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20 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES: September 2021—Another Month In the Death of White America (And Canada)
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Last month: 20 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING MOTHER SHOT IN FRONT OF CHILDREN: August 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America

In an otherwise-sensible article on the peculiar postmodern tendency of contemporary political and even academic debate to eschew truth, especially about race, political scientist Wilfred Reilly [Tweet him] tried to triangulate his way out of the very real threat of personal cancellation by equating us with the Black Lives Matter blood libel against white America:

The hard edge of the political right engages in a fair amount of this as well, with websites and books like White Girl Bleed a Lot and Stuff Black People Don’t Like joining the decades-old VDare and American Renaissance in chronicling almost every attack on a white pensioner.

The Assault on Empiricism, Tablet Magazine, August 11, 2021 [Links added, Reilly apparently forgot to link to any of that.]

Of course, this is ridiculous: Black Lives Matter is lying, whereas we are reporting the truth, which is otherwise systematically suppressed by the Regime Media. But Professor Reilly will be relieved to that our task is getting more difficult: even local media are increasingly not reporting race (a reader recently had to scan Nigerian media to figure out the truth about this Canadian Immigrant Mass Murder). That’s probably why this month’s total of Black-on-White killings is the lowest since I began chronicling them for—a mere 20.

  • Jay Boughton, 56, fatally shot in Plymouth, MA.

Arrested was Jamal Lindsey Smith, 33.

Boughton, a popular youth baseball coach, was reportedly shot in a road rage incident [Jamal Smith, 33, charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of beloved coach Jay Boughton, by Dana Thiede and Lou Raguse,, September 2, 2021]

Arrested was the victim’s boyfriend, Garin “Gary” Roberts, 55.

[After outburst and refusal, Syracuse murder suspect arraigned quietly as psych exams pending, by Douglass Dowty,, Sept 8, 2021]

  • Mary Tibbitts, 61, murdered in Sacramento, CA.

Arrested was Troy Davis, 51. Reports say Davis allegedly killed Tibbitts and her two dogs during a home invasion after which he set the residence ablaze.

[Family of Land Park woman slain in her home mourns ‘senseless, violent attack’, by Sam Stanton,, Sept 8, 2021]

Andrew Toogood, 19, was charged with murder. Two others were also arrested.

Reports say Riney was shot while sitting in his vehicle outside a restaurant.

[Three charged with murder in Bardstown shooting, by Forrest Berkshire,, September 9, 2021]

Arrested was Demarreon McDaniel, 28.

Reports say police were called to a shooting where they found the victim dead inside a home. [Man captured, charged with murder after 64-year-old found dead in Lumberton home, no attribution,, September 5, 2021]

  • Christine Crooks, 18, and Juliana Pannunzio, 20, fatally shot in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Arrested were aspiring rapper Christopher “El Plaga” Lucas, pictured, Trevor Barnett, and Heidi Bahler, pictures not available.

The two were killed at a birthday party held in a Fort Erie Airbnb. [Third arrest made in murder investigation of Windsor and Toronto women at Fort Erie birthday party, by Melanie Borrelli,, September 2, 2021]

Arrested was 26-year-old Ahmed Abdullahi, a Somali refugee.

Reports say the shooting occurred during an argument. [Grand Forks Shooting Victim Identified, Charges Upgraded to Murder, by TJ Nelson,, September 13, 2021]

Arrested was 18-year-old Keyshawn McCoy. See NKY father-of-four killed by teen he took in, family says, by Courtney King,, September 13, 2021

33-year-old Alisha Haywood, Bishop’s fiancée, was also shot and was listed in critical condition. [One Dead, One Wounded, 18-Year Old Charged in Covington Shootings, RCN Newsdesk,, September 13, 2021].

Arrested was Charles Rowland.

Rowland, who has served two prison terms, is accused of taking money and weapons from the Whites’ home during a burglary. [Man arrested, charged with murder of Twiggs County couple, by 13WMAZ staff,, September 13, 2021]. The murders of the Whites are only two of the attacks on white pensioners that Wilfred Reilly thinks we pay too much attention to. See also here, here, here, here, and especially here.

Arrested was her estranged husband, 27-year-old Daryl S. Gillespie.

Reports say police found the victim in her bedroom with an apparent gunshot wound to her head. [Estranged husband charged in Conneaut Lake-area woman’s death, by Sean P. Ray and Keith Gushard,, September 16, 2021].

Arrested was 39-year-old Montreal Greer.

The victim died from multiple gunshot wounds. The suspect, who apparently used to live with her, allegedly sold a video game system taken from her home. [Racine homicide: Man charged, woman found dead, by FOX6 News Digital Team,, September 17, 2021]

Arrested in September, 2021 was 20-year-old Ernest Rosario. The victim was shot multiple times while he sat in his vehicle. [New York man, 20, arrested in connection to 2020 Stamford murder, by Jessika Harkay, Hartford Courant, Sept 16, 2021].

Arrested was 30-year-old Deon Ledet.

Reports say Jeffrey and another officer were attempting to arrest Ledet when the suspect opened fire killing Jeffrey and wounding the other officer. Ledet, who had a lengthy arrest record dating back to his teen years, was killed in the exchange of gunfire. [Veteran HPD officer killed, another injured by career criminal who had skipped bond, by KHOU 11 Team Coverage,, Sept 20, 2021]

Arrested was 29-year-old Michael Anthony Dingle.

The two were believed to have been in a domestic relationship. [High Point woman killed; police charge man they believe was her boyfriend, by Emily Mikkelsen,, September 24, 2021]

Her husband, 56-year-old Tim Gautier, was convicted in September, 2021 of the murder.

Reports say the victim defended herself against Gautier and “hit him in the head with a frying pan” prior to the shooting.

[Thousand Oaks man found guilty of murder in wife’s killing, by Megan Diskin, Ventura County Star, September 22, 2021]

  • Coal Stevens, 22, fatally shot in Houston, TX during a “business transaction.”

Reports described the suspect as “a black male wearing a black hoodie and a face mask.” Police released a surveillance video photo of the suspect:

[UPDATE: Photo of Suspect Wanted in Fatal Shooting at 12500 North Freeway,, September 20, 2021]

  • Michele Ruth Lowder, 45, killed during a burglary at her home in Winston-Salem, NC.

Tyree Lashauna Mosby, 18, and Alexis Olacia Knox, 19, were charged with murder, kidnapping and burglary.

[Neighbor, cousin remember Winston-Salem homicide victim. Two teens have been charged in her death, by John Hinton, Winston-Salem Journal, September 28, 2021]

Teviaun Sebastian, 18, was arrested.

Reports say Sebastian first wounded a 37-year-old and grazed a 5-year-old with a bullet at a home then fatally shot Cummings as he fled.

An investigation revealed 18-year-old Teviaun Sebastian, of Wichita, went to the home on Mission and asked for the 37-year-old man. When the man came to the door, Sebastian reportedly fired multiple rounds at the man and grazed the boy on the front porch as well. Sebastian then ran on foot to the south and shot the victim who was standing outside.

The races of the other two victims aren’t mentioned in the story.

[66-year-old man dies after southeast Wichita shooting, by KAKE News,, September 27, 2021]

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The list goes on and on, very depressing. The inherent cowardliness of these perps stands out. Whether it’s road rage incidents or supposed arguments these blacks are armed with guns, using them against unarmed people. Same goes for these domestic spats, shooting unarmed victims, usually women. Getting involved with blacks those white women are so desperate and lonely they go along with some smooth talking black who usually exploit them and then turn violent. Or those who feel sorry for one and does something like give them a place to stay only to have them kill them. This article only deals with homicides. When one includes assaults, rapes, thefts, etc the list would be astronomical.

  2. Truth says:

    20? TWENTY? And now you are enlisting other countries?!?!

    Givvey, you KNOW we have to do better. I mean you have Mess-Kins, you have Aye-Rabbs who look about 4.3% black and barely even have afros in there. And about a quarter of them are domestic violence.


    BRO! You’re about to get permanently relegated to 2nd division like a Soccer team from South Wales.
    You know that Mr. Unz is long on results and short on excuses, Old Sport. You’re going to need FIFTY next month, even if you have to make 30 up, like H.L Mencken.

    Anyway, it net terms it’s more like 6 murders Big Dogg, and these only took me 5 minutes…

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  3. Trinity says:

    To be honest the perpetrators and the victim in Lumberton, North Carolina look like mutts. Lots of Lumbee Indians in Lumberton, North Carolina. A lot of these people claim to be Injun but they are really just Heinz 57 mutts mixed with a smidgen of Native American, a lot of Black and some White blood. All of these people pictured, even the victim look mixed. The cat sporting the Mod Squad or Room 222 Jewfro/Afro looks almost as much White as he is Black while “Catfish” and the other two perpetrators are rocking some Injun blood. All the perps have Black blood and even the victim, “Catfish” looks to have some Black in him.

    Now the Black dude holding his finger up to the camera down below, the one who shot the wigger named “Coal” in Htown is unmistakably BLACK. That guy is darker than Wesley Snipes, yo. DARKNESS. I’m Rick James, beyotch. “Business transaction?” Well, hard to have sympathy for wiggers getting caught up in “bidness transactions with hoodrats” or the “mudsharks” pictured either.

  4. Trinity says:

    Time for da Troof to show up for his monthly comments on these threads. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….. Time for da Troof, yo.

    • Replies: @Truth
  5. wokgl says:

    White women embraced the war on their own men and children, stupidly thinking that the weapons they fashioned against the white men in their lives would never be used against them by the tribe or by “minorities”. It’s hard to feel sorry for white women; I don’t forgive betrayal. If you insist on dating a congenitally violent nig nog because you think it allows you to virtue-signal about how you’re more progressive than your father (whom your jew instructors in college have called a racist and the source of all evil in the world), then you deserve what you get.

  6. wokgl says:

    We need more diversity in Beverly Hills. I think some of these pavement apes need to be interspersed among the jews in BH. Diversity is our strength, right? Or is that just a catch phrase jews use when destroying the fabric of America? I notice that the apartheid state has a blood test for citizenship. Gee, the Nazis had the same thing.

  7. Truth says:

    Too late.

    I got top-5 placement this month, BEEEEEEE-YOTCH!

    • LOL: Trinity
  8. PC view of blacks is as ‘aristocrats’ and ‘animals’.

    ‘Aristos’ cuz blacks are seen has having noble blood of victimhood and badass genes. So, they are above the lame laws of white folks. So, black violence is a kind of privilege. It isn’t the ‘racist’ whitey’s place to pass judgement on black aristos.

    ‘Animals’ cuz blacks are seen as wild and crazy. So, they are beneath the laws of humanfolk. So, black violence is a kind of instinct. Humans shouldn’t pass judgement on animal behavior because animals just can’t help themselves.

    That makes blacks ‘arismals’, or aristocrat-animals.

    It’s like humans can’t judge gods or children. Gods are higher than man, and children simply can’t understand.

  9. North Carolina appears to be really nogged-up. When we go to the beach we keep driving through Rockingham and Lumberton. We don’t stop there for gas or lunch. Also, driving to the Outer Banks, you will pass by Tarboro, Wilson, and Rocky Mount. Keep on going.

  10. Trinity says:

    My bad, “the Mod Squad” Murder Inc. Crew with the Jewfro skraight off another t.v. show from the Sixties called “Room 222” was involved in another murder and not the murder of the Lumberton man nicknamed, “Catfish.” Seems these 3 mixed breeds were guilty of a murder in Kentucky. All three can only be described as mixed race. God only knows what their ancestry happens to be.

  11. BuelahMan says:

    So many coal burners get burnt. Is it worth it?

  12. BuelahMan says:

    I looked at most of these links and find that these crimes are years old. As if you are grasping for detail to cover your narrative. And if one looks closely, as in the Washington case, the ‘report’ does not explain that the nog attacked the woman and got his ass shot for it, as he well deserved.

    But I see that you need to try to find examples, true or not, to explain away the nog violence that is overwhelming.

    It really is all a nog can do. Lie it away.

  13. Truth says:

    Well Old Sport, do you really think that of the whopping 20 murders, that Givvey, found for the month of Sept. All were committed in Sept?

    -This one happened July 6th.

    -This one happend in May.

    -Here you have 3 Aye-Rabs who might be 3% black.

    -Another Domestic dispute (see below for details)…

    -Here you have some sort of domestic dispute with no details.

    -Here, you have a couple of Furrners.

    -Here you have an event from 2020 (and it’s a Mess-kin anyway).

    -Here you have Honkee killing Honkee.

    -Here you have a drug deal gone wrong.

    And I could go on.

    So the point is, out of the THOUSANDS of Knee-grows killing honkees every week, Givvey found 20 and about 15 of them were not during the time period, not black victims or offenders, domestic violence situations (which honkees commit everyday), etc. He spent 30 days looking for these probably multiple hours a day, and I spent 5 minutes on Google and found 6, I belive white on black killings.

    All I can tell you Givvey, is that your performance had better improve quick or Mr. Unz will get someone else in your slot.

  14. Can someone please remove the nig nog stone from the foot of America?

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