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33 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, Including A Father and His Two Small Boys: December 2020—Another Month In the Death of White America 33
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Last month: 30 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING A MOTHER READING THE BIBLE TO HER BABY GIRL: Another Month In The Death Of White America (And Canada)

The judicial lynching of three white men for trying to protect their Georgia neighborhood from black criminal Ahmaud Arbery has been such important news that the Regime Media has not been able to pay attention to the 33 Black-On-White killings I have identified this month—not even the young father shot to death with his two little boys. Also, eight white women died at the hands of black paramours, but that’s fairly standard

  • 31-year-old Andrew Hintt and his two sons, 7-year-old Benjamin Hintt and 5-year-old Sebastian Hintt were fatally shot in Belvidere, IL.

24-year-old Alize Smith was named a person of interest.

[Police name ‘person of interest’ in Belvidere triple homicide, By Rachael Perry,, Dec. 22, 2021]

  • 25-year-old Shane Bartek., fatally shot in the back during a carjacking in Cleveland, OH

Charged were Tamara McLoyd, 18, and Anthony Butler Jr.

Bartek was an off-duty police officer at the time of the incident. The incident occurred Dec. 31, 2021. [2nd person officially charged in New Year’s Eve shooting death of off-duty Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek, By WKYC Staff,, Jan. 02, 2022]

Arrested were suspected gunman Darius Sullivan, 25, and Xandria Harris, 26.

[Illinois police officer’s death: One suspect nabbed in Indiana, another surrenders, authorities say, By Dom Calicchio, Fox News, Jan. 1, 2022]

See also Her Name Is Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic: White Female Police Officer Executed In Cold Blood By Two Blacks As She Pleads For Her Life, by Paul Kersey.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of 32-year-old Manuel Gomez in November, 2021

[Officials: Hartford man charged in Vermont double homicide, arson, By Tara O’Neill, CT Insider, Dec. 2, 2021]

  • Ryan Rogers, 14, fatally stabbed in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Semmie Lee Williams Jr., 39, faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of Rogers.

This was apparently a hate crime by a man with a long criminal record. covered it in three posts:

[Ryan Rogers homicide: Palm Beach Gardens arrest Miami man, 39, on murder charge, by Katherine Kokal and Gerard Albert III, Palm Beach Post, Dec. 2, 2021]

  • Sara Rose Pierce, 30, killed in Henrico County VA.

She was strangled and shot multiple times, reports say.

Arrested was her husband, Patrick Lynn Pierce III, 34 [Mother killed in Henrico shooting, By Jon Burkett,, Nov. 29, 2021]

Taylor Pomaski, 29, was found deceased in North Harris County, TX about six months after her disappearance.

41-year-old former football pro, Keven Ware, was named a person of interest [Human remains found in hunt for ex-NFL star Kevin Ware’s missing girlfriend six months after she disappeared following fight with him at house party and cops named him as a suspect, By Tommy Taylor and Alex Raskin,, Dec. 12, 2021].

  • 21-year-old Carla Lowe died in 1983 after being beaten and run over at an Amtrak depot.

Arrested nearly 40 years after the incident, Ralph Williams, 59.

Advanced technology led authorities to the suspect [Woman Was Found Slain Near Fla. Train Station in 1983: How New Fingerprint Technology Led to Arrest, By KC Baker,, Dec. 08, 2021].

Arrested was 35-year-old Anthony Robinson. Robinson, a Black male, is a suspect in the death of a third woman.

Victim Redmon was White; Smith was black [2 Missing Va. Woman Were Found Dead in Abandoned Lot, Suspect Is Person of Interest in Another Case, By Greg Hanlon,, Dec. 6, 2021].

  • Priscilla Lewis, 21, killed in 1996.

Charged 25 years after the crime in 2021 was 51-year-old Danny Lamont Hamilton.

The suspect was serving 295 years in prison for sexual assault charges unrelated to the case [Man Charged in 1996 Cold Case Murder Already Serving Hundreds of Years in Prison for Unrelated Sexual Assault Charges, By Alberto Luperon,, Dec 10, 2021].

Charged was 66-year-old Lilburn W. Motley.

Reports say the two had been a couple for 37 years. [Police identify woman killed in shooting in north Springfield; 1 facing charges, By KY3 Staff,, Dec. 7, 2021]

Also shot to death was Frank Falcon-Delgado, 45.

Facing charges of two counts of first-degree murder is 40-year-old Ronald Terry Stephens.

Kitchens was white and Falcon-Delgado was black. The two shared an apartment [Victims identified in Tigard double murder case, By KGW Staff,, Dec. 16, 2021]

  • Glynda Dickerhoof, apparently murdered at her home in Boca Raton, FL.

Egbert Durity was charged with second-degree murder. He is believed to be the father of Dickerhoof’s child.

[UPDATE: Boca Raton Man Allegedly Murdered Mother Of Child, By Andrew Colton,, Dec. 20, 2021]

  • 84-year-old Eva Fuld died after being stabbed 43 times at her Syracuse, NY apartment.

Arrested was 14-year-old Jahkim Robinson.

The crime was committed in January 2021. Robinson entered a guilty plea December 20. No photograph of him is available because of his age, but he was involved in an unrelated police chase with another youth named Robinson, probably a relative. Teleak Robinson’s pictures are here—he’s black [Syracuse boy admits killing 84-year-old by stabbing her 43 times; chance of parole before he’s 20, By Douglass Dowty,, Dec. 20, 2021].

Arrested was 23-year-old Aristola Devinci Jenkins.

Jenkins was reported to be the boyfriend of the victim’s stepdaughter. Public records indicate the suspect, victim, and victim’s stepdaughter lived at the same address [23-year-old charged with murder in slaying of off-duty Birmingham firefighter, By Carol Robinson,, Dec. 20, 2021].

  • Jeffery Johnson, 58, fatally shot in League City, TX.

Arrested was 21-year-old Davan Jordan.

The incident occurred in June 2021. The arrest occurred in December [Man charged with capital murder of League City yacht dealer linked to other high end robberies, By Miya Shay and Jessica Willey,, Dec. 21, 2021]

  • Andrea Reynolds, 28, died from multiple gunshot wounds in North Charleston, SC.

Arrested was 39-year-old David Beaufort.

[Coroner identifies woman killed during shooting incident in North Charleston, By Matt Dillane,, Dec. 17, 2021]

Arrested was 57-year-old Michael H. Tate.

Police say that Eisenbrant was Tate’s girlfriend [Belton man charged with murder after woman found shot, killed, By Mike Coutee, f, Dec. 20, 2021].

Norman Newsome, 38, was charged with second-degree murder. Britani Yerdon, 29, of Syracuse, a white woman, was earlier arrested and charged with the same charges as Newsome.

[Second arrest made in fatal Fulton shooting during botched robbery, By Rylee Kirk,, Dec. 14, 2021]

Arrested was Laquan “Polo” Demar Whitted, whose photograph hasn’t been published, but aside from the clue of his name, he is listed in the NC Inmate Locator System as black/African American [Arrest made in fatal shooting outside Fayetteville bar Saturday, By F.T. Norton, The Fayetteville Observer, Dec. 14, 2021]

  • Mason Hada, 16, killed as the result of a hit-and-run crash.

18-year-old Deahri Steele is wanted on one count of reckless homicide and one count of aggravated driving under the influence involving death, according to police.

[Police search for Rockford man in connection to crash that killed 16-year-old, By Breane Lyga,, Dec 21, 2021]

Arrested was Michael Allen Miles, 31.

[Man arrested in connection to fatal shooting at Cheers Pub, By Brenda Koopsen,, Dec. 18, 2021]

27-year-old Eric James Martin was charged with murder.

[Murder charge filed in Sunday shooting, By Staff Reports,, December 20, 2021]

Arrested was 31-year-old Malcolm Fisher. Crawford, at right, was the grandmother of Fisher’s 9-year-old daughter.

[Man facing murder, kidnapping charges in shooting death of child’s grandmother, By WTVG Staff,, Dec. 17, 2021]

51-year-old Gregory Rogers was arrested on two complaints of first-degree murder and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction

[Tulsa man accused in Bartlesville double homicide turns himself in, By Kelsy Schlotthauer,, Dec 14, 2021]

Arrested were brothers Michael Devonte White, 29, and Darius Cornell White, 22.

[Brothers arrested, charged with murder after VB woman fatally shot in attempted robbery at gas station, By Brian Reese,, Dec 15, 2021]

  • 42-year-old Shaun Rhudy fatally shot in Birmingham, AL.

Arrested were Alonzo Johnson II, 21, and 27-year-old Terrill Huey Jr.

[2 arrested in Christmas Eve shooting outside Birmingham bar that left 1 dead, critically injured another, By Howard Koplowitz,, Dec. 24, 2021]

  • 34-year-old Harrison Stephen Foster, killed with a sword in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Charged with first-degree murder was Foster’s girlfriend, Brittany Wilson, 32, seen above, and smiling in her mugshot below.

[Missouri police arrest woman who allegedly killed boyfriend with sword after taking meth on Christmas Eve, By Emma Colton, Fox News, Dec. 26, 2021]

  • Davide Giri, a 30-year-old Ph.D. candidate in computer science, fatally stabbed in New York City.

Reputed gang member, Vincent Pinkney, 25, was charged with murder.

[NYC lawyer describes ‘terrifying’ encounter with suspect in Columbia student slay, By Elizabeth Rosner, Jack Morphet and Bruce Golding, New York Post, Dec. 3, 2021]

  • Justin King, fatally shot in Bourbon, MO.

The identity of the shooter, described as a 42-year-old White man, was not reported.

Reports say the shooter was arrested and released after police determined the shooting was self-defense.

What makes this case different from most of the ones we report here is that the race of the unnamed shooter is identified by large and small MSM sources in the headline, and of course with the recent “reverential capitalization” of Black but not white:

One example this month of a white-on-black murder.

  • 34-year-old Kathleen Moore was found dead in a wooded area in New Port Richey, FL.

Collin Knapp, 30, has been arrested for second degree murder [Body of Florida woman Kathleen Moore found near home of boyfriend charged with killing her, by Louis Casiano, Stephen Sorace, Fox News, Dec. 7, 2021]

The Daily Mail says that “Knapp has a long criminal history. He has been arrested for battery, possession of marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine as well as resisting arrest.” [Florida man is arrested for MURDER of his missing girlfriend who was last seen alive more than a week ago ‘after cops found his clothes covered in her blood’ then discovered her body in woods, by Andrea Blanco, December 7, 2021]

We have noted before, in our roundups that interracial relationships between black men and white women, and even sometimes between white men and black women, often end with the murder of the white partner. We could point to the famous case of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, that the jury was unwilling to punish O. J. Simpson for. But there are actually nine cases of black on white domestic murder listed in December 2021 alone (including the black woman who killed her white boyfriend with a sword).

So this Knapp case is very counter-stereotypical.

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Truth says:

    OK Givvy, you’ve got:

    – A person of interest (not a murder suspect) in a murder of a honkee with face tattoos
    – A Hispanic (could be a Mexican) named Manuel Gomes*
    – Two domestic violences
    – A 40 year-old Cold Case
    – A black female victim
    – A 25 year old Cold Case
    – Another Domestic Violence from a couple that has been together for 37 years
    -Another Domestic Violence
    – Another Domestic Violence, with a dothead killer
    -Another Domestic Violence
    – A half-black victim*
    – A Perp who’s about 10% black*
    – A DUI homicide
    – A Mexican Victim*
    – Another goofball drug-dealer with a face tattoo
    – Another domestic violence
    – ANOTHER domestic violence (xx on xy)
    – A Honkee shoots a knee-grow (and gets off)*
    – Another domestic violence with a Glacier Glider killing his wife.*

    That brings you to maybe 15. Now let’s throw in a few demerits I’ve found in 5 minutes:

    *You’re really not too good at this, are you?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Tono Bungay
  2. White women are getting the world they voted for. And how heartening to see the jews’ house pets at it again. The white working class suffers disproportionately, so that makes the beanies happy. The Jewnited States is systematically stripping away the rights of whites to defend themselves or to engage in survival practices. It will only get worse until Americans start to go after their real enemy.

  3. Wokechoke says:

    Apples to apples, how many black people have been killed by whites in the same timeframe?

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Darkwing
  4. Truth says:

    It’s roughly a 1:2 ratio. Has been forever.

  5. Darkwing says:

    To answer your question: according to the FBI, less than 10% of the number

  6. Darkwing says:

    Where the frell is the MSM on this one?? Also why are the white people rioting, looting, burning, WHERE no where, they have some common sense

  7. KenH says:

    OK Givvy, you’ve got:

    – A person of interest (not a murder suspect) in a murder of a honkee with face tattoos

    Black animal Alize Smith has been arrested and charged for the murders of the “honkee with face tattoos” and his two boys.

    And it’s not just a 2:1 ratio of blacks killing whites. Blacks are about 9 times more likely to kill whites since there’s approx 4.5x more whites than blacks.

    But go ahead and use negro maff if you want to prove otherwise.

    • Replies: @Truth
  8. @Truth

    Say, Truth, if you think you can do better, then do us all a favor and do it. In the meantime, thanks to Mr. Gividen.

    • Replies: @Truth
  9. Truth says:

    And it’s not just a 2:1 ratio of blacks killing whites. Blacks are about 9 times more likely to kill whites since there’s approx 4.5x more whites than blacks.

    For the 78th time, Blaise Pascal, ratios don’t work like that.

    More potential offenders mean less potential victims, and vice-versa.

    • Replies: @KenH
  10. Truth says:
    @Tono Bungay

    15 murders, in 30 days, in a nation with 43 million VIOLENT, EEEEvul KNEE-GROWZ and 200 million sweet, innocent, naive, godlike white princes and princesses!?!?!

    Dude, I’d have to work my ass off to do worse!

  11. KenH says:

    For the 78th time, Blaise Pascal, ratios don’t work like that.

    Yep, you’re resorting to black maff. You’re a predictable negro troll. Go work on that.

    • Replies: @Truth
  12. Truth says:

    Really? Where was I wrong?

    • Replies: @Smiles
  13. Fuzzbaby says:

    They keep saying blacks are the victims of Europeans.. How can it be that whites are being brutalized?

  14. Smiles says:

    Seems like Kenn missed these 2. Maybe you’d like to show me 4 dead black kids age 7 or under murdered in cold blood by white men that the media completely ignore?

    There’s this one, where a blaxican and a black kill…
    An 18 month old ginger baby and a 24 year old white kid and shoot… An 18 year old white girl in the head who’s 35 weeks pregnant. She had an emergency C-section and the baby is alive but she’s still unresponsive 2 weeks after she was shot. And another 21 year old white dude. And he was on the run for 10 days and the news barely mentioned it.

    You have to really read between the lines on this one because they’re calling it a murder suicide. But unless a white man was bedding down with this she boon, this is a story of a white landlord trying to protect his black tenant from her murderous groid friend and gets his 7 year old and kid and himself killed as well. If you can find a picture of this Fredrick guy who killed a 7 year old white kid before turning the gun on himself please let me know. The news doesn’t seem to think it’s important.

    Counting the 2 blond boys who’s dad is a POS with face tattoos, that’s 4 (would have been 5 if they didn’t get the unborn baby out of the mother) white kids under 7 murdered by black killers in less than a month, with almost no news attention.

    Show me that happening to black kids?

    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
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