, there exists a very wide playing field for critics of the Federal government to vent their anger at policies and politicians, which is just as it should be.

So what do you do when powerful forces inside the United States advance the interests of another nation without any regard for the damage that it does? George Washington in his Farewell Address touched on the issue, calling it a “passionate attachment” and observed that “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence…the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government.”

It does not require any particular genius to realize that someone living in one country while favoring the interests of another is not a desirable citizen whether or not the label treason is applicable. Some nations have common interests but, by their very nature, countries are competitive and normally seek advantage for their own citizens. Or at least that is what citizens normally expect from their government even if it is not always forthcoming.

George Washington could not have envisioned the manner in which money has corrupted American politics. Congressmen complain that much of their time is spent fundraising and, in such a system, it is inevitable that the most generous donors are able to position themselves for favors from the political class. Some become Ambassadors even though they are completely unqualified. Others choose to push certain legislative agendas, to include tax breaks and bailouts that enrich them personally.

Maladroit Ambassadors can only do limited damage because they are restrained by their professional staffs while those who benefit from favorable legislation are all part of the massive but largely invisible corruption that has characterized life in post-industrial America. But those who have the ability to do most harm to the United States are part of the new breed of mega-rich, the colossally wealthy multi-billionaires who now are well positioned to use their resources to alter the course of government policy. They are even able to take the nation to war on behalf of another country by supporting political candidates that are willing to accept the money and sell out their principles.

One would have thought that such individuals might be ashamed of what they were doing and would lurk in the shadows handing out and receiving paper bags filled with \$100 bills, but no, betrayal is now apparently a badge of honor, something to be applauded. There was the shocking display by Arnon Milchan, who early this year boasted about his assistance to Israeli intelligence while he was profiting from living in the US, service that apparently included obtaining classified American defense technology that enabled Tel Aviv to construct its own nuclear arsenal. Milchan made his billions in Hollywood and even had the temerity to show up at the Academy Awards presentation shortly after his revelation to pick up an Oscar. That he was not arrested on sight is all too characteristic of how the Department of Justice coddles Israeli spies.

But Milchan’s hubris was far exceeded by what the media reported last week. An organization called the Israel-America Council (IAC), which ostensibly represents expatriate Israeli citizens residing in the United States, hosted an inaugural bash in Washington on November 8th and 9th. Present were two multi-billionaires, Sheldon Adelson, the principal funder of IAC, and Haim Saban. Saban, like Milchan, is an Israeli citizen who lives part of the year in Los Angeles. Adelson was born in the United States and lives in Las Vegas but also has a home in Israel and presumably has Israeli citizenship. His wife is Israeli and he has said that he regrets serving in the US Army in World War Two while also expressing a fervent desire to have a son who would serve as an Israeli military sniper. Both Adelson and Saban are essentially Israelis who live in the United States for economic reasons. Scott McConnell has described them as having “maximal loyalties to Israel and minimal ones to the United States.”

Saban has made his billions of dollars in the United States in the television and entertainment industry. His best known brand is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is consistently one of the largest donors to the Democratic Party, contributing \$10 million in 2001-2, whose stated formula for influencing American politics is to donate to politicians and parties, establish think tanks and control the media message. He has worked hard to do all three on behalf of Israel, to include funding the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution and paying for the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC.

Saban’s dealings with the Democrats have apparently not inhibited his cooperation with Israel’s intelligence service Mossad. In 2009 Congressman Jane Harman was contacted by an Israeli intelligence “agent” and reportedly agreed to attempt to influence a reduction in the espionage charges in the then ongoing trial of accused AIPAC spies Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. In return, Harman’s contact promised to support her bid to become chairman of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence. The Israeli, who some suspect was Haim Saban himself, indicated that he would pressure House speaker Nancy Pelosi using threats to withhold political contributions from Saban if Harman were not given the position. Harman was later spoken of as a possible candidate to become Director of Central Intelligence and, without the FBI recordings of her phone conversations, which were made known to Pelosi, she might have obtained either position or possibly both in succession.

Saban has also long been associated with the Clintons and he and a tight group of like-minded donors may indeed constitute the most significant part of Hillary’s political base. When Bill was president Saban was a regular overnight visitor at the White House. He has pledged to spend “whatever it takes to elect Hillary in 2016 because “the relationship with the US and Israel will be significantly reinforced.” He reportedly largely funded her campaign in 2008 and was accused of pressuring Nancy Pelosi over her proposal to change the nominating process in a way that would have adversely affected Clinton. He wrote to Pelosi and warned that he and other major Jewish funders of the Democratic Party would stop contributing if the changes were made.

Saban has repeatedly claimed that “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” Hillary and Bill appear to agree and one might even argue that Bill has a soft spot for money coming from Israeli spies, witness his pardoning of fugitive Marc Rich in 2001. And Hillary even seems to be attracting some favorable press from the neocons, who also regard Israel as untouchable. In an Atlantic interview with Jeffrey Goldberg Hillary condemned Iran, blamed Hamas both for the war with Israel as well as the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian children, ascribed the level of criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism and praised Benjamin Netanyahu.

Adelson, who believes that the United States should nuke Iran as a “negotiating tactic,” has an estimated \$37 billion fortune derived mostly from casinos in Las Vegas and in Asia. He is a Republican supporter for those prospective candidates who promote unlimited US support for Israel. He funded Newt Gingrich’s bid for the GOP nomination in 2012 as well as Mitt Romney for a total of \$150 million and also contributed \$10 million to Republican candidates in the 2014 campaign. Newt Gingrich in return repaid the favor by praising Israel in his foreign policy pronouncements, taking a hard line with Iran and describing the Palestinians as an “invented people.”

Adelson and Saban’s “spirited public discussion” at IAC included a number of zingers that have been widely reported in the alternative media. Saban commented that if Washington makes a “bad” deal with Iran over its nuclear program (bad as being defined by Israel) Netanyahu “should bomb the living daylights out of the sons of bitches.” Adelson noted that “the purpose of the existence of Palestinians is to destroy Israel” before dismissing the possibility of a democratic state including both Arabs and Jews by responding “So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what?” He added that democracy was not mentioned in the Torah. The two also joked about combing their resources to buy the New York Times by offering to pay “more than it’s worth” to make its coverage of Israel even more favorable than it already is. Saban added that he had even used “threats” to obtain favorable media reporting about Israel. The seven hundred “Israeli-Americans” in the audience reportedly responded to the conversation with “wild applause.”

Adelson and Saban concluded that “there’s no right or left when it comes to Israel” and the conference Chairman Shawn Evenhaim joked at its conclusion that “After the election in 2016 one of you will get me a private tour of the White House.” It is somewhat outrageous that Adelson and Saban appear to believe that they can buy an American presidential candidate in order to benefit Israel, but the most distressing aspect of their chat is that maybe they are right. Mitt Romney spoke at the conference, dutifully describing how he was “stunned” to learn that President Barack Obama has been communicating with his counterpart in Iran. One can reasonably assume that the major party nominees will no doubt pander to Israel in 2016 and one can make a case that Hillary is already owned by Saban. Given that reality one has to accept the obvious conclusion that the two Israeli billionaires might well be able to substantially define the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv, to the latter’s benefit.

That Adelson and Saban might think privately that they have become political kingmakers is one thing, but stating as much in a public forum defies belief. But more surprising is the lack of any coherent response to their conversation apart from a generic outrage expressed largely in the alternative media together with suggestions that they should move permanently to Israel since they appear to love it so much. Adelson and Saban should be recognized for what they really are: agents of a foreign government in a lopsided relationship that brings no benefits to the American people. Indeed, Israel is a money pit for the US taxpayer while protecting it in international fora has made Washington a laughingstock. Americans have paid in blood and treasure for the unending conflict in the Middle East derived from deferring to Israeli interests in the region.

Some might well ask, “What is to be done? Don’t they have a right to spend their money as they see fit to support a cause that is dear to them?” Indeed they do, but taking steps to remove Israel from American politics as a response would be a good place to start, eliminating Tel Aviv’s annual subsidy of \$3 billion and withdrawing from the so-called peace process, which does nothing more than enable continued Israeli expansion. And groups like IAC and AIPAC should be required to register as agents of the Israeli government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which would mandate transparency in their funding and end their phony status as educational tax exempt organizations.

I would also suggest that an even better response to the open deliberation over buying a presidential election on behalf of Israel would be for the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee to develop some backbone and combine in issuing a joint statement refusing to take any donations from either Adelson or Saban in the next election cycle. It could remove both considerable influence peddling and Israel itself from the electoral process, which would be a blessing all around. Might it actually happen? Almost certainly not.

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  1. Clyde says:

    Jews can be a pain in the arse but seeing how Israel is on the front line against Islamic imperialism (Jihad) I’ll take Israel every time. One note Johnny Giraldo needs to check out the 1400 year track record of Islamic blood letting if he really wants to get steamed. The Israelis are pussycats in comparison

  2. Thank you for having the balls to publish this article.

    • Replies: @Chiron
    , @0we'n'r0cair0
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Americans support Israel because they are an off-shore defense against Islam? If that were so, Americans would also support South Africa as the bullwark against black predation. But not only did they not do it, they actually implemented black predation in South Africa and is now reaping the results in Detroit, Ferguson etc.

  4. Mark Green says: • Website

    Billionaire activists like Saban and Adelson are a rising and sinister force within our decaying civilization. But the bad news hardly ends there.

    Much of Wall Street, most of Hollywood and Big Media (along with a disproportionate share of the new mega-rich) support Israel’s deep penetration of Washington, along with its arranged marriage to the US taxpayer and our military establishment. This is bad enough. But with every election cycle, the Zionist presence in Washington becomes only more entrenched.

    Consider the rhetoric and voting patterns of our elected representatives and the conformity of their positions on anything involving Israel. Both major Parties are similarly uniform. There are no dissenting voices anymore. Washington has been scrubbed clean. Zionists now manage America’s entire mainstream universe.

    For instance, not one elected ‘leader’ in either the House or the US Senate dared to criticize Israel for its recent weapons testing venture in Gaza. In fact, every one of our glorious representatives ‘stood by Israel’ and supported Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’ against the almost-defenseless residents of Gaza while Israel ‘mowed the lawn’ there. The result? Gaza has become one of the most miserable spots on earth. And Israel is using every tactic possible in order to raise the human misery index there further. Disgracefully, Washington stands firmly behind Israel and unconditionally so.

    Meanwhile, all of Official Washington is after Iran and punishing Iran for daring to follow Israel’s lead and become a nuclear power; even though Iran–unlike Israel–is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran seeks nuclear energy while Israel already possesses a nuclear arsenal. But it is Iran–not Israel–that is the ‘threat to regional stability’.

    Who makes this stuff up? For this observer, it looks as if America has been captured and conquered without so much as a shot being fired.

    Zionists now shape the mainstream landscape so thoroughly that it almost seems real.


    And Israel gets a completely Free Pass from Washington, Hollywood and Big Punditry even though it was Israel–not Iran–not Saddam Hussein–that introduced nuclear weapons of mass destruction into the Middle East. Yet no one in Official Washington even makes mention of this bizarre and confounding double-standard. It’s just the way it is.

    Meanwhile, Iran is facing economic strangulation for its temerity to lawfully develop nuclear power. Why is so much political blow-back being directed from Washington towards distant Iran? After all, Iran is no thereat to the United States. Why? Once again, there are Israeli fingerprints are all over these unfair, duplicitous and aggressive US policies.

    Pro-Zionist lobbying groups such as AIPAC–along with crypto-Israelis like Adelson–are fanatically committed to maintaining Israel’s regional monopoly on nuclear weapons, even if this requires taking America to war against yet another Israeli foe.

    I thought that superpowers get to have things their way. Not always apparently.

    The case can be made that since Zionists now manage the world’s most powerful country, it is Israel–not a venal and supine Washington–that has become the world’s most formidable superpower.

    • Replies: @Karl
    , @Sam
    , @KA
    , @randallr
  5. @Clyde

    Typical Semitic strategy.

    #1. Infiltrate non-Semitic circle in a state of crypsis (by telling them that either the Semite is an innocuous variation of the non-Semite or may be this particular Semite is a good one)

    #2. Appear empathetic to their cause (although the Semite really doesn’t care)

    #3. Slaughter some abstractions to gain credibility (Jews can be a pain in the arse but)

    #4. Wrap Semitic interests in words that appeal to non-Semites (Israel is on the front line against Islamic imperialism (Jihad))

    #5. Slowly manipulate public opinion, divert time and energy towards dead ends, draw boundaries of acceptable discourse, confuse and perplex non-Semites…..

  6. Chiron says:
    @Gary Seven

    I say the same, you have a lot of courage in facing the jewish lobby, they’re the biggest Mafia around.

  7. Neutral says:

    I keep hearing this argument that Israel is the front line, but I don’t see how exactly. Whether you support US belligerence or not in the middle east, it is clear that Israel has not gotten involved in any military action with the US. At best you can argue it provides some kind of intelligence to the US, but that is a highly dubious argument, because in this day and age you don’t need to have a country right next door to another to find out what is going on.

    Israel provides absolutely no benefits to the US, all it does is take taxpayer money from America, and makes US politicians divert too much of their attention towards Israel rather than domestic affairs. As for the whole “without Israel there would be no cellphones” argument, that is pure rubbish, China makes these things as well, does that mean that US politicians need to send aid to China and vote 100-0 every time in favour of China ?

  8. Karl says:
    @Mark Green

    Adelson never had Israeli citizenship. Nor does his wife; she renounced hers.

    they do visit Israel from time to time….. they fill out tourist-visa cards, like everyone else at Border Control at Ben Gurion.

    • Replies: @Neutral
  9. Neutral says:

    Citizenship in this day and age is meaningless, anyone can become a citizen of America now. The loyalty of Adelson is to Israel – no serious person can deny this. He supports mass immigration into America but not Israel, he gives money to politicians so that they further the interests of Israel, for America he could not care less, by all the normal definitions he is traitor to America, but since America is now run by corrupt scum like Adelson, being a traitor is now the new normal.

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @Karl
    , @Robert
  10. OT but not really: UAE labels CAIR a terrorist group. All over the webs, pick your own slant.

  11. norm741 says:

    The USA has become the USSA. The Constitution is being destroyed before our eyes and morality is at a new low. It;s ironic that Russia is building churches while ours are attached

  12. “He has worked hard to do all three on behalf of Israel, to include funding the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution and paying for the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC.”

    The Democrat National Headquarters is the house that Saban built! Funny how that fact never made it into all the political coverage by the MSM. This is the most shocking and disgusting fact in this whole piece. I only wish someone would blurt it out on Meet the Press.

    Bravo Phil.

  13. Jim says:

    As a real country or nation America is simply disappearing. By giving citizenship to anybody who enters the country citizenship is made meaningless. Most “Americans” of the future are likely to feel little or no attachment to a nation that will no longer really exist. Unless held together by force this country will probably disintegrate in the coming decades.

  14. Jim says:

    As far as I know the current situation where the small country of Israel exercise an astonishing degree of control over the foreign policy of an enormously bigger country on the other side of the globe is without any remotely comparable precedent in world history. It is quite extraordinary. Future historians writing of the decline and fall of the US will find it hard to believe.

    • Replies: @rod1963
  15. rod1963 says:

    Not really, they were players in German, Austria, Polish, Czech and British politics long before there was a Israel. Hell they owned Churchill to the point he was their mouthpiece, Hitler in his early years even worked with Jewish bankers like the Warburgs.

    To this day they are still major players in European politics behind the scenes. Heck they are the major promoters of Islamic immigration into Europe.

    As far as the two Jewish oligarchs residing in America in question goes, they are just doing what other Jews have done since Truman and that is to buy presidents.

    At the end of the day, organized Jewry is no friend of the United States or the West in general, so far they have demonstrated a complete willingness to destroy us ethnically and culturally as long as it benefits them.

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @Anonymous
    , @SFG
  16. The sad truth is that a visceral and reflexive defense of Israel is often due to the horror that Nazism, largely with a blind eye from complacent and sometimes enabling western “Christian” democracies, inflicted upon Jews with a ferocious hatred. “The Final Solution” of extermination, the genocide they envisioned then sought to carry out is no joke and it was an existential threat to existence of Jews.

    One might say that “the War to End All Wars,” the end of war forever somberly commemorated one hundred years ago Nov. 11, the original basis for what is now the Veterans’ Day celebration of future wars since, is the gift that just keeps on giving. Were it not for the revenge inflicted upon Germany for that most destructive war in human history until then, waged on all sides for useless reasons, there would have been no Nazi Germany, no Soviet Union, no Communist China. And no Holocaust.

    Let’s not dump on Jewish sensibilities. But Adelman, Sabin and their ilk are insensible opportunists, immoral human beings with their own megalomanic personalities. If their psychology is the result of a traumatic abuse of their ethnic relatives, then they have followed the diseased path of becoming abusers in their turn.

    One should be aware that, as Phil Giraldi repeats, they are no believers in democratic accountability. That contempt doesn’t just extend to Israeli Arabs, Palestinians and gentile Americans, but to Jewish opinion in both Israel and America with which they disagree.

    These apostles of hatred seek to buy politicians in Israel as well as America. Adelman has already done there what he bragged he wants to do in America, buy up the equivalent of The New York Times and turn it into a bully pulpit for Adelman/Sabin policies. Adelman owns the largest circulation newspaper in Israel, which he gives away free, fueled by his gambling vigorish, an inflammatory propaganda tabloid for his poisonous policies, reflexively backing and cajoling the Netanyahu Likudniks into ever more extremist actions.

    Are Adelman/Sabin good for the Jews? One can imagine Satan in Heaven, prancing before God, bragging how easily he has turned God’s Chosen into followers of banal yet diabolical traitors, those no better than the narcissistic ghetto leaders whom Hannah Arendt recognized were collaborators in the Jews’ destruction.

    • Replies: @Unity7777
  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Rich Jews use their money to buy corrupt, soulless, American politicians for the benefit of Jews in Israel. The U.S. presidency is as for sale as the Roman emperor’s seat in the waning days of Rome. Sickening and disgusting. America desperately needs campaign finance reform.

  18. I don’t note any more moral depth from any ethnicity of bankers over any other. Regardless of race, their apostasy is the worship of mammon. If the Jew is a devil, then so are we all. You can certainly find among the Jewish people, as among all others, many individuals who aspire to and set themselves the laudable goal of peacefully serving all of mankind, rather than lording it over others.

    Let’s critique policies and actions of particular actors, not impugn entire nations.

  19. Clyde says:
    @Stone Garden

    Such a clever boy! You think you have Jews all figured out. But are so blinded by last century’s Jew hatred that you cannot see that it is Muslims who are displacing Europeans in Europe. Jews are a sideshow in Europe. Islamic immigration, birthrates, demographics vs a de-Christianized population is the main show.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @Anonymous
  20. @Clyde

    Total nonsense. The Islamists aren’t the ones pushing the U.S. into wars for the benefit of a foreign country. The zionists have grown so arrogant that it borders on delusional stupidity. This is 1930’s Germany and what will follow won’t be pretty.

  21. geokat62 says:

    “Islamic immigration, birthrates, demographics vs a de-Christianized population is the main show.”

    This meme is what motivated Anders Breivik to slaughter 77 people in Norway. The group behind this attempt to hype the threat from “radical Islam” is called the Clarion Fund. They produced the trilogy of films: Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, The Third Jihad, and Iranium.

    Their objective is to undo the harm done by the Frankfurt School. The FS identified nationalism as the root cause of the holocaust. To ensure that another holocaust never occurred again, the FS prescribed cultural Marxism (better known as Political Correctness) as the antidote to nationalism. The Clarion Fund is keen on destroying PC, especially in Europe, as the birthrate of Muslims is outstripping that of Christians. The concern is that the jungle will be expanding rather than contracting, thereby making it less safe for the villa.

    BTW – I think Stone Garden did a splendid job dismantling your specious argument!

  22. ATBOTL says:

    “Jews can be a pain in the arse but seeing how Israel is on the front line against Islamic imperialism (Jihad) I’ll take Israel every time. ”

    Israel has supported Sunni Jihadists against Iran. Israel and its lobby are indifferent to the ISIS/Al-Qaeda slaughter of Christians in Syria, as they were in Iraq. They are aggressively pushing the US to attack the Syrian government, knowing full well that that would mean ethnic cleansing and genocide for Syrian Christians. Israel is only out for itself.

    • Replies: @Unity7777
  23. Karl says:

    >> The loyalty of Adelson is to Israel – no serious person can deny this.

    Adelson’s love is for Israel. I find no evidence that he has bad feelings towards Americans. He didn’t hypnotize Americans to make them enter his casinos. The only ones who have a right to be angry about Adelson’s casinos is the churches who run “bingo” fundraisers.

    >>> He supports mass immigration into America

    As does Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and Ron Paul. Do you accuse them of dual loyalty?

    • Replies: @KA
  24. Jim says:

    I don’t think that there has ever in history beem anything like the US-Israeli relation. It’s stunning to me to look at a globe. On one side of it the huge continent spanning country of the US . Spin the globe to find the tiny little country of Israel. Think of the relation between these two countries. I don’t think anything like it has ever existed before in human history.

  25. geokat62 says:

    “I find no evidence that he has bad feelings towards Americans. ”

    Wow, that’s quite a high bar you’ve set for American citizenship!

  26. Sam says:
    @Mark Green

    Mark Green, you are that swarthy Jew hater dating Jew hater Wendy Campbell. You say “Zionists” when you mean “Jews”. Go back to your cave

    • Replies: @Wally
  27. @Gary Seven

    – – – – – – – b r o n z e

  28. KA says:

    ” professor of physics at Caltech says that an Israeli scientist at the school shared secrets from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or JPL, with Israeli government rocket scientists in violation of federal law, but that when she reported the matter to Caltech authorities, she was punished for the disclosure.” 15th Nov
    Giraldi hasnt included this latest betrayal by so mnay at so many levels.

    2 Second- When did Bill gtaes or Wraren buffet r Ron Paul ask Americna soldiers to die for Isreal
    3 When did they pour money on candidates and force them declare fealty to Israel,or hold the security of Israel as the one and only one task that the candiates need to be ready to master r,carry out,and complete as deemed necesarry by the Israeli lobby or by any lobby ?
    3 When did Ron Paul ask for unfettered open border?
    4 Bill gates and Warren Buffet may ask for (immigration )business interest .But thst is for buisness interest of Americans . Money stays in US and Americans suffer or benefit from it . He is not looking for political or cultural control.
    5 Zionist ask for unfettered immigration to dilute the White Protestant Christian numerical dominance and introduce diversity which also means conflcits,tribalism,and group interest based on primitive instincts . Zionist wants these conflcits to flourish and grow so that the zionist can utilize and manipulate and then gain form those manipulation. They want to create a balkanized Arab worlds in US . Thye want to create the balkanization based on ethnic ,language,and cultural diversity and wants to control them from above . The dark side of the diversity is what attracts jewish inetrest and attention.
    6 One can call Bill gates and warren Buffet anti americans and can call Ron paul crazy and dismiss them . Can one call these money lenders (Sheldon and saban ) same?

  29. KA says:

    Your ideas are beaing fetaured everyday on the main entrance of the TelAviv’s zoo-

    1 “Palestinians who targeted Jerusalem synagogue have sights set on U.S. — Israeli propaganda

    2 Mossad-Backed Jundallah Pledges Support for ISIS
    Baloch Islamist Group Vows Backing for ‘Whatever Plans’ ISIS Has
    by Jason Ditz, November 17, 2014 -

  30. KA says:
    @Mark Green

    “A physics professor at Caltech says that an Israeli scientist at the school shared secrets from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the school with a top Israeli government rocket scientist in violation of federal law, but that when she reported the matter to Caltech authorities, she was punished for the disclosure. Sandra Troian is suing Caltech for her mistreatment.

    The case is big news in southern California, and was covered late this week here and here, mostly with the Israel angle way down in the story. Though the Pasadena Star-News says, “Caltech professor claims Israeli spy infiltrated JPL.” While KCAL TV quotes Troian:

    Right under [CalTech’s] nose is possible espionage.

    In a lawsuit filed Thursday morning, Troian says she repeatedly brought her concerns to Caltech in 2010, but the school did nothing.”

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Adelson needs an enemy.Saban needs one. They need since their religiously based country -Israel says so . Salvery to religion,tribalism,and to ignornace are part of the DNA scripts encoded in every cell of them .

    ” Israel needed something else, in effect, a common enemy. That’s why many Israeli political stakeholders were ambivalent about the George W. Bush administration’s ambitions to topple Iraq’s Saddam Hussein: with his overthrow, a potential though remote threat to Israel would be removed, but so would the perception of a common enemy. Since Saddam’s ousting, Iran has gained even more importance for Israel as a means of linking Jerusalem’s strategic perceptions with those of Washington.”

    “ ”

    Robert Hunter US ambassador (Former)

    Israel doesnt want a ‘Mullah’ country have nukes for “mullah” are crazy religious figures who believe in religion.

  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Heck they are the major promoters of Islamic immigration into Europe.”

    “At the end of the day, organized Jewry is no friend of the United States or the West in general, so far they have demonstrated a complete willingness to destroy us ethnically and culturally as long as it benefits them.”

    So true. Jews are the number one group, and by far the most influential, in pushing ‘diversity’ – non-white immigration – upon historically white Western nations. They also essentially invented cultural Marxism, the ‘intellectual’ “justification” for this dispossession.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “ is Muslims who are displacing Europeans in Europe.”

    But WHY is it happening? I don’t see the Japanese being displaced by Muslims in Japan. Who is the puppet-master pulling the strings?

  34. @Clyde

    American story is over.There is no escape or salvation for America from this situation. Jewish lobby is the proverbial old man of the sea on American Sindbad’s shoulders.

  35. SFG says:

    Jews are the major promoters of Islamic immigration? That’s a funny strategy, given how eager Muslims in Europe seem to be to attack synagogues.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Wally says: • Website

    Zionists are born liars and world is beginning to finally realize it. Facts are the facts.

    The impossible ‘holocaust’ narrative allows the racist Israeli parasites to get away with slaughtering Palestinians and stealing billions from the US taxpayers every year, and then demand that US soldiers die for their greedy self interests.

    We can live without them, they cannot live without us.

    The laughable ‘holocau\$t’ propaganda is an easily debunked, impossible as alleged Jewish supremacist scam.
    discussion here:

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives
    ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and
    persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists parasites demand censorship.
    What sort of Truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    Fight racist Jewish supremacism.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Jews are setting fire to mosques and attacking Christian monks . Jewish leaders are burning Koran and spitting on church goers in Israel. They can’t do it in US or Europe . They are doing it in Israel.
    Their leader Bennett says” I have killed many Arabs .” It is no problem.- he has asserted.

    Now his slave in America wants to bomb Iran with nukes . He continues to illegally make money at 81 so that he can bribe some doped up Christian leaders to do that dirty job.

  38. @Anonymous

    Slaves have no option but fight and die for their masters.Americans are to live fight and die for Israel

  39. @Clyde

    Why do we have to “take” either side? Avoid the goddamned foreign entanglements as Washington advised.

  40. Unity7777 says: • Website
    @Fran Macadam

    The Jewish “Holocaust” was severely exaggerated. Certainly far fewer than 6 million died, and most of those to illness and other unintentional deaths. Hitler was a Zionist Jew who did more for Zionism than any other man in history. WW2 was controlled on all sides by Zionists, from America to Britain to Germany to Jewish-Bolshevik Russia. Don’t be fooled by Zionist myths.

    • Replies: @Unity7777
    , @Anonymous
  41. Unity7777 says: • Website

    ISIS is a CIA/Mossad operation to give the US yet another excuse to go to war in the Middle East. 9/11 was also a CIA/Mossad operation that did the same thing. Who did 9/11? The Zionists.

  42. @Stone Garden

    Clyde is a way too obvious concern troll. Mossad should really provide better training.

  43. Unity7777 says: • Website

    There can be no denying the “Holocaust” of the mid-twentieth century: it was called World War II. Roughly 50 to 60 million people died worldwide – about 70 percent of whom were civilians.1 They died from a variety of causes including guns, bombs, fire, disease, exposure, starvation, and chemical toxins. Within this greater Holocaust existed many lesser holocausts: the Allied fire-bombings of Dresden, Hamburg, and Cologne; the killing of hundreds of thousands of German soldiers and civilians, by the victorious Allies, after the formal end of the war; the U.S. nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which incinerated 170,000 women, children, and elderly; and the Jewish Holocaust of Nazi Germany. It is this last Holocaust which has been the topic of heated debate over the years, and it is this Holocaust which I address in this book.

  44. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Do any Gypsy ever get any reparation / compensation money from Germany? I hear they died in millions as well.

    • Replies: @Karl
  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    RE: “One note Johnny Giraldo needs to check out the 1400 year track record of Islamic blood letting” ~ Clyde

    Crusades ~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    [EXCERPTS] The Crusades were military campaigns sanctioned by the Latin Roman Catholic Church during the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages. In 1095 Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade . . .
    . . . The official crusader armies set off from France and Italy . . . When the French crusaders crossed into Germany in spring 1096, units of crusaders massacred hundreds or thousands of Jews in the cities of Speyer, Worms, Mainz and Cologne . . . Chazan says “the range of anti-Jewish activity was broad, extending from limited, spontaneous violence to full-scale military attacks on the Jewish communities of Mainz and Cologne.”[125] This was the first major outbreak of anti-Jewish violence in Christian Europe and was cited by Zionists in the 19th century as indicating the need for a state of Israel.[126]
    The crusader armies initially fought the Turks at the lengthy Siege of Antioch that began in October 1097 and lasted until June 1098. Once inside the city the crusaders massacred the Muslim inhabitants and pillaged the city.[127] . . . Most of the surviving crusader army marched south, moving from town to town along the coast, finally reaching the walls of Jerusalem on 7 June 1099 . . .
    Jews and Muslims fought together to defend Jerusalem against the invading Franks. On 15 July 1099 the crusaders entered the city. They proceeded to massacre the remaining Jewish and Muslim civilians and pillaged or destroyed mosques and the city itself.[131]

    … Wonderful sights were to be seen. Some of our men (and this was more merciful) cut off the heads of their enemies; others shot them with arrows, so that they fell from the towers; others tortured them longer by casting them into the flames. Piles of heads, hands and feet were to be seen in the streets of the city. It was necessary to pick one’s way over the bodies of men and horses. But these were small matters compared to what happened at the Temple of Solomon, a place where religious services are normally chanted … in the temple and the porch of Solomon, men rode in blood up to their knees and bridle reins. Indeed it was a just and splendid judgement of God that this place should be filled with the blood of unbelievers since it had suffered so long from their blasphemies. ~ Raymond D’Aguilers in Historia Francorum qui ceperunt Iherusalem [133]

    On a popular level, the preaching of the First Crusade unleashed a wave of impassioned, personally felt pious Christian fury that was expressed in the massacres of Jews that accompanied and preceded the movement of the crusaders through Europe,[134] as well as the violent treatment of the “schismatic” Orthodox Christians of the east.[135] . . .
    SOURCE –

  46. KA says:

    These billionaires also travel Shuhada Street everyday on way to the synagogue of money

  47. Karl says:

    >> Do any Gypsy ever get any reparation / compensation money from Germany? I hear they died in millions as well.

    Did anyone ever ask for it?

    You’re giving me ideas here. Thanks !

    >>> Wow, that’s quite a high bar you’ve set for American citizenship!

    what were the miraculous achievements that justified YOUR immigrant-ancestors accession to residency in North America ?

    • Replies: @Mannstein
    , @Anonymous
  48. Robert says:

    @Neutral, you are correct about supporting mass immigration into the US. This is Jewish / Zionist policy to make all western, especially white countries multicultural. Why is just about every country taking in masses of Islamists? Israel is behind this! It may sound crazy but it is fact.

  49. Reader says:


    Jews are “pain in the but”? Sorry, that’s an absolute underestimation to the problem.

    And by “jihad”you mean Tim Osman (aka Ben Laden’s code name in his CIA years) the Yankee-Saudi-wahabi? Or the mossad-talmudic jihad?

    Tell me, since you seem to be a “smart” guy, they talk too much about Iran that and Iran this, but why the wahabi Saudis are not punished since they are the ones who fund this “jihad”- including the supposed 9/11 “terror attack”? Or it is working according to plan and brilliantly for the jews and israeli-firsters?

    Why the Saudis receive positive press from their jew-owned media peers in the West? They talk too much about Assad Syria (who is, along with the Iraqis and Iranians, the only ones fighting Yankee-jewish “jihad” in the shape of Israhell Satanists In Levant aka ISIL)

    And FYI, the only victims of this Yankee-jewish “jihad” seems to be the citizen of the countries who oppose israHell and US policies in the ME. Or you can’t seem to see it… Gee…That’s funny.

    Before you say something I suggest to get an education, because **** like you are the enablers of zionists roaches who eats away our nations.

    Talking about traitors.

  50. David says:

    Islamic imperialism? What do you call Israeli expansion? Lebensraum? Israelis killed 2100 people including 500 children this past August. “Pussycats”, are you nuts?

  51. @Clyde

    Islamic Imperialism is your creation so that people like you can take Israel every time.You are the biggest danger to the world. Not the non existent Islamic imperialism

  52. >>>”The sad truth is that a visceral and reflexive defense of Israel is often due to the horror that Nazism, largely with a blind eye from complacent and sometimes enabling western “Christian” democracies, inflicted upon Jews with a ferocious hatred. “The Final Solution” of extermination, the genocide they envisioned then sought to carry out is no joke and it was an existential threat to existence of Jews. . . .

    Let’ not dump on Jewish sensibilities.” >>>

    How many Jews died in the firebombing of Dresden?
    How many Jews died in the firebombing of the other 130 German cities whose civilians and civilian infrastructure the US and British Air Forces deliberately targeted?
    How many Jews died in the fire bombings of Japan?

    In “Year Zero,” Ian Buruma cites a conversation between Stalin and Winston Churchill at Yalta, when the question of ethnically cleansing Poland of Germans was discussed. Churchill “was not shocked at the idea of transferring millions of people by force, ” and said to Stalin,

    “We have killed six or seven million and probably will kill another million before the end of the war.”

    Do American public school children learn of this in their required — and unchallengeable– ‘learning’ about the holocaust?

    Fran wrote: ““The Final Solution” of extermination, the genocide they envisioned then sought to carry out is no joke and it was an existential threat to existence of Jews,” —

    perhaps not a “joke,” but the very fact that “holocaust denial” is a crime in many nations and the ultimate taboo in almost all others, suggests that very powerful forces — like those of Saban, Milchen, and Adelson — are at work to protect a narrative that cannot otherwise withstand the scrutiny of full disclosure.

    The German side of the story has not been fully weighed against the Jewish narrative, and entire story of the activities of Jewish leaders very much like Saban, Milchan, and Adelson, in creating war and in provoking war in Russia and Germany, has not been fully told.

    I say it’s about time to stop walking on eggs over “Jewish sensitivities.” Truth is truth, and the truth is that Jewish money-men like the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Untermyer (as well as other Jewish leaders like Brandeis, Frankfurter, and Baruch), the early 20th-century versions of Saban, Milchan, and Adelson, acted in much the same way as their 21st century versions to corrupt US politics and policies and use the US to destroy those whom they claimed were “existential threats” to Jewish people. A simple chronology reveals that Jews were not “existentially” threatened in Russia, Poland, or Germany until Jewish leaders deliberately stirred up turmoil, for their own purposes and, I would argue, for their profit and for the benefit of the Jewish people as a collective.

    Furthermore, I argue that Jewish people suffered least and benefited most from events engineered by Jewish leaders in the 20th century, just as is the case in the 21st century in the Middle East — and in the USA.

  53. Mannstein says:

    Germany the gift that keeps on giving.

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    His “immigrant-ancestors were settlers, not immigrants. The people who built the country. In any case immigration is only a privilege, not a right.

  55. Anna says: • Website

    I agree with you. Interesting, the article written very well, writing technique looked very skillful and has a good sense of humor, let a person think, and let people with a cheerful mood, the feeling is very good. I like the article, the heart be thank the authors of shares

  56. Wally says: • Website

    What’s wrong with disliking Jews?
    Jews are disliked and distrusted worldwide.

    It’s simply a logical, reasonable reaction to Jew behavior.

    Besides, we don’t need Jews, Jews need us.

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