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32 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING FIVE HOME INVASIONS: October 2021—Another Month In the Death of White America
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The New York Times reported it on Page A22, but at least the deaths of five whites in the car attack on the Waukesha WI Christmas Parade got some national coverage.

The 32 whites whose killings by blacks were reported in October got nothing, as usual. Besides the continuing toll of white women killed by black husbands/ lovers/ ex-lovers, I note at least five home invasions. This may be a new trend, as black criminals get increasingly confident they won’t be resisted or punished.

  • Savannah Blevins, 34, fatally shot in Indianapolis, IN.

Suspect Anthony Henderson Jr., 35, also died of a gunshot wound.

His death was ruled a suicide. The couple was found dead at their residence after an apparent domestic dispute [IMPD investigating murder-suicide on Indy’s southeast side, by FOX59 Web,, October 1, 2021]

  • Mike Garbo, 51, fatally shot in Tucson, AZ.

Arrested was Devonte Okeith Mathis.

A second suspect, 26-year-old Darrion Taylor, was fatally shot by law enforcement officers.

Garbo, a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent, was shot during an inspection on an Amtrak passenger train[Second Suspect Identified in Arizona Amtrak Train Shooting, by Peter D’Abrosca,, October 9, 2021].

Police named 36-year-old Rainess Holmes as the suspect.

Holmes allegedly shot Rainer during a home invasion [Investigators release affidavit detailing home invasion, murder of Rhodes College student, By Shyra Sherfield,, October 6, 2021]

Arrested and charged with first-degree murder were Jordan Vance Coleman, alias Jordan Vance Way, 23, of Telford, and a white accomplice, Isabelle A. Krueger, 22.

The victim’s body was set on fire [HCSO: 2 charged with first-degree murder in burned body investigation, By Mackenzie Moore,, October 1, 2021]

  • Zoey Martinez, 20, died after being shot five times in King County, WA.

23-year-old Jacaree Rashad Hardy was charged with Murder In The Second Degree.

He reportedly dumped her body in an alley [Zoey Martinez murder: Judge sets $5M bail for suspect accused of shooting woman 5 times, By David Rose,, October 7, 2021]

A warrant for Murder and Armed Carjacking charges was issued leading to the arrest of 34-year-old Kaysone Walters in Lakeland, Florida [Springfield man arrested in FL in connection to murder of Chicopee woman, By Jessica Michalski,, October 8, 2021].

  • 26-year-old Officer Dylan Harrison was fatally shot shortly after beginning his first shift with the Alamo Police Department in Alamo, GA.

Damien ‘Luke’ Anthony Ferguson, 43, was arrested.

He allegedly shot the officer in retaliation hours after the officer arrested the suspect’s friend. Harrison is survived by his wife and 6-month-old son. See Another White Officer Who’d Be Alive If We Took Police Disengagement With Blacks Seriously. [Dylan Harrison, Georgia Cop Who Was Killed During His 1st Shift, Given Police Escort Home, By Johanna Li,, October 11, 2021]

  • Lindsey Hopkins, 42, was found dead in Guilford, CT with injuries to her head and neck.

Her husband, 45-year-old Robert Faison, was arrested.

The lifeless victim was found in July, 2021. The arrest was made in October.

[Guilford police arrest man accused in wife’s July murder, by Kaitlyn Naples,, October 14, 2021]

  • 30-year-old Miranda Springs was found dead in a wooded area near Charlotte, NC.

Arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping was 26-year-old Saafiq Hall [Man accused of murder, kidnapping after woman found dead in woods in Charlotte, By WBTV Web Staff,, October 12, 2021]

  • Brandon Schweers, 36, died after being attacked as he sat on his front porch in Lancaster, PA. Reports say he was stabbed and beaten.

Arrested was 33-year-old Aaron Blake Robertson.

[PA Man Points Police To His Killer Moments Before Death, Police Say, by Jillian Pikora,, Sept. 2, 2021]

  • Derek Smith, 31, was killed execution-style while sitting in an outside dining area at a Cincinnati, OH restaurant.

Arrested was 49-year-old Lonnell Anderson.

Prosecutor Joe Deters indicated that this was an anti-white hate crime: Anderson shot Smith because he was White. Smith was shot twice in the back of the head.

Here are the URLs, emphasis added, of two stories reporting this killing:

Here are the actual headlines of those two stories, removing the racially motivated factor, which may mean that an editor changed it after a young reporter posted it:

Arrested was 18-year-old Pierre G. Lake.

Ralph Brian was shot in the back of the head and his wife was stabbed multiple times but survived.

[Man dies after injuries sustained in home invasion last month, By Eric Grossarth,, October 9, 2021 and Court docs: Man hitched ride with campers after violent home invasion, hid gun in laundry basket, by Nate Eaton,, September 23, 2021, 2021]

  • University of Georgia student Ariana Zarse, 20, died after a hit-and-run incident in Athens-Clarke County, GA.

29-year-old Donterris Gresham was arrested.

“An arrest warrant was issued for first degree manslaughter, negligent homicide with serious or fatal injuries, traffic violations, exceeding speed limits and driving without a license,” a report said. [Who is Donterris Gresham ( Man accused in hit-and-run that killed UGA student ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts, By Caroline Burke,, October 8, 2021]

Gaven J. Carlisle, 22, was fatally shot in Tuscarawas County, Ohio in March, 2021.

Convicted were Te’Quan A. Franklin, 21, and Sajjaad J. Butler, 19, who was accused of being the gunman.

Franklin entered a guilty plea in October, 2021. Butler entered a guilty plea in September, 2021 [Te’Quan Franklin pleads guilty to murder in death of Gaven Carlisle, By Nancy Molnar, The Times-Reporter, October 1, 2021]


22-year-old John Kirby was arrested.

Victim Jettoni Zendel [Instagram] looks Asian, but he is a white. After an argument on a Las Vegas bus, Kirby and Zendel apparently agreed to “take it outside” so they could fight. Zendel, who seems to have been a martial arts practitioner, threw a punch, and Kirby pulled a gun and shot him.

[Man, 22, arrested in fatal shooting near Las Vegas bus stop, By Casey Harrison,, October 15, 2021]

Sentenced to 38 years in prison in October, 2021, was Paulette Sims, 31 [South Carolina woman sentenced for stabbing 2 neighbors to death, incident caught on police bodycam, The Associated Press,, October 18, 2021]

  • Sonja Stahl, 23, died in Ocala, FL after a man shot at a vehicle driven by his girlfriend, 22-year-old Alexa Newton.

24-year-old Timothy Mack was identified as the shooter and was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm, but not initially for the death of Stahl. The victim was a passenger in the vehicle. Mack’s white girlfriend Alexa Newton was also arrested.

[Marion County deputies identify woman killed in Sunday morning shooting in Ocala, 2 in custody, By News Staff,, October 10, 2021]

  • Sebastian Dvorak, 27, was fatally shot while walking home from his birthday celebration in Baltimore, MD.

Paul Kersey covered this murder in His Name is Sebastian Dvorak: Popular White Bartender Murdered by Black Male in 70% Black Baltimore

Malik Mungo was convicted of second-degree murder in October, 2021.

He was 16 at the time of the murder. Robert Lewis, 39, Keith Worthington, 35, and Harvey Turner, 30, were earlier convicted and sentenced.

[Malik Mungo found guilty of murder in Dvorak murder trial, By Kelly Broderick,, October 18, 2021; 3 Men Sentenced In Murder Of Popular Canton Bartender Sebastian Dvorak, no attribution,, Dec. 11, 2019]

  • 60-year-old gun-store owner Scott D. Maxie was fatally shot during a robbery in North Vernon, IN.

The murder occurred in 2014. In October, 2021, DeJuan Andre Worthen was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in the crime.

His brother Dejaun Worthen and cousin Darion Harris were earlier convicted and sentenced [Indianapolis man sentenced to 30 years for role in 2014 robbery, murder, by staff,, October 19, 2021]

Arrested was 18-year-old Christopher Blue.

[18-year-old suspect charged in Akron murder, by Jen Steer,, October 15, 2021]

23-year-old Bri’yon Ezra Baker was arrested.

[Pittsburg police investigating shooting death of teen, By Ryan Newton,, October 17, 2021]

Also killed by gunfire was her 3-year-old mixed-race son, Major P. Harris.

20-year-old suspect Jaheem Clark died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after police surrounded his home.

[Milwaukee Amber Alert: Boy found dead Thursday had been shot, ME reports, By Nick Viviani,, October 22, 2021]

Mon Ong, 21, was also shot to death in the incident, which occurred in 2020.

Arrested were Kyaw Hlang (a Malaysian name) 22, Kerwins Louis, 20, and Jamesley Paul, 23.

In October, 2021, Louis was sentenced to 146 years in prison. Hlang and Paul were earlier sentenced to 50 years and 146 years respectively.

[3rd killer sentenced for 2020 double murder, no attribution,, October 22, 2021]

  • Shelbi Milburn, 20, was fatally shot in a home she shared with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Martinez Williamson, in O’Fallon, MO.

Williamson was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

[Police ID woman killed in O’Fallon, Mo., home, boyfriend faces weapons charge, By Erin Heffernan,, October 20, 2021]

A 16-year-old was also shot in the head but survived in critical condition.

21-year-old Aaron K. Scott has been charged with murder and other offences [Man charged in deadly double shooting near high school in Northeast Philadelphia, no attribution,, October 20, 2021]

  • Meghan Kiefer, 27, died after being stabbed about 40 times.

Accused of murder in the second degree is Kason, Parker, age 33. His mugshot hasn’t been published, but official records say he’s black.

The two had apparently been previously engaged in a relationship [Upstate New York Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend 40 Times in Front of Her Friend and a Child, Colin Kalmbacher,, Oct 26th, 2021]

Arrested was her husband, 53-year-old Terry Barlow.

[Bond set at $1.5M for husband accused in fatal shooting of wife Saturday night in Beaumont, By Raegan Gibson and Kierra Sam,, October 24, 2021]

Arrested was 26-year-old Genesis Vaughn.

[Police arrest suspect in Hwy 153/ Chickamauga Dam shooting, By Collins Parker,, October 27, 2021]

Elizabeth Bennett Leonard, 41, was fatally stabbed in Luzerne County, PA.

Arrested was 26-year-old Lavrius Watson.

Leonard had hired Watson to babysit her children, Atley, 9, and June, 5 [Pa. Babysitter Allegedly Stabs Kid’s Mom to Death, Then Calls Police: ‘Why Did I Do That?’, By Katie Campione,, October 20, 2021]

  • 18-year-old Karen A. King kidnapped, raped, and murdered in Saginaw, MI.

The crime occurred in 1997. Shytour Williams, then 15, was one of two males sentenced to life without parole for the crimes. He may now be given a chance at parole.

During a resentencing hearing Williams’ brother testified that they had been bullied as children due to their race[Man testifies from prison that juvenile cousin did not participate in rape, murder of 18-year-old in 1997, By Cole Waterman,, October 29, 2021]

Murder and burglary charges are filed against Tyrone Davis, Taylor Austin, and Daniel Jackson.

Davis and Jackson are Black. Austin is White [Des Moines men arrested in stabbing death of Norwalk teen, no attribution,, October 29, 2021]

Robert Traynham, 20, was fatally shot in West Ashley, SC.

Arrested was Robbie Lee Singleton.

[Detectives arrest man suspected in West Ashley murder, By Live 5 Web Staff,, October 29, 2021]

Arrested was 25 year-old Isaac James Martin.

Reports say the attack was random. The victim was able to shoot the perp several times.

[79 Year-Old Man Murdered At Home, Victim Of Apparent Random Homicide,, October 28, 2021]

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Victim Jettoni Zendel [Instagram] looks Asian, but he is a white.

    A real Mayflower descendent.

    I question the value of these columns, but if you’re going to keep doing them, the format needs a rebuild. Confusing. Has always been.

    If taking requests, can we get more girls with nose rings?

  2. @schnellandine

    the format needs a rebuild

    @Kenn Gividen, put a visible divider in place of line breaks between particular cases.

    As for the merit of collecting these cases in one article on a monthly basis, the length of each article speaks for itself. The rogue’s gallery format, the cascade of repulsive, unkempt negro heads with their dead-eyed, witless bovine yet paradoxically predatory expressions speaks for itself. The preponderance of complacent, dyscalculic white Americans I know cannot begin to fathom the scale and crushing weight of Negro barbarity in this country without visual aid.

  3. BCB232 says:

    Rexburg freakin’ Idaho! The most pleasant whitopia in the entire country. Literally. It’s almost 100% Mormon with a few Mexicans. The nicest people you ever met, the most pleasant community right out of 1950s America. What the freak is dindu nuffin’ doing in Jefferson County Idaho (0.3% African, 86 total Africans in 2020 census)? Nowhere to run – literally. Please Mr. Putin, will you let me settle in Siberia?!!! I promise to be a loyal subject of the neo-Czar. Maybe I can move to Gnome Alaska and when America falls apart Putin can buy Alaska back or annex it.

  4. BCB232 says:

    Please Mr. Putin, I promise to work hard for and be grateful for a modest peasant’s diet of rye bread, potatoes and maybe a wee bit of meat and dairy to keep me and my sons sufficiently robust to serve you in the Russian Army if needed. I promise to love and hold in the highest esteem, mother Russia, her history and the Holy Orthodox Church. I will gratefully, humbly accept my status as a 2nd class citizen to Russia’s Slavic ethnic majority.

    Anything but dindus. Have mercy on us Emperor.

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @Goddard
  5. BuelahMan says:

    The value of the columns are immense. Your comment is worthless, as a whole.

    • Disagree: Richard B, Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
    , @Richard B
  6. Alfa158 says:

    “ Leonard had hired Watson to babysit her children,”
    That was her idea of a babysitter!?

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  7. But my jew college professor (convicted rapist) told me that only whites commit interracial murder. I notice a long-term trend of white women being killed by nig nogs in large numbers. If these c**** were half as generous and empathetic to their own kind as they are to gang bangers, a lot of this stuff wouldn’t happen.

  8. This column is edifying, but the formatting is terrible; the paragraphs and photos are not intuitive.

  9. Vinnie O says:

    I’m sorry, but I gave up before I got to the bottom. Can’t we just make “walking while Negro” a real felony? No arrests, just shoot on sight.

    I’ve known several, nice, intelligent People of Color. On the other hand, I’ve had money stolen from me 3 different times, and in each case the guys who did it were Colored.

  10. Truth says:

    Victim Jettoni Zendel [Instagram] looks Asian, but he is a white.

    LOL, Ok.

    Hey, BTW, what’s up with all of these Honkees influencing us to shoot honkees?

    Davis and Jackson are Black. Austin is White [Des Moines men arrested in stabbing death of Norwalk teen, no attribution,, October 29, 2021]

    Arrested were Kyaw Hlang (a Malaysian name) 22, Kerwins Louis, 20, and Jamesley Paul, 23.

    Mack’s white girlfriend Alexa Newton was also arrested.

    …And vehicular homicide? As a famous politician loves to say; “C’mon man…”

  11. AceDeuce says:

    Three lessons:

    1. Allow niggros to act like niggros—and they will.

    2. Anybody over the age of three who thinks that they “have a black friend” is a delusional fool.

    3. Burn dat’ coal, an’ you gonna pays dat’ toll.

    And an extra:

    Avoid the groid.

    • Agree: 3g4me, AR in Illinois
  12. Bernie says:
    @Antediluvian Doomer

    Indeed. These are the just the murders (that we know about). Add in the rapes, robberies, assaults, etc. and black racist savagery is much worse.

    God bless the segregationists and others who tried to stop this.

    • Agree: schnellandine
    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
  13. @Antediluvian Doomer

    If time permitted, I could write a book. Every month.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  14. @Bernie

    Urban jungle home of urban savages

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. @Vinnie O

    That’s Attention Deficit Disorder; the inability to stay focused on a task until it’s completed.

    How about “Walking While Negro” when pretending to be Jogging and claiming to have an interest in Construction?

    Or, better yet, just reinstitute Segregation and make “Walking While Negro” through a White Neighborhood a Felony.

    If you want to live among the nice, intelligent People of Color, Cuz’n Vinnie, then perhaps they will make room for you.

    Michael Stivic: “The Jeffersons moved next door and the sky didn’t fall down.”

    Archie Bunker: “That’s Different.”

    Michael Stivic: “How is that different?”

    Archie Bunker” “Because, Meathead, one Colored family is a novelty, two is a Ghetto!”

  16. WT Debil says:

    I hate dindus!
    They are worse than an atomic bomb and sow division and chaos everywhere they go. The perfect cannon fodder for a corrupt government.

  17. Jesus Christ. This is menacing.

  18. Biff says:

    The media will never call them hate crimes.

  19. Heartbreaking.

    • Replies: @Realist
  20. Could you save articles like these to PDF format, so that people can download and disseminate them?

    Too valuable to have posted at only one website.

    But thanks. Somehow the media can connect the dots, feebly, whenever a few blacks are killed by whites. But somehow the mountain of evidence in the other direction, somehow they can’t put 2 and 2 together. Gee? I wonder why that is.

    Oh yeah, that’s right, white genocide. Duh!

    • Replies: @Spender_CGB
    , @Katrinka
  21. TKK says:
    @Antediluvian Doomer

    the cascade of repulsive, unkempt negro heads with their dead-eyed, witless bovine yet paradoxically predatory expressions speaks for itself.

    fathom the scale and crushing weight of Negro barbarity

    You are an outstanding writer.

    On a more miserable note, when I see these columns I really appreciate them but they make me more frantic to escape the South….America…..this savage dumb place that gives the most to those who contribute the least.

    But I tell you one thing- Never leave the house with your piece. Go get a CCW permit, or don’t and go “hot”…but hot lead will keep any of us from being in this sad, heartbreaking parade.

    Do not trust any of them. No, not even the one that jives with you at work or Walgreens or you knew his Daddy. Avoid all contact.

    If you hear anyone breaking in, and you don’t know them, start shooting until nothing moves.

    • Agree: 3g4me, Bardon Kaldian
    • Thanks: Sarah

  22. Video Link

    Lauren Chen on the BLM Christmas Terrorist.

  23. @BCB232

    Exactly. I almost considered moving to Alaska because they have an Alaskan independence party that wants to secede from the union, but it hasn’t gained much political traction in the last couple years…. but at least they’ve considered it, which is more than any other state of the union.

    Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. We can only hope, right?

    • Replies: @SurfingUSA

  24. Video Link

    Vince James on current events.

  25. @Truth

    Too cryptic for me, Dude.
    WTF are you trying to say?

    • Replies: @Truth
  26. Funny, not a jewish name in the entire list of victims, there never are in Paul Kersey’s either.

    white women killed by their black boyfriends and husbands don’t count, or shouldn’t.

    • Replies: @Oracle
    , @anon
  27. Jiminy says:

    You would think that there must be a heck of a lot of mud sharks out there who would read these newspaper reports and think when is it my turn. When will my number come up?
    Why do so many white females end up in relationships with blacks? I wonder if it’s like when as a child they find an injured, orphaned animal and they feel that they can rescue it.
    Surely there’s not a dearth of suitable white males to choose from in the US. Or is it all tied in with the rise of the Karen.

    • Agree: Sarah
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Bookish1
    , @anarchyst
    , @SMK
  28. mcohen says:

    white on black crime in America is non existent.

  29. Mike Tre says:

    Troof! How many of the negro-sapiens above do you know personally? Sometimes I feel for you negroes: All you want is to be human but you realize that you’re… not. And the envy drives you creatures mad with rage.

  30. Negroes seem to be very dangerous, with extraordinarily volatile tempers. And prone to unpredictable violent outbursts. I think it’s best to stay far far away from them.

    Although, in the commercials they appear so sweet and lovable. I think the people behind the commercials are lying to us and trying to mislead people.

    • Agree: Sarah, Realist
  31. …” ..given demographic and immigration trends, Canada will be Muslem by 2050!”
    …” America Thinker…16 March 2016″
    ….America, All of white Europe, Austrslis/NZ, collapse by then! Argentina, a little bit longer because of its far distance!

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  32. All blacks shown are so repellent that is a statement on mental sanity of females who chose to live or interact in any way with them.

    • Agree: Sarah
    • Replies: @anonymous
  33. Thomm says:


    Keep asking them THAT question. And don’t even choose fully black women in the question, but rather a pretty Mulatto like a circa 1995 Halle Berry.

    The answers they give to that question reveal all one needs to know.

    • Agree: Truth
    • Replies: @PatrickMagee
    , @Mike Tre
  34. Interesting story. The photos themselves speak volumes. This article however would have an even stronger impact if it supplied data on any White-on-Black killings during the same period. After all, America is a populous country. How does victimhood look from the other side?

    If, as I suspect, the number of White-on-Black killings is miniscule in comparison, that supplemental information will further silence/shame the negros and their liberal enablers who would have us believe that (White) racism is a greater threat to life and liberty than is actual, ongoing, lethal (and often-unprovoked) negro violence towards the America’s White community. Hard fact: interracial violence is disproportionately initiated by Blacks. Overwhelmingly so.

    This race-fact needs to be confronted loudly and shared widely.

    The inescapable reality of persistent negro dysfunction further undermines the wisdom of what’s now underway; namely, the top-down televised glamorization of Black/White miscegenation.

    Who’s behind this?

    (Only kidding. We know who.)

    In a related matter, not only does race affect what’s ‘news’, but racial identity increasingly impacts how ‘American justice’ is processed:

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  35. @Diabolical Genius

    Could you save articles like these to PDF format, so that people can download and disseminate them?

    There are several ways to save to pdf.. If you have a pdf printer, click menu bar, print. select pdf printer and where to save.

    Or ctrl A to highlight all text , right click on page, select copy, open a Word document and paste text into it. Select save as, there is a dropdown menu for various formats, select pdf and save.

  36. @Antediluvian Doomer

    Also, as someone who really appreciates these reports, I ask Kenn Gividen to always report as well the white on black murders, as he has at least occasionally in the past. If whites are going to be educated on this — contrary to the wishes of the main news media — it is necessary to demonstrate to them that this is not a trivial number of cases in relation to the huge number of “white supremacist” killings they have been led to imagine are taking place.

  37. Perhaps it is not true and those are false accusations of the whites taking advantage of their control of the police and judicial system and within several decades they will release them for being innocent. Now every week an innocent black man is released if he has not yet been executed.

  38. @schnellandine

    The column is worthwhile, but the cases need to be more clearly separated visually. The current arrangement is bad.

    • Agree: Just another serf
  39. Wake up says:

    “Y’all were running from us”.

    Michelle Obama

    • Replies: @bruce county
  40. gotmituns says:

    For the most part, many of these faces look to be very inexperienced people (I’m talking about the White males). It goes without saying that the females are inexperienced. That’s why the men were killed. They had interaction with blacks. As far as the ones who were killed by home invading blacks, that’s just the “luck” of the draw (that’s if they had not previously had interaction with the blacks and the blacks were after them for some reason).

    • Thanks: Sarah
  41. “This may be a new trend, as black criminals get increasingly confident they won’t be resisted or punished.”

    As long as the Semitic Jew remains in charge of the hapless country, the negro will continue rape and murder at will … if you check the Jew, the negro will be checked!

  42. @Robert Dolan

    If one were to tally up the number of blonde persons who have been robbed, raped and murdered by blacks over the course of the last fifty years with the number of blondes who were the victims of Jewish white-collar crimes perpetrated by Wall Street financial swindlers as well as blondes who were victimized by Jewish pornographers and rapists of under-aged girls and boys, then I would wager that that sum would far, far exceed the number of blacks and Jews who were victims of blonde crime during the same period–and that by at least an order of magnitude. The vilification and degradation of blondes by perfidious Jews and feral blacks continues apace and is justified (to their own satisfaction anyway) by their baseless claims of victimhood due to the holocaust and slavery.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @FrauHausMaus
  43. Well, all of 32 evil murderous SOB’s attacked and killed white folks last month. No argument on what kind of soulless monsters the perpetrators are, but you know what, those are pretty good odds, seeing as how there are what, 47 million of them and seven times more than that of us. Guess I’ll put off buying those white robes and flammable crosses for another month yet.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  44. Oracle says:
    @Jim Christian

    Let me disentangle your comment for you. First of all, we wouldn’t have all the splendours of multiculturalism were it not for a certain group of people. Is it fair do you think for that same group of people to now complain if they are reaping the ‘benefits’ of a phenomenon that they wished for in the first place?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  45. Fred777 says:

    Russia would have have to very carefully vet American immigrants. And no one with any connection to government, academia, finance, media, entertainment allowed.
    These immigrants would never be allowed to vote or hold any government office or position at all. They would be given 3 years to master the Russian language, history and culture.
    Even given all that, Russia should think long and hard if letting Americans in is something they want to do. Hell, look what they did to their own country.

  46. Wait! Jew TV tells me these noble creatures are fine family men and bountiful providers to their white wives and half-breed children. Jewywood tells me they are so smart they can unravel the secrets of the time-space continuum, and so brave they are defenders of technologically advanced civilizations. Con Inc. tells me they are valuable allies in the fight against those corrupt and evil demoncrats!

    This wretched list MUST be evil White Supremacist misinformation!

  47. Che Guava says:

    A big portion of the ‘victims’ in such articles are always foolish, and nowadays I would guess, brainwashed women.

  48. HT says:

    If we truly had a government of, by, and for the people, the top priority today would be dealing with the problem of Negro crime and violence. Instead this government attacks us as the primary problem and treats Negroes as victims.

    • Agree: Realist
  49. Richard B says:
    @Kenn Gividen

    If time permIf time permitted, I could write a book.

    I hope one day you do. If so, I would certainly read it.

    But, in fairness, I’d ask the same question about the book that I would about your articles. What do you hope to achieve by writing it?

    • Replies: @profnasty
  50. Realist says:

    White women who have relations with black men deserve what they get. No sympathy from me.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois, Sarah
  51. Richard B says:

    Your comment is worthless, as a whole.

    What a touchy and defensive response, as a whole, and from a wannabe tyrant.

    So much for freedom of speech. In short, yours is not just a reaction comment, it’s an overreaction comment. One we’re likely to see come from a teenaged a girl, or a JIDF Troll. In any event, your comment reminds me of something Nietzsche said,

    Whevenever anyone overreacts it means they’re lying to themselves about something.

    Sounds like your expectation that no one should challenge your opinion is the lie you’re living. That would explain why you sound so resentful. Which makes sense, since expectations are resentments waiting to happen.

  52. GMC says:

    There’s no Niggers and ghettos in Russia and no one under 50 wanted the vaccines so the WhO and the politicians had to figure out how to divide the Russians, so they used the Ukraine Coup, the Covid 19 scam, bioweapons labs, and QR codes in order to start the Novi Enslavement. Central Bank Digital Currency is being evaluated this year and next. One way or another , all the governments are in on screwin ” their” people.

  53. anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    All blacks shown are so repellent that is a statement on mental sanity of females who chose to live or interact in any way with them.

    These females are obviously emotionally troubled young women and look it, probably due to their parents’ divorce, violence at home, isolation from socializing with healthy young whites throughout their years in school, and poverty bringing them into daily contact with unsocialized and vicious welfare blacks. Whatever the causes, the resulting lack of self-worth leaves her vulnerable to intimidation by these homicidal savages and amounts to slow suicide and cry for help from her parents. Her mother, in turn, may become the primary care giver to the offspring, doubling the insult to the white women in that broken family.

    My guess is that when these black savages throw white women around like rag dolls and force them to perform dehumanizing sexual acts, most of these white women believe they deserve it, and believe they deserve to live their lives under the hateful gaze of a savage whose brooding hatred for them is an atavistic force from the jungle peering out from those half-closed eyelids, something straight out of Joseph Conrad’s descriptions in his Heart of Darkness and Almyer’s Folly. In the latter novel, however, it’s the man who is consumed by his native wife’s atavistic hatred of all things white and whose only child’s hatred of him for being white brings about his tragic death at the hand of primitive forces he tragically thought European civility and love could overcome.

    • Replies: @Truth
  54. Avery says:

    Haven’t read all the murder details…
    But from this and KENN GIVIDEN’s previous articles — and specifically white females murdered by black males: it seems that the white females had some kind of relationship with these criminals. The home invasions are different. But the females had known or had interacted with these violent men previous to their ultimate demise at their hands. Of course, one shouldn’t be murdered for not having some common sense, but……

    For example:
    Let’s look at one particular murder.

    [Zoey Martinez murder: Judge sets $5M bail for suspect accused of shooting woman 5 times]

    from the article:
    [According to the court documents, Zoey went to meet Hardy at Belmondo’s Reach Natural Area on Cedar Mountain PL SE in Renton on August 31 to try to recover $1,000 that he allegedly stole from her through fraud]

    Q: what business did Zoey have with this guy that he swindled $1,000 from her?

    [Detectives located surveillance video from the parking lot that showed Zoey get out of her car and into the front passenger side of Hardy’s light-colored sedan. Less than two minutes later, approximately five flashes of light appear inside the car consistent with the muzzle flash of a handgun being fired.]

    Q: what kind, sorry, idiot gets into a car of a guy with whom you have some kind of dispute about money? I am a large guy, but wouldn’t get into the car of anyone — black, white, brown, yellow, … — with whom I had some kind of issue about money. IF* I had to meet someone, it would be ONLY in a very public place, when there are lots of people.

    * I can’t imagine any situation where I’d have to meet someone personally to collect $1,000 debt. If I had misjudged the person I did business with, I’d just write the $1,000 off: I’d never potentially risk my life for that.

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  55. Realist says:
    @Robert Dolan


    But in many cases, we are getting rid of really stupid White women that hate their own race.

  56. Richard B says:

    I question the value of these columns

    Bravo! The one word that sticks out with these articles is morbid.

    I realize that the argument is that they are posting what the MSM refuses to report on at all, or very little and briefly, at best. Fair enough. I get it. But how can anyone not see how ultimately demoralizing it all is?

    If I was on the side of the hostile elite I’d love KG’s posts exactly because they’re so demoralizing. Certainly one of the things the hostile elite want to instill in whites is the sense of learned helplessness, or what I prefer to call Battered White Syndrome.

    It’s hard to see how these articles aren’t helping the elite in that regard.

    But what really gets me is how touchy people are when questioned about this, or about anything they believe in. Isn’t that supposed to be the reaction of the hostile elite, as well as their paid proxies and useful idiots?

    Maybe this is yet more proof that their control of the culture is so absolute that it even influences the thinking of their designated scapegoat to the point where their scapegoat thinks and responds like them. Talk about bonding with your abuser.

    Is that how you want to go out? Is that how you want to look in front of your children? What’s wrong with you?

  57. Realist says:

    Why do so many white females end up in relationships with blacks?

    They are stupid.

  58. I am horrified by these stories. Let me add that I have zero sympathy for the mudsharks who were killed by their black “boyfriends”. Dirty white women who allow themselves to get involved with these feral thugs are asking for it. Not only that, they encourage other white women to do the same. If I saw one of them lying in the street bleeding out I would walk right over here. Disgusting whores, each and every one.

    • Agree: bruce county
  59. Bookish1 says:

    White female’s gravitate toward blacks because blacks represent power and women are attracted to power and strength. The White male looks whimpish compared to blacks because we are civilized and consider the logic of our moves etc. Whereas the black is impulsive and settles things with violence.

  60. @Thomm

    As sure as the sun rises and sets, our resident white-wannabe, SubCon streetshitter critter shows up to discuss his homoerotic fantasies with the queerest ex male model Mooncricket on the entire interwebs.

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that Troof is the pitcher and Thommy is the catcher in this stormy little bromance…lol

    • Replies: @Truth
  61. @ThreeCranes

    Yes, thank you for talking about this. Let’s talk about the victimization of blonde women in the Barbary slave trade. And the blonde sex slave trade that continues to this day in places like Dubai and Tel Aviv.

    They are killing us with their envy.

  62. Bookish1 says:

    it is obvious that blacks are winning the race war. Whites better wake up for the sake of our children if nothing else.

    • Replies: @AKINDLE
  63. There are exactly 3% of black fathers spending time with their mulatto children. White women who ruined themselves in such a way- play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Replies: @George Held
    , @Resartus
  64. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kenn Gividen

    Urban jungle home of urban savages

    I think for the most part old black neighborhoods in old cities (particularly northern cities) once had stable households with two hardworking and God-fearing parents who raised decent children.

    All of that came under assault due to social engineering beginning in the early 20th century when you saw (((their))) creation of the NAACP and the use of blacks as proxy warriors. These same areas, and cities as a whole, became “urban jungles” post-WWII with targeted ethnic cleansing of ethnic neighborhoods and the coordinated movement of blacks from the South into northern cities.

    What is called “white flight” was really ethnic cleansing by Jews and WASPs. E. Michael Jones has thoroughly detailed this in his book The Slaughter of Cities .

    Here’s E. Michael Jones discussing this on a podcast:

  65. Truth says:

    My guess is that when these black savages throw white women around like rag dolls and force them to perform dehumanizing sexual acts, most of these white women believe they deserve it,

    …Or enjoy it.

  66. Truth says:

    No, we’ve never met.

    • Replies: @PatrickMagee
  67. Mike Tre says:

    All anyone needs to know about you, Thomm, is that you are a dimwit Indian Hindu who pretends to be a US born white in the TUR comments. Unz himself has said as much. You put down whites but just like the rest of your 3 inch Asian cousins, you follow us everywhere. Why do you follow whites around the world and the internet, Thomm? Because you and the rest of them are consumed with envy, and rightfully so.

  68. anarchyst says:

    There’s more to the equation–
    Women gravitate toward the “bad boy” type–a man who will abuse them, because it is their (mistaken) belief that the misguided woman can “change” him. which never works.
    Most women will overlook an honest, successful hard-working white man who would be a good provider, taking care of his family while gravitating toward the black “gangsta rapper” who will “reward” her with a number of half-breed “niglets” while he goes on to impregnate more women, making him a “baby-daddy” with many women, but in name only.
    Women need a firm hand and must be made to understand that consorting with blacks is NEVER acceptable. “Once you go black, we don’t want you back…”

    • Replies: @anonymous
  69. anarchyst says:

    When it comes to women, it is their own sense of nurturing and caring for a “family unit” while believing that they can “change” the person they are with and the (false) racial “guilt” that is brought on and perpetuated by our jewish “overlords” in the media and government.
    White women “lap this up”, the (false) sense of “racial unfairness and unequal treatment” due to their psyche.
    One of the most poisonous “siren songs” that white women succumb to is when a black man states: “You won’t date me because I’m black”…the proper response for a white woman should be: “That’s right, I don’t date outside my race”. Instead , the white woman goes along with the false “guilt trip” imposed by the black man, quite often getting murdered, raped, or impregnated with the spawn of this subhuman race, after which the black man absconds from his responsibility, merely being defined as a “baby daddy” by today’s popular culture.
    Feminism has done more to damage the traditional responsible white male-female relationship and nuclear family than just about any other social norm. Adding “race” to the mix makes for a very volatile unstable situation.
    The situation can be reversed by both public shaming and making it known that once a white woman consort with a black, she is “damaged goods”, and should not only be shunned but completely marginalized by both relatives and other whites. Only true contrition and admitting the error of her ways can possibly result in redemption.

  70. Mike Tre says:

    I’m not sure why you call yourself Realist. You certainly don’t appear to be.

    The correct answer to Jiminy is that almost the entirety of the Euro descended US population has been subjected to a massive brainwashing and indoctrination campaign since the moment they entered pre-school that, among a great many other things, conditions those children to believe that their ancestors all owned slaves, negroes are just like whites expect when they’re better athletes (a myth), and that anytime (which is all the time) a negro assaults, robs, steals, deals, rapes or murders it is not their fault and the fault of systemic white racism.

    With the massive explosion of internet driven social media the conditioning has become only more intense. Every ad a 5 year old girl sees waiting to watch a you tube video of a tranny singing the ABC’s depicts a negro male with a white girlfriend.

    Pick any subject you like. If you are taught from a young age to believe that something is the truth (not Troof), then it will take twice the effort to unlearn that truth the older you get.

    THAT is why white women endanger themselves by dating not just negroes but all non whites.

  71. bruce county says:
    @Wake up

    “Y’all were running from us”.

    Michelle Obama

    Most rational humans would indeed run from a pack of wild animals hell bent on killing you.

    • Agree: Wake up
  72. @Bardon Kaldian

    Who knew? . . .
    Everybody who wanted to.

  73. Realist says:

    I’m not sure why you call yourself Realist. You certainly don’t appear to be.

    I am sorry you do not agree with my pseudonym…I’ll change it right away…LOL

    Pick any subject you like. If you are taught from a young age to believe that something is the truth (not Troof), then it will take twice the effort to unlearn that truth the older you get.

    That did not happen to me. It is easy to brainwash those with not much to wash.

    They are stupid.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  74. profnasty says:

    Mai sposed to mourn or celebrate here?
    Most of these are just filthy mudsharks who got what they deserved.
    Hopefully someday the mudshark will go extinct.
    Am I right, huh?

  75. This is chicken shit compared to the thousands of white Roman Catholic priests who raped and molested tens of thousands of children over the years. You need to write about them and put their pictures in your article.

    • Replies: @NeverMind
  76. Roberto11 says:

    I’d like to see the white on black homicides for the same time period, just for comparison purposes. My guess is there are very few.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Truth
  77. @schnellandine

    Nice picture of Robert Lewis. What can I say? They are trouble and to be avoided. Oh, and fuck you Biden voters.

  78. It always goes back to the jewing.

    The Jmedia promotes and encourages race mixing, especially the black man/white woman couple.

    Most of our problems have been socially engineered.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  79. @Roberto11

    90% of cross-racial crime is black on white.

    There are 25,000 black on white rapes per year.

    Near zero white on black rapes.

  80. Goddard says:

    Anything but dindus. Have mercy on us Emperor.

    It’s no joke—at the pace and in the direction we’re heading, white Americans may face second-class citizenship in Dindu-ruled America or second-class citizenship in Russia.

    Note: our children would likely melt into the population of Russia. They would be fully Russian, and white. Melting into Dindu America would mean mestiziation and Negrification of our descendants.

    If only white people could find an empty land to settle in … oh yeah, they did that, in America, and then gave it up.

  81. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Mostly True; but, the vile nation wreckers that are INTENTIONALLY bleeding this afflicted country out are Khazar jews with ZERO connection to the ancient Israelites. and not Semitic.
    The vile vampire pirates see China, land of the Kai’Feng jew rulers, as their next host, along with the illegitimate terror state smeared on the Eastern shores of The Med.
    The current state of affairs in ZOGUSA is DIRECTLY attributable to scum like the many kikes that surround sock puppet Biden…and his jive ass, bullshit filled predecessor.
    Know the jewed up bullshit artist Drumpf for what he did, and did not, do on his way out of Office.
    Desantis kisses jew ass as well.

    Secession is the solution.
    This kike engendered and maintained Left vs. Right Clown Act deserves to be crushed and rendered irrelevant.
    All you need to know is the number of RINO sniveling bitches that are smeared on The Halls of Power.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  82. Warning: Severe Sarcasm and Satire – Adult Content – Read At Your Own Risk.
    CQ’s views are not the views of UNZ or any of its readers or writers.

    In a sane world with rule of law using Pre-Crime AI, LEO’s would identify potential violent black hoodrats and put them down before they burn loot murder rape carjack rob snatch ‘n grab white America into oblivion.
    I look forward to one day seeing blackface/Afro coverage vigilante hit squads using special forces military command and control assassin tactics eliminate a few thousand niggaz at the top of Magik Negrodom BLM hierarchy as a shot across the bow.
    This would send a message that for every white Rape, murder, or robbery, 1000 hoodrats will be eliminated, and for every snatch and grab shoplifting crime, one thousand section eight homes will be razed to ashes.
    Happy Black Friday White People – Burn Loot Murder Forever

  83. @Realist

    Cheap thrills to get past their sexual numbness; substitutes for electric vibrators.
    Closest the slags can get to Bestiality without getting arrested.

    • Agree: Realist
  84. Corrupt says:

    She was probably a mudshark with mud chilluns.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  85. Meanwhile the Illegitimate babbling buffoon who shits in his pants try’s desperately to appease his hate whitey cabinet and alphabets by calling us White Supremacists and Domestic Terrorists.

    On a positive note, the CDC/WHO have discovered a new deadly variant strain in Africa, and Frankenshots have no effect in containment.

    Please. Black Jesus, bring da Black Plague to all doz Negroz in America. Dey wunts ta be wif 2pak, Biggie Smallz an all da utta black aspiring rappaz in Wakanda. Allah Achmad.

  86. Their pictures represent conclusive proof that joggers are a different species.

    Never thought I’d say it but the KKK or its modern equivalent is probably needed.

  87. @Truth

    Nigga pleez, how many times I told you ta not smoke crack while commenting. Shit, es you dumb or jus dumber?

    • Replies: @Truth
  88. @Robert Dolan

    The Jmedia promotes and encourages race mixing, especially the black man/white woman couple.

    However, it should also be noted that race mixing of the white man/black woman variety could have eliminated this problem a long time ago.

    White men who, for whatever reason, find themselves having trouble in the marriage market should be encouraged to marry a decent black woman, and black men who commit crimes should be taken out of the breeding pool by being locked up for life. If the next generation of “blacks” were all mulattos with at least some white cultural heritage, it would break the dysfunctional cycle of black ghetto culture and would be infinitely preferable to the situation we have now.

  89. Goddard says:

    She was probably a mudshark with mud chilluns.

    Plenty of mudsharkery in this litany. One imagines their thinking: “Fellas so cool and bling-y and I know a lotta them walk away but I’m gonna change him and I’m gonna keep this baby.” Then after the first whuppin’: “I’m bruised bad but sad more than angry. Jermane has so many angelic qualities, and after all he’s the father of my baby. I’m not saying this beating was my fault, but even so I need to know him better and not tick him off. I’ll win him back.”

    I wonder how many didn’t die instantly, and what they were thinking as life ebbed away.

    • Agree: Corrupt
  90. SMK says: • Website

    Generally, with who knows how many exceptions, white women have sex with black males, including criminals who often abuse and murder them, for the same reason that white DAs and judges, mostly males, repeatedly coddle violent recidivist black criminals: guilt over the phantom evils of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy,” and the “legacy of slavery and segregation.” They’re indoctrinated, brainwashed, and propagandized by blacks and white leftists, male and female, gentile and Jewish, in the MSM (e.g., the NYT, Washinton Post, CNN, MSNBC, ad nauseam), academia, the public schools, to see and think of blacks as “victims” of “racism” and whites as “racists” and victimizers, blacks as oppressed and persecuted and whites as oppressors and persecutors.

    Ergo, when propositioned by blacks in bars and at parties and elsewhere, white females are loath to say “no” and reject them lest they be accused of “racism” or decried or even thought of as “racist.” So they often consent to sex with blacks out of fear and guilt and often have affairs with or even marry them, and are often abused, brutalized and terrorized, and murdered

    • Replies: @jew law is no law
  91. Anonymous[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Around half of the victims are women, and about half of the women were coalburners, killed by their partners.

    I assume black men are 10 times as likely as white men to kill their partners, if not more. A grossly disproportionate amount of the intimate partners killing white females are black men.

    I wonder if those people who constantly promote such relationships through the media are aware of it.

  92. Truth says:

    There is roughly one W:B murder for every 2 B:W murders, it’s been that way, practically since Vietnam.

  93. AKINDLE says:

    And just why are they winning the race war?….Because our Government pays them to breed like rats.

  94. Thanksgiving dinner was interesting because the issue of racism almost always gets discussed because of what is in the news. There is Kenosha, Waukesha, and Georgia. Of course my sister is a typical “I’m not racist” type due to religious beliefs, but I had other male members of the family spouting this line of thinking. And they use the news to show the relatively few instances where there is some doubt cast on the motives of white people. They could have accepted either verdict in the Rittenhouse case. In the past, I could have pointed them to certain websites that would chronicle the “hush” crimes of black on white violence. But those are not as common as they once were. Basically banned from the internet.

  95. Truth says:

    Hey, Celestial Seasonings, and other guys: we have a new hero for you to worship! He stood his ground, all hail the new Kyle Rittenhouse!

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  96. @Intelligent Dasein

    “However, it should also be noted that race mixing of the white man/black woman variety could have eliminated this problem a long time ago.”

    A bizarre suggestion.

    First of all (and this always triggers the usual suspects) black women are the least desirable women in the dating pool, as most black women are more like Oprah than Halle Berry.

    Second….the half-breeds tend to be viciously and insanely anti-white. They generally identify as black and go out of their way to show how much they HATE white people.

    Obama comes to mind, but I could list a dozen such assholes off the top of my head.

    • Replies: @Face_The_Truth
    , @BlueBird
  97. Resartus says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    There are exactly 3% of black fathers spending time with their mulatto children. White women who ruined themselves in such a way- play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    There was an earlier story/report (don’t recall where/title)….
    That all the black activists running around spewing their hate…..
    Have White Mothers….. what a surprize…..

    • Replies: @Anon
  98. Ragno says:
    @Antediluvian Doomer

    Let’s see. The Rittenhouse verdict + barbaric Negro anti-white atrocity in Waukesha = new fake noose ‘scandal’ topping the local news today! (“Noose Found At Long Island Work Site”)

    It’s as simple as 2 + 2 = 4, back when that sort of Hitler-era mathematics was widely taught. Except that in equity math, the answer changes depending on what you need the answer to be that day…..what could be better than that?

    Gallows humor aside, we should all be grateful for the thankless tasks that Kenn Gividen and Paul Kersey have undertaken on behalf of not just our people, but of Objective Truth. Remember: it’s not just that swimming in the septic tank of hushed-up violent crime places the intrepid reporters determined to pry open the memory holes dug by the major media’s earth-movers in physical danger; such work cannot help but extract a psychological price as well. May the Man Upstairs continue to guide and protect these men.

    And I could never forgive myself for not reminding everyone here to pray for the health and recovery of Colin Flaherty, a good man who’s proven himself to be among the very best, in whose debt we all abide, and – God willing – keep on. Fingers crossed for you, Colin; your work is not yet done, so please stick around.

  99. Anon[876] • Disclaimer says:

    Powerful article. Now I understand why there were lynchings. Some people are too evil for the criminal justice system and they need to be killed like rabid dogs.

  100. Anon[876] • Disclaimer says:

    The most uppity blacks are usually interracial. Like Malcolm X, Farrakhan, Obama, etc. They get the genes for white intelligence coupled with the genes for black violence and hostility. A deadly combination! Maybe the laws against miscegenation were wise.

    • Replies: @Resartus
  101. anonymous[791] • Disclaimer says:

    WHITES NONjews are the prime targets in Europe, SAfrica, Namibia, Zimbawe, Canada, USA…Global Pattern????…Low Intensity Racial Civil Warfare against Whites//why,who, objective???? And the AG/DOJ criminalizing Whites that use legitimate SELF/defense even in their OWN homes, cars, eminent danger to their property and Children….AG/DOJ Kommissar Garland Disarming Whites????

  102. @Truth

    No, we’ve never met.

    Sure, but we all know how niggers lie.

    • Replies: @Truth
  103. Katrinka says:
    @Diabolical Genius

    I always post a link to these sorts of articles on GAB.

  104. SafeNow says:

    Well, there’s an old saying, “Women are like flies – – they land on sugar and on $hit.” Only rarely for the latter of course. but when it happens it’s a real head-scratcher for me. I observed this on occasion a zillion years ago in high school and in college, and it was not a racial phenomenon. An appealing white girl would pair-off with a bad bad white boy, a real zero, a donkey, don’t get me started. What on earth did they talk about? I still carry a grudge, obviously. But my point is that the current white gal / black guy thing is just a new, extreme, version of something that existed for a long time.

  105. @schnellandine

    how about excluding dead mudsharks?

    that would cut the White female vics by about 60%.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  106. @Haxo Angmark

    There is an epidemic of black on white crime….it’s MASSIVE…..and the Jmedia covers it up.

    And there is an epidemic of blacks stealing and robbing….black gangs looting malls and stores….black
    thugs targeting the wealthy for robbery (and murder)

    If people actually knew how bad it is out there they probably wouldn’t go outside.

    Well….I’m talking about major cities of course.

  107. Kaysone Walters’ mug reminds me of a great scene from the BBC six part series Elizabeth R, “Horrible Conspiracies” episode …

    It involves one Anthony Babington who was involved in a Jesuit plot to overthrow Elizabeth I. Sir Anthony is soon caught and brought to Richard Topcliff, who was a priest hunter and practitioner of torture for the Queen. And he has been asked by the embittered queen to invent a new torture device to punish the culprit. And after enduring a terrible ordeal, Babington has been informed by the very calm torture-master that a newly created device awaits him. You can imagine his reaction!

  108. martin_2 says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    White men who, for whatever reason, find themselves having trouble in the marriage market should be encouraged to marry a decent black woman,

    You first.

  109. Let a negro tangle with me…I’ve got Black Beauty holstered by my side!

    • Replies: @Truth
  110. WSG says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Decent black women? What fucking planet do you live on??!!

  111. White women are ineffably, desperately, self-righteous. Their desire to virtue-signal, and to show how morally superior they are to the white men who raised them and paid for their college education, is beyond comprehension. They would rather appear progressive or virtuous, than to take heed of their survival instincts. I can use up the fingers on both hands listing the times white women in my life have ended up in the hospital because they thought they could “change” Jermaine. Funny how jewish females don’t waste time on pavement apes: it’s usually a quick f*** and chuck. These dumb female goyim, however, actually think they can change a moronic beast that is thousands of evolutionary years behind.

  112. @SMK

    Then they need to be smarter about what parties they attend, what schools they attend, what friends they make, and who they let into their lives. White women are very discerning about the white men they allow close to them; they should do the same when dealing with the apes. At some point, these women need to make smarter decisions. Any attractive, intelligent woman owes it to herself to avoid situations in which she might be accosted by an unwashed simian with an IQ of 80 who has a history of violence against women. Just having street smarts probably would save thousands of these women’s lives each year.

  113. Resartus says:

    Like Malcolm X, Farrakhan, Obama, etc.

    Wouldn’t be hard to come to the conclusion, that it wasn’t Hussain that wanted to return to the states….
    But his stepfather didn’t want him in Indonesia……..

  114. Truth says:

    Uh, no Einstien, There are 330 million people in this country so the chance that I have not met one that I occasionally converse with on the internet is… pretty high.

  115. Orcs up to their typical violent MKEE shines. The USA is cooked

  116. Truth says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    …Must get a little awkward going into a store with that huge bucket of oats and the dung-cleaning equipment.

  117. GeneralRipper [AKA "SnidelyWhiplash"] says:

    Hello Mr Observator. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to play a little game with me?

    It’s called: How White is Your Neighborhood?

    Is it as White as Troof’s?

    Or Corvinus?

    Or is it slightly Darker than EliteCommie’s, but Whiter than PhysicistDave’s?

    Do you have a “nice Black lady” living across the street?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  118. @BCB232

    Rexburg, ID? Wasn’t that where they found Lori Vallee’s two kids buried on that nut job religious cultist’s property (the guy that she hooked up with)? Yeah. Sounds like a real paradise.

    • Replies: @BCB232
  119. anon[167] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    Zendel is a Jewish name.

    • Disagree: Jim Christian
  120. neutral says:

    I am wondering how many of those victims got killed because of the indoctrination from birth that these sub human apes are harmless and even their superiors.

  121. neutral says:

    47 million of them and seven times more than that of us

    I am sure that most of those different races included in the “us” are disgusted by blacks (negrophilia is a distinctive white pathology), but calling them “us” is way off, they are in the end just as bad for white interests as blacks are.

  122. Exile says:

    Typical that some degenerate White men focus on trivia like nose-rings and snark about mud-sharking (as did Fuentes and his bitter Groyper virgins re: Waukesha).

    These girls are victims of Jewish culture and Black crime alike – but it takes guts to fight both of those.

    Self-styled smart guy irony-bros like this are LARPing cowards.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  123. Exile says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Assuming this is the author of the piece from some months back and not a sock-troll, this comment fits him. This guy sounded like another fake “esoteric Right” shill from his first post here – a little “Duginism” disinfo pushed by the same trolls who think nose rings make it OK to murder White girls.

  124. TheIdiot says:

    The only hope for the “brave” sons of Columbus,

    mostly ex English, ex Irish and ex Germans is a breakway of a handful of US states-

    but that won’t happen as we all know, because by definition

    the immigrants do not fight – they are in the business of running away

    my jewish friends called it “evacuation”, make sure you leave US before they do

  125. Here’s some people being literally rounded up and put in concentration camps as we speak:

    Oh, wait.

    They’re black.

    And you thought they only hated you and loved blacks.

    Think again.

    Class not race.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @littlewing
  126. anon[167] • Disclaimer says:

    Abos aren’t black, they may have black skin but they’re more evolved than the average negroe because their ancestors migrated all the way to the south seas by land and by boat. Blacks couldn’t colonize surrounding islands like Madagascar. Blacks are hopeless, any city near or past 5% black is lost, I live in a 10% black city which is lost to their criminality, most the killers and trouble markers are black of course.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  127. @Robert Dolan

    Halle Berry is the mixture of a White mother and a Black father!

    “Black” is the American ex-president Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr., who dated one White girl after another and finally, in order to run for the United States Senate, married his law-firm boss Michelle Robinson who later became the first Black first-lady of the United States.

    Most American White female voters love Black political candidates; because, American White female voters believe that, European White Christians enslaved and oppressed African Blacks.

    American White females would never admit that, it was the religion of Islam as well as the religion of Jews that prescribed slavery of African Blacks while European White Christians greedily sustained Islamic and Jewish tradition of enslavement of African Blacks.

    Cancerous American White females show their fetishes for dogs and Black skin!

    Cancerous American White females will sleep with dogs if they cannot find Black men to sleep with for untold societal restrictions.

    American White females watch American Football (i.e., American Rugby) to satisfy their fetish of watching one muscular Black skin beating another muscular Black skin.

    • LOL: Mike Tre
  128. Kirkwood says: • Website

    They lay with mad dogs.They are killed by those dogs. That was a clear understanding in our house . Teach your children well .

  129. anonymous[413] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m beginning to find merit in China’s “social credit” scorecard system. Responsible civil behavior is rewarded with the meaningful benefits needed for Darwinian survival in a complex social milieu. Predators with the depraved morals of an Ebola virion are quickly removed from the gene pool with simple and effective percussive brain surgery. And, the rest of the meat can be put to good purpose.

  130. 99% of blacks in America are hateful racist people.
    1% are decent people.
    The most racist angry blacks are mixed race.
    Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama.
    They don’t know where they belong and hate whites for that.
    I avoid all of them in every way.

    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
  131. @obwandiyag

    China bought Australia long ago.
    If you don’t know that you haven’t been paying attention.
    Austrailia never had a 2008 crash because they were selling the country to China.
    They want blacks gone, and their shills are doing it for them.
    Chinese don’t want diversity.
    They want purity.

    • Replies: @SurfingUSA
  132. @Truth

    That’s an interesting video. If you can’t see the difference between that and Kyle Rittenhouse then you aren’t intelligent enough or fair-minded enough to comment here. Really. You don’t belong here. You’re so transparently off base that you’re not even aggravating. You’re just something to walk around, like a panhandler on the sidewalk.

    • Agree: Tony massey
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Colin Wright
  133. Jiminy says:

    The thing to remember with the natives here is that a lot of them still live in the bush. The further from civilisation you go the darker they are, and sometimes more primitive as well. In those mission areas you can have anything up to twenty people living in the same house. Their way of living is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. It’s very easy for any sort of disease to spread in those sorts of conditions.
    You can be guaranteed though that if the government didn’t try to vaccinate the blacks, the activists would be raising hell. If the blacks don’t want to be vaccinated then that’s certainly okay with me. In fact if anyone can bring all of these crazy fascist flu control measures to an end, it would be the angry native. They have more of a chance to sway the international authorities then anyone else. They are our own sacred pet so they must be protected. But the thing is that a lot of them are not healthy to begin with. So I can understand the hesitancy they show towards the vaccine. Unfortunately with the abo it’s a case of you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But I’m certainly not advocating to swap them for your negroes.

  134. @BCB232

    Rexburg isn’t perfect, but it’s astounding that this Pierre Lake character showed up there — I would like a full Tom Wolfe novelistic treatment of whatever the hell happened here.

  135. @Diabolical Genius

    You appear to be in the dark about the Inland Redoubt, and eastern Oregon and Washington’s attempts to join Idaho; Oklahoma’s defiance of the vaccine mandate for its National Guard units; and Florida getting ready to junk OSHA and have its own, separate occupational safety bureau.

    It’s happening.

  136. @littlewing

    The White Australia policy dates from 1901, when China was weak, largely controlled by Europe, and had nothing to do with any policies down in Australia.

    This white-only policy LONG precedes whatever date you want to use for China heavily influencing Australia, possibly 2007, when China became Australia’s largest trading partner.

    You are missing the boat by blaming China for Australia’s (now defunct) anti-diversity stance. In reality, the situation is more the obverse, Australia is now motley and China is part of that changed picture.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  137. Truth says:

    What exactly did I miss?

    He stood his ground, like George Zimmerman.
    He protected property from a tresspasser who went for his gun, like the McMichaels.
    He stood up for the right to bear arms, like Rittenhouse, and HE DID IT ON PROPERTY HE WAS ACTUALLY INVITED TO BE UPON!

    He was simply sitting in his living room, drinking a beer, watching some football when an angry tresspasser came to make trouble, so he put him down, American style, right?

    • Replies: @CLand Steamer
  138. The victims are Christians in general, and whites in the West:

    “Otherwise, it has been more of the usual for Christians in general throughout the Islamic world. It is enough to point out that Muslims claimed the lion’s share — approximately 80% — of all the persecution Christians experience around the world every year between 2011 and 2021.

    The last decade has made another thing clear: the media either totally ignore or else obfuscate the reality of Muslim persecution of Christians. Whenever forced to report on, say, extra-sensationalist terror attacks that leave dozens of Christians dead, they predictably chalk up Muslim motives to “grievances,” poverty, territorial disputes, or “radicalization” — the type that does not represent “true” Islam.”

  139. @Exile

    Nose-ringism trivial? A degenerate proposition. It’d almost be like stating that someone using seriously ‘LARP’ isn’t twat-based.





  140. @ThreeCranes

    ‘…You’re just something to walk around, like a panhandler on the sidewalk.’

    Something on the sidewalk, alright, but not a panhandler, exactly.

  141. @Common Time

    Torch a church–erect a mosque. Justin and Jason are doing great jobs letting the Debt rise sky high–trying to outdo Amtrak Joe. By 2030 —the 5 most popular male names in Canada will be Mohammed, Abdullah, Kareem, Moustaque and Eyad. Canada likewise needs diversity —please send over the public housing tenants from South Chicago- Baltimore- Oakland- St Louis and Memphis to add diversity to Toronto.

  142. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    These savage animals ( like the Darrell Brooks character in Waukesha) should be impaled at a public square with a public viewing—a sharp stake up his anus and hopefully missing his vital organs— and he can lie there with the public tossing peanuts at him—–“lost it” —-old ladies and that 8 year old boy –they did NOT deserve this before Christmas……….

    • Replies: @Face_The_Truth
  143. @Cauchemar du Singe

    Mao Zedong punted all the Jews out of China-1949 –. Jews entered China earlier 1930’s which were punted out of Japan. Jews earlier yet were punted from Russia. America been too soft on Jews and likewise —-See Palestine today—observe—think —what is happening in Palestine today is going to happen in USA tomorrow—-

  144. @Oracle

    Are you on drugs? Disintangle that, idiot. What the fuck do you even mean?

  145. @Truth

    What exactly did I miss?

    Like most brillo heads, pretty much everything.

    I’d like to think this to be sarcasm, but I know better.. Thanks for yet again being another example that sets it in stone that blacks are by far the dumbest of the dumb in every measurable metric. But fret not, you do have the undeniably super human strength and the off the charts violent tendencies to fall back on. Things that make civilized societies that house and feed you evolutionary mistakes interesting to say the least.

    • Replies: @Truth
  146. Truth says:
    @CLand Steamer

    And again, what, exactly did I miss?

    • Replies: @CLand Steamer
  147. @GomezAdddams

    There is NO such thing to be named “Palestine” today in Middle East.

    The modern-day geographical territory named “Palestine” was the
    invention of British Christian imperialists of colonial time!


    The modern-day geographical territory named “Palestine” was actually
    and historically owned or controlled by:

    “Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, nomadic-pastoral Canaanites, Israelites and
    Judeans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persian Achaemenids, Pagan Greeks,
    Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom, Pagan Romans, Pagan Parthians, Pagan
    Sasanians, Christian Byzantines, Arab Muslim Rashidun, Muslim Umayyad,
    Muslim Abbasid and Muslim Fatimid Caliphates, Christian Crusaders,
    Muslim Ayyubids, Muslim Mamluks, Pagan Mongols, Muslim Ottomans and,
    ultimately, British Christian imperialists during colonial time.”

    As anyone can see from the above quotation, Jews were in that
    geographical territory long before the advent of Islam.

    The word “Jew” comes from the name of the inhabitants of ancient Judea.

    Pagan Roman province “Syria Palaestina”, Byzantine Christian
    “Palaestina Prima”, and Islamic provincial district of “Jund Filastin”
    were names attributed to the ancient Jewish homeland.

    Today’s “Palestine” is nothing but fictitious re-writing of recorded history.

    People who call themselves “Palestinians” are actually Egyptians and
    Jordanians and, therefore, they should re-settle themselves in Egypt
    and Jordan and in other Arab countries!

    American govt. should stop all annual funding for Muslims living in
    so-called “West Bank” and Gaza.

    American and European Christian tax-payers should stop funding of
    Muslims all over the world, in my humble opinion.

  148. @Truth

    And again, what, exactly did I miss?

    All I can guess is you're just being a jerk, because no one can be this obtuse. The Arbrey case can be considered close as the people that did the shootings in both cases weren't in any physical danger, even though the "jogger" stupidly tried to take the weapon from the guy that shot him. And again, the dumbest of the dumb. Had he ran away he'd probably still be alive.

    • Replies: @Truth
  149. PedoJoe46 says: • Website

    You know what’s long and hard on a black man?

    3rd Grade

    • LOL: CLand Steamer
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @anarchyst
  150. Truth says:
    @CLand Steamer

    Had he ran away he’d probably still be alive.

    Well, as they say, Old Sport, “If ‘if’s and buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.” I think he’d have to give up jogging and move into 100-meter sprinting, and be very good at it, to avoid a shotgun blast, and, even with an 85 IQ, I think he knew this.

    In all three of those cases, niggers tried to disarm a white man and got shot, in only one of those cases was the white man on his own property. And in the Texas case, the nigger said, plainly “if your gonna pull it out you’d better use it” or something to that effect, which he did, and he also bragged about taking the weapon from the white man and “using it on him.” Did I not hear this correctly?

    So again, what did I miss?

    • Replies: @CLand Steamer
  151. I think he’d have to give up jogging and move into 100-meter sprinting, and be very good at it, to avoid a shotgun blast, and, even with an 85 IQ, I think he knew this.

    So in his retarded mind grabbing the barrel of the gun was his best option. These 3 dumbasses even though they made the mistake of going after him, I have no doubt that murdering that idiot was not their intention. In his mind and evidently your’s too their plan was to just simply murder him. Even after they called the police and said they were keeping track of him.

    And please point out to me where the “niggers” were in the Rittenhouse and Read cases? Maybe we’re not talking about the same stories.

    And the Trayvon Martin case was so clearly a case of self defense it’s laughable. He like the assholes in the Rittenhouse incident instead of simply leaving the people be, actively ran them down and attacked them. I have little doubt that Zimmerman and Rittenhouse did the world a favor by ridding humanity of their existence. Trayvon, even as a minor was a violent thief and was headed for prison at some point, proven by the fact that neither one of his parents wanted him, which is why he was being batted back and forth between homes. I’d put a grand on the fact that his idiot father had no idea where the bastard was the night he got made good.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  152. @Truth

    I’m not even sure how this nonsense started since the story in front of this thread is pretty much about the lopsided interracial murder rates between blacks and whites. If I had to put a ratio on it, and since the FBI stupidly lumps in hispanics with whites I’d say it’s probably 10 to 1 black on White. If they didn’t do this, the number would probably be 30 to 1 since whites for the most part try and avoid them (the smart ones anyway) whenever possible. Every city they inhabit with numbers over thirty percent are basically unliveable for humans that want a decent community with increasing property values. You really know you’re onto something when cities like Philthadephia are de-criminalizing petty offenses like public urination and loitering because it disproportionately affects the black populace. Lmao! Show me any crimes (sans white collar, that require intelligence) that doesn’t affect them at higher rates, and I’ll shit in my hat.

    • Replies: @Truth
  153. Truth says:
    @CLand Steamer

    If I had to put a ratio on it, and since the FBI stupidly lumps in hispanics with whites I’d say it’s probably 10 to 1 black on White.

    Nice deflection, Old Sport. Of course you are still wrong, as the ration of B/W vs W/B murder is, and has been since about the Vietnam war, about 2:1 (and you can look it up).

    • Replies: @CLand Steamer
  154. BlueBird says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “However, it should also be noted that race mixing of the white man/black woman variety could have eliminated this problem a long time ago.” saying that America should/would be an homoginized mulatto color by now???

    Whether white man/black woman or white woman/ black man doesn’t really matter. Most American black people have some white ancestry. The sad thing is, the black person vehemently denies any trace of white. They can be almost totally white, yet when asked their race, “black!”

    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
  155. @Truth

    about 2:1

    Sure it is.. When they’re not slaughtering each other like the fucking mongrels they are, they’re killing others in every imaginable felony scenario. And these are just the deaths related to guns. I defy you to find one black face in this obviously overrepresented demographic where the suspect in the killing is white. You’ll find quite a few of the white faces that were offed by your beloved mutts though. 2 to 1 Lmfao!

  156. BCB232 says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    No that was in Fremont county Idaho. Rexburg is overwhelmingly mainstream CJCLDS.

    • Thanks: Jefferson Temple
  157. @mark green

    supplemental information will further silence/shame the negros and their liberal enablers

    That would require these sub human rats to be capable of shame. They’re shamed by nothing anymore thanks to the enabling scum that share our shade of melanin, and have given them systemic shelter from everything up to and including white racism faulted for their sows being disproportionately overweight in America. Can’t be that huge gland between their noses and fat chin’s that when they’re not shoving food in it they’re talking at 40 decibels louder than everyone else in the room. The robbery, rape and murder rates (the ones we’re aware of) for anyone with more than 3 brain cells speak for themselves. The fact that white racism is blamed for those as well had to happen. It’s the only way they can explain away dysfunction at these levels, they simply can’t help it. White racism is just that horrible.. Lol Much like a certain dog breed, there are some that behave to minimal levels of civility, but the rest are always one slight away from violence and rage against humans. What triggers it is anyone’s guess, but in the end they need to be either separated from civilization or destroyed.

  158. @Avery

    I’d just write the $1,000 off: I’d never potentially risk my life for that.

    It truly stuns me the number of people that actually think a grand (or a stack, as Qaun’Tavius would call it) is a lot of money.

  159. This is the result of our country becoming a multiracial cesspool, thanks to the Jews.
    Of all the lies they tell, the most dangerous one is that “All races are created equal”.
    In no place, and at no time in history, has there ever been a successful, or even an enduring multiracial society. America will die alongside the White race.

  160. Kat Grey says:

    And now we have another innocent white man murdered by a racist black criminal. An Italian Columbia University student was stabbed to death by a Harlem based gang member and habitual offender. Will there be riots, burnings, cities in flames over this latest murder?!!! Of course not. Nor will there be any Media outrage despite it being an obvious racist attack. They are complicit in giving blacks the green light to assault and kill whites at random.

    • Replies: @Truth
  161. jsub says:

    This is why one needs to carry regardless of what the “law” says.

  162. @Vinnie O

    I attended a black-majority high school for four years. Being set upon by blacks was a daily challenge; always demanding money.

  163. @littlewing

    I would be a bit more generous setting the decent group at about 10 percent, otherwise known as “the talented tenth”

    • Replies: @Truth
  164. Kat Grey says:

    And today In Rome, African cultural enrichment is once again demonstrated by an immigrant Nigerian threatening passersby with a knife. Not the first time nor will it be the last. But hey. White supremacy is the problem. Right “Truth”?!!

    • Replies: @Truth
  165. Truth says:
    @Kenn Gividen

    Wrong again, Old Sport.

    Your AVERAGE black person in America has about 20% white heritage…mostly PATERNAL.

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  166. Truth says:
    @Kat Grey

    Oh, Somwhere on this planet of 8 billion people, someone threatened someone with a kife? Egads, the horrors!

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  167. Kat Grey says:

    It is sub-Saharan Africa’s communications system. And we don’t want it here. Fight your tribal wars at home.

  168. anarchyst says:

    Q: What do you call a black man in a suit?

    A: the defendant

  169. @Truth

    Your AVERAGE black person in America has about 20% white heritage

    And even with that the inner kneegrow still controls the carcass. I think all of the BLM money that’s pissed down the toilet would be better served to study exactly what percentage of human DNA needs to be in the bodies of sable Africans before they start acting civilized. My guess is 99.44 percent.

  170. anarchyst says:
    @CLand Steamer

    Blacks are dysfunctional, cannot “behave” in normal civil society and should be repatriated to the African continent. I don’t care where ((they)) go as long as it is out of civilized American society.

    Black DNA IS different; violent African tribal mores are the norm.

    Disputes are “settled” with violence, not with logic and reason. Instant gratification is the rule, not the exception. The DNA for logic and reason does not exist within the black psyche. Blacks thrive under a “strong man” form of government, where one’s status is determined by proximity to the “chief”. The only “justice” is what the strongman dictator metes out.

    Keep in mind that African blacks have never inventing anything. From the wheel, to mining the wealth of minerals beneath their feet, to wondering “what is beyond that ocean or river”, blacks do not possess the DNA for future planning or exploration.

    I realize that almost everyone has interacted with a “good black”. However, truly “good blacks” who accept the “rules” for living in civilized society are few and far between. When the SHTF, black tribal instincts will take over and gullible whites will “pay the price”, possibly with their lives.

    Fatigue resulting from having to deal with and coddle this dysfunctional race is not only tiring, but getting to be truly intolerable.

    Whites who “walk on eggshells” to avoid possible by violence by blacks are doing themselves and white society a disservice.

    I, for one, am tired of pandering to this dysfunction subset of (sub)humanity…

    As far as I am concerned, the jews who coddle their black “pets” can leave too…

  171. NeverMind says:
    @Nancy O'Brien Simpson

    Or perhaps the 30,000 White women who are raped by black men every year. You conveniently ignore that catastrophic statistic, don’t you?

    • Replies: @Susan
  172. Susan says:

    This article should be posted on every media outlet around the world! Thank you Unz!

  173. Susan says:

    Thank you! This horror should be posted everywhere.

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