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Richard Lynn, now 89, is known for his research into national and race differences in average intelligence, having relatively recently published the most comprehensive and up-to-date book available on national differences in IQ .

But although ethnic and racial differences in intelligence explain quite a lot, they still leave some phenomena not quite making sense. Lynn resolves this in his new book, edited by Edward Dutton: Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality: An Evolutionary Analysis.

Thus, for example, Blacks of equal IQ to whites nevertheless still appear to be systematically more violent, more criminal, more sexually promiscuous, less interested in long term relationships and more prone to taking very serious risks with their own safety and that of others: speeding, driving while intoxicated, not wearing a seat belt. Clearly, IQ does not account for everything

Lynn says he was inspired to try to make sense of this by a comment from Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in The Bell Curve. They noted:

Some ethnic differences are not washed away by controlling for either intelligence or for any other variables that we examined. We leave those remaining differences unexplained and look forward to learning from our colleagues where the explanations lie.

For Lynn, this challenge was simply too enticing to resist. He wondered whether—because different races are evolved to different ecologies in which the benefits of being able to create trusting and cooperative groups vary—the explanation might lie in race differences in modal personality. Specifically, he wondered if there were consistent differences in the proportion of each race that expressed “Psychopathic Personality” (now officially known as “Antisocial Behavior Disorder”) then the anomaly highlighted by Herrnstein and Murray would potentially make sense.

As Lynn explains in his new book, psychopathic personality is characterized by:

…general poverty of affect, defective insight, absence of nervousness and anxiety, lack of remorse or shame, superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, inability to love, failure to establish close or intimate relationships, irresponsibility, impulsive psychopathic acts, failure to learn from experience, reckless behavior under the influence of alcohol, and a lack of long term goals.

If there were race differences in the proportion of individuals having this kind of extreme personality, then the modal personality of different races would vary in the degree to which it was psychopathic. This would explain why, even when controlling for IQ, blacks would display noticeably more anti-social and risk-taking behavior than whites.

Lynn first took up the challenge in 2002, writing a paper on the subject, mainly comparing blacks, whites and Hispanics [Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality, By Richard Lynn, Personality and Individual Differences, 2002].

But for Lynn, the issue wouldn’t be dealt with until he had tested it with as many of the “Twelve Races of Classical Anthropology” as possible. The result is Lynn’s new book .

Extremely data heavy, replete with numerous tables to make it easier to follow, Lynn’s new book seems to have a fairly simple objective, which it certainly achieves: to take us on a world tour of proxy evidence for race differences in psychopathic personality.

In the USA, for example, Lynn compares racial differences in a huge array of measures of Anti-Social Behavior Disorder—diagnosed psychopathic personality according to assorted scales, hypomania, conduct disorder among children, school suspensions and expulsions, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, moral understanding, likelihood of defaulting on student loans, cheating in sport, crime and especially aggressive and violent crime, long term monogamous relationships, adultery, sexual promiscuity, intimate partner violence, ability to delay gratification, work motivation and commitment, reckless behavior such as “the non-use of seat belts in automobiles,” gambling, risky sexual behavior such as having unprotected sex with a relative stranger, and sexually transmitted disease, among other measures.

Lynn highlights race differences in organ donation: “43% of whites, but only 31% of Hispanics and only 23% of blacks were willing to donate their organs after death.” There are even race differences self-esteem: this being very high among psychopaths…and blacks.

Based on all this, Lynn’s conclusion for the USA is that:

…psychopathic personality is greatest in blacks and Native Americans followed by Hispanics, lower in whites, and lowest in Asians, especially in Northeast Asians where data are given for these disaggregated from Southeast Asians.

On a lot of measures, Native Americans seem to be worse off than blacks, even though their average IQ is higher. For Lynn, this is where psychopathic personality becomes so important. Native American psychopathic personality is, on many psychological scales at least, higher than that of blacks. At the very least, Native Americans are higher on some important aspects of psychopathic personality than blacks, even if they are not higher overall. This helps to explain why they tend to do worse in life in many ways despite being significantly more intelligent.

Lynn uses the same approach—calmly presenting available data and analyzing it—with groups across the world.

He then turns to the genetics of psychopathic personality and explores why there would be race differences in personality from an evolutionary perspective.

Put simply, in an unstable and easy ecology, you need to “live fast, die young.” But as basic needs are easily met and there is very little need for cooperation. But as the ecology gets more stable and also colder, there is more of a need for cooperation and there develops an arms race to move energy towards nurturing your children.

There are, however, localized reasons for various exceptions to this pattern. The same increasingly stable yet difficult ecology also selects for intelligence, because you have to plan for the future and solve increasingly complex problems. Lynn summarizes his key findings on race differences in one of this book’s many tables (Table 16:3) in which IQ is compared to PP (Psychopathic Personality):

Race IQ PP
Australian Aborigines 62 16.0
Sub-Saharan Africans 70 7.5
New Zealand Maori 84 5.9
Native Americans –USA 86 2.2
South Asians—Britain 92 1.0
Europeans 100 1.0
Northeast Asians—Britain 105 0.7

Note that the relationship between IQ and psychopathic personality is negative—but not perfectly so. South Asians are about the same on psychopathic personality as Europeans, for example.

Not for the first time, Lynn’s book is sure to infuriate the multiculturalists—all the more so because it is scrupulously calmly presented, with all assertions very carefully backed-up by an abundance of data.

Science is unmistakably entering a New Dark Age. But we are reliably informed that the truth shall make us free.

Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Psychopathy, Race and Crime 
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  1. J says: • Website

    Intuitively, we always knew that this was as he says. But now it is official, scientific.

    Arthur Koestler travelled to India (yoga) and Japan (zen) if they had a remedy to Western problems and returned unimpressed. That was 70 years ago. He observed that the Japanese never go mad, even those interned were sensible and non-violent. Patients were provided substitute mothers for affective support.

  2. Svevlad says:

    That’s because there is one common thing that leads to increased IQs and decreased psychopathy: population density.

    All the most advanced societies are marked by the fact that they got extreme densities right after the agricultural revolution. Increased densities demand well-behaved people, and make the dullest expendable, effectively introducing de facto eugenics. We can also see the reasons why in some areas civilizational development was so slow or even nonexistent.

    Australia: the lack of an good “starter crop” meant that without any previous knowledge of agriculture, you aren’t going to realize how to domesticate other potential crops (and there are many in Australia too). Papua, Australia’s small tropical cousin, did have an independent agricultural revolution, but the fact that Papua is 50% malaric swamp and 50% jungle mountains combined with the fact that there is no draft or riding animal meant that the area was fucked from the start. The extreme conditions also dissuaded civilization by proxy, ie the Southeast Asian maritime peoples found them so useless they went and colonized tiny islands in the sea that are even more useless, but easier to live on in primitive conditions. Papua’s terrain and lack of a good work animal is also the reason why there’s like 800 languages, but all of them spoken by like 1000 people max. A single plant that could be used to learn (probably a type of yam) would probably put Australoids on mesoamerican tier.

    Africa: invented agriculture on their own, animals are a little nastier but still domestificable… yet their development was initially so slow it only started to really come to itself in entirety around the time they were about to get colonized. The reason for this is the same reason for why the continent wasn’t simply swamped by whites – the entire place is a giant disease dump. Frequent epidemics make high densities difficult, and without high densities you don’t get death penalties or the dumb failing to reproduce.

    Americas: everyone else had a 10k year headstart, lack of a draft animal really screwed it up. With a draft animal the entirety of North America wold probably much more resemble Mesoamerican and South America the Andean societies.

    And as a bonus – the entire area from North Africa to India + the Balkans: despite practically inventing civilization, these areas don’t have the expected cultural punch in the modern age you’d expect. Why? Caste societies that don’t work towards the elimination of the worst. Results in low average intelligence, but there is an extreme amount of dispersion. It’s why there are so many people from this area that are so smarter than you’d expect. Why did I add the Balkans to this area – because from historical records, that are often misinterpreted, we can see that the area effectively was a caste society masquerading as a pseudofeudal one (Dušan’s code really goes in depth with this, every “class” having completely different treatment for the same crime for example). It’s also the easiest to fix (1 generation of eugenics would put these societies onto the same level as Europe or East Asia)

  3. anon[669] • Disclaimer says:

    Great stuff. Thanks Lance.
    Re the previous ‘Higher Jewish Intelligence is Genetic’: please stop using ‘Jewish’ for Ashkenazi lineage interchangeably. Someone with these genes is not automatically ‘Jewish’. One inherits genes, but they do not confer religion or culture.

  4. Anonymous[180] • Disclaimer says:

    What about Jews?

  5. Rational says:


    People who have worked with or been around blacks will tell you things like “most black men are criminals” or “there are 2 kinds of black men, those who raped or murdered somebody and are looking for a prey and those who have not yet raped or murdered somebody and are looking for a prey.” Or “all black men are pimps and all their women pros.”

    I am glad Richar Lynn’s book “Race Differences in Psychopathic personality” confirms in scientific terms these common beliefs, which liberals often dismiss as “racists”, showing that there is probably much truth to them.

    This book might be a good Christmas gift for every libtard in your life.

  6. Do you think environment might have something to do with it? Oh, no. Heaven forfend. We can’t let any light into this dark closet you all live in.

  7. I would have preferred a critical review. This one reads like ad copy.

    To explain: I got a few paragraphs into this, and realized I was going to have to look elsewhere for nonpartisan information. My search for the book’s title turned up very little. I tried seeking more general information about Richard Lynn. Wikipedia‘s introduction conveyed the impression that he’s a white supremacist — but that didn’t make sense: Wikipedia also said that, actually, he found East Asians have higher IQs than whites. A glance at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s webpage found disparaging remarks about Lynn’s “pseudo-scientific arguments” and “racist pseudoscience.” But another Wikipedia page conveyed the impression that this supposedly “pseudo” science provoked an American Psychological Association report calling for “more empirical research,” and an article in The Guardian (2018) says that Lynn sits on the editorial board of respected journals, and that views similar to his are “creeping back into mainstream science” — after some decades, apparently, of being perhaps arbitrarily excluded.

    I understand the concern that racists may use fake science to oppress minorities — blacks, especially, but other minorities as well. There is, however, a countervailing concern: that arguably well-intentioned white progressives may have their own form of racism, entailing attempts to make some such minorities into something that they aren’t and don’t necessarily wish to be. For example, it could be bigoted to contend that a person of a culture hostile to higher education might actually excel at higher education, if only s/he was given a chance to be like us. There is, for instance, my own prior experience as a fundamentalist Christian whose culture considered higher education a red herring at best. One could contend that it is higher education, not the person from such a culture, that needs to become more broadminded. So, for instance, if black people, or a certain subset of black people, are persisting in being underrepresented in higher ed, let’s not fall all over ourselves to try to coax, coerce, or bribe them into being represented nevertheless; let’s try to find out, instead, how the general American culture can be improved to give them an acceptable fit where they actually are.

    I’m with the scholar interviewed in that Guardian article: let’s let the data speak for itself, instead of assuming that certain conclusions must be wrong because they don’t fit with our ideology. And when reviewing books appraising that data, please give us something better than an extended publisher’s blurb.

    • Replies: @Jon Claerbout
  8. What is your point?
    To try to find the right place for everybody in society would be a tad paternalistic, wouldn’t it? Seen from an individual standpoint, nobody can take the place of a certain individual, as long as this very individual’s personal (and/or existential) decisions are concerned.
    Seen from the societal standpoint, it might be necessary to offer job opportunities for those not that capable and – psychologically sound. Or schooling for those not that abled.

  9. The link for “twelve races of classical anthropology” leads to an article that does not contain either a “12” or a “twelve”. What is it?

  10. @Ray Woodcock

    If you want the full facts, you need to spend the money on buying the book. It will contain references to the sources of the facts.

  11. Inductivist says: • Website

    There are two obvious reasons to think the racial gaps are at least partially due to genetic differences: 1) the differences are basically universal–found historically (Lynn cites stats from the 19th century) and all around the world, and 2) psychopathy is highly heritable, similar to general intelligence. Therapists find it practically impossible to treat. As Arthur Jensen explained, it is reasonable to conclude that if genes explain 70% of the variation in a trait, they likely explain 70% of group differences. The only reason why the commonsense belief that “What You See is What You Get” is not popular today but “People Are Not Themselves But Their Surroundings” is widely believed is that we have been propagandized by armies of full-time storytellers for more than a century.

    I do take issue with conceptualizing psychopathy as a disorder, as if human nature is naturally good, and antisociality suggests a brain not working properly. I’m not criticizing Lynn but psychiatry. Exploitativeness is a regrettable but perfectly healthy and natural supertrait.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  12. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Africa: invented agriculture on their own, animals are a little nastier but still domestificable… yet their development was initially so slow it only started to really come to itself in entirety around the time they were about to get colonized. The reason for this is the same reason for why the continent wasn’t simply swamped by whites – the entire place is a giant disease dump. Frequent epidemics make high densities difficult, and without high densities you don’t get death penalties or the dumb failing to reproduce.

    In Europe, the Mideast, and Asia, agriculture requires male labor and cooperation. Women aren’t strong and capable enough to do the farm work, animal husbandry, estate management, irrigation, etc. themselves, especially with different seasons and winters.

    In Africa, the environment enables women to do all or most of the agriculture, and the men are able to be layabouts who try to impregnate as many women as possible, which promotes and rewards psychopathic behavior.

  13. @Svevlad

    ‘Americas: everyone else had a 10k year headstart, lack of a draft animal really screwed it up. With a draft animal the entirety of North America wold probably much more resemble Mesoamerican and South America the Andean societies.’

    While I agree about the 10k head start, I find the ‘lack of a draft animal’ thesis dubious.

    On the one hand, llamas are serviceable draft animals. On the other, oxen, donkeys, camels, buffalo, elephants, and horses didn’t came as usable draft animals right out of the box. They required millenia of breeding to become the animals they are today. In a state of nature, I’m not convinced the Old World started out with usable draft animals any more than the New World did.

    Why couldn’t llamas have eventually been further refined and adapted to different conditions as, say, horses were? Could musk oxen ever have been domesticated?

    • Replies: @Svevlad
  14. Svevlad says:
    @Colin Wright

    Eh, could be. On the other hand, the people who should have done that are culturally almost extinct.

    Finding ways to make them stop standing around uselessly on the world stage is where it’s at.

  15. @Inductivist

    Exploitativeness is a regrettable but perfectly healthy and natural supertrait.

    I understand your point. But does it make a big difference in everyday psychiatry? I tend to think that no, it would not make a big difference.

  16. bruce county says:

    We let the light in because we invented the light bulb!!!
    Then we saw the dark and immediately knew we would have problems.
    You are just too ignorant to see the dark!!!

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  17. baythoven says:

    The most needed addition to that table is a subset for the Semitic peoples (or the Middle East or some other approximate classification), seemingly among the most violent, and presumably psychopathic, populations on the planet.

  18. Boža M says:

    North Africa to India + the Balkans was the most developed part of the world before Islam. Islam is to blame. Balkan states free themselves from Turks just a hundred years ago. It was not enough time to stabilize and prosper. Especially because Balkan is neuralgic place in terms of geopolitics. Also, Balkan, still have significant Muslim minorities (where interbreeding was not unheard of) and a significant percent of gypsies who drag down the IQ and other performance of Balkan nations. Casts in Balkan does not exist.

  19. TTSSYF says:

    Textbook example: O.J. Simpson.

  20. @Svevlad

    That’s because there is one common thing that leads to increased IQs and decreased psychopathy: population density.

    Really? 400 years in North America and it still hasn’t had any effect on Negroes.

    If anything, there is robust empirical evidence to the contrary.

    Overcrowding is psychologically tremendously unhealthy for humans. Cities are behavioral sinks, centers for every dysgenic, dysfunctional, and destructive behavior and meme, from sexual depravity to violent crime. Because communicable disease spreads with a speed that is the square of population density, cities have also always been centers of disease and the first affected by every plague.

  21. @bruce county

    YOU didn’t invent no lightbulb you ludicrous clown.

  22. All this is over simplistic or completely ignorant bs to say the least even if some here are happy tthat it fits with their racist prejudices.
    When I was growing up in Louisiana in the 1960’s I used to pick up and older black man hittch hiking home to his cabin or shack or whatever.Never felt threatened in the least although many whites would have looked down upon my seeing him as a human being like myself.My best friend’s father who was a John Bircher had a young black man doing labor for him at his house .We lifted weights in the garage and one time the young black man came in and I was just talking with himlike as if he were human like myself and my friend’s father appeared and you wouldn’t believe his outrage.He acted like one of those out of control blackmen you stereo type here but he was white and the real gentleman was the young black man in his employ.

  23. Tony Ryals says: • Website

    All this is over simplistic or completely ignorant bs to say the least even if some here are happy that it fits with their racist prejudices.
    When I was growing up in Louisiana in the 1960s I used to pick up and older black man hitch hiking home to his cabin or shack or whatever.Never felt threatened in the least although many whites would have looked down upon my seeing him as a human being like myself.My best friend’s father who was a John Bircher had a young black man doing labor for him at his house .We lifted weights in the garage and one time the young black man came in and I was just talking with him like as if he were human like myself and my friend’s father appeared and you wouldn’t believe his outrage.He acted like one of those out of control black men you stereo type here but he was white and the real gentleman was the young black man in his employ.
    I remember there was a black protest in town for some reason and we whites would get in our cars or our parents would take us to cruise around as if too observe zoo animals.Well,I don’t mean my parents,meaning my mother and stepfather,strangely they did not seem to have to much prejudice or hated towards blacks and once they even had a black man who worked with my father over to supper,something that was generally unheard of in our intellectually incestuous white community.

    But when I got adventurous and hitch hiked to New Orleans with urban blacks I felt fine on and around Bourban Street and generally around New Orleans but at night hitchhiking back I was told to watch out for the ghetto like areas but I never really had a problem except for the police in Morgan City who locked me up late at night and made my parents drive all the way there to pick me up and pay a ransom no doubt.

    And when I moved to California I met or encountered aggressive black males for the first time in my life .I encountered them somewhere in the Filmore district or something like that and they chased my white ass almost all the way back to the Haight Ashbury.Ha Ha.You see environment changed those same humble southern origen blacks into something else in the urban jungle.

    And when I went to Mexico and Guatemala for the first time I finally experienced real southern hospitality even though my fellow Americans warned me of the dangers.If there were any it was mainly from police or ‘federales’ who hoped to make some money if they could arrest me but this luckily didn’t happen.And I still remember that even with long hair and a beard that would have scared and alienated a grandmother type in the U.S. at the time that the old women on the streets of Mexico felt no fright from me and knidly and courteously greeted me with a ‘buenos dias’ or ‘buenos tardes’ as I passed them on the street.

    So you guys have fun with your graphs and your bell curves or whatever,just don’t forget to be nice.
    Here’s a link to a rhyme I wrote about William Shockley who pioneered academic racism and stupidity long before that idiot with his ‘bell curve’ came along.I wrote it as an essay in the 1970’s but long since lost it,so I made this rhyme saying approximately the same thing in the 1990s.

    William Shockley,Stanford University IQ Test and Dinosaurs…/…
    Sep 17, 2011 – In the 1970’s William Shockley claimed his university’s Stanford IQ test, Proved blacks were inferior and whites were best, In the 1980’s when ..

  24. I purchased the book after reading a report on it by Lance Welton at My report is not as much about the content of the book as it is about its production and editing. The author and editor must be admired for producing a book so strongly conflicting with current popular culture. Today you might be labeled a racist merely for having this book on your bookshelf! You’d certainly not dare bring up the topic at American universities. Given the lack of availability of such basic information, we might forgive this book’s producers for the dismal quality of its editing and production.

    The book has two appendices holding skeletons of the book. Neither appendix has an explanatory introduction. Both appear to be spreadsheets with more columns than can fit in this book format so you end out with a scramble. The first spreadsheet concerns the worldwide distribution of homicide. The second concerns corruption. By contrast, the internet quickly gives you such spreadsheets up-to-date and in formats easily sorted interactively in your web browser.

    The generous reference list runs over 60 pages but hardly any references are post-2013. The internet quickly reveals that black teachers expel black boys as frequently as white teachers do (Education Next, 2017, Vol 17, no.1), but you don’t learn that from this book.

    Table captions often include the word “differences” while table contents contain no entries that actually are differences. For example “Race and ethnic differences for attention deficit disorder” would be more precise and less confusing as “Attention deficit disorder of races”. Table 14.5 made no sense to me until I realized one column of numbers had dropped their most significant digits, namely, the text says 2.47 where the column says .47. This error is in all rows. The numbers in table 14.7 also lack the trend we come to expect. If they are not errors, they need an explanation.

  25. @obwandiyag

    Always an excuse right?
    Here, have a flashlight.

  26. Of course, average race differences in behavior should be changing all the time too due to constant changes in fertility patterns. I wrote an article about it here:

    In One Hundred Years, the Entire Ashkenazim Will Go Extinct from HBD

    In One Hundred Years, the Entire Ashkenazim Will Go Extinct



    I have assumed that all Ashkenazim, East Asians, and Europeans, ever since the start of the Industrial Revolution, have been becoming more and more genetically psychopathic due to dysgenics and mutational load. But, Dr. Woodley has published a paper where he concludes that at least with respect to Europeans, they are becoming more K-Selected with respect to certain sub-domains of K. For example, Europeans are becoming more Conscientious and Agreeable in a certain way, but at the same time less intelligent since general intelligence is not correlated with life-history strategy within races.

    According to Dr. Woodley, Europeans with low Agreeableness and Europeans who are Psychopaths successfully use contraception, so the ones having children are those that have enough Agreeableness to want to form an emotional bond with offspring, and who possess adequate Conscientiousness to successfully take care of their offspring’s needs.

    But, Dr. Woodley also says that Europeans are becoming less Ethnocentric. I had a thought. Ethnocentrism serves as a modulator of Group-Selection correlated behaviors, setting a ratio of the amount of in-group altrusim versus out-group altruism. So, I was wondering if there has now come into existence in the Europeans, due to the selection pressures of the Industrial Revolution, a type of selection called Nuclear Family Unit selection. In this Industrial Revolution environment, there is no longer any selection for Group-Selected behaviors, or Ethnocentrism to modulate it. But, there is selection for European individuals to marry and have offspring, forming a Nuclear Family Unit. So, what we have are Europeans being selected for altruism among their Nuclear Family Unit, but not for outside the Nuclear Family Unit. Dr. Woodley had concluded that while Europeans are becoming more K-Selected with respect to certain sub-domains, they are actually becoming overall less Agreeable. But, at the same time, they are developing adequate Agreeableness to want to have children. So, can this discrepancy be solved by a hypothesized trait analogous to Ethnocentrism, but instead of this trait functioning to keep altruism higher for a race in question versus out-groups, it functions to keep altruism very high in the Nuclear Family Unit, but completely removes the altruism when interacting with individuals outside the Nuclear Family Unit? Thus, we would notice that Europeans are becoming highly psychopathic when interacting with Europeans outside of their Nuclear Family Unit, but are manifesting high altruism towards their own Nuclear Family Unit. This would explain part of the reason why Europeans today are very interested in Rosenbaumism, which stresses Individual-Selection over Group-Selection. But to the Europeans, the “Individual” would be extended to their Nuclear Family Unit.

    Thus, my original belief that Europeans are overall becoming more Psychopathic would not be too far away from reality, since while they are becoming more altruistic towards their own Nuclear Family Unit, they are indeed becoming very Psychopathic towards all foreign Nuclear Family Units. And this would, anecdotally speaking, explain all my interactions with Europeans: they are very Psychopathic towards me, but very altruistic towards their own mate and offspring.

    Now, to discuss a much more important issue (subjectively speaking, of course), I would like to discuss the brand new evolution of Hominid: the Ashkenazim. I make the subjective argument that Europeans are living past their time. Their time was from 40,000 BC to 10,000 BC when farming was invented. They were selected for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and to a large extent, still are, which explains much of their failure since farming came to Europe. So, a new type of Hominid was needed who would be genetically built for success in large agricultural societies. This is where the Ashkenazim fit in. They eugenically selected their population right from the beginning of farming in the Middle East to succeed in large agricultural societies. And when you think about it, they are actually a brand new racial group, when compared to all other ones; they came into existence only 3,500 years, while Europeans and East Asians came into existence 42,000 years ago, the Brown races about 62,000 years ago, and Africans about 102,000 years ago. Thus, the Ashkenazim are the new evolution of Hominid! They are meant to replace all the Gentiles, just like Homo Sapiens were meant to replace the Neanderthals (subjectively speaking, of course). So, should we not accelerate the extinction of all Gentiles, and help the Ashkenazim repopulate the world?

    Now, unfortunately (subjectively speaking), all the Ashkenazim will go extinct in one hundred years. First, let me make a hypothesis: I would speculate that aside from Hassidic/Haredi/Orthodox types, mainstream Ashkenazim have no longer been selected for Ethnocentrism since the Industrial Revolution, which would explain why 50% today marry Gentiles. I would also speculate that as described with Europeans, mainstream Ashkenazim have lost much of their Group-Selected traits, but are becoming stronger in Nuclear Family Unit selected traits as described above regarding the Europeans. They are also becoming less intelligent and saturated with various health related mutational load.

    Thus, as Dr. Woodley has predicted, in one hundred years from now, there will not be enough humans in the world with sufficient general intelligence to maintain our innovations from the Industrial Revolution. Think of what this means for the Ashkenazim. Dr. Woodley tells us to ponder life once we can no longer maintain the technology to have electricity. Think of the extreme extent the Ashkenazim depend on electricity for virtually every aspect of their lives. All food and beverages are created in factories run by electricity. Thus, the Ashkenazim would starve and die. They dont’ have the knowledge and infrastructure for local non-technology based farming. They also don’t have local non-technology based livestock infrastructure. And the Ashkenazim surely would not be able to survive just by eating random vegetation around them and hunting random animals like birds, squirrels, mice, rats, and insects. The Ashkenazim don’t know how to hunt and gather plants, and the environment has been terraformed to meet the urbanized needs of the Industrial Revolution, leaving scarce the right kinds of animals and plants to eat. Thus, starvation alone would end the lives of the entire Ashkenazim, be it mainstream or group-selected ones like the Hasidim.

    And I just mentioned food, but what about water? Without the plumbing system operating anymore, the Ashkenazim will die of thirst. They don’t have a system of pre-technology local wells infrastructure that has clean freshwater.

    Also, electricity runs the factories that creates all the tools required for destroying harmful microbes, such as vaccines, penicillin, soap, bleach, etc. And the Ashkenazi immune system is no longer genetically built to fight off all the pathogens without these man-made tools. So, even if the Ashkenazim had food and water, they would all die off from pathogens.

    And what about shelter? The Ashkenazim don’t know how to build houses from wood, bricks, mud, or straw. They could not even make the tools, such as hammers, nails, saws, etc. The Ashkenazim are no longer trained in pre-Industrial Revolution craftsmanships. So even if the Ashkenazim had food, water, and pathogen killing and prevention tools, they would still all die off from a lack of shelter, facing extreme weather conditions.

    Plus, the Ashkenazim don’t know how to make clothing by hand, so they would have to be in the nude and die off from exposure to the harsh environment.

    In addition, most Ashkenazim would no longer be able to reproduce, since they have evolved to rely on reproductive tools like IVF and Embryo Selection, as well as birth-assistance tools like hospitals and medications. How many would be able to produce offspring without technology and tools?

    Thus, however you look at it, the Ashkenazim are 100% guaranteed to go extinct in around one hundred years. The only races that will survive are those that isolated themselves from all the innovations of the Industrial Revolution, and these would be hunter-gatherer groups like the Yanomamo, the Bushmen, the Sentinelese, etc., as well as the Amish.

    Subjectively speaking, I believe that the coming extinction of the Ashkenazim should be the biggest concern of us Gentiles. Is there anything we can do to ensure that the Ashkenazim don’t go extinct?

    • Thanks: Sarah
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