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37 Black-On-White Homicides in Gas Stations, Parking Lots, and Living Rooms: December 2022---Another Month in the Death of White America
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Self-defense experts refer to parking lots as “transitional spaces” which require special vigilance—you are going from a safe space in your apartment or work to a safe car, but in between you’re a potential target.

Apartment parking lots seem to be dangerous no-go zones these days. In this month’s Death Of White America,

  • 18-year-old Logan Lawson was fatally shot in an apartment parking lot.
  • Ashley Nicole Chambers, 29, was fatally shot in the Meadow Run Apartments parking lot in Anderson, South Carolina.
  • Ian Hagerty was fatally shot while attending a candlelight vigil for a young black man who had been shot while committing a home invasion.

Furthermore, Mark Pappacoda was killed in a New Haven liquor store parking lot, and a chivalrous Marine named Robert Sundin was killed trying to protect a white woman from a robber in the parking lot of a Vallejo restaurant.

Gas stations are also notorious as potentially dangerous transitional spaces—three deaths happened in gas stations this month. But the number of cases of domestic violence show, once again, that one of the most dangerous places for a white woman married to a black man may be her own living room.

Sundin was fatally shot while trying to rescue a waitress from an apparent robbery in Vallejo, California.

The assailant was described as “a young Black man” by the victim, a fact omitted by most news reports—but it was included as part of the victim statement.

Teresa Brasher had just arrived at her job as a waitress. As she was getting out of her car, she was approached by “a young Black man.”

According to local news:

“I pulled in to work, Bob pulls in behind me with his truck and I started to get out of my car. I always look around me and I had my purse and my keys ready to open the door,” Brasher said. “Suddenly I saw a young Black man, probably in his early 30s, came up near me on an electric scooter. He had a ski mask on, but I could see the white in his eyes. He pointed at my purse and that he wanted it and immediately I jumped back into my car, shut the door and locked it. The man was around my car trying to get me to come out.”

“I saw Bob get out of his car and I was telling myself, ‘No, no, no, no, don’t get out! Please, don’t get out,” Brasher said. “Bob is not aggressive or mean — he’s a real sweetheart. But he was just defending me. The man grabbed Bob’s shirt and then it looked like Bob grabbed his shirt. Then I heard a gunshot.”

[Napa County Marine dies protecting others outside Vallejo restaurant,, December 12, 2022]


17-year-old Ian Hagerty was fatally shot while attending a candlelight vigil for Ta’neaious McCune. McCune, 18, was killed by a homeowner during a home invasion.

Police said 23-year-old Kendell Torrence was charged with Hagerty’s murder.

Two others—boys ages 11 and 16—were also shot, but survived.

The vigil was being held in an Atlanta area apartment parking lot.

[Police arrest suspect wanted for killing teen during vigil in DeKalb County, By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, FOX 5 Atlanta, December 9, 2022]


  • Ashley Nicole Chambers, 29, was fatally shot in the Meadow Run Apartments parking lot in Anderson, South Carolina.

An unnamed 17-year-old girl was arrested.

Also arrested was a 35-year-old woman named Marshanda A. Paschal, who was taken into custody and charged with Accessory After the Fact to the Murder.

[Teenage girl arrested, charged with murder of woman killed at Anderson apartments, By Janice Limon,, December 14, 2022]


  • 61-year-old Greg Downs was fatally stabbed at a motel in Houston, TX.

Arrested within just a few weeks of getting his ‘get out of jail free card,’—being released on a “personal responsibility bond—was 35-year-old George Albert Hodge.

Downs noticed Hodge going door-to-door robbing people. So, he wrote down the license plate number of Hodge’s car. The car had been stolen.

Hodge is accused of stabbing Downs who died days later in a hospital.

Police apparently found the stolen car along with Hodge, thanks to Downs writing the plate number.

“Basically from 2006 until right now, he’s been in and out of county jails and prisons. He’s got eight prior felony convictions,” according to Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.


[61-year-old Good Samaritan fatally stabbed allegedly at the hands of convicted felon free from jail on PR bond, By Randy Wallace,, November 29, 2022]


  • 83-year-old Gary Rasor died after being shoved to the floor at a Home Depot in Hillsborough, NC.

The identity of the assailant has not been disclosed. A surveillance camera, however, captured his image.

Reports say the assailant was stealing a cart filled with power sprayers from the store. Rasor, who worked at the store, was reportedly shoved as he attempted to stop the theft.

Rasor died November 30, 2022. The incident occurred weeks earlier.

[‘It’s almost beyond comprehension’: Family mourns 83-year-old man killed after being shoved by thief at Home Depot, By Leslie Moreno, WRAL, December 2, 2022]

  • 34-year-old Aaron Badolato was fatally shot while visiting the former girlfriend of the alleged shooter in Columbia, Missouri.

Arrested was Corey Blueitt, 43.

Public records profile Blueitt as African American.

[Murder charge filed against man in Newton Drive shooting death, by Dan Claxton and Jennifer Weiser,, December 6, 2022]

Patrick K. McMillan, 47, was charged with second-degree murder.

The alleged killer is reportedly the victim’s step son.

[Lumberton man charged after stepdad found dead in yard: Deputies, By Courtney Rowles,, Oct. 19, 20022]

  • Crystal Jumper, 46, was found dead in her home on Thanksgiving Day in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Police are looking for her husband, Antar Antonio Jeter, 46, and the couple’s 5-year-old daughter, Aspen Jeter.

Apparently, Antar stole Crystal’s car and took Aspen.

Reports say the victim had been missing since November 1 and was likely deceased weeks before police were contacted by concerned relatives.

[Aspen Jeter disappearance: South Carolina police looking for child’s father after mom shot dead, car stolen, By Greg Norman, Fox News, December 1. 2022]

Arrested was Markeith Wright, 47.

Reports say two other women were shot but survived. Police “said there is a family relationship between Wright and the victims.” The race of the other victims is unknown.

[One dead, 2 injured in Belleville triple shooting; suspect arrested in Iowa, By Kalie Strain,, Nov 5, 2022]

  • 53-year-old Laura Myers was fatally shot in Columbia, MO.

Arrested was Cadilac Derrick, 35.

Also killed was 22-year-old Lea’johna Sanders.

Court records say Derrick and Sanders had an infant son. Sanders called 911 to report abuse by Derrick. During the call, gun shots were heard.

[Chilling court documents describe final moments of Columbia murder victim’s life, By Brian Hauswirth,, November 8, 2022]

Arrested was David Story, 42.

Reports say Story called 911 and could be heard on the phone saying “I shot her in the head.”

Dispatchers asked if the shooting was accidental, but he told them “no, it was intentional.”

The affidavit states that Story claimed he was “tired of her talking [expletive] to him.”

The shooting seems to be an outcome of low impulse control, a mental disorder commonly seen in urban jungles.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “The DSM-IV [The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition] formally recognizes pathological gambling (PG), kleptomania (KM), trichotillomania (TTM), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), and pyromania as impulse control disorders (ICDs).”

We can conclude that low impulse control may be a trait that results in common urban jungle behaviors such as shoplifting (kleptomania), setting fires during rioting (pyromania), and crimes committed with firearms (intermittent explosive disorder).

No arrest was made, but surveillance video captured images of a likely suspect.

Reports say the victim made a trip to a liquor store to buy lottery tickets, but was encountered in the parking lot. The shooter was apparently attempting to rob him.

[Man Shot and Killed While Out Buying Lottery Ticket in New Haven,, November 11, 2022]

  • 20-year-old Karly Wood was fatally shot at a party in Omaha, Nebraska.

Arrested on various charges were Imhotep Davis, 25, Tyvel Lampkin-Davis, 28, and Kiwan Dampeer, 25.

Omaha police say the mass shooting was not a random incident.

It is not known if those arrested crashed the party (Steve Sailer has noted that “Jill Leovy’s 2015 book Ghettoside mentions “unwanted party guests” as a common cause of murder“)nor was it reported which individual fired the weapon that ended Wood’s life.

Seven others were wounded by gunfire.

[Family identifies woman killed in mass shooting near 33rd and Ames, By Abbie Peterson,, Nov 14, 2022]

[UPDATE: Police arrest three in 33rd & Ames shootings, by Geoffrey Roth,, Nov 13 2022]

Charged with murder was 46-year-old Anvictor Butler.

“We are not able to use deadly force against somebody if they’re trying to steal property,” explained attorney Mario Massillamany to

Apparently, Phipps drove a stolen car into a gas station, then attempted to steal Butler’s car.

[IMPD: Vehicle at center of deadly car theft shooting was previously reported stolen, By Jesse Wells,, Nov 18, 2022]

  • 23-year-old Damien Henri Jones was fatally shot in Baltimore, MD’s urban jungle.

No suspect has been identified.

Reports say the victim was shot in the head at close range moments after leaving a gathering of friends early Thanksgiving morning. It’s suspected to be a “robbery gone wrong”.

[Friends mourn Henri Jones, 23, killed near Patterson Park, By Mike Hellgren,, Nov 29, 2022]

  • Polish immigrant Artur Zbigniew Mikulski, 42, was fatally shot in southwest Charlotte, NC.

Arrested was “25-year-old Jaylan Noah Davis. He was charged with first-degree murder, two counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling and possession of a firearm by a felon convicted felon”, according to, below.

According to the victim’s obituary, “He was born in Elk, Poland on June 28, 1980, the son of Franciszka Mikulska, and the late Lech Mikulski.

“Artur enjoyed listening to music, watching movies, playing poker, cars, swimming, camping, eating sushi, and anything sweet.

“In addition to his mother, Artur is survived by his life partner, Amanda Adams; daughters, Elisia and Isabelle Mikulska; son, Jaxson Mikulski; and brothers, Janusz and Marek Mikulski.”

[Man charged with murder after deadly shooting in southwest Charlotte, police say, By Mike Andrews,, December 1, 2022]

  • Bartender Skylar Smock, 26, was fatally shot while attempting to stop a fight at Pfenny’s bar in Jefferson City, Missouri. Also killed was Corey Thames, 43.

Arrested was Damien Davis who was charged with shooting two people during the incident.

Smock was credited with possibly saving the lives of those who fled the scene during the commotion.

[Flowers, notes honor Jeff City bartender, shot and killed on Saturday, By Bryan Hudnell,, Nov 28, 2022]

  • 59-year-old Correctional Officer Scott Riner was found murdered outside the Gwinnett County Correctional Center in Georgia, police say.

Arrested was 22-year-old Yahya Abdulkadir—typically a Somali name. He was arrested at a Lithonia, GA “Black Cultural Center”, whose owner is named Kazemde.

Reports say a confrontation led to the murder. Frequently, a “confrontation” involves a victim resisting an attempted robbery.

[SWAT team captures suspect wanted for the murder of Georgia correctional officer, By Graham Cawthon,, December 19, 2022]

  • 18-year-old Logan Lawson was fatally shot during an attempted robbery outside Heirlooms of Cincinnati Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio.

One of two suspects, 15-year-old Nonaisha Jones, was also killed.

Nonaisha Jones, Jaylan DuboseNonaisha Jones, Jaylan Dubose
Nonaisha Jones, Jaylan Dubose

The second suspect, Jaylan Dubose, 18, was injured and arrested.

[18-year-old critically hurt in Roselawn triple shooting charged with murdering other 2 victims, By FOX19 Digital Staff and Candice Hare,, December 15, 2022]

Sherard L. Wright, 33, and Kali W. Bryant, 29, were charged with second-degree murder. Bryant was also charged with robbery. Natasha R. Winston, 47, was charged with accessory after the fact, reports say.

[3 charged in connection to shooting death of Chesterfield man, By NBC12 Newsroom,, July 11, 2022]

  • NeNe Aida Klein, 30, was fatally shot in Richmond, Virginia.

30-year-old Laquan Johnson was charged with first-degree murder.

Reports say the shooting was the result of a domestic dispute.

[Chesterfield man charged with murder in Richmond, By NBC12 Newsroom,, Sep. 24, 2022]

  • Five children were present when Christy Lynn Rozier was shot dead in her Kershaw, South Carolina home.

Arrested was 41-year-old Hurley D. Braddy, Jr.

[Woman shot, killed in Kershaw home while 5 children present, authorities say, By WBTV Web Staff,, December 12, 2022]

  • Rayann Perez, 21, was fatally shot in Olympia, Washington.

“Marquan Bryant faces one count of second-degree murder while armed with a firearm, as well as notice of domestic violence allegation with an intimate partner for fatally shooting Rayann Perez,” reported.

The report also quoted the victim’s two moms.

[Suspect in custody after admitting to killing girlfriend in Lacey, deputies say, By Dan Griffin,, December 4, 2022]

  • Joseph Lee Bryan died days after being struck by a “stray” bullet while working in Huntington, West Virginia.

Kristopher Jason Brown, 21, was charged with murder.

Apparently, Brown had been ejected from Premier Pub and Grill and retaliated by shooting into the bar.

[Second man charged in shooting outside bar; mayor speaks out about incident, By Alyssa Hannahs, Kim Rafferty and Eric Fossell,, November 4, 2022]

  • 30-year-old Sgt. Nathan M. Hillman was shot and killed at Georgia Fort Stewart Army base.

Charged with one count of murder was Shay A. Wilson, 28.

According to, “Hillman was a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist who joined the Army in February 2015. He had deployed once to Afghanistan and had been awarded two Army Commendation Medals and two Army Achievement Medals.”

Reports say Wilson had never been deployed and was never awarded any decorations.

[Suspect in murder at Fort Stewart identified as Army infantryman, By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, FOX 5 Atlanta, December 16, 2022]

  • Jacquelyn C. Mehalic, 33, was fatally shot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Arrested were Jaylone D. Hines, 21, and Charron Troutman, 19.

Reports say Mehanlic was an innocent bystander who was killed by a stray bullet when Hines and Troutman were engaged in an argument at nearby a gas station.

A second innocent bystander, Betty J. Averytt, age 59, was also killed. Both Mehalic and Averytt were in a bus shelter when they shot.

A third victim, John Hornezes Jr., was involved in the argument.

Days later, gunfire erupted at the Hornezes’ funeral leaving six people with gunshot wounds [Mass Shooting At 20-Year-Old Man’s Pittsburgh Funeral: Police, Jillian Pikora, Daily Voice, October 28, 2022].

All were black except for Mehalic, who was white.

[2 Pittsburgh men charged in connection with North Side shooting that left 3 dead, By Justin Vellucci And Renatta Signorini,, November 2, 2022]

  • Joanna Baker, 22, was fatally shot in San Antonio, Texas.

Arrested was her boyfriend, Paris Shaw, 24.

Reports say Baker was killed on Thanksgiving night.

The victim was reportedly shot in the head while sitting on a sofa.

According to, “He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury-family/dating, a first-degree felony, and burglary of a building, criminal trespassing and evading arrest.”

“Serious bodily injury-family/dating” refers to a Texas statute which considers domestic violence more serious than non-domestic.

[San Antonio man arrested for fatally shooting girlfriend in head on Thanksgiving night, records show, By Rebecca Salinas and Victoria Lopez,, November 28, 2022]

  • 31-year-old Shawn Grayson was fatally shot in a home in Newport News, Virginia.

The suspect was identified as 25-year-old Jayquan Phillips.

[Man dead following shooting on 37th St in Newport News, By Courtney Ingalls, Julius Ayo,, November 28, 2022]

  • The remains of 41-year-old Kimberly Robinson were found discarded in a ditch in Rochester, Minnesota. She had apparently been shot.

Held on suspicion of second-degree murder was Mustafa Rahsad Bush, 39.

Reports say Robinson was found by a passerby who was walking a dog.

“Bush was previously convicted in the 2006 murder of Cory Richardson at Richardson’s northwest Rochester home. Bush is on supervised release after serving two-thirds of his sentence in prison,” reports say.

[Minnesota man arrested in death of woman found in ditch, By Abby Sharpe, Mark Wasson,, December 29, 20220]

  • 21-year-old father-to-be Andrew Combs was fatally shot at a gas station in Columbus, Ohio.

David Johnson III was booked for two killings. He was released from jail due to “human error” and went on to shoot Combs while free reports say.

Combs was attempting to help a friend when he lost his life.

[Man mistakenly released from jail charged with murder in deadly Sunoco shooting, by WSYX Staff,, December 16, 2022]

  • Neosha Allen, 22, was one of two people fatally shot during a drive-by shooting in Wichita, Kansas. Also killed was 39-year-old Jose Alvarez. Two others were injured.

Arrested were 22-year-old Donovan Crandall and Kenneth Dewayne Jackson III, 39.

Donovan Crandall Kenneth Dewayne Jackson III


The shootings reportedly stemmed from a $50 debt.

More likely, the shootings stemmed from a congenital lack of impulse control, low intelligence, lack of empathy, narcissism, psychopathy, and inhibited executive function.

[Shooting that killed 2, wounded 2 involved debt of around $50, Wichita police say, By KAKE News,, December 28, 2022]

  • 43-year-old Cari Allen was fatally shot in Omaha, Nebraska.

Arrested on first-degree murder charges was Aldrick Scott, 47.

Scott had fled to Belize from which he was extradited to face charges in Nebraska. Reports say the victim had been kidnapped and was later found in a shallow grave.

The two were apparently involved in a romantic relationship.

[Body found in Topeka as authorities continue investigating Cari Allen’s disappearance, By Brian Mastre,, December 15, 2022]

  • Sildian Torres, 27, died after being struck by a stray bullet while driving in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Christmas Eve. Her seven-year-old son was in the car at the time.

Reports failed to provide evidence that the shot was a stray bullet rather than fired intentionally at a random white person. A report did say, however, that Torres was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparently, any place and time in Milwaukee is wrong for white people.

[Mother killed in Christmas Eve shooting near 29th and Greenfield identified, By CBS 58 Newsroom,, December 28, 2022]

  • Brandi Jiles, 35, was fatally shot in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Arrested was her husband, 36-year-old Jonathan Jiles.

He was also charged with possessing a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon.

[Altamonte Springs police charge man with 2nd-degree murder in death of wife, By Anthony Talcott,, December 21, 2022]

Robert Wilson, 31, was taken into custody and charged with murder.

[Suspect charged with murder in fatal Gadsden shooting, By Howard Koplowitz,, December 27, 2022]

FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

Overall, FBI data suggests blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

We found no white-on-black homicides in December, 2022.


Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Trinity says:

    Georgia “repping ” TNB per usual, but Omaha? Lived in Omaha in the late 1980s, super nice people and very White back then. Pretty safe for a mid sized city as well. Whites in Nebraska were a bit racially naive though. Pity about the poor victims, the 33 year old female from Pittsburgh was very easy on the eyes. Two negroes squabbling over some stupid negro shit and a pretty White girl takes a stray bullet.

  2. We shouldn’t forget JEW on WHITE violence, either. The 4 students in Idaho were white, and Bryan Kohberger is a disgusting JEW who committed the slaughter of 4 beautiful white people.

    If it wasn’t for the JEWS, the COONS wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

  3. meamjojo says:

    Maintain situational awareness. Try not to look like an easy mark. Sunglasses can help, especially at night. Be ready to mix it up.

    • Replies: @Kim
  4. anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    Let the devil into your house, and it will soon fall.

  5. Kim says:

    Okay what do we have here?

    – Young and foolish male who I suppose wanted to be politically engaged so he was protesting about a dead thug. Only 17. Just naive.

    – A few zogbots and former zogbots – marines, prison officer. One elderly (70 years old) overweight and out of condition idiot who thought what, that he would be a match for a young man? Too much tv, bro. Did he even carry? So what was your plan, Mr Former Marine? Bore him to death with tales about the Tet offensive? Just NAIVE.

    – A bunch of mudsharks. They are mostly post-wall horrors who have had to settle for muds. Women. Will they ever learn? Marry young to a square, nice White guy. There are millions out there. Have kids. Be a good wife. And maybe you will never be lonely and get killed by a feral ape.

    – A man who was killed bcs he was involved with a mudshark or sheboon. If the first, there are reasons why once they go black, we don”t want them back. If the second, avoid the groid also applies to booty calls. And had he not heard of the sheboon STD rates?

    Blacks are 14% of the population but 66% of gonnorhea cases. So, you know, avoid.

    – Some unlucky people hit by stray bullets while in their cars or who risked the dangerous mission of buying gas in the vicinity of coons. Clearly we need Avoid The Groid bumper stickers and billboards.

    – Having a party in your own home within 50 miles of niggers? Foolishness.

    – Trying to help negroes or intervening in their shennanigans. If negroes are killing or assaulting each other, let them be!

    – No drug purchases this month? Unusual.

    – Some people who were, in the coon worldview, snitches or something.

    And how many felons must I be convicted of before I am ruled an incorrigible crimal and given 50 years?

    They gave James Fields, the Charlottesville guy, life + 500 years for a traffic accident.

  6. Kim says:

    be ready to mix it up

    LOL. Yeh, that’s right. You use your Krav Maga. I am sure that will show ’em what’s what.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  7. Darkwing says:

    When are white people going to start packing??? PLUS if you see a person and in your mind you question what they may do, react and be ready to fight.

  8. Having once worked with mental patients, I’ve dealt with Intermittent Explosive Disorder and you really have to be hyper alert around such people. One second, they can be laughing and smiling and joking around and, in the very next second, without warning and for no apparent reason, they’ll be trying to rip your throat out like a rabid wolf. They simply cannot be trusted and only a fool would relax around them. I’ve often suspected that this disorder is common in blacks since they seem to fly off the handle in a split second and become extremely violent for little to no reason and have no impulse control. And since there’s no outward signs that a person suffers from the disorder, it’s best to be cautious around them or, better yet, to avoid them altogether. Better safe than sorry.

  9. anarchyst says:

    Kyle Rittenhouse’s attackers were all jew criminal child molesters.
    Jews have one set of “rules” for themselves and another harsher, more restrictive set of “rules” for the “goyim” who in jewish teachings are “no better than livestock, albeit with souls, given long lives in which to serve the jews”. It’s all in their talmud, the jewish “book of rules”.
    Pedophilia, beastiality, homosexuality, cross-dressing, slavery, dishonest dealings and outright murder is condoned by jews only when committed against the “goyim”.
    Ever wonder why the “state” came after Kyle Rittenhouse? It wasn’t “self defense” on trial, but Rittenhouse dispatching two criminal jews to “the great hereafter” and maiming a third.
    Rittenhouse did humanity a favor…by taking out the garbage.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @lloyd
  10. anarchyst says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I am convinced that blacks sprung from a subhuman simian root who accumulated a small amount of human DNA, but not enough to make a real difference in their temperament, actions or mental capacity or ability.
    To prove the “simian connection” all one has to do is observe the behavior of blacks when they are in their criminal “attack mode”. They “hoot and holler” and “jump around” after subduing their victim, mimicking their simian relatives. In common parlance among us aware whites, such behavior is known as a “chimp-out”. Diane Fossey and Jane Goodall didn’t have to travel to Africa but could have studied simian behavior in any of the American black-run urban cities.

  11. Truth says:

    “GRRRRRR! If she wuz a gat dammd, gat forsaakun Mudshark, I got no piddy at all, I wush he woulda killt her gat dammd daddy n’ mommy too!”

    In 3…2…

    • Agree: profnasty
  12. Truth says:

    Arrested was Corey Blueitt, 43.

    Public records profile Blueitt as African American.

    -LOL, looks a like a Greek in the photo…

    Dustin Ghostin Phipps, 30, was fatally shot in Indianapolis while allegedly attempting to steal a car. “We are not able to use deadly force against somebody if they’re trying to steal property,” explained attorney Mario Massillamany to

    -Hey, you guys get your own Trayvon Martin! Now that’s exciting.

    Reports say a confrontation led to the murder. Frequently, a “confrontation” involves a victim resisting an attempted robbery.

    Frequently, but much more frequently it does not. I had a “confrontation” with my wife yesterday.

    Arrested were 22-year-old Donovan Crandall

    …If homie is blaqq, Givvey, so is you.

    Again, Old Sport. You ain’t lookin’ real hard.

    • Troll: Sarita
    • Replies: @sullivan
  13. Trinity says:

    Mudsharks really must have a death wish. It’s 2023 for gawd sakes. It is no longer hip to date a bootlip, girl.

    Cue: It’s Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis & The News

  14. I see some patterns. In most of the females murdered it’s a result of their pet turning on them. It appears with most of the males murdered it’s for refusing to submit to being robbed or having low awareness and being around them.

    Just saying. Looks like it’s best for both sexes to just avoid diversity at all costs.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
  15. Truth says:

    Its been a while, but if I remember correctlt 1/3 of those guys MIGHT have been a Khazar. What simpleton here started this whole, “any homkee with a German name is a Jew” foolishness?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Kim
  16. anarchyst says:

    All three of (((them))) were jews. It was stated in news reports. Look them up yourself.

  17. Kim says:

    They were jews, you knucklehead. And if I remember correctly, one of them at least was also a convicted pedo.

    According to NPR

    Rosenbaum had spent most of his adult life in prison starting at age18 for sexual contact with five preteen boys

    Huber had spent time in prison twice, first for violating probation for strangling his brother and again for kicking his sister

    Gaige Grosskreutz is a career criminal

    As for the links between Antifa and BLM and child sexual abuse and pedophilia, they are well known.

    Like this black faggot.

    And even Haaretz says attacks on Antifa are attacks on jews.

    And that pedo thing with Antifa, well the fish rots from the head down.

    • Thanks: Johnny LeBlanc
    • Replies: @Truth
  18. Reports say a confrontation led to the murder. Frequently, a “confrontation” involves a victim resisting an attempted robbery.

    Frequently the “confrontation” simply involves a black male attacking a white person for no reason at all, or for “reasons” which could only make sense to the Toofies among us.

  19. Pictures ARE often worth 1000 words. They speak volumes. Well done. Thank you Ken Gividen!

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
  20. Karl1906 says:

    After having a “glimpse” at the Golden Globes and watching a bunch of Jimmy Dore’s videos it’s very obvious WHO is playing the blacks against the rest of the population. Too bad Colin Flaherty is gone as he was the most inconvenient of critics. And the one with the most media attention they didn’t dare to touch.

  21. Pablo says:

    When the Law fails to protect the Citizens, sooner or later Vigilantism will take over. At this point in time–if it ever happens, hopefully not–then Society will be in a “Might makes Right” dynamic. People will take matters into their own hands and ignore the traditional enforcers of the Law. Cops. The Courts. Lawmakers in the Legislative branch. This will–if it ever happens–will be tragic; it will take a long time to rebuild trust in traditional Lawmaking/enforcement bodies.

  22. baythoven says:

    What happened to Paul Kersey?

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Dani
  23. Anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Simply put the only people getting killed by blacks are retards and detritus of society.

    Remind me then why Unz pays this talentless geezer, Kenny Dividendz, to write these trash articles?

    Never seen a bigger waste of time in my life.

    • Disagree: TKK
    • Replies: @Kim
  24. @Darkwing

    If you shoot them your entire online history will be on trial. They will dig up your associates going back to middle school looking for anybody to say that you even so much as thought The Enword even once. It’s up to you to prove you’re not racist. Then it’s hate crimes charges for you. We have no rights under anarcho-tyranny and cannot assume the protection of the law.

    Just avoid them. It’s the best way.

    • Replies: @Rooster16
  25. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    I am pretty sure Jews are more likely to be killed by white gentiles than the other way around.

    It’s probably meaningless however since neither white gentiles nor Jews have significant probabilities of ever being murdered.

    Don’t let that stop you from letting the gay out, though. Preach it ’til you screech it, sister.

    • Replies: @Liosnagcat
  26. lloyd says: • Website

    Rittenhouse is reputedly a Jew too. It is not the Jews’ fault that while the goyim are spineless or completely stupid, the Jews for good and bad go out into the street to fight for what they believe.

  27. Franz says:

    FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

    That’s why an Australian journalist once referred to it as a war — way back in 1995:

    … breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning the modern civil rights movement.

    Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparison 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war…

    • Thanks: TKK, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Sliny
  28. @Anon

    I am pretty sure Jews are more likely to be killed by white gentiles than the other way around.

    Why are you “pretty sure”?

  29. @anarchyst

    Read Erectus Walks Amongst Us by Richard Fuerle, available on this website.

  30. Dumbo says:

    It’s not politically correct to say it, but lot of deaths could be avoided if Blacks were not allowed to keep guns (many of them are too impulsive) or to be in relationships with white women.

    The left talks a lot about gun control, but here it’s where it could be a benefit – gun control, but only for Blacks. Yeah, it’s racist, but it would mostly save Black lives.

    Now, this is somewhat done to the level it can be done {most blacks own illegal guns anyway) but it hasn’t been controlled much lately.

    As for anti-miscegenation laws, well, perhaps the problem is not so much the laws, it’s more the media promoting it. If it is seen as something uncool, as it was before, less women and men would do it.

    Anyway, I think hispanics are a bigger problem in the long run, America is going to be like Mexico.

    I don’t know if this type of sensationalistic trip is very good for Unz, it doesn’t seem to add much. I don’t like much Paul Kersey either, but I guess I see the point of including him.

    Oh well.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Jack P
  31. Richard48 says:

    Blacks are the descendants of Cain, who is a known murderer.

    • Replies: @Truth
  32. Many of the white women were “romantically involved” << In those cases, they get no sympathy from me. Lie with a rabid wolf and these are the outcomes.

  33. sullivan says:

    From what I understand they do this monthly based on news articles in that particular month and those links were from other months. Even if those were included the disparity is still enormous and runs counter to the media narrative.

    • Replies: @Truth
  34. Mudsharks learning a lesson don’t count, sorry but that’s my opinion. Even funnier is the dumb ass white kid who goes to a “vigil” for a home invasion criminal who was dusted by the home owner and then gets blasted and sent to his negro appreciation reward by a negro who didn’t like him being there. Stupid white folks thinking negroes are normal.

    • Agree: Johnny LeBlanc, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  35. Anon[743] • Disclaimer says:

    The ‘Tet’ line made me LOL.

    • Thanks: Kim
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  36. Kim says:

    These articles are an important public service as they remind us all to avoid the groid and to resist have the groid forced upon us.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Welcome to Jewistan!

  38. @anarchyst

    DNA testing has proven that Sub-Saharan blacks contain DNA from a primitive proto humanoid “ghost species” that exists in no other human population. It’s called a ghost species because no fossils of said species have been found to date. They also lack the Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA that exists in every race except for the black race. I’ve also read articles that stated that testing has shown that black have an enzyme in their saliva that exists in no other race. There are many other differences- enough that I think that blacks should be listed as a separate species.

    • Replies: @aj54
  39. Kim says:

    The women in this as in many other cases are mudsharks who are well past their “use by” dates for White men.

    Now, I an not an ichthyologist, but my understanding is that human mudsharks are so called bcs the eponymous fish, also known as the Spiny Dogfish, are bottom dwellers that aggressively hunt in packs, feed on slow-moving sediment-resident invertebrates and – perhaps handily – possess no anal fin.

  40. Msm rats narrative lies are to blame.

  41. padre says:

    This must stop! What have the whites done to them? They brought them to America without a fare, gave them work, removed the disturbing elements from their midst, and how did they show their gratitude, ungrateful lot, they live in the slums, don’t want to work, disgusting bunch of people!

  42. usNthem says:

    If the turd colored segment of the population who commit these types of crimes were summarily put down posthaste, it might cause even the dimmest bulbs among them to think twice. On the other hand, thinking is not a strong suit for the jogger contingent, so probably not…

  43. TKK says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Do you believe it is a chemical imbalance, or simply people who are violent, mean and sneaky?

    I struggle with believing people are mentally ill. I always believe they are faking it to get attention, pity or financial benefit. The few exceptions are the schizophrenics I have represented. But, maybe they were faking it, too?

    In my career, I have tried and won three murder cases. And everyone single one of my clients (the killers) were just a horrible person – in every way.

    These articles are very important, but they leave me feeling very depressed. For the few good kids out there right now, this country will be their horror show.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @aj54
  44. Are Russians offering bounties for dead Americans, like they did in Afghanistan (apparently) to get the Taliban to step up their offensive? Oh wait, this is just everyday America, with or without Russian interference.

  45. Nat X says:

    Another feel good story from Unz, keep em coming boys. For my trolls: please explain again why us dindoos should be scared of yt?

    • Replies: @Johnny LeBlanc
  46. 99% of these black on white murders could have been avoided by following the two rules:

    1. Avoid the groid
    2. Around blacks, never relax

    • Replies: @Truth
  47. Trinity says:

    The old dude dying for trying to nab a thief stealing from Home Depot receives The Retard Atta Boy Of The Month Award. At least the 70 year old TRIED to save a victim, and he should be commended, not ridiculed. The 83 year old died trying to save a few pennies for a huge company in (((corporate America))), you know the kind that runs commercials featuring smart negroes, stupid Whites, gives money to non white (((organizations))), promotes affirmative action mascots, etc. Mad respect from me towards the 70 year old. RIP sir, you proved yourself to be a MAN.

    Flashback awhile back to spring break on a Panama City, Florida beach, midday sun scorching the white sand while 3 nicca bucks gang rape a woman in full view of hundreds of able bodied, young “white men” in their 20s. Not one ” white boy” did a thing. Say what you want about the 70 year old but cowards die multiple deaths throughout their miserable time on Earth.

  48. usNthem says:

    I don’t know. As an 83 yo man, I imagine he had a very “black and white” reading of right and wrong. Just allowing turds to load up a shopping cart and walk out the door w/o paying ticked that box. Unfortunately, he apparently didn’t get the memo that in today’s amerikka, jigs can get away with just about everything with impunity. I doubt saving HD a few pennies entered the equation.

  49. AceDeuce says:

    The ‘Tet’ line made me LOL.

    Even though a 70 year old in 2022 would have been too young to be there.

    • Replies: @Kim
  50. @Kim

    “They gave James Fields, the Charlottesville guy, life + 500 years for a traffic accident”

    That is correct and that is what the commie jurisdictions will do to you. Don’t forget about the McMichaels and William “Roddie” Bryan with the Ahmaud Arbery case.

    Do not interfere in Negro shenanigans and commies especially where ((they)) rule.

  51. @Darkwing

    If you see Negro shenanigans, run as fast as possible. Look at what happened to the McMichaels and their neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan.

    “On August 8, 2022, Travis and Gregory McMichael were sentenced to second life terms for committing a federal hate crime.[231] Travis received additional 10 years and his father Gregory seven years in addition to their life sentences.[8] Bryan was sentenced to 35 years in prison”

    Run as fast as possible and don’t get involved with the Negro.

    • Agree: Johnny LeBlanc
    • Replies: @Jack P
  52. Truth says:

    They were jews, you knucklehead. And if I remember correctly, one of them at least was also a convicted pedo.

    You have proven that one of them was a convicted pedo. I see no proof that they were Jews (Jew-ISH).

  53. Truth says:

    …He reinvented himself as Brig. Gen. Dan Shomron.

  54. Truth says:

    I seem to remember some story about a big flood

  55. boynkin says:

    The safest places are the most white. Unfortunately, they’re also the most expensive.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  56. 17-year-old Ian Hagerty was fatally shot while attending a candlelight vigil for Ta’neaious McCune.

    Very humorous. Brainwashed young White man, virtue signaling his concern for the negro, shot dead by a negro. You just can’t make this up, folks. Any White stupid enough to attend a candlelight vigil for a criminal negro deserves to be removed from the gene pool.

    • Replies: @ricpic
  57. Any White still living in a city/region with a sizable percentage of negros (say 15+ percent) is just asking for it. No sympathy from me, whatsoever. A lot of “conservatives” moved to Florida over the last two plus years. Dumb. Too many negros in Florida. “Conservatives” will deny race realities as their being stabbed/shot by negroes, just to say “I’m not a racist!” Such is the legacy of Rush Limbaugh.

  58. Jack P says:

    Hispanics have their issues but most are probably somewhat able to be assimilated.

  59. Jack P says:

    And in that disgraceful case, Republicans in Georgia did the railroading of those people. They’re even charging the DA who originally decided not to charge! And it was all Republicans – Republicans who were easily re-elected in November.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  60. @Nat X

    Negroes shouldn’t be scared of yt, because, thanks to Jews, negroes are worshipped by society. According to the fashion, negroes are much more important that yt, can do no wrong, and are innocent in the face of yt evil. Any semi-intelligent creature would take advantage of such a situation to loot, murder, and prey as it saw fit, which seems to be what negroes are doing.

    No, unfortunately for Whites, the only possible defense is to avoid the negro completely. Which is why libraries, national parks, and/or any location to do with work, are so popular with Whites; the chances of negroes being found in such places is miniscule.

    • Replies: @ricpic
    , @TheMoon
  61. HT says:

    And to think our politicians of both parties last year passed a federal “anti-lynching law” protecting blacks from white people.

  62. Trinity says:
    @Johnny LeBlanc

    Yankee “CONservatives” helped ruin Florida and the Atlanta area in Georgia. Of course two faced good ole boy rich white trash opportunist Southerners did what their Yankee and Jew bastards told them to do. Atlanta wants to be the Jew York City of the South and like Florida, the people in charge want to abolish anything remotely Southern. Atlanta is being destroyed by Yankee losers, Southern two faced whores, nigras, cholos, and kikes.

    I watched the aforementioned turds destroy the I-4 corridor in Florida from the early 1980s when it was a great place to live until where it is now. Doesn’t even resemble the same place. Tampa and Atlanta were mostly biracial in the 1980s, with Tampa and its suburbs overwhelmingly White. Now, actually more Beaners than Blacks in areas surrounding Atlanta and Tampa.

    The Jew and his paid whores now are having you focus on the negro while Brown Beaners flood this nation, bringing with them some real gems like rapists, gang members, drug dealers who are much more ruthless than Tyrone, child molesters, kidnappers, serial killers, etc. Like another poster already alluded to, the Branded will eventually be way more problematic than the darkies. IF not for our biggest problem, the JEW PROBLEM, Blacks would not present that much of a problem.

    • Thanks: Johnny LeBlanc
    • Replies: @Trinity
  63. Trinity says:

    typo, “Branded?” = Beaners

    • Replies: @Anon
  64. ricpic says:

    This is frightening. I haven’t spoken to a black in years. But how do I avoid gas stations and parking lots?

    • Replies: @Truth
  65. @Jack P

    That’s why I call the Republican party the stupid party and the Democratic party the Evil party.

    I can’t understand some of these Republicans. Whose side are they on, probably the money and feel good side.

    Georgia, in the next 5, 10 years will be Democrat controlled. Itz a shame.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  66. ricpic says:
    @Johnny LeBlanc

    Lots of blacks on the computers watching porn in my local library.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Nat X
  67. ricpic says:
    @Johnny LeBlanc

    No, he didn’t “deserve” to be murdered. He was very young, very naive, going through the foolish idealistic phase that many young whites go through. The great likelihood is that he would have outgrown that phase in the next five or ten years.

    I don’t find his murder “very humorous” at all. Maybe you should rethink your above it all stance.

    • Disagree: Hulkamania
    • Replies: @polaco
  68. Anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    If you think that’s the effect these articles have, you are an idiot.

    Alt-right has been bitching about the rare black on white crime for decades. Publif perception of blacks has only improved since.

    Articles such as this one essentially amount to a kind of public defecation from mentally ill retards. It’s like tourette’s syndrome but coming from the bowel instead of the throat.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Troll: TheMoon
  69. Truth says:

    You buy an electric car

    …And you don’t drive it.

  70. @boynkin

    False. The safest places are the most Hispanic. Whites will import blacks and allow them to do whatever they want. Hispanics actively push blacks out of their neighborhoods and don’t have patience for their criminality.

    • Replies: @boynkin
  71. @Kim

    You like when White people die maggot??

    Take your POS Jew degree off your wall, and wipe your skanky traitorous asshole with it.

    Fucking scum.

    • Replies: @Truth
  72. @Johnny LeBlanc

    Niggers and swarming Beaners in Florida.

    Unless your some wealthy shit-stain….Florida is an upper chamber of hell.

    Have no illusions.

    Florida is a bucket of warm brown shit.

    South Florida anyway.

    West palm beach has been fouled as well.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  73. @letmepicyou

    Go flog a different dead horse.

    With the middle name Christian, the accused is likely not a Jew.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  74. desperate for w vs b killins sounds like anuther lukkysliverstein air force event

  75. polaco says:

    How is having sympathy for criminals idealistic? If he was so stupid to think it must have been the ‘system’s fault’ he deserved to die alright. Hardly any socialist youth changed his thinking in his lifetime. Good riddance. I hope there were many blacks at their cracker activist friend’s vigil.

  76. Truth says:
    @Peter Panzerfaust

    Damn, why you call that Pieface a Jew?

  77. Truth says:

    Oh, so Givvey put them in the report the month they came out? Or did he write his usual; We found no white-on-black homicides in (insert month here)?

    Great, I rest my case.

  78. Truth says:

    3. If you took the vaccine, you should be smacked-clean.

  79. Alrenous says: • Website

    37 folks refused to secure themselves in a country where it’s very legal to own a gun, and now want it to be my business.

    Excuse me, are they mine? Did I own them? They lived in explicit contradiction to my advice, I’m not now going to take responsibility for them ex post facto.

    They also refused to secure their neighbourhoods when DC arrogated neighbourhood ownership to itself, again in contradiction to my explicit advice.

    If they were mine, I would have sold them.

  80. TheMoon says:

    Every young white victim is a white branch of the tree snuffed out. To burning Hell to all these useless animals and their enablers. The time for war was decades ago.

  81. TheMoon says:

    Republicans have abandoned whites because we’re the decreasing demographic. They are the Chamber Of Commerce Party sending their own reps to Davos.

    They are filth just like the Democrats, and deserve to hang from bridges with the rest.

    • Replies: @anon
  82. TheMoon says:
    @Johnny LeBlanc

    9/10 of YouTube ads feature blacks, even products that have no racial angle to them at all.

    Because nothing is more entertaining than some fat ass black woman praising how Febreeze bathroom spray fights her toilet stank.

    Or every couple is black guy and white woman, although there was one over the holidays that was white guy with fat black wife.

    • Replies: @Truth
  83. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you believe it is a chemical imbalance, or simply people who are violent, mean and sneaky?

    I struggle with believing people are mentally ill. I always believe they are faking it to get attention, pity or financial benefit. The few exceptions are the schizophrenics I have represented. But, maybe they were faking it, too?

    In my career, I have tried and won three murder cases. And everyone single one of my clients (the killers) were just a horrible person – in every way.

    These articles are very important, but they leave me feeling very depressed. For the few good kids out there right now, this country will be their horror show.

    These offenders and their actions make up less a sliver of the overall population of black males. It’s stupid to somehow extrapolate from these relatively rare violent crimes and offenders and make a judgment about an entire group. Yeah, they’re all horrific but so are accidents (vehicle, construction, et al.) which kills many more people each year. Yes, I know one is cuplae and the other ponae, but they’re nonetheless horrific and relatively rare.

    Don’t fall into the trap of being influenced by an intentionally distilled view of the world, one which is often poisonous. Both the left and the right are guilty in this manipulative tactic, perhaps because it’s so effective with the average person.

    • Replies: @Stripes Duncan
  84. @letmepicyou

    Not a fan of Jew-Globohomo (see my posting history) but some of you guys have really bad jewdar. Note many Jewish and German names are very similar but with different spelling. To make it more confusing, many Jewish names are crossover names that could be either – eg “Miller”. You have to look at many different factors. I’ve met at least two people with only a (Ashkenazi) Jewish paternal grandparent that were dead ringers for full-blooded Jews due to additional Italian ancestry.

    Anyways, the most disturbing cases covered above are always those minding their own business but were in the wrong place at the wrong time (as opposed to interracial domestic violence).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @John Johnson
  85. CSFurious says:

    The problem with “packing” is that the White may get selectively prosecuted for shooting the darkie. Food for thought.

  86. Truth says:

    And I am assuming you still own, and use a television? So you utilize the product?

    Great, the stop telling them how to run their business, and STFU.

  87. @Kenn Gividen

    Sometimes a guy might kick off a ruckus so a cop will kill him – suicide by cop.

    Sometimes a white woman will marry a black man and he will kill her – SBN – suicide by marrying a negro

  88. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anonymous Jew

    but some of you guys have really bad jewdar

    In my experience as a non-Jew commenter on Unz you can make 9 statements that Unz commenters totally agree with but if on your 10th statement you say something they disagree with you’ll only get a response like, “Sure, rabbi”. 🤣

    • Replies: @Kim
  89. @Anonymous

    Wait until the gibs and the DEI make-work jobs run out.

    I grew up in the souf end. Was acquainted with lots of young black males. They were ALL thieving bastards. It’s simply accepted and expected in that culture. Some of them stole from me personally and the mentality was “well you shouldn’ta been caught slippin.” It was my fault that I left valuables unattended, see.

    A rather large group of them were running an organized burglary ring at 12-13 years old and were never caught for it. They were skipping school to break into houses and had a network set up to fence what they came up with. Wanton, extreme violence was regular. They learned it all from and were encouraged by their elder males.

    You’re too heavily focused on killings. There are many other ways to be victimized.

  90. The black shooting the white guy stealing his car shouldn’t be included. Sounds like a good shoot.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  91. Sliny says:

    13% of population but fine tune it to eliminate females and older persons. Adjusted % to consist of likely BMs 15-35 age group leaving us with 3% of the national populace.

    • Agree: Franz
  92. @Johnny LeBlanc

    A lot of “conservatives” moved to Florida over the last two plus years. Dumb. Too many negros in Florida. “Conservatives” will deny race realities as their being stabbed/shot by negroes, just to say “I’m not a racist!” Such is the legacy of Rush Limbaugh.

    Rush Limbaugh lived in a wealthy liberal enclave of Florida and had zero kids. His hobbies included golfing with millionaires and smoking $100 cigars. A true conservative family man.

    He duped millions of conservatives into believing that race doesn’t exist and Black America would become Leave it to Bantu if not for feminazi socialists and their big government schemes.

    You see if Jaykwan had low taxes he would have invested in a business and not $8000 rims for his lime green charger.


    • Agree: Johnny LeBlanc
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Johnny LeBlanc
  93. Trinity says:
    @Mark in BC

    Yep. I AGREE. Whites can eliminate skin color and call a spade a spade while Blacks free double murderers like OJ because of OJ being Black like them. Hell, Horsehead aka OJ only became Black when he ran into trouble, the rest of the time OJ was the definition of an Oreo.

    • Replies: @Truth
  94. @Anonymous Jew

    Some of us aren’t obsessed with Jews from experience. Of course we are called Jews for saying such things.

    I went to a midwest college and we had one Jew in our dorm. Friendly guy that always wanted to hang out but he didn’t really fit in. That concluded my Jewish experience.

    For my freshmen year I constantly had liberal White professors (mostly women) doing everything they could to convince me that race didn’t exist and that White men were to blame for everything. The common ethnic pattern was Norwegian/Swedish and not Jewish. Even worse was all the students and especially White females that lapped up what they were told and would turn hostile against any students that asked questions. They would socially ostracize anyone that showed skepticism. I also had a prof pull me aside and she flat out told me that we can’t be honest about race. This after class after class of indoctrination on how liberals are “on the side of science” and only dirty/greedy conservatives lie. Yes a White female prof actually pulled me aside and admitted it is based on lies. Oh ok can I have a refund then for all these stupid classes?

    Then I come to Unz and I am told that everything would be fine if not for the Jews. Well the twin cities have very few Jews and yet their Nords imported Somalis under the belief that they would prove how race doesn’t exist. Again mostly White women behind it all. I remember an article where a female Sorensen talked about how racial gaps in the schools with Somalis must be evidence of subconscious racism. WE MUST BE RACIST WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT U GUYZ. Couldn’t possibly be another explanation.

    There are Whites and especially White women that will never, ever accept race. They lie to their own children and raise them in Black areas knowing full well that they are at greater risk of attack. Some Whites are hopelessly egalitarian and simply hate reality. We had Holy Rollers before the Jews of Eastern Europe showed up. The early abolitionists had not lived around Blacks and they even paraded their own magic mulatto around the country as “proof” that race didn’t exist. They really sold other Whites on the idea that all Blacks would be well spoken gentry with the right environment. That mulatto was Frederick Douglas.

    • Thanks: europeasant
  95. @John Johnson

    “Leave it to Bantu.” LOLOL

    “Lime green charger.” I laughed out loud at that, because where I live there are few negroes (<2%), but one of the few that reside here drives a lime green charger. Too funny.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  96. Sarita says:

    My personal opinion (and I am not in no way condoning these terrible murders) is that when you slave, rape, mistreat, hurt, humiliate, FORCEFULLY RELOCATE people then the reaction, the result are these horrible crimes.
    You’re dealing with psychopaths CREATED by the racist WASP modus vivendi for hundreds of years. It’s catching up.
    A different scenario: this is what a brave Israeli lady told her own government in regards to suicide bombings:

    Thinking you were slick and smart YOU brought them from Africa by the thousands to abuse them, now deal with the consequences.

  97. Rooster16 says:
    @Stripes Duncan

    Just avoid them… that’s the best advice. I’ve been minding my own business plenty of times when a rowdy negro approaches me for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s to bum a smoke or size me up as a potential robbery target. Just minding your own business has gotten a lot of good folks killed. Trust me, just because the gas station in a bad part of town is a little cheaper, it ain’t worth it.

    • Replies: @trevor
    , @John Johnson
  98. @dixonsyder

    dusted by the home owner and then gets blasted and sent to his negro appreciation reward

    There’s a phrase I just know will come in handy

  99. @Sarita

    And their own kind raided their villages, captured them, sold them to Jew slave masters, and even loaded them on the ships. Is that why they mostly prey on and kill their own kind?? Or is it just genetic?? Occam’s Razor, I’ll take the simplest explanation.

    You’re correct, we should have picked our own cotton, but not for the reasons you think. We wouldn’t have to put up with their antics had we done so.

    • Replies: @Sarita
  100. AceDeuce says:

    Thinking you were slick and smart YOU brought them from Africa by the thousands to abuse them, now deal with the consequences.

    Get bent, you filthy street schitter.

    You write a bunch of stupid crap, but, hey, if we’ve done so much bad, what’s one more “bad” thing added to the list to solve the problem once and for all?

    • Agree: Inverness
    • Replies: @Sarita
  101. Renard says:

    Thinking you were slick and smart YOU brought them from Africa by the thousands to abuse them, now deal with the consequences.

    First of all, do you seriously believe that white people are all 200 years old? That anything remotely like a majority of them had anything to do with slavery in the first place?

    Secondly, are you aware that virtually all peoples throughout history practiced slavery? And that white people are the ones who abolished it?

    Third, did it somehow escape your notice that none of the other peoples went on to practice generational violence against everyone around them?

    Fourth, something very much like slavery is still standard practice in your very own homeland. What are you doing about that? Lecturing white people who had nothing to do with it?

    Fifth, do you happen to be functionally retarded? Because that’s how you sound.

    • Thanks: Inverness
    • Replies: @Sarita
  102. boynkin says:

    100% demonstrably false. There’s a reason the Mexican pres is glad there’s 40m of them in the US. There’s less in Mexico – and as for prices? You’ve literally got to be joking.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  103. Anon[290] • Disclaimer says:

    YOU brought them from Africa

    A fraction did, and an even smaller fraction today are relateed to those that did?

  104. trevor says:

    I have several gas stations about a mile or so away. They are among a cluster of businesses that are closest to the hood to the East, so they get a lot of negro traffic. The gas stations have the plexiglass enclosures, too.

    So I travel several extra miles West or North in order to avoid the groids at the gas station, drugstores, grocery stores, and fast food places.

  105. Sarita says:

    “What’s one more bad thing”
    I’m in Medellín, Colombia. You can come here anytime, I’ll buy you the ticket one way only 🤔
    You won’t be going back.

    If you really had balls you would do like the Israeli lady and admit your terrible deeds; but she got more guts than you do by miles.
    But I guess you can’t ’cause the hood and the kkk robe get in the way aside from the fact that you are most likely in a wheelchair.
    Take another sip of moonshine

    • Troll: Inverness
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  106. Sarita says:
    @Johnny LeBlanc

    “we should have picked our own cotton”.
    And also, you should’ve let them keep on killing each other instead of conviniently going gang banging on them.

    • Replies: @Renard
  107. @Johnny LeBlanc

    “Lime green charger.” I laughed out loud at that, because where I live there are few negroes (<2%), but one of the few that reside here drives a lime green charger. Too funny.

    Yes every apartment building with Blacks has to have a lime green charger and also a malibu that is falling apart but has $2000 rims.

    There also has to be a Black guy watching a game on a 72″ HDTV in a 1 bedroom apartment.

    That’s Troof’s cousin Jamal. He got rid of that 55″ and picked up a 72″ with his relief check.

    He is now relieved.

    • Replies: @Renard
  108. Sarita says:

    No, I’m not retarded. Enough to know how to read history and realize that you have this terrible history. You should all be in Guantanamo.
    I mean, is there a people, a nation, a country that your kind (the WASP to be specific) haven’t F. Over?
    You are a very aggressive, abusive, envious, greedy entity.
    Everytime someone asks you about all the terrible things you’ve done the world over, killing children and raping, robbing hundreds of nations making Genghis Khan look like mickey mouse you react all angry as if you’re a victim?
    You’re full of shit, and shit is catching up to ya.
    Retarded, he says.
    What do you call throwing an atomic bomb on 500.000 women and children in Hiroshima?
    What about Dresden?
    You killed your own people in Dresden!!
    Now that’s retarded.!..
    George Bush is retarded!
    You are the worse HASBARA!

    • Replies: @Renard
  109. @Rooster16

    Just minding your own business has gotten a lot of good folks killed. Trust me, just because the gas station in a bad part of town is a little cheaper, it ain’t worth it.

    Gassing up at night is honestly a bad idea in any part of the country.

    The interstates bring in felons on the run.

    I’ve been in the middle of farmland and have seen a stoned negro at 12:00 AM coming out of a blacked out car.

    I’ve also had to deal with some pyscho rednecks.

    This country is nuts.

    • Agree: Johnny LeBlanc
  110. @boynkin

    No. Hispanic majority areas in the USA have a stronger negative correlation with violent crime. White majority areas only have a weak negative correlation with violent crime. Why is this? Because Hispanic majorities actively remove blacks from their areas, while white majorities do not. So, despite the fact that Hispanics have higher violent crime rates than whites, their cities have a greater negative correlation with violent crime than white majority cities, due to the fact that hispanics do not tolerate blacks and black violent crime rates dwarf everyone else’s. White majorities do tolerate black criminality, so white majority areas have higher correlation with violent crime.

  111. Truth says:

    Yep. I AGREE. Whites can eliminate skin color and call a spade a spade

    Apparently not, if Givvey put it on the list.

  112. Kim says:

    Perhaps he was a drummer boy.

  113. Kim says:

    That is the burden you must carry for being controlled opposition.

  114. Renard says:

    You killed your own people in Dresden!!

    I’m not German, and I’ve never even been to Germany. And I’ve never killed anyone.

    The rest of your deranged fantasies are of similar calibre, demonstrating one thing: you are completely retarded.

    I hope you really do live in that third-world shithole as you claim, because you definitely deserve it. Stay there, because those of us who live in civilized societies have had to deal with way too many of your kind as it is.

    • Agree: HammerJack, Inverness
    • Replies: @Sarita
  115. Renard says:
    @John Johnson

    That’s Troof’s cousin Jamal. He got rid of that 55″ and picked up a 72″ with his relief check.

    No relation of toofie’s is going to buy a TV. Those are for stealing.

    Gummint gibs is for hookers and blow.

  116. Renard says:

    If it weren’t for the white man, you’d be living in a mud hut, eating mud pies…just like your people have always done.

    Your people have never figured out one single thing that might contribute to civilization–forget electricity you can’t even manage indoor plumbing.

    So yeah, enjoy your crime-ridden shithole and remind yourself every day: it’s exactly what you deserve.

    • Agree: HammerJack, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Anon
  117. Rodge says:

    A picture tells a thousand words as the saying goes…especially for the second image in regards to the mudsharks in this article::

    • Thanks: Kim
  118. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    Non Ethnic Population (Mostly Whites and Mestizos) (87.58%)

  119. Sarita says:

    You live in a civilized society?

    Every day, 321 people are shot in the United States. Among those:

    111 people are shot and killed.
    210 survive gunshot injuries.
    95 are intentionally shot by someone else and survive.
    42 are murdered
    65 die from gun suicide.
    10 survive an attempted gun suicide.
    1 is killed unintentionally
    90 are shot unintentionally and survive
    1 is killed by legal intervention*
    4 are shot by legal intervention and survive
    1 died but the intent was unknown
    12 are shot and survive but the intent was unknown”.

    Gotta admit it, your civilized shit – hole is paying the price for all those children killed by their own white parents in the US and overseas by your marines.
    Now that you are done screwing up the planet you’re killing each other.
    It’s the hamburger meat I guess!

    A successful civilized society!

    • Troll: HammerJack
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  120. @Sarita

    “Thinking you were slick and smart YOU brought them from Africa by the thousands to abuse them, now deal with the consequences”

    I didn’t bring anybody from Africa you dumb shit.

  121. @Sarita

    Oh, that’s rich. Someone who lives in Medellín lecturing the rest of us about our violent societies.

    Hmm, let’s see. Colombia’s homicide rate is over five times as high as the USA’s. So sure, the USA is the one where the eebil whyte debbils be doing all de Killin.

    Incidentally, if you separate out all the mud people like Sarita, our crime rate is equal to Denmark’s.

    So why not let’s do that?

    • Agree: Renard
    • Replies: @Sarita
  122. Sarita says:

    And why is there so much violence in Colombia?.
    -Let me 🤔 think –
    ahhh, that feels so good, right? It kinda erases all the guilt from your subconscience.

    For a minute.

    But then they die:
    2018 67,367
    2019 70,630
    2020 91,799

    Why is there violence in Colombia?
    Because of demand and supply, papi.


    my God no one has done that except your kind.

    (Question to myself: What do these people here do for a living? Are they Pentagon hasbara? Or maybe the deep state got them working typing shit and blaming the Jews for every crime they’ve committed?).


    • Replies: @Renard
  123. AceDeuce says:

    Thanks for the invitation. I have no doubt that you and your fellow diarrhea colored squat monsters have created a hellhole down there. Sorry, I’m not into fat squatty bulldog faced women with mustaches.

    • LOL: Renard
  124. Lum says:

    Wow you hit the nail on the head with everything you said in your comment. Awesome!!!!!!

  125. In the west there are laws but no moral order …

    It is a concept in the Pure Theory of Law created by Hans Kelsen, a jurist, and legal philosopher. Kelsen has used this word to denote the basic norm, order, or rule that forms an underlying basis for a legal system. The theory is based on a need to find a point of origin for all law, on which basic law and the constitution can achieve their legitimacy.
    Kelson’s legal system is one single unit and is a normative legal system or order. Norms are those, which regulate human conduct and human behaviour in a society. According to Kelsen, laws, and rules are norms. These norms in a normative legal system are of a hierarchical nature. There is clear-cut order or satisfaction in the legal system. One cannot interchange the position of a norm in this hierarchy.

    … this is an intractable problem until the grundnorm collapses. This requires the collapse of Christianity.

  126. Renard says:

    So, anything white people do is all white people’s fault. And! Anything negroes and latrinos do is also all white people’s fault.

    You have just declared that you brown and black people are essentially children who need guidance and discipline. And especially population control.

    If anyone here takes this tardo seriously, much less actually believes her tripe, please stand up and be counted!

    Yeah, the Colombians haven’t ever nuked anyone. Go figure! Maybe it’s because they’re so primitive they never even figured out how wheels work, much less indoor plumbing. So, not so many nuclear physicists around.

    Hence these proud people must resort to machetes for their slaughter which–as the chart referenced above shows–is characteristic of negro and mestizo societies AND NO ONE ELSE.

    Even for a fat latina in spandex, you is one stupid bitch.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Thanks: Inverness
  127. I guessed 20-30 for Dec, in the last thread Nov. 37 is higher then expected.
    What can we do to bring down the number for January??
    As I sit here in the UK.

  128. @Kenn Gividen

    Kenn gividen what can we do to bring the numbers down??
    I want less then 30 murders for Jan, is my best hope!

    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
  129. Inverness says:

    Fat, stupid latina in spandex

    Hey! That phrase is offensive! On the grounds of multiple redundancy I mean.

  130. Sarita says:

    (Below 👇 a guy answering the question about “why did you kill all those natives” WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE to do that:
    He answered:
    1- “Nothing the so-called natives weren’t already doing to each other.”

    Another “white civilized man” wrote answering a concern regarding the slavery -and the consequent genocide- of Africans-:

    2- “Whites did not enslave blacks. They had already been enslaved by black africans.”
    I was gonna ask him, oh yeah how did they get here? Through a travel agency?

    All the answers Meaning:
    “buhuhuhu we didn’t do anything, we are nice people”:
    Yeah, what about:
    HIROSHIMA? -answer: it was their Fault –
    VIETNAM -it was their fault –
    IRAQ -It was their fault –
    AFGHANISTAN -It was their fault –
    KOREA -It was their fault –
    Chile, cuba, el Salvador, Palestine etc etc etc IT WAS THEIR FAULT.


    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  131. @Kim

    ‘LOL. Yeh, that’s right. You use your Krav Maga. I am sure that will show ’em what’s what.’

    He’s right. You have to be ready to fight — whatever your private opinion of the probable outcome. Then, Inshallah, you won’t have to.

    But nothing arouses blacks so much as an ‘I won’t defend myself’ message. Send that signal, and you will have to fight.

    • Replies: @Kim
  132. @Sarita

    Maybe you should shut up.

    • Replies: @Sarita
  133. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:

    Any White woman who gives herself to a sub-Saharan is probably better off dead. And, her boyfriend is all too likely to oblige.

  134. Kim says:
    @Colin Wright

    You have to be ready to fight – whatever your private opinion of the probable outcome

    I am not sure what this even means. A person certainly has to be ready to defend himself in order to minimize harm, and would be wise to give some thought to what that implies.

    Without a doubt, the worst thing that can happen to you in an unarmed encounter is to be dragged to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head…which is pretty standard. So if you get dragged to the ground, a common tactic in assaults, try to fall close to wall or car and wrap your head up tight in your arms.

    It is hard to see how, say, a 70 year old as in this report thought he was going to fare fighting a young man but from his incipient heart-attack and diabetes look, I would say he would have been killed, and he was.

    The most basic measures of one’s preparedness to take part in an unarmed self defense fight, leaving aside knowledge, technique and temperament, are

    1. the ability to close a 250 lb gripper

    2. the ability to deadlift 150% of your body weight.

    How many Unz readers can do that?

    Most of them couldn’t even win a wrestle with themselves to put down the fizzy drinks.

  135. Trinity says:

    Dude, you are full of shit a 195lb gripper is hard to close even for strong guys. I believe the Captains Of Crush #2 is 195lbs and it takes all I have to close it with one hand of course. I don’t even know if the number #3 &3.5 are 250lbs. You buying your grippers at Wal-Mart? Haha

    Deadlift 150% of bodyweight? Dude, the average gym bro is capable.of doing that after 6 months of training. Even a 150% bodyweight bench press is reachable for the average guy after a good solid year to year and half of training.

    Strength is indeed important, same with overall fitness, it doesn’t hurt for sure, but temperament and training are even more important.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Kim
  136. Sarita says:
    @Colin Wright

    Yes Mr Wright, I will shut up.
    But let me just post this last one, its very interesting:

    Ex-soldier talks about slaying of Iraqi family:
    An Iraq War veteran serving jail for raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing her parents and sister says he didn’t think of Iraqi civilians as humans.

    Boy !

    You should see his picture, a skinny little punk who was probably still a virgin because no girl would “give him some”, in his redneck town in Kentucky, hence the raping.
    Raping in invaded countries is considered a prize for wasp culture, it’s something they see as a reward for their sacrifice in taking “democracy, freedom and liberty” to those “subhuman” nations.
    What happened to Abir (that was the little girl’s name) and her family was exposed because there was “snitching” on the part of the soldiers otherwise it would have gone unreported like thousands of other cases.
    The soldiers in this case burnt the bodies after killing them. Nice people white is.


    “33,000 children were killed and maimed in Afghanistan over the past 10 years, an average of one child every three hours, Save the Children said as the last of the international military forces pulled out of Kabul on Tuesday.”

    They kill their own children!

    “We find that the United States is alone among peer nations in the number of child firearm deaths. In no other similarly large or wealthy country are firearm deaths in the top 4 causes of mortality let alone the number 1 cause of death among children.”

    “In 2020 (the most recent year with available data from the CDC), firearms were the number one cause of death for children ages 1-19 in the United States, taking the lives of 4,357 children”.

    My God! Do this people go to church!

    Yep, killing children is part of that culture. Do You know why?. Because most of them are bastards that come from broken, alcoholic, drug-addict families.

    if you hear these words, step off, they are robbing someone..😃

    if this isn’t karma.

    “Let’s prepare to fight” says Mr Wright.
    Who is gonna fight? Your children are a bunch of homosexuals, lesbians, gang members, rappers and drug addict untrustworthy bastards.
    Have a nice one at the senior citizen home.
    Don’t forget the pills and the 6th vaccine.

    • Replies: @Anon
  137. @Kim

    ‘The most basic measures of one’s preparedness to take part in an unarmed self defense fight, leaving aside knowledge, technique and temperament, are…’

    Maybe you haven’t been in very many physical confrontations.

    As a practical matter, most of them come down to — at most — some puffing and growling.

    So the sin qua non is an ability to puff and growl — i.e., to visibly demonstrate that you will fight.

    …then you probably won’t have to. If you don’t do this, the odds that you will have to rise sharply.

    …then we can worry about technique, etc — although in a fight between two grown men, I’d heavily emphasize hitting first.

    • Replies: @Truth
  138. @Trinity

    ‘…Strength is indeed important, same with overall fitness, it doesn’t hurt for sure, but temperament and training are even more important…’

    There you go. I’d agree strength is important in a physical confrontation — but in at least nine out of ten cases, simply because it will make your confidence more authentic.

    I remember when I had my moving business. Well, a routine of getting pianos, armoires, one hundred boxes of boxes, etc up and down stairs on a daily basis will make you pretty strong.

    I used to find myself getting into traffic altercations occasionally when I went into Berkeley — it was and presumably is asshole city. Just Berkeley, too…but I digress.

    Anyway, the point is that in those years I felt like I could rip my interlocutors out of their car and throw them into the middle of the intersection. ‘You make Colin angry!

    That probably had a lot to do with them driving off, yelling and making obscene gestures, rather than getting out of the car.

    …but no actual fight. Most people just aren’t going to go for it, and even those who will are only going to if they’re sure they’re going to win.

    So rule 1 is make sure they don’t get the impression they’re sure they’re going to win. Do your very, very best to convey that.

    …no matter what you can bench press.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  139. Too, your interlocutor quite likely has a gun or a knife, so it really is best to work on your puffing and growling skills rather than practicing your footwork.

    The last physical confrontation but one I had was with some little Asian (who was insane). Anyway, I’m trying to work up the nerve to punch the little shit in the face, and feeling kinda unmanly because I just can’t make myself do it.

    My wife and daughter were looking on in horror. The thing is, all the time we were standing nose to nose he had a knife out and was waving it around my gut. I didn’t notice; I was looking at his face.

    …the story has a moral.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  140. @Colin Wright

    Thinking about that episode further, I think it illustrates my point in another way.

    All the time I was thinking about punching dude, he was likely trying to work up the nerve to fillet me.

    The thing is, we were both fairly confident. I was aware I had a good eighty pounds on the guy, while he was aware he had the knife. It was probably his confidence that held me back, while he seemed a tad disconcerted that I wasn’t impressed by his knife (I just hadn’t noticed it, but no need to tell him that.)

    So since no one was turning tail, nothing happened. We puffed and growled for a while.

    Be confident — or at least try to fake it. Do your very best. Inshallah, the other guy is just as unsure as you are. In that case, nothing should happen. Of course, the guy may turn out to be Mike Tyson, in which case, you’re screwed.

    …but in that case, you were screwed anyway, so what the hell?

  141. Trinity says:
    @Colin Wright

    Overall fitness is very underrated when it comes to self defense. I see bloated Black belts in some traditional martial arts schools and I have a hard time believing these guys are all that when the shit hits the fan.

    Hey, being strong and fit goes a long way in life. Besides self defense it just makes you feel better about yourself. As you said it builds confidence.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  142. Anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    Nice people white is

    Some are?

    • Replies: @Sarita
  143. Dani says:

    As a White woman who never even once briefly considered the notion of dating outside of her race, I struggle to muster up sympathy, or even empathy, for way too many victims in December’s report. This wasn’t some rule my daddy laid down – this was always something that was inherently instinctual in me since as long as I can remember.
    P.S. I will forever FAIL to understand how, even worse than pairing up with a black, that any White woman would choose to procreate with a black, knowing her child is not going to resemble her in any way whatsoever.

    • Replies: @Sarita
  144. Wiley says: • Website

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on dagathomo. Regards

  145. Sarita says:

    Hi sweety,
    The best thing you can do is marry a Jew.
    Why? Well, they are very talented, rain makers, don’t use drugs and there is always the Mossad looking out for you, they will protect you from all those rednecks and negroes.
    If you wanna find out ask George w. Bush, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Donald Trump; their daughters sleep with a Jew everynight.
    Ahh, I wish I could marry a nice looking guy like Jeffrey Epstein.
    By the way, congratulations on the black girl who won miss universe.
    please Yahveh, send me a Jew.

  146. @Trinity

    ‘…Hey, being strong and fit goes a long way in life. Besides self defense it just makes you feel better about yourself. As you said it builds confidence.’

    I agree that strength, skills are all good — but in the upshot, nine of ten times it’s going to benefit you in the sense that you’ll go into the puff ‘n growl with more confidence.

    Besides — as my little anecdote illustrates — people who are going to act so as to lead you into this sort of thing are likely to be armed. In fact, thinking over the dozen or so high-profile interracial killings of our happy new era, at least two of those killings resulted from one of the parties thinking it was going to be a fist fight and the other having a gun. Trayvon Martin was one. The other was that guy in Bend, Oregon who was assaulted by a black when he objected to the black making a pass at his girlfriend.

    So he shot and killed the black. The shooter has my sympathy — beating up someone in front of their girlfriend is kind of a high-risk strategy. But the point is don’t assume your opponent wants to have a fist fight too. He may decide to just win.

    …in which case you’re screwed.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  147. Trinity says:
    @Colin Wright

    Remember the Bend, Oregon incident. Negro Buck trying to take a man’s girlfriend right in front of the guy. A timid guy would even turn into a tiger in a situation like that. That negro must have thought he was bulletproof. If I remember right, the shooter was a much smaller man. The Buck had no doubt gotten away with this sort of thing before. Not this time though. Instant karma.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  148. JACK 500 says:

    no Jew would touch you with a ten foot pole, you filthy bigoted sewer rat

  149. Sarita says:


    Ok last comment on this thread, promise
    I was at the New York Post because i like spicy stories and i tell ya, New York is the place for it, and I saw this case about the Idaho murders. I had read about it before and I really wanted the law catching this guy and they finally did. Poor girls.
    But I had not seen the guy’s face and because the NYPost got a lot of sport news I got confused and thought that a black football player in the next news story was the killer. (Need glasses).
    After reading his last name (the actual guy’s name) and doing some quick research this is what I found:
    Name Meaning: Kohberger is a variant of German habitational name Kohlenberg. The last name consists of two elements, Kohle that means ‘coal’ and common suffix berg translating to a ‘mountain’ or a ‘hill.”

    Then I read some more:

    “Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger had an ‘incel complex’ that drove him to kill: ex-FBI agent said”

    WHAT’S AN “INCEL COMPLEX” I asked myself:

    “The murders may have been… an effort to assert some type of dominance,” former FBI agent and security expert Pete Yachmetz explained to The Post this week.

    “The term incel – an abbreviation for “involuntarily celibate”– is generally used to refer to men who struggle to establish romantic or sexual relationships. The identity is occassionally linked to misogynistic online forums and, in some cases, crime: In 2021, self-professed incel Tres Genco was busted for planning a mass shooting of 3,000 sorority sisters at an unnamed Ohio university. Genco, 22, plead guilty to the sick plot and is facing life in prison.”

    WTF? 3000?
    That’s more people than what Usama Bin Laden killed in September eleven!
    But that other guy, I’m glad they caught him and I ask God that they don’t give him death sentence so that they kick his ass in jail everyday!!


  150. Kim says:

    As you say, a 150% bodyweight deadlift is not unusual for young, healthy men. I am not aware that I said otherwise. It is the basic standard for good athletic ability.

    If you get into an unarmed self defense situation, this is the basic requirement. If you do not have this ability, you are going to have trouble with the standing grappling and lifting – and even simply remaining upright when someone is hitting you in the back of the head while his friend has your jacket and is trying to drag you to the ground – that makes up so much of unarmed self defense fighting.

    As for grip strength and the upper body strength that it proxies for, it is vitally important in unarmed self defense. In part due to excessive computer use many men have very weak hands. Strong hands make a good – hard to damage – fist and are heavily involved in all of the grabbing and throwing of unarmed self defense. And strong hands, a fist that closes well hurts the opponent.

    If you have weak hands and a weak core, if you do not have what it takes to stand with someone’s else’ weight leaning on you, you can do all the the techniques you want. You will get fucked over.

    After all, isn’t this why sports have weight divisions and bouncers are big? Size and strength matters

    And while temperament is basic, most “self defense” training that people get – Muay Thai, bjj, wrestling, boxing, Krav Maga, etc – is 90% useless.

    If you care to watch video clips of real self defense situations, you will notice that they are typically not even remotely similar to anything tnat happens in self defense situstions, which are

    1. involuntary
    2. unfair – multiple on one, ambush, big on small, etc
    3. start without ringing a bell
    4. deadly dangerous
    5. massively dominated by issues of momentum, balance, dynamic action, gross motor movement and strength

    Nothing that is taught in a dojo or gym as self defense ever addresses these issues.

    And 90% of the many detailed and intricate techniques of these sports are almost unknown to appear in Self Defense fights.

    For example, in the dynamic chaos of a self defense fight, we see the successful use of CLOSE TO ZERO Muay Thai skills – knees are used, but never work unless the victim is sitting on the ground, thai clinch is never applied with much effect, and unless one goes first, which even then assures success only 50% of the time, kicks, low kicks or high kicks, are never successfully applied, and elbows are also never successfully applied unless you go first against someone not ready for it.

    So what is left of Muay Thai then?

    We can make similar observations about most of the combat sports. They ARE NOT designed for self defense training.

    I have a saying; Martial Arts is what you have left when you strip the hard parts out of self defense.

    So when you say we should train techniques, I agree, but what techniques? And only when we consider them as embedded in our observation of real world situations.

    If some guru shows me some technique then I ask, “Really? Can you show me some real video of this working in the real world?”

    Invariably, they can’t.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @John Johnson
  151. Trinity says:

    I stand corrected, Grasshopper. Can’t argue with anything you said.

    Cue: Theme From Kung Fu

  152. @Kim

    You have to be ready to fight – whatever your private opinion of the probable outcome

    I am not sure what this even means. A person certainly has to be ready to defend himself in order to minimize harm, and would be wise to give some thought to what that implies.

    You are not sure what that means? Have you lived in White burbs your whole life?

    It is hard to see how, say, a 70 year old as in this report thought he was going to fare fighting a young man but from his incipient heart-attack and diabetes look, I would say he would have been killed, and he was.

    Pepper spray or stun stick. Ideally both. Can carry a knife but only use it as a last resort. Even in defense you don’t want to risk getting Hep C.

    I am in shape and younger than most of you but it doesn’t matter much in a Black area. I also have fighting experience. Anyone thinking they can kung fu their way through Blackytown like an 80s movie doesn’t understand them.

    You actually don’t want to get in a fair fight in a Black area. They don’t believe in fair fights and are insulted if they are beaten by a White man. You get in a fair fight and some cousin will step in and clock you in the back of the head. Or they pull a knife and stab you over what was most likely a stupid reason to fight in the first place. They will tell the cops you called them a nagger. If you live in the area they will ask around to find you. You might come home to a missing car or burgled home because you won a fair fight. This happens every year in Blackytown. Some naive White jock takes one out in a fight and they go after him in some other way.

    Spray or stun and walk away without turning your back. Shot loud commands like the police.

    Colin is right that you need an aura of being ready to defend yourself. They can sense a White man that might fight back and they don’t like uncertainty. But at a midnight gas station anything can happen. The real solution is to avoid the risk in the first place. I support concealed carry but in a Black area you could end up in court and against some liberal prosecutor that salivates over sending a White man to jail. If you feel the need to carry a gun on a daily basis then you need to move.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  153. @Kim

    And while temperament is basic, most “self defense” training that people get – Muay Thai, bjj, wrestling, boxing, Krav Maga, etc – is 90% useless.

    I wouldn’t go that far. I used to know some guys in jujitsu and they were always ready to grapple. I’d surprise wrestle them at the dorm and they loved it. They didn’t look for bar fights because they didn’t want to hurt some drunk idiot. UFC fighters will avoid street fights because they don’t want to put someone in the hospital.

    Would most the people in a suburban strip mall karate class use what they were taught in a defensive situation? Probably not but it keeps them in shape and gives them a chance.

    But a lot of the combat arts will drill you on certain techniques and some even have full combat sparring.

    I don’t take classes but I once used a karate kick I was drilled on as a kid. It was completely instinctive and it worked perfectly. It happened so fast that I couldn’t believe it worked.

  154. anarchyst says:
    @John Johnson

    Actually wasp spray is an effective deterrent as it cam be sprayed at a safe distance (20 feet and more) and WILL send the recipient orc to the hospital if sprayed in the eyes.

  155. Nat X says:

    Yeah its called income inequality incel. Weez gots to go to de library while yall incels got home computers and premium porn hub accounts. DATS RACISS!!!

  156. Possum says:

    You have a point. Abe Lincoln wasn’t Jooish though. Neither was Sherman. My God I hate blacks; their culture, their idiocy, their arrogance, and pretty much everything about them. There are so, very few that are decent. I can’t imagine the shadow they live under.

  157. @Non PC Infidel

    The symptoms you describe seem to me to fit about 40% of blacks I have encountered in my life. Blacks themselves have a term for this phenomenon. They call it “going off on someone”.

  158. @mau'dib

    Thanks. This will be in next months report.

    • Replies: @eah
  159. Sarita says:

    Some are?
    Yes, sir
    Many are. Most.

  160. aj54 says:

    ever heard of the MAO-A 3 repeat allele? lack of an enzyme to break down waste products in the brain, it builds up and the person goes slowly insane from childhood on. Carried in a surprisingly large part of the black population, and about 10% of whites. Many whites in prison carry it. Not a full answer to the problem, but operative.

  161. aj54 says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    there is a larger than 2% difference in DNA between some different human racial groups

    • Replies: @Truth
  162. Truth says:

    No there is not. At least according to anything I have read.

  163. eah says:
    @Kenn Gividen

    Perhaps another incident to keep an eye on — no suspect yet, but consider the locale (PGC):

    Wife of Amazon delivery driver killed in Temple Hills speaks out

    Per the US Census, Temple Hills MD, where the killing occurred, is 82% black (link).

  164. Corrupt says:

    “Thinking you were slick and smart YOU brought them from Africa”

    You mean Jews when using the word “YOU”, correct?

  165. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    They are filth just like the Democrats, and deserve to hang from bridges with the rest.

    Do your part, hang a few

  166. tellme says:

    where did you learn that kohlberger is a jew?

  167. Why highlight the relative military records of the victim

    According to, “Hillman was a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist who joined the Army in February 2015. He had deployed once to Afghanistan and had been awarded two Army Commendation Medals and two Army Achievement Medals.”

    and suspect

    Reports say Wilson had never been deployed and was never awarded any decorations.

    in that incident?

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  168. @Greta Handel

    Oh, I see.

    Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

    (Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)

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