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Our Traffic Now Far Exceeding the Venerable New Republic
Also, Longtime Conservative Writer Michelle Malkin Adds Her Archives
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It’s an ill wind that blows no good. Although the early months of 2020 have been a horrible time for the world, starting with the American assassination of Iran’s top military leader and soon afterward marked by the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, our small website has gained a great deal of additional readership from these events, and our willingness to provide a perspective regularly absent from mainstream outlets.

January easily broke all traffic records and March totally eclipsed them once again, representing roughly a 50% increase from our totals just 13 or 14 months earlier. According to Alexa, our traffic rank now easily exceeds that of nearly all other alternative websites of the Left or the Right, often by a very wide margin. For example, this standard metric suggests that our traffic is roughly ten times or more greater than that of various rightwing outlets such as Takimag, VDare, or American Renaissance, and exceeds leftwing Counterpunch by a factor of 3.5.

Even more remarkable has been our growth relative to such venerable and mainstream opinion publications as The Nation and The New Republic, with our traffic regularly exceeding the former and surpassing the latter by some 60%. From the early 1980s onward, TNR had regularly been ranked for decades as America’s most influential opinion magazine, and my own political activities reached their media high-water mark in 1999, when I graced their cover. Therefore, I find it totally astonishing that just a few years after launching this webzine, we have pulled so far ahead, despite the enormous residual traffic still flowing to TNR‘s many decades of important archives.

Obviously, the Alexa metric may or may not be a reliable measure of readership, especially given its unspecified internal formula, presumably based upon some combination of pageviews, visits, and time spent on site. But the numbers from its competitor SimularWeb seem to tell a somewhat similar story. According to that firm, our monthly visits are actually still 10% below that of TNR, but our overall pageviews are 50% greater while the total time spent on our website exceeds TNR by more than 300%, an enormous margin. Our webzine seemingly draws visitors for many minutes rather than just tens of seconds.

Certainly a very important factor behind this recent dramatic growth has been our early and heavy coverage of the Coronavirus epidemic, which begin in earnest while the topic was largely ignored by the rest of the media. As an example, we ran seven different pieces on that topic in January, totaling some 25,000 words, followed by another twenty-odd articles in February, including one by Anatoly Karlin bearing the provocative title “Corona Will Kill Millions & Crater the World Economy”.

Last month we also ran the lengthy comments of a purported 40-year veteran of American biodefense, who drew upon his expertise to strongly suggest that the Coronavirus may have been an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran), which afterward resulted in horrifying accidental blowback to our own country.

Most recently, my own piece pointed to California public health officer Dr. Sarah Cody as the courageous individual whose prompt action in mid-March may have saved a million American lives, and it received a great deal of readership and distribution, being Tweeted out by a MSM journalist at Politico. Although California had been the original epicenter of the Coronavirus transmission outbreak, our current per capita death rates are now running some twenty-five times lower than in New York, and I think a great deal of the credit goes to Dr. Cody and her colleagues.

I’m also very pleased to announce that Michelle Malkin, a prominent conservative author and columnist since the 1990s, has now joined us as a regular columnist, and transferred her past writings to our website. Her very extensive archives total nearly 15,000 posts and columns, amounting to well over 6 million words, and may now easily be searched by text or stratified by date or topic.

Finally, for comparison purposes I’m providing a table showing our own Alexa traffic rank compared with that of several dozen mostly alternative media websites of the Left and Right, along with a few more mainstream ones. This is followed by a similar table showing our relative gain over the last few years.

(Note that for traffic rankings, smaller are better, i.e. in April 2020 we were ranked about the 14,000th most popular website on the Internet)

Alexa Traffic Rankings
WebsiteApr 2020Jan 2020Jan 2019Jan 2018Jan 2017Jan 2016
Foreign Policy6,62010,02415,26812,5719,4578,353
The Unz Review13,95115,51026,90833,56939,11946,980
The Nation15,25517,34821,17414,41710,41510,857
Global Research19,45731,57929,73223,75011,76210,286
The New Republic22,42023,37119,08615,51511,38310,205
Veterans Today34,34362,79543,48841,42918,80224,375
The American Conservative36,59127,89832,78139,36334,09637,693
Marginal Revolution48,29267,78840,96543,43355,42736,411
Signs of the Times56,64323,96825,36718,00214,75518,978
Russia Insider74,346129,54624,76837,46219,03118,564
Moon of Alabama74,369106,65677,987103,93575,814166,737
Naked Capitalism78,09192,23790,14072,81551,16854,282
The Right Stuff89,322135,83348,17039,50341,539102,741
American Herald Tribune109,77362,644206,955149,470153,977205,437
The Vineyard of the Saker132,920183,67542,56655,24944,29576,101
Commentary Magazine139,795123,458113,86776,32868,20842,635
Information Clearinghouse141,094149,36159,79154,17641,96459,561
Strategic Culture141,861124,74768,658101,96572,432222,875
The Daily Stormer147,11559,88218,12417,25840,255
Consortium News150,176122,394105,01377,80868,994138,187
Op Ed News155,850130,897213,217200,40479,62380,713
The Duran196,386264,89887,08553,61633,073
Paul Craig Roberts306,220186,57974,39864,01848,20142,958
Counter Currents Publishing321,779182,358134,892126,374111,370222,925
Occidental Dissent361,714219,155158,795118,862242,298275,588
Dissident Voice375,244273,950327,373410,264247,586267,009
Red Ice561,872201,437157,61987,08161,846
The Occidental Observer742,952702,691210,911177,970142,140214,917
Chateau Heartiste65,43773,22356,54354,414
Traffic RankRelative Percentage Gain
WebsiteApril 2020From 1/16From 1/17From 1/18From 1/19
Foreign Policy6,620+167+96+27-16
The Unz Review13,951
The Nation15,255+373+311+155+39
Global Research19,457+537+364+97+26
The New Republic22,420+640+452+248+127
Veterans Today34,343+374+412+99+52
The American Conservative36,591+227+201+124+115
Marginal Revolution48,292+347+144+168+127
Signs of the Times56,643+905+976+657+331
Russia Insider74,346+1,249+995+378+479
Moon of Alabama74,369+50+175+72+84
Naked Capitalism78,091+384+328+158+67
The Right Stuff89,322+193+503+444+258
American Herald Tribune109,773+80+100+77+2
The Vineyard of the Saker132,920+488+741+479+502
Commentary Magazine139,795+1,004+475+341+137
Information Clearinghouse141,094+698+843+527+355
Strategic Culture141,861+114+449+235+299
The Daily Stormer147,115+1,131+2,290+1,466
Consortium News150,176+266+510+364+176
Op Ed News155,850+550+449+87+41
The Duran196,386+1,565+781+335
Paul Craig Roberts306,220+2,300+1,681+1,051+694
Occidental Dissent361,714+342+319+632+339
Dissident Voice375,244+373+325+120+121
Red Ice561,872+2,447+1,453+588
The Occidental Observer742,952+1,064+1,366+904+579
Chateau Heartiste
• Tags: Web Traffic 
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  1. Alfred says:

    Good luck. Well done!

  2. lavoisier says: • Website

    Congratulations Ron.

    It is not a surprise that your site is becoming more popular.

    People are desperate for a news site that presents multiple views and does not censor opinions.

    While one can criticize some of the content presented no one can reasonably charge that the writing and articles here are sub-par. Indeed, this site presents writers and opinions that can change a lot of minds about any number of subjects.

    I am still surprised that you have not been shut down by the usual suspects, but I suspect it is only a matter of time.

    The powers that be want to marginalize this site and tar and feather all and sundry who frequent it as haters, fools, anti-semites, conspiracy theorists or all of the above. Indeed, they would love to pass a law outlawing the UNZ review and sentencing those of us who read it to the Gulag.

    I could do without some of the “hate” and gross generalizations for sure. But the thirst for justice and truth has not gone extinct within the human soul,and the success of your site is testament to this fact.

    Those who believed free speech is sacred and risked their lives for this principle would be proud of Ron Unz and the writers hosted here. .

    • Agree: SafeNow, Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  3. Congratulations, totally coincidentally I became a patron of today. Those of us in favor of free speech need to pony up here, at Gab, and elsewhere.

  4. Clyde says:

    20 and 30 years ago the New Republic was 50/50 liberal/conservative with some good Conservative and libertarian treatments. I often read the dead trees edition.
    One example is that during the Clinton years Hillary tried to push her national health care scheme down our throats. The TNR carried many articles against during 1993-4, with Betsy McCaughey leading the charge.

    TNR has been useless for the last 10-15 years with nothing worth my time.

  5. unit472 says:

    Just shows people want alternative points of view instead of the conventional wisdom framed in an Overton window. The MSM media didn’t die. It committed suicide.

  6. I wish Ron Unz still controlled California.

    • LOL: Ron Unz
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  7. When I see all the novel ideas first fleshed out on these pages go into mainstream circulation and even into policy consideration and deployment I can’t help but think that Ron has too modestly named his crowning achievement. This so-called “review” is more accurately a remarkably lean and efficient free-access, full-range international open-source, ala-carte think-tank for the benefit of societal enlightenment worldwide. Keep up the good work, Ron.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
  8. Muggles says:

    Congratulations! It’s nice to see that “diversity” of thought is also important and appealing.

  9. Congratulations, Ron. The Unz Review has become truly indispensable. Few sites are as captivating. Groundbreaking articles. Exceptional layout. Daring, taboo-busting research and opinion.

    This extraordinary site–featuring the likes of Giraldi, Joyce, Sailor, Atzmon, Shamir, Reed, MacDonald, and Ron Unz himself–has created an essential niche. The comments on UNZ are also outstanding. Watch this site continue to amaze, persuade, and grow.

    • Replies: @Wally
  10. JackOH says:

    Good going, Ron. I’ve donated a little.

    Unz Review‘s particular brand of journalistic brutalism pretty much comports with my own observations and experience of political America the past twenty-some years.

    When are you going to put out a 200-pp. book offering brief profiles of some of your lead writers? Put a human face on all that opinionizing. Plus, I think many of your readers probably want to know if your writers had some defining moment that told them America was going way wobbly. Give it a catchy title, maybe something like–wait for it–Profiles in Courage.

    (Steve Sailer has mentioned something of his background. Ditto yourself. Paul Craig Roberts I recall from his writing in the mainstream press when he was a Reagan official.)

    • Replies: @Miro23
  11. @Buzz Mohawk

    If Ron ran California, I’d consider moving back (after living there 52 years of my life.)

    Otherwise, no way in hell………

  12. Peter VE says:

    You’ve surpassed even-the-liberal-New-Republic?

  13. Ron Unz might also have mentioned that thousands

    of NatRev’s old boomercuck readers are being

    slaughtered by the lovely Corona-chan.

  14. anarchyst says:

    Congratulations to the Unz Review!

    The Unz Review is a national treasure and a tribute to freethinkers everywhere.

  15. Great news. But we should not be too surprised as the MSM propaganda outlets are becoming increasingly unacceptable to those seeking a range of views subjected to open and sometimes fierce questioning. May the growth continue.

  16. Miro23 says:

    When are you going to put out a 200-pp. book offering brief profiles of some of your lead writers? Put a human face on all that opinionizing. Plus, I think many of your readers probably want to know if your writers had some defining moment that told them America was going way wobbly. Give it a catchy title, maybe something like–wait for it–Profiles in Courage.

    Don’t bother with it. That’s for later (if ever). The essence of UR is the fluidity of ideas and transience of writers. This is discovery nor dogma.

  17. It’s pretty clear that this webzine is now the Chinese Anti-Defamation League’s house organ. It took a worldwide pandemic to suss it out, but there it is. Congrats on all the traffic. Stewed pangolins for everyone.

    • LOL: Nodwink
  18. benjaminl says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Unz.

    Regarding the list of comparable websites, you might want to add The American Mind, created by the Claremont Institute.

    It appears to be walking a delicate line: published by a recognized, “established” nonprofit foundation, it nevertheless also publishes pseudonymous Tweeters such as “Zero HP Lovecraft,” “Peachy Keenan,” “Elijah Del Medigo,” “Second City Bureaucrat,” “Spotted Toad,” and “L0m3z.”

    Like your website, TAM appears to recognize that the old distinctions between “mainstream” and “fringe” are no longer operative.

    Meanwhile, Quillettte, also a fairly non-establishment webzine created with zero institutional support, is publishing the likes of James Hankins and Christopher Caldwell. The old establishment is absolutely continuing to lose its monopoly.

    • Replies: @oneworld
  19. Good job Ron Unz. I really enjoy the site and a lot of the commenters here. You have a good selection of writers and are churning out better content than what you get anywhere else.

  20. It’s a good sign. People gradually come to realize that MSM spew lies and propaganda (that’s almost a tautology – propaganda is always a bunch of lies). That’s why their sites are either heavily censored, or dispense with comments altogether. Although I disagree with a lot of articles and comments here, this site is a breath of fresh air. I despise lies, especially “comrade Ogilvy” style. Because of that I do not read newspapers for 25+ years, do not read magazines for many years (my last try was The Nation, and I found it as dishonest as the rest), and do not watch TV for 15+ years. I get my news from 3-4 websites with different bias, which lets me figure out what is really happening. As a biologist I know that nature gave us two eyes because with only one you cannot see the reality as it is.

    • Replies: @Vaterland
  21. Hail says: • Website

    Now that traffic is up, it only makes sense to increase the Reaction Button quota.

    • Agree: Dissident
  22. Are the dates on table columns backwards?

    • Replies: @macilrae
  23. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

    – and we’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll blow their house down!


  24. macilrae says:

    Exactly – I was too timid to ask the same question lest I expose my utter lack of sophistication in the field of statistical interpretation … aren’t they?

    • Replies: @Iris
  25. oneworld says:

    Regarding “The American Mind” (with its not too subtle nod to Allan Bloom) and the Claremont Institute, it is dominated by Straussian/Neocons who are a very far cry in outlook from the Unz Review. Their thinking is already very much part of the mainstream “conservative” media and well represented in the views of the Republican and Democratic establishments and official Washington.

  26. Emslander says:

    Congratulations. An adherent of the philosophy of phenomenology might note, the concentration of attention to your website is most likely an indicator of a deep shift in critical perceptions. It takes a while to explain a powerful new phenomenon, but, with all due respect, its probably due to a lot more than articles on a current topic. Movements of the universal human unconscious often surface as painful new thoughts.

    On a more practical level, it’s helpful to my sensibilities that most of these CRV articles haven’t blamed it on the Jews.

  27. Emslander says:

    Michelle Malkin is a great new addition. She’s always been a refreshing and alternative thinker.

  28. Max Payne says:

    As my Palestinian friends would say (who linked me this site in 2011):

    Mabrook, mabrook

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  29. @lavoisier

    I could do without some of the “hate”

    You’ll excuse me. I reserve the right to hate the sub-human filth who wish to see me, my people, my nation, my culture and my race in the graveyard of history. I can assure you that I – and many others – will be doing a great deal more than hating when the time comes to remove the parasite once and for all.

  30. For some reason the dates in the table columns – certainly in the first table – are backwards. For proof see the ever-DECLINING figures to April 2020 for The Unz Review. I believe the same is true of the second table. Easily done – but please edit and correct.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  31. @Max Payne

    Mabrook, mabrook

    Glossary for non-Palestinians ? (Though I’d certainly be the first to agree that we are all Palestinians now).

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  32. Thank you, Mr. Unz, for using your substantial resources and talent to maintain this wonderful, dissident website.

    Steve Sailer is a golden god.

    Michelle Malkin, I love you.

    Patrick Buchanan, I want to apologize for not voting for you back in ’92. I was young, liberal and ignorant.

  33. Trinity says:
    @Dave Bowman

    Yep, it is called good ole righteous wrath or better yet, SELF DEFENSE. Only Whitey is supposed to allow himself to face genocide, give up his entire way of life and in some cases provide his daughters, wives, sisters and even mothers to the enemy to have their way with. Yep, we as Whites are supposed to sit back with a smile and not even utter a complaint about Jewish Power and Influence, Jewish hatred of White Gentiles, Jews leading the way for open borders to traditionally White nations while having a different set of standards for Israel, Black on White rape and/or Black on White murders, brutal assaults. White nations being flooded with third world nonwhites for the purpose of making those nations nonwhite through FORCED ASSIMILATION? No worries, mate, the Jew told you that “diversity is our greatest strength,” don’t mind the rapes, assaults, murders etc., that the “diversities” bring to the table or even notice it because that would make you a racist Nazi, right? Yep, either take it with a smile, or complain and be called a “hater,” as well as a “Nazi,” “bigot,” “racist,” “White Supremacist,” “xenophobic,” blah, blah, blah, oh PUKE.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  34. Ron Unz says:
    @Dave Bowman

    For some reason the dates in the table columns – certainly in the first table – are backwards. For proof see the ever-DECLINING figures to April 2020 for The Unz Review. I believe the same is true of the second table. Easily done – but please edit and correct.

    Sorry for the confusion. Keep in mind that these are traffic rankings, so smaller numbers are better ones. I’ve added a brief note of explanation above.

  35. @Trinity

    Bravo, friend. We will prevail.

  36. Sir Unz,

    Your willingness to provide space for independent thought is the reason …

  37. I could never figure out whether The New Republic was left-wing or right-wing. At least The National Review has “National” in the name so you know where you stand. Although, The Nation is left-wing. Then there’s The Masses, which really lets you know where they stand, but I’m not sure if they’re published any more.

  38. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Dave Bowman

    Would never want to take your right to hate away. Or my own.

    That is the beauty of free speech and the power of this platform.

    I have a lot of anger too, and a not insubstantial amount of hatred towards evil doers and a desire for justice. I relish writers willing to call a spade a spade and to call out the scumbags driving the West into the ground.

    Hate is a good thing when focused on the guilty but loses its power when it becomes too generalized.

    Not accusing you one way or the other. Just my take on hate.

  39. Anonymous[324] • Disclaimer says: should consider creating a video channel. If Youtube won’t allow it, on Bitchute.

    Unz regulars might put up videos, or Unz articles could be presented in video format with narration + image, the sort that Black Pigeon Speaks does pretty well.

    And weekly group discussion on key topics on Unz bloggers/writers could be interesting too.

    Also, with the fading of traditional media, could it be possible to build up a network of citizen journalists? Something like Unz 50 where some people from each of the 50 states share their observations of what is happening in their states and regions.

    A social platform of citizen journalists across the US could be interesting.

    Adding a Dear Abby section might be fun too.

    And Unz poll on various hot topic issues. People love to check polls and surveys.

    • Agree: John Achterhof
    • Replies: @Hail
  40. Hail says: • Website

    And Unz poll on various hot topic issues. People love to check polls and surveys

    I’ve occasionally used Reaction Button data as proxy opinion-polls to gauge the views of regulars in certain comment sections here. (Actually, that’s a main reason I’d love to see Reaction Button quotas increased in some way; it’s good data!). Here are a few:

    The last one is of particular interest because it is not gauging reactions to a (possible) troll (as the first two are or may be), but rather to clear statement of position on something (‘Should the US break up?’), similar to a poll. I’ll re-post it here (TLDR: 70% ‘Yes’ on n=40):


    Steve Sailer Readership Poll on the “Dissolution Question,” or the ‘breakup’ of the political-entity now known as the United States in its present borders, extracting data from this commentariat in three ways.

    Comment-2 being such a direct and simple reply to such a direct and simple question gives us a real chance here for proxy polling data, as follows:

    “Should the United States break up?”


    [Reaction button data] (as of 34 hours after first posting)
    – Agrees: 14, plus the original commenter = 15.
    – Disagrees: 5.

    [Comment-reply data to #2] (direct replies made to #2) (one to three of these are arguably trolls but will count them anyway)
    – 2 commenters seem to agree but didn’t leave a reaction. (Subtotal: Yes=17.)
    – 2 commenters seem to disagree but didn’t leave a reaction, + Steve Sailer who has not taken a side, but the contents of his Taki article suggest he is a push-comes-to-shove ‘No,’ = 3. (Subtotal: No=8.)

    [Other comments]
    Then there is the rest of the comment section. A review of the first fifty comments from people, not otherwise classified above, finds more express agreement (#5, #9, #13 [anon], #14, #19, #23, #30, #33, #37, #39, #50) than disagreement (#3, #4, #21, #43) with the sentiment expressed in The Germ Theory of Disease’s proposition (“Should the US break up, ‘Yes’”), by my count.

    (I am reasonably sure the numbers attached to posted comments are now stable; e.g., #50 is from West Reanimator. If someone is revisiting/checking this in the future — good data for a graduate student project, BTW, if they’ll let you accept the data; the fact that these commenter-IDs are tied to long-run specific commenters means this is pretty reliable data, no tricks — you can do a full re-review and I expect your calls will fall close in line with mine, even if not necessarily identical; in any case, comments which are unclear, neutral, irrelevant, or made by people otherwise counted above are excluded from this third section.)

    Grand Total of all the above:

    28 people agree
    12 people disagree
    = 70% Agree that “the United States should break up,” n=40 Steve Sailer readers who commented or ‘voted’ (via reaction button). I don’t expect a larger sample will wildly change the result here.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  41. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    And that kind of popularity will bring some no-good rascals to UNZ, with a briefcase full of cash, wishing to buy UNZ and gut this wonderful site from the inside.

    Hopefully, you’re well enough off financially to resist this temptation.

  42. The comments are often interesting, that’s true, and: The comment-section is well structured, surpassed by nobody as far as I can see. Why not sell it?

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  43. Zumbuddi says:
    @Dieter Kief

    effective camouflage; crypsis; surrogates; dupes

  44. This site is an invaluable resource that I enjoy for free. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep shilling it for free. It almost feels like I’m eating Fran Taubman’s dinner every time I post a link to this place.
    Keep it firing on all cylinders and interest should continue to grow. People hiding from the germs have more time to spend informing their political opinions.

  45. @Dave Bowman

    Hate is an unproductive emotion. (((They))) love hyperbolizing and amplifying the emotional content of righteous anger and indignation to “hate” in order to evoke memories of the moments at which they present themselves as getting victimized.

    Hate is what (((they))) feel because it’s irrational and grounded in tribalist social conditioning.

    What we, or at least I, feel is righteous anger and indignation.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  46. and how much traffic flows does Paul Kersey bring for you Ron Unz?

    and why do you maintain such a racist page on the Unz Review? are you among the Jews who hate Black people so much you intend to and do keep up an inrense and unrelenting negative focus on Black people by Kersey

    and that Kersy is so disgustingly fake and badly intentioned you would think that if he researched his topic, and he publishes accurate and proper information, he would be fearless on his page as far as criticism goes. he would be right and he would fear no man..or woman and whatever attack on him they may make . he would be able to defend himself based on the veracity of his work



    and I am sure Unz knows this as I have complained about it before . Paul Kersey is a racist and a provocater of racism…and his post must be open to rebuttal from those affected by his work. and Ron Unz a Jew, publisher of this blog allows Kersey to do all he does on his blog.. which is disgraceful work that casts Black people in poor light with no opportunity to rebut Kersey..because Kersy censors comments to his column.

    so what is Ron Unz up with Kersy’s very nasty looking ongoing and relentless attack on Black people on his Review?

    how much traffic does Kesey ring up Unz?

    and will this comment of mine end up in moderation Hell as well?

  47. Congratulations on creating such a remarkably successful news site. I’m impressed by how quickly readership has grown in recent years.

    Many no longer trust our establishment media, so there’s a strong demand for real journalism that goes outside the box. I think your willingness to give space to alternative perspectives has been key to attracting readers. I also think the diverse selection of high-quality writers that you have is drawing readers from a variety of ideological backgrounds.

    My prediction is that this site’s readership growth will continue to accelerate.

    Happy Easter to everyone here!

  48. Iris says:

    … aren’t they?

    It is done on purpose, it better shows the progression: most recent rankings come first better they matter most.

  49. Whatever happened to James Kirkpatrick? He pulled his punches sometimes but he was nevertheless an excellent contributor. He added quite a bit to the Unz Review. I hope that he someday returns.

  50. AKAHorace says:
    @ben sampson

    and why do you maintain such a racist page on the Unz Review? are you among the Jews who hate Black people so much you intend to and do keep up an inrense and unrelenting negative focus on Black people by Kersey

    I disagree with some of the writers on the unz review, particularly the anti-Zionist or anti-Jewish ones, but so what ?

    From what I can see the Unz review is a range of opinions, many of which contradict each other which do not get into the mainstream media. Tolerating or ignoring the ones you disagree with is the price of reading the ones that you like.

    Anyway, the way things are going we may all end up sharing prison cells, so we should practice getting along with each other.

    And Happy Easter to JonnyWalker123 and everyone else.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  51. This is good news, so take it as a signal from the archangels: time to reign in the “sillys”.

    Sillys include but are not limited to:

    1. Catastrophic, unhinged predictions about the COVID19 Zombie Apocalypse that is not and will never be
    2. Object lesson:
    Licit: exposure of Israeli spying
    Illicit: hate-articles that unconsciously self-expose Freudian projection by mis-reading application of Jewish ethics at a New York Jewish hospital, universally to all patients, to be a specific Jewish conspiracy to favor Jews over non-Jews

    It is charitable, in gushing excess, to call the latter “silly”. There’s no need to provide a platform for such nonsense.

  52. Trinity says:
    @ben sampson

    Hate to break it to you, but I am White and “Paul Kersey” has not posted many of my comments and NONE of my comments were criticizing Kersey at all. Matter of fact, my comments were all in agreement with most of what Kersey posts. NONE of my comments have ever been put in moderation mode or whatever the hell you want to call it except for ones I posted on Kersey’s site. Maybe it is just Kersey or whoever moderates his site. NONE of my comments were negative, had bad language, and all were on topic. So what did I do? I choose not to attempt to even post on Kersey’s articles. No lost, this is an AWESOME site, and I commend Mr. Unz for respecting everyone’s right to free speech. Kersey? Who knows why he doesn’t post some comments, and really who cares? I read the articles still but I post on here enough so I can live without posting on Kersey’s articles. lolol

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Commentator Mike
  53. Anonymous[934] • Disclaimer says:

    Youtube and Dlive make good deal of income from superchats.

    People donate to the content creators, and Youtube takes 30% of the donations.

    One way could generate revenue is by having a video host program where viewers make donations, of which takes a share.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  54. UK says:

    You’ve taken all of the websites listed in the bottom half of the “alternative” table, hosted them yourself (essentially), and risen the Alexa rankings by cannibalising their numbers. This can be seen in their precipitous falls. Your project is a sort of merger of the alternative sources of media and the Alexa ranking is the result.

    I am surprised you are not therefore ranked much higher. I would have thought that since you have successfully implemented a one stop shop for a wide range of views that you would far, far exceed many very popular mainstream publications. After all, there are lots of them all representing the same views.

    I would also have judged that alternative takes would have a substantial readership. I think this table shows that they never did and still do not.

    This is not an insult to your wonderfully designed website. It is instead remarkable evidence of how few people read anything outside of a very slim band of acceptable opinion.

  55. Ron, the limit of 3 reaction comments in an 8-hour window is much too tight IMHO. Why not end the window and start a new one when 3 is hit if they are all recent? Or make it a limit of 8 in the last 8 hours, average of only one per hour?

    Yes, I just hit the limit.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  56. Looking at your article now, Congratulations!

  57. Hail says: • Website

    I too have had comments that, for reasons I didn’t understand, were never allowed through by Paul Kersey, which I found distressing. They were on-topic, not hostile. The experience also made me less likely to read/comment again (why bother, if the chances are not good that they ‘make it’?).

    It’s Paul Kersey’s right to do what he wants with his comment sections, true, but heavy/arbitrary moderation is a bad sign for the health of any discussion community.

    • Agree: ben sampson
  58. Ron Unz says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Ron, the limit of 3 reaction comments in an 8-hour window is much too tight IMHO.

    Well, it’s a trade-off, but scarcity tends to create value…

    If the system allowed a much larger rate of Reaction Comments, there might be many more of them, and they would tend to lose much of their impact. Since they are relatively scarce, when you see them, they carry a certain amount of weight.

  59. @Ron Unz

    Okay. Disappointed, but okay.

  60. JackOH says:

    Ron, FWIW, by the late 1980s I’d given up reading journals of political opinion. A decade later I gave up subscriptions to the WSJ and NYT. No special reason.

    Why did Unz Review blow my head off fifteen years later? Well, because, it restored in my eyes how political decisions are actually made in our America. Often enough through criminality, bribery, blackmail, extortion, and violence, or perceived threats of violence. There’s a bit of leeway for actual debate, just not a whole lot. Your best American Pravda stuff are gems of brutal truth.

  61. @Trinity

    I’ve had a couple of comments in endless moderation by Kersey, one even criticising a black woman complaining about him much the way Ben does. Who knows why, as you say? Some have complained about Giraldi blacklisting them too.

  62. @AKAHorace

    I dont know but Kesey appears to portend some real danger in the society, a stoking of a particulalry dangerous issue that formerly had explosive content. I dont see why we want to rist revisting any such potential

    so if you are going to leave Kersey up permit critique, analysis, review of what he posts up. that is my point.

    no individual contributor should be allowed to lock out any comment that meets all critieria set by the board for publication

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  63. @Hail

    it is a bad sign indeed.. that might well signal to the Unz Review that at the height of its ascendence there is decline in the air

  64. @ben sampson


    There’s always the Open Threads now so post any inaccuracies and deliberate falsehoods about Kersey’s posts there so we can all see them. Is he telling the truth and letting us know about news that the MSM is not publicising or is he lying?

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  65. Congratulations. I really like this web site. Thank you for your hard work nurturing this amazing, seemingly miraculous free speech zone.

    I should mention, however, because it may be representative of a certain category of reader, that though traffic to the site may be up, my own, personal traffic to this web site is down (I think!). This is not because I like and Steve Sailer and other contributors any less. It’s just that I am in general far less interested in the news, and in doing non-essential stuff online. I find I care less about a lot of stuff. And I’m not very interested in chatter about What This All Means. Oddly, confinement and social distancing make me value the physical world more, and online stuff less.

    Also I find people online, especially in the US, to be a bit hysterical and stressful and just plain uninteresting. Again, this is not directed at Unz or at Steve. Your content remains very good. It’s just that I seek it out less, as I avoid screens more now, or use them in a different way.

    All the best to you and to your contributors, whether writers or commenters!

  66. I notice Andre Vltchek is gone from this website although he’s still publishing elsewhere. Any explanations as to why he’s no longer publishing on UR?

  67. Delta G says:

    What kind of Psychological Disorder causes profound Self Congratulatory Behavior? Not sure what it is called but it certainly has a basis in the both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and likely the Koran as well.

    Sounds like something typically based in a Hebrew Gene Pool. Guess its one way to ascertain who the Sycophants are in the readers. Not really different from the false Greeter at Walmart before Corona.

    Never knew so many were so good at such fantastical contortions.

  68. Anonymous[270] • Disclaimer says:

    i found this site about a year ago through a link on an anonymous post on an imageboard to JayMan’s HBD stuff and the site overall has rapidly become one of my favorites. To me, in terms of articles and content, it is comparable to the Atlantic, the Economist, Foreign Policy, and other such publications – minus the repugnant global elitist neoliberal bias, of course. I especially valued the articles on Senator McCain and the attack on the Chinese embassy in Serbia which introduced totally new & surprising info to me on these events. I hope the site can gain and retain more excellent writers and cultivate a cogent commentariat.

  69. @RollingStone

    Point well made – and well taken. Thank you.

  70. Anonymous[345] • Disclaimer says:
    @ben sampson

    Kersey is one-dimensional but offers balance on the race issue. The MSM goes to such lengths to cover up black violence/crime and promote black holiness that there has to be some people like Kersey and Colin Flaherty.

    Of course, if MSM were balanced and honest about racial reality, there would be no need for Kerseys or Flahertys of the world. But when the dominant narrative is so BS about blacks, there needs to be some who call out on black violence.

    And yes, blacks are the biggest drag on US social stability.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  71. Anonymous[345] • Disclaimer says:

    Based on viewer habits on video platforms, people are most likely to donate watching LIVE shows. So, if Unz Review does put up a Live format for videos for its writers and bloggers, readers/viewers will be far more likely to chip in to the site. And especially if the site hosts Live and Lively Debates on hot topics.

  72. @Anonymous

    What! “Blacks…the biggest drag on US stability!!”

    this must be a lunatic fringe sort of stimulative effort! yet it suggests I am in the wrong place, a Joe Biden kind of dementia/demented orientation.

    and how does one balance out insanity with more of the same?
    and if an effort is sincere why censorhip…?

    the sincerity of the effort in its palpability would self censor nonsense commentary by its very presence. put up the commentary and let it fend for itself in the mix. the quality of the author’s work would do the same to all the insincerity and inefficacy of all commentary.. once they otherwise qualify for publication.

    what the hell is a an author afraid of if his work is sincere and well intended..honest and skilfull?
    Kersey does not trust the quality, veracity of his own work to stand up to the test of public scrutiny?


    the proof of the ‘pudden’ is how product shakes out in the public sphere…isnt it!?

    all of a suden tried and true principle is not valid anymore eh?

    if you censor critical access to what you put up in a process like the Unz blog then the conclusion is obvious: you wish to create some sort of impression with your production, convey some particular message to the public with it, that the censored input threatens to the authors mind.

    if Kersey wishes no critical commentary then the Unz Blog is no place for him to put up his production. this is sphere is set up for that lives on, and off commentary.

    Kersey is in the wrong place with his censoring. if Kersey does not want comments, or even just a certain kind of commentary then he should start his own blog..or write for one that is non commentary and take no comments at all..which would be the same as taking..because no-commentary proves out just as accurately as commentary. no one would read him and the non-commentary space would fire him

    Maybe thats why Kersey opts for a commentary accepting plot on the Unz..a non-commentary plot would be deadly to his efforts. no one would read him at all and he would be gone. the controversey is what keeps him up then, in all probability..which is why he is attemtping to create it by censoring..???

    if that is the case he certainly nailed me looking

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  73. “…our traffic is roughly ten times or more greater…”
    Let’s face it Ron, it is not for your grammar! Just joking. We all know you are the most popular, because you give all sorts of assholes a voice, and all of us assholes thank you kindly!
    All the strength to ya, the bestest limited hangout on the entire web.
    ..and also the articles are often extremely cool…

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  74. International Jew [AKA "Hebrew National"] says:
    @ben sampson

    Kersey is kinda repetitive and unreliable, but you might have better luck getting your posts approved if you did more proofreading of what you send in.

    • LOL: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @ben sampson
  75. mcohen says:

    zerohedge comes in at 2352.That’s not bad for a few articles a day.Incidentally zerohedge was what alerted me to corona and its origins.

  76. @International Jew

    no kidding! what I put up here is so bad you think Kersey tosses me on litereary reasons?
    oh jeeze!
    well thats the best I can do. you understand it well enough. others do too. Kersey will have to. its clear enuff

  77. @ben sampson

    Hebrew Naional is likely Kersey’s Moderator

  78. @ben sampson


    Uh, I don’t know if nobody would read him – even you read him. I don’t read most of his posts except the more sensational ones but I may look at the headlines. I thought this is his blog. It says that Sailer, Karlin and Kersey are “bloggers”, whatever that means in the context of the UR or makes them any different from the other authors, say Malkin.

    You want the racists gone, Fran and some other Jews want the anti-semites gone and they have a very broad definition of what is anti-Semitism, others would prefer not to see non-whites commenting at all and only want conservative and right-wing views aired, and so on. The lone leftie Andre Vltchek is gone, replaced by conservative Michelle Malkin, although I suppose some see Godfree Roberts as a leftists. Everyone has their own idea of what UR should be but it’s up to Ron.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  79. Trinity says:

    Maybe Kersey or whoever moderates his site is just too damn lazy to check all the comments. Some of my comments are posted, but MOST are not, and the ones that stay in moderation eternity are of the same sort as the ones that are posted. So IF this guy or someone else is moderating the Kersey site, they damn sure aren’t consistent or maybe like I say they are just too lazy to read the all the posts. Kersey’s articles are repetitive but IMPORTANT because of the Jewish media BLACKOUT on nearly all Black on White violence. Here I am commending Kersey and my posts are always supportive and yet my posts rarely make it through moderation. GO FIGURE THAT ONE OUT.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  80. @Commentator Mike

    did I say I want Kersey gone?

    I dont think I did! I want him to stop censoring my coments..that is what I asked for. as long as my comments comply with the standards set by the board then he must put them up when he receives them.

    that is what I am saying..if I qualify put up my stuff.. Kersy shud not have the right not to.

    I would not presume to want Kersey dismissed when ti is not my say. I have no power in the matter nor do I want any say over the blog life of anyone. I toss what I say out there and its no longer mine to protect. it will stand on its veracity or be destroyed. I am talking about the issue and loking at all I see about it thats all

    most of my comments otherwise are destroyed by lack of attention any way. this is the most attention my commenst have ever gotten on Unz. the controversy helps me too..if attention is what I crave


    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  81. Vaterland says:

    People gradually come to realize that MSM spew lies and propaganda (that’s almost a tautology – propaganda is always a bunch of lies).

    I’d disagree mainstream media propaganda seldom lies directly. Especially including things which you can easily fact check and refute, which then can lead to great embarrassments and scrutinize their reliability and reputation which they depend on. The real magic happens with spin and instead of lying you simply obfuscate essential knowledge and facts. To create a narrative. Since no one of us has total, absolute and pure objective knowledge of even an object, let alone an event, and we depend on others to tell us the truth, this is rather effective. Very typical also for WW 2 history in former allied countries.

    You can, of course, turn it around on them: Around two years ago I wrote in a rather reputable Zio-Conservative webzine of the New Right in the framework of ‘white Zionism’. And I was able to drop AIPAC, Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson in it. A rather large number of people read it, including a lot of Germany’s most influential Zionist pundits on the controlled opposition right. And thus, inside a pandering framework you can drop essential facts from which a curious reader could go down a route with quite explosive discoveries. The MSM and most alternative right-wing media, which fears the power of Zionism or is directly aligned with it, takes great care to obfuscate the existence of especially AIPAC. Yet there it was, black on white.

    It was of course a rather small “victory” and remained isolated, but take Mr. Unz own very successful American Pravda series which operates slightly differently but tactically very clever: the articles start rather inconspicuously with a curious discovery or personal anecdote and lead down a chain of events and discoveries which arrive at an explosive revelation or conclusion entirely excluded from or directly contradicting the MSM and which the reader, saturated with the narrative and framing of the MSM, may have otherwise entirely blocked out.

    I am both grateful for the existence of the Unz Review and happy for its success. And while I have given up hope that there will ever be done true justice to my people, at least there exists a little flame in the ocean of darkness through which we have to navigate.

    • Thanks: JackOH
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @JackOH
  82. @Vaterland

    I’d disagree mainstream media propaganda seldom lies directly.

    In some cases our difference is a matter of semantics. Say, the Western narrative of the downing of MH17 over Donbass has one kernel of truth: that plane was actually shot down. But the rest is a bunch of lies. They arrogantly went to court, and couldn’t prove even the assertion that the plane was brought down by Buk missile. Or many cases of the use of chlorine in Syria: chlorine was used, but the question by who remains. However, pretty often Western propaganda comes up with pure comrade Ogilvy-stile stories. In a number of cases of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria we have no proof not just that the government used them, but even that any chemicals were used at all. Or take the story of Aleppo: if you sum up everything Western MSM “reported”, Syrian and Russian military bombed more hospitals in Aleppo than there are in the entire world. Or take “Skripal poisoning”. The only kernel of truth there is that Skripal and his daughter existed at some point (we have no proof that they are still alive), but there is no independent proof that they were ever poisoned, rather than just kidnapped by British secret services. So, when it can, Western propaganda uses kernels of truth, and liberally wraps them into many layers of lies, but in some cases there may not be even that central kernel, just the wrapping.

    • Thanks: JackOH
    • Replies: @Vaterland
    , @Wizard of Oz
  83. @paranoid goy

    …and to correct myself, Ron’s grammar is just fine, I missed that little “or” in there…

  84. International Jew [AKA "Hebrew National"] says:
    @ben sampson

    There’s someone here who’d be sympathetic, and who you should meet. His handle is “Tiny Duck”. There’s no telling what the two of you could accomplish if you put your two brain hemispheres together.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  85. @Dave Bowman

    Glossary for non-Palestinians ? (Though I’d certainly be the first to agree that we are all Palestinians now).

    “Mabruk!” translates as “Congratulations!” (More literally, “Blessings!”)

  86. JackOH says:

    Vaterland, also AnonFromTN, agree with you both.

    ” . . . [M]ainstream media propaganda seldom lies directly.”

    Yes. My local paper, which I like and some of whose reporters I know, runs stories on a local school board and its endless quarrels. What the paper often omits, or conceals in the shadow of less important verbiage, are decisive elements (gravamina) that would allow a disinterested citizen to form a robust opinion of what’s going on.

    For example: 83% of district funding comes from outside the district; per pupil expenses are about double those of surrounding suburban school districts; school performance has been abysmal for decades regardless of funding levels; the district has a completely different racial make-up from that of suburban districts.

    The paper does this because it doesn’t want to risk an open quarrel with an important but very defective local institution.

    Those “decisive elements” are publicly available, for example in the fine print of a little-read state audit. The fact that our newspaper refuses to highlight them and give those decisive elements the prominence they deserve makes dissent very difficult.

    • Thanks: Vaterland
  87. 128 says:

    I do not know how this is positive, except for the possibility of, how many people on the street know ANY of the websites listed below And even and reason are considered niche sites, with libertarianism being a niche movement outside the internet.

  88. @International Jew

    buzz off hebrew! I am not on your satisfied?
    I was wonderign why I leaned to the left..I have only one sided brains
    well go find your level Hebrew, nutten more here to make you shine.
    buzz off..twice so you cant miss it!

  89. Hey Moderators! is this a personal attack forum? are we not here to discuss issues up for discussion and some raised in the commentary?

    why is this person attacking me personally then?

    I warned Unz that at the height of his success there might be emerging signs of decline already. this for sure is person for no apparent reason attacking another.

    interesting! decline alert!

  90. Wally says:
    @mark green

    And no doubt Ron’s interest in, his writings about, and his allowing Revisionist comments concerning the “holocaust” fraud has certainly piqued the interest of many.

    That can only be helpful in building a better, more honest world.


  91. PaulT says:

    Shilling for Zionism is the main interest of The New Republic.

  92. geokat62 says:

  93. Well done Mr Unz. There are very few webazines, as you name yours, that choose to struggle to maintain a principled non-bias between competing ideas these days, and finding yours was truly refreshing to my hunt for insightful news. The virtual library is amazing too, slow as I am at attacking it!

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  94. @Ilya G Poimandres

    yes! there is stuff here thats worth the bother. and so far you can speak your mind.
    long may that last!

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  95. Vaterland says:

    I am going to make a concession to you in so far, that the more a party has been declared a hostile force or enemy by “the West” or rather Washington, the more the MSM can get away with laziness, lack of fact-checking or indeed outright lies. Say about Iran, Syria, Russia, or the Nazis. – But this is also a risk. The completely one-sided reporting about Ukraine from our NATO aligned press, plus the phone-call leak was my entrance down the rabbit hole from Nuland, to Kagan, to the Neocons and PNAC, the rest went from there.

    Generally I have come to the conclusion, that this is all part of the information warfare between states, so keep in mind that Russia and my own country do this, too. Including alternative media. Although not to the same extent. The USA, for now, has the best propaganda, although it is also in decline.

    I would also agree with JackOH that often media simply wants to avoid the troubles with powerful institutions, individuals or groups. Of course the most powerful institution for us remains the pentagon, for groups it would be the Jewish lobby and for an individual maybe Paul Singer or Sheldon Adelson.

    So direct top-down orders may be rather rare and risk-avoidance strategies make up much of the one-sidedness of MSM reporting, but I think this also exists. For example during Trump’s cruise missile strikes on Syria, or the invasion phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom, much of the US MSM seemed indeed coordinated by pentagon directives. In most cases though journalists will not receive an order by the pentagon or Mossad or the Jewish lobbyists, but they will know with whom they will get in trouble with or ruin their career perspectives, if they report on the IDF sniping kids, or the content of the American Pravda series. For the media corporations directly owned by powerful Jewish Americans this may well be a rather different story, I think. – Similar for politicians, the unspoken law is clear whom and what thou shalt not name, if you want to get campaign and personal funding or positive media coverage.

    • Agree: JackOH
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  96. @ben sampson

    Yep, free speech is dying, and this place still respects it.

    I anecdotally notice that on sites where debate is freer in the comment section, you get more links corroborating stated facts both in the articles, and in the comment section itself, which makes the whole spectrum of debate become less cloudy. Rather than somewhere like the Guardian, where almost all information is unlinked and offered on faith by the writers, and the comment section suffers the descent into ideology accordingly!

    The quality of writers here is top notch and balanced though, that can’t be said for many other places on the net.

  97. @Vaterland

    I think you write Germany off prematurely. I might be biased, as the only Germans I know are collaborating scientists. Some of them are infected by globohomo propaganda, but not the majority. However, there are other positive signs. E.g., recent elections in Thuringia, the results of which globohomo servant Merkel called “unacceptable” (that’s democracy: people’s will is “unacceptable”). Even some Bundestag deputies started calling a spade a spade and saying that US occupation must end. That was unthinkable just 20 years ago. So, Mutti’s welcoming a veritable flood of culturally incompatible rapefugees is finally waking up Germans. There is long way to go yet, but the trend is encouraging.

    Personally, even though I do not have German ancestors that I know of, I wish German people to wake up and Germany to become a player, not a pathetic servant of the Empire. Germany has the potential: even much weaker Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, NK, or Iran dare to defy the Empire.

  98. @Hail

    I think you have made a small start on compiling figures, not on public opinion, but on the question “what kind of nutters comment here?”😎

  99. @AnonFromTN

    “They arrogantly went to court, and couldn’t prove even the assertion that the plane was brought down by Buk missile”.

    I had never read or heard of that litigation. As it could be the key to this and other readers’ latest provisional position on MH17 would you please enlighten us. Who are they? And where can one read up on the case you refer to?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  100. @Wizard of Oz

    They are the “investigation”.

    The trial was postponed. Here is what Google finds:

    Now, as Google is ruled by the same kagal as Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, State Department, CIA, and many other things, here is what Yandex finds:

    Quick summary: the court asked the prosecution to provide evidence that MH17 was shot down with Buk missile, requesting satellite photos that confirm it. As we all know, Kerry, who was US SecState back at the time, promised these satellite photos in 2014, before MH17 debris even cooled. Today is 2020, almost six years later, and those promised photos were never produced. Amazing, isn’t it? Makes anyone with a brain think. Makes anyone without a brain repeat the version suggested by the organizers of this cold-blooded mass murder.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  101. @Ron Unz

    Congratulations Ron. And excuse me I hope for using this thread to prompt your attention to a historical question very close to the issues UR has highlighted.

    Many years ago in my Australia, free of antisemitism caused or fostered by a heavyweight Israel Lobby, an academic – background English working class soixante-dixhuitiards activist in Paris – introduced me to the expression “Eretz Israel” and to the Palestinian cause that he supported. It was in that context, well before the end of the Cold War that I came up with the notion that Israel was “America’s army in the Middle East”.

    Reading UR so far it seems impossible to believe that such an idea might refer to an important truth which could modify the picture of Israel as an expensively maintained leech on the US economy and capacity for threatening violence. So….

    I want to suggest what would be very helpful to being confident that one’s views of the Israel-US relationship over time were not unbalanced by anachronistic projection back to the 60s and beyond of a picture of Israel’s influence on US policies as almost as malign as and not different from today’s.

    True Jewish influence was great in US participation in both World Wars. True Israel got away with behaving like desperados even when weak (cf. The Lavon Affaiir e.g.) But it would interest this reader very much if you were to use your archives, personally, or by another smart person, to explore the likelihood that American statesmen rationally saw a lot more in it for America to support the Jewish state. Just to mention issues already raised on UR Lyndon Johnson’s responses to Israel’s misdeeds might need some reconsideration possibly favourable to Johnson.

  102. @AnonFromTN

    And your contribution on Covid 19 has been so enlightening! Here I’m afraid your naked Russophile prejudice leaves me to trusting my Ukrainian speaking Australian professor friend (refugee father was born in Galicia. His Australian son has started a publishing business in Kiev using labour cost advantages). There is no conclusion justified by your links beyond saying that the prosecution may or may not be able to produce relevant satellite photos which it can authenticate by the standards for legal evidence when the trial resumes. They are only mentioned as additional evidence and it is obviously possible that the prosecution has them or some of them or just purported copies but is now tackling the question of how to authenticate them in court so they don’t, through cross-examination and the use of competing experts to pour doubt on them, actually weaken an otherwise strong case.

    Rather a long way from your being able to claim credibility on MH17 when you totally fail to substantiate the allegation I asked about and indeed falsely imply that there has been a substantive result of litigation. Please stick to what you know about even if it means Ron loses support on his own lightly formed prejudices on Ukraine.

  103. @Ron Unz

    Another suggestion for your reading list (or maybe not after reading Richard Evans’ criticisms in Wikipedia – yes, Evans the nemesis of David Irving).

    Let Wally’s book group finish reading what is said to be 125,000 books on Hitler. The latest with something new may be the just published “Hitler: Only the World Was Enough” which I came across very conveniently when Tom Switzer, Director of The Centre for Independent Studies, interviewed its Cambridge Professor author Brendan Simms in the second half (about 15 minutes) of

    It says that, from a speech in 1919, it can be seen that Hitler’s principal aim was to counter and match the Americans and British by conquering Lebensraum in the East and making space for all those splendid Aryans who would otherwise continue to emigrate from Germany to America’s great benefit. Jews, Bolsheviks? Yes, a problem but it was countering and matching Anglo-American capitalism that principally motivated him. No open borders neo liberal he!

    I hope this is a heads up which will at least help keep you ahead of the baying pack.

  104. tanabear says:

    The ADL’s opening salvo against Ron Unz is hilarious,

    In recent months Unz has denied the Holocaust, endorsed the claim that Jews consume the blood of non-Jews, and has claimed that Jews control the media, hate non-Jews, and worship Satan.”

  105. @Hail

    I find some comments are approved very, very late. But that’s his business.

  106. BRAVO……Bravissimo…..Encore Encore

  107. sf340b says:

    Maybe this is a hint you should stay off that lousy platform..?

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