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30 Years After Communism Fell, Putin Offers Alternative to Globalism. That's Why Our Ruling Class Hates Him
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Thirty years ago this month, Communist hardliners in the Soviet Union launched the “August Coup” against Mikhail Gorbachev’s reformist government. It failed and instead the Communist Party itself was suppressed, after 74 years of totalitarian power. Hopefully the current communist coup in the U.S. will similarly fail—but it’s worth examining why our managerial globalist regime enabling it retains a hatred for Russian’s current ruler, President Vladimir Putin, that is as intense as it seems inexplicable.

From “Russiagate” to charges that anti-globalists are shilling for Putin, the shrill accusations of Russia being behind every nefarious activity the global managers can imagine, to the comparisons of Putin to Hitler…On and on the trail of hatred goes, for fear is behind it.

Understanding the obsessive fear and loathing of Putin’s Russia requires historical memory, something our society is woefully short on, but it’s necessary for anyone seeking such understanding to back up to the end of the Cold War and recall the circumstances that gave rise to globalism.

The Fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The Soviet Union remained standing, but was fragile, reeling from Gorbachev’s policies of glasnost (“openness”) and perestroika (“restructuring”), which had unleashed a firestorm of previously pent-up popular frustrations. The Soviet economy was in shambles. The Soviets were losing their Eastern European satellites and nationalism was pulling the USSR apart at the seams.

I used to find it exceedingly difficult to explain to Americans the chaos and despair in Russia that followed the Soviet collapse. But with our country following its own path to self-destruction, perhaps that will no longer be the case. As the state and economy collapsed, their money worthless, their jobs evaporating, with crime, disorder, and corruption rampant, life expectancy plummeted in post-Soviet Russia. The longstanding Russian curse, alcoholism, became an endemic phenomenon in Russian life. Abortions substantially exceeded births, suicides soared, and the state apparatus and law enforcement collapsed along with the unkept utopian promises of a failed system.

The rug had been pulled from under the feet of the Russian people, the narod who had suffered so greatly, but who had felt pride in Soviet achievements—Yuri Gagarin and the Soviet space program, the country’s superpower status, and above all, their victory over Fascism in the Great Patriotic War. Now that was all apparently gone with the wind, and the proud Russians had to rely on Western aid, including aid from the International Monetary Fund, to survive, however unsteadily, however forlorn.

Nearly one year after the great collapse, your faithful observer was in Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far East. Vladivostok was formerly the home of the Soviet Pacific Fleet. At the time, the rusting hulks of the newly formed Russian navy were abandoned in their docks, listing and lifeless. I walked past them on a cold day in November, and they looked like bizarre modern sculptures, unguarded, unwanted, a gallery with an audience of one.

At the naval base on nearby Russky Island, Russian sailors had gone unfed, as their officers failed to provide rations for months. A number of them starved to death.

A winter storm had frozen the port city on the Sea of Japan’s Bay of the Golden Horn. The streets were covered with ice and packed snow, the power grid failed, and without heat, the residents of Vladivostok had begun dismantling wooden structures to burn to warm themselves. Police were deployed to stop the city from descending into chaos. They were supposed to arrest the people carrying off fence planks and other wood they had gathered, but they often ignored them.

As I left the unguarded naval docks, I trudged through the snow and ice, and noticed an old woman pulling a sled loaded with wooden planks. I pulled the sled up an incline for her. She crossed herself and blessed me, and I noticed a militia officer—a policeman—casually turning his head and pretending not to see.

A week later I was in Moscow. Beggars were quite common: amputees, destitute pensioners, old war veterans wearing their threadbare uniforms and tarnished medals, the very old and the very young, as armies of orphans took to the streets of Russian cities. Street vendors, often educated people who had worked in industry or for the state apparatus, hawked all sorts of cheap goods, often Chinese in origin, on the sidewalks of the dingy capital’s streets.

Through it all, I noted the good will of many of the Russians I met, people who seemed glad that the Cold War was behind us.

That emotional warmth would not survive the “shock therapy” economic policies of the Russian government that, on the recommendation of Western advisors, had gone all in on neo-liberal reforms, lifting price controls and beginning the massive selloff of Soviet era assets. Gradualists had warned that the country might collapse under the strain, and it nearly did. The political and economic dislocations that followed the Soviet collapse, along with the unpopular economic policies (“shock without therapy“) helped ignite a political conflict between President Boris Yeltsin and the legislature, the Russian Supreme Soviet, that would end with a mini-civil war in Moscow, when tanks commanded by Defense Minister Pavel Grachev (the tank crews were reluctant to take such orders from lower ranking officers) blasted the parliament into submission in October,1993.

The “Wild 90s” traumatized the Russian people in ways Westerners failed to fully understand at the time. And they also failed to account for historic Russian distrust of the West—the flipside of the good will I had seen so much of early on in Yeltsin-era Russia. By the end of the 90s, with NATO intervening in the ruins of Yugoslavia, bombing, among other sites, targets in Serbia, a traditional Russian ally, even Yeltsin had had enough and made his displeasure known to “friend Bill,” as he called President Clinton, to no avail.

Russia, humiliated in its war with Chechen separatists, would soon face the prospect of NATO expanding eastward toward Russia’s borders, though the Russians thought they been promised this would not happen. Relations with the West would continue to go downhill for some time. But a turning point, though few realized it at the time, was reached when an ailing Yeltsin resigned on New Year’s Eve, 1999, elevating Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the presidency.

Western triumphalism and globalization

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a seminal moment in Cold War history. To all intents and purposes, the Cold War with the Soviets was over. We would later hear talk of a post-Cold War “peace dividend,” a return to normal relations with the countries of the world and, hopefully, a much smaller military budget and a decrease in the vast array of American defense commitments made during the “twilight struggle” with Communism. Some of us looked forward to a time when Americans could set down the heavy burden President Kennedy had urged us to take up in his inaugural address. We had borne the burden of doing battle for “the free world,” and it appeared that there was at least a fair chance that America would come home.

It was not to be.

1989 also saw the publication of an essay by Francis Fukuyama in The National Interest, an essay that would become a widely discussed book, one that was a blueprint of sorts—at least in a cruder, simplified form—for globalism. The book, published in 1992, was The End of History and the Last Man.

What Fukuyama posited wasn’t that all struggle, strife, and achievement—what most of us think of as “history”—would end, but that human development had reached an end point: the apex of the evolution of mankind’s social, economic, and political development had been attained in liberal democracy.

Market economics was the most efficient method of producing material wellbeing. There simply wasn’t anything else. The Cold War had been a struggle of alternative developmental models and democratic capitalism had won—now the rest of the world would, perhaps in fits and starts, accept that as the only viable developmental path.

So went the theory.

Foreign policy realists and old-fashioned patriots might have mocked Fukuyama (and probably partly misunderstood what he was saying). But their real failure had been to misunderstand the nature of the Cold War itself. Traditionalists had viewed the battle as one against “godless Communism,” a fight to protect traditional values and social-economic structures. However, they had allied themselves with a Liberal-Left nexus that tightened its hold in the West with a victory in another war—the war against Nazism and Fascism.

The victory in that war solidified liberalism’s ideological triumph in the West, and further extended its cultural and social reach in popular entertainment, education, and the corporate world. A “long march” of the Liberal-Left through the institutions would marginalize—and later, practically outlaw—anything that even vaguely resembled a genuine Right in America. “Fascism,” which the Liberal-Left took to mean any manifestations of what they considered dangerous atavistic impulses like patriotism and religious and social conservatism, had been defeated. The Right was on “the wrong side of history,” as the defeat of Nazism and Fascism had shown. Any doubts about the developmental vector of the West and the world in general was deemed suspect by a globalist elite (and its minions in mass media) that was taking shape well before the Cold War was over.

The passage of the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 was a key point in the evolution of the Left-Liberal managerial regime during the Cold War. Opening the immigration flood gates was part of the Cold War architecture of the era. The propaganda aspect of the Cold War was fought in ideological terms as a clash between Communism and Capitalism (“the Free World”), a war of ideas, not of countries with concrete national interests and distinct peoples. Hart-Celler, which opened the door to non-European immigration, was an ideological extension of the Civil Rights legislation of the era, which was used in Cold War information campaigns to counter Soviet anti-capitalist and anti-U.S. propaganda.

Discrimination of any kind was viewed by US elites as arming the Communists with useful propaganda points—a Western democracy discriminating against the colored peoples of the earth undermined the global anti-Communist line.

Universalist language in American political discourse wasn’t anything new, but the Cold War went a long way toward promoting America as an idea, not a real place or a people with national interests to defend.

Thus, a global elite spawned during the Cold War, bolstered by Cold War era ideological abstractions, had consolidated its stranglehold on power in the Western world. The United States wasn’t exactly the leader of “the Free World,” but, rather, had become the seat of an expansive globalist project.

The Military-Industrial Complex had interests of its own, and peace wasn’t one of them. Globalist billionaires and the “Deep State” had become the not-so-Hidden Hands that manipulated “democracy” for their own ends. Ending the global “geopolitical architecture” that was established during the Cold War would be a direct, existential threat to their power.

Globalization” was a popular media buzzword even before the Internet made a truly inter-connected world possible. The collapse of Soviet Communism, increased global “migration,” and “free trade” agreements, together with the expansion of transnational corporations, global air travel, and cellular communications, facilitated the realization of the One World dream of a transnational system. Internationalism, dating back at least to the failed League of Nations, became transnationalism as global technological infrastructure evolved.

“Putinism” as an alternative developmental model (“Cold War II”)

Another mistake traditional patriots made at the end of the Cold War: believing—inadvertently echoing Fukuyama—that the great ideological battles of the 20th Century were over and that “we” had won. They missed the fact that their own reason for fighting the Cold War was not shared by an internationalist elite—and that this elite’s ideology had morphed into a nascent form of globalism.

As James Burnham had theorized in The Managerial Revolution (1941), mid-20th century economic, technical, and political power had fallen into the hands of a technocratic elite, the “managers” who also oversaw rival forms of the managerial system in Fascist and Communist regimes. The battle among them was one for global hegemony. So “we,” traditional patriots, did not win the Cold War. “Our” managerial elite notched a victory over their rivals.

As Burnham wrote, the “free enterprise system” was no longer the venue of bourgeois proprietors, but of corporate managers. Together with their counterparts in mass media, the educational system, and the bureaucracy, this managerial, technocratic elite comprised our permanent government.

Godless capitalism had triumphed over godless Communism.

By the end of Yeltsin’s presidency, Russia’s traditional suspicions of the West had been re-ignited, and the man Boris Yeltsin chose to succeed him, Vladimir Putin, would fight another war with the Chechens, preserve the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, and revive the Russian state apparatus. He curbed the influence of prominent Yeltsin-era “oligarchs,” and, with some luck (especially rising oil prices that had tanked under Yeltsin), improved Russian living standards.

Most importantly of all, those developments boosted sagging national pride. Russians value order above all, something that is understandable considering their turbulent history, and Russian identity is strongly connected to great power status. As their country became a player in world affairs once more, Russians again felt pride in their homeland. Higher living standards and revived national pride, along with at least a semblance of order, were the bedrocks that Putin built his popular support on.

The malaise that had afflicted the country under Yeltsin, and on into the early 2000s, dissipated under Putin. He proved to be a skillful player in the game of factional politics, as he used his connections with a number of Russia’s influence groups (“clans“) to create a balance among them. Elites could breathe easier—assassinations of top-level players in politics and business became far less common. Many ordinary Russians could afford consumer items, vacations, a car, even foreign travel. A sort of tentative optimism, for Russians are a fatalistic people, reshaped Russian reality—today, life expectancy in Russia is about 74 years, up from 65.5 in 2000. Life expectancy for Russian men has soared from about 58 in the 90’s to 68 years.

The bargain struck between vlast (the authorities) and Russian society was derzhavnost (great power status) and a measure of prosperity, in exchange for a limited “managed democracy” and “stability.” Since most ordinary Russians believed politics to be none of their business and enjoyed a new world of consumption (albeit quite limited by Western standards), it seemed a good tradeoff.

To be sure, after more than twenty years of power, the “new” has worn off the Putin system, and recent events (especially pension reform that raised Russians’ retirement age, as well as inflation that has eroded real incomes), together with weariness with Putin’s extremely wealthy cronies (a number of the Yeltsin-era “oligarchs” were displaced by Putin-connected magnates who control vast state and quasi-state enterprises), has increased discontent in Russian society. The perennial Russian problems of bureaucratic incompetence and corruption are as prevalent as ever.

Yet popular protests have never gelled into a countrywide movement directed against the Kremlin, despite the best efforts of the “non-systemic opposition,” whose best-known leader, Aleksey Navalny, is now serving a prison term. A crackdown on opposition media outlets and the forced exile of a number of other opposition figures, together with the Kremlin administration’s control over “systemic” political parties, has prevailed, at least for now.

At the same time, “Putinism” has resisted the incursion of what we now call Woke ideology. A law banning “homosexual propaganda” is indicative of policies that earned Russia and Putin the ire of the “global community.” When friends have asked your faithful servant why the global elites hate Putin with such visceral intensity, my usual reply has been “No gay pride parades in Moscow.”

That’s an oversimplification, of course. Russia, for instance, has forcefully re-asserted its might in its traditional sphere of influence. The 2014 annexation of Crimea sparked a wave of anti-Russian sanctions by Western governments and general hysteria in the West over “Russian expansionism.” A series of attacks on and assassinations of Russian exiles has not endeared the Kremlin to the West, and not without reason.

Yet the myopic globalists, totally lacking self-awareness, failed to acknowledge that their hegemonic aspirations of homogenizing the planet as defined by their ideological precepts were themselves, by definition, expansionist. Russia’s sharp reaction to post-Cold War Western/globalist triumphalism, which interpreted the fall of the Soviet Union as opening the door to globalist expansion across the vast Russian sprawl in Eurasia, was entirely predictable.

As it turned out, a great “twilight struggle” between opposing worldviews was not over, something many of us failed to understand in 1991. “Cold War II” is the follow on to Cold War I, just as the Cold War itself was a spinoff from World War II.

“Liberal democracy” vs. “nationalist authoritarianism”

In short, Vladimir Putin’s brand of quasi-democratic national conservatism, blended with an authoritarian cult of personality (albeit a mild one by Russian standards—Putin is hardly an autocrat, as he is hemmed in by commitments to powerful interest groups) and suppression of potential anti-Kremlin rivals; Russia’s revival as a world power; the rejection of Woke politics and “homosexual propaganda”; the revival of the Orthodox Church as a force in Russian life (though the Church’s spiritual influence over its flock is more apparent than real); as well as Russian actions in the “Near Abroad” (the 2008 war with Georgia and the annexation of Crimea, for instance); and the promotion of a “multi-polar” world, with Russia moving closer to China to balance a globalist West, have made Putin the face of what globalists interpret as an alternative developmental model—one that rejects the End of History triumphalism that once swept globalist circles.

The Putin-controlled Kremlin has enriched the president’s cronies. But has proved wise enough not to empty state coffers, distributing enough income from oil and natural gas exports to raise Russian living standards. Putin has effectively played the role of “the good Czar,” descending from on high to take on ordinary Russians’ day-to-day complaints (access to natural gas lines for heating, local officials’ broken promises, health care for remote areas, the list goes on and on) in what Russian media dubbed “manual control” mode.

Vladimir Putin himself is everything globalists hate—he’s a perfect “patriarchal” foil for Woke ideology and zealous globalists.

What’s more, as globalists see it,”Putinism,” in the form of populist pushback against globalism, has also reared its head in the UK’s Brexit vote, in Viktor Orban’s conservative Hungarian nationalism, and, most of all, in the person of Donald J. Trump.

Of course, the notion that Trump, a weak president who couldn’t manage the White House, much less “Drain The Swamp,” was an authoritarian Strong Man is laughable. But it’s predictable given the mentality of the globalists and their Leftist allies. For them, any support for traditional values and patriotism is by definition “authoritarian.” Traditional social structures (the nuclear family, marriage, churches) are themselves deemed anti-egalitarian, and thus, oppressive and archaic. “Democracy” means adhering to the precepts of a globo-Leftist worldview and its utopian ideals.

Thus, Trump, like Putin and Orban, was portrayed as a fascist dictator—which he was, in the World According To Globalism.

But there’s something else to consider: the longing for a return to order, an end to chaos, and the repudiation of Woke ideology that underpinned the emotional investment so many “MAGA” supporters had in the unlikely figure of Donald Trump.

Early on, his Internet supporters produced memes depicting Trump as “God Emperor.” That yearning for decisive leadership did not go unnoticed by the globalists and its Leftist militant arm.

Hence the Regime Media’s sharply negative reaction to Tucker Carlson’s interviewing Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and to Carlson’s sympathetic portrayal of what the national-conservative (“right-illiberal“) Hungarian leadership is doing, including limiting immigration. This fed the beast of globo-Leftist fantasies about what the “Deplorables” are all about.

Rod Dreher has been in Hungary for a while and, in responding to David Frum’s harsh criticism of Orban, explained why Hungarians, despite some misgivings about corruption under Orban, nevertheless support him:

I have spoken to plenty of Hungarians who assume — as many people in the post-communist countries of this region do — that their leaders are going to indulge in corruption…One of them said that she doesn’t like the government’s corruption, but believes that Hungary can live with it. What it can’t live with, she said, is the kind of corruption that says it’s okay to teach children that they might be one of fifty genders. That form of corruption can destroy a society.

Tucker In Budapest: Blowing People’s Minds, The American Conservative, August 3, 2021

And in Russia, a major reason Putin has remained in power so long has become apparent to this observer: lots of Russians have observed what is happening in the West—and they have come to the conclusion that if the choice is between Pussy Riot and Putin, they’ll take Putin.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia , and a novel, Field of Blood. He writes at American Remnant.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. But Putin’s checkered past… or at least those who made him.

    Video Link

    In a way, the Glob hates Orban more than Putin. Whereas Putin’s nationalism is rather generic and vague, Orban is far more specific about what Hungary is(as his country is more homogeneous than Russia, which cannot be narrowly nationalist when 20% of its people are Muslim).

    Jews rule the world and seek to undermine any notion of White Property or White Possession. White Dispossession is the name of the game. This is why Jews attack the very notion of whiteness. If whiteness is a valid category, then whites have reasons to defend their identity, heritage, history, territory, wealth, authority, and power. But if whiteness is invalid, just some ‘racist’ construct, then whites own nothing. Sure, whites as individuals can own stuff, even lots of stuff(like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett), but there is nothing that white people as a race, culture, or people can own.

    Such allows Jews to lay claim to and gain possession of anything that once belonged to the white world. Nothing that is white is sacred or priceless. No, everything white has a price tag and can be taken possession by Jews or non-whites.

    Since whiteness is an evil notion, the idea of White Territory is intolerable. Whites have no territory to call their own. All of the West must be on the auction block. It is to be sold and bought. Also, any bunch of non-whites can cross into white lands since no land belongs to whites as a collective.
    So, while white individuals can own lots of private property, there isn’t a single square inch in all the world to designate as White Territory. Of course, Orban disagrees and says Hungary is sacred ground for Hungarians. Jews cannot tolerate this. To them, it’s like Palestinians saying Palestine is theirs. At least Jews have historical roots in the Holy Land. But now, they lay claim to ALL the white world.

    Idea that white women belong to white men to have white kids to preserve the race is also evil. As whiteness is just a figment of ‘racist’ fantasy, white women are mere commodity for other races. They are whores for Jewish merchants and ho’s for black men. There is no meaningful bond between white men and white women because whiteness is just garbage cooked up by ‘racists’. This is what Jews push. Jews want white wombs to be colonized by black men.

    And there is no such thing as White History. Indeed, such never existed cuz whiteness was always a fantasy. Greeks and Romans weren’t white. Iceland and Sweden were always multicultural. Blacks always roamed around Britain and France. So, why not fill up all those movies about European history with blacks and non-whites? And even if some parts of Europe were all-white, that was evil cuz they lacked wonderful diversity. Shame on such history lacking in diversity. As diversity is so wondrous, all Europeans must fantasize that their ancestors and heroes were black.

    And white authority or white power? No way. Whiteness is ‘racist’, therefore any power or authority centered around serving white identity and interests is totally anathema to all that is good. So, while white individuals can make lots of money and work for powerful institutions, they must never think white or serve white interests. They must serve lofty ideals such as ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘equity’…. though for some reason, they must also serve Jews and blacks and homos even though we’ve been told tribalism is wrong.

    This is why whites are so powerless. Even though whites are still big in number in the West, have lots of wealth, and are well-represented in elite institutions, the white race is powerless because all those white individuals can never ever serve or defend whiteness but must serve ‘woke’ ideology or the idolatry of the holy three: Jews, blacks, and homos.

    It’s like all those horses. Horses are big powerful beasts, but no matter how many of them there are, they are powerless cuz they’ve been trained to serve humans. No matter how powerfully they run and do their horsey things, it’s never for horse-sake but for human-sake.

    Whites are now essentially broken horses of Jewish cowboys.

  2. Half baked propaganda piece. Putin is a thief, killer and lair. He’s a mere front man for the Jewish oligarchs that rule Russia like Roman abramovich. Speaking of Roman, his Serb exChristian wife is good at spreading retarded degenerate satanic art to dummy underlings of the elites and the masses. She’s involved in the pizzagate scandal and rubbed shoulders with Epstein.

    On Putin. I fail to say how any of you lot find him a good man when he was always a grifter that never cared about his people, ie a typical politician. His billion dollar mansion near Sochi speaks for itself. Russia is a pawn of Israel and has been since Yeltsin took power. Israel steals American technology and sells it to Russia. Israel and Russia are allies. Russia, the Iranian mullahs (all homosexuals btw) and China are allies with Israel and ZOG. Putin is a manlet thug that sucked at his KGB gig that’s why he turned to stealing and looting.

  3. @Priss Factor

    I agree for the most part. Unfortunately Hungary is like Russia. About 15% of Hungary is Gypsy. Orban himself is a gypsy and has done well to enrich his particular Gypsy clan. I feel orban was put in power, most Hungarians I discuss with online don’t like him and they are still against the wave of immigrants coming through their land but guess what those immigrants won’t ever stay in Hungary.

  4. cortesar says:

    Great deal of USA policy towards Russia is governed by the hate of Russian jews who invaded America in the last century towards everything that is Russian
    Their hate is one of the hate of vanquished, one of the defeated multiple times
    In Czarist Russia they were confined to Pale of Settlement, far way from Moscow and St-Petersburg therefore far away from the power and any opportunity to exercise their corrosive influence
    In 1917 their vengeance was brutal yet their power did not last long, Stalin gradually took all of it from their hands basically outjewing them (As they say it takes a Georgian to outjew a jew)
    They waited for long but finally they got the power again in 90ties mercilessly plundering the country they were born in
    Then came Putin and took the power again out of their hands and they are raging as lunatics till this day

    Here is how Putin deals with Oleg Deripaska one of the richest jewish oligarchs still remaining in Russia.
    You can’t help but admire the Man

  5. I have never visited Russia, but I recall the stories emanating from there in the post-glasnost era.

    The breakup of the union, rampant crime & corruption, breadlines, people starving or freezing to death, a Mafia-run economy, drug & alcohol abuse out of control, Russian mail-order brides..
    A shithole country overnight, despite the nukes.
    How much is true I do not know.

    I wonder how much of that will happen to this empire when it collapses?

  6. Excellent choice of theme, some holes, but still the best.

  7. A reasonable analysis, if we ignore the Jewish influence on the USSR, the Jewish carpetbaggers usually called “oligarchs”, Jewish criminals such as “the (((American))) Englishman Bill Browder”, the Jewish press and media, the IMF, and so on, not to mention the criminal regime occupying Palestine.

  8. Anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    Lots of words pretending to describe something far less convoluted.

    The Jews hate Russia, and hate Putin for saving Russia.

    End of Story.

  9. Anon[152] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Christians can do something with big impact – simply boycott everything related to those people. for example At your homeowner’s association – don’t vote for the small hat. Never use any lawyer, accountant, or doctor. Never buy from their stores. Never quote their authors,

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • LOL: Sarah
  10. It appears the main reason our rulers hate Putin is because of the dismal science. Everything else is trivial. Putin decided that Russia’s energy resources were going to be controlled by the Russian government and not by international investors. In 2003 Yukos Oil Company was going to sell around 45 percent of its shares to ExxonMobile. Lebedev and Khodorkovsky’s arrests put a kibosh on the west’s plans to ransack Russia. The rest is history. Ad Extremum!

    • Agree: HbutnotG, Decoy, Sarah
    • Replies: @JM
  11. @Priss Factor

    There are about 50,000 wild horses in my state. They serve nobody, spend their time doing horsey things, and can be quite dangerous if cornered.

    Servitude can be utterly forgotten in one generation. Maybe someday the Mustang will be our national symbol, rather than some cowardly and foolish scavenger bird.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  12. Schuetze says:

    This article is mostly standard narrative backwash. Take this “revelation”:

    The rug had been pulled from under the feet of the Russian people, the narod who had suffered so greatly, but who had felt pride in Soviet achievements—Yuri Gagarin and the Soviet space program, the country’s superpower status, and above all, their victory over Fascism in the Great Patriotic War. Now that was all apparently gone with the wind, and the proud Russians had to rely on Western aid, including aid from the International Monetary Fund, to survive, however unsteadily, however forlorn.

    Stalin was totally on the ropes after Barbarossa. Without Lend-Lease supplies in late 1941 the USSR would have collapsed like a house of cards, just like Hitler said. It was Lend Lease that saved Stalin’s bacon. Hurricanes and tanks from the UK, and food supplies, and critically important Vodka, from the US that made it possible for Stalin and his sadistic Jewish Kommisars to defend Moscow and survive that cold winter. The victory at Stalingrad was even more dependent on Lend Lease. Lend Lease supplies were being shipped all the way through 1945 as well, until the Red Army could strip all of eastern Europe of food they needed to survive. Stalin hid this truth from the “proud” Russians, and they still cannot accept this truth today.

    The USSR was also dependent on “Western Aid” from its inception, when Trotsky and Lenin arrived with millions in Rothschild gold from the West. The USSR was always Judeo-parasite state even with its over abundance of natural and human resources.

    Putin, the crypto-jew, was put in power by the Jewish Oligarchs that had looted Russia under Yeltsin in order to maintain their shadow power and shadow government. Putin is a Jew stooge just as Stalin and Lenin were, just like Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden. Of course both Roosevelts and Johnson were thinly veiled crypto-jews, just like Stalin and Putin, as well.

    Finally, the most applicable adage to apply to this very mediocre article is:

    Name the Jew, or it ain’t true.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Antiwar7
  13. JimDandy says:

    holy three: Jews, blacks, and homos

    Which is why they picked Jussie Smollett to be their symbol of holy rockstar victimhood. And if it wasn’t for those pesky Chicago cops–too obtuse to know their place as cattle–they would have gotten away with it.

  14. Putin’s “alternative” is the same shit in “conservative” package. The terrorist Ziocorporate globalist elites hate Putin so much he went ahead with most of the WHO’s CV19 plandemic attack on people, follows the same US ISIS-K script, he and Xi compromised for the circus US “withdrawal” from Heroinland and he can’t wait to meet WEF types for “cybersecurity” and “climate change” dealings. Not to mention that he endorses the 9/11 bullshit 100%, despite Western entities wasting no chance to pile on him for the Moscow apartment bombings, Navalny, Litvinenko, and the most exotic Novichok assassination attempts, among other things. And then McCain called him a gas station manager, while meeting ISIS/al-Qaeda to oversee their joint war against Syria.

    Putin himself has repeatedly stated there’re no ideological differences between the Russian Federation and the US/EUNATO Zioterrorists, only political posturing. He voted for anti-Iran UNSC sanctions in 2007 and delivered Iran’s missiles 8 years late, his mentee voted for the UN-approved NATO/ISIS destruction of Libya, he negotiated the Donbass war, and Odessa massacre, issues on term agreeable to NATO, met the first openly Jesuit pro-LGBT pope before they went to sing Kumbaya with the Russian Orthodox patriarch in Havana, he has BP, from the same British Ziocorporate scum of the earth that stole Venezuelan gold, as major shareholders in PDVSA’s operations thru Rosneft, and he doesn’t support any Syrian action against Turkish, ISraeli and US invaders in Syria.

    Better remember, Putin ain’t gonna come save you when the US-led regimes use ISIS-K, or plandemic, or climate change, or whatever, to come after you, the Western taxcattle, for being such naughty mindless consumerist white supremacist racist terrorist anti-vaxers victmising the poor global banksters and war/disease profiteers’ environmentally-friendly philathropy.

    Now, giving Crimea away would’ve been too much, even for Putin standards, and the Russian military would’ve taken it either way; Russian “democracy” is as fake as the Western one they based it on.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  15. No mention by the writer of the ((oligarchs)) who looted that unfortunate country, copperfastening the misery of its people. That Putin put manners on them and the visceral hatred Jews already held for the Russian people go a long way towards explaining current attitudes.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  16. Dumbo says:

    I think it’s just that Putin has some personality and is genuinely loved by his people.

    Compare to Western “leaders” – Macron, Biden, Merkel, Trudeau etc. Is there anyone who is really liked by his people, or even has the posture of a leader?

    You’ll say they were “elected”. (More like “selected”).

    Paradoxically, Democracy seems to have proven to be the worse political system for having beloved leaders. It rewards cowardly, lying scumbags, and, sure enough, only cowardly lying scumbags seem to get to the top.

    Rothschild and Soros like it, though.

    • Agree: HbutnotG, Pierre Simon
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  17. Brian USA says:

    The article mentions one of the most powerful, deceitful piece of legislation in the history of the United States, the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965.

    The supporters of this elite Jewish deceptive immigration legislation (Celler was Jewish) claimed it was mostly symbolic regarding civil rights, it would not change the demographics, I’ve seen the quotes from the politicians.

    From the Kevin McDonald book Culture of Critique:

    “In the end, the 1965 law passed because it was advertised as nothing more than a moral gesture that would have no long-term impact on the ethnic balance of the US. However, to its activist supporters, including the Jewish organizations that were critical to its passage, immigration reform was what it had always been: a mechanism to alter the ethnic balance of the United States (see Ch. 7).”

    From Hugh Davis Graham in his 2002 book Collision Course:

    Most important for the content of immigration reform, the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas. These included the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe.

    In 1965, an immigration bill arrived that Jewish groups could support. The Hart-Cellar Act sought to dismantle the quota system in place since 1924 and finally opened the doors to Asian, African and Middle Eastern populations.

    “Lehman is the reason for the immigration legislation of 1965,” she said. That was the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which overturned the 1924 immigration law.

    Herbert Lehman, the Jewish governor of New York State who went on to represent the state in the Senate.

    “Lehman pushed and bankrolled the legislation,” Dr. Kobrin said. “He did not get to see it passed — but he got it passed.”

    Dr. Kobrin, the Russell and Bettina Knapp associate professor of American Jewish history at Columbia.

    The deceptive elite Jewish immigration legislation is why the USA went from almost 90 percent White to now about 57 percent White. Most large cities in the USA no longer have a White majority.

    Massive immigration of non-Whites along with the demonization of Whites serves as a brilliant way to destroy a White society without using soldiers and bombs.

    Go to Black, Hispanic and Asian countries throughout the world and tell them they’re going to become a minority in their own country due to new immigration legislation and see what happens.

    • Replies: @Pierre Nicolas
  18. In Poland, we have a saying: ” Russians are nice people, unless they work for their government”.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Fred777
  19. Hopefully the current communist coup in the U.S. will similarly fail—but it’s worth examining why our managerial globalist regime enabling it retains a hatred for Russian’s current ruler, President Vladimir Putin, that is as intense as it seems inexplicable.

    There’s quite a lot of sloppy thinking like that in this essay. The managerial globalist regime is not perpetrating a communist coup because they’re not communists. They are not capitalists either. They don’t believe in the free market or competition laws. They are corporatists. So far they’ve been able to get their way by bribing the political class to enact laws favourable to them or not to enforce laws which would restrict them.

    Their ultimate aim is a society which is moulded and controlled by the corporations, and especially by those who control these oligopolies. Look at the “activism” of the Gates Foundation, for example. Ultimately, this is to be applied on a global scale, which is why they are Globalists. To achieve this, the nation state must be dismantled. All traditional beliefs and structures which support the nation state must be undermined, subverted and destroyed. Hence the Globohomo agenda. All statesmen who uphold the nation state, like Putin and Orban, must be relentlessly attacked.

    So far the Deep State has gone along with all of this, particularly in the United States. They’ve found the corporatist control of the MSM very useful in shaping the agenda in their favour. The demonisation of Putin and Russia has been used to justify the power, status and funding of the military/security complex, for example. However, there will be a rift soon, even as things stand. The corporatists’ ultimate aim is the dismantling of the nation state. The only rules to which they want to adhere are ones devised by themselves. Dismantling the state inevitably means dismantling and eliminating the Deep State. The people running the Deep State may be venal and grasping, but they’re not entirely stupid.

  20. Smith says:

    Putin is getting his ass fried this election if he isn’t trying better.

    I pray the communists win. CCCP needs to come back big times.

  21. Anonymous[437] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin doesn’t offer any alternative to the West. His ideology is the same: liberalism (not as extreme as the West’s but he’s still a liberal by any objective standard), capitalism, individualism, consumerism. He hasn’t done anything about Russia’s catastrophic fertility rate. The only difference he has with the West is he wants (like China) a polycentric globalism instead of a monolithic one run from Washington. The way some right wingers in the West lionize him as some White savior is delusional.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  22. Putin isn’t offering ANY alternative to globalism – HE IS A GLOBALIST!
    Seriously, if anyone thinks, for one minute, that Putin isn’t part & parcel of the world elite, happily playing his part in the current covid genocide, then you may as well crawl back under the rock you’ve been living under all your life.

    There are no politicians, in the west, who aren’t put into place by the jew bankers. And looking at Putin’s past, he was raised by, next door neighbour, jews. He is surrounded by Chabad Lubavitch and B’nai B’rith.

    It’s somewhat ironic that Putin comes from communist Russia and has introduced ‘soft communism’ while the rest of the west is introducing ‘hard’ communism. Have a look at Australia and some other EU nations? Britain’s nearly there, along with Canada and the US.

    If Putin was the man people think he is, he wouldn’t be promoting the holohoax. He’s an advocate for multiculturalism and while he isn’t on board with globo-homo, he isn’t against it. He just doesn’t let it run roughshod over Russia as it does everywhere else in the west. And yes, he’s intelligent and rips western leaders to pieces in debate, but then again, that isn’t hard when you look at what’s running the whitehouse.

  23. padre says:

    The author and I don’t agree, what annexation means!

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
  24. The roman says:

    How could have been possible ? How? The western world , the races of the Europe, had fought successfully against the infiltration of the jews in their natiions for centuries and now it seems that everything is lost. The enemy of the peoples of earth found finally the perfect golem for their world domination. Or maybe not , it might be a hope for mankind in the vaste russian land . Putin , whom I think is taking profit by the lessons of History, avoided to be trapped in a war ,thanks to the richness of Great Mother Russia that gave him a sort of indipendence Hitler cold not have. May God bless Russia and give her a sppecial protection though is the ultimate bastion for the white races of this polluted world. The golem is hopefully turning towards his masters . Men are not horses .

  25. The relationship between Russia and the West simply revolves around Jews.
    When the Czar was “poisecutin’” Jews, Russia was the bad guy. When the Bolsheviks were murdering Kulaks and other Christians by the bushel, they were the good guys.
    When the post war Soviet government clamped down on “rootless cosmopolitans” and moved towards Russian nationalism, they were the bad guys again.
    When the (((oligarchs))) ripped off the people and enriched themselves and their cousins, Russia was a happy place again. When Putin put a stop to that, they became bad again.
    Bottom line: Russia is “our” friend when it’s good for the Jews and our enemy when it’s not

  26. “Whites are now essentially broken horses of Jewish cowboys.”

    That’s pathetic if indeed true.

  27. Bro43rd says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yes Priss, but what to do about it is the 64K\$ question.

    WP need to withdraw from the federal/state system as much as possible, sit back & wait for the collapse. Stop buying new. Repair, reuse and recycle. Grow your own. Get out & meet your neighbors, build a local network of like-minded folks. Buy AU/AG for savings. Learn & practice self defense. As Bastiat said, our consent is the foundation of the state, withdraw our consent & the state collapses.

    Just a few things, by no means a comprehensive list, but a good start.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  28. Putin’s “alternative” is every bit as corrupt as globo-homo. Russia is doing poorly because of the cabal surrounding Putin, and for the same reason the west is declining. Russia is still a moral junkyard as it was in Soviet times.

  29. GMC says:

    But He sure knows how to build one Hell of a good Bridge !

    • Agree: Alfred
  30. DrWatson says:

    That is pathetic to say that Orban is a Gypsy. If he is that shows more than anything how seriously he cares about minorities, above all, Jews. What Gypsy “clan” are you talking about he is enriching? You didn’t talk to the right people if they said they don’t like Orban. Orban is our hero, and many people think the same. Why do you think he has been in power for so long? Because he is a true patriot, he is smart as hell and he is willing to take the road less traveled, so to speak, and go against the idiots in Brussels or wherever they are. He is uncompromising and courageous, which is a rare feat these days in statesmen. Your view of him is small-minded and untrue. Corruption? What corruption? Prove it.

  31. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “The breakup of the union, rampant crime & corruption, breadlines, people starving or freezing to death, a Mafia-run economy, drug & alcohol abuse out of control, Russian mail-order brides..”

    This is a racial problem of whiteboi Christcucks. The Russians relapsed into a Christian madness and destroyed their own atheist racial country the same way the ancient Romans had mutilated their statues and skinned their philosophers, and modern American kneel before the niggers. Conversely, suffering is not a measure of failure – the DPR of Juche Korea had hundreds of thousands starve to death, and yet the state became only stronger, acquiring nuclear weapons after the fact. (Imagine Yeltsin’s Russia accomplishing such a break-through achievement, LOL.)

    America hates Russia because they both are culturally close relatives belonging to the suicidal Christian death cult. America already used this connection in the past – the fart of change made quick work of the USSR (with Jews such as rocker Andrey Makarevich worming their way into the Soviet body). Now Russia half-heartedly offers a milquetoast solution to the conservacuck impotents in America.

    Honestly, this is where Russian influence ends. Russia is still mostly possessed by the spirit of “entering the West”, as the Russian state Jew Soloviev puts it. And Russia is not exactly a beacon of hope to Asians – to whom Salafi Islam or Chinese investments seem far tastier. Honestly, I believe that Russia missed its potential with the vaccines – the main market for Russian retrogradism is among the anti-vaxxer crowd. If I were a Russian prince, I would have turned the RF into the Mecca of the anti-vaccine movement. Reason must be used to cement one’s survival first and foremost, and culture war is the foundation of modernity.

    • Agree: antitermite
  32. @Germanicsandslavsaresavages

    Abramovich’s former wife is Jewish, based on the fact that her mother was.

  33. Art Deco says:

    He hasn’t done anything about Russia’s catastrophic fertility rate.

    Russia’s tfr increased from 1.157 in 1999 to 1.504 in 2019.

  34. Rahan says:

    I would just like to point that stylistically–as in structure as opposed to content–this article is one leg in globohomo land.

    The article alone is one hiccup away from ending with “and here’s why” or “and why that’s a good thing”. Likewise the text itself comes perilously close, structure and style-wise, to any random Shlomoberg article about why 10 year olds should experiment with dildos while fantasizing about Negro men.

    Vdare should perhaps begin paying attention to some sort of house style rules to limit the infiltration of globohomo language-structure into its territory. Once the Shlomo style creeps in, it’ll be hell rooting it out.

    Like the Shlomo pop art style. It’s taken over everything on a planetary level. Signal-jamming freaks try to counteract it, but how do you counteract the writing style?


    • Thanks: Dumbo
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Dumbo
    , @Joe Paluka
  35. GMC says:

    My 2 rubles worth – antitermite : Putin was KGB before he took over as PM of the Soviet Union. Geo Bush Sr, was CIA Director before he became Vice Prez and later President. Both men had a pretty substantial advantage over some common politician put in office of the Presidency. They had the right connections in order to make sure their countries were successful, secure, domestically thriving and could focus on the future of the nation. Which country got the better deal? Granted, the USA was 100% better off that the Soviet Union was, but this shows just how far Russia has come, and just how far the USA – should have. I wish Putin would have had a son – it would have been interesting to see, if he would have turned out as piss poor, as Bush Sr. son, Junior did. lol

    After spending his entire life , mostly dedicated to his country – Russia, and bringing it back from the dead, name one American that can honestly say – they did – what he did. ? Bushes’, Clintons’, Kennedys’, Reagan, Pelosi, Schumer lol. And Putin didn’t have the luxury of playing nice guy, with a free printing press and accomplishing what he did – specially in this twisted world.

    Like the guy or not – give him his dues – he brought Russia back from the dead, while the West was lowering the coffin, into the ground.

  36. MLK says:

    I take this article as a good sign that we’re finally beginning to contend with the Sad Story that is what followed our purported victory against the Soviet Union and Communism, beginning with the key period of 1989-91.

    As I’ve noted before, conventional wisdom has it, particularly at the current “Saigon Moment,” that defeats are hardest to contend with. Yet, what followed the glorious US victory against Soviet Communism (et. al.) proves otherwise.

    Though even as the more perceptive are reacquainting themselves with the last three decades — hindsight may not always be easy but it is in the instant case — we royally f*cked up a geopolitical free lunch, still no one wants to truly contend with a pitch perfect replay of Yeltsin’s re-election in the form of Biden’s illegitimate installation.

    Early on, his Internet supporters produced memes depicting Trump as “God Emperor.” That yearning for decisive leadership did not go unnoticed by the globalists and its Leftist militant arm.

    Nonsense (as to the first sentence). It’s been apparent since Trump took the oath that the ruling, governing, and intellectual classes, have been blinded and consumed with resentment toward the man. Not to put too fine a point on it but he has relentlessly made them feel bad about themselves and that just won’t do for people who have had decades to convince themselves their shit doesn’t stick.

    Rather than belabor what I’ve explained before, suffice it to say we are now five years further into The Unstoppable Force clashing with The Immoveable Object in the American Project.

    If you cut through the Fake News you’ll see that the claim that the US is a 50-50 divided nation isn’t just a cruel lie, it’s a risible one too. But for the now wholly discredited ruling and governing classes, and regime media, the Pareto Principle (80/20) reigns in Trump and growing MAGA’s favor.

    Whatever his flaws, Trump’s unforgivable crime was in refusing to be anything other than a real POTUS after increasing figureheads and pitchmen for permanent government in his three predecessors.

    Now we wait and see whether the anti-Trump alignment, domestic and foreign, Crosses the Rubicon or does what it has been mindlessly loathe to do — respect the Constitution and its Bill of Rights along with the consent of the governed.

  37. KenH says:

    When friends have asked your faithful servant why the global elites hate Putin with such visceral intensity, my usual reply has been “No gay pride parades in Moscow.”

    That might be one small reason but the real reason the U.S. establishment hates Russia is because it stands in the way of greater Israel in the Middle East. Also, the non-Jewish elites in the U.S. establishment simply won’t tolerate any rivals to U.S. power and hegemony and expect Russia and China to be subservient to U.S. interests.

    The homosexual crap is just a way to weaken Russia with decadent, homo coddling Western European nations and the U.K. If Putin decided to abandon Assad and sever relations with Iran he could execute homosexuals in broad daylight with little protest from the Jewish media and American Deep State.

    • Agree: Rurik, annamaria
    • Replies: @Art Deco
  38. But for the believers in the apocalypse the only alternative is to continue with the successful more of the same until the end.

  39. Maddaugh says:

    Pick any point from your comment and name one politician in this here world whose foot does not fit the shoe. The public may get upset that their politicians have sticky fingers, but in politics the 7 deadly sins is the fashion.

    However, citizens also want to see an improvement in their lives. Its when the Politicos rip off everything in site and the country as a whole slowly falls into ruin that the trouble starts.

    There is a big difference if Putin robs \$40B and the standard of living in Russia and its status on the world stage increases. Its another when someone like Robert Mugabe robs \$2B and Zimbabwe becomes a hell hole.

    We all wish our elected officials can be saintly but it has never been so and will never be so.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Decoy
  40. @Wojciech Garbacz

    Replace Russians with any other nationality and it’s still true.

  41. Maddaugh says:

    The major problem with Putin is he uses his head to think. One only has to listen to the man for 5 minutes to realize he is a Renaissance man thoroughly grounded in history and contemporary world politics and how one has affected the other.

    Take one example.
    >Putin: No Afghans will be allowed into Russia because of their terrorist leanings
    >Biden: Send them here because of their terrorist leanings. Send them all !

    The major problem with our leaders and especially the one currently in the White House is they use their heads to grow hair. One only has to listen to them for 5 minutes to realize they are full of shit and brain damaged.

    The fool always hates the intellectual because intelligence and knowing how to use it is the king of all virtues. Hence the fools’ obsession with Vlad. On the other hand the prudent man has little time to contemplate the buffoon. He is indifferent to them unless they need to be put in their place from time to time.

    Maybe the US needs to fall into the chasm Russia did enabling a strongman to emerge. What we need now is someone like Putin who gives orders conforming the most to good sense, orders that must be obeyed. I think that unless that happens we are done that is if the point of no return has not already been reached.

    A severe crisis always weeds out the weak and makes room for the strong, as in Russia, so hopefully in the US. Notice I said hopefully !

  42. cortesar says:

    Marina Abramovich has not only never been Roman’s wife but has nothing to do with him whatsoever
    You could have have verified this in a few second but you are a lazy moron
    The rest of your scribbling has the same value coming from the sewage that is your head

    • Agree: Antiwar7
    • LOL: Maddaugh
  43. Putin is not totally alone. Putin probably was never totally alone. Putin is part of equally convinced peoples with certain ideas. Every group has certain philosophy and certain goals.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  44. @antitermite

    A shithole country overnight, despite the nukes.
    How much is true I do not know.

    Remember who controls our media.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  45. Z-man says:

    The NEOCONS and the rest of the Godless crowd hate Putin because he reestablished Christian Orthodoxy to Mother Russia.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  46. Anon[289] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia’s Escalating Use of Private Military Companies in Africa

    Moscow’s use of PMCs

    Role of Russian Private Military Contractors in Africa

    Thanks to our Leader President Bashar Al Assad and President Vladimir Putin

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  47. @Verymuchalive

    Look at the “activism” of the Gates Foundation, for example. Ultimately, this is to be applied on a global scale, which is why they are Globalists. To achieve this, the nation state* must be dismantled.

    * Israel excepted, because they are, you know, “Globalists”

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  48. Agent76 says:

    Apr 19, 2020 US corporate takeover – Biden 2020

    Today, the U.S is living through a power grab by lobbyists and moneyed interests in government – the way Russia did after the Soviet collapse of the 1990s.

    Jul 26, 2019 World ‘will diminish role of dollar and US banking system’: Russian minister at Non-Aligned Movement

    Anya Parampil sits down with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov at the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Venezuela. They discuss the emerging multipolar world and efforts to establish a financial system independent of the US dollar.

  49. Art Deco says:

    Geo Bush Sr, was CIA Director before he became Vice Prez and later President.

    Nixon and Ford made use of Bush-pere as a utility man. Over a six year period, he was placed in four different positions: chairman of the UN Mission, Republican National Chairman, director of the Liaison Office in Peking, and director of the CIA. He held the last position for one year.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Thanks: GMC
  50. Art Deco says:

    That might be one small reason but the real reason the U.S. establishment hates Russia is because it stands in the way of greater Israel in the Middle East.

    No ‘greater Israel’ is under construction in the Near East and Putin’s not standing in the way of something that is non-existent.

    • Replies: @KenH
  51. Art Deco says:

    I think weekly attendance at the Divine Liturgy in Russia runs to about 6% of the population. I doubt Wm. Kristol’s ever given that any thought.

    • Disagree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Wojciech Garbacz
  52. @Germanicsandslavsaresavages

    I wish I could disagree with you, but I cannot. Mr Putin is far from the saviour of White Christians that some people in the West wish him to be.
    Unfortunately, folks easily buy into this false pro-White narrative, as there is no alternative to be found. The propaganda in Poland differs a bit, because the opinion corridor in Poland was tailored to suit the myths on the “perpetual German evil”. Poles are being fed with narratives about three millions gassed ethnic Poles; Jews make, of course, a half of those nowadays “proverbial” six million victims.

    • Replies: @Wojciech Garbacz
  53. @Priss Factor

    You really did nail it, Priss Factor!

  54. A very good article. Its only defect is that it fails to note that it was the Soviet Union (a communist country, not a capitalistic one) that defeated Hitler. The price that the USSR paid for defeating Hitler was enormous, beginning with the deaths of 27 million Russians. Germany, by contrast, lost only 7 million. And the US? Less than half a million. A recent poll in Russia found that two-thirds of the respondents wanted to rename Volgograd to its earlier Name, Stalingrad. Stalin has gotten bad press in the West, probably because the West knows that he beat the Nazis. It wasn’t FDR and Churchill.

    • Agree: AnonFromTN
    • Replies: @Petermx
  55. Che Guava says:

    Priss, you poor boy, we can shed tears for you.

    You were making your lack of knowledge very obvious with inacurrate comments on Japanese history.

    I was pointing out your errors, very precisely.

    Your only reply was a childish tantrum.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  56. Fred777 says:
    @Wojciech Garbacz

    You could say that about any people.

  57. profnasty says:

    “Give me back my pen.”
    That’s why I love Vladimir Putin.

    • Agree: Fred777, Decoy, Levtraro
  58. profnasty says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    “The brain is the most important organ of the human body.” Of course, look what told me to say that. -Emo Phillips

  59. @Anon

    Very true, and it begs the question: Why do Jews hate the ground they are born on, hate the very nations of their birth? I think we have to look to the Bible for the answer to over 2,000 years of silent war between Jews and everybody else. In the Book it says something about when the Jews rule the world, every jew will live like an ‘effendi’ with 40 goy servants. Coincidentally, on the Georgia Guidestones is engraved the elites desire to reduce the global population to 500 million. Well, according to Wikipedia the world’s core Jewish population is 14.7 million. I multiplied 40 X 14.7 million and, low and behold, the result is 588 million. Did I forget to say: I don’t believe in coincidence.

    • Replies: @Anon
  60. @Art Deco

    One should take the correction for part of Russians that have never been of the Christian tradition (asian Russians).

  61. @Lucy Lipinska

    “Poles are being fed with narratives about three millions gassed ethnic Poles; Jews make, of course, a half of those nowadays “proverbial” six million victims.”

    The fact is that those Jews did disappear from Poland. In small town near me, in 1939 almost exactly half of the population was Jewish, now there are no Jews there and in local kirkut, there are no gravestones erected after 1945.
    Regarding propaganda in Poland, now it is mostly anti-Russian, every evil coming from the West is justified as “lesser evil” that “needs to be accepted because if we fight the West on some issues, Putin will come and kill us.”

    • Replies: @Dingo bay rum
  62. @Brian USA

    Why do not you ask the Indians in the Americas about your thoughts?

  63. Beckow says:

    …The only rules to which they want to adhere are ones devised by themselves.

    Naturally. That is a key, salient point that is overlooked by most analysis. The global oligarchs – or corporatists of varied kind – want a world where they are in charge, wealthy, unaccountable, and totally safe.

    Dismantling the state inevitably means dismantling and eliminating the Deep State. The people running the Deep State may be venal and grasping, but they’re not entirely stupid.

    Lately, they have been more on the stupid side. In any case, they are not being eliminated but simply privatised. It looks very odd to us because we are used to a strong state for the last few generations. But historically a semi-private management of public space was very common, e.g. late Roman Empire was almost completely privatised with the Church emerging as a new – and initially mostly symbolic – center of public life.

    We are heading there, it is just that the current oligarch crop lacks class and a sense of continuity, so we get black worship, homo agendas, gender madness, medical paranoias…this will be quite a ride.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  64. annamaria says:

    “Putin, the crypto-jew, was put in power by the Jewish Oligarchs that had looted Russia under Yeltsin in order to maintain their shadow power and shadow government…”
    — Have you ever heard about Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, and Browder? I suggest you Google these names to have some food for thought.

    There were stories about some “Russian Jews” in Israel who felt so degraded among the “chosen people” in the “promised land” that they committed suicide.
    A hint: Russians are the forgiving people. Moreover, as a melting pot, Russia has instilled loyalty to the rich Russian culture into people of various ethnicities (including Jews). Why don’t you check the ethnic composition of the best Russian poets, composers, scientists, artists?

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  65. HbutnotG says:

    “rubbed shoulders with Epstein…”

    You apparently missed the point. Where do you think Epstein got his oodles of money? He hired himself out to lure and blackmail the rich & famous…that’s where. That’s a bit different than “rubbing shoulders.” I suspect he really did get “Vince Fostered.” But given the players, you and I will never know.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  66. They hate anyone who believes in traditional values and is against degeneracy and perversion whether it be Putin or countries in Europe like Hungary and Poland.

  67. pareddown says:

    Yes: “Understanding the obsessive fear and loathing of Putin’s Russia requires historical memory, something our society is woefully short on,”
    Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai noted the same: “One of the delightful things about Americans is that they have absolutely no historical memory.”

  68. annamaria says:

    “Putin ain’t gonna come save you…”

    — And why is he supposed to “save us?’ He is not diety. He has been trying to do the best for his country and his people.
    By the way, how do you solve everyday problems with your neighbors and state authorities? By taking a gun and putting your life (and lives of your family members) on the line?

    • Replies: @shylockcracy
  69. @cortesar

    LOL classic misdirection. That little theatrical was all planned out. The Jewish oligarchs own Russia and can kill Putin whenever they want. This was done for the camera and peasant minded russkies.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @bike-anarkist
  70. Levtraro says:

    [Putin] hasn’t done anything about Russia’s catastrophic fertility rate.

    Putin has brought forward aggressive pro-fertility policies.

    including paying money to mothers for having babies, more if they have more, with the result that FR in Russia increased from 1.25 in 2000 to 1.82 in 2020, higher than USA’s FR in 2020, at 1.78.

    • Agree: Decoy
  71. HbutnotG says:

    Until he dons skin tight jeans that look a cross between capri pants and stretch pants, and gets the sides of his head shaved close and a diamond earring, he’ll never appeal to anybody west of the Oder River.

  72. I was very much a normie in my opinions on politics until I watched a Documentary series on BBC called “Russian Godfathers” in 2005. It was about the oligarchs who controlled Rusia.

    I was the BBC that redpilled me.

  73. @Maddaugh

    Excuse me but Russia is still a shithole. Mean and median wealth per adult is lower in Russia than in Albania according to credit Sussie wealth report. Russia has one of the highest wealth inequality in the world. The looting is still going on in Russia despite Putin’s “best efforts”.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
    , @Alfred
  74. @Levtraro

    Most of that growth comes from muslims.Russia is only 70% Russian Slav.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  75. KenH says:
    @Art Deco

    No ‘greater Israel’ is under construction in the Near East and Putin’s not standing in the way of something that is non-existent.

    The ongoing annexation of Palestinian territory, the seizure of the Golan Heights and Jerusalem and attempts to balkanize neighboring Muslim nations are all part of the Oded Yinon plan for greater Israel.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  76. @Craig Nelsen

    Total agreement from me. Zionist Jews have bribed the US political class, just like the corporatist oligarchs. At a minimum Jews contribute 50% of Republican funding and 80% of Democrat funding. It may be even higher than that. That doesn’t include the funding and backhanders for individual politicians.

    The great English satirist Michael Wharton ( Peter Simple ) once said that, if there were enough cannibals in America, they would get politicians to represent them in congress. If they could bribe enough politicians, they would be able to form a government. In this regard he may be referring to Jews.
    Despite having Jewish ancestry, he was a Catholic traditionalist and a strong critic of Jewish influence and Zionism in particular. Needless to say the Tribe and their minions regularly accused him of anti-Semitism. He was published in the Daily Telegraph, a mainstream newspaper, into the 1990s.
    Sadly, he would not be published at all today, such is present media climate.

  77. annamaria says:

    “Where do you think Epstein got his oodles of money?
    — This is not a secret: see the Mega Group:

    Epstein’s main financial patron for decades, billionaire Leslie Wexner, was a co-founder of the [Mega] Group that unites several well-known businessmen with a penchant for pro-Israel and ethno-philanthropy (i.e., philanthropy benefiting a single ethnic or ethno-religious group).

    … another uniting factor among Mega Group members is deep ties to organized crime, specifically the organized crime network which was largely led by notorious American mobster Meyer Lansky. …

    By virtue of the role of many Mega Group members as major political donors in both the U.S. and Israel, several of its most notable members have close ties to the governments of both countries as well as their intelligence communities. … the Mega Group had close ties to top Israeli politicians, including past and present prime ministers with deep ties to Israel’s intelligence community.

    Another important player has been “the pro-Israel organization B’nai B’rith, the parent organization of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).”
    The Anti-Defamation League is a Jewish organization created in memory of a rapist and murderer Leo Frank:

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
  78. What you can’t post many places this comes from July 2020!

    Straight from the study: Ashkenazi Jews do not have the particular protein that allows the SARS-CoV-2 to thrive in the human body.
    Covid targets Blacks and Whites.

  79. Petermx says:
    @phillip sawicki

    You are repeating the propaganda history of WW II which the winners of the war peddle because it serves their interests. Most of what is said about WW II are lies. How do you even know 27 million Soviets died when they lied when they erected a sign at Auschwitz in the late 1940’s claiming that 4 million people were murdered there. In the early 1990’s that sign was torn down and the officials at Auschwitz announced that 1.1 million people were murdered there, with no proof and contrary to the evidence they have on hand. The Soviets also lied about the mass murder of 15 to 20 thousand Polish intellectuals and military people at the Katyn forest. They blamed it on Germany at Nuremberg and their allies went along with it. In the early 1990’s the Soviet Union admitted they lied about this too and that they carried out those murders. I’m not saying the Soviets were the only liars. The British and Americans were just as bad.

    I have no doubt many Soviets suffered and died in WW II and out of that number (whatever it is) the USSR killed many of those people itself. The Soviets moved large numbers of ethnic groups considered disloyal or unreliable to the far off east of their empire. But a significant number of Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians were also not reliable communists. Significant numbers of people from all three of those republics welcomed the German army as liberators and some of these formed their own fighting legions with Germany’s help and fought on the German side. What do you suppose happened to these people during or after the war when the Soviets caught them? How many millions of Soviet citizens did the Soviet Union kill, how many of that “27 million” did the Soviet Union kill? Some people also claim the USSR had “blocking units” where masses of retreating Soviet soldiers were shot by Soviet commissars to prevent a mass retreat, as took place when the entire Soviet army was in full scale retreat when the German invasion started.

    The Soviet republics populations of Latvia and Estonia also welcomed the Germans as liberators and they each formed their own legions and fought alongside German soldiers.

    Why would so many people from across the USSR hate their own government and even join an invaders side. Do you think that killing millions of their own citizens in the 1920’s and 30’s may have something to do with it? Maybe the fact that 80 to 85% of the Soviet government were Jews and this government banned Christianity and murdered priests and raped nuns played a part. In a country known for its “anti-Semitism” do you think citizens considered those Jews their leaders working in their interest? It is estimated 8 million Ukrainians were deliberately killed in the 1930’s and that is a big reason why there is a statue of the Ukrainian Bandera in Lviv today. He allied his forces with Germany in WW II. The USSR took these people seriously and they killed Bandera in Munich in 1958 where he lived after the war. How many others did they kill in the USSR immediately after the war. How many Soviets died of starvation and cold during the war? I’m sure this figure is high.

    The number of Germans that died in the war is grossly diminished as is the way the allied murdered them. And there is strong evidence the mass murder continued after the war ended, including by Americans. I have seen it said that 11 million Germans died in the war and I would not doubt its 20 million.

    It was the combined forces of the USSR, Great Britain, the USA and France that defeated the most advanced country in the world at that time. On their own they would have all lost.

    Oh, and by contrast to the USSR, no Germans welcomed any of their enemies. They were loyal and fought the most heroically to the bitter end.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  80. @Zarathustra

    You are right, Putin is the leader of a power fraction in the Russian state, not a lone wolf. If he were alone, he’d never remain in power for long.

    Quite a few Russians suspect that Yeltsin did not resign voluntarily and did not select Putin himself. Yeltsin was viewed as a traitor (that he was) by the majority of Russian population. Importantly, he was also viewed as a traitor by the leaders of the military, intelligence, and security forces. They rightly assumed that the second Chechen war would be lost exactly like the first, and they will be made scapegoats. They likely gave Yeltsin an ultimatum: either he resigns “voluntarily” and won’t be prosecuted, or they overthrow him and try him for all his crimes. Most likely they told him that Putin is their choice, as he was an unlikely choice for Yeltsin. Remember, the first Putin’s decree after attaining power was full amnesty for Yeltsin and his family.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  81. joe2.5 says:

    What you correctly call the US Regime, Regime Media, their movement, ideology and practice cannot be described as “the Left”.

    We are talking about the “bipartisan” (mainly “Democrat”) warmongering administrative structure of US imperialist monopoly capital. That’s the diametrical contrary of the Left, whose basic principle is proletarian internationalism.

    None of the “Woke” nonsense of imperial liberalism and its “Democratic” managing party is “Left”, as it always blurs class differences and those among aggressors and victims in the imperialist war. It should be called extreme right.

  82. @Anon

    Yes, that’s another reason Globohomo scum hates Putin: he foiled their dirty plans in many countries. They meant to make Syria and Central African Republic the same hopeless mess as Libya, but he did not let them.

  83. Schuetze says:

    “Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, and Browder”

    Putin pardoned Khodorkovsky just like Clinton pardoned Marc Rich. So Russia had some nasty dual citizens too, so what? Of course this is no surprise since the one time Khazaria is in the heart of Russia, and the majority of Ashkenazi Jews on the planet today have roots in what is now the Russian Empire.

    Russia has instilled loyalty to the rich Russian culture into people of various ethnicities (including Jews).

    Lol. The question here is if money grubbing, back stabbing, child molesting Jews are behaving more like Jews or more like Russians when they exploit and abuse Europeans. The undeniable fact here is that Russians are still proud of the way they raped and pillaged Eastern Europe. Of course they blather on about the “Great Patriotic War”, but it reality it was just their own sadistic sexual release achieved through inflicting their own beloved Judeo-Communist serfdom on other ethnic groups. This is why Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania and even Ukraine want absolutely nothing to do with depraved Russians who refuse to recognize simple historical truths. The only exception to this universal disgust with what you call “rich Russian culture” would be Serbia. Of course Serbia has behaved just like their big brother Russia for a century, murdering and abusing all her neighbors.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  84. @antitermite

    I have never visited Russia, ……A shithole country …….How much is true I do not know.

    Ironically, I visited Russia exactly 30 years and one month ago, when still part of the USSR. It was a short stop of two days in Leningrad as part of a Baltic Sea cruise. However, it created a lasting, impactful memory.

    We had first taken in the larger scene from deck while cruising into port – a city panorama of drab. Then riding on the tour bus to see the city and stop at some of its “sites”, I finally say to my friend while gazing out the window, “THIS is what we’ve been so afraid of all these years? Look at this crumbling place and broken-down people. As if they would have the will, interest or ability in fighting a war?” No joke, moments later, a black clad, bum-type guy who was stumbling down the sidewalk (obviously drunk at 11AM) then tripped from the curb onto the street into a heap. Holy cow, as if a Russian caricature.

    — A neat Soviet trick was to keep all the attractive, historical buildings created during the czarist era painted beautifully. The Hermitage, onion-dome churches and others were well-kept and provided the photo ops for tourists. Everything else was cement-colored beige/gray block style buildings in various stages of disrepair. On and on, that was 90% of the cityscape – hideous, truly.

    — I didn’t see a single person wearing anything other than black, gray, brown, navy or tan. Zero color worn except for the waiter at lunch had a red tie with his white shirt and black pants. (His hair didn’t appear that it had been washed in weeks.) No one smiled, many frowned – they appeared quite hardened people. Many had bad teeth and an unhealthy pallor.

    — I recall asking our tour guide about health care there and whether it was adequate. He paused (remember, they were always careful about how they spoke of ‘the system’ to strangers), then he looked straight at me and said simply, “Anyone who can afford to buys private insurance”.

    — Then, touring The Hermitage was surreal. After an hour or so, it felt as if my head was spinning because of the vast amount of stunning treasures, and in contrast to what I’d seen outside those walls the last 1.5 days as well as knowing how Russia came about many of those luxurious items. (From theft during wars — but, they display them like they made or bought them. Very weird.)

    I would really like to go back to see the contrast today. But the bottom line is, however briefly, I saw and experienced myself how much communism sucks. Avoid at all costs!

    • Thanks: antitermite
  85. Schuetze says:

    This is an excellent Peter Hammond podcast titled The Real Story Behind The American Retreat And Defeat In Afghanistan

    “We discussed: why there has been no revolution in America since 1776; the subversive activities of American Embassies throughout the world; how the American Government has betrayed its own troops numerous times; Roosevelt and Stalin’s attack on the Christian Church; the 1979 destabilization of Iran; evidence that the treachery we are living under today is God’s judgment upon a disobedient people; why America should have left Afghanistan in 2002 rather than overstaying their welcome and trying to force their liberal agenda on an Islamic People; and many other topics.”

    What I found particularly interesting was when Hammond starts comparing US POW’s left behind to be tortured in slave labor camps, and the ensuing coverups, in past wars going all the way back to WWI. Hammond explains how when US soldiers enslaved by the Russians after their prison camps were “liberated” by the Red Army in 1945 were sent to the Gulag for decades. But what is fascinating is that they discovered other US POW’s working as slave labor at the Russian Gulag slave labor camps who had been there already since WWI! Hammond then describes all the thousands of US POW’s who were abandoned after Mao’s communist revolution, the Korean War, and Vietnam. In every case the US presidents, generals, media and entire political class covered it all up. Over and over.

    He also gets into the history of US embassies being used as spy dens and centers for inciting revolutions and civil wars.

    It is a fascinating podcast, well worth a listen.

    • Thanks: GMC
  86. @Wojciech Garbacz

    Are so sure those,jews “disappeared” or moved some place else? How many jews after the war changed their names. Its part of the public record in Poland.

    • Replies: @Wojciech Garbacz
  87. The United States wasn’t exactly the leader of “the Free World,” but, rather, had become the seat of an expansive globalist project.

    That phrase irks me as well. I’ve concluded that the former Imperial / Colonial powers have rebranded themselves as Free Democracies.

    Even the monarchies.

  88. @annamaria

    Those are questions that Putin fans outside Russia need to ask themselves.

    Fangirling like stupid partisan drones solves nothing, though, and it usually makes things worse. It’s your beloved idol and ideal dear leader Putin that behaves in a “business and partnership or war” fashion in dealing with his US/EUNATO terrorist Ziocorporate globalist “partners.” They day after they sign Nordstream3, they’ll unveil the S-600 missile to deter their “partners”, and that’s the global way of the deal dating back to Soviet times. History’s there to be learnt from. It really must be hurting you that Sputnik V hasn’t been approved almost anywhere in the West.

    And, if you’ve only more partisan bullshit to repeat, shut up. Or move to Russia so you can actually have a reason for your partisan delusions, other than the misleading opinions of Putin’s foreign fanclub members. Putin unveiled “golden passport” schemes the other day, you’re free to put your money where your mouth is.

    • Troll: Alfred
  89. Maddaugh says:

    Excuse me but Russia is still a shithole.

    So is the USA
    So is the UK
    So is France
    So is Germany
    So is…….fill in the blank

    Yet, and I comment on this very often to friends, we may look at a country and call it a shit place BUT there are millions who live there who wish to live nowhere else. Its all a matter of perspective and taste my friend.

    South Africa is a rat hole but there are whites who will tell you they will live nowhere else.

    I dont measure median wealth country to country but by what the money can buy. For example, median wealth in the US is very high compared to Brazil as an example. But one can get a very nice 2 bedroom Condo near to the Beach, in a major City in the South, half hour from the airport for \$25,ooo US. Most Brazilians can afford this but how many Americans can afford a \$2M 1 bedroom in New York.

    I would live in the Kuban in a 2 bedroom house on the Steppe any day rather than an apartment in Manhattan.

    As for reports by Credit Suisse or any other institution I generally ignore them like I ignore most of the MSM propaganda. You have the right to your opinion but unfortunately it may be yours alone.

  90. @The Real World


    2 days in Russia and you know all about it.

    You are what’s wrong with the world.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  91. The conflict is framed as ‘liberal west’ vs ‘autocratic Russia’, but democracy is dead in the West.

    It’s really between Jewish globocracy vs Goy nationalism. Democracy is effectively dead in the West because virtually all politicians are whores of Zion. They are either direct whores, like most US politicians, or indirect whores like the ones in Poland who must serve US whore politicians who serve Jews.

    People like Soros have subverted all democracies and open societies with NGO’s that do the dirty work of globalism(with BLM and globo-homo) and financial parasitism. Ideally, a world might be a better place with more openness(with secure national borders of course) and freedom. But openness and freedom can be counterproductive when powerful forces use them to subvert weaker and poorer nations. Rich Jews throw money around in poorer nations and buy up whore politicians. Also, weaker goy minds mindlessly absorb the garbage pushed by elite universities in US and UK that hog the prestige. And under ‘free trade’, Jews buy up media and other properties in goy nations, which is the case even in Serbia.

    So, Jews don’t so much spread freedom and openness as use freedom and openness(as initial gambits) to take over goy societies and deny freedom to goyim, Against such aggression, goyim need to be vigilant. To protect national sovereignty and independence, they must curtail the kind of freedom that allows Jewish subversives and cuck maggots gain control of the levers of society.

    This is where Putin and Orban have been useful. But they are personalities, and things can change when the leadership changes. In this sense, China is on better footing because the entire one-party system is geared toward defending Chinese interests. Still, given that so many Chinese study in the West and tend to be servile, Jews might gain control of Chinese minds and financial institutions in the long run. Japan is already gone with total submission to globo-homo and BLM Negromania.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  92. HbutnotG says:

    I always said the cold war isn’t over. I still say that.

    No matter who is “in charge” the anti-capitalist sentiment (population) centered east of Berlin still exists, and has even by now, openly consumed every place westward to Vancouver. The cold war simply went “Plan B” early on. You best fight that war from within. To start, you carefully hide the premise and appeal to the vast majority – once termed “the born loser.” Every place in the world has “born losers.” Anything that smacks of “egalitarian” sells! Secondly you seize communication (using a captive bunch – in the US, the captive bunch was NY Jews) and make sure they understand how propaganda properly employed can become a success. Say the right stuff, the born loser will accede. Jews were lured by shekels and they’ll do anything for enough shekels. That’s where the Jew thing comes in. Shekels.

    It took about 65 years to complete but it worked. The civil rights stuff starting in the mid 50’s (“earning” those rights or not – was just skin color, nothing more) was the first step. Those “Apt for rent” want ads with “Colored” running in northern newspapers gave them their place to start. Given who was renting property in those days, (Jews mostly) that “colored” designation was deliberate. Fracturing a society is long known to be a component of successfully disemboweling a country. That’s what religion was good for. And, a polyethnic country like the US was a sitting duck for that method, and, negroes no longer rural, the big cities would be “the stage.” They knew coloreds were a significant part of the US urban population, and now could afford a newspaper and a TV. The nuclear warhead thing was a diversion – right from the start. And, much like the chest cold “PAN”demic, it worked! (wording is very important; today one can fly to the opposite corner of the world within hours, so everything is, by definition, an epidemic – pandemic is an obsolete concept but it sells (((advertising))).

    The Bolsheviks were not content to stop with Russia or its satellites. I wonder if they had the perception to realize that communication on a worldwide basis could potentially expose a system where being “party” was the sole key to living above and beyond “subsistence” – a concept that capitalism doesn’t employ in its sales pitch. But sugar sweeten that party thing, they’ll go for it.

  93. @Dingo bay rum

    One day in 1942 Jews from local ghetto were told to gather at town center and they were all taken away by German police and military detachment to the nearest train station. My grandfather was an eye witness while this was happening. There are multiple towns like this in the region where I live, you can easily recognize even today where Jews used to live by characteristic architecture: their homes shared one entrance between houses leading to shared backyard, so they could still socialize with each others during szabat. It is possible that some single Jews stayed behind, but most of them were gone. I went to high school in one of this small towns and I did not know a single Jew, although there were some last names that sounded Jewish like Rubinkiewicz that still existed in this town. And those that changed their names usually came from Soviet Union with the Red Army, some of them were Soviet citizens, some of them were Polish Jews that managed to escape to Soviet Union during war. They were communists and wanted to pose as Poles so that it would seem that love towards communism was also coming from “Poles”, which was generally not true.

    • Replies: @Rich
  94. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    A few observations from a commenter who was there when you were. Supporting assertions of Russian corruption with RFE/RL is not super convincing. Radio Free Europe & RL are irretrievably full of shit. It’s wall-to-wall CIA fabrication.

    In general, the idea that internationalism changed to globalism is a bit inaccurate. Internationalism never went away – it’s just that the US and its satellite states tried and failed to replace it. The core of it is rule of law. Internationalism has its own G-17 group:

    And the G-77 and the NAM have been internationalist all along.

    What you hear about in the Western bloc is ‘rules-based order,’ which is word salad CIA invented to avoid using terms of art that curtail impunity.

    Putin is not in the doghouse because of insufficient gayness. He’s an enemy of the West because he’s enforcing rule of law at gunpoint, or missile-point, in Syria, Venezuela, Crimea, and in international forums. Russia’s alternative is rule of law. Lavrov regularly tells you so.

    Rule of law includes rights, of course, and Russia dominates the US on all the most comprehensive measures of human rights performance. Feel free to compare, Russians get a better deal than you do with your bullshit US rights.

    That’s why Putin has approval ratings that US puppet rulers only dream of.

    • Agree: GMC
  95. anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    yeah. no way do they hate him because he blew up apartment buildings and kills his political opponents and controls more megatons of nukes than the US. no way.

    once a chekist always a chekist. — putin outside the lubyanka

  96. @obwandiyag

    …and you know all about it.

    No such claim was made. My descriptions do prove, however, that I have 100% more experience with Soviet Russia than you do.

    I see your other comments on here in addition to this one. You are either a deeply stupid person or not adequately medicated for your mental condition. Perhaps, it’s both.

    Why don’t you defect to Russia and provide us with real-time reporting. You seem to have the right temperament to live there. Dosvedanya….

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  97. annamaria says:

    “peasant minded russkies.”
    — You see how easy it is to spot a “chosen” due to the “chosen’s” unfounded arrogance.
    Keep waiting to become an effendi.

  98. bispora says:

    As it seems, you are a libtard idiot.
    Please check this picture showing Orban and his brother and their grandfathers.

    Be ashamed of yourself…

  99. Levtraro says:

    I feel some resentment in your response to my denying the BS regurgitated by some Anonymous but yes Uzbekos and a few other muslim nationalities are having many babies in Russia, but Russian women are having the largest number of newborns due to greater security and confidence in the future. The linear growth in Russian FR you can see in the link to the Statista webpage from 2000 to 2020 is due in small part to women from former Soviet muslim nationalities but it is mostly due to Russian women. But I feel you don’t care much about data and numbers and statistics since you have your opinion instead.

    Russians introduced the concept of maternity capital to incentivize women to have a second baby. For every new baby, the woman receives close to 5 thousand euros. Women can have up to 2 years out of work to care for the baby with full salary. Poor families will in addition receive a substantial (for poor families) monthly salary for every baby until the age of 18 months. Women that cann’t have babies naturally receive full reimbursement for IVF treatments. Playgrounds are being constructed in neighboorhoods. There are policies for mortgage relief to poor families that have more babies. This is easily verifiable info.

  100. Now I see why Russia Gate bullhorns were loaded and aimed against Trump and his team. The CultMarx communists calling the shots were terrified that by acknowledging and legitimizing Putin’s Russia, it would send a wrong message to Americans fed up with a bloated overreaching government and that they too would want their own collapse of a failed socialist welfare state run by GlobalHomo globalists.

  101. EugeneGur says:

    How much is true I do not know.

    All of it and more besides.

  102. @annamaria

    Imagine batting for a bunch savages like the rus. I don’t understand why some people that are aware of worldwide judean empire still like those clowns a lot, they’re basically the same. Very dishonest, and bloody. Putin sucks.

  103. @Levtraro

    Those incentives exist in basically every country that isn’t in Africa or Asia. I’d like to know where the data is that specifically looks into the TFR of Slav women and Muslim women in Russia. Russia is still a dying nation with below level replacement, loads of Russians fleeing to the west and loads of muslims from Central Asia relocating in the big cities of Russia. Moscow is like 50% Slav btw.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Levtraro
  104. @anonymous

    Putin’ approval ratings were approved by Putin himself.

    • Troll: Olivier1973
  105. jsigur says:

    Believe me, Russia is the least of our worries. A s far as Jews supporting Putin, Jews get us to do their dirty work and they pretend to like both sides depending on what interest group they are addressing with their propaganda. I too choose Putin over ‘Pussy Riot” gladly

    • Agree: Fred777
  106. Elect leaders who love their country like Putin loves Russia, or American leaders love Israel.

    • Replies: @W
  107. Art Deco says:

    The ongoing annexation of Palestinian territory, the seizure of the Golan Heights and Jerusalem and attempts to balkanize neighboring Muslim nations are all part of the Oded Yinon plan for greater Israel.

    Israel controls a smaller territory than it did in 1967, a smaller territory than it did in 1992, a smaller territory than it did in 2003. If they’re building a ‘greater Israel’, they’re unclear on the concept.

    The Golan Heights was a prize from the 1967 war. You do not want to lose territory, don’t join one of Gamal Abdel Nasser’s madcap schemes. You want your little piece of territory back, you have to bargain for it in good faith, something Syria has refused to do for > 70 years. Well, time’s up. BTW, the local population is Druze, rather unlike the Syrian majority (Sunni) or the Syrian political elite (Alawite and Sunnis married to Alawites).

    As for the West Bank and Gaza, the Arab states acting on behalf of the local Arabs and the local Arab politicians themselves have rejected or sabotaged six separate efforts to improve their situation through devolution or territorial cession, most recently in 2008, 2004, and 2000. How many times the Arabs have to say ‘no’ before you expect the Jews to get the idea that territorial compromise and devolution are not what they want? They want what you want, which is dead Jews. The Jews aren’t co-operating, for obvious reason.

    You seem to have forgotten that Gaza was ceded unilaterally in 2004 and that the portions of the West Bank under Israeli civil administration have only about 150,000 resident Arabs. The vast bulk of the Arabs on the West Bank live under the PA’s civil administration.

    • Replies: @Phibbs
    , @KenH
  108. @Beckow

    In any case, they are not being eliminated but simply privatised. It looks very odd to us because we are used to a strong state for the last few generations. But historically a semi-private management of public space was very common, e.g. late Roman Empire was almost completely privatised with the Church emerging as a new – and initially mostly symbolic – center of public life.

    Your grasp of history is poor. In the Roman Empire, as in nearly all other states, the vast majority of property was privately or corporately owned. The exceptions have been certain Communist states in the 20th Century. The Roman Empire didn’t need to be privatised, it was already nearly all privately owned. The emergence of the Church as a major corporate landowner did not gather pace until the Middle Ages.

    We are heading there, it is just that the current oligarch crop lacks class and a sense of continuity, so we get black worship, homo agendas, gender madness, medical paranoias…this will be quite a ride.

    No, we’re not heading back to the later Roman Empire or anything similar. This is a novel phenomenon.
    The oligarchs are not doing what they are doing not because they lack class or a sense of continuity. Black worship, homo agendas et al are a feature. They are there to undermine and subvert traditional beliefs and structures that underpin the nation state. These corporatists have nothing to replace it. They are nihilists.

    Economic collapse and then social collapse are imminent. When this happens, our hostile elite will be exposed to popular retribution. Their game will be over.

  109. @antitermite

    One thing’s for certain, there will be no demand for America’s, spoiled, overweight, lazy, liberated women.

    • LOL: antitermite
  110. Rich says:
    @Wojciech Garbacz

    You should see the town I was born in, Italian and Irish and some Germans. All White anyway. Go there today and you won’t find a single Paleface, and this is in Queens, NY. Nobody was gathered in the town square, but by the time I was 5, no more Whites.

    As to the Jewish question in Poland, they weren’t native to the region, were installed as a population replacement by forces hostile to the Polish people. Many died in WW2, so did many Poles, Germans, Russians and the rest of the European people. We can also assume many ended up in the West, in Israel and even the Soviet Union. “War is hell”, they say.

  111. Emslander says:

    I was expecting an outline of Putinism as a structural alternative to Western pseudo-imperialism. If it’s simply internal order, authoritarianism and nationalism, then it seems that Russia and China are determined to let the USA dangle in the wind.

  112. R2b says:

    Putin represents the best for the world.
    Few other does.
    But it is only discernable in duration.
    And of course, in the end.
    Durability is now in the wager.
    Because the month now, is perhaps one of the most decisive in world History.
    Every card in the deck, may then show it’s real colour.
    Let us all hope, that this escalated madness, escalates no more.

  113. @cortesar

    Actually I am happy with him because he puts Germans and Slavs in the same bag.
    If Hitler would accept Austrian policies Germans and Slavs would rule the world long time ago.

  114. Dumbo says:

    That’s an interesting article, but I doubt that Ms. Schwarz really gave a black dildo to her 10-year old, she just wants “fellow white” moms to do it.

    Just as Sarah Seltzer did not abort her daughters, but celebrates abortion with the hopes that “fellow white” moms will do it.

    Sadly, many people are just followers, and for some reason they tend to follow more bad advice than good – I guess it’s human nature, as sin is more attractive or easier than virtue.

    It’s in fact one of the most depressive aspects of this whole thing, that so many follow bad advice from a few Pied Pipers of Doom.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  115. @Germanicsandslavsaresavages

    It’s Alwayswrite!!

    No counterargument, just disparagement.

    Kinda like the Hasbara trolls that pimp Israel.

  116. Dumbo says:

    That’s an interesting article you link, but I doubt that Ms. Schwarz really gave a black dildo to her 10-year old, she just wants “fellow white” moms to do it.

    Just as Ms. Seltzer did not abort her daughters, but celebrates abortion with the hopes that “fellow white” moms will do it.

    Sadly, many people are just followers, and for some reason they tend to follow more bad advice than good – I guess it’s human nature, as sin is more attractive or easier than virtue.

    It’s in fact one of the most depressive aspects of this whole thing, that so many follow bad advice from a few Pied Pipers of Doom.

  117. SafeNow says:

    I have played online chess against hundreds of Russians. They tend to favor what chess players call “quiet moves.” I can’t prove it, but I think perhaps one can extrapolate this predilection to Russia’s leaders. American players, by contrast, are more likely to indulge in dubious adventures, even recklessness. And one more thing. When a Russian player has a lost game, he is realistic and resigns. This is considered to be a polite and respectful admission to make, amongst chess players. American players are more likely to rudely persist in a hopeless cause.

  118. @Schuetze

    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania and even Ukraine

    Have been raped and sodomized by West led banksters, to the point where they are in a state where Russia should have been, but were not fooled.

    You are some severely butt-hurt “victim” of something…
    Those people you hate so much don’t stroke your ego?

    Absolute drivel.

  119. @The Real World

    Perhaps soon, in your favourite “Western Democratic” country you can walk down a tourist street and witness Yanks, Canucks, French, Germans, Brits etc.

    didn’t see a single person wearing anything other than black, gray, brown, navy or tan. Zero color worn except for the waiter at lunch had a red tie with his white shirt and black pants. (His hair didn’t appear that it had been washed in weeks.) No one smiled, many frowned – they appeared quite hardened people. Many had bad teeth and an unhealthy pallor.

    When a society goes to shit it doesn’t need to put on appearances for empty-headed tourists like you. Just think: you will not have to travel anywhere to experience that need for calumny.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  120. Phibbs says:

    Ever notice that the Jew-owned media and Jew-owned politicians refer to governments unfriendly to Israel (like Russia’s) as “regimes,” while vicious dictatorships like the ones in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, etc., get a pass?

  121. Phibbs says:
    @Art Deco

    Art, your line of “argument” is typically Jewish — which is to say, deceptive. Jews should never have invaded Palestine. Period. The Palestinians have never been offered a decent deal by the Jews. Syria’s claim to the Golan Heights is supported by most of the world’s community. And by the way, the Jews started the ’67 War.

  122. Boericke says:

    I don’t think it’s the rejection of western “wokeness” that riles up our leaders. It’s the rejection of western capital investment. Russia is the most resource rich country in the world and we can’t get Monsanto and ExxonMobil in there! After all, have the Saudis embraced western wokeness? It has always been about the money.

  123. annamaria says:

    “He’s an enemy of the West because he’s enforcing rule of law at gunpoint, or missile-point, in Syria, Venezuela, Crimea, and in international forums. Russia’s alternative is rule of law. Lavrov regularly tells you so.”
    — Agree. Thank you.

  124. annamaria says:

    “Those incentives exist in basically every country that isn’t in Africa or Asia.”
    — Well, why don’t you check if women in the US have the same incentives. You are for a surprise!

  125. @bike-anarkist

    Nothing like describing what communist countries are really like to smoke-out the wannabe commies.

    Perhaps you should defect to Cuba or Venezuela or China along with Obi-whatever-name. They won’t mind a couple of miscreants like you two. Par for the course.

    Would you like to hear my descriptions of the former Czechoslovakia in 1990? Or Vietnam in 2003? No, I don’t suppose you would…..the utopian dream is much prettier. Unicorns, rainbows, brotherly love and all that dreamy fantasy. ROFL!

  126. @bike-anarkist

    > Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania

    All these countries are economically better off than Russia with higher gdp per capita, mean wealth per adult and median wealth per adult as well as having lower income inequality than Russia with Slovakia having the lowest income inequality/highest income equality in the world.

    • Replies: @derer
  127. @Phibbs

    Care to explain why Russia is heavily controlled by oligarchs nearly all of whom Jewish and have direct ties to Israel? Why hasn’t it come to your mind and many others here that it’s all kabuki theatre designed to divert attention away by getting us anti-Zionist/worldwide judean empire folks to support equally rotten nations like Russia, China and Iran? China is also owned by a select few families, entirely Jewish like the sassoons and li family (judeo Chinese hybrid).

    • Replies: @derer
  128. frontier says:
    @Priss Factor

    And in Russia, a major reason Putin has remained in power so long has become apparent to this observer: lots of Russians have observed what is happening in the West—and they have come to the conclusion that if the choice is between Pussy Riot and Putin, they’ll take Putin.

    A rather juicy quote from the article… The game is so simple and yet so few can see it, instead they continue to ponder the false choice… that’s why the heavy load is going to get even heavier, regardless of the barn.

  129. Communism didn’t fall. It’s still out there, perculating just under the surface, waiting for another chance to enslave some one else. Some places its called Socialism. Other places it masquerades as Democracy. It lives under many labels.

    It’s a fault with human nature. Just like Covid 19, it will never go away. As a belief system it lives in the minds of students around the globe. Some are lead to it by true believers. Others discover it all over again on their own.

    Even if it vanished tomorrow, somewhere, someone would find it again just as the intellectuals of a century ago did. And it would evolve. Mutate just like a virus from China. It’s tentacles would slither around the Earth once more, swallowing up vulnerable minds and their countries, just as it did long ago.

    History may not repeat itself, but it echoes.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Smith
    , @AnonfromTN
  130. ricpic says:

    The author states that the West is in the hands of a technocratic managerial class.

    Assuming he’s right the question remains (unanswered in this article) as to why a technocracy would be opposed to the nuclear family, heteronormality, education of the young to competence in the 3 R’s, an orderly low crime society. All are under Ruling Class attack in the West.

    Wouldn’t the technocrats who own and manage giant corporations be better off in an orderly world filled with capable prospering potential employees and customers?

    So once again, why?

    • Thanks: Hibernian
    • Replies: @JasonT
  131. @Anon

    Should be part of Sunday School teaching.

  132. @AnonFromTN

    What is still shocking to me, and I just cannot get over it that Medvedev was such a weakling.

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  133. derer says:

    “Never quote theirs authors,”

    Ironically, the proper authors of the Russian Bolshevik revolution and consequent communist tyranny should always be quoted.

  134. Smith says:

    Indeed. And communism is ready to take Russia again.

    Is Putin ready?
    Because russians are ready for communism.

  135. derer says:

    You are economic illiterate, GDP per capita measures nothing. Those expensive arms left by US to Taliban are proudly accounted for in the US GDP…but they mean nothing to poor people of Appalachia or homeless in Detroit.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  136. JasonT says:

    The technocrats do not want a world ‘filled’ with people at all. They want all wealth and attention concentrated on their desires. To get this, all people must be concentrated on their desires. To achieve this, it is easier to control a small population as opposed to a large population, and by using AI and robots the technocratic elite only need people who can build and maintain AI infrastructure. Everyone else is useless to them.

    Further, to be successful, the technocracy needs to destroy all bonds holding other people together so that the remaining people only have bonds to the technocratic elite. ALL must be focused on the needs of the elite. That is their agenda.

    • LOL: frontier
  137. derer says:

    I care to explain…in your confused head you are talking about Yeltsin thieving oligarchs that nearly took control of Russian resources. They are now babysit in London or Israel because of Putin restoring respect of Russian nation as a largest and resource richest country.

    BTW, are you posting from little England sanatorium?

  138. Hibernian says:

    Sure, broken windows fallacy and all that. However, now they can be used against us.

  139. Wayne Allensworth you’re idiot who knows nothing about Russia and reality in Russia. Putin against globalism, really?! Check mandatory jabs, check the expulsion of people from rural areas, check many, many other things including lockdowns. Russian government is all-through globalist and run by globalists, check premier Mishustin and his role in WEF Cyber Poligon drill, listen to his speech. Absolute rubbish, this “article”. I’m Russian, by the way.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Zarathustra
  140. @HallParvey

    Communism didn’t fall. It’s still out there, perculating just under the surface, waiting for another chance to enslave some one else.

    Did you ever read the New Testament? Communism was not dreamed of by Marx, communism was what Jesus preached:
    “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24).

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  141. To me he seems a bit utilitarian and a bit authoritarian, but has a genuine sense of patriotic duty. That doesn’t make him a good person, but I can think of worse kinds of leaders. For example: all of the leaders in the “West”.

    Still the victims will not have kind words for any system.

  142. @Zarathustra

    What is still shocking to me, and I just cannot get over it that Medvedev was such a weakling.

    Putin chose Medvedev as a chair warmer specifically because he is a nonentity, no threat as a potential competitor. So, he was placed in a position of a figurehead because of his inherent weakness. It was unreasonable to expect anything else.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  143. Abortion is ugly but lets hideous women kill their babies. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Black babies often grow up to commit crime. Children of prog whores become morons. I say let stupid women kill their own kids.

    • Replies: @JamesinNM
  144. I don’t understand the obsession with Putin in some Western circles. He does what he must as the President of Russia, caring about Russian position in the world and its people. Everything else is immaterial to him, even the suffering of mostly Russian people in Donbass, which earned the right to get out of the Ukrainian madhouse many times over. He won’t save you, he won’t even think of saving you.

    Yes, he acts against Globohomo and the Empire that scum rules and screws, but so does the Taliban, so do Iranian Ayatollahs. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

    What’s more, Putin and Xi look so good only because you subconsciously compare them to pathetic nonentities pretending to be Western leaders. Both are men of reasonable intelligence and remarkable patience, but neither is a God-like figure.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Antiwar7
  145. Bookish1 says:

    Hitler saw the Jewish game in the 1920s and did what he had to do and i am not speaking of a holocaust because I do not believe that happened. What I am talking about is getting Germany back under the control of ethnic Germans.

    • Agree: JamesinNM
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Art
  146. annamaria says:
    @Mikhail Voytenko

    “check many, many other things”
    — Don’t be hysterical. Read # 148.

  147. JamesinNM says:

    In 1960 Winston Churchill said the following:

    “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WWII was it’s attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore.”

    Do you understand this statement is the key to everything, and reveals the total depravity of the globalists?

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  148. JamesinNM says:
    @Priss Factor

    You could always ask God’s opinion or wait to hear it at the final judgement.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  149. lydia says:

    the US spokesmen are afraid of something and I don’t think it is the taliban – voltairenet dot org wrote that the taliban head of kabul was in guantanamo for 12 years being tortured and mindcontrolled

    — Look up Putin’s rabbi who is constantly minding him – many many sites if you look up putin’s rabbi including israeli newspapers


    the chabad lubivitchers are very powerful – someone wrote that the russians zapped all the electricity in the US ship that was in their disputed waters and scared the military badly– look up jonathan pollard and dual citizen traitors – however corrupt US is our country and has been taken over see fitzinfo online for how the ashkenaz created communist china

    and look up the Christos war in Mexico starting in 1917 the year of the Russian revolution.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  150. @anonymous

    Putin announcing he’s donating Hebs a new dance hall.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Bookish1
  151. @The Real World

    Yes such a “claim” was made, you cheese-parer.

    I wouldn’t look at your idiot comments if you paid me.

    Especially not for the quarter they pay trolls like you for every response.

    Getting rich quick, ain’t you? I daresay.

    You know less about Russia than I do and nothing about me, you fucking chuckle-headed, humorless, feeble-brained, ingenuous ass.

  152. I see by many responses above that incidence of Putin Derangement Syndrome shows no signs of abatement.

  153. W says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Watch the video in the first post.

  154. @The Real World

    Thanks for relating your observations – one’s own eyes & ears tell you things without the narrative.

    What you describe corroborates the stories from the few others I know who visited in that period.

    A cousin who was on a cruise similar to yours “cried until the tour moved on to the next country”, it was so depressing.
    I think though it was mostly due to cultural clash; ready smiles in the US say you’re friendly whereas in Russia (in that time maybe) it could mean you’re a simpleton.

    A colleague who travelled there said prior to going she feared she would get mugged, but on return she found it quite safe (she did have family there though).

    A friend on a conference around that time had a canned experience complete with Hermitage & caviar, reported that the only issue was the sandpaper-like toilet paper in his hotel.

  155. @lydia

    What on earth happened in the world before the Jews invented themselves, with no omnipotent, omniscient, ‘Gods Upon the Earth’ to pull all the strings?

  156. @Mikhail Voytenko

    Expulsion of Russians from rural areas.
    Can you explain the reason? Or at least justification?
    It does not make a sense to me.
    I do know that at certain times people were not allowed to move without approval.
    But expulsion of people from rural areas does not make a sense to me!!!!

  157. @Rahan

    Explain in detail what this style of writing consists of. You’ve just lazily copied and pasted an article from who-knows-where and expected us to read your mind. We can’t read your mind.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  158. Levtraro says:

    Those incentives exist in basically every country that isn’t in Africa or Asia.

    You are no longer of use to me. But you can help yourself showing the info for all those non-African non-Asian countries. Except you won’t.

  159. Levtraro says:

    That troll is low hanging fruit.

  160. Sarah says:

    More generally, get rid of TV, cancel your subscription, stop reading or listening to MSM, stop watching propaganda movies from HollyCrap or MoneyFlix.

    Propaganda by globalists, muticuturists, multiracialists and bastardizers is sometimes direct (speeches by politicians or so-called philosophers, moralists or philanthropists) but more often subliminal and pernicious in films, cartoons and advertisements.

    Classic example: an advertisement for a woman’s skin care cream begins with the classic sequence of a pretty white woman applying the cream with delight, then appears a shirtless N….. at the corner of the bathroom.

    What does this have to do with the cream?

    In fact, this is not an advertisement for cream but propaganda for the bastardization of the white European Caucasian race.

    Advertising is of no use when looking for a product you need. Judge for yourself!
    BUT, if you ever see an advertisement like the one in the example above and even if you are happy with it, stop buying it.

    Anyway, most of the cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products I buy do not advertise. A good product doesn’t need advertising.

  161. GMC says:
    @The Real World

    Your post is the very reason you should go back – you saw the Soviet Union at it’s worst, now you would see it after Putin and his ” partners” have started to rebuild it. It still has a ways to go but it’s not like it was – when you were here last. The Hermitage Museum and others are pretty cool , the old rebuild of the older grand estates near Saint Petersburg are beautiful. Take the boat over to Peter-Hof – on the gulf of Finland – fun trip.

    Yes, maybe Communism sucks, I never lived thru it, but it looks like Western cabal is getting ready to embrace it, or something very similiar to it. Spacibo

    • Replies: @The Real World
  162. Avery says:

    { What I am talking about is getting Germany back under the control of ethnic Germans.}

    Right: ‘…back under control of ethnic Germans’ apparently also included invading Slavic lands, which apparently were also ‘Germany’. Killing and murdering millions, burning, looting, deliberately starving to death, war crimes, massacres,…….

    Did not work out too well, did it? Because of him and his delusional, criminal Nazi gang Germany today is not only NOT under ethnic German control – under GloboSorosa control – but is being filled with non-German Muslims. How long before Germany disappears as the homeland of Germanic peoples? You can thank Hitler for that.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  163. GMC says:

    Ya , I agree — Putin did send Donbass and many folks in Ukraine a Russian Passport life line and that is a pretty big relief for many of them. Right after that P P move , Ukraine offered P Ps for Crimean people { incl. children } who had family in Ukie – ville , which was cool . Russians are very different from todays Americans, they are more like the older European settlers { my grandparents } that had moral codes, strictness and virtue. About the only similarity for western Russians and White Americans – is their color of skin. Strictly my observation – worth 2 rubles – lol

  164. I am going to suggest something that I am not sure I buy. And most here won’t get.

    In the eyes of Western christian thought,

    Russia is saddled with the the history of the great bear and as such bears an existential burden of being a threat no matter what she does.

  165. Alfred says:

    Excuse me but Russia is still a shithole. Mean and median wealth per adult is lower in Russia than in Albania according to credit Sussie wealth report.

    Compare the standard of living in any Russian provincial city with that of any Albanian town. You should pay a visit to Russia and visit some cities before you make such a silly statement.

    Here is a comparison of costs in Krasnodar and Tirana.

    Tirana vs Krasnodar

    Here is a comparison between Krasnodar and Chicago. It is laughable. Don’t forget that income tax is 13% in Russia. There are no state taxes. People don’t pay 20% of their income on health insurance. The schools actually teach well-behaved kids. Public transport is not for the refuse of society – no need for a car.

    Krasnodar vs Chicago

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Maddaugh
  166. Avery says:

    { Don’t forget that income tax is 13% in Russia. There are no state taxes. People don’t pay 20% of their income on health insurance.}

    One of the biggest expenses for Americans – housing – is virtually non existent in Russia. Going all the way back to Soviet times. Most people outright own their houses and apartments.

    Also, in addition to the taxes you listed above, there are so many taxes we* pay here in US, that it’s hard to keep track: real estate tax, utility tax, use tax, 911 tax, tax on gasoline (State and Fed), tax on water (in addition to the usual cost), some states tax food/groceries (CA doesn’t), airport tax, hotel tax, automobile tax, tax, tax, tax,…..

    So all the Suisse Wealth reports, PPP stats, and such are basically BS, designed to give the people in the West the illusion that they are doing great. US GDP, for example, includes the annual sales volume of outfits like Youtube, which don’t actually produce anything. So they don’t create wealth.

    * the rapidly disappearing middle class.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  167. Antiwar7 says:

    Without Lend-Lease supplies in late 1941 the USSR would have collapsed like a house of cards

    As the recent US debacle in Afghanistan shows, it takes courageous boots on the ground to win wars, not just money or equipment.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  168. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says:
    @the grand wazoo

    Funny, I did similar calculation years ago, when I first learned of the Guidestones about 1983 (shortly after they were erected)… I went the other way though… I divided the 500 Million by 12.5 million Jews (estimated at the time), it came out to 40… 39 slaves per Jew… the number of the lashes Christ took.

    We had no internet back then. Learned of the GG in a religious text that warned about them.

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  169. Antiwar7 says:

    I suspect that many of the American elite who happen to be Jewish, such as US Sec of State Antony Blinken, may have a visceral distrust of Russia, passed down to them through their family and friends through tales of Tzarist Russia. Understandable, perhaps, but not valid now. If true, this has policy implications.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  170. Bookish1 says:

    Your post sounds like the never ending ww2 propaganda. All Hitler initially wanted was the land that was stolen from Germany via the Versaille Treaty. I won’t waste my time going into anymore but to put it short Hitler was right and many people are finally waking up to that fact.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Avery
  171. Bookish1 says:

    I will also note that Germans are very united and actively anti immigrant.

  172. Bookish1 says:

    I would be dancing too if my side had won ww2.

  173. Rahan says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Explain in detail what this style of writing consists of. You’ve just lazily copied and pasted an article from who-knows-where and expected us to read your mind. We can’t read your mind.

    Dominate me harder with your firm demands, daddy. Tell me what to do. Your assertive alpha tone makes my nipples explode with delight.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  174. Maddaugh says:

    Great comment I have to say.

    I have never been to Russia but this girl “germansandslavsaresavages” has some very strange opinions and perspectives.

    As I said to this jackass, I would live in a 2 bedroom house on the Kuban steppe any day rather than an apartment in Manhattan or Chicago !! And I’ll take the Russian pension as well.

    The US for all its touting of GDP, high Median income and all that is expensive. After paying all the bills, there is little if anything left from the “highest Median income in the world” or whatever other metric is pimped.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  175. @Avery

    US GDP, for example, includes the annual sales volume of outfits like Youtube, which don’t actually produce anything. So they don’t create wealth.

    Some things used in creative accounting to inflate the US GDP are even more preposterous. E.g., the rent I would have paid if I were crazy enough to rent the house I own from myself is also counted in the US GDP.

  176. @Antiwar7

    I have no problem understanding why the scum that is currently looting and ruining many countries, including the US, hates Putin. He won’t let them loot and ruin Russia and convert it into a poor-taste vaudeville, like Ukraine. What I don’t understand is why more sensible people in the West who see that scum as their enemy (which they should) view Putin as their friend. Putin acts to benefit Russia (he is right most of the time, sometimes he is wrong), but he does not have anybody else’s benefit in mind.

    • Thanks: GMC
  177. @JamesinNM

    False : the German economic enterprise of defining a new European economic space, as was best epitomized by Schacht, was more like a great reset : Schacht’s project, which was conducted in strict accordance to the demands of the Reichsbank, a Rothschild institution, never challenged the banking powers that be but rather aimed at streamlining their operations for the immediate benefit of a great part of the general public but the cutting of nearly all possibilities for individuals to run small businesses. From then onwards it would be a capitalist system of big corporations only. Anyway it was not even so innovative : it consisted mostly in reconquering the economic empire of Eastern Europe Germany and German Austria had enjoyed at the beginning of the 20th century, had conquered militarily eastwards to the gates of Petrograd, and lost because of the sudden defeat on the Western front. Churchill was a liar. The only thing he feared was London’s losing its access to that new streamlined powerhouse.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  178. Schuetze says:

    Clearly you have no clue as to what was happening in the Red Army in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Why do you think Stalin had to threaten reprisals against the family of any Russian Soldier who surrendered? Why do you think Stalin had to appoint Judeo-communist barrier guards behind the solders to machine gun them from behind in case they failed to advance? Why do you think something like 5 million Red Army soldiers surrendered with in a few months after Barbarossa? Why do you think the millions of Red Army soldier gleefully joined the Germans and formed the Ost-Truppen in order to fight Stalin and his sadistic jewish communist mass murderers? Why do you think that all the Cossacks fought for Hitler? Why do you think the Jews in the NKVD and in the Gulag mutilated and tortured millions of their slaves?

    The answer is really quite simple: The Red Army were by no means “courageous boots on the ground”. They were a cowed and starving slave army who were mortally afraid of the biblical Jewish lust for vengeance. Once the first shipments of Lend Lease Vodka arrived, they were a drunken but starving slave army. Once the Spam, butter, wheat and other food stuffs arrived too, they were a well fed but drunken Red Russian Rapist Army. Stalin never could have survived without Allied food supplies, let alone Airplanes, tanks, jeeps, trucks and the vital raw materials needed to allow the continued production of the infamous T34 to continue. Neither Russians nor Stalin could bear to admit that it was lend lease that allowed them to survive through 1944 and then advance to Berlin, that is why Stalin lied to them just like he did to everybody else. Stalin will likely go down as histories biggest liar.

    • Agree: Bookish1
    • LOL: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Alfred
  179. @JamesinNM

    So, god wants more black babies to be born and turn into thugs and murder white people?
    So, god wants green-haired wenches to have more kids who grow up into worthless antifa scum?

    In the Bible, God gets angry and smites entire people for vice and sin.
    When God destroyed Sodom, the kids there were wiped out too.
    If there is God, He should be smiting all the freaks at Poo-Ride parades.

    Of course, gods don’t exist. Just figment of our imagination.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  180. @AnonfromTN

    I quote myself.

    It lives under many labels.

  181. @Schuetze

    When I am reading your comment that I am concluding that Russians never did push back the Wehrmacht and Russians actually lost the war. Because that is the undeniable truth.
    (But still there is a slim possibility that you are a total idiot)

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Schuetze
  182. @Che Guava

    Germanicsandslavsaresavages is me?

  183. Alfred says:

    Great comment I have to say.

    Thank you. I really get fed up with people who have never been to this enormous country and who have strange ideas.

    British football supporters had a pleasant surprise when they went there a few years ago. The UK government and media tried very hard to dissuade them from going.

    Foreign office warns football fans of ‘anti-British sentiment’ in Russia (2018)

    World Cup 2018: England fans praise welcome by Russian hosts as they celebrate first win

    The photo below is in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)

  184. Bookish1 says:

    Your response to Schuetze says nothing.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
  185. @Priss Factor

    Just figment of our imagination.

    Figments are real. Hogwarts, The Nightly News with Ted Baxter, or Walter Crankcase, some conspiracy theories, but not all. The imagination is a powerful thing.

  186. Schuetze says:

    Russian cannon fodder slaves, tortured by Jewish Kommisars, fed and clothed by American farmers, armed by American and British workers, riding in American Tanks, Jeeps, Trucks and Harley Davidsons fueled by American oil, protected above by US and UK fighter jets, did have some war materials produced by the factories the Jewish slave drivers forced Russians to move east to the Urals in 1941. But the thing is, those factories were dependent on free US lend-lease provided raw materials like Aluminum, Chromium and Copper.

    I know, I know, few Russians can accept this simple fact. Communism was a complete failure long before 1991. The Jewish communists and their Russian serfs didn’t just starve Ukraine one time in 1933, they did it in 1923 and 1947 too. Russians were far, far better off under the Tsar in precisely the same way Rhodesians and South Africans were far better off under white rule. We also have to recognize that even after all the capital that the Jews stole from Russians and the Romanovs, and all the Rothschild and other Jewish capital pouring in from around the world, the Jewish slave owners of Russia still could not make ends meet. Entire factories were opened in Russia by international Jewish banking usurors throughout the 1930’s.

    During Lend Lease Roosevelt gave Stalin a blank check to anything the Jewish slave owners in Russia wanted. Even more factories were packed up and shipped including all the US patents and blue prints. After the war Eastern Europe was picked to the bone and everything was stolen and shipped to Russia. East Germany was laid bare. Yet still the Russian slaves were starved, abused and uncompensated in a manner far worse than when the Tsar ruled.

    Just compare Judeo-communist Russia to Germany. Germany in 1933, under a total global ZOG boycott, after the hyper inflation had stripped all the wealth away from the goyim, with zero gold reserves, turned itself under the NSDAP into an economic powerhouse within a few years.

    Germany again in 1952, after all its cities had been flattened by Allied bombing, its industrial plant stolen, still paying massive reparations, stripped of East Prussia, Pomerania and the coal fields of Silesia, with millions of its soldiers still working as slave labor in Russia and France, subjected to the Morgentau plan, but within a decade Germany had once again turned itself into Europe’s economic powerhouse.

    Now look at Russia after WWII. Still the master of a vast pool of natural and human resources. Ample richly soiled farm lands. Sea Ports dotted across the Baltic, Arctic, Black Sea and the Pacific. Countless factories gifted by Lend Lease and even more stolen after V-day. Millions of skilled German, Hungarian, Romanian and Italian slave laborers. Yet the Russians are still starving.

    The only question here is if this incredible inability to exploit all the vast advantages bestowed upon Russia is just due to Russian ineptitude, or if the Judeo-communists, who the Russians still cherish to this day, might have had something to do with it.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @GomezAdddams
  187. Alfred says:

    Stalin never could have survived without Allied food supplies, let alone Airplanes, tanks, jeeps, trucks and the vital raw materials needed to allow the continued production of the infamous T34 to continue.

    There is a contradiction in what you wrote. Was the “infamous T34” supplied by the Americans?

    If not, how many tanks, if any, did the Americans supply?

    A staggering 84,000 T-34’s were produced by the Soviets during WW2. The USSR was never short of raw materials for making these tanks. Furthermore, they had plentiful fuel supplies.

    For a comparison of the T-34 and the Sherman see the article below. The “National Interest” is a US publication.

    48,000 Shermans were produced. It took 14 times as many man-hours to manufacture as the T-34. The German Tiger tank took 80 times as many man-hours to manufacture as the T-34. No wonder the Germans were trounced.

    Which Was Better: Sherman Tank of Russia’s T-34

    Frankly, I find the anti-Russian drivel of “Scheutze” somewhat boring.

  188. Avery says:

    {Your post sounds like the never ending ww2 propaganda}

    So did yours.

  189. @Francis Miville

    All true. Dr. Horace Greeley Hjalmar Schacht, (his birth name)it has been said, was a genius in the field of economics.

  190. FHTEX says:

    I somewhat disagree with this analysis. Russia was not on its death throes in 1989–it’s per capita GDP was still \$3500 in 1990 and it had rich resources and strong industry. However, after much of its assets were robbed by the West, by 1999 its per capita GDP dropped to less than \$1400. In 20 years, despite massive economic pressure from the West, Putin increased per capita GDP by 10-fold. But, that’s not what is most impressive. He transformed with comparatively little funding the Russian military to one of the most–and in some area the MOST– technologically advanced in the world. He 1) witnessed the murder rate drop by 85% (to a level below that of the United States) and the fertility rate increase by one-third, 2) increased the amount of superhighways by over 10-fold, 3) created a high-speed rail infrastructure, and 4) refurbished its cities, impressing Westerners during FIFA in 2018. He has been less successful in Russia’s drug war, but with the Taliban now poised to eliminate opium production again, drug importation should dramatically decrease. By contrast, the West during this time has seen nothing but economic failure, greater indebtedness, social strife, and military defeats. No one can honestly deny Putin’s immense popularity, even gratitude from Russian citizens. At the very least, one can be assured that Russian elections are a lot less rigged than American ones.

    The notion that the faker Navalny is a political prisoner is ludicrous; Putin would love him to be out and about and despised by nearly everyone for his amateurish chemical poisoning hoax.

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Decoy
  191. @Alfred

    Frankly, I find the anti-Russian drivel of “Scheutze” somewhat boring.

    Remember the first rule of psychiatry: never argue with a patient.

  192. Bookish1 says:

    You call Schuetze`s facts drivel? They can be proven with research that i have seen. If you don’t like those facts you won’t like the future because ww2 revisionism is just beginning to get big with many people of course taking a second look at Hitler. We in the west have been living with ww2 propaganda blaring for the past 75 years and with any alternate view being labeled nazism. Times are changing.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Alfred
    , @annamaria
  193. @FHTEX

    Russian elections are a lot less rigged than American ones.

    That’s a pretty low bar. Even elections in Honduras are less rigged.

  194. Bookish1 says:

    Of course we couldn’t offend those ww2 heroes who fought for Jewish interests and in the process destroyed their own countries. But since they are almost all gone now we can start expressing our views.

  195. Just a friendly remind that Nazi military would be almost nothing
    without US and UK partly bailing them out from what they owned after WW1
    and financing them through the 1930s.

    In fact Germany wouldnt be able to roll tanks to France or Poland
    or send planes to the Soviets or UK without American industry and oil.

    You know the larper butthurt on these forums is ridiculous.

    • Agree: Alfred
  196. Decoy says:

    Putin is the right man for Russia at this moment. A great example of how one man can transform a country. Now that the country has been stabilized Putin is making good use of all the gas, oil, and minerals in the ground. Unlike many other countries with abundant natural resources, Russia is permitting companies to extract those resources. Like it or not, Germany is going to need Russia natural resources in order to maintain their current standard of living.

    • Agree: GMC
  197. @GMC

    …. you saw the Soviet Union at it’s worst,

    Yes, agreed. But, let’s not forget, it was like that 70+ years so, that’s the point of describing it to people.

    I also happen to have been to Prague in 1990, when still Czechoslovakia. I came back telling people that the term ‘old world elegant’ but very shabby, stark and sad is how I’d best describe it. I said, “If it can ever find it’s way beyond crappy communism, it would be a world class, stunning city.”

    Fortunately, I had the opportunity to go back in 2004 and was soooo pleased with how it had evolved. I was right, get the proper policies and motivations in place and the rest will follow. Spectacular city; the whole country is beautiful.

    I will get back to Russia if/when most of this crazy Covid sh*t subsides. I’m going to wait a bit and let the dust settle.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @EugeneGur
  198. @Schuetze

    I am sorry ! but we cannot have a serious discussion. You are not up to it. Maybe you never will be.
    (But there is a possibility that you are controlled opposition.)
    What US did send to Russia accounted a lot. But what Russia has received was very little, because Germans did sink most of it, I have not seen In Russian army any Jeeps any tanks and any American weapons. All I have seen were some Studebakers, (Trucks) but nothing else.
    What you have written about actual fighting, you have shown greater imagination than author of fairy tale.
    If the subject to you is interesting you have to read many books, but you have to completely bypass the English language.
    But i will give you a hint. The war was not won by tank or soldiers chased by commissars.
    War was won by Cannon fire, Russian did have more than four times the cannons as Germans, and at least 20 times more ammunition than Germans. They were horse drown but it did not matter.
    Russians did have ammunition at hand while Germans had to bring in from far.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Schuetze
  199. JM says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Spot on only you got it arse up. It just needs inverting: economics being the servant of the Money Power.

    • Agree: Sarah
  200. Schuetze says:

    I am currently finishing reading McMeekin’s book Stalin’s war. It turns out that one reason the T34 was so light considering all its heavy armor was because it had an Aluminum engine and other Aluminum and other alloy components. It also turns out that during Barbarossa Hitler got control of virtually all Russian Aluminum and other specialty metals production. It was the US that provided all the aluminum and other raw materials to produce the T34. I had not been aware to the degree that Barbarossa stripped Russia of so much raw material manufacturing capacity.

    McMeekin also goes into detail about how critical US and English tanks were for Russia from late 1941 until at least 1944. Stalin’s tank park had been devastated by Barbarossa as had is Aircraft inventory, who also need tons of Aluminum. English Churchill tanks were critical in the defense of Moscow in November 1941, as were Hurricane fighters. That Sherman in your irrelevant attention grabbing photograph was likely equipped with a diesel engine in a special model built to Russian specifications. Russian engineers were allowed free access to all US manufacturing plants, including aircraft. They returned to Russia with blueprints, plans and even photographs of all US high tech war manufacturing. In return, no American engineers were never allowed to enter Soviet plants, and US pilots venturing into the USSR were locked up in the gulag, as happened to Doolittles pilots who landed in the USSR after bombing Japan.

    Although I have loads of complaints about McMeekin’s writing style, and his blind acceptance of the Holocaust narrative, his book is chock full of interesting revelations about Stalin and the USSR.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  201. Alfred says:

    You call Schuetze`s facts drivel?

    “Scheutze” is obsessed with the “Russians”. However, the USSR was composed of a lot more peoples than just the Russians – Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Balts, Jews, Georgians, Armenians, Belorussians, Kazakhs, Turkomen, Azaris, Chechens, Tatars, Bakshirs, and much else. The guy in control, Stalin, was Jewish Georgian according to some. His NKVD was led by and manned largely by Jews.

    In view of the above realities, I find the attitude of “Scheutze” repellent. The Russians of today have absolutely nothing to do with what happened 80 years ago. He should grow up and get over the fact that Germany was annihilated. Germany is currently controlled by Zionists. Merkel is an ex-STASI. A psychopath who destroyed countries – Yugoslavia, Greece, Ukraine etc. A person who invited the 3rd world into Germany. I used to love Germany. I lived in Munich for 3 years. Now, I have lost all respect for them because of their idiocy.

    Current German energy policies will ensure that Germany will cease to be an industrial powerhouse within a generation. Their obsession of the fake Green agenda and Climate will take care of that. 🙁

    Opening of Mercedes-Benz Cars passenger car plant in Russia

  202. Art says:

    Hitler saw the Jewish game in the 1920s and did what he had to do and i am not speaking of a holocaust because I do not believe that happened. What I am talking about is getting Germany back under the control of ethnic Germans.

    The coercion of the 1920 Zionists cannot match that of the 2020 US Zionists.

    The truth is that the American government is occupied by Zionism.

    The stark truth is that most every upper level gentile in government and media is a self-declared Zionist.

    We live in Zionist Occupied America (ZOA).

    • Agree: annamaria
  203. @cortesar

    Germanicsandslavsaresavages = (((Tiny Duck)))

  204. Schuetze says:

    A couple of comments on your tank article. The T34 was lighter. That was because of all the aluminum.

    On the other hand, the Sherman developed a reputation for excellent reliability, while the sometimes crudely-manufactured T-34 could experience frequent breakdowns.

    A high quality fully functioning Sherman was worth 10 incapacitated T34’s due to poor quality or design.

    “The T-34 crews had a different problem: the tank’s heat-treated steel was prone to spalling into deadly fragments from non-penetrating hits.”

    Lend Lease provided not only thousands of tons of specialty alloys needed in this armor, but also millions of tons of armor itself.

    It is also telling that the Soviets had so little regard for their tank crews. The German’s highly respected their soldiers and didn’t have millions of cannon-fodder Russian lives to waste. This was why Hitler developed super tanks instead of coffins on tracks like the T34 or the Sherman.


    As far as Fuel supplies go, the US was providing massive amounts of petroleum products. After Barbarossa much of Russias refinery capacity was lost. Diesel fuel can practically be extracted straight from the ground, but aviation fuel is highly refined. This is precisely what Lend Lease provided to Stalin. Without air superiority both Stalingrad and Kursk would have been lost, and therefore Bagram as well.

    Here are some stats on steel and aluminium production. They are for the entire war and do not reflect the collapse in 41-42, but do reflect the increase in capacity and quality made possible by Lend Lease.

    Of course Aluminum smelters require vast amounts of electricity, and just moving a smelter out of Ukraine did not solve this problem. Lend Lease provided massive amounts of electricity generation equipment, including 2 just completed giant turbines which were diverted from the US customers and sent straight to Russia in order to save Stalin’s ass.

    ” For example, the USSR produced 5 times less aluminium than Germany, but managed to make 5/3 of the aircraft in 1942. How they did it? First, their aluminium supply was expanded by lend-lease deliveries with totaled 328.100 tons of aluminium for the entire war, greater than their production for 6 years (1940-1945).

    Total Soviet supply of aluminium during the 1940-1945 period was 591.100 tons, or 98.500 tons per year, compared to 1.888.200 tons for Germany in the 1940-1944 period, or 377.640 per year in average. Both statistics probably include all sources of supply, including production in occupied countries, for Germany. Still, Soviet Aircraft production was 150.000 for the war while German aircraft production for the war was 120.000.

    Sources for the aluminium figures:

    Supply of strategic resources for the duration of the war, Germany includes supply for 5 years (1940-1944), while USSR’s data is for 6 years (1940-45):

    Copper, metric tons:
    Germany: 1.531.000 (1)
    USSR: 857.600, (domestic production: 470.000, imports: 387.600) (2)

    Aluminum, metric tons:
    Germany: 1.888.200 (1)
    USSR: 591.100, (domestic production: 263.000, imports: 328.100) (2)”

    Of course these figures are for the entire war. In 1941 and 42 there was a complete collapse as the foundries were moved east.

    “In 1941, there were four alumina plants in the Soviet Union. With the German invasion of Russia, however, this situation changed drastically:

    – Operations in the European part of the country were shut down. Equipment from the Dnepr and Volkhov complexes as well as the Tikhvin alumina plant were dismantled and sent to the Urals.

    – The construction of a new alumina plant in Northern Ural as part of the aluminum smelter in Bogoslovsk (today known as Krasnoturjinsk) was changed considerably—incorporation of a Bayer processing plant was abandoned in favor of the sintering method because of the availability of the dismantled equipment from the Tikhvin plant.

    On June 17, 1943, aluminum hydroxide was produced at Bogoslovsk; on April 17, 1944, the calcination furnace was put into operation and the first alumina was produced.”

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Jon Halpenny
  205. Alfred says:

    I am currently finishing reading McMeekin’s book Stalin’s war

    Bully for you. 🙂

    As usual, you make a string of assertions without providing any links to actual data. You are wasting my time.

    Instead of worrying so much about today’s Russia, I suggest you start worrying about the decline of intelligence in Germany. Merkel is incredibly dishonest, incompetent and yet popular. May her successor be as successful at fooling the Germans. 🙂

    Devastating article on Merkel gets her right. She was a disastrous leader (video)

  206. Alfred says:

    Everyone knows that the “Moscow Times” is probably an offshoot of the CIA or the VOA or George Soros. I believe its editor is American and the legal ownership is Dutch. I might be mistaken as to the details. The only thing you can be sure of is that it is profoundly anti-Putin and pro the nonentity Navalny. 🙂

    There is actually a lot more to say about this subject. For example Russia’s Yandex has now bought up Uber’s Russia franchise.

    Russia is the only country I know of which has a comprehensive range of tech platforms which both duplicate and successfully compete with US platforms. Japan has some platforms but not the whole range of platforms that Russia does. China of course does have a comprehensive range of platforms, but they do not have to compete with US platforms within China because of the effect of China’s Great Firewall. The Russians by contrast are methodically and successfully building up their platforms whilst still allowing Russian consumers in Russia itself to access US platforms.

    Russia approaching tech self sufficiency

    Russia’s Drive to Replace Foreign Technology Is Slowly Working
    Using primitive methods, the Kremlin has made steady progress towards a goal that once seemed impossible — weaning Russians off foreign-made technology.

    I love the way the Russians use “primitive methods” to take on Facebook, Google and all the rest of them – just like the “infamous T34” of @Scheutze. 🤣

    So how is German IT doing? Any successes since SAP (founded 1972)?

  207. Alfred says:

    The German’s highly respected their soldiers and didn’t have millions of cannon-fodder Russian lives to waste.

    German Gen. Friedrich Paulus, commander in chief of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad, urgently requests permission from Adolf Hitler to surrender his position there, but Hitler refuses.

    General Paulus to Hitler: Let us surrender!

    When the Germans ran out of adults who were prepared to die, they resorted to using their children.

    Please stop this drivel. Let’s discuss the mess Germany is in at present. It is much more interesting.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Schuetze
  208. Latka_22 says:

    Most of the people that destroyed Russia are in the US. They’re like termites destroying the world. Putin had a great laugh when the US accepted the scum of the earth into America. He’s an intelligent man but he wont be there much longer. That scares me the most. Who will replace him? Russia please choose wisely!

  209. GMC says:
    @The Real World

    Ya good plan – I know sometimes – after being in one place years ago – it’s always nice to spent your hard earned money – on a new place . I think with all this One World Order BS going on – it’s hard to trust any Government. Thanks R W .

  210. @Alfred

    Paulus at that time was field marshal. it was at the height of the winter. Russians did cut the rail line to south. Goering did say that he is capable to transport supplies to Paulus by air, but there was only one airfield and that was mostly snowed in. Eventually Russians took that airfield also.
    Paulus army had no ammunition no food so no choice, Paulus surrendered,
    Hitler knew that he lost the war. All German radios did play Beethoven’s fifth symphony.
    Hitler was so bitter that he declared that he will never promote any General to field marshal.
    But it did not mean anything. German general staff worked out last desperate attempt to take Moscow,
    Guderian was the main strategist. But Russians did stop superior Tigers by simply ramming them with inferior Russian tanks.
    Kurks Battle did put the seal on German defeat.

  211. @Zarathustra

    you have shown greater imagination than author of fairy tale.

    This is a natural human thing: having lost in real life, losers try to compensate by inventing fairy tales. It always looks pathetic, as the defeat and subsequent PTSD usually do: people have lost the battle and then their minds. Remember, when God wants to punish a person, He takes away his/her mind.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  212. annamaria says:

    What the well-founded revisionism of the 20th-century major events has to do with the wholesale slander of the entire nation? Russians (including many Russian Jews) had been fighting for their families, homes, and Russian culture. Whatever your native land and ethnicity, why don’t you show some decency towards the enormous sacrifices suffered by peoples of the Soviet Union?
    Surely, the US/UK alliance has wanted to destroy Germany’s powerhouse as well as any possibility of Russian-German cooperation.

    • Thanks: Alfred, Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  213. Schuetze says:

    McMeekin gets into Stalingrad in “Stalin’s War”. He points out how Zhukov had to delay his attacks for 10 days until vital Lend Lease aircraft, fuel, trucks and even tanks arrived. Lend Lease tanks like the new Soviet Spec diesel Shermans, Stuarts and Valentines were critical in the execution of the pincer movements, but most importantly it was Aerocobras, Hurricanes and Kittyhawks that Stalin and Zhukow needed to protect their pincer movement from above. Sure, Hitler underestimated the amount of war material that the US was providing to the Russian slave army that otherwise would have already starved to death.

    Of course one must also recognize that Stalin had already issued numerous “no retreat” orders all through 1941-42, and a critical one right as the Germans were approaching Stalingrad. McMeekin does not evaluate whose “no retreat” order was a bigger blunder, Hitler’s or Stalin’s, but the key issue was that Stalin had a blank check from Roosevelt and Churchill who were busy stuffing his ports with massive amounts of war material, machine and factory equipment and also food stuffs and Vodka.

    Goering promised Hitler that he could supply Paulus, but it was the British offensive at El-Alamein, landings in Morocco, and the earlier Dieppe landings that forced Goering to withdraw 400 Luftwaffe fighters from the Eastern front. This, and the thousands of the newest airplanes and the fuel to fly them, is what once again saved Stalin’s ass. We cannot really blame Hitler for not knowing this.

    By January 1943 when it was clear that the Luftwaffe could not sustain Paulus, and that all was over. Whether the Germans that surrendered at the end of January to the sadistic Jews running the Russian slave army were better off than those who died at Stalingrad, I will leave to someone else to decide. I will however provide this paragraph from that great, unbiased “” article you linked to:

    “Of more than 280,000 men under Paulus’ command, half were already dead or dying, about 35,000 had been evacuated from the front, and the remaining 91,000 were hauled off to Soviet POW camps. Paulus eventually sold out to the Soviets altogether, joining the National Committee for Free Germany and urging German troops to surrender. Testifying at Nuremberg for the Soviets, he was released and spent the rest of his life in East Germany.

    Paulus sold his soul to the Jew. He is hardly the person to use as a character witness.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  214. Jazman says:

    Overall, the majority of lend-lease arrived at a time, in which the outcome of the war was already decided. For example, at the battle of Moscow in 1941, practically no lend-lease equipment participated at all, and not a single radio was received until after June 1942. Some aircraft and tanks were delivered in the end of 1941, both most were not introduced to the red army until 1942. In 1942, lend-lease deliveries is ramped up from July, and is heavily increased in 1943 to 1944 where most lend-lease arrives. The majority of all lend-lease arrives after the summer of 1943.
    As such, lend-lease didn’t really play any significant part in the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, Voronezh and Kursk. Naturally most lend-lease delivered in 1945, pretty much didn’t see use at all.
    Lend-lease equipment was also of varying quality. While aircraft send to the USSR were often as good or even better than Soviet aircraft. The quality of tanks send to the USSR ranged from barely functional on the eastern front, such as the matilda, M3 stuart and M3 lee, to pretty good like the Sherman tanks.
    Lend-lease included over 100 categories of items, but the majority of lend-lease in value was military lend-lease and the more than half of all lend-lease were combat vehicles, motor vehicles and aircraft.
    People very often talk about the significance of pretty minor categories of materials and base products or intermediate products. Saying that the USSR could not have done this or that without these materials. This is a silly line of argument. In general, if you lack one material, you tend to try and make do with a substitute, this doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it merely means it won’t be optimal. But reality is that lend-lease didn’t cover the needs of the USSR in any category what so ever, and that lend-lease failed to cover shortages in most categories as well.The USSR fought most of WW2 with a shortage of equipment for what they actually wanted, and lend-lease did not change this. For example the difference is that thanks to lend-lease 2 air regiments at kursk had modern lend-lease planes A-20 boston and P-39 Airacobra, and the rest had modern Soviet aircraft. But would the battle of Kursk had been different if 2 out of 30 regiments had older aircraft? Probably not. The 5th guards tank army had 27 Churchill tanks, but this was out of 615 Soviet tanks. Did these 27 churchill tanks made the difference? Probably not. If they had not had those Churchill tanks, they would have used T-70 or T-60 light tanks, which are not as good, but it’s really not a lot.
    In conclusion, lend-lease was nice, but most of it came after Kursk, and such had little influence on the really important turning point battles in 1942 and 1943. It was appreciated at the time no doubt. But it is not what made the USSR win the war. Though it probably alleviated the suffering of the people of the USSR.
    Scheutze is real uneducated moron he should call himself Scheiße

    • Agree: annamaria, Avery
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Schuetze
  215. Schuetze says:

    Actually, no. The Germans out produced Russia in ammunition for most of the war. Though one cannon that Russia was desperate for from 1941-43 was anti-aircraft cannon.

    Stalin of course had made plans for an aggressive offensive war. This is why he had 2 million paratroopers, lightweight ultra fast amphiboius tanks, and thousands of fighterbombers designed for offensive surprise attacks on enemy airfields.

    When Hitler beat him to the punch, the war material that Stalin was lacking really lays bare his original strategy. One of the most important items was anti-aircraft cannon, which you need in a defensive war. So Stalin was desperate for AA guns and ammunitions.

    Churchill had already stripped Singapore and Hong Kong in early 1941 of AA guns to send to Stalin to save his judeo communist ass. Churchill also stripped Singapore of 400 Hurricanes, to save Stalin’s Judeo Communist ass. Of course this is one big reasons why Japan was able to march all across South East Asia after Pearl Harbor. Every British base across Asia had been stripped of DEFENSIVE hardware like AA guns in early 1941. It was all shipped via Lend Lease to the slave driver Stalin who had never bothered to produce defensive hardware because he had only planned for an offensive war. All on behalf of his Judeo-communist masters to be used against western Europe.

  216. EugeneGur says:
    @The Real World

    very shabby, stark and sad

    What always surprises me is a total inability of Westerners to see their own habitat with any degree of objectivity. When I first came to Philadelphia from the Soviet Union in 1991, I was struck precisely by how shabby it looked. It some places, it looked like it’d been just bombed an hour ago. I used to jump every time I saw people sleeping on the streets, which amused my American boss to no end. He thought it was normal – I didn’t, because I’d never seen this before.

    The Soviet cities were not exactly joyful, but neither are Bronx, Brooklyn, Trenton, or gazillions of other [email protected] peppering the US. The European cities are stunning in their historic centers, but have you ever ridden a train from Fiumicino airport to Rome? If you have, you’ve seen lots of drab residential building with balconies decorated with clothes hanged to dry.

    During the war, about 80% of the housing in the European part of Russia have been destroyed; some cities obliterated completely. The housing needed to be rebuilt quickly and cheaply, and it was. Cheap housing is cheap housing anywhere, be it Moscow or Singapore.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @The Real World
    , @Jazman
  217. Schuetze says:

    “the enormous sacrifices suffered by peoples of the Soviet Union”

    I am afraid you mis-wrote that. You meant:

    “the enormous sacrifices of native peoples by the jews running the Soviet Union”

    This is the root of the issue here. Russians can’t seem to get this straight. They were victims of the Jews just as much as the Germans, yet Jewish propaganda still makes them believe that they were the “victors” of a “great patriotic war”.

    Russians were slaves, satanically sacrificed for Jewish hegemony. Russian inability to recognize this simple fact sentences them to continued, and likely perpetual, slavery to the jew. Sure, if it makes you feel any better, Russia “won” world war 2, and now Germans are now Noahide slaves just like Germans. But this is certainly nothing to be proud about.

    The mother of all lies remaining after WWII is of course the holocaust. Putin, the crypto-jew, has been photographed time and time again at memorials, museums and other fake temples to the “holocaust”. The next most damaging lie the planet faces today is the myth of the “great patriotic war”. Russian solders surrendered by the millions to escape Judeo-communism. Roosevelt and Churchill betrayed these Russian POW’s and turned them back to Stalin who sent them off to the Gulag to be worked to death for Judea. Of course millions of Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians, and Germans suffered the same ritual sacrifice. This is the ugly truth about Russian history that only Russians can rectify. Russians need to own Katyn and all the thousands of other Katyns across eastern Europe. Russians need to own what they did to Poland in 1939 and again in 1945.

    Of course, Russian cannot man up to this, so instead all they can do is stubbornly continue to believe Jewish lies and rant incessantly about Hitler, Nazi’s, and Fascists. That really sums you up, Annamaria. This is why all of Eastern Europe despises Russia and ignorant overbearing Russians.

  218. @EugeneGur

    You sound defensive, Eugene. There’s no reason to be.

    My comments were describing particular places: a short visit to Leningrad in 1991 and two longer visits to Prague, separated by 14 years. I wasn’t talking about the sh*tholes of America – there are plenty of those – and when that is an article topic, I’ll chime-in on that.

    The world is full of both beauty and ugliness. The point is to call things simply what they are or how you experienced them. Constant comparisons of dissimilar things/places doesn’t make sense, imo.

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  219. RestiveUs says:

    Servitude can be utterly forgotten in one generation.

    Not if you have a malevolent MSM regurgitating it at every turn and imposing it on the social conscience. Witness black America.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  220. Avery says:

    { It was appreciated at the time no doubt. }

    It was.

    To this day Russians do not deny the token help they received from US & UK., and mention it with gratitude when appropriate (….which actually was a loan, not an outright gift: USSR paid its WW2 debt to US in full).

    Furthermore, if you watch Soviet/Russian WW2 movies there is invariably some mention of help from US/UK, or there will be 1 or 2 American/British officers working with Red Army officers: their way of acknowledging that USSR & US & UK were allies.

    In stark contrast, American or British ww2 movies (vs Germany) are almost totally devoid of any mention of the Red Army’s contribution. As if it never happened. Even worse, and more vile, there is currently an ongoing latent campaign in the GloboWest to erase USSR’s role in WW2 entirely*.

    {Scheutze is real uneducated moron he should call himself Scheiße}

    One of the most accurate tele-diagnosis of a poster at comment threads.

    [‘Russia’s role in WWII has been distorted by Anglo-American media’ (RT documentary)]

    • Agree: Alfred, Jazman
  221. Schuetze says:

    McMeekin also gets into the battle of Moscow and the Soviet counter attack. He explains how by the first week of December 1941 57 ships arrived carrying 350 tons of supplies, only 2 were lost. As of November 1941 the Red Army had received 2,186 US trucks, more than 25% of what Zhukov had available. US / British contribution was 600 tanks to the total Soviet Tank park, and there were 114 US warplanes, mostly Tomahawks, adding up to 354 western airplanes available for the battle of Moscow. There was also 2.4 million gallons of American aviation fuel. By the end of November 1941 the Red Army had formed 6 new tank battalions based on Matildas and Valentines.

    Russian’s still hide the total contribution of lend lease arms, but what the Russians will admit is that on November 25 there were 49 Matildas and Valentines in Zhukovs tank park, on December 11 there were 69, on December 25 there were 62 British tanks. In all 182 British tanks saw service of which 77 were knocked out.. So of Zhukov’s total of 773 Tanks, at least 182 were Matildas and Valentines.

    One key aspect here is reserves. There were was a steady stream of reserve armor arriving by Lend lease throughout the battle, which allowed Zhukov to risk far more of his forces on the front line.

    VVS Regiment 126 IAP began switching from Mig-3s to American P40B’s on September 15, 1941.

    Another key point here is that just as Stalin was deciding to stay in Moscow, just as the battle was heating up, Lend Lease supplies like food, vodka, clothing and ammunition was streaming in. In effect, the support of the Judeo-American slaves was arriving just in time to bolster the Judeo-communist Russians slaves’ confidence. The panic in Moscow was suppressed mostly because of the confidence and material provided by Lend Lease.

  222. @Schuetze

    There should be a button “idiot”. Might become the most popular button.

  223. @Schuetze

    McMeekin is an ignorant arsehole. Zhukov never attacked Paulus. There was no pincer movement.
    (probably you do not even know what it is.) Russian tactics of pincer movement started well after Kurks battle when all German army was retreating. What Zhukov had was army of fresh recruits with zero battlefield experience. Even officers did not have any battlefield experience.
    Zhukov with his army did create unbreakable chain around Paulus army.
    Nobody cold go in and nobody could get out.
    Zhukov creation was and still is called “Cauldron” (with Paulus and his army in it.
    Zhukov could shoot Germans as proverbial “fish in the barrel.
    But he did not! His attitude was why waste human lives.
    And he was correct. Paulus Army without daily rations and resupplied ammunition simply surrendered

  224. Levtraro says:

    This is the root of the issue here. Russians can’t seem to get this straight. They were victims of the Jews just as much as the Germans, yet Jewish propaganda still makes them believe that they were the “victors” of a “great patriotic war”.

    This the root of the issue here. You cann’t deal with the fact that the Russian were the victors of that war, as is plainly obvious, you know, looking at how they crushed the Germans, they planted their flag in the Reichstag, they made the German Chancellor shoot his head ffs!, them Russkies had parties in the Berlin that they destroyed while German women were hiding in panic, the women that German males left undefended. Even today Germany has foreing troops on their soil and Russia keeps septentrional Prussia to herself. Just get it over with. It’s a done deal.

    Have you been to Kaliningrad (city formerly known as Königsberg)? Lots of tourists there this summer, sources report. Many new buildings, good business in the construction sector, including 5-stars hotels, but they are taking out forested areas, or so I’ve been told.

    Beautiful wifey blondes with three kids, something uncommon in the past, has been added by reporters.

    Btw, sorry about the direct question, are you a Jew? You write so much about them.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @Anonymous12890
  225. Schuetze says:

    ” You cann’t[sic] deal with the fact that the Russian were the victors of that war, as is plainly obvious, you know, looking at how they crushed the Germans, they planted their flag in the Reichstag, they made the German Chancellor shoot his head ffs!”

    Sigh. Jews murdered 10x more Russians than the Germans ever did, but that is fine with Russians because, well, the Russians “crushed the Germans, they planted their flag in the Reichstag, they made the German Chancellor shoot his head ffs”.

    Some people simply relish their own enslavement, slavs especially.

    It reminds me of the various European national football teams who, now, under complete Jewish control, have a majority of sub-Saharan African players. Yet the Belgians, Brits, French, German and every other European country cheer on their “team” because is represents their “country”. Jewish mind control has completely taken control of the European brain. Except, perhaps, in Hungary.

    • Replies: @Anonymous12890
    , @Levtraro
  226. @RestiveUs

    US ‘Blacks’ still live in servitude, in the prison-industrial complex.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  227. Russia has problems with the growing Muslim population.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  228. @Rahan

    Is homosexual S&M imagery the best you can come up with?

  229. RestiveUs says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Typical liberal slant. You’ve got a catch-phrase for everything, don’tcha, Mumblebrain? All the blacks I know are no worse off than I am. They seem to have developed a knack for acting responsibly. Next time I pass by the “prison-industrial complex” though, I’ll give them a wave.

  230. The whole point of the biden administration is to induce utter hopelessness in its enemies. Every executive order, every pronouncement, every action or non-action, either direct or indirect, formal or informal, has this one purpose. It is to create utter despair in anyone who is white, Christian, traditional, or nationalist. All of them are to be completely de-moralized. Any way they try to turn will be met with defeat. In desperation, they will be forced to abandon their failed principles, and embrace the new woke morality. That is what’s really behind the Great Reset and the New Normal. It’s a reset of morality, a normality of new morality.

    This is pure unadulterated psychological warfare. It has ramped up ever since the Frankfurt School moved to Columbia University in 1935. We are in its exponential final phase. Be aware that the biden administration is not run by biden, as if there were ever any doubt. It’s run by a cabal, whose members we are unable to determine. They know exactly what they’re doing, and exactly how to direct their puppets. Their plan is to induce mass insanity, then when it becomes absolutely unbearable, to impose a new global tyranny as the cure, a relief for the masses. China is not only a bellwether, it’s a willing partner. The CCP has already been promised its sphere of influence. The only holdout is Russia, which the New World Order detests. Its first order of business will be to raise an overwhelming world army, then let it loose to punish and dismantle Russia into a distant memory.

  231. @Levtraro

    To be fair this was not only Germany vs Russia.

    the Soviets: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, many of them ‘…stan’ countries, and even some help from the Poles and Baltics

    the Nazis: Germany, at various times Italy, Hungarian, Romanians, Ukrainians and some Baltics and Spaniards.

  232. @Schuetze

    You said: “Sigh. Jews murdered 10x more Russians than the Germans ever did”

    No credible sources from after release of archives or any modern work claims this.
    Its you stubbornly clinging to old estimates from the Cold War and throwing in the word Jew.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  233. Levtraro says:

    But are you a Jew?

    You admire them so much, you say they control everything, even the minds of Europeans with mind control! Me thinks you are the Gloating KriptoJew.

    So, are you a Jew?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Schuetze
  234. @Schuetze

    “The German’s highly respected their soldiers and didn’t have millions of cannon-fodder Russian lives to waste. ”

    “Losses can never be too high, they sow the seeds of future greatness” -Adolf Hitler to Marshal von Reichenau.

  235. @Levtraro

    I did get the same impression that he is a Jew, Jewish propagandists are fanatically goal oriented.
    The goal is to lift up US and push down Russia. The reason is that US now is carrying the Jewish attempt of world domination. I did see this by my own eyes when S0viets were carrying the Jewish idea of world domination. He is dirtying the Jews to give credibility to himself.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  236. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Why must Putin be labeled as “Right-Wing” or “Nationalist” or “Conservative” or “Patriarchal”?

    How exactly is Putin’s performance as a leader significantly different from a patriot and classical liberal (libertarian) such as President Kennedy?

    Obviously Putin has survived much longer than Kennedy, and JFK was a more charismatic celebrity, but what else distinguishes the political ideology of one sensible man from the other?

    • Agree: Decoy
  237. Levtraro says:

    Yes, there is that. But my angle is different. I note that that he/she is always telling how powerful the Jews are, how the Jews control everything, this is consistent with him/her being a Jew that gloats but prefer to pretend that his/her gloating is indignation while secretly eleveting the Jews to god-like status, evelish but all-powerful.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Avery
  238. Avery says:

    Very astute observation.

    That sort of thing goes on at another level also, sort of semi-officially.
    For example, Mossad is credited with mythical powers: they are good, but they have screwed up royally many, many times. But in movies, TV shows, “casual” conversations, etc Mossad is credited with incredible achievements, and they are always infallible. An extension of Hollywood “magic”: just create illusions, and a lot of people will believe it. The omnipotent Wizard of Oz.

    • Agree: W, Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Alfred
  239. Schuetze says:

    Lets just consider Ukrainians to be Russians for the sake of argument. Let us also accept that Jews started WWI, the Russian Revolution and WWII. We would have the following back of envelope results.

    German dead from WWI, RR, WWII: 4m, 0m, 20m total: 24m.
    Russian dead from WWI, RR, WWII: 10m, 50m, 40m total: 100m.

    So your are right, jews only killed 4x as many Russians as Germans, so Russians are only 4x bigger idiot than Germans.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  240. Schuetze says:

    No, I do not have a single drop of Jewish blood in me. I am not a German citizen either. I am basically a white Amerimutt, but I do have strong lines of Alemanni Germanic blood from both parents. Unfortunately, my father did have me circumcised at birth.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  241. Schuetze says:

    Upon consideration, in WWII the Germans were in life or death struggle against Judea, so the 20m Germans who died in WWII at least knew their enemy. That puts the unknowing German pawns who were victims of Judea at 4m, as opposed to 100m Russians who threw their lives away on behalf of Judea. That would make Russians 25X bigger idiots than Germans. Plus the fact that Russians repeated their same mistake 2 more times after WWI, when Germany had already figured it out after the stab in the back.

    • Thanks: GMC
  242. It’s very useful to recall the disaster of the 90’s. It would have been also useful to recall whom the crime profited (cronies of the Harvard gang, and the likes of Browder).
    On the other hand, the author gives a lot of credence to russophobic propaganda. Navalny may be know as a political opponent outside Russia, but he’s really a petty crook with no political following to speak of (in Russia, that is).

    Assassinations of émigrés? Sounds taken right out of the Guardian or the BBC. Assassinations with novichok and plutonium, for instance?

    • Agree: AnonfromTN, Decoy
    • Replies: @annamaria
  243. Schuetze says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    Your link doesn’t work.

    One comment by Hitler in German, translated to English, in some unknown context, at some non-specific time, does not amount to proof, or even strong evidence. It is just another Hitler “gotcha” like all the rest.

    On the other hand we can just compare the relative losses between the Red Army and the Wehrmacht. In the first few months millions of Russians surrendered even though Stalin was taking revenge on their families back home. Russian soldiers were sent charging into the MG34 “bone saw” machine guns with jewish barrier guards making sure that there was no retreat or surrender. After the war, Stalin murdered or sent to the gulag all the Russians who had dared surrender.

    So there is absolutely no comparison between the way Stalin and his judeo communist henchmen treated Russian cannon fodder and the way Hitler treated the Heer. There simply is no moral equivalence here, yet once again Russians bitterly cling to these Jewish fables because otherwise they would have to face how degenerate they were while under Jewish overlords.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  244. Bookish1 says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    You have to be careful about Hitler quotes because there have been so many lies and distortions. Awhile back a local Polish newspaper carried a Hitler quote about an order to kill all women and children and it is a notorious proven lie. Hitler never gave any such order and the researchers have proven it.

    • Replies: @Jon Halpenny
  245. Chris Moore says: • Website

    So there is absolutely no comparison between the way Stalin and his judeo communist henchmen treated Russian cannon fodder and the way Hitler treated the Heer. There simply is no moral equivalence here, yet once again Russians bitterly cling to these Jewish fables because otherwise they would have to face how degenerate they were while under Jewish overlords.

    Some degenerate Americans are behaving exactly as some degenerate Russians still behave regarding the Judeofascist tyrants and their accomplice politicos. It’s a means of coping, and salvaging their pathetic, fragile egos. Also, they’ve been systematically brainwashed to bow to Judeofascists, like Blacks slaves were brainwashed to defer to massa — by the same bunch of inhuman Zionists.

    ((Jewish)) supremacists regard all non-((Jews)) as “niggers” — and some are bound and determined to play out their ((Jewish))-assigned role.

  246. @Bookish1

    The quote is contained in “The Last Days of Hitler”, by Hugh Trevor Roper. I believe I saw the quote also in a book by David Irving, though I can’t find a link for that.

  247. Hitler’s callous attitude towards his soldiers.

    “He struggled for words. “To say that the troops are to blame – look at the casualties!”. he raged. “Look at the losses! The troops did their duty! Their self-sacrifice proves it!”
    Hitler yelled back. “They failed!” he raged. “They failed.”
    Guderian, his face purpling, roared at the top of his voice: “I must ask you… I must ask you not to level any further accusations at Busse or his troops!”

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  248. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Jon Halpenny

    “Losses can never be too high, they sow the seeds of future greatness” -Adolf Hitler to Marshal von Reichenau.

    Hitler eventually (and foolishly) internalized the Judeofascist arrogance he was at war against. How could a WWI combat veteran enraged at ((Jewish)) treachery in WW1 wish for higher losses for his side other than if he came to regard human beings as cattle, as ((Jews)) do, and survivors as the battle-tested Master Race, as ((Jews)) regard themselves as the battle tested Chosen Race?

    ((Jews)) dehumanize everything they touch, in peace and in war. Jesus himself, the Prince of Peace, eventually resorted to the whip out of frustration and rage at evil seed Hebrews. Moses himself took more extreme measures.

    We thank and praise them today for their determination and dedication against the evil seed enemy of mankind.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  249. @GMC

    It took all the way getting to your comment to read something that is actually of substance. You are correct… Like him or not – Putin gives his heart to Russia. Any leader to doesn’t want to follow the G7 and NATO’s orders will be labelled evil. I’m surprised Putin himself never pulled Russia out of the G8 in the 1st place.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @GMC
  250. JoeyI says:

    Every piece of furniture in the Fred Reed house smashed after he reads this article. Probably in a straight jacket frothing at the mouth at this moment.

  251. Bookish1 says:
    @Chris Moore

    I don’t necessarily believe Hitler said that because it didn’t sound like something he would say about men he was dedicated to. Just more bullshit to make Hitler look bad.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  252. @Petermx

    Precisely. Why do Jews hate Putin and Russia? They have done so for a long time. New York (((banker))) Jakob Schiff attacked Russia in 1905. After defeating the US, France, the UK, and Germany in the first world war, Jews took control of Russia. The Jews started and won the second world war. Everyone else lost. Why do Jews hate the US, France, the UK, Germany, Russia, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, and so on?

  253. @Schuetze

    It is good thing USA never faced a REAL Army——-Nazis should have crossed the Channel and knocked out England and as for USSR versus Nazi machine–what happened at Kursk –laughing out loud–The Russians hammered those sausage eaters –truth. You never enter a bears den and expect honey——

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Schuetze
  254. Alfred says:

    Mossad is credited with mythical powers

    A very long time ago, around 1977, I knew an American guy who lived near JFK airport. He left to the US on some business.

    He rented his house out to employees of El Al, the airline of Israel. When the house was returned to him, it had been thoroughly trashed by the aircraft security people (Mossad) who had lived there. He tried to take them to court. He was told that he could not as they were officially “diplomats”. 🙂

  255. Schuetze says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    In those last days in May 1945, all of Germany knew about the Morgentau plan, and they knew about Katyn forest, and they knew what Stalin’s army was doing in East Prussia. As far as Hitler was concerned the complete genocide of Germany by the US was about to begin. It is therefore ridiculous to bring up silly second hand quotes about some supposed conversation made at that point in time . We have all seen Hollywood’s reconstruction of Hitler’s rants in the bunker dozens of times.

    But even has the rape and attempted genocide of Germany was gathering speed, Hitler, and the soldiers he wanted to fight to the death, could have the consolation in the knowledge that they had saved all of Europe. To quote Viktor Suvorov from The Chief Culprit, “Stalin’s Grand Design To Start World War Two”:


    “The commander of the 5th Battery of the 144th Howitzer Regiment of the 14th Tank Division of the 7th Mechanized Corps, Yakov Iosifovich Dzhugashvili, son of Stalin, was taken prisoner, but at first he was not recognized. The senior lieutenant was betrayed by his subordinates. Stalin’s son was searched and questioned. A letter was found in his pockets, form a certain junior lieutenant in the reserves named Victor:

    “I am at the training camps, I would like to be home by fall, but the planned walk to Berlin might hinder this.”

    “The letter is dated June 11,1941 The contents of this letter was reported to Hitler personally; he mentioned it on May 18, 1942. In June 1941, German intelligence officers showed the letter to Yakov Dzhugashivili and asked him to clarify the statement about the “planned walk to Belin,” The questioning protocol recorded Stalin’s son’s reaction. He read the letter and quietly muttered” “Damn it!”

    This is why the millions of Red Army troops sent to Poland didn’t plan for winter camps, the attack on Europe was scheduled to start around the 10 of July, 1941 when the final mobilization was finished. In Stalin’s speech to the heads of the Soviet Union held in private on August 31, 1939 he told them the war on Europe would come soon. This was the summer of 1941.

    Hitler understanding this, knew the only chance of survival Europe had was to strike first when the Red Army was not expecting it. Hitler’s forces were not strong enough to survive the coming Soviet attack. So they had to move first.

    The Truth:

    “During the first week of the war, Stalin herded his troops into an attack. He should have been giving orders for defense, but he resisted. Finally, on June 28, he found out the Western Front was surrounded, the 4th Army was destroyed, and the 3rd, 10th, and 13th armies were encircled. Only then did Stalin finally understand that his plans for the “liberation” [conquest] of Europe were over. When he arrived at the People’s Commissariat of Defense on June 29, Stalin learned the true dimensions of the utter failure of the Western Front. There, Stalin exploded in anger at Timoshenko and Zhukov, bringing the latter to tears. Anastas Mikoyan recollected; “Stalin was despondent. After leaving the Commissariat. He said: “Lenin left us a grandlegacy, and we, his followers, flushed that legacy down the toilet,”

    “Stalin realized that he could not fix anything. The socialist country was capable of crushing others, but it couldn’t compete with other countries in peacetime. From June 22, 1941, the Soviet Union was destined for demise. Sooner or later, it was bound to collapse. It could survive only by consuming everything around it. Otherwise, it was doomed. The Soviet Union could exist only if the Soviet people would have no opportunities to compare their lives with the lives of people in surrounding countries. Here fore, Stalin’s main idea was to destroy the capitalism surrounding the Soviet Union. All of Stalin’s plans were simple, logical and understandable: complete victory was only possible on a global scale.”

    “Hitler understood this as well: “The Bolshevized world will be able to hold only if it encompasses everything.” On June 22,1941 Hitler delivered a lethal attack on Communism. No matter how events unfolded afterward, Stalin could no longer conquer the whole world, which was the equivalent of his demise. On June 30, 1941, Molotov, Beria, Malenkov, and others entered Stalin’s room in his dacha. Anastas Mikoyan, a member of the Stalin’s Politburo, left a wonderful description of this episode:

    “We came to Stalin’s dacha. Found him in the small dining room, sitting in his armchair. Upon seeing us, he seemed to shrink into the armchair, then look at us questioningly. Then he asked: “What did you come for?” He had a wary, strange look on his face-and the question he asked was no less strange. As a matter of fact, he should have summoned us all himself. I had no doubts: he had decided that we had arrived to arrest him. Molotov, speaking for us all, said that power had to be concentrated if the country were to get back on its feet, and that a State Committee of Defence had to be created. ‘Who’s in charge?” asked Stalin. When Molotov answered that he, Stalin, was in power, the latter looked at Molotov, with surprise, but said nothing, “Fine,’ he eventually pronounced.”

    “The members of the Politburo hadn’t come to arrest Stalin. They needed Stalin as a symbol, a flag around which the remnants of a crushed division would rally around in battle. They talked of saving the country, but Stalin did not listen to them. Without taking Europe, without expanding the Soviet Union’s borders. The USSR would sooner or later crumble. Stalin had lost the country founded by Lenin. In 1941, only Stalin could appreciate the full weight of the German invasion. In 1941, the members of the Politburo could not fully understand that Hitler’s invasion meant death for the Soviet Union. The Politburo favoured Stalin to resume power, and Stalin, with a careless wave of the hand, returned, fully ware that the cause he had worked for his whole life was dead.”

    One hundred million people were murdered in the Jewish dictatorship of the USSR. Hitler saved the rest of Europe and the free world on June 22, 1941. He destroyed the USSR and in doing so saved the rest of civilization. The Jewish race have never forgave Hitler for doing this and have heaped never ending lies and slander upon him. Hitler arrived at the 11th hour and gave humanity a pardon from the execution awaiting it as the hands of the International Jew.

  256. @GomezAdddams

    And now the same Würstchen are hammering the slavic whores with cheap fiat money.


  257. Schuetze says:

    Actually McMeekin gets into what happened at Kursk as well. Once again it was US Aerocobras, Tomahawks, Aviation fuel, Trucks, Jeeps and even diesel powered Sherman tanks that enabled the Russian slave army to counter attack.

    But even more critical was the Allied landings in Sicily which forced Hitler to withdraw hundreds of SS Panzers to defend Italy. Without those US/UK jew stooge landings, the Freemason, jew puppet, and crypto-jew Stalin’s goose would have been cooked.

    • Replies: @GMC
  258. @Priss Factor

    Yeltsin was the Best –for sure—the big alcoholic drained the Moscow Treasury and these funds all went to London for washing worldwide and Bill and Hillary Clinton were in the action and Globalism is USA Hegemony—-ALL is in the interests of USA—short and sweet. How is Hunter Biden doing–??

  259. GMC says:

    It looks like President Putin has been in for the long haul , ever since he started to re build Russian Federation. His patience and his constant drive to get the west to see the light is unmatched. I call out Russia on a comment when I am not satisfied with something I read , but – I’m nobody – but I live there. lol

    • Agree: Alfred
  260. GMC says:

    Hey Amigo – You need to look at Jack Hearts – Part 4 Black Sun Rising at Veterans Today site. Jack is a good guy – you would get along with him. Anyways he’s been focussing on the German Atomic scientists and the bomb etc. in the 30s and 40s – really good stuff. Right up your alley !

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  261. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I guess by now it’s impossible to know what Hitler said or didn’t say, because ((Jews)) are such pathological liars and fabulists.

    The only thing that is certain is that ((Jews)) were at the center of instigating WW2, just as they were at the center of instigating the War on Terror/Islamofascism, just as they were at the center of the transatlantic slave trade, just as they are at the center of MSM propaganda and lies, etc. etc.

    How do these evil seed Hebrews keep getting away with atrocities against civilization? Well, this thread — which has descended into Nordics vs. Slavs — is a prime example. Shlomo cleverly starts a fight between two factions of hot-headed egoists, then robs the jackets they’ve taken off to fight, and slips out the back to call the cops on them for brawling to cover his tracks.

    This is why ((Jews)) regard goyim as “niggers” — they fall for it every time, just like an animal can be tricked into certain behavior time and again.

  262. Jazman says:

    Same happened to me in Toronto , there is literally 50 % of city that is shithole .

  263. Putin is a Russian imperialist. Russian nationalists (Russia for the Russians) could potentially be our allies, but Russian imperialism, Duginism, is just another globalism. Imperialists have to play their imperialist games to keep all the ethnicities -the core Russian and all the occupied peoples- from causing serious problems. If they start believing their own lines about how we’re all part of this great civilizational project, it’s the VALUES that matter, not genes, then they end up destroying their core population one way or another. Putin may be an enemy of the west globalists, but that doesn’t make him our friend.

    The same games are being played now in America. America has been transformed from a nation into an empire internally which is about the dumbest thing you could ever do.

  264. Anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin a Imperialist ?

    How many military bases does Russia have overseas today ?


    • Agree: Decoy
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  265. Schuetze says:

    Thanks GMC, I found it, and will read it tonight.

    Did I understand your above post correctly, you live in Russia? Do you speak Russian? Do you have family there too?

    • Replies: @GMC
  266. The following provides a brief introduction as to what the Moscow apparatchiks and military services, within Putin’s sphere of responsibility, must face on a daily basis: Russia’s total annual GNP is roughly 2.5 trillion (USD) Putin is very busy trying to protect all of it’s nine time zones. Their navy patrols a twenty two thousand mile long coastline, oil gas enterprises under the north pole as well as projecting forces in the Mediterranean Sea and nearby countries such as the deep warm water port in Tartus, Syria. This port has a unique maritime shipping/receiving flexibility and can accommodate the widest variety of ships. It is Russia’s jewel, a deep warm water port for future commerce and naval force projection.

    The real “turd in the punch bowl” (just an idiom -not meant as an affront to any State) predicament was created by the globalists themselves, who failed to remove the Ottoman Turk. Now Turkey has crossed the Rubicon, turning it’s back on NATO. Erdogan,the modern day Sultan, has formal agreements with Putin’s government, holds naval exercises with the Russians and buys their latest military hardware (fighter jets and ABM’s) . Erdogan has closed (isolated) the US Incirlik Airbase, for example, “no ins no outs by road access” and issued orders to cut all electric power to the AFB. Once our nukes are removed, the Ruskies will probably hoist their flag on an airfield the west constructed. This unique NATO crisis was not a construct cleverly designed by Putin, it is the result of (another) blunder by transnational corporations in the false hope to to control Tartus, to continue to threaten Russian soil with B61 nukes and manipulate the powerful Turkish army into a force to do their bidding that is, to control Kurdish movements and control other nomadic peoples in Northern Syria.

    These geopolitical changes will open the door to Chinese commerce, the new silk road economic belt from Moscow down to Istanbul to and from the cities of Urumqi and XI’AN China. Oh, and Israel, forget all about managing any trans shipments by the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline. As a matter of fact, I’m not entirely sure, just in who’s hands that oil will end up? will China offer to buy the whole architecture?

  267. Schuetze says:

    Kalingrad, Khmeimim Air Base and Tartus in Syria, Kurchaloi and many others in Chechnya, Matua,Etorofu and Kunashiri and many others on the Kuril islands. There are also Russian imperial military bases in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan including Karakol, Dushanbe, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kostanay, aseparate radar node in Priozersk. Of course there is Sevastopol Crimea and other bases in Russian satellite states along the Black Sea.

    All it takes is a minimum of effort and curiosity to discover the extensive list of Russian Imperial military bases. Absurd statements like “How many military bases does Russia have overseas today” are one of the Russian equivalents to Biden’s “Plausible Deniability”. Besides, when did “overseas bases” become the definition of “Empire” besides in the mind of Putin Appologists?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @annamaria
  268. Levtraro says:

    No, I do not have a single drop of Jewish blood in me. I am not a German citizen either. I am basically a white Amerimutt, but I do have strong lines of Alemanni Germanic blood from both parents. Unfortunately, my father did have me circumcised at birth.

    Weird. A non-Jew whose Christian father got him circumcised. Jews are notorious liars, I mean they can lie to gentiles and it is not a sin, I’ve heard. That’s one of the peculiarities of the Jewish superstition. But you and I share our disgust for the Jewish religion, right?

  269. GMC says:

    Long story – couldn’t find a construction management job after 2007 in the States so I put my resume’ on the net and a xpat who worked in Moscow for a construction office in Kiev, Ukraine hired me for a big job in Yalta -2008. The job went south, and litterly the job went south after the company milked the client out of 11 million . I hung around most of the year and enjoyed Crimea , UA. It’s super Cheap living, natural beaches, no americans, no africans, and looked like a good place to retire.
    I was single but married a co worker years later – so I had residency after mine expired. I speak/murder the Russian language, and I can get around town OK. I’m not fluent , my fault but I ain’t always stupid , I lived in France and Switzerland with my 2nd wife in the 90s. So, living in east Europe is very similiar . I have never met another American living here , but heard of a few.

    I guess I made this place my base camp because I’m still doing a bucket list – heading East this time – if we can find a place that isn’t a covid scam – Already had it , so Sputnik light would work if I need to show a vax etc. That’s all Folks !

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  270. Pablo says:

    What is surprising to me is how transparent all the Jewish Hatred of the White Race and White Western Culture is for all to see who bother to look. It is little wonder why Jews have been horsewhipped out of every Country they have ever lived in. In some cases, Jews were LITERALLY horsewhipped out of the Countries they were tormenting. It’s amazing to me how the expression, “It’s always the Jews” is perhaps a cliche, but a very accurate cliche.

  271. whodat says:

    you are completely correct. Russia backs Syria/Assad and Iran, both strategic foes of Israel. That all of it.

  272. EugeneGur says:
    @The Real World

    Constant comparisons of dissimilar things/places doesn’t make sense

    Oh yes, it does. It establishes standards for judgement, which – I think you’d agree – should be the same for all, but it isn’t. Besides, these things aren’t so dissimilar, and that’s my point.

  273. Schuetze says:

    Sounds like quite a life. I live in Western Europe with my wife and my spawn. I also have no American friends, although I often hear American tourists with their loud obnoxious voices and ignoramus attitudes.

    I have the feeling that fewer and fewer Americans are working abroad, so it is turning into a desert. We can thank the IRS, Fatca, GILTI, and Banking regulations too.

    • Replies: @GMC
  274. @Schuetze

    I am fed up with your bullshit.
    Most of the Russian bases are in states that were part of Czarist Russia for centuries.
    All those places do have their own culture and their own government. Russians have no intention to redo them. All people who are there, are because Russians did allow all those people to settle on Russian territory. Last were Armenians who were allowed to settle on Russian territory.
    It does not really matters. The thing that matters is, that How many wars Russia did start lately.
    How many foreign people did Russians kill lately.
    Compere it to the US.
    Than only than Open your filthy mouth directed by your insane brain saturated by infinite hatred,
    Because Russia does not want to be Slave of Jewish Global Empire ruled by Jewish Banks,
    And I do not give a shit that you are circumcised or not or if you are a Jew or not.

  275. There seems to be some confusion here as to what an empire is. An empire is a multi-ethnic or multi-racial political entity. It is usually formed when one group conquers another group and doesn’t kill or displace all the members of the other group. As opposed to a nation -nacio means birth- where you have one homogenous group related by blood. If a nation expands, it is because the territory occupied by that people expands.

    America was traditionally a white nation with some empirical elements -the whites ruled over blacks, Siberians, mestizos and Chinese. Now it is rapidly being turned into a multi-racial empire.

    The Soviet Union was the biggest empire in the world. The Russian Federation is now about 80% Russian. When I say Putin is an imperialist it means he intends to control non-Russian areas and the policies, laws and rhetoric of the state are geared toward that end, not “Russia for the Russians.” For example, Russia has and enforces so-called “hate speech” laws. See Art 282 of the Russian criminal code. As long as that is the case, Russia cannot be an honest ally with nationalists. Also, they’re still fighting WW2 where all nationalists are “fascists.” They can’t undo all that propaganda and just say we defeated GERMANS, it has to be we defeated EVIL.

    Nations are bound by blood, but every empire has to have some set of words, values, principles, propositions to bind it. Duginism is the Russian Empire’s set of words. It cannot allow any serious questioning of those words, so it cannot have free speech.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
  276. @Scott Schroeder

    Thank you very much. But actually you contributed little bit more to the confusion.
    Keep on going please, and better luck next time.

  277. @noname27

    Isn’t Putin a space alien from Nibiru? Thought so.

    • Replies: @noname27
  278. @Scott Schroeder

    every empire has to have some set of words, values, principles, propositions to bind it

    It cannot allow any serious questioning of those words, so it cannot have free speech.

    Do you see the implications? This means that the US cannot have any free speech.

    • Replies: @Scott Schroeder
  279. Bookish1 says:

    The present general world situation goes like this: The U.S. was the main leader of the new world order following our victory in WW2. But now the new world order is coming from China and Russia but the old world order is in the way. Thats us, the U,S. That is why I believe a war is coming. That will be the only way the new world order can emerge on the world scene. Too general and simple? No doubt but probably an idea in the right direction.

  280. @AnonfromTN

    Correct. Anyone who utters heresy to the Religion of Political Correctness gets harassed, fired, and deplatformed. In Europe, you also get thrown in prison.

  281. Avery says:
    @Scott Schroeder

    { As long as that is the case, Russia cannot be an honest ally with nationalists.}

    Calling yourself ‘nationalist’ means nothing. Most of these so-called ‘nationalists’ are fringe nuts: no State – including Russia – can allow inmates to run the asylum.
    And what does “ally with nationalists” even mean?

    {Russia has and enforces so-called “hate speech” laws}

    No matter how many times its purpose is explained, people keep bringing it up as if it is something shocking. Here is the reason: there is a concerted effort in vile GloboWest to erase the Red Army’s epic contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany. The disease has spread to the brainwashed East Europeans too. No Russia leadership can allow anyone or any country to just erase the memory of 25-27 million killed during WW2. Most of them Slavic peoples, and most of those Russians. Russia cannot possibly protect the memory of its WW2 killed, and at the same time allow people to start chipping away at it under various pretenses. WW2 happened; Nazis murdered and exterminated lots and lots of peoples.

    {They can’t undo all that propaganda and just say we defeated GERMANS, it has to be we defeated EVIL.}

    What propaganda?
    USSR defeated Nazi Germany.
    Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.
    You know those Lebensraum psychopath mass-murderers who we planning to exterminate all Slavic peoples West of the Urals, take their land, and populate it with Germanic peoples.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  282. GMC says:

    Oh Ya – We could defenetly write a book or two . I was lucky tho, I spent over 30 years living in the middle of Alaska , working big jobs, small jobs etc. , hunting, fishing , boating, flying – the usual Alaskan stuff- and I already was kind of used to Russians , since they fished out of Homer , where I had a boat too {70s/80s} . I didn’t plan on living in another super power country but the Zionist Neocons in Washington, Brussels, and Tel Aviv had different plans for Ukraine. I just went along for the ride in Crimea . I could write a book on the last 9 Take care – keep writing !

    • Thanks: Alfred
  283. Schuetze says:

    Lol. Jews are the biggest and the best slaves for their Jewish masters. They positively relish it, just like the house niggers in the old south.

    • Replies: @Avery
  284. Johan says:

    When friends have asked your faithful servant why the global elites hate Putin with such visceral intensity, my usual reply has been “No gay pride parades in Moscow.”

    There is no doubt that Russia will be infected by every Western Democratic disease before the next half of the century begins, unless it becomes a dictatorship again. It is not the global elites only, but a significant part of the democratic hoi polloi, Western and Russian, who are out on spreading these diseases. It is just a repetition of the ancient Greek democratic situation, with the difference that half of the world is now infected with it.

    The global elites, they secretly know the reality of a democracy, the cultural destruction which it brings, the corruption, the diseases of all kinds, and they have all reason to be irritated by a long term accidental stand in the way like Putin, as about all the cards have been in their favour, and the stakes are gigantic, without historical precedent.

  285. Avery says:

    Get lost: I am not interested in your bloviations.

  286. @Anon

    My calculations came well after yours, so bravo to you.

  287. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Their ultimate aim is a society which is moulded and controlled by the corporations, and especially by those who control these oligopolies.

    However, there will be a rift soon, even as things stand. The corporatists’ ultimate aim is the dismantling of the nation state. The only rules to which they want to adhere are ones devised by themselves.

    Dismantling the state inevitably means dismantling and eliminating the Deep State.

    The parallel this all brings to mind are the post-Roman Dark Ages in Europe, during which powerful “vassals” chafed under “royal” rulers, and asserted their independence, and their “right”, to behave as mini-tyrants themselves in their own fiefdoms. For fractious noble houses, substitute oligarch-controlled corporations, and for the weak kings, substitute the hither-to coopted/infiltrated governments.

    It is actually a very artifical state of affairs. Modern Western societies have purposely weakened their governments for fear of tyranny (and indeed the modern would-be feudal nobles – the corporations and their media – always cry “tyranny” to frighten people into supporting their corporate rapine).

    The deal the corporate elite offers the population is this: better our feudal looting, pillage and excess, than state power – unless of course said state power can be subverted for feudal ends; then it’s “perfectly democratic”. Such is the venal and self-serving nature of oligarchs and elected officials both.

    BUT, there is a missing balance here. Just as kings can be the most fearsome tyrants, they can also easily, should they choose, smash the (corporate) fiefdoms and “eliminate” the feudal oligarchs. Strong states have historically been the antidote to oligarchic feudalism. This process is well underway already in Eurasia, specifically in China, and possible Russia.

    The alternative is, of course, a return to less complex socio-economic arrangements, to the world of settlers, colonists, homesteaders and outdoorsmen. This is not likely to happen anywhere on Earth.

    In the United States and Europe, once the Deep State(s) realizes that their interests and those of the transnational corporations have diverged, then there would logically be a growing rift.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  288. Petrovic says:

    In my eyes, what happened in 1989 was that the SU sold it’s half of Germany to the US, in exchange for much needed financial help (after Chernobyl).

  289. annamaria says:

    “This is why all of Eastern Europe despises Russia and ignorant overbearing Russians.”

    Whatever your ethnicity, “Schuetze,” it is obviously hard for you to fathom the Russians’ patience and forgiveness. The Russian Empire was a true melting pot. Russians are not racist, and they are not genocidal. You need to ponder on this thought.

    It was the US that mplemented the mass murder of German POWs, and it was the Tribe that has been bleeding financially and slandering the noble ethnicity of Germans (they have a lot of Slavic blood, by the way). Russian never had any genocidal plans against their temporary invaders, whether Swedes, Poles, or Germans. Compare Russians to the “cultured” Brits and Americans, these unscrupulous mass murderers who would do any atrocities for gesheft. The story of cooperation between the British government/Crown and the genocidal Jewish Sassoon family poisoning Chinese with opium is quite telling.

    Yes, Russia was assaulted by “eternal revolutionaries” of genocidal type (was not the Bolshevik revolution financed by certain Jacob Shiff et al., the American Jewish bankers?) – by the same tribe that has been celebrating the genocide of Persians and Germans. And don’t forget the genocide of Kazakhs, organized by Shaya Itsikovich (known under the pseudonym Fillipp Goloschyokin): some 40% of all Kazakhs perished due to Itsikovich actions. Not a peep from American historians. Amazing.

    As for your announcement, “all of Eastern Europe despises Russia and ignorant overbearing Russians,” what is your educational background? And for which countries of Eastern Europe are you speaking? – Poland is under a NATO (ziocon) boot and cannot have enough of a diktat from the zionized US government. The chihuahua states of the Baltic region repeat religiously what the zionized US government and zionized MSM expect them to bark. The Kaganat of Nuland (former Ukraine) is led by two Jewish men, Grossman and Z, who have been cooperating with Banderites. Who are those critics of the Russian Federation, which are known for their cultural excellence and humility?

    The clarification of holobiz tales has taken its course. Truth cannot be hidden forever. Jews at large deserve a good lesson of history.

  290. annamaria says:
    @Jean-Marie L.

    The choice of Navalny as a leader of the opposition by the US State Dept. demonstrates the lack of competence within US intelligence agencies. Again.
    Mr. Navalny was trained at the Hoover Institution, Stanford, on the US dime.
    Consider a company: Navalny, Bill Browder, Michael McFaul, Condi Rice, and John Yoo. A great multiethnic group of flexible spines.
    Browder is, of course, a financial mega-crook also accused of assassination(s)-on-order. McFaul is an intellectually challenged specialist in nothing except servility to ziocons.
    Condi Rice mushroom-cloud is a major war criminal.
    And Yoo, the torture jurist, is a proud defiler of the Geneva Conventions.
    All of these stinky characters are related to Stanford University.
    Something is obviously rotten at Stanford.

  291. annamaria says:

    Have you noticed the immediate proximity of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan to the Russian borders?
    It is amazing how far the apologists for the ZUSA can go by having cognitive blindness towards the ZUSA’s 800 bases and various “labs” far away from the US borders. For example, the US has military bases in Poland and Germany and biolabs in Ukraine and Moldova.
    Any geographic map of the world can help you to visualize the distances.

  292. One of the things that helped Russia get over its exploitation by the West during the Yeltzin years was the “Let my People Go ” movement whereby the Russian Mafia (Jewish crooks) left Russia – supposedly to Israel – but, really to America and Canada. No nation can be honest and prosperous with this element inside its borders.
    America will probably also get its chance to regain its soul when the dollar collapses and this element decides to petition America to let them emigrate (at America’s expense) – to Israel. It will be worth every cent we shall pay El Al to get them out of America

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