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20 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING MOTHER SHOT IN FRONT of CHILDREN: August 2021—Another Month In the Death of White America
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Last month: 29 BLACK ON WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING ABDUCTED WHITE BOY: July 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America

Amazingly, the Regime Media is trying to impose the lie that white-on-black lynchings are still going on: Washington Post harrowingly reports: ‘Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped’, by Biba Adams, thegrio via, August 9, 2021. Eight blacks are cited as having been “lynched” from June 2000 to May 2020. But in fact they all appear to have committed suicide by hanging themselves (See Michelle Malkin’s The White Supremacist Lynching Hoax, and The NAACP’s Fomenters of Fear: Imaginary Lynching, Imaginary Bombing, Imaginary Arson For Last 20 Years, the second of which covers one of the specific named “lynching” victims in Mississippi, ex-convict Otis Byrd, whose death was ruled a suicide). In contrast, of course, the relentless toll of Black-on-white murders is totally ignored. While eight fictitious White-on-Black “lynchings” over a span of two decades is considered shocking, we have identified about one Black-on-White murder every day for the past year.

And those are the few we know about. Increasingly, many Black-on-White “lynchings” go unreported or the race of the suspect is hidden. It is called ‘lying by omission.’

Thus missing from this month’s list of Black-on-White murders is the death of 20-year-old Blake Richard Swanson. He and his girlfriend were sitting in a car awaiting friends when the two were accosted by would-be robbers. Swanson’s girlfriend was startled when an individual reportedly pointed a gun at her face and demanded she surrender “…everything you got.” Swanson, meanwhile, was fatally shot.

Clearly, the Regime Media could have reported a profile of the suspects including race and gender. But race is off the table. Again. It’s lying by omission [Police: Bethel man, 20, fatally shot during robbery at a St. Paul park, Mara H. Gottfried, Pioneer Press via, August 30, 2021]

  • Hannah R. Miller, age 26, fatally shot near Rhinelander, WI.

Christopher Terrell Anderson, age 30, is suspected of shooting Miller. The two were reportedly in a romantic relationship and have a child together.

Arrested in connection with the crime was Seth A. Wakefield, apparently a friend of Anderson, according to Anderson, pictured left, eluded arrest and is being sought by police [Wis. police searching for suspect in fatal shooting; ID victim as 26-year-old Rhinelander woman, By Deanna Weniger,, July 1, 2021] ]

  • Joana Peca, age 27, fatally shot in St. Petersburg, FL.

Reports say Peca was shot multiple times in the face as she sat in a car with the suspect, who was her boyfriend, in front of her two small children (paternity unspecified). The suspect has been identified as 38-year-old Benjamin Robert Williams—a.k.a. “Bambi”.

Apparently, Williams lured Peca to a cemetery to visit the grave of his brother. When there, he allegedly shot her. Police say Williams remains on the loose and have offered a \$20,000 reward. They “believe he is connected to other murder investigations in St. Pete” [\$20K reward offered for St. Pete suspect accused of fatally shooting girlfriend in front of her children, by Fox 13 news staff,, August 5, 2021]

  • Christie Holt, age 30, fatally stabbed in Indianapolis, IN.

Arrested was Marcus Garvin, age 33.

Reports say Garvin fatally stabbed Holt at the Always Inn motel, attempted to dismember her, dragged her remains in a sheet across a parking lot, and dumped her in a nearby creek. Holt and Garvin were apparently in a relationship.

Garvin was wearing a GPS monitor at the time of the crime. In 2020 he was accused of stabbing a customer in the back at a gas station where he worked [Court records: Pair of recent Indianapolis murders committed by 2 suspects on GPS monitoring for prior violent crimes, by Jesse Wells,, August 3, 2021]

  • Chris Hager, age 54, and Gracie Hager, age 52, were fatally shot in Richmond, KY.

Arrested was 51-year-old Thomas Birl.

Reports say the couple were shot outside a duplex they owned and in which the suspect resided with his girlfriend. The motive for the shooting was not disclosed [Police release graphic details of murder of Richmond couple, by Victor Puente,, August 4, 2021]

  • Officer Ella French, age 29, was fatally shot in Chicago, IL.

Arrested were brothers Emonte Morgan, age 21, and Eric Morgan, age 22.


Reports say Police Officer French and her patrol partner were shot during a traffic stop.

French’s partner, Joshua Blas, survived with serious injuries. He recovered in time to speak at her funeral on August 19, 2021. [Surveillance video shows traffic stop before fatal shooting of CPD Officer Ella French; 2 charged, by Jessica D’Onofrio, Liz Nagy and Alexis McAdams

  • Elias Nassah, age 35, was fatally shot in Orange County, FL.

Arrested was Michael Chinn Jr., age 23.

Reports say Nassah was a security guard at a motel and he confronted Chinn, who was pounding on a door. Chinn allegedly shot Nassah twice [Guest arrested in shooting death of security guard at Orange County hotel, by Grace Toohey,, August 9, 2021]

  • Caroline Schollaert, age 27, fatally shot in Jacksonville, FL.

Arrested was 22-year-old Tyree Parker.

Reports say Schollaert called police when she realized her car was being burgled. She then confronted the suspect and held him a gunpoint while waiting for police to arrive. Parker allegedly shot Schollaert and fled.

The victim was an active-duty Florida Coast Guard member [Arrest made in murder of active duty Florida Coast Guard member, by Kate Feldman,, August 11, 2021]

  • Kia Riley, fatally shot in Gaston, SC.

Arrested was 33-year-old Alonzo James Riley.

Reports say the victim was shot multiple times including her head and back. The two were married. [Midlands Man Shot And Killed Wife, Arrest Warrants Say. Off-Duty Officer Saw Him Fleeing, by Mandy Matney,, August 9, 2021]

  • Jennifer Garrett, age 27, fatally shot in Texarkana, TX.

Arrested was Travis Turner.

The two were reported to be romantically involved [Community Candlelight Vigil For Jennifer Garrett August 24,, August 17, 2021]

The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Caleb Heyward-Treib.

Reports say police found the suspect deceased in a backyard near the crime scene in what appears to be a murder-suicide [Police identify murder victim, suspected perpetrator,, August 16, 2021]

  • Christopher Kerfoot, age 17, fatally stabbed in Bel Air, MD.

Arrested was 19-year-old Frank George Hudson III.

Kerfoot reportedly died at his home from multiple stab wounds to his upper body. A motive was not disclosed [Harford County teen, 19, arrested, charged in July 8 Bel Air stabbing murder, by Richard Webster,, July 10, 2021]

Two black armed male suspects were photographed at the scene.

Reports say Ruzich was in her vehicle preparing to go to work at a deli when she was first shot. She drove away, crashed, and was shot again. She died at a local hospital [Police Release Surveillance Photos Of Suspects In Murder Of Yvonne Ruzich, 70, In Hegewisch, by Mugo Odigwe,, August 18, 2021]

Police described the suspect as a black male dressed in dark clothing.

Reports say the suspect robbed a convenience store then shot Fletcher multiple times as the victim sat in his car [Police searching for person who killed a man sitting in car outside the store he robbed, no attribution,, August 19, 2021]

  • Officer Brian Pierce Jr., age 24, killed by reckless homicide near Brooklyn, IL.

Arrested was Caleb Campbell, age 22.

Reports say police were pursuing Campbell when the vehicle he was driving struck Officer Pierce [Arrest made, charges filed in death of Officer Brian Pierce Jr., by Kenzie Dillow,, August 20, 2021]

  • Nicole Flanagan, age 42, found dead in New York City, NY.

Arrested was 25-year-old Aquellio Parker—not for murder, but for removing Flanagan’s body—prosecutors aren’t sure, or won’t say, who or what killed her.

Reports say Parker surrendered to police after being seen transporting a barrel from an upscale apartment building. The barrel appears to be identical to the barrel containing the remains of Flanagan.

Parker has an arrest record stemming from participation with a street gang in 2014.

Flanagan was described as a prostitute who lived alone but was the mother of three children.

[Ex-con charged with helping to move body of NYC escort found in a plastic barrel, By Kerry Burke and John Annese, New York Daily News, August 25, 2021; Man Charged As Accomplice In Dumping Fairfield County Native’s Body In Barrel, by Jerry DeMarco,, August 24, 2021]

  • Dustin Wakefield, age 21, fatally shot in Miami Beach, FL.

Arrested was 22-year-old Tamarius Blair Davis, Jr.

Reports say Davis pointed a handgun at Wakefield’s 1-year-old son at a cafe in Miami Beach. When Wakefield shielded his son with his own body, Davis reportedly opened fire shooting his victim multiple times, including in his head. Witnesses reportedly said Davis danced on Wakefield’s body and that the shooter was laughing throughout the ordeal [Father dies after being shot while eating with family at Miami Beach cafe; Man arrested, By Sheldon Fox, Elitsa Bizios, Alex Browning,, August 24, 2021]

  • Nathan Cashman, age 28, chopped to death in Bedford, David Hanford, 60, was found strangled.

Arrested was 42-year-old Theodore Lucky.

The victim and the suspect apparently met each other while serving prison time together and were presumed to be friends.

Cashman apparently received early release from a prison term due to the Covid-19 virus. He was convicted of “terrorizing an elderly Ocean County couple more than a decade ago,” according to Hanford, 60, not pictured, was a registered sex offender—also white [‘We Thought He Was A Friend’: NJ Man Arrested In Grisly Double Homicide At New Hampshire Hotel, Cecilia Levine,, August 24, 2021]

Arrested was 25-year-old Ebony Willis.

Reports say Willis was in a motel room with Summers and another man where she apparently shot and robbed them. Summers died. The other man managed to make it to the lobby where he collapsed, but survived [Phoenix woman charged with murder, robbery in shooting of 2 men at Radisson Hotel, by Amaris Ecinas, Arizona Republic, August 24, 2021]

Scottie Oneil Pringle, 29, was charged with second-degree murder. Charged as an accessory was Eva Marie Meierdiercks, 40 who is white.

Police were called to investigate a death at a Corporate Suites hotel where they discovered Cook [Two people arrested in stabbing death of Burlington man, 24, police say,, by Staff Report, August 26, 2021]

  • Ted Horn, age 56, fatally shot in East St. Louis, IL.

Arrested were Jaylan D. Quinn, 22, and Andrew Brinkley, 19.

Horn was fatally shot as he attempted to stop two black males involved in a robbery at a bank where he worked as a security guard.

Reports say one of the males demanded money as he handed the teller a bomb-threat note [Two men charged in deadly bank robbery in East St. Louis, by Joel Currier,, August 29, 2021]

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Burn the coal…

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Trinity
  2. Trinity says:

    A lot of mud sharks in this one for sure. Kind of hard to be sympathetic to mud sharks. The 40 something year old White prostitute case was weird. Upscale escort and pretty sexy for a 40 something. “Upscale apartment?” Was this the work of the Dindu or some homicidal “client?” The Dindu was “transporting” a barrel that looked like a barrel that had the remains of this poor woman inside of it? Look at the face that soulless Dindu puts on for the camera. Muggin’ fo’ his mugshot. Does this creature think this is funny? The poor woman leaves three children behind. Surely that woman could have found a safer way to earn a living.

  3. Trinity says:

    Check out Leroy Suave licking the mud shark’s face. PRICELESS.

  4. just adding to the chorus –

    we should probably have a separate category for

    white mudsharks who got bit by their pet mud.

    • Replies: @Truth
  5. Truth says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Eureka, Givey!

    Haxo just got it, the thing that’s going to separate you from the competition!

    Check it out; instead of counting deaths, you assign a point system for dead whites, ok, this is just off the top of my head, so be patient with it:

    Dead white man over 70 who has basically lived a good, middle class wife = 1.5 white deaths. if a WW2 Vet, give him an extra .25, if you have a picture of him in uniform, or at one of those VFW events wearing a hat with medals on it, tack on an extra .25.

    Dead white woman over the age of 70 white deaths= 1.25 (let’s be honest, they are not as valuable as white men unless they are hott, but more about that later, sorry Aldey).

    If a white couple over the age of 70 is murdered by a Knee-grow together, give them the full 3 white lives, 2 each. Add .5 lives, if you can find photos of them at their wedding or happily together in old age; maximum of 4 white lives.

    If a white woman is below 35 years old and rates at least a 7.5 on the attractivness scale, give her 2 full white lives*.

    If a white man is below 35 and killed WITH A WEAPON or by multiple assailants, give him 1.25 white lives (because you know, he might have gone on to have kids, and stuff**).

    For every ethic, yet unmistakable white, say, Irish-America or Italian, killed, tack on .25 white lives (.33 if they are Mormon, Mennonite or Quaker and have that innocent look in their photo). I mean, let’s face it, even WASPs really can’t stand WASPs, and move away to live around Slavs, mulattos, Mestizos or Piefaces the minute they have enough money…


    * If she is a mudshark and is hott, she counts as .5 of a white life, if she is a mudshark and older than 35 or not hott, .25 (you still want to take credit for them, even if they deserved to die).

    **If a white man under 35 is killed by a single-assailant black without a weapon, or with only a blunt force object; .5 white lives because, you know, he should have been able to defend himself.

    Homeless type white guy, subtract.35 white life, he ain’t worth a fuck anyway, let’s face it.

    White yuppie who lives in the Inner-city around blacks; subtract .5 white lives, he’s too stupid to be able to reproduce anyway.

    Sorta-whte; like a Messkin, Aye-Rab, or Persian, shit we still want credit, even if we hate them too; Give em .25 white life.

    Ok, here’s the interesting one; Khazars! I’m at a loss on this one. We want to use any dead non-white as a tool to bash over the head of the knee-grow, but can we really chalk this up as a loss? Somewhere between .25 white life, and -.25 white live as we might just forego the credit and chalk a dead Khazar up as a net positive. Just spitballing gents, I’m open for ideas…

    • Replies: @Trinity
  6. Trinity says:

    Tens of thousands of Black on White rapes every year for decades and counting = CRICKETS.

    An ACCUSATION aka FAKE HATE CRIME of the ULTRA RARE White on Black rape = Stories being looped on every (((major network on the tube))), Black radio “music” stations, for months on end around the clock until it is discovered that it is LIE. Then the said “hate crime” is quickly discarded.

    White cop kills Black thug who won’t comply and is resisting arrest, even in some cases the “yufe” is armed and threatening the officer or hell even attacking the officer = “protests for social justice in every major city in America, story being looped over and over via the (((tube))) or Black radio “music” stations.

    Blacks torture, rape, mutilate White couple in Tennessee for days. Dump female body in dumpster. Even rape the male before killing him = CRICKETS.

  7. Trinity says:

    “Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped?”

    Ironic that Mississippi is the blackest of all states. Last time I checked, Blacks were 37% of the population of Mississippi. smdh. Now why on earth would so many Blacks live in the Deep South among all those “racist crackas.” Kind of doesn’t make sense that Blacks seek out these “racist” states in the Deep South to live if it is so dangerous for them. Would be like a White couple deciding to raise a family in Baltimore or Detroit. How many Whites live in Baltimore or Detroit city limits? Hmm, quite revealing, huh? Now how many Blacks live in JawJuh, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Yankee Florida and Redneck Florida, borderline starts at around Gainesville/Ocala area? Hell, Blacks run the city of Atlanta, the largest city in the South with the exception of Latin America Miami and the Western cities of Dallas and Houston.

  8. How are Blacks treated in Israel?

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