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Open Thread #7
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A new Open Thread, jump started with some eccentric disputes over theoretical physics and pure mathematics.

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  1. FKA Max says: • Website

    Potential continuation of the discussion about the contentious debate between j2 and PhysicistDave:

    I believe, you, j2 and PhysicistDave, are both simultaneously right and wrong. Too bad this potentially highly enlightening discussion has degenerated into a (verbal) slugfest ;-(
    Your exchange mirrors on a micro scale what’s going on a macro scale between the West/Ukraine and the East/Russia.

    Plus, discussions of Arthur M. Young’s Reflexive Universe theory:

    Image Source: or


    George F. R. Ellis’ Crystallizing Block Universe hypothesis:

    Image Source:

    Time and Spacetime: The Crystallizing Block Universe or
    Thus, when quantum effects are significant, the Evolving Block Universe (“EBU”) of classical physics cedes way to the Crystallizing Block Universe (“CBU”). On large enough scales that quantum effects are not significant, the two models become indistinguishable.

    Time really exists!
    The evolving block universe or

    Additional resources:

    On distance scales larger than the string scale, a string looks just like an ordinary particle, with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the vibrational state of the string. In string theory, one of the many vibrational states of the string corresponds to the graviton, a quantum mechanical particle that carries the gravitational force. Thus, string theory is a theory of quantum gravity.

    The quantum effects of physics are at the atomic and subatomic level, brought to us courtesy of quantum mechanics, and hold the key to major advances — quantum leaps — in computing, communication, measurement, and sensing, known collectively as quantum information science. This informal paper is not intended for physicists, but for computer scientists, software developers, and other non-physicists who wish to become involved with quantum information science

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @FKA Max
  2. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    My Model of Reality – The Three Modes of Mind – Meta Mind, Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind

    The three modes or minds of perception explained and as defined by me, FKA Max. For details see Thomas Troward’s “Reciprocal Action of the Universal and Individual Minds” [ & “Intuition” ]: [ & ]

    The Highest mode and form of perception is what I call the Meta Mind. This mode of mind is an active two-way dialogue between our Conscious Mind and the Universal Mind via the Subconscious Mind. We listen to what the Universal Mind is sharing with us via our Subconscious Mind through intuitions, hunches, etc. and are following its directives, directions and guidance, while at the same time being a proactive co-creator with the Universal Mind by actively communicating our goals, dreams and desires to the Universal Mind through repeated affirmations, visualizations, meditations and focused concentration via the Subconscious Mind. This mode of mind is co-creative and the flow of Universal Energy between us and the Universal Mind is strong and circular in nature. Manifestations and results are sustainable and long-term. Foundations are strong.

    The second mode and form of perception is what I call the Conscious Mind. This mode of mind is either a passive one-way listening to the Universal Mind via the Subconscious Mind through intuitions, etc. or an active one-way communicating with the Universal Mind via our Subconscious Mind through techniques like prayer, etc. This mode of mind is semi co-creative and the flow of the Universal Energy between us and the Universal Mind is muted and the creative exchanges and manifestations are sporadic. Manifestations are less sustainable and not as long-term. Foundations are of moderate quality.

    The third mode and form of perception is what I call the Unconscious Mind. In this mode of mind the exchange and communication between our Conscious Mind and the Universal Mind via the Subconscious Mind is almost entirely shut down or turned off. In this state of mind a person acts almost completely from his or her intellect and either ignores or is incapable of recognizing or using intuition and various other forms of extra-sensory perception and communication to listen to or to communicate with the Universal Mind. This mode of mind is highly un-cocreative and the flow of universal energy between us and the Universal Mind is almost non-existent. As a result manifestations are only achieved through sheer willpower and fleeting and temporary in nature, because they are often not in harmony with the Universal Mind’s direction of expansion and evolution and therefore have no sustaining energy behind them or in them. Manifestations are unsustainable and very short-lived. Foundations are weak.

    We all go through and have likely been in all three modes of minds during various different times and experiences throughout our lives, but it should be quite obvious that the most productive and satisfying way to live our lives is to strive to live in a Meta Mind mode as much as it is humanly possible 😉

    Additional resources relevant to this discussion:

    Free Will and Dual Self Model / Planner-Doer Model

    This behavioral economics video discusses free will and the dual self model, and specifically the Planner-Doer Model. It explores a non-binary way of thinking about free will. I then connect these ideas with the concept of a body budget and brain prediction mechanisms, discussed in Lisa Barrett Feldman’s book “How Emotions Are Made”.

    Transient Hypofrontality – FlowCode Lesson #7 / Flow state training

    Areas in the prefrontal cortex that we seek to downregulate in order to achieve flow, are the seats of higher cognitive processing, where we distinguish the difference between self and other, our sense of time, our internal dialogue.
    Transient hypofrontality occurs when neural activation in the prefrontal cortex needed to calculate higher brain functions is sufficiently reduced. So you have no ability to extract yourself from the here and now.
    This is why, when we are in flow, time seems to slow down, we merge with the consciousness, we become one with what we are doing. It is the same experience that the Tibetan Monks, trained meditators or top performers feel, the experience all of us felt on many instances in our lives, when everything ran smoothly and effortless.
    Therefore transient hypofrontality is the base for all altered states of consciousness and a doorway to the highest quality of mental experience … a doorway to the state of flow.

    Synchronicity with Christian de Quincey

    Here he discusses the concept of synchronicity as popularized by the great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung. Several classical Jungian examples of synchronicity are presented. He makes a point of stressing the non-causal aspect of synchronistic events, pointing out that they are connected in time – but not necessarily in space. He discusses synchronistic events in the context of a panpsychist view of reality – the idea that consciousness pervades all levels of the physical universe. The conversation also looks at apophenia, the potentially pathological tendency to project meaning into events that are purely random.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @aesop
    , @meamjojo
    , @FKA Max
  3. j2 says:
    @Ron Unz

    “You claim to have totally revolutionized both theoretical physics and pure mathematics,”

    No. Those Millennium Prize problems do not revolutionize mathematics. These problems were made famous by setting up a ban that no solutions to those problems will be reviewed and widely publishing these problems, so that amateurs would try them. No working mathematician tries them because they are afraid of the Jews, who control these problems. They are afraid of getting to a black list and not being able to publish.

    There have been several good mathematicians who have tried to solve famous problems, only to notice that their solutions are not reviewed and if they publish them somewhere outside the controlled publishers, their results are ignored. One example is de Branges. He claimed to have solved many famous problems from several fields of math. It is claimed that his solutions were wrong, but actually they were not checked. One of these problems was the Bieberbach Conjecture, a problem from univalent functions. In this short time the Soviet Union was about to collapse and Jews had left the Soviet Union, just like Jews were told to leave Ukraine before Russia attacked. Therefore, during this short time, a paper claiming to solve a famous problem, could get correctly reviewed in the Soviet Union. de Branges did get his paper reviewed, it was found correct. He later published the reviews he had got from American journals (they were of the type nasty comments you like to write, only more so, we all think the referees must have been Jewish as only Jews write so nasty reviews). But many others did also try, they did not have this good luck. They got black listed and ruined their career.

    o, it is this way: some problems are given the aura of being remarkable problems. Nobody but them is allowed to solve them, as the solutions by nobody but them are ever reviewed. With the relativity theory, you simply check Section 2 argument that the Lorentz transform does not define a valid time for the moving frame. You can do it easily, the argument is very short and simple. Check it. it follows from it that the whole relativity theory is false. You check, it does follow.

    “but a diabolical academic conspiracy, partly financed by the opium trade, is preventing the world from recognizing your genius.”

    In the 19th century their money came from profiting in wars, like Napoleonic wars and later in the WWI, in the British opium trade from India to China. Today they are rich and they do control media, and they do control academia. They do not currently make their money by opium trade. They do it by catastrophe capitalism profiting on wars, catastrophes, stock market crashes etc. But you, the naive innocent conspiracy theory freek, would not know anything about it.

    As for my genius not being recognized by the world, I can say that I have never cared a single bit if my genius is recognized by anybody. I enjoy solving difficult problems, and if you care to look at the ResearchGate, you see that I have also solved totally unimportant problems, like how there could be three Marys on the Cross, or what is the origin of Tarot cards. Something that certainly will not revolutionize the world. I simply like challenges and care nothing whether people recognize them or not. Most of my papers I have never submitted anywhere, as I could not care less. But when I was still a student, I tried the Poincare Conjecture and did try to get it checked, possibly published. But at that time I noticed that there is some strange problem in getting such a paper reviewed. I asked my Ph.D. supervisor. He whispered, he heard it in the States, it is the Jews, the Jews want to solve those problems, they do not want to read solutions from other people. I ignored that comment at that time, not knowing anything of any Jews. But later I have made tests of sending solutions of famous problems to journals, just to test if it is the same as with the Poincare Conjecture. It is the same. This has been my field study to investigate the cabal. Because there is the question, is there a cabal. Is science controlled or not? I write solutions to the Millennium problems because I like to try hard problems (and am able to do it), but I did not expect that the papers would get published (because I expected that it would be the same as with the Poincare Conjecture). But what I really wanted to investigate was whether there is a cabal, or is the reason that my papers are too messy/poor, or too difficult to be reviewed. I was already established scientist. I knew how to write clear papers. My papers are neither messy/poor, nor are they difficult. They are as easy as can be and clearly written. Still the result is the same. The conclusion: there is the cabal. It is quite true.

    As for me wanting my ” genius” to be recognized by the world. You might be a person of the type who would care for such recognition. You keep as site that has an obsession of intelligence, so you do seem like a person who would like the world to recognize your genius. For me such a recognition is irrelevant. I have my close family, they know how good I am (and they think I am very good, but they mean simple everyday intelligence, like fixing things). I have no friends. I have no colleagues, so whose opinion on me I could possibly care of. The opinion of controlled academia? But it is controlled, brainwashed, how could anything good come from them. No, people whom I appreciate do know how good I am and I need nothing more. I am not like you, who goes to politics and clearly needs to be appreciated by others. I am a hermit, or almost. Hermits do not care of what the world thinks. But I made field tests and have a firm result: there is the cabal, it does control much of the academy.

    “All of that is perfectly fine for this website, but you should be expounding your views on an Open Thread rather than cluttering up this discussion of the Ukraine war. I’m afraid all your subsequent comments here will probably get trashed.”

    I have no intention of continuing that discussion in any separate threat, and you do very unwisely if you do not leave this my comment here, as you write a comment to me and you must allow the comment to be answered to. I have in this site for a year only followed the Ukraine war. So I did also in this thread. Until you framed into a box false accusations by one David Howard Miller, claiming to be an expert in relativity theory without a single paper on relativity theory. He started trolling the thread and I was forced to answer to him. You echoed his comments, and brought up the Riemann Hypothesis proof. So, if you act honestly, you will ban two commenters in this thread: PhysicistDave and Ron Unz, as both started trolling the thread and attacking me personally.

    ” Perhaps it’s more than purely coincidental that you also believe the Russians had suffered massive casualties in the current war. ”

    Perhaps it is simply because I do have military experience of ten years, while you do not, and Russia has suffered massive causalities in this war. And I write what is true, I am not spreading propaganda, like you seem to do (or maybe you really do not know anything of military, then why do you write on military issues?)

    Publish this comment in this thread, and without the MORE. Show that you still have some honesty. You make baseless comments against me. That is not how you should do.

  4. Regarding that warp speed COVID vaccine…

    Rushed, guaranteed to succeed, corruptly tested, experimental injection? ✓

    That killed and maimed well-over a thousand people during the severely abbreviated trial phase? ✓

    And also caused 23 spontaneous abortions and 75 serious clinical events from 270 expectant mothers during said trial? ✓

    Using a highly dangerous mRNA tech that in the past killed every mouse with ADE? ✓

    A tech previously untested on humans, the emergency usage of which upended over a century of vaccine safety and efficacy research? ✓

    For a virus far less deadly than the lockdowns themselves? ✓

    Also less deadly than the flu – which conveniently went AWOL when COVID hit the scene? ✓

    For a (cold) virus they’ve been unable to cure after over a century of trying? ✓

    But somehow all of a sudden, the criminal pharmaceutical companies – notorious for rampant felonious trial fraud – figured it out in less than a year? ✓

    And then went on to manufacture billions of quality assured, safe and effective doses at record speed which were then lawfully distributed by the US military? ✓

    People actually bought into this on a grand scale, and voluntarily injected this poison? ✓

    Expanded version with embedded references here:

  5. gay troll says:

    What is Unz’ opinion on Miles Mathis, who claims that pi=4 and atoms are made of donuts? He also claims to be the only person on Earth who can predict the weather on the sun. Oh, and he claims that all of modern history is a Jewish hoax. He can tell if anyone is a Jew by squinting really hard at their great great great grandmother’s surname and then sneezing. But then for some reason he complains about a “Phoenician” world conspiracy composed of gay actors.

    High IQ horseshoe theory? Or is Miles an op? Personally, I think he’s a limited hangout. Someone who knowingly propagates both information and disinformation at the same time with a specific motive. Miles claims for example that the JFK assassination was fake. Strangely enough he included still frames from a Hollywood movie to support his forensic analysis on that one.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
    , @QCIC
  6. @gay troll

    If you ever followed Mathis closely you realize that either he is the most productive genius since John Von Neumann or that nom de plume is a label for an effective group 6-7 men professionally managed. There is only a handful of orgs with the resources to pull this off and suspect number one is CIA. Suspect number two is NSA.

    The term of art for this is internet fuckery. The Manson murders piece is very fine!

    • Replies: @QCIC
  7. Notsofast says:

    as i was snoozing under an apple tree, a falling apple struck me on the head and awaken me to the fact that my mind is processing my waking reality, with the same equipment i use to process my dreaming reality. how can i trust waking reality, when my dream reality is able to convince me of the “reality” of the most absurd events that i accept as “real”.

    think of virtual reality, as binary code that produces a two dimensional simulation of three dimensional spaces, using rgb pixel to simulate color. now think of life on our planet and the one thing that all forms of life have, dna. now think of dna as quaternary logic code that produces a three dimensional illusion of life, that is akin to a hologram, an internally projected image, who’s atoms are not composed of solid “stuff” but rather energy fields, there’s no there, there.

    as to the identity of the master coder, i’ll leave that to you, i’d just like to point out a random string of binary commands fed into the metaverse will produce nothing but static and snow. life is consciousness, the cosmos is consciousness.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  8. 1. “Feminism” (sick)
    2. “Equality” (idiotic)
    3. Normality (nature)

    • Replies: @SpaceCowboy
  9. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Introduction to Arthur M. Young and his contributions and ideas, and examples of how I have personally used them in my own “open-source intelligence” gathering operations :

    Arthur Middleton Young (November 3, 1905 – May 30, 1995) was an American inventor, helicopter pioneer, cosmologist, philosopher, astrologer, and author. Young was the designer of Bell Helicopter’s first helicopter, the Model 30, and inventor of the stabilizer bar used on many of Bell’s early helicopter designs.

    Arthur M. Young: The Reflexive Universe (1981) – Documentary video by Arthur Bloch

    Thoughts on a Science of Life Part III: On the Value of Astrology for a Science of Life or

    But this does not answer the scientist’s question: How is it possible for the position of planets to affect our lives?

    To this question there is an answer. There has been a great deal of study of circadian (near to 24-hour) and other biological rhythms, and it is currently agreed that these rhythms are endogenous (produced from within; originating from internal causes). Thus Brown found that the metabolism of the potato varies with the time of day and the time of year, and this variation still takes place when the potato is isolated from temperature and barometric changes.

    Oysters transported to Chicago readjust their biological rhythm to suit the tides as they would be if there were tides in Chicago. This is one of the endogenous rhythms that characterize life.

    Tides are an objective phenomenon, a very important environment for oysters — but to claim that the ocean tides, which affect oysters, are like the “tides in the affairs of men which taken at their peak, lead on, etc. . . ,” are similar might seem far-fetched, because the tides in the affairs of men are due to the outer planets (Uranus, discovered at the time of American independence, and Neptune, discovered at the time of the Communist Manifesto of 1848; these planets, which were in opposition at the time of the American Revolution, are now approaching conjunction, and the two countries are entering a period of harmonious cooperation), and the outer planets could have no objective influence on mankind as do the tides on oysters.

    But there are no tides in Chicago. The rhythm that correlates to tidal change must be due to that which causes tides, which is the moon. I do not think this could be the gravitational, because gravitation causes 26 extra-high tides per year, whereas there are only 13 lunar months per year — that is, 13 new moons. My reason for thinking it is the moon is that I’ve been collecting clam shells for many years because the rings on the clams’ shells suggest that the rings record the clams’ growth. There are many rings, which vary from wide to narrow. By count the rings are compressed every 13 rings. If the influence were tidal, there should be 26 rings each year. (The narrowly spaced rings must indicate winter months.)

    So, since the number of rings correlates to new moons rather than to the extra-high tides (which occur at both the new and the full moon), and since there are no tides anyway in Chicago, the oysters must be responding to new moons for “astrological” reasons. (Perhaps much as outbreaks of insanity have been found to occur at the time of the full moon; hence the word lunatic, from the Latin luna for moon.)

    Thus the biorhythms characteristic of life, which depend on position of the earth with respect to the Sun, cannot be accounted for by known physical means.

    Why then should we expect that the influence of the planets should be explained by physical means?

    I had personally used astrology to predict higher probability outcomes in the early days of the Ukraine conflict (see below), for example, and also that Joe Biden would likely become POTUS as far back as December 2019 (before Covid, etc.) “December 26, 2019 at 4:46 am GMT Biden’s Appeal to the ‘Reasonable Republican Dad’ Vote […] Astrology of the 2020 Elections: Joe Biden […] I believe Boomers will still/again decide this election, and they like Biden” , and that Trump would likely become POTUS as early as January 2016 “FKA Max January 26, 2016 – 2:44 pm The topic I would like to talk about is astrology, and how Donald Trump’s astrology/birth horoscope corresponds with and relates to the astrology/birth horoscope of the United States of America ( July 4, 1776). Very favorably actually. & “October 20, 2016 at 6:29 pm GMT according to her most astrologers are politically liberal, and therefore their political predictions are often biased in favor of more liberal/socialist candidates and policies, and thus often inaccurate :

    Agreed, Mr. Sailer! The timing of Putin’s “special military operation” could not have been worse. Many parallels to Bush 43’s Iraq Invasion.
    What this also shows/reveals and tells me, is that both Putin and Bush 43, unlike Ronald Reagan , did/do not consult with astrologers in regards to timing important military, diplomatic or political actions, appointments, etc., because both the 2003 Iraq Invasion of the United States and the 2022 Ukraine Invasion by the Russian Federation had/have the North Node or Rahu (in Vedic astrology) transiting the Fixed Star Algol which is a highly volatile and violent astrological aspect. Therefore it can be assumed that the Ukraine Invasion will have comparable negative effects for the Russian Federation and its leadership and its economy, as did the Iraq Invasion for the United States and its standing in the world.

    Any even semi-competent astrologer would have strongly advised Putin against starting any type of military operation during a time like that.

    Joan Quigley also changed the Reagans’ “evil empire” attitude (see 2nd videos below) by briefing them on Gorbachev’s horoscope. Unfortunately, most leaders and politicians are either too ignorant or too arrogant to use this type of “intelligence” to their advantage.

    – March 7, 2022 at 2:03 am GMT • 1.0 years ago • 600 Words

    Here is her NY Times obituary: or

    In an interview with “CBS Evening News” in 1989, after Reagan left office, Miss Quigley said that after reading the horoscope of the Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev, she concluded that he was intelligent and open to new ideas and persuaded Mrs. Reagan to press her husband to abandon his view of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” Arms control treaties followed.

  10. FKA Max says: • Website

    as to the identity of the master coder, i’ll leave that to you, i’d just like to point out a random string of binary commands fed into the metaverse will produce nothing but static and snow. life is consciousness, the cosmos is consciousness.

    If man is five
    If man is five
    If man is five
    Then the devil is six
    Then the devil is six
    Then the devil is six
    Then the devil is six
    And if the devil is six
    Then God is seven
    Then God is seven
    Then God is seven

    Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Official Video)

    Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (Official Lyric Video)

    Alt-rock tended to appeal most to youngish white male fans with 3 digit IQs.


    Mark Oliver Everett is the son of physicist Hugh Everett III, originator of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory and of the use of Lagrange multipliers for general engineering optimizations.

    Tommy Walter’s mother is our neighbor:

    Eels – Novocaine For The Soul (Official Video)

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  11. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    At the age of 51, Everett, who believed in quantum immortality,[6][20] died suddenly of a heart attack at home[9] in his bed on the night of July 18–19, 1982. Everett’s obesity, frequent chain-smoking and alcohol drinking[9] almost certainly contributed to this, although he seemed healthy at the time. A committed atheist,[6] he had asked that his remains be disposed of in the trash after his death. His wife kept his ashes in an urn, but she eventually complied with his wishes after a few years.

    Quantum suicide and immortality

    Hugh Everett did not mention quantum suicide or quantum immortality in writing; his work was intended as a solution to the paradoxes of quantum mechanics. Eugene Shikhovtsev’s biography of Everett states that “Everett firmly believed that his many-worlds theory guaranteed him immortality: his consciousness, he argued, is bound at each branching to follow whatever path does not lead to death“.[5] Peter Byrne, author of a biography of Everett, reports that Everett also privately discussed quantum suicide (such as to play high-stakes Russian roulette and survive in the winning branch), but adds that “[i]t is unlikely, however, that Everett subscribed to this [quantum immortality] view, as the only sure thing it guarantees is that the majority of your copies will die, hardly a rational goal.“[6]

    There have been recent larger scale studies into “near-death” experiences that lend credence to the concept and reality of “quantum immortality“:

    AWAreness during REsuscitation (AWARE)-II American Heart Association Symposium Presentation
    Jan 9, 2023 Parnia Lab at NYU Langone Health
    Dr. Sam Parnia’s presenting an overview of the AWARE-II study findings at the 2022 American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium (ReSS) on November 6th, 2022

    Distressing Near-Death Experiences: The Basics or

    The great majority of near death experiences reported publicly over the past four decades have been described as pleasant, even glorious. Almost unnoticed in the euphoria about them has been the sobering fact that not all near death experiences are so affirming. Some are deeply disturbing. [I, FKA Max, had a very similar marijuana-induced out of body experience as this following woman when I was 19 years young, but I didn’t see any white light, I just flew through space at a tremendous speed fearing that I would collide with planets, etc.] In childbirth she felt her spirit separate from her body and fly into space at tremendous speed, then saw a small ball of light rushing toward her: “It became bigger and bigger as it came toward me. I realized that we were on a collision course, and it terrified me. I saw the blinding white light come right to me and engulf me.” […] No evidence supports the conventional assumption that “good” people get pleasant near death experiences and “bad” people have distressing ones. Saints have reported extremely disturbing near death experiences, while felons and suicide attempters have encountered bliss. […] The psychological literature on post traumatic growth did not exist in the early years of our study of distressing near death experiences , so that aspect of response remains underreported. As a growing number of studies make clear, even the most devastating life event, “like the grit that creates the oyster, is often what propels people to become more true to themselves, take on new challenges, and view life from a wider perspective.” Like the better publicized pleasurable near death experiences, distressing near-death experiences are both fascinating and frustrating as altered states of consciousness. Because of the deeply rooted concept of hell in Western culture and its Christian association with eternal physical torment, they pose serious challenges to the individuals who must shape their lives around such a profoundly durable event, and to their families, friends, and physicians. In the absence of clear-cut clinical data and universal cultural views, physicians are advised that neutrality of opinion and careful listening are likely to constitute best professional practice for addressing these difficult near death experiences.

  12. @SpaceCowboy

    “Homosexuality” as a mental dys-
    function / illogic as a model of life.

    The opposite connection of similar elements
    must inevitably lead to evolutionary standstill.

  13. aesop says:
    @FKA Max

    This has a strong smell of new-age bullshit.
    ACTUAL research about mind/consciousness look like this:

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  14. The latest bank to cave.

    ‘…First Republic caters to the affluent in California’s Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston and New York. About two-thirds of its deposits are uninsured and thus susceptible to a run if customers lose confidence. Wealthy customers were pulling deposits even before SVB failed…’

    Basically, the very rich are in trouble, and we all have to pitch in and help.

    These are the Democrats, mind.

  15. QCIC says:
    @gay troll

    I am a big fan of Miles’ work. I think there is a lot to be learned from his analysis of historic events. Not necessarily the details of any particular event, but more the method the MSM uses to spin things as well as Miles’ method to unravel them to find the facts. One thing which he often points out is the faked picture, sometimes a famous one. This raises the question why is a fake or doctored picture used to support a narrative and why doesn’t the MSM challenge it? This is good sleuthing IMO.

    I don’t expect anyone to be correct on everything, so I am not upset if I don’t agree with some of his arguments or don’t have the time to sift through them. Like many non-mainstream scientists he makes a lot of claims which may need to be thought about carefully to understand exactly what he is saying and what the implications might be. He is not modest so I imagine this drives away much of his audience.

    I think he is a smart person with an extremely good memory who makes connections and is willing to speculate on the possible meaning. He is a skilled writer so he can create content at a fast pace.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  16. QCIC says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Mathis claims the NSA and CIA troll teams react in response to his work 🙂

    Some people can write a LOT on topics in areas which they are competent and comfortable.

    His ability to make connections with genealogy and names seems very special in addition to his other skills.

  17. FKA Max says: • Website

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here is a link to the full paper you cited:

    Challenges for theories of consciousness: seeing or knowing, the missing ingredient and how to deal with panpsychism
    Note that the paper will focus almost entirely on visual
    consciousness. That is not because other sensory modalities
    of more executive faculties have no relevance. It is just a
    consequence of my ignorance on these other matters.

    Having skimmed the paper, I’m not quite sure what its exact purpose and relevance is, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    This has a strong smell of new-age bullshit.

    There is the technique of so-called “muscle testing” that supports the “panpsychist” notion, i.e. muscles are clearly not “conscious” in the traditional definition of “consciousness”, but it appears that they can nevertheless give and transmit (useful, reliable and reproducible) information/communications.

    On the reliability and validity of manual muscle testing: a literature review or
    Study showed that examiners with over 5 years experience using AK had reliability and reproducibility (98.2%) when their outcomes were compared. – Caruso and Leisman (2000)

    A narrative review of manual muscle testing and implications for muscle testing research or

    Noah St John Afformations[/Askformations] Muscle Test

    What’s the Difference Between Affirmations and Afformations[/Askformations]?

    In a muscle testing experiment, Noah St. John asked a woman to repeat an affirmation that wasn’t true. She tested weak for the affirmation, which means her subconscious mind hadn’t accepted it. When she changed the affirmation into a question, she tested strong, which means her subconscious mind accepted the question. or

    Understand How Afformations[/Askformations] Works

    • Replies: @aesop
  18. Ron Unz says:

    I am a big fan of Miles’ work. I think there is a lot to be learned from his analysis of historic events.

    I think you’re an extremely gullible individual, which is pretty typical of conspiracy-activists.

    I first heard about that Miles Mathis fellow several years ago and took a look at a few of his articles and his website. I think it’s pretty likely that he’s part of some sort of Cass Sunstein-type operation.

    The establishment is obviously concerned about conspiracy-activists on the Internet, especially if their work begins to undermine the official narratives on crucial events of the last 100 years.

    Instead of arresting or banning them, another means of neutralizing their activities is to divert them to all sorts of wild goose chases that lead nowhere and also make them look ridiculous. As I wrote:

    Transgressive individuals who adhere to some heterodox beliefs are also usually willing to accept many others as well, and are often quite eager to do so, sometimes exhibiting the troubling lack of logical thinking and careful analytical judgment that may taint their entire community. This leaves them open to eagerly nibbling the poisoned bait of fraudulent but attractive theories, whether these are advanced by well-meaning advocates, self-serving charlatans, or covert agents of the establishment engaged in “cognitive infiltration.”

    I discussed this last year in the context of Alex Jones, but I think Miles Mathis provides a higher-end and more concentrated form of the same sort of intellectual rat-poison:

    For that reason, all links and references to Mathis or his work are banned in comments on this website and will get yours trashed. Since I started this Open Thread to provide a home for a crackpot calling himself “j2” who claimed to have revolutionized both physics and math, I decided to make it an exception, which also allowed me to explain the “Miles Mathis” policy.

  19. QCIC says:
    @Ron Unz

    Thanks for the warnings and explanation. The Miles’ entity (whatever it may be) doesn’t need my promotion, I was simply responding to the query by the earlier poster. I may have mentioned MM in the past for a similar reason, to get the opinion of Unz commenters. It won’t happen again.

    I am fairly open minded on a number of things and agree there can be a crucial, but blurry line between open minded and gullible. I am definitely not a conspiracy activist, since my personal bar for proof is pretty high and most of these things never make it from being interesting and suspicious up to compelling. Maybe that means I am simply a variant type, so be it.

    Obviously the Pi=4 is hard to take. One interesting aspect of the Miles’ entity is that it is a very benevolent persona and does not promote or accept any of the very dark theories which are naturally evoked by some of the worse things which happen. I like this perspective even though I think it is naive and misplaced.

    I will reread your linked article. Thanks for the interesting site.


    I have a friend or two who also accuse me of being gullible, but that is just for bringing up everyday Unz Review fodder!

    • Replies: @PhysicistDave
  20. @Ron Unz

    Ron, I have just suggested in your Bugs and Suggestions thread that you arrange to review the book by Leffler on the origin of Bush the Lesser’s disastrous war in Iraq (see the link below). But, having listened to the whole of that Between the Lines broadcast by a Mearsheimer fan (including excellent excerpts from Owen Harries’ Boyer Lectures) I have also listened to the third part which relates how South Africa is de facto supporting Russia. And my point is that it casts considerable doubt on your descriptions of the dominance of MSM by the American empire (by whatever description) that you have repeatedly emphasised, though not so much recently perhaps.

  21. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:

    A Letter from Jews Around the World Condemning the Weaponization of “Anti-Semite” to Defame Dissidents

    “I have been given the honor of hosting a letter written by Jews around the world who unequivocally condemn the weaponization of “anti-semite” to character-assassinate people guilty of nothing but questioning approved narratives; exercising free speech; exposing corruption, lies, and harmful policies; and practicing independent, critical thinking.
    The reckless abuse of such a pointed term is being done in the name of Jews, and the signatories of this letter are saying, “NOT IN OUR NAME.” They are holding the media, politicians, and ideologically motivated organizations accountable for the destruction of lives resulting from the wielding of this accusation.”

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  22. aesop says:
    @FKA Max

    Thanks for your reply.

    Having skimmed the paper, I’m not quite sure what its exact purpose and relevance is, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    It is a reasonably short paper about what is actually KNOWN about consciousness, supported by experiments of NCC (Neural Correlates of Consciousness).
    In case you didn’t notice the Pubmed link I gave is Open Access, you can download it directly from the link.
    If you read it it full you will see that it deals with “unconscious intelligence”, which you refer to as muscle testing.

    If you want a more recent and more exhaustive survey you can freely read this:

    As a general rule there are thousands upon thousands of research papers about consciousness, most of which are Open Access and the problem is picking the right ones rather than relying on random amateur videos.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  23. @QCIC

    The output seems wildly inconsistent. Has anybody done one of those authorship statistics analysis like they use to diagnose plagiarism on a bunch of it? I would be surprised if it’s one writer over even one third of the set.

    This is just an impression though. I don’t have time to read much of it and have only read the ones where the title grabbed me on its own.

  24. FKA Max says: • Website

    Thanks for your reply!

    rather than relying on random amateur videos

    I’m actually mostly relying on my own — albeit anecdotal — experiential rather than (academic/scientific) experimental experiences (see my above comment in which I briefly talk about an out-of-body perhaps near-death experience I had when I was 19). When I come across reports of similar experiences which match my own, I usually pursue those lines of inquiry before I consult academic papers, etc.

    Nevertheless, yesterday after you shared that first very interesting paper with me, I went looking for other papers in this field and came across a paper about consciousness (and muscles) that resonated with me:

    Adaptive Skeletal Muscle Action Requires Anticipation and “Conscious Broadcasting” or

    Supramodular Interaction Theory (SIT; Morsella, 2005) proposes that, while the primary function of conscious states is to integrate information, only certain kinds of information require conscious integration. Specifically, it is high-level information in the service of curbing skeletomotor action so that such action is adaptive, as in the case of holding one’s breath or breathing at a faster rate for some reward. Conscious conflicts are a dramatic case of such interactions. (The theory is called “supramodular,” because the integrations occur at a high-level, beyond that of the Fodorian module, which is used for, say, color, and motion detection; the term “interaction” is used in the theory because conscious states permit interactions between high-level systems vying for skeletomotor control; see treatments of modularity in Fodor, 1983; Callebaut and Rasskin-Gutman, 2009.) The actual integration amongst such response systems may actually be “post-conscious” (Morsella, 2005).

    After reading this paper I had another synchronistic and meaningful (to me) experience, namely I discovered that Sewall Wright, was philosophically a panpsychist:

    Wright was one of the few geneticists of his time to venture into philosophy. He found a union of concept in Charles Hartshorne, who became a lifelong friend and philosophical collaborator. Wright endorsed a form of panpsychism. He believed that the birth of the consciousness was not due to a mysterious property of increasing complexity, but rather an inherent property, therefore implying these properties were in the most elementary particles.

    I’m very interested in population genetics and so finding this out about one of the persons who is considered to be one of the founders of population genetics, was/is meaningful to me.

    Regarding Noah St. John and his Afformations or Askformations technique/method, I don’t know why our subconscious minds react differently to them than to ordinary affirmations, but I know — again — from personal experiences and success, that they do.

    My explanation is that it has something to do with what Thomas Troward described in “Reciprocal Action of the Universal and Individual Minds“, which I mentioned earlier in this comments thread:

    Then comes the question of intention. How do we know what the intention of the Universal Mind may be? Here comes in the element of impersonality. It has no intention, because it is impersonal. As I have already said, the Universal mind works by a law of averages for the advancement of the race, and is in no way concerned with the particular wishes of the individual. If his wishes are in line with the forward movement of the everlasting principle, there is nowhere in Nature any power to restrict him in their fulfilment. If they are opposed to the general forward movement, then they will bring him into collision with it, and it will crush him. From the relation between them it results that the same principle which shows itself in the individual mind as Will, becomes in the universal mind a Law of Tendency; and the direction of this tendency must always be to life-givingness, because the universal mind is the undifferentiated Life-spirit of the universe. Therefore in every case the test is whether our particular intention is in this same lifeward direction; and if it is, then we may be absolutely certain that there is no intention on the part of the Universal Mind to thwart the intention of our own individual mind; we are dealing with a purely impersonal force, and it will no more oppose us by specific plans of its own than will steam or electricity.

    I suspect, that Universal Mind/Consciousness reacts differently to wishes/commands than to questions, and ordinary affirmations are therefore a sort of hit-and-miss/random way of communicating with Universal Mind/Consciousness, since one never really knows with absolute certainty if one’s wishes and will are in alignment with “the forward movement of the everlasting principle” or not, whereas questions or Askformations are neutral in this regard and are a way to elegantly circumvent any potentially crushing clashes — even if unintentional — with the Universe/God, while at the same time still achieving one’s own personal (maybe even selfish) goals and wishes.

    Perhaps, that’s the true meaning and message behind “ask, and you shall receive” in the Bible?

    Christopher Langan — who has amongst one of the highest ever measured IQs in the world — framed it similarly:

    Human beings are such subsystems. The “purpose” of their lives, and the “meaning” of their existences, is therefore to self-actualize in a way consistent with global Self-actualization or teleology…i.e., in a way that maximizes global utility, including the utility of their fellow subsystems. Their existential justification is to help the universe, AKA God, express its nature in a positive and Self-beneficial way.

    If they do so, then their “souls”, or relationships to the overall System (“God”), attain a state of grace and partake of Systemic timelessness (“life eternal”). If, on the other hand, they do not – if they give themselves over to habitual selfishness at the expense of others and the future of their species – then they are teleologically devalued and must repair their connections with the System in order to remain a viable part of it. And if they do even worse, intentionally scarring the teleological ledger with a massive net loss of global utility, then unless they pursue redemption with such sincerety that their intense desire for forgiveness literally purges their souls, they face spiritual interdiction for the sake of teleological integrity.

    Such is the economy of human existence. Much of what we have been taught by organized religions is based on the illogical literalization of metaphorical aspects of their respective doctrines. But this much of it is true: we can attain a state of grace; we can draw near to God and partake of His eternal nature; we can fall from God’s grace; we can lose our souls for doing evil. In all cases, we are unequivocally answerable to the System that grants and sustains our existence, and doing right by that System and its contents, including other subsystems like ourselves, is why we exist. Sometimes, “doing right” simply means making the best of a bad situation without needlessly propagating one’s own misfortune to others; the necessary sufferance and nonpropagation of personal misfortune is also a source of grace. Further deontological insight requires an analysis of teleology and the extraction of its ethical implications.

    High IQ is, however, a double-edged sword as I have suggested over the years “I personally have a soft spot for the Christopher Langan for example, but even with him I have noticed, that he seems to lack some self-awareness. The same character trait/flaw, even more strongly expressed than in Christopher Langan, I noticed in Marilyn vos Savant, Rick Rosner, etc. There seems to be a trade-off when it comes to extremely high IQ test scores and a person’s level of self-awareness. and this is also confirmed by various studies and surveys:

    One line of inquiry that could validate the invalidity of the DK effect, in particular the part that high performers underestimate their skill level, is Cipolla’s research in the field of human stupidity and the conclusions he has drawn from it, namely that stupidity is evenly distributed
    This, counterintuitively, includes a much higher number of stupid/dysfunctional individuals among high IQ persons, who overestimate not underestimate their abilities, capabilities and skill level. Mensa comes to mind: Bad News for the Highly Intelligent “More than a quarter (26.7 percent) formally diagnosed with a mood disorder […] far higher than the national averages of around 10 percent” or

    I believe the DK effect is still a useful (rhetorical) tool/device and I personally still consider it mostly valid, but it should be supplemented with The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity in order to avoid/prevent the trap/mistake of putting high IQ and/or high status individuals (who can be extraordinarily stupid/dysfunctional and unfriendly) on a pedestal.
    Whether I considered a large university or a small college, a famous institution or an obscure one, I found that the same fraction σ of the professors are stupid. So bewildered was I by the results, that I made a special point to extend my research to a specially selected group, to a real elite, the Nobel laureates. The result confirmed Nature’s supreme powers: σ fraction of the Nobel laureates are stupid. or
    Survival of the friendliest: How dogs evolved to be man’s best friend | 60 Minutes

    • Replies: @aesop
  25. gay troll says:
    @Ron Unz

    Why don’t you ever reply to meeeeee, Ron, although I ask you such interesting questions all the time?

    For example, how can you not also be seen as a Cass Sunstein type operation, since you publish a litany of BS artists? How is anyone supposed to take your work seriously, when it sits next to Larry Romanoff’s et. al?

    • Replies: @QCIC
  26. gay troll says:

    If he who shall not be named is not an op, he must be insane. His genealogical entrail gazing is no more impressive than his physiognomic analysis or photo paste up call outs. In every case, the proof that someone is Jewish, or that a photo is fake, is that he who shall not be named can tell just by looking at it. This means he never really cites evidence. His historical claims are always “self evident”.

    The only way to believe in him is to believe that he is smarter and more perceptive than anyone else on Earth. He claims to correctly predict sunspot cycles. I don’t know if this is true? But even if it is, it would not necessarily prove he’s a genius. It could just prove that he is a military psy op.

    I like a lot of what he has to say. And I think he is right about a lot of things. But I can’t follow him on any of his reasoning, and I refuse to believe it has anything to do with his supreme intelligence. He does not follow the scientific method when it comes to history, despite claiming to be a prodigious scientist. He just looks and knows that everything popular is Jewish and fake and gay.

    Yet his work is to discredit important truths, meaning there are many important truths to be found in his work.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  27. meamjojo says:
    @FKA Max

    Where does consciousness come from? Does it reside in the spermatozoa, in the egg, is it created trough the union of both or something else, like a universe repository in hyper or quantum space (which might explain reports of reincarnation)?

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  28. aesop says:
    @FKA Max

    Thanks again.

    I am also relying myself on personal experience and not just academic works.
    So, I will summarize my current position.

    I probably had an NDE but at too young an age (2 1/2) to have proper recollection and I experimented with so called entheogens (pretty strong ones but not the most popular) and I was not convinced that they bring access to God or any “ultimate reality”, just fancy imagery.

    However, fancy imagery is ALSO our everyday perception of the world, nothing of what we see, feel or think is a “proper” description of the world, it is all made up in our spirit, may be not just our brain but it is absolutely dependent on the proper functioning of our organism and brain, there is ample neurological evidence for that.

    So, the “mystery” remains as none of the current theories of consciousness really explain how, when and where we turn frequencies, molecules and chemical reactions into vision, colors, tastes, pain, odors, musical enjoyment, etc…

    Furthermore, I surmise that every living thing (at least beyond some complexity, not Panpsychism) has some “map of the world” which it uses to further its own purposes as an individual, and that these maps are absolutely incommensurables, even for individuals of the same specie.

    As humans we are fooled by our use of language which seems to entail an intersubjective accord about many things (not political views, obviously 🙂 ) but I am firmly convinced that the world is different for each one of us.

    As for Gods, intentions, purpose of the Universe, etc… I deem these as paranoid anthropocentric delusions, the whole world is not made for humans and does not care.

    WTF are such blackholes “for”?

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  29. FKA Max says: • Website

    You might be onto something. How about you learn to muscle test yourself, and then you will likely have a better than chance and intuition probability to potentially test and answer some of these theories and questions of yours.

    Estimating the accuracy of muscle response testing: two randomised-order blinded studies or

    In Experiment 1, MRT accuracy, 0.659 (95% CI 0.623 – 0.695), was found to be significantly different (p < 0.01) from intuition accuracy, 0.474 (95% CI 0.449 – 0.500), and also from the likelihood of chance (0.500; p < 0.01). Experiment 2 replicated the findings of Experiment 1. Testing for various factors that may have influenced MRT accuracy failed to detect any correlations.
    MRT has repeatedly demonstrated significant accuracy for distinguishing lies from truths, compared to both intuition and chance. The primary limitation of this study is its lack of generalisability to other applications of MRT and to MMT.

  30. QCIC says:
    @gay troll

    Somewhat related:

    One conclusion which might be drawn from articles and discussion on TUR and other sites is that information control is pervasive and probably has ALWAYS been so. This may sound paranoid and cynical, but what is a rational explanation?

    My explanation is that powerful, wealthy forces generally capture the organs of information (press, airwaves, movies, publishing, etc.) or create them in the first place. Sometimes this is explicitly government control in wartime, other times it is media moguls of one size or another simply buying up all the smaller communications outlets. I assume that coercion is used as needed. Once control is achieved they can filter and spin the media output to suit their goals. In the USA this situation has been obscured by the mythical notion of the “free press”, but did that ever exist? Perhaps censorship is ALWAYS the order of the day. Maybe any powerful information which gets out is generated by small outlets before they are captured.

    I imagine lots of factions have tried to control the information flow, but money is needed, and Jewish financiers are understood to control the most money. It is widely believed that Jewish interests control Hollywood, TV/radio and publishing. I don’t know if this is result of the money or other factors. So these are reasons why investigators often reach the conclusion that Jewish interests are behind this or that event which we learn about through the media. I assume non-Jewish factions have their own agendas, but these players seem to be less capable of implementation.

    This may explain the frustrated conclusion reached by some researchers, which is that everything in the media is fake! This is not strictly true, but makes some sense if you conclude that the essential purpose of the media is to control people by controlling information. In other words, the billionaires who control the media are not doing it for our benefit at all, they are doing it to control the citizenry. Any important factual news which comes out is just part of the smokescreen to cover up the actual purpose.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  31. H. L. M says:
    @Ron Unz

    Here’s an idea: go ahead and censor whatever you don’t like.

    It’s your website.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  32. QCIC says:
    @H. L. M

    I agree, but explaining what and why is helpful.

  33. gay troll says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised that Ron Unz, who pounds his chest like a gorilla while claiming to be the ADL’s Voldemort, has his own Voldemort in the form of Miles Mathis.

    The more I get into it, the more I realize this here is a (black) humor website. Good show, Ron!

    • Troll: QCIC
    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  34. Maybe interesting? Not sure who the characters are?

    A few things about @crossriverbank, a tiny #a16z funded lender that originated more #PPP loans for “small businesses” than anyone besides Chase, BofA, and Wells Fargo, mostly for people who were not their customers.

  35. FKA Max says: • Website

    WTF are such blackholes “for”?

    Maybe blackholes are macro scale “cosmic eggs” and stars are macro scale “cosmic sperm” similar to what commenter “meamjojo” hypothesized on a micro scale on/as the potential origins and creation (material manifestation) of consciousness 😉

    In most living animals, egg cells are vastly larger than sperm cells. In humans, for example, a single egg is 10 million times the volume of a sperm cell.

    In a new study, Northwestern University researchers found that competition and natural selection drove this curious size discrepancy. or

    Going beyond Einstein
    The black hole information paradox is a giant, flashing neon sign to physicists that we’re not understanding something. It may be that we don’t understand the nature of quantum information, the nature of gravity or the nature of event horizons — or all three. The “easiest” approach to solving the black hole information paradox is to develop a new theory of gravity, going beyond Einstein’s theory of general relativity. or

    Have We SOLVED The Black Hole Information Paradox with Wormholes?
    Jun 15, 2022 by PBS Space Time
    Black holes are very real, but are also a theoretical nightmare. It turns out that in order to make sense of their paradoxical nature, every black hole has to be thought of as a multitude of imaginary black holes, all connected by wormholes. And you thought the universe couldn’t get any weirder.

    • Replies: @aesop
    , @FKA Max
  36. @QCIC


    cover a lot.

    I have no idea which fortune cookie file covers the idea that Pompeo sneak attacked the Chinese nation with a biological weapon and any doctors who disagree with my doctor about the experimental gene therapy drug are anti-vax kooks. My fortune cookie directory hasn’t gotten that update.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  37. QCIC says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Hanlon’s Razor is like kryptonite for students of conspiracy.

    I prefer Fleming: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

    My mom apparently thought like Sturgeon: She recommended one always pick a Doctor near the top of his class. She was too polite to say the punch line…because the other 90% are crap! Modern medicine makes this difficult to sort out, but it is worth remembering anyway.

  38. Ron Unz says:
    @gay troll

    I’m pleasantly surprised that Ron Unz, who pounds his chest like a gorilla while claiming to be the ADL’s Voldemort, has his own Voldemort in the form of Miles Mathis.

    Sure, but there is a difference.

    I’ve been friendly for many years with quite a number of mainstream elite individuals, and many of them privately think any analysis on many subjects is pretty persuasive. If the ADL or the MSM attacked me, many more such people might discover my work and perhaps come to similar conclusions.

    Meanwhile, Mathis seems to specialize in inventing huge amounts of the sort of total nonsense that appeals to gullible conspiracy-activists, such as claiming that PI is 4 or whatever. Unfortunately, this website attracts large numbers of such individuals, and many of their ideas are already ridiculous enough prior to their ingesting large quantities of ideological rat-poison from what is probably a Cass Sunstein-type operation.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  39. QCIC says:
    @gay troll

    I don’t always read Romanoff, but I have found a few useful tidbits.

  40. @Anonymous

    ‘A Letter from Jews Around the World Condemning the Weaponization of “Anti-Semite” to Defame Dissidents…’

    Maybe it’s a bit late in the day to make nice.

    …at this point, bearing in mind the last one hundred and twenty years, should we really go back to just not noticing whether someone is Jewish? Is that actually a good idea?

    I wish it was a good idea…I really do. But I don’t think it is.

  41. @QCIC

    QCIC wrote to Ron Unz:

    Obviously the Pi=4 is hard to take.


    It is not “hard to take.”

    It is a conclusive sign of someone who is either seriously insane or a con artist.

    What I, and I think Ron, have been trying to get across is that there are some people who are simply mistaken but basically honest and more or less sane and intelligent people.

    But there are most assuredly also some people who are either mentally deranged or outright evil.

    Or both.

    Read my comment, (see here) with links to articles in the MSM, about a lawyer and a doctor whom I knew here in Sacramento — both of whom lost their licenses to practice their professions in more than one state!

    The doctor allegedly chained a patient to her bed to keep her from eating at night!

    The attorney was even crazier than that.

    I knew them both — they were in fact friends of each other. I myself had been friendly with the doctor until I was present when he assaulted an elderly man. I saw what kind of guy the lawyer was the first time I met him.

    If you click on my link, you will see that the attorney was bizarrely delusional, the kind of guy that you would assume had spent his whole life in a mental hospital.

    Miles Mathis and j2 fit into the same category as the crazy doctor and lawyer. They are either nuts or con artists. Or both.

    Many people of good will have trouble believing that the world has quite a few people like this in it.

    Unfortunately, I have known a number of them, beyond just this doctor and lawyer.

    Some of them start religious cults and get rich off it (yes I am thinking of L. Ron Hubbard) if they do not get themselves killed (like that guy in the mid-nineteenth century from upstate New York).

    At least MM and j2 have not (yet) managed that!

    Though perhaps I should not be giving them ideas.

    • Replies: @QCIC
    , @Emil Nikola Richard
  42. QCIC says:

    Thank you for your wise words.

    I have known some crazy and bad people, though not as extreme as the ones you mention.

    I think your point here is very important and worth repeating:

    Many people of good will have trouble believing that the world has quite a few [~bad] people like this in it.

    I do believe this, but have been fooled.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  43. @PhysicistDave

    1. Mathis is possibly or probably not a person but a project.
    2. Have you read the Manson murders piece?

    J2 hasn’t done anything obviously evil. John von Neuman wanted to preventive-nuke the Russians after the second world war. There are a gazillion scientists to cancel if you want to do an antifa dance.

    • Replies: @PhysicistDave
  44. aesop says:
    @FKA Max

    The black hole information paradox is a giant, flashing neon sign to physicists that we’re not understanding something.

    Yes, but may be they are not what they are supposed to be:

    I don’t necessarily agree with JPP but I do agree that advanced physics is a mess:

    (not necessarily agreeing with Weinstein either)

    As i said:

    I surmise that every living thing (at least beyond some complexity, not Panpsychism) has some “map of the world”

    The problem we (humans) have with our map of the world is that is very well tailored to our “everyday” life thanks to evolutionary fitness but it is hopelessly inadequate to describe the more intricate structure of the cosmos at large.

    We CANNOT intuitively grasp the meaning of the mathematics we have to resort to to describe advanced Physics, the best approximations I am aware of are Tim Maudlin books:

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  45. FKA Max says: • Website

    Thank you for your feedback!

    We CANNOT intuitively grasp the meaning of the mathematics we have to resort to to describe advanced Physics

    I think, us out-of-body or near-death experiencers (NDErs) might have a better grasp of these concepts and these probable potential realities, and thus are able to “intuitively grasp the meaning of the mathematics.”

    For example, when I found out that wormholes potentially solved the “black hole information paradox” it immediately made sense to me, intuitively, since I imagined these wormholes to similarly look and feel/behave like the tunnel sensations/experiences many NDErs have described, even though I didn’t experience this particular, exact sensation personally. But the mathematical wormhole solution still made intuitive sense to me, since I had been studying the metaphysical solution of NDErs for many years, who had those tunnel sensations:

    For half of the instances of “near-death” the term is a misnomer because the person does not face imminent death. An excellent but seldom cited study examined the medical records of 58 people who experience near-death. Twenty-eight of those had a true medical crisis, while the other 30 were not medically endangered at the time. Surprisingly, the results showed almost identical experiences in both groups. Regardless of danger, people went through a tunnel, and had similar thoughts and emotions. or

    In this article, we present a case study of an adult male who experienced both gravity induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) as a Korean War aviation cadet, including narrowing of his visual field to a point of light, and also two subsequent transpersonal experiences—a near-death experience (NDE) and an after-death communication (ADC)—that both included a tunnel-and-light feature. His Near-Death Experience Scale scores for each experience and his comparison of the qualia of these experiences provide unique evidence in the debate about the nature and likely origins of such experiences. These data place more weight on the argument that the tunnel and light in transpersonal experiences cannot reasonably be attributed to loss of oxygen in the brain.

    Shedding Light on the Tunnel and Light in Near-Death Experiences: A Case Study Janice Miner Holden, EdD, and Saharnaz Loseu, MS
    University of North Texas (2018)

    It also didn’t make sense to me that quantum information is lost in black holes or in physical death (as a micro scale equivalent to the macro scale death of a star), since I have been researching past life memories, reincarnation, etc., and therefore knew that our memories/quantum information are probably still stored somewhere in the quantum/hyper space, and that some people (somehow) can either access them (probably through extrasensory abilities) or have, indeed, reincarnated. The first example video is the most convincing case to me personally, the second case video example will probably have “a strong smell of new-age bullshit” to you, but I will share it anyways since I consider it to be interesting and (event) horizon-expanding 😉

    High School Student Says He Was a WWII Pilot! – The Ghost Inside My Child (S1 Flashback) | LMN [James Leininger case]

    Our 9 Dimensional Existence EXPLAINED FROM MEMORY w/ Matías De Stefano | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

    Also an additional comment on one of your earlier comments in this thread — “I am firmly convinced that the world is different for each one of us.” — which I actually consider to be adjacent to one of the most nefarious and potentially (even physically) harmful “new-age bullsh*t” notions, namely that matter doesn’t matter and that we each completely create our own individual (even physical) realities, etc. Perhaps this is not what you meant and I misunderstood you, but since your comment could be misconstrued and misinterpreted, I just want to make sure I offer a counter-argument.

    Thomas Troward specifically addressed this issue/notion, and debunked it:
    Excerpt from THE CREATIVE PROCESS IN THE INDIVIDUAL by Thomas Troward – Chapter 1. The Starting Point or

    One of the earliest discoveries we all make is the existence of Matter. The bruised shins of our childhood convince us of its solidity, so now comes the question, Why does Matter exist? The answer is that if the form were not expressed in solid substance, things would be perpetually flowing into each other so that no identity could be maintained for a single moment.
    Another theory is that matter has no existence at all but is merely an illusion projected by our own minds. If so, then how is it that we all project identically similar images? On the supposition that each mind is independently projecting its own conception of matter a lady who goes to be fitted might be seen by her dressmaker as a cow. Generations of people have seen the Great Pyramid on the same spot; but on the supposition that each individual is projecting his own material world in entire independence of all other individuals there is no reason why any two persons should ever see the same thing in the same place. On the supposition of such an independent action by each separate mind, without any common factor binding them all to one particular mode of recognition, no intercourse between individuals would be possible–then, without the consciousness of relation to other individuals the consciousness of our own individuality would be lost, and so we should cease to have any conscious existence at all. If on the other hand we grant that there is, above the individual minds, a great Cosmic Mind which imposes upon them the necessity of all seeing the same image of Matter, then that image is not a projection of the individual minds but of the Cosmic Mind; and since the individual minds are themselves similar projections of the Cosmic Mind, matter is for them just as much a reality as their own existence. I doubt not that material substance is thus projected by the all-embracing Divine Mind; but so also are our own minds projected by it, and therefore the relation between them and matter is a real relation and not a merely fictitious one.

    I particularly wish the student to be clear on this point, that where two factors are projected from a common source their relation to each other becomes an absolute fact in respect of the factors themselves, notwithstanding that the power of changing that relation by substituting a different projection must necessarily always continue to reside in the originating source.
    Matter is thus the necessary Polar Opposite to Spirit, and when we thus recognize it in its right order we shall find that there is no antagonism between the two, but that together they constitute one harmonious whole.

    • Replies: @aesop
    , @FKA Max
  46. gay troll says:
    @Ron Unz

    Yes, but Ron. You publish Romanoff who you admit makes up facts to suit his needs. You publish Whitney even though he’s a diehard anti vaxx conspiracy theorist, the likes of which you have pilloried for years now as total crackpots. You publish Anglin, who blatantly contradicts himself from week to week, and must therefore be interpreted, at best, as satire, or else just plain malice and insanity. You also publish a bunch of CIA apologists, Christian apologists, and “anti Semites”. So how is your website really any different from he who shall not be named? It’s also full of fabulist fantasist BS and you openly acknowledge as much. What is it that makes your website holier than his?

    • Replies: @QCIC
    , @Ron Unz
  47. QCIC says:
    @gay troll

    Why are you baiting him?

    Ron’s site goes much farther than some of us can imagine is possible. He doesn’t know all the answers, but puts up a lot of controversial information for us to think about. Figure out the details for yourself or add some useful content.

    Caveat emptor

  48. QCIC says:

    I read your comment 1004.

    Is interesting you are a magnet for these folks. How many have you known that you would count as evil, as opposed to bad or troubled or simply irrational?

    Obviously a personal question, no pressure to reply.


    I was amazed many years ago when I realized how many people felt qualified to re-write physics. Based on the perceived tension between quantum mechanics and relativity I am sympathetic to the idea of looking for a deeper understanding and not being trapped by preconceived notions, but people lock into various oversimplified assumptions and write books fairly commonly. Some are probably very smart, perhaps near your level, others are rank amateurs. Assuming they are sincere and not tricksters I respect their efforts, but wow, what a menagerie. One problem is that if they are somewhat on track it takes real effort to sort out what they are trying to say (plausible or otherwise) since they repurpose widely accepted terms.

    I suspect the chaos of string theory and dark matter has made this phenomena blossom!

  49. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Emil Nikola Richard wrote to me:

    J2 hasn’t done anything obviously evil.

    j2 is a liar, a fraud, and a con artist. In physics, which is my field and which I care about.

    Seems pretty evil to me.

    j2 (probably) has never killed anyone.

    But is that our standard now: you are only evil if you have killed someone?

    Sorry, but I think being a con artist is evil.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
  50. aesop says:
    @FKA Max

    I imagined these wormholes to similarly look and feel/behave like the tunnel sensations/experiences many NDErs have described

    I am sorry I have to disagree, this is precisely what I deny:

    What we can “see” in whatever condition, awake, dreaming, NDE or under psychotropic influence has NOTHING TO DO with the proper mathematical structures which are necessary to describe the Universe.
    All these views are the normal operations of our consciousness which is oriented toward our “everyday” world and does not have any capability to represent any structure beyond the Euclidean 3D space, like, can you really “see” a 4D hypercube?

    Furthermore these views are only f***ing MAPS of our environment NOT a description of ultimate reality, which is (likely) made up of particles, quantum fields and what have you.

    I am also dubious about former lives and such which I called “new-age bullshit”.

    If you are fond of “exotic” opinions I recommend you see the legacy of Claude Rifat who has some weird yet well substantiated views about consciousness, unfortunately he didn’t survive his “psycho-experiments”. 🙁

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  51. Wild Man says:

    But do you agree that j2 is not some kinda of weirdo for questioning some of the strangeness around Einstein’s theories of Special Relativity + General Relativity? Because there is something wrong there (with the combination of these two theories) – no? Because velocity implies mass (Special Relativity) and mass implies gravity – i.e. – the bending of spacetime (General Relativity), …. so then how in heaven’s name does the twin paradox resolve, if there is no universal background motion (velocity) to measure against? But if there is a universal background motion (velocity) to measure against (which there appears to be, as is implied by the pro-Einstein results of the the velocity-related time-dilation experiments), doesn’t that imply then, that General Relativity is fundamentally incorrect about the existence of spacetime as a real phenomenon (i.e. – can the concept of mass-mediated ‘spacetime’ coexist with the concept of ‘universal inertial frame of reference’ … isn’t that problematic?).

    • Replies: @PhysicistDave
  52. FKA Max says: • Website

    Furthermore these views are only f***ing MAPS of our environment NOT a description of ultimate reality, which is (likely) made up of particles, quantum fields and what have you.

    As pointed out by Christian de Quincey upthread ultimate reality is probably as much meaning-based as it is physics/math/matter/particle-based, so the two can’t really be untangled, IMHO, which, I believe, you are trying to do.

    I guess we have to agree to disagree. As I suggested before to another commenter in this thread, and which I feel would also benefit you “How about you learn to muscle test yourself, and then you will likely have a better than chance and intuition probability to potentially test and answer some of these theories and questions of yours.
    Instead of being potentially intellectually (and spiritually) stuck in and with these rather dogmatic beliefs of yours, how about you put them to the test and consult the wisdom and knowledge of your body and muscular system as to whether they are truths or lies “[Muscle Response Testing] has repeatedly demonstrated significant accuracy for distinguishing lies from truths“?

    It appears to me, judging from the sources you are sharing, that you are probably (but I could be wrong) of French heritage/ancestry. I myself have some Huguenot ancestry (but otherwise I’m predominately of Hanseatic and Prussian heritage had lost this connection [to the Blue Banana] by the 17th century as a result of its persecution of Huguenots and centralisation in Paris“), so I want to share another synchronicity and meaningful (to me) experience with you.
    Thomas Troward, who was ideologically a proponent of “British-Israelism was, as I found out, actually also of Huguenot ancestry and he died on my birthday: “Thomas Troward was born in Ceylon, India, in the year 1847, of English parents and Huguenot ancestors. & “On May 16, 1916, at the age of 69, Thomas Troward passed from this plane.
    These strong synchronicities and highly meaningful (to me) parallels between his and my life let me know that I needed to study (and potentially continue) his work/research. This is an example of how I additionally navigate material 3D reality via meanings and not just by conscious, sensory, materialistic inputs/maps “of Euclidean 3D space”. In my experience, our subconscious minds can, indeed, ““see” a 4D hypercube”, this quantum information is just presented to us in a way that is individually and/or culturally meaningful to us, so it isn’t too abstract or meaningless to us as individuated consciousnesses.

    Stephen Hawking had similarly synchronistic/meaningful entanglements:

    Quite fascinating synchronicities…

    Hawking’s death, Einstein’s birth, and Pi Day: what does it all mean?

    Hawking’s birth and passing align with the most important names in science. He was born on January 8, 1942, the 300th anniversary of the death of famed astronomer Galileo.

    Hawking passed on March 14, the same day fellow theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was born.

    You seem to get increasingly agitated, so I think it’s best we discontinue our exchange, but I want to thank you again for engaging with me, because I feel it was a highly productive and enlightening exchange up until here, but I’m afraid that it could potentially “degenerate[] into a (verbal) slugfest” and that would be counter-productive.

    All the best to you!

    Your Supercomputer Mind
    During my physics PhD, I spend a lot of time working with supercomputers. […] Clearly, When you’re using your mind well, it works like a supercomputer. This parallel will make several things very clear, such as why ideas come to you in the shower, why the supposed “law of attraction” works, and why so many inventors and innovators spent a lot of time hovering between sleep and wakefulness.

    Your subconscious is smarter than you might think
    “Hassin’s key experiment involved presenting arithmetic questions unconsciously. The questions would be things like “9 – 3 – 4 = ” and they would be followed by the presentation, fully visible, of a target number that the participants were asked to read aloud as quickly as possible. The target number could either be the right answer to the arithmetic question (so, in this case, “2”) or a wrong answer (for instance, “1”). The amazing result is that participants were significantly quicker to read the target number if it was the right answer rather than a wrong one. This shows that the equation had been processed and solved by their minds – even though they had no conscious awareness of it – meaning they were primed to read the right answer quicker than the wrong one.”

    Your Brain Sees Even When You Don’t
    The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second. Compare that to the estimate for conscious processing: about 40 pieces per second.*
    In this study a patient with full cortical blindness could still react to another person’s gaze. While in an fMRI machine, the patient was exposed to gazes directed at him and gazes directed away from him. On the face of it, neither should matter. His visual cortex couldn’t perceive any sort of gaze. But the brain scan indicated that another part of his brain definitely could. The patient’s amygdala, the brain area associated with figuring out whether external stimuli is a threat, showed a distinctly different activation pattern when the gaze was directed at the patient than when directed away from him. In other words, it didn’t matter that his visual cortex couldn’t catch the gaze—another part of his brain did regardless. Exactly what’s going on here isn’t known, but there’s a certain intuitive sense about the reaction even as it defies conscious reason.
    *For more on conscious versus unconscious brain processing power, check out Timothy Wilson’s excellent book, Strangers to Ourselves.

    Muscle Testing as a Doorway to the Subconscious

    • Replies: @aesop
  53. @Wild Man

    Wild Man asked me:

    But do you agree that j2 is not some kinda of weirdo for questioning some of the strangeness around Einstein’s theories of Special Relativity + General Relativity?

    Look: a person can “question” anything he wants.

    But j2 does not just “question”: he makes very specific claims that are wildly, hilariously, and very,very obviously false.

    Lies. Such as his lie that certain calculations cannot be done that have in fact been done in numerous textbooks.

    WM also wrote:

    Because there is something wrong there (with the combination of these two theories) – no?

    No, there really is not. No one has ever come up with a supposed inconsistency in the theories that stood up under investigation.


    No one has ever succeeded in combining GR with quantum mechanics. That is the only known problem. And that is not a logical problem with GR; it is a problem with combining two separate theories (GR and QM).

    WM also wrote:

    Because velocity implies mass (Special Relativity) and mass implies gravity – i.e. – the bending of spacetime (General Relativity), …. so then how in heaven’s name does the twin paradox resolve, if there is no universal background motion (velocity) to measure against?

    I’m sorry, but you just have no idea what Relativity consists of. What I have just quoted from you is gibberish.

    The short answer is that there is something called the metric tensor, which is central to both Special and General Relativity. The metric tensor describes the passage of time, as well as distances in space. And it gives (and resolves) the twin paradox.

    The long answer is:The math matters.

    As Galileo said, the Book of Nature is written in the language of mathematics.

    And, yes, I am indeed saying that people who lack the ability or, more often, the desire to learn the relevant math are forever cut off from understanding modern science. Science is not an egalitarian enterprise. Dogs will never learn to do long division, and some humans will never understand science.

    You have acquired a very vague verbal idea of what Relativity is.

    Your idea is wrong.

    The correct statement of the theory is stated in math, math of which you are clearly ignorant.

    If you want to learn the elements of Relativity, I can suggest some intro books.

    But I suspect, alas, that you are only interested in spouting wildly wrong word salad rather than learning what Relativity actually is.

  54. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:

    What has the collective wisdom of the ages taught us about spoiling children? They will eventually bite the hand that feeds them.

    Behold, the object lesson of Israel and its Evangelical sugar daddy.

    EXCLUSIVE: Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law?

    For example, if the Gafni-Asher bill becomes law, the Supreme Court would likely strike it down as a violation of free speech, basic human rights and freedom of religion.

    However, if the currently-proposed version of the “override clause” also becomes law, then a simple majority of just 61 Knesset members would be able to cancel the High Court’s decision.

    That would enable the current Knesset to go forward with banning all forms of evangelism in Israel and would provide no legal recourse whatsoever to Jewish and Gentile people – Israelis or foreigners – who love Jesus and want to tell others about Him.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  55. Ron Unz says:
    @gay troll

    You publish Romanoff who you admit makes up facts to suit his needs. You publish Whitney even though he’s a diehard anti vaxx conspiracy theorist, the likes of which you have pilloried for years now as total crackpots. You publish Anglin, who blatantly contradicts himself from week to week, and must therefore be interpreted, at best, as satire, or else just plain malice and insanity. You also publish a bunch of CIA apologists, Christian apologists, and “anti Semites”.

    Well, the problem is that a pretty large fraction of everything published on the Internet—or for that matter in the MSM as well—is wrong or at least doubtful. I emphasize exactly that point in my FAQ section:

    Does The Unz Review stand behind all the controversial claims made in the articles it publishes?

    Absolutely not! In any event, that would be a logical impossibility, since so many of the writers and their arguments directly contradict one another. Each reader must carefully weigh the logic and evidence backing the viewpoint of each author and decide for himself how much—or how little—of the material to accept. Thinking for yourself is difficult but necessary. However, as publisher of The Unz Review, I do fully stand behind my own past writings

    As far as I can tell, roughly 99% of everything I’ve published, amounting to around a million words on ultra-controversial subjects, is correct or at least likely to be so, but for everything else, you have to use your own judgment.

    The difference is that I think Mathis is probably running a Cass Sunstein-type operation intended to deliberate mislead gullible people, while that’s not true of Romanoff, Whitney, Anglin, or any of the writers I publish.

  56. aesop says:
    @FKA Max

    I guess we have to agree to disagree

    Yes, however you obviously have no idea of what my current position is regarding “ultimate reality”, I do think that mind and matter are somewhat entangled but I came to different conclusions than you (and based on much, much more personal experiences than I reported).

    You keep propagandizing your own views without really understanding other people arguments which is typical of new-age “spirituality”, which I have spent quite some time with, so I recognize the pattern.

    This comports perfectly with my point:

    I am firmly convinced that the world is different for each one of us.

    All the best.

  57. @Ron Unz

    What about the guy whose name I forget who writes the Fomenko one-thousand-years-of-AD-history-is-completely-made-up schtick?

    I’m pretty sure that’s a KGB legacy, though perhaps that writer is just a dupe and not an intelligence agency active measure.

  58. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Edward Witten – What are Breakthroughs in Science?
    Mar 22, 2023 by Closer To Truth

    Could Black Holes Cause Dark Energy?
    Mar 22, 2023 by PBS Space Time
    We tend to imagine there are connectings between things that we don’t understand. Quantum mechanics and consciousness, aliens and pyramids, black holes and dark matter, dark matter and dark energy, dark energy and black holes. Usually there’s no real relationship whatsoever, but this last pair—black holes and dark energy being the same thing—has received some recent hype in the press. Let’s see if it might actually be true.

  59. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    I searched my UR comments archive regarding “reincarnation”, and I found some of my past comments from late 2017 on the topic, that, I feel, are appropriate for this discussion:

    I believe reincarnation, etc. research to be the next frontier in human evolution and exploration, not so much space exploration, artificial intelligence, gene editing, etc.

    If humans can start to better understand and more reliably remember their past lives/existences and hone their extra sensory perception/cognition skills, etc. the power of these abilities and this knowledge far surpass any advances we could hope to possibly make through medical, technological or genetic interventions, in my opinion.
    Instead of trying to achieve “immortality” and super human intelligence in one single human body/vessel it would probably be wiser and more productive, cost-effective and in harmony with Nature/God if we would, like you quoted, “learn to die” properly and also learn how to be re-born properly through many different, successive bodies and life times.

    This comment of mine also contain(ed) some neat Swedenborgian illustrations of how he understood reincarnation and how his view about it compared to and differed from both the traditional Western and Eastern tradition:
    &Images Source:

    Interestingly enough, White nationalist Greg Johnson actually used to teach Swedenborgian philosophy:

    In 2002, he joined the faculty of the Pacific School of Religion as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Swedenborgian Studies.

    Here Emerson on Swedenborg […]
    The genius of Swedenborg, largest of all modern souls in this department of thought, wasted itself in the endeavor to reanimate and conserve what had already arrived at its natural term, and, in the great secular Providence, was retiring from its prominence, before Western modes of thought and expression. Swedenborg and Behmen both failed by attaching themselves to the Christian symbol, instead of to the moral sentiment, which carries innumerable christianities, humanities, divinities, in its bosom.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @PhysicistDave
  60. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    I muscle tested on the validity and accuracy of Swedenborg’s metaphysics and his understanding and interpretation of reincarnation, past life memories, etc. and I got a weak or false response. Then I decided to research what could have caused his visions, etc., i.e. potential mental illness, etc., and I came across this very fair and balanced paper on/about him. I think, this (rather benign) diagnosis/condition applies to many eccentric/mad and/but brilliant/highly creative and productive scientists/artists, etc.:

    Talking back to the spirits: the voices and visions of Emanuel Swedenborg or

    [W]e argue that Swedenborg’s experiences should be understood as exemplifying phenomena which we term ‘hallucinations without mental disorder’, and investigate how conceiving of Swedenborg in this way can inform future research into the experience and clinical significance of hallucinations.

    ‘A [healthy] voice-hearer who is not in any distress, who
    lives a fruitful and productive life according to commonsense criteria, would
    never even enter the arena in which the possibility of mental illness was up
    for discussion’. We suggest the frequent historical attempts to diagnose
    Swedenborg with a psychiatric disorder have arisen due, not to the failure of
    Swedenborg’s life to be fruitful and productive, but its failure to do so
    ‘according to commonsense criteria’.
    – p. 21

  61. @Anonymous

    ‘…Behold, the object lesson of Israel and its Evangelical sugar daddy.

    EXCLUSIVE: Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law?…’

    I was under the impression it had long been illegal to proselytize in Israel.

    However, if the Jews want to firmly rub everyone’s snout in the fact, far be it from me to object.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  62. @FKA Max

    FKA Max wrote:

    If humans can start to better understand and more reliably remember their past lives/existences and hone their extra sensory perception/cognition skills, etc. the power of these abilities and this knowledge far surpass any advances we could hope to possibly make through medical, technological or genetic interventions, in my opinion.

    There is no indication that we have past lives or, alas, future ones. And there have been diligent searches for ESP that have never turned up positive results that can be replicated.

    FKA Max also wrote:

    Interestingly enough, White nationalist Greg Johnson actually used to teach Swedenborgian philosophy…

    Which does not speak well either for crazy Greg nor for Swedenborg!

  63. gay troll says:
    @Ron Unz

    As far as I can tell, roughly 99% of everything I’ve published, amounting to around a million words on ultra-controversial subjects, is correct or at least likely to be so, but for everything else, you have to use your own judgment.

    Well I guess I’ll stop harping on your bizarre editorial tastes then. However, if one bad apple ruins the bunch, then one good apple in a bunch of bad apples is less than worthless.

    Also, I am curious to know, which 1% of your “Pravda” (as far as you can tell) is incorrect or likely to be so?

    And if you don’t want to treated as a baseless conspiracy theorist then why do you surround yourself with them? Why, for example, why did you start publishing Romanoff? Why do you continue to publish Romanoff? Who even is Larry Romanoff?

    You started publishing Romanoff in September 2019, the same month that “EVALI” peaked and started to wane, as America was in the grips of numerous unexplained outbreaks of pneumonia. This was a pivotal month in many ways, as the Fed started offering emergency repo liquidity to banks, the CDC reformed their relationship with China, and the democrats launched their impeachment of Trump. Later, Romanoff was one of the first people to blame EVALI on COVID, a position which you routinely mock as delusional.

    Why did you enroll Larry at the same time the U.S. was plotting to release SARS2 in Wuhan? Why have you kept him around despite admitting that his work irritates you greatly? Who is he and what makes his work important?

    I mean, if you wanted a Communist ass licker who was slightly more respectful of facts, you could have just kept Godfree around instead.

  64. gay troll says:

    Well I went to see what was new with he who shall not be named last night. As always, I came away feeling a mix of inspiration and disappointment.

    First: the disappointment. He wrote a paper arguing that the Krishna Consciousness movement was a CIA operation. Now, this is a thesis I could believe. But he supported the thesis by arguing that some guy’s name looks Jewish if you change a few letters, plus his huge nose looks Jewish, plus those photos are obviously fake because just look at them! QED? No, methinks the author is full of shit.

    Then: the inspiration. I think he who shall not be named is correct when he calls out most news as fabricated and fake; in fact I think this is the nature of the limited hangout: he actually blackwashes the notion of fake news by supporting it with spurious analysis. He also extends the notion of fake news to all of history. So while I agree with him that 1/6/21 was staged by the deep state, I do not agree that 11/22/63 was also a hoax. I think that the deep state actually murdered JFK, and he who shall not be named is a participant in covering up the crime through information warfare.

    But anyway, he wrote this:

    They have to hit you with a never-ending line of progressively sexier events, to try to keep your eyes off the real world. People are right on the edge of revolution, and in some ways the revolution has already started, with children being pulled out of schools and colleges, people quitting their jobs, Hollywood tanking, and various other important boycotts of government, industry, and institutions. Many people are waking up and realizing they are living in a simulation. Not like a hologram or a brain in a tank or anything like that. But a simulation in the sense that everything you see in the news is fake. Simulated. Fiction. Hollywood. Just like Orwell told you in 1984, it is all a stageplay sold to you as real, in order to fool you and control you. And that includes the alternative media.

    The only thing missing is an acknowledgment that he himself is a bastion of alternative media and is part and parcel of the deep state disinformation machine.

    Just like his cousin Ron!

    • Replies: @QCIC
    , @FKA Max
  65. @PhysicistDave

    Did you watch the Hal Puthoff Eric Weinstein UFO debate?

    That one is hilarious but this one made me want to puke:

  66. FKA Max says: • Website

    Thanks for your reply, PhysicistDave! Since you are one of the inspirations for this Open Thread #7 I’m glad, grateful and happy that you have decided to join this discussion.

    There is no indication that we have past lives or, alas, future ones. And there have been diligent searches for ESP that have never turned up positive results that can be replicated.

    Serious scientific research into past lives (future ones can’t really philosophically/logically exist since we exist (even when scientifically defined, I believe, but I’m not a scientist?) in the so-called Perpetual Now, see explanation for why here: and psychics also don’t have actual precognition which would enable them to see or tell the exact/actual future, they only have a higher ability than the average person to perceive and then predict higher quantum probability outcomes, super-/quantum-computers do the same thing. Christian de Quincey defines it as “precognition is not reading[/knowing] the future [it’s] a deeper reading of the present moment.”) and life after death, etc. is still in its infancy, so we should hopefully get more and better data over the next years and decades. Sam Parnia’s AWAreness during REsuscitation studies are especially promising in this regard:

    Key points from AWARE II presentation at AHA 2022 or

    Personally, I consider Muscle Response Testing to be a verifiable (down-to-earth) form of ESP (practitioners usually get better and more accurate with experience A force/displacement analysis of muscle testing or model is accurate 98% of the time compared to judgments of clinicians with more than 5 years of experience but is considerably lower for clinicians with less than five years of experience (64%) […] it also indicates that the testing procedure for muscle strength used by experienced clinicians in applied kinesiology are reliable“) and it has turned up positive and replicable results:
    Estimating the accuracy of muscle response testing: two randomised-order blinded studies or

    Which does not speak well either for crazy Greg nor for Swedenborg!

    I had already commented on that but I think the comment was still in moderation, so you probably (subconsciously/telepathically already knew, but consciously) didn’t see/know it existed yet/already, when you replied to me. I agree with you “I muscle tested on the validity and accuracy of Swedenborg’s metaphysics and his understanding and interpretation of reincarnation, past life memories, etc. and I got a weak or false response.

    Regarding ESP and Consciousness, etc. Closer To Truth has done great interviews on this topic, including with Sam Parnia:

    How Could ESP Work? | Episode 1508 | Closer To Truth
    If ESP were real, would it transcend space and time? How could our minds know stuff, and do stuff, not only beyond our senses, but also beyond the laws of physics? What are possible mechanisms? Featuring interviews with Brian Josephson, Lawrence M. Krauss, Michael Shermer, Charles T. Tart, and Dean Radin.

    Sam Parnia – What is Consciousness?

    • Replies: @PhysicistDave
  67. FKA Max says: • Website
    @gay troll

    Disclaimer: This is pure speculation on my part

    I didn’t know of or about that guy up until now and this discussion. Therefore, I don’t have a good grasp of his exact “intellectual output”, but your sensation of “feeling a mix of inspiration and disappointment“, might actually have something to do with one of commenter j2‘s other theories:

    According to our [by our j2 is probably referring to Finnish military] intelligence Russian propaganda uses two branches: crude propaganda of the type on this Unz site spread by commenters like Brosi. Nobody is expected to believe this crude propaganda (Russians themselves do not), its purpose is to be there so that if anybody questions if something in main media is Russian propaganda, they can point out to crude propaganda and say: no Russian propaganda he this idiotic nonsense in sites like The Unz Review. What Colonel Macgregor tells is certainly not [crude] Russian war propaganda.

    The second and the real Russian propaganda is smart propaganda. It is in main media. They do have influence there, by their friends. The propaganda channel used for smart propaganda is always nominally anti-Russian, this is how it gets its credibility, but it is infiltrated. The Soviet Union was excellent in smart propaganda and it was in Western main media and spread by Western intellectuals, highly regarded people, just like Macgregor. Why should Russia also not be using smart propaganda.

    I think this is plausible, and, I believe, j2 could still have connections to the Finnish military and intelligence community through his past work for/with them “I made Ph.D. in 1988, but after that I was full professor in three universities, one being military and in military, professor ranks as colonel, as to supervise colonel lieutenants you must be of higher rank than they, to give commands, I did give commands to them. and so he might be privy to information and intelligence that us Average Joes (unless we’re really psychic 😉 hahaha) don’t have access to. To make a long story short, I believe there’s a good chance that the guy you guys have been obsessing and debating about/over, actually might, in fact, be a RussianCass Sunstein-type operation“.

    As I pointed out, I’m not familiar at all with his “intellectual output”, but one way for people like you, who read him on a regular basis, to test my hypothesis/speculation, would be to look at the ratio of his writings that are critical of the U.S./Biden vs. Russia/Putin, especially since the conflict in the Ukraine began.

    If his writings are overwhelmingly critical of the U.S./Biden relative to Russia/Putin it can probably be assumed that he is a non-American (most likely Russian) “Cass Sunstein-type operation“. If he/they is/are an equal-opportunity offender/critic of both the U.S./Biden and Russia/Putin plus Israel, he is probably mentally unwell, etc., e.g. similar to Jeff Rense (whom and with whose “intellectual output” I’m personally very familiar with) who I consider to be authentic but misguided and neither to be an U.S.,Israeli nor Russian asset.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  68. Anonymous[782] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    I was under the impression it had long been illegal to proselytize in Israel.

    Not illegal so far, but the ‘new majority’ of the Knesset wants it punishable by up to two years in prison. Netanyahu is doing everything he can to pacify the Evangelical donor class, telling them the law will never pass. It’s been put on the back burner. For now.

    It isn’t of much interest to me except for the entertainment value of watching Israel slowly tear at the seams. Between this and the mask-off, undiplomatic antics of the unvarnished Zionists who now steer the ship, I do enjoy seeing it take a direct course for the iceberg ahead.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  69. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Disclaimer: This is pure speculation on my part

    I did some more research on j2‘s “intellectual output” and came across a really interesting Abstract of a paper, I believe, he co-authored, that I wanted to share in this discussion:

    Modelling Information Warfare as a Game


    Game theory is one of the possible ways to study information warfare with mathematical models. This paper presents four example games which illustrate the different requirements for an effective playing strategy in information warfare. These games study, how a bold playing strategy can lead to domination, how a mixed playing strategy can reduce domination, how it can be useful to play a dominating strategy only part of the time, and how excessive domination can lead to rebels where all playing parties lose. This paper also describes meta-strategies whose goal is to modify the perceived costs and conditions of a game. This kind of perception management is closely related to the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) loop. or

    I’m wondering if perhaps one of the reasons j2 initially started hanging around the Unz Review was in order to study (especially Russian, because they present the biggest existential threat to Finland, but also American) and test (mostly counter-Russian) information warfare stratagems, counter-measures, etc.?

    I have read many of your articles, and liked all of them, but because of your background in intelligence, and my background in the military, I always initially suspect intelligence people to be cheating, as they have to do. You wrote many articles criticizing Israel. So, do you cheat here? Yes or No, and how much?

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  70. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    I would like to expand the discussion to the following topic as well, since the U.K. has probably had the oldest and most sophisticated (because so subtle) tradition of (especially soft power) information warfare and intelligence gathering of all the major powers, that is arguably founded upon ESP and higher/extra dimensional communications/experiences/beings:

    John Dee is the original Elizabethan mage-scientist, who invented the British Empire and invested it with magical power. He is to Elizabeth what Merlin was to Arthur, except he was real. Here’s the original technology of weaponized memes, psyops, and empire building in a gripping, authoritative account of how and why we became an occult society. or

    As far as I know John Dee who came up with the term and the idea of the “British Empire” was not Jewish, he however studied the Jewish Kabbalah among other spiritual/mystical traditions, which probably influenced him.

    Sir Francis Bacon’s novel New Atlantis was also inspired by Dee:

    Recommended reading [] on the topic:

    John Dee and the Empire of Angels or
    I argue […] that the Western Esoteric Tradition has, for better or worse, been central to the development of European, English, and American spirituality, geopolitics, and empire.

    You are correct though, that the passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a critical point and test in time for the British Royal Family & Monarchy & State, that could prove challenging. However, today’s challenges pale in comparison to those challenges the British, Protestant Monarchy faced in centuries past
    The British monarchy — its actual assets plus intangible impacts on the economy — was valued at £67.5 billion that year, or roughly CAD$112.4 billion in 2017 dollars.

    For a rough value comparison, putting the royal family’s impact up to a similar list of major corporate brands prepared that same year by Brand Finance would rank the monarchy fourth in the world, behind just Google, Apple and Amazon.

    The Incalculable Genius of John Dee
    This a presentation that I gave to the Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable at the end of last year. Some of its content will be familiar to regular viewers of this channel. It is a salute to the incredible achievement of John Dee in preserving the truth about William of Shakespeare.

  71. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Patrick Haggard – Free Will and Decision Making
    Mar 24, 2023 by Closer To Truth
    What is the relationship between free will and decision-making, the capacity of individuals to select among options or choices usually based on certain criteria. It would seem that, in principle, decision-making can exist outside of free will (such as in a computer), but free will cannot exist without the capacity to make decisions.

    Thought-provoking comment from underneath the video by commenter @gordonquimby8907:

    This interview points to the nature of consciousness. The EEG measures the electrical activity of the brain from outside the skull. At 7:45 he speaks of how much better accuracy surgeons have when they place electrodes directly in the brain, but those electrodes are still too bulky to measure the activity at the individual neuron level. Haggard concedes they have no idea how the free will decision is made; they just can read the electrical activity resulting.

    Here is the hypothesis based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetism: Our spirit, occupying the same 3-dimensional space as our brain, can “read” the electrical activity of each individual neuron by reading the electromagnetic field around that neuron. Likewise, the spirit can stimulate a neuron by generating a field around it. This linking of our spirit with the neurons of our brain is what consciousness is. Disrupt the brain and the link is thrown off and you are unconscious. Evidence of a separate spirit is seen in the hundreds of thousands of Near-Death Experiences. Now you have an understanding of consciousness and that of free will, which originates from our spirit, finally getting us Closer to Truth.

  72. @Anonymous

    ‘…Between this and the mask-off, undiplomatic antics of the unvarnished Zionists who now steer the ship, I do enjoy seeing it take a direct course for the iceberg ahead.’

    Can we fast-forward to the catastrophic sinking part?

  73. @FKA Max

    FKA Max wrote to me:

    Serious scientific research into past lives (future ones can’t really philosophically/logically exist since we exist (even when scientifically defined, I believe, but I’m not a scientist?) in the so-called Perpetual Now,

    Ummm…. no, that is not “serious scientific research.”

    It is word salad.

    FKA Max quoted:

    “Seers and psychics also don’t have actual precognition which would enable them to see or tell the exact/actual future, they only have a higher ability than the average person to perceive and then predict higher quantum probability outcomes, super-/quantum-computers do the same thing. Christian de Quincey defines it as “precognition is not reading[/knowing] the future [it’s] a deeper reading of the present moment.”) and life after death, etc. is still in its infancy, so we should hopefully get more and better data over the next years and decades.

    Utter and complete bullshit.

    I took quantum mechanics from the Nobel laureate Richard Feynman — perhaaps you have heard of him. My Ph.D. thesis at Stanford involved using quantum mechanics to understand the tau lepton.

    I actually know this stuff.

    You are being conned.

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