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Andrei Lyubegin, Russian Nationalist and Right-Wing Reformer
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Andrei Lyubegin—“Nationalism 2.0” Activist and Right-Wing Reformer

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Andrei Lyubegin is an alumnus of the famous Russian right-wing journal Sputnik and Pogrom and then the lesser known and shorter-lived “Vendee” project. Sputnik and Pogrom was the largest right-wing publication of its kind in Russia and was quite a phenomenon at its time. Vendee was something more akin to the “Neo-Reaction” blogs in the English-speaking blogosphere. Andrei was the head organizer of the largest club of “intellectual nationalists” in St. Petersburg and has made it his personal project to understand and chronicle the history of the post-Soviet nationalist movement in Russia. He runs the “Baza” channel on VK and cooperates with other nationalists online. Full disclosure, I know Andrei quite well and run a podcast with him where we interview other right-wingers and talk about the news of the day, in Russian. Andrei is a somewhat controversial figure in the nationalist scene, mostly because of his frequent criticisms of the leadership. Whether or not Andrei was correct in his views or not, the simple fact is that he has outlived (literally in some cases) most of the people who disagreed with him and is one of the few people who has been left standing in this field from the old days at this point. So, by my reckoning, he must be doing something right and that makes him worth listening to.

Alright Andrei, you know the drill at this point. Who are you and how did you become the nationalist that you are today?

Right, well, I come from a small town in Russia—Rybinsk. There are several factories there, the typical commieblocks and a nice center from Imperial times and so on. As for how I got here, I like to say that Russian nationalism is all about climbing a ladder of shit, if you will. I started with a group of something akin to skinheads in my little town. I didn’t join them, no. I got my start by critiquing them and pointing out what they were doing wrong. I always knew that there were problems with the right-wing movement in Russia. The kids I grew up with were simple factory boys that quickly got in trouble with the FSB because of their right-wing radicalism. My best friend was beaten by agents, interrogated and incarcerated for being too vocal in his views. My other friend decided to seize the means of production one day, pulled out his revolver and tried to seize the factory that he was an employee at. He was a big fan of The Turner Diaries. In fact, we all were. American right-wing literature was quite popular in Russia among the youth of the 90s and 00s. Needless to say, my friend’s rebellion came to an end quickly. He served his time and then he joined the airborne troops, just like the other friend did, actually. They’re both serving in Ukraine now.

Point being, I didn’t like what we were doing. I figured that we were living on borrowed time and that sooner or later, the FSB would get around to arresting us if we carried on in this way. At about this time, I finished my education, moved to St. Petersburg and the famous journal Sputnik and Pogrom was established, of which I was a big fan. But, even then, I critiqued their work at first. Still, credit where credit is due, they brought new ideas to the right-wing. Instead of sitting around and pining for the long-awaited RaHoWa and planning an armed revolution, we suddenly got exposed to “Intellectual Nationalism” which Russia sorely lacked. We even heard of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique series of books at around this time. We organized lectures on his work at our club.

A different kind of person was attracted to this sort of nationalism. People who were interested in their national culture, people who took an interest in their national history and so on—basically people who were more intelligent suddenly appeared on the scene. Even after the closure of the magazine, the effect that the magazine had on right-wing strategy and ideas cannot be denied. I was an early organizer of what can be called Nationalism 2.0 or “Intellectual Nationalism.” We had clubs that met to hear lectures and so on. This was all during the time of the Russian Spring of 2014 which saw the return of Crimea and an upsurge in patriotic feeling in the country. Our Petrograd Book Club (for fans of Intellectual Nationalism) became the largest nationalist organization of its kind in Russia. At the time, there were people from the National Democrat movement (liberals) and from the Rodina party (socialist-nationalists) all rubbing shoulders with us. This situation struck me as strange, but I will have more to say on this later.

At some point, Egor “Pogrom” Prosvirnin, the founder of the magazine and the biggest name in Russian Nationalism at the time, decided to hire me to rework the format of the club and make it into an active organization involved in political activism. We got together, declared ourselves the leaders of the so-called intellectual nationalist movement and started making headway. The magazine brought new people into the movement and our club organized the people who wanted to get more involved. Our first order of business was to open clubs all over the country and we eventually ended up opening 40 successfully.

Unfortunately, we had to spend a lot of time flushing out provocateurs and self-serving saboteurs. For example, we had a group of people from Ivanov that declared themselves a part of our network. As it turned out, these were actually local Rodina party officials who wanted to cash in our popularity. Rodina, you have to understand, was on its way out. It was a dying organization trying to stay relevant. Furthermore, in Russia, the people don’t trust the political parties because they consider them corrupt—and rightly so. And so, it was important to us that we stay clear of that association.

Anyway, the Russian Spring turned out to be a false thaw. The enthusiasm waned, and Egor Pogrom, who had ridden the wave of patriotic interest, began lashing out at his own dwindling base of supporters. Egor’s site was then banned by the Roskomnadzor and he refused to fight the ban, even though it was possible to get around it. The articles deteriorated in quality and his drug problems only exacerbated the problem. In the end, Egor ended up killing himself by imbibing drugs and jumping off his balcony in the center of Moscow. But I saw the writing on the wall before that.

The problem that quickly became apparent to me with our movement was that we had these so-called “nationalists” among us who weren’t even conservatives. They were oppositionists, first and foremost. And there was this attitude promoted by the leadership that we ought to be willing to rub shoulders with anyone that was against the government. Discontent continued to grow in the movement because one group of people, especially around Egor himself, was pro-drugs, anti-Orthodox, pro-Feminism, pro-punk rock, etc. Eventually the movement split because it had too many people in it that had absolutely nothing to do with one another. Furthermore, it was clear that we, the nationalists, were being used by other groups who showed up with money, media connections, and friends in the West.

Speaking of the West, you guys were gaining momentum right around the same time as the Alt-Right in America, right?

Yes and the American Alt-Right had a huge effect on us in Russia. Of course, the Alt-Right ended up being a laughingstock and, if anything, the lesson that we got from the Alt-Right was basically to avoid being like the Alt-Right. Still, there were many talented people who were inspired by what the Alt-Right managed to do right. Their enthusiasm, their memes and their way of forcing their way into the public spotlight inspired us. In many ways, we are still using the aesthetics of the Alt-Right in Russia today. The old aesthetic was entirely different—it was basically red flags with hammers and sickles or swastikas. Or the Imperial flag of Russia—the yellow, black and white one. Activism was largely confined to street marches like the infamous “Russian March.” The influence of the Alt-Right cannot be overstated in this sense. We suddenly started using slick designs, vaporware, green frogs and a different rhetoric. We began copying the model of internet activism instead of running people into police batons and spending the night in jail cells. Just like in the West, this new format was appealing to the youth. I count three main influencers who pushed for this new approach—myself, Kirill Nesterov, and Anatoly Karlin (to some extent).

Do we really want to go into detail about these eccentric e-personalities?

I think it’s worth bringing them up because they were part of a larger problem on the right.

For example, Nesterov got big making videos popularizing Alt-Right ideas in Russia, which got millions of views. Unfortunately, he developed a drug problem because of his association with Egor Pogrom, who was his supplier. He had a public mental breakdown, denounced Russia and all Russians and left the country. He’s in Cyprus last I heard and publicly supports Ukraine on the internet now. Karlin also did drugs with Pogrom (common knowledge in the movement), called Russians “sub-humans” on his Twitter for not masking up during the Corona hoax and seems to have dropped out as well. The point here I’m making is simple: drugs and right-wing politics do not mix. The conservative faction of the movement understood this. You need “conservative nationalism,” not just “oppositionist nationalism,” to avoid these tragedies that are a byproduct of pursuing a Libertine lifestyle. This is why we are still around and they are not. The largest problem that we faced in the nationalist movement in Russia was the problem of old associations with oppositionists. There were always people within the movement that had absolutely nothing to do with the ideas of conservatism or nationalism, but who were only interested in using us as a battering ram against the government.

I noticed this as well and have frequently critiqued Nationalists for allying with Liberals in the FSU as well.

Yes. Take, for example, Constantin Krylov, who everyone and their mother in the Russian right-wing knows about.

He was a large proponent of this alliance with the Liberal opposition and did more than anyone to normalize the idea and bring it about. And now a few words about Krylov: he was a Zoroastrian, a drug user, a constant criticizer of Russian culture and a man who always dreamed of running away to live in Italy. This man was considered a nationalist. Do you see the problem with this?

How could someone like this be considered a Russian nationalist by any sane person? In America, despite all the problems that the right has there, there is at least some common understanding of what a nationalist ought to be.

Yes, although you certainly have your strange idiosyncrasies in America as well, as you well know. Such as support for large corporations or Zionism.

But let me provide you with another example—Egor Kholmogorov.

He is on RT now and friends with Margarita Simonyan, despite critiquing her liberalism for years.

The running joke about this man is that even his readers do not read what he writes. This is because he has a style of writing wherein one can’t figure out what he is saying. He appears to be saying everything and anything. From what we can understand of what he says though, he doesn’t actually believe in ethnic Russian nationalism. His is an ideological sort of nationalism. That means that if one follows the right ideology, the right set of ideas—his of course—then one can be counted as Russian. The problem is that no one can understand exactly what his ideology is. Furthermore, he has openly stated that he would be in favor of importing Ethiopians into Russia because they are Orthodox and because they have the so-called “Russian soul.”

What’s worse, he actually seems to believe this and isn’t saying it to avoid getting into trouble or to advance his career. These people have no place in nationalism, but, in Russia, there is no quality control at all.

This is a common theme at this point—lack of internal policing on the right and some sort of ideological schizophrenia, no?

Yes! And while we’re on the topic we really should spare a few words about Mikhail Svetov. He was the leader of the Libertarians of Russia—an opposition group that held street protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In Russia, we can’t help but notice that Libertarians seem to have a hard time understanding the concept of age-of-consent laws. Svetov, for example, was quite open about his gore-and-torture fetish and his preference for pre-pubescent girls on his infamous blog. He was eventually arrested, released and then fled the country. His movement, which tried so hard to take over the Russian nationalist scene, crumbled soon after as the rest of his people also got in trouble with the law—most for their similar Libertine proclivities. These people were all comrades, members of the Russian nationalist movement at some point. No quality control. No common platform.

But I think I’ve made my point.

Instead of focusing on the negative, what about something positive that you or the movement has achieved. Is there anything that you’re proud of?

Well, the survivors of the Sputnik and Pogrom shipwreck got together and formed the Vendee magazine. For the first time, we began to delve into the ideas that actual Russian nationalists in the past had written about. If, before, we were simply copying the West, we suddenly started discovering our own intellectual tradition. We continued to publish nationalist ideas, but the thing that I am most proud of are the alumni of the magazine that went on to do their own successful projects after Vendee closed down as well. They went on to start their own groups and projects on Telegram and [social networking site] VK. Our movement decentralized and new people joined of their own accord and then started working on their own projects on their own.

This is where you come into the story, Rolo.

You joined our podcast, “Russians Forward,” and then we transitioned to “Culture of Discussion.” We were pioneers in the podcast format in the Russian right-wing. There were no podcasts or even interest in podcasts before this. In America, everyone has a podcast from what I can tell. But, this new format is still in its nascent stages in Russia.

Our group started appropriating the idea of “cancel culture” and putting it to good use online. We harassed many personalities and companies for promoting homosexuality or making anti-Russian statements and exerted pressure on them through the use of internet mob tactics. This method is now being used by larger, mainstream conservatives in Russia now. I consider us pioneers in this field. We had to fight against literally everyone to prove that this method was both necessary and effective. Just like in America, our right-wingers were largely toothless and obsessed with playing by the rules, even though our opponents didn’t. Now, they all act like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I am proud of the effect that we had working with our small internet guerrilla outfit. For the first time in living memory, the Russian right is on the offensive against the Liberals. We are cancelling them, they are not canceling us.

Things have changed quite a bit in Russia haven’t they?

The entire political landscape in Russia has changed in recent months.

Everything has shifted to the right, and what was once considered fringe and extreme is now mainstream. The aforementioned Egor Kholmogorov, who once wanted to import Ethiopians, now talks about the Russian ethnos, something that he used to deny even existed a few months ago. Alexander Dugin, who is famous in the West for being a Russian nationalist, also used to refuse to acknowledge the biological reality of race. Now though, he claims that the Russian ethnos is even more important than the Russian government or any nation-state structure—that the Russian people exist as a distinct entity and that their interests have to trump all others!

From the side of the government, the word ‘Russian’ has been recently added to the constitution. The constitutional court declared that the Russian people are the “state-forming” ethnos of Russia. That is, Russia has other ethnicities sure, but that the Russians created Russia. This was done before the special operation, mind you. Then, the infamous 282 hate speech law was drastically softened years ago and no one except Islamic terrorists gets in trouble over it. Judging by everything that the government is doing, we are seeing a serious turn to the right. The government is also leaning heavily into Orthodoxy. Funny enough, Liberals used to accuse the Orthodox of being Russia’s Taliban. Nowadays, I think they may be more right than wrong—and that’s a good thing!

Readovka, the patriotic media site, believes that the government will no longer be able to ignore or repress nationalists going forward. This is just speculation at this point, but it makes sense to me when the situation is taken into context. Readovka has some alumni journalists from Sputnik and Pogrom and Vendee working for it, by the way. They get millions of views.

But the main problem, despite all our recent efforts to rectify this, is that we do not have a true nationalist school of thought yet in Russia. The Poles, the Germans, and many other nations do have this intellectual tradition, even if they do not use it. We need to work out our own model of nationalism using our own historical context, our internal and external situation, and so on. Our people do what they can, but we need an anti-university (antiversitet) that does the work of explaining our ideas and building a working model. The closest we have is the work of Alexander Dugin, but this is simply not enough. We need an internal and external program. We need to explain our ideas. We need to stop borrowing our thinking from the West and trying to graft it onto our own society. Because we were repressed for so many years, we have a problem with culture and content-production. But I think this will change soon.

Right-wing culture is on the upswing.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: European Right, Russia, White nationalism 
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  1. anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    But the main problem, despite all our recent efforts to rectify this, is that we do not have a true nationalist school of thought yet in Russia.

    How could a country based on empire, ever since Muscovy began to conquer and subsume surrounding Tatar overlords, have a nationalist school of thought?

    The truth is that Russia, despite all its extreme paradoxes, its muzikhs and its tsars, its West-envy and West-loathing, for over than three centuries has had a destiny much greater than mere nationhood.

    A very strong case can be made that Russia, in the 3500 year arc of Aryan civilization in Europe, is the successor to Greece, then Rome, then Germania (ie the West, for this last). These predecessor civilizations began with expansive groups of barbarians becoming civilized by the people they conquered, and mixing with them in the process. On the expansive front, the people produced are nominally Greeks, or Romans, or Germanics, or Slavs, but in reality are ethnolinguistic spectra, consisting of the descendants, more in the female line than the male, of whatever group was already living on whatever patch of land we examine, plus, more in the male line, the conquerors.

    While nationalists are theorizing, imperial Russia rolls on, personified by the police forces discussed here. Sure, the ability of Russian whites to absorb various brown minority groups seems slight in the wake of the late Soviet birthrate collapse, but that is a mere sliver of time. The overall trend of the 1500 year Slavic expansion is clear.

    Concerning Eurasianism, I would point out that in Europe, the West as something quite separate from Russia, is likely doomed by geopolitics, indeed by geography itself. There is an obvious reason Russia and China don’t need aircraft carriers: the New World is a great piece of real estate to get, but the Old World is, approximately, the World. And Africa being Africa, that means Eurasia.

    Technologically, it seems the ability of carrier fleets and strategic bombers to project power far out past North America may be waning. The exact way it will happen is unclear, but the fate of all Europe may well be to eventually join the Russian sphere of influence, with the Soviet-era national model prevailing (hopefully NOT the economic model). Which is to say in a century or so, England under Russian influence would have approximately that same national position that Kazakhstan had in Soviet times.

    I’m not saying all this is inevitable. But it’s a lot more likely than almost anyone thinks. And with Russia appearing to meet the West halfway in terms of intellectual and technological development, while resisting degeneracy much better than the West, it’s also a lot more desirable than it seemed even a mere twenty years ago.

    A key question, as always, is what to do about Jews, who have undergone strong nature selection for subversive traits. If Russian nationalists are really starting to have the influence discussed in this interview, and if they are sufficiently counter-Judaic, then perhaps that will be their most valuable contribution to the macro-process I have discussed.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
  2. Dumbo says:

    Karlin also did drugs with Pogrom (common knowledge in the movement), called Russians “sub-humans” on his Twitter for not masking up during the Corona hoax and seems to have dropped out as well.

    LOL. I haven’t followed his blog in ages, but I bet he’s still masked and in his fifth booster.

    In Russia, we can’t help but notice that Libertarians seem to have a hard time understanding the concept of age-of-consent laws.

    It’s not just in Russia, I fear there are some on UR too. But I think they prefer anime girls than real ones.

    I think the main takeaway is this — memes are cool, but not enough. You need actual conservatism/reactionarism, and religion (Christianity). Otherwise, it won’t work.

  3. Qchekers says:

    My understanding is Anatoly Karlin quit the alt-right and began reinventing himself as different things & rebranding his politics because he feared being sued for millions of dollars in Sines v. Kessler –

    Karlin supported the neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally and was pretty much a wignat in 2016 to 2017. At around this time he was one of Richard Spencer’s closest associates and main promoters online attending his alt right conferences:

    Spencer who was listed as a defendant in the Sines v Keller lawsuit has like Karlin now suddenly reinvented and rebranded his politics. Many other defendants in the same case have done the same. They have all done it to minimise the damages they have been ordered to pay and to avoid accountability. Karlin was not though listed as a defendant which is surprising considering he promoted the Unite the Right rally online and was Spencer’s main stooge.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  4. @Qchekers

    For people like you there should be a T**T button.

    You produce an entry from the ludicrous and absurd RationalWiki and a very old photograph ( if it’s not photoshopped ) to claim that Karlin was “Spencer’s main stooge” and he “feared being sued for millions of dollars in Sines v Kessler”. Except, of course, you then admit he wasn’t a defendant in the civil trial at all.

    Actually, Karlin had returned to Russia before August 2017 and was therefore in no way involved in the Unite the Right Rally at all. Even if he had, there was no way that he could be sued as a Russian citizen living in Russia.

    • Replies: @Qchekerss
  5. Mr Lyubegin writes.
    But the main problem, despite all our recent efforts to rectify this, is that we do not have a true nationalist school of thought yet in Russia. The Poles, the Germans, and many other nations do have this intellectual tradition, even if they do not use it. We need to work out our own model of nationalism using our own historical context, our internal and external situation, and so on.

    Actually, Imperial Russia did have model – the triune Russian nation – Great Russians ( ethnic Russians ), Little Russians ( Ukrainians ) and White Russians ( Belorussians ). This war has seen the final destruction of this model. The ethnic Russian minority in Ukraine ( c 25% 0f the population ) have had enough. Russia will annexe those lands. However, the rest will remain as an independent Ukrainian state or states. They will be hostile to Russia for years to come.

    So Russian nationalists have to create a model of Russia as a diune nation. This will take time. Also it must respect the unique character of Belarus and not impose Russian standards or demands.

  6. What is native – national – natural – for Russia or anyone on this matter? What matters? What mates? What matures from maternity. Mat(t)er in time…
    Before you know that you are soul and recognize and accept yourself as soul – which has the bummer that the idiot next door, or the rat downstairs is also a soul (in some shit body?) – it all is in vain and nothing but a mindfuck. Once the soul life is accepted and the realities of soul are seen in daily life, the desire for native harmony can increase and the question of what is native – what is true – rises (or not).
    Being right refers especially to nature and its laws, the natural law.
    Looking at the big plan, the map, seeing the northern plane, studying todays lingos and divisions and comparing with archeological findings… (is interesting for some and very bothering for others).
    To be “national”, to be right that is, requires to understand the fundamentals.
    The fundamentals are the same for everyone… starting with the recognition that man is soul.
    (Naturally you can recognize yourself as soul, if you know what “soul” is).
    (“Polish nationalism” is a lie. A lie can never be “right” but extremely opinionated postulating as righteous.)
    The right lies in the right thought about what is right and what is wrong. Right or wrong the soul can know and rest in natural law, which is the right law.
    At the end it is tiresome and the first natural law – do onto others as you would like the other do unto you – might remain as a crutch to stumble towards the finish and the freeing of the soul.
    (To murder yourself is indeed the worst. To murder the other is not quite as bad as murdering yourself. “When a Christian consents to mortal sin, he says to God: Depart from me; make room for the Devil, whom I wish to serve” St. Alphonsus)
    What is “Russian”? Love for Russia(ns)? Slava Russia:
    Slava Russia – serving whose Russia? The right Russia?!
    Right v wrong. Day v. night. Good v. bad. Devine v devil. National v international. Race v interracial. The duality on earth is everyones curse.
    Be merry (married) and have lots of little Russians… souls with a Russian chance…
    Good luck to everyone and todays best regards to the Russian patriots (in particular).

  7. Qchekerss says:

    No it’s not photoshopped, Anatoly Karlin posted it himself on this website:

    “Very old” when the photo was taken in May 2016. Six years ago is “very old”? lol…

    He also attended another white nationalist event with Richard Spencer in 2016:

    Karlin also set up an alt-right podcast in 2016-2017 to promote Richard Spencer’s views.

    And made tweets supporting Spencer:

    I endorse Richard Spencer. He started no wars and provoked no riots — much less “extremist” than Ziocons or BLM.

    I never said he attended Unite the Right, however, he was one of the main promoters of it online.

    Even after an Antifa protestor was killed at Unite the Right and there was huge negative publicity, Karlin published an article defending Unite the Right on this website:

    (1) No, I don’t think it’s a PR disaster by any stretch of the imagination.

    After was the lawsuit was filed at end of 2017, Anatoly Karlin & Richard Spencer suddenly began to reinvent and rebrand their political views and by 2018 Karlin was deleting stuff (such as his alt-right podcast) and made statement he “is not alt-right” despite he blatantly is. He was literally attending alt-right events with Spencer, endorsed him and set up an alt-right podcast.

    This timeline is supported by evidence if you bothered to check the sources:

    It amuses me how delusional Karlin’s supporters are.

    • Troll: Verymuchalive
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  8. Marcali says:

    Has Russia (Soviet or Otherwise) done anything good in the World?

  9. @Qchekerss

    I am not Mr Karlin’s supporter. I found some of his articles at UR interesting and informative, and others not. About his extra-curricular activities, I have little interest. I do know that he has appeared in lots of podcasts with a wide variety of people. A recent one was with Dr Edward Dutton, for instance.

    For the record, Karlin has been living in Russia since October 2016.
    Therefore, I doubt very much that he was one of the main online promoters of Unite the Right Rally in August 2017. Indeed, his name was not mentioned at the time, or afterwards in that regard. In fact his name was not mentioned at all

    You continually push the RationalWiki article on Karlin as a reliable source. Far from it. It is an authoritarian left website that calumnies, attacks and misrepresents people and organisations it regards as political opponents. Not only is the article on Karlin very hostile, so are all the rest of the articles on people associated with UR.

    This is only your second post on UR, both in the last 2 days, and both regarding Anatoly Karlin.
    My understanding of you is that you are a troll, quite probably with connections to RationalWiki.

  10. SteveK9 says:

    Naval power was ended by missiles (1984 … UK Sheffield destroyed by Argentine Exocet missile), and they have only gotten much better. Khinzal and Zircon can destroy any naval vessel 2000 km away. Unless the US keeps huge armies everywhere in the World, the American Empire will depend on America’s economic strength, which is waning.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  11. @Marcali

    Russia has given my family affordable heating till Trump thought it be better for German slaves to pay for expensive, destructive Jewmerican fracking gas; and a thousand others…

  12. @Marcali

    Sarmat heavy intercontinental missile (Nato code: SS-X-30 Satan 2) is the Real Real Good now coming “with love” from Russia to free Europe from Jewmerican occupation, enslavement and exploitation. Sarmat = Nomad (= Jew). Will the “Jew” chew up the Jew?

    Real goodies…

    • Replies: @Marcali
  13. @SteveK9

    Naval Power, on its own, was ended by aircraft ( Malaya 1941). Without air protection, battleships ( in this case the Prince of Wales and Repulse ) were exposed to constant and fatal attack from enemy aircraft. This battle greatly promoted the development of the aircraft carrier, which provided air protection for itself and other ships in its squadron. The aircraft also aided the offensive capability of the fleet as well.

    In the last 30 years the aircraft carrier has become obsolete. As well as ICBMs and other long range missiles, there has been massive development of powerful anti-ship missiles capable of attacking from hundreds of kilometres away. Even with the best defences, no carrier or other ship can survive concentrated attack from shore-based anti-ship missiles.
    The future of naval warfare, such as it is, seems to be cruisers and destroyers within 1000 km – usually a lot less – of shore, where they will be supported by lots of shore-based aircraft, anti-aircraft and anti-ship defences and the like. The era of long range carrier groups is over, though some in the USN seem unable to understand this, yet.

    You write.
    American Empire will depend on America’s economic strength, which is waning.

    America’s economic strength is not waning, it’s collapsing. In the last 30 years the accumulated trade deficit is about \$20 trillion ( at 2022 prices ). US national debt is over \$30 trillion. The Ukraine conflict is killing Globalism and the USD’s status as world reserve currency. American power and influence will collapse as a result.

  14. Anon001 says:

    Thank you for another informative article about Russia. But, why didn’t you ask him about Putin? It’s funny that you discussed movements, ideologies, and how liberals are not as powerful as before, and many things politics, yet no word about Putin. Isn’t Putin the top liberal globalist in Russia? Here’s what some Russian patriots think of Putin’s adventure in Ukraine, as well as some other things [1].

    [1] Russia’s pro-war pundits have no illusions about Ukraine

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  15. @Anon001

    The article you cite is dated 29th April 2022, nearly 4 months ago. A tonload of stuff has happened since, so it would be helpful if you could direct us to a recent article.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  16. Rest in peace Darya Dugina (“Platonova”), 29, of father Sasha Dugin – all condolences and heartfelt support to a father, parents and family; altogether in absolute pain and agony.Remember if you like and can:
    Darya lives! Her body got violently destroyed by fools. Her soul is indestructible, unharmed and most certainly now tries to comfort the left behind father, parents, family, friends… The soul of Darya and father Sasha are basically one and no nuclear bomb on earth – where everything dies – can harm soul. Live on Sasha and feel lucky to have known such a beautiful named “Darya”. You are a lucky man. Even now in time of greatest grief still feel blessed; such is life on earth, where the negative force rules.
    The unlucky murderers will be lucky if found alive and sentenced on earth… Because after life it will be hell for their soul-bits.
    Darya Dugina “Platinova”: “The Russians are trying to win back civilians from death. And what is death? Novalis (Georg, German writer — Ed.) said that death is the loss of conciliarity. And in Ukraine, this conciliarity was lost. A bunch of groups with aggressive Russophobic ideology have appeared…”
    Читайте на http://WWW.KP.RU: to a Kholmogorov Alexander Dugin is the generator of ideas, which were often adopted in the so-called “decision-making centers”
    Читайте больше на
    For the Jewmerican intellectual establishment, Alexander Dugin is literally “Putin’s brain” and the ideologue of the Russian “invasion” of Jewkraine. Dugin is well-known in the “humanities” circles of the East Coast. And if the authors of those murderous deeds are full-time Mossad-CIA hyena and planned a psyop with a clear message to the top leadership of Russia, then Jew would have chosen the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin as the priority target, almost unequivocally.
    Are the Russian nationalists are finally starting to up the aunti?
    When are the Russian nationalists switching a gear higher?
    When are you going to name the Jew?
    Is Russia going “to respond asymmetrically”? E.g. by explicitly naming the instigators of the Holodomor?! E.g. by naming the holohoaxers?! E.g. real simply by naming the downers of Germanwings 4U-9525?! E.g. by naming the culprits of the murder of Lebanese chief Hariri?!
    Russia! Name the fucking Jew!
    That Nazi BS in and over Ukraine is so blatant dishonest and completely lets the Jew as cause of it all of the hook. “De-Nazification” of Jewkraine? What a fucking blender! I hope that Dugin now goes full retard. That much he could do for his daughter since he did not manage to lead her onto the path of real womanhood, which of course is family life and foremost children instead of running around in a war zone. I am sorry.

    Another thing that really bothers me – who fucking cares? – is Russia not closing the Jewkrainian border and you great patriots seem to be keeping quiet about it. Is it not logical to dry out the place? Do not tell me that it is not possible to close the Jewkrainian border because blah blah blah…

    Another thing that really bothers me: When the place is sorted out – meaning all the misled Ukrops are killed off and the front Jews are retired in Florida & Israhell – are the Jews allowed back in to settle in as a reward for organizing this war?

  17. Anon001 says:

    I just gave that as notable example. My main point is that Rolo is treating Putin as some kind of untouchable sacred cow. Why has he not asked any of these people about the president of the country they want to change? What do they think of him?

    BTW, Dugin is not Putin’s brain, and most likely has never been. I do not know what was the basis for that silly claim. Putin’s brain are Kissinger, Schwab, Chubais, oligarchs, liberals, globalists, and the 5th column [1][2][3].

    Putin 20+-year rule, or rather mismanagement, has brought you these disasters [4][5][6][7] – including: “country’s birth rate has plummeted to levels not seen since 1943”, “Life expectancy has fallen by 4.5 years.”, “In terms of the total population loss, Russia is first place in the world”, “The “natural” population decline has exceeded one million people, which has never happened in any country in the world since 1950.” [8], etc.

    [1] Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    ( Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat | Whitney Webb | Unlimited Hangout )

    [2] Putin & COVID: What changed after February 24?
    ( Article explores how Russia’s COVID response has changed since February 24. ):

    [3] Kremlin: BRICS Can Not Replace G20 | 2022-07-14 | Sputnik International:

    [4] Russia’s demographic crisis is slightly worrying:

    [5] Google Translate: In terms of mortality, Russia has sunk to the bottom of the world:

    [6] Google Translate: The State Duma called the reasons for the decline in the birth rate in Russia – Moscow 24, 08.07.2022:

    [7] Google Translate: Rosstat: The population of Russia has decreased by a record | Capital of the country:

    [8] The “natural” population decline in Russia has exceeded one million people, which has never happened in any country in the world since 1950. Click [MORE] below for the chart.


    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  18. You say
    My main point is that Rolo is treating Putin as some kind of untouchable sacred cow. Why has he not asked any of these people about the president of the country they want to change? What do they think of him?

    Maybe he did ? Maybe they didn’t want to answer ? Maybe Slavskiy regards this as typical of Western Globalist attitudes to Russia. To these people, Russia doesn’t have a Government. Lavrov, Medvedev, Shoigu and all the rest are mere minions. Everything is Putin. So Slavskiy may, very sensibly, be opposed to this personalisation of Russia. I don’t know, but it would help if he clarified things.

    BTW, Dugin is not Putin’s brain, and most likely has never been.

    Indeed he is not. Putin has his own mind and doesn’t need someone else’s.

    I do not know what was the basis for that silly claim. Putin’s brain are Kissinger, Schwab, Chubais, oligarchs, liberals, globalists, and the 5th column

    If that is so, why has the Russian Government pursued a policy of autarchy – antiglobalism, if you will – for many years. Western sanctions have promoted import substitution, but this policy has been going on for much longer. Even before 2010, it was decided to make all military microchips in Russia. This has been achieved. America gets most of its microchips from Taiwan !

    Most impressive of all has been the financial field.
    .Russia has its own SPFS system, which it was developed since 2014. Before the Ukraine Conflict, about 25 % of transactions in Russia used it, instead of SWIFT. Now the majority use it.

    As it’s a Wikipedia article, you can expect an anti-Russian attitude. But even it has to admit:
    In April 2022, Russian Central Bank governor said most Russian banks and 52 foreign organizations from 12 countries had received access to the SPFS.[12]

    Russia has its own Mir electronic payment system, developed from 2016 onwards. Before the Ukraine Conflict, the vast majority of electronic payments in Russia were made using it, superceding Visa and Mastercard. Now nearly all are.

    In the last 15 years , Russia has developed a fully self-sufficient financial system. The National Debt is 20% of GDP and loans and bonds are raised on the domestic market. This is very important because the only real sanctions that the West can impose on Russia are financial. As Russia now has a self-sufficient financial system, these sanctions are ineffective. Hence, the Ruble has strengthened considerably against the Euro and Ruble since the start of the War.

    The essence of Globalism is the reliance on Global ( ie Western-controlled ) financial markets. Mr Putin’s Government has taken Russia out of such a system, so your criticism of him is completely wrong.

    • Agree: inspector general
    • Replies: @Anon001
    , @Anon001
    , @Anon001
  19. @Anon001

    As regards population, after very low levels of TFR in the 1990s – for obvious reasons – Russia has recovered strongly, particularly in the last 15 years.
    The 2021 figures for TFR in Europe are as follows:
    16 Mar 2022 … Total fertility rate in Europe in 2021, by country ; Turkey, 2.02 ; Sweden, 1.84 ; France, 1.84 ; Russia, 1.83.

    In actual fact, the Russian TFR has been recovering since 1999, the year that Putin became President.

    The average TFR for Europe is about 1.5, so Russia is considerably above average. The average for America is 1.64, so Russia is higher than that as well. Of course, far more Russian babies will be white, percentage wise.

    East Asian Countries have even lower TFRs. Japan and China have a TFR of about 1.3 and South Korea 0.8. You state.
    In terms of the total population loss, Russia is first place in the world”, “The “natural” population decline has exceeded one million people, which has never happened in any country in the world since 1950.”

    This is simply untrue. several states in East Asia – particularly China- are exceeding this yearly.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  20. Anon001 says:

    I provided several articles detailing what Putin did/does in Russia that is pro-globalism, yet you essentially ignored all of them except population-related ones. And of course, it’s all great in your opinion – just like with any die-hard Putin “the savior” fan i.e. Putin’s version of QAnon. Putin is not a Russian patriot – he’s just a two-bit godless manager and a traitor to Russia.

    If BRICS is something he does not value enough compared to his beloved G20 or NATO, whose membership for Russia he inquired about at least 5 times even in talks with Bill Clinton [1], then it is obvious that the “emperor” has no clothing!

    Here’s Putin respecting Lenin [2][3] – one of the biggest murderers of Russians, as he was responsible for at least 30 million slaughtered during his reign.

    He stated that he has no problems with USA being 1st in the world, so to speak, with Russia being its trusty sidekick, I guess. He mentioned that there’s no difference between Russia and the West, and that Russia should integrate into Western systems.

    Erdogan humiliates him and Russia on a regular basis in Syria and with Ukraine (exporting drones that kill his solders and ethnic Russians), while at the same time, Putin starts joint military projects with Turkey. I’ve also heard that Russia gave some serious loans to Erdogan/Turkey that Erdogan stopped paying off years ago with no consequences – it’s all free for “partners” I guess – just like that \$350B of stolen reserves that Kremlin does not bother “partners” with. List goes on and on and on.

    Putin also seems to not mind Russians being murdered/killed. E.g. 14000 ethnic Russian civilians were murdered in Ukraine 2014-2022 and he did not blink an eye until Russian Army told him no more! Not to mention Erdogan killing several Russian pilots – at least one in Syria and several over Armenia, and who knows how many foot soldiers, as Putin is hiding true body counts in Syria, for his top priority there is safety of all NATO soldiers, as he promised to US. At the same time, when Russian Army in Syria killed some Turkish invaders because they were mingled with terrorist without letting Russians know, Putin immediately phoned Erdogan, apologized, and withdrew Russian soldiers from that area to prevent further loss of NATO “partners” lives.

    I could list many, many more examples and references proving that Putin is a liberal globalist, 5th column (Chubais, Kudrin, Nabulina, etc.) too, and Atlantic Integrationist as well – that is a traitor to Russia, as I mentioned. He also does not seem to behave like an Orthodox Christian, although I’ve heard that he’s been baptized.

    [1] Putin Says He Asked Bill Clinton About Russia Joining NATO In Year 2000 | Video | RealClearPolitics:

    [2] No plans to remove Lenin’s body from mausoleum, Kremlin says – Society & Culture – TASS (2021):

    [3] Putin vs Lenin: Why the Russian President Won’t Remove the Soviet Union’s Founder:

  21. Anon001 says:

    IMHO, the only true leader of the Orthodox Christian World, that we know of at this moment, is Belarus’ Lukashenko. He’s been successfully fighting Putin’s “partners” for decades and Belarus is the only country that has not been captured, occupied, and looted. There are no oligarchs or 5th column there except in prisons doing time. The fact that he’s still alive and that Belarus is not under Western boot is a true miracle and his remarkable achievement, considering that Belarus is, for the most part, all alone, since Putin has betrayed and back-stabbed essentially all OC countries including Belarus, Serbia, etc. E.g. Lukashenko wanted to cut all energy supplies to US/EU immediately and 100% after they started sanctions, but Putin did not let him, as that would have check-mate the West in no time, and bring riots to all cities across EU within a week, and that is something Putin cannot allow, as he gave a public pledge to be the most reliable partner to “partners” of Russia.

    Knowing all this, I’d add that Rolo should not only ask the people he’s interviewing of their opinion of the main traitor of Russia – Putin, but also of Lukashenko – the true leader. It’s quite telling that these people did/do not mention Lukashenko on their own, even without being asked, as he is one rare example of someone who is truly fighting globalists, NATO, and other Putin’s beloved “partners”.

  22. Anon001 says:

    Re population: Apparently, you know “better” and have “better” info than Russian State Duma and Russians themselves. Perhaps then, you should let them know not to worry?

  23. Anon001 says:

    This just in Putin-run Russia!

    Google Translate: Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation promotes the Ukrainian language (History teaches nothing: the artificial Ukrainization of Russians continues through the efforts of Russian “enlighteners”!) by Andrey Soshenko:

    You may know that Ukrainian language is an artificial one – invented to separate yet another group of Russians from Russians using “citizenship becomes ethnicity/nation” model. This social engineering (artificial nations creation) has been employed for centuries by Vatican/Austria/Germany/Communists against Russians and Serbs, and the results are Ukrainians, Romanians, Macedonians, and many many others. Some of those projects started with the target group first either being converted to Catholicism or accepting Pope as the head (Uniates), followed by new identity, language, grammar, history, etc. In most cases, new “nation” becomes hostile to the one it came from – e.g. Ukrainians vs. Russians.

    So, treachery against OC Russians in Putin-run Russia is VeryMuchAlive. No pun intended!

  24. This is why we are still around and they are not.

    Eh, not really sure “leading” a couple dozen teenaged Telegram harassers who larp as “Inquisitors” counts as being “around” or really anything to write home about.

    The actual reason Lyubegin and “Rolo” (aka Roy Batty aka Vincent law) have been shunned by everyone in Russian nationalism who’s ever heard of them is that harassing and blaming a widow for her husband’s untimely death (Marina Urusova/Egor Prosvirnin) isn’t something anyone with a moral compass would want to associate with. Pair of psychopath losers larping as traditionalists and “moral guardians”, and while Lyubegin at least doesn’t owe me anything, Rolo is a backstabber besides (I helped him get several thousand dollars from a wealthy US Alt Right benefactor for an abortive podcast with Nesterov, for which they have both repaid me in fabulous ways).

    • Thanks: Verymuchalive
    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  25. Anon001 says:

    I guess, I just got the answer to my own question from the man himself, i.e. why is Rolo not asking these people about Putin? Well, in Edward Slavsquat podcast [1], just posted, Rolo mentioned that he “kinda likes the guy”. In other words, similar to Saker, Martyanov, et. al., Rolo does not like hearing anything bad about Putin, hence he does not ask people about him to be perfectly safe. Especially not Russian nationalists, who would most likely unleash a firestorm of criticism, bringing Rolo into cardiac arrest, so to speak.

    So, Rolo will keep interviewing Russians about Russia, without ever discussing the guy that’s been ruling it for 20+ years.

    [1] Six months later: Musings on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine
    ( Edward Slavsquat podcast with Rolo Slavskiy and Marko Marjanović )

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  26. @Anon001

    In the course of a long career, Vladimir Putin has said many things, much of it, no doubt, dissembling. That’s what nearly all politicians do.
    By the facts, you will know the man.

    Economically, his Government has greatly strengthened Russian autarchy. As well as widespread import substitution, the creation of a self-sufficient financial system is the major economic achievement of this Government. Neither of these you dispute.

    Reliance on Globalist, that is, Western controlled, financial markets and institutions is the essence of Globalism. The Putin Government has completely removed Russia from this system. So Putin can in no way be regarded as a “liberal Globalist” as you claim. In fact, the sanctions placed on Russia by the West are killing Globalism. Indeed, the West now has to pay for Russian commodities in Rubles or precious metals. A similar system was used by the US Government before WWII to promote American hegemony. Perhaps that is the long-term Russian aim in this case. Either way, these are not liberal Globalist policies.

    As regards the population figures, these are supplied by Statista, a German company specialising in market and consumer data, and, an American website dealing with this and financial matters. Both are highly regarded for the accuracy of their information – if they weren’t they wouldn’t be profitable.
    Statista, in particular, is used by a wide range of organisations of different types and individuals of varying political persuasions. Indeed, I believe UR proprietor Ron Unz uses their services. Its data has never been challenged, as far as I am aware. So I would rather rely on its figures than official Russian figures or those enmanating from politically tainted sources like Wikipedia.

    Statista shows that the only industrialised states with a ( marginally ) higher TFR are Sweden and France. In these two states the higher TFR is entirely due to births to recent 3rd World immigrants. The TFR of indigenous Swedes and Frenchwomen are probably around the European average of 1.5. 3rd World immigration is not a factor in Russia, so Russians have the highest TFR of any white population, in all probability.

    This should not surprise. AFF ( Affordable Family Formation ) has continued to improve over the years in Russia. I am hopeful that Russian TFR will rise over 2.1 – the level needed for population replacement – later this decade and the indigenous population of Russia will grow in numbers again.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
    , @anon
  27. @Verymuchalive

    What do Russians say to your statement that Third World immigration is not a factor in Russia?

    From my viewpoint it is.
    Chinese are flooding Russia’s East. Russia does not seem easy about that.
    Many, many Indians are streaming into Russia. Indians are worldwide an issue. The Indian government is actively supporting Indian migration into the world. (E.g. search for anything on Google Maps in India and you will notice all these migration counseling offices all over India).
    Ukraine and Donbass had many Indians…
    All white countries are under attack. It is an attack.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  28. @Anatoly Karlin

    Is it at times of existential attack not better to stop bickering and start working together no matter what?
    The enemy is doing everything to stretch, deplete and dissolve the Russian Federation and such destroy “the last man standing”; destroying your motherland, the great fatherland! After that, the 90s will in retro look like a holiday period – carnival.
    Why not find a way (and propagate) to stretch, deplete and dissolve Jewmerica-Israhell-Vatica?
    This site is supposed to have more readers than the Washington Post. Why do you not act together with the above author, whom many find very palatable and highly intelligent, and assure that you are back on the frontpage here. Russians/Russia are today the most important for humanity. If I would be a young man I would beg to join your army. Russia today has the most noble cause. God bless you!

    British Bishop Supports Russian Operation against Jewkraine (“They are criminals”)

  29. @Kurt Knispel

    3rd World immigration into Russia is nearly all of the Central Asian variety. There are a few hundred thousand Chinese, but their numbers have been falling since 2013. The Russian Government is largely on top of this, and indeed, has been deported Central Asians since the start of the war. Like the Chinese, their numbers are falling and will continue to fall.

    I was specifically referring to 3rd World immigration as a factor in Russian TFR. It’s not, unlike Sweden and France. In the last 2, it is the high TFRs of 3rd World immigrants that skew the national TFRs upwards. In Russia, the highest TFRs are in rural and ex-urban parts of European Russia. These are very white regions indeed.

  30. …an orchestra as one…wins…

  31. anon[354] • Disclaimer says:

    As regards the population figures, these are supplied by Statista, a German company specialising in market and consumer data, and, an American website dealing with this and financial matters. Both are highly regarded for the accuracy of their information – if they weren’t they wouldn’t be profitable.
    Statista, in particular, is used by a wide range of organisations of different types and individuals of varying political persuasions. Indeed, I believe UR proprietor Ron Unz uses their services. Its data has never been challenged, as far as I am aware. So I would rather rely on its figures than official Russian figures or those enmanating from politically tainted sources like Wikipedia.

    Please don’t use politically tainted sources like Wikipedia, they are very tainted politically, see

    So I would rather rely on other sources.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
  32. Marcali says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Why don’t they employ Mr Mekhlis again?

    Crimean Front: „On 2 March, Mekhlis (the highest ranking Jew in the Red Army) launched his ’big music’ in a fiasco that proved to be the insane apogee of terror applied to military science. He banned the digging of trenches ’so that the offensive spirit of the soldiers would not be undermined’ and insisted that anyone who took ’elementary security measures’ was a ’panic monger’. All were ’mashed into a bloody porridge’.” There goes an army group of 250,000 men.
    (Simon Sebag Montefiore: Stalin, the Court of the Red Tsar, Phoenix, 2003, p. 421.)

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  33. Why does Russia tolerate Jewkrainian terror in as far as it actually „tolerates“?
    Does Russia simply avoid reacting? Does Russia slowly strangle Kiev and with it the JewWest without giving The Negative Force much chance of raising its head?
    British analysts at Capital said that all the gold in the world will be under Russian control if the Kremlin’s plan works.

    Slawa Russia & Ukraine (excluding and destroying Jewkraine once and for all)

  34. @Marcali

    Noo daah; what would you expect from a Jew?

    “Mekhlis, born in Odessa, completed six classes of Jewish commercial school. He worked as a schoolteacher from 1904 to 1911. In 1907–1910 he was a member of the Zionist workers’ movement Poale Zion.”

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