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A Bull-In-the-China-Shop
Donald Trump and the Counterrevolution
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It is fascinating and instructive to the see the reactions of the media elites and GOP establishment at every campaign grenade launched by Donald Trump. It seems each week “the Donald” catches them off guard, launches a projectile that hits its mark, and then doubles down and watches those talking heads like the condescending Charles Krauthammer on Fox, or the pundits on CNN, NBC, and elsewhere scurry about frantically to explain how he has finally shot himself in the foot, how he is playing off the worst fears of the American people, or how, by his “racism and fascism,” he has disqualified himself for a chance at the nation’s top elective position.

Very few pundits and commentators have really fathomed what is occurring with Trump and his supporters, who can genuinely be called a “movement.” Rush Limbaugh has, perhaps, come the closest in his analysis, in that he understands that Trump is basically using the mainstream media to actually go around the media, that is, using the media itself to accomplish this, and at the same time, go over the heads of the Washington inside-the-beltway political establishment, both Democratic and Republican, to reach average everyday citizens. For whatever one may think of him, Trump has become a greater-than-life symbol, a talismanic figure, for millions of American citizens who feel deeply dispossessed, increasingly ignored by the political establishment, and separated from any influence over that establishment.

It is not simply a case of conservative and “tea party” voters disgusted and angered by the negation of conservative majorities elected to Congress in 2010 and 2014, although that frustration certainly figures in the equation. It goes much deeper, and reflects a growing bitterness, even desperation, by a broad segment of the population—disaffected conservatives, disillusioned Republicans, independents, former non-voters. For millions of these citizens the country they once knew and loved somehow has slipped away from them, the beliefs and values they hold have not just been ignored, but are now declared out-of-bounds, passe, racist, sexist, homophobic; and they perceive that the leaders of both parties form a kind of elitist cabal that cares very little for the “small guy.”

Of course, Obama and his actions, including his fumbling policies in the Middle East and regarding terrorism, are seen as partially responsible for the frustration. But, as this desperate cri de coeur has mushroomed, it has also understood almost intuitively that those Republican establishment elites in Washington and in many state capitals who are charged with opposition to Obama, go along to get along—and things continue to get worse. Thus, the leaders of the Republican Party, from Mitch McConnell, to Paul Ryan, to Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee, to the talking heads on Fox and the scribblers at The Weekly Standard and National Review, always advocate relief from and opposition to the leftward spiral. But, in effect, when put to the test or in power they either succumb to its enticements or at the very least, collaborate with it.

Back on December 4 I attended a Trump event in Raleigh, North Carolina. In an arena intended for 7,500 people, nearly 10,000—standing room only—were present. The vast majority, I would estimate, were white, and probably a majority young, white males. There were a few folks in coat and tie, but most came in regular street clothes. Although there were quite a few young men, there were entire families present as well.

What impressed me especially was the connection that Trump made with the crowd. It was if they invested in him both their fears and their hopes. He connected profoundly with them, not so much by the eloquence of his words. Not that, for he speaks brashly, directly, even at times employing some expressions that most politicians would studiously avoid. But there was what I would call a “symbolic” connection, in that the crowd saw in Trump more than the sum of his words—he is a symbol, a kind of bull-in-the-china shop, who would, despite his checkered past and off-the-cuff language, break the stranglehold that the establishment and political and financial elites have on this country. In that sense he is not a man of what currently parades as Mainstream Conservatism, but he is a Man of the Right.

Even admitting that Trump speaks from the hip, his targets are those mostly left unaddressed by the regular establishment politicians who draw their sustenance from the big donor Super PACS, the Chamber of Commerce, and Wall Street. And whether it be his assertion of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11, first completely denied by the media and the other GOP candidates, but now proven to have happened. Or, his most recent hurled projectile, a proposal to bar Muslims from entering the United States until we get a handle on Muslim terrorism—he actually is no fool, no ingénue. His prepares his battle ground carefully.

Thus, after making his proposal on Muslims, and drawing the media and his Republican opponents into denouncing his proposal as “unconstitutional,” he can produce various examples of previous American presidents having done the same thing he advocates, including Jimmy Carter (refusing entry to Iranians and requiring Iranian students to report to immigration offices, and expelling some of them). Then there is the case of legislative action taken by Congress in 1952 during the administration of President Harry Truman, incorporated into the federal statutes (U.S.C. 1182), which gives the president the right to bar whole classes of potential entrants for a length of time “that he may deem necessary.” And we can also add the war time actions of Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II and others.

Other critics scream that Trump’s proposal would violate our historic constitutional provisions on religious freedom that the Founders wisely implemented. But, here again, Trump is on much stronger ground than they. The Founders never envisaged potential Muslim jihadists coming to these shores; they assumed that the new American nation would continue to be a Christian, if non-denominational, nation. More, the Constitution did not in any way bar the particular states from religious tests and restrictions. As the classic study of early American Constitutionalism, Democracy Liberty, and Property: The State Constitutional Conventions of the 1820s (Merrill Peterson, editor, 1966), summarizes it, during the first seventy-five years of the republic “the states dominated the federal system. Basic institutions such as schools and churches; basic freedoms such as the right to vote, to worship freely, to hold office, to speak one’s mind….all were state controlled.” (p. v) The Founders wanted it that way. Indeed, most states entering the original compact had religious tests and some had taxes for the support of established religion enshrined in their constitutions. The federal Constitution did not forbid that on the state level, and, indeed, the Founders knew that if they had tried, the federal union would have never happened. Many of those restrictions continued on well into the 19th century—North Carolina required an elective office holder to be a Christian until 1868. At no time during this period did the federal courts declare such laws unconstitutional.

Moreover, the thought that thousands of Muslims would somehow reach American shores was never a consideration on the part of the Founders. Lest we forget, only one hundred years earlier, in 1683, the Islamic Ottoman Turks, with an army of 300,000 under the command of Kara Mustafa, had besieged Vienna, which was rescued only by the arrival of the army of King Jan Sobieski of Poland. Kara Mustafa had vowed that he would water his horses in the Tiber River and transform Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris into a mosque, just as the Ottomans had done to Hagia Sophia in Constantinople in the 15th century. And, failing that, he pledged that Islam would someday in the future dominate the West. Many citizens in Europe…and the United States…see those prophetic words coming true now.

From the 8th century until the early 20th Islam was recognized in its orthodox formulation as expansive and totalitarian. Wherever it went, it brought submission and the sword. At Tours, at Mohacs, during the siege of Malta and at Lepanto, and twice before the gates of Vienna, Europe experienced the ravages and brutality of Islam. Certainly, there were and have been notable exceptions, but, as Trump would probably point out, they are just that: exceptions. King Abdullah of Jordan is a “moderate” and many American Muslims reject and do not partake of the zealous orthodoxy that is, let us face it, prescribed in the Quran. But, again, that is the point: until this country can establish better and surer screening and verification of those coming, is it not preferable to avoid the chance of more terrorism as we have seen in San Bernardino and in Boston or on 9/11?

By throwing that political bomb, Trump, once again, has altered the debate and tapped deeply into the public pulse. By laying what in reality is a trap for his opponents, he connects directly to citizens who not only feel threatened by terrorism here in the United States, but he goes around and through the media, and demonstrates once again that he is not “bought-and-paid” for by the establishment, that he is a vocal symbol for the voiceless, that his persona is much greater than the sum of his many times inelegant words, for they, in their simplicity, represent a desperate cry by millions who have been dispossessed in their own country, isolated, looked down upon, and ignored. They want nothing more than to regain some modicum of control and influence in what goes on in their lives, command of their destinies, and security for their families.

On CBS’s December 9 morning news program, host Charlie Rose asked mainstream Republican pollster Frank Luntz about the results of one of Luntz’s famous “voter panels.” This one was composed of Republicans, a few Democrats, and some independents. Rose asked Luntz: “About how many of them support Trump?” Luntz, with a pained establishment frown on his face, responded: “Probably 40%.” You could have heard Rose’s gasp all the way to Greenland. “That many?!” Rose exclaimed in astonishment. “Yes,” replied a dour Luntz.

The media and the establishment haven’t come to terms with the movement Trump represents and probably won’t, because to do so would mean the admission of their failure and their arrogant disregard for the genuine welfare of the nation whose interests they supposedly protect.

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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    I support Muslim animus against homo decadence and globo-Zionist supremaism, and I support Western Secularist animus against Muslim barbarism and backwardness.

    • Agree: Mark Green
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Jews playing on American fears to destroy the Middle East and North Africa via the War on Terror, resulting in millions of dead or traumatized lives, is okay.
    Jews/homos playing on new cold war paranoia to mess up Ukraine and destroy the Russian economy is also okay.

    But Trump playing on American fears to tighten immigration on Muslims is eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

    Trump’s fear-mongering kills no one.
    It just says Muslims should stay in their own lands.

    Jews/homos’ fear-mongering led to foreign policies that destroyed millions of lives in the Middle East and Ukraine.

    But that is okay.

    According to Jews and progs, it’s permissible to stoke American ‘patriotism’ and nationalist hysteria against foreign enemies, esp Russia, Iran, Syria, and China.

    “Thou shalt fear-monger against peoples/nations hated by Jews.”

    Jews and progs also encourage fear-mongering against white Americans, esp conservatives.

    Fear-mongering against domestic enemies(white males) is OK if the fear-mongers are Jews, blacks, homos, feminists, browns, etc. and if the targets are white.


    “Thou shalt not fear-monger against domestic groups such as Jews, homos, blacks, and immigrants.”

    If Muslims are OVER THERE, you can hate them all you want, fear-monger against them, and cheer their destruction, as when Israelis were slaughtering Gazans.

    “We stand with Israel.”

    But the minute those bad Muslims set foot on US soil, they are good Muslims, and it is ‘Islamophobic’ to suspect them. OVER HERE, they are holy minorities and ‘victims’.

    Hey, there’s a ragger ‘over there’. Have white patriots kill him, and stand with Israel.

    Hey, there’s a ragger ‘over here’. Give him a hug and protect him from white ‘Islamophobes’.

    The wacky thing about American politics is the ‘left’ is allowed to hate the domestic ‘right’, whereas the ‘right’ isn’t allowed to hate the domestic ‘left’ and instead must only hate foreign enemies.

    Jews, blacks, and minorities can hate whites, but whites can’t hate Jews, blacks, and minorities.

    But whites can hate foreigners, at least if Jews hate them too.

    Since white rage against domestic enemies is stifled, whites channel their hatred at foreigners.

    And Jews even encourage this cuz Jews hate Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East too.

    But when the hated foreigner suddenly sets foot on US soil, he suddenly becomes a holy immigrant(in a ‘nation of immigrants’), and whites who’d been encouraged to hate foreign Muslims must suddenly love the Muslim who has instantly changed status from foreigner to immigrant.


    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Rex May
  3. Trump is tapping the anger and resentment of the Historic American Nation. It seeks a leader to free it from Establishment tyranny. Trump may be that leader, and this terrifies the Media Class and their lackeys.

  4. Bravo.

    Hope Trump develops a team of like-minded congressional candidates to support and uses the media to elect a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

  5. Rehmat says:

    Donald Trump is being swung by tail by Frank Gaffney’s ‘Center for Security Policy’, an Israeli advocacy group. Gaffney is also a columnist at Israeli Hasbara Committee member, The Washington Times.

    Gaffney is very much allergic to the sound of ‘Islamic Shari’ah’. In August 2012, he equated SPLC with KKK without realizing that those organization have Zionist Jewish origin and not Islamic.

    SPLC is prominent Jewish civil liberties group with Zionist Jew Richard Cohen as its President. It was founded in 1971 by two Zionist Jews by the names Morris S. Dee and Joe Levin.

    Jewish inventor of ‘Sea-Monkeys’, Harold von Braunhut, was a good friend of KKK founder Richard Girnt Butler? The US Attorney, Thomas M. Bauer, told the Washington Post that in a 1985 weapons case against a member of the Ku Klux Klan, Grand Dragon Dale R. Reusch, von Braunhut was prepared to testify that he had lent Reusch about $12,000 so he could buy 83 firearms. Bauer told the reporter that Harold von Braunhut was “very pleasant and cooperative” and “brought some of his little toys along,” including Sea-Monkeys. Read full story at THE AWL, June 28, 2011.

    • Replies: @Wyrd
  6. Trump is spewing the seeds of the republican party’s destruction everywhere he goes, but it’s the republican party establishment itself, and their housebroken media, who are spreading and sewing those seeds into the air and into the ground to take root. They are being absolutely out thought and out maneuvered, but are too ideologically arrogant to comprehend the possibility of what is happening actually happening. Ross Perot and Ron Paul laid the ground. If Trump survives the GOP presidential gauntlet, many will vote for him. If that happens, surely the GOP establishment will rally behind Hillary, stepping forward to save us all from our own stupidity of course. And then the facade of choice in our current two party system will revealed for all to see.

  7. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    The media and the establishment haven’t come to terms with the movement Trump represents and probably won’t, because to do so would mean the admission of their failure and their arrogant disregard for the genuine welfare of the nation whose interests they supposedly protect.

    so true–the corp/gov/media will continue to double down until the very end. There is no negotiation, no accommodation, no terms, etc….this is war…

  8. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Donald Trump’s immigration moratorium=we will let the good muslims back into the US in a few years…so they can vote fucking whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority every four years on Nov 3 POTUS night…..

    F Trump the cockroach.

    The GD Democratic Party has made an open declaration of a violent Race War against The Historic Native Born White America Majority.!!!…..And Bibi Netanyahu is making our immigration policy….

    It is coming soon…the old hebe Noam Chomsky is going to call for Police State violence against Trump and his White Voting Bloc…..

    And what about the Chinese and Hindu Democratic Party Voting Bloc?

  9. pyrrhus says:

    SCOTUS has repeatedly ruled that the US has plenary authority over immigration and can limit it in any way it likes. The Chinese were barred in the 19 th century, and an 1891 law barring those who practice polygamy remains on the books…Potential immigrants don’t have any Constitutional rights, they are foreigners.

  10. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Moountain"] says:

    I have violent hatred of the immigration moratorium proposal.

    If POTUS Trump gets the Muslim Terrorism thing under control…then what?…Ramp up the Good Muslim “American” legal immigrant voting Bloc?..again!!!!

    If a National Origins Immigration Policy is implemented, and if all Muslims are expelled…no ISIS and Al Queda terrorist attack on US soil ever again!!! And no Good Muslim “Americans” voting Whitey into a racial minority at POTUS election time-the immigration moratorium makes it impossible to frame the “debate” this way. The Trump Muslim moratorium proposal accepts the legitimacy of the policy of Good Muslim “Americans” voting Whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority in Post-white ecoli infested Toilet Bowl “America”….

    So why can’t we expel the Muslims?..Because the Democratic Party needs Muslims to vote fucking Whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority every four years on Nov 3…POTUS election.

    I don’t want Trump for POTUS 2016…I want the bulldyke Hillary…worse is better=call for complete expulsion of the Muslim,Israeli,Hindu,Sihk,Korean, Mexican Fifith Columns…sooner than later from violently persecuted massively racialized Whitey.

    Dorothy was right when she said:”Toto…I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!!!!!”

    I am sick and tired of policy wonkery-playing-footsie-with-the enemy nonsense.

    I vote Trump a Trojan Horse….

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  11. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    According to the Narrative…

    Fear-mongering against foreigners in foreign nations is GOOD. It gives the West moral justification to go trampling over other nations.

    Fear-mongering against foreigners coming to America is bad. It undermines the ‘coalition of the fringes’ or COTF against white Americans.

    I think part of the confusion arises from the notion of foreign governments vs foreign peoples.
    American foreign policy says foreign nations could be ruled by evil regimes but the people are decent and only want what Americans want: freedom and choice.
    So, the US could be against foreign regimes but never against foreign peoples.
    US can attack foreign regimes but is welcoming to foreign peoples.

    And this is true in some cases. When China and Vietnam were hardline communist, their refugees to the US were not Maoist or Ho-Chi-Minh-ist. They wanted to get away from commie tyranny and live with American freedom. They were not carrying out guerrilla attacks on American soil. Their identity as a people was not associated with communism.

    But this isn’t always the case. Islamism is bigger than any political regime or system. It’s not easy to separate rulers and ruled in the Middle East. Islam is a way of life, a worldview. People saved from Islamic tyranny could still be Muslim fanatics.

    Also, US foreign policy is confused because it usually targets secular Arab regimes as being tyrannical and evil while embracing Muslim masses as decent and peace-loving.
    BUT… it’s often the case that the secular Arab/Muslim regimes are actually more moderate while the Muslim masses are more extreme and violent.

    Indeed, the tyrannical repressiveness of secular Arab regimes is often to keep the Muslim masses under control. Things are especially tense because of the ethnic and sectarian diversity in nations like Iraq and Syria. There was no way either nation could survive under freedom and democracy. Sunni elites in Iraq couldn’t hold the power with democracy, and the Allawite elites in Syria cannot hold the power by allowing political freedom. To hold such diverse/divided nations together, one has to use force, like in Yugoslavia under Tito. Democracy is only stable in nations where the rulers are the same ethnicity as the majority. Israel can be a democracy because Jews are the majority. But if Israel were 60% Arab, the only way it could continue as Israel is by Jewish tyranny. Jews in West Bank certainly don’t use democracy.

    Of course, the State Department knows this. I mean they must know.
    Indeed, the only reason why US turned against Iraq and Syria was because Jews/Zionists especially don’t like them. Hussein was too much of a ‘big man’ type, and Syria has been allied with Iran. But US understood why such leaders had to employ violence at times to keep the order. (US is becoming less and less democratic cuz it’s now ruled by an elite, Jews and homos and mulattos, who are different from the white majority. The ruling elites look upon white Americans–esp those roused by Trump–like Jews in West Bank see Palestinians.)
    But when secular rulers used ruthless means to keep the order in Egypt and Algeria, the West supported them. The secular militarists in Egypt have been chummy with Jews, so it’s okay for them to employ repressive violence.
    US didn’t protest the new military regime in Egypt mowing down the Muslim Brotherhood folks in the streets who won in a free democratic election.

    Anyway, Islam is bigger than any ideology. A Vietnamese who escaped communist Vietnam or a Cuban who fled communist Cuba didn’t bring their ideology with them. If anything, they didn’t want to have anything to do with communism.
    But even Muslims who flee the Middle East for whatever reason(religious or political) often bring their Islamic identity and values with them. And since Islam is at odds with the West and Israel, they are bound to feel a lot of resentment.

    When Cubans come to the US, Americans can say ‘we saved grateful Cubans from evil communist Cuba’.
    But when Muslims come to the US, it makes little sense to say, ‘we saved wonderful innocent Muslims from tyrannical regimes.’
    In many respects, western values have more in common with tyrannical Arab rulers like Assad than with Muslim masses and their ways.

    Same was the problem with Jews. Jews have a history, a worldview, a deep resentment, an arrogance and pride as a race, culture, and way of life.
    Americans can save Jews from a tyrannical regime, but that doesn’t mean Jews are grateful. They are still Jewish and carry all the Jewish resentments, hatreds, hangups, bitterness, and etc. It’s part of the Jewish Narrative: we Jews versus all those lowlife dimwit goyim who must be tamed and placed under our control.

    America saved Jews from the Tsar, the Nazis, and Commies, but where was the gratitude?

    Muslims use bombs, and Jews use the demographic time bomb to destroy the West.

    Tim Wise is the Jewish Clock Boy. He is rejoicing ‘tick tick tick’ as the white majority vanishes into history and come totally under the heel of minoritarian supremacism led by Jews and homos and supported by COTF.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
    , @joe webb
  12. Rex May says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    I’ve reprinted your comment on my blog here, and quibcagged part of it.

    • Replies: @Anon
  13. Wyrd says:

    Look, Alretarded, very few are buying your Islamic propaganda. Go build a clock so Obama will invite you to the Not-So-White House.

  14. @Priss Factor

    America saved Jews from the Tsar, the Nazis, and Commies, but where was the gratitude?

    Oh, the ‘lefty’ ones will invariably complain that the US didn’t do enough to save them! You know, as though WW2 were nothing.

  15. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    you do not get to play just as you like. The game has its rules.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  16. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Rex May

    Hey, Abdul’s over there. KILL HIM!!!!

    Hey, Abdul’s over here. HUG HIM, HE’S A IMMIGRANT!!!
    And if per chance he kills your family, try to understand and get some therapy.

  17. joe webb says:
    @Priss Factor

    “It’s often the case that the secular Arab/Muslim regimes are actually more moderate while the Muslim masses are more extreme and violent.”

    yup, the right tail of the bell curve gets into the elites, while the left tail lashes the middle and the result is Oriental Despotism of the whole pack of them.

    good points, but disagree about the relative Power of communism and communist ideology.
    The Arabs tried Arab Socialism, and that did not work out. Now it is Islam But the Arabs are incapable of sustaining a large identification with their race, Arguably Whites are capable of such a “civics” identification with not only their own race, but Other races as well. Hence the relative success of communism and its pimping little sister, liberalism.

    So communism , writ psychologically large, is still with us in the liberals, who of course are also greedy, like communist apparatchiks, but can be appealed to by Big Words like Rainbow, and also salute that flag themselves when sufficiently well compensated.

    Of course, you are probably correct that Islam is Bigger than Communism , at least for the Arabs, who got nothing else to “believe in.” Certainly Race is not sufficient since their racial traits they would be the first probably to admit, are clannish, etc. and violent, and stupid , which they would never admit. Hence, they appeal to Allah to keep them together. That does not seem to be working out too good…thank you Dr. Phil.

    That not working out very well these days, like the Arab Spring, about which one hears nothing now, but I was the first to predict that it would Fail, fail real Big…because it was a White
    political idea, and not consistent with Arab genetics., and so here we are with the Arabs going real nuts and violent. Arab oriental despotism.

    The only thing that will bring stability is a Strong Man, of a religious type, more or less like the deal in Iran. Even that Stability will be dicey, particularly when Islam, like Arab Socialism (Nasser and Co.) fails to deliver the economic goods.

    Joe Webb

  18. rod1963 says:

    The media and the establishment haven’t come to terms with the movement Trump represents and probably won’t, because to do so would mean the admission of their failure and their arrogant disregard for the genuine welfare of the nation whose interests they supposedly protect.

    Money quote.

    Some do come close by saying Trump is attracting the long neglected working and middle-class and just it leave it at that. They won’t dare delve into the gory details because it would mean admitting that the policies they’ve pushed over the last 30 plus years are at fault for our economic and social woes.

    Because if they did admit it would enrage the people paying them and really get the lower classes boiling bad. So they won’t.

    But here comes Trump upsetting the narrative and the MSM control of things. It should be a interesting twelve months ahead.

  19. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    I think part of the reaction of Establishment Goppers to ‘the Donald’ is repressed envy.

    The likes of McCain, Graham, Bush, Kasich, Romney, and etc. all made careers on the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ of benign cuckdom. They are pansies and wussies. Neutered white boys. Sure, they get to bark once awhile(with permissions of their masters) at China, Russia, and Muslims(ones that are over there). But they ‘respectable’.

    It’s interesting that such cucks are most hostile to sovereign nations like Russia, China, and Iran that don’t play the Washington game. Being neutered and tame dogs themselves, they bark at wolves.
    McCain the running dog is really envious of Putin who is more like an alpha dog or even wolf. McCain barks loudly, but it’s in service of his masters in AIPAC. He acts tough, but the bark at Putin really translates to ‘I loyally serve my master. Why don’t you serve him too? How dare you roam as a free dog that leads your own pack than a running dog myself who serves his master?’

    Trump howls like a wolf. Others bash him for for his ‘crudeness’ and ‘vulgarity, but it’s really out of repressed shame of their own lack of vitality and energy.
    Trump acts ‘American’, even ‘ugly American’, but it’s genuine. In contrast, GOP cucks act according to the Japanese adage: “hammer the nail that sticks out.”
    GOP is turunin Japanisu.

    Trump acts like a combo of Elvis and Dylan around a bunch of Teen Idols. He likes to mess things up and make trouble.
    He’s like Marlon Brando doing the bad boy routine. He’s doing the Trumpinator bit.
    Bad to the Bone. It is shtick and mostly phony — just like Elvis was a phony controlled by Colonel Parker — , but it makes for good show.


    Trump’s shtick is like Mr. Blonde in RESERVOIR DOGS.

    It’s like a Tarantino movie. Hipster Tough Guy Republicanism.

    Trump also makes everyone else in GOP look like the loser salesmen in GLENGARRY.
    Trump is like Alec Guinness character.

    I think Trump gets the appeal of the Amoral in politics, especially as GOP yammers about ‘family values’ but cannot even defend marriage from the homos.
    It’s a globalist world of THE COUNSELOR. It’s a matter of who can ‘play’, who can bluster, who can bluff, who can tell the ‘tell’, who can out-psych others. Morality matters less than the amorality of power. This is what Buchanan didn’t understand. Also, Buchanan didn’t have the cash that Trump has.

    Christopher Walken is monstrous in TRUE ROMANCE but we love him because he’s badass. And so is Dennis Hopper. Aside from the issue of good or bad, they both have style, pizzazz, manliness, toughness, wit, a sense of humor. This was also why Bill Laimbeer was the guy you loved to hate. Laimbeer used to foul and then act the ‘victim’. Trump pulls some of the same shtick, often in a ‘wink wink’ way.

    The scene is like Trump vs Trump.

    In this sense, Trump has something in common with Reagan but for different reasons. They both understand showbiz. Reagan appealed to older generation that grew up on John Wayne, the tough moral hero.
    But we live in the age of amorality. Trump appeals to those who grew up looking up to tough amoral anti-heroes. The real appeal of WALL STREET was Gordon Gekko is cool.

    The media elites bash Trump as lacking ‘respectability’ and ‘dignity’, but they are being disingenuous since they are the ones who promoted stuff like Tarantino, Howard Stern, late night talk shows(that have gotten so vulgar and cynical over the yrs), rap music, politics of rage, cult of cynicism, slut culture, hipster attitudes, the Simpsons, etc. Also, Lib elites seem to find nothing wrong with the cuckold phenom where urban Lib elites invite Negroes to hump their wives.
    Peggy Noonan bashes Trump but she once wrote that she watches Simpsons with her family. If Simpsons is a family show, then Trump is respectable and then some.
    Trump is harder to attack and bring down because he is shameless. Unlike politicians who put on the facade of respectability but are really hornballs(like Spitzer, Wiener, Clinton, Hastert, etc), Trump admits he’s been a playboy and a boor. It’s like Howard Stern was unassailable because he was shameless.

    In truth, most politicians are sleaze. And over the yrs, the media have voters care less about moral issues. In the 80s, Gary Hart was destroyed over some sex scandal. But when Clinton ran in 92, sex scandal was no longer the issue. This was the age of madonna and her sex acts and books that was defended by the elites. MTV was overflowing with rap trash. Clinton even survived the Lewinsky scandal, and the elites mostly stood by him. So, politics became more shameless.

    Clinton in 92 played rock music at the Convention, blew the sax, appeared on trashy late night shows, etc. The media hailed him as a new kind of politician without the hangups of Greatest Generation. Boomers were now in control. Well, the end logic of boomerism is Donald Trump.

    And in 2008, the media treated Obama like a rock star celebrity. Journalism went out the window. It was all propaganda and Hollywood glitz. But these media clowns are now bitching about lack of ethics and principles? They should look in the mirror.
    Did it matter that Obama had close ties with Wright and Ayers? No. Look, he’s a cool guy with style. He’s the ONE. Oprah said so. Vote for him.

    And what has been the front and center of American moral crusade for the last 8 yrs? HOMOS!!!!! Yes, shut down entire cities just to have massive ‘pride’ parades that celebrate the fact that some men like to stick their dongs in the anuses of other men, some men like to cut off their dongs and get fake vaginas, some men wanna wear wigs and dresses, some guys wanna use girls’ washrooms, and some women wanna get fake dongs and pretend to be men.
    With morality such as that, what is so vulgar about Trump? Trump is trash, but so is American culture in general, from top to bottom. Look at Michelle or Miss Hell appearing in some dumb rap video. First Lady or First Ho?

    And wasn’t it the elites that once celebrated Mailer’s essay the White Negro?
    Well, Trump is playing the white negro politician.

  20. Svigor says:

    SPLC is prominent Jewish civil liberties group with Zionist Jew Richard Cohen as its President. It was founded in 1971 by two Zionist Jews by the names Morris S. Dee and Joe Levin.

    I don’t think Morris Dees is Jewish. I doubt you can provide credible evidence that he is.

  21. Svigor says:

    P.S., Islam will decapitate Leftism in the public square.s

    • Replies: @Auntie Analogue
  22. @War for Blair Mountain

    So why can’t we expel the Muslims?

    This isn’t a new problem. We failed to expel the negroes after we emancipated them. Economic interests of the elites have ALWAYS come before the Nation and its people. The sad thing is that nobody with a voice ever calls them on it. Nobody ever calls them on the hypocrisy of incessant complaints about how horrible is the “blowback” on “good Moslems” while millions of them are desperately sneaking into the country.

    Imagine if Trump would say, “I agree 100% with Black Lives Matter. Blacks have it horrible in America. The way they’re treated is unacceptable. So effective today, we are going to send ALL of them in first class luxury to Africa where we’ve already got 40acres and a mule waiting for each one of them. It’s long past time America finally gave the blacks what they deserve.”

    But that’s the thing the elites fear most of all. How can they make 1000X what the average citizen earns if they can’t constantly attack us through their negro and Moslem proxies then laugh as we tearfully beg them to protect us?

  23. Svigor says:

    True, but I’m enjoying the march of BDS.

    That is fun. Circular firing squad of our adversaries. Parallel to Trump, BDS is like when the lights come on in a kitchen full of roaches; you have to turn the light on to see them scurry. BDS forces faux-leftist Jews (which most Jews are) to scurry to protect Apartheid Israel and its faux-leftist Jewish diaspora BFFs from the leftism that the latter have been so instrumental in promoting.

    Same goes for Trump, who has forced our enemies to reveal themselves, over and over. They much prefer the silent consensus on National destruction, wherein they needn’t enunciate their treachery.

    If Jews refuse (like Netanyahu) to do anything to help Nationalists in the West, and even worse, continue on their Jewish Supremacist path of “Borders and Nation for me, Open Borders and leftist rot for thee,” then I hope Leftism destroys Israel. Israel for me has no purpose but to be used as leverage to force diaspora faux-leftist Jews to shit or get off the pot.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  24. Svigor says:

    The author rams home a single theme, over and over again: this stuff was fine when it was Jews doing it to whites, but leftist doing it to Jews, well, that’s intolerable.”

    Haha indeed.

  25. @Svigor

    “Islam will decapitate Leftism in the public square.”

    My dear Svigor, there is no evidence for this. None.

    Look at Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands – where Moslems have useful idiot dhimmi White politicians do Islam’s dirty work for the Moslems. Moslems don’t need to “decapitate Leftism,” because they use Western traitors, they use Leftist dhimmis to do Islam’s dirty work for Moslems, all under the cover of the fig leaves of “equal rights” and “democracy” and “ending ‘hate speech’,” and “anti-racism.”

    Islam’s methods is carrot-and-stick. Violent jihad is the stick, all the other forms or prongs of jihad, including using Western useful idiots, are the carrot. This is what Americans and Europeans need to wake up to and expel.

  26. AnAnon says:

    “The Founders never envisaged potential Muslim jihadists coming to these shores” – Well, there was that whole war against the barbary pirates, And the immigration bills they signed pretty much banned such people from coming here.

  27. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @Stan D Mute

    I completely agree with you. Your comment raises a very deep issue that no one wants to talk about and it is this:THE COLD WAR.

    My contention is that the THE COLD WAR drove post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy and it gave us the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

    It is my contention that the Civil Rights Movement for Backs was driven by the Cold War ideology that demonized Conservative Orthodox Christian-blond- haired-blue-eyed Russians as subhuman animals. There is very compelling evidence for this.

    Which is why I am not very fond of English Foreigner and Ronnie Reagan Worshipper-Cold Warrior Peter Brimelow. His enthusiasm for the Cold War gave our People the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act which was a direct consequence of the passage of The 1964 Civil Rights Act for Blacks, which was a direct consequence of THE COLD WAR.

    It is not a coincidence that JFK was both a Cold Warrior, a Civil Rights enthusiast for Blacks in the South, and a enthusiast for a race-replacement legal immigration policy-the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was reprobate Teddy’s permanent monument to the reprobate War Criminal JFK.

    I blame JFK for all the home break-ins and rape of White Mothers and Daughters by Black Gangs-and on the the rest of the scummy Irish Catholic Kennedy Clan.

    Despite what English Foreigner and Cold Warrior Peter Brimelow believes….and Noam Chomsky is absolutely correct on this point..The US won the Vietnam War, and Vietnam is now fast becoming a Gay Tourist hot spot for the homosexual Democratic Party Voting Bloc. The young Native Born White American Teenagers from the White Christian Heartland of America were used as canon fodder to homo norm Culturally Conservative Vietnam. I blame the Cold Warriors for this.

    Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia’s underage male population is now on the menu for the Democratic Party Pedophiles and Pedophile Rock Star Pete Townshend!!!!

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  28. Art says:

    Is there an assassination coming our way, either political or physical? There is no way that the Jew will allow Trump to become president. He has shown disrespect. That is why all the other Republican candidates are so sure that he will not be nominated.

    p.s. It is too funny — have you seen all the Jews crying big tears about how mean Trump is to the Muslims, when they the Jew have attacked them 24/7/365 for 65 years.

    p.s. Of course all this is self serving – they feel the hot breath of truth coming down on themselves.

    • Replies: @Art
  29. Art says:

    Trump’s Religion Test for Immigrants is Standard Practice in Israel

  30. Looks like the Trump-as-Clinton-sleeper-agent theory is now going mainstream:

  31. Svigor says:

    “Islam will decapitate Leftism in the public square.”

    My dear Svigor, there is no evidence for this. None.

    Sure there is. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Yemen…

  32. martin2 says:

    I read elsewhere a delicious theory that Mr Trump only put himself forward as a candidate for a publicity stunt and does not really want to win. Therefore he says the controversial and non-PC things he says with the intention of losing support, so that he can withdraw from the race.

    However, what he has said has had the opposite effect to that intended. The more shocking to conventional opinion are his speeches, the higher his poll ratings go. He doesn’t know what to do.

  33. epebble says:

    Looks like Trump is aiming his Big Gun on Cruz. Cruz is on top in Iowa now and that brought the new tagline “not a lot of Evangelicals come out of Cuba”. He can create two subliminals with that: Cruz is a Cuban (hence not real, my kind of white) and his religion may not be real ‘Evangelical’.

    If Cruz stays on top longer, my guess is Trump will start murmuring about “someone should look into how a Canadian can be in the race”.

  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “And whether it be his assertion of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11, first completely denied by the media and the other GOP candidates, but now proven to have happened.”

    The only people celebrating in New Jersey were Israelis as reported by fox news. I know of no Muslims celebrating in Jersey. Can you provide links to this?

    Abc story from google
    What do you have?

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @Thirdeye
  35. Thirdeye says:

    Cathey was never one for rigorous fact-checking.

  36. Thirdeye says:

    Gotta love the way Cathey advocates the Antebellum privilege of States excluding members of religious groups as valid consideration in current federal policy. What other discarded Antebellum institutions would Mr. Confederate Apologist advocate reviving?

    If Cathey wants to look into the history of Islamic-Christian relations, he might want to at least consider the Crusades. The totalitarian Catholic Church wasn’t just launching Crusades against Islam. It was waging Crusades against nordic Pagans, who became “barbarian Norsemen raiders” when those farmers and fishermen struck back against their tormentors. It was waging crusades against eastern Orthodox Christianity in the Baltic region, forcing the alliance of the Orthodox Rus’ with the Golden Horde. Since the Spanish Inquisition was working to establish a Catholic version of ISIS in Spain, wouldn’t it have been just as logical to ban Catholic immigration as Islamic immigration in the current day? Oh wait, that’s already been tried….. the Know-Nothing movement of the Nineteenth Century, now undergoing a revival in form if not content.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  37. White women simply do not reproduce. White men are 220 lb. 11 year old’s. Fantasy football anyone? And what about all these clowns collecting fireman or police disability pensions for 30- 40 years?Probably mexicans and muslims right? Stop whining Jew this Jew that, they’re on the same ship of fools-their women are fem/lezzies who don’t reproduce- therefore your work force has to be imported, to pay the taxes to support social security, 401k’s and pensions for the bloated parasitic government “workers “.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  38. Thirdeye says:

    Here’s more on the celebrating “Muslims” that Trump and Cathey love to go on about.

  39. the0ther says:

    Wow these comments went off the rails real fast and real hard! Personally I read that the Saudi King doesn’t like Trump and now I’m ready to go write in Donald Trump. Even though he’s a clown.

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Oy Vey! You’re all being anti-Semites! It’s like anudda shoah!

    Be a good goy and say nothing except to demoralize Whites.

    Remember the 6 million views!

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  41. @Priss Factor

    We had far less trouble with Muslims when we left them alone in their countries and we didn’t bring them in to our countries.

    Different religions, world views, and cultures are the very reason we need different countries if we are to live peaceably on this planet. That is a basic truth that the multicultural nutcases have forgotten.

  42. Sam J. says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “…My contention is that the THE COLD WAR drove post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy and it gave us the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…”

    I think your exactly correct.

    “…It is my contention that the Civil Rights Movement for Backs was driven by the Cold War ideology that demonized Conservative Orthodox Christian-blond- haired-blue-eyed Russians as subhuman animals. There is very compelling evidence for this…”

    Nahhh. It may have turned into this but that was not the original plan. The original plan was to show that Blacks were treated fairly in Capitalist America and not as slaves.

    Of course now that the Capitalist have won they wish to treat us all like slaves.

  43. Sam J. says:

    “…Remember the 6 million views!…”

    HaHa. Very good.

  44. schmenz says:

    I’d like to be more enthusiastic about Trump, but it is not easy. I like many of the things he says and I admire his pluck. But he is already in flip-flop mode (or as the media would no doubt say, he is “growing in office”). When the horror stories began emerging about the Planned Parenthood Chop Shops Trump very forthrightly said what had to be said about it. His support grew after that courageous stance. But now he is backtracking on this, to the delight of the usual suspects. I am sure his advisory team advised him to re-think his position.

    If they keep advising him along these lines then I have little hope.

    His remarks about other issues are also making it harder to cheer him. On the one hand he seems to want to take a sensible position on relations with Mr Putin and Russia, and on the other hand he still slobbers over cretins like Sheldon Adelson.

    Not good.

  45. schmenz says:

    It really would be nice if people would read history without the prejudices of the times they live in. Hard to do, I know, but not impossible. The pabulum people are fed about the Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition, have really had the desired effect, which was to blot out the true history of those times and keep everyone in fire-hot hate mode.

    I don’t blame people who believe in these unhistorical fairy tales. All I can do is recommend certain history books which might help them see the other side. Since I’ve already recommended some excellent sources to other commenters on this subject I wont keep repeating myself here.

    The only other suggestion I would make to this commenter would be that if he disagrees with Mr Cathey he should do so calmly and reasonably, and not resort to tiresome name-calling.

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