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An Open Letter to DLive Regarding the Future of the Platform
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To Whom It May Concern,

The DLive company has a very serious corporate crisis on its hands. I am a crisis management specialist, and an advocate of both free speech and cryptocurrency, and I would like to offer some advice which, based on your recent series of decisions, you are in desperate need of.

Your company has recently engaged in a series of high profile bans of what I estimate amounts to eliminating at least 85% of your total traffic, and I would imagine even a larger percentage of your total revenue. These decisions were very ill advised, but despite that, your company remains in a situation where it could end up becoming exponentially more profitable than it was before these bans.

There is No Long Term Ability for DLive to Retain a Payment Processor That Processes Visa and Mastercard

As I understand it, the series of bans DLive issued were issued after threats from the company’s payment processor to cut ties with you. I understand this kind of reactionary action, but I cannot stress enough that it was a very, very poor decision, which is going to make your company nonviable.

Firstly, it needs to be understood that after what happened with the streamer known as Baked Alaska (Tim Gionet) streaming the January 6 riot at the US Capitol on your platform, you are not going to be able to continue to process credit cards in the future, regardless of how many people you ban. When the media gets around to dealing with the Baked Alaska situation, DLive will be implicated not legally, but by the media, which is the main driver of the ongoing program of “deplatforming” politically incorrect speech.

Further, it won’t simply be a payment processor issue, but rather Mastercard and Visa that are going to ban you, as they recently did to PornHub. Because of the standard they set with PornHub, they can now just do this arbitrarily. Any competent lawyer can tell you that if a company the size of PornHub is incapable of fighting this ban, DLive has no chance.

It should be further understood, though it has not yet been admitted in clear language, that there is a program of collusion between the major social media companies, the backbone operating services, and the mainstream media. This conflict of interests is trivially deduced by simply noticing that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns Twitch, the biggest streaming platform in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest web services company in the world (aside from Tencent), and the Washington Post, which is arguably the most influential news publication in America. There is a clear agenda to remove all alternatives to the major platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Google and Twitter) from the Western internet, which would mean that even if DLive were to have never hosted any political content at all, it would be under fire.

This is to say: if DLive were ever to compete directly with Bezos’ Twitch platform, then we would start seeing articles in Bezos’ Washington Post about “the DLive problem.” If they could not tie you to someone like Baked Alaska, then it would be someone else, or they would simply invent a reason to attack you out of thin air. This would then lead to the major social media platforms running defamation campaigns against you. Despite claims to the contrary by various media and government entities, the United States does not actually operate a free market system, in any serious or legitimate sense. This situation of centralized economic control, and the abuses thereof, has been greatly heightened during the coronavirus pandemic, and is only expected to continue to get worse, with mega-corporations continuing to force their smaller competitors out of the market.

This means that banning all of these people gains you nothing. It was definitely the right move to ban Baked Alaska, as he’d streamed himself committing a crime on your platform, and you should maintain a zero tolerance policy for streaming criminal behavior. However, the rest of the bans, including those of Nick Fuentes and Ethan Ralph, among many others, make no sense given the dynamics of this situation.

In the wake of the events of January 6, there is a massive program of deplatforming taking place across the internet, which is as focused on financial services as it is on internet platforms. This includes not only bans from PayPal, from credit card processors, and from personal bank accounts, but also blacklisting by the Visa/Mastercard duopoly, as mentioned above. The people who are being subjected to this are not simply going to disappear. These people are going to be forced to move into cryptocurrency, where they are largely protected from the ability of politicized corporations to arbitrarily freeze their ability to engage in monetary transactions based on their real or perceived political positions. DLive is already cryptocurrency enabled, meaning your company has a major advantage against your direct competitors already.

In the near future, all of the existing streaming platforms which are not named “YouTube” or “Twitch,” along with all of the other genres of alternative social media platforms, are going to be blacklisted by Visa and Mastercard, as well as be subjected to an endless series of prohibitions against using basic internet services. We recently witnessed that exact scenario when the Twitter alternative Parler was banned by Amazon Web Services after being banned from both the Google and Apple app stores.

DLive’s biggest advantage, however, is that given that your CEO and majority stakeholders are, as I understand it, Chinese citizens, you have access to Tencent services that citizens of other countries do not have. These services will give DLive the ability to stay online, virtually effortlessly, while services like Parler are locked in a constant struggle to simply keep their servers up. It should also be noted that the world’s largest CDN, Cloudflare, has as back as far as 2017 shown a willingness to deny service to customers based purely on artificially manufactured political outrage from social media personalities. Tencent, as I’m sure you’re aware, also has its own very affordable and very reliable CDN services.

To be clear: Tencent either does not provide these services to non-Chinese citizens, or they provide limited access to the services at a drastically inflated rate. Right now, I can guarantee you that the owners of Parler, Gab, and the rest of the sites that are being attacked by the media are attempting to access these services, due to their general refusal to refuse service based on politics. However, they are unlikely to experience much success in this regard, due to the fact that they are not Chinese citizens.

This is my core proposition: DLive currently has the opportunity to become a streaming and social media powerhouse, that functions exclusively on cryptocurrency. This way, DLive will not only maintain the audience that it had before the events of January 6, but expand it exponentially, while the venues at which Americans and other Westerners are allowed to speak freely continue to dwindle. Users will continue to pay for your services in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as get involved in Tron, which, as I understand it, the owners of DLive have a large stake in.

Free Speech is Big Business

It is not simply those doing politically-oriented news shows that are being banned from streaming sites and other social media, but in fact, a large portion of the gaming community is suffering a similar fate.

This deplatforming is going to go both deep and wide. Even before the events of January 6, we saw popular YouTube gamers, such as LeafyIsHere, banned from YouTube for no clearly stated reason. Meanwhile, Twitch’s Terms of Service is virtually unworkable, and they have already begun mass bannings.

We are seeing a mass exodus from the mainstream platforms by all types of people, who are not considered politically incorrect, simply because the mainstream platforms have gone so far with their censorship agenda. Currently, these people have nowhere to go, but we can be certain they will go somewhere. If I had a stake in DLive, I would want DLive to be the place they end up.

People are willing to pay a premium for free speech and that premium is going up as the levels of free speech on the internet go down, as the United States and European governments become more erratic and unstable. There is a lot of money to be made here. The bottom line is: if you follow a path of being a free speech and cryptocurrency oriented streaming and social media platform, your userbase will expand rapidly, and profits will follow this expansion. If you follow this simple course of action I am suggesting, I can guarantee that your userbase will be more than a hundred times what it was on January 6, 2021 by January 6, 2022, and I would not be surprised in the least if you see a one thousand fold increase in users.

Yes, you are going to make less money per view without the use of Mastercard and Visa, but this will be more than compensated for by the increase in viewership.

At this point, from what I have been able to gather, you have already banned all of your top earners, which means that you have very little to lose by embracing a new direction.

Rebuilding Faith in Your Brand

Though it is sad to say, it must be said: you’ve lost a lot of good faith by banning all of these users in the days following the events of January 6. Without them, your platform is a ghost town, and largely useless. If your Terms of Service is the same as Twitch’s, why would people not just stream on Twitch, where they will make more money and gain a larger audience?

As an experienced crisis management expert, I would advise you take the following actions:

  • Immediately issue an apology to those you’ve banned, and to your userbase as a whole.
  • Immediately rescind the bans of everyone who has been banned since January 6 (excluding Baked Alaska and anyone else who may have streamed themselves committing a crime).
  • Immediately cut ties with your current payment processor.
  • Immediately announce that you will now allow all speech that is legal under the First Amendment of the United State, excluding calls to violence, calls to organize political events, and negative or defamatory statements against the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party, or the leadership thereof. (I would also maintain the ban on pornography, though continue to allow some of the more “racy” female streamers who have been banned from Twitch, as long as they agree to a no nudity policy.)
  • Immediately issue a new Terms of Service, which reflects these positions, and issue a promise (ensure that it isn’t legally binding, but a promise nonetheless) to honor these guidelines to the best of your ability.

From there, you would begin the process of using creative means to compel people to get involved in cryptocurrency, which they can then use to pay you for your services. Clearly, the superchat system you’ve created is very popular with users, and many will want to get involved in cryptocurrency simply for the purpose of using this system. However, I would also advise that you find other ways to incentivize the usage of crypto to purchase lemons, for the purpose of using your services.

You may consider:

  • Limiting the number of comments a user is allowed to make without first purchasing a premium account using your cryptocurrency payment systems
  • Encouraging or compelling popular streamers to do “private streams” which are only viewable by members who have already made a cryptocurrency payment to the site
  • Providing other rewards, such as special stickers or emojis to paying customers

The biggest hurdle is simply getting people into the habit of using cryptocurrency – once they have jumped that hurdle, they will be happy to pay you using this system. You can also promote channels which explain cryptocurrency.

It should also be noted that marketing DLive as the first fully crypto social media site will gain you favor from the large crypto community. The crypto community on YouTube has a huge following, and if you are branded as a crypto-based company, many creators of cryptocurrency-related content would be inclined to move to your platform, meaning that it would not simply be a place for political speech.

Finally, I wish to say that this letter is not an advertisement for my services, and in fact I am not currently available to take on any new clients. I write this simply as a Singaporean-Canadian who grew up on the internet, loving the freedom that I had to been exposed to, as well as a longtime fan of your service and of many of the streamers who were banned from DLive in the days since January 6.

This is a time of crisis not simply for DLive, but for all internet-based companies that are not aligned with the large corporations that have conquered the Western web, and the decisions that DLive makes about its future are going to be complicated and have complicated consequences, whichever direction the company chooses to move in. I simply wanted to offer some direct and honest personal advice on the very unfortunate situation you are currently dealing with.


James Chang
Public Relations and Crisis Management Consultant, Director
Chang Consulting

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I had never heard of DLive, and I still don’t know how to pronounce it. But I could guess what kind of company it is and didn’t expect to finish reading the article. A quick scan, I thought. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Thank you, James Chang, for that interesting report.

  2. AReply says:

    Zomg yes praise free speech!

    Oh, hold on… Free to say what exactly?

    //DLive is an American video live streaming service which was founded in 2017. It was purchased by the BitTorrent company in 2019. Due to the site’s lax enforcement of prohibited content guidelines, DLive become a popular alternative to YouTube and Twitch among white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, Neo Nazis, and other extremists.[1][2][3][4]//

    You mean neo-Nazis are being de-platformed?! That’s great! Good work establishment, 100% behind ya

    • Troll: Alfred, GeeBee
    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. “It was definitely the right move to ban Baked Alaska, as he’d streamed himself committing a crime on your platform, and you should maintain a zero tolerance policy for streaming criminal behavior.”

    What crime was that? Civil disobedience? If that’s your measure of “crime” you’re little better than the establishment censors themselves.

    (And what should be needless to say, there was no “riot”. The only riot in the Capitol is the daily pillaging by corporate lobbyists and their Congresswhores.)

    Actually, this scribbler offers no alternative to the establishment platforms. He openly says here he wants to ban “calls to organize political events.” That’s so convenient for the power cabal, I guess this piece is nothing but advice on how a smaller outfit can try to join the establishment.

    “From there, you would begin the process of using creative means to compel people to get involved in cryptocurrency”

    Maybe Cass Sunstein can help with some advice on how to compel people to use this CIA-managed electricity-guzzling front.

    “Free Speech is Big Business”

    Just like War is Peace and Slavery is Freedom.

    • Agree: Alfred, Richard B
  4. Schuetze says:

    In the 1960’s my Uncle had a large piece of land that due to prosperity and population growth became valuable. The story in my family is that the Kosher Nostra approached him and “made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse”. My uncle sold his land, and although he did not lose money he certainly got less than the market price.

    Andrew Torba of Gab tells the story how he was approached by big kike tech and made an offer to buy out Gab. When Torba refused to sell, then his problems started with various service providers suddenly refusing service. Its the old judaic “Nice little shop you have here, pity if it got hit by some jewish lightning”.

    I never go to DLive, but if they are already owned by the Chinka-Nostra I gather that they are much more immune from these forms of blackmail. However I would not expect any alt-right podcaster/v-logger/etc to be able to exercise complete free speech even if they do prohibit “negative or defamatory statements against the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party, or the leadership thereof. “. Red China is going to do whatever is best for Red China, and when the time comes they will sell out the Alt-right faster than you can say “Tianamen Square“.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  5. The author mentions that YouTube gamer, LeafyIsHere, was banned from the platform for “no clearly stated reason”.

    But, Calvin Lee Vail – the gamer in question – was banned for a very clear reason.

    LeafyIsHere, in his battles with rivals, was more apt to play the man, rather than the ball. He launched an ad hominem attack on a rival YouTube creator, Brendan Mitchell, by mocking his learning disabilities and the fact he had special educational needs whilst at school.

    Mitchell vlogs on YouTube as wetmovie1 and his output would only entertain those with IQs south of 75. Mitchell is basically a simpleton; and LeafyIsHere displayed himself as no better by personally attacking him, rather than his idiotic creations.

    Calvin Lee Vail also launched ad hominem attacks on an autistic vlogger. The purpose of Vail’s personal attacks on this vlogger was to entice his followers into also harassing and threatening him. After Vail’s attack, the autistic vlogger reported that he had received death threats and harassment from Vail’s YouTube subscribers.

    When your competitors have quite severe mental health problems and also very low IQs, it should be possible to best them without resorting to personal attacks.

    Anyway, as far as YouTube creators generally go, it’s basically one bunch of morons spewing out drivel content that entertains another bunch of morons.

    I hope the Unz Report’s contributors and customers don’t “ever” sink to the level of YouTube creators and their subscribers. Having said that, I would not hire “a crisis management specialist” that insinuates someone was unfairly banned, without first doing a little research.

  6. Immediately announce that you will now allow all speech that is legal under the First Amendment of the United State, excluding calls to violence, calls to organize political events, and negative or defamatory statements against the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party, or the leadership thereof.

    The line between reality and parody gets ever thinner.

  7. xyzxy says:

    Is this the Mothers of Invention Anglin recording under a different name in a last ditch attempt to get his cruddy music on the radio?

  8. Alfred says:

    I know nothing about DLive. But it is well-known that surrendering to a blackmailer inevitably leads to the blackmailer returning for second and third helpings.

    It is the same for a person being kidnapped or ambushed. If you follow the instructions of the aggressor, you will inevitably find yourself in a weaker position. Struggle to escape while you can.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  9. I didn’t (still don’t) really know what DLive is but I’d hear of its use on the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show on YouTube. They would read DLive user comments on the air. I think. Anyway, several weeks ago, a member of the JLP show did an online tutorial for DLive, what it is and how to actually use it. Still confused, I considered using it because evidently you could donate money to the JLP show via DLive using “the treasure chest” and other online doohickeys. Anyway, one day after actively explaining/promoting DLive to their listeners, DLive “banned” the JLP show and that was that. Jesse made quick mention of it and moved on. However, on the JLP show, they still reference DLive (and Super Chat) out of habit.

  10. @Schuetze

    China is for China—they aren’t intrinsically for or against Whites. Liberals are against Whites.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Disagree: Schuetze
  11. @Flying Dutchman

    World Star Hip Hop is non-stop selfies of violent felonious acts.

  12. Ugetit says:

    Good advice there.

    It also applies to bullies in general.

  13. Who the hell need Chargex or Mastercard these days?

    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  14. Crypto the solution ha ha ha

    When perhaps most or all crypto is already tracked or trackable by gov … And even if they can’t track it, they can deploy multiple tools to ensure you cough up whatever crypto involvement you have

    In a famous case, the US courts jailed a lawyer, H. Beatty Chadwick, for 14 years without any criminal conviction, merely on suspicion he had foreign bank accounts he was not disclosing

    Chadwick was jailed in 1995 amidst a divorce battle where his 18-years-younger wife, claimed he had assets hidden away overseas … They finally let him Chadwick out in 2009 when Chadwick was 73 years old, after 14 years behind bars

    Economist Martin Armstrong too, was jailed for 7 years for not coughing up things the US gov wanted to have

    Just like that the USA will jail you indefinitely without trial, on suspicion you have crypto

    On Beatty Chadwick:

    • Thanks: omegabooks, RedpilledAF
  15. Mike Tre says:

    “It was definitely the right move to ban Baked Alaska, as he’d streamed himself committing a crime on your platform, and you should maintain a zero tolerance policy for streaming criminal behavior.”

    Question for this author: Has Dlive (what a stupid name; illustrating the continued glamorization of the degenerate and anti-civilizational negro culture) banned any of the videos or accounts of the countless negros, antifa, and other assorted primitive humanoid trash that have uploaded themselves burning cities down?

    If they have not, and I seriously doubt that they have, then Dlive has completely eliminated their own credibility and utility by engaging in the exact same deplatforming that the big social media platforms have.

    But yes, let’s rely on the morality of yet another non European descended immigrant living in the West.

    Hey Chang, perhaps you can pack up your one man crisis solutions tent and sail back to the far east. I hear they’re big on selective censorship there. The US and Canada are already chock full of white-hating grifters like you.

  16. Can you say, on DLive, that the president of China is the biggest jerk? If not, then it isn’t exactly a platform for free speech.

    To get out from under Jewish owned or controlled entities just to get burrowed under the Chinese owned and controlled platforms would be analogous to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. No, thank you!

    • Agree: omegabooks
  17. @Flying Dutchman

    “What crime was that? Civil disobedience? If that’s your measure of “crime” you’re little better than the establishment censors themselves.”

    It is, moreover, in the nature of authoritarian governments, to keep expanding the definition of a crime. The Bolsheviks criminalized antisemitism, even made it a capital crime. In practice, the crime became possession of the infamous Protocols.

    Tomorrow, the new crime of domestic terrorism. The day after, wearing a MAGA hat.

  18. Crypto, eh? Reminds me of the “social credit system” except that this one would be a “financial credit system.” Or are we in the time frame of Star Trek? You know, ‘credits’? And just how do you transfer gold or silver into BitCoin? I think I’d rather do samizdat….Solzhenitzen (spelling?) of “Gulag Archipellego” fame (spelling?) has a whole lot more cred with me than “crypto”!

  19. Richard B says:

    You mean neo-Nazis are being de-platformed?! That’s great! Good work establishment

    You mean “neo-Nazis” are still being created out of thin air and then deplatformed by the establishment in a desperate attempt to justify the establishments illegitimate authority?

    There. Fixed it for you.

  20. GoodTwin says:

    Or they can just sell-out to Amazon and retire wealthy and secire.

    • Replies: @sally
  21. Based Lad says:

    “It was definitely the right move to ban Baked Alaska, as he’d streamed himself committing a crime on your platform, and you should maintain a zero tolerance policy for streaming criminal behavior.”

    Boomer pussy nonsense. White men owe no loyalty to ZOG.

  22. Dayglowd says:

    Ultimately everyone is going to have to go back to hard copy (newsprint to duplicated news sheets), distributed door to door.

    Payment in cash or kind.

    There’s no point in bitching about the Establishment closing down speech on the net. Everyone has seen it coming for more than a decade. It had to happen. And bitcoin is a bubble about to be burst, just like all fiat currencies that have no base other than greed of the rich and powerful.

    So if you haven’t bought your own printing presses and established a distribution network by now then you can no longer express yourself freely.

    To be honest, 99% of what is on the net is utter rubbish not fit to be read, rather like this poorly researched piece, but that’s what mass free communication encourages.

    With the passing of the internet the Establishment is cutting its nose to spite its face. They could keep it all as it was and then track every problem (for them as they see it) for ever and a day. Power, however, not only corrupts but allows the ultimate in idiots to rise to the top. Only a blithering idiot of the richest man would think to close the net. Hence there is hope that the fool who is the ultimate benefactor of The Great Reset (and it is not the fall guys Bill Gates, George Soros, Greeta Thunberg, Claus Schwab et al) is going to make a number of bad decisions that will be the ultimate undoing of his global banking empire.

    • Agree: Theophrastus
  23. neutral says:

    It’s very simple, if you host anything in America (or similar ZOG states) you will eventually be banned if you do not conform to the increasingly narrowing band of allowed thought.

    While there can never be a truly technical solution to a political problem, the best practical technical approach is to not make use of any American hosting, payment processers, software, hardware, etc. Beyond that, people need to become more skilled in how to bypass the censors, learning from how some people in China do it is a good example.

  24. @Zarathustra

    Who the hell need Chargex or Mastercard these days?

    Payments Volume Growth Boosts Visa’s 2018 Earnings; Key Initiatives To Drive Future Value (October 29, 2018): [Still waiting for fiscal 2019 figures – expected to be 12% to 15% greater overall]:

    In fiscal 2018, Visa’s number of cards (including virtual cards) increased by about 80 million to 3.3 billion. The total [gross purchase] volume [throughput] surpassed a record \$11 trillion [just for the Visa banks alone], driven by 182 billion transactions during the year. The company’s payments volume growth remained strong across the globe, with double-digit growth (in constant dollars) in all regions except Europe. [ website, December 17, 2018]

    Card and Mobile Payment Industry Statistics | The Nilson …
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards in the U.S. generated \$6.698 trillion in purchase volume in 2019, up 8.5% over 2018.

    Assuming US accounts for 30% of global total, the global total throughput (just for these four card-issuers) would be the USD-equivalent of about \$22 trillion. An average 3% Price Discount and corresponding (pretended) Merchant Service Charge (concealed-credit-charge-in-fact) would generate about \$660 billion a year or roughly \$1 trillion every 18 months – but that does not include the other approximate 25% of card-issuers (gas cards, department store cards, other retail cards, etc.). Nor does it include debit-card fees that are often 20-times greater than actual processing costs (e.g., 40 cents charged versus 2 cents actual cost).

    The all-in-cost of card-processing-fees (aggregate rake-off) worldwide may in fact already be well in excess of \$1 trillion (\$1,000,000,000,000) per year.

    And about 10% of the total, or \$100 billion, is a direct rake-off from the VAT and other government sales-taxes that are run through these accounts. Many banks actually make more money skimming the sales-tax revenue than they pay in income taxes.

    Once cash has been eliminated, I would expect at least a gradual doubling of the average concealed credit charge from 3% to 6%.

    Just the concealed-credit-charges on credit / charge-card transactions, at about \$2 billion per day worldwide, are equal to the gross income of the poorest one billion humans.

    All in, it is about \$3 billion per day, or \$3,000 millions, to cover actual costs of no more than \$15 million per day – or 200-times actual.

    The word racket doesn’t quite do it justice.

    I don’t know if that answers your question, but I hope it helps.

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Barack Hussein Obama
  25. Free Speech is Big Business

    Chang advises that Free Speech should not be Western Big Business’ bitch, but rather Chinese Big Business’ bitch – as long as it remains a bitch of Big Business and makes good money.

    “Free Speech is Big Business” is an oxymoron, dilemma, and synonym.
    Oxymoron (means an ox with balls is bull, moron): You cannot have Free Speech with Big Business.
    Dilemma: You cannot have Free Speech without Big Business.
    Synonym: Free Speech is Big Business.

  26. mj49 says:

    The US IRS demand that EVERY transaction must be reported, including moving coins
    within your own wallet, is a nightmare of intrusion, that I believe will prevent bitcoin, or
    any crypto from being used for anything but occasionally moving large sums, like paying for
    a tanker of oil.

  27. sally says:

    Its just this sort of thing, (selling out to one of the monopoly powered oligarchs) that makes patents and copyrights so gang buster powerful to the oligarch. Someone invents a game changer technology, and the parties with the bread from the old game(the Oligarchs) buy out the game changer’s invention and either promote it themselves or suppress so it will not see the light of day. These made by law monopoly powers, in essence give the Oligarchs the ability to deny all competition and to always be in charge. No new business owners will ever be allowed to surface.

    90% of the assets of all corporations with stocks on major stock exchanges are intangible assets (copyright, patents, and other monopoly privileges made by rule of law).

  28. I am unable to find any evidence that a Chang Consulting of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada exists.

  29. @Timothy Madden

    Ironically, Visa and Mastercard were started in order to compete with American Express, which was charging huge transaction fees.

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