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America Is Ready for White Identity Politics
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German version here

American patriots are hungry for white identity politics. It was inevitable. White nations are being wrecked by non-whites acting as tribal blocs. Whites are being attacked as a tribal bloc. Eventually, whites will start fighting back as a tribal bloc.

Whites have been slow to respond in kind because of traitorous leaders and the silly idea that identity politics is bad, but only for white people. Still, it was only a matter of time before white Americans woke up and started fighting back as whites. Polling data now shows that the awakening is here:

The people who are most surprised by this are long-time white advocates, some of whom have been predicting for decades that such an awakening is inevitable. It is true that white identity was almost nonexistent as recently as the 1990s. But due to Obama, Trump, Black Lives Matter, the Great Replacement, and open anti-white hatred, whites have caught on to their group interests. This will only intensify as white Americans continue to be assaulted, and there is no reason to think that our enemies have the foresight and self-control to moderate their attack.

Of course, this awakening is a cause for celebration for white advocates. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Now is the moment to push harder than ever. Although white Americans are hungry for our message, in the upcoming elections, the Republican Party and conservative movement are poised to harvest white discontent–and then channel it into more business as usual: tax cuts for billionaires, giveaways to Our Greatest Ally, Platinum Pandering to non-whites, and color-blind civic nationalism for whites. But responding to anti-white identity politics with Republican pabulum is like taking a knife to a gunfight. It is time to face the truth: these people promote a losing strategy because they want us to lose. Stop listening to them.

What should white advocates do?

First, we need to keep promoting our message: whites are being attacked as whites, and we need to defend ourselves as whites. When the Republicans are swept back into power in November, millions of whites will want to go back to sleep. We won’t let them.

Second, although we have made enormous gains in the battle of ideas, we need to convert public opinion into political gains. Thus the next step is to create a policy institute with two primary goals.

  • First, white identity politics currently exists as a mere “specter,” a bogeyman evoked by the establishment. To turn that specter into a real political force, we need to know how many of us there are, where we are, and how committed we are. Only then will our votes matter as much as our ideas.
  • Second, we need to propose concrete policy solutions to counter the negative effects of globalization and multiculturalism.

Building this institute is why I joined Counter-Currents. If you want to know more, please email me at [email protected].

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
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  1. BuelahMan says:

    Who tries to punish whites for being white-centric?

    Who is behind the decades long push for miscegenation?

    Who was behind the immigration laws that have led us to this point?

    Who is in the leadership positions that are alienating and blaming whitey for THEIR machinations?

    • Replies: @HR
  2. SteveK9 says:

    What is the name of this ‘institute’? Or, is that to be determined.

  3. Thanks for the reply Steve. The name will be revealed later in the year once we’ve finished the institute’s prospectus document.

    We believe (for good reason) this institute will make be decisive in the mainstreaming and normalization of pro-white politics.

    Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like to learn more.

  4. Amazing article and really spot on. This is exaclty what we need going forward and I cant wait to see what this organization is planning to do going forward. Bravo! I know many people across the country but especially in the lower midwest that would cast their vote immediately for a candidate espousing these ideas but they feel isolated and chastised for even voting for Trump (which it legit bottom of the barrel compared to this). So if we can give these people a voice through this organization and promote their values, I can tell you millions would be onboard with this.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  5. Im glad to see someone come out and just say what needs to be said without any cowardice. Its about high time we have some representation in this govt that we created and now have been systematically disenfranchised purposefully by God’s “Chosen People”. Time to wake up white people and mobilize them. This is probably our last shot at taking back the nation since things have drastically escalated against us in the last 3 years.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  6. Heptisax says:

    Very encouraging news—thank you for the post!

  7. Blabber says:

    Great article. Love to see it! White people are tired of being bullied and replaced in their own countries founded by their ancestors!

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  8. ratatoskr says:

    There are only positive things to say about White people cooperating to remove anything remotely anti-White. These anti-Whites can either fear or respect us and it is clear they don’t respect us.

  9. Based. White People shouldn’t be chastised for celebrating their heritage, skin color, traditions, or ancestry. Whites created the modern world.

  10. About time. Censorship just proves our point.

  11. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    It is certainly time for a pro-White movement. We are made into 2nd class citizens by not looking out for our rights specifically.

  12. Aeneas says: • Website

    This article started out being censored by the search engines ( and now the author has been banned from Twitter after 5 days on the platform. Clearly, the anti-white, anti-American lunatic left fear this article. We should aim to blow it up here. No one has a platform in this space like Unz.

  13. The time is now – my liberal neighbors are openly discussing how anti-white the mainstream rhetoric is and how uncomfortable it makes them. They are ready to fight the diversity nonsense in the school for their child, they want a white homogeneous place to live and are tired of being made to feel guilty about it.

    If these normal people who barely know me will speak about these issues openly then we are on the cusp of a real set of changes in white identity politics.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  14. T Steuben says:

    White identity is inevitable, and we will NOT be replaced! It has taken mountains of censorship, propaganda, persecution, and controlled opposition to prevent our inevitable victory. That they fear us this much is very encouraging.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  15. megabar says:

    Excellent article. It is time to stop simply pointing out the absurdity of modernity, and start coming up with concrete proposals. The more mature and moral the proposals — while still effectively addressing the root problems of our times — the more likely the waking normies will engage.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  16. Yes, I was banned on Twitter after only 5 days on the platform. I never harassed anyone or even commented on any leftist accounts. All I did was post the article (which did quite well), describe the institute in a couple of tweets, and post my radio shows with James Edwards and Patrick Ryan.

    This is why I think it’s an important piece and I have yet to hear an argument as to why I’m wrong.

    Thanks for your support.

  17. This is incredibly encouraging. By far the biggest morale boost I’ve seen in a long time.

  18. @T Steuben

    Thank you for commenting, T. Steuben. It’s an honor to have your support. Please shoot me an email. Hope to talk soon.

  19. GMaximus says:

    If I had to guess the vast majority of conservatives are hiding their power levels. Most moderates and some liberals are just suppressing it, but they know it’s there.

    The tipping point isn’t far away.

  20. @Arthur Powell

    That doesn’t surprise me, Arthur. Encouraging nonetheless. It’s a powder keg. Once we get some charismatic leadership, things are going to change. For good.

  21. I’m especially proud of being White, and I support, obviously, identity politics for Whites. Unless we come together {{{those}}} who want to destroy us so they can rule the world, we will be turned into slaves like in South Africa.

  22. Daniel W says:

    I think Whites are waking up to the fact that an explicitly White identity is necessary for political survival. White American identity was more implicit for most of our history, so insidious elements chipped away at the “White” part and undermined the ethnic identity to install the lie that is civic nationalism. Now anyone can be “American,” when that simply wasn’t the case, eroding our own identity and leaving us fractured as a result. We have a lot of ground to cover, but I believe we’re heading in the right direction.

  23. Watcha gonna do when white nationalism runs wild on you brother!?

  24. Aeneas B says: • Website

    Good to see UNZ posting pieces like this instead of their downhill trend of pieces that downplay the importance of demographics. Demographics are destiny.

  25. Jeb! says:

    They want to make Whites minorities. In the entirety of my lifetime they’ve made politicos about the politics of minorities. Until they make Whites minorities. Then civil rights, social justice and pro minority bias and policy would disappear. White identity politics is the only possible correct response to what is being done and happening to White’s in America. The country has been indoctrinated to an Anti-White bias. This response is an approach, strategy and tactic whose time is past due, encouraged to hear the path forward.

  26. This is really encouraging. We need more data like this out here. I’m not surprised the regime media is suppressing this news. If whites knew they were not alone, they’d be less fearful advocating for themselves. Demographics is destiny. We can’t let them replace us!

  27. anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    The world’s governing paradigm shifts when the White Man says it does. Declare the old era at a close, White Man, and it closes. This is your function. This is what you are for.

  28. Whites are waking up. For the first time in many years people are realizing the gravity of anti white policy like americans did just a few generations ago during the 50s and 60s. Time for a revival. We gotta set things straight otherwise we will be damned in our own nation for eternity. Glad to see someone speak up about this. Were downtrodden, tired of harassment, and sick of anti white political correctness from both major parties who refuse to represent our interests. Tide is turning!

  29. The numbers don’t lie. Commit your time and money to strike while the iron’s still hot!

  30. Herodotus says: • Website

    The demand for pro-white politics seems to be reaching a boiling point. Who will have the guts to just say it already? This is a white country and if we don’t want it to go to complete hell we need to stand up for its white majority. It’s bound to happen sooner or later.

  31. Things cannot begin to change for the better until whites get the political representation we deserve. These damn institutions, schools, media, corporations, and government policies are so slanted against whites, I hardly recognize this country anymore.

  32. Dime says: • Website

    I want war not politics. WW2 never ended. I want National Socialism, no jews, no diversity and an end to being nice to Niggers.

  33. Whites need a pro_White need a professional policy institute like we need oxygen.

    70+ years of pamphleteering, riotous (and sometimes lethal) ‘demonstrations’ and various forms of ‘synchronized power-strolling’ have only made things worse. Not a single policy success in 70+ years.

    There are those that say ‘there is no political solution’.

    All this means is that the person who utters this phrase cannot imagine a way to use the legitimate electoral power they have to effect durable change. It’s a failure of imagination, creativity and, above all, diligence applied to well-thought-out strategy and tactics.

    You either pay people to work 24/7/365 to pursue your interests or you get less-than-stellar results.

    Samuel Francis saw this day coming.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  34. Herodotus says: • Website

    From Wallace’s Gab. Hot stuff

    I’m calling on ALL patriots to leave a comment on the new Unz reprint of the viral “America is Ready for White Identity Politics” article.

    Unz blows away the competition in web traffic (1.7 million monthly visitors) and we need eyes on this call to action. This is its final and by far most important promotional push. After this, I’m leaving it alone.

    Here’s why it’s so important to leave a comment on Unz and get it to the front page:

    1.) This article proves white identity politics is a winning issue. It tempts outsider candidates to run a pro-white political campaign. A pro-white campaign done right will fire up the Republican base and give an underdog candidate a major advantage against establishment Republicans.

    It happened for Reagan on the Communism issue. It happened for Trump on the immigration issue. It’s white identity’s turn. One popular pro-white campaign could mainstream and normalize white identity politics for good. By leaving a comment on Unz, you make that likelier.

    2.) It encourages people to donate to pro-white causes. People are not inclined to support losing causes. If the cause is lost, why contribute? Our current lack of funds is the main barrier to success. The studies in this article prove we can win and will encourage people to support us.

    Either of these arguments should be reason enough to leave a comment and boost it to the front page of Unz.

    We can only release this article once and there are few others like it in terms of political practicality.

    So please leave a comment on Unz now and make it known to millions that America is ready for White identity politics.

  35. White identity politics is our only future.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  36. @HamburgerToday

    You’re right, HT. We need a political institution run full-time by people who know how to run political institutions… Radical idea… We also need to pay people what they would make in mainstream institutions to recruit adequate talent. The longterm risk of working in white advocacy is off-putting enough. Greg has shown the ambition to do what is necessary to move forward.

    The other factor we have on our side is this simmering demand for pro-white politics. It wasn’t nearly as strong even when Mr. Francis started NPI. It’s going to take time but it could blow up rapidly through a charismatic political campaign.

    As you know, I wanted to get this article out there partly because it might force some consultants to think seriously about running a pro-white campaign. Let’s hope for the best. But we cannot rely on any Republicans to do anything for us. We need an uncompromising pro-white institution that gathers support out of this demand. We’re building it with Greg.

    In in the end, we need a powerful White Lobby like the NRA or AIPAC. The policy institute is the first step toward that audacious goal. It is achievable because of the ever-increasing demand for white identity politics. People can laugh now but give us a few years and we’ll see who’s laughing.

  37. @Armisteads_Brigade_1863

    Thank you, my friend. We have a team of experienced professionals with success at elite political and private institutions running this ship full-time. We have the right strategy on how to proceed with normalizing pro-white politics. It’s also nice to piggyback off a website that receives over 800,000 monthly visitors. The Counter-Currents community is totally supportive of this project. If anyone is going to build a powerful pro-white political institution off this popular support among American patriots it’s going to be us. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more.

  38. @megabar

    I agree Megabar. I hope the great Mr. Unz will post this resilient article to front page! We need people to start taking white identity politics seriously. An idea whose time has come…

  39. @Dr ExCathedra

    Correct, Doctor. There is no future without White identity politics. Outside of Asia, it’s hard to see the permanent maintenance of civilization unless whites organize in a powerful political bloc to defend their interests. Hope to speak with you soon.

  40. @RogueChristian2020

    Many thanks for the support, brother. The purpose of the article is to hasten the arrival of pro-white politics, which is why I’ve been aggressive (fair to say) about promoting it. It’s made an impact, thanks to patriots like you. I’m grateful.

  41. @Blabber

    Thanks, Blabber. It’s had a good run thanks to people like you who’ve the courage and foresight to support. Let’s hope it lands on an ambitious politico’s desk. One popular pro-white campaign and all bets are off. I like what Greg Hood said in the White Renegade article about the crown being in the gutter. Somebody just needs to pick it up and run with it. Thanks again, man. I’m truly grateful.

  42. N8 says:

    Let’s hope people don’t go back to sleep. The right wing of the Uniparty only competes with the left wing over who can be the worst kind of AntiWhite. We aren’t safe just because the red wing is in charge, in fact, we might even be at more risk because of the “going back to sleep” problem.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  43. Joe Cool says: • Website

    If we work extra hard at this point to bring White advocacy to our people now, there will be no stopping us. We have to strike while the iron is hot so we can recapture our destiny.

  44. Edgardus says:

    On an instinctual level: European America is ready for identarian politics. Our nation’s gradual de-Europeanization is visually evident. Hence, culturally evident (especially in the larger cities).

    To recapture our historical culture, a re-learning of heritage is needed. That also means the recapturing of traditional social norms of manner & protocol for re-stabilization. Such is now sorely needed in a nation suffering from a kind of infantile view of life guided by a dishonest mainstream media (MSM itself being an infantile presenter).

    America: as the ‘Historical We’… The opportunity for process rectification is now.

  45. After witnessing the debacle of the Obama presidency, I’ve been ready for the last seven years to support White-Identity Politics. I’m completely sick of jews and their pet blacks walking all over us Whites and think it is high time that we respond in kind. I will give all that I have to support openly Pro-White candidates.

  46. “85% of Republicans concerned about anti-white discrimination…”

    We need the kind of politician who thinks, “that could help me win my primary.”

    Sincere idealists are vital, but you can’t have a successful political movement of only idealists. We also need a lot of seat-fillers who are sensitive to rewards, and whose politics will be shaped by the rewards of being pro-White and the potential danger of being branded anti-White.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  47. I am recently converted to recognizing the importance of white identity. The multicultural tropes I was raised on have proven untenable while the open hostility to whites is undeniable. The experiment has failed.

    I will now vote for those who defend and advance white interests and I will work behind the scenes in politics to ensure the viability of white identity politics grows.

    Similarly, I will work to expose and resist the tribalism that has undermined every Western country, particularly Jewish tribalism which was and remains the vanguard of the destruction of the West and the rampant antiwhite racism pervading our culture via Jewish dominated cultural institutions – media, finance, politics, academia, etc.

    Jewish people have no hesitation behaving as a team, and whites should do the same. It is literally a matter of survival. White kids will be a despised minority in the lands of their ancestors, and in the world, if we do not dramatically reverse course.

  48. Davidcito says:

    We can’t win by following rules no one else will follow

  49. Anon[103] • Disclaimer says:

    Well said.

  50. Herman says:

    The censorship proves you are right. They can not counter your arguments. All they can do is to try to prevent others from getting your message. Bravo Mr. Wallace.

    • Replies: @Robert Wallace
  51. Elric says:

    If every single ethnic group is going to practice tribalism, then white people have no choice but to be tribal as well. Rugged individuals are easily defeated by strong tribes.

  52. @N8

    It is definitely a problem, N8. The only sure bet we have is ourselves. Waiting on the Republican Superman to save the day is a fool’s errand. That’s why the institute we’re building with Greg at the helm is so important. It’s an ambitious project that will make everyone in this comment section proud. Stay tuned.

  53. @Bill Ehrlich

    That’s right, Bill. Not that we can rely on it, but I’m betting we get an ambitious man who seizes the opportunity that’s there. The only dilemma is that he will need to be member to a serious wealth network. My guess is that would take several million dollars to win a pro-white congressional campaign even in the most favorable environment. You know the sponsors of Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell will swoop down hot and heavy. Thanks for support, sir. Please send me an email to learn more about what we’re up to.

  54. @Herman

    Thank you, Herman. Greg and I formally submit a challenge to debate anyone in the world on the moral and intellectual defensibility of white identity politics. They will not debate us on this because they know the outcome of that debate with us is a fait accompli. We shouldn’t underestimate how powerful our ideas are out in the open. Clever, charismatic leadership will do the trick if the publicity is there. We are much closer to the breakthrough than it appears.

  55. White identity politics is far, far better than White extinction.

  56. gte757n says: • Website

    Everyday is “White Pride Day”.

    Whites are only 16% of the world’s population, yet they are the most industrious and innovative race the world has ever known.

    Whites unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, launched satellites, created automation, discovered electricity and nuclear energy, invented automobiles, aircraft, submarines, radio, television, computers, medicine, telephones, light bulbs, photography, and countless other technological miracles.

    Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, orbit it by spacecraft, walk on the moon, probe beyond the solar system, climb the highest peaks, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier, descend to the oceans depths. Conversely, negroes cannot even feed themselves.

    Whites have to provide food, medical, financial, and engineering aid to every Black nation. Blacks cannot survive without White charity.

    No pre-contact Black society ever created a written language, or weaved cloth, or forged steel, or invented the wheel, or plow, or devised a calendar, or code of laws, or system of measurement, or math, or built a multi-story structure, or a sewer, or drilled a well, or irrigated, or created any agriculture, or built a road, or sea-worthy vessel. They never domesticated animals, or exploited underground natural resources, or produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device.

    Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago.

    Blacks are the oldest race, so they should be the most advanced – but they never advanced at all. Blacks lived alone in Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years so they cannot blame slavery, racism, colonialism, culture, environment, or anything else for their failures.

    Thank God for, where else can we express our “White Pride”?

  57. How about frontpaging this essay?

  58. I found Mr. Wallace’s article on Gregory Hood’s gab page, and I couldn’t agree more. The statistics are a cause for more optimism and hard work.

  59. Bernie says:

    This is very good news. White Identity Politics is Inevitable.

  60. These numbers are encouraging, and I believe that a think tank is an excellent idea, since culture is upstream of politics. Having said that, I worry about funding. Most of the liberal policy institutes are funded by the largest “philanthropic” foundations (e.g., Ford), which have been bankrolling extreme left-wing political machinations for decades. They have very deep pockets, and that’s going to be the biggest challenge going forward. We need our own donor class.

  61. ND says:

    Commenting here probably puts a target on our backs. But its worth a fight.

  62. WhitePill says:

    I understand this issue concerns American politics and although I’m not American, as White person I am concerned about the current situation of people of European ancestry as a whole.
    Since it’s indisputable that the USA is the most influential country in the world, it would be of utmost importance to see white identity be discussed in the mainstream American political sphere.

    And just a worthy reminder:
    It’s not too late – battles are won by those who focus on the victory.
    We can only find solutions, by discussing solutions – not with defeatism.
    And if there’s something we also learned in the last century, is that tables can be turned.
    Our existence depends on it.

  63. WardBoss says: • Website

    Well said Mr Wallace. Do Whites have a right to exist? Did God create Whites and do our ethnic enemies have the right to extinguish us from the earth?

    Hell no!

    Getting organized politically is one way for us to push back and make our enemies endure consequences for hurting us.

    Sic semper tyrannis !

  64. Yes. America is ready for white identity politics.

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