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9/11 Was an Israeli Job
How America was neoconned into World War IV
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Technical impossibilities

Thanks to courageous investigators, many anomalies in the official explanation of the events of 9/11 were posted on the Internet in the following months, providing evidence that this was a false flag operation, and that Osama bin Laden was innocent, as he repeatedly declared in the Afghan and Pakistani press and on Al Jazeera.[1]Philippe Broussard, “En dépit des déclarations américaines, les indices menant à Ben Laden restent minces,” Le Monde, September 25, 2001. The proofs of this appalling fraud have been accumulating ever since, and are now accessible to anyone willing to spend a few hours of research on the Web. (Although, while preparing this article, I noticed that Google is now making access to that research more difficult than it was five years ago, artificially prioritizing anti-conspiracy sites.)

For example, members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have demonstrated that it was impossible for plane crashes and jet fuel fires to trigger the collapse of the Twin Towers. Even Donald Trump understood this. In fact, speaking of “collapse” is perhaps misleading: the towers literally exploded, pulverizing concrete and projecting pieces of steel beams weighing several hundred tons hundreds of meters laterally at high speeds. The pyroclastic dust that immediately flooded through the streets, not unlike the dust from a volcano, indicates a high temperature mixture of hot gasses and relatively dense solid particles, an impossible phenomenon in a simple collapse. It is also impossible that WTC7, another skyscraper (47 stories), which had not been hit by a plane, collapsed into its own footprint at near free-fall speed, unless by “controlled demolition.”

Testimonies of firefighters recorded shortly after the events describe sequences of explosions just before the “collapse”, well below the plane impact. The presence of molten metal in the wreckage up to three weeks after the attack is inexplicable except by the presence of incompletely burned explosives. Firefighter Philip Ruvolo testified before Étienne Sauret’s camera for his film Collateral Damages (2011): “You’d get down below and you’d see molten steel—molten steel running down the channelways, like you were in a foundry—like lava.”

Aviation professionals have also reported impossibilities in the behavior of the planes. The charted speeds of the two aircraft hitting the Twin Towers, 443 mph and 542 mph, exclude these aircraft being Boeing 767s, because these speeds are virtually impossible near ground level. In the unlikely event such speeds could be attained without the aircraft falling apart, flying them accurately into the towers was mission impossible, especially by the amateur pilots blamed for the hijacking. Hosni Mubarak, a former pilot, said he could never do it. (He is not the only head of state to have voiced his doubts: Chavez and Ahmadinejad are among them.) Recall that neither of the black boxes of the jetliners was ever found, an incomprehensible situation.

And of course, there are the obvious anomalies of Shanksville and Pentagon crash sites: no plane or credible plane debris can be seen on any of the numerous photos easily available.

Inside Job or Mossad Job?


Among the growing number of Americans who disbelieve the official version of the 9/11 attacks, two basic theories are in competition: I called them “inside job” and “Mossad job”. The first one is the dominant thesis within the so-called 9/11 Truth movement, and blames the American government, or a faction within the American Deep State. The second one claims that the masterminds were members of a powerful Israeli network deeply infiltrated in all spheres of power within the US, including media, government, military and secret services.

This “Mossad job” thesis has been gaining ground since Alan Sabrosky, a professor at the U.S. Army War College and the U.S. Military Academy, published in July 2012 an article entitled “Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake”, where he voiced his conviction that September 11th was “a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation.”

We can notice from the outset that incriminating Israelis or Arabs are both “outside job” theories (in fact, they are mirror images of each other, which is understandable in light of what Gilad Atzmon explains about Jewish “projected guilt”).[2]Gilad Atzmon, Being in Time: a Post-Political Manifesto, Interlink Publishing, 2017 , p. 142. Before even looking at the evidence, “outside job” sounds more credible that “inside job”. There is something monstrous in the idea that a government can deceive and terrorize its own citizens by killing thousands of them, just for starting a series of wars that are not even in the nation’s interest. By comparison, a foreign power attacking the U.S. under the false flag of a third power almost seems like fair play. Indeed suspicion of Israel’s role should be natural to anyone aware of the reputation of the Mossad as: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act,” in the words of a report of the U.S. Army School for Advanced Military Studies quoted by the Washington Times, September 10th, 2001 — the day before the attacks.

This is an important point, because it raises the question of how and why the 9/11 Truth movement has been led to endorse massively the outrageous “inside job” thesis without even considering the more likely thesis of an attack by a foreign power acting under an Islamic false flag—and what foreign power but Israel would do that?

Of course, the two dissenting theses do not necessarily exclude each other; at least, no one incriminating Israel denies that corrupted elements from the American administration or deep state were involved. The “passionate attachment” between Israel and the U.S. has been going on for decades, and 9/11 is one of its monstruous offsprings.


I can think of no better symbol of that reality than the marriage of Ted and Barbara Olson. Ted Oslon, after having defended Bush in the disputed 2000 election, had been rewarded with the post of Solicitor General (he also defended Dick Cheney when he refused to submit to Congress Enron-related documents). Barbara was a famous CNN reporter, but before that, she was born Barbara Kay Bracher of Jewish parents, educated at Yeshiva University School of Law, and hired by the legal firm WilmerHale, of which Jamie Gorelick, a future member of the 9/11 Commission, was also a member, and whose clients include powerful Israeli firms like Amdocs, a digital communication company charged with spying for Israel in the United States. On September 11, 2001, Barbara Olson alledgedly was on flight AA77, from which she made two telephone calls to her husband. Her calls were reported on CNN in the afternoon, and contributed to crystallize some details of the official story, such as the “box cutters” used as only weapons by the hijackers. Repeatedly invited on television shows after 9/11, Ted Olson frequently contradicted himself when questioned about the calls from his wife. In a 2006 report, the FBI identified only one call from Barbara Olson, and it was an unconnected call lasting 0 seconds. Like all other reported phone calls from desperate passengers (including the famous “Hi, Mom. This is Mark Bingham”), Barbara’s call was simply impossible, because the technology required to make high-altitude phone calls was not developed until 2004.[3]David Ray Griffin, 9/11 Contradictions, Arris Books, 2008, pp. 170-182; Webster Griffin Tarpley, 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA, Progressive Press, 2008, pp. 321-324.

9/11 was made possible by an alliance between secret worshippers of Israel and corrupted American elements. The question is: who, of the two, were the masterminds of this incredibly daring and complex operation, and for what “higher purpose”?

Another question is: why do those who keep repeating as a mantra “9/11 was an inside job” ignore totally the compelling evidence pointing to Israel? In other words, to what extent do they constitute a “controlled opposition” intended to cover up for Israel? Asking this type of question does not mean suspecting anyone who defends an erroneous or incomplete theory of being a hypocrite. Most people defending one theory or the other do so sincerely, based on the information to which they have access. I have myself been a believer in the official theory for 7 years, and in the “inside job” theory for 2 years, before progressively moving on to the present argument from 2010. On the other hand, we can assume that those who lead the public into error on a long term are not just mistaken but lying. In any case, it is legitimate to investigate the background of opinion makers, and when they are caught lying or distorting the truth, we can speculate on their motivation. I will come back to this issue at the end of the article.

The dancing Israelis

Researchers who believe Israel orchestrated 9/11 cite the behavior of a group of individuals who have come to be known as the “dancing Israelis” since their arrest, though their aim was to pass as “dancing Arabs.” Dressed in ostensibly “Middle Eastern” attire, they were seen by various witnesses standing on the roof of a van parked in Jersey City, cheering and taking photos of each other with the WTC in the background, at the very moment the first plane hit the North Tower. The suspects then moved their van to another parking spot in Jersey City, where other witnesses saw them deliver the same ostentatious celebrations.

One anonymous call to the police in Jersey City, reported the same day by NBC News, mentioned “a white van, 2 or 3 guys in there. They look like Palestinians and going around a building. […] I see the guy by Newark Airport mixing some junk and he has those sheikh uniforms. […] He’s dressed like an Arab.” The police soon issued the following BOLO alert (be-on-the-look-out) for a “Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack. White, 2000 Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration with ‘Urban Moving Systems’ sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center. Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion.”

By chance, the van was intercepted around 4 pm, with five young men inside: Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari. Before any question was asked, the driver, Sivan Kurzberg, burst out: “We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem”.The Kurzberg brothers were formally identified as Mossad agents. All five officially worked for a moving company (a classic cover for espionage) named Urban Moving Systems, whose owner, Dominik Otto Suter, fled the country for Tel Aviv on September 14.[4]Christopher Bollyn, Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World, C. Bollyn, 2012, pp. 278–280.


This event was first reported the day after the attacks by journalist Paulo Lima in the New Jersey newspaper The Bergen Record, based on “sources close to the investigation” who were convinced of the suspects’ foreknowledge of the morning’s attacks: “It looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park”.The 579-page FBI report on the investigation that followed (partially declassified in 2005) reveals several important facts. First, once developed, the photos taken by the suspects while watching the North Tower on fire confirm their attitudes of celebration: “They smiled, they hugged each other and they appeared to ‘high five’ one another”. To explain their contentment, the suspects said they were simply happy that, thanks to these terrorist attacks, “the United States will take steps to stop terrorism in the world”. Yet at this point, before the second tower was hit, most Americans believed the crash was an accident. The five Israelis were found connected to another company called Classic International Movers, which employed five other Israelis arrested for their contacts with the nineteen presumed suicide hijackers. In addition, one of the five suspects had called “an individual in South America with authentic ties to Islamic militants in the middle east”. Finally, the FBI report states that the “The vehicle was also searched by a trained bomb-sniffing dog which yielded a positive result for the presence of explosive traces”.

After all this incriminating evidence comes the most puzzling passage of the report: its conclusion that “the FBI no longer has any investigative interests in the detainees and they should proceed with the appropriate immigration proceedings”. In fact, a letter addressed to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, dated September 25, 2001, proves that, less than two weeks after the events, the FBI federal headquarter had already decided to close the investigation, asking that “The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service should proceed with the appropriate immigration proceedings”. The five “dancing Israelis”, also known as “the high fivers”, were detained 71 days in a Brooklyn prison, where they first refused, then failed, lie detector tests. Finally, they were quietly returned to Israel under the minimal charge of “visa violation.” Three of them were then invited on an Israeli TV talk show in November 2001, where one of them ingenuously declared: “Our purpose was simply to document the event.”

The Israeli spy network

The five “dancing Israelis,” the only suspects arrested on the very day of the 9/11 attacks, were just the tip of an iceberg. In September 2001, the federal police were busy dismantling the largest Israeli spy network ever uncovered on American soil. In the summer preceding the attack, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) compiled a report which would be revealed to the public by the Washington Post on November 23rd, 2001, followed by a Carl Cameron’s four-part documentary broadcast on Fox News from December 11th, 2001. On March 14th, 2002, an article in French newspaper Le Monde signed by Sylvain Cypel also referred to the report, shortly before the French magazine Intelligence Online made it fully accessible on the Internet.[5]It is quoted here from Bollyn’s book and from Justin Raimondo, The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection, iUniverse, 2003.It said that 140 Israeli spies, aged between 20 and 30, had been arrested since March 2001, while 60 more were arrested after September 11. Generally posing as art students, they visited at least “36 sensitive sites of the Department of Defense.” “A majority of those questioned have stated they served in military intelligence, electronic signal intercept, or explosive ordnance units. Some have been linked to high-ranking officials in the Israeli military. One was the son of a two-star general, one served as the bodyguard to the head of the Israeli Army, one served in a Patriot mission unit.” Another, Peer Segalovitz, officer in the 605 Battalion of the Golan Heights, “acknowledged he could blow up buildings, bridges, cars, and anything else that he needed to.”[6]Christopher Bollyn, Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World, C. Bollyn, 2012, p. 159.

Of special interest is the mention that “the Hollywood, Florida, area seems to be a central point for these individuals.”[7]Justin Raimondo, The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection, iUniverse, 2003, p. 3. More than 30 out of the 140 fake Israeli students identified before 9/11 lived in that city of 140,000 inhabitants. And this city also happens to be the place where fifteen of the nineteen alleged 9/11 Islamist hijackers had regrouped (nine in Hollywood, six in the vicinity), including four of the five supposed to have hijacked Flight AA11. What was the relationship between the Israeli spies and the Islamist terrorists? We were told by mainstream news that the former were monitoring the latter, but failed to report suspicious activities of these terrorists to American authorities. From such a presentation, Israel comes out clean, since a spy agency cannot be blamed for not sharing information with the country it is spying in. At worst, the Israeli Intelligence can be accused of “letting it happen”—a guarantee of impunity. In reality, the Israeli agents were certainly not just monitoring the future “hijackers,” but financing and manipulating them, before disposing of them. We know that Israeli Hanan Serfaty, who rented two flats near Mohamed Atta, had handled at least $100,000 in three months. And we also learned from the New York Times on February 19, 2009, that Ali al-Jarrah, cousin of the alleged hijacker of Flight UA93 Ziad al-Jarrah, had spent twenty-five years spying for the Mossad as an undercover agent infiltrating the Palestinian resistance and Hezbollah.

Israeli agents apparently appreciate operating under the cover of artists. Shortly before September 11, a group of fourteen Jewish “artists” under the name of Gelatin installed themselves on the ninety-first floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center. There, as a work of “street art,” they removed a window and extended a wooden balcony. To understand what role this piece of scaffolding may have played, it must be remembered that the explosion supposedly resulting from the impact of the Boeing AA11 on the North Tower took place between the ninety-second and the ninety-eighth floors. With the only film of the impact on the North Tower being that of the Naudet brothers, who are under suspicion for numerous reasons, many researchers are convinced that no aircraft hit this tower, and that the explosion simulating the impact was provoked by pre-planted explosives inside the tower.

Floors ninety-three to one hundred of the North Tower were occupied by Marsh & McLennan, whose CEO was Jeffrey Greenberg, son of wealthy Zionist (and financier of George W. Bush) Maurice Greenberg, who also happens to be the owner of Kroll Inc., the firm in charge of security for the entire World Trade Center complex on 9/11. The Greenbergs were also the insurers of the Twin Towers and, on July 24, 2001, they took the precaution of having the contract reinsured by competitors. In November 2000, the board of directors of Marsh & McLennan was joined by (Lewis) Paul Bremer, the chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism, who, on September 11, 2001, two hours only after the pulverization of the North Tower, would appear on NBC to name bin Laden as prime suspect, perfectly calm as 400 of his employees are missing (295 will finally be declared dead). “It is the day that will change our lives,” he said. “It is the day when the war that the terrorists declared on the US [. . .] has been brought home to the US.” In 2003, Bremer would be appointed administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq to level the Iraqi state to the ground and oversee the theft of almost a trillion dollars intended for its reconstruction.

The super-sayanim

With Goldberg and Bremer, we have reached the upper level of the conspiracy, comprising a number of influential Jewish personalities, working inside and outside the U.S. government — super-sayanim, so to speak. The most representative of those outside government is Larry Silverstein, the real estate shark who, with his partner Frank Lowy, leased the Twin Towers from New York City in the spring of 2001. The head of the New York Port Authority, who granted Silverstein and Lowy the lease, was none other than Lewis Eisenberg, another member of the United Jewish Appeal Federation and former vice-president of AIPAC. It appeared that Silverstein had made a disastrous deal, because the Twin Towers had to be decontaminated for asbestos. The decontamination process had been indefinitely postponed since the 1980s because of its cost, estimated at nearly $1 billion in 1989. In 2001, the New York Port Authority had been all too happy to shift responsibility to Silverstein.

Immediately after acquiring the Twin Towers, Silverstein renegotiated the insurance contracts to cover terrorist attacks, doubling the coverage to $3.5 billion, and made sure he would retain the right to rebuild after such an event. After the attacks, he took his insurers to court in order to receive double compensation, claiming that the two planes were two separate attacks. After a long legal battle, he pocketed $4.5 billion. Silverstein is a leading member of the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, the biggest fundraiser for Israel (after the US government, which pays about $3 billion per year in aid to Israel). Silverstein also maintained “close ties with Netanyahu,” according to Haaretz (November 21, 2001): “The two have been on friendly terms since Netanyahu’s stint as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. For years they kept in close touch. Every Sunday afternoon, New York time, Netanyahu would call Silverstein.” Besides being a powerful man, Larry is a lucky man: as he explained in this interview, every morning of the week, he had breakfast at the Windows on the World on top of the North Tower, but on September 11th, he had an appointment with his dermatologist.


Accomplices to the 9/11 false flag attack with strong Israeli connections should also be tracked at the other end of the trajectory of the planes reported to have crashed into the Twin Towers. Flights AA11 and UA175 took off from Logan Airport in Boston, which subcontracted their security to International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), a firm based in Israel and headed by Menachem Atzmon, a treasurer of the Likud. So did Newark Airport where flight UA93 reportedly took off before crashing in Shanksville.

A serious investigation would follow many other trails, such as the Odigo instant messages received by employees at the WTC two hours before the plane crashes, as reported by Haaretz on September 27th, 2001. The first plane hit the WTC at the precise time announced, “almost to the minute,” admitted Alex Diamandis, vice-president of Odigo, headquartered in Israel. Also disturbing is the behavior of the American branch of Zim Israel Navigational, a maritime shipping giant 48% owned by the Jewish state (occasionally used as a cover for the Israeli secret services), which moved its offices from the WTC, along with its 200 employees, September 4th, 2001, one week before the attacks —“like an act of God, we moved”, said the CEO Shaul Cohen-Mintz when interviewed by USA Today, November 17th, 2001.

But of course, none of these trails were ever pursued. That is because the most powerful conspirators were at the highest level of the Justice Department. Michael Chertoff was head of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in 2001, and responsible, among many other things, for securing the release of the Israeli agents arrested before and after 9/11, including the “dancing Israelis.” In 2003, this son of a rabbi and of a Mossad pioneer would be appointed Secretary of Homeland Security, in charge of counter-terrorism on the American soil, which allowed him to control dissenting citizens and restrain access to the evidence under the pretext of Sensitive Security Information.

Another chief of the cover-up was Philip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9/11 presidential Commission established in November 2002. Zelikow is a self-styled specialist in the art of making “public myths” by “‘searing’ or ‘molding’ events [that] take on ‘transcendent’ importance and, therefore, retain their power even as the experiencing generation passes from the scene” (Wikipedia). In December 1998, he co-signed an article for Foreign Affairs entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism,” in which he speculated on what would have happened if the 1993 WTC bombing (already attributed to bin Laden) had been done with a nuclear bomb: “An act of catastrophic terrorism that killed thousands or tens of thousands of people and/or disrupted the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, would be a watershed event in America’s history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented for peacetime and undermine Americans’ fundamental sense of security within their own borders in a manner akin to the 1949 Soviet atomic bomb test, or perhaps even worse. … Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force.” This is the man who controlled the governmental investigation on the 9/11 terror attacks. Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, who nominally led the commission, revealed in their book Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission (2006), that the commission “was set up to fail” from the beginning. Zelikow, they claim, had already written a synopsis and a conclusion for the final report before the first meeting. He controlled all the working groups, prevented them from communicating with each other, and gave them as sole mission to prove the official story; Team 1A, for example, was tasked to “tell the story of Al-Qaeda’s most successful operation—the 9/11 attacks.”

A tight control of mainstream media is perhaps the most delicate aspect of the whole operation. I will not delve into that aspect, for we all know what to expect from the MSM. For a groundbreaking argument on the extent to which 9/11 was psy-op orchestrated by MSM, I recommend Ace Baker’s 2012 documentary 9/11 The Great American Psy-Opera, chapters 6, 7 and 8.

Machiavellian meta-Zionists

If we move up to the very highest level of the conspiracy, we find ourselves in Tel Aviv. The preparation for 9/11 coincided with the coming to power of Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996, followed by Ehud Barak in July 1999, and Ariel Sharon in March 2001, who brought back Netanyahu as minister of Foreign Affairs in 2002 (with Netanyahu again becoming prime minister in 2009). It must be noted that both Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were temporarily out of the Israeli government in September 2001, just like Ben-Gurion at the time of Kennedy’s assassination (read my article on JFK). A few months before 9/11, Barak, a former head of Israeli military intelligence, was “recruited” as a consultant to a Mossad front company, SCP Partner, specializing in security and located less than seven miles from Urban Moving Systems.[8]Christopher Bollyn, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, 2012 , pp. 278-280. One hour after the explosion of the North Tower, Barak was on BBC World to point the finger at bin Laden (the first to do so), and concluded: “It’s a time to launch an operational, complete war against terror.”

As for Netanyahu, we are not surprised to hear him boast, on CNN in 2006, of having predicted in 1995 that, “if the West doesn’t wake up to the suicidal nature of militant Islam, the next thing you will see is militant Islam bringing down the World Trade Center.” Netanyahu is exemplary of the ever closer “special relationship” between the US and Israel, which started with Truman and blossomed under Johnson. Netanyahu had lived, studied, and worked in the United States from 1960 to 1978, between his 11th and his 27th year—except during his military service—and again after the age of 33, when he was appointed deputy ambassador to Washington and then permanent delegate to the United Nations. Netanyahu appeared regularly on CNN in the early 1990s, contributing to the transformation of the world’s leading news channel into a major Zionist propaganda tool. His political destiny was largely planned and shaped in the United States, under the supervision of those we now call neoconservatives, and the only thing that distinguishes him from them is that, for public relations reasons, he does not possess American nationality.

“What’s a neocon?” once asked Bush 43 to his father Bush 41, after more than three years in the White House. “Do you want names, or a description?” answered 41. “Description.” “Well,” said 41, “I’ll give it to you in one word: Israel.”[9]Quoted by Andrew Cockburn, who claims to have heard the anecdote from “friends of the family”, in Rumsfeld: His Rise, His fall, and Catastrophic Legacy, Scribner, 2011, p. 219. That anecdote, quoted by Andrew Cockburn, sums it up. The neoconservative movement was born in the editorial office of the monthly magazine Commentary, which had replaced the Contemporary Jewish Record in 1945 as the press organ of the American Jewish Committee. “If there is an intellectual movement in America to whose invention Jews can lay sole claim, neoconservatism is it,” wrote Gal Beckerman in the Jewish Daily Forward, January 6, 2006. “It is a fact that as a political philosophy, neoconservatism was born among the children of Jewish immigrants and is now largely the intellectual domain of those immigrants’ grandchildren.”

The founding fathers of neoconservatism (Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Donald Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Adam Shulsky) were self-proclaimed disciples of Leo Strauss, a German Jewish immigrant teaching at the University of Chicago. Strauss can be characterized as a meta-Zionist in the sense that, while an ardent supporter of the State of Israel, he rejected the idea that Israel as a nation should be contained within borders; Israel must retain her specificity, which is to be everywhere, he said in essence in his 1962 lecture “Why We Remain Jews.” Strauss would also approve of being called a Machiavellian, for in his Thoughts on Machiavelli, he praised the “the intrepidity of his thought, the grandeur of his vision, and the graceful subtlety of his speech” (p. 13). Machiavelli’s model of a prince was Cesar Borgia, the tyrant who after having appointed the cruel Ramiro d’Orco to subdue the province of Romania, had him executed with utter cruelty, thus reaping the people’s gratitude after having diverted their hatred onto another. Machiavelli, writes Strauss, “is a patriot of a particular kind: He is more concerned with the salvation of his fatherland than with the salvation of his soul” (p. 10). And that happens to be exactly what Jewishness is all about, according to Jewish thinkers such as Harry Waton: “The Jews that have a deeper understanding of Judaism know that the only immortality there is for the Jew is the immortality in the Jewish people” (read more here). As a matter of fact, in the Jewish World Review of June 7, 1999, Michael Ledeen, a neocon and founding member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), assumed that Machiavelli must have been a “secret Jew,” since “if you listen to his political philosophy you will hear Jewish music.”

The neoconservatives of the first generation originally positioned themselves on the far left. Irving Kristol, one of the main editors of Commentary, had long claimed to be a Trotskyist. It was soon after the 1967 successful annexation of Arab territories by Israel that the Straussians experienced their conversion to right-wing militarism, to which they owe their new name. Norman Podhoretz, editor-in-chief from 1960 to 1995, turned from anti-war activist to defense budget booster in the early 70s. He gave the following explanation in 1979: “American support for Israel depended upon continued American involvement in international affairs—from which it followed that an American withdrawal into the kind of isolationist mood [. . .] that now looked as though it might soon prevail again, represented a direct threat to the security of Israel.” (Breaking Ranks, p. 336). Leading the U.S. into war for the benefit of Israel is the essence of the Machiavellian crypto-Zionists known deceptively as neoconservatives.

The Project for a new (((American))) Century


The story of how the neoconservatives reached the position of influence they held under George W. Bush is a complicated one, which I can only outline. They entered the state apparatus for the first time in the baggage of Rumsfeld and Cheney, during president Ford’s cabinet reshuffle known as the “Halloween Massacre,” following Nixon’s resignation. When the Cold War calmed down after America evacuated its troops from Vietnam in 1973, and the CIA produced reassuring analyses of the USSR’s military capabilities and ambitions, Rumsfeld (as Secretary of Defense) and Cheney (as Chief of Staff) persuaded Ford to appoint an independent committee, known as Team B, to revise upward the CIA estimates of the Soviet threat, and reactivate a war attitude in public opinion, Congress, and Administration. Team B was chaired by Richard Pipes and co-chaired by Paul Wolfowitz, both introduced by Richard Perle.

During the Democratic parenthesis of the Carter presidency (1976–80), the neoconservatives worked at unifying the largest number of Jews around their policies, by founding the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), which became the second-most powerful pro-Israel lobby after AIPAC. According to its “mission statement”, it is “dedicated to educating Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests, primarily in the Middle East, the cornerstone of which is a robust U.S.-Israeli security cooperation.” In 1980, the neocons were rewarded by Ronald Reagan for their support by a dozen posts in national security and foreign policy: Richard Perle and Douglas Feith to the Department of Defense; Richard Pipes at the National Security Council; Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, and Michael Ledeen in the State Department. They helped Reagan escalate the Cold War, showering billions of dollars on the military-industrial complex.

The long term planning of 9/11 probably started then. Isser Harel, founder of Israeli secret services (Shai in 1944, Shin Bet in 1948, Mossad until 1963) is reported as prophesizing in 1980, in an interview with Christian Zionist Michael Evans, that Islamic terrorism would end up hitting America in their “phallic symbol”: “Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit”.[10]Michael Evans told of this prophecy in an interview with Deborath Calwell and in his book The American Prophecies, Terrorism and Mid-East Conflict Reveal a Nation’s Destiny), quoted in Christopher Bollyn, Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World, C. Bollyn, 2012, p. 71. (A whole article would be needed to document and explain the revival of the Jewish gift of apocalyptic prophecy in recent decades.)

In 1996, during the Clinton years, the neoconservatives threw all their weight into their ultimate think tank, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), directed by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. PNAC recommended taking advantage of the defeat of communism to reinforce American hegemony by preventing the emergence of any rival. Their Statement of Principles vowed to extend the current Pax Americana, which entailed “a military that is strong and ready to meet both present and future challenges.” In its September 2000 report entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses, PNAC anticipated that US forces must become “able to rapidly deploy and win multiple simultaneous large-scale wars.” This required a profound transformation, including the development of “a new family of nuclear weapons designed to address new sets of military requirements.” Unfortunately, according to the authors of the report, “the process of transformation […] is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.” It is certainly no coincidence that the three-hour-long blockbuster Pearl Harbor was released in the summer 2001, conveniently entrenching the “New Pearl Harbor” meme into the minds of millions.

PNAC’s architects played the American hegemony card by draping themselves in the super-patriotic discourse of America’s civilizing mission. But their duplicity is exposed in a document brought to public knowledge in 2008: a report published in 1996 by the Israeli think tank Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, written specifically for the new Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The team responsible for the report was led by Richard Perle, and included Douglas Feith and David Wurmser, who figured the same year among the signatories of PNAC. As its title suggests, the Clean Break report invited Netanyahu to break with the Oslo Accords of 1993, which officially committed Israel to the return of the territories it occupied illegally since 1967. The new prime minister should instead “engage every possible energy on rebuilding Zionism” and reaffirm Israel’s right to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In November 2000, Bush Jr. was elected under conditions that raised protests of electoral fraud. Dick Cheney, who had directed his campaign, named himself vice-president and introduced two dozens neoconservatives in foreign policy key positions. The State Department was entrusted to Colin Powell, but he was surrounded with neocon aides such as David Wurmser. As National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, a specialist of Russia with no expertise in the Middle East, was entirely dependent on her neocon adviser Philip Zelikow. William Luti and Elliott Abrams, and later Eliot Cohen, were also tasked with steering Rice. But it was mainly from within the Defense Department under Donald Rumsfeld that the most influential neocons were able to fashion US foreign and military policy. Richard Perle occupied the crucial position of director of the Defense Policy Board, responsible for defining military strategy, while Paul Wolfowitz became the “soul of the Pentagon” as deputy secretary with Douglas Feith as under secretary.

The Hanukkah miracle to start WWIV

After eight months in the presidency, Bush was confronted with the “catastrophic event,” the “new Pearl Harbor” that PNAC had wished for a year earlier. 9/11 was a real “Hanukkah miracle” for Israel, commented Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy and Israeli National Security Council chairman Uzi Dayan. Netanyahu rejoiced: “It’s very good […] it will generate immediate sympathy […], strengthen the bond between our two peoples, because we’ve experienced terror over so many decades, but the United States has now experienced a massive hemorrhaging of terror.” On September 21, he published an op-ed in the New York Post entitled “Today, We Are All Americans,” in which he delivered his favorite propaganda line: “For the bin Ladens of the world, Israel is merely a sideshow. America is the target.” Three days later the New Republic responded with a headline on behalf of the Americans: “We are all Israelis now.” Americans experienced 9/11 as an act of hatred from the Arab world, and they felt an immediate sympathy for Israel, which the neoconservatives relentlessly exploited. One of the aims was to encourage Americans to view Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians as part of the global fight against Islamic terrorism.

It was a great success. In the years preceding September 11, Israel’s reputation had bottomed out; condemnations had been raining from around the world for its policy of apartheid and colonization, and its systematic war against Palestinian command structures. Increasing numbers of American voices questioned the merits of the special relationship between the United States and Israel. From the day of the attacks, it was all over. As Americans now intended to fight Arab terrorists to the death, they would stop demanding from Israel more reasonable, proportionate retaliation against Palestinian suicide bombers and rockets.

Instead, the president’s speeches (written by neocon David Frum) characterized the 9/11 attacks as the trigger for a world war of a new type, one fought against an invisible enemy scattered throughout the Middle East. First, vengeance must come not only against bin Laden, but also against the state harboring him: “We will make no distinction between those who committed these acts and those who harbor them” (Sept. 11). Second, the war extends to the world: “Our war on terror begins with Al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated” (Sept. 20). Third, any country that does not support Washington will be treated as an enemy: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” (Sept. 20).

In an article in the Wall Street Journal dated November 20, 2001, the neoconservative Eliot Cohen dubbed the war against terrorism as “World War IV,” a framing soon echoed by other American Zionists (the odd choice of the name WWIV rather than WWIII comes, I suspect, from the neocons’ ethnocentric worldview, in which every world war is a step toward Greater Israel; since one major step was accomplished in 1967, the Cold War counts as WW3). In September 2004, at a conference in Washington entitled “World War IV: Why We Fight, Whom We Fight, How We Fight,” Cohen said: “The enemy in this war is not ‘terrorism’ […] but militant Islam.” Like the Cold War, the imminent world war, according to Cohen’s vision, has ideological roots, will have global implications, and will last a long time, involving a whole range of conflicts. The self-fulfilling prophecy of a new World War centered in the Middle East has also been popularized by Norman Podhoretz, in “How to Win World War IV” (Commentary, February 2002), followed by a second article in, “World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win,” (September 2004), and finally a book titled World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism (2007).[11]Stephen Sniegoski, The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel, Enigma Edition, 2008, p. 193.

The hijacked conspiracy and the controlled opposition


In the case of 9/11 as in the case of Kennedy, controlled opposition operates on many levels, and many honest scholars now realize that the 9/11 Truth movement itself is partly channeled by individuals and groups secretly aiming at drawing suspicions away from Israel. Such is certainly the case of the three young Jews (Avery, Rowe, and Bermas) who directed the film Loose Change (2005), the most widely watched 9/11 conspiracy film since its first version in 2005. They hitched their whole thesis on a comparison with the never carried-out false flag project Operation Northwoods (timely revealed to the public in May 2001 in James Bamford’s book Body of Secrets, written with the support of former NSA director Michael Hayden, now working for Michael Chertoff), but they failed to mention the attack on the USS Liberty, a well-documented false flag attack by Israel on its U.S. ally. They did not breathe a word about the neoconservatives’ loyalty to Israel, and treat anyone who cited the Israeli role in 9/11 as anti-Semitic. The same can be said of Bermas’s more recent film Invisible Empire (2010), also produced by Alex Jones: a compilation of anti-imperialist clichés focusing on the Bushs and the Rockefellers, without a single hint of the (((Others))).

It is interesting to note that the 9/11 scenario put forward by Loose Change had actually been prewritten by Hollywood: on the 4th of March, 2001, Fox TV broadcast the first episode of the series The Lone Gunmen, watched by 13 million Americans. The plot is about computer hackers working for a secret cabal within the U.S. government, who hijack a jet by remote control with the intent to crash it into one of the Twin Towers, while making it appear to have been hijacked by Islamic terrorists. At the last seconds, the pilots manage to regain control of the plane. The purpose of the failed operation was to trigger a world war under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Truthers of the “inside job” school fancy that this episode must have been written by some whistleblower inside Fox. Unlikely!

There is, of course, some truth in the “inside job” theory, as I said at the beginning. Israel (in the wider sense) would not be able to pull such an operation and get away with it, without complicity at the highest level of U.S. government. How does that work? Pretty much like for the Kennedy assassination, if you consider that the country was then ruled by its vice-president Dick Cheney, the president being a mere dummy (see Lou Dubose and Jake Bernstein, Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency, Random House, 2006). In my book JFK-9/11, I have proposed a plausible scenario of how Israel had in fact hijacked a smaller false flag attack on the Pentagon fabricated by the American Deep State, for the limited purpose of justifying the overthrow of the Talibans in Afghanistan, a goal fully supported by such “Great Gamers” as Zbigniew Brzezinski, but which didn’t in itself interest the neocons.


What the neocons wanted was a new war against Iraq and then a general conflagration in the Middle East leading to the crumbling of all the enemies of Israel, with Syria and Iran high on the list. So they outbid everyone and gave the operation the scale they wanted with the help of their New York super-sayan Silvertein. George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and other goyim who had been kept out of the loop, finding themselves embroiled in geopolitical machinations of global scope, could merely try to save face. On September 19 and 20, Richard Perle’s Defense Policy Board met in the company of Paul Wolfowitz and Bernard Lewis (inventor of the self-fulfilling prophecy of the “clash of civilizations”) but in the absence of Powell and Rice. They prepared a letter to Bush, written on PNAC letterhead, to remind him of his historic mission: “Even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Failure to undertake such an effort will constitute an early and perhaps decisive surrender in the war on international terrorism.”[12]Stephen Sniegoski, The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel, Enigma Edition, 2008, p. 144. This was an ultimatum. Bush was certainly aware of the leverage that the neocons had acquired over the major print and television media. He was obliged, under penalty of ending in the proverbial trash bin of history, to endorse the invasion of Iraq that his father had refused the Zionists ten years earlier.

As for Brzezinski and other genuine U.S. imperialists, their support for the invasion of Afghanistan made their timid protests against the Iraq war ineffective. It was a little late in February 2007 when Brzezinski denounced before the Senate “a historical, strategic and moral calamity […] driven by Manichaean impulses and imperial hubris.” In 2012 he declared, regarding the risk of conflagration with Iran, that Obama should stop following Israel like a “stupid mule.” He soon disappeared from the MSM, as a useful idiot no longer useful.

The “half truth” of the exclusively “inside job” theory, which denounces 9/11 as a false flag operation perpetrated by the American state on its own citizens, functions like a secondary false flag hiding the real masters of the operation, who are in fact agents in the service of a foreign nation. One of the aims of this inside-jobish controlled opposition is to force American officials to maintain the “bin Laden did it” masquerade, knowing that tearing apart the fake Islamic flag would only reveal the U.S. flag, not the Israeli flag. No longer controlling the media, they would not have the means to raise this second veil to expose Israel. Any effort to get at the truth would be political suicide. Everyone understands what is at stake: if one day, under mounting pressure from public opinion or for some other strategic reason, the mainstream media abandons the official bin Laden story, the well-rehearsed slogan “9/11 was an inside job” will have prepared Americans to turn against their own government, while the neocon Zionists will remain untouchable (Machiavelli’s method: make another accomplish your dirty ends, then turn popular vengeance against him). And God knows what will happen, if the government has not by then succeeded in disarming its citizens through Sandy Hook-type psy-ops. Government officials have little choice but to stick to the Al-Qaeda story, at least for the next fifty years.

After reaching this conclusion in JFK-9/11, I had the satisfaction of finding that Victor Thorn, in a book that had eluded me (Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America, Sisyphus Press, 2011), had already expressed it in harsher terms: “In essence, the ‘9-11 truth movement’ was created prior to Sept. 11, 2001 as a means of suppressing news relating to Israeli complicity. By 2002–2003, ‘truthers’ began appearing at rallies holding placards that read ‘9-11 was an inside job.’ Initially, these signs provided hope for those who didn’t believe the government and mainstream media’s absurd cover stories. But then an awful realization emerged: The slogan ‘9-11 was an inside job’ was quite possibly the greatest example of Israeli propaganda ever devised. […] The mantra, ‘9-11 was an inside job’ is only partially true and is inherently damaging to the ‘truth movement’ because it shifts all attention away from Israel’s traitorous assault against America. […] Leaders of these fake 9-11 groups know the truth about Israel’s 9-11 barbarity. Their willingness to perpetuate or cover it up ultimately makes them as guilty and vile as those who launched the attacks. There are no degrees of separation in this matter. It’s a black-and-white issue. Tell the entire truth about Israel’s Murder, Inc. cabal, or sleep in the same infected bed as these murdering dogs lie in. […] Faux conspiratologists complain about the government and news sources not telling the truth, yet they’ve erected an utter blackout on data regarding Israel and 9-11.”

The missing .3 trillion


Some readers will complain that I am making a very complex operation appear too simple. I plead guilty: I have merely tried here to outline the case against Israel in the short scope of an article. But I am fully aware that creating Greater Israel through a world war fought by the U.S. might not have been the only consideration in the preparation of 9/11. Many private interests had to be involved. Yet I believe none of them interfered with Israel’s plan, and most of them supported it.

There is, for example, the missing gold in the WTC basement : $200 million were recovered from the estimated $1 billion stored: who took the rest? But that is nothing compared to the $2.3 trillion that were missing from the accounts of the Department of Defense for the year 2000, in addition to $1.1 trillion missing for 1999, according to a televised declaration made on September 10th, 2001, the day before the attacks, by Donald Rumsfeld. Just for comparison, this is more than one thousand times the colossal losses of Enron, which triggered a chain of bankruptcies that same year. All this money evaporated into thin air under the watch of William Cohen, Defense Secretary during Bill Clinton’s second term. In 2001, the man who was tasked to help track down the missing trillions was Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Dov Zakheim, a member of PNAC and an ordained rabbi. Practically, the mystery had to be resolved by financial analysts at Resource Services Washington (RSW). Unfortunately, their offices were destroyed by “al-Qaeda” the following morning. The “hijackers” or Flight AA77, rather than hitting the command center on the eastern side of the Pentagon, chose to attempt a theoretically impossible downward spiral at 180 degrees in order to hit the west side of the building precisely at the location of the accounting offices. The 34 experts at RSW perished in their offices, together with 12 other financial analysts, as is noted in the biography of the team leader Robert Russell for the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial: “The weekend before his death, his entire office attended a crab feast at the Russell home. They were celebrating the end of the fiscal-year budget completion. Tragically, every person that attended that party was involved in the Pentagon explosion, and are currently missing”.

By an incredible coincidence, one of the financial experts trying to make sense of the Pentagon financial loss, Bryan Jack, was reported to have died at the precise location of his office, not because he was working there that day, but because he was on a business trip on Flight AA77. In the words of the Washington Post database: “Bryan C. Jack was responsible for crunching America’s defense budget. He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, bound for official business in California when his plane struck the Pentagon, where, on any other day, Jack would have been at work at his computer”. Yahweh must have a sense of chutzpah!


Laurent Guyénot is the author of JFK-9/11: 50 years of Deep State, Progressive Press, 2014, and From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land … Clash of Civilizations, 2018. (or $30 shipping included from Sifting and Winnowing, POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556).


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[12] Stephen Sniegoski, The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel, Enigma Edition, 2008, p. 144.

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  1. I’m sure all the knowing people here are tired of the same hard evidence discussions, but here is some info that most 9-11 truthers are unaware, from my blog:

    May 21, 2016 – Another 9-11 Truther

    In my April 16th blog post, I mentioned that former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman and 9-11 Commission co-chair Bob Graham had become a “Truther”, i.e. one who openly doubts the official 9-11 story. It seems the powers that be tried to shut him up. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) openly criticized the Obama administration for trying to strong-arm Graham, who is pushing to declassify 28 pages of the 9/11 report dealing with Saudi Arabia. He recounted how Rep. Gwen Graham (D-Fla.) and her father, former Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.), were detained by the FBI at Dulles International Airport outside Washington. He said the FBI “took a former senator, a former governor, grabbed him in an airport, hustled him into a room with armed force to try to intimidate him into taking different positions on issues of public policy and important national policy.”

    Last week, another Republican member of the 9-11 Commission, former Navy Secretary John F Lehman, said there was clear evidence that Saudi government employees were part of a support network for the 9/11 hijackers – an allegation, congressional officials have confirmed, that is addressed in detail in the 28 pages. Lehman said: “there was an awful lot of participation by Saudi individuals in supporting the hijackers, and some of those people worked in the Saudi government.”

    Events this past year in Syria highlighted close ties between Saudi Arabia, Israel, and our CIA. The 9-11 attacks generated the “Pearl Harbor” type of anger they needed to rally the American people to support their semi-secret plan to conquer all the Arab world. Here is a summary of events for those confused by American corporate media. Al Qaeda is not an organization. It is a CIA computer database of armed Arab nationalists who violently oppose western domination of the Arab world. (Al Qaeda is Arabic for database.) This database was established by the CIA in the 1980s when our CIA trained and armed Arabs to fight the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden (OBL) was never an official leader since it has never been a real organization, although he did lead a large group of Arab nationalists who lived in Afghanistan.

    OBL had nothing to do with 9-11, he didn’t even know about it until it was reported in the media. He was never formally accused of the attacks because there is zero evidence. OBL was a wealthy Saudi who is said to have inspired the attacks. Our government blamed a Kuwaiti, Khalid Shaikh Mohammad (pictured), and a dozen Saudis who died in the airplanes. These persons had never been to Afghanistan and are said to have planned and trained for the attacks in the Philippines, Germany, and the USA. Then why was Afghanistan invaded, and later Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen? But we did not invade Saudi Arabia! Instead, recall that days after 9-11 several jets from our federal Justice Department rounded up Saudi suspects in the USA and flew them home before FBI agents could ask them questions.

    All this explains why the accused mastermind of the attacks, Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, has yet to go to trial almost 16 years since 9-11! He has not been allowed to speak to anyone outside the CIA. Even the 9-11 Commission was not allowed to interview him. The U.S. military set up a kangaroo court at Gitmo to hold a trial many years ago, but brave military defense lawyers keep causing delays by insisting on a fair trial. It seems evidence is so “sensitive” that our CIA does not want it revealed. even in a secret military court. Whenever documents are requested by the defense, some are destroyed instead! This included all the CIA interrogations of the accused!

    Our media propaganda is so prevalent that nearly all Americans think OBL was the 9-11 mastermind, and since he is dead the case is closed. However, there is zero evidence of his involvement, something our government has long acknowledged. Americans watched thousands of hours of television coverage of the 9-11 attacks. Ask one if they think the accused mastermind of the attacks should be put on trial, and they’ll have no idea what you are talking about. More Americans are becoming aware and demanding action, who are demeaned as crazy “truthers”, which now include two former members of our government’s official 9-11 Commission once tasked with investigating these crimes.

    The failed invasion of Syria has revealed that the Saudis, our CIA (with its defense contractor and media allies), and Israel have been working to conquer all the Arab world and control it with corruption and puppet dictators. Over the past couple years the Saudi government has changed hands and this CIA-Saudi-Israeli alliance has frayed, mostly because of failures in Syria and Yemen. Will the Saudis now be blamed for 9-11 to satisfy public demands for the truth, and to protect other conspirators? Will this lead to a CIA-Israeli coup to take over Saudi Arabia? Or will other high-level truthers surface and expose our nation’s darkest secret?

  2. Biff says:

    The boner in the wind that I noticed on 9/11 2001 was the pre-written script that became the official story line to the event only a few hours after it occurred.
    Nobody questioned how a crime of that magnitude could be investigated, put together, and solved for generations to come in a mere matter of hours.
    “Now mop up that mess, and move on”

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  3. tac says:

    All one has to do is to notice the squibs on the successive floors just below the collapsing line to notice that the floors were indeed wired for demolition:

    Slow motion collapse of WTC:

    The New Pearl Harbor (one of the best 9/11 documentaries about 5 hrs) (thanks to L.K.):

    THE ANATOMY OF A GREAT DECEPTION – How 9-11 Woke Me Up – David Hooper Film:


    Pentagon flight recorder mystery (excellent review of flight 77 flight recorder):

    9/11 zero:

    21 Recorded Tower/Command Calls, NOT BELIEFS-9/11 World Trade Center Attacks-Drones Intercepting:

    Scientific Facts prove 9/11 was a false flag operation (5hrs 15mins):

    30 AUGUST 2018 — Corbett Report interview by James Corbett with Mick Harrison and David Meiswinkle who discuss the First Amended Grand Jury Petition and the follow-up Mandamus filing:

    • Thanks: RichardDuck
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  4. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Will the Saudis now be blamed for 9-11 to satisfy public demands for the truth, and to protect other conspirators?
    Will this lead to a CIA-Israeli coup to take over Saudi Arabia?
    Or will other high-level truthers surface and expose our nation’s darkest secret?

    None of the above.

    “The US will not withdraw its military presence from Syria, as announced by the US special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey on September 6th.

    According to Jeffrey, the Trump administration is shifting towards a more expansive plan for Syria that involves not just the defeat of ISIS, but also reducing Iranian influence and preventing Bashar al-Assad from consolidating power.

    According to James Jeffrey, President Donald Trump supports the strategy that envisions an indefinite military and diplomatic presence in Syria, contrary to the President’s previous inclination to withdraw US troops after defeating ISIS.

    “The new policy is we’re no longer pulling out by the end of the year,” he told reporters in Washington. Initially the 2,200 US troops deployed to eastern Syria in support of the multi-national coalition against ISIS was supposed to leave. Instead, they will remain in support of a combined military and diplomatic effort to limit Iranian and Russian influence over post-war reconstruction. “That means we are not in a hurry,” Jeffrey said, adding that he was “confident” Trump supports what he called a “more active approach” in Syria. ”

    The plan that Jeffrey announced is being implemented:

    U.S. Marines conducted a live-fire aerial assault exercise in southern Syria on Friday designed to warn Russian and other military forces to stay away from an American base there. The exercise, involving a company-size unit, came amid rising U.S.-Russia tensions across the Syrian battlespace. The Trump administration has warned both Russia and the Syrian government against a planned offensive in Idlib province in northwest Syria, the largest remaining pocket of rebel fighters who have tried, and failed, over the past seven years to oust President Bashar al-Assad. In support of the Idlib operation, Russia has deployed a significant naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean, with weaponry capable of reaching across Syria.

    Let’s see if neocon/administration-approved professional protester Medea Benjamin or any of the other Schumer-planted screaming banshees protest US illegal invasion and military action against a sovereign nation in the same fashion as they debase themselves demanding the sacred right to an abortion

  5. ‘…Bernard Lewis (inventor of the self-fulfilling prophecy of the “clash of civilizations”) …’

    Wasn’t that Samuel Huntington?

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Kay
  6. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    “9/11 Was an Israeli Job”

    No it wasn’t, and this website’s credibility just fell another notch. It’s no stretch to believe that the Israelis (and their partisans) had foreknowledge, but to pretend that they executed it is ridiculous. That being said, it is also true that there’s no proof OBL was responsible. The worst we have is that he said it wasn’t an entirely bad thing that for once the guns were turned the other way.

    Question, though: How much damage did 9/11 actually do to the USA, compared with 1) how much damage we inflicted as a result, including and especially the damage we inflicted upon ourselves? And 2) Did it destroy our country to anything like the degree Hart-Cellar did? How much media attention has that gotten?

  7. Laurent, I would suggest changing this line of the article, “projecting pieces of steel beams weighing several hundred tons hundreds of meters laterally at high speeds.” It’s a teeny bit OTT.

  8. Nice overview. So many lies. Our governments and our societies are crumbling under their weight. So much of the stench seems to emanate from israhell……

  9. renfro says:

    Of course Bob Graham wants to prove Saudi is the guilty party….lol…he’s a politician representing the southern capital of the Jews, Florida.

    ”In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Graham, a Florida Democrat and the chairman of the US Senate’s Intelligence Committee, recommended air strikes against the alleged training camps in the Bekaa and Syria if diplomatic pressure failed to shut the sites down.

    Graham was one of a three-member delegation from the Senate Intelligence Committee to tour the Middle East last week to gather information for the Sept. 11 investigation being conducted jointly with the House Intelligence Committee. The delegation visited Egypt, Syria and Lebanon before winding up the tour in Israel.

    In a briefing to reporters in Washington on Tuesday, Graham hinted that Hizbullah could be the target in the next stage of Washington’s “war on terror.”

    Graham said. “Hizbullah has killed hundreds of Americans over its history, it is the most vicious and effective terrorist organization in the world, and if we’re serious about the war on terrorism it’s going to carry us to Hizbullah and those training camps.”

    Graham said that the delegation had raised their concerns over the training camps with Lebanese and Syrian officials.
    “This was a high priority at every stop,” the senator said. “Hizbullah, of course, is the A-Team of terrorists.”

    • Replies: @prusmc
  10. It is hard to imagine that Mossad was capable of placing Cheyney at NORAD on Sept 11, and starting the planes in the USA that were used on Sept 11.
    The first plane that flew into a tower had a bulge under the rump, the second had no windows, how Mossad could fly an unmanned jet with a missile underneath into the Pentagon, and fire an air to ground missile in Pennsylvania, difficult to imagine.
    The placing of the explosives, yes.
    But also hijacking the four missing planes electronically from outside, difficult to see how an Israeli secret service did it, though not completely impossible, in my opinion.

  11. renfro says:

    Qui bono?

    What did Saudi have to gain by attacking the US? Having the US attack the majority Shia states of Iraq and then Iran?

    Did the Israeli Clean Break plan of taking out Iraq, then Syria then Iran have nothing to do with it?

    Did the Saudis and the Israelis shadow each other during the planning of the attack as reported by Fox?

    Why is Graham backing a lawsuit against Saudi saying the 911 victims should be compensated when they were already compensated by the Billons dollar fund from taxpayers in which many victims got multiple millions? If he can prove Saud did it shouldn’t any compensation go back to the US treasury that already paid all the victims?

    The Saudi lawsuit thing was tried years ago and the court threw it out so the law firms want a second chance at the prize with Graham unlocking more evidence for them? And so far what they released in the 28 pages was still heavy redacted. 90% chance any more releases will be too.

    This is all about the money money money.

    And we’re never going to get an honest answer on this from the our government. So people can just just form their opinion based on the good old…Qui bono?….cause that’s usually the answer.

    • Replies: @jacobs-adder
    , @anon
  12. Brabantian says: • Website

    Above, Laurent Guyénot mentions the ‘Israeli art students’ who had been working in the NYC towers a few weeks before the 9-11 event, these ‘students’ covered by the New York Times, which showed in photos a stack of cardboard boxes alongside the ‘art students’, the factory code markings on the boxes later traced as referencing components of bomb detonators

    Francesco Cossiga, formerly President of Italy, flat-out said that the major governments in Europe all privately recognise that 9-11 was run by the USA & Israel … Cossiga speaking to Italy’s largest newspaper, the Corriere della Serra:

    • Thanks: RichardDuck
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. Vojkan says:

    What you say is not consistent with what I see in those videos:

    Not saying that it wasn’t a false flag, not saying who did or didn’t do it, just saying what I see. The South tower destruction goes from impact to bottom, from top to impact isn’t visible due to dust and smoke. The North tower destruction goes from impact to top and from impact to bottom, at least that’s what I see in the videos. As I wrote in another comment, that’s one heck of an engineering feat if it was planned that way. The WTC 7 seems to fall on its bottom, which, at the difference of the fall of the twin towers, is consistent with all the videos of controlled demolition that can be found around the web. Then, I think the collapse of the twin towers represent enormous mass falling at high speed to the ground, and I tend to think that such mass is not unlikely to shake the ground on which it falls and send a shock wave that can in turn shake the foundations of buildings in the vicinity, for instance WTC 7. In fact, I don’t know and neither do truthers. They assume parametres for their calculations that they can’t be sure of.
    Then again, even if the assumptions about ‘how’ are false, it doesn’t mean that assumptions about ‘who’ are too, and vice-versa. The thing is only those who did it know and we hardly ever will.
    The point is that whoever however did it, the war against Iraq was a crime against peace as the very same Americans co-defined it in the Nuremberg Statute.

    • Agree: Ivan
    • Replies: @dearieme
  14. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    America is happy to accommodate the wiles of Yahweh’s Chosen people in exchange for eternal life under the King of Israel (John 1:49) in the foreign capital Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2) , and thus all moral Americans cling to this Biblical foreign policy:

    • “WE WORSHIP what we do know, for salvation is from THE JEWS.” John 4:22
    • “THE JEW FIRST.” Romans 1:16
    • “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they OWE IT TO THE JEWS to share with them their material blessings.” Romans 15:27

    Do not rock the boat when it comes to magical immortality goodies. Remember, this life doesn’t matter much anyway, just the eternal life in Jewheaven. Whitey needs the Jew desperately.

  15. Franz says:

    After eight months in the presidency, Bush was confronted with the “catastrophic event,” the “new Pearl Harbor” that PNAC had wished for a year earlier.

    Had planned for a year earlier, but whatever.

    Some of us have followed this since it happened, like JFK folk before us.

    And damn if it don’t matter a whit.

    John Kaminski calls Americans “stupid” and Paul Craig Roberts says “insouciant” but at the end of the day. it ain’t our country. People are simply disenfranchzed when the political system is a plutocratic oligarchy.

    The fear in the interior of the USA… where some of us live… is that they want us to rise and fight them with legal firearms which the Plutocrats can match a hundred times over. On purpose, they are provoking a race war and lots more besides.

    Any suggestions in THAT direction would be useful. Having read (and bought) most of the late (and missed) Michael Collins Piper, I think the fact that the USA is run by a Plutocratic Junta is fairly well-known among the literate. This makes sense. Pulling in millions of “new Americans” who neither know nor care is the strategy of the moment.

    Trump got votes to change some of that, and we see where it led… nowhere. So the trap’s already sprung, what’s the plan?

    • Replies: @Hiya Doody
  16. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    Even if 9/11 was an Israeli Inside Job then we would still have to explain why the US went to war afterwards.
    One thing does not explain the other.
    This focussing on the Jews is not productive.
    I it unlikely that the whole Western power elite acts according to Jewish interests.
    The rulers of the British Empire that merged with the American Empire have been in control for hundreds of years.
    Even 1000 years, if you count the highly influential House of Welf.
    It’s rather likely that these rulers have some Jewish front men who divert attention.
    Also we know that it was the royal families who published the classical books about Jewish world conspiracy.
    Please stop this nonsense.

  17. Kim C says:

    And who was installed as head of the FBI July 2001 before 911?
    None other than Robert Mueller.

  18. @Anonymous

    Senator Hollings 2004 ‘because Bush jr had promised AIPAC these wars’.

  19. @anonymous

    Well, if you consider the Constitution an important part of America, then very much damage was done. 3000 American lives were lost too, every one of them worth more than your own, not to mention 5 trillion dollars wasted on totally stupid wars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost waging them, some thousands of them American lives.

    Keeping score as you have done in your comment is just infantile as is your claim that Israel’s involvement is ridiculous. Infantile is as infantile does I suppose.

    • Replies: @mr meener
  20. Iris says:
    @Colin Wright

    This statement is correct, though, is it not?

    Huntington used the “Clash of Civilisations” formula for his book’s title, but he does not own it. It is definitely Bernard Lewis who preceded and invented the concept.

  21. “The charted speeds of the two aircraft hitting the Twin Towers, 443 mph and 542 mph, exclude these aircraft being Boeing 767s, because these speeds are virtually impossible near ground level.”

    These speeds are beyond placard limitations but are still possible for a 767 airframe and are still flyable; hitting those towers would have been trivial.

  22. Stack up a pile of 100 CD cases. On top of the pile, stand one CD case up on edge. Now knock the top one over on its side. What did you observe? Did the stack of CDs collapse?

    What most people don’t realize is that just because the top of the tower may have fallen in on the floor below where the plane hit, the total weight on the supporting columns is the same as before the collapse. Say the plane took out the 90th CD case and the CDs from 91 to 100 now bear on 89. What has changed? Before impact, the 89th CD was already supporting the 11 CDs above it. And after impact it still is. There was no weight added to the burden of the 89th CD. If its basic structure was still intact, there is no reason it should have given way, nor should the 88th, the 87th and so on.

    I’m not a structural Engineer, but I did ace basic engineering statics. Please, if a structural engineer would care to weigh in on this and correct my misunderstanding I would appreciate it.

  23. n230099 says:

    Still, now having seen the stinking underbelly of D.C on display in recent years, we can agree that the one plane that could have done some good ended up in a field.

  24. @Anonymous

    Give me a break. St. Paul was writing a letter to the Romans about specific issues they were facing at that time trying to establish Christian churches. That doesn’t mean I have to follow Paul’s specific instructions now. I’m an American in 2018, not a Roman in 55 A.D.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  25. Moi says:

    9/11–Directed by Israel, with Americans doing the grunt work. Americans are conditioned to following Israel’s orders.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  26. @NoseytheDuke

    “Laurent, I would suggest changing this line of the article, “projecting pieces of steel beams weighing several hundred tons hundreds of meters laterally at high speeds.” It’s a teeny bit OTT.”

    It’s less OTT than saying a 767 flying 506kts near sea-level is impossible or making a high-altitude cell phone call over a rural area is impossible. I’m not saying his conclusion is wrong, but a lot of his evidence is questionable.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  27. Ahem says:

    And yet, every single hijacker was a fervent Jihadist.

    Were they all on Mossad’s payroll?

    Perhaps none of them were jihadists. Could they all have been Israelis in disguise?

    Yes, that’s it. The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle falls into place.

    Now, about those faked moon landings…

  28. Robjil says:

    The Israel first agenda is all over the place for these wars. Seven nations to destroy for the 911 false flag is what Wesley Clark saw in a memo a few days after 911. He wondered why seven and why destroy. Well, wonder of wonders, what do we find in Deuteronomy 7:1-2. It states the same thing and for who also. The gist of what it says is “Seven nations must be destroyed in order to clear land for Yahweh’s Israel”. Purim theme runs through these wars. Even the 1991 invasion of Iraq had a Purim theme. It ended on Purim 1991. 2003 war on Iraq started on Purim. 2011 war on Libya started on Purim. Is Iran the next Purim theme for 2019? Notice big attacks such as the first two are eight years apart, is a third perhaps Iran planned? The number eight in judaic gemetria, jewish interpretation of numbers, represents completion.
    Judaic gematria is found also within the use of the term 911. What does eleven represent in Judaic gematria? The Kabbalist’s Sefirot, Tree of Life, is a structure of ten emanations from God. Eleven, represents destructive excess, human ego attempting to add one more emanation to the Divine system. It signifies evil and a curse. The Sefer Tetzirah, the Book of Creation, the earliest book of Jewish mysticism, talks about nine and eleven being evil numbers compared to ten – “ten and not eleven; ten and not nine”. The Judaic sages said “whoever adds or detracts” signifies evil and curse. 9/11 fits this to the tee. Ten the holy number of creation is in the middle.

  29. Mulegino1 says:

    9/11 was- among many, many other things- a test of the stupidity and naivete of the American infotainment consumer/prole.

    The official narrative is so utterly ridiculous and cartoonish in its unreality that a precocious 4th grader with a rudimentary knowledge of physics could deconstruct it.

    The 19 “Arab hijackers” were legends constructed by intelligence communities for purposes of corroborating the official narrative and shielding the real perpetrators underneath an avalanche of lies and corporate media bullshit.

    The WTC buildings were destroyed by some type of weaponry capable of reaching temperatures far greater than the surface of the sun- most likely micro-nukes. Thermate, nano-thermite or conventional explosives may have been used, but in an ancillary role.

    The Pentagon attack was from inside- bombs were placed inside the building. The idea that a Boeing 757 could penetrate even one ring of the Pentagon is ludicrous, not to mention that it would have to have been flying below ground level before it struck the building, according to the “official” flight path.

    The only suspects arrested in or around lower Manhattan in connection with the events were Israelis, all of whom were promptly deported back to that little settler compound in the Levant.

    Does anyone under 60 years old with an i.q. above double digits still believe the official version?

  30. Grumbler says:

    I am in no way qualified to speak with authority here but I think the variable you are missing in your thesis is velocity/force. The weight may not have changed but its nature changed when it began to move downward.

    FTR I do not believe a single word of the official story.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  31. Grumbler says:

    Ahem, “And yet, every single hijacker was a fervent Jihadist.”

    Says who? The official story tellers? Even if it were true it does not mean they were not used as patsies, like Oswald.

    • Replies: @Otterboy
  32. Agent76 says:

    2.3 TRillion Dollars Missing from DOD

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2001 Defense Business Practices

    Secretary Rumsfeld and other officials talked with reporters about the need to refine the Defense Department’s business practices.

    Sep 11, 2013 9/11 In A Nutshell

    James Corbett presents this 5 minute parody of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11

    September 11, 2013 Twelve Years of War, Lies and Deception

    Twelve years after the 9/11 attacks, no credible independent investigation has been done to find out what really happened on that day and who was responsible. Independent journalists and researchers have demonstrated, however, that the official version of the event is nothing but a cover-up, an opinion shared by the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, who declared the Commission was “set up to fail”.

    • Agree: CharlieSeattle
    • Replies: @CharlieSeattle
    , @Skeptikal
  33. @ThreeCranes

    Adjusted for scale, CD cases have far more structural strength across a much larger surface and with no intervening spaces for floors/debris above to accelerate through on their way down. The force borne by 89 and below is far less when the upper floors are static than when they are being accelerated by gravity on their way down. The total weight is the same, but the force of the upper floors is magnified by the fact that the mass is now moving

    It would be more apt analogy to suspend 100 sheets of caramelised-sugar from a thin column of hardened caramel and wires running up the middle of them, leaving about half an inch between each sheet, then shoot through the column at sheet number 80 so that 81 through 100 start falling through all those below.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Carroll Price
  34. Patricus says:

    The plotters moved explosive charges into he three buildings and there had to be thousands of these weighing a great amount. It was then necessary to install the explosive equipment. No one ever noticed?

    Does anyone question that the aircraft actually struck the buildings?

    The conspirators had to precisely coordinate the controlled explosions with the moment the jets hit the buildings. Why didn’t they just demolish the buildings with explosives then take credit as some Islamic terror group? Why make a plot so complicated? This requires close cooperation between Muslim terrorists and Israelis who are not often best friends.

    If Israel engineered all this to get Americans active in the Middle East could anyone call the end results a success? I can’t see how Israel’s position has improved.

  35. Vojkan says:

    Yes, potential energy turning into kinetic energy, absorption of kinetic energy, stuff like that, and much more. It’s not only about mechanics, it’s also about thermodynamics, and not only fluid thermodynamics. I am sorry but the only plausible explanation I see for the twins to have fallen the way they have fallen is the weakening of their steel structure by heat (and I mean heat generated by burning not the temperature of burning kerosene). I do buy the official explanation for the reasons of the collapse. I don’t buy anything else regarding 9/11.
    Actually, all the evidence found to point at a possible high-level governement conspiracy may have been planted to coerce that government into doing the bid of those who knew in advance of the attack.

    • Replies: @L.K
  36. Otterboy says:

    “Says who? The official story tellers? Even if it were true it does not mean they were not used as patsies, like Oswald”

    The very strong likelihood is that they were indeed patsies. I personally have no doubt that it was real jihadis flying real planes and it’s almost irrelevant if there was additional controlled demolition – or not.

    This event, in my opinion, was allowed to happen.

    • Replies: @sarita
  37. Agent76 says:

    May 25, 2014 FDNY 9/11 Survivor Witness and Whistleblower Speaks on WTC 7

    Listen very carefully starting at the ’20’ second mark! As a firefighter on 9/11, he was at Ground Zero and was there when Building 7 came down.

  38. Pheasant [AKA "Peasant"] says:

    ‘Condoleezza Rice, a specialist of Russia’

    It’s a well documented myth. She had no experience on Russia. She was an affirmative action hire similar to (but way more egregious than) Colin Powell.

    Many neocons were just as ill suited to thier job.

  39. Canuck says:

    Those who planned and caused to happen 9/11 clearly were not American patriots. The attack was physically and psychically and politically against the people of the United States, including the American military.

    A large number of key perpetrators and participants were citizens of Israel, or had primary loyalty to Israel.

    Neither the FBI nor the CIA nor military intelligence prevented the attack, and after the attack, these agencies did not pursue the guilty. They betrayed their country.

    The former ‘traditional’ US mass media has either almost entirely participated in the cover-up, or refused to tell the truth. They have betrayed their country.

    The political system of the United States has remained mute or supported the cover-up. They have betrayed their country.

    Other countries have largely remained silently complicit or supported the cover-up. As a direct result of 9/11, Iraq and Libya have suffered terrible destruction and loss of life via wars of aggression, Syria has suffered great harm, and Afghanistan has been attacked and occupied with large loss of life.

    9/11 then is a kind of litmus test for vast social pathology and dysfunction: that so many people would fall so easily for the bs; that so few people in positions of influence and power would have sufficient backbone and integrity to speak truth.

    But ultimately, the tide can turn. The lies take so much energy to maintain; the chutzpah not enlivening but demeaning; the maintenance of the lies so desperately necessary.

    9/11 thus presents an ongoing ‘Achilles heel’, a potentially terminal ‘Pyrrhic victory’ for the vile scum that pulled off 9/11. The scum’s rise to the top enhances its visibility and vulnerability.

    • Agree: densa, Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  40. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    You’re correct, the Bible is about specific issues of the time that are hardly relevant today. No specific instructions given inside its pages have any meaning in the current year.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  41. Respect says:

    An architect friend of mine was very disgusted at the public reaction to 9/11 .

    He repeated : Do they think architects are stupid ? , do they think we are stupid ? , do they think we ignored that NYC is plenty of planes ? Don`t they know that we make skyscrapers practically plane proof ? , they think that a couple of aluminiun planes can down our buildings ? …. how stupid , It was like a controlled demolition , why they don`t say it ? , they think that we architects , are stupid ? why don`t they see it ?

    He was really angry at public reaction at 9/11 .

    • Replies: @ValmMond
  42. Pindos says:

    Two things:

    1. Re-watching Enemy of the State. The Evil NSA guy’s birthday was 9/11/1940. Gene Hackman hacks it up in the electromagnetic cage scene in his warehouse hideout.

    2. Osama initially denied any involvement in 9/11 – then he owned it, I guess making lemonade (striking the great satan) out of lemons (the jews did it and tied it around his neck.)

  43. Anonymous[370] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    Because caramelized sugar and structural steel have so many parallel characteristics.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  44. Anonymous[370] • Disclaimer says:

    Three-quarters of Americans consider themselves citizens of Jerusalem. Dual citizenship everywhere!

  45. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Two years before 9-11, golfer Payne Stewart died in his plane when it
    de-pressurized and flew for 4 hours “intercepted by fighter jets” until
    it crashed. Aircraft flying unauthorized routes are immediately intercepted.
    But on one day and one day only no aircraft were available because there
    were exercises planned that required them to be elsewhere. So four “hijacked”
    commercial planes were flying uninterrupted in US airspace for over an hour.

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
  46. Again thank you Mr. Unz for this website and the articles you post.
    The reason the folks of the “land of the free and the home of the brave” must get to the bottom of this is pure self interest in their own survival. Because the perpetrators of this crime or their descendants will do it again. And the next time will have to be even more spectacular than 911; most likely using nuclear or biological weapons.

    • Replies: @Wade
  47. @Anonymous

    Can you think of a better way to scale it down?

  48. prusmc says: • Website

    Didn’t Grahams daughter just lose the Florida Democrat primary to a Talahassie corruptocrat? Where is there evidence that the Jew Capitol south are rewarding his family for Senator Grahams good deeds on their behalf?

    • Replies: @anon
  49. TheOldOne says:

    One word, folks, concerning the airplanes–DRONES.

  50. ValmMond says:

    Stupid – no. Complacent conformists and group-thinking cowards – maybe.
    Gullible consumerist ghouls, petrified by the extent of the deception – certainly.
    Is there any difference for practical purposes ?
    So far, “they” were right. I don’t see signs of this changing anytime soon.
    The debilitating consensus imposed by deep-state controlled media is nearly total.
    There is still a faint hope that somewhere, some anonymous, unsung 2nd Amendment heroes, may take matters in their hands. The moment they turn off their TV and recover full ownership of their mortgaged balls.

    • Replies: @Respect
  51. Wade says:

    Or how about a “Financial” 911 of some sort.

    I’m highly suspicious of recent reports of the past couple of years of 10’s of millions of social security numbers being stolen by hackers. I believe it was half of all SSN’s tracked by Equifax were stolen. I haven’t heard much more about this in the media since it was first announced.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Israeli intelligence is now in full possession of the personal financial information on most all americans.

  52. Enver Masud says: • Website

    Available evidence does not support the claim that AA Flight 77 struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

    Eyewitnesses, Pentagon transcripts, official records refute “The 9/11 Commission Report.”

    View the evidence, transcripts, photos, videos at

  53. mr meener says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing 3000 americans died on 9-11 in WTC towers. they were international business buildings and way more then half the dead were foreigners

    • Replies: @Franz
  54. @Patricus

    The security of the towers was done by a firm owned by a brother of Bush jr.
    No problem in installing the explosives.
    Precisely coordinate, any terrorist explodes a bom with a mobile phone.
    You really think that those who perpetrated Sept 11 were unable to begin a series of explosions, resembling destruction by gravity ?
    Alas, they miscalculated.
    It went too fast.
    The planes, far more propaganda effect than just demolition.
    Israel’s position not improved ?
    Is not Saddam out of the way, and is not Iraq destroyed ?

  55. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    9/11 Was an Israeli Job

    Rubbish. It was the job of Ron’s NeoCon friends.

    Israelis played an important role, not as instigators, but as agents of the US (deep state) Government.

    • Replies: @Franz
  56. dearieme says:

    “the war against Iraq was a crime against peace”

    It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder.

  57. Anonymous[426] • Disclaimer says:

    9/11 = Israel + Saudi Arabia + US neocons

    A blending of Zionists and oil interests.

    Surprise surprise that this is the axis of power in the Middle East that was against Iraq and now Syria and Iran.

  58. Respect says:

    Very good remarks . The king is naked , and no one sees , or dares to say , than the king is naked

  59. @Carlton Meyer

    Carlton Meyer wrote: “Our media propaganda is so prevalent that nearly all Americans think OBL was the 9-11 mastermind, and since he is dead the case is closed.”
    Hi Carlton,
    Your comment is a healthy supplement to Laurent Guyenot’s important but oft second-hand & vital servings.
    … As you know, a ZUSA military tribunal named Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) as 9/11 “master mind” and even a military follow-up trial is subject to delay.
    … Thanks for passing on valuable information, Carlton!

  60. @ThreeCranes

    Ah, yes, I see the error of my ways. I am treating it as though it were a static load but it is dynamic. As the basic physics video above shows, the problem is whether the momentum of the falling floors was sufficient to overcome the resistance of the column below them.

    And numerous engineers in the video make the following point. If the structural steel columns in the building below the collapsing floors were intact then they would deform as the load of the falling stories crashed into them and that deformation absorbs kinetic energy. After a few floors were deformed in that manner, the energy of the collapsing floors would have been completely dissipated and the collapse would grind to a halt. Then we would be looking at a problem of static loads. At that point there would be no force present that could get the train of events moving again.

    Here’s a quirky illustration. A university I attended used to build experimental cars which they entered into those high-mileage contests. Universities from all over America and even from abroad submitted entries.

    One of the criteria for acceptance was that the vehicle be “road worthy” and one of the criteria that rendered it such was that the vehicle be capable of sustaining a front end crash at 10 mph and not incur significant damage. So it needed a good resilient bumper. But, due to the need for high mileage, the bumper must also be as light as possible.

    Our entry featured a lightweight channel section of aluminum backed by thirty or so unopened, empty aluminum beer cans with one end in the channel and the other against the frame of the car, their long axis parallel with the ground. When the car crashed and the bumper hit, the cans simply collapsed. The controlled collapse absorbed all the momentum of the car and it passed the test. Of course, the bumper had to be removed and the cans replaced but they only needed to pass the test on a one time basis. So that’s an illustration of how the slow deceleration of structural deformation dissipates the energy of a moving body.

    There was no way the building could have collapsed at free fall because each floor would have behaved just like those beer cans.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @The Alarmist
    , @Sam J.
    , @MarLuc7
  61. @Patricus

    I can’t see how Israel’s position has improved.

    The opium poppies are growing again. Iraq is destroyed. Libya was disarmed and destroyed. Syria has been neutralized for the past few years and is still struggling to recover from the US/Saudi/Israeli supported ISIS. The Palestinians and Iran are both targets of American conservatards. Welfare payments to Israel have been increased and a tripwire consisting of a handful of American troops has been placed in Israel.

    Israel isn’t any better off?

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  62. Anonymous [AKA "Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S."] says: • Website

    Didn’t Paul H. O’Neill say he was fired as Secretary of the Treasury
    because he objected to Cabinet meetings where plans were being
    discussed to hit Iraq BEFORE 9/11?

  63. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Well said.

    Still, it’s amazing that you had to explain this to Patricus.

  64. Of course it’s for Israel. It’s obvious. Iraq destroyed. Kaddafi knifed in the butt. Syria under attack. The entire ME in ruins, and they want war with Iran as well.

    So sad that our people believe the lies from the fake news media. If people knew the truth everything would change overnight.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Henny
  65. Deschutes says:

    ‘Inside job’ simply means not the official story you’ve been fed, not narrowly limited to native born and raised American citizens who are top government pols as assumed here. Further, when so many GW Bush team appointees (Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby et al) had dual Israeli-USA citizenship, this point is made moot. De-facto inside job.

    • Agree: densa
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  66. Anonymous gave a misinterpretation of Romans 15:27.
    Commentary on this verse reveals that Paul was referring to helping the Jews that had converted to Christ and were spreading the Gospel, not to the Jewish community outside that still actively fought against Christianity.

  67. @jilles dykstra

    There was Mossad involvement, but you’re correct in surmising there was American assistance. Put Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld at the top of the list of suspects.

  68. @The Alarmist

    I researched this last year and it is debateable if the 767 airframe can hold up long at that speed, but that is not the issue. The engines cannot produce enough thrust to reach those speeds at that altitude, even in a steep dive. It was flying level. More details from by blog that has more links:

    Jul 1, 2017 – Another 9-11 Error

    The standard tactic to dismiss anyone who questions the official 9-11 story is to demand answers: “Okay, you tell me what happened that day!” Of course lowly citizens have no idea since they are not briefed on ultra-secret operations. But anyone can perform simple Internet research when issues arise.

    For example, reliable sources agree that the maximum speed a B-767-200 commercial airliner can reach at 700 feet above sea level is 360 knots. It can fly faster at high altitudes where the air is one-third as dense. It can fly faster in a steep dive if crashing. But when flying level at 700 feet, 360 knots is the fastest it can fly with installed engine power because of drag limitations. The aircraft that hit the second tower on 9-11 flew in level at 510 knots, as noted in official reports based on radar tracking. This proves that a B-767 did not hit the second tower! There are many articles and youtube videos that detail this, including some by airline pilots, and experts such as this retired NASA expert:

    “Based on analysis of radar data, the National Transportation and Safety Board reported the groundspeed just before impact as 510 knots. This is well beyond the maximum operating velocity of 360 knots, and maximum dive velocity of 410 knots.”

    I read comments at websites and watched youtube to see what CIA funded floggers say to debunk this fact. Some claim the B-767 can fly faster but is safety restricted to protect the airframe, known as “never to exceed speed.” This is true, but that precaution is to warn of potential damage in cases where a steep high-speed dive may be performed. This is not a problem at level flight because B-767 engines cannot push the aircraft near that limit. Pilots sometimes fly their aircraft at full throttle so they know how fast it can fly. Commercial aircraft are designed with efficiency in mind. They do not have extra big engines to produce extra power that it will never use.

    If you google “767 maximum speed sea level” this odd unsigned webpage linked to a dead website appears first. It is full of lies, yet appears first in the world’s most used search engine, provided by a CIA affiliated corporation–Google. The rambling explanation states that a B-767 can perform the high-speed maneuvers as radar showed on 9-11 and falsely claims that pilots agree, with no mention that it lacks of engine power to reach 510 knots, .

    Since this airspeed issue is impossible to explain (unless it was a B-767 modified with different engines) protectors of the 9-11 fable resort to personally attacking those who raise this issue, or diverting the discussion to other topics. Why would the plotters make this mistake? First, in any operation there are hundreds of elements to consider. They may have confirmed that a B-767 can fly that fast, overlooking the required altitude of 35,000 feet.

    So what hit the South Tower? One can only speculate, but there were witnesses at the scene who stated that it was a twin engine jet like the B-767, but had no windows and was painted grey. What happened to the real aircraft? What happened to the passengers? Who would do this? I don’t know, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. But I do know that a standard commercial B-767-200 cannot fly even close to 510 knots at 700 feet, so something else hit the WTC South Tower.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  69. @Biff

    Yes, exactly: the story just seemed to appear out of nowhere as did the photos of the hijackers within days of 9/11. The main reason we had the photos is that 17 of the 19 had received their visas from the American Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We knew who they were and as patsies, why they were here.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  70. But what happened to the airplanes if they didn’t hit the towers and the pentagon?

  71. Agent76 says:

    The New American Century. Part 1/10

    This film goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present. This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it.

  72. j2 says:

    “There was no way the building could have collapsed at free fall because each floor would have behaved just like those beer cans.”

    I am not opposing your argument, just trying to formulate it in a more precise way: you mean the outer walls.

    There is a small difference between the collapse and your car crash that in the collapse each broken floor added some mass to the falling floors, while in your car crash the initial energy of the car was not increased by the cans, i.e., there was no force like gravitation that pulled the cans towards the car.

    The collapse naturally could not be free-fall since some of the energy was use to breaking the structures, but can it be nearly free-fall? I found one calculation from the web by a supporter of the official theory (a debunker) that calculated in a rather reasonable way that a bit over 25% of the initial kinetic energy was needed to break the steel in the first floor and pulverize the concrete. If no other mass were added, then after breaking four floors all kinetic energy would be used, but much of the mass of broken floors falls to the floor below, so this argument has a caveat.

    Theoretically such a mechanism could continue for many floors. I think it is correct to counter this argument by pointing out that the walls of the upper floors are destroyed and therefore the collapse of the outer walls must stop because if the outer walls of the upper floors are broken, they will not fall on the outer walls of the lower floors but slip to the sides. The floors inside the building may collapse all the way, but the outer walls of about a half of the building should stay up.

    Can the floors fall in nearly free-fall? In the initial stage 25% of kinetic energy of the initial upper floors was used in breaking the first floor. At least as much was required in each floor. Each floor added 1/30 of the initial mass minus what was lost in the cloud. The lower floors were stronger and this may balance the 1/30 mass addition. But maybe it does not and the collapse accelerates. I think the floors inside the building can theoretically pancake and fall with near free-fall speed.

    But we can look at the outer walls. Those are what the collapse videos show and they fall with nearly free-fall speed. There we do not need to consider the added mass of floors, which falls in the inside of the building. With the outer walls the situation is like in your car example. They cannot collapse with nearly free-fall speed as the steel absorbs the kinetic energy and breaking the steel structures requires much energy, about 1/8 of the initial kinetic energy for each floor.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Sam J.
    , @Sam J.
  73. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Cleaner

    I’ve only seen strong evidence that Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane but why do you think it’d be difficult to “disappear” a plane and its passengers?

    • Replies: @The Cleaner
  74. @Iris

    I’ve read most of what Lewis wrote. Oddly, he wrote as though Israel didnt even exist.
    I concluded Lewis was as dishonest as his name; how can a jew be named Lewis other than as a deception.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Iris
  75. The important thing is to orient oneself by reading Alan Sabrosky’s 2010 piece that Guyenot links. AS approaches it rather as if he were prosecuting a criminal case entirely on circumstantial evidence. I don’t think he has enough evidence to convict, but I have no doubt that he’s right in what he says at the very beginning:

    “Many years ago I read a fascinating discussion of the ‘tactics of mistake.’ This essentially entailed using a target’s prejudices and preconceptions to mislead them as to the origin and intent of the attack, entrapping them in a tactical situation that later worked to the attacker’s strategic advantage.

    “This is what unfolded in the 9/11 attacks that led us into the matrix of wars and conflicts, present (Afghanistan and Iraq), planned (Iran and Syria) and projected (Jordan and Egypt), that benefit Israel and no other country — although I concede that many private contractors and politicians are doing very well for themselves out of the death and misery of others.

    “I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the ‘catalytic event’ they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.”

    I don’t think anybody but the USG and Israel has the evidence to convict; but I myself ame sure that, in all material respects, the above is what happened.

    The chief problem with AS’s account is that the initial target was Afghanistan, which I wouldn’t have thought of as a major concern of Israel. But maybe the point is that bin Laden was then deemed the closest thing to a high profile America hater then available. On the other hand, we were able to replace him with Saddam despite the complete absurdity of treating him as the quintessence of evil. Maybe it just reflected the improved quality of the USG’s mendacity. Any thoughts?

    Finally, I think we should raise a glass to AS’s anonymous Jesuit’s wisecrack: “Every time I hear that Israel is America’s only friend in the Middle East, I remember that before Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East.”

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Mark Hunter
  76. @Carlton Meyer

    360 KIAS, alternatively Mach 0.86, is official VMO, and the airframe must be able to withstand dynamic stresses roughly 1.5 time those at those limits in order to qualify for certification. Push the throttles full forward in level flight at near sea-level, and the aircraft will accelerate comfortably past the 360KIAS. At 510knots (which in this case would be groundspeed), you’re still only at mach 0.77. As you point out, engines would limit the speed, but not so much due to lack of thrust rather due to the parasitic drag they generate as you increase speed, nothing that a shallow dive couldn’t overcome.

    The biggest limits to the average airline pilot taking a 767 past 360KIAS or Mach 0.86 would be the need to do a preventive tear-down inspection of the engines after the likely overspeed, but the 9-11 flyers were on a suicide mission, so that would not be a deterrent. The airframe might be just getting into a flutter condition at 500 knots, which is still some distance speed-wise from pieces falling off, so 510 is pushing the envelope, but still in the realm of possibility, and if you are on a suicide run, you probably don’t really care.

    That day was relatively calm and clear, so taking a 767 well in excess of VMO was well within the realm of possibility. Your assertion that a commercial 767 cannot attain 510 knots groundspeed is simply speculation and not supported by facts or engineering.

    There is no “required” altitude of 35,000 feet … dynamic pressure limitations are reached at a wide variety of configurations at various altitudes.

    As for a grey aircraft with no windows, I doubt anyone on the ground got a good enough look to see windows or not, and United aircraft were painted grey, so no surprise there.

    • Replies: @CarlM
  77. @ThreeCranes

    Drop a bowling ball on your stack of CD cases. That is pretty much what dropping the top twenty floors on the rest would be like, except that as for the structural steel, there wasn’t as much of that as you’d like to think, as everything was stressed back to the centre-column of the towers.

  78. Franz says:
    @mr meener

    I am sick and tired of hearing 3000 americans died on 9-11 in WTC towers. they were international business buildings and way more then half the dead were foreigners

    Odd memory that brings up.

    9-11 took place not many months after the “Battle of Seattle” and other protests against the WTO, global trade in general, etc.

    One of my very first thoughts was an attack on the Towers and the Pentagon would be blamed on anti-global terrorists, as an excuse to lock down dissent from then on.

    Both the WTC Towers and the Pentagon are legitimate targets in the minds of those seeing the tyranny of global finance. The WTC controls, the Pentagon enforces. The case almost makes itself.

    I was wrong of course. The official story hardened before the first week and it was obvious it was all for Israel again. The reason I say my first suspicion was odd — that they were going for the anti-globalists — might be that I was giving the parasites that pulled it off undeserved credit for being a tad more sophisticated. They’d still get their tyranny, but deflect their involvement and roll the wars out later under different pretexts.

    Their contempt for Americans rules out that any sort of sophistication.

  79. says:

    Dr Judy Woods remarkable book ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ is certainly worth looking at if you haven’t already.
    Possibly the most scientific, evidence based analysis available.
    Many videos also on YouTube in relation to her work.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  80. anarchyst says:

    Jews routinely change their names to appear more “goy” and less “jewish”.
    For example, Viacom’s Sumner Redstone changed his name from his jewish given name. Almost all of Hollywood and media bigwigs routinely “de-jewify” their names.
    It is interesting to note that, one can call a jew a shyster, shylock, criminal, or other derogatory name and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, but call a jew a “jew”, and he will recoil, having been “found out”…

    Adopted Christian Name ………………Real Jewish Name


    Joey Adams ……………………….. Joseph Abramowitz
    Eddie Albert ……………………….Eddie Heimberger
    Woody Allen……………………….. Allen Konigsberg
    Lauren Bacall …………………….. Joan Perske
    Jack Benny ……………………….. Benny Kubelsky
    Milton Berle ……………………… Milton Berlinger
    Ernest Borgnine …………………….Effron Borgnine
    George Burns ……………………… Nathan Birnbaum
    Joan Blondell……………………… Rosebud Blustein
    Joyce Brothers ……………………..Joyce Bauer
    Mel Brooks ……………………….. Melvin Kaminsky
    Joey Bishop ………………………. Joey Gottlieb
    Charles Bronson …………………… Charles Buchinsky
    Rona Barrett ……………………….Rona Burnstein
    Cyd Chrisse ………………………..Tula Finklea
    Tony Curtis ………………………. Bernie Schwartz
    (daughter is Jamie Lee Curtis)
    Joan Crawford …………………….. Lucille Le Sueur
    Dyan Cannon ………………………. Samile Friesen
    Kirk Douglas ……………………… Isadore Demsky
    (son is Michael Douglas)
    Bob Dylan ………………………….Robert Zimmerman
    Rodney Dangerfield ………………….Jacob Cohen
    Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. …………….. Douglas Ullman
    Joel Grey ………………………… Joel Katz
    (father of Jennifer Grey)
    Elliott Gould ………………………Elliott Goldstein
    Zsa Zsa Gabor ………………………Sara Gabor
    John Garfield …………………….. Jules Garfinkle
    Judy Garland ……………………… Frances Gumm
    Paulette Goddard ………………….. Paulette Levy
    Eydie Gorme……………………….. Edith Gormezano
    Cary Grant ……………………….. Larry Leach
    Lorne Green ………………………..Chaim Leibowiz
    Judy Holliday …………………….. Judith Tuvin
    Leslie Howard …………………….. Leslie Stainer
    Buddy Hackett …………………….. Leonard Hacker
    Jill St. John …………………….. Jill Oppenheim
    Danny Kaye………………………… David Kominsky
    Alan King ………………………… Irwin Kniberg
    Larry King………………………….Larry Zeiger
    Tina Louise……………………….. Tina Blacker
    Ann Landers…………………………Esther Friedman
    (Abigail Van Buren is her sister.)
    Dorothy Lamour ……………………. Dorothy Kaumeyer
    Miehael Landon ……………………. Mike Orowitz
    Steve Lawrence ……………………. Sidney Leibowitz
    Hal Linden………………………… Hal Lip****z
    Jerry Lewis ………………………. Joseph Levitch
    Karl Maiden ………………………..Maiden Sekulovitch
    Ethel Merman ……………………… Ethel Zimmerman
    Jan Murray ……………………….. Murray Janofsky
    Walter Matthau ……………………. Walter Matasschanskayasky
    Lilly Palmer ……………………… Maria Peiser
    Jan Pierce………………………… Pincus Perelmuth
    Roberta Peters………………………Roberta Peterman
    Eleanor Parker…………………….. Ellen Friedlob
    Joan Rlvers ………………………..Joan Molinsky
    Tony Randall ……………………… Sidney Rosenberg
    Edward G. Robinson ………………… Emanuel Goldenberg
    Dinah Shore ………………………. Fanny Rose
    Shelly Winters ……………………. Shirley Schrift
    Gene Wilder……………………….. Jerome Silberman

  81. The head of security at the Twin Towers, John O’Neill, had started work two weeks (!!!!) before 9/11, and previously was a special agent in charge of anti-terrorism with a special interest in Osama Bin Laden (!!!!) His briefcase, containing classified documents, was stolen in May 2000, and he left the FBI under a cloud after leaks about the briefcase theft. He died in the attacks. I’ve never seen anything about him in any truther articles, yet reading about him soon after the attacks was one of the tidbits of information which woke me up. I know it’s connected but how?? Great article.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Billstein
  82. renfro says:

    Strange coincident.

    1983-July 2008: 9/11 Hijacker’s Two Cousins Allegedly Work as Israeli Spies

    Starting in 1983, a Lebanese man named Ali al-Jarrah, cousin of 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah, allegedly works as a spy for the Israeli government. Living in rural Lebanon as a school administrator, it is claimed he also is a valued spy, sending reports and taking clandestine photos of Palestinians and Hezbollah in Syria and south Lebanon, near the Israeli border. He is said to have been paid at least $300,000 over the years by Israel. Ali’s brother Yusuf al-Jarrah is said to have helped him spy, but few details of his case have been reported.
    Ali and Yusuf will be arrested by Hezbollah in July 2008 and then handed to the Lebanese military for trial by a military court. Ali will allegedly confess, but his wife will claim he has been tortured. He is also suspected of involvement in the assassination of Imad Mugniyah, a Hezbollah commander killed in Damascus in February 2008. Cases of such prolonged and involved spying have been very rare in Lebanon, and news of his arrest is said to have shocked the country. Ali and Ziad Jarrah were “20 years apart in age and do not appear to have known each other well.” [Jerusalem Post, 11/3/2008; London Times, 11/9/2008; Independent, 11/13/2008; New York Times, 2/19/2009] Curiously, Ziad Jarrah had another relative who has been accused of spying for three governments since the 1980s (see September 16, 2002).

  83. That, and I watched Liberty Tower come down on live tv, immediately >after< an announcer intoned, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that Liberty tower 7 is about to come down," followed by the camera zooming in, and poof! Down it came.

  84. renfro says:

    Let me think who would be so simple minded about planting evidence in a place that’s already been searched? One guess.

    October 7, 2001: Stolen 9/11 Documents Appear in Mysterious Circumstances

    On this day, Zeljko E., a Kosovar Serb, enters a Hamburg, Germany, police station and says he wants to turn himself in. He tells the police that he has robbed a business and stolen piles of paper written in Arabic, with the hopes of selling them. A friend of his told him that they relate to the 9/11 attacks. The 44 pounds of papers are translated and they prove to be a “treasure trove.”

    The documents come from Mamoun Darkazanli’s files, which were not in Darkazanli’s apartment when police raided it two days after 9/11. “It makes for a great story. A petty thief pilfers files containing critical information about the largest terrorist attack in history and dutifully turns them over to the police.

    [But German] agents do not buy this story for a minute; they suspect that some other Secret Service was trying to find a way of getting evidence into [their] hands. The question is, whose Secret Service?” Some German investigators later suggest that the CIA was responsible; there are also reports that the FBI illegally monitored Darkazanli after 9/11. [Der Spiegel (Hamburg), 10/27/2001; Der Spiegel, 2002, pp. 166-67; Chicago Tribune, 11/17/2002]

    • Replies: @c matt
  85. c matt says:

    If the collapse was due to the fire from the plane impact, why would the collapse appear symmetrical (falling within footprint) rather than asymmetrical? Wouldn’t the initial impact side create more damage/more weakening of the structural members at impact site than in other areas, thus causing it to fail before other sections at the same level? Or, like a bullet – the entry and exit wounds are not symmetrical, thus one side gets more damaged than the other, causing asymmetrical collapse.

    Just askin’.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  86. c matt says:

    A kosovar serb petty thief, who steals “papers” (44 pounds, no less), robbing a “business” and not taking money or equipment, but “papers”?

    That is hilarious!

  87. @anarchyst

    Bronson and Borgnine were not Jewish.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  88. @The Alarmist

    My question is with regards to your example; why are the top 20 floors of the building a bowling ball, but the underlying floors are flimsy cd cases. Why wouldn’t the top 20 floors disintegrate while crashing into the 20 floors underneath? The underlying 20 floors are no less and likely more reinforced than the above floors.

  89. @c matt

    You are the only one who hit the nail on the head.
    If somebody watches the first tower collapse must see this!
    After about two hours of burning part of the tower above impact started to tilt.
    At angle about 7 to 12 degrees the floors started to fall on one on the other, starting with highest floor.
    This happened relatively quickly.
    This cannot be confirmed by any structural analysis!
    The moment when part started to tilt the stresses in joints of trusses were actually decreasing.
    The only concusion must be that floors were brough down by mini explosions on joints of trusses.

  90. anarchyst says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Don’t forget that jewish lineage is determined by the mother. If the mother is a jew, the child is jewish…

  91. except for the “no planes” claptrap

    which is a standard hasbara meme intended to make all 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

    look like tinfoil

    this is a solid essay. One other point:

    there is no contradiction between “Inside job” and “Zionist op”,


    ‘Murka has had no sovereignty vis a vis Israhell for the last 50 years.

    ‘Murkan gubmint has been a Zionist Occupation Gubmint since 1967, and
    the post 9/11 “Patriot Act” was the formal ZOG Enabling Act. About which Syria/Iran are about to get an object lesson. I hope Putin backs down…yet again. ‘Cause if he doesn’t, most of us will be shortly dead.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  92. @The Alarmist

    If you look at the middle video in tac’s (#2) comment above, you will see that someone did exactly that, except they used panes of glass instead of CD cases. The bowling ball broke through 5 panes of glass before coming to a rest.

    Here is a link on Youtube, look at around from 12:15 on:

  93. nsa says:

    “Perhaps none of them were jihadists.”
    You are correct…….they were actually joohadists.

  94. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    I hope Putin backs down…yet again. ‘Cause if he doesn’t, most of us will be shortly dead.

    He won’t. Russia and China must stand together and protect their “friendlies” or they’ll perish alone few years later. Our only hope is that the war won’t be World-ending and that we can eliminate the (((Cabal))) afterwards.

  95. I’ll just relate this and readers can slot it in wherever it may be relevant:

    Just before 9/11, when walking at lunch time on the sidewalks of Madison Avenue near 39th – 40th Street in Manhattan, where my then law office was located, among the teeming throngs of people out walking around, there was a very tall robust Arab man near the street corner screaming at the top of his lungs repeatedly “Death to Jews”. It was so bizarre, and I was so brazen then, that I shouted back to him: “Your Mother was a Jew!” and gave him the finger. He glared at me with such hatred in his eyes that I backed off in an about face to get away. This was no mentally ill kook. Something seemed afoot there with this whole scene.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  96. tanabear says:

    “What’s a neocon?”

    A criminal gang dedicated to political terror to achieve revolutionary ends.

  97. @Anonymous

    The whole Bible boils down to the Babylon global system and whether you will accept being chipped like a dog.

    It is uncanny, and eerily prescient that this is EXACTLY what has come to pass.

  98. Franz says:

    Rubbish… Israelis played an important role, not as instigators, but as agents of the US (deep state) Government.

    You’d be right if any deep state stopped at its own borders.

    They do not. You’re using a “horizontal” (nationalistic) definition on a “vertical” (internationalist) situation.

    The US deep state covers the UK, most of Europe, and apparently most of the world. Because an ad hoc alliance of even a few of the US’s enemies (old and new) would have no trouble blowing the cover off this thing in a big and public way. Ain’t happening.

    Call it the “rootless cosmopolitan state” and we might agree. Even more so if it were more widely known that because of this same secret state, tons of “new Americans” are no such thing and have no intention of becoming any such thing. Great protection: A large number of aliens with a special interest in keeping actual citizens too busy to actually be citizens.

    The same operation is in effect in Europe, where mini-9-11s happened all over for a bit. England, Spain — the list gets unwieldy by the time you get to the Bali bomb.

    That the US government is subverted is granted. But why aren’t the NON-subverted ones calling foul?

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @jacques sheete
  99. @Anonymous

    That means they must have actually hijacked the planes. Who were the hijackers? Did they die with the planes? What could they think they were doing? Oh and it is quite clear that at least one of the towers was not hit by a plane.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  100. @tac

    Good luck to the Lawyers Committee for 9/11. But do they/will they have any control over, or even know, what the prosecutor presents to a grand jury? I am not suggesting I believe it but might not some suggest that there legal moves are in fact part of the cover up inasmuch as a knockback by a grand jury would postpone any final reckoning for years.

    • Replies: @tac
  101. @anarchyst

    Yes it’s an odd comment given that they mostly would have arrived in America with surnames, if any, which were from a limited range allowed when surnames were mandated in Germany and other parts of Europe and were typically Goldberg, Eisenstein, or Unz which wouldn’t help assimilate in the Anglosphere. And if you were illiterate, well….

    • Replies: @annamaria
  102. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    If Israel were going to stage a false flag attack on America to get America to fight Israel’s enemies, why didn’t Israel make it look like the 9/11 terrorists came from Gaza, or Iran?

  103. @j2

    Good for trying, amidst the usual thread full of over certain amateurs, to think it through. Anyone without undue emotional attachment ought to be able to entertain fresh thoughts on the subject while awaiting the expertise of someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. My fresh thought, which has the advantage of not getting involved in the techniques of demolition, is that Larry Silverstein, even if strongly motivated by an asbestos problem, probably wouldn’t have needed to get himself involved with demolition and the risks that would entail, as the damage done by the aircraft would almost certainly counted for total write off. And Mossad, for all its skills, would not be likely to persuade him that they knew exactly how to blow up the building without anyone suspecting he had a hand in it.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @Carroll Price
  104. @John McFarland

    Sound thinking and cool exposition IIMSS. A nice change from all the certainties one is belabored with by amateurs.

  105. This article is coherent and accordingly convincing unless and until someone punctures its foundation of facts. I’m with Ron in rejecting the idea that a cabal of Americans, even Israeli friendly Americans, were the principal actors. Fulfilling the PNAC vision doesn’t cut it, whereas destroying Muslim enemies of Israel does.

    Caveats include the fact that getting America mired in Afghanistan would count as a big motive for ObL and Al Qaeda and it has the advantage of simplicity.

    Using an initial war with Afghanistan as the take off point for Balkanising the whole Middle East requires a belief that Sharon and co. were extraordinary risk takers as well as quite unscrupulous. No doubt, but it takes more knowledge of them than anyone on UR has to judge the probability. So, possible, but, as sufficient let alone actual motive, unproven as yet.

    The Israel as prime mover thesis doesn’t require that the towers had to completely collapse. Even if Larry Silverstein wanted to solve the longstanding asbestos problem controlled demolition wasn’t a necessary part of it. The simple blame-Israel version only requires that the hijackers were persuaded that they were achieving Al Qaeda’s greatest coup by cunning Mossad plants.

    So…. let’s see if someone motivated to counter the author’s – and Ron’s – theory can punch holes in it. What a coup if Ron could get Daniel Pipes to review this article! I am reasonably sure, however, that he would regard UR as better to ignore. Next best? I don’t know. The trouble is the upholders of tthe official story would all know or be advised that they were on a hiding to nothing.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  106. utu says:

    ” make another accomplish your dirty ends, then turn popular vengeance against him”

    Would Hitler fit the description?

    • Replies: @James Charles
  107. Anonymous [AKA "Sword of Damocles"] says:

    Undoubtedly, IMO, the author is correct in his assessment. What he does not mention, is that the Holohoax was preparation for this 9/11 controlled narrative. That is where they perfected it. That is why Ezra Pound was put into a mental hospital, to prevent him from breaking the clamp down on fascism which was anti-boshevik and anti-capitalist. Interestingly the Israeli regime is trying to do the same on the Naqba and the real history in Palestine – which is the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians. But they have caught on too late, so instead they have now criminalized that narrative or made it so non-pc that people are losing their jobs because of this. The latest Israeli laws reflect hysteria in my opinion. After all, the Jews have lost in Syria as for now.

    Although this is not directly connected, I think Putin understands EXACTLY the nature of Jewish power – international banking and their acolytes/lackeys – and is not taking any chances.

    What must be understood, is that the stakes in this “game” – is the whole world and the control thereof. Insane – but there it is.

    • Replies: @Canuck
    , @K14
  108. Does it help if I point out that Bob Graham is the brother-in-law of Katharine Graham, heir of her father Eugene Meyer’s Washington Post, a major Zionist propaganda machine in the US?
    I believe that including 13 Saoudis in the (fictitious) list of hijackers and incriminating the Saudi ruling family was both a way to pressure the Saudi leadership to choose their camp (“either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”) and also to blackmail the Bush clan, who had close business ties with them. More on that in

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  109. @Robjil

    Good point, but did General Wesley Clark really hear that, or did it make it up?
    As the son of Benjamin Jacob Kanne and proud descendant of a lineage of rabbis (a real crypto-Jew), Clark knew very well what the 7 nations meant, and I suspect his message had two levels of meaning: he was signing cryptically WWIV as the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy, while at the same time blaming it on “Pentagon generals”

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @tac
  110. @NoseytheDuke

    Agreed: “beams weighing several tons a hundred meters away”. Is that better?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  111. @Ahem

    Hijackers? What hijackers? None of their names were registered in the passenger lists.
    Besides, none of them had the training to fly those planes in such ways.

  112. @Pheasant

    Got that! Thanks! What I meant, anyway, was that she had no clue about the Middle East.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  113. This explains everything!
    This is a fact!!!!
    In one of the speeches Bush junior claimed that US is working on process to make oil from crab grass,
    So absolutely not.
    Mosad was only helping US and not opposite.

  114. Canuck says:

    “What must be understood, is that the stakes in this “game” – is the whole world and the control thereof. Insane – but there it is.”

    Quite. The 20th century can be seen as the Jewish dominated century, due to the conjoining of previous Jewish global financial domination with domination of the ownership and content of new technologies of global communication – radio, tv, film, and then major Internet sites. This has enabled global reach and extremely disproportionate Jewish broadly cultural influence and control -including importantly the political.

    The recurring first priority Jewish question: “Is it good for the Jews?” and the Talmudic injunction to be criminal vs the non-Jew, amount to the implicitly lethal denigration of ‘the non Jew’. Without Jewish domination of finance and media this selfish cultural admixture would merely make elements of the Jewish function in human affairs yet another parasitic and predatory one, yet another in effect criminal network.

    But the foundation of Jewish power, and indeed most variations on the theme of special interest or oligarchic power, is unsound in one enduring sense: honesty and openness is the eternal nemesis of illegitimate power . Humanity’s default position is to practice and honor honesty and the forthright. Indispensable to Jewish domination is the lie, the con, the subversive.

    There is a growing private and public recognition and understanding of the situation that we are in as a species: We are now like it or not all involved in a contest between the prevailing – and terminal-trajectory – power of dishonesty and secrets, and the emerging life enhancing power of transparency and honesty.

    9/11, because it is based on deception, and dependent on ill-logic and lies, is vulnerable to serving as a potential two part ‘play’ in the ‘game’: The first increased the power of the perpetrators, enabled wars and mind control on behalf of the perpetrators. The second potentially exposes the perpetrators and creates a sensible counter-reaction.

    It is now as you state an “insane”ly highest “stakes” “game”.

  115. @Laurent Guyénot

    You have a point there.
    Original flight plan remains at airport. the crew of the craft receives only copy.

  116. @anarchyst

    I didn’t forget it.
    Now offer some proof or retract your slander.

    A copy paste list is not proof.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  117. @The Alarmist

    Yeah, the simulation doesn’t fairly scale the forces and material strengths that were at play in the towers.

  118. anarchyst says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Since when is it slander to point out the TRUTH?
    Are you a hasbara who has been “found out?

  119. Mike P says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    If Israel were going to stage a false flag attack on America to get America to fight Israel’s enemies, why didn’t Israel make it look like the 9/11 terrorists came from Gaza, or Iran?

    To make the problem look bigger than just Israel. If a bunch of Gazans had done it, a pretty logical reaction by Joe Sixpack would have been, “let’s get the hell out of the Middle East and let Israel look after their own problems.” It was made to look like a large-scale attack of the entire Islamic world on “the free West”, so as to turn the entire Islamic world into a legitimate target.

  120. Personally, I like Webster Tarpley’s take on the origins of 911.

    Also, the TV series Rubicon was a veiled critique of the official 911 story. Basically, 9/11 started out as a war game scenario in a New York think tank, something like the Rand Corporation.

    If you can find the series, give it a watch.

  121. anarchyst says:

    The “official” story of WTC 9-11 is so full of holes, large enough to drive a semi through, that it is difficult for any rational person who thinks for himself to swallow the “official” version.
    The “elephant in the room” that “dare not be mentioned” IS the perpetrator, along with the American “deep state” who should all be prosecuted and hung for TREASON.
    Anyone who believes that OBL had anything to do with 9-11 is a fool.
    All one has to do is to look at that “sh!tty little country” in the middle east that is the source of most of the world’s problems.

  122. Mike P says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Interesting background and fair question about Clark, but I would suggest that

    1. the plan probably was real, since most of the countries on that hit list have since been hit, even though on a time table that was delayed by events in the real world, and the rest is being threatened right now,

    2. as a military man, he would at least initially have reacted to the military implications of that preposterous plan, and not focused on the possible religious undercurrent,

    3. implicating the Pentagon generals doesn’t very effectively deflect responsibility from Israel, since everyone knows who was pulling the strings in Washington and the Pentagon specifically,

    4. Clark is a brilliant and well-connected man, but his political ambitions have come to nothing, and he seems to have been quickly sidelined.

    So, while as a former high-ranking commander he will carefully consider what he ought or ought not to reveal, overall I’d rate him as rather trustworthy.

  123. prusmc says: • Website

    Kind of suspicious about Gen. Weasally Clark: British general stood down rather than obey a Clark order that would guarantee a direct clash between US and Russian forces in the Bosnis- Serbia- Kosovo excursion by greatest US military President Willam J Clinton. He quickly switched from potential candidate to acolyte of Navy Hero John Kerry in 2004. COVENTION speech “the Army requests permission to come on board”.
    Clark was a mainstay of the harpy’s 2016 campaign. Recently, he praised the BLM movement and tweeted encouragement to the NFL for condoning players disrespect to the national anthem. With this kind of friend we do not need enemies?

  124. j2 says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wiz, I am not sure I know anything of this issue. I have started today to check better what arguments actually are strong. WTC1 fell with 6.31 m/s2, which fully agrees with gravitational fall breaking the structures. Earlier I only verified the temperature argument, which I think is good and was happy with it, and trusted too much 911 truthers, but their arguments may not be so good as it appears. I think the floors can pancake and though it would be very lucky, there may be a possibility that falling broken floors could have turned the steel structures of the walls so that they buckle under the hit from above and even fly vertically without breaking 10 first floors of the upper part. I will look at this better and write a post to my blog in a while. It will not change my general opinion as there is WTC7 falling as free fall and there are so many other things, but I am afraid I have been wrong in evaluating the signs of demolition in WTC1 and 2. Trusting others too much. This requires a new look and the day for it is correct.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  125. tanabear says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Why does it matter where they came from? When you control the media you can brainwash enough people into thinking whatever you want.

    “In a Knight Ridder poll, 44 percent of Americans reported that either “most” or “some” of the Sept. 11 hijackers were Iraqi citizens. The answer is zero.”
    CS Monitor, March 14, 2003

    From the FBI report on the detained “dancing Israelis”(i.e. Mossad)

    “‘A former Urban Moving Systems employee later contacted the Newark Division with information indicating that he had quit his employment with Urban Moving Systems due to high amount of anti-American sentiment present among Urban’s employees. The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked, ‘Give us twenty (20) years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Dave Pinsen
  126. @j2

    The floors were made of light concrete. That means, that there was 60% concrete only, the rest was asbestos.
    So inertia would probably be insufficient to brake the Grade eight bolts of trusses connections below
    floors that were not affected by heat.
    But anyway the explosion at joist created dust clearly visible at each videos.

    • Replies: @j2
  127. This is about as long as Ron’s recent monograph touching on the same issue. In some ways it’s more extraordinary because Ron is giving a survey and personal history, while this drills down into the many-layered mess where absolutely no one believes the official story—not even the ones who make their living by refuting “Truthers.”

  128. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    From the FBI report on the detained “dancing Israelis”(i.e. Mossad)

    “‘A former Urban Moving Systems employee later contacted the Newark Division with information indicating that he had quit his employment with Urban Moving Systems due to high amount of anti-American sentiment present among Urban’s employees. The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked, ‘Give us twenty (20) years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country.”

    Wow! Thanks for sharing.

    • Replies: @Anon
  129. j2 says:

    Thanks for your comment. I wrote a short story just to check if I have been totally wrong, but not

    I came to the same conclusions as before, all towers came down with a controlled demolition. I found some estimate for the mass of the concrete of one floor. It did not consider asbestos. Anyway, I think there are better arguments for external energy, like high temperatures after the event. Not being an expert on this topic, I did not see any reason to investigate it deeper.

    However, the floors had the kinetic energy to break trusses connections even if they were much lighter, it only needed the mass of several floors. In each fall of 3.7 m on the lower floor the floor breaks and adds to the mass. By the data I used six such floors already has enough kinetic energy to break the structures and this data agrees with Chandler’s value 6.31 m/s2 to the acceleration of the fall of WTC1. One floor is not enough, but they pack on each other and make a larger mass.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @MarLuc7
  130. @j2

    I do understand you and you are correct. But we do not have specifications sizing of structural members, neither drawings. so we cannot come to true engineering evaluation.
    But here is one thing that is undeniable.
    Because of random influence of heat decreasing the ultimate stress in members, there is no way in hell that fist floor falling would fall totally horizontally.
    But I do understand you that it was enough to blow four or six floors trusses and than nothing would stop pancaking.

  131. L.K says:

    I do buy the official explanation for the reasons of the collapse.

    That is because you are extremely stupid.

  132. Iris says:

    I agree.

    I hate to say it, but more often than others, Jewish intellectuals are overrated, deceitful and dishonest in the sense that they promote sneaky ideologies while pretending it is science.
    This is how one ends up understanding that there is a bigger, long-term agenda behind their public recognition.

    Paul Kennedy’s historic works are much more interesting than Huntington’s or Lewis’, but he has integrity, intellectual honesty and does not serve the tribe, so he gets no recognition.

  133. One can make the argument that an Israeli dolphin class submarine fired the cruise missile that hit the Pentagon.
    An excellent piece of work that exposes the Israeli Jews behind 911, and the careful attention they paid to every detail of an amazingly complex operation. They are an unusual people who aren’t limited by time. They work towards their goal like so many ants. They understand the job is a generational one and raise their children accordingly. When the Jews succeeded in getting the Federal Reserve Corporation approved they didn’t stop there. It has never been about the money, but rather about the power money affords. With the ability to print, without over sight, as much of the world’s reserve currency as they need, who’s going to stop them from buying every politician, top law enforcer, judges, heck name it, if it is a crucial field they own it. But that’s anti Semitic.

    • Replies: @Geowizz
  134. With the ability to print, without over sight, as much of the world’s reserve currency as they need, who’s going to stop them from buying every politician, top law enforcer, judges, heck name it, if it is a crucial field they own it”.

    Investigate Israel’s TALPIOT program.
    Q is Israeli AI

  135. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    So why have America attack Afghanistan and Iraq and not Gaza and Iran?

  136. Anonymous [AKA "TheBaker"] says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    The U. S. tactics against Iran are nearly always fomenting rebellions or subversion from within (except for invading them illegally in 1941). As for Gaza, it would be too obvious to invade directly, but we’re practically doing so ourselves through our funding of Israel.

  137. Brewer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Gaza and the Palestinians they can handle easily once the larger Middle East States are broken into manageable pieces.

  138. @Laurent Guyénot

    I think so. I only mentioned it as I didn’t want the disinformation mongers here to have a means to ridicule or discredit your article. Cheers

  139. @Laurent Guyénot

    And, several of them turned out to still be alive and living far from NY, they claimed their identities had been stolen.

  140. gsjackson says:
    @The Cleaner

    I’ve seen two accounts. One has them taken to an inactive air strip in either upstate New York or New Hampshire — can’t remember which. The other has them taken to Israel, refueling in the Azores.

    • Replies: @The Cleaner
    , @The Cleaner
  141. @Laurent Guyénot

    Does it help if I point out something from my blog in 2011?

    Congressmen Porter Goss graduated from Yale, served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, and then became a CIA clandestine services officer. Ten years later, he retired early due to illness and moved to Florida to accept an appointment to fill a vacant spot as a county commissioner. No one has ever explained why the Democratic Governor of Florida at the time, Bob Graham, appointed an “ill” Republican from Connecticut with no local government experience to a county position in south Florida. Goss somehow accumulated a lot of money to run for Congress, was elected and eventually became chairman of the House Intelligence committee, which oversees CIA activities.

    His counterpart in the US Senate is Bob Graham, the man who gave the sickly Goss his Florida appointment and later became a senator, and is now chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to Carl Hulse of the New York Times in his 2-17-02 article, Goss and Graham were together on the morning of the 9-11 terror attack, meeting with the chief of the Pakistani intelligence service, whom they had met while traveling together to the region a few weeks earlier.

    • Thanks: Cauchemar du Singe, Miro23
  142. tanabear says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    The goal is the “Lebanonization” all of countries that could potentially threaten Israel. This concept came from Dr. Bernard Lewis of Princeton University. He wrote an article in Foreign Affairs entitled, Rethinking the Middle East.

    “A possibility, which could even be precipitated by Islamic fundamentalism, is what has late been fashionable to call ‘Lebanonization.’ Most of the states of the Middle East—Egypt is an obvious exception—are of recent and artificial construction and are vulnerable to such a process. If the central power is sufficiently weakened, there is no real civil society to hold the polity together, no real sense of common identity.… Then state then disintegrates—as happened in Lebanon—into a chaos of squabbling, feuding, fighting sects, tribes, regions, and parties.”

    Also see Operation Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm and Rebuilding America’s Defenses from PNAC.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  143. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Lebanonization is a dumb strategy. Israel would be much better off if Lebanon were a traditional state with a monopoly on organized violence like Jordan or Egypt. Israel has to worry about militants deciding to shoot missiles at it from Lebanon, not Egypt or Jordan. Lebanonization only makes sense if the alternative is neighbors that might defeat Israel via conventional warfare, but that isn’t the case.

    • Replies: @tanabear
  144. JamesinNM says:

    Is it possible in one swift military attack using conventional weapons to totally destroy all Israeli WMD and their research, development, manufacturing, and delivery capability?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  145. tanabear says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Well, it may be a dumb policy, just like our wars in the Middle-East might be counter-productive, but the neo-cons in America and Israel seem to believe it will benefit Israel. The neo-cons certainly would rather have a broken up and weakened Syria than a strong united one under Assad. They promoted the “Lebanonization” of Iraq in the last decade. This is simply a variant of the old divide and conquer strategy.

  146. renfro says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    If you check the letter 28 neos sent to Bush after the attacks you will see that they told Bush that Hezbollah was implicated in the attack.
    The letter was published in the Weekly Standard….goggle it.

  147. @gsjackson

    Could they have flown all the way to Israel without being detected by somebody along the way? And if flown to somewhere in upstate New York, then what? As it so happens I lived in upstate New York at that time. There’s no abandoned airfield in a completely uninhabited area where you could lang these huge planes. And you couldn’t build a secret airfield without people knowing something was going on.

    I can well imagine all this being repressed, but it would appear somewhere on the internet.

    • Replies: @prusmc
    , @gsjackson
  148. @gsjackson

    Actualy, I found this:

    • Thanks: RichardDuck, Sarah
    • Replies: @gsjackson
    , @Miro23
  149. prusmc says: • Website
    @The Cleaner

    I also lived in upstate New York. There is a lot of sparsely populated country. HOWEVER, THERE IS sparsely room to land a C 130 to say nothing of commercial airliners. A lot of unanswerable questions. The towers were hit by airplanes and the planes had free and passengers aboard.
    Whatever else may have happened before or after does not alter this fact
    Trying to explain this away only leads to distrusting any other scenario.

  150. Alfred says:

    Every engineer learns that when an fly settles on a structure as big and solid as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the structure will yield a tiny bit. A very tiny bit indeed. But is will yield. That is engineering for you.

    In a similar way, if the structure that the fly settled on did not exert an opposite force to that exerted by the weight of the fly – and in precisely the opposite direction – the fly would fall through the structure. That is Newton’s First Law of Motion.

    For a particle from the WTC to move laterally at speed any distance, a force in that direction needs to have initiated this motion. Where did that force come from? The force could only have come from explosives as steel, cement, asbestos, desks, chairs, carpets and windows do not explode.

    What I am getting at is that the size and speed of the sideways motion is irrelevant. Unless Newton’s First Law of Motion were suspended on that day, there was a explosion – which necessitated explosives.

    When I was a kid, thought that heavy things fall faster than not so heavy things. You are making the same mistake IMHO.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @ANON
  151. Alfred says:

    ‘Condoleezza Rice, a specialist of Russia’

    Does she speak Russian? Please don’t make me laugh.

    At least she is better at Russian than Obama was at law.

    These people are “userful” blacks

  152. Just call 9/11 a Deep State job which, like the JFK, RFK, MLK and several other public assassination of public officials is exactly what it was, with more and more people beginning to understand that Israel itself comprises the deep state.

    • Agree: Mike P
  153. @The Cleaner

    There were no hi-jackers aboard the planes. Each of the planes were flown to their targets by the flight controllers aboard the planes, which had been previously re-programmed to take control of the planes and fly them to their targets using GPS coordinates. Which is the way all flight controllers aboard large and small planes are able to fly them to their destinations more accurately than airline pilots who depend on auto-pilot (flight controllers) to fly planes, other than during unusual or emergency situations.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Skeptikal
  154. @Dave Pinsen

    Because most people (except you apparently) understand neither Gaza or Iran pose a threat to anyone

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  155. @Wizard of Oz

    …that they knew exactly how to blow up the building without anyone suspecting he had a hand in it.

    Like good propaganda, they didn’t need to fool everyone, only the Sheeple who comprise about 85% of the US population.

  156. MarkU says:

    This Dr Judy Wood you mean, the one who cannot answer a straightforward question, the one who doesn’t sound even remotely like a scientist who has done her homework. The Dr Judy Wood who is given every chance to make her point but fails to sound at all convincing. This is the one you mean?

    “Possibly the most scientific, evidence based analysis available” My arse.

    If anyone can watch this evasive, uninformative, meandering interview and find her at all convincing, I would be astonished.

    • Replies:
  157. Sparkon says:
    @Carroll Price

    Each of the planes were flown to their targets by the flight controllers aboard the planes

    Even with onboard flight controllers, do you really think a 767 could do this?
    Michael Hezarkhani, CNN

    I submit that a 767 could not plunge partway into the WTC without any reaction from either airplane or building.

    It must be a fake image created with CGI.

    If real airplanes hit the WTC, there would have been no need to create any fake images.

    • Agree: Mike P
  158. gsjackson says:
    @The Cleaner

    Yeah, that’s the video I was thinking of. She says it was an abandoned air base, doesn’t she? Don’t remember if it was NY state, NH, maybe Ohio.

    As far as planes hitting the buildings, it’s just hard to fathom how a fiberglass plane can run into a steel and concrete building and be swallowed whole. I have no expertise on the matter, but just can’t imagine that.

    • Replies: @Anon
  159. gsjackson says:
    @The Cleaner

    I’d imagine you could fly from Boston to Israel almost entirely over water and not come into any other country’s air space. And it’s not like an air traffic controller or two couldn’t be enlisted into the effort. Look at Ukraine, where the ATC’s in Kiev sent MH-17 into the line of fire.

    But I recall finding Roth’s account of taking the planes to an abandoned air base in the U.S. fairly persuasive.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  160. @Alfred

    I agree with you but I think you’ve misunderstood my comment which was to say that while the steel beams thrown sideways may well have weighed many tons it is highly unlikely that any steel beam weighing “hundreds of tons” was projected for “hundreds of meters” and the author appeared to agree with that.

  161. Anon[481] • Disclaimer says:

    Full reference to the FBI report please.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  162. ANON[481] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you know enough of the facts and of physics to calculate what force could be applied to project a steel beam laterally by a heavy steel upright column falling sideways with its base held in one position?

    • Replies: @Amber Dekstris
  163. Anon[481] • Disclaimer says:

    Fiberglass? Really! Try aluminium.

  164. I noticed that Google is now making access to that research more difficult than it was five years ago, artificially prioritizing anti-conspiracy sites.

    I wanted to put American intentions and credibility to the test after a recent announcement that the US government was weighing sanctions against Chinese officials for massive detentions of ethnic Uighurs (mostly Muslim) by the Chinese government. Given the well over a million fatalities in the Iraq war alone (the numbers for Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Somalia remain largely undocumented), a Google search on the number of Muslims and/or Arab fatalities from American wars yields little to no information. Tried doing the same thing for American fatalities, accurate numbers were incredibly easy to come by. It seemed rather ludicrous that the heart of a country that has killed an undetermined number Arab/Muslim peoples would be bleeding for Muslims in far away China. Back to the subject at hand and based on manipulation of information by the planet’s real superpower – ZUSA – the whole truth re 9/11 will never be known. The puppeteers in Tel Aviv will simply not stand for it. And even if the whole truth became public and as suggested here that 9/11 was indeed an Israeli job (a distinct possibility), another free pass will be on the cards, just as happened with the deliberate targeting of the USS Liberty and the endless instances of free passes given the den of Israeli spies that this country has now become. Zionist control of US major news networks and foreign policy is simply too absolute for any meaningful deterrent action to be implemented. I wonder, just wonder, if African or Hispanic Americans were to even come close in exercising similar control over US foreign policy narratives, there would be no end to the whining from the racist right. Where it matters most, real affirmative action is the exclusive preserve of the Zionist entity.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  165. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Carroll Price

    But Iraq and Afghanistan were? Iraq was going to invade Israel though Jordan? Afghanistan was going to throw rocks at Israel from its border with China?

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  166. says:

    I shouldn’t have to waste my time explaining this to you but my post refers to a book published, I think, in 2010 and not a YouTube video of several years previous that you happen to deem relevant.
    Nor is it about a personality.
    Its about the content of the book:
    Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11
    Don’t get distracted, calm down & if you want to… read the book.
    Its just a recommendation.
    That’s all.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @MarkU
  167. Kolo says:

    Moronic comment
    Hasbara alert

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  168. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    My quick preliminary search found many references to this but feel free to look for the official document yourself. I might do it later when I’m in the mood but the claim does look credible so far.

  169. tac says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Well it was filed in April 2018 and now it’s September and the district attorney still has not responded. So that speaks volumes. After waiting a reasonable time for a response, they attorneys can go back into court and force the Judge to impanel a grand jury anyway, from what I understand.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  170. Mike P says:

    Does anyone under 60 years old with an i.q. above double digits still believe the official version?

    Yes. I know lots of science PhDs who do (and very few who don’t). They refuse to even look at the evidence. Herd psychology works regardless of IQ. It seems to me the less (academically) educated people are better at smelling the coffee, but I have no statistics.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @NoseytheDuke
  171. @Faraway

    Why does everyone waste their time trying to prove that it was an inside job? How it was done.. blah blah .. We know. THE only relevant aspect of the How part, is the Nukes

    Who can possibly smuggle and implement nukes? An extremely complex operation

    THE only aspect anyone should be spending time on regarding 9-11 is the WHO and WHY?
    That my friends is THE only way you are going to save the future of your children , grand children and country. If not, Its over. (((They))) are an extinction event. Americans need to get some sense of urgency and very fast

    • Replies: @TD
  172. @tac

    And then who gets to control the presentation of the case to the grand jury? Would I be wrong in supposing that an Attorney-General or deputy can step in and take over a private prosecution? If so, only with permission of the court?

    • Replies: @tac
  173. utu says:
    @Mike P

    The Truth Movement is in the state of stagnation. The counteroffensive of the official narrative to debunk conspiracy theories was to some extent successful. This explains why the position of complacent opportunism by A. Karlin and F. Reed is still possible. The Truth Movement is fractured and chaotic with many misinformation narratives that turn off many people. The Truth Movement would benefit from an event like what the Oliver Stone’s JFK film did for the JFK conspiracy theories. Most importantly a consolidation of conspiracy theories should be done and archives and almanac of them should be compiled and the third level of the debunking should be undertaken. This would have to be coordinated and would require a significant funding.

  174. @Mulegino1

    I get your point, but brainwashing is the problem, not low IQs. I have several intelligent family members who become hostile and defensive when asked to discuss the lack of creditable evidence supporting the official version of 9/11..

  175. Skeptikal says:

    ” It’s no stretch to believe that the Israelis (and their partisans) had foreknowledge, but to pretend that they executed it is ridiculous. ”

    I think the article shows how other actors got on board after the initial planning stage.
    I think it is entirely credible that 9/11 ended up as a multipronged event with more than one actors. Call it the “Orient Express” hypothesis. It is also quite credible that a smaller Saudi operation was co-opted without the Saudi actors realizing what had happened. In fact, this methodology echoes not on Macchiavelli but also the underlying dynamic of judo, aikiod, etc.: use the opponent’s (or unwitting dupe’s) own momentum to facilitate his throwing himself to the ground senseless.

    Similar to the JFK assassination. If one focuses on just one set of actors one misses the way different groups who wanted JFK out of the way ended up coordinated. Some of them may not have known just waht the others were doing. Hence, some gaps and disconnects in the stories and evidence that allow cracks of light to seep out of the edifice of lies. However, as with 9/11, the media complete the job of keeping the official narrative afloat despite the obvious cracks in the edifice. To mix metaphors.

  176. Skeptikal says:
    @Carroll Price

    The planes were flown to hangars.
    The telephone calls were made from the hangars on the ground.
    Then the passengers were murdered and the planes were destroyed or flown somewhere clandestine and destroyed. Or perhaps the passengers were destroyed at the same time, i.e., the planes were crashed somewhere or dropped into the ocean. Although the latter would probably leave a trace of some kind on radar or something.

    • Replies: @Unknown Questioner
  177. @The Alarmist

    …in your example, the wires running up the middle would remain. Just like the massive supporting center columns of both Twin Towers would have remained standing upright after being stripped of floors attached to them.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  178. Skeptikal says:

    “But I recall finding Roth’s account of taking the planes to an abandoned air base in the U.S. fairly persuasive.”

    Me too. It clearly explained the telephone calls. I wonder whether Olsen’s wife was spared the fate of the reset of the passengers. Since she seems to have been close to the plotters. Perhaps she has been given a new identity.

  179. Skeptikal says:

    Welf! Welf!
    Yes, please do stop this nonsense and Welf crying.

  180. MarkU says:

    I shouldn’t have to waste my time explaining this to you but my post refers to a book published, I think, in 2010 and not a YouTube video of several years previous that you happen to deem relevant.

    The video is clearly relevant because it is entirely concerned with Dr Judy Wood’s directed energy hypothesis, not because I (apparently arbitrarily) “happen to deem” it so. From your response one might assume that the interview was about some completely different subject.

  181. Skeptikal says:

    I sure wish it were!
    But who would do it?
    I woud love to see such a huge punch that takes ouit Israeli defenses. then low-tech Palestinians swarm over the fences etc. and take all the settlers hostage. Now let’s see if we have “negotiations with hostage takers” or not! All the settlers are herded onto troop ships and shipped back to Brooklyn.

  182. Skeptikal says:
    @Red Pill Angel

    Yes, there was a pretty detailed article about O’Neill somewhere not long after the attack.
    I think there was some strong implication that he had been warning about an attack and had been either ignored or adminsitratively sidelined. The World Trade job was a private job.i.e., he had been cashiered from the FBI. There were also implications that he had in some way been set up with the brief case thing.

    O’Neill had been involved with hunting bin Laden. So the new show about him is part of an attempt to implant more deeply, or reinforce, the OBL did it meme. O’Neill’s involvement with bin Laden was probably sincere and he might have been getting near to some part of the actual plot. Who knows? Now he is dead.It seems ironic beyond belief that he ended up working at the WTC and also, that he seems to ahve been prescient on some level as to what was going to happen. Actually, there was a lot of “noise” about the impending attack. He must have picked up on that.

    • Replies: @Alden
  183. @Mike P

    “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.”
    Leo Tolstoy

    • Agree: Mike P
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  184. @Justsaying

    Did you test your test by Googling for the number of Muslims killed by China?

  185. cassandra says:
    @jilles dykstra

    The first plane that flew into a tower had a bulge under the rump, the second had no windows, how Mossad could fly an unmanned jet with a missile underneath into the Pentagon, and fire an air to ground missile in Pennsylvania, difficult to imagine.

    Actually, not so difficult at all. From the main article:

    In 2001, the man who was tasked to help track down the missing trillions was Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Dov Zakheim, a member of PNAC and an ordained rabbi.

    Before this, Dov Zakheim had also been CEO of a shadowy DARPA contractor, Systems Planning Corporation. Wikipedia lists its functions as
    Radar cross section analysis
    Arms control
    Ballistic missile defense
    Homeland Security
    Continuity of government
    Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare
    In other words, whatever.
    According to, SPC also works on “Flight Termination System has the capability to take over control of up to 10 flights and terminate their mission. FTS can obtain control and navigate aircraft hundreds of miles apart from a central location. On their website they describe their Flight Termination System”. (Link missing).
    Zakheim is mentioned often in connection with 911. A typical rundown is at: Unfortunately, many corroborating links are now broken.

    The possibility of remote hacking into the flight control system is open knowledge:, although hacking as described in this article doesn’t necessarily include full control.

    Any info on where the missing links might be archived would be appreciated.

    • Agree: jacques sheete, Miro23
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Alden
  186. @anonymous

    No it wasn’t, and this website’s credibility just fell another notch.

    Yes it was, your credibility is non-existent here, and among people with a brain, this website represents credibility on steroids. If you don’t like it, take a hike, troll.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  187. Herald says:

    “That the US government is subverted is granted. But why aren’t the NON-subverted ones calling foul?”

    They know that “calling foul” would surely bring the wrath of the Deep State upon them. Cowardly yes but also understandable.

  188. @NoseytheDuke

    Excellent quote.

    May I offer this?

    … but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most “intelligent”man if he is a hasbara troll.

    -Jacques Tolstoy

  189. @Franz

    That the US government is subverted is granted. But why aren’t the NON-subverted ones calling foul?

    Philip Giraldi
    Cynthia McKinney
    Ron Paul
    etc., etc…

    US history of the 20th century also provides a very extensive list of those who cried foul and got nowhere. Ron Unz has provided links to some good books by them and is full of great articles by them.

  190. Antoine says:

    Bravo. Great job, Laurent !

    • Agree: Iris
  191. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    1 Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing on 19 April 1995, a leading British columnist Bernard Levin, writing in “The Times”, pondered:

    “Do you realise that in perhaps half a century, not more, and perhaps a good deal less, there will be wars in which fanatical Muslims will be winning? As for Oklahoma, it will be called Khartoum-on-the-Mississippi, and woe betide anyone who calls it anything else.” (Quoted in John Esposito, The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality, Oxford University Press, 1999, p. 235).

    2 Michael Ledeen- we hope turn ME in to cauldron of chaos – 2003

    3 Wolfowitz and Joe Liberman heaped scorns and hatred and anger on Obama for not bombing Syria

    4 Sharon/Neoocn to Bush – Attack Syria , Iran after Iraq

    5 – Carl Levine wanted Obama not to wait for Congress to attack Syria
    6 Ari Flesher and L Kaplan were angry on CNN at Putin for suggesting peaceful approach to Syrian issue

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  192. JustWow says:

    What happened to all the people on the planes?

    • Replies: @JohnnyGodYilmaz
  193. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Arab land might be divided into many pieces but the people are not They are same with same religion tradition history and interfaith bond. They would have reacted with same anger frustration and revenge as they did after couple of months following March 2003 Iraq invasion irrespective of where US were targeting its power to.
    Despite reluctance and disagreements at government level and public level, Arab world wanted to give US occupation a chance . They trusted America that it would do right and would get it right.

    But KISSINGER – LIBBY- WOLFOWITZ- BREMMER by design introduced all the ingredients of the chaos within Iraq and by extension to ME .
    Bush himself was unaware and he admitted that things were done behind his back

    I think Gafney or Bolton even said that Bush was undermined and disobeyed from within .

    There is a reason Iran was included in Axis of Evil . Even Pakistan was called a threat to US/Israel by Israeli at that time .

    It really did not matter who Bush attacked because post invasion anarchy and chaos were the aims

  194. @Carroll Price

    No, as the floors fail they induce irregular off-axial stresses from the load that cause the center column to buckle and fail; the failed section falls into the rest of the falling debris to take out the floors below.

  195. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    The Kissinger Connection
    by Patrick Foy

    May 03, 2007

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  196. Astro3 says: • Website

    Awesomely brilliant, except for its last sentence: “Flight 77 … struck the Pentagon” No hijacked plane slammed into a building on that day. It was an illusion ….

    • Agree: Mike P
  197. Skeptikal says:

    Excellent article by Patrick Foy.
    Connects a few dots I hadn’t noticed before.
    I had forgotten the business with Jay Garner.
    But not the embarrasingly macho debacle of Paul “L.L Bean boots on the ground” Bremer.

    The insights into the machinations of Kissinger regarding Iraq were new for me.
    The destruction of Iraq is an enormous humanitarian crime certtainly up there with or actually “beyond” the so-called HOlocaust.
    At least someone has been held accountable for murder of (some of, namely , the Jewish) HOlocaust victims.
    Why did Iraq have to be destroyed?
    No one has been held accountable for the architects of the Iraq Holocaust.
    Kissinger is evil incarnate. What was he even doing still skulking around DC?


    • Replies: @Iris
  198. Agent76 says:

    June 10, 2014 Drug War?

    American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production

    December 3, 1993 The CIA Drug ConnectionIs as Old as the Agency

    LONDON— Recent news item: The Justice Department is investigating allegations that officers of a special Venezuelan anti-drug unit funded by the CIA smuggled more than 2,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States with the knowledge of CIA officials – despite protests by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the organization responsible for enforcing U.S. drug laws

  199. Iris says:

    Was the war on Iraq a war for Israel?

    New book by senior oil adviser Gary Vogler: ” Iraq and the politics of war”

    ” I had been a volunteer for all of my time in Iraq. I risked my life for seventy-five months in Iraq working for what I thought were noble reasons. The more I learned the more I realized that there was an oil agenda and I was just an unknowing participant.

    The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel. The players were the neoconservatives in the Bush Administration, their favorite Iraqi – Dr Ahmed Chalabi and the Israeli government. One of the motives was because Israel was paying a huge premium for its oil imports and this premium had just started in the late 1990s. The agenda called for the reopening of the old Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline and its significant expansion. When this pipeline plan became unattainable in the 2nd half of 2003 then Chalabi took other actions to get inexpensive Iraqi oil to Israel.”

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Joe Levantine
  200. L.K says:

    Excellent article by Mr. Guyénot.

    For me, who have been reading the indomitable Bollyn for a while, nothing really new, however Guyénot’s article does a splendid job in summarizing much of the evidence in article length and while at it, smartly linking up the many Zionist connection points to the atrocity of 9-11.

    One angle the article should have covered though, was the destruction of the crime scene/evidence.

    XV – The Destruction of the Evidence

    Anyway, good work, Mr. Guyénot.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  201. Miro23 says:

    Since there’s plenty evidence connected to the crime of 9/11, and many suspects and witnesses, it’s time to start taking testimonies and arresting people. Otherwise the thing just goes round in circles.
    The question is, who has sufficient power to make the arrests, do some serious interrogation with plea bargaining, and run the trial.

    At the moment, the answer is nobody, since the 0,1% don’t want an investigation (I wonder why?) and the 99,9% don’t have enough power to force one on them – with the implication that the US is fake a Democracy.

    If the US is a fake Democracy, why continue the charade that it’s a real one? Face that reality that it is an elite aristocracy controlling the judiciary, media, military and government with its own secret police (FBI/CIA/AIPAC/ADL) and indemnity from taxation or prosecution, and it’s appropriated a greater proportion of US national wealth than even the British or Russian aristocracy at the height of their Imperial power.

    The Imperial Possession (the United States) pays obeisance and tribute to its Emperor Binyamin Netanyahu on his visit to the US, with 29 Congressional standing ovations (while being filmed for compliance) and competes to provide more generous aid and loans (converted to aid) + the latest military hardware + Nikki Haley courtesy of chief collaborator Trump.

    • Replies: @JohnnyGodYilmaz
  202. @cassandra

    I had never heard of Zakheim so was interested to know more. As you have cited Wikipedia I will perhaps escape the usual scornful execration by UR commenters for any reliance on it at all. I find there no reference to his being a rabbi though I have found reference to his rabbinical studies in Wikispooks. That is what might expect as an avocation for a highly educated nerdy businessman or public servant who may, for all we can tell, be an atheist. As to the $2.3 trillion that the DoD hadn’t properly accounted for it was Rumsfeld – characteristically if one recalls his insistence on doing more for less in Iraq (unfortunately) – who appointed Zakheim to look into it. Wikipedia records his having reduced the amount to $700 billion because it was a matter of accounting records rather than substance.

    • Replies: @cassandra
  203. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Dave Pinsen

    Iraq certainly did. Saddam fired missiles into Israel and that is why he was marked for destruction.

    He also threatened to use chemical weapons against Israel.

    Saddam was a psychopath but he was not our problem.

    Israel has to fight their own wars.

  204. Skeptikal says:

    Excellent precis (link).
    Makes perfect sense.
    Opponents of the upcoming war/invasion knew that it had something to do with oil.
    And with Saddam’s opening a euro oil exchange.
    But this Israeli connection explains the otherwise deranged-looking unswerving intention to invade Iraq despite the lack of any evidence of WMD or any other casus belli.
    To fix Israel’s energy needs.
    And it also can explain Trump’s about-face on Syria.
    Perhaps someone explained to him that the Syria mess is all about controlling Israel’s access to cheap oil.
    Any country that can exert any pressure on the Zionist entity will be laid low.
    All of these malefactors are American Jews who are in effect traitors to this couintry.
    That is part of the Zionist way. Or is the a Jewish way?
    How can normal people fight back?

    • Replies: @Iris
  205. Skeptikal says:

    Since the suspect steel landed in China, surely someone there had the presence of mind to test it.
    Is it possible t hat the Chinese have incriminating evidence that allows them to control (some) US politicians and officials?

  206. Agent76 says:

    Sep 5, 2016 9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

    Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers.

    September 07, 2016 September 11, 2001: The 15th Anniversary of the Crime and Cover-up of the Century “What Really Happened”?

  207. cassandra says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    That is what might expect as an avocation for a highly educated nerdy businessman or public servant who may, for all we can tell, be an atheist.

    I’m not sure that I quite agree. I find it incongruous that a CEO of a high tech company should be put in a government budgetary position. Comey did the reverse, winding up at Lockheed following high-level stints at banking after being a prosecutor at the Southern District of New York. Moving between high-level positions in government and industry not closely related by expertise suggests cronyism or insider motives, rather than natural career moves. But maybe I am too sceptical, an d that a comptroller really does have a lot in common with a high-tech defense CEO.

    Re Wikileaks: no source is infallible, and given that cross-checking should follow, I have no compunction in citing Wikileaks for introductory info, with the understanding that other sources will be consulted if information is controversial. The brief bio mentioned here,, adds a few more details to his background. Just because this data is consistent with assertions made elsewhere doesn’t make them airtight, but the details do agree with what’s written and apparently undisputed elsewhere. I’m not sure where to go to get hard biographical data from primary sources, but the consensus seems to be that Zakheim was ordained a Shul rabbi in 1973 in Jew’s College London, and that he’s been heavily involved in Israeli-US relations throughout his career. In the company of neo-conservatives, Zakheim is one of the signatories of the PNAC document Rebuilding America’s Defenses.

    If I take corroboration a bit cavalierly, it’s because the point I was making was only that operating airliners as drones wasn’t as far-fetched as it might seem at first thought, and that Zakheim fits in archetypically with the hypothetical cabal proposed by the author. Monsieur Guyenot would probably be the one to address if you wanted a more rigorous pedigree to Zakheim’s rabbinic background, since he wrote the line I quoted in response to dykstra’s article.

  208. Iris says:

    “How can normal people fight back?”

    The Zionist take-over of American politics was sealed by the assassination of President Kennedy, a coup d’état in all but name.

    Then, a further larger Zionist take-over of world politics was allowed by the fall of USSR and the advent of financial globalisation, which respectively removed any limits from Zionist-controlled US military, and gave global banks a power overriding that of sovereign states.

    These are historic trends that built up over decades: this is why it is so difficult for ordinary American/Western people to defeat them. But things are changing fast:

    – The Zionist parasite has hollowed out the US host, not just the military it controls, but also the economy and monetary system supporting this military. The coming economic crisis will carry much suffering, but is also a chance to build a new political system in the US.

    – The Zionist-US alliance is losing ground in the Middle-East, which will leave the Israel imperial outpost much exposed. It is very clear that the Russia/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah coalition is a long term, strategic one, that will end up expelling most of US military presence from the region.

    What will Zionists do without the US military umbrella? Move their manipulative cabals to up-and-coming countries, take control of Russia and China? This is not going to happen.

    Despite being seemingly at the pinnacle of its power, Israel is in a very dire position, facing an irrepressible shift of global power, which poses existential threats the Zionist entity never faced before .

  209. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent observations. My take is that the Tribe knows this so they’ll try everything in their power to start WW3. They’re desperate for a “reset”.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  210. tac says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    That is correct, however the grand jury has subpoena powers.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @anarchyst
  211. tac says:

    Here are some great interview on the subject of 9/11 worth listening t.

    Kevin Barrett interviews Laurent Guyenot:

    Victor Thorn on Israeli role in 9/11:

  212. Miro23 says:

    @ Iris

    Excellent observations. My take is that the Tribe knows this so they’ll try everything in their power to start WW3. They’re desperate for a “reset”.

    Agree with this. Their only security now is in absolute power. It’s a question of getting control of the emergency COG (continuity of government) process – which they already tried and failed to do on 9/11.

    • Replies: @Iris
  213. @Wizard of Oz

    “I’m with Ron in rejecting the idea that a cabal of Americans, even Israeli friendly Americans, were the principal actors.”

    This is reminiscent of the question I often hear: “Does the government control the media, or does the media control the government?” This question suggests a false dichotomy, as there are other possibilities that may explain what we see happening. The more likely situation is that the same people that control the media also control the government.

    Likewise, the proper way to understand 9/11 is to realize that the same people who control Israel also control the corrupt and apparently fully subverted U.S. “government.”

    It seems one of the ways in which the criminals hinder the “truth movement” IMO is to get people wrapped around the axle with false dichotomies and any other kind of impedimentary beguilement they can foster.

    “Fulfilling the PNAC vision doesn’t cut it, whereas destroying Muslim enemies of Israel does.”

    You’re looking at it the wrong way, IMO. The PNAC agenda is all about the achievement of global domination and control and of course the destruction of Israel’s ostensible “enemies” is one important aspect of it.

    The problem the PNACers had were the strictures limiting the use of U.S. government power; e.g., the “rule of law,” the reluctance of “the people” to go along with a costly crusade for global rule, etc.

    What good is it to have so much raw military and economic power if the constitution prevents the use of it to achieve their Satanic goals? So to solve the problem they planned and carried out 9/11, whereupon the constitution and “rule of law” were trashed, power was consolidated into the executive branch, a police state was erected, and they set about using U.S. military, economic and political power to beat the world into submission.

    “The Israel as prime mover thesis doesn’t require that the towers had to completely collapse.”

    The “masterminds” probably wanted the shock effect of having the buildings be completely destroyed. No doubt they also felt that the best way to destroy any evidence (from the planes) was to turn everything into a pile of rubble. IOW they obviously wouldn’t want cops and fire dept. personnel rummaging through the remnants of the plane in situ.

  214. Iris says:

    The war in Syria is the heart of the matter, a geopolitical game-changer and a strategic defeat for the Zionists.

    A suitable pretext for the Tribe to take control in a way that suits the many folds of its agenda would probably be a false flag attack against US troops in the Middle-East, one that could be blamed on Iran, Syria, etc…

    The Russians have made agreements with President Trump, who will not respond recklessly. So yes, the option of an emergency government process is very plausible.

  215. Skeptikal says:

    Just watched the Barrett-Juyenot interview.
    It is amazing that this video is available.
    Everyone should watch.
    Very very thought-provoking.
    And points to further reading that must be done.
    It is fascinating the James Douglass is resistant to taking his own amazing research and analysis a step further.
    I was enthralled by JFK and the Unspeakable. Douglass states that he cannot give the ultimate answer to the riddle of who was responsible for Dallas and all that followed. He strongly implicates the CIA and the MIC, while, I seem to recall, also implicated local Texas players. The clue here is the behavior of the Dallas police and the connivance of other locals (can’t recall all the details now; I read the book over six years ago).

    Quite possibly Douglass’s reluctance to look more closely at Johnson has to do with the idea that the “obvious” suspect can’t be the real perp. It’s just too obvious. One must look farther away. Actually, in many murder mysteries, it IS the “obvious” suspect who in the end turns out to be the murderer. After the detective, trying to outsmart everyone else, declines to look in the obvious place. Also of course there would be no story, or it would be a very short story, if the obvious suspect were immediately recognized as the murderer. In the case of JFK we have had fifty years to “enjoy” the murder mystery. Only recently, ASAIK, is attention turned back to the most obvious suspect, the guy with the greatest control of events on the ground in Texas, and with the most to gain. Then who immediately set about undoing everything JFK tried to accomplish, except for one thing: to the civil rights movement (and his progressive base) Johnson gave the Voting Rights Act of 1964. To the rest of his base he “gave” the Vietnam War, and myriad other policies that countermanded JFK’s plans for peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world’s nations and other ideological blocs.

    • Replies: @Alden
  216. @tac

    Let’s hope they are allowed to know that. Presumably one would have to get up a majority in the grand jury to demand a sub poena. Imagune the interference which would be run within a New York grand jury, starting with deriding the case for sub poenas and falling back on messing up the wording.

  217. Vojkan says:

    I don’t know physics. You know physics. I make you LOL. The devil enjoys you. To the very end, I’ll try.

  218. Skeptikal says:

    If you are pressed for time, just watch the Guyenot video.
    The second one is a real patience tester, and Thorn, by speaking in a rant, and repeating himself, basically lost my interesting. The interviewer, too, was on the level of “Gee, how can anyone be so inhuman.” Uh, let’s keep going with hard info.

  219. Karl says:

    the entire WTC complex was built by one of the most corrupt government agencies in the history of mankind.

    Can anyone show me that costly “engineering standards” were ===actually executed=== in their construction?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @Alden
  220. anarchyst says:

    The problem is that grand juries are “steered” by politically compliant prosecutors, and rarely know their real power.
    All one has to do is look at the grand juries that routinely give corrupt and criminal cops a “pass”, even with incontrovertible evidence of their “guilt” is evident.

  221. annamaria says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    The US has been experiencing a rerun of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution.
    The same birthmarks have surfaced: the sadism, the knack for mass murder, the total lack of scruples, the talent for looting on the exceptionally large scale, and the thorough infiltration of secret services.

    Until “Two Hundred Years Together” by Solzhenitsyn are not compulsory for the curricula in American high schools and colleges, Americans would never understand what hit them. Currently, it looks as if the US is doomed, devoured by the voracious parasite that, first of all, made the hapless host mentally incapacitated.

    “The president’s speeches (written by neocon David Frum) characterized the 9/11 attacks as the trigger for a world war of a new type, one fought against an invisible enemy scattered throughout the Middle East. First, vengeance must come not only against bin Laden, but also against the state harboring him: “We will make no distinction between those who committed these acts and those who harbor them” (Sept. 11). Second, the war extends to the world: “Our war on terror begins with Al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated” (Sept. 20). Third, any country that does not support Washington will be treated as an enemy: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” (Sept. 20).”

    The scoundr

  222. annamaria says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    The scoundrel David Frum even borrowed from Stalin, “Those who are not with us are against us.”

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @LeoB
  223. annamaria says:

    Enters Bill Browder and presents his case for Magnitsky Act:
    “The Magnitsky Act is a lynchpin of American and European foreign policy to destroy Russia and subjugate the world.
    It was enacted alongside other legislation to take back control of the political narrative of the world; rein in free speech on the internet by tying any activity not approved of by The Davos Crowd to be subject to sanctions on the nebulous basis of ‘human rights violations.’ …
    Today we stand on the brink of an open hot war between the U.S. and Russia because of the lies which have been stacked on top of each other in service of this monstrous piece of legislation.
    With each day it and its follow-up, last year’s Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), are used as immense hammers to bring untold misery to millions around the world. …
    Browder is being protected by powerful people in the U.S. and EU not because he’s so important but because exposing him exposes them.”

    From the comment section:
    “What do Brower, Khordokovsky, and Rothschild all have in common? They were all thrown out of Russia for looting the Russian economy. They want control again and are perfectly willing to sacrifice poor American kids who have few choices but to join America’s largest jobs program – the armed forces.”

  224. @Robjil

    No wonder the usage of gematria in and around the “9/11” event is so intense.
    Of course they had years to prepare, but even knowing that doesn’t take away
    completely the taste of something not quite human in it.
    Or, may be, I’m just underestimating the power of human obsession.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  225. @Karl

    You appear to be implying that the buildings “fell” due to engineering or construction deficiencies despite them having stood fast for decades. If so, your comment is possibly the most idiotic of all of the 9/11 comments to have appeared on this site, ever. Congratulations!

    • Agree: Mike P
    • Replies: @Anon
  226. j2 says:

    What are “gematria”?

    Gematria is a Jewish Kabbalistic way to find secret meanings by changing letters to numbers. This way 666 is Caesar Nero. In 9-11 it is the date is the emergency number and the flight number Q33NY in Windlings font is plane hitting two towers, poison and david star. Highly likely that it is not a coincidence.

    • Replies: @AB_Anonymous
  227. @j2

    Yes, this event is oozing with “miraculous coincidences” when it comes to gematria.
    For example, in English ordinal you’ll get the same 911 for the list of 4 airliners written
    as “American Airlines Flight 11, …, …, United Airlines Flight 93” – straight from
    Drop the last one (as the one that failed its mission) and you’ll get 1109 in reverse
    ordinal. And there’s so much more…

    • Replies: @j2
  228. Alden says:

    corrupt or not, the port authority still managed to erect code compliant functional buildings that stood for a bit more than 20 years before they came crashing down due to:

    A plane crash
    B explosives implanted when they were built
    C kabbalistic rabbis working devilish magic from a fortress under the ruins of Babylon

  229. Alden says:

    Johnson was responsible for the 65 immigration act and the 68 affirmative action act. The 64 civil rights act simply gave southern blacks the right to vote without being hampered by literacy tests etc that kept them from voting. Southern blacks just got the same rights White southerners and black and Whites in other parts of the country did.

    68 immigration act was just a slower version of Henry 8 Thomas Cromwell’s discrimination against Catholics and the 65 immigration act is why an American family of 1 or 2 parents and 2 to 4 children compete for housing against third worlders who are happy to cram 25 people into a 3 bedroom house and garage.

    Single Americans can’t compete with third worlders who cram 12 people into a studio and18 into a small 1 bedroom apartment.

    The 1968 discriminate against qualified White Americans Act in favor of school teachers and principals who read at 3rd grade level do math at 1st grade level was a jewish backers of Johnson law.

    The purpose of the murder of JFK was to put in Johnson and enact the anti White 65 and 68 laws.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  230. Alden says:

    Thanks for posting this excellent information

  231. Alden says:

    The brief case thing was a set up. He was ordered to go to the conference. Standard turn your cell phones off in the conference room.. Then along comes a guy who tells him very very important call. He goes out to the hall to take the call, no answer. He goes back into the room and finds something missing from the brief case. So its a security breach although the brief case was in a room of FBI agents.

    I read his autobiography. I didn’t pay much attention to his claim that the State Department and American ambassador Barbara Bodine impeded his investigation. The FBI is known for charging into investigations, ignoring all inter agency protocols and attempting to take over. Whether its a small town police force or State Department’s Security Office, or the police and security forces of a foreign country, they are just plain offensive and obnoxious. No body likes to work with them. They still have the protocol of not using tape recorders during interviews. The agent takes notes.

    So whatever the agent claims was said in the interview is accepted as the truth.

    The brief case thing was a typical set up to get rid of an employee.

  232. Them Guys says:

    The 1965 Immigration Act law changes etc. Was spear headed by, promoted endlessly by, for almost 3 years, and finally gotten passed into fed law by, Two major Jews. US Sen. Jacob Javitz, and Emanuel Cellar…(sp?) Both Radical Dem. Lib Lefty NY Jewboys. With much assistance provided by every Major USA Jew Org.non profit. And most if not every lesser pro Jew org in America.

    Of course there were also dem gentile officials who voted to pass it. But THE Main actors, as per the usual and typical, were and still today are regarding Immigration agendas and policies, IS and HAS been….JEWS!

    You can research back as far as 3,500 yrs ago, 35-centuries worth of documented history, and in every or close to every event, agenda, scam, swindle, crooked, mafioso type, bad, wrong, evil, anti-white, anti-Christian, actions, movements such as soviet commies aka bolsheviks, and various other historical era events you can find….The Main in common issue you shall also discover is that……They all always contain….Layers, upon Layers, and yet more Layers to cover up prior layers of…Jewish Fingerprints Galore!

    To the point that an Honest and sane individual can only conclude that when, Henry Ford, famous Auto maker guy, wrote his several volume book titled as…”The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem”…..That yes indeed, Ol’ Henry Ford knew what the hell he wrote of, and was as correct as one can get in the title of his book….For there has never ever been any Ethnic or racial group, nor a religious group, in all history since Adam & Eve era, that have been such a Problem group to ever exist.

    There may be no real solid method for proof of it, however, a good solid estimate would state that…If one tried to picture a world that never saw any Jews, or any since at least 2,000 yrs ago. It would likely be a world with true global prosperity, peace, safety, and good will among Gentiles in general everywhere….No WWI, No WWII and No most other wars and soviet style Jewish commie Revolts, against the mainly Whites and White Christian nations peoples. No Fed Fiat paper moneys, No Usury/interest, and zero nations in Deep debt to….Jew Banksters. And much more better with far too much to here list of….”IF” this ongoing World Problem of Jewry never existed.

    And do not expect 99.99% of Jews to ever admit to this. They have a capability to manufacture more lies and Jewish Fables, than Bayer can invent of Pills….An odd ability, honed for 3,500 years, to manufacture a dozen New lies faster than You can think up the next important question about their Previous Lies! See: HolyHoax mass of Lies for good examples.

    “Some things Are True..Even though they Never Happened!” Famed Nazi Hunter, ( who never hunted even one single Jewish Bolshevik mass murderer, even though Jews held Most top Key positions in 1917 onwards for 20+ years in Soviet Jew Russia). Eli Da Weazel.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  233. j2 says:

    “Yes, this event is oozing with “miraculous coincidences” when it comes to gematria.”

    Zionism was born out of Freemasonry around 1830. Revolutionary Freemasonry was kabbalistic and messianic, that is Mizraim and Memphis lodges. Kabbalism is all messianic. For messianic Israel is a country reborn in the end of the times. End of the times prophesies promise the rule of the world and extermination or enslavement of all others. It is not unexpected to see gematria. In one comment in some thread I noticed that a red heifer was born in Israel. Ash from a red heifer is needed for priests to become clean after touching a dead being, so red heifer is a step to building of the third temple and also for practical kabbalah, where you need to touch the dead. The third temple will be built in the end of the times. Presence of gematria may point to that we are dealing with a group realizing end of the time prophesies, as the Holocaust, a burnt offering connected with exodus at the end of the times.

    Signs in general are created for the believers to believe that there is something guiding the development, believers understand them as supernatural involvement.

    I have read from somewhere a moral explanation for giving hints, but do not know if it is valid: it is not a sin if you tell it in advance. Then it is just the stupidity of your adversaries that they did not read the signs.

    There is also a prosaic explanation: signs and hints were used by Masons to inform other Masons with the assumption that others could not decode them. But it is not quite so. You still can decode the hints if you know more or less what could be a hint. Insiders would know who is behind the events and know how to behave (that is, deny everything) without being especially told.

    Of course, it may simply be a state of mind, feeling of superiority, psychopathic.

    • Replies: @AB_Anonymous
  234. @j2

    “Presence of gematria may point to that we are dealing with a group realizing end of the
    time prophesies…”
    “… it is not a sin if you tell it in advance. Then it is just the stupidity of your adversaries
    that they did not read the signs.”
    “ … signs and hints were used by Masons to inform other Masons”.

    I’ve been asking myself the same questions (and giving the same answers) in the last 3-4
    years, but the more occult-loaded cases I analyze the more it looks to me that the reason
    for such maniacal obsession with alignment within a case (or a group of chained cases)
    is primarily about success and the maximum effect.

    If it’s a fact (or somebody believes it’s a fact) that our Universe is totally digital, and the
    final sum of all positive and all negative fluctuations is a constant Zero, then there’s a
    good chance that certain digital rules (tricks) may favor maximum effect of this or that
    outcome of an action (or a chain of actions).
    Possession of such hidden knowledge may also contribute to their state of mind, feeling
    of superiority, and psychopathic behavior.

    In favor of this assumption talk both exactly the same rules of alignments, seen in all
    false-flags from 18th century (as far as I could dive lol) until nowadays, and the
    numerous alignments of quite innocent things, having mostly to do with commerce.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
    , @j2
  235. @Iris

    Your analysis is bang on.
    They are facing a consolidated regional opposition (Iran/Hezbollah/Syria/Shia Iraq/Russia/China). The latter two are superpowers and have seats in the U.N. SC. China is predominantly a silent partner but is dead set on addressing Islamic fundamentalism. As is Russia.
    Further, all of the above are economically interconnected via SCO, BRI,etc. Turkey is about to be pulled out of NATO and realigned to where their natural interest lie: Eurasia. The KSA and Israel will be increasingly challenged on regional issues especially energy flows.
    Syria will be viewed, in future,where ZUSA lost it; power wise and morally.

    From this point forward, it’s all decline for ZUSA. Perhaps Americans can have their country back.
    Thanks Jews. Truly your insanity and depravity know no limits.

  236. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:
    @Them Guys

    Great post.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  237. Them Guys says:

    There may be yet another and far better explanation at play. That being that, Jewish and Zio Rabbis and their Ilk, are as stated by Christ in John 8:44…Satans children. And have basically made a pact with the Devil in order to receive satans “blessings” and protections for all of Jewry that plays a role, or even just defends and supports the bad ones. Which probably covers at least 99% of worldwide Jewry.

    Satan is the one who was handed full control over planet earth, all nations govnt’s etc according to the bible. So while even with three times being tempted by Satan to bow down and worship satan the devil, Christ each time rejected those offers, offers that granted full control of world and its many nations and kings etc…..Maybe those other Jews and Rabbis didn’t reject Satans offers, eh?

    For sure, somethings going on, and has been an ongoing evil based problem since long ago eras. And the more and deeper one peers into past events, as far back as 3,500 years or more, ironic that most always events contain more Jewish fingerprints, than all other non Jew accomplices prints combined.

    And with obviously Satan or Lucifer at the unseen head honcho position typically.

    Some famous rabbis, a few, I do not now recall names of, have even admitted in interviews that when asked about Satan or Lucifer….They answered…Yes We Jews do honor and worship Lucifer as our God.

    I don’t believe they’d state that on record if not truth, and from what I have read their answers had that typical smug arrogant Jewish sound about it.

    Also according to the NT bible, all forms of their Talmudic Kabbala mambo jambo spells, chants, conjuring’s and whatever else its called as done, all add up to a form of, Witchcraft. And ergo is all evil and satanic based and derived from Satan’s den of Thieves.

  238. Them Guys says:

    Thank You, and am glad if my reply offered any info not yet known of.

  239. j2 says:

    “In favor of this assumption talk both exactly the same rules of alignments, seen in all
    false-flags from 18th century (as far as I could dive lol) until nowadays, and the
    numerous alignments of quite innocent things, having mostly to do with commerce.”

    I think it is certain that kabbalists believed in kabbalistic methods, magic and so. Even though they themselves made only tricks, they always believed there was real magic. And indeed, who are we to say that there is no real magic. We are not automatons, we have consciousness, there is something else. There can be powers that one can use. I do not say against it just because it is not accepted in science. Nevertheless, I think nothing proves it works, but I am quite willing to believe that kabbalists believe in it and do it.

    Just to ask a question. What do you think was the reason Nazis saved the hair of Jews. They did not seriously intend to use it for U-boat carpets and socks for the crew. But there is an end of the time prophesy that not a hair from your head will fall to the ground. If Nazis had to cut the hair to fight with lice, then the only thing was to prevent the hair from falling to the ground, so store it. I made commenter utu very irritated by mentioning this hair issue, but to me it looks like one of the end of the time prophesies being realized on purpose. This time by Nazis, indicating a deeper connection between Nazis and Zionists.

  240. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    I think you’ve blown it if you want him or anyone to take your criticism seriously. The careless arrogance of your “most idiotic” doesn’t look good when you fail to see the logic of suggesting, or at least entertaining, that deficient construction standards might have only been a condition precedent to a rare and unlikely event precipitating the collapses. I believe that in your homeland there was a famous hurricane that devastated Darwin after its buildings had stood for many decades and which wouldn’t have destroyed nearly as many of the buildings later built to higher standards.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  241. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you for real? The SS was a big business and ran businesses. Human hair had an economic value. End of story.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @annamaria
    , @E_Perez
  242. j2 says:

    “Human hair had an economic value.”

    No, it does not. You can make wigs and very old fashioned lace bracelets out of it, not much more. From Sub-Saharan hair you can make felt, but not from Caucasian hair. There is a pile of textile for show in the Auschwitz museum made from hair, but it does not see Nazis made anything out of the hair. This is a similar case as soap from human fat and lamp screens from human skin. Fat and skin also had economic value, if you want, but Nazis did not use them.

    • Replies: @Anon
  243. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    After Russian Military Aircraft Shot Down Near Syria, Russian Claims Israel ‘Deliberately Staged This Provocation’

    911 was exactly such a false flag operation done in a way that wasintended to hide Israeli foot prints

  244. @Them Guys

    My comment doesn’t contradict yours. We’re talking about the same thing only
    on different levels.
    Mine is more details-oriented, dealing with precise, and in most cases far from so
    openly visible (like in 9/11), digital “fingerprints” of what you have all rights to call
    “a form of Witchcraft”.

  245. @j2

    They believe it for sure. And at least in their minds it works.
    Though the 17-years-deep pile of consequences of “9/11” for the entire world and
    with no end in sight, as well as the consequences of many other lower by magnitude
    but similar by nature events make it very tempting to drop “at least in their minds”.

    As for the “hair issue”, without having enough knowledge on this subject I doubt
    I can have any sensible comments on it. This is not to doubt connection
    between Nazis and Zionists as a well-established fact based on “follow the money”
    approach (and not only).

  246. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    GOOGLE search results for Mexican parliament attack by Israeli diplomat

    2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack – Wikispooks
    Oct 15, 2001 – Could the Mexican Government have been incorrect in its posting of a story about … El israelí Ben Zvi fue internado en el Reclusorio Varonil Norte, … Aztlan through Mexican diplomatic, press and other sources in Mexico City.

    Two Israeli Mossad agents intercepted attempting to bomb Mexican …
    Sep 1, 2006 – A google search for “mossad+mexican congress” brings up a fair … FOX they believed the Israelis had advance knowledge of the 9-11 attacks.
    Missing: diplomat ‎| ‎Must include: ‎diplomat

  247. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    I bet some SS people thought it had economic value. Can’t you imagine the complaints that they weren’t getting enough use or money from it to justify the storage? “Yes, but you see we’ve got to keep up the cutting: it’s part of the delousing story they are told”.

    • Replies: @E_Perez
  248. Hair. Really?
    In order to avoid insects that spread disease, at times humans remove hair. This is worthy of discussion?
    Oh, holohoax discussion. I see.
    “Get thee to a fakery”
    Shakespeare knew the Jew.
    Named him too.
    Thanks to him we have Shylock.
    Someone needs to do a modern one for hebe nut n yahoo

  249. @Anon

    I think that you’ve blown what negligible credibility an Anon could ever have by arguing any relevance between the destruction of Darwin caused by Cyclone Tracy and the absurdity that on 9/11 three buildings that had stood for decades fell within a few hours of one another because structural flaws played a role.

    I suspect that you’re really here to attempt to provide a little cover for the criminals that perpetrated that dastardly act.

    • Replies: @Anon
  250. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    Not relevant to the actual causation but to pointing out your intellectual failure. Sorry if that’s beyond you.

  251. Perhaps I should read the comments before asking my question, but there it goes anyway. If the main intent of the perpetrators of 9/11 was to provoke the Iraq war, why would they pin it on bin Laden, who had nothing to do with Iraq?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  252. @anarchyst

    Of course you are wrong about Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson, and also about Judy Garland and Joan Crawford (after that I stopped checking). As for your ‘mother is a Jew’ argument, it is impertinent to the question at hand: even if that was the case, those individuals would not have a Jewish name ‘problem’, since it is the father’s name that carries over to the descendancy.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  253. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Perhaps I should read the comments before asking my question…

    Yes, perhaps you should.

  254. says:
    @Carroll Price

    what’s your point Carroll … I’ve never heard the word Hasbara before … I’m just recommending a book here – not particularly looking for a fight
    read it or don’t read it
    the choice is quite straightforward

    • Replies: @Carroll Price

    I’m calling you on this because any mention of free energy, holograms (of planes being flown into buildings), no planes hitting the buildings, min-nukes used as explosives, etc. are all hasbara bullshit being spread by trolls like yourself to make it appear to uninformed observers that since Truthers are nut cases, anything they say can, and should be dismissed as nonsense.

    • Replies: @Maxwell C. Bridges
  256. @Brás Cubas

    If they can get away with it, Jews will claim practically any “good” famous person is a Jew. But it’s an entirely different story when the famous person became famous as a result of being an assassin like Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), a well-known crook like Mark Rich, sleaze bags like Anthony Weiner & Harvey Weinstein, a famous embezzler like Bernie Madoff, or traitors like Julian and Ethel Rosenberg, or Jonathon Pollard. With these being the tip of a very large iceberg.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Faraway
    , @Anon
  257. Faraway says:
    @Carroll Price

    or Jack the Ripper, recently identified by DNA as Aaron Kosminski. Hollywood is no longer interested.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  258. @ANON

    If a column falls over with its base held in one position and the base is at the same altitude as the beam then the top of the column will fall in a circular arc. Initially it will be falling sideways with no downward motion but by the time it reaches the floor it will be falling downwards vertically with no sideways motion. The beam will experience very little horizontal force on itself.

    If you mean the base of the column is much lower than the beam, say 10 or 20 stories, then that is a different thing. There will be sideways motion of the column and the beam will experience a non-trivial horizontal force. However, the column won’t be moving very fast so the force will not be great. The mass of the column will be the major contributor to the momentum of the column (momentum = mass times velocity). Perhaps the beam will be pushed off the floor (that is, out of the building) and then fall to the ground but it won’t shoot out at any significant speed, and not enough to cross the street.

    If the street was 40 metres across and the beam fell for 10 seconds then the beam would need a horizontal velocity of 4 metres per second to cross the street. If the column was 10 times the mass of the beam and had a horizontal velocity of 0.4 metres per second when it struck the beam then the beam might acquire a horizontal velocity of 4 metres per second (because the momentum gained by the beam is the same as the momentum lost by the column). But if there’s any friction acting on the beam (is it resting on something or attached to something?) then the beam’s horizontal velocity will be less, and even this assumes that the column is actually stopped by the impact on the beam which is unlikely.

    • Replies: @j2
  259. annamaria says:

    “The SS was a big business…”

    Anon [353], please enlighten us about the fate of the millions of Russians that happened to meet the Jewish secret police officers (for torture and murder) and the Jewish managers of GULAG (for the camp labor and eventual death).

    For each holo-biz museum, there should a museum of Jewish Bolshevism (see Trotsky, Frenkel, Berman, Zemlyachka-Zalkind, and other mass murderers) and a museum of Holodomor (see Lazar Kaganovich, the right hand of Stalin and main organizer of mass murder of Ukrainians and Russians during the Kaganovich-et-al-made famine).

    And before you embark on whining about deadly gas chambers for the Jews (still a disputed proposition), here is a well-known fact of a Jewish invention for the Russians:
    “A gas van or gas wagon was a vehicle reequipped as a mobile gas chamber. The vehicle had an air-tight compartment for victims, into which exhaust fumes were transmitted while the engine was running. The victims were gassed with carbon monoxide, resulting in death by carbon monoxide poisoning and suffocation. The gas van was used by the Soviet secret police in 1930s.”

    “The gas van was invented by Isay Berg, the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD [secret police] of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried.
    According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:
    “I. D. Berg was ordered to carry out the decisions of the NKVD troika of Moscow Oblast, and Berg was decently carrying out this assignment: he was driving people to the executions by shooting. But, when in Moscow Oblast there came to be three troikas having their sessions simultaneously, the executioners could not cope with the load. Then the solution was thought about: to undress the victims naked, to tie them up, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck, disguised from the outside as a bread van. During transportation, the fuel gases came into the truck, and when delivered to the farthest [execution] ditch the arrestees were already dead.”

    You see, not only Germans are good at making things efficient. Isay Berg, the inventor and practitioner of real gas chambers had a very efficient approach: ” to undress the victims naked, to tie them up, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck, disguised from the outside as a bread van. During transportation, the fuel gases came into the truck, and when delivered to the farthest [execution] ditch the arrestees were already dead.”

    Before lecturing on the SS business, learn about your “prominent” people.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  260. j2 says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    There is, however, this complication that steel is elastic and when hit by upper levels (or lower levels it talking about beams of the upper part), it contracts or bends and stores energy which will be released when pressure is removed, i.e., the beam will partially restore its original form. If it falls to the outside to a horizontal direction and is not fixed in the lower part, could it theoretically jump horizontally, like a spring? I have not made any calculations, but if no explosives is assumed, this would be the only possible source of energy.

  261. @Faraway

    Oh, there’s thousands of them – maybe millions. I can’t confirm it at the moment, but I recall reading that about 99% of all political assassinations of public figures have been carried out by Jews, and I do not doubt it. If I’m not mistaken, the man credited with touching-off WW1 by assassinating Arch Duke Ferdinand was a Jew.

    • Replies: @Anon
  262. Anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you totally deranged? Some of that outpouring of yours might be true and interesting but what on earth did it have to do with the correct statement that the SS was a big business and ran businesses so that the acquiring of human hair could have had a commonplace economic rationale?

    • Replies: @j2
    , @annamaria
  263. j2 says:

    Let’s still return to the hair that was saved.

    Anonymous[127] “that the acquiring of human hair could have had a commonplace economic rationale?”
    Anonymous[353]: “I bet some SS people thought it (i.e. hair) had economic value. Can’t you imagine the complaints that they weren’t getting enough use or money from it to justify the storage? “Yes, but you see we’ve got to keep up the cutting: it’s part of the delousing story they are told”.”

    Women’s hair was cut and stored.
    About 1.1 million people were taken to Auschwitz, half of them female, but many female were children or old so not all women had lots of hair. I estimate that in the average the hair of a female weighted 100 g.

    It is stated in the following link that hair was offered for 20 pfenning per kilo.
    Reichsmark was fixed at 4.2 US dollars. Dollar has devaluated from 1943 to 2018 so that 1 dollar of 1943 equals 14,59 dollars of 2018. 20 pfenning of 1943 is 0.2*4.2*14.59=12.25 dollars. We conclude that human hair was offered to German companies with the equivalent of 12.25 dollars per kilo.

    Raw wool from sheep costs today from 6 to 30 dollars per kilo, mostly in the lower end. Admittedly, wool has got some 40% cheaper, even maybe 50%. Thus, the price of a kilo of sheep wool in Germany of 1943 was probably around 12 dollars in 2018 money. Human hair was not cheaper or more expensive than sheep wool.

    The total value of this hair, 11,000 Reichmarks, equals (11,000/4.2)*14.59=38,200 dollars of 2018. It was not any big business for a major concentration camp.

    Rudold Hoess in Kommandant of Auschwitz Annex1 wrote that the hair was sent to a Bavarian company, nothing is known of the use of this hair.

    There was a plan to use this hair for submarine crew clothes and felt, but the plan was soon discarded. Indeed, Caucasian hair does not suit to felt. “will be used to make socks for submarine crews and to manufacture felt stockings for railroad workers.” Was not used for these purposes.

    There is a claim that a German car company used this hair, but the company historian denies it

    There is a story that some wool company found coins hidden to woman hair from concentration camps, not reliable source given. Seems like a rumor.

    The Auschwitz museum displays a textile made out of human hair. It’s story is here:
    “Horak has donated a blanket woven from human hair made for the Nazis by the inmates of Auschwitz. Horak found the blanket after it had been discarded by a Kapo (guard). “When I was liberated from Bergen Belsen camp in Germany on April 15, 1945, I was 18 and weighed 29kg. I was on the ground, half naked and frozen; I used that blanket to cover myself.” The blanket is displayed in the museum, the only one of its kind that particular colour and pattern in Australia, and possibly in the world.” Kapo’s were prisoners, mostly Jewish. This hair was not sent in bales to any German company. The blanket was woven in Auschwitz, given to a Kapo, and it stayed there. This does not show there was textile business using hair, not to say big business.

    However, it gets worse. There was a command sent to several concentration camps that hair from Jewish prisoners, both men and women, must be saved. Notice men. Men had short cut hair, not suitable for making textiles. Men hair was not saved as nobody could understand this command. So the question is, what was the reason for this command?

    As for the other items found in Auschwitz, they were useful for concentration camps (shoes, artificial legs, eye glasses, suitcases, shaving brushes (but notice, not razors)) All these could have been in the camp because they were collected from prisoners and given to other prisoners. The same goes for clothes, they were reused in camps. But hair? Especially as fat for soap and skin for lamp screens were not true. But hair was saved, that is true. The reason for saving it can be a rumor.

    It was not much of business. Hair had to be cut, but saving it was no business. Even counting 10 cents of 2018 money for the food of one prisoner for one day, the camps ate 38,000 dollars in a week.

    Some Nazis believed hair was saved for business, but considering everything, I suspect there was some other reason for saving the hair than business. It was not a part of the delousing story, if there was such a story. I think it was a part of the exodus story.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  264. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    As a dispassionate observer (my Jewish in-laws don’t identify as Jews and are more critical of Israel than I am) the effects on the brain of anti-Semitism like yours entertains me. I do, just, accord you the respect of believing you can understand how illogical it is to preface your citing of Jewish villains with “it’s an *entirely* different story” in the context of your saying Jews will claim almost any good person is a Jew “if they can get away with it”. It would only make sense for you to use such emphatic language if there was some attempt to deny the Jewishness of the evildoers you mention. Even a base grade UR anti Semite wouldn’t try asserting that BS.

  265. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    Your reading is obviously very limited but your anti Semitism is in such fine strong form that it surely occurred to you to do a search for “Was Gavrilo Princip Jewish”. I suppose it’s not surprising to find you in the company of that great pruner of European lives Erich Ludendorff (who is said to have nominated Princip as Jewish) but you might be better informed by reading this review of a biography of Princip.

    Don’t let it upset you but not a mention of Jews or being Jewish.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  266. annamaria says:

    “Are you totally deranged? … the acquiring of human hair could have had…”

    Anonymous[127], do you have any evidence for your “could?”
    There is the context for your “could:
    1. The unending reparations and financial compensations for the “eternal Jewish victimhood”
    2. The imprisonment of researchers daring to check the various “could,” since the research could undermine the Jewish Power and to endanger the unending financial compensations for the “eternal victimhood.”

    Compare your “could” with the facts of the Jewish Bolsheviks’ involvement in the massive crimes against humanity in Russia. Isay Berg was a high-ranking officer in the murderous Soviet secret police. His invention and application of gas chambers (in the most economical and efficient way and on a massive scale) belongs to the category of crimes against humanity. The fact questions the Jewish “eternal victimhood” an unending stream of financial compensations for the various “could.”
    Moreover, the idea of “eternal Jewish victimhood” is undermined by Nakba, the collective punishment of the native Palestinians by the fanatical mythologist and illegal settlers, the murder of humanitarians on the flotillas attempting to deliver humanitarian help to the Gaza Ghetto, the ongoing wars for Eretz Israel, the Israel-supported revival of neo-Nazism in Ukraine (under the Jewish prime minister Groysman installed by the US Zionists).

    Again, Anonymous[127], where is the evidence for your “could?”

    Here is the evidence of Jewish efficiency in Soviet Russia:
    “The gas van was invented by Isay Berg, the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD [secret police] of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried.
    “I. D. Berg was ordered to carry out the decisions of the NKVD troika… [His solution was] to undress the victims naked, to tie them up, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck, disguised from the outside as a bread van. During transportation, the fuel gases came into the truck, and when delivered to the farthest [execution] ditch the arrestees were already dead.”

  267. annamaria says:

    “… it was a part of delousing story, if there was such a story…”

    — If you are so sure about your “truth,” then why people are put to prison for trying to find information relevant to your “truth?”

    “Some Nazi…” — The Jewish State has been arming neo-Nazi in Ukraine where the prime minister is Jewish. It has no sense to demonize Nazi when the Jewish State is actively involved in the revival of Nazism.

    Here is one of the stories that demolish the meme of the eternal Jewish victimhood and expose certain Jews as the worst criminals against humanity:

    “The gas van was invented by Isay Berg, the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD [secret police] of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried.
    “I. D. Berg was ordered to carry out the decisions of the NKVD troika… [His solution was] to undress the victims naked, to tie them up, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck, disguised from the outside as a bread van. During transportation, the fuel gases came into the truck, and when delivered to the farthest [execution] ditch the arrestees were already dead.”

    You should also check these names:
    Lazar Kaganovich — the Wolf of Kremlin and the main organizer of Holodomor, who comfortably lived in Moscow till very old age (almost hundred) — so inconveniently for the trumpeted meme of “Russian antisemitism.”
    Naftali Frenkel – see his efficient system of hard labor and murder of political prisoners in GULAG.
    Rozalia Zemlyachka (Zalkind) – a vicious Bolshevik guilty of ordering the mass murder of Russian officers. The list of Jewish Bolsheviks in high places is long, but the endeavors of just these few leave little place for the myth of “the eternal Jewish victimhood” and for “compensation forever” that is contingent on the myth.

    • Replies: @j2
  268. j2 says:

    ” j2: “… it was a part of delousing story, if there was such a story…”

    annamaria: – If you are so sure about your “truth,” then why people are put to prison for trying to find information relevant to your “truth?”

    The delousing story (referring to another commenter’s text) here means that Jews to be gassed were told that they were to be deloused, that was the story they were told. I do not think there was any delousing story told by Germans to Jews. I think the Jews were told they were being deloused and they were being deloused.

    I know quite well those histories you refer to and do not believe in the eternal Jewish victimhood, nor to their superior intelligence, nor to any other similar memes, I do believe they act as a tribe, have the goal of world rule and want to destroy all others, just as is in their prophesies.

  269. @Anon

    Not surprisingly, the Irishtimes puff piece carefully avoids any mention of Princep being Jewish as practically everyone at the time, including Churchill accepted as fact. Wikipedia is the same way, with hasbara monitors censoring-out any mention of particularly notorious characters being Jews, even though they very often are. With, of course, the exact opposite approach taken for any famous, particularly praise-worthy character.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Carroll Price
  270. annamaria says:
    @Carroll Price

    The story goes on:

    “The unit of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs is headed by director general Sima Vaknin-Gil. Vaknin-Gil reports personally to PM Netanyahu. … Her Ministry has spawned a “private” security firm, Israel Cyber Shield, headed by former Ministry official and Israeli National Police officer Eran Vasker. According to Haaretz, ICS is part of the spy network gathering dossiers on anti-Israel activists from the BDS movement in the United States.

    The existence and mission of the Ministry first came to prominence in a four-part documentary produced by Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based international news organization. In 2016, Al Jazeera successfully infiltrated the American Zionist apparatus via James Anthony Kleinfeld, a British Jew who graduated from Oxford, spoke six languages and was well-versed in Middle East affairs. …

    Armed with a hidden video recorder, Kleinfeld obtained large amounts of material on the inner workings of TIP, AIPAC, the Israeli-American Council, the Maccabee Task Force and the Zionist Organization of America. He got “straight from the horse’s mouth” that the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is a spy agency working as an unregistered agent of the Israeli government. One TIP official confided to Kleinfeld that they had to be very careful, because they were “a different government working on foreign soil.”
    “Since the 2016 US presidential election, Facebook has been accused of allowing its platform to be used for manipulative Russian-sponsored propaganda aimed at influencing politics and public opinion. … Facebook has partnered with the Atlantic Council in an effort to ostensibly crack down on “fake accounts” and “disinformation.”

    The Atlantic Council is a Washington think tank that has been funded by NATO, the US military, the brutally repressive governments of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, European Union governments, and a who’s who of investment firms, oil companies, arms makers and other war profiteers.”

  271. @Carroll Price

    For instance, the closest Wikipedia comes to identifying traitor, Jonathon Pollard, and embezzler, Bernie Madoff as Jews is that they were – “the off-spring of Jewish parents” or similar vague references to their being 100% Jew. Compare Wiki’s bio of these two criminals with that of David Duke, or any other Jewish-tagged right-wing extremist, or anti-Semite. It’s disgusting to say the least, but hardly surprising when Jews own virtually the entire mass media, with paid Hasbara agents trolling the internet, cluttering-up comment sections with pro-Israel propaganda.

  272. Kay says:
    @Colin Wright

    Wow! Extremely impressive article! I have zero doubt as to Israeli/Mossad involvement in 9/11

    Even without this valuable information, knowing that the US, Israhell and the Saudi Wahhabi extremists, KSA, are arming & funding the terrorists, it begs the question: If the war on terror now revealed as the FRAUD it really is, who had motive for this?


    The greater Israhell project or the Yinon plan aka PNAC, has shown itself to play out in “we’re going to take out 7 countries in five years” (Wesley Clark).

    This fraudulent war on terror is for Zionist expansion and ethnic cleansing of the middle East & Africa. The US government works in concert with the Israhelli gov. I just wish Americans would wake up to this reality as Israhell continues to exploit Americans blood & treasure for it’s racist, fascist profoundly SICK ideology. One begsn by a psychopath.
    For the world to survive Israhell must be destroyed. I dont know how that will come but I pray it comes soon so the world can know peace.

  273. tac says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Great work Laurent. Are you familiar with the 9/11 Crash Test project? If not, it is a crowd sourced effort to perform an experiment with the strongest part of an Airplane Boeing 767 wing mounted to a rocket sled, accelerate it to 550 mph and smash it against a steel frame box column section (built to the specifications of the WTC), film it with high speed cameras and produce the results for the world to see (online).

    Here is an intro video:

    And this is the website with all the info:

  274. Sam J. says:

    You are correct sir. The building fell down. The top didn’t jump up in the air and then fall on the bottom. I found a paper, funny enough referenced by a Hasbra arguing that fires brought down the building, that had the design load for the outer columns. It was 2,000% of load and that number is correct. The reason this is so is because the biggest load is the “wind load”. A massive amount of the strength of the building was to resist hurricane force winds.

    The person who said building 7 could have fallen from shaking when the other builds fell is just spouting nonsense. The support is not on the surface but well below on bedrock. If building 7 fell from “shaking” them every other building around it would have also. They did not.

  275. Sam J. says:

    “…The plotters moved explosive charges into he three buildings and there had to be thousands of these weighing a great amount. It was then necessary to install the explosive equipment. No one ever noticed?…”

    They did notice. There were tapes of the moving company vans moving into the WTC after the cleaners left. An explosives expert said he could do the whole job with two vans full of explosives.

    I don’t know exactly what they did but I can guess. You could make up the explosives in packages. They could all be detonated with radio so the controls would be on each package. If rare earth magnets were taped or glued to the packages all that would have to be done is carry a cart with a ladder and a vacuum cleaner.. All the ceilings were acoustic tile ceilings. You just push them up, scrape off the fireproofing with a simple putty knife and stick the magnet holding the whole package to the steel column. Clean up the dust from the ceiling being opened, not much, and go to the next. What 10, 15 minutes per column? With a crew of 20 people or so it could have been done in a couple of weeks for the outside columns. The inside was done in the elevator shafts.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  276. Sam J. says:

    “…If the structural steel columns in the building below the collapsing floors were intact then they would deform as the load of the falling stories crashed into them and that deformation absorbs kinetic energy. After a few floors were deformed in that manner, the energy of the collapsing floors would have been completely dissipated and the collapse would grind to a halt…

    …There was no way the building could have collapsed at free fall because each floor would have behaved just like those beer cans…”

    This absolutely true and perfectly correct. No way possible that the top of the building, designed to hold it up, can crush the bottom.

    Those that keep saying the building dropped on the lower portion are full of lies. The top of the building didn’t leap up in the air and fall on the bottom. It, if it was a real collapse, would have slowly bent and rested on the lower floors. With a real fire and normal plane it would have never fallen. The outside columns are set up to take 2,000% of the normal load.

    The Jews did 9-11.

  277. Sam J. says:
    @The Alarmist

    “…Drop a bowling ball on your stack of CD cases. That is pretty much what dropping the top twenty floors on the rest would be like…”

    Your example is absurd. How about you pick a bowling ball up the distance of “one” CD case high then drop it what would happen? The ball would roll off the case. At worst it would crack one case. The building didn’t jump up in the air. The top was resting on the bottom for which it was completely designed to hols with a MASSIVE over strength because of wind loading.

  278. Sam J. says:

    “…Drop a bowling ball on your stack of CD cases. That is pretty much what dropping the top twenty floors on the rest would be like…”

    Your example is absurd. How about you pick a bowling ball up the distance of “one” CD case high then drop it what would happen? The ball would roll off the case. At worst it would crack one case. The building didn’t jump up in the air. The top was resting on the bottom for which it was completely designed to hols with a MASSIVE over strength because of wind loading.

  279. Sam J. says:

    “…There is a small difference between the collapse and your car crash that in the collapse each broken floor added some mass to the falling floors, while in your car crash the initial energy of the car was not increased by the cans, i.e., there was no force like gravitation that pulled the cans towards the car. ..”

    This is a silly argument because as the floors collapse they meet increasingly stronger columns and supports that are exactly designed to counter the weight of the upper floors and gravity. So in analysis it actually is the exact same case as the aluminum cans on the car because by getting bigger it cancels out gravity and the upper floor weight. IT’S DESIGNED TO HOLD THE WEIGHT AND MUCH MORE, MUCH, MUCH MORE.

    • Replies: @j2
  280. Sam J. says:

    I think you’re exactly right that they are in a dire position. I speculated the same as others who replied, before Trump, their plans were to start WWIII between Russia/China vs USA. Now I don’t know for sure what Trump will do but it does look like this is less likely now. I also wondered about several other strange things that could correspond with their bad position. One the Jews took over Ukraine. A Jew runs the western half and I think the eastern also. Could that be plan B to bug out too? I wonder what they’re thinking because the Ukrainians have been tortured enough by these people. So far they’re pulling it off but going there is not exactly safe. In Israel proper Hezbollah had high casualties and Lebanon was destroyed in the last war but the Israelis got their asses handed to them by Hezbollah. They will have trouble making Israel safe. Probably one of the reasons they risked 9-11. I also wondered if the Jews paid the Chinese to build all those empty cities hoping to move there. Would tie right into all the missing money from the US government. We paid for those ghost cities, maybe??? I think it likely that the Jews have found their match in the Chinese and India because these people are just as tribal as the Jews are. They will get no where either place. The 9-11 attack is massively raising hostility towards them in the US. Lots and lots and lots of people know they did it. Millions and millions. It’s a way larger number than people think. It only takes a small amount of research to see they’re the main beneficiaries and had control of the buildings to do it. No one else did and the Arab story is full of holes.

    In the past they could parasite and savage a country and then move out knowing that communication was very small between countries and they could claim it was where ever they came from that abused them. That’s a lot more difficult today.

    We should at the very least get them the hell away from us and deport them to Israel. It’s the only solution that’s worked with Jews for thousands of years. Get them the hell away from you. Throw them out.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  281. j2 says:
    @Sam J.

    “This is a silly argument because as the floors collapse they meet increasingly stronger columns and supports that are exactly designed to counter the weight of the upper floors and gravity. So in analysis it actually is the exact same case as the aluminum cans on the car because by getting bigger it cancels out gravity and the upper floor weight. IT’S DESIGNED TO HOLD THE WEIGHT AND MUCH MORE, MUCH, MUCH MORE.”

    No, that is not true. The wind load was not the highest load on the building and it was not designed for 2000 times overload of the weight. FB tried to make this kind of claim but in his proof he had mixed a torsion with a force and compared them as if they were both forces. With the data he had the correct result was that the weight was larger than the wind load.

    F. R. Greening has written an article
    „The Pulverization of Concrete in WTC 1 During the Collapse Events of 9-11” available at
    where he tries to debunk the claim that a gravitation collapse could not pulverize the concrete.
    The WTC1 collapse started at the 95th floor. Above this floor were 15 floors. Greening calculates that the the mass of the upper floors had the kinetic energy of 2.1 gigajoules when it fell on the 95th floor. The floor contained 627 tons of concrete and 900 tons of structural steel. Greening comes to the following conclusion: For one floor
    The elastic strain energy of the steel required 51 MJ
    The elastic strain energy of the concrete required 34 MJ
    The plastic strain energy of the steel required 284 MJ
    The plastic strain energy of the concrete required 234 MJ
    Together these yield 603 MJ

    From these it follows that the weight of the 15 floors can crash every floor under it. The argument why the twin towers did not fall by gravitation is not that the pillars got thicker and that the building was built so strong as not to collapse by gravitation. Only 6 floors is enough to start the collapse and then it cannot be stopped as every floor adds to the falling mass. The difference to the car example is that if a car crashes an object on horizontal direction, the car mass does not continue accelerating by gravitation. If you drop the car down, you have the same situation as in the WTC. Falling mass is accelerated and its kinetic energy grows every time it falls one floor.

    It is easy to show that WTC buildings did not fall from fires and gravitation. With WTC7 it is enough to notice the free-fall time of 2.1s, with WTC1 and 2 it is enough to notice the heat energy that must be from an external source. But you cannot make an argument that the buildings were too strong to fall from gravitation. If the upper 15 floors fell down one floor, the building would have collapsed anyway from the kinetic energy.

    • Replies: @tanabear
    , @Sam J.
    , @Sam J.
    , @W
  282. Patricus says:
    @Sam J.

    Sam J:
    Can not contradict your description because I just don’t have the engineering knowhow. It seems strange that Mossad (or the CIA) would arrange these elaborate charges throughout the buildings and, at the same time, coordinate with a group of Arab jihadist to simultaneously fly into two of the buildings. Why have both attacks? Isn’t that an unnecessarily complicated set of operations? And it would depend on the reliability of a group of Arab jihadists. I saw jets flying into the buildings (on TV) so doubt that is a fake moon landing. I heard the crash into the Pentagon because I was just a couple of miles from there when it happened. Later I biked near there and saw the tail of an aircraft sticking out of the Pentagon building. Couldn’t know for sure if it was a jet, or maybe a missile, because guards around the perimeter kept us 100 yards away, and it was dark.

    Maybe the truth will come out in a decade.

    • Replies: @james charles
  283. tanabear says:

    But you cannot make an argument that the buildings were too strong to fall from gravitation. If the upper 15 floors fell down one floor, the building would have collapsed anyway from the kinetic energy.

    Maybe or maybe not. I have yet to see anyone experimentally re-create a crush-down crush-up phenomenon. Things falling and impacting other objects are a very common occurrence, yet this crush-down crush-up phenomenon seems to have only happened on 09/11/2001. If one wishes to create mathematical assumptions as Zdenek Bazant and Frank Greening do in regards to the collapse of the towers that is fine. However, these mathematical conjectures have nothing really to do with what happened on 09/11/2001.

  284. @Patricus

    “9/11 CNN Pentagon Report – NO PLANE – Only Aired Once”

    • Replies: @Patricus
  285. Patricus says:
    @james charles

    Thanks for the link. Maybe it was a missile at the Pentagon??

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  286. Anonymous [AKA "Hayek\'s Heelbiter"] says:

    One note re-lack of airplane parts.

    A. My my wife I could see the WTC from our flat in Brooklyn Heights. The initial reports on the radio were that a small commuter plane had struck one of the towers. There was a fairly unequivocal silhouette of an airplane that had blasted through the windows visible in the tower.

    B. I worked at 130 Liberty and a co-worker was coming up the steps from the subway when a large wheel and rim fell on the man beside her, crushing him instantly. She went into our office and begged everyone to get out immediately. Other co-workers tried to calm her down and gave her a cup of tea.
    But they everyone in the department evacuated and all survived.

  287. JLK says:

    I don’t think Israel “did” 9/11, but it knows who did and knew in advance that it was going to happen. This of course, gives it considerable leverage.

    • Replies: @Truth3
  288. @Patricus

    Of course it was! How much clearer could it be?

    The entry hole was much smaller than the plane that was said to have crashed into it and the damage extended to the third ring of the pentagon. Imagine being told some idiot drove a pick-up through the brick wall on the side of your house only to leave a hole big enough for just a person to walk through, there’s no wreckage from a pick-up anywhere yet it was said to have continued on and went entirely through your neighbours house too. Confronted with that story, would you smell a rodent?

    • Replies: @Patricus
  289. Patricus says:

    Hello NoseytheDuke:

    I live in the area and drove my bike to the Pentagon the day after the crash. I saw a tail sticking out of the building but did not see the wings. Guards around there wouldn’t let me approach within one hundred yards. I don’t really know if it was a missile or a jet.

    If it was a missile then what happened to the people on the aircraft?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  290. @Patricus

    I think that you’re lying and can’t produce a pic of what you’ve described. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

  291. I would like to ask the assembled if they could explain to me how they reconcile in their thought the idea of a consummately professional, utterly covert organisation such as Mossad, with the image of a bunch of laughing clowns slapping each other on the back with glee in full public view even as the Towers burned before them..? Just thought I’d like to be clearer on that…

  292. headrick says:

    The Saudi government is not much of a pan arab supporter. They are a clique member with Israel and the US deep state, and they will do as they are told or —somebody could have a accident. ISIS was supported by this enemy, – Yes Israel did provide comfort and even medical aid to ISIS fighters, returning them to battle. All three members of this clique hate Iran and Hezbollah with a burning passion, and their real aim is the maintenance and projection of Israeli power in the Middle East, to their mutual benefit. With all three elements working together, there is not really too much point is figuring out who did what part of the operation except for idle speculation. Each provided some part. Saudis provided the hijackers. Mossad or Deep State provided the demolition setup. The weeks before 9/11, t here was “elevator repair” going on in the complex, very loud and dusty work was done. Find out who ran that elevator repair company and you can find out who did the explosive prep part. Who the hell had the 9/11 pile debris shipped off the China immediately so no detailed crime scene forensic evidence would remain.

  293. WS says:

    There are many problems with conspiracy theories, but this article is perhaps the most fantastical piece of fantasy I have ever read.

    I should know. I live in NYC and, like thousands of others, witnessed the hijacked planes. I note that neither the article author, nor the comments posted, are by people who were direct witnesses. Witness testimony is critical to factual analysis. The planes did indeed have windows, and passenders.

    Can anyone account for the 400+ people who boarded those planes and have never been seen since? Did Mossad kidnap them? That’s one hell of an operation!

    Here are some questions: Why did Al Queda and Bin Laden claim responsibility, having previously targeted the WTC, when they didn’t do it? Are these people so deranged that they would beg for a US attack and invasion?

    If the WTC towers collapsed by internal explosion, how do you account for the live TV coverage showing planes flying into them? Were NBC and ABC, and the over 300 cell phone and other recordings, all Mossad agents working to this end?

    There are two books and a documentary exposing every aspect of Mossad’s operations, and yet the author cannot name or find one agent, official, operative or witness. This operation would have involved hundreds of people – to source explosives big enough to destroy twoi skyscapers, bring the explosives in by stealth, plant them about the 70th floors (around all the beams, floors, ceiling structures etc), gain access to secure offices, including legal firms, accountants, medical practitioners, etc), somehow hijack four planes and yet you cannot fint ONE person involved?

    Where are the Boston customs officers who were part of this? The operatives who let the bombers into into secured offices? And do you know what gold weighs? This isn’t Oceans 11. To steal that gold – of which there is no proof it existed – would be something. And yet, 17 years later, that gold has never appeared becuase any idiot can track gold prices and there has been no substantial changes since 9/11. Where is it?

    Now, the university of Texas plotted the mathematical chances of a conspiracy theory NOT being leaked. Trump is finding this out. The Pentagon Papers, Snowdon, Wikileakes, Panama Papers, hell, even the Israeli PM is likely to be indicted, and a past President when to jail. So, you’ve got hundred, perhaps thousands of people involved – and hundreds of missing people, and hundreds of eye witnesses and over 300 photographic evidence, and TV networks – all involved in a cover up .. oh, and the US President, the White House, the CIA and FBI .. and yet not ONE person is named, can be revealed, sold their story… this is just childish gibberish made up by people who weren’t there and know nothing about it.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  294. WS says:

    One further comment to Carlton Meyer and others.

    Let me get this right.

    Israeli intelligence spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars devising the greatest attack since Pearl Harbour, involving thousands of people, huge risk, sending operatives world wide, infiltrating the highest levels of the US and killing 3000 of their allies … and yet these same evil Zionists cannot even defeat a rag-tag bunch of Gazans, cannot undermine Hezbollah, cannot control the West Bank, cannot secure their borders, cannot stop their own media from exposing their prime minister, cannot stop corruption trail against its former President … but they can somehow mastermind this incredible attack on its ally?

    Don’t you think they would have used all this know how to maybe bomb Tehran? I mean, that’s their enemy. But no, they attack the USA in the hope they won’t be caught, so the US can invade Afghanistan (no threat to Israel), then invade Iraq, which strengthened Iran, who is their real enemy.

    Have a think about all this. Who benefits? Iran. Lebannon. Turkey and Jordan. Who does Israel fear? Iran, Lebannon, Turkey and Jordan.

  295. annamaria says:

    “There is something monstrous in the idea that a government can deceive and terrorize its own citizens by killing thousands of them, just for starting a series of wars that are not even in the nation’s interest. ”
    — Correct. The is why the name “Cheney” is repulsive for posterity.

    • Agree: Moi
  296. annamaria says:

    “She had no experience on Russia. She was an affirmative action hire…”

    — Thank you for the correction. Condi Rice is a hate-filled monster, incompetent, murderous, lying — but “pious” X-tian.
    She and the “pious” Bush the lesser absolutely deserve excommunication. They are soaked in the blood of the innocence.

    • Agree: Druid55
  297. annamaria says:

    You can see the same “hatred in his eyes” when a fanatical Jew talks about Arabs. This is tribal. And this is not our, westerners, business how these cousins sort out their relationships.

    Also, if the US citizenry ever tries to free themselves from the rapacious supremacist Jews, the citizenry would experience the same unbounded hatred as has been doled out by Jews to Persians, Germans, and Russians. The greater are Jewish crimes against a host country, the greater is their hatred towards the victimized natives.

    • Replies: @Truth3
  298. annamaria says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “…it’s an odd comment … ”

    Not at all. “Other parts of Europe” include slavic-speaking countries where people had (and have) quite complex surnames. Among Jewish emigres to the US were Berdyanskys, Berdichevskies, Joselewicz, Mileikovskies, Preobrazhenskies, Sokolovksies, and so on.

    Why had Ben Cardin’ parents changed their last name (Kardonsky) after moving to the US?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  299. @annamaria

    You actually reinforce the original point, which you seem to have overlooked. What could be more natural and sensible than someone called say Shlomo Berdichevski settling in England in the early 20th century to change his surname to Lewis (or Smith or Jones)? And if your parents, having changed their surnames to Lewis called you “Bernard Lewis” what an odd comment it indeed is to suggest that it is deceitful to use that name as author. And that’s without taking account of non English speaking migrants arriving at the docks in London and required to give a name but being illiterate in Yiddish and Russian. What happens when they proffer a bit of paper with what might be their name in Cyrillic script? They end up with the name written down by a Customs clerk, that’s what (I know such a family).

    • Replies: @RobinG
  300. Robjil says:

    Read Solving 911 by Christopher Bollyn. He has lots evidence that it was an Israeli job. Deception is the way we wage wars – is Mossad’s motto. 9/11 is a Judaic numerology combo. The tree of life is ten – ten Sefirots, aspects, of Yahweh. One less or one more is evilness from the tree of life number. Wesley Clark saw the memo what to do after the nine eleven set-up. It called for the destruction of seven nations in five years. This idea is from Deuteronomy 7.1-2. The US is still working on the seven for Israel. Iran is the only one left of the seven that has not yet been attacked. Purim theme is a common time for the major attacks. 2003 Iraq was attacked on Purim day. 2011 Libya was attacked on Purim day. Will Iran be attacked on Purim day 2019?

    • Agree: R2b
  301. Anonymous [AKA "Anna Ohanoglu"] says: • Website
    @Carlton Meyer

    Araik Sargsyan: “Putin is not satisfied with the Mossad.”
    “Putin is not happy with the Mossad. The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz recently published an interesting article with a similar title. We would not have taken this article seriously if it had not been for the events related to the group of women who desecrated the Christian church in Moscow. The so-called Pussy Riot has become an instrument of foreign policy pressure on Russia in general, and on President Vladimir Putin in particular, ”Araik Sargsyan, academician and president of the Academy of Geopolitics, wrote on the Yerkramas website.

  302. @Carroll Price

    Dear Mr. Price,

    Be careful of your broad brush when you go dismissing certain theories as not being applicable.

    The USGS analysis of the dusts lists in its data tables the presence of Uranium and its decay elements. They discuss other toxic elements, but not these. However, these are finger-prints for fusion.

    And then we have the tritium report with stilted goals from the onset (e.g., to attribute measured tritium to building content) and no need for thorough authoritative measurements. It redefined “trace” to be 55 times greater than it was. Tritium is a component in all Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW), many of which are descendants of the infamous “neutron bomb”.

    And then we have the significant percentage of tiny iron spheres in the dust of the lobby of a neighboring building (to name one analysis/report). A&E9/11Truth suggests nano-thermite created these, but the quantities are obscene even before considering the quantities needed to maintain under-rubble hot-spots and would have been unspent from the initial pulverizing task.

    Fission-triggered fusion were the FGNW devices. The yield was already tactical and sub-kiloton per device (with multiple devices per tower). However, 80% of the yield was highly energetic neutrons (that don’t linger) but that do penetrate content delivering high amounts of energy deep within the atomic structure of things it hits. The 20% remaining of the yield was in classical heat wave, blast wave, and EMP — greatly muted.

    Most of the time when nuclear device are discussed with regards to 9/11, they are framed purposely wrong and built on the nuclear fears instilled and hyped by media for over half a century. They are framed as “large, single devices and planted deep under ground” and therefore can’t even address the evidence.

    Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Judy Wood both did very crappy research into 9/11 nuclear devices. I learned this doing my own research with a focus of what was known to be the state in 2001. How could they both have missed Dr. Andre Gsponer who had been writing authoritatively about FGNW for more than a decade before either Dr. Jones or Dr. Wood penned their shoddy and incomplete dismissive efforts.

    Rather than bore readers here, more details at:


    • LOL: Half Back
  303. Don’t fall for the fallacy that it was “either (US government) insiders or (Arab/Israeli) outsiders.” It was both. On the inside front, the multiple distracting war games that were in play on the day is exhibit A; Israeli’s didn’t plan or control them although may have planned to take advantage of them. Israeli Mossad is the logical boots-to-the-ground outsourcing agency to give US insiders plausible deniability.

    The article refers to Ace Baker. All disinformation has a solid foundation of truth before it leads you astray. Our job is to mine those disinformation sources for the still valid nuggets of truth. I was duped by September Clues, NPT, etc. for several years. Wouldn’t be surprised if they themselves weren’t Mossad actions aimed at undermining 9/11 Truth.

    I consider Mr. Baker’s efforts disinformation, mostly because ample evidence exists that real planes were involved at the WTC: 10 separate instances of pieces of landing gear landing outside the towers; an engine that went through a corner, hit a building, and landed at church & murray.

    Also because when you study closely the physics of the towers and the planes, NPT requires assumptions that don’t hold true. For example, the implication is made that the tower’s resistance to an incoming aircraft is constant. No; once the wall assemblies are breached — by connecting bolts shearing, by assemblies being pushed out of the way, by hollow box columns of the assemblies getting bent & broken — comparatively little building structure or content would be present to prevent further forward penetration of the fuselage.

    Another example are the wings and tail that many claim “should have bounced off of the towers.” The velocity-squared term in the energy equation at high velocities changes the outcomes from expectations of low-velocity crashes. Namely, the energy is so great, that the materials of the wings themselves shatter locally (while also damaging the hollow box columns of the wall assemblies.) The wings would not act as cohesive wholes and bounce. As for the tail, the fuselage had already plowed a path for it to enter.

    A final example, NPTers often talk about the plane traveling its own length in the same number of frames whether traveling through air or entering the towers. This is perfectly true, but is used purposely incorrectly. Let’s ignore tolerances on starting/ending points for measuring the plane’s travel using pixels of a video taken from a distance. Owing to the relatively slow frame rate (24 frames/second) of the recording device, a range of (high) velocities could satisfy the equation and give the same number of frames. In other words, this form of digital error (e.g., converting to individual frames at 24 frames/second) would mask some of the deceleration. Yet NPTers claim there was none.


  304. Floda says:

    The Jet engine found at Church and Murray St’s was from a Boeing 737 smaller Passenger aircraft about the size of a large dust bin, while the engines on a B 757 or B 767 are size of a small flat bed truck.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  305. Ok….So now it still remains a question of motives.. Arm twisting the unwilling into strategic conflicts in the Middle East could have been achieved in a dozen other ( less logistically complex) ways. It would appear the MANY birds were killed with one stone on 9/11. It appears that the entire operation was departmentalized. The actual over-reaching “conspiracy” conceived by very few. Pointing the finger at “Israel” as the mastermind does not make clean sense.

    Above all this seems a criminal operation……undertaken by criminals. Insurance fraud, bank robbery,extortion, war profiteering. Criminals have an uncanny way of slithering to top positions in governments and intelligence agencies. They are willing to murder to get ahead. This is the advantage they have over the rest of us…like Cain I suppose…killing his brother to acquire his flocks was the quick way to get ahead.

    Maybe “we” (the people of all nations) have sleepily allowed criminals to gain control of our most powerful institutions. And from this vantage point (upon the proverbial high ground) they are able to prey upon us all.

    I don’t think the 9/11 perpetrators had the best interests ( or even the advancement) of the Jewish people in mind….or the best interests of any people or nation in mind. But rather the advancement of a few at the cost of “ALL” the rest of us…

  306. onebornfree says: • Website

    This just in:

    all of the original “live” US MSM broadcasts on the morning of 09/11/01, are 100% prefabricated C.G.I. constructs [ i.e. movies made wholly on computers prior to 9/11].

    This has been fully and amply [and repeatedly] demonstrated by lone 9/11 researcher Simon Shack, in his “September Clues” series of video analyses.

    For example, see: [ near bottom of page]: The 9/11 Scam: The Faked MSM “Live” Imagery:

    Regards, onebornfree

  307. Anonymous [AKA "MaryV"] says:

    9/11 was a black ops conducted for many reasons. Besides inflating budgets, 9/11 was a giant step forward for the NWO agenda. The communist plot is being dismantled after a code was broken leading into Obama’s election. Obama – Osama is far from coincidental. Here’s a leak exposing a covert war on Communism with Trump serving as the fall guy.

    (Proof we have a state-run media and why)

  308. Anonymous [AKA "jmni53"] says:
    @The Alarmist

    And the fact that it was shown empirically that a cell phone wouldn’t work at that altitude means nothing? According to Boeing, the 767 cannot attain 506 knots of airspeed at that altitude due to structural airframe limitations.
    In short, it would come apart. Lastly, video of the tower’s collapse clearly shows structural beams being flung horizontally, and squibs exiting the building structure below the collapse. That seems pretty unequivocal.

  309. It’s truly amazing what the Jews have achieved in the USA for just about a century – a huge and prosperous country that is only for them and works only for their interests. The American population, like a big flock of sheep, is working hard and dying on the battlefields to satisfy the pervert interests of its Jewish masters and it doesn’t even realize it. It’s a happy flock. Maybe Judaism is correct in that goyim are not benadam (human, lit. sons of Adam)? Maybe Americans really are just sheep? It seems more so each next day.

  310. Mark Hunter says: • Website
    @John McFarland

    There is considerable genuine evidence for Guyénot’s conclusion but some of the evidence he gives isn’t of that kind.

    The fact that Alan Sabrosky’s article appeared in Veterans Today hosted by the well-known fraud Gordon Duff is enough to make one suspicious of him. If the following can be believed Sabrosky was never a “professor at the U.S. Army War College and the U.S. Military Academy” and indeed had no credentials that make his remarks on 9/11 any more important than yours or mine:

    Yes, the planes could not have flown at the speeds they did close to the ground, but then they were not flying anywhere near the ground.

    Explosives no more account for the presence of the molten metal than the conversion of the kinetic energy of a falling skyscraper into heat does.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  311. @Mark Hunter

    Thanks for keeping the tread alive. The planes flew not exactly close to the ground but low enough for the air density to be just about as thick as if they were tree hopping. There’s actually little to no evidence that actual commercial planes were used anyway. See the videos made by Simon Shack (September Clues) that other commenters have posted on this site and available on YouTube.

    The presence of the molten metal weeks after the event is not accounted for by any type of widely known explosives but would be possible if the explosives used were of a type that left an ongoing chemical reaction of some sort. I do not know of any such type but my exposure to explosives is quite limited.

    As to John Farland’s comment that he wouldn’t expect Israel to be concerned about Afghanistan, we should remember that it is a vast, rich reservoir of untapped resources and, more importantly, that control of Afghanistan is a vital component of The Great Game, the domination of the Eurasian land mass as part of the goal of global domination. The very creation of Israel is part of that even though some people (Jews and some ‘Christians’) may see Israel as the end result, others might see it as just a tool to be used to attain a greater goal.

  312. Next, the US government will create laws that allows Israel to attack bad American citizens with Directed Energy Weapons like 5G. A negative Social Score and criticism of Israel will make you a target.

    Oh wait…..

    H.R.6725 – United States-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act

  313. K14 says:

    “inside job” is the correct term to use for the false flag atrocity engineered in the USI (United States of IsraHell) by the USI murderous gang. No distinction needed they are one.

  314. @jilles dykstra

    You don’t need planes and missiles when the buildings are wired with explosives to be demolished. You need fake pictures and fakes witnesses to blame it on someone else.

  315. It seems like quite a mental stretch to blame the Jews for this. How do you explain all the other mass murders by radical Islamic terrorists on US soil? But if the Israelis really wanted to be an ally to the USA, they would help to fund our protective wall on the southern border, rather than the other way around. US politicians will not allocate funds to protect American citizens, but they sent hundreds of millions to help to fund Israel’s wall, Jordan’s wall and Tunisa’s wall, with none of these countries—including Israel with its mighty wall-building capacity—helping to fund the Trump Wall to protect Americans.

    • Replies: @HBM
  316. Anonymous [AKA "Bozzytiger"] says:

    She lived in Denver next door to Bibi’s father, google it.

  317. @Skeptikal

    This seems unnecessarily complicated. Why not just get some paid-off, duped Arabs to terrorize the passengers and then fly the actual plane remotely? Seems much easier and more reliable than your overly complicated plot.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  318. @Iris

    Their plan is to use artificial intelligence to enslave the world. Their coming Messiah is AI super-intelligence, to rule the world. As of now, they are absolutely succeeding. This is why Musk is alarmed. Note his many references to AI’s ability to “enslave” humanity.

  319. Skeptikal says:
    @Unknown Questioner

    It is not “my” plot.
    It is a plausible reconstruction of how it was possible for passengers on the plane to communicate with their husbands or others on the ground supposedly from the plane when it was in the air. In other words how the “theater” of the Shanksville plane was probably carried out.

    It is the “plot,” prsented as fiction, of what really happened as conjectured by Rebakah Roth, in “Methodical Illusion. ”

  320. Tuney Loons says: • Website

    No planes crashed anywhere on 9/11/01! A&E911truth is a limited hangout.
    Good info otherwise.

  321. Anonymous [AKA "Joe in Ireland"] says:

    This link is now a 404 on that site. Why did they remove that photo I wonder.

  322. Jesse says:

    Just because Zionism benefited from 9/11, doesn’t mean Israel did 9/11.

    • Agree: james charles
    • LOL: profnasty
  323. Follow the money: The Balfour declaration implicates the Rothschilds. In the USA the money we use is primarily from private banks when they tender signed promissory notes.

    So we have a total of 14 trillion dollars as the official money supply, but we have 1.70 trillion dollars created by the government based on treasury securities. Whey do we need to base the government money based on treasury securities because this does not hinder inflation. Banks endogenous money is entirely based on debt and the only reason we are able to pay it back is because of the velocity of money. But a hundreds of years ago it was discovered that issuing credit too fast and to much destroys the effect of the velocity of money. And why would banks not want to do precisely that when they get free houses each time there is a foreclosures because the loans did not come from the deposits or the Federal Reserve. The loans came from tendering signed promissory notes. Fractional Reserve lending and its multiplicity effect is a way for banks to explain the money expansion although it has been debunked for decades.

    So you need to basically understand that our money has been compromise and once money is compromised everything else falls. This falls include government and corporations. So now these Zionist bankers wants a super power Jewish state and they can do it because they control America’s money supply. So they use mossad to expand that state by having the USA fight its war. This is purpose of 9/11.

  324. Oracle says:

    911 was a catalyst to further Jewish interests in the Middle East. Western government, media, education, economies, social movements, judiciary and so on are also dominated by Jewish interests. Not nonsense.

  325. HBM says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    To me the most likely scenario, if there is one, is Israelis in league with Saudis (for whom there is lots of incriminating stuff going on with the San Diego and Florida cells) and Neocon American Jews. They orchestrated the hijackers, encouraging and facilitating the attack. Posing as someone else and effectively duping Muslim terrorists to commit acts is not a new or unprecedented thing for America or Israel. No planes, no hijackers, bombs is all coo coo for cocoa puffs and always has been. None of it is needed, which is why it strikes certain people as doing a lot more harm than good for those interested in finding the truth. The Dancing Israelis minus the coo coo has always been the only compelling “conspiracy” theory, for me.

    The new photos are interesting and frustrating. The 9/10 date on some of the photos is potentially the smoking gun– and yet it quite isn’t. The FBI having claimed to destroy the photos a decade ago but now revealing them is strange. The FBI crudely manipulating the photos to obscure the state of the Towers is prima facie damning, yet it is so egregious that you have to wonder why they would do it at all if they were interested in not revealing anything.

    • Agree: Half Back
  326. wow, what an excellent commentary of what really transpired!!!
    Notice the three exclamation points!!!

    Heartbreaking when one actually understands the Crimes Against Humanity orchestrated by the Satanic inspired Zio-American cartel!!!

    Rest assured these filthy unhuman maggots will soon be destroyed —
    Below are a few links to gain an understanding from a truly spiritual perspective — this is a viewpoint outside of the Zionist infiltrated religion known as Christianity which is simply a chrisian cult!!!!!!

  327. Truth3 says:

    If you don’t think Jews did 9/11 then you were not paying attention in Physics or Stat & Prob when you were in school… or, you were too stupid to take the classes and learn the basics.

    Either way, your opinion is like your exit orifice. Stinky and worthless.

  328. Truth3 says:

    The greater are Jewish crimes against a host country, the greater is their hatred towards the victimized natives.

    True… True… True…

  329. @Carlton Meyer

    There is a new study released by the University of Alaska Institute of Northern Engineers which concludes that the WTC7 collapse was global and not the result of fires.

  330. SupremeLaw says: • Website

    Executive Summary to U.S. Coast Guard Investigations, San Diego Harbor:

  331. TD says:

    If you want WHO and WHY see Christopher Bollyn’s extensive repository of work

  332. I thought I heard that there is a recording of Silverstein saying “We’re pulling it”, right before WTC #7 went down. If so, that implies all three buildings were taken down with explosives. Can anyone verify this?

    Also, about a month after the 9/11 Attacks, there was a breaking CNN Story about an attack on the Parliament of Mexico. But the story was immediately quashed here, although it was headline news in Mexico. It turned out that an Israeli ex-pat and a Mossad agent were caught entering the building with C-4 explosives. They had fake Saudi Arabian Passports. The plan was to follow up the 9/11 Attack with something else to cement the whole thing.

  333. JINSA is what connects everything and everyone involved. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton all card carrying members.

  334. @Anonymous

    you are completely taking those Bible verses out of context, the chosen of God, the Israel of God are people who have trust in God and his son, the Saviour Jesus Christ, The Jews (Judeans) are invited to receive the free gift, salvation through Christ Jesus. The Khazarian Talmudic Ashkenazi fucker posing as Jews are nothing more than Sabbatean Franks aka the synagogue of satan and their dastardly unconsciable machinations to end the world as we know it prove that. They must be resisted at all levels by patriots and true Christians

    • Replies: @Anon
  335. Ahoy says:

    Try to understand what this guy is saying.

    When somebody needs the total might of the U,S. to help him in his M.E. plans he has to give them more than a solid reason in order for America to take this step. A hit inside America itself is ideal.

  336. Sam J. says:

    “…No, that is not true. The wind load was not the highest load on the building and it was not designed for 2000 times overload of the weight…”

    No you are wrong. First it’s not 2000 times but 2000% which is different all together. This number comes from the designer of the building in an article in,

    [28] John Skilling, comments in the “Engineering News Record”, 2 April 1964.Archived online at

    I found this in an article a Hasbara linked article which was supposed to prove that the fall was normal. To rephrase, it was a debunking-debunking article. Unfortunately for them the facts got in the way an they provided me with info I didn’t have before. Namely that the wind load is very high so peak design loads were on the order of 2000% from the normal weight bearing loads and the buildings outer columns were designed for this. Search for this in the article,

    “…Engineering News Record from 1964, claiming that the Towers were designed to withstand incredible damage: [T]hese reports said that “live loads on these [perimeter] columns can be increased more than 2000% before failure occurs” and that “one could cut away all of the first-story columns on one side of the building, and part way from the corners of the perpendicular sides, and the building
    could still withstand design live loads and a 100-mph wind force from any direction.”[27]…”

    He goes on and tries to debunk this but it is what the designer said and is true because the wind loads are very high.

    They have this sort of trouble because every time they start quoting facts they lose. The facts are the building should have never fallen. None of them.

    Building 1 and 2 don’t matter anyways in proving the Jew attack on 9-11. Building 7 fell the same speed as if it were only held up by AIR. We all know this is impossible. There’s just no way fires on four or so floors vaporizes all the steel and concrete in the building for over 100 feet into a gas the density of AIR.

  337. Sam J. says:

    “…But you cannot make an argument that the buildings were too strong to fall from gravitation…”

    I certainly can. All the info you posted above this is horse-shit and meaningless gobbledygook meant to confuse people. Steel has an enormous plastic range where it stretches while absorbing energy. That’s why they make cars out of it.

    The buildings columns are meant to hold up all the mass above them plus a generous amount on top of that. This does not even factor in the plastic bending that would absorb way, way, way higher energy as it came down. It would never ever, ever flatten all the way to the bottom.

    Steel is not like glass that breaks all at once. It bends.

    For those that want to see that it’s nonsense about the top crushing the bottom look at this astonishingly good video by a Mechanical Engineer.

  338. RayJC says: • Website

    Inside? Outside?

    In December 1998, Former US Defence Secretary Ash Carter, US Undersecretary of Defence John Deutch and Philip Zelikow, Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, colluded to write this in Foreign Affairs Journal,

    A successful attack with weapons of mass destruction could certainly take thousands, or tens of thousands, of lives. If the device that exploded in 1993 under the World Trade Center had been nuclear, or had effectively dispersed a deadly pathogen, the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it.

    Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949.

    Like Pearl Harbor, this event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures, scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either further terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks.

    I find it curious it happened just like that 3 years later, and one of the Authors, Jewish, was able to control what information the 9/11 Commission was able to see?

  339. Blah, blah..”.. 9/11 ..Israeli Inside Job .. focussing on the Jews is not productive…blah, blah..I [think (ed: do you?)] it unlikely that the whole Western power elite acts according to Jewish interests…British Empire,,blah,blah… House of Welf…some Jewish front men.. divert attention…Jewish world conspiracy…blah,blah”

    Do you have Bell’s Palsy, Down’s syndrome or did your rebbi give you Herpes at your bris ?
    Ever hear of the Rothschilds? That the RedShields extracted a promise out of the U.K. Cabinet to create Israel in 1917 is an historical fact. The Sarsuq family, Greek Catholics from Lebanon and Red Shield agents, were instrumental in Bribing Turkish officials to approve land sales to the Zionists in the 1920’s as the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Israel would not exist were it not for JEWISH POWER. The idea that Israhell could be excluded from a discussion of 9/11 is absurd.
    You sir, are an idiot, a shill and a liar.
    “Please stop this nonsense.” TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE.

  340. @Iris

    I agree with your conclusions.
    Lewis could read Ottoman Turkish and even spent enough time in Turkish State Archives to be familiar with staff that worked their. Yet, he never incorporated any of his archival work in his published work. Clearly, his archival work was related to real world work as a dragoman.
    Lewis is one of the most deceptive 20th century Historians and with his passing his work has been dismissed as bias and, largely, irrelevant. Just another Jewish Hack is what I have concluded.
    Paul Kennedy’s work on the cycle of Empires is playing out right now with the U.S.. It is sad to watch. Judaism hitched itself to the American horse and has ridden it into the ground.
    I people knew how much Israeli archaeologists are suppressing of the early history of Christianity/Judaism, specifically the period from Christ’s death to the Arab invasions of the Levant they would be shocked. The truth, that Judaism and Christianity had no clear boundaries and only later, prior to the high middle ages, was Judaism purged of it’s “Christian” elements and reformulated under Maimonides is being hidden. A people of pathological rejection of truth.

  341. @Them Guys

    Them Guys
    An excellent, succinct explanation. Your conclusions are ones I have arrived at independently.
    Jews would never want to admit, openly, how much they pray to Lucifer for aid. But they do. The Orthodox anyways. I have examined the Talmud and concluded it is a repudation of the Torah, in the sense that the Talmud always allows a Jew an out. It is not a religion of love or peace but a methodology of hatred, abusing others and rule following. Christianity is a true faith of love of self, God and others as is Buddhism. Few religions even come close to the spiritual depth of Christianity and Buddhism truly religions of peace and love.

  342. Sam J. says:

    “…Jews would never want to admit, openly, how much they pray to Lucifer for aid. But they do. The Orthodox anyways. I have examined the Talmud and concluded it is a repudation of the Torah…”

    We don’t need the Talmud to see the Jew worship Satan. We can just see what Jesus said.

    JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

  343. Article above is dated Sept. 10, 2019.

    Some thoughts of 9/11: Simplicity trumps complexity in arguing for an explanation. I have FlightSimulator 9 (and X) installed and have simmed it for a time. Small planes are figidity and hard to control. Huge jet airplanes once under control are directionally very stable. After takeoff, the planes are flown from waypoint to waypoint from east coast to California for example. Actually feeding a new heading into a flight control system the next waypoint after reaching the previous waypoint is not difficult. Mohammed Atta, knowing the waypoints for a cross-country flight from Boston to California could with a compass and watch know pretty much where the plane was. Once the cockpit was rushed and he was driving, he or his co-pilot would feed in a new heading, the southern tip of Manhattan. I suppose that Atta would take the plane off flight control when Manhattan hove into sight and hand fly it into a tower. And ditto for the other planes. Atta and the other pilots had enrolled in American flight schools. Microsoft FlightSimulator is in fact used in flight schools.

    Atta the man is not an imaginery construct. Born in Egypt, took a M.A. in city planning at a Hamburg university,went to Beirut and wrote a thesis on traditional souk architecture, got religion, attended an American flight school, etc.

    On 9/11 a friend phoned and said turn on the TV. I saw the second plane fly into the second tower, the first tower already engulfed in smoke. Apparently I was seeing a replay of video footage. The plane seemed to be painted in the livery of an airline. I cannot find such a video in the Internet. In fact, I could find no closeups of the second plane much less the first plane. Makes one wonder.

    I read in the comments here that one plane was painted grey, had no windows, had a rocket strapped to it. I assume those opinions are based on still pictures or video but are also unfindable in the Internet. Seems like the last thing the conspirators would do.

    If anyone is still monitoring this thread, I would very much appreciate reading a summing up of the arguments for 9/11 being a false flag operation.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  344. rad says:

    Now what? Shouldn’t we arrest them before they do 9/12?

  345. Madsen’s “The Star and The Sword”. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and US Intelligence is the un-holy alliance that’s the maturation of Fascism ———- Again.

  346. ThomasT says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Another BS cover job.. and a dozen Saudis who died in the airplanes.. Pilots who ‘fly’ holograms don’t die. Try another angle, dummy.

  347. The Saudis finaced 9 11. The Mossad/CIA executed 9 11 and Bush/Cheney and cronies authorized the mass murder that was 9 11.. Trump knows it but won’t do a damn thing about it bcz Trump is a zionist owned puppet.

  348. Cletus says:

    In the first few paragraphs the wtc collapse was described as ‘pyroclastic flow’. This is a misunderstanding of what pyroclastic flow actually is, and such description should be omitted from the article. Everything else seems correct though.

  349. Paul1776 says:

    Even if it could be indisputably proved that Israel attacked the US on 911 the US will never prosecute the thousands of US citizens that conspired in executing this attack and it certainly will never declare war on Israel or the Jewish nation in diaspora. It is much more likely that they will simply outlaw anti-Semitism thereby making discussions such as these illegal; in effect formally surrendering to Israel.

  350. Daniel says:

    Interesting that none here have made the connection to and with the Jews and the Freemasons.

  351. anon[111] • Disclaimer says:


    This “Unit 8200” is how Israel had the means to hijack airplanes in flight and remotely control these planes flight to a predetermined target of 911 World Trade Center.

  352. The “inside job” and “Mossad job” theories are BOTH correct.
    It was a joint operation of the US government and Mossad, and potentially a few others (the German government comes to mind — at the very least, they helped with the coverup by completely botching the investigation into Atta’s alleged time in Hamburg).

    As shown in the article, Mossad was clearly involved. But they couldn’t have done it without the involvement of the US government (or at least significant parts thereof).

    Look at Bush: He was at a well-publicized location (PR photo-op in a school) a mere 8 miles from an airport. When it was clear there was an attack, Andy Card stepped in and told him about it, and Bush remained in the class. The secret service did nothing to protect him — so they KNEW he (and by extension the school) weren’t a possible target.

    Mossad had no way of making sure all the defenses around the most heavily guarded airspace in the world happened to “fail” that day. Cheney did.

    Furthermore, the US government, not Mossad and not Israel, was in charge of the investigation that turned out to be the worst coverup in history.

  353. anon[111] • Disclaimer says:

    Posted by George Freund on September 14, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    What are the odds that an avant garde Austrian art group was given access to the 91st floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center to remove windows, erect platforms outside the structure and leave material that could only be viewed by a close passing helicopter on a clear day? Well they are 100%.

    What are the odds the art troupe are named after an explosive called Gelatin? What are the odds this group is sponsored by a cultural group who has an Israeli agent as a member who lived blocks from Mohammed Atta the terrorist who hated modern art and crashed an aircraft into it? Well they are 100%.

    What are the odds that the markings on the cases that lined the walls of the space they were using were the same markings used for a special fuse holder assembly that allows for complex wiring? Well they are 100% too.

    What are the odds the New York Times actually published a full page feature in August even showing pictures of the artists at work? Yes 100%.

    What are the odds the graphic above if found in the hands of a Muslim in Iraq or Afghanistan would get you a one way ticket to Guantanimo with no chance to escape the water boarding season? Well more than 100% for sure.




    Of course not to be outdone Gelatin produced a book on their exploits at the World Trade Center.

    The B-Thing

    Walter König, Cologne, 2001

    ISBN: 3-8837-507-9

    32 pages, colour throughout, embossed hard covers

    Text: Tex Rubinowitz

    Photos: Maria Ziegelböck, Thomas Sandbichler, Susanne Wimmer, gelatin

    Layout: Johannes Heuer

    The B-Thing uncovers the truth behind the rumours of Gelatin’s construction of an improvised balcony on the 91st floor of the World Trade Centre in New York. Through preparatory notes written by the boys, diagrams and colour photographs, we are finally able to glimpse the pink sunrise over New York from Gelatin’s eyes.

    The completed project the little white addition in the upper middle. You can clearly see how precious this art is and what a terrible shame it was destroyed on September 11th. I would tend to place my bets it was a homing device for the aircraft to zero in on the target. Mohammed Atta hit two floors above.

    90th floor WTC 1 B-Thing Israeli art students ready to remove a window

    Members in their construction rigging and apparatus for the observation deck (crop) Notice the BB18

    Members in their construction rigging and apparatus for the observation deck (Full) What if these boxes are actually explosives? What if other spaces were similarly packed?

    Diagram of observation deck

    Boxes framing the observation deck area

    There seems to be little mistake in this image that the towers have been doomed and that these artists are a cover for part of the demolition team.

    Many people feel the jumpers were staged. Anyway this piece of art has great significance as a pre 9/11 piece. NO ONE COULD HAVE SUSPECTED THAT A PLANE WOULD CRASH INTO THE TRADE CENTER never mind jump from it.




    Pig iron containing manganese; used as a deoxidizing agent and to raise the manganese content in making steel








    (SCHWA…B An American Bank MAX withdrawal?)

    Part Number: BB18

    Series: POWR-BAR Busbar

    POWR-BAR Busbar Data Sheet


    Last Uploaded: July 10, 2009

    POWR-BAR&trade Bus Bar

    Safe distribution of power to multiple fuse holders in a compact design is a key objective for panel designers. The Littelfuse UL508 bus bar system eliminates most wire terminations in a timesaving package. A power distribution block and associated conductors are no longer needed to feed multiple POWR-SAFE™ fuse holders.


    Decreases wiring terminations

    Small footprint reduces space requirements

    Reduces assembly time

    Prevents accidental finger exposure

    Quick and safe method of changing fuse holder configurations

    Allows for future expansion

    Improves troubleshooting

    Eliminates power distribution block

    RoHS compliant and lead (Pb) free


    An art display at a gallery showing the New York Times feature

    This image is on the Gelatin website. Considering the jumpers from the WTC, it implies much. Was it their role to make it look like people jumped or to relish the event in a demented way.

    This photo shows human forms in window frames of the dimensions of the WTC. The shot is from the Naudet film on the bridge between the Marriot and the North Tower. If police and fireman saw these things, it’s no wonder they were left in the collapsing towers.

    The B-Thing

    The book is copyright 2001 Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Koln. I’ll include more credits at the end of this post.

    In short, the work purports to document a March 6, 2000 attempt by art students occupying “studiospace provided by the lower manhatten cultural council (all quoted passages are reproduced as they originally appear, replete with poetically licensed grammar, punctuation, spelling, and line breaks) on the “91. floor of world trade center 1.”

    “gelatin is on a floor with other artists who are part of this studio program.

    gelatins space (the window, where the action will happen), is walled in with a

    system of cardboard boxes.

    other artists sharing 91. floor do not know what we are planing and doing.

    the construction of the balcony and all other preparations are not visible

    for them.”

    The narrative continues:

    “the balcony is a prefabriacted construction, made by gelatin.

    one person at a time will be able to stand on it.

    the balcony will be camouflaged.

    it will be built to be as less visible as possible for any passerby on the street.

    it will be taken apart the moment after beeing pulled back in.”


    “one window will be taken out.

    the removing of the window is done in a professional and secured action.

    no constructive parts of the building will be removed or damaged.

    there will not be any visible traces, after the window will have been put

    back in.”

    Finally (for this post)”

    “nobody but gelatin is officially involved into the project.

    there will be an attorney telling gelatin how to behave.

    there will be an attorney responsible to handle the case for gelatin.”

    A brief section of glossy color photographs “documents” the project. Individuals, apparently of college age, are depicted; all males are turned away from the camera. Two Asian females appear in full-face shots. The majority of pages depict drawings and calculations.

    Photos of the balcony — a narrow, cramped space protruding between exterior support columns — appear to have been taken from ground level, and these images are grainy and, well, unconvincing. Also, there are photos that appear to have been shot from the balcony itself.

    This is a most troubling and thought-provoking little publication. If what it documents is nothing more than a successful prank-as-statement by European and Asian art students, then what does it tell us about the vulnerability of the WTC, just prior to the attacks, to this sort of “tampering”?

    Or is there more to the story?

    Art students … Hmmm …

    From the copyright page, more credits:

    Text: Tex Rubinowitz

    Photos: Maria Ziegelbock, Thomas Sandbichler, Susanne Wimmer, Gelatin

    Translation: Jonathan Quinn

    Reproductions: Cyberlab, Vienna

    Layout: Johannes Heuer

    Print: Groebner Druck, Oberhart

    Binding: Papyrus, Vienna

    Courtesy: Leo Koenig Inc./New York

    Galerie Meyer Kainer/Vienna


  354. anon[111] • Disclaimer says:

    How the Jews Prepared the WTC for Destruction the Crime of the Century and Got Away with it:

  355. At the risk of blunting Occam’s razor, may I suggest something simpler to explain 911?
    Because I try only mention undeniable facts, I do not treat the dancing Israelis, but it is worth noting that the deconstructor company mentioned in the essay was rumoured to have moved their headquarters to Saudi Arabia from the US, and reportedly had many Israeli contractors. The ones celebrating were indeed just “documenting the job” they were sent to do, namely demolish the WTC.
    My explanation leaves no loose ends, not one, it was just business….Or you can hook me up with that dude who makes indestructable passports for “Jihadi’s”. (Jihad does not mean Holy War)

  356. “We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem”
    — These are not the droids you are looking for.

    James Corbett did a short video explaining the hoaxery of 9/11.

    Of COURSE israel did 9/11. The Fox story proved it, which is why Fox scrubbed their own story.
    After reading about all of the cohencidences involving israel and 9/11, one has to either believe, or turn the doublethink up to 11.
    I also do not think there were any planes. Those were CGI inserts.
    I am also dubious of the number of dead. I think many of the victims were vicsims created in photoshop. There has been much written about this.

  357. Gazzie says:

    Yeah, look at the debris being ejcted outward in 4 different directions when the towers started to explode, even if it was 10%, that adds up to 40% less weight to crush the huge frame below.
    The official fake story is ridiculous.

  358. Anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jew Michael Bloomberg the MASTER OF THE 9/11 COVER-UP FOR PRESIDENT?

    Why is Michael Bloomberg, Knight of the British Empire, running for president?

    November 10, 2019



    Though 9/11 made Michael Bloomberg mayor, he’s sometimes seemed insensitive about its aftereffects on others—he once memorably said he wanted to tell widows they needed to “suck it up” and move on.
    – Bloomberg, Michael, “The mayor’s tough, crucial attitude: Get over it,” by Chris Smith, New York Magazine, August 27, 2011

    Michael Bloomberg is the chairman of the board of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, an institution dedicated to propagating the official “myth” about 9/11, which is utterly false and disproven by the facts. People like Bloomberg, who have knowingly covered up the evidence and promoted a pack of lies about 9/11, are complicit in the greatest crime against the people of the United States.
    You might wonder why Michael Bloomberg, a 77-year-old billionaire and former mayor of New York City, would want to join the race as a Democratic candidate for president.

    Bloomberg seems to change political parties with the changing winds. Before 2001, he was a Democrat; he was a Republican from 2001 thru 2007; an Independent from 2007 to 2018; and is, once again, a Democrat since 2018, in time to join the race for president.

    So, why is he running? The first thing that comes to mind is 9/11. Bloomberg was mayor of NYC for an unprecedented three-terms, serving from the beginning of 2002 through 2013. As the post-9/11 mayor for 12 years, Bloomberg managed the suppression of 9/11 truth in the city where thousands of people are victims and eyewitnesses of the atrocity – and where many know that the official story is a pack of lies. He then oversaw the construction of the 9/11 memorial and museum, an institution dedicated to protecting the official myth, which he runs as chairman of the board.


    Mayor Bloomberg kept the lid on 9/11 truth in New York, the city that paid the highest price for the events of 9/11. To this day, firefighters, police, and others who worked on or near “the pile” are dying of cancer every week. One of the most essential facts about why so many first-responders have died is because the bluish smoke that rose from the pile contained “unprecedented” amounts of toxic nano-particles, which were being produced in extremely hot reactions going on beneath the pile. These reactions, which went on until Christmas 2001, were much hotter than normal fuel fires and could not be extinguished with water. Under Mayor Bloomberg this crucial evidence was suppressed and was not discussed in connection with the thousands of New Yorkers who have died as a result of being exposed to this highly toxic smoke.

    While this is not the only aspect of 9/11 that has been suppressed, it is a key aspect because it exposes the lie that the towers collapsed due to burning jet fuel and office fires. The “particle effect” caused by the nano-particles in the smoke also explains why so many New Yorkers who were exposed to it have died from cancer.

    THE LETHAL BLUE SMOKE – When he saw the light bluish smoke rising from the rubble of the World Trade Center, Thomas A. Cahill, an expert on airborne aerosols and director of the DELTA Group at the University of California at Davis, knew the plumes contained large amounts of the very smallest particles, the extremely toxic ultra-fine particles less than 1 one-millionth of a meter in size, and smaller. Unlike the much larger dust particles from the destruction of the twin towers, these ultra-fine and nano-particles are particularly hazardous because of their extremely small size, which allows them to pass throughout the body and penetrate into the nucleus of the human cell.

    See: “Why Did Iron Boil beneath the Rubble?” Christopher Bollyn, May 6, 2006

    “The Smoking Gun of 9-11” Christopher Bollyn, October 15, 2012

    I have often said that the evil masterminds behind the false-flag terror atrocity of 9/11 must maintain control of the White House, Congress, and the Dept. of Justice to prevent the truth from coming out. If the truth of 9/11 were to come out it would mean an end to them – and their evil plots!

    Bloomberg served as the master of the 9/11 cover-up in NYC from 2002 thru 2013. The next year, on October 6, 2014, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Bloomberg as Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Bloomberg’s British knighthood presents a problem with Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, the Title of Nobility Clause, which restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the consent of the United States Congress.

    It seems very likely that Bloomberg has been asked to run and to serve as president to continue to manage the 9/11 deception and cover-up at the national level. While it seems unlikely that American voters would rally around Bloomberg, the controlled media outlet CNBC (Comcast) is already pushing him, with the headline on November 10: “Bloomberg leads Trump by 6 points in 2020 election matchup.”

    It certainly looks like a prime example of the saying, “no rest for the wicked.”

    Donate by PayPal to: [email protected]

  359. old farta says:

    I did not, I could not, read the entire article. After reading the impeachment material, I was full up.

  360. Geowizz says:
    @end of days

    My view as well. I’ve reluctantly come to regard Jews en mass as an existential threat to the world.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  361. @Agent76

    …About that investigation at the Pentagon into the missing 2.3 Trillion.

    9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger

  362. P.A.Semi says: • Website

    Recently I came across a key proof of planning of 9/11 and it goes somewhat more deep in the past than previously thought… If you hypothetically found written on a wall of a pyramid written “9 11 2001 take down tower in New York”, there are just two possibilities – a miracle prophecy, or someone has read and then implemented it. But if you find that written on judeomasonic (I rather tend to write Luciferian, which is just a synonym) plan of menaces, and you need to understand hebrew to read it, it is case-closed…


    Why has no one here mentioned Shmitah ? (Unlike recent rabbinical desinformation, Shmitah is not whole seventh year, but just the year-end at september…)

    Dt15 – From the end of seven years you shall make a fling-down (shmitah). And this is the manner of the fling-down: To fling down every master (Baal) drawing out (Mosheh) his hand, which forgets in his friend, will not come near his friend and his brother, because it is called fling-down for Jehovah. That foreigner you will harass, and which will be your, your brother your hand will fling down.

    As encoded on Tarot cards of Rider Waite, every seven years they make some disaster on the Shmitah, and the plan fits on four or five other events, including killing Czar, releasing Hitler, bombing Hiroshima and taking down WTC. And about four major financial crises, including 2008 one. Then in 2015 the peak of migrant wave into Europe. The following items on the plan are even more grim, with an item for complete white genocide on 2029 – which is a reason the plan must be revealed and stopped sooner than too late…

    Specifically the card “Tower”, falling on september 2001, all colored pictures there are horizontally mirrored hebrew words like “apostasy”, “hell”, “fornication”, “satan”. The only non-word image is CROWN and lightning at the top. If you mirror “crown”, you get “N’W ‘ORK”.

    (As a side-note, I’m a programmer and astrophysicist, and a christian biblical expert who self-learned hebrew enough to translate third of a bible, but I am not a jew…)

  363. Torcuato says:

    Ridiculous. Some people will go to any length to exculpate Muslims.

  364. Anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The Expression “Jewish Lightning” Is Anti-Semitic!

    by “Lucky Larry” Silverstein, guest editorialist

    As a Jew, as a billionaire, as a Jewish billionaire who has lost many heavily-insured white elephant buildings that happened to burn down or blow up shortly after I purchased them and doubled the insurance, I have a confession to make: Something very important is weighing heavily on my heart.

    And no, it isn’t what you think. It isn’t the Holocaust. Yes, that’s weighing heavily on my heart too. It’s weighing heavily on all our hearts. But this…this is almost worse than the Holocaust. Because it is happening right now. And because it affects me personally.

    I am talking about the extremely hurtful anti-Semitic expression “Jewish lightning.” As The Jewish Daily Forward (a recipient of my philanthropic largesse) puts it:

    You won’t find the phrase “Jewish lightning” in the Oxford English Dictionary. But if you go to Urban Dictionary, a site that aims to explain spoken English, you’ll find that the top definition is:“to set your house or business on fire on purpose to get the insurance money.”

    The idea that Jews are able to somehow control lightning strikes is a wild anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. In the Dark Ages, before B’nai Brith and the ADL, the Jew-hating goyim had all kinds of crazy ideas: They thought Jews poisoned wells, butchered and ate Christian babies, and were responsible for the plague. Nobody believes such rubbish any more. But for some reason, the idea that Jews are in league with Satan and can call on Him to make lighting strike their over-insured buildings that they just purchased a month or two before the fortuitous lightning strike made them billions of dollars persists in our modern, rational, enlightened, almost-totally-Jew-controlled world.

    In fact, Jews are the victims of disproportionate numbers of lightning strikes. Why? Because Jews are always the victims of everything and everyone. That’s why God created the Jews: to always be the victims…and to make billions of dollars off their victimhood whenever and wherever possible.

    But instead of sympathizing with poor Jewish billionaires whose white elephant buildings get hit by lightning two months after purchase and doubling of insurance, anti-Semites blame the Jews for the “Jewish lightning.” This has got to stop.

    Today, everyone knows that Jews took over the banking industry because they were so persecuted and oppressed that they were not even allowed to compete in other far more desirable fields, like peasant agriculture. Everyone knows that Jews have been running the top echelons of usury, human trafficking and organized crime for centuries because the anti-Semites wouldn’t let them do an honest day’s work milking cows and picking vegetables. Everyone knows the Jews own Hollywood and the mainstream media because they are not allowed to pluck feathers in chicken factories like hispanics or plumb toilets like Archie Bunker. Everyone knows that Jews are vastly overrepresented among billionaires, millionaires, and earners of six-figure incomes because they are forced to work so hard by the lazy anti-Semitic goys. The truism that Jews are ever and always the victims has been accepted everywhere…except when it comes to lightning strikes. For some reason, lightning is always the fault of “da jooooz.”

    We don’t blame Jews for hurricanes. We don’t name every hurricane “Moishe” or “Ruben” or “Benzion” or “Yehuda” or “Esther” or (Y-wh forbid) “Lucky Larry.” And we don’t blame Jews for tornados, even though they fortuitously target 100%-Jew-free trailer parks and rural towns.

    And yet for some reason we continue to use the expression “Jewish lightning.”

    It’s hurtful. It’s unacceptable. It’s anti-Semitic. And it has got to stop.

  365. Torcuato says:

    Nonsense by those who don’t want to admit that muslims did it.

    • Replies: @Joe Blow
  366. Joe Blow says:

    Osama bin Laden denied he was behind the attacks:

    CNN: Bin Laden says he wasn’t behind attacks (September 16, 2001)

    “bin Laden said, ‘The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks’”

    Did Muslims benefit? No.

    Did Israel benefit? Yes.

    “Mossad and Israel are who benefits the most from this” – Muhammad Atta Sr, September 19, 2001

    “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

    Asked tonight what the attack meant for relations between the United States and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister, replied, “It’s very good.” – The New York Times, September 12, 2001

    When identifying crime suspects, there is a Latin phrase cui bono: “to whom is it a benefit?”

    “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men” – George Orwell

    “We don’t know to this date who did the work leading up to it [9/11], but they were professionals, well-trained, well-equipped, and very organized.” – Jason Rice, engineer, US Army Explosives Training

    “I talked with some of my colleagues who are prominent structural engineers… it just seemed like it was a taboo topic. And they would tell you, ‘We agree, it looks like controlled demolition’, but that’s as far as they would want to go with that.” – Kamal Obeid, structural engineer

    To stay with your line of thinking, Torcuato, you would need to explain how Muslims were able to bypass Jewish/Zionist ownership and security of the WTC complex for controlled demolition to become a reality. Unless, of course, you still think fire caused 100 feet of free fall in WTC7.

  367. @Anon

    You mean there were no hijacked planes.

  368. @anarchyst

    You left out Jon Stewart. Real name: Jonathon Stuart Leibowitz.

  369. @Carlton Meyer

    And do we still have in custody “9/11 mastermind’s” sons, whom we kidnapped many years ago?

  370. 72BuickGS says:

    Or…maybe there were NO planes?

    • Replies: @Anon
  371. Sam J. says:

    “…If anyone is still monitoring this thread, I would very much appreciate reading a summing up of the arguments for 9/11 being a false flag operation…”

    This is a good book.

    A interview by the guy who wrote the above book

    Here’s a excellent video by a mechanical engineer

    • Thanks: Half Back
  372. Anon[330] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re taking a simple hypothesis and making it more complicated.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  373. @Anon

    You are missing the obvious. Can an aluminum frame penetrate a reinforced steel grid like that? Would it not explode mostly on the outside? And how do you make sure explosives stay untouched where they should to facilitate the vital collapse afterwards? What if the planes slightly missed? They risk all.

    Check out Simon Shacks’ videos on the subject.

    • Replies: @Anon
  374. Merchant says:

    Oy vey despite the piles of evidence, it wasn’t our greatest ally, goy. According to this controlled opposition snake residing in his mother’s basement in IsraHell. Now go back to sleep, watch your sportsball and (((Hollywood))) anti-white propaganda.

  375. URL citations of Osama’ denials of responsibility are not provided. I must always be prepared to change my mind and confirmation of this author’s claim would change it.

    A less significant objection is based on my personal experience of simming the piloting of planes in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2004. Jet liners compared to single engine planes like a Cessna 172 are quite stable in flight compared to the difficulty of piloting a small one. Auto pilot enabled in a jet liner makes the plane fly exactly from one navigational waypoint to another. 9/11 was a calm sunny day which would have permitted a precise compass course from some waypoint to the tip of Manhattan with auto pilot enabled. Once the target was visible, the hijacker pilot disabled auto pilot and flew the plane hands on into one tower, the second plane’s pilot aimed for and hit the other tower. Very competent piloting but clearly doable. There was some TV closeup footage of the second plane painted in some commercial airline’s livery flying into the second tower as I am convinced I remember seeing when I turned on the TV that day after being informed by phone by a friend that it had happened. But I am unable to find that footage on the Internet. Your comments will be helpful.

  376. emplar says:

    Why has no faction in the Pentagon ever set out to arrest the Israel firster traitor faction? they have all forgotten their oath.

  377. 9/11 was carried out by the Mossad£im$ as revenge for the destruction of the second temple [BANK]70 AD

    The twin towers were the third temple awaiting the return of Christ

    MOSSAD = Modus Opperandi 66AD

    Bush senior /junior = Vespasian /Titus

    History repeats

  378. Cking says:

    After the Marine barracks bombing at the Beirut Airport, President Reagan would not take the bait and start the Lebanese or Iraqi War and almost paid for it with his life. IMHO. The attempted assassination of Reagan, to my knowledge, was never attributed to the Israelis or the neocon faction. I believe VP Bush knew the score, heard the music, and performed as was expected of him.

  379. Saggy says:

    For example, members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have demonstrated that it was impossible for plane crashes and jet fuel fires to trigger the collapse of the Twin Towers.

    Please, stay away from this idiocy. The AE911 engineers are just idiots … I don’t want to go over the reasons here but I’ve done it elsewhere and here’s a link
    Consider reasons #1, #2, and #3 carefully and check the links, the reasons given are clear, decisive, and non-technical.

    (Note: I am a real PhD (Berkeley !) engineer with a resume as long as your arm … projects including the Mars Observer (navigation) and Space Station Freedom (stabilitiy control).

  380. Anon[268] • Disclaimer says:

    In june 1967 in order to capture Jerusalem,west bank and golan, fighting THREE arab national armys at the same time required 5 years of planning, it involved eli cohen infiltrating syria and james jesus angleton killing JFK (no way he was going to supply arms needed). Both these have monuments and streets named after them in the khazar state. Oliver Stone and the jew media are just fooling goyim into looking the other way. The khazar fake jew devils like to archive their work eg dancing yids of 911, and ZAPRUDER was actually also archiving but the synagogue of satan has bamboozled the goyim with its ownership of the MSM and sayanim at the highest levels of USG, LBJ (hoffman stock) was one too !!

  381. Anon[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes a “third Plane” did not turn up to strike WTC7 and it had to be pulled nonetheless, the BBC had even been informed of when the building would fall in advance. But it must be remembered CHENEY was issuing stand down orders to USAF from INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE per mineta testimony?

  382. Albertde says:

    While it is an interesting story about how 9/11 occurred, that is not to critical thinking people what is important about 9/11, the really interesting questions about 9/11 are:
    • Why were the defense protocols not deployed?
    • Who ordered the non-deployment?
    • Given that George Bush as Governor of Texas delighted in executing prisoners and rarely if ever, granted pardons, why were no American military punished for 9/11? (Someone should have been executed for dereliction of duty.)
    • Why wasn’t the Joint Chief of Staff forced to resign?

    Some people may think that discussing 9/11 is an historical, largely irrelevant and useless undertaking. I think not: since the enabling of 9/11 is still unknown to the public (vide my questions above), the same control mechanism could still be employed, even if the actual physical target(s) and means of destruction are vastly different.
    With all the talk of insurrection and possible civil war, it is obvious to me that the respective enablers of the Biden and Trump factions have started to negotiate. Trump, psychopath that he is with his MIGI [Make Israel Great Immediately], is expendable and so is Biden, due to his senility. Coupled with this is the enormous debt, both private, including corporate, and public at all levels of government (local, state and federal) as well as the private (corporate and individual) and public pension plan obligations (civil servants and Social Security). All this is not sustainable.
    What is the solution? The universal solution in such situations has always been the same: war, in this case, triggered by false flag attacks on the US, in the course of which both presidential candidates and perhaps the vice-presidential candidates as well would be eliminated. Russia and China are way too powerful to be accused. Iran is borderline. Any launch of an attack on Iran would result in the destruction of Israel in the course of which Israeli embassies and consulates would be immediately occupied worldwide to prevent a Masada-style detonation of nuclear weapons worldwide.
    Acceptable countries in my opinion would be Venezuela, Turkey, the Houti in Yemen, the Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the last being easiest to combat but least plausible, especially since the scale of attacks necessary to eliminate these four individuals would have to be high. It might not be feasible to eliminate all of them.

  383. J says:

    It is obvious that Laurent Guyenot was involved and did it. If not, how he could know so much? He writes to clean his name.

    • LOL: Laurent Guyénot
    • Troll: Cauchemar du Singe
  384. @anonymous

    Saudia, like The USA, Mexico, Western Europe and the jew lead nations of Central and South America are vassal states of Zionist Israel.
    Begin and Netanyahu are Meyer Lansky stand ins that put out contracts on those perceived as threats to The Khazar Gravy Train.
    The Lesser Capos, Mossad, CIA, Mafia are tasked with the actual organization and staffing of The Hits.
    The “soldiers”, as usual in ALL contexts, do the actual dirty work.

    JFK was a “threat” to Israel’s nuclear weapons aspirations, AND the jew Federal Reserve, AND The CIA killer dog jew pets.
    How do you say, “He has to go.” in New Hebrew gibberish ?

    American citizen complacency, general disinterest in Sandbox Muzzy vs. Khazar moaning, stabbing, White Phosphorous bombing and shooting, primary focus on earning and maintaining hearth and home…as well as widespread firearm ownership (intended for termination, later)…
    was also seen as Not Concerned Enough About Israel’s Problems.
    Oy Vey…let’s do something BIG to get the American goyim MORE on our side, than they already are.

    To blab out and scribble that Zionist Israel, despite all the evidence to the contrary, was not The Architect & General Contractor of 9/11 is at best disingenuous and/or delusional, or lying and evil.
    Why don’t you pick one of the above, then jump out of a 10 story window, in Crown Heights, you dissembling HasbaRat lump of kosher and parve crap.

  385. tanabear says:

    When someone starts giving me their credentials in an attempt to “prove” that WTC1, 2 and 7 weren’t destroyed by some type of demolition, I get suspicious. A real engineer could prove experimentally what they say is true. Yet, almost 2 full decades after 9/11, not a single engineer can demonstrate a “crush-down, crush-up”, neither can they demolish a steel-framed high-rise like World Trade Tower 7 with fire alone.

    Maybe you can give us your explanation for how Tower 7 came down? And by an explanation I mean something that can be tested.

    • Replies: @Saggy
  386. @Saggy

    …and a Hard Lefty doggie, career Fed employee HasbaRat that serves The Deep State and Eretz Israel.

  387. apollonian says: • Website

    Jews, Israel Are Happy As Clams–Why Wouldn’t They Be?

    Despite being seemingly at the pinnacle of its power, Israel is in a very dire position, facing an irrepressible shift of global power, which poses existential threats the Zionist entity never faced before .

    Sure, one can easily agree w. ur statements, platitudinous as they are, but Satanists (Jews are merely the leaders and masterminds) have ALWAYS been in “dire position”–they always will be–they’re quite used to it.

    Note that ALL the “Christian” establishment “churches” and denominations, Cat. and Prot., support terror-state of Israel–“Christian” establishment is now “Judeo-Christianity” (see for expo) whence the idiot “Christians” imagine and beeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev that, golly, but Jews are just diff. kind of “Christians,” like Lutherans are just a little diff. fm Baptists. The poor idiots can’t figure-out that Jews are anti-Christs (see,, and and always have been, always will be.

    All the Satanists and Jews want or need is “perpetual war for perpetual peace,” that’s all, whereby, as the UN agenda-21 and -2030, the pop. is “reduced,” gradually sometimes, and suddenly at once if and as necessary. Meantime, Satanists have the central-bank criminal enterprise (legalized counterfeiting–see for expo) and the Jews-media running for them, as well as the “big tech” monopolies, the big “Pharma” monopolies immune fm law-suits, etc. Satanism Inc. is just percolating along fine and dandy.

    Observe, the whole world is steadily becoming MONOPOLIZED (“globalized”) under control of Satanists and central-banking–thus the “cancel-culture.” So as long as Satanism Inc. is doing well, growing, expanding, “perpetual war for perp. peace,” Jews/satanists are fine and happy as clams–things are going swimmingly–splendidly, as the Brits would say–why not?

  388. @Franz

    The Plutocracy can be taken out with a nationwide Michael Collins movement.
    It doesn’t matter how many generals, jets and tanks they control if the fellow at the next urinal has a .22 or even a paring knife.

  389. Took ya long enough to report this! And the final count of spies caught, and deported was 635 before the feebs screwed the careers of all involved investigators. Primary spy not addressed was Tandy’s husband. Nor the fact that the FBI was flying the spies in from Epsteins island on FBI aircraft!

  390. @ThreeCranes

    No need whatever for endless, twisty sophistry regarding collapse dynamics. There’s plenty of other damning evidence that points to the Jews and nowhere else.

  391. @renfro

    hey anglin, what up bro?…big fan! ‘Cunt Class’ was a classic!

  392. I think our overlords have become too complacent and are showing themselves. People are stupid, but an opioid crisis (willing recruits to Antifa), Covid restricitons, Billionaires wealth increasing, the sheer lunacy of BLM movement and Antifa, the media fake reporting…its all too much.

    Even the most ignorant are starting to wake up. About bloody time!

  393. The official 911 explanation could be disproved by a reasonably intelligent ten year-old child who’d spent a few hours on the case. That it has been accepted by most Americans suggests that literally anything can be sold to the public. Roll on the Covid vaccine passports.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @tanabear
    , @Anonymous
  394. GilFavor says:

    I for one don’t believe it was an Israeli OR Saudi missile that hit the Pentagon. It was a US weapon.

  395. E_Perez says:

    The SS was a big business and ran businesses. Human hair had an economic value. End of story.

    Yes, and lampshades of human skin were Germany’s biggest export article!

  396. Saggy says:

    Maybe you can give us your explanation for how Tower 7 came down? And by an explanation I mean something that can be tested.

    The way you test things these days is with a computer simulation, and that’s just what they’ve done.

    But neither of us can understand that report. So, you have to believe that a bunch of idiots calling themselves the AE911 engineers know what they are doing and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are a bunch of phonies or Zionist plants. (Note: I’ve listened to the leader of the AE911 engineers and he is a phony and an idiot).

    But, it doesn’t have to come to that. I link to the reasons that the ‘controlled demolition’ hypothesis is prima facie absurd in my previous post. Really, reason #1 is a slam dunk and everything beyond that is lagniappe … reason #1 – 3 controlled demolitions disguised by 2 crashed planes ???? Even a complete blockhead should be able to see the contradiction there.

    • Replies: @tanabear
    , @restless94110
  397. E_Perez says:

    Mr. Anon[353 or whatever the number on your tatoo],

    we know it’s your modesty, but please dont hide your credentials, we know you got a PhD in holocaust studies and we are flattered to have you with us, enlightening the commenters with your profound analyses.
    End of story. (hopefully)

    • Replies: @Anon
  398. tanabear says:
    @Irish Savant

    When it comes to 9/11, it isn’t the evidence that people can’t accept, but the implications of the evidence. People do believe the explosive charges can bring down steel-framed high-rises, but they can’t accept this is what happened on 9/11 due to the implications of that evidence.

  399. tanabear says:

    The NIST report came out in 2008. They released their draft report in August of that year and their final report in November. In their initial FAQ and draft report they denied that free-fall had occurred. When questioned by members of the 9/11 Truth Movement (David Chandler in this case), they had to go back and review their conclusions. They did concede that WTC7 had entered free-fall for 2.25 seconds or roughly 8 stories in their final report. Yet, their model does not show free-fall and their explanation for collapse does not allow for it. This point alone invalidates their model; momentum transfer at free-fall acceleration is not possible.

    But my original point still stands, can even the pre-cursors to collapse be replicated in the real world, not just in a computer model? No.

    p.s. Shyam Sunder, lead NIST investigator, said this in their August 2008 briefing; “A free-fall time would be an object that has no structural components below it…. What the analysis shows…is that same time it took for the structural model to come down…is 5.4 seconds. It’s about 1.5 seconds, or roughly 40 percent, more time for that free fall to happen. And that is not at all unusual because there was structural resistance that was provided in this particular case. And you had a sequence of structural failures that had to take place. Everything was not instantaneous.”

    If there was structural resistance there can be no free-fall. But there was free-fall and therefore their model is verifiably false.

    • Replies: @Saggy
  400. Anonymous[535] • Disclaimer says:
    @Irish Savant

    There seem to be a lot of 10 year olds writing in to UR with their Hitler Jugend intensity of belief (a bit like people who keep in believing in God and an afterlife because they were taught it). True there was much to cover up like Mossad warnings (not too clear: just enough to cover ass), warnings to the President and total failure of operation between CIA and FBI. And maybe financing by Saudi royals had to be suppressed too. So, no need to pretend to be a qualified scientific expert who knows all about demolitions.

  401. Anon[535] • Disclaimer says:

    Try reading what went before next time you are tempted to waste your time being both careless and rude. You can count on it that the Anon moniker was adopted because one would hesitate to be seen to reply to the rubbish that, in the end the anonymous commenter couldn’t resist putting a torch to. Other commenters seem to confirm that the SS did collect piles if human hair for whatever reason. Very likely it was just a couple of petty jobsworths trying to get a bureaucratic tick. It doesn’t have to have had ant actual profitable market lined up …

  402. Who believes you could find a Jew to wage a suicide attack on the USA? Plenty of people will volunteer for a suicide attack if there is no alternative to avoid defeat but Israel didn’t face defeat. Winners don’t commit suicide.

    Dancing Israelis? Any Israeli Jew could work out in seconds that the attack would increase support for Israel in the USA. Winners like bigger, easier wins. If they were Israeli agents, what does it change?

    It’s easy to believe that, if Israel knew about the attack in advance, it wouldn’t warn the Yanks.

    The Yanks didn’t warn Erdogan about the planned military coup to overthrow democracy in Turkey. Do you believe Russia (that saved democracy in Turkey) had better signals intelligence than the USA and the USA didn’t know about the plot?

    Have you ever heard about the Yank who fought for democracy in the 20th century? He warned the democratically elected government in the Philippines about the planned military coup. If my memory is correct, he was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Support for democracy is a crime in the USA although overthrowing democracy is worse than a few thousand dead.

    The Israelis aren’t more moral than Yanks.
    [email protected]

  403. @Saggy

    Please, stay away from this idiocy. The AE911 engineers are just idiots … I don’t want to go over the reasons here but I’ve done it elsewhere and here’s a link
    Consider reasons #1, #2, and #3 carefully and check the links, the reasons given are clear, decisive, and non-technical.

    You are the idiot. Your “reasons” entail “they couldn’ta done the wiring.” You don’t know that. And either do the AE911 engineers–who are all degreed professionals working in building construction.

    The only thing that it is possible to know without a shadow of a doubt is those buildings could not have fallen straight down in seconds without the bottom floors being taken out.

    You don’t have to be a physicist, an architect, or an engineer to know this truth. The laws of the physical world make it clear.

    • Replies: @Saggy
  404. @Saggy

    Anyone citing popular mechanics in regard to 9-11 has proven himself to be unworthy of anything less than derision. Your PhD must have come from Phoenix U.

  405. Saggy says:

    “they couldn’ta done the wiring.”

    I would like to say … let’s stick to things we do understand, but … you are apparently incapable of understanding simple declarative sentences. Why type such idiocy? Try again, to give an accurate summary of point #2.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  406. Saggy says:

    The point here is not that the NIST’s initial model was perfect, the point is that for us to argue about the structural dynamics of a falling building is absurd, because neither one of us knows the least thing about the subject (and, I’m a PhD engineer). Just to know the physics of the various components would require at least a few months of study if you already have the necessary math background, and then a few more months would be required to understand the particulars of the NIST model or any other model. So, this is a subject for the engineers who’ve devoted months/years to the subject, not a bunch of yahoos arguing on the internet.

    I suppose we could try to trace the development of subsequent models, up to the present, etc., but I’m not motivated because of the 3 points mentioned earlier. Plus, I’m confident that the academicians agree that the NIST model is essentially correct.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  407. Barzini says:

    Interesting article indeed. One problem with the Inside Job theory is the fact that the September 11 attacks occurred only about 7 months after the Bush Administration took office. Could the Bush Administration have planned such an attack in only 7 months?

    • Replies: @tanabear
  408. @Saggy

    The only point of any consideration, you arrogant prig, is that tall steel structures can not fall straight down at near free fall unless the underlying structure is removed. That’s the laws of physics and what structural engineering is based upon.

    Thus the official narrative is fraudulent.

    You are willfully ignorant I’m pretty sure, but just in case you are just stupid instead, think about the dog that didn’t bark moment in all this.

    These 3 are thee only steel structures before or since that have fallen in that way (unless being demolished). If any architect or engineer or builder anywhere on earth believed the official narrative, then everyone would have to change the way they build high-rise structures. And all steel structures already built would need to be retrofitted to incorporate this stunning new information.

    But none of that has happened anywhere. The dog didn’t bark. That’s the tell.

  409. Barzini says:

    I don’t know what happened to Flight 77, but it did not strike the Pentagon. The late General Albert Stubblebine, who retired from the Army with the rank of two stars, was an expert in photoanalysis. He examined the photos of the Pentagon taken on September 11, 2001 and stated very emphatically that it was not struck by any airplane.

    • Replies: @James Charles
  410. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Silly, diversionary questions to avoid
    asking real questions.

  411. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Cleaner

    Simon Shack does good video indicating no planes.

    No time to seach and provide link.


  412. tanabear says:

    The Bush Administration did not plan or carry out the 9/11 attacks. The attacks were carried out by the Mossad of Israel and the Sayanim (i.e. their helpers in America). Israeli agents were seen celebrating the attacks right after the North Tower was hit. This was before people even knew it was a terrorist attack, many assumed it was a terrible accident. Why are Israeli agents (Mossad) so happy about the 9/11 attacks?

  413. I have arrived at the conclusion that the global intelligence network, global government network of national governments, global banking network, and global corporate network are by and large for the most part all playing on the same team in a game of hot potato, or musical chairs, hoping not to get caught with the potato in their hands when the game stops, or to be without a chair when the music stops.

    Covid response is what has finalized this conclusion that I have arrived at. I am an outsider to all of the entities that I listed in the first paragraph.

    Their sworn enemies are anyone who is not one of them, or an “insider” and they are all guilty of treason.

    I really cannot understand how it is that they attempt to rationalize their own behavior.

  414. LeoB says:

    “The scoundrel David Frum even borrowed from Stalin, “Those who are not with us are against us.”

    “Кто не с нами тот против нас”

    Stalin did appear to use this phrase in an obscure brochure originally released in 1906 in some speech at a party meeting. Which you can find if you dig deep enough into Russian search on Google.

    However, this phrase is not normally associated with Stalin. That is not anymore than with Jesus – who also expressed this exact sentiment.

  415. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Saudis, patsies to be used as needed.
    28 blank pages to be filled in/waved as needed.
    The never ending threat – all hot gas
    from fire-belching turds.

    Dishonorable Graham honorary Yid,
    first class poodle, 4th rate American.

    Innocent Saudis in US on vacation at 9/11.
    Media made big deal of their having to leave
    implying guilt when they were fleeing to save
    themselves from the angry, righteous mob.

    Arabia, the Gulf States are to be plundered as desired.

    Money, money, money for pissants.

    Behind, underneath it all – Yid.

  416. What happened to the video of the art students/Mosad agents where they declared that they were sent to chronicle the event? Isn’t that decisive? How can you be sent to chronicle an event unless you know ahead of time that it will occur?

  417. This is one of the most enlightening, wakening articles that I’ve ever read, not just on Unz Review, but anywhere.

    One thing that sticks out is the statement that “the ever closer ‘special relationship’ between the US and Israel, which started with Truman and blossomed under Johnson….” I believe this “special relationship” started before Truman. FDR was surrounded by “special” advisers that helped get us into WW2, but Woodrow Wilson, much to his dismay, was compeletely hoodwinked by these fellas in 1913. Their influence on Presidents and policy guiding America’s path began early on in the 20th Century.

    Brilliant article. Thank you.

    • Thanks: Laurent Guyénot
  418. Nathan075 says:

    Americans have led themselves be led by the nose. They have only themselves to blame for the mess they are in, besides being responsible for the mess they created around the world.
    Americans have no brains to clean out the muck running their country
    Americans have no courage to audit their Private Federal Bank.
    etc etc
    It’s time the world the world sanctioned America along with Israel
    To remove sanctions , let them clean house first.

    • Replies: @Code X
  419. Ivan says:

    The proper analogy would be to imagine the WTC building(s) aa being made of ice-cream sticks. That would make it much less rigid than a stack of CDs. The WTC was designed to take some wind loading that would away it. Those buildings were not absolutely rigid bodies

  420. Ivan says:

    You should realise that while Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that “Salvation comes from the Jews”, in the very same Gospel ; St John’s Gospel, Jesus goes on to denounce a set of Jews of his time as “children of the Devil”. In fact that very same Gospel has the mobs declaiming that it’s OK if Jesus’ death be on them and their children. St John’s Gospel is usually reckoned the most anti Semitic of the gospels by Jewish savants. It is a lot more complicated than you make out.

  421. Code X says:

    Three letters.
    D. E. W.

    No longer denied in existence. Just last week Trump put his DoD in the corner. A live TV PRESS CONF confirmed DEW are not a conspiracy.

    Funny how all these fires stop right at the Canadian boarder. Climate change must be smart like C19.

  422. Code X says:

    Well, a lot of gaslighting and hi-tech perception hacking has also been at play. Psychological abuse is just another invisible war the parasite class puppets has operated against its own citizens, using America as its proxy for crimes against humanity.

    The citizens ARE waking up. So be easy. You would not blame the lifetime victim of narcissistic psychopath abuse, not quite being able to make sense of reality because of deception warfare.

    That”s changing for many Americans. There is a bright peaceful world ahead for the entire world. Don”t give the parasites class any more credibility to their reality hacking. Many are stepping out of their games in America.


  423. Us needs to do what UK needs which is to stop allowing foreign nationals positions of power within their government. How can a Jewish or Muslim politician ever have the interests of the host nation over their own. They are poisoning from within whilst making it a hate-crime to even question there actions or motives.

    Lobbying groups are the same. All political donations/ donations to liberal left wing jewish groups masquerading as social action groups – ACLU/ Southern Poverty Law Centre and the sneaky pro transexual and gay lobbyists should be made public and analysed so people can clearly see the link between Jews/Globalists and these ridiculous ‘liberal agendas’ that they just use to divide and conquer.

    Transvestites rights in the Military? Someone actually spent good money lobbying for what is the most ridiculous argument along with post op transexuals being allowed to compete in women sports? It was the family that own Hyatt Hotels, and guess what..they are Jews! Wow what a surprise. Why are even discussing such stupid matters as what men who like to dress up as women/cut their penis’s off… think or care about?

  424. I managed to suffer through all the comments, and didn’t see a single mention of the attack on the USS Liberty. There seems little doubt that the attack on the Liberty was an Israeli false flag, but one that was conducted with the co-operation and approval of the highest levels of the US Government, specifically Johnson and McNamara. Given this template for cooperation, it stands to reason that the model was applied on 9/11.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  425. Now the U.S. is being finished off via race mixing, I guess we fulfilled our purpose now we can be disposed of.

  426. Mr GUYÉNOT, I’m being told that “Comments on articles more than two weeks old will be judged much more strictly on quality and tone” so be it.
    I have been following the 911 False Flag for more than 15 years and most who rail against it, accuse the Chosenites and those under their control.
    I think we have taken very different routes but we all arrive at the same conclusion.

    • Thanks: Laurent Guyénot
  427. Anon[136] • Disclaimer says:

    Just like the covid19 plandemic, with its mysterious viruslike vaccine that uses our dna to create the most dangerous molecule of the virus, the spike protein, with its track and trace and passport set up to track us like farm animals, etc. Just like ISIS. Just like GWOT. Just like the attack on the USS Liberty. Just like the murder of Patton. Purpose: Greater Israel — the Supremacist Jew World Order.

  428. @Saggy

    With all due respect, sir, I think that you need to go back to school for a refresher course in physics. NO steel-framed structure has EVER collapsed, straight down, at near free-fall speeds either before or after 9/11.

    MANY high-rise fires have burned much hotter and for longer periods of time than WTC1 & WTC2
    experienced, not to mention the “collapse” of WTC7, which only had a very few small fires that the
    New York City Fire department was in the process of putting out, when they were pulled off the job, and NO structure has EVER collapsed straight down, into its own footprint, other than the buildings in Manhattan on September 11, 2001.

    The BBC had foreknowledge of the “collapse” of WTC7, reporting on it well before the event took place.

    I am no college-educated person; I am a retired industrial electrician, who has worked for over 40 years in that capacity. It took me a LONG time to “catch on” to the fact that the U.S. government gave a nonsensical “accounting” of the events of that day.

    No matter from which “angle” one views the events of 9/11, NOTHING ADDS UP – if one is to take the government’s “story” as the truth.

    If one views the many videos of the “collapses” of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 on YouTube, of which there are MANY, it is clearly evident that those buildings did NOT “collapse” – they were pulverized in mid-air, during the events.

    Furthermore, there is an interview of one of the original architects of the Twin Towers on YouTube, who stated, ON CAMERA, that the towers were designed for MULTIPLE impacts of jet aircraft.

    Until there is a REAL investigation and a grand jury convened, with COMPLETE subpoena powers, the crimes of 9/11 will go unpunished. And it was NOT the work of a bunch of Arabs, armed with box cutters.

    By the way, I use my real name and have no reason to hide behind an alias.

    Thank you.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  429. FBI Houston was briefed as soon as the targeting operation was confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt. They covered it up. SOP for the “israeli owned, and operated” bureau. A number of the female “art students” had the sayanim tattoos. Everywhere in the world that they can get away with it, the israeli’s work hand in hand with muslims. When israel hired osama bin ladens construction company to build an $800m highway in the sudan, then embezzled the money, and blamed it on the U.S. was a perfect example. The israelis set up the ’93wtc bombing. As usual, the ATF screwed it up, and Mary Jo called in the feebs to rescue the case. Israel is the U.S.’ biggest enemy, followed by china. Israel wants to destroy us, china only wants to own us.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @denk
  430. Billstein says:
    @Red Pill Angel

    His briefcase wasn’t stolen in May 2000. He went to try and scam his way into the IOSS conference to shill for the israelis. He, and his entourage were told to take a hike. He got pissed, left, forgot his briefcase at the hotel, and flew off, disgraced at having failed his israeli masters. His briefcase was turned into the hotel lost and found by the maid. Since it had his name on it, hotel mgmt called the fbi in Tampa who drove over and picked it up. Tommy Franks went on to complete his brief on threats to America, unhindered by the israeli FBI shill team.

  431. Neil says:

    What irritates me most about 9-11 Truthers is their refusal to do even the slightest thing to attain the long-overdue and still imperative INDEPENDENT 9-11 INVESTIGATION. For nearly 20 years, 9-11 Truthers have mostly confined their efforts to blog posts, video documentaries and many books.
    Thoroughly frustrated, I was once on the verge of forcing the issue with violence when I synchronistically stumbled upon Mark Kurlansky’s book, “Non-Violence: the History of a Dangerous Idea.” From it I developed the idea that if I non-violently broke one university window demanding the INDEPENDENT 9-11 INVESTIGATION, that others would non-violently break one university window until all university windows across the United States and possibly the world were broken demanding the INDEPENDENT 9-11 INVESTIGATION led by retired U.S. Army General Antonio Taguba and retired U.S. Navy Admiral William Fallon.
    I nonviolently broke one university window.


    I urged the students around me at my arrest to do the same thing.
    I urged the arresting police officers to do the same thing.
    I urged my fellow inmates at County Jail to do the same thing.
    I urged my Public Defender to do the same thing.
    I urged the Prosecuting Attorney to do the same thing.
    I urged the Judge and other Court Officials to do the same thing.
    I urged the Jail Guards to do the same thing.
    I urged my fellow Veterans to do the same thing.
    Nothing. As far as I know, no second window has ever been broken.
    I was jailed for four months.
    Convicted of felonious vandalism because the window was valued over $400.
    3 years probation.
    3 year gag order.
    6 months with GPS ankle bracelet.
    $6000 fine for $600 window (paid in full)
    One year court-ordered mandatory stay at a V.A. mental facility in Los Angeles.
    People want to talk about 9-11, but they simply will not do even the simplest thing necessary to force the INDEPENDENT 9-11 INVESTIGATION into existence.
    It’s not too late for everyone to nonviolently break one university window.

  432. Anon[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Al Franken receives 9/11 Warning from Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch

    Luckiest man alive

    Netanyahu ordered illegal shredding of docs before Bennett takeover

  433. MarLuc7 says:

    No way in hell a few floors collapsing at the top would vaporize the entire building. Pyroclastic dust is produced by a nuclear detonation. Further 1200 vehicles in and around the twin towers somehow just combusted and started burning. Check out Dr. Judy Ward’s website. She collected the most comprehensive set of pictures of any truther.

    The twin towers exoskeleton and core columns were thinned as the building rose, meaning each floor below was more sturdy than the one above. Each successive floor weighed less than the one below. So the “Pile Driver” analogy does not hold up.

    Let us not forget about Building 7 as well. A 47 story steel skyscraper – never hit by a plane and never exposed to this magical jet fuel —supposedly melting the beams. In this collapse, at free-fall speed, all 47 floors fell straight down into their own footprint due to burning sofas and wooden desks????

    Let us not forget the 47 massive core columns of the twin towers, consisting of interconnection GIGANTIC STEEL I-BEAMS. Like a fork left in a pot of boiling water…. the heat is transferred evenly throughout…..the wicking effect of that much steel would negate the conspiracy theory of burning Jet fuel weakening the column.

    Let us not forget the six inches of sprayed on fire retarded coating all of the steel columns. Asbestos was used throughout as a fire retardant.

    Let us not forget just how quickly Jet fuel explodes and consumes itself totally. It is not a slow-burning affair. The Jet fuel would have consumed itself in less than ten minutes. Yet the towers burned for 46 and 52 minutes before collapsing. What hastens their collapse was the radio communication of the firefighters; in which they see the fires and are not impressed. They call for a couple of hoses to put them out. Then the nuclear detonation occurs…vaporizing everything.

  434. MarLuc7 says:

    I think when one asks, who benefited. Who had means, motive, and opportunity?
    It is very very clear…all roads lead to Israel. What is even more incredible is that every person at every level of the Bush Administration working feverishly to cover up this event was a Zionist Jew.

    At every turn, there are Zionist Jews controlling, directing, silencing public opinion:

    Zionist Jews owned the Twin Towers

    Zionist Jews own all of the Mainstream Media pushing the official narrative.

    Zionist Jews owned and controlled the security at both twin towers.


    Zionist Jews controlled the Family Compensation Fund

    Zionist Jew Judges blocked all Family Law Suits from ever seeing the light of a courtroom. Every single one was settled out of court. The recipients of monies being forced to sign gag orders.

    Zionist Jews controlled the salvage yard destroying all the 9/11 steel.

    Zionist Jews owned Popular Mechanics and wrote articles demonizing “Conspiracy Theorist”.

    Zionist Jews own “The Skeptic Magazine”, Michael Shermer being an ardent Zionist.

    Zionist Jews owned all of MSM media and are the ones that immediately started shaping the narrative —instructing all of their news channels to us the words “Collapse”…not explode, implode, detonate…but “Collapse”.

    Zionist Jews at Purdue published the first “Collapse Theory” animated video

    Zionist Jews hastily moved out of the Twin Towers weeks before 9/11

    Zionist Jews controlled the seaport at which Israeli Min-Nukes were smuggled into.

    Did the CIA and US Military take part? Absolutely. Did the Saudis take part…yes I think so, they supplied the patsies. And most likely it was Saudi airline pilots that flew the four ghost planes out under the cover of darkness.

    Who actually soaked their hands with America Blood. Who detonated those buildings with 2500 terrified Americans still inside?

    Who redirected those four flights to land at an undisclosed airbase recently purchased by Zionist Jews?

    Who were the bastards that offloaded those 300 American passengers and slaughtered all of them and cremated their bodies???? Those were most likely Israeli Mossad agents.

    Who were the pilots that then climbed into those Ghost Planes and flew them out of the United State under the cover of darkness? To be disassembled and sold as used parts????

    Or, how fast could those four jets be sandblasted and all identifying serial number placards be removed. Anyone with a backhoe can demolish a jet in less than a day. 8 backhoes two on each jet could shred them all in less than 8 hours. Then a fleet of trucks could carry away the aluminum scrap to a scrap yard. Probably the same one ran by Zionist Jews shipping all the twin towers scrap to Chinese smelters.

  435. MarLuc7 says:
    @jilles dykstra

    NO PLANES were used. The Film “Loose Change” was made by four Jews. It was misdirection, to convince everyone of an “Inside Job”. They even show a supposed by stander walking down the street looking back over her shoulder and stating, “those were’nt American Airline planes”.

    Watch Ace Baker’s film, (the Great American Psy-Opera). The supposed ATC tracking of the planes were in fact False Radar blips, inserted into their live radar screens. That was already pre-arranged as part of numerous war games going on that day. The radar tracking and corresponding Transponder Codes matching each plane with the blip on the screen were injected false, war game tracks. This is why you have ATC reporting these planes flying at 540 knots at 700 feet altitude which was physically impossible and the American Airlines flight 77 doing a descending corkscrew dive…again (the wings would have ripped off) defying physics.

    There is also another odd anomaly on the day of 9/11 is that none of the four hijacked aircraft squittered (transmitted) the 7700 hijack code. Even though the official FBI report states it took over 30 minutes for the hijackers to breach the cockpit door. This is an impossibility.

    No Planes were Used. The actual cartoon footage shown to America is accepted only because Americans have no other Planes Crashing into Towers footage to compare the two. Nor does the rest of the world.

    Impossible Aircraft Performance
    Impossible uneducated, untrained Muslim pilots flying with precision
    No Hijack codes every Transmitted
    No Black Boxes Ever Recovered from all Four Crash Sites
    No recorded video of any of the supposed 19 Muslim hijackers boarding any of the doomed flights
    8-of the hijackers are alive and well working as pilots and other professional in the middle east. They came forward to clear their names and show that their identities were stolen. Yet the FBI considers the case closed.
    NO NTSB involvement in any of the four plan crash sites. The FBI immediately took over declaring these terrorist events.
    The supposed remains of all victims of these planes were supposedly shipped to Military forensic labs for DNA testing and Identifying. The coronors that signed the official death certificates never saw any bodies or any proof of their identity. An act illegal in the US.

  436. Why would it be difficult for 19 Arabs to travel to the USA on their own passports with valid US visas for pilot training? Why would the USA fail to harbour them? Why would it be difficult for them to learn to fly when they didn’t bother learning to take off or land? Why would it be difficult for 19 men with box cutters to hijack 3 planes? Why would it be difficult to make 2 successful kamakazi attacks out of three attempts, hitting the Pentagon, killing 200, and hitting the Twin Towers killing 2,800?

    If the Israelis knew in advance, why would they warn the USA? Wouldn’t they want continued US support? For the same reason, why wouldn’t Israeli Jews dance for joy? Recognition of an advantage for your own people isn’t even evil.

    The attack was easy because nobody thought the motive for a hijack would be anything other than ransom, the meeting of political demands or an escape from a country.

    Skyscrapers have been built for many years with a greater emphasis on steel, instead of concrete, for compressive strength. The motive was to make it easier and thus cheaper to demolish. That design decision worked. Why wouldn’t engineers know what they were doing?

    NATO burnt the top 5 stories of the TV building in Belgrade and bombed beside its base. It didn’t fall down because it was built to the old design relying on concrete for compressive strength. Should the USA go back to higher costs over the life of a skyscraper? There are also advantages in being richer by reducing costs; the USA didn’t make a design mistake. Nor did the USA make a mistake in providing pilot training; it’s a profitable business. [email protected]

  437. Anonymous[423] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve been watching these 9/11 videos from Youtube for a couple of weeks, occasionally using a fresh profile, and it seems obvious Youtube is algorithmically suppressing nearly all “9/11 truther” material.

    Normally when you watch a couple of videos on any given topic, the recommended videos list on the front page and on the right side of a given video is quickly updated to include more similar videos. Not so much with 9/11 videos as it seems they practically never get included in the personal recommended feeds.

    Additionally, using the search feature to find those videos seems to require excessively accurate queries, almost requiring the exact video title. Normally a couple of related, non-exact keywords of some other topic would be enough to find many related videos. It seems as if shadowbanned/blacklisted topics drastically drop the weight score given for any result, and to overcome that you need to use extremely accurate queries to find anything at all relevant. Otherwise the results are almost irrelevant.

    On the other hand, some obviously hand-picked “debunking” videos from “authoritative” sources such as the NIST channel get massively boosted and regularly receive millions of views. This kind of algorithmic tuning is also called “ephemeral experiences” and for example Robert Epstein has done extensive research on it. His research probably does not cover 9/11 topics, as it was more focused on election interference, but you can read about it from here:

  438. MarLuc7 says:

    HORSESHIT. The “Collapse”, “Pancake” Theory is absolute shit.
    110 Stories standing tall = 110 stories stacked on the ground. Where are they? Where did the towers go? You can see them literally evaporating as they fall. It is all there caught on tape and yet no one talks about it.

    The towers were turned to dust. Only one force on earth can turn steel i-beams into dust; Nuclear detonation. Also, it was interesting that not one Aluminum File cabinet was found. Which is inconceivable unless Nuclear detonation was used –Aluminum being instantly vaporized.

    Americans are unaware that Mini-Nukes were developed in the mid-50s. They were suitcase-sized nukes designed specifically for dam and bridge destruction. 50 years later – do you not think the yield, power, and focus of mini-nukes has not improved substantially???

    Those towers were brought down by a combination of conventional and nuclear means.

  439. Posa says:

    Good research and good article… but the piece slants the truth and relies on inferences not actual facts.

    For example, Laurent Guyénot makes a lot about the Israeli “art students” in FL . To this day does anyone know what they were up to? Could they have met up with Atta’s Sarasota crew? Maybe. Did they? Who knows?

    Same with the Israeli “art students” at the WTC. Could they have been wiring the place for a controlled demolition? Maybe. Did anyone see them do it? No. And what about the other WTC Tower and bldg 7? Art students there as well?

    Here are some facts we DO know from the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry that Sen Bob Graham chaired:

    – the CIA knew that al Q operatives left a meeting in Kuala Lampur in Jan 2000 and headed to the US; when they showed up at LAX, the CIA failed to notify ICE.

    – While this cell, one of several, was allowed to freely roam the US, the CIA ACTIVELY CONCEALED al Q presence in the US from key WH figures. Furthermore, the whole operation was supervised by no less than 50 CIA executives. (The CIA IG later confirmed these allegations as true facts)

    – the FBI and Saudi operatives funded and housed the West Coast alQ team

    – the Saudi Ambassador and his family channeled funds the West Coast operatives via Saudi intermediaries. (The missing 28 Pages)

    -when FBI field agents discovered suspicious Saudis (not Afghanis) were taking weird flying lessons they were ordered to stand down

    Ultimately it was also disclosed in court documents that the FBI was aware of another alQ cell in Sarasota, FL which also remained undisclosed to the WH and the National Director of Counter-terror.

    The 9/11 Inquiry shows how US intelligence worked hand in glove with Saudi intelligence to support, protect and conceal alQ operatives in the US for the better part of 18 months before 9/11.

    But more fundamentally, both the neo-Con Likud PNAC and decidedly not Likud Z. Brzezinski both used almost identical calls for a “new Pearl Harbor” NOT to support Operation Clean Break but to install the US as the Permanent Uni-Polar Hegemon (aka The Wolfowitz Doctrine, which eventually became official US Strategic Doctrine under GW Bush). The Hegemon project required the conquest of the Afro- Eurasian “World Island”. The path to such conquest would not go down well with American voters, so they had to be traumatized and stampeded with Pearl Harbor rev 2.o, ie The 9/11 Terror Spectacle.

    The Mediterranean / Middle East play did intersect “OperationClean Break” and the Greater Israel Project. But that was a collateral benefit, not the main show.

    So start with provable facts while the perps are still alive and see what shakes loose about the Israel- Likud- Dual Passport crowd while they’re still alive.

  440. I’m confident that this has been covered either in Laurent’s article or in many of the currently 455 comments that I’ve not yet read.

    The Zionists are playing this as an all-or-nothing exercise. If they lose this one, they’re done…..” – Alan Sabrosky

    I believe Dr. Sabrosky, fully believe his conclusion. While the masses are morons, a significant number of those who think are now awakening.

  441. Anon[136] • Disclaimer says:

    … Please, if a structural engineer would care to weigh in on this and correct my misunderstanding I would appreciate it.….

    I’m a professional; here are my top view technical thoughts;

    The official pancake theory rests on the idea that the burning jet fuel weakened the steel columns enough to result in catastrophic failure, and then the increased (dynamic) loading caused by free falling floors above resulted in the live load exceeding the lower columns structural limits. Therefore pancaking within the building’s footprint.

    My comment; While this is theoretically possible, the likelihood of it actually happening borders on nil. The design and build methods used at the time were primitive enough that the structure would have had a design factor of safety of close to 3x. That the same low probability pancaking happened in 2 buildings is near impossible, like 1 in 10 million odds.

    “Buildings don’t fall down like that”

    • Replies: @Alfred
  442. Most of this article is well known to most of us that have bothered to do some diligent reasearch but I congratulate Laurent Guyenot for putting a very complex event into straight forward summary. The best was the commentary on neocons. I will copy that into my file if you don’t object.

    • Thanks: Laurent Guyénot
  443. Alfred says:

    An amazing number of “coincidences”.

    The sad part is how many American Jews were forewarned but did not tell their goyim colleagues. I can forgive the Israelis but not the Jews who were not Israeli. They are traitors.

    out of the 4000 Israelis believed to have worked in and around the WTC and the Pentagon only FIVE died. 5/4000 Israelis

    Israel Did It (Wikispooks)

  444. @Barzini

    “9/11 CNN Pentagon Report – NO PLANE – Only Aired Once
    00:00 actually was bob franken with and
    00:01 eyewitness who said it appeared that
    00:03 that Boeing 757 the American jet
    00:06 American Airlines jet landed short of
    00:09 the Pentagon can you give us any better
    00:12 idea of how much of the plane actually
    00:13 impacted the building you know it might
    00:16 have appeared that way but from my
    00:18 close-up inspection there’s no evidence
    00:20 of a plane having crashed anywhere near


    00:22 the Pentagon the only site is the actual
    00:26 side of the building that’s crashed in
    00:27 and as I said the only pieces left
    00:30 that you can see are small enough that
    00:32 you could pick up in your hand there are
    00:34 no large tail sections wing sections a
    00:37 fuselage nothing like that anywhere
    00:39 around which would indicate that the
    00:41 entire plane crashed into the side of
    00:43 the Pentagon and then caused the side to
    00:46 collapse now even though if you look at
    00:47 the pictures of the Pentagon you see
    00:49 that the floors have all collapsed that
    00:51 didn’t happen immediately
    00:52 it wasn’t until almost about 45 minutes
    00:55 later that the structure was weakened “

    It was available about 18 month ago!
    Now: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.”

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
    , @Badger Down
  445. I TVIED TO VARN YOU. –Funny Mustache Man

    • LOL: Half Back
  446. @Julio Alvarez

    Israel is the U.S.’ biggest enemy, followed by china. Israel wants to destroy us, china only wants to own us.

    Israel and China are working together.

    For about 20 years Israel has been planning for alliance with China as US declined as superpower

    Covid is a joint Jewish-Chinese enterprise, the last nail in the US coffin.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Badger Down
    , @denk
    , @Alden
  447. gotmituns says:

    Like we used to say when I was a boy and we thought someone was naïve, “If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you”.

  448. Thank you for a very informative article. I have read most of David Ray Griffin’s books, as well as the “Synthetic Terror” book by Webster Tarpley. One of the best videos that I have watched on the events of 9/11 is “9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions” and in this video, it covers the facts, with no hype.

    Old Henry Ford was not too stupid – he had the Jews and the banks (and the WARS) figured out way back then!

    Thank you.

  449. Che Guava says:

    ‘ignore totally’ That is a yid word order, on the same order as “see also’ that is enforced on English Wikidedia.

    Every time I see it I hear a fake Jewish innaluctual in Noo Yawk honking in a
    nasal whine.

    Correct order is ‘Also see’, ‘totally ignore’ is the correct form in your essay.

  450. Oracle says:

    It was an Inside job AND an Outside job. Same people. Two sides of the same coin.

  451. Alfred says:

    I’m a professional; here are my top view technical thoughts

    In a previous manifestation, I was a civil engineer. I studied at Imperial College, London. Some of my professors at the time were on the leading edge of civil engineering. But I did not enjoy working at remote locations in all weathers and at all times of the day with semi-literate navvies. I went back to College to study Operations Research. I have been in software ever since. 🙂

    Here is my take on events on 9/11. There is no need to do involved mathematics and studies of the actual structure. BTW, the two larger buildings were hugely redundant. For the non-technical, “redundant” means that a vast number of elements need to be cut for the building to collapse.

    In the case of the two larger buildings, we see massive girders flying upwards and sideways. Where did that energy come from?

    In the case of the third building, Building 7, it was a different design. It was largely held aloft by the area surrounding the lift shafts. Videos show clearly that the central penthouse and lift-shaft collapsed first.

    Lastly, the fact that building codes have not been made more rigorous in New York and elsewhere means that those who understand these things see no reason to do so. They all know that these three buildings were blown up.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  452. @j2

    What do you think was the reason Nazis saved the hair of Jews. They did not seriously intend to use it for U-boat carpets and socks for the crew.

    No indeed, not socks for the crew.
    Nazis saved the hair of Jews (or so you say) in order to harvest the tics!!

    They sent the piles of Jewish hair (no Catholic hair, even tho majority of Concentration camp inmates were Catholic) to German school children — Hitler-youngins — all over Germany and with their little Nazi fingers they carefully sorted out all the tics.
    They were encouraged to do their part for the Feur-er in the belief that the tics would be used as a weapon.
    The Weremakt was going to fill bomb tubes with tics, fly them to South America, then release them all over continental US.
    FDR learned of the scheme when British intelligence in Canada gave him a map of the German invasion of US. FDR informed the American people of the dastardly scheme in a radio address, and the plan was frustrated.

    But what to do with all the tics the German Hitler-youngins harvested!

    Those clever Huns: they squished them to make ink to print bibles that they sold to Oxford Press, who in turn shipped them by the boatload to USA!

    BUT — those were not ordinary tics, they were JEWISH tics! They came alive in the Oxford bibles! They re-arranged themselves to re-write whole passages of the Bible!

    But there is an end of the time prophesy that not a hair from your head will fall to the ground. If Nazis had to cut the hair to fight with lice, then the only thing was to prevent the hair from falling to the ground, so store it. I made commenter utu very irritated by mentioning this hair issue, but to me it looks like one of the end of the time prophesies being realized on purpose. This time by Nazis, indicating a deeper connection between Nazis and Zionists.

    This statement makes as much sense as Operation Harvest Tic.

    Some people should not be allowed to vote.
    Or write for public viewing.

  453. Sarah says:

    Official thesis: pancakes; floors collapsing on each other.
    I imagined then a building like this:

    But the floors were not simply placed on top of each other: there was a central core:
    First WTC began collapsing.
    The upper part remains straight; “hammer effect”?
    Let’s face it…

    À 3:24 mn :
    Let’s face it…an “hammer effect” and ” pancakes “.

    Second tower :
    I didn’t find the picture where the upper part tilts sideways into the void while the lower part is still standing: who can explain to me why this lower part collapses anyway?

    9/11 North tower collapse :
    The floors have collapsed but the central core is still standing… and it didn’t stay standing; WHY?

  454. lysias says:

    The technique of blaming the U.S. government and deflecting blame from Israel was already used for the JFK assassination. Most disbelievers in the Oswald-did-it dogma blame parts of the U.S. government for the misdeed, and do not mention Israel. Oliver Stone’s JFK movie, which does this, was produced by Israeli intel agent Arnon Milchan.

    • Agree: Iris
  455. as a layman researcher: i’ve read Chris Bollyn’s work years ago. initially, i was skeptical. as most 911 truthers espouse mostly gibberish. but Mr Bollyn’s work was different. it rang true. and he was not a racist. just after truth. this article echo Mr Bollyn’s work.

    i do believe there’s a Zionism conspiracy but refuse to believe it’s a Jewish conspiracy.
    – my 1st girlfriend was Jewish thus have affection for Jewish women.

    • Agree: JohnnyGodYilmaz
  456. gotmituns says:

    As a Structural Ironworker of over 40 yrs. in NYC I know how office buildings are put together. This whole story of how the buildings collapsed was/is total BS from start to finish. Thanks for that picture. It brings back memories. I had a lot of friends who worked on that job.

  457. YES … YES Laurent, we know all this and more. COVID19 seems like the coupe de grace. Our problem today is the same as in 2001, the corrupt DOJ. We the people are powerless. Unless an honest state prosecutor can be found and convinced to investigate these high crimes and prsecute, we will continue to limp along.

  458. “Yahweh must have a sense of chutzpah!”

    YHWH is chutzpah… Shanah Tovah!

  459. Turk 152 says:

    The problem with the Israel job is that the CIA would have to be fully complicit in the 9/11 coverup. It’s reasonable to assume they could not predict it, but hind-site is 20/20. Once you make that connection, then there is no way to absolve the collusion of US elites as well. Screw the media. If Israel controls the CIA as well, then we are truly an occupied country. My opinion is that it would need to both an Inside and Israeli Job, my question is who is the dog and who is the tail.

    • Agree: JohnnyGodYilmaz
    • Replies: @Half Back
  460. On September 10, 2001 at 4:00 PM Gary Johnson, maverick governor of New Mexico, debated Asa Hutchinson, head of Drug Enforcement Agency, on the War on Drugs. Hutchinson was annihilated by the more knowledgeable, infinitely more human and more intelligent governor. The DEA’s humiliation would have been front-page news – except….

    The 9/11/2001 attack HAD to be improvised overnight to save the drug war, and indeed it was a success. Not an iota of news on the debate was ever reported anywhere.

    Another way of looking at all this is to consider why the debate was scheduled for September 10, what Hutchinson had to do with the scheduling, what friends and allegiances he held.

    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  461. I ask that all Unz Review readers familiarize themselves with the documentary; ZERO An Investigation Into 9 11, a YouTube presentation produced by Telemaco, Discoventure Film Makers. In this video, the so called, Saudi attackers and their current whereabouts clearly demonstrate a contradiction in official statements released by the FBI. It further shows that policing agencies have yet to establish that any terrorist(s) were aboard or listed as a passenger(s). I suggest that as you watch the video, keep in mind the actions and beliefs of one, Felix Dzerzhinski who founded the Cheka and elements of the NKVD and KGB. In short, he believed that humanity at large amounts to nothing more than cattle, to be used and or exterminated at will by the powers that be. This Machiavellian-ism continues to influence elements within the Neocons and government law enforcement agencies, worldwide. Humanity now has this global “monster” to contend with and the beast is armed with computers, dope profiteering and “billionaire club” funding(s), what comes next, surely will never come to ANY good.

    Zelikow’s role in the 911 cover up is blatantly obvious, he’s a formally trained student of the Edward Bernays school of propaganda and stands out a fine example of what constitutes the societal Mission of George Orwell’s, Ministry of Truth. Here’s a reference representing some of Bernays strategies (below): I feel more resentful towards the MSM American newsprint than with Israel or the House of Saud (Yemen war). Not one courageous reporter came forward, from the whole lot of them! enough to make you spit!

    What good is it now, twenty years later, pointing accusing fingers? The deep state machinery and it’s policy to frighten our citizenry into a militaristic, police state proved to be a complete success! When the truth isn’t reported in a timely manner, the bad guy’s win Evil only succeeds when good men do nothing or look the other way.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
    , @RobinG
  462. What’s frightening is US now under control by an even dumber babbling buffoon POTUS than the Idiot Bush in 2001. Although C19 bio weapon was released under Trump, it’s become a (((GlobalHomo/Big Pharma/Frankenshot))) horror show under Dementia Joe.
    With over half the world injected with mysterious metals, HIV, mRNA, ad nausea. Until they pass 38 million dead from HIV/AIDS, and another 35 million incubators spreading it with impunity, this isn’t going way soon.
    Where was/is their anal mask, lockdown, social distancing, EUA, frankenshot?
    (((GlobalHomo lobby))) Making the World HIV/LGBTIQPWXYZ Compliant.

  463. @Floda

    Engines would have serial numbers. Much like any gun or VIN they’d be attached to some craft. So which mystery plane did they belong to?

  464. @elmerfudzie

    Evil marches on under a cloud of sophisticated obfuscation and lies. Hence what we see going around us today. To say it was all a coordinated attack by some liberty hating rag heads is absurd. No different than the bat-eating slant-eyed devils scenario being pimped today.. The same agencies and players from two decades ago are at work on a global scale.

  465. RobinG says:

    Israel (like most everyone) is working with anyone they can.

    India’s deepening love affair with Israel
    “The revelation that Pegasus – spyware developed by the Israeli cyber-arms company NSO – was used to surveil opposition politicians, activists, public officials and journalists in India, has once again confirmed that the right to privacy, freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press are threatened under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government.”

    • Thanks: SolontoCroesus
  466. @JohnnyGodYilmaz

    Why hold a press meeting about trillions in DOD money gone missing the same day?

  467. RobinG says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Absolutely right, on all counts. My 2nd cousins’ forebears even changed their name from Johansson to Johnson, just to fit in better.

  468. I appeal to persons such as Aharon Barak, President of the Supreme Court of Israel from 1995 – to 2006, who is a man of worth and justice???

    This will tie into 9/11…

    …. TO RESEARCH THE TOPIC OF …… All sides of the conflict in WW1 and WW2 were financed by a set of people……

    ” The banking and business elites salivating for war included J. Henry Schroder Banking Company, the Rockefellers, the Eugene Meyer family, J.P. Morgan, Alex Brown & Sons, Kuhn Loeb & Co., the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Baruch and Guggenheim families and a few others who weaved a tightly connected web of power, money, arms and influence for their own financial gains. Their mutual influence on world affairs often crossed as they financed all sides for a continual, profit rendering conflict.” ( Reference )

    See also The Controversy of Zion Book by Douglas Reed

    and THEN ASK THE QUESTIONs…. Are the Greatest benefactors of Israel also the Protagonists ( the guilty men responsible) for the slaughter of vast numbers of Jewish people in WW1 and WW2, plus all of the other deaths in the combatant armies and civilians in all areas of the wars from Japan/China/Russia to Northern Africa/the Middle East – Turkey (WW1) and the United States?

    Did this same group fund the establishment of Communism in Russia and China?

    ASKING THE QUESTION…. Are the Rothschilds for example “Jewish” or are they at the top of the Global Luciferian Elite – The Illuminati?

    Remember the prime cause of 9/11 is to advance the Goal of the Luciferian Illuminati to prepare the way of the anti-chirst and the mark of the beast.

    Read Revelation in the Bible and research Albert Pikes plan for 3 world wars. The Jewish people were sent to Israel as yet another Pawn in the Game – Book by William Guy Carr

    It is not just that 9/11 was an inside job by the US Government both Democrat and Republican – Why was KIllery the Senator from NY on 9/11? Why Chuck Schumer? AND by the Leadership of Israel ( not the general citizen of Israel ) BUT IT WAS PART OF A GLOBALIST ILLUINATI AGENDA financed out of the City of London just like COVID/Deadly INJECTIONS yes lets all get the JAB…. everytime I hear “THE JAB” I think of RIIA, Chatam House, Wellcome Trust

    Remember the Illuminati has no love for any particular group of people.

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  469. RobinG says:

    I feel more resentful towards the MSM American newsprint than with Israel or the House of Saud (Yemen war).

    Well you should. The MSM is a CIA controlled arm of the Deep State. The domestic polarization is also their handiwork.

  470. Israel is too smart, too powerful and too embedded in Americas’ political and social landscape for any patriotic American group to put up a coherent or effective opposition.
    The real reason that Americans are losing their country is what made their country great.i.e Capitalism.
    But for true Capitalism to function, there has to be a level playing field, which is not possible.

    Capitalists always capture the regulatory authorities. Add to it blackmailers like Jeffery Epstein and powerful moneyed groups like AIPAC, all working towards benefiting a foreign country, and the direction is easily subverted.

    If one follows the debate between Vaccines and cheap therapeutics, it’s clearly obvious who is winning.

    As for Communism, it’s an ideology that appeals to feeble minded and idealists.
    We are born with an intrinsic sense of fair play but communism too crumbles in the face of temptation.
    This war will never end.

  471. Skeptikal says:

    “His political destiny was largely planned and shaped in the United States, under the supervision of those we now call neoconservatives, and the only thing that distinguishes him from them is that, for public relations reasons, he does not possess American nationality.”

    Netanyahu was mentored by Moshe Arens, who in turn was a great pal of George Schulz.

    Read Arens’s memoir, In Defense of Israel, for many insights as to just how the Zionist tail wagged the American dog and what the tails actually thought of their running dog.

    Arens himself was a perfect example of the types of smooth vipers the Americans nurtured in their breast. Having enjoyed a topnotch American education Arens married another Betar=nik and the two emigrated to Palestine to harass Palestinian villagers and steal their water sources. Arens then launched himself on a political career that gave him unparalleled insights into the running of the Israeli state and the Is-USA relationship. He was amabassdor to DC for a time, and this was the period when he mentored Net.

    A real prick, but a smart one.

    • Thanks: Iris, Laurent Guyénot
  472. R2b says:

    All you stupids!
    Whatever Guyennot says is truth here.
    And go by that.
    In this spec case.

  473. @ImaBotKnot

    What should we do now? Choose a side? Good or Evil ?

    Pink Floyd – What shall we do now (From the movie ‘The Wall’) with LYRICS

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  474. @The Cleaner

    Rebekah Roth was a flight attendant ( all of life was better when they were stewardesses ) for thirty years. She analyzes the phone calls from the airplanes and all evidence regarding the airplanes, behavior of flight attendants, passengers and all reported information regarding the flights. She’s a genuine Sherlock Holmes with unique insights that only a smart, experienced flight attendant could have.

    Roth concludes that the planes were flown to a New England air base, which she names, where the planes were brought into a hanger and all the passengers killed by gas.

    For a long time you could hear all about it in two lengthy interviews that have disappeared from youtube and, evidently, from the Internet entirely. You can read about it now in her pseudo-fiction book Methodical Illusion, still available on Amazon.

    There is nothing silly or shallow about this woman. She is really smart, and all the king’s horseshit could not fool her. Recommended.

    • Agree: MarLuc7
  475. @JohnnyGodYilmaz

    Well, the interviews are back on! What’s going on? Here’s one:

  476. Rambam says:


    This (((author))) has always set off my Spidey Sense Spook Detector.
    I’m guessing he’s eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return requirements.


  477. @ImaBotKnot

    Rev. James Cleveland – What Shall I Do (Lyric Video)

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  478. I thank Ron for reposting this 2018 article. It is a great satisfaction and encouragement. But I hope to read new groundbreaking articles on 9/11 in the coming days. I have learned a lot from comments here and there, including in my recent article “9/11 was a Straussian Coup”. And I feel that there are so many new grounds and new perspectives to explore.
    I want to mention that I have made a few mistakes in my attempt to make the story short. These will be corrected in the upcoming film “9/11 and the Great Israeli Game” that, unfortunately, will not be ready in English for september 11, but hopefully soon enough.
    – On the dancing Israelis, it is not accurate that they were “dressed in ostensibly ‘Middle Eastern’ attire.” What happened is that there were TV reports about “Middle-Easterners” or people “dressed like Palestinians” that became conflated with the 5 people arrested in the Urban Moving System Van, and therefore it is a reasonable guess that, had they not been arrested, they would have been included in the mainstream story as “dancing Arabs.”
    – It is not clear whether the “artists” who called themselves Gelatin were Jewish. I now feel that this element is too week to be used in the case. (And forget their “fuse boxes”)
    – It is not quite exact that the Odigo instant messages warning of the attacks were received by “employees at the WTC”. All that can be said is that they were received by Israelis.
    – I also over interpreted Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton’s judgment on Zelikow. In fact, they are very soft on him in their book Without Precedent.
    – The missing gold would also need more research. More broadly, an in-depth research on the money trail would make a fascinating article. An original, though risky, starting point would be the “hero” of the film… Worth, Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw the distribution of 7 billions to … who exactly? (Jon Revusky drew my attention to this shady character, and I wish he would write an article about it).
    As those who clicked on it noticed, my book JFK-9/11 has been banned from Amazon. A e-pub version is available here:
    See my other books on
    And you may be interested to watch my film on the Kennedys on

    Thanks for reading.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  479. @James Charles

    Amazing how nearing the 20th anniversary of 9/11 all of these videos start to go into freefall

  480. @Rufus Clyde

    Good point. I actually made a comparison between JFK being replaced by Johnson and Bush being replaced by Cheney: the only difference is that Bush was not transformed into a corpse, but worse: dummy on 9/11 (reading My Pet Goat in primary school!). Cheney was Israel’s man exactly as Johnson had been. The total impunity of the Israeli after their failed false flag attack on the USS Liberty convinced them that there is no penalty for failure, so why not do big!

  481. Jim H says:

    ‘Yahweh must have a sense of chutzpah!’ — Laurent Guyénot

    Thank you, Monsieur Guyénot.

    Your research is thorough, backing up what I read from local sources in real time. (The Israeli owner of Urban Moving Systems who fled the US on Sep 14 lived in my town, half a mile from my house.)

    You are the greatest French gift to America since Bartholdi’s iconic sculpture in New York harbor.

    Thank you, sir.

    • Thanks: Laurent Guyénot
  482. @JustWow

    Most of the people on the planes were killed. Seven of the hijackers survived and escaped to their home countries.

    • LOL: Laurent Guyénot
  483. Turk 152 says:

    The Liberty was a secret military operation which could easily kept under wraps – no comparison. 9/11 was the most spectacular bitch slap ever televised 24/7 for years, how is it possible that the old WASP establishment, CIA (Catholics in Action), British elites, MI-6 rolled over for Israel, without being a partner in crime? There is no way that the ruling monarch class would not know exactly what happened. Could somebody please explain how this is possible, as I obviously not smart enough to figure it out.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  484. frontier says:

    [done by] weaponry capable of reaching temperatures far greater than the surface of the sun- most likely micro-nukes. Thermate, nano-thermite may have been used, but in an ancillary role.

    Crackpot theories like this are one of the reasons so many people stay away from serious research. You are creating what you’re criticizing.

    “micro-nukes”… LOL.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Iris
  485. RobinG says:

    Laughing out loud? Get ready to ROFL. This is from “Iris” on another thread. Note the track system to load the nuclear warheads into boreholes, and the timing. It’s rich. What “Iris” doesn’t seem to realize is how this effects “her” brand on all topics.


    ……it is so dead simple even a sheep would have by now :

    – The WTC nuclear demolition scheme had its control room inside and underneath WTC7, a government-controlled building.

    – The 3 nuclear heads were all permanently stored under WTC7, for obvious safety, security and maintenance reason.

    – When the order to activate the nuclear demolition scheme came, it triggered a number of engineering actions: the warheads were released, their control systems were enabled, their rail track transportation system was powered up, the protective shutters blocking their delivery tunnels lifted up, and more importantly a control signal should have been sent instantaneously from WTC7 to the North and South Tower, to trigger each of their respective evacuation alarm systems and evacuate them, since they were the ones about to be demolished. Not WTC7, moron.

    – When the activation order is given, the nuclear head has still to be released, loaded onto its rail carriage, moved throughout its underground delivery tunnel at slow pace to minimise vibrations and shocks, reach underneath its respective Tower, be lowered even deeper into a borehole, until positioned in an explosion chamber at -75 metres under bedrock level, armed and finally detonated after a timed delay, so the operator can himself get away from the command centre as a precaution.

    All this long list of actions takes about 30 minutes. How do I know? Because it was the time elapsed between the collapse of the South and North Tower.

    Working backwards, WTC1 collapsed at 10:28, WTC2 at 9:59, so the nuclear demolition order would have been given at around 9:30.

    So if the master safety system in WTC7 had not been deliberately disabled by your Silverstein scum, it would have triggered both of the slave safety systems in each respective Twin Tower at 09:30, which in turn would have set off their alarms instantaneously and evacuated the people inside.

    Those innocents in the South and North Tower would have had respectively half-an-hour and one entire hour to escape an atrocious death. Instead, they were pulverized alive.

  486. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:
    @General Koofta

    They must be resisted at all levels by patriots and true Christians

    Yeah, so how’s that workin’ out for ya’?

    By the way, your beloved homicidal Pharisee also said (inspired by his tranny god, of course), ‘Respect your leaders, for ‘god’ put them over you.’.

  487. Half Back says:
    @Turk 152

    You seem to under the impression he CIA are honorable, they never were. That’s ANTHER issue with US Government so many fiefdoms in a huge bureaucracy and in this case (((they))) have infiltration techniques, ( children porno’s/ or other blackmail material- on the higher up’s ) just look at John Brennan- he is ZOG for sure and for saving his own ass. So their you have it thats why poor dumb Trump ( he was quoted as saying ” I didn’t know the job was this complicated’) so over his 4 years was always on the round about- never achieving much of note. Like the CIA and DOJ withheld the ‘laptop from hell’, which if given proper media treatment would have made him the President for a second term. enough said.

  488. Half Back says:

    Thanks, JohnnyGodYilmaz with 30 comments as of this date. You have to start somewhere, it’s a interesting theory you got their- the choice of gas. So i suppose it came out the shower heads/ air nozzles. So for your-Becky theory to be included into the real theory/reality ( we know controlled opposition- muddy the waters, getting arguments ,was it green or yellow, fight fight) So now we have a second airplanes coming in to replace the first with ‘real’ passengers, the ones that did hit the towers ( even though now it’s well establish that they all towers came down by implosion charges ) while still ‘gassing’ the oringal passengers. It’s strange that Rebecca has a bible name which seems to me lack of imagination, come to think of it the gassing ‘thing’ got me hanged up now.. please supply more info if you can.. if anything we have time, maybe we can understand yourself as well, as too what motivates you.

  489. @James Charles

    Amazing how “I’m sorry, but I didn’t see a plane” counts as “hate speech”.

  490. @SolontoCroesus

    China wants to trade with all countries, including the US.
    It has no interest in enslaving, owning, or conquering the US.
    It would like the US to stop bombing and remove its militants from Asia.
    Just go home, yanqui.

    • Agree: denk, SolontoCroesus, Sarah
  491. @Miro23

    “Since there’s plenty evidence connected to the crime of 9/11, and many suspects and witnesses, it’s time to start taking testimonies and arresting people….The question is, who has sufficient power to make the arrests, do some serious interrogation with plea bargaining, and run the trial. ”

    Yes! All the discussion of the circumstances of 9/11 and all the investigation into the crime’s details have been necessary, but we have had enough. Now in seeking justice we are pressed between a wall of insouciance, as PCR would say, and a seemingly infinitely powerful cabal of extreme criminals.

    We must find a pressure point. We must surprise them somehow, find a weakness and understand that there is no reason to be polite. We need to exchange ideas in this direction, and if we work as hard at this as we have at the physics of free-fall and the chemistry of fire then we’ll come to some new ideas.

    To this day, history and crime aficionados speculate, argue and research the identity of Jack the Ripper, the brutal killer of London’s women in 1888. No one will ever be punished for the Ripper’s crimes, and the name of the killer will never be certain. And if no suspect is ever arrested and pressured to speak the truth, reveal names or give convincing testimony then the authors of 9/11 will die victorious, unnamed and unpunished the same as Jack.

    I think I am not the only one here open to ideas.

  492. @NomadicLifestyleAdvocate

    It’s like the US. Some Americans are not serial murderers. Even some US soldiers and sailors don’t hunger to kill. But the fact remains that the US repeatedly invades and bombs Asian countries, and murders lots of people, including civilians and children. It is deliberate and it is a conspiracy.

    And (I guess) some Jewish women are not raving psychos.

  493. anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Gubernatorial race, Fl, won by DeSantis.

    Graham lost in primary to black, gay Gillum. Very blackmailable or was.

    Bob Graham has been a little doggie for Yid. Still is.

    28 Saudi pages = BS.

    Blank pages. Write what is needed. Threaten when useful.

    Saudis, tell ’em f-ck off.
    Simon Shack or Ace Baker? I go with Simon Shack and ‘September Clues’.
    Baker has some good info but that is to draw people in to deceive.
    He, it, they agents for something.

    5 dancing shlomos

  494. @Laurent Guyénot

    Thanks Laurent for that very well researched article.

    I wonder how the planes were controlled if there were no highjackers. Now drones are commonplace. It would have been a research project to do it in 2001, right? Then one needs to install that in the plane and also install a camera and a transmitter. That’s not an easy thing to do.

  495. Skeptikal says:


    One immediate question:
    Re “He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, bound for official business in California when his plane struck the Pentagon,”

    What do you speculate actually happened to the two planes, and their passengers, supposedly headed for the Pentagon, the Shanksburg plane (with Ms Olsen on board) and American 77?


    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  496. denk says:
    @Julio Alvarez

    the israeli’s work hand in hand with muslims. ]

    AQ was FUKUS baby

    PAK TTP was incubated in gitmo

    ISIS was conceived in camp Bucca,


    Israel is the U.S.’ biggest enemy, followed by china. Israel wants to destroy us, china only wants to own us.

    Why would Israel destroy its muscle man ?


  497. @Laurent Guyénot

    As I said last night to Ron on his article’s thread there is a very sserious credibility problem for any account of 9/11 difficulties which is meant to be persuasive if the nonsense that the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane is persisted with. Doubly so if the most elementary checks on passengers have been omitted. I linked to a complete list and there are many ways of checking that they all died on 9/11.

    • Replies: @Iris
  498. Skeptikal says:

    Thanks for the great Corbett video!

  499. RobinG says:
    @jacques sheete

    J.S. resurrected after 2 years in the netherworld … is that really you?

  500. denk says:

    Israel and China are working together.]

    FUSI, a partnership made in heaven

    For about 20 years Israel has been planning for alliance with China as US declined as superpower]

    For about 70 years.
    FUSI, always at the right side of history

    Typical UN resolution votes
    The world vs FUS/ISRAEL

    Covid is a joint Jewish-Chinese enterprise, the last nail in the US coffin.]

    WHO has the motive, means and a sterling track record of maleficence

    FUS demise ?
    Whats not to like ?
    It makes for a saner world, DO you like the new normal ?

    • Replies: @denk
    , @SolontoCroesus
  501. I have always wondered who were the ones that filmed the “planes” hitting the tow buildings. Its clear from looking at the film footage that the camera was in a stationary position, likely to be mounted on a tripod, waiting for something to happen. Where did the TV channel who was first to show the pictures got the film footage from? The ones that filmed the scene must have had prior knowledge of what was going to happen. In any serious investigation the source of the film footage would have been investigated. Secondly a large Boeing commercial airliner, flying at high speed and low level over the city would have made a tremendous noise and surely would have made people look up at the sky. Thousands of people must have seen the planes. I live in the footpath of a nearby airport and planes flying over higher than the Twin towers are. Still we can see exactly see the markings and colors of the fuselage.

    • Agree: Iris
  502. saggy says: • Website

    I just discovered Bin Laden’s ‘confession’ video, and I’m wondering what the truthers think about it … I note that it was surprisingly hard to find and it doesn’t appear to be widely available … you can see it here …..

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Druid55
  503. denk says:

    That Anglin thread comments are hidden now.

    Here’s the text….

    This partial list provides the basis for the FOUR WHO rule ..

    WHO has the motive, means, track record for launching the SARS2 FF against China.


    [work in progess]

    FUKUS covert/overt wars on China since 1949 with bio warfare highlighted.

    1950 Korean war, bioweapons used on NK., Chinese civilians
    1955, CIA/TW attempt at Zhou Enlai’s life


    1959 CIA/RAW Tibet riot,

    1962 FUKUS instigated Indo./sino war,

    1963 CIA funded anti Chinese riots in BaNdung, INdon

    1965 [[[CIA/MI5]]] INdon genocide on ethnic Chinese.

    1989 CIA/MI6 TAM, destabilisation/demonisation.

    1993, Chinese freighter Yinhe hijacked by USN, pirates at hight sea.

    1998 CIA/MI6 orchestrated Indon pogrom , mass rapes on ethnic Chinese

    1999 BOmbing of Chinese embassy in ex Yugo,

    2001 Hainan spy plane, Chinese pilot died.

    2003 SARS1,

    2003 Iraq,

    2006 regime change in Kenya

    2008 Tibet riots,

    2009 Xinjiang bloodbath,

    2011 Libya,

    2013 Mali terrorism

    2013 Bird flu H7N9, Asia pivot

    2014 Sudan,

    2014 Ebola,

    2014 Xinjiang, HK, Mh370, bubonic plague, Ebola, Dengue,

    2015 Congo riots

    2018 bird flu, H7N9

    2019 HK, Xinjiang, swine flu, army worms,

    2020 SARS2, H5N1, locusts.

    Full spectrum smear campaign over Xinjiang , HK, covid, yellow peril.

    FUKUS prepping for
    Four fronts attacks at Lakdah, TW Straits, SCS, ECS !

  504. Miro23 says:
    @The Cleaner

    Thanks for that exceptional video. It’s the best one hour anyone could spend to see what really happened with those so called 9/11 hijackings.

    Short answer is that there were no Arab hijackers on board, the aircraft were taken over remotely (pilots unable to intervene, transponders automatically switched off. They were landed remotely , it was presented to the passengers as a security exercise and the calls were made from the ground (hangers at a reserve base where the aircraft were parked) and the passengers were subsequently killed (probably gassed in the aircraft). The reserve base staff happened to be evacuated that day and sent to hotels).

    Like it says on the book jacket (“Methodical Illusion” – Author Rebekah Roth):

    “Written as a novel, Methodical Illusion has been excruciatingly researched from an insider’s perspective, utilizing proprietary knowledge of airplanes, universal FAA protocols, standardized flight crew procedures and all hijacking policies.”

    The only negative is the video interviewer. He talks too much, interrupts , and doesn’t appreciated the quality of her line of thought . Basically he’s not up to the situation – but she still gets the information across.

  505. @RichardDuck

    Read up on Dov Zakheim, who was everywhere in September 2001: the Pentagon, WTC, Dept of Stealth and Total Obscurity, with tentacles reaching even unto Occupied Palestine. Here’s his jet plane remocon:

    Oh yeah, and he’s a Rabbit, a PNAC, and a dual spy:

    Smile! You’ve been pollarded, again.

    • Thanks: RichardDuck
    • Replies: @RichardDuck
  506. @saggy

    At 08:40, OBL is saying that he expected the WTC towers to topple, not explode into dust and fall straight down. Very reasonable.
    This reminds me of those “Hitler Rant” spoofs. He gets upset about some military failure, but the subtitles say it’s all about Honda selling more cars than Volkswagen, or somesuch. Of course it’s the Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, not our Adolf.

  507. @Iris

    “ The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel.”

    If you read the book, mentioned in the article, “ The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”, you will notice that contrary to how Noam Chomsky pinned the whole Iraq debacle on big oil, the real initiators of the war were Israel firsters. Those neocons have a goal that is much more ambitious than profiting from Iraqi oil and that is the Greater Israel Project. As long as America is ZOG land, there will be no end to the manipulation of the American system of governance in the interest of Zionist neocons who will keep about their deadly parasitical business until they destroy the host. Remains to see which other body they will invade after the end of America.

    • Agree: Druid55
  508. DrWatson says:

    Neither video is available anymore. Victor Thorn “committed suicide”:

    Interestingly, none of the infowar links are available anymore? How come?

  509. @Badger Down

    Now it looks like that since 9/11 not only planes are on remote control, but the whole US administration is 🙁 .

  510. @Skeptikal

    I think there were zero plane. Perhaps you should check the comment thread under my latest article:
    As for Bryan Jack, my best guess is that he was disposed of in one way or another, then his name added on the phony passenger list. It is my working hypothesis. More research needed.

  511. @RichardDuck

    Planes? What planes? Please take a look at the beginning of my latest article
    and its commentary thread.
    The question of how many planes (4, 3, 2, 1 or 0) is not essential to the “Israeli job” thesis, so I do not insist on it. But I am rather convinced by the no-plane theory, and I think it is gaining more and more support, for the simple reason that the planes we see on the videos defy physical laws.
    Now, if we had to explore this issue in depth, we would have to distinguish between two questions:
    1) did any direct witness really saw a plane?
    2) did any direct witness really hear a plane?
    David Handshuh, for example, heard it (he heard a noise coming from all around, he said but didn’t see anything, although he was could not have missed it from where he was.

    • Replies: @RichardDuck
    , @saggy
  512. @Turk 152

    There is indeed an almost unfathomable mystery. It is the mystery of Jewish Power over Gentiles. It baffles one’s mind more and more every day. I have attempted a partial explanation in the above section on the “hijacked conspiracy”.

    • Replies: @Turk 152
  513. I’ve lost count of the number of well-researched articles on this issue. What has changed? What has happened? Nada.

    • Replies: @Iris
  514. @Laurent Guyénot

    I was at home that day and I was staring at the tv screen when I saw a plane closing in and hitting a tower. You mean the live video was fake? I will check your other article you are referring to.

    • Replies: @Iris
  515. Iris says:
    @Annony Mouse

    I’ve lost count of the number of well-researched articles on this issue. What has changed? What has happened? Nada.

    You are correct: the Western 9/11 narrative is so grotesque, contradicted by science and inferior to more credible alternative versions that the only reason it has not officially collapsed yet is purely political might.

    However, I would not bet that “nada” will happen in the future. Unlike the USS Liberty attack, 9/11 was not an event that, perceivably, hurt only the USA.

    A dozen countries were entirely or partly destroyed because of it, dozens of millions of Muslims went through unimaginable distress and stigmatisation for two decades. There are an awful lot of nations and people out there who want revenge for the false flag and the mayhem it brought upon them, and they will strive to get it as the US’ geopolitical star fades.

    The NeoCons have left an unmissable nuclear demolition crime scene at the WTC, which physical characteristics are irrevocable. A public and fair discussion on the subject between Physics experts would be done with within 10 minutes.

    We are only a few years away from the time where the nuclear demolition of the Twin Towers will be publicly discussed by science academics and broadcast on Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan TV channels. And they will soon be joined by delighted Russian and Chinese scientists eager to settle the score, for their countries the West too often mendaciously accused of mass crimes.

  516. @NomadicLifestyleAdvocate

    Agree. We are talking about a cabal of Jewish elites manipulating both Jews and Gentiles. I try to always keep in mind that those who are the most manipulated by the Jewish elites are Jews themselves. The Holocaust religion is designed to keep them in a state of paranoia so that they can be controlled by their elite. The pattern in right in the Bible, where you see Jews constantly trying to free themselves from the psychopathic bond with Yahweh (= the Levites) and threatened with disaster. I have tried to make sense of this in my books From Yahweh to Zion and Our God is your God too.
    You call those Jewish elites Zionists, but that term is a bit misleading: they are globo-Zionists, in the sense that they see israel as just a headquarter. As one Austrian man once wrote:

    “For while Zionism tries to make the other part of the world believe that the national self-consciousness of the Jew finds satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian State, the Jews again most slyly dupe the stupid goyim. They have no thought of building up a Jewish State in Palestine, so that they might inhabit it, but they only want a central organization of their international world cheating, endowed with prerogatives, withdrawn from the seizure of others: a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues.”

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Miro23
  517. Iris says:

    Crackpot theories like this are one of the reasons so many people stay away from serious research.

    Of course, Hasbara, Thermal Science and Thermodynamics, two of the most ancient, venerable and reliable knowledge areas within the domain of Physics, which principles have been successfully applied for 3 centuries into technologies as widespread and reliable as trains, planes, transportation, rockets, steel industry, have now become “crackpottery”, just because Radio Tel Aviv tells as to look away from the WTC nuclear crime scene.

  518. Iris says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    if the nonsense that the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane is persisted with

    The only nonsense is the one you peddle relentlessly and deliberately.

    If there is one 9/11 alleged “mystery” which is no mystery at all, it is precisely that of the Pentagon attack.

    The Pentagon was struck by a flying “object” that pierced three rings (E, D and C) of bunker-grade reinforced concrete, and ended up exiting out of ring C. Exit hole within red circle below.

    The exit hole on the internal Ring C was of a considerable enough size not to be missed:

    If you intend to pretend that a plane, a bird, a butterfly or anything but a missile can achieve such result, than you really are taking us for a ride. Which is exactly the case.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  519. Turk 152 says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    I think the WASPs have learned to deflect culpability by projecting their crimes onto the Jews; they just need to act like the 8 trillion dollar ponzi scheme wars are all for their Israel masters and the overly clever average WASPs buy into it because it absolves them of responsibility in the war crimes. Meanwhile, Israeli oligarchs and gangsters eagerly profit off of the misery they inflict on others, It is really their oligarchs that every rightfully hates, i.e. Netanyahu and the city of London banksters, Kosher Nostra. The average Jew lives their lives absorbing all the hate their mendacious leaders engender and are completely brainwashed into providing their cover for them. As long as everyone gets their trillion dollar pay offs, nobody cares and the world goes round and round.

  520. Sandy Hook Psy- ops… please explain

  521. Miro23 says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Rather like the Barbary Pirates until they were cleaned out by the US:

    The Barbary pirates, or Barbary corsairs or Ottoman corsairs, were Muslim pirates and privateers who operated from North Africa, based primarily in the ports of Salé, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. … Barbary corsairs captured thousands of merchant ships and repeatedly raided coastal towns.


  522. @Iris

    The missile theory seems to have spawned a cult to which even the leader is so in thrall that potentially decisive questions about what happened to the passengers and crew,who I identified in a link, are just ignored. If Ron won’t try to answer what about you giving it a try.

  523. “ . . . out of the 4000 Israelis believed to have worked in and around the WTC and the Pentagon only FIVE died. 5/4000 Israelis. Statistically, with no forewarning about 10% (ie 400 of 4000) would have died; a toll as low as 200-300/4000 would not convincingly indicate foreknowledge. But only FIVE Israelis died and two of the five were aboard the allegedly hijacked flights; thus only three Israelis died in the WTC itself on 9/11. NB – this applies to Israeli nationals, NOT American Jews. Many Jews died in the WTC on 9/11.”

    Evidence of ‘insider knowledge’?

    • Agree: Iris
  524. @utu

    ‘This’ Hitler?

    “Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.”

  525. Barfly says:

    Inside job/outside job. To quote that hag Hillary “What difference does it make? They’re all Jews. Dual citizens w/one loyalty and that is to Israel. I read a bunch of police or fbi publicly available reports from multiple cities across the U S regarding those “Israeli art students” who operated kiosks in malls. Some of these “artists” showed up at the private residences( their homes) of high ranking military or national security individuals. They also cased offices and military sites across the country. Those places are not listed in the directory either. If I remember right over 100 of them were arrested before 9/11. You know what. Just watch the Fox News report by Carl Cameron if you can find it.

  526. onebornfree says: • Website

    Ok, I’ll bite.

    I’ll assume that the Israeli government entirely controls the US government and is entirely responsible for the planning and execution of the “live” faked-on- TV events (including fake plane strike footage, + 3 × equally fake “live” tower collapse sequences).

    So what are “we” going to do about all that?

    What’s the answer?

    Do we need even more laws, and an even bigger, more intrusive, even less constitutional US government that entirely removes all of our constitutional rights, and can be supposedly entirely controlled by foreign/ globalist interests?

    Or is what is needed is to entirely restore our constitutional republic by reducing the government’s size by 95% overnight, and permanently locking it down to its original functions by re- chaining it to the constitution, so that foreign/globalist interests are unable to get it to do their bidding?

    Will the answer to these questions always be:

    mo’ gubmint, mo’ gubmint, MO’ GUBMINT!!!?

    My guess would be “yes”.😭

    Regards, onebornfree

  527. Scot says:

    Since Israel is the most highly vaxed country, and you should know the insidious objective of the jab, are the real patriot insiders executing their planned exposure of the globalist to perfection?

    Regarding your article, at the end you say,
    “Bryan C. Jack was responsible for crunching America’s defense budget. He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, bound for official business in California when his plane struck the Pentagon, where, on any other day, Jack would have been at work at his computer”. Yahweh must have a sense of chutzpah!”

    I thought no plane actually hit the Pentagon???

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  528. @Scot

    Scot, you seem a bit slow, so I’ll spell it out: the miraculous story of Bryan Jack dying in his Pentagon office because he was on a business trip in AA77 which happened to crash on his office, is a Jewish joke. Only Forrest Gump can believe it. My guess is that Jack was disposed of in one way or another and his name added on the phony passenger list, just for fun.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  529. onebornfree says: • Website

    ” Firefighter Philip Ruvolo testified before Étienne Sauret’s camera for his film Collateral Damages (2011)”

    Oh my gawd- get a grip, Mr Guyenot ! Seems you’ve been had by the Frenchman Sauret .😆

    Sauret is a complete fraud, just like the Naudet Bros. and all the rest of the fake 911 videographers/photographers.

    He made a wholly fake video of the collapse of WTC 1. The entire sequence- every pixel (ie sky, building, smoke, hole etc. etc.) is 100% CGI .

    Saurets fake 911 tower collapse videos are among those exposed by Simon Shack at his September Clues site, here:

    “The Tower Collapse Animation Sequences”:

    Regards , onebornfree

  530. Iris says:

    You mean the live video was fake?

    The videos were faked on the spot, in quasi-real time, to superpose the fake, CGI planes, onto the otherwise entirely genuine explosions and devastation scenes.

    The faking was done very quickly, too quickly in one occurrence: it lead one video professional to underestimate the speed of the chopper he was aboard, and produce the ludicrous “plane In, nose Out” video of the South Tower.

    An undisputable evidence of fakery is the footage taken by WNBC Chopper 4, which:
    – in the morning broadcast the South Tower exploding live without any plane in sight,
    – then re-broadcast the same scene in the afternoon, this time with a “plane”.

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @onebornfree
  531. @The Alarmist

    Isn’t there flight simulator software that can answer that question?

  532. HVM says:

    I think a book that you should also consider is Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker.

    Hopsicker investigates the flight training Atta and his crew received from Ruddi Deckkers a man who was known to have ties to American intelligence.

    Although this information was known by the FBI information was covered up and and burred during the 9/11 investigation being led by none other than Dick Cheney.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  533. Miro23 says:

    I think a book that you should also consider is Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker.

    Hopsicker investigates the flight training Atta and his crew received from Ruddi Deckkers a man who was known to have ties to American intelligence.

    Agreed that Hopsicker did some thorough research on the Florida side. The CIA and FBI were heavily involved with the pilots, carefully looking after them (documents fast tracked, local police told to keep away, etc.)

    He also stumbled on the briefly reported local story of a group of “Arab looking” men posing a journalists, and trying to gain entry to George Bush’s hotel in the morning of 9/11.

  534. Alden says:

    Agree just read the Jewish press online or the local Jewish community news letters.

  535. W says:

    The progressive collapse theory was DIA and no amount of fuzzy math is going to chang that.

    1. There is no visual evidence that any floor touched another one.

    2. The towers _exploded_ from the top down.

    But you cannot make an argument that the buildings were too strong to fall from gravitation

    It’s irrevelant, gravity and fire can’t pulverize concrete and steel.

    No go ahead and gaslight everybody.

  536. onebornfree says: • Website

    “The videos were faked on the spot, in quasi-real time, ”


    There was no live, on air, in real time editing/faking.

    That would have been both risky (ie error prone) and in any case entirely unnecessary.

    The 5 “live” US MSM video sequences , (no different from all subsequent post-live “amateur” sequences showing the collision of Fl.175 with WTC2,), were/are all 100% pre-fabricated on computer ( C.G.I.) video sequences, made months, or possibly years before being broadcast as genuine live imagery on the morning of 911.


    The exact same applies to all broadcast and post broadcast released tower collapse imagery – it’s all 100% pre- fabricated CGI.

    This “Just” In: All 9/11 Imagery To Date ( Videos and Photos) Is 100% C.G.I.

    Since 2007-8 ( when I first started looking into 9/11), to this day, I have not seen even 1 genuine video sequence or still image of the alleged events of that morning. They are all just very crudely rendered ( i.e amateurish) C.G.I. pre-fabrications which have no relationship to genuine videography or photography, as anyone with any halfway developed visual critical faculty should be able to easily discern, once their attention is properly focused.

    Regards, onebornfree

  537. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Bombshell: Government Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses To Planting Explosives In WTCs Before 9/11”:


    FACT: All 7 buildings of the WTC complex were demolished off- camera, from the bottom up, via traditional , pre- planted dynamite charges, as researchers such as Simon Shack and myself have consistently claimed since around 2008.

    FACT: All standard building demolitions that utilize pre- planted dynamite charges are carried out by detonating the basement and ground floors FIRST, the charges then proceed to be sequentially detonated, floor by floor, in an upwards direction , with the top (structurally weakest) floors being destroyed last.

    FACT: the original on line archived MSM video sequences of the collapses of WTC 1 and 2 all show the top floors exploding first; the exact opposite sequence to that used in traditional dynamite demolitions of tall buildings.

    This is ( or should be 😊), just one more gigantic clue to the complete fraudulence of all WTC tower collapse sequences.


    WTC7’s Collapse?

    FACT: All of the video sequences of the collapse of WTC7 show a more realistic , traditional bottom- up demolition explosive sequence.

    However, that does not imply that those WTC7 destruction sequences are therefore genuine!

    Just as with the 100% fake, top- down demolition sequences seen in all WTC1 & 2 collapse videos, all of the imagery purporting to depict the bottom- up destruction of WTC7 is also 100% fake CGI .

    See: “WTC7 STUDY” here: (6th video down from top of page):

    FACT: the demolition of all 7 WTC buildings on 9/11 were carried out entirely off camera, utilizing conventional tall building demolition methodology ( pre-planted dynamite charges that are sequentially detonated, starting from the ground floors and proceeding upwards).

    End of story.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  538. @Robjil

    See” Number games 9/11 to Coronavirus” by Zachary Hubbard. Mr.Hubbard explains the gematria involved in these events.

  539. Question for Laurent Guyenot: Why did Meyer Lansky have such trouble getting into israel?

  540. @Laurent Guyénot

    .”Phony passenger list”???

    You will have noted the full list of passengers and crew that I linked Ron to and which he has ignored. And no doubt you are aware that DNA tests are said to have identified all but 5 of the 64 regarded as killed in the Flight 77 crash. Are we sufficiently together here to be able to move on to what you rely on for testing whether the plane git the Pentagon version could be true? If not, where should we start? I ask because there are many simple ways to check on the alleged deaths of the 64.

    Death and funeral notices; wills and probate registries; transfers of real estate and other property; local paper reports; litigation parties… need I go on? What sort of confirmation do you claim from such testing by you or others?

  541. @onebornfree

    You are a dope. I read your first link then Googled for Manuel Garcia Jr to see if I should believe an account which left such a slight opening for Mossad involvement. The original story is in Counterpunch and it increasingly wreaked of flippant leg pull. And, yes. At the end it said it was satire.

  542. Itajara says: • Website

    That would have been a good point, if it were true. How long did it take us to finger bin Laden. It wasn’t that same day, or same week even. And it is true that he originally denied being involved. What changed his mind?

    The OP makes a few good points, but like most conspiracy oriented folks, always takes the strong stance. Which means he loves the smell of his own farts a little too much- and believes everything with absolutist clarity. A lot of folks think that “weak statements” like “It is probable” or “The data suggests”, or “one possibility”. Its sort of like the election recount people who are 100% sure it was stolen. It blows people’s minds when I say “I find it about 30-40% probable that it was stolen” – its like “You can’t do that! You have to resolve all uncertainty like a cave-man who has never even heard of conditional probability!”

    Well, I gotta nuther theory for ya. Well, theorem at least. Careful, its BIG-BOY math:

  543. RobinG says:
    @Andre Citroen

    Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World: An Insider’s View