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Twitter Cancels Russia Over Covid Biowarfare Accusations
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This morning Russia’s RT reported that Twitter had suspended the official account of Russia’s Foreign Ministry:

Twitter has temporarily suspended the account belonging to Russia’s foreign ministry, officials in Moscow have revealed. According to the ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, the punitive measure was imposed after the diplomats cited a Russian military commander, who had alleged the US could have been behind the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, Zakharova posted a message on her Telegram channel, saying that on August 5, Twitter “blocked for seven days the official account of the foreign ministry in English.” The diplomat explained that the harsh reaction had been triggered by the ministry posting a tweet featuring excerpts from a speech delivered earlier by the head of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops, General-Lieutenant, Igor Kirillov.

The ministry’s tweet in question cited claims that the United States Agency for International Development could have been behind the Covid-19 pandemic…

The tweet which led to the suspension is preceded by a plaque saying that it “violated the Twitter Rules on sharing false or misleading info that might bring harm to crisis-affected populations.” The platform noted, however, that it had chosen to preserve the message “for accountability purposes.

After Russia’s war with Ukraine broke out six months ago, numerous harsh Western sanctions have been imposed upon Russia and individual Russians. But this suspension was unprecedented, with no such previous action having ever been taken against an official Twitter account of the Russian government.

This drastic step underscores the enormous gravity of those Russian accusations. If the world began to suspect that Covid was an American bioweapon, the global political landscape might dramatically shift.


Given the importance of this latest development, it’s worth reviewing how it came about.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University is the high-ranking American academic who had chaired the Covid Commission of the Lancet, a leading medical journal. In May, he co-authored an article in America’s prestigious PNAS journal pointing to the very strong evidence that Covid was bioengineered in a laboratory and called for an independent inquiry into its origins.

In that article, he emphasized that the EcoHealth Alliance, heavily funded by our own Department of Defense, had been very actively collecting exactly the sort of viruses that probably constituted the precursor stock to the genetically-engineered Covid virus.

These dramatic claims by leading academic figures should have resulted in major media headlines, but instead they were ignored by virtually all mainstream and alternative media outlets, though I discussed them in a column.

The following month, Prof. Sachs spoke at a Spanish think-tank conference and he strongly suggested that the Covid virus seemed to have emerged from American biotechnology. A few weeks later, RT ran a short item highlighting Sachs’s statements, and a clip of his remarks went super-viral a couple of days later, being retweeted more than 11,000 times and accumulating a million views, as I described in a column:

Britain’s populist Daily Mail finally decided to cover the story, bringing it to the attention of a mainstream audience:

The following week I noted that the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster had played a major role in the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Covid epidemic has been perhaps a thousand times greater in its global impact. If the world began to believe that Covid had an American origin, the geopolitical impact would be monumental. And with more than a million Americans dead and two years of lockdowns and disrupted lives, the domestic political consequences would be equally enormous:

Partly as a consequence of Prof. Sachs’s explosive claims, I was interviewed at the end of July by Sputnik News, a mainstream Russian media outlet with 20 million monthly visits. This finally allowed my Covid analysis to reach a much larger and more global audience:

The Sputnik article seems to have been one of the most popular on their website, with more than 100 endorsements by readers, and my own column on the controversy also generated strong traffic, with more than 300 comments:

A few days after the Sputnik article ran, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, the head of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense Forces, held a public briefing in which he raised the possibility of American responsibility for the global Covid epidemic. As RT reported:

Taking into account the interest of the US administration in the study of narrowly targeted biological agents, such statements force us to take a fresh look at the causes of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the role of US military biologists in the emergence and spread of the Covid-19 pathogen,” Kirillov said.

Russia now suspects that USAID might have been directly responsible for the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, according to Kirillov, who pointed to a Lancet article by Columbia professor Jeffry Sachs, who suggested that the virus was likely created in a lab with the help of America’s latest achievements in the field of biotechnology…

“The implementation of the COVID-19 development scenario and USAID’s emergency phasing out of the Predict program in 2019 suggest the deliberate nature of the pandemic and US involvement in its occurrence,” Kirillov said.

After the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a Tweet providing excerpts from Lieutenant-General Kirillov’s speech, its account was immediately suspended by Twitter.


I have no particular insight into the thinking of the Twitter monitors who suspended Russia’s account, but I suspect that they sincerely regarded those Russian Covid accusations as totally absurd and dangerous, an outrageous “conspiracy theory” having absolutely no basis in reality.

Corporate executives probably draw their understanding of the world from the same media sources as the general public, and if no Western journalists have ever hinted that Covid might have been an American bioweapon, the notion would seem just as unimaginable to a Twitter manager as it would to one’s own next-door neighbor. Those who control the media control the contours of perceived reality.

For more than two years, I’ve been stunned by the complete unwillingness of virtually any mainstream or alternative journalists to take notice of the very strong evidence of American culpability. Just yesterday I sent this note to a member of America’s elite establishment with whom I’ve been friendly for many years:

…the whole situation just staggers the imagination.

For the same of argument, let’s assume I’m correct and there’s at least a pretty good chance that the blowback from an unauthorized biowarfare attack has now killed a million Americans.

Can you think of anything in the history of the world let alone the history of America that’s comparable to that? As I argued in one of my recent articles, it’s probably 1000x a greater worldwide disaster than Chernobyl.

And the notion that absolutely no one is willing to discuss it is just unbelievable. It’s not like Stalin’s NKVD will ship them off to the Gulag if they say anything. I mean it’s one thing if people are fearful of being shot, but it’s another thing if they’re merely fearful of being criticized on Twitter…

I just can’t understand why absolutely no one is willing to take a public stand on this issue. Once all the facts came out more than a year ago, I assumed the dam would break any week.

And his reply:

It is quite amazing.


At the beginning of August Prof. Sachs gave a long interview to Current Affairs, a progressive alternative publication, in which he described the roadblocks his Lancet investigation into the origins of Covid had encountered. The scientific members serving under him refused to explore any American role in the creation of the virus and were unwilling to disclose the recent American research in related areas:

What I’m calling for is not the conclusion. I’m calling for the investigation. Finally, after two and a half years of this, it’s time to fess up that it might have come out of a lab and here’s the data that we need to know to find out whether it did…

NIH was actually asked at one point: give us your research program on SARS-like viruses. And you know what they did? They released the cover page and redacted 290 pages. They gave us a cover page and 290 blank pages! That’s NIH, for heaven’s sake. That’s not some corporation. That is the U.S. government charged with keeping us healthy.

Since April 2020 I have argued that the Covid outbreak was likely due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran), just as the Iranians had claimed at the time. This undertaking almost certainly occurred without the personal authorization of President Trump, and therefore constituted a “rogue operation.”

My own long series of articles has documented the very strong evidence of American guilt, notably including obvious foreknowledge of the Wuhan outbreak. All of the underlying source material was provided in the reporting of establishment media outlets and cannot easily be denied.

But timorous journalists have averted their eyes and refused to take any notice of what had been revealed in their own publications.

I’ve also presented that same information in a number of podcast interviews, which have now been viewed nearly a million times, including almost 50,000 views in the last couple of days. As the facts they present become more widely known, dramatic political shifts may begin to occur.

I suspect that if the executives at Twitter became aware of this factual information, they might have considered the public statements of the Russian Defense Ministry in a very different light.

Three of the most substantial presentations total nearly four hours and are conveniently available on Rumble.

Kevin Barrett, FFWN • February 16, 2022 • 15m

Video Link

Geopolitics & Empire • February 1, 2022 • 75m

Video Link

Red Ice TV • February 3, 2022 • 130m

Video Link.

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  1. Biff says:

    The empire is becoming paranoid…………which means ‘dangerous’.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  2. Anonymous[666] • Disclaimer says:

    I can’t believe Ron Unz and the Unz Review hasn’t made the Ukraine government blacklist yet. I have zero doubt that all major governments closely monitor this site and it’s certainly not a stretch to say that Ron’s investigative work on the origins of the Covid virus have had— and will have— a major international impact.

  3. IronForge says:

    Then let’s hope BRICS Block TWTR

  4. bert33 says:

    \$hitter is a horrible and pathetic sensationalist misinformation source and i’m pretty sure the russian govt is well-practiced in public communications such that this is little more than a childish slight from an internet geek online social club pretty much.

  5. Ron

    I would have thought that the lesson of the history of our country’s Deep State’s many operations since Washington decided we must be an imperial power is that “they’re [not] merely fearful of being criticized on Twitter…”

    Accidents/suicides happen in the strangest ways to those that pose a real challenge to the imperial agenda.

    Remember Orwell:

    O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston, with the thumb hidden and the four fingers extended.
    “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’
    “And if the Party says that it is not four but five – then how many?

    The current test from the Imperial Party is not fingers but who and what constitutes a female of the species.

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
    • LOL: acementhead
    • Replies: @Matt Lazarus
  6. Tweet twits cancelled muh Russia!?
    OMG! Like total victory winningest winnarz evarz!
    Yes we can.

    • LOL: Adam Smith
  7. @Anonymous

    Yes, there would be many sites monitored. Have you any thoughts as to how it would be done? Do you think the first move would be to have AI pick up tell-tale indications of anti US intent or content after which a priority list would be established (and ipdated constantly) with some concentration on improving the monitoring of the priority sites? Then…. where would human judgment come in to determine if some response was needed and at what level of expertise and of authority?

    • Replies: @Dnought
  8. Twitter is anti-free speech free speech platform. Orwellian.

    • Agree: Odyssey
    • Replies: @haha
  9. nsa says:

    “Can you think of anything in the history of the world let alone the history of America that’s comparable…….?
    Sure…..the 1918 Influenze Epidemic. The first documented case showed up March 1918 in Haskell County, Kansas, and quickly spread to nearby crowded Camp Funston. The military and civilian authorities all understood the ramifications, but decided the war effort was too important to make an effort to stop the epidemic from spreading. So the influenza soon spread to other military training camps as the recruits were reassigned, went into remission, and then came back full force. Soldiers aboard troop carriers heading for europe were dying like flies, but still Woody Wilson persisted in his precious war effort. Soon euroweanies were dropping like flies everywhere also. US troops even spread the epidemic into the upper Volga when Woody and Crew decided an attack on Russia was a good idea.
    There have been other comparable epidemics. For example, the Spaniards spreading smallpox all around Central and South America, killing off more than half the indigenous population. Smallpox blankets kindly donated to North American Indians helped wipe out this population.
    So the covid wu-wu is just the most recent example of a disease wiping out lots of vulnerable people, whether it was man-made or natural. And not everyone is entirely displeased….have a millenial relative who gleefully refers to the covid wu-wu as the “boomer remover”.

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  10. JR Foley says:

    So much for finding and pursuing the truth.

  11. It just goes to show that Twitter is not an international communication and information channel but a propaganda organ of the American deep state. Can’t just say “American” as they had already banned an American president.

    • Replies: @Anon
  12. Anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Iron Curtain 2.0 – only this time it’s us that getting the shaft.

  13. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore that they never learn. It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up, morons.
    Seriously, if they just laughed this off as crazy conspiracy theories, that might actually work. But no, they gotta silence people. This is something you can point out to normie.
    Normie doesn’t want to believe America is capable of such a thing. Normie is also tired of being told shut up and trust us, especially regarding covid.
    Point out to normie, why do they feel the need to shut people up, if they got nothing to hide then why are they scared of these nutjob conspiracy theories?
    A guilty man flees when Noone pursues him.
    Normie is in a good place to start asking uncomfortable questions. This is good news for us. They gave us another feather in our hat.
    This is a perfect lead in to get normie asking questions.
    Rejoice, the Enemy did us a favor.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  14. If there’s ever been a greater all-around journalist than Ron Unz in history, this longtime journalist can’t think of one. Bravo, Ron, on this and all your heroic work!

    • Agree: Tom Welsh, Z-man, lavoisier
  15. I’m sure this has already been gone over on here in one form or another…

    Let’s just assume covid was a deliberate bioweapon act for a moment (I’m not yet convinced but whatever).

    Was it actually America ? Or was it for example Israel, taking advantage of America’s own complacency and hubris and letting the finger naturally point at the US? This is what people argued with 9/11 that Bush, Cheney and a few others were held up for widespread but highly superficial blame.

    If I remember this was also more or less Michael Collins Piper’s thesis on JFK, who’s been mentioned here recently. That there were hostile domestic intrigues circling JFK but it was a Jewish or Israeli hand that actually did it for Israeli reasons, and these non-Jewish intrigues could be easily held up to take the wider blame.

    From the outside – if one supports a biowarefare thesis, I guess it looks like it ‘must’ be America with all their bio labs, some history, their global power and some rivalry with China and now America and American white goys gets the blame again.

    I know a lot of people will say America is ZOG, and it’s all the same, whatever.

    But I find something like this slightly more plausible than ‘John Bolton and Mike Pompeo did covid’. And to describe these people as ‘neocons’ may be crudely true in one sense but could be seen as utterly misleading in another.

    This early US intelligence report on this novel disease, which they now claim didn’t happen… perhaps our greatest ally was a known actor in that intelligence and that’s why it’s been erased from history, not just because it’s an embarrassing error because ‘America did covid’.

    Some might even suggest the role of this Sachs guy is to put the heat on America rather than Israel and Jews.

    I think this is a case where we do need to be a bit careful. And I’m sure if Mike Piper were still with us, and he thought there was something conspiratorial about covid, then he would be pointing the finger at Israel and Jews as prime actors not the US as itself.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Chris Moore
  16. WCH says:

    Twitter has made itself irrelevant.

  17. Ok, here is the question? Why the russians are using twitter anyway? Or anyone, for that matter?

  18. Over the past couple of years Ron Unz and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, along with billions of other people, have suffered a bit of censorship. One difference between these two men is Dr. Jay has been addressing the gross improvidence of America’s public health response to Covid 19 while Unz, on the other hand, has not been able to locate enough tyrannical malfeasance to make much mention of it.

    The other difference is that almost a million people have signed the Great Barrington Declaration, including tens of thousands of medical doctors, whereas Unz seems to have trouble getting even some of his main references (e.g. Nicholas Wade, Jeffrey Sachs) to sign on to his declaration.

    Personally, I think Unz and Bhattacharya can help one another. Unz could also be helping Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Richard Fleming*, among many other excellent public health experts trying to be heard.

    Alas, there seems to be some… impediment.


    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @MGB
  19. Petermx says:

    Very interesting article. It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that Russia’s media outlet RT comments on Dr. Sachs statements but other government run outlets in Europe (UK’s BBC, Germany’s DW, France’s France24, etc.) remain mum but that is a big part of the problem, Europe’s total obedience to American power. They have apparently dismantled their secret service agencies also. Before 1945 they had the leading spy agencies in the world. With the advent of globalism many governments no longer view the protection of their own people their responsibility any longer and trust the USA knows what is best for Germany, France and the rest of Europe. Instead of making false accusations that any of these leaders are under Putin or Russia’s thumb (which they certainly are not), their total obedience to the USA and it’s leadership is ignored, even as they shut down gas pipelines under American pressure that will threaten the lives of many Europeans and their industries this coming winter if they run out of gas. I think those leaders should be made to pay with jail sentences if this coming winter turns into a disaster for Europe. Not that I expect them to be held accountable. They all act like sedated dope fiends and the big European countries (France and Germany) would never dare speak out on their own behalf, or for Europe’s interests as the Jewish run US government puts their peoples and industries in peril.

  20. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    We are considering the possibility that the USA was involved in emergence of COVID-19. – the Russian Ministry of Defense

    Involved?  What a word!  Even if the Unz Hypothesis turns out to be false (and COVID-19 either leaked or deliberately released by the Chinese), it is clear the U.S. was involved, even instrumental, in the emergence of the contagion.

    Thanks to men such as Anthony Fauci the research that resulted in COVID-19 was funded by many millions of dollars from the U.S. government and assisted by U.S. scientists such as Ralph Baric and Peter Daszak.  This research was given to the Communist Chinese Party.  Any way you look at the COVID-19 outbreak, a U.S. attack against China, a Chinese attack against the U.S., or an inadvertent leak from a Chinese lab, the U.S. government was  up-to-its-neck  “involved.”

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  21. Franz says:

    this suspension was unprecedented, with no such previous action having ever been taken against an official Twitter account of the Russian government.

    Let this be the final answer to the tedious “who’s worse, the State or Corporations”?

    We can now prove that in the old democracies, there is no real distinction. Big tech always was awash in Government money, they also recruit from the agencies.

    They are the same. We are reassured there is no crack between government and business.

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
  22. Sam Smith says:

    What should be apparent to everyone, if it isn’t already, is that US companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, et al are ALL extensions or appendages of the US military industrial disinformation complex.

    It’s no wonder China has banned them inside China. Russia would be wise to do the same.

  23. …punitive measure was imposed after the diplomats cited a Russian military commander, who had alleged the US could have been behind the Covid-19 pandemic.

    What about Sachs himself? Did his own weightier and almost accusatory revelation lead to any punitive measure by Twitter? If anyone is deserving of a cancelation moment by Twitter it was Sachs, not Russia’s foreign ministry.

  24. What to0k them so long? Welcome to the ‘FreeWorld’, Inc.

  25. Maybe the Russians learned something while playing with their Woodpecker System.

    As far as the UNITED STATES is concerned the paper clip just becomes more bent.

  26. I suspect that if the executives at Twitter became aware of this factual information, they might have considered the public statements of the Russian Defense Ministry in a very different light.

    Yep, instead of the ban being temporary, it would have been permanent.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh, Dnought
  27. RawDaddy says:

    This whole thing was planned back in 2015. This is a statement from Fauci’s guy in Wohan, Peter Daszak who runs Eco Health Alliance, who received a grant for 40 million from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s group.

    “until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain funding base beyond the crisis he said, we need to increase the public understanding of the need for MCM’s such as pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use the hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profits at the end of the process, Daszak stated”

    The gain of function was started with Ralph Barrett at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, until it was moved to Wuhan, where the gain of function continued to be developed under a grant given to them by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    I could go on and on, but look into the patents wrapped around Covid, the NIH, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, Ralph Barrett. These Rico conspirators were writing patents around Covid before it even existed.

    • Replies: @Trex793
  28. @Anonymous

    Yes US behind biowarfare world war, with evil clot shots big part of that roll out of war and slavery

    Regarding the Ukrainian Hit list that Unz is not on……30 LaRouche associates are prominent on that list , starting with Helga Zepp LaRouche “the Silk Road Lady” on that hit list which was sponsored by the United States Government.

    LaRouche conceived the New Silk Road to avert this very war, knowing that Europe was on a suicide course that required integration of the world rather than being dictated by the Venetian Atlanticists of Wall Street/London.

    Storm Over Asia “I told you so”

  29. It’s interesting to see that the results of the western sanctions imposed on Russia are broadly speaking the ruin of the west.
    Also the west is becoming an isolated minority in global affairs.
    Yet they keep on doubling down.

    Twitter no doubt imagines itself important and powerful.
    Entitled to rebuke the Russian government.

    The entire ongoing western fiasco is a study in chutzpah diplomacy or how to make a fool of yourself internationally.
    Twitter has learned nothing from it evidently.
    Recommend Dean Swift “Gulliver’s Travels”.

  30. @M Le Docteur Ralph

    Current correct answer to the question, Who is female? is “Everyone.”

  31. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Why are the elites in the West, Jews and Whites, hell bent upon the destruction of the American hegemony? How is it to benefit them in the long run? Or all this is a sham? I would like to know!

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  32. Emslander says:

    I guess it’s just a consequence of our atomized sources of information in the web age that Ron Unz fails to notice the discussion many months ago in a Senate hearing between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci that revealed that Fauci was funding “gain of function” activities through his research cutout in violation of federal law. That was going on in Wuhan.

    Maybe Russia discovered identical activity in labs they unearthed in Ukraine, which, to me, would be the most logical reason for the General’s statements.

    My basic point, however, is that we’ve known for at least two years that our NIH has been working on this “biowarfare” under the guise of “research”, so I’m not hardly shocked that Jeffrey Sachs has pointed it out again. Whether the disease was planted by military men under the orders of Mike Pompeo or by scientists under the orders of Anthony Fauci seems irrelevant.

  33. Levtraro says:

    If the world began to suspect that Covid was an American bioweapon, the global political landscape might dramatically shift.

    I have my doubts.

    If tomorrow morning American operatives or decision-makers confessed releasing the COVID19 virus on China and Iran, American and European aparatchiks and their media branches would just blame Trump with great intensity, a large majority of people in other regions of the world will just get confimation of their suspicions, the declining American state would go down a few notches in one go, and then it will continue declining at the current rate.

    A dramatic shift in the global political landscape requires war, either civil war inside great powers or actual kinetic war between great powers where the territory of the warrying sides is affected. Failed attempt at spreading diseases on enemies or proxy wars in shithole countries like the Ukraine are not enough for a “dramatic shift in the global political landscape”.

    • Replies: @haha
  34. I suspect that if the executives at Twitter became aware of this factual information, they might have considered the public statements of the Russian Defense Ministry in a very different light.

    Oh, they’re aware of the facts. They just put on a darker shade of spook glasses as the intensity of the light increases.

    Twitter is a tool of modified limited hangout.

  35. @thotmonger

    Dr. Jay has been a bit of a squish: This from October 2021…


    Peter Robinson: All right. Vaccinations, you’re for them, or against them?

    Jay Bhattacharya: I think vaccines are probably the most important and effective medical invention ever. I think they’re great.

    Peter Robinson: So what do you say to people… So this is where there’s a kind of, there’s a subtext that you’re sticking up for liberty. You trust individuals, but you really don’t have any patience… You have no more patience than Anthony Fauci or Joe Biden for unvaccinated Americans, is that correct?

    Jay Bhattacharya: You’re asking about the COVID vaccines or vaccines in general?

    Peter Robinson: No, no, no, the COVID vaccine.

    Jay Bhattacharya: Yeah, so COVID vaccines in particular are extremely effective at protecting against severe disease. And I think that if you had a public health that was trustworthy, the people in the country-

    Peter Robinson: Have a trusted authority or establishment, right.

    Jay Bhattacharya: Exactly. You would have much broader uptake of the vaccines than we’ve seen. We’ve seen actually pretty broad uptake on the vaccines, especially in the older population, but not universal. And the reason is because significant chunks of the population, African-Americans, some poor white communities don’t trust public health.

    Peter Robinson: And for a good reason, apparently.

    Jay Bhattacharya: And for good reason, I mean, you can think public health has failed the United States and failed the world.

    Peter Robinson: All right, so briefly, what would you say to someone who’s still… Honestly, there may be viewers who won’t take it from Anthony Fauci, but might take it from Jay Bhattacharya. What would you say to someone who still hasn’t gotten vaccinated?

    Jay Bhattacharya: I mean, you think that for someone who’s older, especially, the vaccine is incredibly important. COVID is very deadly disease as we talked about for people who’s older. And the vaccine, while we haven’t… It’s only been in human use for 10 months, right? So we don’t know all of the side effects, but we’ve seen enough to know it’s pretty safe.

  36. Tom Welsh says:

    “Corporate executives probably draw their understanding of the world from the same media sources as the general public…”

    Which is a really, really disastrous mistake. First they make sure that the corporate media publish only a specific set of lies. That’s bad. Then they themselves start to believe those lies.

    That’s catastrophic. It’s like poisoning a well to kill your enemies, then drinking from it yourself.

    The great American journalist I. F. Stone put it like this, many years ago:

    “All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out”.

    Mr Stone also said, “If something goes wrong with the government, a free press will ferret it out and it will get fixed. But if something goes wrong with our free press, the country will go straight to hell”.

    As everyone who reads Mr Unz’s site probably knows, that happened several decades ago. Already alert observers are noticing, through the windows of our handcart, patches of smoking brimstone and odd-looking scarlet fellows with horns, carrying tridents…

  37. Tom Welsh says:

    “I have no particular insight into the thinking of the Twitter monitors who suspended Russia’s account, but I suspect that they sincerely regarded those Russian Covid accusations as totally absurd and dangerous, an outrageous “conspiracy theory” having absolutely no basis in reality”.

    It seems to me that Mr Unz is far too generous there. Those people are paid to do their job exactly as laid down (perhaps with occasional prods and reminders from those who could fire them in a minute).

    The kindest interpretation I can give to their egregiously slavish conduct is what Dr Noam Chomsky said to Andrew Marr long ago.

    ‘Marr: “How can you know that I’m self-censoring? How can you know that journalists are…”

    ‘Chomsky: “I’m not saying you’re self censoring. I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that if you believed something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting”’.

    – Transcript of interview between Noam Chomsky and Andrew Marr (Feb. 14, 1996)

    • Agree: Dnought
  38. Tom Welsh says:

    “For the [sake] of argument, let’s assume I’m correct and there’s at least a pretty good chance that the blowback from an unauthorized biowarfare attack has now killed a million Americans”.

    Sorry if I seem unduly critical, but there is an unstated assumption in those words that really needs to be brought into the light.

    A million US deaths would be truly awful, unprecedented.

    But… don’t we all know that the US government deliberately killed over 3 million Koreans, 3 million South-East Asians, and 3 million Iraqis? Plus who knows how many unaccounted-for “collateral damage” (“Other Losses”) – just the odd few hundred thousand here and there.

    When the US government deliberately and maliciously kills many millions of foreigners, that’s unimportant. But even a single American death means trouble. What is the difference?

    As Harold Pinter explained in his Nobel Prize lecture in 2005,

    “It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis”.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  39. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve become rather jaded with the idea that if only the real facts were to come out then there’d be an upheaval of sorts. Look at 9-11, now over twenty years ago. Guys who couldn’t even fly small propeller planes could suddenly fly huge jumbo-jets like stunt pilots, WTC-7 collapses into its own footprint, etc etc. Sure, a lot of people have disbelieved the official narrative but there’s been no real inquest, nobody’s been identified except that bearded guy in a cave. In all these cases the cover ups and cognitive infiltration are proactive and ongoing. I also think that it’s naive to think that Twitter executives are unknowing and timorous. All major media, including social, are linked to the government in some way and are manipulated by such or are active partners. It’s a government-media propaganda Wurlitzer, selling every war that has come down the pike. But keep up the good work, opening people’s eyes.

  40. @Biff

    “The empire is becoming paranoid…………which means ‘dangerous’.”

    As old-style psychaitrist Fritz Rieman ca. 1961 showed in his German longseller Grundformen der Angst (Basic Forms of Angst – don’t know whether this book is translated though), paranoia is a foundational part of our inner life(s). Foundational meaning: Unescapable.
    As with everything, its also with the dangerousness of paranoia: It depends on the strength of the illness and the number of people seriously suffering from it/ bein influenced by it (the dosis).
    (I don’t alsways know what to make of this insight, i have to cvoncede.)

  41. I always have a laugh when I hear that a major military force has a Facebook page.

    Social media is for teenage girls, it’s childish for anyone else to use it.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @eah
  42. @Justrambling

    Sachs made MUCH more than just an “accusatory revelation” in his recent interview with Current Affairs… he made MANY accusations and revelations… please everybody… the Sachs interview is a MUST READ…

    Why was this interview not HUGE news a week ago???

    • Thanks: Mark Hunter, Iris
  43. this suspension was unprecedented

    The hell? Twitter suspends people all the time. Remember when they banned a sitting US President? Remember that? Remember when the whole company should have gone down in flames in a mass boycott?

    Anyway. I’m actually astonished any official out of Russia had a Twitter account at all in these past months.

    • Replies: @Anon
  44. Karl1906 says:

    No matter if domestic or foreign – don’t use the platform of the enemy.

  45. eah says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    A FB presence can be formatted and customized in a variety of ways — for many users, the capabilities offered by FB are comparable to what you could get with your own website, but at much lower cost since FB takes care of the hosting (which can be expensive, depending on traffic) — this is why small businesses, organizations (e.g. non-profits), even municipalities, including police departments and sheriff’s offices, use FB as their primary or only web presence.

  46. Covid-19 does not exist, it is an illusion concocted by the WEF , the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, UN Agenda 2030, the WHO, the CDC , etc., etc., , it is the flu, colds and pneumonia renamed to scare the hell out of people, and scare them into getting the genocide MRNA injection, which is the depopulation agenda of the globalists.

    Several weeks ago Fox news reported that 4 million illegals crossed the southern border in the last 2 years. These 4 million illegals did not have to take the MRNA genocide shots, congress and its staffs are exempt, the staffs of the UN, the WHO, the CDC, etc., etc., are all exempt, they are not afraid of covid-19 because they know it is an illusion, a scam and a psyop to depopulate the world.

    Covid-19 is the biggest scam and psyop and genocide operation in the history of the world.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Troll: Mark Hunter
  47. I do think the US, or some rogue neocon sect, specifically, released Covid, but I rather think the target was the US itself. It was to destabilize the trump presidency. The progression of events seems clear: first Russian collusion hoax and the persecution of trumps people by the justice department. Next the impeachment attempt over biden. Failing these attempted overthrows of the trump presidency, they released Covid in order to paralyze the economy. They did as much damage as they could to neocon targets, like China and Iran, but the ultimate goal was to destabilize the US itself. Goals in large undertakings are usually multifaceted. There has been a great shift to a top down style control of the local economies instituted since Covid. It could be that the powers simply exploited a happenstance crisis for their own ends, but the timing seems just too convenient, and now that serious scientists are saying it came from a government lab, that almost seems like a smoking gun.

    Notice also where Covid didn’t hit: africa, the place the LOVE. And the first glimmers of hope came from africa too; the omicron variant, which was the first light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Africa to the rescue, or something.

  48. I was inclined to believe Ron’s report, now I know it’s true!

  49. eudion2 says:

    First they suspend your Twitter account. Then they cancel it. Then they shut down your website.

    (Insert several more distressing steps.)

    Then they permanently suspend your bank account and take away your means to financially support yourself.

    And if you’re still around, they find some way to take your life while blaming someone, something else. The Powers That Be killed three Kennedy brothers and nearly killed a fourth with a plane crash and then a car crash, and after the fourth brother survived the car crash, they started circulating rumors that he was somehow responsible for murdering his passenger, and there went his presidential aspirations.

    If they can do that to US Presidents and Senators, no one will notice when they do it to us. And this is why journalists don’t touch this thing.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  50. @Vagrant Rightist

    It is the existence of the Fed Gov that makes all things possible. It is such a massive criminal enterprise that parts have become their own fiefdoms. The left hand may not know or care what the right hand is doing.

    That Israel of some other entity could be part of some fiefdoms operation is plausible and probable. This does not in any way provide cover for what the US itself contributes to the downward trajectory of the country over the last several decades.

  51. Thanks again Mr. Unz for this website and for allowing open discussion.

    • Agree: Charles, Mark Hunter
  52. Athena says:

    NATO (the military industrial complex) has almost hijacked EVERYTHING:

    – Corporations
    – NGOs
    – UN
    – HRW
    – Red Cross
    – Social platforms (FB,Twitter)
    – News outlets
    – Political discourses
    – Police
    – Economy
    – Education (now indoctrication)
    – Healthcare systems (?)
    – How people think and behave (wait for orders to act, and obey)
    – Video games, movies
    – Everything

    Ike Was Right
    By Eric Margolis

    ” … this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet, we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved. So is the very structure of our society.” — General Dwight D Eisenhower, Farewell address 1961

    Congress just passed a near trillion dollar military budget at a time when the United States faces no evident state threats at home or abroad. Ike was right.”

    • Replies: @Derer
  53. beau says:

    tell the truth, get cancelled. nothing new about this. standard ignorant tyrant fare.

  54. @Steve in Dallas

    Thanks. The more reason why Twitter should come down on Sachs, not the Russian foreign ministry who jumped on what may have been secondary, or even tertiary, information.

  55. salience says:

    All the “experts” referenced are just pussy-footing around the obvious.
    Was the “virus” released accidentally, intentionally, with malice aforethought, or just for BigBucks?
    A difficult question scientifically, for sure. But when its “release” produced a BigPharma-directed flood of \$Billions just when BigPharma was on the rocks strongly implies it was yet another of those “New Pearl Harbor Events” that oh so coincidentally enables Deep State to perpetrate what the public is not very enthusiastic about. Such as 9/11, and the Neocons’ discussions of how “A New Pearl Harbor” would permit them to destroy several problematic nations. (Project for a New American Century)
    So: Occam’s Razor tells me that the SARS-CoV-2 “virus” is an semi-artificial entity that acts like a virus in how it infects, reproduces, and spreads, but in fact was intentionally invented and manufactured expressly to provide the situation in which mRNA injections could be foisted on as many billion humans as possible.
    Note that “on the rocks” doesn’t mean BigPharma was not still flush with cash, but that future prospects were rapidly diminishing, a situation which might well produce a stock selloff, crash of BigPharma companies, general stock market decline, government bailouts… Just like the 2008 banking crisis, and just like what would happen if weapons manufacturers were suddenly deprived of excuses to predict ever-more-rosy bottom lines.
    BigPharma on the rocks:

  56. Charles says:

    If I had wondered about it, I would have assumed that the Russian government had been blocked months ago.

  57. @Desert Fox

    “Covid-19 does not exist, it is an illusion concocted by the WEF , the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, UN Agenda 2030, the WHO, the CDC , etc., etc., , it is the flu, colds and pneumonia renamed to scare the hell out of people”

    Is that why my son’s friend, 26 and fit as a fiddle, was lying in a corridor in a Shanghai hospital with supplementary oxygen in end March 2021 – in the corridor because all the beds were full?

    26 year olds don’t go down with flu.

    It seems to be a disease that clobbers some people and hardly affects others, another friend of the same age said it was like waking up with a bad head after a night out, recovered in a couple of days.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Emslander
    , @acementhead
  58. @eudion2

    “after the fourth brother survived the car crash, they started circulating rumors that he was somehow responsible for murdering his passenger, and there went his presidential aspirations”

    “But Teddy, what if I get pregnant?”

    “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, my dear”

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
  59. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “Twitter is not an international communication and information channel but a propaganda organ of the American deep state.”

    They all are, kiddo. Every one of them.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  60. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Was your son’s friend a prior recipient of the clot shot and boosters?

    Think, people. Think!

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @John Johnson
  61. Anon[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    And Ron is grinding some kind of axe against the Establishment, using this lie of theirs! It won’t work, Ron. You’re just reinforcing their lie.

  62. March 2021, clot shot didn’t exist. Or am I thinking 2020? It was right at the start anyway.

  63. Anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    Narcissists think everything is “unprecedented” if it never happened to THEM before. They are the center of the universe; other people’s experience literally never crosses their minds.

  64. JimDandy says:

    Let’s see, Justin Beiber’s face got paralyzed not long after his young, healthy wife had a stroke… Uber fit Ashton Kutcher lost his hearing and his sight and his balance due to a very “rare form of vasculitis, which involves inflammation of the blood vessels.” Eric Clapton lost the use of his hands for awhile. Jimmy Dore got chronic, debilitating body aches, brain inflammation, clots, exhaustion. His producer and wife had similar problems. Bob Saget mysteriously passed out and died of a head blow. Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack. Former University of Miami Hurricanes wide receiver Sam Bruce died at age 24 of a heart attack “acute myocardial infarction.” I could go on and on. And on. But nothing to see here, move along.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  65. Emslander says:

    Many people die of the flu every year and have done so for eons. During the CV19 panic, no one died of the flu.

    I don’t think anybody knows as much about these illnesses as they claim.

    I’m sorry for the young man, but I could provide you with many cases I observed of people registering positive for CV19 who had no symptoms. The greater percentage of positive tests resulted in no symptoms, as a matter of fact. This might be seen as proof that the positive result is identifying something other than a dangerous virus.

    I have no idea, but I’m very skeptical of all claims by the government that are used to corral populations and force them to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

    The lockdown is the greater scandal than any weaponized flu virus.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  66. @Anon

    Was your son’s friend a prior recipient of the clot shot and boosters?

    Think, people. Think!

    Yes think indeed.

    Do explain the videos of overloaded hospitals in Italy which was well before the vaccine was created.

    Or did I just imagine the Italians creating mass graves with bulldozers?

    All of those videos are archived on youtube if you need a reality refresher.

    If you are going to follow a conspiracy at least pick one that doesn’t have hundreds of hours of video evidence that contradicts the main theory.

  67. Anonymous[213] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s important to bear in mind that Twitter is a fully-integrated component of CIA’s domestic propaganda apparat. Musk tripped over this with his due diligence. Everybody knows it but Americans, and especially Russians, who bear the brunt:

    So Twitter acts in absolute conformity to CIA’s vital interest, impunity. And now CIA is formally implicated in sneak attack undeclared aggression with banned biological weapons. CIA’s intended victims were China and Iran but every country in the world has been irreparably harmed by this internationally wrongful act in breach of jus cogens. The Government of Russia has articulated an erga omnes obligation on every UN member nation to stop CIA’s criminal germ warfare, impose state responsibility, and prosecute or extradite suspects and their CIA command structure.

    So Twitter will of necessity censor any statement by any sovereign state invoking rule of law. When CIA loses this war, the international tribunal will need to try CIA officials for war propaganda as an element of their plan and conspiracy for war. As a weakling state, the CIA regime relies heavily on obscuring attribution of internationally wrongful acts. Censorship and propaganda are crucial to this war, and they need to be prosecuted as crimes. When the US entered a legally void reservation to ICCPR Article 20, that’s why, they wanted to go to war and lie about it, with sabotage, poisoned weapons, pretextual blockades, and other illegal acts.

    It’s world war again, and we’re the Axis. Last time, all the well-meaning Good Germans got starved to death or got their nuts crushed or got burned alive in firestorms. If you don’t want that, you better think how you’re going to stop the CIA SS.

  68. I asked a girl her views about the furin cleavage and a slap to the face was the reply. Be careful, others can be more deadly.

  69. JackOH says:

    Jeez! I’m flabbergasted!

    Do those Twitter folks understand that their shutting down of Russia for “false and misleading info” has Twitter doing the dirty work of political lobbies within the United States that would like to see no high-level inquiry at all to authoritatively establish the truth behind COVID-19?

    Do those Twitter folks understand there’s just about no political momentum to establish, for example, a joint House-Senate select committee to investigate even the very mainstream lab leak and wet market theories? When Ohio’s former state health commissioner called for an inquiry into COVID-19, not a single Ohio pol stood up to champion the idea.

    I guess I’m just disgusted.

    • Replies: @Dnought
  70. @Justrambling

    What about Sachs himself? Did his own weightier and almost accusatory revelation lead to any punitive measure by Twitter? If anyone is deserving of a cancelation moment by Twitter it was Sachs, not Russia’s foreign ministry.

    Speculative answer to that question: Maybe Sachs didn’t “Tweet” anything. Now I know nothing about that platform, but tried making a search for “sachs” “covid” “origins” and found nothing on twitter by Sachs. But there was something interesting from a fellow claiming to be an infectious disease expert.

    Economist Jeff Sachs doubles down on his theory that SARS-CoV-2 “came out of US lab biotechnology”.

    The misinformation and ignorance of basic science (let alone, virology) is astounding. How ^TheLancet can have him as commission chair, I cannot fathom.

    Anyhow, the name of the game is Get The Russians. Did NATO and the EU do any kind of massive Sanctions Campaign when the US destroyed Iraq? Of course not. And both parties were active participants in Libya and Yugoslavia.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  71. @nsa

    On the topic of pox…what about the monkey pox affecting Dr. Fauci’s favorite group.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  72. Iris says:
    @Zachary Smith

    That’s the same Kristian Andersen scientist who has been claiming for 2,5 years that Covid has a natural origin, without convincing anybody and without anybody listening to him, despite all the coverage he was given in the MSM.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  73. MPJ says:

    How does Ron have such a massive blind spot with respect to the covid vaccines when looking at this issue? Surely something that an ungodly amount of money, effort and time to research, develop, mass-produce and mass-distribute has been spent on to push onto the masses globally must have SOME connection with WHY the virus came to be released? Especially when many of the perpetrators involved in creating the threat via gain-of-function are also involved in the ‘cure’???

    Ron’s work on the HOW, i.e. explaining how the CIA/Pompeo/deep state could have introduced this at the Wuhan 2019 Military World Games is believable to me. Also, part of the WHY in the damage the virus did to the Iranian political leadership is believable.

    But it’s awfully simplistic and naive to say that it was just ‘blowback’ and ‘miscalculation’ that it ended up spreading to the U.S. and broader Western populations. The whole FDA/NIH/NIAID/CDC infrastructure and regulatory leadership has been re-worked over the years to put carefully selected Big Pharma sleazebags, from Walensky to Fauci to Hotez to everyone in between to rubber-stamp all of these novel, untested and unreliable drugs. And THEN the virus hits and throws in the laps of these sleazebags their greatest opportunity to bring their desires to fruition. Just sheer chance, right Ron?

    Does the warlord-associated, no-medical-background, hand-picked, ex-employee of BMG foundation in the form of Tedros as the WHO director ring no bells in Ron’s head? What about the WEF young global leaders like Macro, Trudeau, Ardern, not to mention the army of such depraved acolytes in industry, media, finance enabling and facilitating this every step of the way?

    How can SO many things just line up so perfectly to push this vaccine agenda onto humanity literally within the course of a few short years?

    Fauci and cohort have long dreamed of a universal flu vaccine. A concoction that would protect against all the prevailing threats on an annual basis. An unending revenue stream for Big Pharma par excellence. Combine it with the longing for total control and surveillance of the masses that the deep state and Big Tech enablers have always had for political and commercial reasons, the vaccine agenda is inextricably linked with digital control and surveillance.

    Yet, none of these questions bother Ron or strike him as suspicious. He really thinks it was a valiant and beneficent effort on par with Operation Overlord where humanity came together to fight a biological menace despite its sordid origins. Now THAT is funny!

  74. Trex793 says:

    Yes, Baric, Fauci and Moderna were filing for patents for COVID vaccines as far back as 2015.

    Unfortunately, Baric, Fauci and Moderna claimed they were working on a “MERS vaccine” when they filed their patent applications. And most NPCs seriously don’t realize that the “MERS vaccine” was just a cover to make a vaccine for the then non-existent COVID-19.

    • Replies: @MPJ
  75. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Vagrant Rightist

    Was it actually America ? Or was it for example Israel, taking advantage of America’s own complacency and hubris and letting the finger naturally point at the US? This is what people argued with 9/11 that Bush, Cheney and a few others were held up for widespread but highly superficial blame.

    If I remember this was also more or less Michael Collins Piper’s thesis on JFK, who’s been mentioned here recently. That there were hostile domestic intrigues circling JFK but it was a Jewish or Israeli hand that actually did it for Israeli reasons, and these non-Jewish intrigues could be easily held up to take the wider blame.

    They’re all Zionists, from Bush/Cheney to AOC/Pelosi/Biden. You’re trying to pick fly shit out of pepper.

    The ((Jews)) are guilty — they’re Judeofascists — but so are the ((Jew)) stooges. They’re Judas.

    We need a final reckoning with both.

  76. anastasia says:

    Now Russia knows how half of America feels.

    Looks like Unz may be right about everything, except he doesn’t think the target was also the west and the USA Perhaps when they start to starve us, he will see it is true.

  77. haha says:
    @Ray Caruso

    No, Twitter is NOT anti-free speech. It is merely anti-truth. You are welcome to post there that there are at least dozen-plus genders, that water freezes when it is boiled, that men get pregnant all the time, or that Biden is the smartest human on planet earth. All that will pass. But even speculating on the major topics of the day will get you cancelled – unless, of course, you are spouting the “Certified True” nonsense.

  78. haha says:

    “A dramatic shift in the global political landscape requires war ….”.

    I fear you are 100% right. Stupid will keep doing and thinking stupid until a massive whack on the head takes place or food and shelter become scarce.

  79. Anonymous[219] • Disclaimer says:

    MPJ 73, Your opinion and Unz’s are easy enough to reconcile. Where he sees the crime against peace of germ warfare, you see the crime against humanity of extermination. But the gravest crimes can be both. WWI, for example – Europe had lots of proles to throw into the meatgrinder. If they didn’t get killed in war, they were liable to start a revolution.

    Now the natural target demographic is old farts on state pensions. If you weaken China and kill a lot of Social Security recipients, that’s gravy!

    So CIA germ warfare kills two birds with one stone.

    • Replies: @MPJ
  80. Hartmann says:

    How does Ron have such a massive blind spot with respect to the covid vaccines when looking at this issue?

    I’ve asked myself the same question. Is he at heart a fan of the Chinese system and/or “Surveillance Capitalism” 2.0? Come to think of it, I don’t recall reading much criticism on his part of the Chinese system, or Agenda 2030. Maybe he’s really more “mainstream” than we have assumed.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @MPJ
  81. @Iris

    Iris, I tossed in that tweet of Mr. Andersen to show once again Jeffrey Sachs knows squat about biology.
    Your links in turn suggest to me Kristian Andersen is equally innocent about biowar.

    (CNN)In June, the World Health Organization recommended that scientists continue to research all possible origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, including a lab leak. Two newly published studies take totally different approaches but arrive at the same conclusion: The Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, was most likely the epicenter for the coronavirus.
    Andersen said the studies don’t definitively disprove the lab leak theory but are extremely persuasive, so much so that he changed his mind about the virus’ origins.
    “I was quite convinced of the lab leak myself, until we dove into this very carefully and looked at it much closer,” Andersen said. “Based on data and analysis I’ve done over the last decade on many other viruses, I’ve convinced myself that actually the data points to this particular market.”

    What I believe Andersen forgets is that dismissing a “lab leak” doesn’t also eliminate the possibility of a deliberate release by “somebody” using the Wuhan live animal market as a vector.

    Wuhan had some things which naturally caused a lot of people to pay attention to conspiracy theory. There was the live animal market of course, but also a US funded Wuhan Institute of Virology. There was also the 7th CISM Military World Games starting October 2019.

    That black basketball player in a Russian prison had probably been getting away with carrying in her personal dope stock because she was an Important Person and was waved on through. I figure the same thing might have happened when military folks arrived for their World Games competitions.

    Obviously anything could have happened – it’s just that I find it odd that a freaking Economist has gotten a big bullhorn to highlight one particular scenario. Never mind it’s the same idea I’d have arrived at myself on the basis of past and recent UK/US behavior.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Wizard of Oz
  82. @Anonymous

    Firstly, the overwhelming statistical majority of the “elites in the West” are NOT in fact Whites at all, but always and consistently Jews. And the vast (95%+) majority of European (“Ashkenazi” ) Jews are not White (ie. Caucasian) at all, but are descended directly from a nomadic, highly-aggressive Turkic-Asiatic tribe of land-thieves and troublemakers properly called “Khazars”. Read a book called The Thirteenth Tribe by the (Jewish) author and philosopher Arthur Koestler.

    Then, if you really want to know the answer to your question, search out and read the right material. The essay (from 2013) at the link below contains, among many other elements, this fine and perceptive, brief introductory encapsulation of the correct answer to precisely the question you have asked:

    Discrediting what Whites have established and those prominently associated with it clears the way for putting in place ideas, arrangements, and people that serve non-White interests at the expense of White interests.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  83. You can see an orc go airborne in the first hit:

    That wasn’t a war casualty. It’s a special military somersault.

    Sign up for the war boys! Fight against NATO…..Nazis……for Donbass……well whatever excuse Putin comes up with this month. The point is that you must be sacrificed for his ego. Don’t like it? Well too bad. The mini-Tsar has spoken and they don’t have a free press or open internet.




    ….. hang on someone is knocking on my door

  84. @Dave Bowman

    Firstly, the overwhelming statistical majority of the “elites in the West” are NOT in fact Whites at all, but always and consistently Jews.

    How so?

    Most politicians are not Jewish.

    Most professors are not Jewish.

    Most journalists are not Jewish.

    Where is this majority Jewish cabal? The Neocons? They are laughed at by everyone. The US is done with sand adventures. National Review is a fake magazine and not supported by subscriptions.

    Too many of you are stuck in the 1930s when Jews did in fact dominate left-wing political spheres, especially in Slavic countries like Poland and Ukraine.

    Today those spheres are dominated by White women. But I guess that fact is too harsh for some of you. Much easier to blame the Jews instead of facing the fact that our political spectrum is dominated by White women that support lying about race. Those women in fact support lying to their own children. When I was in college the non-technical classes pretty much consisted of White women lying about reality with the occasional bitter gamma male or homo filling in for diversity points.

    • Troll: JimDandy
  85. @Steve in Dallas

    thank you for this link. i’ve bookmarked it. i am still confused by jeffery sachs’ recent reports. i’m wondering if he feels used, or misunderstood, or miffed…still with his history i find his reports on covid while highly interesting still marred by why—why now? how come mr. sachs you weren’t aware of the questions prior? regardless, thank you for the link, & mr. sachs, thank you for finally for whatsoever reasons trying to lift the rock & investigate what creatures are running for darkness & exposing what they’ve done. truth is after all paramount.

  86. Iris says:
    @Zachary Smith

    it’s just that I find it odd that a freaking Economist has gotten a big bullhorn to highlight one particular scenario.

    Thanks for your reply. There is so much deception going on, I can only share my humble personal opinion.

    I think that Jeffrey Sachs is using the clout linked to his position, at Columbia University, at the UN, and as former head of The Lancet Covid committee, to bring to public knowledge discussions that have long been going on between biology scientists behind the door.

    Sachs not being a biologist does not matter: he presents very rational arguments which clearly have been carefully prepared with professional biologists/virologists, so Kristian Andersen’s dismissal is weak. Andersen should counter the scientific arguments with intellectual integrity, instead of attacking the author Jeffrey Sachs.

    Very interesting and recent interview, posted earlier by commenter Steve in Dallas:

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Steve in Dallas
  87. MPJ says:

    I respectfully disagree. I don’t believe covid is anywhere near as deadly as it’s been portrayed. All-cause mortality in Sweden for example barely moved in 2020 and 2021.

    The virus enabled, benefited and was exploited for gain by many actors in all of the following domains:


    1) Political:
    – Dealing a massive blow to the Chinese economy by breaking the proverbial ‘straw’ in the form of their deeply indebted housing market
    – Very convenient censorship of opponents (mostly right-wing/libertarian, some left-wing progressive) by simply branding them as medical mis-informationists if they veer from the covidian narrative in the slightest, despite having strong credibility in all other areas.

    2) Deep State:
    – Glorious opportunity for them to keep tabs and surveil populations through medical digital ID’s, increasingly invasive checks at all border crossings (land, air, sea) etc.

    3) Medical:
    – Untold profits from the introduction and rollout of mRNA-based vaccines. The applications are endless. Forget safety, everything in the pipeline and prospective products will all be rubberstamped in the same way the first ones were.
    – Boon for PPE manufacturers
    – Increased spending and revenue for the medical complex with the hyper-vigilance now becoming norm for all perceived threats, e.g. monkeypox.

    4) Big Tech:
    – Censorship on behalf of politicians in return for commercial gain
    – Consolidation of power by suppressing, proscribing competitors, e.g. Parler.

    5) Big Business:
    – Decimation of small/medium businesses by the draconian lockdowns and then resulting inflation. Small businesses cannot possibly compete on scale and bring prices down like big box retailers and with massive inflation, they’re screwed.

    6) WEF:
    – The pandemic played out EXACTLY per the WEF’s Event 201 playbook and Schwab’s Great Reset agenda. Heck, all Western leaders have even used the ‘great reset’ language in innumerable public speeches.

    Ron’s stance is puzzling to me because the virus benefited all of the above parties and perhaps Big Pharma more than anyone else. Yet, his position is absurd with respect to ‘qui bono’ in considering just the political angle as the explanation for the WHY behind the crisis, to the complete exclusion of all other factors.

    I’d be ok if he said he doesn’t have time for or doesn’t want to focus on other factors. But it becomes even more absurd when he actively pushes against all of the other factors, 2-6 and especially (2), the medical/Big Pharma angle by calling all dissenters anti-vaxxers and completely buying into the ‘safe and effective’ and the faulty PCR testing scams.

    Anytime the focus is this illogically narrow, it’s natural to question motives.

  88. MPJ says:

    Precisely. I can offer no explanation other than saying that he’s way more mainstream than people think. I think people are thrown off by his commitment to free speech on the website, which to be fair, is exemplary.

  89. MPJ says:


    Steve Kirsch is familiar with your origins story and from what I know doesn’t dispute it. Are you open to having a conversation with him on the vaccine, masking, lockdowns and covid mortality?

  90. JoeA says:

    Did I miss the most important part of who this guy Sacs really is?
    He’s a major player at the Klaus Schwab roundtables. A Great Reset Kingpin.
    How could he be given any credibility here? He’s maybe covering his own tracks or some nefarious thing.
    Always thought this was one of the best bets for unabashed reporting and viewpoints but this omission is a major blunder if not outright deception.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  91. @JoeA

    Joe-use your neuron. Of course, in my opinion at least, Sachs is a shit, but is he correct here? I would say so.

  92. @MPJ

    CoViD19 is not YET as deadly as they make out, but let’s see how it ‘evolves’ and what new variants emerge, or, as I suspect, are released to do their work. And, of course, the real killer is the ‘vaccines’.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  93. @Zachary Smith

    Just Google ‘Decolonising Russia’ to see how advanced planning is to destroy Russia and vivisect it into a dozen or so powerless Statelets, all denuclearised, of course. Russia is fighting for its existence in Ukraine against Absolute Evil.

    • Agree: Iris
  94. As the USian tax and debt slaves commute to their jobs, the US empire gave another #1,o00,000,000 to this person and his “country.”

  95. @Desert Fox

    Of late, whenever any discussion that suspects the Deep State is behind some atrocious attack on humanity, immediately a voice raises, “Oh, but that is an illusion”; this started with the 9/11, I think. x some people started shouting, “The whole thing is a hologram”; similar cries were heard for almost every mass shooting, the best being the Sandy Hook thing, which is now costing Alex Jones \$50 million for believing such a “Oh, but that is an illusion” thing. I think if a nuclear war happens, and some prominent cities are vaporised, there will be still some voices, “Oh, but that is an illusion; people are safe inside the cordoned off areas”.

  96. bonin says:

    Russia cancelled the west and truth when it invaded Ukraine.

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
  97. @YetAnotherAnon

    “…26 year olds don’t go down with flu.”

    26 year olds most certainly do “go down with the flue”. Check out “The Spanish ‘Flu”(which wasn’t Spanish at all, but US army); it was fit strong healthy young men who died most. An over-active immune system reaction I believe.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  98. @JimDandy

    Let’s see…paralyzed… lost hearing…sight and… balance… vasculitis… inflammation… debilitating body aches, brain inflammation, clots, exhaustion…passed out and died… heart attack…died…heart attack… I could go on and on.

    OUCH. This has become messier than a Rollerball championship. Maybe chemtrails are real after all. Or maybe Pfizer honcho Bourla has some explaining to do? Because, really, What are the odds? Any aspiring statisticians around here?

  99. Andreas says:

    The real issue is one of epistemic responsibility on the Internet.

    In the aggregate, people have neither the knowledge, nor tools, to distinguish fact from fiction. They cannot distinguish between the objective and subjective so as to minimize their biases. They don’t know how to estimate the probability that a claim or collection of claims is actually true, or to imagine equally or more plausible alternate scenarios.

    It’s a plane crash of stupidity from which out of the smoldering wreckage arise crack-pot theories of causality easily mocked and ridiculed for their intellectual vulgarity.

    Responsibility runs both ways.

    Folly is the indulgence of fools. Epistemic responsibility includes establishing yourself as a trusted source. That is as a golden resource of accurate, unbiased and actionable information, that rarest of commodities. Yet, the “ruling class”, in their determination and zeal to control the flow and content of information to suit their own interests in spite of the people, have thus sacrificed this most precious, golden element of trust and so are left to sell a commodity possessing all the value and luster of lead. It is, therefore, no wonder no one is buying.

    And so it is incumbent on the people to increase their critical thinking skills such that they may better triage and evaluate the endless streams of information on the Internet. It is also incumbent on the government and industry to increase the quality of information and restore trust in the mass media such that it may be judged as gold standard that works for the people and not special interests.

    Until then there will be more “conspiracy theories”.

  100. @Iris

    The link to this article was provided by Ron Unz in his article above. I must say… I’m surprised that Ron Unz didn’t emphasize that, with this Current Affairs interview, Jeffrey Sachs has gone WAY beyond his initial tweet suggesting there be an investigation.

    NOTE: The Current Affairs article has a “filed 02 August 2022” date… but the link indicates the article has only been available since 8/8/22.

    • Agree: Iris
  101. @Zachary Smith

    I read the linked piece and was amazed that the obvious wasn’t pointed out. If a lab curated virus is being used to start a pandemic why wouldn’t the evil doers choose a wet market as a place to start it?

    • Agree: JackOH
  102. @mulga mumblebrain

    Do you think that, contrary to the general rule, Covid 19 is likely to evolve into something more lethal rather than less lethal but more infectious – like the Omicto variants? If so why?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  103. @YetAnotherAnon

    You think that Kennedy, as a Catholic, would never restort to an abortion?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  104. @bonin

    Because the West and the Ukraine are true?

  105. @MPJ

    I’m with you… but it recently occurred to me that I’ve been misunderstanding what Ron Unz is saying…

    When Ron Unz says that over 1 million American dying from Covid over the past 2+ years is “unprecedented”… he’s NOT saying it’s unprecedented for a virus to kill 0.5m Americans in a single bad-flu-season… he’s saying that over a million dead Americans, and over 15m dead people world-wide, due to a bioweapon (actually… due to any previous weapon of war) is “unprecedented”.

    This then leads me to think that Ron Unz does essentially agree with everything you’re saying in your (I must say… very well said) comment… but perhaps you and I have been misunderstanding Ron Unz…

    Is Ron Unz saying… the whole Covid thing is ALL about war… our healthcare system is now fully subordinated to our Dept. of War (DoW)… Fauci and the whole bunch were just following orders from the DoW???

    Perhaps at the same time the Obama U.S. authorized a \$trillion to update the nuclear arsenal… with mini-nukes… to be deployed for use in “conventional warfare” (i.e. nukes not too large to blow holes in the stratosphere… to avoid nuclear winter)… the DoW gave the green light to a HUGE bioweapons program… and all the defensive measures that would come with it… such as emergency/defense vaccines???

    This thinking… Ron Unz’s thinking???… does seem to explain everything… it’s all about the preparation and implementation of a war agenda… as soon as the first mini-nuke is used… which the U.S. has repeatedly intimated they will use… WWIII will not only be a nuclear holocaust… it will also be a biological holocaust???

    Everywhere there were warnings that the Global War on Terror was going to lead to really bad things… I agreed back then… and I still agree… militarizing the world was not a good idea… the Neocons (no matter their ethnic composition) must be stopped.

    • Replies: @MPJ
    , @emersonreturn
  106. Emslander says:

    Ron feigns obtuseness for his own reasons.

    • Agree: MPJ
  107. MPJ says:

    Whitney Webb has done great investigative work on this. Mathew Crawford of Rounding The Earth substack also mentions a medical industry insider sharing his story of a massive order for lipid nano-particles his company received in 2019, long before the virus was discovered even in China.

  108. Truth is not permitted in the failed US empire.

    When myth meets reality, myth wins.

  109. MPJ says:
    @Steve in Dallas

    That’s a very naive take. It also seems that you haven’t followed Ron’s commentary on this topic very closely. He’s not just dismissive of the contrarian covid narrative, he’s downright antagonistic to any opposition to vaccine orthodoxy, as his constant derision and gaslighting of ‘anti-vaxxers’ shows. This includes not just people who are against any and all vaccines (the original ‘anti-vaxxers’) but also those who are only against the mRNA-based covid ones.

    He also, to my knowledge, has never addressed VAERS data or any data regarding vaccine adverse-effects and correlated deaths. That is a red flag in my opinion. A telltale sign that he’s not the intrepid sleuth we’ve been led to believe.

  110. MGB says:

    Also on the video was Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs is a former special advisor to the UN, the former head of the Millennium Villages Project, [partly responsible for the premature deaths of thousands of Russians], and was recently appointed Chair of the newly-formed EAT Lancet Commission on the pandemic. In September [2020], Sachs’ commission named Daszak to head up its committee on the pandemic’s origins. Daszak is also on the WHO’s committee to investigate the pandemic’s origin. He is the only individual on both committees.

    These leadership positions are not the only reason why Peter Daszak is such a central figure in the COVID-19 pandemic, however. His appointment dismayed many of those who are aware that Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance funded bat coronavirus research, including virus collection, at the Wuhan Institute for Virology (WIV) and thus could themselves be directly implicated in the outbreak.

    So Sachs had no idea about Daszak’s conflict of interest at the time of his original appointment, or did it just become an inconveniently bad look later? This persistent promotion of our savior Sachs is bizarre. He is a shite stain of a human being, not to be trusted as a supporter of any legitimately beneficent project. And, yes, plucky Ron’s ignorance of one half of the Covid op is a tell. There is a reason he looks like death warmed over. Baked in bad faith will do that to you.

    • Agree: MPJ
  111. @MPJ

    No… I have “followed Ron’s commentary on this topic very closely”. I was… just like you are still… very surprised/shocked/upset/angry about what I perceived as Ron Unz’s being…

    “dismissive of the contrarian covid narrative… antagonistic to any opposition to vaccine orthodoxy… derision and gaslighting of ‘anti-vaxxers’… never addressed VAERS data or any data regarding vaccine adverse-effects and correlated deaths”… etc…

    I now suspect that Ron Unz is NOT being fully explicit (purposely?) about the MANY implications of his Covid-was-a-bioweapon-attack theory… i.e. when you think through what he is suggesting… that Covid IS a bioweapon… used to attack China and Iran… and the lockdowns/vaccines were developed as part of the bioweapons program… and the deployment of the lockdowns/vaccines was an integral part of the bioweapon attack operation… then whether the lockdowns/vaccines make any sense in the conventional stop-a-natural-virus sense… or if they’re safe, effective, good, bad, or taste like an orange… is not very important to the discussion… in the context of an all-out-war military operation with bioweapons (i.e. not in the context of purely ‘healthcare’)… it doesn’t matter so much what the lockdowns/vaccines do or don’t do… they’re just part of war operations… no more important than if one type of bomb is more effective than another type of bomb.

    I’m just saying… perhaps this is the reason why Ron Unz ‘appears’ to be so completely flippant and dismissive of the raging lockdowns/masks/vaccines debate???

    If Ron Unz is correct… then the Covid bioweapon attacks were being planned over many years… perhaps beginning in 2005 when George Bush ordered \$billions to be spent on bio-warfare preparations???

  112. schrub says:

    Totally unrelated comment.

    The only, totally reliable source of inflation both in the US or worldwide ?) has for decades been shadowstats which is located in bucolic Petaluma, California in Sonoma county which is about forty five miles north of San Francisco .

    Shadowstats is owned by John Williams who is now in his seventies. I don’t know if he has a successor. i don’t even know if he has any other employees. I have also never seen Williams interviewed by any mainstream media outlet.

    It might be time for Ron to jump on his Vespa and take a trip up to Petaluma to interview Williams before Williams simply expires of old age.

  113. @ivegotrythm

    Dude, you just missed a very good joke by YetAnotherAnon, which was itself a reply to YetAnother clueless individual.

  114. @MPJ

    Thanks for the great summary of “cui bono?”, MPJ. I don’t particularly agree with 1(a), but (5) is the biggest one – it’s part of the destruction of the White Middle Class that the Globalists desire so much.

  115. Dnought says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Where’s the “anti-US intent or content” on this site?

    And what “response” would you suggest?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  116. Dnought says:

    Believe me-the “Twitter folks” understand everything you just outlined. They understand it perfectly.

    To use the (by-now) old saw-for them that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

  117. @acementhead

    It’s a long time since Spanish flu. I have never known a healthy 26 year old to be hospitalised by influenza. There’s a reason why they vaccinate old people against it but not the young (I’ve been flu jabbed a few years back but dropped them as I’ve never had it and seem to have good natural immunity – otoh I’ve had swine flu and that was unpleasant though a good way to lose ten pounds quickly).

    China does seem to be a reservoir of all kinds of respiratory disease.

  118. Derer says:

    Idiots, they do not know that one can reason with friends but never with enemies.

  119. Derer says:

    “Trillion dollar military budget”…and they could not defeat medieval Taliban for 20 years. This is a despicable waste of taxpayers money. However the same morons that approve the expense are reelected year after year – a reflection of voting public apathy.

    • Agree: MPJ
  120. Never in the entirety of the Cold War were any Soviet propaganda outlets got censored in the west nor were the likes of the BBC, NYTimes, WashPost ever censored in the USSR. Freedom of speech was more permissive in the USSR than it is today in the so-called ‘free liberal democratic west’.

    • Agree: Iris
  121. @Dnought

    The Wizz prefers crawling on his belly, over broken glass, to lick the gore off his Yankee idols’ jack-boots, and, naturally, insists that others do so, too.

  122. Cookie says:

    The beauty of the Ukraine war -if there can ever be a positive with unnecessary deaths- is it has flushed out all those who are deriving their income from been a propagandist.

    And it is at least 99% of western media…and probably the same with Russia…but I don’t speak the language…so I can’t tell.

    Put a simple search such as what percentage of Ukrainian power does Russia now control and all you get is page after page of how Russia is losing and has made a grave error.

    At the end of Empires, everyone is bought to tell the emperor everything is perfect and he cannot lose -sycophants- when they should be telling the emperor he has no clothes!

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  123. @Wizard of Oz

    Well, Geert vanden Bossche, a vaccinologist and virologist of some note (he once worked at GAVI)believes that the virus, having become more infectious, as he predicted long ago when arguing AGAINST mass ‘vaccination’ during a pandemic, may very well become more virulent. In my opinion ALL the required variants are already prepared, inside the US bio-weapons monolith, for later release, having been ‘serially passaged’ through human tissue and ‘humanised’ mice for some time, perhaps even since SARS and MERS.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  124. @Mark Hunter

    I’m more disturbed by “considering the possibility”.

  125. @Achmed E. Newman

    What the !
    “We’re the Young Generation!
    And we’ve got something to say:
    “Hej, hej, we’re the monkeys.””

  126. @Steve in Dallas

    wouldn’t it be nice, fingersXed you are right.

    • Agree: Iris
  127. @mulga mumblebrain

    What bizarre beliefs invade your brain. Who you rely on and why remains intriguing for my bed bound twin.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  128. @Wizard of Oz

    Look, Wizz-your beloved Septics have form. They are the most aggressive power in all human history (if you pardon the redundancy). Their State religion, ‘Exceptionalism’ declares that the USA was instituted ‘under God’ (directly under)to rule humanity forever.
    Recent revisions of this cult declare that this dominance must be ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, forever. The existence of China, its usurpation of the Number One economy position in PPP terms in 2014, its massive DEFENSIVE military preparations, its becoming the Number One source of patents, its massive output of science and technology graduates, its gargantuan infrastructure achievements etc, all ENRAGE your Yankee idols. It is blasphemy, and must be punished with Divine Wrath, inflicted by God’s Representatives on Earth. .
    Naturally, directly attacking China is out of the question-the US would lose. Thermo-nuclear war and we all lose. Moreover, the ceaseless efforts to sow dissent and separatism in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, ‘South’ Mongolia, ‘Manchuria’ etc, on which the US has expended tens of billions, have all failed. That leaves but one recourse.
    Biological warfare is quite central to US military operations. The US controls a vast, global, network of bio-labs, none of which are inspected under the Bioweapons Treaty because the US, alone, has vetoed the inspection regime for twenty years. And the USA has used bio-weapons against Cuba (dengue, African Swine Fever) and Korea during the Korean War, obtained the bio-warfare ‘research’ of the Japanese butcher Shiro Ishii, of Unit 731 infamy (obtained through vivisection, ie live dissection of humans including children)in exchange for immunity and assistance in Korea and spent billions on expeditions seeking zoonoses in the tropics and elsewhere. All COMPLETELY innocent, eh Wizz.
    CoViD19 is plainly a biological attack on China, but may be much more. In synergy with the fake ‘vaccines’, particularly the mRNA ones, it is also, in all likelihood, at least in my learned opinion, a mass murder operation, the long anticipated Great Culling of the ‘useless eaters’. Its origins in a lab were plain when it was sequenced and when we saw how quickly and effectively it infected humans. After years, probably going back to SARS and MERS, of research, and thousands of generations of viruses, serially passaged through human cell lines and ‘humanised’ mice, the US and its accomplices must have numerous new ‘variants’ just awaiting release.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  129. @mulga mumblebrain

    You could be a novelist with some success but I think your publisher might resist the dropping of big hints that you were surreptitiously delivering subversive non fiction unless you provided bibliography and footnotes.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  130. RogerL says:

    This is an extremely important question:

    I just can’t understand why absolutely no one is willing to take a public stand on this issue. Once all the facts came out more than a year ago, I assumed the dam would break any week.
    And his reply: It is quite amazing.

    From a broader view:
    Why isn’t the alternative press writing about this issue?

    What’s wrong with our US society?

    There aren’t death squads here in the US like there are in Central and South America, and yet there is far more industrious and outspoken activism in Central and South America than there is in the US.

    This lack of willingness to raise issues and demand solutions is a major root cause of the decline of the US. Unless this root issue is successfully addressed, it will cause the collapse and destruction of the US.

    In the US many people seem terrified of loosing their affluent lifestyles.

    How do the activists in Central and South America survive the comprehensive persecution of their corrupt governments, and continue to industriously organize opposition, until they are finally assassinated?

    If they can do it, then why don’t people in the US even attempt to do it, where there is a very low risk of being assassinated?

    In this post I ask some more questions, and then go on to make suggestions on what we can do about these issues.


    Stepping back further, there is a whole raft of issues that nobody is writing about, and people won’t talk about the issues until after somebody writes about them.

    In general, there is a black hole of writing and discussion about root issues, and there won’t ever be effective solutions until after the root issues are well understood.

    Why aren’t people writing about this lack of focus on root issues?
    (This so upsets me that it was difficult to resist adding a dozen question marks after that question!)

    I’m tempted to start thinking like an extremist conspiracy nut, and think that the writers who did that kind of writing were all assassinated, and then completely disappeared. Besides the fact it would be extremely difficult to do that, without leaving a trace, the ugly reality is likely far more subtle and insidious than murder.

    All of the intelligence that the US deep state doesn’t put into international diplomacy, it puts into psyops attacking its own citizens. This situation sinks of a potent psyop.

    What suppressed the spirit in the US, which raised this flag only 77 years ago?

    If people in the US continue to be willing to sacrifice their lives, fighting foreign enemies of the US, then why aren’t they willing to risk their lives fighting enemies within the US?

    A hundred years ago powerful unions were created, which created the US middle class, thru the selfless service of union organizers who were jailed, beaten up, and murdered. So we know the domestic fighting spirit still existed in the US then. What happened to that fighting spirit?

    We desperately need to resuscitate that fighting spirit because the efforts to oppose the growing power of the deep state are continuing to loose ground. Unfortunately we won’t be able to resuscitate that fighting spirit until after we understand what suppressed it in the first place.

    I’m good at system dynamics, which is why I can see and ask these questions. I badly need a talented psychologist to explain what happened to that fighting spirit. Then I can work out tactics to resuscitate that fighting spirit.

    Please create a “We Need Essays on These Issues” page on TUR, and on it provide synopses of issues that need to be written about, so the essays can be published, so discussion of those issues can be encouraged.

    With that page in place, people can start holding pundits accountable for their lack of focus on those critical issues. It will be very telling to see who attempts to address those issues, and who dodges the issues.

    Then start that page off with:
    What suppressed the fighting spirit of US citizens, and their willingness to to make sacrifices fighting their deep state enemies that are within the US?

    The synopsis needs to be carefully framed to focus on the billionaires and their deep state servants, so the question won’t be derailed into encouraging more divide-and-conquer culture war battles.

    If the talented psychologists are baffled about why people aren’t speaking up, then it truly is a crisis.

    Then the best bet is to start a crowd funding campaign to fund some research into this question.

    My guess is that if the campaign is associated with TUR, then the same dynamics causing the cancel culture to ignore TUR will cause them to ignore the crowd funding campaign.

    That said, likely it would increase the risk a bit for those involved with it. However, we are on a sinking ship, and its past time to take decisive action on building solutions.

    However, first, before we blindly take action, we must understand the root causes of the lack of willingness to speak up and take action.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  131. @Wizard of Oz

    I rather think you could do well, too, in the literary field. I can see you creating a new ‘genre’-geronto magico-fantastico-surunrealism.

  132. @RogerL

    The Western MSM is totally corrupt and monolithic, and the proles are relentlessly brainwashed from birth. I’m quite surprised that most manage to find their fundaments after defaecation, and are able to wipe themselves, more or less successfully.

    • Replies: @RogerL
  133. RogerL says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    That’s true. We need to know what specific propaganda messaging results in beliefs like these:
    – Its bad to think for myself.
    – Who am I to question the experts?
    – Its rude to demand that experts cough up credible data to support their statements.
    – Its okay to accuse the federal government of white supremacy, but not treasonous crimes.

    Maybe more intelligent people are more vulnerable to this propaganda messaging. That would be a really slick twist to a psyop.

    Before we can counter the crippling messaging, with patriotic strengthening messaging, we have to know specifically what it is we are countering.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  134. TheMoon says:

    Didn’t a recent study show Twitter’s real engagement is in the low single digits when considering everyone?

    I don’t even follow links there anymore since you can’t even read a thread without an account, so it can’t have gotten any better.

  135. TheMoon says:

    The Pavlovian response of the Boomercons was hilarious. Russia bad! Russia enemy! Cold War II, ho! No wonder the Progressives kicked their asses in the culture war.

    Five years of “MSM = fake news” evaporated nearly overnight into feeding at the propaganda trough like hungry piglets. Piles of stories about the Biden family (and others, like Romney) involvement in the corrupt government of Ukraine were forgotten.

    People on conservative sites who have interacted with me for years as their favorite right wing millennial suddenly started calling me a paid Putin-bot if I so much as poked fun at some of the Ukrainian war propaganda. Major news outlets were literally passing off video games as war footage, and photos from completely different parts of the world, but I was the one peddling lies. Yeah, OK. -_-

  136. @MPJ

    If they really wanted to kill people with vaccines why didn’t they invent a fake toxic vaccine for AIDS and force it on everyone? That would have been the most sensible thing to do if you wanted to depopulate using fake vaccines. Why wait for Covid-19?

  137. @RogerL

    Oh, yes-they have shown in some studies that ‘highly educated’ people are less inclined to change their opinions, even when presented with contradicting evidence, than others. I suspect, from my experience, of others, that it is an ego thing. Admitting error is seen as an admission of ‘weakness’ by some people, and makes them loathe to educate themselves. So, I was wrong-who cares. Now I know better, but I’m still a wee way off omniscience.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @RogerL
  138. denk says:

    Singapore is being punished for steadfastly refusing to choose side bet USAsshole/China…

    OMICRON and all its variants,
    Hand foot mouth,

    CNN GLoating,

    Singapore is on track to face its worst dengue outbreak in history

    • Replies: @denk
  139. Perhaps the whole Covid-19 event has fallen out of the news just in time to avoid talking about how Sara Cody turns out to be a dumbass:

  140. RogerL says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I’ve been heavily influenced by the likes of George Carlin and Terry Pratchett, so I thought this statement of yours was very funny:

    Now I know better, but I’m still a wee way off omniscience.

    Then I thought for a long time about what you said. I think I need to make a distinction between highly educated people and highly intelligent people.

    The slightly intelligent, ambitious people, who diligently collect credentials, know their only hope for fame and wealth is bullshit, so that’s that what they focus on. They are seriously competing for status, so you are right, they would rather die than admit to ignorance or a mistake or being on the kooky fringe of society.

    Mostly the highly intelligent (IQ 150+) are too busy learning and doing things to waste their time on bullshit.

    A lot of famous scientists have said something along the lines of their work focuses on pushing out the frontier of what we don’t understand, yet. They get excited, in an eager way, when an experiment fails and something new shows up.

    When something doesn’t go according to the plan, I look at it as an opportunity to learn something new, maybe something very interesting and new. I also value people smart enough to explain to me a mistake they noticed that I’m making.

    I would go so far as to say that in the US today, the slightly intelligent immerse themselves in a culture of hubris. Since they are a much larger part of the bell curve than the very intelligent, this goes a long ways to explain why the US is falling apart.

    Another downside of too much education is that graduate degree programs focus so much on abstractions that many of the people in them loose their grounding in concrete reality by the time they get a graduate degree. Concrete reality provides a lot of cause and effect incentives to work with high quality (true) facts. Once you are floating in a sea of abstractions, who can say what true truth is?

    Every once in a while I read something that says that, rather than going into debt for the rest of your life to get a nearly useless college degree, become a technician. I imagine that most technocrats, competing for status won’t ever make near as much money as the senior technicians maintaining the electronics in a microwave tower or aircraft.

    Those jobs require a lot of intelligence and competence, and good work habits – very few people meet the qualifications, so the employers pay a lot competing for the people who can do the jobs well. Incompetent maintenance can be ignored in many situations, but not in microwave towers or aircraft. All this would be another filter concentrating the egomaniacs in the technocracy. The intelligent people, with a more pragmatic ego, choose to become a specialty technician raking in the money.

    So getting back to the main thread, I agree with you that the highly educated, slightly intelligent people are sitting ducks, waiting to be jerked around by psyops.

    From the perspective of a billionaire wanting a loyal and manageable servant class, I can see that college degree programs are effective in producing candidates for that class.

    I can also see why servants of the billionaires smeared the highly trained working class – likely people focused on concrete cause-and-effect reality are more difficult to manage thru flim-flam psyops, than college graduates are.

    What would you credit for causing you to have a moderate ego, and an openness to learning and letting go of previous beliefs?

  141. denk says:

    In case you havent noticed, dengue has been one of the most used bio weapon from the mother fuckers arsenals.


    dengue fever has been the intense focus of U.S. army and CIA biological warfare

    Nicaragua accused the CIA of creating a massive outbreak of dengue fever

    dengue were covertly conducted in a low-income African American neighborhood

    dengue fever and several addition exotic diseases were studied for use in offensive biological warfare attacks

    Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA & Army Experiments

    dengue Pakistan Malaria Eradication Centre biological warfare against the USSR troops
    DENGUE VIRUS BIOLOGICAL WAR STARTED BY AMERICANS IN PAKISTAN It dates back to the era when we decided to give free hand to the Central Intelligence Agency CIA

    Venezuela in grip of dengue

    USAsshole blocked efforts by the Cuban government to purchase fumigators and chemicals to control the dengue spread.

    Cuba is one society outside of Africa that has been forced to develop the medical and biosafety capabilities after the outbreak of Dengue fever in 1977


    Biological Warfare cuba dengue absence of the disease on adjacent islands such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic

    epidemic arises it means big business for the world’s pharmaceutical companies drugs vaccines dengue

    Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA and Army Experiments


    Dengue Mosquitoes are being used as a biological weapon! Asian Tribune

    Biological Warfare anti-Castro terrorists African swine fever virus into Cuba in slaughter of pigs dengue.mht

    Mosquito ,who controls the food supply controls the people, armyworm, dengue

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