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Are These Antifa/BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?
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Earlier by Kevin MacDonald: The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites?

It was always obvious to those of us on campus in the Vietnam years that if you fired at random into a mob of student protestors you would hit a lot of Jews, and that is exactly what happened at Kent State in 1970 (three out of the four dead) [Remembering the Jews of Kent State, 45 Years Later, by Anne Cohen, The Forward, May 4, 2015]. Subsequently, Stanley Rothman documented the key Jewish role in the New Left in his definitive 1982 study Roots of Radicalism: Jews, Christians, and the New Left. Similarly, at least one (Joseph Rosenbaum) and possibly two (Anthony W. Huber) of the Antifa shot in self-defense by Kenosha WI lifeguard Kyle Rittenhouse appear to have been Jews. (In a now-deleted post, the Jewish Chronicle tried to downplay Rosenbaum by saying he was “non-practicing.”) [Rosenbaum, not Jewish but targeted by antisemitism after death during unrest, by Rob Golub, August 27, 2020]. Will scholars eventually find that the Black Lives Matter moral panic that has convulsed the U.S. in 2020 also had a substantial Jewish component—that it is, in fact, a Color Revolution-style attempted Jewish coup?

I raised a similar question during the bizarre (because obviously doomed to failure) impeachment hearings in January:

Is the Trump impeachment a Jewish coup? It’s a dangerous question even to ask…

But undeniably, Jews have taken very prominent, very public roles in impeachment…In effect, impeachment is a project of the numerically dominant Jewish Democrat-voting Left, with the Jewish counsels for the Democrats questioning Jewish witnesses in House committees headed by Jewish representatives, and covered with breathless enthusiasm by Jewish-owned media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, and The New York Times.

The only surprise: that the Jewish role has been so public.

This summer of riots and statue-toppling, like the late-winter impeachment farce, should not be seen as a one-off event. I believe it is part of the struggle between our new, Jewish-dominated elite, mostly stemming from the 1880–1920 First Great Wave of immigration, and the traditional white Christian majority of America, significantly derived from pre-Revolutionary colonial stock but augmented by subsequent white Christian immigration, from which America’s historic so-called WASP elite was derived.

Of course, the people on the street are poor Blacks looting athletic shoes and TV sets, aided and abetted by young Whites playing hooky from their jobs at Starbucks. But the Great 2020 Black Lives Matter Moral Panic is still an elite project. Otherwise the elite Main Stream Media wouldn’t be systematically downplaying the violence resulting from what they label “mainly peaceful” protests; and they wouldn’t be ignoring the huge upsurge in shootings and crimes [Kids Getting Caught in Crossfire as Us Gun Violence Surges, by Don Babwin, AP, August 3, 2020]. And money wouldn’t be flowing into BLM-linked organizations from major corporations like Apple, Nike, Facebook, Coca Cola, and YouTube. [Want to know where all those corporate donations for #BLM are going? Here’s the list, by James Wellemyer, NBC, June 5, 2020]

In other words, the political class in the big cities run by Democrats (i.e., all of them), the lion’s share of the elite media and corporate America, the entire academic Establishment, and both major political parties are complicit.

So how did we come to this? It’s been a long process. But one thing that it is not: a reflection of the objective situation of American blacks.

Since the 1960s, the Ruling Class instituted a variety of programs to erase the gaps in income and wealth between the races. Affirmative Action created a Black middle class—according to a Brookings Institute study, roughly 71% of Blacks are middle- or upper-class [The Black middle class needs political attention, too, Andre M. Perry and Carl Romer, February 27, 2020]). Billions were thrown into Head Start and other programs, like busing students. Colleges bent over backwards to recruit Black students. Private corporations—and even more so the government—hired Black workers. And in 2008 Barack Obama was elected president on a wave of optimism on race relations.

Of course, it wasn’t enough. A recent study replicated Rushton and Jensen’s 2005 conclusion that 50–70 percent of the IQ difference between Blacks and Whites is genetic. [Global Ancestry and Cognitive Ability by Jordan Lasker, Bryan J. Pesta, John G. R. Fuerst and Emil O. W. Kirkegaard, Psych, August 30, 2019]. So all these programs could never erase the racial gaps in the genetically-influenced traits needed for success in a 21st-century economy. Indeed, arguably the welfare system and the sexual revolution—both progressive causes—was especially hard on the Black family: The markers of family dysfunction skyrocketed in the 1960s for Blacks and Whites alike, but much worse for Blacks—e.g., around 70 percent of Black babies are now born out of wedlock, over 80 percent for Blacks with a high school education or less [Dramatic increase in the proportion of births outside of marriage in the United States from 1990 to 2016, by Elizabeth Wildsmith, Jennifer Manlove, Elizabeth Cook,, August 08, 2018].

Thus the chart below, from Charles Murray’s Coming Apart, show the continuing cultural deterioration since the 1960s: The proportion of out-of-wedlock births among whites in 2016 is around twice the percentage for blacks back in 1960—but blacks have suffered worse.

Significantly, however, the leadership of Black Lives Matter opposes the “Western nuclear family” despite family breakdown’s many correlations with poor outcomes for children. Other Blacks see this paradox (and note Marcellus Wiley’ s comments on “white supremacy” at the end of this video):

The reason for BLM’s apparently perverse attitude: its leaders are self-proclaimed Marxists—i.e. part of the elite political class. [ Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’, by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post, June 25, 2020] Note that BLM co-founder Alicia Garza identifies as Jewish.


So how to conceptualize Jewish involvement? As documented in my book The Culture of Critique, Jews have been the backbone of the American Left since they arrived in America and are central to the new elite that emerged in the counterculture of the 1960s. The Frankfurt School, largely shaped by Jewish refugees from Hitler, reconceptualized anti-Semitism as resulting, not from class conflict as orthodox Marxism had claimed, but from ethnic conflict. Similarly, Jewish activism in the post-World-War-II U.S. focused on importing non-Whites as allies of Jews in opposition to the traditional White American majority. Hence the critical role of Jews and Jewish organizations in the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act.

Jews and Jewish organizations have allied themselves with Blacks since the early twentieth Century with the founding of the NAACP. And, despite a substantial history of Black anti-Semitism (e.g., Louis Farrakhan, the recent spate of attacks on Orthodox Jews in New York, anti-Jewish statements by Black media figures like Nick Cannon—who also thinks Blacks are superior to White people but only apologized to Jews), this alliance continues into the present.

(But the Cannon incident shows brings into focus that there are limits to Cancel Culture. Steve Sailer has pointed out that previous black insurrections have been stopped when they begin to criticize Jews, which he thinks is happening now).

Some Jews have taken the opportunity of recent developments in Cancel Culture to put forth their own continuing grievances against the West. Hence the Jewish campaign to remove the statue of French king Louis IX (Saint Louis) from a park in his namesake city of St. Louis. [Should St. Louis take down the statue of its anti-Semitic namesake? Activists say yes., by Ben Sales , Jewish Telegraphic Agency, June 26, 2020]

In this spirit, the Forward’s Aiden Pink helpfully supplied a list of 8 “anti-Semites” who still have memorials in the U.S.: Charles Lindbergh (who correctly identified Jews as one pressure group attempting to get the U.S. into World War II), Gen. George S. Patton (who was unsympathetic to the post-World War II treatment of Germans and Jews), Henry Ford (publisher of The International Jew), Peter Stuyvesant (who tried to prevent Jews from settling in New York), Martin Luther (author of On the Jews and Their Lies), President Ulysses S. Grant (who issued an order expelling Jewish cotton speculators from areas under his command during the Civil War), Mary Elizabeth Lease (who linked Jews with banking as part of her populism), and Thomas E. Watson (who led a campaign against Jewish accused murderer Leo Frank). [8 American monuments celebrating anti-Semites, June 23, 2020]

How long before they too are Cancelled?

But the major new development in this summer’s Cultural Revolution: cleansing the internet of material the Left doesn’t like. Essentially, the Left appears to have figured out a way around the First Amendment, by co-opting the private sector. Jews and Jewish organizations have been heavily involved.

It wasn’t long ago that the tech nerds who developed the internet had a strong ideology of free speech. This gave rise to an online flourishing of dissident ideas, with outlets such as and my own Occidental Observer .

But Jewish organizations, which had loudly favored free speech when Leftists were being blacklisted in the 1950s, had decided even twenty years ago that the internet represented a threat to their interests. Already by 1999 the Jewish enforcer group the Anti-Defamation League had published Poisoning the Web: Hate Online: An ADL Report on Internet Hate, Bigotry, and Violence.

(“Hate,” remember, is simply speech that the Left in general and Jews in particular dislike. Thus Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag’s saying “the white race is the cancer of human history” is OK).

More recently, Andrew Joyce has documented that, in Europe, organizations like Britain’s Community Security Trust, a Jewish organization, and the European Jewish Congress have taken the lead in banning speech on Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Dailymotion, and

Similarly in the U.S., the ADL has been deeply involved with social media companies. While most companies have been completely compliant, the ADL resorted to organizing a campaign against Facebook regarding messages on the Holocaust. They presented a

series of demands to drop the boycott [that] include the granting of high-level access to ‘civil rights’ (i.e., ADL) officials who will perform regular, independent audits” of “hate” on the platform (which would allow them to engage in intelligence gathering, the collection of IP addresses etc.), immediate removal of “thousands” of White advocacy groups, and the use of Facebook software to “target” “neo-Nazis and White supremacists. [“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 3 of 3, by Andrew Joyce, Occidental Observer, July 15, 2020]

Facebook is certainly not principled in its opposition to the ADL demands. Recently Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said on an earnings call … that the company agreed with the goal of the boycott, to have Facebook be hate-free.” [Facebook: increased ad revenue even as ADL-led boycott reduced spending, by Marcy Oster/JTA, Jerusalem Post, August 3, 2020]

And Facebook has just announced a ban on all political advertising in the seven days before the November 3 Presidential election. This obviously hurts the Trump campaign, which has relied heavily on social media advertising to get around Leftist control of the corporate media. But it hasn’t satisfied Leftists, who simply want Facebook to suppress the Right while allowing the Left free rein. Facebook appears desperate to avoid this, probably because making blatant editorial decisions would strengthen forces who want to remove the liability protection it currently enjoys as a supposedly neutral platform. [ Facing immense pressure, Facebook had no choice but to ban new political ads week before election , by Jon Swartz, MarketWatch, September 4, 2020]

It goes without saying that the giants of internet advertising are Jewish-dominated: Facebook (Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg) and Google (founded by Sergei Brin and Larry Page).

Censorship is also rampant at PayPal whose CEO is Larry Shulman. [National Justice Exclusive: Leaked Images From PayPal Seminar Reveals Explicit Racial Bias Against White Customers, Eric Striker,, July 4, 2020] PayPal, which dominates the internet payment market, has begun to refuse to service accounts linked to White advocacy—or even criticism of mass immigration, although that’s the issue that won Trump the 2016 election.

Given the long involvement of Jewish organizations in suppressing “Hate Speech,” including their recent involvement, in collaboration with BLM-linked Al Sharpton, in censoring the internet, we could well see all dissident sites on the right—particularly those linked to White identity and interests—cancelled [Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Joins Al Sharpton to Promote Boycott of ‘Hate’]

The only saving grace: this is a group that has a long record of going too far.

Earlier this year, considering the question of why Jewish legislators and media figures were expending so much energy on a far-fetched impeachment theory that had no chance of success, I answered: Because they can’t help themselves.

And, indeed, impeachment did fail.


Similarly, Antifa and the Tech Totalitarians will go too far. It may be the unprovoked murder of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland or Facebook’s subsequent outrageous blocking the pages of the very group to which this innocent victim belonged. It may be the national MSM’s complete repression of the news that, after a memorial service for the murdered Trump supporter, an Antifa militant ran over and nearly killed Proud Boy member—obviously because of the embarrassing parallel to Charlottesville.

It’s impossible to say. But history says an overreach will happen.

Kevin MacDonald [email him] is emeritus professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives in developmental psychology, personality theory, Western culture, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He edits and is a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly. For his website, click here .

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Aleksandr Solzhenytsyn noted in his book “Gulag Archipelago’ that ALL of the Gulags were run by Jews, and only Zionist/Communist Jews ran the CHEKA, SMERSH and later the KGB!

    When Hitler’s Intelligence Agents (well placed in the Kremlin) discovered that Stalin was planning to invade the West, Hitler positioned forces under Operation barbarossa, which failed miserably due to weather, industrial shortages, and logistical problems.

    Nikita Kruschev (aka Solomon Perlmutter, a Georgian Zio-Communist Jew) stated that ‘We will bury you!’ at the UN in the early 1960’s. He meant that literally, and that the great work would continue.

    Trump needs to remove the Kushners from the White House. He has been told and advised to do this from educated analysts. It’s actually Jared Kushner’s White House; Jared is running the country in behalf of Israel, and the Trumps are just living there! We are all paying the price for this now with the civil unrest, threats from top Jewish Generals in the Pentagon, and from the Fed.

    The Zionists posing as Jews, (and vice-versa) are ping-ponging our President and keeping the heat on him for the benefit of Israel. They are making sure that NOTHING constructive gets done or accomplished in the U.S. due to the anti-Trump methodology. After all, the Jews control Hollywood, the media and ALL of Congress!!! They control the monetary systems, and train law enforcement in the U.S., which is why police executions of citizens has reached a peak!

    After watching the Al-Jazeera documentary ‘When Israel Attecked America’ about the USS Liberty massacre in 1967, knowing full well it was an American Ally they were attacking, the cowardice that streamed out of DC was appalling for not standing-up to these assassins.

    Speaking of assassins, the Mossad has carried out the most number of such every year since the late 1940’s.

    The U.S. sends BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars to Israel, which in turn are the most obnoxious, nastiest group of people any American Christian will ever encounter. Personal experience here in this regard…they spit, throw booze bottles at Americans, and gather to mob anyone open-carrying a Bible.

    Rep Jim Traficant warned America about the influence that Israel has over America, and the blackmailing tactics are now in the open via Epstein, Maxwell, and a host of others who have now confirmed that most all of the U.S. Congress has been compromised!

    See Snordster’s videos on the various subjects of Zionism, and note that Zionism is NOT Judaism!

    • Agree: Gidoutahere
    • Thanks: Druid
  2. Dutch Boy says:

    Before the Black/Jewish alliance, there was the WASP/Jewish alliance, directed against Catholic ethnics. Of course, once that battle was won, with the destruction of ethnic neighborhoods in the big cities, the WASPs had served their purpose and could be become targets rather than allies. Nevertheless, the WASP elite continues to suck up to Jews, perhaps because of their ingrained habit of sucking up to the rich and powerful.

    • Agree: Gidoutahere
    • Disagree: Ben tillman
    • LOL: LondonBob
  3. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    note that Zionism is NOT Judaism!

    Zionizm might not be Judaizm
    but Judaizm contains Zionizm.

    • Agree: Juckett, R2b
  4. The Jews portray themselves as a high-minded, ethical people who serve as a light unto the gentiles. Why, then, do they promote such degeneracy?

    BTW, the intersection of anarchists with sexual predators goes way back. The main anarchist character in one of Dostoevsky’s novels recounts how he violated an 11-year-old girl. I suspect Dostoevsky dropped a hint here of what he knew about 19th Century anarchists based on his own experience, just as Thomas Mann hinted that he knew about the gay sex tourism in his time when he wrote “Death in Venice.”

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Anonymous
    , @Anon
    , @Fool
  5. Wielgus says:

    But half of this website thinks the “Joos” have already been running the USA since forever. And despite having some neo-Nazi followers, Trump makes his obedient visit to the Wailing Wall just like every other recent US president. So why the need for a “coup”?

  6. They are Communist insurgents, at least.

    Check out this Youtube video made by a BLM person at one of their events. About to riot*. At 37” she hands out a pamphlet titled “Donald Trump – Genocidal Racist” (subtle, no?). The author, Bob Avakian, is an Armenian.

    Robert Bruce “Bob” … is a political activist who has been the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP) since 1979. Serving as the party’s Chairman

    Books…Mao Tse-tung’s Immortal Contributions…Phony Communism is Dead—Long Live Real Communism…What Humanity Needs: Revolution and the New Synthesis of Communism…The New Communism: The Science, the Strategy, the Leadership for an Actual Revolution, and a Radically New Society on the Road to Real Emancipation

    Films…Revolution—Nothing Less!…The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible…


    Donald Trump—GENOCIDAL RACIST*
    Part 2
    Part 3 Part 4 [no part 1]

    Donald Trump hates Black people, and everybody who is not a “white, English-speaking, Christian American.” If he could, he would kill off a whole lot of them, and put many of the rest in jail for life, or drive them out of the country.

    Don’t believe it? Think that’s an exaggeration, that it’s going too far to say that about Trump? It’s not. Trump has spouted and shouted vicious racism for years, and decades.

    Reasons given: 1. Put an ad stating Central Park 5 should get the death penalty. 2. Supported Stop and Frisk. 3. Said he would build a wall on Mexico border. 4. Children in cages 5. Muslim travel ban.

    Number of times Hitler mentioned: 11.

    *peacefully protest

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  7. Some Jews have taken the opportunity of recent developments in Cancel Culture to put forth their own continuing grievances against the West.

    It’s the same old anti-goy agenda plus supreme opportunism. Just look at Britain, another Anglosphere battleground like Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    Twenty years ago the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain, an outfit set up by the Jewish-backed Runnymede Trust think-tank, published the Parekh Report under the cloak of anti-racism. Though led by Bhiku Parekh, an Indian proxy, the Vice Chair was Lady Gavron who was at the time married to one of Tony Blair’s financiers, the late Jewish publisher Robert Gavron whose former wife Nicky was once Deputy London Mayor.

    The report made various anti-white recommendations. Chief among these was a formal declaration that Britain is a multi-cultural and multi-faith society. Its authors even suggested the word British was politically incorrect because of racial connotations of ‘white colonialism’. They were also critical of the song ‘Rule Britannia!’ which has been in the news lately.

    Lady Gavron is reported to have suggested that the Prince Charles should have married a black woman (sort of like Harry) as a symbol of his support for a multi-ethnic Britain.

    Back then such recommendations were too radical for even Blair’s overtly anti-British government. Blair and cohorts did, however, adopt some other ideas e.g the Equality Act of 2006 which aided the dispossession of Brits.

    Over the years other Jews have been pushing the same anti-white nonsense e.g. Israeli-born journalist Rachel Shabi, who wrote ‘Britain Is an Immigrant Nation’ in 2017, and author Miranda Kaufmann whose amateurish book Black Tudors was mocked by peer historians like David Starkey.

    This time round there is critical mass for extreme recommendations in the Parekh Report thanks to years of indoctrinated into white guilt through academia and mainstream media plus George Floyd’s manipulated drug overdose death.

    Essentially, the Left appears to have figured out a way around the First Amendment, by co-opting the private sector. Jews and Jewish organizations have been heavily involved.

    I have said this here before. In Western Europe dealing with dissent is much easier through ‘Hate Speech’ laws which exist as a result of WWII.

    Runnymede Trust / Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain

    • Agree: Ponce Faggy
    • Thanks: Ace
    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  8. @Amerimutt Golems

    Indoctrination. apologizes to Grammar Stasi types. Javascript failed me again.

    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  9. sonofman says:

    European Americans have no one to blame but themselves. Almost every structure of power and influence is controlled by European Americans. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is. European Americans are losing all concepts of decency, common sense and trust in God.

    Being American means devotion to distinct principals of ethics, reasoning and individualism. There is a reason why there is no “except for” condition in the first amendment. So that no one person or faction can control information. And remember the “sticks and stones” that you learned in kindergarten? Why do people let words hurt them?

    You can condemn other people’s actions, but making judgments about other people based upon how they look or how they think is morally wrong. Judging people without a personal or cultural connection is stupid. Judgement is only conceded to God. Stand by your convictions and respect opposing ones. Convince by example and compelling arguments.

    Why don’t Americans not understand or ignore that voting is a (hard fought for) civil right that cannot be disrespected or criticized, and that any animosity against President Trump (other than questioning his policies) is also against the people that voted for him?

    Team sports are the microcosm of how democracy works, namely individuals who have achieved mental and physical exceptionalism through strength of character, united to pursue a common goal. Why can’t the European Americans in charge of these sports organizations not comprehend that they have affiliated themselves with a movement that uses criminal tactics and has questionable motivations and goals? Why can’t they create their own movement, like the Premier League, and confront all aspects that negatively influence Black lives? On the other side, how can the right of political expression diminish the professional excellence and the human drama of athletic competition?

    It is a total disappointment that the majority European Americans are allowing themselves to be bamboozled into thinking that something is wrong with their national identity and that it needs to be changed.

  10. fnn says:

    Whatever happened to “The Nuremberg Precedent”? War propagandist Frum certainly caused more harm than Julius Streicher, why did Streicher hang but Frum is still on the loose and now promoting pedophilia?

  11. SMK says: • Website

    The influence and power of Jews in the US would not be nearly as malign if not for the presence of some 40 million blacks.

  12. Another ringer from Kevin MacDonald! Keep ’em coming, K-Mac.

    Similarly, at least one (Joseph Rosenbaum) and possibly two (Anthony W. Huber) of the Antifa shot in self-defense by Kenosha WI lifeguard Kyle Rittenhouse appear to have been Jews. (In a now-deleted post, the Jewish Chronicle tried to downplay Rosenbaum by saying he was “non-practicing.”)

    Karl Marx was also “non-practicing.” Big whoop.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  13. tanabear says:

    Are These Antifa/BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?

    This was published on September 12, one day after the anniversary of 9/11. You mention the Jewish role in many destructive events since the 1960s but you left out probably the biggest, the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    The 9/11 attacks were carried out by the Mossad of Israel and their Sayanim or helpers in America. There were Israeli agents that were arrested on 9/11 because they were seen celebrating the attacks. They filmed the event and took pictures of themselves smiling for the camera while the towers burned in the background. They were detained for 71 days by the FBI. Here are some of the more memorable passages:

    From the FBI report: “…one of the males appeared to be taking still photographs and video of the other males with the WTC in the background. All of the males appeared to be jovial in that they smiled, hugged one another, and gave “high fives“.

    Film obtained from the 35mm camera of one of the detainees was later developed and processed by the Newark Division. The photos clearly corroborate [Blank’s] statements in that the Israelis are visibly happy on nearly all of the photographs.”

    A former Urban Moving Systems employee later contacted the Newark Division with information indicating that he had quit his employment with Urban Moving Systems due to high amount of anti-American sentiment present among Urban’s employees. The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked, ‘Give us twenty (20) years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country.”

    It looks like they are right on schedule with destroying our country.

    Which group had foreknowledge of the towers collapsing that day, not just World Trade Center 1 and 2, but World Trade Tower 7 as well? The Office of Emergency Management. This group was also headed by Jews; Jerome Hauer from 1996 to 2000, and Richard Sheirer on the day of 9/11. Jerome Hauer became Managing Director at Kroll Associates, the “CIA of Wall Street”, and was in charge of security for the World Trade Towers. If any group needed access to rig the towers he could have provided that. Amazingly enough, Jerome Hauer had an interview with Dan Rather on the day 9/11 and he already knows who was behind the attacks and how the towers collapsed:

    Dan Rather: Based on what you know, and I recognize we’re dealing with so few facts, is it possible that just a plane crash could have collapsed these buildings, or would it have required the, sort of, prior positioning of other explosives in the, uh, in the buildings? I mean, what do you think?

    Jerome Hauer: No, I, uh, my sense is just the velocity of the plane and the fact that you have a plane filled with fuel hitting that building, uh, that burned, uh, the velocity of that plane, uh, certainly, uh, uh, had an impact on the structure itself, and then the fact that it burned and you had that intense heat, uh, probably weakened the structure as well, uh, and I think it, uh, was, uh, simply the, uh, the planes hitting the buildings, and, and causing the collapse.

    Dan Rather: What perspective can you give us? I mean, there have been these repeated reports that, well, yes, Osama Bin Laden, but some think he’s been over-emphasized as, as responsible for these kinds of events. I know many intelligence, uh, people at very high levels who say, listen, you can’t have these kinds of attacks without having some state, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, somebody involved. Put that into perspective for us.

    Jerome Hauer: Yeah, well I’m not sure I agree that, umm, this is necessarily state-sponsored. Umm, it, as I mentioned earlier, certainly has, umm, the, uh, fingerprints of somebody like Bin Laden.

    So Jerome Hauer knew how the towers collapsed and who was behind the attacks while the ground at 9/11 was still smoldering. He also explained the collapse of the towers due the intense heat generated by the jet-fuel fires. Strangely enough, on September 13th, just two days after the 9/11 attacks, a civil engineering professor named Zdenek Bazant had already written and submitted a paper (Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?—Simple Analysis) where he erroneously attributes the collapse to the intense heat and high column temperatures. Bazant’s “Crush-down, Crush-up” theory would later become the “official explanation” for the collapse of the towers.

    Can anyone name another group where a similar checklist of anti-American sentiment, highly specific foreknowledge, and joyful reaction to the 9/11 attacks can be given? No.

    The 9/11 attacks were a Mossad and Sayanim operation.

  14. SMK says: • Website

    And the presence of over 40 million blacks in the US would be a bane and curse even if Jews didn’t exist.

    • Agree: TKK, Lace
    • Replies: @tanabear
    , @TKK
    , @Colin Wright
  15. tanabear says:

    What we have now is the rising tide of color (BLM) mixed with the rising tide of Bolshevism (Antifa); a true dystopian nightmare.

  16. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    Excellent comments and true to boot.

  17. @tanabear

    And let’s not forget that the group that planned Occupy Wall Street plans a 50-day siege of the White House, to begin this coming Thursday (9-17). #WhiteHouseSiege.

  18. The problem with MacDonald and white “nationalists” is that they believe in biological determinism. Let us not forget that Darwin was financed by Jewish interests, that biological racism is very much a Jewish idea, or that many white European nations were subject to the same racism, e.g. the Poles by the Germans, the Irish by the English, the Serbs by the Croats.

    This is the cruz of the Prof. MacDonald fallacy. The Jews wouldn’t be ruling the world today were it not for their strategic alliance with the Anglo-Saxons and the Dutch and other Protestant “Germanic” polities. It was the brute Oliver Cromwell, who banned Christmas, who let the Jews back into England thanks to the bribes he got from Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel and wealthy Dutch Jews. Cromwell massacred “white” Catholics will giving preferential status to Jews because he needed their money, which led to England’s financial enslavement under the Rothschilds and other Jewish banking families. America was a thoroughly Jewish project from the time of the Founding Fathers to today. The Jews had it much better in America than the Catholics. Before the arrival of the Ostjuden in the 1880’s, the mainly Sephardic Jews of the United States constituted an elite. The first Masonic lodge in Charleston was founded by a Portuguese Jew. A good fifty percent of the Masonic lodges in colonial America had Jewish Grand Masters. So before you blame the Jews and the blacks for the destruction of “white protestant America,” blame the craven avaricious Anglo-Saxon elites who sold their soul to the devil for thirty silver pieces. The whites did it to themselves. If they were more aware of what Jews elites had in store for America, perhaps they wouldn’t have cemented the Anglo-Saxon-Jewish alliance which got us where we are today, whose essential glue is Freemasonry, rooted in the esoteric Jewish magical system of Kabbalah …

    • Troll: VinnyVette, Ben tillman
    • Replies: @Bert
  19. @Dutch Boy

    European white largely WASPs are still around 60% of USA billionaires versus about 40% who are Jews

    What seems to have happened is that the elites have rather de-racinated under Jewish influence, hence the focus on various ‘societies’, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Freemasons and so on, giving the whites their ‘identity’ versus the racial one

    Plus accepted the elite Jews as the best, ultimate mafia for elites, leading to the current situation

    Elite Jews having successfully sold the WASPs on the need to destroy white culture and the white middle classes, the ultimate breeding ground of dissidents, via weaponisation of the blacks, POCs etc

    But perhaps at the moment, some of those old WASP families are beginning to have their doubts

    • Replies: @mark green
  20. Regarding the USA ‘coup’ in progress, and the Deep State obviously holding back on using its many draconian tools of law and surveillance to crush the insurgency –

    It seems that more than Trump, it US Attorney General and ex-CIA agent William Pelham Barr, age 70, on point, with and for the Deep State apparatus

    Half-Jewish in heritage Barr is maybe perfectly poised to understand all of what is happening

    Jewish Barr understands what the elites of his demi-tribe are doing, in their unholy alliance with the oligarchy, managing media, and the manipulation of the plebs

    White Christian Barr understands the backlash that is brewing

    This burning fire, the over 600 riots in over 200 cities, the targeted killings and attacks upon police, whites, and pro-Trumpers, is waking up the normies, fast

    Is that why this fire is allowed to burn? To re-elect Trump? To get the mass of USA plebs into a new level of consciousness?

    Obviously the USA police state and surveillance apparatus, can crush much of this, quite fast, when the Deep State is finally resolved on doing so

    Insurgent terra-rism as we see in this ‘coup’ won’t be entirely wiped out but it can become marginal

    The question remains, what societal architecture the Deep State, including its mafia of Jewish elites, has in mind for Ameri-burgers … the Deep Staters may not know themselves at the moment, what precisely they will try and sell as the November votes are ‘counted’ (heh-heh)

    • Agree: Bill
  21. Wielgus: “But half of this website thinks the “Joos” have already been running the USA since forever. And despite having some neo-Nazi followers, Trump makes his obedient visit to the Wailing Wall just like every other recent US president. So why the need for a “coup”?”

    That’s a great point.

    The key to understanding MacDonald is that for him, whites only have moral agency, and are only standing up for themselves as a race, when they do something that he, Kevin MacDonald, personally approves. MacDonald approves of Trump, and despite Trump’s Jewish family ties and Israel-friendly actions, endorses him as the “white” candidate. Therefore in his mind it follows that it must be that the Jews are trying to mount a coup against him.

    This is similar to his treatment of other matters. MacDonald inexplicably has seized on the idea that the 1924 Immigration Act was a magnificent example of the WASP elites banding together to defend white America, when in point of fact the Act both imposed quotas on immigration from Europe and at the same time allowed for unlimited immigration from Mexico, Central, and South America. By contrast, according to MacDonald, the 1965 Immigration Act involved no white agency at all. It was passed by an almost all-white Congress and signed into law by a white President solely in response to Jewish pressure. MacDonald even says this despite the fact that the 1965 Act for the first time imposed limits on immigration from Mexico and points south. You really have to pity those poor white people who keep being bullied and bossed around by Jews. It definitely couldn’t be true that they revised immigration policies in 1965 for their own reasons; reasons that had nothing at all to do with Jews. The desire for cheap labor, or political posturing, or gaining additional American influence in non-white areas of the world had nothing to do with it! Their Christian culture in which race was thought to be meaningless had nothing to do with it either, so don’t you dare think so!

    Likewise with Christianity and the churches. MacDonald thinks Christianity is generally positive for whites, and because of that, his way of explaining the fanatical anti-racist and pro-immigration stance of all mainstream Christian churches is to say that they have been infiltrated and subverted by Jews. Poor white people! Not even safe from Jewish attack within the confines of their own churches! No, it definitely could not be the case that two thousand years of Jesus’ message to love everyone, regardless of race, has had a weakening effect on their racial solidarity. Perish the thought! MacDonald approves of Christianity, therefore, even though it came from Jews and even though it perfectly fits his own paradigm of a Jewish movement, it’s a good thing. In his view, whites were completely helpless to prevent the takeover of their churches by the devious, treacherous, scheming Jews.

    His approach to issues such as feminism, corporate power, civil rights, the mass media and so on follows this same pattern. To MacDonald the vast majority of whites are mere clay, existing only to be molded by Jewish power. Despite, or maybe because of this, a certain mentality finds his message appealing. In a Christian culture, being a helpless victim of evil forces implies you are virtuous and even Christ-like in your suffering. It’s a perverse message of helplessness and hopelessness that does nothing to reverse the white march toward extinction, but it has anesthetic properties that let whites avoid any self-blame for their predicament. As every good con artist knows, you seldom go wrong in playing to a mark’s vanity.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Bork
    , @Bill
  22. One more point! Please, Prof. MacDonald, read this. The Puritans were the critical element in the foundation of the American Republic. The Puritans were the ideologues. The Virigians were merchants and tobacco-farmers. But the American idea is basically a Puritan Calvinist idea, Thanksgiving etc. There are cities in New England named after Cromwell, the traitor who let the Jews back into England due to the monies he received from the Jews of Amsterdam. New Haven, Connecticut, chief Puritan city of southern New England, gave refuge to three regicidals who signed the death warrant for King Charles I: Whalley, Goffe and Dixwell. Go to Yale, and you will see. Thus, the cornerstone of protestant America was founded by maniacs with deep ties to Jewish interests who preferred Jews to Catholics and Orthodox. Is it a mystery that the Puritans banned the celebration of Christmas in New England??? As for the Charleston Masonic Lodge, a quote. One of the principal lodges in Charleston, South Carolina was founded by the Portuguese Dutch Jew Isaac Da Costa, “The Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection.” If you let a thief into your house, who is to blame, the thief or the owner??? At least the Spaniards and Russians knew how to deal with the Jewish conspiracies. Prof. MacDonald, read Thomas Walsh’s biography of Isabella of Spain, and you will understand what the Edict of Expulsion was really all about. It was to save Spain from what England was to become under Cromwell and the Hanoverian dynasty.

    The Jewish Masons in colonial Georgia. Come on you “white nationalists.” Get to the crux of the matter. Stop whining. It was your own elites that sold you the Jewish bankers, because they were avaricious, lascivious and quite frankly, very very stupid. You need to read the radio speeches of Ezra Pound, and then you’ll get it. The Anglo-Saxon protestants and Jews were working together assiduously from the days of Cromwell because they were both greedy and could help one another get ahead in the false mercantile system they established which destroyed the world, the world in which we live, for all races. Blacks, whites, yellow, brown, we all suffer under the yoke of this scum which brought us the Bill Gates “plandemic.” Only a sovereign Christian monarch can save us, like Louis IX or the Catholic monarchs of Spain:

    From the article “Portuguese Serphadim in America” by Malcolm H. Stern:

    Even before he came to that conclusion, however, Oglethorpe had made some unsuccessful raids against the Spanish in nearby Florida. When it was rumored that the Spaniards, in reprisal, might overrun Georgia, the Sephardim, all of whom had been born in Iberia, fled the colony in fear of the Inquisition, leaving only the Ashkenazic Minis and Sheftall families.
    Moses and Daniel NuAez returned to Savannah in 1750, the former working as a trader and interpreter with the Indians, and later as port inspector. Both were leaders of Savannah’s Masonic lodge. Their nephew, Isaac de Lyon, returned from Charlestonin the 1760s.

    • Troll: Ben tillman
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Usura
    , @Ben tillman
  23. Am I crazy? How about an article on the history of Freemasonry in colonial America and all those nice Anglo-Saxon “prods” who joined in to get a piece of the pie? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I blame the WASPS more than I blame the Jews for where we are today … Because the WASPS only cared about money and their sick perversions. Their greatest victims were the Irish. From the letter of Hugh O’Neil, Earl of Tyrone to Phillip II of Spain asking for help to fight the English mercenaries in Ireland. Perhaps if the Armada had succeeded and Catholicism been restored in England, the world would have been a better place:

    It was a great temptation; but all through 1596 Philip had been beset by letters from Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, appealing for his help in saving Catholic Ireland from the English. Tyrone was a master of diplomatic intrigue and quite brilliant at playing friend to both sides; but in 1595 he was forced into open rebellion, and by 1596 his need of Spanish help was urgent. Not only had he and O’Donnell and Maguire and MacWilliam Burke written repeatedly and separately to Philip begging for an army to help them to preserve the Catholic faith; but when none came Tyrone and O’Donnell sent a joint letter to Prince Philip asking him to intercede on their behalf with his father. They asked that the King might be persuaded to help ‘this most excellent and just cause, that of assisting Catholic liberty and of freeing the country from the rod of tyrannical evil, and that, with the help of the Divine Majesty, he may win for Christ an infinite number of souls, snatching them from the jaws of hell, and may wholly destroy or compel to return to reason the ministers of satanic fury and the impious disturbers of the Christian state.’

    It was an appeal that was difficult to ignore. Two Spanish officers had brought back a precise statement of what Tyrone wanted. He had men, already far more than the English; but most were untrained and nearly all lacked arms. A stiffening of Spanish troops would set the country aflame.

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
    • LOL: Petermx, Thim
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @S
    , @Achilles Wannabe
  24. TKK says:

    I was in Frankfurt, Germany when Obama was first elected.

    Having dinner with some Germans, they at first said how wonderful it was America was the first Western country to elect a black man as President. What social advancement!

    But as the night wore on, several said to me (en vino es veritas):

    We didn’t think Americans would be so dumb as to actually elect him! We thought it was just for show.

    The joke was on us.

    Note: His pre-President credentials would not have landed him a job as an assistant public defender. It is astonishing and horrifying the coup pulled off by the media to make sure he was elected. It was the beginning of the end.

    • Replies: @gay troll
    , @Saggy
  25. This article began with an absurd idea equating the honorable Vietnam war protests to these mindless BLM protests. The American attempt to establish a colony in southern Vietnam was one of the most idiotic efforts by this great nation. Protestors were genuine people opposed to a senseless war, while corporate funded BLM refuses to even mention our mindless wars overseas.

    • Agree: Saggy
    • Thanks: GMC, turtle
  26. anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    “Bin Laden . . . We will know in 12 hours . . This is the time to deploy a globally concerted effort”

    — based on the plan for a global war on terror laid out by Benjamin Netanyahu on July 4, 1979.

    • Thanks: GMC
  27. Petermx says:

    Dr. Kevin MacDonald is one of the most interesting writers I have ever read. What he writes makes perfect sense to me. Listening to him in an interview is a pleasure too. He speaks as he writes. In a calm, thoughtful tone. I hope that someone like Tucker Carlson or even someone lesser known that knows how to speak well will finally say something like this on the air for everyone to hear. I would love to see organized Jewry’s reaction. I think this will eventually happen.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Bert
    , @Polemos
  28. JimDandy says:

    God bless you. One of your best, Kevin. Thank you.

    • Agree: Exile
  29. JimDandy says:

    Because he’s not obedient enough. Note the lack of new wars under his administration, whereas Biden will be on board to fight any and all proxy wars for Israel.

    PS Here’s a tip: Once a poster writes “the joos” he is essentially admitting he’s hasbara. Thx.

    • Agree: Exile, Art, AndrewR, Thim
  30. Mefobills says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    The Puritans were the ideologues

    But the American idea is basically a Puritan Calvinist idea, Thanksgiving etc. There are cities in New England named after Cromwell, the traitor who let the Jews back into England due to the monies he received from the Jews of Amsterdam

    Welcome to the party. It is good to have somebody like minded in the room.

    I’ve described the big bang event. For the West to get back on track, it has to undo the big bang.

    Part of the big bang is the Cromwell event, as you rightly point out.

    The other part of the big bang, is yet another god – the god of money and prices as derived by :(markets + private finance).

  31. Anon[709] • Disclaimer says:

    First they took control of the money in 1913

    Then they took over the culture in the 60s

    And finally they took over the white mayority so a new nazi esque party could never be repeated in usa

    Slowly they have took control of all the tool we needed to counter their influence

    For 300 years since its foundation usa had an internal and external war with the banker 3 times they tried to stablish a proto federal rrserve in usabut failed , only in 1913 with the arrival of ashkenazi jews scaping from russian progrom it became a reality

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  32. Cyrano says:

    Are These Antifa/BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?

    No, I would say it’s a deep state diversionary op. You see, in this year of turmoil, when millions of people lost their jobs and there is a lot of suffering as a result of the pandemic, the clever elites decided to steer the discontent towards some more manageable territory.

    In their (degenerate) minds, race conflict is preferable to class conflict. In a race conflict, the noble elites can play referees in a struggle between white deplorables and non-white deplorables. They can rise above the ugliness of racism because of their moral superiority over any types of deplorables.

    In a class conflict, the elites won’t be allowed to play holier than thou, they would have to be active participants in such conflict where their moral superiority might not be enough for them to rise above the challenge by the deplorables. What the degenerates seem to dismiss is the distinct possibility that they might end up with both types of conflict – class and racial conflict at the same time, where they might not be on the receiving end at the beginning, but they might end up seeing some action after the race conflict runs its course.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Ben tillman
  33. Druid says:

    McDonald hates Muslims. Doesn’t see who the real enemy is. These guys fear the Jew lobbies. Blowhards. Nothing will ever change in this country, ever, without dealing with the elephant in the room

  34. Biff says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    Two Spanish officers had brought back a precise statement of what Tyrone wanted.

    Tyrone shoes.

  35. The thing I most like about this essay is that it was actually published on Vdare which is long on race realism but very short on ethnic realism. If I was an optimist, I would say things are really looking up on the intellectual right.

  36. @SMK

    ‘And the presence of over 40 million blacks in the US would be a bane and curse even if Jews didn’t exist.’

    Yes, but how much of a bane and a curse?

    Weren’t the rest of us (including most blacks) more or less okay with Jim Crow, and weren’t blacks themselves, if not exactly an asset, at least tolerable?

    Absent predominantly Jewish activism, would this have ever changed? Should we see the change as for the better?

    • Replies: @Ralph Seymour
    , @Ace
  37. There’s something curiously amiss in this whole round of Black Lives Matter/Antifa/media promoted chaos. Something synthetic and not quite believable. It’s like looking at a painting by a second-rate Impressionist — something a little off. It’s all just a little too pat.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @anon
    , @Ace
  38. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    ‘In a Christian culture, being a helpless victim of evil forces implies you are virtuous and even Christ-like in your suffering.’

    This would seem to more accurately describe the traditional attitude of Jews. Isn’t it they who are the eternal and invariably virtuous victims? Don’t they furiously denounce anyone and anything who contradicts or qualifies that paradigm?

    Witness, for example, the furious denunciation of Toaff’s Blood Sacrifice, the conspicuous failure to offer an English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together.

    • Replies: @S
  39. utu says:

    E. Michael Jones has a better grasp of the Jewish factor in BLM operation.

    The Invisible Man at the Race Riots by E. Michael Jones

    “When Donald Trump referred to Antifa as a terrorist organization, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz came to their defense, “Trump’s Attacks on Antifa Are Attacks on Jews.” According to an article which appeared in the Forward, Antifa activism “is an affirmation of Jewish identity, both religious and secular” which stretches all the way back to 1897 with the founding of Bundism, which “sought to organize the working-class Jews of Russia, Poland, and Lithuania.” After members of a specifically Jewish Antifa group defaced a plaque in New York City honoring the president of Vichy France Philippe Petain, they left a note which defended the rationale behind their act of vandalism:

    With Monday’s actions, Jewish antifascists and allied forces have served notice that fascist apologism will not be tolerated in our city in 2019; that anti-Semitic ideology and violence will be confronted with Jewish solidarity and strength; and that the Holocaust will be remembered not only with sadness and grief but also with righteous anger and action: ‘We will never forget. We will never forgive.

    In the final analysis, Antifa is a Jewish organization in the same way that Bolshevism and Neoconservatism were Jewish political movements. Not every member of Antifa is a Jew, but Jews invariably find their ways into leadership roles in places like Portland, Washington, DC, and even in China, as was the case during the Cultural Revolution of 1966, because they have an advantage over non-Jews in embodying the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit which is the hidden grammar of all revolutionary movements.”

    • Thanks: AndrewR, mark green, Ace
  40. Wally says:

    You’re indoctrinated.

    The ‘Nazis” did not do what is alleged, hence the term “neo-Nazi’ is bullshit.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  41. Dan Hayes says:

    Most likely Tucker would like to entertain MacDonald as a guest but dare not for self-preservation purposes.

  42. neutral says:

    Because despite being absolutely pro jew, Trump has not been sufficiently anti white, for jews this is not something they tolerate.

  43. Anon[298] • Disclaimer says:

    An anarchist Jewish urge to overthrow everything goes way, way back. As soon as modernism hit in the early 1800s, many Jews lost their traditional village life and religion, and leftist Jews went off the rails in a major way. Anarchist Jews have been plotting and scheming against goy governments in Europe and America for 200 years now, and they’ve never gotten very far–long term. They make inroads, and then get pushed out of power. (See the Soviet Union).

    It appears to be part of the genes of an ancient, priest-led people that when you take away their religion, they have an uncontrollable urge to substitute another, and Jews chose Leftism.

    Notice that leftist Jews have no urge to build a society, but only tear it down. Leftist Jews in Europe and America are content to stay there and attack it, and they aren’t migrating to Israel and joining political life there, and they don’t want to help run the Israeli state despite being filled with ideas about how society ought to be run. Leftist Jews in Europe cling to their leftist religion, even being pro-Muslim when Muslims launch terror attacks against Jews and kill them.

    If it’s true that a tendency to be left or right is genetic, then it’s hard to say what purpose fanatical Jewish leftism serves, ala Darwin. Maybe it’s just the high degree of insanity that characterizes an inbred people. Jews inbred heavily about the time of the Black Death.

    I suspect much of the Jewish breeding stock back in the Black Death days were the fanatical, pop-eyed sorts who believed in witches and burning heretics, and they reacted to the Black Death by murdering every plague-infected Jewish neighbor, because they interpreted the sickness as a sign of God’s anger striking down an evil person. Thus the witch-burner murderers survived to pass on their genes in large concentrations to their Jewish descendants.

    Psychologically speaking, Jewish leftism is just ‘Burn the Witches! Burn the Heretics!’ with a modern gloss.

  44. @tanabear

    Little known fact: in the Bolshevik genocide of Russian Christians, the Bolsheviks relied heavily on non-Russians to 1) conduct the mass executions, 2) provide personal security for high-ranking Bolsheviks, 3) staff the CheKa’s torture and execution chambers, and 4) carry-out intra-military punishments. These non-Russian loose militia operated with impunity against Russian civilians, plundering and slaughtering wherever and whenever they chose. They were mostly Chinese, Korean, and Lett (which, I believe, were Latvian Jews).

    • Agree: Emily, Derer
    • Replies: @Guest 20200914
  45. brams says:

    Despite the most significant support ever given to Israel and the Jews, Trump, who makes no secret of his policies against globalization, has become the useful idiot the Jewish oligarchs seek to get rid of, the same ones who spurred him to support the Israeli expansionism

  46. @Carlton Meyer

    Hey, hey, ho, ho,
    Western civ has got to go…

    It wasn’t the Vietnamese who defeated the West in the 1960s.

    The student protests in the 1960s were no more about the Vietnam War than the BLM protests today are about police brutality against blacks.

    • Disagree: GMC
    • Troll: Saggy
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  47. A.K.Patal says:

    Kevin McDonald and other white supremacists will keep saying or hinting theirs is the smartest race on earth, but forever complain about Jews making live miserable for them! If the supremacists are so smart, why aren’t they doing something about a small minority that controls everything in America?

    Well, doing something about that small minority that controls everything in this country is beyond Kevin McDonald and any and all the white supremacists. As for Donald Trump, contrary to the popular notion among white supremacists, Jewish opposition to Trump is measured: they just criticize him enough to make him appear a patriot, and maintain his support among section of the white population and win the next election. The reason why Jews do not oppose Trump is that he does everything that Israel wants and some. He is the best friend of Benjamin Netanyahu and sheldon Adelson after all. And for white supremacists, to dream about liberating the country, and at the same time put all their eggs and hopes with the man essentially controlled by Netanyahu attests to how truly confused these groups are.

    You may take me as sarcastic, but the solution for Jewish domination is to bring more none white immigrants into the country, especially people who understand the Jews and can think like the Jews. The reality, however, is that whether one likes or not, no one group, regardless of how large, can deal with this group.

    • Disagree: Suicidal_canadian
    • Troll: VinnyVette
  48. Emily says:

    Paul Craig Roberts.
    The one man you can believe in.
    And its not nice reading.
    ‘America’s colour revolution’.
    Spells it out.
    Who and what.

  49. Bert says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    Let us not forget that Darwin was financed by Jewish interests

    Darwin was independently wealthy through his father and his wife. His research was mostly aggregation of information from correspondents. Postage stamps, paper and ink were cheap then as now.

  50. Bert says:

    MacDonald has done yeoman work. However, his weakness is not probing for a genetic explanation for Ashkenazi activities. The problem is not with all Jews; it is with the subunit from Central and Eastern Europe. And not all members of that subunit exhibit hostility to Caucasian culture. To me these facts point to a genetic basis in the subunit and in the most rabid individuals.

    • Agree: Emily
    • Replies: @Bork
    , @Franklin Ryckaert
  51. My only disagreement with Dr. MacDonald is that the anti-war protests of the 60’s and 70’s, as Carlton Meyer has pointed out in the comments, were legitimate (perhaps Kevin considered them to be legit, but saying so is probably imperative).

    The current BLM protests are absurd, unless you want to make them 100% about police brutality against Americans of all ethnicities. This is clearly not what any Antifa or BLM rioters are concerned about. As such, the two questions are 1) Who is orchestrating the riots? and 2) Who is participating in them?

  52. Ugetit says:
    @Rex Reptilian

    Rep Jim Traficant warned America about the influence that Israel has over America, and the blackmailing tactics …

    True. Also, he’s not alone in either his warnings or his fate as you’re no doubt aware.

    For instance Ezra Pound was another who also tried to warn us around 80 years ago and was locked up in a mental hospital for 12 years or so yet his messages are as timely today and they were then. I merely skimmed the article because it’s essentially a rehash of the points he made but I do not mean that as a criticism since the message must be repeated since Boobus americanus has evidently yet to figure it out.

    You get it. Thanks!

  53. R2b says:
    @Rex Reptilian

    You’ll not have a living fish, if you separate the bones from the flesh!

  54. Ugetit says:

    If he were not compliant enough, he’d have already been assassinated. Count on it. What’s going on is keeping the goyim confused, disoriented and oppressible.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  55. Ugetit says:

    Reasons given: 1…5. Muslim travel ban.

    He forgot the biggie for some reason. Should have included, “6. Appeases the racist, genocidal State of Israel.”

  56. @Carlton Meyer

    Carlton “Meyer” hmm… That was not MacDonalds point. The point was anarchist equals Jews. The college kids protesting the war were doing so only because they had their heads filled with crap from leftist / Marxist jewish professors.
    The anti Vietnam position may have been justified. But don’t forget the fact that these kids were sold the Kool Aid to hate their white christian parents and their bourgeois Christian values as part of the package.
    The Vietnam protests weren’t just a protest against the war, they were part and parcel of a protest against the entire American society and system.

    • Replies: @Jim Brewer
  57. Bork says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Likewise with Christianity and the churches. MacDonald thinks Christianity is generally positive for whites, and because of that, his way of explaining the fanatical anti-racist and pro-immigration stance of all mainstream Christian churches is to say that they have been infiltrated and subverted by Jews.

    Christianity was the original jewish subversion so it was designed to be toxic to not just europeans but all non-jews it infected and it still is. Kevin Macdonald obviously knows very little about the pre-christian religions of Europe. North and East European indigenous religion was racial and thus indirectly strongly anti-jewish. Christianity wrecked all that and enabled jews to settle and parasite in areas that were previously unreachable to them.

    Christianity is fundamentally a religion that is centered around jew worshipping and jew adoration mixed together with marxist values such as universalism, antiracialism and egalitarianism. Contrast that with norse religion or the vedas where swarthy/dusky people are declared to be slaves or sacrificial victims by divine command. For instance every ninth year nine swarthy jew lookalikes were sacrificed to the norse god Frey at the temple of Uppsala in Sweden. Good luck trying to swindle the goyim when you look like the perfect sacrifice to a very popular god. Christianity has to be utterly erased from the entire world if the jews are to be defanged. Now, how many white americans are willing to accept that? A minority only IMHO. Jews do not only control american mass media, banking, entertainment and education, they also control american religion, and it is religion that is their strongest fortress. This is entirely overlooked by researchers.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @VinnyVette
  58. Avery says:
    @Rex Reptilian

    {When Hitler’s Intelligence Agents (well placed in the Kremlin) discovered that Stalin was planning to invade the West, Hitler positioned forces under Operation barbarossa}

    Hitler’s non-Intelligent agents did not discover s____t, because Stalin had no such plans.

    Hitler discussed his plans for Lebensraum in the East before 1930, looooong before invading SU.

    Nazis planned to exterminate and ethnically cleanse all Slavic peoples West of the Urals, and settle Germanic peoples in those rich, fertile lands.
    Hitler’s main goal for starting WW2 had always been conquest of the lands of the Slavic peoples.
    He never wanted war with either England or France.
    He invaded Poland to get closer to USSR.
    Stalin invaded Poland for buffer and to gain time to prepare for the Nazi invasion that he knew – thru his excellent intelligence services – was coming.

    Hitler outsmarted Stalin by invading long before Stalin thought he would.
    First Stalin refused to believe the invasion was real, and forbade his generals from firing at invading Germans: he considered the invasion a “provocation” and tried to avoid war with Germany at all costs. He was terrified of Hitler.
    When Stalin finally accepted that this was the real McCoy, he went into shock and hid in his office incommunicado for a week or so. His generals from the front were pleading for orders: none came, and Germans kept racing forward, surrounding leaderless Red Army divisions and annihilating them.

    { which failed miserably due to weather, industrial shortages, and logistical problems.}

    Right: you forgot the unfavourable alignment of stars and the outrageous price of eggs in China at that time. Otherwise the genocidal Nazi invaders would surely have won.

    Also, through a secret technology, Red Army troops were able to create micro-climates where they were fighting the invading mass-murderers. So while the Nazi scum had to fight in -30 degree freezing weather, the Red Army troops were fighting in comfortable +50 to +60 degree weather.

    The Red Army (overwhelmingly Slavic, and overwhelmingly Russian) crushed the Nazi invaders – albeit with great difficulty and sacrifice – because it was either that, or extermination of the Slavic peoples.

    • Replies: @neutral
  59. Bork says:

    MacDonald has done yeoman work. However, his weakness is not probing for a genetic explanation for Ashkenazi activities. The problem is not with all Jews; it is with the subunit from Central and Eastern Europe. And not all members of that subunit exhibit hostility to Caucasian culture. To me these facts point to a genetic basis in the subunit and in the most rabid individuals.

    Wrong. Assyrians in Sweden exhibit typical jewish behavior. They do large scale crime, both non violent and violent organized trough their church. The muslims do organized crime too but they are organized trough their clans and do not have the far reach that the assyrians and jews have because they do a lot of infighting and lack the numbers and specialized white collar crime workers in their clans which are a great deal smaller than a church or synagogue congregation.

    And your language is poor, jews are caucasians, and central and east european jews are not native to central or east europe, they are migrants from the middle east. There are at least 2 000 million caucasians in the world, most of them are not white europeans. The term is so loosely defined that it is useless, anyone who does not have an asian or african skull is a caucasian.

    • Replies: @Bert
  60. Hossein says:

    Yes , it is a Jewish coup against a man who has sold his soul to the Zionists and whose election campaign is financed by them.

  61. Robjil says:

    Zion MSM lies matter.

    Zion lies only for its cause.

    The Zion MSM Zombies follow whatever Zion MSM says.

    This BLM is ISIS or Al-qaeda reformed to fit the homeland of the Zion Golem.

    ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue. It’s a truth as black and white as the colors on their flag. For many alternative news readers, this may be patently obvious, but this article is written for the large majority of people in the world who still have no idea who is really behind the rise of ISIS. No matter which name they go by – ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh – the group has been deliberately engineered by the US and Israel to achieve certain geopolitical goals. They are a religious, fundamentalist, Sunni terrorist organization created to terrorize and overthrow certain secular or Shiite Arab nations such as Syria and Iraq, but they are not just “Islamic”. They may be Muslims, and they may be advocating an Islamic State, but they are very much working towards the goals of Zionism.

  62. Vojkan says:

    If the Antifa/BLM riots are a Jewish coup against Trump, the most ziophile (I just made up that word and it is intended to sound like a perversion) US president ever, then it’s a coup of Jews against Jews. The good news for the world is that America is so f*cked.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @Wade
  63. @Bert

    In 711 Sephardic Jews invited the Muslims into Spain and helped them to conquer it. In 1453 Sephardic Jews opened the gates of Constantinople to the Turks. In 1688 a Sephardic banker from the Netherlands Francisco Lopez Suasso financed William III to invade England and claim its crown, for which he was rewarded with the foundation of the Bank of England. Dutch Sephardic Jews owned a major part of the shares of the Dutch East and West Indies Compagnies, so much so that they could force Peter Stuyvesant, governor of then New Amsterdam, to accept Jewish immigrants (again Sephardic Jews). Sephardic Jews were mainly responsible for the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In 1915 Sephardic crypto-Jews (“Young Turks”) were responsible for the genocide of the Armenians. Etc. etc., hardly any better than Ashkenazi Jews and yet genetically different.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Bert
    , @Guest 20200914
  64. G J T says:

    Zionism is literally just Judaism in action.

    • Agree: gay troll, R2b
  65. @anon

    Zionism is not Judaism, but what makes Zionism so noxious is Judaism. Judaism as described and implied by the Talmud as well as by the writings of the most renowned sages is a religion that defines the belonging to it through the practice of sorcery (those who don’t practice it so as to control others being condemned to being controlled and therefore reduce to the ranks of subhumans), which postulates that the Universe owes its existence through the pronouncing of sorcery formulae and accomplishment of various magical rituals, and interprets both the Bible and its own foundational texts as sorcery recipes. The whole Talmud cannot be understood otherwise than a grimoire as it is clearly understood at each passage that reality can be acted upon only through occult rituals and that God himself is to be tamed through witchcraft. All objects of piety or even of daily life are talked about in the Talmud as amulets. Not all practioners of sorcery are wicked, most actually imagine quite sincerely that they are improving the order of things, but who had studied the subject extensively rapidly realizes that absolutely no durable good can be attained that way. Would you allow Haitian voodoo to reign supreme in the USA as a way to settle all affairs of justice and all philosophical debates? Hell no! Judaism is closer to the darkest conceptions one can have of voodoo than voodoo itself. In voodoo evil spells are there as a weapon of last rescourse when facing dangers for your survival and otherwise are not recommended. In Judaism the use of them to achieve justice is the ultimate good.

  66. G J T says:

    The influence and power of Jews in the US would not be nearly as malign if not for the presence of some 40 million blacks.

    What an absolutely absurd statement. As if it’s not the Jews themselves who have made blacks problematic in the first place. Anyone who tries to downplay Jewish power or minimize just how evil they are, as you are doing, simply doesn’t get it. Or you would like to believe that under slightly different circumstances, you too could come under the good graces of the tribe and be accepted into the buttgoy club.

  67. @A.K.Patal

    “…You may take me as sarcastic, but the solution for Jewish domination is to bring more none white immigrants into the country, especially people who understand the Jews and can think like the Jews…”

    A very disingenuous “solution”: bring in more non-white immigrants to make the already bad demographic situation even worse! Why not simply spreading the understanding of Jews, like MacDonald does?

  68. Vojkan says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Yep, it’s their religion that stinks, not the genetics.

  69. @Vojkan

    Indeed that is my impression too. It is a conflict between two factions of Jews: Zionist Jews and Diaspora Jews. Trump works mainly for the Zionists. He does almost everything for Israel, except (until now) a war against Iran. At the same time Trump sincerely wants to “make America great again” and here he comes into conflict with the Diaspora Jews of America who want to destroy it. Hence relentless attacks on Trump by the press, the Democrats, BLM/Antifa etc., while Jewish Zionists want to keep him.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  70. kikz says:

    think ‘family-feud’ w/in the various factions vying for power.

  71. Anon[293] • Disclaimer says:

    [Repeating the same off-topic comment on multiple threads is bad behavior and will get most of your future comments trashed.]

  72. @Cyrano

    Brilliant! But it is still old divide and rule.

  73. Scotist says:

    Recent study replicated….hmm, what study would that be? The OpenPsych farce? It hardly inspires confidence. Take Kirkegaard, one of its authors. Only has a B.A. in linguistics (!) but is otherwise completely “self-taught.”

    As for twin studies, don’t even get me started on those:

    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  74. neutral says:

    Your concern trolling does not work here, nobody got here because their ancestors adhered to human rights. The genocidal jew is undertaking a genocide of all white people, so instead of just thinking of Slavs, think bigger picture.

    • Agree: Hiya Doody
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Derer
  75. Scotist says:

    P.S.: One more thing: one must not operate with a view of genetics in terms of a static blueprint. As research into epigenetics has shown, environmental influences affect how genes themselves are expressed.

  76. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks! and keep it up on 9-11. The bogus legitimacy of the kosher deep state hinges on keeping it secret and will unravel as fast as the truth gets out. It’s now 19 years. Hard to believe the cover up has for the most part succeeded this long, largely thanks to the MSM, and especially Fox News, which initially through Carl Cameron’s 5-part series opened the door to discovering Israel and its American exclave’s straightforward and obvious guilt.

    Given the evidence of Israel’s guilt that’s out there in such abundance, such as the work of Christopher Bollyn and David Ray Griffin, I’m still shocked that the Jews’ flunkies at Conservatism Inc would have the unmitigated gall to continue defending the official fairytale about 19 Arabs magically able to fly jetliners with better skill than seasoned airline pilots. There are, of course, dozens and dozens of other anomalies and admissible circumstantial evidence implicating Israel and its fifth column. What is doubly galling is that the right is willing to quite literally throw out a thousand years of Western Civilization’s hard-fought development in arguing from incomplete evidence to valid conclusion because they’re such groveling whores for Israel and its genocidally white-hating exclave on American soil we stupidly call American Jewry.

    The official narrative is on a par with the messaging conveyed the choice of My Pet Goat. In any case, defense of the narrative by the supposed right cannot be explained away by ignorance, or even less by the slightest plausibility the official story is true. Imagine having a chance to cross-examine or debate any of them trying to justify the official fairytale or refute the evidence by waving it away with the sort of ad hominem advanced by that flyweight jackass Cass Sunstein.

    I’m with you 100% in that we can never drop our guard and forget the treason of 9-11 and its cover up. The still ongoing, elaborate efforts at concealment are quite legitimate circumstantial evidence providing powerful and adequate evidence of guilt on the part of key people at Fox News, Conservative Inc, as well as among the members of Congress in both parties. This 9-11 Big Lie justifying everything that’s unfolded since then unarguably also includes whomever the Jews place in the White House to do their bidding. Washington is now almost indistinguishable from the Synagogue of Satan.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @anon
  77. Bert says:

    You are confounding crime in the monetary sense with conscious destruction of the host culture. Neither Assyrians, nor Roma, nor blacks, are intensively doing the latter. Tomato worms can be dealt with more easily than Formosan termites. Your pickiness about a name for the culture being attacked simply illustrates that northern Europeans are individualistic and not tribal, our fatal flaw.

  78. anarchyst says:

    I must disagree with your statement: /Christianity is fundamentally a religion that is centered around jew worshipping and jew adoration mixed together with marxist values such as universalism, antiracialism and egalitarianism. ./ …especially when it comes to pre-Vatican II Catholicism.
    It is the Protestant sect that have been “poisoned” by the elevation and supremacy of the jew by Schofield, Darby and other Protestant advocates.
    Until the deceptions and infiltration of jews and protestants brought on by the Vatican II Ecumenical Council which was co-opted by jews and protestants, the Catholic Church held a firm belief that jews were the (spiritual) enemy of Catholicism and always stated as such. Not so, with the Protestant sects which embraced judaism and jews as “our elder brothers” with open arms.
    Christianity and Catholicism went “off the rails” by incorporating the “old testament” books of the Bible into their doctrines.
    The “god” of the “old testament” was a vengeful “god” who was always exacting punishments against its “chosen people” because they were always screwing up and refusing to obey its dictates.

  79. Bill says:

    It’s a good question why there is this insane reaction to Trump. He’s just like any other Republican would have been in office. MacDonald’s theory doesn’t make much sense, and for roughly the reasons you give. Even if Trump is some kind of bump in the road for our evil elite, that’s all he is. All they have to do is wait since time is on their side. There is something non-obvious going on beneath the surface.

  80. Usura says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    But the American idea is basically a Puritan Calvinist idea, Thanksgiving etc. There are cities in New England named after Cromwell, the traitor who let the Jews back into England due to the monies he received from the Jews of Amsterdam. New Haven, Connecticut, chief Puritan city of southern New England, gave refuge to three regicidals who signed the death warrant for King Charles I: Whalley, Goffe and Dixwell. Go to Yale, and you will see. Thus, the cornerstone of protestant America was founded by maniacs with deep ties to Jewish interests who preferred Jews to Catholics and Orthodox. Is it a mystery that the Puritans banned the celebration of Christmas in New England???

    Many white nationalists are aware of these facts, and would agree with this interpretation of history. But it doesn’t support your previous point about biological determinism being bunk. Jews gained influence in Western civilization through key alliances with certain elites and Christian sects, as you point out, but their ethnocentrism is by now self sustaining.

    And your claim that “biological racism is very much a Jewish idea” is just false. Hereditary determinism has been a key component of belief in elite circles since man’s prehistory. It is not unique to Judaism in any way. We don’t need to throw out the concept of ethnic-determination just because some whites were traitors. Whites are indeed partly to blame for the capture of their institutions, but you overstate this culpability.

    The point you arrive at here

    Only a sovereign Christian monarch can save us

    is the crux of our disagreement. Any suggestion that the right path for whites is a return to pre-scientific religious cults, centered on Jews, is regressive, nostalgic, and willfully ignorant of research on both genetics and declining Christian belief among whites. Catholicism was indeed a check against Jewish power for centuries, and its leaders oversaw the greatest artistic achievements of our civilization, but it is impossible to excise the Jewish root from its mythology, and that is a problem that is not worth working around. Similarly, the American nation is, as you point out, hopelessly bound at its very inception to Jewish supremacy, and that is also an incongruency white nationalists can not afford to waste time in addressing.

    No cult, no God, no nation, no matter how beautiful, can overcome these numbers. What is needed are new gods, a new faith, a new nation, one which takes account of our religious past, but does not ignorantly pine for harsh monarchs from 600 years ago.

    I would rather say: the only thing which can save us is rational ethnocentrism of the kind practiced by Jews. If whites cannot stomach the incorporation of the ruthless traits of their ethnic competitors into their own psyches, then they resist their own evolution, and will perish ingloriously while the world looks on in bemused amazement.

    You need to read the radio speeches of Ezra Pound, and then you’ll get it.

    I’ve read them all, twice, at least.

    • Thanks: mark green, MrVoid
  81. Bert says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Of course Sephardic Jews have operated under the same endogamous, imperialistic-parasitic religious teachings as the Ashkenazi. Hence gene-culture coevolution theory, which was initially mathematically elaborated fifty years ago, would predict that Sephardim evolved to act exploitatively against individuals of their host population. Otherwise they would not have been expelled from Spain. But I think it is likely that the Ashkenazi psychology was molded to a greater degree by their longer tenure as “official exploiters.” There are a lot more Rosenblums and Weinbergs fighting the culture war than there are Abravayas, Collados, and Benvenistes.

  82. @anon

    It’s the Jewism (being a Jew) that contains the other two … once a Jew, always a Jew … just ask Ron Unz!

  83. Usura says:

    This chart was intended to be included in my post; for some reason it didn’t embed properly.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  84. @Digital Samizdat

    Trotsky was also a “non practicing Jew”, many say Lenin as well.

  85. @utu

    re the Forward article:

    With Monday’s actions, Jewish antifascists and allied forces have served notice that fascist apologism will not be tolerated in our city in 2019; that anti-Semitic ideology and violence will be confronted with Jewish solidarity and strength; and that the Holocaust will be remembered not only with sadness and grief but also with righteous anger and action: ‘We will never forget. We will never forgive.

    Jews have gotten so wound up in being anti-Shite that they can’t get their sh*t together. A core inspiration for zionism was fascism.

    Zionist rock-star Vlad Jabotinsky admired Italian nationalism, and even its “muscular” expression by Mussolini — author and exemplar of fascism, although Mussolini’s Fascism had a logic for Italy that entirely escapes both Jabotinsky’s militant zionists and the multitude who mis-use the term.

    Jabotinsky’s . . . “Jewish soul” was pleasantly dormant. It needed some
    potent incentive to be awakened. Jabotinsky stated in his Autobiography that the beginnings of
    his Zionist activities were connected with the Italian opera . . .His mind and soul were likewise formed outside the spiritual ghetto, in which the overwhelming majority of Russian Jewry still lived. He was deeply influenced by the proud philosophy of the Italian national Risorgimento: Italia
    fard da se
    : Italy will be liberated by herself.

    from: Rebel and Statesman: The Vladimir Jabotinsky Story by Joseph B. Schechtman

    PS WE who know of Jewish treachery against Germany and now USA “will never forgive, never forget.”

  86. anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    The whole world is a Jewish Coup, a Coup that has been ongoing for centuries.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  87. AndrewR says:

    No he’s immune to being JFK’d. Civil war is the last thing the juice want, and I can’t think of anything that would lead to civil war quicker than Trump getting offed. The left would be so open in their glee that Trump’s millions of fanatic supporters would go on rampages.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
  88. Vojkan says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    A war against Iran may be the reason why it wouldn’t be such a good idea to give Trump a second term during which he wouldn’t feel the constraint of pleasing his voters in order to get reelected.

  89. Hoekom says:

    Although Oliver Cromwell tried to open the doors to Jews, he was prevented by the Puritan parliament. It was Charles II who actually opened the doors.
    He was also in debt to the Jews

    • Replies: @PolarBear
  90. TGD says:


    Note that BLM co-founder Alicia Garza identifies as Jewish.

    The surname “Garza” is identified almost exclusively with Sephardic Jews. Another Sephardic surname is “Sada.” Historically, the intermarried Garza and Sada families controlled Monterrey, Mexico. They became very wealthy during the US Civil War by arranging for the export of cotton from the Confederacy. The Union Navy had blockaded all of the southern ports and this arrangement helped the Confederacy defeat the blockade and thereby prolong the war.

    Note that Monterrey is the most industrial and most prosperous city in Mexico- so much so in fact that ordinary Mexicans regard Monterrey as too capitalistic and too American.

  91. S says:
    @Colin Wright

    ‘In a Christian culture, being a helpless victim of evil forces implies you are virtuous and even Christ-like in your suffering.’

    This would seem to more accurately describe the traditional attitude of Jews. Isn’t it they who are the eternal and invariably virtuous victims? Don’t they furiously denounce anyone and anything who contradicts or qualifies that paradigm?

    Probably everyone has used the ‘innocent victim’ meme at one time or another, some more often than others, with varying degrees of legitimacy, and to use it as a weapon besides. Generally, myself and many others no doubt, see it not as a healthy pattern of doing things to go by if it can at all be avoided.

    Broadly major Christian examples might be accusations by the Armenians and Ukranians of genocide made against the Turks and Soviets respectively.

    Closer to home in the US, fraudulent accusations against the Southern Confederacy of planned systematic mass murder of Northern soldiers in the Southern POW camps, namely Andersonville in particular, were made, during the Civil War era, and was used as a weapon.


    Below was published in 1870 in what is today’s The Atlantic magazine. The excerpted article was entitled ‘Our Israelitish Brethren’, which in more modern English translates as ‘Our Jewish Brothers’. The writer of the article was likely influenced by an unfortunate ideology known as ‘British Israelism’.

    Before there was Auschwitz, there was Andersonville…

    ‘Of the giant wrongs to which they [the Jewish people] have been subjected for the last ten centuries,—the huge Andersonville outrages,—few readers need to be reminded.’

    ‘Who can estimate the reparation which Christendom owes this interesting and unoffending people? How abundant, how untiring, should be our charity in judging the faults of character which our own superstition has created or developed!’

    ‘Of the giant wrongs to which they have been subjected for the last ten centuries,—the huge Andersonville outrages,—few readers need to be reminded. In the slaughter of the Jews of Seville, in 1391, thirty-five hundred families were murdered. In 1492, under Ferdinand and Isabella, three hundred thousand heroic Israelites preferred exile to apostasy. Many of them found a resting-place only in the grave or in the depths of the sea; for neither Portugal nor Italy nor Mohammedan Morocco would tolerate the presence of a people who would not comply with their superstitions, and who, by their frugality, continence, temperance, and industry, absorbed the wealth of every country in which they lived. Those who remained in the Peninsula suffered baptism, and were obliged to conform to the outward observances of the reigning church.’

    ‘Far more enviable was the lot of those who had accepted banishment. The favorite office of the Spanish Inquisition for two centuries was to “question” the sincerity of those two hundred thousand Jewish converts; and the national amusement was to witness the burning of Jewish Rabbis and Jewish maidens. Similar atrocities were committed, as we all know, in England, Germany, and France.’

  92. Saggy says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    You are absolutely right, I was one of the protesters at Berkeley. However, it is true that the leaders of the protests were predominantly Jewish, at Berkeley and elsewhere … I’m trying to remember the names … the idiot at Tikkun, Michael Lerner, a good example, for several others I can remember the people but I can’t recall their names … Bob Scheer … Jerry Rubin …. a blond Jew whose name I can’t remember

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
    , @Saggy
  93. gay troll says:

    Yeah we really missed out on President No Name and his floozy Christian vice.

  94. “Is the Trump impeachment a Jewish coup? It’s a dangerous question even to ask…

    …The only surprise: that the Jewish role has been so public.”

    If they wanted to get rid of Trump why did they help him win the election in the first place (by way of the WW3 scare Obama created in the fall of 2016, and by way of Comey’s “investigation” into Clinton’s email improprieties)?

    And if they wanted to get rid of Trump why didn’t they include among the impeachment charges against him his war crimes in Syria and/or his serial violations of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?

    In order to understand the phony “Trump impeachment” you have to understand why Trump was selected for president (over Clinton) in the first place. And the answer may be because unlike most career politicians, Trump is not only a militant zionist extremist (i.e. an ideologue, not a career political opportunist), but a psychotic psychopath who can be can be manipulated into taking risks (e.g. risks of starting WW3) that no career politician such as Clinton or Biden would generally take.

    The Trump impeachment was most likely an attempt to manipulate Trump into starting a war with Iran by piling narcissistic injury on top of narcissistic injury, hoping to get him to fly into a narcissistic rage and to “[lash] out in an attempt to restore his sense of potency and command over others” by attacking Iran. And it apparently almost succeeded.

    “Are These Antifa/BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?”

    Since jews already control the U.S. “government” what exactly would be the point? As I see it the “riots” are likely a psyop to help get Trump reelected (because he has no record of good accomplishments to run on, and his “foreign policy” “wetwork” isn’t finished yet, so they had to manufacture an issue he can use to differentiate himself from Biden); and if need be the “riots” can be escalated to the point of creating a pretext for Trump to invoke martial law, so as to stay in power and/or to keep the peasants under control when his increasingly risky “foreign policy” finally hits home hard, e.g., economic isolation and war with China, war with Iran, etc.

    • Troll: Peripatetic Itch
  95. The Phoenician Navy has owned USA, INC, since before the Mayflower departed City of London on a profit seeking venture chartered venture.

    Antifa and BLM (same as September 11, 2001 and COVID-19) are just projects designed to require more restrictions on the People, in general.

    Same as criminals (and intelligence projects) using firearms in illegal activity obviously requires restricting law abiding citizens from owning firearms and using them.

    It’s necessary to protect the Fatherland, I mean the Homeland.

  96. Bill says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Uh huh. Christians and their cultures were racist as hell right up until the twentieth century. Then, as Christianity’s influence collapsed, its *real* nature as an anti-racist Jewish plot came out.

  97. Bill says:

    Catholicism was indeed a check against Jewish power for centuries, and its leaders oversaw the greatest artistic achievements of our civilization, but it is impossible to excise the Jewish root from its mythology,

    No, it’s easy. The Talmudists are not Jews. The Catholic Church is the new Israel, and the Talmudists are blaspheming pretenders. It’s a great bit of rhetoric. It’s true; it was once universally believed; and it engenders hostility on both sides. There is no Talmudist root to Catholic Theology. There is a fair amount of that rubbish which was grafted on in the sixties, but grafts, by their nature, are not roots.

  98. Agent76 says:

    Aug 14, 2020 Bill Gates : Reduce World Population With New Vaccines

    In this Ted Talk, Bill Gates says CO2 causes ecosystem collapse, and top scientists tell him we have to get CO2 emissions down to zero. He then goes on to say that we need to reduce population, and we can use new vaccines to do that.

    August 17, 2020 Agenda ID2020 of the “One World Order”: The 101 to Understanding Its Implications

    That is the absurd dream of a few multi-billionaires, including Bill Gates. And the tool for such a control is a universal covid vaccine.

  99. anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    The impeachment hearings, Covid and BLM were all DISTRACTIONS so that the USMCA (TPP + NAFTA) could get passed without scrutiny or obstruction. Effective July 1, 2020, we now have a new government superseding US sovereignty, the Constitution and court system. We are now one step closer to that one world government Zionist plan.

  100. Wade says:

    …ziophile (I just made up that word and it is intended to sound like a perversion)

    That’s very good. It needs to become an internet-wide meme, stat.

  101. @Saggy

    However, those honorable protesters back in the sixties, now in the 21st century could not care less about US corporate colonies in MENA and Central Asia.

    The protests were then, and are now, managed by Intelligence.

    Covered by, and sanctified by the Media, the propaganda arm of the State.

    Corporate State collusion, the definition of Fascism.

  102. @Dutch Boy

    The goal of Freemasonry is to destroy the Roman Catholic Church as the rest of the faiths are either in their camp (protestantism) or will fall quickly (the other Catholic Faiths i.e. Orthodox). Such has been stated recently on Knowmorenews by Rabbis on *outube. The origins of the faith did NOT have a New Testament which IS Freemasonry. See St. John the Devine cathedral in NYC as it is a Freemason’s cathedral. The origins of the faith had it’s sacraments as any book can be perverted and has been as Bart Ehrman has pointed out quite well. The original latin of the “Kingdom” is that it is the Word and always has been, is and will be NOT Kingdom come. Originating as the Mystic Force by Herod Agrippa, it expanded with the Templars, Cathars and Cohenism (Calvanism). The King James Version was “Translated” by Freemason Sir Francis Bacon. They worship Saturn (El), Prometheus, Adonai, Abbadon, Azzazel, Yah-Veh (Yam-Vee meaning Man and Woman). It all comes down to the last being part of the Ba’al cycle which the Jews have always worshipped (Yam defeated by the Storm God who requires the first born as his sacrifice – Read RAS Macalaister “Excavation at Gezer” vol. 2, The High Place as cannibalism is common and gruesome just as it is today in the circle of elites and High Priests/Rabbis that perform the ceremonies.

    Romans, Greeks and back to the Persians and Egyptians, the history of the writings of leaders and generals include this practice as well as skinning and wearing the hide of their victims which is Purim and Passover. They are the Hysksos and were run out of Egypt.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  103. @Bert

    In the case of the Ashkenazis, extreme inbreeding due to a population bottleneck may be an explanation.

    See: The Times of Israel, 10 september 2014 : Ashkenazi Jews, descend from 350 people, study finds.

    “…Ashkenazi Jews are known to have origins in the Levant, which Israel is smack dab in the middle of. But exactly who “European” Ashkenazi Jews are has long been debated. An analysis of the gene database shows that the original Ashkenazi Jews were about half European and half Middle Eastern. They lived in the medieval era, about 600 to 800 years ago, according to the analysis – and numbered just 350 or so people…”

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @ploni almoni
  104. Trinity says:

    Are these Antifa/BLm riots a Jewish coup?

    Is the Pope Catholic?
    Is Elvis dead?
    Can sailfish swim?

  105. Anon[156] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rex Reptilian

    How many of these rioters and looters were let out of jail early by Kushner’s “Prison Reform”? Probably quite a few.

    Meanwhile, Jew run Harvard continues to pour fuel on fire:

    A Judge Asked Harvard to Find Out Why So Many Black People Were In Prison. They Could Only Find 1 Answer: Systemic Racism

    • Replies: @Richard B
  106. @Colin Wright

    The big corporation sponsorship of the rioters is part of “something a little off” is going on:

    There is a deep stench to the whole thing.

  107. @Craig Nelsen

    ‘… The student protests in the 1960s were no more about the Vietnam War than the BLM protests today are about police brutality against blacks.’

    At least there really was a Viet Nam War. There’s no such thing as systemic racism aimed at blacks.

    This is part of what’s getting to me. In the past, there have been movements and phenomena I disagreed with aplenty. But at least they had a kind of internal logic; I could see the argument — I just rejected it.

    Now, it’s just raving lunacy. I noticed some chattering head describing the three urgent ‘problems’ of our times: the Corona Virus, ‘systemic racism,’ and the attempt to deprive people of the vote.

    The first is grotesquely exaggerated. The other two are quite imaginary.

    Somehow, we’ve come to be governed by deluded lunatics. They’re quite mad.

    • Replies: @anon
  108. @Bill

    There is something non-obvious going on beneath the surface.

    Agreed that the attacks on Trump are not about Trump.

    What the elites are saying to anyone, _anyone_, we control all the mass media and social media and the universities and the corporations and the non-profits and we can attack _anyone_ relentlessly, viciously, 24/7, forever, and you can’t stop us.

    The message–“stay out of our way–this is our game and you are _not_ allowed to play.”

  109. @Mefobills

    INDEED. WE NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD TO THESE RACIST “WHITE” NATIONALISTS. THEY NEED TO KNOW BECAUSE THEY ARE DELUDED. The Anglo-Saxons, especially the Puritans, together with the Jews were birds of the same feather flying together. The Puritans thought that they were the Israelites and the the Indians were Canaanites. I am not sure when the first Jewish immigrants arrived in Spanish America, but it was certainly not before the 19th century when the Spanish Catholic Empire was utterly destroyed due to liberal Masonic influences. Before then, the Jews set up shop in the Dutch and English colonies like Curacao or Jamaica or Recibe in Brazil where the slave markets closed on the Sabbath. The Dutch Portuguese Jews were instrumental in the establishment of Freemasonic lodges in the thirteen colonies. This is no “secret.” It is in the mainstream historiography of colonial America. The Grand Master of the Boston Lodge in the time of Paul Revere was a Jew named Moses Michael Hayes. This is mainstream knowledge. The Wikipedia article:


    The American Republic and the Founding Fathers, or as I like to call them, the Founding Traitors, were totally in cahoots with Jewish elites, mainly of Dutch Portuguese extraction. The first synagogue in colonial America, the Newport Synagogue, was financed by Aaron Duarte Lopez, a Dutch Portuguese Jew. So c’mon guys. Admit it. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Stop whining you Anglo-Saxon Protestant wimps. Boo-hoo, the Jews destroyed America. Your ancestors who were wearing those stupid aprons in the Grand Lodges bent over for the Jews because they wanted their shekels and hated Catholics more than anything. General Robert E. Lee was a Jew-lover. The Confederacy as well as the Union were beholden to Jewish elite influence. Only Spanish America understood the “Jewish peril” and kept them out, until the perfidious Anglo-Saxons made their first false flag with the USS Maine and destroyed the remnants of the Spanish Empire in the Americas …


    Moses Michael Hays, Portuguese Dutch Jew, Grand Master of the Boston Lodge during the American Revolution:

    In 1783, Reverend Isaac de Abraham Touro, husband to Hays’ sister Reyna, died in Jamaica. Reyna had three children: Abraham, Judah and Rebecca. Moses Hays brought Reyna and her family to Massachusetts and raised her children as his own.

    Hays also helped to establish the New England Masonic movement. When Hays was accepted into the Massachusetts Lodge in November 1782, he was the only Jew. (There were numerous Jewish men among founders of lodges in Charleston, South Carolina and cities in other Southern states.)[2][3]

    In 1792, the lodge members elected Hays as their Grand Master, with Paul Revere as his Deputy. Hays provided financial support to beautify Boston Common, establish theaters, and endow Harvard College. Hays descendants helped found the Boston Athenæum and the Massachusetts General Hospital, and remain prominent in Boston public life to this day.

    Hays died in 1805 and is buried at The Colonial Jewish Burying Ground in Newport.[4] His story was used for an episode of Liberty’s Kids.[5]

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Anon
  110. S says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    Am I crazy? How about an article on the history of Freemasonry in colonial America..

    Not crazy at all.

    People should have a far better grasp of Freemasonry within the Anglosphere countries. Happily, the Freemasons themselves publish many articles freely accessible by the public which explain much about their organization and what they’ve been up to.


    Specifically in regards to Freemasonry in colonial America, I can suggest a person check out the outstanding Belcher Foundation website and it’s excellent series of geopolitical articles linked below. The Foundation, apparently Masonic associated, is dedicated to the preservation of the memory and life work of Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757), a prominent British royal colonial governor, founder of Princeton University, and first North American born British Freemason.

    The articles fill in the details which the 1853 geo-political New Rome book, also linked below, does not provide.

    As for a small taste of the site’s contents, the Belcher Foundation articles strongly hint that the 1776 Revolution was a planned false split between the US and UK, and that the United States itself is the long planned for direct continuation of the British Empire, powerful elements of the British Board of Trade and Whig party being behind these machinations. According to the site, Founding Fathers of the 1776 Capitalist American Revolution, were also Founding Fathers of the 1789 Communist French Revolution as well, the United States being instrumental in the subversion and overthrow of the French monarchy, ‘enlightened’ Masonic networks figuring prominently in this. The site does not report on these things to denounce, rather, it is all for them.

    I have to forewarn, only read the material linked below if you’re prepared to see (in large part) just how deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes.

  111. Astaroth says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Agree totally. The Vietnam war was a disgrace, brought about by the elites for their own profit. It was an absolute disaster.

  112. @Colin Wright

    I agree.

    When I was a kid in the 50’s ( in the South) race was not a problem at all.

  113. Saying Zionism is not Judaism is like saying Christianity is not about Christ. Zionism is the political expression of Judaism, there can be no Zionist movement without the Old Testament/Torah promises by God to give some land to Jews. Everything the psychopath Netanyahu does is directly in line with Yahweh. The wanton destruction and genocidal nature of Jews is what is written about in their holy book.

    But because we are in an endless propaganda war where Jews try to fool the Goyim, it is often asserted oh not all Jews are bad, there are some good Jews. Jews say they are a race and in the next breath they say they are a religion, they will tell you Judaism in not Zionism just to make you believe there are some good Jews out there, but I beg to differ.

    This game to fool the awakened sheep goes on in Christianity as well. Just go read any white national Christian website and they say Jesus was not a Jew – even though the (fictional) tale of Jesus which is recorded in only one book (the NT) tells us he attended temple, and went through Jewish rituals. So how can a non Jew be in a Jewish temple doing rituals? No way in hell. Reality doesn’t matter when any group claims to be the one true Jew.

    It doesn’t dawn on very many people that no one should even want to be a “Jew” or Christian or Muslim for that matter. What is with this exclusive belief system that so many want to be the real Jews? Because of the wealth status is confers on them. Jews are on the winning team, and I am surprised not more people are signing up to be a Jew.

    If the world was sane the Khazarian Mafia state of Israel would be immediately nuked out of existence. Jews in Israel are using nukes on the surrounding states and Israel did 911 and bankrupted the USA. So Jews in Israel who keep supporting Netanyahu FULLY DESERVE no mercy whatsoever. Perhaps in the near future a charismatic general will finally get the balls to what must be done about Israel after the USS Liberty incident and 911.

    Furthermore, if the world was sane, all the holy books of the Jews would be taken away and destroyed, and a death penalty assigned to anyone in private possession of any Bible, Torah, Talmud, Koran, etc. No person should be allowed to practice any Abrahamic HELL religion.

    If the world was sane then Bris (chewing on a baby Jew penis) would be outlawed.

    If the world was sane no Jewish or Christian or Muslim zealot would be allowed to hold political office.

    If Amerika was sane, no Communist Jew or Gentile would be allowed to teach our children.

    If the world was sane no monies would be allowed to go to Israel since they have a huge nuclear arsenal and they are in non-signers of NNPT.

    So to answer the question “Are These Antifa/BLM Riots A Jewish Coup”? the answer is of course yes because we foolishly allow Jews into positions of political power.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  114. KenH says:

    BLM would be a small, little known group of ghetto malcontents if not for Jewish power, money and influence. BLM just represents the newest goy proxies for the Jews in their war to annihilate Western civilization and the race of people who created it.

  115. anon[972] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re behind the curve. There was a 9-11 part II, launched at the beginning of the year, because part I had lost its potency, by now. The new fraud is called the ‘global pandemic’ and the sequel has even more tyrannical aims than the original.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  116. @Usura

    As a Christian believer, I think we are heading toward the reign of the Antichrist. Christian monarchy lasted from Constantine the Great to Tsar Nicholas II. Many saints prophesied that Jews will grow in power and arrogance until the Antichrist returns, who will be a Jew from the tribe of Dan. Best to repent and prepare for the Kingdom of Heaven. My only point is that the Jews would not have “taken over” were it not for the craven avarice and treachery of European traitors, mainly the Protestant rulers such as William III of Orange, who knighted the Jew Solomon de Medina in England, the first knighting of a Jew in the history of Great Britain. Could you imagine a Russian prince knighting a Jewish financier??? That’s why they had to get rid of the Tsardom of Russia because it was the last obstacle to Jewish global tyranny … No new religion. It’s all gonna blow. Time to repent, but also time to realize the sins of our fathers that got us here and not to entertain false notions of biological determinism …

    Solomon de Medina, care of wikipedia; unimaginable in Spain:

    Solomon de Medina was a wealthy Jew who went with William III to England as an army contractor. In 1702 he returned to Amsterdam, from which point his son-in-law acted for him in London.[1] He attained notability due to his extensive dealings with the English government of his day. “The Jew Medina,” as he was popularly called, held a position of prominence in connection with the English forces. During the War of the Spanish Succession (1702–14) he accompanied the Duke of Marlborough on his campaigns, advanced him funds, and furnished provisions for the troops.

    He also established a system of expresses which outstripped those of the government, so that his agents were in possession of important news before it reached the ministers of the Crown. His negotiations were made evident in an attack on the Duke of Marlborough in Parliament in 1711 for giving Medina a yearly payment of £6,000. Marlborough replied that the money had been expended in obtaining trustworthy information. It was said of Medina that every British victory contributed as much to his wealth as to the glory of England.

    For his services he was knighted (in 1700), being the first Jew in England to receive that honour. Sir Solomon de Medina was at one time the largest contributor to the Bevis Marks Synagogue in London and he remained faithful to his co-religionists to the last.

    • Replies: @PolarBear
    , @Anonymous
    , @Anon
  117. anon[370] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    Somehow, we’ve come to be governed by deluded lunatics. They’re quite mad.

    Not at all. They know exactly what they’re doing.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  118. Bert says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    For sure, sampling error during extreme inbreeding can change allele frequencies. Because the Ashkenazi bottleneck was associated with immigration it could also be thought of in terms of Ernst Mayr’s founder effect. His idea was that a small population size simultaneous with a break in gene flow (because of colonization of a virgin area) would often lead to speciation. The Rhineland Ashkenazi founder population would meet those criteria: bottleneck and highly endogamous by choice (rather than by geography as in an animal species). So we might expect some serious evolution during the history of the Ashkenazim. Obviously that is true regarding IQ.

    My claim, which I have made ad nauseum on UR, is that Ashkenazi psychology would have evolved as well, specifically to be particularly unsympathetic to members of the host population because that would allow greater exploitation of that population and hence more income and more surviving children. The better exploiters reproduce more. This process would have occurred in any Jewish population, including of course the Sephardim, but the high growth rate of the Ashkenazi population (many times greater than that of Eastern European host population) suggests that something extraordinary was going on in that Jewish subunit.

    A separate process that would aid in such evolution would be what has been termed “boiling off” as described by Greg Cochran,

    “In principle you can imagine a group experiencing selection for some trait by having members leave. However, it takes special circumstances, unusual circumstances. First, the people who defect have to be uncharacteristic: they have to differ from the group in the trait, having higher (or lower) than average values of that trait. The trait has to be heritable, but that’s not so much of an obstacle. Most traits are.

    The next point is hard to arrange: in order to select strongly, as large as fraction as possible have to leave (and they should be be as different as possible), but at the same time, the per-generation fraction defecting has to be smaller than the rate of population growth, else the group simply goes extinct before anything interesting has time to happen. Since the long-run rate of population growth has been close to zero for most of human history, this mechanism usually doesn’t work.

    There are exceptions. The Amish are the clearest case. They have very high rates of population growth, and have had for a long time, possible only in a really non-Malthusian society like the US. They also have had a high defection rate…”

    So those Ashkenazi individuals who were genetically poorly endowed with alleles causing negative ethnocentricity would have been more likely to convert to Christianity or choose less exploitative occupations and hence have relatively smaller families. Such choices would boost the evolution of negatively ethnocentric psychological tendencies. An Ashkenazi girl I knew was an example. She told me she would never marry a Jewish man because she thought they were too interested in money, so her psychological preferences and the alleles which formed them did not continue in the gene pool.

    I know that many people on this forum prefer to think of the Jewish problem strictly in terms of religion, but I believe it is best understood as a problem of gene-culture coevolution. This would be a stronger meme to work from for defense of European civilization than the “It’s their religion” explanation.

    • Agree: MrVoid
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @Bob
  119. Derer says:
    @Rex Reptilian

    The anti-Christian reckless journey from Truman to Trump of a disloyal immigrants minority has achieved the present anarchy in this once great country.

    “I find (Jews) are very very selfish. They care not how many Latvians, Finns, Poles, Estonians and Greeks get murdered or mistreated as DPs [displaced persons] as long as Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political, neither Hitler or Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment for the underdog.”
    (Excerpt from Truman diary, hidden for years in Truman Library)

    “We (actually Jared) will move American Embassy to Jerusalem because aboriginal Palestinian do not want it.”
    (Trump present to his son-in-law”

  120. @SMK

    Truly absurd view. It was the Jews who controlled the slave trade’

  121. Whitewolf says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Before the Black/Jewish alliance, there was the WASP/Jewish alliance, directed against Catholic ethnics.

    It was probably in reality the Catholics and Jews vs the wasps. The Vatican aren’t newcomers in the art of intrigue. Neither are the Jews.

    • Replies: @Insouciant
  122. Whitewolf says:

    The influence and power of Jews in the US would not be nearly as malign if not for the presence of some 40 million blacks.

    The evangelicals enhance Jewish power a lot more than Blacks ever could. The Jews are safe as long as evangelicals remain a large part of the population. They are easier for Jews to control than Blacks are.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  123. BLM and antifa are zionist sponsored fronts in the bolshevik revolution that the zionist are pushing in America and just as in Russia in 1917, these bolsheviks are the same bloodline that destroyed Russian and now are destroying America.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, its what they do, its in their DNA.

  124. majorman says:

    CNN,MSNBC and all major news outlets show their obsequious nature. Even FOX. All liars and all corrupt.

  125. lavoisier says: • Website

    It’s impossible to say. But history says an overreach will happen.

    They have been overreaching for a very long time. Not much has happened. While I am hopeful that something may stop these control freaks from destroying everything, I am not holding my breath.

    Most Gentiles appear to be completely indifferent or ignorant of the peril they face from Jewish control of their society.

  126. Saggy says:

    The goal of the Trump impeachment, like the goal of the Clinton impeachment, both orchestrated by Jews (see David Brock’s ‘Blinded by the Right re: Clinton), was destabilization as an end in itself, to discredit the US govt., and to weaken US support for its own government. What was and is slightly amazing is that Clinton and Trump responded to these attacks not by becoming Jew wise, but by even greater supplication.

  127. Reaper says:

    This is not quite in the directorate of:
    “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

    There are Jews in both sides, and also those who not participate. There is a George Soros, and similar kinds, but also Judeo-Christian allies in the other side.
    This not happens against non-Jews, or support purely Jewish attempts.

    There is a simple answer about why ” if you fired at random into a mob of student protestors you would hit a lot of Jews, and that is exactly what happened at Kent State in 1970 (three out of the four dead) “.
    That is how they live – they go to university in large numbers (compared their population share), so many will be on site in most protests/ countless university NGO-s. There is a historical reasons why so many chooose professions where nowdays needs to have an university degree.

    It is not about Blacks either.
    Off course there are some among them who can mobilized as dumb mob, or certain groups who exploit the situation to their advantage.

    But the real core of the mob in the Riot and Looting States of America are the products of your fallen society. Among them terrorist organizations like Antifa.
    BUT things like Antifa not the cause but the product.

    If you ever seen a single mother with a splendid child, when she let the kid do anything, or BEG them to behave and there are no discipline to enforce them you already seen one among the millions of future Antifa mob, rioters, arsonists, looters, authority haters.
    And the splendid one get freedoms without consequences – because they protected by legalization/ school/ authorities, and discipline methods are made illegal, immoral, etc…
    When there are no negative consequences, and duties nonexistent because replaced by rights this is what happens. When yougsters pampered by both parent(s) and the system itself untill end of university this happens.

    So parental softness and the system which prefer splendid-papered measures made theese generations in united force since the baby boom, when after ww2 parents started to think: give everything to their kids, both attention, care, financially, and let far more freedom than they had.
    That led to the mad 1960`s when all this madness started, and since then this spiral became more and more mad untiill your country became the Arson States of Wokeistan.

    And what did your countryman did as counteroffensive?
    Some clashes, PAINTBALLS?
    Come on, such mobs became corpses in minutes at any NO-GO zone in Europe. Because there are no legal protection/ lawyers/ rights, and police not enter, but as soon an arsonist try to fire the shop of Ahmed-Ahmed there will be no police called but the arsonist problem solved quicly, also true for looting attempts.

    But an advice:
    Whoever seeks refuge from your likely to happen civil war – DO NOT choose Western Europe (Except a no-go zone which is safer, and there are no woke-liberal madness), that is just the same in core as the present North America.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Getaclue
  128. Saggy says:

    You haven’t seen nothin yet ….. wait till the crack ho is President ….

  129. Polemos says:

    So then what is your take on what Dr. Robert Morgan is arguing in his earlier comment?

    For example, his conclusion thus:

    Despite, or maybe because of this, a certain mentality finds his message appealing. In a Christian culture, being a helpless victim of evil forces implies you are virtuous and even Christ-like in your suffering. It’s a perverse message of helplessness and hopelessness that does nothing to reverse the white march toward extinction, but it has anesthetic properties that let whites avoid any self-blame for their predicament.

    This message is itself appealing to a certain post-religious mindset, where not being a helpless victim of evil forces implies one is virtuous and even academic in their analyses. I ask you because you said MacDonald makes “perfect sense” to you and listening to him speak is “a pleasure.” If he writes as he speaks, no doubt there is an emotionally satisfying feeling you have in reading and hearing the words come alive, and this links up with the kind of effect Dr. Robert Morgan suggests: the pleasure when reading can be anesthetizing and dulling.

    Do you think Dr. Robert Morgan was talking about someone such as yourself?

  130. @tanabear

    The 9/11 attacks were a Mossad and Sayanim operation.

    Of course. But it was executed with the aid of US government entities. In the same sense that the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty with the cooperation of Johnson, elements of the DOD and the CIA.

  131. @Whitewolf

    It was probably in reality the Catholics and Jews vs the wasps.

    Doubtful. WASPs = Anglos. Jewry has been embedded in British history for eons.

    Also, the historical wrong that zionism was intent on redressing was Rome’s defeat of Jewish rebellions in the first century of “the common era.” Roman Catholicism = a stand-in for Rome.

    The Vatican aren’t newcomers in the art of intrigue. Neither are the Jews.

    True enough, Vatican knows intrigue. Vatican also had outposts / ears all over the world, something Jews envied and sought to replicate.

    But the Vatican was a predominantly Italian operation, and Catholicism in USA was run by Irish, not Italians. The PR gussies up the vision of Bp. Hughes, who began the construction of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC, but his real agenda was to erect an in-your-face monument that said, The Irish Have Arrived, to St Bart’s Episcopal church, 2/10 of a mile away.

    One more bit of evidence that the game was Jews vs WASPs: Phil Weiss has written as much on his blog, Mondoweiss.

  132. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    BTW, the intersection of anarchists with sexual predators goes way back.

    Boy, does it. The Sufi’s, Islamic mystics that were roughly the equivalent of Anarchists, were notorious pederasts. The two seem to go together.

  133. @James Reinhart

    Is “St. John the Devine” related to St. Andy Devine, the hapless dupe of Froggy the Gremlin?

  134. geokat62 says:

    So why the need for a “coup”?

    Excellent question, Weilgus.

    As you’re no doubt aware, while there are several factions within the Jewish community, the biggest dividing line is between secular liberal Jews and religious conservative Jews.

    While both of these groups are extremely pleased with Trumpstein’s policies regarding the Zionist project and the impact they’ve had on Israeli Jews, the liberal variety are terrified of what his policies might mean for diaspora Jews.

    I previously posted this video of America’s Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, interviewing a special guest, NYT’s columnist Bret Stevens. The topic to be debated was: Is President Trump good for the Jews?

    Bret goes to great lengths to explain to the small group of his conservative coreligionists in attendance that they should be careful not to get over enthusiastic over Trump just because he is implementing the following policies that are favourable to Israel:

    1. The embassy move
    2. The Iran deal withdrawals
    3. Not condemning the murder of 168 and the wounding of over 15,000 protesters

    He points out that they must not be fixated with these gains. He becomes visibly frustrated as he is heckled by those loyal to Trump. He goes to great lengths to explain to his short-sighted comrades how things work.

    While Trump has done positive things for Israel and, as a result, for Jews who reside in the villa, he still represents a threat to the Jews of the diaspora. And that’s because he’s a populist and uses populist phrases such as “Make America Great Again” and “America First.” Stephens reminds his audience the history of these phrases and how Jews suffered under fascism.

    I’ll let Bret speak for himself, starting @ 10:02:


    SB: What about with respect to the Jews?

    BS: Well, the second thing is Jews I think have only really thrived and are only really safe in the world when liberal values are the dominant, prevalent values. And by liberal values I don’t mean Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. I mean liberal in the classic sense of respect for pluralism, emphasis on tolerance, emphasis on individual liberties. Those panoply of values which are the DNA of what we call liberal democratic society. Now, the Trump Administration, in a way that is similar to populist movements in Europe – like Marine Le Penne, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Geert Wilders in Holland, the AfD in Germany, the Northern League in Italy, Orban’s party in Hungary, the party that’s in power in Poland, and so on – Trump Administration represents a substantial and dangerous regression from those values. I think the comments, the attitude of this Administration towards immigration – Mexican immigration, Latin American immigration – is a scandal. You want to know something? In all of history, no Muslim terrorist has ever come across our border with Mexico. We’ve had one Muslim terrorist come across a land border and that happened to be with Canada. Why aren’t we building a wall with Canada? This worries me because to be anti-immigrant strikes me as antithetical to the liberal values that have been so good for us as Jews. Had a Trump Administration been in power in 1950, there’s no way my mother – a displaced person with $7 and no means to support herself and no skills – would have ever been admitted into this country. And yet, a generation later her son is the elitist snob at the New York Times, paying manifold in taxes what it cost the United States to bring us here. Each of you is one, maybe two, generations away from some poor schlemiel who came from like my grandfather from Bessarabia, or Galicia, or one other country… and I bet they didn’t come with Ph.Ds, and with great skills. I bet they didn’t speak a word of English. I bet many Americans here thought of them as smelly Jews with Bolshevik politics. And in my case, many of them did have Bolshevik politics, I’m sorry to say. Thank God we didn’t have that kind of political order when we were arriving in the 1890s, and so on. This turn away from liberalism – and it’s not just with respect to immigrants, it’s with respect to attitude toward the media… it’s with the coarsening and assault on fundamental institutions of government – is in the long term, I believe, dangerous for the Jews. Because I’m hard pressed to think of illiberal orders in the past that haven’t eventually turned on the Jews. And I’m hard pressed to think of populist orders in the past that haven’t eventually turned on the Jews. And so we engage this kind of politics, I think, at our peril. Now, he’s the president. We want the best to happen, obviously, as Americans… and we want a good outcome. But, I would just say to all of you who are tempted to say “Trump is the best thing to happen to the Jews,” caveat emptor… caveat emptor. Because the style of politics he is bringing with him, in the long term, has never paid dividends for us as a people, never mind for us as individuals… and I’ll stop there.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
    , @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  135. geokat62 says:

    This chart was intended to be included in my post; for some reason it didn’t embed properly.

  136. @Bill

    Jews are leading the coup “against” (ie to re-elect) Trump. All the Left-wing social changes they are implementing (in particular internet censorship, but mostly the intolerance/indoctrination in jobs and in schools and universities) will be kept though. Don’t expect any crack-down on the Jewish controlled state-sponsored domestic terrorist groups either.

  137. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Add to that that parents tell their kids nothing about the world and what the kids will have to do to become adults. The kids are raised like pets.

    • Replies: @Reaper
  138. Moses and Daniel NuAez returned to Savannah in 1750, the former working as a trader and interpreter with the Indians, and later as port inspector. Both were leaders of Savannah’s Masonic lodge. Their nephew, Isaac de Lyon, returned from Charlestonin the 1760s.

    It’s interesting that the Georgia colony originally forbade Jews, lawyers and slavery, but Jews eventually came in from the Caribbean and South Carolina. If I’m not mistaken, the Minis and Sheftal families owned slaves or were involved in the slave trade.

    Ironically, I knew a guy who was involved in Freemasonry, whose father was a past grandmaster of what they claim is the oldest active lodge in North America. He gave me a tour of the city showing the pagan imagery the masons left in their architecture, and a private after hours tour of the lodge, complete with creepy music. One thing he said about the local Jews is that they used to work closely with the Masons but now the Jews no longer cooperate. I don’t remember the wording, but it was derogatory, and clear that there was some sort of tension. I have no idea what it was about.

  139. Shaman911 says:

    Always, since 5000 BC

  140. anon[771] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Being the bitch of Jews has always been the M.O. of Protestants whether Anglo or not, going all the way back to Martin Luther himself. He only wrote his precious book *after* he was funded by Jews to help destroy the stability of the Catholic Church, which makes it read a lot like a jilted lover.

  141. Avery says:

    {Your concern trolling does not work here, …}

    What does that even mean?

    {The genocidal jew is undertaking a genocide of all white people, so instead of just thinking of Slavs, think bigger picture.}

    Youse Hitler and Nazi apologists and groupies obsessed with them ‘Joose’ conveniently overlook the fact that the war Hitler unleashed in Europe killed 50-60 million Caucasians – ‘whites’.

    As a result of Hitler’s and Nazis’ criminal insanity, Western Europe became ripe for SorosaVirus infection and Globalist takeover and enslavement. Think about that for a minute, before you “troll” about so-called “genocide of white people”.

    And you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘genocide’.
    Whatever is happening to ‘whites’, can at best be called willful suicide; not genocide.
    It is not logically possible for people of the same ethnos killing themselves or each other to be genocide.

    One last thing: I am of Armenian ancestry; Armenian Apostolic Church Christian.
    I know all about real Genocides.
    I also know quite a bit about the Dönmeh, the genocidal Young-Turks, and the blue-eyed “Turk” mass-murderer Mustafa Kemal, and I have been thinking about the “bigger picture” for quite a while. That’s why I don’t futilely obsess about many things.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @neutral
    , @Rich
  142. Getaclue says:

    True — and ultimately the same people are behind both of them — Rockefeller Foundation planned and gamed the CVirus and Medical Martial Law and what we are being inflicted with now is from them (Gates Foundation is really part and parcel of the same group….) — Rockefeller set up the Twin Towers for the fall years before….:

  143. @Bert

    I know that many people on this forum prefer to think of the Jewish problem strictly in terms of religion, but I believe it is best understood as a problem of gene-culture coevolution. This would be a stronger meme to work from for defense of European civilization than the “It’s their religion” explanation.

    Interesting, and other factors to be proposed for the same inclusion in the argument additionally. Consider the “glue of opportunism” and the “distrust of the exploitee” to seal a
    stronger bond between Jewish middle-classes and their own elites.

    • Replies: @Bert
  144. Getaclue says:

    Imagine if some “white” leader sat around talking like this publicly in such an interview? — as to what was good for the “whites”….– There would be insane screaming throughout the Mainslime Media, Congress etc. — this alone shows the brainwashing that has been thoroughly inflicted on the “majority” by this poisonous minority of which this guy is a great example — a minority that is the most “privileged” in the USA and World and which controls the Media, Courts, Banking, “Enterainment”, Internet…and which has been and is intentionally destroying Western Civilization — Europe, USA — something that should be obvious to anyone who has eyes and any reasoning skills whatsoever….

    • Agree: Robjil, MrVoid
  145. Vojkan says:

    Watching from outside, it is the impression I have. Blacks are only tools, the evangelical nutjobs are the real problem. They’re the ones who support every war on behalf of Jews, not blacks.

  146. Bill: “Christians and their cultures were racist as hell right up until the twentieth century. ”

    Christianity has always been anti-racist. How could it be otherwise? It’s built upon the idea of whites worshiping a Jew; i.e., someone of another race. Jesus encouraged the apostles to make converts of all races. More, from the earliest times the church has allowed and even encouraged interracial marriage. Also, recall that it was white Christian America that made negroes citizens legally equal to whites and gave them the vote well before the twentieth century.

    The idea that Christianity was ever racist, or spawned racist cultures, is total nonsense.

  147. The thing to understand about all these manufactured “crises” of 2020. They ALL result in Jews getting what they want, including bolstering the Zionist cause through Trump. They all distract Americans from what Trump did at the beginning of the year, very nearly starting a devastating with Iran, 100% for the Jews. The 8 years of Obama’s cultural radicalism have now been sealed in stone with the mortar that Trump has used to bolster his primitive African masonic techniques. On every front, Jews are getting EVERYTHING (look at that maniac the one who attends the rainbow cat-lady Episcopalian Church, fallen away Catholic Gorsuch – our “Scalia” according to Trump) more efficiently than they could with “the Left” in power. Now if they can just get more military adventurism. They know the Democratic voters just cannot be the JINGOS that American Southerners are by genetics and upbringing.

  148. Getaclue says:

    Please…– you skip the entire part of who is financing all of this….– The name Soros familiar to you at all? — you make it sound like there is not a network of NWO Billionaire Oligarchs behind all of this which there definitely is — the Rockefellers’ fingerprints are all over every disaster to hit the USA since the turn of the century — 911, off shoring, setting up “Modern China” — Rockefeller Foundation planned and gamed CVirus Medical Martial Law and Gates Foundation is part of them in reality….– follow the money and without it you don’t have any of this bs — the Floyd riots were created by the Mainslime Media that is owned by the NWO Globalists — it was a non-story of a drugged out criminal being arrested and resisting arrest — they turned it into the the green light for planned destruction/mayhem — the green light that was being waited for by paid “activists”…– Floyd was used by the Mainslime Media to start the astroturf BLM bs by saturated coverage — your analysis is correct in part but totally leaves out what and WHO is really behind all of this– all of it is aimed at creating the One World Order NWO slave state — that is what ALL of this is about:…:

    • Replies: @Reaper
  149. @Franklin Ryckaert

    This is a good point
    Koreans and Persians vs.
    Ashkenazi and Sephardic
    Genetics are different Ideology is the same

  150. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s a good question why there is this insane reaction to Trump. He’s just like any other Republican would have been in office.

    It’s not really a question at all – Trump is simply the lightning rod & litmus test that exemplifies just how mentally ill the collective culture has become.

    The irony is, for all of Trump’s narcissistic tendencies, he’s triggered the narcissistic rage of the left.

    You’d figure there’d be some sort of professional courtesy extended on both sides, but alas, it is not to be.

    In fairness, Trump’s Zio-Christian base isn’t really any better than AntiFag & NLM – both sides are mind-fucked in their own special way.

  151. Vojkan says:

    Good luck with the nazi nuts. As I’ve written in several comments on this site, people believe what they want to believe and they stick to their beliefs like dogs stick to bones, regardless of facts. The nazi apologists don’t even realise that they’re doing exactly what the Jews want, making WWII all about them and never mind the tens of millions of victims who weren’t Jews.

  152. @Craig Nelsen

    This is indeed a survival question now
    It is the question of the non-Jewish or goyim being exterminated/enslaved or not

    The key to that are the 2%, not by wealth, but by IQ
    It is the question of which side the 2% will take this time around
    the side of the 98% or the side of the Jew
    All through the history the Jew took the 2% with him because the 2% was always on the side of the JUSTICE
    and the Jew was not quite about to exterminate everyone who is not a Jew

    This time around is different, and the 2% are beginning to understand that…
    Watch out for the the 2%, that are not the Jews
    These 2% are your only hope
    And theirs also

    • Replies: @c matt
  153. Larry says:

    This obsession with Jews is pathological.

  154. What do you people expect to happen if Trump wins re-election? What sops will be thrown to his voting base? What we should expect, is the maximum intensity, maximum pressure, kosher imperative, with the CHEERS of his supporters, while the all the Left-wing madness of this Soft-Orwellian/Soft-Maoist culture of protest continues unabated in the streets, in school, and in the workplace. Maximum pressure on the US population.

    Whereas with Biden, the Left is going to be on thin ice. President Kamala could cause a full-scale revolt.

  155. Colin Wright: “This would seem to more accurately describe the traditional attitude of Jews. Isn’t it they who are the eternal and invariably virtuous victims?”

    Jews in the Christian cultures of Europe and America pretend to be victims for their Christian audience because they know it will win them Christian sympathy. However, Jews don’t see themselves as victims, but rather take pride in being victimizers; they imagine themselves masters of the world, and all the goyim their slaves. This accords with certain promises made to them by their tribal god.

    The white Christian cult of the victim began with Jesus, and continued through the various martyrs celebrated by the Catholic Church. Before the Christian takeover of white civilization, there was no cult of the victim. White people didn’t see any virtue in being a victim at all. In fact, the Romans publicly tortured and killed their criminals (including a few Christians) in excruciatingly painful and horrific ways. Watching this was considered an amusing way to spend an afternoon, the tortures generating no sympathy. Later, after the takeover, the Christian reaction was to make some of these criminals into saints.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
    , @ploni almoni
  156. @Larry

    If you are not obsessed if the question you are certain to end up in pathology department well before you should

  157. @anon

    They’re a composite of satanic (calculated) evil and inherent (demonic) evil. IOW they don’t have full control over themselves.

    An example is someone who carefully plans and executes a bank robbery, but while he’s making his getaway he happens to see an attractive girl that he can’t resist, so he attempts to assault her and gets caught in the process. The inherent evil gets in the way of the calculated evil and messes up the plans.

  158. DrWatson says:

    The difference lies not in IQ but decency. Whites are inherently decent, mostly benevolent people, most of them subscribed to the teachings of Jesus (well, loosely speaking). Jews are on the other hand a sneaky bunch, without morals, or, even worse, their Talmudic morals prescribes them the mistreatment of the goyim.

    Whites believe in fair play, Jews could never afford this concept. The main difference is also in how they relate to money. Jews have no inhibition to trade just about anything while most Whites are somewhat squeamish about dealing with money.

    Whites have pride and universalism, Jews are a tribal people.

    Jews also thrive to be in power. Whites are more laidback about it. They don’t think their mere existence depends on being in charge (perhaps wrongly): they trust other people will make fair decisions, beneficial for all.

    Once a Jewess told me at an Ivy League university that they chose to come to the place because of her husband’s uncle is a professor at that university. Soon enough both she and her husband were appointed to tenure-track positions in Uncle Shmuel’s department, even though the woman was little more than a housewife and a mother up to that point (but with a suitable degree). They are shameless. Oh, yes, and the husband’s father had been at Auschwitz. Perfect. I know I am being sarcastic, but when this thing came up about his father, he was kind of dismissive about it, like it was no big deal.

    When you hear a million stories like this, how can you not – uhm – dislike them? However, I am always ready to keep an open mind and befriend those of them who are worth it. Like Mr Unz or Mr Atzmon.

    • Agree: neutral
    • Replies: @MrVoid
  159. neutral says:

    Globalist and jew are pretty much the same thing. Hitler was fighting the very same group people you complain about now, he decided to fight them, so you cannot claim he is responsible for the “globalist” takeover.

  160. Derer says:

    The @Avory’s comments is about Hitler’s war and he is right, it was against Slavs. It started with Czech, Poland and Soviets. It was well known fact that Germany did not have colonies, when even little weaklings like Belgium or Holland or Portugal amassed foreign territories. Hitler hated communists and Slavs and Soviets got both plus extensive natural resources.

    Of course in American textbooks you find familiar lies, the WWII was against Jews and USA defeated Hitler in Europe. Normandy invasion occurred 7 months before the war ended and by that time Germany was essentially defeated by Red Army offensive. It was about getting seat at Yalta and the spoils of the war. Millions (25-27) of Russians plus millions of other Slavs perished in WWII and the Washington ruling elite continues deceiving young children about history.

  161. Agent76 says:

    Apr 11, 2020 Sound Familiar? By
    Larken Rose

    A short, timely reading from my first book, “How To Be a Successful Tyrant,” which I finished writing over fifteen years ago.

  162. Skeptikal says:

    The subtitles are comprehensive and the French is pretty easy to follow, too, if you have any knowledge of French at all.

  163. @Franklin Ryckaert

    You read the wrong sources. If you want to know: Ashkenazi is an Akkadian word which means Scythians, people beyond the Caucasus from the point of view of Mesopotamia. The Khazars are Huns, Turkic tribes who ruled the north of the Black Sea from Kiev to the Caspian from 650 on. Around 720, under pressure from the Arabs they converted to Karaite Judaism, a non-Talmudist sect which historically did not recognize the Second Temple. The Pharisees of Toledo were very concerned and made efforts to convert the Khazars to Pharisee Talmudist Judaism which happened around 850, the so-called “reforms of King Bulan.” The inducement was that the Khazars were, by being Karaites only Jews in name and not in essence. By becoming Pharisees they would get a “Jewish Soul” and be adopted into the tribe. This is fully described in the Kuzari written in Toledo in Arabic but in Hebrew script. Those Karaite Khazars who did not convert still exist and say they are Khazars who converted. The Ashkenazi are also Khazars who converted but were told they were now descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Around 765 the Khazar empire was conquered by the Vikings. Around 1390 the Khazar ruling class moved to Lithuania-Poland to be mercenary soldier-tax collectors for the Lithuanian Duke Vytautus.

  164. Oracle says:

    “Almost every structure of power and influence is controlled by European Americans.” False statement. When you figure out the truth, i.e., that no organizations are controlled by European Americans, then everything will make more sense to you.

  165. @problem with MacDonald ...

    “I blame the WASPS more than I blame the Jews for where we are today … Because the WASPS only cared about money…”

    I think you are on to something there. Anglo market philosophy really put the countries institutions on the market. The Jews bought .

    Can you recommend any histories of Ireland?

  166. Anonymous[274] • Disclaimer says:

    The demise of the American WASP Republic is not a recent event, It seems that since the American Revoltion the Banking jewish dynasties from Europe were hard at work to make sure that the new nation would accept Central Banking and currency policies from England jewish elites. The War of 1812 sealed that dependencyc, and the death or assassinatiosn of several USA presidents nipped any atemps to berak away from the power grip of the FED. Unfourtunately Blacks had played or rather blacks had been played use and abused to serve the interests of the Jewish MINIORITY since SLAVERY which was from its very inception in the USA and the world a Jewish Enterrprisse. So from 1776 to the present the Protocols of Zion in America has been a relentless march to end wasp elite control of America and the world. Currently the BLMANTIFA DEM LIBERAL JEWISIH ELITES coalition is TOO obvious to miss…its funding actions coordination organization ideologos media all point to the same root JEWS…the 1% can NOT fulfil their agenda of domination without the other 80% of the American population…blacks, latinos, asians, transexuals, muslims, whatever it takes to accomplish WHITE ARYAN EUROPEAN extermination..

  167. c matt says:
    @Guest 20200914

    You overrate IQ. Venture far beyond the 140-150 range, and folks in that upper category may as well be insane. It is not IQ per se that matters, it is will and determination. Stalin and Mao were nowhere near the top 2%. Trotsky and Lenin perhaps were, and one ended up a shut in invalid who was ignored (and used only for propaganda), the other an exile eventually assassinated. No, the real question is what will the range between 120 and 150 do. These are the ones who run society – smart enough to be dangerous, but not so smart they become ineffectual.

    • Agree: Featherless
  168. Rich says:

    The Nazis didn’t “unleash war”, they were only trying to regain territory lost under the one sided, unreasonable Versailles Treaty. Had the Brits not given the Poles that dopey war guarantee, the Polish colonels probably would have acceded to the reasonable demand of a corridor to Danzig, the war could have been avoided and the nightmare of communism in Eastern Europe averted.

    • Agree: mark green
  169. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    > “In fact, the Romans publicly tortured and killed their criminals (including a few Christians) in excruciatingly painful and horrific ways.”

    I once quoted Marcus Eli Ravage back in May 2020.

    And yet, Christian Aryans boiled people alive till the 17th ct. common era. A large potty is still on display in Deventer in Germany.

    © Norbert Elias, History of Manners, 203–4 (as per Norman Davies’ capsule TORMENTA in Europe: A History)

    At the Midsummer’s Fair in mid-sixteenth-century Paris, cat-burning was a regular attraction. A special stage was built so that a large net containing several dozen cats could be lowered onto the bonfire beneath. The spectators, including kings and queens, shrieked with laughter as the animals, howling with pain, were singed, roasted, and finally carbonized. Cruelty was evidently thought to be funny.

    And about the execution of Robert-François Damiens’ on 1757-03-02 common era.çois_Damiens

    © After Michel Foucault, Surveiller et punir: Naissance de la prison (Paris, 1975), 9–11, quoting contemporary accounts (as per Norman Davies’ capsule TORMENTA in Europe: A History)


    He was brought in a tumbril, naked except for a smock, and carrying a torch of burning wax in his hand. The scaffold stood on the Place de Grève. Pincered at the breasts, arms, thighs and calves, his right hand holding the knife, with which he perpetrated the said act, he was to be burned on the hand with sulphur, to be doused at the pinion points with boiling oil, molten lead, and burning resin, and then to be dismembered by four horses, before his body was burned, reduced to ashes, and scattered to the winds.

    When the fire was lit, the heat was so feeble that only the skin on the back of one hand was damaged. But then one of the executioners, a strong and robust man, grasped the metal pincers, each l 1/2 feet long, and by twisting and turning them, tore out huge lumps of flesh, leaving gaping wounds which were doused from a red-hot spoon.

    Between his screams, Damiens repeatedly called out, ‘My God, take pity on me!’ and ‘Jesus, help me!’ The spectators were greatly edified by the compassion of an aged curé who lost no moment to console him.

    The Clerk of the Court, the Sieur de Breton, went up to the sufferer several times, and asked him if he had anything to say. He said no …

    The final operation lasted a very long time, because the horses were not used to it. Six horses were needed; but even they were not enough …

    The executioner asked whether they should cut him in pieces, but the Clerk ordered them to try again. The confessors drew close once more, and he said ‘Kiss me, sires’, and one of them kissed him on the forehead.

    After two or three more attempts, the executioners took out knives, and cut off his legs… They said that he was dead. But when the body had been pulled apart, the lower jaw was still moving, as if to speak … In execution of the decree, the last pieces of flesh were not consumed until 10.30 in the evening…

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @utu
  170. Robjil says:

    Whatever happened in the Middle Ages is quaint compared to the Zion age since 12.23.1913.

    North Korea was firebombed all over in Korean War. Civilians targeted.

    Although the full facts will never be known, the available evidence points toward the conclusion that the firebombing of North Korea’s cities, towns, and villages produced more civilian deaths than any other bombing campaign in history.

    Historian Bruce Cumings describes the bombing campaign as “probably one of the worst episodes of unrestrained American violence against another people, but it’s certainly the one that the fewest Americans know about.”

    Germany and Japan got the same treatment in WWII. Southeast Asia got the civilian attack treatment in 1960s-1970s.

    Though half of LeMay’s estimate, the CSCW/PRIO estimate of 995,000 deaths still exceeds the civilian death tolls of any other bombing campaign, including the Allied firebombing of German cities in World War II, which claimed as estimated 400,000 to 600,000 lives; the firebombing and nuclear bombing of Japanese cities, which caused an estimated 330,000 to 900,000 deaths; and the bombing of Indochina from 1964 to 1973, which caused an estimated 121,000 to 361,000 deaths overall during Operation Rolling Thunder, Operation Linebacker, and Operation Linebacker II (Vietnam); Operation Menu and Operation Freedom Deal (Cambodia), and Operation Barrel Roll(Laos).

  171. @geokat62

    In their eyes, they’re the only people in the world that matter. After all, they’re the Chosen People and the world was created for their benefit and all all of humanity exists to serve them. The Self-Chosen, in my book.

    A Jewish former co-worker wailed after Pres. Trump’s victory in 2016 “how could people vote for Trump” and “he’ll deport the Moslems.” I thought to myself, “you don’t care about Moslems, it’s your tribe you’re concerned about.” IMO, that’s the Jews No. 1 vice – masking their self-interest and pursuit of vengeance with a phony concern for humanity.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  172. Mefobills says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    There were two things going on simultaneously, which is why I believe America is schizophrenic (I’m American).

    There was the Malthusian/Jewish/Usury channel that you describe, which has all of its various factotums.

    There was another channel that began in Massachusetts Bay, and then spread out to the other colonies.

    That would be the American System which instead of trying to enclose the lands, and enslave people, thought that humans were endowed with imagination and creativity.

    The Deists and even some of the Calvinists were involved in inventing the American system.. so ultimately you have to judge a tree by its fruit.

    It is hard to overcome BS though, if you are programmed with bad narrative, like that from the Talmud or the Oriental Lodges.

    Yes, Americans need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Judeo Christianity came about during the big bang event in 1694. It was funded into being by usury flows from Amsterdam’s stock market.

    Perverted Judeo-Christianity is bad narrative.

    Hudson is doing good work explaining how today’s shake -n- bake Christianity is mistranslated from what Jesus actually meant.

  173. @brabantian

    Elite Jews having successfully sold the WASPs on the need to destroy white culture and the white middle classes, the ultimate breeding ground of dissidents, via weaponisation of the blacks, POCs etc

    But perhaps at the moment, some of those old WASP families are beginning to have their doubts.

    All this WASP stuff is getting a bit overdone. Yes, you can be sure that “some WASP families are beginning to have their doubts [about the Jews].” No kidding. It’s been this way for decades. But modern WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) are a very disunified, culturally diverse, insecure, irreligious, and thoroughly deracinated. Jews and their minions now control American culture. WASPs are very yesteryear. Indeed, WASPs have been in cultural decline since WWI.

    Unlike the Jews, we WASPs do not speak with one voice on key issues (such as race or our collective identity). Even the acronym (WASP) was concocted by a Jew. Jews (with the help of anti-White WASPs, along with gays and POC) dominate today’s elite cultural landscape.

    Briefly, the somewhat amorphous term (WASP) had some meaning when so-called Protestants were united by their faith and were still holding on (with help from Catholics) to some Christian cultural authority in America. But those days are over. WASPs can’t even keep Jews out of their country clubs anymore. By and large, the Culture Wars are history. WASPs lost.

    The Jews (and their liberal enablers on the SCOTUS) have thoroughly crushed Protestant (as well as Catholic) resistance to Jewish-lead, ‘progress’. ‘Secularity’ won. Terrific, isn’t it?

    To wit: legalized pornography, forced racial integration, smoldering cities, the broad-based movement against ‘white supremacy’, feminism, abortion on demand, demonization of white solidarity and identity, gay rights, racial quotas (affirmative action), the elevation of The HOLOCAUST (and demonization of White history) have put WASPs (as well as virtually all Americans with white skin) in the backseat of America’s segregated bus.

    What WASPs are now allowed to do as a group is pray for the second coming in the promised land, praise Israel, send money to holy Israel, fight Israel’s wars, and pay homage to BLM while expressing remorse for the sins of (white-imposed) slavery. Whoopee! It’s great to be racially privileged!

    Today, the very term WASP actually functions as a dusty meme which represents the fading White establishment that existed in America long ago–or at least until the Jews took over.

    Since I qualify as a WASP, let me tell you that most WASPs are utterly clueless about their religion, the history of their religion, their family history in America, and they are absolutely terrified about being called a ‘racist’.

    Today’s WASPs squabble over ideologies created by Jewish liberals and Jewish neocons. Foolish folks. Somewhat recently, WASPs were declared the ‘silent majority’ (Nixon’s phrase). Now we WASPs (along with Catholics and White agnostics) are part of the highly unpopular, ‘racist’ majority that continues to lose demographic ground in the civilization we created. Meanwhile, Jews and their underlings are ascendant.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, FoSquare
    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  174. MrVoid says:

    The difference lies not in IQ but decency. Whites are inherently decent, mostly benevolent people, most of them subscribed to the teachings of Jesus (well, loosely speaking). Jews are on the other hand a sneaky bunch, without morals, or, even worse, their Talmudic morals prescribes them the mistreatment of the goyim.

    Are we Whites inherently decent though? We’ere not outright hostile to outsiders, the way Jews are, but do we have a problem with vanity? Where did all of our much vaunted invidualism come from? Why are we the world’s biggest virtue signalers? These aren’t just weaknesses in the Darwinian game. They’re straight up moral failures. So we must ask ourselves: whose moral failings are worse? Since ours are more damaging to us then theirs are to them, it’s fair to contemplate the possibility that we just might be morally worse.

    • Replies: @PolarBear
    , @Anonymous
  175. Not sure where you right wingers find any of this stuff in Marx. this is most definitely not Marxism.

    The muh Frankfurt School line is lame, known fact the CIA was behind it, Congress for Cultural Freedom. This was just the CIA turning Marxists in Europe and America against the Soviet Union. Caleb Maupin has written about it if you want to learn. If you want too blame someone for muh cultural marxism, look at the CIA and your ruling class. Haha Stop embarrassing yourselves.

    Workers of the world unite! Its a simple concept folks. Nothing about black trans workers unite against white workers, because racism! Sorry, not Marxism.

    I’m always surprised at the amount of malarkey I see passed off as facts by writers and commenters here. I used to respect Kevin, over time though after reading some of the other side of the story it became clear folks like him, are mostly there to protect the status quo. Sure they’ll give you some truth on Da Jews, but in the end he will still defend the system that has made them so powerful.

    Also pretty lame to skip the part about the CIA importing heroin, crack and handing out guns in the black community. Also, the FBI assassinating folks trying to bring change like Fred Hampton. Theres a lot more to it than just muh welfare queens. But carry on…

    But yeah you should definitely worry about the middle class college kids and poors. Not the guy in the White House, supposedly controlling the most powerful military the world has ever known. Or his stepson, Pompeo, Elliot Abrams, Barr etc etc.. or his donors (owners)

    Or the private merc contractors building their own private armies, with no allegiance to America, only to capital, perhaps even Israel, since many Zionists control mucho capital.

    Honestly, I’ve thought about it a lot, there are a few different factors for the protests. There are lots of legitimately pissed off people, black and white, don’t forget something like 50+ million just got thrown out of work, with absolutely no help or solutions from their own govt. But yes media and our lovely ruling class are definitely hijacking it. Theres definitely a conspiracy by the elite to direct everyone anger away from them and at regular folks. Same with all the critical race theory crap now being pushed by CIA and their minions. Its just a continuation of the cultural marxism crap, nothing new. Sow division, divide and rule etc…

    I think it also serves as a distraction from the fact that they’re robbing us blind with the Cares Act just passed. Something like 6 trillion dollars going to the richest mfers in the world while everyone else is left out to rot. No healthcare, no money, no jobs, being made homeless, you’re gonna be super pissed! It adds up when you realize that if everyone knew the level of criminality of what they’re doing we’d all be coming for their scalps.

    Who know what else is going on, I’m sure they’re gonna use the “rioting” to pass some more Patriot Acts or declare Martial Law. But never question that its just regular folks doing the rioting, definitely no deep state hand behind any of that! Probably be going to war with someone soon as well, Venezuela, Iran, China, Cuba, Russia, alll of the above…..

    Anyhoo, you shouldn’t be peddling lies. Its lame. People need the truth now more than ever.

    • Troll: VinnyVette
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  176. Adûnâi: “And yet, Christian Aryans boiled people alive till the 17th ct. common era.”

    It’s fair enough to point out that Christians haven’t always seen victims as virtuous, but it’s also undeniable that there is, today, a cult of the victim. Practically everyone nowadays, it seems, tries to acquire sympathy and even status by claiming to be a victim. It happens even here at Unz review, where ostensibly white men often moan pathetically about “reverse racism”. Instead of avenging themselves, they clamor to be the negro’s equal.

    Perhaps Foucault is right that all of these public tortures were phased out because it was finally realized that they made the wrong party the star of the proceedings, and generated sympathy. Or perhaps Sunic is right that Christianity has gradually changed the white man’s genes, selecting against wolves in favor of good Christian “sheep”. Maybe both are right. But my point was that all of these victims derive their supposed virtue from Jesus’ example. In a Christian culture, the association may be unconscious, but it’s quite real. For instance, Uncle Tom’s suffering at the hands of white man Simon Legree in the eponymous book was meant to evoke Christ’s suffering in the reader’s mind, and it succeeded. It might even be fair to say that Uncle Tom was the first black Jesus-figure, of which there have been numerous since.

  177. @Bork

    Without Christianity there is no western civilization as we know it. The two are inseparable.
    You are over simplifying the Hebrew / Christian relationship. They are distinctly different religions regardless of the Jewish ancestry of christianity. The Jews had Jesus crucified. One ends and the other starts right there. Currently there is a problem with protestant, mostly southern baptist support for Judaism / Zionism, so I’ll agree with you there. The Catholic church of which there are millions more of than protestants, has no such alliance with Zionism.
    Christianity is not a “Jewish subversion”, seeing as they did everything to prevent it’s formation and to destroy it.
    Yes the Jews own it all and are responsible for alot of our current problems, that does not resolve whites of European descent of their stupidity for allowing the Jews to get away with it, and to continue to do so.

  178. @mark green

    My take on WASP blame is that it’s used by jews (and their lackeys) to divert attention away from what the jews have done.

    Blaming women, blaming boomers, blaming WASPS…..anything to throw a smokescreen to cover for the small hats.

    As I always say, just ask who benefits……’s NEVER white anglo-saxon protestants……and 99% of the time it’s jews that benefit from whatever policy is being implemented.

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
    , @PolarBear
  179. Richard B says:
    @Rex Reptilian

    If everything you wrote in your comment is true then how could you write this?

    Trump needs to remove the Kushners from the White House.

    Do you think the people who run this country, the very people who pick and choose who sits in the White Hourse, in short, the people who put Trump there, are going to listen to him, about anything, let alone that?

    After all, who do you think put Kushner there?

  180. Richard B says:

    A Judge Asked Harvard to Find Out Why So Many Black People Were In Prison. They Could Only Find 1 Answer: Systemic Racism

    Apparently they don’t teach how to spot, and therefore avoid, obvious logical fallacies, like, in this case, Begging The Question.

    This is what happens when education is replaced with indoctrination. There’s no point in thinking. All you need to do is repeat a list of vague abstractions, glittering generalities, and absurd absolutes, over and over again, like the chattering of an idiot, only less interesting.

    Starting with the belief that systemic racism is ubiquitous they find it everywhere they look. They even find it in their own questions about where to find it.

    That would explain why an A at Harvard today stands for average. It would also explain why it’s better referred to now as The Poison Ivy League. Because the life of the mind, which used to be the whole point and purpose of the university, is fatally poisoned.

    In any event, part of the fun of being alive today is spotting the many paralogisms in statements made by rigid ideologues.

  181. @redmudhooch

    You talk in circles.

    Cultural marxism IS marxism 2.0, and that includes the Frankfurt School, critical theory, etc.

    I suspect that every agency of our government has been subverted, including the DOJ/FBI/CIA, etc.,
    and the fact that BLM/Antifa run wild is proof that our government is corrupt.

    You are clinically insane if you believe it’s “regular folks” doing the rioting. Antifa and BLM have thousands of paid thugs and criminals, arsonists and murderers…..these are not regular folks.

    Yes, the small hats have once again raided the treasury for trillions of dollars. You’re certainly right about that.

    As to KMAC pushing the status quo…..that makes no sense at all. The status quo is jewish rule
    and Macdonald has spent the better part of his life trying to warn people about it.

    You don’t understand that communism (jewish inter-nationalism or globalism) is constantly transforming and always finding new and clever ways to destroy Christendom.

  182. PolarBear says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    I’ve heard William III of Orange brought Jews with him to England.

    • Replies: @Alden
  183. Why do Jews hate Whites so much? Specifically White Christian men?

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  184. Richard B says:

    And despite having some neo-Nazi followers

    No. Those would be FBI employees playing dress up for The ADL.

    But nice try.

  185. @Wielgus

    MacDonald makes a good point about feuding power groups, but I think C.J. Hopkins nailed it when he said that the elitist opposition to Trump is actually hatred of the middle-class nationalist populists who elected him. Even as a Trump supporter, I realize the man is mostly hot air. Nothing that Trump has done merits the hysterical level of TDS displayed by the mainstream media.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  186. @Robert Dolan

    And it’s WASP’s that let all the Jewish shenanigans happen. Who founded the country? Who controlled immigration policy? Who held all the political power in this country through the 20th century? WASP’s!
    Did WASP’s do a damn thing to stop the Jews Boomer? You are clueless.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  187. PolarBear says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Look at England itself, it’s clear England has not benefited. Some English elites benefited financially from serving Jews. Not all WASP elite were Jew lackeys but some key players were.

  188. PolarBear says:

    Whites are the only ones with virtue to signal.

  189. It’s fruitful to also examine Jews in the union/labor movement (and indeed Jewish unions) from the late 19th century on in North America. There are numerous books, almost all written by Jews, outlining this history.

  190. Anon[709] • Disclaimer says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    Stop larping as a spaniard you repugnant snake

    Its evident that you only want to blackpill everyone to accept that everything was lost from the begining and there is nothing americans can or should do to inspire thenself and reclaim the country their ancestors built .

    But you are only counting half of the history even if its true of the the puritanism legacy american constitution and the founding fathers thenself were inspired by the clasical world and their heroes werent some ancient jewish tribe but men like cicero and republicans of graeco roman era


    Ancient history provided the Founders with examples of behavior and circumstances that they could apply to their own reality. All of them were well educated people and the classical education was almost fully based on the Roman and Greek studies. Their heroes were the Roman republicans and defenders of liberty. All of the Founders’ Roman heroes lived at a time when the Roman republic was being threatened by power-hungry demagogues, bloodthirsty dictators and shadowy conspirators. The Founders’ principal Roman heroes were Roman statesmen: Cato the Younger, Brutus, Cassius and Cicero — all of whom sacrificed their lives in unsuccessful endeavors to save the republic․

    They did not use Classical writing the way modern thinkers often do, as an Ultimate Authority to be unerringly obeyed. Instead, the statesmen who founded America treated those who founded Rome as equal partners in an ongoing debate. They challenged their ancient forbearers like college roommates haggling over a philosophy paper. That dialogue is the one building America. The political vocabulary they used — republic, virtue, president, capitol, constitution, Senate — had Latin etymology. The legislative processes they utilized — veto, sine die — were Latin. Many of their political symbols — the eagle, the fasces, the image of a leader on a coin — were Roman in inspiration (we will proceed with this discourse later).

    The Founders’ and Framers’ noms de plume were Roman — Publius, Cicero, Cincinnatus, Cato, Brutus. They were consciously identified with Roman models of republican virtue. So:

    George Washington: others were calling him American Cincinnatus. While he preferred to call himself Cato the Younger,
    John Adams was called Cicero, the greatest attorney of the ancient world,
    Besides their differences with Adams, Thomas Jefferson was called Cicero too,
    James Madison was known as Publius (Valerius Publicola),
    Alexander Hamilton was most surprisingly identified with Caesar.
    John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States, was identified with Publius (Cornelius Tacitus).
    While Rome served as a primary example of republicanism for the Founders as a whole, no one took it to heart more than John Adams. Adams, like Cicero, was a newcomer in the field of politics. He studied the Bible and the ancients, but nothing inspired him as much as the works of Cicero. Due to Cicero’s influence, Adams chose law as his profession. In fact, to prepare for his first case, Adams read Cicero’s orations, saying: “It exercises my lungs, raises my spirits, opens my pores, quickens the circulation, and so contributes to my health

    The ideological similarities between Rome and the US from the perspective of law and citizenship
    Alexander Hamilton, an astute student of classical history, devoted his first contribution to The Federalist Papers to a warning against tyrants or “men who have over-turned the liberties of republics, commencing as demagogues and ending as tyrants.” This education aided in their ability to understanding history and bringing out a new political system. The resemblance between the Ancient Roman Republic and America’s political system is uncanny. America’s advent of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches were directly derived from the Ancient Roman model.

    Executive Branch
    In times of peace, the executive branch of the ancient Rome comprised two consuls, elected by Roman landowners for 1 year terms. At all times, the executive branch also contained various bureaucrats who were in charge of arranging festivals and conducting censuses. The same system was used in The USA, President, & Vice President similar to the two consuls and the government similar to bureaucrats.

    The most influential members of the legislature in Rome were those in the Senate. This large body of elected land owners decided how state money was spent and what projects were viable for state funding. The Senate also took control of foreign policy in particular, the many wars Rome was engaged in as it expanded its territory. In this case similarities are more than obvious, the modern US Senate generally speaking has the same role and rights as the ancient Roman, even the name of this institution was not changed. By the way, today very often Senators are nominated and elected as presidents just like it was with the counsels in Rome.

    The judicial branch of ancient Rome was very similar to the modern US courts (however we have to admit that the judicial branch in the US bears some significant influence of English law), particularly the Supreme Court of modern-day America. Six judges were elected on an annual basis to administer the law of the land to those who broke it. Unlike the judges in the modern US, the Roman judiciary could actively create sentences and punishments instead of merely following the past precedent or the sentencing law handed down from the legislative and executive branches, however the right of the constitutional court to interpret the constitution and the laws is somehow the transformed form of the creational jurisprudence of Rome.

    The citizenship and professional armies are another remarkable similarity. The Citizenship of Rome was the prototype for the “New” idea of equal and free citizens in the US. The citizens in both places have rights that are differentiating them from the rest of the world in the eyes of the state. And last but not least, the first model of the professional army much before it was created in the US was the Roman Legion.

    The architecture of the American founding also showed a predilection for the Roman aesthetic sense. It is not too much of a stretch to assert that the buildings and monuments lining the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with their stately, classical architecture might resemble a Roman colony.

    Some perfect examples are listed below:

    Perhaps the most obvious example of this lies in the Supreme Court building. Cas Gilbert’s design draws its inspiration from Roman temples. The staircase, raised podium and the columns would not be out of place in the Roman Republic. Similarly, the white marble on the Supreme Court and throughout Washington, D.C., was consciously selected to mimic the architectural splendor of ancient Rome.
    The Capitol, White House, Thomas Jefferson’s memorial were loosely based on the Roman Architecture.
    The same logic works not only in architecture but also in arts and symbols of the time of young American republic:

    The Founders’ sculpture and painting were also inspired by Roman precedents. It is not unusual to see them adorned in a toga.
    The Roman Eagle was transformed into the great seal of the USA.
    The US Capital is identified even with Rome’s geography. In Washington, D.C., Capitol Hill (formerly called Jenkins Hill) alludes to one of the Seven Hills of Rome. Almost all political and law terminology was also copied from the Latin roots.

  191. Kevin, did you watch the recent TV shows, “Hunters” and “The Plot Against America”? The premise of both is white=nazi, and it’s ok to kill nazis. According to much of the media, the most numerous demographic in the US is also the group that is beyond the pale. I would suggest that the j’s HAVE gone too far, it’s just taking the gentiles a while to figure out WHO is responsible for their misery!

    With the recent mass outrage over the Netflix movie “Cuties” (that cost the streaming service $9 BILLION on the stock exchange as netflix stock got dumped), for its sexualization of young girls, folks may be starting to realize exactly what is going on.

  192. anon[758] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    Exactly, it’s a puppet show put on by the Talmudist supremacist puppet masters. And it is a Talmudist Jewish assault on America. Just as the Nuland/kagan/Soros color revolutions have been assaults on various sovereign nations. Soros is a globalist, the USA is in his way.

  193. Vojkan says:
    @Robert Whatever

    Because they’re insane. To be clear, I don’t think they’re born insane, I think Jewish upbringing, regardless of whether it is religious or not, makes them grow insane. Some are benignly insane, some do harm not because they are evil but because they genuinely believe that what they’re doing is right, and some are malignantly insane.

  194. AndrewR says:

    True but out of all the subversive Jewish musicians I can think of, the most influential one by far is none other than Paul Ryan’s idol, the Sephardic Zack de la Rocha

  195. AndrewR says:

    Well what is the solution? WASPs have no real power anymore so attacking them is largely futile. The same is true of the Negro. As contemptible as many of them are, they aren’t running the show. BLM is a shell organization for the Jews.

  196. Ram says:

    Today Christianity has been REDUCED to Judaism for the Goyim. There is no hope for the US as both Houses of the Congress have been fully conquered.

  197. Reaper says:

    In sort yes.

    And the another part of the problem the irreal system which contribute in a way:
    One day before you became adult (/21 for some case) protected/ cared pet. One day after expected to be a “matured” adult with responsibilities.
    So no wonder many act not as adult but as tumtum hysterical kid from a nursery – not prepared, and it is the fault of their parents and the system.

    • Agree: Featherless
  198. Bert says:

    Yes, if someone were to develop the hypothesis of evolving negative ethnocentricity (as opposed to the universally recognized positive ethnocentricity of Jews to other Jews) in a quantitative fashion, it would be important to consider all possible psychological and selective feedback loops. Too bad that the innovative independent scholars who have provided so much insight into the epidemiology of SARS-2, as opposed to the incompetent professional epidemiologists, can’t be drafted to work out a formal model. The reason that I have continued to post about the idea of Ashkenazi psychological evolution is in the hope that a competent HBD modeler will see the posts and take up the challenge.
    Thanks for your comment.

  199. Bob says:

    Ashkenazi psychology would have evolved as well, specifically to be particularly unsympathetic to members of the host population because that would allow greater exploitation of that population and hence more income and more surviving children. The better exploiters reproduce more.

    This crucially important point is not well understood in the West due to widespread ignorance of Polish history. Once the Ashkenazi role in the Polish Arenda system (the lease system) is recognized, the inference follows that pronounced genetic (as well as cultural) adaptation must have occurred. The massive wealth and population increases of Arenda lease holders confirms this point. Lease holders, who were afforded “noble rights” to punish serfs as they saw fit, were essentially the slave-drivers of a vast serf population. Since serfs left no records of their ordeals, we can only imagine today the brutality of the Arenda system, including violence against children to ensure life-long control over them.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  200. Ace says:

    The notion of “the god” of money and prices seems superficial. No enterprise can succeed where there is inadequate attention sale price, income, and expenses. One had best be pretty damn focused on these or no more enterprise. And public finance is a mistake.

    Come right out with it. What’s your alternative?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  201. Ace says:
    @Colin Wright

    Very interesting. It’s clear integration is absurd. Tens of millions of whites agree, as witness their search for “good schools.” As far as possible from the “inner city.”

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  202. Ace says:
    @Colin Wright

    It’s the maddening feebleness of organized society plus the instantaneous flooding of the American mental wilderness with utterly lunatic ideas.

  203. Belchazar says:
    @Dutch Boy

    They partner with whoever they need too to get what what they want in that moment. It’s just that the Protestants were duped by dispensationslism and the Catholics were not, so they stayed in bed together in pursuit of that vision. But the whole point of that vision is to distract fron what is happening in the USA.

  204. Saggy says:

    a blond Jew whose name I can’t remember

    Stew Alpert –

  205. nymom says:

    I agree.

    Additionally it inputs no agenda to anybody else.

    Black are just mindless robots, soldiering on for the Jews, never thinking of their own self interest.

    Elite Whites the same.

    I think we are missing the forest for the trees here.

    Blacks have every interest in destroying Whites in the USA or should I say they think they do. They are allied with every other ethnic group against our majority culture and they certainly don’t sit on their hands waiting for instruction from anyone including Jews on how to go about it.

    Actually it is Black inciting and leading the riots and destruction of our major cities as they have been doing since the 60s; while other ethnics including many Jews are trailing along behind them, I assume thinking they would eventually be getting a few crumbs from the tables as they are knocked over.

    Tail wagging dog much here….

    • Replies: @A.K.Patal
  206. @Bob

    One flaw in the idea of serfs leaving no records. The priesthood would have.

  207. @VinnyVette

    Vietnam was problematic because of the draft. Nonetheless, it’s interesting that there has been no significant Peace or Antiwar movement since Vietnam. Endless wars in the middle east are fine with our liberal elite except for the fringiest of them, and all sorts if jingoistic cliches have been dusted off by liberals berating Trump for insufficient militarism, wrecking his initial policy objective of detente with Russia, now the most Christian nation in Europe.

    • Agree: VinnyVette
    • Replies: @Ace
  208. Antonnio says:

    Because you are patological liars that poison everything you touch

  209. I can’t blame whites for what has happened in America. Elite WASPs and some useful idiots, yes, but not most whites, who have tried every way to vote against their own dispossession, only to be stabbed in the back at every turn. In all honesty, violence is the only thing that would have ever stopped the elites from destroying whites, because they were dead-set on the destruction. If average whites are to blame, then they are guilty of not resorting to violence.

    Jews, on the other hand, are up to their eyeballs in treason, destruction, and financial swindles that are killing the nation, and it isn’t just the “big Jews.” About the only thing that keeps that tribe together is having the rest of humanity to attack and cheat.

  210. Reaper says:

    You are absolutely correct.

    “your analysis is correct in part but totally leaves out what and WHO is really behind all of this”

    Did it with reason.
    All background powers, their NGO systems, international organizations, clubs, etc… needs fertile ground to operate. Most conspiracy theories grab the angle, which seems like:
    There is the evil xy, or group, club, secret society, etc which fire the virtual “machine gun” against our government, freedom, people, race, morality, whatever…
    While I prefer the angle: Why the hell are there is a machine gun for them to use?

    Imagine the gender terrorist LGBTQ+++ groups in united power with radical feminists when they try to mobilize for example in Afghanistan/ as they try to convince the “pijama warriors” (yes it is sarcasm) about they have some 154 genders, go to pride parade/ party, and females power rules the weakling men.

    Or when they try to get legalization and punishment, or just educate locals about their nonsence/ new crafted terms like “rape in marriage” or even “fart rape” for example in Congo.

    Or when they wanna organise a defund the police protest in a bario at Columbia where locals ever seen a policeman just on tv or picture, by the way try the educate the local gang about how to treat women with ultimate respect/ positive discriminization/ other advantages, and send them to university. 😉

    Yes certain groups and people are in the background behind various events, operate with great skills, manipulate, finance, and try to do things, includes making fertile ground for their operations.

    By the way Soros is quite familiar, especially what he did/ try to do in France, UK, Poland, Hungary, EU Parlament/ in EU organizations, and especially Ukraine (I have less detailed infos about his actions in Sweden, Finnland, USA, Serbia, etc.. ). Also his cultural terrorist organisations from Femen till Open Society Fundations – he have several hundreds in influence. “Smart bastard, skillful bastard, yet a bastard.”
    But again my focus not on how he uses/ finances Antifa, but why the hell are those worms exist/ growns in numbers? That is in the important question in the first place. The second is how/ what he does to create the fertile grounds for future operations at planet Earth.
    The part how he uses/ exploits situations/ events/ make a profit on, whatever just a marginal question for me. First need to HAVE those weak points to exploit, use.

    And as a reply for background powers:
    Please think about the following:
    Who is more dangerous? Who uses existing weaknesses, groups, exploit opportunities?
    Or the progresses, desires, conditions which make it possible, creates the fertile ground?

    I don`t know how familiar are you with for example UNICEF?
    In fact that is a cultural terrorist organization too, operates WW, and major player to CREATE this fertile ground WW for future operations by poisoning children minds, spread single motherhood, feminism, liberalism, abortion, toxic legalization, make hate campaigns against men, fathers, families, etc…
    Not less harmful than Antifa, BLM, ISIS, Open Society, Human Rights Watch, Baader-Meinhof etc…

    And an extra story:
    Once I meet with a father in England – he was an US citizen anyway.
    He had a daughter and a son. They were home schooled, and for some subject private tutors hired.
    “Because I will not let the UK education sytem to make them stupid and incompetent.”
    So with his deeds, hardworking for years by do this he done more for his kids, for normality, and teach me more about personal responsibility: the fact everybody responsible what happens in our world than people who blames certain evil powers/ shadow governments for bad things in the mentality: “they do it to us” and not: we let it, or with our cooperation.
    Cooperation includes if he/ she still a facebook/ twitter user, or have an Apple computer, or orders from Amazon, have a TV watch often (let kids watch it) and by that mainstream wave, agrees rights and law must rule, or people are equal, my kid must go to university etc…

    And the ones who tremble in fear from the woke crusaders, afraid from cancelation, self censoring in twitter, wait for others who stand up for them/ await help from bypassers/ police when bullied are more responsible.
    I had two reactions when masses start to kneel in the USA/ elsewhere for their white/ inherited/ whatever nonsence sins:
    1. Traitors are in the perfect position for a headshot from behind.
    2. A grin: Will be any person at my country in the streets who stupid enought to ask me to kneel?

    My philosophy/ experience:
    So there are much profit from enemies.
    Be glad for BLM/ woke filth to list our traitors, cowards, weaklings, to enlist corporations which bend for them, knelt for them, institutions which was eager to quicly ally with them, make statements for supporting them/ diversity, radical race theory, whatever.
    The blacklist is growing.
    Also be very glad for our enemy the Southern Poverty Law Center who listed all possible allies, possible future friends and comrades who member in organizations on that “hate group” list.
    Be glad for twitter, facebook as they offer reference for countless individuals because they made the search/ filtering, and if they delete somebody, censor somebody that person get a fine reference by this earn worth for a look/ get a chance. Whoever “canceled” by liberals/ woke/ feminist/ LGBT groups deserves the same – automatically becames a possible friend/ ally/ worthy person.
    The whitelist is growing.
    Be glad for google for the censoring (actually find this site – because of it when one russian news site had an article they appered only in google if UNZ also typed), what not appear in their services worth a look (to only time when I use google is that, if something appear there too in the first page means meaningless or enemy), what is censored from youtube worth a watch.
    Be glad for the mainstream media, for CNN, if they say/ state positively from something/ support a cause that is at least questionable or enemy.
    Be glad for Avaaz for list all enemies, all cause/ campaigns make visible the plans/ aims of our enemies and for hackers provide the backlists from all bastards who signed them.
    Be glad for Woke Oscar Holywood, whatever they (and their woke-liberal criticists/ review writers) try to ban, censor, cancel, speak low is worth to watch, whatever they promote/ happy about is a manipulative waste/ liberal propaganda.
    Be glad for “fake news” filter apps: whatever appears on them is an instrument of the enemy – a ready to use blacklist.

    Our enemies are very profitable, do the filtering job for us, and make to disappear any confusion, any doubt: is that organization/group/ person/ film/ article noteworthy?
    If they against it, if we not find in their infrastructure then no d0ubt: worth a look.

    • Agree: Featherless
  211. baythoven says:

    As Mr. MacDonald said: “Because they can’t help themselves.”

  212. Ace says:
    @Jim Brewer

    As I remember it, the fabled moral crusade of our nation’s youth against Vietnam subsided eo instante when the draft went to a lottery.

    • Replies: @Bob
  213. Mefobills says:

    Come right out with it. What’s your alternative?

    I’ve explained the alternatives ad-nauseum in my comment history.

    The god of money and prices is not superficial. Human’s are controlled by prices and money, because most of the economy has been monetized.

    There is much less of a “volunteer” economy today than in the past. For example, women were induced into the workforce starting in the 60’s, to then become new debtors, and new consumers.

    Meanwhile, volunteer motherhood which was unpriced in monetary terms became priced, especially for child care by strangers.

    Your comment indicates that you are resistant to having your precious shibboleths punctured.

  214. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder if, during his entire life as a columnist, MacDonald will at least once tell his readers a little about the fathomless intellectual, cultural, and moral slumber and apathy his “White America” is drowned into. In other words, that these terrible, hyper-organized, super-determined, extremely anti-White Jews he tells us about all the time do triumph in their pursuits because their opponent race, culture, tradition, whatever, “White America” in MacDonald’s words, is a sleepwalker in a coma.

    Because, until he can’t find it in himself to say one, one word of truth about the root cause of the whole story he never tires of telling us, it’s a little hard to see good faith and intentions in the storytelling.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  215. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    As a Christian believer, I think we are heading toward the reign of the Antichrist.

    You must then know that God will give humans the freedom to visit on themselves, through their refusal opposed to humility and His charity, as much grief as they want.
    He’ll let them label anything carrying the scent of some self-consciousness and awareness with words like “pre-scientific cult”, and leave them dance with their hybris, till they tire, if they ever tire of it.

    Time to repent, but also time to realize the sins of our fathers that got us here and not to entertain false notions of biological determinism …

    But you yourself say those are entertaining, while truth, and truth-seeking, are known for being hugely boring. What do you expect then? Lol.

    • Replies: @Usura
  216. @Anonymous

    Fuck you.

    KMAC has talked about pathological altruism…..but it should be obvious to any HONEST person

    (which would not include a POS like yourself, filth)

    that whites have been ruined by an all out ruthless and relentless effort from organized jewry.

    Of course you would blame the victim, jew.

    • Replies: @Antonnio
  217. Ukridge says:

    One of my old friends, quite close at one time, is a black man who has killed eight or nine people. (I didn’t know that till we were good friends) He has been to prison twice for murder. We were neighbors in the ghetto, where I have seen people wave guns and shoot over nothing. When I see these Antifa anarchist idiots and Black Lives Matter, I just laugh.

  218. Antonnio says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Jewish or not he is completely right.

    Half of the battle is analizing your adversary the other half should be to look ourself in the mirror

    • Replies: @geokat62
  219. anaccount says:

    I tried to click the agree button when I read Robert Dolan’s comment regarding that tired w*sp diversion. I move on whenever I see it because it’s always the same riff.

  220. Anon[639] • Disclaimer says:

    Dovstoievski, as notorious an anti-Semite as Shakespeare, is getting cancelled as well, don’t you know.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  221. A.K.Patal says:

    “Jews trailing along behind blacks in the destruction of America?”

    Well, you are not fooling anyone around here. You will be better off to take that to Jerusalem Post or somewhere in that direction.

  222. anaccount says:

    I’m also surprised that this excellent article doesn’t mention $usan Ro$enberg of Weather Underground fame. Susan sits on the board of an NGO that funds and helps operate BLM. That is why you have a well funded and organized BLM.

    Even snopes doesn’t deny that a convicted terrorist sits at the top.

  223. Nietzsche –

    Psychologically, the Jews are a people gifted with the very strongest vitality, so much so that when they found themselves facing impossible conditions of life they chose voluntarily, and with a profound talent for self-preservation, the side of all those instincts which make for décadence—not as if mastered by them, but as if detecting in them a power by which “the world” could be defied. The Jews are the very opposite of décadents: they have simply been forced into appearing in that guise, and with a degree of skill approaching the non plus ultra of histrionic genius they have managed to put themselves at the head of all décadent movements (—for example, the Christianity of Paul—), and so make of them something stronger than any party frankly saying Yes to life. To the sort of men who reach out for power under Judaism and Christianity,—that is to say, to the priestly class—décadence is no more than a means to an end. Men of this sort have a vital interest in making mankind sick, and in confusing the values of “good” and “bad,” “true” and “false” in a manner that is not only dangerous to life, but also slanders it.

    • Thanks: mark green
  224. Bob says:

    Not true. The lottery began in 1969. Large demonstrations went on for ~3 years after that.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  225. @Larry

    Pathology. Absolutely right.

  226. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Of course Jews don’t understand Christianity. How could you?

  227. AndrewR says:

    How can it be a coup when they already run everything? The riots are just a flex.

    • Agree: anaccount, MrVoid
  228. Anon[639] • Disclaimer says:
    @problem with MacDonald ...

    You would enjoy “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” a minor feat in Chutzpah.. a true story of revenge that aided the rise of the British Empire..

    I do believe that, in the Last Judgment not only individuals but nations also will have to answer before his Throne. That makes for interesting reflection.

    Of course that reflection is only possible if you believe in good and evil. Good and evil are trascendental categories that pertain to the soul. Many at Unz don’t believe in good, or evil or the human soul.

    They are left with a mixture of biological determinism and sundry geopolitical categories. Within that limited framework, might makes right: in politics, whoever controls money and information wins. Within this Godless framework, “whites” are doomed. Only the truth about human life, soul and dignity can set whites free, for justice is also a category that pertains to the soul.

  229. If you look at specific harmful agendas, such as the normalization of homosexuality, mass immigration, “systemic racism” and “white privilege” theories, feminism, the wars in the Middle East, pill farms, the promotion of drugs, the promotion of pedophilia, Antifa, communism, atheism (anti-Christianity), or anything else you imagine that is destructive to society, you will find that Jews are overwhelmingly behind all of it.

  230. anon[499] • Disclaimer says:

    why the need for a “coup”?

    Ashkenazi Jews aren’t a monolith.

    The top GOP donors are Adelson & Singer. Trump’s mentor was famously Roy Cohn, who literally epitomizes the J-right (a rabid anti-communist + flaming homosexual). According to “Kushner, Inc”, Netanyahu literally used to sleep in Jared’s bed when visiting the US and his patron, JK’s psychopath father Charles.

    The internecine squabbling between J factions drives much of American politics but always ultimately serves Jewish racialism by framing the “national conversation” (held via near-totally J controlled media) as a Jewish win-win. So while the left openly seeks the destruction of “whiteness”, J-right advocates (e.g. Shapiro or anyone @ TPUSA) prattle on about America as the “proposition nation”. Of course, ask Ben Shapiro if converting to Judaism would translate into a right of return. One rule for me, another for thee.

    Dissident media has seen through the “uniparty” for decades; its jewishness is variously emphasized. It’s formulated as “the kosher sandwich” by MacDonald acolytes TRS/TDS; whereas 3rd generation Bircher Alex Jones thunders on about the “false left-right paradigm”. There was a piece here by either Atzmon or Shamir (forget which) which formulated the same power dialectic as “Jew vs Israeli”. Etc.

    Of course neither “side” is explicitly Jewish. Jews must develop partners and allies; the control of those allies via media, finance, and ruthless violence frames the entire history of the last 200 years (from Rothschild on). And so people will always be able to deride those who notice the “Joos”, since you’ll always be able to point out the one Jack Dorsey (self hating white) amongst the Zuckerberg / Brin+Page tech elites (for example). You say “Gates”, I say “Ellison”. “Hey, the Supreme Court is only 1/3 jewish!”. And so on.

    The infamous Epstein episode is almost certainly an instance of “Jew vs Jew” (to echo the old Jewish humor rag “Mad Magazine’s” “Spy vs Spy”). It appears he was brought back to be re-charged by team Netanyahu (read “Kushner”), but whacked by team Barak. Or perhaps it was the other way ’round, given Kushner ally Dershowitz’ squirming. Or maybe some wing of Mossad is playing both sides? I don’t know, but do bear in mind there is a furious political struggle in Israel right now between J-factions.

    The world and its history are complex. Reductio ad absurdum of the argument that Jewish power is not only real but central isn’t helping you understand anything. That’s assuming you’re actually trying to understand something, and not a mere agent of Hasbara, a JIDF troll, etc. Which objectively exist. Or is that more krazy kook talk? “Jewish controlled media! Bah, mere antisemitic trope!”

  231. @AndrewR

    You’ve had some good comments recently. I think this one is right on the money.

  232. geokat62 says:

    Half of the battle is analizing your adversary…

    Yes, our adversaries have been analizing us to death!

  233. @Cyrano

    There are no classes in this country.

  234. @problem with MacDonald ...

    Yes, Jewry has been involved in our life for a long time. That hardly supports your efforts to exculpate it.

  235. Anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites are inherently decent, mostly benevolent people, most of them subscribed to the teachings of Jesus (well, loosely speaking). Jews are on the other hand a sneaky bunch, without morals, or, even worse, their Talmudic morals prescribes them the mistreatment of the goyim.

    Are we Whites inherently decent though?

    Whites struggle with polarity. They occupy the old and new. They move between tribalism and universalism, feet in both, straddling two worlds.

    The universalism they strive for is their virtue, the tribalism they fall back to is their downfall.

    Jews, on the other hand, are wholly old world. They are paranoid, narcist and tribal. Whatever universalism they convey is predicated on tribal interests.

    Jewish success is always short term and limited. They can only exist as a flea on the back of the dog. When they eventually get out of hand, there is always the reckoning.

    To be sure, the dog could get rid of the flea once and for all. But the dog can’t seem to make up its mind.

  236. Usura says:

    Christianity is a pre-scientific cult, which is no insult. Pre-scientific cults have great power and beauty, but Christ’s is waning. I understand you and many others have an emotional attachment to your faith, but that is no rebuttal of my very simple points about the rapid and ongoing disappearance of Christian belief among whites.

    Christianity, whether it is true or not, has no realistic shot of delivering whites from their mental enslavement if those trends continue. Your religion is dying, and will soon be effectively dead. You’re in a similar situation to the Icelandic aristocracy of the 700’s. The loss of their faith was a tragedy, as yours will be, but the extinction of white people would be a greater tragedy. That some would choose to subordinate biological survival to memetic survival of the cultural complex of Christendom is anachronistic, pathetic, and cringe.

    • Agree: MrVoid, mark green
    • Replies: @Anon
  237. gsjackson says:

    The biggest anti-war demonstration I guess was the march on Washington in May of ’71. I do remember a story, maybe in Time magazine, saying that the campuses had become strangely quiet in the Fall of ’71. That’s my subjective recollection of campus life at the time, and even the 70-71 school year seemed much tamer than before for student activism. People came back to school after being let out early in the Spring after Kent State, and the big expression making the rounds was “lighten up,” as in cool it with the SJW rhetoric.

    I do think the lottery significantly dampened anti-war sentiment and participation. It had to — everybody with a number above about 175 could feel safely beyond the draft’s reach. It just took a little while for the Zeitgeist to lock in to the new normal.

  238. Anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    You seem to be forgetting something very important to your argument: Even if a Christian grants you every bit of your argument it is ultimately irrelevant because the Christians true focus has never been and never will be on the temporal so, from the Christian perspective your argument is not very powerful or convincing.

    Just saying.

  239. @Rex Reptilian

    ”When Hitler’s Intelligence Agents (well placed in the Kremlin) discovered that Stalin was planning to invade the West, Hitler positioned forces under Operation barbarossa, which failed miserably due to weather, industrial shortages, and logistical problems.”

    I think that this is one of the most, or probably the most, ridiculous statements which I have ever read.

    Actually it was the other way around.

    A German KPD (communist) network – The Red Orchestra – had penetrated the German secret diplomatic and spy organizations and forwarded their findings to Stalin who didn’t believe that Hitler was planning to overrun the USSR. The fact that the Soviet Armies were weakly led was due to the core of the office class in the Red Army being purged in 1938. This meant that the frontier armies of the USSR were easily overrun during the initial period which saw the Wehrmacht at the gates of Moscow.

  240. @Amerimutt Golems

    “Grammar Stasi types”? So you think correct grammar is one of the vicious forces oppressing you? Maybe you should write in Ebonics from now on.

  241. Fool says:

    “A light”. Lucifer. This goes back to the crucifixion. Predates it.

  242. Fool says:

    making judgments about other people based upon how they look or how they think

    If other people think I ought to be eliminated due to my European roots I ought not judge them?

    ____ detected.

  243. JamesinNM says:

    Romans 2:28-29 versus Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

  244. @Anon

    Dostoevsky an anti-Semite, huh? It is amazing how everything great is a target.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Vojkan
  245. @Yukon Jack

    If I am following you in a sane world there would be some Jews on the roads like there are gypsies and maybe some impoverished and dubious state of Israel nested among like forlorn Arab principalties being carpet-bombed from time to time when one harbors way too many sea pirates, but there would be no US for sure because that entity would not have existed 1) without the Israhellish Bible being hold in the left hand as a warrant for territory conquest while the pistol was held in the right one 2) without the American revolutionary enterprise being 100% sponsored by Southern Jews who sought thereby a way to protect the slave system from European abolitionism which they saw coming, and without the Southern plantation society model, in which all expertise was Jewish, providing the early US with a semblance of aristocracy without which the US would have gained no recognition by the diplomatic world as it was then. 3) without a certain category of Jews providing the Fouding Fathers with as great a proportion of their own leadership (especially at the very top : Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson…) and secret service as would be the case among the first Soviet of Petrograd : the Jews were there first in the American enterprise and invited the whites as road companions and guest workers they first encouraged to be racist in the very same way as they were before enlarging their group and then choosing other privileged guest groups 4) without America’s concept of Manifest Destiny, which was right from the start Israel-defined and Israel-imitated, the said Manifest destiny consisting in incarnating Israel in the New World and making constant all-out war on one main enemy, the Catholic world to be destroyed by stages so as to prepare the World for the comeback of Old World Israel.

    Your wailing reminds me of Anglo-Saxon hippies having been living in their Goa reservation for two generations with contacts with just a few Hindu gurus flattering them along their dreams and appetites for trips of all sort while living off their money being sent from their families in Britain and California up to the day when suddenly that money peters out due to Britain middle classes losing their first world status resulting in these hippies being treated as Indian lowest of lowest castes (in as much as they still indulge in lust and drugs, while a smaller elite having understood that India adores money as a deity devote all efforts to make money by any scam and are admitted into the vaishya caste and even then told to leave the all writing and preaching to high caste Indians as they are barbarians by origin and not true Aryans) by the more serious real Brahmins called by Modi to teach them about the realities of real Hinduism … this in collaboration of course with the Zionist networks that first provided the colony of Goa with most of its gurus, instructors, paraphernalia and now rather support the Hindu nationalists who despise all Westerners attracted by Eastern romanticism.

  246. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    Richard Simmons isn’t an anti-Semite. Enjoy goys.

  247. @Anon

    1913 was one important but only one important moment in the exertion of money supply control by Jews in the history of the US : it was rather the local adaptation of America to a world where paper money would replace heavy coins in the pockets of all well to do people as a regular means of payment. Governments had a very bad record of paper money supply management, the last well known instance having been the Confederacy, people, especially people from European countries having been governed by penniless revolutionary governments taking their little gold from their pockets to replace it by notes, were supremely reassured when they learned that their paper money would be emitted on a strictly private basis with most secure gold exchange value in the world and the arrangement did provide three generations to come with an economic privilege like none other over all softer currency countries, namely until the advent of Milton Friedman’s floating currency system which was a much more ominous turning point than 1913 proper.

    But in the US history Jews had been in charge of money supply at all other moments : initially the real economic exchange value was real estate first and foremost, especially in the South, and it was in Jewish hands, and that Jewish real estate money sponsored the whole American Revolutionary enterprise. The war of 1812 could be won could be won (or rather, a brutal termination of the American enterprise and dream could be avoided by a military stalemate) only by surrendering to Jewish banking power as the main last resort creditor for state expenses. Andrew Jackson who nearly missed becoming America’s South American style caudillo for life like Bolivar had his campaigns 100% financed by Southern Jewish-owned real estate money and the speeches he delivered to the yokels against the evils of interest lending aimed only at small outsider savings and lending institutions that were disobedient to the oligarchy by then, were an easy target as they were frequented by the poor who were abused, but of no import as the real capital was then of non-movable nature, though it must be noted that corporations were people by then and money gifts tantamount to free speech : it was even said that free speech unbacked by money donations was tantamount to courting damsels without gifts and would not be defended by serious lawyers : intellectuals defending their mere ideas against government arbitrary enjoyed no respect from public opinion and were considered as un-American by the puritan code of moral conduct, and many, many realms of opinion were off-limits as for the First Amendments : catholicism, in most states, was tantamount to paganism or being a de facto citizen of Mexico : you ceased to be a gentlemen when defending it, you were a slave in your soul. Just a little bit later on the Bnai Brith was founded in NYC out of former more informal lawyer’s organizations in the precise design to show everybody that right to free speech did not include right to defamation, which then included all analytical journalism accusing the rich in general or particular corporations and not only the Jewish ones. In the beginning was total Jewish economic and media control through indebtedness.

    The only difference was then that Jewish racism supported anglo-saxon racism, even to the point of fostering anglo-israelism according to which you were a real White only in as much your blood was rich in Jewish genes from lost tribes of Israel, and also supported work ethic against sensate or humanistic ethics as you were a human only in as much as you did useful work for those the Bible proclaimed to be the recipients of it, contrary to now when Whites are abandoned as having outlived their use and sensate ethics are favoured in the prospect of a new order where everybody will live from paycheck to paycheck and where those who don’t go where the wind blows are to be dismissed as opponents.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Alden
  248. @utu

    The Israeli paper Ha Aretz has ceased since long to be respected by the mainscream Israelis, it is for most Israelis a souvenir paper from a bygone era, fitter for Esperanto-speakers than for modern Hebrew speakers. Ha Aretz is the last symbol of a former left-wing and equalitarian Israel that has disappeared since long. Ha Aretz is rather financed by the Hasbara to maintain the illusion that there were still a humanistic progressive worker-friendly capital-contending left in Israel so as to prove to disquited Westerners that hell no, Israel is not a fascist state, despite the blatant fact that it is with Bibi as the undisputed duce-status national symbol. Ha Aretz is mostly read by out-Israel clients and subscribers and it is catering to the emotional needs of a public that wants to believe that Israel is still nevertheless a progressive state defending human rights such as participating in LGBT prides caught in an ocean of mounting Islamic superstition. Ha Aretz has also another mission : covering up the fact to overseas readers that the Israeli people in general even the arab sub-population is the most anti-black racist in the world calling for ever more Jim Crow laws and also that Blacks are to the world and especially to the US what the Palestinians are to Israel in the police formation sessions regularly given to constables from the US and other Western countries (other goys being like non-Palestinian-friendly Arabs such as the Saudis or the Lebanese).

    In Israel left, even the fakest left, has for all practical purposes disappeared. There are two wings in the Israeli ideological arena by now : neo-con but relatively secular extreme right as incarnated by the Likud and extreme religious messianic right as incarnated by more and more small parties that are necessary to form any governing coalition. The leftmost thing you can find in Israel as a third party is the Qadima current, which is represented overseas by France’s Macron government, one of the most right-wing France has ever known since WWII, but it has always failed to garner any governing coalition at any time since long in Israel as the idea that White fascists are the main enemy to check just doesn’t hold in that country too busy checking Arabs and coloured people and counting on revenue and admiration to be fleeced from White cuckservative tourists. People in Israel are too busy selling security systems to neo-colonial states having replaced the former White colonists for controlling Arab and coloured mobs to have time to talk to Antifas, even Jewish Antifas : the only excuse in dealing with them is having enough agents among them so as to forestall any potential antisemitic drift as is done with any group perceived as essentially inimical. The kind of White no to be in Israel is an Antifa or any kind of cultural marxist however hypocritical : even though it be not your intention it is not very far by character from being a Palestinians’ rights defender invoking UN charters. Actually anything looking like too UN is suspect in Israel. The acceptable though still despicable kind is a Mormon, an Evangelist, or a Cuckservative making a pilgrimage to the land of dirty money.

  249. Hey y’all, new to UR…

    I was recently talking with a local FFL who does IDPA and CCW certification. He has a Jewish client, and apparently at the client’s temple, members are being encouraged to consider CCW and even offered defensive shooting training – not by the FFL I know. Not only that, these recommendations are not limited to that specific temple, but in fact come from the offices of a national network of Jewish organizations. Perhaps they’re paranoid there will be retribution and/or they know something about the near future that we don’t.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  250. Jews understand a crucial truth. People are Extensions than Individuals. As social creatures, people are more like ants than lone animals like tigers or bears. People constantly pick up signals, all the more so in our age of electronic media and gadgets. Every time someone uses ‘my’ device, he or she is being tuned to signals emanating from a center of power/influence. He or she thinks, “I’m a free individual with ‘choice’”, but in fact, the possible ‘choices’ are fed into his/her mind through electronic signals. In some ways, people became less individualistic with the rise of radio and TV. Prior to such technology, everyone in the US did something different on any given night. Some read books(countless different titles) and magazines, some went for social gathering, others went for a walk, some stared at the moon, and etc. If ANYTHING unified people in the US and the West prior to Radio and TV, it was the Bible.
    But with the TV, just about everyone in the US could be watching the same show at the same instant. Despite the ‘participation’ of countless millions, the shows were created by just a handful of people. As Jews gained control of the media, they were filling our minds with ‘control’ signals. A the guy in A SERIOUS MAN(by Coen Brothers) messes with the TV antennae, he senses the TV is exerting serious influence on his children, not all of it good. Still, Jews needed to worry less about TV & Radio as Jewish Media Masters were careful not to send signals that would be negative for Jews. Instead, signals instilled the mass public with the message that one’s moral character is a measure of his/her ‘philosemitism’. If animus, hostility, and hatred were spread by the electronic signals, they were aimed at whites because Jewish supremacist power needs white submission and obedience, the product of white shame, moral paralysis, and self-loathing. Jews need whites to be in forever-redemptive mode for their history of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and etc. because then they can exploit the white need for atonement by directing white actions toward Judeocentric goals. “Jews are so good and holy, whites are so vile and loathsome; therefore, in order for whites to cleanse their souls, they must look to Jews for wisdom and guidance.”

    In a way, libertarianism, especially the kind pushed by Ayn Rand, has been of great use to Jews. Libertarianism served as a loosening agent. It’s like you must first weaken the bonds that hold a structure together; then, the structure can be dismantled brick by brick. But do you break things apart to keep them apart indefinitely? No, you take them apart to use as building blocks for a new structure based on YOUR blueprint. Libertarianism promised individuality, freedom, and choice to everyone. It was especially useful in disassociating the White Right from its bonds of conservatism. White Conservatism championed bonds to the past & heritage and bonds among white folks(and Christian folks). While Americanism(and Western Culture in general) had long been more individualistic than others, it rejected radical individualism. If one had to make a choice between unity/community and division/individuality, the former was prioritized. So, while American Conservatism wasn’t anti-individualist, it put unity before the individual. Libertarianism was poised to reverse the formula. Among the more moderate libertarians, it was individuality and choice before unity and tradition, but they weren’t hostile to latter. Ron Paul belongs to this school. (His is the school of Virtue Libertarianism, the idea that more freedom and individuality will mean more choice and means by which people can make better, saner, more rational, and sensible decisions. More freedom means more opportunity to be good and moral. In contrast, there is the school of Vice Libertarianism that looks upon traditional virtues as ‘square’ & ‘lame’ and argues that vices will cancel each other out and lead to a kind of balance. This might as well be the Anton LaVey school of individualism.) If moderate Libertarians placed individuality before unity(but still valued unity), the radical libertarians were opposed to any sense of unity and heritage. It was all a matter of ‘me and my choice’. It’s no wonder they oppose nationalism, which is about the consensus that favors policies thought to be good for the organic whole. Radical libertarians see such policies as standing between the individual and choice. The GROUP representing National Interest prevents individuals from acting freely vis-a-vis the rest of the world.

    Anyway, unbeknownst to most goy libertarians, Jewish elements pushed libertarianism as a means to an end, not as the end itself. Consciously or subconsciously, Ayn Rand and other Jews would have sensed that Jewish Power will grow immeasurably if whites could be made more individualistic while Jews are made more tribalist, more pro-unity. Unity creates a gravitational core whereas individuality scatters force in all directions. The universe is filled with stardust, but stardust remains adrift in the dark. Bright suns are created by the unity of stardust into great concentrations of matter that generate tremendous energy. No wonder cities rule over the countryside. Cities concentrate power, countryside scatters it far and wide. Even Mao Zedong, who called for ‘surround the cities from the countryside’, got his education in the cities and, when his side won the war, made sure that the communists controlled all cities with a tight grip. Paradoxically, city life is more rootless and individualistic, yet power is concentrated into a singular unity. In contrast, country life is more rooted and communal, but people are smaller in number and separated across great distances. Perhaps, city folks could be more individualistic because they can take their systemic unity for granted. They live in such an elaborate and elevated form of social order that they don’t have to work so hard at basic survival.


    Anyway, dimwit goy libertarians thought that individualism was for everyone. Everyone would become deracinated and come to regard himself or herself primarily as an individual, as a ‘me’ or ‘myself’. Everything else — national loyalty, racial identity, religious affiliation, kinship, or etc. — would be secondary or nonexistent. All groups would move in this direction. Not only whites but Jews, blacks, browns, and the rest. But just when whites were moving toward an identity based solely on the individual, Jews were playing up the Holocaust Cult, Zionist Ideology, and Yiddish sensibility. Jews were reminded to never forget their Jewish history and unique ALL-TOO-JEWISH suffering. So, even though Jews prized individualism, it came AFTER unity. Philip Roth, for example, could be an individual and write ‘porny’ stuff, but all said and done, he was praised for his Jewish pride and Zionism. Jews were JEWISH individuals, not generic individuals, which is what Jews urged whites to become.
    For non-whites, Jews had a different agenda. Jews did everything to weaken the identities of Muslims, Asians, Hindus, Latin Americans, and Africans. After all, mass immigration is about the Melting Pot. Jews pushed for more immigration and in order for all immigrants to get along, they must put aside their identities/loyalties of origin and become ‘good Americans’. And yet, if non-whites were urged to be just like whites, ‘generic individuals’, they wouldn’t be of much use to Jews. Indeed, whites and non-whites as ‘generic individuals’ might come to see eye-to-eye on lots of things. But Jews needed to use non-whites against whites. But what kind of identity could non-whites have if they were urged to become part of the melting pot? Jews pushed Negative Identity on non-whites, an identity based on hostility toward whites. Thus, being non-white, be it black, brown, yellow, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever, is less a matter of positive connection to one’s racial or cultural background than a matter of being AGAINST whites. Blackness is essentially about ‘victims of white supremacist racism’. Brownness is mostly about resentment at the Gringo. And yellowness is about proving one’s credentials that Asians are not a ‘model minority’ and also ‘victimized’ by whites on a daily basis — I mean, it could be a micro-aggression!
    While Jews also have a powerful sense of Negative Identity — “Evil White goyim did pogroms on us and threw us into gas chambers” — , they also have a powerful sense of Positive Identity rooted in history, heritage, and remembrance. In contrast, as most non-white goyim have weaker cultures and identities, all they have left as identifier is the ‘moral pride’ of being wronged and victimized by White ‘racists’ and ‘supremacists’. It’s like Jews tell Muslims, “Forget about Islam, let your daughters grow up to ‘twerk’ & act like sluts, let your sons ape black rappers, and wave the ‘gay pride’ flag.” So, what would be the meaning of being a Muslim in America? It would be as a member of People of Color who are forever ‘victimized’ by nasty ‘white supremacists’.

    So, at the end of the day, Jews got positive and negative identities, non-whites got negative identities, and whites got generic identities. Jews have a sense of history and unity(separate from whites) and a sense of moral outrage(in negative opposition to white ‘Anti-Semites’). Non-whites, in their amnesia, lose all sense of who they are independent of whites, and as such, their only identity is in relation to whites: “White racists did us wrong.” And whites have no sense of who they are and where they came from. Whites are discouraged from looking into their racial, historical, mythical, and spiritual roots. Whites are now utterly post-cultural. If the European past is invoked, it is to willfully misinform whites that Vikings and Romans were black and that Europe was ALWAYS about mass immigration and ‘diversity’. (If so, why do Jews say Europe was so ‘racist’?) So, can whites at least be free individuals who are left alone to do as they please, like the fellas in Richard Linklater’s DAZED AND CONFUSED? No, not even that. Whites too must have an identity that operates on a reverse moral dynamics as the non-white Negative Identity. If non-whites define themselves with Moral Pride vis-a-vis whites, whites must define themselves with Moral Shame/Guilt vis-a-vis non-whites(and Jews of course). Non-whites see themselves as “people who were always wronged by whites”, whereas whites are to see themselves as “people who always wronged non-whites”. Thus, both non-white identity and white identity lack autonomy and independence. Jews have a sense of who they are apart from their relations with whites, but non-whites, having far weaker memories, only have a sense of ‘victimization’ under whites. It is a Negative Identity of Moral Pride. Whites have a Negative Identity of Moral Shame. As whites have no sense of who they are independent of the rest of humanity — the mantra of ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’ across both North America and Europe has made it taboo for whites to conceive of a world unto their own, past, present, or future — , whites have been conditioned to always think of themselves in relation to the Other. According to this logic, there is no whiteness independent of non-whiteness. White Identity is always a function of its relational dynamics with Jews and non-whites.
    Now, can one say that whites sometimes did wrong to others and vice versa? After all, whites were invaded by Huns, Moors, Mongols, Arabs, Turks, and etc… and they are being invaded today by Third World hordes. And weren’t whites victimized by Jewish money-lenders and weren’t countless Christian Slavs killed by Jewish communists? No, such thinking is taboo and forbidden. Whites must only focus on the wrongs they did to others, that is unless whites did it for Jewish Supremacists. Whites need not dwell on the guilt of having supported Zionist wars on Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, etc. Of course, when the ‘refugees’ from the Wars for Israel end up on European and American shores, THEN whites must feel shame and guilt for not taking in more of them. When it comes to smashing Arab/Muslim nations, Jews urge white military men to be like ruthless and heartless Nazis. But when, the ‘refugees’ come knocking on the doors of the EU and US, the faceless victims suddenly take on the aura of ‘New Jews escaping the holocaust’.

    In the 1960s and 70s, when Jews were preaching Free Speech and youth culture, it seemed as though most of them just wanted all Americans to be freer and less hung up about race, culture, and identity. And yet, what Jews were really doing was using libertarianism to loosen white bonds from white heritage and white unity. Once loosened and taken apart, there was no way Jews were just going to let whites remain as independent bricks. And they sure as hell weren’t going to become like whites and turn generic and ‘white bread’ as rootless individuals. (If Jews seemed rootless to goyim, it was because they refused to become rooted to goy conventions. They insisted on being rooted to the much deeper history and identity of their own Tribe.) Once white unity was dissolved and whites were turned into atomized individuals, Jewish Power planned to construct them into a new sense of whiteness, the Negative Identity of Guilt & Shame. And this was to be realized through PC permeating not only education but entertainment, advertisement, endless crusades, new purges, and ceaseless public announcements.
    In a way, Jews did it to mold whiteness into a useful tool for Jewish Power. But it was also because Jews sensed that arch-individualism is not natural to humans who are social creatures. Indeed, there were signs of a Christian Revival and counter-revolutionary Conservative tide in the 1980s after the tumultuous Sixties and the Me-Decade of the Seventies. It was a high water mark for Evangelicals in the post-war era. Against them, Jews concocted Political Correctness, Magic Negro, Globo-Homo, Diversity-mania, and Holocaust Cult as the new secular religions. Jews figured that whites would feel too lonely as mere individuals and would want to coalesce into some kind of ‘spiritual’ community. But what kind of community? The kind that is about white pride, Christian values, conservatism, family values, and nationalism? If whites were to be steered away from individualism toward some kind of unity and identity, it had to be one where white sense of goodness derived from their atonement scorecard. Whites feeling good about being white was absolutely unacceptable. Whites could only feel good about atoning at the feet of Jews and blacks, celebrating Diversity, cheering globo-homo, and praising white female race-traitors who go for Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Over time, this mentality even spread to once conservative American suburbs and small towns. After all, no matter where you live, you have a TV set that emits signals from Jewish-controlled centers of news, information, and entertainment. As Joe Biden said, Jewish media made America accepting of ‘gay marriage’. All those electronic signals beamed into the eyes and ears of Americans made them regard homos, the proxies of Jewish Power, as ‘angels’ while despising anyone opposed to the ‘gay agenda’ as a subhuman ‘homophobe’, the face of which became the Greensboro ‘church’, which might as well be a Jewish Front(just like all those phony Neo-Nazi groups led by Jewish hucksters).

    As such, all those white people became mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Power. Even though they feel themselves to be free and independent, they are bombarded by Jewish electronic signals on a daily basis. The airwaves are essentially mental whips, rods, and leashes. They tell us what is ‘true’ and ‘false’. They work on our emotions. Consider all the stupid white people who were led to believe it is ‘Nazi-like’ to support or enforce border security. Getting their news and opinions from Jewish-controlled sources, they’re like dogs on a leash. They are like horses with blinders on, constantly goaded with cracking whips. They consider themselves to be free individuals who seek out the news, but most of the news they absorb comes from a handful of Jewish-owned-or-controlled conglomerates that work hand-in-glove with the Deep State. Instead of them seeking out the news, it’s more like Jewish Propaganda and Mind-Control seeping into them through the devices that they own. (Those devices are like crack pipes. You may own the pipes, but the drugs are supplied by the pushers. You own the crack pipes, but the drugs own you, and the drugs are sold by the kingpins.) If they’re truly free and independent, they would be for Free Speech and more options, but having been so brainwashed and conditioned by Jewish Power, they support speech control and censorship lest they see or hear something that runs counter to the Official Narrative that they’ve been fed. Because PC dogma makes them feel good for parading their ‘white guilt’ but feel bad for being critical about Jews and non-whites, they’d rather have censorship than be ‘triggered’ and psychologically threatened from their ‘safe spaces’. It’s funny how these idiot whites oppose border security that makes for physical safe spaces but support speech restriction to maintain their psychological safe spaces. They confuse mind with matter. But as the recent BLM riots have shown, what makes for psychological safe spaces makes for physical danger zones, which eventually destroy the psychological safe space as well. So many whites feel psychologically ‘safe’ with the conceit of Magic Negro and struggle against ‘white supremacist racism’. They scream and shout at those who object to such fantasies. They feel psychologically threatened by the truth and demand their mental ‘safe spaces’. And yet, what did the ideas emanating from their psychological safe spaces lead to? It led to ‘defunding the police’ and blacks acting badly with the support of Antifa thugs. The end result has been many more actual dangerous spaces and zones for both blacks and whites. Ideally, psychological safe space should be in sync with physical safe space. Indeed, that’s how the suburbs grew and expanded. Whites knew that moving away from blacks would make for safer neighborhoods. They knew it in their minds and felt it in their feet. But over time, the Jewish media-control filled white minds with the notion of Magic Negro vs Evil White ‘Racist’. So, blacks were always good and true, whites were always bad and false. Saddled with such PC notions, even whites in white communities came to regard Diversity and Blackness as holy while feeling disgust at whiteness. So, instead of trying to defend and preserve their communities, they chipped away at the foundations of their own physical well-being in subservience to the demands of psychological safe spaces deluded with PC soma. Consider white idiots in the suburbs holding rallies in honor of Fentanyl Floyd. In a way, it’s fitting that the druggy Floyd has been ‘canonized’ by secular progs in search for new gods. In a way, psychological safe space is like addiction to opium. Someone sucking on an opium pipe is in his la-la land. He thinks he’s in heaven, and even though his habit is actually ruining his physical and material well-being, he prioritizes mental bliss over physical reality. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before deteriorating material reality catches up to him and drags him down to the gutter in the most unceremonious way.

    So, in the end, white people didn’t become individuals but mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish Power. Of course, they are too ignorant or stupid to realize they’re being thus manipulated and led around by the nose. Or, having been instilled with Jew-Worship, Homo-Mania, and Magic Negro Reverence, maybe they feel virtuous in being so servile and obeisant to the Power. But then, are American ‘conservatives’ any better? The essence of current ‘conservatism’ can be found in Chris Christie’s groveling at the feet of Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney shuffling before his massuhs at AIPAC, or Marco Rubio playing his turn as the wooden dummy of The Lobby. They are mere Extensions.
    Now, it’s natural to be an extension, but of what? Of white identity/interests or Jewish interests/identity? It’s like the Bob Dylan’s song(during his Christian phase) called “Gotta Serve Somebody”. It could be the Devil or the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody. Ants on their own are nothing. But then, the queen ant would be nothing too if not for the fact that all the other ants are essentially extensions of her role in the order. They protect and feed her, and she produces the offspring that keeps the species alive.

    In the case of slave-taking, the ants of one colony can be made to serve another. The raiding ants take the larvae of another ant colony, and the baby ants are raised to serve the former. Of course, they don’t know it, even as they dutifully serve as the Extensions of the colony that raided and/or destroyed their colony of origin. Whites brought over black slaves to serve as Extensions of whites. Because whites were far more advanced, blacks(even as slaves) had much to gain, but the fact is they were no longer serving their own tribe but working for the white tribe. And even as a free people, blacks in the US military continue to serve as Extensions of the US Empire, now controlled by Jews who are most hellbent on Wars for Israel and Judaic Hegemony.
    Still, if blacks always knew they were slaves because their subjugation was so visible and physical, most whites don’t know that they are essentially mental slaves of Jewish Massuhs(who use blacks, Diversity, and Antifa Janissary idiots as overseers to attack and intimidate the white masses). If whites enslaved blacks physically, Jews stole the hearts and minds of Jews. Jews stole the white soul. In a way, what Jews have done to whites is worse than what was done to blacks. Blacks were savages and, despite physical slavery, were given souls with Christianity. Even as whites made blacks pick cotton, they spread the notion among blacks that God is bigger than any number of white folks with guns & whips, and that Jesus, the Son of God, loves the wretched of the Earth, the poor, and the oppressed. So, even as whites shackled blacks physically, they freed black souls from the depths of jungle savagery. And in time, black Christians would use a powerful spiritual argument for freedom and dignity.
    In contrast, Jewish Power used media and academia to rob whites of their hearts and minds that make up the soul. Jews, the masters of psychology, studied what methods are most effective in slipping into the subliminal and subconscious zones of people. Having thus sneaked in, they set all sorts of traps and spread all sorts of poisons in the white minds so that whites would feel nauseous at any thought of ‘white pride'(like Alex in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) and would feel nervous at entertaining any thought that might offend Jews, blacks, and homos. Jewish mind-control crept into the hearts of white goyim and convinced them that the essence of Christianity is worship of sodomy and a Negro druggy.

    Every man, no matter how smart or strong, isn’t much on his own. He is just one person. He gains power by turning other men into Extensions of himself. Their bodies serve as extensions of his mind, will, and vision. He is the will-to-power. Under Adolf Hitler, it was like all Germans were extensions of the Fuhrer’s own arms and legs. And under Mao, countless Chinese were carriers of his will. More Extensions means more Power. This is what Jews had in mind. In a world governed by power, people exist as Extensions. There are many more Extensions than Extenders, just like there is one Sun but many planets. THE GODFATHER is not about individuals but about a handful of characters, Vito and Michael(and Barzini), who are Extenders while the rest are mostly Extensions or Buffers of one kind or another. And in THE GODFATHER PART 2, even the witnesses at the Congressional Hearing are Extensions of one side or another. They either belong to Michael Corleone or to Hyman Roth. Most people belong and serve. On their own, they are nothing or with protection.

    At one time, Jews rose up the ranks in the US as Extensions of Wasp Power, but the tables were turned, and now Wasps serve as Extensions of Jewish Power. The difference is that, even when Jews were playing the role of Extensions of Wasp Power, they had a powerful sense of who they are and planned for the day when they would rule. In contrast, today’s Wasp Extensions of Jews are truly a sorry and pathetic lot. They are without identity or pride and happily servile as minions of Jews. They are like ants-taken-to-serve-as-slaves. They are ‘white uncle toms’ or ‘white toms’. And if Wasps in the past thought it was rather uncouth to be overly ‘antisemitic’, Jews today are utterly shameless and relentless in insulting, humiliating, and dehumanizing whites in every possible way. And what do whites do? They beg the Jews, “Can I suck your dic*?” At most, some whites will plead with Jews, “Please oh please, don’t be so mean to us? I mean, you wouldn’t like it if we did it to you. So, please oh please, be nice to us, and we will kiss your behind.” How utterly pathetic.

    In the movie MY BODYGUARD, the small kid is bullied by tougher kids and recruits a much bigger guy to serve as his Extension. Jews are nothing without their Extensions. Ironically, the most valued Extensions of Jewish Power is white people even though Jews also believe they need Diversity as bulwark against the White Threat. Jews see whites as the most useful horse but also the most dangerous that may throw off the Jewish rider and kick him in the skull and run off to be free. So, Jews need Diversity as added baggage on the horse so that it won’t be able to jump and be wild. Of course, if Diversity serves as the straw that broke the white horse’s back, Jews will have nothing. With whites, it’s a game of carrot and sticks. If a white person collaborates fully with Jews, he gets lots of carrots. If they deviate from the Plan, they are attacked with big sticks. (It’s like Leon Wieseltier’s formula for dealing with Muslims. Total ruthlessness OVER THERE where they pose a threat to Israel and kindness OVER HERE where they can used as part of the coalition against whites.) Jews use Diversity to tame whites but fear that too much anti-white bashing may lead to diminished white energies, in which case whites won’t be so useful as managers and foot-soldiers of the empire.

    In MY BODYGUARD, we naturally sympathize with the small kid because we don’t like bullies. And we would like to believe that the good weakling uses his wits to hire good muscle as Extensions to push back against bad bullies. But the kid is also a smart-ass and a jerk. In a way, the dark version of him is Sean Penn’s character of Kleinfeld in CARLITO’S WAY. Here’s a brainy guy who isn’t good with fists and guns, but he knows the law and has connections. He can get people to do all kinds of things for him. And yet, he is a crook and an arch-criminal in the making.
    Over the years, many Americans got to thinking that Jews, while not the toughest and hardiest men around, are the smartest, wisest, most decent, most judicious, and most understanding, not least because they suffered the Shoah and have been the People of the Book, the greatest ever written. So, why not have Jews take over elite institutions? Why not be guided by Jewish wise-men, philosophers, big thinkers, and teachers? What better kind of elites can one hope for? Let the US be led by such sterling people and let the rest of us be happy and lucky Extensions of Jewish Power.
    The problem with this view is it misunderstands the nature of power. It may well be that there are wise, smart, and judicious Jews, but such people almost never gain power. Power almost always ends up with the cunning, devious, egotistical, ruthless, greedy, vain, nasty, vicious, corrupt, unscrupulous, and/or decrepit. So, what kind of Jews gained power? The likes of Norman Finkelstein(who, for all his faults, is sincere in trying to come to terms with the Palestinian issue) or a sleazebag like Chuck Schumer? Thus, letting Jews take power didn’t end up with US being ruled by wise-men but by gangsters with law degrees, business degrees, or high-tech know-how, the geeksters. George Soros, Paul Singer, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

    The Question is, “Do you want to be an Extension of this Power, or do you want to cut free and become an Extension of the forces that defend, support, and preserve YOUR OWN race, culture, and history?”

  251. Anon[342] • Disclaimer says:
    @Francis Miville

    Jews until 1850 were only 0,1% of the population all of them sephardic jews an insignicant amount , The majority of the colonies did not allow Jewish settlements with the exception of New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Georgia

    The mayority of the money raised came from spain and france that went nearly bankrupt with the intention of weakening english colonies , At the end of the revolution in 1783, the debt already stood at more than $43 million (Spanish dollars). This was $450 million Continental dollars, equivalent to $1.2 trillion (USD) in terms of modern currency. Of this, the individual state debts amounted to about $30 million with an annual interest payment of $1 million. The largest portion of the debt was owed to foreign allied governments such as Spain and France

    The mayour private financers of the american revolution was Robert Morris . He was a wealthy man who at one time owned the entire state of New York. He sacrificed everything to finance the Revolution and ended up in debtor’s prison

    Other minor private financers Pierre Gibault, Charles Gratiot Sr, Samuel Howell, Oliver Pollock, Haym Salomon and Francis Vigo

    And only one of those was jewish hayn solomon a polish ashkenazi jew to be exact

    The early philosemitism i thibk is more indirect influence throw puritanism than the direct influence of those 0,1% sephardic jews that by the arrival of ashkenazi jews were mixed to extinction .

    Its with the arrival of ashkenazi and the posterior stablishment of the federal reserve that everything changed.

    Its with the stablishment of the federal reserve in 1913 that jews knew full well that could count with america to destroy any competition in europe that the wars began

    Stablishment of the federal reserve 1913
    First world war 1914

    Russian revolution 1917 financed by jewish bankers

    And finally the checkmate to nazi germany in 1945

  252. Vojkan says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    Actually, Dostoevsky didn’t like Jews at all because he perceived decades in advance what was coming to Russia and who was bringing it, he perceived the Jewish mindset. However, he never advocated persecuting them or killing them because it would have been in total contradiction with his conception of the Orthodox faith.

  253. @Priss Factor

    I think Ayn Rand gave Jewish intentions away with all of her talk about the “destroyer.” Jews are not civilization builders.

  254. gsjackson says:
    @Priss Factor

    I agree with geokat — this was a brilliant little piece of intellectual history. Large blocks of print are hard to read, but in this case it was worth the effort.

    My only quibble: I think the reaction against individualism and the culture of libertinism it created began in the early ’70s. It was reflected in the ’50s nostalgia rampant at that time, and in the Nixon landslide of ’72. Carter’s election in ’76 was really of a piece with this movement, as he put religion front and center of his candidacy. The ’70s was a time of great evangelical fervor, almost a Fourth Great Awakening when the movement toward non-denominational evangelicalism began. The culture of libertinism certainly proceeded apace through the ’70s toward cocaine and way-out-of-the-closet faggotry, but the reaction was building steadily through the decade also toward Reaganism.

  255. They obviously had a long hot summer of riots planned for some time before the Floyd think broke out. I knew it was coming when I saw how they tried to start the riots a month earlier by lying about that thief who they claimed was “jogging” (running away from a crime scene is now “jogging” in the lying media.) I really don’t know if they realize it but all the immigrants I interact with have a burning hatred of the riots and rioters, none of them came to the US for this, this is the crap they tried to get away from. You’re right in that they can’t help it. I am wondering if they plan to reign all this crap in after Sleepy Joe gets in? Sort of like the Dune novel Baron Harkonnen’s plan to pull back on the repression after it achieved it’s goal by putting Feyd in and having him seem nice in comparison. Is this they are blackmailing people into voting out Trump by punishing society in as many way’s possible to give them what they want? Or is the pathology so deep they will keep on going even if Sleepy Joe gets in?

  256. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    President Trump has bent over backwards for Israel and Jews in general. Letting his Jewish son-in-law(a puppet of Israel) have a hand in his decisions, having a rabbi speak at his inauguration (this made me sick!). moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem (I would not have done that.). Letting Nitwit-yahoo persuade him not to have friendly relations with Russia. Meanwhile, Jews have been undermining his administration from inside and out. This article is proof that I am not alone in my intense dislike of Jews in politics, and Jewish CEOs.

    “You call yourselves Jews but you are sons of satan.”

  257. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:

    Really don’t think normal Jewish people are responsible for any of this but yes I do believe it’s possible the proverbial “Synagogue of Satan” could be behind this and it is a legitimate coup attempt very reminiscent of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and Chinese Maoist Culture Revolution. Heggelian Dialectic.

  258. FredW says: • Website

    As an educator of history and a well rounded person, this is the craziest shit I’ve ever read in my life. So much hate in your heart that she would make shit up like this. It’s fucking insane. The mental institutions need to be open back up for people writing things like this. Freedom of speech is wonderful until people like this abuse it and make people want to get rid of it. Dumb ass. Uneducated. Ludicrous. Insane. Bordering on funny if there weren’t people who believe everything they read

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Genrick Yagoda
  259. anarchyst says:

    You are not a very good “educator” if you advocate suppression of “free speech” (which is already occurring as we speak.
    Your claim of being “well-rounded” appears to be questionable as well.
    What say you about the “free exchange of ideas” and the First Amendment to the Constitution?
    Looking back through REAL history, not the sanitized bastardized version that most people have been taught and regurgitated is the only way to free your mind.
    There IS an “enemy (inside) the gate that is fomenting the hate and discontent. It’s all by design.
    If you are so “educated”, you need to look at the “big picture” and “put 2 and 2 together. You will not like what you find.
    You could start with the two world wars of the 20th century and look at the REAL reasons behind them.
    Germany was hated because of its successes and refusal to succumb to the international banking system that was foisted upon the world in 1913.
    Great Britain’s “Balfour Declaration”, giving away land which was not theirs to give to those who did not even possess it added “fuel to the fire” and was a major criminal act which enabled many of the “troubles” that we live under today. It gave European “jews” an excuse to “encourage” its types to leave Europe and establish the “state” of israel (on stolen land).
    Add to that, the phony jewish “holocaust™” and both its logistical, scientific and engineering impossibilities, and the court systems that prosecute those who dare to expose the TRUTH about this non-event in history.
    YOU, my friend, need to get a REAL education and get yourself “well-rounded” outside of the institutions of “higher learning”.

  260. @FredW

    As an educator of history


    this is the craziest shit I’ve ever read in my life. So much hate in your heart that she would make shit up like this. It’s fucking insane. The mental institutions need to be open back up for people writing things like this. Freedom of speech is wonderful until people like this abuse it and make people want to get rid of it. Dumb ass. Uneducated. Ludicrous. Insane. Bordering on funny if there weren’t people who believe everything they read

    Good post. Very well formed counter argument. Your reply clearly shows that you are a well informed and balanced individual, and must be a blessing to those you “educate of history”.

    One small complaint, though. You forgot to call him a poopy-head. You might want to make a mental note for future posts.

  261. @Priss Factor

    Remarkably good Priss. I am always trying to understand how I got so semophiled for so long. I may try to write about it someday. I am making a copy of your essay for my files You should be publishing somewhere.

  262. @Priss Factor

    Quoted your point about WASPs deputizing Jews then becoming (their) golem here

    to Jake

    who has commented frequently and extensively about the WASP/Jew alliance beginning with Cromwell and now overwhelming the West.

  263. Tjoe says:

    Look at the Supreme Court….all Catholics and Judia.. and yet another Catholic nominated. Roberts-Catholic; Thomas-Catholic, Breyer-Judaism; Alito-Catholic; Sotomeyer-catholic; Kagan-Judaism, Corsica-Episcopalian raised Roman Catholic; Kavenaugh- Catholic

    Now let’s talk about what “packing the court” really means.

  264. @tanabear

    Well, uh, we can see the, um, planes hit the Towers, AND THE TOWERS DO NOT FALL. A rather minor fire burns for a while and then the Towers explode into dust and fall straight down They do not topple. First one and then the other. WTC 7 also falls straight down, without being hit by a plane. Lucky Larry Silverstein was clever.

  265. @Scotist

    OpenPsych was recently mentioned in a study as a white nationalist pseudojournal publisher.

    How White nationalists mobilize genetics: From genetic ancestry and human biodiversity to counterscience and metapolitics

    More info:

    The OpenPsych journals do not use formal peer-review and reviewers are mostly contributors to the same journals who share the same political views (so it’s a very small group of individuals who share the same biases, reviewing each other’s work.) Phoney.

  266. @Rex Reptilian


    Aleksandr Solzhenytsyn was married to a JEW and his 2 sons are JEWS!
    I rarely see anyone write about this strange set up!
    And the problem with the English translation of his book Two Hundred Years Together seems to be an objection by his Jewish family.

  267. Alden says:
    @Francis Miville

    The American Revolution was financed by a loan from France.

    Equivalent to about a billion today, not all that expensive for a major war that lasted so long. Following standard procedure, most of the money stayed in France and was paid to French armaments, vehicles, uniform other military equipment manufacturers plus paying the French army and navy and the shipyards that transported the French army to America.

    France lent us the money at 5 percent. France borrowed about half of the sum from the Prince of the German country of Hesse and his cabal of Frankfurt bankers, including the Rothschild bank.

    The Prince of Hesse was one of the wealthiest families in Europe. The stayed out of wars and lent money, sold equipment from kitchens to horses to cannons and rented soldiers to countries at war.

    Incidentally, we never paid the loan back to France

  268. Alden says:

    It was the Amsterdam jews who sent William 3 to England to they could seize control of the nations money supply by establishing the Bank of England about a year after William drove James 2 out of England

  269. Angharad says:

    The short answer to the question in the title is “Yes”.

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