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Base Dragging GOP, Conservatism Inc. Into Fight Against Critical Race Theory—But They Still Flinch from Calling It Anti-White Racism
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Barack Obama claims he can’t believe Republicans have attacked Critical Race Theory, and dismisses their alarm as nothing more than “resentment” over the demographic dispossession of whites.

“Lo and behold the single most important issue to [Republicans] apparently right now is Critical Race Theory,” he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “Who knew that was the threat to our Republic?” [Obama Says His Daughters Think Cancel Culture Goes Too Far, by Rachel Sharp, Daily Mail, June 7, 2021]. Yet Obama’s feigned innocence suggests that he knows Democrats have overplayed their hand, and that the GOP/GAP has blundered on to something. However, it will have to find the courage to follow the incisive recent advice of REVOLVER’s anonymous editorialist:

“The nature of America’s new extremism wave requires the right to be honest and frank about what it is. It’s not ‘socialism,’ or ‘Marxism,’ or ‘liberal fascism.’ In 2021, America is facing a steadily-growing amount of anti-white racism” America’s Rotten Academic Establishment Vomits Out More Demented Anti-White Rhetoric, June 12, 2021

Still, the GOP is fighting back. Florida banned CRT from its schools and specifically excluded the anti-white—and historically flawed—1619 Project from curricula. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dubbed CRT “state-sanctioned racism” and said it would only produce divisions [Florida bans critical race theory amid a wave of conservative backlash against the legal framework, by Erin Snodgrass, Insider, June 10, 2021]. Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Tennessee have also banned CRT in schools. Similar bills await the governor’s signature in Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Texas. Lawmakers in other states have also proposed measures to block this anti-white menace [The states taking steps to ban critical race theory, by Anuli Ononye and Jackson Walker, The Hill, June 9, 2021].

Republican legislators also want to take on CRT in government, particularly the military-industrial complex. They have demanded answers on mandatory diversity training at West Point and want to know why a Space Force commander was removed for criticizing CRT.

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton have set up a whistleblower system to report anti-white abuses and indoctrination in the military. Cotton has grilled Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on whether he believes the woke rhetoric imposed on soldiers. The defense secretary deflected [As Military Addresses Diversity, Republicans See Culture War Target, by Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times, June 10, 2021]. Cotton also demanded answers from Lockheed Martin about its “white male reeducation” training for its corporate execs [Over 1,000 Lockheed Martin Execs Put Through ‘White Male Reeducation’, by Hannah Nightingale, The Post Millennial, June 9, 2021].

And it’s not just all talk from congressional Republicans. At least 30 support a bill to ban CRT from the military. Cotton proposed legislation to eliminate this practice from all military academies. Trump did ban it, but Biden rescinded Trump’s order [Republicans announce federal bills to ‘restrict the spread’ of critical race theory, by Char Adams, NBC News, May 12, 2021].

All this is happening because the base is fighting back. turned it into a winning issue in school board elections. A conservative slate of candidates handily unseated a Woke school board in a Dallas suburb in April. The slate campaigned explicitly against the board’s anti-white, anti-American diversity program.

Conservative journalist/activist Ryan Girdusky hopes to replicate this success around the country with his 1776 Project. The project, which appears to be well-funded and well-promoted, aims to replace CRT-supporting school board members with conservatives [New PAC Will Support School Board Candidates That Aim To Rid Public Schools Of Critical Race Theory, by Marlo Safi, Daily Caller, May 25, 2021].

GOP lawmakers see angry parents at school board meetings. They follow the social media chatter. Conservativism Inc. media focus on it because it is, in a positive sense, click bait. Readers love it. So the party is only responding to voters—a welcome change from their past treachery.

But, again, the Respectable Right’s hesitations might undermine its strategy. Many Conservativism Inc. CRT critics shrink from acknowledging that it is simply anti-white racism. Thus reporter Christopher Rufo, as Revolver reported, has done “heroic work” exposing CRT in schools, corporations, and government agencies. But Rufo and his ilk dance around its true nature.

“Critical race theory is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1990s and built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism,” Rufo wrote last month [What critical race theory is really about, New York Post, May 6, 2021].

That’s OK, if a bit too enmeshed in academic jargon. But confronted with its anti-whiteness, Rufo flinches. When Leftist Marc Lamont Hill befuddled him by asking what he liked about being white during an interview, Rufo stumbled, then tweeted this:

Critical race theory is explicitly anti-white … but it is also anti-Asian, anti-rational, and anti-democratic. I think it is [a] much deeper problem—’anti-whiteness’ is merely one element.

Rufo essentially argued that race doesn’t exist, a favorite of Conservatism, Inc. And along with many other cuckservatives, he promotes the cringe idea that CRT is bad because it harms non-whites.

That truth surfaced recently when an interracial couple became the face of a nationwide anti-CRT effort. The couple—white husband, black wife—claimed the teachings concomitantly glorify and harm non-whites. “We believe that it hurts our black and brown community that the message is: ‘You’re a victim. You can never make it until we tear down all these systems and structures,’” Martin Kokoszka, the white husband, told Fox News [Interracial couple says critical race theory ‘hurts’ people of color, by David Meyer, New York Post, June 6, 2021].

But what about the message that whites are inherently evil? Apparently that’s less harmful than telling blacks they’re “victims.”

Conservatives celebrated a similar message from a black mother in Florida. She too attacked CRT as racist toward blacks. “[T]elling my child or any child that they are in a permanent oppressed status in America because they are Black is racist—and saying that White people are automatically above me, my children, or any child is racist as well,” she told a school board [Black mother slams critical race theory at Florida school board meeting, by Sam Dorman, Fox News, June 11, 2021].

The Respectable Right’s proposed alternatives to CRT leave much to be desired. Rufo in his May 6 New York Post article advocated a return to the principles of Martin Luther King, which is no solution at all. Martin Luther King would support CRT if he were alive. His crypto-Leftist movement was an ancestor to Black Lives Matter.

Many conservatives point to Trump’s 1776 Commission as an alternative. That’s another dead-end. The 1776 Commission asserted that America is just an idea, that white Southerners invented minority identity politics, that America was founded by mere individuals and not a distinct people, and that Martin Luther King presents a blueprint for how to teach race.

You’ve heard that one a million times: Judge a man by the content … blah, blah, blah. The 1776 Commission merely reprises 1990s liberalism. But that’s pretty much all that Con Inc. can suggest [Trump’s Cornball American History, by Robert Hampton, Counter-Currents, January 22, 2021].

The term Critical Race Theory itself is problematic. Leftist bureaucrats and educators can innocently say they only promote “diversity and inclusion.” Defense Secretary Austin did just that in sparring with Cotton. It’s only “diversity training,“ he said of the military’s anti-white programs. Those claims give the Left wiggle room to impose anti-white indoctrination. We’re all supposed to love diversity, equity and inclusion.

Conservative critics could avoid these problems by calling CRT what it is, which would make obscuring what CRT’s promoters are doing in classrooms and boardrooms more difficult. The so-called training tells whites they’re evil, and must check their privilege. That’s outright anti-white racism.

It’s great to see Republican officials and conservative Establishment types being dragged into the fight against this menace, but they need to hit harder. Repeat after me: CRT isn’t just racism; it’s anti-white racism.

And one more thing: Our schools must focus on the Historic American Nation and acknowledge who founded this country—not peddle the platitudes about a philanderer, Communist sympathizer, and accomplice to rape.

The base is awakening to anti-white racism. All the GOP leadership must do is speak the monster’s name.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Thank you, Washington Watcher II. You are one of my favorite writers on VDare. (Whatever happened to Washington Watcher I, BTW?)

    You post gives me more optimism than I had when I wrote this comment under John Derbyshire’s article on this same subject. It’s still sad to see that most Americans are still so careful with their language, so as not to be called names, when this just takes the point out of this issue.

    I have not seen this CRT crap sprout up where I live yet, but I have had to correct some of the distorted perspective taught by the government schools. Being somewhat a pariah myself already for my disdain for the face-diapering aspect of the Kung Flu PanicFest, I don’t mind speaking up at all. We’ll see how it goes here.

    Nice column, WWII.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @Getaclue
  2. gay troll says:

    CRT is a euphemism. Racism is racism. Obama is a hypocritical scumbag.

  3. KenH says:

    Tucker Carlson is guilty of pulling punches when it comes to what CRT truly represents which is a malicious blood libel against white people. In CRT whites have no redeeming qualities and the only way to redeem themselves is by committing collective suicide which we’re in the process of doing.

    When Tucker does mention CRT he often trots out black guests like that fiery black mom in Loudon County, VA, Candace Owens or Bob Woodson to tell us why it’s so wrong which according to them is usually because it depicts blacks as helpless victims when they are really Kangz. So see, it’s really just as bad for blacks if not worse.

    Everything cuckservatives do now is couched in whether it is good or bad for blacks. Cucks increasingly oppose immigration, yes they do, but not because it’s turning whites into a hated minority in the nation they founded and dominated until 1965 or upending their nice communities. No, cucks oppose immigration because it’s bad for blacks and makes it harder for them to economically succeed!

  4. @Achmed E. Newman

    Acchie! Good news from back home! Blue Loudon County, Virginia is up in arms against the woke, blue school board over CRT! HILARIOUS that they thought their toxic elected school board members and policies would only touch the children of others. Now that they’re getting a taste of the anti-white hatred they voted for, suddenly it’s not ok. Good for them, but fuck them. It was ok until it reached their children, they virtue-signaled their approval by voting these thugs in a decade back. The CRT-pushers are called Champaign Antifa or some such with their secret, anti-white Facebook group of which several board members are members including the white feminist superintendent. It’s always the filthy feminists, always, always, always.

    Ironically, this Loudon County is where my ex settled post-divorce in 1992, from Fairfax/Herndon, Virginia. Loudon was extremely red-state back then. What a difference 3 decades makes, eh?

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  5. “But they still flinch calling it Anti-white racism” This is one of the reasons and only one among many, that the RINO faction in the GOP must be cleansed and cleansed with EXTREME PREJUDICE. How is it possible for the politicians that represent the Republican base to even begin to battle the left who practically has a lock on all forms of media in the U.S–newspapers, college presses, glossy magazines, Hollywood, etc. , unless they frame the issue properly, to wit, the vile and hateful attacks by the democrat party leadership against white people. If McConnell won’t even state the problem clearly, he is useless in the fight against it. The GOP is full of white losers and cowards and they in no way represent their base when they can’t even defend the lies the left spouts out against that base.

    It’s beyond sickening to listen to Obama, Biden and every other democrat politician freely attack white people almost daily without even being challenged. And in fact, it’s dangerous not to challenge these bigots…

  6. MB says: • Website

    Well when you had a prez that spent 20 years in the black version of a KKK church – Black Liberation Theology is a racist heresy – what do ya expect? Nobody said boo at the time and so here we are, boys and girls. (And Obama is still around, pulling the strings and making Biden dance.)
    Likewise, no Geo. Washington Bday, but MLK Day is OK.
    This has been in the cards for awhile and is no big surprise.
    Still for the sake of those still drinking the koolaide, it needs to be hammered hard and it’s good to see that start happening vs. crickets previously.

  7. This is an excellent point:

    Rufo essentially argued that race doesn’t exist, a favorite of Conservatism, Inc. And along with many other cuckservatives, he promotes the cringe idea that CRT is bad because it harms non-whites.

    And Rufo is clearly being deliberately disingenuous when he says this:

    Sure, critical race theory is explicitly anti-white (in the clip, I reference Ignatiev’s campaign to “abolish the white race”), but it is also anti-Asian, anti-rational, and anti-democratic.

    Since it’s clearly incorrect even when analyzed using their own system. The typical CRT attack on Asians is to call them “White adjacent” — in other words, Asians are only bad when they’re not anti-White enough. If Asians spew enough hatred at the White goyim, then they’re A-OK. The anti-Asian stuff is merely collateral damage. [It’s different when they’re talking about Asian countries, but that’s another story]

    The base is awakening to anti-white “r****m.” All the GOP leadership must do is speak the monster’s name.

    And it’s important to get the name right. Meaning is determined by usage, and specific words matter. “R****t” is simply a pejorative term for people of European descent; an anti-White slur. And “r****m” is a synonym for so-called “toxic whiteness.”

    Saying “Anti-White ‘r****m’” is like saying “anti-White badwhytism.” Nonsensical. Self-contradictory. Self-defeating. A slightly more subtle version of DR3. Just say “anti-White hatred.”

    Yeah, I know, most conservatards think that r****m should mean something like “a tendency to exhibit “too much” in-group preference toward other members of one’s own race, or an ideology that supports that type of behavior.” But it doesn’t. It’s not used that way — it’s an intrinsically anti-White concept, and without controlling mass media/ academia, you don’t have the power to change that.

    Just look at any of the woke pilpul “explaining” why you can’t be “r****t” against Whites. What’s the very first thing they always do? Reframe the concept as “reverse r****m, then (((deconstruct))) it. Just read any of these links.
    There’s even a wiki page on it:

    Why do they do that? Because so-called “r****m” is an inherently anti-White concept. By setting up the “reverse r****m” straw man for you, they are both acknowledging and reinforcing that meaning.

    Think about it: when they say “reverse r****m isn’t a thing” and some conservative is stupid enough to jump in and say “yes it is”— he’s accepting both the illicitness and the whiteness of the r-word in one stroke. It’s an unbeatable rhetorical tactic… if you accept the validity of the concept of “r****m.” If you acknowledge the moral authority of their concept of “r****m,” you’re playing their game, on their field, by their rules. You’re not gonna win that one.

  8. Oh yeah. The Never Trump Republicans. I’m not sure it matters but I’m pretty sure approximately nobody is going to vote for them. The GOP is either a Populist Party or a vestigial appendage.

    Thanks for this. I am going back to click through your links

  9. Getaclue says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Meanwhile in the Real World:

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