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Alain Soral on "The Corona Hustle"
Launching ERTV International Video Channel
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Not anti-Semitism, but “Fear of the Jewish Power Cabal” is the political neurosis of the US, as George Mackenzie has correctly diagnosed:

“No other group comes close at provoking as much fear in almost the entirety of the population as Jews. Even the slightest suggestion that anyone is saying anything mildly questionable about Jews causes cold sweats, shortness of breath, hair to stand on end, muscles to clench, and all the other physical reactions that reveals the triggering of a psycho-social taboo. It’s actually a suppressed terror that amounts to a kind of paralysis.”

The disease is just as severe in Western Europe, and France in particular. Courageous men who are not paralyzed by fear of Jewish Power, and who are willing to pay the full price for denouncing it, are very rare. Alain Soral is such a rare man. As a successful novelist, essayist and film-director, he used to be regularly invited on prime talk shows, where he outshone everyone with his sharp and clear political-incorrectness, on anti-racism and feminism for example. But when he started defending his humorist friend Dieudonné, accused of “anti-Semitism” for a pro-Palestinian sketch, Soral was progressively banned from all mainstream media. Dieudonné and Soral soon became the rallying symbols of a new resistance. In 2007, with a team of like-minded dissidents, Soral created the webzine Égalité & Réconciliation, which now ranks as France’s first political site.

No one has done more in France for exposing the destructive and exploitive power of Jewish elites—whom he never confuses with Jews in general. Each of his videos reaches half a million views in a few days, much to the discontent of the CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, the equivalent of the ADL in France). Denouncing Soral as an anti-Semite has now become a password for being invited on any mainstream talk show. The accusation functions like stoning in biblical days: everyone is summoned to throw his stone, lest he be stoned himself. For supporting Soral publicly, I have myself been suspended from my teaching job.

Yet Soral’s popularity grows in proportion of his persecution, and although mentioning him favorably is considered career-suicide, the French young generation has been educated by Soral. I have often thought that John 7:12-13 applies very well to him: “There was a great deal of talk about him in the crowds. Some said, ‘He is a good man’; others, ‘No, he is leading the people astray.’ Yet no one spoke about him openly, for fear of the Jews.” And I have also pondered that, if being a Christian means imitating Jesus in challenging Jewish Power to the point of getting crucified, then Soral is a better Christian than most Bible-worshippers.


I also once compared Alain Soral to an exorcist, because, as the story goes, the exorcist forces the demons to show their ugly faces and reveal their names, and he receives in return the full power of their hatred. For exposing the corrupting and the corrupted elites who are destroying the social, moral and economic fabric of our nation, Soral has faced approximately 75 lawsuits, and lives under the constant threat of being arrested and sent to jail.

I got to know Soral and started following his videos in 2014, around the time when he helped me publish the French version of my JFK-9/11 (the English version has now the honor of featuring in Ron Unz’s catalog of “books banned by Amazon”). I owe him both the initial inspiration for my quest into the origin and essence of Jewish Power (check my new book, Essays on Jewish Power), and the courage to publish it. I am not by nature a courageous man, but I have found Soral’s courage to be contagious. Isn’t it what true leadership is about?

From now on, Soral’s videos will be regularly subtitled in English and posted on the YouTube Channel ERTV International, which will also feature other documentaries. Here is, for a start, the first part of Soral’s latest video on “The Great Corona Hustle”, which has already caused the Bureau national de vigilance contre l’antisémitisme to file a complaint for anti-Semitism, because they object to Soral pointing out that Professor Didier Raoult, France’s foremost microbiologist who advocates chloroquine for fighting Covid-19, is opposed by “the gang in charge of state medicine: Buzyn, Lévy, Bauer, Hirsch, Jacob, Guedj, Solomon (it sounds like Schindler’s list).”

Soral on “The great Corona hustle”:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Do not miss also his earlier video on “environmentalism & New World Order”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alain Soral, Anti-Semitism, Coronavirus, France, Jews 
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  1. Thank you Mr. Guyénot for taking the time to write and share your knowledge and experience with others.

    Regarding Alain Soral, this video from 2014 is a fantastic interview with English subtitles and I encourage every one to take the time, 38 minutes, to watch it.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  2. can’t we fix that headline: Alain Sorel [[ Soral ]] on “The Corona Hustle”?

  3. Soral often makes important points that one doesn’t hear in the regular media. But he gives the impression of a peculiarly egocentric personality, quick to take offense and almostly violently hostile to his detractors. Furthermore, he is full of self-praise and garrulous to a striking extent; very few of his talks available on YouTube are concise, and most go on and on and on. Still, his defense of Dieudonné is honorable, and the persecution of the two of them is disgraceful. Put briefly, their work is extremely displeasing to Jewish organizations, and these organizations’ influence on government policy on speech liberties is not wholesome.

  4. @Tono Bungay

    I look at it this way: first, Soral a les défauts de ses qualités, as we say in French. He is was not short-tempered and slightly vindictive, he would not put so much energy in fighting those who try to silence and even jail him: he would have apologized, justified himself, etc. Secondly, what is important is not Soral’s character, but his social function in France, which is outstanding. That’s what I focused on in my article.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @hotrod31
  5. @Tono Bungay

    More on this : Alain Soral is a fighter. He is fighting with his intelligence, but he is a fighter by character, and he is the best at his kind of fight. You could also call Mohamed Ali “an egocentric personality, quick to take offense and almostly violently hostile to his detractors”, but likewise, you cannot wish he didn’t have such a personnality and still be the best.

  6. @Tono Bungay

    I’ve seen comments about his character flaws here and there but people should not forget he is currently faced with over 530 000 EUROS in fines and over 6 years of jail time for his opinions ( as of November 2019 ).
    You need to have a strong ego if you’re going to face the judicial, physical and psychological assaults of the organized jewish community and its lackeys. Even when people comment on his site anonymously, some Lobby attack dogs send Soral to court because he is the president of the association. For fucks sake, Manuel Valls the Minister of the Interior (a combination of the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security) from 2012 to 2014 denounced Soral at a convention! He is deserving of respect given his actions and his works (11 books).

    He has some flaws? Big deal! So does everyone else. Some of his detractors aren’t in any position to be criticizing him. Sitting on the sidelines and making comments, giving their advice while never putting their money where their mouth is. Only attacking the easy targets and never daring to talk about the real power brokers. He could have had an easy life going on different media and carefully avoiding the taboo subjects but he chose otherwise and dint sell his soul. “N’est pas Soral qui veut” Not everyone who wants to be like Soral can be. It takes a certain personality to do what he’s doing and not cave to the pressures.

    His ability to get points across to people who don’t have the same learning as he does, to make things clear and understandable and to give people a desire to learn and read …. I’m amazed by it.

    His organization, Égalité et Réconciliation(ER) founded in 2007, hosts all kinds of conferences attended by hundreds of people (you can find pictures online). They have sections all over France and attempt to inform people and build networks of solidarity. In any organization there will be clashes of egos, especially in marginal organizations. Alain Soral talked about the potential dangers in setting up an organization while keeping an eye out for crooks, lunatics and assassins who might want to join. Having to keep in mind the police informants, government agents that are always present in public reunions.

    He and other patriots have been working diligently and with determination; under all kinds of pressures and dealing with all kinds of treacheries to set up ER and make it a success. The different members are all participating to the best of their ability (putting up posters to giving conferences) and understand their place in the organization. If they want to do more they’re given the chance to step up. You have to recognize the importance of discipline and hierarchy to achieve success.

    It’s easy to give an anonymous opinion online but he and others are out there facing down the Eskimos, standing up for their country, trying to raise awareness and trying to get others to stand up.

    • Replies: @Jamay
  7. Salutation du Canada! Je vous remercie M. Guyénot! Merci de votre courage et pour vos livres qui m’aide dans ma recherche de vérité.

  8. Morus says:
    @Laurent Guyenot

    Alain Soral could rightly be called, following a dictum of LF Celine, le dernier Francais (the last Frenchman), given the spritual wasteland his fatherland, once the leading intellectual nation of Europe, has become since the 1960’s – a despicable vazal state, a welcome, because prestigious, ‘chique’ mouthpiece of the Systemic Lie that feeds on our culture, and consumes it.

    But not without producing antibodies.

    Soral calls himself a sociologist. This a very humble positioning, because he is much more than that. In my opinion he counts more as a philosopher, somebody who sees the big picture, and above all, has the modesty to think while he talks, afraid to be wrong or to mislead.

    A great mind.

    Vive La France Eternelle! Vive Alain Soral!

  9. Merci beaucoup Mr. Guyenot!
    Je lis toujours vos articles avec plaisir.
    Joyeuses Paques!

  10. The usual trolls, no arguments only insults. Go collect your shekels and crawl back under your Master’s desk.

  11. Jamay says:
    @Tono Bungay

    I totally agree with you. He also often criticizes women for being too emotional, when in fact I think he must be the most emotional person out there, taking offence on everything for nothing, in need to destroy the other if a disagreement. It is a shame because without that narcissistic side, for the rest he has amazing points to bring to the debate. I am happy to see him here & think that between a Michael E Jones & him, the Jewish question can become clearer.

  12. Jamay says:
    @Laurent Guyenot

    Ummm. One can criticize him for knowing him since forever, while acknowledging his qualities. You can be a fighter without being so emotional. Debates sometimes lost credibility because of all that noise around. Though, I still think he is very important in that debate. No need to admire him like a fan to appreciate his work. Mohamed Ali was not at all narcissistic. Being able to accept negative comments & adjust ourselves is being mature.

  13. Jamay says:

    Are you suggesting that we can’t criticize him? I do hope you don’t want us to live under censorship from the Jews & from those criticizing the Jew lobby^^. Freedom of expression is for all:-). I follow Soral since forever & won’t stop, but will always criticize his flaws too. He is a jerk towards women & to those in disagreement with him.. We all know the negative consequences of feminism in our society, but no need to call women bitches (salopes) to make your point. Specially when you are allegedly « Christian ». He also can be very insulting towards people for no reason. On a personal level. No need for that. It is immature.

    About what he thinks in general, he does have great analysis on the topic & of course we should all support him openly about the right to freedom of expression. What they are doing to him is terrible & I am happy to see that more people will be aware of what is going on. I wish he would be wiser on Trump, acknowledging that he is a zionist puppet… but well we disagree on that I guess.

  14. Sorry to read that things are so bad in France. The entire West seems in bondage to very hard taskmasters who abhor the truth and who are so lacking in mercy.

  15. @Jamay

    I never said anyone is beyond criticism but I find it highly suspicious and misguided when people give him flak for not being some kind of perfectly moral person all the while ignoring those terrible hypocrites in power whose decisions destructively impact the lives of millions.
    As I’ve said before, he has flaws like everyone else but these are outweighed by the work done. By what he’s been through and is continuing to endure. Pointing out and being fixated by his personal flaws doesn’t achieve anything and is a common tactic used by some when they have no arguments, seek to divert the discussion away from sensitive subjects or simply to sully the other and claim anything he says is without value.

    You have to make the distinction between a guy making videos and giving his opinions on various topics and the actions of the Organized Jewish lobby. The crimes and influence of various deep state agents and lobby groups versus a 61 year old man loves his country.

    They are one of the main causes of the problems and one of the forces preventing any possible positive change. It’s not Soral who hosts CRIF dinners and makes demands to government officials, it’s not Soral who went on various main stream media and demanded France intervene in Libya and open its borders without any form of control, it’s not Soral who demands France support a foreign country which proclaims and defends its ethnic-religious identity while refusing to accept any non-Jewish refugees or immigrants, it’s not Soral who demonized Jean-Marie Lepen all these years, belittling and attacking any form of independent patriotism that isn’t approved by the Lobby.

  16. @Jamay

    I agree with you about Trump though, but I think that has more to do with Soral not speaking English and not being aware of everything happening across the Atlantic. I don’t know if he can read English but he’s involved in his own fight so reading isn’t really a priority.

    With Trump, I don’t know if it was all an act from the get go or if, once elected, the realities sunk in and the balance of power was made clear to him (Flynn) and he just went along with it. Did he ever have a chance to do anything? Did he ever intend to? He betrayed his electorate and things got worse in the US and abroad. Was all of it inevitable due to the state of affairs in the US? I don’t know, I try to get some understanding by reading this site and others but it’s confusing.
    One of Alain Soral’s book, Comprendre L’Empire, Understanding Empire, has the subtitle, tomorrow the global governance or the revolt of the Nations? We are going to have front row seats!

  17. LDavies says:

    Very interesting videos. As an American, I’ve been unfamiliar with Alain Soral. I have made many of the same correlations with media hysterics right down to the fact that we’ve all become Anne Frank in a strange sort of twisted inversion of house arrest and the concentration camp.

    I will say, as a woman, he is correct that women are used to promote agendas. Our gender insecurities are preyed upon, much as racial insecurities are also preyed upon, as we try to prove ourselves worthy of some grand position or respected title and totally allow ourselves to be used as a result.

    With that said, I am admittedly tired of America getting blamed… even it is the so-called American “Deep State”. Let’s face the reality that America, as with many other nations, has experienced a coup, and “Deep State” is just a simplistic and safe way of defining that foreign coup.

    Hollywood, for instance, is hardly “American” so much as it has proven a brain-washing infiltration of America largely created by those loyal to a foreign political ideology, yet adds a star-spangled dazzle to their predictive programming that very much shields and protects itself as it hides behind the stars and stripes of “Old Glory”.

    Western democracies are falling one-by-one into a State-dependent communism by the mandate of authoritarians. America, too, has fell prey as everyone is repeatedly reminded, by what amounts to dictators telling citizen sovereigns, “this is the new normal” and “things will never go back to the way they were” as if that’s already a matter-of-fact and the people are financilly, physically, and mentally crippled into having no say either way.

    Notice how China is praised, in other words the “draconian” measures of communism is praised, while democracies and capitalism are mocked and put down for what amounts to deliberate ineffeciences as the entirety of Western Civilization now parrots communist China on some level.

    “Kings will be your Foster Fathers and their Queens your nursing mothers. With their faces to the ground, they will bow down and lick the dust of your feet.” – Isaiah 49:23 on the Reconstruction of Israel

  18. @Laurent Guyenot

    I agree that anger, fury and rage are the correct sentiments to express with regard to much of what is going on. But he should reserve his fighting antics to street protests, bashing people up in the studio that he disagrees with is a bit too much.

  19. Anon[393] • Disclaimer says:
    @Laurent Guyenot

    Actually, character is very important. Maybe you meant his personality is not.

  20. hotrod31 says:
    @Laurent Guyenot


    And thank you for your efforts in making articles like yours available.

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