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Battle of Empires: Why Han China Is Defeating Self-Hating America
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Another Chinese national has been just accused of spying against the U.S. [A Chinese ‘tourist’ accused of espionage is the latest example of a growing threat to US Security, by Justin Rohrlich, QZ, January 5, 2020]. It’s just another skirmish in the simmering war between China and the U.S. The U.S. is ill-prepared because the most important ideological trend of our time is the radicalization of white liberals about white “racism”—a direct product of Main Stream Media Narrative Control. In contrast, there is indifference to China’s extraordinary persecution of its Muslim Uyghurs. While China consolidates its Han ethnic core, the American elite is deliberately breaking up the white racial majority that made the country. Thus, if China can hold together, the U.S. that it will face will be a collapsing confederation of hostile tribes, not the “sole superpower” that American leaders dreamed of after the Cold War.

The scale of the Chinese operations is breathtaking. Secret documents reveal that the “job training” programs for more than a million Uyghurs are forced indoctrination camps. This Muslim minority is essentially stripped of its identity, in what security expert Adrian Zenz called “cultural genocide” [Secret documents reveal how China mass detention campus work, Associated Press, November 25, 2019]. Male “relatives” are placed in Uyghur homes to monitor (and sleep in the same bed as) females in what officials openly declare is an effort to promote “ethnic unity” [Male Chinese ‘Relatives’ Assigned to Uyghur Homes Co-Sleep With Female ‘Hosts,’ Radio Free Asia, October 31, 2019]. Torture and rape are part of this sweeping campaign [Exclusive video–‘Torture and Rape’: Uyghurs In London Protest Communist China’s Concentration Campus, by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, November 8, 2019].

China’s influence campaigns also operate within the West. A Chinese intelligence operative recently defected and confessed that there are massive spying rings operating in Western countries, including attempts to affect elections. An ex-officer of the CIA, part of that “Deep State” that the MSM is telling us is actually good because it’s launching a coup against President Trump, was recently sentenced for selling secrets to the Chinese. The FBI has experienced similar problems. Other cases have arisen throughout the national security agencies in America and other countries.

One of China’s greatest assets is its diaspora, which it uses to expand its influence in other countries, especially Australia and New Zealand. As China continues to grow, calling these countries part of the “Anglosphere” will become outdated, because they will fall under Chinese dominance.

These cases are being reported by the MSM—sort of. Yet there is not the unifying sweeping moral indignation coming from liberals in the same way there was about “children in cages,” White House officials reading forbidden tomes, or Russia.

In fact, even now there is yet another effort to deplatform Tucker Carlson for not being sufficiently supportive of Ukraine or hysterical about “white supremacy” [Fox News Guest Hijacks Segment: ‘Why the Hell Does Tucker Carlson Still Have a Job Here?by Justin Baragona, The Daily Beast, November 26, 2019]. Canadian immigrant David Frum alleged (in a now-deleted Tweet) he was not loyal to the “multiracial American nation” but the “multinational white race with a capital in Moscow.”

Frum inadvertently illustrated a larger point. What is emerging is a clash of empires, largely over economics, but also two very different governing ideologies.

There is clearly a coherent elite drive to abolish the distinctions between English-speaking North America and the mostly Spanish-speaking south, in order to create a geopolitical bloc, a kind of empire. This is the “North American Union” that was openly discussed during the George W. Bush years. The Mexican government has long attempted to extend its sovereignty over its citizens residing in the United States. American leaders not only tolerate, but encourage this.

While the Chinese government enforces mostly conservative cultural norms, America’s elite in the MSM and government work to unmake our common culture. Time magazine has referred to Western Civilization in scare quotes. As far back as 2014, Nancy Pelosi signaled her acceptance of the “America is a continent, not a country” narrative. “We are all Americans–north and south–in this hemisphere,” she said.

Cuckservative Review Editor Rich Lowry wrote in his new book attempting to co-opt “nationalism” that the English language is core to any meaningful sense of American identity. He was shocked to find that even that was too much for some Leftists [A Preposterous Review, by Rich Lowry, National Review, November 12, 2019].

In Foreign Affairs, Charles King writes that nationalism needs a “language standardized by state-approved grammarians, an origin story taught in publicly funded schools, a set of symbols protected by law against defilement, and a reverential song that comes with its own required body position” [America’s Original Identity Politics, by Charles King, Foreign Affairs, November 7, 2019]. If that’s true, America’s schools are now deliberately unmaking American identity.

Thus a teacher is being targeted by the MSM for telling a Hispanic student: “Speak English. We’re in America. Give me your phone.” [Teacher tells Hispanic student to ‘speak English,’ MyFox8, November 23, 2019]. The Supreme Court upheld the right of a public school to ban the American flag because it offended Mexicans. American colleges regularly are embroiled in controversy because the American flag is considered offensive to some non-white students.

The American elite, in the MSM, in government, and in the legal system, have essentially conceded that non-whites have a right to their own separate identity. Some southwestern public schools are now “American” in name only.


This has geopolitical consequences. America is turning into something resembling the Holy Roman Empire, where different authorities share multiple layers of sovereignty over a sprawling landmass. Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, an important leader of an EU political group, recognizes this. In speech proclaiming that the future belongs to “empires,” he speculated that the future United States will speak more Spanish than English [When The European Union Becomes An Empire, Its Clash With The United States Is Inevitable, by Sumantra Maitra, The Federalist, September 17, 2019].

What will hold this American “empire” together? Absurd as it seems, if there is an official orthodoxy of the American elite, it’s opposition to “whiteness” and the historic American nation’s own history.

China has a social credit system designed to enforce patriotism and order; America’s social credit system enforces political correctness and multiculturalism. The sudden surge in white liberal self-loathing and anti-racism, the “Great Awokening,” correlates to exactly when the MSM began pushing these kinds of themes. Terms like “our democracy” take on an increasingly ominous, authoritarian sound, as websites are deplatformed and individuals depersoned lest dissenting ideas threaten the stability of the imperial order.

Steve Sailer has noted that this is no longer just an Internet trend, but something that’s spilled over into real life—any interracial interaction can “go viral” and become a national scandal. Police investigate posting fliers, even as cities like Baltimore crumble.

We find ourselves in an absurd position where being a “nationalist,” someone who identifies with America’s founding population, history, and heroes, makes you a threat. Traditional patriotism becomes subversive…so it’s no surprise it took Chinese money to produce the gung-ho American war film Midway [‘Midway’ and the America That Has Been Lost, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 25, 2019].

We are seeing a new national narrative taking shape before our eyes. The triumphant American story of our people discovering a New World, winning independence, and creating an empire of liberty is being replaced. Instead, we are told whites invaded an already-occupied area—occupied by the only real Americans—and exploited people of color. Whites can overcame their shameful past only by acquiescing to the new order of “our democracy,” an empire dedicated to equality and anti-racism.

Of course, in the words of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, “there is a world elsewhere.” An empire held together by deconstruction and self-loathing, dependent on constant moral panics and “hysterical screeching,” is inherently instable. If confronted with an external threat, it will lose—as American military planners already quietly confess [U.S. could lose war with Russia, China without major strategy overhaul, new report warns, by David Brennan, Newsweek, June 13, 2019].

Sometimes, conservatives say “the Left can’t meme.” They’re wrong. The meme of “racism” is so powerful that’s overturned an entire civilization and moral order within one hundred years.

Many people really believe what the MSM tells them. They are filled with furious anger against “white supremacy,” even as countries like China casually commit race-supremacist ethnic cleansing.

Progressives have transformed the nation-state that was America and turned it into a hollow empire of nothing. Either nationalists reclaim it in the short-term, or we devote our attention to surviving occupation.

We can take one comfort; something built on so unstable a foundation won’t last.

We may not win. But our rulers will surely lose.


James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anon[342] • Disclaimer says:

    Unfortunately, this is a conflict the United States is destined to lose, and for multiple reasons. First, propaganda works. So, those indoctrinated before the age of 30 are essentially set in their ways for life. That means we have an entire two generations we must move through before any real change can occur. That’s more than enough time for China to conquer the world. Second, the U.S. media have given China all the propaganda tools it will need to dismantle the American world order, much of which relies upon perception. When the social-climbing Millennials of the New York Times advertise the United States to the world as fundamentally, irredeemably racist with its 1619 project and the like, why wouldn’t the rest of the world believe them? They will. American propaganda is very widespread and very effective. Liberals are like a virus that hijacks a cell and appropriates its original function for its own nefarious purpose: spread to infect more hosts. China doesn’t have this problem; it’s media promote a positive worldview of China in the same way Hollywood once did for the U.S.

    Third, diversity. Besides economic espionage, as mentioned in the article, diversity will allow the Chinese all manner of propaganda opportunities. Example: a man with a Chinese surname just published a ridiculous story in the Washington Post claiming John Williams’s music inspires fascism, or something to that extent. When there is so much demand among white leftists for self-loathing, there will continue to be bountiful opportunities for Chinese diaspora plants to sow dissent. And that’s only one of many detriments stemming from diversity. Another example: we’ll continue to see the decline of Hollywood influence in Asia and American cultural soft power along with it.Fourth, the nationalist right suffers from an extreme talent gap with the professional white left; this is true throughout the West. Anatoly Karlin has an article that will blackpill you on the subject. In any case, the ease with which the Boomer right fell back into parroting discredited war propaganda over this latest Iran incident should disabuse anyone from the notion that salvation will come from that crowd.

    All things considered, I think the U.S. is ultimately doomed. The biology is just wrong — too low IQ, too little ethnocentrism, too much magical thinking, and a tendency toward fanaticism. China, resulting from a combination of ideology and biology, does not suffer from those detriments to the same degree. They are also starting from a much superior demographic position.

    My take on what the world will look like in 2065:

    1) Australia, New Zealand, and Canada will become majority Chinese, or at least heavily influenced by a large and powerful Chinese segment of the population. Those countries will all fall out of the American orbit. All three will host Chinese military bases. All of those countries currently have low birthrates, but China, despite having similarly low birthrates, has a huge population it can offload. White self-loathing will not be able to stop Chinese immigration. America may end up being surrounded on nearly all sides just as China and Russia are now.

    2) The entertainment industry will look radically different with virtual reality and photorealistic deep fake technologies replacing movies and video games. However, before this happens, China will replace Hollywood. The latter will be hurt by constant scandals over representation that will ultimately dampen creativity. The coming of cgi photorealism will additionally allow the Chinese to make movies the rest of the world actually wants to see — completely free of Western diversity politics and ideology. Hollywood seems to be running on fumes these days, at least creatively. Everything is either a remake or a reboot because white males can’t create like they used to in this oppressive environment. I expect that general trend to continue. Currently, over in Asia, white movies like Frozen 2 and Knives Out have done surprisingly well. Over in the US, they’ve race-swapped The Little Mermaid.

    3) The PLA will reach a maximum strength of 3 – 4 x the total American military strength by the mid 2060s. The American military will be decimated by decades of corruption and mismanagement, some of it stemming from extremist ideologues who forced it to adopt all manner of unwise policies. We saw a bit of that under Obama. It will return under a democrat president after 2020.

    Before that time, however, China will be strong enough to deter attack and expand her influence globally. The U.S. will challenge, non-violently, but fail. China will have bases around the world. Outlandish scenarios like Red Dawn will have a realistic chance of occurring in an actual hot war due to the enormous morale and technological gaps between the U.S. and China at that time — in China’s favor, of course. As this recent panic over WWIII with Iran shows, the divided U.S. public cannot sustain the prospect of even a handful of causalities anymore. If there is a hot war with China, the American public will quickly break and demand peace.

    4) The West resembles failed African states post European colonialism due to mass immigration that was never stopped. Social trust will be at a minimum. Most Western states will be poor authoritarian dictatorships ruled over by a corrupt elite that uses oppression to maintain power against growing POC opposition.

    5) The United States will not exist in its current form. What remains will be a dictatorship in one form or another.

    6) Europe and the United States will part ways as allies as demographics between the two diverge; same with the U.S. and Japan. The United States may even be an enemy of a future EU by the 2040s because the anti-white sentiment engendered by the rump white-left in the US will logically extend its hatred to whites globally, not just American red state whites. Obviously, this implies American bases will be removed from both Europe and Japan, although not without a serious fight.

    7) Many books and movies floating around now in the West will be banned or censored. They will be preserved in Asia.

    8) Many whites will have fled to Asia as populations there declined and whites were threatened in the West. See the case of Tim Hunt who fled to Japan after being unpersoned in the U.K.

    9) Jews will refocus on Europe as the U.S. deteriorates. They will successfully turn it into a tool for advancing their ethnic interests, including Israel. Some kind of civic nationalism centered on Zionism may emerge there, much like what we see in the modern United States, and to European detriment.

    10) Various salvation cults will arise. Whites will latch onto them in order to give themselves some hope for the future. We already see some of that with A.I. singularity worship and SETI.

    *There are ways out of this scenario, but I don’t think them particularly likely.

  2. Exile says:

    I’m less black-pilled than Anon above about the Rise of the Han.

    A less bleak vision of the next 50 years could see the American Empire finally humbled militarily to the point where foreign adventurism isn’t politically feasible. The Boomer Death will clear some cultural space that could be filled by a non-Zio-cucked American White identity if we’re ready for the task.

    It’s an open question whether Israel has 50 more years left. If the United States of Ashkenazim is humbled and turns inward, JGTOWs will find themselves on a very lonely perch in hostile territory, roundly mistrusted or outright despised, demographically shrinking and friendless. By overplaying their hand today, our (((ruling elites))) are likely burning down their tomorrows.

    It’s up to us to make sure more goyim know, and spread the Noticing. The humbling of the worst of the Jig-nats will make the world a better place regardless of America’s ultimate fate.

    China will almost certainly rise to regional dominance but they lack the Will to Power and the cultural vitality to assert and maintain world hegemony. There isn’t a Chinese vision of empire. India is a potential rival in most spheres of Chinese influence. Central planning is only as good as the planners and a short run of bad decisions can set them back fast and hard.

    All told, the resurgence of China, Russia and an independent Europe could be good things for America and the world at large. We may look back on the next couple of decades as the darkest hours before the dawn.

  3. One of China’s greatest assets is its diaspora, which it uses to expand its influence in other countries, especially Australia and New Zealand. As China continues to grow, calling these countries part of the “Anglosphere” will become outdated, because they will fall under Chinese dominance.

    Calling our countries the “Anglosphere” is already outdated and has been for a long time. We are really the Anglo-Zionist sphere. If the Chinese really want to take us over completely, they will first have to overcome the Jews!

    Frum inadvertently illustrated a larger point. What is emerging is a clash of empires, largely over economics, but also two very different governing ideologies.

    Personally, I prefer the Russo-Chinese model to the Anglo-Zionist one.

    Sometimes, conservatives say “the Left can’t meme.” They’re wrong. The meme of “racism” is so powerful that’s overturned an entire civilization and moral order within one hundred years.

    Yeah, but left memes are never viral; they are always top-down. Brain-washing the general public is much easier when you control the media, the state, the corporations and the educational system.

  4. Clip says:

    I stopped reading when the author referenced widely discredited CIA propaganda cutouts like Radio Free Asia.

    The so-called “espionage threat” is nothing more than a modern day McCarthyism racial witch hunt. The number of false charges is alarming. The “investigators” are rarely punished for ruining the lives of innocent Chinese American researchers just doing their jobs.

    “The government reacts with this sledgehammer instead of laser precision to determine who would be an insider threat which is very difficult to predict,” said Mark Zaid

    “They’re sacrificing tons, dozens and dozens of Americans who’re doing nothing but their jobs, and the FBI is one of the worst to do this.”

    Zaid argues the program is flagging potentially innocent people based on a questionable standard.

    Attorney: FBI singling out Chinese-Americans with insider-threat program | Fox News:

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
  5. “…Something built on so unstable a foundation won’t last.”
    While an interesting and challenging article, it is important to add that every empire in history had an unstable foundation. Empires have risen, gained power; once gained, that power had to be retained; when that power was on the wane, regained – finally always lost.

  6. Yee says:

    An analysis based on CIA lies… What a waste of time.

    China will succeed simply because of size, location and industrialisation.

  7. d dan says:

    LOL. The author is trying to win a competition to pack the most lies into a single article? Many of these lies have been totally debunked in detail in many places, e.g.

    “A Chinese intelligence operative recently defected and confessed that there are massive spying rings operating in Western countries, including attempts to affect elections.”

    The so-called “intelligence operative” is a joker that can’t stand any basic smell test. See how Nathan Rich shreds an Australian reporting of the “spy” story into piece in this video:

    • Replies: @kevhin
  8. kevhin says:
    @d dan

    >a retarded chinaboo negating well contrasted information

    thanks god that chinks they were not born with the sneaky and chamaleonic “talent ” jews have.

    daily reminder nor chinese nor jews are our allies it wouldnt surprise me if they end up forming an allianze .

    • Troll: d dan
  9. kevhin says:

    Profesor Xu Xin know that jews control america and in his own words” we are studing jews to replicate their model ” and they are doing great spreading han chinese all over the western nation to try to win leverage to serve the chinese interests in their own homeland, and no im not saying 99% of those chinese are counciously trying to colonizate other areas bu the chinese goverment definitively is ,they know race and the call of their ancestral homeland always will play an important paper in the person identity and in the colective souls of the han diaspora

    • Troll: d dan
  10. kevhin says:

    everyone is copying the jews now chinese ,indians,muslims ……

    the west will became a battlefiend where different ethnic groups leaded by their goverment abroad will try to assert their dominance over our land ,thats the closest to a ww3 we will ever be.

    it seem is imposible for europeans to have a moment of peace
    achaemids,chartaginians, hunns,muslims ,mongols,black pest, otomans …… and once we defeated every one of them jews subverted our goverment to let all those invaders in our land .

    tragic destiny

    View post on

    • Troll: d dan
    • Replies: @Anon
  11. Most of the stuff you wrote is nonsense… Much of the stuff about China has been exposed as propqganda. About the only truth you stated is that they promote conservative social norms. Ethnic minorities in China effectively had “affirmative action on steroids”. They get WAY MORE benefits from the government than Han people for the purpose of making them prosperous and not restive. Uighurs have the lowest rankings in most indicators – which is probably qhy they have separatists. So yes now they are being forced to do things like read and write the national language and to learn skills to get a decent job. If that is oppression then many minorities in the US and other places around the world would love that.
    Here is the problem for people like you…. Laws have changed over time that allowed non white migration. Sorry for you but its too late to go back in time and send the slaves back to Africa and keep non whites out. Someone had to do the grunt work when the Irish and Italians stopped crossing the ocean.

  12. kevhin says:

    i wont waste a single minute responding to your lies im bored very bored of this threatre

    you can keep arguing with yourself if you want

  13. The scale of the Chinese operations is breathtaking. Secret documents reveal that the “job training” programs for more than a million Uyghurs are forced indoctrination camps. This Muslim minority is essentially stripped of its identity, in what security expert Adrian Zenz called “cultural genocide” [Secret documents reveal how China mass detention campus work, Associated Press, November 25, 2019]. Male “relatives” are placed in Uyghur homes to monitor (and sleep in the same bed as) females in what officials openly declare is an effort to promote “ethnic unity” [Male Chinese ‘Relatives’ Assigned to Uyghur Homes Co-Sleep With Female ‘Hosts,’ Radio Free Asia, October 31, 2019]. Torture and rape are part of this sweeping campaign [Exclusive video–‘Torture and Rape’: Uyghurs In London Protest Communist China’s Concentration Campus, by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, November 8, 2019].

    By the time there is a jihad against China, I will believe the above. Before that, it’s just CIA PSYOP and Falun Gong style drivel, total BS to me.

  14. This article debunks our media’s version of America while accepting its propaganda about China.

    In my articles, I use China to make the same point (that we are being eclipsed), with stats that are publicly available, for example:

    and this:

    • Replies: @anon
  15. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    In my articles, I use China to make the same point (that we are being eclipsed), with stats that are publicly available

    How hard is it for a government to get good approval ratings from the public when that same government controls the press? By the same logic, the North Korean government is far more popular than its American counterpart, even as virtually all North Koreans, if give a choice, would prefer to live in the United States.

    Wikipedia on North Korean elections:

    Elections in North Korea are held every four-to-five years for the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA), the country’s national legislature, and every four years for Local People’s Assemblies. … All seats are won by the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland … Indeed, voting against the official candidate is considered an act of treason, and those who do face the loss of their jobs and housing, along with extra surveillance.

    Probably a better measure of government approval is to ask whether some group prefers to live in one area over another. In that respect, China’s government, admittedly, isn’t too unpopular at the very least; lots of Chinese PhDs go back from the U.S. after school to the Chinese mainland now. I think a graph of that nature, or similar, would be more convincing.

  16. But Chinese immigration to the US will be a net drain on China. Too many Chinese women have kids of white & Jewish men, and successive generations of Chinese in America will serve the US against China.

    Also, while it’s taboo to hate Jews, blacks, and homos, it’s still A-Okay to hate and blame the Chinese for just about anything. Trump attacked China. Hillary attacked China. Jews banished Alex Jones but he blamed China.

    Even self-hating whites are more than willing to hate and blame China.

  17. Rahan says:

    If only we could sort of cut the “Six Million Uyghurs Masturbated to Death and Turned Into Lampshades” agenda, what remains is a pretty to-the-point article.

    But for real. One would have thought that sheer banal experience with the “poor Afghan freedom fighters”, “poor persecuted Chechen Boston bombers”, “poor downtrodden Kosovo-Albanian rape gangs”, and so on would be enough to put a stop to this instinctive Islamist toe-sucking, but no. Apparently some of us do not learn from experience.

    Fine, so let’s do this the theoretical way. Let’s put this “poor Uyghur” bullshit in perspective once and for all.
    Let us imagine three ethno-political continuums. A Slavic one, a Turkic one, and a Confucian Commie one.

    On one end of each continuum is “political liberty” and on the other—“political oppression”.

    SLAVIC continuum: one the far left side are the liberal “EU Slavs” (Slovakia, Poland), in the middle are the “non-EU Slavs” (Serbia, Ukraine), and on the far right side are authoritarian Belarus and Russia.

    TURKIC continuum: on the far left is liberal Turkey, in the middle are Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, on the far right is totalitarian Turkmenistan, which is equivalent to North Korea.

    YELLOW COMMIE continuum: on the far left is liberal China, in the middle is Vietnam, on the far right is hardcore North Korea.
    So what do we have? The least liberal Slavic societies (Belarus and Russia), are equivalent to the most liberal Turkic one (Turkey, plus maybe Kyrgyzstan).

    The mid-tier Turkic societies (Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan) are equivalent to the softest yellow commie society—China. And the least liberal Turkic society—Turkmenistan, overlaps with the least liberal yellow commie society—North Korea.

    Thus, when Turkic societies exist “in the wild”, their “natural state” is to be either “as liberal as Russia”, or to be “mid-tier like China”, or to be “hardcore like North Korea”.


    China tried to give the damn Uyghurs the same mid-tier freedoms of the Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan levels that the rest of China has. The Uyghurs reacted by growing beards and yelling Allah Akbar and being all stabby and blowey uppey.

    Obviously they can’t handle “Chinese levels of freedom”, obviously they need a “Turkmenistan system” in order to function like sane human beings. Which is now being enforced.

    Just like in Chechnya, it turned out the Chechens also can’t function like sane human beings when they have the same freedoms as the rest of Russia, but when you give them a hardcore local king (Kadyrov) to make them jump through hoops—suddenly Chechnya becomes stable, peaceful, and prosperous.

    If China manages to swing this pacification without actual wars—as was the case with Russia and Chechnya—so much the better.

    Reeducation camps are not “genocide” and not “ethnic cleansing”. It’s typical commie stuff which everyone east of Austria remembers, and only boomer Westerners can’t tell the difference between the Gulag and the Holocaust.
    Lastly, both the Chechens and the Uyghurs went nuts, after Russia and China opened their borders and allowed Arabian oil money and clerics to come in and do “religious freedoms stuff”. This combination of oil sheikh money, Wahhabi cultism, and CIA terror cells, is what led to the Chechen and Uyghurs citizens to start growing beards and become terrorist separatists.

    It also helped Moscow and Beijing realize that the “dear western partners” play for keeps and will stab you in the back even as they cry out in pain at how oppressive you are being to some poor downtrodden terrorist hand-reared by them.

    So while we may not be able yet to tell clearly who is responsible for the West’s current slow motion collapse, and who destroyed the white psyche, and how to fix this, we certainly CAN tell who is responsible for the radicalization of Chechens and Uyghurs, and how to fix this.

    The desire to “highlight the left’s hypocrisy” by pointing out how they don’t care about “the poor downtrodden Islamist separatists” is perhaps understandable, but come on. We’re all adults here.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  18. Jason Liu says:

    For me, the conflict is entirely ideological. I have nothing against western countries, your people, or your traditional cultures. The enemy is liberal universalist democracy, or what you call “globalism”, “globohomo”, the “liberal world order”, etc.

    Which is why it’s disappointing to see mainstream American conservatives shriek about democracy and freedom in China, when liberal democracy breeds the leftist SJWism they complain about. Do they not see the connection, or are they hypocrites?

    The same people act like China is some super communist enemy when it is in fact far more nationalistic, hierarchical, and conservative than most western countries. The Chinese model is essentially the East Asian authoritarian model, like Meiji Japan, Park Chung-hee’s Korea, or pre-democratic KMT Taiwan, only scaled up and with modern tech. Whatever rivalries we may have in the domain of military, economics and technology, nationalists should at least recognize nationalism when they see it and not try to spin the other side into something it’s not.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Showmethereal
  19. Anon[279] • Disclaimer says:

    Now, I watch LeBron James play basketball, decide to copy him, and become a player as good as he is.
    Isn’t that how it works?

  20. anon[278] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jason Liu

    True. There’s quite a bit of respect for China among some in the dissident right crowd — mostly disaffected white males. At least some in that community didn’t fall for the Hong Kong protests and openly mocked them for wanting Western so-called “freedoms”. The CIA probably thought that by having protesters adopt 4chan memes and symbols they could build support for them in the West among those influences. Didn’t work, not too much anyway, because the message was obviously wrong: no one should want Western “freedoms” … freedom to arrest or fine people for using the wrong pronouns, freedom to have your ad for a game computer banned because it didn’t feature any women, etc.

    Just as the people of the Soviet Union admired Western prosperity and freedom, so too will increasing numbers of Westerners come to admire Chinese success and want to adopt the Chinese model — well, some of it. I suspect this is why the American government is trying so hard to force its people to hate the Chinese. YouTube sports lots of obvious proxy anti-Chinese propaganda channels. Some other popular channels sometime drop an occasional anti-Chinese narrative, probably in the belief that it will immunize them from channel demonetization or deletion. Being a white male on YouTube who isn’t woke on certain questions is living dangerously.

    Probably the best way for China to fight back against that is to invest more in exporting entertainment and cultural products to the rest of the world. I believe they are starting to make some serious investments in Western video game companies, so they possibly realize that. Also, I think China should make a more serious effort to combat its image problem in the West through product advertising and tourism campaigns; even though Huawei is prohibited in the U.S., nothing stops them from running a modest ad campaign aimed at changing that (why can’t average Americans have smart phones as good as Iphones but cheaper?). Side bonus: makes Americans sympathetic; harder to arrest Huawei execs that way.

    In my encounters with Westerners, lines like “China is less authoritarian than the West, [example]” get good play. It tends to change minds pretty quickly because lots of people in the West don’t trust their governments and think they are oppressive. They are just waiting for someone to prove it to them by means of comparison. It’s not taboo in China to put attractive women in films. It often is in the West. Who is authoritarian again?

    • Agree: d dan
  21. Anonymous[287] • Disclaimer says:

    You could argue that the British had to enforce a totalitarian system in Northern Ireland to get the Irish Catholics to behave as civilised human beings and not as vicious terrorists, but I suspect you wouldn’t agree in that case.

  22. Rahan says:

    “Totalitarian system” tends to mean:
    a) one party state
    b) closed borders
    c) total govt censorship
    d) intense control of clothes and haircut
    e) intense control of personal beliefs
    f) virility cohesion shows of peeps either marching up and down streets, or performing gymnastic feats
    g) suppression of foreign media

    Today only North Korea and Turkmenistan are truly totalitarian (even the House of Saud appears to be reforming), and I don’t think Ireland was totalitarian at any point during the 20th century. Everything that’s not completely liberal democracy does not equal totalitarianism. It’s a spectrum.

    The West today is not a liberal democracy, but neither is it totalitarianism, as of yet. It’s a degenerate patchwork oligarchy pretending to be a managed technocracy.

    Russia and China today are not liberal democracies, but neither are they totalitarian. They’re actual strongman managed technocracies. One could say that China is a soft, non-militarist National Socialism, whereas Russia is more in the Prussian Paternalism field.

    While the rest of the world does not necessarily have to be a liberal democracy, Europe and the Anglosphere certainly should, IMO, and the malignant hijacking that has taken place in the last 2-3 decades is a damn shame. The Swiss model appears to be the only way of taking the power back.

    And yes, not only the Irish, but almost everyone behaved like complete animals at some point in the 20th or 19th centuries. Doesn’t mean that today we can’t point out who’s doing it now.

  23. @Rahan

    While your delivery might be harsh – your words are actually pretty accurate. Indeed China learned from Turkmenistan on how to remove the Arab jihad influence among kts Muslim populations. You also describe perfectly why Russia and China formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Ghe whole point of it is tp track jihadists…. And all the “stans” signed up too.

  24. @Jason Liu

    Yeah isnt it ironic. China is more conservative than the west but the right wingers complain against it. Makes no sense. But – such is politics.

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