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Anti-Chinese Racism Sets Stage for New McCarthyism
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Photo: Li Lin/Unsplash

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More than a dozen young visiting scholars from China had their visas abruptly terminated in a letter from administration of the University of North Texas (UNT), Denton, on August 26, in a letter dated …August 26! The letter informed the students that they could return to campus from their lodgings to pick up belongings, but all other access was closed to them. The students and fellows were given no explanation. They were left with no legal basis to be in the U.S. and began scrambling for the very few and very expensive flights back to China.

At first the UNT administration simply stated that all those funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) were terminated. According to Wikipedia, the CSC is the main Chinese agency for funding Chinese students abroad (currently 65,000 with 26,000 of them in the US) and an equal number of foreign students in China, some from the US. (Americans interested in CSC scholarships to study in China can easily find information here. There is nothing secret or nefarious about CSC; the US has agencies that offer similar aid to scholars.)

The University at last offered an explanation of sorts in a statement by its spokesperson, the Vice President for Brand Strategy and Communication (VP for BS and C) as reported on September 10 by the North Texas Daily: “UNT took this action based upon specific and credible information following detailed briefings from federal and local law enforcement.” The VP for BS and C was “unable” to provide more details. Local police later denied any role in such briefings. It was the feds who provoked the discharges.

If these young students were doing something illegal or in violation of University rules, then they should be told what it is and presented with evidence so they could answer such charges. That is what we in the U.S. claim to believe in. If their crime is simply soaking up ideas, that is what education is all about and most assuredly that is what science is all about. If certain areas of research are classified, then scholars working in those areas should be screened and get classifications. And if the US does not want CSC-sponsored students here, then reasons should be given and no more visas allowed. None of that has been done. The students were found guilty of something, they know not what, and dismissed!

Although UNT may not be well known nationally, it is rated as an “R1” or top tier research university, one of about 130 institutions falling into that top category and receiving federal research funding. It is troubling that such action by an institution in this category and the beneficiary of federal largesse has not drawn more condemnation for its action. And it is even more troubling that this occurs in an atmosphere of anti-Chinese hostility in the wake of Covid-19, marked by physical attacks on Chinese Americans.

Have we forgotten the racism directed against Chinese and codified into federal law the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882, the only U.S. law ever enacted to prevent all members of a specific ethnic or national group from immigrating to the U.S.? Other such legislation followed, such as the Immigration Act of 1924 which effectively barred all immigration from Asia, including of course Chinese. The rationale given by the politicians for all such heinous legislation was that Chinese were stealing “our jobs”. Sound familiar? Notoriously the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 gave rise to the “Driving Out” period where Chinese were physically attacked to the point of brutal massacres designed to drive Chinese out of unwelcoming communities, the most infamous being the Rock Springs and Hells Canyon Massacres.

The anti-Chinese and anti-Asian sentiment has continued down the years in one form or another but it has had a resurgence recently with the meme that China’s prosperity has been at the expense of Americans. This narrative does not remind us that U.S. corporations and investors offshore jobs for greater “returns,” but claims that Chinese are pilfering our technology.

Some time back The Committee of 100, a prestigious organization of leading Chinese Americans, commissioned a study on Chinese and other Asians charged under the Economic Espionage Act (EEA)., covering a period from 1996 to 2015 Some of its conclusions are as follows:

  1. Up to 2008, Chinese were 17% of the total defendants charged under the EEA; from 2009-2015 under Obama this percentage tripled to 52%.
  2. 21% of Chinese were never convicted of espionage, twice the rate for non-Asians.
  3. In roughly half the cases involving Chinese the alleged beneficiary of the espionage was an American entity; roughly one third had an alleged Chinese beneficiary.

In sum a much higher rate of indictment for Chinese but a lower rate of convictions. So the additional “attention” given Chinese was not warranted. It seems that something changed after 2009. What was it? This time was the period when Obama’s Asian Pivot was put into play. The Pivot targeted China both militarily by moving 60% of US Naval forces to the Western Pacific and economically with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) designed to isolate China from its neighbors. Is the increased harassment of Chinese under the EEA another aspect of the strategy expressed openly in the Pivot?

This legal attack on Chinese has continued under the present administration, but the NTU case adds a new wrinkle. Here there was no legal action, but an action apparently taken by the University. However, hidden pressure to oust the students came from a federal agency or agencies. This should be no surprise since it fits in with FBI Director Christopher Wray’s “Whole of Society” approach to confronting China unveiled last February and reiterated din July when he said, “We’re also working more closely than ever with partner agencies here in the U.S. and our partners abroad. We can’t do it on our own; we need a whole-of-society response. That’s why we in the intelligence and law enforcement communities are working harder than ever to give companies, universities, and the American people themselves the information they need to make their own informed decisions and protect their most valuable assets.” (Emphasis, jw) It looks like the FBI and or its “partner agencies” gave UNT officials “the information they needed” to throw out the Chinese students without any reason given or charge made.

Consider the position of those UNT officials when they found themselves visited by federal “authorities” and “asked’ to cooperate. When the FBI “asks” for cooperation, it is making an offer that is perilous to refuse. It would take considerable courage to say “no”. But that is precisely what the UNT administrators should have done if they were to live up to the presumed values and ideals of our society and universities. The question also arises as to how many other universities have been approached to take similar steps. It seems unlikely that UNT is alone. But it is very likely that other Universities, wealthier and with a bevy of VP’s for BS and C, might have handled the whole matter in a discrete way and in a way that makes it appear that such suspensions are not a wholesale matter. Perhaps other more “polished” university authorities would not own up to the dirty deeds but keep them as secret as possible.

Let us take it a step further. What if you were approached by one of these federal agents and “requested” to keep an eye on a Chinese colleague, friend, neighbor or co-worker. Would you have the courage to refuse? And as the confrontation with China heats up, a peace movement is arising to counter it. In fact, anti-interventionists are popping up across the spectrum on left and right to oppose policies that take us on the road to war with China. Will the peace advocates be targeted in the same way, on the sly as well as within a “legal” framework by the FBI and other federal agencies? And will the precedent established in cases like the UNT case make such federal actions more acceptable? Will those working for peace be labeled as puppets of Xi?

“First they came for the Chinese,” it might be said. And in the future, under the “Whole of Society” approach, they may come for anyone who chooses to work for peace with China rather than take a path to war. Anti-Chinese racism, repugnant in and of itself, is also one part of setting the stage for a new and more dangerous McCarthyism. It is time to stop the madness before it devours us all.

This essay was first published on

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, Ideology • Tags: Academia, China, China/America 
The China/America Series
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  1. Wyatt says:

    “First they came for the Chinese,” it might be said.

    No, first, they came for whites.

  2. Hillbob says:


    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Moi
    , @Wally
  3. fnn says:

    Yes, I agree the US would be better off as a colony of China, but I’d still be worried about the pets and wildlife.

    • Thanks: Mr McKenna
    • LOL: M_Young, MrVoid
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Showmethereal
  4. The issue is not the Chinese, as always, but a government that does not care for its citizens.

    China’s government, communist or whatnot, at least cares for its citizens as a whole.. it demands foreign companies team up with Chinese ones when working within the Chinese market, and demands for technological transfer. This is only reasonable – even Russia offered tech transfers to Turkey for S400s.. it’s how it works if you export, it’s an inescapable truth that if you sell an Iphone in China, the thing can be taken apart with various screwdrivers till it reveals its dirty secrets!

    But the US gov is not supportive of its citizenry, and so China – or whoever is smart enough (Iran, Russia, and Israel should feature here too imo) – end up using the system to their advantage. Even inadvertently.. Russians like the west, so go to the west to learn (my parents certainly fit this mould when they sent me to the UK), but scorned by hatred, after learning, do sometimes choose to return with their knowledge (not there yet!).

    If the US was more proactive in regulating information exchange, there would be no butt-hurtedness from others using the system to their own advantage.

  5. Anon[173] • Disclaimer says:

    United Scoundrels of America is running the show, apparently.

  6. Sean says:

    General Spalding
    And through their partnership, the CCP.
    Quote Tweet

    Glenn Greenwald
    · 10h
    You’re seeing the immense, unchallengeable, unaccountable power of Silicon Valley giants over the flow of information. Imagine if Google joins in.

    What’s so amazing is that they never wanted this role. It was foisted on them by people, led by journalists, demanding they censor:

  7. Don’t be naive, Walsh. The Chinese students were spying. They were detected, detained and deported. They were conducting espionage. They are not owed an explanation, and an explanation would give their Control Officers valuable information on sources and methods, so their tradecraft could be improved. They got off light, four years in prison with charming dindus would likely dissuade any of these arrogant insects from indulging in such fun and games in the future.

    • LOL: Realist
    • Troll: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  8. How many of them used the Failippines as a stepping stone country or transit point to legally or illegally immigrate to better countries?! Thanks a lot to Zhongguo Communist Party, One Renminbi Party, & porous borders/airports worldwide for spreading another pathogen outbreak/epidemic/pandemic worldwide!

  9. Sorry, the crying about racism only works when the oligarchs are on your side.

    • Agree: Realist
  10. Arcadian says:

    It would take considerable courage to say “no”. But that is precisely what the UNT administrators should have done if they were to live up to the presumed values and ideals of our society and universities.

    If these young students were doing something illegal or in violation of University rules, then they should be told what it is and presented with evidence so they could answer such charges. That is what we in the U.S. claim to believe in.

    Plus the just and equal treatment of all people regardless of race, nationality and status is supposed to be the unique selling proposal and trademark of the USA. The same goes with rule of law. Some call the Germans Nazi and anti-semites because they asked the jews kindly to leave their country. Where is the difference?

    • LOL: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Alden
  11. It’s like people have forgotten that the PRC is still communist, and the CCP is still an enemy of democracy and the west. The chinese government tortures people. No-one with relatives or anyone they care about within reach of that government can be trusted.

    • Agree: jim jones, ivan
    • Troll: Supply and Demand
  12. Alden says:

    American jobs for Americans. American college placements for Americans.

  13. Biff says:

    The anti-Chinese and anti-Asian sentiment has continued down the years in one form or another but it has had a resurgence recently with the meme that China’s prosperity has been at the expense of Americans. This narrative does not remind us that U.S. corporations and investors offshore jobs for greater “returns,”

    Of course the whole idea of off shoring to China was for greater returns at the expense of everyone else – this is in essence “winning”. The idea that somebody else suddenly might be “winning” is the problem. If only the Chinese would “know their place” as an extractive labor force, and stop their own progress economically, then everything would be just dandy.

    And that goes for anyone else who might want to ‘independently’ want to “win” in the Globo-Capitalism field of competition.
    That means you:
    North Korea

    Tactics of isolation seem to be preferable here, until that is, the isolators become the isolated.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Thanks: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @john weber
  14. mike99588 says:

    It’s this simple. It’s not racism. At least Chinese/Asian – white couples are doing fine in my circle, probably better than any other pairing. Unfortunately conflict is going to have collateral damage.

    US Deep State power elite types aided, abetted, and profited massively by elevating an unreformed, embryonic CCP fused commercial state to be a rich, borg based hegemon for the past 40+ years. Classical US citizens viscerally reject CCP reflexively as repugnant, which should have been curbed by the 1990s, after the Clinton-CCP antics.

    Deep Staters now hope to double profit from conflicts, taking CCP down after CCP got too ambitious, without them. Deep State hopes CCP makes Deep State look more platable, when really CCP is merely a much higher priority criminal, for right now.

    Sic Semper Tyranis CCP and Deep Staters…

  15. This notion that alien peoples have a birthright to access Western Civilization needs go bye-bye.

    Chinese people do not belong in the United States. Never did. Never will. They have their own country. They should stay there.

    All Chinamen and Chinawomen should be deported. But the same is true for all non-whites, of course.

    I think one of these days we’ll have no choice but to nuke these arrogant people to remind them of their place, but they’ll be dead and charred anyway, so it will be a lesson learned late.

    And by the way, the McCarthy narrative is a load of horse shit. Hard to believe some people still don’t know that.

  16. The new, emerging victim class: Chinese.

    • Replies: @jim jones
  17. Anonymous[229] • Disclaimer says:

    That program directs it’s visa holders to steal secrets. This is not discrimination, this is refusing to allow a hostile foreign power to game the system

    • Agree: ivan
  18. @fnn

    Would be no worse than letting spics, niggers and kikes running around. Those are the real enviromental KO.
    Assuming the Chinese actually want to absorb a kosher, multiculti, deracinated, niggered shithole like the Jewnited State of Muttmerica.

    • LOL: AndrewR
  19. @Wyatt

    Nah, first the huwhites, mostly negro-saxons came for the kikes to rediscover their lost kosher identity (it was real in their mind), then the kikes turned those negro-sickxon into the golems they have been for the last 300 years.

  20. SOL says:

    How much money did John V. Walsh receive from the CCP?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  21. Hans says:

    McCarthy was right. We need a whole lot of McCarthyism.

  22. The oligarchy loves China’s total surveillance system and ‘social credit score’ behaviour control dragnets BUT

    The Soros etc globalist crowd hates China because of its anti-LGBT, anti-migrant, anti-Islamist policies … SJWs seethe about China … so they are on the bad list … which raises the issue for conspiracy people, Who will run the NWO after the USA impblodes and destructs?

    Funny that just as Putin is claimed to have Trump as a puppy, China is claimed to have Biden as a puppy … tho Russia & China being allies makes this ‘rivalry’ dubious … Biden-China memes are around tho, like this funny one in a tweet

  23. China cannot be allowed to become the world’s leading nation. Why? It’s not controlled by Jews. Unlike in Christian and Moslem lands, Judaic parasitism didn’t take there. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Jews duly migrated to China, concentrating in the old capital of Kaifeng, but something about the Chinese character allowed them to resist alien domination. That makes China evil.

    By the way, funny, isn’t it, how the Soviet Union started out as the Worker’s Paradise but after Stalin broke Jewish power turned into the Empire of Evil?

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund, Realist
  24. mike k says:

    Haters will always find ways to hate. This article is not for them, and they know it. War lovers will also be upset by an obvious peace loving voice.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  25. A white Gentile U.S. citizen, I got fired without warning from my instructor’s position at an “R1” top-tier U.S. research university for asking a Chinese student to speak English in the classroom. Do you care?

    I understand that you do not know me and must treat my tale as anecdotal, but this is not my point. Unless you find my tale implausible, suppose for the sake of argument that my tale were true. Is a dismissal like mine of concern to you?

    If you intend to repair Chinese interests but will not help to restore my smashed career, then I do not know what to make of your plea on behalf of the Chinese.

    At least the Chinese still have a country of their own that does not hate them.

  26. @SOL

    Certainly the State Department didnt consider him worthy so he sought better employment elsewhere.

  27. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    The US military does not belong in 178-ish countries all over the world. It’s a two way street Mr Kelly Bundy.

    • Agree: Realist
  28. @V. K. Ovelund

    Maybe you should stop contributing to a shithole that hates you and expose the truth about it, every nook and cranny.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  29. @Ray Caruso

    it’s not controlled? Explain “Communist” China!

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @PolarBear
  30. Don’t know where the author has been the last years, when Russia was unfairly demonized and provoked with the Ukraine coup, or where he has been since China was built up from nothing by our greedy politicians offshoring American jobs, manufacturing and our high end technologies. (There is no innovation without building stuff.) China is much more of a threat than Russia, just by size of economies, and has entered the Thucydides Trap as a rival. With Obama’s pivot to Asia, and with Biden likely following suit, war may be inevitable. China better nurture their relationships, particularly with Russia, Iran and Brazil. China won’t be kowtowing, and while eager to trade and make money, they have almost no diversity in their proud, nationalist population.

  31. So this shows that the “China this, China that” crowd still needs America notwithstanding the big claims about how China is leaving US behind on its march forward… beggars should not be choosers!

  32. [T]he CSC is the main Chinese agency for funding Chinese students abroad (currently 65,000 with 26,000 of them in the US) and an equal number of foreign students in China, some from the US.

    This is very generous. Americans who study in China are some of the few getting a real higher education, as opposed to an indoctrination into odious and utterly false liberal doctrine.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  33. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    For all the talk of Chinese innovation and genius on this website, I still find it interesting how so many Chinese come to Western institutions to study, by all accounts China also has top tier universities but why do they come to the West for research related stuff?

    It is actually insane how we let non-Europeans gain access to our cutting-edge research, of course it would be politically incorrect to bar people based on ethnicity, hence you will always have these comical cases of ethnic Chinese or ethnic whatever turning out to be a spy for their ancestral nations.

    The Europeans are well and truly being sucked dry, and it’s our elites’ fault.

  34. jsinton says:

    American citizens of Chinese decent are not discriminated against on the basis of race, unless it’s some sort of “woke” affirmative action which coddles inferior students because of… racism. Chinese communists students should all be sent packing and sent home on nationalist, patriotic grounds since they’re not here because they like America. They just want to suck America dry to aid the Motherland.

  35. Chinaman says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    I guess it depends how you say it and the circumstances under which you make the request. If you are a white dude studying in Beijing university, you will never get asked by the professor to speak mandarin to another white dude. It would be farcical to see 2 Whites speaking mandarin. This language chauvinism is a white thing, Always trying to impose their will on other people.

    In any case, who the fuck do you think you are to tell two Chinese- from a 4000 year civilization- that they can’t use their Mother-tongue?Just because you are their teacher? You should go learn your mandarin ! I hope you are broke and homeless now and my brown and black brothers are teaching you some respect for diversity and other people’s freedoms that your parents never taught you.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
    , @sir
    , @anon
  36. @Bombercommand

    If they were actually spying, then they should have been charged with espionage. But merely learning the subject matter one has signed up to study is not “spying”.

    By the way, the Chinese have slightly higher average IQs than White Americans and much higher IQs than the majority-non-White Americans of the near future. They are already ahead in many crucial technologies, such as AI and telecommunications, and are catching fast up on the remainder. If they are “insects”, what are we?

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Moi
  37. Jake says:

    First they came for certain whites.

    The reality is that China’s entire history is one of a tiny group horribly abusing the vast majority. The Red Chinese are not new in that regard, but they are evil. To trust them is suicide.

    • Agree: Georgia
  38. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    As a White nationalist, I agree that neither the Chinese nor any other non-Whites should be allowed to colonize White countries. Accordingly, no non-Whites should be given citizenship or permanent residency in White countries; for all practical purposes, the Chinese have an equivalent policy toward non-Chinese. However, well-regulated exchanges of knowledge with other capable civilizations are mutually beneficial.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  39. Moi says:

    That is exactly what I call it. Another good one is US of Aipac.

    PS: If it were not for hate and violence, there might be little reason for the US to exist. Sad!

    • Replies: @The Real World
  40. @Chinaman

    In any case, who the fuck do you think you are to tell two Chinese—from a 4000 year civilization—that they can’t use their Mother-tongue? Just because you are their teacher? You should go learn your mandarin! I hope you are broke and homeless now and my brown and black brothers are teaching you some respect for diversity and other people’s freedoms that your parents never taught you.

    I appreciate a frank enemy.

    It makes me wish for a hot war so that you and I could slap magazines into our rifles at 400 yards’ range and just have it out.

    • Replies: @Dr Giggles
    , @Chinaman
    , @denk
  41. @HeebHunter

    Maybe you should stop contributing to [an institution] that hates you and expose the truth about it, every nook and cranny.

    Maybe, but I still have four children and a wife to support at home. The problem is no mere abstract exercise to me.

    As far as exposing is concerned, I still have good relationships with everyone with whom I worked at the university. The dean who forced me out did not know me, had never met me, had probably never heard of me, has still never met me, and has overruled pleas by my colleagues and my supervisor to retain me. Regrettably, I cannot name names without betraying the confidence of colleagues and old friends.

    If my tale as earlier linked does not satisfy you, I can add no more.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
    , @Rev. Spooner
  42. Biff says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    This notion that alien peoples have a birthright to access Western Civilization needs go bye-bye.

    Chinese people do not belong in the United States. Never did. Never will. They have their own country. They should stay there.

    Just replace United States with Israel and you’re on the mark. It’s the realty set. You’re showing your true colors go.
    Your owners really are into ethno states – just not the one you’re living in.

  43. Sean says:

    Anti-Chinese racism, repugnant in and of itself, is also one part of setting the stage for a new and more dangerous McCarthyism. It is time to stop the madness before it devours us all.

    The madness is thinking that being nice to China will not end with it eating your lunch. Everyone is in favour of playing by the rules, if they think they will to win by those rules. So China is peace loving or concentrating on economic growth because loves to be the winner?

    McCarthyism was not official policy, and President Eisenhower was trying to destroy fellow Republican Joseph McCarthy. The New McCarthyism is quite different

    “China is no friend to the United States, and that fact is clear to everyone except the Democrats.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

    Is it racism to think that the Chinese are not inferior to Europeans although different in character, or that given the Chinese are as capable as Japanese but ten times more numerous and not in a island, China has the strategic space, population and dynamism to dominate Asia? These seem quite reasonable projections of well established trends. Mister Walsh may be happy with a continuation of those trends, but a reasonable expectation of them ending in inevitable US triumph cannot explain his attitude.

  44. TG says:

    First, the attempts by the working class to prevent the rich from flooding the market for labor via excessively high rates of immigration from overpopulated third-world countries (like China used to be) are perfectly natural and reasonable. It was during the great immigration ‘time out’ in the 1940’s and 1950’s that the middle class made massive gains… which are now being eroded away even as the rich jam ever more people into the country. Supply and demand, supply and demand.

    But indeed, the US elites are worrying about China. They gave away the US manufacturing base to China in order to lower their labor costs and make boatloads of cash. They thought that China would remain a nice docile colony, like Mexico, but the Chinese had other ideas. Now China is becoming a rival to power for the US elites, and the US elites are starting to panic.

    It’s not about China ‘stealing’ US tech secrets, those ‘secrets’ are either already in China, or will be readily sold off by the US elites. The issue is that the US owned factories in China are being pushed out by Chinese owned factories in China, and China might be getting new tech without paying off the US elites first. The US public be damned, but now the US elites are losing profits and control! That can’t be allowed!

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @Slimer
  45. @Ray Caruso

    China isn’t the opposition you think they are. Mao’s CCP was a creation of the central bankers of London. Just like the Bolsheviks were, and the current Russian regime is. Everything is an interactive theater for the financial elite. The nation state is a mere role played by an ugly actor.

    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  46. MLK says:

    In sum a much higher rate of indictment for Chinese but a lower rate of convictions. So the additional “attention” given Chinese was not warranted. It seems that something changed after 2009. What was it? This time was the period when Obama’s Asian Pivot was put into play. The Pivot targeted China both militarily by moving 60% of US Naval forces to the Western Pacific and economically with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) designed to isolate China from its neighbors. Is the increased harassment of Chinese under the EEA another aspect of the strategy expressed openly in the Pivot?

    In a word, this is retconning. It reminds of the post-hoc claims that Obama was the “Deporter in Chief” of illegals.

    Though on this site, at least for many of its readers, if not its writers and publisher, it’s also an insult to our intelligence.

    Am I the only one who wonders what happened to the really big, consequential spy scandals during and following The Cold War? All we’ve heard about since Brennan rose to power, first as NSA and then CIA Director, are these pres releases about pissants.

    Chalk this author up as convinced that innocent CCP China is just the latest victim of McCarthyism.

    I’m not going to reinvent the wheel again. I will simply suggest exercising some common sense and avoiding willful ignorance. Besides being a figurehead, Obama rarely mentioned China, let alone set out to check it. Nor can you find a single meaningful comment from him, even off of a teleprompter, about TTP. Which, I hasten to point out to this author, was considered so terrific its text was kept secret, and even members of Congress were only allowed to view it in a SCIF shortly before they were supposed to pass it, with note-taking verboten.

    I can assure you, Obama was as ignorant as this author of its contents and was no more involved or curious in its negotiations.

    Go back and look at the Obama/Romney election in 2012. Watch their debates. You’ll be forgiven if you conclude that neither were at all concerned about China. Most especially not in terms of economics and trade.

    Hillary took the charade to the point of parody. She made a big show as Secretary of State of flying to China to shout at them about ladies issues and Climate Change. The geopolitical distraction equivalent of abortion and now “systemic racism.”

    As I keep pointing out, you’re doing better than most people, including this author and Unz, if you just accept that CCP China won the post-Cold War quarter century, hands down, with a great deal of help and money from us. It’s a sad story that was telegraphed the moment the word “moment” was appended to “unipolar.”

    What are you gonna do.

    Would that it were so that we had the luxury at this moment of worrying whether these Chinese students were given the due process that Walsh thinks foreigners deserve under these circumstances, but we don’t.

  47. Foreign students were kicked out by the government. Now I supposed to get my knickers in a wad over this due to racism. Everyone please just stop with using the term “racism.” It means nothing other than wrong think of the norms set up by our liberal and neo liberal overlords. Nor do I care if any kid gets kicked out of college, or foreign kids getting kicked out of the country at this point. Kinda seems like a merciful act to release someone who is likely still sane from an insane asylum.

    • LOL: Sya Beerens
  48. @V. K. Ovelund

    That has nothing to do with China and everything to do with America.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  49. New McCarthyism has been here already with Russia Nuttery. And of course with ‘white supremacist’ panic.

    Jews are shameless. They hyped ‘McCarthyism’ as the darkest period in US history but when they got the power, they are far far worse and blacklist and censor people left and right — BDS was especially hard hit — and spread paranoia and hysteria about Russia and Iran.

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund, fnn
  50. Poco says:

    Nice. Next, ALL foreign students should be expelled. Next, purge the schools of leftist and foreign professors and administration. Then start educating our young White boys and girls who are discriminated against in admissions. Taxpayers should be educating their own. Not other kids.

    • Replies: @haha
  51. I wish there are no/zero Zhongguo Embassy, no/zero Zhongguo Consulates, no/zero Confucius Institutes, no/zero Confucius Classrooms in my country. I wish my country never switched diplomatic relations from Taiwan to Zhongguo.

  52. What’s the difference between Racism and Anti Chinese Racism?

    Two extra chromosomes?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  53. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    No sane nation allows 3rd world invaders..

    • Replies: @anonymous
  54. Mefobills says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    But the US gov is not supportive of its citizenry, and so China – or whoever is smart enough (Iran, Russia, and Israel should feature here too imo) – end up using the system to their advantage.

    The U.S. government is ruled by hidden string pullers. Those pullers are nameless bond holders in markets. String pullers are also the administrative state, which in turn is self aggrandizing to become rich.

    Hidden string pulling was indurated in the beginning with Hamilton’s first bank, which was 50% government stock owned, and 50% privateers. Over time the money power became 100% privateer, especially with maneuvering by the (((usual suspects))).

    In China, “capital” does not rise above the polity. China’s money is sovereign, as they have state banks.

    Until the U.S. has sovereign money, then any sort of reform is futile.

    Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile. William Mackenzie King

    Chinese intellectuals discuss how they don’t allow “capital” to control their polity in Pilger’s documentary:

  55. Gentlemen, gentlemen! Surely we can reach some sort of compromise no?

    How about we only grant student visas to attractive young Chinese women who want to study art or ECE?

  56. Carlos22 says:

    China is in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to espionage.

    The Chinese look Chinese unlike the Russians that can pass for US or many other nationals.

    So they can only get info from hacking or legitimately from US academia. They can pay other nationals but that’s not so reliable and they would be less loyal.

    The US on the other hand has the advantage here they can use and plant Chinese dissidents, Chinese US nationals and other Asians into China itself to blend in and spy for them.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  57. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Sucked dry? Why? Because they come over, learn, and recreate tech for home consumption?

    The rule should be simple – necessary goods and services consumed by a nation, if imported from abroad, should be taxed into oblivion, so the nation has a chance to live without the need for some external.

    Wants? Then fair trade – it’s fair game, and the security of luxury is not important.

    The problem is that the US government does not protect the needs of the citizenry.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  58. AndrewR says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    The Chinese government cares about staying in power. Maybe in some abstract sense they care about “their citizens,” but even a cursory reading of Chinese history shows that life is very cheap to the rulers of China, especially non-Han life. One can oppose ZOG without romanticizing China and its government

  59. WJ says:

    In the eyes of the deranged left any opposition to POCs is racism or some other ism. Not possible for it to be a legitimate policy. Obama’s ideas bad?- wayyycism. Chuck Schumer’s ideas bad? – anti semitism.

    How about this? The Chinese are a voracious marauding hybrid of capitalism and communism. Without a doubt the Chinese isolated Wuhan from the rest of China while simultaneously allowing international travel out of Wuhan. Regardless of skin color or the shape of their eyes, they did this.

  60. @V. K. Ovelund

    You shouldn’t have been fired, but at the same time you should have known better. Your case reminds me of how Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn thought it was safe to make a veiled joke about Stalin in a letter to a friend and then was surprised at being arrested by the NKVD, for which foolishness he disparages himself in The Gulag Archipelago. Like the Soviet Union in the 1940s, U.S. college campuses in the 2020s exist under a totalitarian regime. Not only is no actual dissent allowed to the cults of liberalism and “diversity” but neither are any words or actions that suggest potential dissent. In order to have a shot at surviving in such an atmosphere, one must watch every word, every action, and every facial expression.

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @V. K. Ovelund
  61. @Ray Caruso

    Obviously you didn’t read my comment, just got “triggered”. They were not charged because America has a real Justice System, unlike China, and at discovery and cross examination of witnesses the Defendants would learn much of sources and methods of American counterintelligence and this would be passed on to Chinese Control Officers to improve tradecraft. This spying by Chinese students is nothing new. Twenty five years ago a friend in university caught a Chinese student packaging a thick stack of documents addressed to the Chinese Embassy. No, Chinese do not have a higher IQ than Caucasians, you are relying on hearsay from a bogus study that filtered out any subjects under 90 IQ. I live among Chinese, they are intelligent, but they lack a sharpness found in Caucasians, and I certainly do not underestimate them. When I use “insects”, I don’t mean intelligence, but psychology, they are a seriously deranged culture with much emotional misery, particularly male female relations. My friend Ming told me bluntly: “In China, 90% of the marriages are without love.” Chinese males are basically mentally ill, a peculiar combination of mediocrity and arrogance, with a disturbing quality of exploding in berserk freakouts over nothing. This is on full display in the comments here from clowns like “Chinaman”, “d-dan”, or “denk”: baselessly arrogant, thin-skinned, brittle, hamfisted, with a complete lack of understanding of Caucasians despite living among us for 170 years, and Chinese racism is simply over the top, perhaps worse than black racism and jewish racism. I find a certain parallel between Chinese culture and Catholic culture, Catholicism produces some of the most lovely women on earth, but the men it produces are arrogant assholes. Chinese culture also produces some of the most lovely women on earth, light and lively, but extraordinarily emotionally sensitive, yet independent, but without the hard edge of Caucasian women, a fine wine indeed. Face it, dude, these Chinese students were spying, like many many others, and they got off light, just an airliner ride home, unlike the two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Micheal Spavor, who were not spying, but have been sitting in solitary for two years with the lights on 24/7 without trial or access to counsel.

    • Troll: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @anon
  62. haha says:

    The problem is if all foreign students and scholars are expelled and the universities start “purges” as you call for, most of American research would come to a grinding halt. So would American industry. You see, for two decades now, Americans only have strength in woke studies (gender studies, pink studies, etc.) and you don’t run a country on the basis of such students. A fully “purged fortress America” would soon become a banana republic concentration camp.

    Mind you, I do not support discriminatory affirmative action, race-based college admissions, and any variety of liberal woke idiocy. Americans do need to take their country back, but your way isn’t going to work.

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @MarkinLA
  63. @V. K. Ovelund

    Did you ask them to speak English to you or to each other? The first would be 100% correct. The second = you deserved to be fired.

    Think long and hard why.

    And remember, don’t take the shits in the comments too seriously and try to replicate it in real life.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
    , @Anon
    , @Alden
  64. @Sya Beerens

    Anti Chinese racism is OK in the eyes of many, many Americans.

  65. anarchyst says:

    Actually McCarthy was right.

    The “official history” states that McCarthy was going after “communists” in Hollywood. At the time, Hollywood WAS infested with communist sympathizers, almost all of who were jews.

    It’s a shame that McCarthy failed to extend his investigations into academia, which was also a hotbed of communism also dominated by jews.

    McCarthy went against the jewish communist-dominated system, was vilified and demonized, and paid the price.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Adam Hartman
  66. My own take.

    Those students were the ones approach by the FBI to turn. They refused.

    This is supposed to be their punishment.

  67. No propagandist ever went out of business by underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

    Notice the lack of chaos and conflict with Chinese Americans and Asians generally as compared to urban American blacks, BLM, white Antifa etc. Who’s really causing all the trouble?

    Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it?

    Do you want to know why America is failing? I’ll tell you.

    Look at the typical American classroom. Have you ever seen what goes on in there? It’s embarrassing.

    Look at the typical Chinese classroom. The teachers are competent and the children are respectful, eager to learn, perform at a high level. These kids are getting the kind of education that will transform them into world leaders.

    Why is America dying? An overabundance of dumb people, immoral people, amoral people.
    We’ve suffered fools gladly for too long and this is the unhappy result. We’ll soon learn that ignorant, narcissistic people are good for capitalism for a generation or two and then suddenly it isn’t.

  68. Jmaie says:

    21% not convicted? I don’t think that really makes the point you’re trying for…

  69. jim jones says:

    How long before we hear calls for Reparations?

  70. Poco says:
    @Ray Caruso

    I hate this , “you should have known better,” shit. Man, piss on their goddamn politically correct demands. Until more people start thinking and acting this way and fighting it, it is just going to continue, and get worse. We’re not at the gulag stage, only the you’re fired stage. Got to fight it now before the gulag stage.

    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund
  71. @Ray Caruso

    In order to have a shot at surviving in such an atmosphere, one must watch every word, every action, and every facial expression.

    It wasn’t that way when I started working there. Leadership changed. The unwritten rules changed. I didn’t get the memo.


    If leadership had given me a hint, I’d have followed it; but my real sin, probably, was having five white children by one homemaking white wife. I looked like a Trump voter (not that I ever discussed politics at work) and the age of Resistance Against Trump had arrived, so I had to be dismissed.

    You shouldn’t have been fired, but at the same time you should have known better.

    Everyone with whom I actually worked liked and trusted me. Tenured colleagues tried to save my job. My supervisor tried hard to save it. Even the hard Leftists that knew me couldn’t believe that the dean would target me, of all persons. It made no sense.

    One thing I had failed to do was to persecute, in the typically petty academic way, the white male students under my authority. Maybe that made me stand out. I don’t know. As I said, there was no warning.

    Your case reminds me of how Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn thought it was safe to make a veiled joke about Stalin in a letter to a friend and then was surprised at being arrested by the NKVD, for which foolishness he disparages himself in The Gulag Archipelago.

    Yes, Solzhenitsyn was much braver than I am, but my cowardice (or my prudence, if you prefer) did not save me, did it?

  72. @Old and Grumpy

    Even if the “central bankers of London” provided some funding for the CCP in its earliest days—for which you have provided no evidence—that doesn’t mean they somehow remain in control of the CCP, which controls the world’s largest economy and its vast resources both inside and outside China. Your allegations are especially doubtful in light of the fact that today the CCP is a nationalist/fascist party rather than a Marxist one, making it anathema to rich internationalists. If they pulled its strings, it would act in a far different manner—more like the U.S. government, in fact.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; you and others pushing your line have provided no evidence. I question whether you could provide any beyond some semiliterate, equally undocumented screed from some barely read website.

  73. @A Competent Physicist

    There’s wisdom in the saying “stripes are for the backs of fools”. Fools lack the ability and will to create. Fools only know how to destroy. Empower them and they will only do what they know best. Such people must be kept in check.

  74. GMC says:

    It’s all from the same playbook. Whether its keeping domestic USA , at each other throats with fake political party’s or fake organisations like BLM, Antifa, etc. or it’s getting the public to hate Chinese. It doesn’t matter if it’s Domestic policy or Foreign policy – just keep people and countries , at each other throats. It’s all about keeping the reality of the NWO and it’s most evil agenda’s – out of the spot light. Period.

  75. @AndrewR

    One can oppose ZOG without romanticizing China and its government

    If one is a subject of the evil USraeli empire, one has no standing to criticize anyone else’s government for anything.

    What the satanic U.S. “government” is doing to its own people (and all life on this planet for that matter) could be compared to a father who straps his young children into their car seats in the back of his car, and then goes cruising around town shooting at cops.

    The evil orange clown’s politically unchallenged nuclear brinkmanship, alone, shows how cheap all life on earth is to the madmen who rule the U.S.

    Compared to the satanic U.S. “government” (and the corrupt state governments in the U.S.) the Chinese government is a paragon of virtue and reason.

  76. @AndrewR

    It’s also important to examine WHY the Chinese government cares about staying in power. The answer is simple, for the good of the Chinese people. Say what you will of the communist party, they are nothing if not paternalistic. Opportunists and individualists have no permanent place in the CCP. This is a point which is very hard for westerners to understand. Their values are collective, ours are individualistic.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  77. ivan says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Chinese “genius” is crap and derivative. For a recent example see the innovations in machine learning. Once Alpha-Zero took down Lee Seidol the Go champion, there was a flurry of activity coming out of China in machine learning. That event in 2015 was characterised as a “Sputnik Moment” for China by those in the know. But till today for all the thousands of papers that come out of China on this subject – machine learning, generative learning etc – there is isn’t a single one that speaks of genuine innovation, that is one that others would copy or derive from for further work. Yes they add some bells and whistles but that is the sum of their innovation. Now undoubtedly many Chinese people from places like Taiwan have contributed to the advance of knowledge, but the contributions of those from the PRC are usually slight variants of what they learned from others such as the Europeans, Japanese, Russian and Americans.

  78. @V. K. Ovelund

    Chinaman is a dick head. Everyone on this site knows it. He hangs out here because he wants to be with a superior race. What he does not understand is that it is rude to speak another language in the presence of others who do not speak said language. Chewing with your mouth open, slurping up your soup and belching, farting and picking your teeth at the table are also rude but try getting the most “sophisticated “chink to understand those simple etiquettes. In any case who wants to learn the gibberish of Mandarin anyway. Look, we Anglos are such geniuses we reduced our alphabet to 26 letters. These gooks still draw pictures to communicate, 40,000 pictures. After 4000 years they can’t even improve their own language.

    We also see another paradox with chinks like him. He wants to hang on a white site and talks about black and brown brothers. Does this fool actually believe Hispanics, Blacks and Indians give a shit about his yellow skin.

    The British tried with these people for hundreds of years and finally, exasperated, banned them from all white establishments with signs that said “NO DOGS OR CHINESE”. They were right. Just a few years after taking over Hong Kong they fucked the place up. After 4000 years they are as useless as ever and still dining on diseased stray dogs, crows, frogs, slugs and other vermin. Some civilization !

    We need signs at all our ports of entry “NO DOGS OR CHINESE” so we can be done with these low lives for good!

    • Replies: @denk
  79. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m in the University of Chicago community, born, raised and returned.

    Last year before COVID kicked in I noticed a huge increase in new U of Chicago students from Communist China. Locals are aware that so many of these students supposedly aced the English language portion of the SAT or the equivalent, but so many of these students can not speak or writer proper English.

    It’s common knowledge that these Communist Chinese students cheat on admissions and get Han Chinese people in places like Hong Kong and Singapore to take the English tests for them.

    COVID has brought some sensible policies to the front – our country simply can not allow tens of millions of people from alien countries and cultures to simply move here, go to school here, vote in our elections. There is no Liberal or Libertarian program that’s going to make this work.

    Immigration restrictionists, immigration patriots have presented violent crime, job replacement by low wage immigrant workers/low wage slaves and bad changes in politics – the whole country going Blue California and New York City style politics, but the best argument against unrestricted mass immigration should be:

    the spread of plagues, diseases.

    COVID came from wet markets in Communist China. Ebola comes from filthy places in sub Sahara Africa – the mountain Islamic tribal people on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan – in addition to doing all kinds of terrible sexual things (child rape), destroying 1,000 year old Buddhist statues, banning all music, these Islamic tribal people tend to be very unsanitary – don’t use toilet paper or soap.

    OK – that’s going to bring diseases like infectious hepatitis, TB, COVID and probably bubonic plague.

    It just seems like common sense for these University administrators in Texas to want to prevent the spread of plagues to Americans here in America.

    This is after all our country.

    America First.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  80. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:
    October 15, 2020 at 1:33 pm GMT ↑

    “No sane nation allows 3rd world invaders..”

    I respond:

    Yep. But as British patriot Enoch Powell once said:

    “Whom the Gods would destroy, they would first make mad. And we must be completely mad to allow….”

  81. @Carlos22

    Your analysis is topsy-turvy. China is a real nation, a homogeneous country where 92 percent of the population is Han Chinese. PRC citizens who are ethnic minorities are not fully trusted, and foreigners even less. Today’s U.S., on the other hand, is a “diversity” zoo that belongs to everyone and thus to no one (except you know (((who))), but that’s a different matter), a place where, by design, no face stands out. Worse for the U.S., the more it becomes a “diversity” zoo, the less loyalty it will inspire in its citizens, giving the Chinese an ever larger recruiting pool. By contrast, China is the homeland of the Chinese. You tend to be loyal to a country when you know it belongs to those of your blood, and to them alone, and when you know your grandfather was from that country and loyal to it, as was his grandfather before him, and his grandfather, and his grandfather, and his grandfather going back to a time before the pyramids were built in Egypt and before there was such a concept as Europe, much less the “proposition nation” where “all men are created equal” except the country’s founding population, who are disparaged and mistreated at every turn. That’s why China has no problem recruiting among Chinese in the U.S. and certainly would have little problem recruiting among non-Chinese if it came to that.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  82. Exile says: • Website

    101% agree – this should not be an issue because foreign students should not be in our schools, period.

    To the extent the exchange of information is necessary or desirable for advancing our own intellectual, cultural and research interests, we have the internet and phones for that.

    We are both educating and funding our own childrens’ competition. America is handing out educations, money and other gibs to everyone but Whites on the planet as it bleeds out money and imports an ever-larger parasitic elite of hostile foreigners.

  83. @Astuteobservor II

    Did you ask them to speak English to you or to each other?

    To speak English in the classroom, from everybody, to everybody, as a courtesy to fellow students and to the instructor. To take conversations in other languages out into the hall.

    The first would be 100% correct. The second = you deserved to be fired.

    Think long and hard why.

    I have had plenty of time to do so. Do you understand that no one ever asked me to modify the practice, which accorded to written university policy and which I had for years been following without incident. No warning. No hint. Does any of this matter to you?

    Not a single colleague of mine agrees with you. My dismissal was the result of a moral panic and an administrative machination among high-ranking persons who did not even know who I was.

    Once the dean learned that my senior, tenured colleagues disagreed, she went to considerable lengths to ensure that the reason I deserved (as you say) to be fired was never documented. Apparently, she did not think her action defensible. Why do you?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  84. @AndrewR

    So if I care about my kid – because I hope him to be my pension ticket in my decrepit future – my effort in raising him is of no value? I agree it wouldn’t be as alturistic as if I simply cared for him, wishing for his personal betterment, but the hairs start getting split here, as the outcomes tend to similarity.

    The Chinese, with the Mandate of Heaven – which still functions for them, get that the head (government) can be eaten by the body (citizenry), and whilst they don’t offer the body true non-revolutionary democracy, they do avoid the cannibalism of the head as much as possible.

    I don’t see the same within Western politics – I don’t think Western politicians read, at all, beyond commuter level novels.

    China will do fine, they have for 3000 years, they aren’t worth betting against (my econ teacher believed their economy would crash in 2003, adamantly.. I wonder how he looks at China now!)

  85. @anonymous

    And you came from the Gutter?

    • Troll: Rich
  86. sir says:

    You know what you are? You are exactly a China town bound chinaman. You live in this country, exploit the system, make profits however you can, and never pay taxes. You don’t understand how this society functions at all. So why don’t you just fuck yourself, then pack and go back to your country.

    But here’s a little tip for your enlightenment. When you study/work in a US school/corporation, every real Chinese, like this one, knows not to speak mandarin but English among themselves when there is a non-Chinese present. Is this very hard to understand for you?

    So there, I just told you your country used to be my country too, and it should continue to be, except that your Fat daddy Xi has turned the country backward a hundred years, so I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore.

    Oh, maybe you are not a chinaman but just a 50 cent partier writing from a Chinese prison, working for a few days’ early release?

    • LOL: HeebHunter
    • Troll: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
    , @Chinaman
  87. TGD says:

    No one has asked the question, why must major research universities import foreign students and mostly from China and India? The simple answer is that the research universities must fill spots in their science, engineering and math departments and there is a dearth of white American students available to fill them. That was not the case when I went to college 56 years ago.

    The most accomplished baby boom females – those with advanced degrees, failed to reproduce. They were busy pursuing careers and goals and having sex with someone different every night (as per the theology of womyn’s liberation). Many got the “clap” (gonorrhea) became sterile and didn’t know it.

    And white students today want to have a good time in college and not have to “hit the books” too much.

  88. @ivan

    Europeans are the only ones truly capable of innovating, sadly the liberalism that allows us to do this has morphed into something which is bringing about our destruction.

    The Chinese will keep the flame of civilisation alive, but they will not really add to it. The fact that America can still compete with China, while being burdened by various Third World people and a hostile Jewish elite, is a testament to the power of Europeans.

    As for now, it is feeding frenzy, Chinese are very adept in exploiting political correctness to guilt White people while they themselves are very racialist.

  89. Sparkon says:

    The “official history” states that McCarthy was going after “communists” in Hollywood.

    No it doesn’t, unless you’re talking about the “official history” among ignoramuses.

    It was the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) that was investigating communist influence or beliefs in Hollywood, while McCarthy’s Senate investigations were focused on Reds in the U.S. government and the U.S. military, and had nothing to do with Hollywood.

    No good deed goes unpunished, but the Venona intercepts vindicated Joe McCarthy.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  90. @TGD

    Oh boy, someone is talking about taking actual responsibilities here!
    How undemocratic and illliberal!
    You must be a ccp chink or some yellow slant eye!

  91. @sir

    Whatever Xi has done, he has not turned the clock back 100 years because 100 years ago China was far behind the West and now it’s ahead and gaining. Unless, perhaps, you mean in terms of “democracy”, in which case you’ve bought into the biggest crock of crap in the history of the world. The U.S. “diversity” zoo is a failing enterprise that will soon be under Black revolutionary rule, with all the attendant horrors. It’s hard to see how Moslem savages in reeducation camps is more objectionable than that.

  92. @A Competent Physicist

    Exactly; I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  93. anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    If all the 350,000 students from China were expelled from US universities, it would be a great thing for America. Not only does this open up more spots in our selective colleges for Americans, but it will put an end to the Diversity Industrial Complex in our universities which are propped up by tuition dollars from foreign students, particularly from China. Every university now has countless numbers of Dean of Diversity, Assoc. Dean of Diversity etc. We need for this bureaucracy to go away from our universities. It’s time to end their gravy train.

    In addition, the Chinese students, like all foreign students esp. those from India, have a habit of not leaving at the end of their stays. And with schemes like the OPT, CPT, H1B, it means they are taking away hundreds of thousands of jobs from US graduates each year. It’s time to send all foreign students packing. We’ve got all the diversity we need!

  94. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    “Have we forgotten the racism directed against Chinese and codified into federal law the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882”

    The whole story is not being told. Financial speculators learned from imperialists that moving labor around the world was profitable. Whether it was true slave labor or wage slavery made no difference.

    While whites were trying to build white communities with Western beliefs and values, financial speculators were plotting to turn the North American and Australian resource sectors into vast work camps of low-paid Chinese and East Indians.

    Had the white Americans, Canadians and Aussies not stepped up and blocked this diabolical scheme, the West would have been flooded with boatloads of migrant workers from India and China. Wages would have been cut to rock bottom, and whites would not have built the societies we did.

    The financial speculator class had no plans for churches, schools or community. They only wanted unaccompanied male workers from Asia. For amusement they would have encouraged gambling, opium, and brothels. The nascent labor movement in America would have been gutted. Wages would have been too low for families to get started.

    The rot would have spread from the West coast to the entire country. The benefits of the Asian exclusion act are still with us, but are being squandered by contemporary immigration.

  95. @TGD

    What’s the point of doing STEM when you will likely be pushed out by some H1-B?

    Universities in the UK seem to discriminate against domestic students as they can charge much more for foreign students than domestic ones, often around 3 times as much. This just results in a horde of foreigners whose English abilities are questionable and in any case a horde of foreigners who keep to themselves, which shatters the cohesive atmosphere of a university.

    There should be a 5% cap on foreign students. They are absolutely destroying the Western higher education system..

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  96. @V. K. Ovelund

    Somehow your tale doesn’t ring true. Unless you were teaching English as a second language, you were justifiably sacked.

    • Disagree: throtler
    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  97. @Ilya G Poimandres

    If the US was more proactive in regulating information exchange, there would be no butt-hurtedness from others using the system to their own advantage.

    The corporatist oligarchs who control large sections of the American economy have become obscenely wealthy through offshoring jobs to China and elsewhere. They control the 2 main political parties by political donations and other more subtle means. They have no interest in the US regulating information exchange.
    The only way things will change is when America finally collapses economically. The only thing preventing collapse at the moment is the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency. This permits America to print massive amounts of excess paper currency with little or no negative consequences. Given the enormous indebtedness of America, this state of affairs cannot continue much longer.

  98. anarchyst says:

    Thank you for the correction. Yes, the “House Un-American Activities Committee” did investigate Hollywood. It seems that the historians did confuse the two separate investigations on purpose in order to discredit both investigations.
    Yes, I do have a copy of the above book.
    Best regards,

  99. @V. K. Ovelund

    Like I have stated. If it is related to class work. You are 100% in the right.

    But if you think speaking a different language not relating to class work besides English isn’t allowed in the classroom. Not respectful etc. You got a few big screws loose. Especially considering this is on a university campus with international students.

    But, but I also agree that firing you without speaking to you about it first was also wrong.

    I hope you understand my points better now.

  100. AndrewR says:
    @Eugene Norman

    Lmaooo as if there’s no connection??

  101. @Sya Beerens

    It is OK to many, many Americans. If the polls are to be believed, over 70% of Americans are OK with it.

  102. @Ilya G Poimandres

    When China sold the military equipment to Pakistan, Malaysia, or Indonesia, among others, it also transferred technologies.

  103. @Moi

    How much organic hate and violence is there, really, in the USA?

    I argue that the vast majority that you are aware of is engineered “hate and violence” for political purposes. Plus the media, happily, blows it far out of proportion beyond its actual degree.

  104. @A Competent Physicist

    Right? If the govt of China is doing right by it’s people, why are we hating and trying to change that?

    That makes absolutely no sense.

    Omfg, your country is getting rich, people’s lives are getting better? Let’s change your govt!!!

    I bet Chinese who can read English are baffled by this.

    Funniest of all is that we think we have the right to make demands to China to change it’s govt. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  105. @fnn

    Did you know China ranks higher than the US in biodiversity? True story.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  106. @Biff

    Just a note here: A lot of conservatives who loved and championed market economy, crying about job stealing by China often forgetting that it was the very idea that free market idea that sent the jobs overseas on our own in the first place, not to mention the smart guys in Washington had figured that sending pollutions to them while keep high-profit margin service industries here is a win win situation for us.

    • Agree: Menes
    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  107. @Ilya G Poimandres

    It was the western governments who set up the WTO… Led by the USA. Developing countries were allowed to require joint ventures and tech transfer. The argument now is now whether China is still a developing country. If you measure by GDP per capita then yes… But in reality it is ten years past that inflection point. China now files the most patents. As usual though – politicians are late.

  108. Poco says:

    False. We don’t need foreign researchers. Foreign researchers can do their research on their own dime.

  109. @Dave from Oz

    What goes on at CIA black sites throughout the west? Not to mention the overtness of Guantanamo. What is that about torture..???

    And as the article noted – Americans were racist against Chinese for over a century. There was no communism in China when the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed.

  110. M_Young says:

    The Chinese Exclusion Act was one of the greatest pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress. Essentially prevented Calif0rnia from becoming a Singapore writ large. Of course that is being undone now by mass Chinese immigration.

  111. M_Young says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Because not wanting to be demographically flooded is ‘racism’.

  112. @Rev. Spooner

    Somehow your tale doesn’t ring true. Unless you were teaching English as a second language, you were justifiably sacked.

    Look, you do not know me, and I was the one who chose to mention my tale here, so if I am disbelieved it is no one’s fault but my own. You can make of my tale what you will.

    All I can say is this: the dean that (despite never having met me) sacked me went retroactively to considerable lengths to hide her reason to sack me. Apparently, she disagrees with you that my sacking was justified. My colleagues and supervisor, who know me and also disagree with you, pressured the dean to reverse, but by then the dean had rashly invested political capital in the sacking for reasons that had nothing to do with me but had something (I do not know what) to do with the university’s president; so to save face the dean reformulated the sacking as the elimination of my position and its replacement by two new positions that just happened to cover my old duties and report to a different supervisor. Nonwhite affirmative-action hires—strangers previously unknown to the university—were coïcidentally brought in to fill the two positions and state taxpayers were left to bear the cost of two persons to do the job of one. Both the old supervisor and (to the dean’s probable dismay) the new supervisor were disgusted by the dean’s maneuver, but the new employees had been hired and the budget for the old position no longer existed, so (unless the dean confessed) nothing could be done.

    But anyway, suppose that none of the foregoing were true. If you were dean, rather than playing Machiavelli, would you not rather have called me in and just hinted that I should adjust my behavior? Or are you just into sacking reliable, well-liked, broadly trusted, long-time employees with clean disciplinary records and no history of significant trouble? Because, as everyone knows, white Gentile deplorables like me have no rights.

    Do you think that something like this cannot happen to you? If so, why?

  113. It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly naive and oblivious East Asian people are about how much hatred and rage the Jews have incited against them amongst their goyim slaves in “Western” countries.

    Take that stupid Japanese jazz pianist named Takahata Unno who was savagely beaten nearly to death in a New York subway the other day. I just scanned the guy’s website, and he’s clearly a hardcore negrophile. Amazing.

  114. Poco says:

    Oh dear. Racism. It’s those awful White racists. AGAIN! We must combat racism. More college slots must be appointed to non-whites. Besides, Whites can’t do the science and math required to fill college positions because all they are capable of doing is combatting racism.

  115. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Amen. We need a hard STEM inititiative for our own young people that confers money to high-scoring kids to major in the sciences and some extra-social prestige to reward them for the undertaking. They are needed and should be valued more.

    • Replies: @Alden
  116. PolarBear says:
    @Sya Beerens

    The West answers to Jews more than China.

  117. @M_Young

    Last time I checked. All Asians in the USA barely make up 5% of the total. And that includes all Asians like Indians and south east Asians.

    Where is the chinese flood that anons like you speak of in fear?

    It is OK to be a racist, I am also one. But you need to know facts before you can make an informed decision or have an opinion. Other wise you are just an ignorant bigot spouting nonsense.

  118. It’s time we focus on our real problems and admit they’re self-inflicted. Do we really deserve the awareness that could save America from swift and sure self-destruction after spreading massive pain and misery elsewhere? Probably not, but for now let’s just say we do.

    A microcosm for everything that’s wrong in America is the American classroom. A harbinger of the bright future the Chinese have to look forward and evidence they just might be worthy to assume global leadership is a Chinese classroom.

    Identity politics is a symptom. These “people” violent feminists, Antifa anarchists, BLM thugs, looters etc. all have in common that they can’t produce for themselves and depend on the very people they denounce.

    White middle class America goes down, black America won’t eat. Feminists will starve. Not to mention, tech oligarchs will lose everything. It’s hard to run a tech empire with uneducated morons and consumers too poor to buy your products. Wall St. will wither and die.

    No wonder they hate China so much. How dare they act in their own enlightened self interest while America accelerates it own self-imposed destruction!

    The big lesson here is that a country is either CREATING or DESTROYING.

    America gave up creating and outsourced everything. The only thing we make in America that I could find in Target were #2 pencils. I buy some regularly. I own more American made pencils than most possibly all. Other than that, we stopped creating and when you stop creating you have nothing left but to destroy. Could this at least partially explain two decades of non-stop pointless wars? BLM and Antifa are mindlessly destructive but they didn’t come from nowhere. Only in societies that devalue creative effort could such movements form. If America is ever to become anything at all again we must turn away from destruction and become a force of creation.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  119. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    I think because Asians are mild mannered they get picked on the most. Easy prey. And because of the full spectrum media blitz on China, Chinese Americans are even easier prey.

    Other east Asians gets caught up as collateral dmg.

    • Replies: @Ghan-buri-Ghan
  120. Anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course it is time to stop it, if it can be stopped. This ‘whole of society’ approach is that everyone will do what the government wants down to the least detail. If the police show up and ask something just do it.

    I would argue that the Federal Government abrogates the Constitution in most any way it can. It is a government which, on this basis, is thoroughly illegitimate, but people blithely go on about their business taking no notice.

    Ultimately, it is the people of the United States that have walked away from the Constitution to serve whatever animosities they bear in the moment. The consequences will be well deserved and it will be far more than a new McCarthyism.

  121. PolarBear says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Some White men are really against prejudice towards East Asians. I notice this when White women talk shit about East Asian men. East Asians are model minorities and White men as the builders/guardians of Western Civilization appreciate it.

  122. @anarchyst

    I agree that Joe was right and the Venona intercepts prove it. But he had almost nothing to do with rousting the commies out of Hollywood – that was HUAC. Joe’s targets were the State Department and the Army. He was sabotaged by jews and queers.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Alden
  123. John Derbyshire, who married a Chinese woman, gamely points out that white men like him who marry Chinese women are part of the problem. Chinese men don’t like it when white men do that.

    If Derb is right—well, people will marry whom they will marry and it’s no business of mine—but I cannot say that I blame the Chinese men. Poaching another tribe’s women will always provoke hostility.

    Maybe, with as few exceptions as we can manage, we all ought to go back to marrying our own.

  124. anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    The Higher-ed Industry has become toxic to the country with all the leftist lunacy they’ve been promoting, they deserve a serious financial reckoning. For the last two decades they have been riding high on foreign tuition dollars to prop up their diversity industrial complex and all the left wing causes like “Center for Climate Change”, “Center for LGBTQ Support” etc. The #1 reason so many foreign students in particular those from China and India have been flocking to the US is because of the Optional Practical Training program that colleges have been dangling in front of them, the promise to get entry level jobs as part of their education in the US which will propel them to an H1B then on to a green card. Meanwhile, employers are given incentive to hire these foreign students because they don’t have to pay taxes for them.

    The OPT and CPT programs hurt American graduates by taking away their opportunity for entry level jobs, while helping the Higher Ed Industry to lure more foreign students to our shores. Trump has done absolutely nothing to stop this gravy train. It is way past time to end the OPT and CPT. Both programs were started via an EO by George W. Bush then further expanded by Obama. Trump can easily cancel these programs with another EO, kill two birds with one stone. If he were a real patriot that would be the first thing he did. Instead both programs are not only still alive but accepting more foreign students than ever, to now over 360,000 per year. He’s just another POS swamp creature.

  125. @Astuteobservor II

    Right? If the govt of China is doing right by it’s people, why are we hating and trying to change that?

    That makes absolutely no sense.

    Omfg, your country is getting rich, people’s lives are getting better? Let’s change your govt!!!

    I bet Chinese who can read English are baffled by this.

    The answer can be found by considering the nature of evil. The U.S. “government” does what it does because it’s evil, and evil cannot suffer a good example. In order for evil to triumph over the whole world – which is the satanists’ goal – all examples of relative “goodness” on earth have to be destroyed, one way or another (e.g. a country whose government generally works for the benefit of the country cannot be tolerated).

    • Replies: @Alden
  126. There is no Anti-Chinese racism. There is only democratic politicians pro-communist China love.

  127. Moi says:
    @Ray Caruso

    We is a whole boatload of ignorant assholes.

  128. anon[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    For all the talk of Chinese innovation and genius on this website, I still find it interesting how so many Chinese come to Western institutions to study, by all accounts China also has top tier universities but why do they come to the West for research related stuff?

    I used to think that. But recently I decided to look up the educational background of some of China’s most famous tech founders like the founders of Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance(TikTok), Huawei, etc. even Zoom, and learned something interesting: None of these founders were educated in the US. They all went to universities in China and what’s more, many went to universities none of us have even heard of, universities that are ranked in the 300’s and 400’s in the QS world ranking.

    It really begs the question, why are they still coming here in droves? It can’t be for the LibArts indoctrination. My only conclusion is that these are children of the well-to-do hence second rate students who are using their F1 student visas as a means to emigrate, get their family and their ill gotten gains the heck out of China before the parents get thrown in jail for corruption.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  129. MarkinLA says:

    The problem is if all foreign students and scholars are expelled and the universities start “purges” as you call for, most of American research would come to a grinding halt.

    This is nonsense pushed by universities and industry wanting cheap labor. Before all this H-1B and massive foreign grad student thing happened there were plenty of Americans pursuing advanced degrees – more than were needed. The problem was that the universities and industry had to make accommodations for them. Companies had programs where their employee only worked half time and got paid for their class time as well as paying the college tuition – usually at in state rates. In addition due to the rapidly escalating engineering salaries, an advanced degree usually wasn’t worth the effort given the loss of income compared to somebody just working harder at the company and getting promotions.

    Compare that to a foreign student paying full freight dependent on the university for his visa.

    • Replies: @Alden
  130. MarkinLA says:

    Look no further than Panama. There were no blacks in Panama until the Panama Canal was built. They didn’t want to hire the locals and have to compete for labor so they brought in black semi-slaves and left them there when the work was done.

    Isn’t this also how we have Indians in South Africa?

  131. @Exile

    Why bitch about students prithee?
    You do realize that if you relied on homegrown talent you´d have no teachers
    (or researchers) worth shit.
    The US still exert a certain attraction on the international cognitive elite (good money, and a stint looks good in the ceevee) but that draw is waning also …
    long-term nothing goes without productivity, the Chinese outspend you on R&D, they do not have to drag along the underequipped so as to not hurt their tender feelings, and they have easily five times the numbers of real university materiel.
    Europe is getting a little more independent but the only ones in the research moolah are the physicists – one for the US; but the only thing still holding the Chinese back is the language (as it was to some degree for the Japanese and Russians before).

    Pretty soon US “intellectual property” will not be worth stealing 😀

  132. TKK says:

    What if you were approached by one of these federal agents and “requested” to keep an eye on a Chinese colleague, friend, neighbor or co-worker. Would you have the courage to refuse?

    Aren’t you presuming we should refuse? Are you stating it is not possible for a Chinese actor to have a nefarious purpose in that States?

    A Chinese citizen would spy on an American in China in a New York minute. With glee. No questions asked. So would a Turkish citizen, an Indonesian citizen, a Russian citizen. Perhaps they are right to do so.

    China can aggressively look out for their interests, but Americans cannot? This is the same warped logic that funds Negro fatigue and hatred: blacks can howl and punch and shakedown for their own race but whites have to place their own interests aside?

    Why do the Americans always have to the trusting knucklehead that welcomes all immigrants with open arms and free goodies?

  133. Anon[156] • Disclaimer says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Did you ask them to speak English to you or to each other? The first would be 100% correct. The second = you deserved to be fired.

    That is B.S. They are in a classroom, of course they should speak a language that everyone around them understands. It is common courtesy. Good manners is a concept that few non-Westerners understand, even those who grew up in the US. It’s why we need to limit immigration from non-Western countries.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund
    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  134. @Beavertales

    Have you ever thought the best solution was white americans and aussies and candians should have stayed in Europe too if everyome else should stay in their home continents..??
    Why didnt the “western values” sustain you all in Europe?? Or is imperialism and colonization a western value?

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  135. Chinaman says:

    If there is really a hot war like that loser of a teacher wants, It will be fun to see what they do to a Hanjian like you in an internment camp. It is sellout and compradors like you that are responsible for every societal collapse\regime change in China in the last 1000 years. I am so glad you and your ilk are mostly in America now and you are doing your part to accelerate America’s decline. We finally found a way to get rid of the inbred atavistic Hanjian DNA from the Chinese gene pool by exporting it to America. Parasites and Bottom feeders like you knows no shame nor loyalty and will sell their mother so they can attached themselves to whoever is in power.

    I don’t live in America, dumbass. I don’t work for anyone. White people work for me and what I have paid in American taxes is more than what you have made in your miserable life.

    If I only have one bullet in the chamber, it will be a hard decision whether to use it on you or that loser white teacher. I know he will spare me if I did the same but you will always shoot me in the back if I let you live. Use your remaining days wisely before being tortured to death in a concentration camp in your beloved America. Don’t ever come back to China.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Alden
  136. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    Only the “educated” ones. Hardcore Asians instill fear in huwhite golems and other assorted savage shitskins.
    Problem is that Asians really like to be what Europeans once were, so they aspire to be those gentlemen of the past.

    Worry not, people are waking up everywhere.

  137. anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Chinaman doing his best to make all Chinese look like shit to the whole world, as usual. He claims he’s from HK and lives there. I’ve been to HK. I think the Cantonese in HK are some of the rudest, nastiest, filthiest, greediest, most abrasive and dishonest people I’ve ever met. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they are now making a mess of their own country, a cesspit of humanity. Karma’s a biatch.

  138. @Showmethereal

    Ssssh, self reflection can cause potential seizure in the brain of huwhite goyim.

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  139. Chinaman says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    Ha…focus…don’t let hate blind you. I am not your enemy. Your Chinese students ain’t your enemy. Save your bullets and take your rage out on those school administrators and the system. DO IT for your children or they will start speak mandarin or Spanish…haha

    Both China and America have one thing in common, the real enemy is within. The good thing is that we are exporting the worst sellout Chinaman to America and we are not importing any of your brown and black problems.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  140. @Dave from Oz

    In the United State you have a President who is on record as saying that torturing people to get information is a good idea. You have waterboarding as an accepted way of interrogating suspects. You have as head of the CIA, a woman who oversaw the horrific torture centre of Abu Ghraib and yet you say:

    The chinese government tortures people.

    Where’s the evidence for that and doesn’t it seem a bit incongruous to complain about the Chinese government torturing people without mentioning the US’s support for torturing people?

    Apart from that one of the offences for which a Chinese soldier can be condemned to death, is ill treating a civilian or a captured enemy soldier.

  141. A.K.Patal says:
    @Dave from Oz

    “The chinese government tortures people.”

    Well, have you ever heard of Gurantanmo, where the US government has been torturing poor Muslims in the past 19 or so years!! This is clearly the case of the cat calling the kettle black!

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
  142. MarkinLA says:
    @john weber

    Real conservatives never championed the market economy. That is neoliberal and libertarian thinking. Real smart guys knew that you could never move manufacturing to another place without eventually transferring technology.

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund
  143. MarkinLA says:

    Since they didn’t mention the race of those beating him, we can assume blacks.

  144. @Chinaman

    Keep commenting, Chinaman, you have no idea how much you help our cause.

  145. c matt says:

    McCarthyism: n. The state of being correct while everyone else lies about you being wrong.

    • Agree: Alden, anarchyst
  146. @Exile

    America is handing out educations, money and other gibs to everyone

    Nothing of the sort! The USA is selling education to foreigners at a very high price. There is nothing to stop it from educating as many of its own people as it likes in addition. It is merely lacking the political will to do so. If it does not want the foreigners to compete with Americans for jobs, send the graduates home when they complete their course. Again, it is only a matter of a political decision, of organization. Of course we all know that however much the people affected squawk about “foreigners stealing our jobs” the fact is that the employers (the ruling class) love having foreign employees because they are cheaper and more easy to bully.

  147. Alden says:

    Just and equal treatment of all persons regardless of race creed color or economic status was ended in 1973 by the Satanic Supreme Court Griggs vs Duke Power 1973.

    Griggs created the supreme federal law that neither the 14th amendment nor any other constitutional rights apply to White Americans

    White Americans have been destroyed. Now it’s the privileged non White student visa immigrants have lost their rights.

    Surprised they haven’t hired a well funded powerful pro bono immigration attorney to fight the their expulsion from UNT.

    Every Asian Hispanic black other ethnic minority gay trans other weirdo and foreigner who gets a college placement means an equally qualified White American is refused a placement.

    America should not be the health, education, welfare child protective services prison medical and free preschool to higher education system for the entire world.

    With Such an enormous population, fabulously wealth, supremely well top down organized no dissidents, genius level intelligence, and all over mostests bestist, nation the world has ever seen; China should be able to educate its own vastly superior people

  148. @Astuteobservor II

    Perhaps to an extent, but there’s much more to it than that. Jewish Hollywood has demonized, emasculated, and dehumanized East Asians much more than any other race, since its very foundation over 100 years ago. The examples are too numerous to mention. Their stupid white/black/mestizo slaves have internalized this as intended. It’s called conditioning.

    The Jews are well aware that East Asians are their biggest threats and their only obstacle to world domination, despite the pathetic delusions and braying of the huwhite outcasts here. The Jews have been continuously at war (whether hot or cold) with either China or Japan for the past 130 years.

    And their servile white/black/mestizo golems have faithfully served Massah Schlomo every step of the way.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Alden
  149. Alden says:

    So how many warrants are out for you in Hanijian district Yangkoue province? You sound pretty bitter.

  150. @anon

    The reason they come, may be as you suggest in some cases, but, the usual reason is that to make a career in the CPC or the civil service, you need a university degree. If you can’t get into a Chinese university you need to buy into a foreign university.

  151. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    You’re not the spirit of Enoch Powell,you’re a complete impostor.
    We don’t need a 5% cap on foreign students, we need a 0.05% cap. And they should all have their balls cut off before entering the country.

  152. Alden says:

    Guys with whom I went to Stanford in the early 1960s were all recruited by NASA and NASA contractors in their junior under grad year. The employers paid for senior year and master’s degree tuition and living expenses. Couple weeks after graduation the my moved to Mountain View and invented, created, developed Silicon Valley.

    The recruitment and scholarships went on all over the country; Cal Tech Pasadena University of Illinois champagne Urbana Michigan Ohio Indiana Rice and other Texas schools University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon MIT, all the science and engineering schools, especially aeronautical and astronautical engineering. They sent a man to the moon and invented personal computers and the internet.
    White American men British and German descent.

    White American men

    The Jews and Irish of that generation went to law MBA and medical school, primarily law school.

    We kept in touch. When Regean got in, there were thousands of lay offs in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino all of Santa Clara tech.

    The White Americans were never rehired as had been usual. The new hires were all Asians. Companies blamed it on affirmative action. Claimed they were under federal court order to hire non Whites and the only qualified non Whites were Asians.

    Griggs vs Duke Power 1973, the No Whites Need Apply Law decided by the minions of Satan on the Supreme Court. Combined with cannibal capitalist vicious greed.

  153. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    This. Asians have learned and carved the lessons of why blood and soil nationalism is important to their bones, while the huwhite cucks have been destroying themselves with jewish excrement non stop.

    The way I see it, there might actually be ethnic reservations for sane Europeans in Asia rather in the (((west))).

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  154. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    I asked the Vice-Chancellor of my (Top 100) university the same question. His reply surprised me: “Because we gain far more than we lose. We would not be in the top 100 STEM schools without our Chinese grad students”.

    • Replies: @Alden
  155. @ivan

    ‘Assuming a normal distribution, there are only about 10,000 people in the US who perform at +4SD and a similar number in Europe, so this is quite a select population (roughly, the top few hundred high school seniors each year in the US). If you extrapolate the NE Asian numbers to the 1.3 billion population of China you get something like 300,000 individuals at this level, which is pretty overwhelming’. Asian-White IQ variance from PISA results

    • Replies: @Ivan
    , @Gleimhart Mantooso
  156. Mefobills says:

    Why didnt the “western values” sustain you all in Europe?? Or is imperialism and colonization a western value?

    Imperialism is a function of the big-bang event that happened in 1694 in England.

    If you trace it back further to Amsterdam, it is Jewish in origin.

    If you go back further in time, the Roman empire did not know how to balance civilization either. It allowed “creditor” oligarchies to form.

    This idea that you have to invade others to grab their metal money, or put people into slavery to pay for expanding debt claims, was corrected by Jesus.

    Jesus was a monetary and social reformer who started his mission on the Jubilee year. The “good news” was to release debts in Jubilee.

    Any group of people that becomes dupes and worships mammon, and engages in usury, will become imperialist. The earth has to be converted to prices, to then pay expanding debt claims. Or, the lands are enclosed, to then create a feudal class, to then extract from the land.

    Finance imperialists used Christian missionaries as advanced guard to colonize third world people. So, Christianity is perverted when it is used as an instrument for mammon.

    The Chinese psyche is not immune to becoming “grabbing and predatory.” Many people claim that Chinese act just like Jews. There is plenty of money grubbing and lack of morality among the Chinese people.

    Personally, I think China is on an improvement trajectory. If CCP inserts some sort of religion, like Buddhism, then we will know they are serious about improving the Chinese psyche.

    The brazen theft of intellectual property by China has an immoral base as well.

    Japanese will do Seppuku before allowing dishonor.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @showmethereal
    , @anon
  157. China is not the enemy, regardless of what the mainstream media would have you believe. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to name the real evil in this world.

    • Agree: Ace, nokangaroos
  158. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly naive and oblivious East Asian people are about how much hatred and rage the Jews have incited against them amongst their goyim slaves in “Western” countries.

    The Chinese are incredibly naive? Or incredibly brainwashed and controlled, just like the goyim in the West? FYI, Communism is Jewish.

    Meet President Xi’s Jewish handler and biographer, Robert Lawrence Kuhn.

    I haven’t done the research yet, but I suspect Robert Lawrence Kuhn is a descendant of Abraham Kuhn, co-founder of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the multinational investment bank that financed the Japanese in the First Sino-Japanese War (25 July 1894 – 17 April 1895). I suspect this is the case based solely on the better-known fact that Kuhn, Loeb & Co. financed the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War during (8 February 1904  – 5 September 1905). It fits their modus operandi perfectly.


    … Jacob Schiff, the America-based Rothschild banker of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, would finance the Japanese in the Japanese-Russian war eventually leading to the destruction of the Russian fleet that protected America from the Rothschild takeover of our money system. And although President William McKinley can be faulted for his imperialistic flaws in declaring war upon Spain to steal the Philippines and Cuba, at least he didn’t knuckle under to the Zionist international Rothschild bankers either doing their bidding. McKinley, too, was assassinated.
    The turmoil created by the 1905 Japanese-Russian War, the loss of the fleet, and Zionist-generated labor union unrest brought down the Christian monarchy in Russia. Along with the chaos created during and after World War I, the Zionists, through their plot of enforced communism via the Bolshevik Revolution that was also engineered by them, created the Soviet Union, and led to the massacre of millions of Christians. As Professor MacDonald has pointed out, “communism is a product of ‘Jewish’ intellectualism.”
    Source: The Zionist Agenda ­Part II by Ted Lang

  159. Alden says:
    @Harold Smith

    If China’s so great why are they fleeing to America? Chinese living in China are looking on the internet for Ca Bay Area especially San Francisco as I write because they assume housing prices in Ca are coming down because of covid hoax. And as they always they are offering cash; 1.5 million for a dinky little 2 bedroom house to 5 million for something not much better.

    These prospective buyers are the privileged upper middle classes of China. Why do they want to leave? Why do they send their young children starting at 6 or 7 to live with relatives or even strangers so they can attend the Alma Christian bi lingual mandarin English private school system that has schools all over the USA?

    Alma Christian isn’t the only American schools Chinese non resident kids in all sort of non family living arrangements just so they can attend K-12 in American public and private schools.

    Virtually ever private and even White neighborhood prestige public high school in America has 14-18 year old Chinese nationals living in relative and non family foster homes attending the schools

    private schools can admit anyone who can pay the tuition and pass entrance requirements. But public schools exist on the taxpayers money to educate children legally living in the school district.

    School districts like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Culver City have school investigators investigating to make sure the students actually live in those cities, not Los Angeles. Every once in a while someone gets caught.

    But the entire state of California is full of Chinese national minors living here illegally and illegally attending our taxpayer public schools

    Some American private schools, like Alma Christian actively encourage it and arrange the foster homes. In fact I’ve long suspected Alma Christian is a Chinese government front.

    Want to open a boarding school for Chinese nationals? Go ahead But don’t sneak them in on a tourist visa family trip to Disneyland and leave the kids here to be educated in public schools on the American taxpayers money

    Pre school to PHD, America’s turning into the education system of the world and Americans pay for it. And are discriminated against because we are White and the foreigners and immigrants are non Whites when we look for jobs, business loans everything.

    America is engaged in a slow genocide of Whites. Make it illegal for us to make a living thus bringing down our birth rates and import replacements.

  160. Art says:

    It appears that John V. Walsh is a pro China government writer. Here is another pro mainland China article.

    “Hands Off Hong Kong” – The Cry that Seldom Is Heard

    And Here

    China’s Covid-19 Reporting Is Truthful, Birx and Trump Demonstrate-Unwittingly

    Hmm — Hmm — Hmm

    • Replies: @denk
  161. Ace says:

    If there’s any McCarthyism involved, I’m 100% in favor of it.

  162. If Donald Dumbass Trump is the admired paragon of white supremacist snowflakes all across America, then America is doomed, because Trump always had his ass completely and deeply reamed by the Chinese in business deals before this.

    1)His first ass-reaming by the Chinese

    His force-sell loss in 1995 of the Plaza Hotel to the Chinese(main buyer) and Arabs(passive investors) for $325M was a huge loss after buying it in 1988 for $390M, and putting another $50M(or so he claims) into renovations($390M+$50M=$440M or “double death” in Chinese Fengshui numerology)

    In all, Trump borrowed up to his throat to buy n reno it, and had to sell it away for half price to the Chinese.

    The Chinese kept the hotel until 2004, then sold it to Israelis for almost double their buy price from loser Trump($675M)

  163. Alden says:

    That was 1960 to 1964. And before that president Eisenhower’ 1950s national science foundation grants to middle & high schools and colleges for science education along with military and private industrial commercial scientific R & D.

    And then along cane Griggs vs Duke Power 1973 in which the Supreme Court ordered every employer to hire grossly unqualified non Whites instead of qualified Whites for every job from dishwasher to Doctor.

    What you propose is against federal law and has been since Griggs 1973.

    I remember, late 1970s asking someone whose father founded one of the first Mountain View NASA contractors what they were doing about affirmative action. He answered Japanese and Chinese.

    Of course at the time it meant native born Americans whose families had been here for generations. 1880s Japanese when their government shipped many over here and long time American Chinese like Gold Rush descendants ,

    Stanford MIT aeronautical astronautical engineering MS & PHDs What’s that IQ? At least 130, maybe up to 140? And math mechanical IQ,

    The satanic supremes just 5 or 6 minions of Satan made it illegal to hire those near genius White men and their White descendants ever again. It’s easy to blame those judges. But behind affirmative action lay the great capitalists and their non charitable Foundations that created, funded and litigated the No Whites Need Apply. laws and the draconian enforcement.

  164. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    Japanese will do Seppuku before allowing dishonor.

    To quote the great Yogi Berra: “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

    HOW JAPAN PICKS AMERICA’S BRAINS Much of its economic success has been built on bought, borrowed, or stolen technology. Now U.S. companies are striking back — but a two-way street is still far off.
    (FORTUNE Magazine)
    By Joel Dreyfuss REPORTER ASSOCIATE Carrie Gottlieb

    In the ’80s, it was all about Japan and the sneaky Japs. That was all the MSM and politicians talked about. Decades later, now Japan is the good guy and the Japanese are the honorable people. Is it because Japan doesn’t steal anymore or is it because Japan can’t compete with the US anymore?

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Mefobills
  165. Druid55 says:

    Before that the Muslims. Most went along, now the tribe is after their ultimate goal, the whites

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
  166. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    And speaking of stealing, have you read “The American Trap” by Frenchman Frederic Pierucci?

  167. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    The writer has to do better than comparing this kicking out of Chinese research students today with legislation that was passed by politicans almost 150 years ago and referring to “massacres” where 15 or 20 Chinese were killed in a riot in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1885. There would’ve been no violence if greedy industrialists hadn’t brought in Chinese to undercut white workers wages. White’s settled the United States and it was their country and had every right to defend it against foreigners. They should’ve strung up the white Industrialists who made it all happen. There have been many massacres of whites in China such as the 1895 Kucheng massacre, where 11 missionaries were killed

    Taiyuan massacre where 45 white men women and children were killed by the Chinese in 1900.

    Stop trying to blame whites for everything, everyone has blood on their hands.

    • Thanks: Ace
  168. @Alden

    If China’s so great why are they fleeing to America?

    Why ask me?

    Maybe you should be more concerned about why record numbers of Americans want to leave the U.S.

  169. Alden says:
    @Adam Hartman

    Before HUAC did anything the studio heads, chiefs of the unions *etc ousted some of the communists from Hollywood. HUAC just investigated and exposed.

    All the colleges have film schools now. Some of its practical craft courses. The history of film classes are just pro communist hysteria.

    * but not the Jewish communist screen writers union

    There’s a good movie Netflix Hulu one of those Hail Cesear. Set about 1950s. Movie about Julius Cesear being made. The ugly nerd codger communists decide to kidnap the Cesar actor, a great star till the studios agree to their demands.

    Read what the communists did to drop dead beauty Frances Farmer and a generation later to Jean Seberg. Avoid Wikipedia about those two innocent women caught up in communist intrigue.

  170. Druid55 says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Then we’d be stuck with Iacoca’s K cars! Yeuch!

  171. @Alden

    I cannot make any sense out of what you are commenting.

  172. Alden says:

    Typical non White and Jewish whining bitching and grievance mongering.

    For the entertainment industry, the non Whites bitch and whine that they are not starring in movies and TV. Then when a non White gets a starring role in a movie or a TV show, the non Whites jump in whining and bitching about anything and everything

    Perfect example Margaret Cho. I’m no fan of her vulgar monologues but she’s a hometown girl and I used to shop in her parents book store.

    She started out in male dominated stand up comedy Did very well. To the point she wrote the pilot and produced a TV sit com. Producing is the most difficult job in the entire business BTW. .

    It was a basic totally standard family sit com. But the with an Asian family.

    As soon as her project appeared in the trade papers, some Asian bitching and whining non profit was created and funded to “Monitor for Stereotypes.” The pilot was shown. And this suddenly sprung out of nowhere Asian anti racist non profit trashed it because of “Asian stereotypes”

    Kitchen set was an asian stereotype. Horrors !!!! lawsuit !!!!! It didn’t have a Chinese stove, but a big mug of chopsticks on the kitchen table and a 20 pound bag of rice somewhere . Asian immigrants and many others buy 20 pound bags of rice. And Asians all over the world have a mug or vase of chopsticks on the table and a 10 or 20 pound bag of rice in the cabinet.

    Southerners drink iced tea all summer long. Men drink beer more than women do That’s a stereotype New Englanders eat lots of lobster because it’s available and relative cheap there. California Oregon and Washington eat crab for the same reason New England lobster rolls Chicago style pizza Various types of barbecue

    New England milk clam chowder and Manhattan tomato juice clam chowder Orange and lemon trees in Florida and California back yards. Pecan trees and pecan pie and other treats in the south All stereotypes. All over America there are food stereotypes.

    But chopsticks and a big bag of rice got the first successful Asian comedian’s show off the air and her career never recovered.

    The 193o s Charlie Chan ace Honolulu detective movies and an early 50’s TV show are viewed with horror and outrage now days by the bitch and whine grievance monitors. But Chan really was an ethnic Chinese Hawaiian detective who had a top solve record He was a hero and in the local newspapers a lot Something like when Robert Blake and AG Giuliani went after the NYC mafia

    So the grievance mongers dug up these very popular old movies about a heroic Chinese police detective and trash it as derogatory or something

    Non Whites Whatever we Whites do, we’re dammed if we do and damned if we don’t.
    Stock a store with size 0 and 2 size girl and women clothes and the grievance mongers scream Asian stereotypes!!!!!

    We can’t please them so f’ck ‘em all.

  173. Alden says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Read the list of American universities I mentioned in comment 154. They were absolutely tops in the world long before the first foreign Chinese arrived.

    I don’t believe you attended a top 100 university in America or any country in the world. I’ve read your articles. Not a word of truth in any of them. Therefore you are lying about your university.

    • Agree: Gleimhart Mantooso
    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  174. @Alden

    “American jobs for Americans. American college placements for Americans”

    Totally Agree. But, as always, it’s the money, stupid. US Colleges & Universities collect 2-3 times as much tuition from foreign students. That’s the source of the problem. US Colleges & Universities have “recruiters” in foreign countries trying to entice graduating high school students to come to the US for college.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  175. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    The white Pilgrims DO NOT have any right in the Continent of America. That land belongs to the ORIGINAL OWNERS who are called the Indigenous Native Americans. So get the hell out of this land you pale face.

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Gleimhart Mantooso
  176. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Your Cutting Edge Technology, was the product of the intellectual Foreigners who were bought by your government long time ago. Without those Foreigners, those High Tech stuff would not have existed here.

  177. 2)Trump’s second, even deeper ass-reaming by the Chinese–the Avenue of Americas deal.

    Here we have Donny with a big chunk of land that he was deep in debt for, and he couldn’t get it developed, so he sold his ass to 2 chinese billionaires who agreed to buy his debt, takeover the project, maybe pump fresh funds into the project, and develop it at their own cost. Donny thought he had a great deal, he gets to keep a minor portion of the project as a passive investor(he can’t sell for 50 years), and everything else is paid for by the Chinese.

    He thought he was reaming their ass.

    Unfortunately, later on, the Chinese saw they had a buyer, and immediately exchanged the chunk of land for some downtown buildings, then swapped the buildings again for some other better downtown buildings. Later on, they sold out to Vornado and made about double on their original investment, and even better, sold out just before the 2009 subprime crisis.

    Donny screamed out in pain, why didn’t you consult me first? Why, why, why? How come I didn’t even know about this until everybody else in NY is telling me about this?

    The Chinese said, we don’t need to consult you. You r just a passive investor, and have no say in how we deal with the property. We own your ass.

    And so it degenerated into countless lawsuits started by Trump, which every one failed. In the end, the main building ended up with Vornado, which renovated it at their own cost, and this was rented out and gave Trump a decent income for his minor share, which made him boast about it being the “crown jewel” in his portfolio.

    Years later, Donny admitted in an interview that the Chinese had actually made a great deal with great timing, but he did not understand it at that time. He said that he highly respected the Chinese and wanted to be friends with them again, even though he sued them so many times he lost count.

    The Chinese just laughed, said some cutting remarks and so far have never dealt with Donny again.

    • Replies: @Alden
  178. nsa says:

    Plesident Xi velly velly angly not know how gay dance like gleat Plesident Tlump gay dance YMCA song at rube rally. Plesident Xi send Chinee student spies steal music seclets from Village People so Xi can learn gay dance like gleat Plesident Tlump bust m0ves. Gleat Plesident Tlump velly velly gay dance Macho Man new national anthem.

  179. Americans are criminally stoopid, their own worst enemy. Always need a boogeyman to blame for their stoopidity. 60-75% of them are simply grown up children, not entirely their fault. Can do no wrong, they’re never wrong, and never to blame for their fuckups. Too selfish and greedy for their own good, this will be their downfall.

    America fucked itself and handed China victory long ago out of greed. The corruption in DC, by the capitalists on Wall Street, handed them victory without a shot fired. The corruption and greed continues today, which is why China is guaranteed to keep on winning. The more they try and slow them down, which is all they can do, the deeper they dig our own grave.

    The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. Haha. Sucks for the ordinary American worker, believe me I know. Maybe we should outsource our wonderful govt to China.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  180. @Alden

    American universities are a useless babysitting exercise. If young whites want to access knowledge, they are best off going to Europe or Asia. The sad part is that the Chinese elite are beginning to fetishize the American boug replication camp.

    In spite of my career as a college professor (in China, but I also taught at a po-dunk state university in the midwest), I am at the forefront of #defundcolleges

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @V. K. Ovelund
  181. Ivan says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    You have to understand that while Chinese scores hug around a high average, other races have longer tails. is they are more likely to have people in the high IQ class along with the low IQ class.

    It is not simply a question of high or low IQ, but what that intelligence in combination with other qualities such as a drive to know that makes the difference. There isn’t a single modern subject be it archeology or sociology or physics or engineering that we owe the subject matter or imperative drive to the Chinese. The Chinese may well be on average more intelligent that others but their interests are largely pedestrian.

    In any case if the university system pays more than it normally does more of the other races would be attracted to PhD studies.

    One other thing you have to note that is lost in all the noise is that much of the physical and informational fields have already been mined. There is after all only one world, one physics and chemistry more or less settled. Anything more will come from pie in the sky stuff like nuclear fusion. There is absolutely no reason why the Chinese cannot innovate back home, and absolutely no reason why those in the West cannot do the same on their own.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  182. @Alden

    I’m going to clue you in on something: the same education pipeline exists in China. In addition to my university post I am a curriculum consultant for an international K-8 school whose entire student body of 460 are just the children of various American and German Siemens executives.

    • Replies: @Alden
  183. Good, there are far too many Chinese students in our universities; they should go elsewhere. We don’t need another 5th column.

  184. Wally says:

    So when are you leaving?

    And where are you going to? China?

    I bet a Uighur wouldn’t mind taking your place.

  185. @Alden

    That is very rich n funny coming from a Zionist.

  186. @Alden

    How many personalities do you have? You go from a Zionist to a WN to a rich Californian real estate old fart in her old age.

    Did you all forget to use different computers when commenting on unz?

    • Replies: @Alden
  187. @Anon

    This is why vk got fired.

    He took retarded comments like yours as examples he should follow in real life.

    Both of you guys don’t understand that it has nothing to do with their manners or respect towards you. It is the opposite of what both of you claimed. Your claims actually fit both you and vk very well. Have some respect for others.

    Also the setting is on a university campus class room with international students. And non class related conversation.

  188. @Alden

    The universities you mentioned in #154 were tops in the world because they were the only ones with any money in those days and because they attracted the world’s best brains, including brilliant Chinese researchers.

    You don’t have to believe anything. Have a private chat with the Dean of Science at one of your alma maters. He/she will tell you exactly what I told you.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  189. Anono says:

    But, but COVID19 = Israel, Isis = Israel, 9/11 = israel.

  190. Alden says:

    Go back to Persia you evil colonizer exploiter. Or north Central Asia from whence the Medes and the Persians came 12 thousand years ago.

  191. Alden says:

    According to the covid hysterics, New York will soon be totally de populated due to covid hoax and downtown New York buildings will be as worthless as downtown office buildings in Detroit.

    Real estate is always a gamble however conservative careful and risk avoiding you are.

  192. @TGD

    “The simple answer is that the research universities must fill spots in their science, engineering and math departments and there is a dearth of white American students available to fill them.”

    If that’s truly the case, then it’s a perverse model that needs to be replaced. Too many employees and not enough customers should result in a reduction in the number of employees.

    The more likely explanation is financial benefit of international students. Colleges/Universities get tuition & fees from foreign students that are 2-3 times greater than for US students.

  193. @CyrusTheGreat

    Nope. It’s our country. We built it. By the providence of God we brought the Gospel of Christ to the New World. Get over it, Satan.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  194. Alden says:
    @Supply and Demand

    My idea is not defund, abolish. And put every employee from President chancellor whatever the high mucky muck is called to janitors in an inescapable detention camp in N Korea , sub Sahara Africa, Cesspool a Stan in Central Asia and pay that government to keep them. Microchip and a bomb inside them them so it blows them to shreds if they escape and enter America ever again. .

    The only good things about colleges are the libraries of books published before 1960 and the STEM departments. Keep the STEM departments abolish any liberal arts classes and call them by the 19th century word for those schools Polytechnic and Institutes. Without the liberal arts requirements, engineers and software engineer etc can be cranked out in 2 or 3 years for a BS.

    Of course it’s both illegal and against evil cannibal capitalist policy to hire a White American so why should we bother?

  195. @Alden

    From a geostrategic (and/or economic) POV having on-call vast numbers of administrators at home in both worlds makes sense – meanwhile the US have trouble adequately staffing State etc.
    Hell, only 20% of Americans have a passport.
    You want a working definition of “parochial”?

  196. Alden says:
    @Supply and Demand

    I don’t believe you understand my post at all.

    Yes I know all about the International schools. My mother retired early and taught at the one in Vienna Austria for a few years just so they could live in Europe for a few years.

    You didn’t write where your school is located. You didn’t write with whom the students live.

    So I will assume your school is an international school located in China. I assume the parents are working in China legally. I assume the K-8 students came to China with their parents, live in China legally with their parents and attend a school in the country and city where their parents currently live. That’s the standard International School student body and their parents.

    In some parts of America, especially in California, there are Chinese teens living here illegally, attending tax payer funded local public schools where only specific school district residents are allowed to attend. And stealing their education and English immersion.

    And attending those schools illegally with parents living in China. Even their living arrangements are illegal as kids under 18 are not allowed to live in haphazard arrangements in America. Although that is absolutely not a problem.

    Big difference from moving to China because of a parent’s job with the parents and attending a school in China.

    Chinese kids living illegally in America with parents living in China who attend American private schools pay full tuition. Unlike those in public schools who are just stealing an education and English skills.

    See the difference?

    And how many pregnant American women pay an agency $59-80K and travel to China in the 4th month of pregnancy so they can have the baby in China and get an Chinese native born birth certificate??

    Everybody hates America and Americans and everybody wants to live here.

    Entire extended family is worried about San Francisco residential and commercial real estate falling way way down in value. Not gonna happen.

    The entire population of China seems to want to move to California, especially the Chinese Colony of San Francisco.

    Even if every business leaves town, we can just convert the Salesforce Tower, Embarcadero Center, BofA headquarters etc from offices to condos and the Chinese will pay any price as they do now for a home or pied a terre in California.

    Personally, I don’t see the attraction, especially this ugly brown and beige desert of S California. But California still seems to be the Golden Mountain to the Chinese. Even during covid hoax Chinese are emailing about buying in California. Repeat if China’s so great why do they all want to move to California?

  197. @redmudhooch

    The amerimutts are just 5 years away from being a pit of mixed manure like Brazil.
    They have always been subhuman and inferior. The outcome of theit civil war confirms their true nature as nigger lovers and kike asskissers.

  198. Alden says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    I am a White Nationalist I am anti Zionist I am anti liberals because they are anti White and anti Jewish because they are liberals were communists and are anti White.

    I am against Jews and liberals because of school desegregation affirmative action unchecked immigration and black on White crime aided and abetted by the government Jews and liberals are responsible for all these anti White laws.

    I’m very anti Zionist

    I only mentioned real estate because Chinese are calling not just real estate sales companies, but real estate management companies and owners looking to buy even more San Francisco and Bay Area real estate. Everyone assumes city real estate prices both residential and especially office and retail space will go down in value because of covid hoax and working from home.

    So owners are worried. My opinion is San Francisco and Bay Area real estate is safe because so many Chinese and other Asians want to move to the small 49 sq mile city of San Francisco.

    It’s really a Chinese colony now. Census says 40 percent asian but Chinese don’t like to fill out census forms or any government contact if they can avoid it. SF is probably about at least 55 percent Asian, mostly Chinese nearby Santa Clara is also heavily Asian.

    I post about what I know. I know about the California Chinese from Gold Rush descendants to arrived last month to Chinese kids living illegally in California for high school while parents live in China.

    I also know how the White American men who created Silicon Valley were laid off early 1980s and replaced by Chinese, then Indians.

    What makes you think I’m a Zionist? You’re confused.

  199. @Alden

    Lol, you aint gonna get paid by the alphabets for this low quality comment.

  200. @Ivan

    Number of +4SD (160) was the “best fit” Lynn&Vanhanen found for IQ/per capita GDP.
    In practical terms this seems a bit high, but it may be a good descriptor for “innovation”.
    If that´s the case, the half-century the US enjoyed a monopoly on imported brainpower (to the detriment of everybody else) is over also.

    • Replies: @Ivan
  201. Alden says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    The class was in an English speaking university in an English speaking country with an English speaking teacher and English speaking non Chinese in the class.

    You probably never went to college. Yes, there are many Chinese students in American colleges. But there just as many American English speaking students in every class in every university.

    If foreign students want to speak their own language with each other when not in class, that’s fine.

    But in an English speaking class they need to speak English. How can the teacher understand a question or comment in a foreign language he doesn’t speak.

    The How can non Chinese speaking students in an English language university and class understand Chinese. In Chinese universities classes are in Chinese. In German universities classes are in German In French universities classes are in French. In American Canadian and British university classes are in English

    You’re so stupid and pro Chinese you can’t understand the difference between classes in an English speaking university and foreign students speaking with each other outside class If you had ever been in a college class you would know that.

    The whole thing sounds like a standard set up to get rid of a White man.

    Bet you don’t know a word of any foreign language. And for sure you never went to any college classes.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  202. Mefobills says:

    In the ’80s, it was all about Japan and the sneaky Japs.

    Things are shades of grey, not black and white. Some Japanese did do technology theft post WW2. In general though, Japan has an honor culture, where China does not.

    With regards to the 80’s and MSM, said MSM was responding to Japan INC., which was operating an industrial capitalist economy. Japan used “credit guidance windows, which were credit instructions issued by MITI.” People in the MSM did not understand what was going on then, and apparently people today still don’t get it.

    See Werner’s book, “The Princes of the Yen.”

    With regards to China, they are operating another form of Industrial Capitalism where they use state banks to channel credit, and not “credit guidance.” Same difference.

    Hat’s off to Japan and now China for running an economy type that is good for their people, and not a hidden string-pulling finance capitalist class, such as wall street and London.

    Despite the economy type, who would you rather do business with, Japanese or Chinese?

    • Replies: @anon
  203. Ivan says:

    There are large issues than IQ. Certain fundamental limits of physical processes seems to have been hit. In communications for example with the advent of turbo codes, the Shannon limit that is the upper limit for information transmission has been closed. Gas turbines generators have also reached closed to their thermodynamic limits.

    Basically what is left is just nickels and dimes unless we get something like nuclear fusion. One reason why 5G is being pushed is to get even more bandwidth. But there is a dearth of products that can handle such bandwidth. Say one one needs plenty of bandwidth for a self-driving car but then if everyone is going on one, why not just take the train?

    So we get a lot of hype and techno-babble but I ask you: can you not see the mind numbing banality of supercomputers and their PhD minions churning away at the Likes in Facebook to recommend one a different type of soda?

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  204. Mefobills says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    The universities you mentioned in #154 were tops in the world because they were the only ones with any money in those days and because they attracted the world’s best brains, including brilliant Chinese researchers.

    The U.S. ran the American System of Economy, or vestiges of it since Hamilton.

    This included pumping state credit into public means, including Colleges.

    American public colleges were funded by the American taxpayer. This lowered access prices for students, and research colleges were born.

    The scientific and technical establishment within the U.S. was formed because of public policy and economy type.

    It was best brains from north America, some European, and even less Chinese. It was best technical establishment further down in the system; a technical establishment able to machine parts, or invent software, computers, etc.

    The Soviet Union noticed this also, where their scientists could match the U.S., but Soviet technical/engineering establishment could not.

    China does not need to send their students to the U.S., but they do anyway as a form of knowledge transfer. China can easily teach their own students, in their own universities.

    The U.S population has plenty of indigenous brain power and does not need Chinese brains. Although, the U.S. is being reduced by importation of low IQ people from the global south.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  205. @Ivan

    I get the impression too at times* 😀 The bumpersticker

    Designed by computer
    Built by robot
    Driven by moron

    is so old it´s not even funny any longer. All the more points for the Chinese:

    They are more, they are hungrier and they do not have the Unholy Trinity
    (apes, dykes and squids) on their backs. It´s the ancient cycle of species and empires –
    except the longevity of theirs defies Haeckel´s pattern; far as I can see it is their
    synkretism – they even digested the freaking Cultural Revolution (and I do not want to know how the “West” looks in two generations).

    * to the geologist the field does indeed sometimes look limited (hint: not this, but no);
    but there´s always something else – the LHC is gearing up to test the “gravity´s rainbow” hypothesis; can´t wait to sample an extrasolar object; and so on 😉

  206. @Supply and Demand

    American universities are a useless babysitting exercise. If young whites want to access knowledge, they are best off going to Europe or Asia. The sad part is that the Chinese elite are beginning to fetishize the American boug replication camp.

    In spite of my career as a college professor (in China, but I also taught at a po-dunk state university in the midwest), I am at the forefront of #defundcolleges

    How could, and to what degree should, American universities be defunded/improved? What is your prescription, doctor?

  207. @Alden

    I appreciate the sentiments.

    But in an English speaking class they need to speak English. How can the teacher understand a question or comment in a foreign language he doesn’t speak?

    Of course I agree, and I think that @Astuteobservor II has jumped to an unwarranted conclusion to which he would not have jumped if he had happened to attend an actual lecture of mine. Mainly, I gather that he suspects that I was on some kind crusade. I was not.

    Had he been my supervisor or department head, he would undoubtedly have privately advised me, “V. K., that’s not how we do it here, despite the university’s written policy.” I would have altered my practice to accord with his advice, the incident would have been forgotten by everyone involved within a month, and that would have been the end of it.


    For information, if you are interested, I first tried the English-in-the-classroom rule after a Chinese student advised me that a Chinese classmate had repeatedly mocked me during lecture, in Chinese, to his classmates. I don’t like being mocked any more than you do, but the main point was that the mockery distracted classmates and disrupted classroom order.

    I continued the rule after an American student advised me that he appreciated making friends with his foreign classmates when, in my classroom, pre- and post-lecture conversations in random languages did not exclude him. Meanwhile, as a practical matter, I learned from subsequent experience to soften the rule when it appeared that the conversation between two foreign students, seated next to one another, was probably just the translation of some unfamiliar word I had used.

    As I said, no crusade, but just classroom management. It might not be the way @Astuteobservor II would have managed his classroom, but I had used the rule for four years and, until I was suddenly sacked, not a single member of faculty, administration or staff had so much as mentioned the matter to me. It wasn’t discussed.

    Now I have talked too much about myself in this thread that is not about me, so other than by thanking you and the others for your solicitation and kind interest, let me close with this:

    [@Astuteobservor II] probably never went to college.

    No, he probably did. His image of the college classroom seems fairly accurate, at any rate, in my experience.

  208. d dan says:

    I get it. Many of you hate Chinese, or at least hate them from coming to US as students, tourists, business persons, research and others. You don’t care the financial bonus and economic activities they bring, you don’t believe there are any benefits for the exchanges, you don’t want to learn or know about them and their country, you dismiss their research contributions, you don’t expect them to have good experience and promote goodwill in China for future generations of Americans. You just want them out, period.

    If you really dislike the current situation, why don’t you guys lobby the federal, state, local and university administration to stop or reduce the number of new visas, and then see how they hike the college fees for the natives? And how some businesses go bankrupt, and some towns suffer economic depression? Go ahead, after all, this is a “democratic” country, isn’t it?

    But no, most of you prefer to do the easy things. Instead of lobbying, fighting and debating this against those having the authority to change the situation, you guys just take your anger out at those teenager/youngster students / legal visitors, throwing out rants, unfounded charges, demonization, supporting unfair treatments by some McCarthyism zealots, dismissal without justifications, insinuations, or even outright physical attacks by some groups.

    I use to have sympathy for the White nationalists, feeling that they are unjustifiably accused by the BLM groups. But see their unreserved tantrum toward the Chinese, I started to think that maybe they really deserve the country they created, and the government they elected.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  209. @HeebHunter

    Yeah sometimes I wonder what alternate reality they live in. They fled Europe by the millions because it because dangerous – diseased ridden – famines etc. etc. etc. Some left because of religion – but most for the money. Now in the lands they stole from others – they want to exclude others for “white societies”. It’s almost comical really. If everyone else belongs on their continent – they should go back to Europe.

  210. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, sure.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  211. @Showmethereal

    Or is imperialism and colonization a western value?

    Of course — because, as you have so astutely pointed out, every other race/ people/ nation in the world, apart from the indigenous peoples of Europe, literally grew up out of the ground in the lands that they now inhabit, and remained in that spot forever, never migrating, invading, or colonizing other peoples’ lands. It’s like, SCIENCE, doncha know. Uh huh.

    I can’t help but notice that those evil “White European” Turks still control Anatolia today. Should they give it back to the Greeks and return to their homelands?

    And those “White European” Bantus? They should give Africa back to the pygmies and Khoisan, right?

    It’s only fair. Probably should stop enslaving (and eating) the pygmies while they’re at it…

    And of course you would agree that if the European diaspora returned to Europe, they should immediately expel all non-indigenous Europeans… right?

    I mean, clearly you’re attempting to present an intellectually and morally consistent argument here, and not simply spewing virulent, unreasoning anti-White hatred in the form of a long-discredited semitic canard… right?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  212. @d dan

    Wow, you really hate White people.

    Please try to be a little more tolerant — I know it’s hard for you.


    • Troll: Sya Beerens
  213. Smith says:

    As an asian, I’d argue anti-chinese is good because it will just push all Asia home where we belong. I notice many diaspora are coming back and that’s a good thing.

    This also cuts off the american liberalization program, making asians reverting into what we were before, and not this asian-american weird hybrid.

    Now Asia just needs to focus on improving the birthrate and solves the overwork culture.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  214. Anti-Chinese “Racism” Sets Stage for New “McCarthyism

    Hard to take this anti-White screed seriously when when the author manages to invoke two different semitic tropes… in the headline.

    Have we forgotten the “racism” directed against Chinese and codified into federal law the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882… Other such legislation followed, such as the Immigration Act of 1924 which effectively barred all immigration from Asia, including of course Chinese.

    Yawn. So it’s somehow “immoral” for a White country to restrict non-White immigration in any way, at any time, for any reason? Really. Does this sort of “moral obligation” to always keep one’s borders open to racially-foreign immigrants devolve onto any non-White countries? Like, say, China?

    How does a person with no Chinese ancestry go about immigrating to China and becoming a Chinese citizen? How many naturalized citizens are there in China right now? How many of those are of other than Han ancestry?
    Take your time — we’ll wait.

    More than a dozen young visiting scholars from China had their visas abruptly terminated

    If these young students were doing something illegal or in violation of University rules, then they should be told what it is

    Foreign nationals have a “constitutional right” to visas/ US residency? Who knew?

    Anyway, it’s no big mystery. Did you think of trying, you know, an internet search engine?

    “US revokes visas for 1,000 Chinese students deemed security risk”

    1000 total at various US campuses — or about 0.27% of the Chinese university students currently studying in the US.

    See also this White House proclamation from May:

    “Proclamation on the Suspension of Entry as Nonimmigrants of Certain Students and Researchers from the People’s Republic of China”

    “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is engaged in a wide‑ranging and heavily resourced campaign to acquire sensitive United States technologies and intellectual property, in part to bolster the modernization and capability of its military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The PRC’s acquisition of sensitive United States technologies and intellectual property to modernize its military is a threat to our Nation’s long-term economic vitality and the safety and security of the American people.”

    “The PRC authorities use some Chinese students, mostly post‑graduate students and post-doctorate researchers, to operate as non-traditional collectors of intellectual property”

    The entry into the United States as a nonimmigrant of any national of the PRC seeking to enter the United States pursuant to an F or J visa to study or conduct research in the United States, except for a student seeking to pursue undergraduate study, and who either receives funding from or who currently is employed by, studies at, or conducts research at or on behalf of, or has been employed by, studied at, or conducted research at or on behalf of, an entity in the PRC that implements or supports the PRC’s “military-civil fusion strategy” is hereby suspended and limited subject to section 2 of this proclamation. For the purposes of this proclamation, the term “military-civil fusion strategy” means actions by or at the behest of the PRC to acquire and divert foreign technologies, specifically critical and emerging technologies, to incorporate into and advance the PRC’s military capabilities.”

    21% of Chinese were never convicted of espionage, twice the rate for non-Asians.

    Some trickery with both the numbers and the language here. A clearer statement of this claim would be “79% of Chinese charged under the EEA were convicted of espionage; 12% less than the conviction rate for non-Asians.”

    Both of these sound kind of low for US federal prosecutions — why?

    Ah — they’re lumping together the categories of “charges dropped,” “acquitted,” and “convicted of lesser charges” as “not convicted of espionage.” Meh. Also, it’s a supposedly a “random sample,” but the randomization method is not further specified — and it’s a total of only 136 cases/ 59 Chinese… over 19 years. Houston, we have a p value problem (granted, the author admits that).

    “In sum a much higher rate of indictment for Chinese”
    Clearly the idea that Chinese might be slightly more likely than non-Chinese to spy for China is merely one of those”anti-Sinitic canards.” Totally ridiculous. Why, once you start down that road, you’ll end up claiming that jews are more likely than non-jews to spy for Israel — and we all know where that would lead. It would be like anuddah shoah all over again. Oy vey!

  215. @Alden

    It might be shocking to you – but it is really not a large percentage of the upper middle class Chinese who migrate. There are just that many of them.
    You are also incorrect since those Chinese are often buying houses when they send kids to school… Are you claiming they aren’t paying property taxes?
    As to why… Well it’s not like the US where you can buy infinite amounts of real estate. China limits how much you can buy which means a lot of people have money sitting around that they have no clue what to do with. SO they buy properties overseas. It is called diversification. But those who actually migrate sounds like a big number – but it’s not a large percentage of the population of China.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  216. @Mefobills

    Where exactly is this brazen theft of American IP??? If you check the numbers – China pays a lot of money for US and other foreign IP.

    As to the Japanese – that is hilarious since in the 70’s and 80’s the Japanese were called thieves… And as to honor – can a society which has anime porn be honorable?

    • Agree: d dan
    • Replies: @Smith
  217. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Stop making a mockery of the bible. Conquering other lands through coercion and violence is not the means the share the gospel. No wonder there is a great falling away. Emperor Constantine heard the wrong voice. Might makes right is a Roman ideal – that had no place among those who claim “Christ”

  218. denk says:


    CIA to Tibetan contra recruits
    You wanna kill some Chinese ?



    From the 18C Chinese exclusion act
    to the 21C Global Chinese exclusion act.

    A tentative attempt,
    hardly exhaustive.

    BUrning of YUAN MING YUAN [1]

    CEA, 18C ,
    Chinese miners, rail way workers, massacred in fukus and Oz, cuz anglos couldnt compete with the 996 coolies, sounds familiar ?

    West comment on the indo/sino war…

    whats wrong with getting the Indians, Chinese at each others throats ?

    [Ivan, why are iNdians still doing the whitemen bidding ?]

    CIA recruited Tibetans to train as contras,
    First question the mofo asked….
    ‘Do you wanna kill some Chinese’ ?

    Afghan , chinese workers massacred…

    Chinese workers become the victims of economic rivalry among various companies as many foreign firms including Turkish and US ones try to monopolize rebuilding projects in Afghanistan,” said an analyst on condition of anonymity.

    “Chinese laborers are cheap and their work is best known for their high standard. That is why rival companies want to get them out of biding for rebuilding projects in post-war Afghanistan

    Indon 1959
    cia paid local commanders to kill Chinese.
    Army-inspired anti-Chinese programs that took place in West Java in 1959 were financed by U.S. contributions to the local army commander”; apparently CIA funds were used by the commander (Colonel Kosasih) to pay local thugs in what Mozingo calls “the army’s (and probably the Americans’) campaign to rupture relations with China.

    Co veterans still reminicense fondly about the CIA’S GREATEST HIT…the greatest genocide of 20 C
    Three millions defenceless peasants, including almost the entire Chinese community, massacred by CIA sponsored death squads.

    ‘The Indonesian covert action of 1965, reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation. He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party – the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese. And the CIA’s report put the number of dead at 800,000 killed. And that was one covert action. We’re talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things.

    Clinton’s ‘our kind of guy’ Suharto was over his used by date, his massive corruption and misrule had rendered the regime untenable.
    If there’s to be change, it had bloody well be our chosen man in charge, says uncle sham.
    The king maker was, ironically, none other than Suharto’s own son in law….Washington’s no 1 poster boy in Indon, alumni of the notorious School of America.
    Once again, the Chinese were scapegoated.
    IN the following weeks, thousands of drug crazed streets thugs, commanded by crew cut mean looking men, ferried by army trucks, ran amok thru ethnic Chinese residence areas.
    Three weeks of arsons, murder and mass rapes left the Chinese communitiy once again in tatters, agony and utter desperation……not a peep from the human rights crusaders Usual Suspects.
    To cut a long story short, Suharto was eventually forced to step down by you know who, in the midst of the ensuing nation wide choas and unrest.

    Here’s that infamous scene showing Suharto signing his letter of resignation whilte the IMF boss sent in by Washington to take over Indon assets hovering like a school master disciplining a wayward school boy.

    But I digress.

    Thousands killed so far since the 1959 riots.
    Exhibit A
    Han and Tibetan girls trapped in their shop, burned alive by CIA death squads.

    Thousands killed so far in terrorist attack by CIA sponsored death squads.

    Exhibit A

    Some victims of UIghur head choppers.
    Tip of an iceberg.

    Those were Hans, not your beloved defenceless moslems, gringo.

    Around three hundred killed.

    First race specific bio weapon targetting Chinese.
    Thousands died worldwide, majority in China.
    From where I squat, there’s still this instruction on 7 steps to wash your hand pasted on my office wash basin, a legacy of SARS1.
    nOW we’ve to suffer more nonsense on safe distance, masks, hand washing crap traps …courtesy of the mofoking satanists master of universe, resident in USA.

    hundreds of Chinese workers killed by CIA death squads , during the Gwadar port proj,

    Russian, Chinese top railroad executives slaughtered by CIA death squads.

    CIA fomented riots killed dozens of Chinese

    almost two hundred Chinese killed, including many Huawei, ZTE top exe , dozens of electronic experts,bumped off.

    Victor Hugo’s letter on the burning of Yuan MIng Yuen,

    ‘One day two bandits entered the Summer Palace.

    Almost forget the Opium war which killed thousands and by force feeding Opium on Chinese, rendered China the sick man of East Asia.

  219. @Showmethereal

    Do you know that’s a completely meaningless factoid, even if accurate?

  220. Smith says:

    That’s an interesting question, what does anime porn has to do with honor or not honor?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  221. Chinaman says:

    She said she wants to be a Chinese…I guess there are race traitor, especially amongst the women, in every race.

  222. Chinaman says:

    For once, we agree. I am glad you had this epiphany. Brother.

    Anti-Chinese sentiments are an uniting force amongst not only the Chinese but all East Asian. Asians suddenly realise it is not their nationality, their religion or culture that defines them. It is their genetic distance to whites and blacks. 50,000 years of evolution separates Asians and Whites when they split ways in the Steppes of Central Asia. Hundreds of thousands of years between black and white which is why we see so many problems. White people mixed with some dumbass Neathedals in Europe which is why White people have a lower IQ and demonstrably more violent. Our indelible evolutionary history is written all over our face and it is ultimately what defines our identity and outlook. DNA is destiny. Chinese American or a Viet American are oxymorons and an abnormality. There are white, yellow and blacks. This will become apparent in the coming civilisational struggle between the Asians and Whites….But this is actually giving the West too much credit. They can’t even put up a struggle.

    A proposition nation like America which have not gone through the thousands of years of racial amalgamation as happened in China or Europe is destined to fail. Europe itself is dying. White nationalists understand this instinctually but it is too late.

    All China have to do is just wait…

  223. Chinaman says:

    These clueless Chinese don’t know white people and their mendacity and viciousness. It is probably too late when they are in an internment camp or a gas chamber at Fort Detrick.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  224. @Chinaman

    Come on, not all whites are like that. What the Chinese and Asians needs to fear is when whites like that gets into positions of power.

    And I honestly don’t see the difference even when Obama was in charge. Same shit.

    The west is not welcoming to Asians unless they become like the Japanese and south Koreans. With collars on their necks.

    That is the truth. The mask is off.

    The Asians, especially the Chinese, really need to watch their backs now.

    PS: I don’t think you are Chinese. Lol.

  225. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    The IP thefts accusation was just an excuse to hammer the Japanese. The US government actually forced Japan’s companies to transfer many of the semiconductor technologies to America.

    Speaking of the honor culture, it is not all about integrity and doing the right thing. The large component of it is about fulfilling your duty and taking your responsibility seriously(don’t f8ck it up). It is a legacy of the Japanese samurai culture. The samurai class borrowed the Chinese concept of “Zhong” and “Yi”, and ‘Japanized’ it, and they were also influenced by Chinese philosopher Wang Yang Ming. So the honor culture is uniquely Japanese but isn’t original.

    “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.” The saying is from The Analects of Confucius, who was born around 550 BC. Confucianism obviously has had a great impact on both China and Japan. Culturally the Chinese are not inherently more dishonest than the Japanese.

    Kobe Steel admitted data fraud went on for nearly five decades. Japan’s neighbors aren’t exactly happy with how Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was handled and how the information was released. Nobody was committing Seppuku/harakiri over it. The West’s romanticism with the honor culture can sometimes go a little overboard.

    I am not trying to put down Japan. I like Japan. It is more advanced than China in many areas. The major reason is that Japan was the first Asian country to embrace industrialization. One stats stood out as a result of the industrialization: After WWII, the Americans in Japan did a survey, and, to their surprise, the literacy rate of Japan was higher than that of the US. The literacy rate of China was under 20% at that time. (Japan’s rate was more than 4x) Industrialization and education bring cultural changes. That certainly applies to Japan.

    Japan enjoys a higher trust society today, but the gap between Japan and China is getting smaller every year as China started to modernize. Culture changes, people’s behaviors change.

  226. denk says:

    Here is another pro mainland China article.

    “Hands Off Hong Kong” – The Cry that Seldom Is Heard

    So you declare gringos the exceptional race., with a gawd given right to run the world ?

    UN resolution to Affirms the right of every state to choose its economic and social system in accord with the will of its people, without outside interference in whatever form it takes.

    124 vs ONE

    USA, always at the right side of history.

  227. @James Forrestal

    “And of course you would agree that if the European diaspora returned to Europe, they should immediately expel all non-indigenous Europeans… right?”

    No see you don’t get my point… I am NOT against the mixing of races. I am against white supremacists. I am also against hypocrites. Every nation has a right to set its own immigration policy. But it is hypocritical for people of European descent to sail across oceans – conquer and take lands from others and then declare them as countries “for whites only”. If they wanted to live around only whites they should go back to Europe and give the countries they took back to the original inhabitants. If not – then they should shut up and not complain. And no – white supremacists should not be able to expel all non-indigenous Europeans if those people are in Europe legally. If they do go back to Europe and through their numbers influence the electorate and vote to close immigration – then hey no problem. But to forcibly remove non Europeans? No! Unless you all want to be 21st century Nazis all over again…?

    • Agree: Slimer
    • Replies: @Smith
    , @PolarBear
  228. Slimer says:

    “They gave away the US manufacturing base to China in order to lower their labor costs and make boatloads of cash. They thought that China would remain a nice docile colony, like Mexico, but the Chinese had other ideas. Now China is becoming a rival to power for the US elites, and the US elites are starting to panic.”

    Western governments allowed their manufacturing base to move to places like Japan, Korea and Taiwan in exchange for military and political influence in the region. Nobody does anything for free. It was part of a strategy of divide and rule that would yield returns for the west, even in the unexpected event that China opened up to capitalism and became a dominant player in the region. Worked like a charm, too. That’s why if Japan or one of the aforementioned countries sides with China over anything that goes against western interests, the white man need only to wag his finger and say “look at everything we’ve done for you,” and they put their heads down and fall in line.

    • LOL: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  229. @Slimer

    That’s why if Japan or one of the aforementioned countries sides with China over anything that goes against western interests, the white man need only to wag his finger and say “look at everything we’ve done for you,” and they put their heads down and fall in line.

    I hope this is a troll attempt.

  230. denk says:

    ‘A few days later, she went to the hospital with a church group to visit rape victims. What she saw were women so traumatized they couldn’t speak.

    But of all the horrific crimes, what shocked her most was the sight of a woman whose nipple had been bitten off.

    “When I saw that, I just couldn’t handle myself,” she said. “She was black and blue from head to toe.” [1]


    How many notice this …
    headlines snippets , or even care.

    US lets Indonesia’s Prabowo off the hook

    Pentagon prepares to welcome Prabowo Subianto despite rights concerns

    What’s his crimes ?

    Well Gen Prabowo was none other than Washington’s man in Jarkata who brought down his own father in law, Gen Suharto, in 1998.

    He was forced outta the limelight subsequently, used and discarded, the fall guy.

    BUt unlike totalitarian China, criminals never had to answer for their crimes in the rule based west and its client states, the Clintons, the Bush, the Wolferwicz., they’r still doing thriving biz in their mega dollar lecture circuits and the Suhartos, the Prabowos….they always come back for more.

    Thus Gen Prabowo , Pentagon’s most favoured Indonesian son, who’s implicated in atrocities in E Timor, West Papua, the 1998 riots and mass rapes in Chinese communities, are now fully rehabilitated, the come back kid eyeing for the 2024 prez in Indon.

    BTW, another Washington favorite, Modi, was complicit in the 2001 genocide in GUjaraj, India.
    BUt Trump says India is the model democracy , the natural leader in Asia Indo Pacific to counter China.

    Likewise, Indoneisa is billed as the MOdel Muslim country and Gen Prabowo is coming to town, Bcos Lockheed Martin covet his biz contract and Pentagon wants him onboard their anti Chinese handwagon.

    Fuck human wrongs….and the Chinese can go to hell.

    nOTES to HK’s woolly head swarming adolescensts , if you still believe the mofo in FUKUS are supporting you for love better go for a lobotomy.

    All men aint born equal.
    Who you are depends on where you squat.
    Indon Chinese are useless eaters.
    You’r useful idiots assets….while it last.
    Once you have run out your used by date……..gawd helps you.

    [they are many xxx gory details that I wouldnt want to post here, …..]

    SECRETARY of State Madeleine K. Albright made headlines when she protested the treatment of dissidents in China and Myanmar (Burma).

    But she was silent about a much bigger crime against humanity — the rapes, murders and disappearances of dissidents and ethnic Chinese in Indonesia last spring.

  231. Smith says:

    No, this Singy chink wants the cake and eat it too.

    What the native majority do in their own land have nothing to do with anyone else, if europeans decide to expel non-europeans, how exactly do you plan to stop them?

    Population expulsion happens all over history, WW2 itself did end with a massive expulsion of germans back to Germany, the japs were expulsed back to Japan, and in the 1979 China-Vietnam war, massive swath of chinks in North Vietnam were purged and pushed back into China.

    If China wants to legitimize its model of over 90% Han and 54 token minorities (making up less than 10% of the population), then it shouldn’t start to criticize the other nations’ ethnic make-up. You wouldn’t want to be the new world police, do you?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  232. @Chinaman

    Ha…focus…don’t let hate blind you. I am not your enemy.

    Glad to hear it.

    Your Chinese students ain’t your enemy.

    Did I say or imply that they were?

    Even the one Chinese student that complained to the dean about me is not very relevant. When one instructs thousands of students at a U.S. university in a STEM field, in which (unlike in the humanities) grades of D and F are still awarded in significant numbers, a few of one’s undergraduates will inevitably complain to the dean or department head every year. Unless the number of complainers is unusually large or the instructor is new, the dean and department head more or less ignore such complaints. So, no, I am hardly angry at the one immature Chinese undergraduate that reported me to the dean.

    That undergraduate will eventually grow up—a process in which I hope that I did my part.

    No, my enemy is the dean, a childless woman and a state employee raking in $300,000 annually while cruelly wrecking my means to support my wife and family—who could not even be bothered to meet with me once before she did it.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  233. @V. K. Ovelund

    My tale has taken up too much of this thread, so it is unfortunate that I have confusingly mispunctuated the last paragraph, which should have read:

    No, my enemy is the dean—who is a childless woman and a state employee, raking in $300,000 annually; who cruelly wrecked my means to support my wife and family. She could not even be bothered to meet with me once before she did it.

    That’s the last word from me here. If you are still reading this deep into the thread, you are one of the few! Thanks for the audience, the debate and the consideration.

  234. @Smith

    Anime is something that can attract kids… Making porn out of it turns kids on to porn. Nothing honorable about a society like that. I mean it was even in convenience stores.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @anon
  235. @Smith

    World police?
    By your comments you look more and more psychopathic each time. If you expel people who are legally residing in a country you do know that is against international norm right? You are talking about war scenarios??? Man the Vietnam war really did you in…. Were you in the ARVN? Or you were a GI who had a child with a Vietnamese mistress? Is writing delirious things on this site therapeutic? if so – then I don’t mind. Otherwise – seek help.

    • Replies: @Smith
  236. Smith says:

    I am speaking plain facts here, chink.

    It is international norm to expel minorities that subvert and damage your country, just like your China is doing with the tibetan, uighurs and such where they deliberately send huge amount of Han people there.

    And of course, the international norms of “ROC established ten dash line, PRC said nine, we good, fuck everyone else.”

    Cut out the thief calling thief, chink. And ARVN? South Vietnam has more chinks (Hoa people) than North Vietnam, you dumbass. Guess why that happened?

    For your drivel about anime porn, there are movies that are for kids too, and also movie porn, thus should we ban movies too? I fail to understand what is honorable or dishonorable about that. Honor is about doing what’s right and keeping promises, not puritanism.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  237. @TheTrumanShow

    That’s strange! When I hear “recruiters”, I think of smart young men and women in uniform trying to entice US school students to go to foreign countries and kill people. Of course, they dress it up a bit to make it sound better.
    Why don’t they get US students to go to college, and foreign students to come … no, forget it.

  238. denk says:
    @Dr Giggles

    Just a few years after taking over Hong Kong they fucked the place up.

    Rings a bell ?

    Venezuela is such a shit hole

    NUthin to to with your decades of
    regime change destabilisation…

    Cuba is such a shit hole

    NUthin to do with your sanctions,
    color revolutions, assasinatons attempts…

    How many places have you fucked up and turn into shit holes since ww2..?

    mofo like you deserve all the BLM you get.

    May we see more such beautiful sights in future

    In case you dont get it,
    Thats how Pelsoi crows on the street violence in HK, devastated by your CIA foot soldiers.

  239. PolarBear says:

    So Whites outside of Europe should go back to Europe but Europeans can’t even have Europe. Ling Ling better give Whitey a happy ending or she’ll be fed to the pigs. National Socialism was good for Germans. You’ve obviously been brainwashed.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  240. Rdm says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Can Native Americans say the same?

    Neither Whites or any non-Asians should be allowed to colonize America?

    Get the Fuck out of here to your Europe land.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Ray Caruso
  241. denk says:

    Ray has been trying to civilise the WTS.

  242. @Rdm

    I don’t care about Amerindians. It’s not their country anymore. In fact, it never was. All they ever had were poorly defined little patches of wilderness, which could be taken away at any moment by a stronger band. Europeans simply played that game better.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  243. Rdm says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Great. We agreed upon the same conviction.

    The end justifies the means.

    So don’t whine when the entire London was ruled by South Asian Indians.

    Also don’t come and whine in Jews sponsored webzines about how Jews are controlling the Murica.

    I don’t care about little White ass becoming keyboard warriors either.

  244. denk says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    I appreciate a frank enemy.

    It makes me wish for a hot war so that you and I could slap magazines into our rifles at 400 yards’ range and just have it out.

    I watched lots of westerns WHLE young, cowboy vs evil rancher hired gun, one on one.

    gringos no fight fair any more,.

    B52 bombings from 3 miles up,

    Tanks, Apache gunships , F16, Napalm vs AK47..

    Drone jockeys sending hellfire missiles smashing into mud houses in Afpak 2000 miles away, from his aircon console in Colorado

    SARS1, SARS2, Bird flu, swine flu, Bubonic, dengue fever, …


    PROXY mercs,
    Indians, Tibetans, Uighurs, Chechens, Mek, Jps, SK, …

    Economic hitmen

    gringos never fight fair,
    all below the belt.

    You wanna kill someone for simply disagreeing., how very nice.

  245. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Japanese Samurai took the heads of women and children, disfiguring them to try and pass them off as men. Don’t get me started on the ninjas.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  246. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The sexualization of kids being wrong is a White European concept. Child prostitution was seen as wrong in Europe long ago. Pre-European Asia was openly pedo but they’ve westernized some recently and are starting to crack down on the sexual exploitation of children.

  247. denk says:
    @Dave from Oz

    t’s like people have forgotten that the PRC is still communist, and the CCP is still an enemy of democracy and the west. The chinese government tortures people

    The myth of HIQ white men.


    I’ve just learned better than to accept unproven claims by US government agencies on blind faith like a fucking moron.

  248. I see no payoff having Chinese around. They will displace you and yours. They will cut down every tree save one, and call the last the Tree Of Heaven. Honesty is alien to these people. If you want to get woked to China, suggest you read Ways That Are Dark: The Truth About China, by Ralph Townsend (1933.).

  249. @anon

    Samurais also preferred to bugger little boys. In modern parlance, they were sociopaths, truly horrible people only their mothers and Jews would love, like anime porn for children. 

    Of course, this is Kabbalistic inversion of good and evil: the shameless slut becomes the “Sexy Pornstar”; the bloodthirsty thug becomes the “Noble Samurai”.


    The Japs are the only people I can think of who ‘get off’ on watching gang rape porn (simulated gang rape is a regular theme) and, no doubt, this perverse fascination with it has something to do with the “honorable” nature of the Samurai, unless, that is, you want to put all the blame for Japanese wickedness on Jews. lol

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  250. @Smith

    What nonsense comments. Nobody is expelling Tibetans nor Uighurs. You need therapy.

  251. @PolarBear

    I’m not brainwashed – your brain just doesn’t function well. I will repeat again since you people seem to have critical thinking issues (which is why you have your race worship in the first place). I said the ones who should be in Europe are those who think their country should be for whites only. And I said – if they are able to change the laws in Europe when they go back to stop taking in non – whites that is fine. But it is not fine to forcibly remove people who are in a country legally. And those same people should also not destabilize other countries and wonder why they have – and complain about refugees showing up on their shores. Read those lines over 3x before replying again. It should have been clear the first time. I’m not the one who is against race mixing – people like you are. So if you don’t want to mix – then do things the moral way and follow those steps.

  252. @Maowasayali

    Yes the Japanese porn fetishes are more perverse than many others. I tried to explain that to “Smith” above. Though in some fairness to Japanese gang rape doesn’t seem as prevalent as it actually happens in India. But that’s not to see it was common in the past. Japanese soldiers were notorious for it.

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