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Alain Soral Sentenced to 2 Years Jail for Sharing “Gilets-Jaunes” Anti-Rothschild Rap Video
He Could Pay Over €170,000 in Fines and Compensation
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A French writer and publisher will be jailed for sharing this meme

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The French civic-nationalist and anti-Zionist intellectual Alain Soral was sentenced to two years prison last week for sharing a rap video entitled “Gilets-Jaunes.”

The music clip (watch it while you still can) is typical of the Yellow Vests in denouncing French media, political, and financial elites, and making a plea for direct democracy, notably the famous proposed Citizen’s Initiative Referendum (Référendum d’Initiative Populaire or RIC).

The video also argues for the abrogation of the banking law of June 1973 – known as the “Pompidou-Rothschild Act,” after the then French president and the investment bank he used to work for. Critics claim the law has reduced France to debt slavery by making her dependent on financial markets for loans rather than self-finance through the national bank.

The video also features a pyre where various figures are symbolically burned: President Emmanuel Macron, various media (TF1, Le Monde, BFMTV . . .), the Rothschild bank, and, most problematically, powerful elite Jews (Jacques Attali, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Patrick Drahi).

The rapper points out: “And if we talk about the media and Macron, we’ll have to talk about Drahi. His bank account is in Israel and he pays no taxes here.” Drahi, a Franco-Israeli-Portuguese oligarch born in Morocco and residing in Switzerland, has bought up large swathes of French media in recent years.

In case the denunciation of Jewish-globalist and Jewish-Zionist power elites in the financial and media spheres were not explicit enough, the video also states: “We’re not talking about a so-called oppressed minority. We’re talking about the deliberately neglected majority [of workers, farmers, and pensioners] . . . France has decided to free itself from the Rothschilds.”

President Macron speaking before the powerless lobby you will be destroyed for criticizing.
President Macron speaking before the powerless lobby you will be destroyed for criticizing.

As the words “so-called oppressed minority” are uttered, images are flashed of the annual dinner of the CRIF – the influential official French Jewish lobbying organization – an event where the crème de la crème of the French politico-media elite regularly come to genuflect.

The rapper lauds the “prolo patriotes” (patriotic workers) who are rising up and denounces the oligarchic “parasites” who are enriching themselves all the while demanding austerity from the masses. The song concludes: “The French are fed up with these parasites. The French are fed up, it ain’t racist. National uprising!” The author is a certain “Rude Goy.”

There are various pro-Arab and pro-Muslim symbols included. Drahi is mentioned while a pro-Palestine hoody is flashed. The rapper wears a fashionable keffiyeh. As a mainstream journalist anxiously warns that the French State is bordering on collapse in the face of the protesters, the rapper answers: “Inshallah” (God willing in Arabic).

The video then artfully interweaves mainstream yellow-vest concerns about French democracy’s subversion by high finance with a denunciation of the specific role of Jewish elite power in this process. There is no blanket anti-Semitism or attack on day-to-day Jews.

The images of Jewish oligarchs and intellectuals being symbolically burned – along side mainstream media and the French president, mind you – angered a certain number of Jewish activist and (mostly Jewish-run) “anti-racist” organizations. I imagine these images felt downright Auschwitzian to them.

The groups sued Soral for “granting enormous visibility to this video by publishing it on his website” and thus promoting the anti-Semitic theory of a “Jewish conspiracy.”

Note Soral did not create the video: he merely shared it on his website, as he did innumerable other yellow-vest videos. One wonders if linking to the video is also considered a criminal act. Probably not, or only if your name is Alain Soral. This tells you something about the legal arbitrariness of these censorious laws and liberticidal ethnic lobbies.

Soral will also be requires to pay a 45,000-euro fine and tens of thousands of euros in “compensation” to the various aggrieved Jewish and/or professional “anti-racist” activist organizations. That’s called good business.

Coincidentally, or not, the bank BNP Paribas simply closed the bank account of Égalité & Réconciliation, Alain Soral’s influential counter-cultural organization.

Presumably the court decision will be appealed. However, the noose is apparently tightening around Soral. Earlier this year, he was also sentenced to a year in jail for sharing a cartoon highlighting various holocaust hoaxes (lampshades, soap, etc).

Soral has always said that true intellectuals must inevitably come up against the authorities sooner or later. An intellectual who really stands up for his ideals “passera par la case prison” (will go to jail, do not pass-go), as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Charles Maurras did.

Whatever happens, more people than ever are being sensitized to a certain certain ethnic group’s considerable power and privilege by the very fact of jailing a French intellectual on their lobbying organizations’ behalf.

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  1. Svevlad says:

    That’s Jews for ya – always get soooo close to their goal, then proceed to shoot themselves in the foot with the equivalent of a howitzer

  2. lavoisier says: • Website

    The evil bastards always go after the intelligent ones who have courage first.

    They figure, often correctly, that you take out the men with integrity and the sheep will get back in line after seeing what happened to their leaders.

    The Bolsheviks knew how to cut off the head.

    In the West, governments have been hijacked by the (((enemy))) and we owe them nothing but our undisguised contempt.

    Step out of line and they will do everything in their power to destroy you.

    Shame on France.

    Liberty, equality, fraternity–meaningless words in France and the West today.

  3. Lot says:

    French antisemites in alliance with Islamifiers and crapification of French culture through rap music.

    The jail sentence isn’t long enough.

  4. Lot says:

    My question is, what is stronger evidence of Alain Sorel’s mental retardation: the fact he used to be a member of the Communist Party, or the fact he listens to and promotes Islamic rap videos?

  5. Lot says:

    “making her dependent on financial markets for loans rather than self-finance through the national bank”

    That’s incoherent. A country running a deficit can either sell bonds or print currency. The only difference is the currency can be used immediately and the bonds are replaced by currency later. There is no way one involved “dependence” on markets and the other doesn’t.

    This doesn’t surprise me much, the US Dork Right similarly obsesses over Jews and their supposed conspiracies, and lacking any support in the white community, eagerly welcome Muslim migrants who agree with them.

  6. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:

    this bolsters a recent comment I made that European nationalist who are anti-israel and by default anti-american get deplatformed and in this case even jailed for saying the truth about Israel and Jewish elites, this is due to American and Israeli influence. American so called nationalist whoop and holler for Orban, Geert Wilders, Salvini and Marine Le Pen. why? because this os the kosher european nationalism that does not question imperialism and does not ask why there are refugees in the first place.

    genuine anti-imperialist nationalist are the enemy of the anglo-zion empire as was demonstrated throughout the cold war when the CIA and Israel cooperated in keeping such groups from power and thus pushing them to the soviet camp.

    It is a sign of how kosher and controlled the european nationalist movements are, that the only modern anti-rothschild song was made by a french muslim rapper. where are they nationalist Europeans who are supposed to be making such media?probably singing the israeli anthem at a conference about anti-semitism. PATHETIC! To liberate Europe os to destroy the U.S. The only solution is Russia raining hypersonic nuclear missiles on the U.S. Russia has to act now, before the U.S creates its own hypersonic missiles and passes it onto Israel.

  7. vasil says:

    zzzzzzz you glow in the dark jew

  8. Wow, what a liberal democracy.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @Sic Semper
  9. As I have long maintained: we do not live in “liberal” democracies. We live in jewish oligarchies. Macron’s regime, as a former Rothschild puppet, protects those who he truly serves.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  10. Druid says:

    The zoo is scared that the truth is surfacing. You’re a consistent troll!

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  11. Druid says:

    It’s called getting rid of the shyster middlemen blackmailers!

  12. tac says:

    I’ve covered (anti)media portrayals of the Gilets Jaunes’ struggles, yet it was seemingly ignored, or simply silenced by the websites’ commentary. What bravura, what a way to understand your own struggle! Not so much …. wonder why the cowards sit back while your cities burn?!

    That is not a call for death and destruction, but a more constructive way to resist! How have your manifestations been brought to the forefront? Still waiting are you, for what then ….
    Unmarked grave will it be or something different?

  13. anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    The velvet glove is coming off. They will simply jail and financially cripple dissenters. The facade of justice is barely there any longer.

  14. Stan says:

    Diversity and multiculturalism are bringing a lot of excitement to Western countries.

    • Replies: @Old Smokey
  15. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Why are so called French nationalists expressing themselves through black rap music? That in itself just goes to show how thoroughly rotten France and French “culture” is.

    If even French right wingers are having to use black “culture” to get their argument across then the battle is well a truly lost I’d say.

  16. El Dato says:

    Your cosmopolitanism is showing.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  17. I read Soral’s book “Comprendre l’empire.” Lousy and useless, imho. But every time the French state prosecutes one of these case, it makes me want to re-examine his work (which I’d do if he weren’t such a garrulous self-promoter): Surely there must be something worthwhile in it if it provokes the censors so well.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Durocher
    , @Iris
  18. @Lot

    “There is no way one involved “dependence” on markets and the other doesn’t.”
    There’s nothing incoherent at all. There’s one huge difference — printing does not involve the payment of interest. Printing does not, in itself, result in markets determining the value of your money & by extension, your economy. And most importantly, printing does not allow foreign countries & antagonistic Oligarchs to manipulate your economy.
    Sorry to say, you are completely in error.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Issar
  19. @Lot

    Excellent — ignore all the substantive issues, such a actually jailing someone for merely hosting a political song, & concentrate on trifles like the “style” of the song & the guy’s past politics.
    Please, give up your day job — you will make a wonderful tabloid Jorno’

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  20. @Anonymous

    This is pOp, man, we’re living in the 21st century.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  21. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Rap has only become mainstream pop music because whites have allowed themselves to become Negrified, nationalists should be resisting that not perpetuating it.

    If a white enjoys black music and black culture then they’re no better than an overt open borders liberal in my opinion as the normalisation and acceptance of such “culture” amounts to the same thing in the end, that’s why the elites promote it. The problem is if society elevates blacks to the status of “cultural elites”, then it makes it very difficult to justify keeping them out of the country.

    • Replies: @Polemos
    , @Kevin Barrett
    , @Iris
  22. Boone says:


    That’s always been France though. Your system is not based on bottom-up due process and inalienable rights as in the Anglosphere. Instead of our Common Law and Consitution, you have a top-down “managed” polity. It’s always been so. Your revolution only replaced one top-down system with the top-down system of Jacobin zealotry. And then you experimented with all possible top-down permutations (Directorate, Consulate, blah-blah-ate). The one thing you never had is a truly free republic of the English-speaking kind.

    The rest of the continent is similar (perhaps with the exception of Switzerland), hence the natural fit of the EU to the continent, yet not to Britain. Come join us here.

  23. @Boone

    Germany and Austria feature a lot of bottom-up elements in their political systems too.

    Switzerland is a good example of bottom-uppism – that’s not least why Michel Houellebecq praises it so much!

    And don’t forget Denmark with its immigration critic President Mette Frederiksen!

    Last but not least, France does have the trade-unions and a tradition of protests, which caused a lot of reasonable changes. Maybe your perspective is a little bit gloomy.

    • Replies: @Germanicus
  24. @Lot

    Your post is “tolerance” in action.

  25. If I might make a second comment: I saw a headline a while back on the front page of the weekly Rivarol that said the comic Dieudonné had been sentenced, but I didn’t buy it and don’t know about that case. I do see a house ad in the current Rivarol in which the editors plead for donations and say that “we are now facing 13 prosecutions in which fines of more than 100,000 euros are claimed”.

  26. “Auschwitzian” — I love your new coinage, Guillaume!

  27. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Rap is ugly in any language.

  28. @Mark Hunter

    Rap is ugly in any language

    I agree.

    But – – –

    – – – the arts themselves opened up to ugliness – and that’s an integral part of modernity- see the volume titled The no longer beautiful arts – Poetics & Hermeneutic, Munic – – – 1968!

    from the table of contents of the above-cited (big & – – – groundbreaking) book:


    735 p. + 13 ill. On plate Reg. Gr 8 ° Br. Templates and discussions. With models by M. Fuhrmann (The function of horrible and disgusting motives in Latin poetry); B. Fabian (The didactic poem as a problem of poetics); Ch. Meier (Observations on Herodot: On the problem of coverage gaps in the household histor. S. Kracauer (General History and the aesthetic Approach); R. Koselleck (The coincidence as motivational residue in the historiography); MR. Jauss (The Classical and the Christian justification of the ugly in Lit.from the Middle Ages); D. Tschzewskij (Outside the Beauty: Ausserästhet Elements in the Slavic Baroque Poetry); E. Rotermund (The Affect as a Literary Subject: The Theory and the Representation of the Passion in the 17th Century); H. Dieckmann (The Abominable and Horrible in the Art Theory of the 18th Century); K. Maurer (esthete: dissolution and dissolution of the genre in European romanticism and pre-Romanticism); W. Preisendanz (The functional overhang of poetry and journalism at Heine); O. Marquard (For the meaning of the theory of theT unconscious for a theory of no longer beautiful art); C. Heselhaus (The Metaphor of the Disease); M. Imdahl (Four Aspects of the Problem of the Aesthetic Border Crossing in the Visual Arts); J. Wissmann (Pop Art or reality as a work of art) and others. * Article No .: 77606.

  29. @Tono Bungay

    Personally, I found Soral’s interviews to be more compelling than his books.

    • Replies: @Tono Bungay
  30. @Boone

    The British Mammy State strikes me as just as authoritarian, possibly even more so, than France’s.

    In Europe the constitutions and “rights” are worthless and pro forma. The question is: Who controls the State and for what purpose? The law follows.

    • Agree: lavoisier, utu, Iris
  31. Polemos says:

    Okay, so what do you listen to? King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards?

    • Replies: @TommyTCG
  32. @Anonymous

    People aren’t supposed to enjoy cultural production from any place more than five miles from home, especially if the producer has a different skin tone?! JEEZ. No wonder cosmopolitan elites think white nationalists are uncouth morons.

    Good luck trying to convince the French to stop enjoying and appropriating other people’s music, film, literature, cuisine, etc.

    • LOL: Rabbitnexus
  33. Lot says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    It isn’t about skin color. Diana Ross is fine and was popular all over Europe. Tina Turner was too and moved to France.

    Angry screaming with a jungle beat and rhyme (“rap”) is a degradation that Dork Right Jihadis-Islamifiers like Sorel promote.

    Again, just what you’d expect from Sorel, a trashy former member of the Communist Party. Always on the side of France’s enemies.

  34. lavoisier says: • Website

    Excellent — ignore all the substantive issues, such a actually jailing someone for merely hosting a political song, & concentrate on trifles like the “style” of the song & the guy’s past politics.

    Well stated. Imagine the moral compass of anyone who would celebrate a legal decision that would imprison a man for hosting a political song.

    Sick and depraved with absolutely zero interest in free speech or the open exchange of ideas free from government tyranny.

    • Replies: @Neuday
  35. My my..what’s going on in Europe in regards to the curtailing of free speech and free expression? At first I thought it was solely a UK thing, but it’s evidently spread since then(or has it always been like that?). Things are looking pretty grim from where I stand

  36. Fox says:

    It is amazing what kind of aberration democracy is made to bear. Two years of being deprived of freedom for thinking not the way the central ministry commands it, and all protected by a constitution, and lots of legal cant.
    The future will certainly become very interesting.

  37. aandrews says:

    “Soral will also be requires to pay a 45,000-euro fine and tens of thousands of euros in ‘compensation’ to the various aggrieved Jewish and/or professional ‘anti-racist’ activist organizations. That’s called good business.”

  38. @Anonymous

    Why are so called French nationalists expressing themselves through black rap music? That in itself just goes to show how thoroughly rotten France and French “culture” is.

    Too right. It’s like Vox Day rallying the troops through his comic books, or the guy at Counter-Currents desperately trying to find dissident-right messages in commercial films. When you adopt the opposition’s “language,” you’re speaking in his voice.

  39. @Kevin Barrett

    People aren’t supposed to enjoy cultural production from any place more than five miles from home, especially if the producer has a different skin tone?!

    Who said anything about distance, or skin color? The point is that rap music is barbaric, and the form almost by itself defeats any other message its lyrics (if you can call them that) might theoretically proclaim.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @Marty
  40. @El Dato

    “Cosmopolitanism” = euphemism for Jewish global parasitism.

  41. The Rothschilds are the central spider in the web of Jewish global parasitism. Small wonder it devores any fly that approaches it, but in doing so it betrays its existence for all to see.

    Ecrasez cette araignée !

  42. @Dieter Kief

    Germany and Austria feature a lot of bottom-up elements in their political systems too.

    Could you please give an example?
    We got the same corporate structures as in the US, eg there is Chemnitz, and the corporate criminal entity City of Chemnitz.
    The “basic law” is a corporate ToS enforced by the occupying powers, it states so in art. 133.
    In a militarily occupied area, there is no “bottom-up” structure, see art. 120, and in art.146, it becomes evidently clear, that the “basic law” is not a constitution. The “basic law” has never been ratified by the German peoples.

    The legal definition of a “basic law”, a law to maintain public peace in a militarily occupied area.
    Other “basic laws” exist in Israel, Hong Kong and Macau. Go figure.

  43. Wally says:

    ‘What is stronger evidence is there of Lot’s mental retardation than the fact that he childishly believes in the impossible ‘Nazi gas chambers’ and the laughable ‘6M’ for which there is no proof.’

    Science, rational thought, & logic simply demolish Lot’s low IQ ‘holocaust’ fantasies.
    And that’s why he and those like him demanded Thought Crime Laws that imprison those who engage in free speech about it.

    Only lies require censorship.

  44. Wally says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    “The question is: Who controls the State and for what purpose? The law follows.”

    This answers those questions:

    Below is where free speech on the truly impossible “holocaust” storyline is illegal, violators go to prison for Thought Crimes. In all western countries, persecution, harassment, violent attacks & threats are the order of the day against those who engage in free speech about the impossible claims within it.
    Those are obvious admissions that the narrative doesn’t stand up to scientific, logical, & rational scrutiny.

  45. God Bless ALL Patriots and Sovereignists of the Universe.
    Neo-Liberal Reich has to join Mr.Adolf’s.

  46. What law was Soral convicted under? I’m struggling to understand the legal basis of the purported conviction.

    • Replies: @Jacquou le Croquant
  47. @anonymous

    The velvet glove is coming off. They will simply jail and financially cripple dissenters. The facade of justice is barely there any longer.

    Justice is gone, and coherence is going.

    It’s a sign of desperation. The current governments, throughout the West, are losing the ability to govern. In practice, that means the ability to provide the infrastructure their populations need to simply exist. First sign is inability to meet payroll even through extraordinary means such as borrowing, negative interest rates (to increase taxable income), quantitative easing, and, if absolutely necessary, simply issuing new currency.

    Government can defeat individual people, and a class of professionals can live from misdirecting capital flows until the infrastructure wears out and assets owned by victim groups (foreign and domestic) are gone. It can’t live past that in an industrial society, no matter how thoroughly it is organized or how ruthless it is, _provided that there is an alternative_.

    This is why the current national level fight is important. There has to be an alternative. I’m a bit surprised that, in, whenever I ask what people _want_, not what they fear, I get no reply except from trolls attacking the idea of people wanting anything more than consumer goods. There is general agreement that certain activities and groups are bad, but nothing on what would be good. That is a bad sign also.


    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  48. Alfred says:

    The video also argues for the abrogation of the banking law of June 1973 – known as the “Pompidou-Rothschild Act,” after the then French president and the investment bank he used to work for

    It is important to know a little more about Georges Pompidou. He was prime minister under de Gaulle. He worked for the Rothschilds – like Macron. The American government hated de Gaulle as he had an independent foreign policy and kept France out of NATO. The CIA tried to assassinate de Gaulle on numerous occasions. The CIA financed the OAS (ostensibly ex-French military who were against de Gaulle leaving Algeria). The Jews were the main financial beneficiaries of the occupation of Algeria. Algeria was the predecessor of Palestine/Israel in many respects – except that French conscripts had to do the fighting.

    In 1968, there was a colour revolution in France – organised and financed by the CIA and the Jews of France. Its most prominent leader was Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Dany le Rouge). But he was absent from the actual confrontations. Later, he was very active in defending and promoting paedophilia. But that did not prevent him from being almost a fixture on the French TV networks – like Bernard-Henri Levy the so-called philosopher.

    Bernard Henri-Lévy et Daniel Cohn-Bendit interdits de territoire russe (Bernard Henri-Lévy et Daniel Cohn-Bendit banned from entering Russia)

    De Gaulle was forced to resign and Pompidou became president. Under him, a massive number of north Africans were brought into France to build the motorways, the nuclear power stations and to work in the car factories. Later still, Mitterrand completed the job by allowing these immigrants to bring in their extended families. Mitterrand was a Socialist and the French Socialist party has always been controlled by Jews from a middle class background – like the current British Labour Party.

    When I lived in Paris 30+ years ago, I used to frequent the Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis, 55 Quai de Bourbon, 75004 Paris. People like Mick Jagger were sometimes to be seen there having a quiet beer at the bar – everyone ignored him. This island in the middle of Paris – Isle Saint Louis – was historically a Jewish ghetto. There are still lots of Jews who live there and across the river in the Marais (swamp). According to the French old-timers who I chatted with, Pompidou lived on the island. He had wild parties – probably a lot better than anything Jeffrey Epstein ever organised.

    Does anyone else see a common thread between all these different people and events? IMHO, the people behind these events are thinking decades ahead.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
  49. Parfois1 says:

    That’s always been France though. Your system is not based on bottom-up due process and inalienable rights as in the Anglosphere.

    France has been historically and consistently the cradle of humanity’s progress towards the construction of fairer societies and no country has ever contributed as much to what we call Western Civilization, including the founding of the US. Today it is still France the only country, whose citizens weekly risk life and limb on the streets and roundabouts, the only country that defies the ruling elites and their oppression.

    As to your Common Law and Constitution as being the defender of people’s “inalienable rights”, that shows the utter absurdity of your opinion.

  50. Tom Welsh says:
    @Priss Factor

    Just to remind everyone what the word “liberal” really means. (Note especially #6 in this context).

    The Ten Commandments that, as a teacher, I should wish to promulgate, might be set forth as follows:

    1. Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.
    2. Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light.
    3. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed.
    4. When you meet with opposition, even if it should be from your husband or your children, endeavour to overcome it by argument and not by authority, for a victory dependent upon authority is unreal and illusory.
    5. Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.
    6. Do not use power to suppress opinions you think pernicious, for if you do the opinions will suppress you.
    7. Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
    8. Find more pleasure in intelligent dissent that in passive agreement, for, if you value intelligence as you should, the former implies a deeper agreement than the latter.
    9. Be scrupulously truthful, even if the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it.
    10. Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that it is happiness.

    – Bertrand Russell: “A Liberal Decalogue”, from “The Best Answer to Fanaticism: Liberalism”, New York Times Magazine (16/December/1951); later printed in The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (1969), vol. 3: 1944-1967, pp. 71-2.

  51. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Libertè , Egalitè , Fraternitè
    The west is not the best

  52. chris says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    Thank you very much, Guillaume for this and all your other very important articles! What they’re doing to Alain Soral is a real travesty; he’s a very courageous man!
    Liberation here and everywhere will come when people begin to decouple from the MSM propaganda machines.
    Another great point in the video was what they said that if the yellow vest protests were going on anywhere else in the world, such as Iran, these would be used as calls for military action from the west in order to liberate their people – how ironic!

  53. @Lot

    Soral was member of the French Communist Party at the time when it was the only party defending the French working class against globalization. Listen to Communist Party Secretary Georges Marchais in 1980:

  54. @Lot

    Sorry about what happened to your wife.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Kratoklastes
    , @aandrews
  55. Parfois1 says:
    @Dieter Kief

    I can’t abide that style of “music”, which I find abhorrent to taste and senses. On the other hand, I suppose the producers had thought through about using that medium to convey the message. I don’t think it was intended to appeal to the fans of “crap” (not being the intended audience) therefore the reason for that choice may have something to do with the fact of being more “conversational” and not affected by the rhythm and melody of proper music. Just my bob’s worth.

  56. @Anonymous

    What you say is undoubtedly correct but leaders who take your suggested course will be at best marginalised, at worst jailed and rendered bankrupt. The test of a brilliant leader lies in judging how far to push and when.

  57. @Guillaume Durocher

    As we see throughout the West but especially in the Anglosphere the law is far less important than the activist judges who administer it. These people have twisted and deformed case law and Constitutional principles completely out of shape in pursuit of their political/social agendas and seem to be untouchable.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Alfred
  58. Some of the criticisms of Soral here at Unz are perfectly reasonable. He is, after all, a very mixed bag, ideologically speaking.

    But two important points are in order:

    1.) Even if we don’t agree with everything he says, we must still stand beside him, both because of the principle of free speech, as well as because of the particular speech that he’s being persecuted for: namely, telling the truth about the Jews.

    2.) A lot of Unzers–understandably–don’t like his mobilization of the blacks and Arabs in France against the Jews. But let’s get real here: if we don’t first mobilize the colored races against the Jews, then the Jews will just will just mobilize them against us. It’s time for whites to get clever and start learning from their (((enemy))). After all, the Jews never hesitate to be ideologically inconsistent and work both sides of the aisle simultaneously, so why should we?

    Mind you: none of what I have said constitutes a blanket endorsement of Soral or his ideas. I’m just pointing out that, in this case, he’s doing good work. We want to open up as many fronts against the Jews as we can, and Soral is just taking care of one of those fronts for us.

    • Replies: @Joekoool102
  59. Parfois1 says:

    The Bolsheviks knew how to cut off the head.

    I suppose you are aware that Alain Soral would fit nicely into your definition of “Bolshevik” by dint of his professed attachment to Communist ideals and numerous fights against the establishment.

    For the sake of consistency, you should therefore approve of his sentence as a deserved punishment for a commie bastard for daring to defy the power of the ruling elites made up of French capitalist in bed with Jewish bankers, press barons and assorted Zionist billionaires.

    Unless you qualify him as described by the official mass media as a “far-right ideologue and conspiracy theorist” (Wiki) and decry his punishment, then there would be a case of severe cognitive dissonance or, more likely, moronic stupidity. Time to reconsider using the sobriquet of an intelligent man.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  60. Bruno says:

    It looks like the 1973 was then radicalized by Maastricht . I wonder what is the history of intermediation. The Jews were l’enfer to the Princes since ever.

    But when did the government started to produce their own money and then when, why, where and how did they stop. Sure government debt is a bad thing but inflation can be even worse !

    The problem with Yellow Jackets is they lack gifted and even more educated people to produce legit information about could really be true but is presented in a vague and – I have to say – a bit simplistic and childish way of there .

    I like them. Even their rapper culture. It’s normal among prole people has Lion would qualify them if he were in France. Gilet are a mixture of Red necks and Guido with a bit of other French tribes among them. I always call them the nice (Gentil in French) Yellow jacket and my surroundings are shocked because they all hate them.

    There was also a song – from far right catholic identitarian who can’t be further apart from poor Gilet Jaune – called « the Nice and the Bad » wich was playing on the word Gentil meaning nice and also Goyim. They try to dress and act prole in the video without succeeding because they exude poshness and privilege. When you see the skin and the teeth of Gilet Jaune, you see bottom two third of France . Those group are in the top 2% .

  61. Robjil says:

    The protection of Top people is destroying our planet faster than so-called “Climate Change”.

    These Top people who were “insulted” were involved in the destruction of many nations.

    Why can’t Top people be “insulted”? If one goes to the Top there should be no “protections”.

    The only way this planet can survive is for us, the little people, to be “allowed” to criticize our Top people.

    Climate Change is a joke compared to Top People Protection Change or Regime Change.

    This case in France proves this is the case beyond doubt.

  62. The American Conservative : “The sly effort to criminalize the BDS movement in the US .” : “…congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle are planning to sneak a bill criminalizing politically motivated boycotts of Israel (BDS) into the end-of-year omnibus spending bill
    the original sponsor Senator Ben Cardin is pushing …This is a full scale attack on American’s First Amendment freedoms .”
    The efforts to criminalize proponents of BDS in the US is ongoing at both at the Federal and State level .
    Fortunately political boycotts in the US have been protected under the First Amendment but that protection could be abrogated by future decisions of the Supreme Court .
    Alternate news blogs and websites have been censored by Twitter , Facebook, Google , Reddit et al. , it is essential that rights under the First Amendment be strengthened otherwise activists like Alain Soral will end up in jail in the US .

  63. Hibernian says:

    So much for freedom of the press and speech, which our fellow democracies in general officially do not have, and which we are losing.

  64. Frankie P says:

    Alain Soral = truth-telling hero, names and calls out the “organized Jewish community” (Note: not “the Jews”) especially CRIF, and questions and rejects the power and control that this community exerts on French government, politics and society. (((Lot))) is angry because Soral used to be a Marxist. (Not!) French courts, driven and controlled by this “organized community”, relentlessly practice their lawfare against Soral, who is smart and brave enough to understand that facing this nonstop legal assault is the best way to open the eyes of his countrymen and bring them to his side.
    Herve Ryssen = truth-telling hero, also following the policy of continued free speech through self-publication that incenses the “organized community”. Like Soral, countless legal action taken against Ryssen, who quips that when a few thousand truth-tellers are incarcerated, they will be able to start a political movement in France strong enough to make a difference. (((Lot))) probably hates him because he has a master’s degree in history and studies and writes on a certain influential ethnic group.
    Dieudonné M’bala M’bala = courageous comedian who refused to back down when attacked by the “organized community” for pointing out the racism in Israel. When his anti-racism was pointed at white Europe, he was the darling of the mainstream. He refused to genuflect and ask forgiveness; instead, he put on a show in which he pretended to apologize to the “chosen people”, gaining huge laughs and more anger from the “organized community”. The most popular comedian in France, but (((Lot))) doesn’t like him, as he’s part Cameroonian.

    Soral’s Equality and Reconciliation movement attracts me with its ideas, similar in many ways to my own thinking. Unite the left and right in the interest of the nation. The Left for the workers (Deplorables) and the Right for social morals. Of course ideas like these are despised by the “organized community”, regardless of where their rootless wanderings have taken them to settle and implement their predatory practices, attacks on the religion and values of the host community, and general promotion of degeneracy. (((Lot))) doesn’t like ideas about equality and reconciliation, either. He prefers chosenness and control by the “organized community”.

    ***k (((Lot)))! He is my enemy.

    I sure wish I could access more of Ryssen’s and Soral’s material and the Equality and Reconciliation website in English. The big tech “organized community” is doing their utmost to curtail videos with English subtitles.

  65. Hibernian says:

    Real conservatives know that there’s nothing conservative about printing press financing. Truly conservative public finance requires discipline and limited government, which we long ago lost. We have the worst of both worlds with inflated currency and massive debt.

  66. @Guillaume Durocher

    I’m inclined to agree, but he is so verbose and self-admiring that I find it hard to reach even the midpoint of his videos. I do remember one thing that I found very interesting in him. Even though he has criticized mass immigration, he insists that Christians, post-Christians and Muslims need to live peaceably with one another, and he adds that if it comes to a civil war between the native French and the new ones from Africa it is hardly a given that the former would win. I think a lot of people sort of imagine that when things get really bad, they will have a magic remedy. Which is hardly certain.

    • Replies: @Bruno
  67. Hibernian says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    People who want something like your system have been corrupting our system since Teddy Roosevelt at least.

  68. Anonymous[683] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Don’t let the Kike Lot troll you from the main issue, which isn’t music genres. Soral likely chose to post a link to a rap-crap video because he thought African music was more PC—and in spite of his kowtowing to PC standards for music still got arbitrarily punished by the Nose.

  69. ANTI-ZION says:

    The demonic jews makes it obvious once again for the masses that they are the one ruling the World they most be stopped i hope revolt spread like a wildfire! free political prisoner Alain soral bosssman!!!

  70. Carax says:

    Most European supermarkets spew black rapper music all year long. It is an extremely obnoxious form of “music” that whites for some mystifying reason have put up with for decades. They think because they have “negrofied” themselves with this crap “music” they are somehow open-minded, enlightened. These are the same whites who vote year after year for the same professional liars, assholes and cretins destroying Europe financially and culturally. Most of these morons come from the socialist/communist left-hand side of the political ledger, although there are also enough right-wing cretins who give all right-wingers a bad name as well. The matrix, or the established system has won. The majority of European citizens, of all races, creeds and colors, are socially engineered brainwashed consumers from the day they are born into the Corporate-Landia plantation, all believing they are living in free societies.

  71. @lavoisier

    If “the evil bastards” don’t go after the intelligent ones first than should they go after the dumb asses who don’t have one original idea of their own… for what purpose? Without the “thinking” classes, Le France would be another Haiti, albeit, of another hue!

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  72. Truth3 says:

    Jew Lot spews his hatred of Truth.

  73. Anonymous[278] • Disclaimer says:

    French culture rotten? You miserable parasite, riding high on the achievements of white Europeans. What’s rotten in France is Jewish parasitism that turns sound wood into mush.

  74. God bless the Gilets Jaunes for openly calling it for what it is–the oppressive occupation of France by Jewish elites.

    As I watch the relentless and sickening carnival of anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-American Jews parade across our TV sets in the US (Blumenthal, Nadler, Feinstein, Schiff, Schumer, toutes les cafards juifs) I see the growing and urgent necessity for the same kind of public insurrection. If people don’t stand up now they will eventually be sitting in prisons like Soral and Alison Chabloz.

  75. @Priss Factor

    Now you see why our Bolshevik cousins worry so much of what Trump is doing to “our democracy”. Democracy is mob rule, the mobsters don’t appreciate any interference in their rule.

    The word “Democracy” to a malignant overlord is the epitome of their rule. It is Orwellian Doublespeak in its purest sense meaning the complete opposite of what it supposedly represents.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  76. @Cat Hierophant

    Haha. To Kevin Barrett, Cat Hierophant intellectually crapped: “The point is that rap music is barbaric…,”

    Oh yea, Cat (no, no, not Stevens 😏), especially the form produced by the Israeli ‘gangsta state! Please refer to the rap production below? *

    * Sample lyric translation by Charles J. Orloski, Jr.: “Hey, ho, ‘Merikah done want more Middle East war, hey, ho…, so they go to poll & elect Shabbos goy whore…, hey ho!”

  77. Truth3 says:

    Inconvenient WWII Jewish Internment Fact of the Day

    In WWII, in German occupied Europe, were between 2 and 3 million Jews. After WWII, between 3 and 4 million Jews received Germany-paid for survivor pensions.

    You may now return to your scheduled programming.

  78. @Anonymous

    where are they nationalist Europeans who are supposed to be making such media?

    Let’s say you as a white man were in a band with a black and an Arab and wanted to release a rap song against the parasites in the elite, who would you front with? Obviously with a black or Arab so as to avoid going to jail as a white man, given the current circumstances. The viral cancerous parasitic elites still have less tolerance for white men challenging them than for any of the minorities. But that may be changing as shown by the case of Dieudonne in France; the elites will be arresting their favourite pets also if they bark too loud let alone bite.

    And to others complaining about choice of musical style – yeah rap is crap but it’s popular so if you want to reach the young masses what better medium? If everything wasn’t rigged this would probably rise to No.1 in the charts no matter how lousy the music. Worse songs have been at the top, like The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) was at No. 2 of the UK charts, so why not this at the top of the hit parade, and I haven’t even listened to it?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  79. @Thulean Friend

    Israel and the decline of the liberal order
    By Robert Kagan
    SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

    Yoram Hazony, a conservative Israeli thinker and onetime aide to Netanyahu, has frankly proclaimed Israel’s solidarity with those he calls the “holdouts against universal liberalism” in Hungary, Poland, France, Italy, Britain and elsewhere. All face a struggle against what he calls the U.S.-led “liberal empire.”

    While perhaps few would go that far, there is broad agreement among Israeli conservatives that the central institutions of the liberal world order created since the end of World War II —
    the European Union and
    the United Nations, and perhaps even
    the transatlantic alliance NATO —
    are hostile toward Israel and should be taken down a peg. A united Europe, regarded by many on both sides of the Atlantic as one of the great accomplishments of the post-Cold War era, “hasn’t been a blessing for this country,” Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, has argued. “The less united Europe is, the better.”

  80. Bruno says:
    @Tono Bungay

    If most white people in France wanted to kill ethnic people, they would be gone in a month. 15 millions dead bodies.

    You look at the ethnic muslim terrorism and see how dumb and ineffective they are. It’s laughable. I doubt whites would suffer any major casualty.

    The only problem is that 60% of whites would side with ethnic and government/army/police the same !

    Only a war among asian ans whites would have an uncertain solution. I think that white creativity and agressiveness would prevail. Then maybe the losing races would be kept in zoos.

    Hope it will never happened. I love multiculturalism and Babylon cities for the moment. But I hated Cap
    Town feeling insecure and deprived of freedom of movements as white .

    • Replies: @Curle
  81. @Truth3

    3-6=3 according to Talmudic arithmetic.

  82. @anonymous

    They will simply jail and financially cripple dissenters. The facade of justice is barely there any longer.

    That was and is the stated intention of the Jewish lawyers who pursued civil cases against Charlottesville Unite the Right protesters —

    Doron Ezickson [ADL rep.] “Let’s talk about the infrastructure we have within our institutions of government to combat hate and the resource that is necessary, and how we can engage in coalition. Let’s talk about an area that you and we at the ADL share: providing law enforcement the understanding, the tools, the infrastructure to respond to hate appropriately.

    . . . Cynthia Deitle [Special Agent (Former)FBI-Civil Rights Division] , FBI would not be as successful, were it not partnerships and liaisons with folks like you. It is very well known that the FBI and Department of Justice, and many law enforcement agencies have solidified partnerships with the ADL for example.
    . . .
    The suit also has the potential to sort of financially bankrupt this movement in a lot of ways. What we are seeking here are civil penalties. This is a civil suit. Obviously, we ourselves can’t put these guys in prison. We are not federal or state prosecutors, but what we can do is make sure that they are held accountable through the civil system, and we are seeking extensive civil damages. And again, whether it’s about deterrence or education or some combination, these things already have had an impact and certainly if and when we win in court, will continue to have an impact and stop this sort of conspiracy and violence.

    (one tiny detail about this video: C Span edited-out 5 min at opening when Spitalnik & Dietle exchanged baby-talk. Signals to me that it’s a game to these people.)

  83. @Commentator Mike

    And to others complaining about choice of musical style . . .

    Verdi and Wagner were active in the same era; both were active participants in the 1848 revolutions; both (Wagner more than Verdi) developed innovations in musical expression that introduced radically new ways of thinking to mass audiences.
    Hitler was a master of Wagner’s operas, both the music and the mythic content.

    Wagner is, of course, condemned as an auntysemite, not least because he inspired Hitler.
    Verdi, on the other hand, is expropriated by Jews — inappropriately — as endorsing Jewish “tolerance” and cosmopolitanism.

  84. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Soral is very courageous to stand up for his ideas , in the land of Libertè , Egalitè ,Fraternitè , congratulations .

    Except for some heroic minorities , like Soral , most of the french people seem to be happy with their ” Libertè , Egalitè ,Frarternitè ” , and even are willing to die for it .

    Napoleon invaded all Europe from Cadiz to Moscow in the name of Liberte , Egalite , Fraternite . France participated , and organized , the two disastrous World Wars , under the Liberte ,Egalite , Fraternite slogan . France colonized parts of Africa and Asia and killed a lot of indigenous in the name of Liberte ,Egalite , Fraternite , now the indigenous are paying back the visit to the french who accept them in the name of Liberte , Egalite , Fraternite .

    It is a silly slogan ” Liberte , Egalite , Fraternitè ” , it is a toast to the sun , it was better the previous monarchist slogan ” La loi et le roy ” ( Law and King ) , even the slogan that invented Petain during WWII ” Travail , patrie , famille ” ( work , homeland , family ) .

    Anyway , the french masses are cucks , servants of a slogan that brought nothing good to them , but they seem to be happy with it , so enjoy .

    The french have a very fun song ” de Serge Lama , titled ” Les petites femmes de Pigalle ” about a guy who is cuckold and happy with it ( like the french , all europeans and americans )
    Je suis cocu mais content says the singer , lets keep some sense of humor ……

    • Replies: @Paul C.
  85. Pleased to see the Pineapple symbol still in use. (@ 1:30)

    Is it still on ADL’s hit-list?
    h/t Assad al-islam.

    The “OK” hand gesture, commonly seen as a way of indicating that all is well, has now been classified as something else: a symbol of hate.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  86. @Parfois1

    maybe so, but Italians taught the French how to cook.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  87. You reap what you sew. Pity the blind infidels of Israel and the central bankers. God will judge them. Hypocrisy is their chief characteristic. Israel is the most anti-Semitic country on earth as the Palestinians and Arabs are a Semitic people. No one hates or kills them more than Israel. So, if the left activist are truly against anti Semitism, they should push for sanctions against Israel, boycott Israel. If they don’t, they are just hypocrites. France should allow free speech, so should Europe. The thought control they are practicing will turn against them.

  88. Vojkan says:

    He’s not trolling. Trolls are agitators. He really means what he’s saying. I’m grateful he does so that everybody can see what a despicable lot they are.

  89. Vojkan says:

    Let’s assume that Soral is indeed retarded, as far as I know being retarded is not a crime, and in a supposedly democratic world, even retards are entitled to have an opinion. In fact, many people here may well be regarding your opinions as bigoted and retarded, yet no one wishes to prosecute you for them. Soral has committed no act of violence against your lot, he has been victim of acts of violence by your lot. As the saying goes, an anti-semite is not one who hates Jews, an anti-semite is one hated by the Jews. You illustrate it perfectly.

    • Replies: @Lot
  90. onebornfree says: • Website

    G.DuRocher says: “……..One wonders if linking to the video is also considered a criminal act. Probably not, or only if your name is Alain Soral……”

    That is a dangerously naive assumption to make.

    Q: How do you boil a frog? A: Slowly.

    The globalist elite plans to do exactly the same with anyone, anywhere, who shares “unauthorized” links, images , memes,videos etc. etc.

    Only a fool is gullible enough to actually believe that this sort of thing will only happen to someone else with a higher public profile- rest assured , this action against Sorel is merely a precursor, a “softening up” to get all the nit-wits used to the idea and to actually support it.

    The exact same thing is happening across the internet, in every country, including the US, usually behind the false front of so called”private corporations”, right now !

    You may well be one of many next on the list!

    Get a clue, Mr Durocher!

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [via central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”,”improved”, nor “limited” in scope, simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    “Regards”, onebornfree

  91. Truth3 says:

    The Rothschilds Really Have No Power Fact of the Day

    David de Rothschild is the head of the World Jewish Congress

    You may now return to your scheduled programming.

  92. Skeptikal says:

    What is your point?
    There is no law against being stupid (your charge).
    Actually, you sound stupid to me becuase you call out *islamic* rap.
    Only islamic rap?
    All rap is noise pollution, IMO, but there is no law against it.

    So, your taste is no better than the Gilets Jaunes’.

  93. turtle says:

    Drahi has bought up a huge chunk of French print media, some TV and radio, and wants to take over the entire U.S. cable market

    Drahi is resident for tax purposes in the Swiss ski resort of Cologny, where he owns three massive properties of over 2,000 square meters each. Cologny provides for significant tax breaks for wealthy foreigners. In the French billionaire ranking, he is the sixth-richest, with an estimated 16 billion euros. His business holdings were one of the major beneficiaries of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s stimulus program during the financial crisis. (Sarkozy, who a is quarter-Jewish, has said that the security of Israel is “the fight of my life,” and that all goyim owe Jewry “an inexpiable debt” due to the Shoah.)

    Emphasis added.
    Q: Would that include the Chinese?

    not capable of being atoned for

    IOW, debt slavery in perpetuity.

  94. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Sic Semper

    Sic Semper says: “The word “Democracy” to a malignant overlord is the epitome of their rule. It is Orwellian Doublespeak in its purest sense meaning the complete opposite of what it supposedly represents.”

    Or, as H.L. Mencken puts it :

    “Liberty and democracy are eternal enemies, and every one knows it who has ever given any sober reflection to the matter. ” H.L. Mencken

    “Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses.” H.L. Mencken

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”H.L. Mencken

    “If x is the population of the United States and y is the degree of imbecility of the average American, then democracy is the theory that x times y is less than y.” H.L. Mencken

    “All of democracy’s axioms “resolve themselves into thundering paradoxes, many amounting to downright contradictions in terms. The mob is competent to rule the rest of us – but it must be rigorously policed itself. There is a government, not of men, but laws – but men are set upon benches to decide finally what the law is and may be.”H.L. Mencken

    Regards, onebornfree

  95. @Lot

    The fact which proves that YOU are retarded is when you write that the rap is “islamic”, when it has nothing to do with islam, but everything with the Gilets Jaunes uprise.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  96. Alfred says:
    @Irish Savant

    The judges are civil servants. They do as they are told.

    I was once convicted in Norway of kidnapping my own son. It was my weekend to take him home and I was following the advice of a leading family lawyer in Oslo. The case ended up in the Supreme Court of Norway. They decided that I had done nothing illegal “but since I was a foreigner, I could have kidnapped my own son and taken him out of the country”. They gave me a 6 month suspended sentence for taking the child to my apartment near Olso. Everyone knew where I lived.

    What I mean is that the law is totally politicized. Look at what the UK’s Supreme Court has decided about Brexit. Their Deep State wants to stay in the European Union – the referendum did not go the way they expected so they ignore it. They accuse the prime minister of being anti-democratic for trying to ram the will of the people through regardless of the delaying tactics of parliament.

  97. bjondo says:

    If smart, Soral will have upraised fist
    and shouting “right on” while sharing
    video of Bernard H. Levy
    urging for mass slaughter
    of Arabs, Muslims.


    wear menorah on head like antlers.

    No prison, no fine.

    Will receive France’s Medal of Degraded Honor.

  98. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Anonymous Snanonymous

    True enough.

    The evil bastards are highly effective at shutting down dissent and maintaining control precisely because of their ability to shut down minds.

  99. Truth3 says:

    Oh My God Did Hitler Ever Know Them Quote of the Day

    The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their
    argumentative tactics. At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of their opponents, but when they got so entangled that they could not find a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons. Should they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another field of discussion. They would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, if you accepted these, then they were applied to other problems and matters of an essentially different nature from the original theme. If you faced them with this point they would escape again, and you could not bring them to make any precise statement. Whenever one tried to get a firm grip on any of these apostles one’s hand grasped only jelly and slime which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a moment afterwards.

    If your adversary felt forced to give in to your argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day. The Jew would be utterly oblivious to what had happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, as if nothing had happened. Should you become indignant and remind him of yesterday’s defeat, he pretended astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the previous day he had proved that his statements were correct. Sometimes I was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more–the abundance of their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them.

    You may now return to your scheduled programming

  100. lavoisier says: • Website

    I do not care how flawed the man is or what his particular political beliefs may be.

    I care that any government, particularly a government that claims to respect individual rights, has the power to imprison a man for expressing his opinion.

    This is the salient point here.

  101. @Svevlad

    Hope this one bites them in the backside. Don’t think the French are as cucked as the Germans or Swedes (hopefully that will change too).

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Rabbitnexus
  102. It is a shame that a man is convicted for his thoughts & ideas. He didn’t harm anyone.

    Although I find him mostly one-dimensional & generally wacky (Muslims & Africans are much greater threat to French society than all Jews combined), it is disgusting that a person is persecuted for expressing his views.

    Freedom of speech?

    As far as I know, Britain is as bad as France (or even worse) & Germany is a black hole for freedom.
    By Jove, what can decades of faqqotry, feminism & fat good life do to societies….

    • Replies: @anonymous
  103. Agent76 says:

    May 31, 2016 Who Are The Rothschild’s, A Look Into The Corporate Dynasty

    Who are the Rothschild Family? This wealthy and influential family has funded wars, and helps sculpt the face of history. The 300 year old family line has become a corporate family dynasty, their wealth and influence are incalculable.

    Jan 21, 2017 Rothschild Wealth Is Now Greater Than 75% Of World Population Combined

    The House of Rothschild, the richest family in the world, controls more wealth than the world’s top 8 individual billionaires combined – and even more shockingly, more wealth than 75% of the total world population.

    August 7, 2019 Rothschild’s Crime Construct 1

    The Rothschilds are the owners of the entire financial system

    • Replies: @Patricus
  104. Truth3 says:

    Did You Ever Notice That?… Curious Coincidence of the Day

    Web-links to articles or online information incriminating Jews of their crimes mysteriously disappear as 404 Not Founds after the link is up on a Truther site? The Memory Hole must be Jewish operated, eh?

    You may now return to your scheduled programming.

  105. @Lot

    “Again, just what you’d expect from Sorel, a trashy former member of the Communist Party. Always on the side of France’s enemies.”.

    Not always, He doesn’t seem to side with Jews much.

  106. Pegasus says:

    Multiculturalism and globo homo its coming to Israel too, mazal tov!

    Sharing is caring! ahahaha

  107. TGD says:

    I had never heard of Patrick Drahi before reading Mr. Durocher’s piece on Alain Soral’s imprisonment. One is left wondering how the child of poor Sephardic immigrants could accumulate such a massive fortune ($12 billion according to Forbes). Did he have very rich backers or is he a master at (underhanded) financial manipulation like the late Robert Maxwell? And why did he concentrate on acquiring news and cable TV assets?

    One of his operations is the i24 news channel based in Jaffa (Tel Aviv) Israel and designed to compete with Al Jazeera. It is carried on my local Comcast Cable system but Al Jazeera is not. It’s not difficult to understand why. The chairman and C.E.O. of Comcast Cable, the largest cable operator in the USA, is (((Brian Roberts))). The Roberts family has been on a quest to buy up cable and media assets (including NBC Universal) and now Sky TV, the largest satellite TV provider in Europe. Is this a part of a scheme to control the dissemination of news?

  108. Soral will also be requires to pay a 45,000-euro fine and tens of thousands of euros in “compensation” to the various aggrieved Jewish and/or professional “anti-racist” activist organizations. That’s called good business.

    To paraphrase General Smedley Butler, “War is a Jewish racket, and the war against “antisemitism” is the mother of all Jewish rackets.”

  109. Zumbuddi says:

    Your Inconvenient Jew-ish Fact of the Day series is brilliant.

    Keep it up.

  110. ATBOTL says:

    The most powerful and dangerous enemy of France and all white nations is the organized Jewish community. Soral is a hero and patriot. You are an anti-white Jew who is only on this site to spread lies.

    • Replies: @2stateshmustate
    , @Lot
  111. @Truth3

    What Herr Hitler described in the above and rather prolix quotation–as was his writing style–can be summed up with 4 short words: High Jewish Verbal IQ-bullshit!

  112. voicum says:

    Your party is , obviously , a better kind of party.

  113. Paul C. says:

    Anyway , the french masses are cucks , servants of a slogan that brought nothing good to them , but they seem to be happy with it , so enjoy .

    Do you discount the entire Yellow Vest movement? The masses have been in the streets protesting for close to a year against the tyranny in their country which is worldwide.

    In the US, the masses largely do not know the problem exists. The French should be commended for leading the way.

  114. After some thought, I can only express, we need to push back against these types of laws that criminalize opinion.

  115. Neuday says:

    But it’s hateful speech! Good people must suppress hate. Love wins, hate loses. Bad people hate, and bad people belong in prison. If we all love the jews, then we’ll all have good jobs, plenty of food, nice neighbors and good schools for our children, because the GDP will keep growing, and we all know jews and immigrants control the GDP. This guy was spreading hate, and our children will starve and be denied love unless he goes to prison.

    It really isn’t that hard to think like a woman.

    • LOL: Maowasayali
  116. Pegasus says:

    Islamic rap? you gonna love what I have found shill:

    • Replies: @anon
  117. Pegasus says:

    (Diana Ross? this is so 20th century. Update yourself and learn from Israel’s rich métissage habibi

  118. Soral is like the biblical prophet. He is raising his voice to tell us how wrong those running the world are. He is telling us that the world is managed by liars, thefts and murderers whose God is the Devil. With money, they have generalized corruption, triggered wars and are driving the world to Armageddon. He is preaching for social justice an reconciliation. He still hopes that something can be done before it is too late. I am more pessimistic than him for I think that it is too late. But anyway, all this awful condemnations will make him another martyr like Dieudonné or Faurisson etc… they are just showing us that Justice has become Inquisition.

    • Agree: Robjil
  119. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Israelis reverting to type
    It looks so easy — perhaps bcz Africa = where their bloodline originates

    second vid — Why is it Israelis can turn so much — the charm of dance & music — into lo-class smut?

    Up is too hi, so they go low — upside down Obama

  120. @Truth3

    I very much enjoy your comments and quotes. Thank you for the unscheduled programming.

  121. vasil says:

    According to all the usual propaganda media of the bourgeoisie, and some other that goes “progre” – these people will never cease to amaze me – since the beginning of the revolt in Hong Kong, in June, there have been a total of 811 arrests, according to the Hong Kong government, 1,400 according to the “pro-democracy” and 1,500 according to Amnesty International. The number of wounded would be a minimum of 127 and a maximum of 146.

    In France, on the other hand, which is already known to be a democratic country, the repression of “yellow vests” is the following:

    – Detainees 11,090
    – Wounded 4,999
    – Mutilated 29 (loss of eye 24, loss of hand 5)
    – Dead 11
    Of course Amnesty International doesn’t keep count, or at least I haven’t seen it. France is not its target, China is. Neither do the bourgeoisie’s propaganda media, nor the French government itself. So the one I have collected is that of the “yellow vests” themselves and even wikipedia although I don’t usually do it and here the accounting ends in May. It will be possible to discuss the number of arrested and wounded, but not the number of mutilated or dead: these are very visible. As it is visible that in Hong Kong there are neither mutilated nor dead.

    But with the impressive figures of a “democracy”, in comparison with those of a “dictatorship”, the lesson is even more impressive because many of the detainees are sent to prison for things like covering their faces to avoid police identification (yesterday there was a sentence for that, two months in prison without the possibility of avoiding it by paying fines or similar, for example; it was in Lyon). You can see the difference between some behaviours on the covered faces in the Chinese “dictatorship” and in the French “democracy” just by clicking on the link first, if you don’t think about what happens here, for example, and why the Gag Rule is applied so profusely and for banal reasons.

    The figures leave no room for doubt that they are looking for social mockery and the criminalization of a movement that still, a year later, does not decline despite repression.

    This is the number of prison sentences by territory and city; although only the most numerous are listed, they are a total of 714 prison sentences. And these are official figures of the French government.

    View post on

    Police brutality, the number of wounded and maimed forced the French government to announce an investigation into the methods and circumstances of repression. He says they have made a total of 313 investigations and the result is clear: zero policemen sanctioned. But the mutilated of one eye are there and the maimed, too. And the dead.

    As I say, comparisons are odious, but necessary.

    • Replies: @Anon
  122. Truth3 says:

    Disgusting Bernhard Henri-Levy Narcissistic Quote of the Day

    God is dead but my hair is perfect.

    You may now return to your scheduled programming.

  123. vasil says:

    the west is slowly inmersing in the worst totalitarian dichtatorship that the world have ever seen and our childrens will pay dearly for our inaction

    i sincerely would take arms if we had a minimum chance of desthroning the usurpers.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  124. Anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Vive France fasciste.

  125. @Truth3

    That’s what I refer to as Talmudic reasoning.

  126. Skeptikal says:

    What I want:
    ##Single-payer /Medicare for all health care. A la classic National Health in Britain. Or Canada.
    ##Free public ed including tertiary ed. in a system that provides different types of higher ed., a la Germany. That is, including a system of high-quality vocational ed linked with apprenticeships, etc. Of course, to be rational this probably would require onshoring a lot of manufacturing jobs.
    ##Majorly improved mass transit infrastructure, subsidized by state, to incentivize use of mass transit. Including high-speed trains a la China. Or France.
    ##”New New Deal” to invest significant $$$ into upgrading infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, train stations).
    ##New Selective Service law whereby all citizens spend two years working for the common good, either after high school or after college and earning advanced degrees. Or could perhaps be spread out over summers, or otherwise divided. In military or civilian spheres: health care, agriculture (working on local farms to produce local food sources), social work with elderly/prisoners/children, etc. These two years could be linked to education credits. More or less like mandatory Vista or domestic Peach Corps.
    ##Major reform of tax law so that the 1% and corporations etc. finally start to pay their share. Maybe go back to tax rates during the Reagan era. For starters.

    That’s it—what I want—for starters.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Alden
    , @Kratoklastes
  127. @Truth3

    After offering factual information, following is Truth3’s comical & consistent parting style: “You may now return to your scheduled programming.”

    Haha, 👍, “less is definitely more,” and thanks for your servus, Truth3…, and uh, (Zigh).

  128. geokat62 says:

    … if we had a minimum chance of desthroning the usurpers.

    If we muster the will, we’ll have more than a minimum chance.

    • Agree: vasil, lavoisier
  129. Boone says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    What I’m trying to say is that the best you can aspire to in Europe is this kind of managerial, expert-based polity. It’s always been this case. Liberty of the kind that you seem to support and aspire to has never existed there. The EU is more or less the natural form of government for Europe – a group of technocrats mandating this and allowing that, while supporting this cause or that case in the name of “progress”, “human rights” or “the environment”. The alternative model (corrupted now in Britain) has always been English liberties, the English Common Law and the Anglosphere.

  130. @Maowasayali

    Looked up ADL to suggest that all send Pepe + Pineapples for Passover, but
    good gawd, ADL has regional offices!

    HDQT: Anti-Defamation League
    605 Third Avenue
    New York, NY 10158-3650

    Select an ADL Regional Office:
    Arizona (Phoenix)
    Austin TX
    Central Pacific (San Francisco, CA)
    Cleveland OH
    Connecticut (?)
    Florida (?)
    Heartland (St Louis)
    Los Angeles
    Mountain States
    New England
    New York/New Jersey
    Orange County/Long Beach
    Pacific Northwest
    Plains States/CRC
    San Diego
    Santa Barbara/Tri-Counties
    South Central
    Washington D.C.

  131. Boone says:

    France is definitely one of the three great sub-civilizations at the basis of the West. But alas, governance, liberty and bottom-up politics have never been France’s strong side. Great art, style, cooking, music and math – for sure.

    Beyond that, France has failed to “ascend” the way that English speaking civilization did. Thanks to English colonialism we now have a world civilization, CANZUKUS, of 5 strong first-world nations. France has remained only France, and even that seems to be dissolving into I don’t know what exactly. Sorry.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Guillaume Durocher
  132. The non-jew population in France must hit the streets with their pots and pans, clanging for the release of Sorol, and for the recision of all laws restricting criticism of jews, and the study of revisionist history. Until then they’re all prisoners. It was proved at the Zundel trial that the holocaust didn’t happen as advertised.
    France has been cuckold by the small hat greedy grabblers. Everytime they jail a Sorol for thought crimes the jews privately laugh as the collect their unearned nickles. Fuck them.

  133. Anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Very idealistic, but consistent to a degree with what I want which is the rebuilding of social trust.

    Problems with your desiderata:
    ##”free” pubic education will not be free and will require transfer payments. Accordingly, such education will have to support the needs of society. So, who will decide? Universities, special interest groups? That’s what we have now and it is the major cause of student loan issues. Our institutions have supplied society with an overabundance of certain disciplines and an abominable shortage of others.
    ##you need to put more teeth in your Selective Service mandate. No candy ass service, no exemptions period or you lose your citizenship. Conversely, if you fulfil, you get your citizenship.
    ##we need to flatten wealth, income and their taxation. BTW, what makes you think that the incidence of corporate taxes are paid by corporations. You need to understand demand elasticity better

    Well, that’s just for starters.

  134. Truth3 says:

    Chosenite Example of the Day

    You may now return to your scheduled programming.

  135. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “Muslims & Africans are much greater threat to French society than all Jews combined”

    Who do you think brought the Muslims and Africans into France in the first place, the Chinese?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  136. lysias says:

    For everyone they jail, they make ten more enemies. Not a winning strategy, unless they have guts to go full Nazi. And even that failed in the end.

  137. Lot says:
    @Julian of Norwich

    Thank you. It has been a while though and I’ve moved on.

  138. Lot says:

    Your no-content personal attacks shows your retardation and mental illness.

    So ill are antisemites they embrace a loser who went from communism to jihad cause it is impossible to find normal productive and sane white people who are antisemites.

    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
    , @Joekoool102
  139. Iris says:
    @Tono Bungay

    I read Soral’s book “Comprendre l’empire.” Lousy and useless, imho.

    Completely disagree; “Comprendre l’Empire” is a very important book, without equivalent in neither the French, nor the English speaking worlds.

    Alain Soral, who is not an academic, is nevertheless the only analyst to have produced a consistent thesis describing what is the essence of today’s global powers-that-be, and where their agenda is headed. I can’t see how such an important issue can be labelled “lousy and useless”.

  140. Lot says:

    I am glad the USA has free speech. But the French feel otherwise, and if anyone is going to be oppressed, he’s a good start. I also applaud their burka bans and mandatory pork days in public school lunches.

  141. Iris says:

    The problem is if society elevates blacks to the status of “cultural elites”, then it makes it very difficult to justify keeping them out of the country.

    Black Americans were “elevated” to the status of “cultural elite” because their artistic contribution to the fine and universal art of music is simply incommensurable.

    Jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, soul, hip-hop: the beauty they offered to the world is invaluable. Their music, along with technology, is the only good thing to have ever come out of America.

    You should be thankful to your Black countrymen. With a little chance, you may be remembered in History by their music, instead of just Hiroshima, the Vietnam war, Abu Ghraib and AIPAC.

  142. Iris says:

    France has remained only France,

    France’s 1789 Revolution is a powerful and foremost symbol, and the political model for countries rebelling, past and present, against the Anglo-Banking empire.

    For her drive for freedom and equality, France is much more respected by the rest of the world than any of the five CANZUKUS global oligarchy’s poodles. She will fare much better in the coming multipolar world.

    • Replies: @Boone
  143. Alden says:

    The American system is first and foremost judicial supremacy since 1804, Marbury vs Madison. Laws passed by city councils, county supervisors state legislatures and the federal congress are routinely overturned by just one judge.

    Executive orders by the national president governors and mayors are routinely overturned by just one judge.

    Laws are created by just one judge as well. The judges in Brown vs Topeka desegregated the schools which led to the destruction of our great cities, cost billions and subjected millions of White schoolchildren to 12 years of the horrors of daily association with the black thugs who harassed beat robbed raped and occasionally murdered them.

    Affirmative action, just 2 cases, Griggs and Kaiser creates the law that the most unqualified non White must, by law be given a job or college admission instead of the most qualified White.

    Have you noticed the situation at the border? The LAW that any foreign person who arrives with a person under 18 claiming the under 18 person is their child and saying 2 words “ we refugees” is admitted immediately to the US?

    That LAW is a judicial ruling from the Flores case and settlement 1998.

    Check out what I consider probably the worst ever judge made law, Louisiana Slaughter case cerca 1870s. There’s an old saying that the Mississippi Missouri River system is the sewer of N America and New Orleans is it’s outlet.

    Sooo, the Louisiana state legislators passed a much needed law that Louisiana slaughter houses could no longer dump slaughter house waste in creeks rivers and waterways. It was a much needed public health law

    And the US Supreme Court overturned that much needed most sensible public health law.

    More recently state and federal courts have ordered farmers and ranchers to stop using fields pastures and orchards they’ve been cultivating for a hundred or more years because some worm or weed or rat lived in the field pasture or orchard.

    Gay marriage, adoption of children by gays transgender rights, transgender bathrooms transgender operations and extensive therapy covered by military Medicare medi caid and employee health insurance all these things were done against the voters and elected legislators.

    Gay marriage was always voted down by referendums and legislators. But just one judge was able to legalize gay marriage in every state.

    Our founders may or may not have set up the constitution to result in judicial supremacy and outright judicial rule.

    Some say the founders intended on a balance of powers between 3 equal branches of governments.

    Some say the founders were Platoists who believed there was a natural aristocracy destined to rule and would automatically rise to the top because of their inherent intelligence common sense education judgement and all around perfection

    Believing them selves natural born aristocrats destined to rule the rabble, the founders wrote a constitution that intended judicial supremacy all along. That fact that Marbury vs Madison established judicial supremacy in 1804 when the constitution had been so recently adopted leads me to believe the founders intended judicial supremacy all along. After all, they were the wealthiest people in America and their major reason for becoming an independent nation was to avoid taxes. Of course after the revolution they still avoided taxes with their decision to tax only the whiskey producing frontiersmen instead of the wealthy merchants and planters

    If you’re interested there is plenty of information about constitutional law on the internet.

    If you learn some constitutional law you’ll learn that American law is made by judges, not referendums and elected legislators. Whether the founders intended judge made law when they wrote the constitution or not; judge made law is the result.

    American judge made law is top down law. That’s what we have.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Agent76
    , @Bill Jones
  144. @Stan

    Diversity and multiculturalism are bringing a lot of excrement to Western countries.

    ^^^ Fixed.

  145. Anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Jazz, blues, R&B…yes, you are spot on. The rest of your argument is pure sophistry.

  146. Wally says:

    All that music and the actual instruments used that you mentioned is derived upon Euro-white music. Much of which has been perverted into pure Amos & Andy childish, low IQ rants.

    You asked for it:

    In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:
    – massive murder rates
    – massive crime in general
    – degraded property
    – massive disease, especially STDs
    – massive drug & alcohol abuse
    – general filth, squalor
    – massive birthrates
    – inability / unwillingness to support their own children
    – massive youth pregnancies rates
    – massive school dropout rates
    – incredibly low IQs & test scores
    – violence as a way of life
    – fathers nowhere to be found

    • Replies: @Iris
  147. @Lot

    Lot is the classic example of the perfidious Jew.

    My “friend” Lot say hello to another perfidious Jew.
    The.,… “philosopher” Bernard- Henry Levy.

  148. Wally says:

    “I am glad the USA has free speech.”

    The US does not have free speech.

    Try criticizing “that shitty little country” and the fake ‘6M & gas chambers’ and see how much “free speech” the US has.

    Black American school principal seemingly denies so called “Holocaust”, is attacked & silenced:

    Media bias, control, & censorship / quotes of note:

  149. Alden says:

    We’ve had a domestic peace corps since the mid 1960s. It’s know as the Job Corps. It’s turned into an alternative to prison joke for black and brown thugs under 25. It’s dangerous for Whites to join that organization or work for that organization.

    Mandatory Selective service means Whites would be shipped off to work and live with black thugs who would bully sexually verbally and physically abuse them, rob beat assault batter and occasionally murder and rape the Whites.

    As for job training, the capitalist pigs don’t want to hire any Americans especially White Americans. They are scouring the earth to find the poorest and most desperate people to bring her to work at every job from the most highly skilled to dishwasher.

    Any government program such as you describe ends up for the benefit of blacks and browns not Whites. All the government infrastructure contracts go to blacks browns Asians foreigners.

    Single payer medical insurance just attracts more black brown and Asian immigrants. If Latin America is using America as the health education and welfare department for its unwanted children, China, Russia and other countries are using America as the old age pension housing and medical system for their unwanted elderly,

    What you propose is a 1920s 30s German Italian American French Scandinavian fascism new deal moderate socialist economic system.
    It won’t work in 2020 America because for the last 55 years, every government program benefits blacks browns and foreigners and excluded White Americans

    I don’t want my taxes to go for new infrastructure from which Whites are excluded from working in because of our race.

    I don’t want my taxes to go for job corps and vocational training where Whites are beaten and abused by non Whites. That’s exactly what happened to the Job Corps. Whites were driven out by force violence and terror tactics 55 years ago. It’s nothing but an alternative to prison camp for black and brown thugs.

    The new deal worked. So did the German Italian French and Scandinavian similar systems. But they won’t work in anti White racist America.

    Every White person in America should avoid evade paying taxes that support programs for non Whites and immigrants.

  150. Alden says:

    I forget the favorite idiot conservative issue, abortion. Outlawed by every elected state legislature starting in the 1860s.

    Legalized by the vote of one judge in 1973 Roe vs Wade.

    What we have is judicial supremacy whether intended by the founders or not.

    • Replies: @Boone
    , @Jett Rucker
  151. Iris says:

    There is nothing new in your “arguments” against Black Americans, Wally.

    These same arguments were developed by privileged White Victorians against the poorest White English living in the most abject squalor, after they had deliberately been dispossessed of their lands and means of survival by over 5000 successive Enclosure acts.

    Similar arguments were developed in France by Malthusian thinkers such as author Emile Zola, who chose to depict the abject poverty crushing most of 19th century working French people as the result of some form of degeneracy.

    You are a moron.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Parfois1
  152. Agent76 says:

    Good post and then there is also this mostly overlooked event in American history as well.

    Mar 7, 2011 District of Columbia Act of 1871 Defacto formed 1

    Initial review of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 seems like it only sets up a local government (like Chicago or Seattle); how do you get that they formed a private corporation?

  153. @Lot

    I don’t approve of the mandatory pork days. Eating pigs is scarcely much less barbaric than eating dogs.

    While I don’t care much for Soral (he seems like a French Dugin) but there are certainly many far better targets for oppression, e.g.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Robjil
  154. Ron Unz says:

    I am glad the USA has free speech. But the French feel otherwise, and if anyone is going to be oppressed, he’s a good start.

    Ha, ha, ha…

    I always half-suspect that this “Lot” character is actually a false-flagging Neo-Nazi type, seeking to inspire a burning sense of hatred towards the entire Jewish race…

    • Replies: @Lot
  155. Parfois1 says:

    Very good reportage and exposure of recent French political events and how they come together to make a coherent picture of what is going on today.

    I would also mention how Gladio worked in tandem with the Jewish-promoted counterculture movement to break down the links of resistance that kept Europe fairly homogeneous. The more we analyse what is going on today, the more we see the connections with the past events, which necessarily lead to the conclusion that there must have been a master plan to bring about a certain outcome: social fragmentation to overcome resistance to the Jewish neoliberal order in the making.

  156. Richard B says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    Hope this one bites them in the backside. Don’t think the French are as cucked as the Germans or Swedes (hopefully that will change too).

    You forgot to mention the UK and the USA.

    Or, The UKKK and the USSA.

    Actually, we could add any country that doesn’t come out and name them.

    In other words, Every country!

    Oh, and speaking of The KKK, there’s only one in existence today and it’s

    The Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

  157. All it takes is one real leader to tell these (typically unelected) judges to feck off.

    Andrew Jackson, for better or worse, was one such leader.

    Trump, sad to say, is not.

    • Replies: @Alden
  158. Parfois1 says:

    Maybe so, but the French improved on it!

  159. Lot says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    I read your article about this and wasn’t convinced. I don’t see domestic food animals as moral beings. The moral obligation is on people to not treat them cruelly but stems from moral obligations to other people who are discomforted by animal cruelty.

    The other point I disagreed with is putting pigs way above cattle. To the extent killing mammals for food is a moral negative, a cow that has hundreds of pounds of meat seems to minimize this compared with many pigs, and my experience with both animals doesn’t lead me to think pigs are really much more intelligent.

    • Replies: @Cat Hierophant
  160. Lot says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’m not the one with Neonazi buddies, but that strikes me as pretty implausible. Also, my views are mainstream right, and if you hate that you hate a lot of people.

    You may not think I am an effective writer, but my promotion to Hasbara Regional Manager who supervises and trains more than 50 junior hasbarists says otherwise.


    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Vojkan
  161. Parfois1 says:

    You are a moron.

    Wally needs to hear home-truths once in a while as a reminder of his Hitler-induced autism.

    Although I understand that some concepts – e.g. that the Capitalist ruling class (typically Jewish) exploits anyone regardless of colour or creed – may be too hard to penetrate a thick pate.

    Crackpots are a slight improvement: some light gets through.

    • Agree: Iris
  162. @Skeptikal

    So you’re super keen on forcing other people to fund your wishlist, when you have no idea of the costs (present or future) vs the benefits, or the dynamic consequences of the vast bureaucracies required to operate the institutional machinery to administer each item on it.

    That puts you in competition with other people who have very different wishlists, who have significantly better access to the halls of power and who don’t give a fuck about your wishlist.

    Once you start playing “Society must fund my current infatuations” you guarantee social decline, because whichever wishlist wins, results in a gigantic new source of political power, which attracts a new set of sociopaths seeking to control that power.

    Government should do these things that I think will make me safer, smarter and richer” betrays a level of naivete that precludes the utterer from adult conversation.

    Arrow’s Impossibility Theorm, the Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem, and Holmstrøm’s Theorem would be a good starting point. Acquaint yourself with them.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  163. @Julian of Norwich

    Well, according to the Old Nonsense he subsequently got drunk and fucked both his daughters, so there’s that.

    (More accurately, he got so drunk he passed out, but somehow the daughters were able to rape him, Brewer’s Droop not being discovered until well after the Old Nonsense was written, and even then thought only to apply to beer).

    I would say “You can’t make that shit up“, except that someone obviously did.

    • Replies: @Julian of Norwich
  164. @Kratoklastes

    It can be hard to adjust to the loss of a loved one.

  165. @Parfois1

    Today it is still France the only country, whose citizens weekly risk life and limb on the streets and roundabouts, the only country that defies the ruling elites and their oppression.

    Shouldn’t that be:
    Today it is still France the only country, whose citizens weekly risk life and limb on the streets and roundabouts, the only country that defies the French ruling elites and their French oppression.

    and appear to be losing, I might add.


  166. @Dieter Kief

    The arts were appropriated by the West’s attempt to tear down the aristocratic/royal/church systems. The assignment of the Arts was to make the old propaganda ineffective. This assignment was expanded by the current anti-Western politics to making any Western propaganda ineffective.

    Rap music is what you get when you insist on non-Western music with anti-Western content. It doesn’t sound good to Caucasians, and probably not to POC either, but it does have anti-Western content and is of interest to some of the POC, so it’s widely disseminated.

    Just think of it as a form of tuberculosis.


  167. @Boone

    Perfectly true that France has been decadent and in relative decline for centuries. Politically, since Napoleon’s failure, spiritually at least since the Enlightenment.

    • Replies: @Boone
  168. Robjil says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    F-k seems to be OK with our rulers. Mad Albright would OK with it too.

    Vicky Nuland blessed the 2/22/14 Neo-Nazi thug coup in Ukraine with the immortal words “F-k the EU”. She got no punishment at all.

    For her part, Nuland passed out cookies to anti-Yanukovych demonstrators at the Maidan square, reminded Ukrainian business leaders that the U.S. had invested $5 billion in their “European aspirations,” declared “fuck the EU” for its less aggressive approach, and discussed with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt who the new leaders of Ukraine should be. “Yats is the guy,” she said, referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

    This Conrad guy is doing what Nuland wishes she could do every nation in the EU. That is why there is no “censorship” of this guy saying F-k France. He is back in business doing the same stuff over and over again. Our rulers like f-king the under class. The Causasian underclass worldwide is the new “fun” class to f-k over for them.

  169. Iris says:

    In 1968, there was a colour revolution in France – organised and financed by the CIA and the Jews of France. Its most prominent leader was Daniel Cohn-Bendit

    Excellent comment. The globalists attack friends and foes alike.

    General De Gaulle was brought down by a 1968 colour revolution organised by the banking oligarchy and the Gladio network.

    Accurate details of the events are found in memoirs by Franco-era Spanish intelligence asset Luis Gonzalez-Mata. He describes how, working for the CIA, him and other secret agents masqueraded as French students to stir and provoke the clashes that ended in President De Gaulle’s resignation.

    General De Gaulle was made to pay for his independent stance and defiance towards Zionist power, illustrated by his famous speech about organised Jewish dominance, and his support to the Kennedy family after President Kennedy’s despicable murder.

    As per Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a powerful kingmaker and fixed-feature at the EU parliament, he is well known for having praised and practised sex with kindergarten children, as related in his book “Le Grand Bazar”, a fact for which he is unapologetic to the day. Such is the extent of Zionist power.

  170. Boone says:

    Read Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolution in France” and you may revise your thinking.

    • Replies: @Iris
  171. aandrews says:

    “…and lacking any support in the white community, eagerly welcome Muslim migrants who agree with them.”

    Take you medication.

  172. Vidocq says:

    “French antisemites in alliance with Islamifiers and crapification of French culture through rap music”

    The French people now know who opened the doors – borders – of the country to mass immigration and it’s still hapening now.

    The culprits who promoted and facilitated mass immigration of muslim population are now pretending to fight islamisation.

    Soral has clearly identified the Social-Zionism ideology being proomted by the lobby in the 80s in France becoming the National-Zionism in 2000s.

    This change happened in favour of Israel or so the lobby thinks.

    We know as well as you know who are these people and why they are doing this.

    Soral is working to reconcile all parts of French society to build again one French nation with one French people.

  173. aandrews says:
    @Julian of Norwich


    Bronze Age horseshit, on top of that!

  174. Boone says:

    I agree that our system is out of balance. In a way this is a feature of case law, not a bug. The gigantic corpus of the Common Law is mostly precedents and judicial rulings, not parliamentary acts.

    It did morph into judicial supremacy, unfortunately, and I would have designed some counter measures against this. But it’s also worth remembering that the Constitution itself is a form of judicial supremacy, yet a positive one – no local government can (in theory) violate your constitutional rights. So it’s supposed to be a balance.

    • Replies: @Alden
  175. Mulegino1 says:

    Quite a few commentators here have made the excellent point that when we choose to raise political and cultural controversies using things like rap “music” and Hymiewood memes, half of the battle is already lost.

    The negrification of America- and now of most of old Europe- is a Jewish undertaking, perfectly in line with the Talmudic mitzvah of killing the best of the goyim, which necessarily implies elevating the worst of them.

    Those of us of European Christian provenance have our own incomparable contributions to culture and civilization to look to and emulate. We do not require appeals to the lowest counter-cultural dregs to make our arguments or advance our interests.

  176. Nodwink says:

    Didn’t some magazine declare Macron ‘the leader of the free world’? I know they did the same for Merkel a couple of years ago.

  177. Ron Unz says:

    I’m not the one with Neonazi buddies, but that strikes me as pretty implausible. Also, my views are mainstream right, and if you hate that you hate a lot of people.

    Ha, ha, ha… Maybe you’re a false-flagging Neo-Nazi and maybe you’re the Christian half-German you claim to be, but I think it’s most likely that you’re just another (((pathological liar))).

    But here’s a practical question for you…

    You claim that the overwhelming majority of Americans would totally reject most of the views expressed on this website, and my own articles in particular. Yet as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, the ADL seems utterly, *utterly* terrified of this material:

    Now if the ADL seems to behave as if my material is enormously persuasive and can’t be refuted, I strongly suspect that most educated Americans would react in much the same way.

    Maybe they’ve just been busy watching football on TV, and haven’t become aware that my American Pravda articles have gotten nearly 2 million pageviews here, plus many hundreds of thousands of pageviews when republished at other websites.

    Why don’t you get in touch with the ADL people and ask why they’ve gone into hiding? Maybe they’ll even give you some sort of bonus…

    • LOL: Ash Williams
    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Lot
    , @Counterinsurgency
  178. Iris says:

    I’ve read many who disparage the French Revolution, including Alain Soral whom I respect very much, and none made me revise my admiration for this great and unique symbol of human liberation.

    Open your eyes and look at the geopolitical jail break that is happening in Asia, Eurasia, the Middle-East. The French revolutionary model, although imperfect, is alive, vibrant and looked up to everywhere in the world. The Anglo-Zionist imperial model, on the contrary, will go down the gutter of History and will be mostly remembered for its crimes.
    Five years from now, for better or worse, we will be living in a very different world.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
    , @Nalca
  179. @anonymous

    Jews, as such, didn’t. French did.

  180. Patrick says:

    The White race has largely gelded itself through the use of psychiatry to remove aggressive elements from the gene pool via institutionalization, the other races have not undergone the process of psychiatric gelding nearly as long and so maintain a greater degree of robust elements. This is why Whites may be forced to ally with non-Whites under some sort of civic nationalist banner if they seek to gather the people power necessary to create a loud enough call in the streets for the anti-patriotic elites to be pushed out of power. I hesitate to suggest allying with islam as Soral seems to have, in The USA christianity is a possible banner or just simple patriotism.

    • Replies: @Alden
  181. Curle says:

    “ I love multiculturalism and Babylon cities for the moment. But I hated Cap
    Town feeling insecure and deprived of freedom of movements as white .”

    Which multicultural American cities do you love? Detroit? Memphis? St Louis? L.A.?

    I’d propose to you most are unpleasant places by and large.

  182. Boone says:
    @Guillaume Durocher

    I wouldn’t be so hard on France. Geo-politically the Seven Year’s War finished its ascendancy. Somebody had to lose.

    Spiritually though, France had continued to create the best literature, art and science well into the 19th century. French calculus is nothing but magnificent (especially the contributions of the reactionary Catholic Cauchy).

    That being said, France is simply not the model for any tradition of political liberty or true republican government. It is a centralized top-down polity and has always been so. Things perhaps could have been different but they’re not. At this point the West has only one blueprint for a bottom-up free polity and that’s the political culture of the Anglosphere.

    • Replies: @TGD
  183. Lot says:
    @Ron Unz

    You’re never gonna get a nice Jewish girl with that attitude.

    And what percentage of those page views are from Wally and Priss Factor? I suspect daily unique visitors is less impressive. I also think most Unz pageviews are just cannibalizing sites with similar content, but poor web design, and aggressive pop-up ads and donation begging.

    Seriously though, right wing antisemitism is good for fundraising since they can make good boogeymen. But you’re not scary and not mediagenic, and also too longwinded, compared to Spencer, Anglin, and Duke.

    Aside from fundraising and PR, the smarter Jews realize that leftwing and Islamic antisemitism is 20 times the threat of right-wing antisemitism and act accordingly.

    So while I can’t speak for the ADL, their lack of concern about your holocaust denial article comes down to:

    1. You’re preaching to the converted

    2. You hedged your conclusions a bit. Your articles are so long, with long sentences too, and don’t invite arguments. They also lack money-quotes. Anglin is much less smart, but his style is better and more readable than yours. Maybe see if he’d punch up your next Pravda column. Also, maybe rebrand. Probably under 1% of the under-40 population gets the reference to Pravda.

    3. Right-wing antisemitism isn’t concerning to smart Jews, but is exploited to scare old ladies in Florida to donate. You aren’t easy to exploit this way.

    The other use of right-wing antisemitism, limited to leftist Jews, is to attack Trump as an antisemite. This is so incredibly stupid that you don’t see it much anymore, but was common in 2016-17. Remember that constant MSM attention on Richard Spencer back then? He’d say something nice about Trump, and then “gotcha see Trump must hate Jews.”

    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @Patricus
  184. Lot says:
    @Ron Unz

    My real advice to you however is to go to church and do so with an open mind. And to read the Gospel of Matthew.

    • Troll: Iris
  185. @Iris

    The French revolutionary model, although imperfect, is alive, vibrant and looked up to everywhere in the world. . . . Five years from now, for better or worse, we will be living in a very different world.

    Yep. Napoleon managed to vibrate all of Europe apart, and this next time it’s going to be most of the world.


  186. @Ron Unz


    Your articles appear to be everything you’ve said they are. Convincing to anybody who reads them. Might have some flaws, everything does, but effective at bringing the existing story into question or even disrepute. Simple as that.

    Remember that if people say that grass is green and the sky is blue and water is wet, investigate before you trust it. They may be trying to lure you outside in a -40F blizzard – no grass or brown grass, blackish sky, water is a solid.

    Also: emotional force against an enemy is not effective; a competent enemy will try to elicit emotional force as a distraction. Other things are effective — your articles, for example.


  187. @Kratoklastes

    There are three things that it is thought a government must do:
    1) Have a military force to defend against other governments.
    2) Provide a currency for the national economy.
    3) Provide a national court system and legal framework.

    As of 1800, the US Government did none of those things.


  188. @Alfred

    Does anyone else see a common thread between all these different people and events? IMHO, the people behind these events are thinking decades ahead.

    I do. And they plan not decades, but centuries ahead of the goyim… the French Revolution was 100% masonic and financed by the Jew bankers.

    Cf. E. Micheal Jones’ The Jewish Question:

    One hundred years after the French Revolution, the editors of Civilta Cattolica, the official voice of the Vatican on political affairs, came to a startling conclusion: any country which turns away from laws based on the teaching of the Catholic Church and God’s eternal law will end up being ruled by Jews. These three articles, originally published over the fall of 1890, explain in detail why this is so, for both France in 1890 and America today. The assertion that Jewish political power derives from usury could have been written with Occupy Wall Street in mind.

    • Replies: @TGD
  189. Nalca says:

    I’ve read many who disparage the French Revolution, including Alain Soral whom I respect very much, and none made me revise my admiration for this great and unique symbol of human liberation.

    You admire this great and unique symbol of human liberation, who caused things like :
    – La Guerre de Vendée where they were slaughtered because they dared to be Catholic & Royal during the revolution.
    – The enslavement of the peasantry (Loi Le Chapelier, 1791), by the complete ban of any guild and unions that could protect peasant against the Bourgeoisie ? You can read what happened after this in Karl Marx’s writing.
    – The introduction of Conscription (Guess who was conscripted ?), so that everyone in Europe could be liberated.

    So much for liberation.
    And let’s not forget that France at this time declared war on everyone in Europe (It wasn’t Austria who started the first war).

    Truly, a great symbol of human liberation.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Vojkan
  190. Iris says:

    And let’s not forget that France at this time declared war on everyone in Europe (It wasn’t Austria who started the first war).

    You are confusing the causes and the effects.

    It is the contrary that happened: all the royal powers across Europe ganged up to crush to death the French Revolution, to contain it and stop it from being an example of liberation for their own people.

    Napoleon came to power as a consequence of this wide conspiracy, to rescue France after all its European neighbours joined forces against her just because the French people dared deciding their own destiny. This is why Napoleon deserves respect, and his actions should be seen in the right context.

    Napoleon lost, and was replaced by free-masonry-selected rulers, with little sovereignty, compatible with the European status quo of the time, who took more care of slaughtering the French at home and the colonised abroad than they did of protecting the country against foreign invasions. They also took the easier stance of siding the British empire and its banking oligarchs, and the next time around, ganged up with them against Germany, twice.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  191. @Iris

    Napoleon was a crypto-Jew and freemason to boot!

    Look at his (((nose)))!


    Look at his masonic Sign of the Master of the Second Veil!

    The Hidden Hand
    by Moe | Freemasonry, Meaning of Symbols


    The initiation ritual to this degree re-enacts the return to Jerusalem of three Most Excellent Masons who were held captive in Babylon.

    Companion:—I invest you with the purple banner, which is the ensign of your office, and arm you with a sword, to enable you to maintain its honor. The color of your banner is produced by a due mixture of blue and scarlet; the former of which is the characteristic color of the symbolic or first three degrees of masonry, and the latter, that of the royal arch degree. It is an emblem of union, and is the characteristic color of the intermediate degrees. It admonishes us to cultivate and improve that spirit of union and harmony, between the brethren of the symbolic degrees and the companions of the sublime degrees, which should ever distinguish the members of a society founded upon the principles of everlasting truth and universal philanthropy.

    “Master of Second Veil: “Three Most Excellent Masters you must have been, or thus far you could not have come; but farther you cannot go without my words, sign, and word of exhortation. My words are Shem, Japhet, and Adoniram; my sign is this: (thrusting his hand in his bosom); it is in imitation of one given by God to Moses, when He commanded him to thrust his hand into his bosom, and, taking it out, it became as leprous as snow. My word of exhortation is explanatory of this sign, and is found in the writings of Moses, viz., fourth chapter of Exodus”:

    “And the Lord said unto Moses, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow” -Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

    Source: Gnostic Warrior

    • Replies: @vasil
    , @Seraphim
    , @Parfois1
  192. @Henry's Cat

    Answer, in “googlish” translation:
    “Incitement to racial hatred”

    With the titles of different laws adopted over time, (especially since the 70s), under the pressure of the same ones who, today, control most of the levers of power in France and in the States

    In french:
    “Incitation à la haine raciale”
    Aux titres de différentes lois adoptées au cours du temps,
    (surtout depuis les années 70), sous la pression des mêmes
    qui, aujourd’hui, contrôlent l’essentiel des leviers de
    pouvoir en France et aux States.

  193. vasil says:

    lol that nose is very common in corsicans and basque people

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  194. @Svevlad

    The Talmudic EU and their pupper bolshevik ZOGs are fucking so exposed…there is no political solution to occupation

  195. Seraphim says:

    Europe as a whole was gradually submerged by the Anglo-American Masonic tide since the beginning of the 18th century. France was the first country where the tide landed where from it swept like a plague throughout the rest of Europe. And it was nothing hidden except the identity of its “Unknown Superiors” (actually hiding in plain sight behind the smoke-screen of the bamboozling array of apparent diversity of ‘rites’, lodges, degrees), plainly stating its goal: “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”. Since its foundation in 1717 till 1917 it worked relentlessly to achieve it. And if you want to know who the masters are, think what King/Queen has emerged unscathed from the 200 years orgy of blood letting.

    That “Napoleon came to power as a consequence of this wide conspiracy, to rescue France after all its European neighbours joined forces against her just because the French people dared deciding their own destiny” shows the extent of the delusion in which the French ‘peuple’ sunk since it dethroned the Christ and started worshiping ‘Marianne’. No wonder that they would finish by being ‘enculé’ by the Muslims (they actually opened their collective ‘cul’, including Alain Soral).

    • Agree: Maowasayali
  196. @vasil

    You call it a Corsican nose, I call it a Jewish nose.


    Was Napoleon Jewish?

    Before you dismiss this as ridiculous, you should know that many famous people have thought Napoleon is Jewish. So I am not the first to suggest it. Benjamin Disraeli, the only Jewish Prime Minister of England, implied Napoleon was Jewish. Disraeli wrote fiction, and in his book Tancred, (published in 1847—note the date), he said through his narrator Sidonia that crypto-Jews were everywhere in positions of power, as generals, academics and statesmen. He said that not only was Napoleon a Jew, but that Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn were Jewish also. As a Jew, Disraeli would know. In his next book, Lord George Bentinck, Disraeli went further, telling us

    “The first Jesuits were Jews; that mysterious Russian diplomacy which so alarms western Europe is organized and principally carried on by Jews. . . . men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of these [Communist and Socialist] groups.”

    Disraeli is also the source for the fact that one of Napoleon’s generals Masséna was a crypto-Jew, having changed his name from Manasseh. Which reminds us of Manasseh ben Israel, from my paper
    on the Kabbalah.

    Jules Michelet, the famous 19th c. French author, also came right out and stated that Napoleon was Jewish. And when the French historian and Napoleon biographer Patrice Gueniffey was recently asked point-blank if Napoleon was Jewish, he did not deny it. Instead, he said “it is possible”. Even the site Jew-or-not-Jew, run by Jewish people, gives him the curious score of 5 while denying he is Jewish. If he isn’t Jewish, why not give him a score of 0 or 1? They also admit he called France “The Homeland of the Jews” and said “It is my wish that the Jews be treated like brothers as if we were all part of Judaism.” Very strange for someone not Jewish.

    It is also admitted that Napoleon overturned old laws restricting Jews to ghettoes, making them full citizens and granting them all rights of property, worship, and work. Not only that, but he actually convened a council of Jews in 1806 and called it the Great Sanhedrin. He was praised by Jews all over Europe. They wrote prayers for him in Hebrew and named him Helek Tov.

    Source: Miles Mathis

    • Replies: @vasil
  197. aandrews says:

    Maybe Ron is more into hot blonde shiksas with big boobs, like Jared is, and Jewish harpies not so much.

    “I also think most Unz pageviews are just cannibalizing sites with similar content….”

    What the hell’s that mean? That he’s somehow poaching pageviews from other sites, to add to his website statistics?? You can’t be serious. Who in the hell would bother? The content quality alone speaks for itself.

    The Unz Review has a much more substantive and in-depth style, a well-written, academic tone, than any other white oriented website. The American Pravda series alone is exceptional. Ron Unz publishes the best writers in the white race/Western Civilization advocacy orbit anywhere on the Web. It’s a fantastic resource. That you skulk in here and try to besmirch Ron’s work and effort and recommend that he cheapen it—articles are so long, with long sentences too…no moneeey quotes—is contemptible.

    I read the Stormer, too, but it’s apples and oranges comparing it to the Unz Review. The Stormer is like a better version of Alex Linder’s VNN. I think Anglin leads the way in demonstrating how to survive in Big Tech’s deplatforming environment (something that Zionist Jews like you share the blame for, in my estimation), but the Stormer’s a different thing. The Stormer serves a function and meets a need, but that you recommend it as superior in substance, style and scale just shows where you’re coming from, as if anyone needed clarification on that.

    Which brings up: If the Unz Review is not worth paying attention to, then why the hell are you here whining around with multiple posts? (On a Sunday; have you no decency!)

    Lastly, to also reference a scared text…

    Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck. I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.

    PS Rabbi Trump is your boy, and everyone knows it.

    • Agree: Maowasayali, PorkTastic
    • Replies: @Lot
    , @sarz
  198. @Parfois1

    That’s always been France though. Your system is not based on bottom-up due process and inalienable rights as in the Anglosphere.

    France has been historically and consistently the cradle of humanity’s progress towards the construction of fairer societies and no country has ever contributed as much to what we call Western Civilization, including the founding of the US. Today it is still France the only country, whose citizens weekly risk life and limb on the streets and roundabouts, the only country that defies the ruling elites and their oppression.

    As to your Common Law and Constitution as being the defender of people’s “inalienable rights”, that shows the utter absurdity of your opinion.

    Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

    -Mao Zedong

    All of you gave up your rights when you gave up your guns.

    • Replies: @Alden
  199. @Lot

    By all means… use your collective control over government, media, and financial institutions to protect your interests and punish gentiles for believing anti semitic canards about jews having collective control over government, media, and financial institutions and using them to protect their interests and punish gentiles.

    This is surely the way to put an end to the inexplicable and recurrent problem of antisemitism

    • Replies: @Jett Rucker
  200. Lot says:

    “ you recommend it as superior in substance, style and scale”

    That’s not what I said.

  201. TommyTCG says:

    Bach in the morning to stabilize brain waves in Alpha, then Vivaldi and Mozart, then Beethoven, Mahler etc. Evening opera. And you?

  202. Vojkan says:

    “Also, my views are cuckservative” – fixed.

    • Replies: @Lot
  203. Parfois1 says:

    The UR attracts – besides some people rooted in rational thought – a motley crowd of oddballs whose peculiar understanding of the world is limited to one single causal agent: the dark forces of Freemason Jewry who usurped the power of an omnipotent god.

    Recently they discovered that Stalin was one of them as he was caught pointing a finger at someone because such a gesture was a FM code sign. Now they are doing the same thing to Napoleon because of his otherwise elegant nose and the trademark habit of toying with his bellybutton!

    This blog is becoming a forum for the most esoteric views imaginable; which is a good thing by the way, including the place where we can have a good laugh thanks to the antics of the usual jesters.

    PS. Thank you for the tip anyway. I just found out that I am a double freemason. I happen to wear on cold days a sloppy joe with two pockets (actually a single pocket with two openings on each side. Very handy to keep one, or both, hands warm.

    But I regret to report that no-one has ever responded to my FM salutation…

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Commentator Mike
  204. @Brooklyn Dave

    Mate as far as I can see the French are as cucked as every other nation which was occupied by Germany as is Germany itself. Somehow there’s a sort of “guilt by association” unspoken yet which has kept them all in line pretty much. Poland seems to be one of the few to be biting at the bit a bit. Jews already dominated all these states, they named them in their declaration of war against Germany in March of 1933. The first declaration of war was by them, at that time which as far as I can figure means they were not at any time victims of anything but natural war prisoners. Their Banksters made the declaration on all their behalf after all. As far as the victors go, they were already owned by them which is why they went to war. UK owned since Waterloo. Which meant all the British Empire by the time of WWI belonged to the Jews. They already owned the USA by the time it inherited the British Empire. Only Russia has some modicum of resistance now they reached bottom, yet Jews infest the place still in the worst ways. Iran remains independent and so too a very few South and Central American states.

    Sorry if this was a bit rambling. I just mean there is next to no country left which is independent of the filth and their stinking parasitism. Exceptions will be fighting for survival against the rest of the cuckolded world. See North Korea, Iran and Cuba and Venezuela. France is definitely not resisting the scourge.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  205. Vojkan says:

    “And let’s not forget that France at this time declared war on everyone in Europe”

    Even the English admit they initiated all the wars against Napoleon’s France:

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  206. THIS IS THE SORT OF SILENCING OF DISSENT WHICH BEGS FOR REVOLUTION. If you will not allow people the right to dissent, if you silence them and will not even debate their complaints then you are sowing the wind and you will reap the whirlwind. This is all going to end very badly eventually and once again many Jews are going to suffer and die like the more than 100 times before because these things do not happen in a vacuum. I warned some in debate years ago over their war crimes and horrible speech against Palestinians. I tried to tell them that by being so grotesquely abusive to people like me who then at least was merely politely trying to engage them they would eventually end up facing those who have no interest in talking but only want to strike them outright. That time is coming as they silence one reasonable voice after another. It is not good enough to assert that NO critical voice of Jews is moderate. This is obviously not true. I cannot even bother to distinguish between Zionists or Jews anymore. I tried for so long but it is the opposition which refuses me the right. I cannot criticise “Israel” without being charged with anti-Semitism in many countries and Jews in every country are pushing for the law to be so everywhere. This is insanity and will only drive the dangerous people underground and make honest well-meaning critics cry louder. You will simply end up persecuting us and making us the martyrs the violent ones will come after you for. FOOLS! How many hundreds of years before you realise you CANNOT force the human race to accept you on YOUR terms?

    Tragically when the time comes for their next pogrom, which of course is coming, the ones who will speak for mercy on their behalf will be people like Allain Sorel, Ernst Zundel and even myself. I would rather see the Jews disown their own predatory Bankster class and join the human race as equals but no more, than see them all stuffed into ovens. I will, however, be unable to shed any tears for them if they go the oven route. It is entirely up to them to become self-aware and stop projecting their own insecurities and propensity for violence onto the rest of the human race. Trust us and we might not do to them what they have been doing to us. I know what they’re afraid of. Their own reflection obviously!

  207. @Vojkan

    It is worth noting in context with this that both Napoleon and the British had to rely on Rothschild bankers to wage their war. French Roths and British Roths, each backing their side of the war. No matter who lost they were sure to win. Very common practice.

  208. @Lot

    I can see some excellent people have answered you and I’m sure I couldn’t improve in any of it. I am a Muslim myself and just want to say to you. Fuck you for ignorant arsehole. You wouldn’t know a Communist if he was sleeping with your wife and you’re only reason for hating Muslims is the fear they’ll eventually be sleeping with your sister.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
    , @Lot
  209. Robjil says:

    Stalin ended his life with a Purim “miracle”. This proves that Stalin was not liked by the Jewish Elite, whatever his ethnic origins maybe.

    Purim in 1953 fell on March 1. On that day, Haman-Stalin had a stroke. Soon came the tyrant’s death. A heavenly stroke brought down the villain on the eve of the terrible stroke Stalin was about to inflict upon the Jewish people.

    Jewish holidays are not merely a commemoration of an event in time. The time of year in which the amiracle occurred was an opportune time for the conception of that miracle. As we make our way toward the Purim holiday, we are entering a time zone in which the all the Haman’s of the world can fail and Jewish redemption is born. The death and downfall of Stalin is an example of a miraculous, yet untold, modern day Purim story.

    These are some of the many Jewish sites that say Stalin had a “stoke” on Purim.

  210. @Lot

    When you don’t know what Communism is really about, or Islam but rely on your own misinformed borrowed bigotry and then since that is your only tool, you use these unrelated matters to somehow justify imprisoning a man for a simple act of free speech. When your only tool is a hammer of bigotry then everything looks like a Communist or Muzzie nail right?

  211. @Rabbitnexus

    I apologise to others for my rudeness. I was just getting sick of Islamophobic arsehats finding any excuse to put down on Muslims even when they really are not the story Not to mention the knee jerk antipathy among particularly Americans to Communism even when few of them have any clue what it is.

  212. Robjil says:

    Poland is resisting because it can’t be “guilted” by Ashkenazis. The Polish Kings created the Ashkenazi people by inviting in 25,000 Jews into Poland in 1025. For a thousand years, this 25,000 grew into many millions by the 19th century. They intermarried only with themselves, so most are third or fourth cousins of each other.

    For centuries, they were the Elite as merchants, money lenders or liquor sellers. From Poland they branched all over Eastern Europe, mostly within the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. Outside this commonwealth, they spread to Hungary and Romania.

    When the Russian Empire took over the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth in 1764, the Russians was shocked about how the Ashkenazis abused the peasants. The Russians set up the Pale of Settlement to keep the Ashkenazis within areas that Russia took from the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, those areas being Poland, the Baltics, Ukraine and Belorussia. The only area that is outside ZUS control today is Belorussia. Nuland must be fuming that Belorussia has not joined ZUS as of yet.

    Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years together” talks about this two hundred year relationship – 1764- 1980s- between the Russians and Ashkenazis. Most people talk about Russian Jews but a more exact term would Ashkenazi Jews since there was not many Jews in Russia itself before 1917. The US had more Ashkenazi Jews before Russia itself did in 1917 because of the massive Ashkenazi immigration from the Pale of Settlement areas of the Russian Empire to the US in the 1880s to 1920s.

    The 2014 coup in Ukraine, brought the Ukraine into ZUS control. ZUS thus controls all of the ex- Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth or Pale of Settlement except for Belorussia. Nuland and friends must be extremely happy about that.

    Yet, the Pale of Settlement gentiles remember that Ashkenazis were the Elite in the past in their nations, so it is very, very difficult to “guilt” them like the gentiles in Western Europe.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Patricus
  213. @Parfois1

    Now with the Internet, Masonic signs and most secrets have come to the light of the public and even kids, pop stars and gangs are adopting them. But this just creates more confusion and doesn’t mean that Masons are not up to their old tricks. Sort of hiding in open view. And look how certain politicians like Trump and Merkel are both using Masonic signs extensively, one especially, in so many of their public photos. Well Trump is a Mason but as a woman Merkel can’t be, although they seem to have a woman’s version, or have secretly removed their male chauvinistic membership rule. So what to make of ever so many photos with Merkel standing in front of 5, 10, 20 politicians and is the only one obviously and deliberately making that well known Masonic sign? Of course it doesn’t mean that the other politicians in the photos aren’t Masons, they probably are, not just some but the whole lot of them, and she is just showing who they all are and that she is their spokesperson. It’s all so obvious. I don’t know if Stalin was personally a Mason but surely many of the other leaders of the revolution would have been, especially among the Mensheviks, but some Bolsheviks too, and anyway Marxism and communism would have had roots in Masonic and Illuminati lodges.

    Even Proudhon, the great anarchist and revolutionary was a Freemason, as per wikipedia:

    In 1847, he left this job and finally settled in Paris, where he was now becoming celebrated as a leader of innovation. In this year, he also became a Freemason

    Wow he joined probably a whole bunch of other co-conspirators just before the Revolutions of 1848. Regarding another famous anarchist, Bakunin:

    Bakunin joined the Scottish Lodge of the Grand Orient de France in 1845

    References to Masonic membership of many communists may have been scrubbed after they themselves banned Masonry, and the same goes for many Nazi Masons as they also banned Masonry.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Parfois1
    , @9/11 Inside job
  214. vasil says:

    disraeli is mixing truth with outrageous lies like the novility used to do claiming their ancestors as direct rulers of troy to exalt a unbroken line of legitimate rulers
    not only napoleon wasnt jewish he was a italian noble but the founder of jesuits was a basque iñigo de loyola natural of azpeitia and from a noble basque family

    and that nose is very common all across mediterranean people basque for example one of the least mixed people of europe look like this

    View post on

  215. Issar says:

    Actually ‘printing money’ is a responsibility that involves when, how much and for what purpose. If the purpose is to bail out the bankrupt financial empire at the rate of 100 billion per day for the foreseeable future– the Rothschild and Rockefeller ‘Federal Reserve’ may bring down the entire US economy– as they are doing now. So who is making the serial decisions leading to collapse? The sovereign nation or the useless parasites? As they drain away all resources into their swollen bellies their agents are shooting people’s eyes, arresting journalists and jailing people for freedom of speech. This cannot end well for these people.

    They need to be arrested, their banks seized and their extensive property holdings nationalized under a government of liberation.

    What part of ‘Arrest Macron’ requires further explaination?

  216. Alden says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Jackson disobeyed the SC and ordered to army to continue harassing the Cherokee to move west of the Mississippi . The whole thing fizzled out. The Cherokee ceased harassing the farmers and stealing the livestock and holed up in the mountains. The army left them alone after that.

    Lincoln was a very different story. He suspended habeas corpus for the duration of the war. He and local authorities sent about 40,000 people to jail till the end of the war. A suit was filed and the SC ordered habeas corpus reinstated. It didn’t happen. Lincoln and local authorities kept the dissidents in the local jails for the duration.

    Those were the only times anyone defied laws made up by the Supreme Court. Any law can be made by the courts. Any referendum passed by the voters can be overturned by the courts. Any law made by elected legislatures can be overturned by the courts.

    America is a judicial dictatorship. And since 1956 Brown, the courts have been creating anti White laws.

  217. Alden says:

    Well it isn’t balanced and hasn’t been since Marbury vs Madison 1804. The constitution is whatever one judge says it is.

  218. Alden says:

    Haven’t you noticed that the American mental hospitals were closed down more than 50 years ago because of judicial findings and orders in the Hodge cases? America didn’t even have mental asylums till the 1830s. So it was only about 130 years of institutionalization of the mentally ill in America.

    They’ve been out about 50 years now, living in the streets and harassing people.

    • Replies: @Patrick
  219. @Lot

    What is stronger evidence of your ethnicity… that you think someone should be jailed for even daring to criticize you, or that someone is ACTUALLY likely to be jailed for even daring to criticize you?

    • Replies: @Lot
  220. Alden says:
    @Ash Williams

    English common law since the English were Celtic and German tribes is judge made law.

    The biggest baddest bully in the sub sects of each tribe appointed himself or his relatives the judge and they just made up laws as they saw fit.

    Sovereigns decrees were more democratic. Because sovereigns had to carry out their decrees and had to consider the effects of those laws and decrees. Sovereigns prize stability. Sovereigns don’t want rebellions and civil wars Judges don’t care if their decisions cause problems and dissent.

    Common law is really the worst kind of law. The basic strategy of the anti White liberals is to create an innocuous precedent. Then file another suit that builds on that precedent. File another suit. And keep it going.

    That’s how we went from non criminalizing homosexuality to transgender bathrooms and men in women’s sports teams in about 35 years.

    Or from desegregating schools to bussing school children a 100 mile a day round trip in about 7 or 8 years.

  221. TGD says:

    For the Roman Catholic polemicist E. Michael Jones (with the terrible Philadelphia accent), here is a famous quote from Denis Diderot uttered during the French Revolution:

    Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  222. Robjil says:

    We have Oligarch Israel first Kings and Israel first Neocon priests now, so not much has changed since the Middle Ages.

    We still live in a world of one faith imposed on all of us.

    There more Galileos in jail for speaking up than in the Middle Ages.

    There are more people burned at the stake, now with terror bombs -WWII to present, than in the Middle Ages.

    Same old station, different channel.

    The channel of our time for the past hundred years is the worst of the worst.

    We are all getting tired of it.

    Enough already. Change the channel.

  223. @Anonymous

    I’m French and I love Soral 99% of the time. What you say is an accurate description of how every political candidate must first pay allegiance to Israel if s/he wants to get the least bit of media attention.
    In my small way I chronicle my obscure life of resistance in this cesspool.

  224. Lot says:

    As opposed to Ron and Fred Reed’s endless pro-Latin American articles and the pro-Islam writers too numerous to list.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Vojkan
  225. Lot says:

    You really see the lack of principles here. Muslims complain about Sorel not being allowed to post antisemite garbage rap videos, but then in actual Muslim countries there’s religious repression of minorities, genocide, and polls show a large majority support blasphemy laws.

    My sister wouldn’t dream of degrading herself like that. She married young to a handsome and well educated white American and has two beautiful kids. I want them to grow up in the same great nation I did, not a giant slum craphole which you Muslims created.

  226. Lot says:

    Duh, I said I don’t support such laws in the USA, but the French have the right to protect their traditions as they see fit.

    Trigger warning Achmed:


  227. Iris says:

    Completely agree with your analysis about the Zionist-controlled so-called “alternative right”.
    Marion Le Pen Marechal is already being groomed by the Zionist kingmakers to become France’s next President.

    However, Russia sending nuclear missiles onto the US would not only be an evil crime Russians are incapable of, but also total madness that would lead to ensured mutual destruction. Unlike the NeoCons, Russians are rational people. They proved it by secretly negotiating with President Kennedy, against his entourage, to prevent nuclear escalation.

    The existential threat towards the USA simply does not exist and never did: it always was a fabrication by the Deep State, the MIC and the Zionists to push America on the path of continued foreign aggression and imperial conquest. The Cold War’s pretexts were as bogus as is the present Russian menace.

    What is more likely to happen is an Israeli nuclear strike in the Middle-East. If the Zionist nutcases were not so close to Iran, they would have already carried it out.

  228. Iris says:

    To “oppose” anybody , you would first need to be in the same order of intellectual magnitude. Moron.

  229. Parfois1 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I agree that many influential people in finance, politics and military were freemasons, and that Freemasonry was involved in political conspiracies and coups.

    But from that to conclude that every single historical event is the result of Freemasonry’s dark designs sounds like saying that, because some freemasons are involved in those events, all of them are freemasons. The same applies to labelling the Russian Revolution as being a Bolshevik Revolution and even a Jew Revolution, or a Wall St. bankers’ Revolution because of some alleged connection with those events, when in fact it was a spontaneous popular uprising as was the one in 1905. So much so that the Bolshevik leadership was against it because the occasion did not fit the theoretical conditions for the a proletarian revolution and the leadership was either in prison, exile or in the Gulag. As an aside, the “revolutionary” Trotsy, (the darling of the US “lefties”) and not a Bolshevik (he joined later to jump on the bandwagon) was … basking in New York as a guest of the banker Schiff.

    It does not fit the Establishment’s narrative to admit that people are capable of or even inclined to or have reasons for rebelling: everything is due to a conspiracy of sorts.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Robjil
  230. Vojkan says:

    I see plenty of anti-zionist writers here but I see no pro-islamist one. Unfortunately for you, most don’t fall for the false dichotomy Zionism-Islam. We know that both are enemies of our civilisation and refuse to ally with either against the other.

    • Replies: @Lot
  231. Robjil says:

    The first uprising for Revolution in Russia in early 1917 started on Purim, something fishy about that.

    That year, International Women’s Day serendipitously coincided with the festival of Purim, which marks the salvation of the Jewish people, in part through the audacious bravery of Queen Esther. Tens of thousands of men and women joined the workers of the Putilov factory who had already been striking for several days. Marching in the streets of Petrograd they demanded an end to the continuous food shortages, an end to the war, and an end to the Tsarist autocracy. Michoel Dworkin, a graduate of the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva, was in the city at the time and recalled that the Rebbe delivered a discourse marking the festival. It began with the passage from the megillah in which Haman, the arch-foe of the Jews is advised to “build a gallows fifty cubits high” (Esther, 5:14). Though originally intended for Mordechai, the righteous Jew, Haman himself was ultimately hung upon it instead. Unfortunately, no transcript of the discourse is extant.25

  232. @Lot

    Jews aren’t ‘semites’ and using the name of a biblical rapist (lot) is sick.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Seraphim
  233. @Iris

    Typical cuckservative drivel, ignoring the largely European origins of most of those styles and vastly exaggerating the value of Blacks’ mostly trite and/or vulgar contributions. For someone who is so dedicated to antisemitism you must have a whopper of a case of cognitive dissonance when it comes to acknowledging the huge Jewish push for the increased musical/media presence of Africans. You think Beyonce or Fifty Cent are famous because of their incredible contributions to art? What a joke.

    And what is this absurd waffle about what one is “remembered” for? So long as my people aren’t dispossessed of their home by a hoard of Africans I don’t particularly care whether we’re “remembered” for some supposed crimes or for some obnoxious nigger musician our society supported.

    And regarding your other post about the arguments stating that the historical European underclass were less intelligent:
    1) They were broadly correct, the lower classes are in general less intelligent
    2) The argument is even more valid today than then since social mobility is greater and socially/economically ruinous situations are more easily avoided or softened. It’s also stronger in that we have objective measurements of general intellectual capability which were lacking then. So now more than ever we know that those occupying the bottom rung of the social and economic ladder are very, very dumb, violent and criminal.
    3) This argument is even more applicable to blacks than the white underclass since blacks are given explicitly preferential treatment by the government and in education, and there’s no shortage of people in every industry in search of semi-competent negroes to parade around to display their diversity.

  234. Marty says:
    @Cat Hierophant

    Yes, rap is barbaric. At the same time, we should be a bit less testy about a barbarian who has at least figured out the Jewish con, all the while encouraging them to learn music theory and how to acutally play an instrument and create melodies.

  235. Lot says:

    “ I see plenty of anti-zionist writers here but I see no pro-islamist one. ”

    Lol look harder.

  236. Lot says:
    @Tony Ryals

    You got me wrong.

    Hebrew is a semitic language, and European Jews are 35-40% Levantine descendants of ancient Jews and 60-65% European. And 100% awesome!

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  237. @Lot

    Speaking of awesome —

    Uniforms by Hugo Boss, Production management by Leni Riefenstahl

    Fully expect ADL to lodge complaints with whomever it can shake down —

    Chinese children too enthusiastic! Chinese – judend!

    Chinese children & adults making hand gestures that might be — make that ought to be — labelled 反犹太人的

    Chinese President Xi Jinping makes Heil! salute:

  238. Patrick says:

    I haven’t noticed the mental hospitals closing down. There are tons of mental hospitals and group homes where patients are medicated and turned into fat retards by the drugs they are pushed to take. The reason there are tons of homeless mentally ill people is because our society is creating way more mentally ill people than it had before, and this is due to the music encouraging kids to do illegal drugs and the verbal abuse many people are subjected to. Verbal abuse and illegal drugs are creating a society filled with schitzo’s.

  239. Seraphim says:
    @Tony Ryals

    Actually Lot was the one ‘raped’ by his daughters:
    “30 And Lot went up out of Segor, and dwelt in the mountain, he and his two daughters with him, for he feared to dwell in Segor; and he dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters with him. 31 And the elder said to the younger, Our father is old, and there is no one on the earth who shall come in to us, as it is fit in all the earth. 32 Come and let us make our father drink wine, and let us sleep with him, and let us raise up seed from our father. 33 So they made their father drink wine in that night, and the elder went in and lay with her father that night, and he knew not when he slept and when he rose up. 34 And it came to pass on the morrow, that the elder said to the younger, Behold, I slept yesternight with our father, let us make him drink wine in this night also, and do thou go in and sleep with him, and let us raise up seed of our father. 35 So they made their father drink wine in that night also, and the younger went in and slept with her father, and he knew not when he slept, nor when he arose. 36 And the two daughters of Lot conceived by their father. 37 And the elder bore a son and called his name Moab, saying, [He is] of my father. This is the father of the Moabites to this present day. 38 And the younger also bore a son, and called his name Amman, saying, The son of my family. This is the father of the Ammanites to this present day” (Genesis 19:30-38).
    Moabites and Ammanites were not “Jews’ who descend from Judah, the son of Jacob/Israel, the grand-son of Abraham.

  240. TGD says:

    French calculus is nothing but magnificent (especially the contributions of the reactionary Catholic Cauchy).

    Cauchy was a brilliant French mathematician for sure but his devout Catholicism and opposition to the revolutionary spirit was a big black mark.

    Contrast Cauchy with Pierre-Simon Laplace, mathematician, physicist and philosopher. His contributions to mathematics and physics far outstripped Cauchy’s. His 5 volume “Traité de Mécanique Céleste” is considered to be one of the greatest scientific works in history. He even predicted gravitational collapse and “black holes,” which he termed “frozen stars.”

    When Napoleon asked Laplace why there was no mention of God in the 5 volumes, Laplace replied that there was no need for that concept. Brilliant.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  241. Patricus says:

    I read where the Rothschilds have 500 trillion in wealth. Checking that out I learned there is only 250 trillion on the entire planet, so they don’t have 500 T. Reading a biography of the Rothschilds they had quite a run in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the late 19th and early 20th century their fortunes had been diluted by inheritances. One Rothschild brother and sister married in order to consolidate a fortune. Today there is a single Rothschild billionaire, Benjamin R. He is worth 1.7 B and operates a hedge fund. It makes him about 135th richest human. Pretty nice sum but several in the Walton family have a hundred times more.

    It is amusing how the legends of the great Rothschild wealth only arose after their fortunes had diminished. If you visit some European restaurant you might be served by some Rothschild descendant. Those who inherited these fortunes squandered the money or gave it away.

    • LOL: Iris
  242. Patricus says:

    Yes, our black population is such a prize. Would you like a few million to help elevate your country?

  243. Patricus says:

    Lot, it isn’t fair to disparage the Unz site. There’s a wide range of opinions expressed. Some belabor The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion but one can skip what he doesn’t want to read. I can’t think of any other site that justifies as much time reading.

  244. Patricus says:

    I read Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years… One thing Jews were not was a financial elite. Most were on the edge of starvation. They did not fit well in a developing area like The Pale. They didn’t take to farming and there was no need for millions of middle men. Illiteracy was the rule. When they moved to the booming US they did OK in a generation or two.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  245. @Alden

    Doesn’t the Constitution still give Congress the power to exempt its legislation from Judicial Review?

    I’m pretty sure it used to.

  246. @Commentator Mike

    ” Trump’s second coat of arms includes Freemason double-headed Phoenix! ,,,Donald Trump is a Scottish Rite Freemason and puppet for the deep state …” Per thelightin the darkplace .
    “Senator Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Freemason . This revelation is not surprisng as it answers the question how Obama could ascend to the high political office … ” Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter
    It is disputed as to whether or not Trump and Obama are Freemasons but the circumstantial evidence suggests that like most US Presidents they are .

  247. Seraphim says:

    Brilliant as his ‘black holes/frozen stars’. Death wish.

  248. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    What’s the name of the “one judge in 1973 Roe v. Wade”?

  249. Seraphim says:

    You probably never heard of people like:

    Samuel Polyakov: “Russian” businessman, informally known as the “most famous railroad king” of the Russian Empire, the senior member of the Polyakov business family, a philanthropist and a Jewish civil rights activist, co-founder of World ORT (Общество Ремесленного Труда, Obchestvo Remeslenogo Truda/Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades” – non-profit global Jewish organization that promotes education and training in communities worldwide)…in the 1870s Samuel joined the ring of Russia’s seven top railroad barons. These were three converted Jews – Polyakov himself, Bloch and Kronenberg…;

    Baron Horace Gunzburg: “After the Crimean war his father, Joseph Günzburg, then a wealthy merchant and army contractor, settled with his family in St. Petersburg. Günzburg first came before the public in 1863 as one of the founders of the Society for the Spread of Enlightenment among the Jews of Russia, the only society of the kind in Russia. He was one of the charter members of the society, and after the death of his father in 1878 succeeded him in the presidency. He was the largest contributor to its support and one of its most energetic workers. The work which made him so widely popular among the Jews was his unremitting effort, in which frequent appeals to the Russian government were involved, toward the improvement of the legal status of his coreligionists, and for the securing by legislation, as well as by other means, of their economic and moral welfare…

    The Ephrussi family “a Russian Jewish banking and oil dynasty”.
    “Joachim Ephrussi (1792–1864), from Berdichev, made a fortune controlling grain distribution beginning in the free port of Odessa (then Russian Empire, now Ukraine) and later controlled large-scale oil resources across Crimea and the Caucasus. By 1860, the family was the world’s largest grain exporter”.
    Charles Joachim’s eldest son, Leonid (d. 1877), founded a bank in Odessa, while his brother Ignaz (1829–1899) moved to the Austrian capital, Vienna, where he established the Ephrussi & Co. banking house in 1856. In 1872, he was elevated to the noble rank of Ritter by Habsburg emperor Franz Joseph I. In 1871, Leonid, together with his younger half-brothers Michel (1845–1914) and Maurice Ephrussi (1849–1916), founded a branch in Paris, followed by subsidiaries in London and Athens”. In France they allied with the Rothschilds.

    Hardly “on the edge of starvation”.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  250. An accurate complete transcript of the French of the video AND a competent translation would be wonderful to see here — wonderful and BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL to serious adult discussion.

  251. Maria says:

    Thank you for the information about Algeria.
    I always wondered why the French government fought so hard to keep it as a colony.

  252. @Lot

    To see who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

  253. @Anonymous

    Rocknroll and the blues came from the blacks. Rap came from the whites. We are better off recruiting blacks and other minorities to our side. The elites want us divided, its makes it easier to control us. That’s why they foment wars and revolutions, to create immigration and refugees. Plus war creates profits and we know how much they crave money.

  254. @Digital Samizdat

    Agree. I always steer the conversation towards the globalist oppressors, the bankers and the media when working with minorities. You’ll be surprised how many are receptive towards the power of these globalist oppressors. You can’t mention their Zio nazi’s nationality, but some figure it out. We’re blue collar workers so we’re not as PC as white collar workers, we definitely utilize more free speech against popular opinion.

  255. @Lot

    @ lot Palestinians are Semites too. Guess that would make Israel an anti Semitic nation.

  256. Patricus says:

    No dispute that there were wealthy Russian Jews. The masses were quite poor and many emigrated to the US for economic reasons. Solzhenitsyn thoroughly discussed the millions of Jews in the Pale of Settlement in his book 200 Years Together. Since Jews didn’t take to farming they competed savagely in various middle man occupations such as retail, tavern management, liquor production, money changing and others. The developing region didn’t need many middle men but did need people to operate plows and labor on farms. I have met grandchildren of Russian Jews who made a miserable living selling rags and pushing carts all over the countryside mending pots and pans and other menial labors.

    Aside from being poor the Russian Jews were 30% illiterate. They were mired in superstitions. Once they arrived in the US they rapidly joined the middle classes, in a generation or two. The US had a dynamic economy, Russia did not until much later.

    Everyone rose in the US, even those from very unpromising origins.

  257. sarz says:

    Maybe Ron is more into hot blonde shiksas with big boobs…

    If he is, he can get any Jewish girlfriend made over like JEWISH Ivanka. Her conversion to Judaism was totally fake. She’s not just halachically Jewish because mom Ivana is a Jew. So is Daddy, but pretending to be a Christian cause it’s good for the Jews, just like his daddy did before him. Big Daddy Trump was the crypto-Jew head of the local KKK, for the oresumed benefit of local Jews. Crypto-Jew Daddy Trump is the head of the Christian Deplorables, for the benefit of Israel and the banksters.

    Jared’s hot blonde shiksa with big boobs is a Jew shmoo with lots of goyische add-ons.

  258. Anonymous[318] • Disclaimer says:

    We found the paid Jewish shrill who supports jailing ANYONE who says anything at all critical about the Jews.
    Remember slaves, you are free to criticize anything and everything as long as it is not the Jews or Israel, otherwise you will be thrown into prison.

    There is a reason why Jews have been “persecuted” throughout history. It is because of their subversive behavior and desire to subvert and control or destroy any civilizations that they pretend to be a part of.

  259. @Lot

    The moral obligation is on people to not treat them cruelly but stems from moral obligations to other people who are discomforted by animal cruelty.

    So animals are just walking or flying meat, not sentient beings? If you’re a sadist who acts out on animals, and there’s no one around to be “discomforted,” go for it?

    Consult your humanity, if you can find it.

  260. @Lot

    Please, give up your day job — you will make a wonderful tabloid Jorno’

    or a trendy lampshade.

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