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An American Warns Eastern Europe: The Potomac Regime Is Not Your Friend
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The lie that “diversity is strength” may be useful when suppressing the Historic American Nation, but it goes out the window when the Potomac Regime and its client states need to engage in serious geopolitics. The European Union has denounced Belarus’s dumping Third World immigrants on its EU neighbors as “hybrid warfare”—showing that Western politicians are quite capable of realizing that such migration isn’t just a liability, but almost an act of war. The simmering conflict in Ukraine shows that the true borders between nations and civilizations aren’t found on a map, but can be identified by blood, language, and culture. And the Potomac Regime is facing an existential question – can it enforce its will abroad having purged the American military at home? For Eastern Europeans literally under the guns, the solution may be to declare independence from both Washington and Moscow.

The Belarusian government’s attempt to shovel Middle Eastern migrants into Europe was cynical but brilliant. After all, if diversity was indeed strength, shouldn’t Poland be thanking Belarus for providing them with all these sources of national revitalization? Some American journalists couldn’t quite handle the cognitive dissonance, baldly arguing that Europe had no choice but to simply accept the migrants Alexander Lukashenko was shepherding to Poland’s borders.

European and American pundits and politicians beat their chest about confronting this new form of “hybrid warfare” [“Hybrid warfare” in Belarus tests West, by Zachary Basu, Axios, November 11, 2021]. Yet what exactly is different from what Belarus was trying to do than what “Western” governments themselves inflict on their own population? President Lukashenko should have simply laundered the migrants through a “Non-Governmental Organization.” He could have had Western governments themselves (or George Soros) paying for his actions.

If there is a conflict with Russia, what exactly does Vladimir Putin face? The current European Union is a beast with no head. Its most powerful country, Germany, is led by an anti-German government which simultaneously wants to confront Russia but has a left wing that can’t stomach strengthening the German armed forces [New German new defense minister takes office, as allies await answers on spending, nukes [sic], by Sebastian Sprenger, Defense News, December 8, 2021]. France is gripped by a nationalist challenge to President Emmanuel Macron. Macron’s initial “Jupiterian” pretensions to strong leadership have been replaced by an inconsistency as he flounders from crisis to crisis and flails wildly on immigration [Macron election warning: Leader ‘pleased no one’ in France with immigration stance, by Tom Hussey, Express, October 31, 2021]. Poland, Hungary, and the Baltic states are on the front line of any potential conflict with Russia, but Brussels (and Washington) threaten their sovereignty more than does Moscow [A discomfort with Western liberalism is growing in Eastern Europe, by Joanna Kakissis, NPR, December 4, 2021]. Besides, which European countries specifically will march to defend Ukraine?

What of the U.S.? Even the most naïve American patriots, who might have been willing to fight for a foolish cause in the past, are being purged from the armed forces [Is The US Military Being Purged Of Rightists? By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative, March 23, 2021]. The military’s top “enlisted” leader is furrowing his brow about more “extremism trainings” that soldiers need to be forced to sit through [Some Troops See Capitol Riot, BLM Protests as Similar Threats, Top Enlisted Leader Says, by Stephen Losey, Military, March 19, 2021]. Senator Tom Cotton has cited hundreds of alleged complaints from service members about “woke ideology” indoctrination [Hundreds of Troops Complain About ‘Woke’ Racism, Extremism Training, Cotton Claims, by Jacqueline Feldscher, Defense One, June 11, 2021]. Thousands of sailors, Marines, and airmen are refusing the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate, risking a discharge [Vaccine holdouts in Navy, Marines hit 19,000 as deadline passes to comply with mandate, by Alex Horton, The Washington Post, December 4, 2021]. President Biden, who may be more on-the-ball than his critics think, may have ruled out American troops on the ground precisely because he knows this country can no longer project power against a credible enemy.

Conservatism Inc. is of course claiming that President Biden is weak and demanding more militant action against Vladimir Putin. National Review is naturally eager for conflict, once again making comparisons to Munich:

Regime toady Lowry writes:

It’s possible for a political leader to be a robust nationalist and social conservative without jailing the political opposition, assassinating critics, invading and dismembering neighboring countries, enriching a kleptocracy, and installing a de facto dictator for life.

Oh yeah? If we take Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, that’s not enough to keep Washington from trying to overthrow your government by funding opposition media, something that would certainly qualify as “interfering in foreign elections” [Hungary accuses US of meddling in election, by Lili Bayer, Politico, November 16, 2017]. (It’s important to note that this continued even under the Trump Administration—another failure by the former president to pay attention to what his own bureaucracy was doing).

Putin’s actions may be authoritarian, though Russia is hardly a totalitarian state. Besides, what Russian could regard the expansion of NATO to his country’s very borders as anything but a threat [NATO’s Enlargement and Russian Perceptions of Eurasian Political Frontiers, by Igor Zevelev, George Marshall Center for Security Studies]?

In “Our Democracy,” it’s also a bit rich to allude to Putin “jailing the political opposition” when it is Washington DC that swoops upon random Americans, throws them in jail, allows them to reportedly be beaten and tortured by resentful Third World guards, and blesses selective political violence against them.

In what sense is the Potomac Regime somehow more legitimate than Vladimir Putin’s regime [With Zero Moral Authority Left, The Globalist American Empire is Doomed to Fail at Home and Abroad, Revolver, February 2, 2021]? America looks better only compared to true dystopias like some of the subjugated countries of Western Europe, where free speech has been utterly abolished.


What constitutes a nation anyway? The Ukrainian people’s right to self-determination is unquestionable, but many of those in “eastern Ukraine” do not consider themselves Ukrainian. The separatist republics in the east (the “Donetsk People’s Republic” and the “Luhansk People’s Republic”) consider Russian their main language.

Those who claim “democracy” is at stake should remember that the only reason the crisis occurred is because an actual violent insurrection with actual “far-right” support against an elected government was successfully carried out in the 2014 Maidan coup—and it was cheered on and backed by the United States.

Let’s consider a thought experiment. If the January 6 riot had been an actual “insurrection” that took over the government through violence, and it had been materially backed by Russia and/or China, what would Democrats do? Would California or New York simply shrug and accept it as legitimate? The Regime Media and the politicians they control have very selective outrage when it comes to the evils of an insurrection against a democracy.

The Biden Administration is reportedly seeking a way out of the crisis by suggesting Ukraine recognize reality and cede some control over the eastern territories, which it doesn’t really control in any event [Biden Admin May Push Ukraine to Relinquish Control over Eastern Territory: Report, by Zachary Evans, December 9, 2021].

Let me be clear–I believe President Biden should be praised for this. But many Republicans and Conservative Inc. spokesmen are howling for more militant action, with Tucker Carlson (as usual) being one of the few people who recognize it is no longer 1981 [Tucker Carlson: US would gain nothing in confrontation with Russia, Fox News, December 8, 2021].

For this, some call Carlson a “Kremlin propogandist” [Tucker Carlson Is America’s Most Watched Kremlin Propogandist, by William Saletan, Slate, December 10, 2021]. If the journalists get their war, I would take a certain grim satisfaction in knowing that it would be the patriots who would be banned from the military for political reasons. A draft of journalists and those who receive preferential racial treatment from the Potomac Regime would be appropriate. Those whom our rulers serve should be the ones who have to go fight their Regime’s overseas adventures.

Yet while I wouldn’t fight for Donbas, I don’t want to dismiss Ukrainian nationalists. While I don’t think the borders of Ukraine extend to the “people’s republics,” there is a Ukrainian nation, and Russian imperialism would be as noxious as Washington DC’s imperialism.

If there’s one thing the world needs less of, it’s Americans offering suggestions to the rest of the world. I must therefore beg forgiveness of Eastern European comrades for the following unsolicited advice:

Well-meaning and brave patriots in Ukraine who look to the U.S. for help should remain cautious. Depending on who holds sway in the Biden Administration, or if a more hawkish GOP reclaims power in 2022, they may get enough military backing that they could maintain a hold over the resentful Russian-speaking populations in the east. Unfortunately, this would not mean the preservation of Ukrainian military independence. It would simply mean trading the more insidious and destructive form of colonial rule from Washington and Brussels rather than Moscow.

If those in Eastern Europe feel themselves (accurately) surrounded by foes on both sides, perhaps it is time to resurrect the Intermarium concept for a confederation that would allow Eastern Europe (including Western Ukraine) to be a strong enough power to resist both Russia and the United States. [Imagined Geographies of Central and Eastern Europe: The Concept of Intermarium, The Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies March 2019]

Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary should be wary of “Western” support. The same forces that might protect them against Russian troops and Belarussian-transported migrants today will be the same ones forcing Third World immigration onto their countries tomorrow.

For Eastern Europeans forced into a losing game of choosing between Washington and Moscow, the only winning move may be not to play at all.

It’s not just Moscow and Minsk that are capable of waging “hybrid warfare” against you.

Indeed, here in “Our Democracy,” it sometimes feels like the Regime is waging “hybrid warfare” against its own citizens.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him | Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[116] • Disclaimer says:

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that these “journalists” working on international issues (like the ones mentioned in this article) at places like Axios, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, et al., are fully-funded operatives of the National Security State. They live in NW D.C., UES, Brookline (when they’re at Camelot High a/k/a Harvard’s JFK School) and are a product of extended phenotypes of rootless cosmopolitanism.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  2. What does Kirkpatrick mean by his map of his proposed Intermarium, with its 3 color-coded turns? He doesn’t explain. He also lists Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine in that federation, as well as taking Crimea away from Russia, despite its population voting overwhelmingly to leave dysfunctional Ukraine. By his quick action after the Kiev junta, Putin indicated that Crimea is not up for negotiation – not with Russia’s critically important Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol.

    This post-WWI Polish scheme failed to be achieved, made null and void by the USSR. What would make its success more likely now? If Russia doesn’t go for it, and they won’t, it is nothing but a pipe dream. The chances of the dis-United States breaking up are much better. I support EVERY soldier who refuses Biden’s dangerous experimental shot. If they stick to their guns, Biden’s illegitimate regime can’t court martial them all. And if no white kids join Biden/Austin’s clown show, what chance do the pregnant women, homosexuals, and “people of color” have against a powerful foe like Russia?

    One last point: What makes Kirkpatrick believe that Biden is “more on-the-ball than his critics think?” He only repeats what is written on the tele-prompter and can’t even do a decent job at that. Or could he be playing rope-a-dope like Muhammad Ali when he came off the ropes to knock out George Foreman?

  3. Chris Moore says: • Website

    European and American pundits and politicians beat their chest about confronting this new form of “hybrid warfare” [“Hybrid warfare” in Belarus tests West, by Zachary Basu, Axios, November 11, 2021]. Yet what exactly is different from what Belarus was trying to do than what “Western” governments themselves inflict on their own population? President Lukashenko should have simply laundered the migrants through a “Non-Governmental Organization.” He could have had Western governments themselves (or George Soros) paying for his actions.

    ((Soros)) is part of ZOG, not acting independently. So in addition to being a hypocrite, ZOG is schizophrenic.

    So we have mentally ill, schizophrenic hypocrites running the West. And that’s how it’s been since WW2.

  4. @Anonymous

    Potomac is now more like Potomkin Village

  5. Russia has a naval base in Crimea, and has a long history in the region. Many of the residents of SE Ukraine are russophones and russophiles.
    Kiev, and western Ukraine, are different in many ways from the SE part of the country, and have traditionally been more western/earopean in their outlook and culture, and that has contributed to the Maidan revolution.
    Although Kiev’s turn to the west is not a bad thing, and can in fact be good for them and for the west, western leaders are foolish to think that Russia should just roll over and allow a vastly different political ideology to push right up to their critical military infrastructure. Not going to happen.
    When Kruschev tried to base missiles in Cuba, did the United States stand for it? Absolutely not – it was too damn close to us.
    By the same token, Russia cannot and will not leave Crimea. Its intransigence on this matter isn’t impelled by a desire to be confrontational but by necessity.
    A sensible policy for western powers would be to encourage a political division of some sort between the west and east parts of Ukraine, perhaps along the Dnieper river, and to work with Russia, Europe, Kiev and the eastern and western loving people of present-day Ukraine to achieve a political division solution to this problem.

    Kiev simply cannot hold onto its southeast region, because its new government doesn’t have the loyalty of the people of that region. And conversely, people in the southeast cannot live in perpetual resistance to the government they nominally live under.
    Russia isn’t interested in having assimilating Ukraine – Putin would be overjoyed to merely have east Ukraine behave as it did formerly – under Russia’s influence. As for Russian oil and gas, the flows will be manipulated to Russia’s advantage no matter what – until the western customers increasingly turn to other sources of pipelines and, increasingly, other modes of energy production. The fact that at this point in time Russia is able to use fossil fuels as a method of extortion is not a problem that is worth fighting about. It’s power in that sense will dwindle over time, and sooner rather than later.

    Mr. President, don’t let Ukraine be a source of confrontation with Russia. It simply isn’t necessary to treat Russia as an enemy. Not because of some naive idea that Putin is a swell guy or the Russian system of government is a good one, but because it’s just not a problem for the United States. The only people who want to ensure that it continues to be thought one are your deep state enemies in our own government.

  6. My migration crisis plan, from several years back.

    We should be fair about our analysis of the migrants. But one need not be a terrorist to be unhelpful, expensive, disruptive, destabilizing and detrimental to European culture – the most common Mideastern/North African/Islamic values, mindset and lifestyle can be quite enough. Europeans are well within their rights to decide which, if any, foreign citizens without proper documentation they want to allow entry into their countries. Although analysis of the situation is right and necessary, the top priority right now should be for the EU and UN to implement a system for immediate transport of all people who show up uninvited on Europe’s doorstep to a faraway place, fingerprinting, photographing and identifying them, quickly transporting economic migrants back home, and humanely detaining and caring for refugees. The processing and sanctuary center should have a temperate climate, be far enough away from Europe and migrants’ places of origin so that leakage in and out is prevented, and a place with enough space and stability that control can be maintained without political problems and where compensatory agreements can be attractive to the host. Large South American countries come to mind as possibilities. The refugees would not be allowed to melt into the country’s native population and infrastructure: the intention is to provide sanctuary for those who need it, not to provide ‘a better life’ or to victimize the host country economically or culturally.. Implementation of this system would be cost-shared among all signatory countries and would eliminate the infighting and giant mess we currently see. Economies of scale would keep the cost down, and once the system was understood, migrant numbers would decrease dramatically – to the benefit of Europe (and in some ways the migrants themselves) and the detriment of smugglers.
    Perhaps one of the most important benefits, although intangible and difficult to measure, would be the restoration of confidence in Europe’s citizens that their government is performing its function, has not abrogated its responsibility to them, and that their laws have meaning.
    With this ethically sound, effective and feasible system implemented, all other good and helpful actions in regard to any of these people that may be decided by any country’s citizens would still be possible.
    Leaders – why wait? The costs of delay are enormous.

  7. This is highly speculative of course, but it’s possible that in the future, as the west continues to degenerate, central/eastern europe’s resistance to third world migration and cultural degradation may make it the last bastion of ‘western’ values and the locus of civilization’s eventual resurgence.

  8. It would make sense – historically and culturally – to lump together
    Poland and West Ukraine; you realize though that this “Intermarium”
    would have no mare to be inter: The Baltic coast is East Germany and
    the Black Sea one is Noworossija (Priss, Prince Potemkin built Sewastopol –
    the strongest sea fortress on the Black Sea, within three years – and Dniepropetrowsk
    for Catherine the Great – whom he also served in other ways; certain
    (((interests))) found it apt to malign him).
    – It is understandable to not want to be ground fine between Germany and
    Russia, but leaning on USrael is a recipe for disaster.
    (The German Greens are holding back NS2 but they are violently shaking
    the slap-in-the-face tree).
    A “Danube Confederation” might hold more promise.

  9. El Dato says:

    How is the Intermarium supposed to work when even Austria-Hungary exploded into many splinters back in ’18 and it was composed to people far less diverse?

    Not that it would have any chance to come to fruition in any case. Uncle Shmuel would run so much interference that you would have a Yougoslav situation from north to south sooner rather than later.

  10. neutral says:

    By now places like Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states should be able to see just how fanatically left wing the US and EU regimes are. The fact that persist with their 18 century geopolitics games tells me they are more than happy to transform their lands into what UK, USA, France have become. They cannot have such moronic and naive leadership if they seriously think they will not suffer the same fate by being US and EU puppets.

  11. onebornfree says: • Website

    “….here in “Our Democracy,” it sometimes feels like the Regime is waging “hybrid warfare” against its own citizens.”

    Well, duh! Whodathunkit?????????

    It “Sometimes feels”? Really James,it only “sometimes feels”?

    The refusal of people like Kirkpatrick to comprehend the true fundamental nature of that which they idolize – the state, (while pretending to hate it), is truly mind-numbing.

    Here are a few clues as to that true nature for you James:

    “The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.”Murray Rothbard

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” From: “Our Enemy The State” by Albert J. Nock:

    “The government is good at one thing. It knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say, “See if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk”.”
    Harry Browne

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    “Regards” onebornfree

  12. A very shoddy article.

    Let’s consider a thought experiment. If the January 6 riot had been an actual “insurrection” that took over the government through violence

    The events of January 6 were a protest, not a riot. The protesters were let into the building by police, and, when asked to leave, they did so. No discernible damage was done. Why is Kirkpatrick still repeating the canard that it was a riot ?

    Well-meaning and brave patriots in Ukraine who look to the U.S. for help should remain cautious. Depending on who holds sway in the Biden Administration, or if a more hawkish GOP reclaims power in 2022, they may get enough military backing that they could maintain a hold over the resentful Russian-speaking populations in the east

    The person who wrote this has little grasp of military, economic and political reality
    The Russian military is 5x that of Ukraine. Russia has >10x the number of planes, and many times the number of tanks. Russia has some of the most up-to-date military equipment in the world. Its troops are well-trained and motivated. It has massive military superiority in Eastern Europe.
    Ukraine is the poorest or second poorest ( depending on definition ) country in Europe. Military morale is low. Equipment is largely antiquated.

    Russia has a far bigger GDP. It has a resilient economy, a large trade surplus, and low public debt ( about 12% of GDP ). It has sailed through all the sanctions thrown by the West. Seeing off a basket case like the Ukraine, preferably without a war, will be done quickly and effectively.

    Russia has already indicated what its lines in the sand are. No further eastward expansion of NATO ( including the Ukraine ), and implementation of the Minsk Agreement. The US has already told Ukraine it won’t join NATO for at least 10 years ( that is NEVER ) Also, the West has already indicated that it will not intervene in a Russia-Ukraine war.

    There are only two things that could cause a war. Firstly, Ukrainian forces invade the Donbas, resulting in a counter-offensive by the Russians. This is what the Russians have said they would do if the Donbas is invaded. Secondly, the Ukrainians continue not to implement the Minsk Agreement. The Russians formally annex the Donbas to Russia. The Ukrainians then invade. Result: massive Ukrainian military defeat and probable collapse of Ukraine. However, given their great military weakness, they may not invade and be forced to acquiesce in the annexation. Either way, game over.

    If those in Eastern Europe feel themselves (accurately) surrounded by foes on both sides, perhaps it is time to resurrect the Intermarium concept for a confederation

    This is complete fantasy, with no grounding in reality.

  13. Fuzzbaby says:

    Essentially Poland, Hungary and Ukraine would be wise to understand that the ultimate threat to their way of life would be an attack on their traditional Christian European values via western cultural perversion and degeneracy and of course immigration from non-white countries.

    Making alliance’s and accepting anything from Washington , EU, Nato will be done with strings attached and that means erasing autonomy and playing ball with the rest of Europe and Washington on key issues like allowing waves of non-whites to rape and pillage the country and along with the decadent cultural erosion such as permitting gays to be legitimized and embracing feminism to drive down birth rates.

    These old European adversaries need to get street smart and not allow themselves to be played by Biden and the others. They need to understand they have much more in common and share over-arching interests that outweigh the carnage that awaits them if they continue to fight among themselves moving closer to the NATO. This will only beneift NATO and Washington and all the third worlders lining up on the peers to board waiting boats. Europeans should not be fighting each other..

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