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The Unz Review has replaced the Nitwit Times as America’s Newspaper of Record. As the thinking man’s publication. Where the intellectually curious come to consume the outpourings of the audacious and eloquent about issues that matter the most and are most twisted by the mainstream gatekeepers.

Its eponymous founder appears a passionate archivist, collecting and then rendering public the politically incorrect periodicals of the past. Were he also a passionate activist and organizer, the Unz publication would have become what all publications of its caliber inevitably become, a source of political revolution.

For the Bolsheviks it was the Novyi Mir published in New York in 1916, with contributions from Trotsky, Gorky, and Lenin, that helped the Czar meet his end. In the year 2000, a clique of Commentary magazine hacks came to rule the political roost under the “neocon” moniker.

The Unz Review boasts Buchanan, Atzmon, Cockburn, Shamir, Mercer, L. Dinh, C.J Hopkins, PC Roberts, Cook, Escobar, Giraldi. Collectively their insight is astonishing, individually they are syndicated only on alternative circuits. As a movement, they have no impact in the real world, but even digitally, no echo beyond the bounds of loyal readers. The insights found on the Unz Review resonate largely in the glial cells of erudites to the right-of-center while even mainstream conservatives who have mastered the internet’s patchwork of ideological ghettos are immured in a binary silo. The ultimate prize, the link between action and lecture is a left-of-center monopoly.

The closest anyone’s come to breaking this mould is a trifecta of brash, head-strong, ignorant, inchoate and young outsiders – Andrew Anglin, Adam Green, Nicholas Fuentes.

Together with Andrew Auernheimer, Anglin’s DailyStormer was the first publication with a significant online readership to be subject to massive cyberwar and to have emerged unscathed, alive and kicking. The first to have made a dent in the noosphere of their generation by translating online trolling into – however limited- real world activism.

By what dint, by what sleight-of-hand – was it Aurnheimer’s FBI rep-sheet and louche work in Neo-Zio-Nazi Ukraine or Andrew Anglin’s network of resourceful co-editors- they managed to survive a full-blown de-platforming dwarfing that to which Trump was subject to following January 6th, remains a mystery.

Unlike the Trumpkin purge, in 2017 the DailyStormer was blocked by internet providers throughout the world. It was subject to a coordinated attack from the ADL, SPLC, GAFA, and Trump’s DOJ (FBI). The site moved from domain to domain, tapped into the State Department sponsored Tor browser, Russia’s VK, kept a life-line on Gab (from which Aurnheimer was removed after what Torba interpreted as a provocation or incitement), dozens of phony accounts on Twitter, and a separate website to update users of its whereabouts. Andrew Anglin began to wax about his personal life on a personal blog, revealing the disconnect between his life in Africa and Asia and his political views. His family in California was doxed brutally, harassed, brutally.

Anglin’s content resembled that of sites which were contemporary to the DailyStormer (or from which it may have plagiarized or been inspired) but lacked the Stormer’s flair and meme bombing abilities. Indebted in its spirit to Auernheimer’s pranks, the comedy of Sam Hyde, and the parodist DailyShoa, the DailyStormer was never convincingly Neo-Nazi, bearing no resemblance to the FBI-run StormFront from which the word “Storm” was borrowed.

With time, and under intense international pressure, Andrew Anglin’s work went from mere provocation, to a vertically integrated factory of online warfare, churning out concept and image to mount a systematic challenge to America’s newspeak and doublethink. What it lacked in respectability it made up in influence, and Andrew Anglin’s initial objective, to transform a generation’s political symbolism, met with success.

Without passing judgment, the content of Anglin’s philosophy is not merely to moan about the collapse of freedom of expression in the West, but to mount a direct challenge to it; resulting in a perfect mirror-image of everything the New York Times and America’s moribund White middle class culture embodies.

To reduce Anglin’s work to mere hatred, to showmanship, to attention-whoring, is to suffer from a turgid form of humorlessness. To take at face value the DailyStormer’s professed political stance is to misunderstand the nature of the digital world. Without the DailyStormer, its surprisingly effective outreach to Zoomers and Millenials alike, there would be no Adam Green, no “Know More News.”

Resembling a Viking from one angle, the obsession with Jewishness and the perhaps pseudonymous “Green” spark suspicions of Jewish blood from another. The San Marcos California address, the picture with a newborn, the continued presence on Twitter, suggest a sophisticated front, or a simple one-man (or one couple) vlogger who keeps his personal life out of public view while exercising his civil rights in the proper manner required of transparency.

Mr. Green can be lauded for ostensibly not retreating into the anonymity shell, or simply complimented on not having to do so. Some remain uncertain on how to interpret the absence of any personal consequences considering the likes of Andy Ngo, but Green cannot be doxed, and he makes sure he gives no reasons for it. His output is carefully worded, avoids slurs, incitement, and falling foul of whatever user guidelines GAFA imposes.

Until recently, Green maintained a presence on YouTube. In sticking to a matter-of-fact presentation of primary source material, avoiding inflammatory statements, focusing on interrogation, foibling the pronunciations of Hebrew, Yiddish, and even English proper nouns and SAT vocabulary (either deliberately or through ignorance) Green managed to adhere to YouTube’s user policy staving off the kind of de-platforming to which anyone producing similar content is subject. His approach is one of politeness, and of restrained commentary. Not only does he walk a fine line, his own political views are open ended, commonsensical, toned down.

On Twitter Green assiduously avoids using the word “Jew,” or any terms which Twitter’s Hindu employees are trained to flag, just as in his videos he prefers “Jayish, “J’ish,” or J-ish. An early user of Gab, where he has, unlike so many who originally flocked to it in the wake of the Charlottesville purge, an active feed, Green relies heavily on BitChute, and more recently on random streamers, but his videos are reposted on YouTube by what is a surprisingly broad mix of American and international fans of his work.

Unlike the DailyStormer, Green’s work focuses exclusively on Jews and the influence of Judaism (as Green distorts it) on Jewish minds in exercising political power in America and the world.

While Adam Green is not known to have referenced the role of the DailyStormer (and its precursors) in his own work, eschewing any ties to “White Supremacists” or racialism, it would be a mistake to imagine him crawling out of nowhere. A random surfer, surfboard in hand, random coast, brought in with a random tide?

The naive long-haired Californian washed out in uneventful suburbia between San Diego and Orange County, with only Legoland and South Ponto beach for kicks, is the mainstay of Hezbollah, AOC, and Kevin MacDonald, his work commanding equal attention from “Anti-Zionist” “experts” and stay-at-home gooners-cum-political-know-it-alls.

Green doesn’t formulate his message, and doesn’t even seem to have one! He grimaces puzzlement, repeats question for emphasis, faints moderated outrage or quotes verbatim – with significant monotony- the putatively offensive words of some “Jay” played a moment ago on his screen. Behind this faux awkwardness is a persistence that distinctly comes across as non-individual. What kind of day job pays for the long hours of observation and video editing his work presumes?

Like Andrew Anglin, Adam Green is a man of the digital world relying on digital media to circumvent the traditional ones of rags, radios, and broadcasts. A member of the desired 1% of the internet digerati whose work is consumed by 99% of internet users (where 99% of bloggers are read by less than 10 people) Green makes no attempt at real world political activity or organization, but succeeds in nourishing the bile and spleen of politically marginal groups with tedious collages of Jewish villainy.

Like Andrew Anglin, Green reaches out to audiences far beyond coastal Southern California with a message challenging the mainstream by uncompromisingly, albeit quixotically, waxing pale about its biggest Scared Cow. It appears that by merely playing his cards carefully, he avoids the noose. His noxiousness to Jewish political interests, and his broader international outreach could have had him hanging long ago.

Nicholas Fuentes doesn’t hide behind monitors. Starting his career with one of America’s largest Israeli sponsored student organizations – Turning Point USA (TPUSA) – Fuentes may not advertise his supposed address as courageously as Adam Green, but his life is that of a public man who takes his message to the street, soap-box and boxing gloves in tow.

Fuentes made headlines when he turned on Turning Point by challenging its leader – Charlie Kirk – to public debate about the organizations warped priorities. With a vast sum of money literally paying for escort girl s to blow money into jejune crowds, TPUSA is a RINO institution with the usual patronage scheme of Dershowitz, GOP, Fox News, etc, and exists to bring college conservatives into line with GOP orthodoxy. TPUSA’s position on immigration, on White-bashing, on economics, and Israel, is that of John McCain, George Bush, and every corporate sponsored Ivy League/Naval Academy turd under the sun.

Fuentes provoked a furor when his followers pestered Charlie Kirk with absurdly simple questions about TPUSA’s Zio-centrism, and their infamy earned them – both from within the ranks and outside- the epithet of “Groypers.”

Venue after venue, young men motivated by Fuentes’ digital homilies demonstrated the ease with which omnipotent political interests can be exposed as empty-suits by simply attending an event, raising your hand, and formulating a sentence. Vilified as Neo-Nazi and White Supremacists, the likes of the Gateway Pundit, that last bastion of “Trump will neveeeer cede” wept about Groypers “bashing” gays and Jews, but Fuentes was unstoppable. His assaults un-grafted the scion from the rootstock, and Rhinotopia was brutally, and instantly severed from the Zoomerverse. Red Pilled, White Pilled, Black pilled, based and woke – the ADL’s churned out a whole “Medical Cabinet” of “Extremist” shibboleths wincing under the onslaught of real-world activism guided by the DLive sermons of America’s original America Firster.

Groypers were the most visible under-thirties fighting the Steal alongside the likes of Alex Jones. They were the Zoomer contingent on the street. They eschewed violence, wanting to be heard, not incarcerated. Imposing themselves via presence and discourse, they had given hope to even older generations both in the effective manner in which they crushed TPUSA and forced Charlie Kirk to espouse more Trumpian policies on immigration, and in which they courageously rally to the flag and the defense of Trump’s vote. In the Georgia Senate race, enough of them were written into the ballot, to have tipped the race in favor of the DNC candidate.

Currently the FBI is attempting to frame Fuentes for violence in the Capitol on January 6th. Garbage about overseas bitcoin payments that deliberately ignores that neither Fuentes nor Groypers participated in the Capitol storming is circulating in the media along with false pictures of Fuentes on the Capitol lawn. The objective is to kowtow all political opposition in the country by smothering Fuentes’ rising star. To discourage interest in the movement to slow down and discredit both Fuentes and his ideas, to infiltrate his followers, find a way to control the self-described “Afro-Latino” Neo-Nazi tongue-cheeker and to eliminate him from the political landscape.

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes is a phenomenon. In a world where the monitor has become the norm, his flesh and soil approach to politics reflects both his leanings and his aspirations. A gifted rhetorician, potentially the voice of a Nation, his youth and inexperience are likely to be outweighed by his persistence and drive towards an inevitable political career.

Questions of influence arise.

Andrew Anglin’s dependency on Auerheimer is not dissimilar to the charge made against Adam Green, by a certain “David Goldberg,” that Mr. Green is an agent provocateur. Some of Green’s fanboys were puzzled, but then responded that Goldberg was actually Green’s alter-ego, with Green having synched Goldberg’s voice as a sly prank against himself.

A nice story, and complete gibberish since the Goldberg video is dated to September 2019, and bears an ever-so-slight Slavic accent. Goldberg’s picture is the deceased husband of Sharil Sandberg – CEO of Facebook – which makes Goldberg’s prediction of Corona in the very same video, both uncanny and worthy of investigation.

The question of provocateurs, informers, plants, and moles is as inevitable as it is persnickety. Smaller fry have been incinerated for smaller transgressions, and it is perfectly legitimate to wonder how some avoid de-platforming, media vilification, or outright doxing and violence, while others rot in prison for spurious charges concocted by FBI infiltrators. After all, it was the ADL which spearheaded the effort against Andrew Anglin to both incarcerate him, harass his Californian family, and to digitally annihilate him and his work on the mere pretext of his specific reaction (read: opinion) to the Charlottesville hoax. At his peak Anglin’s site had the reach of Adam Green’s KnowMoreNews, who similar to the Unz Review (whose intellectuals have far outdone, albeit syllogistically, the incitements of the DailyStormer) has yet to fall prey to any such pressure from the ADL.

Ron Unz’ Jewishness might explain his specific situation, as well as why Moody’s has never faced organized pressure to renege on their long-term financial dealings which presumably underpin some part of Unz’s expenditures on the Review. Adam Green is a gentile, and it’s only natural to ask why the ADL doesn’t focus on Green anymore than Alex Jones (flaccidly labeling the bellowing bloviant as a mere “Right Wing conspiracist”). Do Jones’s ties to powerful Jewish patrons also render him exempt from the “Anglin Treatment?” Or does the retirement center from which the ADL is run suffer a selective internet connection?

Goldberg’s warning about the Coronavirus and the draconian censorship to which internet voices challenging a ZOG narrative would be subject cum 2020, hasn’t aged that badly, and questions about KnowMoreNews’s integrity aren’t off the table.

Consider the immediate victims of Adam Green’s work.

InfoWars was Edgar Bronfman’s brainchild. The National Enquirer’s cyber doppelganger. Its 2016 role in helping elect Trump cannot be overstated, and in his own whimsical way Adam Green destroyed this pill-pandering no-humor knockoff of SNL precisely when it mattered the most.

In 2020 it wasn’t merely Millie Weaver who knee-capped InfoWars on the eve of the election. It is Adam Green’s steady criticism of Jones that gnawed away at it for more than a year. Just as Fuentes smashed Charlie Kirk’s credibility, so Adam Green cast Owen Shroyer, David Knight, and Joseph Paul Watson into the digital ditch.

Qui bono?

Adam Green always considered Trump an impostor. He cited Putin, Russia, Chabbad, the Kushners, and Trump’s own groveling to the Lobby as proof of RussianGate, comporting with Goldberg’s aetheric incuplations of Green serving the interests of the sly, brooding, hidden hand of ZOG.

So would an omniscient ZOG pit one fake anti-Semite against the real world Israeli-centric network into which InfoWars and its staff are embedded? The Rebel Media, Tommy Robinson, Pamela Geller/Horowitz wheel of which Alex Jones is a spoke?

Theories being theories, this dirty laundry isn’t fully washed yet. Green vs. Goldberg might be for 2022.

It’s the Groypers who are now in the ADL’s cross-hairs, and the FBI’s and Congress’ focus on Fuentes is the result. It was unlikely that the successful take-down of TPUSA would go unpunished, and someone at First Avenue had to push the red button.

In December Nick Fuentes locked arms with Ali Alexander, demoting Groyper Racial Policy in favor of Fighting the Steal. Fuentes’ has no qualms about dismissing homosexuals, women, and just about anyone he doesn’t like, from his vicinity, but swarthy Alexander was Sidney Powell’s aid-de-camp, behind whom looms Mike Flynn.

An Israel-firster, Flynn has been the Deep State’s life-long errand boy, no different from Biden or Elizabeth deVos. A member of Alex Jones’ “the Chicom’s-did-it” clique who find it easier to proffer blarney about Hugo Chavez (who actually banned Smartmatic from his country – yes you dumb morons), than point a finger at the Negro Thiefs of the election (incidentally while we are at it, Ashli Babbitt’s murderer was a black BLM activist, per Groyper sources) from the offices of Sidney Powell Flynn led the failed effort by military cyber-has-beens to entrap the DNC in a Voter Fraud sting operation. Ali Alexander would have been the darling paper pusher in these offices, and privy to Flynn’s, and Powell’s deepest secrets.

Whatever his espoused principles, in the streets of Atlanta, Arizona, and Washington DC Nicholas J. Fuentes fought the Steal in Alexander’s and Alex Jone’s company from whose bowels issued Steve Pieczenick’s lies about Block-chain secured ballots, and fables about QAnon and Ezra Wienick Cohen being Trump’s Savior in the Deep State. Which is to say Fuentes fought the Steal in the company of Adam Green’s arch-nemesis.

How’s that for the Israeli lobby having cornered every corner of the street?

If a single string of Ariadne connects this plectic web of eclectic nodes, it must be string that is a thousand miles long. Common Sense tells us there is a there, but it’s probably an abbreviation, and not a whole adverb or exclamation.

Speculation about the insincerity or complexity of the social ties of Andrew Anglin, Adam Green, or Nick Fuentes are a rabbit hole. Even with Patreon, readers know nothing about the financial situation of freelancers and no “alternative” webzine makes public, annually, either its expenditures or its receipts.

The salaries of TV anchors and radio hosts are public knowledge, e.g. Joe Rogan’s \$100 million deal with Spotify. E very single one of the individuals who influences America’s masses is worth more than 10 million dollars. Money is the source of control in our society, and Mainstream Media is the one who is transparent about it. The alternative – isn’t.

InfoWars, RebelMedia, Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, even the venerable Unz, their workings are anyone’s guess, and ripe for speculation. Who gets paid for what and how much? Enough to live by? Most opinions are bought, so what’s the running price?

Public fundraising drives are often matched by private donors, who insist on anonymity. What’s the editorial margin of influence? What’s the salary of a Joseph Paul Watson or Michelle Malkin? Only idiots believe it doesn’t matter.

In our world, control passes through finance, and even Wikileaks, whose business it was to expose everyone else’s business, kept its budget firmly under wraps.

The Cold War imposed a certain modus operandi on America, and full-spectrum dominance means that many a man rises and falls not by his own will, but by invisible forces of which he is not aware. Dark money is its modus, dark money is its operandi. Financial illiteracy is the excuse of the masses. What’s the excuse of the cognoscenti?

Only that everyone who inevitably rises to prominence in the game, benefits from its darkness. Cognoscenti, writers, publishers, moderators – everyone.

Antifa’s finance is deliberately obscured. As is that of the Hell’s Angels. Their strings are easily pulled. Was Enrique Tarrio entrapping the Proud Boys, or running on empty? Thomas Caldwell swearing two oaths at once? Is it relevant that Whitney Webb’s father was a lawyer working on CIA cases? That Mnar Muhawesh’s abaya gives MintPress away? (coincidentally, who is the American Vagabond?) Or for that matter, do any “former” CIA agents like Philip Giraldi ever quit the Firm? How much of their work is personal, how much Corporate, how much is personal but used by the Corporation?

The answers are always about money and contracts, and from the biggest critics of Capitalism (e.g. Democracy Now), to its biggest supporters, scribblers and celebrities s of every hue and stripe, from top to bottom of the income pyramid, are equally scrupulous, equally disingenuous about their “private affairs,” and their remuneration. YouTube decided to flag content sponsored by foreign governments, but it is the private sector, not governments, which control, shape, and channel public opinion. It is private actors, with their ties to private interests that are the true handmaidens of governments and statesmanship.

Some of these actors arise organically, out of nowhere, and are accepted by the powers that be. Some are introduced by influential public figures and seek the acceptance of the masses. Some of them are full time promoters, others full time objurgators. Among the later there are those who challenge the very core of a civilization’s way of being, and in doing so they most closely resemble that group of men, which is traditionally referred to as – Prophets. These appeal to both the rulers of the land and the land’s lowliest outcasts. They possesses an uncommon energy distinguishing them from the reactionary priests and a single-mindedness alienating them from calculating decision makers; traits which drive Prophets beyond themselves, irrationally, but persistently, towards a goal of which neither them, nor anyone but The One can be aware.

The role of a prophet is to be a Or Ha-Goyim (אור לגויים) – a “Light to the Nations,” and it is a misunderstanding that this is a Jewish to gentile condescension.

A prophet, or a Navi (נביא) is Divinely “inspired,” and there are at least seven known by name in the Torah who were not Jewish, e.g. Job and Jethro.

Nevi’im aren’t saints. They are not perfect. They are not tzadikim. Neither Moses nor Zachariah were. Their prophecies are not about the future that is to be. They chastise, they scold, they pound their fists about the present, and they stand at the rostrum spewing venom and caveats about what the future can never become. They are ignored, spat upon, partial to rulers and against them simultaneously. They are owned, and they own in their turn.

Anglin, Green, and Fuentes are unlikely candidates for prophet-hood, but the Torah’s definition of the Nevi’im (נביאים) is neither Christian nor Muslim. Not Jesus, not Mohammed, but a herald. Each of these boys/men(?) have (in their own way), formulated and communicated with the American people (and not only American) ideas transformative of the American body politic in the fashion of a historical drama which is coming to a head, from which America, the new Rome, cannot be extricated. They may not obtain a portion of the World to Come, but they’ve certainly marked their turf in the Olam HaZeh (העולם הזה) the World that Is.

Nicholas Fuentes’ inspiration is an avowed Christian faith. His interjection of “Jesus is Lord” reverberates oddly in the whining of Mike Flynn, Alex Jones, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell as they sobbingly exhort Trump supporters to “pray, pray, pray, pray for our Country,” in refusing to accept the Triumph of the DNC’s Fraud.

Andrew Anglin appears to be a professing atheist, but his response to the Steal was a massive outpouring of Gospel quotes.

Adam Green occasionally speaks of Christians as a persecuted group, and mentions Jesus from time to time.

From a Torah perspective, neither of the three have a ruach nevuah. They do boast what is cal bat kol, or the “echo” of prophecy. According to Rambam prophecy is not a form of “Divine inspiration” distinct from the workings of human reason, for Rambam teaches that all human intellect is of Divine origin.

The greatest of the gentile prophets in the Torah is Balaam. When asked to curse Israel, it was Balaam’s will to do so, but G-d made it impossible to utter the curse, and instead four times Balaam blessed The Nation (goy) of Israel.

The bat kol of Green, Fuentes, and Anglin is linked to the Divinity to the People of Israel not by the verisimilitude or mendacity of their outpourings, but by their struggle with Am Yisrael . Like Balaam these prophets want to curse, but their curses are the raw material of a blessing.

Balaam took his orders from Balak, the king of the Moabites, whose very name implies “Devastation.” Balak seduced and entrapped Balaam who ceded by way of opportunism. Even seduced, neither Balaam’s donkey, nor his mouth, obeyed Balaam’s, or Balak’s, designs.

Two of America’s prophets are driven by a broken spirit ( or רוח נשברה), as exemplified by their sterility. It is not that Andrew Anglin or Mr. Fuentes are incapable of finding appropriate partners, it is that they adduce to women the proof of worldly corruption in direct proportion to their own failures as men.

An Incel isn’t a male who prefers seclusion to the company of women, it is a man who transforms into hatred and ideology his inability to outgrow the universal teenage boys’ fear of girls. Everyone can be a retard, but you don’t make a selling point of it. Hating women because you can’t get any, makes you a manchild, and your followers kindermenschen. It’s a perversions incompatible with leadership.

Michelle Malkin vaguely resembles Asa Akira, so what part about her gender does Fuentes not get? And which prominent semi-mainstream conservative male figure stood up for Fuentes’ right to free speech when the TPUSA scandal hit?

The ideas and actions of incels are those of spoiled children. In a society defined by permanent childishness, this amplifies their voices but adds the shrill tone of ignorance and pugnaciousness to their thinking and action. Alex Jones is the paragon of this stunted development, and that’s where Zoomers are headed if Fuentes doesn’t get his act together.

Not wrong was Milo Yiannopoulos to speak of Fuentes’ low commitment to freedom of speech, and too cougarish is Michelle Malkin in her refusal to challenge the little boy-wonder on this issue. It’s how she justifies her mommy role. Is she trying not to lead by example?

Aping their Idol, Fuentes’ followers are punks. Conformist bottom feeders led by an Incel. Fuentes weeds out anyone with character or opinion contrary to his own. Posing as a victim of censorship, Nicks’ early record of purging the “Groyper ranks” resulted in hundreds of “members” being blacklisted and banned from his various feeds. Nick’s antics in live-chat are those of a brat contumating disagreement and preempting it by blocking users. His teenage antics of insulting war veterans from behind a monitor suggest a viscous spinal column.

Fuentes is the first post-Charlottesville personality with potential of national leadership. His work is necessary, and inevitable. Inexperience and ignorance are quintessentially youthful, but maintaining them is not.

Growing up isn’t about scoring points, it’s about developing a super-ego which suborns the id towards achieving concrete outcomes. American renewal presumes genuine commitment to the nation. Defining your message by your id, leaves no room for such a commitment. If Fuentes can’t come to term with women, his future is one of bleak disillusionment.

Incels are driven by fear. Fearing the opposite sex, an Incel locks him or herself into an exclusion spiral, and perpetuate their own frustration. Movements can’t grow through too much exclusion, and America First take note. Fuentes’ is treading on an all too well beaten path. Incels are majority women, the gender exclusion ideology being invented by Second Wave feminists.

Fuentes’ stance on the First Amendment is indebted to a feminism whose appurtenances he so ignorantly and blithely puts into practice. AOC and Hillary Clinton are fascists. Freedom for me, not for thee. Fuentes doesn’t belong to any conservative camp on this account. He’s firmly with the libtards. Since 1945 “traditionallists” are the ones who enjoy the give and take of open exchange. It’s the left which purges ranks and shouts down questions. Excludes, denigrates, and mocks. Fuentes is the pallbearer of this culture, of cancel culture, on the right. His “delete,” “mute,” hit-and-run denigration of live-chatters and Twitter followers is telling. The kid can throw a verbal punch, just don’t throw one back at him (et tu Whitney Webb?)

This contumeliousness doesn’t lend itself to a successful political career. One of Fuentes’ mottoes is “Trust the Plan.” Like the plan of the QAnon weasels who benumbed the verve of Trump supporters and diffracted their energy from active contestation of the Steal, Fuentes’ “plan” is the same bullshit with a juvenile face. Fuentes has no plan or conflates his opinions with one. A rookie who thinks his batting average is all it takes, the eventful day in which he faces a real pitcher remains inconceivable to a self-absorbed mind. Pronouncements aren’t plans. Trusting “someone’s” plan is asking an audience to become sheep. It’s Incel, cancel, antifa, insecure, and dead-end. Even Fuentes’ “Christ is lord” smacks of it.

The Christ of who, and whose lord? Which denomination, which Christianity? Does it make a difference since the Reformation makes each man his own priest, and American Evangelical Quackery makes every Quack a self-anointed savior? A Tele-Christianity which is just another every-man-for-himself consumer identity?

Fuentes “Christ is lord” is SJW. Everything is irrelevant except the solipsistic self, the gigantic suburban ego. Empty slogan – no substance. “Just Do It” “Think Different” “Where’s the Beef?” “Open Happiness” “Because You’re Worth It.”

Adam Green proudly tweeted a picture of his newborn Sophia. The Greek word suggests that Green’s Christianity, unlike that of Fuentes, may be rooted in familiarity with the Gospels or Christian practice. It may be more fully lived, and Wisdom is something to which he aspires, both philosophically, or religiously. Or it may be that he’s simply baptized his first-born, and kudos to him for having both a wife, and a child.

Green may believe that Christ opposed himself to the “J” crowd, and that Christianity is a way of stuffing the Jews, but Green forgets that the Nazarene brought an answer, and in his own naive way (seeing as he sought to cut himself off from the Am Yisrael) Yeshua preached Emet. Wisdom is sister of Truth, the two are inseparable, but for Green, Emet/Truth don’t seem to dance together.

If Fuentes is the harbinger of future American leadership, Adam Green is the herald of the fraying of the Judeo-Christian synthesis defining the American experience for most well-to-do Americans. Green’s message will not abate, and it will not disappear. Obtuse and obdurate Green will continue to expose the failures of Jews and Judaism until Moshiach himself puts an end to them.

Like all Oscar Mayer products, Green’s shtick is based on an extract of truth, and while the nutritional value is minimal it doesn’t stop the masses from splurging on it. The prices are just too good. The artificially enhanced taste makes up for the reflux.

One could pay one’s respects to Mr. Green were it not for the painful irony with which this Truth Jihadi embodies precisely the kind of hucksterism he espies in Jewish DNA. If Jewish identity in America is based on dispensing with morality on the grounds of an historical experience of which American Jews have purely symbolic “experience,” so Green’s videos of rabbis, Jewish activists, snippets from this or that book of the Tanakh or Talmud amount to a mere fantasy about a subject in which all of his accumulated work is one big twisted distortion. Green knows as much about Judaism as Oscar Mayer knows about healthy cooking.

Green’s knowledge about Jews is another matter. It is based on observation. Observation of Jewish behavior in the contemporary world. It is this which makes Green’s work an inevitable constant of the future. In so much as Jews react to Green as Green reacts to Jews, the duplicity will continue on both sides, ad infinitum.

Green knows nothing about Torah and Judaism – he judges Jews by what he sees. He doesn’t understand the context, he doesn’t understand how much he doesn’t know. His ignorance of English inflection and syllabic stress reveal him a rube among the sophisticates. He’ll pile on, pile on, pile on, as all plowmen and yeomen always did. That the Earth is round, is irrelevant to his flatness. Do rabbis’ actually quote Ramban on miscegenation? Do Jews ever talk about the “Noahide Laws” over latkes? Does the obligation to stone homosexuals find contemporary expression in hareidi quarters? Do Jews believe in our own supremacy over the goyim in the crude manner that Green’s quotes imply?

Green doesn’t care. Like all literalists, he is humorless. Always serious. On a mission. He won’t sleep until the Jews renounce their heritage. Until we cede. Until we accept his personal, whimsical interpretation of our identity, and spit on it upon his orders, so as to prove our human worth to him, this bitchute based imbecile who thinks citing a text in a language he cannot read, a religion of which he has no experience or firsthand knowledge, a people with whom he has no personal interaction, allow him to conflate personal erroneous deductions with having exposed the proverbial Elephant in the Room. As the Nazarene is said to have said “First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

In Green’s world, Jews are the Gnostic enemy. Our wrongs are the source of Earthly Evil. America’s gentiles play no role. Jews are all powerful. Gentiles fair damsels deflowered and abused. That Jews built the America in which the Greens of the world are born, the nation which is an Empire and runs the world from which every single American benefits by the favorable terms of credit the Empire offers, and that this credit indebts the Greens to those they most despise is a truth no bitter peasant can entertain.

Green needs the cash to spread his seed and reap, but he spits in the face of those who give it to him. He’d still be living on a crag in Scandinavia, or in a Seminole hut in the Everglades if it wasn’t for the intelligence and honesty of the Jews who raised his nation to its heights. Green seems to have forgotten that even peasants wash and put on fine clothes for Mass. You don’t have to love Jews to acknowledge the debt America owes our talent and creativity. We are not the Evil Green imagines us to be. We do not study the more reprehensible parts of this or that rishonim’s take on marriage, nor do we imagine applying it in practice. Our modern religious practice tends towards abstract study of the Torah. Green seems profoundly ignorant of any anthropologically.

Like Fuentes, Green attacks his opponents while emulating them. Jews are short-term jabbers bent on critiquing everything to death? (The Culture of Critique one imbecile calls it). Green is precisely that.

What is his activity if not criticizing something to death? Does his critique have an objective? An objective towards his subject? An objective for himself? If Green isn’t a living example of the supposed “Frankfurt School” attitude which every gimp who knows the term is convinced lays at the root of the destruction of the “West” then what is he?

Cheap Protestant criticism. Read the text in translation, (not being able to read the original Greek, Latin, Hebrew), and build your own church (Anglican, Lutheran, i.e. Protestantism) on the basis of your ignorant interpretation. Sure, Jews are not easy to live with. We have more flaws than most humans, as we are definitely endowed with a culture far richer and wealthier than anything our small numbers would suggest. This makes us vessels of both good and bad. Evil and Good. What of the peasants then? Are they forever to be wedded to toil, and ignorance? Are Jews to be nothing but Evil, in their eyes? Where is Green’s faith? His true faith? He makes a stink of Christian preachers teaching their flock that Jews are a better people. He’s right to. But does his own faith in the Old and New Testament deny that the burden of the Jews is greater than other Nations?

Where are all the “Race realists” and “IQ worshipers” when objective evidence is brought to bear that Jews enjoy the attributes of mind and Will which secure social dominance in greater abundance than all other nations? If, according to IQ-latry, it is inevitable and “natural” for the Negroes to submit to White “IQ supremacy” without so much as a snivel or reproach, why are high-IQ gentiles yapping at their historical, cultural, and biological superiors? Obey us gentiles! Submit. Isn’t it what you preach to others?

So too with those who espouse the Gospels in distorted ways. If you wish to oppose yourself to Jews, nothing in your faith allows you to go beyond the communal strictures of the middle ages. Our role in that world was secure, albeit unappealing. The Pope was our greatest ally. The peasant had to submit. As did the prince and the bishop.

What of your faith? Have you any, or is it all chaff? Do you not see how the Will of G-d befalls both yourselves, and us? Do you wish to excise the Old Testament from the New? Turn to your tawdry paganism or atheism in flight?

There is no need to refute Green. He’s merely doing G-d’s work in heralding a turning point for America, which has, with a single decision of its Supreme Court abolished its future.

Sodomites and dykes are free to “marry,” steal children (“adopt”), and bequeath. Jews played a part on both sides of the issue, but no mere faction from within a minority on Earth can impose its will on another nation unless its people are all annelids. Green’s vision of the issues is that of an annelid. Having no eyes nor ears he sees and hears only what he imagines to be touching with his tubular body. Annelids are hardy workers. Not tilling the soil, but part of it. Nature’s work-horses. Green is just that. His head in the soil, detached from a more complex reality.

Surprisingly, it is Andrew Anglin who is the bright spot in sordid tale of America’s demise and the Prophets who will either lead the country off the precipice or away from it.

From prankster drop-out (where was Thiel!?) to maturing adult, in the last two years Anglin has expressed, unabashedly, a desire to copulate with the hottest Latinas on snapchat and tiktok. No virgin – persiflages with Asian and African courtesans – Anglin is inexorably moving towards the discovery of intimacy. His political opinions have matured. His insights grown. Wisdom seems within reach. If he meets that special someone, will he throw in the towel, or will he find a way to continue his oeuvre bolstered by family and love?

Anglin is guided by a Spirit of Willingness (רוח נדיבה). This means his future is in his hands, and is open-ended. Adam Green is guided by the spirit of ignorance רוח התועה (ruach tatu’im) and sheker (lies), but he is persistent, he isn’t an incel. His nature is more transparent – he is a שקר נביא – a False Prophet.

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes also knows the ruach nedivah, but רוח הטומאה predominates. The spirit of destruction. When he was insignificant, Fuentes turned up the anti-Semitic message. When shoulder to shoulder with Alex Jones and Ali Alexander and Michelle Malkin and Milo Yannopolous, he tones it down. He is fighting for America, he is fighting the steal. With obese Conspiracy Jo as body-guard, Nick did so much screaming on a borrowed megaphone, that even our decrepit Congress was delighted.

Not to be dismissed, the man on the donkey. Balaam, driven by pride and ambition, was crowned as the Moses of the gentiles. Their greatest prophet.

Each spirit has his role to play in the Curses of Balaam. Anglin’s sight is growing. He senses that an Angel stands in his donkey’s way, he can make out the glimmer, not the countenance. He still wants to curse, for he knows nothing else, but his growing intelligence might turn him in the right direction.

Green will inscribe himself into the midst of those who mislead. A story in Melakhim reminds us why Elijah is specifically chosen to announce the coming of the Moshiach. The story is about Ahab. Its leaders. Those are the wages of sheker. To be a False Prophet is to worship idols, rather than הוה צבאות. Green may not like Jewish superiority, but he won’t ennoble his people anymore than George Floyd ennobles his. A pyromaniac doesn’t see how the neighbor’s property connects to his own.

The prophets of the Canaanite, Moabite, Midianite, Ishmaelite, Hagite, and Ammonite are a pro-to-type. Opprobrium and curses. Hissing jealousy while supplicating their Idols to exterminate the Hebrews. They either deny the One True G-d, or they wish to oppose Him. Each man picks sides, and each man assumes responsibility for this decision. The world isn’t what teenagers wish it to be. Coming to terms with its constraints is part of maturity. Conflicts aren’t magically wished away, but the existence of the One True G-d presumes a history which cannot be falsified, and a doctrine which cannot be reinvented by mere assertion of one’s own ignorance, displeasure, or bile. Everyone has a choice. Believe in this One True G-d, and His history among the Nations, and grudgingly accept the constraints this implies. Or don’t believe it. If you choose the later, do you really have to blame everything that is wrong with your world on a people who as a Nation, collectively choose the former?

America’s decline is assured by the hands of its prophets. The fate of those prophets, is in their own hands.

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