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A de-Putin-Nazification of America Update
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Photo by frankieleon | CC BY 2.0

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So the de-Putin-Nazification of America couldn’t be going much better at the moment. In terms of emotionally manipulating people (and especially any heretofore wayward members of the American “left”) into forming a mindless, hysterical mob and running around like headless chickens branding anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton a goose-stepping Nazi, this past week has been a huge success. At this point, if you haven’t yet posted an anti-Nazi loyalty oath on Twitter, Facebook, or some other platform, you’re a potential “Nazi sympathizer” … and you don’t want to be one of those, now do you? No, I didn’t think you did. So, if you haven’t done that, you’d better get on it. Here are few tips to get you started.

Your anti-Nazi loyalty oath should include a clearly-worded statement acknowledging that Donald Trump is Hitler, or at least the leader of the tens of hundreds of imbecilic, neo-Nazi losers who, according to most of the mainstream media, are on the verge of overthrowing the entire American ruling establishment. It should also include a threat to unfollow, de-friend, and otherwise socially ostracize anyone who hasn’t posted such an oath, or who, despite the Charlottesville Kristallnacht, stubbornly continues thinking critically, or maintains any form of historical awareness, or presents any kind of rational arguments challenging the prevailing Nazi hysteria.

It should also include one or more of the following:

(1) If not an outright call for the First Amendment to be repealed, then at least a demand for a ban on “hate speech,” and the removal of every hate-based statue, flag, painting, book, film, song, joke, or other expression of racism, hatred, religious bigotry, misogyny, extremism, general rudeness (and any other forms of speech or expression that you don’t like) from public view. Don’t worry about the ramifications of this ban. It will never, ever, be used against you, or anyone that you agree with, or against any authors or artists that you like. It’ll be a ban on “hate-speech,” after all, and it’s not like that term is completely subjective, or subject to the whims of those in power, or anything like that.

(2) A demand that the already overly-broad definition of “terrorism” now be expanded even further, to include the fascist who drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, killing one and wounding many others. Never mind that this murderous idiot seems to have done this on the spur of the moment (or, if it was a planned attack, that he’s even more of an idiot than he seems, which, judging from his mug shot, is hard to believe). The important thing is to help the Resistance expand the definition of “terrorism” to the point where they can slap it onto anyone. Again, don’t worry about the ramifications. The “terrorist” label will never, ever, be used against groups that you approve of, or innocent people in faraway countries that some future president wants to murder with drones. The Resistance would never, ever, do that. They know who is and who isn’t a terrorist. And if they don’t, they can always check with Obama.

(3) A reference (either veiled or direct) to someone who may be a Nazi-sympathizer. This is crucial in terms of motivating others to post their loyalty oaths, and fostering an atmosphere of paranoia, which is always so helpful at times like this. Surely, you know of someone who has said, tweeted, published, or posted something that could be interpreted as “Nazi-friendly.” Don’t bother with the Trump supporters. The corporate-owned media will take care of them. You want to go after other leftists, specifically leftists who have been reluctant to call Trump Hitler, or a Putinist agent, or who disagree with you about Syria, or, you know, just people who get on your nerves. This is a golden opportunity to pore through their tweets and Facebook posts, find something you can use against them, and then accuse them of harboring Nazi sympathies. Given the current level of hysteria, few people are going to check your facts. This is one you can really have fun with. See how far you can push the paranoia. Make up elaborate conspiracy theories. If you’re not quite sure how to go about that, check The New York Times or The Washington Post … they’re masters of that kind of thing.

Your anti-Nazi loyalty oath should definitely not include any of the following:

(1) Any mention of the Ukrainian Nazis that Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Resistance (before it was the Resistance, of course) helped regime-change the Ukrainian government when it wouldn’t play ball with the EU and NATO. Mentioning the Resistance’s support of these Nazis would only confuse those reading your oath, who might not understand that there are good Nazis and bad Nazis, and who have probably forgotten how the US government smuggled a number of actual Nazis (i.e., members of the NSDAP) into America after WWII … or how, since the end of that war, the United States has mass murdered countless millions of people all over the planet (but, technically, not in a genocidal fashion, so that doesn’t make us the same as Nazis).

(2) Actual membership figures on neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, because those figures are pathetically small. Doing this would make your loyalty oath (not to mention the whole Nazi hysteria thing, generally) seem, if not paranoid, then at least absurd, or like part of some manufactured effort to whip up support for a ruling class coup by waving Nazis in front of everyone’s faces. This would be extremely counterproductive. Remember, one of the primary goals of the De-Putin-Nazification program is to convince the public that Richard Spencer (and the handful of other insignificant idiots that the corporate media is showering with publicity) is about to lead an overwhelming force of tiki torch-bearing neo-Nazis into the streets of American cities to battle the hyper-militarized police, the national guard, and the US military, or some other preposterous scenario like that.

(3) Any reference whatsoever to the corporatocracy that runs the country, and that normally decides who can run for president, and which is currently making an example of Trump in order to dissuade any future billionaires from having the audacity to fuck with them. You’ll be better off avoiding this subject entirely, as it only reminds folks how screwed they are, and how, odds are, they’re probably all worked up about something the corporate-owned media wanted to get them all worked up about, neo-Nazis, Russian hackers, nuclear war with North Korea, Syrian gas attacks, lone wolf terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, or whatever. Take it from someone who’s worked in show business. No one likes being made aware of how they are being manipulated … or provided with a binary set of officially acceptable contextual parameters within which they can think and speak.

But don’t worry too much about that binary stuff. There’ll be plenty of time to get into all that after we rid the world of these Nazis, and these racists, and all these Confederate statues. And Trump, of course. That’s the main thing … getting rid of Donald Trump, and getting a Democrat back in office. Oh, yeah … and the books. We need to look at the books. God knows how many Confederate books are still out there in the public libraries, and in people’s homes, where children can read them. We’ll need to get to the books eventually.

In the meantime, focus on Priority One. Go hard on the Nazi hysteria, at least throughout the rest of the weekend, after which they’ll probably need to switch us back to the Russia hysteria, or possibly the North Korea hysteria, or … damn, see? Here I go with that contextual parameter stuff again. I’ve really got to stop doing that. The last thing I need is to get myself accused of being some kind of Nazi sympathizer, or Confederate apologist, or Russian propagandist, or extremist, or terrorist, or, you know … whatever.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can reached at or

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Charlottesville, Donald Trump 
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  1. Anonymous [AKA "John J. Ingalls"] says:

    Your first article on August 11 left me a little confused. A lot of those Putin-Nazis didn’t have much in common. In fact, many were just total opposites. Maybe you should come home and get reacquainted. It looked like this satire business had blown your mind.

    Then, I read this article and you started to come through to me. I think you’re finding your groove. Now, we’re pretty much on the same page. No one in the other camp could could possibly be so satirical.They have only to be vulgar and destructive for no valid purpose. We’ll leave it to the psychologists, or better yet, the psychiatrists to figure out what is the mechanism that has worked so effectively to turn them into
    such lunatics.

    I only wish that you had not paid obeisance to the guilt factor by mentioning (twice) that K. Harris was “Black”. I’m one of those people who spent a couple of decades working in Latin America where the obsession with “Black” is somewhat attenuated compared to the US. They tend to temper their prejudice with the percentage factor, which means that a lot of people are mixed and cannot honestly be called “Black”. Kamala does not look”Black”.

    Robert Keith (my real name) Brooklyn,NY

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  2. Wally says: • Website

    Charlottesville was staged event, a classic strategy of provocation operation which is going to be used as psywar pushing for national imposition of martial law and the deep state coup against Trump and the remnants of the Republic.

    The entire event was staged.
    See video:
    different cars, different driver than alleged driver Fields, photo shopped ‘flying people’ & crash backgrounds, lot’s more.
    It’s not difficult, just open your eyes.

    The facts about Charlottesville that the Zionist dominated MSM do not allow:

    Charlottesville, a set-up

    Soros admission:

    As for the dumb ‘Nazi’ thing, there were the ‘Nazis’ with the impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the impossible ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Lawrence Fitton
  3. It is great pity that
    Kai S. Schreyber (Hrsg.), ´Warum wir ADOLF HITLER wählten, Jungwähler von 1933/38 berichten’, 2001 Kiel,
    ‘Why we voted Adolf Hitler’, does exist only in german.
    The book is based on interviews with Germans in the eighties, Germans who had voted for Hitler.
    They describe the year 1938 as the happiest in their lives.
    At last there were jobs, you could walk the streets at night without fear, and loans for houses were available.

  4. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Controlling the worlds IT infrastructure is important to the New Communist Party!

  5. Brabantian says: • Website

    Indeed it is hysteria & the madness of crowds in the USA, to a degree never seen before in our lifetimes

    Perhaps the cleverness of Trump & others with him, is instinctively understanding that, this hysteria cannot be directly defused given its elite & corp media support, but now the fire must simply be left to run its course, until it burns itself out, in the end forcing a widespread recognition of the absurdity, & enduring shame for those who fostered it

    This may explain including such nominal feints such as the jettisoning of ‘goy’ top advisor Steve Bannon to give the antifa etc hysterics more fuel for their fires

    Interesting article by, of all people, David P Goldman aka ‘Spengler’ of Asia Times, arguing that Donald Trump may at the moment be making an extremely clever riverboat gamble –

    Siding with the more common-sense ordinary people of both USA Democrat & Republican political parties, as those parties implode and split into pieces, & possibly building a new, core, more sensible political centre once the current hysteria has run its course

    Trump will reach out to Democratic voters who are alienated from a leadership that has devoted most of its energy to a radical social agenda instead of bread-and-butter solutions, and he will appear to a majority of his own party. I do not know whether he will succeed; if he does, the self-inflicted wounds to the erstwhile arbiters of American opinion will be fatal.

    ‘The Bloody Shirt of Charlottesville and its unintended consequences’

  6. Renoman says:

    Good article, thank you.

  7. When all the Confederate Statutes are taken down, what replaces them?

    The Anti-fascist replacement:go google photos of Hillary Clinton…pick the Hillary Clinton photo with Hillary wearing the most hideous of her pantsuits …that’s the one that will replace General Lee….A statue of a psychopathic War Criminal bulldyke who was organized and gave the order to mass murder Conservative Russian Christians in the Eastern Ukraine on behalf of Neo-Nazis.

    Hillary Clinton…created Al QUEDA and ISIS….enabler of Ukraino Nazis…..

    Hillary Clinton..the poster girl for the Antifa Tranny Freaks….and the cucked White Protestant Male Ministers standing up to hate in Charlottesville…

  8. @War for Blair Mountain

    Comments above…….what Richard Spencer should have asked Lacy McCauley…

    The ADL response to Richard Spencer:There will be no Negros…..Sihks…Hindus…Muzzies….Iranians for our precious Jew only Israel!!!”

    Richard also should have asked Lacey this question:Can you explain to the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority exactly what the great benefit is to being voted into a racial minority within the borders of America by Chinese…Sihks…Hindus…Pakistanis….Koreans…Muslims…Koreans….? This is a question that millions of Native Born White Americans are starting to ask themselves….

    I don’t want a White Ethno State..I want California taken back for our People…

    • Replies: @Pachyderm Pachyderma
  9. The ADL has open demographic genocidal intent for The Historic Native Born White Christian American Majority…..No more of our tax \$\$\$\$ for Jewish only Israel….

  10. It was a set-up! Soros! We … dindu nuffin! we was good boys!

    • Replies: @Wally
  11. Z-man says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, no mention of, ok I’ll put it in PC terms, The Lobby? The most evil Cabal? Article fails CJ.

  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Nicely provocative, an essay that seems more likely than a lot published here to get through to Americans not yet divided-and-conquered.

    Another way to help people you know and care about to get beyond the TV-level dumbshittery afflicting the country: posit whether ANY statue, plaque, etc., of ANY politician, military “hero,” or other person being thus celebrated for exercising governmental authority is worth funding with taxation, much less squabbling over.

    Every sheep gets sheared.

  13. To understand what is taking place in America with the attempted destruction of the past and the agent provocateurs , read The Protocols of Zion and George Orwells 1984. The end result will be a Zionist controlled NWO unless Americans wake the hell up for the handwriting is on the proverbial wall.

    Orwell said it best, he who controls the past controls the future.

  14. Yet another panic reaction to Charlottesville, I suppose. Small correction of fact: the Ukrainian government wasn’t overthrown when it wouldn’t play ball with the EU and NATO. Quite the contrary, indeed. It was when Yanukovych decided that he would sign the EU association agreement that he was overthrown or, more correctly, that he simply fled. NATO was never an issue. As with Mr Zuesse, the polemical style and the pro-Putin line suggest growing fear in the pro-Putin camp.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  15. When there is a problem, the one and only way to solve it is:
    1 describe the problem
    2 analyse the described problem
    3 formulate a solution

    Alas in political discussions these steps are seldom taken.

    In this case what is ‘de Putin nazification of the USA’, and, if it exists, why is it a problem ?

  16. Parbes says:

    Great satire, Mr. Hopkins… Well done!

  17. Bannonism-Civic Nationalism=don’t notice that you have been voted into a racial minority by the Chinese in California….

  18. @Anonymous

    I’m one of those people who spent a couple of decades working in Latin America where the obsession with “Black” is somewhat attenuated compared to the US. They tend to temper their prejudice with the percentage factor, which means that a lot of people are mixed and cannot honestly be called “Black”. Kamala does not look”Black”.

    True. But nowadays, if you use a more precise word, like ‘mulatto’ or ‘quadroon’, people will go positively ape-shit. So it’s safest just to stick to ‘black’.

  19. @Michael Kenny

    As usual, you’re dead wrong. Yanuvovich ultimately did not sign the EU agreement:

    The political provisions of the treaty were signed on 21 March 2014 after a series of events that had stalled its ratification culminated in a revolution in Ukraine and overthrow of the then incumbent President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. This ousting was sparked by Yanukovych’s refusal to sign the agreement.

    As far as NATO is concerned, it is unlikely that Ukraine will be joining in the near future, because of Transnistria and because it has two border disputes with Russia. But the country can still be used as a cat’s paw to get at Russia (just like Georgia under Sakashvili), which is even better from Washington’s point of view, since they don’t even have to give the Ukies any security guarantees if they get into trouble with Russia (again, just like Georgia under Sakashvili).

  20. Another ringer from CJ! Keep ’em comin’ …

  21. Biff says:

    C.J. you forgot to mention the ever so Nazi like U.S./NATO/EU axis that spends its entire time and effort in protecting and securing White Capital.
    It’s practically the only reason the U.S. military exists.

  22. Less than 24 hours after getting rid of Bannon…Donald Trump announces a Troop surge in Afghanistan…Business will be booming for body bag manufacturers….

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  23. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    That Soros quote is complete bullshit, taken from a Bild interview that never happened. If the maxim “he lies once, so he always lies” — a maxim upon which your whole “movement” is based — is true, then there’s no reason anyone should ever believe anything you say.

    • Replies: @Wally
  24. @War for Blair Mountain

    This what the Zionist neocon dual citizens do is war as long as the America soldier is the one doing the dying, and all for the Zionist NWO. The Report From Iron Mountain reveals the perpetual war agenda that we are under and as Orwell said wars are not meant to be won they are meant to keep us proles slaves forever.

    • Replies: @Alden

    Look, events in Boston vindicating the Alt Right narrative in Charlottesville.

    All the violence is instigated by ‘counter-protesters’, as the globalist CBS calls them.

    They are Antifanissary thugs and lunatics who oppose free speech and side with Wall Street and the War State.

    I’m glad this event happened. At this event, there were no Confed flags, no one with Nazi flag, and no extremists.

    There were only patriots defending free speech, but the Antifanissary scum attack just the same.

    Trump should talk about this.

    Globalist War on Free Speech and Free Assembly.

    Barking dogs on leash who can’t tolerate the howl of free wolves.

    Thank the Police on this. The State, in this case, defended those defending freedom of speech and assembly.

    But the Corporations will all side with PC Proglodytes.
    But there will be blowback. Just like the Jihadis supported by the US turned on the West, these Antifa scum will turn around and bite the corpies.

    In a way, the bogeyman of ‘nazi’ is very useful to corporations. Capitalists know that the Far Left hates them and wanna smash windows, burn down Starbucks, create havoc in upscale cities like Seattle, and etc. And capitalists fear BLM and black thugs too.

    If ‘nazis’ didn’t exist, these restless Antifa and BLM would likely be doing Occupy Wall Street, rioting in gentrified parts of town, attacking yuppies and hipsters, and attacking GREED.

    But if there are ‘nazis’ as bogeyman, the corporations can direct all Antifa and BLM rage at the ‘white supremacists’ who actually have no power and wealth.
    Also, as having sponsored the Antifa and BLM, the corpies hope that the far-left and black thugs will be grateful and not attack them.

    But there is blowback sometime down the line.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  26. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:

    You are right, hypocrisy rules. What else is new? Civil war has nothing to do with what happened in Charlottesville. These monuments stood for ~100 years or longer and caused no violence. It is important to face this fact, as well as the fact that the violence in Charlottesville was started by self-proclaimed “liberals”. Considering how shamelessly they push lies in the media and how they violently suppress any opinion that differs from theirs, these “liberals” are anything but. What we are witnessing is yet another string of provocations by those who are sore that their beloved mad witch spent twice as much money as Trump and lost. Mind you, I am no fan of Trump, but I don’t trust that lying corrupt to the core “alternative” an inch. As far as Hillary is concerned, from my viewpoint her gender does not matter. What matters is massive fraud in the Democratic primaries (that’s why Debbie Wasserman-Schulz resigned as a head of DNC in 2016 right before the convention she presumably prepared), as well as the fact that Hillary never gave a speech w/o at least \$100,000 “speaking fee”, took vast amounts of money from the most unsavory sources, including Saudi Arabia (the same one that murders people by public beheading with a curved sword, exactly like ISIS, and keeps murdering hundreds of civilians in Yemen), and was openly supported by the most notorious neocons from both parties. I would not trust a male with this kind of record, either.
    Trump’s words that removal of monuments is “sad” and “so foolish” arguably are his first intelligent utterance in months. History does not change no matter what people do, and it has a way of punishing those who forget or try to erase it. Only cowardly scum fights monuments. I am deeply ashamed that some scenes from my country resemble those earlier seen in hopeless basket cases, like present-day Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  27. @AnonFromTN

    The same Zionist neocons aka Bolsheviks that did the coup in the Ukraine are the same ones behind the demonstrations here in America and they intend to get the same results. If interested in what these Bolsheviks did to Russia and what they are trying to do here, read The Gulag Archipelago by Alexsander Solzhenitstyn.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  28. joe webb says:

    Fw: The Plot Against America….Phililp Roth, Jews, and projection.
    joe webb Today at 12:23 PM
    Message body

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: joe webb
    Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2017 12:22 PM
    Subject: The Plot Against America….Phililp Roth, Jews, and projection.

    Roth’s novel appeared in 2004. It imagined the election of Charles Lindburgh, instead of FDR. The copy of the novel I am looking at has a swastika on the front cover. The swastika, always a sure seller, pretty much tells the tale.

    Roth can be seen as the dean ,or one of several, of the jewish literary mafia in the US. When I first saw the appearance of the novel (full disclosure, have not read it) I figured it as Roth’s gift to jews for his often uncomplimentary representation of jews in his novels. Maybe her needed the money too.

    “Plot” is an interesting word in that the standard critique of jews , is that they ‘plot,’ as in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and various commentaries on the jews and their scheming as opposed to straightforward attack, whatever that might mean, given their numerical inferiority and Word orientation. In the Beginning was the Word of the Jews.

    Normal people, aka gentiles, don’t bother with a lot of words. They just react viscerally when threatened and awakened from their straightforward, unpremeditated innocent lives. Innocent in this case meaning, innocent of jewish plans for them. (Today, Trumpism represents Rip Van Winkle, asleep for 20 or more years. to see the neighborhood going to hell, as well as the country.)

    You may have seen the photo re Charlottesville of the apparently Jewish women and her grin and her grinning sign stating, “WE will Replace You.” This is very uncharacteristically jewish, although not entirely if you recall the jewish Hollywood guy who recently bragged, Of course, Jews control Hollywood, and that is great!

    Trump is roughly the Charles Lindbergh of our time. He has sanitized the pitch, but as a New Yorker, must be jew-wise, despite his insurance policy of his daughter, etc.

    Word choice is psychologically revealing. Roth could have used the word “attack” or other cognates. As a wordsmith he cannot be accused of poetic error.

    Today, the Jewish Plot against America , from their long march of books, especially on racial equality, to their 40 year campaign to get the 1965 Immigration act, to their constant championing of minority racists, principally Blacks, but now including Mexicans and even…very weirdly…muslims, their long-game strategy has paid off and reduced whites to about 62% of our own country. Not to mention their core of both War Parties…attacking the whole world of Arabs…all 500 million or so of them, all for Israel. The resulting Arab terror is Good for the Jews and into the bargain, they complain about how racist we are for not wanting to import…you know. Smart…..

    This quiet and clever campaign which uses White traits of generosity/altruism against us, cannot be conceived as anything other than a plot. Especially this is true given the racialist and nationalist character of their Jewish State…Israel, not to mention jewish imperialism and conquest of other people’s land. The NYC shell game here is impressive. Of course, the Protestants have made all of this possible because of their religious authorizing text, the Old Testament, and their mascot, the Jews themselves. This is also true, somewhat, of the Catholic Church, which also routinely uses texts from the OT in its services too. Catholics continue to believe now for almost two millennia, that the Jews will convert. Faith.

    So, the Jewish Plot has brought the US to the brink of civil war, not that there are not other contributing factors, but the strongest other factor, communist ideas, racial equality ideas, is fundamentally of a jewish character, whether it was early Bolshevism, later cultural Bolshevism , including the degeneration of same into various post-modernisms stinking of anti-white racism, and nihilism and feminism. Get the intellectual white boys and girls running around barking Jewish Ideas and Words and childless and depressed and raving about negro Exploitation/Oppression. Result now : Kill White People.

    The Jews of course can laugh all the way to Jerusalem with their dual citizenship guarantee and Uncle Moshe’s money, just in case. Nevertheless Ant-Semitism! still sells, but somewhat less so given the unpleasantness of Israel to liberals.

    The legion race traitors in both political parties luv the Jews and will lock us all up. It is a crusade of sorts. Racial Equality and Jews more equal perG-d. Just ask McCain and Ryan and their co-conspirators int he media, and especially FOX News. Yeah, and even Trump had to deploy the E word, Evil.

    By that logic 99 per cent of folks are evil since they marry only within their own race. Are you now or have you ever been…

    E. Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Alden
  29. Wally says: • Website

    Only a redneck Zionist would deny the obvious and attempt to protect slimy Soros. LOL!!

    The quote is fact, you are lying as usual.


    Posted by Rebecca Em Campbell on Tuesday, November 15, 2016


    In case you haven’t figured it out, people at have your Zionist boys figured out.
    But that doesn’t stop unhinged hasbarists like yourself from sucking up.

    I have owned you from day one, you don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.

    The facts about Charlottesville that the Zionist dominated MSM do not allow:
    The entire event was staged.
    See video:
    different cars, different driver than alleged driver Fields, photo shopped ‘flying people’ & crash backgrounds, lot’s more.
    It’s not difficult, just open your eyes.

    Charlottesville, a set-up

    As for the dumb ‘Nazi’ thing, there were the ‘Nazis’ with the impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the impossible ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    • Replies: @Anon
  30. Wally says:
    @Marshall Lentini


    The facts about Charlottesville that the Zionist dominated MSM do not allow:
    The entire event was staged.
    See video:
    different cars, different driver than alleged driver Fields, photo shopped ‘flying people’ & crash backgrounds, lot’s more.
    It’s not difficult, just open your eyes.

    Charlottesville, a set-up

    Soros admission:

    • Replies: @Alden
  31. Alden says:
    @Desert Fox

    Q. What’s the marching song of the Israeli Army?

    A. Onward Christian Soldiers.

  32. Alden says:

    This is the composition of every ten man cell of the evil neo Nazi KKK White Supremacist movement.
    2 FBI agents 2 ATF agents 2 SPLC agents 2 ADL agents 1 AJC agent and one blue eyed young White man who lives in the local group home for developmentally disabled adults

    Remember Randy Weaver? Every one of the separatist White supremacists who entrapped him turned out to be a government agent provacatuer.

  33. Alden says:

    Wasn’t that what the Jewish founders and leadership of NAACP said back in 1910.

    If the White goyim survive some trillionaire Jew will be saying the same thing in 2114.

  34. @Priss Factor

    you’ve made an important point, Priss: “Nazi,” “Hitler,” “Swastika” and “Holocaust ™ ” are brands created by and for corporate interests; the narrative behind these brands does NOT represent history, it is the product of Bernays/hasbara. That is, its basic appeal is to emotion, deliberately bypassing reason and critical analysis.

    Corporatists, zionists and Jews *** are striking back as hard as they are, and attempting to associate “hate” with “Nazi” as often as they can, in an exercise in Brand Spanking: as Sam Shama let slip the other day, spanking the Nazi etc. brand is essential because more and more people are waking up.

    Charlottesville was, indeed, a set-up: some PR shop managed the affair and cucksertive media are following the script to a Tee.

    On C Span on Aug 15, John McArdle hosted an exercise in propaganda so obvious you have to wonder if UVa might consider rescinding his diploma. McArdle invited callers to opine on Trump’s statement on the C’ville events; in the 61 minute program, he spoke the word “hate” 41 times: once every 90 seconds.

    “Hate” was associated with “white” at every opportunity.
    If a caller failed to link “hate” with “white/supremacists/nationalist,” McArdle prompted them to do so.

    The history of the era of the European-Jewish wars is a radically different entity from the branding.

    Before the history can be made more fully consistent with reality — an absolute essential for a the “well informed citizens” in a representative form of government — the “Nazi” etc. brands have got to be torn apart: shattered, fragmented.

    One of Eddie Bermays’s first triumphs was to persuade elite women that smoking cigarettes was chic.

    Years and many deaths later, cigarettes now carry a warning from the Surgeon General that cigarettes can kill you.

    The same thing has to happen to the deadly way the Jewish PR/media has bastardized “Nazi” Hitler” “Swastika” .

    It must be made clear in every instance that the people who inserted the toxic ingredients in those brands had only their own revenue stream in view, and not full and truthful information for the American public.


    *** Jews — and they can be named & should be shamed — were at the vanguard of branding “Nazi” “Hitler” and “Swastika” with the epithet Hate nearly a decade before a single hair on a Jewish head was so much as mussed: James Waterman Wise, son of Rabbi Stephen Wise, published a book titled “Swastika” in about May, 1933.
    The book opened with the declaration that “the swastika represents hatred of the Jew.”

    In fact, and contrary to the sappy tale related in some video docs, the design of the Swastika/banner is based on a Harvard banner (in the 1800s, Harvard football banners borethe letter H in a white shield, on a red field) , just as “Seig Heil” is based on Harvard football cheers.

  35. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If you think the “sources” you cited are reliable, then you’re more stupid than I thought possible.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @Wally
  36. Jake says:

    This article most definitely is Hate Speech that must be suppressed to promote free speech and diversity.

  37. Alden says:
    @joe webb

    The Plot Against America was just plagiarism of a 1930s book, It Can’t Happen Here. The FDR worshipping anti German war monger author envisioned a pro German Facist takeover of America. It Can’t Happen Here emphasized restrictions on free speech.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  38. @Anon

    Have you read Germar Rudolf’s “Lectures on the Holocaust” ?

    Rudolf should add the subtitle, “Pearls of Great Price,” since Rudolf has paid a great price for the crime of telling what evidence convinces him are facts about that event: he lost his academic degree (a doctorate in chemistry), his job at prestigious Max Planck Institute, his wife, his liberty, his fortune, his work product, and his home in Germany itself: he now lives in tenuous exile in USA, where any misstep could result in US authorities revoking his right to live in USA with his new wife and children.

    Read Rudolf’s “Lectures,” then get back to us on stupid people.

    • Replies: @Wally
  39. Is Daily Stormer back or is this a joke?

  40. Art says:

    After 60 years of Nazi movies, the gullible are ready to eat their own.

    All the well-planned Jew propaganda is coming into fruition – America is self-destructing with Jews in all its power centers.

    All Trump has left in his administration are Jews and generals (and the generals are gung-ho to attack Jew enemies).

    Even his own beloved daughter’s rabbi is attacking him. Who is she going to follow – her father or her rabbi?

    No question the Jew are the most hate filled tribe of people on the planet. Hate and division is their game plan to power.

    Peace — Art

  41. Bannonism=White Man…put your fate in the hands of Muslim Americans!!= CAIR..

    9/11 Trutherism=Variation on a theme of Alex Jones Cuckism….

  42. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:
    @Desert Fox

    I wish it were that simple: Zionists bad, non-Zionists good. The world is more complicated than that. I agree that the people funding and inciting this “liberal” violence and intolerance are killing the US, wittingly or unwittingly. When God wishes to punish a country, he takes away the minds of its elite.
    Also, I equally dislike Bolsheviks in Russia and Nazis in Ukraine, but I do see the difference.
    As for Solzhenitsyn, he lies too much (and there is credible suspicion that he was himself an informer). If you want to learn the truth about GULAG camps, which is ugly enough w/o lies and exaggerations, read Varlam Shalamov (e.g., his “Kolyma tales”). He is so honest, it takes your breath away.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  43. Wally says: • Website

    Well said.

    more here:


    !! ‘Lectures on the Holocaust’, by Germar Rudolf, 3rd revised, expanded ed. now available !!

    much more:
    Holocaust Handbooks & Documentaries:

    see the impossible ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  44. Wally says: • Website

    Blundering redneck Zionist, Anon, you keep taking a beating at
    You started it, and you’re losing it.

    You’re in over your head.

    Must reads:
    Holocaust Handbooks & Documentaries

    see the impossible ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    • Replies: @Anon
  45. @AnonFromTN

    I’ve listened to nearly a 24-hour day’s worth of C Span programming about Charlottesville; I’ve heard “hate” and “Nazi” and “KKK” and “white supremacy” said so many time my ears are numb and my cerebral cortex overdosed.

    I have NOT heard, in all that C Span programming, one, single, solitary guest or journo-phoner discuss what Robert E. Lee stood for; or his correspondence with Lord Acton, about the necessity of state sovereignty to guard against an oppressive centralized power that could take a country to war with no bulwark against its force.

    Incredibly — and I have to post this for all to see: a Jewish woman called C Span to complain that Jewish interests were not represented in C Span programming on Charlottesville.
    Here’s what she said:

    Moderator: Let’s go to Virginia Beach, Virginia; Betty is on the line for Democrats:

    BETTY: Good morning. Thank you for C Span. I want to say one thing. The two gentlemen you just had on were fine, *** but I’m extremely disappointed because I happen to be Jewish and I was in Connecticut, which I’m originally from Newtown, Connecticut [and spent ] the last weekend there visiting my family there.
    I heard more news when I got home. But what I’m disappointed about — I don’t know if C Span ever invited — I know you’ve had Jewish people on talking before, but with the Charlottesville thing, I don’t know if you’ve invited anybody from the Anti Defamation League or a rabbi or some other Jewish person to come on, representing a group, because it’s awful with the KKK but it’s also awful with these Nazis marching — Nazis marching down in Charlottesville! Both groups are – are- are terrible. It was a horrible thing to see such a thing in 2017 in the United States of America.
    And one other thing, and I mean, these other networks, I mean, I don’t just sit home and watch TV but I watch C Span, I watch CNN, I watch MSNBC quite a bit —
    I haven’t seen too many uh Jewish commentators come out and talk. And I really I appreciate and respect the Black commentators that have come on, but I don’t know why there hasn’t just— Let me make one more comment please:
    All the Jews and people of color that are in — I don’t think there’s too many, but the ones that are in the Trump administration really should resign after what he said.
    I’m glad Steve Bannon is gone. But he uh he uh Trump himself in my opinion is a sympathizer to these groups, that’s how I feel, I mean that’s how I feel.
    And just, I mean, y’know uh uh they’re wimps, and especially his son-in-law. He’s supposed to be an Orthodox Jew? No, I’m not even a religious Jew, but I mean in my heart, that’s what I am. But I mean, he’s a wimp! He shouldn’t be in there with his father-in-law! He should get up and walk out! That’s how I feel.
    And real quick —I was so proud to get a letter from President Obama — I was always going to write him — I always been a big supporter of his from the very very beginning. And uh I wrote him a letter before he left office, and now I have a framed letter from President Obama on my wall and I’m very very grateful for that.
    Thank you very much for allowing me to make my comments.I00:10:04

    Mod. Geoff Bennett: Thank you for your suggestion about our programming. We will take it under consideration.

    In fact, several persons who are “Jewish in their hearts” (or at least their names) appeared on C Span to explain the many sins of the “white supremacists.”

    Several highly informative Black people also were guests at the C Span table. Two of them, Robert Woodson and Prof. Bernard Anderson of Princeton University, were highly critical of the cult of victimization that is besetting the Black community.

    Over the course of 6 days, I heard only ONE (white male) guest who had been on the scene, who had a journalist’s eye, and who provided a larger perspective than “Nazis . . . hate . . . white supremacist.” That was Joe Thomas, a Charlottesville-based conservative radio talk show host with 30 years experience in the city. His commentary is here:

    The one group (in addition to sound historians on Robert E Lee) that was not represented in C Span program over the course of this hysteria was a single representative of the Unite the Right project.

    There are plenty of articulate voices that C Span could have hosted to better inform its audience.

    Paul Craig Roberts’s article, here ,
    would make a very useful contribution to the knowledge-base of the C Span audience.

    Surely C Span producers are aware of the work of persons like Roberts, and of Giraldi and Ray McGovern.

    They don’t want those voices to be heard.

    Go get ’em, Betty; the world is your (kosher) oyster.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  46. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Redneck? Aren’t you from rural Ohio? It’s a wonder you can read.

  47. fnn says:

    \$5000 for the identity of this cowardly bearded violent AntiFa who knocked down an old disabled man & beat him mercilessly #Charlottesville— Mary Freedom (@MaryLuvsFreedom) August 17, 2017

  48. fnn says:

    Help identify this violent #ANTIFA #terrorist who sent an ex US soldier to the hospital with SEVERE injuries!— Tornado (@AlcRight) August 18, 2017

  49. fnn says:

    Victim of brick attack by Antifa:— Tinnelle Reay (@kiwidwnunder) August 17, 2017

  50. joe webb says:

    thanks, wondered where that expression came from . JW

  51. RobinG says:

    S2, your cerebral cortex must be overdosed if you think Ray McGovern would “balance” the C’ville discussion. He was aghast when I suggested that Trump might be better than Killary. (But, of course, he was still dreaming of Bernie at the time.)

    The Betty story made me smile. Last night I had an extended conversation with my Jewish neighbor, an attorney who once worked for the DNC but now feels no Dems are worth supporting. We backed into it, from current digging in the street, to make-work sidewalk projects under Obama, to…. (I was curious how he feels about Trump)…..turns out we both know zip about the new infrastructure proposals, but he went straight to saying C’ville was the last straw, the GOP has to get rid of Trump, get him to resign. Well, we went on thru AntFa, tiki-torch marches, old and new Confederate statues, SPLC, ACLU, and Ukraine.

    There are many people for whom the torch marches were simply visceral. He wouldn’t entertain that any of the participants weren’t dedicated Nazis. And then there was the very damning Vice News report, which I watched at his suggestion. How do you say there are only a handful of these screwballs when they claim that they’re only the tip of the iceberg? And really, won’t things like Boston today just bring more of them out of the woodwork (thanks to all the publicity and the ginning up of the counter-protest).

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  52. @RobinG

    Robin, I’m not sure what you’re saying.

    Permit me to suggest that you ask your Jewish neighbor the same question I posed to Sam Shama, and that Sam says he will address in a few days:

    Please explain how you define “the virus of Nazism.”
    In your analysis, What is pathological about Nazism?
    With moral clarity and specifics —
    did what
    to whom,
    when and
    and how

    — define the “virus of Nazism,” s’il vous plait.

    I’m not going to tip my hand lest Sam shape his response in one way or another.

    TAPE OVER MOUTH (or fingers)

    I’d like to know how your Jewish neighbor replies, WITH SPECIFICS, to a request for a ‘definition’ of Nazism and why it raises such a visceral response, — and how that visceral response came to be.

    PS When I was a kid my Mother and her Italian church friends used to go to a shrine where they had torchlite vigils. I got dragged along once; It was a powerful experience.

    My town LUVS fireworks. Fire and its harnessing remains one of humanity’s most mysterious forces.

    One of my favorite activities at Christmas and Easter are the vigil services, when the Church is darkened, awaiting Jesus aborning, or Jesus arising.
    Then, ushers move up from the back of the dark church and light the candle of the first person in each pew; that person passes on the flame to his neighbor, until the whole congregation has a lighted candle.
    The candles are raised, the organ throbs, the congregation sings (an unusual achievement in a Catholic church):

    Has your Jewish neighbor any inkling of the myth of Prometheus?


    • Replies: @RobinG
  53. Dorsee says:

    The main problem with this form of humor is the fact that the Nazis have already taken over the U.S. Historically speaking, in the U.S., many industrialists, oil companies, and bankers favored fascism even before World War II, as historian Anthony Sutton points out. Some of these lovers of fascism even tried to organize a military coup against the F. D. Roosevelt Administration. These same Wall Street lovers of fascism brought in many Nazis after the War. By 1960 the Nazis had won a silent victory over the U.S. Their presence has caused the U.S. to be continually at war ever since.

    • Troll: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  54. Anonymous [AKA "name hacked by Russian hackers err Nazis"] says:

    Nazis, nazis, nazis! Nazis everywhere! Oh my!
    Next on the History Channel inside Hitler’s vegetable pantry as Nazi week continues.
    Later this week a detailed report on Hitler’s favorite dog snacks.
    Watch it and be very afraid or be labelled a Confederate Nazi heretic kulak Russian hackers!

  55. @Dorsee

    “Troll” because there is no ability to quick-click “Idiot.”

  56. @Wally

    well, wally, you have a vivid imagination. maybe heather heyer faked her death and is living with 128 year-old hitler in argentina. maybe 9-11 didn’t happen until 9-12. maybe jfk & rfk are living in appalachia fathering goat children addicted to ginseng.
    ….or whatever

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  57. @Lawrence Fitton

    Hey Lawrence,

    Was Heather Heyer struck by the Fields guy’s car, or by a car that was struck by the Fields guy’s car?

    Most of the videos I’ve seen are a complete blur to me — I have no clue what they are supposed to slam-dunk prove.
    But I have not seen in any one of them a scene where the grey car comes in contact w/ a female body. Have you? Can you link it?

    • Replies: @utu
  58. RobinG says:

    LOL. Have fun antagonizing the remote and anonymous Sam. My point was clear enough, and I don’t share your enthusiasm for defending Nazism, past or present.

    Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight on HBO

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  59. utu says:

    But I have not seen in any one of them a scene where the grey car comes in contact w/ a female body.

    Me neither. Also I haven’t seen a video on which Heather was identified. The videos are poor quality (on purpose?) but you can see from the drone footage that nobody was hurt by the car in the front and from ground footage that nobody was caught between the last car and the middle car. So perhaps something happened between the front care and the middle car.

    I am always very skeptical of the youtube yahoos who claim discovering hoaxes and false flags on videos 10 minutes after the event. However in this case it looks very fishy. Also there were some photographs (who made them?) of people flying above the cars which were totally unsupported by the videos.

  60. @RobinG

    dear god, what that video portrays is truly vile.

    I had no idea —

    I really should start to research beyond C Span

    However — I didn’t see blood in the ‘car crash’ footage. Did see some bathos acting

    Poor Charlottesville — That charming city does not deserve this.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  61. @War for Blair Mountain

    You repeated Koreans… did mean South vs North?

  62. @SolontoCroesus

    I was wrong —

    The car crash was very real

    Faith Goldy’s video & commentary were on the scene and valuable

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  63. Corvinus says:

    “Faith Goldy’s video & commentary were on the scene and valuable.”

    She’s an Alt-Right airhead who ought to be a stay-at-home caring for her brood of white offspring.

    • Replies: @Avery
  64. Avery says:

    {She’s an Alt-Right airhead who ought to be a stay-at-home caring for her brood of white offspring.}

    Faith Goldy identifies herself as a Christian of Greek and Ukrainian ancestry.
    Based on watching her vids on Youtube, she is a smart, articulate, patriotic Canadian, who objects to being forcibly Islamized in her own (formerly) Christian country.

    Your opinion of her as a, quote, ‘airhead’, is no doubt based on your long posts-record of anti-Christian bigotry and Chritianophobia.

    btw: What are _you_? An Alt-Left Fascist?

    And since you are so concerned about her ‘white offspring’ (Oh, the Horror: white offspring), how many non-white offspring do you have living in your house?
    Any Islamists sharing your (Halal) kitchen?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  65. Corvinus says:

    “Faith Goldy identifies herself as a Christian of Greek and Ukrainian ancestry.”

    Who is running amok in my country. She has to go back.

    “Based on watching her vids on Youtube, she is a smart, articulate, patriotic Canadian, who objects to being forcibly Islamized in her own (formerly) Christian country.”

    She’s Alt-Right report-porn. You know, to get the guys hard up on the issues.

    “Your opinion of her as a, quote, ‘airhead’, is no doubt based on your long posts-record of anti-Christian bigotry and Chritianophobia.”

    Why are you playing the victim card? Remember, pro-race is code for anti-humanity.

    “btw: What are _you_? An Alt-Left Fascist?”

    Actually, I’m a Christian white moderate man with children.

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