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3,000 Blacks Protest “Gentrification”—Code for Whites’ Making Washington D.C. Livable Again
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See also: Oakland’s Gentrification Wars Expose Democratic Coalition’s Contradictions

Some 3,000 people, almost every one of them black, swarmed onto the intersection of Washington D.C.’s 14th and U Streets last week for the #DontMuteDC protest known as “Moechella”—part of a gathering protest following T-Mobile’s order that its Metro PCS storefront stop blaring “go-go” music. But it not really about music. It’s about “gentrification”—the movement of young affluent whites into to D.C. [Why Last Night’s #MOECHELLA Protest Was a Big Deal for DC, by Elliott Williams, Washingtonian, May 8, 2019]. As’s Nicholas Stix once put it: Funny Thing: Coming Or Going—Gentrifying Or Fleeing—It’s Always Whitey’s Fault!

In April, T-Mobile ordered the store to stop the high-decibel music after a neighboring resident threatened to sue. Protestors took the streets, and T-Mobile, naturally, surrendered [Go-Go Music Is Back At Shaw’s Metro PCS Store, by Rachel Kurzius, thedcist, April 10, 2019]. But a month later, blacks are still seething. Hence “Moechella,” a neologism that combines “Moe,” D.C. slang for homeboy, and Coachella, the name of the music festival in California.

But before discussing of #DontMuteDC/Moechella, it’s worth reviewing a little history about the city’s demographics.

Contrary to widespread current belief, Washington D.C. has not always been a “Chocolate City”— that is, majority black. A century ago, the city was 75 percent white. In 1940, it was still 72 percent white.

Not until the 1950s did the city turn brown. Between 1950 and 1960, Washington, D.C. went from 65 percent white to 45 percent white as the white population fled rising crime and headed for the burgeoning suburbs in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

By 1970, the white population had dropped again, from 45 percent to 27 percent. This was largely due to the riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. The anarchy helped convince whites the time had come to seek safer communities devoid of color to raise their children.

D.C. suffered an estimated $27 million in damage ($198.3 million today):

More than 1,100 buildings in the District were damaged or destroyed by an estimated 20,000 rioters. More than 1,200 fires were recorded. A dozen people died in the flames or at the hands of others, including the police. Roughly 13,600 federal troops made their way into the District, marking the largest occupation of an American city since the Civil War. More than 1,000 people were injured and 6,100 were arrested. Thousands of businesses were looted and destroyed.

[Then and now: D.C.’s riot-ravaged blocks 50 years later, by Drew Hanson, Washington Business Journal, March 30, 2018]

But as Harry Jaffe notes in the preface to the 20th Anniversary Edition of Dream City: Race, Power, and the Decline of Washington, D.C.: “In 1960, the District became the first major American city to have a majority black population. African Americans peaked at 71 percent of the city in 1970. By 2014 that number was hovering at 50 percent and slipping.”

Unexpectedly, Whites have returned. After hitting a low of 29.6 percent in 1980, the white share of DC’s population has grown to 45 percent by 2017. And Hispanics are now 11 percent of the population.

The black population stayed about the same through 1980, but then dropped to 65.8 percent in 1990, 60 percent in 2000, 50.7 percent in 2010, to 47.1 percent in 2017.

These data, not a beef about music, are the real import of Moechella. And it’s not the only recent sign:

…[T]he gathering did bring D.C. residents together around the “Don’t Mute D.C.” slogan once again, as D.C. residents confront the threat of gentrification after two recent controversies highlighted the disconnects between the city’s recent newcomers and historic residents.

For example, black Washingtonians rallied in protest in early April after a Metro PCS store in Shaw was asked to silence the go-go it had been playing from speakers at the corner of 7th Street and Florida Avenue NW for nearly 25 years after new neighbors complained about the noise.

And later in April, anger boiled over again on social media after media reported on students at Howard University who were angry over the way new neighbors were using The Yard, a historic quad on the campus of the historically black college, to walk their dogs. The report included a comment from a neighbor who suggested Howard move their campus if they didn’t want to accommodate new neighbors.

[Thousands Rally to Preserve Go-Go Culture as Gentrification Debate Continues in DC, by Christian Paz, NBC Washington, May 8, 2019], the virulently anti-white news website, used the Howard U-dog controversy to attack white “colonizers” moving to D.C.:

Washington, D.C. has been struggling with gentrification, from Black neighborhoods to HBCUs, residents are fighting back and not allowing outsiders to take over their home. The latest battle is over Howard University and local officials in D.C. do not appear to give a damn.

The issue came to a head last month when Sean Grubbs-Robishaw, a local resident, who admitted to cutting through “The Yard” with his dog and said, “So, they’re in part of D.C. so they have to work within D.C. If they don’t want to be within D.C. then they can move the campus. I think we just need to work together and I don’t think it should be a he or there or here… It’s our community and that’s how it should be.”

The influx of young white millennials have changed D.C.’s racial makeup. African-American residents in the historically black Shaw-Logan Circle area plummeted from 65 percent to 29 percent between 1990 to 2010, according to census data.

Let’s hope the colonizers can walk their dogs somewhere else outside of Howard University.

[D.C. Officials Don’t Appear To Give A Damn About Colonizers Infiltrating Howard University’s Campus, by NewsOne Staff, May 10, 2019.]

That wasn’t the only explicitly anti-white rhetoric; The Root has more if you need it. [#MoeChella Is What Happens When Natives Push Back Against Colonizers; Thousands Converge on City for Go-Go, by Stephen A. Crockett Jr., May 8, 2019].


But this dismissal of white people as “colonizers”—which what Wakandans call whites in the black revenge porn flick Black Panther—doesn’t deter Fortune 100 companies from advertising on, which called Moechella the “Save Chocolate City Protest” and is racially motivated in a way that and American Renaissance are not. [Black Folks In D.C. Are Fighting Back Against Gentrification With #Moechella, May 8, 2019]

Funny thing is, Washington D.C. blacks know the city is a safer place to live thanks to the “colonizers” (and their dogs).

A black writer for NPR has actually reported that the influx of whites near Howard’s campus made the community safer, although he didn’t quite say it outright:

One night [around 2000] I was with 10 of my friends walking home to our dorm, when two men from the neighborhood popped out of the shadows with guns and robbed all of us. Another time, at an off-campus frat party, a football player got stabbed in an altercation with some guys from the area.

The neighborhood around the university’s campus then felt much rougher than it does today.

That is because crime is actually down in the area around Howard. The police department reported about 7,700 total crimes in D.C.’s third district in 2000, compared with just over 6,000 in 2015.

The glut of liquor stores and rundown properties that dotted the area have given way to more bike shares and coffee shops. In 2000, the area around Howard was just 3.6 percent white. In 2015, white residents accounted for more than a quarter of residents, according to the Census Bureau.

[When A Historically Black University’s Neighborhood Turns White, by Brakkton Booker, July 25, 2017]

So Booker’s report admitted the community around Howard had changed and was thriving—and it’s probably more so now. What changed it? “Colonizers” and their dogs.

But that truth won’t stop the anti-white Moechella activists, or the anti-white writers NewsOne, from fuming and frothing about the return of whites who are making the city safe not just for themselves, but for the city’s law-abiding, silently approving, blacks.

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Do NOT defend white yupsters or yuppie-hipsters. Whites became most conservative when blacks ruined cities and drove whites to the suburbs.

    Once whites felt safe again in the city, they turned globo-homo and decadent. And they got more Pozzed and anti-white.

    Let blacks ruin cities. White Libs can only be mugged by reality.

  2. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    When the globo-homo Jewish, ‘gay’, white prog, and Asian elites of DC are doing everything to replace white people with the Third World, I say we should NOT come to their defense against blacks.

    If blacks want to reclaim DC and burn it down, I say GO RIGHT AHEAD.

  3. Moechella?

    Is it any wonder why no one understands what the hell they talk about or are indignant about?

    Simply moronic, childish gibberish. White people are moving back into the city they’ve destroyed, cleaning it, fixing it and making it better like the blacks hadn’t done for sixty years.

    And they’re upset?

    So the issue can’t be that they’re changing the neighborhood, since we can all agree that’s a good thing… the problem is clearly racially motivated.

    And I don’t give a crap if they’re millennials or hipsters or what. They’re in there making moves and pissing blacks off. Now is the time to get the gun toting adults moving in as overwatch.

    Then we’ll see what’s what.

    • Replies: @VICB3
  4. Tusk says:

    after two recent controversies highlighted the disconnects between the city’s recent newcomers and historic residents.

    When do we start counting ‘historic residents’ from? Considering the city was majority white until the 1950’s, do we just accept the past 50 years as being the relevant history for african-american territory? Nobody in 50-60 years from now will be calling whites the ‘historic residents’ of America, America of course has always been multicultural.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Anon
  5. Something spectacular will occur, like Freddie Gray in Baltimore that ended the gentrification of Baltimore. Seeing Whites hunted down and beaten for being White in a majority Black city will focus the attention of the potential gentrifier considering a move into DC to join his or her fellow progressive liberal GoodWhites. Seeing the truth of the matter will keep them in Bethesda and Tyson’s Corner, ending the gentrification of DC.

    GoodWhites don’t get that Blacks hate them even more than Blacks hate us BadWhites.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @ia
  6. TBF, there are a lot of working-class whites who are hit by gentrification as well. It happened to me about a year ago.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Anonymous
  7. In say the 1920s black Washington DC had its own businesses, its own theater district, its own industries, an entire self-sufficient culture. Ask Duke Ellington’s memoirs.

    By the 1960s, black Washington was a burnt-out bombed-out city.

    Now, since it was the same black race living there in the 1920s and the 1960s, something else must have caused the destruction.

    Destruction of small local businesses by monopolies and chains. Globalization. Offshoring. CIA drug dealing. TV. Robots. Supermarkets.

    The only possible culprit is capitalism.

    I forgot to name you what you are. Boneheads.

  8. Gentrification makes life impossible for poor whites.

    Gentrification means vile yuppies with their vile cosmopolitan tastes viling up everything.

    You actually like these people? Walking their shitzus? Talking loudly and braggardly in restaurants? Dressing like clowns?

    I know. You think they are better than blacks.

    I’d say six of one six of the other.

    Well, kick blacks out of the cities and they move into your older ranch house neighborhoods in the suburbs. Congratulations on your forethought.

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @TKK
  9. When a community that has been historically white for generations has blacks move in and take over, how many years does it take for the area to magically become “historically” black (according to blacks) as if the past never happened? Equally interesting is how blacks resent and object to whites reclaiming the areas their white ancestors built just as blacks resented it when whites resisted their moving into those same historically white areas in the first place. Blacks also resent it when whites move away and take all the jobs etc. with them and allow the now black community to deteriorate to the African mean.

    No matter what whites do, blacks are going to resent it. In a way, blacks are also like muslims in that they think that once they’ve taken over an area, it forever belongs to them and no one has a right to reclaim it.

    It’s also interesting how blacks hypocritically think they have a right to move into and take over other people’s neighborhoods but it’s offensive, wrong and criminal (in their minds) if anyone does it to them in the areas they’ve taken over that never “belonged” to them in the first place. In their thinking, everything always has to be a one way street in their favor. They’re always right and you’re always wrong. Whatever they do is justified and righteous and whatever you do is an act of discrimination, bigotry, racism, intolerance, and hatred all designed to mistreat and abuse them. They’re the eternal victims and you’re the eternal evil, rotten oppressor who’s always doin’ them wrong and keepin’ them down.

    A chocolate city is simply one that has been over-run by blacks and infested. Show me one city that they founded and that was built by them and, by built by, I mean through entirely their own iniative, effort and investment and where they were the historical majority responsible for the city even existing- not someplace where they were used as labor under the direction of others. I’ll wait.

    • Agree: jim jones, TKK, FLgeezer
    • Replies: @hunor
    , @MBlanc46
  10. @obwandiyag

    Now, since it was the same black race living there in the 1920s and the 1960s, something else must have caused the destruction.

    That’s leftism in a nutshell, isn’t it? “SOMETHING ELSE” is always making Blacks a drain on society and the answer is never culture, low impulse control, genetics, IQ or plain incompatibility.

    The only possible culprit is capitalism.

    Except they’re just as bad in socialist Europe. Try again.

  11. Big D says:

    Leave em to it. DC became a sh!t hole way back, due to sorry politicians. The sh!t hole culture of the majority of blacks, fits right in.

  12. @Anon

    That’s not what it sounds like to me. It sounds like a “get-off-my-lawn” group of dual-high-earner power-couple parents, with two extremely high-paying DC jobs firmly planted under one roof, enabling them to purchase gated palaces, alarm systems suitable for Fort Knox and other serf-repellent features to cocoon themselves and their DNA dynasty in safety.

    Behind such safety motes, it has become fashionable for dual-high-earner parents—holding two jobs that could support 10 households as NannyCam-surveilled babysitters who can’t afford rent, low-wage daycare workers or elderly grandparents raise their kids—to enjoy the moral largesse of claiming to be above any critique of minorities. In the past few decades, that has been an additional verification stamp for official membership in the ranks of the Elite. It sounds like Deplorableness has reached the pure, rarified enclaves of gentrified cities.

  13. @obwandiyag

    You see, you mental aardvark, when they move in and walk their shitzhu, they typically don’t murder people.

    They walk their dog, usually clean up after it, and go home.

    As for your restaurant scenario with the loud talking white people…?

    You’re kinda funny. That’s why I still read you. A little tiring, but soooo much fun. It’s fun trying to see how your brain works!

    • Replies: @Icy Blast
    , @obwandiyag
  14. @obwandiyag

    You sent me on a quest because, after all, I love jazz as much as the next guy. So I looked into your little fable.

    True to fact, blacks were a large part of DC. They did have their own businesses, shops, theater district… all segregated, of course.

    Sounded like a dream, no? What killed it? Capitalism? The klan?
    Nope. Found this little tidbit.

    “Much like the Howard, the Lincoln Theater suffered in the advent of integration following the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954. Black professionals moved their businesses downtown and many of the prominent individuals that characterized the neighborhood fled.”

    Did you get it!!?? Let me explain it to you. Once they weren’t forced to live with other blacks, the prosperous, well to do blacks MOVED AWAY!

    Now that’s just funny, don’t you think?

    Especially the word ‘fled’. I guess that would be considered ‘black flight’ then?

    So I guess those negros shouldn’t be allowed back into this perceived ‘ancestral homeland’, Wakanda DC, because they moved so they didn’t have to live next door to the black rabble.

    Not even 7:30 and I’m already feeling better.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

  15. When whites move in, they complain about “gentrification”. When whites move out, they complain about “segregation”. What is it that these people want?

    Not that I’m complaining. It’s time for the virtue-signaling, segregation-decrying white libtards to put their money where their mouths are, do their part to desegregate black neighborhoods. The protests are just bonus. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people.

  16. hunor says:

    Wakunda forever.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  17. hunor says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    The place called Wakunda ! Go see it in the movies.
    Who cares about actuality , when we can have illusion.
    That feels soooo goooooood.

  18. @Anon

    That might have been somewhat true fifty years ago. It certainly no longer is. The more decrepit a neighborhood near an urban center is, the greater the allure for monied whites. I know quite a few of these kind of people personally. They get a thrill telling their friends that they live in the “‘hood”. Their treatment of their dusky neighbors suggest a more exploitative impulse for wanting to live cheek by jowl with them; almost as if living in an economically depressed area were akin to living in an urban theme park. Like Jane Goodall among the apes, but as if at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

    Even if their swarthy neighbors were to turn on them (a possibility with blacks; Hispanics, on the other hand, are happy to be their lapdogs), these white liberals would never consider that their ideological worldview needs readjustment. They would sooner blame themselves for the misery visited upon them. Even if mugged, these elite whites will never admit the reality before them.

    • Replies: @Anon
  19. Wally says:

    This is not what some people want to hear, but damn the torpedoes, facts are facts.

    In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:

    – massive murder rates
    – massive crime in general
    – degraded property
    – massive disease, especially STDs
    – massive drug & alcohol abuse
    – general filth, squalor
    – massive birthrates
    – inability / unwillingness to support their own children
    – massive youth pregnancies rates
    – massive school dropout rates
    – incredibly low IQs & test scores
    – violence as a way of life
    – fathers nowhere to be found

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
    , @TKK
  20. Wally says:

    “Nobody in 50-60 years from now will be calling whites the ‘historic residents’ of America, America of course has always been multicultural”

    In 50-60 years from now America will not exist as the 5o stats that we now have. Guaranteed.

    Once the ‘Democrats’ gain both Houses & the Presidency it will be all over.

  21. Wally says:
    @Ray Huffman

    So what’s your reaction been?

  22. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    So, where are the vacating blacks moving?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Moi
    , @ia
  23. @obwandiyag

    “Now, since it was the same black race living there in the 1920s and the 1960s, something else must have caused the destruction.”

    The parasitic political-class.

    “The only possible culprit is capitalism.”

    Reductio ad absurdum and you are redefining capitalism as a strawman.

  24. @hunor

    Wakunda forever.

    They had a hell of an air force. The Black Panthers of Wakanda:

    • Replies: @KenH
  25. There has been a pattern since WW2 in many major U.S. cities:

    1. 1940-1970: Organized Leftists— led by Jews and bitter WASPS—used HUD, large welfare apartment complexes, and “ending segregation” to break up old white-ethnic conclaves in cities. The whites fled to the suburbs for safety. The cities grow large-scale black ghettos, along with lesser (but still violent) brown Hispanic ones.

    2. 1970-1990: The ghettos become purveyors of massive amounts of crime and devaluation of the city properties, even outside their neighborhoods.

    3. 1990-2020: Massive push towards being “tough on crime” , led by NYC. Real estate, once valuable but now cheap due to crime, is bought up by a lot of developers. Broken Windows becomes massively successful, cities that implement it see crime drop and become safer than ever remembered. Blacks and Hispanic enclaves begin to break up as the residents don’t like not being criminals. In combination, old welfare apartment complexes are deemed unsafe/torn down, displacing the black colonists who were placed there to increase crime/lower property values.

    From a long-scale perspective, the 1940-2020 pattern seems to be a movement by Jews and WASPS to push ethnic whites (mostly Catholic or Orthodox) out with blacks and Hispanics, lower property values, and then buy up the land cheap and push the blacks and Hispanics out.

  26. American Citizen 2.0 [AKA "American citizen"] says:

    Same shit in every big city. Blacks will bitch and moan but soon they’ll get use to it. Yeah, these douchebag white folks are lame as fuck with their nut hugging jeans, awful tattoos, bicycles and specialty coffee. And let’s not forget how many own dogs. They own dogs because it’s fashionable. They don’t give a fuck about the dog’s life. A walk around the city or mingling at the park with other shit machines isn’t sufficient exercise. But the girls sure do look cute walking the little turd makers.

    My advice is if your a guy looking to get laid, build a muscular body and hit on these chicks. They are surrounded by the most pathetic male specimens who only do cardio and yoga. Women hate these guys unless they are gay.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  27. @Jim in Jersey

    “Once they weren’t forced to live with other blacks, the prosperous, well to do blacks MOVED AWAY!”


    And, brought to you by our wonderful sponsors, the political-class, courtesy of Brown v BOE as the delivery vehicle.

  28. @obwandiyag

    “In say the 1920s black Washington DC had its own businesses, its own theater district, its own industries, an entire self-sufficient culture. Ask Duke Ellington’s memoirs.

    By the 1960s, black Washington was a burnt-out bombed-out city.”

    It seems to be only blacks that burn down and destroy cities. Even if poor, Whites, Asians and Arabs can still make them thriving places.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  29. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ray Huffman

    Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on there – don’t spoil the propaganda effort. The elite want a nation divided by races so they can manage and finance the “revolution”. The CIA has always played up a simmering race war. Today they study and promote current trends on social media. Bankers and war mongers divide and conquer. Race war bait is published on social media to the sound of Champagne corks popping on Wall Street.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  30. @R.G. Camara

    That is and always has been the ultimate goal.

    Weaponizing blacks against a particular area, driving down prices so they can ‘invest’ in the community and turning it over for huge profits when they decide to start policing again.

    It’s worked since the civil war so why stop now?

    The same people in power use the same tactics and achieve the same results.

  31. Republic says:
    @R.G. Camara

    1. 1940-1970: Organized Leftists— led by Jews and bitter WASPS—used HUD, large welfare apartment complexes, and “ending segregation” to break up old white-ethnic conclaves in cities. The whites fled to the suburbs for safety. The cities grow large-scale black ghettos, along with lesser (but still violent) brown Hispanic ones.

    Dr E Michael Jones’ book, The Slaughter of Cities: Ethnic Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing lays out the case that Blacks from North Carolina and Mississippi were used to destroy Ethnic Catholic neighborhoods in Philadelphia,Boston, Detroit and Chicago.

    He said that US institutions like the Ford and Rockefeller foundations intentionally used Blacks as proxy warriors to destroy Catholic power in the US.

    Protestant elites and their Jewish allies were behind this move.

    The elites wanted to destroy the political base of Polish,Italian,Irish and other ethnic Americans.

    So it was essentially population transfer American style..

    He says that WASP elites used this method as a last gasp attempt to control a country slipping out of its control for demographic reasons

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  32. @Tired of Not Winning

    What is it that these people want?

    They want what royalty always wants–the fruits of other people’s labor.

  33. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    America of course has always been multicultural.

    First, residency is not the sole measure of anything. ie: Convicts are not a part of civilization. Civilization, its socially meaningful participants that exist in any real number, and civilization’s architects are the measurement. Second, “historic residents” are obviously measured from the beginning of any civilization. That civilization is measured from the first civilizing efforts.

    Your above statement is only true in the context of inaccurate rhetoric that chooses to leave out the informative context of population ratios and the successful civilizing and building efforts realistically attributed to each population.

    Taking those things into account, no, America has not always been multicultural. America is of Western European heritage.

  34. @Jim in Jersey

    Yep – Once Jackie Robinson left the “Negro League” for the Majors, the other black stars followed and that was the end of the Negro League.

    “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction” Sir Isaac Newton.

  35. @American Citizen 2.0

    Agreed. I’ve lived in major left-wing American cities in my life, and I’ve found left-wing women to be a breeze to get laid by.

    I’m not the most masculine guy, but compared to the average blue-city male I’m in the upper reaches of masculinity, I’m confident and not ashamed of my dick. More than one of these women have commented that they were so attracted to me because I was so masculine—“so male!”

    Seriously, left-wing males are an embarrassment.

    • Replies: @Wally
  36. wayfarer says:

    “What Happens When Liberals Run Your State?”

  37. VICB3 says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    They don’t like it because they’re being held to higher standards and expectations, that is to say mainstream standards and behaviours vs. those of a highly dysfunctional subculture, a sharecropper culture transferred to a rural enviournment. Having become accustomed to victim culture and coddled with the quiet bigotry of low expectations, mainstreaming is quite a shock for them.

    Changing the topic a bit, would somebody please explain to me (and all of us) what this whole black antipathy for dogs is all about? It’s a mystery.

    Just a thought.


    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @Golobki
  38. Anon[729] • Disclaimer says:

    My greater neighborhood (I’m referencing a region that encompasses a couple of square miles, but it also refers to my immediate neighborhood) which exists between the today’s suburbs and the city, was built on farmland roughly five generations ago.

    For three of those generations, it was built up and inhabited largely by German and Anglo-Saxon Americans.

    My father’s family being the result of a marriage between a German man and Anglo Saxon woman. As a heritage Anglo Saxon woman, my grandmother was so beautiful in her youth that she would be an alien, or a professional model, in today’s population landscape. Her type does not exist here anymore.

    For one generation, every other manner of White person moved in. Largely Italians and Irish. This is when the Germans and Anglo Saxons began to flee to the distant suburbs.

    During the fourth generation, the bankers made it so that virtually anyone could get a mortgage. A person could get one without a job.

    With the further assistance new city funded section 8 housing projects that were disguised as low height normal apartment buildings, these easy mortgages facilitated a lighting-fast, mass-wave of Black migration from the inner city into our greater section of this region.

    Within this single generation, this area has become mostly Black with some other non-White populations mixed in. Those Whites who could flee long ago did so. The Whites who work for the city have to stay within the city limits (this is the edge).

    Those that are compelled to stay for whatever reason have hunkered down, living a life of caution. Doors and windows have to be locked with obsessive consistency. Going to the local convenience store or Target requires a high level of awareness and always a preparation for potential trouble. About 80% of the time there are especially dangerous looking young Black homeless men walking around (this is about seven blocks from my house). When walking with children in my immediate neighborhood, you have to be prepared to encounter both loose and chained pitbulls that are out for a walk. Of course, the local crime map is overloaded each week and the marker for that volume lies exactly between where the majority of blacks and the (ever decreasing) remaining Whites reside. These crimes are home break-ins, street robberies, assaults, car theft, car break-ins, and the occasional shooting. Someone was shot in the head and killed on the corner directly across the street from my childhood best friend’s home a few years back (on my childhood block).

    I knew that it was about to get especially bad when, under the Obama administration, they forced the retirement of the local White Post Office employees and replaced them with an all Black cast.

    I currently live in a tiny neighborhood bubble of a couple of blocks that is characterized and protected by an especially vigilant police force. If someone is going through cars for change, they are in for a beating soon after. Fear is the only mechanism that keeps this neighborhood from devolving into the completely unlivable hellscape that I am surrounded by. Right now, its a tiny bubble in which if you close your eyes and forget that anything exists three blocks in any direction then you can forget that it matters that you, too, could not yet join in the great escape.

    The local homes are mostly all original, being built and maintained by my ancestors and their greater tribe. I was raised in the home in which my grandmother was raised. We built the churches, the schools, and the local community facilities. It’s all now under Black “stewardship”.

    Here’s my question:

    Would Blacks protest the “gentrification” of this area, which they only recently and completely over-ran with the assistance of loans that they should have never gotten and their intolerable dysfunction that sent people feeling before them?

    Is this neighborhood their rightful inheritance or ours?

    Is DC the rightful inheritance of the people who built it, or of the Africans who let it decay brick by brick it, terrorize it, and attempt to squat in it with their protests?

  39. Anon[729] • Disclaimer says:

    So, where are the vacating blacks moving?

    Anywhere they can afford, including to a different city. Like any mature adult would do. Only someone who is especially dense would look at DC’s “economy” (tax funded lavish bureaucrat salary and contractor base as well as the lobbyists and politicians) and think that lower income people had any future there. I make a middle class income with an actual professional job that exists outside of the bureaucrat economy and I would not try to make a go of it in DC. These people are complaining about the Sun rising tomorrow. They are complaining about something that is inevitable.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  40. Agent76 says:

    Dec 30, 2018 Pack Mentality: Tool of Tyrants

    The “divide and conquer” tactics of every tyrant, and every ruling class, only work when people are stuck in pack mentality.

    May 4, 2016 Congress Is Literally a Bunch of Telemarketers

    So does that mean the American government is just one giant corporation running a multi-level marketing scheme?

    • Agree: wayfarer
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ia
  41. @Sick of Orcs

    Why is it that when someone identifies a hole in the narrative, it’s always “leftism”? People like you wouldn’t recognize real “leftism”, which is long dead, if it bit you in the arse.
    As @Jim in Jersey has pointed out, SOMETHING ELSE did cause it – integration. This is no different than the forced busing and integration did to Black education outcomes in the DC area. So who was responsible for integration? The same people responsible for the change to immigration laws: the (((globalist capitalists))).

    Europe is not socialist. The only countries that were, stopped being so in the 1970s when they went multicultural and started allowing mass immigration. Who was responsible for that? The (((globalist capitalists))) were.

    Any real “leftist” or socialist is opposed to mass immigration, regardless of source. They understand immigration = lower wages and lowering of living standards. That’s why Cesar Chavez had his members patrolling the border to catch illegal immigrants, and sometimes beat the crap out of them as a deterrent. Any real leftist or socialist sees unemployment as a drain on the economy where the (((globalist capitalist))) sees it as an opportunity to increase profits and exploit through being a slum landlord.

    @obandiyag may be misguided, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  42. Icy Blast says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    “Obwandiyag” is like “Quartermaster” – he’s unintentionally amusing. His combination of ham-fisted Marxist class-analysis and uncontrollable hate for white people make him one of the best comedians around.

  43. @Republic

    The problem with that line of thought is that the “bitter WASPs” were only reacting to “Catholic power” because it was interference from a foreign hostile state – Vatican City. This book, written in 1947 lays out, among other things, how the priest instructs the congregation on political matters:
    The “bitter WASPs” only became bitter when it became evident that RCs were voting en bloc and at the direction of a foreign power i.e. meddling in US elections at every level.

    As for the Jews, who detest Christians in general and particularly RCs, they would have sought out any opportunity to undermine the RC Church.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Wizard of Oz
  44. Wally says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Here we go again.

    It’s never the fault of blacks and their criminal behavior, always the fault of whites.

    Of course everything is completely different in Africa.

  45. @VICB3

    Can’t be true. I just saw a commercial and after this black family left their financial planners office and went camping/kayaking, they shopped for dog food online.

    On their way home they topped off on more insurance.

    • Replies: @Wally
  46. renfro says:

    The irony of it…..first whites didn’t want blacks moving into their neighborhoods, now blacks don’t want whites moving into their neighborhoods. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  47. onebornfree says: • Website

    Paul Kersey says “..Washington D.C. has not always been a “Chocolate City”— that is, majority black. …”

    Reminds me of the early [1970’s ?] Parliament hit“Chocolate City”:

    Regards, onebornfree

  48. Wally says:
    @R.G. Camara

    True enough.

    And why do they always put both hands in their pockets?


  49. @Curmudgeon

    I see your point. Rarely do we stand and scan the horizon when we meet up with a problem. We focus on the problem itself, not the obvious conditions which cause them.

    Sick of Orcs is correct in his assumptions that the blacks are never to blame for their actions. However, we forget to watch who moves the pieces in the chessboard that make those type of results possible.

    When you’re up to your ass in alligators…

    Bankers and politicians have made the situation we currently have intolerable.

    What do we do about it? Serious question. Looking for answers. Not sure they exist at this late stage.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  50. Wally says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    And then there’s the black couple that stopped off at the local Audi dealer and bought a car, after the young black women shows off her diamond engagement ring to her mother & father.

  51. JamesinNM says:

    It is about culture, not color. Nations have borders to separate significantly different cultures. Lincoln intended to deport all slaves after the Civil War because their culture was too different.

  52. JamesinNM says:

    Burn it to the ground.

    • Agree: By-tor
  53. @Jim Christian

    “GoodWhites don’t get that Blacks hate them even more than Blacks hate us BadWhites.”

    I think you’re right. What has become a cliche among black people is the statement: “At least you know where you stand with a racist”. I’ve heard that said lots of times, and it has become a standard line in screenplays as well. Cliche`s are based on fact, usually.

    • Replies: @southphillycuzz
  54. @obwandiyag

    being it didn’t happen to white hoods the only culprit left is the residents.
    Def not the same blacks back then they were smart enough to make their own economy and market. you know with the freedoms offered through capitalism.
    Dontbitch stores are opening. Open one yourself instead of blaming TV robots

  55. neprof says:

    With the recent news that ICE will transport 225,000 illegals to various spot across the US, why not move them to Detroit, Baltimore, East St. Louis, etc. The hardworking immigrants could perhaps revive American cities that need it the most.

    Just a thought.

  56. El Dato says:

    silence the go-go it had been playing from speakers at the corner of 7th Street and Florida Avenue NW for nearly 25 years

    So, it’s an ancestral tradition, then. Go-Go music since The Clinton Years and the Great Telecom Bubble. This practically demands a 20-foot Bronze Statue to a random DJ.

    And nobody shot up the store using a fscking pump action?

    I find that hard to believe.

  57. I think that moving white liberals into DC is a great thing. Nothing clears the mind like being mugged by black thugs, your snowflake girlfriend being raped by five or six gangbangers or having everything you own stolen in a burglary. Even liberals that want the 2nd Amendment repealed sometimes come to understand the perfect logic of that fundamental right. So white liberals pile into DC. Drive those rents higher and higher. Keep those dogs shitting on Howard’s basketball courts. Make DC all white again!

  58. @Anon

    ruin what cities….???

    Black people can take over run and develop cities too….in their one name and style, have no need of white cities

    I don’t see a white city that works in the interest of the inhabitants…so leave them to whites.

    if you want dead white cities feasting on human body parts, hospitals that kill for profit, GMO foods, police manning all barricades etc, shining white, modern constructed Khazar banks bleeding everybody.. so be it. leave them to it. they will rot of their own accord in anti life social practice in time. and from that stage there will be no return. at least Blacks kept the cities in shape for the white return.

    its not as if with the return of the whites the cities will bloom forever. given the white economy these cities will soon be dead again as america collapses into the dust. the Black ways of survival in the face of white depredation is all they will have…. if they recognize for what it is. it is as if the white return to some cities, solves the economic/social problems of america.

    who is this Kersey guy..a propagandist taking the people here for a ride..or at least trying to! and all these idiots allowing Kersey to play them! nonsense!

    Black people must get serious and actually develop their cities and hinterlands that supply with all they nee in the right way..a popular way. it can be capitalist long as the people own by way of popular economic structures and banking that keeps the money local, in circulation in the hands where it is most needed and used

    Black people out to do that..go live there where they dominate and can bring popular power to bear on local and regional law and social organization that benefit the people making sure Khazar domination does not force them into the way white people do things generally…elitist banking and money control, elitist regulations running everything against the interest of the people, crap education and religion that culturizes the elitist way into acceptable forms of living..slave know thy place, love thy masters .

    use the hinterlands to grow clean non GMO foods, get rid of the interwoven poisons of routine life..make the hospitals responsive to the needs of ordinary people, the police likewise. clean up the waters, clean the streets, truly green ‘live-able cities not the crap Kersey and these rabid white nationalist here have in mind as live-able

  59. anarchyst says:
    @R.G. Camara

    It’s the JEWS…it’s always the JEWS…
    I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.
    Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic). These New York-based “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.
    Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.
    Let’s not forget their infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, in which they can spread their jewish supremacist poison.
    The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts were common, but never reported, as even the “mainstream media” was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.
    The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition on the use of federal troops for domestic “law enforcement” purposes. As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent. We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…
    The next step may be “civil-war” in which us whites will have to take back our birthright by force.

  60. @Jim in Jersey

    of course they exist..answers! and as everything is relative the current answers are also relative if more urgent than ever.

    the interest is popular so the popular must move now and take over..and in the process organize the life to meet the needs that are evident and urgent and collective.

    if there is a popular need that would respond to a capitalist form of organization create a cooperative to meet that need..that is capitalist in collective ownership of the project that produces something for sale in which the individual ownership no longer exists but that the owner is now those who work in the industry

    the problem is the individual owner who makes all the decisions with only himself in mind, does not contribute to the creation of the wealth but takes the lions share of the profits. he wrote the law about what can be done with the lions share and usually takes it out of the community, red-lines the district and impoverishes it in time.

    then he leaves it all entirely for locations where he can repeat the process at maximum profit for himself, but cost to the local people. those are who destroy communities..the same people who employ people like Kersey to come to sites like UNZ to play the people here

    that’s what the people must do! the people in collective social movement in effort to solve collective social problems are the law..the most basic social law of all. what the people do in popular movement is the law..what they do that works, solve the existing social problems and stands up in time… is final!

    not what a parliament does, a government in office: they are not final or fundamental..but what the people who put them there want, do and decree by popular action and social creation as they go

  61. Anonymous [AKA "Nuckingfiggers"] says:

    “Hey! White devils be makin’ Da hood civilized ‘en sheeit, dat be rayciss!”

    Haha! Even white liberals are quietly realizing that this group can never be mainstreamed among humans.

  62. mr meener says:

    you are 1000000% right. one group of white hating tax parasites replaced with another group of white hating tax parasites

  63. when I found the UNZ I was impressed by Ron UNZ..he was, seemed to be and look like a true great intellect. UNZ apparently does have great learning and intellectual capacity but I don’t see this publication as useful is too narrow-minded, blindly racist

    it is a reactive publication, on a very low level..Black woman pushes white man off a bus in Las Vegas and he dies. in global terms one could be tempted to say “Big deal! hundreds die in a day in the Congo from Ebola! where the hell did Ebola come from. and who profits from the constant, never ending chaos in the Africa Congo?”

    I mean white people still do a great deal of evil to Black people the world over. it has never stopped…white violence on Black people… along with the profits extracted from Black people and nations by white elites..under the racism or ordinary white people.

    all this supposed white men becoming prey, a discriminated minority is nonsense, propaganda games to justify further plans of domination by financial elites who are whites..prolly dominating the whole planet by turning all ordinary people against each other to hide from them their collective interest in belling the rich Cat at the top of the pyramid, who exploits EVERYBODY..who is in fact the human social problem in the current general problem of human existence..a problem that comes out of the awful way we have lived for ever so long now. Cause and effect!

    I am not an exhaustive reader of the UNZ review but I do not see issues addressed and approached from this angle. I see l see guys like Kersey writing here… and Kersey is part of the problem not the solution by any means

  64. mr meener says:

    there are no capitalists today. they all life off the govt protecting them eliminating competion giving them tax breaks starting wars for profits bailouts bribing congress killing people etc. nice try comrade

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  65. George says:

    “Making Washington D.C. Livable Again” And an imperial capital. I say bring back redlining.

  66. @Anon

    Please start with Congress.

  67. @Twodees Partain

    They’re obsessed with race and despise weakness.
    At least out of the closet white racists stand up for their clan without apologies.
    Upwardly mobile intelligent blacks exist and escape their dysfunctional violent hoods.
    Just statistically not enough to cover their far more numerous +/- 1 SD from the mean brainless jellybeans.
    Anyone interested seeing their bogus crap exposed should check out Heather MacDonald.
    The miserable, useless failures can only claim racism for their sorry state since the alternative is they’re genetically hopelessly lazy, stupid, and feckless; the failure of no child left behind, head start are testimony to that.
    Now SATs will include a “fudge” adversity index since nothing closes the performance gap.

    • Replies: @Anon
  68. Moi says:

    Into the VA and MD burbs, where it’s cheaper to rent/own a home. I moved to DC in 1980 when you could actually get around the city and park your car. Now it’s an overcrowded shithole.

    • Replies: @Anon
  69. ia says:

    Actually, all those urban hipsters grew up in the suburbs. When they encounter large numbers of blacks for the first time they lose their brainwashing, or at least it gets harder to maintain. You’ve got it completely backwards.

    Familiarity breeds contempt.

  70. ia says:

    This is a good article on an interesting subject.

    If you want to go further dig into the DC Metrorail saga. Blacks took over the union and basically wrecked the system. The tipping point was around 2007. Since 2012 ridership has gone down while new lines were built costing $100s of millions and the metro area population increased dramatically.

    Schools are another flashpoint. Liberals are drawing a line in the sand against black retrenchment into their ever-whitening schools. When it comes to real estate and schools and blacks affecting their biggest investment, their money and kids, liberals become strangely conservative.

    I’m really surprised there aren’t more articles on DC. This is the perfect petri dish for the best possible outcome concerning liberalism and race in America. And it’s not looking good for blacks.

    In the meantime, a few miles away in non-white power-concentrated Baltimore blacks are clearly winning.

  71. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    The “divide and conquer” tactics of every tyrant, and every ruling class, only work when people are stuck in pack mentality.

    Your libertarian bullshit is what opened the gates to the destruction of our society. Individualsm = zero group political self defense against exploitative groups. No man can effectively stand against an army (political or military), and no man can keep an army from forming. Ergo, your theory is not only wrong but a tool of an army who would see us harmed or wiped out.

    You talk in superficial Jewish propaganda points, not in the language of real politics. You people are eventually and rightly going down with the rest of the subversives.

    Real nations with strict borders is the tool against Tyrants, Jews, and your ilk whose propaganda is long ago proved wrong in both theory and practice. Its laughable at this point. In fact, the most fervent libertarians that I observe today, when not Semites, are largely minorities who are scared of White awareness of the situation in total.

    You people are going to keep going with your outdated subversive arguments, as they represent a disruptive strategy, but don’t be deluded into thinking that you will get away with them here without pushback.

    Make sure any reply comes with actual content, because I’m going to dismantle whatever you attempt. Lack of content won’t require me to put in effort to do that.

  72. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:
    @ben sampson

    Is that supposed to pass for rhetoric, you whiny entitled bitch? Because I missed any actual points through all the of Jewish propaganda bullshit.

    So let me get this straight. Black people need to be ignored for their vastly outsized homicide and other crime rates that account for scores of innocent murders of Whites every year and that generally terrorize and destroy our cities, because of a grand non-specific narrative of White evil? Or a Jewish communist narrative of a class war?

    Good luck with that on the day of the rope when we are balancing the direct losses of our friends, family members and communities against your non-specific grand narrative and Jewish history. Good luck with that when trying to appeal to a Jewish invented fake morality that says that racism, for its own sake, is bad. Which they invented because it is their primary mechanism of political cohesiveness and power that they wish to deny to anyone that can threaten it.

    Your arguments are a joke, which is why you are losing and will lose. You essentially have no argument. You appeal to non-existent moralities, Jewish-communist narratives, and fake anti-White narratives in an attempt to survive. You’d be better off retreating back to Africa or wherever it is your people are actually from.

  73. @ben sampson

    Seriously… ??
    Its clear you dont live in Haiti or Detroit or Baltimore with your pets..
    Blacks are a failure where ever they are. No amount of money is ever gonna make them civilized.
    They are a different species.. a failed race.

    • Agree: BengaliCanadianDude
    • Replies: @ben sampson
    , @TKK
  74. ia says:

    So, where are the vacating blacks moving?

    Four-hundred and eighty thousand affirmative action blacks moved to Prince George’s County Maryland from the 70s to the 00s. They displaced about 430,000 working/middle class whites.

  75. ia says:

    The “divide and conquer” tactics of every tyrant, and every ruling class, only work when people are stuck in pack mentality.

    Tell that to the NAACP. They’ve only been around for over a hundred years.

  76. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    Upwardly mobile intelligent blacks exist and escape their dysfunctional violent hoods.

    Which any political competent person will identify as the perpetual group habit of a sociopolitically dysfunctional people.

    That’s the Black mode of operation. They are cheerfully ethnonationalist when its time to resource rape another group. Just like Jews or any other minority.

    So why no Jewish-like result across the board?

    Because as soon as a Black individual gains resources they become unapologetically individualist to a degree that puts any other group to shame. They even seem to actively hate their group at large. Which is the opposite of Jewish group behavior, in sum, and the opposite of the sum behavior of individuals in any functional and cohesive group.

    “Upwardly mobile and intelligent Blacks” that flee Black neighborhoods are engaging in the ultimate nigger behavior. Its why their group realizes continued dysgenic and culturally hapless results. And will continue to do so.

    Though, in the short term, I understand that they look at the low IQ, dysgenic group and think that it is impossible to change or help. They’ve won some sort of achievement lottery and look to get out and attempt to blend in with the (much better) evil racist Whites . In the short term they are correct. In the long term it is precisely this view and the accompanying decision that makes it true that the Black group is beyond help. Someone has to start the long work, but it isn’t going to be any of the perpetual individualists.

    Individualists are the ultimate niggers everywhere they reside. They shun the political, cultural, and social long game for self interest. They may as well all be wannabe rich ghetto rappers, culturally speaking.

  77. ia says:
    @Jim Christian

    Seeing the truth of the matter will keep them in Bethesda and Tyson’s Corner, ending the gentrification of DC.

    I don’t think so. When they can afford it they move to a whiter area in DC. Tyson’s Corner is traffic hell. In fact, because of the problems with Metro the commutes are getting worse all over the metro area. And Uber, Lyft or whatever won’t help.

  78. @Tired of Not Winning

    What is it that these people want?

    You may be missing the point. Blacks aren’t organizing these protests. Blacks can’t organize a pancake breakfast at their local church. As any nation in Africa shows us, when left to their own devices blacks build space shuttles out of particle board and duct tape.

    So who’s organizing this upheaval? Who’s stirrin’ the pot against White Christian America? Who wants blood to run in the streets, and they don’t really care if it’s black blood or white blood? Because either way, in their eyes, they win.

    Who could it be? Gosh, lemme think …

    • LOL: Mr McKenna
  79. @ben sampson

    Hey Ben! You mental aardvark…Just a refresher course on Ebola…


    Discovered in 1976 and nearly 20 years later, in 2005, researchers looking for the reservoir of Ebola sampled more than 1,000 small animals in the Central African nations of Gabon and the Republic of the Congo, which have also experienced outbreaks of Ebola. They tested 679 bats, 222 birds and 129 small terrestrial vertebrates.
    The only animals found to harbor the Ebola virus were bats, specifically, three species of fruit bat: The hammer-headed bat, Franquet’s epauletted fruit bat, and the little collared fruit bat. [10 Deadly Diseases That Hopped Across Species]
    At least two of these fruit bat species are also found in Guinea — which is where the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa began — so it’s possible that these bats were sources for the outbreak, Gatherer told Live Science.
    Researchers in Guinea are now sampling bats in that region to see if any test positive for Ebola, Gatherer said. The current outbreak has sickened more than 5,000 people, and of these, more than 2,600 people have died, according to the World Health Organization.
    If bats are the source of the virus, one way people might become infected is by handling bats that are eaten for food, Gatherer said. For example, bat soup is a delicacy in the region.
    I can imagine that in the university you attended the truth is still being rewritten every day to satisfy your utopian minds. Your bat shit crazy man!!

  80. @Anonymous

    Blacks don’t help themselves. Also, stop trying to act as if blacks are innocent in this, because they are not. You are trying to deflect blame off to others, even though you are the main problem

  81. @ben sampson

    Unfortunately Wakanda only exists in a movie.

    In real life we get Baltimore, DC, Chicago South Side, Detroit, St. Louis, Compton CA, Oakland CA, Atlanta, Mississippi, New Orleans, Jamaica, South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  82. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    As the saying goes:

    Behind every angry black, there is a Jew.

  83. @Sick of Orcs

    They’re just as bad as in, you know, Africa, where their economic policy is something along the lines of “Commit violence and magic will fix my problems.”

  84. @ben sampson

    Independent development exclusively by Blacks and exclusively for Blacks is a central tenet of the Nation of Islam and is very well described by the late Honorable Elijah Muhammad who also prescribed a respectful way of living in harmony with others.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  85. bomag says:
    @ben sampson

    Anytime Black people want to set an example of how to build and maintain a civilization, bring it on.

    There are just so few.

  86. @ben sampson

    You’re not nearly as much fun as ozimbabwags. You’re impossible to desipher and utterly brainless in your dilemma you call life.

    I’m going to have to ignore your post from now on until you can compose a clear thought and write it down at the same time.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  87. Peredur says:

    Between 1950 and 1960, Washington, D.C. went from 65 percent white to 45 percent white as the white population fled rising crime and headed for the burgeoning suburbs in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

    I think it would be more accurate to say that whites fled desegregation. They didn’t want their children to attend school with large numbers of black students, and I don’t blame them.

  88. Peredur says:

    I guess Hispanics and Asians can serve as a sort of bridge between majority black neighborhoods and neighborhoods that are livable for whites. Whites are not allowed explicit racial solidarity, while Hispanics and Asians are. That makes a big difference in how easily ones racial/ethnic group can move into an area as a minority.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  89. Skeptikal says:

    One of the main focuses of the story is music: cultural clash.
    I happen to be firmly on the side of NOT playing loud music of any kind—no rap, no jazz, no Mozart, no nothing outdoors. I simply cannot fathom how anyone can want to live in a “noisy neighborhood.” Or make a quiet neighborhood noisy with boombox music, nonstop merengue, etc. Prime offenders in this department are Dominicans. The noisiest, least considerate people on the planet.

    So far I don’t see any commenters on this thread focusing on this primary theme of the story.

    I truly think a lot more “diversity” would be tolerable if one group didn’t insist on imposing its noise/music on everyone—if everyone had to be quiet. I think this is one reason the the U.K. has remained quite civil for decades despite heavy immigration. But when most of the influx came from the former empire, everyone had been raised with similar values in terms of acceptable behavior in public spaces. WE have no such ethic in this country. It’s a free-for-all when it comes to standards of public comportment. There basically aren’t any. None that can be enforced on newcomers, and no will to do so

    At nice beaches where I come from, no radio playing at all is allowed. People go to the beach to destress, not to be driven mad by other people’s music, especially the kind with a heavy beat that travels through the ground and you cannot escape it. I am surprised that more people do not get physically attacked from victims of their music. It can really lead to temporary insanity. I would introduce legislation to excuse those who attack the players of loud music in public on grounds of temporary insanity. As for stores blasting music into the street: Well, I would certainly agvoid living in a neighborhood where this is allowed. Life is too short. Other people’s music stinks like other people’s s—.

    • Replies: @Ruckus
  90. KenH says:
    @Jim Christian

    Is there a negro in that cockpit?

  91. KenH says:

    These pea brained black malcontents have no right to complain. D.C. was never theirs to begin with when you look at the demographic history but they drive out whites with sloth and violent crime then think the city is their oyster.

    The (((media))) looks on the black protests very favorably.

    Gentrification is a serious offense in the mind of the apus Americanus but if whites protest negrification of lily white suburbs they are deemed “throwbacks” and foul creatures.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  92. @Jim in Jersey

    ozimbabwags. who is that? never heard of him, her or it!

    others appears to make some sense of what I manage to write..even to reply coherently. the best I can home for.

    you have problems ‘desiphering’ eh. I will try to do better from now. you are having too much trouble with what I say


    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Jim in Jersey
  93. @Anita Patel

    They’re doing it! In Africa! Independent development! Check it out – you can even read a book about it by a black correspondent out of Detroit in “Out of America”. Oh, I forgot to mention, even the black reporter who wanted to be proud of his roots was disgusted with the whole continent. Who is that guy to be so shit-holier-than thou anyway?

  94. @Bruce County

    BeengaliCanadianDude eh? how Black are you man?

    you sound like the Jet Black Indian Dravidian type who think you are the real original white man..and the pale skin whites came after you..or from you.

    I used to listen to and read the Indian racists with that kind of nonsense in passing

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  95. @Peredur

    I guess Hispanics and Asians can serve as a sort of bridge between majority black neighborhoods and neighborhoods that are livable for whites.

    Let SEAs and Hispanics do that. We NE Asians will just get out of the hellhole. Thanks.

    I think mulatto Puerto Ricans are already doing that lol.

  96. @Wally

    Yep. That’s why even mere separation doesn’t work. To prevent the rest of the world from getting hit by outbreaks of African diseases we have to step in and prevent things from becoming too crazy. Hell. That is actually cheaper than allowing blacks and browns to destroy their own areas and then export their problems such as tropical diseases everywhere else.

  97. @KenH

    when I read the UNZ under Kersey and others I run into this kind of flow above there. but this is the same kind of ignorance KenH is accusing Black people of.

    now when I look at Black people, like myself I see the white man in our souls. we are him..the devil who destroys everything in his way, so that he will have free path to destroy everything else he has not already smashed

    the white man is in the white man too as these here..who do not see themselves as exploited and as stupid and self destructive as Black people everywhere. if Black people are responsible for what has happened to us how responsible are those here for what has happened to ordinary white people?

    everywhere I look I see the same shit that has happened to Black people happening to whites. it is not as if Blacks eat GMO and white people have organic? its the same horrors for all…all pay the Banker. none are exempt

    so where does all this racist division come from..what purpose does it serve? it serves no one but the elites. one way or the other all ordinary people are coopted in their own exploitation, facilitate and even police others in their exploitation

    I don’t see anyone who writes or comments on the UNZ smarter than any Black people anywhere at all. we are all just as stupid, controlled, inept and unable to do anything about our collective exploitation as the other working man or woman

    • Replies: @Oemikitlob
  98. Anon[504] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    That might have been somewhat true fifty years ago. It certainly no longer is. The more decrepit a neighborhood near an urban center is, the greater the allure for monied whites. I know quite a few of these kind of people personally. They get a thrill telling their friends that they live in the “‘hood”.

    The WIRE factor. Life imitating art.

    However, as MORE of these white hipsters move in, property prices do go up and that sets the grounds for yet MORE whites moving in. In time, the effect is gentrification.

  99. @Tired of Not Winning

    what is the true condition of the white city?

    so you gentrify Washington, make it bloom again! what exactly is that bloom going to contain?

    how democratic will be ultimately saving for those who do the gentrification? wont it all be paid for by expensive debt that all will be liable for..for which they are going to have to maintain jobs and ability to pay to keep the city expense that grows with time in an exploitative situation that takes away..does not add and expand..bleeds cities and towns eventually killing them?

    how sustainable will be any gentrification in america? how stable is the American economy as a whole far less any part of it..the jobs people have?

    Wakanda is the city with the hospital that no one can afford to go to when they are sick? Wakanda is the city that no one can even afford to get sick. get sick and you are toast.

    gentrify Washington and buy a police force to patrol and keep it gentrified? at what point does the police force become too expensive..or at what point does the police take over the city and dictate to the officials so they can keep their jobs?

    I see an overall reality that causes all the problems..everyone of them. yet what I see here is a racist approach to a reality not caused by racism..but which fostered racism as an explanation and cover for the exploitation that causes the problems

    I don’t see or read any smart people here. here the blind leads those who cant see straight

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @obwandiyag
  100. @Jim in Jersey

    Yuppies suck. Everyone knows it. And you love them. Or probably want to be their servants or maybe you think they’re going to give you some money or something. You must be just like your enamorados.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  101. @ben sampson

    Picking on spelling is exactly what all lamebrain imbecile bonehead infantile loser internet trolls do. Grow up.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
    , @Truth
  102. @mr meener

    Capitalists ALWAYS “lived off the government.” That’s how it works, my little naif.

  103. @obwandiyag

    Yuppies? What yuppies? Are you talking about millennials? I said they don’t kill people when they walk their dogs. You bring up yuppies? Servants? Trying to get money from yuppies?

    Where the hell did the rest of your brain fart come from?

    I’d say you should be restricted but you might be handicapped.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  104. @ben sampson

    Replying coherently to incoherent rants is too much work for me.

    Maybe if you learned to spell, use punctuation and form a proper sentence, I’d consider it.

    This isn’t the place to learn what was supposed to be learned in grammar school.

    Continue in your bliss.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  105. Ruckus says:

    Whatever do you in life, never enter a Guitar Center store.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Wally
  106. @ben sampson

    Who are you replying to? Do you not have the courage, even on the internet, to reply to my comment? How do you even reply to the wrong person anyways? Like the comment reply is underneath the person you want to reply to…. You blacks are so so similar, it amuses me to a great extent. You have revealed your idiocy and your intelligence(or rather the lack of) simply from this little charade. How do you expect to be taken seriously if you can’t even reply to the same username?

    how Black are you man

    Not at all actually. I know this is yet another desperate attempt made by a rabid Negroid, stemming from all those ignorant, low IQ posts made on those blacknationalist or afrocentrist websites. We aren’t black. Try again.

    you sound like the Jet Black Indian Dravidian type who think you are the real original white man

    I’ve met dravidians, namely tamils. They do not think that. Nobody does. Dravidians also are not negroid.

    Try to write a coherent sentence next time, and make sure to do so with structure and grammar and punctuation in mind. This is quite frankly..embarassing..for you

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  107. @ben sampson

    “everywhere I look I see the same shit that has happened to Black people happening to whites. it is not as if Blacks eat GMO and white people have organic? its the same horrors for all…all pay the Banker. none are exempt

    so where does all this racist division come from..what purpose does it serve? it serves no one but the elites. one way or the other all ordinary people are coopted in their own exploitation, facilitate and even police others in their exploitation

    I don’t see anyone who writes or comments on the UNZ smarter than any Black people anywhere at all. we are all just as stupid, controlled, inept and unable to do anything about our collective exploitation as the other working man or woman.”

    I have to admit I believe there is some truth in this statement.

  108. Anonymous [AKA "JohnPalmer"] says:

    these whites be truly disgusting with their foo foos in the supermarket, on patio tables,
    poop everywhere, gay pride parades, kill palestian marches
    just disgusting – total affront against nice hispanic families who just want to enjoy the park
    what do these clowns do beside get tattoos and do anal. def not IT work

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  109. WJ says:

    “CIA drug dealing” It’s been a while since I heard that one. CIA invented AIDs also. For the same reason. To kill da black man. That community has some odd ideas. One of the basketball playing Curry brothers recently publicly stated there was no moon landing. Something like “Ya’ll know we never went to the moon , dont ya?” I’m quite sure that is a common belief in that community.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
    , @TWS
  110. @Jim in Jersey

    I am not the one with the bad spelling..and grammar. its you?

    is gramma forever..or is it forever with you?

    things change, the content of life and descriptives. I am ok…I am the net..making things short, precise..creative

    i am not in any grammar argument with you..distraction. if you understand anything I say and comment I wud appreciate it. I wud reply to such commentary always

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  111. @BengaliCanadianDude

    stop making mountain out of mole hills Indian. you are a racist relative to Black people..which is not unusual for Indians

    Indians are not Black? where did you get your melanin from..a passing dark star?

    mmm. interesting

  112. @obwandiyag

    if its me you aftah Owan…what? is not me who start it. I don’t care how anyone spells..properly, long as I grasp some meaning

    wats his name attack me for grammar and spelling and he was the guilty party..Jim in Jersey

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  113. @ben sampson

    look man..what desperate attempt I made relative to you?

    you are lucky I replied to you at all far less for the location of the reply on the board. I do not speak to and with Indian people at all. for me you do not exist. I dont need you for any dam thing…and I will not expose myself to your racism

    look man Indian people from the Sub Continent are of the least concern to me as people. I spoke to you in that vein. Indians hate Black people and for that reason for me you do not figure at all.

    its as simple as that man. you are in the right place..the UNZ is a perfect fit for you as far as I know Indos. Indos and Khazars..the chosen superior bunch. who are bettor of the two….Khazars or Indos? that shud cause a fight one day between youse two.


  114. TKK says:

    Shi Tzus are good little fellas. Leave them out of it.

  115. TKK says:

    Agreed and high rates of animal cruelty and pedophiles. Under reported in MSM – blacks and latinos prey on young girls routinely.

  116. finally Indiandude… take you personal attack and put it where the sun does not shine on your body. you can be sure that this will be my last comment directly to you.

    if I make future comments here leave them alone..don’t deal with my gramma. the same goes for the obewankenobe poster back there.

    if you don’t like something leave it alone man. I don’t like your posts and I don’t talk to Indians…so you know what that means. just watch!

    and who is the idiot here! what does science say about the people on the planet, about our collective origins? what does DNA corroborate…?

    so where does your Melanin come from?

    if you do not agree that it comes from Africa then where does it come from then?

    wait! doan’ ansah dat! I doh wanna know! hahahahaha!

    what the hell do I wanna talk with you for?

  117. TKK says:
    @Bruce County


    AIDS developed when a Sub Saharan black, probably from the DROC, killed and ate a chimpanzee. Somehow, this sub human had sex with a chain of men who eventually had sex with Patient Zero- the Belgian, catastrophically promiscuous, gay flight attendant that brought HIV/AIDS to the West.

    A strong argument could be made that nature was self correcting- infecting a populace that serves no evolutionary purpose. They hyper breed when there are no resources to support the off spring. If the West would stop artificially keeping them alive with huge infusions of resources- the world would be rid of a cataclysmic global burden and threat.

    Just imagine- the entire subcontinent replenishing the exotic wild life and free from their filth and chaos. That’s a beautiful thought.

    • Replies: @Hank Yobo
  118. TKK says:
    @ben sampson

    I don’t see or read any smart people here. here the blind leads those who cant see straight

    …said the man who does not know basic capitalization and grammar norms.

    There’s not a sliver of sense nor sanity to your comments. If you are gnashing your teeth over racism, sell your worldly goods and give them to the blacks. Weep for them and fight for them. Put your beliefs into action.

    We are not your intellectual equals….De’Quan and LaShanquanda are somewhere, reading Proust and Satre, just waiting to mind meld with you. THAT meeting would be worth paying to watch.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  119. @Jim in Jersey

    Exactly. You just proved that freemarket capitalism is the undeniable culprit. Good job. I bet you’re proud of yourself, unwittingly ludicrous ignoramus.

  120. @ben sampson

    You got it. These people reveal their abjection by the poverty of their style.

  121. @Jim in Jersey

    You’re so stupid you don’t know what a Yuppie is. You must be young. I.e., stupid. Or maybe just emulating youthful stupidity.

  122. Read it and weep, assholes of Assholia.

    Nazis, real Nazis, loved American blacks much more than they loved you, you weasels.\

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Wally
  123. @obwandiyag

    Please explain, exactly, how it “proves free-market capitalism is the undeniable culprit” in this scenario so we can all recognize intellectually and understand the mechanism(s) used to pull off this malevolent state of affairs.

  124. MarkU says:

    It is heartening to know that someone else knows the difference between the actual left and the brainwashed, ultra PC, holier than thou, reality denying, linguistic fascists that pass as liberals and leftists today.

  125. Mike-SMO says:

    Better treat the White millenial colonists proper because the alternative was proved as the “Compton Experiment” where the Hispanic gangs killed or drove the useless Black Bangers into the darkness. The Hispanic Compton is successful and profitable. The White recolonization will usually allow the Ghettocrats to survive, somewhere else. The guys with the tatoo’d faces ain’t so nice.

    “Sanctuary” means that the Man is tired of the Ghetto s++t. Drive out the feckless Blacks and there is profit in re-developement and something for the Corruptocrats to steal. The Black population is just “in the way” of progress and profit. They gone…… Do you still have family south of Birmingham?

    The invasion from the south will take care of urban re-development.

    There is no profit in Detroit, Chicago South or Saint Louis North.

    Compton is ~60% Hispanic so I am thinking that the other 40% are Blacks with a job and a family. “Normies”.

    Of course “They” want the Whites disarmed. If we put up a fight in the suburbs, the “Man” will not have an empty city to re-develop.

  126. Republic says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Blacks aren’t organizing these protests

    Soros gave $30 million to start Black lives matter (BLM)

  127. Anonymous [AKA "Lurch"] says:

    Then lets give it back to the dirty, smelly apes so they ca continue to live in their squalor, stupdity and ape like behavior.

  128. Hank Yobo says:

    “Patient “Zero” was once believed to be a Quebecois employee of Air Canada. He spoke French but was not from Belgium.

  129. Golobki says:

    They love the pitbull. Often used as a weapon in robbery.

  130. Ed says:

    It’s funny how a throwaway comment by a random white homosexual saying to move Howard can generate protests. Like what are they protesting? He can’t move Howard.

  131. Manderson says:

    The only quibble I would have with your take is on the definition of “capitalism.” After all the relative economic abundance enjoyed by black DC in the 20’s occurred in a country that described itself as “capitalist” also. It’s ultimately the FORM of capitalism that has changed. It is neo-liberalism and the off-shoring of working class and middle class jobs that has created this economic dystopia in DC and every major city in this country. The great failure of the “Left” is their continued focus on identity politics to the abandonment of working class issues. The “Right” are similarly lost in their continued myopia about “whiteness” and the idea that “blacks” have created this economic dystopia for themselves. We have all: white, black, gay, straight – been brutalized by this current form of capitalism.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  132. @Anonymous

    And with one comment, you’ve declared yourself an idiot.

    Or Ben Samson. Or oimbabwe.

  133. @obwandiyag

    This is too tedious and you and the other moron is taking up far too much room in this and other threads.

    My point was, even blacks don’t want to live with other blacks and as soon as they get a little money, they be ‘movin on up’ like George Jefferson, to branch out and destroy another community.

    And you see that as a win for your side of the argument? You think that’s ‘free market capitalism’?

    You actually think there’s capitalism alive and well in this country?

    The depths of your stupidity….

    • Replies: @ben sampson
    , @obwandiyag
  134. Negroids and Australoids are the misfortune of humanity. Hell if we ever get into friendly contact with aliens the presence of the Australoid race and the Negroid species/genera will make us laughing stock among aliens.

  135. @Jim in Jersey

    the UNZ is now a jackarse space..nothing to learn here..just a crowd or racist arseholes braying all day.

    well ron UNZ..I was glad when I found this space. I cud see the ideological position, opposed to my way of seeing things but it was intelligent, good articles and journalists. but the place is filled up with fooly commentary and I am tired of that. and most of the journos I appreciate here I can find elsewhere

    these guys are not even aware of what survival means in earth humans must live to win our best chance at going on indefinitely. they jump all over Black people but no matter what has been done to us we re still here, increasing. we must be doing something right..or we ARE something right for that to be..

    whats that about big cities and capitalism etc. ah what the hell!

    Ta ta to the UNZ. by this thread alone this site is ridiculous. time to move on

    • Replies: @TWS
  136. a parting gift for you bunch of radiating racists. here’s something from some real white people whose intent and work appear to be entirely trustworthy..the Electric universe led by Wallace Thornhill.

    Ben Davidson is a particularly brilliant fellow whose presentations are erudite, accurate and always useful. this is what likely coming up for us. environmentally. white people may be in real trouble here..they may not survive whats ahead Black people can and will

    it is likely to be easier for Chinese and Indos due to their darker shades..their melanin. it is looking likely that whites will have to get dark or die.

    what are these racists here going to do with their jackarse, inaccurate,illogical coordinates on life, their screwed idiotic perspectives..who is failed and who aren’t in existence.

    people like these here challenge my resolve to be positive about humanity. oh well! so long

  137. By-tor says:

    ben sampson is the same person as Ilyana Rosoumova on this forum and Jen the Ukropian maggot Zio-nazi on English. Check the writing styles.

  138. El Dato says:
    @ben sampson

    where the hell did Ebola come from

    It’s bats Johnny, and “bush meat”.

    I mean white people still do a great deal of evil to Black people the world over. it has never stopped…white violence on Black people… along with the profits extracted from Black people and nations by white elites..under the racism or ordinary white people.

    Ah, you mean to say Ebola is a plague created by whites. Sorry to disappoint, NOPE. Just stay out of the jungle and don’t eat macaque brain, mokay?

    Propagation is kept just in check by Doctors without Borders and others do-gooders. Will we stay lucky? Who knows!

    Whitey has had his share of plagues already, and actually so did sub-saharan Africa (10+% population dieoff on contact with Europeans! Europeans are more resistant than they think. Must all those farm animals in close proximity)

  139. @Manderson

    No. Wrong. Capitalism ALWAYS changes. It must change. That is part of its rules. If it just sits there in that halcyon day of 1920s black Washington, say, for instance, it just dies. It must destroy everything beautiful and valuable and non-monetized and remake it as something uglier and deadlier and more expensive. That is how it works. There are no “types” of capitalism. You’ve heard the term: “creative destruction.”

    • Troll: Oemikitlob
  140. @Jim in Jersey

    You are so stupid, you think just repeating what you just said constitutes argument. I think a five yearold does that.

  141. @Johnny Smoggins

    Wrong. Australian and other totally white gangs regularly and systematically burnt down San Francisco throughout the 19th century. It’s class, not race, ma petite.

    • Replies: @Anon
  142. anarchyst says:

    Blacks WERE a problem in 1970s and beyond Detroit.
    I was able to keep up my property with no difficulty, painting the house (outside) on a regular basis, mowing the lawn and keeping the shrubbery trimmed-normal maintenance for any homeowner.
    Contrast my maintenance efforts and results with my black “neighbors” who did not keep up their property. You see, in the 1970s HUD had “special programs” to move blacks into single-family housing, without requiring these blacks to have any “skin in the game”.
    Of course, being white, I did not qualify for any of these programs.
    The liberal “urban studies” folks at Wayne State University always made excuses for blacks and their inability and lack of “upkeep” (normal everyday maintenance) on their homes. Their main excuse was that “the homes were old”…
    On almost every block, whites (mostly elderly Polish) who could not afford to move STILL kept up their homes–freshly cut grass, well-maintained exteriors, etc. despite their homes being just as “old” as those owned by blacks. No matter where you went in Detroit, one could always tell where whites lived. Neatly manicured lawns and well-kept-up houses were the norm.
    I finally left Detroit after a number of burglaries and little or no police response. The police KNEW who the criminals were but did nothing about it. You see, blacks were “oppressed” and were “untouchable”.
    Another situation was the “code enforcement” harassment that us whites endured. We always used the city-supplied trash containers (one for every two residences). Our black “neighbors” were too lazy to put their trash in the containers, strewing their trash throughout the alleys. Guess who got repeatedly ticketed for “improperly disposed of trash”? It wasn’t the blacks who improperly disposed of their trash–it was us whites. It was as if they (the black-run city government) wanted us to move…
    No, the old liberal excuses that poverty was instrumental in the destruction of Detroit is totally false.
    All one has to do was ask the party (liquor) store owners why they put up with the likes of blacks. The Detroit “ghetto” was (and is still) quite a “gold mine” for liquor, lottery tickets and junk food.
    I grew up in Detroit and personally witnessed the marginalization of whites along with the destruction by blacks.
    It’s CULTURE, not “poverty”.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  143. MBlanc46 says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    No black cities, of course. A city is too large and complex for an average 85 IQ population to create. But there are black towns, and an academic field known as black town studies.

  144. MBlanc46 says:
    @ben sampson

    Just piddle off. We neither need nor want your “gifts”.

  145. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:

    It can’t be class when homes in the same price range are bought up by Blacks, pushing the lower class Whites out of their relatively low-crime neighborhood, and then the neighborhood turns into a crime ridden highly dangerous hellhole. As happens repeatedly and with great consistency all over the nation and as happened to my greater neighborhood. Individual historical examples do not compete with consistent group numbers. Ma douche.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @obwandiyag
  146. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:
    @ben sampson

    white people may be in real trouble here..they may not survive whats ahead Black people can and will

    it is likely to be easier for Chinese and Indos due to their darker shades..their melanin. it is looking likely that whites will have to get dark or die.

    There’s going to be a wordwide mass genocide within the next 200 years. Most if not all dark races will not survive it. I’m unsure in regard to Whites.

    what are these racists here going to do with their jackarse, inaccurate,illogical coordinates on life, their screwed idiotic perspectives..who is failed and who aren’t in existence.

    What is screwed and illogical? We create and others want to take it from us, to include our own separate existence. There is nothing illogical in being against that. It is illogical to think that is just or makes sense in any realm: moral, genetic, social, etc.

    people like these here challenge my resolve to be positive about humanity. oh well! so long

    Weak minded people like yourself, with flexible morality that is dictated to you, are what has allowed the conditions to exist that are straining our civilization to the breaking point and have destroyed our communities. That such weak minds and hearts exist is what strains the optimism of those who fight to maintain this civilization against all entropy. The deaths of good people that your animal hearts and minds are responsible for are incalculable.

  147. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:

    Read it and weep, assholes of Assholia.

    Nazis, real Nazis, loved American blacks much more than they loved you, you weasels.\

    All I read in this post is “give me white wimmenz and white peoplez”.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  148. Pseudo says:

    So called “multiculuralism” is the problem. Homgeneous societies like Japan have very little crime. Multicultural ones are plagued by crime, decadence, and diseases (USA, Brasil, UK and most of western Europe).

    It’s funny as it’s exactly the same in Europe: when a neighborood is made of mainly of “imports” (blacks,, africans, and muslims as in Europe they are the main problem for crime, colonisation and terrorism), crime is high.

    When it is made mainly of locals (whites), crime is low.

    But, hush, the thought police is watching, you don’t have the right to say that even if it’s true.

    Why do you think the globalist agenda is to replace European and European americans with the scum of the world?

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  149. anarchyst says:

    About thirty years or so, the television program “60 Minutes” did a hack piece on two Atlanta neighborhoods (identical subdivisions), one white and one black. They interviewed both whites and blacks about their respective neighborhoods. The show’s hosts tried to make the whites that they interviewed look bad while promoting the black view that they would not have any problem with whites who chose to live in their black neighborhood.
    It was only toward the end of the segment that the show’s producers finally admitted that, although the houses in both subdivisions were identical, the prices for houses in the black subdivision cost considerably less by tens of thousands of dollars.
    Sorta tells you something…

    • Replies: @Anon
  150. @Pseudo

    What? Are homogeneous black countries and communities safe? TNB is responsible for the majority of violent crimes.

    Wherever there are blacks, there are plenty of black crimes.

  151. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    It doesn’t tell me anything.

    What you missed by skimming my comment instead of reading it is that I am speaking about Blacks moving into the exact same homes as Whites, while Whites still live in the neighborhood. For the same initial costs.

    But often actually for more money than the Whites paid, given any appreciation that occurred while the Whites lived there – or accounting for the fact that initially dirt poor Whites literally built many of these neighborhoods and later made them into working and then middle class neighborhoods through sweat and tears over generations. Something that Blacks never, ever do.

    The Whites are soon pushed out by Black behavior and crime, even though the Blacks come into the neighborhoods (as they are mine) at the current housing values when Whites are living there. As I am immediately experiencing in my own neighborhood at this very moment, and as I have witnessed in my wider neighborhood for two decades now.

    This is all a tired song and dance in what is and will continue to be a failed attempt at excusing ever pathological Black group behavior. No one believes that the difference is socioeconomic. No one experiences the difference as socioeconomic.

    The most dirt poor White neighborhoods in this nation do not approach socioeconomically equal Black neighborhoods in crime and dysfunction, and neither do any White neighborhoods as one ascends the socioeconomic ladder for Blacks by small increments.

    The Blacks here have ruined what was once a nice community here. This area is now an ultra dangerous zoo. Most of them came in at our housing values. See post 38 for my experience. This place was once a neighborhood of peaceful, very blue collar Germans and Anglos. They are largely gone. I’ve been robbed twice at gunpoint here, both times by niggers.

    Fuck them, fuck their excuses for their criminality and dysfunction, and fuck your excuses for them. All of it destroys real lives. They are a long lost cause, if there ever was one.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  152. you see you guys are crazy, lunatics…absolutely out of reality. you congregate here to bash Black people. that is what drives all of you..hate for Black people.

    but that is not the purpose of life..not relevant, not important or accurate. you do not operate by any known coordinates of existence, principle by which we must live. you just hate Black people.

    I don’t know of any place where Black people congregate just to bash the other ethnic groups. I don’t know what all Black people do with their time but I have never ever seen anything like what goes on here among Black people anywhere

    if Black people have something to say to or about any of your ethnic groups we say it to you..openly! that you are deceitful, racist skunts, killers, mass murders I say about such as Roosevelt.

    and how do any of you all shape up compared to Black people?

    none of you are better at any dam thing that a huge amount of Black people I know. what you can run faster, longer, are taller, play better, look better, deal with chicks better, are cooler in the culture..what the hell are you better at than any Black person?

    I know Black men and women in my time who are intellectually better than all I see commenting here individually or collectively that’s right! put all of you together and add more too and they are still better.

    but look at the world! see the Black people out there and what they do and accomplish against all odds. you guys here run your mouths but you are nowhere near those Black people by class.

    I look at white society everywhere..especially the USA..and what do I see..a downright mess? unemployment is rife, spreading..homelessness, drug problems exploding across the place. there is no population expansion or growth, no economic growth there is growth of misery.

    americans do not control their own has been taken from them and used against them. Woodrow Wilson did that and ever since americans are bled. white americans, Indo guys have all the money so who is getting bled but you so how smart are you.

    when was the last time american built a subway line, a high speed line. where is american urban is in the pockets of those who bleed american by control of their currency.

    I mean I can go on and on about what has been done to all such as you all here beating up on Black going to war to give your lives for the profits of the exploiters, which is the ultimate foolishness. but that is what you all do!

    so how come Black people are stupid and all you call us? it is you who are at the source of all this nonsense in the world. you make all sorts of claims of quality for yourselves but you sit back and allow all this rotteness o go and then Black Black people for if Black people owned the banks, commanded the armies air force, police if we controlled and ran everything and did all of that mess.

    well we don’t! and when we fought it..and fight it.. we get shot and killed and no support from the likes of you hateful fools

    what the hell do I want to the company of youse guys for?

    what are your plans, what solutions do you contemplate and try to develop..what are you going to d relative to me if you manage to take power..extermination?

    the way you behave you have nothing positive to offer to the world. I post up Ben Davidson..what do you come back with..some nonsense of genocide in some 200 years or so.

    what about Humans alive in conditions that have resulted in the way we are. those conditions will change putting demand on us for survival responses we better be able to meet or make.. or we are toast. the changes might allow some to survive easier than depends whom may have an advantage..according to how the change takes place. it may mean we are all toast

    but what it means most crucial is that lunatics like you are are all wrong, stupid, jackarses, dont have a clue about reality, about humanity and what is required of our social organization to give us the best chance of developing an indefinite stay in nature.

    that is why I have developed a distaste for the UR..because it allowed this waste of time, utter, pointless, useless racism, to develop on this board, and tolerates, hones it, allows it to sharpen itself up..pure naked insanity. in the end humanity is flesh and blood, of nature by nature..and must come to know and understand nature in order to know what to do to ensure our indefinite survival in nature if that is possible.

    it is rather simple’t it. such survival has nothing to do with capitalism as some permanent way of life..that ensures human survival. if we were silly enough to allow capitalism to get away from us, to live now the results of that savage way of life, we now know the existential straight jacket it imposes on the human species for the benefit of just a few humans who come to own and control everything, in the process deriving the means to lock down the rest of us.

    no effort to edit this guys. read it as it is or ignore it

    but that is opposed to what we have come to know is in sync with out survival. we must come to know nature, and to live the ways nature itself determines is consistent with our survival. we must discover those ways..and those ways are not set in stone. nature is also cause and effect and we must come to know what we must do to produce the desired effect consistent we our survival needs

    what the hell does all of that have to do with racism?

    it has to do with the development of truth, accurate knowledge of nature that we can use for our survival needs. and society must be always organized maximally to harness human talent working out human problems in relationship with and to nature.

    we are off nature and by nature. in nature are all the answers. there are no gods like we have made and posted to heaven. all in life is nature is a force not a sentient god and we as we are are relevant and logical out of nature. if there were gods in heaven then we would not be relevant to them. why in the hell would they make us? there is no reason in any logic I know why any supreme god would make humans as we are?

    nature made no religion. we are given all that we need at birth..a sense of spirit of the universe, connections to all that exists. and we must work ourselves to god..the results no down of our collective successful indefinite survival in nature.

    all of you racist lunatics are wrong, deadly wrong, murderously wrong. your horrific, nasty and hostile routine behavior proves that. no one here is looking for resolution of any dam thing on a human scale. all you really want is power to express your own idea of things in plans that kill by the millions. if yo’all here gained the social power soon there would not be a single Black person alive anywhere on planet earth. and all your problems would be solved wouldn’t they?

    no they wont be! that is what you will shockingly discover when your are done, bloody hands and all. you will discover that your problems, all the human problems on earth are caused by you and your sick selves..and the only to solve your problems would be to kill your collective selves

    no effort to edit this! read it as it is or ignore it

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
    , @TWS
  153. Hibernian says:

    You’re using the example of a priest in Quebec to excuse WASP disdain for Irish/Polish/Italian Catholics in the US.

  154. anarchyst says:

    See my post #143…my experiences in Detroit…
    My intention was not to make “excuses” for blacks. I agree with you 100%. My point was to demonstrate that wherever blacks reside, property values go down, every time. Blacks are of a species that is not fully developed, relies on impulse and instant gratification while also lacking a moral component, something that every other race possesses.
    Segregation and “sundown towns” would do much to reverse our present situation.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  155. @Anon

    Your response doesn’t even make any sense you asshole. It has nothing to do with what I said. You don’t understand the issue. Your just an ignorant backwards bigot who can’t read. You fucked up asshole.

    • Replies: @Anon
  156. @Anon

    Well, thanks for proving that you are just a pathetic illiterate like the others on here. You people are so stupid you don’t know how stupid you make yourselves look every time you type. It’s called fatuousness, although that word is to fancy to be used for the likes of you.

    • Replies: @Anon
  157. @anarchyst

    I think people need to understand that violence where blacks exist is disproportionally caused by blacks. More blacks, more violence.

    I hope that (Africa)-Ditchers (my term for non-blacks as a new subspecies-level or species-level identity) everywhere on this planet will realize this fact. People in richer and highly Ditcher regions in particular need to be taught the truth which can save their lives and property if they travel to areas with blacks one day. There are plenty of naive Ditchers who lost their lives due to their naivety. Let them watch videos of random black women fighting and fast food restaurant chimpouts. These are educational.

    Hell speaking of just China there are plenty of Chinese students, tourists who became prey of blacks everywhere from the West to Africa to even China itself. Some girls got HIV in Guangzhou because they didn’t know the truth. Many got robbed because they naively assumed that blacks are just another race.

  158. An open comment to “obwandiyag”:

    I duly note that you have responded to every other commenter here but me when I posed an honest, valid question. Why is that?

    I also duly note that you contradicted yourself in the above exchanges. In one comment you blame “free-market capitalism”, yet in your response to another commenter later you state there are no different types of capitalism, only “capitalism”. So, which is it? Are there different types or not? Which type are you blaming for what? Do you really know what you are talking about or are you an obscurantist (i.e. someone who doesn’t want to be confused with facts)?

    • Agree: Wally
  159. Skeptikal says:

    Well, once I “enter” a store, I am no longer on the street.
    I am talking about music played loudly on the street.
    I happen to play a couple of instruments, and always take care not to disturb others.
    I don’t play canned music outside.
    (Acoustic guitar playing in a park or something has a completely different effect than electric/amplified.)
    That is, I have told people who live in apartments next to, under, or over mine to please let me know if my piano playing disturbs. So I can stop disturbing them.
    We have to live together.

  160. Wally says:

    You mean a Guitar Center store with substantial doors which prevent the sound from bothering the neighborhood. There you go.

  161. Wally says:

    Indeed, so much for the racial lies about “real Nazis”.

    – Jesse Owens, a black American Olympic athlete, debunked the lies that Hitler snubbed him because of his race.

    – Jesse Owens, after winning his events, said:

    “When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany.”


    “Hitler didn’t snub me, it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”

    Hitler and other heads of state were forbidden by Olympic officials from visiting any athletes after their events.
    Hence the lie that Hitler deliberately avoided Owens is debunked.

    Jesse Owens was never invited to the White House nor bestowed any honors by Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) or Harry S. Truman during their terms.

    BTW, Germany was the overwhelming medals winner.

  162. @anarchyst

    Culture is down stream from race.

  163. @ben sampson

    Are you still here? I thought you said you left.

    • LOL: Dannyboy
  164. Truth says:

    Yeah!…and English professors.

  165. “I think people need to understand that violence where blacks exist is disproportionally caused by blacks. More blacks, more violence.”

    what is this blind lunatic going on about ..Black Violence! can there be anything more ridiculous as an accusation of Black people as violent in America? and what violence he can possibly be talking about..reactive violence in response to what is generally, routinely and relentless done to Black people..particularly by the state

    robbery/muggins, fights with fists and weapons..shootings here and there. the police have bigger guns than Blacks and kill Black people all the time. i don’t hear and read of, and see Black people killing police. so police murder of Black people is a one-way street.

    Violence and america is a Nile, an equality…but white americans dominate american violence by plenty, orders of magnitude compared to american Blacks. white americans dominate the weaponry and usually could have brought to bear on Black people, and on the whole world superior fire-power. not anymore with regard to an increased number of nation, none of which are Black..nor Black americans

    Violence is american in american everywhere…not only Black areas. Lots of violence, tons of what is this blind racist fool talking about?

    and for the rest: I decided to pay some attention to mixed people in the USA…Black mixed with everybody and the results are shocking. they are coming out of the wood work especially Black and white mixed. I focused on the NBA and I am astonished. I looked at the NFL especially at that brilliant young quarterback leading the Kansas City Chiefs. I have never ever seen any NFL QB as good as he is..and as unconcerned and lazily as he plays.

    everywhere one looks in american mixed Black and Whites are emerging in the top focus with levels of performance and achievements that ought to tell us something

    what does this suggest: that the crowd poisoning this board with their racism is a decreasing minority, who are finding less and less room in american for their attitude and opinion on race. few people, White or Black give a flying phuck anymore..too busy cohabiting happily, producing mixed children by the numbers.

    the racists are concentrating where they can on diminishing space that tolerates this kind of insanity anymore and concentrating here at the UNZ. why in the hell Ron Unz tolerates this nonsense here is beyond me. I would make everybody here prove any assertion they make, build proper cases for all they claim..especially the negative claims. that should raise the level of discussion..kill all the nonsense…drive away the fools who are here only to bash Black people

    I am done anyway. I just had to make the few last points I tried to try to wake the jackasses up to a reality that is passing them by whole. go meet some Black women guys. you might stick with one, make strong brilliant brown children, send them to school and help solve the racial problem..and have a nice sweet old productive life for yourself, while you are at it

    • Replies: @Janie in Detroit
  166. Anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    You read like Mike Tyson with a thesaurus. They’ve parodied Blacks like you for decades now, over-grasping to make use of our language gift. Attempting to peacock with it as you do with all of your perceived assets: cars, clothes, jewelry, houses, etc. When you people make efforts to grasp so desperately at our language and then display the fruits of your hunt, it always lack the meter and grace that is required for the temple. Which is what makes it fodder for parody. It’s always funny.

    Now go back to dreaming about White Wimmenz when you aren’t fantasizing about Nazi love for niggers over Northwestern Europeans.

  167. Anon[190] • Disclaimer says:

    No, I have it. You said that its not race but class that matters in terms of group burning a city down, in a post that was about general group function ad dysfunction. I replied specifically to the topic of the discussion: general group function and dysfunction. Then you had a predictable chimp out.

    It started here:

    It seems to be only blacks that burn down and destroy cities. Even if poor, Whites, Asians and Arabs can still make them thriving places.

    You replied:

    Wrong. Australian and other totally white gangs regularly and systematically burnt down San Francisco throughout the 19th century. It’s class, not race, ma petite.

    I replied to you with:

    It can’t be class when homes in the same price range are bought up by Blacks, pushing the lower class Whites out of their relatively low-crime neighborhood, and then the neighborhood turns into a crime ridden highly dangerous hellhole. As happens repeatedly and with great consistency all over the nation and as happened to my greater neighborhood. Individual historical examples do not compete with consistent group numbers. Ma douche.

    Here is your chimp out:

    Your response doesn’t even make any sense you asshole. It has nothing to do with what I said. You don’t understand the issue. Your just an ignorant backwards bigot who can’t read. You fucked up asshole.

    Where you went wrong, you uppity nigger, is that you read the original post too fast and interpreted it as the poster only speaking about rare instances of city arson. When in fact he was addressing general destruction and racial function. As is obvious from the portions that I bolded.

    I then responded to your reply in the context of the actual conversation, not your chosen reframe.

    Faking intelligence always fails under the weight of its own lie. Witness your replies that largely rely on asserting your intelligence and its supposed deficits in your debate partners rather than concentrating on providing accurate and convincing rebuttals.

    In fact as is demonstrated here with your demonstrably illiterate remarks, and by our wider social situation in this nation, bigots are in fact the opposite of ignorant. They are in the know. Backwards is, in fact, pretending that the wider indulgence of you people in any way, shape, or form isn’t the ultimate social regression.

  168. @ben sampson

    I don’t hate you, or any other black people…nor do I wish any of you any harm. I just want you to go away, far away. Mother Africa is calling, go build your wakanda.

  169. By-tor says:
    @Janie in Detroit

    ben sampson is the same Ukropian Zio-Nazi character as resident airplane tech guru ilyana rosoumova and Jen the anti-Russian maggot from the RT English Forum.

  170. @Janie in Detroit

    looks like I am right! By-tor and Janie are indeed looking for a home as the space for such as they shrink. no place to go they will soon be homeless. Racism and racists are losing out.

    the world is not as stupid as it used to be. the people are seeing more truth than ever prolly due to the capitalist crisis we all face..that threatens the existence of our species. even white people Smartening up.

    the world is overwhelmingly colored. there is no way in hell can white people remain white over time..nor will white people want to remain white..or anyone want to remain an dam thing for that is not what its all about. white people are more and more aware of that fact and are joining the world, mixing it up..into the real ever expanding flow of blood and genes that is the saving of humanity, the unlimited biological expansion and ecological fitness and progress of humanity.

    have your party racists…your time is nigh. you too will have to join up….or wither away.

    how sweet it is! hahahahaha

  171. take a look at your leaders….especially entertainment leaders. how are they cohabiting? how do their children look?

    all you’se racists here… can you stop that flow, turn it around?

    you cant! and all who may have listened to you, some used to do it too, from long ago, before these so-called leaders of entertainment cottoned on and are now flowing freely into any relationship they find suits their needs… with the men and women with whom they find compatibility, regardless of ethnicity

    there was always ethnic mixing…from the start. now its a veritable Nile river flow of mixing. now there are mixed children coming out of the wood works…beautiful children, tall children, fit children, brilliant children….the human future children

    “is wood fuh allyuh racists..solid pine! lixx like fire! Blows from everywhere! stick ya’all with a fork… your done. well done!


  172. @Janie in Detroit

    I don’t care who you hate…or don’t hate! that does not matter at all..of no significance. what is true is all there is..what exists, the truth of its existence and it works, what it means currently and for our future…what can we do to make it better accurately, properly..hone it not hurt it


    you can have whatever the hell opinion you want..if its not true, an accurate reflection for reality what the hell use is it.

    ‘go to mother africa’ my arse. I was there in peace, in my hut, in Africa..but it was you who came there..went there and destabilized my rarse, brought me here to America, so that now I have to deal with you and your dam racist nonsense, your overall stupidity and suicidal social try to save myself but in the process of saving myself I am saving you too, you blind ungrateful idiot

    keep your stupid blind opinion to yourself..that solves nothing. you have already built of your very own, what is it WHITEkanda?

    you have lit the world on fire and w have to put it out before it consumes us all. and you cant live by yourself anyway. you will soon realize that fact living by your white self in america, and come scrambling to Africa looking for me again, when you realize that you need my blood in order to go on

    well so many others have already realized that and moving ahead of you. there action, their behavior and decisions are facts on the ground, reality… not your stupid opinion which is a factor entirely of your own that clearly most people do not agree with..or no longer agree with

  173. Sunshine says:

    Would any awake and racially aware white, ever defend the liberals that want to replace us?

    My mother’s family is from the DC area. Been there for over 100 years. Came from Fauquier County VA. I was born and raised in the VA suburbs and have heard many stories about life there before I was born. As a kid I remember my family laughing about the Yankees and other assorted out of staters, moving into the area (especially DC). The tourists were also met with baffled amusement. I was told “only tourists go to DC”, as a child. We knew it wasn’t safe for whites.

    I left the area ten years ago and almost never go back. What is happening there, is really reverse colonization, in a way. The suburbs are now being flooded with all kinds of Turd World garbage, and DC blacks, etc. Those historically white areas are being destroyed. The gentrifier hipster liberals are ruining the greater DC area and it is sickening.

    It used to be pretty straightforward. Southern MD (PG county mostly) and SE and NE DC were for blacks. Virginia was mostly white, Fairfax had more diversity than Loudoun or Prince William, etc, but it was still mostly white. Everyone knew their place and pretty much stayed there. Everyone was mostly happy, and whites were safe. Not now. Last time I was there, in 2014, my husband sat up armed all night long, the area where I grew up in, had become so dangerous. Very few white people to be seen anywhere.

    It’s like this all the way out to at least Front Royal, now. Little country towns like Woodstock, Winchester, and all down 81 are becoming white boltholes for escaping diversity refugees. Yet, nobody talks about that. Because who cares about whites? We don’t get to defend our “historically white areas”. We are told “diversity is our strength” and all sorts of other obvious lies.

    Strangely enough, many of the remaining whites still seem incapable of figuring out that they’re being used to prop up the failing suburbs. Actually, a lot of them are from NJ/NY (and referred to by us actual natives as carpetbaggers, Yankees, or just plain scum) and seem to think it’s better than where they came from so it’s good enough. Also there’s the added bonus of them sticking it to us racist old Confederates when they agitate to take down our statues and monuments.

    All of that to say, F them all and F that area. I am ashamed to be from there, it’s become so synonymous with degenerate liberal self loathing white morons. I just claim my father’s Appalachian hometown as mine now. Much easier. And a whole lot less shameful.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  174. pheeeew. another jackarse!

    the white capitalist is smashing, destroying the world as it has been and is, trying to reshape it in a degraded form he can lord over forever, impose his social and scientific will on it to install himself forever as a dominant minority class over a global serfdom that would be totally defenseless against him

    this next one and all the racist here still see themselves not as working people, ordinary powerless people but as somehow different from the general lumpen, superior and must defend themselves/whiteness against the hordes of color invading their traditional lives.

    but don’t these racists here not see that there is no power on earth, that can make what is happening actually happen, is their own white elitist power…a power that has destroyed much of the color world, set up the mass migration and allow it to wend its way from its various sources to ed up in america, around america’s borders. all these racists here are being taken for a great huge ride and refuse to see it.

    what can happen next is that the white power will organize the racist, give them the means and send them off to murder Black people in the USA and rabid white Europe. they better move fast before white and Black join and produce multi-colored Europe and America.

    but the capitalist does not care about race long as he can impose himself on society no matter what is its ethnically. what it is is that he cannot deal with solid and conscious ordinary people regardless of ethnicity, all ethnicity organized against capitalism, and moving to end that system. he cannot win against the people so constituted which should be happening now as the final total capitalist crisis is upon us.

    from here on in, or out the options are social revolution everywhere, the people rising up and taking over capitalism and creating social systems of organization to meet the needs of all people with our advanced levels of material capabilities. the capitalist knows he has no answers to meet the needs of the people. he must act for himself, in the interest of his own class and in that he has one option and one option only: BRAVE NEW WORLD!

    that means totally perpetual, permanent human slavery. he has no choice! he knows that the people have but one option themselves..and that is to REVOLUTIONIZE SOCIETY, THE SOCIAL EARTH, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, AND BOTTOM UP AND ACROSS THE GLOBE

    to the capitalist that is maximum chaos for him, that will end in his social dispossession and the loss of his head. so he is creating a global chaos of his own to prepare the people for their own dispossession. the clear logic in all the chaos going on now is the logic of capitalist direction in the all the movement.

    all you jackasses here clearly biting into all this distraction courtesy of Mr Ron Unz apparently do not know your arses from your elbows. you are racists and vulnerable because of it. you can be led by the racist rings in your noses..are so being led into all the crap I see going on here. humans were on skin color that morphed into the many now extant. will we remain this war forever?

    how did humans came to be, why?

    no one knows the answer to these questions. all who proposed stories as to why lied in effort to hold us all in thrall. but it comes down to one answer at the moment consistent with collective self interest which is the same as individual self interest. given the development of the planet since capitalism the world has been brought together by exhaustive capitalist exploitation..and global social control by capitalists.

    capitalist social control means what we have discussed above so if the ordinary people want to save themselves from becoming biologically engineered..from the most horrific of human futures..then the capitalist/capitalism must be defeated and replaced by the collective ordinary perspective as the driving force of social organization

    that is a better, more relative and positive formulation and direction in which to proceed than the utterly pointless racist jackass, low level, limited of perspective, self defeating racism going on on this thread… a level that is truly unbecoming of Mr Unz’s board: a place which taking the lead from Unz himself, who prides himself on his extreme intellectual capabilities, should be place of real broad and useful discussion..not this crap going on here

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  175. anarchyst says:
    @ben sampson

    Ben Sampson, you are one hell of a human being! Your name-calling exposes your juvenile attitude.
    That being said, you are still enslaved by your own warped thinking. Decent people, even the few of your fellow blacks who have adopted white norms and behavior don’t want to be around the likes of your ilk. It is fact that most blacks want nothing to do with white norms, considering peaceful suburbs as being “too quiet”, lacking the “vibrancy” of loud music, street culture and innate violence.
    For one, as a white man, with considerable experience in the “racial spoils system” dominated by jews and blacks, I am PROUD to be consider “racist”. Looking out for one’s own race is NEVER wrong. “Affirmative action” was one of the worst things that could be inflicted on blacks, stigmatizing those blacks who could “make it” on their own without the “affirmative action” stigma.
    The stigma of being called a “racist” is fast disappearing among those who have the most to lose-heterosexual white males.
    On an individual basis, I will help anyone who truly needs help, regardless of race, BUT, when “group dynamics” comes into play, all bets are off.
    Your espousal of communism is problematic as well, communism NEVER working for the benefit of the common man, despite almost two-hundred years of experimentation.
    Ben Sampson, notice that I do not call names, despite our differences of opinion.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  176. @WJ

    Funniest comment of the day. Nobody ever says that here.

  177. @anarchyst

    yes..I apologize for the name calling. pretty rotten of me!

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  178. @ben sampson

    I also made no claim to be mature, brilliant, sane, of good intention, honest etc. I am not Jesus. and I am out of the Black experience, from the very bottom to my current half decent level. and let me admit that there is much trauma down there..lots and lots. to survive is an achievement

    there is trauma causing process on all levels of life but its inescapable for most Black people, the lower you on the social pole the worse it is. there is also great frustration that people with simple logic cant see the world for all that we know of it at this point. apply the most simple options and we get somewhere understanding things. what did the scholar Occam say about understanding things…

    people do not care, and the most horrific things are done to humans by other humans. there is more than enough in the world to meet the needs of all humans alive and more. and even more to come with the continued development of human knowledge, skills and technology.

    if all humans achieved sufficient material security we may see our way clear to ending all the nasty divisive beliefs and behaviors, ending systematic exploitation of population, and the intellectual and emotional justifications for such exploitation that are noting but deforming lies

    whatever negative behavior I may have displayed here is nothing compared to what I have had to deal with from a position of disadvantage almost all my life. still its no justification for a repeat from me.

    and when I call on Ron Unz it is no a call to shut people down but to jump in with correction and broadening of debate.

    now I think I am gone for good. its been a slice!

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @Twodees Partain
  179. By-tor says:
    @ben sampson

    You are no more part of any black experience than any Ukrainian Jew in Kiev or Tel Aviv. Try moving to ATL, Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Tampa or Houston for some ‘black experience’ you white, sheltered, liberal retard.

  180. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    “It’s class, not race”

    Journal of Blacks in Higher Education reported in 1998 white students from households with incomes of $10,000 or less score better on the SAT than black students from households with incomes of $80Kto $100K.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  181. anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Religious symbols cultural sacredness are under attack by racist fanatic chauvinistic Indian Hindus
    dancing ( marriage ) in serene Christian place for worship

  182. I’m not familiar with whose gentrifying Oakland.
    My guess would be the white Democrat liberals.
    They’ve doing it in Black Harlem NYC, and have done so in Williamsburgh Brooklyn. They are hardcore liberal Democrat
    Strongholds. Blacks are so inclined to vote Democrat, yet don’t realize what Democrat ideology and policies are destroying them. Those whites love blaming conservatives or republicans for being racist. Yet they would never accept hordes of blacks, Muslims or Spanish moving into their neighborhood. South Williamsburgh is a different case though.
    The Hasidic Jews runs that neighborhood, and I can assure you, you ain’t running them out of their neighborhood. And forget about non Jews moving into their neighborhood.
    They’ll laugh at you.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @EastKekistani
  183. anarchyst says:
    @Marc torres

    In Kiryas Joel, New York, you DO NOT sell your house to a “goyim”. PERIOD!
    In fact, if you are not jewish, you DO NOT attend their “public schools”, as well. Kiryas Joel public schools, paid for with taxpayer funds, are “off-limits” for goyim, and this policy is strictly enforced, jews flouting all “civil-rights” laws.
    “Fair housing” and other “anti-discrimination” laws do not apply to jews in the USA…

  184. Anon[906] • Disclaimer says:

    And the DC city lines are where the blacks have moved, thanks to Section 8 housing. My old hometown went from a place to grow up to a place halfway filled with the kind of people who didn’t build my town.

  185. @ben sampson

    I thought you’d said your goodbyes in your last comment. Is this Sampson’s last night in town?

  186. you see man…every time I pass-by I see the comments here and I must pause. this is a big serious forum here with wide readership. what goes on here is not unimportant.

    by-tor calls me retard. an unawares of the real savagery of Black people in america.

    I am unaware of nothing of the sort. I know full well what the american experience has done to Black people..the generality, those who cant climb out of savagery that is built into american civilization such as it is..on their own. Black americans as we all are are the end product of what passes for western civilization and by-tor is a perfect example of that

    by-tor sees Black americans, and by extension Black people worldwide, as inherently evil and not the proper, accurate and likely social product of the culture out of which they come. Black people cannot change cannot be better that we are according to his way

    for by-tor black people are an evil substance fallen from somewhere to pollute the earth, which is american..the american Earth period..Earth america. but then the majority of people who populate this Unz space agree with that summation. which is why this thread and website thrives..mostly on racism directed towards Black people

    what the hell is that if not preparation for genocide..a mass murder of Black people the world over..this time the last and final time?


    That is what I see building here in UNZ’s pages..genocide: the premeditation of mass murder, or its actual preparation…I don’t know.

    there is no discussion here that accepts Black people as human, capable of living better lives than currently..but as evil people to our collective core, for whom the only and best solution is extinction.

    what am I gong to do as a Black human being..ignore it?

    no! I throw in a few good licks of my own hopefully that help to expose he evil ensconced in Unz’s pages about which he does not even offer a comment of correction and clarification. so he agrees with Genocide then…Ron Unz?

    that is why I have been unable to leave it alone so far..a felt and perceived need to defend myself and the people out of whom I come

    • Replies: @By-tor
  187. By-tor says:
    @ben sampson

    You are no more black than is a Jew in Dnepropetrovsk.

  188. @Curmudgeon

    If my recollection of attitudes is correct the problem most non-Catholic Australians had with Catholics until somewhere towards the 70s was the idea that they would do what the priest instructed them. (Not all that exaggerated as I am reminded by an ex-Catholic who bitterly recalls obeying the priest when he was 14 and standing outside the Anglican chapel in which his sister was getting married). Apart from Vatican ll and higher education, especially of women (think Germaine Greer who undoubtedly attended Melbourne University on a Commonwealth Scholarship after attending a convent school run by nuns) the Menzies Liberal government drew many Catholics from traditional support of the Labor Party by beginning to subsidise non-state schools as well as introducing the said Commonwealth Scholarships which about a third of matriculants received on merit.

  189. @Marc torres

    These libs are ironically doing a good job. No groids!

  190. @ben sampson

    Ben, I sincerely hope that your Mom takes that smartphone away from you before you poke yourself in the eye with it.

  191. @ben sampson

    Give it up, ben. You’re obviously white, trying to play black in order to troll the regular commenters here.

  192. TWS says:
    @ben sampson

    One of the best troll tirades I’ve read in a Coons age.

  193. TWS says:
    @ben sampson

    Which brings me to my second point, don’t smoke crack.

  194. TWS says:
    @ben sampson

    What’s with the shouting, ‘UNZ’? Is there a desperate need for it to be in all caps?

  195. TWS says:
    @ben sampson

    I take it you’ve never heard of the knock out game or polar bear hunting, or you’ll call it an urban legend or blame whitey.

  196. anon[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Man, you all need to hang in imageboards more often. Otherwise you’d know a gimmick account when you see it. ben boy’s posting history is just Black Nationalist/Dindu Nuffinism/Class Warrior Leftism shitposting. You see plenty of that in the chans.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  197. @anon

    You mean I can go to other blogs to ignore him??

    Seriously, I’ve turned him off. He just takes up too much time with not enough information or valued opinion.

  198. dcite says:

    Obwandiyag. Don’t see your point. The commenters are describing what we have been living through in American cities for the past 80 years. Some of us came to the scene later than others but the story is the same. Baltimore’s row houses had white marble steps and in the first half of the 20th century, these were scrubbed white every week by working class (during the Depression, often unemployed) every week. As far as white gangs, yeah, they were around. Plenty of them and they did damage. But they did not turn entire cities in what look like post-World War zones. Vast areas of D.C. and Baltimore, the two cities with which I am most familiar, looked like they had just been annihilated. Describing reality is dreary and repetitive, but it is not “stupid” just because you don’t want us to know it.

  199. Medvedev says:

    Blacks protests against Whites moving into their neighborhood.
    Can Whites protests against non-Whites moving into their neighborhood/country?

  200. @obwandiyag

    So you think we need government-enforced racial segregation in order for blacks to be successful in business. well, I can only agree. When blacks can only spend their money in black stores and only have to compete against other blacks, they would probably do just fine. You need to spread this message far and wide to all your friends and family: segregation now, segregation forever!

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