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ABOUT 40 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, GIVE or TAKE A FEW HISPANICS: Black History Month Aka February 2023—Another Month In the Death of White America
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Last month: ABOUT 35 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES (GIVE OR TAKE A FEW ASIANS): January 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America

February aka Black History Month saw, as usual, black-on-white wife murders and girlfriend murders, home invasions, and workplace murders caused by “disgruntlement.” Some of these things could perhaps have been avoided by the victims running away, others were almost impossible to avoid. However, to the extent that they were avoidable, they reaffirm the wisdom of John Derbyshire’s ”The Talk, Non-Black Version.”

The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether. Email me here or here if you have tips.

  • 23-year-old Alexandria Borys was fatally shot in a grocery parking lot in Irmo, SC.

Arrested was Christina Harrison, 23.

Reports say Borys was gunned down in front of her small children—a 2-year-old and an infant, apparently after an argument with Harrison. As we’ve noted before, what are called the Derbyshire Rules, as expanded by the late Lawrence Auster, discourage this sort of argument—“mildly remonstrating” with blacks frequently produces a lethal response.

She was shot in the back.

Her family will remember Valentine’s Day and Black History Month as the time their wife and mother was brutally killed.

The incident occurred at Kroger. The company has been called out by members of the U.S. Senate for its extremist woke policies. See video below.

[Young mom killed in front of kids after parking lot dispute on Valentine’s Day, by Patrick Reilly, NY Post, February 18, 2023]

[South Carolina wife, mother shot to death in front of young children in Kroger parking lot, by Elizabeth Pritchett, Fox News, February 19, 2023]

An unidentified homeless man who appears to be white was shot execution-style in broad daylight in St. Louis, MO.

Deshawn Thomas, 23, was arrested in connection with the murder but has yet to be charged, police said.

The incident was captured on video.

Such may have been what Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams was referring to when he advised white people to ”Stay the hell away from black people.”

I wonder if the video will be incorporated into Critical Race Theory curriculum. Will it become an example of white privilege? How will black-crime apologists spin this execution to blame white people? I wonder: How the woke media would respond if a white man were video recorded executing a black man in broad daylight?

[St. Louis Horror! Homeless Man Executed on City Street in Broad Daylight (Video), by Kristinn Taylor,, February 28, 2023]

  • 27-year-old Dakota J. Bachand was fatally shot in Portland, OR.

Arrested was Trevian Luster, 19.

Public records profiled Luster as black.

[Police identify man shot, killed in SE Portland on Tuesday, by KATU Staff,, February 24, 2023]

  • 54-year-old Daniel White was fatally shot at his pawn shop in Lewisville, TX.

Arrested was JaTevon Marquise Johnson, 18.

Reports say Johnson is believed to be one of three suspects who attempted to rob the Lewisville Pawn Shop on Valentine’s Day.

[Arrest made in Lewisville pawn shop owner’s murder, by FOX 4 Staff,, February 26, 2023]

  • 60-year-old Joyce Moore was fatally shot as she answered a knock on the door at her Fort Wayne, IN apartment.

Arrested was Eric Underwood-McCarrol, 25.

[Court documents identify Bunt Drive shooting victim; Friend remembers woman who ‘never bothered anyone,’ by Jeff Wiehe, Clayton McMahan,, February 23, 2023]

  • 14-year-old Elijah Delbert Allen Sergent was killed in a drive-by shooting in Belton, SC.

No suspect has been named.

Belton’s population is 15.53 percent black and 80.48 percent white.

[14-year-old killed in drive-by shooting in Anderson Co., by Nikolette Miller,, February 23, 2023]

Arrested was 31-year-old Jamal Adams.

Overby was killed while sitting in his pickup truck.

”The affidavit says video reveals the shooter to be 31-year-old Jamal Adams, who is seen leaning into the vehicle and firing nine shots,” according to

The affidavit says Overby expressed concerns that Adams would retaliate over a pending case in which Adams was charged with aggravated assault for stabbing him.

[Affidavit: Man charged in Chattanooga homicide shooting had violent history with victim, by WTVC,, February 6, 2023]

  • Heather Davenport Small, 44, died after being shot four times in an apparent murder-suicide In Greenville, NC.

Also killed was her husband, above left, 62-year-old William Oscar Small, a former Greenville, NC police officer.

Small was described as ”A former police officer with a history of domestic violence arrests,” by

[Ex-Cop with History of Domestic Violence Arrests Found Dead Alongside Ex-Officer Wife in Murder-Suicide, by Nicole Acosta,, February 22, 2023]

  • Oswego, IL police were told that 25-year-old Annissa Ellen-Williams died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while driving.

Alexia D. Telles, 26, was arrested after police said she allegedly battered two police officers while at the police station.

The Bible verse tattooed on Telles’ head, Ps. 27:2, is “When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.”

It appears that Telles may have been a passenger in the vehicle with the victim and managed to take control, driving to the point where police were called. Police are apparently still investigating the “self-inflicted” claim.

[Oswego police told woman shot herself while driving vehicle; death investigation underway, by Shaw Local News Network,, February 20, 2023]

  • 24-year-old Dylan Lyons was fatally shot in Pine Hills, FL.

Also fatally shot was a 9-year-old black girl, T’yonna Major.

Arrested was Keith Melvin Moses, 19.

Reports say Lyons was working as a TV news reporter when he and a coworker were shot. While Lyons died, his coworker survived.

Moses then apparently entered a home where he shot a woman and the girl.

Reports say Moses earlier shot Nathacha Augustin, 38.

”The suspect has a lengthy criminal history, including gun charges, aggravated battery and assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and grand theft charges, [Orange County Sheriff John] Mina said,” according to

It appears that the Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police movements, coupled with coddling black criminals, are taking their toll on black Americans, with whites being caught in the crossfire. Corporations that fund such movements should be held accountable for deadly stochastic outcomes.

  • Russell D. Heller, 51, was fatally shot in Somerset, NJ.

Gary T. Curtis, 58, was identified by police as the shooter.

Curtis was previously employed at PSE&G. Heller had been his supervisor.

It appears Heller was shot in retribution for disciplining Curtis. Blacks react very badly to workplace discipline and firing—see “You Swine Happy Now?” MSM, Complicit In Disgruntled Minority Massacres, Desperately Suppressing VA Shooter’s Race. The victim was a Republican councilman for Milford Borough in Hunterdon County.

[Prosecutor Reveals Motive in Killing of Employee Outside PSEG in Somerset, by Audrey Blumberg,, February 10, 2023]

36-year-old Peris Fallins was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Reports say the victim was shot multiple times.

[Man accused in Charleston woman’s shooting death arrested, by Mamie Buoy, Jeff Morris, WCHS Charleston/Huntington, February 21, 2023]

  • Kirk Perine, 59, was fatally shot in Lima, OH.

Michael L. Oliphant, 21, was arrested.

[Lima man arrested in Wednesday shooting death, Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, February 8, 2023]

  • 44-year-old Antonio Castrero was fatally shot in Cleveland, OH.

Mycah Lamont Smith, 23, was arrested.

Reports say the shooting ended an argument between the two men.

Castrero appears to be Hispanic or Latino, and was from Puerto Rico.

[Man arrested in deadly shooting on Cleveland’s West Side, by Avery Williams,, February 6, 2023]

  • James Miley, 47, was fatally shot in an apartment in Canton, MS.

31-year-old La’Christopher Johnson was later arrested for murder.

Reports say the victim, driving with ”several gunshot wounds to the left side of his body” crashed his vehicle through the apartment complex gate before dying.

[Man arrested after shooting victim crashes through Canton apartments’ gate, by Staff,, February 15, 2023]

  • 49-year-old Dan Foster died after being beaten by a baseball bat at a Phoenix, AZ Intel workplace.

Arrested was 50-year-old Derrick Simmons.

One other person was injured in the attack.

[Arizona man fatally beats coworker with baseball bat at Intel cafeteria: police, by Carly Ortiz-Lytle, Fox News, February 19, 2023]

  • 41-year-old Brian Dykes was fatally shot at a Dunkin’ Donuts in DeKalb County (Atlanta), GA.

Arrested and charged with murder was Lamarion Orr, 17.

Reports say Orr saw a gun in Dykes’ waistband, snatched it, and dashed out of the restaurant. When Dykes chased the teen into the parking lot, a struggle ensued in which Dykes was killed.

“You can’t even get coffee. You can’t even get a sub sandwich,” a witness said according to a report. “You can’t go to the mall.”

Some say such observations are the logic behind Jim Crow laws that prohibited people in groups who, in the aggregate, commit violent crimes at disproportionately high rates. Others blame segregation laws on white racism.

The scenario is similar to an earlier incident in Georgia in which Ahmaud Arbery attempted to snatch a gun from Travis McMichael, 36. The difference is that the black male died during the ensuing struggle. McMichael, his father, Gregory McMichael, 66, and their neighbor William Bryan, 52, were arrested, convicted, and sentenced.

Some mainstream news agencies reported that Arbery’s death was due to white racism. None have attributed Orr’s death to black racism.

[17-year-old steals gun from man at Dunkin’, shoots him to death in parking lot, police say, by Tyisha Fernandes, WSB-TV, February 18, 2023]

  • Brian Fraser and Alexandria Verner, both 20 years old, were fatally shot at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.

The suspect, 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae, was found with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, which killed him hours after the shootings.

Fraser was a sophomore studying business. Verner was a junior studying biology.

One other person was killed. Arielle Anderson was 19 and planned to be a doctor, according to Detroit Free Press.

McRae has a criminal past. The woke cult typically smears the best and brightest as privileged while criminals are venerated as saints.

Three were injured including John Hao, who is reported paralyzed from his waist down.

[Hundreds gather to celebrate lives of 2 Michigan State University shooting victims, by Melissa Frick,, February 18, 2023]

  • Stephanie Johnson, 35, was fatally shot during a home invasion in Lancaster, SC.

21-year-old Kristopher Orlando Thomas was arrested and a 15-year-old juvenile was detained.

Police say the two ”entered the home with the intention of robbing the family inside. Police said Thomas was armed with a handgun, and the juvenile was armed with an aluminum baseball bat.”

A male in the home was beaten by the intruders, reports say.

[Arrest made after woman killed, teen hurt during home invasion, by Meilin Tompkins,, Jan. 17, 2023]

  • Barry Monoochee Lew, 62, was fatally shot at a motel in Augusta, GA.

Arrested were Richard Moore and Demorea Wallace, 22.

[1 suspect arrested, 1 sought in fatal shooting at Augusta hotel, by Staff,, February 14, 2023]

  • 25-year-old Rebecca Stockton was fatally shot in Murfreesboro, TN.

Arrested was 41-year-old Shaleem Hamilton.

Reports say the victim was killed in an apartment, possibly after an argument.

Hamilton was later arrested in Kentucky. The two were apparently involved romantically.

[Boyfriend arrested for shooting girlfriend to death in Murfreesboro, by Kat Gerasimenko,, February 16, 2023]

  • Michael Urioste, 24, was fatally shot in Albuquerque, NM.

Arrested was 58-year-old Eric Ford.

Reports say Urioste was protecting a Circle-K female convenience store clerk from Ford who was ”causing a scene.”

Investigators believe Ford hit the clerk with a closed fist, a report said. They also believe Ford’s wife got involved by striking Urioste with a cane.

After shooting the victim in the abdomen, the couple drove away, the report said.

[APD arrests suspect for killing Good Samaritan who defended store clerk, City of Albuquerque, February 13, 2023]

  • 18-year-old Saraiah Acosta was fatally stabbed in Oak Grove, CA.

Arrested was her boyfriend, 22-year-old Devian Lewis.

Lewis was hospitalized after being shot by police when he was captured.

[Video Shows Police Shooting Suspect Who Allegedly Stabbed to Death His Teen Girlfriend, by B911,, February 14, 2023]

  • 49-year-old Daniel Engeldrum died after being beaten in Bridgeport, CT.

Arrested was 32-year-old Elijah Humphrey.

Reports say he believed Engeldrum was making homosexual advances when he approached him for a handout.

Why would journalists believe a violent offender? Could it be that, in reality, Humphrey was attacked because he was white?

[Police: Bridgeport man killed homeless person because he thought he was gay, by Daniel Tepfer,, Jan 18, 2023]

  • 27-year-old Brock Welch was fatally shot in Little Rock, AR.

Arrested was Emil McCoy, 19.

Reports say the victim had been shot multiple times.

According to his obituary, ”At a young age, Brock gave his life to Jesus and joined First Baptist Church of Sherwood. His study of the Bible influenced his life, and his lengthy prayers before family meals were legendary.”

[Welch family issues statement on arrest of McCoy, by THV11 Digital,, February 9, 2023]

  • 73-year-old Ukrainian immigrant, Albert Titov, was fatally stabbed while fishing in Galveston, TX.

Arrested was Armando Batista, 39.

Titov and his family recently moved to the area from Ukraine, police said.

Presumably they thought it was safe.

[Sugar Land man arrested in murder of 73-year-old who was stabbed while fishing in Galveston, no attribution,, Jan. 27, 2023]

  • Dylan Wayne George, 31, and Breanna Don Dapron, 20, were found deceased in Eugene, OR.

Arrested were Vaughn Pierre Derry Jr., 24, and Dejuan Debrail Stevens, 24.

Vaughn Pierre Derry Jr.,

No picture of Stevens is available, but Stevens was involved in a previous incident in Eugene: Eugene Police: Gun violence prevented between groups of armed and masked subjects downtown, 16 KMTR, October 10th 2022.

The victims were found at a residence. George apparently died at the scene and Dapron later ”passed away with her family by her side, ” according to her obituary. A gofundme page for Dapron can be found here.

[Suspects in deadly Eugene shooting arrested; friend speaks out, by Robert Desaulniers and Grace Smith,, Jan 24, 2023]

  • 16-year-old Susana Morales was found dead in Gwinnett County, GA.

Arrested was 22-year-old Doraville, GA police officer, Miles Bryant.

Reports say the victim’s naked body was found dumped in a ditch.

She was reported missing in July, 2022. Bryant’s arrest was reported in February, 2023.

Morales is apparently Hispanic or Latino.

[Doraville Police officer arrested in connection to 16-year-old’s death, by Jessica Moore and Dawn White,, February 13, 2023]

  • Joshua Wick, 19, was found dead in Jefferson, GA.

Twenty-four-year-old Willie Tremaine Evans is charged with murder.

Reports didn’t say how Wick was murdered, but believe he was tossed from a vehicle.

The suspect was recently acquitted of murdering 51-year-old David Lee Burnette (who was black) [Man released from Florida pen faces murder charge in Athens, by Wayne Ford, AthensOnline, May 6, 2020].

In October, 2022,18-year-old Kemare Bryan and 19-year-old Chandler Zion Richardson were arrested after the murder of Elijah DeWitt, a 17-year-old Jefferson High School football player.

Apparently, Jefferson is not a safe space for white teenagers.

[Man acquitted of murder trial in Athens now faces murder charge in Jefferson, Wayne Ford, Athens Banner-Herald, February 3, 2023]

  • Michael ”Mike” Robert Comp, 40, was fatally shot in Topeka, KS.

47-year-old Wesley Tyrone Rayton Sr. was charged with murder.

Comp was reportedly shot in the back of the head while driving a tow truck.

[Wesley Rayton Sr. charged with murder in death of Topeka tow truck driver Michael Comp, by Tim Hrenchir, Topeka Capital-Journal, February 7, 2023]

  • 43-year-old Jennifer Brown was killed near Philadelphia, PA.

Blair Watts, 33, was charged with first-degree and third-degree murder.

An autopsy determined Brown’s cause of death was homicide by unspecified means. She suffered three broken ribs, reports say.

”Prosecutors alleged Watts killed Brown on Jan. 3, the same day two cash transfers of $9,000 and $8,000 were made into accounts he controlled,” according to

Reports say Brown had committed to invest in the reopening of a restaurant owned by Watts.

[Ex-biz partner of slain Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Brown charged with her murder, by David Propper,, February 10, 2023]

  • 48-year-old Jen Angel was dragged to death during a robbery in Oakland, CA.

The suspect remains at large.

“Jen Angel was sitting in her car when she was robbed and then dragged while trying to retrieve her belongings,” reported.

“The victim exited [her] vehicle and attempted to retrieve [her] stolen belongings from the individual. While the victim struggled for [her] belongings, [she was] knocked to the ground and sustained injuries,” the Oakland Police Department told KRON4.*

Angel was described as a social justice activist in a gofundme post.

“If the Oakland Police Department does make an arrest in this case,” a note from friends and family said, “the family is committed to pursuing all available alternatives to traditional prosecution, such as restorative justice.”

“Angel’s family and friends noted her history as an activist opposed to ’putting public resources into policing, incarceration, or other state violence that perpetuates the cycles of violence that resulted in this tragedy,’” according to

Oakland’s population is about 22 percent black.

*The original quote used gender-neutral pronouns ’their’ and ’they.’

”You don’t spit into the wind,” Jim Croce.

”When will they ever learn?” Peter, Paul, and Mary.

[California bakery owner dead after armed robbery, by Louis Casiano, Fox News, February 10, 2023]

  • 52-year-old Gary Marx was fatally shot in Canton, OH.

Arrested after jumping from a second-story window apparently to evade capture was 22-year-old Jamarri Harper, who is charged with “murder, felonious assault, aggravated robbery, having weapons under disability, and receiving stolen property in connection with the shooting of Marx.

[Canton Murder Suspect Jumps from Window; Caught by Police,, by Pam Cook, Feb 7, 2023]

  • Police Officer Peter E. Jerving was fatally shot while on duty in Milwaukee, WI.

”Terrell Thompson, 19, was identified as the suspect who was being chased by 37-year-old Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving from the scene of a reported robbery at about 1:15 a.m. on the city’s south side,” reported.

Thompson had been put on probation less than 24 hours earlier, reports say.

The deaths of a white policeman and a black criminal are the latest stochastic fatalities that some may attribute to the far left’s smear campaign against local law enforcement.

[Wisconsin robbery suspect killed after fatally shooting officer was on probation: report, by Stephen Sorace,, February 8, 2023]

  • Adam Spaid, 28, was fatally shot in Warren, OH. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

”Reports state Ronieque Requel, 26, was at the scene and arrested. Booking information at the jail indicates he is on hold for a parole violation on charges of felonious assault and aggravated burglary,” according to

Apparently, Requel was burglarizing Spaid’s home at the time of the incident.

[Police investigate fatal shooting in Warren, by Noelle Haynes, Laurel Stone,, February 6, 2023]

  • 20-year-old Alexis Gonzales was fatally shot during a ”disturbance” in Corpus Christi, TX.

19-year-old Freddy Davis and 22-year-old Attrieon Sherrill, see below in court, were arrested at the scene, according to CCPD. 22-year-old Jacob Salomon was later arrested. All were charged with murder.

Reports say there were four other nonfatal shooting victims during the incident, typical of a black mass shooting.

[Multiple people shot, one killed on Persimmon St. in Corpus Christi, police say, by Alizia Ybarra, Haley Williams (KIII), Jeremy Landers,, February 6, 2023]

  • 24-year-old Irene Torres was found fatally stabbed in the closet of her ex-boyfriend’s home in Bellevue, TN.

28-year-old Dwayne Herelle, Jr. was charged with criminal homicide.

Reports say that when the victim’s father went looking for his missing daughter, Herelle told him he had stabbed her and placed her in a container.

[Man arrested after ex-girlfriend found dead in his closet in Bellevue, by Anthony Glove,, Jan. 29, 2023]

  • 18-year-old Cruz Garcia died at a hospital after being shot at an off-campus party near Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX.

Garcia appears to be Latino or Hispanic.

Another victim, James Jones, 18, died the night of the party. Jones was black.

Arrested were Joe Allen Lewis, 22, and Lynn Johnson, 19.

[2 arrested after deadly shooting at off-campus-party near Sam Houston State University, police say, no attribution,, February 4, 2023]

  • Connor Mullins, who just turned 12, was fatally shot in Phenix City, AL.

Charged with capital murder was Tywoana Jakes, 50.

The suspect reportedly claimed Mullins was doing mischief in her yard when she shot him.

[Phenix City woman shot, killed 12-year-old boy who was ‘rummaging’ in her yard, DA says, by Carol Robinson,, February 3, 2023]

  • 64-year-old Robert Cunningham was fatally shot in Washington, D.C., as he attempted to thwart a mass shooting.

Arrested and charged with First Degree Murder while Armed was 31-year-old Isaiah Trotman, who was profiled by public records as a black male.

Cunningham, a Metro transit employee, attempted to intervene and was shot and killed by the gunman. Metro CEO Randy Clarke denounced “gun violence.”

[Potomac Avenue Metro Shooting: 64-year-old ’heroic’ WMATA employee killed trying to stop shooter, by FOX 5 DC Digital Team,, February 1, 2023]

  • 58-year-old Dr. Michael John Mammone was hit by a car and fatally stabbed in Dana Point, CA.

Charged with murder was Vanroy Evan Smith, 39.

A nearby door ring surveillance video captured the moment the crash occurred but Gateway Pundit declined to post the video due to its gruesome nature.

Reports say the alleged attacker sped up his Lexus and rammed Mammone as he was riding a bicycle. He then exited his vehicle and began stabbing the victim, reports say.

Witnesses claim Smith uttered ”white privilege” during the knife attack.

Michael John Mammone was a respected local physician.

[Man Accused of Plowing His Lexus Into SoCal Biking Doctor, Then Stabbing Him to Death Charged with Murder, Held on $1 Million Bail, by Cristina Laila,, February 3, 2023]

  • Kayla Garcia, 33, was found fatally shot in Warrensville Heights, OH.

While no suspect was named, the community is 92.8% black followed by white (4.1%) and two or more (1.6%) [source]. It is located near Cleveland.

Garcia was apparently found in a condo hallway and taken to a hospital by her boyfriend.

[33-year-old woman dies after shooting in Warrensville Heights, by Julia Bingel,, Jan. 31, 2023]

  • BONUS FROM UK! Stephen Dempsey, 60, was fatally stabbed in London—by an Eritrean immigrant.

Arrested, tried, and convicted was Eritrean-born Tedi Fanta Hagos, 27.

Reports say the suspect arrived in Britain in 2014. He has a history of criminal activity and mental illness. He was on bail at the time of the killing, having been convicted after attacking a police officer and emergency worker.

A trial culminated with Judge Michael Topolski KC handing Fanta a hospital order without limit of time.

The attack occurred in July, 2021. Fanta was convicted and sentenced February 1, 2023.

[Man who stabbed stranger to death at Oxford Circus detained indefinitely, by Emily Pennink,, February 2, 2023]

FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

We found no white-on-black homicides reported in February 2022.

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. eah says:

    >Such may have been what Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams was referring to

    No, definitely not — Adams was responding to something very specific: the results of a Rasmussen poll about the phrase ‘It’s OK to be white’, which you can see here — in particular, that nearly half of Blacks asked were unwilling to unequivocally say that ‘It’s OK to be white’ (18% strongly disagree, 8% somewhat disagree, 21% were not sure).

    Adams is not a race realist (not before this, anyway), he’s not any kind of advocate for white identity, nor has he expressed any opposition to white replacement — he just reacted rationally to a specific poll.

    • Replies: @Philmuhcrevis
    , @eah
    , @Anonymous
  2. In your January 11 column, Mr. Gividen, you contrasted the military records of the victim

    According to, “Hillman was a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist who joined the Army in February 2015. He had deployed once to Afghanistan and had been awarded two Army Commendation Medals and two Army Achievement Medals.”

    and suspect

    Reports say Wilson had never been deployed and was never awarded any decorations.

    in one of the reported incidents.


  3. @eah

    he’s not any kind of advocate for white identity, nor has he expressed any opposition to white replacement — he just reacted rationally to a specific poll.

    He did however say two pretty profound things considering the poll which are undeniable truths. “We are dealing with a hate group, and just get away from blacks.” If that isn’t a 180 from his slumber of ignorance, I’m not sure what is. And the fact he hasn’t come to the media groveling for forgiveness has to be taken into account as well, something that may happen but it’s been over a week since his comments and, nothing.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  4. Trinity says:

    Time fo dee Troof story book telling and World Star, yo.

    Cue: Brother Louie by Stories

    • Replies: @Truth
  5. Trinity says:

    Without the “female names” it would be hard to tell a sheboon from a nigra buck.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe, TKK
    • Replies: @dogismyth
  6. AceDeuce says:

    The affidavit says Overby expressed concerns that Adams would retaliate over a pending case in which Adams was charged with aggravated assault for stabbing him.

    [Affidavit: Man charged in Chattanooga homicide shooting had violent history with victim, by WTVC,, February 6, 2023]

    I like how the cuckMedia implies in their headline/link that the victim was somehow part of the problem.

  7. Trinity says:

    Armando Batista must be one of those Hispanic nigras like Sammy Sosa WAS before he decided to turn white.

    Cue: Black And White by Three Dog Night

  8. BLAX must learn to fear the White man again.
    Lessons to start immediately, strictly and harshly.
    No Mercy.

    • Agree: Big P, TKK
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Trinity
  9. Truth says:

    LOL, Hey, I’m really sorry that Jose “Pepe” Gividen’s people keep dying.

  10. Truth says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    You know what they say about initiating the action you want to happen.

  11. Trinity says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    Hell, they kill each other even more. I would settle for deporting them to Israel or Africa with a Jew and a white traitor trash in each arm. Ahem, white traitor trash includes whites who point out the Black Problem but refuse to identify the Jewish Problem. Without the JP our TNB problem would be manageable.

    Blackie, why are attacking your own and poor White rednecks who have more in common with you than you realize? These working class Whites and especially poor rednecks weren’t cracking any whip. See those elite white traitor trash creeps and Jews living in ivory towers?? See those hairy Aye-rabs? See your own kind in Africa? Those are the people who for THE MOST PART had their foot on your neck just like they did poor Whites like Mary Phagan.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  12. eah says:

    >Adams is not a race realist

    Here’s Adams on Twitter:

    Twitter/Scott Adams

    When I discuss this topic I always say the difference is caused by systemic racism and poverty.

    When USA Today presents the data this way, without that context, it looks super racist. But I won’t pretend to read their minds.

    He’s commenting on USA Today publishing data showing Maine is very safe whereas crime is high in Maryland, including Baltimore ( ‘this topic’) — of course Maine is a very white state, and there are a lot of Blacks in Maryland, especially in Baltimore.

    So it’s clear Adams believes in ‘systemic racism’ — also that ‘poverty’ is why Blacks commit a lot of crime — and perhaps most absurdly, that simply publishing such data about Maine and Maryland without asserting the discrepancies are due to ‘systemic racism and poverty’ can be fairly described as ‘super racist’.

    So Adams is a dishonest jerk, and has more in common with the people conducting the witch hunt against him and the organizations ‘canceling’ him than they realize — regarding all of that, lucky for him he made his pile when America was a saner place.

    • Agree: Dragoslav
    • Thanks: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @JoeyJoe
    , @Rich
  13. @Trinity

    ‘…Those are the people who for THE MOST PART had their foot on your neck just like they did poor Whites like Mary Phagan.’

    You say that like keeping a foot on the neck of black people is a bad thing.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  14. Trinity says:
    @Colin Wright

    Nah, I’ll leave the power trips for you control freaks. I’ll just be satisfied living in a RELATIVELY peaceful, MOSTLY White nation. Control freaks are the reason we have a TNB problem to begin with. Africans conquering weaker tribes, selling them to misanthropic, greedy Jews, brutal Arabs, greedy Yankees and lazy, horny Southerners. White traitor trash elites, Jews, Arabs, and greedy African “kangs?” You got plenty of “feets” to place on necks with that sad sack of shitbags. I always said if a Hitler came around again these shitbag white turncoats would be the biggest “Nazis” out there. They blow which ever way the wind blows😇

    • Replies: @Dragoslav
    , @Colin Wright
  15. Dragoslav says:

    ” I always said if a Hitler came around again these shitbag white turncoats would be the biggest “Nazis” out there. They blow which ever way the wind blow. ”

    So true.

    Stupidity must be taken into account too.
    With a reversed propaganda, all the mud sharks would become full Nazis in one night, and rush to the nearest lebensborns to chain produce blond and blue eyed babies.

    As a side note, I noticed that all the mud sharks in these articles use ” face app ” . It’s a low-end program for cell phones that “beautifies” portraits : false eyelashes, smaller noses, unified complexion, erasing defects: another proof if
    It was necessary that these girls and women lack self-confidence, suffer from low self-esteem.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  16. Trinity says:

    Hitler just said what everyone knew to be true at a time when Germany was desperate for someone to say what everyone else was feeling or thinking but too afraid to say it. It wasn’t Hitler’s charisma, looks or even his skills as a speaker, it was his honesty that gained so many followers. Wouldn’t be “reverse propaganda” at all, it would be the truth. White Americans better do something different because with this (((orchestrated))) flood of MOSTLY Browns and Black rapeugees things will not get better. Especially when so many Jews and nonwhites keep gaining more and more clout in Washington and the military. President Gonzalez could be “our” leader in the not so distant future and the “cholos” and other assorted Brownies will be as bad as the Blacks.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @Boll
  17. @Trinity

    ‘Nah, I’ll leave the power trips for you control freaks. I’ll just be satisfied living in a RELATIVELY peaceful, MOSTLY White nation…’

    You’re being unfair. I’d be happy to send all blacks back to Africa — except that I know what would happen.

    They’d die. It would be inhumane. It would be no more the right thing to do than it would be right to set your mis-trained dog ‘free.’

    So we are going to have to continue to ‘control’ blacks. It’s just a matter of coming up with the right mix of discrimination, segregation, practicality, and humanity. As to ‘power trips,’ I want to have as little as possible to do with it all — trust me. In fact, I voted with my feet some time ago: 0.3% black here. No one to control at all. Doesn’t bother me one whit.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @RJ Macready
  18. Trinity says:
    @Colin Wright

    IF they have to stay, they definitely need to be segregated from Whites. But like the Jew, the Blacks always talk about White racism, blah, blah, ook, eek, ook, so send both critters back home where they can be happy. I know that I would be fine living among a 90 % White majority. Hell, I would be in Heaven.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  19. @Trinity

    ‘IF they have to stay, they definitely need to be segregated from Whites. But like the Jew, the Blacks always talk about White racism, blah, blah, ook, eek, ook, so send both critters back home where they can be happy…’

    Yes — but blacks at least only talk all that twaddle because they’ve been taught it — and even then, it’s only a few mulatto trained seals. Your average ghetto black, whatever his other shortcomings, is decidedly inarticulate.

    How much trouble were blacks in 1905? Not an ornament and and asset, I’ll grant that — but how much trouble?

    Blacks will do as they’re told. They have in the past, they do now, and they will in the future.

    • Replies: @usNthem
    , @eduard
  20. Funny. You never hear about this on CNN or the rest of the Jewish controlled mainstream media. You would if the races were reversed. Avoid blacks whenever possible.

    • Agree: Pastit, GomezAdddams
  21. eah says:

    FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

    If you restrict it to the prime offending demographic, namely younger black males, it’s far lower than 13% — probably well under 4%.

    Also, homicides are concentrated in heavily ‘diverse’ urban and suburban areas — without a large black and Hispanic population, the US would be no more violent than most of Western Europe.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @HT
  22. eah says:

    >We found no white-on-black homicides reported in February 2022.


    Homicide is the cause of death for 5.5% of Black Males over the past 54 years

    2019 to 2021 was the largest 2-year increase in murder in America’s history

    At current rates, we now expect almost 1 in 20 Black Males to commit murder in his life

    Hard to disagree: ‘A stat so stunning that it’s hard to reconcile with life in a civilized society.’

    In the past, Blacks were subsumed in a society with a very productive and stable white supermajority; but there can be no question they have always been, in aggregate, a huge drag on the country — as Whites decline as a controlling population fraction, it’s no surprise that the degree and impact of black dysfunction is currently rising — it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  23. Big P says:

    What if it rained basketballs: like, literally?

    • LOL: PhilMuhCrevis
  24. What if it rained basketballs: like, literally?

    Like the old joke goes, how do you stop 3 black dudes from raping a white chick? Throw em a bakeebaal… If only it were that easy.

    • Replies: @迪路
  25. >We found no white-on-black homicides reported in February 2022.

    Kinda shoots to shit a certain person’s notion here that the kill ratio of blacks to Whites is only 2 to 1.

  26. @Truth

    ‘That’s funny, I seem to find a few every month in 3 minutes.’

    Lol. Only one of the three you list is from February, and another is from a year and a half ago.

    Slim pickings, huh?

    • Replies: @Truth
  27. Truth says:
    @Colin Wright

    Lol. Only one of the three you list is from February, and another is from a year and a half ago.

    Slim pickings, huh?

    Did Givvey cover the one that happened last month when he “couldn’t find any white on black murders” last month?

    Did Givvey cover the one that happened last year when he “couldn’t find any white on black murders” during that month last year”

    Did this one die Last week?

    Susana Morales’ remains were found near the Gwinnett-Barrow County line. She had been missing for more than six months. She had initially been reported missing on July 26, 2022.

    did this one happen during Feb. of ’23

    Suspects in deadly Eugene shooting arrested; friend speaks out

    By: Robert Desaulniers, Grace Smith Jan 24, 2023 Updated Jan 27, 2023

    Did this one happen during Feb. of ’23?

    The ex-business partner of slain Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Brown was charged in her murder Thursday after her body was found in a shallow grave last month, prosecutors said.

    She went missing on Jan. 4 after failing to pick her 8-year-old son up from the bus. Her body was found partially buried about 30 miles north of Philadelphia on Jan. 18.

    Did this one happen during Feb ’23?

    Evans is charged in the slaying of Joshua Wick, 19, whose body was found Jan. 20 lying on Holders Siding Road


    Did this one happen in February ’23?

    BELLEVUE, Tenn. — A woman is found dead in her ex-boyfriend’s closet in Bellevue.

    The body of 24-year-old Irene Torres was found in the closet of her ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Dwayne Herelle, Jr., at 865 Bellevue Apartments on Sunday morning, according to Metro Nashville police. She had been stabbed to death.

    Officers were originally dispatched to the apartment for a welfare check requested by Torres’ mother, who says a security camera captured her daughter being dragged away forcibly by Herelle, according to police. Herelle told the officers that he hadn’t seen her since Friday, Jan. 27, and they left.

    Is a murder with no suspect a
    black on white killing?

    While no suspect was named, the community is 92.8% black followed by white (4.1%) and two or more (1.6%) [source]. It is located near Cleveland.

    Did the last two happen in North America?

    Are those 15 Mexicans who died, even white.

    Great; then Old Sport, do yourself a favor and shut your fat pie-hole before any more pie falls out.
    Garcia was apparently found in a condo hallway and taken to a hospital by her boyfriend.

  28. Pastit says:

    Once again, another month dominated by black on White violence. These killers need to be put down, instead of released or incarcerated. There needs to be a culling of these black killers. Enough is enough.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @HallParvey
  29. Never ceases to amaze me how willfully ignorant some are in their never ending mission to try and prove that predominantly White areas are just as dangerous as munt infested toilets.

    We have a race of people right now that if they disappeared tomorrow, we’d be able to retire 90% of homicide and violent crime law enforcement agents overnight. 13% my ass.. When you shave off the old farts and the munts that actually behave it’d be safe to assume that it’s probably less than 4% of the population of our country that is doing 50+% of the murder and violent crime. Not to mention Hispanics that are responsible for a good percentage of the remaining incidents.. Now just imagine a future where this demographic is 30 or 40 percent of the population.. Oh wait, we don’t have to, we have cities all over the nation right now that show exactly what the future holds when this brain dead uber violent species are allowed to run wild.. Sweet dreams munt lovers.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Truth
  30. Trinity says:

    The Brownies have already ruined Miami and Los Angeles for sure. Look for Whites to start fleeing Texas soon IF the traitor trash in Washington keep refusing to mean business about protecting our borders. Honestly, some of those Brownies bum rushing the border reminded me of cockroaches. I guess TNB wasn’t destroying White America fast enough for “our leaders” in Washington. Obviously, no one is serious about stopping this because it could be stopped overnight. You cannot go anywhere without seeing an East Indian running a hotel or convenience store, doesn’t matter if it is Bismarck or Buffalo. Same thing with Mexicans, from Orlando to Omaha, the Beaners are all over. Haitians from sunny Miami to snowy Toronto. It doesn’t take decades to stop something that could be stopped overnight.

    • Replies: @awittyhandle
  31. Truth says:

    I agree.

    What’s his email, I’ll tell him.

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  32. @Truth

    I’ll tell him.

    Tell it to your mirror.

    • Replies: @Truth
  33. Truth says:

    It was sarcasm, Bro.

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  34. @Truth

    The balls on this guy. I love it. Had me rollin’

  35. @Trinity

    yeah, it’s bad. there’s virtually no where to go. Even the cornfields of the mid-west are being overrun.

  36. Just looking at these retarded looking nappy haired niggaz says ‘avoid by all means’, unless you’re carrying and ready to rid humanity of one less dumbazz nigga.

    Niggaz are the real domestic terrorists in America, until then, lock and load.

    • Replies: @Anon
  37. anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    “And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.
    And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities.
    And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing. And the Lord spake it, and it was done.
    And because of their cursing which was upon them they did become an idle people, full of mischief and subtlety, and did seek in the wilderness for beasts of prey.
    And the Lord God said unto me: They shall be a scourge unto thy seed, to stir them up in remembrance of me; and inasmuch as they will not remember me, and hearken unto my words, they shall scourge them even unto destruction.”

    – 2 Nephi 5:21-25, the Book of Mormon (Another Testament of Jesus Christ)

    • Replies: @Truth
  38. 迪路 says:

    Black people are clearly the lower order of human evolution, but the current left does not recognize the inherent aberration. They have lower IQs and have a harder time controlling their libido, both of which are real problems.
    What the real left should be doing is screening blacks sensibly, making sure the best of them contribute to humanity, and reducing the low end of the black population through birth control.
    Asians don’t owe black people much, relatively speaking, but the black people who infiltrate China are mostly thugs trying to sell drugs with nothing but lust in their heads.
    That’s very telling.

  39. anon[190] • Disclaimer says:

    Yet, European-Americans are just going along with the system where Sub-Saharan Africans are allowed to live in the same nation as them. Day by day, they just go along, hoping to enjoy some time engaging in their preferred recreational activities. They could leave the nation, or leave Earth for the Next Life, or refuse to contribute to the economy by ceasing all personal economic activity and joining the Amish. But instead, they just go along with the system. European-Americans have been doing this for the last 250 years. This is what they choose, so they will face the consequences. Evolution at work.


  40. This is how average white man should look to instill respect with a dose of fear.

    All I see are prey like whites. But I noticed already back in 1988 that Americans looked somewhat clownish. Capitalism definitely leads to both mental and physical degradation of whites and black too.

    • Replies: @Truth
  41. Dumbo says:

    Dem niggas be crazy dey even killin hispanic now wass goin on!

    Nah, but seriously, this is just part and parcel of living in an enriched environment.

    Even European countries will become that way too, and eventually also China, and Russia, and the whole planet, maybe the whole galaxy.

  42. Boll says:

    That‘s far from the truth. Hitler was supported by average leftists because of his socialist ideas and the mass upgrade on social status that he set in motion by robbing and killing those that were more successful than the 80% supporting him and his ideas.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Publius 2
    , @HT
  43. anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s interesting that blacks kill whites but not jews

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @TKK
  44. @迪路

    Everything you mentioned boils down to one acronym. TNB

  45. Nat X says:

    Another feel good article from my favorite incel yt website!

  46. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Let me tell you about the difference between Asians and Blacks from a Caribbean perspective. A Chinese man will arrive on one of the islands with nothing more than the clothes on his back. He may work for a while for someone else, wear the same clothes and eat as little as possible. With the small savings he accumulates he may start a small business, washing clothes, selling vegetables, selling food.

    As time goes by he owns a laundry, a supermarket or a restaurant.

    The black man, in the same location for close to 200 years, owns nothing. He will sit on a bridge or fence all day. When he needs a meal he will rob whoever is handy, even his own. Alternatively, he will work reluctantly for a few days. As soon as he is paid he disappears spending his money on clothes, rum or prostitutes. Once broke again, he returns with a sad story ie his grandmother died, his shack burnt down etc.

    He looks at the Chinese man, the East Indian, the White and rages about their prosperity. All he sees is the fruits of their labour, he never sees the long hours, the back breaking work, the sacrifices, the worries, the doing without now for a better life later. When non-white kids are home studying, the black kids are on the street playing dice, learning to steal etc. Somehow, in his mind, others attain success by magic.

    In any of the islands you can immediately tell a black house. The fence is broken down, razor grass dominates the yard with perhaps a track from the “gate” to the stairs, the stairs are missing treads, windows are busted, paint peeling, access bridges may be just a board. Water is collected off the roof in rain barrels (usually stolen) and the numerous residents bathe in the yard. the plumbing being busted. Electricity is pirated with the occasional black man roasted alive from fiddling with high voltage wires. There may be as many as 14 people occupying a 2 bedroom bungalow and incest etc is rampant in these congested living quarters. Uncle may come home one night having run out of the $50 local currency to buy a cheap prostitute. He sleeps in the room where there are already 10 people. His 14 year old niece is lined up to be raped with the threat of death if she cries out, resists or tells anyone. Typically, there may be as many as 9 kids, all from different fathers, all hungry and ragged.

    All the while, the residents sit around, sleep late, quarrelling and cursing one another usually leading to a machete chopping incident. If there is a non-black nearby who prudently planted some fruit trees, a vegetable garden and is raising some chickens/ ducks, the black man shamelessly loot the place and boast about it.

    Garbage is flung everywhere. I once watched a black man eat a meal and fling the container, napkins, plastic utensils and sweet drink bottle right on the road when within 3 feet there was a garbage container. All too frequently the black man will take out his cock and pee against a street lamp or take a shit in one of the municipal drains in full view of everyone.Slum areas in the Islands run by black governments would make even a hard core Afro American ghetto dweller weep in despair.

    That is the black man in the Islands, in Africa, in Europe, in the USA.

    My question to you is why the Chinese Government allow these vermin into China ?

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Ratty
    , @迪路
  47. @Boll


    Hitler garnered nearly unanimous support because he spoke the truth about jewish subversion.

    • Replies: @Boll
  48. TKK says:

    As the ultimate hypocrites, Jews don’t go around blacks. They only virtue signal but they carefully curate their lives so their contact with blacks is zero.

    • Replies: @Truth
  49. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Muh Nigga !

    Some whites never obey the only commandments where these Chimps are concerned:

    1.Avoid them completely
    2. Where this is impossible be aware
    3. Never ever turn your back on a Dindoo
    4. Be armed at all times even at home
    4. Be prepared to be extremely violent
    5. Be mentally prepared to shoot first

    A Nigger usually turns into mush once on the losing end. I conceal carry but at home my weapon of choice is a Sap 6 shotgun. I keep 2 extra mags at bedside. Wicked stuff !

    Until then Muffugah Crakas gots to rememba, da good Nigga is a Nigga wid ah layza dot pon he nappy blak head. He be a good Nigga den.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  50. Trinity says:

    You left out the part about Catholic and Protestant “churches” $ponsoring Vietnamese, people from Laos, Chinese, East Indians to JewSA, setting them up with all kind of freebies TAKEN off the sweat “equity” of working class Whites. IF Chinese are all that, why was your nation a third world backwater for so long?? India?? Same question. Truth be told, only a healthy Japanese nation can operate on the same level with a healthy White nation. Chinese and Indians have some common traits with the Jew, none of them flattering.

    • Replies: @Flo
    , @Anon
  51. Blacks and whites should be segregated for the well being of both races.

    • Agree: TKK
  52. usNthem says:
    @Colin Wright

    I’m afraid that’s overly optimistic. Blacks have been getting away with saying what they want and doing what they want for far too long. The only way we get back to a 1905 vibe is to lower the boom on them big time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be in the cards, so this column will continue to have plenty of future material.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  53. dogismyth says:

    SEND THEM ALL to Israel since this is the work of the bolshevik “jews”. The number one factoid on a khazar resume is, Destroying Cultures.

    The people of this country, and much of the world, are fucking blind, willfully or not. And a bunch of pussies! Especially the Germans.

    • Agree: Trinity
  54. dogismyth says:

    OK…its gonna be a good Friday

  55. Truth says:

    that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome,

    If I remember right, you guys holy land was up near Syracuse or Schenectady somewhere, wasn’t it.

    That makes sense. If you were in Iraq, working out in the 120 degree sun for 11 hours a day you must have looked ghastly by 23.

  56. @迪路

    As raised in the Soviet Union I was led to believe that all humans are basically same and there is only difference sin appearances. But after seeing lots of blacks up close and seeing statistics and especially in the past 10 years, I came to conclusion that Blacks are indeed primitive people and evolutionary far behind Caucasians and East Asians. Communists of the old did not have genetic, statistical and empirical data. However our Soviet border was as we used to say “locked”. Blacks were only allowed as students at our universities and they were from Africa. Probably the brightest of the lot as there was no issues with them.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  57. JoeyJoe says:

    Southern Maine has been flooded with 10,000 highly fertile, non working, scamming welfare dependent Somalis. In a few generations they will number 100,000 with broods of 6-8 and Catholic Charities bringing in more and more.

  58. Trinity says:

    Imagine an America free of Jews and Blacks with a less than 10% nonwhite population. No more (((Antifa/BLM))), no more whining, crime would decrease DRAMATICALLY, cleaner streets, etc. WHY do people (Whites) want to live the type of life that only drags them down? No HEALTHY people would accept this at all.

    • Replies: @Malla
  59. @Pastit

    Nope. This is opportunity for the legal profession to generate many billing hours charged to the taxpayers of the nation. After any convictions there will have to be multiple appeals stretching over many years. Incarceration will cost, requiring guards, jail construction, food services. All that contributing to the GNP.

    These crimes alone will cause millions of dollars to change hands. They will generate calls for more police persons. Politicians will campaign on the “law and order” ticket. Ordinary citizens will be frightened by the continuing reportage causing adrenaline rushes. No need for base jumping here.

    And, in the end, not much change will occur.

    • Agree: GMC
  60. @Сергей Гончаров

    Probably the brightest of the lot

    Or, more likely, close politically to the head of the country or a member his tribe.

  61. Rich says:

    Unless he’s being sarcastic. If you’ve read any of his books, or even his comics, you’d know he is a very sarcastic guy. He actually went around for a year or so saying he identified as black as a long term gag.

  62. Why these these cases are never shown and analyze on CNN?

    • Replies: @HT
  63. @Anon

    An dats duh troof, u iz huh sant inna worlt of niggaz outta Compton an tha hood.

    May leprechauns share dey pot ‘o gold, an uh Irish lass warm yo bed.

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day nigga,


  64. HT says:

    Yet most white Americans refuse to accept that most blacks have characteristics that make it impossible for them to live within a civilized society. It only worked for awhile because blacks were mostly segregated and tightly supervised. Now they are free and look what they do with their freedom. They are predators and yet we feed and cloth and house them.

    • Agree: TKK
  65. Just watched a video of the Temple Bar in Dublin today celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and not one nigga hoodrat in sight.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  66. HT says:

    Why these these cases are never shown and analyze on CNN?

    Jew run media will never report the truth. Instead they portray blacks as victims and Whites as evil.

  67. Publius 2 says:

    Holy crap are you a misinformed retard. Wow.

  68. HT says:

    That‘s far from the truth. Hitler was supported by average leftists because of his socialist ideas and the mass upgrade on social status that he set in motion by robbing and killing those that were more successful than the 80% supporting him and his ideas.

    Instead of reciting ignorant conservative talking points about Hitler, you should study real history. Hitler was no leftist or socialist. They hated him. Ever hear of Antifa? Communists and Leftist degenerates were the very first people he rounded up and who he created the camps for. We need to follow his example because you cannot allow communists to live within your borders. If Hitler was a socialist however then we should embrace his socialism because after he removed the evil Jew influence from Germany, within 6 years they became the most powerful country in the world.

  69. Flo says:

    Interesting that you mention the rather obvious superiority of the Japanese among their fellow Asians. It’s hypothesized that they alone among Asian ethnicities have European blood. The link is the Ainu people, a small mostly separate group of Japanese people. They’re generally larger and more muscular than the majority Japanese, and the men have the body hair and heavy beard typical of European men. They are treated with contempt by the Japanese. Could it be because they’re an unwanted reminder that the Japanese owe their superiority to European blood?

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @anon
  70. @Colin Wright

    They’d die. It would be inhumane. It would be no more the right thing to do than it would be right to set your mis-trained dog ‘free

    Typical whitey moral goodwill bullshit. Hey maybe tell this to all these victims families?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  71. anon[488] • Disclaimer says:

    Terd worlders R weapons of tha jooz, who encourage them 2 commit violence against whites & their civilization. Blaming blackies is like blaming guns 4 shootings. Jews R the 1’s pulling the trigger, & tha blax R just doing the ‘trick talking meat’ routines jooz put into their heads with rap krap & all the rest of jewish anti-white propaganda, etc. It’s similar 2 how a lot of people get dogs 2 randomly annoy, threaten, & attack people in the community. Blax & other brownies & ‘riff raff’ R ‘pets’ of tha jooz put out there 2 do harm. It is their function in the universe, same as jooz R hard wired 2 spread suffering as a means 2 rob people easier after they infiltrate, like cancer. The key 2 stopping ‘black crime’ is 2 get rid of jooz. Nothing else can ever fix it.

  72. Mac_ says:

    On the ‘young’ breeders, their breeders failed to fight for the future and stop the destruction going on in this territory decades, before breeding more ignorant breeders, and, failed to teach their spawn to fight for the future and stop the cons and destruction –before breeding. The proof is the breeding. Not sorry for the breeders. Past time to snap out of it. Also couple supposed female victims look tranz, chin implants, maybe doing a con to divide whites and blacks.

    Would be good if more whites made effort but so far haven’t done much except ignore. Also, critical to remember over ninety percent of pedofiles are white, the base con scheme, and its white lawyers and court cons letting them off along with others criminals, and putting good people in jail.

    The only two groups on earth that matter, those who make effort against the cons, and those who don’t, and are same guilt as the cons. Personaly only care about those in the first category.

  73. @RJ Macready

    ‘Typical whitey moral goodwill bullshit. Hey maybe tell this to all these victims families?’

    Only at Unz Review. In most circles, I’m regarded as a rabid racist.

    But seriously, folks…

    First, most blacks aren’t actually bad people — just rather dim-witted and unaware of the concept of impulse control (this, I have experienced). So some solution other than actually killing them would be morally preferable.

    We don’t kill the village idiot. We find a place for him.

    Second, at least two-thirds of the problems we have with blacks we ourselves have created. If blacks had to work (and had work to do), were strictly segregated, and were accorded very limited rights, they wouldn’t cause most of the problems they do.

    You can create the same effect with the family dog. Go ahead: let him get up on the table at mealtimes, give way if he growls at you, excuse him if he bites.

    Soon, you’ll have a ravening beast you’ll want to put down.

    Now, treat him as a dog should be treated, and you won’t have so many problems. Ditto for blacks.

    They don’t have to be the problem they are. We’ve caused that.

    • Disagree: TKK, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @TKK
    , @anarchyst
    , @AKINDLE
  74. HT says:
    @Priss Factor

    Amazing how Jews effortlessly conceal that cultural Marxism and related ideas like militant LGBTism, feminism, anti-racism, and other deviant woke ideology flows directly from them and their extreme hatred of God. True svengalis and Satan’s children.

  75. Boll says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Just wrong. People applauded because he installed a soviet like system with an aryan spin which meant to take wealth, money and status away from the jews and a few others first before going after anyone else as well. The majority of communists, social democrats and the rest of the leftist Weimar creeps changed sides right away when they saw that the national socialists did what the international socialists couldn‘t. The idea that anti-jewish sentiment had to do with anything else but jewish money is hilarious.

    • Replies: @HT
  76. TKK says:
    @Colin Wright

    Trillions of dollars worth of resources globally have been wasted to prop up this failed species, Erectus- the blacks.

    Nature wants them to die off. If humans stopped interfering and let them die (starvation, AIDS, disease, endless stupid wars, homicide, refusal to use correct farming techniques) wildlife and plant life in Africa could replenish, flourish and the sub Continent could be used for white homelands.

    Who are you to interfere?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  77. Truth says:

    You’re right, no blacks in Philly, LA, NYC or Boston. The Kikes never settle in black-infested shit-holes like North Dakota or rural Oregon or Kentucky!

  78. @TKK

    ‘…Nature wants them to die off.’

    Nonsense. Witness the population of Africa.

    More inarguably, witness the population of blacks here. Only about 400,000 were imported — and now we’ve got forty million!

    Moreover, a great deal of that expansion took place whilst we kept them firmly under control and made them work — say, through 1910. We already had ten million by that year. The population had increased twenty-five fold — and whatever their shortcomings, they weren’t wards of charity. Some supervision by the County Sheriff and the local KKK was required, but…

    So blacks can flourish — and they don’t need to be a blight and abomination. Those last two qualities are largely our own doing.

    I think one has to distinguish between what one wants to do, and what should be done. You may well want to see all blacks die. I can relate. But is that what would be right? It should be obvious that we should try to do what is right — not what we feel like doing.

    After all, it’s blacks that do the latter.

    • Disagree: TKK
    • Replies: @TKK
  79. CSFurious says:

    Scott Adams was right.

    • Agree: Xavier
  80. anarchyst says:
    @Colin Wright

    Since you mention dogs, here is my take. Replace the word “dog” with the word “black” and you will find solutions to our “black” problem…
    Here is another view on dogs. I am not “anti-dog” by any means, but am merely critiquing irresponsible dog owners:
    Are you the alpha male for your dogs? If so, good for you…if not, YOU are the problem.
    The problem is that many dog owners are either stupid or just ignorant and unaware of their dog’s behavior and idiosyncrasies.
    Every friend of mine that owns dogs is impervious to the smell that their houses and furniture get from having dogs living with them, not to mention the hair, urine and fecal smell that their dogs and abodes secrete. However, such disgusting smells can be minimized.
    Some dog owners are so “brainwashed” that dogs actually control them. They put up with behavior from their dogs that they would not allow a human to do.
    Rather than the human owner being the “alpha male” which is the normal, proper order of things, the dog is the “alpha male” ruling the dog owner who is too stupid to see that he is being manipulated by an animal.
    Inconsiderate dog owners just laugh when their untrained, undisciplined dog “humps” the legs of visitors or begs for food by jumping on visitors, thinking that their dog’s behavior is “cute”.
    One of my pet peeves is sitting at the dinner table as a guest and having their dog bump and nuzzle, begging for food. THAT is a major irritant, in my book. If I can get away with it, a good “push” usually stops that behavior. There are those that disagree, saying it is up to the dog’s owner to discipline the dog, but I beg to differ with that assessment as the dog should have already been trained and restricted from the dinner table when guests are dining.
    A well-trained dog should NEVER beg for food and should be restricted from areas where and when humans are eating. Treats are given for reinforcing good behavior and are a valuable tool in which to reinforce and reward good canine behavior. Begging for, and being given food destroys that reinforcement.
    Dogs crapping everywhere is but another inconsideration that many dog owners overlook or ignore. Most dog owners do not pick up after their dogs, especially in public areas.
    I have run into many dog owners who insist that their dogs won’t bite, despite their snarling unfriendly behavior.
    Dogs can be valuable assets and, when in their place, actually enjoy the jobs that they are given, examples being on a farm, guarding and herding livestock or protecting the household. Undisciplined dogs are the result when owners do not give them something to do.
    Add to that, possessing a large dog on a postage-stamp size city lot is cruel to the animal as it has no room to run. Size the dog to the size of the area.
    Well-behaved dogs who know their place can be a pleasure, but unfortunately there are too many dogs and dog owners who need to “trade places”.
    As far as I am concerned, a dog that trespasses and attacks livestock or other farm animals MUST be put down or at the least “rehomed” to a city dweller. Shoot, shovel and shut up…

  81. @usNthem

    I’m afraid that’s overly optimistic. Blacks have been getting away with saying what they want and doing what they want for far too long. The only way we get back to a 1905 vibe is to lower the boom on them big time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be in the cards, so this column will continue to have plenty of future material.

    We’ll see.

    One can always hope. See the Jews of the Ukraine and the Khmelnytsky Uprising. The Jews were riding high, wide, and handsome. However could they be unseated? Clearly, it was never going to happen…

    And blacks aren’t Jews. If we all decide we’ve had enough, that’ll be that.

    I would just prefer that the necessary adjustments be made as humanely as possible.

    • Replies: @Jack P
  82. TKK says:
    @Colin Wright

    Right according to what? To whom?

    To white survival? The race who created all the creature comforts and first world luxuries that blacks enjoy while they rob, rape and murder whites, and the Establishments cover for them?

    You are using a moral code to defend blacks who have no corresponding moral code in their treatment of whites.

    It is insanity.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @AKINDLE
    , @Truth
  83. ¤ says:

    FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

    Your linked FBI statistics are for the year 2013. They state that in 2013, there were 5,723 single victim/single offender homicides; of those, 2,755 (48.139%) had white offenders; 2,698 (47.143%) had black or African-American offenders; 168 (2.936%) had offenders of other races; and 102 (1.782%) had offenders of unknown races. If more than 50% of US homicides are committed by blacks, these 2013 statistics are not their source.

    These 2013 statistics also note that of 3,005 white homicide victims, 2,509 (83.494%) of their killers were white; of 2,491 black or African-American homicide victims, 2,245 (90.124%) of their killers were black or African-American; and of 159 homicide victims of other races, 96 (60.377%) of their killers were also of other races.

    The most recent FBI data on this topic seem to be from 2019. In 2019, there were 6,578 single victim/single offender homicides; of those, 2,948 (44.816%) had white offenders; 3,218 (48.921%) had black or African-American offenders; 225 (3.420%) had offenders of other races; and 187 (2.843%) had offenders of unknown races. Thus, these 2019 statistics are also not the source of more than 50% of US homicides being committed by blacks.

    These 2019 statistics also note that of 3,299 white homicide victims, 2,594 (78.630%) of their killers were white; of 2,906 black or African-American homicide victims, 2,574 (88.575%) of their killers were black or African-American; and of 247 homicide victims of other races, 138 (55.870%) of their killers were also of other races.

    As @eah noted, it might have been illuminating if the FBI also collected and published age information on the offenders. I’d be curious about income information as well, e.g. how many offenders can be found in each decile of income before taxes?

  84. You are using a moral code to defend blacks who have no corresponding moral code in their treatment of whites.

  85. HT says:

    Just wrong. People applauded because he installed a soviet like system with an aryan spin which meant to take wealth, money and status away from the jews and a few others first before going after anyone else as well. The majority of communists, social democrats and the rest of the leftist Weimar creeps changed sides right away when they saw that the national socialists did what the international socialists couldn‘t. The idea that anti-jewish sentiment had to do with anything else but jewish money is hilarious.

    How exactly did a “Soviet like system” build wealth and expand their economy when we never saw anything like that in the Soviet Union or any other communist country.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  86. We are now living in a Jewed country just like Russia under Bolshevism / Marxism, Weimar Republic of Germany during the between years of WW 1 and WW 2 or Germany before WW 1 where Jews control every facets of the German society… And what does this has anything to do with the Negros? Negros are the henchmen of the Jews to inflict murders and mayhem on the White formerly Christian America, and Jews revel in the destruction… Jews put Negros on the pedestal in Hollywood, Sports arenas, and Corporations…The Black Superman, let’s call it, while the White man is portrayed as bumbling buffoons… White kids are taught Marxism, to hate themselves, their ancestors, their foundational accomplishments, and young White women are taught to open their legs and become whores for the Negros, and breed mongoloid half-breed with the Negros… I’m not even White and I can see all this…

    • Replies: @Arminius1933
  87. HT says:

    FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

    Considering that many large black cities have a homicide clearance rate of 50% or less now, meaning the homicide isn’t included in the FBI numbers, blacks actually commit probably closer to 80% of the murders in America.

    • Agree: Philmuhcrevis
  88. Sarita says:

    Why are the perpetrators so damned ugly?
    Is that why they are so violent, because they are hopeless at all levels even in front of a mirror?

  89. anonymous[570] • Disclaimer says:

    They aren’t. The Ainu are more related to black skinned native asians like the Andamanese who share the same haplogroup D which the Tibetans also share. They are paternally different from the Chinese or mongols, they’re their own thing. About 70% of their ydna is found only in about 2-3% of mongols and Chinese and 34% of South Koreans but that’s because Japanese culture originated in Korea before they were evicted by invading Koreans who are more related to Chinese. The Japanese look different, they have a sort of dark look about them sometimes around the eye lids compared to other mongoloids and it’s because of the andamanese/Tibetan gene similarity. The reason they look somewhat Caucasian is because australoids have more robust faces which makes Japers look more white.

  90. @TKK

    ‘…You are using a moral code to defend blacks who have no corresponding moral code in their treatment of whites…’

    No…you just don’t get it.

    My moral obligations are not defined by their moral shortcomings.

    If that was the case, it would be cool for me to torture cats. Ever seen a cat play with a mouse? So I can torture the cat?

    You are — with spectacular inconsistency — reasoning as if blacks were your moral equal.

    They’re not. You are bound not by their standards, but by your own.

    • Agree: Xavier
  91. @HT

    How exactly did a “Soviet like system” build wealth and expand their economy when we never saw anything like that in the Soviet Union or any other communist country.

    Russia went from a medieval backwater to a world superpower in a few decades under a “Soviet like system.” They continued to compete with the rest of the world under the system, with tech and science advancements in many areas that were well ahead of the west, and only failed when traitor Gorbachev liberalized the country. Most socialist/communist countries grow significantly under the system when they aren’t being blockaded, bombed, or terrorized by Anglos/Americans/Jews. Some still do even when they are victims of those things. See Cuba, for example, which is relatively more successful than other Caribbean neighbors. They even manage to maintain a low crime rate despite having a substantial African population.

    • Replies: @Philmuhcrevis
  92. Ratty says:

    I have always said you’ll NEVER get along with them. Stop trying and stop pretending you will. You are only delaying the inevitable.

    And will you white girls STOP dating or marrying them! You are only trying to say they are WILD and we can tame them. You are also diluting your superior genes downward and BLOTTING your race out.

    This DELIGHTS them.

  93. Ratty says:

    My Uncle said you could a tell *egro neighborhood. You pass the whites ones all clean and well-kept and then you pass the *egro neighborhood and it’s all run down, busted, unkempt, etc. Yeah, that’s what he told me and he traveled a lot.

  94. eduard says:
    @Colin Wright

    Welcome to the third world South Africa where killing whites is a sport. Kaffirs cannot run a bath of water lest alone a country. In this cuntry, no electricity for at least ten hours a day due to the incompetence and corruption of the kaffir run government. Your government supported the ANC and now the this cuntry is nothing but a shithole country.

  95. Anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    My comparison was between the Chinaman starting from scratch and in a short time making something of himself. Other races have the same trait. However the black man had over 200 years and remains useless. How can a person who cannot speak one word of English move to s strange country and do this ? By applying themselves to hard work and self development.

    As for Asians being encouraged to come to the USA and benefiting from the sweat of whites, I dont see much evidence of that. However I will concede the point and say that if this is 100% true, then whites have no-one to blame but themselves.

    Think about it. If I come to your home and you give me all I want why would I not demand everything you have ? Its human nature. The strong and the clever overrun the weak and the stupid. No country in Asia would allow a White or Negro or Jew to run for office. The West does !

    In your comment #64 you asked why anyone would put up with this. Whites may be kind and want to cut another person some slack.

    Unfortunately, other races dont consider this kindness but weakness, a sign of the sucker, and so they mount up and shout “giddyap”. If you dont want others to use the sweat of your balls against you, then stop giving it up.

  96. @Truth

    Actually yes. Soviet 40th army was controlling all cities unlike American forces. Dushmany or as you call them mujaheddin were active in the country side, mountainous areas and mostly at night. The size of the Soviet forces was not enough of course to control all the territory but at least Soviet army managed to leave the country with pro Soviet government in place which managed to stay in power until after Soviet Union fall and only after Yeltsin stopped sending assistance to Nadzhibullah. All in all one has to listen to what mujaheddin themselves were telling about Soviets and Americans to see the difference between both. There were quite a lot examples of Soviet heroics and you will hear nothing of the sorts about American side which was holed up in heavily fortified bases. Unlike Russian leadership that is patchy at best, Russian soldiers qualities were always good. Nevertheless. Looking at what clowns white Americans are and what miserable percentage of Americans that is fit to serve in the military I think it is no wonder blacks are doing what they are doing. Already from the looks and behaviour alone Americans do not instill respect. And those our men on the photo showed amazing perseverance and heroism against all odds winning against the best Western military machine throw at them in 1941.

  97. @Hulkamania

    Russia went from a medieval backwater to a world superpower in a few decades under a “Soviet like system.”

    A “system” that Ronald Reagan bankrupted in a mere 8 years. Lol

  98. @Truth

    ‘ tough ‘ you say ?! He is a POS provocateur, doing a great disservice to our ( white ) race and to all of us, as humans…For another imbecile: he might have ‘ balls ‘, but sure no brain ! ‘ There is a reason ‘ ( George Carlin )…that our race is in deep shit and our society in deeper one (way too many ignorant, indoctrinated, brainwashed sheeple, which are doing the ‘ masters ( of the plantation ) job/will. ‘ Useful idiots…This comes from someone born under a totalitarian regime, in Eastern-Europe.

  99. Anonymous[372] • Disclaimer says:

    fuck these animals of color! elimination time

  100. AKINDLE says:
    @Colin Wright

    They don’t have to be the problem they are. “We’ve caused that.” Lookie here, another White apologist for criminal dysfunctional blacks who lives in “0.3% black here”, but not in Baltimore to correct all the problems his White a$$ “caused”. White people caused all black problems? You dysfunctional twerp, throw yourself off a cliff to assuage your fake White guilt.

    • LOL: Colin Wright
  101. “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” – Josef Stalin. The question everyone should ask is ‘ cui prodest/who benefits ‘ and who is behind the propaganda ( white supremacy, white slavery, white hate, etc. )…who controls media, the banks, Wall-Street, Congress and so on ?!…Some brainwashed/indoctrinated/misleaded/poor individual who omits crimes are tools in the hands of…?!…Nah, you cannot say it, unless you want to be called racist, antisemite, homophobic, conspiracy theorist, etc. and be…’ cancelled ‘. My point is this: while those ( tens ) of crimes committed against our race ( white ) or another is a tragedy, the genocide committed against ( not so ) our ( anymore ) nation ( USA ) and against most of the Humanity is…’ statistic ‘ ( not only for the Masonic-Zionist mass-media, but perceived by the herd of the sheeple ). Ron White was right: ‘ you can’t fix stupid ‘. a combination of ‘ brave world ‘ and ‘ 1984 ‘ is here – we are living it.

  102. AKINDLE says:

    Yes, this Colin Wright guy is a total fool.

  103. anon[366] • Disclaimer says:

    Kazakhstan and other central Asian countries have the most European blood by a mile. Kazakhstan even has a German minority, placed there by Stalin. Japanese are ethnically most similar to Chinese and Koreans. Japanese tend to discriminate against Koreans because they are more related to Siberian tribes than the Han Chinese. Some samurai families can trace their lineage to early Chinese emperors. The Ainu are concentrated in Hokkaido, which is like Japan’s Alaska, so this is like saying America is stronger than European countries because of its Apache blood. There are underemployed white males from “developed” countries all over East Asia today who contribute little and increasingly look pretty raggedy. There are of course many explanations but Japan’s earlier industrialization compared to China can perhaps be explained by its much smaller size – it’s easier to turn a yacht than a supertanker.

  104. @Truth

    That was set up probably by CNN. Only retard would think otherwise.

    • Replies: @Truth
  105. Truth says:

    You sound a little jealous, Bro.

    I have not seen that clip on CNN.

  106. Malla says:

    Imagine an America free of Jews and Blacks with a less than 10% nonwhite population.

    90% of that 10% percent non White population should be East Asians and Native Americans. Not others.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  107. @Malla

    • Replies: @Malla
  108. eah says:

    Teen who admitted to fatally stabbing Uber Eats driver gets 45 years in prison

    The perpetrator appears to be mixed race (white/black) — the victim was a white mother of three children — and he ‘admitted’ the killing as part of a plea deal, which probably eliminated the possibility of both the death penalty and life without parole (‘He is eligible for parole after 22 years‘ — link).

  109. Truth says:

    Yes, this Colin Wright guy is a total fool.

    You are using a moral code to defend blacks who have no corresponding moral code in their treatment of whites.

    It is insanity.

    “A total fool”


    Now Collie, listen to me very, very carefully. I am writing this post in what is called “invisible pixels” I.E, it is tethered to your IP address, and shows up on your screen but not on anyone else’s, even though it looks totally normal.

    Now Old Sport, I’m very… VERY concerned about you. “total fool” and “insanity” are merely dog whistles. What they are doing is attacking your very whiteness!

    They’re saying you’re (gasp!) not raycisst enuff!

    The next step is, you’re an N-lover with a 300 lb. Shaniqua as a girlfriend; take this seriously.

    Now back when Fred Reed was here, it thought it was cute to write his silly anti-government articles. Yours truly told him in no uncertain terms that, “Fred, that’s fine, but you need to go on a 3:1 ratio; 75% of ALL of your articles have to be “I hate nigggggurrrz” because that’s all the new-millineum WN cares about. I told him, he resisted. His ratio was more like 2:1 “I hate N-s” vs “weird shit”, you can look it up… and… well… when was the last time you saw a Fred Reed article on this site?

    Now harken closely Old Sport; we need to take immediate action, the FIRST think you need to do is to look over these two folks comment history, and find something, ANYTHING that ties them to being Kikes. This is a necessity.

    The second thing you need to do is go full Jefferson Davis! Erect a cross and burn it in a vacant lot if it makes you get more into the mood. No equivocation, nothing left to subtlety or imagination.

    Bring up exactly TWO subjects in your next 40-50 posts before you write on anything else; Niggurz killing white folks, and Niggurz boning coal-burners. That’s it. For the next two weeks, Covid doesn’t exist, the banks aren’t failing, and you’ve never heard of no place named you-KRANE.

    A word to the wise, Old Sport, remember Fearless Freddie.

    This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds…

  110. 迪路 says:

    Guangzhou was a big treaty port, so some blacks in the last century, under the influence of the Jewish press, saw opportunity here.
    And then came a large number of blacks who heard there was money to be made.
    According to one person I know who manages immigration, blacks start with tourist visas and tear them up as soon as they land, making it extremely difficult to trace their origins. Some try to sell drugs; others add to local security problems, such as rape.
    But the good news is that in China, drug dealers and rapists can easily be executed.
    Then China attaches great importance to the relationship with Africa. After all, the country needs to do business, so it is afraid of causing resentment at the diplomatic level. After all, there are many Chinese doing business in Africa.
    As a result, China would not be ashamed to ship back large numbers of blacks as Japan did.
    To sum up, black people are not that bad for China.
    But enough to be taken seriously.

  111. Malla says:

    Wow, Hinjew behaving like Jew. All these third worlders are just as cunning as Jews and know how to exploit the good nature and sense of justice of Whitey, they know it instinctively, like a predator. It is is really really stupid to allow foreigners to become citizens of a White country (or Japan/Korea etc…) and allow them to become politicians. Suicidal, the west has suicidal tendencies, I tell you.

    If you live in the third World, you will realise that being nice all the time does not work, it backfires. People rarely have a change of heart out of niceness, they become even more exploitative. they see niceness as weakness. That is what is happening to Whitey.

  112. @FujianXiamenGuo

    Negroes are also being hired literally as paid muscle in the military and law enforcement (sic) to carry out the Jewish genocide campaign against white Americans.
    Did you notice that two of the feral , subhuman scum in this article listed as murderers we’re also police?
    Many larger police departments are INFESTED with nigger and spic subhuman scum deputized off the welfare rolls to enforce the new Jew controlled totalitarian police state.
    Google the case of affirmative action cop Bobby Cutts, from Ohio 2007. Cases like that are very common.
    But hey, you can’t have a brutal totalitarian police state without brutal, sadistic subhuman taxfeeder pension bums as police.

    Death to Israel.

  113. Jack P says:

    I see no major Republicans forcefully standing up against black criminals and their allies in this country. There has still been zero accountability by any of the schools, media, sports leagues etc. who supported the 2020 riots and the anti-police narratives. Republicans are starting to fight against the transgender agenda, which is good, but they seem afraid to stand up to blacks. Even Trump let a bunch of them out of jail and bragged about his low black unemployment rate.

    When George Floyd died there were demands for policy changes. After Cannon Hinnant, Eliza Fletcher etc. why aren’t we demanding the same?

  114. Jack P says:
    @Colin Wright

    We should have decided we had enough years ago.

    • Replies: @Truth
  115. Sarita says:

    A total of 14 cops just killed a mentally ill black guy.
    Watch now next month’s article on murders by black on whites numbers increase.
    Yawn, a very sick society AMRIKA is.

    (Save this tweet).

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