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A Guide to What A Biden/ Black Party Victory Will Mean for America
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If President Donald Trump “loses” the 2020 election, it will be two critical reasons: 1) white men did not support Donald Trump by the same margins as in 2016, (though we may need better data on this) [How voters shifted during four years of Trump, by Zachary Wolf, Curt Merrill, and Daniel Wolfe, CNN, November 4, 2020]; 2) political machines in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, and other heavily black cities harvested enough votes for Joe Biden, Jared Kushner’s “Platinum Plan” notwithstanding. The Democratic Party has become the Black Party. To understand the implications, it’s important to read A Dissident’s Guide To Blacks And Africa.

A Dissident’s Guide is a compilation edited by American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor which explores the behavior of Africans, and, to borrow Malcolm X’s phrase, Africans who happen to be in America. It also explains the creation of the racial narratives about “white guilt” and “white privilege” which now guide government policy in what is still laughably considered the world’s sole superpower. It is a warning that must be taken seriously to ensure the survival of this country, its historic identity, and what few liberties are left to us.

Editor Jared Taylor shows us that “Woke” politics is not some recent invention. The black Communist W.E.B . Du Bois and his “bitterness” provided some of the slogans you’ll hear on any college campus today. “He once wrote that Western Civilization was “built on black and brown and yellow suffering,” notes Taylor (though whether the “yellows” are still welcome in the Coalition of the Fringes is an open question). Du Bois also wrote a ditty that simply consisted of variations of the words “I hate them” and a wish for divine power so he could end the white race. Du Bois, Taylor writes, is not now remembered for his support for Stalinism or Imperial Japan but “for establishing the racial orthodoxy of white culpability.”

Several essays show that blacks truly think differently than whites. Establishing a common political or moral order may be impossible when many Africans seem incapable of grasping abstract concepts.

  • Gedaliah Braun, who taught in several African universities, notes that many blacks not only can’t grasp abstractions like moral codes, but even the need to plan for the future (a concept some Africans don’t even have a word for). Thomas Jackson’s “A Portrait of the African Mind” provides similar insights, noting that Africans possess a superstitious “credulity of a nature entirely different from the astrology, channeling, or pyramids in which white people sometimes dabble.” The African “soul” is “to us disturbingly alien.”
  • Roger Devlin provides an account of lynchings and murders of “witches” in Africa, combined with stories about ritualistic murders of albinos for magical purposes that could have been penned by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • George Holiday, who taught at a Catholic school that shifted from white to black, witnessed the curriculum, classroom conduct, and even the celebration of Mass change radically as demographics changed. Traditionalist Catholics or conservative Christians who think that we’ll be fine if everyone just “converts” to their faith need to understand the implications of this. Even the Universal Church breaks down along racial lines in practice.
  • Hugh Kennedy’s account of the 1972 mutiny aboard the S.S. Kitty Hawk shows that what may be the “first and only mutiny in the history of the United States Navy” was simply a black rebellion that wasn’t based on any “real discrimination.” Again, this is a rebuke to civic nationalists who believe the military can forge a united American identity through discipline and common purpose.

Essay after essay, example after example, study after study, A Dissident’s Guide proves again and again that common creeds, institutions, or countries can’t cope with the fact that blacks are simply different from whites—and perhaps uniquely different from every other race. After all, according to New York Times 1619 Project Historian N. Hanna Jones (the self-styled “Ida Bae Wells”), Hispanics may now be white.

To my mind, perhaps the most important essay is Benjamin J. Ryan’s “The Unknown Martin Luther King Jr.” King is the central figure of what Korean-American columnist Wesley Yang calls America’s “successor-ideology,” the civic code (or, if you prefer, the state cult) that is replacing the American identity once defined by the Founding Fathers [MLK Is Post-White America’s Founding Father, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 22, 2020].

The real Martin Luther King Jr was a scoundrel, a hypocrite, a political extremist, and, bluntly, not very intelligent. These are the least damning charges. At worst, he assaulted women and he stood by, laughed and gave advice while one of his fellow “Christian leaders” raped a female parishioner [The MLK Tapes: Secret FBI Recordings Accuse Martin Luther King Jr of Watching and Laughing as a Pastor Raped a Woman, by Jack Newman, American Renaissance, May 26, 2019].

The imaginary MLK that conservatives embrace every year was an American patriot who favored a “colorblind” country where everyone would be judged by the “content of their character.” This pseudo-minister would have failed such a test given his own conduct.

But more important politically is the fact that Martin Luther King Jr explicitly supported the racial redistribution of wealth, partnership with Communists, and anti-white racial discrimination a.k.a. Affirmative Action.

This so-called minister also couldn’t really be called a Christian in any real way, given that he disputed “the full divinity of Jesus, the Virgin Birth, and the Resurrection, suggesting that we ‘strip them of their literal interpretation.’” Perhaps he wasn’t a hypocrite after all, given that he didn’t have any sincere religious beliefs that would prevent him from constantly cheating on his wife.

This man is the foundation upon which both the mainstream Left and Right think we can build a meaningful “American identity.”

King’s erstwhile rival, Malcolm X, also receives an essay. According to a relatively recent biography, the man whom activist Ossie Davis famously eulogized as “our living black manhood” was unable to satisfy his wife sexually and became a literal cuckold and, perhaps in retaliation, an adulterer (though not one quite so shameless as King). His erstwhile militant Black Nationalism (which he once crudely expressed by praising Allah for a plane crash because whites died) ended with him being a pathetic grifter of guilty whites.

Thus, we see Black Nationalism’s evolution from Du Bois, to Malcolm X, to Keith Ellison, with calls for pride and self-sufficiency transformed into demands for charity from clueless, rich white liberals.

Of course, no people can be defined by caricature. Taylor’s essay “What I Like About Black People” is far more charitable than what is expressed about whites any day at The New York Times. Essays from individual blacks on how they became race realists are poignant, even tragic. There is far more nuance about blacks in this “extreme” book than there is about whites in so-called mainstream publications. After all, whatever the MSM may say about white advocates, they are not the ones blasting away in black neighborhoods or engaging in shootouts at funerals and nightclubs. Ordinary blacks, who deserve to live in functional communities with their basic rights guaranteed, are the ones paying the price.

Both working class blacks and white victims of black crimes are sacrifices on the altar of Diversity, martyrs to an absurd creed that enables our cultural and economic masters to maintain their control.


To echo Solzhenitsyn, we cannot live by lies. Pretending blacks and whites are the same is a lie. The more America and the world try to uphold this lie, the more force is required, the more freedoms are stripped away, and the more everyone suffers. We must take the world as it is, not as the way Martin Luther King’s plagiarized slogans pretend it is.

A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks And Africa is a foundation for understanding racial reality that will become even clearer if Biden wins the Presidency and the Black Party returns to power.

Until we have a government that operates on reality rather than fantasies, Western Civilization will continue to decline until it reaches its final, inevitable extirpation.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[353] • Disclaimer says:

    Pretending men and women are ‘the same’ is just as big and just a corrosive a lie.

    • Replies: @The Oracle
  2. Excellent article, Mr. Kirkpatrick. Btw, there is a typo in your first sentence, wherein you meant to write, “If President Donald Trump “loses” the 2020 election…”

    • Replies: @Hillbob
  3. Could you please proofread your articles before publishing? I’ll offer my services pro bono.

    • Troll: KenH
    • Replies: @The Oracle
  4. Blacks are used by Jews. ‘Systemic racism’ is a Jewish meme designed to distract us from Jewish Power, equate white identity/interests with ‘white supremacism’, and make whites support Jewish Supremacism over Arabs(and the world).

    • Agree: Hugo Silva
  5. “This so-called minister also couldn’t really be called a Christian in any real way, given that he disputed “the full divinity of Jesus, the Virgin Birth, and the Resurrection, suggesting that we ‘strip them of their literal interpretation.’””

    Who died and made you Pope of All Christians? Stick to your own pew.

    • Replies: @zimriel
  6. @Hillbob

    I read the article immediately after it had been published on this website. It initially read 2016. Obviously, the typo has since been corrected.

  7. zimriel says:

    The QAnon / antimask base behind Trumpism is not so different from African thought. Where Africans go for sorcery, QAnon goes for apocalyptic.

    It may be that our society demands such a high IQ that a 95 average is about as useful as an 85 or even 75 these days.

  8. zimriel says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    Thousands of years of Church Tradition are on his side. If you’re Muslim or LDS, that is fine, but you don’t get to rewrite Jerome and Augustine.

  9. Dutch Boy says:
    @Priss Factor

    Quite true. Blacks do not have nearly the influence that Jews do (who owns the media and the entertainment industry, the Nation of Islam?).

  10. SMK says: • Website

    The US and all other white nations will never have a “government that operates on reality rather than fantasy.” Even Trump, almost everywhere and endlessly vilified and demonized for over 4-years as a “racist” and “white supremacist,” operated on the fantasy that race is an “artificial social construct” and, most perniciously, that blacks and whites are exactly the same apart from skin color and other superficial anatomical differences. And thus Western Civilization, with the possible exception of Eastern European countries, will continue to decline until it reaches its final, inevitable extirpation.

    And now we have Joe Biden -who promises to “rip out systemic racism by it’s roots”- and Kamala Harris -who demands not only equality but “equity,” i.e., not an equality of rights but an equality of results save for the NFL and NBA- as president and vice-president. Their fantasy of equality and vision of utopia entails not only the abolition of an equality of rights for “Asians’ and whites, especially white males, which has been true for decades, but also the creation of an anti-white and anti-“racist” totalitarian dystopia with even more anti-white discrimination, punitive mass censorship, including “hate-speech” laws and the incarceration in jails and prisons of myriads of race-realists and white advocates and immigration restrictionists, the release from prison of myriads and myriads of violent and/or recidivist criminals, overwhelmingly black, and increasingly lenient sentences that don’t include incarceration -all to impose or try to impose an equality of results and to abolish or try to abolish “systemic racism,” which is synonymous with a disparity of results and conditions between the races, especially whites and blacks.

  11. @Anonymous

    Mr. Kirkpatrick,

    You sir is an idiot. I lived in Africa for seven years and taught in two colleges situated in different countries. Nothing, you wrote is remotely true based on my experiences in Africa. There are also excellent books written by Africans about themselves and their continent that identifies or shares your cruel and uninformed propaganda for that is what it is you have written. You are a disgrace to your family and to decent people every where. You do indeed, lack honor and a bloody liar to boot. What a waste!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. @Jennifer Jones

    He is lazy and a liar too. They go together like hand to glove. You are expecting him to proof his garbage of a writing when he couldn’t even get the basic right of being honest in what he writes about.

  13. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Oracle

    > “Nothing, you wrote is remotely true based on my experiences in Africa.”

    Ah, “MY experiences.” Solipsism much?

    Does the moon not exist if YOU, personally, haven’t landed on it?

    One could similarly “prove” that blacks were extremely healthy in apartheid South Africa…there being not even 1 (ONE) black admitted to, er, “certain” hospitals.

    Now…were any (all?) of your Nubian Einsteins from countries civilized/colonized by whites?

    Did they write/study using Swahili or English?

    Did any use refrigeration, transportation, electricity, medicines, etc. created by whites?

    What solely-African-based university did they matriculate to: one that emulated white pedagogy, based on white educational institutions?

    Was Africa’s history written…or “remembered”? Did any griots have all-too-human memory lapses? Did any suffer from the Telephone Game Phenomenon wherein each iteration of a verbally-conveyed message tends to get incrementally altered?

    FACT: Any knowledge griots memorized, unless accurately passed on to younger men, would die with them.

    Finally, what’s the name of the Afro Genius who invented the wheel?

    • LOL: mark green
  14. @Priss Factor

    The very word “racist” and its variants was, and still is, an invented, fabricated device intended to shut down criticism, debate and free discussion by using it as a slur on anyone that dares to question very questionable beliefs and actions.
    The inventor is…SURPRISE…the jew Bolshevik Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein).

    The ignorant and the systemically stupid…Da BLAX…and, of course, evil Communist scum…
    have over-used RAAAY-CISSS to thge point of assclownish, ridiculous irrelevancy.

    If the weak accusation is ever used against you, try…”OK, what else ya got, ya filthy Chimp ?”
    Good idea to have your hand on a weapon, because simians and Commies tend to respond violently when exposed as dumbasses and embarrassed.

    • Agree: By-tor
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