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A Marxist View of Gaza
“Hey, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” –Chico Marx
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"Marx Brothers 1931" by Ralph F. Stitt - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3c26207. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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According to the official Israeli Defense Forces website Israel’s military adopted policies to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza. These included warnings via texts and phone calls, leaflets and “roof-knocking,” the firing a non-lethal round prior to the use of live ammunition. Israeli officials have been quick to embellish the IDF’s allegedly humanitarian ways. For example, Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, speaking to John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, said “The Israeli Defense Forces should be given the Nobel Peace Prize… a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting with unimaginable restraint.” And our own Senator McCain chimed in with “the restraint of the Israelis, in my view, is admirable” while Senator Rubio asserted Israel will perform the Gaza operation with “great restraint” as with “everything Israel does.”

Nevertheless, unlike Israel’s 2008/9 attack on Gaza, dubbed Cast Lead, this time it has been rather more difficult to sustain the illusion of IDF restraint or even that of an army which adheres to basic military and humanitarian law. The reason for this is quite simple. The video record from inside Gaza effectively puts paid to any protestations of Israeli restraint. American reporting may be prejudiced in Israel’s favor, op-eds may be overwhelmingly pro-Israel and Bibi Netanyahu may be able to get on US TV anytime he wants, but images of dead and dying women and children are hard to overlook.

For instance the Israeli claim that firing a warning shot saves lives took something of a knock when one of their dummy rounds killed four children who were feeding the family ducks on the roof of their home. The attack and its aftermath were caught on video. Similarly, the oft repeated statement that civilians are not targeted was discredited in rather gruesome fashion when naval gun fire killed four boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach. Unfortunately for the Israel propaganda machine just behind the beach was a hotel housing foreign correspondents who filmed the scene even as they were helping to gather up wounded and dead children.

Israel asserts that it warns residents of impending bombardments and ground offensives with leaflets and phone calls. Advice to civilians to flee might be considered humanitarian if the Israelis did not then proceed to shell UN schools sheltering the refugees. Sometimes the aerial and artillery attacks themselves were caught on video and sometimes only the bloody aftermath . Journalists and bystanders also recorded Israeli attacks on first responders, ambulances and hospitals, thoroughly discrediting pious Israeli assertions, loudly echoed by their American apologists, about Israeli “purity of arms.” Eventually even Uncle Sam tired of Israeli attacks on UN facilities and claimed to be “appalled” by the “disgraceful shelling” of a UN school in Rafah, but, of course, not so horrified as to deprive the Israelis of ammunition to reload.

Israel also targeted key civilian infrastructure, most notably Gaza’s only electric generating station. An Israeli spokesman claimed tank fire knocking out the plant was a “mistake,” but how can you blast in error something as big as a power plant with its fuel storage tanks, transformers, turbine hall and transmission lines?

Although we are not yet in a position to make a systematic evaluation of Israeli intentions and results of their current attack on Gaza, we may perhaps develop a number of hypotheses based Israel’s 2008/9 assault, Cast Lead. The two campaigns are similar in a number of ways. In both cases the proximate cause was Israel’s killing of a number of Hamas cadre. The operations were of approximately the same duration and the casualties in both overwhelmingly Palestinian civilians. Of course there were differences. In addition to the presence of international journalists who found themselves in a position to document Israeli war crimes, in this round Hamas resisted the invasion of Israeli ground forces. Israeli soldiers from elite units like the Golani Brigade were killed. It is an open question whether Israeli military losses result from improved military skills of the resistance, or the degradation of an army spending most of its time on the West Bank on occupation duty beating unarmed kids, harassing old ladies at check points and protecting Israeli settlers.

Much of what Israel did to Gaza in 2008/9, and in this round, appears to have been done to cause the maximum suffering and pain to Gaza’s 1.7 million people. Israel’s high tech military bombed and shelled an essentially defenseless population living in overcrowded urban areas. Attacks on UN schools serving as shelters proved that for civilians in Gaza there was no safe place. In both assaults Israel did tremendous damage to Gaza’s infrastructure and to private homes, farm property, schools, universities and mosques. It would be hard, Ambassador Dermer’s absurd comments notwithstanding, to avoid the conclusion that Israel employed vastly disproportionate force, a crime in and of itself, to sow terror and despair among the people of Gaza.

What Israelis said about Cast Lead, the 2008/9 assault, ought to inform our view of the current invasion. IDF’s official after action report, The Operation in Gaza claimed the IDF “carefully checked and cross checked targets…to make sure they were being used for combat or terrorist activities, and not instead solely for civilian use,” attacked “solely…military objectives,” ensured that “civilians and civilian objects would not be harmed,” and that “sophisticated precision weapons” were used “to minimize the harm to civilians.”

The reality, of course, was very different. After the January, 2009 ceasefire Israeli Foreign Minister (currently Justice Minister) Tzipi Livini crowed, “Israel demonstrated real hooliganism during the course of the current operation, which I demanded.” Soldiers who had participated in the campaign stated in individual interviews that the IDF “used a huge amount of fire power and killed a huge amount of people,” “We shot at anything that moved” and “As for rules of engagement, the army’s working assumption was that the whole area would be devoid of civilians…Anyone there…was to be killed.”

Nor were Israeli combatants shy about describing property destruction in Gaza: “The amount of destruction was incredible. You drive around those neighborhoods and can’t identify a thing. Not one stone standing over another. You see plenty of fields, hothouses, orchards, everything devastated. Totally ruined”; “At first you go in and see a lot of houses. A week later, after the razing, you see the horizon further away, almost to the sea.” And “I was in Gaza and they kept emphasizing that the object of the operation was to wreak destruction on the infrastructure.”

Who are you going to believe? The official history of the Israel’s assaults on Gaza? Or soldiers who were actually there? Self-serving avowals of Israeli restraint circulating in the media now? Bibi Netanyahu and his American shills? Or your own eyes?


John Taylor lived and worked in the Middle East for a number of years as an archaeologist, banker and international civil servant. He worked for a major US bank in New York, Paris, Athens and London and is a graduate of the Universities of Chicago and Cambridge. He has a Commercial Pilot’s License and has been flying high performance and experimental sailplanes for 30 years.

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  1. Why? Sick revenge religions of the Middle East that extol ethnic cleansing and genocide. Of course a terrible tragedy, an irony of horror. Why is it that former victims end up behaving like their oppressors? There is no exceptional nation, no superior chosen people, no Master Race.

  2. I wish that Israel had never “occupied” anything after 1967 and that they’d never built those settlements. But I have to support Israel despite these two things (and lots of other things, too). Why? Because if “a side” has to be taken, I’ll take Israel’s side every time. Why? Because the Jews contribute to the world in ways that the Muslims don’t. And the difference between what the Jews contribute to the world and what the Muslims contribute is not small. It is, in fact, massive. The 14 million Jews in the world and their antecedents have “contributed” probably 10,000 times more than the thousand million Muslims and THEIR antecedents. Do you think that “10,000” is too big a number? It might be. But the Muslims are pretty near zero as far as I can tell.

    The Jews and their history in America is nothing less than magnificent. Although there is a degree of “separateness” in their American experience, they have worked very hard to be a “part” of this country. Like the Chinese and Japanese Americans.

    In the UK 91% of the “grooming young women to become prostitutes” is done by Muslims. (It is unimaginable that Jews would be involved in this.) It is estimated that 10,000 young girls have been “groomed.” And, in all of Europe free speech is dead. It isn’t dead? Well, I say that it IS dead. Because you can’t write or say what Salman Rushdie wrote or draw a cartoon like the 10 Danes did and survive unless you go into hiding. You will be killed. There is no such thing a “partial” free speech. Do you think that there is a chance the free speech will EVER return to Europe? I don’t think so. That’s no free speech in Europe … EVER. This is 100% thanks to the Muslims.

  3. Chiron says:

    Karl Marx came from a Rabbinical family.

  4. KA says:

    1-“White House and State Department officials who were leading U.S. efforts to rein in Israel’s military campaign in the Gaza Strip were caught off guard last month when they learned that the Israeli military had been quietly securing supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon without their approval

    Since then the Obama administration has tightened its control on arms transfers to Israel. But Israeli and U.S. officials say that the adroit bureaucratic maneuvering made it plain how little influence the White House and State Department have with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu —and that both sides know it…

    .” Adam Antous. WSJ
    2 Hamas equals ISIS in ‘grisly creeds and grisly deeds,’ Netanyahu tells a nodding

    Steven Salaita -Offer of the job is withdrawan.

    4 Bob Schieffer blames Hamas for the death of the children. So does Clinton Mc Cain,and Rubio. NYT ,

    The corruption is complete . Israel is feasting on the morally decomposed American body. Now and then Israel tells America to show moral courage by first inventing a crisis in ME and then attacking the region in order to continue to feast on the decaying body without drawing attention to its murderous appetite.

  5. TomB says:

    John Taylor wrote:

    Although we are not yet in a position to make a systematic evaluation of Israeli intentions and results of their current attack on Gaza

    Not so. Anyone paying any attention whatsoever knows that all this was precipitated by the killing of those three Israeli youths and as such is nothing less than an exercise in collective ethno-racial responsibility/punishment.

    The funny thing is that even despite Israel’s past history of expressly employing same, and past history of openly bragging about employing same in other instances, and all kinds of current statements and allusions of Israelis in power that this is what they are doing again, that somehow this can never just be openly said here.

    It is just simply *the* unspeakable truth of American journalism.

  6. Don Nash says: • Website

    Not only does Israel work apartheid on Palestinians, Israel works Holocaust on Gaza and the Palestinians living (interned?) there. The horror in Gaza is Holocaust plain and simple.

  7. @Tom Not Terrific

    So, you would side with Israel because Israel “contributes in ways that Muslims don’t”. And you see nothing wrong with such “analysis”? You see no ethical conflict, or possibility of ethical conflict?

    You do not, in fact, seem to have much in the way of ethical perceptions/values at all, if “contributions” are what you base the value of human life upon. Or human liberty, or human dignity, or human opportunity, or human destiny. Silly stuff like that.

    “Contributions”. My, my, my. Mealy-mouthing rules the medium, always.

  8. rod1963 says:

    Got no use for the Israelis but even at their worst they are still better than a bunch of self-destructive Muslims on the war path, that is if you can call hiding behind women and children while you launch attacks being on the war path. Look at the Arabs of Gaza. They turned their little strip into a arm pit and thugocracy through a series of stupid decisions. One they deliberately set upon a program of having as many children as possible thereby turning the strip into a ghetto on purpose; secondly they continually support terrorists groups to run their territory; thirdly the terrorist groups every 2-3 years launches unprovoked attacks on Israel. Then they scream like babies when the Israelis slap them down hard, repeatedly.

    Then after whining to the cameras they go out and launch more missiles. Idiots.

    Oh lets not forget their murderous attacks on Egyptian security officers who get in their way.

    These buggers don’t like anyone and are deservedly being punished for it.

    They don’t deserve sympathy, they are natural Darwin Award winners with the stupid behaviors they’ve embraced.

    They’ll deserve support when they’ve earned it.

    • Replies: @TR
    , @Anonymous
  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Boy you are one demented bigot

  10. Superman says:

    In the UK 91% of the “grooming young women to become prostitutes” is done by Muslims. (It is unimaginable that Jews would be involved in this.)

    Israel is one of the leading countries in the world for trafficking in prostitutes:

    “Israel has as many as 8,500 slaves”

  11. Neutral says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Speaking of free speech, in most of Europe you cannot say anything bad about jews either.

  12. Neutral says:

    I hear this argument a lot: “Jews are better at running things than Arabs, therefore they should have those lands”. If another race, superior to Jews, went to Israel and replaced the Jews, would you support it ? Clearly not if you are Jewish, so don’t expect others to support this argument either.

  13. Le devin says:

    A very direct and to-the-point article, although I disagree with the author in his description of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. That occupation is brutal, and since the beginning of July, how many unarmed and defenseless Palestinian youths have been murdered there? Will the killers be brought to justice? You can guess the answer.

    In following the latest Israeli massacre in many newspapers, magazines, on-line articles, television, radio etc., and here I must compliment the work of Democracy Now amongst others, it’s clear that Israel defenders are out in force, trying to dress up murder and destruction as self-defense thru a Marx(ist) Brothers interpretation of events. You recognize them always with the following line of argument;

    “we” left Gaza in 2005,
    the rockets,
    the tunnels,
    human shields,
    the Hamas charter,
    they want to drive us into the sea etc. etc. (whereas of course it’s ‘brave little Israel’ which is actually doing the expelling)

    and it’s all garbage. This latest massacre is just the latest in a line of events which began post WWII, the evidence of ethnic cleansing of the native Arab population is there, and it still goes on today. Israel massacres with intent, to drive the Palestinians to defeat and despair, because they stand in the way of ‘Greater Israel’.

    One of the most spurious lines touted by Israeli defenders is that the Palestinians as a people don’t exist, that they were invented after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. This is put forward in an attempt to justify that phoney argument of “a land without people for a people without land”. So if they apply this argument to their latest massacre, then perhaps they could argue that they didn’t murder anyone, as the Palestinians don’t exist!

    • Replies: @JoaoAlfaiate
  14. I’m a bigot. No, I’m a “demented” bigot. But, the truth is I’m not a bigot. What I am is honest. I see what I see and I’ve come to conclusions about what I’ve seen. This dumb silly asinine game of being PC is dumb silly and asinine.

    —The Egyptian people had a chance to elect a secular government and they chose … drum roll … the Muslim Brotherhood. Did the Copts start the coup that brought down that government? No they didn’t. What did the “enlightened” Muslim Brotherhood supporters do after the coup? They burned and looted 40 Coptic churches. Are the Jew persecuting Christians? No. But DON’T mention what happens to the Copts in Egypt because if you do you’re a demented bigot.

    —You CAN say negative things about Jews in Europe without having to hide for y0ur very life. Mr. Van Gogh is proof that the Muslims will kill for bad mouthing the Muslims.

    —On Muslim streets in London, female English citizens must dress proper. But DON’T complain about this because if you do you’re a “demented” bigot.

    —When will the Islam critic Ayaan’s Hirsi Ali’ be able to walk down a street without protection? Never. She’s marked for DEATH. (She’s a demented bigot, too, I guess.)

    —40% of British Muslims want Sharia law which includes death for apostasy. But just writing this makes me a you know what.

    —55 Jewish Nobel prizes for medicine that have saved countless lives but we CAN’T say anything about Jewish accomplishments because Jewish accomplishments on behalf of humanity are, by definition it seems, anti Islamic.

    —Just don’t tell the truth. It’s the PC manta. Just don’t tell the truth. If I tell the truth that, for example, the most dangerous city in Europe is 40% Muslim, I will be guilty. And since “1984” is right out of the Muslim playbook, if I even THINK in my head, “the most dangerous city in Europe is 40% Muslim” I’ll be guilty of a THOUGHT CRIME. If I think in my head, “hmm, I wonder if a city 40% Jewish would be dangerous,” I’d be in danger of being hauled off to Room 101.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @JoaoAlfaiate
  15. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Free Speech Judiasm/ Israely kind

    ‘The only thing that deters a suicide bomber is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister will be raped,’ says Bar-Ilan University professor.
    By Or Kashti

  16. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    ‘Ebola’ voted by Israeli readers as ‘best birthday present’ for Obama

    ‘Ebola’ voted by Israeli readers as ‘best birthday present’ for Obama
    Channel 2 of Israel is eagerly waiting to see the leader of the country that got Israel’s back covered succumb to something like this.

    With a friend like his who needs cockroaches or scorpion. America does not need

  17. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Israel, Genocide, and the ‘Logic’ of Zionism
    In our Bizarro World, “Judeo-Nazism” is for real

    by Justin Raimondo, August 04, 2014
    Print This | Share This

    This is what the world has been exposed to – Nazism resurrected as Zionism .
    How many scientist did Nazi have? A lot.

  18. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    When England published Magna Carta , they also raised 100000 .oo pound for the Royal to get the Zio out of the country . Country was saved for next 600 yrs.
    France threw the Zio out. So did Crus,Egypt,Persia,and Spain at different times .

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  19. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    They could not control their own reptilian impulses but brags about controlling America

  20. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Creating and collaborating with terrorist again

    The way they did with 911 conspirators

  21. KA says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    This will explain why Iraq war and will explain why continued warfare nd violence.
    Israel like Zionism can only prolong its shelf life but can’t offer humankind anything to build on for future. It has never done. It still has to exhibit thevDome of Rock to define its sense of image or glory . It has nothing to show . Well it has something new – the noble prize winners like the beads on the necklace chain hung around the neck of the alpha male monkey!

  22. Ron Unz says:

    Too many short posts on a single thread isn’t a good idea. Take the time to combine your posts into one or two much more comprehensive ones.

    • Replies: @KA
  23. IA says:

    The author must not have been paying attention when living in the ME. Oikophobia is irrational.

  24. Gilles says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Because the Jews contribute to the world in ways that the Muslims don’t. And the difference between what the Jews contribute to the world and what the Muslims contribute is not small. It is, in fact, massive. The 14 million Jews in the world and their antecedents have “contributed” probably 10,000 times more than the thousand million Muslims and THEIR antecedents. Do you think that “10,000″ is too big a number? It might be. But the Muslims are pretty near zero as far as I can tell.

    While I loathe to engage an obvious troll in a pissing match, I have got one word for you:


    While the study of mathematics has been necessarily derivative, Al-Khwarizmi’s contributions (reduction, balancing, innovating methods of solving linear and quadratic equations) serves as the cornerstone of al-jebr, or what we call Algebra.

    It ought to be quite clear that many of these Jewish accomplishments you extol would not have occurred without a Muslim’s essential contribution.

    Although there is a degree of “separateness” in their American experience, they have worked very hard to be a “part” of this country. Like the Chinese and Japanese Americans.

    Which is why they found institutions like AIPAC, JINSA, etc. with incredibly strong lobbying power in US government to advocate for a sovereign, foreign power Israel. I’m glad you placed the word “part” in quotations.

    I haven’t seen a American Chinese Public Affairs Committee or a Japanese-American equivalent, perhaps because those relatively successful immigrant groups actually embraced assimilation, recognized that they were in a sovereign, independent nation and most importantly lack that treasonous, treacherous passionate attachment.


    • Replies: @LA Dude
  25. Paleocon regard for the territorial integrity of Islamic lands is heart warming. Even multicultural. ISIS says thanks.

    I assume their standard applies to all other conflicts between The House of Islam and The House of War.

    If, for example, Greece recaptures Constantinople from Islam, and the inevitable conflict arises between Muslim Turks and Orthodox Christians over claims to the Hagia Sophia, Taki, Patty, and the other Bradfordcon grandees will be shouting from the steps of the Acropolis for Greece to trade land for peace?

  26. KA says:

    “Nasrallah’s recent involvement with the Geller-Spencer crowd coincided with a very profitable time ….Where did all that money come from — was it Mr. Sina’s “substantial angel”? Nakoula claims he funded his movie project with money from “over 100 Jewish donors.”
    This movie by name Innocence of Muslim is one of many similar artistic efforts by the Jewish group both in US and here in Europe .
    Islamophobia in US and Europe is the acceleration of the processes that been developing in fits and starts over many years from the day of Balfour and mainly organized around the need of the Zionist to frame the arguments in their favors. Later on it was systematized by the book,media,and Hollywood.
    Under th guise of artistic freedom the activities in Notdic countries and in the NY subway,andCalifornia transit,and anti mosque movement around th countries have mushroomed. The money could be traced to Jewish patrons and collusion of other entities . Obsession movie was traced to Jewish organization that fund different projects in Israel . The movie was piggybacked on the delivery system of the major news papers and deliveted free to Ametican households

    . The money that was spent obviously was recouped by the same method the way Jewish group recoup the money that they spend on buying the candidates and the government officials.
    Nice and sustained return on emotional level to the benefit of the Zion!
    One thing is obvious that more the Zio entity feels the heat of the inner contradiction and the inherent inconsistency that define Zionism in modern world more the entity will engage in creating fissures and fractions between Muslims and Hindus,Budhas,and Christisn in a way that would benefit the Zionism to live a little longer .

  27. jones says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    the biggest porn peddlers in the U S A are Israeli jews

    • Replies: @KA
  28. @Tom Not Terrific

    Whether Ayaan’s Hirsi Ali’ is a “demented bigot” is an open question, but what is not in question is that she is a notorious liar.

    • Replies: @KA
  29. @Le devin

    I would like to add something to your thoughtful comment. Although current Zionist discourse asserts that “there is no such thing as a Palestinian,” it was not always so. The founder of Revisionist thread of Zionism, to which Bibi and the rest of the Israeli right are heirs, Vladimir Jabotinsky, had this to say about the Palestinians in his famous “Iron Wall” speech: “As long as the Arabs feel that there is the least hope of getting rid of us, they will refuse to give up this hope in return for either kind words or for bread and butter, because they are not a rabble, but a living people.”

  30. KA says:

    Thank you. Muslim is no different from any Christian when lying for a piece of silver and for 15 minutes fame .

  31. KA says:

    Thank you. This history is often ignored. Effects of this culture has been and still is the destruction of the married life . The other forgotten fact was the early actors were Jewish as well. The New York prostitution in early 20 th century was mostly run and practiced by Jewish immigrant as well.

  32. KA says:

    “UN Gaza report: WikiLeaks”
    “Susan Rice urged Ban to exclude the recommendations in the final report’s summary that was later meant for transmission to the UN Security Council on May 5, says WikiLeaks.”
    By N Rai from India

    Unfortunately 2014 will not be anydifferent .

  33. Albert says:

    Only beef I have with Israel is that they didn’t kill enough of the genocidal maniacs….

    • Replies: @KA
  34. LA Dude says:

    A simple word search (using ‘Ctrl+F’) on this opinion piece for “rocket” and “tunnel” yielded no results. Evidently, the author considers it irrelevant to understanding Israel’s current war with Hamas that *thousands* of rockets have been launched at Israel from Gaza over many years — after Israel unilaterally pulled all Jewish civilians and IDF forces out of Gaza — and that an enormous network of terror tunnels was constructed by Hamas for the demonstrated purpose of launching those rockets and for infiltrating Israel with Hamas commandos. Certainly these facts would not relate to the context of IDF action in Gaza! Embarrassingly shoddy analysis by the author, even if he hates Israel, as appears to be the case.

    • Replies: @JoaoAlfaiate
  35. LA Dude says:

    It ought to be quite clear that many of these Jewish accomplishments you extol would not have occurred without a Muslim’s essential contribution.

    So you are comparing the enormous scientific contributions by Jews (including those in Israel, of course) in the Modern Era to the fact that one Arab thinker (al-Khwarizmi) in the 8th century codified algebraic principles that were developed centuries earlier by Babylonians and Greeks?

    Notwithstanding, I hope Muslim Arabs are capable of making outstanding contributions to science, and perhaps those who are brave enough to swim against the currents of Muslim extremism will find inspiration in the works of Medieval Muslim *rationalists* such as Averroes.

  36. KA says:

    Hitler was denounced for the same reason .

  37. @LA Dude

    The author also omitted that during the seven year blockade of Gaza the Israeli government decided to limit food imports into Gaza to 2279 calories per person per day. Dov Weisglass, advisor to then Israeli PM Ehud Olmert stated: “The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.” Result, according to the Red Cross, wide spread malnutrition in Gaza, esp among children. I guess that’s just another example of “shoddy analysis” and Israeli restraint for you, LA Dude. Let’s starve the children of Gaza before we blow them up.

    • Replies: @LA Dude
    , @Jorge
  38. LA Dude says:

    Regarding the blockade, here’s some interesting background for you from the *pro-Hamas* Al Jazeera website:

    Israel imposed the blockade after identifying Gaza as a “hostile territory” in September 2007, after the Hamas takeover.

    Seeking to weaken the armed groups, Israel called for “severe restrictions” on civilians that included limitations on food.

    In the food calculation, Israel applied the average daily requirement of 2,279 calories per person, in line with World Health Organization guidelines.


    The population growth rate in Gaza is 3.4%. Certainly Gaza is no paradise, but likening the living conditions there — when the rockets are not being launched by Hamas — to those of, say, the hellhole of North Korea is simply factually inaccurate.

    Of course the Arabs of the West Bank, who are not launching rockets at Israel, enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the entire Arab world. As for the Arab citizens of Israel, they are at a standard of living roughly equivalent to that found in the EU and they enjoy human rights that are certainly not granted in, say, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia (and the list goes on…). Pop quiz: what is the only Middle Eastern country with a net population growth of Arab Christians?

    Perhaps the uncomfortable existence of the residents of Gaza is related in some way to Islamist control of the area and its terrorizing of both Arabs and Israelis?

  39. KA says:

    Stalin collaborated with Hitler. The Jewish bankers supported Lenin . The Jewish Polituburo members of Soviet made sure that the Zionism would remain culturally alive in USSR while other religions would be atomized . The American Troskytes abandoned communism once the foreign policy of USSR turned anti Zionist and moved to right wing conservativism of militarism and cultural exclusiveness . The changes of positions are so myriad and opportunistic that today the thought that Isis could have organic link to Zionism is not unexpected.

    This is from JTA—-

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA) — A senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry said the jihadist group ISIS was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation.

    Read more:

    • Replies: @LA Dude
  40. KA says:

    Earlier Haaretz has confirmed the under the table deals between Islamist and Israel

    “The Syrian opposition is willing to give up claims to the Golan Heights in return for cash and Israeli military aid against President Bashar Assad, a top opposition official told Al Arab newspaper, according to a report in Al Alam.


    The Western-backed militant groups want Israel to enforce a no-fly zone over parts of southern Syria to protect rebel bases from air strikes by Assad’s forces, according to the report.”

    There is always a danger that Israel will try to infiltrate the religious groups and even the religious dogma of Islamic tenet as the Zionist did with New Testament by promoting Scofield Bible and making some obscure segment of NT – Book of Revealation the primary focus of the Christian believers to the detriment of the religion.
    Getting in bed with Isis is one of the ways to achieve the nefarious game plan.

  41. Hugo says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    The Muslims are credited with inventing our numerical system, you couldn’t even count without em, and that is just 1 deed


    • Replies: @LA Dude
  42. LA Dude says:

    the jihadist group ISIS was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation.

    Doesn’t Islamism — i.e. the Islamo-fascist movement ascendant in much of the the Muslim world — already give Islam a bad reputation? Why are you searching for conspiracy theories to explain the emergence of groups like ISIS when Islamism itself is the proximate cause?

    In both Muslim and non-Muslim countries, Islamism often seems to be a root cause of political and social oppression, xenophobia, honor killings, clitorectomies, human rights abuses, suicide terror attacks, human shields, illiteracy, poverty, social dysfunction, and more.

    Currently, Islamism is also the cause of terrorism or war against almost any alien religion or culture with which it comes into contact: Buddhism (Sri Lanka, Thailand), Hinduism (India), Christianity (Philippines, Europe, Africa), Judaism (Israel), Atheism (Chechnya, China (Uyghurs)), and of course Shia vs. Sunni (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran).

    Now would seem to be a good time to take a break from reflexively blaming all the world’s problems on Israel and the Jews and instead reflect on the state of Muslim societies worldwide.

    Perhaps a more moderate and/or apolitical interpretation of Islam might allow for healthier, more prosperous and more peaceful societies in the Muslim world, but it seems that such a change will need to come from within.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
  43. @LA Dude

    But in fact the Israelis delivered significantly less than 2279 calories per day and even counting agricultural production within the Strip itself there has not been enough food in Gaza, thus wide spread malnutrition.

  44. @LA Dude

    “Perhaps the uncomfortable existence of the residents of Gaza is related in some way to Islamist control of the area and its terrorizing of both Arabs and Israelis?” -LA Dude

    You have the causality wrong, backwards in fact. Hamas was elected because conditions in Gaza were miserable. Things got much worse when Israel blockaded the Strip. Israel blockade the Strip because they knew they could not buy off Hamas like they have Abbas and his band of Quislings on the West Bank. It is interesting that for all the assistance Abbas has given Israel and the settler movement he has gotten nothing in return.

    History celebrates the Resistance, not Petain, Vichy, Quisling, etc.

    • Replies: @Karl
  45. KA says:
    @LA Dude

    Conspiracy theories are invoked to ostracize a few,divert a majority,and to carry out the most uncivilized behaviors by the behind the power cabal of different hues ,the current one being Zionsm. If you don’t like the report ,you should go the sources and ask JTA and Haaretz. .
    You can start with the dancing Israeli while 911 was happening, you can touch upon the anthrax affairs when a Jewish guy wrote a letter of impending anthrax delivery though the scare was not public yet . May I mention the corrupting by Israeli ambassador of some of aide of Colin Powell to slip in the phrase – Jewish State of Israel – in the speech of Colon Powell in 2002 ( this one you have to ask Wasshington Post ) ?
    Can I also mention of the assertions by Wesley Clarke that Wolofoitz was screaming to attack Syria,Iran,Lebanon ,and Libya in the right moment since 1991 and reattach Iraq ? In the process the cabal effected an administrative coup by bringing the Neocons in the Bush administration that was duly noted and bragged about by Jerusalem Post . These neocons ognored conveniently the warnings of 911 as the book -500 Days by Kurt Eichenwald discussed . Not only that the media even like CNN and ABC mentioned the lack of responses to the warning signs and the intelligence reports by Bush administration ( Wolfowitz cabal )
    Small I mention how Lavon affairs that killed Americans was initially blamed on Muslims ( Egypt )? Shall I mention that USS Liberty was planned not only to kill Amerricans but to blame it on Egypt?
    Shall I mention that the stealing of passports and manufacturing of passports of Canadians,New Zealanders and of some Thai citizens by Zionist were initially blamed on to to Hizbullah outfit by Israel when caught?
    What about the most despicable actions by Brandeis , Frankfurter and their multiple government sleeper cells who conducted secret ritual,meetings,and allegiance and oath taking ceremonies in Harvard and Dupreme Court to promote Zionism within US and undermine the foreign and defense of USA ?it even had a Hebrew name- Purushima !

    I have left other examples.

  46. KA says:
    @LA Dude

    Let me follow up with another very common phenomena.Whenever current practices of Judaism or the behaviors of the Zionism are criticized and blamed , the canard of antisemitism goes out in full throttle in US,inUK,in France and Canada. The worldwide poll in 2004 documented the real threat to world peace . The poll blamed Israel.So what Zionist did? They called for action against worldwide antisemitism.The chilling effects on freedom of expression and on democratic exercises made sure no follow up and no detailed polling would be conducted!
    Helen Thomas, Sanchez of CNN , Octovia Nasr of CNN learnt what could be said or expressed about Israel. So did the recent hire at the University of Illinois . As did Desmond Tutu when he was disinvited by Minnesota College under pressure from local Jews . Same thing was done by City university of New York and the community college under pressure from the local Jewish group.
    Criticize the Israeli dogma,philosophy,conduct,and attitude and be silenced .
    This is just the tip of the iceberg . This explains why one can criticize Christianity, Islam! Hinduism or the governments of those countries who have predominant religious adherents of those respective religions . This is why Taleban could be exposed and Sudan or Saudi behaviors could be condemned and be put on different ignominious lists or be sanctioned .

    What about Israel or Zionism ? No , don’t try . It is antisemitism – the harbinger of Holocaust – so keep on doing what Zionsim is meant to do and don’t talk about it ,otherwise there will be too many Hitler again!

  47. KA says:

    Is one of those numerous similar articles that have appeared on different sites including in here which can explain the maladies of the attempts of empire building,hegemony seeking,right denying and can explain the vicious reactions of the warring parties ; state or non-state .
    Oded Yinon knew perfectly well in 1982 as did the promoter of NATO attacks including Bernard Levy of France that the obliteration of a functioning state into anarchy or into feuding clans would unleash the most primitive violence that will send chill own the spine and invoke horror with disgust . It is impossible to separate the criminals engaging into these abhorrent behaviors from the philosophers or the analyst promoting it or ignoring it despite being in the know . Michael Ledeen articulated the expectation with total disregard of human values that been built over the centuries when he boasted of turning Middle East into a cauldron of violent feuding froth of earring tribes . The company he keeps and he kept are the very same who managed to usher ME into the new reality where Isis becomes a part of the pieces as planned .
    The Israeli behaviors can be fully rationalized against the perceived needs of this country . But in a world where needs are addressed within existing laws,regulations,expected normative behaviors,and within the framework of some minimum trust , Israel has come short and has proved to be duplicitous ,dishonest,and purveyor of direct and indirect violences . It has scuttled every move made by Hamas and PA that was scrutinized,monitored ,and endorsed by EU,Russia and even by US. In this situation there are only two options left to the antagonistic parties. For Israel it is to make things worse and cont to blame Palestine . For Palestine to lose trust and confidence that any compromise short of leaving Palestine en masse will be acceptable to Israel. Both attitudes create default mode of adjustment . For Israel is to cont to distract ,divert,and ignore while making sure that the powers who could protect Israel and come to rescue to its demands stay on leash . That itself means that Israel have to keep on generating good images of self and negative images of the enemy by all means and methods . Here comes the role of Isis and Nusra or of rogue elements within Hamas in addition to the enhanced efforts of portraying the uniqueness of Israeli achievement ,success,and of humanitarian conducts . The philosophy of Yoded Yinon or PNAC or FDD or JINSA or of ECI or Michel Ledeen can claim that they have nothing to do with creation of Isis,Libyan militia,or Nusra but they can not claim that the outcome of their conducts were not predictable and were not desired by them . This is equally true for the European subsidiaries of these cabals . Wolfowitz or Bernard Levy or Wurmser could not express horror at what’s unfolding . This was their plan,dream,and was their,s desired outcome and was predicted by intelligence and US friendly leaders in ME.. The administration was warned of this outcome .

  48. KA says:
    @LA Dude

    For your information the crises in Burma and Sri Lanka originate from the natural movemnet migration between neighbouring lands and exporting of large number of foreign nationals by the European colonies . If Burmese or Sri Lankars are right in expelling the Rohinngyas or Muslim then IdinAmin would have been in expelling Indians ( south East Asian ) or Native indigenous population of Fiji,Trinidad,or Mauritius would be morally and legally correct in starting the drumbeat for expulsion of the Hindus and Muslim living in those countries . It is same Burmese that are waging war on 20 other non Buddhist non Burmese segments . It is the same Sri Lankan who whose religious military alliances were found to be responsible for atrocities and large scale crime against Tamil . Muslim victimization in these two countries are the result of the populism embraced by the military and the religious outfits .
    Phillipines won independence with American support . Mianadano Muslim contributed to the independence movement and was promised of independence both by Philliine Chrstian Indendence fighters and by American. The leader of the Christian Phillinio movement was betrayed by US resulting in long occupation by US . The Muslim part of that equation is still smoldering .

  49. LA Dude says:

    Muslims are credited with inventing our numerical system

    Considering that Islam was formed in the 7th century CE, the great civilizations of Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, Assyria, Greece, Israel, etc. — not to mention those on the Indian subcontinent and in Mesoamerica and South America — must have had a very hard time building their spectacular structures if they did not have numerical systems. Haha.

    • Replies: @KA
  50. Rex says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Ignorant racism. Ever heard of algebra? Go back 1000yrs in Europe and Muslims were quite advanced in the sciences compared to others. There is no master race. Consider also mid east jews and euro jews. The former are closer to Arabs genetically!

  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    “The 14 million Jews in the world and their antecedents have “contributed” probably 10,000 times more than the thousand million Muslims and THEIR antecedents”
    I will give you one example. The 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics wnet to Murray Gellmann for work he plagiarized from 2 Italians and a Turk who happened to be Muslim. How many times has this happened? How much of Einstein’s work was done by a Serb woman?
    And if you think that we have free speech in America you never said anything worth saying.

  52. KA says:
    @LA Dude

    So how did the Roman build without those numerical knowledges?

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Do you then accept people supporting Nazi Germany because
    of all the wonderful technology they developed?

    Diesel engines
    Jet engines
    Rockets and the whole ensuing space technology?
    The list can go on for pages.

    How about aspirin? Surely that in of itself makes up for a few death camps.

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Tom Not Terrific

    There is something gravely wrong with you as a human.

  55. KA says:

    There is a Marxist angle of the wars in Middle East . Just like those letter head organizations still keep on mutating with an eye for evasion and deception so did those Marxists in their days before getting ” mugged by ” by exposure .

    A peek down that sojourn will illuminate the faces of the current placeholders whose psychopathic spirits arrived transgenerationally from the occult evil forces embodied by Leo Strauss,Irving Krystol,Max Scachtman,Podohoretz ,and ex Trotoskytes . Like their forefathers they maintained huge influences on warring factions of the Cold wars ruling classes abroad and at home on the feuding factions of US political parties .
    They are the 20 th century’s reincarnation of Brahmins who conducted the Pooja (worshipping ceremonies) on the both sects sometimes same day while the sects killed each other over ideologies .

  56. TR says: • Website

    Repeating the mantra that Hamas is using children as human shields does not make it true. If it were true, concrete evidence would be presented to substantiate this claim. Assuming that mothers in Gaza would willingly allow their children to be killed by Israeli mortar and rocket fire, which is ridiculous, then why has no evidence came forward to prove it, considering the fact that cell phones exist in Gaza and that both America and Israel possess the technology to record Hamas using civilians as human shields.? The answer is that Israel, and it’s obedient lapdog America, do not have this evidence or they both would blast it all over the world media to protect Israel from condemnation and war crime charges.

  57. KA says:

    Israel bars Amnesty and HRW from entering Gaza

    This is the true face of the hidden reality of the so called departure by Israeli colonizers and IDF from Gaza .

    US bombed Iraq for refusing any further entry and stay of the UN arms inspection in Iraq. That refusal was repeatedly also mentioned by the neocons in their limitless zeal and zest for war against Saddam.

  58. roger says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Good God,

    You sound just like the Nazis, except where you put Muslim they put Jew.

  59. “Using civilians as human shields” or, as it is known locally, “Going home for dinner.”

  60. It seems not uncommon that a people who experience grievous oppression emerge believing the world owes them a genocide.

    The Serbs were saying it during the Kosovo fighting, the Hutus and Tutsis both had a turn . . .

  61. Jorge says:

    Um, considering that the US government recommends that a male adult eat about 2,000 calories/day a 2,300 calorie average which includes women and children seems generous. And considering that the Gaza obesity rate is higher than that of Israel one would think malnutrition isn’t really an issue in Gaza, and if it is among some sections of the population, its political (Hamas withholding food) and not about the availability of food, which seems ample. I wish Americans were restricted to 2,300 calories a day – its the best think that could happen to us

    • Replies: @KA
  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Someone ought to put you in an open prison, run by dictators, etc., and see how you fare. When the nazis were doing the same things to Jews they also called them dirty rats, undermenchen, etc., etc. you are ignorant and racist, that’s all

  63. T says:

    It’s, “Who are you gonna believe? Me, or your lying eyes?” but close enough.

  64. Ben says:


    Here is a link that sums up the Palestinian Holocaust in a single picture/caption:

  65. KA says:

    The world does not have to change . Only the seating arrangement . Hopefully one day the Gaza will be in a situation to allot the space, specify the air quality, allow the food type ,and the amount of exposure of hasabara to Israeli male and female . Stay alive .

  66. Karl says:

    >> “algebra”

    an Arabic word for math skills they learned from the Persians they genocided.

    ==Not== invented by any Arabic-speaking person.

  67. Karl says:

    the Resistance is the Hilltop Youth, who are re-claiming Judea and Samaria from non-indigenous colonialist invaders from Arabia.

    We will drive the Arabic language out of Gaza and restore the indigenous Coptic language there, as well.

    • Replies: @KA
  68. KA says:

    You are honest and open unlike Herzl, Nordue, Ben Guiron, Wise, Brandeis, Frankfurter, Livni, Krauthammer, Krystol, Podohotetz, Liberman( US,Israel),Schummer, Friedman,Netanhu, Shamir, Sharon, and the members of AEI, Israeli Project, FDD.
    They don’t disclose ever the sinister anti human tendencies and activities. They never had been so open.

  69. Vendetta says:
    @Tom Not Terrific

    Mathematics, astronomy, medicine, preservation of Ancient Greek and Roman texts…quite a lot the Muslims did for us at one point. Not that the immigrants crowding European slums today are the scholars and innovators their antecedents once were.

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