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A Depressing Election
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I am not in the least bit susceptible to depression, but I have to admit that as Tuesday night wore on, I found I was getting depressed. And on Wednesday I was really down. If you watch conservative media, you were expecting a red wave, and there was even talk of a paradigm shift as the GOP was projected to attract new constituencies—suburban Whites, Blacks, and Latinos were supposedly gravitating to the GOP. It would be a landslide. A paradigm shift that would ensure sweeping electoral victories for the Republicans for years to come.

Certainly anyone paying attention could understand why there would be a GOP tsunami: rampant inflation and a weak economy that may well slide into a deep recession; crime, especially by Blacks, in the big cities (conservative media was full of videos depicting horrible crimes, almost all by Black men); a completely open southern border (also prominently featured in conservative media and resulting in ~5 million additional illegals since Mayorkas got in and untold numbers of fentanyl deaths), a war in far off Ukraine (intensively pursued by the administration and resulting in pressure on energy and food prices); gender indoctrination in the schools; repeated examples of anti-White hate and statements of overt anti-White discrimination by prominent leftist activists and in the liberal-left media (often highlighted on conservative media, so this was not a secret); and a doddering, senile president whose personal popularity is in the tank and would presumably be a drag on the rest of the Democrat candidates.

But why should I be depressed given that the Republican Party is hopeless—at best a palliative that makes the patient more comfortable as he awaits certain death from an incurable disease? I think the reason I was depressed is because I was expecting some signs of a White awakening. If Whites ever needed cover for voting for a party that is repeatedly accused of being racist, misogynist, and generally evil, this would be a golden opportunity given all the negatives of the Biden administration. What White person in their right mind could possibly vote Democrat? Isn’t it obvious to even the most casual observer that we need a change of direction?

But it didn’t happen. The narrative held. The media in general is still all-in for the Democrats, so a great many people likely never heard about the southern border, or the many examples of anti-White discrimination and hate, or the huge spike in Black criminality, and they never heard about Biden’s senility. They heard a lot about abortion and the GOP’s “war on women,” and pro-abortion ballot measures won in several states and probably helped Democrats overall, as in Michigan where it probably helped the evil Gretchen Whitmer.

I should also mention that, even assuming there was no fraud, the Democrats obviously know how to game the current system, often with the help of laws they put in place making it super easy to vote. And they even engaged in dirty tricks like funding Republicans they thought, correctly as it turns out, who would be weak candidates.

And they heard a lot about endangered democracy, supposedly threatened if Republicans win elections (!). But this was likely an effective message because it’s a moral message (as are so many other messages during this cycle—Trumpian evil [fascist! insurrectionist!] being an obvious favorite). And if it’s one thing White people, especially White women, resonate to, it’s the feeling that they are an upstanding part of a moral community (I try to explain it here, Ch. 8). It’s so comforting to know you are on-page with the NYTimes, NPR, and the college professors the liberal media trots out to give their talking points. White people won’t act unless they think it’s the morally right thing to do, and as always in the media age, the people who control the media create the moral communities. Jewish control of much of the media allows them to create the moral high ground that is absolutely compelling to a great many Whites.

Another factor was that Trump endorsed some marginal candidates as long as they went along with the 2020 election fraud narrative—as emphasized by Ann Coulter. I agree the Democrats cheated (with a lot of help from the likes of Google biasing the news that people see). But let’s face it, it’s a losing issue now. Every news article in the liberal media and much of the conservative media that I have read for the last two years has claimed that election fraud is an outright lie, often repeated several times in the same article. I’m not talking about op-eds, but about “news” articles. It’s never phrased tentatively but as an absolute, undeniable fact.

So the general consensus seems to be that Trump-endorsed candidates went down in winnable seats, but this is likely because of the success of the media in promoting the idea that only crazy people think the election was stolen. And the liberal media continued to spew hatred toward Trump as evil incarnate, the president to fomented an “insurrection” to avoid his much deserved electoral defeat.

I certainly supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 even though he was far from ideal, and I would vote for him again if he gets the nomination. But his massive ego is now completely out of control, as seen in his recent comments on Ron DeSantis.

Notice there’s no statement of principle here, only gratuitous disparagement and basically saying that DeSantis owes him—even though DeSantis has never attacked Trump as far as I know. If Trump gets the 2924 nomination, the hatred would rise to fever pitch—an even more intense version of 2016 and 2020, when the media was blaring everything from Trump as the Second Coming of Hitler, to the Russia collusion hoax, to insurrection incitement and personal corruption blaring from the liberal media. The midterms clearly show that the elite media still has enormous influence and a Trump candidacy would be seen as an Armageddon moment for them. Pull out all the stops. Lying and cheating are completely justified.

But quite possibly a Trump nomination would be good simply because it would further polarize the country, if that’s possible. Trump’s everlasting contribution was to upend the comfortable neocon-Chamber of Commerce Republican establishment that would have given us unending Jeb-vs.-Hillary type elections. We need polarization, hopefully leading to a divorce. White conservatives have to get to the point where they realize that they can’t win elections and that the GOP is a permanent minority party. (If the Republicans do so poorly in these midterms, you have to think it will be far worse in 2024.) At that point other solutions would have to be considered.

But a couple things from CNN’s exit polls (for Whites only).


Whites were overrepresented in the total vote (73%), with 58% going for Republicans, about typical for past midterm elections; so no awakening. As usual, there was a gender gap among Whites, 63%-53%, but with both sexes more Republican. And an education gap, with White women college grads skewing Democrat (56%-42%) and White male college grads skewing Republican (52%-48%), and non-college Whites of both sexes strongly favored Republicans. And there was the usual age gap, with younger voters age 18-29 (still influenced by the school system? youthful idealism?) skewing Democrat (58%-40%). All of these percentages should be increased because there are considerable numbers of people who are classified as White but do not identify with the European Christian-derived population—Jews, Middle Easterners, etc.

For Whites, marriage showed a big difference. In general, marriage is linked to voting Republican (63%). Unmarried White men are average White voters (58% GOP), but unmarried White women (20% of the White sample) are only 41% GOP. One envisions wine ladies, pro-abortion fanatics, and graduates of gender studies programs. And it reinforces the idea that White women are especially prone to the morally framed messages coming from the media they watch. White women college grads are a big problem.

A third of the White sample identified as a born-again or Evangelical Christian and skewed strongly toward the GOP (83%-15%), but the two-thirds who did not so identify skewed Democrat (54%-44%).

Try to wrap your head around that. The great majority of White people—the one who aren’t seriously religious—tend to vote Democrat by a substantial margin. This a good indication of the hopelessness of the cause of getting White people to understand the need to start asserting their interests as Whites.

And of course, to make matters worse, the born-agains and Evangelicals are at best implicitly White. Their world view is foreign to racial thinking and they strongly support Israel and see Jews in a very positive light.

So in general, these results show that the great majority of Whites are still very much under the spell of the narrative being pumped out by the media and the educational system, and have no idea what their long-term interests are. It’s all going to work out wonderfully, and we can all look forward to a harmonious, conflict free future.

The conclusion is that there aren’t any more signs of a White awakening than have been evident in the recent past, despite all the reasons to further coalesce in the Republican Party. Like I said, depressing. The message of the dissident right is not getting through. And of course the demographics and the continuing hold of the establishment narrative on so many Whites means that things will just keep getting worse. It’s become blindingly obvious that Whites can’t or won’t find salvation in voting.

This limits the options: peaceful secession; civil war (resulting in unthinkable destruction and having to deal with a military that is already inundating their personnel with woke propaganda and purging dissenters); making alliances with some non-White groups that don’t really share our interests; or going out with a whimper (what the establishment wants). I would love to see a successful secession movement but that’s a long way off by the looks of things. Far too many Whites still accept the system narrative, and even the best talking heads in the media shy away from advocating explicitly for White interests or dealing honestly with Jewish issues.

Nevertheless, there are still parts of the country that are very White, very conservative, and very angry about what’s going on. So a secession movement may take off, especially if the system shows signs of collapse. So, being the optimist that I am, I continue to have hope.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. meamjojo says:

    It’s good to see how wrong you were/are about everything MacDonald. Same as so many others here.

    I’ll remind you that “hope is not a strategy”.

  2. Cook says:

    When are you Americans going to understand that the whole process is staged managed.

    The 2020 election was so obvious that it was corrupt that more time and effort had to be put into the midterms.

    What the midterms had to achieve is to destroy Trump in the eyes of his supporters…remember elections are about control and destroying hope in white people.

    Trump was built up…”the red wave” so he could be torn down before everyones eyes theyby destroying hope.

    The election was made to look close but like before enough votes where moved to make sure of the correct result and the “elite” continue full control and their people control everything.

    They have to get enough out to vote to give the appearance of “democracy” but never allowing “democracy” to get in the way of control.

    The midterms were worse than 2020 because much more effort was put into “hiding the hand” that guides the result.

    How to defeat these people? Continue to vote for people they hate…or ignore them completely, their laws, their beliefs, their control and try to be self sufficient.

    • Agree: Voltara
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @mocissepvis
  3. Notsofast says:

    if you believe this was a free and fair election, you also believe in santa claus. we have not had a single election without massive election fraud, since the dominion voting systems were installed. please explain why we pay a private corporation to design our voting software and then claim the source code is proprietary and not allow the federal government access to the system they paid to engineer. now we have new mail in ballots, which were totally unnecessary, as absentee ballots already existed. the new mail in ballots removed the safeguards of the absentee ballots in the name of voter inclusion, as it is apparently racist to ask a voter for i.d. (unless they want to drive, buy alcohol, cigarettes, or collect a government check).

    so keep voting and keep writing letters to santa, asking for a shiny new democracy pony.

    the only hope, imho, is the russians smashing nato to bits, pulling down the u.s. imperial golem (which, please remember, has feet of clay).

  4. lloyd says: • Website

    Perhaps the whites don’t want to self identify. Like the Anglo South Africans in the Apartheid era, they are content to leave politics to others while they work on getting rich and simple pleasures. If they can end affirmative action, leave abortion to the States, which is the Supreme Court ruling, home school their children, keep way from minority areas, they should be happy. Kevin. You are flogging a dead horse or tilting at a wind mill. Possibly in the non Confederate States not even that. There is nothing in the Constitution about being white. Among American workers, the Republican Party is identified with depressions and the Democrats with supporting the workers. In depression times, the Democrats win. The workers are not generally going to vote for Trump hacks.

  5. So a secession movement may take off, especially if the system shows signs of collapse. So, being the optimist that I am, I continue to have hope.

    I am a separatist. I agree with your conclusion. The piece in general is well taken.

    But this bothers me:
    I should also mention that, even assuming there was no fraud……

    Fraud need more weight in this discussion. And not just electorial fraud. There is the fraud that transpires between a con man and his mark. White Americans are everything you say about them. And they have been conned.

    • Replies: @gabon 45
  6. The author is sad because there is no “White awakening”; he is sad also because Blacks & Latinos are not helping Whites rule the country for Whites.
    He is convinced that Whites are no good at voting; he thinks they might be better at promoting a secession.

  7. Look at the past few elections and we will see a pattern, here.

    Hillary Clinton was positively perceived as presidential material by the average White American centrist until she announced her candidacy and had to go through the vetting process. The more Americans saw her, the less they liked her.

    George Dubya Bush was also seen as the Second Coming of Hitler who had stolen not only the 2000 elections from Algore, but the 2004 elections from John “Lurch” Kerry. The last 12 years, he lowered his public profile by keeping his mouth shut about Obama and painting. He only came out to criticize Trump when he was thrown out of office. They all love him now!

    Joe Biden was always not only seen as a walking gaffe-o-meter but a dirty lecher who respected the bodily integrity of women and little children so little that he was often seen in public sniffing them – ewww. He spent most of the election of 2020 and won the presidency.

    Being banned from social media by Twitter and Facebook was the best thing that ever happened to Donald Trump. Without Mr. Mean Tweets and the resultant clutch-the pearls hysterical reaction by Never Trumpers and Democrats to annoy them, the Average Centrist American began to remember all the good things that Trump actually accomplished and started to miss him.

    I despise Mitch McConnell but he was absolutely right that the mid-terms is meant to be a presidential report card. The mid-terms was Trump’s great opportunity to allow the average Centrist American to look at the record and evaluate Biden’s piss-poor performance. All Trump had to do was step out of the way between the average Centrist American and Biden.

    Had Trump kept his mouth shut and even busied himself visiting any friends – if he had them – overseas while the Mid-terms started, had Trump not injected himself or endorsed any candidates, the Republicans would have won by a landslide. Trump truly is a genetic Republican, because he never misses and opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    The only thing Trump should have put in was generous campaign contributions to any Republicans that won their primary as close to election day as possible to drag them over the finish line. No comment was necessary. Believe me, the Deep State would have continued their practice of making it known every time Trump hit the bathroom to take a dump. It would have gotten out, after the ballots were counted and Trump could take credit for their victories.

    This awful, petulance on the part of a former POTUS who would like to be restored to the WH because a candidate who welcomed his endorsement assembled a team that handled a hurricane beautifully and is getting praised is an awful look that is going to block his way back to the presidency more effectively than all the dirty tricks the Never Trumpers and Democrats pulled in 2020.

    Why does Trump act like his lips would blister if he gave competent candidates that he endorsed and supported back in the day a compliment? That’s why he lost in 2020. His enemies may have cheated, but they got away it because he had no influential friends let Trump threw so many of his own loyalists under the bus that distracted any attention from himself, there was no one standing to back him up … they all sat on their hands and did nothing while the BLM riots and the Covid riots eviscerated his presidency.

    In any case, we know that the Democrats won the 2020 fraudulently with Deep State and Never Trumper collusion and they know we know. Trump made enough unforced errors by allowing the Whoredashian celebrity to talk him into letting felons out of prison early. Backing the LGBT agenda, pushing the Platinum Plans for Blacks and promising something similar for the Hispanics. Every Leftist agenda pushed by his two in-house Democrats – his ditzy daughter Ivanka and that creepy husband of hers who seems incapable of blinking naturally.

    Even if there was any interest in investigating all Trump’s election fraud claims in the first place or the authorities and courts backing up his claims, do we honestly believe that after two years, Biden will be run out of the WH so that Trump can move back in? Only Trump is that delusional Not gonna happen. If Trump has any hope of getting back the WH, he needs to stop wasting his time and our time and just move on,

    How does it serve the interests of White people to support another term for Co-Presidents Kushner?

    I’ll pass.

    Trump fulfilled what the Good Lord meant him to do … he moved the Overton Window. He moved that Overton Window even faster by being

  8. John1955 says:

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

    “The Paralytics in the Government are struggling feebly, indecisively, as if unwillingly, with the Epileptics of the Revolution”
    (Russian Minister of Justice, Ivan Shcheglovitov, in 1915)

    Then JUDEA conquered Russia…

    And later on Ivan Shcheglovitov, a very decent fellow from the lowest rungs of Russian Nobility, who reached his position due to merit, honesty and hard work, was shot.

    Not for committing a crime, real or imagined. But because publicly shooting hostages is JUDEA’s modus operandi during their numerous Revolutions.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  9. “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” -Mark Twain…and…” The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. ” – George Carlin. Aaaah, to not forget Stalin: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

    • Agree: GMC, GomezAdddams, Weave
    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  10. @Brás Cubas

    Secession means civil war to most Americans. Separation does not at all require war or even organization, You can separate from say New York City by simply moving out of New York City. Some white people (some POC also) are doing exactly that.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
    , @Weave
  11. The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.
    – Frank Zappa

    • Thanks: P. Cleburne
  12. even though DeSantis has never attacked Trump as far as I know

    He has. In January, DeSantis said he regretted closing businesses in Florida on Trump’s advice, although he blamed Fauci more than Trump himself. He also said Trump’s travel ban from China didn’t work; Trump was proud of the ban and kept it in place until he left office.

    If Republicans had run on an aid moratorium to Ukraine they would have done much better.

    On the bright side, we got rid of Sean Maloney, one of the gerbils in Ukraine’s rectum.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
    , @michael888
  13. @WorkingClass

    And…how long until you have no place to go/move ?!…We ( our ) family of four ) moved from Eastern-Europe to here ( former ‘ land of the free and home of the brave ‘, lately ‘ land of the fee and home of the slave ‘ )…guess what ?!…Deja-vu…or worst ( at least the commies didn’t declare ‘ the end of history ‘, being ‘ exceptional, ‘ cancel culture ‘, trans-genders/cisgender and other BS as ” culture ” )…Frank Zappa was/is right: we are not at the end of history, but of the ‘ illusion of freedom ‘…To not forget that even the ‘ children of Satan ‘, I mean Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin & Co. didn’t have the balls to say that ‘ you will own nothing and be happy ‘ ( as WEF heads Klaus Schwab and Noah Harari declared)…

  14. anastasia says:

    It’s called voter fraud. Having laid down and played dead in the palpably fraudulent 2020 election, the Republicans have given the deep state and Democrats license to steal all future elections, as we see in the midterm elections.. Not that the Republicans are not in on election fraud business themselves, for they are going to have to definitely make a deal with Dominion Voting Machines to get their DeSanctimonious in office.

    They have even managed to successfully silence anyone questioning the elections.
    To hear the analysis why it was lost today is to strangle the life out of reason itself. Reading this article has given me a headache.

    They even have the audacity to blame Trump. I heard the Republicans made oodles of money. I did not get a request for money from any candidate or the Republican Party that was not in Trump’s name.

    The joke is on us.

    What it has done for me is to release me from my banana Republic election day “duty” I’m Free, free at last.

  15. Bo Bo says:

    Intuition: The Republicans will nominate someone other than Trump as their presidential candidate against Biden or his replacement. The Republican Party has had enough of Trump. Quite obvious.

    We all know how Trump is though. My intuition is that Trump will run for president as an independent (not the Republican Party nominee) and will obviously be destroyed by the media.

    Either Biden or his successor will easily win the 2024 presidential race because Republican voters will be split between the Party nominee and Trump.

    Trump will have caused the Democrat victory because he can’t take no for an answer from mainstream Republicans or anyone. Trump refuses to behave and won’t go away.

    But the media and Democrats WANT Trump to run as an independent and will secretly be working behind the scenes to get him to run as an independent and get MAGA voters to vote for him even while they are destroying him.

    That is how politics works in America today. Just my intuition.

  16. @Notsofast

    There had to be massive fraud.

    Historically, people ALWAYS vote economics. The entire populace is angry about inflation and they KNOW full well it’s the fault of the left.

    I don’t believe any of the exit polls. Like you said, with Dominion voting systems you can never really know WHAT the actual results were. They can massage the results to steal the win, and they are confident that the cowards in the GOP aren’t going to do anything about it.

    The whole thing is a fucking charade.

  17. @Brás Cubas

    Stupidass…..JEWS run this country…..not WHITE people.


  18. @lloyd

    Your comment is utterly absurd.

    The slimy democrats CAUSED the economic disaster we are suffering under.

    What in the hell are you talking about?

  19. Trinity says:

    Has America had a fair (((election))) in the last 100 years? I can not think of a single POTUS that was worth a damn in my lifetime for sure. All useless wannabe lawyers, career politicians, or pampered douche bags. Hell, they even selected an ex actor. How appropriate.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @rienzi
  20. I have said for the past several years that no substantial change in outlook will occur among Whites until they have suffered great losses in terms of finances and general comfort.

    When their pensions are reduced or taken from them altogether, when they can no longer afford their mortgages, when they routinely experience bloody ‘diversity encounters’ from their racial ‘pets,’ when they can’t get a job or menial jobs at best because they are viewed as “oppressors,” and when they feel a complete sense of despair – then and only then, will their eyes start to open in the way we have envisioned.

    Their noses must be forcibly rubbed in the feces of ‘diversity’ dogma, and most need to experience being robbed and beaten by a sub-Saharan knuckle dragger on a public transit bus before they will come to their racial senses.

    Whites will not come to our views in mass based on racial statistics. They will not do so no matter how much evidence we provide proving Jewish political power, influence and cultural subversion. The deception is much too deep among our people, especially when one realizes that we have been daily propagandized to hate ourselves and our country for the past 70 years.

    However, take away their comforts, including their wealth, their sense of security, their personal safety – and then the pitchforks start to come out. But not until then. We are STILL much too comfortable. We STILL have too much food on our tables. We STILL have money (although even that is starting to diminish). We are STILL supportive of the very ‘system’ that hates us and seeks to replace us. We haven’t seen the ‘Beast’ for who and what it is.

    Yet this is what it takes to awaken a people who have been daily demoralized since the end of WW2. This is what it takes to awaken Whites who have willingly allowed themselves to be duped by endless wealth and materialism. This is what it takes to open the eyes of White people who believe that Blacks and illegal aliens are “just like us.” This is what it takes to racially motivate Whites addicted to negro sports and mind-numbing entertainment.

    Inconvenient facts either don’t matter or at least matter very little to a people who are so gullible as to believe that “all humans and cultures are equal.” These kinds only learn by being stomped on, by feeling the boot on their face – and even then, there are no guarantees.

    So, as much as I was disappointed by the mid-term elections, I realized that not enough White people throughout the nation have suffered in the ways I have expressed in my comments. When this occurs, the scales over their eyes that currently cloud their vision will fall off (at least for most).

    This is because the majority of White liberal democrats still possess a sense of personal survival. Granted, many of them do not, and they will fall by the wayside. But most do. The problem is that this inherent sense of survival has not yet been fully tested. But that day is rapidly approaching.

  21. @Clytemnestra

    I despise Mitch McConnell but ….

    That would have been a far better sentence if you’d put a period after the word “McConnell”.

    If Mitch McConnell Is Still in the Minority It’s His Own Damn Fault

    What Kentucky sees in that jerk is truly beyond me.

    Regarding the Author’s hurt feelings about the recent election, I’d suggest he widen his reading beyond the standard rightwingnut and White Nationalist sites.

    Meet the Pollster Who Convinced Republicans There Would Be a Red Wave
    Turns out he was super-duper wrong. About almost everything.

    In my humble opinion the McConnell really screwed up with his involvement in finishing the Packing of the Supreme Court with crazed Conservative Catholics. Women are half the US voting population, and the elevation of the fetus, embryo, and fetus to the status of “People” is as nutty as the previous one which declared Corporations Are People. Most of those women aren’t going to forget, and they’ll always outnumber the postmenopausal Republican biddies who can no longer remember the hazards of being a young woman in America.

    I certainly supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 even though he was far from ideal, and I would vote for him again if he gets the nomination.

    I’m old enough to remember when it the Republican fad was to worship George “Codpiece Commander” Bush as a living god, and I couldn’t imagine I’d see the day when those people would have finally disappeared.

    Now it’s Holy Trump. No matter what the fat dumbass does, his fanbase will be cheering him on.

    I wonder how long that’ll continue. Maybe when the younger brother of Jesus – Ronald Dion DeSantis – becomes the Republican Nominee.

  22. @Notsofast

    …we have not had a single election without massive election fraud, since the dominion voting systems were installed.

    There are more than just Dominion machines used. I’ll paste here a comment I posted on Tues, this week.
    We used paper ballots today and fed them into a scanner tabulator. I noted the manufacturer of the machines and looked them up online. ESS – Election Systems & Software.

    Here’s some ugly (but, not surprising) detail from their Wiki page.
    By installing remote access software allowing the machines to be accessed via the internet, the machines are vulnerable to being “hacked” remotely, allowing the counting to be altered surreptitiously, or malware to be installed to affect an election result.

    Also, note how rather hazy the ownership of these companies are. This is who has majority ownership of ESS.
    Good grief, how much more vague could it be? FFS…
    I will add that much more scrutiny is deserved of the Independent and Libertarian candidates in a race. WHO is funding them? Do they have any political history at all? Or are they merely paid sleeper candidates?

    The AZ Senate race had a Libertarian who pulled out of the race ahead of the election but, not before the ballots were printed so, he was on the ballot and got over 46, 000 votes. That smells like SCAM to me.

    • Thanks: Dieter Kief, Notsofast
  23. Corvinus says:

    “The narrative held. The media in general is still all-in for the Democrats, so a great many people likely never heard about the southern border, or the many examples of anti-White discrimination and hate, or the huge spike in Black criminality, and they never heard about Biden’s senility”

    Occam’s Razor—The electorate is quite aware of those things, but are more concerned about the current autocratic leanings of the GOP.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. There’s no reason to vote for a pro-faggot like Don the Con ever again. Donald the pro-faggot Trump lost in 2020 because he’s pro-faggot. Watch the orange retard push LGBTQIA rights at the UN for yourself:

    • Replies: @USA1943
    , @europeasant
  25. @SS-The Independent

    And…how long until you have no place to go/move ?!…

    Good question. I have no answer. So — stay in New York City I guess.

    Or maybe if lots of people stopped paying taxes in New York City and went to Florida or maybe Texas or some other place where there is a spark of resistance that would tend to make red states stronger and blue ones weaker? What have you got to lose?

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  26. @lloyd

    Nothing wrong with abortion. A bunch of cells is not alive. End of discussion.

    • Troll: 36 ulster, Voltara
  27. I have said this before. We in the west have Janus parties to vote for. They are the two faces that are joined onto the one head.

    The Demican face is openly communistic, the Republicrat face pretends to oppose the Democan policies but when in power it never repeals said policies. after a short period it embraces these policies.

    If the majority of Americans cannot see the fraud that has been inflicted on them in this mid term election cycle and do something about it then there will be no hope for America.

    America makes much of the 2nd Amendment. It is the most heavily armed civilian population in the world. Now is the time for mass protests at the State political centers., not a violent uprising (yet), but a show of strength and displeasure (too mild a word?).

    If it does nothing and just accepts this blatant fraud, well it might as well turn in its arms, because they have become mere ornaments.

  28. mephisto says:

    I concurred.
    Another title for the article is: WHITE PEOPLE ARE STUPID.

  29. Democrats Lose Second Biggest Donor As (((Ponzi Scheme))) Collapses.

    Video Link

  30. @Clytemnestra

    Trump lost in 2020 because he did nothing for four years besides cut taxes and because his 2020 campaign was a bad joke where all he did was cry about muh China virus. A retarded toddler would have won against him in 2020.

    • Replies: @36 ulster
  31. Ghali says:

    The reason NewsCorp endorsed DeSantis and he won the recent and past elections is because DeSantis is an avid Zionist and blind supporter of the Fascist regime of Israel.

    • Replies: @Jim H
  32. @Bragadocious

    On the bright side, we got rid of Sean Maloney, one of the gerbils in Ukraine’s rectum.

    Thank you for acknowledging the bright side. And for the laugh. One of the gerbils in Ukraine’s rectum. I wish I had said that.

  33. LT. COLUMBO: “It is not merely that democracy in the United States was shot in the back a few years ago and left on the doorstep to rot in front of everyone… but the real crime is the tip toeing around the corpse for the past 2 years and doing nothing about it.”

    If only Trumpstein saw Bidenstein as more of a threat to America than Qussam Soleimani.

    • LOL: Emslander
  34. This was a sober and accurate analysis. European-descended Americans have been split into waring ideological camps while ‘threatened minorities’ are permitted–even encouraged–to coalesce around their shared ancestry, traditions, language, and racial identities.

    These abject double-standards are the product of a united hostile elite (MacDonald’s term) who script our news and headlines, shape public education, produce and distribute mass entertainment, censor ‘hate speech’, and (last but not least) fund both political parties. Over the past half century, there’s been a virtual takeover by this alien cabal. Yet no one is supposed to notice.

    Prof. MacDonald correctly notes that college-educated White females are a big problem. Why? Because so much of their ‘education’ is inundated with woke indoctrination. Modern American colleges are bastions of anti-White political correctness. This makes them political training centers for conformist, gullible girls.

    On the other hand, the natural propensity for individuals to congregate and align themselves with people who are most genetically similar to themselves has been declared ‘racist’ (when Whites do it)–but not so when Jews or people of color do it.

    These non-uniform standards and overt contradictions are producing more alienation, greater resentment, and increased cognitive dissonance. Something’s gotta give.

    Thus, while demented Joe prattles on about the rising threat of ‘white supremacy’, US aid to Israel remains sacred and unconditional. Strange, no?

    The problem is you’d better not mention it.

    And you must certainly never make a fuss over it.

    (If you do, watch the shit hit the fan.)

    It’s no wonder then that Americans are angry, confused, and scared. The natural strength of commonality is being replaced by the untested and contrived ‘value’ of diversity. But it’s a total sham. What we have here is a nation-wrecking, ideological Trojan Horse.

    Fortunately, the flimsy, authoritarian, and artificial dam of wokeness will eventually break due to its appalling contradictions and unfair Rules of Play.

    The political solution for White Americans is to reduce Federal power and grant greater independence back to each individual state. Let freedom ring, baby.

    And let there be peaceful separation.

  35. What about Trump for president De Santis for vice president in the 2024 elections?
    Is that possible?

    • LOL: Realist
  36. I’d say that white Americans get what they deserve, especially the women, but I have in mind that no white awakening means more chaos caused by US East coast Jews all over the world.

  37. Backward says:

    Still enthralled with the kabuki theatre of elections?

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  38. geokat62 says:

  39. Anonymous[301] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brás Cubas

    He is convinced that Whites are no good at voting; he thinks they might be better at promoting a secession.

    This is a dive bar, not a star chamber.

    You think anyone seriously planning secession would blab about it openly? Here? In the belly of the honeypot?

    • Agree: Realist
  40. MarkJames says:

    First I don’t believe there is significant cheating and think it’s moronic to keep talking about it. That said I hope Trump gets the ’24 nomination. It will be interesting to see one of the two major parties destroy itself. What happens after that who knows.

    • LOL: Thim
    • Troll: mocissepvis
  41. meamjojo says:

    Senate control guarantees many more judges for Democrats
    Judicial and executive branch confirmations are of the few things the majority party has unilateral control over.

    11/12/2022 11:16 PM EST

    The Senate’s steady confirmation of President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees will continue for two more years, after Democrats retained the chamber Saturday.

    With control of the House uncertain, but Republicans still favored, the legislative agenda for the next Congress remains up in the air. But the outcome in the Senate provides Democrats with at least one guarantee: that they will be able to unilaterally confirm Biden’s judges and executive branch nominees.

  42. meamjojo says:

    The next time the Dems “steal” an election, I hope they have the sense to make their win more of a blowout!

    • Agree: Hulkamania
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Voltara
    , @anastasia
  43. Karl1906 says:

    It’s rather another stolen election. What else was to be expected?

  44. I think MacDonald should back DeSantis all the way. All the honest Right-of-center persons are doing it, like Ilana Mercer. And all the shady characters, like Andrew Anglin, are against DeSantis. Just Dump Trump is my new motto, you may have it.

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Dumbo
    , @Hulkamania
  45. Democracy in America is now a farce. I haven’t voted since 2016 and don’t plan to again. There’s only power now and those who wield it (the deep state) which plays both sides. Trump was really the only outsider opposing them in some small way, which was ultimately a wasted opportunity. DeSantis was a preferable governor to others during the plandemic, but he’s not our guy. A marginally better Republican who doesn’t ruffle feathers on the beltway will do nothing to help America out of the hole it’s in. At this point I say “Let it burn”.
    “It was a pleasure to burn.
    It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the hands of some amazing conductor playing all the symphonies of blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of history.”

  46. Far too many Whites still accept the system narrative, and even the best talking heads in the media shy away from advocating explicitly for White interests or dealing honestly with Jewish issues.

    As long as you frame the discussion as “White interests”, rather than “human interests” and the “moral good”, you’re going to lose and you won’t get traction.

    People will not vote for “White interests” because they are White or because they like White people.

    You have to create narratives that are in the White interest narrowly, but in the human interest broadly. You have to champion policies that are “good interests” but also intersect with White interests.

    Jews don’t push policies that are “Jewish interests”. They conflate Jewish interests with American interests, Christian interests, black interests, and the moral good. Jews make you believe that when you fight for Israel, you’re really fighting for America. They tell you that defending Ukraine is defending democracy.

    They only bring up Jewish identity when they cry anti-semitism because everyone implicitly pities the victim.

    • Agree: brostoevsky, Z-man, ariadna
  47. @lloyd

    The workers voted for Trump hacks, short bus.

  48. These “white, very conservative and very angry” types face certain oblivion in the New World EuroAsian Order, for no American slack-jaw can long withstand Asiatic war-war.

  49. It is strange to believe that 2020 elections were stolen but the 2022 were not.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Voltara
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  50. @Brás Cubas

    Reality has a peculiar steadfastness in eventually proving “shady” characters right and getting back at “honest” people with a vengeance.

    PS: “Honest” definitely not being the word that comes off the top my head to qualify “Right-of-center types” notwithstanding.

  51. conatus says:

    Are we surprised”the great majority of white people-….. tend to vote democratic by a wide margin”

    But that is because Whites hate themselves. Especially Whites who are liberal. To be a goodwhite you must hate your kind.
    They have been taught by their culture to hate themselves. Sapir-Whorf and over and over in sitcoms, newspapers, academic papers.
    Casual conversations would be the ONLY exception, Whites are taught to hate themselves and it is working.

    from a ‘Winterwatch’ poston this finding.

    “It demonstrates the widespread adaption of discordian Illuminist thinking by a segment of the white population labelled as “liberals.” But these aren’t your father’s liberals. It shows the average differences in feelings of warmth (measured along a 0-100 scale) by whites towards their in-group compared to nonwhites (e.g., Asians, Hispanics and blacks).

    In terms of blacks, Asians and Hispanics, it shows what one would expect: love toward one’s in-group. But among whites, there’s a major divide along the lines of political ideology. Non-liberal whites felt “warmth” toward those of their same race and ethnicity at slightly lower levels compared to the other races. White liberals, however, were the only subgroup that exhibited a profound pro out-group bias.

    Chart source: Tablet Magazine

    The next chart shows the in-group breakdown among the liberal and conservative whites. The “very conservative” expressed the greatest in-group pride, while the “very liberal” (leftists) expressed extreme levels of self-hate.

    The phenomena appears to be new. Traditionally, white liberals of the past didn’t demonstrate an overt other race bias. Notice that historically, there was little difference between moderates and conservatives.”

  52. aspnaz says:

    Even the author does not see the response to Covid as an election issue. The momories of Americans is kind of sad, such debilitation tends to result in abuse.

  53. Chriss says:

    dirty tricks,

    But another problem with non-Northern Europeans is they are far messier and/or more shameless in their corrupt and disorganized ways. So, they don’t mind acting down and dirty, much like the Jews. If the world were made up only of Jews and Southern Italians, the latter might come out on top. Not because the ‘greaseballs’ are smarter but because, having a ‘honor’ culture than a dignity culture, they will pull any dirty trick to beat the Jews. Indeed, Jewish gangsters eventually won out over the Italian gangsters in the US only because they could rely on the social and legal guarantees created and enforced by Anglo-Americans.

    Paradoxically, the very facets of Northern European culture that made Northern Europeans so powerful provided the keys with which Jews could take control of Northern Europeans. There’s a saying in boxing, “Don’t hook with a hooker.” Crooked Southern Italians and the like may not be good for much, but they sure can throw a hook. Italians are inferior to Jews in most things but not in playing dirty. It’s like Jewish Ace Rothstein in CASINO is terrified of Sicilian-American Nicky Santoro. And the reason why Russians regained some degree of sovereignty under Vladimir Putin is because the Russians have no qualms about playing dirty against Jews playing dirty. The Russian Deep State headed by former KGB types pulled all manner of dirty tricks to topple some of the Jewish oligarchs. It was dirty vs dirty. So, even though Russians are far less capable than Northern Europeans, they are better able to deal with Jewish Power. Of course, this dirtiness is what prevents Russia from being a nation of rule of law and culture of dignity. It is a gangster state. But remaining a gangster state, it can pull off dirty tricks to handle Jews who play dirty as hell as well.

    • Replies: @Chriss
  54. @Bo Bo

    They won’t just be working “behind the scenes”. Already, down here in Florida, they’re actively soliciting signatures from people on the street to petition the state government to change the rules and allow persons of whatever party to vote in the primaries of the other party. Of course, the Dems will vote for the least viable Republican candidate in the primary so that their candidate has the best chance of winning the actual election. They never let up.

  55. Dumbo says:
    @RJ Macready

    You moron, by that definition everyone and every being is “a bunch of cells”, including your Indian ass.

    How can people be so stupid? You can be pro or against abortion, but arguing that a fetus “isn’t alive” or “is just a bunch of cells” is simply moronic. It fails Biology 101.

  56. Z-man says:

    Yes, Evangelical Christians aka Christian Zionists, very depressing.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  57. anonymous[343] • Disclaimer says:

    Given the kind of whitevil supremacist scum you appear to be, the “Good Lord” would not be “Good” if He favours lowlifes like you, no matter your claim to faith in Him.

    In fact, the One and only has prepared a most horrifying Hell for the likes of you. The scum of the earth (your kind) deserve Hell, and the righteous deserve Paradise.

    That is what makes the end of our existence on earth most logical.

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta
    • Troll: profnasty
  58. lavoisier says: • Website

    But why should I be depressed given that the Republican Party is hopeless—at best a palliative that makes the patient more comfortable as he awaits certain death from an incurable disease?

    This is the salient point. You should not be depressed. The Republicans are hopeless and the sooner the American people wake up to the reality that their government suffers terminal corruption in thrall to Jewish interests the better.

    America has to suffer a severe economic depression for any hope to salvage the republic before it is too late. In short, the American people have to wake up and fast or their country is done.

  59. This is original artwork, my niggas. (Well, except the drawing of the donkey, but you know what I mean.)

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  60. Dumbo says:
    @Brás Cubas

    I’m not a fan of Trump, but I really want to see what people like you will be saying when De Santis betrays his electorate and throw white people under the bus, again.

    If you follow Ilana Mercer’s advice, then it’s going to be “what’s good for the Jews” and “what’s good for Israel”, as the first thing.

    This guy is like Ted Cruz, he’s the National Review “Conservatism, Inc.” personified. Look for reduced taxes for the rich and a few token measures on immigration, but nothing of substance.

    P.S. Of course, Trump also threw White people under the bus.

    • Agree: Voltara
  61. @tito's vampire

    What I’d like to see is DeSantis for President and Trump rallying Americans to start a new MAGA* party, an actual opposition to the UniParty we have now.

    Trump is very good at rallying people with 2 hour long, “speeches” that go in circles. He’s a good “people person”, and millions would follow him anywhere. He sucks at actually calming the hell down, not getting distracted, and doing some strategic thinking.

    Ron DeSantis has shown himself as a good leader when he strongly resisted the nationwide Kung Flu PanicFest. He’s got confidence in himself and his common sense and principles. That’s quite the opposite of the case with Donald Trump.

    See Peak Stupidity on Trump v DeSantis:

    Immunity to Kung Flu Panic
    Immigration Invasion
    Tag Team(?) (What I’ve stated here)
    Addendum – David Cole Article


    * He can call it what he wants – they’ve already got the hats.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Realist
  62. 22pp22 says:

    The Liberal women who run the US education system have turned it into a trannie show.

    What makes you think they suddenly become models of probity when given control of elections?

    Of course there was rampant cheating.

    • Agree: Thim
  63. Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
    H. L. Mencken

    Voters sanctify a system purposely designed to ignore their wishes. As soon as political parties were created to predetermine who one gets to vote for, the fix was in.

    Every time you vote, you are helping the controllers in their genocidal mission. You are committing slow suicide.

    If you vote, you have no right to complain. You wanted a master, and you got one.
    George Carlin

    • Agree: Realist
  64. Ole_ed says:

    @SS-The independent: WOW! Carlin AND Zappa; I sure am impressed! You must be a MASTERMIND.

  65. So, Trump goes after DeSantis for “closing down his state” and saying “he didn’t have to”?

    Hey, Orange Jesus, you’re the S.O.B. that turned Fauci and The Scarf loose on the nation. You’re the dumbass that forged ahead on a deadly serum and called it a “vaccine”.

    You did a service by being a wrecking ball to the Statist Quo but, you only gave one whack and stopped, fractured but still standing. I don’t know why.

    Regardless, go home and let others take on the neo-con/liberal/wokesters, if possible.

    You are the embodiment of “Big Hat, No Cattle”…but a lot of BS

    • Replies: @Z-man
  66. @Clytemnestra

    That was an excellent summary of the high-level political scene of the last few decades, and of Trump’s personality, Clytemnestra!

    Here’s an example of why Donald Trump is not suitable as a leader. No matter how much AG Jeff Sessions let Trump down in ’17-’18, rather than tweet about it public for 2 years, Trump could have done the normal “he needs more time for family matters” nice polite resignation-firing thing, and got someone who would get with his program.

    Then, when Jeff Sessions ran in the GOP primary to become a Senator from Alabama again, Mr. Sessions having an A rating for years on fighting the immigration invasion (the existential issue that got Trump elected in the first place!), Trump supported Sessions’ opponent out of spite. That is 14 y/o schoolgirl behavior, not that of a man and not that of a leader.

  67. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    You want depression? Try Pennsylvania. The people here elected Fetterman, an inarticulate tattooed vegetable whose only platform seemed to be based on springing black murderers from prison.

    As for Trump, he’s not going anywhere. His failure to deliver an American war against Iran means the Jews will not be allowing him to win anything anymore.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  68. Weave says:

    Let me assure you this is true. They have all moved to Florida. I live at the beaches outside Jacksonville and a six mile drive that used to take me ten minutes at most now takes me over thirty minutes on a “good” day.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  69. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    Massive and systemic voting fraud is now the norm

  70. lavoisier says: • Website

    I agree with you on this. And I think the day of economic collapse is close at hand.

    I do not see how the United States can have an advanced functioning economic system given the corruption that has engulfed the nation.

    A rhetorical question: When, if ever, has Jewish domination of a nation ever led to a society that was prosperous and well governed?

    I just cannot see how things get anything but worse going forward.

  71. ariadna says:

    Secession is not possible. Like-minded Whites are scattered in pockets in various states, not contiguous. The result of such separation would look like Palestine with checkpoints to pass from one enclave through “enemy” territory to the another enclave.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  72. Realist says:

    When are you Americans going to understand that the whole process is staged managed.

    From the looks of it NEVER. As I have said here before this is just one aspect of the Deep State’s effort to take control using Acts of Societal Disruption (ASD)*.

    How to defeat these people? Continue to vote for people they hate…or ignore them completely, their laws, their beliefs, their control and try to be self sufficient.

    You write seven paragraphs describing how voting doesn’t work then you list continue to vote as a way to defeat these people.

    *ASD is a process to weaken and destroy society thereby establishing control. Some examples are:

    1) Pandemics
    2) Crime
    Mass shootings
    Race motivated crimes
    Use of government agencies to promote alleged crimes.
    Failure to prosecute real crimes.
    3) Racism
    False accusations of racism against blacks.
    Institute anti-white racism.
    Promote acts of violence by blacks against whites.
    4) Elections
    Actual voter fraud.
    False accusations of voter fraud.
    5) Mass legal and illegal immigration
    6)Promotion of global warming narrative
    7)Supply chain disruption
    Other essentials
    8)Promotion of perversion.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Cook
  73. @WorkingClass

    We did that…moving from JY/NY to Chicago and about 7 years ago to Central Wisconsin. 2020 was the last time I had participated in the ‘ dog and pony show ‘ named US (S)election. It is not only a waste of time, but to add insult to injury, the crooks in charge ( ‘ the real owners of America ‘ – George Carlin ) and their minions ( from the political whores, to the brainwashed sheeple/useful idiots ) are asking us to pretend that is raining when they pee on our heads…No, thanks…I/we had enough ! But I remember to all of those who want to control our lives that…

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  74. @SS-The Independent

    “The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

    • Thanks: Z-man, WorkingClass
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  75. Another great article…and by a trained academic as well. Nice to see some writers on here who passed high school.

  76. anon[593] • Disclaimer says:

    Dumb article that ignores the elephant in the room.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  77. @SS-The Independent

    We ( our ) family of four ) moved from Eastern-Europe to here ( former ‘ land of the free and home of the brave ‘, lately ‘ land of the fee and home of the slave ‘ )…guess what ?!…Deja-vu….

    You know things are getting bad when Siberia starts to look like a good place to settle down.

    • LOL: Z-man
    • Replies: @gidoutahere
  78. @Notsofast

    please explain why we pay a private corporation to design our voting software and then claim the source code is proprietary and not allow the federal government access to the system they paid to engineer. ”

    Michael Hudson recently addressed the same issue:

    “The government doesn’t have to borrow money from the 1% or from bond holders in order to spend it; the government can simply print it as it did under the greenbacks. The government can create its own credit.”

    “The Real Progressive”  interview of Michael Hudson (with transcript!)

  79. Chriss says:

    History comes full circle,

    Description of juice-driven interventionism, contained in the biblical Book of Genesis.

    It is, of course, the story of Joseph of Egypt, who after various adventures became something like the chief minister of the pharaoh, by convincing him to some social engineering. Although Joseph only interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, he interpreted it in a way that the cunning Pharaoh must have liked, especially when he had grasped the far-reaching consequences with his keen mind. As is known, Joseph gave Pharaoh a vision of the famine that would come after the seven fat years. To mitigate the consequences of this defeat, Joseph proposed state intervention in the form of imposing a 20% grain tax on all peasants. In order to measure it reliably, it was necessary to appoint a huge number of writers and collectors, who of course had to support themselves from this tax. However, this is a small thing compared to the need to immediately launch a second intervention program in the form of building a gigantic network of warehouses throughout the country for tax storage of grain, and barracks for the soldiers who guarded these warehouses. This program required another intervention in the form of recruitment, and possibly the assignment of workers who had to be drawn from the countryside, as well as the mobilization of draft animals to transport grain and building materials. Seven years of this policy was enough to ruin agriculture and cause famine. It is characteristic that the very meticulous biblical author of this book does not mention any other, eg natural causes of the famine – so it must be assumed that this shamefully concealed cause must have been a series of interventionist policies of Joseph. I wonder if Joseph himself and his Pharaoh foresaw such consequences. Probably so, and not only because of the pharaoh’s dream, but above all – because of the subsequent consequences of the famine. Joseph began to sell the stored tax grain to the Egyptians and, as the meticulous author of the book points out, already in the first phase he collected “all the money” from the entire Egyptian land in the pharaoh’s treasury, that is, he drained all the financial capital from the economy. In the next stage, in exchange for taxable grain, he took ownership of livestock and dead stock. In the third year – in exchange for tax grain, he took over the state ownership of both the land and its previous owners, who from then on became state slaves. He resettled some of the slaves to cities, and imposed the aforementioned 20% tax in kind on the slaves left in collective farms created in this way. It is worth recalling that in the 20th century, the Father of Nations used the same trick, including artificial famine, to carry out collectivization in Russia.

    So, isn’t the aforementioned intensification of criticism of “whiteness” a propaganda prelude by the corrupt, or simply just stupid, although of course titled smarts, to use The Juice crisis to accelerate socialist changes on a continental scale? Is it appropriate in this situation to believe so unreservedly in the spontaneous nature of the financial crisis? Is fecit, cui prodest – the ancient Romans used to say, which is interpreted to have been done by the one who benefited. And it is not difficult to guess that – if you do not count the financial biggies, some of whom may turn over in the crisis – the biggest winner after successfully herding everyone into a common barn will be the pharaoh, and of course – the army of scribes and tax collectors serving him, who already today, in accordance with, and even with some surplus in relation to European recommendations – the pharaoh wants to create the appearance of legality for the inspection of the ownership of all his slaves.

  80. @SS-The Independent

    Great quote, SS. Can you give whoever wrote it due attribution?

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  81. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    There is no klung flu only Israelo bioterror by deception. Think about that, your long covid is their intended damage. One million Israelis attended the funeral of the supremacist monster Ovadia.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  82. @RJ Macready

    A bunch of cells is not alive.

    Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Just what in the hell do you think you ARE, other than bunch of cells?

  83. Realist says:

    I have said for the past several years that no substantial change in outlook will occur among Whites until they have suffered great losses in terms of finances and general comfort.

    When their pensions are reduced or taken from them altogether, when they can no longer afford their mortgages, when they routinely experience bloody ‘diversity encounters’ from their racial ‘pets,’ when they can’t get a job or menial jobs at best because they are viewed as “oppressors,” and when they feel a complete sense of despair – then and only then, will their eyes start to open in the way we have envisioned.

    Yes, when their dream world can no longer be supported through mental gymnastics.

  84. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    The figure that the author doesn’t mention is total voter participation. It would be interesting to see how many American voters see any real difference between our two political parties. Is the total number of voters going up or down? If is going down, our elites damned sure won’t say so. If the total number of voters is going up, I can hear it from MSM now – “America the land of the free! Shove that up your butt, Comrade Putin!”
    I am an 80 year old man (formerly a well earning engineer) who now does manual work at a big box store to make ends meet. I make about $13/hr. lugging heavy groceries to shopper’s cars. I vote socialist because I’ve figured out that the elites do not give 2 cents about me. They will not raise the minimum wage; they won’t control our borders because they want ignorant, desperate people to be ready to take my job if I grumble; and they won’t do a thing about urban crime because the elites want the crime to go on in my area and not in their walled communities.
    The elites (who are the heart of the Democratic and Republican leadership) are now just trying to grab as much money out of our sinking country as they can before they abandon us to find their new horizons in New Zealand, Israel, etc.
    The author can look for hope in the Republican Party if he wants, but I know – in my heart- is that we need another Revolution.

  85. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    Ha, ha. You don’t understand their brilliant psyop. ‘Aww, after all these weeks of meticulous counting, you fell short by so little, don’t feel bad, maybe next time. Keep playing 3 Card Monte, suckas!’

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  86. If Trump gets the 2924 nomination, …

    Sometimes, a typo is better than the intended original.

  87. Jim H says:

    ‘DeSantis is an avid Zionist and blind supporter of the Fascist regime of Israel.’ — Ghali

    DeSantis held his first cabinet meeting in Israel, May 29, 2019.

    Says it all.

  88. @Anonymous

    Interestingly, Anonymous 661 wrote: “As for Trump, he’s not going anywhere. His failure to deliver an American war against Iran means the Jews will not be allowing him to win anything anymore.”

    Trumpstein wanted to attack Iran but the timing wasn’t right. Nonetheless, please see the report,below?

    The psychotic and evil ZUS and Israel are planning a vicious aerial attack on Iran, and the only thing that MIGHT hold back the Zionist Biden administration is the fear that Russia will intervene in support of Iran.

  89. @Anon

    Long Covid, my ass. Long Covid is another name for NoMorePaidTimeInMySickBankItis.

    Covid came out of the Chinese lab in Wuhan, which was working with the GoF lab in Chapel Hill, N. Carolina, but with lower safety levels. Ron Unz has his speculation – I have my common sense. I know which one is worth more.

  90. Emslander says:

    Why does Trump act like his lips would blister if he gave competent candidates that he endorsed and supported back in the day a compliment? That’s why he lost in 2020.

    Absolutely correct. To be a great leader, a man has to hold on to his supporters with a semblance of emotional attachment. Ronald Reagan was a beloved leader and not even the press could dent him with their usual distortions. They called him the “teflon” President, because he took criticism with a joke and smile.

    Trump didn’t know what he won and it’s going to be a while before someone who does know can climb again into the attention of the electorate.

    Regarding the large picture, it’s doubtful that the real and lasting interests of the nation can ever again win a national election. Everything the author posited as reasons for the midterm disaster are accurate and I suspect there are a lot more reasons that will remain very well hidden. What about the micro-targeting of messages to certain groups that can be identified electronically? I know that the information I thought was accurate was much different than the information others with whom I spoke thought was accurate.

    It’s a new world of Weimarism.

    • Agree: 24th Alabama
  91. Realist says:
    @mark green

    Prof. MacDonald correctly notes that college-educated White females are a big problem. Why? Because so much of their ‘education’ is inundated with woke indoctrination.

    True, so the term should be college-indoctrinated. Only those that are able to think for themselves should attend college…and then preferably STEM degrees.

  92. The voting machines can be hacked aka reprogramed remotely to give any vote the hackers want and this happened in various states ie New York, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, etc., as long as voting machines are used , the elections will be controlled by the zionist/demon-rats, we have not had a fair election in decades.


    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Durruti
    • Replies: @The Real World
  93. @Notsofast

    If the Dems lose the Russians hacked the election. If the Dems win all is well and the comforts of democracy blanket the land.

  94. @Anonymous

    Sorry, bud…it is hard to find real number of those who participated in the (S)election, since 2 years ago, from 133 millions registered voters, ” only ” 155 millions got to the voting stations/centers 🙂 IF this is not an ‘ exceptional ‘ democracy, nothing in the entire World is ! And a…Kosher one…to not forget that…

  95. Anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    “…there are considerable numbers of people who are classified as White but do not identify with the European Christian-derived population—Jews, Middle Easterners, etc.”

    Jewfro Arabs with grotesque noses are seen as Whites? Hell, there are more dotheads with aquiline noses albeit darker skinned per capita. No wonder then the West is screwed up.

  96. Emslander says:
    @Bo Bo

    If Trump were able to fund a true third party starting on the day of his announcement and get his name and the party’s name on the ballot in every voting jurisdiction (very difficult), he would blow up the system.

    I hate Trump, but I could learn to love him again, if he tried that.

  97. Realist says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I can’t imagine why, after all the electoral fraud, anyone would promote voting. LOL

    Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results
    Unknown attribution

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  98. @Realist

    From the looks of it NEVER.

    That’s probably correct.

    Absolutely every single thing wrong with the US and the “west” in general can be traced back to gov’t and it’s mind numbing equal, religion. Gov’t and religion are two sides of the same coin. Gov’t is a religion. Religion is a gov’t.

    I keep wondering what exactly people can point to that gov’t is actually useful for. I can’t think of a single thing. The same goes for all the god nonsense. These are delusional belief systems based upon nothing but “faith” and endless hope of some eventual better future that cold hard experience should have long ago disabused everyone of.

    I wonder what people would create if asked to list the benefits of gov’t on one side with the negatives on the other in an actual written side by side comparison. If anyone wants to produce a list of supposed gov’t benefits, I’d gladly provide the continuation of that thought to reveal that it is no such thing. It is only shallow thinking that can possibly attribute benefit to western gov’t and gov’t in general. I think you could also handle that job.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Adam Smith
  99. MLK says:

    I should also mention that, even assuming there was no fraud, the Democrats obviously know how to game the current system, often with the help of laws they put in place making it super easy to vote.

    Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?

    We witnessed a continuation of the “our democracy” continued destruction of free and fair elections. Go here for a full Votes vs. Ballots explanation.

    When it’s in your face, like 2020 and 2022, it’s only difficult to deconstruct if you’re conditioned into not believing your lying eyes. That takes the form of rationalizing what are playfully referred to as “anomalies.” For our purposes here let’s stick to two.

    The first that with the 2002 midterms being the only modern exception, the president’s party gets “shellacked” in his first midterms. Even popular presidents.

    The second deriving from the reaction to the stark difference between the way the elections were conducted in the key states controlled by Democrats and all the rest.

    On the first, the Democrats and their allied media deployed a crass and reckless strategy of generating existential fear in Democrats to overwhelm minor considerations such as the immiseration of the working and middle classes in the last two years. The beauty of the strategy is that it only had to work as a colorable predicate for their ballot harvesting and machinations in the counting.

    Nothing has changed since 2015/2016 in terms of Trump. During the primaries the corporate media promoted Trump 24/7. The joint UniParty plan being to tee up Hillary’s coronation and lock-in Republicans as controlled opposition by destroying the populist challenge the way they had in 2014 with the Tea Party. Suffice it to say, it didn’t go according to plan . . .

    Nor has it gone according to plan since “Trump Must Go!” eventuated in the installation of the illegitimate Biden regime and Trump refused to concede.

    That’s the context in salient form to make sense of these midterms.

    McConnell and McCarthy — it seems I have to remind — were in charge of the Republicans’ Senate and House election strategy. They both counted votes for their leadership, not in pursuit of Trump’s crazy idea of electing as many Republicans as possible.

    Give the Democrats their due. They got complete compliance from establishment Republicans and then screwed their controlled opposition royally. Whereas GOPe bargained for an outcome that fit the narrative that ‘Trump really did it good this time!,’ the Democrats had other ideas.

    This became evident on election night and especially the next day. The Democrats ensured that the key races were not counted yet appeared to look like establishment Republicans winning and Trump endorsed candidates losing. This set the trap for little ron (De Santis) and the whole of the anti-Trump alignment within the Republican Party. Think about it, with the Democrats slow-rolling so many races that control of both Houses of Congress was unsettled along with key Governorships and more, there’s little ron and the whole GOPe declaring him the new leader of the Republican Party.

    Say what you will about the Democrats but they succeeded in training Republicans, sans Trump, to slit their own throats rather than risk being labelled “election deniers.” Have you heard nary a complaint from Mitchell or McCarty? What about the newly anointed leader of the Republicans, little ron?

    Speaking of whom, what the Democrats did to little ron is a sight to behold. Yes, it took $200M (a bag a shells for these characters) but they got a guy who was sailing to a big, well-deserved reelection win, to self-immolate by coming out as ungrateful (but for Trump the gay drug addict would have ended little ron’s political career in 2018), sneaky and untrustworthy. Not a pitch that is going to work with MAGA.

    The results should energize in their totality. Trump will announce on Tuesday he’s running for president in 2024. Even better would be him becoming Speaker in the new Congress. In any event, either Mitchell’s ship is sailed or he’s constant fuel on the Trump/MAGA fire as he gives away the store in the lame duck.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  100. Anon[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Hell, they even selected an ex actor. How appropriate.

    It his best acting performance ever. The scene at the Berlin Wall where he recited “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” remains his most memorable line for many.

    • Agree: Trinity
  101. Emslander says:
    @tito's vampire

    What about Trump for president De Santis for vice president in the 2024 elections?
    Is that possible?


  102. Cking says:

    Thank you Kevin MacDonald, However, No way the American electorate voted for Woke America, I don’t care if you are Jewish, Black, Asian, Latin, Native, Gay, Lesbian, whatever. I think everyone understands or has some inkling how evil Woke really is. Did the Republican Party betray us; yes they did. Yet I can’t see half the Democrats going along with this systemic evil, unless your job depends upon it. (And in many cases, your job depends on being politically ‘correct’) There is a certain amount of economic extorsion operated by the Wall St. owned political machine in our society, no doubt. Corporations are the worst, the offensive/suppressive force foisting Woke ideology and diktats upon its’ employees and customers. Nevertheless, systemic cheating, and very questionable Republican candidates that never mentioned the word Woke, simple enough, covered up, and leveraged by the powerful MSM driven Woke narrative bombardment is a monumental in-your-face war offensive. And all we get from the American people is the response of the ‘good loser’? It’s War.

    Yes, these people are at war against you and yours. I don’t understand the silence, as if it will go away. Woke questions the right of White men to exist; it comes out of Jewish Left ideology first voiced by Susan Sontag. It’s sentiment goes back to Heinrich Graetz’, ‘History of the Jews’, providing the ‘intellectual’ grist, provocation, and justification for exterminating the German people throughout Europe. I believe the British picked up Graetz, like Marx, as an asset in their ‘war against the Hun’.

    I believe the provocation and justification for annihilating the American White population exists and operates right now. Scientists have found ‘turbo’ cancer in vaccinated people. Covid vaccination policy is employed in population reduction; Never gets mentioned. What could the ‘great replacement’, Latin American invasion be? Cancelling the White man’s brain powered conceptions, creativity, vision, labor and constitutional rights to free speech, association, and political thought and organization, expressed in print and action, is fundamentally a warfare offensive against American people and Republic, no matter your color, no matter your color. Look what the American system of political economy did for China. Gee, can’t have that. Surely every college educated woman ought to perceive and know that cancelling White women and replacing them with mentally and emotionally, disturbed sterile men, and the sex transition program for your children, that a parent cannot question, not object to, is a Bolshevik mind-mangling warfare offensive conducted against your family and all humanity.

    A Jewish fella from Brooklyn, Admiral Hyman Rickover, Father of the Nuclear Navy, said, “show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser’. The Left’s midterm victory immediately perpetrates the breakup of the United States of America; facilitating the British plan to take down and/or take back America. The whole British Commonwealth is being torn up by police enforced, physical forced vaccination in the name of the Crown. What could the plan be? I fear there will be a day and only much violence will get us there.

  103. Timmy75 says:
    @RJ Macready

    “A bunch of cells is not alive” Much the same can be said of what little there is of your brain. End of discussion.

  104. @Anon

    Haha, good analogy – I’d also go with “I promise next time I want pull away the football, Chuck.”

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  105. Fred777 says:

    Having read the article and all the comments, one comes to an inescapable conclusion.

    Russia better win.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd, ariadna
  106. Z-man says:
    @Mark in BC

    You did a service by being a wrecking ball to the Statist Quo but, you only gave one whack and stopped, fractured but still standing. I don’t know why.

    Oh, that’s an easy one, because he was beholden to ‘his’ Jews.

  107. @meamjojo

    Wow. What a surprise. He-am-Jew-Jew first off the mark yet again, with a vicious comment to a new and deeply important White-based article.

    As others have pointed out here: Hasbara monitoring. Every. Single. Time.

    • LOL: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Angharad
  108. rienzi says:

    I think that Teddy Roosevelt’s populist Bull Moose party scared the crap out of the establishment back in 1912. He got more electoral votes than the Republicans who were almost erased. Must have terrified the establishment.

    Then, just coincidentally, we got female sufferage, direct election of senators, and worst of all, the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Everything since then just window dressing and electoral theater. If TPTB even think you may possibly be a threat to the system you will get “lone gunmanned” like Kennedy, George Wallace, and Reagan.

  109. @lloyd

    The Democrats are now the party of the professional class and oligarch. They haven’t done squat for laborers other dilute their earnings thru mass human migration, which is a far lucrative growth industry for the professionals then taking care of the home grown workers. Calling the Democrats the party of the workers is like me calling it the party of plantation owners. Both labels are historically accurate, but just that historical. Although with the oligarch involvement the plantation owner party is a tad more accurate then your early 20th century and now romantic one.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  110. Z-man says:

    Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
    H. L. Mencken

    If you vote, you have no right to complain. You wanted a master, and you got one.
    George Carlin

    Bears repeating.
    Thanks, RoatanBill.

  111. anastasia says:

    I love how they did this election. 74 percent of the people were dissatisfied with the present administration, and those same people went out and voted for them. The landslide that never came? Now we are faced with not even a win, and everyone is accepting it as true. How did they get people to accept the impossible? Well, first they grease you up by with false polls, then they lather on more with phony “neck and neck” contests,then they use a little shock therapy with the Fetterwoman win; then they disingenuously hold back the votes with the fairy tale that they are working their fingers to the bone and just can’t count that fast; then they dribble out a Republican loss or two and watch how the people slowly begin to “accept” it; then they keep holding back more vote counts, throwing hints that maybe the Republicans will lose even bigger than they thought. Nail biting is encouraged. By the time the culprits who have muzzled us with masks and who are impoverishing us all come out as winners, the people are completely conditioned and ready to accept the impossible. If it weren’t so pathetic, it would be comical.

  112. I would say this is a good sign of white awakening. Whites may finally be waking up to the fact that decades of acting as a captive voting block for Republican conmen has done nothing for them. Unfortunately, many still seem to not yet understand this. A true white awakening will result in the republican party being demolished.

  113. Z-man says:

    Agreed, what’s needed is a nationwide American Nationalist revolution.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @Durruti
    , @ariadna
  114. anastasia says:

    Well, it is they themselves who are planning the revolution, if revolution means forcible change in the social and economic order. It’s really not Republican, Democrat or Socialist. It’s all a uniparty called “greed”.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  115. @Brás Cubas

    I have no doubt that many “white nationalists” will be lining up to support zionist conman Desantis. “White nationalism” has always just been the fringe edge of the Republican party influencer ecosystem.

  116. profnasty says:

    In honour of our eponymous host, the great Ron Unz, I’d like to be the first to say….
    Merry Xmas!!

  117. The GOP works very hard not to be the white party. Voting for them isn’t really voting for white interests.

  118. @Clytemnestra

    Wow. A very full, interesting, valuable, completely accurate and very important summary of the state of play – which is somehow also well-reasoned, and completely grammatically-clear and correct. Thank you very much for this. You also somehow even managed to mention one of my own personal bugbears – “that creepy husband of [Ivanka Trump] who seems incapable of blinking naturally.” (For what it’s worth, I believe he’s an automaton from the same Jew laboratory as that moon-faced freak Zuckerberg).

    And Wow again ! You don’t seem to comment here very regularly. Ten comments – since 2015 ? Damn.

    For God’s sake, if you can write like this – sharp, clear, balanced and honest – when you feel like it, please knock out a couple of full-length articles and send them to Ron Unz for consideration. For reasons which are beyond me, Ron now insists on publishing the tedious, over-long, ultra-repetitive, foul-mouthed, garbled adolescent rants of a loser called “Jung-Freud” who I decline to read here any longer. In my view, your work would more than amply fill the gap left for an intelligent and focussed new writer here.

  119. @SS-The Independent

    You got anything to say apart from aphorisms?

  120. @anonymous

    Get some help.

    I recommend cyanide.

  121. @Z-man

    What would be the purpose of “American nationalism” for white people? Whites are going to be the minority in the USA and American culture is fundamentally anti-white. Nationalism has historically been a bad thing for minorities because nationalism is inherently assimilationist. Why would racially aware whites want to assent to some “American nationalist” mestizo kulturkampf that would seek to abolish their identity and assimilate them with the brown majority?

    • Replies: @Z-man
  122. @Realist

    I could be wrong, but Governor DeSantis’ strong understanding of Federalism gets my support. Other than actual revolution, which I doubt you have the stomach for, Federalism is part of the answer to the problem of the Feral Government Beast.

    Check here early next week, and I’ll explain the pros and cons of that voting argument to you.

    And yeah, LOL. like a little girl. That surely helps…

    • Replies: @Realist
  123. @anastasia

    And the ‘ power behind the throne ‘ ( behind the ‘ uniparty called ” greed ” ‘) is the money junkies, power addicted financial cabal ( ‘ we do God’s work ‘ – Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein ) with a mentality worst than that of the plantation’s owners. If it was only greed, there only will be ( shouldn’t, but it is since 1913 ) the so-called ‘ federal reserve ‘…without IRS. They controls the money supply, but they want more: to control us, EVERY human being on the Planet ! John D. Rockefeller quote: ‘ I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers ‘. To not forget that ( what Frederick Douglass said ) “Knowledge Unfits a Man to be a Slave”.

  124. The depth of our corruption and depravity is beyond redemption, so a total collapse of our ‘comfort and greed’ society is now inevitable ……

    Regardless of who is our president, politics alone will not solve our problem, since it is what issues from the alimentary canal of American life and culture. Like a house infested by termites, blaming the danged bugs is a cop out – and we copped out.
    Consider – empirical evidence alone tells us that both Christians and Conservatives have been AWOL from the real battlefield – CULTURE – it is NOT politics! Politics is the outage from the alimentary canal of national life and culture. We lost every institution over the last 100+ years – EVERY ONE – BY DEFAULT!
    Our pathetic attempts in fighting DaLastWar by voting for some self-declaring savior to redeem our own lack of action hasn’t cut it – has it? And yet we continue to repeat our feeble wishing-well efforts in avoiding DaRealWar – right in our own families, churches and communities – AWOL again. And those schools – which were started and maintained largely by C&C efforts have become fertile training grounds for servants of Satan – SHAMEFUL! WhereTF were WE? – a list of headnotes of articles which thoroughly explain the process of restoration……but an utter collapse must come first….and it will….after which another remnant must pick up the pieces….as per history.
    This Empire of Evil Lies is history!

  125. BlackFlag says:

    How is it possible to be 80 years old, smart enough to find, and yet so poor that you have to work a minimum wage retail job to make ends meet? All you would have to have done during the past 60 years is work a minimum wage job while paying down a basic mortgage in virtually any city for 10 years and by now you’d be a multimillionaire.

  126. gabon 45 says:

    elections are over as a political control device in blue and purple states – given the systems, mail in / no ID – cheating protocols available.

    only solution is Secession. The only effective vote is vote with your feet !

    DeSantis win was partly his administration but mostly:

    the ID required / no mail in / systems audited / and cops and department installed for election fraud- those are luxuries that few voters in America can use to safeguard their rights.

    • Thanks: WorkingClass
  127. @Clytemnestra

    The Democratic party is breaking up as we speak… All the good people ( non Jews and Gays) are totally disillusioned….

  128. Try to wrap your head around that. The great majority of White people—the one who aren’t seriously religious—tend to vote Democrat by a substantial margin. This a good indication of the hopelessness of the cause of getting White people to understand the need to start asserting their interests as Whites.

    It might be a different story if the GOP was actually pro-White, but instead the GOP worships Israel while attacking any pro-White sentiment within the party (see: Steve King). What do Whites gain from voting for a democrat-lite candidate that trots out every nonwhite conservative as some kind of god and can only promise tax cuts for their wealthy backers?

    I get that democrats are openly genocidal against Whites, but Republicans don’t actually provide a useful alternative for Whites who don’t hate themselves. And considering the GOP has shown more antagonism towards Trump’s stated ideology than the man himself, it’s clear that that won’t change for the foreseeable future. Republicans accept almost every leftist premise on race, and they are more concerned with assuring leftists who hate them how not racist they are, rather than stand up for their White voters.

  129. @SS-The Independent

    How can you have the full quote word-for-word – but not know who wrote it ?

  130. KenH says:

    I think the reason I was depressed is because I was expecting some signs of a White awakening.

    The Jew controlled Biden administration is the most nakedly anti-white in American history and yet 40% of whites rewarded them for it in the midterms. This means that since Democrats regularly receive 39-40% of their votes from whites their level of support remained the same and there was no consequences for their strident anti-whiteness. Either these whites are so ignorant that they are worthless as potential allies or are racial masochists or likely a combination of both.

    To Democrat voting whites, abortion, “preserving democracy” and fighting orange Hitler are all more important than hatred and discrimination of their fellow whites.

    This is dangerous because this trend will only embolden the anti-white Jewish led left. I believe it also means that whites are in a permanent civil war and will never be one people ever again. The decades long anti-racist/anti-white Jewish propaganda has been a success in that regard.

    Another danger sign to me was when Biden gave his demagogic prime time speech demonizing “MAGA Americans” as dire threats to democracy and presumably in need of summary arrest and execution. About 82% of Democrats approved of this speech.

    If there is a silver lining it’s that the Republican electorate is moving further to the right on a range of issues which is a first time so dissident right narratives have been effective in reaching and convincing them.

  131. 36 ulster says:

    True enough, but in fact it was a retarded geezer who did so–allegedly.

  132. @Bragadocious

    The Trump China ban came after Covid had become “community spread” in NYC, the Northeastern states and in West Coast major cities. It is useless to ban travel AFTER the virus has broken in (much like shutting the barn door after the livestock has left). The West had that same similar reaction, too late. Of course this likely was political theatre from Trump, like so much he did. There were lots more than Chinese virologists which brought about the SARS-CoV2 pandemic.
    SouthEast Asia, which deals with respiratory epidemics almost every year, shut out the Chinese and removed anyone who was sick in Customs; their Border control kept Covid out for a year or more. Ironically, places like NYC which totally mismanaged the pandemic, had a horrible initial death rate, but the healthy young survivors gained natural immunity from the early exposure to the Wuhan strain. Looking at data from other countries ( and it appears that countries with no access to vaccines, and US states which were largely infected before the vaccines fared much better after the first wave(s) and early strains. This suggests that natural immunity was much better (~27-fold in protecting against symptomatic Covid, according to Israel’s huge database comparing those recovered from Covid infection with the Pfizer jabs (Gazit et al, 2020).
    While the Elderly and Sickly may have benefitted from the mRNA vaccines early on, even that may be questionable (as noted by Iceland’s chief epidemiologist:
    The only thing stupider than the “Too late” travel bans were the vaccine mandates, which replaced excellent natural immunity (everyone pretty much has now been exposed to Covid) with mRNA vaccines that do NOT block Covid infection or spread and, according to their Gold Standard double blinded placebo controlled EUA clinical trials had no significant effect on death nor Covid death. They were EUA approved based on blocking symptomatic Covid, the same endpoint used to show that Natural Immunity is 27-fold better (Gazit et al, 2021).

  133. Both political parties are up to their eyes in voter fraud. GOP leadership never uttered a word about the obvious problems with mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and weeks of ballot harvesting and counting. They did nothing to stop this in states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania…all being states with Republican run legislatures. Let that sink in. Unless we go back to same day voting with paper ballots that are counted before midnight of election day, (as in Florida now), I shall never cast another vote. Do not validate an election process that is rife with fraud. Without the valid participation of the citizenry, the regime will be forced into open tyranny. And tyranny carries a steep price for the tyrants.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  134. @Zachary Smith

    God-given right to murder babies, yada yada.

  135. Z-man says:

    You focus on your narrow definition of American Nationalism and I’ll focus on mine. Good bye.

  136. Bookish1 says:

    Karl Von Clauevitz said war is an extension of politics. In other words when you can’t get what you want through elections force is the only other way.

  137. KenH says:

    At this point it’s unclear what level of Democrat fraud is playing in some of the races especially out on the West coast but in states that have instituted voter ID and tightened up election laws Republicans seem to do very well.

    Case in point is that both Florida and Georgia made elections law changes after 2018 and 2020.

    Republican governor Brian Kemp almost lost in 2018 to the rotund, gap toothed, white hating Staci Abrams but last week defeated her by nearly 8 points. Florida was always a battleground state and teetering between Republican and Democrat control but DeSantis won the governor’s race by nearly 20 points and Rubio won by about 15 points. Miami-Dade flipped Republican for the first time in decades.

    Prior to voting law changes instituted by DeSantis and the Republican legislature vote counting was a mess just like we’re seeing in Arizona, Washington, California and other states and the delays almost always favored Democrats. In 2012 I don’t think Florida was called for Obama until early December. Miami-Dade was always mysteriously “finding” thousands or tens of thousands of votes that favored Democrat candidates.

    Thanks to voter ID and stricter voting laws Trump won Florida by a bigger margin in 2020 than in 2016 by almost a factor of 3.

    • Agree: dimples
  138. geokat62 says:

    Excerpts from Trump destroyed the guardrails against antisemitism — and there’s no going back:

    As the reporter who broke that story, I recognized that the Bush campaign was acting in line with the Talmudic mandate to “build a fence around the Torah,” that is, to construct outer guardrails around the principles you hold dear…

    But few seemed to catch the nuance: What Gorka represented — metaphorically — was the breach of the fence around the White House that had stood from the rise of Hitler in 1933 until the Trump administration.

    Until Trump, no one could get anywhere near a U.S. president’s ear if they had sworn allegiance to an organization classified as a Nazi-allied group, written regularly for an infamous anti-Semitic newspaper, launched a political party with the former head of a neo-Nazi organization, or voiced support for a racist vigilante militia organized by that same organization.

  139. Nico X says:

    So what Zionist (Republican) or Communist (Democrat) did you vote for?

  140. @Bo Bo

    Your intuition doesn’t matter because it is based on how you’ve understood politics most of your life. You seem to have not comprehended that we are in a distinctly different paradigm now, and have been for awhile.

    It doesn’t fvcking matter who the Repubs run for POTUS in 2024 – he or she will be defeated. The election cheating is at huge scale and right in front of our faces and, STILL, many can’t even see it! WTH is wrong with people? Are they drugged? Just dumb?

    The pattern is CLEAR. The Marxists stole the House in 2018 with these delayed and some later flipped elections (a week or two after they were called – they flipped them!!). They also took some Governorships, State AG’s, local DA’s and more in 2018. All Dems.

    Election 2020, they repeated the same and amped it because it worked so well. They took the Presidency and the Senate plus more in the House and state level offices.

    Now, 2022 and the electorate is still ASLEEP while they engineer a Senate steal and very well might get the House, illicitly.

    Who cares about Trump or any specific Repub politician when all that ^^^ is going on?!

  141. Tlotsi says:
    @RJ Macready

    You’re a bunch of cells, too.

  142. anarchyst says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Actually, its “crazed conservative Catholics” who are going to dismantle “affirmative action” for good.
    A Protestant “supreme court” “rubber stamped” our present-day “civil-rights”, “affirmative action” and other socially destructive laws.
    It’s Protestant “justices” that expanded federal power over the states with the Wickard v. Filburn ruling–a big mistake which we are paying for to this present day.
    It is Catholic justices who will overturn previous unconstitutional decisions.
    Enough of the Catholic-bashing.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
  143. whodat says:

    Suppose it were true that the electorate was truly split 50/50 and saw no difference between the two parties in terms of equivalent moral valance — or something. Even given that, if you flip a coin half a million times, the number of heads does not approach the number of tails in the limit. Actually the number of heads divided by the number of tosses approaches 0.50 and the number of heads crazy close to number of tails is small
    for even moderate n.
    n=10000, k=5000 p=0.500000
    0.007979 = prob= B(k=5000 p=0.500000 n=10000)
    for 10,000 voters to get exactly half R and D, if true probability of vote is 1/2, is
    about .8 percent and for really large numbers of voters, its almost 0, so the reason
    we are getting this super super equal vote totals is NOT natural. The mail in drop box votes keep coming in until D > R by any tiny margin. So no sense gaping in wonder at how close the vote totals are. It’s not because some voting block size is super equal to another. That would not do the trick. and I do mean trick.

  144. Bro43rd says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Or the promnight promise, “just the tip”. Oops, we just got f****d.

  145. Realist says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Other than actual revolution, which I doubt you have the stomach for, Federalism is part of the answer to the problem of the Feral Government Beast.

    Whether one has the stomach for revolution or not plays no part in its necessity.

    You are whistling past the graveyard. Nothing will change until we go balls out.

    And yeah, LOL. like a little girl. That surely helps…

    More so than voting.

  146. @mark green

    “European-descended Americans have been split into waring ideological camps while ‘threatened minorities’ are permitted–even encouraged–to coalesce around their shared ancestry, traditions, language, and racial identities.”

    European-descended Americans have been split into waring ideological camps while ‘threatened minorities’ are permitted–even encouraged–to coalesce around their shared ancestry, traditions, language, identities and envy/hatred of Whitey.

    Fixed it for you.

  147. Realist says:

    Out of buttons, but agreed, and thanks.

  148. @BlackFlag

    BS. Explain just how one can manage to “buy” (then or now) a residential property of any kind on just a single minimum wage job and pay off the mortgage on time.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @BlackFlag
  149. When all SHTF, and CW2 breaks out across America, don’t think for a second that you and yours will be safe. They know everything you support, where you live and where you work and you will be open season for all of their WOKE GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLMWigger thugs to target you with impunity.

    Our framers gave us the 2nd because they knew traitors among us would kill us all if given the chance.

  150. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    Agreeing with McDonald about the hopelessness of dopey White douchebags, and their inability to come to terms with their racial uniqueness (((cause…Jews)))…. there is nothing left to say on my end.

    Bye bye Amoricaberg.

  151. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:


    And what’s your strategy Sammy Shabitz?

    Spit it the fuck out.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  152. @MLK

    The GOP leadership gave little reason for the rank-and-file to vote FOR them. McCarthy and McConnell are boring drags on the party who must be replaced. Mumbles should have lost his Leader post when he cost them the Senate in 2020. I’m no big fan of Newt Gingrich, but he’s outspoken and very articulate and had it right with his insurgent Contract With America that sunk Clinton’s House democrats in 1994.

    I doubt if all the close elections were stolen but enough of them probably were to keep the Senate in D hands and provide the House with only a token R majority. Only Kari Lake (the R’s rising superstar) campaigned on voter fraud and shutting down the border. As of this writing it’s not clear if she’ll beat back the steal in incompetent Maricopa County.

    Mr. McDonald speaks of wine-sipping “pro-abortion white women fanatics,” but why not turn it around and label extreme anti-abortionists “fanatics?” The fact that all referendums to limit abortion in Red States were defeated should tell you something. Women weren’t buying the Constitutional argument that the legality of abortion was just returned to the states. They weren’t about to give up a right they’ve had for fifty years.

    Let’s not forget which demographic has the most abortions per capita. It’s certainly not married white women. Anti-abortion Candace Owens said that 40 million more black babies (most from single women who don’t want them) would have been born if not for Roe v Wade. Let that sink in. If that is taken into consideration, it’s hard to argue, from a White perspective, that abortion should be illegal. I wonder how the election would have turned out if SCOTUS had just followed Justice Roberts advice and allowed Roe to “Stand?”

  153. The midterms clearly show that the elite media still has enormous influence

    This is one half of what went wrong, the obvious implication being that the majority of American voters are stupid (if you live in America you cannot deny the self-evident truth of this).

    The second half is that the Democrats, the political arm of the American Globalist Deep State, cheated and stole like crazy. Also self-evident, no matter what the Deep State’s propaganda organs (thinly) disguised as news media try to tell us to the contrary.

  154. @Clytemnestra

    You don’t stab your commanding officer in the back while fighting a war between good and evil.
    Do you honestly believe any of these other ass hat (((Judenhuts))) wankers will do any better, mean, seriously???

    You sound like another Benedict Arnold 2.0

  155. Currahee says:

    Said it before, saying it again: the total failure of HBD to penetrate the white smart fraction is the ongoing tragedy of our time.

  156. Anon[169] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bo Bo

    Trump will have caused the Democrat victory

    No, RINOs will provide the Democrat victory!

  157. @Cook

    When are you Americans going to understand that the whole process is staged managed.

    If “we” don’t understand this by now, long obvious as it has been, then I cannot be optimistic that “we” will ever understand it.

    I’m on the fence as to whether or not stupidity is solely responsible for it. Cowardice probably also plays a major role. White Americans flatulate loudly about resistance, but almost none are physically and logistically prepared for it. For as popular as the TeeVee show Preppers is among White Americans, almost none of them put any of the show’s features into practice. That takes forethought, planning, sacrifice, and commitment to accomplish, these being mental and moral virtues that White America lost or abandoned long ago.

    Dr. MacDonald may be right in his description of secession, but it’s shaping up to be a very distant event with far fewer participants than most now imagine. Based on that alone its odds of success are marginal, at best.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  158. geokat62 says:

    • Agree: Z-man
  159. Anon[492] • Disclaimer says:

    The media narrative was all about Latinos, Latinos, Latinos, becoming Republicans. Whether Left or Right, all media focused on this. Even now, they’re still at it! Saying that slowly but surely Latinos are shifting. This tells me that the US is hell bent on privileging Latinos and turning the US into a Latino country. Why are they talked about as a block when, the narrative goes, they are diverse in their political beliefs? The media talks out of both sides of its mouth because the only agenda is to make this a Latino dominant nation. It matters not what you say about their politics but only that you keep talking about them as THE most politically empowered relevant group. That no one sees this shows how easily manipulated Anglos, and their lackey other ethnics are. A nation of gullible sheep.

    There was a time when Latinos were said to be conservative because among other reason they opposed abortion, but now the Republican/ Right won’t say that about Latinos for that would be slanderous, even by so called Republican conservative pro -lifers. So the tropes left are, they love their families [ no one else does?] and are entrepreneurial [ Latinos chamber of commerce makes demands and has their demands met by the establishment privileging Latino businesses]. Now many Latinos are becoming Evangelicals, ditching their Catholicism. What’ s a Latino without their Catholicism? A protestant Latino is a deracinated wannbee WASP; i.e., a Christian -Zionist fanatic shill. That’s the agenda?

  160. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    My dear friend – it is possible to have earned good money for most of your life and still wind up at age 80, working a crap retail job to make ends meet. The path to that end is – firstly – your spouse gets a stroke that puts them in institutional nursing care for the last twelve years of their life. While in nursing care, you personally cannot sell any joint property, plus you are at the mercy of our medical care system which requires you to pay any outrageous medical charge that they can dream up. You cannot sell your own house without hiring a lawyer to look after your spouse’ interests. That, my friend, is the law – it does not matter if your incapacitated spouse doesn’t know a nickel from a dollar. Medicare does not cover long term medical care – and even if you had long term medical care insurance – it runs out after a couple of years. And, forget state Medicaid – “You have a house, don’t you – sell that”, to complete the Catch 22! Also forget trying to take care of your spouse yourself – too many little “busy beavers” will “do good” by turning you in to the authorities.
    Sure – I had paid off a mortgage, but my spouse lived through the “hot real estate” market and she finally died when houses in cities sold for less than half than they did before.
    I don’t mind your advice – it is that you just have no idea as to how it really is. The guy without a ditch to dig always thinks it is a simple job.

    • Thanks: BlackFlag
    • Replies: @24th Alabama
  161. @anonymous

    Nigga Pleez, analnymous, u makes me laugh hahaha..hehehe

    The only hell I see is when synagogue’s of Satan start popping up in every town across America.

    Oh wait, they’re already here under the guise of Christian house’s of worship.

  162. @Bo Bo

    The candidate that the Republicans need is someone with Trump’s money and DeSantis’s political acumen. Unfortunately, no such person exists on the alt-right. Billionaires, almost by definition, owe their fortunes to having “played ball” with the Deep State Establishment.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  163. @The Alarmist

    Well, Brittaney Griner doesn’t seem thrilled at the prospect of Siberian relocation.

  164. Your vote is giving up your voice. Voting is treason.

  165. @Zachary Smith

    What Kentucky sees in that jerk is truly beyond me.

    “Kentucky” sees nothing in the PoS Bitch McConman. Kentuckians hate his guts as much as the rest of the country does (I have this on good authority from family living there).

    Bitch owes his seat in the Senate to the same powers to which Nancy Pelosi owes her House seat (Nancy’s Frisco constituents hate her guts, too): (((Deep State))) money and those who control the election machinery in their respective states. The will of the peopl has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  166. Durruti says:

    so keep voting and keep writing letters to santa, asking for a shiny new democracy pony.

    the only hope, imho, is the russians smashing nato to bits, pulling down the u.s. imperial golem (which, please remember, has feet of clay).

    I am responding to one of the best comments underneath MacDonald’s article.

    As long as “the only hope” is for someone/s else to do the hard (and dangerous) work of confronting Zionist Imperialism’s largest puppet occupied nation, and by translation, Zionism itself, then, indeed, “All hope abandon ye who enter here.” – Dante Alighieri.

    Freedom cannot be achieved by the gift of some foreign nation. We either, free ourselves, we Restore our Republic which was destroyed utterly in the Coup D’état of November 22, 1963, or we will be – forever an Enslaved, Occupied Nation. The Irish Nationalists understood. They declared “Ourselves Alone!” They received no help in achieving their freedom, and expected none.

    We only earn our right to enjoy Freedom, LIBERTY, if we achieve it ourselves.

    The “u.s. imperial golem” does not have “feet of clay.” Its’ feet are well clad, enclosed, imprisoned, in Zionist boots, boots with chains attached by MOSSAD protected Money Changers. We must break those chains – OURSELVES ALONE. There will be no help coming. No Santa, no Elvish angel.

    There is no one who will write this on this Forum (& Unz will not accept my articles).

    This so-called ‘election’ is controlled by the Power Elite. They add and subtract votes as they please. How will the Sheep ever know? Few would dare to ask, or even suggest, that it is not the votes that count, but who count the votes.

    A Republic, with its Separation of Powers, combined with a chaotic, but (mostly) honest Democratic Electoral Political Culture, is the only positive direction, goal, for a free Citizenry. But to achieve this beautiful ideal, to empower this HOPE, we will need to fight!

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  167. @Desert Fox

    So can the vote tabulators be programmed remotely (at least some). This is the company who makes the paper ballot tabulators that I just fed my ballot into on Tues.

    Note the Remote Access Controversy section. Here’s an excerpt:
    By installing remote access software allowing the machines to be accessed via the internet, the machines are vulnerable to being “hacked” remotely, allowing the counting to be altered surreptitiously, or malware to be installed to affect an election result. Motherboard, the site that originally published the story, called the remote access software installation “the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.”

    Too many people seem to entirely focus on Dominion machines and don’t realize there are other companies making them too. Funny how ownership of those companies is always vague. Yeah…

  168. lloyd says: • Website
    @Old and Grumpy

    Many workers vote Democrat because their families have done for generations. Trump voiced their anxieties. His political hangers on can come across as opportunist Republican millionaires who are historically hated by Democrats. John Steinbeck wrote, “American workers want to be millionaires”. Trump’s great wealth doesn’t bother them. Their support for him is really cultic and he’s losing it. DeSantis’ support is he turned out to be right about Covid. But the media won’t admit that. That crosses Party lines. He also presents himself well and has been an affective leader with Florida’s natural disasters. That helps.

  169. Dr McDonald: if I moved my 95% North Western European genome to the United States whose genomes should I associate myself with tto give a community with which I can feel solidarity?

    I couldn’t handle those 35% [or an %] born again evangelicals though I might find a a sufficiently secular music loving Episcopal
    priest to conduct my memorial service. And the White Trash descendants of bonded labor in the South don’t beckon. Advice needed.

    BTW what explains the brains of black people like Kwasi Karteng, and the Igbo more generally in West Africa? Some kind of caste system?

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  170. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Most of us DO UNDERSTAND it.

    Our voices and views are silenced by the BIG KIKE MACHINE.

    When will you understand that?

  171. Durruti says:

    Agreed, what’s needed is a nationwide American Nationalist revolution.

    What would be its Program? What would a “Nationalist revolution” hope to achieve?





    How would this “revolution” be organized? Generalizations acceptable here:

    • Replies: @Z-man
  172. SafeNow says:

    When Gavin Newsom was campaigning for governor, he used a phrase that jumped-out at me: “My partnership with Joe Biden.” The obvious implication was that Newsom has the inside track to, wink wink, nod nod, bring home the federal gimmies. Of course many voters assume this ability exists. But it was a new low to come right out and assert that he has a “partnerhip.”

  173. @follyofwar

    Mr. McDonald speaks of wine-sipping “pro-abortion white women fanatics,” but why not turn it around and label extreme anti-abortionists “fanatics?”

    You make a very good point. The abortion debate deserves to be a side show, not a starring and eternal feature of America’s Culture Wars. Conservatives should not be devoting energy to re-enact laws which force women to bring unwanted children into this world. That said, I am glad that Roe was overturned. It is a victory for States’ Rights and self-rule. Besides, abortion is destined to remain safe and legal in virtually all areas of the US. So let’s move onto some really serious problems. Border security and avoiding war with Russia are just two which are far more urgent.

    As for abortion, we must allow people manage and shape their own future and local cultures. Regional differences should re-emerge in a country of this size and this diverse. This is healthy for a free and dynamic society; otherwise, dominant forces out of NY and Calif. will continue to create one huge, artificial, top-down culture. Just turn on your TV if you want to see the kind of future that they envision. Yuk! We must therefore strive to decentralize all media and political power which, at present, is far too consolidated.

    As for the abortion debate, I like to compare it to the alcohol prohibition experiment which tore our nation apart a century ago. Are you aware that there are still dozens of counties around the country where you may not purchase any alcoholic beverage? (Google: dry county.) In some areas of the US, you have to drive 100 miles to purchase a six-pack of beer! Amazing, but true.

    So why not let abortion be treated similarly? I like to drink so I will never settle in a ‘dry county’, but I’m glad that they are allowed to exist. Ditto for abortion (pro or con). One size does not fit all.

  174. Z-man says:

    1. Remove all Neocon Globalists from our foreign policy apparatus including most of the ‘Think Tanks’ in DC. Of course end our subservience and financial aid to Zion.

    2 Abolish all affirmation action and ‘Great Society’ laws and rules.

    3. Stop all immigration.

    4. Have a ruthless policy against criminals, both violent and white collar ones.

    A leader has to emerge with the aid of a disgruntled populace including segments of the current political and governmental structure.
    That, is the hard part.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Robert Dolan
    , @Durruti
  175. @Weave

    Yup. I’m in small town Texas. I meet newcomers all the time. Mostly from California and Pacific North West but also from blue Texas cities. I try to encourage like minded people to come home to Red America. It’s good to be among people who don’t hate you. It will be especially good when the economy collapses.

  176. @mocissepvis

    Much of what you say is true, however…

    The will of the people has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    … that is not entirely accurate.

    An electorate is often pragmatic. Whether it’s Pelosi or McConnell, their voters grasp that having them as leader of the House or Senate confers benefits to their respective states. There are only 100 Senators so, if KY has THE ONE that is leader of that powerful body, they are inclined to vote for him even if they don’t like him so much. How many decades would it take for KY to acquire Senate leadership again if McConnell was out? So, self-interest reigns.

    Although, I’m sure all of those Congressional leaders wrangle massively, and cheat, at the state level to make sure only weak candidates run against them in the primaries.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  177. This message is for Kevin MacDonald:

    Where were you when Republican President Trump had both chambers of Republican Congress, but refused to build a wall in the southern-border?

    Where were you when Republican President Bush II took America military to topple Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti in order to destabilize the entire Middle East while wasting trillions of American dollars?

    Where were you when Republican President Reagan gave amnesty to all illegal foreign-borns residing within the U.S.A. in order to invite millions more to come to the United States illegally?

    Where were you when Republican President Nixon bombed Cambodia and caused deaths of millions of South Asians via the Khmer Rouge?

    Where were you when Republicans in both chambers of U.S. Congress voted for bringing in EVERY YEAR over 90 thousands foreign-born as well as foreign-educated workers in order to displace white-collar American workers?

    So, Kevin MacDonald, as a White Irish-American male please stop shedding crocodile’s tears now.

    Instead, please swallow some barbiturates along with half-a-bottle of Tennessee whiskey and never wake up again.

    • Troll: ben tillman
    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  178. Short and simple, begin or start a civil war and kill every democrat.

  179. @meamjojo

    Allow me to dispel the gloom:
    A recent study revealed that White lesbians have the lowest abortion rate of any demographic.

    That makes sense because,if you pay $10 G to get knocked up, well…
    The bad news is that the majority were Jewish.

  180. Europa will start and hopefully Americans will follow, start a civil war or nothing will change.
    Or wait for this to be happening,

    Many democrats will be death 😘 till 2024 those idiots are( most of them because they are Sheep 🐏) vaccinated ♥️so don’t worry republican people.

  181. @Zachary Smith

    Regarding the Author’s hurt feelings about the recent election, I’d suggest he widen his reading beyond the standard rightwingnut and White Nationalist sites.

    I cannot picture anyone less suited to giving sound reading advice to Kevin MacDonald than Zachary Smith, a self-appointed expert on all things animal, vegetable, and mineral. On second thought, Smith finishes in a dead heat with meamjojo. Talk about a pair of guys that no one would want on his team …

    In my humble opinion …

    This comment by Smith is one of many where the most notable thing about humility is its absence.

  182. I should also mention that, even assuming there was no fraud, the Democrats obviously know how to game the current system, often with the help of laws they put in place making it super easy to vote. And they even engaged in dirty tricks like funding Republicans they thought, correctly as it turns out, who would be weak candidates.

    I do not understand why Kevin wants to make voting super difficult for Americans.

    Certainly anyone paying attention could understand why there would be a GOP tsunami: rampant inflation and a weak economy that may well slide into a deep recession; crime, especially by Blacks, in the big cities (conservative media was full of videos depicting horrible crimes, almost all by Black men); …….

    Kevin is complaining about Black crime while the world is facing a nuclear holocaust which for sure is not going to be the work of Blacks.

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  183. @SS-The Independent

    Brother, if this is your original work, do take credit for it. It sums up perfectly the sentiments of so many of us who have had efuckingnough. It deserves attribution.

  184. Cook says:

    Yes you vote, you spoil your ballot and leave nasty messages, take a photo and stick it on a dedicated site.

    Once this site had a greater number of votes than the election then you know its time to rally and remove the scum.

    • LOL: Realist
  185. @anon

    What elephant might that be? Dr. MacDonald certainly did NOT ignore the most significant of the (((elephants))).

  186. Liza says:

    It’s good to be among people who don’t hate you.

    They may not hate you because of your race, but they might find other reasons to do so. I see so many people searching for others to look down on. They will always find a reason for these attitudes. I’d say we are like animals in a too-small cage. Even the most genetically similar animals will claw at each other. JMO…

  187. Z-man says:

    Oh yeah, reduce the new government by at least half of the current corrupt one.

  188. @WorkingClass

    I try to encourage like minded people to come home to Red America.

    Red America ? ha ha ha!!!!

    Born in Lambeth, South London, to a working-class family, Livingstone joined Labour in 1968 and was elected to represent Norwood at the GLC in 1973, Hackney North and Stoke Newington in 1977, and Paddington in 1981.

    That year, Labour representatives on the GLC elected him as the council’s leader. Attempting to reduce London Underground fares, his plans were challenged in court and declared unlawful; more successful were his schemes to benefit women and several minority groups, despite stiff opposition.

    The mainstream press gave him the moniker “Red Ken” in reference to his socialist beliefs and criticised him for supporting republicanism, LGBT rights, and a United Ireland.

  189. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    the noblest motive for national socialism is that democracy/popular sovereignty/self-determination, liberty, the rawlsian optimum, etc. are impossible:

    1. with free trade and free flow of capital and people, AND…

    2. with a multi-ethnic society.

  190. @Wizard of Oz

    “I couldn’t handle those 35% [or an %] born again evangelicals though I might find a sufficiently secular music loving Episcopal priest to conduct my memorial service” – You may not like those “born again evangelicals,” but none of them will be pushing CRT nor LGBTQ values on you, your children, or your grandchildren.

    You may not believe what they do but living in a Red State where they are a sizable population, you will find greater freedom and liberty to do as you please. They will not seek to have you terminated from your job if they discover you believe differently as liberals are more than happy to do (unless you try to read stories to their children in drag!). They will not seek to pressure banks and other institutions to close your monetary accounts because you think differently than them. They will not beat you in the streets because they discover you’re a liberal or a non-Christian.

    If they are so intolerable, then simply ignore them. Find the Reddest State possible and move there if you can. You will find yourself in better company than in most Blue States by far. If you are socially and politically conservative, you will yourself in much more agreeable conditions. However, if you are politically liberal, stay the heck of out Red States!

    I don’t know how old you are, but you shouldn’t have to ask Dr. MacDonald: “If I moved my 95% North Western European genome to the United States whose genomes should I associate myself with to give a community with which I can feel solidarity?” Do your homework. Do your research. If not, it’s probably best to stay where you currently are.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  191. @SS-The Independent

    Frank Zappa Armory Fieldhouse, University of Cincinnati on 7 May 1980..

    I set up(helped set up) 2000 folding chairs, Frank sat alone on a stool (his sound check) that day, mid afternoon and invited each of us volunteers to take a seat and listen.

    Thank you for an opportunity to share this musical memory..

  192. @Z-man

    There is no shortage of leaders. There is simply no way that one of us could ever make it through the vetting process run by organized jewry and the GOP is part of that process.

    There are no political solutions.

    • Agree: Weave, Chuck Orloski
  193. @The Real World

    The problem with your argument is that you’re claiming that the majority of constituents of these PoSes actually benefit tangibly from their Congressional leadership positions. There is scant evidence of this. Sure, a privileged few will benefit, and the largesse they receive might “trickle down” to A FEW of the hoi polloi (“defense” contractors are a prime example of this). However, the constituency as a whole benefits not at all. Indeed, like everyone else outside of said constituency who is not the direct recipient of the politician PoS’s ill-gotten largesse, the majority of the constituency is usually hurt by what the PoS politician does with its office.

    That the Cabal’s PR Machine (a.k.a. the mainstream media) has managed to convince massive swaths of the Amoricon sheeple that the political arse-raping they’re taking from “their” PoS politicians is actually a curative medicinal enema is testament to the hopelessly permanent brainwashed state of the majority.

  194. @Robert Dolan

    Totally agree, the zionists are in control of the ZUS government and have been since 1913 , when the zionists saddled America with the zionist privately owned IRS and FED, which are 2 of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and then came the zionist perpetrated wars and debt and American deaths in the zionist wars, America is under zionist communist control.

    Congress is the lower house of the knesset and this was proven by the Israeli and traitors in the ZUS governments attack on the WTC on 911 and blamed on the muslims, to have the excuse to destroy the middle east for Israels greater Israel agenda, and every thinking America knows the truth about the WTC and 911, to see how they did it, go to and

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and they are destroying America.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  195. Z-man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Then an armed revolt it is, including removing the financiers and radically adjusting the financial system. That would involve a lot of upheaval but as the saying goes ‘no pain, no gain’.

  196. I think the point about needing to feel virtuous is an excellent one.

    By manipulating what is held to be ‘virtuous,’ Jews have rigged the game.

    Think about it. It is ‘virtuous’ to accept unpleasant — and improbable — election results. It is ‘virtuous’ to not feel prejudiced towards blacks. It is ‘virtuous’ to accept immigrants. It is ‘virtuous’ to tolerate flamboyant and even aggressive homosexuals. It is ‘virtuous’ to not be suspicious of Jews. Even an unqualified right to abortion is ‘virtuous’ — which is really ridiculous.

    We let the Jews stack the deck — and then we lose every hand. Go figure.

  197. @Robert Dolan

    ‘There is no shortage of leaders. There is simply no way that one of us could ever make it through the vetting process run by organized jewry and the GOP is part of that process.

    ‘There are no political solutions.’

    Yes on one, maybe not on two.

    I was thinking about the South during Reconstruction this morning. They faced a situation similar to ours: a rigged system relying on a captive electorate had been imposed on them.

    They fought it, and overcame it. We can do the same.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  198. @Old Brown Fool

    It depends on what you mean. I personally am skeptical of the claim that the whole nation-wide voting process was faked in either 2020 or 2022. But I do think that within several states there was some funny business that went on which tipped the electoral count to Biden in 2020, and I think some things were fudged in a few states now too. The scene in Nevada makes me very skeptical of what down there. I also have suspicions about Arizona and a few others. But I find it hard to believe that Republicans really scored a great KO-blow that some had predicted, and it was then stolen. What seems more likely is that in an honest vote-count the Republicans would have come out with a clear but not massive lead in the House and Senate. As far as the governors’ races go, the Republicans probably did have some races stolen from there too. But I admit that I don’t see the signs of a massive Republican sweep having been stolen away. It’s more like when a basketball game is running very close and a referee who was paid off by one of the teams makes some unreasonable calls which skew the outcome.

  199. Durruti says:

    A leader has to emerge with the aid of a disgruntled populace including segments of the current political and governmental structure.
    That, is the hard part.

    You understand the difficulty.

    Your beginning 4 points are all programmatic advocacies. We’ve heard them all before. Politicians’ promises. To achieve these goals, these promises, we must win our Freedom.

    The KEY difficulty is? Who will bell the cat?

    Your concluding sentences begin to wrestle with the HOW to achieve LIBERTY. If it was easy to achieve Freedom, Restore our Republic, even the Palestinians might have their country back.


    We are Prisoners. There are armed guards on the wall.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  200. @SS-The Independent

    The quotation began turning up regularly earlier this year. It has been widely attributed to Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, but no one seems to have provided a reference to a book or speech of Solzhenitsyn’s. Whenever anyone is asked for a source, he says he doesn’t know.

    One of the people who cited the quote paired it with another quote, one that I recognized straight away as being from The Gulag Archipelago. I do not, however, recognize the “men who want to be left alone” quote, and nothing about it stirs any connection in my mind with The Gulag Archipelago. of course, it’s been forty years or more since I’ve looked at the book.

    Unfortunately, no one asked that commenter where in Solzhenitsyn the quotes came from. The presence of two Solzhenitsyn quotes in the same comment, one of which is unquestionably genuine, suggests both that that guy might have been the first citer and that he thus might actually have known what he was citing!

  201. @RockaBoatus

    RB: You truly rock on this analysis. Huge socio-political problem…the cognitively-dissonant comfortably numb. Edjumacated, particularly with more than one set of letters following their surnames. Majority of them women, who are readily motivated by moralistic and emotional Bernaysian appeals. And most of them are SUB-urbanites.

    For a full year I happened to be residing in a 4th tier Minneapolis suburb. The whole George Floyd blowup was the go-to on the nicely local news. From more alternative sources I learned that pallets of bricks were conveniently located near small businesses along Lake Street, Chicago Avenue and Cedar Avenue. Antifa (likely a CIA supported front) and BLM, a George $orrow$ creation and donee, were burning and trashing buildings.

    The young Jewish mayor of Minneapolis did not ask for National Guard troops to stop the outrages. (surprise, surprise). Ditto the equally late 20’s something Black mayor of St. Paul. And Minnesota’s goobernator, Walz, who had full control over National Guard deployment, did absolutely nothing to quell the outrages.

    Yes, the Democraps were into this thing up to their eyeballs. What did the state’s Republican leaders do about it? A few of them huffed and puffed a bit. Nothing substantial.

    The 4th-tier burb in which I resided was a learning experience for a country-livin guy like myself. In the spring, one day I heard someone in the neighborhood start up his riding lawnmower and before the week was over, the whole neighborherd was chiming in perfect unison. Ditto, the chemical warfare boys, out to remove dandelions from the quarter-acre yards, were soon out in force.

    Insanity. No friggen common-sense whatsoforever.

    A deliberately crumbling economy and the destruction of food processing plants along with the imposed scarcity of diesel-fuel appears to be part of the looming long, dark winter agenda. Ditto, the ongoing push for more jabs for the clueless.

    This scheme could backfire, as prices skyrocket and shortages of food and other necessities become commonplace. Major cities, come the month of May, may become hell on earth. Scenario: Inner city mobs begin raiding first vehicles and then homes in more upscale neighborhood within the cities themselves. Then they hit the prissy, preppy burbie-babies. Outraged suburban daddies haul out their shotguns and deer-rifles. Carnage and Mayhem.

    The Body-actor playing the role of His $enility in the Oval Orfice declares Martial Law. Those thousands of Homeland Security types, heavily armed in advance, augmented by some tens of thousands of those 5.5 million illegal immigrants (many already having received U.$. Military training in their homelands); the assaults on freedom-fighters are made all across the fruited-plain. In some states they will be faced by National Guard troops and by sheriff’s posses. In the heavily rural areas, the invaders will be cut down by groupings of brothers, in-laws and cousins, all of whom have quietly talked this over with their buds.

    Our ruptured republic will fall apart at the seams. ADL members and Talmudists of all persuasions will line up at the best protected airports and will sit in line, clutching their boarding numbers, for the next incoming flight of El Al, and some conscripted airliners from other sources. Those rats leaving the sinking ship behind will all be armed with gold, diamonds and a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv.

    The U.S. military in all of this? Airfarce types will cringe in their underground bunkers in Cheyenne Mountain and similar redoubts. Army troops will mutually self-destruct in many situations. The Navy guys will huddle on their bases and in their vessels. Led mostly by non flag-rank officers and lifer non-coms ,may well lead the Marines to defend what remains of America.

    What I have outlined may not happen, but it COULD occur as early as next May. Good idea to get your affairs in order and to make some contingency plans.

    We are entering America’s Winter of Discontent.

    • Replies: @Anon
  202. So tired of Kevin MacDonald. Lives off a taxpayer funded pension for his inadequate work at Long Beach State. He stirred up controversy and was rewarded with pay for NO WORK. He is shameful.

  203. @Charles Martel France

    So tired of Kevin MacDonald. Lives off a taxpayer funded pension for his inadequate work at Long Beach State. He stirred up controversy and was rewarded with pay for NO WORK. He is shameful.

  204. Z-man says:

    Yes we are prisoners.
    The wall must be demolished. When is the question.

  205. BlackFlag says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Sir, I’m not going to crunch numbers. Just remember that this guy was born in 1942! Say he could have gotten a mortgage at any time from 1960-1990. To be savvy enough to find at 80 years old, we have to assume his IQ during peak years was at least 130. Hard to believe he couldn’t have put say $250-500/month towards a mortgage on a 50-100k house which would be worth 10x+ as much nowadays. Could’ve repeated this a few times and by now own multiple properties. Alternatively, could have put a few k per year in the S&P 500. Surely he must have an interesting life story but more likely is flame.

  206. Democrats fell headfirst into the Covid Cult, including taking the death jabs at about a 2:1 ratio compared to Republicans. Give that mess another 2-4 years to play out on top of petrodollar collapse, imperial military defeat, and BRICS++ sanctions/tribunals and we just might have a chance.

  207. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is possible unless we address the JQ.

    Kanye has done more than GOP, all the conzos, tucker, trump, and the rest combined for noticing Jewish Power. Indeed, notice how Jews totally freaked out about his touching on the JQ. Jewish supremacists know that nothing is more threatening to their power than honest discussion of it.
    Honest discussion of Jewish Power is like sunlight to Dracula. Of course, decent Jews have nothing to fear because they play fair, but current Jewish Power is based on so many lies and so much abuse. Just ask the Palestinians.

    The sad fact of American Politics is Jews abuse conservatives the most, but conservatives cuck to Jews even harder. Jews kick conservatives like dogs, and conservatives, instead of sympathizing with Palestinians, kick Palestinians even harder to win some points with Jews(seen as the master race).
    And it’s not just the GOP but people around Jared Taylor who go on and on about black thugs and the Mooooooslims but remain mum about Jewish use of nonwhites against whites. Duke is a much better man.

    The truth about Jewish Power is the Achilles Heel of Jewish Power.

    A democracy is one where we oppose and challenge the power. Jews rule the US, but we can’t notice patterns of Jewish Power and influence and abuse thereof? Not a democracy but an ethnocracy.

    Same in UK. When Bozo the clown and Tories won big last time, there was a lot of celebration… but NOTHING changed because Bozo and Tories were just another bunch of whories to the Jewish Globalists.

    Anglo disease is cucking to Jews like a pathetic bunch of whores, and that’s both parties.

    Anyway, given the craven worthlessness of GOP and American politics, the discussion of JQ has to happen OUTSIDE politics.

    • Agree: KenH, Hulkamania
  208. KenH says:

    I think the problem is that on the heels of Roe being struck down you had blockheads like gubernatorial candidate Mastriano calling for total abortion bans even in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother and Lindsey Graham who said a GOP congress would work to institute a nationwide 15 wk abortion ban. This after some in the GOP said it was a states rights issue which it is. The left called attention to this GOP hypocrisy but never their own.

    Those two men alone provided lots of fodder for the left to scare their base silly and neurotic feminist women and white women in particular who would literally immolate themselves to keep abortion legal.

    GOP types got ahead of themselves and went whole hog for abortion bans or near bans instead of adopting an incremental approach to restricting abortion similar to how the Jew led radical left has used incrementalism spanning decades to attack the second amendment and render it almost meaningless.

    The bigger problem is stupid people thinking abortion rights are absolute when it isn’t even mentioned in the Constitution while they think the second amendment, which is mentioned in the Constitution, can and should be restricted to the point of abolition by elected representatives.

    The same pro-abortion nuts who prattle about “my body, my choice” and medical privacy were some of the biggest proponents of forced vaccinations and masking. When it came to mRNA vaccines it was not your body and the government’s choice (to vaccinate you).

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  209. anon[103] • Disclaimer says:

    The West seems to be overrun with jewish led homosexual ‘secret societies’ of late. We’ve had a steady supply of them as leaders since Bush, Sr., with the exception of DJT. Seems like they were a ‘thing’ back in ancient Greece and Rome, but they ‘ran out of gas’ due to having no more substance than ‘muh dik is gawd’.

    Enter the Khazarian Jew and its lengthy infiltration of European Royal Society with Sabbatean Frankist dogma (satanic ‘mysticism’) beginning in the 18th century. All of the sudden, homosexual ‘secret societies’ became a ‘thing’ again, just with a khazarian twist.

    Sadly, western governments and militaries seem to be overrun with these ‘societies’, operating right out in the open. Look at Paul Pelosi and his ‘beard’. Mike Pence is a ‘no brainer’. Washington and the Pentagon – no brainers.

    Russia was nearly done in by the Jews and the homosexual societies back in 1917. Not today, as they have largely been jettisoned both due to their extreme undermining of the modern Russian Nation. The jewish-homosexual ‘trojan horse’ under disguise as worker’s rights and worker’s paradise was an interesting and effective cover.

    Today in Western Civilization, the same jewish-homosexual ‘trojan horse’ has succeeded in undermining ALL western institutions, not overnight but over the last couple of centuries or so. What shall we do? Cave in and risk disaster like 1917 Russia?

    Crooked local, state and national elections in America are nothing new. Today, we have a bit more transparency to see the hijinks. America is long past due for a Nacht der langen Messer, but without an Austrian Corporal in charge. Hitler was a true orator but not the best visionary.

    Adolf Hitler died on February 13th, 1962 in Argentina. Martin Bormann was rumored to have died during 1959 in Paraguay.

  210. @RockaBoatus

    I have said for the past several years that no substantial change in outlook will occur among Whites until they have suffered great losses in terms of finances and general comfort.

    I don’t know about that.

    When Germans went through the hellish Weimar years, they didn’t worship Jews, let alone blacks. So, when push came to shove, they united as Germans.

    But now, whites worship Jews and blacks(and homos). Human psychology is such that the gods are never questioned. Look at the pagan cultures. Gods punish mankind in all sorts of ways, but mankind just offers more sacrifice.

    Look at the Jewish Religion. God smites people here, there, everywhere. God even bashes His Chosen, the Jews. But He is always worshiped.

    In the 1920s Germany, people regarded Jews as people who can be good or bad. When Germans saw them as bad, they acted.
    But now, whites see Jews as godly and holy. So, no matter what Jews do, it’s beyond criticism.
    And same with blacks. Whites now worship MLK and rappers as gods. So, even when blacks do BLM pogroms at the behest of Jews, all we get from whites is more cuckery, more sacrifices, more offering.

    Jews ass-raped Trump so much and whipped that boy like a dog. But what is Trump doing? He’s still sucking up to Jews and competing with DeSantis as to which goy is the bigger dog of Jews.

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  211. @Colin Wright

    OMG, I just never cease to be amazed. Do you not grasp the vast number of and monumental differences between the 2020s and the mid-1800s?

    Please describe what you think they are?

    I’ll supply just one hint. 44 seconds
    Could either side do that in the 1800s? Can the plebeians do it in the 2020s?

  212. Yeah, Red Power. No more immigration. This is Indian land.

    All non-Indians must get on their knees as invaders of Indian land. No more mass invasion.

    Video Link

  213. Notsofast says:
    @Patrick McNally

    i’ll bet your favorite basketball team is the washington generals, just keep betting on them, they’re overdue for a win.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  214. @mocissepvis

    Desantis sucking off Jews like he’s GRIDS patient zero in a California bath house shouldn’t really be called “political acumen.” It doesn’t take any skills to identify jews as the most important power center in the USA and then become devoted to serving them. It only requires a lack of self-respect and willingness to debase oneself.

    • Agree: Zane
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  215. map says:

    What are you talking about? The Democrats can manufacture votes out of thin air and you think Trump is a nice person who will somehow change that?

    The US is officially a one-party state dictatorship with a fake opposition party that will engage in election theatre and loses every time. Stick a fork in the US, because the country is done. All it is left is for Russia to wipe out NATO and for the dollar reserve currency to collapse. Then you can look forward to nuclear bombs going off up and down the east coast.

  216. Maybe you should move to Russia, Kevin, to relieve your depression.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Troll: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @mark green
  217. I was quite worried that the Democrazies might lose, but fairly certain that it would be rigged. No unrigged elections will now occur in the USA-the Deep State has chosen the Democrazies as their team, and, unless the vestiges of Trumpist populism are excised, the Reptilians will never win again. A Denocrazy victory ensures more US decay and collapse, whereas the Reptilians might just have halted it, a dreary prospect. The sooner the USA is de-colonised into several new countries the better for the world, including Americans.

  218. @KenH

    Abortion may not be in The Constitution, but it goes back through ALL human history, and is even practised, with plant abortificients, by our primate relatives. I don’t doubt that in the halcyon days in the garden, before the patriarchy imposed its dominance, it was a matter of no great significance, practised when and if necessary to prevent unsustainable mouths being added to the family, tribe or village.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Thanks: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Getaclue
    , @Ray Caruso
    , @KenH
  219. @Patrick McNally

    There only needs to be tactical vote theft, ballot stuffing and machine malfunction, in a number of places, to avert a large swing, a matter of a few percent. The exit polls, showing big swings in most demographics away from the Democrazy liberal fascists, towards the Reptilian Komodos, are, again, being ignored. Lots of loot and Deep State expertise-as easy as shelling peas. And a corrupt MSM that will totally cover it up, and abuse any who dare dissent.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  220. “Their noses must be forcibly rubbed in the feces of ‘diversity’ dogma, and most need to experience being robbed and beaten by a sub-Saharan knuckle dragger on a public transit bus before they will come to their racial senses.”

    I know a white Bernie Bot whose kids have been attacked by armed blacks: his daughter once, his son twice. He’s still woke, and he still deplores ‘America’s [anti-black] racism’ to anyone who will listen.

    So good luck with that.

  221. HELLOOO! We’re not going to get out from unerneath these problems or the people who create them by voting. The End.

  222. @Notsofast

    I boycott all of the big-league sports of today. Some people have told me to boycott Walmart, but I still find that I need to go there for necessities. But things like the NBA or Hollywood should be boycotted out of business by everyone. If that happened, then Walmart’s management might be forced to learn a lesson.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  223. @anon

    anon 103

    Guilty as charged: You have placed one of the carts before the horse. Samesex eroticism is as old as the human race, particularly amongst adolescent males in traditional village societies where they were kept strictly away from nubile women in their same age-group. That was for the very good reason that 13-17 Y.O. yoots have not the maturity or common sense or even skills to be able to become daddies and bread-winners for an impregnated female within their age group.

    Oh, to be sure, there were widows, spinsters and “grass-widows” who, many of them menopausal, who enjoyed the company of horny sixteeners. However the easiest and most accommodating partners for the younger adolescents were their closest buddies. Taking from the French term “frottage”, we can visualize that “sword-fights” were the most common activities amongst those buddies. No penetration anywhere. Simply release of gonadal imperatives.

    As for Jewish sexual adventurism, perhaps the primary agenda there in contemporary America is their control over and founding of various LGBT/WTF organizations…and more recently, the silly tranny fad amongst youthful fairies and queens, who though quite feminine in many respects, generally were quite happy with their “equipment” even though the makeup and dressing-up was a means by which they could express their female X DNA programming.

    However, with the impositional tranny fad, many of those psychologically abused young men (and women) make decisions that they will certainly in most cases, rue in future years. Imagine for a moment, operations far more devastating than even neonatal circumcision, totally without the permission of the victim.

    So the alleged agenda, of which you wax prolific, is little more than blowing smoke about affairs which are far beyond your research and certainly of your comprehension.

    Samesex eroticism has been found within every human population, both historical and through archaeological research. The Talmudist agenda with its clever pilpul and heavy financing, is simply putting their own twist into something which has plagued European Christians since Constantine fucked them over by creating what I describe as the JudieChristie MagickMindfuck.

    • Troll: Pierre de Craon
  224. The Gimp says:

    There is some hope. Last night comedian David Chappelle hosting “Saturday Night Live” in his opening stand up noted how Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, ‘lost $1.5 billion in one day’ after speaking against Jews.

    “I learned that there are two words in the English language that you should never say together in sequence. And those words are ‘the’ and ‘Jews,’” said Chappelle, who later said that it’s a game of ‘perception’ – “If they’re black, it’s a gang. If they’re Italian, it’s a mob. If they’re Jewish, it’s a coincidence and you should neeeever speak about it.”

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  225. @Robert Dolan

    Do-Land @226

    Are you dead certain that Reverend Goody is for sure a faggot? To qualify for that one must be gay, feminine and circumcised. Have you inspected his privates to make certain that he does qualify. For that matter, are you sure about the other two essential qualities for using that term?

    Oft times, those who have a shadow within their psyche tend to project that shadow onto another individual. This practice is more harmful to the accuser than to the ones he accuses. Similar propensities occurred in the Spanish Inquisition where the highest Inquisitors were themselves crypto Jews or whoever it was they were denouncing at that point of time.

  226. @mulga mumblebrain

    In their election coverage, both the NYT (Talmudist for over a century) and the WaPo, now technically a Jeff Bezos holding, but fully acting as the mouthpiece for the Agency; gloated gleefully on and following (s)election night and afterwards about how Republicans who cited the stolen 2020 election in their campaigns and subsequently lost, as “election deniers”.

    This echo-chamber effect by the mindfuck-media was picked up in unison by other mouthpieces for the Talmudist/Deep-$tate agenda. “Election Deniers”. Give that some thought. The denials, relating to well-founded suspicious of massive corruption on behalf of the “Democrat” party, were both logical and most probably on-target. However, the metastasizing “Security State” is denying the basic first Amendment rights of more than half of the American population.

    These reptilian creeps are becoming so blatant in their attacks on truth and other forms of reality, that there is growing suspicion developing that they are demonic agents who seek to destroy and/or enslave the entirety of common humanity.

  227. @Priss Factor

    “When Germans went through the hellish Weimar years, they didn’t worship Jews, let alone blacks. So, when push came to shove, they united as Germans. But now, whites worship Jews and blacks (and homos)” – True, but notice that it was only after Germany had suffered through WW1 along with the disastrous Versailles Treaty that was imposed on them that the German people gradually began to rise against their Jewish parasites. The same will likely happen with us.

    Many Germans also learned how badly Jews had turned against them during WW1, and they resented them for it. As you know, Jews had flipped sides and were no longer supportive of the German war efforts because they devised a new scheme to secure Palestine for themselves by supporting Britain (Balfour Declaration, etc.). Jews knew that if Britain and the allies won, they would in return get Palestine.

    It seems to me that the German people came to their senses only after they suffered greatly. In the case of Whites in America and Europe, we have not yet reached that point. We have not yet suffered as the German people post-WW1 did. The poor Germans starved, sold their children into prostitution in order to feed themselves, their money had become worthless, inflation was at skyrocketing levels, and they were utterly demoralized.

    Although we are experiencing in our own way a modern Weimar era here in America, this sort of thing is only tolerated because things have not gotten bad enough yet. But they likely will.

    All the virtue signaling, negro worship, and Jew obeisance will largely end when White Americans have real issues to be concerned about – namely, where their next meal is going to come from, how to pay their costly mortgages, how to secure employment, affordable health care, and not being robbed my marauding Dindus.

    Mind you, Priss, I could be wrong in my analysis. It could work out completely different than how I have envisioned things. So, you may be right. Yet it seems to me that our attention to what is really important in life is easily clouded by the deception of riches and personal comfort. It’s only when we have nothing left to lose that things come into clearer focus.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  228. @BlackFlag

    I’ve proved many times that one need not be a genius to be on UR, so you’re wrong on that.

    Time,chance and tragedy can be cruel masters that leave a person wounded in more ways than can be imagined. I’ve known two men who gave up and committed suicide.Any 80 year old man working in a lousy job is nothing less than courageous.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  229. Hymn 43 says:

    My oh my: what’s a poor straight white male to do. It couldn’t be any more obvious we took it up the ass on this election AGAIN and as long as every newsstation and papertells us we lost fair and square and don’t be a pussy because you lost again just suck it up we’re supposed to be OK with that ? To me the on ly logical answer is we still aren’t in enough pain, maybe when you get arrested for trying to stop them from cutting your son’s dick off or go to jail for beating up the tranny fondling your child, or when you have to share your home with a Somalian family- matbe then you’ll figure it out. Personally I’m old I don’t have that kind of time to wait. Time for the Boog

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Truth
  230. @Ray Caruso

    You may go gay, really find your own gender far more attractive than the opposite, but like only blow jobs or mutual masturbation. Most gays are actually like that : they are not attached to anal pleasure that much.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Ray Caruso
  231. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    TIME TRAVEL TRANSLATION: “The narrative held. Goebbels in general went all-in for National Socialism. Ergo, a great many Good Germans never heard about Brownshirts, detention camps, or the many examples of anti-Jew discrimination and hate. Out of sight, out of mind. Audiences watched The Eternal Jew in theaters, ignoring the huge spike in Reich hostility toward Poland. They never heard about Adolf’s rants and ravings.”

    Occam’s Razor: the volk was quite aware of those untoward things, just more concerned about answering the Jewish Question. You know, the issue media endlessly focused on, censoring all opposing views.

    NB: the GOP was portrayed as “autocratic” by Leftists who attacked-libeled-fired anyone who disagreed with them. So who were the real autocrats?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  232. Voltara says:

    Barely losing a seat when 75% of the population believe the country is circling the drain is a blowout. Anyway, the whole idea is to raise expectations then snatch them away. This is far more damaging to confidence and hope than never having a chance in the first place.

  233. Anon[262] • Disclaimer says:

    My own thought is, we’ve been minting more Have Nots than Haves recently due to the tanking economy, and people like that tend to vote Democratic because they want a safety net for themselves.

  234. The reason some of you are sick and depressed is that in addition to watching television… voting today is like drinking from the toilet and you’re addicted.


  235. @RockaBoatus

    Thanks. I’m old enough for my eyes to have missed that 95% which should have been 99%,! But that’s not why I wouldn’t move to America ss a place to live and pay taxes. Of course, with a bit of money to spend I can find agreeable company in the US and could insulate any young family members by paying for their education.

    Still, in a fast changing world I am not convinced that whiteness is the big thing in a world where white genomes have been dumbing down for generations and may have already been pretty dumb amongst the Whote Trash. (My prettiest female relation is half East Asian , who is also very smart and talented. Those with the best degrees from top universties so far have 3/8th Ashkenazi genes).

  236. @24th Alabama

    Thanks for good humour. Too rare on UR.

    • Thanks: 24th Alabama
  237. @Francis Miville

    Thanks for the fag update.

    This is what we’re here for.

    • LOL: 24th Alabama
  238. @Assisi Joe

    Maybe you should move to Russia, Kevin, to relieve your depression.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I’m beginning to notice the rising presence of Zionist operatives on Unz when an article by Kevin MacDonald appears. One would expect their talking points to be sharper however.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  239. Getaclue says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Not a good take – – all thru human history until very recently humans strove to have the largest families possible generally, this is an indisputable fact — why? More workers in the fields more armed combatants on your family’s “side” etc.

    There was a high mortality as to children often so you had a lot of them as replacements….Abortion was never a factor as to “unsustainable mouths being added to the family” for that reason, Kings wanted men for their armies, Napoleon when asked who was the greatest woman of the Realm stated “She who has had the most children” — abortion is Eugenics and the founder of Planned Parenthood Abortuary was not shy about being open about that fact although this is endlessly lied about and “hidden” now….

  240. Wokechoke says:

    Black women should be paid to abort offspring. Yes.

  241. @Anonymous

    His strategy is White genocide and it’s working just as intended.

  242. Red wave….

    More like Jewish Irrigation.

    But whites of both parties suck up to Jews. So, just suck it up accept what Jews want. Why not since the #1 religion of conzos(and even HDB dissidents) is sucking up to Jews.

    Conzos are even more pathetic than the likes of Pelosi.

    Pelosi said that even if DC is in rubble and ashes, the US will support Israel and praise Jews.

    Conzo cucking goes even further. It’s like, “Even if Jews rape my wife, kill my parents, burn my house down, cut off my son’s dick, turn my daughter into a jungle fever whore, rouse blacks to beat up by relatives and friends, steal all my money, and hire 100 homo perverts to rape me in the ass, my fellow conservatives and I will do anything and everything to support Israel and worship you Jews. So pleeeeease throw a few more shekels my way.”

    That’s about the state of American ‘conservatism’. It’s about wheaks, or white weaklings.

    In a sane society, adults respect the elders and protect the young.

    In white America, white adults spit on the graves of their ancestors and urge their young ones to cut off their genitals, revere black thugs, and obey Jewish gangsters.
    White adults wage two-front war on the white old and young at the behest of the Jews.

  243. @Achmed E. Newman

    “Trump supported Sessions’ opponent out of spite. That is 14 y/o schoolgirl behavior, not that of a man and not that of a leader.”

    Yup! And now we are seeing the same spitefulness toward DeSantis.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  244. @Francis Miville

    That must be why almost no homos get AIDS, hepatitis, and infectious anal cancer.

  245. @Face_The_Truth

    MacDonald was a nobody teacher at Cal State Long Beach. He discovered the gimmick of antisemitism and it made him radioactive. So he continued to collect his State check without actually teaching,. Now he sucking on the Taxpayer tit as a retiree.

    • Troll: ben tillman
  246. @mulga mumblebrain

    Abortion, and feminism in general, are killing off Whites through an unsustainably low birth rate.

    The Taliban have it exactly right in regard to women. As a matter of fact, they are very kind as well as wise since women belong in the home taking care of their babies, not playing at some ridiculous and pointless “career”. All of you feminists will end up lonely, bitter, alcoholic spinsters whose bodies will be found 12 days after your death having been partly eaten by your eight cats.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Troll: Corvinus, The Real World
  247. @RockaBoatus

    I could be wrong in my analysis. It could work out completely different than how I have envisioned things.

    Of course, Jews are nothing if not clever, and they figure people like you could be right indeed.
    And that’s why they push mass immigration and diversity so that, when the day comes, the goyim will be too divided to unite against Jews.

    Germany in the 30s was almost entirely German. Russia is still largely Russian. So, the people could unite under a nationalist government.

    But whites are headed toward minority status in the US, and European nations aren’t far behind; some big cities are already swamped by foreigners.

    So, even if whites wake up, they might not have the numbers.

    On the other hand, whites can think in terms of Jews vs goyim and rouse up all goyim against Jewish Power. Side with Muslims against Jews in Europe. And whenever blacks bitch about Jews, whites can encourage blacks and nod along. That way, while Jews do play divide-and-rule among goyim, the goyim can unite against the common enemy of Jewish Supremacism. One thing for sure, whites need to side with Palestinians as Jews are planning a White Nakba.

    But for that to happen, whites must see Jews as the #1 enemy and spread anti-Jewish views among all goyim in the manner that Jews now push anti-whiteness among non-whites(and whummies and wheaks).

    As for the GOP whores, forget it. They are acting like Sal in THE GODFATHER who goes over to Barzini(seen as the stronger horse). They see Jews as the master of America and don’t care about anything but saving their own skin. They don’t care if GOP never wins another election AS LONG AS they get theirs as members of the fake opposition. But then, Democratic goyim are no different. They know that all the liberal ideals are dead and gone, and US is headed to Jewish supremacy. But hey, they got theirs.

  248. @Joseph Doaks

    There may be spite, but Sessions was beyond pathetic. A weak weak man, spineless dweeb.

    But then, Trump’s other choices were even worse.

    As for DeSantis, Trump’s Sonny Corleone act comes across badly, but it could be he knows there’s a behind-the-scenes maneuvering to get DeSantis to take over.

    It could be mere envy, but there could be more. An anti-Trump coup could be in the works among big Jews and DeSantis who doesn’t have the ‘baggage’. Granted, much of the baggage was placed on Trump falsely by Jews who accused him of Nazis and Russia Collusion and 1/6 insurrection, but so many Americans are dumb or venal beyond belief. They really believe the narrative or know it’s false but go along with it just to have their side win.

    One thing for sure, Trump should have made it more about the people, but increasingly he made it about himself.

    Nick Fuentes || GOP Civil War: Never-Trumpers Try to Astroturf DeSantis onto the Throne

    Video Link

  249. @meamjojo

    And I thought it was the Russians!
    You dummies didn’t read the article closely… Or the link to CNN.
    Dummies, this is a major scandal… One that will shock and dismay the party fateful.

    During the 2022 primary season, Democrats actively meddled in a number of Republican races – hoping to boost GOP candidates who they viewed as too extreme (especially on the issue of election denialism) to win general elections.

    All told, Democrats spent millions of dollars interfering in Republican primaries for Senate, House and governor around the country

    If Democrats truly believed that sowing doubt about free and fair elections was a deep and serious threat to democracy, then how could they justify spending money to elevate candidates who espoused those very views?

  250. Corvinus says:

    To the contrary, everyday Germans were acutely aware of Hitler and his ravings, as well as his policies against Jew. It was called Nazi propaganda.

    Yes, the GOP is autocratic. Thanks for agreeing.

  251. @Anonymous

    The politicians,insurance companies,probate lawyers and judges and the entire medical establishment have a synchronized plan to extract the last pound of flesh from our decrepit hides before we fade into oblivion.

    They think its a failure on their part if you leave anything of value to your children.

  252. anarchyst says:
    @Patrick McNally

    I have NEVER had an interest in professional or even college sports. I look down on and pity those White men who can spout (useless and meaningless) sports statistics for their favorite players and teams and not give a damn the way their country is going.
    Let’s not forget the billions spent by White male “sports fans” on negro ball jerseys, caps and other “trinkets”, overpriced game tickets and taxpayer-subsidized stadiums (playpens), criminal steroid-addled costumed players who are paid millions of dollars to play children’s games.
    “Bread and circuses” which are provided to “quell the masses” are just as successful now as they were in ancient times…
    I realize that negro ball is “entertainment for the masses” and do look down on those grown White men who sport their favorite negro ball players clothing or other accoutrements. I think to myself: “don’t you have anything better to do?”
    There are much better things for White men to do than watch negro ball sports.
    Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve your standard of living and devices…use your wisdom and knowledge to get your fellow Whites to THINK for themselves, not what to think, but HOW to think and to not just accept the pablum, lies and falsehoods of the mainstream media.
    Message to White men: get away from the negro ball. You are better than that…

  253. Did you ever get the feeling that you’ve been Jewed?

    Democrats spend tens of millions amplifying far-right candidates in nine states.

    Why Democrats Are Bankrolling Far-Right Candidates…

    How a surprising Democratic strategy may have staved off the midterm red wave.

    The Democrats are purposely boosting far-right Republicans. This will backfire

    Democratic ads boosted extremists in Republican primaries. Was that wise?

    Democratic Party spent $44 million to promote pro-Trump fascists…

    Democrats should hang their heads in shame for helping oust principled Republican…


  254. Democrats cheat massively and get away with it because the press is always on their side. For 4 years democrats denied the 2016 election and with the help of the press, gave us the mueller investigation in a failed attempt to prove it. No one called them election deniers or conspiracy theorists.

    Only hope for whites is a collapse of the economy and we start over. First thing we do is remove the blacks and illegal aliens.

  255. It is clearly basic by now to more and more folks… if you want to recover your country from an anti-Christ culture and government shittyworld then you need to bring your own army.

    The question is… what kind of army?

    Join me in daily prayer that Bidenstein and his entire crew kill themselves.

  256. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Wanna know how you can vote “no” to the establishment?

    Easy peasy. Don’t join the military or coast guard. Any branch. Discourage everyone you know from doing so also. Be successful professionally. Get skills that are in demand world-wide, but do not add to our invade-the-world abilities. The elections will be rigged from here on out in all probability. Survive and thrive in other ways. That’s an order.

  257. @Getaclue

    Farming may have tended to put a stop to abortion and infanticide but I think you would find a consensus in the literature that Hunter gather nomads had to take a harsher view.

  258. From America’s point of view there are overidding reasons not to open your borders to illegal immigrants. Like losing control of crime in your country. And losing control of your vote forever.
    What is going to happen? You think it is just going to be ‘nice’ Mexicans?
    No, it will be a way for people from all over the world; many of them terrorists or drug smugglers who would be happy to find a single way to ‘invade’ your country and exploit it any way they can to exploit it.
    These people don’t come from ordinary innocence, they come from much harder countries and societies where innocence means death. You want to let them in on ethnic grounds? Or you want to fight them on generally decent ground you came from? You can’t have it both ways.
    You could look at it another way. White people came over to America and took it over. Now the same thing is happening to you.

  259. gkruz says:

    You had me until you snuck in the Putintard bit at the end. Right out of the Soviet disinformation playbook: a poison pill of demoralization hidden in a wrapping of sugar-coated truth. Are you in Moscow or Tel Aviv?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  260. It is almost like that if you read the internet before it was largely overtaken by huge swathes of (comercialism) you can now be controlled by complete paid authors of what it is or is not allowed to be published.
    Free thought: 0
    Controlled though: 1000
    We no longer even have the right to even protest our inevitably poorer future. What a hunka shit to chew on.
    Feet on the ground my friends from all over the world! Put your ordinary common future above your goddamn rotten government. Walk in one day and just take over!

  261. @Hulkamania

    I agree that DeSantis is not to be trusted. In addition to his being the Jews’ bitchboy, he also has done nothing whatsoever to publicly repudiate his Deep State background (e.g., Yale Skull and Bones membership). Until he does so in clear and unmistakable terms, he’s just another Establishment Puppet.

    By the way, this goes for Tulsi Gabbard as well. Her kicking the Demonrat Party to the curb is a good start, but until she denounces and renounces her past affiliation with the WEF and CFR, she’s still “one of ‘them’” as far as I’m concerned.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  262. @anon

    Adolf Hitler died on February 13th, 1962 in Argentina.

    I have understood for some time that Hitler and Eva Braun had escaped and lived out their years in Argentina but, how do you have a specific death date? Do you happen to know where he is buried?

  263. Tucker says:
    @Bo Bo

    “My intuition is that Trump will run for president as an independent (not the Republican Party nominee) and will obviously be destroyed by the media. ”

    Maybe that is exactly what the GOP establishment wing of the Deep State wants to see happen?

    These psychopathic elites are very adept at dreaming up schemes and arranging the pieces on their globalist chess board so as to (a) nullify the will of the majority of the American voters and (b) achieving their desired outcome, which is never in line with what the majority of the American electorate wants.

    So, envision a scenario for 2024 where their designated Judas Goat DeSantis is forced upon the Republican Party as their nominee for President. Trump rightfully is royally pissed off and knows that he was cheated by the GOP Establishment, so he takes the bait and decides to run as a Independent.

    This would effectively split the Republican party base into two factions; a faction that consists of mentally insane nitwits who support the Bush era nation destroying ideologies of globalism, endless wars that stretch on for decades and which enrich the war profiteering political elites, and which cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars that should be spent on issues here at home, open borders and the acceleration of the Great White Race Replacement Agenda that these evil globalists feel is necessary in order for them to fulfill their ‘One World Totalitarian Government’ fantasy.

    The other faction would consist of people, mostly White, who support the MAGA movement, who want our borders secured, who want illegal aliens deported, who want a moratorium on legal immigration, who are sick of all these wars that the Israel First America Never lobby keep dragging us into, who favor the restoration and preservation of traditional American values and who oppose this degenerate Globo-Homo / LGBTQ societal poison that the Communist-Marxist left is so obsessed with shoving down the throats of the entire White Western world, voters who are strong supporters of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and who oppose these intentionally dangerous and harmful vaccine mandates.

    So, with this scenario – the Pedophile and his Cackling Hyena would very likely be able to get reelected in 2024. And, when the certain to happen next round of voter fraud is factored in -along with the fracturing of the GOP / Independent voting blocks – this could very well be the scheme that the GOP Establishment and the Deep State are preparing for us in 2024.

    Let me conclude by saying that I believe it is possible that Trump himself is a willing participant in this Deep State chicanery and could be playing his assigned role. I hope that my suspicions are not true, but at this point – with the level of almost unbelievable, rampant corruption of our political system from top to bottom, I find it impossible for me to place any trust in anyone involved in today’s political system. I will say this, though.

    When I see the Bush and Romney family endorsing DeSantis – that kills any chance of that guy getting my vote in 2024.

  264. geokat62 says:

    Brother Nathaniel’s latest instalment, I Voted!

    Video Link

    Full transcript…


    I voted.
    I rode that ‘red wave.’
    I voted Republican all the way.
    I felt it, I smelled it.
    Hope and change was in the air.
    It was going to happen this time for sure for us patriots.
    It didn’t.
    It happened for the devil himself though, Barack Hussein Obama.
    I thought his ‘transformation’ would be liquidated for sure in that ‘red wave’ slate. [Clip]
    [”We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”]
    And transform it he sure did.
    Obama was a tool of the Jews from the get-go so as to destroy Christian consensus in America.
    It was Betty Lou Klutznik Saltzman, Abner Mikva, and David Axelrod—all kikes—who funded, promoted, and got their synagogue buddies in the media to hype him. [Clip]
    [“Propelled by the media, hungry for a fresh face and a good story, he has graced the covers of Time and Newsweek, the pages of Men’s Vogue.”]
    The gays ate it up.
    Great Jew TV coverage too. [Clip]
    [“Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes. Well, I say to them tonight, there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America–there is the United States of America. There’s not a Black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America–there is the United States of America. The pundits, the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue states; red states for Republicans, blue states for Democrats. But I’ve got news for them, too. We coach Little League in the blue states and have gay friends in the red states.”]
    Way back in 2004, at the Democratic National Convention, Barack Hussein, brought his pet demon out of the bag: “gay” sex.
    And America has not ever been the same since.
    But… I voted!
    I was convinced that gay sex, tranny sex, child transgenderizing mutilation sex, same-sex ‘marriage’ mates, would all come to an end November 8th.
    It didn’t.
    Everything “at stake,” and “on the line,” was not for us patriots but for kikes. [Clip]
    [“Hello, everyone. It’s John Fetterman. And I want to express my sincere thank you to the JDCA. The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher. Everything’s on the line, from protecting women’s reproductive freedom, to combatting against anti-Semitic hate. And as your senator, I will be committed to Israel’s security and the US-Israel relationship. I know that Jewish Dems are stepping up in a big way to help Democrats win in November.”]
    Killing Goyisha babies, protecting Israel’s borders (not ours), combatting anti-Semitism (it’ll soon be illegal to criticize kikes), and killing Arabs, is what’s “at stake…” for the American boob.
    The boob’s been whooped. [Clip]
    [“Now the Midterms are over and everybody’s awake. These new Whites, man, they’re like, like newborn babies who just woke up. Everything White people mad about, we have been on that. ‘Man, I can’t feed my family.’ ” Black people be like, We’ve been on that! ‘Man, we can’t trust the government.’ “We’ve been on that! ‘We should dismantle the FBI!’ Word to Martin Luther King, bro. We’ve been on that!”]
    We’ve all been on that.
    But the Midterms, like all elections, was good for the Jews—not Whites, not Blacks—but for the Jews and their supremacist Jewish values.
    Kikish values like LGBTQ, where the country’s first lesbian governors, Massachusetts and Oregon, a tranny to the Minnesota House, and a tranny and non-binaries to the Montana House, got voted in.
    Transgenderism—as seen in the Jewish poster freak Rachel Levine—combined with warmongering for US troops in Ukraine, packages up for the ballot box, “Jewish values.”
    Does perverted sex and war mongering go together?
    Sure does if you like Jewish values.
    It’s not so strange at all.
    Perverted sex, pushed by the kikes, kills off Christian consciousness, considered by Jews an enemy of their race.
    War-mongering, pushed by the kikes, kills off the Christian Russian, considered by Jews an enemy of their race.
    We are not divided at all.
    The kikes own Jewmerica in toto and ‘my vote’ didn’t change it.
    DeSantis, who signs off on Florida legislation in Israel, won’t change it.
    Trump, who caved to Jewish BigPharma when he “warped speeded” the experimental, untested, “vaccine,” won’t change it.
    Don’t be deceived.
    Both the Republican Grand Old Party, and Mister Traditional, Donald J Trump, are in the driver’s seat of the pervy LGBTQ sex train.
    The LGBTQ campaign is an indicator that we are on the Jewish train of destruction of our country.
    And besides, with late night mail-in ballot dump delays, fair elections are a thing of the past, and quite frankly, rather passe.
    Secession, my friends, is the only way.
    Two more counties—now totaling 11—just voted to leave leftist Oregon and join a foundationalist “Greater Idaho” secessionist movement.
    The momentum is here.
    A divorce from DC must appear.
    Hope and Change don’t need to stay in the devil’s court, my dears.
    Yet…I voted!
    I was goaded by that guaranteed ‘red wave!’
    Must’ve had a high fever that day.

    • Thanks: Adam O'Donnell
  265. anastasia says:

    They are inching to take the House too! However, unfortunately, when your confidence in stealing elections turns into brashness, you get caught, so they may leave the republicans with a slim majority, not enough to override any veto, but enough to hold useless investigations and hearings. Right now, we still have to use look at the details of this election and use critical judgment to see it, and to their great fortune, most people, like you, for instance, have surrendered all that. Historically, when the economy tanks, those in power are invariably thrown out of office. In this election, not one incumbent Democrat has lost his job. Maybe people are happy paying $8.00 for a jar of mayonnaise. Ya think? I withdraw the last question.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  266. Treg says:

    Well Dr Kevin Mac Donald, I doubt the answer is any of the above, successful civil war or succession, or voting.

    The answer may well be a set of unstopable technologies and living techniques and the new narratives that will support them. The unstoppable technologies should burn like a fever, right through most everyone.

    Read “The Global Brain” by Harold Bloom or better yet, “The Lucifer Principle” by Harold Bloom. See Amazon.

    These kind of insights tell us where to focus our attention and energy. From deGoogled phones to new forms of money to new forms of power, particularly taking advantage when the cost of power drops -this is where we should be looking.

  267. KenH says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Abortion may not be in The Constitution, but it goes back through ALL human history,

    So does murder and rape so should we turn a blind eye to that just because those acts date back to the dawn of human history and are part of the human condition? Also, in most cases throughout later history abortions were rare and discouraged. In early history people were ignorant of abortion and in order to survive tribes and clans needed as many new babies as possible. “My body, my choice” never entered the heads of women back then because there was no feminism and Jewish media.

    The abortion issue is more complicated today because of our welfare state, the black underclass and mass immigration into America by poor third world people. As long as we have a welfare state we will need abortion to check the growth of the violent black and third world underclass.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  268. They don’t like 45’s contagious populism. He also reminds some of Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee. The paranoia factor is self-evident.

    Merrick Garfinkel’s unprecedented search was probably contrived to keep 45 in the news.

    Black lawlessness is useful to Soros and Democrats. In 2020 Antifa-inspired riots helped to mobilize emotional and tribal voters after a criminal died of a fentanyl overdose. These electors disappointed Killary earlier.

    Condoning anarchy is a risky strategy. This year there was no overt support for burning, looting, and murders as well as Marxists carrying Gucci handbags.

    Biden is basically a mannequin. Blinken knows Russia has nearly 6,000 nuclear warheads. Inciting Ukrainians has complicated periodic inspections under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

  269. Treg says:

    CIA’s enemies list changes. The CIA has a three-message system that comes out together. They have a targeted propaganda message specifically designed for certain groups, as well as a specific message for everyone else in mass consumption.

    That is three targets: the enemy, the specific group(s), and the one for mass consumption. All 3 can be subsumed within a singular set of propaganda.

    And like a single white ball hidden under one of the three cups, your job is to understand their is a deception, that the deception requires particular level of focus and participation of the audience, and the enemy is specific and changes.
    These CIA three cups are:
    specific enemy(s),
    specific target(s),
    specific mass population belief(s).

    CIA 1.0 = foriegn communinists (enemies), foriegn leaders & opposition (targets) and mass hatred & fear at the enemy resulting in a powerlessness feeling and loyalty (mass population)

    CIA 2.0 = (Internal Leftists), Leftist leaders includes JFK, RFK, MLK, (Targets), mass confusion about the enemy and directed powerlessness feelings searching for an enemy (mass population)

    CIA 3.0 = White Nationals, (enemies), America First Leaders in social media and Trump (Targets), mass fear & hatred for their enemies and Targets.

    Video Link

  270. Notsofast says:

    i’m in sunny florida douchebag, how’s the weather occupied palestine?

  271. Truth says:
    @Hymn 43

    It couldn’t be any more obvious we took it up the ass on this election AGAIN

    That might be slightly more obvious than simply losing. Especially if it happened in public…

  272. @mocissepvis

    For now, my take on Tulsi is “wait and see”.

    However I was not aware that DeSanctified just got De-sanctified by your information that he is a Bonesman, like the Bu$h Crime Clan and the biggest insult ever presented to the American electorate when Bonesman Crypto Kerry was the “opponent” and designated loser to Bonesman Baby Bu$h, the monkey faced half-literate.

    Any time these photogenital pro$titicians get warm and friendly coverage by the mass media of mass deception, my radar starts beeping.

    Unfortunately, the Great Overwashed in sub-urban faux-reality scenes, gobble up Main$cream noose from Photogenital script readers like so many Thanksgiving turkeys.

    The whole mess is both fake and fatal to the tattered remnants of American personal liberties.

  273. agreed. If rfk Jr would adequately explain the Epstein flight manifest, I’ve stated I’d vote a Gabbard/Kennedy ticket, as many times possible.
    Tulsi nixed that with a possible move for GOP VP spot

  274. @The Jester of Genocide

    There’s no reason to vote for a pro-faggot like Joe the demented ever again. Joe the pro-faggot Biden won in 2020 because he’s pro-faggot. Watch the demented retard push LGBTQIA rights at the UN for yourself.

    I fixed your statements. You should thank me.

  275. @Reverend Goody

    Kevin MacDonald wrote a series of erudite books that irrefutably show the corrosive impact of Jewish ideology and power in the west. You’ll have to do better than to dish out gay junior-high tier ad hominems if you want to be taken seriously here.

  276. @mark green

    I’m beginning to notice the rising presence of Zionist operatives on Unz when an article by Kevin MacDonald appears.

    Yes, indeed. They appear to be on paid standby at Hasbara Headquarters, just waiting for the summons to do their Jew thing. I shudder to think what they do in their free time.

    One would expect their talking points to be sharper, however.

    I suspect that the talking points are as poor as they are because those who make them have so little practice at responding to contrary arguments. Very few people have the moxie to defy the Jews and their lies and propaganda, and no one does it as thoughtfully as Kevin.

  277. @europeasant

    Projection much? “Methinks thou doth protest too much”. Shakespeare. Incidentally, that man wrote his love sonnets, directing them at a younger male friend. So my guess is that you will never have read ANYTHING by Shakespeare after digesting that big of info. Oh yes, and he willed his wife his SECOND best bed. Never did find out who got the best one.

  278. Exile says:

    Rejecting the Republican party and agenda are signs of “pre-awakening.” Both major parties are flavors of soma – the idea that Whites must choose one or the other is the most self-defeating, disempowering distraction in American politics.

  279. @europeasant

    As you obviously don’t know, Don the Con enabled Pedo Joe when the orange’s replacement for Scalia penned the opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County. This Supreme Court ruling as you don’t know granted the rainbow people even more normalcy under the US Constitution. Try looking it up. Also, while you are at it, spend some time researching Gays for Trump. He hosted an event at Mar-a-Lago. Thanks for your amusing concern regarding my statement. I’m fully aware of the Pedo Queer DNC.

  280. anonymous[869] • Disclaimer says:

    I am drepress but more than that fearful for the future of the USA. Now I understand the purpose for the J6 circus and the DOJ/AG/FBI dark paramilitary regime. They were planning all along to fraud the midterms and to shoot a pre/emptive strike into MAGA populists, not to go the way of Brazil. My conclusion are the following. 1) The USA Electoral system will become a a glitzy circus modeled after sports like coverage/implementation..a Las Vegas kind of gambling political games. The REDS vrs the BLUES, the lists of players, injuries, coaches, records of games: lost,won, even..batting averages etc. NEL (National Elections League)….beautiful bright graphs, and the VOTERS will be given chips of teh same color (RED or BLUE) to Vote prefereably on DEMs. . Such games will be irrelevant for the levers of real power will be held at the very top of the OLYGRACHICAL pyramidal Human/power/ scheme.
    2) The GOP/DEM is a one unitary corrupt dictartorship regime. 3) The so called waves of Hispanics/Blacks/Asians voting GOP never became so..70% of WHITES voted MAGA/GOP and the total count for the GOP is less than 58% whites, and Neither Latinos/Blacks/Asians counted for more than 20% of the total GOP Voters. So either the GOP is destined to go extinct or conservatism must find an alternative (multidiverse) political Nationalists base?? 3) The electoral system in the USA is becomen not a 3thworld will become something even more dark/corrupt/UNdemocratic/INconstitucional..etc. Races will become Undecided for days/weeks/months..meanwhile the PEOPLE/MASSES are growing accustomed to wait, then move to indifference, ignorance,,subsmission,,,fear..etc. 4)The Illinois/Michigan Model of BLUE power is becoming institutionalized..the DEM dominated states (excutive/legislatures) are planning and passing ROCK hard BLUE electoral laws (MAILIN ballots,NO IDs) that will ossified/petrified BLUE DEM power in those states…the GOP will become irrelevant..just like the REDS must find a way to SOLIDIFY Red FL.?? push back on CRT/LateAbortions/LGBT sexual mutilations/BLMANTIFA..or the Natonalists/Conservative are finished. 5) WHITES dont have allies they only have themselves..and they are fewer/fewer everytime..what is the future of the WASP GENTILE ANGLO American populations..??? atomization/geographically/politically/racially/culturally..??? without WHITES the GOP is dead..Unfourtunately WHITES can NOT build ethnic/racial based POLITICAL Movements..they will be branded RACIST..WHITES can NOT have an ADL/NAACP/ etc. HINT: what will happen to the USA Political Landscape IF and only IF WHITE EVENGELICAL GENTILE developed a RACIAL CONCIOUSNESS and use their Economic power$$, electoral power to ensure the future of the WHITE people in America instead of worrying stupidly about ISRAEL 24/7..and sending more than $50Billiosn annually to Israeli Lobbies…what would $50Billiosn mean in today political electoral campaigns?????

  281. @Achmed E. Newman

    @Achmed E. Newman:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Though I often read this blog a lot, I don’t say much here, because the regular posters are so very perceptive and articulate that they often beat me to the punch.

    The only thing I have noticed, which seems to have been missed across the internet when the blog owners are posting their autopsies, is how much more popular a known politician seems to get, if s/he stays out of the spotlight. Even the stature of Trump, after TPTB canceled him,seemed to grow.

    Trump remains a problem. I voted for him in 2016 based on his promise to bring industry back to this country. I was not at all happy with him by the time I voted for him again in 2020 while holding my nose for all I was worth and then taking a scalding hot shower when I got home. He was still better than Biden for me.

    I didn’t like his personnel picks, because personnel is policy. You don’t clean out a swamp by replacing the other party’s corrupt cronies with your own corrupt cronies. And I detested the idea that he had installed his Ditsy Daughter and Spooky Son-in-Law in the White House. But where Trump demonstrated his questionable judgment was supporting Mitt Romney as Senator in Utah and refusing to support Jeff Sessions to win back his former seat and Mo Brooks in Alabama.

    It seems to me that for his MAGA rhetoric, the one consistent personality type who runs afoul of Trump is he who supports MAGA as an American Nationalist and not a Trumpist. But those who kiss Trump’s ring and swallow their dignity and pretend to be Trumpists, like Mitt Romney and JD Vance, he endorses. Trump is not only vain and thin-skinned, but no matter how determined he seems to be to transform the Republican Party into the Donald Trump Personality Cult, he doesn’t have the smarts of a Mussolini or Hitler (and look what happened to them) and can’t come close to a Stalin or Franco.

    Much as it pains me to say it, unless the Republicans find a quiet, face-saving way to get Trump to voluntarily withdraw altogether from the 2024 presidential race, there is no chance they are going to take back the White House. Either they give it to him and Trump loses again in 2024 and this time there will be no plausible deniability about the election integrity that year, because people are already sick of him now. Or they refuse to give it to him and, in revenge, he runs as a Third Party to siphon off their votes and the Democrats take the White House again.

    Handling Trump is going to be a matter of great delicacy where the Republicans are concerned. I hope they can not only find the right carrot and stick to successfully pressure him to step down but also help him find a face-saving way to do so. If they keep him out and get DeSantis in, they will also need to keep Trump pacified with a lot of bright, shiny flattery. Like finish the border wall and the pipelines and even commission a new battle ship and slap his name on it. The Israelis have the man totally figured out; they minted a shiny new coin graven with his image, slapped his name on a new settlement and got everything on their shopping list from him.

    Of course, this post is probably moot. I suspect the Never Trumpers in the Republican Party have torpedoed their own party where winning the presidency is concerned. Had they not colluded with the Democrats by sabotaging everything he did, even that which was beneficial to the country, they might have been able to break the Blue Wall (like Trump did) and flip more of the purple states back to red.
    Now it looks like any people likely to vote Republican are moving to deep red states, which means the Democrats will always have the electoral votes to keep the WH no matter how big any popular vote may be for the Republicans.

  282. @Clytemnestra

    If people are going to go as far as making long-range guesses, then it’s worth comparing to the Bounded Surplus Rile of post-WWII elections. Since the 1944 election (which created the first post-WWII administration) the pattern has been that either party may get 2 terms ahead of the other before things begin to even out.

    1945-53: Roosevelt/Truman, 2 terms Democrat, score 2-0

    1953-61: Dwight Eisenhower, 2 terms Republican, score 2-2

    1961-9: JFK/LBJ, 2 terms Democrat, score 4-2

    1969-77: Nixon/Ford, 2 terms Republican, score 4-4

    1977-81: Jimmy Carter, 1 term Democrat, score 5-4

    1981-93: Reagan/Bush, 3 terms Republican, score 5-7

    1993-2001: Bill Clinton, 2 terms Democrat, score 7-7

    2001-9: George Bush II, 2 terms Republican, score 7-9

    2009-17: Barack Obama, 2 terms Democrat, score 9-9

    2017-21: Donald Trump, 1 term Republican, score 9-10

    2021-5: Joe Biden, so far 1 term Democrat, score 10-10

    From this point of view, one shouldn’t really say that anything has shifted until one of the parties manages to gain a lead of 3 terms over their rival under this system of scoring.

    • Replies: @Anon
  283. @Clytemnestra

    I agree with all in here, Clytemnestra. Most especially, I thought it was very stupid and/or under-confident of President Trump to hire Swamp Creatures to drain the swamp

    As for how handle this guy so that DeSantis could give it a go: As I wrote above, distract him (he’s very easily distracted) and stroke his ego by making him the BIG LEADER of the Yuge MAGA party, a true opposition to the UniParty, if it’s possible.

  284. (looks over posts)

    Wow a bunch of posters blaming Jews and cheating by the Democrats. What a shock.


    Let me know when the Republicans have a plan other than being “not Democrats” because their Randian religion doesn’t allow for taxing the wealthy or expanding health care for the middle class.

    Republicans would rather repeat DATS SOCIALISM than do anything useful. They’ll keep their noses right up the asshole of Alsia Rosenbaum as the ship burns.

    Exit polls show that independents were not interested in Trumplicans which is the same problem that Trump had in 2020. Poor support from independents and moderates.

    Now call me names for pointing out the data. I was also called names in 2020 for warning that Trump needed to do more for moderates. But his base was certain that yelling and waving flags would do it.

    The long time GOP strategy of tax cuts ‘n waving flags just isn’t working. The country isn’t White enough for it to work. The working class doesn’t even pay income taxes. Get a new strategy or watch this country turn into California. Hint: Libertarians are race denying idiots and Republicans need to move away from their “minimal government” religion. For some reason “minimal government” hasn’t fixed Haiti.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @shadowy_figure
  285. @BlackFlag

    I’m not impugning anybody’s character, but you specified buying a house on minimum wage.

  286. @anonymous

    If you made an effort to use paragraphs more people would be able to wade through your stream of consciousness verbiage. Who knows…somewhere in that bilious babble of words there may have even nested a useful idea.

  287. @anonymous

    David Cole is correct in highlighting the abortion issue as a big driver of Republican defeats in this election:

    I remain suspicious of what happened in Arizona, Nevada and maybe a few other states. Any place where the vote-counting has dragged for 3 or more days after the election should be treated with suspicion. But it seems unavoidable to say that throwing Roe vs. Wade this last summer really killed any chance of a Republican sweep. If people want to know what the big difference was between 2022 versus 2010 or 1994 then abortion is the logical place to look.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  288. Dawww says:

    LoL. Was a great morning Wednesday. Love seeing sad trumptraitors. Hopefully we’ll get a nice Covid #s boost in the unvaxed this winter to kill some more off or inflict them with long haul covid.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  289. There’s something about the European character. It is slow to anger and loath to nurse a grudge. Mohammedans invaded European lands for 400 years before Europeans organized and responded. Yet, to this day, Whites feel guilty about the Crusades.

    The Crusades failed and Outremer fell back into Mohammedan hands. Mohammedans resumed their unrelenting attacks on Europeans. These lasted well into the 19th century–but how many Whites have even heard of the Barbary Slave Trade? (Yes, the post-Christian West has since perpetrated its share of anti-Mohammedan torment, but this was done at the behest of Jewish interests.)

    The Narrative goes on. No matter how much they’re victimized, Whites are the victimizers.

    The time has come mount a counter narrative: Whites are victims. This, after all, is the reality. We can start by trumpeting black-on-white crime statistics. We can object to affirmative action. We can homeschool our young so they have no qualms defending their own interests. We can promote a non-interventionist foreign policy, thereby putting the kibosh to that suicidal “special relationship” with Israel.

    Maybe we can even open a network of Barbary Slave Trade museums. Whatever it takes. We won’t stop getting victimized until we stop viewing ourselves as the Perpetual Victimizer.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  290. Kevin Macdonald seems to be laboring under the delusion that an American election is conducted by counting the votes, and that the one with the most votes wins.

    Hey,Kevin, old shoe. Wake up, willya?

    Kevin, do you get all of your information from TV news shows? You’re saying here that people who you expected to vote for republicans didn’t bother to vote or voted for democrats because that’s what is being said on TV.

    What a ninny.

  291. Anon[247] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Thanks for the book report. I grade it a B-. It was too short.

  292. Anon[227] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes! Be sure to take the next booster! You will have the pleasure of seeing all the unvaxxed die.

    I’m serious. Hurry and get the next booster!

    • LOL: Liza
  293. @meamjojo

    He hasn’t been wrong about anything.

  294. Anon[419] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    >>Wow a bunch of posters blaming Jews…. What a shock…. They’ll keep their noses right up the asshole of Alsia Rosenbaum

    Blaming a Jew, eh? What a shock.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  295. Anon[265] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Good concise analysis.

    Also provides evidence of TPTB controlling elections. Tweedledum and Tweedledee on schedule.

  296. Anon[143] • Disclaimer says:

    H.L. Mencken once proposed that all losers of U.S. presidential elections be executed. Most of them are the sorest losers ever seen and spend the rest of their unnatural lives making serious trouble.

    It is disquieting to realize that Trump is now worth more to the movement as a martyr than as a candidate. If I were Trump, this fact would keep me in a schvitz.

    Trump would be happier simply fucking off to his beloved Israel. They could let him run for PM (but not let him win). This would pasture him, a good outcome. Think of it: he safely fades away into his graven image (lol, thanks for that).

  297. KenH says:

    If the 1994 midterms were the year of the “angry white male” then the 2022 midterms are the year of angry purple haired white women and pajama boys. They flocked to the polls or had their mail-in ballots harvested to “save democracy” and largely keep the anti-white Democrats in power.

  298. Che Guava says:

    A question for you. No shame either way, I like your comments here.

    Are you the same z-man who is doing the sometimes takimag articles?

    • Replies: @Z-man
  299. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    “I heard someone in the neighborhood start up his riding lawnmower and before the week was over, the whole neighborherd was chiming in…. No friggen common-sense”

    Mow your lawn, hick.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  300. @Anon

    Wow a bunch of posters blaming Jews…. What a shock…. They’ll keep their noses right up the asshole of Alsia Rosenbaum

    Blaming a Jew, eh? What a shock.

    I don’t care that she is Jewish. If she were Greek or Swedish I would still call her a lying wench. I just like to annoy the Jew haters that ironically worship at the altar of minimal government and libertarianism. The Libertarian ideology has more Jewish writers at the top than the left.

    Nothing more amusing than watching Jew haters talk about the left as a Jewish conspiracy and then quote their favorite Jewish libertarian.

    Very similar to the Jew hating Christian. Complains about the influence of Jews and then reads from a Bible that was mostly written by Jews.

    We have a very peculiar group of White nationalists at Unz that claim to hate Jews but seem to love Jewish musings from 2000 years ago and Jewish libertarians.


  301. So much cheating in the midterms that Ray Charles could see it. From space.

    Get rid of mail-in ballots, allow only in-person voting with paper ballots and proper ID, on election day. Make election day a federal holiday so everyone can show up if they want to. Have election observers EVERYWHERE.

    Oh, and get rid of those “fraud machines” they use to insert number bumps for their candidates. Hand count only.

  302. ariadna says:

    The prerequisite of that is a level of national consciousness currently absent and with vanishing prospects of growing while under sustained attack as “fascist,” “racist,” “anti-semitic,” etc.
    A lot of energy is expended and a lot of ground is lost in the defense, “Me, anti-semitic? Racist? No, way! My statements were taken out of context and I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by them.”
    How about responding instead with:
    “If by ‘anti-semitic’ you mean questioning the demonstrably asymmetrical acquisition of power at all levels (financial, political, mediatic, cultural) through closed ethnic networking by an “elite” who happen to belong mostly to this minuscule ethnic group, then, yes, put me down as “anti-semitic.
    If noticing that the US foreign policy is carried out irrespective of and often against the interests of the American people but in favor of Israel is “anti-semitic,” then place a double checkmark near my “anti-semitism.”
    Instead of fighting against the labels intended to be condemning maybe we should own them and discuss them.

    • Agree: shadowy_figure
    • Replies: @Z-man
  303. @Anon

    “Mow your lawn, hick. My lawn consists of some 3 acres of the homestead. It includes areas with trees, a. pond, a partially dried-up lake, stone-girt gardens and has virtually no flat land. Mowing is done with a modest-sized Huskvarna “push” mower. Great exercise. No neighbors in sight, so why should I give a fat, furry, flying fart if it’s not cut in one swell foop.

    Now, why don’t you tell me about your lawn, it’s size and topography and about your mower. Approaching my 80th year in something more than 12 months; I maintain a fairly decent place without the use of heavy-duty machinery. I despise consumerism and have low regard for prissy, preppy burbie-babies who need to sit on their asses in order to cut their lawns and basically do so to keep up with the herd and not be “eccentric”.

    So, anon 377…why can’t you come up with a screen I.D. rather than simply being yet another number in the data registry? BTW: My suspicion is that you happen to have been half-drunk after another dreary day as a serf and a bit pissed off at the world in your little burbie life.

  304. @Dawww

    I don’t have enough sick time left for “Long Duck Dong Covid”, so I’ll just have to tough it out, go to work, and infect the livin’ out of everyone.

    That wasn’t a very nice comment, but I know you’ve got a good heart … for now…

  305. @m.a.kaiser

    Get rid of mail-in ballots, allow only in-person voting with paper ballots and proper ID, on election day. Make election day a federal holiday so everyone can show up if they want to. Have election observers EVERYWHERE.

    Will never happen. The majority doesn’t want to stand in line to vote. Such ideas are even less likely with the COVID factor.

    The only real solution is for the Republicans to focus on the middle class and tell the wealthy to take a hike.

    That is of course unlikely because the GOP still thinks they have to defend the wealthy. They would rather watch the country go third world than return to 1990s level taxes on the wealthy. The wealthy already have thousand ways to manipulate the tax code but our doofus conservatives still think they are worth serving.

  306. @John Johnson

    The way socialism works in the modern world is that Whites are net taxpayers and Blacks are net tax drains. I read somewhere that each black person costs something like a staggering $10K/year. How would more socialism not exacerbate this problem?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  307. @shadowy_figure

    Focusing on the middle class is not socialism.

    The mentality that any government spending is socialism is the problem.

    In theory you could cut welfare and expand benefits to the middle class.

    The middle class is by definition a working class. They aren’t a net drain on the economy.

  308. JR Foley says:

    Trump to run–Forrest Gump to walk —order your MAGA caps fast–while supplies last….

  309. At this juncture, being loyal to the US is as contemptible as being a member of an “Evangelical” cult, and for the same reason: in both cases you are pledging fealty to Jews. “Evangelicals” worship not Christ but His enemies and US “patriots” are loyal to a country that belongs not to themselves but to their worst enemies.

  310. Archeus says:

    Glad you’re depressed that means something went really well for the Democrats. Especially when you consider how gerrymandered red states are – you barely manage to eak put a majority.

    No doubt this was a real bummer for nazis, white supremacists, White nationalists and racists of all colors. Best part is we’ll continue arming Ukraine to annihilate Russia’s pathetic Potemkin army.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Angharad
  311. @TheGreatGodNaturalRights

    There’s something about the European character. It is slow to anger and loath to nurse a grudge. Mohammedans invaded European lands for 400 years before Europeans organized and responded. Yet, to this day, Whites feel guilty about the Crusades.

    I would add that the Mongols brutally invaded and conquered Eastern Europe. It was purely for glory as their empire was already massive at the time.

    They don’t teach that in EU or US high schools. No talking about how brave European men had to face down hordes of Mongols where the skies were filled with incoming arrows. No talk about how the Mongols would raze an entire city and kill everything that moved including women and children. Few realize that entire Slav cities do not exist because they were completely destroyed by Mongols. Nothing remains.

    History as taught in the US/EU is all White guilt centered. Look at the crusades. Look at colonialism in Africa.

    Bad Whites here. Bad Whites there. You’re part of bad race.

    That’s the message.

    The worst part is that these teachers are White. They hate themselves and want to promote self-hatred in the students. I have had liberals even tell me that White people shouldn’t like themselves. One told me that another Hitler will come along if we let White people feel good about themselves.

    Conservatives aren’t any better. Most promote the Christian concept of “original sin” where you are born bad. You are born a sinful monster and only through Christ can you have any redeeming qualities. Wow such an uplifting message for children. Both conservatives and liberals believe in teaching White kids that they are born morally deficient.

  312. @m.a.kaiser

    There will NEVER be an uncorrupted election in the USA again. The Deep State was so scared by the Trump accident that they will take NO chances, and it will be as blatant as needed, because the lying, blind, rats of the MSM simply will NOT be allowed to see.

  313. @KenH

    Before the imposition of patriarchal control, by Big Men like yourself, family size was controlled by women, who had as many children as THEY wished, taking into account the amount of food available etc. Then the Big Men decided that they must control women, as property, including their fecundity. So your mentality is stuck in the late Neolithic Age, I’d say. Abortion should be rare and the woman’s choice. What’s your view on contraception?

  314. @Getaclue

    Spoken like a true patriarch. Studies of tribal peoples have shown conclusively that they used a wide variety of mostly plant substances for health purposes. In this pharmacopoeia, abortifacients and contraceptives were common. And the same is true of our primate relatives.
    Women, generally, I believe, would prefer to abort a foetus in time of scarcity, than bear it and see the child it becomes starve to death. The worst type of men don’t care-the more babies (and more wives) the more property he controls. It’s one of the roots of our current and ancient misogyny.

  315. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Striker Unfiltered:

    It will be hard to convince anyone to run Trump’s 2016 campaign again.

    Politically mobilizing whites means your business and livelihood will be destroyed, your reputation wrecked, your family will be threatened, and you will be put under FBI investigation. Anyone who helps you will end up in prison.

    The enigma is that GOP has to run this type of campaign or they will never win an election again.

  316. Z-man says:

    Yes, as I’ve said those labels are getting more and more meaningless. There will come a point where the tide will turn.
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

  317. Dutch Boy says:

    The fact that McConnell and McCarthy are in charge of the political “opposition” is depressing in itself.

  318. @Patrick McNally

    “If people want to know what the big difference was between 2022 versus 2010 or 1994 then abortion is the logical place to look.”

    It’s appalling to know that the majority of American women insist on the legal right to kill their own children.

    • Replies: @mark green
  319. Angharad says:
    @Dave Bowman

    Dave it was obvious that MeanJewJew is a jew from the start.

  320. Angharad says:

    Jew – the next expulsion will be GLOBAL.

  321. Angharad says:

    I voted in the midterms because there was a local ballot issue, that was important. Professor MacDonald – are you going senile? You ackshually thought voting is real in the Jewocracy? Come on.

  322. @Joseph Doaks

    It’s appalling to know that the majority of American women insist on the legal right to kill their own children.

    You’re mostly right but not precisely. At the same time, there continues to be widespread misunderstand about Roe’s impact and what overturning Roe means.

    First and foremost: Roe did not legalize abortion. Abortion was already legal in many states before the 1973 Roe decision. Additionally, abortion restrictions were already being loosened at the state level during this era. What Roe did was immediately eviscerate every existing state law which prohibited abortion or restricted abortion in the first trimester. BAM! Washington knows better.

    Roe was a top-down decision. It came from feminists, anti-nuclear-family activists, and liberal elites. Roe also shifted reproduction power totally into the hands of women. (This is not an entirely bad thing.)

    The recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe did not make abortions ‘illegal’. This widely-held view it false. The ‘rights’ and restrictions on human reproduction are now entirely up to the People in each and every state. Let the debates begin! I happen to be pro-choice, but overturning Roe was the right thing to do. It was fake Constitutional law.

    Fortunately for the pro-choice crowd, in the vast majority of states, abortion will remain safe, legal, and available to all women. This is democracy in action. That liberals in NY and Calif are going nuts over the recent SCOTUS involving Roe shows how unhinged these people are.

    Yes, some states will prohibit abortion but pregnant women who wish to terminate their pregnancy will still be free to travel outside their state for the procedure. So it’s not so bad. By comparison, think of all the women doing sex work who are arrested for this non-violent encounter between consenting adults. Hundreds go in and out of jail all the time. Yet pornography remains entirely legal and protected. This makes no sense. Also, countless Americans are subjected to arrest and imprisonment for smoking a joint or possessing cocaine. These penalties are every bit as intrusive as prohibiting abortion.

    Keep in mind that even Roe did not give women the ‘right’ to aborting their fetus throughout their entire pregnancy. Roe was a compromise. It was (IMHO) a reasonable compromise. But the federal government should never had injected itself in this matter in the first place. When an issue is this contentious, leave it to the people in each state to hash it out.

    Finally, it would be more accurate to say “the majority of American women insist on the legal right to kill the own [unborn] children.” Making a distinction between a non-viable, week-old fetus in the womb and a live child is not unreasonable (but if you feel otherwise, that’s OK, too.)

  323. Kevin,

    I sure don’t claim to know it all but I’ve learned and shared what makes sense to me until someone can show me otherwise since 2007. Among the many things I’ve learned that has been spun, censored or confused altogether is that America’s Founders gave us a Republic, and for good reason. Not a Democracy with electronic voting machines now even, which is one of the dumbest things ever from mankind. Have you ever heard “I pledge allegiance to the Democracy” in America? No.

    And with respect to what some people were labeled when they were born, and as one of the world’s many different good-hearted, non man-made religion, spiritual people like I’ve always really been, I’ve asked myself for about 20 years now who really knows who is, or is not, a Jew? Or any other man-made religious people for that matter. Because they said so? Because someone else said so? Just one of countless examples of that to my mind recently is Guy Fawkes. Was he really a Catholic? Or was he blamed as a Catholic? It’s pretty easy for anyone to claim they are in any man-made religion, which is another one of the dumbest things ever from mankind if you just read that stuff. Just like it’s easy to be mislabeled on purpose, or for the US, BBC or other legacy mainstream media to confuse people on purpose for over 100 years now about lots of things. All this man-made religion, and the variants of each, just makes it possible for so many of us on this planet to be pitted against each other, easily manipulated and scammed.

    And it’s a sad fact I’ve personally learned for 20 years now too, in America at least, that there are many people that just think and act like politics doesn’t affect them, even if they believe the thousands of other people here about some of these completely censored psyop scams on us and others. That means that some of these older people are choosing to mislead the younger people, and that they know they are misleading the younger people.

    Hacking Democracy [HBO Documentary] (2006) (1:21:58)

    The film the voting machine corporations don’t want you to see. Hacking Democracy follows investigator/grandmother, Bev Harris, and her citizen-activists as they set out to uncover how America counts its votes. Proving the votes can be stolen without a trace culminates in a duel between the Diebold corporation’s voting machines and a computer hacker – with America’s democracy at stake.

    The Hypocricy of Democracy – Lessons from America’s Founders or

    Michael’s Newsletter – existing posts are often updated/improved, and see Truth Advocate Resources on the right hand side

    Best regards,

    Note: If any of my bitchute channels are restricted to you because of so-called “hate speech” because of your location, like it is to some, use some VPN like to access the internet where you can change your location to one that works and you can view the channel. Also just FYI I switched to Proton email a good while back in an effort to avoid Big Tech psyop scammers, and their shills, with no problems. I think it’s better than any other US, BBC or other legacy mainstream Big Tech so far, and Proton email has its own built in VPN available, and they recently came out with Proton Drive for storage too.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  324. @mark green

    Thanks for the thoughtful response!

  325. @Michael Atkinson

    “And it’s a sad fact I’ve personally learned for 20 years now too, in America at least, that there are many people that just think and act like politics doesn’t affect them”

    Yes, along with the many variations on the theme of “my vote doesn’t count anyway.” Then there are the “independents” and the “undecideds” who apparently are waiting for the big issue of the hour to arise at the last minute to sway them, or for some national celebrity, or their Facebook friends, to reach a consensus so they can follow the crowd. What a way to run a country!

  326. @mark green

    > Let the debates begin! I happen to be pro-choice, but overturning Roe was the right thing to do.

    That’s a perfectly defensible view. But then in that case, one should surely be willing to allow that some of the Democrat-victories in this last election were due to abortion as an issue. I’m generally suspicious of all of the electoral results where they went on for days after election day still counting votes. It does seem like if votes were counted more honestly (the way it’s been done here in Florida) then there would have been more Republican victories. A clear majority in the Senate, a stronger majority in the House. But it just seems inescapable that any possibility of a Republican tsunami was ended when the abortion verdict came earlier this year.

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