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Another Watershed Moment
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Univision anchor Maria Elena Selinas was unceremoniously booed while giving her commencement address at California State University, Fullerton last Tuesday. Ms. Selinas, who to be fair is pretty attractive for a 62-year-old, probably imagined this to be a witty line:

They blame us for so many things, that now they’re even blaming us, the media, for creating Donald Trump. Imagine that. Isn’t that terrible? But we didn’t do it, right? Who did it? I don’t know who did it, but they’re to blame.

This was not met with the mirth she might have expected, but rather increasingly hostile booing and catcalling, at least from the section of the audience likely made up of white people and other Trump sympathizers. The displeasure reached a crescendo when an indignant female voice urges Ms. Selinas, “Get off the stage!” And yet she obliviously continued.

Ms. Selinas later lamented, without a hint of irony, “It’s really sad. And it’s a testament to what has happened in our country. Our country is really divided.” So here’s a speaker at a college commencement, who for no apparent reason starts speaking in Spanish mid-speech, bemoaning the division in our country. Yes, Ms. Selinas, it is wonderful to be bilingual; but it used to be considered rude to speak a foreign language in the presence of those who do not speak it. And isn’t that rudeness compounded when there are literally hundreds in the audience that don’t speak the language? In modern day urban America, these niceties have gone out the window. With the country’s new demographics, no one waves to you when you yield to them on the road, for example, or a thousand other civilized behaviors once seen in the suburbs of yore. “This is ugly what is happening to the country right now,” she continued. I agree, but for entirely different reasons.

So if a smattering of white people objects to your inappropriate attack on Donald Trump, that is “ugly.” When Trump protestors wave Mexican flags, riot, set fires, smash up police cars…no comment. But booing Ms. Selinas? As she put it, “It’s sad racism is on the rise.” The OC Weekly reports that the incident registered as a “verbal race riot” around campus. Could this auger an actual race riot? Stay tuned, particularly in November. Or actually, you might just turn on the TV, like, right now.

Her Spanish message to the Latino students: Estoy muy orgulluso de ustedes. “I’m very proud of you.” You could hear Latinas in the audience yelp in celebration. Yet some whites in the audience had the temerity to yell back, “What about us?” Dare they request to be acknowledged in this manner? Are they not aware that their purpose is simply to celebrate the profound achievements of their ethnic classmates? Perhaps this is the “racism” to which Ms. Selinas referred. But racism needs to be redefined in the year 2016. Now “racism” is a refusal to become the shill for another ethnic group in your own country. The term now has a pretty broad application, it could apply to almost anyone…so be it.

What was Ms. Selinas’ fundamental miscalculation? She assumed that a large public audience would share her disdain for Donald Trump. After all, the mainstream media is quite forthright in presenting their disdain, to say nothing of the Spanish media. So based on that manufactured consensus, she may have felt reasonably assured in taking for granted that any gathering of rationale citizens also holds this ostensibly universal view on Trump.

I have witnessed this same mistake in many different contexts. A Latina once ventured a negative opinion of Trump in conversation with me, feeling as though her very existence has been threatened by him. She assumed that I, as an apparently humane individual, would naturally agree and would show some solidarity with her against this emerging menace. Alas, just to utter the name “Trump” to some Hispanics is to confirm all they have been taught about their persecution as an ethnic group; no further argumentation or evidence is necessary. Often I will politely abstain from arguing a contrary point in this scenario, but how long can one sacrifice principle to social nicety? How long will these Trump-haters impose upon our good will with such unbecoming presumption?

Like the now notorious Univision anchor, liberal and cuckservative whites are also grossly presumptuous in their casual and public ridicule of Trump. I have been in several professional and academic settings in which it was taken quite for granted that an otherwise random assortment of individuals will share the speaker’s deep dislike for Mr. Trump’s policies. In one such meeting the morning after a debate in the Republican primaries, a colleague sneered, “I heard on NPR that his vocabulary was on a seventh grade level.” This was met by a general guffaw from the others, in that pathetic group-think fashion. Aside from being presumptuous, it’s also just unprofessional. God knows what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot, and a white male decided to go on a rant against Black Lives Matter, for example.

Which is apropos of a similar incident comprehensively documented over at Breitbart. Milo Yiannapoulos gave his usual anti-PC speech on his “Dangerous Faggot” tour to an audience at Rutgers University. After the speech was derailed by minority agitators, Milo’s supporters chanted “Trump” at the disruptive Black Lives Matter crowd until they dispersed.

It was a glorious victory. The commencement address fiasco of the Univision anchor has a similar flavor. Perhaps this is a watershed moment in the socio-political landscape of the United States. Those who assume they can defame Mr. Trump with impunity are now being unpleasantly surprised. Let’s call that a pleasant surprise.

Malcolm Unwell aspires to be a malevolent voice in journalism. Contact him.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Latinos 
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:


    Just the other day I was talking with someone whom I’d met for the first time at a coffee house. Initially we were discussing bicycling. Then he launched into politics. And for him that meant Trump–whom he detested.

    As you say, he just assumed that I agreed with him as he rhapsodized about the coming new world which we were all to “Imagine” as he literally–I’m not making this up–quoted John Lennon’s song, a world without borders with nothing to live or die for or some such twaddle.

    He was one hundred percent on board with open borders, taking in any and all, sharing our wealth with all the wretched refuse of the world and literally–again, I’m not making this up–his eyes rolled skyward as he swooned in religious ecstasy at the prospect of one mankind.

    He told me that he had attended a convention where the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and some South African (probably a former terrorist) leader were guest speakers and of how honored he was to have been allowed to share a room with the men responsible for bringing down Apartheid in SA through passive resistance and of how, when he was standing nest to Gandhi’s grandson at a urinal in the men’s room, he couldn’t refrain from gushing to him his awestruckness at the latter’s unbelievableness and nobility. White men, he assured me, were a stain on humanity and the source of much of the world’s problems.

    My realization that this was, for him, a religious experience, depressed me. For it meant that there would no dealing rationally with him and his type. Number crunching would be futile. I bit my tongue, tempted as I was to stand up and tell him why he was an idiot, that whites had in fact been responsible for the rise in standards of living of people around the world and of the increase in life expectancy from 35 to 78 for many or most of the world’s population.

    I figured that I’d escape sooner if I just nodded and went along with him, so with a quick “You’ve given me much to think about” (though not in the sense that he meant), I skedaddled.

    These people have been “Moonied” and need radical intervention and deprogramming.

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