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America’s Allies Against Russia & Iran
Main U.S. allies are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Israel, & Nazis
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Today’s Axis (the fascist powers) are the heirs of Hitler’s failed Operation Barbarossa to conquer the Soviet Union. After World War II, America’s CIA, along with Britain’s MI6 and other governmental agencies, plus the Vatican, produced “rat lines” for key Nazis (including their collaborators in other countries) to resettle in U.S., Argentina, and Canada (and in other countries, too, as the CIA-edited and written account at Wikipedia focused upon), and for these ‘former’ Nazis (who actually remained ideologically as nazis or racist fascists, and the CIA knew and welcomed this) to continue working to conquer the Soviet Union. These secret nazis carried out secret assignments not only for their new country’s military and against the Soviet Union, but also domestically against labor unions of all sorts, and against anything that the owners of the largest U.S.-and-allied international corporations wanted to be targeted.

This was and is an officially secret extension of the internationally coordinated farthest far-right, the few people who actually control the international corporations. It consists of the operations on behalf of the Deep State, but the agents who carry out these instructions are only agents; consequently, everything that they know regarding what they are instructed to do is told to them only privately on a need-to-know basis, so that only the members of the Deep State itself are aware of what the broader objectives of any given operation are. For example, the CIA’s operations aren’t part of the Deep State but particular ones of these operations represent the Deep State — the instructions they execute on these operations come from the Deep State; the CIA is an agency for the international Deep State, but not all of what the CIA does represents the Deep State. Not even the U.S. President himself is necessarily aware of what the agents of the Deep State are doing — not even of what the Deep State’s agents who are on the federal payroll are doing.

For example, as soon as Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945, the Deep State (the controlling owners of the largest international corporations) started to take over, and not everything that it was doing was known at the time by the leaders of the official (elected) American government. Even U.S. President Harry S. Truman — though the sign on his desk said “The BUCK STOPS here!” and he meant it — was kept in the dark, and was occasionally deceived, about some things that the OSS (precursor to the CIA) and the CIA were doing. For example, Truman probably didn’t know that in 1948 the CIA perpetrated its first coup and this coup in Thailand established the off-the-books funding of the CIA from the international narcotics traffic (more on that is also here), so that the CIA’s actual budget wouldn’t be restricted simply to the on-the-books funding, from U.S. taxpayers. This illegal funding-source has been crucial for many of the CIA’s operations, and makes bribes untraceable.

A subversive right-wing coup, centered in the United States but operating throughout all U.S.-allied countries, thus gradually took over in the formerly anti-Nazi U.S.-allied countries. This slow coup was internationally coordinated amongst aristocrats (the controllers of international corporations) from all participating countries. But it was internationally led by America’s aristocrats, starting when FDR died.

Some of the major operations of the international Deep State were courageously reported in a rare and classic BBC documentary, in 1992, shown in this video. As it makes clear, these agents of the Deep State considered themselves to be revolutionaries. They were heroes, in their own eyes. Here are two brief excerpts from that video:

8:35-9:00: “As the [Nazi] Germans withdrew, they left secret agents in the countries they had occupied. … For the retreating Germans, they were the staunchest elitists. They were selected from the SS and the fascist Black Legions. They were to become the footsoldiers in the next war, about to begin.

10:25-10:55: “Then [OSS second-in-command] Jim Angleton [James Jesus Angleton] appeared in August [1945]. He started recruiting fascists, because he said that the best way to control the communists was to hire fascists. One of the most tough ones was Prince Valerio Borghese, who ran what was known as the tenth flotilla. These are the guys that would execute partisans [anti-fascists] and hang them from lamp posts all over Italy.”

So: within just months of FDR’s 12 April 1945 death, The West’s Deep State was already in full start-up mode, to achieve ultimately a fascist victory, not only against the U.S.S.R., but also against Western countries themselves. This is the historical reality, about The West, after WW II.

Angleton’s alleged father, James Hugh Angleton, had allegedly been assigned by OSS chief Bill Donovan to the OSS’s X-2 operation to identify as many secret fascist operatives in Europe as he could; and, “By the end of World War II, the X-2 had discovered around 3,000 Axis agents.” The alleged son (Jesus) was now harvesting his alleged father’s crops, who have flowered to what we have today. However, the official U.S. Government record of “Angleton, James H. Jr.” “Age: 28” Date: 4 Dec. 1945” (see page 4 there) indicates that he (Hugh) must have been born around 1917. And yet the official birth date of his alleged son, James Jesus Angleton, was 9 December 1917. The New York Times 7 March 1973 obituary, “James H. Angleton Dead at 84; National Cash Register Officer”, asserts that:

As liaison officer between the O.S.S. and the Fifth Army he assisted the military‐government mission in Italy and captured codes, card files and documents important to American security.
After the war he returned to Italy and worked for the restoration of Italian business and industry and for a stable, democratic government.
He was for many years president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

Instead of his having been born in 1917, he had actually been born in 1889, which is believable.

So, one can reasonably infer that in 1945, the 56-year-old Hugh Angleton passed along to the 28-year-old Jesus Angleton, his contact list of approximately 3,000 secret operatives of Hitler and of Mussolini in Europe, and that this son (Jesus) proceeded promptly to recruit these secret Nazis and Fascists to work for the OSS. The father could retire rich, while the son went on to grow and harvest his crops, for America’s war against Russia (not actually against communism — which was the cover-story).

When the Soviet Union broke up and ended its communism in 1991 and thereafter, their former Warsaw Pact military alliance became gradually absorbed into America’s NATO alliance — and now even a former part of the Russian Federation itself within the former Soviet Union (and which thus is no mere Warsaw Pact ally), Ukraine, is being invited into NATO, and is preparing for admission into the anti-Russia military pact — into the U.S. alliance against Russia — and hopes to conquer Russia totally. The name for the broader U.S. plan here (of which the takeover of Ukraine is only a part) is “Nuclear Primacy” — the U.S. Government’s goal is U.S. victory in a nuclear war against Russia, and this goal can be achieved only if the U.S. nuclearly blitz-attacks Russia, and if that blitz-attack eliminates Russia’s retaliatory weapons (sufficiently to meet the U.S. Government’s top-secret standard of what would constitute acceptable damage to the U.S. from a Russian retaliatory attack). This is the ultimate strategic plan (and all details of it are prohibited from being made public).

“Nuclear Primacy” replaces the prior meta-strategy, which was called “Mutually Assured Destruction” or “M.A.D.” — the belief that the purpose of nuclear weapons is to prevent a World War III, not to win a WW III. This new meta-strategy starts from the assumption that the number of people killed in the U.S. and allied countries by a counter-attack from Russia responding to a sudden and unannounced blitz nuclear invasion of Russia, by the U.S. and its allies, will be worth that (currently secret) cost.

Some experts say that since even the proponents of “Nuclear Primacy” have ignored instead of discussed nuclear winter, the only reason for the continuation of the ‘Cold War’ (the potential for an intentional nuclear war between America and Russia) after the end of the Soviet Union and of its Warsaw Pact and of its communism, is in order to advance the stock-values of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SAIC, and the other international corporations whose sole main sources of income are the U.S. Government and its allied governments. These government-dependent corporations have taken over the government, just like U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower publicly warned the American people against at the very end of his two terms of office, at a time when the process was, by then, already almost complete, and he himself had actually been the person who had done the most that anyone had yet done to advance the military-industrial complex. His famous “military-industrial complex” speech (and here is its broader context) urged future Presidents to try to undo what he himself had actually already set inevitably into motion in America. It was as if he was warning to close the barn door so that the horse won’t get out, but the horse had already been stolen and was no longer even subject to this person’s control. Sales of weapons that American corporations market to the American Government, and to its allied Governments, thus came to wag the tail of America’s future ‘democracy’; nobody any longer could stop this process from being completed.

Now that the ‘anti-Islamic-terrorist’ excuses for selling and buying their weapons and services are declining, the focus is, yet again, increasingly against Russia and its allies, in order that the owners of those corporations (the category of corporations that depend the most upon their Government) will continue to grow in wealth, and not to lose value of their investments. As the anti-Jewish writer Philip Giraldi said accurately (though I think he misunderstands how the Deep State, of which he used to be an operative, actually functions), “Defense contractors need a foe to justify their existence while congressmen need the contractors to fund their campaigns.” He interprets the corruption in a tribal way, rather than as corruption itself and of any type, as being the reason why the United States continues to try to achieve ‘Nuclear Primacy’. But that explanation would not explain why nuclear winter is not being discussed by the proponents of ‘Nuclear Primacy’.

None of the publicly available estimates, behind the ’Nuclear Primacy’ meta-strategy, even discusses nuclear winter, which physicists say would follow such a nuclear war between U.S. and Russia, and would virtually eliminate agriculture and produce mass-starvation throughout the entire world, including in any ‘victor’ country. It threatens all tribes. The published studies regarding the possibility of “nuclear winter” all concern the likely effect of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, or other and even lesser pairings. Whether or not the U.S. Government has ever commissioned a study of what the likely effects of a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would be, is not publicly known. Possibly, this subject has been examined but the findings are not disclosed; but, also possibly, the U.S. Government does not want such a study to be done, at all, so that no one will know what the findings might turn out to be. The latter possibility might, for example, be the case if America’s weapons manufacturing and marketing firms control the U.S. Government. If constant increases in their sales is the objective that drives the U.S. Government, then there would be sound reason for the U.S. Government to prevent or at least suppress any such analysis of the global effects, inasmuch as its findings could crash those corporations’ stock-values, and the billionaires who control those firms and the U.S. Government, might suffer enormous losses. This assumes that the U.S. Government represents those owners and not the public. But in any case: marketing weapons that are suitable only for traditional, non-nuclear, wars, such as against regular jihadists, has apparently run its course and produced all of the sales-growth that that business-plan is likely to achieve; and, therefore, as has been the case since at least the time of the Obama Administration, the U.S. is actively gearing up for an invasion of Russia. The U.S. Government is behaving as if America’s weapons-producers own it. The weapons-producers (that is, the owners of the weapons-producers) seem to be in control of the U.S. Government.

Whereas Giraldi and most other writers against U.S. imperialism — against development of control over the entire world by U.S. billionaires — allege that the origin of this imperialism is “Jews” (and specifically the Jews who joined together under the banner of “neoconservatism” after 1960), insufficient public attention has been devoted to the possibility that an even more crucial role in the Middle Eastern portion of the U.S. Government’s plan is being played by the world’s wealthiest family, the royal Saud family of Saudi Arabia, who have the same obsession to conquer Iran that Israel’s Government does. Israel’s powerful lobby in the United States is pressing the same things that the Saud family do; each of the two (Israel and the Sauds) pushes the invade-Iran theme, and each is at least accepting of all the rest of the other’s foreign policies; but, whereas lobbyists for Jews are viewed somewhat sympathetically by the American public, no lobbyists for Muslims have anything like the same level of acceptance by the U.S. public. For a U.S. Senator or Representative to be championing Israel is accepted by the American public far more than is for that same person to be championing the Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia, or to be championing any of the 7 royal families who own UAE, or etc. (Kuwait, Qatar, or even non-Arab governments, such as Pakistan). Whereas the Gulf Cooperation Council of fundamentalist-Sunni Arab kings constitute, by far, the lion’s share of foreign buyers of U.S.-made weaponry, Israel not only doesn’t have such enormous financial resources, but it even receives from U.S. taxpayers \$3.8 billion in U.S. donations to Israel’s Government, each and every year, in order for Israel to be able to afford to buy from U.S. makers the weapons that it does buy. In contrast to Israel’s relative pauper-status there, U.S. President Donald Trump personally sold to the Saud family \$350 billion of U.S. weapons shortly after becoming President, and increased that to \$400 billion soon afterwards. His sale, to the Sauds, of U.S. weaponry, is overwhelmingly the largest military sale in all of world history. It is Trump’s major achievement thus far in his Presidency. (Trump can meet privately with King Saud, and with Netanyahu, but the Deep State calls him a ‘traitor’ for meeting privately with Putin.)

Furthermore, the people who would control Syria, if the U.S.-Saudi-Israeli war to replace Bashar al-Assad’s secular, non-sectarian, Government, there, would be the Saud family — not Israel, and not the U.S. The American Government is fighting in Syria for the Sauds to take over that country. Israel is part of that alliance — the alliance for the Sauds. America’s proxy boots-on-the-ground in Syria have been trained and led mainly by Al Qaeda there. That has a long history going back even to before Al Qaeda existed — 1949. Occasionally, ISIS in Syria has also received American assistance in order to advance “regime-change” there. Sometimes, U.S.-backed ‘rebels’ in Syria have quit because U.S. forces were secretly transferring, to ISIS, weapons that the U.S. had originally supplied to less-fundamentalist groups.

Moreover, the Saud family have been (and perhaps still are) the chief funders of Al Qaeda, and maybe even of its spin-off organization, ISIS. Though Israel has provided crucial assistance to both Al Qaeda and ISIS on some occasions, there is no publicly available evidence that Israel has been funding either group.

In addition: the financial bag-man for Al Qaeda up to the time of 9/11, the person who privately travelled to pick up each of the million-dollar-plus cash donations to Al Qaeda, specifically named Saudi Princes Bandar, Turki, Waleed, and Salman, among those donors, and he said that no Saudi Prince who lacks the endorsement of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist clergy can be considered by the Saud family to appoint as the next King, and that the Wahhabist clergy requested and received from Osama bin Laden a letter with bin Laden’s recommendations before they advised the Saud family upon that matter (whom to select as the next King).

As the major historian of contemporary geopolitics, Michel Chossudovsky, documented in an article, “Secret Meeting on the Privatization of Nuclear War Held on Hiroshima Day 2003: Behind closed doors at Strategic Command Headquarters”:

On August 6, 2003, on Hiroshima Day, commemorating when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima (August 6 1945), a secret meeting was held behind closed doors at Strategic Command Headquarters at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Senior executives from the nuclear industry and the military industrial complex were in attendance. This mingling of defense contractors, scientists and policy-makers was not intended to commemorate Hiroshima.

The United States Government was already preparing for the time when the then-raging U.S. military buildup in order to deal with terrorism would need to be supplanted with a return to the major-power, strategic nuclear, weaponry, which could carry U.S. weapons-manufacturers back to the good old days of unlimited ‘defense’ spending, and unlimited war-profits to these firms. Dr. Chossudovsky continued:

The Privatization of Nuclear War: US Military Contractors Set the Stage

The post 9/11 nuclear weapons doctrine was in the making, with America’s major defense contractors directly involved in the decision-making process.

The Hiroshima Day 2003 meetings had set the stage for the “privatization of nuclear war”. Corporations not only reap multibillion-dollar profits from the production of nuclear bombs, they also have a direct voice in setting the agenda regarding the use and deployment of nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapons industry, which includes the production of nuclear devices as well as the missile delivery systems, etc., is controlled by a handful of defense contractors with Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Boeing in the lead.

These are weapons-systems that cost in the billions of dollars, rather than in the millions of dollars. America’s generals and national-‘security’ advisors and other individuals who take part in the U.S. Government’s planning and weapons-purchases, rotate between official government posts and international corporate boards; and, basically, as professionals in their line of work, they play both sides of that revolving door (between the government and ‘the private sector’) so as to maximize their own future likely income streams. They are not peace-planners. That’s not really what they get paid to do — avoid weapons-buildups and invasions. The people who get paid to do the peace-job don’t have nearly as much to sell, and they’ve got far fewer and poorer buyers for their services (maybe the public?). This is the reality of ‘the free market’. Another word for it is: “corruption.” Whenever and wherever wealth is extremely concentrated in a few, corruption reigns, the public does not. For a country to have vast inequality of wealth is to have vast corruption, and to be ruled by it.

The CIA-controlled Wikipedia article on “Nuclear Winter” is written to deceive about the subject; and, therefore, for example, it opens one of its sections with a blatantly propagandistic title and introduction:

Soviet exploitation [edit]

See also: Soviet influence on the peace movement § Claims of wider Soviet influence

In an interview in 2000 with Mikhail Gorbachev (the leader of the Soviet Union from 1985–91), the following statement was posed to him: “In the 1980s, you warned about the unprecedented dangers of nuclear weapons and took very daring steps to reverse the arms race”, with Gorbachev replying “Models made by Russian and American scientists showed that a nuclear war would result in a nuclear winter that would be extremely destructive to all life on Earth; the knowledge of that was a great stimulus to us, to people of honor and morality, to act in that situation.”[216]

However, a 1984 US Interagency Intelligence Assessment expresses a far more skeptical and cautious approach, stating that as the hypothesis is not scientifically convincing.

Though the Wiki article discusses several studies that had been done in the 1980s modeling the consequences of an India-Pakistan nuclear war and comparably small ones, it mentions only dismissively the far-more-recent and inclusive study:

In a 2012 “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” feature, Robock and Toon, who had routinely mixed their disarmament advocacy into the conclusions of their “nuclear winter” papers,[18] argue in the political realm that the hypothetical effects of nuclear winter necessitates that the doctrine they assume is active in Russia and US, “mutually assured destruction” (MAD) should instead be replaced with their own “self-assured destruction” (SAD) concept,[200].

The propaganda is strictly by Wikipedia there, not at all by Robock and Toon, whose article does not argue to replace “MAD” with “SAD” nor with anything at all, but instead documents and affirms M.A.D. — yes, Wikipedia outright lies, when it must — and their article summarizes studies published between 1980 and 2010, none of which modeled a U.S.-Russia war, but all of which were consistent with the authors’ conclusion; namely, that even those, much smaller, wars, would make things vastly worse for both sides (both sides would enormously lose) and would also produce mass-starvation in broader areas of the planet. Then, the article — which, as noted, was current as of 2012 (not just as-of those earlier periods) — summarily stated, as follows, all work that had been done on the subject, up till that time (and not since supplanted):

The new models show that a full-scale nuclear conflict, in which 150 million tons of smoke are lofted into the upper atmosphere [the minimum that a U.S.-Russia war would do], would drastically reduce precipitation by 45 percent on a global average, while temperatures would fall for several years by 7 to 8 degrees Celsius [13 degrees Fahrenheit] on average and would remain depressed by 4 degrees Celsius after a decade (Robock et al., 2007a). Humans have not experienced temperatures this low since the last ice age (Figure 2). In important grain-growing regions of the northern mid-latitudes [including both U.S. and Russia, as well as most of Europe], precipitation would decline by up to 90 percent, and temperatures would fall below freezing and remain there for one or more years.

The number of weapons needed to initiate these climate changes falls within the range of arsenals planned for the coming decade (Toon et al., 2008). For instance, the use of 4,000 weapons (the rough total for US and Russian arsenals in 2017 under New START), each with a yield of 100 kilotons (a typical yield for submarine weapons, but at the low end for most nuclear weapons), against urban or industrial targets would produce about 180 million tons of soot [30 million higher than that 150 million estimate]. A single US submarine carrying 144 weapons of 100-kiloton yield could produce 23 million tons of smoke if these weapons were used on densely populated Chinese cities.

The effects of the nuclear contamination itself are in addition to that estimation of the smoke-damages.

The U.S. weapons-manufacturers and their agents might not want the public to know this (and so Wikipedia lies about it), but not only would both sides lose from a U.S.-Russia nuclear war, but the entire planet would lose — and drastically. The cigarette-manufacturers long hid the harms of their business, but today’s privatized weapons-manufacturing firms dwarf the corruption and harm that the tobacco-industry perpetrated. The liars get well-paid, but the truth is far grimmer, and far deadlier — especially in this matter.

Unlike the CIA-Wikipedia fictionalized version, M.A.D. wasn’t “Soviet exploitation” — it was instead the reality recognized by both sides, and is the reality even today, despite what the U.S. weapons-manufacturers and their enormous sales-forces have been deceiving their publics to believe since 2006.

Consequently, I infer, from the evidence, that the leaders, of the operation to conquer Russia, are the controlling owners of America’s large ‘defense’ contractors, and of those individuals’ largest non-U.S. customer, the Saud family. The Sauds’ biggest competitors in the international-energy markets (which are their own main markets) are: Russia and Iran.

It makes sense for the Sauds to be the #1 foreign buyers of American-made weapons. Not only do they get the weapons, but they get control over the U.S. Government, which, in turn, determines which nations will be America’s ‘enemies’ (the ‘military-industrial complex’s targets), and which nations will be America’s ‘allies’ (the ‘military-industrial complex’s markets). The Sauds buy their allies wisely. Their business-plan includes, as the most important ally, America’s aristocracy; and (as a crucial ally to add greatly to the impact of America’s aristocracy, supplementing them to win the U.S. policies the Sauds need) Israel’s aristocracy. The combination of those two control-levers over the U.S. Government is powerful. Perhaps in the sudden global cooling from nuclear winter, the Sauds’ region will even become one of the world’s greenest and most fruitful. If anyone still exists then, at all.

Where does the EU, and where does the anti-Russia NATO alliance, fit into this reality? Some of Europe’s aristocrats are benefiting from alliance with the U.S., but others are not. And, of course, America’s aristocrats benefit enormously from having their support — i.e., from buying their support, bribing them in the legal ways. However, Europe’s aristocratic nazis weren’t supposed to have been the winners of WW II. So: nazi Europeans are Europe’s enemies, not its friends — just as nazi Americans aren’t friends but instead enemies to the American people. That hasn’t changed, and can’t change.

Only Europeans can decide what to do regarding nazi Europeans. And only Americans can decide what to do regarding nazi Americans. (One idea might be to refuse to vote for nazis, but, under existing circumstances, how would that even be possible?) Without constant deceit, this situation couldn’t exist anywhere. And if people are constantly deceived, they are powerless. Deceit is the chief weapon of Operation Barbarossa II, the American aristocracy’s war, not the German aristocracy’s war (which was more overtly physical — military — and was only secondarily based upon deceiving the public).

When the Sauds became America’s allies in 1945 via the secret “Quincy Pact” between FDR and Saud, FDR probably expected that it would move Saudi Arabia gradually toward democracy. What instead happened is that the Saud family and the losers of Operation Barbarossa became carried forward toward ultimate victory over The West, by an alliance between the Saudi and the American aristocracies. The Sauds and America’s aristocrats won; FDR and his democratic legacy and the American people ourselves, lost. The subterranean fascist forces turned out to be far more potent than FDR imagined. Perhaps the OSS had been deceiving him.

Incidentally, any secret treaty (including the Quincy Pact) is unConstitutional. None of this happened democratically. It was a slow coup. That’s what created today’s alliances, and today’s targets.

Thus, though Hitler lost, his cause (except for his anti-Jewish fixation) has been moving slowly and methodically toward victory, and it’s being led by the aristocracies of U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

To understand the Deep State, its basic ideological principles need to be recognized. Under Hitler, hereditary rights and obligations were publicly recognized; and democracy, the rule over a land by the residents on that land, was publicly condemned. Not only the hereditary principle, but the imperialistic principle, the right of foreign conquest, was publicly honored. The two principles go naturally together. The main reason why the Sauds and the other (all of them fundamentalist Sunnis) Arab kings, want to conquer Iran, is that Shia Islam denies the right of hereditary rule. (This is also why in Syria, Bashar al-Assad claims no hereditary right to rule; if he were to do otherwise, he’d violate Shia Islam and he would be rejected by Iran.) The main reason why America’s aristocracy wants to conquer Russia (other than the latter’s natural-resources wealth, which has always been a reason) is that Vladimir Putin insists that only the residents in a land should possess sovereignty there, but the U.S. and British aristocracies insist upon the right to conquer foreign lands. As an ideology, nazism totally affirms both the hereditary principle, and the imperialist principle. This is what the U.S.-Saudi alliance likewise affirms. And that is why, for example, the CIA has always favored monarchies and opposed democracies (or at least authentic ones, which the U.S. aristocracy cannot control).

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  1. Baxter says:

    I don’t what to believe anymore regarding American foreign policy.
    It strikes me as peculiar there are still ‘nazis’ around. This article seems pretty fanciful, though I do believe there exists a shadow government within the government.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  2. Tyrion 2 says: • Website

    I think this article goes much too far with the Nazi stuff but the simple fact that Saudi Arabia is the third biggest military spender in the world, bigger than Russia, should inform people as to how much influence Saudi has. Yet it is rarely mentioned.

  3. The Saudis were just puppets installed by the British. It seems to me that the real “nazis”, then and now, are the banksters. Now as before they fund both sides of the conflicts that they initiate and after digesting their profits they own what remains. As Tacitus wrote, solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant. They make a desert and call it peace.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @annamaria
  4. Wally says:

    Just more laughably bizarre & impossible crackpot conspiracy theories made about ‘the Nazis’.
    After all, the biggest lie is the scientifically impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    Article author, Eric Zuesse, epitomizes the Zionist liar syndrome:
    ‘Once Zionists lie, they must continue to lie.’

    The unhinged Eric Zuesse has previously been routed here:
    Against David Irving’s View of Hitler

    • Replies: @Moi
  5. The last Nazi to be extradited to Israel in the 80’s was pulled out of his house deep in old age and stuck in the US Naval Hospital.

    Here’s a funny thing. What religion do you think his attorney was? Gary Fleischman?

    Irv Rubin, the JDL leader who got into the brawl on the Springer show, showed up outside the courthouse and was arrested for disturbing the peace.

  6. @Tyrion 2


    Why did so many Nazis like Artukovic (Look this up under Irv Rubin’s hilarious outbursts on Youtube) immigrate to the United States after the war?

    When did former Nazis ever do anything in the US but lead quiet civilian lives after the war?

    Why weren’t these former Nazis afraid of Jewish people in the United States?

    Why didn’t Jews attempt to ruin Queens’ German population (Including German-born Frederich Trump) since there were former Nazis among them at that time as their are alleged to have ruined white proles in the South or the interior states?

    Why wouldn’t the Jews be after Milwaukee or Austin German-Americans or Palestinians instead of Anglo-Celtics in the South or the interior?

    Why didn’t Jewish kill Artucovic in the Naval Hospital where he was held?

    Why did US police guard Artucovic during the trial?

    Why did they enforce law and order on Irv Rubin and JDL outside the LA courthouse.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @annamaria
  7. After reading the article my idea is ‘nice try’.

    During WWII FDR was informed that in 30 years time USA oil would be exhausted, so Harold L Ickes at the end of 1944 made Saudi Arabia THE USA’s oil supplier.
    To make the deal more official, FDR, in the beginning of 1945, received the Saud of the time aboard the cruiser Quincy on the Bitter Lakes near the Suez canal.
    As FDR said in his last speech to congress, seated, ‘ten minutes with Saud had learned him more about zionism than hundreds of letters from rabbi’s’.
    He also stated that he had promised Saud to limit jewish immigration into Palestine.
    Both these statements do not seem to be in the offical record, they also were not in the text prepared for him:
    Robert E. Sherwood, ‘Roosevelt und Hopkins’, 1950, Hamburg (Roosevelt and Hopkins, New York, 1948)
    In 1947, from memory, the then Saud published an interesting article on the folly of ‘returning’ in a USA newspaper or periodical.

    The Saudi regime just exists because of USA support, is my opinion.
    Nothing special, all Muslim rulers in the ME are dependent on USA support, Quatar is the USA military headquarters of the USA.
    Iran is the exception.

    Now it is possible that for the moment Israel is willing to cooperate with Saudi Arabia for the purpose of destabilising the whole ME, present objective Iran.
    The Iran regime quite well understands that Big Satan Sam controls a large part of the ME, thus they see the Saudi regime as enemy.

    If, if it succeeds, Iran has been destroyed, Israel is willing to cooperate with Saudi Arabia, I wonder.
    Israel sees all neighbouring Muslim countries as threats.
    If the Israeli destabilisation plans include the destabilisation of the European nations, more and more people wonder.
    Why does Soros want to force Muslim immigrants on Hungary ?

    Brussels fears a new ME war, they fear the new wave of immigrants.
    They do want these immigrants, a 2009 Brussels document states that the EU needs 60 million, but the citizens of the member states more and more realise the burden of these migrants, they cost some € 30.000 per migrant per year in social security, thus it will lead to the collapse of social security, cultural antagonies are more and more realised, as crime rates.
    So a new ME war may be the end of the EU.
    Therefore Brussels warned Netanyahu about Iran, also because of huge investments by European companies such as Total in Iran.

    I do hope that Trump will save us in Europe, also of course the people of Iran, from a new ME war.
    He stated that immigration is destroying the European cultures.

  8. The US is accusing Iran of being a state which “sponsors terrorism” without presenting any evidence! Now what would we accuse a state or states which are really sponsoring Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the White Helmets?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  9. peterAUS says:

    Top of the page.
    Sort of relevant and promising title.

    Started reading.
    First sentence:

    Today’s Axis (the fascist powers) are the heirs of Hitler’s failed Operation Barbarossa to conquer the Soviet Union.

    Re-read that again.

    Moving on. Fast.

  10. j2 says:

    Just want to add a comment on this Nazi-USA-Israel friendship. When I read the memoirs of Reinhardt Gehlen (The Service, The Memoirs) there was one interesting place. Gehlen predicted in a meeting the exact time of the Israel attack in the Six Day War some time before it. He comments in the book that he had sent to Egypt old Nazi intelligence people and these people knew precisely what weapons Israel had before this 1967 war. Apparently they knew of the coming attack (since Gehlen did) and that Israel would surely win if there came a war (as German military, they could count the strengths), but they did not hint anything to the Egyptians so that they could have had some planes in the air or tried to avoid a war (this failure to do so must have been intentional).

  11. @Baxter

    “It strikes me as peculiar there are still ‘nazis’ around”. Quite right. But although no one ever admits “Nazism” the question is…if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc…it must be…a donkey or an elephant…?
    Of course we all love Israel, & Jews so we could never, ever be Nazi’s or at least fascists.
    (The Ukrainian oligarch Jews who support (crypto) Nazi militias demonstrate this point.

  12. @Tyrion 2

    Excellent point. Funny how the gross human suffering in Yemen receives less than enthusiastic coverage by the MSM.

    • Agree: RVBlake
  13. Ex Dubai resident/worker here-

    Yemen was a basket case as far back as the Cold War when South Yemen was Communist and backed by Russia.

    Yemen does not have the capacity to invade any country. It is too poor and backward. Iran does have the capacity.

  14. @peterAUS

    This sentence indeed escaped me.
    I suppose mr Zuesse believes what he writes.
    How this is possible I wonder.
    It by now is beyond any doubt that Hitler’s attack on the USSR was defensive.
    The German armies in the beginning were so successful because the Red Army was not yet ready for the attack, Hitler was three weeks earlier.
    The Red Army at the time was a mess, bad planning, insufficient railway capacity, men on other places than their weapons, etc.
    Molotov in his visit to Berlin had made it sufficiently clear to Hitler that with a common border with the USSR Hitler was at the mercy of Stalin.
    Werner Maser, ‘Fälschung, Dichtung und Wahrheit über Hitler und Stalin’, München, 2004
    Bogdan Musial, ‘Kampfplatz Deutschland, Stalins Kriegspläne gegen den Westen’, Berlin 2008
    Werner Maser. ´Der Wortbruch. Hitler, Stalin und der Zweite Weltkrieg’, Selent 2007
    Musial’s book is based on Russian archives, no longer accessible.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  15. “Investigative historian Eric Zuesse…”

    An “investigative historian” as distinguished from historians who don’t investigate? He must be one of a kind which suggests that his “investigations” are more curious than serious.

  16. This essay has an X-files feel to it. I find it hard to believe that Roosevelt and Truman didn’t know that Mega-Corporations were running the show.

    Yes, there are a collusion of special interests. But no need for “spooky action at a distance” claims. It’s all very up front. This is why I don’t buy the claim of Roosevelt and Truman being innocent puppets. Roosevelt for sure came from the Oligarch class.

    The POTUS effectively acts as a corporate lawyer for the Mega-Corporations whose job is to explain to the MEGA-CEO just what they are able to get away with without provoking violent Peasant Revolt across the US… any given point in time. The Ludlow massacre was a close one.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
    , @Abbybwood
  17. Thanks for the info on Hugh Angleton. There is next to nothing about him in Jefferson Moreley’s bio of his son, save for a hint or two.

  18. Moi says:

    The very fact that the holocaust is considered beyond question raises many questions. It is the only “fact” of history that I’m aware of that many not be challenged.

  19. bjondo says:

    Claque of hasbarats put the article together.

    Jewsus Angleton not Jesus.

    Giraldi is anti traitor, anti hasbarat, anti lying weasel, anti destroyers of his country and culture, not anti Jew per se, if I may speak for him.

    • Agree: L.K, Them Guys
  20. The deep state is controlled by the Zionist cabal headed by the Rothchilds and other Zionist bankers here and in London and Frankfurt and Basil and these bankers forced America into WWI and every war after and put the Bolsheviks in power in Russia and financed Hitlers rise to power in Germany, see Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton, can be had on amazon.

    The deep state is a tool of the zionists used to create and NWO/ONE WORLD GOV and they are well on their way to sucess, read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and then compare it to the U.S. gov and it is virtually identical.

    What the zionist have in store for America will make Orwells Oceania look like a walk in the Park.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @H. S.
  21. fnn says:

    Yeah, Alex Jones also says Nazis control the govt/NWO. Just reflect on the fact that 1971 was the last year that births exceeded deaths in the Federal Republic. That may change soon but it won’t be actual Germans having the babies.

  22. Our allies, the ones that murdered 3000 on 9/11. The ones that cut children’s heads off for fun. The ones that have slaughtered Christians by the thousands.
    It leaves you wondering who is in control of Americas government/military that we have allied with the most evil people on the planet. Not good! American govt. is the evil empire, the axis of evil, and the #1 sponsor of terrorism in the world.

    • Replies: @Druid
  23. Today’s Axis (the fascist powers) are the heirs of Hitler’s failed Operation Barbarossa to conquer the Soviet Union.

    As usual, the windbags and scribblers have it backwards. Conquer the Soviet Union?

    Hitler failed to avoid being conquered by the Bolshevik, er… Soviet Union,i.e., by certain millionaire-backed international bankers as did the former Russia.

  24. This illegal funding-source has been crucial for many of the CIA’s operations, and makes bribes untraceable.

    Illegality is the main function of covert operations. If they were legal, there would be no reason for them to be covert. Laws or legalisms (written behavior restrictions), are put in place by the powers that be, whoever they are, to restrict the behavior of the masses. Not to restrict themselves.
    Again. Ask yourself who you cannot criticize. Then you will know who they are. And have been, all along.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  25. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Frederick Trump was born in New York City.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  26. skrik says:

    Moving on. Fast

    Haw! Great example of “can’t stand the heat, getting out of the kitchen” – oh dear; I’ll miss you so much! Or is it, that you don’t wish to inquire as to who/what is the ccc?

  27. @Alden

    Conceived in Germany as Elizabeth was pregnant on arrival.

  28. annamaria says:

    The Jewish State’s cherished friends, White Helmets:
    “The White Helmets are a fraud. They are a fraud from beginning to end. If they had indeed saved such a huge number of Syrian civilians, why do we never see civilians singing their praises? Instead, we hear nothing but accusations of crimes against humanity committed directly by the White Helmets and in collaboration with Al Qaeda and associated extremist groups, such as Nour Al Din Zinki who beheaded a 12-year-old Palestinian child only 200 meters from the White Helmets center in Al Ansari, East Aleppo.”

    “Mayday Rescue is another alleged NGO, based in the Netherlands and funded directly by the UK FCO and the Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). Mayday Rescue was established by ex-MI5 founder of the White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, in 2014, one year after he set the White Helmets wheels in motion. MR was created as a convenient interface between the British government and its clandestine propaganda construct to enable the funnelling of funds to the White Helmets. Hardly an independent check and balance of the figures provided by the White Helmets, who issue those stats from inside Al Qaeda headquarters.”

  29. As I said before in another thread, using criminals as tools and allies makes you a criminal. The “leaders” of KSA, UAE, Israel, as well as Nazis, Al-Qaida, and ISIS are all criminals and deserve to be hanged publicly. Their enablers are also criminals and deserve the same punishment.

    • Replies: @Wally
  30. @Monty Ahwazi

    Typical case of “do what the priest says, not what the priest does”. Hypocrisy is one way of describing it.

  31. annamaria says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    — Because:
    Israel now arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine
    [Not a peep from the nazi-hunters of the Wiesenthal Center and the thuggish ADL]

    “Israeli arms are being sent to a heavily armed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine. IWI markets the Tavor as the “primary weapon” of the Israeli special forces.
    Fort, the Ukrainian state-owned arms company that produces the rifles under license, has a page about the Tavor on its website. The Israel Weapon Industries logo also appears on its website, including on the “Our Partners” page.”

    “A photo on Azov’s website also shows a Tavor in the hands of one of the militia’s officers. The rifles are produced under licence from Israel Weapon Industries, and as such would have been authorized by the Israeli government:”

    • Replies: @Wally
  32. Wally says:

    Israel arming ‘Nazis’ is an admission by Israel that the ‘6M’ is a lie.

    O, what a tangled web they weave when first they practise to deceive.

  33. Wally says:

    Why should your ‘Nazis’ be hanged? Please elaborate.

    It’s revealing how the most basic questions can stop the indoctrinated in their tracks.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  34. Anon[989] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Zuesse,

    Just three points.


    the anti-Jewish writer Philip Giraldi

    That is an unfair category error. Dr. Giraldi appears to be against Israel’s use of the USA to further its mad schemes in the Middle-East, and Israeli control of the US polity. Both facts, both natural reactions.

    Although, as a Jewish writer, you may well have a better idea of what the ‘deep state’ really means than does Dr. Giraldi. I seriously doubt it.

    Whether or not the U.S. Government has ever commissioned a study of what the likely effects of a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would be, is not publicly known.

    If by saying ‘Russia’ you are intentionally excluding the USSR, you may have a point, however, you seem too stupid to do that.

    The RAND Corporation published just such a work, an encyclopaedia, land, sea, air, nuke, and more.

    I can assure you that I read the naval and nuke parts very closely, so your claim that no such thing exists is thinner than thin. … which makes me doubt that you know much about anything you are talking about.

    It may still be classified, but I very much doubt it, However, it was certainly assembled with US DoD cash, as was most RandD Corp. rubbish.

    Will read your article closely tomorrow, but from skimming, the overall claim is nonsense, has a few interesting factoids, most of which I have read before.

  35. @Wally

    Because Nazis commit crimes. I personally know people whose whole extended families were murdered by German Nazis when they occupied Baltics. I also know numerous crimes committed by current Ukie “Azov” battalion and other Ukie military units using Nazi symbols and proclaiming Nazi ideology (simply put, my tribe is better than your tribe).

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Liza
  36. anon[269] • Disclaimer says:

    “Middle Eastern portion of the U.S. Government’s plan is being played by the world’s wealthiest family, the royal Saud family of Sa”

    Saudis would be long gone if they did not behave the way they have been for 90 yrs since its inception

    Saudi would not have been created by British if it did not agree to the British foreign policy plank in ME.

    Saudis buy , don’t get freebies. Saudis pay , don’t get anything free.

    When Saudis try to chart a different path, their king gets killed ( King Faisal )

    Saudis could not protect Iraq in 1990 nor in 2003.

    Saudis anger and hatred against Iran is contrived and manufactured by USA. Without Saudi hatred against Iran, the Shia – Sunni fight of American game plan would not succeed and would not materialize .

    Saudis suddenly became ‘ moderate ‘ in the jargon of US media and political only sometimes in 2013 when that ‘ moderate force’ voice became necessary to contrast Iran as the new evil and garner Sunni support.

    Saudis kill other Muslims . If they were found killing Euroepnas or Americans , , they would be sent to the gallows.

    They don’t wag the dog. Dog keeps them penned and enclosed and force them behave in the desired way.

    It doesn’t mean that Saudis don’t see Iran as a rival. But Saudis will be gone in a second if they try to provide moral or political support to Iran.

    In 1980 they found not get as a sovereign comity from another sovereign country AWACS .

    In 2002, they could not get a deal based on Oslo on Isarel Paletine

    They could not prevent Sudan breaking into 2 into 2006.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Che Guava
  37. I was under the impression that the ‘nuclear winter’ theory collapsed when it was realized that precipitation would necessarily and promptly wash the dust out of the atmosphere.

    …and as another reader points out Zuesse has previously been discredited. As I recall, he doesn’t seem to be capable of reasoning coherently.

    There’s lots that really is happening. I’m not going to waste my time reading this guy.

  38. @anon

    Saudi regime is just as repulsive as ISIS, and just as fanatically murderous. They even murder people exactly the same way: public beheading with a curved sword. Compared to KSA, Iran is unbelievably moderate.

    That said, Saudis and jihadists they sponsor are pawns in the hands of the real players, the US oligarchs and the US vassal states. Thus, Saudis are foot soldiers, whereas mafia bosses are in the West.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @anon
  39. utu says:

    Eric Zuesse is a kook.

    • Replies: @Wally
  40. Wally says:

    “Because Nazis commit crimes. I personally know people whose whole extended families were murdered by German Nazis when they occupied Baltics. I also know numerous crimes committed by current Ukie “Azov” battalion and other Ukie military units using Nazi symbols and proclaiming Nazi ideology (simply put, my tribe is better than your tribe).”

    Please present your proof for “people whose whole extended families were murdered by German Nazis when they occupied Baltics.
    This should be revealing … if you don’t dodge my challenge for actual proof.

    Your merely saying so doesn’t make it so.
    There are countless people who claim to have seen satan too.
    Talk is cheap.

    And what’s wrong with “my tribe is better than your tribe”? All tribes do it.
    And that’s a “crime” to you?

  41. Liza says:

    @AnonFrom TN. What is “murder” and what are standard-issue, acceptable war activities? The treatment of the Germans at the end of the war by our friends the English and the Bolshevik Red Army – what do you call that?

    • Replies: @Avery
  42. Wally says:

    I agree 100%.

    He has no proof for what he speaks, it’s as simple as that.

  43. Wally says:

    Indeed, imagine being a woman in Saudi Arabia.

    How in the hell can US politicians support a government based upon royalty when these same politicians preach the virtues of representative ‘democracy’?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  44. L.K says:

    Another disinformation piece by shyster Eric ‘the Saudis did 9-11’ Zuesse!

    Pure garbage!

    I honestly don’t get why Unz is still publishing this dude… or the likes of Ilana Mercer for that matter!

    9-11 – Israel did it

    • Agree: Druid
  45. anon[269] • Disclaimer says:

    I entirely agree with you. My vontention is British had a choice but they chose a knowingly repressive system and knowingly destroyed liberal -progressive- secular -nationalistic alternative .
    America chose same route .

    Pakistan is another example that succumbed to this attitude from 1973

    No Muslim country can or could escape this fate. Malaysia was a target and might still be.

  46. Zuesse can’t see the forest for the matzoh. His fixation on ‘Nazis’ distorts his judgement. Perhaps he should investigate himself.

    Why is Zuesse still carrying water for the Soviets? He should be ashamed.

    At least the Nazis paid the ultimate price for their deeds, most of which were no better or worse than other bomb-dropping powers during WWII.

    By contrast, the Soviet commies got away with the mass murder of their own people, not to mention hyper-aggressive warmaking that preceded Hitler’s rise. Shouldn’t these facts matter?

    Indeed, the Bolsheviks and their offspring caused far more deaths and spread far more political misery than even the Nazis–yet they were never even brought to trial for their misdeeds. Despite these facts, Zuesse showers the old Soviet Union sympathy.

    Clearly, Zuesse would rather be out hunting 99-year-old ex-Nazi guards than investigating real history.

    The short-lived political actions of National Socialism in Germany and Fascism in Italy would certainly have been different if not for active communist infiltration and active communist aggression which followed WWI and which stimulated the reaction and rise and of Europe’s ‘far right’ prior to WWII.

    These blind spots of Zuesse surely spring from his Jewish identity. The birth, promotion and spread of Marxism throughout the 2oth century are indelibly connected to aggressive Jewish radicalism. Has he forgotten?

    ‘Investigative historian’ Zuesse would even have us believe that the Saudis wield more power in Washington than you-know-who. Is he serious?

    No foreign-based lobby influences US policies like the Israelis. None. In fact, the Saudis have to basically operate in the shadows in DC. Not the Israels. They virtually own the town.

    Also of note: not one Saudi or Arab of any nationality controls so much a one US newspaper or radio station. Their cultural influence in America is basically zilch.

    Crypto-Israelis on the other hand, own and manage virtually every major US-based news and entertainment conglomerate. And don’t forget Tinseltown. They own it.

    Israeli partisans also dominate most of America’s think tanks and major lobbies which shape Washington’s Mideast policies. They also play an oversized role within countless high-prestige academic institutions, many of which also ‘analyze’, publish reports and shape America’ Mideast policies.

    Might there possibly be a conflict-of-interest here?

    Cyrpto-Israeli influence in America is unrivaled. This condition is also unprecedented. Yet Zuesse doesn’t seem to take much interest in it.

    Does this make him an ‘investigative historian’?–or something else?

    Lastly, despite immense Saudi wealth, Israel is far more powerful militarily than Saudi Arabia.

    This military imbalance would not occur and it would not endure if not for extraordinary Zionist power inside Washington and throughout the Western world.

    Your thoughts, Mr. Zuesse?

    Finally, this one additional fact needs to be specifically acknowledged and it needs to be repeated:

    The quintessential embodiment of ‘Naziism’ today is the national socialist state of Israel.

    Yes, the Jewish state. National Socialism. Expanding, supremacist National Socialism. With nukes.

    Why can’t Zuesse perceive this?

    Why won’t he acknowledge it?

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @Them Guys
  47. I’m fairly knowledgeable about the postwar shenanigans of the Nazi International, so the welcomed infiltration of the U.S. and European national security sectors by the SS elite rings true. And the scenario the author of the article lays out, where this unholy union of Nazis and Western “aristocracies” have planned for a winnable nuclear exchange with Russia, certainly seems plausible.

    But one thing the author left out is the role of the shadow power, Zionism, in this scenario. He mentions the role of James Jesus Angleton in the recruitment of the fascist espionage networks against Soviet Russia after the war. Angleton was very Nazi friendly. He was also the Mossad’s chief ally in the U.S. national security state. The relations between Angleton and the Israelis ran long and deep; surely the Israelis were aware of Angleton’s continuing ties to the postwar Nazi International. Was Angleton playing a double game here, which is quite likely, or was something else at work?

    This seeming conflict of loyalties Angleton was manifesting could be evidence of the darkest chambers of Zionism, the shadow power, in operation. And it could be related to the theories of the influence of Kabbalah Zionists in the occult groups which gave birth to Nazism and its man-god Hitler. The ultimate purpose of which was the creation of Israel. Elite Zionists were willing to sacrifice the lives of ordinary Jewish people to achieve their goal.

    The author also states: ” … there is no publicly available evidence that Israel has been funding either group [Al Qaeda and Isis].”

    Right. The U.S. tax-payer and the Sunni gulf states picked up their tab on that one. Isis was a creation of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

  48. This is too much to digest in one sitting; however, what must be done must be done. My take on the state of world affairs…

    Saudis have a lot of dumb money and Jews have the necessary talent to secure the usuage of that loot. The desert rats are only interested in their controlling the benefits derived from that loot for their near and dear-there are plenty of so called princes and their abaya donning princesses-and the larger goal of destroying all heretical sects of Islam, especially, the Persian (Indo-Iranian) Shia and eventual hope of converting the rest of the world to their perfidious creed (It’s a long, long way to Tipperary).

    Israelis (Jews), as mentioned in the above para, have certain talents besides the usual ability in the specialized areas, such as medicine, law etc but it’s that ability to control money (not to be confused with its ownership, though I suspect, Jews own about twenty percent of the world’s total assets- not bad for a people who are much less than one percent of the total human beings) is what gives them the ability to be at the Table. And that stranglehold on money management, combined with outright ownership of large stake, I could be wrong about the twenty percent, along with a Jew in every country of importance and the collective participation in the decision making process, makes them formidable and also, annoying to many but not to their Semitic brothers across the desert (the ruling class). I’ve commented elsewhere that Heinrich Graetz, a historian of Jewish history, amply makes it clear that Jews preferred Muslims over Christians in his books and the fact that he was born over two hundred years ago ( Born: October 31, 1817 in Poznan, Poland per Wikipedia) doesn’t change, in my view, that animosity even today, at least among the flame keepers. Perhaps that explains the closeness between the Saudis and the Israelis. A pork hater and abstainer would rather be with one who thinks the same way. Of course, the fact that the Bedou can’t send a rocket to the moon or invent anything useful, and is lacking in science, technology, arts and beautiful White women may keep the Jew glued to the white!

    Aristocracy has always had internecine warfare to control the goodies. And that class has always included Jews or at least since the popery gave up the credit creation franchise. Now that combine of Ashkenazi (it may also include a Sassoon, who is a darker Jew out of Iraq) and Anglo-Americans (it may include a French Huegnot from the British isles) one percent are the Aristocrats who are the military-industrial-Complex. And It’s fighting the aristocrats in Russia for the control of enormous wealth. And you are positing that one side is in the process of nuking the other to have it all and they are willing to risk the Life itself for it and it is possible because they control America and it’s worried about its profits. Wow!

    If the Jewish-Saudi-Anglo combine really controls the ‘Complex’ and thus country, what’s stopping them from swapping their death-cult dependent stocks for the we-are-always-freaking-happy dude stocks, e. g. Google, Amazon, Facebook etc at the point of a gun, thus not only preventing the death of their beloved but also the beloved of the Bezos, Brin and Zuckerberg from the nuclear winter? And, what about the Chinese? Where do the rest, non-white-skin wealth votes fit in?

    There must be something else ‘there’, for all your explanations don’t make any sense, sorry to say!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  49. @War for Blair Mountain

    “This essay has an X-files feel to it.”

    Life has an X-Files feel to it.

  50. Art says:

    Thus, though Hitler lost, his cause (except for his anti-Jewish fixation) has been moving slowly and methodically toward victory, and it’s being led by the aristocracies of U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

    Oh my god’ — 4,900 words of total JBS. It says, all our troubles are driven by US aristocrats and Saudis – NOT the Jews.

    The author gives us 4,900 words of twist and spin. There are a dozen half-truths – but the narrative of the article is a humungous big lie. It removes responsibility for our current dark situation and troubles, away from the Jews.

    There is no question but that the Jews are responsible for the direction of America’s government policies. Jews control congress, the president, the media, and the banks.

    The truth is that American aristocrats and the Saudis bank with Jew controlled central banks. They must dance to a Jew tune.

    This article mendaciously extends the WWII “Jew as victim” game – end of story.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  51. peterAUS says:
    @jilles dykstra

    It by now is beyond any doubt that Hitler’s attack on the USSR was defensive.

    It is, for a lot of people around.

    Me…well, I still believe it was an act of pure agression. You know, Lebensraum, Drang nach Osten, Slavs as Untermenschen and similar stuff.

    Let’s not get into that, ahm, “discussion” here.
    You believe what you will and I’ll do the same. Free will and such.

    • Agree: FB
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  52. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    [Moreover, the Saud family have been (and perhaps still are) the chief funders of Al Qaeda, and maybe even of its spin-off organization, ISIS. Though Israel has provided crucial assistance to both Al Qaeda and ISIS on some occasions, there is no publicly available evidence that Israel has been funding either group.]

    This is not true. Again, and again the ‘progressives’ are coming here TO HIDE THE HANDS OF ZIONIST JEWS BEHIND EVERY CRIME AND WARS SINCE 9/11. The 9/11 staged by the criminal Israel/US where all these wars designed and waged according to Oded Yinon, ‘A Clean Break’ by the neocons to benefit the apartheid entity.

    As Muriel Mirak-Weissbach writes:

    Israeli strategists do not think in terms of years, but centuries, as Netanyahu never tires of reminding us. And it is useful to look back twenty years or so to review a major strategy document then coordinated by the Bush neocons and Netanyahu, that outlined long-term aims. I presented the matter in my book in the following terms:

    In 1996, the Cheney teams issued “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” prepared by The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies’ “Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000.” The title referred to the opportunity and need, in the event of a new Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu, to make a total break with the Oslo Accords of 1993, which had promised progress towards peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Instead, Israel should work closely with its neighbors Turkey and Jordan to contain, destabilize, and roll back some of its most dangerous threats. Instead of pursuing a comprehensive peace, Israel should resort to a traditional concept of strategy based on balance of power. To deal with its perceived regional threats, Israel should “engage” Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah (considered as “agents” in Lebanon), and not exclude military forays into Lebanon. Israel should “contain” Syria and reject any land for peace deals on the Golan Heights. Israel should “focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq,” and should curry favor with the Hashemite regime in Jordan to ensure its support. The paper endorsed a “Change in the nature of its relations with the Palestinians, including upholding the right of hot pursuit for self defense into all Palestinian areas and nurturing alternatives to Arafat’s exclusive grip on Palestinian society.” The thrust of the document was that the entire Middle East should be reshaped through regime change in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon (either by war or other means), and the parallel consolidation of nuclear-armed Israel as the regional hegemonic power. The “Clean Break” paper was delivered to Benjamin Netanyahu who, days later, presented the overall political thrust to a joint session of the U.S. Congress as his government policy.

    President Clinton conducted air raids against Iraq in an undeclared war over the 1996-1998 period, but stopped short of the full-scale aggression that the Cheney grouping sought. That became possible only when the dubious 2000 elections brought Bush-Cheney to power. The events of September 11, 2001 provided them the pretext to move into high gear…. After Afghanistan came the second Anglo-American war against Iraq. The governments in both Kabul and Baghdad were overthrown through military means, and the long, tragic process of occupation began. Syria was destabilized after the February 2005 assassination of Lebanese former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri was blamed on Damascus and Syrian troops were forced to leave the country. Lebanon underwent its own version of regime change. Then, Iran became the new bull’s eye. All in sync with “Clean Break.”]

    Reasons behind Israel and ISIS alliance:

    What is strange,however, is that the ‘progressives has fallen for the lies of a showman, Trump, because they have no knowledge of history or because this charlatan is trying to use another Jewish Mafia stooge, PUTIN, to serve Israel interest. They are that dumb.
    The Jewish mafia servant, trump, is trying to use Putin, who has obtained few cards in Syria as bargaining chip, to satisfy the zionists’ demand to force Iran out of Syria and the region.

    Putin thinks since Iran has been pushed to the corner by illegal Sanctions, designed and implemented by jewish criminals from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) will accept the apartheid entity’s demand and Putin finally will be accepted as a COLONY like Germany, Japan, France, Britain, South Koria, Canada and the rest of the cockroaches.

    Putin has sent his stupid Lavrov to kiss Natanyahu’s behind to offer him 100 Km of Syrian land as a’ buffer zone’ where Iranians have NO RIGHT to come close to this zone, where Netanyahu rejected his offer and throw them out.

    Is Putin that stupid that ignores the fact that about 2000km of Syrian land, Golan height, still is occupied by these baby killers. Is Putin that COWARD that ignores the fact that about 30 percent of Syria land IS OCCUPIED BY THE TERRORISTS US is supporting let by TRUMP. Is Putin that sell out that ignores the fact that part of Syria is still occupied by the Turk dictator terrorist, Erdogan using PUTIN GREEN LIGHT?

    Iranians have made many sacrifices like other parties and have saved Syria from Israel/US trained terrorists funded by the Saudi Arabia, an axis of evil where Oded Yinon and ‘A clean break’ was used as a blue print, that they wanted to partition Syria, to erect ‘greater Israel’ and ‘kurdistan’, to become the illegitimate ally of the racist entity using the traitor Kurds as their pawns.

    But zionist design HAS BEEN KILLED by the sacrifices made by Syrian army, Hizbullah and Iranian forces, only the designers left alive where will be destroyed in the next step when dumb TRUMP get mad.

    However, just few days ago Assad gave an ultimatum to Russia and Putin as well:

    according to the source,

    [“Assad believes that the Syrian government will not be tamed by offers presented by Russia for a plan which would propose the return of all refugees, so as to be able to run the forthcoming elections over the enter Syrian territory, and the reconstruction of Syria by the international community in exchange for an Iranian withdrawal. However, the implementation of UN resolution 242 (1967) (withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict) and the respect of Syrian sovereignty (cessation of Israeli violations of Syrian air space) is the right path for the withdrawal of all forces from Syria, including those of Iran”, said the source.]

    ASSAD IS NOT GOING TO BE INTIMIDATED BY PUTIN and will fight against all terrorists and occupiers, including US, Turkey and Israel to get his land back, including Golan Height, where Netanyahu thinks Putin can help the criminal tribe to keep it permanently.

    Russia is responsible for the ERECTION OF ZIONIST ENTITY IN PALESTINE where its indigenous population has been killed or forced out in to be occupied by these colonists.
    Russia, like Britain and US was involved in this criminal project.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  53. @mark green

    unDoctor Zeusse knows on which side his bagel is buttered

    h/t CODOH

  54. DaveE says:

    This guy may be near-impossible to follow, but he sure is a lousy writer.

    A perfect example of what Gilad Atzmon would call an “anti-zionist” zionist. Although I’m not sure about the “anti-zionist” part.

  55. Interesting article but seriously flawed.
    I agree that Saudi Barbaria is evil but its rulers are imbeciles. Surely the royals can’t have any significant role in this kind of worldwide conspiracy.
    Meanwhile, Israel supports Al Qaeda and ISIS despite the obvious contradiction: Zionists supporting rabid anti-Semites. The Israelis are smart, so they must not view the head-choppers as a serious threat (except to their Shia and Alawite enemies.)
    Furthermore, today’s Orthodox Russia is the spiritual successor to the Czar’s empire, not the Bolshevik Soviet Union. The same intellectuals who loved the Commies hate Putin’s nationalism.
    I suppose could make an argument that Stalin broke with Jewish-dominated Bolshevism when he expelled Trotsky, but many Western intellectuals didn’t end their love affair with the USSR until it fell.

  56. Avery says:

    {…. the Germans at the end of the war by our friends the English and the Bolshevik Red Army – what do you call that?}

    What exactly did the so-called ‘Bolshevik’ Red Army do to Germans?
    Nazi invaders caused the deaths of ~25-27 million Soviet citizens.
    About 15 million or so Soviet civilians lost their lives due to being outright murdered, or killed as a result of indiscriminate bombings, disease, malnutrition, etc. About 3 million Red Army POWs were similarly killed-off by the Nazis: shot, deliberately starved to death, left to die from untreated wounds.

    If Nazis had won, they would have exterminated all Slavic peoples.
    How many Germans did Soviets massacre in East Germany, when they were in charge there?

    Yeah, Red Army troops committed a number of rapes on German civilian women: a crime. But people seem to forget that Nazi invaders raped, then murdered Slavic women.
    What’s the matter? is it OK to rape&murder Slavic women by the alleged Master Race, because, you know, Slavic women were Untermenschen?

    Yeah, England and US firebombed Dresden, a civilians target. A war crime.
    The Red Army could have created a 100 Dresdens if they wanted to: nobody and no military could stop them at that time. For what the Nazis did to Soviet peoples and what they were planning for the Slavic peoples, the Red Army was very forgiving when they entered Germany.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @byrresheim
    , @L.K
  57. Miro23 says:

    Assad believes that the Syrian government will not be tamed by offers presented by Russia for a plan which would propose the return of all refugees, so as to be able to run the forthcoming elections over the enter Syrian territory, and the reconstruction of Syria by the international community in exchange for an Iranian withdrawal.

    The Russians knows that Assad won’t commit suicide and push for an Iranian withdrawal – so it’s just political cover for the Russians to pull out of Syria – and let the US/Israel finish with Assad & the Iranians without Russian air support.

    Basically Putin has sold out Syria/Iran to avoid WW3, and is letting the US/Iran war happen. How that works out militarily (and economically) is anyone’s guess but the Russians certainly aren’t going to be involved.

    • Disagree: L.K
  58. Them Guys says:

    Again. Ask yourself who you cannot criticize. Then you will know who they are. And have been, all along.

    Well, that would be, Jews, Zios also. Too many folks refuse to see how every main, major institution that matters within society, edjewcation, Fed/State Govnt., Every form MSM, Universities, and two Biggies of Law & Courts, and Religion. Has fully been hijacked and is solidly under Talmudic Judaic Pharisee control’s.

    While 65 Million evangelicals in America have been brainwashed and Judaized for a bit over 100 yrs now, ever since Cyrus Schofield’s Apostate Blasphemy of the bible has been adopted by most if not every protestant/baptist etc seminary pastor training school. So to convince those 65 million duped souls to be Israel-firsters and jew worshiper’s.

    The major universities and law schools have been likewise hijacked so to turn lawyers and future judges into, Talmudic Decider’s on every important legal issue, especially issues that deal with most anything to do with the US Const. and BOR-Right’s. Potential future judges to get seated and appointed when the current crop of mostly jewdeo-talmudic-trained spin masters and twisters of every fact or truth get too old to further fuck up American courts and systems.

    And if anyone thinks that is bad and wrong, just wait until you get a load of what, Phase#2 will consist of, when those zios and jewdeos believe they have reached the tipping point.

    That jewish tipping point where and when enough total jewdeo nationalistic control has so over taken a nation and its, Goyim People’s, that the new jewish Talmudic controller’s can lift the veil and mask away from all belief of any real assimilation with their Host nation. That point is as written of in their Talmud books, where it advises they keep a lid on it all and await going all 100% Noahide Law for the Goyim folks, and completely take over and run the host nation as they truly intended all along. Via strictly enforced Noahide Law for all Gentiles, and Talmudic aka they at times call it “Torah” too in order to keep goyim folk confused, Talmudic Law for Jews and jews only.

    No other system of dictatorial total control has ever been designed of by any others which can compare to their Noahide Laws for goys, than folks will experience under that most perverted and twisted plan for laws to enslave gentiles, while allowing so many loopholes and get outta jail free cards etc for jews Only.

    And with most every Fed Ct. Judge being jewish, most lawyers and prosecutors too, and the huge ever ready citizen force of 65-million duped royally jewdeo-christian-zios, chomping at their bit’s to just recieve the word from on high aka from their worse yet duped pastors, of a, Holy War to seek out and destroy/mass murder every group and individual who rejects Noahide law rule, and/or is jewized up and refuses to comply with those warped apostate teachings and beliefs to become a judaized duped fool, and worshiper of jews and all issues jewish, which includes their stolen mid east Palestine Lands.

    Just as when jewish bolsheviks duped so many real White Russian peoples into assisting in those mass murders and destructions of 40,000+ Orthodox Christian Churches, and turned those churches left standing, into Torture and Jailing Centers for abuse and tortures and murdering those they captured and exterminated. Anyone who wonders how could so many real and good solid Russians get so duped so quickly to assist in it all, need look no farther than to 65 million equally duped and ready to Pounce when the words uttered to do so right here in America.

    All that bible thumpering and turn other cheek stuff will get thrown out nearest window, and then the true face and meaning of fully Judaized apostate christianity will be seen. Just like russia 1917 and onwards, only worse yet in todays america likley.

    Anybody who thinks this is a big joke to comprehend?…Just go visit or view a yutube video of for example an annual yearly C.U.F.I. Meeting. Cufi= Christians United for Israel. More like code words for “We so worship jews and are so damn judaized, that we can recite every falshood ever taught to us by our warped zionsit trained pastors, even faster than we can recall our 0wn kids Names!”

    And about all it takes to see those normaly smiling, happy, friendly ziojewdo christian faces, fast turn into an evil looking scowl of pure abject hatred, is to dare question or complain of their duped into jew/israel worship traits.

    Indeed when the day arrives that total jewdeo talmudic control over entire america and all what matters has been completed. And due to typically in every host nation jewry lacks large population numbers sufficiant enough to do their own dirty work, once again they shall have no problem convincing many, maybe most of those 65 million dupes to assisst in control of the goyim folks.

    They did it to Russia, France prior, and attempted it in Germany, before getting Booted out and most came here to usa and today are very, very close to their foaming at mouth talmudic teaching of, Wait until total or almost total jewdo control has been established within a Host nation before you remove the Mask and employ Noahide Law to enslave the nations gentile goys.

    Why does anyone think most every american Police force from most every city has either Gone by Invite to state of Israel to recieve a 2-3 week long extensive Law Enforcer course training, in best methods of arrest and dealing with American antisemite Nazis (code for: White gentiles) and refuseniks so those usa citizens feel the exact same as a Palestinian in Israel does, when he/she has been placed Under the Police enforcers Boot Heels. And smaller cities cop-shops, that cannot afford or get fed gov grant cash to send their police enforcers to Israel for training, no problem, IDF has groups of Trainers they send here to america to teach and train usa cops best methods to force compliance, and expecially how best to Protect Jews in america, for with 1,850 years and 109 prior host nation boot outs or worse, todays jewry Knows they bit off far more than they can ever Jew when they picked America to infiltrate as jewrys new, next Host nation eh.

    Many White Patriots and Non lib dems consider african black savages and or mexicans as a potential for worst threat if a real SHTF event breaks out in america…Or, a race war against whiteys. However not many it seems have as yet considered just what a huge potential threat can be had if even a small portion of 65 million worshipers of all things jew, ever get the word that usa ziojewry needs Help! Heps me…Heps me! So many antisemites and neonazi hate mongers against we so small of group of caring, nice peace minded 100% innocent jew victims. About all the dupes need hear from a few prominent tv preachers is words to the effect of…”Folks, this Is a Holy War for gods self-chozens! Only you jewdeozio Christians can do it, by Forcing god’s hand into Speeding up the Pre-Trib-Rapture events and rewarding You blessed warriors keeping jewry safe!”

    Before any savage apes can locate you, them hell bent for justice for jewry dupes will be showing true colors, and show you which Country they are really Loyal to eh. Their shoe soles and heels will be smoking and flaming like lightning in the sky, when they run fast to capture and destroy every evil fellow whitey they can find so to prove to their jewish masters how Loyal their massive jew worship actually is.

    Plus another main factor is that, unlike afrcian savages and mexican illegals, most of 65 million judaized dupes are also European White’s…Much more difficult to determine who’s who in any shtf event or situation once it explodes on scene eh…Just how pharisee talmudic judaics planned it all to go down too…Even Whites Vs Fellow Whites. With 1/2 believing gods gonna really send great huge blessings if they kill off enough fellow whiteys who reject jewdeo and talmudic falsities and lying fables…..Beware the levin (yeast) of the Pharisee’s, even a small amount levins the whole lump of dough. Indeed tamudic judaic lies act same as yeast does when put into a lump of bread dough, once imbedded it creates an action to permeate the entire lump of dough so it rises. And once yeast has been added in, it so permeates the entire dough lump it is impossible to later seperate it from the dough. A 5-Min. gander study of any tv group of those so duped, pastor hagees show perhaps, with the crowd of israel firsters and jew worshipers waving hands high, eyes rolled far back in eye sockets, drooling at pastors mandated worships of all things jew should awaken most anyone.

    Nothing like the Traditional Catholic I was raised with eh. I knew something bad happened when at age 12 or so the vatican did that Vatican-II(jew) idiocy, but no matter how much I complained about changes etc I saw then, I was forced by Mom to keep going to church sundays, untill finally at age of 15 was able to just stop going at all and refuse to take no for an anwer any longer. They never got their judaized apostate hooks deeply into Me thanks to my leaving it due to vatican II(jew) nonsense. Freemasonized & Judaized…No christian or church can remain un corrupted with that agenda eh.

  59. Abbybwood says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    What about “The Business Plot” (coup) against FDR where DuPont and the rest of the corporate ilk tried to get Gen. Smedley Butler to lead thousands of troops against The White House??! I believe Jules Archer wrote a significant book about this. Of course if one were to ask 100 Americans waiting at the DMV not ONE would have ever learned of this in “American History” class!

    If anyone is not aware of any of this just Google it. It went so far that there were Congressional hearings and FDR “forgave and forgot” the entire matter.

    It looks like after Butler foiled their dastardly plans they just went back to the drawing board and decided to take The White House by other means \$\$\$.

    And “they” have pretty much HAD IT ever since FDR with a few hiccoughs (JFK?) on the road.

    Now we have the anointed HRC running The Justice Department with her lackeys Mueller, Rosenstein (his wife has been a fixer for HRC for years trying to stop various FOIA requests).

    Considering that had anyone else done what HRC has done (including international charity fraud and pay to play with The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative and The Clinton Health Access Initiative), any other American would already be in prison for life!

    Heck! Former member of Congress Corrine Brown got busted for using \$300k from her foundation and she is currently in the gray bar hotel for five years! With the Clinton’s we are talking millions and according to Charles Ortel’s research we may be looking at BILLIONS!

    Why is HRC so untouchable, criminally speaking???

  60. Nazism is the mirror image of Judaism;
    Genetic purity.
    Ingroup preference.
    Outgroup hostility.

    • Agree: renfro
    • Disagree: Zumbuddi
    • Replies: @Art
  61. Wally says:

    “Nazi invaders caused the deaths of ~25-27 million Soviet citizens.
    About 15 million or so Soviet civilians lost their lives due to being outright murdered, or killed as a result of indiscriminate bombings, disease, malnutrition, etc. About 3 million Red Army POWs were similarly killed-off by the Nazis: shot, deliberately starved to death, left to die from untreated wounds.
    If Nazis had won, they would have exterminated all Slavic peoples.
    How many Germans did Soviets massacre in East Germany, when they were in charge there?”

    The fact is that there is no proof for such absurdities. Go head, try to post it.

    It’s amazing how easily propagandists can be sent packing by simply asking for proof.
    Isn’t free speech grand?

    Mother and I used to get up at four in the morning [at Belsen], to avoid the queues of people waiting to use the shower block about and hour later. We undressed and showered our bodies with ice-cold water. The only soap we had was a barrel of honey-coloured liquid soap, manufactured out of human flesh from the bodies of people shot by the SS on the transports. Many times we wondered: ‘Could this be my brother, my sister, another relation?

    – Gena Turgel nee Goldfinger, I Light a Candle, London: Grafton, 1987, p. 102.

  62. Them Guys says:
    @mark green

    With so many mention’s of a Nuke caused “Nuclear Winter” in the article. I wont be shocked to see the next wave of Fanatical man created global warming loons and clown promoters, be led by a combo tag team of Nancy Pelosi & Maxine Waters take to tv air waves with crys for a brand new global warming solution of promotions for Nuke WWIII events between us & Russia, so the nuclear winter effect caused by it will Halt warming, and rapidly Cool down planet earth!

    Then watch the crazed group-think-followers who elect such loons jump on bandwagon to shout and scream for a real actual Nuke War as the only solution to stop global warming on earth. With matching T-shirt slogans and protest signs funded by soros and hillarys foundation \$\$\$\$’s.

  63. @peterAUS

    If your reading capacity is of the same standard as your writing you would be best advised to have somebody read it to you.

  64. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    The big players in 1945 were ATT, Standard Oil of New Jersey ,and MIT, I think it was they who built the Atomic Bomb? So did the big three branch out into the names Zussee mentioned or do his list of corporate names constitution a different group? Private development means those weapons dealers will get a patent and a copyright in the technologies they develop, and patent infringement will be the basis for defeating the nuclear program of all others; violators will be bombed. that is what the world trade organization is all about.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  65. Art says:
    @Bennis Mardens

    Nazism is the mirror image of Judaism;
    Genetic purity.
    Ingroup preference.
    Outgroup hostility.


    Agree 100% – tribal fascism is tribal fascism is tribal fascism.

    Talmudist Zionist Israel is an apartheid state.

    Israel mendaciously walls itself away from the world.

    Think Peace — Do No harm — Art

  66. H. S. says:
    @Desert Fox

    Excellent comment, thank you.

    Excellent piece from Mr Zuesse.

    Moreover, in Canada’s (i.e. Bronfman’s) Justin Trudeau receives War Criminal and Kosovo SS Hashim Tachi:


    Canadian soldiers against Neo-Nazis in the Medak Pocket, trained by the US-MPRI (now Engilicorp) mercenaries: Serbs tortured and burned alive NATO MONSTERS, NAZIS:

    Canada supports the independence of NAZIS (ANA, USTASHA = SS) in KOSOVO (used to smuggle about 70% of the afghan heroin and 100% of the afghan drugs to EUROPE and the US with the blessing of US military base BONDSTEEL, Kosovo:

    CIA and Nazi War Criminals and Collaborators – Cryptome

    Eagle and Swastika: CIA and Nazi War Criminals and Collaborators examines the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with Nazis and their collaborators …

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  67. @Dagon Shield

    Anglo-Saxon influence resulted in a combination of a practical system of law and the convenience of the industrial revolution. Things are sometimes discovered by accident. Jews for example, never discovered the printing press (A German named Gutenberg did that) or invented film (That was Edison) or the factory line (That was Ford).

    We cannot underestimate the capacity of Arabs to negotiate. Remember, they never had large scale agrarianism and were traders from the time of Mohammed, because the desert is barren. To dismiss them as dumb Arabs is to deny the effect OPEC had on the economy-it got Reagan elected, more than anything else.

    As for Jews, indeed they are high IQ. So are the Asians, but Asians never displayed the verbal dexterity of Jews and Jews possess the left-brained intelligence of East Asians without the autism.

    • Replies: @Dagon Shield
  68. H. S. says:

    Confronting Painful Pasts: Canada, Great Britain, and the United States (U)

    “According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Canada had become the home of as many as 3,000 war criminals, half of whom were still alive in the late 1990s. The Canadian Government had a poor record in terms of investigating and prosecuting these individuals, many of whom had Eastern European backgrounds. By 1997, the Canadians had only brought charges against one man for killing more than 8,000 Jews; …”

    65Anthony DePalma, “Canada Called Haven for Nazi Criminals,” New York Times, 3 February
    1997, p. A6. (U)

    CIA and Nazi War Criminals and Collaborators – Cryptome

    • Replies: @Wally
  69. Jews & Known Nazis

    I knew one former Nazi, a German doctor, whose patients were often Jews. Not that they had a choice, he ran the nearest small walk-in clinic.

    Every Jew in the neighborhood knew that he was a Nazi; though he expressed no rancor or even interest in World War II.

    While Jews will object to white proles of Anglo-Celtic ancestry whose grandfathers stormed the beaches of Normandy adopting Nazi pretenses, actual former Nazis seemed to be irrelevant to Jews.

    When Artucovic was arrested in Los Angeles, a successful businessman who’d supposedly been the engineer of the death of Jews in Yugoslavia, he hired a Jewish attorney-this outraged the real fringe like Irv Rubin and the police guarded Artucovic.

    To some degree, Jews borrowed heavily from German culture and tradition. Many supposed Yiddish traditions are in fact German.

    Bauhaus architecture of Israel is in fact German.

  70. @jilles dykstra

    The Saudi regime just exists because of USA support, is my opinion.

    I vaguely remember reading something about the House of Saud being crypto jews installed as controlled opposition. Credibility notwithstanding, that recent sudden alliance between KSA and Israel raised an eyebrow and reminded me of that.

    Now it is possible that for the moment Israel is willing to cooperate with Saudi Arabia for the purpose of destabilising the whole ME

    Or perhaps the shakeup in KSA was the crypto wing of the family seizing power then reaching out to Israel in preparation for the final stage of the Zionist Yinon Plan. Remember, Saudi Arabia constitutes a rather significant portion of biblical Israel, the land they intend to reclaim through their destabilization efforts. And this new Saud leadership is also supporting measures to relax the more extreme aspects of Saudi society, almost as if they were trying to take the first steps towards something more secular. And according to the Yinon plan, the destabilization and balkanization of the ME nations was meant to result in a number of secular satellite nations around Israel from which the Jews hoped to derive further legitimacy. Much of what I see going on in the KSA these days appears to be the House of Saud moving in lock step with Israel and their Yinon Plan.

    The Iran regime quite well understands that Big Satan Sam controls a large part of the ME, thus they see the Saudi regime as enemy.

    Honesty most the anti-USA rhetoric that comes from Iran seems to be borne of our overt subordination to the will of Israel, and I suspect Iran holds similar views on the House of Saud. We’ve done a lot of damage in the past to the MENA region and to Iran specifically, and on Israel’s behalf or at least under Israeli influence. In that regard, we more than deserve the ire of the Iranian people. But in spite of the heated exchanges we make with Iran, it often seems that, were it not for the entangling alliances that we should NOT have with Israel, Iran would be more than happy to calmly engage with America and maintain a proper Jeffersonian Constitutional relationship of peace, commerce and honest friendship without entangling alliances.

    To me, dumping Israel and seeking such a relationship with as much of the world as possible seems the ideal. The gold standard. With the only real obstacle to that beyond Israel being China.

    If the Israeli destabilisation plans include the destabilisation of the European nations, more and more people wonder.
    Why does Soros want to force Muslim immigrants on Hungary ?

    It doesn’t seem to matter how far you look back. Jews always seem to be either in the midst of subverting a gentile nation or crying victim as they are expelled and persecuted for attempting to subvert a gentile nation. Doesn’t matter whether you are reading ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, or the ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan’ or ‘Der Geist des Militarismus’, the Jews are nothing if not consistent in their written documentation of their own intentions to mongrelize whites and rule over them.


    Personally, I don’t see how the destruction of the white race could be seen as anything but part and parcel of the N(J)ew World Order scheme, along with the plans for Greater Israel. They are clearly trying to make these two events coincide. And it just makes a lot of sense that, if change is the one inevitable thing in this world, and white people represent the epitome of change in this world, it makes sense that they would be enemy #1 to the self-chosenites who seek to rule as gods, over an unchanging world filled with nothing but them and a well controlled prole class of mongrels for all of time.

    If it weren’t so damn infuriating, it’d be impressive the way the way the Jews have managed to subvert white nations while simultaneously using whites as their tool to destabilize the ME, and then turning around and using the displaced and opportunistic masses from the ME as tools to flood and destroy the West. Thankfully, more and more people seem to be watching and scrutinizing the actions of our Western politicians and elites and, in turn, quickly realizing that foreseeable consequences are seldom unintended.

    Ultimately, I believe that both the destruction of Western civilization as well as the establishment of Greater Israel are fundamentally dependent on each other. If the West falls before Greater Israel is established, then there is no Western power, no UN or US to forcefully impose those moratoriums on war crimes and the WMD that Israel’s enemies would surely use to ensure mutually assured destruction before ever allowing the Jews to win. They would all go all in against Israel. Probably together. This also explains the intensity with which Israel seeks to disarm it’s neighbors of such weaponry while rejecting OPCW inspections and refusing to sign any nuclear/bio/chemical WMD conventions themselves. They don’t want anyone but themselves to have such a ‘Samson Option’.

    Conversely, If Greater Israel is established before the West can be crippled beyond repair by demographic replacement, mongrelization and usury, the whites will, as we already see happening, begin to take notice of their subversion by Jews for the umpteenth time in recorded history, at which point history would repeat itself once more and ruin the Jews’ plans for another several centuries, if not permanently this time. Thus, The West must fall at the same time as Greater Israel comes to power.

    The second Greater Israel comes to power, I suspect the Jews will push the self-destruct button in the form of collapsing the US dollar. And with just Syria and Iran as the final obstacles to the realization of their Oded Yinon Plan for Greater Israel, they’re starting to get pretty damn bloodthirsty. Not that they’re ever not bloodthirsty. They just seem to be all but frothing at the mouth at this point.

    I do hope that Trump will save us in Europe, also of course the people of Iran, from a new ME war.
    He stated that immigration is destroying the European cultures.

    You and me both, but he is just one person, after all. His primary value is in relocating the Overton Window to somewhere that proper public discourse about all of this can finally take place. What we need more than Trump is a new multinational military and trade alliance centered around the preservation of whites and the West. White nations formally aligning with other white nations for the explicit purpose of preserving whites and their nations. I am optimistic that such a future is beginning to coalesce around Eastern Europe, namely Hungary, who has certainly been leading by white nationalist example. Right up to and including booming their white birth rates as they reject the mongrel hordes the EU brought to their gates. And I am certain that the Jewish oligarchs like Soros and Rothschild already see the long term implications of this as well.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  71. Wally says:
    @H. S.

    “According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Canada had become the home of as many as 3,000 war criminals, half of whom were still alive in the late 1990s. The Canadian Government had a poor record in terms of investigating and prosecuting these individuals, many of whom had Eastern European backgrounds. By 1997, the Canadians had only brought charges against one man for killing more than 8,000 Jews; …””

    The biased & lying Zionist Simon Wiesenthal Center? Seriously?

    German News Magazine and Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum Caught Faking Photo and Film Captions / Gas Van Film and Photo Fraud:

    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum displays standard German air-raid shelter door, describing it as the door to a gas chamber at Majdanek
    “CIA and Nazi War Criminals and Collaborators – Cryptome”

    So what did these alleged “Nazis war criminals” supposedly do?
    Proof required.

    So much for that. It’s amazing how easy it is to silence propagandists just by asking for proof of their bizarre claims.

  72. FB says:

    Wow…what a tremendous article by Mr. Zuesse…

    The beginnings of the so-called cold war are exactly as documented here…also the fact that the US is run by the MIC…which PCR has been exposing for many years now…

    The fact that the US is gearing up for ‘nuclear primacy’ and a nuclear blitzkrieg against Russia is also true…you can find all kinds of stink tank papers that preach this gospel…

    What’s funny though is that the US actual capability, especially in nuclear weapons is a big question mark…their weapons platforms rely too much on solid-rocket ICBMs and lack the diversity of delivery platforms that are required for redundancy…for instance the land mobile component that Russia has with its Topol and successors…the US now appears to have also fallen behind hopelessly in hypersonics…the next generation of super weapons…

    The effectiveness of US weapons generally is a VERY BIG question mark for technically astute observers who have been watching closely for a long time…so the US despite wanting to really really badly do this…just might end up being the little engine that couldn’t…

    And it’s not hard to see why…the US weapons procurement program is a giant scam designed to fill the pockets of a huge parasite class that makes a big sucking sound, to paraphrase Ross Perot…the point has become to make money, not weapons that work…never mind work well, or demonstrate some kind of advantage over the adversary…

    Its kind of the like the guy who pimps out his wife as a whore…sure it brings in lots of cash…but the ‘homemaker’ part really ends up not working anymore…

    • Replies: @L.K
  73. @peterAUS

    I’m not a believer, except, one might say, in facts.
    Musial gives, based on Russian archives, temporarily accessible, the Russian government, I suppose, had no idea what was in these archives, a detailed account of Stalin’s war preparations.
    It was, as I already wrote, a mess.
    Bad planning, in the thirties Stalin had executed all capable Red Army officers.
    On top of that, an army meant to attack is different from an army meant to defend.
    For example, an attack army has engineers in the forefront, to repair bridges, construct temporary ones.
    An army for defense has them in the rear, destroying bridges.
    So the early successes of the German army can be understood.

    When Stalin saw how badly the Red Army performed, he tried to replace those nominated for their political ideas, later he removed all the communist Commissars who tried to oversee what the officers did, but just were a nuisance.

    There also is nothing to believe about Molotov’s visit to Berlin, Maser describes it in great detail.
    Hitler understood the message.

    Lebensraum, a hazy concept.

    But, as the university of Iowa concluded, after a scientific investigation, when a belief is confronted with facts at odds with the belief the belief becomes stronger.
    Forgot where I recently read, maybe here, a statement by Mark Twain ‘it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled’.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  74. @Art

    ” This article mendaciously extends the WWII “Jew as victim” game – end of story. ”

    I long ago watched on Turkish tv, broadcasting in english, a scientific discussion about the asserted Armenian genocide, that never was, in my opinion, based on a number of books.
    As one of the historians said ‘the Armenian genocide will never go away, it has become a part of the Armenian identity’.

    Jewish identity: ‘eternally innocently persecuted’.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Avery
  75. @Avery

    The numbers are rising by the minute.

    Pray, spare a minute to think over a question: why are Germans disliked in Poland and Russians hated?

    There must be a reason, don’t you think?

    • Replies: @Avery
  76. anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Not only do they get the weapons, but they [Saudis] get control over the U.S. Government

    This is pure nonsense.

    It is understandable that the Jews control the US government, if not directly, but with the help of christian zionist traitors.

    It beggars belief that people who are derogatorily referred as “sand-ni**as,” by racist lowlifes, actually control the government of evil. How many of these “sand-ni**as” do you see in any position of power in the evil empire? Contrast that with Jewscum who have infiltrated throughout the dark land.

    The only reason why the evil empire is in bed with the Saudi “Royal” Scum, is due to their shared hatred of Iran, and also because those “Royal” Scum are as such loyal lickspittle.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  77. Art says:

    Talmudist Jew Zuesse, goes on and on about nukes. Yet his Talmudic homeland of Israel, has 200 nukes that they are hiding and threaten the world with.

    (It is Russian hating Jews that have re-elevated the nuke problem for the world.)

    Mr. Zuesse must address his dirty little country’s nukes.

    Think Peace – Do No harm — Art

  78. anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    He stated that immigration is destroying the European cultures.

    Since you put it that way, which I concede is fair enough, from a Eurapean point of view, you should also acknowledge the hypocrisy of how the essentially racist white missionaries and imperialists destroyed other local cultures, by implanting Christianity in those far off lands.

    It is besides the point that Christianity, itself pagan, was converting other pagans, which is simply no better or worse than what they had earlier (just switching one human deity with another), with false promises of salvation. The point is that those other pagans still lament the loss of their older cultures (as Eurapeans are doing now), as spiritually lost as they might have been.

    Of course, this applies to Islam also… except, in the case of Islam, those pagans are acquiring true monotheism, for the better, and thus spiritual salvation. They might not know it now, but their children will surely appreciate it later.

    • Replies: @skrik
  79. ” racist white missionaries and imperialists destroyed other local cultures, by implanting Christianity in those far off lands. ”

    I fully agree.
    It, in my opinion, is even worse, highly developed political systems were destroyed.
    I often wonder if the present incapability of blacks in Africa to rules themselves was caused by our colonialism.
    Jan Vansina, ‘Kingdoms of the savanna, A history of Central African states until the European occupation’, London 1966

    • Replies: @Wally
  80. @RealAmericanValuesCirca1776Not1965

    I’ve read a lot of books about jews, and still do.
    Just now a book about jews in the visigothic kingdom arrived.
    I glanced through the book, an amazing collections of rules, parts of laws, etc., with respect to jews.
    But I still have no more than a vague understanding of their behaviour.
    Their behaviour until they got civil rights in the 19th century, I believe I understand.

    Their behaviour thereafter, especially the azjkenazi jews, continues to puzzle me.
    Baruch prevented Churchill from leaving politics already in 1928, as he writes himself.
    Baruch I see as the man who brought FDR into politics.
    Samuel Untermeyer, the man of the jewish declaration of war on Hitler Germany, travelled several times to Moscow, I can just guess what he did there.
    Nobody can defend his own case, it is said.
    An excellent explication, in my opinion, of how antisemitism emerged in Germany after 1870 one finds in
    Ismar Schorsch, ‘Jewish Reactions to German Anti-Semitism, 1870 – 1914’, New York 1972
    In my view jews behaved stupidly.

    Baruch’s objective, in my opinion, war, to make the USA rule the world, even in 1946, when the megalomanous plan, as I see it, had failed, made a plea for a world government.
    If Soros has goals comparable to my supposed objective of Baruch, I wonder.

    Anyone here still can see Zuesse’s reaction when I wrote, after he had quoted a 1926 Hitler anti jew speech, to my reaction, explaining that in 1926 Hitler had reason not to like jews, hysteria.
    It afterwards reminded me of the Neurenberg show trials, at the time seen as jewish revenge, where Goering defended himself so well that jew Jackson, chairman of the judges, got into such a rage that he had to leave the courtroom.
    So the question for me is ‘what is the jewish problem with facts ?’

    The protocols in my opinion are nonsense, Henry Ford had the same idea, ‘but’, he said, ‘they describe what’s going on’.
    I each day switch on CNN a few times on my satellite receiver, the anti Trump hysteria continues, Trump accused of trying to get normal relations with Russia, all the time complete hysteria at CNN.

    What motivates these people, I still do not know.
    Fear, revenge, lust for power, even lust for blood, I do not understand.
    What I do see is dangerous behaviour, prime example Israel.
    The book
    ‘Jews. The essence and character of a people’, Arthur Herzberg and Aron Hirt-Manheimer, HarperSanFrancisco, 1998
    states that ‘jews always lived dangerously at the edges of hostile societies’.
    The chicken and egg question the writers do not answer.

    • Replies: @Josecanuc
  81. sarz says:

    If Trump can, as the article says, meet privately with King Saud, he can probably walk on water as well.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  82. Mike P says:
    @jilles dykstra

    I have been wondering about that supposed Armenian genocide also. Would you have some recommendations for reading materials? Thanks, M.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @jilles dykstra
    , @L.K
  83. annamaria says:

    The metastasized cancer of Military-Industrial-Complex:
    The most militarized universities in America:
    —A sample of prominent moral prostitutes serving the MIC:
    “Harold Koh, the lawyer who as Obama’s advisor defended drone strikes and intervention in Libya, was recently given distinguished visiting professor status by Phi Beta Kappa.
    Elizabeth Amato, an executive at United Technologies, received the YWCA Women Achievers Award.
    The Aspen Institute is a think-tank that has resident experts, and also a policy of convening with activists, such as anti-poverty community leaders. Among its board members are Madeleine Albright [war criminal], Condoleezza Rice [war criminal], Javier Solana (former Secretary-General of NATO), and former Congresswoman Jane Harman [the well-known traitor].
    In recent years, the Carnegie Corporation board of trustees included Condoleezza Rice and General Lloyd Austin III (Ret.), Commander of CENTCOM, a leader in the 2003 [illegal] invasion of Iraq, and also a board member of United Technologies.
    A former president of Physicians for Peace is Rear Admiral Harold Bernsen, formerly Commander of the US Middle East Force [see wars for Israel] and not a physician.”

    “Free market economy” is a myth. In addition to the huge nonprofit (non-market) sector, government intervention is substantial, not only in the gigantic military, but in agriculture, education, health care, infrastructure, economic development (!), et al. For the same trillions we could have a national economy that repairs the environment, provides a fine standard of living and cultural opportunities for all, and works for peace on earth.” — That would be not profitable for the moral prostitutes.

  84. @anon

    The fact is that the Zionist bankers in particular the Rothchilds rule America and have since 1913 when they got their privately owned Federal Reserve Act and their privately owned IRS passed through congress , thus taking money creation from the hands of the congress into the hands of the Zionist bankers, and with this act the control of America was a done deal.

    War and the debt created by war is the Zionist business plan and has been used against both sides of every war involving the U.S. and Europe and the Zionists do not care who wins as they control both sides and they profit regardless of the victor as they control both sides. Read The Report From Iron Mountain and read Orwells 1984 on the section where he talks about war ie wars are business and are not meant to be won and are meant to be continuous and that is what the Zionists have done to us in America , we are at war continuously.

    ISIS aka AL CIADA is a creation of the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN ie the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 and NATO with help from the Saudis , which by the way are a puppet state of the U.S. and BRITAIN and are used as a pawn in the war against Syria and Iran.

    As to the ones who built the bomb , not sure of all but the names you mentioned would be included and as to a nuclear war, the elites believe they will survive in their DUMBS ie Deep Underground Military Bases which are throughout the U.S. and are connected via underground tunnels, you can research this, it is a fact, but what kind of a world will be left is a question.

    Here are some books you may find of interest, The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben by Joseph Borkin, Trading With the Enemy by Charles Higham, The Secret Team by L. Fletcher Prouty, The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman, they can be had on amazon.

  85. @anonymous

    You cannot use the world Jewscum and then call others racists for using phrases like “Dune Coon” to describe Arabs (Who I like, having lived and worked in Dubai for 7 years).

  86. @Jeff Stryker

    Indeed! The Arabs can’t be that dumb but more conniving than clever, after all, how do you take a number system developed by a totally different culture, race, people and make it your own and market it to the rest as Arabic Numerals. The desert conditions and molds men to be opportunistic, for it will help him survive deprevation. But it doesn’t make him sophisticated enough to be able to compete in the future to come. I believe that without the help of his Semitic cousin, the Jew, the Arab would not have endeared himself to the advanced western culture and absent it (the largess), he would still be riding the caravans between Damascus and Baghdad!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  87. @H. S.

    Google Trumans December 22, 1963 article in the Washington Post on the CIA problem, ie Truman deeply regretted signing the bill creating the CIA. The CIA is a subversive group of criminals and needs to be abolished along with most of the other 17 so called intelligence agencies which in realty are not there to protect us but to protect the elites who run the country ie the Zionist cabal.

    War is the Zionist business plan and has been for over 100 years ie since 1913 when they got their FED and IRS through congress and it has been continual war ever since then.

    NATO is used as an agent provocateur to promote strife and wars and its program OPERATION GLADIO is used in false flags and to create terror throughout Europe and the Mideast and the book by Dr. John Coleman The Committee of 300 tells all about it and the workings of the cabal.

    If you have ever read Orwells 1984 the section on war explains what is going on in the world right now, Orwell was right in more ways than one.

  88. Wally says:
    @jilles dykstra

    “” racist white missionaries and imperialists destroyed other local cultures, by implanting Christianity in those far off lands. ”

    Jilles, I assume you also believe that black Africans built the pyramids.

    A got a bridge to sell you too.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  89. @Dagon Shield

    My guess is that Arabs probably benefited as much from interactions with Romans, Persians, Indians, Berbers and Greeks as much as Jews.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  90. Che Guava says:

    You are the worst type of pro-Israeli propagandist.Saying a mix of lies and truth.

    IMHO, if pop-up anon Israelis like yourself were automatically banned from the site, it would be a good thing.

  91. Avery says:

    {… why are Germans disliked in Poland and Russians hated?}

    When Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Polish losses were:
    66,000 dead.
    133,700 wounded.
    660,000–690,000 captured.

    When the Red Army invaded Poland in 1939, Polish losses were:
    3,000–7,000 dead or missing.
    up to 20,000 wounded.
    99,149 captured.

    During the Nazi operation Intelligenzaktion (1939-1940) about 100,000 Polish intelligentsia, teachers, priests, physicians, et al. were massacred.
    During Nazi occupation about 2.8 million ethnic Poles* were exterminated.

    Why do Poles hate Russians?
    I don’t know: you tell me.
    Maybe it’s “Russia Derangement Symptom”, like the “Trump Derangement Symptom”.

    {The numbers are rising by the minute.}

    Pray, spare a minute to think over a question: How many Soviet citizens _were_ actually murdered and killed as a result of Nazi German invasion of SU?
    Or maybe the invasion never happened?
    Think. Think hard. It will come to you if you really try.

    * I am leaving out Polish Jews for this discussion.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @L.K
  92. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t trust this zionist shill. Other people have found the following about him:

    [The problem with Eric Zuesse’s Fake News is that Saudi Arabia since its creation by the British Zionist colonial power after WWI, has never carried a terrorist attack on American interests. However, Israel is the only state in the Arab world which has carried several terrorist attacks against United States assets before 9/11 (watch a video below).

    Zuesse’s claims that Osama Bin Laden used al-Qaeda to commit 9/11. The fact is the Muslim al-Qaeda is myth created by the US in order to create hatred toward Muslims so that Muslim countries could be invaded, occupied and destroyed for being Israel’s enemies.

    The myth of 19 Saudi hijackers who took control of four passenger planes on September 11, 2001 is another Zionist BS. Six of them were found alive. George Tenet, former CIA director has admitted that the names of the so-called 19 hijackers were not on the boarding lists – but were provided by a foreign intelligence source.
    Frankly, I have never read Eric Zuesse’s “investigative journalism” until I spotted his 9/11 conspiracy theory. So I ran a little search on Google to find his background which told me that he is another Zionist dis-informer like Alex Jones. Mr. Zuesse has been called Jew Sweetie, Jew Shill, etc.]

    Have you noticed that that majority of the phony ‘progressives’ and phony “left” who are coming from the zionist tribe are supporting the illiterate warmonger zionist Mafia servant, Trump? Included in these dumb crowd are pro Russian and Pro Jewish Mafia servant, Putin, who is serving the interest of the Jewish Mafia and a baby killer Netanyahu in exchange for recognition of RUSSIA AS A COLONY like other petty colony in the West and the East including Japan, S. Korea, Australia and India.

    Putin always has cooperated with the criminal WEST against Muslims including Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran and ARABS.

    • Replies: @gT
  93. Avery says:
    @jilles dykstra

    {I long ago watched on Turkish tv, broadcasting in english, a scientific discussion about the asserted Armenian genocide,….}

    A, quote, ‘scientific discussion’ about the AG on Turkish TV?
    It’s a contradiction in terms.
    An oxymoron.

    {… that never was, in my opinion, based on a number of books.}

    Your opinion has no value: it doesn’t count.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  94. Avery says:
    @Mike P

    {I have been wondering about that supposed Armenian genocide also}

    Keep wondering: some day you will discover The Truth.

    {Would you have some recommendations for reading materials?}


    If you can find it, read “Turkish scientists prove the Earth is Flat”.
    It’s a rare book, but if you can find it, it will be worth your while.

    You are welcome.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  95. denk says:

    In the beginning there was UK, the British empire,
    where the sun never set on.

    So the Brit empire didnt really expire, it reincarnated as the USA, with their murkkan cousins minding the store this time,.

    Since WW2, the world has been under the jackboots of a FUKUS led 5lies cabal.

    With the rise of powerful Jew lobby, it became a fukusI affair until…..

    Since 2015, a new star was born.
    Make way Israel, here comes the new chosen ones, from now on its FUKUSIndia !

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @denk
  96. j2 says:

    I finally had the time to read the article. Not so convincing this time.

    Just the old story to claim that the Deep State is the Military-Industrial Complex, instead of the most probable candidate. That it would be the Saudis and American/European aristocrats and Nazis, instead of the most probable candidate. Saudis control the USA, probably they control the the mass media, instead of the most probable candidate. And Nazis made a slow coup, instead of that it has been those bankers since the 19th century and still are and the evidence is overwhelming, while there is very little evidence that it is Saudis, later-days aristocrats or later-days Nazis.

    The article gets still better: these Nazis, who made the slow coup, want to start a nuclear war against Russia and do not want to tell the public that there will be a nuclear winter and we will all run out of food.
    But seriously. It is probably not so dramatic. Military systems get all the time more expensive, but there still are some buyers who have money like the USA and the Saudis. This trend does not require starting a world war, new military systems just are much more expensive. It is also true that militaries try to invent a way a nuclear war can be fought without creating a nuclear winter or destroying the civilization. There may be such ways, tactical nuclear weapons for instance. They have to be studied in order to keep up with the development. But this is not the driving force in the effort to change the world. That is some ideological effort, like effort on supremacy by some group.

  97. @Wally

    The earth does not lie:
    ⦁ ‘The archaeology of Africa, Food, Metals and Towns’, ed. Shaw, Sinclair, Andah and Okpoko, London and New York 1993

  98. gT says:

    It goes a bit deeper than that. Israel is Jews. Saudi Arabia is crypto Jews (House of Saud is Jews pretending to be Muslims). Some even say that Islam was started by Jews who fled south from Israel after repeated Roman hammerings. So there is no difference between Saudi Arabia or Israel, it just Jews. That’s why Israel and Saudi Arabia always support the same objectives, neither group give two hoots about the Palestinians.

    The House of Saud is richer than the Rothschild’s, so presumably the House of Saud is more influential than the Rothschild’s, but both groupings support the same objectives anyway and the Rothschild’s manage the House of Saud’s money for them.

    Egypt is now a Jewish colony (El Sisi’s, who took over in a coup, mother just happens to be Jewish so he is also Jewish). The poor people in Gaza, caught between the Jews and a Jewish colony.

    Russia is not against the current Jewish colony of Egypt, but doesn’t want Syria to become a Jewish colony. But maybe Syria is located in a really strategic position pipeline to Europe wise, maybe Yemen is not located in a strategic enough position, who knows.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  99. @Avery

    Even an Armenian book about the asserted genocide states on the back flap ‘it began with an Armenian insurrection, but it was justified, because the Ottomans discriminated the Armenians’.
    As the book, in my judgment, told me nothing I did not yet know, I did not buy it.
    But I regret not having made pictures of front page and back flap.
    Why it is so difficult to understand that, once in 1914 or 1915, the kingdom of Armenia had declared war on the Ottoman empire, the Armenians living just south of Armenia, in the Ottoman empire, began an insurrection aimed at joining their area with Armenia, is beyond my comprehension.
    In how far those who began the insurrection already knew of the allied plans how to dismember the Ottoman empire, I do not know.
    Whatever was known of these plans then, the map of the Treaty of Sèvres of 1921 shows these plans, an Armenian kingdom until present Syria, so through the whole of E Turkey now.
    Atatürk destroyed many expectations

    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Avery
  100. @denk

    In the beginning there was the Chinese empire, it still exists.
    There was the Persian empire, Alexander destroyed it, his empire did not last long.
    Then there was the Roman empire, it disappeared.
    With the British empire there were the German, Russian and Ottoman, all of them disappeared, dismembered by the WWI allies: self determination, Wilson’s idea.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  101. @gT

    The story is that Mohammed in vain tried to make jews accept him as saviour

  102. @Avery

    Poles not liking Germans goes very far back:
    Helmuth Fechner, ´Deutschland und Polen, 1772 – 1945’, Würzburg 1964

  103. @Jeff Stryker

    Romans benefitted from interaction with Greeks
    Michel Rostovtzeff, ‘Geschichte der Alten Welt, zweiter Band, Rom’, Bremen 1961 (The History of the Ancient World)

  104. @Mike P

    Henry Morgenthau, ‘Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story’, New York, 1918
    Heath W. Lowry, ‘The story behind Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story’, Istanbul 1990
    ‘The Armenians in the Late Ottoman Period’, edited Türkkaya Atatöv, Ankara, 2002.
    Howard M. Sachar, ‘The emergence of the Middle East 1914-1924’, New York, 1969

    • Replies: @Mike P
  105. @sarz

    Hitler met Stalin, it is rumoured.
    But indeed, nowadays such secret meetings, if the mentioned meeting indeed took place, somewhere far north two trains met, are not easy to organise.
    But with Saud ?
    For example in Helsinki, does not seem too difficult to me.
    Who recognises Saud in Finland ?
    Or at a golf course in Scotland ?

  106. peterAUS says:
    @jilles dykstra

    For example, an attack army has engineers in the forefront, to repair bridges, construct temporary ones.
    An army for defense has them in the rear, destroying bridges.

    Forefront….rear…repair/destroying bridges……

    You…have… no…idea….what….you…are…talking…about.

    Answer this, NOW, without any reference:
    What’s the lowest combat engineers organic unit and where we can find it?

    Then, try to understand the concept of proper defense. Keyword “active”.

    And then re-read this:

    ..when a belief is confronted with facts at odds with the belief the belief becomes stronger.
    Forgot where I recently read, maybe here, a statement by Mark Twain ‘it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled’.

    I have another one: how some people who have no idea about something are so keen on …ahm….”discussing” that.
    I never “discuss” surgery, quantum physics, stuff like that. Call that, I don’t know, plan common sense. Or just a bit of humility.
    But your….what…. types….are an interesting bunch.

    I get what draws you to the topic and that’s commendable. Asking questions, listening, learning, would be the way.
    But passionately arguing something you have no foundation for is…..interesting.
    Often at a clinical level.

    All good.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  107. L.K says:

    FB(S): “Wow…what a tremendous article by Mr. Zuesse…”


    Only FB(S) – full of BS – could possibly write that the above nonsense is a “tremendous” article.
    Thanks for the laugh though…

    Knowing your agenda though, your laughable post is not surprising at all…

  108. L.K says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Well, you are dealing with Avery, an Armenian activist, propagandist and liar, aptly described by P. Giraldi simply as sh*thead.

    This sad little liar, among other things, claims people from Turkey are Uyghurs from China, even after several people pointed out and proved this to be false…

    No reasonable dialogue is possible with such a crackpot.

    • Replies: @Avery
  109. L.K says:

    As usual, your entire post is a collection of lies/disinfo;

    For instance, the only reason the Poles suffered more losses in 39 at the hands of the Germans than the Soviets is because Germany did most of the fighting while your hero, Stalin, cheated on what had been agreed upon, attacking only when the Poles were already largely defeated by the Germans… Your heroes went on to take half of Poland on the cheap.

    Germany went to war only after all peaceful negotiations to settle the corridor/Danzig situation, which was German land, had failed.

    After the Polish campaign, Hitler offered the British and French to pull out from all of German occupied Poland, with the exception of the corridor, in exchange for a peace settlement.

    The Western Allies were not interested.

    Poland, WW2 useful idiot, ended the war as a Soviet satellite state.

    Stalin’s Foreign Minister, Vyacheslav M. Molotov’s statement before the Supreme Soviet on October 31, 1939:
    A single blow against Poland, first by the Germans, and then by the Red Army, and nothing remained of this misbegotten child of the Versailles Treaty, which owed its existence to the repression of non-Polish nationalities.’

    • Replies: @Avery
  110. L.K says:
    @Mike P

    Hello Mike,

    Though by no means do I claim to be an expert on the subject of the Armenian genocide, it has become clear to me that, like with so much of ‘history’, it should more correctly be termed politicized history.

    The 2011 book, “The Russian Origins of the First World War”, by Sean McMeekin, in its chapter six –
    Russia and the Armenians – covers what transpired in a way that makes perfect sense.

    From memory; basically the Russian Empire armed the Armenians and other Christian minorities within the Turkish Empire, while these Armenian groups also tried to use the Russians for their own ends… the Russians were preparing this as a 5th column within Turkey for when the day came for their invasion.
    Long story short, with Turkey facing an existential threat during the war, and Russian ambitions bigger than their capabilities, things ended up badly for the Armenians.

    If you can get hold of the book, it contains much important info.


    • Replies: @Mike P
  111. L.K says:

    Everything you wrote is, as usual, a bunch of tired old mickey mouse propaganda lies…

    And you know it, which makes you a pathetic LIAR.

    American Pravda: When Stalin Almost Conquered Europe

    Or take your fake concern for the Soviet POWs as another example…
    Stalin’s War Against His Own Troops

    However, and as Russian journalist Teplyakov explains in the following article, much of the blame for the terrible fate of the Soviet soldiers in German captivity was due to the inflexibly cruel policy of Soviet dictator Stalin.

    During the war, the Germans made repeated attempts through neutral countries and the International Committee of the Red Cross to reach mutual agreement on the treatment of prisoners by Germany and the USSR. As British historian Robert Conquest explains in his book Stalin: Breaker of Nations, the Soviets adamantly refused to cooperate:

    “When the Germans approached the Soviets, through Sweden, to negotiate observance of the provisions of the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war, Stalin refused. The Soviet soldiers in German hands were thus unprotected even in theory. Millions of them died in captivity, through malnutrition or maltreatment. If Stalin had adhered to the convention (to which the USSR had not been a party) would the Germans have behaved better? To judge by their treatment of other ‘Slav submen’ POWs (like the Poles, even surrendering after the [1944] Warsaw Rising), the answer seems to be yes. (Stalin’s own behavior to [Polish] prisoners captured by the Red Army had already been demonstrated at Katyn and elsewhere [where they were shot].”

    Another historian, Nikolai Tolstoy, affirms in The Secret Betrayal:

    “Hitler himself urged Red Cross inspection of [German] camps [holding Soviet prisoners of war]. But an appeal to Stalin for prisoners’ postal services received a reply that clinched the matter: ‘There are no Soviet prisoners of war. The Soviet soldier fights on till death. If he chooses to become a prisoner, he is automatically excluded from the Russian community. We are not interested in a postal service only for Germans’.”

    Given this situation, the German leaders resolved to treat Soviet prisoners no better than the Soviet leaders were treating the German soldiers they held. As can be imagined, Soviet treatment of German prisoners was harsh. Of an estimated three million German soldiers who fell into Soviet hands, more than two million perished in captivity. Of the 91,000 German troops captured in the Battle of Stalingrad, fewer than 6,000 ever returned to Germany.

  112. annamaria says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Saudis have “influence?” To what degree?
    The slaughter in the Middle East is due entirely to the Jewish States desires:
    “During the evacuation operation of the White Helmets from Syria, the Israelis also evacuated the heads of ISIS. … Some of the radicals should be used for “local missions,” such as conducting terrorist attacks.”

    Meanwhile, in the Kaganat of Nuland (former Ukraine), the ordinary Ukrainians witness neo-Nazis, the ziocons darlings, in action:
    “Yarosh once led Right Sector and became a major figure of the Nazi scene thanks to funding from the Jewish oligarch Kolomoysky.”
    Comment section: “Dmytro Yarosh, Ex Right Sector commander, was second-in-command of the National Defense and Security Council. This is the man who organized and ran Ukraine’s February 22nd Coup in Kiev, and the May 2nd Massacre of Its Opponents in Odessa, for Barack Obama. Yarosh’s teams carried out the most violent operations for John Brennan in Ukraine. They were responsible for the atrocities committed in the Donbass, for the crimes against humanity.”
    Again, what Saudis have to do with the zionized Ukraine?

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  113. Tyrion 2 says: • Website

    You think the Israelis evacuated the head of ISIS from Syria?

    • Replies: @mcohen
  114. Mike P says:

    Thank you very much, just ordered myself a copy. M.

    • Replies: @Avery
  115. mcohen says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Of course.the israeli’s are always ahead of the game.

    • Troll: Tyrion 2
  116. Josecanuc says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Jules you said: “I’ve read a lot of books about jews, and still do… But I still have no more than a vague understanding of their behavior… What motivates these people, I still do not know….The chicken and egg question the writers do not answer.”

    Don’t know why you have no more than a vague understanding of them” because I recall replying to another comment of yours where you said essentially the same. Maybe you didn’t see or read it. The first thing that motivates them and accounts for their behavior is the first of the two underpinning delusions of their Orthodox religion which is: “The essence of Judaism is the affirmation that the Jews are the chosen people. All else is commentary.” Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, NY Times, 1996

    Their second ‘collective delusion’ (Freud) – and perhaps the most significant and consequential of the two fundamental hallucinations of Judaism (because it affects ill-fated mankind directly (‘Man(kind) has little chance.’ Freud) – is their irrational mostly inconsistent and unprovable and mostly inharmonious covenant with YHWH – which they justifiably refer to as a ‘burden
    and yoke’ inasmuch as it is a weighty and consequential ‘duty’.

    And the reason why their covenant is so critically crucial is that it compels (actually commands and thus forces them to not only be (note: they are to ‘be’ and not ‘become’) ‘mankind’s blessing and light’ it also obligates them to uplift humanity and to HEAL and CURE and last but not least as it appears to be their most manifest duty and most achievable of their burdens – to inherit (or acquire, subjugate) the earth.”

    “After you – O Israel – have (fulfilled your hallowed covenant with YHWH and) inherited (enslaved) the earth… and achieved dominion over every living thing on earth…then (and only then)… shall mankind beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; then (and only then) shall one nation not lift up sword against another nation, neither shall they learn war anymore..” The Torah

    “The Jewish Nation stands above other Nations as the Head above the Body.
    The Jews Bear the Images of Their Laws Imprinted within their souls.
    The Chosen Race is a likeness of the World and Its Law is a Likeness of the Laws of the World.
    Israel, the Race that Sees the Truly Existent – In Israel, a whole Nation Has Attained to Wisdom.
    God Will Not Let Israel Receive the Death-Blow.
    Israel, Whose Proper Portion is the Ethereal Region, Is Victorious over its Opponents.
    (All) The Nations will ultimately Honor Israel’s Laws Alone.
    The Israelites are the Truest Men – Israel means “man chosen by God” (and: ‘May God Rule”)
    Philo Josephus of Alexandria – 24 CE

    “Culture is a uniquely human environment consisting of the residue of the activity of prior generation. The human environment is suffused with the behavioral adaptations of prior generations.
    “We live in a world of persons and things which is in large measure what it is because of what has been done and transmitted from previous human activities. Strategies are considered to be behavioral programs that are genetically transmitted from generation to generation. The individual simply performs an inherited strategy. Natural selection provides the mechanism of choice.” John Dewey, 1938

    “We (Jews) are generationally egotistical enough to believe we are the chosen ones…Our personal experiences take in the scope of our world awareness.” Eric Fischl, painter

    “Many authors have interpreted tribalism and xenophobia as adaptive behavioral tendencies that served humans well over the millennia of evolution in small isolated groups. As phrased by Darwin: “There can be no doubt that a tribe including many members, who, from possessing a high degree the spirit of patriotism, fidelity, obedience, courage, and sympathy, were always ready to give aid to each other and to sacrifice themselves for the common good, would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection.” The Genetic Gods

    “Induced Delusional Disorder – essentially it means madness in two or more people in which one person of the group has a recognized psychotic illness and the other person is, if you like, ‘infected’ by it. They – the other person or persons – take on the psychotic beliefs of the person who is mentally ill – psychologically there is a blurring of the boundary of who is who. And then because they are genetically identical they will have similar genetic ‘loading’ for developing, say psychotic illness. It is the behavior of people who are literally disturbed confused delusional collectively.” wikipedia

    “For, insane as it sounds, it (Orthodox Judaism) is nevertheless plain…..on close examination, the real most deep seated ideological motive behind the Zionists persistent hostility towards the Palestinians…” Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion

    “The whole world is mentally sick, much more so, we Jews.” Arthur Ruppin 1876 –1943) sociologist Zionist one of the founders of the city of Tel Aviv, taught Sociology of the Jews at Hebrew University, Jerusalem

    And Orthodox Judaism is ideological motive behind the Jews persistent “monotonous progress toward the mastery of the world.” (Arnold White, in his book The Modern Jew, 1898, London)

    “Great works are performed realized not by strength, but by perseverance.” Samuel Johnson

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  117. Vidi says:

    in 1948 the CIA perpetrated its first coup and this coup in Thailand established the off-the-books funding of the CIA from the international narcotics traffic (more on that is also here), so that the CIA’s actual budget wouldn’t be restricted simply to the on-the-books funding, from U.S. taxpayers. This illegal funding-source has been crucial for many of the CIA’s operations, and makes bribes untraceable.

    See also The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Alfred McCoy.

    From the summary on Amazon:

    The first book to prove CIA and U.S. government complicity in global drug trafficking, The Politics of Heroin includes meticulous documentation of dishonesty and dirty dealings at the highest levels from the Cold War until today.

    McCoy is a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, with a PhD from Yale.

    Of course, there is more recent talk of the CIA’s involvement in the U.S.’s current opioid epidemic. (Heroin is an opioid, by the way.)

    • Replies: @denk
  118. J. V. says:

    A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

    Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

    “The following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA.”


    1941) COI created
    1942) OSS created
    1943) Italy – Donovan recruits the Catholic Church in Rome to be the center of Anglo-American spy operations in Fascist Italy.
    Operation PAPERCLIP
    1949) Radio Free Europe –
    Late 40s) Operation MOCKINGBIRD
    1953) Iran – CIA overthrows Mohammed Mossadegh in a military coup, and SAVAK, as brutal as the Gestapo.
    Operation MK-ULTRA
    1954) Guatemala
    1954-1958) North Vietnam
    1956) Hungary –
    1957-1973) Laos
    1959) Haiti
    1961) The Bay of Pigs
    Dominican Republic
    Ecuador –
    Congo (Zaire)
    Dominican Republic
    Dominican Republic
    Congo (Zaire)
    Operation PHEONIX
    Operation CHAOS
    Watergate Break-in –
    Watergate Scandal
    “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence”
    The Rockefeller Commission
    (1979) Iran – The CIA fails to predict the fall of the Shah of Iran, a longtime CIA puppet, and the rise of Muslim fundamentalists who are furious at the CIA’s backing of SAVAK, the Shah’s bloodthirsty secret police. In revenge, the Muslims take 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran.
    El Salvador
    El Salvador
    (1981) Iran/Contra Begins
    The Boland Amendment –
    (1991) The Fall of the Soviet Union
    (1992) Economic Espionage
    )1993) Haiti

    Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

  119. denk says:

    China’s empire building was at its peak during the Mongols and Manchus rule, it ceased after the Hans regained control from the Qing court.

    Western empire building has never stopped for the past 500 years , it started with UK, then US, then FUKUS , now we are into the era of fukusIndia,.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Jeff Stryker
  120. Druid says:

    Idiotic statement. 911 was an inside job! Erase arch this!

  121. denk says:

    CIA cut its tooth with drug trade in the
    infamous Golden Triangle.
    Most of the drug lords in operation and their government mentors are controlled from Langley…

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Jeff Stryker
  122. denk says:

    that’s in reply to jilles dykstra

  123. @jilles dykstra

    True, the Chinese have been around since the Silk Route.

  124. @denk

    China was a hermit kingdom, it never had an empire beyond its borders.

    It was ruled by foreigners like the Manchu a few times but apart from its colonization of Taiwan, it never conquered another country.

    What is “fuckus”. You write that over and over again like the word “Murrcan” and it is clearly an obsession, but can you tell us what “fuckus” means?

    • Replies: @denk
  125. peterAUS says:

    Actually….my deep apologies.

    I missed this

    Lebensraum, a hazy concept.

    I got hung on that strategy/operations/tactics stuff. Mea culpa. Old habits and such.
    Had I seen that I wouldn’t have posted all that about “combat engineers” and the rest.

    We’ll have another conversation about anything related to WW2 Eastern Front when that concept gets clear, for you.
    I know, most likely never.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  126. Anonymous [AKA "J-G. S."] says:

    CIA – Al-Qaeda Operations Center in Iran’s Backyard Exposed

    Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

    CIA Playbook: What’s About To Go Down in Iran

    A Wake-Up Call for Iran: The Real Cost of America’s ‘Liberation Wars’:

    Sibel Edmonds | July 19, 2018


  127. denk says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    TW was a Chinese province until its robbed by the jps in 1898.

    fukus = fuck uk + us.
    [courtesy Deb is dead of MOA]

    first for their still ongoing imperialism

    secondly for their never ending assaults on the Chinese nations

    • Replies: @skrik
  128. denk says:

    The gruesome massacre of Chinese sailors in the Mekong was most probably a CIA wet job,
    one of the many to drive the Chinese out of SEA, Apak, Africa….

  129. Is that why so many Chinese swam to Hong Kong when it was “stolen” by the UK?

    You STOLE Taiwan from the Dutch.

    As for screwing the US and UK that is good. You won’t go there. Keep hating all you want, as long as it keeps you in the Hermit Kingdom.

  130. @peterAUS

    Replies without any factual content always make me happy.
    I then know that the opponent has nothing of any substance.
    Perry Pierik, ‘Hitler’s Lebensraum, De geestelijke wortels van de veroveringsveldtocht naar het Oosten’, Soesterberg, 1999

  131. @Josecanuc

    All of this may be true, but not all jews do not see reality.
    I therefore cannot comprehend the behaviour of some, I suppose no more than a few thousand.
    What makes a Wolfowitz getting a heart attack about Trump trying to establish normal relations with Russia ?
    Why a Soros making himself hated all over E Europe ?
    Polish socialists call Soros followers ‘Sorosjugend’.
    Why cannot Israel live peacefully in the ME ?
    The Arab League peace proposal was quite simple, jews out of the West Bank, compensation for what was stolen and destroyed since 1948.
    Far cheaper than the IDF war machine.
    Already years ago a poll was held among jews in the West Bank, then some 400.000, if I remember correctly.
    90% was willing to leave if their investment in their house was compensated.
    Already around 1953 a State Department official said in a public speech ‘that Israel should behave as a tiny ME state, in stead of the headquarters of an international group’.
    Abba Eban, ‘An Autobiography’, 1977, New York
    Eban of course was furious.
    I can recommend the book, it describes a split personality education, on week days apparently an english schoolboy, from Friday evening until Sunday evening, sometimes until Monday morning, educated as a jew by his grandfather.

  132. @denk

    DENK, you are inhaling the vapors in your family’s “Shabu” lab again.

    The meth problem in the Philippines is a result of China shipping meth to Philippines via Taiwan.

    Just ask Duterte, he asked you to please stop sending your meth.

    • Replies: @denk
  133. gT says:

    I much prefer Genghis Khan’s method of conquering. He would go in and kill every man, women, child, dog , cat and donkey and then demand tax or tribute from whoever remained. Sometimes he didn’t want tax or tribute and just wanted to kill everyone, it depended on his mood. But his methods were quick and clean, lots of steel used.

    The Jews on the other hand prefer their slow coup method of conquest, as the author explains. The slow coup is slow, tedious, dirty, disgusting, nothing to be proud of. Its just a slow, creeping cancer. The only problem with the slow coup though is that the people its implemented against sometimes realize what is happening, and then the coup plotters get their just rewards.

    Its like “What, you own my country but you’re not even from my country, I’ll show you”. Then its back to square 1 with the slow coup again and all the effort has got to start from scratch. This has happened so many times in the past that the slow coup plotters have devised a new strategy to ensure their slow coup works. Promote tolerant liberalism and Internationalism / Globalism, vilify intolerant nationalism and sovereign countries who protect their borders. Then no-one will complain if foreigners own your country as its now normal, its the international age, you must now tolerate people from all over walking down your street, banging your designated spermatozoa receptacle’s. Still don’t think the slow coup is ever going to work.

  134. Shmuel says:

    The US is huddling closer with undeveloped Mideast pariah states by necessity. They are losing control over longstanding satellites. While Trump cleverly got in front of the Korean peace parade, the US has no role except to leave. South Korea has exposed and dismantled the US levers of control.

    How nostalgic to think that in the 70s when CIA was under Congressional investigation it was the KCIA that helped with CIA’s counterattack against Congressional oversight (remember Tongsun Park?) That’s not going to happen any more. CIA is now using the Jew State to bribe and blackmail Congress – but they stunk up the place so bad that soon they will have to be burned and sacrificed like Iraq and Panama before them.

  135. Che Guava says:

    It is hardly royalty, Wally, there are thousands of them. It is just a clan.

    For entertainment, I would recommend searching on ‘Taki’ and ”Saudi royals’ or similar, he is acerbic on the point.

    Though the male ‘royals’ sure do love their camels more than anything !

  136. @Wally

    Not Baltic, but my dad’s all of relatives from his father side in some village under Orel were murdered by Germans along with the the rest population. No relatives left and at 6 my father saw his dad being hang by Nazis. Does it make difference they were murdering in Russia, not in Baltic states?

  137. denk says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Is that why so many Chinese swam to Hong Kong when it was “stolen” by the UK?

    The meth problem in the Philippines is a result of China shipping meth to Philippines via Taiwan.

    repeated ad nauseam in every thread…

    JS the one trick pony
    back to the kill file and remain there

  138. annamaria says:

    Stephen J. Hadley, a true American war profiteer:
    “The West does not actually hand the weapons to al-Qaida, let alone to ISIS, but the system they’ve constructed leads precisely to that end.”
    “Raytheon and the US government have erected a paper trail system designed to shield them from violating anti-terror laws.” …

    “…when the Obama White House came very close to launching an Iraq-style war of regime change against Damascus… guess who was a foremost media “expert” aggressively lobbying for regime change? — Stephen Hadley.
    At that time Stephen Hadley, then a Raytheon director (since 2009) and former National Security Advisor to George W. Bush, made multiple appearances on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and Bloomberg News during the height of the national debate over whether the US should go to war in Syria. In all of these appearances, as well as in an influential Washington Post op-ed piece, he argued for a U.S. missile strike on Damascus as a matter of national security.”
    “Hadley earns \$128,500 in annual cash compensation from the company and he chairs its public affairs committee. He also owns 11,477 shares of Raytheon stock, which traded at all-time highs during the Syria debate (\$77.65 on August 23, making Hadley’s share’s worth \$891,189). Despite this financial stake, Hadley was presented to his audience as an experienced, independent national security expert.”

    This bloody warmonger chairs the United States Institute for Peace (no kidding):
    Hadley, a profiteer on human blood and flesh, is just another American cannibal, similar to the disgusting Madeleine Albright and Condi Rice and to the subhuman Cheney. They are cannibals, modern-day cannibals:

  139. Avery says:

    as usual your entire post is a collection of feeble attempts of WW2 revisionism and continuation of the futile campaign by neo-Hitlerites in trying to blame everybody else for the crimes of your Nazi forebears. a melange of outright lies, lies of omission, and disinformation.

    and as I have written on numerous other occasions, instead of youse neo-Hitlerite losers trying to rehabilitate the Nazi mongrel loser ‘leaders’, do something about today’s Germany, if youse losers care about Germany at all: it is being overrun by foreigners and de-Germanized by loser German ‘leaders’.

    and instead of worshiping Hitler and his gang, you apologist losers should spit on his grave, because they are the one and only reason Germany is in the deep sh___ it is in today.

    • Replies: @L.K
  140. Avery says:
    @jilles dykstra

    {Why it is so difficult to understand that, once in 1914 or 1915, the kingdom of Armenia had declared war on the Ottoman empire, the Armenians living just south of Armenia, in the Ottoman empire, began an insurrection aimed at joining their area with Armenia, is beyond my comprehension.}

    That sentence alone shows you have no clue what you are talking about.

    ‘ ……the kingdom of Armenia had declared war on the Ottoman empire…….’ ?

    Are you really that clueless about history?

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  141. Avery says:

    Better being an Armenian (a noble ethnos) alleged ‘liar’ than a mongrel loser Schweinhund that you are, on top of being a neo-Hitlerite revisionist retrograde liar.

    Heil Hitler!
    Seig Heil!.

  142. Avery says:
    @Mike P

    Since you are in book ordering mood, why don’t you also order two books by Dr. Taner Akçam. Yeah, he is a (righteous) Turk.

    [A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility]

    [Killing Orders: Talat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide (Palgrave Studies in the History of Genocide)]

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  143. denk says:

    Understanding Murkka the WARfare state,

    In the first 10 days of the Libyan war alone, the administration spent roughly \$550m. That figure includes about \$340m for munitions – mostly cruise missiles that must be replaced


    The death merchants have the perfect products to pitch – products that are designed to destroy themselves and be replaced in an ever-lasting war on terror.

  144. @Avery

    ” [A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility] ”
    At the time of the asserted genocide Turkey did not exist.

    ” (Palgrave Studies in the History of Genocide)] ”
    My problem with these studies is that of course the outcome cannot be that asserted genocides did not exist.
    In the Netherlands we also have a genocide study institution.
    Trying to explain to them that genocides they study never happened, impossible, of course.

    The books I mentioned explain the asserted genocide perfectly, in my opinion.
    Morgenthau sr invented the genocide, read his book.
    Great about the book is that Morgenthau truthfully gives the explanation for the fear in the Ottoman empire of the Armenians.
    It was also Morgenthau’s goal to implicate Germany in the asserted genocide.
    This was a success, Germany now has a law making it illegal to deny the genocide, at the same time admitting guilt.
    It was not the only Morgenthau invention, he also invented the German guilt for WWI.
    Historians already in 1921 concluded that Morgenthau had lied about the German guilt, but it was too late, Versailles was a passed railway station.
    Thomas Fleming, ‘The Illusion of Victory, America in WW I’, New York 2003

    Morgenthau’s Armenian propaganda, that went on into the thirties, was the result of his hatred for Germans and Germany.
    His father, or grandfather, left Germany around 1870.
    I suppose also a motive was the future Israel.
    A christian state all along what now is Turkey’s eastern border until Syria would have been a great help for Israel now.
    See the map of the Treaty of Sèvres of 1921.
    Atatürk upset many calculations.

    Morgenthau sr’s son made the famous Morgenthau Plan for post WWII Germany, remove all industry from Germany, close off th country, nothing in, nobody out.
    Estimated result, ten million Germans dying of hunger.
    FDR had signed the plan, Churchill prevented it ‘I’m not going to be chained to a corpse’.
    British officers restarted VW Beetle production.
    When Truman refused to take Morgenthau with him to the Potsdam conference Morgenthau jr threatened to resign, Truman immediately accepted the offer.

  145. @Avery

    I cannot answer to stupid assertions without any content

    • Replies: @Avery
  146. Mike P says:

    Thanks, I will, even though I really dislike your style. Who do you think you are impressing with your gratuitous insults? Everyone has met unhinged drunks before.

    I’m not sure how your mind “works”, if we want to generously use that verb. Let’s assume that you are Armenian, and the Armenian genocide was real. Does that prove to you that every other claimed genocide was also real, and that you are therefore entitled to insult everyone who questions any of it? Because you already know what you do, does that make everyone else who questions it a participant of that crime?

    You have a choice to make – either engage respectfully and be heard, or spout insults and be spurned.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @L.K
  147. Avery says:
    @jilles dykstra

    {I cannot answer to stupid assertions without any content}

    You are the one who is stupid _and_ clueless.

    You wrote: ‘ ……the kingdom of Armenia had declared war on the Ottoman empire…….’
    There was _no_ Armenian kingdom in 1915.
    No Armenian kingdom declared so-called war against Ottoman Turkey.
    Armenians were subjugated subjects of the murderous Ottoman Turk overlords.
    There was no independent Armenia in 1915, you idiot.

  148. Avery says:
    @Mike P

    { Let’s assume that you are Armenian, and the Armenian genocide was real}.

    I am of Armenian ancestry (US citizen now), and the AG was real, unfortunately.

    {Does that prove to you that every other claimed genocide…..}

    No doesn’t: where did I write about other genocides in this thread, real or claimed?

    When you write ‘……I have been wondering about that supposed Armenian genocide also….’, you insult me, although I don’t see where in my post I insulted you. I sarcastically offered a title of a fictional book for you to study in response to your ‘supposed’ dig. If you consider that an insult, so be it.

    I have been posting @UNZ since it started: you can check.
    I do not start the chain of insults: if posters keep it civil, I keep it civil.
    But when posters start insulting, I am not shy to return the favour.
    Anyone who wants to jump into the muck to continue a ‘discussion’ – I am all in.

    And I could not care less if I am, quote, ‘spurned’: I am not here to make friends, neither am I here to convince any particular _posters_. My audience is the “silent majority” of UNZ readers who outnumber the posters by orders of magnitude. The “jury”, if you will.

    Denialist and revisionist posters, particularly regarding AG and WW2, are of prime interest for me.

    Have a good day.

    • Troll: Mike P
    • Replies: @peterAUS
  149. L.K says:

    As usual you are projecting…

    Avery.. you really are a babbling idiot… and a well known LIAR.

    As for revisionism, it is a common part of any science…

    What you pretend to “believe” is merely old, stale and dogmatic propaganda by the victors masquerading as history.

    Ron Unz himself, hardly a “Nazi” or anti-Russian, after studying a bit the subject of the German-Soviet conflict, has rejected the established propaganda.

  150. L.K says:
    @Mike P

    Hello Mike,

    I speak from personal experience dealing with this pest Avery; the individual is one of the MOST DISHONEST scumbags posting here at Unz, and the there is a lot of competition…

    Avery’s “style” is simply to repeat the same BS time and again, even after various posters expose his nonsense with facts. A little later, in the same thread or in a different one, there you find the maggot repeating the same exact garbage.

    Put it simply; a crude propagandist and sad little liar…

    Good for a belly laugh though.


    • Agree: Mike P
  151. peterAUS says:

    And I could not care less if I am, quote, ‘spurned’: I am not here to make friends, neither am I here to convince any particular _posters_. My audience is the “silent majority” of UNZ readers who outnumber the posters by orders of magnitude. The “jury”, if you will.

    Pretty much.

    As for this, though:

    Denialist and revisionist posters…

    I wouldn’t put all of them in the same basket.
    I mean….”The Six Million” thing etc.

  152. @Wally

    Look, I do not intend to prove that two times two equals four. If someone doubts that, it’s not my problem. It’s a problem of that person and his/her psychiatrist.

  153. skrik says:

    just switching one human deity with another), with false promises of salvation … acquiring true monotheism, for the better, and thus spiritual salvation

    Err, oxymoron, anyone? In my humble opinion, every smallest part of each pico-sec spent obsessing over ‘salvation’ of any sort is time *totally* both misspent and lost.

    Let me put that, another way: The one and only way to live meaningfully is in the ‘here and now’ doing something, anything useful. Wishful thinking about ‘salvation’ [however defined by spiritualists, the ‘special case’ = ‘life after death’ = impossible] is, again IMHO, self-seeking of the worst possible sort.

    The one and only way to live lawfully is by *not* lying, cheating, stealing or killing.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but as Wally likes to say: Prove it! [Bet nobody can.]

    Long past time to dump the alleged, risible supernatural.

  154. skrik says:

    fukus = fuck uk + us

    I prefer FUKUSIL listing the active aggressors France [Libya; Sarkozy was up to his neck in it, so much so that IIRC, F airforce attacked before the US could ‘switch off’ Libya’s air defence systems – Sarkozy ‘got lucky.’ The D military were furious at not being ‘allowed’ to join in the attacks on Libya. D claims a ‘non-combatant’ role in Afghanistan.] The rest is self-explanatory = the main ‘supreme international war-crimers,’ especially IL being an illegitimate entity with neither legal basis nor declared borders, and with many UN resolutions attempting to call IL to order. Of course the outlaws just scoff; where is the decent countervailing force? Witnesses to crimes [i.e. other countries, say] make themselves accessories by not effectively objecting to crimes in progress. rgds

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