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24 Black-On-White Homicides
May 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America. (And Whites Aren’t Fighting Back, Unlike Tulsa 1921)
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Last month: 29 Whites Dead: April 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America

Our beat, interracial crime, made a rare appearance in the national Regime Media recently. But they lied about it as usual.

So did Joe Biden. He delivered an “emotional” speech in Tulsa OK June 1 decrying a “horrific” “massacre” the that took place exactly 100 year before, over 20 years before the 78 year-old Biden was born. Steve Sailer calls this “antiquarian” white guilt—see, for example: Antiquarianism: Apparently, White People Were Violent In 1918.

Herewith some more antiquarianism: One hundred years ago, the USA was engulfed in a seven-year “race war,” a series of racial conflicts between blacks and whites. The riots began in 1917 when whites responded to a black-on-white murder in East St. Louis, Missouri. Scores of blacks were killed (some say as many as 200), and an estimated 6,000 blacks were displaced; forced out of their homes and out of the city.

Other riots erupted that year in areas that included Chester, Pennsylvania; Lexington, Kentucky; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Houston, Texas.

Rioting peaked in the summer of 1919—dubbed “The Red Summer” by black author/activist James Weldon Johnson—in which rioting occurred in nearly forty “battles” pitting armed blacks and whites against each other. Hundreds lost their lives as Americans divided themselves along racial fault lines. Many more were injured and thousands—mostly blacks—were left homeless.

The race war persisted through 1923 as rioting marred the cities of Ocoee, Florida; West Frankfort, Illinois; Perry, Florida; and Rosewood, Florida. Leftist historians have chosen to emphasize the battle near Tulsa, Oklahoma where whites burned a large swath of the black Greenwood neighborhood.

That incident has been reframed as an example of untethered White Supremacy unleashed upon the America’s “Black Wall Street.”

But in reality, nearly every riot during this era was triggered by black-on-white crime. Whites responded with a vengeance—only to be vilified by Leftist historians as racist aggressors.

Max West pointed out on that in popular depictions, like HBO’s fantasy program Watchmen,

There is no hint that the riot began after 19-year-old Dick Rowland (who was black) was accused of assaulting 17-year-old Sarah Page (white). Similarly, there was no intimation that the initial round of violence in Tulsa – which killed ten whites and two blacks – appears to have been initiated by blacks, this being the incident that sparked the ensuing riots.[Who Watches the Watchmen?, October 22, 2019]

This seven-year American race war has been largely ignored by historians. But its underlying cause—black-on-white violence—persists into the 21st century. Currently, however, whites are not fighting back.

Thus within the past month alone, we have noted the following examples:

  • 24 homicides involving white victims and black suspects
  • That includes 12 homicides involving white women and black males
  • And 4 homicides involving elderly whites and black suspects
  • And one child, age four, allegedly kidnapped and slashed to death by a black male teen

There were, no doubt, many others. We rely on local news reports, but even these are getting increasingly Politically Correct.

Here’s what we uncovered:

Arrested was 28-year-old Michael Sims.

Reports say police administered first aid to the victim after responding to gunfire. Stamey was pronounced dead at the scene.

[UPDATE: Suspect wanted for Cleveland man’s murder arrested in Dalton, by WTVC,, May 27, 2021]

June Kennard Brantley, 30, and Troy Ricardo Privette Jr., 31 were arrested.

Reports say the victim was discovered dead when police responded to a welfare check at a home. [Police identify woman found dead in east Charlotte home; 2 men arrested, by News Staff,, May 31 2021]

  • John Hoffman, age 70, fatally shot in Prairie Village, KS.

Arrested was 58-year-old Michael Balance.

Hoffman was fatally shot in his apartment. A report said Hoffman was attempting to help the suspect when he was killed.

[Prairie Village neighbors devastated by murder of 70-year-old, a pillar in community, by Chris Searcy,, May 3 2021]

  • Jamie Browning Iverson, age 67, fatally shot in Indianola, MS.

Arrested were brothers Kenterius Wright and Daquarius Wright.

Reports say the businesswoman was fatally shot during a robbery attempt at Paul’s Jewelry, which she owned. The suspects were driving a black BMW. Others may have been involved.

(This homicide occurred in April, but we only just found it).

[Captured: Tip leads to the arrest of two men in connection with Jamie Iverson murder, by Recardo Thomas,, April 28 2021]

Arrested was Jahsen Thomas, 43, who is facing first-degree murder and other charges.

Reports say the victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds on the ground in front of her home.

(This homicide also occurred in April 2021).

[Woman killed in Lincoln Avenue shooting identified, by WICS/WRSP Staff,, April 26 2021]

Arrested was Kahlyl Powe, 23.

Reports say Roukey, a Lyft ride-share driver, was shot after giving Powe a ride. Apparently, Powe is accused of shooting Roukey rather than paying him [Bond set at \$1 million for suspect in shooting death of ride-share driver from Hudson, by Kaylyn Hlavaty , Bob Jones,, May 04 2021]

Arrested was Timvoise De’Shad Lambert.

Reports say the shooting occurred during an alleged drug transaction [Henderson Man Charged in Tuesday Homicide, no attribution,, May 5 2021].

Arrested was Willie Junior Snuggs.

Reports say Mendez was found fatally shot in her home’s yard where Snuggs was apprehended [Winston-Salem man charged with murder after girlfriend found dead in side yard of their home, by Dolan Reynolds,, May 10 2021]

Arrested was Johnny Lee Love, Jr., 31.

It appears Brown was shot in her vehicle in an attempted robbery at a convenience store.

Love reportedly drove the woman’s car to a secluded area where he attempted to set it ablaze [Lake City man charged in Timmonsville woman’s Quinby shooting death, by staff reports,, May 7 2021]

  • Heather Diane Stewart was found dismembered in Goldsboro, NC.

Arrested and charged with murder was Willie Lee Langston Jr., 29.

The arrest was made after neighbors reported the dismembered remains in a residential driveway [Murder arrest made after woman’s dismembered body found in Goldsboro; victim identified, by CBS 17 Digital Desk., May 28 2021]

36-year-old Donta Dixon is accused of the crime.

Reports say Lee was fatally shot while sitting in a vehicle with a companion, Alonszo Lewis, race unspecified, who was also fatally shot.

Dixon is suspected of shooting another woman moments later who sustained serious injuries [Man charged in fatal shooting of man, woman in Cleveland’s Stockyards neighborhood, by Adam Ferrise,, May 11 2021]

25-year-old Hakim Mitcham confessed to the homicide.Reports say the victim was shot in the head while sitting on a park bench in Akron. reports that the victim was approached from behind. There appears to be no known motive [25-year-old man charged with murder after shooting at Akron park, by Avery Williams,, May 13 2021}

Arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 35-years was Jarvis Hardy [ New Orleans man receives 35-year sentence for shooting deputy in drug raid, by Matt Sledge,, Feb 21, 2019].

Detective Arnold was shot during a drug raid at Hardy’s home in 2016. He remained in a coma until his death on May 23, 2021.

[Killed in the line of duty, JPSO Detective Stephen Arnold laid to rest Tuesday, by Michelle Hunter,, June 1, 2021]

Detectives have sworn out a warrant charging 31-year-old Eddie Fitzgerald Newsom with criminal homicide, reports say.

Apparently, Newsom approached Williams to purchase illegal drugs at a homeless camp but shot him instead, then drove off with the victim still in his vehicle. The vehicle was abandoned and Newsom reportedly fled [Police search for man wanted for murder in deadly Nashville shooting, by Rebekah Hammonds,, May 10 2021]

Reports describe the suspect as a black male “wearing a black and white hooded sweatshirt, dark pants.”

Apparently Lombr was accosted by the suspect, though reports cite an “argument” preceding the shooting [Man shot & killed in Brooklyn Park on Wednesday; AACO police actively searching for suspect, by WMAR Staff,, May 13 2021]

  • Cynthia Hoover, age 60, hacked to death in Santa Rosa County, FL.

Arrested was Johnny Edwards Malisham, age 60.

Reports say the suspect, who had spent 12 years in jail for manslaughter, believed Hoover had stolen from him and killed her with a hatchet before burying her in his backyard.

Hoover was reported missing in March 2021. The arrest was made May 11, 2021 [BRUTAL ‘CRIME’ Convicted murderer ‘cracked woman’s skull with a hatchet and buried her body underneath a burn pit in his backyard’, by Catherina Gioino,, May 14 2021]

Arrested was Terry Smith Jr., 34.

Reports say Ferris was killed at a hotel. Apparently she was suspected of taking Smith’s narcotics without his permission [Suspect charged with murder in hotel death, by Jamie Duffey, The Journal Gazette, May 28, 2021]

  • Leslie Lizet Basilio, age 28, fatally shot in New Castle County, DE.

A suspect was identified by a security cam photograph of a large black male.

Reports say the mother of two young children was working alone at a Metro PCS store when a male attempted a robbery [Family Members Say 28-Year-Old Leslie Lizet Basilio Was Delaware Metro PCS Manager Killed In Attempted Robbery, by CBS3 staff,, May 17 2021].

  • Cash Gernon, age 4, was abducted and fatally stabbed in Dallas, Texas.

The boy was found dead by a woman taking her dog on an early morning walk in Dallas, Texas.

Arrested and charged with kidnapping and theft was 18-year-old Darriynn Brown, reports say.

A Fox News update reported the victim was snatched from his home while he slept. The suspect apparently broke in through a screen door.

“In addition to kidnapping and theft, Brown is charged with injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual. The alleged offense is a first-degree felony punishable by up to 99 years or life in prison. Additionally, he faces a second burglary charge,” according to [A 4-year-old boy was found on a street ‘murdered in a violent act,’ Dallas police say, by Hollie Silverman and Alta Spells, CNN,, May 16 2021]

  • Robin Elizabeth Allmon, age 42, was found dead in Hughes, AR.

Maurice Winda was identified as a person of interest.

Reports say Allmon had been missing for several days before being found lodged under a mattress at the home of Winda, the victim’s former boyfriend [Missing woman found wrapped in sheet under ex-boyfriend’s bed, authorities say, by Mike Suriani,, May 20 2021]

Arrested was 19-year-old Raheem Cherry who is facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder.

Reports say Miles was on the phone with her husband at the time she was accosted. He heard her scream and the phone drop [Murdered woman’s husband heard scream, struggle on phone hours before police found her body in Chesapeake, by 13News Now Staff, May 25 2021]

Suspect is 24-year-old Darion M. Lafayette of Champaign, also killed in an apparent exchange of gunfire.

The cause of the encounter was not reported. However, Lafayette had a history of domestic violence. A second officer was also shot, but remains in stable condition [Officer-involved shooting suspect had history of domestic violence, by Chase Houle,, May 19 2021]

  • Shaun Seaman, age 40, fatally stomped in Polk County, FL.

Arrested after the incident: 36-year-old John Smith.

Reports say Seaman and Smith shared a jail cell in Frostproof, FL. Seaman was apparently “severely stomped” by Smith. The attack was reportedly unprovoked [Man accused of stomping cellmate to death at Florida jail, by Adrienne Cutway,, May 26 2021]

  • Charlie Johnson, 21, killed in a mass shooting in Minneapolis, MM hours before graduating from University of St. Thomas School of Engineering.

Arrested after the incident: 24-year-old Jawan Contrail Carroll.

Also fatally shot was 24-year-old Christopher Robert Jones Jr., black, Carroll’s target [St. Paul man faces multiple charges in connection to fatal downtown Minneapolis shooting, by Tommy Wiita,, May 26 2021]

Jones’s picture, below, is from 2016 incident in which he was charged in wild shooting:

Man Accused Of Shooting Cars In Flameburger Parking Lot, CBS Minnesota, May 10, 2016

Apparently Carroll and Jones exchanged gunfire outside a nightclub resulting in two deaths and eight injuries, a ratio typical of black mass shootings, due to racial disparities in marksmanship. Johnson was found about a half block away from the crime scene. He had been shot in the back.

Incredibly, Carroll, above is scheduled to go to trial in a few weeks for yet another downtown shooting two years ago.

According to CBS Minnesota, “A man charged with murder after police say he opened fire outside a nightclub over the weekend is accused of doing the same thing back in 2019.”

We are not aware of any white-on-black homicides in May.

But the fact is that there just aren’t very many. According to information provided by the FBI, there were a total of 3,315 white victims of homicides in 2018, the most recent year available. 514 of the offenders were black, sometimes of course with multiple victims. There were 2,925 black homicide victims. Just 234 of the offenders were white [FBI: Crime in the U.S. 2018 • Tables • Expanded Homicide Data Table 6].

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Truth says:

    Wow! You found less than one a day this time… and a quarter of them were MESS-a-kin. Good job bro. I guess the B on W crime rate is going down.

  2. And we get this glad news to what end? In the current age, we deserve what we get if we will not, can not and are restrained from, fighting back in kind. This is the tax on our population for proximity to blacks. Sorry for their deaths, but one step further, I’d advise White women to stop consorting with blacks they know damned well are trouble. They don’t deserve to be on any memorial lists in any case.

    There is but one solution, get the hell away from them.

    • Agree: Sarah, anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @moi
    , @Leo Den
    , @Jett Rucker
    , @Floda
  3. The US biggest problem is with black criminals no more and no less

    • Replies: @Truth
  4. ….aside from the content of the article…there is no…”East St. Louis, Missouri”. St. Louis is in Missouri on the west side of The Mississippi River. On the other side of The Mississippi is the State of Illinois, which is where East St. Louis sits. East St. Louis has been a drug-addicted, topless dancing, gambling and crime destination for well over 60 years. Get your facts straight.

    • Replies: @Al Czervik
  5. UNIT472 says:

    100 years ago there were no TVs or cellphones. Radio news didn’t exist either. People got a lot of their news via word of mouth and because there was no news or social media people interacted face to face. Whites sat outside in warm weather much as porch monkeys still do today. It was easy for a mob to form and not much law enforcement could do to stop it. They had no fleets of radio dispatched squad cars just a few model T’s bouncing down dirt roads doing less than 25 mph. No surveillance cameras either. Pictures had to be taken by camera and that made them almost useless at night.

    The Federal government may as well not existed in 90% of America. No FBI, ATF or DHS storm troopers. Calling up the National Guard could take a few weeks.

    If lynching had pretty much died out by 1920 it was suggested that a major reason for it during its heydey was boredom in small town America and the inability of the courts to hold speedy trials. This probably accounted for the willingness of whites to take matters into their own hands a century ago as well.

    Today the DoJ would be on any white mob who attacked negroes like the DoJ went after anyone on the Capitol grounds on January 6th.

  6. We’re really fortunate black homicide is always “just random”. Because if not, somebody might get the impression these fine folks actually mean to hurt somebody.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  7. @Truth

    or the media is more proficient at hiding them

    • Replies: @Truth
  8. Truth says:
    @Kenn Gividen

    …Certainly because of your impressive work the last 3 months. I heard the major networks called an emergency meeting at the great Synagouge, a mile under the streets of the Lower East Side.

    • Troll: Richard B, Hans
    • Replies: @Hans
    , @Hans
  9. neutral says:

    The media finds W on B crime once a month if it gets lucky, most of the time its your usual nigger criminal that deserves to die, can’t ever say that about the white victims.

    • Replies: @Truth
  10. So many of today’s whites strike me as totally brainwashed to the point of blindness to certain realities. It’s as if they can’t even recognize the danger to themselves or their families that certain people plainly exhibit and this blindness isn’t exclusively about black people. So many whites remind me of the mythical Eloi in the novel The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells. I’m particularly reminded of the scene where an Eloi is being swept down a raging river with the other Eloi, playfully basking in the sun and enjoying themselves while watching the fate of their drowning counterpart with a totally disinterested attitude. On the one hand, it’s nice to think that people can be so innocent and honest. On the other hand, it reminds one of the saying in proverbs, that a fool, sows destruction on others everywhere he goes. What a dilemma we human beings are stuck in, much of it caused by our own willful ignorance, or bad advice given by others. (let the reader understand)

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
    , @anarchyst
    , @KenH
  11. Just looking at the faces of all those savages makes you shudder. Avoid the groid.

    • Agree: TKK
  12. @UNIT472

    And what media there was back then was not controlled by a certain ethnic group either.

    • Replies: @rashomoan
  13. Ragno says:

    Absolutely. Whatever’s in 2nd place ain’t even close.

  14. @Kenn Gividen

    “Yep. Whites are in denial.”

    The only book of any kind written (so far) on the Christian-Newsom murders in Knoxville, Tennessee was on Kindle only, titled “Knoxville’s Endless Nightmare.” The author, a self-described “semi-retired lawyer” wrote that many of his “social friends” reacted with “They were buying drugs.”

    The knee jerk reaction of some white people was the victims somehow deserved it. They don’t want to know the reality–An innocent white couple out on a date are abducted, tortured, and murdered.

  15. @Truth

    What do you mean to accomplish by provoking white people who have just read an article detailing 24 murders of members of their race by members of your race, including a 4 year old white boy by a black homosexual? Would you like to see whites get angry enough to take revenge against blacks? How would you feel if you were reading an article about a white homosexual who had abducted and murdered a little black boy, and some lowlife white was in the comments mocking the perfectly understandable feelings of sadness and anger of the black readers?

    • Disagree: gleongelpi
  16. Panadechi says:

    Hunting season opened in black on white.

    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
  17. @Kenn Gividen

    I’m not sure you can call it denial when the media completely covers up black on white violence and tells our people that whites are lynching blacks everyday.

    The jew media lies and presents information that is the exact opposite of reality…..and I blame the media for these murders because they spew BLOOD LIBEL against whites 24/7.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @LeRoy
    , @Truth
  18. The subhuman black savage that murdered the woman at the Metro PCS store has apparently also murdered some other people. The savage was even wearing body armor when he was caught.

    BTW for every murder committed by subhuman black savages, there are probably many more assaults where the victims are injured but luckily survive, as in the following example:

  19. The Bible is clear on this, negroes will inherit the Earth, I believe the Talmud records the same prophecy. It may seem that negroes are insanely violent and appear to exhibit blood thirsty behavior.

    But keep in mind that these gentle people were enslaved, brutalized, beaten and raped for thousands of years by whites.

    • LOL: Realist, Truth
    • Troll: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @GomezAdddams
  20. @RJ O'Guillory

    Not to be confused with any other drug-addicted, topless dancing, gambling and crime destination for well over 60 years..

  21. anonymous[236] • Disclaimer says:

    I understand the point of this monthly column but it should be noted that some of these “victims” are not like the others.

  22. Nothing like the simple life in black and white or in white and black, if you so choose. And no better place to find it than at UR.

    • Replies: @Bernie
  23. Why doesn’t some enterprising soul arrange a billboard displaying nothing but black crime facts, peppered with warnings about never relaxing? I’d be first in line to donate for such an important, life-saving PSA.

  24. gotmituns says:

    Blacks are only doing what their emotions tell them to do. Their low IQ locks them into a chaotic lifestyle. It’s the same wherever they are to be found on the planet. They can not construct anything. They can only destroy. White people used to know that. but now they have forgotten and we see the results.

  25. As I said elsewhere …

    Three things:

    1. bring back normal police behavior from the 30s

    2. universal death penalty for grave offenders

    and, I’ve been proponent of this for quite a while:

    3. bring back torture for mass murderers & various sadistic trash. Any race, I am egalitarian here. Any violent murderer, rapist, offender … No need for pulling out finger-nails or heavy beating, just strict solitary confinement enriched by Chinese water torture,

    And yes, now & then, add experiments with electric currents, as well as, for rapists, frequent anal rape by some midget women using colonoscopy with “exotic” fluids, plus forcing them to eat full lunches of their excrement, specially served.

    You may add a dentist treatment …

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @LeRoy
    , @LeRoy
    , @TKK
  26. Maybe they killed that woman during the robbery for laughing at their hairstyle. I certainly would have laughed at them.

  27. Hans says:

    LOL, “Truth”. Super big tee-hee! Thanks.

    “I realized the extent of Sanhedrin madness when I represented as counsel, one of the defendants in the so-called sedition trial in Washington, D.C., during 1944.” – Henry H. Klein

  28. LeRoy says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Totally agree. Race integration is Zionist wet dream. They are not that much interested in mixing of Chinese, Asian, Latin racial mixing with Negros. Only white Christians and Negros. White Jews are spared.

    The media with collaboration with Hollywood had been successful in creating the image of black victim hood borrowed from Holo. cost episodes.

    I would like to see alternate media digging up truth on the black profiteers like Sharpton, Jesse, Obama, Eric Holder, and queen of profits Oprah Winfrey (with no talents, just blackness is enough).

    We dont hear anything about black leaders like Cynthia McKinney, Dr. Angela Davis, And that guy who ran as VP candidate of Green Party in 2016 and many more like them.

    I have read on this site about these Black Caucus from US congress going to Israel and being entertained by Eastern European Prostitutes at US tax payers dime. Of course blackmailed later. These are stories that should be discussed.

    People dont pay attention to such articles as this one (they should) however, they have appetite for Kamala Harris old boy friend and banger, twice of her age Willie Brown (I think) from San Francisco Democratic party. That will get traction. Or Jesse Jackson’s love child (I mean Rev Jackson). Go after these guys. Make videos full of information.
    And dont forget Nancy Pelosi and Zionist king Chuck Schumer.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Richard B
  29. LeRoy says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Israeli Agent or Troll.
    Dont be fooled by this name.

  30. Hans says:

    “I realized the extent of Sanhedrin madness when I represented as counsel, one of the defendants in the so-called sedition trial in Washington, D.C., during 1944.” – Henry H. Klein

  31. LeRoy says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Hey Would you support Negros marrying European Jewish women? and and why?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  32. Realist says:
    @Kenn Gividen

    Yep. Whites are in denial

    Too many Whites are stupid. As long as Whites allow it, the buggery will continue.

  33. Realist says:

    I agree with your comments, but you are wasting your time trying to reason with an idiot.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
  34. moi says:
    @Jim Christian

    White and black Americans happen to be two incompatible races/peoples occupying one nation.

    • Agree: Etruscan Film Star
  35. Bemildred says:

    Perpetrators with unmedicated, untreated brain illnesses behind majority of US mass shootings — study

    You really are confused my friend if you think what happened in Tulsa was “fighting back”. If you want to fight back, you are going to have to take care of white people, not attack non-whitre people. That’s how we got this fucked up here in the first place.

    • Replies: @Bernie
  36. @UNIT472

    100 years ago, the day to day drudgery of making a living often precluded White People from just hanging out on the porch, being bored, and looking for something to liven up their monotonous existence. I can assure you that the majority of the White Citizenry of that time had far better and more important things to do than to go around lynching Darkies just for fun or to simply pass the time.

    It took a legitimate and serious threat to drive them to these actions. Take for instance, the 1893 case of little Myrtle Vance, a 4 year old girl brutally raped and murdered by Henry Smith in Paris, Texas. His fate was indeed horrific, but no less than the confessed savagery that he inflicted on that innocent child. The newspapers, and many of the prominent people of the time, expressed their sympathy with the townspeople, and acknowledged that the criminal justice system was not meting out adequate punishment for these crimes. On the flip side were some of the ancestors of today’s Minnesota WSJW’s, singing the blues for the murderer, with some going so far as to suggest that the crime was a twisted form of payback for slavery and oppression. To their credit, the Negroes in the community, including Smith’s wife who told the authorities that he came home covered in the child’s blood, readily condemned him and apparently approved of his torturous demise.

    • Thanks: Rich
  37. I accept castizos as white but Leslie Lizet Basilio and Ashly Marie Marquez are clearly non-white hispanics. Brian Shaw was also murdered by 2 blacks on 25 May in Alabama.

  38. AceDeuce says:

    You hit the nail on the head–the kniggbos have ginned up “Tulsa bad”, acting like Tulsa was some big secret that’s just been unearthed. What a crock. No, it was no secret–It was just published before the way it actually was. Rapey nigro gets jailed. Other nigros start a riot. Violence ensues as Whites defend themselves. (“Little Africa” the actual nickname of that area) gets burned. I read about it 40 years ago.

    The usual suspects dusted it off, carefully edited out those disagreaable nuggets of information like, a depraved black started it, and blacks caused the actual riot. They then spin some fantasy BS about kniggro Wall Street. They have to wait until anyone White who was there and can call BS firsthand as an eyewitness is dead.

    The main thing they don’t like about it is the “Whites fight back” part–not just that–fought back and won. Maybe they are bringing this stuff up because they are worried Whites might start to stand up and act when they pull their crap.

    I wish.

  39. duncsbaby says:

    A 14 year old girl was viciously beaten to death by a black man in Fargo, ND, last week and the local media is so awful it isn’t even the top news one week later. The guy who killed her was 23 years old and unknown to his victim. According to the media whores it was a totally “random” attack. I’m pretty sure the guy is also an African immigrant but the media is being pretty cagy about that as well.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @David In TN
  40. It is obvious that a high percentage of the white women who were murdered were mudsharks. Burn the coal, pay the toll. Frankly, I have no sympathy whatsoever for any white woman who involves herself with this gutter trash. I only hope they don’t breed and pop out a generation of little monsters.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian, Bookish1
  41. Bernie says:

    It would go down more if whites retaliated every time there was a black-on-white robbery, rape or murder. You know, like the heroes in Tulsa in 1921.

  42. I’ve been saying, from day one, that blacks are assaulting/murdering whites because they hate us. But why do they hate us? Well apart from the lies of history, promoted by the jews for slavery, they hate us because whites are successful. Blacks know that they’re nothing more than the monkey on the jew organ grinder, entertainers at best and nothing more. They know that they’re intellectually inferior and those blacks who have good jobs, miraculously through meritocracy, have them because they have European genes in their ancestry. They see Europeans, who are more attractive than they, more compassionate, more empathetic, more resourceful. They are INSANELY jealous of us and this is why they are the way they are.

    European peoples had better start uniting and fighting back. This isn’t going to go away. Just like covid and the jew world order (JWO), no court room is going to fix this, because they’re firmly controlled by the JWO. It means arming yourselves and bunkering down people. You’d better remove the notion of good jews and good blacks. You fight for your nation first, remove them all, then AND ONLY THEN, once they’re outside of your lands, in a land of your own, do you sieve through them to find who the good ones are, that can be allowed back in your civilization. The rest, well, they’re left to their hatred, anger and bitterness to whites, just in a place where they can’t do them any harm

  43. Leo Den says:
    @Jim Christian

    Your kind of thinking is the exact train of thought of Jews who are stealing Palestine. They want to drive Palestinians out of their land.

    And guess what? People like you in the USG condone that king of thinking.

    You think that doesn’t have consequences? In this moral universe it does. And the consequences are that the US gets back what it sponsors overseas, especially with Apartheid Israhell.

    Beware: Extremely Graphic Images:

  44. gotmituns says:

    I’m pretty sure the guy is also an African immigrant
    It’s just, what they do.

  45. @Truth

    Regardless of the obvious and well known fact that there are miscreants and perverts within the ranks of European-Americans, it doesn’t even begin to compare to the level of sexual depravity and immorality present among the Africans in America. Additionally, White People don’t present their deviants as innocent patsies or paragons of morality. We don’t demand that they receive amnesty for their offenses or build memorials in their honor. I’ve yet to see a depiction of Jeffrey Dahmer, with a halo over his head, adorning a T-Shirt. The closest I can think of is the few punk rockers that think Charles Manson was cool.

    Until Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway romanticized Bonnie and Clyde, Frank Hammer was the Hero. Sadly, we have developed a prevalent tendency toward a sordid fascination with underworld crime figures and depression era bandits. And, serial killers have acquired their own following. Still, it’s not as though there are millions of people rallying in their defense, or using their incarceration or death sentences as an excuse to Burn, Loot and Murder.

    But, the propensity to celebrate criminality by Negroids is nearly universal. The same Negro that says that private property isn’t worth shooting someone for, will kill you in a second if you inadvertently scuff his sneakers while walking through a crowded room. He will promptly unload his pistol, hitting several bystanders with his wild discharges, and then go home and attempt to make up a little rhyme about the experience, hoping to cash in on the mayhem.

    • Replies: @Hoohoohaha
  46. Bernie says:

    Nope. Blacks killed ten whites and whites retaliated. That is called fighting back.

    Whites do not attack and kill blacks. Blacks attack and kill whites. How “we got in this mess” was whites stopped retaliating.

  47. @duncsbaby

    It’s standard procedure for a vicious black on white killing to quickly pass out of the news.

  48. @Truth

    Most of those people in the site you linked to were arrested for engaging in some bizarre sexual escapade. So, in your mind that’s the equivalent of murdering someone else in cold blood? No wonder you black people are so fracked up.

    If you were to make of list of all the weird sexual stuff black people were up to at the same time, I’m sure it would put that of white people in the shade. After all, you–and all Sub Saharan blacks–are yourselves the offspring of back breeding normal homo sapiens (who evolved outside of equatorial Africa) with primitive homo erectus hominids, an event which took place from approx. 40,000 years ago right up into modern times. You’re the product of beastiality, man. Own it, dude. You’re half ape-man. It’s why you have such a sloped forehead and snout-like muzzle.

    The tale told by genetic science is fairly solid on this point. You possess DNA which none of us (no one else on the planet) who left 70,000 years ago possess. How do you think you acquired this Ghost lineage?

    So don’t blame us. Blame your forebears who were busy humping anything that walked–however stooped–on two legs.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Truth
  49. To me the matter is much simpler : black delinquency and violence has always been for the immense part government-organized, like drug traffic. I got conscious in the years sixty in Haiti : that country was one of the first to know modern-style black violence under the infamous regime of François Duvalier and of his Tontons Macoute. It turned out to everybody’s eyes that Haiti since its fake recovery of independence under Truman in 1945 never had had a government but that the presence of a government was acted by the US secret services. Up to 1958 it still counted on a regular US armed presence, from 1958 onwards it was equipped with murderous secret services and also with neo-protestant Evangelical religions that imposed themselves as the only really working educational and social services. These born-again Christian sects were then practically unheard of in the US (except in Florida and around) : everything indicates Haiti was a testing ground to make them operational first for their immediate deployment all over Latin America, and as for the Tontons-Macoute they formed but one organization with the CIA-led (with much Jewish and Israeli expertise) US Black criminality. The Duvalier regime was based on a primordially anti-White ideology, Afrocentrism (“Noirisme” : it was already propounding all the theses to be later known under Sheikh Anta Diop’s signature, regarding among others the alleged fact that ancient Egypt was as black as pitch) but it attacked only Whites suspected of being favourable to the Left : you could as a White-skinned person mix perfectly well with Tontons Macoute as long as you never discussed their shady dealings at large but rather showed your readiness to be complicit in their crimes, which were often ritual. Among others the Hell’s Angels were welcome.

    I came thereafter to live at times in Harlem (just for apartment price reasons so as to be very near my places of interest in Manhattan) and in Washington DC, another American where if you cannot afford a government-appointed mansion you have to share your life with blacks. In Harlem the Tontons Macoute were present and interrelated seamlessly with the local drug-related delinquency. The conclusion to draw was that you had to relate to the local Black delinquency like to the KGB in Russia or Chekoslovakia : government agents in the guise of revengeful proletarians with the priority to chase down intellectuals. Having lived in the DDR to study University-level German at discount prices had given me the pointful experience to keep safe. In Washington the function of Black Delinquency was to keep in line local low-level government personnel.

    There is no Black-White problem in present-day US, and Trump has nothing to do with White backlash or Whites waking up to defend their interests even though it is the theme the Tontons Macoute like delinquents want you to repeat. Trump represents the Christian Zionist sects very strictly, which comprise nearly all the Black Haitian members of those sects who render a religious like cult to Trump, as well as the media linked to those religions, which publish more books read by more people than all the books recensioned by the NYT, while the Democratic machine rather uses the mafias most of which are fronts for the US secret services and for the Mossad. Most assassinations of Whites are targeted by the US and Israeli (it it impossible to distinguish between both) secret against specific individuals considered as dissident against the US state. In Haiti people joined the Born Again Christian sects as a guarantee they would escape thereby all dangers of being attacked by state black delinquents, resulting in the country divided into two. The US are clearly evolving towards the same model : you can join one Evangelical sect or the other, and renounce to all “American” freedoms for tight ideological control, to get cover from US secret services that act through Black delinquents in very well organized military structures. If it is really the interests of the White race you want to defend don’t fall for any American charade in the matter : Trump is not your friend and he will subject you to tight surveillance by Blacks too though of a quite opposite party in the Black World that shares with the ex-Trostkyte neocons the very same misgivings the latter expressed in the 1960’s towards the evolution of Black culture, it is a party that first and foremost wants to end with separation of church and state and with the First Amendment. First understand that there is absolutely no real revenge for the Blacks on the Black delinquent side : they have a certain list of dissidents and opponents to hit and they need Black misery and obscurantism to gain or keep proper ascendency over their alleged communities of origin. Once their objective is reached, once the US population has consented to lose all their liberties, they will be jettisoned and replaced with Asians.

  50. Mike Tre says:

    Darn it! Just when we think facts are on our side, Troof comes along and proves us wrong with science!

    No wonder NASA had a basement full of negroes doing math!

    • LOL: TKK
  51. I’m not going to shed a single tear for whites who are dumb enough to interact with blacks. Especially coalburners. Glad there’s only 24. Not too bad really for a country of 330 million. Maybe people are starting to learn finally. That number was much higher a year ago.

  52. anarchyst says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I am one of the few whites who was never brainwashed by the so-called “civil-rights” and “equality” (now “equity”) mantra that has infected the country for the last 70 years or so.

    Growing up in Detroit, us aware whites were always wary of blacks as ((they)) were the ones to knock you off of and steal your bike, break in to your garage or house, or attack you, never one-on-one but a black mob against one white.

    Blacks were ALWAYS a problem but were given preferential treatment as long as I can remember. From “affirmative action” to “set-asides” to outright preference for jobs and advancement despite not having the qualifications granted to blacks, us whites have been on the “losing end” for a long time.

    One must recognize the massive differences between black and white psyches in order to understand that the incompatibility is inherent in the races themselves.

    Whites will delay gratification, plan for the future, and carefully guard against possible loss of one’s livelihood, even if it means forgoing a job change or promotion due to unethical and unfair rewards given to “people of color” due to “affirmative action” and other “civil-rights” schemes.

    Blacks want the “bling” immediately, act on impulse and see nothing wrong with “catching a charge” for criminal behavior. All of these things are “in their blood”.

    As us whites have lived under the brainwashing for the last 70 years or so, it is easy to see how subsequent generations could fall under the spell of “civil-rights”, “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, not knowing any better because of the incessant propaganda pushed by the jewish-run Frankfurt School (of thought).

    I realize that there are aware whites in subsequent generations but it seems that there should be many more.

    • Agree: TKK, CelestiaQuesta
  53. anarchyst says:

    Absolutely YES! Since jews are responsible for the push for “multiculturalism”, “diversity” and “race-mixing” ((they)) should be at the forefront of their own kind marrying negroes. In fact, jewish shekels should be used to promote such “unions”…

    • Replies: @LeRoy
  54. Bookish1 says:

    All those murders are only part of the problem, although the biggest part. There are hundreds of thousands of incidences of hassles of all kinds like spitting in peoples food, threats of all kinds, knocking white people around, threatening looks, theft, etc. In other words our lives are miserable living around blacks. Separation of races is a must for peaceful living.

    • Agree: TKK
  55. anarchyst says:

    It goes back to 1950s and 1960s Hollywood.
    Black men were made “palatable” to white audiences by the promotion of Sidney Poitier in the many films of the day.
    Mr. Poitier was the “clean, articulate, well-behaved negro” that was used to promote the notion: “See…((they)) are just like us, wanting the same things as us whites (jews) want)”.
    The sordid underbelly of TRUE negro behavior was subordinated by the jewish Hollywood moguls in order to push miscegenation and the whole “civil-rights” agenda.
    Films such as “To Sir With Love” and “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” promoted miscegenation to the “nth” degree.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @LeRoy
  56. TKK says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Prison is NOT a deterrent to a black man. Blacks run the joint, even more now, because of the sacred Negro cult.

    Prison is a place where they go to bulk back up, recharge their batteries, make new connections and chill out before they hit the streets running again.

    Remember: to us it would be hell. But to them, it is a ghetto Sandals resort.

    To be sure, prison is their comfort zone. The lack of air conditioning, the sweltering fetid air, crammed into tight quarters , forced to shower naked with other men, the slop food- they take it in stride because it is very much like living in the Projects.

    Most prisoners are allowed to laze about all day. They sleep, eat snacks, run their mouth, play all kinds of gambling games, call white/black women and ask for money/favors and then watch TV.

    In point of fact, I had a sentencing this week with a black guy. Two years and 9 months. He said: I don’t even care. I get to rest now.

    I will not even delve into the many white female COs who have sex with these subhumans and then fight over them. Black prisoners have sex, with both males and females, either by consent or by force.

    Any kind of discomfort in prison would hiccup their gratification seeking brains.

    My plan would be mass forced labor camps for any violent offenders with NutraLoaf rations indefinitely. I am too practical to not use all that man power. There has to be thousands of projects this crumbling nation could use them for to benefit the working class.

    A gargantuan tree planting project in the midwest dust bowls would be a good start. Huge air conditioned animals shelters. Sewage drain refurbishment. Free new roofs for elderly Americans under a certain income shelf. High speed rails connecting urban centers in the South and Midwest. Massive river & ocean cleanups.

    Why can’t this country ever do anything practical? You take someone’s life, you give yours back in hard labor. We feed you to sharks & alligators when your body gives out or use it for medical purposes.

  57. Richard B says:

    What you, Robert Dolan, and anarchyst say in your comments is true.
    But that doesn’t mean there isn’t denial. Of course there is.
    It’s absurd to deny white denial. It’s also self-refuting. Obviously!

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  58. Yes, the jew media tells whites that blacks are wise and kind Morgan Freeman characters.

    The media doesn’t mention that 90% of cross-racial crime is blacks on white, that blacks attack whites roughly 548,000 times yearly.

    Blacks rape at least 25,000 white women every year.

    The black murder rate in Chicago is far worse than the murder rate in Brazil. Black murder rates are the same here as in Africa.

    Low IQ, high testsoterone, low impulse control.

    However, even though the buckwheats have a genetic propensity for thoughtless behavior, it is made a thousand times worse by jew propaganda. The jew media incites blacks to harm whites, telling the dimwitted darkies that white “racists” spend every waking moment looking for negroes to kill.
    At the same time, the jew media bombards whites with the idea that whites are demonic hateful violent scum, and that whites must kneel to the innocent negroes and give them whatever they want.

    And now the entire educational system teaches anti-white indoctrination.

    The jews have weaponized non-whites, the media, academia, and the government against white people. Even the intelligence agencies have labeled whites as domestic terrorists.

    There is a full blown war on white people being waged by organized jewry….and very little is being done to stop it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  59. LeRoy says:

    Sidney was not American Black or American Negro. Non American Blacks from Caribbean or African countries feel, resent and say they have nothing to do with American Negros. According to them the American Negros are lazy, fat, and obsessed with white women beautiful or not. Again the Zionist agenda for mixing race is very well played by the media and Hollywood. The same media does not want to promote decent and civilized American blacks politicians.
    I like Bill Clinton’s comment about candidate Obama that “this guy should be bring Hillary coffee”, according to Ted Kennedy.

    I dont understand American Negros’ fascination with shaved shinny and sparking heads. They waste tons of money for the upkeep. May be getting new set of teeth could be a good investment.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  60. @TKK

    Any kind of discomfort in prison would hiccup their gratification seeking brains.

    My plan would be mass forced labor camps for any violent offenders with NutraLoaf rations indefinitely. I am too practical to not use all that man power. There has to be thousands of projects this crumbling nation could use them for to benefit the working class.

    A gargantuan tree planting project in the midwest dust bowls would be a good start. Huge air conditioned animals shelters. Sewage drain refurbishment. Free new roofs for elderly Americans under a certain income shelf. High speed rails connecting urban centers in the South and Midwest. Massive river & ocean cleanups.

    What you propose is a hard labor. But I don’t think it would be a strong enough deterrent. When people know they will be punished by a strong inflicted pain, many violent criminals would shit their pants & wouldn’t even think of committing a crime. Exhausting physical labor is simply too abstract & unimaginable concept to work as a deterrent.

    Of course, three things have to be added:

    1. capital punishment should be delivered swiftly, perhaps a few months after the trial.

    2. but- it should be applied only in crystal-clear cases. When in doubt, better give one a prison time, because in not few cases, innocent people spent many years behind the bars (much more blacks than whites, by the way)

    3. races should be separated in prison, but also violent felons from non-violent criminals

  61. Doris says:

    Fargo stabbing victim, 14, dies; murder charge expected for man accused in attack

    Arthur Prince Kollie: Man Charged in North Dakota Murder of Jupiter Paulsen

  62. LeRoy says:

    How about a few Netflix or Prime movies.
    Or Israel issuing immigration visas to American Negros. After all they could help build Israeli infra structure because the Zionists are not fond ot working hard through out history.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  63. Truth says:

    What do you mean to accomplish by provoking white people who have just read an article detailing 24 murders of members of their race by members of your race, including a 4 year old white boy by a black homosexual?

    Well, you learning to add, subtract, divide and multiply would be a good start…

    US Population: 332,850,932

    Black on white murders in 2020, (roughly) 400

    White on black murders in 2020, (roughly) 160

    White on white murders in 2020, (roughly) 2,400

    White opiate addiction deaths in 2020, 35,977,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D

    White satanic sacrifices of children in 2020, 280,000

    White alcohol related deaths in 2020, (roughly) 40,000

    White suicides in 2020, (roughly) 36,000

    …But strangely enough, your slavemaster on this site hasn’t given you two monthly thread cataloging white opiate deaths, suicides or white-on-white killings, now has he, Toby?

    • Replies: @The Real World
  64. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I’m not sure you can call it denial when the media completely covers up black on white violence

    Oh, I don’t know, Einstein: There are roughly 45 people murdered every day in America (one of them is a white murdered by a black). Do you see 45 murders covered nightly on ABC News?

    Again, as I wrote earlier, learn to read and do basic math, and you might actually pass that pesky GED exam this time…

  65. Truth says:
    @Just another serf

    I wanted to put an “LOL”, and “agree”, a “troll”, and a “thanks.”

    Epic comment.

  66. At least 3 of them were Toll Paid scenarios, of which I have no sympathy. When we get our own countries back, the women fraternizing with these Africans should be deported to the future black homeland. If you choose the black man, you don’t deserve to benefit from the white man’s civilization.

  67. PJ London says:

    All day long on every TV and in every newspaper we read of the terrible crime that Whites are / have perpetrated on blacks.
    Reparations, slavery, white supremacists ad nauseam.
    It is simply not true.
    Blacks are by far the more criminal and violent.
    Do you not understand that we are sick and tired of the BS?
    And yes, if the article motivates a group to stand up the the next BLM march that screams and intimidates elderly white diners, and beat the crap out of the BLM thugs then good.
    The blacks are looking for a showdown and if I have my way I will live to see it.
    I do not believe that whites are ‘better’ then blacks but we sure as hell are better behaved.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  68. AReply says:

    //And Whites Aren’t Fighting Back//

    Above is one of the all-time stupidest comments in a roiling Sea of Unz floating fantastically stupid comments.

    Then it adds //…Unlike Tulsa 1921//

    JHFC are brains here collectively magnetized? Is is the 5Gs?!

  69. @anarchyst

    What’s new? They just can’t, statistically, go against their dominant natures. The fact that there are some highly moral & dignified blacks out there, doesn’t change the stats …

    Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

    A White Teacher Speaks Out

    • Replies: @LeRoy
  70. anarchyst says:

    You have presented some excellent ideas on what to do with our now useless “farm implements”. There are two prisons that do utilize human manual labor–Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary and Mississippi’s Parchman Farm. Both of these institutions were former slave plantations that today still utilize manual human labor as there is a surplus of human “farm implements” available. Very little mechanization (mechanical farm equipment) is needed as the inmates are quite capable of doing the same jobs they had before the summation of the “War of Northern Aggression”.

  71. anarchyst says:
    @PJ London

    Us whites ARE “better than blacks”. Why do black and every other “color” people want to emigrate to the USA?

  72. I hear the FBI setup a Crypto Rewards Fund for victims of black Hoodrats. Half to the victims, half to fund more black assassins to take out whites in their quest to rid America of white Supremacists aka domestic terrorists.
    If you are white, you are the target everywhere, this government hates you.
    Don’t listen to Troof, he’s only here for white pussy and free shit all niggaz are here for.
    When they’re not raping white women, they’re killing us.
    Pack as if your life depends on it.

  73. anarchyst says:

    Yes, Sidney Poitier was a “Bahamian-American, not a typical American black, but he was USED by Hollywood to “normalize” blacks and helped make them “palatable” to whites. The damage was done…

  74. @Richard B

    Sure, there are people who can’t face the reality of black crime.

    However, even the virtue signaling SJW idiot wants to live in a “nice” (white) area and send their kids to “nice” (white) schools.

    The dumb liberal also knows that there are parts of town that you must avoid if you value your life.

    So….”denial” is often just a part of virtue signaling, since they know very well that blacks have a propensity for violence, but to admit it opens them up to social ostracism, and also destroys their phony world view.

    I tend not to blame whites for the problems we face…because blaming whites lets the real culprits off the hook. That’s why I refuse to blame “boomers.” That’s why I disagree with the idea of “pathological altruism.”

    If you look at our position with an historical perspective, it’s obvious that SOMETHING, some entity, some force has interfered with the progress of white Christian people.

    The Unz crew knows who and what that anti-white force is.

    I see whites as victims and I refuse to blame the victim.

  75. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    How would you feel if you were reading an article about a white homosexual who had abducted and murdered a little black boy

    Exactly the same way: execute the killer for his heinous crime. Color, creed, etc., have no weight in this situation; a rabid dog is a rabid dog. That said, I’ve come to believe that in general Euro-descended and Afro-descended folks don’t mix well owing to various apparently nearly insurmountable cultural differences that have now metatisized into full-blown ethnic antagonism.

  76. @Truth

    You truly are a despicable pos. You post here using your white masters English as if you are somehow a privileged negro who’s able to speak outside Ebonics. You remind me of the magic negro that occupied the White House as eight years a slave. Jive azz talking like a two bit corner Pimp.
    Y’all niggaz given schematics of a wheel couldn’t figure out how to even make one. Go back to your mud huts in Wakanda and rally in your new found woke world of free shit until they realize you ain’t worth the pot you piss in.

    • Replies: @usNthem
    , @Truth
  77. KenH says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    an Eloi is being swept down a raging river with the other Eloi, playfully basking in the sun and enjoying themselves while watching the fate of their drowning counterpart with a totally disinterested attitude.

    And the time traveler, Rod Taylor, had to jump in and save the Eloi. When he saved the Eloi’s life and out of the water he shouted at the Eloi on shore “What the hell is wrong with you people?!” to which they remained stupefied just like white people in Western nations do today.

    The Morlocks would periodically rise up from the bowels of the earth to kidnap Eloi and they never fought back or retaliated just like whites today with Dylan Roof being an almost lone exception.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  78. @PJ London

    Wow, you had me until your last line.
    That’s the problem with whites, they have been conditioned to believe blacks are their equals, they’re not. The majority 99% are subhuman hoodrats that need special everything to keep them under control.
    Niggaz will be niggaz.

  79. LeRoy says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Badon Kladian
    Paid Israeli agent. Stirring up trouble in two groups. Watch out about this guy. He will disappear soon and will show up somewhere else

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  80. LeRoy says:

    These guys are defending their freedom of expression

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  81. @David In TN

    The Christine-Newsom Murder Torture Rape is one of the most despicable acts that ever happened on whites by blacks. The black bwitch who stabbed my mom over twenty times and left her for dead and the blacks who looked out their window as my mom was bleeding to death refusing to help, will live in my memory forever.
    The sooner they are genocide from human populations, the better for humanity.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @anon
  82. @LeRoy

    I imagine the tourist looking on.
    WTF, are we in Wakanda or what?
    These types of events many and are becoming more embarrassing as each day passes.
    It’s time whites kick some niggaz azz really bad, knock sum sense in they dumb azz ape brain.

  83. Moderately higher numbers of scenarios that appear to be “burn the coal, pay the toll” situations. Are white women OK?

  84. Truth says:

    Most of those people in the site you linked to were arrested for engaging in some bizarre sexual escapade. So, in your mind that’s the equivalent of murdering someone else in cold blood?

    Oh, don’t worry, there’s a plain-ol’ murder tab on that page also, although to be correct, you folks do generally put a little extra flair on them

    In any event, here is the latest entry from yesterday…

  85. usNthem says:

    His commentary is mostly worthless – just dumped in to stir the pot. Best to put him on ignore. Still irritating to see he’s posting, but you don’t have to read the snarky blathering unless you really want to.

  86. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Chicago is far worse than the murder rate in Brazil.

    Well now Bobby Dole, geography was never my strong subject, but I always thought that Chicago was a city and Brazil was a country?

    In any event, The City of Brotherly Love registered 492 murders in 2019, with a population of 8.9 million in the metro area, Sao Paulo, with a population of 22 million (in the “white” southern part of Brazil) tallied 2906…

  87. Truth says:

    Why can’t this country ever do anything practical?

    Well, Old Sport, that’s exactly what numerate people understand that prison is: Something practical.

    For the intelligent, the question is always, “practical for who?”

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  88. I note a majority of these killings are in the South which has long been under the Federal heel. I am tempted to say Minnesota, etc. are being taught a lesson.

  89. Sure Kane Pickford golden mount will bend knee in racial solidarity.

    Or Radford might do them in showers!!!!!!!

  90. bayviking says:

    So out of an annual murder rate of 30,000, or about 82 a day, the 24 black on white cases tell us what exactly. NOTHING.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  91. Truth says:

    You truly are a despicable pos. You post here using your white masters English

    Technically, I think that would be “The (white) Queen’s English…”

  92. @Truth

    Why did you leave off your list?

    Black on black murders in 2020 (roughly)

    Do tell….

    • Replies: @Truth
  93. Tom Verso says:

    The 1917 St. Louis riots were not race riots per se.
    They were actually Labor riots.

    The cause of the conflict was not racial. In fact these were Labor riots.

    The war time factories were producing full bore and the owners were making enormous profits.

    The workers went on strike to get higher wages and benefits given the profitability of the factories.

    The owners sent recruiters though out the South to hire Black sharecroppers who.would break the strike.

    In short, race was not an issue. The White strikers would have been equally violent if the strike breakers were also White.

    It’s not as if the White strikers would say to White strike breakers: “you are taking our jobs; but you’re White so that’s OK.

    There are many examples of White on White labor violence in the 1930s when White union workers went on strike and White ‘scabs’ tried to break the strike and take the union jobs.

  94. Truth says:
    @The Real World

    You ain’t black, why would you care?

  95. Anyone who is not pro death penalty is seriously deluded. That especially includes “Christians”.

    And I don’t mean death by injection after 30 years in the fucking farce known as the prison system.

    I would love to seen public floggings and hangings.

    How beautiful would it be to see these filthy nigger animals burned at the stake?

    I’d pay good money to see that…lol

    • Replies: @TimothyS
  96. @Leo Den

    It’s funny how the Palestinians are constantly used as one more stick to beat white Americans with.

    I recall voting a few times, but I never recall voting for anyone who advocated genocide of the Palestinians…lol

    In truth, if not for the American blood and treasure pissed away since the sick, greasy Jews sucked us into the mess, I couldn’t give a fuck about any of them, Muslim or otherwise.

  97. @CelestiaQuesta

    You have my sympathy.

    If I may, how did the legal proceedings play out?

  98. @LeRoy

    I remember seeing the Bardon moniker on the now-defunct Taki’s forum. If it’s the same guy, he’s been polluting forums with his pseudo-philosophical-bullshit-history for years. Just ignore him.

  99. indocon says:

    You white resident of America are bloody pathetic, got this huge inheritance from your forefathers which are squandering it every day. Stop blaming Jews or AAs or Arabs…..blame yourself.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  100. BuelahMan says:

    You grasped hard for that one. The first page shows not a single white on black murder, yet this article shows many black on white murders. I wonder what results Kenn would get if he were to look for other black on white crimes?

    Sorry. Your misdirection is a loser. Most blacks are losers. You are among your kind.

  101. TimothyS says:

    I am skeptical of capital punishment because of the rate of false convictions. I’ve seen too much of the “what a horrible crime” rhetoric to establish a persons guilt. And in many cases, quite frankly, the person who was murdered had it coming in a big way.

    I frankly believe that a legal doctrine of “had it coming” as an ameliorating factor in murder would serve the purpose better than capital punishment by the state.

    • Disagree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  102. @Truth

    Kevin isn’t very good at math.

  103. @BuelahMan

    By whatever your criteria and although you haven’t considered any much most of every group are losers. What is your point? You are among your kind.

    • Agree: Truth
    • LOL: usNthem
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  104. @Bernie

    And the WLM? I said in black and white, or white and black, not in black, moron.

  105. Jett Rucker says: • Website
    @Jim Christian

    White women get killed by White males, too. And by White females.
    Even White men get killed by White males. And by White females.
    But killings by Whites (of people of any race) just aren’t the subject of this article.

    • Replies: @usNthem
    , @Jim Christian
  106. usNthem says:
    @Jett Rucker

    No s*** Sherlock, now point us to all the numerous examples of Whites offing pocs.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  107. @usNthem

    There is very little white on black violence of any kind.

    White on black rape is so low that it’s insignificant.

    The nose lies and claims that racist whites are lynching joggers everyday!

    The nose LIES.

    Whites just want to be left alone.

    If whites didn’t have to contend with jewish mendacity and interference….and negro violence….
    America would be a paradise.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  108. @David In TN

    They never caught the woman. No reward was ever offered. We were just looked down as poor white trash living in a black neighborhood.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  109. @CelestiaQuesta

    Thanks for the reply. There was likely no witness that would talk.

  110. @anarchyst

    I had many of the same educational benefits of growing up around Negroes as you have entailed. I have written about the Jheri Curl generated, rainbow colored, oil slick that covered the surface of the local swimming pool. The substance was ubiquitous and it permeated the hallways, the desktops and the stairway railings. Nothing was left unsullied by it. Reminders of my Racial Identity were a daily occurrence, so I never had any problems with knowing who and what I am. I got a lot of experience in hand to hand combat and in facing multiple opponents simultaneously. I learned to spew profanity with more proficiency than the saltiest sailor on shore leave in the Philippines. My familiarity with Rap Music began with Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash and Whodini. Although, I was a Metal Head, the Rap, Soul and R&B were omnipresent in the neighborhood, so my exposure was unavoidable. This was long before MTV Raps, and the White Kids just called it “N*gger Music.” Immersion was probably the best inoculation against the possibility of being infected with Negrophilia that I could have received without having to have a family member murdered by one.

    In addition the characteristics that you’ve listed, let’s not forget the primal lust that permeates their very being. They simply cannot control their libidos. That is why they stand around fidgeting with their crotches in public. While some White Men may have an occasion to be unfaithful to their spouse, most are guilt ridden and remorseful about it. Only a fraction are habitually adulterous. But, with Negroes and Hispanics, infidelity is generally to be expected. And, both the males and females are prone to engage in sexual activity outside of their relationships with little to no regard for their partners.

    I saw a news segment where a panel of Women were discussing love. There were three White Women and one Black Woman. One of the White Women read a love letter that a young man had written to a young lady in the 19th century. It was full of flowery prose and epitomized romance. The White Women all swooned while the Black Woman sat there blinking, oblivious to the heartfelt sentiments that had been expressed. It was a reflection of genuine emotion, rather than a mere sexual advance. The only language the Black Woman would have responded to would be something like, “Damn! Girrrrrrl! You be lookin’ finer ‘an a Muttafugga! Sh*t! Lemme gets somma dat azz, B*tch!” Then, she would have been ready to get jiggy with it. A profound difference in Psyches.

  111. @BuelahMan

    this article shows many black on white murders.

    Well, not really. I would direct your attention to this wikipedia page on homicide rates by country.

    You see there that the major country with the lowest intentional homicide rate is Japan, with 0.26 homicides per 100,000 population. That translates to something over 300 homicides a year in Japan, not quite 1 a day. That is not very different from the yearly total in Spain (where I live) which also has about 300 homicides a year, but that is from a lower population. So that translates to 0.62 homicides per 100,000. While that is more than double the rate in Japan, that is still one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. (Note that the white population of the U.S. is easily double that of Japan and about 6 times that of Spain.)

    That page also gives homicide rates in Canada and Sweden, which are, respectively, 1.76 and 1.06 per 100,000.

    Now consider that the 24 homicides that the article outlines, annualized, amount to about 300 a year, which would be a homicide rate of maybe 0.14 per 100,000 in the White population. A white American is approximately 100 times as likely to die in a random traffic accident than to be murdered by a negro.

    In short, this unhinged hysteria that white folk are being murdered all over the place by negros has no real basis in fact.

    Now, granted, the mainstream media are going to portray you guys as wingnuts regardless, but I ask you: why make their job so much easier?

  112. @KenH

    Absolutely. Great movie wasn’t it? Yes, just like whites today. I was thinking exactly on the same lines as you indicated by continuing to recount the scene in the movie. Wish you a good year.

    • Thanks: KenH
  113. @TimothyS

    Hard cases make bad laws.

    The Justice System is administered by flawed human beings and is imperfect. The rate of “false convictions” is miniscule, especially nowadays with all the forensic science available to investigators such as DNA evidence. If there is a shred of doubt then imprisonment is an option, if not then these subhuman pieces of shit should be flogged extensively until they defecate on themselves and then hung in the public square with all dey homies and dey fambly present to witness the spectacle.

    Recidivism…it’s an ugly word.

    • Replies: @TimothyS
  114. @Jonathan Revusky

    this article shows many black on white murders.

    Well, not really.

    Yes, really. “Many” is a relative term. There are “many” more black on white murders (and other violent crimes) than white on black murders, for example.

    But what is the point of this article and others like it? Apparently it is in part an effort to communicate the unique real-world danger posed by blacks because unfortunately it seems there are still too many naive white people in the U.S. who fail to understand the nature of black violence and fail to grasp the magnitude of the problem.

    I would direct your attention to this wikipedia page on homicide rates by country.

    And I would direct your attention to any black neighborhood in America. A white person generally cannot traverse a black neighborhood without incurring an unacceptably high risk of becoming a victim of violent crime, whereas blacks in white neighborhoods face no such risk. If your car broke down in a black neighborhood, your pedantry wouldn’t be of any use to you. As a minimum you’d need a gun if you were to decrease your chances of being victimized.

    Now consider that the 24 homicides that the article outlines, annualized, amount to about 300 a year, which would be a homicide rate of maybe 0.14 per 100,000 in the White population. A white American is approximately 100 times as likely to die in a random traffic accident than to be murdered by a negro.

    Now consider that the number 24 is very likely too low, and consider that for every white person (or any other person) actually murdered by a black, there are many more that are raped, robbed, seriously injured or otherwise victimized by blacks, many of whom are lucky to be alive.

    You don’t live in the U.S. so you apparently have no first hand experience with black violence, certainly no recent experience, but I have, and the problem seems to be getting worse by the day.

    A few years ago I was assaulted at a gas station by a black man with a knife. That incident spurred me to get my concealed-carry permit and to be ever more aware and cautious around blacks (for those times that they can’t be avoided).

    Just a few weeks ago I happened to be at a “Cracker Barrel” restaurant where two young black men came in, and a few minutes later I watched in horror as one of the young black man stuck his foot out in an attempt to trip an Asian woman. She didn’t see it, and luckily something caught her attention and she didn’t move the way he thought she was going to move.

    I was standing about 15 or 20 feet away at the time and watching the two black men out of the corner of my eye, and I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but it was clear to me what he tried to do. And if the woman had tripped over his extended foot there was a good chance she’d have hit her head on a display a few feet away.

    What does one do in that situation? Weeks later I still ask myself: what would I have done if she’d fallen and been injured?

    In short, this unhinged hysteria that white folk are being murdered all over the place by negros (sic) has no real basis in fact.

    The family of George Marcincin and many other victims’ families would probably disagree with you on that.

    Now, granted, the mainstream media are going to portray you guys as wingnuts regardless, but I ask you: why make their job so much easier?

    There is no greater honor than being portrayed as a “wingnut” by the jewsmedia.

  115. @Robert Dolan

    White on black rape is so low that it’s insignificant.

    Oh yeah? Well what about those goddamn spoiled white frat boy Duke lacrosse players who raped poor Crystal Magnum?


  116. Thomm says:

    An article like this caters to the dumbest and most innumerate. Paul Kersey’s niche must be very lucrative, since Kenn Gividen wants a piece of it.

    Yes, everyone knows that the black rate of violent crime is 8x that of the white rate. Black people know that. White people know that.

    But to cherrypick these 24? Of which not all are black?

    The United States has 18,000 murders per year. That means there were about 1500 in May 2021.

    Hence, cherrypicking these 24 does not mean anything.

    There were certainly at least 24 white women murdered by white men in May 2021 in the United States. One could make an article series about those.

    There were certainly at least 24 white children murdered by white women in May 2021 across the United States. Make an article series about that. That would be the most justified.

    But to cherrypick these, with no reference to actual statistical realities, just caters to the dumbest of the dumb, as we see from the 70-IQ wiggers expressing strong agreement with this article. The actual numbers I presented are just a ‘whoosh’ above their wigger heads.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Truth
  117. Truth says:

    Paul Kersey’s niche must be very lucrative, since Kenn Gividen wants a piece of it.

    You hit that one dead center, once again…

    And aside from all that, the crime rate in this country peaked around the time J.R got shot on Dallas.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Thomm
  118. Thomm says:

    And aside from all that, the crime rate in this country peaked around the time J.R got shot on Dallas.

    Yep. Plus, John Hinckley Jr. from around the same timeframe, was white. Doesn’t Hinckley violate Steve Sailer’s law of mass shootings? He shot four people, and none died. Even the guy shot in the forehead (James Brady).

    Not to mention that the most horrific crime from that period was the abduction and murder of little Adam Walsh. The murderer was white. No firearm was involved.

    And remember the Atlanta serial killer of that same era, who was black, but killed only black victims, mostly children?

    So the anecdote game can create whatever narrative it wants.

    (I am obviously not some immigrant from South Asia, given that I know all this America-specific minutia from 40 years ago. That narrative is popular among the same 70-IQ wiggers who think this article is making an important point, despite zero comments by me about anything related to South Asia in, what, three years? Remember that if you want even more proof that they are dumb as shit).

    • Agree: Truth
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  119. @Thomm

    We don’t care how you perceive us. We could care or less if you mock our concerns. We have been keeping score. Not for you, but for ourselves. I have studied the events of the past, I am well aware of what is transpiring in the present, and the future isn’t that hard to predict based on our current trajectory. Simply put, if things c0ntinue as they are unabated, America, White People, and the civilizations that they’ve created have no future.

    Here’s the kicker: Without Whitey paying to watch them play with their balls, buying their vulgar, primal, Congoloid Rap music, signing their welfare checks and making H.U.D. available to them, Negroes don’t have any future either. No other ethnic group is going to feel any special obligation to them… No sense of guilt or a need to make amends… Minimal, if any tolerance, for their carnal caterwauling and lewd gyrations… And, certainly no excuse making for their violent and destructive proclivities. Once the White Guilt Trip Express has made its last stop, the money train quits rolling. Then, other, more resilient, less restrained, people will be resolved to do what we should have done a long time ago… Then, the Darkies will yearn for the days when Ofay was still in charge.

    In addition, Global Charities and Outreach programs will fold from a scarcity of donations. Foreign aid will dry up. And, all of the remittances sent home by Border Jumpers, Asylum Sneakers, and Refusegees will cease as the economy collapses and conditions here become worse than the situations they fled from. People will wish they stayed home and will likely be unable to return to their countries of origin. U. S. Protectorates will be left to their own devices. South Korea and Taiwan, as well as Japan, will be invaded and conquered.

    By the way, citing a few high profile incidents from a specific time period doesn’t suddenly make you some kind of authority on crime, statistics, or societal trends. None of the incidents you made reference to have anything in common. Whereas, the issues we are focused on have one shared characteristic, they are all instances of Black on White Crime. It’s been a problem from the beginning. Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Nothing is more clearly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be set free. It is equally clear that we cannot live together on terms of social equality. Justice is in one scale and self preservation in the other.”

    More recently, as evidence, we had the “Kill Whitey!” craze of the late 60’s and early 70’s coupled with the chronicles of a serial rapist “Soul On Ice” by Eldridge Cleaver. And, catchy little ditties like “White Cave Bitch” by the lovable Ice Cube combined with the imagery present on Ice T’s “Home Invasion” album are further proof of the deep and intense hatred that the vast multitude of Negroes harbor in their Black Hearts for all White People. Presently, Burn, Loot and Murder is the order of the day, and it is being carried out without even the slightest degree of hindrance or opposition. So, again, we don’t give a damn if you don’t understand. We don’t do this for your benefit. We do it for our own.

  120. @Jonathan Revusky

    As I informed another commenter who attempted to admonish us, We Don’t Care What You Think! This information isn’t compiled for you, it is strictly for our records. This documentation is important for those who can be guided by it… for those who can relate to it… for those who need to know that they are not alone.

    For Us, to be ridiculed, chastised and rebuked occurs with such frequency, that we are completely immune to your hollow criticisms and arrogant scoffing. So, by all means, go on and try in vain to convince us, yourself, or whoever will give you the time of day, that our eyes and ears are deceiving us, and that what we know to be true is a merely a figment of our bigoted imaginations.

    Meanwhile, the numbers of the aforementioned people who can be guided, who can relate, who desperately need to know that they are not alone, will continue to grow and they will find aid and comfort here and in like minded places. Rest assured, that with every name added to the book of remembrance, there will be a friend, a family member, a colleague, or just another concerned individual, who will find their way to us.

    The Job of locating and reprinting these news reports is not Easy. I would say Mr. Gividen likely spent a considerable amount of time locating and sharing these stories. This information is for the victims, the survivors and their supporters. NOT YOU, DAGO!

    • Replies: @Truth
  121. Truth says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    We Don’t Care What You Think! This information isn’t compiled for you, it is strictly for our records.

    This information is for the victims, the survivors and their supporters. NOT YOU, DAGO!

    We could care or less if you mock our concerns.

    Cowchip, Bro, who is “you” and who is “we”, kemosabe?

    Both of these gentlemen with whom you are corresponding are (profess to being, at least, although I guess, Revulsky and Dihn are personal friends) white males. Now why would your opinion be any more significant than that of any other white male?

    It’s funny, I’ve learned a few very interesting things in 14 years coming to this site, that I would have had no possibility of learning otherwise; one being that most white men would kick aside 20 blondes from Sweden for a 5’0 pieface from Beijing. I would have had no possibility of learning that without this site. Another is, that the only thing that a vast majority of white males have in common in America, is that they hate niggurz.

    It’s funny, people talk about American ingenuity and all that, but the reason honkees here were so much more inventive than honkees elswhere, is that having niggurz united them into a collective force, unlike in Europe where they had a war every 20 years.

    I literally feel, that anti-black sentiment is the only thing in America in which a vast majority of white males, I would estimate 70-80%, agree. Humbly, I would put my numbers somewhere like this:

    I really like blacks, 10% of white American males.
    I am somewhat neutral on blacks, 10% of white American males.
    I hate blacks and it does not bother me, 20% of white American males (those are your “Stormfronters”)
    I hate blacks and it bothers me, 60% of white American males.

    I am a consultant for a living, I tell organizations, and individuals how to improve their brand/ production through basic, logical decisions.

    I read a few of Fred Reed’s contributions some years ago, he truly loves Aztecas more than whites and he makes no bones about this, so his love for La Raza is probably half of his canon. He puts some mediocre anti-war stuff up there, and some weird stuff on American culture that is more or less just anti-white, and then he writes some other weird stuff that is just hard to categorize.

    I did the man a favor, I gave him free consulting; I said; look, Freddie, if you want to stop receiving so many negative comments you have to make at least 1/4, more likely 1/3 articles; “I hate Niggurz.” After that your “I love Seen-yours” articles, and your anti-America (white) articles will be more well received. Do you think that dumb-azz listened to me? And what happened? His articles just keep getting pushed further, and further down the roster. I mean, Sailer figured it out in his own subtle, “nice guy” way, so did the Derb, but Frijole Fred is beyond salvation.

    So to make a long story short, that’s why I compile very simple mathematical equations on this site, such as the one’s above. because if one white man got killed by blacks next month and 500 got killed by whites, you would be convinced that the one is going to make the sky fall, anyway, Deuteronomy 28 in the bible explains it all, I just think it is funny.

    Have a good day.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Cowtown Rebel
    , @anon
  122. Mr Jew says:

    Of course they have to go back 100 years. Every video camera in America shows Blacks attacking Whites and Asians, so they have nothing without fake hate crimes. And the lying Jewish AG (Merrick Garland) knows that’s true. He also knows they rigged the election so they could gloat about their Minyan, so they’ll probably legalize killing white people in the name of social justice. Right Mr Garland?

  123. anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s funny, I’ve learned a few very interesting things in 14 years coming to this site, that I would have had no possibility of learning otherwise; one being that most white men would kick aside 20 blondes from Sweden for a 5’0 pieface from Beijing. I would have had no possibility of learning that without this site. Another is, that the only thing that a vast majority of white males have in common in America, is that they hate niggurz.


    This HiQ huwhite waste of skin’s shtupping a 5’6″ muttling from El Salvador:


    This must be their huwhite mutt daughter:

    • LOL: Truth
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  124. @Truth

    Who in the Hell is Fred Reed??? I don’t read his columns. I tried, once or twice, it wasn’t worth my time. We, Us, “Tonto,” We are The Few, The Proud, The White People! Our mission, as one commenter has so aptly put it, is to survive. How do We know who We are? Joe Biden phrased it better than anyone else, “If YOU Vote For ME, YOU Must be BLACK!” So, obviously, anyone who voted for senile OL’ Joe isn’t White. It gets really easy, once you begin to break the ice with a stranger, to develop a sense of whom you are conversing with. Thanks to a barrage of unhinged outbursts of Leftwing Hysteria and Mania, magnified and on steroids, it is getting easier to make these distinctions. You can generally find out in less than a minute if you are very direct in your speech.

    The relentless parade of Anti White, Cancel Culture, Burn-Loot-Murder, Antiface, Critical Race Theory, LGBQTXYZ, Gender Mutilating, Illegal Alien, Open Borders, Lawless, Immoral, Freaks, Hoodlums, Juvenile Delinquents, Malcontents and Degenerates has done more to open the eyes of the everyday White Man and Woman than any reports that Paul Kersey or Mr. Gividen could make available. Still, we need these Men to continue to add their contributions to the fight, if for no other reason than to categorically document these events and, as I stated previously, to provide guidance, reassurance and comfort to those who have been affected personally.

    European Honkies would include Whittle, Heinkel, Zeppelin, Duryea, Eiffel, Seversky and Marconi, just to name a few. So, it would seem that Old World Honkies were just as creative and inventive as good old fashioned American Innovators even without the Negroid interference and hindrance. As many have pointed out, think of how much more could have been achieved had We not spent so much money, resources and time futilely trying to maintain and elevate Negroes.

    As for (((Revusky))) and the obviously Vietnamese Dihn, what are you talking about? In what World are they White? I only called (((Revusky))) a Dago because he claims to reside in Spain. And, I don’t know which White Men you’ve been associated with, but I don’t know any that are readily kicking aside the Swedish Bikini Team for any Oriental alternatives. If that’s true, why aren’t the most prominent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models and Playboy Bunnies Asian?

    I don’t think you’ve learned anything from coming to this site. I don’t think you’ve learned much of anything, ever. You just come here because you’re bored and don’t have anything else to occupy your time. My reason for coming here is to learn what the National News and my local News affiliates fail to inform me of. I’m pleased to report my satisfaction with the work that has been done on OUR behalf. If you aren’t happy with the content, then why do you continue to subscribe to it? Boredom?

    • Replies: @Truth
  125. BuelahMan says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Comparatively, that small population as opposed to the much larger white population kills far more whites than whites killing blacks.

    By any metric.

    (I never said, “that white folk are being murdered all over the place by negros”, did I?)

    Do I care what a lying, complicit media says about me? Why do you believe it or endorse it? Why would you care, if you aren’t one.

    Either way, you are basically lying about the numbers.

    • Replies: @Truth
  126. Truth says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    I only called (((Revusky))) a Dago because he claims to reside in Spain.

    LOL, I thought Dagos were Italians, but I’m from New York, maybe I got it wrong.

    but I don’t know any that are readily kicking aside the Swedish Bikini Team for any Oriental alternatives.

    Keep reading…

    You just come here because you’re bored and don’t have anything else to occupy your time.

    Cowchip, you misunderstand totally! I come here because this is, bar none, the most complete black news site in America. Anything any black person of any renown, has done anywhere, in America, and generally overseas as well, is covered. I get the added benefit of decent grammar and a non hip-hop orientation. That makes it valuable to me.

    I wonder why white people come here. The focus of this site is definitely black news.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  127. Truth says:

    Comparatively, that small population as opposed to the much larger white population kills far more whites than whites killing blacks.

    …For the 419th time, ratios don’t work like that.

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
  128. In Joe Biden’s fifty year career at the swamp, he has always told lies. It’s as easy as breathing for him. Too bad we have a news media that makes it even easier for him to lie. Despicable group of people, who should resign and get some self respect. Sell clothes or work at McDonalds and at least do something useful.

  129. anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s funny, I’ve learned a few very interesting things in 14 years coming to this site, that I would have had no possibility of learning otherwise; one being that most white men would kick aside 20 blondes from Sweden for a 5’0 pieface from Beijing.

    The 5’2″ pedo Mongolian manlet (((Andrew Anglin))) prefers “jailbait” from Manilla:

    Anglin the 5’2″ lemon head at the mall with his “jailbait girlfriend”:

    Video Link
    Anglin the 5’2″ lemon head with his Filipina “jailbait”, part 2:

    Video Link

    • LOL: Truth
  130. @Truth

    No, I understand quite well. Diegos “Dagos” are Spaniards. Italians are Wops. But, claiming to be from New York, I’m sure you get lots of things wrong. Like your false assumptions about the lack of creativity and ingenuity among Europeans.

    What? Andrew Anglin is representative of all White Males? Hardly! And, I am not, nor do I want to be, personally acquainted with him. Finding a couple of sad excuses for White Men to make your case still doesn’t explain the disparity of Asian Women in the fashion model industry or as centerfolds. The market for Asian Women is select and on a lower wage scale. They can make more money selling their hair to Negro Women.

    If you mean Any Crime, Any Lie, Fabrication or Hoax, Any Reparations Scam, Any Rip Off or Plagiarism, Any Fake Claims to Inventions, etc… perpetrated or regularly participated in by Negroes is covered, then I agree, this is “the most complete black news site in America”. And, as you, yourself stated, with “the added benefit of decent grammar and a non hip-hop orientation.” However, what you call renown, We refer to as infamy.

    And, just like you, White People come here to learn about what Negroes have been up to. We, European-Americans, need all the guidance, reassurance, and sense of solidarity in thoughts and emotions that We can manage to obtain, if We are going to survive as a unique and distinct people.

    Sites like this are useful for developing, growing and maintaining bonds forged from common experience and mutual agreement. That makes it valuable to Us. Somebody has to tell The Truth, ’cause We sure ain’t gonna’ hear it from You, BOY!

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Truth
  131. @Leo Den

    Are you out of your mind? Israel is stealing land when they beat the Palestinians. Blacks are just beating up and killing white women, for sport.

    Don’t hang the murderous depravity of the Jews around my neck because I notice the depravity of blacks. Notice, I’m not flying a plane over West Baltimore, not that it wouldn’t do some good:

  132. @Jett Rucker

    Take away black crime and all you’d have of White crime would be in episodes of Law and Order. For full virtue-signaling pleasure and dopamine hits, maybe you should pedal on over to the Washington Post.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
  133. Truth says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    We sure ain’t gonna’ hear it from You, BOY!

    Lol, I knew your writing style seemed familiar!

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Thomm
  134. Truth says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Well, we’re both right, so you’re breathing rare air now, Cowchip…

  135. anon[966] • Disclaimer says:

    The black bwitch who stabbed my mom over twenty times and left her for dead…

    Did your mom die from her injuries?

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  136. TimothyS says:

    Hard cases make bad laws? Perhaps. But your demeaning and dehumanized view of prisoners is not a hard case. It’s the default. Especially if you are an American, as I think you are.

    You seem frustrated, as an American. However many millions are put through the justice system, your millions in prison, frustrated you in incomprehension: Why do we mistreat people so generously and yet crime continues? That’s a question their abusive fathers might ask themselves.

    And false convictions are much more routine than you appear to believe. DNA is one of the means by which this is being borne out. A great many guilty pleas are coerced by the prospect that people like you will determine their fate, many prisoners will plea out.

    Yes, I do mean to be disrespectful to your self-righteousness. I’ve been falsely convicted – and cleared. And I met many people like you, and I’d sooner show my back to many gangsters and killers than trust the law to the likes of you with power.

  137. @anon

    She survived after a lengthy recovery period, I was 7 yrs of age when this happened.
    Thank you for your inquiry.

  138. But your demeaning and dehumanized view of prisoners is not a hard case. It’s the default. Especially if you are an American, as I think you are.

    Yes I am an American.

    Why do we mistreat people so generously and yet crime continues?

    Your definition of “mistreated” is questionable to say the least. Prisons are a sick joke run by the same bunch who allow these fucking monkeys to run free all over working people in this nation.

    Hanging and floggings should be administered every single day in public squares all over this nation.

    Fuck them and fuck you.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
  139. Thomm says:


    Remember that you are dealing with a fringe subset of white men. That is why there are no white women in this movement.

    You have seen for yourself how they quite openly say that they would rather have sex with a white man than a black woman, because race loyalty must trump all, including sexual orientation.

    Rest assured that these fringe homos will never make inroads into normal, heterosexual white society. That I can guarantee you.

    I remind you that 55% of white women voted for Trump, but zero are found in White Nationalism. The female equivalent of the men of this defective subrace are the fat bluehaired feminists, as you know.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  140. @Thomm

    Again, I don’t know which White Men you’ve been associating with, but I can assure you that there are plenty of White Women who, if they are not wholeheartedly onboard with White Nationalism, are at least accepting of it. James Edwards at Political Cesspool is married, as is Brad Griffin over at Occidental Dissent. I was engaged at one time. My latent Racialism wasn’t hidden from her and she didn’t question it. It wasn’t the reason for our separation. We just wanted different things.

    I’ve had several girlfriends and none of them have ever stormed out of the room, gasped in disbelief, or admonished me if I said something that some minority or homosexual might take offense to. About the only time they ever expressed any sort of concern is when they’ve looked around, giggling nervously.

    I’m getting a little older, so I’m not as active in the dating game as I used to be. But, I still take Women out now and again, and I don’t hide my sentiments from them. None have suddenly turned on me and demanded to be taken home rather than be associated with me. But, I’ve usually weeded out anyone who would have that sort of reaction before I ask them out. Although, I’m no Valentino or Fabio, I do possess a degree of charm and wit, and often that is enough to break the ice. Pertinent questions or statements of purpose are generally worked into the conversation almost immediately to ascertain their frame of mind and to prevent me from wasting my time with a silly, liberal Woman who has no hope of being redeemed. But, you may be surprised at how many that claim to identify with Liberal policies and Anti-Racism can be swayed with a few facts presented in an innocuous fashion. The best cases to cite are those involving Children and the Elderly. White Women, in particular, are best persuaded by appealing to their emotions. You just have to figure out which buttons to push and how far and how quickly you can advance the narrative. As with any reluctant person, it’s best to give them time to adapt to new ideas. Never Say Never!

    I believe that the White Men that I know would rather be celibate than to sleep with a Negress. And, I’m absolutely certain that none of them would sleep with another Man instead. Most of your ideas about White Men are just perversions fabricated by the foul imagination manifested within your warped mind. And, You and Truth wonder why decent White People don’t want to have anything to do with you and your ilk. You’re nothing but gutter trash.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  141. Truth says:

    I believe that the White Men that I know would rather be celibate than to sleep with a Negress. And, I’m absolutely certain that none of them would sleep with another Man instead.

    LOL, OK but Bro, what if they kidnapped one of your kids and you HAD TO make a choice, which would it be?

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  142. Thomm says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    but I can assure you that there are plenty of White Women who, if they are not wholeheartedly onboard with White Nationalism, are at least accepting of it.

    It is extremely obvious that that is not the case. I know that bottom-tier males who become WNs have this fantasy that white women are in solidarity with them, but the fact that any WN website or WN gathering (even Am-Ren) has no female participants says it all. And Ann Coulter dates black men.

    Remember, 55% of white women voted for Trump. Yet, virtually zero are in WN (aside from the occasional elderly fag hag such as Rosie and Alden over here, who also confirm that most WNs are gay).

    Mainstream, heterosexual white society (i.e. MY society), works hard to keep WNs out of it. The large homosexual element present in contemporary WN is one of the reasons for this. The fact that you want to mooch off of higher-IQ whites is another reason. And remember that I am probably the most pro-Trump person here.

    So, you meet all the red flags of being a WN wigger. The question is :

    Would you rather have sex with a white man or a black woman? More specifically, would you rather have sex with Michael Moore or Candace Owens, out of these two choices?

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  143. Truth says:

    Cowchip, the ball is in your court.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  144. @Thomm

    I don’t need, nor do I want, to have sex with other Men or Nigresses. I don’t have the slightest desire for either, and, unlike you, I can control my libido. As I said, I am not as active on the dating scene as I used to be, but I am certainly not desperate or depraved. I like attractive White Women who are height/weight proportionate. My age and my preferences have narrowed the field in more recent years, but acceptable possibilities do still emerge. None of the White Women I know have displayed opposition to me, even though they may not be considered full fledged White Nationalists (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus). Yet, some are less accepting than me. Back when I was in my teens, my girlfriend at the time absolutely hated Negroes. We were both raised around them and I had a modicum of tolerance for them, but she did not. You can envision whatever sick scenarios within your perverse brain that arouse you, but they are merely products of your disgusting imagination.

    Ann Coulter is Fugly, who cares what she does? It sounds like you mistake whatever delusions that fester within your twisted psyche for reality. I doubt very seriously that you even know any White Nationalists.

    Enough money to meet my immediate needs is all that I require, and I earn it by working. I don’t mooch off of anyone. Aptitude tests have indicated that I’m fairly intelligent. I don’t know what my alleged IQ is, I’ve never taken an exam to determine that. At any rate, I respect smart people for their cognitive abilities, but even the smartest people have been known to do some of the dumbest things.

    I think you go around performing felatio on random Negroes, jerking off farm animals, and watching gay porn. That is why you are so fixated on the subject, it is who you are. That’s also why you’re such a “Y.M.C.A.” singing, “We Are The Champions” chanting, Donald Turnip voting, Log Cabin Repugnican. The real Homos are You and your boyfriend, Milo, you demented Sicko.

  145. Thomm says:

    Cowchip, the ball is in your court.

    Notice how he didn’t answer. All he can say is ‘I want neither’, and then launch into projection of a particularly lurid nature.

    White Trashionalists like Cowtown and GeneralRimmer are complete homos. They would rather have sex with a white man ahead of a black woman (and probably ahead of a white woman). None of them give the standard, heterosexual answer to this question.

    Think about it – 55% of white women voted for Trump, but zero are found in WN circles. That really says it all. They imagine that white women have solidarity with them, but it is overwhelmingly evident that this is not the case.

    That is why we don’t allow these weirdos into respectable, mainstream, heterosexual white society.

    • Replies: @Truth
  146. Truth says:

    Notice how he didn’t answer. All he can say is ‘I want neither’, and then launch into projection of a particularly lurid nature.


    Bro, you are the funniest guy on this site. The thing is like great comedians, your stuff is rooted in truth!

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @Thomm
  147. Floda says:
    @Jim Christian

    Some thought should be given to the notion of financially assisting those blacks wishing to leave. Let’s say it was decided to PAY blacks wishing to move to Liberia a monthly stipend to leave the USA. Liberia was set up by White Americans after the Civil War for the exact purpose of reacquainting the Negro with his homeland. The amount of assistance need not be much, even a modest \$100 every month without working gives a man a huge advantage in a country like Liberia. Imagine an advertisement in the LA Times enticing Blacks, male, female, single or even family groups to ‘come home’. I’d suggest if this were done right it could result in THOUSANDS of bros raising their hands. I reckon its better paying the bros a few groschen monthly to remain in Liberia than have them here setting fire to everything and murdering Whites and voting Democrat.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  148. @Just another serf

    Why not send them to Canada—Canada needs more diversity and these hard working-entreprenuerial Blacks would fit right in.

  149. @Truth

    Here’s an answer for both of you. NO!

    No matter how bad you desperately want to, I wouldn’t let you suck my dick with your Mother’s mouth. Although, I know that she used to oblige you when you were merely toddlers. That’s why you’re so disgustingly fixated on homosexuality, because your Mothers really fucked up your minds.

    Now, You and Thomm get together and take turns dressing up like your Mothers and blowing each other off. Then, you go online and attempt to detach yourself from your pathetically empty lives. That’s why we can find so much material on here from you. You’re on here constantly. Whereas, I just drop in from time to time to see what’s going on, and to exchange a few barbs with the demented individuals who don’t have a life outside of their Mother-Complex driven sexual deviancy, and this website.

    55% of the time Thomm has his root stuffed in Truth’s mouth, while Truth is dressed up like Thomm’s Mother. The other 45% of the time, it’s the other way around. Still, it’s not like your Moms used to do it. Fat, ogreish, greasy, insane, multiple S.T.D. infected, Sluts that they are, you still miss them, don’t you?

    • Replies: @Truth
  150. @Floda

    I advocated something very similar a number of years ago after reading about the American Colonization Society, Abraham Lincoln and Marcus Garvey.

    I propose all expense paid, luxury cruises, each featuring a different prominent Hip Hop artist whose prime adversary is also aboard – kind of like putting today’s equivalents of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. on the same bill without letting them know ahead of time and letting each think that they are the headliners. One entourage gets boarded on one gang plank and the other posse’ embarks on the other end of the vessel. Likewise, rival gangs will be boarded in the same fashion. Just escort them, bowing and scraping in their presence, on a red carpet to the appropriate gates. A cursory search of World Wide Hip Hop should help to quickly identify who has a beef. Nobody will be frisked, so all may be permitted to bring their firearms with them. There will plenty of ribs, chicken, watermelon, grape soda and 40 oz cans of malt liquor. All manner of narcotics will be freely available. The swimming pool will only be filled waist deep, and water wings will be provided for all ages.

    Once safely out at sea, the passengers will be allowed to leave their cabins and mingle. That’s when the real fun begins. Fist fights at the buffet over chicken wings. Turf wars and gun fights on the promenade deck. Negroes drowning in the pool and falling overboard. Negroes shooting each other on the overcrowded dance floor because somebody stepped on their shoes. Negroes overdosing on fentanyl. And, then those that survive the first part of the day are treated to the mayhem that ensues when the two antagonistic Rappers appear on opposite ends of the stage and reach for the microphone. For those that didn’t bring any weapons, AK’s, Glocks and plenty of ammunition will be situated in easily accessible locations throughout the ship.

    By nightfall, the boat will be so filled with holes, that it will rapidly fill with water and quietly disappear beneath the waves. Then, the next Juneteenth Holiday Cruise sets sail for Atlantis.

  151. Thomm says:


    Note the vulgar, lurid, graphic response from this WN wigger, Cowtown Rebel.

    You are witnessing a textbook example of both projection and WN homosexuality.

    This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the deep homosexuality present in White Trashionalism. A heterosexual man would never provide this much graphic detail, or even know this much about the intricacies of homosexual activity. Even when I make fun of them, I don’t write anything graphic or lurid. My humor is lyrical and actually funny. That is why they are so angry.

    They don’t even know how to pretend to be heterosexuals. A lot of gay actors have played straight characters convincingly (such as Robert Reed, the father on the Brady Bunch), but these WNs are so talentless, so low-IQ, and so gay, that they cannot even pretend.

    Rest assured that these deviants will never make inroads into mainstream, heterosexual white culture (i.e. MY culture), and their extremely low popularity is proof of this.

    • Agree: Truth
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  152. Truth says:
    @Cowtown Rebel




    Wait a minute, how are we homosexuals? you are the one who can’t just simply say he would rather have sex with a woman than a man.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  153. @Thomm

    Ha, Ha, Ha, You’re so funny, I always forget to laugh. You can try to deny the clandestine relationship between You and Truth, but you (and everyone else) know that it is you who is fixated on, and regularly engages in the activities that you accuse others of. Everything you post references it. It is your perpetual obsession.

    What intricacies? Sexual acts are fairly straight forward. In spite of your wishful thinking, I’m not a faggot like you and your butt buddy Truth. Your lame attempts at psychoanalysis are as off as your sad excuses for jokes. The only people that think you’re comedic is yourself and your consort, Truth.

    So what if I write something that makes you cringe? Happy to oblige.

    What mainstream? I have a job. I have friends. I date Women. My inner circle is select, because I don’t naively take people into my confidence. But, I tend to get along well with everyone I come into contact with. I was, at one time, enormously popular, and my house was the go to place for a large contingent. In those days, people were constantly badgering me about getting a pager because they couldn’t reach me. But, in a case like that, you’re always going to have more acquaintances than friends, and as George Washington observed, acquaintances, once acquired, are not as easily divested of. So, I would rather be less popular and more reclusive than I used to be.

    And, if what you mean by “Mainstream” includes the popularity of miscegenation, homosexuality, vulgarity, promiscuity, degeneracy, criminality and other unsavory aspects of pop culture, then I am removed from it by choice. Sure, I can gutter dive when the situation calls for it. Such as when I need to stomp somebody’s ass or to write the unabashed facts about people like you and Truth. But I emerge from it, wash myself off, and I’m cleansed of the grime. I don’t reside in it or wallow in it like you.

    I’m not angry, at least not because of anything you’ve written. Like AOC screeching about Illegal Aliens drinking from toilets, it’s too corny and contrived to invoke anger. But, I am beginning to get bored. So write whatever makes you feel good, I’ve got other things to do and I’ve already wasted more time here than I should have.

    • Replies: @Thomm
    , @anon
  154. @Truth

    Simply said: I don’t have any desire to have sex with a Man. I have never had sex with a Man. I’ve had sex with Women, but I do not go around jumping into bed with just any Woman who comes along. Is that clear enough for you?

    I am particular about who I share intimacy with, mainly because I equate sex with emotion, dare I say, Love. I know that’s completely out of fashion these days, but I still believe that sex is something that compliments a relationship. It is not the definition of, or the sole reason for it. I guess that’s why I actually liked spending time with my girlfriends. Not just the time we spent in the bedroom, but the times that we went out to concerts, movies, or parks. Or, when we just sat around watching t.v. or conversing. Those things were more important than a sexual act that can be done with anybody regardless of compatibility. The placing of sex above commonality is among the reasons for the preponderance of out of wedlock births and the low rates of matrimony.

    • Replies: @Truth
  155. Thomm says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    You aren’t able to even pretend to be a heterosexual. You don’t even know how.

    When faced with a choice between having sex with Michael Moore or Candace Owens, you can’t simply say that you prefer Candace Owens. That is what any heterosexual man would say. They don’t even have to like her much, to prefer her over the other choice.

    But you….. no.

    That really does say it all. Homosexuality is the primary feature of White Trashionalism.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  156. anon[872] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cowtown Rebel




    Yep, a needy cock asian beta male faggot, through and through.

  157. Truth says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Simply said: I don’t have any desire to have sex with a Man. I have never had sex with a Man. I’ve had sex with Women,

    Dude, why is this so hard for you guys? Thomm has asked this question multiple times, and EVERY TIME the guy hems and haws through 7 responses, and STILL can’t come out and say he’d rather have sex with a woman then a man. Then you went into all this homo/electra complex/ beastiality weirdness. And guess what, you STILL only kinda/sorta answered the question

    It’s very strange, and a little suspect.

    For instance, If I am offered the choice between sleeping with say Rosanne Barr, a white woman with NO sexual appeal, or say Denzel Washington, it takes me ONE MILLISECOND to answer that question; one is a man, one is a woman, so bring Rosie on and send her with a plate of oysters and some porn because otherwise it ain’t gonna work!

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  158. @Truth

    While you sat all day with your thumb up your ass twiddling with your computer keyboard, I was out in the Public. I went to the tourist district to celebrate Juneteenth by wearing one of my Confederate Uniforms and singing and playing “Dixie,” “Year of Jubilo,” “I’m a Good Old Rebel.” and a few other tunes on my guitar. The Negroids were looking confused and angry, but there were a lot of nods and smiles from the White Folks. A few pretty young ladies sat and listened to me for a little while. The only negative reactions were from a couple of White Lesbians who sneered at me, and one Cuckold White Man. I overheard the Cuckold muttering something as he walked by, but I couldn’t make out what he said. Overall, it was a delightful afternoon and I felt quite validated by the reception that I received.

    As to this odd effort to ascribe to me the attributes that you clearly embody yourself, I can’t understand it. Unless you’re completely unable to restrain yourself, why wouldn’t you just remain abstinent and wait for an acceptable companion to come along, rather than just jumping into bed with the first female that makes themselves available to you? In spite of your wishful thinking, I wouldn’t sleep with Roseanne Barr, Denzel Washington, or You. But, Dogs and Perverts can’t control their urges. So, instead of practicing celibacy, you would run out and screw the first fat slob of a female that came along? And, you admit it! Wow, what a desperate, lascivious cretin! One that obviously can’t comprehend what it reads. I answered the question about my sexual orientation, unequivocally. You just can’t handle the Truth, because you want to believe everyone else has a lack of standards like you. Go sleep with fat whores, or your mother, or Thomm, or whatever it is that you routinely copulate with. It’s obvious that you’re not too particular.

  159. @David In TN

    Whites that have that kind of knee jerk reaction, are the most cowardly whites there are and there are many. So their reasoning apparently goes, “one deserves to be unimaginably tortured to death because they need or want to buy drugs. Gee, if only these cowardly whites had the same knee jerk reaction towards those who are preaching endless hatred of whites, or those who have no problem with an open U.S. border that allows for the illegal entry of drugs. As I said, cowards.

  160. @surfside 6

    Well at least the “just random” Knee-grow homicides didn’t involve kneeling on Whitey’s neck for 9 minutes while they said “I can’t breathe”. What could be more hurtful than that?

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  161. @Cowtown Rebel

    That site writes their own articles, has no sources, and shows virtually no white on black murder (not to mention all of the other violent interracial crime committed by blacks on whites), which is the whole point of this discussion. The person who runs that site isn’t black, doesn’t even live in the US.

  162. anarchyst says:

    Blacks are different. There, I’ve said it. Those of us who grew up around blacks have always known this. It is the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” crowd (we know who you are) who insisted that there were no differences between blacks and other races-a false dichotomy, to say the least and that any differences were due to “racism”.
    Blacks are a subset of “proto-humans” and, while able to mate with modern-day humans are still fundamentally “different” on a genetic level. Black unions with non-blacks will always “pull down” the DNA of their offspring. ALWAYS.
    Despite living with treasures and resources both beneath their feet and in their environment, blacks never saw fit to develop any technology. In their lush environment, technology was not needed.
    The gene for exploration is missing in blacks. Blacks have never wondered what existed beyond their present domain, the river, lake or ocean. It is possible that this trait was a result of almost constant warfare with their “neighbors” which precluded ((them)) from exploring “what lies beyond”.
    Repatriation is still the best course of action. Black DNA is just too incompatible with modern White or Asian societies.
    Since the jews love blacks so much, ((they)) can take them. Repatriate them to israel.

  163. Lurch685 says:

    Notice a common theme? White folks trying to help Blacks…and getting a bullet for it.

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